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Full text of "Urban studies in geography: a bibliography of dissertations and theses in geography, 1970-1972"

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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography 

JUNE 1973 



A Bibliography of Dissertations and Theses in Geography, 1970-1972 

Dr. William W. Ray, and Miss Shelley Lynch, Research Assistant 
Department of Geography 
Texas Christian University 


MAY 2 9 1973 


Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor 
Post Office Box 229 
Monticello, Illinois 61856 

COUNCIL OF PUiNMBIG LIBRARL1WS Ebcchange Bibliography #li21 

m GECGRAPHy, 1970 - 1972 

Dr. William W. Ray 


Miss Shelley LjTich, Research Assistant 

Department of Geography 

Texas Christian University 


The breadth of geographic inquiry is well suited to the 
analysis of cities and areas that are sufficiently urban-like 
in population density and land-use characteristics. l.Tiile the 
urban geographer's primary focus centers on the spatial aspects 
of urbanism, the manner in which the city is studied differs 
significantly. Consequently, the variety of urban topics invest- 
igated by the geographer is limitless. The city may be (l) viewed 
as a pai^t of the fabric of settlement, (2) approached as an 
economic phenomenon with parallel social and political qualities, 
(3) examined for the purpose of developing concepts regarding 
urban groiith, location, or character, or (ii) studied in order to^ 
contribute to the solution of certain problems relating to planning. 
The particular orientation of the geographer with the associative 
complexities of the urban area has resulted in the development of 
a distinct and valuable perspective within the field of urbanisra. 

The folloxring bibliography reflects the broad interests 
and capabilities of the urban geographer. Even though the 
listings are lijnited to dissertations and theses, the titles 
have utility as a measurement of past, current, and future 
attitudes, x^rithin geography, toward urban studies. The 
bibliography is divided into two sections. Part I includes 
doctoral dissertations and Part II contains theses. IJith 
few exceptions, the dissertations and theses are readily 
available through inter library loan. University Microfilms, 
or the individual department. 

2. GPL Exchange Bibliography #U21 


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Ghetto. Blocmingtons Indiana University, 1972. 

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ment, A Case Study in Midwestern United States . IJorcester, 
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Illinois . Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University, 

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j;fr.^- Pyj^:^^ Place Structure of Washington County, Mississippi , 
and Pitt County, North Carolina . Kattiesburg: University 
of Southern Mississippi, 1972. 

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duplicatio ns for I'esearch Design in Urban and Regional 
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castin g Aspects of Industrial Activity in Ontario . Ontario: 
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3 . CPL Ebcchange Bibliography //li21 

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Ohio; Ohio State University, 1971. 

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An alysis of Market Areas . Gainesville, Florida: University 
of Florida, 1970. 

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Urban Mexican JVmer ic ans in Selecte d ^ Cities of the Central 
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of Afro-Americans in Pittsburgh . Pittsburgh: University of 
Pittsburgh, 1972. 

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Structures with Respect to Spatial Choices . Columbus : Ohio 
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Groups in D etroit, 1837-1965 . Ann Arbor: University of 
Michigan, 1971. 

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Ann Arbors University of Michigan, 1971. 

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Structure of and'Behavior IJithin an Urban Area . Los Angeles: 
University'- of California, 1972. 

h» CPL Exchange Bibliography #1^21 

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and Pattern of T raffic Accidents in a Small Cit:/; Fxajrple, 
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Hattiesburg; University of Southern llississippi, 1971. 

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Chile. University Park; Pennsylvania State University, 1972, 

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Landscape of Kampala, Uganda . Eugene; University of 
Oregon, 1972. 

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Study of Migration in Hordland County, Monray . East Lansing: 
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Choices for I'ianagement . Ontario: Universivty of Toi"c:ito, 

$. CPL Eijcchange Bibliography //U21 

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Sub -Systems oi India . Lexington: University of Kentuclcy, 
1972 . 

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Residential Behav ior of t he Labor For c e: C ha rleston , 
TJest Virginia y 19^7 . Cincinnati: University of Cincinnati, 

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iJei&hborhoods . Normans University of Oklahoma, 1972. 

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Location and Relocation of Manufacturing, Plants IJithJji the 
City of Chi ca^^^o; l9^196a . Urbana: University of Illinois, 

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and Spatial Change. Baltimore, iferyland: Johns Hopkins 
University, 1971. 

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Ohio State University, 1971. 

6. CPL Exchange Bibliography #[t21 

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Operating Decisions; A Set of Viable Models for Developing 
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7. CPL Exchange Bibliography #U21 

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8. CPL Exchange Bibliography #1421 

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9. CPL Exchange Bibliography #l;21 

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10. CPL Exchange Biblioyi-aphy #1;21 

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11. CPL Exchange Bibliography #Ii21 

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12. CPL Exchange Biblioyaphy #U21 


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