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Sweet Briar College 

Alumnae Directory 2003 


11 / 

,. Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2010 with funding from 
Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 




. !3 i im 

Sweet Briar College 

\ir' ^1 

Alumnae Directory 2003 ¥ 



Sweet Briar College 
Sweet Briar, VA 24595 

Alumnae Association 


This directory is for official College and Alumnae Association use, and also for 
individual communication of a personal nature between members listed here- 
in. Use of this directory for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, 
reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or 
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other information contained in this director/ for any private, commercial, or 
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unauthorized use may also violate the rights of privacy and/or pub- 
licity of individuals listed herein and may constitute tortious 
interference with contractual relationships related to this publication. 



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Purchase, New York 
(All rights reserved) 


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Sweet Briar College \y 

Facts about Sweet Briar College v 

A Message from the President of the Alumnae Association ix 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association x 

Sweet Briar College Board of Directors ."?•,%> xvi 

Guide to the Directory ; xviii 

Alumnae Listings: ^^. >^^ ^ ..^^ 

Biographical Section 1 

■ I 

* Class Year Section 387 

Geographical Section .-,"-/-■--... j 453 

Career Networking Section [^. .'. .'. 509 

: : ^'^ '^ "if 

\% h- ? X . A /'^ 

- ^^\ '^ 1 I i:' 

Sweet Briar College 

Deeply committed to the education 
of women since its founding in 
1901, Sweet Briar is consistently ranked 
as one of the top national liberal arts 
colleges. Its excellent academic reputa- 
tion, spectacular campus and attention 
to the individual attract smart, confident 
women who want to excel in a diverse 
global society. The Sweet Briar experi- 
ence intentionally integrates academic 
rigor and research with a dynamic and 
close-knit residential community. 
Students fulfill their promise as scholars 
and leaders while benefiting from a 
resource-rich environment and co- 
curricular opportunities that enhance 
their possibilities for success. 

Sweet Briar's curriculum is organized 
on the premise that a foundation in the 
liberal arts and sciences enhances the 
development of critical and creative abil- 
ities, advances the ability to synthesize 
disparate information, equips the stu- 
dent for graduate and professional 
education and encourages the individ- 
ual to continue to learn long after 
leaving Sweet Briar. A broadly based 
academic program teaches the student 
to view her experience within wide con- 
texts, to appreciate the achievements of 

the past, to understand the methods 
and major theories of science, to gain 
an appreciation of the arts, and to com- 
municate with precision and cogency. At 
Sweet Briar this study takes place within 
a residential environment that encour- 
ages physical well-being, ethical 
behavior, sensitivity to others, responsi- 
bility for one's actions, personal initiative, 
and the assumption of leadership. 

Sweet Briar continues its commit- 
ment as a women's college to devote all 
its resources to the education of women 
in the full range of the liberal arts and 
sciences, including those subjects that 
have been traditionally considered as 
male domains. The student/faculty ratio 
is 8:1 with more than 80 percent of 
classes taught by full-time faculty. This 
highly qualified faculty, 96 percent of 
whom hold an earned doctorate or 
appropriate terminal degree, contributes 
to fulfilling the College's goal. The 
College continues to seek a diverse stu- 
dent body, drawn from a national and 
international pool of applicants. As an 
independent college. Sweet Briar pos- 
sesses the flexibility to respond to the 
many challenges that face higher educa- 
tion in a rapidly changing world. 


Facts about Sweet Briar College 

The Campus 

Sweet Briar's intellectually and socially 
vibrant campus is nestled in 3,250 acres 
of rolling hills and meadows in the 
foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge 
Mountains. The broad landscape 
includes two lakes, six nature sanctuar- 
ies, and an extensive network of walking, 
horseback riding and hiking trails. 

The campus, designed in the early 
part of the 20th century, is dominated 
by the architecture of Ralph Adams 
Cram, whose work can also be seen at 
MIT, Princeton, Wellesley, and West 
Point. Twenty-one of Sweet Briar's 30 
campus buildings have been designated 
as the Sweet Briar College National 
Historic District by the National 
Register of Historic Places. 

Programs of Study 

Students may choose from the pro- 
grams of study listed below, design an 
interdisciplinary major focused on a top- 
ic of special interest, or construct 
individualized majors. A 
student also may dou- 
ble major or complete a 
minor in a variety of 
academic areas. 
Art History 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Business Management 

Classical Studies: Civilization 
Classical Studies: Greek and Latin Languages 
Computer Science 

Elementary Education 

Engineering (3-2 dual degree) 


English and Creative Writing 

Environmental Sdence 

Environmental Studies 

Fine Arts ' , 



German Studies 



International Affairs 

Italian Studies 

Liberal Studies 

Mathematical Physics 


Modern Languages and Literatures 





Secondary Education 

Studio Art 
Theatre Arts 

Additional area studies, minors, and 
certificate programs include: 

Archaeology, Arts Management Equine 
Management Italian, Film Studies, Law& Society, 
Musical Theatre, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet and 
Women and Gender Studies Students may 
design an interdlsdpllnary major focused on a 
topic ofspedal interest or may construct individu- 
alized majors. 

Master's Degree Program 

The master's of education degree is 
designed for teaciiers currently in the 
profession who are already certified and 
seek a master's degree for professional 
advancement and eligibility for supple- 
mental pay increases from their 
respective districts. .- ..■■., ■ ''. 

The master's of arts 
in teaching degree, a 
five-year program, 
allows Sweet Briar stu- 
dents seeking 
certification to com- 
plete current Virginia 
requirements along 
with student teaching, while they simul- 
taneously earn a master's degree, which 
enhances employment opportunities 
and salaries upon graduation. 

Off-Campus Study 
Washington Semester 

Affords Sweet Briar students the oppor- 
tunity to spend a term at American 
University in Washington, DC, focusing 
on the judiciary system, international 
development, American studies, or eco- 
nomic, foreign or domestic 
policy determination. 

7-College Exchange 

Provides an opportunity for 
students from Sweet Briar, 
Hampden-Sydney, Hollins, 

Mary Baldwin, Randolph Macon 
(Ashland), Randolph-Macon Woman's, 
and Washington and Lee to spend a 
term or an academic year at one of the 
other colleges. 

Tri-College Consortium 

Allows a student to take a course at 
Lynchburg College or Randolph-Macon 
Woman's College if it is not currently 
available at Sweet Briar. 

Study Abroad Opportunities 

Sweet Briar College Sponsored Programs 

■ Sweet Briar Junior Year in France, Paris 

■ Sweet Briar Junior Year in Spain, Seville 

Sweet Briar College Affiliated Programs 

■ Doshisha Women's College, Japan 

■ Heidelberg University, Germany 

■ Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies 
in Rome, Italy 

■ St. Andrew's University, Scotland 

■ University of Urbino, Italy 

■ Wake Forest/SASASAAS Program in Beijing, China 

Summer Programs 

■ American School of Classical Studies Summer 
Program in Athens, Greece 

■ Directed Studies Program in Italy 

■ Summer Program in Miinster, Germany 

■ Tri-College Summer Exchange Program to Rueil- 
Malmaison, France 

■ Virginia Program at Oxford 

Sweet Briar also offers a number of 
other opportunities to study abroad, 
Induding: Australia, Austria, Bermuda, 
Denmark, Czech Republic; England, 
Greece, Ireland, Nepal, Poland, 
Republic of China, Tanzania, and 
New Zealand. 


Extracurricular Activities 

Sweet Briar women have enough ideas 
and enthusiasm to support nearly 50 
student-led and student-managed 
organizations — everything from art and 
musical groups to student publications 
and cultural awareness organizations. 
Many students take part in volunteer 
service projects during school terms and 


Indoor facilities 
include bas- 
ketball and 
Nautilus and 
Cybex weight-training equipment, a car- 
dio-fitness center — elliptical trainers, 
steppers, treadmills and bikes — a 25- 
meter pool, and two dance studios. 
Located on campus are fields for hock- 
ey, lacrosse, and soccer, as well as 14 
tennis courts. The Harriet Howell 
Rogers Riding Center, one of the 
nation's best college riding facili- 
ties, includes a 120' x 300' 
indoor arena with PERMA-FLEX™ 
footing, an outdoor lighted show 
ring with a sprinkler system, two 
additional outdoor rings, modern 
show-jumping equipment, and 
extensive trails. 

Sweet Briar is a member of 
the National Collegiate Athletic 
Association (NCAA) Division III, 
and competes in the Old Dominion 
Athletic Conference (ODAC). Nearly 20 
percent of our students play sports at 
the varsity level, competing in field 
hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, ten- 
nis, and volleyball. Students also 
participate in club sports, including fenc- 
ing and Softball. 


The Sweet Briar Outdoor Program 
offers extensive outdoor activities both 
on and off campus such as kayaking, 
rock climbing, hiking, rafting, hang glid- 
ing, caving, skiing and more. Leadership 
training and advanced outdoor skills are 
offered as part of the SWEBOP 
Instructor Program. Outdoor facilities on 
campus include the Outing Cabin — a 
log cabin retreat on Paul's Mountain — 
18 miles of biking, hiking, and riding 
trails, two lakes, and camping facilities. 


The admissions process at 
Sweet Briar highlights each 
woman's distinctive academic 
background, personal strengths, 
and aspirations. Our selection 
process focuses on a student's 
high school record, academic 
recommendations, SAT/ ACT 
scores and extracurricular activi- 
ties, as well as her personal 
qualities. We strongly encour- 
age every prospective student to visit 
the College for an interview. Questions 
and requests for information should be 
directed to 



Sweet Briar recognizes excellence in aca- 
demic achievement and outstanding 
leadership in school and community activi- 
ties with a variety of awards from Si, 000 
up to and including full tuition. 

Residential Life 

Sweet Briar is an intentional residential col- 
lege. Students are housed in seven residence 
halls and one historic house. Professional staff 
and students in paraprofessional leadership 
roles live with students to act as a resource, 
lend support, and provide co-curricular oppor- 
tunities. A First Year Experience program 
connects a student's academic work with her 
daily life through the residence halls, class- 
rooms and LEAP Center - a space specially 
designed for first-year students. 

Presidents of Sweet Briar 

1906-1916 Dr. Mary K. Benedict* 

1916-1925 Dr. Emilie Watts McVea* 

1925-1946 Dr. Meta Glass* 

1946-1950 Dr. Martha B. Lucas* 

1950-1971 Dr. Anne Gary Pannell* ^ 

1971-1983 Dr. Harold B. Whiteman, Jr.* 

1983-1990 Dr. Nenah Elinor Fry* 

1990-1996 Dr. Barbara A. Hill 

1996- Dr. Elisabeth Showalter 



Sweet Briar College 

Admissions Office (434) 381-6142 

Alumnae Office (434) 38i-6i3i 

Book Shop (434) 381-6106 

Career Services Center (434) 38i-6i5i 

Chaplain's Office (434) 38i-6ii3 

College Relations (434)381-6262 

Dean's Office (434)381-6205 

Development Office (434) 38i-6i6i 

Florence Elston Inn (434)381-6207 

Information Center (434) 38i-6ioo 

Museum (434) 381-6246 

Registrar (434) 381 -6179 

Riding Center (434) 381-6116 


From the President of the Alumnae Association 

Dear Sweet Briar Alumna, 

Thank you for purchasing the Sweet Briar College Alumnae Directory. We 
hope that you will find it helpfial in keepmg in touch with classmates and 
firiends. Building upon the contact information that was published in the 
previous Alumnae Directory of 1995, we are now pleased to mclude e-mail 
addresses among alumna contact information, as well as advanced degrees 
earned, and basic information on alumnae families, their spouses, and their 
children. Remember that you can always update your contact information with 
the College by visiting 

It is so important for alumnae to be actively engaged in the life of Sweet 
Briar College. You can become involved m a variety of ways — tap into the 
passion you have for your Sweet Briar experience, and give yourself the pleasure 
of participating in Alumnae Association programs, in the following ways: 

• You can assist the efforts of the Office of Admissions and help recruit 

qualified students to the College. 

• You can return to campus to be an Alumna-in-Residence, and share 
your career or life experience with current students inside and outside 
the classroom. / \_ jf 

• You can offer your time and talents to the Development Office and 
volunteer to assist with its fund-raising efforts for the College. 

• You can bring College visibility to your hometown by participating 

in Alumnae Club activities, and sharing information about Sweet Briar 
with others. 

• You can continue your love of lifelong learning by traveling with Sweet 
Briar on an alumnae tour abroad, or returning to campus for Alumnae 
College or Alumnae Council Weekend. 

• You can become an Alumnae Association leader by serving as a class or 
club officer, or an Alumnae Board member; you can also actively encourage 
your classmates and friends to attend Reunion Weekend, Alumnae Council, 
and other Association programs. 

Please do come back to Sweet Briar College, and stop in at Association 
headquarters in the Boxwood Alumnae House. The Alumnae Office staff is 
ready to welcome you and provide information and assistance. Plan to tour the 
fascinating Sweet Briar Museum and the updated buildings and facilities that 
are part of the Colleges Historic District, enjoy the warm hospitalit)' oi the 
Book Shop and Le Bistro, and witness the amazing new Student Commons and 
Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center. And as you revisit favorite places 
on our glorious campus, take pride in your relationship with the College, get 
involved, and keep in touch! 

With best wishes to you all, 

Diane B. Dalton '67 

President, Alumnae Association 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association 

Presidents of the Alumnae 

1915-1914 Eugenia Buffington Walcott '13* 

1914-1915 Henrietta Washburn '14* 

1915-1916 Alice Swain Zell '14* 

1916-1918 Margaret Banister '16* 

1918-1920 Marianne Martin '18* 

1920-1926 Margaret McVey '18* 

1926-1930 Margaret Banister '16* 

1930-1932 Nan Powell Hodges '10* 

1932-1936 Edna Lee Gilchrist '26* 

1936- 1938 Elizabeth Taylor Parker '23* 

1938- 1940 Isabel Webb Luff '20* 

1940- 194 1 Fanny Ellsworth Scannell '21 * 

1941-1942 Gertrude Prior '29* 
(unexpired term) 

1942-1944 Martha von Briesen '31* 

1944-1946 Mary Huntington Harrison '30* 

1946-1948 Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 


Amelia Hollis Scott '29* 

(Edith Durrell Marshall '21*, 

Acting President for one year) 


Louise Newkirk Steeble '23* 

7956- 7960 Gladys Wester Horton '30 

7960- 7962 Phoebe Rowe Peters '31 * 

1962-1964 Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 

1964-1968 Blair Bunting Both '40 

1968-1971 Jacquelyn Strickland Dwelle '35* 

1971-1974 Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 

1974-1977 Preston Hodges Hill '49 

1977-1980 Judith Sorley Chalmers '59 

1980-1983 Gwen Speel Kaplan '60 

1983-1986 Mary K. Lee McDonald '65 

7986-7989 Judith Greer Schuiz '61 

1989-1992 Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

1992-1995 Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 

1995-1998 Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

1998-2001 Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71 

2001-2004 Diane B. Dalton '67 


Alumnae Association Awards 

The Sweet Briar College Alumnae 
Association has three awards that it 
bestows annually: the Distinguished 
Alunnna Award, the Outstanding Alumna 
Award, and the Alumna Daughter 
Scholar Award. 

The Distinguished Alumna Award 

is given to honor alumnae who have 
brought distinction to themselves and to 
Sweet Briar College through outstanding 
accomplishment in a volunteer or pro- 
fessional capacity: 

1988 Dorothy Rouse-Bottom '49 
Diana Muldaur Dozier '60 
Karin Lawson Look '74 

7989 Hallam Hurt '67 

7990 Virginia Upchurch Collier '72 
Katherine Upchurch Takvorian '72 

7997 Ann Henderson Bannard '49 
Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn '45 

7992 Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp '68 

7993 Dorothy Haskell Sarris '61 

7994 Anna Chao Pai '57 

7995 Joan Vail Thorne '51 

7996 Beryl Bergquist Farris '71 

7997 Georgene M. Vairo '72 

7998 Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 

7999 Patricia Traugott Rouse '48 
2000 Connie Burwell White '34 
2007 Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 
2002 Nella Gray Barkley '55 

The Outstanding Alumna Award, 

created in honor of the Class of 1910, 
is given to alumnae in recognition of 
outstanding service to Sweet Briar 
College in a volunteer capacity: 


SBC's First Graduates, 

Class of 1910: 

Anne Cumnock Miller* 

Eugenia Griffin Burnett* 

Louise Hooper Ewell* 

Frances Murrell Rickards* 

Annie Powell Hodges* 


Edna Lee Gilchrist '26* 


Gladys Wester Horton '30 


Mary Huntington Harrison '30^ 


Phoebe Rowe Peters '31 * 


Edith Durrell Marshall '21* 


Florence Freeman Fowler '19* 

Helen H. McMahon '23* 


Elizabeth Prescott Balch '28* 


Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 


Martha von Briesen '31* 


Jacquelyn Strickland Dwelle '35* 



Dorothy Nicholson Tate '38* 



Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 



Dale Hutter Harris '53 



Ann Marshall Whitley '47 



Preston Hodges Hill '49 



Mary Elizabeth Doucett Neill '41 


Nancy Dowd Burton '46* 

Jane Roseberry Ewald Tolleson '52 


Julia Sadler de Coligny '34* 


Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 
Sarah Adams Bush '43* 


Julia Gray Saunders Michaux '39 


Evelyn Dillard Grones '45* 



Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 


Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 


Sara Shallenberger Brown '32 


Catherine Barnett Brown '49 


Ann Samford Upchurch '48* 


Clare Newman Blanchard '60 
Mildred Newman Thayer '61 


Helen Murchison Lane '46 
Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 

Alice Gary Farmer Brown '59 

Julia Mills Jacobsen '45 

Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 

Allison Stemmons Simon '63 

Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 



The Alumna Daughter Scholar Award honors an alumna daughter, granddaughter, 
or relative in either the junior or senior class who has demonstrated, while at Sweet 
Briar, the traditions of sound learning and social responsibility which have characterized 
the alumnae of the College since its founding: 

1976-1977 Patricia Waters 77 

1977-1978 Elizabeth F. Wood 78 

1978-1979 Mary Lawrence Harris 79 

1979-1980 Frances M. McClung '80 

1980-1981 Julia Bryan Brooi<e '81 

1981-1982 Mary Ames Booker '82 

1982-1983 Mary W. Ware '83 

1983-1984 Elisabeth S. Burwell '84 

1984-1985 Cecily V. Schuiz '85 

1985-1986 Harriet D. McNair '86 

1986-1987 Michaelle Connors '87 

1987- 1988 Stuart Whitney Bolt '88 

1988-1989 Catherine P. Cravens '89 

1989-1990 Parker Shultis '90 

1990-1991 Mary Anne Train Farmer '91 

1991-1992 Harriet Hardaway Farmer '92 daughter of 

1992-1993 Katherine Polevitzky '93 

1993-1994 Amalia De Simone '94 

1994-1995 Katie Maxwell '95 

1995-1996 Abby Phillips '96 

1996-1997 Elizabeth Lanier Hunter '97 

1997-1998 Astrid Liverman '98 

1998-1999 Emily Pegues '00 

1999-2000 Caroline Stark '00 

daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 
daughter of 

Patricia Whitaker Waters '44 
Dorothy Wallace Wood '48 
Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Julia Craig Brooke '58* 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 
Patricia Coxe Ware '59 
Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 
Judith Greer Schuiz '61 
Rebecca Towill McNair '60 
Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 
Virginia Robinson Harris '59 
Nancy Morison Cravens '53* 
Abby Patterson Shultis '66 
Mary Anne Calhoun Farmer '66 
Mary Anne Calhoun Farmer '66 
granddaughter of Eugenia Whiteside Winton '38* 
daughter of Judith Barthold De Simone '66 

granddaughter of Martha Hornor Maxwell '36* 
daughter of Rebecca Bentsen Phillips '70 

granddaughter of Grace Lanier Brewer '42 

2000-2001 Megan Thomas '01 
2001-2002 Sophie Wackenhut '02 
2002-2003 Michelle Church '03 

daughter of Joan Hulley Liverman '64 

daughter of Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 

sister of Eugenia Stark '95 

niece of Caroline Rudulph Sellers '46* 

cousin of Susan Sellers Ewing '71 

cousin of Ellen Sellers McDowell 77 

sister of Catherine Thomas '98 

sister of Anne-Claire Wackenhut '98 

sister of Diane Church '01 



Alumnae Association Board 
(July 2002-July 2003) 

Diane B. Dalton '67 

President . ,: >:, w ■■:-. 

Milwaukee, Wl 

Virginia Dei Greco Galgano '64 

First Vice President, Chair of Clubs, 
Chair of Regional Committee 
Harrisonburg, VA 

Linda C. DeVogt '86 

Second Vice President, Chair of 
Reunion and Council Planning 
Richmond, VA , 

Amy Ghiz '92 

Third Vice President, National Alumnae 
Admissions Representatives and ■ •' 
Financial Aid Chair ,. ., 

Decatur, GA 

Julia K. Sutlierland '78 

Secretary/Treasurer, Chair of Bylaws 


Alexandria, VA 

Louise Swiecici Zingaro '80 

Director, Alumnae Association 
Sweet Briar, VA 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Annual Fund Chair 
Crosse Pointe, Ml 

Zeda Elizabeth Homoki-Titus '94 

Academic Outreach Chair 
Arlington, VA 

Margaret Christian Ryan '74 

Nominating Chair 
Wellesley, MA 

Kimberley McGraw Euston '92 

Region I Chair 
Fleetwood, NY 

Victoria McCullough Carroll '84 

Region II Chair 
Highland Park, NJ 

Jennifer E. Crossland '86 

Region III Chair 
Richmond, VA 

Elizabeth Dunck Hayes '95 

Region IV Chair 
Charlotte, NC 

Heather Colson Ewing '90 

Region V Chair 
Decatur, CA 

Cecilia A. Moore '88 

Region VI Chair 
Dayton, OH 

Mary Elizabeth Hamlin '76 

Region VII Chair 
Winnetka, IL 

Catherine Gornto Freeman '92 

Region VIII Chair 
New Orleans, LA 


^^ n ■~- 

,mM^I .^*^' 


^ ■ »i^ 




;|l»' J^tiJ 


Ann Stuart McKie Kling '74 

Region IX Chair 
Dallas, TX 

Marguerite Shields Dulce '76 

Region X Chair 
Englewood, CO 

IVleghan Frier '01 

Student Relations Co-ChaIr 
Boxford, MA 

Brooli Tucl^er '02 

Student Relations Co-ChaIr 
Raleigh, NC 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Senior Member - Board of Directors 
Fredericksburg, VA 

Jane Tatman Wailcer '60 

Junior Member - Board of Directors 
Indianapolis, IN 

Sandra A. Taylor '74 

Sophomore Member - Board of Directors 
Hiram, GA 

Frances Anne Root '80 

Freshman Member - Board of Directors 
Atlanta, GA 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

Planned Giving Chair 
Madison, VA 

Beryl Bergquist Farris '71 

Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 
Atlanta, GA 

Rhoda Harris '82 

Boxwood Circle Co-ChaIr 
Short Hills, NJ 

Lee Foley Dolan '96 

Junior Annual Fund Chair 
Richmond, VA 

Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 

Editor, Alumnae Magazine 
Sweet Briar, VA 


Sweet Briar College Board of Directors 

(July 2002-July 2003) 

Executive Committee 
IVlichela English, AB '71; MPPIVI 

Chairman of the Board 
Washington, DC 

Elizabeth Smith White, AB '59 

Vice-chairman of the Board 
Charlotte, NC 

C. Gregg Petersmeyer, MBA 

Bethesda, MD 

A. Marshall Acuff, Jr., MBA 

Midlothian, VA 

Madeleine F. Green, Ph.D. 

Chevy Chase, MD 

Thomas C. Jividen 

Lynchburg, VA 

Nancy Hudler Keuffel, AB '62 

Bloomfield Hills, Ml 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld, Ph.D. 

Sweet Briar, VA 

Mark H. Prothro, MBA 

Wichita Falls, TX 


Elaine L. Arozarena, AB '81 

New York, NY 

Amanda Atkinson, AB '00 

Boston, MA 

Deborah Price Bowman, AB '82 

Short Hills, NJ 

Leah Solivan Busque, AB '01 

Lunenburg, MA 

Elizabeth Stanly Gates, AB '63 

Vero Beach, FL 

Rebecca J. Cefaratti, AB '02 

Buffalo, NY 

Virginia Upchurch Collier, AB '72, MD 

Chestertown, MD 

Diane B. Dalton, AB '67 

President, Alumnae 
Milwaukee, Wl 

Carol McMurtry Fowler, 

Austin, TX 

L. Parker Harrell, Jr. 

Washington, DC 

Donna Jo Pearson Josey, AB '64 

Houston, TX 

Daniel James Ludeman 

Richmond, VA 

Mary Lee McGinnis McClain, AB '54 

Charleston, 5C 

Bonnie Palmer McCloskey, AB '70 

Aspen, CO 

Vaughan Inge Morrissette, AB '54 

Mobile, AL 


* !iV^ 

» •'■ 

Frances Anne Root, AB '80 

Atlanta, GA 

Anne Wilson Rowe, AB '57 

Fredericksburg, VA 

Kindle Lanee Samuel, AB '98 

New York, NY 

Willard A. Speakman 

Wilmington, DE 

Edward G. Steves 

San Antonio, TX 

Sandra A. Taylor, AB '74 

Hiram, GA 

Mildred Newman Thayer, AB '61 

Whitefield, NH 

Mary Fleming Willis Thompson, 
AB '66; Ph.D. 

The Plains, VA 

Jane Tatman Walker, AB '60 

Indianapolis, IN 

Florence Barclay Winston, AB '57 

Raleigh, NC 

Barbara Smith Young, AB '71 

Lexington, KY 

Alumnae Office Staff 
Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 

Director of the Alumnae Association 

Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 

Editor, Alumnae Magazine 

Ann IVIacDonald Carter '97 

Associate Director of tfie Alumnae 
Association, Director of Alumnae 
College Programs 

Melissa A. Coffey '98 

Assistant Director of the Alumnae 
Association, Tour Coordinator 

Joan Lucy 

Assistant Director of the Alumnae 

Sandra B. Maddox, AH '59 

Assistant to the Director 

Noreen D. Parker 

Assistant Director of the Alumnae 
Association, Assistant Editor of 
Alumnae Magazine, Tour Coordinator 

Bonnie L. Seitz '01 

Assistant Director/Alumnae 
Computer Services 


Guide to the Directory 

Directory Information 

The biographical information contained in this directory was connpiled in the following 

a) Sweet Briar College provided the publisher with the most recent information contained 
in its files at the time the project commenced; 

b) Publisher attempted to update the address and telephone number information 
through third-party research vendors with which it had executed confidentialit/ agree- 
ments; and 

c) Publisher made every reasonable attempt to verify the biographical information with 
each individual directly via mail, e-mail, and/or telephone. Updates given by immedi- 
ate family members may have been applied. 

If attempts to verify the information directly with individuals were unsuccessful, the 
information originally provided by Sweet Briar College was utilized, with any address or 
telephone number updates obtained through research applied. We apologize in 
advance for any errors and omissions, and we urge you to send corrected information 
regarding your listing to: 

Sweet Briar College 

Alumnae Office 

R.O. Box E 832 Elijah Road 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 

Tel: (434) 381-6417 

Fax: (434) 381-6132 


Biographical Section 

Alumnae are listed alphabetically with the information below, when available. Alumnae 
with name changes are cross-referenced by their student names. 

■ preferred class year (in italics), additional class year and degree from 
Sweet Briar College 

degrees and names of other institutions attended 

title, employer name, address, and telephone number , , • 

residence address and telephone number 

spouse's name (in italics) 

children's names ■'■'•' ■ '*^' ■" ' 

e-mail address ("r:" indicates residence; "b:" indicates business) 

A single asterisk identifies alumnae with unknown addresses; a double asterisk 
identifies alumnae who are deceased. Academy alumnae are identified with "ACAD" 
(in italics) after name. Special alumnae are identified with "SPEC" (in italics) after name. 

XVI 1 1 

Class Year Section 

Alumnae are listed by their student names under their preferred class years or the 
class year for their work at Sweet Briar College. Academy alumnae are listed alphabeti- 
cally under the heading "Academy." Special alumnae are listed alphabetically under the 
heading "Special." Following each name is a geographical cross-reference (as listed in 
the Geographical Section) which is either the standard U.S. postal abbreviation or 
country name for alumnae with international addresses. Alumnae of the class of 2003 
are listed in this section only. 

A single asterisk identifies alumnae with unknown addresses; a double asterisk 
identifies alumnae who are deceased. 

Geographical Section 

Alumnae are listed under their residence addresses in the following order: state, U.S. 
military, U.S. possessions and territories, and outside the U.S. Following each name are 
preferred class year (in italics), or class year and career networking code (in italics). 
"ACAD" (in italics) following name identifies Academy alumnae, "SPEC" (in italics) 
following name identifies Special alumnae. 

Career Networking Section 

Alumnae are listed under their careers which appear in alphabetical order. 

Degree Codes 

Refer to the following degree codes (and their translations) used in the Biographical 

AB Bachelor of Arts 

BA Bachelor of Arts 

BS Bachelor of Science 

Career Networking Codes 

Refer to the following career networking codes (and their translations) used in the 
Geographical Section: 


Agri-Business: Animal Breeder 


Agri-Business: Veterinarian 


Agri-Business: Farming 





Agri-Business: Forest, Game & 









Agri-Business: Riding Instructor 











Arch & Env Design: Architedure 


Career Networking Codes (continued) 


Arch & Env Design: Construction 


Communications: Broadcast - TV 


Arch & Env Design: Environmental 


Education: Elementary 




Arch & Env Design: General 


Education: Adult Education 


Arch & Env Design: Historical 


Education: College Administration 



Education: Coaching 


Arch & Env Design: Interior Design 


Education: Consultant 


Arch & Env Design: 


Education: College Teaching 


Landscape Architecture 
Banking: Administration 


Education: Elementary Teaching 
Education: General 





Banking: Investment 


Banking: Commercial (Loan) 

Banking: General Investing 

Banking: General Banking 


Education: Physical Education 
Education: Pre-school 
Education: Psychological Services 
Education: Secondary 


Banking: Investment Analyst 


Education: School Counseling 


Banking: International 


Education: Special Education 


Business: Consultant 


Education: Secondary Teaching 


Business: General 


Education: Tutor 


Business: Import/Export 


Engineering: General 


Business: Owner 


Events Planning: General 


Business: Production 


Environmental Related: General 


Business: Personnel 


Govt: Appointed Local Official 


Business: Self-Employed 


Govt: Appointed State Official 


Computer: Data 


Govt: Elected Federal Official 



Govt: Elected Local Official 


Computer: Data Processing 


Govt: Elected State Official 


Computer Related: General 


Govt: Federal Departments & 


Computer: Program/ 


System Analysis 


Govt: General Government 


Computer Related: Technical 



Communications: Broadcast-Radio 


Govt: Peace Corps 


Communications: Commercial Art 


Govt: Public Utilities 




Home Arts: Child/Elder Care 



Home Arts: Crafts 


Communications: Advertising 


Home Arts: Flowers/ Florist 


Communications: Public Relations 


Home Arts: Fashions/Model 


HAGN Hospital Adm: General 

HAHM Home Arts: Homemaker 

HAID Home Arts: Interior Decorating 

HARH Hospital Adm: Retirement Home 

HRFS Hotel, Rest & Food Serv: 

Food Service 

HRHM Hotel, Rest & Food Serv: 

Hotel Management 

HRRM Hotel, Rest & Food Serv: 

Restaurant Management 

INAS Insurance: Agents & Sales 

INAT Insurance: Actuarial 

INCA Insurance: Claims Adjustment 

INGN Insurance: General 

INUD Insurance: Underwriter 

LMAR Library & Museum: Art 

LMHS Library & Museum: Historical 

LMLB Library & Museum: Library 

LMSC Library & Museum: Science 

LWBP Law: Business Law 

LWCO Law: Corporate 

LWGP Law: General Practice 

LWGV Law: Government 

LWJD Law: Judiciary (Judges) 

LWPA Law: Paralegal 

LWTX Law: Tax 

MDCH MD: Chiropractor 

MDDN MD: Dentist 

MDGN Medical Related: General 

MDGP MD: General Practice 

MDMH Medical: Nursing 

MDPA Medical: Physician Assistant 

MDPD MD: Pediatrician 

MDPH Medical: Pharmacy 

MDPS MD: Psychiatrist 

MDRC Medical: Records 


Medical: Research 


MD: Specialist 


Medical: Technician 

ne MDTG 

MD: Teaching 


Medical: Therapy & Rehabilitation 


MD: Unspecified 


Mental Health: Counseling 


Mental Health: Psychologist 


Military: Air Force 


Military: Army 


Military: Coast Guard 


Military: Marine Corps 


Military: Navy 


Office Staff: Administrative 



Office Staff: Bookkeeper 


Office Staff: Clerk/Stenographer 


Office Staff: Receptionist 


Office Staff: Secretary 


Performing Arts: Acting/Theater 


Performing Arts: Dance 


Performing Arts: General 


Performing Arts: Music 


Printing & Publish: Books 


Printing & Publish: Graphic Design 


Printing & Publishing: General 


Printing & Publish: Magazines 


Printing & Publish: Newspaper 


Printing & Publish: Printing 


Public Serv: Law Enforcement 


Public Serv: Non Profit & Profit 



Public Serv: Social Work 


Real Estate: Agency 


Real Estate: General 


Real Estate: Property Manager 


RERN Real Estate: Renovation 

RLCL Religious Vocations: Clergy 

RLGN Religious Vocations: General :■ 

SCBS Science: Biological Sciences 

SCPS Science: Physical Sciences 

SCRC Science: Research 

SCSS Science: Social Sciences 

SMMG Sales & Marketing: Marketing 

SMPR Sales & Marketing: Purchasing 

SMRT Sales & Marketing: Retailing 

SMSA Sales & Marketing: Sales 

TTRA Travel, Tourism & Rec: Air 

TTRG Travel, Tourism & Rec: General 

TTRS Travel, Tourism & Rec: Athletic ; 


TTRT Travel, Tourism & Rec: Tourism 















Travel, Tourism & Rec: Travel 


Visual Arts: Commercial, Dealer 

Visual Arts: Film 

Visual Arts: General 

Visual Arts: Photographer 

Visual Arts: Painter 

Visual Arts: Sculptor 

Visual Arts: Teacher, Historian 



ting: Critic 
ting: Freelance 
ting: General 
ting: For Publisher 
ting: Technical 



An Alphabetical Listing 
Alumnae of 


AADLAND, Mrs. Pamela Sue (Pamela Sue Campbell); 1982 BA; 
Technical Editor/Writer, M/A-Com, Inc., 221 Jefferson Ridge 
Pkwy., Lyncfiburg, VA 24501, 434 455-9517; r: 1320 Whistling 
Swan Dr., Forest, VA 24551 , 434 385-1927; John; Matthew; 

AAGAARD, Teresa W. (Teresa Witt); y987BA;MBA Lynchburg 
CIg.; Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Sweet Briar CIg., Computer Ctr., 
SweetBriar, VA 24595, 434 381-6304; r: 202 Walnut Hill Rd, 
Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-2325; Leif; Leif III 
"AAGESEN, Mrs. Shelley R. (Shelley R. Rouse); 1921 AB 

AANENSON, Ms. Kathleen Mary; 2002; r: 268 Calvin PI., Santa 
Cruz, CA 95060, 831 471-9160 

ABBAS, Pasant Magdi; 2005 ; BS VA Commonwealth Univ.; 
Student; r: 206 Smith Dr., Farmville, VA 23901, 434 392-9713; 
*ABBE, Mary H.; 1951 (See Evans, Mrs. Mary H.) 
"ABBEY, Alana J.; 1952 (See McNeel, Mrs. Alana J.) 

ABBEY, Mrs. Constance (Constance Nora/eb); 1974 ; r; 9150 
Little Mountain Rd., Mentor, OH 44060, 440 974-0532 
"ABBEY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hudspeth); 1929 

ABBOT, Elizabeth; 1947 (See Langhome, Mrs. Elizabeth F.) 
"ABBOT, Mrs. Mary C. (Mary C. Chilton); 1947 

ABBOTT, Cynthia; ^942 (See Dougherty, Mrs. Cynthia Abbott) 

ABBOTT, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Goodspeed); 1944 BA; r: 2000 
Cambridge Ave. #AL-804, Wyomissing, PA 19610 

ABBOTT, Mrs. Jayne (Jayne Berguido); 1954 ; Univ. of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia Sch. Ofc. Trng.; Secy./Bookkeeper, Marine 
Rsch., Inc.; r: Box 3407, Waquoit, MA 02536, 508 540-1948; 
TW Osier (Tom): Katherine, Peter, Alexander; 

'ABBOTT, Jean; 7962 (See Cory, Mrs. Jean) 

ABBOTT, Mrs. Joanne (Joanne Lilly); 1941 ; Weela CIg.; r: 1900 
E. Girard PL, #302, Englewood, CO 80110, 303 781-3042; 
David: David Jr., Carol, Susan 
"ABBOTT, Virginia; ACAD (See Skinner, Mrs. Virginia) 

ABDEL-ALIM,lntisarlkhlas; 2002 BS; Lab Tech., Univ. of 
Virginia; r: 31058 Sadie Ln., Doswell, VA 23047, 804 994-5833; 

ABDULLAH, Mrs. Louise (Louise Brandos); 1954 AB; r; 1 31 1 3 
Fountain Head Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21742, 301 739-3233; A. 

ABEL, Kathleen Diana; 1993 (See Pione, Mrs. Kathleen Diana) 

ABELL, Mrs. Angela Joy Conklin (Angela Joy Conklin); 1996 BA; 
Sweet Briar College; Real Estate Broker, Moore Warfield & Glick 
Inc., 6426 Maddox Blvd., Chincoteague Island, VA 23336, 888 
864-3561; r; 3770 Main St., Chincoteague, VA 23336, 757 336- 
3595; Barry; Taulman, Hope; 
"ABELL, Frances A.; 7932 (See Murphy, Mrs. Frances A.) 
"ABELL, Ruth; 7926 (See Bear, Mrs. Ruth) 

'ABELL, Sarah; 7967 (See Buddeke, Mrs. Sarah) 

ABELLA. Mrs. Marbury Wynne (Marbury Wynne Patrick); 1991 
BA; HR Spec, Busch Gardens/Water Country, One Busch 
Gardens Blvd., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 253-3021; r: 201 
Old Cart Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23188, 757 258-3882 

ABERNATHY, Mrs. Pamela M. (Pamela A. Mendolia); 1966; 

BA Purdue Univ. of Indiana; Founder & Pres., Cityquicker, New 

York, NY; r: 1 39 E. 66th St., New York, NY 10021 , 21 2 585-3620; 

Henry; Emily, Kate; 
ABERNETHY, Ms. Christen Marie (Christen Marie Anderson); 

1989 Ne>\ Sales Asst., Goldman Sachs & Co., 4900 Sears Twr., 

Chicago, IL 60606; r: 3750 Nwde Voto Ln., Portland, OR 97229; 
"ABERNETHY, Josephine; 1930 (See Turrentine, Mrs. Josephine) 
ABERNETHY, Judith Gray; 1962 (See Kyle, Mrs. Judith G.) 
ABERNETHY, Mrs. Laura K. (Laura K. Murray); 1974 ; r; 1 4 

Pine Crest Rd., Bimningham, AL 35223, 205 879-5015 
ABINGTON, Mrs. Joan Alison (Joan Alison Armstrong); 1 990 

AB; Stay At Home Mom; r; 1520 Old Barn Cir., Libertyville, IL 

60048, 847 549-6885; Bill; Kennedy, Blair, Sawyer, Beckett; 
"ABNEY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy McKee); 7926 AB 
ABNEY, Janet; 7969 (See Moore, Mrs. Janet) 
'ABORN. Susan; 7967 (See Montgomery, Mrs. Susan) 
ABOULHOSN, Mrs. Diana (Diana Richani); 7978 BA; Emory 

Univ.; Homemaker& Mom; r: 4606 Scenic Dr., Yakima, WA 

98908, 509 965-4324; Kamal; Alexandra, Angelica; 

"ABRAHAM, Faye; 797 7 (See Pethick, Mrs. Faye) 
"ABRAHAM, Gertrude; 7922 (See Harris, Mrs. Gertrude) 
"ABRAHAM, Marjohe; 7927 (See Meyer, Mrs. Marjorie) 
"ABRAHAM, Mary; ACAD (See Hodgkins, Mrs. Mary) 
ABRAHAMSON, Mrs. Susan (Susan Ragland); 7957 AB; Self- 
employer Artist, 201 1 2 Marble Quarry Rd, Keedysville. MD 21 756, 

301 432-5082; r: 5341 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key, FL 

34228, 941 387-0613; James,' Jennifer, James. Christopher 
ABRAMS, Mrs. Bernadette Catherine (Bernadette Catherine 

Insalaco); 7993BA;Mktg.Dir., Little ME; r: 44 College Ave., 

Montclair, NJ 07043, 973 746-7182; 
'ABRAMS, Lisbeth; 7949 (See Baron, Mrs. Lisbeth) 
"ABRAMS, Marie; ACAD (See Lawson, Mrs. Marie) 
ABRAMS, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Levine); 7952 AB; Legal Asst. 

COA, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, 201 S. Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 

33131, 305 358-5171; r: 16501 Fox Den Ct., Miami Lakes, FL 

33014, 305 556-5706; Leonard; Diane Rattner, Stephen, Allison 

ABRAMS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Molyneux Abrams); 1 986 AB; Whter/ 

Pres., Little Pond Productions, POB 713, Lynchburg, VA 24505, 

434 847-2908; r: 604 Pearl St., Lynchburg, VA 24504, 434 847- 

6603; David; Max; 
'ABRASH, Muriel; 7944 (See Schapiro, Mrs. Muhel) 
ABRAZUMOVA, Olga Nicholaevna; 2002 BA;Exec. Asst., 

Petroleum Org.-Russia; r: Socialistichesky 42-14. Altau Region, 

Barnaul 656049, Russia; 
ABRELL, Sarah Catherine; 7977; r: 222 N Georgia Ave., Martin- 

sburg, WV 25401 
'ABROMITIS, Katherine Anne; 7977 
"ABRY, Mrs. Anne F. (Anne F. Fischer); 7937 
ABSE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Smith); 7956 AB; r: 1 852 

Winston Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 296-7533 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 



ABSHIRE, Mrs. Carolyn L. (Carolyn L. Sample); 1951 ; BA 
George Washington Univ.; Shop Owner Retired, Bygone Baga- 
telles, 322 S. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 684- 
7588; r: 311 S St. Asaph St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 836- 
2892; David: Lupton, Anna, Mary Lee, Phyllis, Caroline; 
'ABSHIRE, Helen V.; 1934 (See Hartzog, Mrs. Helen V.) 
*ABSHIRE, Mrs. Peggy (Peggy Huffaker); 1954 AB 
*ACCOLA, Mrs. Katharine (Katherine Mize); 1915 

ACEY, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Dohs); 1960 AB; Tchr., Bryn 
MawrSch., 109 W. Melrose, Baltimore, MD21210,410323-8800; 
r: 1605 The Terraces, Baltimore, MD 21209, 410 664-5887 
*ACHTERBERG, Ramona; 2001 BA 

ACKARD, Mrs. Patricia S. (Patricia C. Sorensen); 1941 B A ; 
MED Cleveland Ohio; Retired Med. Tech.; r: 7425 Pelican Bay 
Blvd., Apt.902, Naples, FL 34108, 239 593-1955; Stephen, 
Andrew William, Peggy Ann, Debra Jane 

ACKELL, Ms. Aimee Marya (Aimee Marya Jackowski); 1987 ; 
Mktg. Exec, Exude, 16 E. 52nd St., New York, NY 10022, 212 
644-9559; r; 83 The Cir., Glen Head, NY 1 1 545; 

ACKERMAN, Ms. Melissa (Missy) J.; 1987 AB; Physical Educ. 
Lecturer, Sweet Briar CIg.; r: 686 Sunset Dr., Amherst, VA 
24521,434 946-9012; 
*ACKERSON, Marilyn; /950(See Barker, Mrs. Mahlyn) 
'ACOMB, Cora M.; 7926 (See Giesen, Mrs. Cora M.) 

ACQUARIO, Mrs. Lisa-Ann (Lisa-Ann Strong); 1988 AB; r: 31 
Cherry Tree Rd., Loudonville, NY 1 221 1 , 51 8 598-071 7 

ACUFF, Ms. Amanda Mary; y997BA;r; 4265 Roundhill Dr., 
Chesterfield, VA 23832, 804 675-7040; 

ADAIR, Lauren (Lorna) Joy; 2002 BA;Grad. Student, Roosevelt 
Univ., Chicago, IL; r: 185 Old Sutton Rd., Barrington, IL 60010, 
847 783-4232; 
'ADAIR, Mrs. Lucia (Lucia Allen); 1920 
*ADAIR, Ms. Margaret C. (Margaret C. Baldock); 1975 
'ADAIR, Sanya; 1954 

ADAM, Mrs. Anne Parry (Anne Parry Ellice); ) 962, 1963 AB; 
Owner, Stanton Salvage Consignment Shop, Box 161, Stanton, 
NJ 08885, 908 236-6756; r: 33 Pleasant Run Rd., Flemington, 
NJ 08822, 908 782-3754; Bruce: Gladden, Aubrey 

ADAM, Aubrey Clark; 1989 (See Barr, Mrs. Aubrey Adam) 

ADAM, Gladden Van Zandt; 1990 (See Falivene, Mrs. Gladden 

ADAMCHIK, Mrs. Mary Gafford (Mary Gafford Snider); 1 995 ; 
Sales Assoc. & Asst. Buyer, Smithman's Clothing Store; r: 4409 
White Pine Way, Louisville, KY 40241, 502 412-5372 
*ADAMOVA, Bozena; ?927(See Menguy, Mrs. Bozena) 

ADAMS, Mrs. Allison Withey (Allison Withey Hogg); 1994 ; BA 
Univ. of South Carolina; r; Breckenridge Way, Shenandoah Jet., 
WV 25442; Robert: Madison, Caitlyn; 

ADAMS, Mrs. Ann G. (Ann Greer); 1956BA; Homemaker; r: 114 
Jordan Ln., Mobile, AL 36608, 251 342-0836; Marion; Marion 
SA III, Sumner G., Monnie A. Caine; 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Anna P. (Anna P. Young); 1934 
'ADAMS, Anne Kathryn; 1987 

ADAMS, Anne L.; 1951 (See Coulbourn, Mrs. Robert) 
'ADAMS, Anne W.; 1941 

ADAMS, Beth; 1981 (See Steed, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Betty (Betty Hunt); 1957 

ADAMS, Mrs. Carol (Carol Nash); 1954 ; Retired; r: POB 1401 , 
Medina, TX 78055, 830 895-0029; Baxter: Ellen, Ann, Kelley; 

ADAMS, Mrs. Carol N. (Carol Ann Nash); ^976; Realtor, 
Americana Grp. Realtors, 2625 N Green Valley Pkwy., Hender- 
son, NV 89014, 702 458-8888; r: 518 Baldridge Dr., Henderson, 
NV 89014, 702 897-0474 

ADAMS, Catharine R.; ?972(See Murphy, Mrs. Catharine A.) 

ADAMS, Catherine Elizabeth; 1982 (See Miller, Mrs. Catherine 

ADAMS, Catherine Farrar; /976(See Goshorn, Mrs. Catherine A.) 

'ADAMS, Catherine Tovin; 1983 

ADAMS, Mrs. Daphne Withington (Daphne Bowen Withington); 
y942 AB; Retired Dir. of Activities & Club Dir., The Miriam 
Osborne Mem. Home/American Red Cross, SW Pacific; r: 1 1 8 
Midland Ave., Rye, NY 10580, 914 967-6250; Willard: Dana, 
Faith McEIvy 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Douglas); )943 AB 
'ADAMS, Dorothy; ACAD 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Eddina Eugenia (Eddina Eugenia Newby); 1937 

ADAMS, Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth A. Cameron); 1969 ; 

r: 6617 Burciaga, El Paso, TX 79912, 915 584-2400 
'ADAMS, Elizabeth Riley; 1946 (See Stringfellow, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'ADAMS, Emma; 1921 (See Kyle, Mrs. Emma) 
ADAMS, Ms. Erin McLoud; ^996 BA;Elem. Tchr., Amherst Co. 
Sch. Bd., 400 N. Main St., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-9398; 
r: 279 Indian Mission Rd, Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-0156 
ADAMS, Mrs. Florence Bailey (Florence Jacobs Bailey); 1939 ; 
r: Fairfield, POB 0, 7049 Bunker Hill Rd, The Plains, VA 20198, 
540 253-5273; John: Catherine, John B. Jr., Florence 
ADAMS, Frances; 1935 (See Simonds, Mrs. Frances) 
'ADAMS, Frances L.; 1950 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Georgia (Georgia Martin); 1925 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Fanning); 1926 
ADAMS, Mrs. Heather Mae (Heather Mae Terry); 1997 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 1 07 Selsea Dr., Easley,SC 29642, 864 850-2665; 

'ADAMS, Helen; 1926 (See Thomson, Mrs. Helen) 
'ADAMS, Helen; 1928 (See Martin, Mrs. Helen) 
'ADAMS, Helen; 1934 (See Simon, Mrs. Helen) 
ADAMS, Hilary Rambo; 1979 (See Cook, Mrs. Hilary Adams) 
'ADAMS, Ida; 1934 (See Pearson, Mrs. Ida) 
ADAMS, Mrs. Janice (Janice Wiley); /938AB; Ret. Tchr., The 
Hewlett Sch.; r: 109 Birchwood Ln., Farmington, ME 04938, 207 
ADAMS, Mrs. Judith D. (Judith P. Daniel); 7969 AB; MED 
Longwood CIg.; Library Media Spec, Amherst Cnty. HS, 139 
Lancer Ln., Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-9391 ; r : 1 92 
Briara/ood Dr., Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-5614; Robert: 
Samuel, Robin; 
ADAMS, Mrs. Julie (Julie Bearden); 7965; Bridal Cnslt., Tift 
Adams Bridal Cnslts., 3265 Vista Cir., Macon, GA 31204, 478 
474-1755; r: same; Tim: Margaret, Timothy, Jennifer, Frances; 
ADAMS, Ms. Julie Katherine; 1990;r: 10 Farm Rd, Kingston, NH 

'ADAMS, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Taylor); 1931 
ADAMS, Mrs. Kathryn Ewald (Kathryn Cassandra Ewald); 1979 
BA; VP, Artist Devel. Grp.; r: POB 277, Dorset, VT 05251, 802 
867-5369; Austen, Oliver; 
'ADAMS, Linda; ?955(See Ahlquist, Mrs. Linda) 
ADAMS, Lynn; 1961 (See Clark, Mrs. Lynn) 
'ADAMS, Marguerite; 1971 (See Murray, Mrs. Marguerite) 
ADAMS, Ms. Marilyn Lynette; J992 BA; Asst. Dir. of Show 
Jumping Activities, US Equestrian Team, Inc.; r: POB 302, Far 
Hills, NJ 07931, 908 901-0875; 
"ADAMS, Marion; 1926 (See Gore, Mrs. Marion) 
"ADAMS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Walker); ACAD 
ADAMS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Gellerson); 1961 ; Bryant Stratton; 
Politics; r: Box 10, Garland, ME 04939, 207 924-3835; 
T'/iato/7er,- Thatcher Jr., Emily; 
'ADAMS, Mary E.; 1949 (See Moore, Mrs. Mary E.) 
"ADAMS, Mrs. Mary N. (Mary N. King); ACAD 
ADAMS, Mrs. Mary Virginia (Mary Virginia Hunter); 1987 BA; BS 
Med. CIg. of Virginia, MS Med. CIg. of Virginia; Family Nurse 
Practitioner, Valley Health Systs. Inc., 307 5th Ave., Huntington, 
WV 25702, 304 529-4734; r: One Sheppe Dr., Barboursville, WV 
25504, 304 736-8486; Jim: Hunter 
"ADAMS, Maude; 7927 (See Smith, Mrs. Maude) 
"ADAMS, Mrs. Nan (Nan Manly); )939 AB 
ADAMS, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Crone); 7957 AB; r: 990 River Rd., 
Youngstown, NY 14174, 716 745-3865 


ADAMS, Mrs. Paul W., Jr. (Jill Crawford); 1961 AB; Retired Tchr.; 

r:2919 Chisholm Tr., San Antonio, TX 78217, 210 826-8214; 

Paul; Margerate, Melissa, Heather 
ADAMS, Mrs. Phoebe (Phoebe DeFoe); 1952 AB; r: POB 698, 

Yarmouth, ME 04096 
ADAMS, Mrs. Priscilla Powell (Priscilla Powell); 1978AB; Course 

Admin., Bar Bri, 1501 Sulgrave Ave., Ste. 201, Baltimore, MD 

21209, 410 542-2817; r: 1804 Circle Rd., Baltimore, MD 21204, 

410 494-0641; Ross: Philip, Whitman; 

"ADAMS, Mrs. Roberta (Roberta Perrin); 1927 
"ADAMS, Mrs. Robins M. (Robins M. Rich); 1927BS 
'ADAMS, Mrs. Sally (Sally Whittier); 1956 
ADAMS, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Austen); 1958 AB\ r; 5210 Weslayan 

#B212, Houston, TX 77005, 713 667-3223 
"ADAMS, Sarah; 1943 {See Bush, Mrs. Sarah) 
ADAMS, Sarah; 1962 {See Model, Mrs. Sarah) 
'ADAMS, Shirley E.; y977(See Lewis, Mrs. Shirley E.) 
ADAMS, Mrs. Susan Elizabeth (Susan Elizabeth Finn); 1986 AB; 

Proj. Rsch. Coord./MI<tg., The Donning Co. Publishers, 102 N. 

Will Scarlet Ln., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 258-2576; r: 1 02 

N Will Scarlet Ln., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 220-4986; 

Michael: Elizabeth, Benjamin, John; 

"ADAMS, Mrs. Tempe (Tempe Kyser); 1948 
ADAMS, Mrs. Torie Lee (Torie Yates Lee); 1982 AB; Commer- 
cial Mortgage Servicing, GMAC Commercial Holding Capital 

Corp., 4551 Cox Rd Ste. 220, Glen Allen, VA 23060, 804 273- 

6464; r; 12302 RoaringBrookCt., Richmond, VA 23233, 804 740- 

0413; G.; George, William; 

ADAMS, Ms. Tracy E.; 1995 ; r: 97 Portside Cir., E. Falmouth, MA 

'ADAMS, Ms. Virginia Scott; 2002 
ADAMS, Mrs. Virginia (Sue) B. (Virginia (Sue) M. Bratten); 

1942 ; BA Univ. of Texas; Homemaker, Braniff Airlines; r: 4380 

W. Cherry Dr., Memphis, TN 38117, 901 683-6559; Cooper 

(DecJ; John, Mary Powell, Margaret Kirk, Janie, Philip 
"ADAMSON, Ann B.; ^940 (See Taylor, Mrs. Ann B.) 
'ADAMSON, Mrs. Josephine B. (Josephine B. Ruffin); 1958 
'ADAMSON, Mrs. Pearl (Pearl Riggan); 1966 AB 
ADDiNGTON, Helen V.; 1955 {See Passano, Mrs. Helen A.) 
ADDINGTON, Margaret; y948 (See Twohy, Mrs. Margaret) 
ADDISON, Mrs. Ann Massie (Ann Myers Massie); 1974 BA; 

Salesperson/Homemaker, Foxfire Gifts, 954 Beech Grove Rd., 

Roseland, VA 22967, 434 361-2202; r: 209 Glasgow Dr., 

Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-2572; Lewis: Dana, Mark, Samuel, 


ADDISON, Cynthia Ann; 1986 (See West, Mrs. Cynthia Ann) 
"ADDISON, Ethel; ^923 (See Martin, Mrs. Ethel) 
ADDISON, Judy Carol; ^967 (See Mayberry, Mrs. Judy Addison) 
ADDISON, Landis Elizabeth; 1997 (See Rollins, Mrs. Landis 

ADDISON, Lee; ?973(See Sanford, Mrs. Lee A.) 
'ADDISON, Tony Reay; y982(See Dixon, Mrs. Tony Reay) 
ADEE, Mrs. Natalie Joy (Natalie Joy Brown); 1996BA; Product 

Devel., Dynalloy, Inc., 3194-A Airport Loop Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 

92626, 714 436-1206; r: 3016 Rosemary Ln., San Jose, CA 

95128, 408 871-9669; Jonathan: 
"ADELMAN, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Miller); ?935 AB 
ADELSON, April Dana; 1986 (See Marshall, Mrs. April Dana) 
'ADELSON, Deborah Walker; 1979 
'ADELSON, Harhet; 1955 
ADELSON, Karen; 1976 {See Strauss, Mrs. Karen) 
'ADINOLFI, Ms. Victoria Anna; 2002 
ADKINS, Mrs. Alison Kohlhepp (Alison Ward Kohlhepp); 1986 

BA; JD Univ. of Richmond; Atty.; r: 5914 Chesterbrook Rd, Mc 

Lean, VA 22101, 703 533-1537; Steven.- Ansley; 

ADKINS, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Rice); 1938 ; r: 4700 Marconi 

Ave., Number 116, Carmichael, CA 95608 
ADKINS, Ms. Korina Annette; )994BA; MA Catholic Univ. 

Amehca; WHRC Coord., Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs, 1734 N 

St. NW, Washington, DC 20036, 202 347-3168; r: POB 10552, 

Sedona, AZ 86339; :. 


'ADKINS, Mrs. Lucile (LucileO'Connell); 1973 
"ADKINS, Maria A.; ACAD {See Carmichael, Mrs. Maria A.) 
"ADKINS, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Lewis); ;929 BS 
ADLER, Edna; 1946 (See Goldberg, Mrs. Edna) 
ADRIANCE, Joan T.; /969(See Mickelson, Mrs. Joan A.) 
'AESCHLIMAN, Ms. Sione Hazell; 2001 
AFFEL, Mrs. Eugenia (Eugenia Burnett); 1 942 AB; Retired Real 

Estate Sales Assoc, Eichler & Moffly, Inc.; r: 600 E. Cathedral 

Rd. Apt. K001, Philadelphia, PA 19128, 215 984-8374; Charles, 

Griffin, John, Lee 
"AGARD, Katherine; 1925 (See Flewelling, Mrs. Katherine) 
'AGEE, Kathleen G.; 1961 
"AGEE, Kathryn; /945 (See Atkins, Mrs. Kathryn) 
"AGHNIDES, Mrs. Margot (Margot Enright); ?945 AB 
AGNEW, Mrs. Holly Susannah (Holly Susannah King); 1983 ; 

BFA Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; r: 7204 W Franklin St., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 281-7881 
AGNEW, Mrs. Judy (Judy Barnes); 7960 AB; MED Univ. of North 

Carolina; Retired Tchr.; r: 3806 Regent Rd., Durham, NC 27707, 

919 489-7717; Jim: Lynn, Laura, Lisa; 
AGNEW, Mrs. Marjorie (MarjorieTrosch); 1943; BA; Retired 

Singer; r: 1 001 Genter St., Apt. 8G, La Jolla, CA 92037, 858 459- 

1265; James,' James, Marsa 
'AGNEW, Mary L; 7937 (See Merrill, Mrs. Mary L.) 
AGNEW, Ms. Patricia (Patricia Stetson); 7967 ; R a n c h e r & 

Clothing Design, Women of The Wild West, 133 Mcleod St., Big 

Timber, MT 59011, 406 932-5825; r: 781 Lower Sweet Grass, 

Big Timber, MT 5901 1, 406 932-6503; Thomas: Elisha, Samuel, 

Singli, Owen 
"AHARA, Josephine; 7927 (See MacMillan, Mrs. Josephine) 
AHEARN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Bloch); 7966 AB; r: 526 Olde 

English Ln., Birmingham, AL 35242, 205 879-8662 
AHEARN, Trienel Keira; 7992 (See Hickman, Ms. Trienel Keira) 
AHERN, Sandra Lynne; 7983 (See Stopp, Sandra Ahem) 
'AHLHEIM, Catherine M.; 7936 (See Henry, Mrs. Catherine M.) 
'AHLQUIST, Mrs. Linda (Linda Adams); 7955 
'AHRENS, Mrs. Betty (Betty Menefee); 7940 
'AICKLEM, Mrs. Margot (Margot Fortier); 7949 
AIKEN, Ms. Angela Frances; 2007 BS; Peace Corps-Honduras; 

r: 7138 Ora Glen Ct., Greenbelt, MD 20770, 301 441-3036; 
AIKEN, Louise Inman; 7977 (See Calhoun, Mrs. Louise Inman) 
AIKEN. Ms. Mar/ Frances (Mary Frances Oakey); 7 97 7 A B ; 

Retired Business Co-Owner, Stedman House Inc.; r: 305 Park 

Shore Dr., # 232, Naples, FL 34103, 239 434-7173; John: 

Tevis, Claiborne, Courtney; 

AIKMAN, Ms. Meredith Louise; 7994 BA; MA Tulane Univ.; Intl. 

Health & Devel. Cnslt., Children's Parkland Hospital, Dallas, TX; 

r: 5816 Birchbrook Dr. Apt. 116A, Dallas, TX 75206, 214 597- 


AILES, Serena; 7930 (See Stevens, Mrs. Serena) 
AIMONO, Ms. Akiko; 7997 BA; MBA Wake Forest Univ., AA St. 

Mary's CIg.; r: 3-1-30-405 Hisamoto, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, 

Kanagawa 2 1 3-001 1 , Japan ; 

AINSWORTH, Sally; 7932 (See Glass, Mrs. Sally) 
AITKEN, Mrs. Amorette Witt (Amorette Hundley Witt); 7993 BA; 

MA Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; r; 312 Maner Ter. SE, 

Smyrna, GA 30080, 770 794-5287; Randy: 

AITKEN, L. Annette; 7957 (See McRoberts, Mrs. Annette Aitken) 
AIURA, Ms. Etsuko; 1 996 BA; r: 1-12-8 Minowa-cho Kohoku-ku, 

Yokohama-shi 2230051 , Japan; 
'AJMANI, Ms. Angela Devi; 7990 
"AKE, Martha; 7936 (See Brouse, Mrs. Martha) 
AKER, Kathy Lynne; 7987 (See Mcintosh, Mrs. Kathy Lynne) 
'AKERS, Mrs. Deborah Chnstine (Deborah Chnstine Butleri); 

7977 BA 
AKERS. Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth (Katherine Elizabeth Cann); 

7973 AB; r: 3600 Tuxedo Rd. NW. Atlanta. GA 30305, 404 233- 

2772; Scoff,- Scott III, Morgan, William, George 
AKERS, Ms. Katie Virginia; 7999; r: RR1 Box 2038, Buckingham. 

VA 23921 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 



*AKERS. Mrs. Nancy L. (Nancy L. Richards); ?973 AB 
AKESON, Allison Lee; 1986 (See Bond, Mrs. Allison Lee) 
AKIL, Samira Abdulwahid; 1985 ; r; POB 17088, Khaldia, Kuwait 
AKIN, Karen; 1985 (See Akin-Little, Karen Angeleque, PhD) 
AKIN-LITTLE, Karen Angeleque, PhD (Karen Akin); 1985 ; MA 

Univ. of Southern MS, PhD Univ. of Southern MS; Psycholo- 
gist, Univ. of The Pacific, Stockton, CA; r: 14 Witte Rd, Albany, 

NY 12203, 518 869-9238; Steven Little; 
AKINS, RamonaKaye; 7977 BA;BS Virginia Commonwealth 

Univ.; Pharmacist, Centra Health/L.G. Hospital, 1901 Tate 

Springs Rd., Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434 947-3231; r: 174 Triple 

Oak Cir., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 528-3917; 

'AKRIGHT, Susan; 1965 (See Stanton, Mrs. Susan) 
*ALAM, Farzana; 1985 

ALAM, Natasha; 1999 (See Shafi, Mrs. Natasha) 
'ALBANESE, Michaelene; 1965 (See Mower, Ms. Michaelene) 
ALBERDA, Erin Angeline; 200? BS; Univ. CA Los Angeles; 

Grad. Student; r: 5227 Leary Ave. NW, Apt. # 309, Seattle, WA 

98107,206 706-5511; 
'ALBERS, Eleanor; 1927 {See Foltz, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'ALBERS, Julia K.; 1921 (See Sparks, Mrs. Julia K.) 
ALBERT, Mrs. Anne Wendell (Anne Wendell Chapin); 1983 AB; 

Residential Realtor, O'Connor, Piper, & Flynn, 10807 Falls Rd. 

Ste. 300, Lutherville, MD 21093, 410 821-1700; r; 2810 Pocock 

Rd., Monkton, MD 21 1 1 1 , 410 557-6093; 
'ALBERT, Catherine E.; )935(See Jackson, Mrs. Catherine E.) 
ALBERT, Col. Cecilia C.,USAF(ReL); y972BA;MS Stanford 

Univ.; Sr. Mem. Technical Staff, Software Engrg. Inst., 4301 

Wilson Blvd., Ste. 902, Arlington, VA 22203, 703 908-8215; 

r; 1 18 F St., SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202 543-7039; 

ALBERT, Emily; 1946 (See Hanahan, Mrs. Emily) 
ALBERT, Mrs. Heather (Heather Pimie); ?982BA;Dist. Mgr., 

H&R Block, 58 Preakness Shopping Ctr., Wayne, NJ 07470, 973 

694-6264; r: 366 High Crest Dr., W. Milford, NJ 07480, 973 492- 

8754; Michael: Rebecca, Albert, Samanth; 

ALBERT, Mrs. Jean L. (Jean L Love); 1946 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 4397 Elon Rd., Monroe, VA 24574, 434 384-7141; George; 

Cecilia, John, Julia, Mary, Patricia, James, Barbara, Michael, 

Rebecca, Joseph 
ALBERT, Marsha; ?972(See Haugen, Mrs. Marsha) 
ALBERTS, Elaine; 1950 (See Fanjul, Mrs. Elaine) 
*ALBIN, Dr. Anna Petra Cecilia; 1984 AB 
ALBIZZATTI, Mrs. Leslie Lorraine (Leslie Lorraine Carson); 

1990 AB; MBA Univ. of Miami; Homemaker; r: 1977 Clinton Dr., 

Marietta, GA 30062, 770 321-4587; J.; Benjamin, Grace, 


ALBOTT, Ms. Andreana Kendra; 1999; r: 1607Boswell,Topeka, 

KS 66604, 785 232-5288 
ALBRAY, Doris Munn; 1941 (See Bardusch, Mrs. Doris Albray) 
ALBRECHT, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Pernas); 1944 ; r: 625 

Almeria Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134 
'ALBRIGHT, Mary Ann; 1983 BA 
ALBUS, Mrs. Nancy Ann (Nancy Ann O'Brien); ^954 ; BA Texas 

Christian Univ., MED Univ. of MO; Counselor-Specializes in 

Eating Disorders, Castlewood Treatment Ctr., 800 Holland Dr., 

Ballwin, MO 63021 , 636 386-661 1 ; r: 901 W Adams, St. Louis, 

MO 63122, 314 965-9732; Tom; Jenny, Chelsea; 
ALBYN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Mitchell); 1943BA; Homemaker; 

r: 568 Mount Vemon Rd., Newark, OH 43055, 740 366-6350; 

Everett (Dec); Sally, Mary, Annette, Katherine, Thomas 
ALCARO, Marion Walker, PhD (Marion Walker); ?935 AB; PhD 

Drew Univ., MS Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.; Biographer/Essayist/ 

Poet/Lecturerrrchr.; r: 145 Columbia Ave., Apt. 738, Holland, Ml 

49423, 616 396-0998; Frederick, Jonathan; 

'ALCORN, Ruth; ?965 (See Williams, Mrs. Ruth) 
'ALCOTT, Eleanor; 1934 (See Bromley, Mrs. Eleanor) 
ALDAY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Barrett Williams); 1944 ; AB West 

Virginia Univ.; Retired; r; 1866 Highland Dr., FernandinaBch.,FL 

32034, 904 261-5217; Robert; Phil, Judith, Elizabeth 

ALDEN, Allison Anderson; ?988; r: 49 Warren Cmn, Cock- 

eysville,MD 21030 
'ALDEN, Ruth E.; 1954 (See Ham, Mrs. Ruth E.) 
'ALDERMAN, Anne Erwin; 1954 (See Davis, Mrs. Anne Era/in) 
ALDERSON, Ms. Kristy; ?973 AB; MBA Colgate Darden Univ. of 
VA, MAT Univ. of South Florida; Sales Cnslt., Self Employed, 
2070 Iowa Ave. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703, 727 528-0270; 
r: same; Mark Taber; Tegwyth; 
ALDRIAN, Kory Elizabeth; 1992 (See Faulkner, Mrs. Kory 

ALDRICH, Faith; 1954 (See Wykoff, Mrs. Faith) 
ALDRICH, Ms. Jane S.; 1962 AB; r: 362 Tie Chute Ln., Florence, 

MT 59833 
'ALDRICH, Ms. Meghan Elizabeth; 7993 
ALDRICH, Ms. Meredith, PhD; 1966 AB; MA Han/ard Univ., MA 
Univ. of Witwaterrand; Retired; r: 40 Verplanck St., Geneva, NY 
14456,315 789-9553 
'ALDRIDGE, Mrs. Mary Belle (Mary Belle Lee); 1 943 AB 
ALE, Mrs. Margaret Mary (Margaret Mary Ryan); 1976 A B ; 
Homemaker, 71 3 874-0263; r: 2227 Brentwood Dr., Houston, TX 
77019, 713 874-0263; John; John, Matthew; 
dedeale @ houston. rr.ocm 
'ALESHIRE, Mary; 7925 (See Klein, Mrs. Mary) 
ALEX, Karen Sue; 1979 (See Bender, Mrs. Karen Sue) 
ALEX, Mrs. Susan (Susan Chapin); 7958; BS Emmanuel CIg.; 
Retired Business Owner, Farewell Farm; r: 32 S Cambridge St., 
Nantucket, MA 02554, 508 228-9878; Edward; Karen, Judy, 
Mary, Edward Jr., Joseph, Michael, Susan; 
ALEXANDER, Ardean; 1940 (See Casey, Mrs. Ardean) 
ALEXANDER, Mrs. Barbara Billo (Barbara Janet Billo); 1961 ; 
BA Northwestern Univ.; Owner-Pres., The Knitting Basket Ltd., 
5812 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-2909; r: 1510 
Palmyra Ave., Richmond, VA 23227, 804 358-9712; Robert; 
Charles, Jennifer 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Cynthia A. (Cynthia A. Bruce); 1972 
'ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Linsley;7983(SeeCaudill, Mrs. Elizabeth 

ALEXANDER, Harriet McNair (Harriet Dunlap McNair); 1 986 AB; 
Queens; Former Tchr.; r: 11110 Claymore Rd., Houston, TX 
77024, 713 464-4259; C. Christian; Rebecca, Annie, Meg 
'ALEXANDER, Jean; 1960 

'ALEXANDER, Jeanne; ACAD (See Cook, Mrs. Jeanne) 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Juanita S. (Juanita S. Cans); 1944 AB 
ALEXANDER, Mrs. Leslie Ann (Leslie Ann Grimes); 1979; r: 20 

Saint Stephens School Rd., Austin, TX 78746 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Moulthrop); 1933 
'ALEXANDER, Lucy; 1959 {See Breathitt, Mrs. Lucy) 
ALEXANDER, Mrs. Marion R. (Marion Robbins); 1942 ;BA Univ. 
of Texas; Homemaker; r: 661 Bering Dr., Number 603, Houston, 
TX 77057, 713 975-0983; Hug/i; Marion, Elizabeth Paris, John, 
Hugh III; 
ALEXANDER, Mrs. Martha Branch (Martha Bowie Branch); 
1977 AB; MED Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Special Educ. 
Educator, Riverside Sch., Richmond, VA; r: 214 Berkshire Rd., 
Richmond, VA 23221, 804 359-8165 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Stinson); 1921 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Sims); 1952 
ALEXANDER, Mary K.; 7953 (See Shenwood, Mrs. Mary K.) 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. N. Taliaferro (N. Taliaferro Greer); 7966 AB 
'ALEXANDER, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Milan); 7958 
ALEXANDER, Nancy; 7947 (See Blaney, Mrs. Nancy) 
ALEXANDER, Sarah Robinson; 7993 (See Boyd, Mrs. Sarah 

ALEXANDER, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Haywood); 7938 ; r: 34 
Springmoor Ct., Raleigh, NC 27615, 919 848-7034; Thomas 
ALEXANDER, Susan R.; 7963 AB; MBA Univ. of Houston; Tutor 
Math/English; r: 2632 Yorktown #540, Houston, TX 77056, 713 
ALEXANDERSON, Gertrude; 7938 (See Young, Mrs. Gertrude) 
ALEXANDRE, Denise Evans; 7976 (See LeComte, Mrs. Denise 
(Dede) Alexandre) 


ALEXANDRE, Mrs. Kristin (Kristin Kuhns); 1 968 AB; Public 

Relations Cnslt./Trustee Bd. Mbr., Kutins Investment Co.; 

r: POB 367, Far Hills, NJ 07931 , 908 295-8092; De Witt; 

Andrew, Cynthia; 
ALEXANDRE, Ms. Maria J.; 2000 \r. 149 Russell Ln., Abington, 

MA 02351, 781 878-8001 
AL-FAISAL, Ms. Sarah Saad; 1999 BfK; Tufts Univ.; r: 37 Glouc- 
ester Sq., London W2, England; 

ALFISI, Ms. KathrynE.; y999BA;r: 18835 Augusta Dr., 

Monument, CO 80132 
"ALFORD, Charlotte; 1926 {See MacVicar, Mrs. Charlotte) 
ALFORD, Mrs. Courtney Blair (Courtney Blair Banton); 1987 BA; 

r: 4520 Trents Ferry Ct., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-0788; 

John; Blair, Emily, Elizabeth; 
ALFORD, Stephanie Anne; 1984 (See Collett, Mrs. Stephanie 

ALFORD, Virginia; 1933 (See Johnston, Mrs. Virginia) 
ALHENDE, Lisa Carol (Lisa Carol Fricano); 1984 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 4636 5th St. S., Arlington, VA 22202, 703 920-2532; 

AL-HOMAIZI, Ms. Aisha; 1993 ; r: POB252, Safet 13003, Kuwait 
ALI, Shahnaz A.; 1961 (See Rasul, Mrs. Shahnaz A.) 
ALI, Subhi Shahnaz; 1980 {See Mehdi, Mrs. Subhi Shahnaz) 
ALI-GAUHAR, Feryal; 1982 ; r: Lagore Cantt 24, Sarwar Road, 

ALIS, Ms. Debbie Lynn (Debbie Lynn Wertheim); 1990 ; BA Univ. 

of Louisville; Children's Prog. Mgr., Rocky Mountain Fitness, 

Eagle, ID 8361 6, 208 939-3878; r: 1852 N. Princeton Way, 

Eagle, ID 83616, 208 939-7082; 
"ALLAIRE, Mrs. Anne (Anne Barrett); 1926 AB 
'ALLAN, Anne E.; 1974 (See Hesse, Mrs. Anne E.) 
"ALLAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Miller); 1927 AB 
ALLAN, Patricia Jane; 7960 ; Retired; r: 317 Sawmill Creek Ct., 

OrmondBch.,FL 32174; 

ALLAN, Susan Piper; 1979 {See Sevems, Mrs. Piper Allan) 
'ALLBRITTON, Ashley Kay; 1986 
ALLEN, Abigail B.; 7973 (See Rennekamp, Abigail B.) 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Adaline (Adaline Hoffman); 1929 
ALLEN, Adaline; y968(See Shinkle, Mrs. Adaline) 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Adelaide (Adelaide Whitford); 1935 AB 
ALLEN, Alice; 1962 {See Smyth, Mrs. Alice) 
ALLEN, Ms. Alicia; 1997BA; MAPA State Univ. of West Georgia; 

Administrative Dir., GEV Corp., 333 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 2800, 

Chicago, IL 60601 , 31 2 580-2080; r: 4700 N Artesian Ave. No 2, 

Chicago, IL 60625, 773 399-4299; 

ALLEN, Mrs. Aline (Aline (Cookie) Payne); 1959 ; r: 5085 Charle- 
magne Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 389-5455; Wallace; 

Bob, Sally 
ALLEN, Anita LeShay; 2000 (See Spinner, Mrs. Anita Allen) 
ALLEN, Ann Stevens (Ann Everett Stevens); y956 AB; r: 3665 

Collinsville Rd., Columbus, NC 28722, 828 863-2739; Robert; 

Dansie, Scott; 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Anna C. (Anna C. Foster); 1923 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Armstrong); 1934 
ALLEN, Anne; 7962 (See Symonds, Mrs. Anne) 
ALLEN, Anne Margaret; 1954 (See Pflugfelder, Mrs. Anne Allen) 
*ALLEN, Audrey J.; 1936 
ALLEN, Mrs. Beth Elaine (Beth Elaine Spielvogel); 1986 A B ; 

Political Cnslt./lssues Mgmt., FL House of Representatives/Bob 

Allen, POB 541532, Merriti Island, FL 32954, 321 449-5111; 

r: POB 541664, Merritt Island, FL 32954, 321 452-2220; Bob; 


"ALLEN, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Tucker); 1980 AB 
"ALLEN, Charlotte M.; ACAD 
ALLEN, Mrs. Christina Marie (Christina Marie Mills); 1976 AB; 

r: 7509 Broadcloth Way, Columbia, MD 21046 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Christine (Christine Headley); 1942 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Cleo (Cleo Scott); 1934 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Clytie (Clytie Carroll); 1913 
ALLEN, Dansie Lee; 1982 (See Little, Mrs. Dansie Allen) 


"ALLEN, Mrs. Diana (Diana Stout); 1 942 AB 
"ALLEN, Dorothy; 1918 {See Murdock, Mrs. Dorothy) 
ALLEN, Dorothy G.; 1952 (See Hirs, Ms. Dorothy G.) 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Elsa (Elsa Gerstacker); 1934 
'ALLEN, Fredericks L.; 1937 

ALLEN, Mrs. Hazel (Hazel Sterrett); 1940 AB; LLM Univ. of VA; 
Retired; r: 2346 WestfieldRd, Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 372-0044 
ALLEN, Mrs. Heather Lynn (Heather Lynn Metzler); 1992 BA; 
AssL Branch Mgr., SunTrust Bank; r: 175 Sage Ln., Madison 
Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-4869; Henry; Jordan, Madison; 
"ALLEN, Helen; 1938 (See Stupp, Mrs. Helen) 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Helen J. (Helen J. Bloomberg); 1944 
ALLEN, Mrs. Jacy Elizabeth (Jacy Elizabeth Carter); 1 990 AB; 
Devel. & Mktg. Mgr., I. A. Sedgwick, Inc., POB 10251 , Aspen, CO 
81612, 970 927-8722; r: 204 Lakeside Dr., Basalt. CO 81621, 
970 927-8722; Benjamin; Noah; 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Janet M. (Janet M. MacKain); 7927 AB 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Jean Frances (Jean Frances Portmann); 7945 
ALLEN, Ms. Julia Hunt (Julia Ann Hunt); 7963AB;MMUS Univ. 
of Kentucky; Trademark Paralegal, Brown-Forman Corp., 850 
Dixie Hwy., Louisville, KY 40210, 502 774-7592; r: 217 Franck 
Ave., Louisville, KY 40206, 502 895-3095; H. Orme; 
ALLEN, Julie Lynn; 7985 AB; r: 1017 35th St., Oak Brook, IL 
60523, 630 654-3004; 
jla_globas @ 
"ALLEN, June C; 7945 (See Maton, Mrs. June C.) 
ALLEN, Mrs. Kathleen (Kathleen McTaggart); 7987 ; r: Westway 

W. Farm, Popham Winchester, Hants S021 3BH, England 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Kathleen (Kathleen Ward); 7940 AB 
ALLEN, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Dienst); 7962 AB; Augusta CIg., 

2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30910 
ALLEN, Kristina; 7975 (See Sutter, Mrs. Kristina) 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Leigh P. (Leigh P. Donnelley); 7967 
ALLEN, Lesly Astelle; 7985 (See Bell, Mrs. Lesly Allen) 
'ALLEN, Lexia Kathryn; 7978 

ALLEN, Ms. Lindsay Elgin; 7999; Gemological Inst, of Amehca, 
BA Univ. of Cincinnati; Owner/Horse Trainer/Hunter Jumper, 
Mayfaire Farms, Goshen, OH 45122; r: 2360 Gladstone Ave. # 
1, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513 281-2235; 
"ALLEN, Lois; 7927 (See Perkins, Mrs. Lois) 

ALLEN, Loma E.; 7968 (See Sorley. Mrs. Lorna A.) 
"ALLEN, Lucia; 7920 (See Adair, Mrs. Lucia) 
ALLEN, Margaret; 7973; r: 1674 Sabal Palm Dr.. Sanibel, FL 

33957, 239 472-4253 
ALLEN, Mrs. Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne Cunningham); 
7942 AB; r: 541 Homberg Dr. Ste. 29, Knoxville, TN 3791 9, 865 
"ALLEN, Marjorie; 7929 (See Eddy, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Armstrong); 7929 BA 
"ALLEN, Mary; 7923 (See Campbell, Mrs. Maiy) 
'ALLEN, Melissa; 7968 (See Kalinowsky, Mrs. Melissa) 
"ALLEN, Mildred F.; 7926 
"ALLEN, Mrs. Miriam F. (Miriam F. Preston); ACAD 
"ALLEN, Nina; ACAD {See Thrasher, Mrs. Nina) 
"ALLEN, Rhoda; 7927 (See Worden, Mrs. Rhoda) 
ALLEN, Rhoda V.; 7977 (See Brooks, Mrs. Rhoda Allen) 
ALLEN, Ruth M.; 7977 (See Darlington, Ms. Ruth Allen) 
ALLEN, Ms. Ruth Nelson; 7990; r: 5813 Valley Forge Dr., 

Houston, TX 77057, 713 785-4665 
ALLEN, Sadie Gwin; 7945(See Blackburn, Mrs. Sadie Gwin Allen) 
ALLEN, Sandra; 7965 (See White, Mrs. Sandra A.) 
ALLEN, Mrs. Sara (Sara Bryan); 7943AB;r:204 Longview Dr., 

Jefferson, GA 30549 
'ALLEN, Ms. Sherilyn K. (Sherilyn K. Klaemer); 7968 AB 
'ALLEN, Susan Elizabeth; 7986 
'ALLEN, Mrs. Susan F. (Susan F. Miller); 7973 AB 
ALLEN, Mrs. Susan Roberta (Susan Roberta Norton); 7972 AB; 
1172 ParkAve., New York, NY 10128; r: 11 65 5th Ave., Number 
15-B, New York, NY 10029, 212 348-0165 
ALLEN, Ms. Traci Edmonds; 7993; Account Exec, Wang Inc.; 

r: 742 Spinnakers Reach Dr., Ponte Vedra Bch.. FL 32082 
ALLEN, Trade Ann; 7993 (See Webber, Mrs. Tracie Ann) 
ALLEVA. Ann Cabot; 1984 (See Taylor, Mrs. Ann Cabot) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 



ALLEY, Mrs, Rebekah R, (Rebekah Elaine Reeves); 1983; BA 
Georgia State Univ.; Securities Trader & Cnslt., Trusco Capital 
Mgmt., 50 Hurt PIz., Ste. 1400, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404588-8042; 
r: 2020 Oak Branch Way, Stone Mtn„ GA 30087, 770 982-5227; 
Curtis: Mary Grace, Liza Marie; 

'ALLGULANDER, Annette; 1984 

*ALLING, Gloria J.; 7943 (See Watts, Ms. Gloria J.) 

'ALLING, Mrs. Mary K. (Mary K. Robbins); 1927 AB 

'ALLINSON, Katherine; 7966 (See de St. Paer, Mrs. Katherine) 

'ALLINSON, Mrs. Mary S. (Mary S. Edwards); 1953 

'ALLISON, Catherine; 1924 (See Patten, Mrs. Catherine) 

'ALLISON, Dorothy H.; 7936 (See Tartt, Mrs. Dorothy H.) 

'ALLISON, Elaine; 7959 (See Mahaffey, Mrs. Elaine) 

'ALLISON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Williams); 7937 AB 
ALLISON, Elizabeth; 7968 (See Zimmerman, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

'ALLISON, Georgette S.; ACAD 

'ALLISON, Lillian; 7933 (See Redman, Mrs. Lillian) 

'ALLISON, Mrs. Lillias (Lillias Spratt); 7936 
ALLISON, Lisa Ellyn; 7987 (See Barnhart, Mrs. Lisa Allison) 

'ALLISON, Mary B.; ACAD (See Thomas, Mrs. Mary B.) 

'ALLISON, Sue; 7953 (See Bercaw, Mrs. Sue) 
ALLISON, Virginia Louise; 7940 (See Haywood, Mrs. Virginia 

ALLOWAY, Rev. Susan (Susan Sumners); 7967 AB; PhD 
Rutgers Univ., MDiv Princeton Theological Seminary; Presbyte- 
nan Pastor, Parish-Hastings Presbyterian Church, Rider St., 
Parish, NY 13131; r: 3535 Rippleton Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035, 
315 655-3035; Evans: ^oe, Mark, Tony, Nick 

ALLPORT, Mrs. Holly Ptiug (Holly Elizabeth Pflug); 7984 BA; 
Univ. Central Florida, Post Grad. Paralegal; Homemaker, Swim 
Instr./Civil Litigation Paralegal; r: 891 E. Lake Sue Ave., Winter 
Park, FL 32789, 407 647-7753; Peter: Peter, Sarah, Kate, Julia 

'ALMEN, Mathea Lynette; 7967 (See Engeike, Mrs. Mathea 

ALOE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Meyer); 7963 AB; MS Northwestern 
Univ.; Asst. to the Pres., Newtec America Inc., 1250 Summer St., 
Ste. 305, Stamford, CT 06905, 203 323-0042; r: 37 Will Merry 
Ln., Greenwich, CT 06831 , 203 661 -9739; Edward: Jennifer, 

ALONGI, Ms. Angelina Maria; 2000 BA; Flight Attnd., North 
American Airlines, JFK, Jamaica, NY 11412; r: 435 N. Country 
Rd., St. James, NY 11780, 631 862-0887; 

ALPAUGH, Ms. Katherine Amelie (Kathehne Amelie Tebo); 
7978 ; r: 2317 Upton St., Mandeville, LA 70448 

ALPERT, Meredith Morgan; 7993 (See Desantis, Mrs. Meredith 

ALPHIN, Bryan; 7969 (See Bente, Dr. H. Bryan) 

ALPHIN, Mrs. Henrietta (Henrietta Bryan); 7932 BA; Retired; 
r: 160 Kendal Dr. No 223, Lexington, VA 24450, 540 464-5544; 
Katharine, Bryan, Thomas 

ALPHIN, Mrs. Jennifer Linsley (Jennifer Wallace Linsley); 7972 
BA; MAT Duke Univ.; Math Tchr., Severn Sch., 201 Water St., 
Severna Park, MD 21 146, 410 647-7700; r: 290 Tolstoy Ln., 
Severna Park, MD 21146, 410 544-1210; Thomas; Thomas, 

'ALSOP, Camilla; 7927 (See Hyde, Mrs. Camilla) 

'ALSOP, Margie A.; 7970 

ALSPAUGH, Judith; 7963 (See Harrison, Mrs. Judith) 

ALSTON, Mrs. Kathryn Fulton (Kathryn Fulton); 7948 ; Home- 
maker; r: 3002 Sidney Hill, Henderson, NC 27536, 252 438-3253 

ALSTON, Myrtle; 7957 (See Mott, Mrs. Myrtle) 

ALTGELT, Mary Elizabeth; 7962 (See Campbell, Mrs. Mary 

ALTICE, Karen Elaine; 7975 (See Saman, Mrs. Karen Elaine) 

ALTICE, Marsha Kay; 7978 (See LeBrun, Mrs. Marsha Kay) 

'ALTSCHUL, Margaret J.; 7949 (See Luckhardt, Mrs. MargaretJ.) 

'ALTSCHULER, Frances; 7977(See Holberton, Mrs. Frances) 

'ALTSHELER, Eve; 7956 (See Jay, Mrs. Eve) 

'ALVARADO, Ana Cecilia; 7982 

'ALVAREZ, Ms. Debbie; 7990 

AL-YAFI, Ms. NessimAdnan; 7997BA;MFA Brooklyn CIg.; 
r: POB 734, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 

'AMARASINGHE, Ms. Sherani; 7993BS 


AMARO, Mrs. Susan Clementine (Susan Clementine Palmer); 
7985 AB; r: 5122 52nd St., Washington,DC20016,202 237-7644 
AMASS, Mrs. Loring H. (Loring H. Harris); 7970 A B ; 

Homemaker/Sculptor; r: 16 Polo Field Ln., Denver, CO 80209, 
303 744-1634; 6/7/; Ty, Tim, Christiey, Ron, Patricia; 
AMBERG, Mrs. Beverley (Beverley Sharp); 7965 AB; r: 501 2 
Tilden St. NW, Washington, DC 20016, 202 362-4075; Rictiard: 
Elizabeth, Richard; 
AMBERSLEY, Mrs. Julia Varner (Julia Kientz); 2001 BA; Inter- 
preter, Monticello-Thomas Jefferson Home; r: 4028 Rolling Rd., 
Scottsville, VA 24590, 434 984-2686; Robbie: 
AMBLER, Beverly A.; 7967 (See Bradshaw, Mrs. Beverly A.) 
'AMBLER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Eskhdge); 7934 
'AMBLER, Jaquelin; 7957 (See Cusick, Mrs. Jaquelin) 
'AMBLER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Barber); ACAD 
AMBLER, Ms. Mary Cary; 7967 BA; MFA Columbia Univ. Sch. of 
Arts, MED Bank Street CIg. of Educ; Learning Spec, Convent 
of the Sacred Heart, 1177 King St., Greenwich, CT 06831, 203 
532-3522; r: 282 Evandale Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583, 914 472- 
6029; John, Jaquelin; 
AMBROSE, Mrs. Joan (Joan Johnston); 7963; Exec. VP, 
Douglas Elliman, 575 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10021, 212 
350-2201 ; r: 580 Park Ave., #7A, New York, NY 10021 ; C; 
'AMBROSE, Martha E.; 7927 (See Nunnally, Mrs. Martha E.) 
AMBROSINO, Mrs. Nancy Wood (Nancy S. Wood); 7 977 ; 
Tchr., Ann Arbor Public Schs., S State St., Ann Arbor, Ml 48103; 
r: 3855 Leroy St., Ann Arbor, Ml 48103; J.; Benjamin, Cara, 
Joel, Coert, Margaret; 
'AMBUHL, Martina; ACAD (See Martineau, Mrs. Martina) 
'AMBUHL, Mrs. Susan (Susan Durrett); 7947 
AMES, Mrs. Annabell E. (Annabell E. Sweeney); 7967 ; Univ. of 
Texas; Gift Shop Owner, Hanley-Wood, 5611 Broadway, San 
Antonio, TX 78209, 210 822-331 1;r: 424 Ivy Ln., San Antonio, 
TX 78209, 210 824-4289; George: Edward, George; 
b: www.annabell @ 
'AMES, Mrs. Barbara E. (Barbara E. Tompkins); 7954 
'AMES, Mrs. Dorothy B. (Dorothy B. Johnston); 7935 
'AMES, Mrs. Olive (Olive Burton); ACAD 
'AMES, Patricia; 7956 (See Stapleton, Mrs, Patricia) 
'AMES, Sophie-Ann; 7957 (See White, Ms. Sophie-Ann) 
AMICO, Mrs. Beth Ann (Beth Ann Bradford); 7987 ; BBA Univ. of 
Oklahoma; Profn. Hunting/Retriever/Trainer, Deep Fork Retriev- 
ers, 12601 SE 15th St., Choctaw, OK 73020, 405 769-4108; 
r: same; John: 
'AMIDON, Elizabeth; 7984 
'AMILON, Janet; 7947 (See Wagner, Mrs. Janet) 
AMISS, Laurel Margaret; 2003 (See Conneely, Mrs. Laurel 

AMMAR, Sara Jane; 7988 (See Whitt, Mrs. Sara Jane) 
'AMMARELL, Eleanor; 7943 (See Asbury, Mrs. Eleanor) 
AMMONS, Mrs. Virginia H. (Virginia Bosworth Hamilton); 7964 
AB; Homemaker; r: 14642 E. Cherry Creek Rd., Larkspur, CO 
801 18, 303 688-5400; Daw's; Henry, Frederick, Virginia, Mary; 
AMON, Ginger McCoy; 7994 (See White, Mrs. Ginger Amon) 
AMOS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Yardley); 7963 AB; MED Harvard Univ.; 
Retired; r: 639 Cumbre Vista, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505 982- 
3336; Jotin: Emily; 
AMSDEN, Katherine Kay; 7953 BA; MS Smith CIg., PhD Univ. of 
Southem CA; Retired; r: 149 E. Side Dr. Box 135, Concord, NH 
AMUNDSON, Katherine E.; 7974 (See Boase, Mrs. Katherine E.) 
AMUNDSON, Kristin; 7967 (See Ogley, Mrs. Kristin) 
AMUSAN, Ms. Yseult; 7997 ;r: 40 Bis Rue de Groslay, Mont- 
morency 95160, France 
AMYLON, Kristin A.; 7974 (See Swain, Mrs. Kristin Amylon) 
'ANDERSEN, Mrs. Joan (Joan Motter); 7957 AB 
ANDERSEN, Karl Lee; 7976 (See Shipley, Mrs. Kan Lee) 
'ANDERSEN, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Blount); 7926 AB 


"ANDERSEN, Violet; 1931 (See Groll, Mrs. Violet) 
ANDERSON, Ms. Amy Melissa; ?997; Univ. North Texas; 
Leasing Cnslt., Equity Residential Apts., 2508 Forest Point Dr., 
Arlington, TX 76006, 817 988-3505; r: 5924WestcrestDr. W., Ft. 
Worth, TX 76134, 817 293-9698 
'ANDERSON, Mrs. Anastasia (Anastasia Sadowsky); 1944 AB 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Anita (Anita Tarrant); 1929 
ANDERSON, Ann Miller; 1962 (See Stuckey, Mrs. Ann Miller) 
ANDERSON, Annalisha N.J.; )993(See McGinley, Mrs. Annalisha 

(Lily) J.) 
ANDERSON, Beth Jane; ?9S5 (See Kearns, Mrs. Beth Anderson) 
ANDERSON, Gary Randolph; 1975 (See Trainer, Mrs. C. 

Randolph A.) 
ANDERSON, Ms. Charlotte A.; 1968Bk, r: 1312 Nectarine St., 
Philadelphia, PA 19123, 215 923-0725 
"ANDERSON, Charlotte W.; 1922 
ANDERSON, Christen Marie; 1989 {See Abernethy, Ms. Christen 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Bekins); 1973 ; BA Univ. of 
Nebraska; Profn. Volunteer; r: 9429 Westchester Ln., Omaha, 
NE 681 14, 402 391-2970 
ANDERSON, Donna; 1953 (See Mullens, Mrs. Donna) 
'ANDERSON, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Grote); 1938 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Krause); 1945 AB; Retired; 
r; 21 01 4 N. 1 35th Ave., Sun City West, AZ 85375, 623 584-651 5; 
Tim Kelty, Janet Cornell 
"ANDERSON, Elizabeth; 1947 (See Bourne, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
ANDERSON, Elizabeth; ^948 (See Gorrell, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"ANDERSON, Elizabeth; 1914 {See Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth A. Edwards); 1970 

AB; r: 2127 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 334-4498 
'ANDERSON, Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth A. Schiltges); 1967AB 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Ema (Ema Driver); 1914 
"ANDERSON, Evelyn; yg27 (See Tull, Mrs. Evelyn) 
"ANDERSON, Florence; ACAD 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Florence (Florence Keithley); ACAD 
ANDERSON, Gail; ^975; Speech Pathologist; r: 1259 Button- 
brush Ln., El Cajon, CA 92019, 619 440-8966 
ANDERSON, Gail; 1964 (See Ramey, Gail) 
ANDERSON, Gertrude; 1928 {See Molster, Mrs. Gertrude) 
"ANDERSON, Gertrude 0.; 1921 
"ANDERSON, Grace; ACAD {See Pleasance, Mrs. Grace) 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Harriet Veiser (Harriet Veiser Bielitsky); 1981 
AB; JD Widener Univ. Sch. of Law; Sr. VP, Bryn Mawr Trust Co., 
10 S. Brywn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, 610 581-4744: 
r:849 Goshen Rd, Newtown Sq., PA 19073, 610 325-3348: 
Austin, Maxwell, Catherine; 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hammersmith); 1926 
"ANDERSON, Helen; 1922 {See Henkels, Mrs. Helen) 
ANDERSON, Helen; 1940 (See Bryan, Mrs. Helen) 
ANDERSON, Helen S.; 1963 {See Shaw, Helen A., PhD) 
"ANDERSON, Henhetta; 1919BS 
"ANDERSON, Hester; ACAD (See Parsly, Mrs. Hester) 

ANDERSON, Holly; 1980 (See Jackson, Ms. Holly Anderson) 
"ANDERSON, Isabel; ?935 (See Comer, Mrs. Isabel) 
ANDERSON, Isabel; y955(See Fitzgerald, Mrs. Isabel) 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Jana (Jana Bekins); 1959 AB; Retired Mgr., 
City News; r: 2601 79th, NE, Medina, WA 98039, 425 454-6923 
"ANDERSON, Jane; ^935 (See Smith, Mrs. Jane) 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Jean (Jean Cole); 1931 AB 
ANDERSON, Ms. Jennifer Marie; y998 BA;r:POB 134, Loving- 
Ston, VA 22949, 434 263-6645; 
ANDERSON, Jill; 1958 (See Van Kyle, Mrs. Jill) 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Joann Blakeney (Joann Blakeney Miller); 
y947 ; r: 832 W. Comwallis Dr. , Greensboro, NC 27408, 336 274- 
ANDERSON, Jody; ?975(See Wharton, Mrs. Jody Anderson) 
'ANDERSON, Mrs. Judith A. (Judith A. Corhn); 1967 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Judith Meade (Judith Meade Ruffin); 1957; 
Business Owner, Judiths Bouquets, 359 Lake St. Clair Dr., Win- 
chester, VA 22603, 540662-1993; r: same; John F. (Dec): 
William, Lucy, Carter 
"ANDERSON, Julia; 1923 (See Garland, Mrs. Julia) 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Kathryn A. (Kathryn A. Booth); ^940 AB 


ANDERSON, Mrs. Kelley Shea (Kelley Shea Dize); 1999 BA; 
MBA CIg, of William & Mary; Asst. Dir. Business Analysis & 
Strategy Dept., Virginia Port Authority, 600 World Trade Ctr., 
Norfolk, VA 23510, 757 683-2122; r: 316 Dinwiddie St., Ports- 
mouth, VA 23704, 757 398-0123; G. Adam; 

ANDERSON, Ms. Kristy Ellen (Kristy Ellen Winstead); 1998 BS; 
MD Univ of Texas Health Sci. Ctr.; Med. Student, Univ. of Texas 
Health Sci. Ctr.; r: 891 5 Breezefield, San Antonio, TX 78240, 210 
691-3260; Todd; Justin W.; 

ANDERSON, Leah T.; 1995 (See Tidier, Mrs. Leah A.) 

•ANDERSON, Leslie J.; 1953 

ANDERSON, Leslie Lewis; ?978(See Battle, Mrs. Leslie Lewis) 

ANDERSON, Loretta; ?966 (See Colbom, Mrs. LorettaA.) 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Lucy Shirley (Lucy Shirley Otis); 1963 BA; 
MS Univ. of North Carolina; Dir. of Stewardship, Charlotte Latin 
Sch., 9502 Providence Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277, 704 846-7261 ; 
r: 2401 Sedley Rd., Charlotte, NC 2821 1 , 704 364-6041 ; David; 
Lucy, Mary 
"ANDERSON, Margaret; 1931 (See Flinn, Mrs. Margaret) 

ANDERSON, Margaret Dow; 2002 BA; Tchr. -Special Educ, 
Halifax Cnty., 1 100 S. Joyce St., Arlington, VA 22202; r: 2300 
24th Rd, #525, Arlington, VA 22206, 703 486-7239; 
sbcmeg @ hotmail .com 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Margaret M. (Margaret G. McCallum); 1948 ; 
BA Beaver CIg.; Real Estate Broker-Pres., Paine-Anderson 
Properties Inc., POB 195771, Winter Spgs., FL 32719, 407 695- 
7898; r: 620 Nighthawk Cir., Winter Spgs., FL 32708, 407 695- 
4330; Leslie Dowlen, Anne Peterson, MichelleSvoboda; 
"ANDERSON, Marguerite; ?952(See Ashford, Mrs. Marguerite) 

ANDERSON, Maria Louise; /982; r: 11400 Washington PIz. W., 
Apt. 1504, Reston, VA 20194, 703 787-6864 

ANDERSON, Marjorie S.; 797? (See Johnson, Mrs. Marjorie S.) 

ANDERSON, Mary; 1944 (See Bowley, Mrs. Mary (Sally)) 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Symes); 7945 BA; MLS 
Louisiana State Univ.; Retired Librarian/Bd. of Directors, The 
Children's Library; r: POB 63, Woody Creek, CO 81 656, 970 923- 
4870; Mary M., Sara, Angus Jr., Jack, Anne 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Mary R. (Mary R. Taylor); 7933 AB 
"ANDERSON, Mildred; 7929 (See Hoffmann, Mrs. Mildred) 

ANDERSON, Nancy; 1955 (See Shepard, Mrs. Nancy) 

ANDERSON, Page; 7954 (See Hungerpiller, Mrs. Page) 

ANDERSON, Patricia; 7967 (See Warren, Mrs. Patricia) 
"ANDERSON, Phyllis; 7944 (See Lotz, Mrs. Phyllis) 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Williams); 7924 ; r: 2336 Camino 
Del Collado, La Jolla, CA 92037, 858 454-5247 
"ANDERSON, Sallie; 7952 (See Broyles, Mrs. Sallie) 

ANDERSON, Sally Reed; 7957 (See Blalock-Bemays, Mrs. Sally 

ANDERSON, Sarah Anne; 1989 {See Stanton, Mrs. Sarah Anne) 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Sophie (Sophie Street); 7930 

ANDERSON, Susan; 7973 
"ANDERSON, Mrs. Susanne (Susanne Strassburger); 7935 AB 
'ANDERSON, Ms. Tammy Lee; 2007 

ANDERSON, Tatiana (Tanya) H.; 7970 AB; AA Bennet 

Community CIg.; 1st Mate On 91ft Gaff/Rigged Schooner Quin- 
nipiack. Schooner Sound Leaning, New Haven, CT 06519; r: 32 
River Ave., Old Saybrook, CT 06475, 860 510-0777 

ANDERSON, Vicki; 7963 (See Breen, Victoria) 

ANDERSON, Virginia; 7949 (See Simons, Mrs. Virginia) 

ANDERSON, Mrs. Wendy Catharine (Wendy Catharine Birtcher); 
7984 BA; r: 18 Alcott PI., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, 949 493- 
6244; Alex 

ANDERSSON. Mrs. Florence Caperton (Florence Caperton 
Morton); 7985 AB; Homemaker; r: 1313 Kent St., Durham, NC 
27707, 919 490-0744; Chnster: Eli, Berit; 
canderssoni @nc. 
'ANDERT. Christina Beth; 7993 (See Hoy, Mrs. Christina Beth) 
"ANDERTON, Margaret; 7947 (See Dortch, Mrs. Margaret) 

ANDOLSHEK, Kimberly N.; 7999 (See Bolz-Andolshek, Mrs. 

Kimberly N.) 
'ANDONIAN, Patricia Ann; 7984 
"ANDRADE, Mrs. Mary J. (Mary J. Brown); ACAD 
"ANDRAE, Mrs. Helen (Helen Walton); 7938 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 



ANDRES, Ms. Sarah Lisette; 1990AB;MED Marymount Univ.; 

Tchr., Intl. Sch. of Sacred Heart; r: 23 S. Bay Close, Repulse 

Bay, Hong Kong, China; 

sarahand res @ hotmai I .com 
ANDRESEN, Laticcia Marie; 1993 (See Slattery, Mrs. Laticcia 

'ANDREWS, Alice; y936(See Fackert, Mrs. Alice) 
ANDREWS, Amy Dewire (See Monahan, Ms. Amy Andrews) 
ANDREWS, Mrs. Augusta Marshall (Augusta Howze Marshall); 

1965 ; AB Univ. of AL; Sales Rep., Portrait Brokers of America, 

36-B Church St., Birmingham, AL 35213, 205 879-1222; r: 1 104 

Montvue Rd., Anniston, AL 36207, 256 236-1151; F.;Joe; 

'ANDREWS, Christina Helena; 1981 
^'ANDREWS, Dorothy; 1934 (See Kramer, Mrs. Dorothy) 
ANDREWS, Mrs. Elisabeth Schuyler (Schuyler Gott); 1970 BA; 

VP & Mgr., Mercantile Bank, POB 387, St. Louis, MO 63166, 314 

425-2672; r: 331 Dielman Rd., St. Louis, MO 63132 
'ANDREWS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Corpening); 1928 
'ANDREWS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Taylor); 1933 
ANDREWS, Elizabeth R.; 1974 (See Watts, Mrs. Elizabeth 

ANDREWS, Mrs. Harriette (Harriette Hodges); 7953 AB; Retired 

Volunteer Work, BGD Computer Systs.;r: 606 Whittington PL, 

Statesville, NC 28677, 704 872-6090; Long 
ANDREWS, Jane; 1960 (See Hinds, Mrs. Jane) 
ANDREWS, Jean; 1944 (See Peterson, Mrs. Jean) 
ANDREWS, Ms. Jean Mason; 1972; BA Univ. of Califomia, MA 

Univ. of CA; Homemaker; r: 5053 Carbondale Way, Antioch, CA 

94531 , 925 753-5549; Alam Khane; llyas; ,.,• , ,. 
'ANDREWS, Josephine McClure; 1983 
'ANDREWS, Mrs. Julia (Julia Bruner); 1921 
'ANDREWS, Julia Walton; 1986 AB 
ANDREWS, Mrs. Kate (Kate Penney); 1960 j: 416 Westwood 

Dr., N, Golden Vly., MN 55422 
'ANDREWS, Lois; ?947 (See Cleland, Mrs. Lois) 
'ANDREWS, Magdalen; 1954 (See Poff, Mrs. Magdalen) 
'ANDREWS, Mrs. Mary (Mary McCormick); 1922 
ANDREWS, Mrs. Nancy B. (Nancy B. Bomar); 1953 ; BS 

Columbia Univ., NY Sch. of Interior Design; f^ormer Nurse & 

Interior Designer; r: 910 Closter Dock Rd., POB 896, Alpine, NJ 

07620, 201 768-2169; David; Lynnwood, David; 
'ANDREWS, Sidney Marie; 1979 
ANDREWS, Susan Carrington; 1979 (See Cruess, Mrs. Susan 

ANDREWS, Verda Michelle; ?9S7(See Colvin, Verda Michelle) 
ANDRUS, Mary F.; 1939 (See McGee, Mrs. Mary A.) 
ANDRY, Mrs. Catharine Hubbard (Catharine Taylor Hubbard); 

1985 AB; Homemaker; r: 4 Holmwood Rd., Asheville, NC 28801 , 

828 253-6958; Michael; Becker, Ras; 
ANGELICA, Mrs. Caroline Curme (Caroline Chenoweth Curme); 

)979 AB; r: 63 Hillside Ave., Glen Rock, NJ 07452, 201 251-9550; 

Peter; Peter; 
'ANGELL, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Knerr); 1931 
ANGELL, Mrs. Lea 0. (Lea Osbome); 1963BA: Art Cnslt., MMC 

Assocs., POB 486, Mendham, NJ 07945, 908 234-2498; r: 84 

Roxiticus Rd., Far Hills, NJ 07931, 908 234-2498; /. Jackson; 

Jennifer, I., Jessica, Sarah 
'ANGELONI, Ms. Chiara; 1997 
ANGEVINE, Mrs. Ruth Evans (Ruth Evans Newell); 1986 AB; 

AA, BA; Real Estate Agt., Brownfield, Coffey, O'Neill; r: 3826 

Bleak House Rd., Earlysville, VA 22936, 434 975-1339; Jim; 

Maggie, Joe; 
ANGST, Mrs. Louise (Louise Woodruff); 1 943 AB; Retired, 

American AirlinesATownsend Aircraft; r: 401 E. Linton Blvd., 

#471, Delray Bch., FL 33483, 561 265-1485; Robert, Carlton, 

'ANGUS, Anabel; 1951 (See Bixby, Mrs. Anabel) 
ANGUS, Mrs. Elena (Elena Doty); 1933 AB; Retired; Homemaker 

& Volunteer; r: 2730 Farmington Heights., Charlottesville, VA 

22901, 434 977-6354; Bruce (Dec) 


ANGUS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Cooper); 1953 ;B A Northwestern 
Univ.; Retired; r: 3050 Military Rd NW No 610, Washington, DC 
20015, 202 237-1929; Robert; Robert, Margaret 
ANKERMAN, Ms. Amanda Darcy; 2000BA; Contract Spec, 
Dept. of the Navy; r: 46860 Hilton Dr. No 3223, Lexington Park, 
MD 20653, 301 737-3670; 
'ANNAN, Mrs. Donnell D.; 1913 

ANNAN, Mary Barbara, PhD; 1967; MA Boston Univ. & Boston 
CIg., PhD Lesley Univ. & Pacifica Grad.; Semi-retired Writer 
Mythology, Mary Annan PhD, 907 457-31 11;r:P0B 611, 
Minocqua, Wl 54548, 715 348-8886; Steptien Binr)s; 
'ANNESS, Mrs. Martha (Martha Garrison); 1 948 AB 
'ANNUNZIATO, Mrs. Jeannette R. (Jeannette R. Quencer); 

ANS, Mrs. Christine Diane (Christine Diane Diver); 1 988 AB; BA 
Sweet Briar CIg.; Indep. Publishing Rep., Usborne Books at 
Home, Jacksonville, NC 28546; r: PSC Box 78 RIGA, Latvia, 
APO, AE 09723; Matttiew; Aleksanders, Amanda; 
ANSELL, Mrs. Sara (Sara Green); r966; BS Univ. of South 
Alabama; Chmn. of Math Dept., Bayside Acad., Daphne, AL 
36526, 251 626-2840; r: 602 Patlynn Ct., Fairhope, AL 36532, 
251 928-2857; Sam; Susan, Sara 
"ANSELL, Mrs. Susan Willoughby (Susan Willoughby Applegate); 

1961 AB 
ANSELMO, Ms. Rita M.; ?973 AB;r: 23101 Slidell Rd., Boyds, 

MD 20841, 301 528-6472 
ANSLEY, Annabelle; 1961 (See McGee, Mrs. Annabelle) 
"ANSLEY, Mrs. Emily (Emily Zachry); 1929 
ANSON, Joan; 1954 (See Hurwit, Mrs. Joan) 
"ANTHONY, Ann; ^932 (See Hill, Mrs. Ann) 
ANTHONY, Aphrodite B.; 1958 (See Coch, Mrs. Aphrodite B.) 
ANTHONY, Ms. Juliette Mclean; ?962 AB; MA Brown Univ., MS 
SimmonsGrad. Sch. Sci.; Cnslt., Sunpower & Geothermal 
Energy, San Rafael, CA 94901, 415 459-4201; r: 678 Black- 
berry Ln., San Rafael, CA 94903, 415 507-9147; 
ANTHONY, Mishja Jennine; 1999 (See Williams, Ms. Mishja 

ANTHONY, Mrs. Sandra C. (Sandra C. Dittmer); 1998 BA; Proj. 
Control Mgr., Camber Corp., 7837 Rolling Rd., Ste. H, Springfield, 
VA 221 53, 703 866-5404; r: 1 1 91 1 Falcon Ridge Dr., Fredericks- 
burg, VA 22407, 540 786-541 1 ; Chris; 
ANTHONY, Susan Holleran; 1979 (See Lineberry, Mrs. Susan 

'ANTOINETTI, Diane; ?976 (See Vickery, Mrs. Diane) 
ANTON, Angela Irene; 1980 (See Thomas, Mrs. Angela Anton) 
'ANTONIUS, Mrs. Jean (Jean Bird); 1936 
ANTRIM, Claudia; 1948 (See McKenna, Mrs. Claudia) 
'ANTRIM, Loulie; ACAD (See Mason, Mrs. Loulie) 
'ANTRIM, Nora L.; 1929 BA 
'APGAR, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Lea); SPEC 
APPEL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth McGuire); 1964 AB; MSN 
Greensboro CIg.; Retired Nurse; r: 665 Kingsbury Cir., Winston- 
Salem, NC 27106, 336 724-0966; Elizabeth Blue, Nikki 
'APPEL, Elizabeth M.; 1951 
'APPELL, Janet L.; 1942 (See Phillips, Mrs. Janet L.) 
APPERSON, Ellen W.; 7972 (See Brown, Ms. Ellen Apperson) 
'APPERSON, Mrs. Katharine I. (Katharine I. Hill); 1940 
'APPLE, Mrs. Adelaide K. (Adelaide K. McQueen); 1936 
APPLE, Elizabeth Paige; 1988 (See Montinaro, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'APPLE, Martha A.; 7947 (See Jester, Mrs. Martha A.) 
APPLEGATE, Ms. Lee Ann; 7979 AB; Eason,Sprague,& Wilson, 
1650 S Colorado Blvd. No 220, Denver, CO 80222; r: POB 786, 
Indian His., CO 80454, 303 697-4753 
'APPLEGATE, Susan Willoughby; 7967 (See Ansell, Mrs. Susan 

APPLEQUiST, Ms. Jeannie; 7956 ; BMus Northwestern Univ.; 
Owner/Nursery Grower, Trollajgen Tree Ranch, 970 921-6001; 
r: Trollajgen Tree Ranch, Peaceful Valley 4054 G Dr., Crawford, 
CO 81415, 970 921-6000; James, Steven, Vanessa, Taya; 
APRUZZESE, Barbara A.; 7977 (See Robson, Mrs. Barbara A.) 


APTER, Mrs. Stacy Lynn (Stacy Lynn Meadows); 1988 AB; Dir., 

PricewaterhouseCoopers, 1155 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA 

30309, 678 41 9-1 391; r: 35 Lake Coweta Tr., Newnan, GA 

30263, 770 304-1843; Tom: Joshua, Abi; 

APY, Mrs. Florence (Florence Pye); 1953 BA; Homemaker; r: 67 

Rivers Edge Dr., Little Silver, NJ 07739, 732 747-4155; 

Chester; David, Donald, Dean 
AQUINO, Mrs. Caroline Judith (Caroline Judith Reece); 1984BA; 

Riding Instr., Trainer, Self Employed; r: 4197 Wren Ln., The 

Plains, VA 20198, 540 253-5476; Agustin; James; 
ARAQUE, Mrs. Raynelle W. (Raynelle W. Muench); 1991 B A ; 

Realtor, Long & Foster Realtors, 1831 Wiehle Ave., Reston, VA 

20190, 703 437-3800; r: 47322 Rock Falls Ter., Potomac Falls, 

VA 20165, 703 404-3442; Car/os; Collin C; 

ARATA, June; 1953 (See Pickett, Mrs. June) 
"ARBAUGH, Frances; 1930 {See Foster, Mrs. Frances) 
'ARBENZ, Susan; 1934 (See Hazlett, Mrs. Susan) 
ARCE, Mrs. Deborah J. (Deborah J. Pollock); 1 973 AB; VP- 

Finance, Microconnect Inc., 2373 NW 185th Ste. 200, Hillsboro, 

OR 97124, 503 690-2025; r: 16906 SW Edminston Rd., Wilson- 

ville, OR 97070, 503 625-6535; Cory, Ross, Reed; 
ARCENEAUX, Ms. Laura Michele; 1992 BA; MS Mt. St. Mary's 

CIg.; Tchr., Assumption Sch., 2660 E. Orange Grove Blvd., 

Pasadena, CA 91 107, 626 793-2089; r: 424 S Euclid Ave., 

Pasadena, CA 91 101 , 626 577-2896; 
ARCHARD, Lenetta Marie; 1985 (See McCampbell, Ms. Lenetta 

'ARCHER, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Richey); 1932 
ARCHER, Mrs. Ellen (Cindy) (Ellen Craighill); r974 ; Mgr., 

Cnsltg. Svcs., Radcor Technology Inc.; r: 6649 32nd St., NW, 

Washington, DC 20015, 202 362-8157 
ARCHER, Louise L.; 1971 (See Slater, Mrs. Louise A.) 
ARCHER, Mollie; 1958 (See Payne, Mrs. Mollie A.) 
'ARCHER, Mrs. Mozelle (Mozelle Booth); ACAD 
ARCHER, Ms. Victoria Leigh; r98?AB; J D Univ. Pittsburgh; 

Lawyer, Buchanan Ingersoll; r: 3491 S. Park Rd., Bethel Park, PA 

15102,412 835-8466 
'ARCHIBALD, Marie; ACAD (See Norris, Mrs. Marie) 
ARCHIBALD, Sally; 1983 {See Roberts, Mrs. Sarah) 
ARCHIBALD, Mrs. Toni Marisa (Toni Marisa Santangelo); 1980 

AB; Homemaker; r: 3 Clark Ln., Rye, NY 10580, 914 967-2933; 

John (Chip): John, Francis, Sara; 

ARCHINAL, Mrs. Susannah N. (Susannah M. Newlin); 1957; 

BA PA State, MS Columbia Univ./Moore ArtClg.;Designer, 

Kip's Kovers/Hollis Eames & Bags, 2255 Pottstown Pike, 

Pottstown, PA 19465, 610 321-2010; r: 919 Fellowship Rd., 

Chester Spgs., PA 19425, 610 363-2076; Harry: Hollis, Newlin; 

'ARCOS, Mrs. Jill (Jill Holmdohl); 1972 AB 
'ARCOSTANZO, Ms. Christelle; 2002 
ARDEMAGNI, Cara Marissa; 1992 (See LaRoche, Mrs. Cara 

ARDERY, Anne S. (Anne S. Tweedy); y943; BA Univ. of 

Louisville; Homemaker; r: 448 Swing Ln., Louisville, KY 40207, 

502 895-5042; Philip: Peter (Dec), Philip Jr., Joseph, Julia; 

'ARDERY, Mrs. Olga (Olga Heber); 1938 
ARDUSER, Peggy; 1958 (See Smith, Mrs. Peggy) 
ARENDALL, Mrs. Sullins (Sullins Stuarl); 1962 ;r. 1 Yester PL, 

Mobile, AL 36608, 251 342-2198 
ARENSBERG, Jane; 1961 (See Thompson, Mrs. Jane) 
'ARENTS, Deborah; 1980 
AREY, Ms. Anne Walton; y956 ; Virginia Polytech InsL; Grad. 

Student-Psychology, Virginia Tech; r: 589 Quaker Ridge Ct., 

Arnold, MD 21012, 410 349-2415; 
AREY, Mrs. Pamela N. (Pamela N. Henery); 1971 AB; MED 

Loyola CIg. Maryland; Preschool Dir. & Teacher, His Kids Pre- 
school, 122 Bayard Rd, Lothian, MD 20711, 410 867-4981; 

r: 249 Wiltshire Ln., Severna Park, MD 21146, 410 544-4737; 

Patricl<; Lindsay, Anne, Molly, John; 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


'ARGENTINE, Mrs. Harrah (Harrah Lord); 1966 
ARGO, Betsy Kurtz (Elizabeth Kurtz); ?967 AB; Ohio State Univ.- 

Columbus, Katharine Gibbs Sch. NY; Assoc. Dir. of DeveL, 

Columbus Sch. for Girls, 56 S. Columbia Ave., Columbus, OH 

43209. 614 252-0781; r: Bym Coille Farm, 2915 Old Maids Ln., 

Pataskala, OH 43062, 740 927-2085; James: 
ARIAS, Dolores-May Lizaso (Dolores-May Lizaso Scott); 1975 

AB; MSW Boston CIg.; Med. Social Worker/Homemaker; r: 339 

Commonwealth Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886, 401 822-3296; Max: 

ARIAS, Dr. Joanna Dolores: ?975 AB; MD Univ. of Virginia; 

Plastic Surgeon; r: 539 Tiffany Ct., Warrenton, VA 20186, 540 

ARIAS ESCUDERO, Suzanne Woodward (Suzanne Woodward 

Smith); 1975 AB; r: Villa de Marin, Number 34, 3, Madrid 28029, 

ARKEBAUER, Mrs. Karen Kuhlman (M. Karen Kuhlman); 1978 

AB; Intl. Compliance Ofcr., William Blair & Co., LLC, 222 W. 

Adams St., Chicago, IL 60606, 312 364-8720; r: 6154 Golfview 

Dr., Gurnee, IL 60031; James: 

ARKUS, Ms. Rebecca A.; ?996 ;r: 9719 Atwell, Houston, TX 

77096,713 729-0266 
ARMAO, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Vose); y967 AB; r: 239 E. 17th 

St., New York, NY 10003; 
ARMBRECHT, Johannah; r959(See Bauknight, Mrs. Johannah) 
ARMBRECHT, Mrs. Mary Emily (Mary Emily Marks); 1989 ; 

Sales Assoc, Talbot's, Mobile, AL 36608, 251 380-0653; r: 600 

Fairfax Rd. E., Mobile, AL 36608; Henry 
ARMBRUSTER, Mrs. Heather Ashley (Heather Ashley Thomas); 

/998BS;BS Auburn Univ.; Teaching Asst./Grad. Student, 

Auburn Univ.; r: 711 E. Magnolia Ave., Auburn, AL 36830, 334 

502-4492; Jonathan: 
'ARMENAKI, Julie; 1968 
ARMENTROUT, Ms. Aimee Elizabeth; ?999 BA;MFA Univ. of 

Virginia; Substitute Tchr./Writer, Hanover Cnty. Public Schs., 

Ashland, VA 23005; r: 5097OldTravellerLn.,Mechanicsville,VA 

23111,804 240-4216; 

ARMENTROUT, Ms. Heidi Denise; 2003; r: 3 Yellowwood Ct., 

Alexandria, KY 41001 
ARMENTROUT. Stacey Marie; 2002BA; Journalism; r: 9365 

River Crest Rd, Manassas, VA 201 10, 703 368-3848; 

nemisis428 @ hotmail .com 
"ARMES, Patricia T.; ?947(See Karr, Mrs. Patricia T.) 
ARMFIELD, Cornelia; 1938 (See Cannon, Mrs. Cornelia) 
ARMFIELD, Sallie; 1959 {See McMillion, Mrs. Sallie) 
ARMISTEAD, Anne W.; 1974 ; r: 762 Unadilla St., Shreveport, LA 

71106,318 868-7377 
ARMISTEAD, Mrs. Mona C. (Mona C. Thomhill); y965 AB; MA 

Santa Clara Univ.; Psychotherapist/Dir., Private Practice/El 

Camino YMCA Growth Couns., 350 Second St., Ste. 1 , Los Altos, 

CA 94022, 650 947-8721 ;r: 261 69 Rancho Manuella Ln., Los 

Altos, CA 94022, 650 941 -2483; Robert: Ashby, Wade, Clay; 
"ARMISTEAD, Ruth; 1921 (See Robinson, Mrs. Ruth) 
"ARMISTEAD, Velma; ACAD {See Russell, Mrs. Velma) 
"ARMS, Patricia; ?946(See Brown, Mrs. Patricia) 
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Anne (Anne Harrison); 1979; r: 1 245 

Shallow Well Rd., Manakin Sabot, VA 23103, 804 784-3189 
"ARMSTRONG, Anne; 1934 (See Allen, Mrs. Anne) 
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Anne Quaintance (Anne Quaintance Fomon); 

1977; r: 6546 Muirlands Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037 
"ARMSTRONG. Mrs. Avon (Avon Dycus); ACAD 
"ARMSTRONG, Beatrice A.; ACAD {See Miller. Mrs. Beatrice A.) 
'ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Hardin); 1934 
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Deborah Jane (Deborah Jane Lauderdale); 

y978 AB; r: 1577 Musket Ridge Rd., Atlanta, GA 30327; 
"ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Haley); 1939 
"ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Nolte); 1932 
ARMSTRONG, Gretchen; 1955 (See Redmond, Mrs. Gretchen 

'ARMSTRONG, Hedy; 7975 AB 




ARMSTRONG, Jan; 1957 (See Neuenschwander, Mrs. Jan 

ARMSTRONG, Jill Anne; 7990 (See Tracy, Mrs, Jill Anne) 
ARMSTRONG, Joan Alison; 1990 (See Abington, Mrs. Joan 

''ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Miles); 1929 
"ARMSTRONG, Katherine; 1920 (See Lawrence, Mrs. Katherine) 
ARMSTRONG, Ms. Katherine Joan (Katherine Joan Egli); 1982 ; 

r; 79 Santa Fe Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124, 415 467-2210 
ARMSTRONG, Leslie A.; 1972 {See Ramsey, Mrs. Leslie A.) 
ARMSTRONG, Marcia; 1962 (See Scholl, Mrs. Marcia) 
"ARMSTRONG, Margaret E.; 7925 (See Sauer, Mrs. Margaret E.) 
"ARMSTRONG, Marjorie; ACAD (See Orbach, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'ARMSTRONG, Mary; 1929 (See Allen, Mrs. Mary) 
ARMSTRONG, Mary Jo; 7948 (See Berryman, Mrs. Mary Jo) 
"ARMSTRONG, Mary-Martha; ACAD (See McClary, Mrs. Mary- 
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Sallie Hill (Sallie Hill Bernard); 1976 AB; 

Vargas & Bartlett, 201 W. Liberty, FOB 281, Reno, NV 89504; 

r: 1750 Skyline, Reno, NV 89509, 775 825-1448; 
ARMWOOD, AnissaVakay; 2002; r: 5907 Derrymore Ct., 

Richmond, VA 23225, 804 276-6183 
ARNHEIM, Mrs. Julie (Julie O'Neil); 1961 AB; MLS Rutgers 

Univ.; Chemistry Librarian, Princeton Univ. , One Washington Rd. , 

Princeton, NJ 08544; r: 914 Old Great Rd., 41 Pitt St. Charleston 

Sc29401 , Princeton, NJ 08540, 609 683-8741 ; William; Leila, 

Patrick, Richard; 

ARNI, Nancy D.; 1964 (See Briggs, Mrs. Nancy D.) 
ARNOLD, Abigail(Abby) Elizabeth; 2002 BA; Grad. Student; 

r: 412 6th St., Marietta, OH 45750, 740 373-7162; 
'ARNOLD, Brooke Lindsley; 7989(See Vick, Mrs. Brooke Lindsley) 
ARNOLD, Mrs. Carolyn (Scottie) (Carolyn Scott); 1957 AB; AA; 

Retired; r; 279 Makaweli PL, Honolulu, HI 96825, 808 395-4393; 

Mark: Susan, Stephen, Scott; 
"ARNOLD, Mrs. Claire (Claire Hanner); 7927 AB 
ARNOLD, Dorothy; 7945 (See Waite, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'ARNOLD, Elizabeth; 7929 (See Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
ARNOLD, Ema; 7959 (See Westwig, Mrs. Erna) 
'ARNOLD, Mrs. Esther (Esther Jack); 7924 
ARNOLD, Mrs. Jane (Jane Brady); 7968; BA UNC Chapel Hill; 

Mgmt., Southern Concrete Materials; r: 3235 Shillington PI., 

Charlotte, NC 28210 
ARNOLD, Julia; 7963 (See Morey, Mrs. Julia) 
'ARNOLD, Justine; 7947 (See Linforth, Mrs. Justine) 
ARNOLD, Katherine; 7964 (See Reed, Mrs. Katherine Arnold) 
ARNOLD, Mrs. Lisa Haggart (Lisa Christine Haggart); 7988 AB; 

Managing Dir. Flagship Store, Polo Ralph Lauren, 867 Madison 

Ave., New York, NY 10021, 212 606-2100; r; 4 E. 70th St., Apt. 

8D, New York, NY 10021 , 212 288-8457; William 
'ARNOLD, Mrs. Louise (Louise Wolf); 7925 
ARNOLD, Margaret; 7970 (See Jackson, Mrs. Margaret) 
ARNOLD, Mrs. Mary (Mary Callahan); 7980 AB; Staff Asst., US 

House of Reps., Committee Appropriations, B 300 Rayburn 

House Ofc. BIdg., Washington, DC 20515, 202 225-3047; 

r: 4803 Jamestown Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 263-0559 
ARNOLD, Mrs. Norma B. (Norma Bradley); 7944 AB; r; 341 

Lexington St., Versailles, KY 40383, 859 873-4952; Joseph L. 

(Dec); Nonie White, Joseph Jr.(Dec), Ernest B., Douglas S.; 

'ARNOLD, Sarah L; 7975 
ARNOLD, Stephanie Michelle; 7995, 1997 BA; Arnold Cos.; 

r: 9002 River Ridge Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503, 903 223-9566; 

arnold @ 
ARNOLD, Susan Boykin; 7989 (See Fortunate, Rev. Susan 

ARNSPIGER, Ann A.; 7969 (See Canipe, Mrs. Ann A.) 
ARONHALT, Mrs. Frazier (Frazier Miller); 7996 BA; M A V C U 

Sch. of Social Work; Sch. Social Worker, Richmond City Public 

Schs., 100W. Baker St., Richmond, VA, 804 780-4517; r: 107 

W. Vaughan Rd, Ashland, VA 23005, 804 798-241 1 ; Troy 
ARONHALT, Ms. Susan Lynne; 7998 BS; MSW Univ. of 

Maryland Baltimore; Social Worker; r: 3120 Queensberry Dr., 

Huntingtown, MD 20639, 301 855-1656; 

r: ■ , ■ .■ . ^ 


AROZARENA, Mrs. Elaine; 7987 AB; Managing VP-Recruitment 
Firm; r; 165 E. 60th St., Apt. 5A, New York, NY 10022, 212 486- 
0852; Alfonso Carlos de Alba; 
*ARP, Catherine; 7957 (See Waterman, Mrs. Catherine) 
"ARP, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Harned); 7924 AB 
'ARPAGE, Courtney (Courtney Rucker); 7969 
ARRINGTON, Mrs. Cherrie (Cherrie Willson); 7939; r: 2103 

Harvell St., Asheboro, NC 27203 
'ARRINGTON, Mrs. Marion S. (Marion S. Graves); 7943 
"ARTHUR, Eleanor; 7932 (See Gardiner, Mrs. Eleanor) 
"ARTHUR, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet White); SPEC 
'ARTHUR, Henrietta; 7937 (See Skinner, Mrs. Henrietta) 
"ARTHUR, Mrs. Mary (Mary Loughery); 7926 AB 
ARTHUR, Mrs. Pamela Ann (Pamela Ann Wood); 7986; Teh r. , 
Browne Schs. ; r: 20 Broad St. , Newburyport, MA 01 950, 978 462- 
5589; David; David Jr., Emilie 
"ARTHUR, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Ely); 7973 
ARTS, Ms. Lynn A. (Lynn A. Settlemyer); 7968 AB; Westview 
Press, Inc., 5500 Central Ave., Boulder, CO 80301; r: 1 975 
Glenwood Dr., Boulder, CO 80304, 303 443-5298 
ASAKAWA, Mrs. Kyoko (Kyoko Ohara); 7962 ; r; 4-19-16 Seijo 

Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 157, Japan 
'ASBACH, Carin; 7958 (See Gordevitch, Mrs. Carin) 
"ASBURY, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Ammarell); 7943 
ASBURY, Janeime Necole; 7992 (See Asbury-Brown, Mrs. 

Janeime Necole) 
'ASBURY, Kathleen M.; 7940 (See Aycock, Mrs. Kathleen M.) 
ASBURY-BROWN, Mrs. Janeime Necole (Janeime Necole 
Asbury); 7992 BS; AS Georgia Perimeter CIg.; Dental Hygienist, 
Dentistry at East Piedmont, 2424 roswell Rd Ste. 3, Marietta, GA 
30062, 770 321-5558; r: 4101 Telhurst PL, Kennesaw, GA 
30144, 770 424-7761 ; James Browr) Jr.; Jaela, Janelle; 
ASCARI, Ms. Chiara Angela; 1990 kB; r: 5 Delahay Dr., Freder- 
icksburg, VA 22401 , 540 371-2661 
ASGEIRSSON, Mrs. Nina (Nina Thornton); 7959 AB; r: 245 Holt 

Rd., Andover, MA 01810, 978 470-0864 
ASH, Dr. Adrienne; 7964 AB; r; 1860 Fatten Ter., Mc Lean, VA 
22101,703 241-0266; 
ASH, Mrs. Lucinda(Lucinda Converse); 7947; BS Pace Univ.; 
Retired; r: 8 Guelisten PI., Rye, NY 10580, 914 967-8855; 
"ASH, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Keefer); ACAD 
ASHBAUGH, Mrs. Linda (Linda Lamb); 7966; r; 95 Warren St., 

Needham, MA 02492, 781 444-1016 
"ASHBROOK, Mrs. Susan A. (Susan A. Hays); 7938 
ASHBURN, Sarah Elizabeth; 7982 (See Robinson, Mrs. Sarah 

ASHBY, Mrs. Eleanor J. (Eleanor S. Johnson); 7 953 A B ; 
Retired; r: FOB 330666, 1637 Beach Ave., Atlantic Bch., FL 
32233, 904 249-5438; Garnett; 
"ASHBY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Kuykendall); ACAD 
ASHBY, Patricia; 1958 {See Boesch, Mrs. Patricia) 
ASHBY, Rosemary; 7946 (See Dashiell, Mrs. Rosemary A.) 
ASHCOM, Mrs. Susan (Susie Wilson); 7966 ; BA Univ. Missouri 
Columbia; Real Estate Broker, Horse Farms & Land, RE/MAX 
221 Broadview Ave., Warrenton, VA 20186, 540 341-1099: 
r: 20509 Clover Hill Rd., Jeffersonton, VA 22724, 540 937-3121 
Robert; Susan, Robert; 
susie @ 
ASHCRAFT, Eleanor; 7964 (See Thompson, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'ASHCRAFT, Rebecca; 7926 (See Taylor, Mrs. Rebecca) 
ASHE, Marlssa Beth; 7993 (See Cole, Mrs. Marissa Beth) 
'ASHE, Mary Elizabeth; 7990 (See Wise, Mary Elizabeth) 
ASHER, Mrs. Ann (Ann Belser); 7950 BA; Homemaker; r: 541 7 
Falmouth Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 229-8184; Norman; 
Caroline Walker, Blaine Hayes, Norman B., John Henry 
'ASHER, Martha; 7938 (See Friedberg, Mrs. Martha) 
'ASHFORD, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Anderson); 7952 AB 
'ASHHURST, Anne; 7927 (See Gwathmey, Mrs. Anne) 
ASHLEY, Angelia Chaney (Angelia Goodwin); 7983 AB; Sr. 
Clinical Spec, Genentech Inc.; r: 11913 Simsbury PI., Glen 
Allen, VA 23059, 804 747-8289; James; 


ASHLEY, Mrs. Ann Keating (Ann Bourne Keating); 1991 BA; 
Cnsit.-Business Devel., Centreville, MD 21617; r: 564 N 

Hibernia Rd., Centreville, MD 21617, 410 758-3082; Philip Sr.; 
Philip Jr., Eileen; 

•ASHLEY, Mrs. Barbara Edith (Barbara Edith Nyholm); 1976 f\B 

ASHLEY, Mrs. Laurel Liane (Laurel LeStrange); 1991, 1992 BA; 
MA East Carolina Univ.; Psychologist/Behavioral Spec; r: 291 
Friendly Grove Church Rd, Millers Creek, NC 28651, 336 667- 
8989; Jimmy: 
jerichol 90 @ 

ASHLEY, Mrs. Martha McCrary (Martha McCrary Toledano); 
1981 ; r: 420 E. Shotwell St., Bainbridge, GA 31717 

ASHTON, Barbara B.; 1974 (See Nicol, Mrs. Barbara B.) 

ASHWOOD, Jonna Carolyn (Jonna Carolyn Lee); 1987 AB; 
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty, 105 Westpark Dr., Ste. 105, 
Brentwood, TN 37027, 615 376-5123; r: 774 Princeton Hills Dr., 
Brentwood, TN 37027; Matthew; Meredith; 
jash wood @ comcast. net 

ASHWORTH, Amy; ^952 (See Pendery, Mrs. Amy) 

ASHWORTH, Karen Holt; 1989 (See Lambert, Mrs. Karen 

•ASKEW, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Foster); 1930 

ASKEW, Mrs. Gloria Pawls (Gloria F. Rawls); 1953 ■,Bk 
Southern Methodist Univ.; Homemaker; r: 8131 Copper Shore 
Cir., Houston, TX 77095, 281 463-0058; Heno/; Allyson, Janis; 
* ASKEW, Mrs. Norine (Norine Harrison); ACAD 

ASKEW, Mrs. Susan E. (Susan E. Galleher); 1960AB; Retired; 

r: 10500 Samaga Dr., Oakton, VA 22124, 703 281-5374; Paul 
•ASMUTH, Mrs. Mary B. (Mary B. Messinger); 1940 

ASPINWALL, Ms. Heather Lee C; y995BA; BA Fairfield Univ., 
MED George Mason Univ.; Early Childhood Educator, Jefferson 
Houston Elem. Sch.; r: 6575 Bermuda Green Ct., Alexandria, VA 
22312,703 642-8366; 

ASRICAN, Patricia Jane; 1984 AB; r: 1 5 Baldwin Farms S, Green- 
wich, CT 06831 , 203 661 -5762 

ASSMUS, Jan (Jan Huguenin); y969 AB; MA Univ. of North 
Carolina; Adult Educ, Adult Tutorial Prog., 195 Hanover St., 
Lebanon, NH 03766; r: 2 Conant Rd., Hanover, NH 03755, 603 
643-3644; Gert; Marion, Julia 

ATANASOV, Mrs. KatherineW. (KatherineW. Ehle); 1975; 

r: 3604 Laurel Leaf Ln., Fairfax, VA 22031 , 703 560-3395 
'ATCHESON, Elizabeth; 1911 {See Plumer, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

ATECA, Carmen Milagros; 1981 (See Ateca-Valdes, Mrs. Carmen 

ATECA-VALDES, Mrs. Carmen Milagros (Carmen Milagros 
Ateca); 1981 ; BA Univ. of Puerto Rico; Educ. Coord., Dept. for 
Blind & Vision Impaired, 11150 Main St., Ste. 502, Fairfax, VA 
22030, 703 277-3595; r: 10093 Loblolly Tr., Manassas, VA 
20110,703 361-1178; Reyna/do l/a/des; Carl a, Rolando, 

ATHA, Rebecca Jean; 1985BA; MD Med. CIg. of GA; Anesthe- 
siologist, Univ. Anesthesiology Assocs.; r: 2814 Lombardy Ct., 
Augusta, GA 30909 
•ATHERHOLT, Mrs. Martha L. (Martha L. Mason); 1962 

ATHEY, Mrs. Betty (Betty Boswell); 1965AB; MA Univ. of 
Alabama; Unit Dir., KS Neurological Inst., 3107 SW 21st St., 
Topeka, KS 66604, 785 296-0707; r: 2713 SW 33rd St., Topeka, 
KS 66614, 785 266-9496; George: Susan, Michael; 
eba @ networkspl us. net 
*ATHINSON, Barbara Lynn (Barbara Lynn Williams); 1964 
•ATKINS, Mrs. Belle (Belle Hancock); 1933AB 

ATKINS, Judith; 1959 (See Wall, Mrs. Judith A.) 
•ATKINS, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Agee); 1945AB 
•ATKINS, Mary P.; 1960 
•ATKINS, Nell; 1926 (See Hagemeyer, Mrs. Nell) 
•ATKINS, Sally; 1966 

ATKINSON, Ms. Amanda Marie; 2000BA; MED Harvard Univ.; 
Asst. Dir., Residence Life, Simmons CIg., 94 Pilgrim Rd, Boston, 
MA02215, 617 521-1101;r:86 Pilgrim Rd, Boston, MA 02215, 
617 521-5844; A/oa/iSm/Y/7,- 

•Address Unknown •"Deceased 


ATKINSON, Ann; 1946 {See Keever, Mrs. Ann) 
ATKINSON, Mrs. Betty G. (Betty G. Orr); 1954 ; Retired ; 

Homemaker; r: 4646 Peppertree Ln., Memphis, TN 38117, 901 

685-7771; EM Sr.: E.W. Jr., Miriam 
'ATKINSON, Frances H.; 1933 
ATKINSON, Mrs. Kirsten Colleen (Kirsten Colleen Bailey); 1986 

BA; Exec. Dir., Dispute Settlements Ctr., 4607 Franklin Ave. Ste. 

225, Wilmington, NC 28412; r: 208 Wetland Dr., Wilmington, NC 

28412, 91 452-2000; Lloyd 
'•ATKINSON, Manan E.; 1941 (See Ryerson, Mrs. Marian E.) 
ATKINSON, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Thomason); 1945 ; r: 5532 

Cornell Dr., Bartlesville, OK 74006, 918 333-4387 
ATKINSON, Teresa; 7930 (See Greenfield, Mrs. Teresa) 
'*ATLEE, Marjone; 7927 (See Parks, Mrs. Marjorie) 
*ATLEE, MaryM.; 1969 
ATRISTAIN, Mrs. Bobbi Jo (Bobbi Jo Hedrick); 1998 ; Internet 

Systs. Admin., Media Gen., 333 E. Franklin St., Richmond, VA, 

804 649-6156; r: 24590 Patten Ln., Amelia Court House, VA 

23002, 804 561-2684; Ricardo: 
ATT AWAY, Betty; 1933 (See Wiemer, Mrs. Betty) 
ATTEE, Wendy A.; ?979(See Woodward, Mrs. Wendy A.) 
ATTIE, Mrs. Barbara S. (Barbara S. Kent); 7969 AB; r: 1 6 

Levering Cir., Bala-Cynwyd, PA 19004, 610 664-7316 
•ATTWOOD, Kathleen; 7966 
'•ATWATER, D'Arcy; 7936 (See Perry, Mrs. D'Arcy) 
ATWILL, Mrs. Amelia Dudman (Amelia Elizabeth Dudman); 

7996 BA; Gallery Asst., Barber Gallery, 5812 1/2 Rd Ave., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-2151 ;r: 5000 Park Ave., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 421-9366; Charles: 

AUBIN, Christina Anne; 7982; r; 2001 SE Elmhurst Rd., Port St. 

Lucie, FL 34952, 772 398-0696 
AUBINEAU, Diane; 7957 ; BA Stanford Univ.; Artist/Writer, The 

Secret to Making Money; r: 833 N. Humboldt, San Mateo, CA 

94401,650 344-6441 
AUBRECHT, Mrs. Nancy A. (Nancy A. Moog); 7965 AB; r: 308 

Stonehenge Dr., Orchard Park, NY 14127, 716 662-0876 
AUBREY, Carolyn; 7949 (See Humphries, Ms. Carolyn) 
AUBREY, Louise; 7954 (See McFarland, Mrs. Louise) 
AUBRY, Ms. Simone; 7967 ; Katharine Gibbs; Retired Adminis- 
trative Secy.; r: 554 Peakham Rd., Sudbury, MA 01 776, 978 443- 

•AUCHINCLOSS, Mrs. Janet (Janet Lee); 7929 
AUCHTER, Mrs. Katherine Knox (Katherine Knox Lindsey); 

7994 BA; Homemaker; r: 4358 Timuquana Rd., Unit #178, Jack- 
sonville, FL 32210, 904 384-5511; G.,- Anna, Julia; 

AUDE, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Whitson); 7957 AB; Retired 

Bookkeeper; r: 817 Maryland Rd., Phelps, NY 14532, 315 548- 

2540; Frifz,' Laurie, Nancy, Lucy, Lois, Carl, Mark 
•AUDHUY, Letha (Letha Wood); 7958 AB 
AUERSPERG, Mrs. Nancy Louise (Nancy Louise Weinberg); 

7987 AB; VP, Wertheim Schroder, 212 333-8670; r: 829 Park 

Ave., #10A, New York, NY 10021; 
•AUFDERHEIDE, Ruth; 7926 (See Hull, Mrs. Ruth) 
AUFMUTH, Mrs. Melinda Wick (Melinda Susan Wick); 7992 BA; 

Account Rep., Carlson Mktg. Grp., 2800 Livernois, Ste. 600, Troy, 

Ml 48083, 248 824-8482; r: 3640 Galloway Ct., Apt. 2804, 

Rochester His., Ml 48309, 248 377-9571 ; Christopher: 

•AUGUST, Beatnce; 7927 (See Cahn, Mrs. Beatrice) 
AUGUSTINE, Browning Lee; 7987 (See Doswell, Mrs. Browning 

AUGUSTINE, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Brooks); 7946; Kansas 

Univ.; Homemaker; r: 2215PottersCt., El Dorado, KS67042,316 

320-7913; JamesfDecj; Jane, Jon, David, Mary, Brooks 
•AULT, Debbie; 7980 
"AULT, Joan; 7957 (See Vance, Mrs. Joan) 
AULT, Mrs. Sophia McGavin K. (Sophia McGavin K. Letts); 

7987; r: 419 Seaview Ave., Palm Bch., FL 33480 




AUMAN, Mrs. Cynthia Whitley (Cynthia Ann Whitley); 1978 BA; 
MA CIg. of William & Mary; Sr. Archaeologist, Parsons Corp., 
10521 Rosehaven St., Fairfax, VA 22030, 703 934-2360; 
r: 20013 Lincoln Rd., Purcellville, VA 20132, 540 338-6042; 

cindy.auman @ 
AUMILLER ANDERSON, Dr. Lisa Marie; 1 996 BS\ DVM 
Virginia Tech; Veterinarian, Willingboro Vet Clinic, 10 Sidney Ln., 
Willingboro, NJ 08046, 609 871-1600; r: 417 N Warwick Rd, 
Magnolia, NJ 08049, 856 627-6062; Brad Anderson; Quin; 
"AUNSPAUGH, Ruth; 1927 (See Daniels, Mrs. Ruth) 
AURAND, Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Lea Houston, Esq.; 1964 AB; 
MA NYU Madrid, JD Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa; S r . Counsel, 
Latin American Pay TV/Atlanta Partners, 3845 Pleasantdale Rd, 
Atlanta, GA 30340, 770 810-2450; r: 5460 Silk Oak Way, Sugar 
Hill, GA 30518, 678 482-8539; Dennis, Peter; 
AUSLEY, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Rutledge); ^967 AB; r: 3526 Mill 

Springs Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223, 205 956-8461 
"AUSTEN, Mrs. Langhome (Langhome Watts); 1933AB 
AUSTEN, Sarah; 1958 (See Adams, Mrs. Sarah) 
'AUSTIN, Aileen E.; ACAD (See Ohea, Mrs. Aileen E.) 
'AUSTIN, Barbara; 1950 (See Doss, Mrs. Barbara) 
'AUSTIN, Betty; 1928 (See Kinloch, Mrs. Betty) 
AUSTIN, Mrs. Carolina Taki (Carolina Taki Kinoshita); 1990 AB; 
r: 1st Fl. Flat16 Ridley Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 1EU, 
AUSTIN, Christine S.; 1974 (See Cannon, Mrs. Christine S.) 
'AUSTIN, Dorothy; ACAD (See Watts, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'AUSTIN, Dorothy; 1924 (See Currie, Mrs. Dorothy) 
AUSTIN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Dede) H. (Elizabeth Harrison); 1955 ; 
Homemaker; r: 201 Johnston St, Savannah, GA 31 405, 91 2354- 
6685; Lawrence; Lawrence Jr., Elizabeth, James; 
'AUSTIN, Flora; 1931 (See Borg, Mrs. Flora) 
AUSTIN, Kris (Kris Oppenlander); ^973; Homemaker, 3944 
Powers Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30342, 404 233-8597; r: Bag 
6227, Fort St John, BC, Canada VI J 4H7, 250 772-5217; John; 
Deborah, Rebecca, Paul, Elizabeth, Abigail, Karen, Jessica; 
r: krisaustin51 
'AUSTIN, Margaret; 1933 (See Johnson, Mrs. Margaret) 
'AUSTIN, Mrs. Margaret M. (Margaret M. Hirshson); 1949 
AUSTIN, Merrily; y965 (See Teasley, Ms. Merrily) 
AUSTIN, Ms. Patricia Louise; 1991 BA; r: 4523 D S 28th Rd, 

Arlington, VA 22206 
'AUSTIN, Virginia; 1932 (See Shaw, Mrs. Virginia) 
AUTREY, Debra Anne; 1982 (See Bock, Mrs. Debra Anne) 
AUTY, Mrs. Alice (Alice Pfister); J958; BA Denison Univ.; 
HomemakerA/olunteer/Teacher/Theatre, NYC & CT Private 
Schs.; r: 7932 Grand Bay Dr., Naples, FL 34108, 239 591-3751; 
James(Don): John Esq., Patricia; 
'AVARY, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Comer); 1962AB 
AVEGNO, Mrs. Claire (Claire Martin); 1975 \Bk Newcomb CIg., 
MEDTulane Univ.; r: 5108 Pitt St., New Orleans, LA 70115; 
Timothy; Devegre, Caroline 
AVERBUCH, Mrs. Dana Margaret (Dana Margaret Block); 

1985 ; r: 20 Muirfield Ln., Huntsville, AL 35802, 256 880-2830 
AVERELL, Ms. Ashley Randle (Ashley Crawford Randle); 1975 
AB; r: 125 Tanglewood Dr., Frankfort, KY 40601 , 502 223-3226; 
William; Randle 
AVERETT, Mrs. Angela Vera; ?982 AB; BS Moravian CIg.; Asst. 
Dir. of Admissions, The Art Inst. Online, 420 Blvd. of the Allies, 
Pittsburgh, PA 15219, 412 255-3365; r: 4615 E Conway Dr. NW, 
Atlanta, GA 30327; F., Claire, Catherine; 
'AVERILL, Mrs. Mary (Mary Henderson); 1931 AB 
AVERY, Dayna Kelley; ^986 (See Hulme, Mrs. Dayna Kelley) 
AVERY, Mrs. Diana Jordan (Diana (DJ) Sue Jordan); 1998 BA; 
Paralegal, Hunton & Williams, Riverfront PIz., E. Twr., 951 E. Byrd 
St., Richmond, VA 23219, 804 788-8649; r: 26 N Lombardy St., 
Richmond, VA 23220, 804 405-1722; Michael; 
'AVERY, Elizabeth; 1945 (See Duff, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'AVERY, Helen; 1932 (See Phinney, Mrs. Helen) 
'AVERY, Mrs. Hester (Hester Kraemer); 7935 AB 


'AVERY, Mrs. Marion H. (Marion H. Dailey); 1941 AB 
'AVERY, Nancy D.; 1971 (See Colligan, Mrs. Nancy D.) 
'AVERY-WILLIS, Ms. Tiffany Denenel; 1991 
AVESIAN, Mrs. Susan (Susan Hinner); 1968 KB; r: 4101 Summit 

Dr., Marietta, GA 30068, 770 971-6757 
'AVEZAC, Ms. Jean Louise; 1993 
'AVNER, Constance; 1964 (See Buchanan, Mrs. Constance) 
AVRAM, Ester; J955 (See Willis, Dr. Ester) 
'AVRIL, Susan; 1958 (See Schneider, Mrs. Susan) 
AXELBERG, Elizabeth Ann; /978 AB;r: 321 Michigan Ave., 
Decatur, GA 30030, 404 373-8785; 
'AYCOCK, Harriet; 7936 (See McCusker, Mrs. Harriet) 
'AYCOCK, Mrs. Kathleen M. (Kathleen M. Asbury); 1940 
'AYER, Mrs. Henrietta (Henrietta Collier); 1939 N& 
'AYER, Nancy; 1964 (See Beaver, Mrs. Nancy) 
AYERS, Beverly J.; 1961 (See Peck, Mrs. Beverly Ayers) 
AYERS, Karen Schuster; 7988 AB;r: 995 Stillwater Ln., Earlys- 

ville, VA 22936 
'AYERS, Mrs. Mary K. (Mary K. White); ACAD 
AYGEN.NursatJsmet; 7976 AB; MBA NYU Sterns Sch. of 
Business; HS Tchr.; r: 2705 S 9th St, Apt. 31 B, Arlington, VA 
22204,703 920-1150; 
AYOTTE, Alicia Jo; 1976 kB; r: 550 Barrington Dr., Roswell, GA 
30075, 770 587-0044; 
AYOTTE, Paula E.; ?967(See Conwin, Mrs. Paula E.) 
*AYRE, Betsy Miller; ?988 AB 
AYRES, Dorothy; 1931 (See Holt, Mrs. Dorothy) 
AYRES, Sally; 1949 (See Shroyer, Mrs. Louis W., Ill) 
'AZORES, Fortunata; 1959 (See Gunter, Mrs. Fortunata) 


BABALAS, Karen E.; 1977\ Omni Intl., 101 W. Fayette St., Balti- 
more, MD 21201; r: 1025 Assembly Dr., Virginia Bch.,VA23454 

BABASHAK, Kristen Jennifer; 1984 (See Babashak-Franklin, 
Kristen Jennifer) 

BABASHAK-FRANKLIN, Kristen Jennifer (Kristen Jennifer 
Babashak); 1984 AB; r: 905 Frome Ln., Mc Lean, VA22102, 703 

BABB, Barbara; 1955; r: 407 S. Main St., Fountain Inn, SC 29644, 

864 862-2233 
'BABB, Frances; 1966 (See Griggs, Mrs. Frances) 

BABB, Ms. Margaret J.; 1975 ; JD Syracuse Univ., MAT Vander- 
bilt Univ.; Atty-at-Law, Proskauer Rose LLP, 1233 20th St. NW 
Ste. 800, Washington, DC 20036, 202 416-6800; r: 491 6 
Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase, MD 20815; Joseph 
'BABBITT, Alice Dexter; 1928 (See Hackley, Mrs. Alice Dexter) 

BABBITT, Mrs. Cassandra King (Cassandra King Smith); 1978 
AB; r: 108 Forest Ave., Orono, ME 04473, 207 866-2852; Jim; 
James, Ian, Hilary, Fiona; 
ckbabbitt55 @ 

BABBITT, Elizabeth Ann; 1990 (See Bowen, Mrs. Elizabeth 

BABBITT, Ambassador Harriet C. (Harriet V. Coons); 1969 ; J D 
Arizona State Univ.; Sr. VP, Hunt Aul. Fund, 2040 S St. NW, 
Washington, DC 20009; r: 5169 Watson St., NW, Washington, 
DC 20016; Bruce; Christopher, Tj 
'BABCOCK, Alice; 1922 (See Simons, Mrs. Alice) 

BABCOCK, Barbara; 1956 (See Millhouse, Mrs. Barbara) 

BABCOCK, Christina Anne; 1986 (See Chase, Mrs. Christina 

BABCOCK, Erin Philion; 1988 (See Wallace, Mrs. Erin Philion) 

BABCOCK, Mrs. Gwendolyn Hickey (Gwendolyn Rebecca 
Hickey); ^995 BA; Designer, Quality Ofc. Furnishings, 2699 S 
Queen St., York, PA 17401 , 717 741-4894; r: 642 Blossom Hill 
Ln., Dallastown, PA 17313, 717 417-1450; Devin; Kaeden; 
'BABCOCK, Helen; ACAD (See Nevins, Mrs. Helen) 

BABCOCK, Katharine; 1952 (See Mountcastle, Mrs. Katharine) 
'BABCOCK, Margery; 7949 (See Chamberlin, Mrs. Margery) 

BABCOCK, Sarah Garland; 7983 BA; Univ. of Richmond; Dir. of 
Educ. & Trng., Richmond SPCA; r: 205 N. 23rd St., Richmond, 
VA 23223, 804 643-2020; 


BABCOCK, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzie) Philion (Suzanne (Suzie) 
Philion); 1961 AB; Homemaker; r: 100 Beach Dr. NE, Apt. 702, 
St. Petersburg, FL 33701, 727 820-9805; fl./Erin, Christina, 
Jennifer, Alexandra; 
*BABER, Mrs. Jean (Jean van Home); 1 933 AB 
'BABER, Mrs. Lucy Harrison (Lucy Harrison Miller); 1930 AB 
BABISH, Ms. Stephanie L.; 1998 ^BA Virginia Polytech Inst.; 

r: 422 Toytown Rd, Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-7410 
BABSON, Anne Odeneal; 1961 (See Carter, Mrs. Anne Odeneal) 
*BACALAKIS, Maria K.; 1972 

BACCHIANI, Christina; 1968 (See Schieffelin, Mrs. Christina B.) 
BACH, Jennifer Ann; y988(See Rosen, Mrs. Jennifer Bach) 
'BACHARACH, Marion; ACAD (See Hoppe, Mrs. Marion) 
BACHARACH, Mrs. Marylee (Marylee Matthews); 1961 ; r: 8818 

Phyliss Ave., Sarasota, FL 34231 
'BACHMAN, Elizabeth; y927(See Hardcastle, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BACHMAN, Ms. Elizabeth Amott; 1993 
BACHMAN, Martha; 1926 (See McCoy, Mrs. Martha) 
BACHMAN, Mrs. Martha Rugeley (Martha Rugeley); 1944 ; BA 
Univ. of Texas at Austin; Retired Automobile Dealer/Lease 
Exec, Rugeley Motor Co. GM & Chevrolet; r: POB 904, Bay 
City, TX 77404, 979 245-3557; Richard (Dec); Richard Jr., 
Rowland (Dec); 
'BACHMANN, Mrs. Gaelle (Gaelle Guillermou); 1990 
BACKER, Mrs. Barbara G. (Barbara G. Gracey); 1971 AB; r: 620 

S Ocean Blvd., Delray Bch., FL 33483, 561 276-7677 
BACKER, Beatrice; 1948 (See Simpson, Mrs. Beatrice) 
*BACKES, Barbara; 1929 {See Jewett, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BACKUS, Mrs. Clara B. (Clara B. Baker); ACAD 
BACKUS, Eleanor; 1962 (See Engh, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'BACKUS, Mrs. Pauline (Pauline Payne); ?927 BS 
BACON, Cynthial.;r970(SeeCzosnowski, Mrs. Cynthia (Cindy) I.) 
'BACON, Elizabeth; 1929 (See Tallent, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BACON, Florence; ACAD 
'BACON, Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Wade); 1933 
'BACON, Mary; ?937(See Bamey, Mrs. Mary) 
'BAOAL, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Bosworth); 1 940 AB 
BADBITT, Elizabeth Frances (Elizabeth Thieriot); 1986 .BS 
Pepperdine Univ.; Homemaker, S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96158; 
r: POB 8334, S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96158, 530 577-6808; Victor; 
'BADCOCK, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Mayher); 1961 
BADCOCK, Mrs. Michelle C. (Michelle C. Brown); 1973 A B ; 
r: Lucy Hill House Mill Ln., Burley Ringwood, Hants BH24 1AB, 
BADDER, Mrs. Kimberly Cole (Kimberly Cole Davis); 1986 AB; 
MED Francis Marion Univ.; Tchr., Williams Middle Sch., N. Irby 
St., Florence, SC; r: 1204 Pinckney Ave., Florence, SC 29505, 
843 662-4646; William; Katherine; 
BADE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Duerson); 1951 AB; Retired; r: 111 Tribal 
Rd., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-5713; John; Lyie Keeling, 
John Jr., Craig 
BADE, Nancy Caroline; 1980 (See Fuller, Mrs. Nancy Caroline) 
BADER, Ms. Susanna Mary; 1997 BA; Assoc. Mgr., Talbot's, W. 
Farms Mall, Farmington, CT; r: 140 N. Main St., S. Hadley, MA 
01075,413 532-0885; 
'BADGETT, Mrs. Leta (Leta Patton); 1954 
'BADGETT, Mary K.; 1934 (See Dunham, Mrs. Mary K.) 
BADROW, Mrs. Annabell (Annabell Brock); 1948 BA; r: 270 
Carolina Meadows, Villa, Chapel Hill, NC 27514; 
BAER, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Hirsch); 1953 AB; Artist, Gardener- 
Dilletante; r: 311 E. Cherry Cir., Memphis, TN 38117, 901 767- 
3747; Ben, Frank, Julie Hakam; 
BAER, Ms. Julie Anna; ;996BA;Law Clerk, Frante Stefani & 

Haron, 5435 Corporate Dr., Troy, Ml 48098 
BAGBEY, Mrs. Barbara Wesley (Barbara Lynn Wesley); 1980 
AB; Sales, Waterbuddys, 10001 Parrerson Ave.,Ste.106, 
Richmond, VA 23233, 804 314-1037; r: 7603 Cornwall Rd., 
Richmond, VA 23229, 804 288-1817; Robert: Laura, Daniel; 

"Address Unknown "Deceased 


BAGG, Barbara; 1958 (See McPeek, Mrs. Barbara) 

BAGG, Ms. Betsy; 2000BA; Creative Exec, Geniousville 

Productions; r: 1550 N Fuller Ave. Apt. 110, Los Angeles CA 

90046, 323 804-8007; 

"BAGG, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Busch); 1936 
BAGGETT, Mrs. Maureen (Maureen Robertson); 1 969 AB; MA 

Univ. of Delaware; French/Spanish Teacher, Annapolis HS, 2400 

Riva Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, 410 266-5240; r: 2006 Boyds 

Tr.,Owings,MD 20736, 410 257-3384; l^ayne,- Jeff, Megan, 


BAGGS, Joan B.; 1958 (See McKenzie, Mrs. Joan B.) 
BAGLEY, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Marcus); 1974 ; BS Boston 

CIg.; Dir., Serono Reproductive Biology Inst., One Technology 

PL, Rockland, MA 02370, 781 681-2762; r: 421 North Rd., 

Sudbury, MA 01776, 978 443-0852; Ralph; 
BAGLEY, Florence E.; 7942 (See Witt, Mrs. Florence B.) 
BAGLEY, Mrs. Sally (Sally Twedell); 1967 AB; MA Univ. Virginia; 

Self-Employed Piano Tchr., 3908 Exeter Rd., Richmond, VA 

23221, 804 355-3177; r: same; Philip III; Faulkner, Tunstall 
BAGWELL, Catherine Campbell; 7990 (See Hook, Mrs. Catherine 

BAHNSON, Mrs. Caro McDonald (Caro McDonald Lawrence); 

7979 AB; r: POB P, The Plains, VA 20198 
'BAHNSON, Jeanette L.; 7969 
BAHRET, Lorelei Katherine; 7994 (See Mote, Mrs. Lorelei 

BAIER. Cathy A.; 7977 ; r: POB 872, Helen, GA 30545 
BAIGENT, Mrs. Alberta Z. (Alberta J. Zotack); 7969 AB; MA 

Syracuse Univ.; Legal Recruiting Dir., Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt 

& Mosle LLP, 1 01 Park Ave. , New York, NY 1 01 78, 21 2 696-6049; 

r: 23 Mount Grey Rd., Stony Brook, NY 11790, 631 751-2562; 

Peter; Blair, Philip; 

"BAILE, Kendra M.; 7970 
"BAILEY, Mrs. Alice (Alice Wray); 7924 
"BAILEY, Almeha P.; ACAD 
BAILEY, Barbara; 7968 (See McNeal, Mrs. Barbara) 
"BAILEY, Beverley A.; 7939 
BAILEY, Mrs. BIyth (BIyth Steere); 1979 BA; VP, Wells Fargo 

Bank NA, Sixth & Marquette, Minneapolis, MN 55479, 612 667- 

0289; r: 4521 Drexel Ave., Edina, MN 55424, 952 922-3157; 

Will, BIycie 
BAILEY, Mrs. C. Jean McRae (C. Jean McRae); 7963 BA; MBA 

Univ. of South Alabama; Retired Dir. of Grad. Med. Educ, Univ. 

of South Alabama; r: 339 Dalewood Dr., Mobile, AL 36608, 251 

344-4363; Mary Frances, E. Jean, Missy, Jimbo; 
BAILEY, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Tillett); 7950 ; r: 2480 Wayfarer 

Ct., Discovery Bay, CA 94514, 925 240-1515 
BAILEY, Caroline; 7950 (See Fhtzinger, Mrs. Caroline) 
"BAILEY, Clarice; 7939 (See Robinson, Mrs. Clarice) 
"BAILEY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Cert); 7927 
"BAILEY, Dorothy; 7926 (See Hughes, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BAILEY, Dr. Dorothy Ann; 7994 BA; Veterinarian, Pillchuck's Vet 

Hosp.; r; 7005 A 65th Ave. SE, Snohomish, WA 98290 
BAILEY, Florence Jacobs; 7939 (See Adams, Mrs. Florence 

BAILEY, Frances Fleming; 7938 (See Brooke, Mrs. Frances) 
BAILEY, Geraldine R.; 7964 AB; r: 206 Wendy Tr., Lookout Mtn., 

GA 30750, 706 820-1482; 
'BAILEY, Mrs. Gretchen (Gretchen Cntz); 7938 
BAILEY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Carter); 7926 BA; r: 101 1 N. Sixth 

Ave., Laurel, MS 39440, 601 426-9972; Walter, Donald, John 
'BAILEY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Weitzmann); 7929 AB 
'BAILEY. Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Godwin); 7927 AB 
'BAILEY. Mrs. Janet (Janet Bruce); 7929 AB 
BAILEY, Judith; 7946 (See Refo, Mrs. Judith B.) 
BAILEY, Mrs. Kate Joyner (Kate Wingfield Joyner); 7975 AB; 

BSN Emory Univ.; Profn. ParentA/olunteer/RN-Alcohol & Drug 

Treatment, Habitat of Humanity/Grace Episcopal Church; r: 265 

Campbell Rd., Keswick, VA 22947, 434 296-6286; Gerald; 

Edwin, Charles, Benjamin; 
BAILEY, Kathleen; 7953 (See Nager. Mrs. Charles J.. Jr.) 



BAILEY, Kirsten Colleen; 1986 (See Atkinson, Mrs. KIrsten 

BAILEY, Mrs. Leigh Suzanne (Leigh Suzanne Craft); 1986 AB; 

Pres./Owner, Chatterboxes, 6248 Falls Lake Dr., Charlotte, NC 

28270, 704 661-0592; r: same; /Andrew; Christopher, Elizabeth; 

BAILEY, Mrs. Linda W. (Linda Wallace); 1966; AB Wilmington 

CIg.; Sr. Proj. Mgr., MCI, 22001 Loudoun County Pkwy., Ashburn, 

VA 20147, 703 886-6388; r: 804 Anne St. SW, Leesburg, VA 

20175, 703 777-4721; Luther; Russell, Taylor; 
BAILEY, Mrs. Lola T.; 1995 BA; MBA Lynchburg CIg.; Finance & 

Acctg. Mgr., VA Dept. of Transportation, Campbell Ave., POB 

11649, Lynchburg, VA 24506, 434 856-8134; r: 1806 Lexington 

Tpk., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-5385; K.; 
'*BAILEY, Louise; 1938 (See Kane, Mrs. Louise) 
"BAILEY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Meade); ^927 AB 
BAILEY, Mary; 1952 (See Izard, Mrs. John) 
BAILEY, Mrs. Mary (Molly) T. (Mary (Molly) Trombly); 1966 AB; 

as George Mason Univ.; RN;r: 1213 E Shelby St. No 16, 

Seattle, WA 98102, 206 709-9903; John; Calista, O'Connor 
"BAILEY, Pauline; 1929 (See Jarret, Mrs. Pauline) 
BAILEY, Robyn Lee; 1986 {See Orchard, Mrs. Robyn Lee) 
'BAILEY, Ruberta; 1934 (See Hesseltine, Mrs. Ruberta) 
"BAILEY, Sallie; y947(See Remson, Mrs. Sallie) 
BAILEY, Mrs. Susan Mary (Susan Mary Lazarus); 1985 BA; 

r:3287 Allendale St., Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 345-9654; 

Dewey; Tyler, Carrie, Lizzie; 
BAILEY, Susan P. (Susan Gayle Parr); 1981 AB; Tchr., Amherst 

Elem, Sch., 156 Davis St., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-9704; 

r: 172 Briarherst Dr., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-7197; 

Steven; Elizabeth, Caroline, Mary; 
"BAILEY, Mrs. Telia (Telia Barksdale); 1930 AB 
"BAILLY, Beatrice; 1962 {See Fiorini, Mrs. Beatrice) 
BAILY, Ms. Dayna Lynn; 1991 ; BASwarthmore, MA Georgetown 

Univ.; Tchr., George Washington High, 415 750-8400; r: 465 

Oak St., San Francisco, CA 94102, 415 503-1710; James; 
BAIN, Mrs. Anne Goebel (Anne Grace Goebel); 1982 BA; A A 

Restaurant Sch., AS Univ. CA Santa Cruz; Sr. Benefits Cnslt., 

Pen-Cal, 100 Park PL, Ste. 220, San Ramon, CA 94583, 925 838- 

2010; r: 3602 Louis Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, 650 493-6200; H.; 

BAIN, Elizabeth K,; 1974 (See Zibart, Mrs. Elizabeth K.) 
*BAIN, Mary E.; ^973 (See Haik, Mrs. Mary E.) 
'BAINBRIDGE, Eda; 1931 (See Kolbe, Mrs. Eda) 
BAIOCCO, Mrs. Joy Lynn (Joy Lynn Gillio); 1981 AB; r: 1 701 

Prospect Trace, Chesapeake, VA 23322, 757 482-7959 
*BAIR, Ms. Susan Ellen; 1990 
BAIRD, Mrs. Abby (Abby Starke); )965 AB; MED ODU; Tchr. , 

Norfolk Academy; r: 171 1 Cloncurry Rd., Norfolk, VA 23505, 757 

423-1923; Edward; ■' 

'BAIRD, Mrs. Alice (Alice Tillman); 1951 
BAIRD, Edith Ann; 1978 AB; r: 7005 Leesville Blvd., Springfield, 

VA 22151, 703 941-5858 
BAIRD, Ellen L.; 1966 {See Stark, Mrs. Ellen L.) 
BAIRD, Ms. Gray; /962 AB; r; 342 Echo Brook Ln., Keswick, VA 

22947, 434 296-2691 
*BAIRD, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Newell); 1944 
*BAIRD, Mildred; 1923 (See White, Mrs. Mildred) 
'BAIRD, Patricia Ellen; 1985 AB 
BAIRSTOW, Mrs. Katherine Tucker (Katharine Tucker Tarns); 

1980 ; r: 59 Marin Bay Park Ct., San Rafael, CA 94901 , 41 5 457- 

BAISCH, Isolde; 1953 (See Werhahn, Mrs. Isolde) 
BAISLEY, Ms. Barbara Ann; 1992 BA; Tchr./English Dept. Chair, 

Montgomery Cnty. Public Schs., 25400 Oak Dr., Damascus, MD 

20872, 301 253-7010; r: 4519 B 28th Rd S, Arlington, VA 22206, 

703 578-4348; 
BAKE, Carrie Jessica; 1992{See Bake-Wong, Mrs. Carrie Jessica) 
BAKER, Mrs. Alberta H. (Alberta H. Pew); ?949 AB; r: POB 490, 

Chester, NS, Canada BOJ 1J0 



BAKER, Ms. Amanda Elizabeth; 2000; BA Univ. of North Texas; 
Surgical Coord., Urology of VA; r: 51 6 Gotham Rd, Virginia Bch., 
VA 23452, 757 463-0838; Dorman Miner; 
BAKER, Anne; 1935 (See Gerhart, Mrs. Anne) 
"BAKER, Mrs. Anne T. (Anne T. Ten Eyck); 191 1 
BAKER, Barbara; ?952(See Bird, Barbara) 
BAKER, Barbara; ?957(See Hart, Mrs. Barbara B.) 
BAKER, Ms. Barbara Alison; 7973 AB; Corporate Dir. of Mktg., 
Cara Vita Sr. Care Mgmt. Svcs., Inc., 9755 Dogwood Rd, Ste. 
300, Roswell,GA 30075, 770 552-9788; r: 365 Seavy St., 
Senoia, GA 30276, 770 599-8416; Dylan, Jesse; 
"BAKER, Mrs. Bonner (Bonner Means); ACAD 
BAKER, Bonnie Jean; ?992(See Hollands, Mrs. Bonnie Jean) 
'BAKER, Catherine; 1925 (See Lockton, Mrs. Catherine) 
"BAKER, Clara B.; ACAD (See Backus, Mrs. Clara B.) 
'BAKER, Mrs. Clotilde (Deceased) (Clotilde Palmer); 1939 
BAKER, Mrs. Elisabeth M. (Elisabeth M. Moore); 1953 A B ; 
Retired Art Tchr.; r: 5280 Geissinger Rd., Box 8, Zionsville, PA 
18092, 610 966-2934; Rex; Rex, Michael, James R. 
"BAKER, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Sprague, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BAKER, Ms. Elizabeth A.; 1998, 1969 AB; MA Chestnut Hill CIg.; 
Spanish Tchr., Neshaminy Sch. Dist., 2001 Old Lincoln Hwy., 
Langhome, PA 19047, 215 752-6453; r: 1034 Davis Grove Rd, 
Ambler, PA 19002, 215 646-4947; Malcolm Osterneck; 
'BAKER, Ms. Elizabeth Anne; 1998 BA 
BAKER, Ms. Elizabeth Bernard; 1987 AB; Lab Spec., Advanced, 
Univ. of Virginia, Dept. of Pathology, 415 Wayne Rd., Charlottes- 
ville, VA 22908, 434 243-2744; r; 1027Wintergreen Ln., Charlot- 
tesville, VA 22903, 434 244-2780; Jeffrey Wills; Aaron, 

'BAKER, Emily; 7966 (See Cleaves, Mrs. Emily) 
"BAKER, Emma; 7929 (See Rasmussen, Mrs. Emma) 
BAKER, Mrs. Felicia Ann (Felicia Ann Nelson); 1981 ; r: 1 0829 
Roaring Brook Ln., Houston, TX 77024, 713 647-0494; 
"BAKER, Frances; 1936 (See Lamb, Mrs. Frances) 
"BAKER, Helen; ACAD (See Waller, Mrs. Helen) 
"BAKER, Jane; 1940 (See Grant, Mrs. Jane) 
"BAKER, Jette; 1930 (See Davidson, Mrs. Jette) 
BAKER, Ms. Jordan Elaine; 2000; r: 17675 Lake Estates Dr., 

Boca Raton, FL 33496, 561 482-7105 
'BAKER, Mrs. Judith Anne (Judith Anne Widener); 7977 AB 
"BAKER, Judy; 7966 (See DeSouza, Mrs. Judy) 
BAKER, Ms. Julia Witten (Julia Witten Carter); 79S9 AB; Univ. of 
Pittsburgh Dental Sch; r: Ground Fl. Apt., 112 S. Elliot PL, 
Brooklyn, NY 11217; 
BAKER, Katharine M.; 7966 (See Sydnor, Mrs. Katharine (Kit) B.) 
"BAKER, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Hawkins); 7927 
BAKER, Laura Kindle; 7993 (See Knights, Mrs. Laura Kindle) 
BAKER, Linda R.; 7967 (See Spencer, Mrs. Linda R.) 
"BAKER, Mrs. Louise (Louise Ryland); ACAD 
BAKER, Louise P.; 7969; r: 147 Tenth Ave., San Francisco, CA 
"BAKER, Margaret; ACAD (See Carter, Mrs. Margaret) 
"BAKER, Margaret; 7943 (See Kahin, Rev. Margaret) 
'BAKER, Martha D.; 7937 (See Johnson, Mrs. Martha D.) 
"BAKER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Turner); 7927 

BAKER, Mary Elizabeth; 7984 (See Brockman, Mrs. Mary Baker) 
"BAKER, Mrs. Mary M. (Mary M. Suthertand); 7974 
BAKER, Miriam Tevis; 7983 (See Morris, Mrs. Miriam Tevis) 
BAKER, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Thompson); 7950; Sr. Financial 
Cnslt. Retired, Merrill Lynch Brokerage, 120 E. Palmetto Park Rd., 
Boca Raton, FL 33432; r: 5968 Colony Ct., Boca Raton, FL 
33433, 561 338-7147; ffic/iard; Julie Holzworth, Wendover 
Brown, Amy Pagano, Christopher H., Jane Davison; 
nancybakerl 928@ 
BAKER, Ms. Nina Ross; 7977AB; VP/Owner, RP Communica- 
tions/Reese Press, 2301 Kirk Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218, 410 
467-9200; r: 314 Quaker Ridge Rd, Timonium, MD 21093, 410 
560-0857; Natalie; 


BAKER, Mrs. Olivia Anne (Olivia Anne Chaplin); /98? AB; J D 

Georgetown Univ.; r: 6421 33rd St. NW, Washington, DC 20015, 

202 363-5731 
'BAKER, Pasqueline; 7927 (See Rackley, Mrs. Pasqueline) 
BAKER, Mrs. Rebecca Page; 7994 BA; MED Lynchburg CIg.; 

Piedmont Adoptive Home Recruiter/Trainer, Lynchburg Dept. of 

Human Svcs., POB 6798, Lynchburg, VA 24505, 434 455-5725; 

r: 176 W. Briar PI., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 929-8183; 

Jerry: Laura, Jonathan, Anna; 

'BAKER, Ms. Rexanne; 7983 AB 

BAKER, Mrs. Ruth Houston (Ruth Houston); 7946 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 2200 Willowick St., # 8 BC, Houston, TX 77027, 713 

522-0724; Mines Jr.; Ruth H., Robert H., Stephen, Hines III 
BAKER, Mrs. Sara (Sara Houston); 7933 AB; Retired; r: 2252 

Franzy Dr., Decatur, IL 62521, 217 422-7508; Hug/?,' Stephen, 

Sarah Juntune 
'BAKER, Mrs. Sydney (Sydney Millar); 7936 
BAKER, Victoria, PhD; 7967 BA; BA Univ. of Leiden Netherlands, 

PhD Univ. of Leiden-Netherlands; Prof. Anthropology, Eckerd 

CIg., 4200 54th Ave. S, St. Petersburg, FL 3371 1 , 727 864-8245; 

r: 1244 Murok Way S., St. Petersburg, FL 33705, 727 866-6544; 

BAKE-WONG, Mrs. Carrie Jessica (Carrie Jessica Bake); 7992 

BA; MBA Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Mktg. Dir., Car Design 

News, Inc., POB 411, 43311 Joy Rd., Canton, Ml 48187; 

r: Kuken-cho Kimura Bid, 201, 17-16 Hakushima Kuken-Cho, 

730-004, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan; Patrick Wong; 
BAKSA, Mrs. Laura J. (Laura J. Sickman); 7970 AB; r: 132 Whif- 

fletree Ave., Brewster, MA 02631 , 508 385-5490 
BALCH, Cynthia; 7952 (See Bams, Mrs. Cynthia) 
'BALCH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Prescott); 7928 AB 
'BALCHIN, Mrs. Anne C. (Anne C. Vardaman); 7975 
BALDERSTON, Mrs. Ann Works (Ann Quinn Works); 7976 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 5 Sassafras Ln., Pittsford, NY 14534, 585 248- 

0849; William; Sarah, Maggie, John; 
BALDING, Katrina Ann; 7997 (See Bills, Mrs. Katrina Ann) 
'BALDOCK, Margaret C; 7975 (See Adair, Ms. Margaret C.) 
'BALDREE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Whitelaw); 7955 
'BALDRIDGE, Deborah; 7969 

BALDUS, Teri Lynn; 7984 (See Rugeley, Mrs. Teh Lynn, GRI) 
'BALDWIN, Allice; 7933 (See Kells, Mrs. Allice) 
'BALDWIN, Mrs. Anna (Anna Barley); ACAD 
'BALDWIN, Anne C; 7944 (See Lockwood, Mrs. Anne C.) 
BALDWIN, Anne Read; 7978 (See Mann, Mrs. Anne Read) 
'BALDWIN, Beathx; 7973 (See Lewis, Mrs. Beatrix) 
BALDWIN, Mrs. Dale Bogert (Dale Bogert); 7945; r: 63 Bird 

Song Way #B1 12, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926; Craig B., Delia 

BALDWIN, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Tobin); 7944 AB; r: 10 Bassett 

Creek Tr. N, Hobe Sound, FL 33455; Robert; Mary, Warren 
'BALDWIN, Elizabeth; 7927 (See Whitehurst, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BALDWIN, Florence Marie; 7987 (See Langford, Mrs. Florence M.) 
'BALDWIN, Mrs. Frances (Frances Chatham); 7934 
'BALDWIN, Frances; 7947 (See Whitaker, Mrs. Frances) 
BALDWIN, Janet Lee; 7979 (See McColloch, Mrs. Janet Lee) 
BALDWIN, Julia; 7949 (See Waxter, Mrs. Julia B.) 
BALDWIN, Mrs. Kathryn Bryant (Kathryn Bryant Renaud); 7 978 

AB; Sweet Briar CIg.; Elementary Teacher, Petersburg City 

Schs.; r: Box 987, Petersburg, AK 99833, 907 772-3566; Cary; 

Amanda, Emily; 

katieb987 @ 
BALDWIN, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Emmert); 7946; r: 217 

Sugarberry Cir., Houston, TX 77024, 713 784-4182 
BALDWIN, Mrs. Mary (Beth) (Mary (Beth) Dixson); 7967; BA 

Salem CIg.; r: 1001 Englewood Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106, 

336 724-0665; Charles III; Charles IV, Elizabeth 
BALDWIN, Mrs. Myra (Myra Carr); 7936 AB; Retired; r: 31 00 

Shore Dr. Apt. Al 99, Virginia Bch., VA 23451 ; Robert; Robert F. 

Jr., Myra Osmond 
BALDWIN, Nancy G. (Nancy Godwin); 7957BA; Editor Alumnae 

Magazine, Sweet Briar CIg., Sweet Briar, VA 24595, 434 381 - 

6321 ;r: POB AB, Sweet Briar, VA 24595, 434 381-5945; 

Thomas (Dec); 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BALDWIN, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Larson); 7964 AB; Owner, 
Baldwin-Galleria/Baby B's, 91 5 Main St., 821 Main St., Lynchburg, 
VA 24504, 434 845-6017; r: 213 Woodland Ave., Lynchburg, VA 
24503, 434 846-1447; /Monroe,- Monroe III, Claudia, Peter, 
BALDWIN, Mrs. PriscillaA. (Pnscilla A. Vermooten); 7957 AB; 
Founder & Advisor of The Art Institute, Arizona Sonora Desert 
Museum In Tucson AZ, 2021 N. Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743, 
520 883-3024; r: 2580 Kerr Gulch Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439, 303 
674-3836; Michael; Edward, James; 
'BALDWIN, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Benton); 7958 AB 
BALDWIN, Virginia(GinnyKay) K.; 1969 (See Cox, Mrs. Vir- 

ginia(GinnyKay) K.) 
BALES, Mrs. Sydney (Sydney Holmes); 7944 BA; Retired; r: 26 
Wood Ln., Box 599, Locust Vly., NY 11560, 516 676-7823; 
William (Decj,- William, Peter 
'BALFOUR, Mrs. Anne (Anne Roberts); 7975 
'BALL, Mrs. Con; 7929 

BALL, Diane Marie; 7978 (See Brendel, Mrs. Diane Marie) 
'BALL, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Cohen); ACAD 
BALL, Elizabeth Rhett; 7960 (See Thagard, Mrs. Elizabeth Rhett) 
'BALL, Ellen; ACAD 

'BALL, Geraldine; 7920 (See Bewsher, Mrs. Geraldine) 
'BALL, Margaret A.; 7970 (See Gates, Mrs. Margaret A.) 
'BALL, Sally Win; 7978 

BALL, Stefanie Jean; 2005 ; r: 596 Mangum Bridge Rd, Maysville, 
GA 30558, 706 652-3691; 
stefaniecc @ 
BALL, Ms. Whitney Lynne; 7984 AB; Exec. Dir., Donors Trust, 
111 N Henry St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 535-3563; r; 240 
Medlock Ln., Alexandria, VA 22304, 703 566-8756; 
BALLANTINE, Mrs. Anna Pollack (Anna Louise Pollack); 2002 ; 
BA North Carolina State Univ.; Educator; r: 107 Hickory Hills Ct., 
Cape Carteret, NC 28584, 252 723-3373; William; 
'BALLANTINE, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Bortz); 7929 AB 
'BALLANTYNE, Enid; 7962 (See Grevillius, Mrs. Enid) 
'BALLANTYNE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Wilson); ACAD 
BALLARD, April Lynn; 7989 AB;Devel. /Social Pro). Asst., 
American Dance Festival; r: 873 Jefferson Dr. E, Palmyra, VA 
22963,434 591-0654 
BALLARD, Barbara; 7954 (See Wommack, Mrs. Barbara) 
BALLARD, Mrs. Cecilia (Cecilia MacKinnon); 7940 AB; Retired 
Portrait Painter, Self Employed, 13 Cottage Rd, Chebeague 
Island, ME 04017, 207 864-5150; r: 18700 Walker's Choice Rd, 
Apt. 619, Gaithersburg, MD 20886, 301 869-6318: Ellis; E\\\s, 
'BALLARD, Doris; 7924 (See Roberts, Mrs. Doris) 
'BALLARD, Evelyn T.; 7929 AB 
'BALLARD, Mrs. Helen (Helen McCary); 7975 
BALLARD, Mrs. Jennifer Jarvis, PE (Jennifer Kaolin Jan/is); 
7993 BA; MS Montana Tech.; Environ. Engr., POB 200, Pisgah 
Forest, NC 28768, 828 877-2185; r: 1 127 N. Turkey Creek Rd., 
Leicester, NC 28748, 828 683-0436; Patrick; Ethan, Jesseca; 
BALLARD, Mrs. Lucy B. (Lucy W. Bryan); 7974 AB; George 
Washington Univ.; Graphic Designer, Virginian Pilot, Norfolk, VA; 
r: 525 Carolina Ave., Virginia Bch., VA 23451, 757 428-4353; 
Robert G.; Jane P.; 
BALLARD, Margaret; 7939 (See Whitehurst, Mrs. Margaret 

'BALLARD, Mary; 7954 (See Ward, Mrs. Mary) 
BALLARD, Mary Frances Brown (Mary Frances Brown); 7 949 
AB; JD South Texas CIg. of Law; Retired Atty.; r: 41 1 Louella 
Ave., Wayne, PA 19087, 610 293-1560; Oonne///\.,- Anne, 
BALLARD. Monica; 7957 (See Porter, Ms. Monica B.) 
BALLENGEE, Mrs. Elaine M. (Elaine M. Miller); 7977 AB; r: 240 
W. Gravers Ln., Philadelphia, PA 19118, 215 247-7435 




BALLENTINE, Mrs. Mary Ballou Handy (Mary Ballou Handy); 
7959 ;Homemaker, 804 282-4804; r: 6317 Three Chopt Rd, 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-1273; Edward, Joseph, Mary 

Stuart, Benevento; 
*BALLIN, Mrs. Sally (Sally Mathers); 1961 
•BALLING, Karin Lynn; y985 
"BALLOU, Mrs. Roberta (Roberta Knapp); 1920 
"BALLS. Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Franke); 1913 AB 

BALOG, Suzanne Nancy; ?983(See Ingram, Mrs. Suzanne Balog) 
"BALSLEY, Louise; ACAD (See Irvin, Mrs. Louise) 
BALTUS, Ms. Rachel Colleen; 1996BA: Database Admin., Geor- 
getown Univ., MSB Tech Ctr.; r; 1506 Woodbine St., Alexandria, 

VA 22302, 703 379-5998; 
BALZ, Patricia; 1939 (See Vincent, Mrs. Patricia B.) 
BAMBOROUGH, Mrs. Marilyn S. (Marilyn S. Hopkins); 1949 BA; 

Retired Volunteers Family Care; r: 6680 Audubon Ave., 

Holland, Ml 49423, 616 335-5910; James; David, Sara, Thomas 
BAMFORD, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hanson); 1934 BA; Retired; 

r: 121 N Wintergarden Rd Apt. 135, Bowling Green, OH 43402; 

William, John 
"BANCROFT, Dorothy L.; 1913 
•BANDY, Ms. Mane Germaine; 7996 BS 
"BANE, Helen; 1925 (See Davis, Mrs. Helen) 
BANFIELD, Dale Anderson; 1985 (See Banning, Mrs. Dale 

BANFIELD, Nancy; 1964 (See Feher, Mrs. Nancy) 
BANIS, Ms. Lacey Sung-Hee; 2000 ; Researcher, Reporter, 

Free-lance Writer, TV Guide, 1211 Ave. of the Americas, 4th Fl., 

New York, NY 10104, 212 626-2545; r: 405 Franklin Tpk Apt. 43, 

Mahwah, NJ 07430, 201 934-9030; William Yamall; 

"BANISTER, Margaret; 1916 AB 
BANKENSTEIN, Mrs. Patricia L. (Patricia L. Carroll); 1974; 

Cnslt. Regulatory Affairs, RR 3 Box 3373, Seven Valleys, PA 

17360, 717 428-3334; r; 6392 Glatfelters Station Rd„ Seven 

Valleys, PA 17360, 717 428-3334; Neal; 

bankenstein @ compusen/ 
BANKER, Ernestine; r947(See Gerhard, Mrs. Emestine, LCSW) 
BANKHEAD, Blossom; 1980 (See Nelson, Mrs. Blossom) 
BANKO, Elizabeth A.; ?983;r: 99 Loch Lomond Ct., Mays 

Landing, NJ 08330, 609 677-5171 
BANKS, Ann; 1968 (See Herrod, Mrs. Ann) 
BANKS, Betsy W.; 1974 (See Daley, Mrs. Betsy) 
BANKS, Dr. Bettie S. (Bettie S. Sheppard); 1954 ; BA GA State, 

PhD GA State; Clinical Psychologist, Bettie S. Banks PhD PC, 18 

A Lenox Pointe NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, 404 261-1311; r: 3075 

Howell Mill Rd NW, Apt. 13, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 355-9060; 

Bettie, Lee; , "' 

"BANKS, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Caperton); ACAD 
BANKS, Mrs. Cecily Venable (Cecily Venable Schuiz); 1985 BA; 

JD Univ. of Virginia; Atty.; r; 310 North St., Roxbury, CT 06783, 

860 355-4669; Jonathan; Angus Hay, Lucie Stuart; 

BANKS, Mrs. Grace (Grace Powars); 1965 ; r: 2601 Londonderry 

Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308, 703 360-5533 
"BANKS, Mrs. Helen M. (Helen M. Shaner); 1928 
BANKS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Moore); 7959; Nursing Home Admin., 

CIg. Manor, Inc., 300 W. Seminary Ave., Lutherville, MD 21093, 

410 252-0440; r; 1414 Locust Ave., Baltimore, MD 21204, 410 

825-3994; John, Cathehne, Eleanor, Anne; 

BANKS, Jane C; 1969 (See Petrey, Mrs. Jane C.) 
"BANKS, Mrs. Madeline (Madeline Watson); 1920 
'BANKS, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Newton); 1977 
"BANKS, Mildred; ACAD (See Morrow, Mrs. Mildred) 
BANNARD, Mrs. Ann (Ann Henderson); )949 BA; American 

Acad, of Art; Sculptor; r: 4556 N. Trocha Alegre, Tucson, AZ 

85750, 520 299-2850; Yorke; David, Douglas; 
"BANNEN, Margaret F.; 7926 (See Stone, Mrs. Margaret F.) 
BANNER, Ms. Cecile D. (Cecile B. Dickson); 1958BA\ Assoc, 

Browning Assocs. Inc., POB 1936, Leesburg, VA20175, 703777- 

4927; r; POB 1936, Leesburg, VA 20177, 703 777-7714; Roger; 

Virginia, Laurence, Rebecca; 

r: , ' ■: ; •. 


BANNER, Mrs. Tina E. (Christina (Tina) G. Etiing); 1972 ; BSN 

Univ. of Miami, BSN Univ. of Florida; Dir. Cardiovascular Svcs.S 

Organ Transplant Prog., Shands Hospital at The Univ. of Florida, 

1600 SW Archer Rd., Box 100395, Gainesville, FL 32610, 352 

265-01 19; r: 14727 NW 60th Ave., Alachua, FL 32615, 352 333- 

7666; Michael; Jeffrey, Jennifer; 

BANNING, Mrs. Dale Anderson (Dale Anderson Banfield); 1985 

AB; Homemaker; r: 805 River Rd., Newport News, VA 23601 , 757 

599-6361; Scoff; William, Mary Webb; 

BANNISH, Dorothy A.; 7955 AB;r: 296 Sterling PL, Apt. 6, 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1238, 718 789-3196 
"BANNISTER, Edna M.; ACAD (See Kline, Mrs. Edna M.) 
BANTA, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Green); 7955 AB; Owner, Hope Farm, 

Natchez, MS 39120, 601 445-4848; r: Hope Farm, 147 Homo- 

chittoSt., Natchez, MS 39120, 601 445-4848; Ruth, James, 

Alice, Kate 
BANTON, Courtney Blair; 7987 (See Alford, Mrs. Courtney Blair) 
BANTON, Elizabeth A.; 7973 (See Jaxtheimer, Mrs. Elizabeth A.) 
BANTON, Stephanie Paige; 7997 (See Troutman, Mrs. Stephanie 

"BANYARD, Mrs. Jane (Jane Wilkinson); 7929 
'BANZET, Lucy W.; 7969 (See von Holland, Mrs. Lucy W.) 
BARAN, Ms. Stacy L.; 7997; BFA Univ. of CT; Graphic 

Designer/Web Designer; r: 15 Field Dr., Wethersfield, CT 06109, 

860 529-6417; 
"BARBA, Virginia; 7947 (See Parker, Mrs. Virginia) 
BARBECK, Linda K.; 7977 (See Becker, Mrs. Linda K.) 
BARBEE, Catherine Jane; 7989 (See Kastner, Catherine B.) 
"BARBEE, Mrs. Mahon (Marion Miller); 7927 
"BARBER, Adah M.; 7933 (See Wilson, Mrs. Adah M.) 
"BARBER, Alice; 7930 (See Davidson, Mrs. Alice) 
BARBER, Mrs. Gretchen (Gretchen Bullard); 7967 AB; r; POB 

626, Warren, VT 05674, 802 496-7424; David; 
"BARBER, Mrs. Helen B. (Helen B. Carmine); 7947 
BARBER, Mrs. Holly McGovern (Holly Elizabeth McGovern); 

7986 AB; r: 2924 W Tambay Dr., Tampa, FL 33611, 813 837- 

8991 ; Ralph; Chas, Caroline; 
"BARBER, Julia; 7978 (See Taylor, Mrs. Julia) 
"BARBER, Mabel; 7976 
•BARBER, Marion; 7937 (See Burke, Mrs. Marion) 
••BARBER, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Blaikie); 7932 
"BARBER, Mary; ACAD (See Ambler, Mrs. Mary) 
••BARBER, Mary Anice; 7954 (See Read, Mrs. Mary Anice) 
BARBOT, Mrs. Mary Weeks (Mary Weeks Cofer); 7978 ; BA Old 

Dominion Univ.; RN, Henrico Doctor's Hosp., Richmond, VA 

23233; r: 2602 Foxbush Ct., Richmond, VA 23233, 804360-2656 
BARBOUR, Amanda Bray; 2002 (See Barbour-Johnston, Mrs. 

Amanda Bray) 
••BARBOUR, Florence; ACAD 
BARBOUR, Mary Elizabeth; 7948 (See McCrea, Mrs. Elizabeth 

••BARBOUR, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Wilson); 7933 
BARBOUR, Mrs. Susan Marie Maddox; 7997 BA; Coord., LGH 

Childcare Ctr., 1 901 Tate Springs Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24501 , 434 

947-3093; r: 149 Amelon PL, Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 929- 

3136; Roy,- Lauren, Gail; 
BARBOUR-JOHNSTON, Mrs. Amanda Bray (Amanda Bray 

Barbour); 2002 BA; Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Martins- 
ville, VA 241 12; r: 132 Dublin Ct., Danville, VA 24541 , 434 793- 

1275; John Johnston; 

BARCHOWSKY, Martha; 7976; Mgr., Banks Auto Recyclers, 

1046 Conowingo Rd., Conowingo, MD 21918, 410 658-4844; 

r: 64 Boxwood Ln., Boxwood Farm, Colora, MD 21917 
BARCLAY, Florence; 7957 (See Winston, Mrs. Florence) 
BARCLAY, Hilary; 7987 (See Cooke, Hilary Westervelt) 
BARCLAY, Marielyce; 7965 (See Watner, Mrs. Marielyce) 
BARCUS, Mary; 7952 (See Hunter, Mrs. Mary B.) 
BARDEN, Agnes F.; 7955 (See Sabiston, Mrs. Agnes F.) 


BARDEN, Mrs. Jean Otey (Jean Otey Beard); 1978 BA; 

Managing Dir. Real Estate Finance, PB Capital, 590 Madison 

Ave., New York, NY 10022, 212 756-5574; r: 21 Spring Hill Ln., 

E., Stamford, CT 06903, 203 329-7103; Robert; J., Leila; 
*BARDIN, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Drew); ACAD 
'BARDIN, Mary H.; 1951 (See Gray, Mrs. Mary H.) 
BARDUSCH, Mrs. Doris Albray (Doris Munn Albray); 1941 BA; 

Mgr. Administration/CMA Retired, Morris Cnty. Bd. of Realtor; 

r: 3 Lake Tr. W, Morristown, NJ 07960, 973 425-5480; Edward, 

Deborafi, Kevin, Brad, Jessica, Hunter, Vaughn; 
'BARDWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth McCrady); 1930BS 
'BARDWELL, Mrs. Frances (Frances Summers); 1913 
BAREIKA, Brenda; 1964 ; r: 752 Greenwich St., Apt. 3-B, New 

York, NY 10014, 212 691-5554 
BARENDS, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Stoddart); 1954 AB; r: 5740 

Jardin PL, Columbus, OH 43213, 614 860-9730 
*BARETT, Eleanor R.; 1939 
BARFIELD, Dr. Ashton; 7964 AB; Financial Admin., Population 

Council; r: 531 Main St., #425, Roosevelt Island, New York, NY 

10044,212 752-8963 
BARFIELD, Mrs. Martha J. (Martha J. Willis); 1972 -.r. POB 

1287, Perry, GA 31069, 478 987-0933 
'BARFIELD, Mrs. Mary T. (Mary Cropsey Turnbull); 1937 
BARGAMIN, Mrs. Joan Nelson (Joan Nelson); 1958BA; Antique 

Dealer/Retired Paralegal, Willow Place Antique Gallery, 5446 W. 

Broad St., Richmond, VA 23230, 804 288-6301 ; r; 6608 Three 

Chopt Rd., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-0686; Paul; Paul N., 

Stephen N.; 

BARGE, Mary Elizabeth; 1939{See Schroder, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
BARGER, Mrs. Brenda (Brenda Muhlinghaus); 1965 AB; 

Homemaker/Church Ofcr.A/olunteer; r; 20500 Davidson 

Concord Rd., Davidson, NC 28036, 704 892-7484; Hugh; Jack, 

Kate, Emily, Sam; 

BARGER, Mrs. Rebecca May (Rebecca May Carter); 1981 ; 

Stationery Company Owner, Sidekicks Paper Design, POB 639, 

Gastonia, NC 28056, 704 865-9091; r: 2816 Scarborough Ct., 

Gastonia, NC 28056, 704 865-2899 
*BARHAM, Mrs. Carolyn L. (Carolyn L. Whited); 1937 
BARIO, Ms. Joanne (Joanne Tumolo); 1968 ; 224 E Liberty St., 

CharlesTown, WV 25414, 304 724-7234; r: 7223 Queens SL, 

Middleway, WV 25430, 304 728-0588; Jacques LaMarre; Anna, 

'BARKALOW, Vivienne; 1918 (See Hornbeck, Mrs. Vivienne) 
'BARKER, Catherine M.; 7950 AB 
BARKER, Mrs. Constance (Constance Triplette); 1965; r: 258 

Apache Rd., Troutman, NC 28166, 704 528-9551 
'BARKER, Jean; 7959 (See Fiske, Mrs. Jean) 
BARKER, Jennifer Lockton (Jennifer Anne Lockton); 1985; BA 

Univ. of NH; Patent Asst., Eli Lilly & Co.; r: 12639 Largo Dr., 

Fishers, IN 46038, 317 913-0311; /Andrew 
BARKER, Mrs. Joanne (Joanne Harrier); 1960, 1975 AB; r: POB 

86, 114 S. Robinson Ave., Pen Argyl, PA 18072, 610 863-8448; 
'BARKER, Mrs. Marilyn (Marilyn Ackerson); 7950 AB 
'BARKHAM, Mrs. Anne (Anne Jones); 7935 
BARKLEY. Mrs. Katherine Primm (Katherine Primm Fons); 7987 

AB; Homemaker; r; 952 Virginia Cir. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, 404 

607-0763; William: Garden, Claire; 

BARKLEY, Laura Elizabeth; 7996 (See Ramsey, Mrs. Laura (Buff) 

BARKLEY, Mrs. Nella(Nella Gray); 7955AB; Business Sch., 

Harvard Univ.; Pres., Crystal-Barkley Corp., 293 E. Bay St., 

Charleston, SC 29401, 800 333-9003; r; 51 Society St., Charles- 
ton, SC 29401 , 843 723-9077; Rufus; Rufus III, J. Miles, Nella B 

BARKLEY, Mrs. Pamela (Pam) Lorraine (Pamela Lorraine Ythier); 

1987 BA; Human Res. Assoc, TruSecure Corp., 13650 Dulles 

Technology Dr., Ste. 500, Hemdon, VA 20171, 703 480-8827; 

r: 43912 Chloe Ter., Ashburn, VA 20147, 703 887-2327; 

Richard: Jake; 


'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BARKSDALE, Elaine Meredith; 7992 (See Finucane, Mrs. Elaine 

BARKSDALE, Mrs. F. Catherine Moore (Flavia Catherine Moore); 
1986 AB; r: 814 Arlington Cir., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 673- 
3841 ; Lash: Garland, Abe, Catherine; 
'BARKSDALE, Telia; 7930 (See Bailey, Mrs. Telia) 
BARKSTROM, Justine Simms (Justine Simms Gregg); 7 989 ; 
BBACIg. Charleston; Homemaker; r: 4312 Hanover Ave., 
Richmond, VA 23221, 804 918-4358; /\dam,- Walker 
'BARLEY, Anna; ACAD (See Baldwin, Mrs. Anna) 
'BARLOON, Mrs. Blanche (Blanche Davies); 7933 BS 
'BARLOW, Mrs. Alwyn (Alwyn Redmond); 7929 AB 
BARLOW, Carol Victoria; 7983 AB; MAT Washington Univ.; 
English Dept. Chairperson, Baker Sch., 1369 14th St., Baker, FL 
32531, 850 689-7279; r: 208 Westlake Ct., Niceville, FL 32578, 
850 897-5645; 
'BARLOW, Mrs. Mahan D. (Marian D. Yerkes); 7974 
BARNARD, Carol P.; 7960 (See Ottenberg, Carol B.) 
'BARNARD, Mrs. Jaquelin (Jaquelin Hix); 7930 
BARNARD, Mrs. Lucinda (Lucinda Burr); 7964 AB; r: 28 Planet 

St., Providence, Rl 02903, 401 421-6329 
BARNARD, Ms. RachelJune; 7999BA;AA Univ. of Richmond, 
Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland; Elem.Tchr.,HenricoCnty. Public 
Schs.; r: 305 N. Meadow St., Richmond, VA 23220, 804 353- 
BARNES, Alice D.; 7957 (See Robertson, Mrs. Alice D.) 
'BARNES, Barbara T.; 7935 (See Sears, Mrs. Barbara T.) 
BARNES, Brooks; 7943 AB; BSN Columbia Univ.; Retired RN, 
Children's Hosp., Boston, MA; r; 63 Warren Ave., Plymouth, MA 
02360, 508 746-2062 
BARNES, Mrs. Claudia D. (Claudia D. Fangboner); 7 967 AB; 
r: c/o Hogan Hartsoet, 555 13th St. NW, Washington. DC 20004, 
202 637-5695 
'BARNES, Denis Tat; 7957 (See Chapman, Mrs. Denis Tat) 
BARNES, Elizabeth; 7939 (See Bird, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BARNES, Mrs. Elsetta (Elsetta Gilchrist); 7927 BS 
BARNES, Frances S.; 7977 (See Kennamer, Mrs. Frances B.) 
BARNES, Ms. JaneS.; 7968 AB;r: 110 Olde Saxony Tr., 

Cheswick, PA 15024, 412 767-5804 
'BARNES, Janet; 7936 (See Oilman, Mrs. Janet) 
'BARNES, Mrs. Jessie K. (Jessie K. Johnston); ACAD 
BARNES, Judy; 7960 (See Agnew, Mrs. Judy) 
BARNES, Kathryn Andrea; 7970 (See Hendricks, Mrs. Nathan V., 

BARNES, Ms. Laurie Anne; 7990 ; r: 100 Woods Ln., Radnor, PA 

BARNES, Leila; 7945 (See Cheatham, Mrs. Leila) 
'BARNES, Marily; 7939 (See Lewis, Mrs. Manly) 
BARNES, Mrs. Mariha (Martha Davis); 7948 AB; Retired Realtor; 
r: 4470 Paces Battle, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 266-3745; 
David, Sarah, Allen; 
BARNES, Ms. Mary H.; 7977 ;r: 817 W. Love SL, Mexico, MO 

BARNES, Mrs. Marylew Hughes (Marylew Hughes Redd); 7983 
AB; Pres., Redd Inc., 23 Locust Ln., Rye, NY 10580, 914 967- 
7034; r: same, 914 967-6743; 
'BARNES, Melinda Ann; 7982 
BARNES, Nancy E.; 7970 (See Howard, Mrs. Nancy B.) 
BARNES, Nancy L.; 7949 (See Coffin, Mrs. Nancy L.) 
'BARNES, Paulina; 7926 

'BARNES, Pauline; 7958 (See Hester, Mrs. Pauline) 
'BARNES, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Sherman); 7942 AB 
'BARNES, Sally Conover; 7977 
'BARNES, Sally W.; 7974 (See Morrison, Mrs. Sally W.) 
BARNES, Suzanne G.; 7972 (See Inman, Mrs. Suzanne G.) 
BARNETT, Catherine; 7949 (See Brown, Mrs. Catherine G.) 
'BARNETT, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Groves); ACAD 
'BARNETT, Frances; 7930 (See Crosby, Mrs. Frances) 
'BARNETT, Frances R.; 7974 (See Gordon, Mrs. Frances R.) 
'BARNETT, Mrs. Josie (Josie Gambrell); 7944 
'BARNETT, Laurel Ann; 7982 



BARNETT, Lynne Morris (Lynne Summers Morris); 1958 AB; 

MA Bryn Mawr CIg.; Retired Spanisli Tchr.; r: 21 9 Ridgemont, 

San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 822-1049; Walter; Kattileen, Laura 
*BARNETT, Martha Elizabeth; 1986 (See Stephens, Mrs. Martha 

'BARNETT, Ms. Mary Larkin; 1976 AB 
BARNETT, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Levi); )949 AB; Retired CEO, 

Palmetto Pigeon Plant; r: 24 Warren St. , Sumter, SC 291 50, 803 

773-3929; Henry (Dec): Patricia 
BARNETT, Patricia Loryea; 1974 (See Greenberg, Mrs. Patricia 

BARNETT, Ms. Tracey Lynn; 2002; r: 6732 Greywalls Ln., 

Raleigh, NC 27614, 919 676-6834 
BARNETT-CUDE, Mrs. LaQuela Scaife (LaQuela LaDaire Scaife); 

1980 ; BA Univ. of Tennessee, MBA Stetson Univ.; Pres., Music 

Inc., 1012 17th Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37212, 615 327-4369; 

r: POB 222645, Garmel Vly., CA 93924, 831 622-0239; M. 

Cude; Alexa; 

BARNEY, Dorothy; ^950 (See Hoover, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BARNEY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Bacon); 1937 
BARNEY, Ms. Susan Margaret; ?998BA; Congressional Dist. 

Rep., Glen Allen, VA 23060, 804 747-4073; r: 910 Masters Row, 

Apt. M, Glen Allen, VA 23059, 804 377-6226; 
BARNHARDT, Katharine C; 1967{See Chase, Mrs. Katharine B.) 
"BARNHARDT, Mary Frances; 1940 (See Ridenhaur, Mrs. Mary 

"BARNHARDT, Mrs. Pauline L (Pauline L Bullington); 1925 
BARNHART, Mrs. Lisa Allison (Lisa Ellyn Allison); 1981 AB; MS 

Georgia State Univ.; Homemaker; r: 310 Camden Rd., NE, 

Atlanta, GA 30309, 404 355-3707; Steven; David, Allison; 

BARNHART, Margaret S.; 1969 (See Baxter, Mrs. Margaret S.) 
BARNHART, Mary Brooks; 1933(See Cariton, Mrs. Mary Brooks) 
BARNHILL, Jane Louise; f 977 (See Bechtel, Mrs. Jane Louise) 
BARNHiLL, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary C. Emery); 1951 AB; MS 

Syracuse Univ.; Coord., Meals On Wheels, Hilton Head Island, 

SC 29926; r: 39 Victoria Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, 843 

837-5551; Richard; CarXer, Mimi, Amy, Richard(Barney); 
BARNICK, Mrs. Florence Chancellor (Florence Chancellor Rowe); 

1980 BA; Assoc. Publisher & Broadcast Media, The Free-lance 

Star Publishing Co., 616 Amelia St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 

540 374-5452; r: 521 Winterberry Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22405, 

540 899-5777; Richard; Andrew, Scott, George; 

BARNS, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Balch); 1952 AB\ Retired Exec. 

Dir.;r:7186 Cooper St., Westmoreland, NY 13490, 315 853- 

3774; Frederic, Jonathan, James, Kady, Marcus, Charity, Samuel 
BARNUM, Dorothy Craig; 1935 (See Venter, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BARNWELL, Mrs. Anna (Nancy Parker); )942; Homemaker; 

r:23 Rutledge Ave., Charieston, SC 29401, 843 723-9501; 

Daniel L; Elliott, Frank, Stuart (Dec), John 
BARNWELL, Dorothy Lea; )960(See Kerrison, Mrs. Dorothy Lea) 
'BARNWELL, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Porcher); 1945 AB 
'BARON, Mrs. Lisbeth (Lisbeth Abrams); )949 AB 
BARONE, Ms. Florence Mary; 1980; BA Univ. of VA; Editor, 

Editorial Svcs. Indep., 2238 SE Madison St. Apt. 6, Portland, OR 

97214; r: same, 503 236-7288; 

flora_1 © 
BAROODY, Nancy Louise; 1978; r: 1749 NE 120th St., Anthony, 

FL 32617 
BAROZZI, Brenda Joyce; 1982 ; VP, Mgr. of Direct Production, 

Foote, Cone & Belding, 150 E 42nd St., New York, NY 10017, 

212 885-3417; r: 19 Howard PL, Lynbrook, NY 11563; 

BARQUIN, Mrs. Jeannie (Jeannie Campbell); 7966 BA; MA 

NYU, MLS Univ. Maryland CIg. Park; Librarian, St. Patrick's 

Episcopal Day Sch., 4700 Whitehaven Blvd. NW, Washington, 

DC 20007, 202 342-281 1 ; r: 8525 Meadow Lark Ln., Bethesda, 

MD 20817, 301 365-5551 ; Nicolas; 
BARR, Mrs. Aubrey Adam (Aubrey Clark Adam); 1989 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 25 Uriah's Dr., Duxbury, MA 02332, 781 934- 

5782; James; Eva; 
"BARR, Betty; 1922 (See Williams, Mrs. Betty) 



BARR, Carolyn A.; ?970(See Hoyt, Mrs. Carolyn A.) 
"BARR, Jeanette; ACAD (See Derby, Mrs. Jeanette) 

BARR, Jennifer Ann; 1983 (See Whaley, Mrs. Jennifer Ann) 
"BARR, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Bechtel); ?923 BS 
'BARR, Laura Jean; 1989 

BARR, Mrs. Leiia Carroll (Leiia Carroll Randolph); ?967 AB; BA; 
Dir. of Devel ./Alumni Affairs, Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, 2501 
Academy Rd., Powhatan, VA 23139, 804 598-4211; r: 3230 
Three Bridge Rd., Powhatan, VA 23139, 804 598-3230; 
Michael; Michael, Angus; 
"BARR, Mrs. Lydia (Lydia Henderson); 1948 
'BARRAL, Virginie; 1993 

BARRET, Ms. Kate (Kate Clay); 1966 ■,BA Univ. of Kentucky; 
Admin. Asst. Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Kentucky, 859571862; 
r: 1901 Cane Ridge Rd„ Paris, KY 40361, 859 383-4249; Eliza- 
beth, Lauren, Anne; 
'BARRETT, Mrs. Ann (Ann Carter); 1959 
BARRETT, Ms. Ann Elizabeth; 1997BA; MA Univ. Iowa; r: 3But- 
tonwood Dr., Andover, MA 01810, 978 623-7093; 
"BARRETT, Anne; 1942 (See George, Mrs. Anne) 
"BARRETT, Anne; 1926 (See Allaire, Mrs. Anne) 
"BARRETT, Mrs. Annette (Annette Harber); ACAD 
'BARRETT, Barbara L,; 1980 
BARRETT, Mrs, Carol A. (Carol A. Lemon); )978; r: 3101 Phil- 

lipsburg Ct., Greensboro, NC 27410 
BARRETT, Mrs. Celia A. (Celia A. Martin); 1973 ; BA Newcomb 
CIg., MLS Louisiana State Univ.; Librarian, Harrison Cnty. 
Library Syst., 1 300 21 st. Ave., Gulfport, MS 39501 , 228 863-641 1 ; 
r: 810 Second St., Gulfport, MS 39501, 228 863-0100; Ashton; 
"BARRETT, Mrs. Chariotte B. (Chariotte B. Johnson); 1943 
BARRETT, Mrs. Cynthia Chilton (Cynthia Noyes Chilton); 1 992 
BA;BS Simmons CIg.; RN;r: 1526 Virginia St. E, Charleston, 
WV 2531 1 , 304 343-2333; John; Julia, Anna, John (Ned) 
BARRETT, Denise Rochelle; 1988 ; Certified Pharmacy Tech., 
Riverside Behavioral Health Ctr., Hampton, VA; r; 140 Wreck 
Shoal Dr., Newport News, VA 23606, 757 595-7748; 
BARRETT, Mrs. Diana (Diana Herran); 7966 BA; Cnsltg., 
Harvard Univ., 677 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115; r: c/o 
Vila, 115 Kingston SL Fl, 3, Boston, MA 021 11; Christopher 
"BARRETT, Donna; 1924 (See Ives, Mrs. Donna) 
BARRETT, Eleanor B.; 1972 AB; r: 915 West End Ave., Number 
9F, New York, NY 10025, 212 663-6995 
"BARRETT, Gwendolyn; 1920 (See Simmons, Mrs. Gwendolyn) 

BARRETT, Kate; ?967(See Rennie, Mrs. Kate) 
"BARRETT, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Person); 1936 
BARRETT, Ms. Leighton Elizabeth; 1997 1998 BA; Regional 
Sales Mgr.A/P, F&l Cnslts,; r: 530 Harbor Dr. N, Indian Rocks 
Bch.,FL 33785, 727 595-5394; 
'BARRETT, Ms. Margaret Sorrells; 1997 
BARRETT, Mary (Barrett) Baker; )948(See Robertson, Mrs. Mary 

'BARRETT, Mrs. Mason; 1934 
"BARRETT, Mrs. Miriam J. (Miriam J. Bliss); 1926 
BARRETT, Ms. Susan Margaret; 7994 BS; r: 1 322 Hazel St., 

Jackson, MS 39202, 601 948-0054 
BARREYAT, Ms. Kristell; 1998 ; r: 2 PI. De La Croix Verte, Janvry 
91640, France 
"BARRICKS, Mrs. Cordelia (Cordelia Kirkendall); 1925 
BARRIE, Ms. Wendy Claire (Wendy Claire Baum); 1984 ; B A 
NYU, MA NYU; Homemaker; r: 506 E. 84th St. #2FE, New York, 
NY 10028, 212 288-9391; Peter Philip; 
BARRIER, Ms. Catherine Jo; 7976 AB; MBA Winthrop Univ.; 
Self-employed; r: 4322 Country Ln., Charlotte, NC 28270, 704 
"BARRINGER, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Minor); ACAD 
BARRINGER, Mrs. Merrill U. (Merrill Undenwood); 1954 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 14 S. Calibogue Cay, Hilton Head Island, SC 
29928, 843 671-4272; Pau/; Victor, Merrill, Hampton 
BARRINGER, Rosalie; 1951 (See Womham, Mrs. Rosalie) 


BARRON, Virginia Gordon; 1947 (See Summer, Mrs. Virginia 
"BARROW, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Gates); 1943 
"BARROW, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Bierhaus); 1952 
BARROW, Linda Susan; 1982 AB; r: 7721 Arlen St., Annandale, 
VA 22003 
"BARROW, Lucile; ?9y7 (See Turner, Mrs. Lucile) 
"BARROW, Lucille; 1928 (See Lane, Mrs. Lucille) 
BARROW, Mrs. Mary Reid (Mary Reid Dunn); 1960 ; Free-lance 
Writer, Virginia Bch., VA 23451 ; r: 209 73rd St., Virginia Bch., VA 
23451,757 428-8679; 
"BARROW, Sidney; 1926 (See Galloway, Mrs. Sidney) t 
'BARROWS, Alice; 1931 (See Francisco, Mrs. Alice) 
BARROWS, Muriel G.; 1940 (See Neall, Mrs. Muriel G.) 
"BARRS, Mrs. Anne (Anne Bryan); ACAD 
'BARRY, Caralisa; 7932 (See Pollard, Mrs. Caralisa) 
"BARRY, Dorothy; ^935 (See Ketcham, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BARRY, Frances; 1926 (See Jack, Mrs. Frances) 
BARRY, Mrs. Katherine L. (Katherine L. Hutton); 1969 ; VP, C.B. 
Commercial Real Estate, 424 Church St. Ste. 1 500, Nashville, TN 
37219, 615 248-1112; r:POB 50091, Nashville, TN 37205; 
Baker, Hutton 
BARRY, Louise S. (Louise Smith); 1 944 AB; BA Sweet Briar CIg., 
MLS Sweet Bhar CIg.; Retired Librarian; r: 19 White Spots Ln., 
Locust Vly., NY 11560, 516 676-4358; George, Susan, Charles; 
'BARRY, Mrs. Marcelite A. (Marcelite A. Farris); ACAD 
'BARRY, Mrs. Mane A. (Marie A. Gaffney); 1941 BA 
'BARRY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Bowser); 1952 
'BARRY, Myrel; 1920 
BARRY, Ms. Susan (Susan Brown); 1966 AB; r: HC 1 Box 6, 

Marble Falls, TX 78654 
BARSNESS, Mrs. Katherine Louise (Katherine Louise Reynolds); 
1 982 AB; r: 309 Mansion Dr., Alexandria, VA 22302, 703 683- 
BARSTOW, Mrs. Ann (Ann Red); 1951 ; r: 14421 Ridgetop Ter., 
Austin, TX 78732, 512 266-7628; 
'BARTEL, Mrs. Anna (Anna Whitaker); 1941 AB 
'BARTEL, Anna; 1966 {See Cox, Mrs. Anna) 
'BARTELS, Gertrude; ^929 (See Merrin, Mrs. Gertrude) 
'BARTELS, LauraA.; 1970 
BARTELT, Betty; 1941 (See Croasdale, Mrs. Carl) 
BARTER, Mrs. Gwynneth Scott (Gwynneth Scott Taggart); 1975 
AB; Svc. Rep. & Operations Accounting, Tricorp; r: 47 Old Salt 
Rd., Unit 1, Old Orchard Bch., ME 04064, 207 934-5394; 

'BARTH, Cynthia Jane; 1985 (See Duncan, Mrs. Cynthia Jane) 
BARTHOLD, Judith Ann; 1966 (See De Simone, Mrs. Judith Ann) 
'BARTHOLDI, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Graham); 1931 
BARTHOLOMAUS, Ms. Suellen; ?970; BS Cornell Univ.; 
Owner, Cross Fields Farm, 4330 Shorthorn, Rescue, CA 95672, 
530 677-4892; r: same; 
'BARTHOLOW, Mrs. Victoria L. (Victoria L. Michaelis); 1972 
BARTLETT, Anne Lee; 1 979 AB; r: 6CloverbrookeCt., Potomac, 

MD 20854 
BARTLETT, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Rockefeller); ^963 BA; PA 
Acad, of Fine Arts; Artist/Oils; r: 1 Biddle Woods Ln., Wyndmoor, 
PA 19038; John; Jonathan, David C. 
BARTLETT, Ms. Chantel N.; 1998 BA; Exec. Asst., Natl. Fedn. of 
Indep. Business, 1201 F St. NW, Ste. 200, Washington, DC 
20004, 202 314-2062; r: 7775 Tiverton Dr., Spnngfield, VA 
22152,703 644-9282; 
chantel.bartlett @ 
'BARTLETT, Mrs. Henrietta (Henrietta Martin); 1934 
BARTLETT, Ms. Hope Elizabeth; 1990; 628 Ives Rd., E. Green- 
wich, Rl 02818, 401 884-71 16; r: 179 Broadway No C, Costa 
Mesa, CA 92627 
'BARTLETT, Mrs. Judith (Judith Johnson); 1962 
'BARTLETT, Linda J.; ^950 (See Thompson, Mrs. Linda J.) 
'BARTLETT, Mrs. Sarah Bennett (Sarah Bennett Wilcox); ) 939 

'BARTO, Ms. P. Robyn; 1994 BA 
'BARTOL, Joan; 1964 (See Peebles, Mrs. Joan) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BARTOLOMEI, Mrs. Tracey Lauren (Tracey Lauren Van Tyle); 
y994 BA; Kindergarten Tchr., Sherman Park Preschool; r: 4401 
W Bighorn Dr. Apt. C, USAF Acad., CO 80840; Jason,- Isaac, 
"BARTON, Mrs. Adelaide (Adelaide Norfleet); ACAD 
"BARTON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Garrison); 1948 
"BARTON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Mertz); 1953 
"BARTON, Mrs. Hallie (Hallie Orr); 1932 
"BARTON, Dr. Helen D. (Helen D. Earle); 1911 
"BARTON, Isabel; ACAD (See Morse, Mrs. Isabel) 
'BARTON, Joanna Maria; 1977 

BARTON, Kimberly Tamara; 2004 ; r: 308 Third Ave., Farmville, 
VA 23901 
"BARTON, Mrs. Martha (Martha Lindsey); 1944 AB 
"BARTON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Perkins); 1929 
'BARTON, Patricia A.; 1951 BA 
BARTON, Mrs. Patricia F. (Patricia F. Hite); y973 AB; r: POB 

564, Salisbury, CT 06068 
BARTON, Mrs. Susan (Susan Butler); ?968; Managing Dir., 
MEP Rsch. Svc, 106 Cheyne Walk, London, England; r: Flat 
24, 21 Seymour St., London W1H 5AB, England; 
'BARTON-DOBENIN, Patricia; 1988 
BARTSCH, Mrs. Martha H. (Martha J. Holland); 1961 ; BFA 
Rhode Island Sch. of Design; Retired: r: POB 236, Weston, VT 
05161 , 802 824-5994; Donald: Brian, Gregory; 
"BARTZ, Helen; 7927 (See King, Mrs. Helen) 
BARUCH, Ann R. (Ann M. Ritchey); ?962 BA; BA; Dir. of Dev., 
North Carolina Outwardbound Sch., 2582 Riceville Rd, Asheville, 
NC 28805, 828 299-3366; r: 230 Laurel Ln., Haverford, PA 
19041,610 649-9860; 
BARUCH, Michele Victoria; 1980 (See Jeffery, Mrs. Michele 

BARUTIO, Stephanie Anne; 1961 (See Welch, Mrs. Stephanie 

(Stevie) Barutio) 
BARWICK, Nancy Holt; 1981 (See Ordway, Mrs. Nancy Holt) 
BASANTI, Nada; 2002 BA; Mancini Catering; r: 4002 Medford 
Dr., Annandale, VA 22003, 703 354-1740; 
BASHINSKY, Betty Ridole; 1975 (See Wise, Mrs. Betty 

'BASHKIN, Mrs. Susanne Birgitte (Susanne Birgitte Gonge); 

1986 AB 
'BASINGER, Leslie C; 1974 
"BASKERVILLE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Lott): 1928 
BASKETT, Ms. Heather Noel; 7996 BA; Elephant Keeper, Zoo 
Atlanta, 800 Chereeoke Ave., Atlanta, GA 3031 5, 404 264-561 1 ; 
r: 1880 Chapman Ave., East Point, GA 30344, 404 275-1250; 
BASKIN, Dawn Marie; 1994 (See Robinson, Ms. Dawn Marie) 
BASKOWITZ, Eve; 7978AB; r: 2256 W. Cullom, Chicago, IL 

60618,773 509-1753 
'BASLER, Mrs. Barbara J. (Barbara J. Fuller); 1969 
'BASS, Barbara F.; 1972 

"BASS, Betty Ann; 7946 (See Norris, Mrs. Betty Ann) 
BASS, Carolyn Hendon; 7985 (See Grimsley, Mrs. Carolyn B.) 
BASS, Mrs. Catherine Pnce (Catherine Price); 7945 AB; r: 506 
TiffanyLn.,Louisville,KY 40207, 502 896-0171; R;R. Bruce, 
Barbara F., Caroline, Kelly 
BASS, Ms. Christine L. (Christine L. Cummings); 7974 AB; Mort- 
gages; r: 5203 Cape Leyte Dr., Sarasota, FL 34242, 941 349- 
4707; Wayne: Sam, Danny, Chnstina 
BASS. Mrs. Clara (Clara McDonald); 7952 AB; MAPAUniv.ofTN; 
Ret. Dir. of Residential Svcs., Dept. of Mental Health & 
Retardation; r: 6105 Chickering Ct., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 
373-8587; Robinson: Ann, Elizabeth, Carolyn; 
BASS, Ellen M.; 7974 (See Brady, Mrs. Ellen B.) 
"BASS, Mrs. Eva A, (Eva A. Cumnock); 7929 AB 
BASS. Julia Dale; 7983 (See Randall, Mrs. Julia Dale) 
BASS, Lauren Gill (Lauren Keasler); 2002 ; Residential Design, 
Capitol Designs 2000, 7200 Stonehenge Dr., Raleigh, NC 2761 3. 
919 870-1262; r: 5454 Pine Top Cir., Raleigh, NC 27612, 919 
781-4349; Ecf,- Helen; 




BASS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Carmichael); 1961 AB; r: 2301 Rip Tide 

Ct., Virginia Bch., VA 23451, 757 481-3032 
BASS, Mrs. Mary Brusli (Mary C. Brush); 1962 AB; r: 215 Burclis 

Creel< Rd, Crozet, VA 22932, 540 456-7323; Lucien; Mary; 
BASS, Mrs. Sarali E. (Sarah F. Embrey); 1970 AB; Homemal<er/ 

Volunteer, State Garden Club/St. George's Episcopal Church; 

r: 1004 Hillcrest Ter„ Fredericksburg, VA 22405, 540 371-8450; 

James; Elizabeth, James T.; 
BASSETT, Beverly M.; 1969 (See Kimmel, Beverly M.) 
BASSETT, Mrs. Dixie (Dixie Boring); 1968 ;BA Univ. of Texas; 

Pres./CEO, United Way of Abilene, 240 Cypress, Abilene, TX 

79605, 915 677-1847; r: 3301 S.14th St. PMB 341, Abilene, TX 

79605, 325 676-4644; Bo, Blake, Blaire; 
"BASSETT, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Geer); 1 923 AB 
"BASSETT, Mrs. Jeanette (Jeanette Monroe); ACAD 
"BASSETT, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Milligan); 1923 AB 
BASSETT, Mrs. Ruth J. (Ruth W. Jones); 1961 ; Fashion Cnslt., 

Doncaster; r: 1200 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, VA24112,276 632- 

5219; Crtaries; Margaret, Hunter, Mary Elizabeth, Leigh, Chad 
BASSETT, Susan; 1954 (See Finnegan, Mrs. Susan) 
BASSEWITZ, Suzanne Marie; 1952 (See Mentzinger, Mrs. 

Suzanne Marie) 
BASTEN, Catherine Serena Bevier; 2002 BS; r: 502 Kersey Rd., 

Amherst, VA 24521 ; 
BASTEN, Mary Amelia; 1979 (See Heppner, Mrs. Mary Amelia) 
BATAILLON, Roberta Elizabeth (Roberta Elizabeth Wawro); 

1961 AB; r: 13 Ave. du Canada, 14000 Caen, France; 
BATCHELDER, Ms. Jessie Virginia; 200?; BA Simmons CIg.; 

Commission Spec, MetLife, Wara/ick, Rl; r: POB 3126, Nar- 

ragansett, Rl 02882, 401 789-4991; 

"BATCHELDER, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Davis); ACAD 
*BATEMAN, Ms. Dre; 1971 AB 
"BATEMAN, Mrs. Gladys (Gladys Mann); ACAD 
BATEMAN, Nancy; 1969 (See Pappas, Mrs. Nancy) 
'BATER, Elizabeth Elaine; 1986 
"BATES, Mrs. Agnes (Agnes Crawford); 1937 
BATES, Ms. Carey Attwood; 1991 BA; MA The American Univ.; 

Sr. Info. Developer, Hyperion Solutions, 900 Long Ridge Rd, 

Stamford, CT 06902, 203 703-3361; r: 37 Knapp Rd, POB 351, 

S. Salem, NY 10590, 914 763-5017; 

BATES, Elizabeth J.; 1976 (See Locke, Mrs. Beth J.) 
BATES, Gwendolyn I. (Gwendolyn I. Ferguson); 1973; r. 317 

Prince St., Lynchburg, VA 24501 , 434 846-7453 
BATES, Ms. Jacquelyn Van Scoten; 1992BA; BA; Membership 

Ofc, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 500 17th St. NW, Washington, 

DC 20006, 202 639-1796; r: 1204 N Oak St. No 2, Artington, VA 

22209,703 351-4002; 

jackie_bates @ msn .com 
'BATES, Jan M.; 1970 
'BATES, Janet (Janet McKallor); 1954 
BATES, Jeanette Anne; /986;r: POB 2188, Guerneville, CA 

'BATES, Mrs. Karen (Karen Herschbach); 1959 
BATES, Mrs. Marnie Jennifer (Mamie Jennifer Tokaruk); / 998 

BA; MA Univ. NC, Chapel Hill; Acct., Ernst & Young, One James 

Ctr., Richmond, VA, 804 344-4523; r: 2028 Valley Springs Ct., 

Powhatan, VA 23139, 804 379-3634; Kerry; 

mbates @ 
"BATES, Milo; 1929 (See Cravrford, Mrs. Milo) 
BATES, Susan Holly; 1982 (See Snow, Ms. Susan Holly) 
'BATES, Susan L.; )570(See Rebillet, Mrs. Susan L.) 
BATES, Tracy Elizabeth; 1 987 ;r. 20 Elmer Rd., S. Weymouth, 

MA 02190, 781 335-8538 
BATES, Dr. Victoria; 1974 AB; BS Univ. of MD CIg. Park, MA Univ. 

of Ml; Family Phys., Capital Health Plan, POB 15349, Tallahas- 
see, FL 32317; r: 7413 Laurel Ridge Ln., Tallahassee, FL32312; 

David Kopriva; 
"BATESON, Mrs. Houston; 1941 
BATESON, Jennie Lynn; 1976 {See Hamby, Mrs. Jennie Lynn) 


'BATHILDE, Odile (Odile Cozette); 1936 AB 
'BATON, Louise; 7935 (See Meyer, Mrs. Louise) 
'BATSELL, Mrs. Enna F. (Enna F. Brown); 1933 AB 
'BATSON, Mrs. Jean (Jean Flanagan); 1965 AB 
BATSON, Mrs. Jessica Claire (Jessica Claire Stapleton); 1992, 
1993 BA; Citizen's Telephone Co.; r: 1625 Bordeaux St., New 
Orteans, LA 701 15, 504 269-8287; Paul 
"BATSON, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Dunkin); 1943 
"BATTEN, Mrs. Helen D. (Helen D. Williams); ACAD 
BATTEN, Mrs. Megan Lyies; 1 988 AB; r: 8080 Glasgow Dr., Lau- 

rinburg, NC 28352, 910 276-4695 
BATTERSON, Bettina N.; 1965 (See Hall, Mrs. Bettina B.) 
"BATTEY, Alice; ACAD (See Bryson, Mrs. Alice) 
BATTEY, Virginia; 1934 (See Etheridge, Mrs. Virginia) 
BATTIN, Cheryl J.; 1974 (See McKinley, Mrs. Cheryl J.) 
BATTLE, Charlotte T.; 1973 (See Robbins, Mrs. Chartotte T.) 
BATTLE, Karen laCour; 1981 (See Smith, Ms. Karen laCour) 
BATTLE, Ms. Kathryn E. (Kathryn E. Bowen); 1973;r: 2861 

Fairmont Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27106, 336 761-1242 
BATTLE, Mrs. Leslie Lewis (Leslie Lewis Anderson); 1978 AB; 
r: 10745 SW 53 Ave., Miami, FL 33156, 305 666-0836 
"BATTLE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Taliaferro); 1930 AB 
"BATTLE, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Strode); 1925 AB 
"BATY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Nalle); 1968 

BAUBLITZ.VirginiaGrove; y989(See Peters, Mrs. VirginiaGrove) 
"BAUER, Anna M.; ACAD (See Pearce, Mrs. Anna M.) 
'BAUER, Mrs. Catherine D. (Catherine D. Robertson); 1974 
'BAUER, Mrs. Gloria Janice (Gloria Janice Cole); J9S7 AB 
BAUER, Helen Rachelle; 1978 (See Bruckmann, Mrs. Helen 

BAUER, Helene; ?957(See Magruder, Mrs. Helene) 
BAUERLE, Mrs. Frances Ruth Fowler (Frances Ruth Fowler); 
7982; BA Univ. of Georgia; Asst., Ophthalmologist's Ofc, 
Athens, GA 30606; r: 125 Tipperary Rd., Athens, GA 30606, 706 
354-4991; Jac/c,- John, Magill; 
BAUGH, Carol Jane; 1978 (See Webster, Mrs. Carol Baugh) 
BAUGHAM, Mrs. Tracy Leigh (Tracy Leigh Pryba); 1986 BA; 
r: 51 16 Old Forester Ln., Glen Allen, VA 23060; 
"BAUGHER, Bymina; ACAD (See Hicks, Mrs. Bymina) 
BAUGHER, Mrs. Elizabeth P. (Elizabeth P. Hall); 1972 A B ; 

r: 1817 Circle Rd., Baltimore, MD 21204, 410 321-1693 
BAUGHER, NicholleLynne; 200?; r: 7521 Tralee Woods Ct., 
Springfield, VA 22153, 703 913-2908 
"BAUGHER, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Hippie); 1928 
BAUGHMAN, Patricia Hope; 1997 (See Wright, Mrs. Patricia 

BAUKNIGHT, Mrs. Johannah (Johannah Armbrecht); 1959 ; 

r: 103 Victoria Cir., Anderson, SC 29621, 864 226-6976 
'BAUM, Martha; ?962(See Carlton, Mrs. Martha Baum) 
*BAUM, Phyllis M.; 7950 (See MacDonald, Mrs. Phyllis M.) 
BAUM, Mrs. Sonja (Sonja Howell); ?965 AB; r: 1609 La Cabra 
Dr., SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123; 
"BAUM, Mrs. Thelma (Thelma Jones); 1924 AB 

BAUM, Wendy Claire; 1984 (See Barrie, Ms. Wendy Claire) 
"BAUMAN, Barbara Sue; 1951 (See Gill, Mrs. Barbara Sue) 
BAUMBERGER, Mrs. Mary Alice (Mary Alice Bennett); 1942 ; 
r: 6043 E Hummingbird Ln., Paradise Vly., AZ 85253, 480 951- 
BAUR, Barbara; 1968 (See Dunlap, Mrs. Barbara) 
BAUR, Kathleen E.; 1989 (See Meniz, Mrs. Kathleen Elizabeth) 
BAVASI, Mrs. Margaret B. (Margaret F. Bums); 1976 ; BA 
Stephens CIg., JD Univ. of San Diego; Partner, Bavasi Sports, 
Everett, WA 98206; r; 5131 Harbor Ln., Everett, WA 98203, 425 
423-0317; Robert; Haley, Emily; 
BAX, Mrs. Jean (Jean White); ?940;r:930 Stratford Rd., Deer- 
field, IL 60015 
"BAXBY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Hilton); ACAD 
'BAXTER, Mrs. Catherine L. (Catherine L. Miles); 1951 
"BAXTER, Eliza P.; ACAD (See Donnell, Mrs. Eliza P.) 
"BAXTER, Margaret C; ACAD 
BAXTER, Mrs. Margaret S. (Margaret S. Bamhart); 1969 ; Exec. 
VP, Precision Resources, POB 2603, Concord, NH 03302; 
r: POB 861 , Carrizozo, NM 88301 ; Derek 


BAXTER, Mrs. Patricia S. (Patricia A. Sadtler); 1 967 AB; BA 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Retired Tchr.; r: Springhill, POB 130, Lyme, NH 

03768, 603 795-2076; Terry; Brian, Astiley; 
BAXTER, Prudence; 7967 (See Hoppin, Mrs. Prudence) 
BAXTER. Mrs. Susan B. (Susan B. Dwelle); 1 964 AB; r: 124 St. 

Ttiomas Ln., Owings Mills, MD 21 1 17, 410 363-6927 
BAY, Anne Whitney; 1989 (See Shuck, Mrs. Anne Whitney) 
BAYDUSH, Barbara L.; r978(See White, Mrs. Barbara Baydush) 
BAYER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth (Betsy) Brown); 1949 AB; 

Retired Social Worl<er; r: POB 1145, Duxbury, MA 02331, 781 

934-5346; /.eo,- Jerry, Sarah, Nicolas, Amy; 
BAYFIELD, Heather Lynne; 1994 (See Weidle, Ms. Heather 

'BAYHA, Mrs. Emilie (Emilia Jasperson); 1930 
BAYLESS, Robin Lea; 1980AB;Me6. Transcriptionist/Secy.; 

r: 1411 Englewood Dr., Bellevue, NE 68005, 402 292-1170; 

BAYLISS, Ms. Bridget Grace; y956BA; MA John Jay CIg. 

Criminal Justice; Special Investigator, FBI; r: 43-1 Kissena 

Blvd.,#14-H, Flushing, NY 11355; 
BAYLISS, Catherine Williams; 1989 ; r: RR 1 Box 6906, Kingshill, 

VI 00850 
'BAYLOR, Elizabeth W.; ACAD 
'BAYLOR, Rosalie B,; ACAD 
•BAYLY, Eva; ACAD (See Bittner, Mrs. Eva) 
BAYNE, Heidi Lynne; 1985 {See Overfelt, Mrs. Heidi Lynne) 
*BAYNE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Williams); 1927 AB 
'BAYNE, Margaret; 1958 (See Tazwell, Mrs. Margaret) 
BAYNHAM, Ms. Cynthia; y966AB; Tchr.-Elem. Educ, 

Rosemont Elem. Sch., 301 S. Alabama Ave., Martinsburg, WV 

25401; r: 1225 W. King St., Martinsburg, WV 25401, 304 267- 

6172; Galtjo Geertsema; Mary 
'BAYNHAM, Daphne; ?967 (See White, Mrs. Daphne) 
'BAYNUM, Mrs. Katherine (Kathehne Davis); 1921 AB 
BAYOUD, Mrs. Myth Jeanette (Myth Jeanette Monnich); ) 980 

BA; Dir., Special Orders, Neiman-Marcus, 1618 Main, Dallas, TX 

75201, 214 573-5721; r: 6207 Bryan Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75214; 

David; Charlie; 
BAYSE, Ms. Harriette Elizabeth; 1995 .BA George Mason Univ.; 

Dir. of Mktg., American Water Resources Assn., 4 W. Federal St., 

POB 1626, Middleburg, VA20118; r: 414 Pyletown Rd, Boyce, 

VA 22620, 540 837-2017; 

harrietteb @ hotmail .com 
BAZAR, Ms. Shannon Denise; 7999 BA; MA Univ. Georgia 

Athens; 1299 Pennsylvania Ave. N, Washington, DC 20004, 202 

783-0800; r: 167WindyHillCL, Athens, GA30606, 706227-2422; 

BAZZARRE, Mrs. Gail Emily (Gail Davidson); 1 955 BA; Book- 
keeper, Homemaker; r: 305 Lake Forest Ln., Charlottesville, VA 

22901 , 434 973-3636; Jotir) Tiiomas; Scott 
'BEACH, Mrs. Bettie Jean (Bettie Jean Warren); 1948 
BEACH, Mrs. Martha Isdale (Martha (Billy) Huntington Isdale); 

1954 AB; Pres., N-Con Systs. Co., Inc., POB 809, Crawford, GA 

30630, 706 743-8110; r: same, 706 742-8940; Jo/in; Christo- 
pher, Eleanor, Alison; 

'BEACH, Mary; ACAD {See Hood, Mrs. Mary) 
BEACH, Patricia Hamilton; ?952(See Thompson, Mrs. Patricia) 
BEACH, Priscilla; 1965 (See Guest, Mrs. Priscilla) 
BEACH, Ruth M.; ?940(See Robinson, Mrs. Ruth M.) 
BEACHAM, Mrs. Suanne Tremaine (Suanne Tremaine Huskey); 

1982 AB; r: POB 571 , Camden, ME 04843; 
'BEADLE, Mrs. Marion (Marion Sumner); r928 AB 
'BEADLES, Louise H.; 1914 (See Richardson, Mrs. Louise H.) 
'BEAHM, Louise; J9?5 (See Wells, Mrs. Louise) 
'BEAIRD, Carol Ann; 1980 (See Fly, Mrs. Carol Ann) 
'BEAIRD, Mary Ellen; 1985 (See Wilson, Mrs. Mary Ellen) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BEALE, Ms. Elizabeth; 1963 AB; Realtor, Virginia Properties, 412 
Libbie Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-7300; r: Locust 
Grove, 2593 Sandy Hook Rd., Goochland, VA 23063, 804 556- 
'BEALL, Anne C; 1913 (See Prichett, Mrs. Anne C.) 
'BEALL, Mrs. Linda F. (Linda F. Kinnaird); 1970 
BEALL, Renee Denise; 7987 (See Boucher, Mrs. Renee Denise) 
BEALL, Sandra J.; 1970 (See Elliot, Mrs. Sandra J.) 
'BEALL, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Emmert); ACAD 
BEAM, Barbara; 7960 (See Denison, Mrs. Barbara Beam) 
BEAM, Dorothy J.; 7963 (See Niemann, Mrs. Dorothy J.) 
'BEAM, Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth (Ruth Elizabeth Reid); 7987 
'BEAN, Mrs. Abigail (Abigail Shepard); 7933 AB 
'BEAN, Betty; 7949 (See Black, Mrs. Betty) 
BEAN, Elizabeth Tracy; 7966 (See Kenny, Mrs. Elizabeth Tracy) 
BEAN, Helen; 7934 (See Emery, Mrs. Helen) 
'BEAN, Jan; 7960 (See Lyons, Mrs. Jan) 
'BEAN, Mary Archer; 7929 (See Eppes, Mrs. Mary Archer) 
BEAN, Nancy; 7943 (See Hector, Mrs. Nancy) 
'BEANE, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Wright); 7937 
BEAR, Cornelia; 7958 (See Givhan, Cornelia) 
BEAR, Gypsie B.; 7973 (See Van Antwerp, Mrs. Gypsie B.) 
'BEAR, Rose Beverley; 7933 (See Burks, Mrs. Rose Beverley) 
'BEAR, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Abell); 7926 AB 
'BEAR, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Oliver); 7947 
BEARD, Ms. Allyson S.; 7997; BA Clemson Univ., JD Univ. of SC; 
Atty., Judge James Johnson Jr.; r: 16 Glen Laurel Ct., Mauldin, 
SC 29662, 864 224-9442; 
BEARD, Mrs. Anderson; 7967; BS Southeast Missouri State 
Univ.; Tchr., Rufkin HS, 7000 E. 111th St., Kansas City, MO 
64134, 816 316-7400; r: 513 Cactus, Belton, MO 64012, 816 
331-2876; Cory, Andrew 
'BEARD, Anne; 7939 (See Dix, Mrs. Anne) 
'BEARD, Anne B.; 7947 (See Eubank, Mrs. Anne B.) 
BEARD, Ms. Bronwyn Elizabeth; 7998 BA; Area Sales Mgr./HRIT 
Trainee, Hecht's, 8000 Tyson's Comer Ctr.. Mc Lean, VA 221 01 ; 
r: 3021 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, VA 22206, 703 933-7862; 
'BEARD, Caroline; 7949 (See DeClerque, Mrs. Caroline) 
'BEARD, Helen; 7930 (See Huntington, Mrs. Helen) 
BEARD, Jamie Ann; 7980 (See Seigel, Mrs. Jamie Ann) 
BEARD, Jean Otey; 7978 (See Barden, Mrs. Jean Otey) 
BEARD, Kathryn B.; 1955 AB; Retired Div. Supv., Hennapin Cnty. 
Ct.; r: 1074 Zanzibar Ln., Minneapolis, MN 55447, 763 475-2849; 
BEARD, Mrs. Marianne (Marianne Muse); 7960; Mgr., B. Dalton 
Bookstore, 7500 Beechmont, Cincinnati, OH 45255, 513 232- 
2970; r: 60 Slillmeadow Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245, 51 3 752-51 05 
BEARD, Mrs. Mona Wilson (Mona Wilson); 7957 AB; MS Hotstra 
Univ.; Retired Tchr.; r; 209 Devon Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, 
434 979-4686; Willard; Virginia, Barbara 
BEARD, Sharon Lynn; 1986 AB; Supv. of Case Mgmt., Cope, Inc.; 

r: 634 School Rd., Blue Bell, PA 19422 
BEARDEN, Julie; 7965 (See Adams, Mrs. Julie) 
BEARDSWORTH, Denise; 7977 (See Costa, Mrs. Denise) 
BEARSCH, Mrs. Nancy Ann (Nancy Ann McMullen); 7985 AB; 

r: 21 16 Shuresville Rd., Darlington, MD 21034 
'BEASLEY. Mrs. Anne (Anne Siebenthal); 7968 
BEASLEY, Ellis; 7963 (See Long, Dr. Ellis) 
BEASLEY, Mrs. Emma (Emma Glass); 7938 ; BA Univ. of AL; 
Retired/Librarian; r: POB 878-Westwood, Uniontown, AL 36786, 
334 628-8278; Dr. Ellis Long, Mary Leila; 
'BEASLEY, Irene; 7925 

'BEASLEY, Virginia; 7942 (See Holzer, Mrs. Virginia) 
'BEATON. Cusseta; 7923 (See Chambers, Mrs. Cusseta) 
BEATON.Ms. Meghan Elizabeth; 2007; r: 14 Gordon St., 

Boston, MA 021 34 
BEATTIE, Adair A.; 7976 (See Toddes, Mrs. Adair A.) 
BEATTIE, Sara; 7959 (See Sinkler, Mrs. Sara (Sally)) 
BEATTS, Mrs. Valerie (Valerie King); 7956 ; BA Stanford, MA 
San Jose State Univ.; Educator; r: 13171 Alta Ln., Los Altos, CA 
94022, 650 948-5943; Celia, Pathck; 
BEATTY, Ann Marie Elizabeth; 7990 (See Malone, Ann Marie 




BEAUBIEN, Mrs. Jacqueline Ruth (Jacqueline Ruth Jamison); 

1989 ; r: 604 Cedar Brook Ct„ Mt, Airy, MD 21771 
*BEAUCHAMP, Mrs. Jane (Jane Miessner); 1939 AB 
BEAUCHEMIN, Amanda Ann; 1983 (See Frohn, Mrs. Amanda 

BEAUDOUIN, Stephanie; 1969 (See Piper, Ms. Stephanie) 
BEAUDREAU, Ms. Kathleen A. (Kathleen A. Burns); 1971 AB; 

r: 379 4th St., Atlantic Bch., FL 32233; Robert 
BEAULIEU, Mrs. Ann Mary (Ann Mary Donaldson); 1985 ; 

r: 13410 54th Ave. N, Plymouth, MN 55442, 763 551-1465; 
BEAULIEU, Robin Lyn; ?997(See Ellef, Robin Lyn) 
BEAUMONT, Mrs. Marian Maxwell (Marian Perkins Maxwell); 

1980 ; BS SMU-Dallas TX; Homemaker; r: 1652 Little Willeo 

Rd., Marietta, GA 30068; Timothy: Chris, Anne, Marshall; 
BEAUVAIS, Kristen Angell; ?992(SeeCarron, Mrs. Kristen Angell) 
'BEAUVAIS, Michelle Leigh; 1989 (See Malseed, Mrs. Michelle 

'BEAVER, Margaret W.; 1934 (See List, Mrs. Margaret W.) 
'BEAVER, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Ayer); )964 AB 
BEAVER, Stephanie Lamar; ^975 (See Siegrist, Mrs. Stephanie 

'BEAVERS, Jessie; ACAD (See Phillips, Mrs. Jessie) 
BEAZLEY, Erin Ruth; 2002 BA: Lynchburg CIg.; Asst. 

Accounting; r: 350 SardisRd, Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-781 3; 
BEBB, Ms. Carols.; y974 AB;r: 120 Coppenwood Dr., Buffalo 

Grove, IL 60089 
'BECERRA, Sandra; 1969 
BECHARD, Ms. Juli Michelle; 1996BS; Ins. Tracking, Life of The 

South, Jacksonville, FL 32207, 904 350-9660; r: 1333 Pangola 

Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32207, 904 505-7208; Rob Wilkison; 
BECHERER, Molly; 1995 (See Hasty, Dr. Molly) 
BECHTEL, Barbara J.; ^972 (See Green, Mrs. Barbara J.) 
BECHTEL, Mrs. Jane Louise (Jane Louise Barnhill); 1977] MA 

Ashland Univ., BA Kent State Univ.; Dir., Lighthouse Acad., 388 

S Main St., Akron, OH 44311, 330 620-7449; r: 171 Springcrest 

Rd., Akron, OH 44333, 330 666-2630; Ron; Chip; 

'BECHTEL, Jenny Bell; 1948 (See Whyte, Mrs. Jenny Bell) 
'BECHTEL, Josephine; 1923 (See Barr, Mrs. Josephine) 
'BECK, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Youmans); 7965 AB 
BECK, Brandi Lane; 1990 (See Fowler, Dr. Brandi Beck) 
'BECK, Heather Elaine; 1986 

BECK, Jennifer LeMay; 7996 (See Locke, Mrs. Jennifer Beck) 
BECK, Katherine House; 1984 (See Preston, Mrs. Katherine 

BECK, Mrs. Nell 0. (Nell 0. Orand); 1952 ; BFA Univ. of Texas; 

Homemaker; r: 3737 Shenandoah Ave., Dallas, TX 75205, 214 

522-5733; Henry; Bruton, Peter, Joseph, Rose Lynch, Vincent 

Lynch, Alexander Lynch, Pat Spindrift, Pete, Kalita 
'BECK, Ms. Sallie Gayle (Sallie Gayle); 1 953 AB 
BECK, Victoria Maria; 7975 (See Schoppe, Mrs. Victoria Maria) 
'BECKER, Allison Brandon; 1980 (See Chapman, Mrs. Allison 

'BECKER, Mrs. Catharine (Catharine McCann); 1922 
'BECKER, Mrs. Diana (Diana Ladden); 1960 AB 
'BECKER, Mrs. Helen (Helen Mutschler); 7926 AB 
'BECKER, Jane; 7925 (See Clippinger, Mrs. Jane) 
'BECKER, Joan; 7949 (See Taylor, Mrs. Joan) 
'BECKER, Josephine; ACAD (See Mendelsohn, Mrs. Josephine) 
BECKER, Mrs. Linda K. (Linda K. Barbeck); 7977 ; r: 4205 

Deepwoods Dr., Austin, TX 78731 , 512 345-1506 
'BECKER, Mrs. Luima (Luima Pfeiffer); SPEC 
'BECKER, Margaret; 7942 (See Schiltges, Mrs. Margaret) 
'BECKER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Nelson); 7934 
BECKER, Mrs. Nancy N. (Nancy Neighbors); 7957; BA Univ. of 

TX; Retired Tax Advisor; r: 4701 Crestway Dr., Austin, TX 78731, 

512 454-3993; Allison, David, Margie, Elizabeth; 

'BECKER, Pamela; 7970 (See Jones, Mrs. Pamela) 
BECKER, Phyllis G.; 7974 AB; Account Exec, KCBS-TV, 6121 

Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028, 323 460-3717; r: 1 5985 

Alcima Ave., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, 323 559-1385; 

akashic77 @ 


BECKER, Sarah R.; 7970 AB; MS London Sch. of Economics; 

Published Author & Columnist, Cnslt. to Nonprofit; r: 1200 

Princess St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 836-1 176; 

'BECKERT, Mrs. Anita (Anita Wadsworth); 7946 
'BECKET, Margaret; ACAD (See Bippers, Mrs. Margaret) 
BECKETT, Pamela Renee; 7984 ; BA Univ. of Florida; Cnslt., 

Avaya, Inc., 540 248-4202; r: 825 Mill Race Rd., Verona, VA 

24482, 540 248-4042; 

BECKH, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Will); 7926 ; r; 6500 Patriots Colony Dr., 

Williamsburg, VA 23188, 757 229-0174 
BECKHAM, Mrs. Peggy A. (Peggy A. Pattillo); 7956 ; r: 1 4 1 6 

Woodland Tr., Abilene, TX 79605, 915 692-3072 
BECKMAN, Adriana Margit; 7989 (See Diaz-Farias, Mrs. Adriana 

'BECKMANN, Mrs. Mary L (Mary L. Price); 7926 
BECKNER, Dr. Mary E.; 7969 AB; George Washington Univ., MA 

Univ. NC Chapel Hill; Cnslt., Intl. Trng., Self-employed, P0B465, 

Williamsport, MD 21795, 301 714-0507; r: same 
'BECTON, Elizabeth Nora; 7984 (See Hannah, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'BEDDOES, Mrs. Mary Lorraine (Mary Lorraine Himes); 7936 AB 
BEDELL, Dr. Jeanne (Jeanne Fenrick); 7957 AB; MA Univ. of 

Richmond, PhD Southern Illinois Univ.; Retired Univ. Teacher; 

r: 3 Clinton St., Cambridge, MA 02139, 617 876-9483 
BEDELL, Louisa; 7968 (See Undenwood, Mrs. Louisa (Weez)) 
'BEDELL, Mrs. Mary Petty (Mary Petty Johnston); 7940 AB 
'BEDFORD, Mrs. Anne Louise (Anne Louise Fletcher); 7957 
'BEDFORD, Mrs. Julia E. (Julia E. Huff); ACAD 
BEDI, Ms. Harpreet; 7993 BA; Corporate Atty., Cisco Systs., Inc., 

San Jose, CA 95134, 408 527-7353; r; 799 Market St. Fl. 7, San 

Francisco, CA 94103 
BEDROSIAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Pennell); 7968; BA 

Hunter CIg., MED Hunter CIg.; r: 52 Clark St., Brooklyn, NY 

11201,718 855-4008; 
BEEBE, Blair A.; 7987 (See Smith, Mrs. Blair) 
'BEEBE, Mrs. Jennifer Kay (Jennifer Kay Wallace); 7980 
BEEBE, Mrs. Penny D. (Penny D. Proctor); 7969; BA Univ. of 

NC, MS Univ. of TN; Psychotherapist/Sch. Quid., South Hadley 

Sch.; r: 391 Old Farm Rd., Amherst, MA 01002, 413 256-1952 
BEEBEE, Ms. Susan Jane; 7990; Trainer, Self-employed; r: 718 

W Trade St. Ste. 203, Charlotte, NC 28202 
'BEEGLE, Margaret C; 7923 (See Kaiser, Mrs. Margaret C.) 
BEEKMAN, Nancy A.; 7960 (See Carringer, Ms. Nancy B.) 
BEELER, Mrs. Edith Page (Edith Page Breakell); 7 979 BA; 

Homemaker; r: 1400 Mulberry Rd., Marlinsville, VA 24112, 276 

638-3332; Benjamin; Kathryn, Jennifer, Douglas 
BEELER, Mary Blake; 7969 (See Meadows, Mrs. Mary Blake) 
BEER, Sally; 7965 (See Murray, Ms. Sally) 
BEERMAN, Andrea; 7968 (See Sonfield, Mrs. Andrea) 
'BEESLEY, Dona; 7964 (See Dutcher, Mrs. Dona) 
'BEESON, Adaline R.; 7928 AB 
'BEESON, Mrs. Betty J. (Betty J. Hoehn); 7947 AB 
'BEESON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Lockhart); 7932 
'BEESON, Helen; 7920 (See Comer, Mrs. Helen) 
BEETS, Ms. Josie Erin; 2000 BA; Editorial & Sales AssL, JCK 

Magazines, 360 Park Ave. S, New York, NY 1 001 0, 646 746-7127; 

r: 96 Schermerhom St., PH-E, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718 852- 


BEGG, Ms. Mary Laird; 7994 ; r: 279 Grosse Pointe Blvd., Grosse 

Pte., Ml 48236, 313 881-5445 
'BEGGS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Pinkham); 7934 BA 
BEHAN, Mrs. Jean Young (Jean E. Young); 7963 ; B A Wayne 

State, MA Washington Univ.; Tchr./Artist, Retired; r: 4925 El 

Verano, Atascadero, CA 93422, 805 466-1281; Robert; 

BEHLEN, Betty; 7953 (See Stone, Mrs. Betty) 
BEHM, Robin Emory; 7979 AB; Sales Assoc, Prudential New 

Jersey Properties, 1 75 South St., Morristown, NJ 07960, 973 538- 

5555; r: 47 Roxiticus Rd, Mendham, NJ 07945, 973 543-9636; 

BEHN, Mrs. Judith Howe (Judith Rutherford Howe); 1965 AB; 

Tax Acct. Retired, Boyd Income Tax Svc; r: 147 Church St., 

Watertown, MA 02472, 617 924-8454; Robert; Mark; 


BEHNKE, Mary Pat; 1966 (See Larsen, Mrs. Mary Pat) 
BEHNKE, Mrs. Sally S. (Sally Skinner); 1944 ; BS Univ. ot WA; 

Homemaker; r: 601 Union St., Ste. 301 6, Seattle, WA 981 01, 206 

623-6081 ; Robert J. (Dec): Carl G., Robert E. (Dec), John S.; 
BEHRENS, Barbara; ?978(See Peck, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BEHRENS, Christine M.; 1980 [See Killgallon, Ms. Christine M.) 
BEHRENS, Marion; /963(See Collins, Mrs. Marion) 
BEHRINGER, Ms. Jane A.; ?977 AB; MS Virginia Common- 
wealth Univ.; B3 Enterprises Inc./Flamingo Produce & Seafood, 

POB 8, Archer, PL 32618, 352 538-9802; r: POB 216, Archer, 


'BEHRNS. Mrs. Patricia Suella (Patricia Suella Epple); ?976 AB 
BEIDLER, Ms. Natalie Kent; )997BA;Tchr., Amherst Cnty. 

Public Schs.; r: POB 266, Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-7530 
BEINHORN, Mrs. Phyllis C. (Phyllis Carr); 1941 ; r: 6 Rock Ridge 

Ln., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 824-8340 
'BEISTLE, Barbara; 1945 (See Northrup, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BEJOT, Ms. Marie-Cecile; 1991 
BEKINS, Cynthia; ?973 (See Anderson, Mrs. Cynthia) 
BEKINS, Jana; 1959 (See Anderson, Mrs. Jana) 
BELANGER. Sarah Courtney; 2001 BA; Prog. Asst./lntl. Educ, 

Amideast, 1730 M St. NW, Ste. 1100, Washington, DC 20036, 

202 776-9663; r: 4711 N 1st St., Arlington, VA 22203; 

'BELBER, Sophia; 1924 

BELCHER, Elizabeth Anne; 1992(See Riley, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne) 
BELCHER, Kimberley Parr; 1987 (See Harvey, Mrs. Kimberley 

BELDING, Mrs. Edwina Mary (Edwina Mary Gilbert); 1979 AB; 

Environ. Analyst, NYS Parks & Recreation, Agency BIdg., 1 

Empire State PL, Albany, NY 12238, 518 474-0409; r: 1 5 

Matilda St., Albany, NY 12209, 518 434-6982 
BELDY, Mrs. Erin Lynn (Erin Lynn Sapp); ?988; BA Intl. Fine Arts 

CIg.; Animal Communicator/Reiki Master, 415 674-5871; r: 512 

Simonds Loop #A, San Francisco, CA 94129, 415 674-5871; 

Dan: Daniel, Taylor, Palmer; 

BELEW, Mrs. Katharine Lindsay (Katharine Lindsay Hart); 1949 

BA; Retired Substitute Tchr., Richmond City Schs.; r: 3133 

Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 23221, 804 358-8873; Alan, 

Chapman, Lindsay, Katharine 
BELEY, Megan Kimberly; 2001 BA; Student, St. Thomas Univ.- 

Sch. of Law; r: 7452 Berkshire Pines Dr., Naples, FL 34104, 239 


BELISLE, Betsey Jane; 1960 (See Moreland, Mrs. Betsey Jane) 
BELK, Sarah; 7939 (See Gambrell, Mrs. Sarah Belk) 
BELK, Stephanie Heather; 1998 (See Loter, Mrs. Stephanie 

BELKNAP, Mrs. Irene A. (Irene Pschorr); )963 AB; M FA San 

Francisco Art Inst.; Artist; r: 251 Reed St., Mill Valley, CA 94941, 

415 383-3613; Dr. Robert; Jason McHugh,BrodyMcHugh, Julie; 
'BELKNAP, Letitia; ?937(See Carapetyan, Mrs. Letitia) 
'BELL, Mrs. Alice (Alice Parks); ACAD 
'BELL, Ann; ACAD (See Valz, Mrs. Ann) 
BELL, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Ann Elizabeth Boatwright); 1973 AB; 

Beth Bell Appraisals; r: 3060 Stillwater Dr., NW, Gainesville, GA 

30506,770 534-1826 
'BELL, Mrs. Ann Wylie (Ann Wylie Taylor); ?955 AB 
BELL, Augusta Carlisle; 1984 (See Switzer, Mrs. Augusta Carlisle) 
BELL, Mrs. Baird (Baird Shinberger); 1967 BA; EDD Tufts Univ.; 

Quilter, Jinny Beyer Studio, 776 F Walker Rd., Great Falls, VA 

22066, 703 759-0250; r: 10720 Shingle Oak Ct., Burke, VA 

22015, 703 250-2086; William: Steven, David; 
BELL, Barbara; 1960 (See Peterson, Mrs. Barbara) 
BELL, Betsy Fisher; 1982 (See Liles, Mrs. Betsy Fisher) 
BELL, Bettina Lee; 1939 (See Emmons, Mrs. Bettina Wyman) 
BELL. Bobbie R.; )970(See McCotter, Mrs. Bobbie R.) 
"BELL, Mrs. Carolyn M. (Carolyn M. Pride); 1934 
BELL, Mrs. Colleen Clark (Colleen Clark Bradley); 1989 A B ; 

r: 391 N. Carolwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90077; 
BELL, Edith; 1952 (See Lyon, Mrs. Edith) 

"Address Unknown "Deceased 


BELL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Stribling); 1931 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 2072 Windemere Way, Upland, CA 91784, 909 985- 

1133; Kenneth, Richard, John 
BELL, Evangeline I.; 7958 (See Kirsch, Mrs. Evangeline I.) 
BELL, Frances Beach; 1 955 (See Shepherd, Mrs. Frances Beach) 
"BELL, Hannah C; 7927 (See Higgins, Mrs. Hannah C.) 
BELL, Mrs. Heidi Van Patten (Heidi Howard Van Patten); 1980 

AB; Retired Securities Trader, Bank of Amenca; r: 1 985 Stony 

Point Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22911, 434 293-3852; James; 

Virginia D., Eliza S.; 
'BELL, Josephine; 7922 (See Fordtran, Mrs. Josephine) 
•BELL, Judith; 7968 (See Howell, Mrs. Judith) 
BELL, Judith Ann; 7986 (See Huot, Mrs. Judith B.) 
BELL, Judith M.; 7958 (See Boucher, Mrs. Judith M.) 
BELL, Judith R. (Judith F. Rives); 7972 AB; MBA Lynchburg CIg.; 

r: 2200 Lark PL, Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-4788; Devon 
BELL, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Spaatz); 7947 ; r: 6 Onslow Sq., 

London SW7 3NP, England 
*BELL, Mrs. Katherine (Kathenne Copeland); ACAD 
BELL, Lauren Elliott; 2007 BA; Administrative Asst. & Teacher, 

Camperdown Academy, 864 787-2028; r: 701 Knollwood Dr., 

Greenville, SC 29607, 864 288-7874; 

Iaurenbell21 © 
BELL, Mrs. Lesly Allen (Lesly Astelle Allen); 7985 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 1604 Waters Ridge Ct., Annapolis, MD21401, 410626- 

8550; C/7r/s7op/7e/-,- Christopher Jr., George; 
BELL, Mrs. Lile (Lile Tucker); 7945; Retired; Homemaker; r: 9 

Woodrow Ave., Staunton, VA 24401 , 540 886-3592; Thomas 

MD (Dec): Eleanor, Ginger, Thomas, Anne 
*BELL. Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Eaglesfield); 7970 
'BELL, Margaret; 7932 (See Hare, Mrs. Margaret) 
'BELL, Margaret E.; 7972 (See Comfort, Mrs. Margaret E.) 
'BELL, Marie; ACAD 

'BELL, Marjorie M.; 7935 (See Riley, Mrs. Marjorie M.) 
'BELL, Martha; ACAD (See Crosby, Mrs. Martha) 
BELL, Mary; 7967 (See Timberiake, Mrs. Mary) 
BELL, Mrs. Mary Anne (Mary Anne Bowns); 7954 AB;r: 621 

Indian Harbour Rd., Vero Beach, FL 32963 
BELL, Mary E.; 7977 (See Parks, Ms. Mary E.) 
BELL, Mary Jo; 2007 BA; r: 2940 Vanna Ln., Richmond, VA 

23233, 804 360-2733 
'BELL, Mary Louise; 7928 
'BELL, Mrs. Mary S. (Mary S. Bryan); 7975 
'BELL, Mary W.; SPEC 

BELL, Mary Lee; 7969 (See Coffey, Mary Lee, MD) 
'BELL, Minnie; ACAD (See Radford, Mrs. Minnie) 
BELL, Pauline A.; 2007 ; r: 69 St. Albans Rd, Edinburgh EH92PQ, 

BELL, Mrs. Phyllis Schulman (Phyllis Anne Schulman); 7976 AB; 

Asst. to CFO, C. N. L. Financial Grp. Inc., 450 S. Orange Ave., 

POB 4920, Oriando, FL 32801 , 407 650-1232; r: 3797 Kinsley 

PL, Winter Park, FL 32792, 407 679-5399; Charles: 
BELL, Mrs. Rachel Anne (Rachel Anne Briers); 7996 BA; Home- 
maker; r: 21 285 Braxfield Loop, Estero, FL 33928, 239 948-371 0; 

Ed: Chariie 
BELL, Mrs. Ruth M. (Ruth A. Marshall); 7967 AB; MA Univ. of 

Virginia, MED Univ. of Virginia; Tchr., Tandem Friends Sch.; 

r: 433 N. First St., Chariottesville, VA 22902, 434 293-8845; 

Malcolm III: Rathael, Margaret; 
BELL, Mrs. Sarah Katherine; 7998BA; Kindergarten Tchr., 

Roanoke Cnty. Schs., 5901 Plantation Cir., Roanoke, VA 24019, 

540 561-8175; r: 2836 Longview Ave., Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 

342-2076; Jason: 

'BELL, Mrs. Sue (Sue Hardie); 7973 
BELL, Susan M.; 7967 (See Davies, Mrs. Susan M.) 
'BELL, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia LeHardy); 7930 
'BELLAMY, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Erwin); ACAD 
'BELLAMY, Virginia; 7932 (See Ruffin, Mrs. Virginia) 
BELLAN, Ms. Melissa Jean; 2000 BS; JD Southern Methodist 

Univ.; 214 505-6315; r: 5829 1/2 Reiger Ave., Dallas, TX 75214, 

214 370-3526; 

'BELLINGER, Mrs. Dawn (Dawn Renzy); 7984 AB 




BELLIVEAU, Mrs. Frances C. (Frances Clare Mantho); ^952 

BA; George Washington Univ.; Preschool Tchr., St. Benignus 

Sch., 100 Nelson St., Lexington, VA 24450; r: 40 Mooreland 

Blvd., Lexington, VA 24450, 540 464-1757; Scoff,- Edward, 

Anna, Mike; 

BELLONBY, Mrs. Carol C. (Carol I. Covington); 1970BA; MAT 

Tulane Univ.; Teacher Dept. Head, Oakton HS, 8100 Sutton Rd, 

Vienna, VA 221 81 ; r: 1 1 103 Gunston Rd, Lorton, VA 22079, 703 

541-0779; Mark; Laura, Diana, Juliana; 

BELLOWS, Mrs. Alice (Alice Butman); 1948 ; r: 3405 Meadow 

Lake Ln., Houston, TX 77027, 713 960-8788 
"BELLOWS, Mrs. Ann (Ann Harris); 1948 
"BELLOWS, Mrs. Helen Jane (Helen Jane Hardy); 1928 
BELMONTE, Mrs. Rachael Boyd (Rachael Boyd); 1 996 BA; 

Math Dept. Head, Greensville Cnty. HS, 403 Harding St., Emporia, 

VA 23847, 434 634-5880; r: 623 Madison St., Emporia, VA 

23847, 434 634-5880; W.; William; 
BELOFSKY, Heidi Katherine; 1985 (See Turk, Mrs. Heidi 

BELOUET, Mrs. Sophie M. (Sophie B. MacKenzie); 1968 AB; 

Intl. Civil Servant, Oecd, 2 rue Andre Pascal, 75016 Paris, France, 

33145247896; r: 1 Rue Gaston Levy, 92330 Sceaux, France, 

33143504516; Christian; Caroline, Anne-Laure; 
BELSER, Ann; 1950 (See Asher, Mrs. Ann) 
BELSER, Elizabeth Davis; 1988 (See Kistler, Mrs. Elizabeth 

BELSER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Littlejohn); 1953 AB; MA Vanderbilt 

Univ.; CIg. Tchr. of English, Southern Union Clg./Jacksonville 

State Univ.; r: 535 E. Samford Ave., Auburn, AL 36830, 334 887- 

6580; Thomas: Elizabeth, Kathehne 
BELSER, Sarah; 1943 {See Eggleston, Mrs. Sarah) 
"BELSER, Susalee; 1933 (See Norris, Mrs. Susalee) 
BELTCHEV, Ms. Linda Anne (Linda Anne Yeager); 1985 AB; 

r: Seestrasse 54, 8802 Kitchberg, Switzerland; 
BELTON, Suzanne Elizabeth; 1981 (See Shaver, Mrs. Suzanne 

BELTZ, Elizabeth; y948(See Rowe, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BELZER, Marquita Jo; ^998 (See Rhodes, Marquita Jo) 
*BEMIS, Caria Sue; 1982 
"BEMIS, Jane; 1938 (See Wills, Mrs. Jane) 

BEMIS, Jessica; 1963 (See Ward, Mrs. Jessica) 
"BEMISS, Cynthia; 1947{See Stuart, Mrs. Cynthia) 
"BEMISS, Maria; 1929 (See Hoar, Mrs. Maria) 
BENDALL, Mrs. Lucy-Charles (Lucy-Charles Jones); 1946 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 3461 Old 86 N., Yanceyville, NC 27379, 336 694- 

6485; Robert; Robert, Gordon, Hunter 
BENDER, Mrs. Andrea K. (Andrea K. Peacock); 1974 BA; r: 1 36 

Cricket Hill Rd., Columbia, SC 29223, 803 788-4619; Scotty, 

"BENDER, Jane G.; )934 AB 
BENDER, Karen Joan; y998(See Kennelly, Mrs. Karen Joan) 
BENDER, Mrs. Karen Sue (Karen Sue Alex); ^979 AB; Retail 

Buyer, Cambridge Wear, 340 Great Rd, Acton, MA 01720, 978 

264-0121; r: 301 Nagog Hill Rd, Acton, MA 01 720, 978 264-4793; 

Edward; Alex, Catie; 

BENDER, Margaret E.; ^973 (See Butler, Mrs. Margaret E.) 
*BENDER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Mains); 1937 
BENDETSEN, Anna M.; ?975;r:4636 Livingston Ave., Dallas, 

TX 75209 
BENECKE, Gisela A.; )958(See Odell, Mrs. Gisela A.) 
"BENEDICT, Anne; 1939 {See Swain, Mrs. Anne) 
BENEDICT, Mrs. Anne Randol (Anne Randol Mulholland); 

)980; BADenison Univ.; Dir. Admission & Financial Aid, 

Garrison Forest Sch., 300 Garrison Forest Rd., Owings Mills, MD 

21117,410 363-1500; r: same, 410 363-2398; Benjamin; Lex, 


BENEDICT, Olivia Procter; 7958 (See Maynard, Ms. Olivia) 
BENEDICT, Ruth Farrar; 1984 (See Mercer, Mrs. Ruth Farrar) 
"BENET, Alice; 1936 (See Hopkins, Mrs. Alice) 
BENET, Ann L.; 1951 (See Yellott, Mrs. Ann L.) 


BENHARD, Heather Eileen; 1997 (See Zander, Mrs. Heather 

BENISCH, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Smith); 1962 ; r; POB 137, 

Lansing, NY 14882 
'BENJAMIN, Mrs. Helen (Helen Goodman); 1968 
BENJAMIN, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Turney); 1943; Retired; 
r:511 Waterford Ave., Mt. Dora, FL 32757, 352 383-3317; 
Fredericl< (Dec); Frederick Jr., Peter T.; 
BENKENDORF, Ann S.; 1974 (See Wood, Mrs. Ann S.) 
'BENKOVICH, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Findley); 1964 
"BENN, Dorothy C; 1925 (See Morgan, Mrs. Dorothy C.) 
*BENN, Elizabeth Jane; 1984 
BENN, Martha; 1964 (See Martin, Mrs. Martha) 
"BENNER, Julia; 1922 {See Moss, Mrs. Julia) 
BENNER, Mrs. Lois (Lois Vanderhoef); 7935 ; BA Univ. of N. 
Dakota; r: 4516 Belmont Rd., Grand Forks, ND 58201, 701 772- 
1024; George; George Jr., Barbara 
"BENNER, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Schott); 1931 
"BENNET, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Conaghan); 1 927 BS 
BENNETT, Allison Eileen; 1985 (See Pishko, Allison Bennett) 
'BENNETT, Ms. Amber Dawn; 1991 BA 
"BENNETT, Bertha F.; ACAD 
BENNETT, Mrs. Betsy Tower (Betsy Tower); 1941 AB; Retired 
Freelance Writer; r: POB 47, Elmsford, NY 10523, 914965-0525; 
Charles; Randy III, Benjamin, Beverly 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Cynthia Lynn (Cynthia Lynn Fortner); 1989 
"BENNETT, Dorothy; 1941 (See Black, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BENNETT, Elizabeth Ashley; 1988 (See Haga, Mrs. Elizabeth 

BENNETT, Mrs. Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth Wellford); 1949 BA; 
Retired Tchr.; r: 702 Libbie Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282- 
8920; James, Mary 
BENNETT, Eve Catherine; ?976(See McCue, Mrs. Eve Catherine) 
BENNETT, Mrs. Jacquelin (Jacquelin Stevenson); 1967 AB; 

r: POB 1231, Charleston, SC 29402 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Janet (Janet Martin); 1940 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Jean (Jean Von Schilling); 1954 
"BENNETT, Jessie M.; ACAD 
BENNETT, Joy; 1954 (See Hartshorn, Mrs. Joy) 
'BENNETT, Katharine Carlyle; 1981 (See Johnson, Ms. Katharine 

"BENNETT, Mrs. Kathleen L. (Kathleen L. Bingham); ACAD 
BENNETT, Ms. Kim; )990 ;Engr., Allied Signal, Baltimore, MD 

21239; r: 5303 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21239 
BENNETT, Mrs. Lea Sparks (Lea Alison Sparks); 1983 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 4744 John Scott Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 
384-8204; Herb; Mary Mac, George, Elizabeth 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Leigh Ringler (L. Leigh Ringler); 1986BA 
BENNETT, Ms. Linda L (Linda L. Hatten); 1971 AB; r: 875 

Limousin Ln., Thomasville, GA 31792, 229 551-0864; Rachael 
BENNETT, Lindy; 1973 (See Pottinger, Dr. Lindy B.) 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Lisa Ann (Lisa Ann Leatherbury); 7987 AB 
"BENNETT, Louise; 1916 (See Lord, Mrs. Louise) 

BENNETT, Louise Barry; 1956 (See Gibbs, Mrs. Barry) 
"BENNETT, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Ferguson); 1931 AB 
"BENNETT, Margaret; 1932 (See Cullum, Mrs. Margaret) 
'BENNETT, Martha Claire; )987 AB 
BENNETT, Martha L.; 1968 (See Pritchett, Mrs. Martha L.) 
BENNETT, Mrs. Mary Ann (Mary Ann Gheen) ; 1998 BA; 8 1 h 
Grade Math Teacher, Nelson Cnty. Schs., 1653 Thomas Nelson 
Hwy.,Arrington,VA 22922; r: 227 Garland Ave., Amherst, VA 
24521, 434 946-0907; 7/mof/iy,- William Burke; 
BENNETT, Mary Alice; 7942 (See Baumberger, Mrs. Mary Alice) 
BENNETT, Mason Fortune; 1983 (See Rummel, Mrs. Mason 

'BENNETT, Melissa; 7970 (See Volz, Mrs. Melissa) 
BENNETT, Mrs. Patricia T. (Patncia Thompson); 1946 ;B A 
Rollins CIg., MA Columbia Univ.; Retired CIg. English Tchr. & 
Book Publisher, Lilian Place, Tennis Tidbits, Fantastic FL Fiction; 
r: 944 S. Peninsula Dr., Number 307, Daytona Bch., FL 32118, 
386 252-6250; Victoria, Chelsey Crile, Mary Cortiss 
"BENNETT, Mrs. Polly (Polly Roberts); 1929 
"BENNETT, Mrs. Rebecca (Rebecca MacGeorge); 1920 
'BENNETT, Mrs. Ruth R. (Ruth R. Harris); 1948 
"BENNETT, Mrs. Sallie (Sallie Miller); 1914 
BENNETT, Sarah; 1981 (See Blankenship, Mrs. Sarah) 


'BENNETT, Mrs. Susan J. (Susan J. Rankin); 1927 
BENNETT, Virginia Allis; 1988 (See Leeds, Mrs. Virginia Bennett) 
BENNING, Mrs, Jean Louise (Jean Louise Spillane): 7990 AB; 
Product Spec, Strohl Systs., 631 Park Ave., King Of Prussia, PA 
19406, 610 768-4120; r: 1506 N Bettiiehem Pike, Lower 
Gwynedd, PA 19002, 215 542-4913; Arthur; Emma, Paige; 
BENOIT, Betsy; 1965 (See Hoover, Mrs. Betsy) 
'BENOIT, Mrs. Judith (Judith Snow); 7943 AB 
BENSEN, Judith L.; 7967 (See Stigle, Mrs. Judith B.) 
BENSEN, Perri Lisa; 7984 (See Clemmenson, Mrs. Perri Lisa) 
BENSON, Ann; 7963 (See Reece, Mrs. Ann) 
BENSON, Beverly; 7950 (See Seamans, Mrs. Beverly) 
BENSON, Christina Ann; 7997(See Stanton, Mrs. Christina Ann) 
'BENSON. Mrs. Corinne (Corinne Loney); 7920 AB 
BENSON, Crayton (Nicki) N.; 7998 (See Knox, Mrs. Crayton 

'BENSON. Mrs. Edith (Edith Hagen); 7934 
'BENSON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Meriwether); 7925 
'BENSON, Mrs. Florence (Florence Riddle); ACAD 
BENSON, Polly; 7958 (See Benson-Brown, Polly) 
BENSON, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Hardy); 7948 BA; R e t i r e d ; 
r:2711 Wellington Dr., Augusta, GA 30909, 706 736-4520; 
Cameron; Zanne, Bonnifer 
'BENSON, Mrs. Tressa P. (Tressa P. Emerson); 7922 
'BENSON, Winifred A.; 7979 (See Heard, Mrs. Winifred A.) 
BENSON-BROWN, Polly (Polly Benson); 7958 AB; MBA 
Stanford Univ.; Retired Marketing, IBM; r: 616 17th St., Santa 
Monica, CA 90402, 310 451-2664; Douglas 
BENSUR, Mrs. Sally Ann Sells (Sally Ann Dorothy Sells); 7979 
BA;Sr. VP, Mellon Financial, One Mellon Ctr. Rm 151-4425, 
Pittsburgh, PA 15258,412 234-0039; r; 104 Westchester Dr., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15215, 412 782-1906; W7//am,- William, Holly; 
BENT, Nancy Crawford (Nancy Crawford); 7969 AB; BSN Boston 
CIg.; Sch. RN, Town of Sherbom, Pine Hill Sch., Sherbom, MA 
01770, 508 655-0630; r: 14 Dopping Brook Rd., Sherbom, MA 
01770, 508 653-2933; Pefer,' Adele, Charles; 
BENTE, Dr. H. Bryan (Bryan Alphin); 7969 AB; MS Cornell Univ., 
PhD Cornell Univ.; Sr. Scientist, Agilent Technologies; r: 1 80 
Elbow Ln., Landenberg, PA 19350, 610 255-4310; Paul 
BENTLEY, Logan; 7954 (See Lessona, Logan) 
'BENTLEY, Mrs. Marie (Marie Lieber); ACAD 
BENTLEY, Mrs. Sandra L. (Sandra L. Hamilton): 7 970 A B ; 

r: 300 SW Moonridge PI.. Portland, OR 97225 
BENTON, Alice Hutcheson; 7979 (See Major, Mrs. Alice Benton) 
'BENTON, Athleen; 7929 (See Lawton, Mrs. Athleen) 
BENTON, Mrs. Deborah Sally (Deborah Sally Kocik); 7979 BA; 
Emporia State Univ., JD John Marshall Law Sch.; Atty., Self- 
Employed; r: 13107 Slater, Overland Park, KS 66213, 913 681- 
'BENTON, Margaret; 7923 (See Whitley, Mrs. Margaret) 
BENTON, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Bura/ell); 7968 AB; Parish 
Admin., Christ Church, 18 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA 31401, 
912 232-4131; r: 2 PierpontCir., Savannah, GA31404, 912 236- 
4184; Barrett 
'BENTON, Sarah; 7958 (See Baldwin, Mrs. Sarah) 
BENTSEN, Betty; 7953 (See Winn, Mrs. Betty Bentsen) 
BENTSEN, Rebecca A.; 7970 (See Phillips, Mrs. Rebecca B.) 
'BENTZ. Mrs. Jean (Jean Egolf); 7962 
BENZIGER, Elizabeth Roberts; 7979 (See Davis, Ms. Elizabeth 

'BENZINGER, Barbara; 7935 (See Lindsley, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BENZINGER, Dorothy; 7938 (See Reed, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BERCAW, Mrs. Sue (Sue Allison); 7953 
'BERCKMANS, Mary A.; 7938 (See Smith, Mrs. Mary A.) 
BEREND, Joan Frances; 7946 (See Gordon, Mrs. Joan Morse) 
BERG, Mrs. Constance (Constance Clevenger); 7 94 7 A B ; 
Retired Realtor; r: River House, POB 96, Georgetown, MD 
21930, 410648-5126; F.,- Christina, F., Kenneth, Dennis, Hans 
BERG, Mrs. Mary Leticia (Mary Leticia Harbour); 7997 BA; MS 
Virginia Polytech Inst.; Cnslt., BearingPoint, BIdg. 135, Yorktown 
Ave., NAS Jacksonville, Jacksonville NAS, FL 32212, 904 542- 
6417; r; 1751 Margarets Walk Rd., Green Cove Spgs., FL 32043, 
904 284-9373; Wallace; 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BERGEN, Mrs. Malinda Bradley (Malinda Fontaine Bradley); 

7987 AB; Homemaker; r: 710 Washington Ave., Savannah, GA 

31405, 912 355-1 164; Frederick; Fred, Fontaine; 
'BERGEN. Marjorie; 7922 (See Cohee, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'BERGER, Christine E.; 7923 (See Gelder, Mrs. Christine E.) 
'BERGER, Eleanor J.; 7937 
BERGER, Ms. Helen Elizabeth; 7988 AB; MED Framingham 

State Clg.; Sales Infants & Toddlers, Nordstrom, 47 W. Cnty., Des 

Peres, MO 63131. 314 255-2000; r: 1257 Takara Ct., St. Louis, 

MO 63131, 314 579-9227; Maria, Davide 
BERGER, Mrs. Leslie Malone (Leslie Stow Malone); 7983 AB; 

MA West Chester Univ.; Speech-Language Pathologist; r: 6723 

Fairway Ridge Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018, 540 387-1231; Kei'/n; 

Alexander, Kiernan, Emilie; 
'BERGER, Mrs. Margaret H. (Margaret H. Liebman); 7935 
'BERGER, Rose; 7928 (See Griggs, Mrs. Rose) 
BERGER, Ms. Stephanie Lee; 7997 BA; MAPA Univ. of Colorado, 

MAPA; Pres./CEO. Berger Strategies, Inc., 322 Massachusetts 

Ave. NE. Washington, DC 20002, 202 547-5497; r : 3 1 8 N 

Barton St., Arlington. VA 22201 . 202 262-9962; 

'BERGGREN, Linda; ACAD (See Kirk, Mrs. Linda) 
BERGH, Ms. Maria Elena; 7993 BA; PR Assoc, Citigate 

Cunningham; r; 1819-A W 37th St., Austin. TX 78731, 512 452- 

'BERGHAUS. Margaret B.; 7943 (See Chapin. Mrs. Margaret B.) 
BERGLUND, Mrs. Marcia (Sandy) S. (Marcia (Sandy) S. Rhodes); 

7955 AB; RN Virginia Western Community Clg; Retired RN, 

EMT; r; POB 6094, Jensen Bch.. FL 34957, 772 225-3400; 

Elise, Sigrid Zeasey, Ehc A. Carlen, Conrad R Carlen 
BERGLUND, Susan Elizabeth; 7979 (See Dickenson, Mrs. Susan 

BERGMAN, Leslie; 7982AB; Profn. Horsewoman, Tanglewood 

Farm, POB 1024, Clemmons, NC 27012, 336 766-9540; 

r: same 
BERGMANN, Mrs. Janet M. (Janet MacFarlan); 7938 AB; 

Retired; r: 55 Field St., Falmouth, MA 02540. 508 457-7767; 

Charles; Skip. Nancey, Jean, Johnny 
BERGMANN. Mrs. Joan H. (Joan Germaine Heymann); 7 989 ; 

BA Louisiana State Univ.; Owner & VP, Southern Commercial & 

Evangeline Farms Ltd.. POB 51529. Lafayette, LA 70503, 337 

232-4343; r: 22385 Savannah Ln., Covington, LA 70435, 985 

893-8818; Pa7r/c/(MD,- 
BERGMANN, Suzanne Elizabeth (Suzanne Elizabeth Wells); 

7987 BA; Homemaker; r: 4915 Ft. Sumner Dr.. Bethesda. MD 

20816. 301 263-9590; Michael; Leslie. Bayard; 

BERGQUIST. Beryl Valien; 7977 (See Farns. Ms. Beryl Bergquist) 
BERGUIDO. Jayne; 7954 (See Abbott, Mrs. Jayne) 
BERGUIDO, Jill; 7967 (See Gill. Mrs. Jill) 
BERGUIDO. Joy; 7963 (See Campbell. Mrs. Joy) 
BERGUIDO, June; 7958 (See James. Mrs. June) 
'BERGUIDO. Mrs. Marion (Marion Jayne); 7928 AB 
BERHANU. Ms. Kabaye; 7997BS;Lab Rsch. Asst., Case 

Westem Univ.; r: 817 Manteo St. Apt. 2, Norfolk, VA 23507; 
BERICH, tiene Eugenia; 7974 AB; MED Monmouth Univ.; Tchr.. 

Eaton Town Public Schs.; r: 75 Battle Row. Little Silver. NJ 

07739,732 747-2212 
'BERKELEY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Smith); 7932 AB 
BERKELEY, Judith; 7960 (See Harrison, Mrs. Judith) 
'BERKELEY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Spencer); ACAD 
BERKELEY, Mary Waller; 7950 (See Fergusson, Mrs. Mary 

BERKEY. Mrs. Amanda Chase (Amanda Chase Pnddy); 7 990 

AB; Intl. Trade Spec. Madison Cnty. Commission, 100 Northside 

Sq., Huntsville.AL 35801, 256 532-3505; r: 416 Oxford Dr., 

Huntsville. AL 35802, 256 881-9073: Christopher; 
'BERKLEY, Barbara: 7973 
BERKOWITZ, Ann Distin; 7989; r: 2623 Redcoat, Alexandria, 

VA 22303 
'BERLAGE, Mrs. Barbara L. (Barbara L. Denton): 7957 




BERMAN, Ms. Pamela Subranni (Pamela Marie Subranni); 1993 

BA; Realtor, Blumberg Assocs., Margate City, NJ 08402, 800 926- 

1304; r: 108 Rockglen Rd., Wynnewood, PA 19096, 610 642- 

4905; Logan, Colby; 
BERNARD, Alexandra Marie; 1986 (See Wyllie, Mrs. Alexandra 

BERNARD, Elizabeth; 1967 {See Hatch, Mrs. Elizabeth B.) 
'BERNARD, Mrs. Lynne Dee (Lynne Dee Miller); 1976 AB 
BERNARD, Sallie Hill; 1976 (See Armstrong, Mrs. Sallie Hill) 
BERNARD, Mrs. Susan T. (Susan J. Terjen); 1963 BA; MLA Old 

Dominion Univ.; Exec. Dir., D'Art Ctr., 125 College PL, Norfolk, 

VA23510, 757 625-4211; r: 1337 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, VA 

23507, 757 622-3879; Alfred; Jean, Suzanna; 
BERNARD, Susanna T.; ? 955 (See Odence, Mrs. Susanna (Susie) 

BERNARDIN, Ms. Amy W.; y975; Pres., Bernardin Ins. Agcy., 

Inc., 60 Main SL, Andover, MA 01810; r: 54 Salem St., Apt. #3, 

Andover, MA 01810, 978 475-7557 
BERNBAUM, Dr. Louise Marcia; 1969/\B\ For. Svc. Ofcr., Dept. 

of State; r: 4506 49th St., Washington, DC 20016 
BERNEY, Ms. Clio Ruth; 1996\ BS Univ. of Maryland; Actress; 

r: 9404 Mintwood St., Silver Spring, MD 20901 ; Robert 

Talmadge; Rowan; 
BERNHARD, Barbara; 7956 (See MacLea, Mrs. Barbara B.) 
"BERNHARD, Frederica; 1 924 AB 

BERNICK, Barb Ann; 7977 (See Peyronnet, Mrs. Barbara Ann) 
'BERNSTEIN, Felecia Claire; 1980 
BERNSTEIN, Ms. Lisa Ann; r990 AB;MSW Salisbury Univ.; 

Homemaker; r: 27346 Morris Rd, Trappe, MD 21673, 410 476- 

5265; Benjamiri; 
'BERREY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hudson); 1916 
•BERRIER, Virginia A.; 1945 AB 
BERRIMAN, Ms. Sarah Hawthorne; 7976 AB;r: 4646 W 31st 

Ave., Denver, CO 80212, 303 433-5067; 
BERRY, Mrs. Anne Ellis (Anne Ellis Jarrell); )978 AB; MA Univ. 

Georgia, Athens; Artist; r: 87 Parkview Dr., Newnan, GA 30263 
'BERRY, Mrs. Diana V. (Diana V. Weeks); 1951 
'BERRY, Doris; 7927 (See Rountree, Mrs. Doris) 
BERRY, Janet Sue; ?972;r:68 Marblehead St., POB 632, N. 

Reading, MA 01864 
BERRY, Ms. Mary Jane; /973AB;MSW West Virginia Univ.- 

Morgantown; Clinical Social Worker/Asst. Prof., WV Univ. Sch. of 

Medicine, 930 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Morgantown, WV 26505, 304 

293-241 1 ; r: 207 1 St., Mountain Lake Park, MD 21550, 301 334- 

6097; Robert Ulino; Alison; 

r: mjbmsw@mail2.gcneLnet 
'BERRY, Mrs. Rosemary (Rosemary Mancill); 1955 
BERRY, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Seaman); 1961 AB; Interior 

Designer, Second Yard, 307 E Market St., Charlottesville, VA 

22902, 434 295-6054; r: 3635 Raleigh Mountain Tr., Charlottes- 
ville, VA 22903, 434 296-4903; Frederic; Frederic, Hayden, 

BERRYHILL, Dr. Claudia King; 1972 ; BS North Carolina State 

Univ., DVM Ohio State Univ. Columbus; Veterinarian/Owner, 

Woodsdale Animal Hosp. Inc., 430 S. Morgan St., Roxboro, NC 

27573, 336 599-061 1 ; r: 279 Knolls of Hyco, POB 1 1 91 , Roxboro, 

NC 27573, 336 599-1880; Lacy Winstead; 

BERRYMAN, Brooke (Brooke Jourolmon); 1992 ; MED BS Univ.; 

Speech Pathologist; r: 2 Glencastle Ct., Cordele, GA 31015, 229 

273-9884; P^;/; Joseph, Luke; 

BERRYMAN, Mrs. Mary Jo (Mary Jo Armstrong); 1948 AB; 

r: 2924 Owenwood Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76109, 817 924-8733 
BERRYMAN, Mrs, Sara Gump (Sara A. Gump); 1964 AB; 

Homemaker; r: Pitkin Farm, 3600 Powers Bridge Rd., Manches- 
ter, TN 37355, 931 728-1663 
BERSAMINA, Ms. Elizabeth Jean; 7990 BS; r: 741 Cottonwood 

Ct., Virginia Bch., VA 23462, 757 467-9480 
BERSHON, Ms. Jennifer Lynn (Jennifer Lynn Schaefer); 1993 ; 

r: 201 Birch Run Rd, Chestertown, MD 21620, 410 778-0181; 


BERTELSEN, Sarah; 1959 (See Maguire, Mrs. Sarah) 

BERTHASAVAGE, Mrs. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Farrell); 1990 AB; 
AS New England Culinary Inst.; Tchr., King Arthur Flour; r: 29 
Farman Ave., W. Lebanon, NH 03784, 603 298-7678; Ronald; 
Katherine, Thomas; 
'BERTHELOT, Ms. Cecile; 1992 

BERTHELOT, Mrs. Colleen Margaret (Colleen Margaret Kuebel); 
y9S4; BBA Univ. Texas-Austin; Assoc. Broker, Corporate 
Realty, 201 St. Charles Ave., Ste.441 1 , New Orleans, LA 701 70, 
504 835-3353; r: 7328 Sardonyx St., New Odeans, LA 70124, 
504 282-5659; Jactoe; John, Conner; 
"BERTHIER, Katherine; 7948 (See McKelway, Mrs. Kathehne) 
'BERTINE, Doris D.; 1931 

BERTLES, Helen; 1973 (See Pearce, Mrs. Helen) 

BERTOLET, Beulah (Boots); ?953(See Fehr, Mrs. Beulah (Boots) 

BERTRAM, Mrs. Audrey Hewitt (Audrey Hewitt Townsend); 
7978 AB; Owner of Retail, Townsend & Bertham Co., 200 N 
Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510, 919 933-9712; r: 431 
Baer Hill Rd., Efland, NC 27243, 919 563-4509; Scoft; Eliza- 
beth, Isabella; 
'BERTRAND, Dorothy; 7977 

BERTRAND, Kathleen M.; 7978 AB; r: 8273 Iliad Dr., Manlius, NY 
13104,315 682-9117 

BESHERS, Mrs. Hazel C. (Hazel C. Herring); 7956 BA; Fiction 
Writer, Self-Employed, 227 E. Church St., Frederick, MD 21701, 
301 694-7216; r: 3455 Mar-Lu Ridge Dr., Jefferson, MD 21755, 
301 874-2475; Patrick 

BESKIN, Mrs. Ana-Marija Simic (Ana-Marija Simic); 7996 BA; 
Mgr.-Computer Security, Electronic Data Systs./EDS, 1 3600 EDS 
Dr., Herndon, VA 20171, 703 736-8592; r: 11804 Briar Mill Ln., 
Reston, VA 201 94, 703 925-9344; Jonathan; Ian, Megan, 

'BESSELIEVRE, Jean; 7935 (See Boley, Mrs. Jean) 
'BEST, Mrs. Antoinette R. (Antoinette R. Wikswo); 7968 AB 
'BEST, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Shields); 7955 
'BEST, Mrs. Jane (Jane Lee); 7923 AB 

BEST, Jane Cutlar; 7957 (See Wehland, Mrs. Charles E.) 

BEST, Susan Elizabeth, MD PhD (Susan Elizabeth West); 7975 
AB; BA MA Inst, of Tech, MD TX A&M Univ. CIg. of Medicine: 
Asst. Prof, of Psychiathc, Univ. of TX SW Med. Sch., Dallas, TX: 
r:3334 Hawthorne Ave., Dallas, TX 75219, 214 522-5905: 

BEST, Mrs. Trisha Lynne (Thsha Lynne Pollock); 7992 BA; 
Elem. Tchr., Chef F. Harriet Elem. Sch.; r: 1118 Magellan Way, 
Chula Vista, CA 91910, 619 421-2837; Lawrence; 
'BESTE, Mrs. E. Angela (E. Angela Marston); 7943 AB 

BESTOSO, Mrs. Bonnie Marie (Bonnie Marie Stout); 7976 AB; 
Univ. Rhode Island; r: 4828 Wolf Rd., Erie, PA 16505, 814 833- 

BETHEA, Camille; 7987 (See Mills, Dr. Camille B.) 
'BETHEA, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Doughtie); 7932 AB 

BETHEA, Kim M., PhD (Kim Mitchell); 7970 AB; MLA Univ. of 
Kansas, PhD Univ. of Wisconsin; Info. Systs. Mgr., Agatha LLC; 
r: 38 Fuller Dr., Madison, Wl 53704, 608 242-7831; David; 

BETHEA, Maury; 7967 (See Cain, Mrs. Maury) 
'BETHEA, Ms. Nancy Whitsett; 7990 AB 
'BETHEL, Adele; 7946 (See Hampton, Mrs. Adele) 
'BETHEL, Artene D.; ACAD (See Metcalf, Mrs. Arlene D.) 

BETRO, Mrs. Erin Kingston (Erin Theresa Kingston); 7987 AB; 
Special Agt., Nav. Criminal Investigative Svc, Washington, DC, 
202 433-3858; r: 9205 Armetale Ct., Fairfax Sta., VA 22039; 
Thomas; Courtney A., Tyler K. 

BETTENDORF, Ms. Kristina S.; 7977 ; Deputy Chief Asst. State 
Attomey, State Atty's. Ofc, 1350 NW 12 Ave., Miami, FL 33176, 
305 547-0220; r: 13524SW103rdCL, Miami, FL 33176,305 232- 
2429; Stephen; 

BETTGER, Robin Lynn; 7996(See Fishburne, Mrs. Robin Bettger) 
'BETTS, Audrey T.; 7945 AB 


"BETTS, Mrs, Jane (Jane Pratt); 1918 BA 
"BETTS, Mrs. Martha (Martha Jones); 1935 AB 
"BETTY, Mrs. Anne (Anne Mitchell); 1944 
BETZ, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Gurney); y94?AB;r: 59 Third St., 

Garden City, NY 1 1 530, 51 6 746-2403 
BETZ, Sarah Longworth; 1997 (See Bucciero, Mrs. Sarah 

BETZENDAHL, Mrs. Constance Lucretia (Constance Lucretia 
Crocker); ^975 AB; Commercial Artist, Betzendahl Design, 11 
Wedgewood Dr., Annandale, NJ 08801 , 908 730-7241 ; r : 7 2 1 
Northbrook Rd, Kennett Sq., PA 19348, 610 347-1757; 
"BETZOLD, Mrs. Katrina (Katrina Jensen); 1968 
'BEUERLEIN, Ms. Sandra Mary; 1990 
BEURY, Barbara; 1961 (See McCallum, Ms. Barbara Beury) 
"BEURY, Katharine; 1931 (See McFall, Mrs. Katharine) 
"BEUSCHER, Mrs. Helen (Helen Zielsdorf); 1923 
BEUTEL, Robin Leslie; 1979 ; r: 208 Hickok Rd., New Canaan, 

CT 06840, 203 966-7582 
BEUTTELL, Dorothy; 1944 (See Blakeman, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"BEVERIDGE, Anna; 191 7 {See Leake, Mrs. Anna) 
BEVERLEY, Ms. Nancy Rebecca; 1979 AB; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; 
Proj. Mgr., Northrop Grumman Corp., Baltimore, MD 21203, 410 
765-7825; r: 8317 Sunneyview Dr., Millersville, MD 21108, 410 
923-6948; Carson Conner 
BEVERLY, Virginia Lee; 7982 (See Parker, Mrs. Virginia Beverly) 
"BEVILLE, Julia; 1914 (See Yerkes, Mrs. Julia) 
BEWICK, Ms. Karen Ruth; ^975 AB; MMUS Converse CIg., MA 
George Mason Univ.; Tchr./Realtor, Walter Johnson HS/McEne- 
arney Assoc, 6400 Rock Spring Dr., 109 S Pitt St., Bethesda, 
MD 20814; r: 204 Moncure Dr., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 683- 
1414; Susan Miller; Lauren; 
"BEWSHER, Mrs. Geraldine (Geraldine Ball); 1 920 AB 
BEY, Ms. Alia Fatima; 1999 BS; Med. CIg. of VA; Med. Certificate 
Prog., Med. Certificate Prog., Med. CIg. of Virginia, Richmond, VA; 
r: 9800 Channing Cir., Richmond, VA 23235, 804 320-0286; 
"BEYE, Helen; 1916 [See Hamilton, Mrs. Helen) 
'BEYER, Mrs. Annette (Annette Weiss); 1936 
"BEYERS, Florence R.; ACAD (See Williams, Mrs. Florence R.) 
"BEYERS, Gladys M.; ACAD 
•BEYROUTY, Grace Louis; 1980 
"BEZDEK, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hoard); 1924 
BHAGAT, Mrs. Tsun-Hsien (Tsun-Hsien Kwan); 1951 AB; MS 
Cornell Univ.; Retired Dietician/Chemist; r: 2615 B St., La Verne, 
CA 91750, 847 697-0090; Shantilal; Smiuti, Anjali, Snehal; 
BHAT, Mrs. Clanta (Clarita De Kont); 1964 AB; r: 8002 53rd Ave. 

W, Mukilteo, WA 98275, 425 355-6972 
BIANCHI, Sally Ann; ^950 (See Foster, Mrs. Sally Ann) 
'BIANCO, Maria Lisa; 1 980 AB 

BIATHROW, Amy Allerton; 1994 (See Ross, Ms. Amy Biathrow) 
BIBB, Eleanor Broderick; ?983 BA;r: POB 669, Marion, NC 

'BIBB, Patricia D.; 1981 

BICE, Mrs. Lisa H. (Lisa Ward Henderson); 1982 AB; Exec. 
Asst./Asst. Coord.-Magic City Art Con./Homemaker, AL Policy 
lnst./Cottage Heirtooms, Birmingham, AL; r: 8019 Greystone 
Green, Birmingham, AL 35242, 205 408-4299; Michael; Michael 
Jr., Caroline 
"BICHSEL, Mrs. Jean (Jean Nehring); 1941 AB 
BICKEL, Caroline Croft; 1976 (See McLoughlin, Mrs. Caroline 

BICKEL, Mrs. Joan P. (Joan Potter); 1954 AB; Retired; r: 527 
Club Ln., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 896-6968; Henry 
"BICKELHAUPT, Nancy; 1943 (See Harris, Mrs. Nancy) 
'BICKELL, Barbara Ann; y979 
"BICKERS, Frances; 1945 (See Pinnell, Mrs. Frances) 
'BICKERSTAFF, Bright; )935(See West, Mrs. Bright) 
BICKHAM, Martha M.; 1971 (See Singleton, Mrs. Martha M.) 
BiCKLEY, Mrs. Virginia Lee (Virginia Lee Castle); 1978; r: 758 
Winding Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046, 215 576-5987 
"BIDDLE, Betty A.; 7939 (See Stewart, Mrs. Betty A.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BIDDLE, Mrs. Joan (Joan Moore); 1964 AB;RJ Broker/Vol.- 

Cavalier King Chartes Spaniels, Therapy Dogs for Children, Rte. 

Long Island N Shore Res Sales, Locust Vly. , N Y 1 1 560, 51 6 759- 

1 1 10; r: 2040 Foal Ln. Ivy Farm, Charlottesville, VA 22901, 434 

979-1117; W/cMas; Virginia, Barbra, Katharine (Dec); 
'BIEBER, Marguerite A.; ?976(See Darst, Mrs. Marguerite A.) 
'BIEDENHARN, Ethlyn; 7938 (See Swayze, Mrs. Ethlyn) 
BIEDERMAN. Mrs. Eliza (Eliza Lloyd); 1954 ; r: 500 Mount Hope 

Ave. Apt. 402, Cincinnati, OH 45204 
"BIEDLER. Mrs. Janet (Janet Mason); ACAD 
BIELASKi. Susan; 1969 {See Bluford, Mrs. Susan) 
BIELENSTEIN, Danielle Erika Mary; 1982 AB; MA George 

Washington Univ.; Budget Ofcr., Natl. Insts. of Health, Fogarty 

International Ctr., 31 Center Dr., MSC-2220, Bethesda, MD 

20892, 301 402-9034; r: 2425 S Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, VA 

22206,703 845-1963; 

BIELENSTEIN, Mrs. Gabrielle M. (Gabrielle Maupin); 1952 AB; 

MA Univ. of Melbourne; Homemaker; r: 21 Claremont Ave., New 

York, NY 10027, 212 663-3479; Hans; Danielle, Andrea 
BIELITSKY, Harriet Veiser; 1981 (See Anderson, Mrs. Harriet 

BIEMILLER, Karen Brand; 1984 (See Clark, Mrs. Karen Brand) 
"BIERHAUS, Josephine; 7952 (See Barrow, Mrs. Josephine) 
BIERSTER, Mrs. Julia Lynn (Julia Lynn Corte); 1984; Auburn 

Univ.; Retail Clothing/Owner, Uptown, 400 Fairhope Ave., 

Fairhope, AL 36532, 251 928-7664; r: 23325 County Rd. 27, 

Daphne, AL 36526, 251 928-6004; Thomas; Chip, Corte; 
'BIESER, Mrs. Adelaide (Adelaide Burger); 7924 AB 
"BIGELOW, Alice; ACAD (See Richard, Mrs. Alice) 
'BIGELOW, Mrs. Astrid M. (Astrid M. Von Baillou); 7965 AB 
BIGGAR, Elizabeth (Betsy) S.; 7974 (See Hellmuth, Mrs. Elizabeth 

(Betsy) Biggar) 
"BIGGER, Madelane; 7927 AB 
'BIGGERS, Frances; 7979 (See Flock, Mrs. Frances) 
"BIGGERS, Mrs. Willo (Willo Malone); 7979 
"BIGGERSTAFF, Mrs. Jean (Jean Carroll); 7947 

BIGGS, Ann Cary; 7968 (See Jackson, Mrs. Ann B.) 
"BIGGS. Mrs. Cary H. (Ann Cary Harman); 7929 BS 
BIGGS, Ms. Krista Susan; 1 989 AB; MAT Bellarmine Univ., MLS 

Univ. of Kentucky; Asst. Mgr., Louisville Free Public Library-St. 

Matthews Branch, 3940 Grandview Ave., Louisville, KY 40207, 

502 574-1 771 ; r: 9621 Old Six Mile Ln., Louisville, KY 40299, 502 

BIGGS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Sturgeon); 7962 AB; JD Pace Univ., NY; 

Atty.; r: 903 Marin Dr., Mill Valley, CA 94941 
BIGUM, Mrs. Deborah K. (Deborah K. Pelham); 7974 AB; Home 

Mgr.; r: 3457 King George Dr., Ortando, FL 32835, 407 876-1 805; 

Randall; Lindsay, Courtney; 
BIJANSKY, Ms. Devon Vasconcellos (Devon Linley 

Vasconcellos); 7999 BA; JD Univ. of Texas LawSch.; Law 

Student, Univ. of Texas Sch. of Law; r: DOOO Cullen Ave. Apt. 

12, Austin, TX 78757; Stephen; 

BIKLE, Jane; 7937 (See Lane, Mrs. Jane) 
BILBRO, Louise; 7970 (See Connell, Mrs. Louise) 
BILGORE, Ellen; 7968; r: 136 E 79th St. #7A, New York, NY 

10021,212 737-3186 
"BILHUBER. Dr. Gertrude; ACAD 
BILISOLY, Mrs, Indiana (Indiana Lindsay); 7948 AB; r: 327 W, 

Freemason St„ Norfolk, VA 23510, 757 622-0077 
"BILL, Mrs, Susan (Susan Downs): 7955 
"BILLARD, Jacqueline; 7933 
BILLINGS, Anne; 7973 (See McDougall, Mrs. Anne) 
BILLINGS, Mrs. Elizabeth Gillespie (Elizabeth Posey Gillespie); 

7984 AB; r: 6200 Kennedy Dr., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 

BILLINGS, Ms. Laura Diane; 7996 BS; Network Engr., Carroll 

Indep. Fuel, 2700 Loch Raven Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218, 410 

235-991 1 ; r: 4243 Barn Raisers Ct., Hampstead, MD 21 074, 410 

374-5276; Lewis Isner; 

"BILLINGS. Virginia G.; 7925 (See Pimie, Mrs. Virginia G.) 
'BILLINGSLEY, Carolyn; 7966 




'BILLINGSLEY, Mrs. Dame Laura (Dame Laura Fitzgerald); 

BILLINGSLEY, Mrs, Lee (Lee Brown); 1958; r; 12 Ridgewood 

Dr., Rye, NY 10580, 914 967-3675 
'BILLINGSLEY, Ruth; 1934 (See Caughey, Mrs. Ruth) 
'BILLMAN, Ruth; 1935 (See Lewis, Mrs. Ruth) 
BILLO, Barbara Janet; 1961 (See Alexander, Mrs. Barbara Billo) 
BILLS, Mrs. Katrina Ann (Katrina Ann Balding); 1997BA; Indep. 

Sr. Sales Dir., Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc.; r: 410 E Main St., Pur- 

cellville, VA 20132, 540 338-5669; Kevin; 

'BILTON, Kathleen A.; 1971 
*BILTZ, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Brightbill); 1928 AB 
'BINDER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Lawrence); 1959 
BINGAMAN, Amy Elizabeth; 1992 (See Sinclair, Mrs. Amy 

BINGER, Pride; 1952 (See Fomey, Mrs. Pride) 
BINGHAM, Mrs. Anne (Anne Carr); 1967; BA Eastern CT State 

Univ.; Retired Secy, to Headmaster, Episcopal HS; r: 42 Round 

Hill Rd, Salem, CT 06420, 860 889-4381 ; Robert 
BINGHAM, Mrs. Elisabeth (Betty) (Elisabeth (Betty) Brawner); 

1951 BA; Owner/Commissioner, Latana Travel Agcy ./Ocean 

Ridge; r: 1 E. Ocean Ave., Ocean Ridge, FL 33435, 561 732- 

9996; William, Miles, Pierce 
'BINGHAM, Mrs. Jean (Jean Buchanan); 1929 
BINGHAM, Mrs. Jeanne S. (Jeanne E. Schaefer); 1973 A B ; 

MLS Florida State Univ.; Retired Librarian, Alachua Cnty. Public 

Library; r: 11326 NW122Ter., Alachua, FL32615, 386 462-4327; 

Mamn; Stacy, C.J.; 

junglejeanne51 © 
'BINGHAM, Kathleen L.; ACAD (See Bennett, Mrs. Kathleen L.) 
BINGHAM, Ms. Kathryn; 1966 BA; MA Smith CIg.; Clinical Social 

Worker; r: 1004 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, VA 23507, 757 627-8734 

J., Bingham 
BINGHAM, Mrs. Mary Robertson (Mary Robertson McBride): 

1979 BA; Substitute Teacher/Farmer, Albuquerque Public Schs. 

505 873-8560; r: 7624 Coors Blvd. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87121 

505 873-8560; Patrick; Samuel, William 
BINGHAM, Mrs. Stephanie SIpes (Stephanie Lynn Sipes) 

/985;BAUniv. of MD CIg. Park; Fiber Artist, Studio of 

Stephanie Bingham, 107 Longstreet Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 

22401, 540 898-6296; r; same; Bruce; William, Sarah; 

binghami 07 @ 
BINGHAM, Susan Page; /985 ; r: Box 335, Appomattox, VA 

'BINNS, Mrs. Helen Vaughan (Helen Vaughan Hesson); 1938 AB 
'BINST, Mrs. Constance (Constance Chalmers); 1968 
'BINSWANGER, Mrs. Frances V. (Frances V. Weil); 1934 
'BIPPERS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Becket); ACAD 
BIRBICK, Carolyn Jane; /980(SeeThomason, Mrs. Carolyn Jane) 
BIRCH, Mrs. Edith (Edith Lasher); 1964 AB; Volunteer; r: 449 

Deepwoods Dr., Selma, AL 36701 , 334 872-8019 
'BIRCH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Dawson); 1933 
BIRCH, Theresa Ellen; y985AB;Tchr., Creekside Intermediate 

Sch.,LeagueCity,TX, 281 332-8494; r: 2380 Gemini St., 

Houston, TX 77058, 281 286-5228; 
'BIRCHALL, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Reehl); 1926 
BIRCHFIELD, Beverley B.; 1959 {See Derian, Mrs. Beverley B.) 
BIRCKHEAD, Ann (Betsy) Elizabeth; 1983 (See Click, Mrs. Ann 

BIRD, Barbara (Barbara Baker); 1 952 AB; MSW Columbia Univ.; 

Retired, Quaker Intl. Affairs Prog.; r: 109 W. Penn St., Philadel- 
phia, PA 19144, 215 843-6134; Robert (Dec); Michael, Timothy, 

'BIRD, C. Page; 1928 (See Woods, Mrs. C. Page) 
'BIRD, Dorothy; ACAD (See Warren, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BIRD, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Barnes); 1939 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 18235 125th Ave., Sun City West, AZ 85375, 623 546-1162; 

Stonewall, David, Elizabeth, Richard 
'BIRD, Jean; ^936 (See Antonius, Mrs. Jean) 
BIRD, Dr. Kimberly Ann (Kimberly Ann Hofmann); 1984 ; BS 

Virginia Tech, MD Med. CIg. of Virginia; r: POB 252, Monterey, 

VA 24465, 540 468-3640; Lloyd; Anson, George; 

'BIRD, Laura F.; 7947 (See Jones, Mrs. Laura F.) ' •■• 


BIRD, Marguerite Churchill; 79S3(See McMurrain, Mrs. Marguerite 

BIRDSALL, Caroline; 1961 (See Sory, Mrs. Caroline) 
BIRDSALL, Mrs. Laurel Amber (Laurel Amber Shay); 1998 BA; 

American Univ.; Logistician, Dept. of the Navy; r: 5500 Holmes 

Run Pkwy. No 812, Alexandria, VA 22304; 
'BIRDSEY, Cecilia; 1934 (See Fuessle, Mrs. Cecilia) 
'BIRDSEY, Kitty C.;-4C/\D 
BIREN, Mrs. Charlotte L. (Charlotte L. Coan); 1958 ; BS 

Michigan State Univ.; Retired Bookkeeper; r: 424 Tremont Ave., 

Westfield, NJ 07090, 908 233-5926; Joseph; Sarah, Glenn 
BIRES, Mrs. Leslie Ludwick (Leslie Coline Ludwick); 1980; BA 

Stanford Univ.; Dir., Corporate Sponsorships, Bank of America, 

San Francisco, CA, 415 622-5968; r: 945 W California Ave., Mill 

Valley, CA 94941 , 41 5 384-01 01 ; Tom; Alexander; 
BIRGE, Patti Amanda; 1961 (See Spivey, Mrs. Patti Amanda) 
'BIRGEL, Mrs. Annette (Annette Enderly); 1933 
'BIRKOFF, Gertrude; ACAD 
'BIRMINGHAM, Mrs. Anne M. (Anne M. Trigg); ACAD 
'BIRNEY, Eloise; ACAD (See Curry, Mrs. Eloise) 
BIRNEY, Ms. Janet (Janet Martin); 7953 ; OwnerATchr. Retired, 

The Book Stall; r: 11 Sagamore Rd., Wellesley, MA 02481, 781 

235-4065; Dion (Scott); David, Carol, Margaret 
BIRON, Ms. Marie Philippe; 7992; r: 12Ave.derAbreuvoir, Marly 

Le Roi 78, France 
BIRT, Barbara L.; 7957 (See Dow, Mrs. Barbara L.) 
BIRTCHER, Wendy Catharine; 7984 (See Anderson, Mrs. Wendy 

BISCARDI, Mary Jo; 7986 (See Brown, Mrs. Mary Jo Biscardi) 
BISCHEL, Mrs. Lynne (Lynne Schradin); 7963 AB; r: 3800 

Atlantic Ave. Apt. 1 1 01 , Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 757 422-6222; 

'BISH, Sally A.; 7957 (See Grigsby, Mrs. Sally A.) 
BISHOP, Cheryl Lynn Morgan; 7990 (See Oilman, Mrs. Cheryl 

Lynn Morgan) 
BISHOP, Mrs. Dmsilla (Drusilla Hall); 7978 BA; r: 1 91 2 Old 

Hickory Blvd., Brentwood, TN 37027, 615 377-3205 
BISHOP, Mrs. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Vaughan); 7944 BA; Retired 

Pres.A/olunteer, Symphony Society; r: 7887 Broadway St. Apt. 

104, San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 826-2002; Louis 
BISHOP, Ms. ErickaAnn; 7995; BA CIg. of William & Mary; Sr. 

Recruiter, Acct. Mgr., Ettain Grp., 704 731-8028; r: 2209 The 

PIz., Charlotte, NC 28205, 704 347-0542; 
'BISHOP, Helen M.; 7920 (See Wilson, Mrs. Helen M.) 
BISHOP, Mrs. Helen P. (Helen P. Doss); 7969; r: 1 2276 E. 

Glenhaven Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70815, 225 273-5928 
BISHOP, Matilda (Tammy); 7980 (See Gogenola, Mrs. Matilda 

BISHOP, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Schmitt); 7966 AB; Golden Gate 

Univ.; Mgr. Environ., Health & Safety, Agricultural Chemical Dis- 
tribution, 3650 Mt Diablo Blvd. Ste. 260, Lafayette, CA 94549, 

925 283-0353; r: 3683 Boyer Cir., Lafayette, CA 94549, 925 284- 

BISHOP, Ms. Sara Spence; 7992 ; r: 724 Monroe Ave., Helena, 

MT 59601 , 406 449-7298 
BISS, Mrs. Mary Margaret (Mary Margaret Dixon); 7996 BS; 

Mathematician, Nav. Surface Warfare Ctr., 17320 Dahlgren Rd., 

Dahlgren, VA 22448; r: 4 Greenbrier Ct. Apt. #303, Fredericks- 
burg, VA 22401 ; Andrew; 

BISSELL, Lesley; 7968 (See Hoopes, Mrs. Lesley) 
'BISSELL, Mary; 797 7 (See Ridler, Mrs. Mary) 
BISSELL, Susan E.; 7969 (See Glass, Mrs. Susan B.) 
BITTING, Carol; 7983 ;r: 740 Fairmount Ave., Chatham, NJ 

BITTMAN, Christian J.; 7982 ; Real Estate Broker & Instr., Inst, of 

FL of Real Estate Courses, POB 2647, Winter Park, FL 32790, 

888 647-7277; r: 12952 Mascotte Empire Rd, Groveland, FL 

34736, 352 429-7055; Bonnie, John, Joe; 

'BITTNER, Mrs. Eva (Eva Bayly); ACAD 
BITTNER, Sharon; 7989 AB; MLS Univ. Missouri Columbia, MA 

Univ. Missouri Columbia; r: Stafford, VA 22554 


'BIVINS, Ethel; 1967 (See McKinney, Mrs. Ethel) 
•BIVINS, Sarah A.; 1955 
'BIXBY, Mrs. Anabel (Anabel Angus); 1951 
"BIXBY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hamilton); 1941 
BIXBY, Kathryn Lynn; 2004 ; r: POB 23, Bernardston, MA 01337 
BIXLER, Dr. Valerie Leigh; 1978 ; DVM Texas A&M Univ. CIg. 
Sta., BFA Southern Methodist Univ.; Veterinarian, East Fork 
Equine Veterinary Svcs., 214 514-3618; r: 3484 Cr 406, Mc 
Kinney, TX 75071 , 972 540-5096; T.W. Youngs: 
BJORGE, Rosemary; ?940 (See Johnson, Mrs. Rosemary) 
BLAASVAER, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Sharp); 1952 A B ; 
r: POB 21 5, Noble St. at River, Mauricetown, NJ 08329, 856 785- 
2465; Pamela 
BLACK, Mrs. Ana Barbara (Ana Barbara Serrano); 1983 A B ; 
Virginia State Bar, Ross BIdg., Richmond, VA 23219; r: 3031 
Rosalind Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 342-9140; 
'BLACK, Mrs. Anne (Anne Kirby); 1944 
BLACK, Ashley Elizabeth; 2000(See Wood, Ms. Ashley Elizabeth) 
"BLACK, Barbara A.; ?955(See Sommer, Mrs. Barbara A.) 
"BLACK, Mrs. Betty (Betty Bean); 1949 
BLACK, Carolyn; 1952 [See Undenwood, Mrs. Carolyn) 
BLACK, Dixie L.; 1973 (See Harrington, Mrs. Dixie L.) 
"BLACK, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Bennett); 1941 AB 

BLACK, Emily Virginia; 2001 (See Burns, Mrs. Emily Virginia) 
"BLACK, Genevieve; ?927(See Newton, Mrs. Genevieve) 
"BLACK, Georgia; 7938 (See Kievit, Mrs. Georgia) 
BLACK, Hesterly; 1982 (See Goodson, Mrs. Hesterly) 
BLACK, Hilary P.; 1971 ; r: 36 E. 36th St., Number 8-J, New York, 
NY 10016, 212 684-1708 
"BLACK, Jane B.; 1956 (See Clark, Mrs. Jane B.) 
BLACK, Jean; 1939 (See Jennings, Mrs. Jean) 
BLACK, Ms. Jennifer Lynne; ^990; r: 4729 Player Dr. NE, 

Roanoke, VA 2401 2 
BLACK, Joan; 1958 (See Davidson, Mrs. Joan) 
"BLACK, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Foster); ACAD 
BLACK, Karen Fredonia; 1980 (See Meredith, Mrs. Karen Black, 

BLACK, Ms. KatherineHollister; y992 BA; MAT Univ. South 
Carolina Columbia; Dept. Chair, Special Educ. Tchr., Stonewall 
Jackson HS, 8820 Rixlew Ln., Manassas, VA; r: 831 Geller 
Cir., Manassas, VA 20112, 703 365-9870; Sydney; 
BLACK, Kathryn Royal; 1997 (See Watson, Mrs. Kathryn Royal- 
"BLACK, Mrs. Loma G. (Loma G. Chhstensen); 1967 AB 
'BLACK, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Ingham); 1964 AB 
BLACK, Ms. Marjorie; 1971 ; BA Univ. of Colorado, JD Univ. of 
Montana Sch. of Law; Atty.; r: 1 01 8 Woodland Dr., Bozeman,MT 
59718,406 582-7888 
BLACK, Martha; 7955 (See Jordan, Mrs. Martha) 
'BLACK, Mrs. Mary (Mary Height); 1940 
'BLACK, Mary Layne; 1981 
BLACK, Mrs. Mary V. (Mary V.CIine); 7974; r; 312 Henry St. 

NW, Norton, VA 24273 
'BLACKALL, Mrs. Pauline (Pauline Goodnow); 1923 
'BLACKBURN, Catherine L; /973 AB 
'BLACKBURN, Mrs. Dorriss (Dorhss Nobles); 1923 
'BLACKBURN, Kela; 1973 (See Schram, Mrs. Kela) 
BLACKBURN, Mrs. Phebe J. (Phebe J. Harris); 1965 A B ; 
r: 8210 Redbud Ln. W, Indianapolis, IN 46256, 317 849-9503 
BLACKBURN, Mrs. Sadie Gwin Allen (Sadie Gwin Allen); 1945 ; 
BA Rice Univ., MA Rice Univ.; Managing Partner/Former Pres., 
Storey Creek LP/Garden Club of America/Galveston, 1030 
Potomac, Houston, TX 77057, 713 465-2929; r; same; Edward; 
Edward, Catherine, Robert; 
'BLACKBURN, Susan E.; )965 AB 
'BLACKER, Mrs. Clarita (Clarita Norris); 1922 
BLACKFORD, Mrs. Elaine Davis (Elaine Elizabeth Davis); 
1947; Homemaker; r: 64 Osprey Village Dr., Amelia Island, FL 
32034, 904 277-8288; Charles: Charles IV, David, Cynthia; 
BLACKFORD, Katharine K.; 1963(See Collins, Mrs. Katharine B.) 
'BLACKFORD, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Wright); 1942 
BLACKMER, Elizabeth; 7942 (See Childs, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty)) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BLACKMON, Ms. Mary Coleman (Mary Coleman Palmer); 1977 
AB; Co-Owner, Catering & Rest., Clayton-Blackmon, Inc., 4117 
Hillsboro Pike Rd, #102-B, Nashville, TN 37215, 615 297-7855; 
r: 2711 Hemingway Dr., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 665-0594; 
"BLACKSTOCK. Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Jackson); 1930 
BLACKSTOCK, Priscilla G.; 1967 (See Kurz, Ms. Priscilla G.) 
'BLACKSTONE, Mrs. Virginia Kirk (Virginia Kirk Coleman); 1974 

"BLACKWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sexton); 1927 
BLACKWELL, Elizabeth C; 1969 (See Laundon, Mrs. Elizabeth 

BLACKWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth Macrae (Elizabeth Macrae 
Coleman); 1978 AB; Dir. of Mktg., Net Value, 8304 Circlewood 
Ct., Raleigh, NC 27615; r: same, 919 676-6120; 
'BLACKWELL, Kay; 7973 (See Fidler, Mrs. Kay) 
BLACKWELL, Kimberly (Kim); 1991 (See Terry, Mrs. Kimberly 

BLACKWELL, Mary Clayton; 1967 (See Wooldridge, Mrs. Mary 
"BLACKWELL, Mrs. Mary Johnson (Mary Johnson Lambeth); 
1937 AB 
BLACKWELL, Mrs. Meredith Ann (Meredith Ann Cook); 1982 ; 
BA Washington State Univ.; Sales & Mktg. Mgr., ResortOuest 
Sunriver, POB 3400, Sunriver, OR 97707; r: 2438 NW Hem- 
mingway St., Bend, OR 97701; Lyndon: Ryan; 
BLACKWELL, Nancy V.; 1974 (See Marion, Nancy B.) 
'BLACKWELL, Mrs. Sandra (Sandra Cook); 1968 
BLACKWOOD, Regan Janell; 2002 BS; Virginia Polytech Inst.; 
r: 12502 Cliff Edge Dr., Hemdon, VA 20170, 703 444-2225; 
BLAIK, Ms. Catherine (Katie) Spencer; ?994BS;JD Univ. 
Oklahoma CIg. of Law; Atty., Catherine S. Blaik, PC, 625 NW 
13th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103, 405 525-2800; r: 6325 N 
Villa No 154, Oklahoma City, OK 731 12, 405 843-4735; 
"BLAIKIE, Marjorie; ?932(See Barber, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'BLAINE, Mrs. Marcia Marie (Marcia Marie Schmidt); 1976 
"BLAIR, Bernice; ?923(See Kanaha, Mrs. Bernice) 
"BLAIR, Mrs. Bess (Bess Kell); ACAD 
"BLAIR, Mrs. Chariotte (Chariotte Dunn); )939 AB 
"BLAIR, Mrs. Daphne (Daphne Bunting); ?927 BS 
BLAIR, Deborah Clegg; 1984 (See Forrey, Mrs. Deborah Clegg) 
BLAIR, Elizabeth Anderson; 1980 (See McKinney, Elizabeth 
"BLAIR, Mrs. Evelyn F. (Evelyn F. Morris); 1935 
"BLAIR, Jean F.; ACAD (See Helion, Jean F.) 
'BLAIR, Mrs. Madeline (Madeline Williams); 1932 
"BLAIR, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Wolff); 1923 
"BLAIR. Nadine; 1919 
BLAIR, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Guild); 1979 AB; Public Relations, 
Fleishman-Hillard Inc., 1615 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20036, 
202 828-8892; r; 231 5 Gerken Ave., Vienna, VA 221 81 , 703 31 9- 
2057; Robert 
BLAIR, Mrs. Virginia White; 1998 BA; AA Montreat Jr. CIg.; Asst. 
Coord.-Evening Degree Prog., High Point Univ., 6000 Museum 
Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27105, 336 767-7107; r: 2001 Whites 
Mill Rd., High Point, NC 27265, 336 841-7427; Robert: Charles, 
Andrew, Stephen; 
BLAIR-SMITH, Mrs. Victoria (Victoria Meeks); 1959; Technical 
Svcs. Librarian, NE Historic Genealogical Society, 101 Newbury 
St., Boston, MA 02116, 617 536-5740; r: 165 Gushing St., Cam- 
bndge, MA 02138, 617 491-6787 
"BLAKE, Alice; ?930(See Crane, Mrs. Alice) 
"BLAKE, Mrs. Antoinette L. (Antoinette L. Johnson); ACAD 
BLAKE, Mrs. Beverly (Beverly Bradshaw); 7967 AB; MA City 
CIg.; Couns., Counseling & Consulting Professional, Towne 
CenterBlvd., Jackson, MS; r; 750 Gillespie St., Jackson, MS 
39202, 601 969-2258 
'BLAKE, Caroline; 1959 (See Whitney, Mrs. Caroline) 
"BLAKE, Ellen W.; 7929 AB 
"BLAKE, Katryne; 7930 (See Moore, Mrs. Katryne) 
"BLAKE, Mrs. Lillian (Lillian Everett); 7923 

BLAKE, Lisa Margaret; 7982 AB; r: POB 3379, Aspen. CO 81 61 2 
"BLAKE, Margaret; 7926 (See Dudley, Mrs. Margaret) 




BLAKE, Vera Diehl; ?977 (See Thiers, Mrs. Vera Blake) 
BLAKELY, Lisa L.; 1974 (See Martin, Ms. Lisa L.) 
BLAKELY, Mrs. Lucinda M. (Lucinda C. Michel); 1966fKB; MS 

Boston Univ.; Homemaker/Educ. Volunteer; r: 3417 Del Monte 

Dr., Houston, TX 77019, 713 533-9673; Robert; Colin G., Ian; 

BLAKEMAN, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Beuttell); 1 944 AB; Retired 

Fund-raising Devel./Business Owner; r: 31 04 Coleman Ct., Rock 

Hill, SC 29732, 803 980-1 170; Ear/e; Margaret, David, Eliza- 
beth, Mary; ■ .. 

r: dblakeman@mybluelighLcom 
'BLAKEMORE, Anne N.; 1950 
BLAKEMORE, Beverly Ross; 1986 /KB; r: 11 Maple Ave., Larch- 

mont, NY 10538, 914 834-0201 
BLAKESLEE, Mrs. Jacqueline (Jacqueline Israel); 1968 ^B/K 

Univ. of Missouri; Homemaker; r: 31 1 Lookout Point, Hot 

Springs, AR 71913, 501 525-2450; Peter 
BLAKESLEE, Louise A.; y973(See Gilpin, Mrs. Louise Blakeslee) 
'BLAKEY, Alice; 1973 
BLAKEY, Mrs. Annabel (Annabel Pagan); 1961 ; Retired; 

r: 1017 Oak Mesa Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95409, 707 539-2082; 

BLAKEY, Julia (Judy) Ann; 1948 {See Butler, Mrs. Julie Blakey) 
BLALOCK, Mrs. Ann V. (Ann V. Grice); 1970 ; r: 837 Golfview 

Ter., Winter Park, FL 32789, 407 644-1993 
'BLALOCK, Mrs. Jean (Jean Walker); 1936 
*BLALOCK, Patricia L.; ?975 (See Tinnin, Mrs. Patricia L) 
BLALOCK, Sally H.; /972(See Seidel, Mrs. Sally H.) 
BLALOCK-BERNAYS, Mrs. Sally Reed (Sally Reed Anderson); 

1951 ; BA SMU; CPA/Trust Ofcr. Retired, Ameritrust Texas, 

Dallas, TX 75221 ; r: 701 1 Desco Dr., Dallas, TX 75225, 214 368- 

4464; Peter Semays; Sally Siedell, Patricia 
BLANCHARD, Mrs. Ashley F. (Ashley A. Flynn); 1990 BA; 

Homemaker; r: 104JamesonCt., Lynchburg, VA24503, 434384- 

1144; H/iVson; Sutton, Strode; 
BLANCHARD, Mrs. Clare (Clare Newman); 1960Bk, r: Three 

Fields, Box 231 , Green VIg., NJ 07935; Robert, Wilson 
'BLANCHARD, Mrs. Louise (Louise Garrard); 1923 
'BLANCHARD, Louise M.; ^960 (See Thompson, Mrs. Louise M.) 
BLANCHARD, Madeleine Louise; 1989 (See Corbo, Mrs. 

Madeleine Blanchard) 
'BLANCHARD, Nancy C; 1956 
BLAND, Harriotte; 1948 (See Coke, Ms. Harriotte) 
BLAND, Mrs. Patricia L. (Patricia L. Connor); 1971 AB; r: 2652 

Forest Meadow Ln., Lawrenceville, GA 30043 
BLANE, Theresa Elizabeth; 1981 (See Lange, Mrs. Theresa B.) 
BLANEY, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Alexander); 1947; r: 1 1 9 1 4 

Knippwood Ln., Houston, TX 77024, 713 465-0121 
'BLANK, Sarah Anne; 1980 
BLANKE, Gail; 1963 {See Cusick, Mrs. Gail) 
BLANKEN, Mrs. Anne (Anne McNeer); 1950 BA; Retired Public 

Sch. Secy., Chatham Middle Sch.; r: 16 Duchamp PL, Chatham, 

NJ 07928, 973 635-0701; Jean, Caroline; 
BLANKENSHIP, Ms. Crystal Luona; 1999, 2000 BA; AS Virginia 

Western; Owner-Retail Clothing Business, Tiny Tots, Inc., 

Roanoke, VA; r: POB 388, Daleville, VA 24083; 

BLANKENSHIP, Mary Marcelle Victoria; 1990{See Peacock, Mrs. 

Mary Marcelle B.) 
BLANKENSHIP, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Bennett); 1981 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 58 Possum Creek Rd., HC 65, Box 58, Victor, WV 

25938, 304 658-4065; James; 

BLANKENSHIP, Tracy Lynn; )9S5(See Guthrie, Mrs. Tracy Lynn) 
'BLANKINGSHIP, Mrs. Antoinette (Antoinette Woodward); 

'BLANKMAN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Casner); 1961 
'BLANKS, Russe; 1921 (See Butts, Mrs. Russe) 
BLANTON, Carol; y947(See McCord, Mrs. Carol B.) 
BLANTON, Ms. Danalisa DeAnne; ?985BA;MA Wake Forest 

Univ.; Archivist & Historian, Natl. Archives, Old Military Records, 

Washington,DC20408, 202 501-5385; r: 6016 N. 16th St., 

Arlington, VA 22205, 703 534-6816; Marc Wolfe; Samuel; 



BLANTON, Elizabeth A.; 1971 (See Green, Ms. Elizabeth A.) 
BLANTON, Jean; 1944 (See Stein, Mrs. Jean) 
BLANTON, Lucy; 1956 (See Park, Mrs. Lucy) 
BLANTON, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Dicks); ?936; BA Univ. NC 
Chapel Hill; Homemaker; r: 319 N. Lafayette SL, Shelby, NC 
28150, 704 487-6308; George; Nancy (Dec), Catherine, Lydia 
'BLANTON, Nancy; /962(See Siegel, Mrs. Nancy) 
BLASSL, Ms. Marika; 1998; r: Lameystr 24, Mannheim 68165, 

'BLATCHFORD, Mrs. Esther (Esther Roberts); 1916 
BLAU, Mrs. Lynn (Lynn Carol); 1963 AB; Self-employed, Lifestyle 
Cnsltg. Firm; r: 9 The Crossways, W. Hartford, CT 06117, 860 
BLENCOWE, Mary Janet; ?970(See Murray, Ms. Mary Janet) 
'BLEVINS, Ms. Heather Diane; 1992 
'BLEW, Bonnie; ^967 (See Pierie, Mrs. Bonnie) 
BLIND, Mrs. Denise Kathleen (Denise Kathleen Landau); 1988 
AB; Ofc. Mgr., Giant Tire Svc, Inc., POB 564, Havrthorne, NJ 
07506, 973 427-4600; r: 191 PinelynnRd., Glen Rock, NJ 07452, 
201 447-6324; Frederick; Tyler, Chelsea; 
'BLISH, Kathryn E.; 1941 

BLISS, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Craig); ^966 AB; r: 3010 St. John's 
Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32205, 904 387-2199; Bill; Neil Saunders 
'BLISS, Gladys; 1932 
BLISS, Mrs. Joyce (Joyce Fackiner); ?956AB;r:663 Springfield 

Ave., Summit, NJ 07901, 908 273-3936; Julia B. Chan 
BLISS, Mary Penniman; 1985 {See McGrath, Mrs. Mary Bliss) 
'BLISS, Miriam J.; ?926(See Barrett, Mrs. Miriam J.) 
'BLOCH, Helen; 1947 

BLOCH, Margaret; 1966 (See Aheam, Mrs. Margaret) 
'BLOCH, Mrs. Mane (Marie Klein); ACAD 
BLOCH, Marjorie; 1943 (See Owens, Mrs. Marjorie Bloch) 
BLOCK, Mrs. Amie(Amie Willard); )952 AB; r: 131230th SLNW, 

Washington, DC 20007, 202 338-1308 
'BLOCK, Mrs. Anne N. (Anne N. Burckhardt); 1947 
BLOCK, Dana Margaret; 1985 (See Averbuch, Mrs. Dana 

BLOCK, Mrs. Jane (Jane Weihman); 1968 AB; Painter; r: 5 1 5 
Canal Blvd., Thibodaux, LA 70301, 985 446-1982; Harold; 
Marjorie, Katherine; 
BLOCK, Jeannette Burckhardt; )975(See De Poy, Mrs. Jeannette 

'BLOCK, Katharine D.; ^9/9 (See Raynor, Mrs. Katharine D.) 
'BLOCK, Mrs. Margaret Ann (Margaret Ann Davison); 1954 BA 
'BLODGETT, Mrs. Henrietta (Henrietta Wadsworth); ACAD 
BLOK, Mrs. Sharmini Jayaratnam (Sharmini Jayaratnam Luther); 
1980 AB; Asst. Proj. Dev. Ofcr., Mgmt. Inst., Colombo, Sri Lanka; 
r: 530 Rajagilrlya Rd, Rajagilrlya, Sri Lanka 
'BLOKER, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Lynch); 1935 
BLONDE, Mrs. Kyle DuVall (Kyle Charlene DuVall); 2001 BA; 
Intl. Mktg. Coord., NCH Corp., 2727 Chemsearch Blvd., Irving, 
TX 75062, 972 438-0411; r: 10428 Bear Creek Tr., Keller, TX 
76248, 817 430-1840; P/i//;p; 
'BLOOD, Janet; 1933 (See Brown, Mrs. Janet) 
'BLOOD, Mrs. Janice R. (Janice R. MacPherson); 1924 
BLOOD, Mrs. Joan (Joan Clinchy); 1965 AB; MED Rutgers 
University; r: 259 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, NC27104,336 
724-2302; William 
BLOOM, Mrs. Ann (Ann Young); 1959 AB; Retired; r: 283 
Hathaway Ln., Wynnewood, PA 19096, 610 642-2924; 
'BLOOM, Joanne; 1951 (See Perhens, Mrs. Joanne) 
'BLOOM, Mrs. Susan (Susan Potts); 1969 
'BLOOM, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Connell); ACAD 
'BLOOMBERG, Helen J.; 1944 (See Allen, Mrs. Helen J.) 
'BLOOMER, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Leadbeater); 1928 BS 
BLOOMER, Rev. Dr. Nancy; 1961 ; PhD State Univ. of NY, MDiv 
Gen. Theological Sem.; Episcopal Clergy/Clg. English Instr., 
SUNY at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY; r: 4 Grant St., Essex Jet, 
VT 05452, 802 872-8871 
BLOOMER, Susan L.; 1969 (See Rice, Ms. Susan B.) 
'BLOUIN, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Martindale); ^930 BA 
'BLOUNT, Betty; 1941 (See Kempson, Mrs. Betty) 
'BLOUNT, Mrs. Jean; ^940 AB 


"BLOUNT, Katherine; 1926 (See Andersen, Mrs. Katherine) 
BLOUNT, Mrs. Linda Rowland (Linda Falvey Rowland); 1987 ; 

Homemaker; r: 700 Grandview PI., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 

824-8705; Stephen; Rowe, Charlotte, Macon; 
'BLOUNT, Mary; 1914 (See Sledge, Mrs. Mary) 
'BLOUNT, Mrs. Mary Stuart (Mary Stuart Winston); 1977 
'BLOUNT, Mrs. Sylvia (Sylvia Shaw); 1949 
BLOW, Ms. Amber Lin; J998BA; Field & Graphics Asst., New 

South Assocs., E. Ponce De Leon, Stone Mtn., GA, 770498-41 55; 

r: 7605 Tree Mountain Pkwy., Stone Mtn., GA 30083, 678 476- 

BLOXSOM, Carolyn Plybon; 1993 (See Pritchard, Mrs. Carolyn 

BLUE, Katherine Macon; 1989 ; r: 31 1 Golf Course Rd., Owings 

Mills, MD 21 11 7, 410 363-0970 
•BLUE, Virginia H.; ACAD 
BLUFORD, Mrs. Susan (Susan Bielaski); 1969; r: 6965 Carmel 

Valley Rd., Carmel, CA 93923, 831 624-9010 
BLUM, Mrs. Lynn (Lynn Waterman); 1972; BA Univ. of Colorado, 

Bd. of Standards-Clg. Fin Ping; Investment Advisor, Blackstone 

Cnsltg. Ltd., Denver, CO 80220, 303 388-6099; r: 6325 E. 17th 

Ave., Denver, CO 80220, 303 388-3616; Dennis; David, Sari; 
BLUM, Mrs. Victoria E. (Victoria E. Vidal); 1985 AB; JD George 

Mason Sch. of Law; Sr. Dir. Govt. Affairs, Mortgage Bankers 

Assoc, 202 557-2861; r: 12133 Beaver Creek Rd., Clifton, VA 

20124; Dai/e; David; 
BLUMENTHAL, Mrs. Muriel G. (Muriel Grymes); 1943 /\B; MSL 

Fletcher Sch. of Law & Dip.; Retired; r: 35 E. 85th St., New York, 

NY 10028, 212 861-8102 
'BLUNDON, Lucy; 1968 
'BLUNK, Mrs. Katherine JoEllen (Katherine JoEllen Lenoir); 1975 

*BLY, Mrs. Alice (Alice Miller); 1922 
BLYNN, Sandra; 1968 (See Staniar, Ms. Sandra B.) 
BLYTHE, Mrs. Joan Crouse (Joan K. Crouse); 1952 ; BA Univ. of 

Kentucky; Retired; r: 26481 S. 615 Loop, Grove, OK 74344, 918 

786-4149; Robert; Erin, David, Susan; 

BLYTHE, Katherine P.; y969 (See Southerland, Mrs. Katherine P.) 
BLYTHE, Mary; 1936 {See Cunningham, Mrs. Mary B.) 
'BLYTHE, Mrs. Serena B. (Serena B. Davidson); 1929 
BLYTHIN, Phyllis J.; 7970 (See Ward, Mrs. Phyllis B.) 
'BOARD, Dorothy R.; ACAD 

'BOARDMAN, Mrs. Eleanor R. (Eleanor R. Davis); 1951 AB 
BOAS, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Edinger); 1 968 AB; Pres. , 

Consumer Credit Counseling Svc, 100 Edgewood Ave., Ste. 

1800, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404 653-8809; r: 593 Chestnut Oak 

CL NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 256-9203; Robert; Taylor, 


'BOAS, Mrs. Willie (Willie Neville); ACAD 
BOASE, Mrs. Katherine E. (Katherine E. Amundson); 1974 ; 

r: 8083 Chris Ct., Granite Bay, CA 95746, 916 772-3338; Alex, 

BOATRIGHT, Ms. Emily Suzanne (Emily Suzanne Taylor); 2000 

BA; Tchr.; r: 325 Colonial Homes Dr., Atlanta, GA 30309; 

'BOATRIGHT, Mrs. Lome (Lome Lassiter); 1966AB 
BOATWRIGHT, Ann Elizabeth; 1973 (See Bell, Mrs. Ann 

'BOATWRIGHT, Jean; 1932 {See Yarborough, Mrs. Jean) 
*BOAZ, Ada Comelia; 1981 
*BOAZ, Mrs. Janet (Janet Jaqua); 1935 
BOBA, Mrs. Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Hudson); 1941 AB; Admin. 

Asst. Retired, Univ. of Washington/Classic; r: 7336-55th Ave. 

NE, Seattle, WA 98115, 206 523-9194; Imre; Eleanor, Leslie; 

*BOBB, Mildred; ACAD (See Rhett, Mrs. Mildred) 
BOBB, Ms. Susan Christine; 2000 BS; MA Univ. of Virginia; 

Grad. Student, PA State; r: 13600 Timber Ridge Ct., Midlothian, 

VA 231 12, 804 744-4123; 
'BOBBITT, Laura; ?935(See Shuffle, Mrs. Laura) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BOBBITT, Mrs. Mandy McCormick (Harriet R. McCormick); 

1963 BA; MED Tufts Univ.; Substitute Tchr.. Rockbridge Cnty. 

Public Schs.; r: Web Hill Farm, 2092 Hays Creek Rd., Rockbndge 

Baths, VA 24473, 540 348-5799; William E. Jr.; Peter Cronin, 

David, Mile, Alex; 
"BOBBITT, Manha W.; 1943 (See McTigue, Mrs. Martha W.) 
BOBRZYKOWSKI, Mrs. Kimberiy Ann (Kimberiy Ann Reitz); 

1991 ; BA Rosemont CIg.; r: 6555 Tydings Ln,, Eldersburg, MD 

21784, 410 549-6355; Dan,- Allison, Daniel, William 
BOCK, Mrs. Debra Anne (Debra Anne Autrey); 1982 AB; Health 

Clerk, Spring ISD, Wunsche Sch., 800 Spring-Cypress Rd, 

Spring, TX 77373, 281 880-2599; r; 25526 Friar Lake Ln., 

Spring, TX 77373, 281 528-9340; David; Adam, Nicholas; 

BOCK, Ms. Lucretia Carole; ?997 BA; MA Natl. Automobile 

Dealers Assn.; Gen. Mgr., Seguin Ford Mercury, 838 West Ct. 

St., Seguin,TX 781 55, 830 303-1192; r: POB 312194, New 

Braunfels, TX 78131, 830 708-4083; 

'BODE, Elizabeth A.; 1934 
BODEMAN, Mrs. Marianne (Marianne Shipman); 1978; r: 34 

Salem Way, Malvern, PA 19355 
BODENSTAB, Mrs. Julie Eleanor (Julie Eleanor Pfautz); 1 9 78 

BA; Continuing Educ, Longwood Gardens, POB 501. Kennett 

Sq., PA 19348, 610 388-1000; r: 305 Addison PL, West Chester, 

PA 19382; /Mar/(,- Phillip, Peter; 

BODIN, Juliet; 7967 (See Converse, Mrs. Juliet) 
BODIN, Ms. Kati Lyn-Lunden; 2001 ; r: 425 Femdale Woods Rd., 

Wayzata, MN 55391 
'BODINE, Florence; 1924 (See Mountcastle, Mrs. Florence) 
'BODKIN, Mrs. Jean (Jean Taylor); 1930 
BODKIN, Mrs. Tracy Thompson (Tracy Marie Thompson); 

1977; BA Centenary CIg.; Homemaker; r: 2 Old Farmstead Rd, 

Chester, NJ 07930, 908 879-7899 
'BODLEY, Edith; 1922 (See Stites, Mrs. Edith) 
'BODLEY, Ellen; 1919 {See Stuart, Mrs. Ellen) 
'BODMAN, Mrs. Helene K. (Helene K. Dunn); 1958 
BOEHLING, Mary Vonderiehr; 1981 (See Schwartz, Mrs. Mary 

'BOEHM, Audree R.; 1940 {See Katzenberg, Mrs. Audree R.) 
BOEHMLER, Mrs. Sarah Porter (Sarah Porter); 1965 AB; 

Retired Exec. VP, American Stock Exch.; r: 1133 Park Ave. at 

91st St., New York, NY 10128, 212 427-3762: W/7//am,- A I e x i s , 

Liz, Jean Reynolds 
'BOERICKE, Beatrice; 1944 (See Cohen, Mrs. Beatrice) 
BOESCH, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Ashby); 1958 AB; Devel. Ofcr., 

Stanford Univ.; r: 526W.Poplar Ave., San Mateo, CA 94402, 650 

348-5260; Robert; Katherine, Thomas; 
'BOETHELT. Mrs. Lucille (Lucille Marshall); 1913 
BOETTCHER, Dorothy; y965(See Sullivan, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BOETTCHER, Ruth; 1918 {See Robertson, Mrs. Ruth) 
'BOGAARD, Mrs. Edith (Edith Knox); 1934 
'BOGART, Mrs. Delia D. (Delia D. Lindsay); ACAD 
BOGDAN, Beth Darting; 1979 (See Tetrault, Mrs. Beth Darting) 
BOGDAN, Debra D.; ?973(See Hill, Mrs. Debra D.) 
'BOGEN, Michelle Anne; 1987 
BOGERT, Dale; ?945(See Baldwin, Mrs. Dale Bogert) 
BOGERT, Joan Lloyd; 1 978 AB; r: 10 Lanes End, #6, Ipswich, MA 

01938,978 356-1668 
BOGGS, Deanna E.; ?972(See Lewis, Mrs. Deanna E.) 
BOGGS, Karole Lee; 1986 (See Johns, Mrs. Karole B.) 
BOGGS, Mrs. Louise Cobb (Louise Settle Cobb); 1961 AB; J D 

TC William Law Univ.-Richmond, MA Purdue Univ.; Retired 

Atty-at-Law, Louise Boggs, Atty-at-Law, 206 E Brook Run Dr., 

Richmond, VA 23233; r: 206 E. Brook Run Dr., Richmond. VA 

23233, 804 784-5363; Jotm; John, Alice 
BOGGS, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia McClay); 7955 BA; BA Sweet 

Briar; Homemaker; r: 2 Wild Rice Ln.. Savannah, GA 3141 1, 912 

598-4947; Joe, Cliff, Nancy Priest; 
'BOGLE, Frances; ?937 (See Shea, Mrs. Frances) 
BOGNAR, Mrs. Katherine Renee (Katherine Renee Meeks); 

)987 ; BADePauw Univ.; Homemaker; r: 41 Horseshoe Ln., 

Carmel, IN 46033. 317 816-9913; Keith; Katherine, Rachel; 





BOGOLIN, Ms, JoAnn; 1989 BA; Actuary, Reden & Anders, Ltd., 
2170 Satellite Blvd., Ste. 150, Dulutti, GA 30097, 770 417-4907; 
r: 859 Greenwood Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, 404 872-7375; 
'BOGUE, Janet; 1937 {See Trimble, Mrs. Janet) 
BOGUSKY, Mrs. Kathleen Ashley (Kathleen Ashley league); 
1986 AB\ Tchr., Baltimore City Public Sch., 3434 Old Frederick 
Rd, Baltimore, MD 21229; r: 715Milldam Rd., #D, Baltimore, MD 
21286; Stephen; Stephen, Carter 
BOHANNON, Ms. Kathleen; 1997;AB Univ. of Vermont; r: 23 
Pleasant St., POB 268, Saxtons River, VT 051 54; 
BOHANNON, Stuart; 1961 (See Evans, Mrs. Stuart) 
*BOHM, Mrs. Helen (Helen Shulofer); ACAD 
*BOHMAN, Veronica; )963(See Rushing, Mrs. Veronica) 
*BOHN, Mrs. Harriotte A. (Harriotte A. Parker); 1966 
BOHRER, Mrs. Carol Searles (Carol Lynn Searles); 1982 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 8 Maxwell Rd, Richmond, VA 23226, 804 358- 
4707; Jason; Price, Emily 
'BOICE, Delta R.; ACAD 
'BOICE, Gratia; 7949 (See Smith, Mrs. Gratia) 
*BOICE, Jennie M.; /(C/^D 
*BOICE, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Geer); 1921 AB 
*BOITER, Mrs. Amanda Kathleen (Amanda Kathleen Sellars); 

BOK, Rachel; 7959 (See Goldman, Mrs. Rachel) 
BOKAN, Susan; 1968; Rehab., Self-employed, 81 Lincoln Ave., 
Saratoga Spgs., NY 12866, 518 584-8142; r: same; 
BOLANIS. Constance Alice; 1982 ; Sr. Devel. Assoc, Univ. of 
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, 412 647-8534; r: 1 457 
Greystone Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15206, 412 441-1714 
BOLDT, Alicia Therese; 2002 BA;MSW Univ. North Carolina 
Charlotte; r: 19919 Callaway Hills Ln., Davidson, NC 28036, 704 
BOLES, Diane Dunaway (Mildred Dunaway); 1982AB; MA Univ. 
of Georgia Athens; Landscape Arch., MD2 Landscape Architec- 
ture, 61 Terrencedale Ct., Griffin, GA 30224; r: 61 Terracedale 
Ct., Griffin, GA 30224, 770 233-0738; James; 
BOLES, Ms. Lisa Ann (Lisa Ann Jennay); 1985 AB; MA Southern 
CT State Univ.; Marriage & Family Therapist, Self-Employed, 
2400 Country Trails Dr., Safety Harbor, PL 34695; r: 6265 
Aventura Dr., Sarasota, FL 34241, 941 927-0467 
*BOLEY, Mrs. Jean (Jean Besselievre); 1935 
'BOLEY, Margaret F.; 1913 (See Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret F.) 
BOLINE, Susan Lynn; 1980 (See Thompson, Mrs. Susan Lynn) 
'BOLINGER, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Hudson, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BOLLES, Barbara; 7943 (See Miller, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BOLLING, Mrs. Annie L. (Annie L. Malone); 1943 
BOLLING, Barbara E.; 1964 (See Downs, Barbara Woodward) 
'BOLLING, Mrs. Brantley; 1949 AB 
BOLLING, Charade M.; 1986 (See Estes, Mrs. Charade M.) 
BOLLINGER, Ms. Suzanne Nicole; 2000 BS; Satellite Systs. 
Engr., Lockheed Martin; r: 3003 Frankfurt Ct., Woodbridge, VA 
22191,703 878-8838; 
'BOLLMAN, Mrs. Adalaide (Adalaide Wheless); 1913 
BOLOIX LUCAS, Maria del Mar; 2000 ; r: Ave./Cruz del Campo, 

No. 33, 2-A, 41005 Sevilla, Spain 
'BOLSTEIN, Karine Rita; 1983 

BOLT, Stuart Whitney; 1988 (See Lewis, Mrs. Stuart Whitney) 
BOLTON, Mrs. Deborah A. (Deborah A. Dixon); 1 973 AB; BSN 
Youngstown Univ.; RN, Lloyd Dermatology Ctr., 8060 Market St., 
Youngstown, OH 44512, 330 758-9189; r: 56 Poland Manor, 
Youngstown, OH 44514, 330 757-8888; Stephen; Margaret D., 
William G.,Melinda A., Clay E.; 
BOLTON, Kathryn Blaine; 1989 (See Overman, Mrs. Kathryn 

'BOLTON, Mary Staton; 1959 (See Reichenbach, Mrs. Mary 

'BOLTON, Minnie; ACAD 

BOLTON, Mrs. Pauline H. (Pauline H. Wells); 7952 AB; PM 
Bolton Assocs., 2128 Welch, Houston, TX 77019, 713 522-0827; 
r:266 Pine Hollow, Houston, TX 77056, 713 621-0141; 
Preston; R., Teresa, Elizabeth, Mary 


BOLTON, Mrs. Sara Jane (Sara Jane Howard); 7 994 BA; 

r: 5999 Little Mountain Dr., Ellenwood, GA 30294, 770 987-7023 
*BOLZ, Sara Louise; 7984 
BOLZ-ANDOLSHEK, Mrs. Kimberly N. (Kimberly N. Andolshek); 

7999 BS; Business Owner, Northern Food King & Lakes Latte, 

Pequot Lakes, MN 56472, 218 568-5995; r: 27546 W Twin Lake 

Dr., Pequot Lakes, MN 56472, 218 568-5087; Justin; Kate; 

'BOMAR, Mrs. Byrd (Byrd Fiery); 7924 
'BOMAR, Mallie; 7929 (See Johnson, Mrs. Mallie) 
BOMAR, Nancy B.; 7953 (See Andrews, Mrs. Nancy B.) 
BOMBAY, Gwendolyn Jinel; 7989 (See Oiler, Ms. Gwendolyn 

'BOMER, Lynne; ACAD 
BOMHARDT, Mrs. Alicia Anne (Alicia Anne Bounds); 7989 AB; 

r: 10 Kewanee St., Bethany Bch., DE 19930; Ryan 
BONA, Mrs. Andrea Knotts (Andrea Sue Knotts); 7987 ; BA 

James Madison Univ., BA James Madison Univ.; Publisher, 

Communications Now, Inc., 1130 Connecticut Ave. NW, #325, 

Washington, DC 20026, 202 530-7600; r: 8309 Ramsgate Ct., 

Alexandria, VA 22309; James; Nicholas, Lindsey; 

'BONACORSA, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Norden); 7965 
BONAGUA, Ms. Susan Marie; 2000; r. POB 1398, Arcadia, FL 

34265, 863 494-0065 
'BONBRIGHT, Mrs. Letltia (Letitia Ord); 7943 
BOND, Mrs. Allison Lee (Allison Lee Akeson); 7986 AB; r: 7701 

Rider Hill Rd., Ruxton, MD 21204, 410 339-5384 
'BOND, Mrs. Catharine A. (Catharine A. Wales); ACAD 
'BOND, Mrs. Constance (Constance Tunnell); 7948 AB 
BOND, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Bryan); 7930 ; r: 1 000 Vicars 

Landing Way, #A106, Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082; Meta 
BOND, Elizabeth; 7934 (See Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BOND, Mrs. Frances (Frances Quinn); 7933 AB; Retired Exec. 

Secy.; r: 704WenwoodCir., Greenville, SC29607, 864234-7230; 

William; Jerri 
BOND, Mrs. Frances Kirven (Frances Kin/en Watson); 7966 ; 

r: Box 113, Ortega Sta., Jacksonville, FL 32210 
'BOND, Mrs. Grace (Grace Callan); 7974 
BOND, Heather Nicole; 7995(See Grossman, Ms. Heather Nicole) 
'BOND, Helen G.; 7933 AB 
'BOND, Mrs. Ina (Ina Brown); 7967 
'BOND, Leila; 7939 (See Preston, Mrs. Leila) 
'BOND, Lucille; 7934 (See Pendleton, Mrs. Lucille) 
BOND, Mrs. Lydia M. (Lydia M. Montgomery); 7960; Home- 
maker; r: 4015 AltawoodCt., Louisville, KY 40245, 502241-9592; 

Melissa, Molly; 
BOND, Meta; 7963 (See Magevney, Mrs. Meta) 
'BOND, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Quintard); 7937 AB 
'BONDURANT, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Kelley); 7932 
BONDURANT, Gladys; 7955 (See Lee, Mrs. Gladys Bondurant) 
BONEY, Mrs. Martha A. (Martha A. Neill); 7972 AB; Admin. 

Asst., William J. Boney Jr. Atty., 406 Market St., Wilmington, NC 

28402, 91 762-4403; r: 1809 Azalea Dr., Wilmington, NC 

28403, 910 343-9803; William; W. Andrew, Kristen E.; 

BONHAM, Elizabeth Chenoweth; 7987 ;r: 74 Manor Dr., Great 

Neck, NY 11020 
BONHAM, Sarah(Sally) Barrett; 7977 (See Mohle, Mrs. Sally 

'BONIFACE, Blaire; 7986 
BONIFACE, Ms. Carole Elizabeth; 7997 ; BA Mary Washington 

CIg., JD Univ. of Richmond Virginia; Lawyer; r: 1521 Crenshaw 

Rd, Knoxville, TN 37920, 865 609-1866 
BONIFACE, Sarah; 7999 (See Turner, Mrs. Sarah B.) 
BONINI, Ms. Chariotte Daphne; 7992 BA; MARC Univ. Glasgow 

MSA, PhD Univ. Glasgow MSA; Student, Univ. of Glasgow; 

r: POB 241 , Castine, ME 04421 , 207 326-8077; Driss Kbaili; 

BONIS, Cathy J.; 7974 (See Pearson, Mrs. Cathy J.) 
'BONKMEYER, Geraldine D.; 7937 (See Darden, Mrs. Geraldine 

'BONN, Zaiia; 7934 
BONNELL, Meredith Ashley; 7999 (See Houff, Mrs. Meredith 

'BONNER, Virginia; 7957 (See Norcross, Mrs. Virginia) 


'BONNETT, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Soons); 1941 
BONNEY, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Ann Elizabeth Reisner); 1984 BA; 
VP, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp., 200 Witmer Rd, 
Horsham, PA 19044, 215 328-1817; r: POB 266, Holicong, PA 
18928, 21 5 794-5547; We//; 
ann_bonney @ 
BONNEY, Frances A.; 1965 (See Jenner, Mrs. Frances B.) 
BONSALL, Katharine; ?939 (See Strong, Mrs. Katharine) 
'BONTECOU, Sylvia; 1974 (See Harmon, Mrs. Sylvia) 
BOOK, Ms. DebraEleanore; ?9S0 AB; Contract Mgr., Lear 
Siegler Svcs., Inc., 175 Admiral Cochrane Dr., Annapolis, MD 
21401; r: 1056 Pinecrest Dr., Annapolis, MD 21403, 410 267- 
BOOKER, Mrs. Amelia (Mimi) (Amelia White); 1958 ; BS; Home- 
maker; r: 2720 Essex Ter., Houston, TX 77027, 713 622-8973; 
Bill; Amy 
BOOKER, Betty Burwell; /966(See Morriss, Ms. Betty Burwell) 
"BOOKER, Mrs. Catharine (Catharine Fitzgerald); 1947 AB 
'BOOKER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Gianotti); 1966 
BOOKER, Mary Ames; 7982 (See Sheret, Mrs. Mary Ames) 
BOOKER, Mrs. Pattie Adams; )990 AB; r: 3407 Chatham Rd., 
Richmond, VA 23227 
"BOOMSLITER, Mrs. Yvonne E. (Yvonne E. Decker); 1936 
"BOONE, Arline R.; 1929 

"BOONE, Elizabeth; 7930 (See Willis, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BOONE, Ms. FatimahKhalilah; y996; r: 175 Lefferts Ave., 
Brooklyn, NY 11225, 718 815-7527 
"BOONE, Frances; ACAD 
BOONE, Mrs. Inez (Inez Rosamond); 1947 AB; Retired Spanish 
& French Tchr.; r: 1457 Goodbar, Memphis, TN 38104, 901 276- 
3994; U/////am; Constance C, Robin Smith, Allison Temple 
"BOONE, Jeanette; ?927 AB 

BOONE, Kathryn; 1953 (See Lewis, Mrs. Kathryn (Betty)) 
"BOORSE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Thomas); 1934 
BOOTH, Mrs. A. Lea (Mary Morris Gamble); 1950 AB; r: 208 
Rowland Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 528-1277; Augustus; 
Mary, George, Gary 
"BOOTH, Alma; 191 1 (See Taylor, Mrs. Alma) 
BOOTH, Ms. Amy Lynn; 1990 ; Owner Indep. Interior Designer, 
Residential, Specialty Interiors, 540 338-3794; r: 17157 Picwick 
Dr., Purcellville, VA 20132, 540 338-3057; Charles Desimio; 
Sara, Michael, Nicholas; 
BOOTH, Anne; 1964 (See Booth Hauser, Anne) 
BOOTH, Mrs. Cheryl A. (Cheryl A. Willits); 1974 AB; Minister, 
Children's Educ, Minister, Children's Educ, Christian Chapel, 
Tulsa, OK 74133, 918 250-2576; r: 9330 S. 94th East Ave., 
Tulsa, OK 74133, 918 250-1263 
BOOTH, Ms. Diana Lynn; 2000 BA; Mgr., Jim Booth Art Gallery, 
Inc., 1929 Maybank Hwy., Charleston, SC 29412, 843 795-8244; 
r: 4775 Parkers Ferry Rd, Hollywood, SC 29449, 843 889-3371 ; 
BOOTH, Doreen; 1954 (See Hamilton, Mrs. Doreen) 
"BOOTH, Dorothy; 7926 (See Cockrell, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"BOOTH, Kathryn A.; 1940 (See Anderson, Mrs. Kathryn A.) 
BOOTH, Leila A.; 1952 (See Morris, Mrs. Leila A.) 
'BOOTH, Margaret; 7945 (See Pierce, Mrs. Margaret) 
"BOOTH, Mrs. Mary Carter (Mary Carter Claybrook); 1943 
"BOOTH, Matilda; ACAD (See Weems, Mrs. Matilda) 
"BOOTH, Mozelle; ACAD (See Archer, Mrs. Mozelle) 
BOOTH, Sharon Elizabeth; 1985 (See Shanahan, Ms. Sharon 
"BOOTHBY, Mrs. Catharine (Catharine Burns); 1915 
'BOOTHBY, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Thayer); 1942 
BOOTHE, Eleanor Harrison; 1961 (See Smith, Mrs. Eleanor B.) 
BOOTHE, Julie; 1958 (See Perry, Julie) 
"BOOTHE, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Smith); 1929 AB 
BOOTH HAUSER, Anne (Anne Booth); 1964 AB; MA Brown 
Univ., MA Boston Univ.; Retired/Historic Preservation/Museum 
Curator; r: 145 Old Concord Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, 781 259- 
8210; Robert; 
BOOYSEN, Mrs. Jennifer Miriam (Jennifer Miriam Dodge); 1984 
AB; BSN Northwestern State Univ., MA Louisiana Tech Univ.; 
RN, Overton Brooks VA Hosp., 3rd Fl. N. SICU, Stoner Ave., 
Shreveport, LA; r: 5400 Sage Dr., Bossier City, LA 71112, 318 
746-2723; Petrus; Cassandra, Olivia, Jacob; , 

*Address Unknown "Deceased 


BOOZE, Mrs. Jo (Jo Nelson); 7954 AB; MED Goucher CIg.; 

Prog. Dir., Episcopal Social Ministries, 4 E. University Pkwy., 

Baltimore,MD21218, 410 467-1264; r: 601 Fairway Dr., 

Towson, MD 21286, 410 823-71 12; Jody, James; 
BOOZE, Jody Nelson; 1979 (See Booze-Daniels, Jody Nelson) 
BOOZE-DANIELS, Jody Nelson (Jody Nelson Booze); 1979 ; 

BS Univ. Delaware, MS Virginia Polytech Inst.; Research 

Faculty, Virginia Tech, Dept.of Crop & Soil Env. Science, Blacks- 
burg, VA 24061 , 540 231-7175; r: 909 Allendale Ct., Blacksburg, 

VA 24060, 540 961-1226; 
BORAH, Ginger; 7962 (See Slaughter, Ms. Ginger B.) 
BORCHERS, Charia Ann; 1981 (See Borchers Leon, Mrs. Charia 

BORCHERS LEON, Mrs. Charia Ann (Charia Ann Borchers); 

1981 AB; MBA Univ. Texas-Austin; Co-Owner, Ranching; 

Special Events Coord., Borchers Southern Y Ranches/Borchers 

Investments, 2203 N. De Leon St., Victoria, TX 77901, 361 576- 

0891 ; r: same; Robert Leon; 
BORDA, Mrs. Patti Hughes (Patti Hughes Snodgrass); 1982 BA; 

Homemaker/Free-lance Editor; r: POB 603, Round Hill, VA 

20142, 540 338-3365; Josep/?; Virginia; 

BORDAS, Ms. Yasmin Tanja; 1998 ; r: 7792 Turlock Rd., Spnng- 

field,VA 22153, 703 455-4234 
'BORDEAU, Mrs. Hester M. (Hester M. Littleton); ACAD 
BORDEN, Mrs. Beatrice M. (Beatrice M. Brown); 1942; r: c/o 

Casa Dorinda, #28, 300 Hot Springs Rd., Montecito, CA 93108 
BORDEN, Mrs. Jane Merkle (Jane Merkle); 1965 AB; AB, MBA 

Univ. of Denver; Mktg. Cnslt., Borden & Affiliates; r: 2030 E. 

11th Ave. Apt. 1301, Denver, CO 80206, 303 388-8850; Lewis 

(Dec); Lewis, Edward; 
BORDLEY, Ellen Bruce; 1956 (See Gibbs, Mrs. Ellen (Brucie) 

BORDVICK, Dana Lee; 1998 (See Poleski, Mrs. Dana Lee) 
*BOREN, Louise; 1934 (See Hildebrand, Mrs. Louise) 
*BORG, Mrs. Flora (Flora Austin); 1931 
*BORG, Mrs. Marion (Marion Van Cott); 1926 
BORG, Mrs. Mary (Mary Green); r964 BA; MA Univ. Northern 

Colorado; Teacher American History, Univ. of Northern Colorado, 

Greeley, CO 80631, 970 351-1602; r: 1854 13th Ave., Greeley, 

CO 80631, 970 352-3669; Evan, William, Ethan, Adam, Owen; 
BORING, Dixie; 1968 (See Bassett, Mrs. Dixie) 
'BORKLAND, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Powell); 1932 
*BORN, Carrie L.; 1922 

'BORNSCHEIN, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Criswell); 1946 
BOROFF, Laura-Michel; 2001 ; r: c/o Capt.S Mrs. Jeffrey Boroff, 

Com Sub Med., PSC 817 Box 16, FPO, AE 09622 
'BOROUGH, Anne; 1941 (See O'Connor, Mrs, Anne) 
'BORROUM, Eleanor T.; 1931 (See Hannah, Mrs. Eleanor T.) 
BORROWMAN, Kelly A.; 1974 (See Slobodian, Mrs. Kelly A.) 
BORSCH, Mrs. Barbaras. (Barbara E. Sampson); 1959 AB: 

MAT Johns Hopkins Univ.; r: 2930 Corda Ln., Los Angeles, CA 

90049, 310 472-1 190; Frederick; Benjamin, Matthew, Stuart; 
BORST, Meredith Jean; /978(See Ouillman, Mrs. Meredith (Mimi) 

'BORTZ, Dorothy; 1929 (See Ballantine, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BOSARGE, Karen F.; 7975; r: 1135 S 3rd St., Montrose, CO 

81401,970 252-9555 
BOSCHEN, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Hotchkiss); 7934; BS Wisconsin 

Univ.; r: 153 Essex Meadows, Essex, CT 06426, 860 767-3578; 

Henry C; Georgia, Hank Jr., Tom 
BOSCO, Ms. Kathryn E.; 7985 AB;VP. Wells Fargo, 8601 N 

Scottsdale Rd Ste. 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253, 480 348-4318; 

r: 12240 E. Cortez Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85259, 480 659-4538; 
*BOSE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Wild): 7979 AB 
BOSMAN, Ms. Marlise; 7999; r: Oezerstraat6,Leeuwarden8921 

EM, Netherlands 
'BOSS, Martha A.; 7933 (See Luxford, Mrs. Martha A.) 
BOSSERT, Joanne Stewart; 7959 (See Thompson, Mrs. Joanne 

'BOSSHART. Mrs. Mary (Mary Lauden); 7935 




"BOSSON, Catherine; 1914 (See Taylor, Mrs. Catherine) 
BOSSONG, Elizabeth Julian; 1984 (See Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth 

BOST, Mrs. Laura L. (Laura E. Lee); 1976 ; BA Univ. NC, Chapel 

Hill, MA Univ. NC, Chapel Hill; Homemaker;r: 4501 Town & 

Country Dr., Charlotte, NC 28226, 704 364-6936; James; 

*BOST, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Pickett); 1930 AB 
'BOSTIAN, Mrs. Sybil (Sybil Flagg); 1922 
BOSTIC, Mrs. Susan D. (Susan E. Desmet); 1972 Bk, MED 

Univ. of Virginia; Elem. Tchr., Little Silver Public Schs., L.S. Point 

Rd.,LittleSilver, NJ 07739, 732 741-4022; r: 120 White St., 

Shrewsbury, NJ 07702, 732 530-0543; Gordon; Rosalie; 
*BOSTIEN, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Gibson); 1939 
'BOSTWICK, Mrs. Blanche (Blanche Tomlinson); ACAD 
BOSWELL, Betty; 1965 {See Athey, Mrs. Betty) 
BOSWELL, Brianna Fuller; 1982 (See Brown, Mrs. Brianna 

BOSWELL, Mrs. Carol Dudley (Carol Maxwell Dudley); 1983 ; 

BMus Univ. of New Mexico; Tchr., Centen/ille Schs, Centen/ille, 

OH 45459; r: 1630 Seabreeze Ct., #2C, Dayton, OH 45458, 937 

435-7918; Greg; Lucas; 

BOSWELL, Kama; 1985 (See Koudelka, Mrs. Kama B.) 
BOSWELL, Lindsey Edwards; 1988 (See Carroll, Mrs. Lindsey 

'BOSWELL, Margaret S.; y576(See Subaugh, Mrs. Margaret S.) 
BOSWELL, Pauline (Polly); 1943 (See Fosdick, Mrs. Pauline 

'BOSWORTH, Eleanor; 1940 (See Badal, Mrs. Eleanor) 
*BOSWORTH, Eleanor; ?947(See Shannon, Mrs. Eleanor) 
BOSWORTH, Mrs. Lucia Eugenia (Lucia Eugenia de Oliveira); 

?995 BA; Principal, Gen. Mgr., 650 Poydras St. Ste. 2010, Ste. 

2010, New Orleans, LA 70130, 888 347-6622; r: 1521 Jefferson 

Ave., New Orleans, LA 701 1 5, 504 897-2970; Claude; 
BOTEA, Elisabeth R.; )998BA; Campus Technology Lab Coord., 

Sweet Briar CIg.; r: POB 204, Sweet Briar, VA 24595; 

BOTELER, Mrs. Saralee Cowles (Saralee Cowles); 1979 AB; Sr. 

VP & Sr. Partner, Fleishman-Hillard Intl. Communications Inc., 

1775 I St. NW, Ste. 700, Washington, DC 20006, 202 551-1441; 

r: 320 S. Lee St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 683-3040; George 
BOTH, Mrs. Blair Bunting (Blair Bunting); 1940 BA; Homemaker; 

r: 223 Crosslands Dr., Kennett Sq., PA 19348, 610 388-2823; 

Richard; Blair 
BOTH, Rev. Mary Blair; y965 AB;MDiv Virginia Theological 

Seminary; Rector, St. Timothy's; r: 218 Lorece Ln., Memphis, TN 

38117,901 766-7655 
'BOTHE, Mrs. Marian (Marian Bradley); 1923 
BOTHWELL, Ms. Margaret (Margaret Tilghman); 1963 BA; MS 

Vcu; Tchr./History, Collegiate Sch., N. Mooreland Rd., Richmond, 

VA 23229, 804 740-7077; r: 807 Hepler Rd., Richmond, VA 

23229, 804 285-4758; Betsy, Kathy, Ned; 
BOTTOM, Dorothy; /949(See Rouse-Bottom, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BOTTOMLEY, Marilynn; ?967(See Dammon, Mrs. Marilynn) 
BOTTOMLEY, Rebecca; 1971 (See Meeker, Mrs. Rebecca) 
BOTTOMS, Cynthia Ray; 1982 (See McLaughlin, Mrs. Cynthia 

BOTTONE, Mary Ellyn; 1981 (See Lehner, Mrs. Mary Ellyn) 
*BOTTS, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Schreiner); 1927 
'BOTWIN, Stephanie L.; 1986 (See Sinnott, Mrs. Stephanie L) 
BOTZIS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Harder); 1993 BA; Pharma- 
ceutical Sales Rep., Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Greenville, SC 

29607; r: 1110 Parkins Mill Rd., Greenville, SC 29607, 864 288- 

5507; Elliott 
BOUCHAT, Desiree Michelle; 1983 AB; Aon, 685 3rd Ave., New 

York, NY 10017, 212 792-9463; r: 79 B Troy Dr., Springfield, NJ 

07081,973 218-0158 
BOUCHER, Mrs. Judith M. (Judith M. Bell); 1958 AB; r: 30 Weed 

Rd., Essex Jet., VT 05452, 802 878-8972 
BOUCHER, Mrs. Reinette Warmolh (Reinette Warmoth Rivers); 

/985 ; r: Femleigh, Barkestone-le-Vale, Notts NG13 OHA, 



BOUCHER, Mrs. Renee Denise (Renee Denise Beall); 1987; 
Dir., In The House Ministries, 6107 SW Murray Blvd., Beaverton, 
OR 97008, 503 998-8728; r: 8350 SW 162nd PL, Beaverton, OR 
97007, 503 591-5666; J/m; Ashley, Evan, Jociah; 

BOUCHER, Sally V.; 1969 (See Hovermale, Mrs. Sally V.) 

BOUCHON, Regine N. (Regine N. Gillet); 1968 ; r; 5, Rte. de St. 
Georges, Me'dis A7600, France; 
reginebouchon @ aol .com 

BOUDREAU, Mrs. Martha Lyons (Martha Lyons Miller); 1979; 
BA Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Sr. Partner, Fleishman-Hillard, 
1615 L St. NW Ste. 1000, Washington, DC 20036, 202 828-8824; 
r: 18 Hull Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403, 202 828-8824 
'BOUGHTON, Alice; 1932 [See Keenan, Mrs. Alice) 

BOULARD, Pascale; 7973 (See Dutilleul, Pascale) 

BOULDIN, Louise Knox; ^990 (See Carter, Mrs. Louise Bouldin) 

BOULWARE, Mrs. Christine Lucille (Christine Lucille Davis); 
?977AB;Pres.,Boulware&Assocs., 175 W.Jackson, Ste. 1841, 
Chicago, IL 60604, 312 322-0088; r: 1015 E. Hyde Park Blvd., 
#3, Chicago, IL 60615, 773 288-8487; Jason, Bree; 

BOULWARE, Mary (Meme) Eugenia; ?9S6(SeeHobbs, Mrs. Mary 

'BOUND, Mrs. Alva (Alva Root); 1936 

BOUNDS, Alicia Anne; 1989 (See Bomhardt, Mrs. Alicia Anne) 

BOUNDS, Jeanne W.; 1961 (See Hamilton, Mrs. Jeanne W.) 

BOURG, Mrs. Donna Ann (Donna Ann Wilson); 1982 ; r: 1633 

OBrien Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 225 761-7339 
'BOURG, Jean L.; 1939 

BOURGEOIS, Ms. Marisha Gail; ?999BA;MA American Univ.; 
Dance Educator & Yoga Instr.; r: 2224 40th St. Apt. 1 NW, Wash- 
ington, DC 20007, 202 337-7783; 
'BOURKE, Barbara; t945(See Stovall, Mrs. Barbara) 

BOURLAY, Janet Barbara; ? 993 (See Coppin, Mrs. Janet Barbara) 

BOURNE, Anne Topping; 1987 ;BS Univ. of Richmond, MA; 
Instr., DeVry Univ.; r: 660 Glen Iris Dr. NE #201, Atlanta, GA 
30308, 404 575-4977; 
'BOURNE, Carolyn; 1929 (See Cassell, Mrs. Carolyn) 
'BOURNE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Anderson); 1947 

BOURNE, Janalee; 1968 (See McDonald, Mrs. Janalee) 
'BOURNE, Mrs. Pauline (Pauline Moore); ACAD 
'BOUSHALL, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Dishman); ACAD 

BOUSHALL, Nell; 1949 (See Steed, Mrs. Nell B.) 

BOUTELL, Suzette; ?939(See McLeod, Mrs. Suzette B.) 

BOWDEN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Lile); r947 AB; Partner, The Gar- 
deners, 2030 Beans Bight Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 981 10; 
r: same, 206 842-3286; William; Darsie, Raleigh, Elisabeth; 

BOWDEN, Mrs. Lizabeth Lee (Lizabeth Lee Lambert); 1978 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 141 Williamsburg Ln., Ft Worth, TX 76107, 817 
335-7166; Peter, Zara; 

BOWDITCH, Mrs. Marion C. (Marion Coulter); ?948; Retired 
Interior Design; r: 15 Piper Rd #K308, Scarborough, ME 04074, 
207 883-1136 

BOWDITCH, Mrs. Rene (Rene Roark); 1971 ; BA Univ. of Texas- 
Austin, JO CIg. of William & Mary; r; 112 Meadowrue Ct., Will- 
iamsburg, VA 23185, 757 229-9716; David; David, Tilden; 

BOWDLE, Priscilla H.; /957(See Lamont, Mrs. Priscilla H.) 
'BOWDRE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Holmes); ACAD 
'BOWEN, Amy Elise; 1978 (See Masters, Mrs. Amy Elise) 
'BOWEN, Anne; 1944 (See Broadus, Mrs. Anne) 

BOWEN, Carol A.; 1964 (See Ervin, Mrs. Carol A.) 
'BOWEN, Elise; )936(See Mullins, Mrs. Elise) 

BOWEN, Mrs. Elizabeth Babbitt (Elizabeth Ann Babbitt); 1990 
AB; Homemaker; r: 30569 Timberline Dr., Buena Vista, CO 
81211,719 395-6985; John; Sarah, Hannah; 
'BOWEN, Emily; 1958 

BOWEN, Emily; ?936(See Muller, Mrs. Emily Bowen) 
'BOWEN, Ethel; ?939(See Glenn, Mrs. Ethel) 

BOWEN, Mrs. Glory McRae (Glory S. McRae); 1967 AB; 
American Academy Dramatic Arts; Actress/Singer; r: 1 45 Lake 
Dr., Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046, 973 335-5590; Frederick; 
Glory, Frederick, Thomas 


BOWEN, Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Scott); 1933 [BA George Washing- 
ton Univ.; Homemaker; r: 1512 N 41st, Ft. Smith, AR 72904, 479 
783-0532; Claude(Dec):W\\\\am, Claude III, Robert 
BOWEN, Jeannette Sayles; 1937 (See Runyan, Mrs. Jeannette 

BOWEN, Kathryn E.; 1973 (See Battle, Ms. Kathryn E.) 
'BOWEN, Mrs. Laura (Laura Woodbridge); ACAD 
BOWEN, Mrs. Laura (Laura Hailey); 1956; Homemaker; r: 453 
Chateau Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305. 404 233-0002; Charles: 
Laura, Cary, Charles 
BOWEN, Laura Glenn; 1979 {See Carmichael, Mrs. Laura Bowen) 
BOWEN, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Maxwell); 1955; r: 87 College 

Rd.W., Princeton, NJ 08540 
BOWEN, Melanie Leigh; y978(SeeSteglich, Mrs. Melanie Bowen) 
BOWEN, Ms. Pendleton Powell (Penny Pendleton Powell); 1962 
BA; MED Harvard Univ.; Retired Dir. of Volunteers, Head of The 
Annual Fund, Science Museum of Virginia, Valentine Museum; 
r; 1207 NE Leisure St., Coupeville, WA 98239, 360 678-7094; 
Robert; Lycia, Natheniel, Josephine McRae, Richard Maxwell, 
Victoria Brooke; 
pbowen @ 
'BOWEN, Mrs. Preston; ^955 AB 
'BOWEN, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Johnston); 1926 
'BOWEN, Mrs. Ruth M. (Ruth M. Worman); 1923 
'BOWEN, Ms. Sonya Armentha; 1991 BA 
'BOWEN, Virginia J.; 1949 
BOWER, Marion; 1948 (See Harrison, Mrs. Marion) 
BOWERFIND, Mrs. Maria T. (Maria Washington Tucker); 1 94 7 
AB; Homemaker; r: 2181 Ambleside Dr. Apt. 915, Cleveland, OH 
44106, 216 932-3066; Edgar; Edgar III, E. Tucker, Jane, William 
'BOWERS, Mrs. Amelia (Amelia Hewlett); 1938 
'BOWERS, Ann Mignon; 1984 
BOWERS, Ms. Felicity Anne; 2001 ; r; 2305 Hopewell Plantation 

Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30004, 770 410-1801 
'BOWERS, Heather Joan; 1993 {See Hockman, Dr. Heather Joan) 
'BOWERS, lloe; rsys (See Joel, Mrs. Iloe) 
BOWERS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Shelton); 7936 AB; Homemaker; 
r: 300 W Sixth St., Apt. 9M, Chattanooga, TN 37402, 404 752- 
9981 ; R. Clayton (D); Jane (Dec), Henry, Margaret 
BOWERS, Karen Luke; 1978 (See Lazar, Mrs. Karen Luke) 
BOWERS, Mrs. Lloyd Guyton (Effie Campbell Siegling); 1943 
AB; BS Columbia Univ.; Homemaker; r; 1429 Dinglewood Dr., 
Columbus, GA 31906, 706 324-1204; L/oyd; Effie, Lucy, Sara, 
Lloyd, Charles, Terrell; 
'BOWERS, Lucy; 7939 (See Elebash, Mrs. Lucy) 
BOWERS, May F.; 7963 (See Morris, Mrs. May F.) 
BOWERS, Suzanne Lawrence; 1985 (See Isaack, Mrs. Suzanne 

'BOWIE, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Claybrook); 1928BS 
'BOWIE, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Carr); 1945 
'BOWLBY, Mrs. Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth H. Voigt); 1936 
BOWLES, Mrs. Ann Braden (Ann Braden Vandeventer); 1986 
AB; r: 1129ChumleyRd., Virginia Bch.,VA23451, 757 437-8194; 
BOWLES, Ms. Edith McRee (Edith B. McRee); ?974 AB; MA 
George Washington Univ.; Dir. of Corporate & Foundation Rela- 
tions, Marymount Univ., Arlington, VA 22207, 703 284-1543; 
r: 6925 McLean Park Manor Ct., Mc Lean, VA 22101, 703 749- 
0002; Aaron; James, Alexander, Aaron; 
BOWLES, Mrs. John L. (Kd Diane Moore); 1 957 BA; MA Middle- 
bury CIg.; r: 5336 Falmouth Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 229- 
7183; John; Laing, Houston 
'BOWLES, Leila; 1922 (See Chrisman, Mrs. Leila) 
'BOWLES, Lucille; 1923 (See Ware, Mrs. Lucille) 
'BOWLES, Marian; 1923 {See Han/ey, Mrs. Marian) 
BOWLES, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Fleshman); 1962 AB; r: 1 1 
Ampthill Rd., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-9462; Bowlman; 
Bowlman, Andrew, Churchill 
'BOWLES, Mrs. Netty (Netty Ohershain); 1934 
BOWLES, Mrs. Shiela Washington; 7999 BA;Tchr., History & 
Social Studies, Charlottesville MS; r: 151 Stribling Ave., Charlot- 
tesville, VA 22903, 434 295-0853 
BOWLEY, Elizabeth; 1938 (See Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BOWLEY, Mrs. Mary (Sally) (Mary Anderson); ?944 AB; BA CIg. 
of New Hampshire, BA CIg. of New Hampshire; Retired; r: 1 27 
Avery Hts., Hartford, CT 06106; Freeman, Ann, Thomas 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BOWLING, Bridget Star; 2005 (See Gordon, Bridget Star) 
'BOWMAN, Adele; ?936(See Smith, Mrs. Adele) 
"BOWMAN, Mrs. Adele I. (Adele I. Kruse); ACAD 
BOWMAN, Amy Armistead; 7996 BA;r: 905 Robert E. Lee Dr., 

Greenwood, MS 38930, 662 455-1304 
"BOWMAN, Beatrice; 7977(See Varnon, Mrs. Beatnce) 
BOWMAN, Betsy; 7946 (See Wright, Mrs. Betsy Townsend) 
BOWMAN, Ms. Deborah Elizabeth (Deborah Elizabeth Price); 

7982 BA; Adelphi Univ.; r: 33 Farley Rd., Short Hills, NJ 07078, 

973 376-6268; Jeffrey; Katie, Kessler; 
BOWMAN, Ms. Deborah L (Deborah L. Ohier); 7970 BA; Sch. 

Psychologist, Bass Elem. Sch.; r: 1926 Canterbury Cir., #202, 

Lynchburg, VA 24503 
BOWMAN, Ms. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Williams); 7972 AB; r: 1 1 2 

Indian Springs Rd No 3C, Williamsburg, VA 231 85, 757 229-81 03 
BOWMAN, Kelly Lynne; 7998 BA; UC Berkeley Ext.; Landscape 

Designer, 1548 Maple St. # 33, Redwood City, CA 94063, 650 

996-4612; r: 1548 Maple St., #33. Redwood City, CA 94063, 650 


'BOWMAN, Lillian R.; ACAD {See Murrell, Mrs. Lillian R.) 
'BOWMAN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Gibson); 7977 
BOWNS, Mary Anne; 7954 (See Bell, Mrs. Mary Anne) 
'BOWRON, Edith; 7939 (See Middleton, Mrs. Edith) 
'BOWSER, Mary; 7952 (See Barry, Mrs. Mary) 
'BOX, Virginia; 7922 (See Crolley, Mrs. Virginia) 
BOXALL, Mrs. Diana Jane (Diana Jane Everitt); 7986; BA 

London Univ.; Vice Pnncipal & Finance Dir., Guilford CIg. of 

Further & Higher Educ, Stoke Park, Guildford, England, 

00441483448523; r: Ryedale Tudor Close, Great Bookham 

Leatherhead, Surrey KT23 3DP, England, 00441372451247; 


BOXLEY, Anne-Bruce; 7962 (See Burgess, Mrs. Anne-Bruce) 
'BOXLEY, Mrs. Margaret B. (Margaret B. Waddey); ACAD 
BOXLEY, Martha Baird; 7985 (See Creasy, Mrs. Martha Boxley) 
BOXLEY, Nancy; 7964 (See Comick, Mrs. Nancy) 
BOXX, Ms. Linda A. (Linda A. McKenna); 1974 ; r: 737 Weldon 

St., Latrobe, PA 15650, 724 537-9108; 
BOYCE. Amy Linda; 7983 (See Osaki, Mrs. Amy Boyce) 
'BOYCE. Barbara; 7946 (See Cairns, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BOYCE, Elizabeth; 7937 (See Emmons, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BOYCE, Jessamine; 7942 (See Morris, Mrs. Jessamine) 
BOYCE, Patricia Alice; 7978 (See Tuohy, Mrs. Patricia Alice) 
BOYCE, Rose Lynn; 7983 (See Perdue, Mrs. Rose Lynn) 
BOYCE, Westray; 7948 (See Nicholas, Mrs. Westray) 
'BOYD, Bartjara G.; 7956 (See Stickles, Mrs. Barbara G.) 
'BOYD, Beatrice; 7927 
'BOYD, Mrs. Clare (Clare Shenehon); ACAD 
BOYD, Mrs. Doris Cochrane (Doris A. Cochrane); 7 974 A B ; 

American Univ.; Homemaker; r: 4606 Marble Rock Ct., Chantilly, 

VA 20151, 703 817-0271; /\ndrew,- Heather 
BOYD, Mrs. Elinor (Elinor Plowden); 7974AB;r: 18 Hunters 

Ridge Rd., Southbury, CT 06488 
BOYD, Mrs. Elizabeth Rodgers (Elizabeth Dee Rodgers); 7 984 

BA;JDUniv. oflowaClg. ofLaw;Self-Employed Atty., 1464 

Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105, 651 698-0409; r: same; 

Thomas; Thomas, Louis; 
'BOYD, Mrs. Emma (Emma Hills); 7933 
'BOYD. Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Pringle); 7962 AB 
BOYD. Mrs. Kirsten Anne (Kirsten Anne Osmundsen); 7994 BA; 

Owner, Early & Co., 312 Libby Ave., Richmond. VA 23226. 804 

282-1 736; r: 4 S. Wilton Rd., Richmond, VA23226, 804282-1 1 78; 

kirstenboydl © 
BOYD, Ms. Lynne Tumer; 7999 BS; r: 167 Edinburgh Dr., Winter 

Park, FL 32792, 407 629-4621 
BOYD, Marilyn A.; 7977 (See Silar, Mrs. Marilyn B.) 
'BOYD, Martha A.; 7960 (See Munson, Mrs. Martha A.) 
'BOYD, Mary; 7952 (See Ronald, Mrs. Mary) 
BOYD, Mary A.; 7977 (See Cotellesse, Dr. Mary A.) 
BOYD, Mary K.; 7959 (See Davis, Mrs. Mary K.) 
BOYD, Mary Richie; 7989 (See McGuire, Mrs. Mary Richie) 




BOYD, MishaLyn; 1 989 AB; Student Advisor, Univ. of Georgia, 

Institute of Ecology, Athens, GA 30602, 706 542-0800; r: 420 

Midlands PL, Athens, GA 30605, 706 613-5937; 

*BOYD, Ms. Pamela (Pamela Krusen); 1967 
*BOYD, Pamela J.; 1968 (See Daniel, Mrs. Pamela J.) 
BOYD, Rachael; 1996 (See Belmonte, Mrs. Rachael Boyd) 
BOYD, Ms. Remy Lian; 1996 ; r: POB 4257, Stamford, CT 06907 
*BOYD, Mrs. Richie; 1923AB 
BOYD, Mrs. Sarah Robinson (Sarah Robinson Alexander); 1993 

BS; ME Florida Atlantic Univ.; Computer Systs. Design Engr., 

Lockheed Martin Undersea Systs., 9500 Godwin Dr., Manassas, 

VA 20110, 703 367-2450; r: 431 Solitude Ln., Boyce, VA 22620, 

540 837-1089; Roy,' Justin; 
BOYD, Mrs. Susan Caperton (Susan Caperton Healey); 1997 

BA; Scheduler, Senator Chris Dodd, 448 Russell Senate Off 

BIdg., Washington, DC 20510, 202 224-0342; r: 6166 Leesburg 

Pike A-31 1 , Falls Church, VA 22044, 703 536-3198; Brian; 

r: capeboydl © 
•BOYE, Joan; 7940 (See Waddill, Mrs. Joan) 
'BOYER, Ms. Amy Felicia; 1994 
BOYER, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Hoyt); ? 952 ; Homemaker; r: 152 

Lakeside Ln., Media, PA 19063, 610 325-7182; John; Mar go, 

John III, Elisa, Crayton, Dillon 
BOYER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Letzerich); 1959; r. 12718 

Rocky Meadow Dr., Houston, TX 77024, 713 973-8281 
BOYER, Elizabeth Randolph; ^954 (See Caldwell, Ms. Elizabeth 

BOYER, Mrs. Frances L. (Frances L. Robinson); 1969 ; MBA 

Southern Methodist Univ.; Homemaker; r: 604 W. Acadia Pt, 

Aurora, OH 44202, 330 995-6641; J.; John, Jodie, Paige; 

BOYER, Mrs. Jean P. (Patricia Ross Brown); 7959, 1949 BA; MA 

Columbia Univ. Tchrs. CIg.; Retired-Tchr.; r: 842 Granville Dr., 

Winter Park, FL 32789, 407 647-5121 
BOYER, Mrs. Marian (Marian Dehmel); 1965 ; r: 27 Sand Spring 

Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960, 973 538-3209 
BOYER, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Edgerton); 7952; BA Univ. of NC 

Chapel Hill, MA NC State Univ.; Retired; r: 717 N. Spence Ave., 

Goldsboro,NC 27534, 919 778-9581; William; Ru\h Whitlock, 

Elizabeth, Lament Farmer 
BOYERS, Mrs. Rebecca H. (Rebecca H. Randolph); 1971 AB; 

r: 8 S Wilton Rd, Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-7982 
BOYES, Mrs. Lee Carollo (Lee Susan Carollo); 7978 AB; MED 

Claremont Grad. Sch.; Chemistry Tchr., Petaluma HS; r: 957 

Etta Ct., Rohnert Park, CA 94928, 707 586-0472; John; Robert; 

BOYKIN, Allison Scott; 7956 (See Parsons, Mrs. Allison Boykin) 
'BOYKIN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Joseph); 7945 AB 
BOYKIN, Mary Deas; 7964 (See Wortley, Mrs. Mary Deas) 
BOYLE, Courtney; 7997 (See Cash, Mrs. Courtney B.) 
*BOYLE, DeirdreA.; 7972 
'BOYLE, Dorothy; 7937 (See Charles, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BOYLE, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Smith); 7923 
BOYLE, Kathleen A. (Kathleen A. Ronzi); 7996 ; BA Rollins CIg., 

MAT Rollins CIg.; r: 300 Westover Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27534, 

919 759-9732; Ctos; 

BOYLE, Kaye Terrell; 7966 ; r: 2600 Peachtree Rd., #7, Atlanta, 

GA 30305, 404 239-9515 
BOYLE, Mrs. Laurie MacDonald (Laurie MacDonald Coe); 798 7 

AB; Atty., Allen, Lift & Hulnick, 54 Main St., Tarrytown, NY 10591 , 

914 631-7768; r: 6 Albemarle Rd., White Plains, NY 10605, 914 

BOYLE, Linda; 7947 (See Richardson, Mrs. Linda) 
'BOYLES, Rogene; 7923 
BOYLSTON, Susanna Daphne; 7987 AB; MA Catholic Univ. 

America; Librarian; r: POB 2222, Davidson, NC 28036; 
BOYNTON, Debra B.; 7972 (See Pozzi, Mrs. Debra B.) 
*BOYNTON, Frances; 7942 (See Drake, Mrs. Frances) 
'BOYNTON, Laura; 7927 (See Rawlings, Mrs. Laura) 
BOZARTH, Mrs. Marsha (Marsha Ketcham); 7967 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 1103 E.Dunwood Ores., Richmond, VA23229,804 288- 

3695; Bob; Austin, Beau; 

rsbozarth @ cavtel .com 
BOZE, Adelaide; 7940 (See Glascock, Mrs. Adelaide) 


BRACEWELL, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Griffin); 7977; r: 3710 Locke 

Ln., Houston, TX 77027, 713 850-8889 
'BRACHE, Maria; 7975 

BRACHE, Rosie D.; 7972 (See Leparulo, Mrs. Rosie D.) 
BRACHER, Catharine; 7943 (See Leggett, Mrs. Catharine) 
BRACKENRIDGE, Francisca; 7967 (See Neumann, Mrs. 

BRACKETT, Ms. Linda; 7952 AB; r: 1544-44th St., Washington, 

DC 20007, 202 337-1 544 
BRADEN, Elizabeth; 7967 (See Moody, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BRADEN, Mary; 7944 (See Young, Mrs. Mary) 
'BRADFIELD, Emma; 7973 (See Bratton, Mrs. Emma) 
'BRADFIELD, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Ely); SPEC 
BRADFORD, Beth Ann; 7987 (See Amico, Mrs. Beth Ann) 
BRADFORD, Diana Jeanne; 7992(See Walsh, Mrs. Diana Jeanne) 
BRADFORD, Katherine Boyle; 7982 (See Ewing, Mrs. Katherine 

'BRADFORD, Mrs. Marjorie Ann (Marjorie Ann Hill); 7967 
'BRADFORD, Mary W.; ACAD (See Wheaton, Mrs. Mary W.) 
'BRADFORD, Mrs. Sandra (Sandra McGee); 7956 
BRADFORD, Ms. Sarah Garrett; 2007 BA; Rsch. Asst. & Admin., 
HDB Architects, Inc.; r: 592 Trapelo Rd Apt. 2, Belmont, MA 
02478,617 489-3180; 
BRADFORD, Sharon Anne; 7965 (See Christhilf, Mrs. Sharon 

BRADFORD, Wendy Bliss; 7977 AB; Mortgage Banker, POB 

10300, Waterbury, CT 06726, 203 578-8359 
'BRADHAM, Mrs. Rosalie (Rosalie Smithy); 7962 AB 
'BRADISH, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Shepherd); 7929 AB 
BRADLEY, Abigail A.; 7975 (See Ledbetter, Mrs. Abigail A.) 
'BRADLEY, Anne; 7952 

BRADLEY, Mrs. Carol (Carol Sexton); 7963; Retired-Graphic 
Artist, Northern Virginia Community CIg.; r: 976 Brammer Dr., 
Heathsville, VA 22473, 804 453-3729; Mitchell; Susan, Carin; 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Clara Belle Frank (Clara Belle Frank); 7925 ; 
Homemaker; r: Apt. 513, 475 S. Perkins, Memphis, TN 38117, 
901 683-1039 
BRADLEY, Colleen Clark; 7989 (See Bell, Mrs. Colleen Clark) 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth White); 7950; BA Cornell 
Univ., Univ. of PA; Occupational Therapist Retired; r: 764 
Norgate, Westfield, NJ 07090, 908 233-5876; Frederick W.; 
Margaret Olivia, Anne Elizabeth 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Elizabeth Bulkley (Elizabeth Willets Bulkley); 
7967 AB; Retired Business Owner; r: 1 87 Harbor Rd.,Southport, 
CT 06890, 203 255-1448; 
'BRADLEY, Frances; 7944 (See Matthews, Mrs. Frances) 
'BRADLEY, Gaynell; ACAD {See Leggett, Mrs. Gaynell) 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Gracey (Gracey Luckett); 1939 AB; Gracey 
BRADLEY, Helen McNatt; 7989 (See Tarbutton, Mrs. Helen 

'BRADLEY, Ina F.; 7935 
BRADLEY, Jane; 7964 (See Wheeler, Mrs. Jane) 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Jane W. (Jane Williams); 7944 AB; Retired; 
r: 1 1 8 W. Fleetwood Dr., Lookout Mtn., TN 37350, 423 821 -701 3; 
Harve E. (Dec); James C, Elizabeth W., Cannon W. 
'BRADLEY, Jill P.; 7957 (See Brickley, Mrs. Jill P.) 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Loraine (Ronde) DeRonde (Loraine DeRonde 
Kneip); 7969 AB; Sr. Sales Rep., Addison Wesley Publishing Co., 
108 Bay Dr. E, Huntington, NY 1 1743, 631 549-4992; r: same, 
631 423-9798; 
'BRADLEY, Mrs. Louise (Louise Dreyer); 7934 AB 
BRADLEY, Malinda Fontaine; 7987 (See Bergen, Mrs. Malinda 

BRADLEY, Margaret; 7937 (See Forsyth, Mrs. Margaret) 
"BRADLEY, Marian; 7923 (See Bothe, Mrs. Marian) 
'BRADLEY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Butler); 7927 
BRADLEY, Mary Jane; 7996 (See O'Brien, Ms. Mary Jane) 
BRADLEY, Melissa F.; 7996 ; BS Aubum Univ.; Owner; r: N3641 

Hwy. 175, Fond Du Lac, Wl 54937, 920 907-6167; Derek 
BRADLEY, Ms. Meshel Dana, RN; 7995; BSN Univ. of Texas 
Health Science, Univ. of Texas; RN NICU, MD Anderson Univ., 
1515 Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77030; r: 2731 Almeda PIz., 
Houston, TX 77045, 713 433-1002; 


BRADLEY, Norma; 1944 (See Arnold, Mrs. Norma B.) 
BRADLEY, Mrs. Sarah Johns (Sarah Johns Longstreth); 1977 

AB; Homemaker; r: 1 1 12 Chumley Rd., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 

757 425-8830; B.; Weston, Hannah 
BRADLEY, Ms. Tonya Yvonne; 1996BA; Mental Health Couns., 

Bridges Child & Adolescent Ctr., Lynchburg, VA 24501; r: 70 

Mulberry Cir., Lynchburg, VA 24502, 434 237-1891 
BRADSHAW, Barbara S.; /956(See Sedgwick, Mrs. Barbara B.) 
BRADSHAW, Beverly; 7967 (See Blake, Mrs. Beverly) 
BRADSHAW, Mrs. Beverly A. (Beverly A. Ambler); 1961 ; BA 

Univ. of Kentucky; Retired; r: 8604 Ardfour Ln., Annandale, VA 

22003, 703 425-5589; Bryce, Carter; 
BRADSHAW, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) P. (Elizabeth Pierce); 1956 

BA; Sales Mgr. Retired/Early Alzheimer Prog. Dir., Courseware 

Devel./Christian Radio, 3914 Bhdge Harbor Rd, Galveston, TX 

77554, 409 737-4820; r: 14919 La Costa Ln., Houston, TX 

77079, 281 493-0738; Jack; Chris, John, MJmi; 
'BRADSHAW, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Molly); ACAD 
'BRADSHAW, Jeanne; 1940 {See Dillon, Mrs. Jeanne) 
BRADSHAW, Jennifer R.; ?98S;r: 17911 Fernbluff Dr., Spring, 

TX 77379, 832 717-0887 
BRADSHAW, Julie; 1965 (See Sackett, Mrs. Julie) 
'BRADSHAW, Mrs. Martha (Martha Delay); 1933 
'BRADSKY, RivkahChannah; ?988AB 
'BRADSTREET, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Orde); 1927 
'BRADT, Katherine A.; 1972 (See McVey, Mrs. Katherine A.) 
BRADY, Ms. Christina Lee; y999BA; Staff Investigator, Public 

Defender Svc, 633 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20004 
'BRADY, Elizabeth; ?927(See Lockwood, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BRADY, Mrs. Ellen B. (Ellen M. Bass); 1974 BA; Co-Owner, New 

Day Ofc. Fumishings, 3408 Bart St., Portsmouth, VA 23707; 

r: 3123 Harvesttime Cres., Chesapeake, VA 23321, 757 484- 

4295; Charles, Aaron, Matthew 
'BRADY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Sloan); 1912 
'BRADY, Grace; 1964 

BRADY, Jane; 1968 (See Arnold, Mrs. Jane) 
BRADY, Mrs. Laura (Laura Hawkins); 1970; r: 25 Orchard Ave., 

Providence, Rl 02906, 401 751-1226; 
BRADY, Mrs. Pilar Collier (Pilar Louise Collier); 1995 BA; V P , 

Recruiting & Placement, Associated Counsel of America, 3500 

Oak Lawn, Ste. 400, Dallas, TX 75219, 214 871-8855; r: 2707 

Waterford Dr., Irving, TX 75063, 972 432-9170; Scott: 

BRADY, Mrs. Sara Moore (Sara Moore Crickenberger); )976 AB; 

r: 1405 Whitley Dr., Vienna, VA 22182 
BRADY, Mrs. Sydney G. (Sydney Graham); y957AB; Natl. Grad. 

TrustSch.,AA; Retired Business Owner-Bakery/Former Trust 

Ofcr.; r: 1 160 N. Cherry St., Galesburg, IL 61401, 309 343-8825; 

William; Elizabeth, Mary, William; 

BRAFFETTS, Mrs. Mackie A. (Mackle A. Davis); ACAD 
BRAGAW, Mrs. Wendy Neuman (Wendy Carolyn Neuman); 

)9S6 ; AB Boston CIg., MS Univ. of Virginia; Homemaker; 

r: 1075 Old Fox Trail Ln., Crozet, VA 22932, 434 823-1285; 

Stephen: Elinor, John, Adelaide 
BRAGDON, Mrs. Dale M. (Dale M. Doran); 1949 
BRAGG, Mrs. Beverly (Bev) (Beverly Smith); 1954 ; Home- 
maker, Volunteer; r: POB 548, Fayette, AL 35555, 205 932-461 2; 

Wilbur: Dabney E., Martha Clark, John Reneau 
'BRAGG, Mrs. Catherine A. (Catherine A. Hall); ACAD 
BRAGG, Dabney Elizabeth; 1977 (See Foshee, Mrs. Dabney 

BRAGG, Mrs. Susan Preston (Susan Preston Owen); 1979 \ 

r: 536 Queen St., Boone, NC 28607, 828 263-0827 
BRAGINETZ, Leslie Ann; 1989 (See Lemish, Mrs. Leslie Ann) 
'BRAIL, Mrs. Nina (Nina Weichselbaum); 1921 
BRAINERD, Edith; )942 (See Walter, Mrs. Edith) 
BRAKEBILL, Ms. Jacquelin Michelle; y987 AB; r: 5837 Lyons 

View Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 
'BRAMBLE, Mrs. Jennifer Louise (Jennifer Louise Harris); 1992 
BRAMEL, Ms. Melissa Mary; 2000; r: 11 E. Craig St., Basking 

Ridge, NJ 07920 , . ■ . 

*Address Unknown "Deceased 


BRAMHALL, Mrs. Deborah Ann (Deborah Ann Purvis); 1993BA; 

Special Agt., Transportation Security Admin., Fed, Air Marshal 

Division, William J. Hughes Technical Ctr., Atlantic City , NJ 08405 

609 485-9294; r: 320 Walnut Ave., Oaklyn, NJ 08107, 856 854- 

4377; Chnstopher, Constance; 

"BRAMHAM, Elizabeth; 1948 {See Lee, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BRAMLETT, Virginia; 7954 (See Lowrance, Mrs. Virginia) 
BRAMLETT, Ms. Wendy Irene; 2000 83; Pharmaceutical Sales 

Rep., AstraZeneca; r: 29 Park PI. Apt. 302, Hattiesburg, MS 

39402, 601 466-3199; 

wbramlett @ hotmail .com 
BRAMLEY-ESTEP, Mrs. Kimberly Lynne; 1994 BA; VP, Branig 

Capital Mkts., 21 Prospect St., Unit C, Torrington, CT 06790, 860 

489-4433; r: 147 Whippoora/ill Ln., Torrington, CT 06790, 860 

482-8686; Scott Estep: Morgan, Ryleigh; 

BRANCH, Mrs. Carlisle Morrissett (Carlisle Nance Morrissett); 

7944 AB; Retired/Homemaker; r: 19 Hampton Commons Ter., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 673-5688; Patteson (Dec): Martha, 

Patteson, David, Carlisle, Christopher 
"BRANCH, Eleanor; 7928 (See Comell, Mrs. Eleanor) 
"BRANCH, Eunice; ACAD {See Hamilton, Mrs. Eunice) 
BRANCH, Kathehne (Kay); 7958 (See McKenzie, Mrs. Katherine 

BRANCH, Mrs. Maria S. (Maria S. Jones); 7969; r: 108 Rock 

Spring Ct.,Carrboro,NC 27510 
BRANCH, Martha Bowie; 7977 (See Alexander, Mrs. Martha 

BRANCH, Suzanne Willingham; 7985 (See Martin, Mrs. Suzanne 

BRANCH-FLEMING, Ms. Shantel Shavon; 2000 BS; Phys. Can- 
didate, St. Matthews Univ.; r: 15515 Silvertree Ct., Colonial Hts., 

VA 23834, 804 520-0171; 

sflemingmd @ 
BRAND, Ms. Barbara Allston; 7977 AB; MA George Washington 

Univ.; Pres., 3415 Fairfield Rd., Gettysburg, PA 17325, 717 642- 

6415; r: same; Michael O'Heeron: 
BRAND, Mrs. Dorrie W. (Dorrie A. Wetzig); 7977 AB; MA Univ. of 

Denver; r: 93Greenridge Dr. W,Elmira, NY 14905, 607734-2640; 

Skip:^.B., Laura; 
"BRAND, Shirley E.; ACAD 

BRANDENBURG, Marcia J.; 7974(See Martinson, Mrs. Marcia J.) 
"BRANDENER, Mrs. Lucy A. (Lucy A. Dewey); ACAD 
BRANDES, Louise; 7954 (See Abdullah, Mrs. Louise) 
BRANDETSAS, Mrs. Peggy A. (Peggy A. Cartwnght); 7973 ; BA 

Emory Univ.; Educ. Cnslt., Chartotte Guidance Inc., 723 S. 

Sharon Amity Rd., Ste. 1 40, Charlotte, NC 2821 1 , 704 364-7527; 

r: 1101 Laurel Park Ln., Chartotte, NC 28270; 
BRANDON, Cynthia Coffin (Cynthia Coffin); 7966 AB; MA New 

Mexico State Univ.; Technical Editor, Morns Brandon Cnsltg., 

Annapolis, MD, 410 703-8012; r: 88 Conduit St., Annapolis, MD 

21401, 410 263-6605; Joe/; Alexander, Jeanette; 
BRANDON, Valerie E.; 7986 AB; r: 1227 Roosevelt Blvd., Ports- 
mouth, VA 23701 , 757 487-3095 
'BRANDRUP, Ms. Jessica Anne; 7999 BA 
"BRANDT, Catherine; 7935 (See Bryant, Mrs. Catherine) 
'BRANDT, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Worthington); 7950 
'BRANDT, Selma; 7922 (See Kress, Mrs. Selma) 
BRANHAM, Mrs. Marianne Nichols (Marianne Nichols Butler); 

7989 ; PhD Univ. of Southern Mississippi, MS Univ. of Southern 

Mississippi; Homemaker/Clinical Psychologist, Winneconne, Wl 

54986; r: 6661 Cross Rd, Winneconne, Wl 54986. 920 836-9938: 

Ke/Zy,- JulianneL.; 
BRANIN, Mrs. Penn W. (Cordelia P. Wilcox); 7975; BA Univ. of 

NC; Retired; r: 15 Black Point Horseshoe St., Rumson,NJ 07760, 

732 758-0689; Francis: Francis S. Ill; 
BRANNAN, Deborah Crampton; 7988 ; BA Univ. of Richmond: 

Owner, Third Coast Clay, 230 Franklin Rd., Franklin, TN 37064, 

615 599-2200; r: 654 Timber Ln., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 297- 





BRANNAN, Mrs. Martha (Martha Witherspoon); 1946; BS 

Newcomb CIg.; r: 2405 S. Ardson PL, Number 303A, Tampa, FL 

33629,813 251-3474 
BRANNEN, Ms. Elizabeth Allison; 1996 \r: 743 Mary Ln., 

Lewiston, NY 14092, 716 754-1975 
'BRANSFORD, Mrs. Frances (Frances Moses); ^940 AB 
BRANSON, Margaret; 1995 {See George, Mrs. Margaret F.) 
BRANSON, Mrs. Nelly Osinga (Nelly Martha Osinga); 1975 AB; 

Salesperson, Behnke Nurseries Co., Beltsville, MD, 301 937- 

1100; r: 9925 Woodbum Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20901, 301 593- 

4646; Lindsay; Susan J., Molly 0.; 

BRANT, Joanne Carol; 1983; Prof, of Law, Ohio Northern Univ. 

CIg. of Law, Ada, OH 45810, 419 772-2228; r: 525 S. Main St., 

Ada, OH 45810; 
'BRANTLEY, Mrs. Clyde (Clyde Cranford); 1913 
*BRANTLY, Frances; 1945 (See Noll, Mrs. Frances) 
'BRANTLY, Lynne S.; /970(See Wilkins, Mrs. Lynne S.) 
BRASFIELD, Ms. Mollie McDonald (Mollie L McDonald); 1960 

AB; MED Univ. of VA; Pres.,McDEnterpriseslnc.,POB 221431, 

Charlotte, NC 28222, 704 365-1 607; r: 4043 Silver Bell Dr., 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1 , 704 365-3649 
'BRASHEAR, Ms. Shannon; 1992 
BRASHEAR, Shelley; 7989 (See Tomlin, Mrs. Shelley) 
BRASSEL, Jeanne; 1968 (See Ford, Ms. Jeanne) 
BRASTED, Barbara Humphrey; 1986 (See Wait, Mrs. Barbara 

'BRASWELL, Emily; 1929 (See Perry, Mrs. Emily) 
BRASWELL, Mrs. Gale Oertii (Gale Oertii); 1985 AB; Property 

Mgr./Homemaker, St. Alban's Properties LLC; r: 3940 Tamara 

Tr., Wildwood, MO 63069, 636 405-0805; Dai//d,Andrew, 

Lauren, Emma 
'BRASWELL, Mary; 1954 (See Rawls, Mrs. Mary) 
'BRASWELL, Nancy; ?936(See Holderness, Mrs. Nancy) 
BRATLIE, Ms. Rachel Ann; 1999BS; Med. Student, Touro Univ. 

CIg. of Osteopathic Medicine; r: 871 A VallejoSt., San Francisco, 

CA 94133, 415 397-2773; 

BRATTEN, Virginia (Sue) M.; 1942 (See Adams, Mrs. Virginia 

(Sue) B.) 
'BRATTON, Mrs. Emma (Emma Bradfield); 1913 
'BRAUCHER, Nancy; 1960 {See Von Dreele, Mrs. Nancy) 
BRAUER, Linda L, DDS (Linda A. Lewis); 1971 ; BA Kansas 

Univ., DDS Univ. of Missouri Sch.; Retired Dentist, 303 Superior 

Ave., Sheboygan, Wl 53081 ;r; 528 Evergreen Pkwy., She- 
boygan, Wl 53083, 920 458-3224; M/arren; Erich, Scott, 

BRAULT, Mrs. Kathryn M. (Kathryn Louise McLain); 1968 AB; 

Retired; r: 18132 SW Westview Dr., Lake Oswego, OR 97034, 

503 638-3631 ; Jean; Kelley, Jean; 

BRAUN, Dr. Laura G. (Laura Ives); 1968; BA Tulane Univ., BA 

Johns Hopkins Univ.; Phys., The Barbour Inst, for Women's 

Health, 261 Berkmore PI. Ste. 2b, Berkeley Spgs., WV 25411, 

304 486-8007; r: POB 1035, Berkeley Spgs., WV 25411, 304 

258-5472; Charles; Volodya; 

BRAUN, Ms. Margarethe; r992; r; Lohgartenweg 6, D-91154 

Roth, Germany; 
BRAUN, Mrs. Mary Byrd (Mary Byrd Schroeder); 1995 BA; 

Homemaker; r; 6374 Dockser Ter., Falls Church, VA 22041 , 703 

750-0580; John; 
BRAUN, Ms. Rose Ann (Rose Ann Feldman); r970AB;JD St. 

Louis Univ., MA Washington Univ.; Atty., St. Louis, MO 63132, 

314 995-3936; r: 22 Spoede Woods, St. Louis, MO 63141, 314 

569-0396; Marc; 
BRAUN, Sarah Grosvenor; 1979 (See Ferguson, Mrs. Sarah 

'BRAVERMAN, Marjorie; 1955 
BRAWNER, Elisabeth (Betty); 1951 (See Bingham, Mrs. Elisabeth 

BRAWNER, Elizabeth; 7959 (See Pittman, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BRAZELTON, Alice; ACAD {See Paterson, Mrs. Alice) 


'BRAZILL, Marianna D.; ACAD 

BREAKELL, Mrs. Edith Page (Edith Page Gill); 1945f\B; r: 209 
Cassell Ln., Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 343-6475; Stanley; Ruth, 
Stanley, Robert, Edith, James 
BREAKELL, Edith Page; 7979 (See Beeler, Mrs. Edith Page) 
'BREAN, Judith; 7959 (See Travers Smythe, Mrs. Judith) 
'BREATHITT, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Alexander); 1959 
'BRECKENRIDGE, Ms. Carol; 1956 

'BRECKENRIDGE, Margaret; 1929{See Medinger, Mrs. Margaret) 
'BREDE, Mrs. Karen (Karen Janssen); ?960 AB 
BREDE, Marie; 1924 (See Zimmemian, Mrs. Marie) 
'BREDELL, Ms. Lynette Marquart; 1987 
BREDIN, Alletta; 1974 (See Bredin-Bell, Mrs. Alletta) 
BREDIN, Antonia Dupont; ?977(See Massie, Mrs. Antonia Bredin) 
BREDIN, Margaretta; )970(See Brokaw, Mrs. Margaretta) 
BREDIN, Stephanie S.; 1968 {See Speakman, Mrs. Stephanie S.) 
BREDIN-BELL, Mrs. Alletta (Alletta Bredin); 1974 ; r: POB 29, 

Southem Cross Farm, Keswick, VA 22947, 434 979-5920 
'BREEDLOVE, Lillian C; 1941 (See White, Mrs. Lillian C.) 
'BREEDON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Cloud); ACAD 
'BREEN, Mrs. Parker; 7936 AB 

BREEN, Victoria (Vicki Anderson); t963; Interior Designer, 
Designs of The Interior, 1 169 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, 
SC 29464, 843 884-9192; r; 60 Fenwick Hall Allee #413, Johns 
Island, SC 29455, 843 559-8228 
BREESE, Mabel L.; 1944 (See Wellinghoff, Mrs. Mabel B.) 
'BREGENZER, Edith; 7926 (See Thomas, Mrs. Edith) 
BREGMAN, Virginia Tracy; 7978 AB; Katharine Gibbs Sch. NY; 
Horse Trainer, Self Employed; r: 1951 NW114thLoop,Ocala,FL 
'BREHME, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Johnson); 7927 AB 
BREIER, Joan; 7967 (See Brodsky, Mrs. Joan Breier) 
BREINING, Mrs. Jenny Kelsey (Jenny Chapin Kelsey); 7979 BA; 
Homemaker/Nursing Student; r: 183 Ackerman Ave., Ridge- 
wood, NJ 07450, 201 445-5086; Richard; Kelsey, Peter, 
BREITINGER, Audrey; 7957 (See Post, Mrs. Audrey) 
'BREMER, Sandra; 7973 

'BRENAMAN, Anne; 7950 (See Brydges, Mrs. Anne) 
BRENDEL, Mrs. Diane Marie (Diane Marie Ball); 7978 AB; Sr, 
VP, Investment Banking, Dean Witter Reynolds, Two World Trade 
Ctr., New York, NY 10006; r: 407 Forest Ave., Rye, NY 10580, 
914 967-2077 
BRENDLINGER, Marguerite; 7944 (See Robinson, Mrs. 

'BRENIZER, Mildred; 7944 (See Lucas, Mrs. Mildred) 
BRENNAN, Deborah Ann; 7987(See Leslie, Mrs. Deborah Anne) 
'BRENNAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Schiel); 7928 
BRENNAN, Jennifer Ann; 7990 (See Rucker, Mrs. Jennifer 

BRENNAN, Lee S.; 1973 (See Kidd, Mrs. Lee S.) 
BRENNAN, Pat; 7966 (See Stanley, Mrs. Pat) 
BRENNAN, Mrs. Suzanne Turner (Suzanne O'Neill Turner); 
7983AB; Homemaker; r: 624 Oakland Ter., Alexandria, VA 
22302, 703 548-0988; Joseph; Mae, Cat, Turner; 
suzytbrennan @ 
'BRENNER, Clarissa; 7934 (See Caldenwood, Mrs. Clarissa) 
'BRENT, Anne Mason; 7929 (See Winn, Mrs. Anne Mason) 
BRENT, Elizabeth M.; 7969 (See Nostrand, Mrs. Elizabeth M.) 
'BRENT, Mrs. Enid (Enid Sipe); 7975 
BRENT, Virginia; 7965 (See Hailes, Mrs. Virginia) 
BRENT, Mrs. Virginia A. (Virginia A. McGuire); 7942 ; r: 1 2 
Highland Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 288-6431; Andrew; 
Virginia, Elizabeth 
BRENTNALL, Mrs. Sara (Sara Merritt); 7934 AB; r: 4660 Polo 

Ln., Atlanta, GA 30339 
'BRENZA, Mrs. Mary Anne (Mary Anne Somen/ille); 7947 AB 
BRERETON, Mrs. Sara Virginia (Sara Virginia Griffin); 7977 AB; 

r: 3104 Caruth Blvd., Dallas, TX 75225, 214 368-1336 
'BRESLAUER, Mrs. Grace (Grace Koehler); 7927 
BRESLIN, Mrs. Andrea Nicole (Andrea Nicole Richmond); 7998 
BS; r: 30 West St., Wanwick, NY 10990, 845 986-9794; Liam; 
BRESSLER, Mrs. Lallan Mary (Lallan Mary King); 7986 ; 
r: 12320 Rosewood, Overiand Park, KS 66209, 913 491-8423 



BRETECHE, Dominique; 1972 ; r: 1 8 Rue Desaix, Nantes 44000, 

BRETNALL, Kimberley Gayle; 1988 (See Sliinn, Mrs. Kimberley 

BRETSCHER, Mrs. Ann (Ann Smitli); y960 AB; MED Univ. of 

Georgia, Athens, EdD Univ. of Georgia, Atfiens; Retired/Asst. 

Prof.-Matfi, Univ. of Georgia; r: 240 Hancocl< Ln., Athens, GA 

30605, 706 549-6825; Roberl; Prentiss, Susan 
■BRETT, Dorothy; /933(See Prentiss, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BRETZ, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hawley); ACAD 
BRETZLOFF, Aimee Gretchen; 1992 iBS Mt. Union CIg., MS 

Univ. of Toledo; Dir., UAW/Ford Family Svc. & Learning Ctr., 902 

II Ave., Maumee, OH 43537; r: 4454 Carl Dr., Maumee, OH 

43537, 419 897-6863; Emily, Caden 
BREWER, Camilla; 1954 (See Klos, Mrs. Camilla) 
BREWER, Carol Breckenridge; 1975 (See Evans, Mrs. Carol 

BREWER, Constance B.; 1972 AB; r: 170 W. Glenwood, Clarks- 

ville, TN 37040, 931 645-6923 
BREWER, Elizabeth Ellen; 2002BA; Horse Trainer/Riding Instr., 

Pony Haven Farm, 10863 Shenandoah Pass, Catlett, VA 201 19, 

540 718-3908; r: same, 540 788-4019; 

BREWER, Elizabeth L.; 1970 (See Caughman, Mrs. Elizabeth 

(Betty) L.) 
BREWER, Mrs. Grace (Grace Lanier); 1942 AB; Homemaker; 

r:170 W. Glenwood, Clarksville, TN 37040, 931 645-6923; 

Carlos; Elizabeth, Carol, Constance, Grace 
BREWER, Mrs. Judith H.; 1961 AB; r: 5 Ferndale Rd., Short Hills, 

NJ 07078, 973 467-3834; David (Dec): 
BREWER, Dr. Martha J.; ?969BA;MD Univ. of MS Med. Sch.; 

OB/GYN Phys., Lakeside Women's Specialty Ctr., 420 S 1-10 

Sen/ice Rd. W, Ste. 100, Metairie, LA 70001, 504 885-8563; 

r: 3013 Ursulines Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119, 504 486-0488; 

Susan Landry: 

'BREWER, Minnie; 1920 
'BREWER, Nelle; 1924 (See Wood, Mrs. Nelle) 
'BREWER, Virginia; 7933 (See Cobey, Mrs. Virginia) 
'BREWSTER, Mrs. Alice (Alice Rogers); 1926 
BREWSTER, Ms. Barbara E.; 1970BA; MSW Univ. of Louisville, 

MAT George Washington Univ.; Social Worker & Educator & 

Real Estate Agt.; r: 31 6 Avenue B Apt. 1, Metairie, LA 70005, 504 

837-9282; Brewster, Pritchett; 

'BREWSTER, Elizabeth; 7924 (See Tempel, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BREWSTER, Mrs. Lucile (Lucile Christmas); 7944 AB 
BREZINSKY, Mrs. Debbie llene (Debbie llene Markowitz); 

1981 ; AA; Paralegal, Clausen Miller PC, 1 S. La Salle St. #1 600, 

Chicago, IL 60603, 312 606-7407; r: 2005 S. Finley Rd., Number 

303, Lombard, IL 60148, 630 627-8236; James: Rebecca; 
BRIA, Ms. Kristine Alexandra; 7999 BA; MSW Loyola Univ.; 

Therapist; r: 70 W Burton PI. Apt. 3102, Chicago, IL 60610, 312 


BRIARTON, Carolyn; 7967 (See Culbertson, Mrs. Carolyn) 
BRIBER, Mrs. Anne McJunkin (Anne McJunkin); 7943 AB; 

Homemaker; r: Apt. C 531 , 4600 Middleton Park Cir, E, Jackson- 
ville, FL 32224, 904 223-8924; Frank: Anne, Frank; 
BRIBER, Anne S.; 7969 AB; r: 2939 Van Ness St., NW, Apt. 314, 

Washington, DC 20008, 202 244-3733 
BRICE, Marion Scott; 7954 (See Griffey, Marion Scott) 
BRICE, Paula Michelle; 2002 BS; Phone Center, NC State 

Employee Credit Union; r: 31 71 -P Walnut Creek Pkwy., Raleigh, 

NC 27606, 919 854-1265; 
BRICE. Sally R.; 7974 (See Brice-O'Hara, RADM Sally, USCG) 
BRICE-O'HARA, RADM Sally, USCG (Sally R. Brice); 7 974 ; 

MA Harvard Univ.; Cdr.-5th Coast Guard Dist., 757 398-1705; 

r:431 Crawford St., Portsmouth, VA 23704, 410 991-2685; 

Bob: Robert, Brice; 

'BRICKLEY, Mrs. Jill P. (Jill P. Bradley); 7957 
'BRICKMAN, Susan Joy; 7987 
BRIDEWESER, Julie Evelyn; 7992 (See Wingard, Mrs. Julie B.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

'BRIDGEFORTH, Bertha; ACAD {See Irby, Mrs. Bertha) 

BRIDGERS, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Harper); 7936; Homemaker; 

r:8919 Park Rd., #104, Charlotte, NC 28210, 704 551-6804; 

William: William, Dorothy BCranz, Susan, Edith Stokes, Charles; 

BRIDGERS, Ms. Kimberly Dawn; 2002; r: 504 Rochelle Dr., 

Nashville, TN 37220, 615 781-8228 
BRIDGERS, Minshall; 1986 (See Edgar, Mrs. Minshall B.) 
'BRIDGES, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Markle); ACAD 
'BRIDGES, Cynthia E.; 7976 (See Byron, Mrs. Cynthia E.) 
'BRIDGES, Dorothy; 7937 (See Jefferson, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'BRIDGES, Mrs. Jean R. (Jean R. Williamson); 7928 AB 
'BRIDGES, Myra; 7936 (See Greer, Mrs. Myra) 
'BRIDGES, Mrs. Rosa (Rosa Heath); 7929 
BRIDGES-CONE, Mrs. Edith (Edith Vongehr); 7947 BA; Retired 
Dept. Secy., Stanford Univ.; r: 1511 Waverley St., Palo Alto, CA 
94301, 650 322-7867; Dawd Cone; Stephen, Tyler, Mary, 
Beverly, Lorna, Hilary, Alison; 
'BRIDGMAN, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Eaglesfield); 7975 
BRIERS, Rachel Anne; 7996 (See Bell, Mrs. Rachel Anne) 
'BRIGANTI, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Leet); 7927 
BRIGGS, Ann E.; 7947 AB; Ret. Banker, First Union; r: 3050 

Military Rd. NW, #312, Washington, DC 20015 
'BRIGGS, Barbara; 7947 (See Niederhofer, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BRIGGS, Barbara; 7943 (See Quinn, Mrs. Barbara) 
BRIGGS, Eleanor; 7967 (See Lewis, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'BRIGGS, Mrs. Frances C. (Frances C. Turpin); ACAD 
BRIGGS, Mrs. Jamee Chhstiane (Jamee Thompson); 7994 BA; 
MED Loyola CIg., MED; Tchr., Montessori Sch. of Evergreen, 
POB 2468, Evergreen, CO 80439, 303 670-8540; r: 29595 
Roan Dr., Evergreen, CO 80439, 303 679-3325; Jo/7n; Jackson, 

BRIGGS, Jane; 7957 (See Lomont, Mrs. Jane) 
BRIGGS, Jonell; 7967(See Safford, Mrs. Jonell B.) 
BRIGGS, Mrs. Karen (Karen Williams); 7964 ; r: 29 White Water 

Tum, Tariffville, CT 06081 
BRIGGS, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Caldwell); 7963 ; r: 156 Anchor Dr., 

Vero Beach, FL 32963, 772 231-9745 
BRIGGS, Mrs. Nancy D. (Nancy D. Ami); 7964 AB; r: POB 35, 

Chase City, VA 23924, 434 372-4236 
BRIGGS, Mrs. Susan (Susan Davis); 7958 AB; Exec. Dir., 
Alabama Tennis Assocs., 3300 Highland Ave., Birmingham, AL 
35205, 205 328-3984; r: 2925 Southwood Rd., Birmingham, AL 
35223, 205 879-5280 
BRIGHT, Mrs. Ashley Simmons (Ashley Walker Simmons); 7986 
AB; Homemaker; r; 1010 Falcon Rd., Metairie, LA 70005, 504 
833-1010; Edgar: Ella, Edgar, Walker; 
'BRIGHTBILL, Katherine; 7928 (See Biltz, Mrs. Katherine) 
'BRIGHTBILL, Patricia; 7942 (See Snyder, Mrs. Patncia) 
'BRILMAYER, Anne; 7963 
'BRIMBERG, Elaine; 7943 (See Dundy, Ms. Elaine) 
'BRINCKLOE, Julia L; 7977 
'BRINDLEY, Jennifer; 7977 

BRINE, Jocelyn Lee; 7984 (See Spelker, Mrs. Jocelyn Lee) 
BRINK, Marguehte; 7946 (See Feuer, Mrs. Marguerite) 
'BRINKLEY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Kay); 7946 
BRINKLEY, Mrs. Joanne H. (Joanne H. Raines); 7 957 AB; 
r: 300 Ridge Rd No 80, Richmond, VA 23229, 804 288-8511; 
'BRINKLEY, Louise; 7923 (See Caulk, Mrs. Louise) 
BRINKMANN, Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth (Liza Dalehite); 7988 ; 
MSN Univ. Texas Austin; Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Private 
Ofc; r: 8407 High Oak Dr., Austin, TX 78759, 512 345-1132; 
Johannes: Patrick, Monika, Robin; 
'BRINSFIELD, Alden L.; 7972 
"BRINSON, Anne; 7947(See Nelson, Mrs. Anne) 
"BRINSON, Martha V.; 7943 (See James, Mrs. Martha V.) 
'BRINSTER, Julie Ann; 7985 
"BRINTON. Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth McDade): 7947 
BRINTON, Ms. Heather Anne; 7992 BA; Univ. of Oregon; 

r: 3405 Nevius St., Falls Church, VA 22041 , 703 379-7662 
'BRINTON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia White): 7943 BA 
BRIODY, Tara Shannon; 2003; r; 1201 Birchwood Dr., Bethle- 
hem, PA 18017, 610 865-2831 




BRISCOE, Mrs. Betty (Betty Suttle); 1934 BA; r: The Seabrook 
Apt, 2104, 300 Woodhaven Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, 
843 785-3830; Clarence; Philip, Clarence 

BRISCOE, Chloe H.; 1973 (See Ewalt, Mrs. Chloe B.) 

BRISCOE, Mary Clare; 1976 {See McNatt, Mrs. Mary Clare) 

BRISSENDEN, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Herndon); 1955 BA; r: 1400 
Bates Ave., Springfield, IL 62704, 217 546-2735; Walter F. 
*BRIST, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Wilson); 1931 

BRISTER, Mrs. Winifred (Winifred Collins); 1952; r; 1199 Kinglet 

Ter.,W. Palm Bch.,FL 33414 
'BRISTOL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Kinsolving); ACAD 

BRISTOL, Mrs. Ellen M. (Ellen J. Miller); 1969; MME Ithaca CIg.; 
Teacher Vocal Music Retired, Newark Central Sch., W. Miller St., 
Newark, NY 14513, 315 331-5150; r: 10299 Michigan Ave., 
Wolcoft, NY 14590, 315 594-6308; Laro^; Jessica, Justin, 
'BRISTOL, Louise; y928(See Lindemann, Mrs. Louise) 
'BRISTOL, Mary; 1926 (See Graham, Mrs. Maty) 

BRISTOL, Mrs. Rosemary W. (Rosemary L. Warner); 1969 AB; 
Realtor; r: 10305 Cavanaugh Ct., Rockville, MD 20850, 301 279- 
5712; Roger 

BRISTOW, Julia A.; 1946 ; BA William & Mary CIg. PBK; Retired 
Editor; Watercolorist; VA Butterfly Society, Lifeline Occupational, 
Safety & Health Magazine; r: 5907 Studeley Ave., Norfolk, VA 
23508,757 423-1682 

BRISTOW, Virginia (Si) C; 1931 (See Davis, Mrs. Virginia (Si) B.) 

BRITT, Mrs. Ann S. (Ann B. Seguin); 1944 ; Homemaker; r: 21 
Magnolia Rd., Apt. 206, Maitland, FL 32751, 407 645-1302; 
Casey (Dec); Joe, Margaret 

BRITT, Mrs. Claire Marie (Claire Marie Cieszko); 1 983 AB; r: 8 
Cedar Waxwing Rd., Hackettstown, NJ 07840; James; Heather, 
Robert, James; 
'BRITTAIN, Mrs. Mary G. (Mary G. Petty); 1937 

BRITTLE, Mrs. Katylou (Katylou Gray); ?975 AB; Sports Thera- 
pist, Equine; r: POB 14, Marshall, VA 20116, 540 364-3163 

BRITTON, Mrs. Beatrice W. (Beatrice W. Totten); 1965AB; BFA 
Montserrat CIg. of Art; Agri., Self-Employed; r: 466 Highland St., 
Box 2327, S. Hamilton, MA 01982, 978 468-2733; Peter; 
Nathan, Willoughby; 
'BRITTON, Dr. Elizabeth L.; 1970 

BRITTON, Mrs. Kathleen D.; 1970 ;B/K Univ. of Alabama, JD 
Univ. of Alabama; VP, Protective Life Ins. Co., POB 12687, Bir- 
mingham, AL 35202, 205 268-3377; r: 3869 Glencoe Dr., Bir- 
mingham, AL 35213, 205 870-7639; Jeff; Richard, Sarah; 

BRIX, Sarah Anne; 79S7(See Tennant, Mrs. Sarah Anne) 

BROAD, Mrs. Mary-Dame (Mary-Dame Stubbs); 1950 BA; 
Retired Tchr.; r:4412 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, VA 23669, 
757 722-0270; Douglas; Douglas, Susan 

BROADDUS, Margaret Cuthbert (Margaret Cuthbert); 1965 AB; 
JD Univ. of Richmond; Atty., Cuthbert Law Offices, 220 N 
Sycamore, Petersburg, VA 23803, 804 733-3100; r; 3592 
Spring Run Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 804 779-2553; 
Susanna, David, Charles, Sarah; 
mail @ 

BROADDUS, Susan M.; ^973 (See Hoff, Mrs. Susan M.) 

BROADDUS, Susanna Everard; 1988 (See Hickman, Mrs. 

Susanna Broaddus) 
'BROADUS, Mrs. Anne (Anne Bowen); 1944 AB 
'BROADWELL, Deborah R.; 1976 

BROCCO, Mrs. Jacqueline P. (Jacqueline P. Evans); 1971 ; 
r: 36515 SE 56th, Fall City, WA 98024, 425 222-6594 

BROCHSTEIN, Carlin Merrill; y996 ; r: POB 2157, Vineyard 
Haven, MA 02568 

BROCK, Annabell; 1948 (See Badrow, Mrs. Annabell) 

BROCK, Barbara; )956 (See Weisinger, Mrs. Barbara) 

BROCK, Imogen Warwick; 1938 (See Hawley, Mrs. Imogen 

BROCK, Ms. Leslie Jean; )997 BA; Regional Business Devel. 
Mgr., Aegis, 735 Primera Blvd., Lake Mary, FL 32746, 407 833- 
9196; r: 8612 Villa Point, Apt.429, Orlando, FL 32810, 407 660- 

BROCK, Lola Anne; )977(See Meakin, Mrs. Lola Brock) 


BROCK, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret McAllister); 1937; r: c/o 

Larson-Amsout, 601 Market St. No C-0422, Chattanooga, TN 

BROCK, Mary Jane; 1944 AB; JD Univ. of Michigan Law Sch.; 

r: 2741 Dover Rd., NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 355-4496 
BROCK, Mrs. Mary Jane (Mary Jane Hipp); 7970 AB; Acting 

Exec. Dir., Interfaith Ctr. of NY, 40 E. 30th St., New York, NY 

10022, 212 685-4242; r: 765 Park Ave., New York, NY 10021, 

212 517-5170; Charies; Walker, Susanna; 

'BROCK, Sabra; 1964 (See Ludmerer, Mrs. Sabra) 
'BROCKENBROUGH, Belle; 1929 (See Hutchins, Mrs. Belle) 
BROCKENBROUGH, Mrs. Jane N. (Jane N. Bryan); 1962 ; 

r: Goat Hill Farm, Manakin Sabot, VA 23103, 804 784-5225 
'BROCKETT, Helen; ACAD (See Owen-Smith, Mrs. Helen) 
BROCKIE, Janine N,; 7970 (See McKee, Mrs. Janine N.) 
BROCKMAN, Mrs. Mary Baker (Mary Elizabeth Baker); 1 984 

AB; Owner, Two Businesses, Enchanted/Humble Pie, Lynchburg, 

VA 24504, 434 846-5580; r: 4208 Hilton PI., Lynchburg, VA 

24503, 434 846-1233; Tom; Elizabeth 
BROCKMAN, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Johnson); 7957 AB; r: 5707 

Wadebridge Cove, Charlotte, NC 28210 
BROCKMAN, Mrs. Wanda Dean (Wanda Dean); 7996 BA; 

Homemaker; r: 262 Fox Grape Ln., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 277- 

5019; e;7/y; Elizabeth; 

BROCKWELL, Sherri Lynne; 7989 (See Dymon, Mrs. Sherri 

BROCKWELL, Terri Leigh; 7997 (See Waggoner, Mrs. Terri Leigh) 
'BROD, Lorna Thompson; 2007 BA 
BRODERICK, Eithne; 7980 (See Carlin, Mrs. Eithne) 
BRODERICK, Melissa Cohnne; 7996 (See Eaton, Mrs. Melissa 

'BRODIE, Bessie; 7927 (See McClenny, Mrs. Bessie) 
BRODIE, Ms. Margaret Deer; 7997BA; AA Sotheby's Inst., AAS 

New York Sch. Interior Design; Interior Designer, Andrew Farm 

Interiors, 500 Court Sq., 704, Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434 963- 

7600; r; same, 434 242-3707; 

BRODIE, Mary Elizabeth; 7990 (See Venn, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
BRODLIEB, Jennifer Bess; 7992 (See Cacioppo, Mrs. Jennifer) 
BRODLIEB, Ms. Samantha Jones; 7998 BA; Producer, Agency; 

r: 34 E 81st St. Apt. 4A, New York, NY 10028, 212 535-4988; 
BRODSKY, Mrs. Joan Breier (Joan Breier); 7967 ; AB Syracuse 

Univ., MLS Syracuse Univ.; Book Conservator; r: 1223 N Astor 

St., Chicago, IL 60610; William; Michael, Stephen, Jonathan; 
'BRODWATER, Susan Rebecca; 7986 (See Cupp, Susan 

'BRODY, Doris; 7957 (See Rosen, Mrs. Doris) 
'BROGDON, Lecia G.; 7972 (See Maurer, Mrs. Lecia G.) 
'BROH, Evelyn; ACAD (See Polan, Mrs. Evelyn) 
BROHARD, Charlotte C; 7972 (See McGinnis, Mrs. Charlotte B.) 
BROKAW, Mrs. Allison Egbert (Allison Hunting Egbert); 7978 ; 

BA Denison Univ.; Homemaker; r: 81 1 Augusta Rd, Wilmington, 

DE 19807, 302 777-4514; Robert; Roberts (Bert), Caleb; 

abrokaw @ comcast. net 
BROKAW, Mrs. Margaretta (Margaretta Bredin); 7970 ; r: POB 

730, Wilmington, DEI 9899; T. 
'BROMAN, Janet; 7957 (See Dingle, Mrs. Janet) 
BROMAN, Joan E.; 7956 (See Wright, Mrs. Joan B.) 
BROMBERG, Margaret; 7947 (See Williams-Jones, Marna 

Bromberg, PhD) 
'BROMFIELD, Marion; 7930 (See Verner, Mrs. Marion) 
'BROMFIELD, Mrs. Mary Kate (Mary Kate Patton); 7933 AB 
BROMLEY, Bevertey; 7959 (See Vaughan, Mrs. Beverley B.) 
'BROMLEY, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Alcott); 7934 AB 
BROMLEY, Mrs. Joan E. (Joan Eltonhead); 7973; Univ. of 

Pennsylvania; Occupational Therapist, Easter Seals, 610 775- 

1431; r: 102 Kraemer Ln., Reading, PA 19606, 610 779-5836; 

Rictiard; Elizabeth 
'BRONAUGH, Mildred; 7929 (See Taylor, Mrs. Mildred) 
BRONSON, Ms. Ehn Elizabeth; 2007 BA; Elem. Tchr., Hunting- 

towne Farms Elem., Huntingtowne Farms Rd., Charlotte, NC 

28226, 704 343-3625; r: 2230 Bleckley Ct., Chartotte, NC 28270, 

704 366-8178; 

erinbronson2001 © 


BRONSON, Mrs. Jane (Jane Hansford); ?567AB;r:44 Harrison 

Ave., New Canaan, CT 06840, 203 966-9237; Cory, Alex; 
'BRONSON, Lida P.; ACAD {See Cooley, Mrs. Lida P.) 
BRONSON, Ms. Margaret (Meg) Elaine; 2001 BA; Tchr., Hun- 

tingtowne Farms Elem. Sch.; r: 2230 Bleckley Ct., Charlotte, NC 

28270,704 366-8178; 
BRONSON, Susan; 1964 (See Croft, Mrs. Susan B.) 
BROOK, Mrs. Mary Ashley (Mary Ashley Wilson); 1979 B A ; 

Preschool Tchr., St. Michael's Parish Day Sch., 1520 Canterbury 

Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608; r: 1216 Meadow Hill PI., Raleigh, NC 

27609, 919 782-8836; David: Mary Grayson, James Sterrett; 
BROOKE, Ann; 1964 (See Williams, Mrs. Ann) 
BROOKE, Dr. Anne C; 1954 BA; MA Brown Univ., PhD Brown 

Univ.; Retired Prof. Welsh Language; r: 121 1 Westover Ave., 

#B3, Norfolk, VA 23507, 757 622-1 904 
BROOKE, Anne H.; 1933 ; Homemaker; r: 985 Fleet Dr. Apt. 542, 

Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757 716-2541 
BROOKE, Cathleen Ralston; 1985 (See Dunkle, Mrs. Cathleen 

BROOKE, Edith Shepherd; 1950 (See Robertson, Mrs. Edith 

BROOKE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Fleming Bailey); 1938 AB; 

Retired; r: 405 Jackson Ave., Lexington, VA 24450, 540 463- 

4756; George: George, Marion 
BROOKE, Julia Bryan; 1981 (See Davis, Mrs. Julia Brooke) 
BROOKE, Mrs. Julia 0. (Julia 0. Craig); 1958 BA 
'BROOKE, Mrs. Louise H. (Louise H. Sprague); 1917 
BROOKE, Margaret; 1915 
BROOKE, Mary U.; ACAD (See Grant, Mrs. Mary U.) 
BROOKE, Sue H.; 1929 /KB 
BROOKER, Lindsey Evelyn; 2000 (See Brooks, Mrs. Lindsey 

BROOKES, KimberlyAnn; 1989 kE; Prof., Tidewater Community 

CIg., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 ; r: 424 Ridgefield Rd, Chapel Hill, 

NC 27514 
BROOKES, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Cunningham); 1 935 AB 
BROOKHART, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Thomas); 1937 
BROOKS, Clara M.; SPEC (See Trickett, Mrs. Clara M.) 
BROOKS, Deborah Yvonne; 1978 (See Liggin, LT Deborah 

BROOKS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ertel); 1921 
BROOKS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Crenshaw); 1930 
BROOKS, Elizabeth; 1964 (See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BROOKS, Elizabeth B.; y975(See Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth B.) 
BROOKS, Mrs. H. Virginia (H. Virginia Pennel); )966; MED 

Univ. of Alabama Birmingham, BA Univ. of Alabama Birmingham 

Grants Mgr., Univ. of Alabama Birmingham, 205 934-6745 

r: 4240 Sharpsburg Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213, 205 879-1182: 

Jordan: Jordan IV, Catherine; 
BROOKS, Mrs. Judith H. (Judith Hartwell); 1962AB: MS Univ. of 

Bridgeport; Artist, Self Employed; r: 20Orchard Ln., Katonah, NY 

10536, 914 232-3795; John: David, Timothy; 

BROOKS, Mrs. Julia Dorothy (Julia Dorothy Skilinski); 1993 BA; 

3rd Grade Tchr., Kenney Elem. Sch.; r: POB 5482, Oswego, NY 

BROOKS, Ms. Julie Beauvais; 1990 BA; Grants Admin., John S. 

& James L. Knight Fndn., Wachovia Financial Ctr., Ste. 3300 200 

S Biscayne Blvd., Miami, PL 33131, 305 908-2639; r: 1 300 

Lincoln Rd 604, Miami Bch., FL 33139; 

BROOKS, Katherine; 1946 (See Augustine, Mrs. Katherine) 
BROOKS, Ms. Kathy R.; 1971 
BROOKS, Ms. Leah Ellyn; 200? BA; Financial Svcs. Spec, 

AmSouth Bank, 945 State Rd. 436, Casselberry, FL 32707, 407 

339-4431 ; r: 1 020 Abemathy Ln. No 200, Apopka, FL 32703, 407 

BROOKS, Mrs. Lindsey Evelyn (Lindsey Evelyn Brooker); 2000 

BA; Database Developer, Professional Software Engrg., Inc., 57 

Patch Rd., Ft. Monroe, VA 23651, 757 788-4599; r: 103 Bailey 

Rd., Yorktown, VA 23692, 757 876-1220; Andy: 


'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BROOKS, Mrs. Lisbeth (Lisbeth Gibson); /953 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 51 Deacon Abbott Rd, Redding, CT 06896, 203 938-2356; 
BROOKS, Louellen; 1985 {See Meyer, Mrs. Louellen) 
'BROOKS, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Oliver); 1933 
BROOKS, Ms. Lucy Courtney; 2000 BA; Teacher 4th Grade, 

Henry Cnty. Bd. of Educ, 147 Tye St., Stockbridge, GA 30281, 

770 474-4066; r: 1128 Preston Creek Dr., Mc Donough GA 

30253,770 914-2690; 
'BROOKS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Williams); 1935 
BROOKS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Dortch); ;967 AB; Real 

Estate, Harpeth Co. Realtors, Hillsboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37205 

615 297-3574; r: 4406 Harding PI., Nashville, TN 37205, 61 5665- 

"BROOKS, Martha Jean; 1941 (See Miller, Mrs. Martha Jean) 
'BROOKS, Mrs. Mary C. (Mary C. Lee); 1948 
"BROOKS, Mrs. Millie F. (Millie F. Meriwether); 1925 
BROOKS, Neveda M.; 1950 (See Norfolk, Mrs. Neveda M.) 
BROOKS, Mrs. Nicole Paul (Nicole Paul Hlusko); 1990 AB; 

Public Affairs; r: 4001 Wayland Dr., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 

665-1077; flay,- Clay; 
BROOKS, Mrs. Oliver(San) (San Veach); 1950 AB; Retired; 

r: POB 140, Ripton, VT 05766, 802 388-2373; Elizabeth, Oliver 

Jr., Thomas Z., Joshua H. 
BROOKS, Ms. Patricia S. (Patricia A. Sharkey); 1972 A B ; 

Contract Mortgage Underwriter; r: 23 Howell Mill Plantation NW, 

Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 355-3339; Will; 

'BROOKS, Pauline C; 1944 (See Jensen, Mrs. Pauline C.) 
BROOKS, Renee Anita; 1994 (See Frederiksen, Mrs. Renee 

BROOKS, Mrs. Rhoda Allen (Rhoda V. Allen); 1971 AB; r: 81 75 

Indian Hill Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45243, 513 271-1726; John, 

"BROOKS, Mrs. Ruth L. (Ruth L. Daugherty); 1939 
'BROOKS, Wendy Merrick; 1985 
'BROOME, Louise R.; 1972 (See Plank, Ms. Louise R.) 
BROPHY, Mrs. Bianca (Bonnie) C. (Bonnie S. Chronowski); 

1974 AB; Homemaker; r: 160 Bellevue Ave., Summit, NJ 07901, 

908 277-6578; James J: Christopher, Meghan; 
"BROPHY, Joan; 1953 {See Tyree, Mrs. Joan) 
BROPHY, Mrs. Sarah Sutton (Sarah Williams Sutton); 1983 BA; 

MA CIg. of William & Mary; Free-lance Writer, Cnsit., bMuse, 570 

West St., Carlisle, MA 01741; r: same, 978 369-5424; Michael: 

Parker, Taylor; 
BROSIUS, Anita L.; 1974 (See Sisk, Mrs. Anita L.) 
"BROSIUS, Geneieve; 1921 (See Kintzing, Mrs. Geneieve) 
BROSKE, Dr. Mary Ernest (Mary Steams); 1966 AB; PhD Univ, 

of FL; Grant Coordinator Leg. Liaison, City of Gainesville; 

r:4302 NW 17th Ter., Gainesville, FL 32605, 352 376-3982; 

Ernest: Elizabeth 
BROSSARD, Mrs. Cora S. (Cora L. Smith); 1942 ; M E D 

Columbia Univ., MSW Columbia Univ.; Retired Social Worker, 

Brooklyn Bur. Soc. Svc./St. Clair Hosp., New York, NY 10128; 

r: 1 18 E. 93rd St., Apt. 2C, New York, NY 10128. 212 534-6778; 

BROTHERS, Mrs. Anne (Anne B. Carter); 1963 AB; Watercolor 

Artist, Self-employed; r; 621 Woodleigh Dr., Nashville, TN 3721 5, 

615 386-9898; Jo^n,- 
"BROTHERS, Dorothy; ACAD (See Kelly, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BROTMAN. Mrs. Leslie Joan (Leslie Joan Wilkinson); 1978 ; B A 

Emory Univ., MAT Jacksonville Univ.; Tchr.-Grade 5, The Bolles 

Sch., 7400 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL32217, 904 733-9292; 

r: 2041 Beach Ave., Atlantic Bch., FL 32233, 904 249-2041 
"BROUGH, Mrs. Ella (Ella Polk); 1925 
BROUGHTON, Candice Marie; 7998 (See Maillard, Mrs. Candice 

BROUGHTON, Mrs. Edith T. (Edith W. Tanner); 1950 ; B A 

Sanford Univ.; r: 2511 A Mountain Brook Cir., Birmingham, AL 

35223, 205 871-8669; William Joseph, David Markuhm, James 

BROUGHTON, Harriet; 1973 (See Gruber, Mrs. Hamet) 




'BROUGHTON, Katherine; 1936 {See Shannon, Mrs. Katherine) 
'BROUGHTON, Ruth; 1917 
'BROUHA, Mrs. Carol L, (Carol L Risher); 1967 
'BROUN, Elizabeth; 1935 {See Trout, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BROUN, Nancy Anne (See Gerner, Mrs. Nancy Broun) 
'BROUN, Virginia; 1934 (See Lawson, Mrs. Virginia) 
'BROUSE, Mrs. Martha (Martha Ake); 1936 
BROUSE, Ms. Martha Macon (Martha Macon Freeman); 1981 

AB; MME Manhattan Sch. of Music; Music/Voice Instr./Profn. 

Singer, Oakwood CIg., Huntsville, AL; r: 3505 Holmes Ave. NW, 

Huntsville, AL 35816, 256 534-2510; COL Steven USA' Vivian 


'BROUSSARD, Mrs. Sybille M. (Sybille M. Spurlock); 1945 
BROWDER, Mrs. Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth G. Foree); 1946 AB; 

r: The Homestead, RFD 2, Sweetwater, TN 37874, 423 337-5588 
BROWDER, Frances Elizabeth; 1951 (See Nibley, Mrs. Eliza- 

beth(Betty) B.) 
'BROWER, Mrs. Mary C. (Mary C. Williams); ACAD 
BROWER, Mary W.; 7939 (See Henderson, Mrs. Mary B.) 
BROWN, Adelaide M.; ?956(See Stalker, Mrs. Adelaide M.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Alice Cary (Alice Cary Farmer); 1959BA; Wife to 

Austrian Bilateral Ambassador, Embassy of The USA, Boltzman- 

ngasse 16, A-1090 Vienna, Austria, 07743131339; 

r: Weidlichgasse 1-5, A-1130 Vienna, Austria, 0114318777435; 

William Lee; W.L., Alice, Stuart; 

BROWN, Alison Beth; 2001 BA; Univ. of SC; Veteran's Svc. Rep., 

Dept. of Veteran Affairs, 210 Franklin Rd, Roanoke, VA 24011, 

540 857-2049; r: 4710 Sussex Ct. SW, Apt. F, Roanoke, VA 

24018,540 776-7735; 

BROWN, Mrs. Amy Gibbs (Amy Fitzgerald Gibbs); 1999 BA; 

MFA George Washington Univ.; Interior Designer, Amy Brown 

Interiors, LLC, 3810 Thomapple St., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 

301 907-4934; r: same, 301 907-3924; Kenton; 

BROWN, Ms. Ann B.; J972 BA; r: 1808 Lenni Dr., West Chester, 

PA 19382,610 793-3038 
BROWN, Ann Waverly; y976(See Richards, Mrs. Ann Brown) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Harrison); )939 AB 
BROWN, Anne Carrington; 1976 (See Wise, Mrs. Carrington 

BROWN, Anne Stuart; 7967 (See Swann, Mrs. Anne Stuart) 
'BROWN, Annette; 7926 (See King, Mrs. Annette) 
BROWN, Mrs. Antoinette Christian (Antoinette Darden Christian); 

1978 BA; MED Lynchburg CIg.; Realtor, Mead Assoc, FOB 761, 

Lexington, VA 24450, 540 463-7168; r: FOB 1063, Lexington, 

VA 24450, 540 463-4029; James; Claibourne, Finley; 
BROWN, Avis M.; 1969 (See Yount, Mrs. Avis M.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Lukens); 1966 ; CFO Retired; 

r:5128 Tangle Ln., Houston, TX 77056, 713 572-0660; 

Timothy; Courtney(Dec), Patricia; 

b: - -.. - 

'BROWN, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Trigg); ACAD 
BROWN, Barbara P.; ?956(See McFarland, Mrs. Barbara P.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Barbara R. (Barbara Rhodes); )935 AB; r: 713 N 

Beers St. No A-109, Holmdel, NJ 07733, 732 335-0007 
BROWN, Beatrice M.; 7942 (See Borden, Mrs. Beatrice M.) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Bessie (Bessie Hoge); ?923 AB 
"BROWN, Bessie; ACAD (See Lindsey, Mrs. Bessie) 
BROWN, Mrs. Betsy B. (Betsy B. Smyth); 1945 ; r: 1801 Lavaca 

SL, Apt. 15M, Austin, TX 78701 
BROWN, Mrs. Brianna Boswell (Brianna Fuller Boswell); 1982 

AB; r: 7033 Alexander Dr., Dallas, TX 75214; Randal; Hannah, 

Sarah, Matthew; 
'BROWN, Candle Louise; )975 AB 
BROWN, Mrs. Cary C. (Cary C. Thorp); 1974 ; r: 134 Broadview 

Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10804, 914 235-0868 
BROWN, Mrs. Catherine G. (Catherine Bamett); 1949 BA; 

Retired; r: 29 Crescent Rd., Madison, NJ 07940, 973 377-6674; 


bu nny brown @ msn .com 
BROWN, Celia (Bunny) Gail; 1979 (See Lee, Mrs. Celia (Bunny) 



'BROWN, Charlotte; 7930 (See Harder, Mrs. Charlotte Brown) 
'BROWN, Christine; SPEC (See Nau, Mrs. Christine) 
'BROWN, Comelia; ACAD (See Edmiston, Mrs. Comelia) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Corrinne (Corrinne Hampton); ACAD 
'BROWN, Cynthia; 1975 
BROWN, Deedra; 1973 (See Cook, Mrs. Deedra) 
'BROWN, Dorene; 1924 (See Humphrey, Mrs. Dorene) 
BROWN, Dorothy; 1951 (See Smith, Mrs. Dorothy D.) 
BROWN, Dr. Eden Zuckerman (Eden Baer Zuckerman); 1988 
BA; PhD Florida Inst, of Tech.; Clinical Psychologist, Drs. 
William & Eden Brown, PLC, 1655 N. Ft. Myer Dr. Ste. 700, 
Arlington, VA 22209, 703 351-3375; r: 1600 N. Oak St. #225, 
Arlington, VA 22209, 703 516-0399; William; 
drswebrown @ aol .com 
'BROWN, Mrs. Edna (Edna Rigg); 1916 
'BROWN, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Rushmore); 1936 
'BROWN, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Cooke); 1932 
BROWN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Wilson); 1954 ; Retired DIr. of 
Profn. Educ, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; r: 40 Greythorne Woods 
Cir., Wayne, PA 19087, 610 254-0228; Ralph; Eleanor Rutan, 
Frank Rutan, William Rutan; 
BROWN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Robertson); 1966;BA UNC 
Wilmington; Owner, Fowl Cay Resort, Exuma Bahamas; r: 7 
Blandwood, Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-5145 
BROWN, Elizabeth F.; 7969 (See Tucker, Mrs. Elizabeth F.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Anne Huggins); 1983 AB; 
Elem. Tchr., Sacred Heart Sch.; r: 115 Westwood Ct., Danville, 
VA 24541 , 434 799-5088; William; Will; 
BROWN, Ms. Elizabeth Randolph; y967 BA; MED Virginia Com- 
monwealth Univ.; HS Math Tchr., Chesapeake Bay Governors 
Sch., 52 Campus Dr., Warsaw, VA 22572, 804 333-1306; r: 757 
Water Ln., FOB 2764, Tappahannock, VA 22560, 804 443-2033; 
Raye, Bill, Elizabeth 
BROWN, Elizabeth (Betsy); ?949(See Bayer, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BROWN, Ella; ^963 (See Hughes, Mrs. Ella) 
'BROWN, Ellen; )923(See Clendaniel, Mrs. Ellen) 
BROWN, Ms. Ellen Apperson (Ellen W. Apperson); 1972 AB; 
MAT Univ. Virginia, MA Virginia Polytech Inst.; Museum 
Curator, Glencoe; r: 1906SussexRd,Blacksburg,VA24060,540 
552-6349; Katharine, David; 
BROWN, Mrs. Ellen Hagan (Ellen Willis Hagan); 1981 AB; Fund- 
raising CnsIL; r: 2903 Rosalind Ave., Roanoke, VA 24014; 
BROWN, Mrs. Ellen Todd (Ellen Todd Moseley); 1971 BA; 
Personnel Mgr., Fifth Third Bank of KY, 200 W. Broadway, 
Louisville, KY 40202, 502 562-5384; r: 4026 Brookfield Ave., 
Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-8636 
"BROWN, Emie D.; 1951 (See Spears, Mrs. Emie D.) 
BROWN, Emily; 7935 (See Carnan, Mrs. Emily) 
BROWN, Mrs. Emily Anne (Emily Anne McNally); ?972 BA; MA 
Eastern Michigan Univ., MA Eastern Michigan Univ.; English/ 
Humanities Tchr., Brighton Area Schs., Brighton HS, Brighton, Ml 
48116, 810 299-4100; r: 2715 W. Coon Lake Rd, Howell, Ml 
48843, 517 546-4190; James; Christopher, Peter; 
BROWN, Mrs. Emily T. (Emily T. Garth); 1973 AB; r: 1731 
Woodnymph Tr., Lookout Mtn., GA 30750, 706 820-9810; 
Allen; Campbell, Emily, Garth, Winston, Robby; 
'BROWN, Enna F.; 1933 (See Batsell, Mrs. Enna F.) 
"BROWN, Mrs. Esther (Esther Keller); 1911 AB 
"BROWN, Mrs. Esther (Esther Ewing); ACAD 
"BROWN, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Poole); 1935 AB ; 

"BROWN, Flo G.; 1930 (See Elton, Mrs. Flo G.) j 

"BROWN, Gladys; /AC/AD (See Lowry, Mrs. Gladys) 
BROWN, Mrs. Grace W. (Grace Wallace); 1952 AB; Owner, 
Designs from Grace, 1 1 School St., POB 76, Ashley Falls, MA 
01 222, 41 3 229-2530; r: POB 76, 11 School St. , Ashley Falls, MA 
01222, 413 229-2530; S.; Gordon, Cathehne, Elizabeth, Scott 
BROWN, Greta Barksdale; ?966(See Peters, Mrs. Greta (Cherry,' 

"BROWN, Harriet; 1934 (See Ray, Mrs. Harriet) 
'BROWN, Ms. Heather Elizabeth; ?956 AB 
BROWN, Heidi Hope; )987(See Brown-Lynn, Mrs. Heidi Hope) ! 


*BROWN, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hill); 1925 
'BROWN, Ina; ^967 (See Bond, Mrs. Ina) 
'BROWN, Jane Huston; 1990 (See Crommelin, Mrs. Jane Huston) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Janet (Janet Blood); 1933 
'BROWN, Janie; )927(See Hood, Mrs. Janie) 
BROWN, Mrs. Jean R. (Jean C. Rushin); 1969 AB\ r: 14 Fresh- 
water Ln., Wilton, CT 06897, 203 762-8545; Johnathan; 
BROWN, Jeanine; 1980 ; r: 2303 N. Peachtree Way, Dunwoody, 

GA 30338, 770 394-6850 
BROWN, Ms. Jennifer Diane; 2002 BS; Client Assoc, Merrill 
Lynch, 25 Mall Rd, Burlington, MA 01803, 781 229-8218; r: 45 
Wetherbee Rd, Waltham, MA 02453, 61 7 201 -3305; 
'BROWN, Joan; 1933 {See Guzy, Mrs. Joan) 
BROWN, Ms. Judith Josephine; 1996BA; Social Worker, Nelson 
Cnty. Dept. of Social Svcs.; r: 193 Grandview Dr., Amherst, VA 
BROWN, Judith K.; 1971 (See Fletcher, Mrs. Judy Brown) 
BROWN, Ms. Karen Lajuan; 1990 AB; Clerk/Med. Lab Tech., Lab 
Corp. of America, 7777 4th Ln. Ste. C-350, Dallas, TX 75230, 214 
566-7500; r: 6631 Braddock PL, Dallas, 1X75232,214339-6458; 
karen.brown.21 © 
BROWN, Katharine B.; 1971 (See Grala, Mrs. Katharine Brown) 
'BROWN, Katherine; 1930 (See Chinn, Mrs. Katherine) 
BROWN, Kathleen Elizabeth; 2002 BA;r: 2302 Cheshire Ln., 
Alexandria, VA 22307, 703 660-2356; 
'BROWN, Kathleen G.; 1978 
'BROWN, Kathryn; 7933 (See Butler, Mrs. Kathryn) 
BROWN, Kelly Michelle; 1992 (See Estes, Mrs. Kelly Michelle) 
BROWN, Kelly Sue; 7988 (See Varga, Mrs. Kelly Sue) 
'BROWN, Kendra-Ann; 1967 (See Carney, Mrs. Kendra-Ann) 
BROWN, Mrs. Kerry J. (Kerry J. Weber); ?967 AB;Ofc. Mgr., 
Randall H Brown, DDS, PC, 1601 Marquette Ave., Ste. 3, Bay 
City, Ml 48706, 989 686-0055; r; 2175 Reppuhn Dr., Bay City, Ml 
48706, 989 684-3436; Randall; Jeffrey, Randall W.; 
BROWN, KImberly Curry; 7982 (See Noble, Mrs. Kimberly Curry) 
BROWN, Ms. Laura Lee Lyons; y963 AB; ArtisL Self-employed; 
r: 7001 US 42, Louisville, KY 40241, 502 228-1208; Steve 
Wilson: Laura Lee, Polk, Garvin; 
'BROWN, Laurel; 1960 (See Hanley, Mrs. Laurel) 
BROWN, Lee; ?958(See Billingsley, Mrs. Lee) 
'BROWN, Leigh; 7960 (See McCann, Mrs. Leigh) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Lida B. (Lida B. West); 1932 
BROWN, Lindsley Keith; 7970 (See Oehlert, Mrs. Lindsley Keith) 
'BROWN, Louise; 1928 

'BROWN, Lucie; 79)7 (See McCune, Mrs. Lucie) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Lucille (Lucille Heggie); ACAD 
'BROWN, Madeline; 7927 (See Wood, Mrs. Madeline) 
"BROWN, Mae L.; 1924 (See Butlers, Mrs. Mae L.) 
BROWN, Marcia J.; 1959 (See Lyie, Ms. Marcia B.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Rogers); ?966 AB; r: 1505 E. 

Bay Shore Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 757 428-2369 
'BROWN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hagan); 1927 
'BROWN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Colbert); 1968 
"BROWN, Margaret; ACAD (See Maneck, Mrs. Margaret) 
BROWN, Margaret; 1966 (See Bucak, Mrs. Margaret) 
"BROWN, Mrs. Maria (Maria Neville); 1915 
'BROWN, Maria A.; 1936 

BROWN, Marion; 1938 (See Snider, Mrs. Marion Zaiser) 
'BROWN, Marion J.; ?969(See Tucker, Ms. Marion J.) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Caine); 1962 
"BROWN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Proctor); 1930 
BROWN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Lanman); 1950 AB; Retired; r; POB 
1415, Wilson, WY 83014, 307 733-4428; Lewis; Mary, Lewis, 
Hilary, Ann 
BROWN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Dietz); 7970; r: 325 Grant St., 
Longmont, CO 80501 , 303 651 -681 1 
"BROWN, Mary; 1939 (See Sweeney, Mrs. Mary) 
"BROWN, Mary; ?926(See Moore, Mrs. Mary) 
'BROWN, Mary B.; 7942 (See Griggs, Mrs. Mary B.) 
"BROWN, Mrs. Mary F. (Mary F. Parker); 1930 
'BROWN, Mrs. Mary J. (Mary J. Jones); ?938 AB 
"BROWN, Mary J.; /IC/^D (See Andrade, Mrs. Mary J.) ' 
"BROWN, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Floumoy); 1931 AB 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


'BROWN, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Illges); 1950 
BROWN, Mary Frances; 7949 (See Ballard, Mary Frances Brown) 
BROWN, Mrs. Mary Jo Biscardi (Mary Jo Biscardi); 1986 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 29 Willowgreene Dr., Churchville, PA 18966, 215 

364-9133; Fran/(,- 

BROWN, Mrs. MaryPerkins(MaryPerkinsTraugott); 1945 AB; 

Retired Elementary Sch.; r: 3945 Ocean Cut Ln., Virginia Bch., 

VA 23451, 757 428-0557; Townsend Jr., Timothy, Samuel; 

BROWN, Melinda J.; 7968 (See Everett, Ms. Melinda B.) 
BROWN, Ms. Melinda Sue; 7998 BA; MED Oregon State Univ.; 

Resident Dir., Oregon State Univ.; r: Wilson Hall Rd, McNary 

ServCtr., Oregon State Univ, Corvallis, OR 97331 , 541 71 3-51 31 ; 

msbrown323 @ 
BROWN, Ms. Melissa; 2000 BA; r: 650 Springvale Rd., Great 

Falls, VA 22066, 703 759-7779 
BROWN, Michelle C; 7973 (See Badcock, Mrs. Michelle C.) 
BROWN, Ms. Monica; 7998 BA; Alumni Coord., The Art Inst, of 

Atlanta, 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, NE, Ste. 100, Atlanta, 

GA 30328, 770 689-4871; r: 5782 Everglades Tr., Norcross, GA 

30071,770 416-0306; 

r: brownmo41 © 
BROWN, Monnie M.; 7970 (See Groos, Mrs. Sarah) 
BROWN, Mrs. Nancy Dixon; 7963 BA; MED Georgia State Univ.; 

Retired Tchr. Special Educ. Elem., Atlanta Public Schs., Atlanta, 

GA 30305, 404 350-2150; r; 3278 Pine Meadow Rd., Atlanta, GA 

30327, 404 231-2257; Donald; Katherine, Elizabeth; 
BROWN, Natalie Joy; 7996 (See Adee, Mrs. Natalie Joy) 
"BROWN, Nedra; 7929 (See Foster, Mrs. Nedra) 

BROWN, Nina Forsyth; 7987 (See MacDonald, Mrs. Nina Forsyth) 
"BROWN, Mrs. Olivia (Olivia Davis); 7940 AB 
'BROWN, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Jones); 7966 AB 
"BROWN, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Arms); 7946 AB 
'BROWN, Patricia; 7957 (See Young, Mrs. Patricia) 
BROWN, Patricia R.; 7972 (See Snider, Ms. Patricia R.) 
BROWN, Patricia Ross; 7959 (See Boyer, Mrs. Jean P.) 
BROWN, Mrs. Patsy (Patsy Phillips); 7953 BA; MED Lynchburg 

CIg.; Retired Sch. Guid. Couns.; r: 106 Cygnet Cir., Forest, VA 

24551, 434 385-9679; Cariy/e,' Jeffrey, Jed, Todd, Susan; 
BROWN, Paula Jennifer; 7978 (See Kelley, Mrs. Paula Brown) 
BROWN, Mrs. Pauline (Pauline Hudson); 7943 AB; Retired; 

r;9303 Ridgefield Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 747-7312; 

Lee; Martha 
BROWN, Mrs. Peggy (Peggy Kennedy); 7967; Volunteer; 

r: 5103 Harlan Cir., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-2723; Hill; 

William, Margaret 
'BROWN, Mrs. Phyllis B.; 7995 
"BROWN, Priscilla; 7978 (See Caldwell, Mrs. Priscilla) 
BROWN, Ms. Rosamond Sample (Rosamond Sample); 7964 BA; 

MBA AGSIMThunderbird Campus; Retired VP/Govt. Relations 

Cnslt./Lobbyist, Global USA; r: 1564 Westmoreland St., #B, Mc 

Lean, VA 22101 , 703 893-8017; Stewart, Garrett; 

"BROWN, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hulburd); 7920 AB 
BROWN, Mrs. Ruth A. (Ruth A. Hugins); 7944 ; BS Denver Univ.; 

Retired Secy.; r: 6017 Vrain, Arvada, CO 80003, 303 428-2915; 

Vern; Lislie Nilan 
BROWN, Mrs. Ruth C. (Ruth C. Rowan); 7973 AB; r: 2566 Flair 

Knoll Dr., NE, Atlanta, GA 30345, 404 633-8086 
BROWN, Sandra A.; 7967 (See Slaughter, Mrs. Sandra A.) 
BROWN, Sara Shallenberger (Sara Shallenberger); 7932 BA; AB 

Transylvania Univ.; Farmer/Artist/Lecturer; r: Ashbourne, 

Harrods Creek, KY 40027, 502 228-1445; W.L. Lyons, Owsley II, 

Ina, Martin 
"BROWN, Sarah; 7933 (See Palmer, Mrs. Sarah) 
BROWN, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah Elizabeth Tedeschi); 7986 

AB; r: 6513 Petit Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818 989-3537 
'BROWN, Mrs. Sharon Davis (Sharon Davis Ingham); 7984 AB 
BROWN. Mrs. Sharon L. (Sharon L. White); 7972 AB; MA CIg. of 

St. Joseph; Comm. Volunteer; r: 180 Grove St., Rutland, VT 

05701, 802 773-7110; H. Martin; Heather, Hunter, Justin 
BROWN, Mrs. Sophia (Sophia Campbell); 7936; BS Univ. of 

Virginia; RN Retired; r; 1 449 Old Stage Rd., Amherst, VA 24521 , 

434 946-5037; Edward (Dec); Maty. Mildred, Margaret(Becky) 




BROWN, Ms. Stephanie Ann; 1993BA; Sr. Loan Analyst, Knox 
Financial Grp., 2400 Boston St., Signiture BIdg. At Ken Co., 
Baltimore, MD 21224, 410 962-1350; r: 5224 Tabard Ct., Balti- 
more, MD 21212, 410464-6195 
BROWN, Sue; ? 964 (See Clark, Mrs. Sue) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Sue Ann Jenkins; 1990 
BROWN, Mrs. Susan (Susan Stubbs); ?974 AB; Owner-Exec. 
VP, Stubbs & Associates Inc., 2030 Powers Ferry Rd #226, 
Atlanta, GA 30339, 770 984-2331 ;r: 235 Norttiglenn Ct., 
Atlanta, GA 30342, 404 252-9947; Michael; Meredith, Drew; 
BROWN, Susan; 1966 {See Barry, Ms. Susan) 
BROWN, Mrs. Susan G. (Susan Glasgow); 1964 AB; MAT 
Vanderbilt Univ., MA Vanderbilt Univ.; Broker,HarpethCo.,4101 
Hillsboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 297-3574; r; 1 81 5 
Laurel Ridge Dr., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 665-2941 ; /^//ea■ 
brownsu @ 
BROWN, Susanne; 1967 (See Crump, Mrs. Susanne) 
*BROWN, Suzanne; 1945 (See Little, Mrs. Suzanne) 
BROWN, Suzanne; 1958 (See Henry, Dr. Suzanne) 
BROWN, Ms. Suzanne Elizabeth (Suzanne Elizabeth Schmitt); 

1985 ; r: 208 Stella St., Metairie, LA 70005, 504 835-8587 
*BROWN, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Gans); 1945 AB 
BROWN, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Gowen); 1944 ; MED Stephen F 
Austin; Retired; r: 1704 Hoyt Dr., Longview, TX 75601, 903 753- 
7080; Robert; Robert IV, Anita Lee, Charles W. 
'BROWN, Virginia; ^522 (See Newell, Mrs. Virginia) 
'BROWN, Mrs. Wanwick; ^933 AB 

BROWN, Mrs. Wendy N. (Wendy B. Norton); 1971 AB; Tchr. , 
Canterbury Community Nursery Sch., 804 741-41 18; r: 1 0306 
Windbluff Dr., Richmond, VA 23233, 804 740-4655; Lee; David, 
'BROWN, Zaiinda; 1916 {See Harrison, Mrs. Zaiinda) 
BROWNE, Mrs. Abigail (Abigail Mason); 1965 AB; r: 10 Otis PL, 

Boston, MA 02108, 617 227-4756 
BROWNE, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert (Dorothy R. Gilbert); 1938 ; BA 
Wesley CIg., Katherine Gibbs Secretarial; Homemaker; r; 41 1 
Wildwood Dr., Springfield, OH 45504, 937 399-4175; Bitner; 
Franklin, Dale Ann Brown; 
'BROWNE, Mrs. Frances P. (Frances P. Gilbert); 1 956 AB 
BROWNE, Mrs. Gay Elizabeth (Gay Elizabeth Kenney); 1982 
AB;100 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 600, Santa Monica, CA 90401; 
r: 1501 Umeo Rd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 
'BROWNE, Helen; ACAD (See Hobart, Mrs. Helen) 
'BROWNE, Josephine R.; 1915 (See Maury, Mrs. Josephine R.) 
'BROWNE, Katherine; ?9y7(SeeCamlin, Mrs. Katherine) 
'BROWNE, Sarah; 1915 {See Dunbar, Mrs. Sarah) 
BROWNE. Mrs. Virginia W. (Virginia Weed); 1957 AB\ Retired 
Med. & Surgery Coder, Univ. of Maryland Surgical Accot., PA; 
r: 5669-B Harpers Farm Rd., Columbia, MD 21 044, 41 0730-1 1 64; 
Susan L. Garner, David K.; 
'BROWNETT, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Whitehurst); 1945 
'BROWNING, Ms. Angela Rebecca; 2001 BA 
BROWNING, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hardy); )947; Advt., Public 
Relations, Editor; r: 4017 Norbourne Blvd., Louisville, KY 40207, 
502 897-2594; lley 
BROWNING, Mrs. Jane (Jane Patton); ^966 AB; r: 1 531 

Blanford Cir., Norfolk, VA 23505, 757 489-2831 
'BROWNING, Margaret; y9?2(See Burt, Mrs. Margaret) 
BROWNING, Pamela; 1968 (See Durrant, Ms. Pamela) 
'BROWNING, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Howell); ACAD 
'BROWNING, Mrs. Venus (Venus Buckingham); 1924 
BROWNLEE, Catherine; ^959 (See Smeltzer, Mrs. Catherine) 
'BROWNLEY, Belle; 7927 (See Jones, Mrs. Belle) 
BROWN-LYNN, Mrs. Heidi Hope (Heidi Hope Brown); 1987; 
Store Mgr., Dress Barn Inc., 160 W Lincoln Hwy., Exton, PA 
19341,610 524-8480 
BROWN-SERMAN, Elizabeth; 1941 (See Hayes, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BROWN-SERMAN, Mary; 7938 (See Kirby, Mrs. Mary) 
BROWN-WOODFIN, Johanna K.; ;989(See Lopez, Mrs. Johanna 

'BROYLES, Mrs. Sallie (Sallie Anderson); 7952 AB 


BROYLES, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Poulson); 7954 ; r: #1 3 The 

Gates, 2525 Peachtree Rd., NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 237- 

4549; Norhs; 
'BRUBAKER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Posey); 7926 AB 
'BRUCE, Annette Caroline; 7978 
'BRUCE, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Colquitt); 7956 
'BRUCE, Cynthia A.; 7972 (See Alexander, Mrs. Cynthia A.) 
BRUCE, Eleanor; 7930 (See McReynolds, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'BRUCE, Mrs. Flora (Flora Pope); 7928 
'BRUCE, Janet; 7929 (See Bailey, Mrs. Janet) 
BRUCE, Mrs. Kate Macalister (Kate Macalister Dunlap); 7979 

AB; r; 302 Lee Ave., Wadesboro, NC 28170 
'BRUCE, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Martin); 7959 
'BRUCE, Katherine; 7926 (See Rogers, Mrs. Katherine) 
'BRUCE, Mrs. Laura Anne (Laura Anne Moore); 7987 
'BRUCE, Sarah E.S.; 7977(See Kelly, Mrs. Sarah E.S.) 
'BRUCH, Mrs. Helen (Helen Redmund); 7978 
BRUCH, Mrs. Sarah H. (Sarah Hays Bubb); 7946; BA Wilson 

CIg.; Corp. Secy., Agt. & Broker, John L. Bruch Agcy., 209 

Masonic BIdg., Muncy, PA 17756, 570 546-7000; r: 521 S. Main 

St., Muncy, PA 17756, 570 546-8099; John; Susan, John, Ann 
BRUCKMANN, Mrs. Helen Rachelle (Helen Rachelle Bauer); 

7978 AB;r: Little Ct. Neb Ln., Old Oxted, Surrey RH8 9JN, 

BRUECHERT, Mrs. Nancy Clarissa (Nancy Clarissa Siedlarz); 

7987 AB; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Sub Teacher/Retail Mgr.; r: 22 

Conshohocken State Rd., Gladwyne, PA 19035, 610 642-0117; 

Robert; William, John; 
BRUECKNER, Mrs. Elinore (Elinore Gibbs); 7928 ; r: 31 31 

Westberry Sq., Joplin, MO 64804, 417 659-9884 
BRUETSCH, Ms. Nancy H. (Nancy L. Hagar); 7972 AB; MA 

Univ. of Phoenix; Instructional Designer, Wackenhut Svcs., Inc., 

POB 18041 K.A.F.B., Albuquerque, NM 87185, 505 845-5170; 

r: 3121 BrittSL NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111; Kimberly, Kelly, 


'BRUFFY, Ms. Brooke Aline; 7990 
BRUGGER, Doreen; 7945 (See Wetzig, Mrs. Doreen) 
BRUGH, Mrs. Mary Landon (Mary Landon Smith); 7957 BA; 

Substitute Tchr. Retired; r; POB 87, Clifford, VA 24533, 434 946- 

5257; Lynn K. (Decj; Carter, Anne, Lynn K., Mason Smith, Mary 

BRUGH, Ms. Valerie Belle; 7992; MSA South IL, BA Roanokei 

CIg.; AR Tech Univ.; r: 2210 Timberwood Ln., Russellville, AR 

BRUHA, Ms. Margaret Jean; 7995; BA Lake Forest CIg., BA Lake 

Forest CIg. ;Mktg.-Pharmaceutical, Abbott Labs, 200 Abbott Park 

Dr., Abbott Park, IL 60064; r; 106 E Ellis Ave., Libertyville, IL 


bruhamj @ 
'BRUMBACK, Mrs. Gladys (Gladys Gilliland); 7978 
BRUMBACK, Nancy; 7957 (See Kruvand, Mrs. Nancy) j 

BRUMBY, Marie; 7935 (See Fowler, Mrs. Marie) 
BRUMLEY, Ms. Katherine Campbell (Katherine Louise Campbell); 

7996 BA; MLA Univ. of Virginia; Grants Admin., Community 

Partners, Natl. Trust for Historic Preservation, 1785 Massachu- 
setts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036, 202 251-7869; 

r: 4654B S 36th St., Arlington, VA 22206, 703 379-1949; Rob; 

b: i 

BRUMM, Paula Cecelia; 7977(SeeHennessy, Mrs. Paula Cecelia)' 
BRUNDAGE, Lisa Jane; 7977 (See Shapiro, Mrs. Lisa Brundage) 
BRUNDAGE, Ms. Stephanie Anne; 7992 BA;Dir. of Mktg., 

Richmond Petrochemical, Houston, TX 77024, 713 817-5856J 

r: 11309 Surrey Oaks, Houston, TX 77024, 713 973-9028:| 

Robin Snasdell; Aiden, Ella; 
BRUNDAGE, Virginia Leigh; 7997 (See Tumer, Mrs. Virginis; 

Leigh) , 

BRUNELL, Wendi Lu; 7982 (See Plenge, Ms. Wendi Lu) | 

'BRUNER, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Gaines); 7924 jj 

BRUNER, Ethel (Ess); 7959 (See Campbell, Mrs. Ethel (Ess) B.)j 
'BRUNER, Julia; 7927 (See Andrews, Mrs. Julia) f 

'BRUNEI, Elizabeth; 7937 


BRUNGER, Mrs. Patricia A. (Patricia A. O'Malley); 1975 ; Home- 

mal<er; r: 71 1 Northill Dr., Rictiardson, TX 75080, 972 238-5516; 

/War/c;Jolin, Philip; 
BRUNNER, Helen; r973; MSA SUNY at Buffalo, BS Empire State 

CIg.; Philantfiropic Advisor, Art Resources Intl., 5813 Nevada 

Ave. NW, Wastiington, DC 20015, 202 363-6806; r: same, 202 

966-4724; Donald Russell: Nictiolas, Nina; 
BRUNNER, Pfioebe; 1968 {See Peacock, Ms. Pfioebe) 
BRUNO, Mrs. Meg (Margaret) Price (Meg (Margaret) Suber Price); 

y983AB;Homemaker;r: 21 Wfiippoorwill Rd, Armonk, NY 

10504, 914 273-3434; Michael; Micfiael, Russell, Price; 
BRUNOW, Sandra L; ?976;r; 11851 Higfi Dale Dr. #132A, 

Dallas, TX 75234, 972 406-8568 
BRUNS, Mrs. Catfierine Cage (Catfierine Cage); 1 955 AB; BFA 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Investment Mgmt./Bookkeeping, Catfierine 

Bruns, 4044 Wickersfiam Ln., Houston, TX 77027, 71 3 623-01 93; 

r: same; Michael; 
BRUNS, Mrs. Chase (Chase Lane); 1955 AB; Potter, Torpedo 

Factory Art Ctr., 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 

548-0707; r: 7203 Rebecca Dr., Alexandria, VA 22307, 703 768- 

7232; Eugene; Jordan, Emerson, Lane 
BRUNS, Mrs. Jean Randolph (Jean Randolph); 1951 BA; 

Owner, Anderson Cottage B&B, Box 1 76, Warm Spgs., VA 24484; 

r: The Anderson Cottage, Box 176, Warm Spgs., VA 24484, 540 

839-2975; Anderson 
*BRUNSON, Barbara L.; 1949 

BRUNSON, Elizabeth Gay; 1 985 AB; r: 100 Aaron PI., #7, Lynch- 
burg, VA 24502, 434 237-3163 
BRUNSTAD, Mrs. Margaret H. (Margaret Hayes); 1972; BA 

Univ. of AL Tuscaloosa, MBA Vanderbilt Univ.; Pres., Portrait 

Brokers of America Inc., 36 B Church St., Birmingham, AL 3521 3, 

205 879-1 222; r: 501 Pine Ridge Tr., Birmingham, AL 3521 3, 205 

871-5750; James; Elizabeth, Margaret; 

BRUSENHAN, Mrs. Alicia Mueller (Alicia Mueller Parker); 1987; 

r: 501 Elizabeth Rd., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 805-9222 
'BRUSH, Carol; 1935 (See Cromwell, Mrs. Carol) 
'BRUSH, Mrs. Ellen L. (Ellen L. Hayes); 1929 
'BRUSH, Harriette; 1923 

BRUSH, Mary C; 1962 (See Bass, Mrs. Mary Brush) 
'BRUSH. Mrs. Myra (Myra Marshall); 1930 AB 
BRUSH, Susan; 1968 (See Croft, Mrs. Susan) 
'BRUSKE, Barbara; 1928 {See Dewey, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BRUTON, Betty Lou; 1948 (See Lyons, Mrs. Betty Lou) 
BRUTZMAN, Mrs. Cynthia N. (Cynthia Smith); 1943 ; BA Univ. of 

Texas; Retired Human Resources, PA State Univ., State College, 

PA; r: 1900 Cliffside Dr. Apt. 305, State College, PA 16801, 814 

238-1010; John 
BRYAN, Amy Catherine; 1991 (See Merselis, Mrs. Amy Catherine) 
BRYAN, Mrs. Ann-Barrett (Ann-Barrett Holmes); 1949 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 4111 Fellowship Rd., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, 

908 903-0094; Robert; Leslie, Jeffrey 
BRYAN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Fiery); 1 949 AB; Homemaker; 

r: Brookwood, Box 347, Ivy, VA 22945, 434 293-3129; Richard; 

Richard, Benjamin, Stuart, Anne Hemenway; 
'BRYAN, Anne; ACAD (See Barrs, Mrs. Anne) 
'BRYAN, Cora L.; 1917 {See McRae, Mrs. Cora L) 
'BRYAN, Mrs. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Ratcliff); 1933 
'BRYAN, Elizabeth; 7929 (See Stockton, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BRYAN, Elizabeth; ?930(See Bond, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BRYAN, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Newell); 1926 
BRYAN, Ellen Newell; y955 (See Tozzer, Mrs. E. Newell) 
'BRYAN, Flora; ACAD (See Caldwell, Mrs. Flora) 
BRYAN, Mrs. Gwendolyn (Gwendolyn Moir); 1954 ; r: POB 6475, 

Kingsport, TN 37663 
BRYAN, Mrs. Helen (Helen Anderson); ^940 AB; r: POB 65, 211 

Richardson St., Lookout Mtn., TN 37350 
'BRYAN, Helen E.; 1929 {See Yankee, Ms. Helen E.) 
BRYAN, Henrietta; /932(See Alphin, Mrs. Henrietta) 
BRYAN, Jane N.; 1962 {See Brockenbrough, Mrs. Jane N.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BRYAN, Mrs. Jean C. (Jean C. von Schrader); 1982 BA; Owner 
Ins. Agt., Commonwealth Employee Benefits Inc., 1216 Granby 
St., Ste. 208, Norfolk, VA 23510, 757 629-0733; r: 608 New 
Hampshire Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508, 757 625-0701; Pefer,- 
Betsy, George, Anne; 
BRYAN, Karen Anne; ? 987 AB; VP Investor Svc, Washington 
Mutual Bank, FA, 7301 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 
32256, 904 281-3558; r: 7771 Deerwood Point PL, Jacksonville, 
FL 32256, 904 642-0584; 
BRYAN, Katherine Anne; 1987 (See Sanders, Mrs. Katherine 

BRYAN, Kathleen (Kay); )949(See Edwards, Kathleen Bryan) 
BRYAN, Kristin; 1984 (See Burliss, Kristin Birgitta) 
BRYAN, Ms. Lisa-Margaret (Lisa-Margaret Stevenson); 1971 ; 
BA Columbia Univ.; r: 4608 Sulgrave Rd., Richmond, VA 23221; 
BRYAN, Lucy W.; 1974 (See Ballard, Mrs. Lucy B.) 
'BRYAN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Henderson); 1949 
BRYAN, Mrs. Mary D.; 1972 AB; r: 361 1 Manton Dr., Lynchburg, 

VA 24503, 434 384-6687 
BRYAN, Ms. Mary Kate; ?998 BA;Tchr. Asst., St. Mark's Elem. 
Sch., Early Learning Program, Jacksonville, FL; r: 4703 Ortega 
Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 384-5466; 
BRYAN, Mary Lane; y958(See Sullivan, Mrs. Mary Lane) 
"BRYAN, Mary S.; 1915 (See Bell, Mrs. Mary S.) 
"BRYAN, Meta; ACAD {See Graves, Mrs. Meta) 
BRYAN, Sara; )943(See Allen, Mrs. Sara) 
BRYAN, Sara; 7947 (See Glascock, Mrs. Sara) 
'BRYAN, Vida M.; 1981 (See Davis, Mrs. Vida M.) 
'BRYANT, Mrs. Abigail (Abigail Kennedy); 1945 
BRYANT, Barbara Ann; /9S2(See Williams, Ms. Barbara Ann) 
"BRYANT, Beatrice; 1923 (See Woodhead, Mrs. Beatrice) 
"BRYANT, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Brandt); r935 AB 
BRYANT, Ms. Cecilia Ann; 1968 BA; LLM Univ. of Florida CIg. of 
Law, AB American CIg.; Pres., Cecilia Bryant P.A. Law Firm, 
Jacksonville, FL 32207; r: 4339 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville, 
FL 32210, 904 384-1639; Richard Lipsey 
BRYANT, Elizabeth; 1944 (See Robb, Mrs. Elizabeth B.) 
'BRYANT, Mrs. Jacqueline (Jacqueline Miller); 1973 
"BRYANT, Jane; 1935 {See Hurlbert, Mrs. Jane) 
BRYANT, Laurel Denise; 1993 (See Byrd, Ms. Laurel Denise) 
'BRYANT, Mrs. Lucie (Lucie Thrasher); 1961 
'BRYANT, Marguerite Louise; 1987 
'BRYANT, Mary Anne; 1949 (See Watkins, Mrs. Mary Anne) 
"BRYANT, Mathilda; 7923 (See George, Mrs. Mathilda) 
BRYANT, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Faulconer); ?944AB: Retired 
Educator, English/Latin, Amherst HS; r: POB 278, 139 Spnng 
St., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 846-0236; MaWon; Mahlon 
'BRYANT, Mrs. Shelby K. (Shelby K. Dudley); 7968 AB 
BRYANT, Mrs. Sylvia Yvonne (Sylvia Yvonne White); 1979; 
r: 335 Winterberry Dr., Edgewood, MD 21040, 410 612-141 1 
"BRYCE, Elizabeth; 1934 (See Reed, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"BRYDEN, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Luke); 1946 
"BRYDGES, Mrs. Anne (Anne Brenaman); 1950 
BRYDGES, Ms. Sara H.; 1967; BS Univ. of Illinois; Retired Lab 
Admin., MIT; r: 24 Martha's Point Rd., Concord, MA 01742, 978 
37 :-0:23; David Harkrider; 
BRYDON, Page; 1954 (See Leslie, Mrs. Page) 
BRYENTON, Kibby Jane; 2000{See Fergusson. Mrs. Kibby Jane) 
"BRYER. Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Gale): 1934 AB 
"BRYSON. Mrs. Alice (Alice Battey); ACAD 
"BRYSON. Mrs. Lillian (Lillian Wilkinson); 7932 
"BRYSON, Nancy; 7925 (See Smith, Mrs. Nancy) 
BUBB, Sarah Hays; 7946 (See Bruch, Mrs. Sarah H.) 
BUCAK, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Brown); 7966 AB; Customer 
Svc. Supv., Foster Mfg. Co., 414 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 
19108, 800 523-4855; r: 330 Ivy Rock Ln..Havertown,PA19083. 
610 449-1645; 




BUCCIERO, Mrs. Sarah Longworth (Sarah Longworth Betz); 

1997 BA; MED Winthrop Univ.; Educator, Indian Land Middle 

Sch., 4137 Doby's Bridge Rd., Ft. Mill, SC 29715; r: 1 22 

Sonny's Way, Ft. Mill, SC 29708, 803 802-0309; Paul; 

BUCHANAN, Allison; 1946 (See Herbertson, Mrs. Allison) 
BUCHANAN, Betsy K.; 1973 {See Fishback, Mrs. Betsy B.) 
BUCHANAN, Cameron Elizabeth; 1986{See Laird, Mrs. Cameron 

'BUCHANAN, Mrs. Constance (Constance Avner); 1964 
BUCHANAN, Ellen; y968(See Whitt, Mrs. Ellen) 
BUCHANAN, Floride; 1958 (See Heyward, Mrs. Floride B.) 
'BUCHANAN, Harriet G.; ACAD (See Tilley, Mrs. Harriet G.) 
'BUCHANAN, Jean; 7929 (See Bingham, Mrs. Jean) 
BUCHANAN, Mrs. Julia W. (Julia Watts); ?959 AB; Med. Rsch.& 

Writing, Johns Hopkins Sch. of Med,, 61 5 N Wolfe St.,Div. Nuclear 

M, Baltimore, MD 21205, 410 955-8582; r: 104W. Melrose Ave., 

Baltimore, MD 21 21 0, 41 435-8305; Charles (Dec); Julian, 

William, John; 
BUCHANAN, Katherine Joan; 2005 ; AS Valencia Community 

CIg.; Student; r: 1002 Antelope Tr., Winter Spgs., FL 32708, 407 


kbuchanan @ 
BUCHANAN, Martha T.; ?942 (See Wadsworth, Mrs. Martha T.) 
BUCHANAN, Mary F.; ^939 (See Flowers, Mrs. Mary F.) 
'BUCHANAN, Susan; ?945(See Coupland, Mrs. Susan) 
BUCHER, Mrs. Isabel D. (Isabel D. Deprosper); )974 AB; MBA 

Western New England CIg.; r: 143 Barton Dr., Spring City, PA 

19475; John; 

'BUCHER, Jane; ?935(See Chibouk, Mrs. Jane) 
BUCHIGNANI, Mrs. Grace Elisabeth (Grace Elisabeth Crisler); 

1951 ; Retired; r: 315 Kenilworth PL, Memphis, TN 38112, 901 

276-4804; Leo; Leo Jr., Joan 
'BUCHMAN, Mrs. Annie R. (Annie R. Wallace); 1938 
BUCHMAN, Leslie; 1963 (See Richardson, Mrs. Leslie) 
BUCK, Mrs. Alice L. (Alice Lancaster); 1944 BA; MA Univ. of VA; 

Retired Historian; r: Covenant Hill Farm, 9357 Covenant Hill Ln., 

Marshall, VA 201 1 5, 540 364-2280; Pierpont; Dorothea, Blair, 

BUCK, Ms. Andrea Jane; 1994 ; Dir. of Alumni Relations, Univ. 

Clg.,GowerSt., London WC1E6BT, England; r: 15 Lindlings 

Chaulden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP12HB, England; 
'BUCK, Dorothea D.; ^973 (See Harrison, Mrs. Dorothea D.) 
BUCK, Jane Mary; y987(See Potrykus, Mrs. Jane Mary) 
'BUCKELMUELLER, Mrs. Marion (Marion Greene); 1925 AB 
BUCKEY, Mrs. Marilyn (Marilyn Meyers); 7968 BA; Exec. VP/ 

Treas., W.E. Wright Mgr. Ltd., 230 W Fairlawn Blvd., Akron, OH 

44313; r: 230 W. Fairlawn Blvd., Akron, OH 44313 
BUCKEY, Nancy Kirkman; 1986 (See Rothacker, Mrs. Nancy 

BUCKINGAR, Bonnie Jean; ?987;r:654 Oakhurst Dr., Naper- 

ville,IL 60540 
BUCKINGHAM, Lisa Ann; y995(See Darr, Mrs. Lisa Buckingham) 
BUCKINGHAM, Mrs. Martha (Martha Hedeman); 1955 BA; 

Retired Travel Agt., New Canaan Travel; r: 43 Delegal Rd., 

Savannah, GA 3141 1 , 912 598-9922; Richard; Stephen, Linda; 
BUCKINGHAM, Mary Leslie; y987(See Lewis, Mrs. Mollee Leslie) 
'BUCKINGHAM, Venus; 1924 (See Browning, Mrs. Venus) 
'BUCKINGHAM, Victoria L.; 1959 (See Morvay, Mrs. Victoria L.) 
BUCKLEY, Mrs. Barbara E. (Barbara E. Cochrane); 1967 AB; 

Flight Attnd., American Airlines; r:7 Worthen PL, Haverhill, MA 

01830,978 374-8883 
BUCKLEY, Joan L.; 1974 (See Saunders, Mrs. Joan B.) 
'BUCKLEY, Patricia Galine; )9S6 AB 
'BUCKLEY, Sara; 1930 (See Garcelon, Mrs. Sara) 
'BUCKMAN, Ms. Carrie Jacqueline; ?992 BA 
'BUCKNER, Catherine E.; ?926(See Kessinger, Mrs. CatherineE.) 
BUDD, Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn (Elizabeth Glenn McShan); 1984 ; 

BA Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; r: 890 Beaverbrook Dr., 

Atlanta, GA 30318, 404 350-8725 
BUDD, Katharine Bowdre; 1946 (See Peer, Mrs. Bowdre Budd) 
BUDD, Martha; 1947 (See Shelnutt, Mrs. Martha) 


'BUDDEKE, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Abell); 1967 
BUDIN, Mrs. Margot LeFevre (Margot LeFevre Mahoney); 1976 
BA; Cnslt., Finance & Human Resources, 6913 Ridgewood Ave., 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 951-7204; r: same; David; 
Michele, Elizabeth, Jay; 
BUDLONG, Constance S.; 1944 (See Myrick, Mrs. Constance S.) 
BUECHNER, Betsy; 1960 (See Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BUEHLER, Mrs. Linda (Linda Hovde); 1966; r. 3507 Inverness 

Blvd., Carmel, IN 46032, 317 876-1146 
'BUEHN, Mrs. Hope (Hope Wright); 1970 
'BUELL, Mrs. Frances (Frances Helmick); 1921 
BUELL, Linda Moscato (Linda Karol Moscato); 1973 BA; J D 
DePaul Univ. CIg. of Law, MBA Univ. of Chicago; Special Asst. 
Atty. Gen., Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 E. Capitol Ave., 
Springfield, IL 62701, 217 557-1142; r: 1312 W. Fayette Ave., 
Springfield, IL 62704, 217 787-0951; 
'BUELL, Mary; ACAD (See Carter, Mrs. Mary) 
*BUES, Ida; 1925 

'BUFFINGTON, Eugenia; ?9t3 (See Walcott, Mrs. Eugenia) 
'BUFFINGTON, Virginia; ?925 (See Wham, Mrs. Virginia) 
BUFORD, Harriet; 7968 (See Ristevski, Mrs. Harriet B.) 
BUGG, Christen Michelle; 1993 (See Watson, Mrs. Christen 

BUGG, Grace; 7942 (See Muller-Thym, Mrs. Grace) 
'BUGG, Ms. Heather Rochelle; 1991 
BUGG, Helen; ?952 (See Vaughan, Mrs. Helen) 
BUGG, Martha K.; 7972 (See Hughes, Mrs. Martha K.) 
BUGG, Mrs. Nina W. (Nina G. Wilkerson); 7960 AB; r: 455 W. 
Wesley Rd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 355-3432; William; 
William A., Robert W.; 
BUGG, Mrs. Sharon (Sharon Hudnall); 7977 AB; r: 530 Winesap 

Rd., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 929-1972 
'BUHL, Kate; 7924 (See Sweet, Mrs. Kate) 
'BUICK, Mary R.; 7933 AB 
'BUIE, Mrs. Clarita A. (Clarita A. Fonville); 7948 
'BUIK, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Sprague); 7943 
BUIS, Ms. Gretchen Lynn; 7969 AB;r: 6707 W. Franklin St., 

Richmond, VA 23226 
'BUIST, Gertrude; 7932 (See Robert, Mrs. Gertrude) 
BUKER, Candace E.; 7970 (See Chang, Ms. Candace B.) 
BULKLEY, Elizabeth Willets; 7967 (See Bradley, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'BULKLEY, Martha; 7959 (See O'Brien, Mrs. Martha) 
'BULKLEY, Mrs. Mary Louise (Mary Louise Simpson); 7939 AB 
'BULL, Agnes; 7954 (See Sherman, Mrs. Agnes) 
'BULL, Barbara; 7942 (See Peake, Mrs. Barbara) 
'BULL, Helen P.; 7977 

'BULL, Mrs. Linda S. (Linda S. Rodgers); 7970 
'BULLARD, Daisy; /AC/AD (See Richardson, Mrs. Daisy) 
BULLARD, Gretchen; 7967 (See Barber, Mrs. Gretchen) 
'BULLARD, Mrs. Joyce (Joyce Hobart); 7935 BA 
BULLARD, Mrs. Mary Kay (Mary Kay Polley); 7958; BS Univ. of 
Oklahoma; r: 2609 Pembroke Ten, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, 
405 842-31 1 3; John; John, Laura; 
BULLARD, Nancy Drake; 7966 (See Reed, Mrs. Nancy Drake) 
'BULLARD, Rebekah H.; ACAD {See Perham, Mrs. Rebekah H.) 
BULLARD, Mrs. Sidney Cauthen (Sidney Cauthen); 7993 BA; 
Human Resources Generalist Cnslt.; r: 6530Ganton Dr., Duluth, 
GA 30097, 678 417-7685; Matthew; 
BULLERS, Ms, Margaret Jane; 7987 AB; r: 2956 E Derbyshire 

Rd, Cleveland, OH 441 18 
BULLETT, Mrs. Deborah D. (Deborah Ann Donigan); 7987 BA; 
MS George Washington Univ.; Engr., Tasc; r: 20896 Fowler Mill 
Cir., Ashbum, VA 20147, 703 729-5902; 
'BULLINGTON, Mrs. Mary Wise (Mary Wise Parrott); 7957 
'BULLINGTON, Pauline L; 7925(See Bamhardt, Mrs. Pauline L.) 
BULLIS, Faith A.; 7967 (See Mace, Mrs. Richard R.) 
BULLIS, Starr; 7960 (See LaFayette, Mrs. Starr B.) 
'BULLOCK, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Ervin); 7927 AB 
'BULLOCK, Susan; 7968 (See Dawe, Mrs. Susan) 


BULLOTTA, Mrs. Natasha Stantill (Natasha E. Stanfill); 1 992 

BA;r: 20900 Sandstone Sq., Potomac Falls, VA 20165; 

Thomas; Miles; 

BULLOUGH, Dr. Alice Harting-Correa (Alice Lindsay Harting); 

1954 ; PhD Univ. of St. Andrews; Retired; r : 1 4 Queens 

Gardens, St. Andrews KY16 9TA, Scotland; Donald 
BULLS, Ms. Nancy Crenshaw; y993 BA; Horse Trainer, Sue 

Blinks-Equestrian Horse Trainer-Olympics, Wellington, FL; 

r; 2930 Twin Oaks Way, Wellington, FL 33414, 561 791-0997; 

nancybulls @ 
BULLS, Norma Stieh; 1993 (See Valentine, Ms. Norma Stieh) 
'BULLUCK, Judy; 1961 (See Pattison, Mrs. Judy) 
"BUMBAUGH, Mrs. Ethel M. (Ethel M. McClain); 1922 
BUMBAUGH, Sarah M.; ?954 AB; Realtor, Monihan Realty, 717 

BatterseaRd, Ocean City, NJ 08226, 609 399-131 1;r: 16 W. 

Edinburgh Rd., Ocean City, NJ 08226, 609 399-7785 
BUMGARDNER, Cynthia Michelle; 1998 (See Puckett, Mrs. 

Cynthia Michelle) 
"BUMGARNER, Jean B.; 1922 
BUMP, Ms, Christine Pamela; 2000 BA; J D Emory Univ., MS 

Emory Univ.; Law/Public Health Grad. Student, Emory Univ., 

1301 Clifton Rd NE, Sch. of Law, Atlanta, GA 30322; r: 623 

Briarhill Ln., Atlanta, GA 30324, 404 636-5520; 
BUMP, Constance; 1996 (See Holman, Mrs. Constance) 
BUMP, Mrs. Linda E. (Linda E. Light); 1974 ; r: 801 Baseline Rd., 

Boulder, CO 80302, 303 443-6342 
BUNDY, Anne; 1942 (See Lewis, Mrs. Anne) 
BUNDY, Elizabeth J.; ?957(See Taft, Mrs. Elizabeth J.) 
BUNDY, Mrs. Marie (Marie Ironmonger); 1951 ; r; N. Shore Point, 

16 Holly Ln., Norfolk, VA 23505; Nathan; Susan; 
BUNDY, Mrs. Sally (Sally Kendall); r958; BA Univ. of TX; 

Realtor/Co-Owner, RE/MAX Real Estate, 6430 Wellington, 

Beaumont, TX 77706, 409 860-3200; r: 4460 Thomas Pk., 

Beaumont, TX 77706, 409 898-1559 
BUNDY, Ms. Susan L.; 7973 BA; Property Mgr., Manufactured 

Housing Enterphses, 1691 Crenshaw Ct., Charlottesville, VA 

22901, 434 975-5087; r: 232 Buttercup Ln., Charlottesville, VA 

22902, 434 295-3239; 

*BUNN, Mrs. Mary A. (Mary A. Swaney); ^966 AB 
BUNTING, Blair; 1940 {See Both, Mrs. Blair Bunting) 
'BUNTING, Daphne; 1927 (See Blair, Mrs. Daphne) 
'BUNTING, Ms. Dorothy; ^928 BS 

BUNTING, Mrs. Stephanie Farmer (Stephanie Lawson Farmer); 
1992 BA; Dir. of Broadcast Production/Mom, Butler, Shine & 
Stem, 10 Liberty Ship Wy No 4118, Sausalito, CA 94965, 415 
331-6049; r; 1455 Greenwich St. Apt. 5, San Francisco, CA 
94109, 415 771-4049; Josiah; Fin; 
"BURBANK, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hurd); 1931 
'BURBANK, Mrs. Sally (Sally Williams); 1942 
BURCH, Elsie C; 1960 (See Donald, Mrs. Elsie C.) 
*BURCH, Imogene; )9y8(See Schuneman, Mrs. Imogene) 
BURCH, Mrs. Isabel Ware (Isabel Williams Ware); 1960 BA; 
Retired Asst. to the Dean, VA Theology Seminary; r : 3 1 7 E . 
Tazewell's Way, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 253-0074; 
Robert; Margaret, Allen, Charles; 
BURCH, Kristen Anne; 1987; r: 228 N. Franklin Tpk., Ho-Ho-Kus, 

NJ 07423, 201 444-7763 
BURCH, Mary Lee; 7974 (See Doering, Mrs. Mary Lee) 
'BURCHAM, Lorrainea Renee; 1987 
*BURCHARD, Carol I.; 1969 

BURCHENAL, Mrs. Anne Gibson (Anne Gibson Murphy); 1986 ; 
Homemaker; r: 608 Myrtle Ave., Terrace Park, OH 45174, 513 
831-4313; Jamie; Jack, Henry, Elizabeth, Sam; 
"BURCKHARDT, Anne N.; ?947(See Block, Mrs. Anne N.) 
'BURDEN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Perry); 1975 AB 
"BURDEN, Winifred; 7950 (See Gronen, Mrs. Winifred) 
'BURDETTE, Marie-Elysse Renault; 2001 (See Paulhus, Mrs. 

Marie-Elysse B.) 
BURDETTE, Mrs. Sallie J. (Sallie J. Lane); 1957; r: 202 Nob Hill 
Apt. A-7, Louisville, KY 40206 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


BURDGE, Elizabeth T.; 7975(See Murphy, Mrs. Elizabeth Burdge) 
BURELLE, Mary-Louise; 1958 (See Woolsey, Mrs. Mary-Louise) 
"BURFORD, Marjorie; 7933 (See Crenshaw, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'BURFORD, Nancy L.; 1960 (See Needham, Mrs. Nancy L.) 
BURGE, Mrs. Jane N. (Jane N. Thompson); 1950 ; r: 809 Forest 

Ave., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 282-3912 
BURGE, Mrs. Kimberly Ann (Kimberly Ann Leach); 2000 BS; 
Asst. Aquatics, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, 11 
W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27601, 919 733-7450; r: 224 
Windbyme Dr., Gary, NC 27513, 919 466-7841 ; Christian; 
"BURGE, Lydia C; ACAD (See Stewart, Mrs. Lydia C.) 
"BURGE, Mary; 1929 (See Flinn, Mrs, Mary) 
'BURGER, Adelaide; 1924 (See Bieser, Mrs. Adelaide) 
BURGESON, Mrs. Ellen H. (Ellen H. Riley); 1975; r: POB 4394, 

Rockford, IL61110 
BURGESS, Mrs. Anne-Bruce (Anne-Bruce Boxley); 1962 AB; 
Administrative Asst./Distr., Loudoun Soil & Water Conservation, 
30 H Catoctin Cir. SE, Leesburg, VA 201 75; r : P B 311, 
Leesburg, VA20175 
"BURGESS, Betsy; 1930 (See Winsor, Mrs. Betsy) 
BURGESS, Betty; 7933 (See Poppell, Mrs. Betty) 
BURGESS, Mrs. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Chambers); 7 959 AB; 
Retired Childcare Admin.; r: 5909 Studeley Ave., Norfolk, VA 
23508, 757 489-5808; Char/es; Elisabeth Owen, Charles Lenoir; 
'BURGESS, Ms. Jane (Jane Ritter); 7964 
"BURGESS, Mrs. May G. (May G. Smith); 7943 
"BURGESS, Virginia; 7944 (See Struhsaker, Mrs, Virginia) 
BURGH, Mrs, Pattie Hudson (Pattie Brian Hudson); 7976 AB; 
Assoc. Dir. of Devel., Virginia Episcopal Sch., Lynchburg, VA; 
r: 1435 Northwood Cir., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-1403; 
Stuart, Mary Ashton; 
"BURGHARDT, Mrs. Nancy-Lane (Nancy-Lane Rogers); 7 963 

"BURGHER, Mrs. Frances (Frances Nash); 7924 AB 
"BURGHER, Mrs. Grace (Grace Dexter); ACAD 

BURGMAN, Mary; 7955 (See Winston, Mrs. James H.) 
"BURK, Mrs. Minette (Minette Thompson); ACAD 
'BURKART, Ms. Megan Anne; 7998 
BURKE, Mrs. Agnes (Agnes Spencer); 1940 AB; Homemaker; 
r: 5014 Glenbrook Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20016, 202 362- 
7997; John, Elizabeth Dale, Agnes Rives 
"BURKE, Mrs. Alice (Alice Eubank); 7946 AB 
'BURKE, Mrs. Carlotta (Carlotta Satterfield); 7937 
'BURKE, Carolyn H.; 7956 

"BURKE, Mrs. Constance (Constance Stanbrough); 7929 
BURKE, Felicia Julia Dunn (Felicia Julia Dunn); 2002 2003 BA; 
Med. Ins. Asst., Dr. Anthony Bailey, 167 W Main St., Bedford, VA 
24523, 540 586-8106; r: 4588 Lowry Rd, Goode, VA 24556, 540 
587-8999; Matt 
"BURKE, Helen; 7923 (See Janney, Mrs. Helen) 
BURKE, Jennifer Lynn; 2002 BA; Mathematician, Joint Warfare 
Analysis Ctr., 18385 Frontage Rd.,Dahlgren,VA 22448, 540 653- 
0827; r: 600 Greenbner Ct., Apt. 302, Fredencksburg, VA 22401 , 
540 371-2421; 
'BURKE, Ms. Maria Angela; 7990 
'BURKE, Mrs. Marion (Marion Barber); 7937 
BURKE, Mrs. Nina (Nina Sledge); 7964 ; Volunteer; r: 71 Mill 
Walk, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327; Franldin; Eleanor Farris, Richard 
BURKE, Patricia; 7949 (See Phelps, Mrs. Patricia) 
BURKE, Mrs. Susan R. (Susan R. Gaiser); 7976; r: 38600 
Stonewall Fanm Ln., Middleburg, VA 201 17 
"BURKE, Mrs. Theodosia (Theodosia Clark); ACAD 
"BURKE, Virginia; 7925 (See Miller, Mrs. Virginia) 
"BURKE, Winifred; 7926 (See Simmons, Mrs, Winifred) 
"BURKETT, Mrs, Andrea R, (Andrea R, Derhckson); 7976 
'BURKETT, Helen U.; 7958 (See Stevens, Ms, Helen U.) 
"BURKETT, Mrs, Irene (Irene Nagele); 7943 AB 
BURKETT, Mrs, Joan Phelps (Joan Dell Phelps); 7956 ; BA 
Univ, of Miami; PAT Tax Preparer, H&R Block: r: 1 245 Algeria 
Ave,, Coral Gables, FL 33134, 305 448-3480; Mallory, Joseph; 




BURKEY, Courtney Lynn; 2001 BA; Member, Peace Learning 
CtrVAmericorps, 6040 Delong Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254, 317 
327-7144; r; 5110 S. College Dr., Bloomington, IN 47403, 260 

BURKHARDT, Julianne Carr; 1987 BA; Atty., GuntherSand Law 
Ofc, 1700 W. Koch Ste. 3, Bozeman, MT 59715, 406 587-2995; 
r: 703 Rhode Island, Helena, MT 59601 , 406 449-7603; 
*BURKOT, Sharon M.; 1971 (See Lataif, Mrs. Sharon M.) 
BURKS, Elizabeth; 7938 (See Ridenhour, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BURKS, Ethel M.; 1937 
*BURKS, Helen L.; 1935 
'BURKS, Janet; 1971 (See Ross, Mrs. Janet) 
'BURKS, Lucille; ^525 (See Hopkin, Mrs. Lucille) 
'BURKS, Mary; 1930 (See Saltz, Mrs. Mary) 
BURKS, Mrs. Merlyn M. (Merlyn M. Carroll); 1993B/K; VP&Mgr./ 
VP & Co-Owner, Carroll's Village Mkt., Inc./JAM, Inc., Concord, 
VA 24538, 434 993-3666; r: 1091 Kingswood Ln., Lynchburg, VA 
24504, 434 993-3820; Jo/in,- Monica Martin, Richard Carroll, 
Allison Moore 
'BURKS, Mrs. Rose Beverley (Rose Beverley Bear); 1933 /KB 
BURKS, Rose Beverley; 1961 (See Emery, Mrs. Rose Beverley) 
'BURLEIGH, Mrs. Anita (Anita Peters); 1929BS 
'BURLEIGH, Mrs. Julia (Julia Thomas); 1928, 1929 AB 
BURLEIGH, Mrs. Marietta (Marietta Eggleston); 1958 fKB\ r: 41 

Cherry Ln., Memphis, TN 381 17, 901 767-2552 
'BURLESON, Adele S.; ACAD (See Smith, Mrs. Adele S.) 
'BURLESON, Lucy K.; 1916 (See Grimes, Mrs. Lucy K.) 
BURLEY, Christina Margaret; 2002 \r. 226 50th St., Virginia Bch., 

VA 23451, 757 437-0252 
BURLEY, Ms. Wanda Louise; 1984 AB; BS; Math/Computer Sci. 
Teacher, Amherst Cnty. HS, Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-9391 ; 
r: POB 1665, Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-5424 
'BURLIN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Timmerman); 1929 AB 
BURLINGAME, Mrs. Ellen Reed (Ellen Reed Carver); 1985 AB; 
MED Harvard Univ.; Sch. Administration, Norfolk Public Schs.; 
r: 2261 Laurel Cove Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757412-4543; 
BURLISS, Kristin Birgitta (Kristin Bryan); 1984 AB;AAS North- 
eastern Univ.; Homemaker; r: 196 Burlington St., Lexington, MA 
02420, 781 862-5051; C/iar/es; Britt, Eden; 
'BURNET, Mrs. Frances (Frances Martin); 1935 
'BURNET, Mrs. Martha (Martha McCowen); 1931 
BURNET, Martha A.; 1959 (See Cartisle, Mrs. Martha A.) 
BURNETT, Ms. Alison Ann; 1 997 BA;JD Chicago Kent CIg. of 
Law; Staff Atty., Illinois House Republicans, Rm. 221 State 
Capitol, Springfield, IL 62706, 217 782-5326; r: 2439 Woodland 
Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068, 847 823-0214; 
'BURNETT, Mrs. Eugenia (Eugenia Griffin); 1910 AB 
BURNETT, Eugenia; ?942(See Affel, Mrs. Eugenia) 
'BURNETT, Frances; /925(See Mellen, Mrs. Frances) 
BURNETT, Jane; 1940 (See Hill, Mrs. Jane Burnett) 
BURNETT, Judith Cary; 1947 {See Halsey, Mrs. Judith Burnett) 
BURNETT, Mrs. Kim Marie (Kim Marie Conte); ^994 BA; Indep. 
Sales, Mary Kay Cosmetics; r: 2717 Seville Blvd. Apt. 14101, 
Clearwater, FL 33764 
BURNETT, Mrs. Lane M. (Lane M. Steele); ^965 AB; r: 41 31 

Idlevale Dr., Tucker, GA 30084, 770 938-2164 
BURNETT, Leila R.; ^945 (See Felker, Mrs. Leila B.) 
BURNETT, Penelope Gloria; /989 AB; MBA American Grad. 
Sch. IntI Mgmt.; Co-Founder, Callbaby; r: 400 E 57th St. Apt. 3P, 
New York, NY 10022, 212 758-6700; 
'BURNETT, Sue; 1932 (See Davis, Mrs. Sue) 
BURNETTE, M.Tarrant; ?967 AB;r; 1604 Lake Park Dr., 
Raleigh, NC 27612, 919 845-7301; 
BURNHAM, Dena Katherine; y990 (See Wong, Mrs. Dena 

'BURNS, Barbara E.; 1964 (See Roper, Mrs. Barbara E.) 
'BURNS, Bertha H.; ACAD 

'BURNS, Catharine; 1915 (See Boothby, Mrs. Catharine) 
'BURNS, Cindy Darlene; 1979 (See Whisenhunt, Mrs. Cindy 


BURNS, Mrs, Emily Virginia (Emily Virginia Black); 200 1 BS ; 
PhD; Doctoral Candidate, Neuroscience, Rockefeller Univ., 1230 
York Ave., Box 130, New York, NY 10021,212 327-8775; r: 12 
St. Germain St., Apt. 7, Boston, MA 02115, 617 784-9033; M.; 

BURNS, Mrs. Felicia Jackson (Felicia Susan Jackson); 1948 AB; 
Retired; r: 4454 Misty Morning Way, Gainesville, GA 30506, 770 
532-8961 ; John; Elizabeth 

BURNS, Mrs, Jennifer Carol (Jennifer Carol Murphy); 1993 BA; 
Rsch. & Devel., The Library Corp.; r: 303JeffersonSt., Winches- 
ter, VA 22601; 

BURNS, Kathleen A.; 1971 (See Beaudreau, Ms. Kathleen A.) 

BURNS, Margaret F.; r976(See Bavasi, Mrs. Margaret B.) 

BURNS, Mary Carter; 1971 (See Cunningham, Mrs. Mary Carter) 

BURNS, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Chandler); 1959 ; r. 705 Emmons 
Dr., Dalton, GA 30720, 706 226-21 17 

BURNS, Ms. Rachel; 1996 ; r: St. Ronan's Cottage No 3 Batts, 
Frostertey Bishop Auckland Co, Durham PL13 2SB, England 

BURNS, Ms. Shelby Diane; ?9S6 AB; Investment Grp. Asst., 
Capital Rsch. Co., 1 1 1 00 Santa Monica Blvd. 1 5 FL, Los Angeles, 
CA 90025, 310 996-6377; r: 2915 Tennyson PL, Hermosa Bch., 
CA 90254, 310 318-8605; Nic Villarreal; Nicolas, Calvin, Owen; 
'BURNS, Susan K.; ACAD 

BURNUM, Paula Sue; 1956 (See Hayes, Dr. Paula Sue) 

BURR, Anne E.; 1940 (See McDermott, Mrs. Anne E.) 
'BURR, Barbara; 1941 (See Roth, Mrs. Barbara) 

BURR, Lucinda; 1964 (See Barnard, Mrs. Lucinda) 
'BURR, Rebekah Louise; 2001 BS 

BURR, Mrs. Wynn Cole (Wynn Cole); y996 BA; BA; Print 
Producer, Martin Agcy.; r; 5314 Fitzhugh Ave., Richmond, VA 
23226, 804 673-0758; William: 
'BURRELL, Ms. Gertrude Eva (Gertrude Eva Cahaley); 1985 AB 

BURRELL, Mellora (Lori) Louise; ?977(See Garden, Mrs. Mellora 

BURRELL, Mrs. Robert G. (Joan Fankhauser); ^955 AB; Pres., 
On Occasions Inc., 3440 Edwards Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208, 513 
321-7898; r: 3766 Ashworth Dr., Number1,Cincinnati,0H 45208, 
513 871-6868; Robert; Linda, Samantha 
'BURRILL, Gloriana; 1936 (See Walker, Mrs. Gloriana) 

BURRIS, Mrs. Anne Wyatt (Anne Wyatt Cogswell); 1975 BA; 
Partner, Brickhouse Plantation Equestrian Ctr., 2669 Hamilton 
Rd., Johns Island, SC 29455, 843 559-2867; r: 21 Palmetto Rd., 
Charleston, SC 29407, 843 556-2165; Lon; Scott, Ben, Will, 
'BURRIS, Mrs. Sue (Sue Robison); 1958 

BURRITT, Cheri Lee; 1984 (See Yates, Mrs. Cheri Lee) 

BURRITT, Mrs. Mary Ann (Mary Ann Utterback); ?963; MLS Old 
Dominion Univ., EdD George Washington Univ.; Dir. of Educ, 
Virginia Beach Public Schs.; r: 1821 Upper James Ct., Virginia 
Bch., VA 23454, 757 481-1365; James; Cheri, Kindell, James; ] 
'BURROUGHS, Mrs. Diane (Diane Towler); 1981 AB | 

'BURROUGHS, Mrs. Julia A. (Julia A. Emmerling); 1934 i 

BURROUGHS, Maria; 1940 (See Livingston, Mrs. Maria) 

BURROUGHS, Trade Michelle; ^995 BA; MS Colorado State 
Univ.; Tchr., Pioneer Sch. Expeditionary Learning; r: 201 
Columbine Ct., Ft. Collins, CO 80521 , 970 484-7878; j 

BURROW, Mrs. Kelly Lynne (Kelly Lynne Shanks); 1989 ; r: 180 
E. Chickasaw Pkwy., Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 458-0396 i 

BURROWS, Mrs. Martha Anne (Martha Anne Francis); 1947; j 

BA Univ. of Texas; Retired Tchr., Banking; r: 10 S. Briar Hollowj 

Ln., #83, Houston, TX 77027, 713 965-0513; Sage; David j 

Brown, Louise Conway, Nancie, Sage III, Richard | 

'BURROWS, Virginia; 1931 (See Halpem, Mrs. Virginia) 

'BURSNALL, Wendy Evelyn; 1976 (See Wozniak, Ms. Wendy 

'BURT, Mrs. Aline (Aline Morton); 1922 j 

BURT, Ms. Brooke Ashley; 2001 BA; Indiana Univ. Bloomington;! 
r: 4935 Buttonwood Cres., Indianapolis, IN 46228, 317255-5492 ; 

BURT, Courtney Irene; ?997(See Harper, Mrs. Courtney Irene) 
'BURT, Mrs. Josephine I. (Josephine I. Loomis); 1924 \ 

*BURT, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Browning); 1912 j 


BURT, Rebecca Ann; 1976 AB; SE LA Univ.; Technical Support, 

BMC Software, 2101 CityWest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042, 713 

918-3916; r: 1 110 Bay Oaks Rd, Houston, TX 77008, 713 529- 


*BURT, Rosamond; 1931 (See Taylor, Mrs. Rosamond) 
BURTIS, Marianne; ^969 (See Moorer, Mrs. Marianne) 
BURTNER, Mrs. Kerri Rawlings (Kerri Ann Rawlings); 1997 BA; 

r:601 N Rosina Ave., Somerset, PA 15501, 814 445-4679; 

Christopher; Abigail; 

'BURTON, Alice N.; 1934 (See Thomas, Mrs. Alice N.) 
BURTON, Ms. Amy Elizabeth; 1 990 AB; MA Indiana Univ.; Cura- 
torial Asst., US Senate Commission On Art, S-411 The Capitol, 

Washington, DC 20510, 202 224-9100; r: 8306 Greentree 

Manor Ln., Fairfax Sta., VA 22039 
BURTON, Mrs. Carma (Carma Lindsay); 1952 ^r. 308 Pitch Pine 

Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 27514; 
'BURTON, Mrs. Clayton; 1928 
BURTON, Elisabeth Cadell; 1974 (See Rooney, Mrs. Elisabeth 

'BURTON, Mrs. Eliza (Eliza Stevens); 7957 AB 
BURTON, Mrs. Frances May (Frances May); 1957 BA; MA Univ. 

of North Carolina, MSW Univ. of Kansas; Retired, Ephraim, Wl 

54211; r; POB250, Ephraim, Wl 54211, 920 854-9506; Paul; 

Michael, Julia 
'BURTON, Mrs. Jane (Jane White); 7932 AB 
BURTON, Jennifer Ann; 2004; r: 100 Bentwood Ct., Peachtree 

City, GA 30269, 770 631-3450 
BURTON, Mrs. Katherine; 7968; Account Exec, Dontech, 851 

Oak Creek Dr., Lombard, IL 60148, 800 356-6522; r: 301 N. 

Catherine Ave., La Grange Park, IL 60526; 
BURTON, Ms. KimberlyFlintrice; 2000; Prog. Coord., Intl. 

Visitors Council; r; 1011 ScottsburgTr., Hillsborough, NC 27278; 
'BURTON, Loma; ACAD (See Hoagland, Mrs. Loma) 
BURTON, Marilyn C. (Marilyn C. Morton); 7977 AB; Systs. Engr., 

Lockheed Martin, Aurora, CO, 720 744-8872; r: 15549 

Rockmont Ct., Parker, CO 80134, 303 841-6474; Larry; 

Stephanie, Victoria; 

'BURTON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Kerr); 7926 
BURTON, Mrs. Megan Lee (Megan Lee Senecal); 7999 BA; 

Homemaker; r: 21408 Falling RockTer.,Ashburn,VA20148, 703 

858-2355; Craig; Karina; 
'BURTON, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Dowd); 7946 AB 
'BURTON, Nenetta; ACAD (See Carter, Mrs. Nenetta) 
'BURTON, Olive; ACAD (See Ames, Mrs. Olive) 
'BURTON, Mrs. Tennie (Tennie Looney); 7979 
BURWELL, Blair; 1947 {See May, Mrs. Blair) 
'BURWELL, Gary; 7935 (See Carter, Mrs. Gary) 
BURWELL, Connie Jones; 7934 (See White, Mrs. Connie Bunnell, 

BURWELL, Elisabeth Spotswood; 7984 (See Reichard, Mrs. 

Elisabeth Burwell) 
BURWELL, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Ogden); 7958 AB; Retired Sch. 

Administration; r: 285 McMillan Rd,GrossePte. Farms, Ml 48236, 

313 881-3407; J.; Ethel, Elisabeth, J.; 

BURWELL, Ethel Hunter Ogden; 7982 (See Dowling, Mrs. Ethel 

'BURWELL, Margaret; 7923 (See Graves, Mrs. Margaret) 
BURWELL, Mary; 7956 (See Nesbit, Mrs. Mary) 
BURWELL, Pamela; 7968 (See Benton, Mrs. Pamela) 
BUSCH, Mrs. Ann Maureen (Ann Maureen Stryker); 1976 AB; 

r: 10606 Ballantrae Dr., St. Louis, MO 63131, 314 991-2615 
'BUSCH, Dorothy; 7936 (See Bagg, Mrs. Dorothy) 
BUSCH, Mrs. Susan Diantha (Susan Diantha Heitmiller); 7978 

AB; r: 102 Burgoyne Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 740-0286 
BUSCH, Mrs. Terese Marie (Terese Marie DeGrandi); 7976 AB; 

r: 235 Sheridan Point Ln. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342, 404 257-1683; 

terese.degrandi @ 
'BUSCHMAN, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Koob); 7927 
BUSCHMANN, Susan F.; 7975 (See Curry, Mrs. Susan F.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


"BUSEY, Hester; ACAD {See Hinshaw, Mrs. Hester) 
"BUSH, Mrs. Agnes E. (Agnes E. Sproul); 7930 AB 
"BUSH, Alberta W.; 7929 
BUSH, Anne Hutchings; 7949 (See Train, Mrs. Anne Bush) 
BUSH, Barbara Lee; 7987 (See Cooper, Mrs. Barbara Bush) 
BUSH, Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins (Elizabeth Louise Jenkins); 7 994 

BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg., MED Georgia Southern Univ.; Home- 
maker; r: 17 Baker Dr., Savannah, GA 31410; Matthew 
BUSH, Gage; 7953 (See Englund, Mrs. Gage) 
"BUSH, Isabelle; 7937 (See Thomasson, Mrs. Isabelle) 
BUSH, Jane; 1940 {See Long, Mrs. Jane) 
BUSH, Jeannette S.; 7977 (See Miller, Mrs. Jeannette B.) 
BUSH, Julia; 1966 {See Youngman, Mrs. Julia) 
BUSH, Mrs. Lesley Byers (Lesley Lea Byers); 7994 BA; r: 1418 

Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80206, 303 780-9955; Jeffrey; 

BUSH, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Lloyd); 1936 BA; Retired; r: 1 8 

Inwood Rd., Essex Fells, NJ 07021, 973 226-3399; William 

(Dec); Lloyd, Gregory 
BUSH, Mariana; 1940 (See King, Mrs. Mariana) 
BUSH, Mary B.; 7974 (See Nonwood, Mrs. Mary B.) 
"BUSH, Mrs. Myrtle (Myrtle Lowder); 7932 
BUSH, Patricia Ann; 7959 (See Dunlap, Ms. Patricia Ann) 
"BUSH, Mrs. Ruth P. (Ruth P. Tinkham); 7924 
"BUSH, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Adams); 7943 BA 
BUSH, Mrs. Shannon Wood (Shannon Marie Wood); 7987 AB; 

Owner/Mgr. & Gen. Partner, Madero Cattle Co./Tierra Padre 

Partners, Refugio, TX 78377, 361 526-2378; r: PO Drawer 

1007, Refugio, TX 78377, 361 526-4529; W///am; Eleanor, 

BUSHEK, Ms. Deborah Lanham (Deborah Jane Lanham); 

7999; Homemaker; r: 8711 Oldham Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 

22408; Christopher; James 
"BUSHEY, Mildred; 7929 (See Scherr, Mrs. Mildred) 
BUSKE, Mrs. Anne Worboys (Anne E. Worboys); 7967 AB; MA 

Maxwell Sch.; Tutoring; r: 408 Sedgwick Dr., Syracuse, NY 

13203, 315 472-8581; Neil; Dana, Rachel; 
BUSKER, Mrs. Debra Ann (Debra Ann Jackson); 7975 AB; US 

Chamber of Commerce, 711 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017; 

r: 7006 Marian Dr., Alexandria, VA 22307, 703 717-0226 
BUSQUE, Ms. Leah Andrea (Leah Andrea Solivan); 2007 BS; 

Software Engineer, IBM Corp., 5 Technology Park Dr., Westford, 

MA 01886, 978 399-6583; r: 276 Northfield Rd, Lunenburg, MA 

01462, 978 582-0047; /Cewn; 

"BUSSAN, DeDe MacKenzie; 7959 
BUSSE, Ms. Emily Ann Collette; 7998; BA Chatham CIg., 2000; 

Devel. Asst., Crohn's & Colitis Fndn. of America-CCFA, 580 S. 

Aiken Ave., Ste. # 202, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, 412 687-9775; 

r: 2408 Leticoe St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203, 412 431-6493; Kevin 


BUSSELLS, Aimee Durema; 2004 ; r: 3697 Hedrick St., Jackson- 
ville, FL 32205, 904 387-0822; 
"BUSSEY, Mrs. Anne (Anne Lauman); 7937BA 
BUSSEY, Mrs. Lind (Lind Robinson); 7980; Homemaker; r: 133 

Cherry Hills Rd, Jackson, MS 3921 1 ; 
BUSTER, Ms. KathrynM.; 7968 AB; MED Xavier Univ.; 

Snowshoes/Hiking Nature Guide; r: POB 4488, Midway, KY 

BUTAN, Stephanie; 7958 (See Profaci, Mrs. Stephanie) 
BUTCHER, Ms. Jill Ellis; 7997 BS: MLS Rutgers Univ. Rutgers 

CIg.; Ref./Technical Svcs. Librarian, Warren Cnty. Library, 199 

Hardwick St., Belvidere, NJ 07823, 908 475-6321; r: POB 186, 

Stillwater, NJ 07875, 908 362-5536; 
BUTCHER, Sarah Joy; 7995 (See Howell, Mrs. Sarah Joy) 
"BUTIN, Mrs. Betty Belle (Betty Belle Launder); 7943 
'BUTLER, Adelaide; 7946 (See O'Neal, Mrs. Adelaide) 
'BUTLER, Alice; 7960 (See Mendell, Mrs. Alice) 



BUTLER, Anne; 1965 BA; MA Humboldt State; Bed & Breakfast 
Owner, Butler Greenwood Plantation, 8345 US Hwy. 61, St. 
Francisville, LA 70775, 225 635-6312; r: Butler Greenwood 
Plantation, 8345 US Hwy. 61 , St. Francisville, LA 70775, 225 635- 
6312; Chase, Stewart; 
"BUTLER, Mrs, Anne (Anne Garrett); ACAD 
BUTLER, Anne Elizabeth; 1984 (See Ferguson, Mrs. Anne 

BUTLER. Mrs. Cornelia Radford (Cornelia Bennett Radford); 
1976 AB; Preschool Tchr., 2nd Presbyterian Weekday Sch., 3701 
Old Brownsboro Rd., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-3295; 
r: 412 Rolling Ln., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 896-8017; Robert; 
Elizabeth, Robert; 
•BUTLER, Deborah J.; 1975 
BUTLER, Elizabeth; 1940 (See Warner, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
BUTLER, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne (Elizabeth Anne Melloy); 1990 
BA; r: 133 Old Branchville Rd, Ridgefield, CT 06877, 203 438- 
2228; William; 
BUTLER, Elizabeth (Betsy) Jane; 1991 BA; MA Ohio State Univ. 
Columbus, MLS Kent State Univ.; Processing Asst., Ohio Histor- 
ical Society Archives/Library Div., 1982 Velma Ave., Columbus, 
OH 4321 1 , 614 297-2537; r: 156 W. Riverglen Dr., Worthington, 
OH 43085, 614 430-8550; 
BUTLER, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Day); 1966BA: Travel Cnslt., 
Westcliff Travel, 15 B Westcliff Ctr., Ft. Worth, TX 76109, 817 
926-1771 ; r: 5952 River Bend Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 761 32, 817 732- 
0255; Geoffrey, R., William 
BUTLER, Grace; 7966 (See Johnson, Mrs. Grace) 
*BUTLER, Harriet L; )936(See Stevenson, Mrs. Harriet I.) 
BUTLER, Helen P.; 1968 (See Cato, Mrs. Helen P.) 
BUTLER, Mrs. Helen Pruitt (Helen Frances Pruitt); 1984 ; BA 
CIg. of Charleston; Realtor, Disher, Hamrick & Myers, 480 E. Bay 
St., Charleston, SC 29403, 843 577-41 15; r: 1520 Fainway Dr., 
Charleston, SC 29412, 843 795-3730; Herbert; Herbert, Helen; 
BUTLER, Holly Rae; 1979 {See Prather, Mrs. Holly Rae) 
BUTLER, Mrs. Julie Blakey (Julia (Judy) Ann Blakey); 1948 ; AB 
Univ. of Missouri, MS Univ. of Wisconsin; Retired Tchr.; r: 1321 
Niles Ln., York, PA 17403, 717 843-2376; Rockwell Brown; 
Rockwell, Teresa, Barbara, Katherine; 
r: • - 

*BUTLER, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Brown); 1933 
'BUTLER, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Rembert); 1936 
BUTLER, Margaret B.; 1972 (See Wilkinson, Margaret B., PhD) 
BUTLER, Mrs. Margaret E. (Margaret E. Bender); ?973 AB; r: 39 

Mellen St., Hopedale, MA 01747, 508 634-3848 
BUTLER, Marianne Nichols; 1989 (See Branham, Mrs. Marianne 
"BUTLER, Mary; 1927 {See Bradley, Mrs. Mary) 
"BUTLER, Mary S.; r947(See Ogletree, Mrs. Maty S.) 
BUTLER, Ms. Melissa Cicotello (Melissa Lynne Cicotello); 1999 
BA; Engr., BAE Systs., 11400 Commerce Park Dr., Reston, VA 
22096, 703 755-5095; r: 2153 San Moritz Cir. No 306, Falls 
Church, VA 22043, 703 481 -81 1 1 ; K/ef/i; 
r: ■ • '" 

'BUTLER, Nancy Ann; 1983 

BUTLER, Ms. Norvell 0. (Norvell Stuart Orgain); 1960 AB; 
Receptionist, Galilee Episcopal Church, 3928 Pacific Ave., 
Virginia Bch.,VA 23451 ;r: 3403 Holly Rd., Virginia Bch., VA 
23451; Frank, Corbin, Claiborne 
BUTLER, Sandra; 1971 (See Heise, Mrs. Sandra) 
"BUTLER, Mrs. Sarah W. (Sarah W. Stacy); 1929 
BUTLER, Susan; 1968 (See Barton, Mrs. Susan) 
BUTLER, Susan Collet; ^975 AB; r: 11 673 Dutchmans Creek Rd, 

Lovettsville,VA 20180 
BUTLER, Vivian; ?959 (See Scott, Mrs. Vivian) 
BUTMAN, Alice; 1948 (See Bellows, Mrs. Alice) 
BUTT, Frances; 1966 (See Fisher, Mrs. Frances) 
BUTT, Margaret Frances; 1999 (See Glover, Ms. Margaret 
(Megan) Frances) 
"BUTTERFIELD, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Suppes); ACAD 



'BUTTERI, Deborah Christine; 1977 (See Akers, Mrs. Deborah 

BUTTERICK, Mrs. Coleen M. (Coleen M. Dee); r974 AB; r: 108 

Outrigger Ct., Summerville, SC 29483, 843 821-2604; Merle 

Katrina; Michael; 
"BUTTERS, Mrs. Mae L. (Mae L. Brown); 7924 AB 
BUTTERS, Mrs. Sarah Ward (Sarah Ward Edmunds); 1983 AB; 

r: 202 Deer Run Tr., Manchester, CT 06040, 860 647-8845 
BUTTERS, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Lee); 1966 ; r; 215 E. 72nd St., 

New York, NY 10021, 212 628-9694 
"BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. Eva (Eva Homer); 1913 AB 
BUTTERWORTH, Nancy Keen; 1951 (See Palmer, Mrs. Nancy 

B. Keen) 
BUTTON, Kathleen; 1955 {See Ginn, Mrs. Kathleen) 
"BUTTON, Mrs. Marie L. (Marie L. Dunham); ACAD 
BUTTRICK, Chartotte Duncan; 7976 (See Reback, Mrs. Chariotte 

BUTTRICK, Judith E.; 1973 (See Sargent, Mrs. Judith E.) 
BUTTRILL, Mrs. Linda A. (Linda A. Williams); ?970 AB; r: 7 

Whitney Ln., Rochester, NY 14610, 585 586-0145; John; Eliza- 
beth, Peter 
'BUTTS, Barbara E.; 1934 
'BUTTS, Marian J.; 1969 (See Stable, Mrs. Marian J.) 
"BUTTS, Mrs. Russe (Russe Blanks); 1921 AB 
"BUTZNER, Nancy; 1934 (See Leavell, Mrs. Nancy) 
BUXTON, Barbara; 7953 (See Waugh, Barbara) 
BUXTON, Elizabeth; ?956(See Dietz, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'BUXTON, Mrs. Louise (Louise Craddock); 1931 
BUXTON, Ms. Mary M.; )973 BA; MA Univ. Tennessee- 
Chattanooga; Counseling, Mary Buxton L.C.S.W., 1935 Dry 

Creek Rd. #206, Campbell, CA 95008, 408 371-4847; r: 17820 

Bruce Ave., Monte Sereno, CA 95030; Will 
BUYCK, Mrs. Virginia Claus (Virginia Brooks Claus); 1983 BA; 

Cnslt./lns. Broker, Self-employed, 414 Seminole Ave., Florence, 

SC 29501 ; r: same, 843 669-0145; iWar/c; Elizabeth, Mark, 

Virginia Brooks; 
BUYNAK, Ms. Brigette Christianna; 1993 ; BA Prescott CIg., JD 

Univ. of New Mexico; Lawyer of Water Law, Brigette C. Buynak, 

Esq., 918 Don Gaspar Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505 988-9697; 

r: same; 
BUZBY, Jeanne Parelius; ?942(See Runkle, Mrs. Jeanne Buzby) 
BUZZELLI, Elizabeth Anne; 7986; r: 4032 Red Rock Ln., 

Sarasota, FL 34231 
'BYCOTT, Mrs. Roberta J. (Roberta J. Meyer); 1935 
"BYE, Evelyn; 1929 (See Ross, Mrs. Evelyn) 
BYERLY, Mrs. Frances (Scottie), PhD (Frances (Scottie) 

Simmons); 1943 BA; Univ. of NC-Chapel Hill, PhD Univ. of NC- 

Chapel Hill; Retired Prof., Univ. of NC-Chapel Hill; r: 401 7th 

Ave. S, Lewistown, MT 59457, 406 538-5303; Ken (Dec); David 

McConnell, David, Ken, Hanes; 

'BYERLY, Mrs. Louise (Louise McDonald); 1936 
BYERS, Ms. Ann C. (Ann C. Sundwall); 7974 AB; r: 17 Griffin Rd, 

Plumstead, London SE 186RZ, England 
BYERS, Deborah E.; 7972 (See Schechter, Mrs. Deborah B.) 
BYERS, Lesley Lea; 7994 (See Bush, Mrs. Lesley Byers) 
BYERS, Sally A.; 7958 (See Sugar, Mrs. Sally A.) 
BYERTS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Loveland); 7947 BA; Retired; r: 2309 

Notley Ct., Tallahassee, FL 32309, 850 893-2297; William; 

William, Jane, John, Robert; 
BYLUND, Mrs. Merian Jean (Merian Jean Evans); 1982 BA; BS 

New CIg. Edinburgh Scotland; Homemaker; r: 19 Bylund Ave., 

Auburn, MA 01501, 508 832-9785; William; Evan, Naomi 
"BYNUM, Elizabeth; ACAD 
*BYRD, Billie M.; 7938 (See Maurer, Mrs. Billie M.) 
"BYRD, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Crawford); 7935 AB 
BYRD, Ms. Laurel Denise (Laurel Denise Bryant); 7 993 BA; 

Spanish Tchr., Mathews Cnty. Public Sch., POB 38, Mathews, 

VA 23109, 804 725-3702; r: POB 309, Cobbs Creek, VA 23035, 

804 725-3715; Brian; Rachel, Brittany, Rachel; 
BYRD, Linda; 7962 (See Powell, Mrs. Linda B.) 



BYBD, Mrs. Pauia Sherrill (Paula Sherrill Marks); 1971 ; VP, 

Hugh Hunter Farms, Inc., POB 335, Charleston, MO 63834; 

r: 508 N. Main St., Charleston, MO 63834, 573 683-4729; 

Nelson, Hudson; 
BYRD, Mrs. Victoria Campo (Victoria Lynn Campo); 1991 BA; 

Homemal<er; r: 2800 NE 22nd St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305, 954 

563-7202; Garnett: Garnett, Eleanor; 

BYRNE, Dorothy E.; 1968 (See Cluverius, Mrs. Dorothy E.) 
BYRNE, Ellen Elizabeth; 1979 (See Utterback, Mrs. Ellen 

*BYRNE, Jane Ellen Tyrie; 1990 (See Lennon, Mrs. Jane Ellen 

BYRNE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Shaw); 1965 AB; Landscape Designer; 

r; 3 Cotswold Ln., Princeton, NJ 08540, 609 466-1523; John; 


jandjbyrne @ 
BYRNE, Joan Marie; 1985 (See Voss, Mrs. Joan Byrne) 
BYRNE, Katherine Mary; 1985 AB; Co-Owner, Dir. of Events, Top 

of the Town, 1400 N 14th St., Arlington, VA 22209, 703 387-3023; 

r: 221 2 McLean Park Rd, Falls Church, VA22043, 703 204-1 996; 

kate. byrne @ topoftheto wn .net 
BYRNE, Melissa Anne; 1983(See Partington, Mrs. Melissa Anne) 
BYRNE, Mrs. Patricia Ann (Patricia Ann Littleton); 1983 A B ; 

r: 2435 N Dogwood Ln., Charlottesville, VA 22901 
'BYRNE, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Crosswell); 1937 
BYRON, Mrs. Anne P. (Anne P. Haff); 1949 ; r; 6 Duchess Dr., 

Old Lyme, CT 06371 , 860 434-7281 
'BYRON, Mrs. Cynthia E. (Cynthia E. Bridges); 1976 
"BYRON, Mrs. Lynne (Lynne Kera/in); 1953 
BYRON, Sally Livingston; 1979 (See LaBarre, Mrs. Sally 

BYRON, Mrs. Snowdon (Mary Snowdon Durham); ) 959 AB; 

Retired Tchr.; r: POB 1626, Shepherdstown,WV 25443, 304 876- 

0858; James: Kenneth Tylar, Richard Tylar 
BYTNER, Lisa Ann; 1986 AB; Owner, Lisa Bytner PR; r: 201 E. 

69th St., Ste. 4, New York, NY 10021, 212 650-9442 
BYWATER, Mrs. Anne (Anne Chamberlain); 7942 AB; r: 1951 

Brightwaters Blvd. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33704 
'BYWATERS, Patricia; 1961 (See Waller, Mrs. Patricia) 


CABALLERO, Dolly; 7967 (See Garcia, Mrs. Dolly) 
"CABANISS, Mrs. Adelaide (Adelaide Henderson); 1929 AB 
XABANISS, Anne; 1968 AB 
CABANISS, Mrs. Catherine (Cathehne Caldwell); 1961 BA; BFA 

Univ. Alabama Birmingham; Artist, 21 st Street Studios, 1 1 1 21 st 

S. BIdg. 111, Birmingham, AL 35203, 205 322-6388; r: 381 2 

Forest Glen Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213, 205 871-3646; 

William: Mary Caldwell, Frances Johnson; 
CABANISS, Joan; 795S(See Harhson, Mrs. Joan) 
'GABBLE, Toni Christina; 1977 {See Shaw, Mrs. Toni Christina) 
CABELL, Angela Yvonne; 1989 (See Wolkiewicz, Mrs. Angela 

CABELL, Lillian; 1936 (See Gay, Mrs. Lillian Cabell) 
CABOT, Mrs. Caria Pellegrino (Caria Pellegrino); 1984 AB; 

Homemaker; r; 90 Sargeant Rd., Brookline, MA 02445, 617 731- 

8123; Car/ton,- Chip, Lilli, Anne; 
'CACCIATORE, Nancy M.; 1974 
CACIOPPO, Mrs. Jennifer (Jennifer Bess Brodlieb); 1992 BA; 

PR Cnslt.; r: 4 E 88th St. Apt. 7B, New York, NY 10128, 212 831- 

0663; James: Annabella, James; 

jbrodliebcacioppo @ nyc. 
"CADDELL, Lorayne; ACAD (See Clark, Mrs. Lorayne) 
'CADDY, Glenna; 7962 (See Teti, Mrs. Glenna) 
'CADE, Ms. Cheryl Ann; 1991 
"CADIGAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Williams); 1927 
'CADWALADER, Ms. Elizabeth; 1968 
CADWALLENDER, Mrs. Jeanette R. (Jeanette M. Rowe); 1979 

AB; r: 615 Fauquier St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401; 

"CADWELL, Susan B.; ACAD (See Cummins, Mrs. Susan B.) 
'CADY, Ann R.; 1971 (See Scott, Mrs. Ann R.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

CADY, Ms. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Wilder); 7952 AB; MSW 
Simmons Sch. of Social Work; Retired Psychiatric Social 
Worker; r: 75 Monmouth St., Brookline, MA02446, 61 7 566-3974; 
CAFASSO, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Wadman); 7967 AB; MA 
NYU; Retired Tchr.; r; 60 Chatham Rd., Hewlett, NY 11557, 516 
569-2238; Pat: 
'CAFFERY, Mary Elizabeth; 2004 
"CAFFERY, Mrs. Phoebe (Phoebe Soaper); 7930 
CAFIERO, Anne Elizabeth; 7985; r: 214 W. Texas Ave., #704, 

Midland, TX 79701 
CAGE, Catherine; 7955 (See Bruns, Mrs. Catherine Cage) 
"CAGNEY, Mrs. Augusta H. (Augusta H. Pearce); ACAD 
'CAHALAN, Mrs. Sarah J. (Sarah J. Smith); 7963 
'CAHALEY, Gertrude Eva; 7985 (See Burrell, Ms. Gertrude Eva) 
'CAHAN, Ms. Louisa B.; 7968 BA 
'CAHILL, Caroline Rose; 7984 
CAHILL, Elizabeth Benedict; 7984 (See Sharman, Mrs. Elizabeth 

CAHILL, Irene Lucy; 1984 ; Dir. Membership & IT, Natl. Ct. 
Reports Ct. Assoc, 8224 Old Courthouse Rd. , Vienna, VA 221 82, 
703 556-6272; r: 1240 Daleview Dr., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 703 
CAHILL, Ms. Suzanne (Suzanne Yates); 7970 AB; Dir. of Spec. 
Univ. Events, Brandeis Univ., 41 5 South St., Waltham, MA 02454, 
781 736-3010; r: 14 Reservoir Rd., Westwood, MA 02090, 781 
769-1712; Robert,- Laura; 
"CAHN, Mrs. Beatrice (Beatrice August); 7927 
CAHOUET, Mrs. Ann (Ann Walsh): 7954 BA; Retired; r: 77 Pink 
House Rd., Sewickley, PA 15143, 412 741-0980; Ann, Mary, 
Frank, David 
"CAILLETEAU, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Overton); 7937 
CAIN, Mrs. Allyson Welch (Allyson Welch); 7989 AB; MS Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; Sr. Software Engr., Washingtonpost.News- 
weeklnteractive, 1515 N Courthouse Rd, 11th FL, Artington, VA 
22201, 703 469-2641; r: 3218 Wynford Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031; 
Ttiomas: Nicole, Natalie; 
"CAIN, Mrs. Anne (Anne Maybank); 7926 AB 
CAIN, Barbara G.; 7973 (See Hegarty, Barbara Cain) 
CAIN, Eleanor J.; 7958 (See Pope, Mrs. Eleanor J.) 
CAIN, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Henderson); 7945; r: RR2, Box 

184, La Honda, CA 94020 
CAIN, Mrs. Maury (Maury Bethea); 7967 ; BA Univ. of Maryland; 
Retired; r: 2937 E. Island Rd., Williamsburg, VA23185, 757 564- 
1190; Harry: Maury, Harry, Elizabeth; 
"CAINE, Mrs. Helen (Helen MacCleary); 7925 
*CAINE, Marjone; 7962 (See Brown, Mrs. Marjorie) 
CAIRNS, Abigail C; 7984 (See Sperry, Mrs. Abigail C.) 
"CAIRNS, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Boyce); 7946 
CAIRNS, Mrs. Deborah Jo (Deborah Jo Ryan); 7974 AB; State 
Corp. Commission, 1220 Bank St., Richmond, VA 23219; 
r: 10131 Bishop Lake Rd. W, Jacksonville, FL 32256, 904 464- 
'CAITO, Ms. Michele Jeanette; 7996 

CALABRESE, Jayme Lee; 7998 (See Pomroy, Mrs. Jayme Lee) 
CALANDRA, Amy Lynn; 7990 (See Zechini, Mrs. Amy Lynn) 
CALDER, Christie; 7964 (See Salomon, Ms. Christie) 
'CALDER, Mamite B.; 7969 (See McClennan, Mrs. Mamite B.) 
"CALDERWOOD, Mrs. Clarissa (Clahssa Brenner); 7934 
CALDWELL, Catherine; 7967 (See Cabaniss, Mrs. Catherine) 
'CALDWELL, Dorothy; 7946 (See Crowell, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"CALDWELL, Elizabeth G.; 7947AB 
CALDWELL, Ms. Elizabeth Randolph (Elizabeth Randolph Boyer); 
7984; BSCIg. of Charleston; Realtor, Esslinger Wooten 
Maxwell Realtors, 441 Weston Rd., Weston, FL 33331 , 954 349- 
6200; r: 2727 Oakbrook Ln., Weston, FL 33332, 954 384-0618; 
Daniel: William, Elizabeth, Christopher; 
"CALDWELL, Emma L; ACAD (See Knox, Mrs. Emma L) 



CALDWELL, Ms. Eugenia Dickey (Eugenia Newbold Dicl<ey); 

1965 BA; Cert. Info. Tectinology Spec, IBM Solution Partnership 

Ctr., 2929 Campus Dr., Ste. 350, San Mateo, CA 94403, 650 524- 

5242; r: One Newburg St., San Francisco, CA 94131, 650 524- 

5242; Peter: 

'CALDWELL, Mrs. Flora (Flora Bryan); ACAD 
CALDWELL, Ms. Frances; 1964 ; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Mktg. & 

Public Relations Dir., Birmingtiam Museum of Art, 2000 8tti Ave. 

N, Birmingham, AL 35203, 205 254-2076; r: 2920 Redmont Park 

Cir., Birmingham, AL 35205, 205 323-0061; Dr. J. Claude; 
CALDWELL, Frances; 7942 (See Harris, Mrs. Frances) 
'CALDWELL, Mrs. Geraldine (Geraldine Dore); ACAD 
CALDWELL, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Sharp); 1958 ; Vanderbilt 

Univ.; Retired/Assoc. Exec, YWCAfor Inst. Advancement, Nash- 
ville, TN; r: 4321 Chickering Ln., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 373- 

9816; Sen/am/n; Gertrude, Sarah, Benjamin III 
CALDWELL, Janet A.; 1956 (See Inwin, Mrs. Janet F.) 
CALDWELL, Jean; 1952 (See Marchant, Mrs. Jean) 
CALDWELL, Jean F.; 1967; BS Univ. of NC Chapel Hill; Sr. VP, 

Wachovia Bank, 31 Pharr Rd., Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 842-2976; 

r: 31 MuscogeeAve.,CondoUnit16, Atlanta, GA 30305,404 261- 

CALDWELL, Kamryn Maris; 2004 ; r: 4500 Lakeside Dr., Col- 

leyville, TX 76034, 817 571-4434 
CALDWELL, Kathleen P.; 1963 (See Patten, Mrs. Kathleen P.) 
CALDWELL, Kristen Lee; 2001 BA; MS Hollins Univ.; r: 260 

Grandview Dr., Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-7824; 

XALDWELL, Lisa Dorina; 1980 
CALDWELL, Mrs. Louise (Louise Phinney); ?960; Historical 

Rsch. & Community Volunteer, Life Trustee Dallas Historical 

Society; r: 25 Highland Park Village #100-749, Dallas, TX 75205, 

214 521-4088; Josef; Mattie, Jane, Josef Jr., Charles 
XALDWELL, Mrs. Louise H. (Louise H. McLaughlin); 1971 
'CALDWELL, Margaret; 1916 [See Dall, Mrs. Margaret) 
'CALDWELL, Mrs. Martha (Martha Houghton); 1939 
CALDWELL, Mrs. Mary Anne (Mary Anne Hall); y946; Retired 

Owner, Ameiga Imports; r: 5519 FarquharLn., Dallas, TX 75209, 

214 352-4674; Randolph; Randolph B. Jr., Neal, Lisa Mardock; 
CALDWELL, Nancy; 1963 (See Briggs, Mrs. Nancy) 
'CALDWELL, Mrs. Priscilla (Priscilla Brown); 1918 
CALDWELL, Shelton; 1976 (See Lindau, Ms. Shelton, RN) 
'CALDWELL, Mrs. Tavenner (Tavenner Hazlewood); 1926 AB 
CALE, Ms. Elaine C; 7972 AB;r: 201 Pheasant Run Rd SE, 

Warren, OH 44484, 330 856-6849 
CALELLO, Cathy; 1979 (See Staples, Mrs. M. Catherine) 
CALHOUN, Andria B.; 1967 (See Plonka, Mrs. Andria C) 
CALHOUN, Mrs. Beda Fredricka (Beda Fredricka Carlson); 

1937: r: 1801 Sandalwood Dr., Sarasota, FL 34231, 941 349- 

'CALHOUN, Mrs. Elsbeth (Elsbeth Toepfer); 1934 
CALHOUN, Mrs. Kimberly Olmstead (Kimberly Condit Olmstead); 

1992B/\; AB; Homemaker; r: 2127 Adderbury Ln., Smyrna, GA 

30082, 770 437-9163; Dan/e/; Lillian, Caroline; 
CALHOUN, Mrs. Louise Inman (Louise Inman Aiken); 1977; BS 

Univ. of Georgia; Homemaker; r; 4372GlengaryDr., NE, Atlanta, 

GA 30342, 404 266-2030; Dennis; Katie, Langley, Reid, Zach 
'CALHOUN, Mrs. Lucy 0. (Lucy 0. Gayle); ACAD 
'CALHOUN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Swift); 1931, 1980 BA 
CALHOUN, Mary Anne; 1966 (See Farmer, Mrs. Mary Anne) 
CALHOUN, Patricia Lawson; 1970 (See Kelly, Mrs. Lawson 

CALHOUN, Susan; 1958 (See Heminway, Mrs. Susan) 
CALHOUN, Tysha Noel; 1994 (See Stroka, Mrs. Tysha Noel) 
CALHOUN, Mrs. William (Ruth Ellen Green); J957 AB; Owner, 

Elgin Plantation Bed & Breakfast; r: 1 Elgin Plantation Rd., 

Natchez, MS 39120, 601 446-6100; William;RuXh, William, 




CALKIN, Mrs. Margo Ten Broeck (Margo Meeks Ten Broeck); 

1991 BA; MS Marymount Univ.; Mortgage Analysis-Mortgage 

Closing, SunTrust Mortgage Inc., 2941 Fairpark Dr., Annandale, 

VA 22003, 703 81 3-4035; r: 5809 N. 22nd St., Artington, VA 

22205. 703 534-6660; Huge; 
"CALKINS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Claiborne); ACAD 
CALKINS, Patricia; /963 (See Wilder, Mrs. Patricia) 
CALL, Clara; 1940 (See Frazier, Mrs. Clara Call) 
CALL, Mrs. Edwina (Edwina (Wheats) Young); 1 946 BA; r: 1 

Haughton Ln., Newport News, VA 23606, 757 930-0709; 

Douglas Jr (D); Edwin, Douglas III, Frances 
CALL, Lucy Carter; 7942 (See Dabney, Mrs. Lucy C.) 
CALLAGHAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Rush) Rushton (Elizabeth Rushton 

Haskell); t986BA; MS Boston Univ., MS; Exec. Dir., Mark 

Brunell Foundation., 402 N. 4th St., Jacksonville Bch., FL 32250, 

904 246-1116; r: 542 Le Master Dr., PonteVedra Bch., FL 32082, 

904 273-0373; Charles; Hampton, Farley; 

'CALLAHAN, Ann Hanlon; 1982 

CALLAHAN, Anne Marie; 1981 (See Keech, Mrs. Anne Marie) 
CALLAHAN, Barbara Ellen; y9S4(SeeO'Neill, Mrs. Barbara Ellen) 
CALLAHAN, Joyce A.; y966;r; One Teal Dr., Cumberland 

Foreside, ME 04110 j 

CALLAHAN, Mary; 1980 (See Arnold, Mrs. Mary) 
CALLAHAN, Ms. Molly Hanley (Molly Katherine Hanley); 1985 

AB; Investigator, US Dept. of Justice, Drug Enforcement Admin., 

1433 W. Loop S., Houston, TX 77027, 713 693-3657; r: 1 01 6 ' 

Augusta Dr., Houston, TX 77057, 713 783-5567; 

"CALLAN, Grace; 1914 (See Bond, Mrs. Grace) \ 

'CALLAWAY, Mrs. Bettina (Bettina Silva); 1934 
CALLAWAY, Phebe Hodges; 1973 (See Robertson, Phebe C.) ' 
CALLAWAY, Sue; 7954 (See Haley, Mrs. Sue) 1 

CALLE, Mrs. Emily Quinn (Emily Quinn Virkus); 799S BS;Sr. I 

Software Engr., The MITRE Corp., 7515 Colshire Dr., Mc Lean, • 

VA 22102, 703 883-7305; r: 7640 Provincial Dr. # 208, Mc Lean, l 

VA 221 02, 703 749-5382; Daniel; | ] 

CALLENDER, Catherine May; 1986 (See Sauls, Mrs. Catherine i 

Callender) ; 

CALLERY, Mrs. Donna L. (Donna L. Slingerland); 1974 ; Speech 

Therapist; r: 14 Leonie Hill Rd, No 17-16 Futura Apt., Singapore 

239193, Singapore 
CALLiS, Angela Dawn; 7957 (See Ellis, Mrs. Angela Callis) 
CALLIS, April Scarlette; 2002 BA; MLAUniv. Kentucky Lexington; 

Student; r: 1 75 N Locust Hill Dr. Apt #251 4, Lexington, KY 40509, ' 

859 312-9152; 
'CALLISON, Diane M.; 7970 

"CALLISON, Jane; 7930 (See Smith, Mrs. Jane) I 

'CALLISON, Sara; 7929 (See Jamison, Mrs. Sara) 
CALLISON, Shannon; 7995 (See Cotsoradis, Ms. Shannon 

"CALNAN, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Collins); 7926 : 

'CALVEARD, Elizabeth J.; 7940 (See Gaede, Mrs. Elizabeth J.) l 
"CALWELL, Eleanor; 7926 (See Mullican, Mrs. Eleanor) 
CAMALIER, Deborah Norene; 7974 (See Walker, Mrs. Deborah ' 

CAMBLOS, Ms. Margaret Bullitt; 7982 ; r; 6558 Quail Hollow Rd 

Apl2E, Charlotte, NC 28210 
CAMBLOS, Martha; 7947 (See Guttshall, Mrs. Martha) 
CAMBLOS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hensley); 7942 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 17 Forest Rd., Biltmore Forest, Asheville, NC 28803, 828 274- 

2794; Joshua; Margaret, Stuart 
CAMDEN, Mrs. Anne S. (Anne S. Richards); 1 969 BA; Mgr., 

Customer & Accts. Svcs., Pip Printing, 1709 Memorial Ave., 

Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434 845-1 153; r: 259 Camden Dr., 

Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-7745; Jerry.'Tracy, Todd, 

CAMDEN, Ms. Anne Torrence; 2000 BA; MA Lynchburg CIg.; 

Tchr.; r: 238 Oakcroft Dr., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-1 

CAMDEN, Tracy Lynn; 7993 (See Wilburn, Mrs. Tracy Lynn) 
"CAMERON, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Tucker); 7937 
CAMERON, Elizabeth A.; 7969 (See Adams, Mrs. Elizabeth A 


"CAMERON, Ethel M.; 1933 (See Smith, Mrs. Ethel M.) 
CAMERON, Flora; 1946 (See Crichton, Mrs. Flora) 
"CAMERON, Mrs. Frances (Frances Middleton); 1926 
CAMERON, Ms. Jenny Foster; 2000; r: 1514 E. McMillan St., 

Cincinnati, OH 45206, 513 961-4955 
CAMERON, Joyce; ;973(See Harder, Mrs. Joyce) 
CAMERON, Melissa Allen; /997(See Dreux, Mrs. Molly Cameron) 
'CAMERON, Ms. Rebekah Ann; 1990 
'CAMERON, Sarah Lucille; 1981 

CAMERON, Mrs. Virginia Leggett (Virginia Leggett); 1940 \Bk 
Columbia Univ., MED Xavier Univ.; Follow-up Nurse, Planned 
Parenthood, 801 Village Blvd., Ste. 304, W. Palm Bch., FL 33409, 
561 683-0302; r: 12311 Acapuico Ave., Palm Bch. Gardens, FL 
33410, 561 622-5591; John, Beth; 
CAMERON, Ms. Virginia Shipe (Virginia Lucille Shipe); 1975 BA; 
Pres., AC&R Insulation Co., Inc., 10207 Southard Dr., Beltsville, 
MD 20705, 301 937-4710; r: 636TewkesburyLn.,SevernaPark, 
MD 21 1 46, 41 544-0991 ; Scott, Andrew; 
CAMICIA, Mrs. Ada P. (Ada D. Pumell); 1972 AB; Homemaker; 
r: 31433 BE 62nd Way, Fall City, WA 98024, 425 222-3706; 
"CAMLIN, Mrs. Christine (Christine Gschwindt); 1921 

CAMLIN, Elizabeth B.; )946(See Maher, Mrs. Elizabeth B.) 
"CAMLIN, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Browne); 1917 
"CAMM, Felicia B.; 1947 
CAMM, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Littleford); 1944; Retired Lab 
Tech., St. Luke's Hosp.; r; 1 032 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, 
KY41075; Scott, Cary 
'CAMMANN, Jane L.; 1956 

"CAMP, Antoinette; 1976 (See Hagood, Mrs. Antoinette) 
"CAMP, Bertie; ACAD (See Shelton, Mrs. Bertie) 
"CAMP, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sutton); 1924 
CAMP, Mrs. Laura Tucker (Laura Lynn Tucker); 1979 A B ; 
r:6408 Kenhowe Dr., Bethesda, MD 20817, 301 229-3121; 
Lawrence: Georgia (Gigi), Caroline, Margaret, Lawrence; 
"CAMP, Leta; ACAD 

"CAMP, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Faulkner); 1930 
CAMP, Mary Virginia; y936(See Smith, Mrs. Mary Virginia) 
CAMP, Mrs. Mary (Muffin) Claire (Mary Claire Crouch); / 992 ; 
BA Univ. of TX San Antonio; Homemaker/Tchr.; r: 2603 Rogers 
Cir., San Antonio, TX 78258, 210 492-7007; Morris; Jr'\pp, 
CAMP, Nancy; 7957 (See Weekley, Mrs. Nancy) 
"CAMP, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Millinger); 1924 AB 
CAMP, Mrs. Rose Elizabeth (Rose Elizabeth Thomas); 1974 BA; 
JD Princeton Univ.; Atty., Handy Land & Timber, 1 61 5 Handy Rd, 
Newnan, GA 30263, 770 251 -2491; r: same, 770 253-5903; 

handylan @ 
"CAMPBELL, Addie F.; ACAD (See Mills, Mrs. Addle F.) 
CAMPBELL, Amanda Joan; 2001 (See Wright, Ms. Amanda Joan) 
CAMPBELL, Amy Holmes; 1980 (See Lamphere, Mrs. Amy 

CAMPBELL, Ms. Amy Leigh; y997 BS; MA Univ. of Virginia; 
Affiliate Support Mgr., NARAL Pro-Choice America Political Dept., 
1156 15th St. NW, Ste. 700, Washington, DC 20005, 202 973- 
3016; r: 81 1 N Florida St., Arlington, VA 22205, 703 807-1299; 
b: acampbell @ 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Anita (Anita Wilson); 1924 
CAMPBELL, Ann Blake; y962(See Vaughan, Mrs. Ann Blake) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Anne (Anne Estill); 1950; r: 5266 Todds Rd., 
Lexington, KY 40509, 859 263-3056; ^/ec,- Katharine, Alec, 
CAMPBELL, Ms. Anne (Anne Gowder); 1991 ; Co-Owner, Appa- 
lachian Home Healthcare, 1658 Gowder Dr., Blairsville, GA 
30512, 706 745-5101; r: 731 Oak Ridge Dr., Blairsville, GA 
30512, 706 745-5832; Jedd, Clay, Casey; 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Baird H. (Baird Hunter); 1 970 AB; MAT 
Emory; Tchr., Annapolis Sch. Systs., Annapolis, MD 21401; 
r: 213 Hickory Ridge Dr., Queenstown, MD 21658; Clay, Parker, 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Bernice (Bernice Richardson); )9)3 AB 
"CAMPBELL, Betty; )939(See Petty, Mrs. Betty) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Betty J. (Betty J. Schlenck); 1933 
"CAMPBELL, Betty J.; y937(See Schutte, Mrs. Betty J.) 
CAMPBELL, Dr. Cassandra T. (Cassandra Lynn Thomas); 1997 
BS; DVM Virginia Polytech Inst.; Veterinarian, Peaks View 
Animal Hosp., 802 Wigginton Rd, Lynchburg, VA24502, 434 385- 
1300; r: 183 Maple Ln., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-7474; 
'CAMPBELL, Ms. Catherine Lynn; 1983 AB 
CAMPBELL, Cynthia Anne; 1986 (See Day, Mrs. Cindy C.) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Dana Varnado (Dana Leigh Vamado); 1 993 
BA; MBA George Washington Univ.; Former Elem. Teacher 
Grade 3, Arlington Public Schs. & Chapel Hill Carrboro; r: 1615 
Meadow Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 919 967-2138; Jamie: 
Drew, Ben; 
'CAMPBELL, Ms. Diana L.; 1995 
CAMPBELL, Dianne; 1956 (See McCrea, Mrs. Dianne) 
CAMPBELL, Ms. Donna R. (Donna R. Crouch); 1973 AB; Exec. 
Dir., CT Women's Consortium, 205 Whitney Ave., New Haven, 
CT 06511, 203 498-4002; r: 33 Old Field Hill Rd Unit31, South- 
bury, CT 06488, 203 264-0761 
CAMPBELL, Dorothea; )966(See McMillan, Mrs. Dorothea) 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Tison); 793S AB 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Lawton); 1923 
'CAMPBELL, Dorothy; 1940 (See O'Connor, Mrs. Dorothy) 
CAMPBELL, Dorothy; 1943 (See Maher, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Koon); 1913 
"CAMPBELL, Elizabeth; 7943 (See Shearer, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"CAMPBELL, Elizabeth; 1939 (See Gawthrop, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Esther (Esther Tyler); 1929 AB 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Ethel (Ess) B. (Ethel (Ess) Bruner); 7959; BA 
Univ. of NC Chapel Hill; Piano Tchr., Knoxville, TN 37919; 
r: 3848 Wilani Rd., Knoxville, TN 37919, 865 523-6395; Carl: 
Cathy Morgan, Towns R.; 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Frances Cole (Frances Cole Holland); 1980 ; 
r: POB 1584, Thomasville, GA 31799, 229 226-7056 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Frances E. (Frances E. Robertson); ACAD 
CAMPBELL, Ms. Gina E.; 2000 ; r: 87 Oakwood Dr., Arrington, 

VA 22922, 434 263-6506 
CAMPBELL, Jane; 7957 (See Englert, Mrs. Jane) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Jean B. (Jean B. Walker); 1 964 AB; r: One 

Taft Dr., Shorl Hills, NJ 07078, 973 376-7760 
CAMPBELL, Jeannie; 1966 (See Barquin, Mrs. Jeannie) 
CAMPBELL, Jennifer Valerie; 1985 (See Koehl, Mrs. Jennifer 

CAMPBELL, Jere; 1955 (See Robertson, Mrs. Jere) 
'CAMPBELL, Joan G.; 1974 (See Steele, Mrs. Joan G.) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Joy (Joy Berguido); 7963; r: 113 Fairfax Rd., 

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, 610 525-2206 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Judith (Judith Franklin); 7959; BSN Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; RN Antique Business Owner, Campbell House 
Antiques, Box 2018, Sunriver, OR 97707; r; 820 William St., Bal- 
timore, MD 21230, 410 547-0233; lV;7//am;Marcie, Robert, 
Douglas, Russell 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Judith; 1950 AB; Retired; r; 1025 Muirlands 
VistaWay, La Jolla,CA 92037, 858 454-8901; Ha Hie, Colin, 

CAMPBELL, Katherine Louise; 7996 (See Brumley, Ms. Katherine 

CAMPBELL, Laura; 7968 (See Walker, Mrs. Laura) 
'CAMPBELL, Mrs. Leigh (Leigh Robinson); 7963 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Lisa Diane (Lisa Diane Rabasca); 7997 BA; 
Asst. to the Dean, Weill Cornell Med. CIg., 1 300 York Avenue C- 
118, New York, NY 10021, 21 2 746-1 049; r: 8 Oakland Ter., 
Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973 313-9293; Robert: Bridget; 
"CAMPBELL, Margaret; 7936 (See Usher, Mrs. Margaret) 
"CAMPBELL, Marjorie E.; ACAD (See Holden, Mrs. Marjorie E.) 
"CAMPBELL, Mrs. Mary (Mary Allen); 7923 
CAMPBELL, Mary; 7962 (See Quarrier, Mrs. Mary) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth Altgelt); 7962 
AB; Retired Computer Programmer, IBM; r: 1554 Post Oak Ln., 
Bartonville, TX 76226, 817 430-4941 
"CAMPBELL, Mary L.; ACAD (See Dazenbacker, Mrs. Mary L.) 




CAMPBELL, Mrs. Mary Pegram (Mary Pegram Johnson); 1958 

BA; r: 6 Partridge Hill, Richmond, VA 23233, 804 784-3284; 

David: Margaret, David, Winifred 
CAMPBELL, Ms. Mary (Lin) L; ?966BA;MA Hunter CIg., MA 

Emory Univ.; Counseling/Clinical Social Work, Lin Campbell 

A.C.S.W. C.D.E., 80 E. 1 1th St. #438, New York, NY 10003, 212 

533-3884; r: 219 Warren St., Apt. 1, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718 

'CAMPBELL, Nancy; ?927(See Schrider, Mrs. Nancy) 
CAMPBELL, Nancy Claire; 1954 (See Zivley, Mrs. Nancy) 
CAMPBELL, Ms. Nina Liona; 2003 ; AA Community CIg., BA 

Univ. of MD; Mgr., Hurds, Deltaville, VA23043; r: POB 361 , 

Topping, VA 23169, 804 725-1625; 
CAMPBELL, Pamela Sue; 1982 {See Aadland, Mrs. Pamela Sue) 
CAMPBELL, Rebecca Mary; 1983 (See Moravek, Mrs. Rebecca 

CAMPBELL, Ruth; 7955 (See VanDerpoel, Mrs. Ruth) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Van Winkle); ?966; Author; 

r: 423 Swing Ln., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-4676; S. ; 

Ward, Van 
'CAMPBELL, Sarah Jean; 2003 
CAMPBELL, Sarah V.; 1970 AB; Trainer/Prog. Dir., Study Circles 

Res. Ctr., POB 203, Pomfret, CT 06258, 860 928-2616; r: 1 1 

Todd Rd., Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107, 207 799-7997; 
CAMPBELL, Sophia; 1936 {See Brown, Mrs. Sophia) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Susan Graham (Susan Alexandra Graham); 

1981 AB; Banker, PNC Financial Svcs. Grp., 1600 Market St., 

Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215 585-8331; r:2416A Fitlers Walk, 

Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215 864-0709; Sarah; 

'CAMPBELL, Mrs. Thirza (Thirza Trant); 1945 
CAMPBELL, Virginia; 1929 {See Clinch, Mrs. Virginia) 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Whitney Gay (Whitney Gay Pardee); 1987 AB; 

r. 5 Langon Hollow Rd., Bridgewater, NJ 08807 
CAMPBELL, Mrs. William (Ginger) W. (Ginger Owens); 1949; 

BS Texas Univ.; Interior Design, Ginger Ray Interiors, 391 5 Gillon 

Ave., Dallas, TX 75205, 214 521-1345; r: 3915 Gillon, Dallas, TX 

75205, 214 521-1345; Dewitt III, Mary Rebecca, Brandon 

Owens, Kimberly Factor, Liz, David 
CAMPION, Mrs. L. Paige (L. Paige Vaught); 1996BA; Mortgage 

Loan Ofcr., Bank of America, 307 Colonades Way, Gary, NC 

2751 1.919 656-5124; r: 5405 Royal Troon Dr., Raleigh, NC 
27604, 91 9 21 2-0089; ar/s; 

paige. campion @ 
CAMPO, Victoria Lynn; 1991 (See Byrd, Mrs. Victoria Campo) 
CAMPOS, Melissa April: 2001 BA; r: 14 Brian Ct., Watertown, Wl 

53094.920 261-3317 

CAMPREDON, Paula Alice; 1983 (See Snyder, Mrs. Paula 

CANADA, Joy Marcia; 1989 (See Faust, Mrs. Joy C.) 
CANADA, Mrs. Nancy Hanger (Nancy Wright Hanger); 1981 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 4253 Antietam Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213, 205 

871-2089; Kevin; Kevin, John, Sudie; 
CANADAY, Mrs. Jacquelyn Loy (Jacquelyn Marie Loy); 1 993 

BA; AS CIg. of Health Sciences; Physical Therapist Asst., Medi- 

Home Agcy.; r: 424 Washington Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 24016, 

540 345-8844; Brian; Braedon; 

bjcanaday @ 
CANADAY, Linda (Cookie) M.; 1960 (See Mays, Mrs. Linda 

(Cookie) M.) 
'CANADY, Elizabeth; r922(See Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CANADY, Kelsey Lee; ?976(See Griffo-Grice, Ms. Kelsey Lee) 
CANARY, Lucy A.; 1961 (See Church, Mrs. Lucy A.) 
CANCELMO, Mrs. Dolores (Dolores Shepperd); )950; Home- 
maker; r: 117 Hope St., Ridgewood, NJ 07450, 201 444-5480; 

Sally, Mary, Ned, Andrew, Lucia, John 
CANDLER, Mrs. Beth D. (Beth G. Denny); 1957; Homemaker; 

r: 8601 Hwy. 54, Sharpsburg, GA 30277, 770 253-5168; Sam; 

Sam G., Beth Marchman, Catherine H., Richard 
CANDLER, Dorothy; 1956 (See Hamilton, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"CANDLER, Ruth; y957(See Lovett, Mrs. Ruth) 
CANFIELD, Mrs. Ashlyn Shay (Ashlyn Shay Goosens); ?99S BA; 

r: 8846 Stable Forest PL, Bristow, VA 20136, 703 753-1569; 


CANIPE, Mrs. Ann A. (Ann A. Amspiger); 7969 AB; Volunteer; 

r: 3336 Cochise Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30339, 770 434-7490; 

Kent; Genny; 

'CANN, Florence; ACAD {See Seaman, Mrs. Florence) 
CANN, Katherine Elizabeth; 1973 (See Akers, Mrs. Katherine 

'CANNADAY, Mary; 1931 (See Gore, Mrs. Mary) 
CANNADY, Carolyn; 1949 (See Evans, Mrs. Carolyn Cannady) 
'CANNING, Ms. Cortney Anne; 1993 
CANNING, Mrs. Michelle Diane (Michelle Diane Farley); 1979 

AB; Partner-Appraisal Company, Cannin & Watson, 28 Searles 

Rd., Darien, CT 06820, 203 655-8972; r: 112 Five Mile River Rd, 

Darien, CT 06820, 203 655-8972 
CANNIZZARO, Dr. Robin Lynne; 1984 BA; DVM Univ. of Florida; 

Vet/Acupuncturist & Homeopathy, Holistic Veterinary Care P.A., 

550 Haines Rd, St. Petersburg, FL 33714, 727 528-0298; 

r: 26139 Halsey Rd, Brooksville, FL 34601, 352 796-1231; 

CANNON, Mrs. Anita Frances (Anita Frances Crossingham); 

7977; Cnslt., Spencer's, Inc.; r: POB 1210, Concord, NC 28026 
CANNON, Ann; 1960 (See Van Wagoner, Mrs. Ann) 
CANNON, Mrs. Christine S. (Christine S. Austin); 1974 ; r: 569 

Rocky Point Rd., Cordova, TN 38018 
CANNON, Claire; 7958 (See Christopher, Mrs. Claire Cannon) 
"CANNON, Mrs. Cordelia (Cordelia Penn); 1934 AB 
CANNON, Mrs. Cornelia (Cornelia Armfield); 1938; r: 366 

Lexington Rd., Asheboro, NC 27203, 336 625-2460 
CANNON, Mrs. Francine Helen (Francine Helen Ely); 1975 AB; 

Owner, Protech Inc., 571 0-E General Washington Dr., Alexandria, 

VA 22312, 703 941-9100: r: 3717 Krysia CL, Annandale, VA 

22003, 703 560-5153; Rob; Alex, Scott, Jacqueline; 

fcannon @ 
"CANNON, Marjorie; 1923 (See Hills, Mrs. Marjorie) 
CANNON, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Ferguson); 1946 ; Retired Book- 
keeper, Head of Payroll Dept., Ferguson's Propellers; r: 7906 

Sniders Hwy., Ruffin, SC 29475, 843 866-2286; Sandy, Wendy, 

CANOVA, Ms. Gretchen Elizabeth; 1996 ; r: 4000 Sundown Rd., 

Gaithersburg, MD 20882, 301 774-9574 
CANSLER, Joan; 1951 (See Marshall, Mrs. Joan C.) 
"CANSLER, Patricia; 1948 (See Covington, Mrs. Patricia) 
"CANSLER, Sarah; SPEC {See Carroll, Mrs. Sarah) 
CANSLER, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne van Dyke Jones); 1963 BA; 

Retired Proj. Mgr., Constr. Data Control Inc.; r: 4335 Seventh St. 

EB, St. Simons Island, GA 31522, 912 634-8141; Cliarles; 


'CANT, Nancy; 1965 (See Newman. Mrs. Nancy) 
CANTERBURY, Mrs. Christine Flint (Christine Suzanne Flint); 

1991 BA; r: 14620 255th Ln. SE, Issaquah, WA 98027, 425 427- 

8812; Joe; Joseph, Emma Clair; 

jccanterberry @ 
CANTEY, Evelyn; 1941 (See Marion, Mrs. Evelyn C.) 
CANTEY, Helen; 1944 (See Woodbridge, Mrs. Helen C.) 
CANTEY, Mary H.; 1968 (See Dunn, Mrs. Mary H.) 
CANTEY, Olivia Leila; 7953 (See Patton, Mrs. Olivia C.) 
CANTRELL, Charlotte Anne; 1990 (See Cantrell Doran, Mrs. 

Charlotte Anne) 
CANTRELL, Leslie Caroll; 1987 (See Schoeffel, Mrs. Leslie 

CANTRELL DORAN, Mrs. Charlotte Anne (Charlotte Anne 

Cantrell): 1 990 AB; Social Worker; r: 3220 Connecticut Ave. NW 

# 209, Washington, DC 20008, 202 251-4457; James Doran; 

c.cantrelld @ 
CAPANO, Ms. Andrea Lee; 7999 BS; MED Antioch CIg.; Sci. 

Teacher/Grade 7, Lake Region Middle Sch., 1525 Kansas Rd, 

Naples, ME 04055, 207 647-8403; r: 1169 S. High St., Bridgton, 

ME 04009, 207 647-3053; 

CAPANO, Mrs. Linda A. (Linda A. Gould); 7970 AB; Regional 

Supv., Bureau for Mental Retardation, Main St., Saco, ME 04072, 

207 753-9100; r: POB 901, Naples, ME 04055, 207 647-3901; 

Daniel; Andrea, StephJe, Cristine, Matthew, Michael; 
"CAPERTON, Caroline; ACAD (See Banks, Mrs. Caroline) 
"CAPERTON, Margaret T.; 7940 (See Ranken, Mrs. Margaret T.) 



CAPERTON, Mrs. Mary Hill (Mary Hill Noble); 1954 BA; Pres./ 
Owner, Guesthouses B&B Reservation Svc, POB 5737, Charlot- 
tesville, VA 22905, 434 979-7264; r: 61 1 Preston PL, Charlottes- 
ville, VA 22903, 434 296-1513; Douglas, Ian, Emily; 

CAPLASH, Ms. Sumita Kristie; 2000; r: 4320 Old Leeds Rd., Bir- 
mingham, AL 35213, 205 972-0506 

XAPLES, Mrs. Alice (Alice Leigh); 1930 AB 

CAPO, Mrs. Anne Elisabethe (Anne Elisabethe Hales); 1987 ; 
Response Center Engr., Hewlett-Packard, 8000 Foothills Blvd., 
M/S#5724, Roseville, CA 95747, 916 785-0046; r: 1830 Paseo 
Penasco, Roseville, CA 95747; 

CAPOZZi, Mrs. Christine Putney (Christine Putney Hostelley); 
1989BA; Homemaker; r; 31 2 Laurel Ave., Providence, Rl 02906, 
401 331 -9039; Edmund; Caroline Putney 

CAPOZZOLI, Susan Mane; y^SOAB; Sales Trading, Kleos 
Capital Mgmt., 230 Park Ave. 7th Fl., New York, NY 10169; r: 5 
Tudor City PL, Apt. 619, New York, NY 10017, 212 499-2919; 
scapozzoli @ 

CAPPS, Mrs. Allen; 1948 \BA Univ. Mississippi; Retired; r: 1012 
Farmer St., Cleveland, MS 38732, 662 843-4515; Charles, 
Linda, Margaret 

'CAPRON, Allyn; y935(See Heintz, Mrs. Allyn) 

*CARABELLI, Virginia; 1982 NB, 

CARANGELO, Lisa; 7980 AB; r: 29 Puritan Rd., Swampscott, MA 

*CARAPETYAN, Mrs. Letitia (Letitia Belknap); 1937 

CARAPEZZI, Mrs. Lisa (Newell) Hamlin (Lisa Hamlin Schneider); 
1984 AB; Actress; r; 340 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield, CT 06432, 
203 333-2024; Ronald; Benjamin, Grace; 

CARAVATI, Mrs. Betty Noland (Betty Noland); 1963 AB; 
Farmer, Shallobro Farm, Manakin Sabot, VA23103; r: 931 
Broad Street Rd., Manakin Sabot, VA 23103, 804 784-4214; 
Charles; Charles, Elizabeth, Nancy; 

'CARAWAY, Mrs. Indel R. (Indel R. Little); 1930 

'CARBAUGH, Betty; 7945 (See Fancher, Mrs. Betty) 

CARBERRY, Katharine; 1964 (See Siemsen, Mrs. Katharine 

CARBONE, Ms. Arianna Tereasa; 1999 ; r: 307 E Island Square 
Dr., St. Simons Island, GA 31522 

*CARO, Ms. Julie Marie; 1996 

CARDAMONE, Angela B.; 1941 (See O'Donnell, Mrs. Angela B.) 

'GARDEN, Jacqueline Leah; 1995 

CARDER, Ms. Jonita E.; )974 AB; r: 356 W. Signal Hill Rd., King 
Of Prussia, PA 19406, 610 265-7872 

'CARDINAL, Valerie Ann; 1987 

CARDON, Ms. Christie Lynne; 1996 BA; JD Univ. Texas Austin; 
Atty.-Litigation/King & Spalding LLP, Frmr. Law Clerk, Hon. Royal 
Fergeson-Fed. Dst. Ct., 1 100 Louisiana, Houston, TX 77002, 713 
751-3200; r: 103 Pinecrest #2, San Antonio, TX 78209, 21 821- 

CARDWELL, Mrs. Hallie Nixon Powell (Hallie Nixon Powell); 
1978 ; BA Univ. Texas-Austin; r: 2507 El Greco Cove, Austin, TX 
78703,512 477-2662; 
"CARDWELL, Marjorie B.; 7925 

CAREY, Alyson Jane; 7986 (See Goods, Mrs. Alyson Carey) 
"CAREY, Mrs. Anne P. (Anne P. Hubert); 7950 AB 

CAREY, Mrs. Daphne D. (Daphne D. Lindabury); 7977 ; BADrew 
Univ.; Sales Mgr.; r: 61 Cedar Lake Rd., Denville, NJ 07834, 973 
627-1373; Pe7er,- Paige; 
shepherdgate @ 
"CAREY, Mrs. Florence (Florence Doyle); ACAD 

'CAREY, Frances; 7969 
"CAREY, Jane T.; 7954 

CAREY, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Kreusler); 7950 AB; MA Univ. of 
Virginia, MSW Univ. of Maryland; Social Worker/Teach Polish & 
Russian At Berlitz, Retired, MD State Dept. of Human Resources; 
r:8326 Tally Ho Rd., Lutherville, MD 21093, 410 296-7953; 
David E.; 

CAREY, Martha; 7980 AB; r: POB 1927, San Anselmo, CA 94979 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

CARGILL, Frances; 7938 (See Stone, Mrs. Frances) 

CARL, Ms. Christine Regina; 7999 BA; MA Georgetown Univ.; 

Intern, Annenberg Public Policy Ctr., Washington, DC 20045; 

r: 2525 N 10th St. Apt. 714, Arlington, VA 22201 , 703 248-0509; 
'CARL, Muriel; 7952 (See Gauberti, Mrs. Muhel) 
CARLE, Ms. Mary Harrison (Mary (Cookie) Harrison Cooke); 

7959 AB; MA Columbia Univ.; Health Care Retired, Waverly 

Heights, Gladwyne, PA 19035; r: 511 Shortridge Dr., Wynne- 
wood, PA 19096, 610 896-7566; Rebecca H.; 
CARLE, Ms. Rebecca Harrison; 7993 BA; Creative Alternatives, 

2400 Broening Hwy. Ste. 180, Baltimore, MD 21224, 410 631- 

6021; r: 217 W. 29th St., Baltimore, MD 2121 1, 410 467-6302 
CARLEN, Elise Bates; 7984 (See Robison, Mrs. Elise Bates) 
CARLEN, Sighd Irene; 7987 (See Veasey, Sigrid Irene, MD) 
CARLETON, Mrs. Elaine K. (Elaine Kimball); 7957 BA; BA 

Sweet Bhar CIg., MA Univ. of Texas; Tour Coord., Greene Cnty. 

Chamber of Commerce, 1 1 1 N. Main St., Greensboro, GA 30642, 

706 453-7592; r: 206 N Walnut St., Greensboro, GA 30642, 706 

453-9439; Samuel; George; 
CARLIN, Mrs. Eithne (Eithne Broderick); 7980 BA; Homemaker; 

r: 6 Prince Path, Sandwich, MA 02563, 508 833-2799; Dennis; 

Candace, John; 
CARLIN, Patricia; 7957 (See Friese, Mrs. Patricia Carlin) 
'CARLISLE, Carol; 7965 
CARLISLE, Mrs. Martha A. (Martha A. Burnet); 7959; BA 

Converse CIg.; VPATrust Ofcr. Retired, Wachovia Bank; r: 81 2 

Sylvan Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27104, 336 723-8830; Robert; 

Rob, Burnet; 

CARLONI, Ms. Giovanna; 7995 ; r: Vis Garibaldi n 2, 61030, San 

Giorgio de Pesar, Italy 
CARLSON, Beda Fredricka; 7937 (See Calhoun, Mrs. Beda 

'CARLSON, Ellen Lee; 7979 (See Snodgrass, Mrs. Ellen Lee) 
'CARLSON, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Clark); 7926 
'CARLSON, Glenda; 7963 (See Goodman, Mrs. Glenda) 
'CARLSON, Ms. Hilary Haywood; 7996 BA 
'CARLSON, Janet W.; 7925 
'CARLSON, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Taylor); 7940 
'CARLSON, Mary Lynn; 7937 (See King, Mrs. Mary Lynn) 
CARLTON, Mrs. Annie-Laurie (Annie-Laurie Martin); 7 960 ; 

r: 232 Third Ave. Apt. 8, Venice, CA 90291 
CARLTON, Betty P.; 7964 (See Schroeder, Mrs. Betty P.) 
CARLTON, Eriend E.; 7954 (See McCaffree, Mrs. Eriend E.) 
CARLTON, Ms. Justina (Tina) Brie; 7995 BA;Mktg. Rep., Natl. 

Rifle Assn.; r: 2045 Stargrass Ct., Woodbridge, VA 22192; 
'CARLTON, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Milwee); 7948 
'CARLTON, Mrs. Martha Baum (Martha Baum); 7962 AB 
CARLTON, Mrs. Mary Brooks (Mary Brooks Bamhart); 7933 AB; 

r: 1 00 James Blvd., #S-51 3, Signal Mtn. , TN 37377, 423 886-0358 
CARLUCCI, Ms. Sara Elizabeth; 2000; r: 1704 Merrill Cove, 

Jonesboro, AR 72401, 870 931-5815 
CARMAN, Ms. Linda (Linda Wemyss Reierson); 7 963 BA; 

Reporter, The Advocate/Boxcar Media, Mass Moca Way, N. 

Adams, MA 01247, 413 664-6900; r: 1192 Main St., William- 

stown, MA 01267, 413 458-5815; Rebecca, Edward, Anne; 

CARMICHAEL, Anna Holt; 7999 (See Redding, Mrs. Anna 

CARMICHAEL, Ava Lou; 7983 (See Eagles, Ms. Ava Lou) 
CARMICHAEL, Diana K.; 7969 (See Styers, Mrs. Diana K.) 
'CARMICHAEL, Kathleen; 7933 (See Mather, Mrs. Kathleen) 
CARMICHAEL, Mrs. Laura Bowen (Laura Glenn Bowen); 7 979 

BA; Homemaker; r: 22 Woodmere Dr., Dothan, AL 36305, 334 

793-4856; /lrc/?/e,- A., Laura 
'CARMICHAEL, Mrs. Louise (Louise Gibbon); 7925 AB 
CARMICHAEL, Margaret; 7946 (See Lester, Mrs. Margaret C.) 
'CARMICHAEL, Mrs. Maria A. (Maria A. Adkins); ACAD 
CARMICHAEL, Mary; 7967 (See Bass, Mrs. Mary) 
'CARMICHAEL, Mary E.; 7966 (See Draper, Mrs. Mary E.) 



CARMICHAEL, Mrs. Mary Jean (Mary Jean McKee); 1970 AB; 
MA Springfield Co.; CEO, YMCA of Santa Maria Valley, 3400 
Skyway Dr., Santa Maria, CA 93455, 805 937-8521; r; 1409 Via 
Rosa, Santa Maria, CA 93458, 805 928-9696; Ian, Ross; 
'CARMINE, Helen B.; 1941 (See Barber, Mrs. Helen B.) 
CARMODY, Mrs. Jacqueline Ann (Jacqueline Ann Kenner); 

1 979 AB; r: POB 1522, Shreveport, LA 71 165 
CARMOUCHE, Mrs. Christine Joy (Christine Joy Mohn); 1989 
AB; Asst. Mgr.-MasterCard, First Virginia Banl<, 6402 Arlington 
Blvd. Ste. 840, Falls Church, VA 22046, 703 533-6129; r: 8230 
Catbird Cir. #302, Lorton, VA 22079; 
cmcarmouche @ 
CARMOUCHE, Felicia Rose; 1992 (See Hill, Mrs. Felicia Rose) 
CARNAN.Mrs. Emily (Emily Brown); 7935; BS Univ. of 
Cinncinati; Elem. Tchr., Albemarle Cnty. Schs.; r; 1600 Gordon 
Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 977-7948; C/iar/es,- Al i ce 
Winn, Valiant (Dec), C. Bruce; 
CARNE, Mrs. Barbara H. (Barbara E. Hastings); 1969 AB; MS 
Georgetown Univ.; CPA, Barbara H. Came, CPA, 10501 Balls 
Ford Rd., Manassas, VA 20109, 703 368-4017; r: 9345 Linton 
Hall Rd., Bristow, VA 20136, 703 754-2765; David; 
CARNE, Mrs. Rew (Bambi) (Rew Price); 1959 AB; Retired Regis- 
tered Sales Asst., Wachovia Securities, 600 W Broadway Ste. 
1450, San Diego, CA 92101; r: 803 Cofair Cl., Solana Bch., CA 
92075, 858 259-9223; Elinor 
'CARNEAL, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Taylor); 1950 
'CARNELL, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Kimmey); 1933 
XARNES, Elizabeth; 1930 
'CARNES, Mrs. Joanne V. (Joanne V. Johns); 1978 
'CARNEY, Mrs. Elsie (Elsie Gibson); ACAD 
CARNEY, Grace; 1936 {See McCarthy, Mrs. Grace) 
'CARNEY, Mrs. Kendra-Ann (Kendra-Ann Brown); 1967 
'CARNEY, Lucy; ACAD (See Warner, Mrs. Lucy) 
CARNEY, Marie Louise; 1962 (See Reed, Marie (Patsey) C.) 
CARNEY, Mary Jane; ?937(See Hart, Mrs. Mary Jane) 
'CARNEY, Patricia; 1954 (See Imel, Mrs. Patricia) 
CARNWATH, Kate Wallace; 1977 (See Hopkins, Mrs. Kate 

CAROL, Lynn; y963(See Blau, Mrs. Lynn) 
CAROLLO, Lee Susan; 1978 (See Boyes, Mrs. Lee Carollo) 
'CAROTHERS, Bessie; ACAD (See Whayne, Mrs. Bessie) 
'CAROTHERS, Jane; ACAD (See Clarke, Mrs. Jane) 
CAROTHERS. Mildred R.; 1945 (See Healy, Mrs. Mildred C.) 
CAROZZA, Maria Colette; 1962 (See Voipe, Mrs. Maria Colette) 
CAROZZA, Mary; 1959 {See Morrison, Mrs. Mary) 
CARPENTER, Alexandra; 1958 (See Cole, Mrs. Alexandra) 
CARPENTER, Mrs. Alvine M. (Alvine M. Farrell); 1955 ; r; 52 

Pippins Way, Morristown, NJ 07960, 973 401-0407 
CARPENTER, Angeline Lorene; 1994 (See Good, Mrs. Angeline 

CARPENTER, Mrs. Beverly (Beverly Tumbull); 1971 ; BS FL 
State Univ.; Homemaker; r: 2529 Banchory Rd., Winter Park, FL 
32792, 407 644-3488; ... 

'CARPENTER, Carol; 1939 (See Gillan, Mrs. Carol) 
'CARPENTER, Ms. Diana Bradley; 1993 
'CARPENTER, Eleanor; 1934 (See Long, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'CARPENTER, Frances; ACAD (See Erben, Mrs. Frances) 
CARPENTER, Freida; ?973 (See Tucker, Ms. Freida) 
'CARPENTER, Mrs. Helen (Polly) (Helen Hedge); 1953 
CARPENTER, Mrs. Judith Williams (Judith Keane Williams); 
1979 BA; Dir. of Alumnae Affairs, St. Catherine's Sch., 6001 
Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-2804; r: 5505 
Kingsbury Rd., Richmond, VA23226, 804 282-0854; Hunter, 

'CARPENTER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Haga); 1929 
"CARPENTER. Margaret; 7930 (See Crooks, Mrs. Margaret) 
"CARPENTER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Howe); 1923 
"CARPENTER, Mary; 7927 (See Temple, Mrs. Mary) 
CARPENTER, Ruth Berrien; 1958 (See Pitts, Mrs. Ruth Berrien) 



CARPENTER, Mrs. Victoria L., PT DCS (Victoria L. White); 
1972 ; BA Vanderbilt Univ., MS Stanford Univ.; Physical Thera- 
pist, Fit Physical Therapy, Littleton, CO; r: 21 60 S. Adams, 
Denver, CO 80210, 303 759-2127; Marc; Kristen, Kelly 
"CARPENTER, Virginia; )926(See Ellertson, Mrs. Virginia) 
CARPENTER, Virginia F.; 1967 (See Delgado, Mrs. Virginia 

"CARPER, Alice L.; 1924 (See Langbein, Mrs. Alice L.) 
"CARPER, Mrs. Bernice (Bernice Green); 1922 
CARPER, Elizabeth; 1954 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Elizabeth C.) 
"CARPER, Margaretta; 7922 (See MacLeod, Mrs. Margaretta) 
CARR, Andrea Scott (Andrea Scott von Wiesenthal); 1978 AB; 
Chef/Owner, Drasi Von Wiesenthal Catering; r: 2136 Pleasant 
Grove Rd., Encinitas, CA 92024, 760 634-3718; Kevin; 
CARR, Anne; 7967 (See Bingham, Mrs. Anne) 
CARR, Mrs. Deborah Anne (Deborah Anne Falcigno); 7977 BA; 
MED Univ. New Hampshire; Cnslt.; r: 3540 Magellan Cir. #511, 
Aventura, FL 33180, 305 792-0450; Robert(Jed); 
"CARR, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Kohn); 1928 
"CARR, Mrs. Emily (Emily Schuber); 7947 AB 
CARR, Eugenie W.; 796SBA; Free-lance Writer/Editor, 128 
Taylor St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101, 336 725-0465; r: same, 
336 725-6071; 
"CARR, Janet; 7937 (See Greer, Mrs. Janet) 
"CARR, Katherine; 7937 (See Graham, Mrs. Katherine) 
CARR, Katharine Mara; 7998BA;AssL Lab Mgr., HVJ Assocs., 
Inc., 6120 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX 77072, 281 933-7388; 
r: 11906 Cliffgate, Houston, TX 77072, 281 879-4482; 
CARR, Marjorie L.; 7940 (See Fausch, Mrs. Marjorie L.) 
CARR, Mrs. Mary Ann (Mary Ann Housel); 793S ; Homemaker; 
r: 1 00 Newbury Ct., Apt. 31 3, Concord, MA 01 742, 978 287-1 461 ; 
Louis, Stephen, Deborah, Patricia 
'CARR, Mildred L.; 7965 (See Finney, Mrs. Mildred L.) 
CARR, Myra; 7936 (See Baldwin, Mrs. Myra) 
'CARR, Patricia; 7945 (See Bowie, Mrs. Patricia) 
CARR, Phyllis; 7947 (See Beinhom, Mrs. Phyllis C.) 
CARR, Susan Engel; 7986 (See Nickel, Mrs. Susan Carr) 
'CARR, Mrs. Susan M. (Susan M. Pond); 7970 AB 
CARR, Suzanne C; 7967 (See Fitzgerald, Mrs. Suzanne C.) 
CARR, Thelma Chhstine; 7976 (See Dykstra, Mrs. Christine Carr) 
CARRELL, Mrs. Ann (Ann Eagles); 1959 AB; Retired Historian, 
Natl. Society for Sons of Am. Revolution; r: 2531 Top Hill Rd., 
Louisville, KY 40206, 502 896-6089; William P. St.; W.P. II Esq. 
CARRIER, Ms. Tracy Lynn; 7992; r: 58 Chapman St., Presque 

Isle, ME 04769, 207 768-7341 
CARRIERE, Christine Marie; 1990 (See Zazulak, Mrs. Christine 

'CARRIGER, Mrs. Martha C. (Martha C. Swingle); 7964 
CARRINGER, Ms. Nancy B. (Nancy A. Beekman); 7960, 1 966 
AB; Educ. Sch. Counseling Retired, South Brunswick Bd. of 
Educ; r: 144 Kingsland Cir., Monmouth Jet., NJ 08852, 732438- 
'CARRINGTON, Mrs. A. Harrell; 7924 AB 
'CARRINGTON, Mrs. Anne M. (Anne M. Teall); 7947 
'CARRINGTON, Mrs. Elise (Elise Craddock); ACAD 
'CARRINGTON, Leila; 7977 
CARRINGTON, Melissa Suzanne; 7986(See Laurie, Mrs. Melissa 

'CARRINGTON, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Simpson); 7927 
CARRINGTON, Sallie Ann; 7986 (See Proulx, Mrs. Sallie Ann) 
'CARRISON, Elizabeth; ACAD 

CARRISON, Mrs. Mary Leigh (Molly) Woltz, CPA (Mary Leigh 
(Molly) Woltz); 7970 AB; MBA Boston Univ.; CFO, Brantley 
Properties, Inc., 336 373-0028; r: 1012 Sunset Dr., Greensboro, 
NC 27408, 336 273-9647; Henry; Henry; 
CARROLL, Ann Shay; 7968 (See Dailey, Mrs. Ann Carroll) 
'CARROLL, Anne; 7922 (See Rodda, Mrs. Anne) 
CARROLL, Anne Parker; 7956(See Mulholland, Mrs. Anne Parker) 
'CARROLL, Clara B.; ACAD (See Wooten, Mrs. Clara B.) 
'CARROLL, Clytie; 7973 (See Allen, Mrs. Clytie) 
'CARROLL, Cornelia; 7978 (See Gardner, Mrs. Cornelia) 
CARROLL, Deborah; 7949 (See Conery, Mrs. Deborah) 
'CARROLL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Combs); 7934 AB 



'CARROLL, Mrs. Frances (Frances Insley); 1923 

CARROLL, Mrs. Georgia Graham (Georgia S. Graham); 1966 

AB; Homemal<er; r: 3573 Thomas Ave., Montgomery, AL 361 11 , 

334 281-5232 
'CARROLL, Gloria A.; 1967 {See Daly, Mrs. Gloria A.) 
'CARROLL, Grace; ACAD (See Myer, Mrs. Grace) 
'CARROLL, Mrs. Helen (Helen Case); 1922 
'CARROLL, Jean; 1941 (See Biggerstaff, Mrs. Jean) 
CARROLL, Kathryn Holbrook; 1966 (See Mathewson, Rev. 

Kathryn Carroll) 
CARROLL, Mrs. Lee (Lee Huston); 1964 AB; r: 1046 Lagunita 

Rd., Pasadena, CA 91 105, 626 441-4555; 
CARROLL, Lee Sweigard; )9S7(See Roebuck, Mrs. Lee Carroll) 
CARROLL, Linda J.; 7975 (See Matthews, Mrs. Linda J.) 
CARROLL, Mrs. Lindsey Boswell (Lindsey Edwards Boswell); 

f988AB;lntl. Banking; r: 1211 N Rotary Dr., High Point, NC 

27262, 336 885-5798; Leighton; Chase; 
'CARROLL, Mrs. Lou (Lou McWhorler); ACAD 
'CARROLL, Lydia; 1932 (See Gibson, Mrs. Lydia) 
CARROLL, Mary A.; ?930BS;r:469 Commerce St., Havre De 

Grace, MD 21078 
CARROLL, Mrs. Mary Lois (Mary Lois Miller); 1952 AB; Home- 
maker, Hammondsport, NY 14840, 607 868-3708; r: 6260 

Spoonbill Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34652, 727 846-7864; 

Hubert; Lois, Stuart; 
CARROLL, Merlyn M.; 1993 {See Burks, Mrs. Merlyn M.) 
CARROLL, Patricia L.; 1974 (See Bankenstein, Mrs. Patricia L.) 
'CARROLL, Pearl M.; 1930 
CARROLL, Mrs. Priscilla E. Newton (Priscilla Elizabeth Newton); 

?987AB; JD Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr.;Asst. US Atty., US 

Atty. Ofc. District of Columbia, 555 Fourth St. NW, Washington, 

DC 20001 ;r: 1501 Peggy Ct., Crofton, MD 211 14; James; 
'CARROLL, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Cansler); SPEC 
CARROLL, Sheila Bradley; 1964 (See Cooprider, Rev. Sheila 

CARROLL, Mrs. Sigrid Anne (Sigrid Anne Zirkle); 1993 BA; MBA 

CIg. of William & Mary; Business Devel. Mgr., Antenna Audio, 

Sausalito,CA, 617 227-7793; r: 67 Mount Vernon St. Apt. G, 

Boston, MA 02108, 617 227-9895; William; 

CARROLL, Mrs. Susan M. (Susan Jean McGettigan); 1977 AB; 

MA Fairfield Univ., AS; Coord., New Canaan HS, 11 Farm Rd., 

New Canaan, CT 06840; r: 3 Norholt Dr., New Canaan, CT 

06840, 203 972-6440; Richard; Mary; 
CARROLL, Thula Ruth; 1946 (See Gibson, Mrs. Thula Ruth) 
CARROLL, Mrs. Victoria McCullough (Victoria Ann McCullough); 

1984 BA; Free-lance Writer; r: 220 Lincoln Ave., Highland Park, 

NJ 08904, 732 745-0622; Michael; Emma; 
CARROLL, 2nd Lt. Zakiya U., USAF; 1999BA; Transportation 

Ofcr., Andrews AFB, MD 20762; r: 1 147 Gibbs St., San Antonio, 

TX 78202, 210 229-9375; Juan Norris; 
CARRON, Mrs. Kristen Angell (Kristen Angell Beauvais); 1992 

BS; Secondary Math Tchr., Ausable Valley Central Sch., 51 8 834- 

2800; r: 945 Military Tpk., Plattsburgh, NY 1 2901 , 51 8 561 -8631 ; 
'CARRUTHERS, Helen; 7935 (See Hackwell, Mrs. Helen) 
XARRUTHERS, Mrs. Kathleen (Kathleen Firestone); 1929 
"CARRY, Peggy; 1935 (See Durland, Mrs. Peggy) 
CARSEY, Mrs. Betti Lynn; 1976 ; r: 3648 Overbrook, Houston, TX 

77027,713 622-3234 
'CARSON, Beatrice; 7927 (See Marks, Mrs. Beathce) 
CARSON, Cameron Brooke; 1989 (See Mosier, Mrs. Cameron 

CARSON, Ms. Carole; 1982 AB; r: HC 69 Box 51 8C, Spencer, TN 

38585, 931 946-3286 
CARSON, Ms. Heather Rebecca; 2000BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; 

Loyal Solution Profn., Circles, 300 Congress St., Fl. 6, Boston, 

MA 02210, 617 622-6665; r: 592 Trapelo Rd. # 2, Belmont, MA 

02478,617 489-3181; 

r: • 

•Address Unknown "Deceased 

CARSON, Leslie Lorraine; 1990 (See Albizzatti, Mrs. Leslie 

XARSON, Lucy H.; ?925(See Haddow, Mrs. Lucy H.) 
XARSON, Mary; 1940 (See Kellogg, Mrs. Mary) 
CARSON, Virginia; 1941 (See Garver, Mrs. Virginia L.) 
CARSWELL, Elizabeth P.; ?955(See Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth C.) 
CART, Mrs. Donna (Donna Robinson); 1952; Homemaker; 

r: 1140 Partridge Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29302, 864 583-5685; 

Walter; EmWy, Walter Jr., Rob, Lucile; 
*CART, Mrs. Lucille (Lucille Montgomery); 1922 
CARTER, Abigail Catherine; 1989 {See Rudenshiold, Mrs. Abigail 

CARTER, Ms. Aline Hope; 1994 BA; Design Asst., Tiffany & Co., 

2 E. 57th St. 9th FL, New York, NY 10022, 212 605-4654; 

r: 252 E. 61st ST. #2-NC, New York, NY 10021; 
CARTER, Mrs. Amy Everett (Amy Elizabeth Everett); 1997 BA; 

Dir. of Ping., SANS Inst., 713 861-7968; r: 11 14 Wynnwood Ln., 

Houston, TX 77008; Daragh; 

'CARTER, Ann; 7959 (See Barrett, Mrs. Ann) 
CARTER, Mrs. Ann MacDonald (Margaret Ann G. MacDonald); 

1997 BA; Assoc. Dir./Dir. of Alumnae CIg. Programs, Sweet Briar 

CIg. Alumnae Ofc, Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 24595; r: 1045 

Rivermont Ter., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 386-3071 ; /W/cftae/; 
'CARTER, Anna; 7980 (See Kendall, Mrs. Anna) 
CARTER, Mrs. Anna Gallant (Anna Louise Gallant); 1987; BS 

Univ. of NC Chapel Hill; Habitat for Humanity-Charlotte; r: 1 91 4 

Sterling Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209, 704 343-0689; Rob Stuart; 

'CARTER, Mrs. Annabel (Annabel Eberhardt); 7926 
'CARTER, Mrs. Anne (Anne Russell); 7934 BA 
CARTER, Anne B.; 7963 (See Brothers, Mrs. Anne) 
CARTER, Mrs. Anne Odeneal (Anne Odeneal Babson); 7967 AB; 

r: 3412 AvonmoreSt.#101, Las Vegas, NV 89129, 702 869-3219 
'CARTER, Annie M.; 7924 
'CARTER, Ashley C; 7925 
'CARTER, Carolyn Elisabeth; 7934 (See Clark, Mrs. Carolyn 

'CARTER, Mrs. Cary (Gary Bunwell); 7935 BS 
CARTER, Catherine Clement; 7982; r: Box 243, Butler, GA 

CARTER, Christina; 7980 (See Sauer, Mrs. Christina) 
'CARTER, Christine Lee; 7986 
CARTER, Mrs. Edna (Edna Swann); 7942 ; BA Univ. of TN; 

Retired Sch. Secy.; r: 4425 Barton Springs Dr., Morristown, TN 

37813,423 586-0966; W//arcf,-Willard, Ann, Frances, Richard, 

CARTER, Mrs. Eleanor Jane (Eleanor Jane Wells); 7983 AB; 

Tchr., Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Hairgrove Elementary Sch., 7120 

N.EIdridge, Houston, TX 77041; r: 10506 Cutting Horse Ln., 

Houston, TX 77064; GarK,' William, Grace; 
'CARTER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Payne); 7929 
CARTER, Mrs. Elsie (Elsie Prichard); 7959AB;BA Sweet Briar; 

r: 4011 Kanawha Ave. SE, Charleston, WV 25304, 304 342-1 184; 

Wiiliam;W\\\, Alice, Cathehne, Fred 
CARTER, Emily Kathryn; 2007 (See Nichols, Mrs. Emily Kathryn 

CARTER, Mrs. Erin 0. (Erin Eileen O'Boyle); 1993 BA; Practice 

Automation Spec, Hunton & Williams, LLP, Riverfront PIz,, 951 

E Byrd St., Richmond, VA 23219, 804 788-8763; r; 3805 

Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 23230, 804 359-9194; 


CARTER, Evelyn; 7973 (See Cowles, Mrs. Evelyn) 
CARTER, Mrs. Frank (Jane Munnerlyn); 7950; Antiques/ 

Homemaker; r: 2895 Normandy Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 

352-1565; Frank (Dec); Frank C, Benjamin M., Wilson M., Jane 

CARTER, Ms. Ginger D.; 7997 
'CARTER, Mrs. Heather (Heather Edgar); 7962 
CARTER, Helen; 7926 (See Bailey, Mrs. Helen) 
CARTER, Jacy Elizabeth; 1990 (See Allen, Mrs. Jacy Elizabeth) 
"CARTER, Jane L.; 7952 (See Ogburn, Mrs. Jane L.) 




*CARTER, Jane Stewart; 1983 (See Ware, Mrs. Jane Stewart) 
''CARTER, Jean W.; 1946 (See Telford, Mrs. Jean W.) 
•CARTER, Jennifer L.; 1986/^8 

CARTER, Mrs. Jill Straughan (Jill Swain Straugfian); 1990 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 201 S. Main St., Madison, GA 30650, 706 342- 
9263; Wilson: Bailey M., Mary Wilson; 
"CARTER, Joy; 1940 (See Forse, Mrs. Joy) 
CARTER, Julia Witten; 1989 (See Baker, Ms. Julia Witten) 
CARTER, Katherine Hill; ?962(See Nelson, Mrs. Katfierine Carter) 
CARTER, Mrs. Kristen June (Kristen June Kreassig); 1987 BA; 
MS Old Dominion Univ.; Exec. Dir., Early Discoveries, YMCA of 
SHFWirginia Bch. City Public Sctis., 4876-1 1 8 Princess Anne Rd. 
PMB 334, Virginia Bch., VA 23462, 757 467-8900; r: 4589 
Cfiurch Point PL, Virginia Bcfi., VA 23455, 757 313-61 1 1 ; Dave: 

CARTER, Mrs. Louise Bouldin (Louise Knox Bouldin); 1990 AB; 
BS Athens State CIg., MA Univ. of Alabama Birmingham; 
Retired Hospital Admin./Rehab. Liaison, HealthSouth; r: 2880 
Hampton Cove Way, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763, 256 536- 
2148; Bran,' Virginia L.; 
r: Ibcarterl © 
"CARTER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Baker); ACAD 
"CARTER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Stewart); SPEC 
"CARTER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Buell); ACAD 
"CARTER, Mary; 1943 (See Richardson, Mrs. Mary) 
"CARTER, Mary C; 1940 (See Murray, Mrs. Mary C.) 
"CARTER, Mary L.; ACAD {See Denman, Mrs. Mary L.) 
'CARTER, Mrs. May T. (May T. Crumpler); 1946 
CARTER, Mrs. Melissa Fauber (Mary Melissa Fauber); 2000 BA; 
MED Univ. of Virginia; 2nd Grade Tchr., Amherst Cnty. Public 
Schs. -Pleasant View Elem., 229 Dancing Creek Rd, Monroe, VA 
24574, 434 922-7333; r: 1 1 6 Cedar St., Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 
946-7051 ; Jack: 
r: fauberOI @ 
CARTER, Nancy; ^950 (See Jewell, Mrs. Nancy) 
CARTER, Mrs. Nancy E. (Nancy E. Craig); 1949;r: 1 09 
Dogwood Rd, Lancaster, VA 22503, 804 462-9934 
"CARTER, Mrs. Nenetta (Nenetta Burton); ACAD 
CARTER, Rebecca May; 1981 (See Barger, Mrs. Rebecca May) 
'CARTER, Ruth N.; 1941 (See Finnell, Mrs. Ruth N.) 
'CARTER, Sally; 1973 
'CARTER, Mrs. Sally (Sally Knoke); 1969 
CARTER, Sharon (Shirl) Yvonne; 1983 AB; MED Lynchburg CIg.; 
Dir. Clubhouse, Hudson House, Central VA Community Service, 
Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434 847-8031; r: POB 2308, Lynchburg, 
VA 24501 , 434 528-4757 
CARTER. Mrs. Susan; 1991 BA; Arl Tchr., Seven Hills, Private 
Sch., Lynchburg, VA; r: 4715 Boonsboro Rd., Apt. 21, Lynch- 
burg, VA 24503, 434 384-4742 
CARTER, Mrs. Susan F. (Susan M. Fitzgerald); y974 AB; J D 
Wake Forest Univ.; Dir. Development, Agnes Scott CIg., 141 E 
College Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, 404 471-6295; r; 406 Spring 
House Cv, Atlanta, GA 30307, 404 378-4746; John: Elizabeth 
Dahl, Katherine Dahl; 
scarier @ 
'CARTER, Mrs. Susan L. (Susan L. Tenery); 1970 
CARTER, Tracy Christine; 1989 (See Warren, Mrs. Tracy Carter) 
'CARTiER, Renee; 1989 

CARTWRIGHT, Claire; 1978 (See Vaughan, Mrs. Claire) 
"CARTWRIGHT, Mrs. Frances (Frances Simpson); 1921 AB 
CARTWRIGHT, Jean R.; 1974 (See Dixon, Mrs. Jean R.) 
CARTWRIGHT, Peggy A.; 7973 (See Brandetsas, Mrs. Peggy A.) 
CARUTHERS, Mrs. Adele (Adele Scott); y958BA; Tufts Univ 
(OTR & CHT); Rehab./Therapist, Novacare, Santa Fe, NM 
r:2708 B Herradura, Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505 984-3279 
Susanna, Bruce, Lindy; 
CARVAILLO, Mrs. Vera (Vera LeCraw); 1964 AB; r: 10, rue de 
I'Ouie 78730, St. Amoult-en-Yvelin, France; 
CARVER, Ellen Reed; 7985 (See Buriingame, Mrs. Ellen Reed) 
CARVER, Mrs. Joan E. (Joan E. Goldsworthy); 1974 ; BA Univ. 
of GA, MS Troy State Univ.; Family Couns./Homemaker; r; 1 18 
N Lakeside Dr. NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144, 770 426-6176; 
Carlton: Cara, Randall; . .■ . 


*CARY, Helen; 7939 (See Stewart, Mrs. Helen) 
"CARY, Pattie A.; 797 7 (See Cecil, Mrs. Pattie A.) 
CASALINI, Mrs. Elizabeth Frenzel (Elizabeth Dickson Frenzel); 

7982AB; Asst. Photographer, Casalini Photography, 10 1/2 N. 

Main St., Zionsville, IN 46077, 317 873-4858; r: 1 1920 Spring- 
mill Rd, Carmel, IN 46032, 317 575-0652; Tom; Guide, Eli, Liza, 


CASE, Mrs. Anne Faulconer (Anne Wright Faulconer); 7985 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 40 E 88th St. No 5B, New York, NY 10128, 212 

289-1640; John: Elizabeth, John; 
"CASE, Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth J. Courtney); 7935 
"CASE, Helen; 7922 (See Carroll, Mrs. Helen) 
"CASE, Helen R.; 7920 

"CASE, Louise; 7978 (See McGuire, Mrs. Louise) 
CASE, Lucy; 7942 (See Wendelken, Mrs. Lucy) 
'CASE, Mrs. Madolyn C. (Madolyn C. Johnston); 7939 
'CASELLA, Angela; 7963 (See Fontana, Mrs. Angela) 
CASEY, Mrs. Amelia Jo (Amelia Jo Gray); 7967 AB; r : 1311 

Antigua Ln., Houston, TX 77058, 281 333-3211 
CASEY, Mrs. Ardean (Ardean Alexander); 7940 ; BS Northwest- 
ern Univ.; r; 1300 Wisconsin River Rd, Port Edwards, Wl 54469, 

715 887-2118; 

CASEY, Candida Marie; 7976 AB; MBA American Grad. Sch. Intl. 

Mgmt; Intl. Institutional Sales, William Blair & Co., 222 W. Adams, 

Chicago, IL 60606, 312 364-8440; r: 2601 N. Greenview #J, 

Chicago, IL 60614, 773 404-3148; 
CASEY, Caroline Y.; 7949 (See Lindemann, Mrs. Caroline Y.) 
CASEY, Creigh S.; 7973 (See Krin, Mrs. Creigh S.) 
"CASEY, Mrs. Janet (Janet Keeling); 7923 
"CASEY, Kathleen; 7935 (See Highsmith, Mrs. Kathleen) 
"CASEY, Louise W.; 7920 (See Morris, Mrs. Louise W.) 
CASH, Mrs. Ann Michelle (Ann Michelle Dawson); 7994 BA; 

Special Educ. Tchr./Masters of Educ. Student, Amherst Cnty. 

Public Schs./Lynchburg CIg.; r; POB 1347, Amherst, VA 24521; 

G. Scott: Sydney-Ann, Collin 
CASH, Ms. Brandy Leigh; 2000 BA; 4th Grade Tchr., Tye River 

Elem., 5198 Thomas Nelson Hwy., Arrington, VA 22922; r: 437 

S. Five Forks Rd., Monroe, VA 24574, 434 929-4950; Les 


CASH, Cathy Dawn; 7984 (See Mays, Mrs. Neal A.) 
CASH, Mrs. Courtney B. (Courtney Boyle); 7997; BS Samford 

Univ.; Tchr., Chelsea Elem.; r: 131 Lorena Ln., Birmingham, AL 

35213, 205 871-3395; Matthew: 
CASH, Courtney E.; 7968 (See Mustin, Mrs. Courtney C.) 
CASH, Elvira Deborah; 7977 (See Pecora, Mrs. Elvira Deborah) 
CASH, Susan Sydelle; 7982 (See Leazer, Mrs. Susan Sydelle) 
CASH, Mrs. Susan Tomlin; 7996 BA; Dir. of Day Support Svcs., 

The ARC of Central VA, 41 08 Bedford Ave. , Lynchburg, VA 24502, ' 

434 845-4071; r; 116 Ivy Hill Ln., Monroe, VA 24574, 434 299- I 

5767; Jeff; James, Joshua, Caitlin; j 

"CASKEY, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Griffin); 7936 AB I 

CASKIE, Mrs. Anne (Anne Elliott); 7953 AB; Homemaker; r: 100 

Kennondale Ln., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-1028; Challen; 

'CASNER, Jane; 7967 (See Blankman, Mrs. Jane) i 

CASNER, Sandra; 7965 (See Fulghum, Ms. Sandra C.) i 

"CASON, Mrs. Adella (Adella Page); ACAD 
CASSADA, Mrs. Katherine Connors (Katherine Beasley Connors); 

7986AB; Homemaker; r: 3800 Bonwood Dr., Charlotte, NC ' 

2821 1 , 704 367-3438; Garland: Jocelyn, G.; { 

r: ' 

"CASSARD, Mary; 7925 (See Thomas, Mrs. Mary) 

CASSEDY, Dianne; 7969 (See Lambert, Dr. Dianne) 
"CASSELL, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Boume); 7929 
"CASSELS, Gladys; SPEC (See Cone, Mrs. Gladys) 
CASSIDY, Catherine Stiriing; 7987 (See Smith, Mrs. Catherine 

'CASSIDY, Elizabeth; 7933 (See Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CASSIDY, Nancy Ellen; 7983 (See Mara, Mrs. Nancy Cassidy) 
CASSIDY, Patricia Anne; 7976 (See Higgins, Ms. Patricia Anne) : 



CASTEEN, Debbie; 1993 BA; Cnslt., Sutton Reed & Croft Svcs., 

POB13252, Norfolk, VA 23506; 
CASTELLI. Fernanda; 1962 {See Sammis, Mrs. Fernanda C.) 
CASTLE, Jennifer; y972(See Gerrish, Jennifer C, Esq.) 
'•CASTLE, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Quinby); ACAD 
CASTLE, Peggy Lee; )986; Retired Mktg. Coord.; r: 49 N Park 

Ave. #703, Lombard, IL 60148, 630 953-9662 
CASTLE, Susan L.; 1974 (See Rolewick, Mrs. Susan L.) 
CASTLE, Virginia Lee; 1978 (See Bickley, Mrs. Virginia Lee) 
CASTLES, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee (Elizabeth Lee Gantt); 1982 BA; 

MA Univ. South Carolina-Columbia; Homemaker; r: 5126 

Hillside Ln., Columbia, SC 29206, 803 738-7987; C; Mason , 

Guy IV, Mary, Gantt, Ray, Clara 
'*CASTNER, Mrs. Ida (Ida Walker); 1918 AB 
CASTON-GAA, Mrs. Anne Marie; 1989 AB; BSN Johns Hopkins 

Univ.; Grad. Student, Nursing & Public Health, Johns Hopkins 

Univ.; r: 1255 Maple Ave., Arbutus, MD 21227, 410 536-5863; 

Scott Gaa: 
CASTRO, Ms. Aracelie L.; 7999 BS; Finance Ofcr., USA; r: 1019 

Canton St., San Antonio, TX 78202, 210 227-7462; 

CASTRONUOVO, Mrs. Kerstin Ann (Kerstin Ann Chhsman); 

1991 BA; Homemaker; r: 33 NorfieldRd., Weston, CT 06883, 203 

454-8969; Gregory: Alyssa, Kendal; 
CASTROPAREDES, Mrs. Jessica Elizabeth (Jessica Elizabeth 

Lyon); 7988 AB;Dir. of Finance/Administration, Castroparedes 

Intl., 14855 Memorial Dr. Ste. 1517, Houston, TX 77079; r; POB 

79569, Houston, TX 77279 
*CASWELL, Caroline P.; 1959 (See Foss, Mrs. Caroline P.) 
CASWELL, Holly Patricia; 7992 (See King, Mrs. Holly Caswell) 
"CASWELL, Mary; 7932 (See Moon, Mrs. Mary) 
CASWELL, Ms. Mary Killorin (Mary K. Killonn); 7974 AB; MBA 

George Washington Univ.; Mgr., 3M, 651 733-3785; r: 4581 

Manitou Rd., Excelsior, MN 55331, 952 474-3677; Rictiard: 
CATANA, Deana Marie; 7989 (See Lemert, Mrs. Deana Catana) 
CATANZARO, Diane Kristine; 7977 (See Worden, Mrs. Diane 

'CATANZARO, Frederika A.; 7976(SeeTamimi, Mrs. Frederika A.) 
*CATCHINGS, Josephine; SPEC {See Thomas, Mrs. Josephine) 
"CATCHPOLE, Mrs. Dons A. (Doris A. Trent); 7956 
CATE, Elizabeth; 1962 {See Pringle, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
*CATE, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Royal); 7949 
CATE, Mary Sue; 7987 (See Mayes, Mrs. Mary Sue) 
CATES, Ms. Anne Sniffen (Anne Sniffen); 7977 BA; Secy . , 

Moravian Acad. Lower Sch., 422 Heckewelder PI., Bethlehem, 

PA 18018, 610 868-8571; r: 3572 Laurel Ln., Center Valley, PA 

18034, 610 791-2503; Ward; Katherine; 

"CATES, Elisabeth; 7927 (See Wall, Mrs. Elisabeth) 
CATES, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Stanly); 1963 AB; AB; Retired 

Travel Agcy. Owner; r: 1000 Beach Rd Apt. 399, Vero Beach, FL 

32963,772 231-4842; 

■•CATES, Mary L.; 7953 (See Hayes, Mrs. Mary L.) 
CATES, Melissa Schaan; 2002; Freshwater Curator, St. Louis 

Children'sAquarium, St. Louis, MO, 31 4 647-601 1;r: 701 N 

Third St., St. Charles, MO 63301, 636 946-7159; 

CATES, Virginia; 7963 (See Mitchell, Mrs. Virginia) 
CATHCART, Cary Elizabeth; 7983 (See Gritzfeld-Fagan, Mrs. 

Cary Elizabeth) 
CATHER, Elizabeth; 7930 (See Lansing, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CATLETT, Catherine Suzanne; 7976 (See Collins, Mrs. Catherine 

"CATLETT, Lucy; 7974 
"CATLIN, Faith; 7953 (See Peters, Mrs. Faith) 
CATLIN, Judith R.; 7954 : AB Bryn Mawr CIg., MA Harvard Univ.; 

Freelance Writer Retired; r: 3726 Connecticut Ave. NW, Wash- 
ington, DC 20008, 202 363-5971 ; Miles Jones 
CATLIN, Mrs. Katherine A. (Katherine A. Cummings); 7970 AB; 

MED Lesley CIg.; Mgmt. Cnslt., Catlin Grp., 241 Central SL, 

Hingham,MA02043, 781 749-3292; r: same, 781 749-7493; 

Avery (Chip): Jack, Reed; 

•Address Unknown ••Deceased 

CATO, Mrs. Helen P. (Helen P. Butler); 7968 AB; Special Educ. 
Tchr., Eames Way Sch.; r: 230 Moraine St., Marshfield, MA 
02050, 781 834-1622; M/c/7ae/,- Leslie, Ben, Emily, Jane, Tim, 
Aly, Cathy; 
*CATO, Mabel; SPEC (See Tillar, Mrs. Mabel) 
•CATON, Mrs. Helen (Helen Taylor); 7978 
CATRON, Laurie Lee; 7985 (See McCleary, Mrs. Laurie Catron) 
CATRON, Lisa Elizabeth; 7980 (See Hodges, Mrs. Lisa Elizabeth) 
•CATTERALL, Margaret; 7926 (See Mills, Mrs. Margaret) 
'CAUDILL, Mrs. Elizabeth Linsley (Elizabeth Linsley Alexander); 

'CAUGHEY, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Billingsley); 7934 
CAUGHMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) L. (Elizabeth L. Brewer); 
1970 AB; MLS Emory Univ.; Dir. Volunteers & Visitors Svcs., 
Historic Brattonsville, 1444 Brattonsville Rd., Mc Connells, SC 
29726, 803 684-2327; r: 310 College Ave., Rock Hill, SC 29730, 
803 324-3535; Jerry; David; 
•CAULEY, Audreylind Valvet; 7997 (See Kraus, Mrs. Audreylind 

•CAULK, Mrs. Louise (Louise Brinkley); 7923 
CAULK, Ms. Margaret Leigh; 7990 AB; Special Events Coord., 
Natl. Air & Space Museum, MRC 31 0, 6th St./lndependence Ave., 
Washington, DC 20560, 202 633-2340; r: 4824 Chevy Chase Dr. 
No 201 , Chevy Chase, MD 2081 5, 301 657-331 7; 
CAUSBY, Jill Diane; 7989 (See Skerlak, Mrs. Jill Diane) 
•CAUSBY, Susan Bliss; 7989 (See Wilson, Mrs. Susan Bliss) 
•CAUSEY, Mrs. Clara (Clara MacRae); 7940 AB 
•CAUSEY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Jamison); 7925 
•CAUSEY, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hendnx); 7930 
CAUSING, Casey; 1985 BA; Computer Analyst, Harold's 

Investing Co., POB 13252, Norfolk, VA 23506 
CAUTHEN, Sidney; 7993 (See Bullard, Mrs. Sidney Cauthen) 
•CAUTHORN, Ann M.; 7940 AB 
CAUTHORN, Nina; 7937 (See Jarvis, Mrs. Nina) 
•CAUWENBERG, Elizabeth; 7965 (See Sprinkle, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CAVALIER, Ashley Cells, MD (Ashley Virginia Cells); 7993 BS; 
MD Med. CIg. GA; Dermatologist, Bryn Mawr Skin&Cancer Inst., 
830 Old Lancaster Rd., Ste. 108, N. Med. BIdg., Bryn Mawr, PA 
19010, 610 525-5028; r: 264 Ripka SL, Philadelphia, PA 19127, 
215 483-2569; euc/f,Cason; 
CAVALLARO, Carolyn Joyce; 7986; r; 6513 Three Chopt Rd., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-7797 
CAVALLO, Natalie; 7955 (See Wills, Mrs. Natalie) 
CAVANAUGH, Mrs. Heidi Faulconer; 7996 BA; Pharmaceutical 
Sales, Pharmacia Corp.; r: 8 Fawn Run, Bloomsbury, NJ 08804, 
908 722-7775; Ttiomas; 
•CAVE, Mrs. Cecile P. (Cecile P. Klein); ACAD 
CAVE, Mary E.; 7953 ; BA Univ. of TX; r: 4665 Belclaire, Dallas, 

TX 75209, 214 526-8017 
CAVEN, Florence; 7938 (See Crosnoe, Mrs. Florence) 
•CAVEN, Mary E.; 7973 

CAVERLY, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Dillingham); 7963 ; r: POB 
89, Ookala, HI 96774; 
•CAVETT, Wilma; 7947 (See Records, Mrs. Wilma) 
•CAWLEY, Barbara; 7933 (See Wilson, Mrs. Barbara) 
CAWTHON, Cynthia Anne; 7993(SeeCrymes, Mrs. Cynthia Anne) 
*CAYE, Mrs. Catherine C. (Catherine C. Giddings); 7927 
•CAYWOOD, Mrs. Hallie J. (Hallie J. Williamson); 7930 
CECCARELLI, Daniella Renee; 7993 (See Toomey, Mrs. Daniella 

CECIL, Diana Ryan; 7979 (See Pickering, Mrs. Diana Cecil) 
CECIL, Mrs. Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth W. Ryland); 7 946 AB; 

r: POB 95, Covesville, VA 22931 
CECIL, Mrs. Heather Leigh (Heather Leigh Reynolds); 7998 BA; 
Programmer/Analyst, Centra Health, Inc., 1920 Atherholt Rd., 
Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434 947-4893; r: 131 Easton Ave., 
Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 845-2943; \madu: 
•CECIL, Mrs. Pattie A. (Pattie A. Cary); 797 7 




CEFARATTI, Ms. Rebecca Joy; 2002 BA;SUNY CIg. Buffalo; 
Grad. Student, Univ. of NY at Buffalo, 338 M.F.A.C, Buffalo, NY 
14261; r: Buffalo, NY, 716 836-3138; 
'CELENTANO. Kerry Anne; 1989 

CELIS, Ashley Virginia; 7993 (See Cavalier, Asfiley Cells, MD) 
XENDRON, Juliette Elizabeth; 1981 
CENTILLI, Mrs. Frances L. (Frances L. Watkins); 1941 A B ; 
r: 309 Washington, FOB 507, Devine, TX 78016, 830 665-2833 
XERF, Dorothy; 1921 (See Bailey, Mrs. Dorothy) 
CERRINA. Terry Lynn; ?9S6(See Davis, Mrs. Terry Lynn) 
CESAK, Patricia L.; 1973 (See Stephenson, Mrs. Patricia C.) 
XESARE, Mrs. Anne P. (Anne P. Valentine); ACAD 
CESARZ, Ms. Kathryn Ann; 2000 BS; MA Univ. of St. Andrews; 
Student, Univ. of St. Andrews; r: Deans Ct. 1 1 N St. Rm 5, St. 
Andrews Fife KY169PN, Scotland; 
grasshopper39 @ aol .com 
XHACE, Mrs. Marian (Marian Dacamera); 1915 
CHACE. Midge; 7953 (See Powell, Mrs. Midge C.) 
CHADWICK, Mrs. Romi Lee (Romi Lee Williams); 1985 ; BBA 
Univ. of Georgia; Homemaker; r: 2825 Woodland Hills Dr., 
Gumming, GA 30040, 770 781-9605; Brendan; Mary, Emma, 

r; '" 

XHAFFEE, Marian K.; 7927 AB 

CHAFFEE, Sarah; 1996 (See Chaffee Paris, Ms. Sarah Trahair) 
CHAFFEE, Virginia; 7929 (See Gwynn, Mrs. Virginia) 
CHAFFEE PARIS, Ms. Sarah Trahair (Sarah Chaffee); 7996BA; 
Free-lance Editor; r; 786 E 3rd St., S. Boston, MA 02127, 617 
268-6801 ; Jonathan; Isabella; 
XHAFFINCH, Elizabeth; 7927 (See Hombaker, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CHAIKOWSKI, Holly; 7967 (See Davis, Mrs. Holly A.) 
CHAINSKI, Victoria; 7966 (See Verity, Mrs. Victoria) 
CHALADOFF, Mrs. Jennifer Jahos (Jennifer Burton Jahos); 
79S6AB; MA Columbia Univ.; Learning Spec. & Asst., Self 
Employed; r; 5 UndercliffRd.,Montclair,NJ 07042, 973783-9326; 
Michael: Evan, Catherine; 
CHALFANT, Mrs. Marydee (Marydee Wimbish); 7960; MBA 
Ohio State Univ.; r: FOB 2056, Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32004, 904 
273-5965; Edward; Edward Cole, Margaret Louise; 
CHALKLEY, Cornelia; 7940 (See Kittler, Mrs. Comelia) 
XHALMERS, Constance; 7968 (See Binst, Mrs. Constance) 
CHALMERS, Mrs. Elise M. (Elise M. Marshall); 7973 AB; Portrait 
Artist; r: 3555 Nancy Creek Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 266- 
0839; David; Marshall, Elizabeth; 
CHALMERS, Harleigh McClellan; 79S2(See Kehoe, Mrs. Harleigh 

CHALMERS-SIMPSON, Ms. Judith Sorley (Judith Manard 
Sorley); 7959 BA; MA Seton Hall Univ.; Dir., A Better Life, Inc., 
Summit, NJ; r: 49HobartAve., Summit, NJ07901, 908273-4210; 
Keppel Simpson; Douglas, Cameron, Christopher; 
CHALOUX, Jean S.; 7972 (See Miani, Mrs. Jean S.) 
CHAMANDY, Mrs. Jacqueline R. (Jacqueline Rose Razook); 
7952AB;CradSch. of Real Estate; Realtor, Coldwell Banker, 
278 Sound Beach Ave., Old Greenwich, CT 06870, 203 637-4581 ; 
r: 14 Winthrop Dr., Riverside, CT 06878, 203 637-5300; 
XHAMBERLAIN, Alice; 7943 (See Lamar, Mrs. Alice) 
CHAMBERLAIN, Anne; 7942 (See Bywater, Mrs. Anne) 
XHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Clara K. (Clara K. Nelson); 7979 
XHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Constance (Constance Russell); 7976AB 
CHAMBERLAIN, Ms. Elizabeth; 7942AB;r:495 S. Eliseo Dr., 

Number 9, Greenbrae, CA 94904, 415 461-9754 
XHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Janet (Janet Shutts); 7924 
XHAMBERLAIN, Joan; 7954 (See Engelsman, Dr. Joan) 
XHAMBERLAIN, Margaret A.; 7925 
XHAMBERLIN, Mrs. Margery (Margery Babcock); 7949 AB 
XHAMBERLIN, Marie; 7972 (See Thornell, Mrs. Marie) 
CHAMBERS, Mrs. Allison Muller (Allison Scott Muller); 7987 AB 
Campaign Coord., PAC, Winter Park, FL 32789, 407 599-5445 
r: 1811 Winchester Dr., Winter Park, FL 32789, 407 647-3752 
Burgess; Annabelle, Emerson; 


CHAMBERS, Mrs. Bettye (Bettye Thomas); 7962 BA; MA Univ. 
of Virginia, PhD George Washington Univ.; Fellow, French Ver- 
nacular Book Proj., England; r: 21 Rodin Ct., 25 Essex Rd., 
London, England, 020-7354-9060; Samuel; 
XHAMBERS, Mrs. Cusseta (Cusseta Beaton); 7923 
XHAMBERS, Delma; 7930 (See Glazier, Mrs. Delma) 

CHAMBERS, Elisabeth; 7959 (See Burgess, Mrs. Elisabeth) 

CHAMBERS, Jennifer; 7990(See Glenn, Mrs. JenniferChambers) 
XHAMBERS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Lanier); 7933 AB 

CHAMBERS, Mia Catherine; 7987 AB; CA Culinary Acad.; Chef- 
Owner, Culinary Instr., Cucina Con Mia, 4096 Piedmont Ave. 
#263, Oakland, CA, 510 814-0758; r; 3032 Manna Dr., Alameda, 
CA 94501 ; 

CHAMBERS, Mrs. Mollie Claire (Mollie Claire Waitzman); 7987 ; 
BS Auburn Univ.; Homemaker; r; 841 1 Enterprise Ave., Tusca- 
loosa, AL 35406, 205 349-4338; Thomas; Claire Whit; 
r: mwc841 1 

CHAMBLIN, Virginia Carvel; 7955 (See Greene, Dr. Virginia 

XHAMBLISS, Margaret Mabry; 7969 (See DeBuys, Mrs. Margaret 

XHAMBLISS, Mrs. Sophia L. (Sophia L. Hall); 7927 
XHAMPE, Mrs. Charlotte T. (Charlotte T. Whinery); 7929 AB 
XHAMPEAUX, Mrs. Barbara Lisa (Barbara Lisa Mears); 7 975 

XHAMPLIN, Rosemary; 7949 (See Graves, Mrs. Rosemary) 

CHAMPSI, Jamila Hyder; 7980 AB; r: 2927 Pierce St., San Fran- 
cisco, CA 94123, 415 563-3573 

CHANCE, Ms. Allison (Allie) Blair; 7994 BS; BS Sweet Briar CIg., 
JD Georgia State Univ.; VP Trust Ofcr./Private Client Svcs., 
SunTrust, Mail Code 214, FOB 4655, Atlanta, GA 30302, 770 
813-1016; r: 2119 McKinley Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404 352- 
XHANCELLOR, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Rigney); ACAD 

CHANCLER, Mrs. Leigh Allen (Leigh Allen Matzdorl); 7997 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 1966 Mallard Ct., Pottstown, PA 19464, 610323- 
8977; Mafthew,- Alexandra; 

CHANCLER, Mrs. Nancy Christine (Nancy Chhstine Quinones); 
7989 AB; Sales Mgr., The Jefferson Hotel, Franklin & Adams Sts., 
Richmond, VA 23220, 804 371-0401 ; r; 2515 E. Broad St., Unit 
7, Richmond, VA 23223, 804 343-1033; 

CHANDLER, Mrs. Clara Sasscer (Clara Sasscer); 7 940 BA; 
Retired; r: 6902 Maple Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 652- 
2860; Harrison; Barbara, Rosalind 
XHANDLER, Emily Florence; 7988 

CHANDLER, Mrs. Ernestine M. (Ernestine White); 7 944 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 57 Woodbury PI., Rochester, NY 1461 8, 585 383- 

CHANDLER, Mrs. Fay (Fay Martin); 7943 AB; MA MD; Art, 
Engine House Studio, #4, 444 Western Ave. .Brighton, MA 02135, 
617 254-0428; r: 1010 Memorial Dr., No. 17E, Cambridge, MA 
02138; 4/fredD.; Alpine, Mimi, Appy, Howard; 

CHANDLER, Mrs. Geneva G. (Geneva G. Tayloe); 7960 ; 
r: 4073 Robinwood Cove, Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 452-4073 

CHANDLER, Marguehta; 7968 (See Riggall, Mrs. Marguerita) 

CHANDLER, Martha; 7967 (See Romoser, Mrs. Martha Ann) 
XHANDLER, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred MacOueen); 7929 

CHANDLER, Patricia; 7959 (See Burns, Mrs. Patricia) 

CHANDOR, Kathryn Crawley; 7993 (See DelPlato, Mrs. Kathryn 

CHANEY, Ellen Byme; 7983 (See Webster, Ms. Ellen Chaney) 

CHANG, Ms. Candace B. (Candace E. Buker); 7970 AB; MSW 
Boston Univ.; Div. Dir. for Child & Fam. Svcs., Baycove Human 
Svcs., 105 Victory Rd., Dorchester, MA 02122, 617 371-3010; 
r; 20 Wachusett St., #2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, 617 983-9709; 
Jean, Sonia; 
cchang @ 

CHANG, Ms, Candice K.; 7993 BA; MA Univ. of Baltimore Yale 
Gordon; Graphic Designer ll/Advt., Staples Corp. Ctr., 500 
Staples Dr., Framingham, MA, 508 583-8575; r; 53 Hill Rd Apt. 
312, Belmont, MA 02478, 617 484-2862; 



CHANG, Leona; 1956 {See Crazier, Mrs, Leona) 

'CHANLER, Ms. Amanda Arbella; 1993 

'CHANTLER, Mary H.; 1923 {See Hubbard, Mrs. Mary H.) 

CHAO, Anna; 1957 {See Pai, Anna Chao, PhD) 

'CHAPA, Isabel; ACAD 

'CHAPELLE, Sarah M.; 1972 {See Wiener, Mrs. Sarah M.) 

CHAPIN, Anne Wendell; 1983 (See Albert, Mrs. Anne Wendell) 

>CHAPIN, Mrs. Claire (Claire Handerson); 1 938 AB 

'CHAPIN, Florence; 79?8 (See Tyler, Mrs. Florence) 

'CHAPIN, Mrs. Hilda (Hilda Hude); 7945 BA 

CHAPIN, Mrs. Julia J. (Julia M. Johnson); 1961 ; RN Columbia 

Univ., BS Columbia Univ.; Retired RN; r: 331 Maple St., Contoo- 

cook, NH 03229, 603 746-3738; lA/;7//am; Julie, Kim, Bill Jr.; 
'CHAPIN, Mrs. Margaret B. (Margaret B. Berghaus); 1943 
CHAPIN, Marie; /957(See Plumley, Mrs. Marie) 
CHAPIN, Susan; 1958 (See Alex, Mrs. Susan) 
CHAPIN, Mrs. Susan Elizabeth (Susan Elizabeth Chicone); 

1989 ; Partner, Chicone Properties, Orlando, FL 32804, 407 841- 

5550; r: 1600Wlvanhoe Blvd., Orlando,FL 32804, 407418-5586 
'CHAPLIN, Mrs. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Mather); 1927 
CHAPLIN, Ms. Mary (Beth) Elizabeth; 1991 ; BS Univ. of South 

Carolina, BFA The American CIg.; Architectural & Design Mgr., 

Knoll, 191 Peachtree St., Ste. 300, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404 222- 

7126; r: 884 E. Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, 404 

CHAPLIN, Olivia Anne; 1981 (See Baker, Mrs. Olivia Anne) 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Allison Brandon (Allison Brandon Becker); 

1980 AB 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Anne G. (Anne G. Hardie); 1926 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Betty (Betty Hussey); 1942 
'CHAPMAN, Bonnie; 7965 (See McClure, Mrs. Bonnie) 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Cherry I. (Cherry I. King); 1967 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Denis Tat (Denis Tat Barnes); 1951 
'CHAPMAN, Elizabeth; 7936 (See Lacey, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CHAPMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth B. (Elizabeth B. Marvin); 7970 
CHAPMAN, Helen Gardner; 7967 (See Herring, Mrs. Helen 

CHAPMAN, Mrs. Jeanne Maria (Jeanne Maria Waters); 7983 ; 

BA Lake Forest CIg.; Homemaker; r: 7941 Imperial Dr., Franklin, 

Wl 53132; Du Wagne; Mason, Noah, Loden 
'CHAPMAN, Louise; 1929 {See Plamp, Mrs. Louise) 
CHAPMAN, Louise; 7967 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Louise) 
CHAPMAN, Lucy Armistead; 1983 (See Millar, Mrs. Lucy 

CHAPMAN, Marcia A.; 7976 (See Valez, Mrs. Marcia A.) 
CHAPMAN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Rand); 7965 AB; r; 1 30 

Aspinwall, Brookline, MA 02446, 617 734-4447 
'CHAPMAN, Martha H.; 7975 (See Howland, Mrs. Martha H.) 
'CHAPMAN, Mary; 7928 (See Wood, Mrs. Mary) 
CHAPMAN, Ms. Melinda M. (Melinda L Musgrove); 7965 BA; 

Real Estate Agt., RealtySouth, 105 Euclid Ave., Birmingham, AL 

35213, 205 879-6330; r; 371 6-C Country Club Dr., Birmingham, 

AL 35213, 205 322-0730; David, Jennifer, Brook Brittian; 
CHAPMAN, Mrs. Susan Marie (Susan Marie McDonnell); 7989 ; 

BA Univ. of Colorado; Homemaker; r: 1050 Chandler Rd., 

Woodlawn, TN 37191, 931 920-2610; Kenneth; Shelby, Konar; 

CHAPMAN, Wyline; 7945 (See Sayler, Mrs. Wyline Chapman) 
CHAPPELL, Mrs. Annette H. (Annette Harley); 7936; AB Univ. of 

Arkansas, MLS Univ. of Arkansas; Retired Administrative Asst., 

Meridian House; r: 10238 Woodley Ave., North Hills, CA 91343, 

818 891-9349; Dr Annette Mary, Dr. Joseph, C. Harley, Richard 

CHAPPELL, Ms. Blanchette B.; 7973 AB; JD; r: 2538 Brookdale 

Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305; Frank Maier: 
'CHAPPELL, Mrs. M. Suzanne (M. Suzanne Shimek); 7962 
CHAPPELLE, M. Jacqueline; 7935 (See Everett, Mrs. M. 

'CHAPPLE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Hill); 7953 
'CHARD, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Dey); 7930 
CHARETTE, Mrs. Lynn Mather (Lynn Elizabeth Mather); 7 986 

BA; Fundraising/Event Planner; r: 153 Stoner Dr., W. Hartford, 

CT 06107, 860 561-9734; John; Benjamin, Tucker, Elizabeth; 


'Address Unknown "Deceased 

CHARLES, Anna-Mary; 7937 (See Straub, Mrs. Anna-Mary) 
'CHARLES, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Boyle); 7937 AB 
CHARLES, Mrs. Elizabeth Wharton (Elizabeth Meredith Wharton); 
7986 BA; Homemaker; r: 32CopperWoods,Pittsford,NY14534, 
585 586-5312; Nicholas: Eugene, Emily; 
'CHARLES, Harriette; 7924 (See Floyd, Mrs. Harriette) 
'CHARLES, Mrs. Jacquelin E. (Jacquelin E. Franke); 7924 
CHARLIP, Mrs. Stephanie Rinaldi (Stephanie Ann Rinaldi); 7987 
AB; Home Engr.; r; 83 Ridgeway Rd, Weston, MA 02493, 781 
235-3402; Steven; Allison, Annie, Jeffrey 
'CHARTENER, Ruth; 7938 AB 
'CHARTERS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Rundle); 7937 AB 
CHASE, Barbara; 7954 (See Webber, Mrs. Barbara) 
CHASE, Mrs. Christina Anne (Christina Anne Babcock); 7 986 
AB; r: 4039 Coquina Dr. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33705, 727 821- 
CHASE, Dianne; 7958 (See Monroe, Mrs. Dianne C.) 
'CHASE, Helen C; ACAD 

CHASE, Mrs. Katharine B. (Katharine C. Bamhardt); 7967 AB; 
MAT Johns Hopkins Univ., BS Lynchburg CIg.; Parish Nurse & 
Mediator, Ascension Episcopal Church, Amherst, VA 24521; 
r:213 Briarherst Dr., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-7374; 
Robert; Leslie, Alison; 
'CHASE, Mrs. Natalie Bettis (Natalie Bettis Lucas); 7937 AB 
'CHASE, Mrs. Susan (Susan Talbot); 7928 
XHASE, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Hatch); SPEC 
CHASEN, Deborah L.; 7977 (See Wyatt, Mrs. Deborah C.) 
CHASKES, Mrs. Lee Anne (Lee Anne MacKenzie); 7 983 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 298 Woodlake Cir., Deerfield Bch., FL 33442, 954 
418-0024; Robert; Will, Robert, Adam; 
CHASON, Mrs. Isabel R. (Isabel R. Scott); 7975; BA UNC; 
Teacher Preschool, St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Preschool; 
r: 1070 Ector Chase NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152, 770 792-7997; 
William Craig: Lindsay, Emily; 
CHATHAM, Mrs. Cynthia Lee (Cynthia Lee Manning); 7975 AB; 

r: 1403 E. 58th Ave., Spokane, WA 99223, 509 448-3050 
'CHATHAM, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Felts); 7940 
'CHATHAM, Frances; 7934 (See Baldwin, Mrs. Frances) 
CHATHAM, Ms. Jackie Ann; 2000 BA;Ofc. Mgr./lntem Coord., 
Emerald Entertainment Grp., 28 Music Sq. E., Nashville, TN 
37203,615 846-5200; r: 1809 Erin Ln., Nashville, TN 37221, 615 

CHATHAM, Ms. Kristy Lynn; 2000 BS; Masters Student/Phys. 
Asst., Univ. of Florida CIg. of Medicine, Gainesville, FL; r: 2600 
SW Williston Rd Apt. 1 602, Gainesville, FL 32608, 352 374-6923; 
'CHATLANI, Asha Mohandas; 7987 (See Jain, Mrs. Asha 

CHAU, Toni; 1989 BA; Sales Mgr., StuttsAdvt.Agcy.,POB 13252, 

Norfolk, VA 23506 
CHAUNCEY, Carolyn Manville; 7986 ; Merchandise Mgr., Vanity 
Fair Magazine, 350 Madison Ave. 5th FL, New York, NY 10017, 
212 880-8750; r: 1921 Embassy Dr., W. Palm Bch., FL 33401, 
561 684-1450; 
CHEATHAM, Dolores; 7943 (See James, Mrs. Dolores) 
CHEATHAM, Mrs. Eugenia (Eugenia Rose); 7949; r: POB 109, 

Henderson, NC 27536, 252 438-4962 
CHEATHAM, Mrs. Leila (Leila Barnes); 7945 AB; r: 434 E. 
College St., Griffin, GA 30223, 770 227-4991; John (Dec); 
John, James, Leila 
'CHEATHAM, Virginia; 7939 (See Newton, Mrs. Virginia) 
'CHEEK, Mrs. Anne (Anne Huddleston); 7939 AB 
'CHEEK, Mrs. Anne (Anne McCarthy); 7940 
'CHEEK, Florence; 7943 (See Tutwiler, Mrs. Florence) 
'CHEESEMAN, Theodora; 7927 (See Mrusek, Mrs. Theodora) 
CHEESEWRIGHT, Margaret A.; 7973(See Gamer, Mrs. Margaret 

'CHELLAS. Sally L.; 7965 (See Ellis, Mrs. Sally L.) 
CHEN, Mary; 7959 (See Gutmann, Mrs. Mary) 




CHENAULT, Eliza Wilt; 2002 BA; MA Univ. of Richmond; 
Special Educ. Tchr.; r: 8103 Prospect Ln., POB 472, Hanover, 
VA 23069, 804 307-3260; 
'CHENAULT, Mrs. Nancy Holloway (Nancy Holloway Rae); 

CHENERY, Mrs. Janet D.; 1944; Retired/Editorial Dir.; r: POB 
381, Washington Depot, CT 06794, 860 868-2296; French, 
"CHENEY, Alma E.; ACAD (See Wimsatt, Mrs. Alma E.) 
"CHENEY, Elizabeth; 1939 (See Widhelm, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CHENEY, Elizabeth M.; 1969 (See Parker, Mrs. Elizabeth M.) 
XHENEY, Mrs. Janet (Janet Gage); 1929 
•CHENEY, Lucy; 1913 {See Hudson, Mrs. Lucy) 
'CHENOWETH, Anna E.; ACAD {See Ludham, Mrs. Anna E.) 
CHENOWETH, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Derr); 1938 AB; Retired; 
r: 3605 Ratliff Rd, Birmingham, AL 35210, 205 956-6389; Arthur 
(Dec): Emily, Babbie, Chip 
'CHENOWETH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sutherland); 1914 
CHENOWETH, Emily; ?967(See Major, Mrs. Emily) 
CHERNA, Mrs. Courtney Warrick (Courtney Barron Warrick); 
1984 AB; Homemaker; r: 404 Moffett Rd., Lake Bluff, IL 60044, 
847 235-1677; /Andrew; Andrew Jr., Regan, Mary; 
'CHERRY, Anita; 1935 (See Path, Mrs. Anita) 
'CHERRY, Ms. Laura; 2000 

CHERRY, Ms. Wendy L; 7974 BA;MSW Ohio State Univ.; 
Investment Rep., Edward Jones, 4457 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, 
TN 37919; r: 3860 Taliluna Ave., Knoxville, TN 37919, 865 525- 
'CHESEBRO, Mrs. Helen (Helen Prange); 1924 
CHESNEAU, Mrs. Eva (Eva Villaran); 7957; Washington Univ.; 
Retired Editor, Org. American States; r: 3414 Wessynton Way, 
Alexandria, VA 22309, 703 780-1099; Claudia, Didier, Christine; 
CHESNUTT, Mary Murphy; 1969 (See Hunt, Mrs. Mary Murphy) 
'CHESSER, Ms. Roberta Mae; 1990 
'CHESSON, Eloise S.; 1923 

CHESTON, Mrs. Disa Johnson (Disa Ann Johnson); 1985 AB; 
Horse Trainer; r: 479 Main St., W. Newbury, MA 01985; 
Charles: Chase, Myles 
CHEUNG, Mrs. Annette Teng (Annette Yung Teng); 1979 BA; 
MS Univ. of Virginia, PhD Univ. of Virginia; Engr.; r: 1 1 5 
Concord Cir., Mountain View, CA 94040; Step/ien,-Carolisa, 

'CHEWNING, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Key); ACAD 
CHI, Ms. Jane C. (Jane C. Ju); y976; Prof, of Art History, Natl. 

Cheng-Chi Univ., Mucha, Taipei, Taiwan 
'CHIAPETTA, Mrs. Karen Laureen (Karen Laureen McLain); 

1982 BA 
'CHIBOUK, Mrs. Jane (Jane Bucher); 1935 
CHICETTE, Ms. Linda Carol; 1991 ; Author & Substitute Teacher 
& Horse Trainer; r: 109 Westover Blvd., Lynchburg, VA 24501, 
434 846-4000; Daniel: Adrian, Tony; 
'CHICHESTER, Frances; 1941 (See Hull, Mrs. Frances) 
CHICONE, Susan Elizabeth; 1989 (See Chapin, Mrs. Susan 

CHIDESTER, Anna Mary; y945 (See Heywood, Mrs. Anna Mary) 
'CHILD, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Shenehon); /922 AB 
'CHILDERS, Mrs. Bertha (Bertha Morris); 1935 
CHILDERS, Mrs. Mary Jence (Mary Jence Montgomery); 1972 ; 

V. 5673 Bayou Glen Rd., Houston, TX 77056, 713 626-3918 
CHILDRESS, Ms. Carol; ^963 ; r: Terraplen No 5, San Miguelo 

Del Alle, Mexico 
CHILDRESS, Frances A.; t957(See Lee, Mrs. Frances C.) 
CHILDRESS, Ms. Melia Faith; ?998BA; MFA Univ. Virginia; 
Owner, MediaSalad, 708 Cargil Ln., Chartottesville, VA 22902, 
434 979-2114; r: same; 
CHILDRESS PAYNE, Brenda; 1988(See Payne, Mrs. Brenda) 
CHILDREY, Barbara Tyler; 1961 (See Fowler, Mrs. Barbara Tyler) 
CHILDS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) (Elizabeth Blackmer); 1942 ; 
Retired; r: 6308 River Ores., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410 897- 
9429; £; Dryden, Walter, Eugene M. Jr. 


CHILDS, Mrs. Jennifer Ann (Jennifer Ann Roach) ;1988 A B ; 
Homemaker; r: 2876 SE Brodiaea Ct., Hillsboro, OR 97123, 503 
809-9889; Mchae/; Tynan; 
'CHILES, Lisa; 1972 

CHILTON, Cynthia Noyes; 1992 (See Barrett, Mrs. Cynthia 

CHILTON, Mary; 1965 (See Gilley, Mrs. Mary) 
'CHILTON, Mary C; 1947 (See Abbot, Mrs. Mary C.) 
'CHILTON, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Ruffner); 1933 
'CHILTON, Nancy; 1956 (See Knapp, Mrs. Nancy) 

CHILTON, Polly Belle; 1942 (See Phillips, Mrs. Mary Belle) 
'CHINGOS, Claire D.; 7976 (See Wright, Mrs. Claire D.) 
'CHINN, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Brown); ?930 AB 

CHIODO, Julie Elizabeth; 1989 (See Vuillemot, Mrs. Julie 

CHIPLEY, Mabel M.; 1939; r: 501 VES Rd, Hearthside, Lynch- 
burg, VA 24503, 434 386-3351 

CHISHOLM, Julie Anne; ^993 (See Chisholm-Lahouze, Mrs. Julie 

'CHISHOLM, Leslie Hall; 1980 
'CHISHOLM, Ms. Margaret (Peggy); 1951 AB 

CHISHOLM, Mrs. Natalie (Natalie Hall); ^947 AB; r: 1 324 S 
Shore Dr. Apt. 807, Erie, PA 16505; Daniel: Leslie 

CHISHOLM-LAHOUZE, Mrs. Julie Anne (Julie Anne Chisholm); 
y993, 1 996 BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg., MBA Univ. of MA; Acct . , 
Breed, 8 Dartmouth, Watertown, MA 02472, 617 393-0013; 
r: 831 Beacon St. #139, Newton, MA 02459, 617 630-2184; 
'CHITTENDEN, Helen I.; SPEC (See Wenk, Mrs. Helen I.) 

CHLALA, Mrs. Rosinne (Rosinne Kaliff); ^972; Special Event 
Design, Mgmt.; r: 1519 Bronson Rd., Fairfield, CT 06430 

CHMIELINSKI, Katelin Suzanne; ^999 (See Garland, Mrs. Katelin 

CHO, Ms. Anne Hee; ?995 BA; Broker, Douglas Elliman Real 
Estate, 917 538-5855; r: 40 E 68th St. Apt. 5D, New York, NY 
10021,917 538-5855; 

CHO, Ms. Hi Kyong; 2002 ;r. 4641 Tara Dr., Fairfax, VA 22032, 
703 425-2471 

CHOBOT, Caroline M.; 1954 (See Gamer, Mrs. Caroline C.) 

CHOLNOKY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Montague); ^950; r: 1 5 

Beechcroft Rd., Greenwich, CT 06830 
'CHOPE, Florence E.; SPEC (See Good, Mrs. Florence E.) 

CHOREMI, Mrs. Joan Dearborn (Joan Ruth Dearborn); ^979 AB; 
Free-lance Art Work; r: 1 Willard PI., Glen Head, NY 1 1545, 516 
674-3323; A.: A. Nicholas, Joan; 

CHRISCOE, Melanie Lee; 7997 BA; Administration, Britt, Peters 
& Assocs. Inc., 880 S. Pleasantburg Dr. 2C, Greenville, SC 29607, 
864 271 -8869; r: 150 Oak Ridge Dr. Apt. 2B, Greenville, SC 
29615,864 281-7776; , ' 

CHRISMAN, Carolyn L.; y972(SeeLeatherman, Mrs. Carolyn L) ; 
'CHRISMAN, Mrs. Eleanor M. (Eleanor M. Krekeler); 1936 

CHRISMAN, Kerstin Ann; 1991 (See Castronuovo, Mrs. Kerstin 

'CHRISMAN, Mrs. Leiia (Leila Bowles); 1922 

CHRISTENSEN, Ms. Claire Alice E.; 1996 BA; Prog. Asst., Natl. 
Sci. Fndn.; r: 19 Evergreen Rd, Richmond, VA 23223; 

CHRISTENSEN, Ms. Heather Louise; 2002 ; BA Univ. of Califor- 
nia Santa Cruz; Ofc. Mgr./Wildlife Photography, Alison Jones 
Photography, 140 Thompson, New York, NY 10012, 212 982- 
1491; r: 140 Thompson St. ApL 6-F, New York, NY 10012, 831 

thepressureofaname @ 
'CHRISTENSEN, Lorna G.; )967(See Black, Mrs. Loma G.) 

CHRISTHILF, Mrs. Sharon Anne (Sharon Anne Bradford); 1965. 
AB; Freelance Art Cnslt.; r: 4201 Linkwood Rd., Baltimore, MD 
21210, 410 366-7459; Sfuart; Caitlin, Darcy, Stuart, Molly; 
'CHRISTIAN, Anna; 1944 (See Handle, Mrs. Anna) 

CHRISTIAN, Antoinette Darden; 1978 (See Brown, Mrs. Anto- 
inette Christian) 



CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Betsy Howie (Betsy Liles Howie); 1989 AB; 

BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Pres., Alliance Design, POB 50146, Austin, 

TX 78763, 51 2 476-9078; r: 2003 Hopi Tr. , Austin, TX 78703, 512 

474-7894; George; Leah Elizabeth, Sarah Ruth, Kathryn Scott, 

George Eastland; 
CHRISTIAN, Carolyn; )966(See Rhett, Mrs. Carolyn C.) 
CHRISTIAN, Cathy; 1984 (See Williams, Mrs. Cathy) 
•CHRISTIAN, DrusillaC; y948AB 
•CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Howison); 1916 AB 
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Mattas); 1952 AB; Retired 

Realtor; r: 3 Starlight Dr., Clarks Summit, PA 18411, 570 587- 

2455; Philip III; Philip III, Clyde, Majorie 
CHRISTIAN, Ms. Jennifer Ann; )993;r:1635 S Beverly Glen 

Blvd. Apt. 4, Los Angeles, CA 90024 
•CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Jessie (Jessie Darden); SPEC 
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Kate-Roy M. (Kate-Roy Massie); 1964 AB; 

Homemaker/Elem. Tchr.; r: 101 Maple Ave., Richmond, VA 

23226, 804 285-9991 ;D/xon; 
CHRISTIAN, Ms. Leiia Lenora; 1998 ; r: POB 888, Amherst, VA 

CHRISTIAN, Margaret Robertson; y974(See Ryan, Mrs. Margaret 

(Robin) Christian) 
CHRISTIAN, Marjorie; 1946 (See Schley, Mrs. Marjorie) 
CHRISTIAN, Mary; ?943(See Mulligan, Mrs. Mary) 
CHRISTIAN, Patricia F.; 1989 BA; AAS Central Virginia Comm. 

CIg.; Elem. Tchr., Campbell Cnty. Public Schs., Altavista Elem., 

2190 Lynch Mill Rd., Altavista, VA 24517, 434 369-5665; r; 248 

Oak Grove Dr., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 929-8407; 

Kimberly, Michelle 
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Stuart G. (Margaret (Peggy) Robertson); 

1947 BA; r: 312 Oak Ln., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-2736; 

Stuart; Robin, Susan, Stuart, Elizabeth; 
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Virginia Walker (Virginia Randolph Walker); 

^947; Community Volunteer Retired; r: 1 Gadsden Way No 

A203, Charleston, SC 29412; Scott, Andrew 
CHRISTIE, Carolyn Allen; y985;r:3894 Belvedere Rd., Johns 

Island, SC 29455, 843 559-9496 
•CHRISTIE, Edith; 1917{See Finlay, Mrs. Edith) 
•CHRISTIE, Ms. Jessie; ^962 BA 
•CHRISTIE, Mrs. Sara J. (Sara J. Smith); 1945 
•CHRISTISON, Evelyn L.; 1956 (See Gregory, Mrs. Evelyn L.) 
•CHRISTMAS, Lucile; 1944 (See Brewster, Mrs. Lucile) 
CHRISTNER, Ingrid Ann; 7979 AB;r: 8804 Edward Gibbs PL, 

Alexandria, VA 22309, 703 780-8632 
CHRISTOPHER, Mrs. Claire Cannon (Claire Cannon); 1958 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 2837 Reynolds Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27104, 

336 722-6651; F.,- Ashley, David; 

CHRISTOVICH, Anne T.; 7973 (See Gay, Mrs. Anne T.) 
CHRONOWSKI, Bonnie S.; 1974 (See Brophy, Mrs. Bianca 

(Bonnie) C.) 
CHU, Ms. Doris; 7963; MA Fairleigh-Dickinson CIg., BMus 

William Patterson; r: 137 Church St., Teaneck, NJ 07666 
•CHUANG, Mrs. Marilyn (Marilyn Dreesman); 1961 
CHUKO, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Little); 1 964 AB; MBA Ohio State 

Univ., MSW Ohio State Univ.; Licensed Social Worker, North 

Community Counseling, Inc., 4897 Karl Rd., Columbus, OH 

43229, 614 846-2588; r: 393 Westland Ave., Columbus, OH 

43209, 614 253-3261; Wayne, Katherine, Edward; 
•CHUMLEY, Patricia A.; 7960 (See Sewell, Mrs. Patricia A.) 
CHUMNEY, Victoria; 7987 AB; Dist. Sales Mgr., Bristol Myers 

Squibb; r: 622 Norlhridge Dr., San Antonio, TX 78209; 
CHUN, Mrs. Yolande (Yolande Tsai); 7960 AB; Event Planner & 

Decorator, Flowers By Yolande, 3617 Ocean View Ave., Los 

Angeles, CA 90066, 31 398-8573; r: same; Sidney; Alex, 

Karen Mortenson; 
•CHUNG, Ms. Helen King; 2000 BA 
CHUNG, Ms. Sin Brenda; 7998 ;r: 743 Bent Wood PL, Round 

Rock, TX 78664 
'•CHURBUCK, Elizabeth; 7957 (See Schroeder, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'•CHURCH, Mrs. Amanda I. (Amanda I. Guenther); ACAD 
•CHURCH, Ms. Barbara; 7968 

•Address Unknown '•Deceased 

CHURCH, Diana Melissa; 2007 BA; MS London Sch. of 

Economics; Grad. Student, London Sch. of Economics; 

r: Sandringham Villa, Alexandra Grove, London N4 2LG , England, 

79 6829 7118; 
•CHURCH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Gochnauer); 7933 
CHURCH, Mrs. Ginger Ryon (Ginger Leigh Ryon); 7 985 AB; 

Student, CIg. of Health Sciences Concord, Harkey Sch. of 

Nursing; r: 1240 Boyden PI. NW, Concord, NC 28027, 704 723- 

9767; John; Alexandra, Chandler; 

CHURCH, Mrs. Glenys Dyer (Glenys Dyer); 7973 AB; E n g r . , 

Norlhrop Grumman Mission Systs., POB 10400 MVA173444B, 

Fairfax, VA 22031 , 703 876-4529; r: 12007 Bennett Farms Ct, 

Oak Hill, VA 20171 , 703 620-0373; Doug; Douglas, John; 

CHURCH, Mrs. Jane (Jane Pickens); 7946 ; Retired; r: POB 39, 

Sonoita, AZ 85637, 520 455-5615; James N.; 
CHURCH, Lisa Anne; 79S2 AB; MBA Marymount Univ., JD 

Golden Gate Univ.; Account Dir., Publicis, 1 10 Social Hall Ave., 

Salt Lake City, UT 841 11, 801 350-3261; r: 2134 E. Bryan Ave., 

Salt Lake City. UT 84108, 801 583-8008; 

CHURCH, Mrs. Lucy A. (Lucy A. Canary); 7967 ; BS George 

Mason Univ., MAPA George Mason Univ.; Retired Lecturer, 

George Mason Univ.; r; 5114 Forsgate PL, Fairfax, VA 22030, 

703 385-3475; Randolph; Leslie, Weeks; 

CHURCH, Ms. Mary North; 7989 AB; MA Univ. of Denver, PhD 

Univ. of Denver; Intl. Finance; r: POB 297, Warrenton, VA 

20188,540 822-1762; 

CHURCH, Ms. Nancy Elizabeth; 7977 BA; Dir., Gushing Acad., 

39 School St., Ashbumham, MA 01430, 978 827-7025; r: 1 00 

LovellRd, Holden, MA01520 
•CHURCH, Ms. Susan Melville; 7992 
•CHURCHILL, Jane F.; 7976 (See Nolan, Mrs. Jane F.) 
CHURCHILL, Janet (Janet Hamilburg); 7953 BA; MA Univ. of 

Virginia; Commercial Pilot; r; Box 32, New Castle, DE 19720 
CHURCHILL, Mrs. Jean F. (Jean F. Connor); 7975, 1974 AB; 

r: c/o Corporate Solutions, 2577 Dolly Bay Dr., #S-306, Palm 

Harbor, FL 34684 
•CHUTE, Mrs. Antonie Bowen (Antonie Bowen Rockstraw); 7962 
CHUTE, Mrs. John L, Jr. (Lisa Morton); 7957 AB; Retired; 

r: POB 2597 438 Prince St., Tappahannock, VA 22560 
CHWALIK, Mrs. Julia F. (Julia Freels); 7950; BA Univ. of Miami, 

AA Ward Belmont Jr. CIg.; Educator Retired; r: 7231 SW 132nd 

St., Miami, FL 33156, 305 235-2982; Wa/ter; Walter Jr., Julia 

Hnatiuk, Cindy F., Susan E. 
CIAMPOLI, Ms. Kelley Leopold (Kelley Anne Leopold); 1986 BA; 

r: 7546 Buckingham, Clayton, MO 63105, 314 727-4648; Tim; 

Colleen, Lily 
CICOTELLO, Melissa Lynne; 7999 (See Butler, Ms. Melissa 

CIESZKO, Claire Marie; 7983 (See Britt, Mrs. Claire Marie) 
•CIGNAVITCH, Mrs. Diana S. (Diana S. Michael); 7976 
CINQ-MARS, Ms. Ellen Kelley (Ellen Kelley); 7967 AB; Retired 

Business Analyst, First Union Natl. Bank, Charlotte, NC; r: 2436 

Armstrong Cir., Gastonia, NC 28054, 704 867-4360; Robert; 

Lisa, Kemble; 

CIPRIANO, Ms. Sharon Van Cleve (Sharon Van Cleve); 7 964, 

1965 AB; Writer/Teacher/Jewelry Designer, Art Heaven, Scotts- 

dale, AZ 85255, 480 515-3710; r: 23640 N 84th PL, Scottsdale, 

AZ 85255, 480 515-3710; Jack; 

•CISNEROS, Mrs. Susan (Susan Talburt); 7956 AB 
•CLABAULT, Kathleen Ann; 7987 
•CLAFFEY, Mrs. Laura T. (Laura T. Neal); ACAD 
CLAFLIN, Catherine Ann; 2007; r: 119 Rothwell Rd, Schuyler, 

VA 22969 
CLAFLIN, Eleanor; 7939 (See Ladd, Mrs. Eleanor Williams) 
•CLAFLIN, Mrs. Elizabeth Burke (Elizabeth Burke Laubach); 

7982 AB 
•CLAGHORN, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Soule); 7944 
'•CLAIBORNE, Anne; 7926 (See Willingham, Mrs. Anne) 




CLAIBORNE, Frances Archer; 1942 (See Guy, Mrs. Frances 

"CLAIBORNE, Jane; ACAD (See Calkins, Mrs. Jane) 
CLAIBORNE. Mary Anne; 1960 (See Johnston, Mrs. Mary Anne) 
'CLAIBORNE, Nannie; ACAD (See Hudson, Mrs. Nannie) 
'CLANCY, Ann; 1958 (See Cooke, Mrs. Ann) 
CLANCY, Patricia Clair; 7985 (See Ramsay, Mrs. Patricia Clair) 
'CLANEY, Mrs. Beulah (Beulah Souders); ACAD 
'CLAPAROLS, Mrs. Helen (Helen Smith); 1922 
*CLAPP, Betty; 1934 (See Robinson, Mrs. Betty) 
*CLAPP, Mrs. Harriette (Harriette Spafford); ACAD 
CLAPP. Nancy Simpson; 1955 (See Cudlip, Mrs. Nancy Clapp) 
CLARDY, Frances; 1985 (See Hooper, Mrs. Frances Clardy) 
CLARDY, Mrs. Frances S. (Frances Shannonhouse); 1956 AB; 

Homemaker/Volunteer, Natl. Society of The Colonial Dames; 

r: 1700 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 372-4498; 

James: James, Frances 
CLARENDON, Anita L; 1973 {See Ledsinger, Mrs. Anita L.) 
CLARENDON, Victoria Auten; 1980 (See Richter, Mrs. Victoria 

CLARK, Allison; 2001 BS; Idaho State Univ.; Grad. Teaching 

Asst./Grad. Student; r: 1220S4thAve.No1,Pocatello,ID83201, 

208 317-1474; 
CLARK, Allison Adams; 1985 (See Dunn, Mrs. Allison Adams) 
CLARK, Mrs. Amanda L (Amanda L. Weber); 7975; JD Univ. 

Pacific; Atty., Amanda W. Clark Esq., 155 Mountain Ave., Ridge- 
wood, NJ 07450, 201 444-5189; r: same; 
CLARK, Mrs. Anne (Anne MacFarlane); 1945 AB\ r: 3107W. San 

Isidro, Tampa, FL 33629, 813 253-0063; Robert 
XLARK, Anne; 7953 (See Gildea, Mrs. Anne) 
CLARK, Anne; 1965 (See Mensini, Mrs. Anne) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Anne Beth (Anne Beth Price); 1928 AB 
CLARK, Anne M.; /970 AB; r: Rte. 1, Box 223, Sandy Level, VA 

CLARK, Ashby Taylor; 1985 (See Hopkins, Mrs. Ashby Taylor) 
'CLARK, Barbara; 1941 (See Dickey, Mrs. Barbara) 
CLARK, Barbara; 1944 (See Utiey, Mrs. Barbara) 
CLARK, Barbara Prince; 1977 (See McLaughlin, Mrs. Barbara 

'CLARK, Betty F.; 1953 

CLARK, Cameron; 7987 (See Sipe, Mrs. Cameron Clark) 
'CLARK, Carol; 1955 (See Gillen, Mrs. Carol) 
'CLARK, Carol; 1966 (See Panzer, Mrs. Carol) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Caroline Averitt (Caroline Averitt Edwards); 1994 

CLARK, Carolyn; 1963 (See Pegg, Carolyn (Lyn)) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Carolyn Elisabeth (Carolyn Elisabeth Carter); 1934 

CLARK, Mrs. Carrie Ruda (Carrie Louise Ruda); 1978 A B ; 

Homemaker, Washington, DC 20015; r: 6508 Bamaby St. NW, 

Washington, DC 20015, 202 363-6690; John IV, Andrew; 

CLARK, Catharine Angelica; 1950 (See Rasmussen, Mrs. 

Catharine C.) 
CLARK, Cecelia S.; 7975 (See Melesco, Mrs. Cecelia C.) 
CLARK, Celia; 7972 AB; Exec. Asst., Arizona Chemical, 4600 

Touchton Rd. E., BIdg. 100, Ste. 500, Jacksonville, FL 32246, 

904 928-8864; r: 13810 Sutton Park Dr. N., #935, Jacksonville, 

FL 32224; 

CLARK, Mrs. Constance (Constance Cleary); 1940 ; r: 43 

Hillcrest Rd., Ponca City, OK 74604, 580 765-3470 
'CLARK, Diane; 7959 (See Schweigaard-Olsen, Mrs. Diane) 
CLARK, Mrs. Edith (Edith Knapp); 7958 AB; MED Cornell Univ. 

Retired HS Chemistry Tchr., Catlin Gabel Schs., Portland, OR 

r: 7205 SW 103rd Ave., Beaverton, OR 97008, 503 646-3790 

Roger: Jim, Andy 
'CLARK, Mrs. Eileen (Eileen Fowler); 7937 
CLARK, Mrs. Eileen (Eileen Stroud); 7965 AB; MS American 

Univ.; VP, SRA, 2000 15th St. N, Arlington, VA 22201 , 703 558- 

4032; r: 201 N Columbus St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 549- 

1717; Martin: Stephanie, Martin Jr., Blair; 
CLARK, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Stedman); 7932; r: 325 Cool 

Spring St., Fayetteville, NC 28301, 910 484-3221 


'CLARK, Eleanor; 7930 (See Frost, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hartman); 7944 
CLARK, Elizabeth Blair; 7983 (See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Blair) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Elizabeth C. (Elizabeth C. Timberlake); 7922 
'CLARK, Elizabeth S.; 7937 AB 
CLARK, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson; 7997 ; Writer; r; 698 West End 

Ave. Apt. 5A, New York, NY 10025, 646 698-5561 ; 
CLARK, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Ramsay); 7949 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 31 70 Southern Ave., #2E, Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 324-51 1 6; 

Kenneth: Kenneth, Ellen, John, Marshall, Allison 
'CLARK, Mrs. Elva M. (Elva M. Dutton); ACAD 
CLARK, Emily; 7999 (See Kang, Mrs. Emily Clark) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Emma S. (Emma S. Hedges); 7934 
'CLARK, Esther; ACAD 

CLARK, Fielding; 7970 (See Gallivan, Mrs. Fielding) 
CLARK, Mrs. Florence York (Florence York Flanigan); 7977 AB; 

Minister of Religious Educ, Sacred Heart Church, 520 Graydon 

Ave.,Norfolk, VA 23507, 757 625-6763; r: 5715 Carillo Ave., 

Norfolk, VA 23508, 757 423-8868; Patrick, Philip 
'CLARK, Gertrude; 7926 (See Carlson, Mrs. Gertrude) 
'CLARK, Grace; 7945 (See Hornby, Mrs. Grace) 
CLARK, Jane; 7957 AB; r: POB 1307, Columbia, MO 65205 
CLARK, Jane; 7947 (See Hartrich, Mrs. Jane C.) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Jane B. (Jane B. Black); 7956 
CLARK, Janet L.; 7963 (See Knudsen, Mrs. Janet L.) 
CLARK, Janie Barron; 7979 (See Morrison, Mrs. Jane Barron) 
CLARK, Mrs. Karen Brand (Karen Brand Biemiller); 7984 BA; 

r: 1 50 Hilliards Bridge Rd., Vincentown, NJ 08088, 609 859-0966 
CLARK, Mrs. Katherine Ruth (Katherine Ruth Coggins); 7 942 

BA; MA; Retired; r: 842 E. Villa St. Apt. 322, Pasadena, CA 

91101,626 795-3914 
CLARK, Mrs. Laura Morrissette (Laura Vaughan Morrissette); 

7985 BA; Homemaker; r: 1 Taylor PL, Mobile, AL 36608, 251 344- 

8494; Burton; Taylor, Lee; 
CLARK, Mrs. Lauhe Elizabeth (Laurie Elizabeth Taylor); 7992 ; 

BA Goldey Beacom CIg.; Homemaker; r: 46 Westwoods Blvd., 

Hockessin, DE 19707, 302 239-1 197; Stephen Tyler, Melanie 
'CLARK, Mrs. Lorayne (Lorayne Caddell); ACAD 
CLARK, Mrs. Lynn (Lynn Adams); 7967 AB; r: 103 River's Edge, 

Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 220-9557; Morton: Allison, David, 

Susan, Dixon; 

Sydney @ 
'CLARK, Mrs. Madelyn (Madelyn Markley); 7928 
CLARK, Marilynn; 7954 (See Leathers, Mrs. Marilynn) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Dexter); 7934 
'CLARK, Martha Louise; 7937 BA 
'CLARK, Mrs. Mary (Mary Shelton); 7929 AB 
'CLARK, Mary; 7973 (See Rogers, Mrs. Mary) i 

'CLARK, Mary; 7968 (See Regamey, Mrs. Mary) I 

'CLARK, Mary F.; 7930 (See Ferree, Mrs. Mary F.) 
'CLARK, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary H. Pierce); 7957 
'CLARK, Mrs. Mary T. (Mary T. Whipple); 7935 ; 

CLARK, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Pharr); 7938 ; Homemaker; r: 904 

E. 12th St., Texarkana, AR 71854, 870 773-3244 
CLARK, Molly B.; 7977 (See Ruzicka, Mrs. Molly B.) 
CLARK, Mrs. Nancy A. (Nancy A. Hamel); 7952 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 39 Sturbridge Ln., Greensboro, NC 27408, 336 288- 

7666; e/a/ce; Ann, Jim; 
'CLARK, Mrs. Nancy M. (Nancy M. Lund); 7955 , 

'CLARK, Olive; 7924 
CLARK, Mrs. Rachel (Rachel Edmondson); 7997; BS James 

Madison Univ.; r: ApL 114, 4030 Double Creek Crossing Dr., 

Charlotte, NC 28269; Jon: Andrew; 
'CLARK, Robin A.; 7972 (See Mead, Mrs. Robin A.) 
'CLARK, Ms. Shanna Lynn; 2007 
CLARK, Mrs. Sharon Kaye (Sharon Kaye Johnson); 7983 BA; 

Budget Coord., MCI Communications Corp., POB 17440, Dulles 

Intl. Airport, Washington, DC 20041 , 703 661-3004 
CLARK, Sudie; 7942 (See Hanger, Mrs. Sudie) 
CLARK, Mrs. Sue (Sue Brown); 7964 ; BS SMU; r: 4328 Arcady, i 

Dallas, TX 75205, 214 528-1504 
'CLARK, Theodosia; ACAD (See Burke, Mrs. Theodosia) 
CLARKE, Anne Percy; 7968 (See Gwinn, Mrs. Percy Clarke) 



CLARKE. Ms. Anne R. (Anne Rienecke); 1960 AB; Rsch. Exec. 

Retired, Millard Brown Inc., 425 Post Rd., Fairfield, CT 06430, 

203 256-5350; r: 8 Wilton Crest, Wilton, CT 06897, 203 762-91 63; 

Sabrina Rettala, Clarke, George, William; 
CLARKE, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Monteith); 1942 ; BA Univ. of 

Texas; r: 11 SaddlebrookLn., Houston, TX 77024,713682-5439; 

William: Elisabeth, Stephen 
CLARKE, Claudine E.; 1972 (See Elian, Claudine C.) 
CLARKE, Cornelia; 1964 (See Tucker, Mrs. Comelia) 
CLARKE, Cynthia R.; 1971 AB; JD George Washington Univ., MD 

Inst, of Chinese Med.; Acupuncture/Homeopathy, Cynthia R. 

Clarke, 1125 Nelson St., Rockville, MD 20850, 301 762-6868; 

r: 307 Lynn Manor Dr., Rockville, MD 20850, 301 762-2907 
CLARKE, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Irelan); 1939:r: POB 27, 

Pebble Bch„ CA 93953, 831 372-6942 
CLARKE, Ms, Elizabeth A.; 1976 ; BA Univ. of TX; r: 1 1 Saddle- 
brook Ln., Houston, TX 77024, 713 290-8890 
'CLARKE, Emily H.; ?939 
XLARKE, Gertrude; ACAD 

XLARKE, Mrs. Hortense V. (Hortense V. Hodges); ACAD 
CLARKE, Mrs. Jacqualine (Jacqualine Stilwell); r947AB; r: 666 

Old Pebble Hill Rd, Doylestown, PA 18901, 215 348-2899 
'CLARKE, Mrs. Jane (Jane Carothers); ACAD 
CLARKE, Jane Carothers; 1945 (See Morrow, Mrs. Jane) 
'CLARKE, Mrs. Katherine C. (Katherine C. Mevay); 1928 
'CLARKE, Ms. Katherine M.; 1996 
CLARKE, Mrs. Katherine W. (Katherine B. Wood); ;965 AB; MA 

Anna Maria CIg.; Quid. Couns., Nipmuc Reg. HS, 508 529-2140; 

r; 162 Laurelwood Dr., Hopedale, MA 01747; Richard;E\\za- 

beth, Douglas, Christopher; 

CLARKE, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Heiss); 1963 -.r: 843 Taylor's 

Ln., Mamaroneck, NY 10543, 914 698-8976 
'CLARKE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Osborn); 1 955 AB 
'CLARKE, Martha; 1944 (See Peach, Mrs. Martha) 
CLARKE, Mrs. Mary (Mary McGraw); 1964 AB; Lecturer Decora- 
tive Arts/Antiques, Sheridan CIg., 1430 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, 

ON, Canada L6H2L1, 905 845-9430; r: 229 Trafalgar Rd, 

Oakville, ON, Canada L6J 3G9, 905 844-8413; Charles; 

Jennifer, Charles 
CLARKE, Mrs. Nan Robertson (Nan Robertson); 7973 AB; J D 

Washington & Lee Univ.; r: 919 Harvard PL, Charlotte, NC 

28207,704 376-7571; 
'CLARKE, Mrs. Sally (Sally Searle); 1949 
CLARKE, Mrs. Suzanne Stovall (Suzanne Stovall); 1984 AB; BS 

Georgia State Univ.; Homemaker; r: 110 Daniels Ct., Ft. Bragg, 

NC 28307, 910 864-5614; Richard; Madeleine, William; 
'CLARKSOM, Denise Raye; y979 (See Jillson, Mrs. Denise Raye) 
CLARKSON, Catherine Lang; 1997 (See Robertson, Mrs. 

Catherine Clarkson) 
'CLARKSON, Ethelwyn P.; 1923 (See Shade, Mrs. Ethelwyn P.) 
CLARKSON, Mrs. Jonna Creaser (Jonna L. Creaser); 1970 AB; 

MED Univ. of Virginia; Elem. Sch. Guid. Couns., Nelson Cnty. 

Public Schs., Tye River Elementary Sch., Lovingston, VA 22949, 

434 263-5221; r; 391 Naked Mtn. Ln., Shipman, VA 22971; 


jclakeson @ nelson. k1 
CLARKSON, Mrs. Kirkland Tucker (Kirkland Ruffin Tucker); 

1953 BA; Homemaker; r: 909 Hanover Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508, 

757 489-701 3; John; Palmer, Mary; 
CLARKSON, Mrs. Lucile B. (Lucile B. McKee); 7969 AB; Interior 

Designer, Lucille M Clarkson Intl.; r; 1540 W. Wesley Rd. NW, 

Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 352-9210; William; William, Susan 
CLARKSON, Mary Ruffin; 7982 (See Stein, Mrs. Mary Ruffin) 
'CLARKSON, Ruth; 1951 (See Costello, Mrs. Ruth) 
CLARY, Elizabeth; 7932 (See Treadwell, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CLARY, Genevieve A.; 1938 
CLARY, Ms. Sara F.; 7974 AB; Real Estate Agt., Residential, 

McEnearney Assocs., 109 S. Pitt St., Alexandha, VA 22314, 703 

370-3868; r: 2905 Dartmouth Rd., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 

370-9096; Dennis Kuhns; Alison; 
CLASGENS, Patricia C; 7972 (See Fisk, Mrs. Patricia C.) 
CLAUS, Virginia Brooks; 7983 (See Buyck, Mrs. Virginia Claus) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

'CLAUSEN, Catherine; 7930 (See Graham, Mrs. Catherine) 
'CLAXTON, Elizabeth; 7927 (See Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CLAY, Mrs. Anita Lippitt (Anita Cowan Lippitt); 1 944 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 131 E. 48th St., Savannah, GA 31405, 912 236-1662; 
Thomas; Stuart, Henry, Margaret; 
CLAY, Elizabeth Lee; 7975 (See Rizo, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee) 
'CLAY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Straus); 7967 
'CLAY, Mrs. Helen M. (Helen M. Ewing); 7944 
CLAY, Kate; 7966 (See Barret, Ms. Kate) 
CLAY, Martha (Macie) Anne; 7956 (See Nichols, Mrs. Martha 

(Made) Anne) 
'CLAY, Mary J.; 7936 (See Schloch, Mrs. Mary J.) 
'CLAY, Sara; 7952 (See Daniel, Mrs. Sara) 
CLAY, Susan M.; 7956 (See Disharoon, Mrs. Susan C.) 
CLAY, Susan Mullane; 7987 (See Russell, Mrs. Susan Clay) 
'CLAYBROOK, Evelyn; 7928 (See Bowie, Mrs. Evelyn) 
CLAYBROOK, Jeanne; 7943 (See Collier, Mrs. Robert) 
'CLAYBROOK, Mary Carter; 7943 (See Booth, Mrs. Mary Carter) 
CLAYPOOL, Lisa E.; 7989 AB; JD Univ. of Detroit; in House 
Counsel, Rapidigm Inc., 4400 Campbells Run Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 
1 5205, 41 2 494-9800; r: 6845 Penham PI., Pittsburgh, PA 1 5208, 
412 661-0999; 
'CLAYTON, Mrs. Alice L. (Alice L, Perkins); 7930 
CLAYTON, Caroline Cornelius; 7985 (See Tufts, Mrs. Caroline 

CLAYTON, Mrs. Catherine Arianna (Catherine Arianna London); 
7999 BA; r: 5471 S Federal Cir. Apt. F304, Littleton, CO 80123, 
303 734-0431; 
CLAYTON, Cheryl; 7965 (See DeGolia, Mrs. Cheryl) 
CLAYTON, Erica Quinn; 7994 (See Wright, Mrs. Erica Clayton) 
CLAYTON, Mrs. Heather Corr (Heather Corr Service); 7997 BA; 
Production Mgmt., Book Stand Inc., 41 Franklin Ave., Garden City, 
NY 1 1 530, 51 6 873-41 54; r: 5 Walnut PL, Huntington, NY 1 1 743, 
631 549-4649; Mark; Hadley; 
heather.service @ 
'CLAYTON, Mrs. Helen M. (Helen M. Jalonick); ACAD 
CLAYTON, Ms. Kimberly Louwensue; 7994 BA; Designer, Earl 
Jean; r: 133 W. 74 St. Ap8A, New York, NY 10023; 
'CLAYTON, Mrs. Linda (Linda Sturgeon); 7959 
CLAYTON, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Gaston); 7964; r: POB 

1119, Brownwood, TX 76804, 915 938-5302 
'CLEAR, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Posselt); 7947 
CLEARY, Constance; 7940 (See Clark, Mrs. Constance) 
CLEARY, Mrs. Jan Allison (Jan Allison Schnibbe); 7 9 75 A B ; 
Manalapan-Englishtown Schs., Englishtown, NJ 07726; r; 38 
Lakewood Rd., Manasquan, NJ 08736, 732 223-5481 
'CLEAVELAND, Anna; 7925 (See McDonald, Mrs. Anna) 
CLEAVER, Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Elizabeth Ruth); 7949 ; BA New 
Sch. for Social Rsch.; Retired; r: POB 566, Little Compton, Rl 
02837, 401 635-4725; CZ/pperfDecj,' Susan, Chester, Mary; 
CLEAVES, Alice; 7955 (See Lewis, Mrs. Alice) 
'CLEAVES, Mrs. Emily (Emily Baker); 7966 AB 
'CLEBORN, Mrs. Ida L. (Ida L. Hempstone); ACAD 
'CLECKLEY, Mrs. Louise (Louise Martin); 7925 
CLEGG, Alicia (Muffle) June; 7977 AB;JD Univ. of Richmond; 
Lawyer; r: 70 Quanaduck Rd., Stonington, CT 06378, 860 535- 
CLEGG, Elizabeth; 7972 (See Woodard, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CLELAND, Ann Garden, DVM; 7987 

CLELAND, Eudora Cathenne; 7978 BA; r: POB 3548, Charles- 
ton, WV 25335, 304 342-1768; Alex 
'CLELAND, Mrs. Lois (Lois Andrews); 7947 
CLEM, Mrs. Diane Eleanor (Diane Eleanor Dawley); 7983 AB; 
MS Univ. of MD; Prog. Mgr., IBM Corp.; r: 1308 Carlsbad Dr., 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879, 301 963-2508; Ronald; 
CLEMENS, Mrs. Carl Thompson (Carl Mavis Thompson); 7 980 
BA; 4th Grade Tchr., Ruxton Country Sch., Owings Mills, MD 
21117; r: 1846 Circle Rd., Ruxton, MD 21204, 410 823-1846; 
William; Caroline, Virginia, Eliza; 
ctclemensi @comcastnet 




CLEMENS, Helen; 1944 (See Selig, Mrs. Helen) 
'CLEMENS, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Stock); 1940 
'CLEMENS, Mary; 1933 (See Murtha, Mrs. Mary) 
CLEMENS, Mary L.; ?970(See Randolph, Mrs. Mary C) 
CLEMENS, Mrs. Shirley Anne (Shirley Anne Devine); 1941 AB; 

r: 410 Pasadena Dr., Erie, PA 16505, 814 838-4153 
CLEMENT, Anne Elizabeth; 1991 (See Hutchison, Mrs. Anne 

CLEMENT, Ms. Carol Elizabeth; 1975BA; VP, Kelly Svcs., 6300 

Wilshire Blvd. #1020, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 323 782-8008; 

r: 37 Oak Tree Ln., Rolling His. Estates, CA 90274, 31 541 -6357; 

Derek, Louis; 
"CLEMENT, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Gipe); 1938 AB 
CLEMENT, Ms. E.Anne, LCSW; 7978; MSW Smith CIg., BS 

Univ. of Virginia; Licsw, Providence Hosp., 1233 Main St., 

Holyoke, MA 01040, 413 493-2029; r; 143 Lincoln Ave., 

Amherst, MA 01002, 413 549-7291; fl/cterd; Grace Young, 

Meredith Buck, Stewart; 

'CLEMENT, Eleanor A.; 1934 (See Tunison, Mrs. Eleanor A.) 
CLEMENT, Elinor; 1946 {See Littleton, Mrs. Elinor) 
"CLEMENT, Elizabeth; 1927 kB 
"CLEMENT, Mrs. Elizabeth Milmine (Elizabeth Milmine Quaile); 

?960 AB 
CLEMENT, Ellen Murphy; 7980 (See Mouri, Mrs. Ellen Clement) 
'CLEMENT, Ms. Jennifer C; 1990 
CLEMENT, Ms. Martha M. (Martha E. Mansfield); 7948 AB; AB 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Retired Dir. of Devel., Sweet Briar CIg.; 

r:5028 Domain PI., Alexandria, VA 22311, 703 578-0955; 

Sarah, Anne, Ellen, Douglas, David; 

'CLEMENT, Mrs. Mary (Mary Duncan); 7965 AB 
"CLEMENT, Milla G.; 7979 (See Stacy, Mrs. Milla G.) 
CLEMENT, Roxane Marie; 7977 AB; Decorative Painter, Self- 
employed; r: 104 Woodward Ave., Asheville,NC 28804, 828 254- 


CLEMENT, Ms. Sarah Preston; 7975 AB; MA Columbia Univ., JD 

Univ. of Virginia; Atty ./Administrative Judge, US Merit Systs. Pro- 
tection Bd., 1800 Diagonal Rd Ste. 205, Alexandria, VA 22314, 

703 756-6250; r: 5028 Domain PI., Alexandria, VA 22311; 

"CLEMENTS, Diantha; 7939 

"CLEMENTS, Grace D.; ACAD (See Wilson, Mrs. Grace D.) 
CLEMENTS, Mrs. Marsha (Marsha SL John); 7975 AB; r: 16910 

Mountain Track Rd, Orange, VA 22960, 540 672-2792; Kyle; 

Adam, Carson 
CLEMMENSON, Mrs. Perri Lisa (Perri Lisa Bensen); 7 984 ; 

r: 44 Pembroke Hill, Farmington, CT 06032 
"CLEMONS, Mary Elizabeth; 7933 (See Porzelius, Mrs. Mary 

"CLENDANIEL, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Brown); 7923 AB 
CLENDENIN, Mrs. Katharine (Kathy) P. (Katharine Peer); 7968 ; 

Homemaker; r: 2915 Round Hill Rd., Greensboro, NC 27408, 336 

288-8777; Harry; Katharine, Anne, Harry 
"CLEVELAND, Agnes; 7937 (See Stackhouse, Mrs. Agnes) 
CLEVELAND, Carey; 7970 (See Swan, Carey Cleveland) 
'CLEVELAND. Mrs. Mary J. (Mary J. Land); 7947 
CLEVELAND, Mrs. Rape M. (Rape (Pemmie) E. Mercur); 7 964 

AB; MA Lehigh Univ.; Retired, Govt.-USA; r: 1 622 Woodfield 

Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18015, 610 691-8849; John; Kathryn E., 

Carolyn R.; 
CLEVELAND, Susan Davis; 7978 (See Conway, Mrs. Susan 

CLEVELAND, Windsor C; 7987 (See Yellen, Mrs. Windsor C.) 
CLEVENGER, Constance; 7947 (See Berg, Mrs. Constance) 
'CLEVENGER, Mrs. Rose (Rose Naylor); 7952 
CLICK, Mrs. Heather Tully (Heather Anne Tully); 7970 AB; AS 

State Univ. of West Georgia; RN/Clg.Couns., The Heritage Sch., 

2093 Hwy. 29 N., Newnan, GA 30263, 770 253-9898; r; 1 02 

Retreat Point, Peachtree City, GA 30269, 770 487-2280; Alan; 

Benjamin, Amanda; 
'CLICK, Mrs. Suzanne M. (Suzanne M. Williams); 7974 


CLICKNER, Mrs. Joan Dabney (Joan Gmelin Dabney); 7997 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 1418 Cherry Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 
295-9432; Bob; Ian; 
CLIFFORD, Ms. Kimberly Ann; 7993 BA; r: 3025 Cranberry 

Ridge Dr. SW, Wilson, NC 27893 
'CLIFFORD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret MacKoy); 7929 
'CLIFFORD, Mrs. Mary A. (Mary A. Mitchell); ACAD 
CLIFFORD, Sarah Gail; 7995 (See Weaver, Mrs. Sarah Gail) 
CLINCH, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Campbell); 7929 ; r: 4405 Larch- 

mont, Dallas, TX 75205, 214 526-1626 
CLINCHY, Joan; 7965 (See Blood, Mrs. Joan) 
CLINE, Carole; 7963 (See Palmer, Mrs. Carole) 
CLINE, Mary V.; 7974 (See Black, Mrs. Mary V.) 
CLINE, Mrs. Virginia S. (Virginia Skeppstrom); 7948; Retired; 
Homemaker; r: POB 598, 335 W Wiggins, Monroeville.AL 36461, 
251 743-4140; John; Sandra, Whitney, John Jr. 
CLINE, Mrs. Ynes (Ynes Jova); 7948 ; Retired Real Estate Agt.; 
r: 8 Commonwealth Ave., Newburgh, NY 12550, 845 568-0501; 
John, Lisa, Peter 
'CLINGERMAN, Mrs. Sari (San Mitchell); 7940 AB 
CLINTON, Mrs. Barbara Darnall (Barbara Damall); 7956; BFA 
Univ. of Texas at Austin, BAUniv. of Texas at Austin; Home- 
maker; r: 1 241 OBoheme Dr., Houston, TX 77024, 71 3 464-3244; 
Daniel; Mary Kay, Laura, Charles; 
CLINTON, Sarah Michelle; 7997 (See Larrabee, Mrs. Sarah 

"CLIPPINGER, Mrs. Jane (Jane Becker); 7925 AB 
'CLIPPINGER, Judith; 7957 

CLOBRIDGE, Mrs. Helen Jean (Helen Jean Winter); 7947 ; BS 
Northwestern Univ.; Homemaker; r: 1685 Fry Ct., Dunedin, FL 
34698, 727 733-1251; Steven, Linda, Carol 
CLOETINGH, Mrs. Patricia Ann (Patricia Ann Snowden); 7979 
AB; Substitute Tchr./Homemaker, Twin Valley Sch. Dist.; r: 131 
Vincent Dr., Honey Brook, PA 19344; Dawd; Caroline, Tyler, 
"CLOSE, A. K.; 7929 AB 
CLOSE, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Miller); 7932 AB; r: 2550 Bevan 

Ave. No 406, Sidney, BC, Canada V8L 5Y5 
"CLOSE, Martha; 7926 (See Page, Mrs. Martha) 
CLOSE, Mary; 7927 (See Gleason, Mrs. Mary) 
CLOSSON, Helen; 7934 (See Hendricks, Mrs. Helen) 
'CLOTHIER, Cheryl Lynn; 7978 
"CLOUD, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Breedon, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"CLOUD, Mrs. Leona (Leona Taggart); 7923 
"CLOUD, Pauline; 7927 AB 

CLOUGH, Ms. Elizabeth Thayer (Elizabeth H. Thayer); 7973 AB; 
Rsch. Cnslt. Mktg.-Owner, E.T. Clough Mktg. Rsch., POB 6, S. 
Freeport, ME 04078, 207 865-1074; r: 4 Gushing Briggs Rd, 
Freeport, ME 04032, 207 865-9878; Christine, Caroline; 
'CLOUGH, Mrs. Frances (Frances Robinson); 7936 
CLOW, Mrs. Anne (Anne Smith); 7947 ; Retired; r: 50 Ledge Rd 

Apt. 206, Darien, CT 06820, 203 655-1631 
'CLOWE, Ms. Michelle Elizabeth; 7994 
CLOYD, Mrs. Jeannette Robinson (Jeannette Robinson Singleton); 
7975 AB; r: 6 Pinewood Cir., Houston, TX 77024, 713 461-8933 
'CLUETT, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Metz); 7937 
CLUTE, Ann S.; 7963 (See Obenshain, Ms. Ann C.) 
"CLUTE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Johnston); 7935 AB 
CLUVERIUS, Mrs. Dorothy E. (Dorothy E. Byrne); 7968; r: 310 

Sandalwood Dr., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 741-2087 
'CLYBURN, Mrs. Mary A. (Mary A. Harbin); 7960 
CLYBURN, Sara C; 7999 (See Corbett, Mrs. Sara C.) 
"CLYDE, Emma; 7974 (See Hodge, Mrs. Emma) 
COAN, Charlotte L.; 7958 (See Biren, Mrs. Chartotte L.) 
COATES, Mrs. Diana Lynne (Diana Lynne Nalley) ; 7 9 6 7 B A ; 
r: 1201 Heathdiff Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23464, 757 467-4313; 
Thomas, Christopher 
COATES, Mrs. Julie Hamilton Trant (Julie Hamilton Trant); 7987 
AB; Homemaker, Terrace Park, OH 45174, 513 248-1841; 
r: 433 Elm Ave., Terrace Park, OH 45174, 513 248-1841; Todd; 
Payton, Hannah, Charlotte; 
"COATES, Mrs. Martha (Martha Stevenson); 7920 ' 

"COATS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Huger); 7928 j 


COBB, Ashley Elizabeth; 1992 {See Phelan, Mrs. Ashley Cobb) 
*COBB, Elizabeth; 1926 {See Sutherland, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'COBB, Mrs. Eudoxa (Eudoxa Dingman); 1 939 AB 
*COBB, Justine; 1973 

COBB, Louise Settle; 1961 (See Boggs, Mrs. Louise Cobb) 
*COBB, Margaret; ACAD (See Howard, Mrs. Margaret) 
'COBB, Mary; 1938 {See Hulse, Mrs. Mary) 
'COBB, Mary L; ACAD 

'COBB, Mildred; ACAD (See Roosevelt, Mrs. Mildred) 
'COBB, Shirley M.; 1934 
COBBS, Mrs. Anne Arleigh (Anne Arleigh Davis); 1991 BA; 

Programmer, Database Computer Systs., 18447 Forest Rd, 

Lynchburg, VA 24502, 434 385-6020; r: 638 Suburban Rd, 

Lynchburg, VA 24501, 434 332-4261; Tom; Nathaniel; 

'COBBS, Mary E.; ACAD (See Dunn, Mrs. Mary E.) 
COBDEN, Hannah; ?938(See Merrill, Hannah) 
'COBEY, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Brewer); 1933 
'COBURN, Jessie L.; 7933 (See Laukhuff, Mrs. Jessie L.) 
COCH, Mrs. Aphrodite B. (Aphrodite B. Anthony); 1 958 AB; r: 14 

Sutton PI. S, # 3B, New York, NY 10022, 212 838-4836 
'COCHRAN, Courtenay; 7932 (See Ticer, Mrs. Courtenay) 
'COCHRAN, Elizabeth; 1935 (See Thayer, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COCHRAN, Mrs. Katherine (Katy) Mikell (Katherine (Katy) Olliff 

Mikell); 1976 BA; Homemaker; r: 4036 Beresford Rd., Charlotte, 

NC 28211; 
COCHRAN, Kathleen M.; 7973 (See Schutze, Mrs. Kathleen C.) 
COCHRAN, Mary Jaquelin; 1937 (See Nicholson, Mrs. Jaquelin 

'COCHRAN, Mrs. Ray; ?935 AB 
COCHRAN, Mrs. Shann Elizabeth (Shann Elizabeth Fountain); 

y996 BA; Owner, Par Bleu; r: 7 Claires Point, Beaufort, SC 


'COCHRAN, Wendy Lang; 1979 

COCHRANE, Barbara E.; ?967(See Buckley, Mrs. Barbara E.) 
COCHRANE, Doris A.; 7974 (See Boyd, Mrs. Doris Cochrane) 
COCHRANE, Elisabeth; 7962 (See Cowgill, Ms. Elisabeth) 
COCHRANE, Elvira; 1934 (See McMillan, Mrs. Elvira) 
COCKE, Adela (Betty) Elizabeth; ?936 (See Winfree, Mrs. Peyton 

Brown, Jr.) 
COCKE, Betty; 1945 {See Wright, Mrs. Betty) 
COCKE, Cathahne (Tinka); 1953 (See Tarver, Mrs. Catharine 

COCKE, Cynthia L.; 1970 (See Sutton, Mrs. Cynthia L.) 
COCKE, Elizabeth P.; SPEC 
COCKE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Jarvis); 1944 
COCKE, Virginia S.; 7927 (See Webb, Mrs. Virginia S.) 
COCKE, Mrs. Winifred W. (Winifred Winter); 1958 ; BA Univ. of 

Texas-Austin; Retired Tchr., San Antonio ISD, Highlands HS; 

r:7914 Thomhill St., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 824-4340; 

Baiilett: Reagan, Bartlett, Martha; 

COCKRELL, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Booth); 1 926 AB 
COCKRILL, Anne; 1935 (See Wait, Mrs. Anne) 
COCKRILL, Mrs. Betty Farinholt (Betty Boyd Farinholt); 1944 

AB; HomemakerA/olunteer; r: 71 10 River Crescent Dr., Annapo- 
lis, MD 21 401 , 41 266-3596; James; Betty, Sally 
COCKRILL, Jane; 1934 (See Thompson, Mrs. Jane) 
CODMAN, Mrs. Sallie (Sallie Wemple); 1953; Realtor Assoc, 

Prudential Jensen Smith Inc., 41 1 Pequot Ave., Southport, CT 

06890, 203 255-1 001 ; r: 47 Southport Woods Dr., Southport, CT 

06890, 203 319-1544; S. 
CODY, Carol C; 7972 (See Herder, Mrs. Carol C.) 
CODY, Mrs. Edith (Edith Scannell); 794S 
CODY, Jillian; 7964 (See Jones, Mrs. Jillian) 
CODY, Mrs. Melanie Whitmarsh (Melanie Whitmarsh Coyne); 

7976 AB; Exec. Recruiter, Amy BurackCo., Inc., 444 N. Michigan 

Ave., #330, Chicago, IL 60611 ;r: 712 Ash St., Winnetka, IL 

60093, 847 441 -0678; Robert: Caitlin, Sarah; 

COE, Eunice; 7947AB 
COE, KateT.; 7929 AB 

COE, Laurie MacDonald; 7987 (See Boyle, Mrs. Laurie MacDonald) 
COE, Nancy Hancock; 7937 AB 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


COE, Mrs. Sally (Sally Gillespie); 7955; Retired Mgr., The 
Woman'sClubof White Plains, Inc.; r: 134 Soundview Ave., 
White Plains, NY 10606, 914 761-1857; Robert: Sharon, 
Patricia, Laurie, David 
*COE, Serena; 7934 (See Hurlbert, Mrs. Serena) 
COE, Sharon Elizabeth; 7976 (See Glen, Mrs. Sharon Elizabeth) 
COELLO, Sandra Katherine; 7997 (See Hyman, Mrs. Sandra 

COFER, Mary Weeks; 7978 (See Barbot, Mrs. Mary Weeks) 
COFER, Nancy; 7947 (See Stacey, Mrs. Nancy) 
COFFEE, Colleen; 1967 {See Hall, Mrs. Colleen) 
COFFELT, Mary Kay; 7954 (See Trautschold, Mrs. Mary Kay) 
COFFEY, Mrs. Kathehne Jane (K. Jane Guthe); 7952; BA Univ. 
of Michigan; Real Estate Broker; r: 242 Lake Merced Hill, San 
Francisco, CA 94132, 415 337-7696; George: Kathleen Frey, 
Christine P., Pathcia; 
kcoffeycbl © 
'COFFEY, Kathleen; 1964 {See Preston, Mrs. Kathleen) 
'COFFEY, Mrs. Leah (Leah Hanger); 7977 
COFFEY, Mary Lee, MD (Mary Lee Bell); 7969 AB; MD George- 
town Univ. Sch. of Med.; Retired; r: 897 Chinquapin Rd, Mc 
Lean, VA 22102, 703 757-6604; C. Shelby III: Alison, Charles 
COFFEY, Melissa Ann; 7998BA;Asst. Dir., Sweet Briar CIg. 
Alumnae Ofc, Sweet Briar, VA 24595, 434 381-6243; r: 203 
Odins Bow Dr., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 528-2336; 
COFFIELD, Megan; 7980 (See Lyon, Mrs. Megan) 
COFFIN, Cynthia; 7966 (See Brandon, Cynthia Coffin) 
"COFFIN, Florence; 7973 (See Gillem, Mrs. Florence) 
COFFIN, Mrs. Nancy L (Nancy L. Barnes); 7949; r: 16667 Hill 

Rd., Klamath Falls, OR 97603, 541 798-5950 
'COFFMAN, Mrs. Constance (Constance Williams); 7940 
COFFMAN, Margaret; 7946 (See Smith, Mrs. Margaret) 
COFFMAN, Mary Haley; 1984 (See Reynolds, Mrs. Mary C.) 
"COFIELD, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Thornton, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"COGAN, Mary P.; 7970 (See Rankin, Mrs. Mary P.) 
'COGER, Gayle; 7979 
COGGESHALL, Emma Elizabeth; 7958 (See Nock, Elizabeth 

COGGESHALL, Jean Brooks; 7984 (See Lavespere, Mrs. Jean 

COGGHILL, Pamela A.; 7974 (See Graham, Mrs. Pamela 

COGGIN, Mrs. Elizabeth A.M. (Elizabeth A.M. Jenks); 7 976 ; 

r: 3904 Exeter Rd., Richmond, VA 23221, 804 358-7901 
COGGIN, Mary Rebecca; 7983 (See Hubert, Mrs. Mary Rebecca) 
'COGGINS, Iris; 7962 AB 

COGGINS, Katherine Ruth; 7942(See Clark, Mrs. Katherine Ruth) 
COGGSHALL, Dr. Kelly Amanda; 7995 BS; PhD Univ. Virginia; 
BioPhysicalChemist, 434 825-0194; r: 10 Haynes Creek Ln., 
Medford, NJ 08055, 609 654-0597; Jarves Anderson: 
"COGHILL, Mrs. Bobbie L. (Bobbie L. Estill); 7948 
COGHILL, Mrs. Eleanor Anne (Eleanor Anne Guild); 7993 BA; 
Financial Svcs. Cnslt., Sentara Bank; r: 2543 Essex Church Rd, 
Caret, VA 22436, 804 443-3691 
COGHLAN, Mrs. Martha Lynne (Martha Lynne Corretti); 7 982 

AB; r: 2551 Beverly Dr., Birmingham, AL 35223 
COGSWELL, Anne Wyatt; 7975 (See Burris, Mrs. Anne Wyatt) 
"COGSWELL, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hoyt); 7939 
COGSWELL, Ms. Margina Dunlap (Margina Gates Dunlap); 
7967 BA; MS Georgia State Univ.; Health Care Profn., Cobb/ 
Douglas Community Svcs. Bd., 331 N. Marietta Pkwy., Marietta, 
GA 30060, 770 499-2422; r: 3251 Cir. Oaks Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 
30339, 770 436-6402; Alden, Margina; 
"COHEE, Mrs. Marjohe (Marjorie Bergen); 7922 
"COHEN, Mrs. Beatrice (Beatrice Boericke); 7944 AB 
"COHEN, Dorothea; ACAD {See Ball, Mrs. Dorothea) 
'COHEN, Fran; 7987 

COHEN, Mrs. Lisa Doczi (Lisa Doczi); 7995 BA; Owner Pony 
Breeder/Riding Instr., Brianwood Farm Boarding Facility, Pleasant 
Ridge Rd, Virginia Bch., VA 23456, 757 426-8558; r: 1412 Blue 
Heron Rd., Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757 620-5551; James 
"COHEN, Marjorie; ACAD 
COHEN, Rosalind Augusta; 7967 (See Neuman, Mrs. Rosalind 
"COHILL. Mrs. Mary (Mary Hackmann); 7922 



COHN, Alice G.; 7974 AB; Full Breed Race Horse Trainer, Fair 
Ground Race Track/Keeneland Race Trace-KY, 372 Shannon 
Run Rd, Versailles, KY 40383, 859 225-1887; r: 4123 Baronne, 
New Orleans, LA 701 15, 504 895-8485 

COHN, Ms. Judy M.; 1971 ; Housing Cnsltg., Judy Cohn Assocs., 
FOB 584, Brookline VIg., MA 02447; r: 86 High St., Chelmsford, 
MA 01824, 978 256-4240; Andrew 

COHN, Mrs. Vivian Y. (Vivian Yamaguchi); /977 AB;JD Loyola 
Univ. of Chicago; Atty./Gen. Counsel, Chicago Underwriting Grp. 
Inc., 211 W Wacker Dr. Ste, 300, Chicago, IL 60606, 312 750- 
8807; r; 505 Provident Ave., Winnetka, IL 60093; Stuart; 
Clayton, Clifford, Charles, William; 
XOHO, Linda; 1969 

COKE, Ms. Harriotte (Harriotte Bland); 1948 AB; MS Case 
Western Reserve; Psychotherapist, Private Practice; r; 7353 
Myrna Blvd., Kent, OH 44240, 330 673-0288; Albert Beckwitti; 
James, Robert, William, Edward, Elizabeth 
'COKER. Judith; 1965 

COKER, Mrs. Louisa H. (Louisa P. Hunt); 1956 BA; Homemaker; 
r;109 Beechwood Dr., Franklin, VA 23851, 757 562-3673; 
E.R.M.: William, John, James 
'COLAHAN, Mary P.; 1944 (See Hinkamp, Mrs. Mary P.) 

COLANERI, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Thomas); 1969; AWy., 
Thomas & Colaneri PC, 2106 New Rd, Linwood, NJ 08221, 609 
653-6000; r: 505 Hamilton Ave., Linwood, NJ 08221, 609 653- 

COLANGELO, MargarettaM.; y957AB;r:San Francisco, CA 

COLANGELO, Ms. Martha Ann (Martha Ann Sweet); 1963 BA; 
Asst. to The Dean of Engrg., Rice Univ., FOB 1892 MS-364, 
Houston, TX 77251, 713 348-4009; r; 7632 Del Monte Dr., 
Houston, TX 77063, 713 782-1550; Cathehne, Matthew, Dave; 
'COLBERN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Hall); ACAD 

COLBERT, Mrs. Amalia (Lia) Cahail (Amalia (Lia) C. De Simone); 
r994 BA; Settlement Ofcr,, IRS, Washington, DC 20016; 
r; 21716 Slidell Rd, Boyds, MD 20841 ; Frank; Amalia; 
'COLBERT, Margaret; 7968 (See Brown, Mrs. Margaret) 

COLBERT, Mrs. Trent S. (Trent Stevenson); 1971 AB; r: 3 1 6 
Stradleigh Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403, 910 763-6260 

COLBORN, Mrs. Loretta A. (Loretta Anderson); 1966 ; BA Keuka 
CIg.; Realtor, Mountain Resort Properties, 530 582-1771; 
r: 12844 Solvang Way, Truckee, CA 96161, 530 582-1743; 

COLBURN, Elizabeth; ?958 (See Williamson, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

COLBY, Keli; 1984 BA; JD American Univ.; Atty., Mays & Valen- 
tine, 8201 Greensboro Dr., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 202 857-6413; 
r: 5652 Rock Hill Mill Rd., The Plains, VA 20198; 

COLCORD, Judith A.; 1943 (See Jeffries, Mrs. Agnes C.) 
'COLDREN, Mrs. Sara (Sara Warren); ACAD 

COLDWELL, Mrs. Louise G. (Louise Galleher); 1956 AB; 
Retired; r: 6427 Roselawn Rd., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288- 

COLE, Mrs. Alexandra (Alexandra Carpenter); 1958 AB; Retired 
Admin., Jonathan Dayton Regional HS, Mountain Ave., Spring- 
field, NJ 07081, 973376-6300; r: 170 Short Hills Ave., Spring- 
field, NJ 07081, 973 467-8993; Rictiard; David, Bhan; 

COLE, Carol; 1965 {See Pelzer, Mrs. Carol) 

*COLE, Cora L.; ACAD 

*COLE, Ms. Cynthia M.; 1997 

COLE, Mrs. Eleanor Meyers (Eleanor Gurney Myers); 1946 AB; 
State of Florida; Retired Educator; r; 2708 Lucerne Dr., Tallahas- 
see, FL 32303, 850 562-0733; Walter 

*COLE, Elizabeth J.; 1921 AB 

COLE, Elizabeth Paige; y987(See Rock, Mrs. Elizabeth Paige) 

COLE, Elizabeth R.; 7975 (See Persons, Mrs. Elizabeth R.) 

'COLE, Gloria Janice; 7987 (See Bauer, Mrs. Gloria Janice) 

"COLE, Jean; 1931 (See Anderson, Mrs. Jean) 

"COLE, Mrs. Joan (Joan Myers); 1941 AB 

COLE, Karen; 1968 (See Janssen, Mrs. Karen) 

COLE, Karen Elizabeth; 7989 (See Kallls, Mrs. Karen Elizabeth) 



COLE, Katherine Owings; 7988 (See Hite, Mrs. Katherine Cole) 
COLE, Ms. Lucy Darby (Lucy Rutledge Darby); 7978 AB; MBA 

Univ. of Georgia, MBA; Retired Mktg. Exec; r: 634 Arbor Lake 

Ln„ Tampa, FL 33602, 813 221-5829; 
COLE, Mrs. Mahssa Beth (Marissa Beth Ashe); 7993 BA; Acct., 

Kreischer, Miller & Co., 200 Gibraltar Rd. Ste. 200, Horsham, PA 

19044, 215 441-4600; r: 4580 Louise St. Claire Dr., Doylestown, 

PA 18901, 215 489-2004; /Andy; Audrey; 

COLE, Ms. Mary E. (Mary E. Holman); 7974 ; Sofas & Chairs Inc., 

5225 Canal Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70124; r; 1643 Octavia St., 

New Orleans, LA 701 15; Lear, Pathck 
COLE, Mary Elizabeth; 7986 (See Marquis, Mrs. Mary Cole) 
"COLE, Mrs. Nellie (Nellie McCaa); 7927 
"COLE, Olive; ACAD (See Hogan, Mrs. Olive) 
COLE, Patricia Maddox; 7986(See Monroe, Mrs. Patricia Maddox) 
COLE, Wynn; 7996 (See Burr, Mrs. Wynn Cole) 
COLEBURN, Robin R. (Robin J. Rutter); 7972; BFA Beaver 

CIg.; Artist/Orchardist, Golden Apple Orchard, 1 052 Whalley Rd., 

Charlotte, VT 05445, 802 425-2060; r: same; Robert; Jessica, 

COLEMAN, Ann; 7970 (See Hicks, Mrs. Ann Coleman) 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Bennett Paige; 7989 AB;Tchr., Holy Cross 

Sch., 40 Rumson Rd., Rumson, NJ 07760, 732 842-0348; 

r: 132 Buena Vista Ave., Fair Haven, NJ 07704, 732 530-4065; 
'COLEMAN. Ms. Bethany; 7993 

COLEMAN, Caroline C; 7962 (See Stautberg, Mrs. Caroline C.) 
"COLEMAN, Catherine 0.; 7942 AB 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Charlyne (Charlyne Grimes); 7960 ; BS Univ. of 

North Carolina; Indep. Probate Paralegal; r: 3011 Chestnut Rd., 

Hendersonville, NC 28792, 828 693-3809; James; John, James; 
"COLEMAN, Mrs. Edith (Edith Morris); 7927 
COLEMAN, Elizabeth Macrae; 7978 (See Blackwell, Mrs. 

Elizabeth Macrae) 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Gloha (Gloha Mederer); 1 962 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 1203 Hickory Dr., Valdosta, GA 31602, 229 253-1391; Wilby 
COLEMAN, Helen Rosa; 1945 (See Monaghan, Mrs. Helen Rosa) 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Jean (Jean Raney); 7977 ; Homemaker; 

r:2810 Park Ave., Wilmington, NC 28403, 910 343-8320; 

Gordon; Stuart, Philip, Katharine; 

jcolemani @ec. 
'COLEMAN, Ms. Jennifer Lynn; 7998 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Joyce Mae; 7985 AB;JD Washington & Lee 

Univ.; City Atty., City of Lynchburg, FOB 60, Lynchburg, VA 

24505, 434 847-1310; r; 228 Dixie Airport Rd., Madison Hts., VA 

24572, 434 929-7545; Ttiomas; Bethany 
"COLEMAN, Julia; 7932 (See Wing, Mrs. Julia) 
COLEMAN, Kerry Elizabeth; 7997 (See Coleman-Proksch, Ms. 

Kerry E.) 
COLEMAN, Laura MacMillan; 7987 (See Proctor, Mrs. Laura 

COLEMAN, Lochrane; 7976 (See Smith, Mrs. Lochrane Coleman) 
COLEMAN, Louise Fairfax; 7957 (See Jones, Mrs. Louise 

COLEMAN, Lura Ann; 7960 (See Wampler, Mrs. Lura Coleman) 
"COLEMAN, Margaret; ACAD 
"COLEMAN, Margaret; 7938 (See Ford, Mrs. Margaret) 
"COLEMAN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Johns); 7920 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Rodes (Rodes Estill); 7957 ; r; 181 4 Bon Air Dr., 

Lexington, KY 40502, 859 266-2580 
COLEMAN, Mrs. Ronald L. (Stephanie Ewalt); 7967 AB; Med. 

Receptionist, Retired at Present; r: 2710 Barrow PI., Midlothian, 

VA 23113, 804 794-6979; Ronald: Leev, Cameron, Brandon 
COLEMAN, Ms. Shannon H.; 7990 AB; Sweet Briar CIg., MLANG 

State Univ. Sch. of Design; Business Owner, Garden Thyme 

Designs Ltd., Raleigh, NC 27615, 919 875-3207; r: 2604 Clere- 
story PI., Raleigh, NC 27615, 919 875-1568; 

scoleman2 @ 
'COLEMAN, Virginia Kirk; 7974(See Blackstone, Mrs. Virginia Kirk) 
"COLEMAN, Willie C; 7929 (See Smith, Mrs. Willie C.) 
COLEMAN-PROKSCH, Ms. Kerry E. (Kerry Elizabeth Coleman); 

7997 BS; MED Univ. of Georgia; Intl. Educ; r: Alexandria, VA 

223:2; Steven Prokscti; 



COLEN, Mrs. Marv Leach (Mary Gillis Duer); 1964 BA; MS Univ. 

of Pennsylvania; Retired Sr. VP, LS Driscoll; r: 1520 Spring Mill 

Rd., Gladwyne, PA 19035, 610 527-4933; Joseph; Joseph, 

Jennifer, Jennifer, Ambler; 
COLES, Charlotte; 1930 (See Friedmann, Mrs. Charlotte) 
COLES, Mrs. Jean (Jean Peay); 1957 
COLEY, Hylah; 1939 (See Ebling, Mrs. Hylah) 
COLEY, Mrs. Uarda Rosamond (Uarda Rosamond Garrett); 

1934 ; r; 514 N. Madison, El Dorado, AR 71730 
COLEY, Valarie Dawn; 1994 (See Martin, Mrs. Valarie Dawn) 
COLGIN, Nell; ^932 (See Miller, Mrs. Nell) 
COLGROVE, Ann Agnes; 1973, 1975 AB; r: 6924 Seven Locks 

Rd., Cabin John, MD 20818 
COLHOUN, Mrs. Claudia Parker (Claudia Parker Ross); 1984 

AB; MA; r: 312 Silver Pine Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739; 
COLHOUN, Sarah Langhorne; 1979 (See Engram, Mrs. Sarah 

COLIN, Mrs. Georgia (Georgia Talmey); 1928 
COLLARD, Mrs. Jennifer Anyce (Jennifer Anyce Differ); 1983 AB 
COLLARD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Reed); 1919 
COLLER, Mrs. Janet (Janet Sherman); 1950 
COLLES, Constance E.; 1922 
COLLETT, Mary; 1961 (See Polk, Mrs. Mary) 
COLLETT, Mrs. Stephanie Anne (Stephanie Anne Alford); 1984 ; 

Citizen's & Southern Nat. Bank, Box 1449, Greenville, SC 29602; 

r: 5170 Wild Ginger Ct., Norcross, GA 30092 
COLLETT, Mrs. Virginia N. (Virginia Nassib); 7959 AB; r: 41 20 

Rowan Dr., PL Worth, TX 76116, 817 738-4668; Elizabeth A., 

John R. 
COLLEY, Elizabeth; 1941 (See Shelton, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COLLEY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Jones); 1919 
COLLIE, Alexandra Eliot; 1976 (See Wilson, Mrs. Alexandra Eliot) 
COLLIER, Mrs. Bette (Bette Fawcett); 1941 
COLLIER, Mrs. Edith (Edith Harper); ACAD 
COLLIER, Elizabeth; 1934 (See Wardle, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COLLIER, Mrs. Elsie (Elsie Schmelz); ACAD 
COLLIER, Henrietta; 1939 (See Ayer, Mrs. Henrietta) 
COLLIER, Ms. Kari LeAnne; 1996 
COLLIER, Mrs. Louise (Louise Wilbourn); Publisher, Pilgrimage; 

r: 588 Club Walk, Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 324-0032 
COLLIER, Martha; ACAD (See Marbury, Mrs. Martha) 
COLLIER, Nancy; 1965 {See Hitchins, Mrs. Nancy) 
COLLIER, Pilar Louise; /995(See Brady, Mrs. Pilar Collier) 
COLLIER, Mrs. Robert (Jeanne Claybrook); 7943; Retired 

Owner/Television Show; r; 1250 S Washington St. No 205, Alex- 
andria, VA 22314, 703 683-1683; Robeil(Dec): Clay, Deborah 

COLLIER, Dr. Virginia (Virginia Samford Upchurch); 1972 BA; 

MD Johns Hopkins Univ.; Vice Chair, Dept. of Med., Christiana 

Care Health Syst., 4755 Ogletown Stanton Rd., POB 6001, 

Newark, DE 19718, 302 733-6344; r: 5306 Johnsontown Rd, 

Chestertown, MD 21 620, 41 778-41 72; Thomas; Ann, 

Katherine, Louisa; 
COLLIER, Mrs. Virginia Marks (Virginia Vance Marks); 1992 BA; 

Youth Coord., Diocese of West Tennessee, 692 Poplar Ave., 

Memphis, TN 38103; r: 46 Belleair Dr., Memphis, TN 38104, 901 

278-1111; James; v., Dabney; 

COLLIER, Yvonne E.; 7975 (See Gwin, Mrs. Yvonne C.) 
'COLLIGAN, Mrs. Nancy D. (Nancy D. Avery); 1971 
COLLING, Mrs. Pamela Weiler (Pamela Jeanne Weiler); 1979 

AB; Dir. Sales, NAFTA, Degussa Corp., Parsippany, NJ 07054, 

973 541-8723; r: 29 Maltbie Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432, 201 

612-9343; William; 
COLLINS, Ms. Adair Fletcher; t998 BA; Non- Profit Coord., 

Peace Corps, 1111 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20526, 202 

692-1575; r; 1607 Hilliard Rd, Richmond, VA 23228, 804 266- 


COLLINS. Alice; 1965 (See Fisk, Mrs. Alice) 
COLLINS, Alison Ellen; 1988 
COLLINS, Ann; 1954 (See Teachout, Mrs. Ann) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

COLLINS, Ms. Ann H.; 1976 ; Tulane Univ.; Secy.-Treas., R. W. 

Collins Co., 7225 W. 66th St., Chicago, IL 60638, 773 458-6868; 

r: 761 Summit Ave., Lake Forest, IL 60045, 847 295-8375 
COLLINS, Anne Berkele; 1996 (See Sinha, Mrs. Anne Berkele) 
COLLINS, Candace Sylvia; 1990 (See Preston, Mrs. Candace 

COLLINS, Mrs. Carole Thrash (Carole Lynn Thrash); 1987 AB; 

VP, Bank of America, 678 355-0875; r: 3154 Hartness Way NW, 

Kennesaw, GA 30144, 678 354-5198; A/orman; Alan, Matthew; 
COLLINS, Carolyn Florence; 1967 (See Mobley, Mrs. Carolyn 

COLLINS, Mrs. Catherine Catlett (Catherine Suzanne Catlett); 

1976 BA; JD American Univ.; Atty., Lexis Nexis Publishing, 727 

376-9156; r: 2048 Gold Dust Ct., Trinity, FL 34655, 727 376-91 56 
"COLLINS, Mrs. Ceciley (Ceciley Youmans); y948 AB 
COLLINS, Mrs. Cissel (Cissel Gott); ?972 AB; r; 2405 Dexter 

Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20902, 301 593-4431 
"COLLINS, Cordelia; ACAD (See Goodman, Mrs. Cordelia) 
"COLLINS, Mrs. Cynthia A. (Cynthia A. Harding); 1948 
COLLINS, Mrs. Elizabeth C. (Elizabeth S. Cushman); 1954 ; 

Retired Director of Meals On Wheels; r; 550 Maquam Shore Rd, 

Swanton, VT 05488, 802 868-4052; Caroline, Charles, Libby 
"COLLINS, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Doxey); 1924 
"COLLINS, Gertrude; 7926 (See Calnan, Mrs. Gertrude) 
COLLINS, Ms. Gertrude (Gigi) Gail; 1984 AB; MBA NYU Sch. of 

Business; Investment Mgr., Lassus Wherley & Assocs., 1 

Academy St., New Providence, NJ 07974, 908 464-0102; r; 34 

Meadowbrook Rd, Short Hills, NJ 07078, 973 376-4101; 

Michael Altrui; Michael, Paige; 
COLLINS, Mrs. Hazel (Hazel Stamps); )932 BA; r: 3747 

Peachtree Rd. NE, #1710, Atlanta, GA 30319, 404 233-1851; 

Carolyn, Cecil 
"COLLINS, Jane; 7937 (See Corwin, Mrs. Jane) 
COLLINS, Jane H.; 1953 (See Sjoberg, Ms. Jane C.) 
COLLINS, Ms. Jennifer True (Jennifer Collins True); 7977 ; B A 

Indiana Univ., MA Indiana Univ. Bloomington; Tchr.; r: 821 S 

Park Ave., Bloomington, IN 47401, 812 332-7127; Parker, 


jcollins® bloomington. in. us 
"COLLINS, Joan Bahan; 7985 AB 

"COLLINS, Mrs. Josephine E. (Josephine E. Thomas); 7946 AB 
COLLINS, Mrs. Julie Martin (Julie Dawn Martin); 7988 BA; 

r; 3327 Valleywood Cove, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, 615 849- 

8226; Jerry; Christopher, Joseph; 
COLLINS, Mrs. Katharine B. (Katharine K. Blackford); 7963 AB; 

Freelance Writer/TV Producer, POB 54, Cora, WY 82925; 

r: same, 307 367-2639; John; Davison, Douglas; 

COLLINS, Ms. Kelly Ann; 7996 BA; MED John Carroll Univ.; 

Tchr., Cleveland Municipal Schs., lA Maple Sch, Cleveland, OH 

44106; r; 2252 Maplewood Rd, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118, 216 

321-8196; /(aron /.ear; 

COLLINS, Mrs. Lee McEachern (Lee Kelley McEachern); 7 994 

BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Web Design Coord./Super User, World 

Travel Partners, 2600 Century Pkwy., Ste. 200, Atlanta, GA 

30345, 404 728-7845; r: 34 Whitlock Rd., Newnan, GA 30263, 

770 304-8153; Sob; 

"COLLINS, Louise; 7927 (See Schroeder, Mrs. Louise) 
"COLLINS, Mrs. Lucretia (Lucretia Watson); ACAD 
"COLLINS, Mrs. Mahan (Marian Grimes); 7924 
COLLINS, Mrs. Marion (Marion Behrens); 7963 AB; MED Univ. of 

North Texas, BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Academic Advisor/ESL 

Teacher, Messiah Lutheran Church/Richland Community CIg., 

12800 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX 75243, 972 238-6367; r: 2408 

Fairway Dr., Richardson, TX 75080, 972 234-6273; John; 

Cathleen, Lisa, John; 
'COLLINS, Marjory; 7934 
'COLLINS, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Roscoe); 7972 
COLLINS, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary F. Henningsen); 7975 AB; MA 

NYU; Homemaker; r: 674 Colonial Ave., Pelham, NY 10803, 914 

738-4890; Christopher; Mayde, Caroline, Victoria; 



COLLINS, Ms. Meghan Elizabeth; 2000 BA; r:15034 Kelly 
Canyon Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715; 
'COLLINS, Patricia; 1955 (See Massad, Mrs. Patricia) 
'COLLINS, Ruth; y940(See Henry, Mrs. Ruth) 
'COLLINS, Mrs. Shirley V. (Shirley V. Long); 1950 
COLLINS, Mrs. Susan (Susan Hayward); 1955 ; VP, Briar Patch 
Designs Co.; r: 28 Harvest Ct., Greenville, SC 29601, 864 232- 
2365; Edwin; Suzanne, Elisabeth 
COLLINS, Suzanne Mallory; 1978 (See Gurley, Mrs. Suzanne 

'COLLINS, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Vemor); 1928 
COLLINS, Winifred; 1952 (See Brister, Mrs. Winifred) 
COLLIS, Barbara T.; 1956 (See Rodes, Mrs. Barbara C.) 
COLLISTER, Mrs. Lorinda (Lorinda Nash); 1962 ; r: 7406 

Rogers Rd., Gates Mills, OH 44040 
COLLYER, Patricia; 1960 (See Zavitz, Mrs. Patricia C.) 
COLMER, Mrs. Elaine B. (Elaine B. Dies); 1957; r: 47 Goodway 

Ln., Memphis, TN 38117, 901 767-2994 
'COLMORE, Mrs. Virginia D. (Virginia D. Guild); 1938 
COLOCOTRONIS, Kathryn Anne; 1988 ; Financial Analyst, GE 
Capital; r: c/o Fletcher, 27 Goodsell Hill Rd, Redding, CT 06896 
COLOMB. Ms. Jennifer; ?993 BS; Environ. Mgr., Intl. United 
Cnslts., Inc., 19 Mayis Caddesi No: 59, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey, 
2122756640; r: Bestekar O.Nihat Akin Sokak, Ozden Apt. No 6/ 
13, Yesilkoy Istanbul, Turkey; 
'COLQUITT, Catherine; 1956 (See Bruce, Mrs. Catherine) 
COLQUITT, Ms. Sharon Rachelle; y997BA; Advanced Study, 
Acad, of Dramatic Arts; r: 4876 Cuartel Ln., El Paso, TX 79912, 
915 542-4580 
COLSON, Heather Camille; 1990 (See Ewing, Mrs. Heather 

'COLSON, Mary; y948(SeeComstock, Mrs. Mary) 
COLSTON, Ann; 7947 (See Leonard, Mrs. Ann) 
'COLTMAN, Shirley A.; 7952 (See Crook, Mrs. Shirley A.) 
'COLTON, Mrs. Howell; 1938 AB 
COLTON, Keenan; 1966 (See Kelsey, Rev. Keenan Colton) 
COLTON, Leith Ann; 7978 (See Derish, Mrs. Leith Ann) 
'COLTON, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Houriet); 1949 
'COLVIN, Mrs. Jean (Jean Kitching); 1952 
'COLVIN, Kimerley M.; 1972 

COLVIN, Mary Beth Elizabeth; 2002 BA; Tchr., Liberty HS, 6300 
Independence Ave., Bealeton, VA 22712, 540 439-6300; 
r: 4653 Dumfries Rd, Catlett, VA 201 19, 540 347-2375; 
COLVIN, Verda Michelle (Verda Michelle Andrews); 1987 BA; 
JD Univ. GA Athens; Atty., US Dept. of Justice, 433 Cherry St., 
Macon, GA 31201, 478 621-2700; r: 1034 Eddie Craig Dr., Mc 
Donough, GA 30252, 678 432-1267 
'COLWILL, Eleanor; 1961 

COLWILL, Elizabeth Tunis; 1959 (See Wiegers, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'COMBS, Elizabeth; 1934 (See Carroll, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COMBS, Mary Williams Browneli; 1974 (See Winans, Mrs. Mary 

'COMER, Cynthia; 7962 (See Avary, Mrs. Cynthia) 
COMER, Mrs. Elinor Bryan (Elinor Bryan Humphrey); 1978 AB; 
Trust Ofcr.; r: 4629 Gardena Ave., San Diego, CA 92110; 
'COMER, Mrs. Gillian (Gillian Goodall); ACAD 
'COMER, Mrs. Helen (Helen Beeson); 1920 AB 
'COMER, Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Anderson); ?935 AB 
'COMER, Louise; ?966 AB 

COMER, Ms. Marion (Marion Parrott); 1961 ; BA Univ. NC Chapel 
Hill; Mgr., Merle Norman Cosmetics, Battle Green Ave., Greens- 
boro, NC 27429, 336 288-801 1 ; r: 2700 Courtney Ln., Greens- 
boro, NC 27408, 336 288-4681 ; CatherineLilley, Michael, Eliza- 
beth, Greenhaigh 
"COMER, Ruth; 1922 

^'COMFORT, Mrs. Margaret E. (Margaret E. Bell); 1912 
'COMFORT, Sharon K.; 7972 (See Saunders, Mrs. Sharon K.) 
COMMANDER, Mrs. Victoria C. (Victoria C. Coxe); 1 964 ; 
Homemaker; r: 3839 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 
388-1951 ; Charles E.; Eleanor, Charles, Christopher; 
"COMPTON, Caroline; 7927 AB 
'COMPTON, Dorothy A.; 7970(See Woodsfellow, Mrs. Dorothy A.) 



COMPTON, Georgia E.; 7972 (See Fischel, Mrs. Georgia E.) 
'COMPTON, Helen Irene; 7980 (See Harris, Mrs. Helen Irene) 
'COMPTON, Mrs. Kaye E. (Kaye E. Creekmore); 7956 
COMPTON, Pamela Bodine; 7955 (See Ware, Pamela Compton) 
COMPTON, Sandra Lynn; 79S9 (See Sellman, Mrs. Sandra 

COMPTON, Mrs. Susan (Susan Schnaitter); 7967; BA Lake Erie 

CIg.; Elem. Tchr., Wherry Elem. Sch.; r: 89 Calle San Bias, NE, 

Albuquerque, NM 87109; 
COMSTOCK, Mrs. Jean (Jean Van Vranken); 7938 ; Smith CIg. 

of Arch.; Retired Landscape Arch.; r: 3267 Meadow Rdg, 

Redding, CT 06896, 203 544-7020 
'COMSTOCK, Mrs. Mary (Mary Colson); 7948 
'CONAGHAN, Dorothy; 7927 (See Bennet, Mrs. Dorothy) 
CONANT, Anne; 7940 (See Weaver, Mrs. Anne) 
CONARD, Dr. Lee Ann E.; 7988; Phys. -Adolescent Medicine, 

West Virginia Univ. Sch. of Medicine; r: 4876 Woods Edge Ln., 

Morgantown, WV 26508, 304 594-3132; 

lee_ann_conard @ 
CONATY, Mrs. Nancy L. (Nancy E. Lenihan); 7973 BA; AB 

Sweet Briar CIg., MED Monmouth Univ.; Homemaker; r: 33 

Buena Vista Ave., Rumson, NJ 07760; Jay; Matt 
'CONDIT, Mrs. Helen (Helen Rugg); 7925 
'CONDIT, Mrs. Julia (Julia Hoeber); 7947 AB 
CONDY, Kerry Anne; 7992 (See Duff, Mrs. Kerry Condy) 
CONE, Anne; 7967 (See Liptzin, Mrs. Anne) 
CONE, Carroll; 7946 (See Saxton, Mrs. Carroll) 
'CONE, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Faulk); 7937 
CONE, Ms. Elizabeth Ellen; 7978 AB;r: 15917 Kettington Rd., 

Chesterfield, MO 63017, 636 207-0971 
CONE, Frances Gordon; 7950 (See Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Frances 

"CONE, Mrs. Gladys (Gladys Cassels); SPEC 
CONE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Hazlehurst); 1947 AB; Owner, Cedar 

Lake Nurseries Inc.; r: 8745 Leighton Creek Cv, Germantown, 

TN 38138, 901 754-3605; Jeanette (Jan), Malcolm (Mac), 

Eugene (Gene) 
'CONE, Mrs. Juliette (Juliette Graves); ACAD 
CONE, Susan; 7967 (See Scott, Ms. Susan) 
CONE, Mrs. Susannah (Susannah Mingus); 7953; r: 31 Apple 

Orchard Dr., Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 
'CONE, Vera; ACAD (See Copeland, Mrs. Vera) 
CONERY, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Carroll); 7949; r: 1409 Philip 

St., New Orleans, LA 701 30 
CONGDON, Wendy; 7977 (See Stanton, Mrs. Wendy) 
CONGER, Mrs. Courtney W. (Courtney Willard); 7953 AB; Pres., 

The Carolina Real Estate Co., 31 8 ParkAve.SE, Aiken, SC 29801, 

803 648-8660; r: 21 1 ThirdAve.,Aiken,SC 29801, 803 648-2474; 

Georgianna, Ford, Allen; 

'CONGER, Crystal Lee; 7982 

CONGER, Georgianna Courtney; 7987 (See Wolcott, Mrs. Geor- 
gianna Conger) 
CONKLE, Nancy; 7966 (See Swann, Mrs. Nancy C.) 
CONKLIN, Angela Joy; 7996(See Abell, Mrs. Angela Joy Conklin) 
'CONKLIN, Cynthia D.; 7972 
'CONKLIN, Louise; 7928 (See Knowles, Mrs. Louise) 
'CONKLIN, Verone; 7942 

CONLEY, Carolyn J.; 7946 (See Danley, Mrs. Carolyn J.) 
CONLEY, Ms. Deirdre S.; 7972, 1973 AB; Natl. Wine Mgr., Marie 

Brizard USA, 11900 Biscayne Blvd. #600, N. Miami, FL 33181, 

305 893-3394; r: 10180 W Bay Harbor Dr. Apt. 38, Bay Harbor 

Islands, FL 33154, 305 866-6087; Gerard Guizoi 
CONLEY, Mrs. Frances Baker (Frances Baker Ulmer); 7947 BA; 

Realtor Assoc, Atkinson-Knight Realty Grp., 4230 Ortega Blvd., 

Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 388-4000; r: 5025 Pirates Cove 

Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 389-9782; Adelbert; Virginia, 

CONLEY, Mrs. Jennifer Keyes (Jennifer Keyes Hough); 7 988 

BA; MSW Fordham Univ.; Homemaker; r: 9 Forge Rd, Wilton, 

CT 06897, 203 762-5827; Fran/c J.,- Lindsay, Matthew, Sophie, 

CONLEY, Virginia S.; 7973 (See Pappas, Mrs. Virginia S.) 
CONNARD, Candida H.; 7968(See Low, Mrs. Candida (Candy) C.) i 



CONNEELY, Mrs. Laurel Margaret (Laurel Margaret Amiss); 

2003: Piedmont VA Community CIg.; Nursing Student; 

r: Glenbricken, Clifden, Co. Galway, Ireland, 0113539521244; 

Shane; Colin; 

CONNELL, Dr. Anne (Anne Conway White); 1954; MS Univ. of 

Mississippi, PhD Univ. of Mississippi; Asst. Prof., LeMoyne- 

Owen CIg.; r: 570 Club Walk, Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 454-0257; 

Coleman, Oscar, Llewellyn 
•CONNELL, Elizabeth N.; 1941 
CONNELL, Mrs. Louise (Louise Bilbro); 1970; r: 55-A Talmadge 

Hill Rd., New Canaan, CT 06840, 203 966-6407 
XONNELL, Virginia; ACAD {See Bloom, Mrs. Virginia) 
•CONNELLY, Adelaide; 1936 
CONNER, Ms. Barbara Tragakis (Barbara Lynn Tragakis); 1985 

AB; MED Univ. of Virginia; Admin. Asst., Fairfax Cnty. Schs. 

6301 Rose Hill Dr., Alexandria, VA 22310, 703 313-4200: 

r:6828 Vantage Dr., Alexandha, VA 22306, 703 768-1728: 

Margaret, Kit; 
'CONNER, Cathy Margaret; 1973 (See Strobel, Mrs. Cathy 

CONNER, Mrs. Christine (Christine Strous); 1963 f\B; r; 4702 

Reservoir Rd., NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202 965-2563 
"CONNER, Crail; y955 (See Josman, Mrs. Crail) 
CONNER, Elizabeth; 1986 {See Pace, Mrs. Elizabeth Conner) 
CONNER, Mrs. J. Ansley (J. Ansley Merritt); 1 987 AB\ r: 1 266 

Swims Valley Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 255-3582; 
CONNER, Susan Anderson; J989; r: 212 Washington Ave., 

Chestertown, MD 21620, 410 758-2015 
CONNERAT, Laura; 1962 {See Lawton, Mrs. Laura C.) 
CONNOLLY, Elizabeth Ann; 1980 (See Reagan, Mrs. Ann 

CONNOLLY, Mrs. Lisa Lynn (Lisa Lynn Darrah); 1985; MA 

West Texas A&M Univ.; r; 3112 Fairington Dr., Bloomington, IN 

47403,812 333-6536 
CONNOR, Catherine; 1973 {See Peters, Mrs. Catherine) 
CONNOR, Catherine Louise; ?977 AB;Sr. Caregiver, 301 775- 

6502; r: 5901 Barbados PI. #101, Rockville, MD 20852, 301 881- 

'CONNOR, Ms. Dolores A.; ^972 AB 
CONNOR, Jean F.; )975(See Churchill, Mrs. Jean F.) 
CONNOR, Marybeth; 1975 (See Hamlin, Ms. Marybeth) 
CONNOR, Patricia L.; 1971 (See Bland, Mrs. Patricia L.) 
CONNOR, Sheila; 1974 (See Kerber, Mrs. Sheila C.) 
CONNORS, Dede Palmer; 1987 (See King, Mrs. Michaelle 

CONNORS, Mrs. Elisabeth Bethea (Elisabeth Bethea Ward); 

7980 AB; MBA Univ. of Virginia; r: 30 Homesdale Rd., Bronx- 

ville, NY 10708, 914 771-7955 
CONNORS, Jocelyn Palmer (Jocelyn Marie Palmer); 1962 BA; 

MA Univ. of Virginia; Homemaker; r: 3856 Peakland PI., Lynch- 
burg, VA 24503, 434 384-1009; Thomas; Katherine, Michaelle, 

Thomas, Charles; 

CONNORS, Katherine Beasley; 1986 (See Cassada, Mrs. 

Katherine Connors) 
'CONNORS, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Munroe); 1943 
CONOVER, Ms. Constance; 1948 ; AB LSU, MFA UNC Chapel 

Hill; Actress; r: 1 1 8 Ghstmill Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 2751 4, 91 9 967- 

2696; Andrew, Christopher, Lillie, Leslie 
'CONOVER, Elizabeth; 1931 (See Gratten, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
XONOVER, Elizabeth; 1940 (See Nuttle, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CONOVER, Mrs. Marion Thorington (Marion Winter Thorington); 

1958 ; AB Univ. of Alabama; Realtor Retired; r; 1 706 Greenw- 

yche Rd. SE, Huntsville, AL 35801, 256 539-6222; John; Helen, 

John, Jack; 

CONOVER, Noreen F.; 7973 (See Reed, Mrs. Noreen C.) 
'CONOVER, Virginia Kathleen; y933 (See Snow, Mrs. Virginia 

'CONRAD, Mrs. Elinor (Elinor Green); 1926AB 
CONRAD, Janell; 1979 (See Rhee, Ms. Janell) 
'CONRAD, Mrs. Marie (Marie Prange); 1926 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

CONROY, Ms. Cynthia M.; )974 AB;Dir. of Mktg., Beveridge & 
Diamond PC, 1350 I St. NW, Washington, DC 20005, 202 789- 
6105; r: 3321 Valley Dr., Alexandria, VA 22302, 703 931-9645; 

CONSOLINO, Sarah; 1989 {See Murphy, Mrs. Sarah Consolino) 
"CONSTABLE, Mrs. Alice (Alice Nelson); ACAD 

CONSTABLE, Mrs. Michelle MacMurtrie (Michelle Mary 
MacMurtrie); 1993BA; r: 100 W. Hillcrest Ave., Havertown, PA 
1 9083, 61 446-81 1 1 ; Jeffrey; Grace, George; 

CONSTANTINIDI, Mrs. Penelope Lagakos (Penelope G. 
Lagakos); ?974 AB; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Owner, Penelope 
Lagakos Fine Arts, POB 1 243, Chadds Ford, PA 1 931 7, 61 347- 
2399; r: 759 Northbrook Rd., Kennett Sq., PA 19348, 610 347- 
6736; Andrei D.; Gregory Turak; 
'CONTE, Mrs. Hope (Hope Reynolds); 1952 

CONTE, Kim Marie; 1994 (See Burnett, Mrs. Kim Marie) 

CONTi, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore (Elizabeth Ann Moore); 1978 BA; 
MA Gallaudet Univ.; Chief of Staff, NC Lieutenant Governor 
Beverly Perdue, Hawkins-Hartness House, 310 N. Blount St., 
Raleigh, NC 27601, 919 733-7350; r: 400 Polk St., Raleigh, NC 
27604, 919 754-1204; Eugene,- John, Megan (Molly); 
'CONVERSE, Dorothy; 7936 (See Schnur, Mrs. Dorothy) 

CONVERSE, Ms. E. Blaine; 1974 BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Proj. 
Coord., Emergence, Inc., 707 E. Main St. Ste. 1700, Richmond, 
VA 23219, 804 474-6873; r: 927 Newsome Ct., Goochland, VA 
23063, 804 556-3553; 

CONVERSE, Mrs. Juliet (Juliet Bodin); ?967 AB; r: 3249 E. Briar- 
cliff Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223, 205 967-8578 

CONVERSE, Lucinda; ?947 (See Ash, Mrs. Lucinda) 
"CONWAY, Anne F.; )929(See Whitehurst, Mrs. Anne F.) 
"CONWAY, Chariotte; 1928 (See Curran, Mrs. Charlotte) 

CONWAY, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Wright); 7932 BA; Home- 
maker; r: The Forum, Apt. 307, 8505 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., 
Indianapolis, IN 46240; Theodore (Dec); Laura, Ruth C.W., John 
W. (Dec) 

CONWAY, Elizabeth (Liz) Richardson; 7977 (See Selden, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Richardson) 

CONWAY, Mrs. Elsa Ruth (Elsa Ruth Scagel); 7988 BA; r; 4519 
Country Club Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 387-9670 

CONWAY, Karen Anne; 7987 (See Holloway, Mrs. Karen Anne) 

CONWAY, Laura M.; 7967 (See Nason, Mrs. Laura C.) 

CONWAY, Mary; 7957 (See Debicki, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 

CONWAY, Mrs. Mary Chenault (Mary Chenault McClure); 7963 
AB; Lay Chaplain, Hosp. for Special Surgery New York; r; 3946 
Napanee Rd., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 896-1047; Mary, 

CONWAY, Ms. Maureen C; 7977 AB; r: 85 E Bluff Rd., Ashland, 
MA 01721, 508 231-0812 

CONWAY, Mrs. Sally A. (Sally A. Hewett); 7970; r: 8619 Old 
Trail Rd., Shawnee Mission, KS 66220 

CONWAY, Mrs. Susan Davis (Susan Davis Cleveland); 7 978 ; 
Sr. VP, First American Natl. Bank, POB 511, Knoxville, TN 37901 , 
865 521-5298; r: 3839 Oakhurst Dr., Knoxville, TN 37919, 865 
673-4601 ; Stewart 

CONYERS, Ms. Elizabeth Harrison; 7992; Transylvania Univ.; 
Paramedic, Cincinnati Fire Dept.; r: 2458 Deer Path Dr., 
Powhatan, VA 23139, 804 833-8722 

COOK, Mrs. Adeline Kamke (Adeline Kamke); 7962 BA; MS 
Canisius CIg.; Muralist/Business Owner/Tchr., Kemt Murals/ 
Singer Lakes, Canandaigua, NY 14424, 585 554-3893; r: 4834 
County Rd. 1, Rushville, NY 14544, 585 554-3893; David; 
Christopher, Adeline; 
"COOK, Mrs. Aline (Aline Stump); 7936 AB 

COOK, Mrs. Allyson (Allyson Priest); 1972 AB; Community 
Volunteer; r: 2200 Willowick Rd, 16-H, Houston, TX 77027, 713 
626-8655; Stephen C.,' Stephen D., Elizabeth C, Jenkins 

COOK, Amy Elizabeth: 7997 (See Rexrode, Amy Elizabeth) 

'COOK, Ms. Angelique C; 7997 

'COOK, Mrs. Anne (Anne Johnston); 7950 
"COOK, Mrs. Betty (Betty Grossman); 7947 

'COOK, Mrs. Carol (Carol Inglis); 7957 
"COOK, Catherine N.; 7922 AB 

COOK, Cathy Lynn; 7987 (See Leinert-Benoit, Ms. Cathy Lynn) 



'COOK, Cathy T.; 1975 (See Gaynor, Ms. Cathy T.) 
COOK, Cita; 1964 ; MA Univ. of Texas, PhD Univ. of California; 

Assoc. Professor of History, State Univ. of Georgia; r : 1 22 

Mountain Brooke Dr., Carrollton, GA 3011 6, 770 834-9786; 
'COOK, Cynthia; 1971 
COOK, Mrs. Deedra (Deedra Brown); 1973; r. 1822 Dauphin St., 

Mobile. AL 36606, 251 478-6364 
COOK, Mrs. Elizabeth Miles (Elizabeth Miles Richardson); 1982 

AB; Managing Dir., Addressing Your Needs, 2324 Ridge Point 

Dr., Ste. A, Austin, TX 78754; r: 414 Boone Trail Rd., Danville, 

KY 40422, 859 236-5864 
*COOK, Mrs. Frances (Frances Lewis); ACAD 
COOK, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Williams); 1936 AB; r: 319 Lincoln 

Ave., Glencoe, IL 60022, 847 835-1610 
COOK, Mrs. Hilary Adams (Hilary Rambo Adams); 1979 ; Home- 
maker; r: 751 MacLeanAve.,Kenilworth,IL60043, 847256-2332 
'COOK, Jane; 1946 (See Ross, Mrs. Jane) 
COOK, Janet; 1961 (See Stephens, Mrs. Janet Cook) 
'COOK, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Alexander); ACAD 
'COOK, Mrs. Jennifer (Jennifer Stoddard); 1969 
COOK, Mrs. Joan Kells (Joan Kells); ?955 BA; Retired Realtor, 

Coldwell Banker; r: 10826 Meadow Rd. SW, Lakewood, WA 

98499, 253 582-6633; Duncan; Meredith, Elizabeth, Peter; 
COOK, Katherine; 1994 BA; MA Univ. Virginia, AB Univ. Virginia; 

Instructional Technologist, Sweet Briar CIg., 434 381-6355; 

r: 198 W. Main St., Orange, VA 22960, 434 242-0812; 

COOK, Ms. Kirslen; 1999 BA; r: PSC 5 Box 400, APO, AE 09050 
COOK, Mrs. Lillian K. (Lillian K. Steele); 1936; Homemaker; 

r: 7979 S Tamiami Tr. No 31 1 , Sarasota, FL 34231 , 941 926-981 6; 

Lawrence(Dec): Frank, Jonathan, Lacey; 
COOK, Mrs. Louise (Louise Mueller); 1979; Homemaker; r: 4176 

Bobwhite, Robstown, TX 78380; Craig; Frederick, Craig; 

COOK, Margaret; 1960 (See Montgomery, Margaret) 
COOK, Ms. Margaret C; y959AB;r: POB 89, Yorktown, VA 

23690, 757 898-3662 
'COOK, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Jones); 1933 
COOK, Mrs. Mary (Mary Hammond); 1933; r: Teteroboroge, E 

St., Star Rte., St. Thomas, VI 00802 
'COOK, Mary E.; 1938 

COOK, Meredith Ann; 1982 {See Blackwell, Mrs. Meredith Ann) 
COOK, Norma M.; 1963 ; r: 2009 Old Shell Rd., Mobile, AL 36607, 

251 478-9741 
'COOK, Mrs. Norma Webster (Norma Webster Rogers); 1937 
'COOK, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Knapp); 1 947 BA 
'COOK, Raye; 1960 (See Smith, Mrs. Raye) 
COOK, Ms. Rebecca McDowell (Rebecca E. McDowell); 1972; 

AB Univ. MO Columbia, JD Univ. MO Columbia; Elected Secy. 

of State/Attorney; r: 1 520 Sylvan Ln., Cape Girardeau, MO 

63701, 573 334-5876; John; Hunter, Morgan; 
'COOK, Sandra; 1968 (See Blackwell, Mrs. Sandra) 
'COOKE, Mrs. Ann (Ann Clancy); 1958 
'COOKE, Anne; 1940 (See Gilliam, Mrs. Anne) 
'COOKE, Eleanor; 7932 (See Brown, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'COOKE, Eleanor; 1934 (See Esterly, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'COOKE, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Shryock, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COOKE, Elizabeth A.; 1951 (See McCann, Mrs. Elizabeth A.) 
COOKE, Hilary Westervelt (Hilary Barclay); 1987 ; Real Estate 

Agt., Prudential Fox Roach, 763 Lancaster Ave., Ste. 200, Bryn 

Mawr, PA 19010, 610 527-0900; r: 526 New Gulph Rd, Haver- 
ford, PA 19041 , 610 642-11 23; Peter; Henry, Peter; 
"COOKE, Jane L.; 1952 
COOKE, Joellyn Marguerite; )987(See Summerall, Mrs. Joellyn 

"COOKE, Julia; ACAD (See Isbell, Mrs. Julia) 
"COOKE, Katherine R.; 1923 
COOKE, Martha (Martha Ross); 1986 AB; Retired Tchr.; r: 327 

Spring Hill Ln., Lovingston, VA 22949, 434 263-6759 
COOKE, Mary (Cookie) Harrison; 1959 (See Carle, Ms. Mary 

COOKE, Melody; 1964 (See McCormick, Ms. Melody M.) 
"COOKE, Virginia; 1931 (See Rea, Mrs. Virginia) 



COOL, Mrs. Kim (Kim Patmore); ?962BA; Features Editor, 

Venice Gondolier Sun, 200 E Venice Ave., Venice, FL 34285, 941 

207-1105; r: 312 Shore Rd, Venice, FL 34285, 941 488-7598; 

Kenneth Haeidi; 
"COOLBAUGH, Mrs. Eunice (Eunice Watters); 1930 
COOLEY, Mrs. Foy (Foy Roberson); 1965 AB; VP, Access Mgmt. 

Co., 135 Amboy Ave., Woodbridge, NJ 07095, 732 750-1441; 

r: 10 Orchard Rd., Chatham, NJ 07928, 973 635-5062 
""COOLEY, Mrs. June C. (June C. Stein); 1936 

COOLEY, Katherine; 1968 (See Maher, Mrs. Katherine C.) 
"COOLEY, Mrs. Lida P. (Lida P. Bronson); ACAD 
'COOLEY, Lyn; 1968 (See Roberts, Mrs. Lyn) 
'COOLEY, Mrs. Marion (Marion Oliver); 1934 
COOLEY, Mrs. Susan (Susan Stevens); )957; BA Univ. of 

Hartford; r: 24 Lostbrook Rd., W. Hartford, CT 06117, 860 232- 

COOLIDGE, Anna L.; 1951 (See Richardson, Mrs. Anna L.) 
"COOLIDGE, Catherine M.; ACAD 
COOLIDGE, Jane; 1936 (See Stevens, Mrs. Jane) 
'COOMBS, Mrs. Lucy D. (Lucy D. Lisle); 1962 
COOMBS, Shirley; 1944 (See Ramsour, Mrs. Shirley) 
"COON, Lindsay; 7949 (See Robinson, Mrs. Lindsay) 
"COON, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Lindsay); ACAD 
"COONEY, Mrs. Esther (Esther Dittenhaver); 1917 
COONLEY, Mrs. Martha K. (Martha K. Walton); 1970 AB; r: 109 

Church St., Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215 238-9947; Howard 
COONS, Harriet V.; 1969 (See Babbitt, Ambassador Harriet C.) 
"COOPER, Mrs. Alice (Alice Martin); 1 933 AB 
COOPER, Alison Michelle; 2000 BA; Reading & Math Tutor, 

Sylvan Learning Ctr., Orange City, FL; r; 2120 Courtney Pond 

Dr., Deltona, FL 32725, 386 302-7731 ; 
COOPER, Mrs. Anne C. (Anne C. Helms); 1971 BA; MA 

Lynchburg CIg., MED Lynchburg CIg.; Lie. Profn. Couns., 

Central VA Community Svcs., 2215 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, 

VA 24501, 434 948-4869; r: 1524 Lexington Dr., Lynchburg, VA 

24503, 434 384-7365; lV////am; Will III, Daisy 
COOPER, Mrs. Anne P. (AnneG. Peyton); 1950BA; Retired 

Journalist, Summit Herald Newspaper; r; 21 Badeau Ave., 

Summit, NJ 07901 , 908 273-1 502; James; James Jr., Nancy P.; 
'COOPER, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Main); 1931 AB 
COOPER, Mrs. Barbara Bush (Barbara Lee Bush); 1981 BA; 

Fundraising/PR, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes Sch., 400 Fontaine 

St., Alexandria, VA 22302, 703 212-2713; r: 7707 Crossover 

Dr., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 703 506-1288; Doug; Sophie; 

COOPER, Carol D.; 1971 AB; Legal Documents Clerk, US Patent 

& Trademark Ofc, POB 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313, 703 308- 

4330; r: 309 Yoakum Pkwy., #307, Alexandria, VA 22304, 703 

COOPER, Carolyn Fay; 1955 (See Gates, Mrs. Carolyn Fay) 
COOPER, Mrs. Catharine (Polly Spessard); 1957; r: 4204 E. 

Oxford Cir., Richmond, VA 23221 , 804 358-5430; Carroll 
COOPER, Dale A.; 7967 ; Ret. Dir. of Stock Holder Relations, GM; 

r: 91 39 Long Lake Palm Dr., Boca Raton, FL 33496, 561 482-8232 
"COOPER, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Freeman); 7950 AB 
'COOPER, Mrs. Debra (Debra Sharp); 7975 AB 
COOPER, Dr. Harriet Y.; 7956 AB; Tchr.AA/riter; r: 140E.81stSL, 

Apt. 1 2-F, New York, NY 1 0028, 212 737-8473; 
COOPER, Harriette Briggs; 7986 (See Liederbach, Mrs. Harriette 

COOPER, Mrs. Hortense (Hortense Powell); 1 940 AB; Retired; 

r:413 East Ln. St., Shelbyville, TN 37160, 931 684-3621; 

William, Jim, John 
"COOPER, Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Greason); 7925 AB 
COOPER, Jane; 7953 (See Angus, Mrs. Jane) 
COOPER, Ms. Jennifer Lee; 7993; r: POB 1344, Nantucket, MA 

'COOPER, Jennifer Wylly; 7986 AB 
COOPER, Mrs. Jill Haden (Jill Haden); 7967; Banker; r: 5203 

Boulder Ct., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 899-3447 
COOPER, Joyce; 7960 (See Toomey, Mrs. Joyce C.) 
COOPER, Ms. Julie G.; 7974 AB; r: 28 Jefferson Oaks Ct., Forest, 

VA 24551 



COOPER, Katherine Sutliff; 1991 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Katharine 

COOPER, Mrs. Laine Vaughan (Laine Vaugfian Richardson); 

1981 ; r: 6405 Colebridge Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328, 404 843-9703 
COOPER, Lee; 1958 (See van de Velde, Mrs. Lee) 
COOPER, Lee; 1968 (See Schulte, Mrs. Lee) 
COOPER, Mrs. Lois (Lois Mcllroy); 1929 AB 
COOPER, Margaret P.; 1970 (See Tyner, Mrs. Margaret P.) 
COOPER, Martha; 1925 (See Judy, Mrs. Martha) 
COOPER, Martha Hays (Martha (Ool<ie) Bryan Hays); 1976 AB; 

MS Mississippi State Univ.; Ornithology; r: 2319 Woodmont 

Blvd., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 297-2566; Jim; Mary, Jamie, 

COOPER, Marylew H.; y957(See Redd, Mrs. Marylew H.) 
COOPER, Mishew; 1956 (See Williams, Mrs. Mishew) 
COOPER, Nanette J.; 7978 (See Dumonteil, Mrs. Nanette J.) 
COOPER, Mrs. Octavia (Octavia Wood); 1968 ; BA Univ. of North 

Florida, BA; Freelance Artist Ceramics, Architectural; r: 1314 

Ponte Vedra Blvd., Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082, 904 285-2981; 

James: Deborah, James, G. Sebastian, G. Wriley; 

COOPER, Rachel Alissa; 1996 (See Gray, Mrs. Rachel Alissa) 
COOPER, Sarah M.; 1913 
COOPER, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Sutliff); /955 AB; Homemaker; 

r:5900 Sandbrook Ct., Alexandria, VA 22307, 703 329-1818; 

Clarke; Clark, Robert, Katherine 
COOPER, Susan Jones; 1985 (See Mueller, Mrs. Susan Jones) 
COOPER, Mrs. Susannah E. (Susannah E. Silverbrand); 1994 

BA; MA Georgetown Univ.; For. Svc. Ofcr., US Dept. of State, 

Washington, DC; r: 6130 Doha Pi., Dulles, VA 20189; Sean; 

rseancooper @ 
COOPER, Ms. Valerie E. (Valerie E. Fannon); ^973 AB; Sales 

Mgr., New World Pasta, 85 Shannon Rd., Harrisburg, PA 171 12, 

717 526-2200; r: 270 Sentinel Ave., Newtown, PA 18940, 215 

579-4277; Timothy: Blair 
COOPER, Ms. Wendy; y996 
COOPEY, Norma; 1946 (See Welbourn, Mrs. Norma) 
COOPRIDER, Rev. Sheila Carroll (Sheila Bradley Carroll); 1964 

AB; MDiv Aquinas Inst.; Asst. Rector of Parish, Christ Episcopal 

Church, POB 94, Spotsylvania, VA 22553, 540 582-5033; 

r: 9609 Charlesfield Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407, 540 891- 

0147; C/iaries; Kathryn Dass, LeaAnn; 

COORS, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Parham); 7946 ;r: 235 Baronne 

PI., Memphis, TN 38117, 901 685-5321 
COPE, Melissa Seline; 7983 (See Morrissette, Mrs. Melissa Cope) 
COPE, Roberta; 7935 (See Gerlach, Mrs. Roberta) 
COPELAND, Ms. Andrea F. (Andrea Cecil Fulgham); 2000 BS; 

MS Georgia Southern Univ.; Pharmaceutical Sales Rep., Boe- 

hringer Ingelheim, Ridgefield, CT 06877; r: 1 0905 Foxmoore 

Ave., Richmond, VA 23233, 804 270-5660; Brian: 

andreacopelandl 2 @ hotmail .com 
COPELAND, Dorothy; 1923 (See Parkhurst, Mrs. Dorothy) 
COPELAND, Elizabeth; 7930 (See Norfleet, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COPELAND, Katherine; ACAD (See Bell, Mrs. Katherine) 
COPELAND, Mary; 7929 (See Sturgeon, Mrs. Mary) 
COPELAND, Ms. Mary Catherine; 7996 BS; BS; Account Exec, 

Stericycle, Inc., Vernon, CA 90058, 323 854-7133; r: 24056 

Manresa Ct., Murrieta, CA 92562, 909 304-9606; 

COPELAND, Mrs. Nancy A. (Nancy A. Jenkins); 7 9 72 A B ; 

r: 1 0022 Pebble Beach Ter., Ijamsville, MD 21 754, 301 865-6052 
COPELAND, Mrs. Vera (Vera Cone); ACAD 
COPEMAN, Ruth M.; 7936 (See Ronstadt, Mrs. Ruth M.) 
COPENHAVER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Reade); 7927 
COPP, Julie Ann; 2007 ; BA Virginia Tech; Human Resources, 

Apex, 2235 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23230; r: 122 Gartin 

PI., Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-3903; 

jcopp @ 
COPPEDGE, Nancy Smith; 7967 (See Lynn, Mrs. Nancy 

COPPIN, Mrs. Janet Barbara (Janet Barbara Bourlay); 7 993 ; 

Coppin Communications, 39 Braemar 175 Linden St., Strathavon, 

Johannesburg, South Africa, 271 1 8834265; r : P B 78218, 

Sandton 2146, South Africa; 
CORBETT, Mrs. Helen (Helen Leggett); 7922 

*Address Unknown "Deceased 

CORBETT, Jeannine; 7966 (See Squires, Mrs. Jeannine C.) 
CORBETT, Kitty King; 7938 (See Powell, Mrs. Kitty King) 
'CORBETT, Mary Alyce (Mary Alyce Keyser); 7988 AB 
CORBETT, Mrs. Sara C. (Sara C. Clyburn); 7999 BA; r: Auburn, 
AL 36830; Courtney: 
CORBITT, Anne; 7934 (See Little, Mrs. Anne) 
CORBO, Mrs. Madeleine Blanchard (Madeleine Louise Blanchard); 
1989 AB; Mgr. of Financial Analysis, American Red Cross Natl. 
Headquarters, 8111 Gatehouse Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042, 703 
206-8156; r: 163 Barrett PI., Alexandria, VA 22304, 703 567- 
3338; James: James; 
XORBYN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Van Cleef); 7946 
CORCORAN, Chhstine Louise; 7985 (See Trauth, Mrs. Christine 

'CORCORAN, Dorothy; 7946 (See Hartzer, Mrs. Dorothy) 
CORCORAN, Nancy Grist; 7996(See Thuhnger, Mrs. Nancy Grist) 
CORD, Ms. Bonnie C; 7966 AB; JD Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr.; 
Atty.; r: 1 1841 Bayhurst Dr., Houston, TX 77024, 713 932-1358; 
Steptien Melton: Stephanie, Benjamin; 
CORDDRY, Ms. Elisabeth !.; 1949 AB; Free-lance Editor; r: 84 

Charles St., New York, NY 10014, 212 243-1641 
'CORDDRY, Elizabeth; 7943 (See Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CORDELL, Carol Walton; 7978 (See Mullins, Mrs. Carol Walton) 
CORDELL, Mrs. Martha Louise (Martha Louise Tisdale); 7 982 
AB; JD Tulane Univ.; Law Sch. Admin., Univ.ofTulsaClg. of Law, 
3120 E. 4th PL, Tulsa, OK 74104, 918 631-5484; r: 2126 E. 30th 
St., Tulsa, OK 741 1 4, 91 8 742-4691 ; David: David, Mary; 
martha-cordell @ 
'CORDES, Catherine; 7927 (See Kline, Mrs. Catherine) 
CORDES, Frances; 7938 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Frances) 
CORDRAY, Ms. Suzanne Trelles; 7995; BA Univ. of South 
Carolina, MS use Public Health: r: 617 Granby Crossing, 
Cayce, SC 29033, 803 739-8240 
'CORE, Ruth K.; 7976 (See Neff, Mrs. Ruth K.) 
CORKERY, Mrs. Nancy Yeadon (Nancy Yeadon Webb); 7 98 7 

AB; r: 1 15 Clarke Rd., Needham, MA 02492, 781 237-7298 
'CORLEY, Mrs. Amelia (Amelia Wilson); 7930 BA 
CORLEY, Celia; 1978 (See Corley-Davis, Mrs. Celia) 
'CORLEY, Mrs. Mary R. (Mary R. Taylor); 7927 AB 
CORLEY-DAVIS, Mrs. Celia (Celia Corley); 1978; Sr. VP & Sr. 
Trust Ofcr., Frost Dank, 2201 Marlet St., Galveston, TX 77550, 
409 762-7161; r: 11713 Brittain, Santa Fe, TX 77510, 409 925- 
7782; Coley, Connor; 
'CORNELL, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Branch); 7928 
'CORNELL, Jerry; 7945 (See Means, Mrs. Jerry) 
CORNELL, Nancy; 7960 (See Esposito, Mrs. Nancy) 
'CORNICK, Mrs. Katherine L. (Katherine L. Tuttle); 7923 
'CORNICK, Mary; 7924 (See Rixey, Mrs. Mary) 
CORNICK, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Boxley); 7964; Realtor, Long & 
Foster, 3918 Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, VA 22031, 703 573-2600; 
r; 3513 Beverly Dr., Annandale, VA 22003, 703 573-6473; L. 
Carter Jr: Ginger, Carter III; 
CORNING, Susan; 7949 (See Mann, Mrs. Susan (Sue)) 
'CORNWALL, Esther; 7973 (See Gillespie, Mrs. Esther) 
'CORNWALL, Isabel; 7973 (See Miller, Mrs. Isabel) 
CORNWALL, Ms. Nancy Huber; 7954 AB; Retired Mkt. Rsch.; 
r: Apt. 6A, 21 5 E. 80th St., New York, NY 10021 , 212 734-8693 
'CORNWELL, Mrs. Anne (Anne Dearstyne); 7939 AB 
'CORNWELL, Frances; 7957 (See Lockhart, Mrs. Frances) 
CORNWELL, Helen; 7940 (See Jones, Mrs. Helen) 
CORNWELL, Margaret Virginia; 7937(See Schmidt, Mrs. Margaret 

CORONEOS, Anna Maria; 7976 (See Ordaya, Ms. Anna Mana) 
'CORPENING, Elizabeth; 7928 (See Andrews, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CORRADO, Leslie Katherine; 7988 AB; Photographer, Leslie 
Corrado, Photographer, 2 Henry Adams St., Studio M2, San 
Francisco, CA 941 03, 41 5 431 -3917; r: 21 01 Pacific Ave., Apt. 
702, San Francisco, CA 94115 
CORREA, Ms. Valeria Fransisca; 7994 ; r: 4004Bayside, Braden- 

ton,FL 34210 
CORRETTI, Martha Lynne; 7982 (See Coghlan, Mrs. Martha 

'CORRIERO, Joanne; 7959 




CORRIGAN, Alden Anne; ?978AB;r: 1001 Godetia Dr., 

Woodside, CA 94062 
CORRIGAN, Louise; 1939 (See Jordan, Mrs. Louise) 
*CORRIN, Judith A.; y967 (See Anderson, Mrs. Judith A.) . > 
XORRY, Alice H.; 1917 {See Wilhoit, Mrs. Alice H.) 
CORRY, Ms. Vanessa Rose; 2001 BS; Med. Student, Univ. of St. 

Eustatius; r: 1730 N Azusa & San Gabriel Canyon Rd., Azusa, 

CA 91702, 626 969-5292; 
CORSE, Mrs. Florence 0. (Florence 0. Taylor); 1946 ; Disability 

Specialist Retired; r: 4247 Roma Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 

904 388-5024 
CORSE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Murchison); 1950 AB\ MSW 

Atlanta Univ.; Retired Social Work & Antique Dealer; r: 3588 

Richmond St., Jacksonville, FL 32205, 904 388-7835; John; 

Carita, John Jr., Margaret Jr., Cameron (Dec) 
CORSON, Nancy; 1960 (See Gibbes, Nancy) 
CORTE, Julia Lynn; 1984 (See Bierster, Mrs. Julia Lynn) 
•CORTE, Mary A.; 1986 
CORTRIGHT, Ms. Jacquelyn (Jacquelyn Fisher); 1973; BA 

Univ. of VA; Financial Planner, AXA Advisors, 80 Rte. 4 E, Ste. 

290, Paramus, NJ 07652, 201 874-9700; r: 4 Hardwick Rd., 

Hardwick, NJ 07825, 908 362-9564; 
CORUM, Ms. Caroline Ferguson; 1988; BS American Univ., JD 

George Mason Univ.; VP, Key Bank, 601 108th Ave. NE, 

Bellevue, WA 98004, 425 709-4583; r; 11033 SE 27th PL, 

Bellevue, WA 98004, 425 635-0971 ; 
XORWIN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Collins); 1937 AB 
CORWIN.Mrs. Paula E. (Paula E.Ayotte); 7 967, 1937 AB; 

Retired; r: 5214 Deering Tr., Marietta, GA 30068, 770 992-1273; 

H.; Leslie, Stephanie; 
XORWIN, Susan; 1964 (See Gary, Mrs. Susan) 
CORWIN, Virginia; 7963 (See Millo, Mrs. Virginia Corwin) 
*CORY, Mrs. Jean (Jean Abbott); 1962 
CORYELL, Elizabeth C; 1950 {See Feldmann, Mrs. Elizabeth C.) 
COSBY, Mary A.; 1961 (See Rinehart, Mrs. Mary A.) 
COSENTINO, Mrs. Martha McCaleb (Martha Elizabeth McCaleb); 

?980AB;HomemakerA/olunteer; r: 9030 Thompson Rd., 

Quinton, VA 23141 , 804 932-3439; Steven 
COSTA, Mrs. Denise (Denise Beardsworth); 797? ; BA CIg. New 

Rochelle; Journalist, Bulletin, POB 6020, Bend, OR 97708, 541 

383-0356; r: 1611 NW Promontory Dr., Bend, OR 97701, 541 

318-7104; John Anthony: T\mo\.hy, Claire; 
COSTA, Mazeppa (Monte) M.; 7978 ; BA Barnard CIg.; Photog- 
rapher, Monte Costa Photography; r: 325 Puamamane St., 

Honolulu, HI 96821, 808 377-5784; 
COSTELLO, Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Elizabeth F. Meyer); 7974 AB; 

Real Estate Sales Assoc, Carlson/GMAC, 674 N. Main St., E. 

Longmeadow, MA 01028, 413 525-0222; r: 21 Heritage dr., E. 

Longmeadow, MA 01028, 413 525-691 9; Gerald: Ph\ lip, 

'COSTELLO, Kathleen Anne; 79S5 (See Ridlon, Mrs. Kathleen 

COSTELLO, Mrs. Kristen Anne (Kristen Anne Rieder); 7990 BA; 

Homemaker; r: POB 6897, Breckenndge, CO 80424, 970 547- 

9414; /W/c/?ae/,- Megan, Seab, Bridget; 

COSTELLO, Mary Therese;7976(See Howell, Mrs. Mary Therese) 
'COSTELLO, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Clarkson); 7957 AB 
COSTEN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth New); 7952 ; Retired; r: 2 S. 

Point Tr., Beaufort, SC 29902, 843 525-6179; Jack Matthews: 

Jack B. Jr., Elizabeth, Kimberley 
COTA, Mrs. Mel; 1965 AB; r: Amores 725, Mexico 12, Mexico 
COTELLESSE, Dr. Mary A. (Mary A. Boyd); 7977 ; P s y c h o I o - 

gist, 7727 San Felipe Ste. 200, Houston, TX 77063, 71 3 781 -0555; 

r: 13502 Myrtlea, Houston, TX 77079, 713 932-81 12; Andy 
COTHREN, Ms. Jerilyn Nicole; 7996 ; r; c/o Mays, 534 Muddy 

Branch Rd., Amherst, VA 24521 
XOTMAN, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. West); ACAD ^v ,, r ■ , .■■■ 


COTSORADIS, Ms. Shannon Callison (Shannon Callison); 7995 
BS; MA Sarah Lawrence CIg., MAPA Univ. of Kansas; Assoc. 
Dir./COO, KS Action for ChildrenA/oices for Children Fdn., 3360 
SW Harrison, Topeka, KS 6661 1 , 785 232-0550; r: 3650 S W 
Willow Brook Ct., Topeka, KS 66614; Constantine; AWda; 
COTTEMOND, Mtesa Patrice, Esq.; 7994 BA;JD Yale Univ.; 
Attorney Employment/Labor/Environ. Law, Westinghouse 
Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC 29808, 803 725-2616; r: 5055 
Sanctuary Dr., Augusta, GA 30909, 706 854-1595; 
COTTER, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth (Caroline Elizabeth Webster); 
7987 ; r:4710 Portobello Rd., Columbia, SC 29206, 803 787- 
COTTER, Ms. Christine Dawn; 7998 BA; Head Start Tchr., Tye 
River Elem.; r: 179 Glenway Dr., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946- 
COTTER, Elizabeth; 7935 (See Gilmore, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
•COTTER, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary H. Howell); 7933 
XOTTMAN, Frances; 7930 (See Lavery, Mrs. Frances) 
COTTON, Dawne Elizabeth; 7987 (See Ward, Mrs. Dawne Cotton) 
XOTTON, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Woods); 7935 
'COTTON, Virginia; ACAD (See Long, Mrs. Virginia) 
COUCH, Mrs. Linda W. (Linda W. Kemp); 7974 BA; Chartered 
Financial Analyst; r: 4390sprey Pt, PonteVedraBch., FL 32082, 
904 280-8463; Stephen: 
COUCH, Mimi; 7964 (See Teschner, Mrs. Mimi) 
XOUCHMAN, Anne B.; 7958 
COUCHMAN,DeirdreM.; 7973 AB;r; 6543 Placid St., Falls 

Church, VA 22043 
COULBOURN, Mrs. Robert (Anne L Adams); 7957 ; Retired; 

r: 505 Chestnut Ave., Baltimore, MD 21204; Robert 
XOULSON, Margaret; 7934 

COULTER, Mrs. Elizabeth Learned (Elizabeth Leamed Dennig); 
7979; Washington Univ.; Real Estate Sales Assoc, Janet 
McAfee Inc., 9889 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131, 314 997 
4800; r: 63 Briarcliff, St. Louis, MO 63124; Christopher 
COULTER, Marion; 7948 (See Bowditch, Mrs. Marion C.) 
COULTER, Mrs. Page E. (Page E. Phelps); 7957 AB; r; 564 
County Rd., Guilford, CT 06437, 203 457-0872; 
XOULTER, Shelly Diane; 7988 
'COUNCIL, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Legrand); 7924 
COUNCILL, Diana L.; 7970 (See Sweeney, Mrs. Diana C.) 
'COUNCILL, Elisabeth; 7927 BS 
'COUNTESS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Woodward); 7940 
COUNTRYMAN, Jean; 7937 (See Presba, Mrs. Jean) 
'COUPER, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Hirst); ACAD 
'COUPER, Marjorie; 7970 (See Prince, Mrs. Marjorie) 
'COUPLAND, Mrs. Susan (Susan Buchanan); 7945 AB 
COURAND, Ms. Amy Elizabeth; 2003 ; BA CIg. of Charleston: 
Student; r: 70 Edgewood Ave., Wyckoff, NJ 07481, 201 891-1 

COURAND, Estelle; 7953 (See Miller, Mrs. Estelle Courand) 
COURIER, Mrs. Gary L, CLU (Gary Randolph Lamond); 7 962 
AB; Regional Account Dir., Pan Am Life-Retirement & Investment 
600 City Pkwy. W., Ste. 600, Orange, CA 92868, 714 937-4281 
r: 14926 Ellington Ln., Westminster, CA 92683, 714 531-5218 
Joseph: Gary, Francis; . 

r: j 

COURINGTON, Dorothy W.; 7972 (See McGinley, Mrs. Dorothyj 

w.) ; 

'COURTNEY, Anabel; 7934 (See Trimble, Mrs. Anabel) j 

'COURTNEY, Elizabeth J.; 7935 (See Case, Mrs. Elizabeth J.) I 
COURTNEY, Mrs. Mary Prudence (Mary Prudence Rasco);: 

7977 ; Loan Processor, Members Mortgage Corp., 8480 E 

Orchard Rd. Ste. 2, Englewood, CO 801 1 1 , 303 740-7001 

r: 360 S. Pennsylvania, Denver, CO 80209, 303 733-3576 
COUSINS, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Long); 7943BA; r: 6300 

Douglas, Dallas, TX 75205, 214 522-6319; Ralph, Robert 
COUSINS, Mrs. Karen (Karen Hines); 7979 AB; BA; Home Sch 

Mom/Mgr.; r; 391 Silvertown Rd., Enfield, NC 27823, 252 445 

5755; Matthew: Matthew V.; 



COUSINS, Ms. Sarel Virginia; y986 AB; Therapeutic Spec, 

Pfizer Animal Health, 235 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10017, 212 

573-2323; r: 9702 McKinstry Mill Rd, New Windsor, MD 21776, 

410 635-3376; William Haegele; 
COUZENS, Melinda Rodgers (Melinda Rodgers); 7982; BA 

Univ. of Kansas; r: 28 Crestmoor Dr., Denver, CO 80220, 303 

270-0048; Jo/in; John Jr., Henry, Fredrick 
COVATTA, Ms. Neil (Neil Orloff); 7967 AB; MBA Regis Univ.; 

Dir. of Systs. Advocacy, Westchester Consumer Empowerment 

Ctr., 612 Main St., New Rochelle, NY 10801, 914 576-7022; 

r: 39 Kettell Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704, 914 964-0655; 
COVER, Mrs. Carol T. (Carol M. Tanner); ?943 AB; MA Univ. of 

VA, PhD Univ. of VA; Retired Secy.; r; 10085 Main St., Fairfax, 

VA 22031 , 703 273-4560; Jesse 
'COVER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Deekens); 1921 
*COVEY, Evelyn; 1929 (See Stuard, Mrs. Evelyn) 
*COVEY, Katherine; ACAD 

COVINGTON, Carol I.; 7970 (See Bellonby, Mrs. Carol C.) 
COVINGTON, Eleanor; 7967 (See Devens, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'COVINGTON, Mrs. Idelle (Idelle McNeal); 7979 
COVINGTON, Mrs. Jane (Jane Ellis); 7960 BA; Univ. of 

Richmond, MSW Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Licensed 

Clinical Social Worker, Cross-Over Health Ctr.; r: 6209 Three 

Chopt Rd., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-8855; James: Eliza- 
beth, Jane, James 
'COVINGTON, Margarett; 7924 (See Milwee, Mrs. Margarett) 
'COVINGTON, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Cansler); 7948 AB 
COWAN, Amy Michelle; 2004 ; AB Pine Manor CIg.; Grad. 

Student; r: 109 Providence New London Tpk., N. Stonington, CT 

06359, 860 535-2957; 

ebbie1081 @ 
COWAN, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Tynes); 7950 ; r: 2841 Canter- 
bury Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223, 205 879-6644 
'COWAN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Embrey); ACAD 
COWAN, Ms. Gloria Farnell; 1977 N&\ Compliance Ofcr.-Ofc. of 

For. Asset Controls, US Dept. of Treas.; r: 3800 N Fairfax Dr. No 

113, Arlington, VA 22203, 703 243-3093; 
'COWAN, Mary; 7920 (See Lippitt, Mrs. Mary) 
COWDEN, Mrs. Camilla Parker (Camilla Beatrice Parker); 1983 

AB; Sotheby's In London, Art Inst, of Houston; Homemaker; 

r; 477 Freedom Tr., Kerrville, TX 78028, 830 367-3306; Mark; 

William, Parker 
'COWDERY, Annette Elizabeth; 7977(See Matthews, Mrs. Annette 

COWDERY, Catherine L.; 7975 (See Etheridge, Mrs. Catherine L.) 
"COWDERY, Mrs. Donna (Donna Stevens); 7949 
'COWDERY, Mrs. Patricia Ann (Patricia Ann Hall); 7987 
COWELL. Mary Jane; 7979 (See Sharpe, Mrs. Mary Cowell) 
COWEN, Judith Eleanor; 7960 (See Jones, Mrs. Judith Eleanor) 
COWEN, Sandra; 7957 (See McElwaine, Mrs. Sandra) 
"COWGER, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Thompson); 7945 
'COWGILL, Ms. Elisabeth (Elisabeth Cochrane); 7962 • 
"COWGILL, Kathleen; ACAD 
'COWGILL, Mrs. Martha A. (Martha A. O'Brien); 7932 
COWLES, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Carter); 7973 BA; Owner Horse 

Farm & Breeding Svc; r: Yadkin Farm, 4677 Catterton Rd., Free 

Union, VA 22940, 434 973-2439; R.; 

COWLES, Saralee; 1979 (See Boteler, Mrs. Saralee Cowles) 
COWLES, Mrs. Susan Margaret (Susan Margaret Swagler); 

7986 BA; MBA Troy State Univ.-Troy;r: 2531 Lake Crest Dr., 

Tuscaloosa, AL 35406, 205 758-8087; 
'COWLING, Mrs. Emilie N. (Emilie N. Tumer); 7930 
COX, Ms. Alyssa Gabrielle; 2003; r; 639 Via Verona, Deerfield 

Bch., FL 33442 
*COX, Mrs. Anna (Anna Bartel); 7966 AB 
COX, Mrs. Becky L. (Becky S. Lee); 7977 ; VA Baptist Hospital 

Nursing; RN Hospice Nurse, Centra Health Hospice of The Hills; 

r: 1988 Gaits Mill Rd, Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 846-4757; 

Michael: Matthew, Philip, Rebekah, Brandon, Kristen 
COX, Cameron Meredith; 7988(See Hirtz, Mrs. Cameron Meredith) 
'COX, Carol; 7945 (See MacKinnon, Mrs. Carol) 
COX, Catherine; 7949 (See Reynolds, Mrs. Catherine) 
*COX, Elisabeth; 7936 (See Schmidt, Mrs. Elisabeth) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

"COX, Elizabeth; 7927 (See Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
COX, Emily B.; 7980 (See Sinagra, Mrs. Emily Cox) 
"COX, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Woods); 7950 AB 
COX, Jane Guignard; 7985 (See Murray, Mrs. Jane Cox) 
COX, Mrs. Jean (Jean Inge); 7965 AB; Volunteer; r: 400 E 84th 
St. Apt. 12E, New York, NY 10028, 212 396-1877; Archibald Jr.: 
Christopher, Archibald III, Suzanne; 
COX, Mrs. Juanita, PhD (Juanita Mixson); 1959 AB; MED 
GoucherClg., PhD Flohda State Univ.; Retired Prof., Univ. of 
Louisiana; r: 2308SShera/ood Dr., Valdosta,GA31602, 229247- 
3241; James; James Jr., Katherine, Alice; 
COX, Mrs. Kate W. (Kate W.Williams); 7972; r: 4763 Sailors 
Retreat Rd., Oxford, MD 21654, 410 820-5124; 
kakweekscox @ 
COX, Ms. Lenore Lee; 7978 AB; BA; Leader-New Product Imple- 
mentation, GE Financial Assurance, 700 Main St., Lynchburg, VA 
24504, 434 948-5048; r: 81 1 Graham St., Lynchburg, VA 24504, 
434 845-3938; 
"COX, Lucile; 7936 (See Jones, Mrs. Lucile) 
*COX, Margaret P.; 7954 

"COX, Margery; ACAD (See White, Mrs. Margery) 
"COX, Mrs. Marian (Marian Lincoln); 7927 
*COX, Marion; 7934 (See Luck, Mrs. Marion) 
COX, Mary H.; 7975 (See Watson, Mrs. Mary H.) ' 

COX, Mary Leigh; 7983 (See Garry, Mrs. Mary Leigh) 
'COX, Michelle Evelynne; 7985 
COX, Patricia; 7962 (See Kendall, Mrs. Patricia) 
"COX, Thelma; 7939 (See Higgins, Mrs. Thelma) 
COX, Mrs. Virginia(GinnyKay) K. (Virginia(GinnyKay) K. Baldwin); 
7969 AB; MED CIg. of William & Mary, Univ. Virginia; Retired; 
r: 47 W. Sandy Point Rd., Poquoson, VA 23662, 757 868-7773; 
Tom; Elizabeth, Katie, Ann Stuart; 
COXE, Catherine; 7952 (See Page, Mrs. Catherine Coxe) 
COXE, Emily W.; 7955 (See Winburn, Mrs. Emily W.) 
'COXE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Marbury); 7955 AB 
COXE, Patricia Barringer; 7959 (See Ware, Mrs. Patricia Coxe) 
COXE, Victoria C; 7964 (See Commander, Mrs. Victoria C.) 
"COYLE, Mrs. Julia (Julia Holt); 7947AB 
COYLE, Ms. Lucy Holden; 7979 AB; VP, Bank of America NT & 

SA, 335 Madison Ave. 5th Fl., New York, NY 10017 
'COYNE, Annmarie A.; 7984 AB 

COYNE, Gail Allison; 7980 (See Pierdiluca, Mrs. Gail Allison) 
COYNE, Melanie Whitmarsh; 7976 (See Cody, Mrs. Melanie 
"COYNER, Frances E.; 7928 (See Huffard, Mrs. Frances E.) 

COZART, Janet; 7954 (See Ramsdell, Mrs. Janet) 
"COZETTE, Odile; 7936 (See Bathilde, Odile) 
COZZI, Mrs. Susan Carol (Susan Carol Podesta); 7985; r: 39 

Marion Rd, Westporl, CT 06880, 203 226-7599 
CRABBE, Linda Diane; 7984 ; r: 20 Old Som Ln., Chagrin Falls, 
OH 44022 
"CRABBS, Mary Virginia; 7920 (See Shaw, Mrs. Mary Virginia) 
'CRABLE, Paige Ellen; 7988 

"CRADDOCK, Elise; ACAD (See Carrington, Mrs. Elise) 
'CRADDOCK, Louise; 7937 (See Buxton, Mrs. Louise) 
CRADDOCK, Dr. Mary E. (Mary E. King); 7968, 1967 AB; MD 
Jefferson Med. CIg.; Phys. Anesthesiologist, Mary CraddockMD, 
5550 Friendship Blvd. Ste. 270, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 
215-7347; r: 5514 Westem Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 
654-5469; Dana 
CRAFT, Mrs. Heather Christine (Heather Christine Swenberg); 
7993 BA; MS Columbia Univ. Sch. of Soc Wrk, MA Columbia Univ. 
Teacher's CIg.; Sr. Instructional Design Spec, GE, Corporate 
Audit Staff, 31 35 Easton Tpk. , W2D, Fairfield, CT 06828, 203 373- 
3120; r: 105 Richards Ave., Unit 2305, Norwalk, CT 06854; 

CRAFT, Kathleen D.; 7996 (See Loftus, Mrs. Kathleen Craft) 
CRAFT, Leigh Suzanne; 7986 (See Bailey. Mrs. Leigh Suzanne) 
"CRAFT, Mary A.; 7949 (See O'Neal, Mrs. Mary A.) 
CRAFT, Rachel Maria; 2004 ; r. 390 Wytheview Dr., Wytheville, 
VA 24382, 276 228-7879; 
CRAIG, Cynthia; 7966 (See Bliss, Mrs. Cynthia) 




CRAIG. Holly Lynn; 1981 AB; Natl. Accounts Mgr., GQ Magazine, 
350 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017, 212 880-6658; r: 1 38 
Henshaw Ave., Springfield, NJ 07081 
'CRAIG, Julia 0.; 1958 (See Brooke, Mrs. Julia 0.) 
CRAIG, Mrs. Kristine Starr (Kristine Starr Summerill); 1980 AB; 
MBA Fordham Univ.; Home Mgmt.; r: 5201 Raven Creek Ct., 
Lexington, KY 4051 5, 859 271-5201 ; Stuart L; Sarah, Lessley 
XRAIG, Mrs. Lena (Lena Jones); 1933 k^ 
CRAIG, Margaret (Maggie); 1950 (See Sanders, Mrs. Margaret 

CRAIG, Nancy E.; 1949 [See Carter, Mrs. Nancy E.) 
CRAIG, Ms. Susan M.; 7973 AB; Business Owner, Susan Craig 
Design, POB 50412, Columbia, SC 29250, 803 252-6558; 
r:3118 Amherst Ave., Columbia, SC 29205, 803 771-4373; 
Wayne Smith; Bennett, Edward; 
*CRAIG, Virginia; 7932 (See Smith, Mrs. Virginia) 
CRAIG, Ms. Virginia Susan; ?978 BA; MBA Univ. South Florida; 
VP Investment Mgmt., Brown Bros. Harriman & Co.; r: 840 A 
Meadowland Dr., Naples, FL 34108, 239 598-1838 
*CRAIGE, Ms. Emily Dee; 1996 

XRAIGHILL, Catherine; 1958 (See Talman, Mrs. Catherine) 
CRAIGHILL, Ellen; 1974 (See Archer, Mrs. Ellen (Cindy)) 
CRAIGHILL, Hannah J.; 7979 (See Morehead, Mrs. Hannah C.) 
CRAIGHILL, Margaret F.; 1941 (See Price, Mrs. Margaret C.) 
'CRAIGHILL, Mary; ?925(See Kinyoun, Mrs. Mary) 
CRAIGHILL, Mary Reese; 1981 (See Snow, Mrs. Mary) 
'CRAIGHILL, Mrs. Pinkney (Pinkney Goffigan); 1922 
CRAIGHILL, Ms. Polly W. (Polly Wirtzman); )963 AB; LLB 
George Washington Univ., LLM Georgetown Univ.; Atty., US 
Senate, Ofc. of the Legislative Counsel, 668 Dirksen, Washington, 
DC 2051 0,202 224-6461 ;r: 2601 Treehouse Dr., Woodbridge, 
VA 22192, 703 690-1704; 
GRAIN, Mrs. Katharine (Kathanne Edwards); 1950 ; r: 5 Hunting- 
ton Cir., Longview, TX 75601 . 903 758-791 1 
'CRAIN, Marion K.; ACAD (See Gregorio, Mrs. Marion K.) 
'CRAMER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Schwald); 1933 
'CRAMER, Margaret; 7927 (See Crane, Mrs. Margaret) 
CRAMER, Mrs. Molly Harrison (Molly Harrison Rogers); 198 1 
AB; Sr. VP, Tucker Anthony Inc., One Beacon St., Boston, MA 
02108, 617 725-2393; r: 883 High St, Dedham, MA 02026; 
'CRAMER, Robin Sue; 1977 
'CRAMERUS, Mrs. Holly (Holly Hemphill); 1966 
CRAMPTON, Mrs. Elizabeth Vanderbilt (Elizabeth Park 
Vanderbilt); 1939 AB; Retired; r: 100 Glenview PL, Naples, FL 
34108, 239 598-3060; Henry (Dec); Jonathan, Julie, Allison 
'CRAMPTON, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Von Maur); 1924 AB 
CRANDALL, Diana Claire; 1984 (See Nielsen, Mrs. Diana Claire) 
'CRANDALL, Susan E.; 1971 (See Shaw, Mrs. Susan E.) 
'CRANE, Mrs. Alice (Alice Blake); 7930 AB 
CRANE, Mrs. Alice (Alice Dahm); 7949 AB; r; 230 S. Brentwood 
Blvd., #4-C, Clayton, MO 63105; 
CRANE, Bonnie (Bonnie Loyd); 7950 BA; Owner Dir., Crane Col- 
lection, 218 Newbury, Boston, MA 02116, 617 262-4080; r: 65 
Longfellow Rd., Wellesley, MA 02481, 781 237-0502; Mathew; 
CRANE, Mrs. Carol (Carol Jackson); 7966; r: POB 5735, Athens, 

GA 30604, 706 549-2857 
CRANE, Doris; 7933 (See Loveland, Mrs. Samuel C, Jr.) 
'CRANE, Elizabeth; 7928 (See Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CRANE, Florence; 7935 (See Goodfellow, Mrs. Florence) 
'CRANE, Helen; 7937 (See McGary, Mrs. Helen) 
'CRANE, Jeanne Lynn; 7980 

CRANE, Mrs. Laura Lee (Laura Lee Grogan); 7947 BA; MS 
Texas Christian Univ.; Tutor; r: 4750BellaireDr.S., Ft. Worth, TX 
76109, 817 737-7206; Meade; Lee, Meade II, Allen 
'CRANE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Cramer); 7927 BS 
'CRANE, Marion; 7926 (See Paterson, Mrs. Marion) 
'CRANFIELD, Mrs. Janana (Janana Darby); 7942 AB 
'CRANFORD, Clyde; 7973 (See Brantley, Mrs. Clyde) 
CRANFORD, Courtenay Catesby; 7993 (See Leiphart, Ms. 

Courtenay Catesby) 
CRANFORD, Whitney Brooke; 2007 ; r: 3048 N. Old Greensboro 

Rd., High Point, NC 27265, 336 886-3392 
'CRANMER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Fox); 7946 


CRANMER, Melissa Anne; 7993 (See McManus, Mrs. Melissa 

CRANSTON, Catherine V.; 7975 (See Whitham, Mrs. Catherine 


CRANZ, Mary Margaret; 7984 (See Smith, Mrs. Mary Margaret) 
CRANZ, Mrs. Rose Anne (Rose Anne Toppin); 7975 BA; r: 2 1 2 

N. Rivercrest Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76107, 817 731-6900; Foster 
'CRAPO, Mrs, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Willcox); 7928 
CRASS, Mrs. Beverly (Beverly Taylor); 7950 AB; r: 803 Kitty Ct., 

Kill Devil His., NC 27948, 252 441-5404 
CRATER, Lucretia; 7955 (See Pearse, Mrs. Lucretia) 
CRAVATH, Caren Jeanne; 7984 (See Marshall, Mrs. Caren 

'CRAVEN, Agnes E.; 7925 (See Parrish, Mrs. Agnes E.) 
'CRAVEN, Elizabeth; ACAD (See Westcott, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CRAVEN, Ms. Jean Virginia (Jean Virginia Goulder); 7980 AB 
CRAVEN, Mrs. Primrose (Primrose Johnston); 7943 AB; Retired 

Exec, Girl Scouts of America; r: 10 Mill Pond Rd., Chatham, MA 

02633, 508 945-1668; Arnold; Charis, Christopher, Felicity; 
CRAVEN, Mrs. Waldo; 7958; Owner, Noteworthy, 3319 Pine SL, 

#7, Jacksonville, FL 32205, 904 384-7686; r; 3319 Pine St., Apt. 

7, Jacksonville, FL 32205, 904 384-7686 
'CRAVENS, Catherine Price; 7989 
'CRAVENS, Elizabeth; 7929 (See McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CRAVENS, Ms. Nancy (Nancy Morison); 7953 AB 
CRAVER, Ms. Jean H.; 7965; BA Univ. of Texas, MA Univ. of 

Texas; Residential Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker, 5950 

Sherry Ln., Dallas, TX 75225, 972 380-7912; r: 5562 Wenonah, 

Dallas, TX 75209, 214 351-3100; 

CRAW, Ms. Margaret A.; 7972 AB; Retired Software Developer, 

Pacific Bell; r: 40 Paradise Ln., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, 925 937- 

'CRAWFORD, Agnes; 7937 (See Bates, Mrs. Agnes) 
CRAWFORD, Ms. Camille Amelia; 7993, 1994 BA; Assoc. Editor, 

On Tap Magazine, 4238 Wilson Blvd. Ste. 3078, Arlington, VA ' 

22203, 703 465-0500; r: 6519 79th PL, Cabin John, MD 20818, ! 

202 494-1960; : 

b: ; 

'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Meinecks); 7925 
'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Eleanor P. (Eleanor P. Franke); 7932 AB 
'CRAWFORD, Elizabeth; 7935 (See Byrd, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CRAWFORD, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Pauly); 7927 BS; r: 577 1 

Blairmoor Ct., Grosse Pte. Woods, Ml 48236 ; 

'CRAWFORD, Helen; ACAD (See Hopkins, Mrs. Helen) 1 

'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Jane (Jane Jordan); 7973 
CRAWFORD, Jeanne; 7949 (See Kean, Mrs. Jeanne) 
CRAWFORD, Jill; 7967 (See Adams, Mrs. Paul W., Jr.) 
'CRAWFORD, Louise; 7946 (See Moorefield, Mrs. Louise) 
'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Margaret C. (Margaret C. Staley); ACAD 
'CRAWFORD, Mary A.; 7939 
'CRAWFORD, Maureen Ellen Ann; 7980 j 


'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Milo (Milo Bates); 7929 ( 

CRAWFORD, Nancy; 7969 (See Bent, Nancy Crawford) ; 

CRAWFORD, Ms. Polly Campbell; 7993 BA; Gen. Mgr., Williams! 

Sonama, 42 St. Georges Rd. , Ardmore, PA 1 9003, 61 642-5009; 

r: 414 Lincoln Ave., Havertown, PA 19083, 610 853-2540; 1 

'CRAWFORD, Ruth; ACAD (See Jarvis, Mrs. Ruth) 1 

'CRAWFORD, Ruthie; 7954 (See Haizlip, Mrs. Ruthie) | 

'CRAWFORD, Sammie Jean; 7960(See Scott, Mrs. Sammie Jean) ! 
'CRAWFORD, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Knight); ACAD I 

CRAWFORD, Mrs. Virginia R. (Virginia Ramsey); 7959 AB; MLS' 

Southern CT State Univ.; Retired Librarian; r: 291 Fillow St., 

Norwalk, CT 06850, 203 838-1 149; Malcolm; Deborah, Wynne,, 

Kathy, Jean, Sarah 
CRAWLEY, Jennifer Denise; 7988 (See Lewis, Mrs. Jennifer 

GRAYS, Mrs. Terry G. (Terry Jo Ghdiey); 7962 ; BA Univ. of Cali- 
fornia Berkeley, State of California; Partner & Sr. VP, Levin & Co. 

Mgmt., Inc., 1 1661 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 609, Los Angeles, CA: 

90049, 310 820-3081; r: 11650 Mayfield Ave., Los Angeles, CAl 

90049,310 820-5011; - 

'CREAMMER, Ms. Christine Rebecca; 7998 
CREASER, Jonna L.; 7970 (See Clarkson, Mrs. Jonna Creaser) 


CREASEY, Rosemary R.; 1953 

CREASON, Mrs. Louise Martin (Louise C. Martin); 1972 A B ; 

r: 3701 Fairway Ln., Louisville, KY 40207; W/Z/am; William, 


Ioulou3701 © 
CREASY, Mrs. Martha Boxley (Martha Baird Boxley); 1985 AB; 

r: 401 Willow Oak Dr., Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 985-6619; B. 

Grimes: Grimes, Mead, Claiborne; 

CREASY, Mrs. Susan Ward (Susan Ward Leffler); 1981 B A ; 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Owner, Perfect Fit Inc., 724 887-7708; r: 1022 

Kingview Rd., Scottdale, PA 15683; Mike; John, Jade 
CREBS. Mrs. Mary C. (Mary C. Hulse); 1965 AB 
CREECH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Marston); 1930 AB 
CREEKMORE, Mrs. Betsy A. (Betsy A. Salisbury); 1 959 ; 

Portrait Painter, Self-employed; r; 2137 Heritage Hill, Jackson, 

MS 39211, 601 366-5513; Wade; Beth, Ashley, Sidney; 

wcreekmore ©jam. 
CREEKMORE, Kaye E.; 1956 (See Compton, Mrs. Kaye E.) 
CREERY, Ms. Lisa Marie; 2001 ; r: 211 N. Vine St., Richmond, VA 

23220, 804 355-7526 
CREGO, Ms. Lisa Carroll; 1992BA; MBA Univ. of Illinois; The 

Boeing Co., 1 421 Jefferson Davis Hw^y., MCLS0Z/CG3, Arlington, 

VA 22202; r: 27 Vista Ridge Dr., Galena, IL 61036; 
CREIGHTON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Fairfield); 1958; BA 

Univ. of MO; Retired Tchr.; r: Knight Sta. Farm, 6777 County Rd. 

110, Carthage, MO 64836, 417 358-7319; C. Marsden, M. 

DeYoung, E. McFadden 
CREMER, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Peckwell); ACAD 
CRENSHAW, Mrs. Ann Kevin (Ann Kevin Kiley); ?976 BA; J D 

CIg. of William & Mary; Atty., Lawson & Silek PLC, POB 2740, 

Winchester, VA 22601, 540 665-0050; r: 1216 Cedar Point Dr., 

Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 757 428-6222; Clarl<e; Gordon Roper, 

Clarke H. Jr.; 
CRENSHAW, Betty; 1939 (See Home, Mrs. Betty) 
CRENSHAW, Elizabeth; 1930 (See Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
CRENSHAW, Mrs. Emily G. (Emily H. Gooch); 1970 AB; AB; r: 3 

Dunkirk PI., Greensboro, NC 27410, 336 292-1798; Robert; 

Robert, Anne, Marcia; 

CRENSHAW, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Burford); /933 AB 
CRENSHAW, Ruth; ?927(See Turner, Mrs. Ruth) 
'CRENSHAW, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Phillips); 1932 AB 
CRESSMAN, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Strailman); 7948; Social 

Work, American Red Cross; r: 1101 Seneca St., Apt. 1802, 

Seattle, WA 98101, 206 624-9507; Paul, Wade 
CREVELING, Mrs. Suzanna (Suzanna Reed); 1988 AB; MA 

Univ. of Alabama Tuscaloosa; r: 4346 Kennesaw Dr., Birming- 
ham, AL 3521 3, 205 879-5400; 
CREWS, Ms. Anita E.; 1929 AB 
CREWS, Ms. Brenda A.; ?974AB;Tchr., Amherst Cnty. Public 

Schs., Amherst, VA 24521 ; r: 175 Jane Ter., Madison Hts., VA 

24572, 434 929-2610; Edgar Carter; Lindsay 
CREWS, Mrs. Jacqueline J. (Jacqueline J. Grubbs); 1 953 ; 

r: 2607 E. 38th St., Tulsa, OK 74105, 918 742-9649 
iCREWS, Mrs. Linda Wheeler (Linda Lee Wheeler); 1975 AB; 

English Tchr., Nelson Cnty. Sch. Syst., Nelson Cnty. HS, 6919 

Thomas Nelson Hwy., Lovingston, VA 22949; r: 477 Winton Rd, 

Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-2419; Wayne; Sarah, Laura 
CRICHTON, Mrs. Flora (Flora Cameron); 1946 AB; 4600 

Broadway, Ste. 122, San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 824-8301; 

r: 315 Westover Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 824-8857 
ICRICK, Mrs. Jean E. (Jean E. Lemmon); 1938 
ICRICKENBERGER, Sara Moore; 1976 (See Brady, Mrs. Sara 

CRILLEY, Kathleen A.; 1971 (See Fulmer, Mrs. Kathleen A.) 
{CRIPE, Jane; 7962 (See Rust, Mrs. Jane) 
iCRISLER, Grace Elisabeth; 1951 (See Buchignani, Mrs. Grace 
I Elisabeth) 

iCRISLER, Mrs. Halle (Halle Moore); 1921 AB 
CRISP, Mary R.; 7950 (See Warren, Mrs. Mary R.) 
CRISPIN, Beverley Ann; 1975 (See Heffernan, Ms. Beverley 

CRISPIN, Mary P.; 7972 (See Sankey, Mrs. Mary P.) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


CRIST, Susannah; 7952 (See Lee, Mrs. Susannah C.) 
'*CRISWELL, Suzanne; 7946 (See Bornschein, Mrs. Suzanne) 
"CRITZ, Gretchen; 7938 (See Bailey, Mrs. Gretchen) 
CROASDALE, Mrs. Cart (Betty Bartelt); 7947 AB; Retired Tchr.; 

r: 11 7 Oyster House Rd., White Stone, VA 22578, 804 435-3585; 

Cari; Elizabeth, Edward, Carolinda (Dec) 
CROCKARD, Mrs. Cutler; 7972 AB; Retired; r: 642 W. Forest Dr., 

Houston, TX 77079, 281 497-7924; Doug,' Bradford, Callie; 

crockard @ sbcglobal .net 
CROCKER, Camilla V.; 7977 (See Wodehouse, Mrs. Camilla V.) 
CROCKER, Constance Lucretia; 7975 (See Betzendahl, Mrs. 

Constance Lucretia) 
CROCKER, Mrs. Manlyn (Marilyn Hannah); 7946; BMus Univ. of 

IL; Retired; r: 27 Lake Julia Dr. S., Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082, 

904 285-2141; C; Constance C, Camilla C; 
CROCKER, Mrs. Sara (Sara Doughtie); 7936 ; Retired; r: 2649 

Berkshire Rd., Cleveland, OH 44106, 216 321-5070 
CROCKETT, Caroline; 7969 (See Schorfstein, Mrs. Caroline) 
CROCKETT, Ellen I.; 7965 (See Jeffers, Mrs. Ellen C.) 
CROCKETT, Emma Mai; 7923 (See Owen, Mrs. Emma Mai) 
CROCKETT, Mrs. Sally H. (Sally H. Fishbum); 7952 AB; r: 3386 

Southwood Village Ct., Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 343-8330; 

"CROCKETT, Virginia; 7929 (See Ferguson, Mrs. Virginia) 
CROFT, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Engh); 7942; Homemaker; 

r: 1145 Central Rd., Glenview, IL60025, 847729-8171; Cross- 
will; W\\\'\am Jr., Mary, Douglas, Helen, Jean; 

CROFT, Carol Lynn; 7987 (See Reeves, Carol Lynn) 
XROFT, Ms, Iris M.; 7972 AB 
"CROFT, Sarah Crosswell; 7977 
CROFT, Mrs. Susan (Susan Brush); 1968 AB; Retired; r: 21 

Glenbrooke Cir. W., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 282-3549; 

Lawrence M.,- Susan B. Pasco, Marshall, Mcmahon Jr., Tucker, 

CROFT, Mrs. Susan B. (Susan Bronson); 7964 AB; Homemaker; 

r:500 Argonne Dr., NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 262-1983; 

Edward; Stockton, Gabrey; 
CROGHAN, Mrs. Barbara Albrecht (Barbara Albrecht Minnig); 

7978 AB; Homemaker; r: 8529 Forest St., Annandale,VA 22003, 

703 323-9051; Gregory; Christopher, Kathleen, David, Caroline 
CROKER, Jean; 7954 (See McMillan, Mrs. Jean) 
CROKER, Mrs. Robert V., Jr. (Faith Rahmer); 7954 BA; Home- 
maker; r: 692 Fairtax Way, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 253- 

5773; Roberf,- Sally, Susan Fisher, Robert III 
CROKER, Sally Louise; 1992 BA; BA; Marketing & Events Mgr., 

Town of Dillon, 275 Lake Dillon Dr., Dillon, CO 80435, 970 262- 

3403; r: POB 7622, Breckenndge, CO 80424, 970 453-5988; 
CROKER, Susan Marie; 7984 (See Fisher, Mrs. Susan M.) 
CROLL, Ms. Billie Rae; 2002 ; r: 642 Padgett's Hill Rd, Natural 

Bridge, VA 24578, 540 291-2772 
"CROLLEY, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Box); 7922 
'CROMMELIN, Mrs. Jane Huston (Jane Huston Brown); 7990 
CROMMELIN, Katharine; 7962 (See Milton, Dr. Katharine) 
CROMPTON, Mrs. Ann (Ann Higgins); 7949; r: 221 Mount 

Auburn St., Apt. 708, Cambridge, MA 02138 
"CROMWELL, Mrs. Carol (Carol Brush); 7935 
CROMWELL, Holly Ann; 7978 AB; Food Svc. Mgr., Aramark 

Corp., Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, 216 420-2633; r: 81 87 

Zigler Rd., Sterling, OH 44276; Mark Petrus 
CROMWELL, Margaret; 7949 (See Taliaferro, Mrs. Margaret) 
CRONE, Nancy; 7957 (See Adams, Mrs. Nancy) 
CRONIC, Wanda J.; 7974 (See Howell, Mrs. Wanda Cronic) 
CRONIN, Ms. Jessica Ann; 7998 BA; Recruiter, Eastern Connec- 
tion, Inc., 60 Olympia Ave., Wobum, MA 01801, 781 926-7222; 

r: 40 Central St. Apt.2, Wakefield, MA 01880, 781 416-2464; 

"CRONLY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Valentine); ACAD 
'CROOK, Kathryn; 7968 

XROOK, Mrs. Shirtey A. (Shirley A. Coltman); 7952 
"CROOKS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Carpenter); 7930 
CROSBIE, Mrs. Missy (Missy Reeder); 7964 AB; Community 

Volunteer; r: 42 Chestnut Park Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada 

M4W1W8, 416 967-1948; /l//an,- J. L, David, Pierce 
CROSBY, Dorothy Lynn; 7958 (See Gammill, Mrs. Lynn Crosby) 



CROSBY. Eleanor R.; 1960 (See Erdman, Mrs. Eleanor C.) 
'CROSBY. Mrs. Frances (Frances Barnett); 1930 
CROSBY, Ms. Karis JoAnne; 7996 ; BA Wake Forest Univ.; 
Sales, West Grp., 3311 Marin Ct., Austin, TX 78738; r: same, 
512 402-1945; Roland Fagerberg; 
'CROSBY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Bell); ACAD 
CROSLAND, Mrs. Martha M. (Martha M. Stewart); 1971 BA; JD 
Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr.; Attorney Advisor, US Dept. of 
Energy, 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC 20585, 
202 586-5793; r: 4432 Chalfont PI., Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 
320-5100; Edward; Stewart, Mallory; 
CROSNOE, Mrs. Florence (Florence Caven); 1938 AB; Retired 
Business Owner, Athletic Supply Co.; r: 3006 McNiel Ave. CLU 
249, Wichita Falls, TX 76309, 940 691-6093; Ralph (Dec): R- 
'CROSS, Ann G.; 1956 
'CROSS, Mrs. Anna (Anna Degraff); 1936 
CROSS, Mrs. Anne (Anne Frothingham); 7966 AB; MA Columbia 
Univ. Tchrs. CIg.; Music Educ.-Piano, Fren ch American Cons.- 
MusicTurtle Bay Music Sch.; r: 25 E. 86th St., Apt, 7F, New York, 
NY 10028, 212 369-7059; Dennis: Louisa, Eliza 
'CROSS, Barbara; 7938 (See Reese, Mrs. Barbara) 
'CROSS, Eleanor; )926 (See Wallace, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'CROSS, Mrs. Eula (Eula Weakley); ACAD 
'CROSS, Ms. Heather Ann; 1992 
CROSS, Ms. Jonella; 1991 ; r: FOB 835, Norfolk, VA 23501 
CROSS, Mrs. Laura M. (Laura N. Montague); 1973BA; AAS 
Northern VA Comm. CIg., MA Univ. of Virginia; Physical 
Therapist Asst., Loudoun Healthcare, 44045 Riverside Pkwy., 
Ste. 160, Leesburg, VA 20176, 703 858-6667; r: 12218 Quorn 
Ln.,Reston,VA 20191, 703 264-9894; Jeff; Frederick, 
Katharine, Laura; 
CROSS, Louise; 7945 (See Tate, Mrs. Louise) 
CROSS, Louise M.; 1974 (See Kelbaugh, Mrs. Louise M.) 
'CROSS, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Ward); 1932 AB 
CROSS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Stoll); 1957; Photojournalist; r: One 
Campbelton Cir., Princeton, NJ 08540, 609 921-3661; 
Theodore: Polly Warner, Ann Anderson, Stuart Warner 
CROSS, Mrs. Sandra Kaye (Sandra Kaye Martin); ?9S9 AB; r; 23 
Adams Cir., Rehoboth, MA 02769; 
'CROSSAN, Margaret; 1929 
CROSSINGHAM, Anita Frances; 7977 (See Cannon, Mrs. Anita 

'CROSSLAND, Caroline M.; 1990 (See Pedersen, Mrs. Caroline 

'CROSSLAND, Jennifer Ellen; )9S6 BA 
CROSSLAND, Ms. Susan Michelle; 1991 ; r; 8808 George Wythe 

Ct., Charlotte, NC 28277, 704 846-2597 
CROSSLEY, Mrs. Eleanor Marie; 7967 AB; Arapahoe CC; 
Retired Administrative Asst., Assn. of Theological Schs.; 
r; 201 5 Hartlebury Way, Sun City Ctr., FL 33573, 81 3 633-591 7; 
Ttomas; Thomas, Catherine, Judith, William; 
'GROSSMAN, Betty; 7947 (See Cook, Mrs. Betty) 
'CROSSMAN, Geneva; 7935 (See Stevens, Mrs. Geneva) 
'CROSSMAN, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Jones); 7945 
CROSSWELL, Caroline G. (Caroline L. Gibbes); 7977 AB; MD 
VanderbiltUniv. Sch. of Med.; Phys., Eye Physicians & 
Surgeons of Columbia, 2601 Laurel St., Columbia, SC 29204, 
803 256-7494; r: 6346 WestshoreRd., Columbia, SC 29206, 803 
782-5528; William F.; Sarah, William Jr. 
'CROSSWELL, Sarah; 7937 (See Byrne, Mrs. Sarah) 
CROSTHWAIT, Mrs. Carol (Carol Turner); 7957; r: 221 

Ridgewood Dr., Waco, TX 76710, 254 772-5244 
'CROSTHWAIT, Mrs. Elizabeth T. (Elizabeth T. Wingo); 7923 
'CROTHERS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sparrow); 7924 
CROUCH, Donna R.; 7973 (See Campbell, Ms. Donna R.) 
CROUCH, Mary Claire; 7992(See Camp, Mrs. Mary (Muffin) Claire) 
CROUSE, Joan K.; 7952 (See BIythe, Mrs. Joan Crouse) 
'CROUSE, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Leute); 7925 
CROW, Anne Elizabeth; 7997 (See Galanides, Mrs. Anne 



CROW, Ms. Lynne S. (Lynne Smith); 7964 BA; Chtd. Licensed 
Underwriter, American CIg.; Financial Advisor, Guardian Life Ins. 
& others, 1150 Raritan Rd., Ste. 201, Cranford, NJ 07016, 908 
709-0020; r: 22 Winding Way, Short Hills, NJ 07078, 973 467- 
1095; William David, Alexander F., Margaret; 
lscrow22 WW @ aol .com 
'CROW, Marion; 7935 (See Lord, Mrs. Marion) 
'CROW, Mary Kate; 7936 (See Sinclair, Mrs. Mary Kate) 
'CROWDER, Mrs. Renee Marianne (Renee Marianne Hanson); 

CROWDER, Mrs. Susan (Susan Hobbs); 7965 AB; Self- 
employed Artist Sculptor, Crowder Projects, LLC, 4436 Redwood 
Ln., Eartysville, VA 22936; r: same, 434 245-9560; Herbert: ! 
Jeffrey D., Andrew E.; 

CROWDUS, Mrs. Nannette M. (Nannette McBumey); 7957 AB; ■ 
Retired Mktg. Exec; r: 192 Courthouse Mountain Ln.,POB 1232, 
Madison, VA 22727, 540 948-5546; William: W., Carol; j 

r: ] 

CROWE, Ann; 7966 (See Griffin, Ms. Ann) I 

CROWE, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Hauber); 7939 AB; r: 230 Cheltenham i 
Rd., Newark, DEI 971 1,302 731-4311 ! 

'CROWE, Jean; 7929 (See Hutcheson, Mrs. Jean) 

CROWE, Mrs. Linda (Linda Saunders); 7963 ; Teaching Asst., i 
Montessori Community Schs.; r: 587 Gingermill Ln., Lexington,' 
KY 40509, 859 264-1094 i 

CROWE, Martha Frances; 7977(See Jones, Mrs. Martha Crowe) j 

CROWELL, Ann Redfern; 7960 (See Crowell Lemmon, Ann I 
Redfern) j 

'CROWELL, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Caldwell); 7946 AB 
'CROWELL, Mrs. Mary (Mary Wheat); 7942 AB 

CROWELL LEMMON, Ann Redfem (Ann Redfem Crowell); 
7960 AB; r: 770 Glenairy Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30328, 404 257- 
1332; Phyz; Mayes 

CROWL, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Schaab); 7947; r: 30458 
Conway Ct., Farmington His., Ml 48331, 248 788-2378 

CROWLEY, Carol; 7963 (See Karm, Mrs. Carol) 

CROWLEY, Mrs. Garrow Hudson (Elsa Garrow Hudson); 7980 ; 
BA Wofford CIg.; Travel Agt., Gateway Tours, 1985 E. Main St., 
Ste. 8, Spartanburg, SC 29307, 864 585-7390; r: 1315 
Pinecrest Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29302, 864 583-3544; Christo- 
pher: Elsa, Kathleen, Mark; 
'CROWLEY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hays); 7938 AB 

CROWLEY, Ms. Jessica Ponton; 7996 BA; Recruiter, Exec. & 
Atty. Placement, Crowley Cnsltg., LLC, 5000 Mission Oaks Blvd. 
No43,Austin, TX 78735, 512 899-8899; r: 5000 Mission Oaks 
No 43, Austin, TX 78735, 512 899-8899; 
Jessica @ 
'CROWLEY, Mrs. Julienne (Julienne Johnston); 7978 
'CROWLEY, Margaret; 7954 (See Talbott, Mrs. Margaret) 
'CROXTON, Ms. Jeanne B.; 7995 
'CROYDER, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Grammer); 7977 

CROYDER, Mary Page; 7954 (See Diehl-Schenck, Mrs. Page) 

CROZIER, Mrs. Leona (Leona Chang); 7956AB;MS Cornell 
Univ.; Homemaker; r: 450 Marin Oaks Dr., Novate, CA 94949, 
415 883-5873; Joseph: Diana, Linda, Daniel 

CRUESS, Mrs. Susan Andrews (Susan Carrington Andrews); 
7979 AB; MBA Amos Tuck Sch. at Dartmouth; r: 8924 Baylor 
Ores. SW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2V3N4, 403 237-9994; 
Leigh: Jim, Andrew; 
'CRUIKSHANK, Margery Allen; 7937 (See Dyer, Mrs. Margery! 

CRUM, Laura Lynn; 7979 AB; JD Univ. Alabama Tuscaloosa, LLM 
NYU; Atty., Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black PC, POB 116, 
425 S Perry St., Montgomery, AL 361 01 , 334 834-7600; r: 31 59 
LeBron Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106, 334 263-0433; 
'CRUMP, Elizabeth B.; 7959 

CRUMP, Helen; 7944 (See Cutler, Mrs. Helen) 
'CRUMP, Henrietta; 7977(See Harrison, Mrs. Henrietta) 
'CRUMP, Louise; ACAD (See Surber, Mrs. Louise) 

CRUMP, Mrs. Sherrill M. (Sherrill F. Milnor); 7970; Admin., F.M. 
Crump & Co.; r: 3210 Club Tower Dr., Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 
323-5250; Franfc; Anne, Frank, Marie Louise; 


CRUMP, Mrs. Susanne (Susanne Brown); 1967 AB; United Way, 

POB 6649, Richmond, VA 23230; r:7106 Glen Pkwy., 

Richmond, VA 23229, 804 285-01 54 
CRUMPLER, Lindsay; 1942 (See Nolting, Mrs, Lindsay) 
'CRUMPLER, May T.; 1946 (See Carter, Mrs. May T.) 
CRUMPLER, Nancy E.; 1974 (See Pavelka, Mrs. Nancy E.) 
'CRUMRINE, Eleanor; )947(See Stewart, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'CRUTCHER, Mrs. Hettie C. (Hettie C. Sibley); ACAD 
CRUTCHER, Ms. Jennifer Paige; y999BA; MA Univ. MA 

Amherst; Writer; r: 2200 Monica Ln., Palestine, TX 75803, 903 


CRUZ, Mrs. Ameka DeSha (Ameka DeSha Reeves); 2001 BA; 

Algebra Teacher, EC Glass HS, 21 1 1 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, 

VA 24501, 434 522-3712; r: 128 Cobblestone Dr., Lynchburg, 

VA 24502, 434 237-4613; J.; Kaylah T.; 
CRYMES, Mrs. Cynthia Anne (Cynthia Anne Cawthon); 1993 ; 

r: POB 6376, Athens, GA 30604 
CRYSLER, Cannie Godwin; 1978 (See Shafer, Cannie Crysler) 
CRYSLER, Sophia G.T.; 1981 (See Hart, Ms. Sophia C.) 
CSAPLAR, Mrs. Stacey Ann (Stacey Ann Vilar); 1988 AB; MED 

WheelockClg.; Homemaker; r: 1458 Washington St., Canton, 

MA 02021, 781 575-9826; Andrew; Rory, Arden 
CSICSEK, Janis; 1975 (See Dodge, Mrs. Janis) 
'CUCULLU, Margaret; 1929 (See Thouron, Mrs. Margaret) 
CUDD, Linda Gladney; 1985 (See Miller, Mrs. Linda Gladney) 
'CUDDY, Ms. Laura Anne; 1991 
CUDLIP, Mrs. Nancy Clapp (Nancy Simpson Clapp); 1955 AB; 

CPA, Nancy Clapp Cudlip, CPA, 468 Heritage Hills Unit C, 

Somers, NY 10589; r: same, 914 276-3391; Anne, William 
CUENOD, Mrs. Martha (Martha Moore); y953; BA Univ. of 

Texas; Homemaker; r: 5530 Ibis Dr., Galveston, TX 77551, 409 

744-5178; Marc; Carol, Marc Jr., Ann; 
'CUKOR, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Gregory); 1936 
'CULBERSON, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Kells); 1933 
'CULBERSON, Eugenia; ACAD (See Fowler, Mrs. Eugenia) 
CULBERTSON, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Briarton); 1961 ; 

Preschool Tchr., Indianapolis, IN 46260; r; 1648 Trace Ln., Indi- 
anapolis, IN 46260, 317 872-2350 
'CULBERTSON, Jane; 7933 (See Peeples, Mrs. Jane) 
'CULBERTSON, Mary Frances; 1964 (See Knight, Ms. Mary 

CULBERTSON, Ms. Roberta A.; 1973 AB; Dir., VA Ctr. for the 

Humanities, 145 Ednam Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22903 
CULBRETH, Martha (Martha Kirchheimer); 1963; BA Chatham 

Clg.;r:95 Paul Dr., Washington, PA 15301, 724 223-6944; 

Kemp, Joseph; 
CULLEN, Mrs. Emma J. (Emma J. McDaniel); 1935 
CULLEN, Wilhelmina; 1944 (See Smith, Wilhelmina) 
CULLEY, Mrs. Sharon (Sharon Folan); 1968; AA; Principal, 

AMS, Inc., 12601 Fair Lake Cir., Fairfax, VA 22033; r: 3430 

Ethel Ct., Annandale, VA 22003, 703 573-8169 
CULLISON, Mrs. Asenath M. (Asenath M. Kepler); 1972 
CULLOM, Stephanie; 1996 {See Pauly, Ms. Stephanie Cullom) 
CULLUM, Janice A.; 7966 (See Hodghead, Mrs. Janice A.) 
CULLUM, Mrs. Lee; 1960; BA Southern Methodist Univ.; Con- 
tributing Colonist, Dallas Morning News, 214 521-3667; r; 2718 

Turtle Creek Cir., Dallas, TX 75219, 214 521-3667; Cullum; 
i CULLUM, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Bennett); 1932 AB 
' CULP, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Obannon); ACAD 
iCULP, Emily (Emily Ward); 7964 AB;r: 236 Naugler Ave., Marl- 
1 borough, MA 01 752, 508 624-0323 
I CULP, Katherine; 7935 (See Francis, Mrs. Katherine) 
I CULP, Ms. Lindsay A.; 7998 BA; Univ. of Texas; ASPH Research 
I Fellow, Ctrs. for Disease Control & Prevention, NCBDDD, 4770 

Buford Hwy. NE MS F-15, Atlanta, GA 30341, 770 488-7007; 
I r: 3427NDruidHillsRdApt.Q,Decatur,GA30033, 404320-9166; 
:l b: 
! CULP, Virginia Shelton; 7989 

i CULPEPPER, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Pekor); 7948; EDD 
j Georgia State Univ., MED Univ. Georgia Athens; Sch. Psychol- 
\ ogist, Muscogee Cnty. Sch. Dist., Columbus, GA 31906; r: 1249 
; Gurr Ave., Columbus, GA 31906, 706 324-2200; William, 
I Raymond 
i 'Address Unknown "Deceased 


CULVER, Mrs. Anne Michal (Anne Michal Smith); 7 998 BA; 

Homemaker/Tchr., Sullivan Learning Ctr.; r; 5258 Charles City 

Rd, Richmond, VA 23231 , 804 795-5625; Brian; Beth, Emma; 
CULVER, Mrs. Electa (Robbie) (Electa Hoffman); 7968; MED 

Savannah State Univ.; Homemaker; r: 404 Washington Ave., 

Savannah, GA 31405, 912 238-4895; Edwin (Eddie); Brian, 

"CULVER, Virginia; 7928 (See Mann, Mrs. Virginia) 
CUMBY, Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth; 7995 BA; r: 442 Shady Mountain 

Rd., Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-9108; David; Eli, Schuyler; 
CUMMINGS. Ms. Cathleen Ann; 7995 BA; MSA Ohio Univ.; VP, 

Bank of America, NCI -022-08-02, 201 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, 

NO 28255, 704 386-4081 ; r: 1 1 8 Altondale Ave. No 8, Charlotte, 

NO 28207, 704 906-8515; 
CUMMINGS, Ms. Christen Ann; 7997 BA; MED UVA; Tchr. 

Trainer, Marco Polo, Virginia Bch., VA 23454; r: 2489 London 

Pointe Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23454; 
CUMMINGS, Christine L.; 7974 (See Bass, Ms. Christine L.) 
"CUMMINGS, Dorothy; 7926 (See Henshaw, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"CUMMINGS, Mrs. Dorothy F. (Dorothy F. White); 7947 AB 
"CUMMINGS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Quinerty); 7923 
XUMMINGS, Mrs. Jean G. (Jean G. McNeer); 7942 
CUMMINGS, Jennifer Paige; 799) (See Marcus, Mrs. Jennifer 

CUMMINGS, Katherine A.; 7970 (See Catlin, Mrs. Kathenne A.) 
"CUMMINGS, Mrs. Katherine T. (Katherine T. MacDonald); 

'CUMMINGS, Kathleen Marie; 7988 AB 
"CUMMINGS, Margaret; 7929 

CUMMINGS, Virginia; 7942 (See Davis, Mrs. Virginia C.) 
"CUMMINS, Anne Lois; 7979 (See Schutte, Mrs. Anne Lois) 
"CUMMINS, Mrs. Susan B. (Susan B. Cadwell); ACAD 
"CUMNOCK, Anne; 7970 (See Miller, Mrs. Anne) 
'CUMNOCK, Elizabeth; 7938 (See Gunn, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"CUMNOCK, Eva A.; 7929 (See Bass, Mrs. Eva A.) 
"CUNNINGHAM, Cordelia; 7932 (See Simpson, Mrs. Cordelia) 
'CUNNINGHAM, Corinne Stuart; 7986 BA 
CUNNINGHAM, Edna A.; 7969 (See Homing, Ms. Edna A.) 
CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth Hunter; 7987 (See Morgan, Mrs. 

Elizabeth (Betsy) Hunter) 
CUNNINGHAM, Esther; 7945 (See Shay, Mrs. Esther C.) 
"CUNNINGHAM, Jane; 7926 AB 
CUNNINGHAM, Ms. Kathryn; 7997 BA; Sales, Scully & Scully, 

Inc., 504 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022, 212 755-2590; r: 221 

E 82nd St., Ste. 2B, New York, NY 10028, 212 249-7041 ; 
"CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Leah (Leah Hines); 7922 
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Lucinda G. (Lucinda G. Wells); 7973 AB; 

r: 20 Anita Ave., Trumbull, CT 0661 1 
CUNNINGHAM, Margaret Anne; 7942 (See Allen, Mrs. Margaret 

CUNNINGHAM, Martha Brooks; 7980 (See Dykes, Mrs. Martha 

CUNNINGHAM, Mary; 7952 (See Spencer, Mrs. Mary) 
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Mary B. (Mary BIythe); 7936 ; H o m e - 

maker; r; 2 Sedwick Dr., St. Louis, MO 63124, 314 993-8534; 

BIythe Baldwin, C. Eaker 
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Mary Carter (Mary Carter Bums); 7 97 7 

AB; r: 4816 Quebec St. NW, Washington, DC 20016, 202 362- 

CUNNINGHAM, Nancy; 7975 (See Watson, Mrs. Nancy) 
CUNNINGHAM, Nancy Fox; 7983 (See Mauck, Mrs. Nancy C.) 
CUNNINGHAM, Ms. Sarah Sunshine; 2000 BA; Acctg. Analyst, 

SNL Financial, 321 E. Main St., POB 2124, Chartottesville, VA 

22902, 434 951 -7475; r: 3 Fairway Ln., Chartottesville, VA 

22901,434 979-1730; 

"CUNNINGHAM, Virginia; 7935 (See Brookes, Mrs. Virginia) 
CUOCO, Mrs. Mary Via (Mary Carroll Via); 1987 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 92 MariomiRd., New Canaan, CT 06840, 203 966-6942: 

Mar/<,- William, C, Elizabeth; 
'CUPP, Susan Rebecca (Susan Rebecca Brodwater); 7986 




CURCI. Erica Jane: y992(SeeMarra, Mrs. Erica Jane) 
'CURDTS, IVlildred; ACAD (See Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Mildred) 
CURLEE, Mrs. William D. (Marjorie Newell); 1951 ; Retired; 

r: 2325 Nw45Th St., Ol<lalioma City, OK 73112, 405 843-6096; 

William; Amanda, Marcum 
XURLEY, Ms. Catrina Louise; 1992 
CURME, Caroline Chenowetli; ?979(See Angelica, Mrs. Caroline 

XURNUTTE, Cynthia; 1979 

CURPIER, Erin Natasha; 1994 (See Whipple, Mrs. Enn Natasha) 
CURRAN, Candace L.; 7972 (See Heyward, Mrs. Candace L.) 
XURRAN, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Conway); 1928 AB 
'CURRAN, Mrs. Linda (Linda Long); 1964 AB 
'CURRAN, Susan Rita; 1979 
CURRENS, Molly Maloney; 1989 (See Gaskins, Mrs. Molly 

'CURREY, Elizabeth; y965(See Foster, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'CURREY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Hampton); 1925 
'CURREY, Louise; )949(See Nicholls, Mrs. Louise) 
'CURRIE, Mrs. Ann L. (Ann L. Kremers); 1943 
CURRIE, BrynM. J.; /990 AB;Sr. Dir., New Business Devel., 

Loblaw Cos. East, 6220A Yonge St., North York, ON, Canada 

M2M 3X4, 416 218-7700; r: 5 Dunloe Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada 

M4V 2W4, 416 489-4796; William, Sydney; 

'CURRIE, Constance; t940(See Fleming, Mrs. Constance) 
'CURRIE, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Austin); 1924 
CURRIE, Ms. Emily Tyler; 2002 BA; Retail Spec.-Med. Skin Care 

Clinic, Skin Solutions, Inc., 404 355-0286; r: Eight Albemarle Dr. 

NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 355-0286; 
CURRIE, Enn Elizabeth; 1993 (See Thompson, Mrs. Erin 

CURRIE, Mrs. Janet Marcia (Janet Marcia Jones); 1958; Med. 

Social Worker, St. John's Hosp., 800 E Carpenter St., Springfield, 

IL62769, 217 525-5641; Chris, Andrew 
CURRIE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Hedley); 1942 AB; Homemaker; r; c/o 

Candace Gunn, 831 Whooping Crane Ct., Bradenton, FL 34212, 

941 745-5726; James; James, Candace, Douglass, Glenn 
CURRIE, Judy; 7992 (See Hellmann, Mrs. Judy Currie) 
CURRIE, McNair; 7963 (See Maxwell, Mrs. McNairC.) 
CURRY, Amanda; 1 982 AB; MA American Univ. DC; Free-lance 

Acct. for Film & TV, POB 200255-1 24, Austin, TX 78720, 512 257- 

2081 ; r: MSC 124 200255, Austin, TX 78720; 
CURRY, Ms. Arica Marie; 2001 ; r: 3173 Alta Hills Dr., Sandy, UT 

84093,801 944-8410 
CURRY, Mrs. Cynthia Louise (Cynthia Louise McMechan); 1982 

AB; Atty., Self-employed; r: 200 SE 6th St., Ste. 500, Ft. Lauder- 
dale, FL 33301 
'CURRY, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Bimey); ACAD 
'CURRY, Mrs. Jane (Jane Guignard); 1923 BA 
'CURRY, Louise; 7950 (See Horine, Mrs. Louise) 
'CURRY, Sherry Ann; 7983 
CURRY, Mrs. Susan F. (Susan F. Buschmann); 7975; BA 

Indiana Univ., JD Indiana Univ.; r: 821 Prospect Ave., Winnetka, 

IL 60093, 847 446-7628 
CURTI, Mrs. Anne (Anne Mason); 7966AB;r;536 Roslyn Rd., 

Kenilworth, IL 60043, 847 251 -9123 
'CURTIN, Mrs. Janet (Janet McGregor); 7933 
CURTIS, Carroll Nelson; 7975 AB; MS Old Dominion Univ.; 

Environ. Cnslt., Self-employed; r; Pampatike Organic Farm, 

2178 Acquinton Church Rd, King William, VA 23086, 804 769- 


'CURTIS, Esther; 7978 (See Weller, Mrs. Esther) 
CURTIS, Mrs. Frances (Frances Gardner); 7947 AB; MEDCIg. of 

William & Mary; Retired Math Teacher & Sch. Librarian; r; POB 

156, N., VA 23128, 804 725-3977; Carroll, John, Cornelia 
CURTIS, Kathy L.; 7977 (See Jaehnig, Mrs. Kathy L.) 
CURTIS, Mrs. Marcia M. (Marcia Morrison); 7934 AB; MS Wash- 
ington Univ. In St. Louis; Retired/Homemaker; r: 4312 S. 31st 

St., Apt. 215, Temple, TX 76502, 254 773-3134; Raleigh (Dec); 

Franklin, Robert, Kyle 
'CURTIS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Henigbaum); 7924 
'CURTIS, Mrs. Maria Gray (Maria Gray Valentine); 7936 
'CURTIS, Merry; 7930 (See Loving, Mrs. Merry) 
'CURTIS, Ms. Virginia (Virginia Hall); 7944 AB 


CURTISS, Ms. Megan Ann; 2007 ; r: 1332 Princess Anne Rd., 

Virginia Bch., VA 23457, 757 721-3391 
CURTNER, Mrs. Joan S. (Joan St John); 7957 ; Secy., Curtner 

Lumber Co., Newport, AR 72112; r: 3 Dogwood Dr., Newport, 

AR 721 12, 870 523-3709; Tom 
'CURTZE, Margharita; 7935 (See Vicary, Mrs. Margharita) 
'CURWEN, Mrs. Doris E. (Doris E. Risk); 7936 
CUSACK, Ms. Patricia S.; 7994 ; r; 1950 NW Ninth St., Delray 

Bch., FL 33445 
'CUSCADEN, Mrs. Irwin; 7932 
'CUSHING, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Hedges); 7933 
CUSHING, Hilary; 7976; r: 10 Gracy Sq., New York, NY 10028, 

212 289-3292 
CUSHMAN, Elizabeth S.; 7954 (See Collins, Mrs. Elizabeth C.) 
CUSHMAN, Ms. Elkin G.A.; 7992 BA; MED Bank Street CIg.; 

Educator; r; 160 W 85th Apt. 5E, New York, NY 10024, 212 873- 

CUSHMAN, Heather Lyn; 7997 (See Mason, Mrs. Heather 

CUSHMAN, Kathleen Allerton; 7990 (See Slack, Mrs. Kathleen 

CUSiCK, Mrs. Gail (Gail Blanke); 7963 AB; Yale Univ. Grad, Sch. 

of Drama; Pres. CEO, Founder, Lifedesigns; r: 12 E 88 St., New 

York, NY 10128; F.; Kate, Abigail; 
'CUSICK, Mrs. Jaquelin (Jaquelin Ambler); 7957 BA 
CUSICK, Molly Ann; 2003 ; r; POB 955, Shirley, MA 01464, 978 

CUSICK, Mrs. Pamela June (Pamela June Miscall); 7 987 AB; 

MA New Sch. for Social Rsch.;Mkt. Rsch. Cnslt., Self- 

Employed, 1328 Rayville Rd., Parkton, MD21120; r: same, 410 

343-2024; Theodore; Conor, Colin; 

CUSTARD, Mrs. Edith (Edith Ann Watkins); 7958; r: POB 217, 

Hannawa Falls, NY 13647 
'CUSTER, Carolyn; 7947 
'CUSTER, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Howell); 7966 
CUSTER, Ms. Lindsey Michelle; 2000 BA; Human Res. Rep., 

Time-Life, 1450 E. Parham Rd., Richmond, VA 23228, 804 261- 

1375; r: 3220 F Copper Mill Trace, Richmond, VA 23294, 804 


'CUTCHIN, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Marshall); 7959 
CUTCHINS, Carol; 7955 (See Hammon, Mrs. Carol) 
'CUTCHINS, Mrs. Gary (Gary Valentine); ACAD 
'CUTHBERT, Betty; 7939 (See Wood, Mrs. Betty) 
CUTHBERT, Hibernia M.; 7973 (See Langley, Mrs. Hibernia M.) 
CUTHBERT, Margaret; 7965(See Broaddus, Margaret Cuthbert) 
CUTLER, Mrs. Helen (Helen Crump); 1944 AB; r; 4904 Derussey 

Pkwy., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 986-8645 
CUTLER, Mrs. Rebecca (Rebecca Manning); 1927 BA; r: 5 

Indian Chase Dr., Greenwich, CT 06830, 203 869-4715 
CUTLER, Mrs. Robin; 7966 AB; PhD Columbia Univ., MA 

Columbia Univ.; Pres./Historian, Media Res. Assocs., Inc., New 

York, NY 10021; r; 200 E. 66th St., Apt E-1605, New York, NY 

10021, 212 535-7193; Elizabeth, Carlyn; 
CUTLER, Mrs. Sue (Sue Stubbs); 7967 ; r: 812 Park Ave., New 

York, NY 10021, 212 988-2105 ' 

'CUTRIGHT, Tammy Renee; 7989 ' 

'CUTTER, Mrs. Susan A. (Susan A. Hartwell); 7960 AB j 

CUTTING, Alice Ida; 7983 (See Laimbeer, Mrs. Alice Cutting) I 
CUTTING, Mrs. Judith Ailene (Judith A. Harris); 7967 ; BA j 

Douglass CIg. Rutgers Univ.; Part-owner Commercial Real] 

Estate, Ash Properties, 500 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203; | 

r: 2004 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23220, 804 355-2620; ! 

Thomas; Samuel, Heather, Kathleen { 

CUTTING, Kimberly Ann; 7993(See Winter, Mrs. KimberlyCutting) 
CZAPLICKi, Dawn Marie; 7988(See Hutchison, Mrs. Dawn Marie) I 
CZARKOWSKI, Ms. Kathryn Ann; 7995 BS; Prog. Coord., Yale ] 

Univ. Sch. of Med. Dept. of Psychiatry, New Haven, CT; r; 78 f 

Brown St., W. Haven, CT 06516; ' I 

CZARRA, Ms. Penelope Lane; 7975 AB; Pres. & Founder, Global 

View, 2901 Connectibut Ave. NW SteB4, Washington, DC 20008, 

202 667-2918; r: 20156 Millbrook Rd., Rohrersvllle, MD 21779, 

301 432-7406 


CZOSNOWSKi, Mrs. Cynthia (Cindy) I. (Cynthia I. Bacon); 
1970 ; BMus George Washington Univ.; Dir. Riding, Garrison 
Forest Sch., 300 Garrison Forest Rd., Owings Mills, MD 21117, 
410 559-3450; r: 3813 Walnut Ave., Baltimore, MD 21206, 410 
426-5037; Jerry; Adam 

DABBIERI, Ms. Lauri Leann; 1993 BA; MA George Mason Univ.; 
Latin Tchr., Langley HS, 6520 Georgetown Pike, Mc Lean, VA 
22101; r; 3054 S Abingdon St., Arlington, VA 22206, 703 931- 

DABBS, Nancy Irene; 1981 (See Lottin, Mrs. Nancy Irene) 
DABBS, Sarah E.; 7972 (See Fryer, Mrs. Sarah E.) 
DABNEY. Alice; 7932 (See Parker, Mrs. Alice) 
'DABNEY, Barbara Ross; 1988 (See Hohenlohe, Mrs. Barbara 

"DABNEY, Mrs. Christe (Christe Storey); ACAD 
"DABNEY, Dorothy; 1930 (See Smith, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"DABNEY, Mrs. Douglas; ACAD 
"DABNEY, Mrs. Edith (Edith Railey); 1932 AB 
"DABNEY, Eugenia; ACAD {See Harris, Mrs. Eugenia) 
DABNEY, Joan Gmelin; 1991 (See Clickner, Mrs. Joan Dabney) 
DABNEY, Mrs. Lucy C. (Lucy Carter Call); y942 BA; Home- 
maker; r; 1825 Park Ave., Richmond, VA 23220, 804 358-4098; 
Thomas; Thomas, Susan, Douglas 
DABNEY, Martha VonSchlorf; 1954 (See Leclere, Mrs. Martha 

DABNEY, Susan; ?973(See Smith, Ms. Susan) 
"DACAMERA, Marian; 1915 {See Chace, Mrs. Marian) 
*DACE, Dr. Letitia (Letitia Skinner); 1963 BA 
'DACHS, Melissa; 1984 

DACRUZ, Mrs. Amelia Lynn (Amelia Lynn Munden); 1 985 ; 
Pres./Dir., Aquatech Environ. Svcs. Inc., 2234 C W. Great Neck 
Rd., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 800 353-0180; r: 2012 Breton Ct., 
Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757 496-7343 
D'AGOSTINO, Mrs. Kathleen Robin (Kathleen Robin McBride); 
1979 ; r: 630 Oenoke Rdg, New Canaan, CT 06840, 203 966- 
DAHL, Ms. Angela M. (Angela M. Wheelock); 1974 AB\ Pro). 
Mgr., Architeks Commercial Design, 329 Bryant St. 1A, San 
Francisco, CA 94107, 415 777-2720; r: 3705 Emerson St., 
Oakland, CA 94610; 
DAHL, Sally; 1969 (See Lecomte, Sally) 
DAHM, Alice; 1949 (See Crane, Mrs. Alice) 
*DAIL, Betty; 7938 (See Windeler, Mrs. Betty) 
"DAIL, Virginia; 7930 (See McCarthy, Mrs. Virginia) 
DAILEY, Mrs. Ann Carroll (Ann Shay Carroll); 1968 ; BS George 
Washington Univ.; Pharm. Regulatory Mgr., GlaxoSmithKline 
1250 S. Collegeville Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426, 610 917-6888 
r;1636 N. Adams St., Pottstown, PA 19464, 610 327-3590: 
Geoffrey: Jean, Elizabeth; 
DAILEY, Ms. Jean Burnette; )976 AB; MBA East Carolina Univ.; 
Creator, Dailey Renewal Retreat; r: 808 Northridge St., Greens- 
boro, NC 27403, 336 852-8889; 
"DAILEY, Louise; 7929 (See Sturhahn, Mrs. Louise) 
"DAILEY, Marion H.; 7947 (See Avery, Mrs. Marion H.) 
"DAILEY, Mary Bruce; 7930 (See Dawson, Mrs. Mary Bruce) 
'DAILEY, Nancy Jane; 7979 

DAILEY, Mrs. Suzanne Gay (Suzanne Camilla Gay); 7983 AB; 
MS Long Island Univ.; Cnslt. Tchr., Columbia Tchrs. CIg.; r: 32 
Vine Rd, Larchmont, NY 10538, 914 833-9062; Rob,' Emmet, 
"DAKE, Mildred; 7976 (See Lewis, Mrs. Mildred) 
"DAKER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Mazurie); 7932 

DALE, Diane E.; 7973 (See Roiling, Mrs. Diane Dale) 
"DALE, Virginia A.; ACAD (See Yerger, Mrs. Virginia A.) 
DALE-ARNURIUS, Mrs. Chesley Johnson (Chesley Elizabeth 
Johnson); 7943 AB; Retired Educator, Red Cross; r: 36 
Dogwood Rd., POB 336, Norhs, TN 37828, 865 494-7196; 
Armond Arnurius; Ann, Janet, James; 
DALEHITE, Liza; 7988(SeeBrinkmann, Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth) 

"Address Unknown "Deceased 


DALEY, Mrs. Bergen Hall (Bergen Minta Hall); 7995 BA; r: 51 OE. 

Third St., Boston, MA 02127, 617 269-4864; Michael: 
DALEY, Mrs. Betsy (Betsy W. Banks); 7974 AB; MA Univ. of IL, 

MA San Francisco State Univ.; Tchr.; r: 100 Del Mar Ave., 

Berkeley, CA 94708, 510 841-0934; Jofiri: 
DALEY, Mrs. Jacqueline S. (Jacqueline Sexton); 7 940 BA; 

Homemaker; r: 950 Broadway, Belmont, CA 94002, 650 593- 

'DALEY, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Simmons); 7954 
'D'ALFONSO, Debra S.; 1978 
DALL, Kimberley Claire; 7986; r; 2541 Stutsman Dr., Tustin, CA 

92782,714 730-9696 
"DALL, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Caldwell); 7976 
DALLEY, Mrs. Alison Treat (Alison Lux Treat); 7988 ; BA Univ. of 

MA; Real Estate Agt., Princeton Real Estate Grp., 609 924-1000; 

r; 215 Mount Airy Harbourton Rd, Lambertville, NJ 08530, 609 

397-1195; R/c/iard,- 
'DALLEZ, Ms. Severine; 7996 
"DALLY, Gertrude; 7922 (See Massie, Mrs. Gertrude) 
DALLY, Ms. Margaret Edelweisz Y.E.; 7999 BS; MD Loma Linda 

Univ.-CA; Family Practitioner, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, lA 52240; 

r; 1311 Rosewood Dr., Columbus, GA 31907, 706 563-0158; 
"DALPHON, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Holmes); 7958 
DALRYMPLE, Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence (Elizabeth Lawrence 

Day); 7978 BA; Buyer-Owner, Gentleman's Comer, POB 1377, 

Village Sq., Pinehurst, NC 28374, 910 295-201 1 ; r: 1 600 

Morganton Rd Lot R7, Pinehurst, NC 28374; Jack, Sumner; 
DALSEMER, Mrs. Betty (Betty McEachem); 7962; r: 2554 Santa 

Lucia Ave., Carmel, CA 93923, 831 620-1514 
'D'ALTON, Mrs. Betty J. (Betty J. Walker); 7942 
DALTON, Dr. Claudette E. (Claudette E. Harloe); 7969 BA; MD 

Univ. of Virginia; Asst. Dean for Community Based Med. Educ, 

UVA Sch. of Medicine, POB 800325, Charlottesville, VA 22908, 

434 924-2629; r: 3474 Bleak House Rd., Earlysville, VA 22936; 

Cliristoptier Alexander: Gordon; 
DALTON, Deborah Ann; 7978 (See Knapp, Mrs. Deborah Ann) 
DALTON, Diane; 7967 AB; MA Case Western Reserve Univ.; 

Gen. Mgr., Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 108 E. Wells St., 

Milwaukee, Wl 53202, 414 290-5365; r; 1014NAstorSt.Apt.43, 

Milwaukee, Wl 53202, 414 276-2989; 
"DALTON, Margaret; 79 73 (See Kirk, Mrs. Margaret) 
"DALTON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Gochnauer); 7929 AB 

DALTON, Sarah Dabney; 7973 (See Jacob, Mrs. Sarah Dabney) 
"DALY, Mrs. Gloria A. (Gloria A. Carroll); 7967 AB 
DALY, Heather Elizabeth; 7992 (See Jones, Mrs. Heather 

*DALY, Mrs. Joyce (Joyce Sentner); 7948 
DALY, Mrs. Mary Hunter (Mary Hunter Kennedy); 7967 ; BA 

Univ. of North Carolina, MA Univ. of North Carolina; Lie. Profn. 

Couns., 139 Altondale Ave., Charlotte, NC 28207; r; same, 704 

334-4095; George: Anna, Newell 
DALY, Susan H. (Susan M. Holbrook); 7970 BA; Realtor/Broker, 

Avery-Hess, Realtors, 8442 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 

22152, 703 451-9797; r: 6336 Manchester Way, Alexandria, VA 

22304, 703 823-6446; Robert: Andrea, Stephanie; 

DALZELL, Ann Seymour; 7984 (See Perry, Mrs. Ann Seymour) 
DAME, Mrs. Mary Louise (Mary-Louise Kelley); 7962 AB; Home- 
maker; r: POB 334. 1 1 08 Bishop Meade Rd, Millwood, VA 22646, 

540 837-2442; Thomas: Mark, Thomas, Timothy 
DAMERON, Letha; 7987 (SeeZackowski, Mrs. Letha) 
DAMGARD, Eleanor; 7947 (See Firth, Mrs. Eleanor D.) 
"DAMGARD, Louise; 7936 (See Eichelkraut, Mrs. Louise) 
DAMIANOS, Bonnie Lee; 7975 (See Rampone, Mrs. Bonnie Lee) 
'DAMIANOS, Elektra; 7979 (See Gabelein, Mrs. Elektra) 
DAMMON, Mrs. Marilynn (Marilynn Bottomley); 7967; BA 

Purdue; Owner Kings Hill Stables, Ret Social Studies Teacher; 

r: 6237 State Rd. 43 N., W. Lafayette, IN 47906, 765 567-2158; 

'DAMP, Carolyn P.; 7953 (See Shannon, Mrs. Carolyn P.) 




'DAMP, Ms. Charlene (Charlene La Fleur); 1998 
'DAMRON, Ms. Elaine Kathryn; 1994 
DAMRON, Patricia; 1948 (See Joy, Mrs. Patricia) 
'DAMSGAARD, Mrs. Jenny Charlotta (Jenny Charlotta Rapp); 

DANA, Dorothy; f 967 (See King, Mrs. Dorottiy (Dottie)) 
DANCE, Muriel; 1969 AB; r: 1421 E. Valley, Seattle, WA98112 
*DANCE, Sarah E.; 1928 {See Krook, Mrs. Sarah E.) 
DANCE, Stephanie Clune; 1990 (See Tancredi, Mrs. Stephanie 

DANE, Rebecca Anne; 1978 (See Evans, Mrs. Rebecca Anne) 
DANELLA, Carol A.; 1986; r; 2012 Sterigere St., Norristown, PA 

'DANESI, Lynn Marie; 1981 (See Kane, Dr. Lynn Marie) 
DANEY, Ms. Stephanie (Stephanie Skinner); 758? AB; Banker, 
Juniper Bank; r: 1 1 4 Whitney Dr., Avondale, PA 1 931 1 , 61 268- 
3877; e.; Andrew, Corey; 
DANFORD, Mrs. Leslie (Leslie Herrick); 1944 AB; MA Columbia 
Univ.; Retired Tchr.; r: 2420 NW Marshall St. Apt. 212, Portland, 
OR 97210, 503 973-5851 ; Mary, Leslie, Anne 
DANFORD, Ms. Mary Thurston; 7973 BA; JD Louis & Clark Law 
Sch.; Sr. Deputy City Attorney, Ofc. of City Atty., 1221 SW 4th 
Ave., Ste. 430, Portland, OR 97204, 503 823-4047; r: 2209 NE 
Stanton St., Portland, OR 97212, 503 282-3913; Michael Baker; 
Brendan Baker 
DANFORTH, Mrs. Sally (Sally Dobson); 1959 \r: 911 Tirrill 

Farms Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124, 314 991-6767 
'DANGERFIELD, Dorothy A.; 1922 (See McCutcheon, Mrs. 

Dorothy A.) 
DANIEL, Dana A.; 1974 (See Otero, Mrs. Dana A.) 
DANIEL, Harriet; 1938 (See Herd, Mrs. Harriet) 
DANIEL, Judith P.; 1969 (See Adams, Mrs. Judith D.) 
DANIEL, Mrs. Manoa E. (Manoa E. Mickley); 1976 -.r: 1118 

Hudson Dr., NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, 404 876-5964 
'DANIEL, Mrs. Pamela J. (Pamela J. Boyd); 7968 AB 
'DANIEL, Mrs. Sara (Sara Clay); 7952 AB 
DANIEL, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley Shaw); 7947 BA; Ho me maker; 
r: Dunwoody Village A301 , 3500 W. Chester Pike, Newtown Sq., 
PA 19073, 610 325-0529; Richard, Dorothea 
DANIELL, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Wilson); 7954 AB; Retired 
Sales Rep. for Women's Clothing, Self-Employed; r: 5 1 2 
Patterson Ave., San Antonio, TX 78209, 21 826-6493; Jim, 
Kelly, Wilson, Corinne, Amy 
'DANIELS, Charlotte S.; 7972 (See Lewis, Mrs. Charlotte S.) 
DANIELS, Donna B.; 7976 (See Rubin, Mrs. Donna B.) 
'DANIELS, Mary; 7957 (See Lowry, Mrs. Mary) 
DANIELS, Rima Nimue; 2007 ; BA Univ. of Arizona, MA Univ. of 
Bath; r: 5466 James Madison Hwy., The Plains, VA 20198, 202 

'DANIELS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Aunspaugh); 7927 AB 
DANIELS, Mrs. Sarah Wright (Sarah Wright Davis); 7982 AB; 
r: 118 HolbrookTr., Greenville, SC 29605, 864 235-8352; 
'DANKWORTH, Piper Anne; 7979 
DANLEY, Mrs. Carolyn J. (Carolyn J. Conley); 7946; Home- 
maker; r: 525 S. Green Bay Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045, 847 234- 
4315;Page, Philip, Cynthia 
DANN, Lynn Ellen; 7975 (See Lanham, Mrs. Lynn Ellen) 
DANN, Mrs. Mimi Semmes (Mimi Semmes); 7949 ;BA Cornell 
Univ.; Potter-Porcelain Art, Mimi Dann's Designs In Clay; 
r: 6246 Green Meadow Rd., Memphis, TN 38120, 901 685-0253; 
Alex (Dec):Mex III, Thomas, Elise, Katherine; 
DANN, Mrs. Victoria Lee (Victoria Lee Verbit); 7986; r: 8 Coffee 

Run, Wilmington, DE 19808, 410 885-2569 
'DANNE, Ms. Silvia; 7993 
'DANNER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Neill); 7929 BS 
DANZER, Alice Virginia; 7937 (See Fletcher, Mrs. Alice Virginia) 
'DANZIGER, Mrs. Emma (Emma Taber); 7927 
*DAO, Hong-Van T.; 7979 
DAOUD, Natasha Christine; 7988 ; r: 4805 Drake Rd., Cincinnati, 

OH 45243, 513 272-0243 
'DARBY, Dana; 7928 
'DARBY, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Pryor); 7927 


DARBY, Ms. Elizabeth (Lisa) Spruill (Elizabeth (Lisa) Celeste 
Spruill); 7978 BA; Social Worker, Lynchburg DepL of Social 
Svcs., 99 Ninth St., Lynchburg, VA 24505, 434 455-5622; 
r: 1423 Brookville Ln., Lynchburg, VA 24502, 434 832-0386; 
Brian T.; 

DARBY, Hallie; 7967 (See Smith, Mrs. Hallie Darby) 
'DARBY, Janana; 7942 (See Cranfield, Mrs. Janana) 

DARBY, Joan; 7946 (See West, Mrs. Joan) 

DARBY, Mrs. Josephine Harian (Josephine Harian); 7947 ; BA 
Univ. of AL, Tuscaloosa; Homemaker; r: 729 N. Wood Ave., 
Florence, AL 35630, 256 764-1956; Kenneth; Hallie Smith 

DARBY, Lucy Rutledge; 7978 (See Cole, Ms. Lucy Darby) 

DARDEN, Anne; 7980 (See Self, Mrs. Anne) 

DARDEN, Brenda; 7968 (See Kincaid, Mrs. Brenda) 
'DARDEN, Frances; 7934 (See Musick, Mrs. Frances) 

DARDEN, Geneal Leslie; 7989 AB; r; 67 Hunt Ave., Yonkers, NY 

'DARDEN, Mrs. Geraldine D. (Geraldine D. Bonkmeyer); 7937 
'DARDEN, Jessie; SPEC {See Christian, Mrs. Jessie) 

DARDEN, Mrs. Josephine W. (Josephine W. Ragland); 7974 ; 
Atty., Young, Moore & Henderson PA, POB 31627, Raleigh, NC 
27622, 919 782-6860; r; 2351 Hales Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608 
'DARDEN, Margaret M.; 7969 (See Pickall, Mrs. Margaret M.) 
'DARDEN, Martha; 7977(SeeZiesing, Mrs. Martha) 

DARDEN, Mary Landon (Mary T. Landon); 7974 ; BA Univ. of TX- 
Permian Basin, MED Baylor Univ.; Doctoral Student & Rsch. 
Asst., Baylor Univ.; r: 118N. 30th St., Waco, TX 76710,254 752- 
1468; flobert,- Dan, Rachel, Van; 

DARDEN, Melissa Hart; 7984 (See Odom, Mrs. Melissa Hart) 
'DARDEN, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Wilson); 7978 

DARLING, Mrs. Linda Ann (Linda Ann Manley); 1 985 AB; M E D 
Lynchburg CIg., AB Univ. Nevada Las Vegas; Grad. Student, 
Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Pkwy. Box 455047, 
Las Vegas, NV 89154; r: 10629TurquoiseValley Dr., Las Vegas, 
NV 89144, 702 243-0152; David; 

DARLINGTON, Ms. Ruth Allen (Ruth M. Allen); 7977 AB; Sr. 
Admin. Asst., Community Treatment Solutions, 236 W. Rte. 38, 
Ste. 120, Moorestown, NJ 08057, 856 222-9009; r: 2 Shannon 
Ct., Medford, NJ 08055, 609 654-9402; William, Alan, Frederick; 

DARNALL, Barbara; 7956 (See Clinton, Mrs. Barbara Damall) 
'DARNALL, Elizabeth A.; ACAD (See Snyder, Mrs. Elizabeth A.) 
'DARNELL, Pauline; ACAD (See Riddle, Mrs. Pauline) 

DARNEY, Ms. Page; 7998 BA; Pennsylvania State Univ.; Branch 
Admin., Ferris, Baker Watts, Inc., 3100 Market St., Camp Hill, PA 
1 701 1 , 71 7 737-4500; r; 539 Coolidge St., New Cumberiand, PA 
17070,717 774-7487; 

DARR, Mrs. Lisa Buckingham (Lisa Ann Buckingham); 7995 BS; 
MA Rice Univ.; Mgr., Accenture, 500 Woodward Ave., Ste. 2900, 
Detroit, Ml 48226, 313 887-2087; r: 9245 S. Main St., Plymouth, 
Ml 48170, 734 455-5405; Michael; 
'DARRAGH, Laura; 7925 (See McConnell, Mrs. Laura) 

DARRAH, Lisa Lynn; 7985 (See Connolly, Mrs. Lisa Lynn) 
'DARROW, Dorothy; 7929 (See Gutman, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'DARSIE, Marietta B.; 7926 AB 
'DARST, Mrs. Marguerite A. (Marguerite A. Bieber); 7976 

DASCHBACH, Mrs. Peggy J. (Peggy J. White); 7957; BA 
Newcomb CIg.; Retired; r: 5615 Warwick Dr., Jackson, MS i 
39211,601 956-2689; Pefer M; Mary Harden, Peter M. Jr.,| 
Pamela Butts, LauraRichardson; 
'DASHIELL, Margaret B.; 7949 

DASHIELL, Mrs. Rosemary A. (Rosemary Ashby); 7 946 BA; i 
r: 601 Pembroke Ave. Apt. 1103, Norfolk, VA 23507, 757 622- j 
7189; David; David, Joseph, Mary ; 

'DASOVICH, Jane Ellen; 7982 

DATILIO, Ms. S. True (S. True Dow); 7980 AB; BFA Portland 
Sch. of Art; CIg. Ofc. Asst., Phillips Exeter Acad., 20 Main St., 
Exeter, NH 03833, 603 777-3415; r: 67 Winnicut Rd., N. ' 
Hampton, NH 03862, 603 964-6083; Louis; Nicholas, William; 

DAUB, Mary Elizabeth; 7983; r: 1747 Mountain View Dr., Monro-, 
eville, PA 15146, 724 327-7468 \ 


DAUDT. Marion; 1940 {See McBride, Mrs. Marion D.) 
DAUGETTE, Mrs. Mary Reed (Mary Reed Simpson); 1955 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 1893 Rainbow Dr., Apt. 4, Gadsden, AL 35901, 
256 546-0209; Forney; Forney, William, Mary, Monna, Dorsey 
DAUGHERTY, Agnes V.; 1923 (See Pollitt, Mrs. Agnes V.) 
DAUGHERTY, Ms. Amber Nicole; 2001 ; r: 863 Park Place Dr., 

Virginia Bch., VA 23451 
DAUGHERTY, Ms. Amy Michele; ^996 BA; Dispatcher, Califor- 
nia Dept. of Forestry & Fire Protection, 231 1 N Clovis Ave., Fresno, 
CA 93726, 559 292-0364; r; POB 26472, Fresno, CA 93729, 559 

'DAUGHERTY, Julia; 1934 (See Musser, Mrs. Julia) 
DAUGHERTY, Ms. Mary S.; 1955 
DAUGHERTY, Nancy MacLeod; 1982{See Davidson, Mrs. Nancy 

'DAUGHERTY, Ruth L.; 7939 (See Brooks, Mrs. Ruth L.) 
DAUGHTRIDGE, Lee; 1964 (See Turner, Ms. Lee) 
DAUGHTRY, Mrs. Colleen Grace (Colleen Grace Losey); 1 993 
BA; MED Old Dominion Univ.; 1st Grade Tchr., Williams Elem. 
Sch., Virginia Bch., VA 23462, 757 473-5033; r: 4625 Reynolds 
Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23455, 757 460-3436; Chris; Matthew; 
DAUSMAN, Amelia Lynn; 1980 (See Schaaf, Mrs. Amelia Lynn) 
D'AUVERGNE, Patricia (Patricia Galvin); 1961 ; r: 69 Blvd. 

Lannes, 75016 Paris, France 
DAVENPORT, Mrs. Alice (Alice Edwards); ?945 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 1005 E Brow Rd., Lookout Mtn., TN 37350, 423 821- 
7573; Josep/i; Joseph III, Alice, Louise, Jeff, Margaret, Susan, 
Anita, John 
'DAVENPORT, Barbara B.; ?932(See Stromsen, Mrs. Barbara B.) 
DAVENPORT, Charlotte(Charlie) West; 1941 (See Tuttle, Mrs. 

John Tyler) 
DAVENPORT, Heather Stevens; 1987 (See McCastlain, Mrs. 

Heather Stevens) 
'DAVENPORT, Mrs. Helen H. (Helen H. Smith); ^957 AB 
DAVENPORT, Jane Rush; ?970; BA Univ. of South Carolina, 
MBA NYU; Investment Analyst, Montag & Caldwell, 3455 
Peachtree Rd. NE, Ste. 1200, Atlanta, GA 30328, 404 836-7127; 
r: 1 Muscogee Way, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 233-1569; 
'DAVENPORT, Martha; 1918 (See Kennedy, Mrs. Martha) 
'DAVENPORT, Shirley; 1955 (See Keady, Mrs. Shirley) 
DAVENPORT, Stuart; 1970 (See Simrill, Mrs. Stuart) 
DAVENPORT, Mrs. Susan (Susan Gibson); 1 938 ■,BFk William 
& Mary Univ. Ext.; Retired Tchr., St. Francis Day Sch.; r: 8008 
Rose Island Rd., Prospect, KY 40059, 502 228-1436; Stephen; 
Stephen, Churchill, Susan, John, Robert 
'DAVENPORT, Ms. Tenley Corday; 2002 
DAVEY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ripley); ?947AB; Home- 
maker; r: Twin Lakes, 7335 Sylvan Dr., Kent, OH 44240, 330673- 
8720; Paul; Elizabeth, Ellen, Anne 
DAVEY, Mrs. Kathehne Robison (Katherine Holt Robison); 1983 
AB; MLS UNC at Greensboro; Fine Artist/Private Art Tchr.; 
r: 1317 N. Decatur Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, 404 687-0268; 
Andrew; Laura, Elizabeth, Marshall; 
DAVID, Mrs. Sally (Sally Lerner); ?943 AB; r: 6 Culoeu Ct., Nan- 
tucket, MA 02554, 508 825-8997; Alan 
'DAVIDSON, Mrs. Alice (Alice Barber); ?930 AB 
DAVIDSON, Alice; 1970 (See George, Mrs. Alice) 
'DAVIDSON, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Gwathmey); ACAD 
DAVIDSON, Ms. Christine Marie; ?992; r: POB 727, Loganville, 

GA 30052 
DAVIDSON, Dorothy; 7929 (See Renfro, Mrs. Dorothy) 
DAVIDSON, Gail; ?955(See Bazzarre, Mrs. Gail Emily) 
'DAVIDSON, Mrs. Helen (Helen Fossum); 1922 
'DAVIDSON, Mrs. Jette (Jette Baker); 1930 
DAVIDSON, Mrs. Joan (Joan Black); J958 ; BA Ohio Wesleyan; 
Retired; r: 2903 Via Pacheco, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274, 
310 377-01 16; Keith; Dianne, Cynthia, Suzanne; 
DAVIDSON, Judith; 1941 (See Walker, Mrs. Judith) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


DAVIDSON, Ms. Lisanne Purvis (Lisanne Moore Purvis); 1978 ; 
MFA NYU, JD Univ. of Utah; Gen. Counsel, TexasBank, 2525 
Ridgmar Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX 76121 ; r; 4825 Lafayette Ave., Ft. 
Worth, TX 76107; Douglas; Donald, James; 
DAVIDSON, Margery; 1951 (See Rucker, Margery D.) 
'DAVIDSON, Ms. Marion; 1965 
"DAVIDSON, Mary; ACAD (See Kern, Mrs. Mary) 
DAVIDSON, Melissa Cecilia; J989;r;POB 126, Sewickley, PA 

DAVIDSON, Mrs. Nancy MacLeod (Nancy MacLeod Daugherty); 
?982 BA; Homemaker; r: 5215 Marvell Ln.. Fairfax, VA 22032, 
703 323-8169; Michael; Meredith, Kathehne, Lydia; 
DAVIDSON, Ms. Nancy Reynolds (Nancy Sorg Reynolds); 1979 
AB; Homemaker; r; 3 A Morgan Ave., Greenwich, CT 06831 , 203 
531-8570;Chris, Peter, All 
"DAVIDSON, Nellie; ACAD {See Thomas, Mrs. Nellie) 
"DAVIDSON, Serena B.; 7929 (See BIythe, Mrs. Serena B.) 
'DAVIE, Lauhe Michele; 1984 
"DAVIER, Mrs. Amelia (Amelia Woodward); 7929 AB 
DAVIES, Amy; 7934 (See Yingling, Mrs. Amy) 
DAVIES, Anna Catherine; 7939 (See Volwiler, Mrs. Anna (A.C.) 
"DAVIES, Blanche; 7933 (See Barloon, Mrs. Blanche) 
DAVIES, Daria; 1980 {See Maranto, Ms. Daria) 
'DAVIES, Davina Rebecca; 7978 

DAVIES, Mrs. Garland; 7950 AB; MA Georgia State Univ.; 
Retired Univ. Prof,, Georgia State Univ., University PIz., Atlanta, 
GA 30303; r: 1 Overlook Dr., Westeriy, Rl 02891 , 401 348-0449; 
Nicholas (Dec) 
"DAVIES, Margaret; ACAD {See McMillin, Mrs. Margaret) 
DAVIES, Mrs. Mary F. (Mary E. Fantone); 7974 BA; Univ. of 
Colorado; r: 1312 Alanton Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757 481- 
2873; John Jr.; Kelly, Paige 
DAVIES, Merrilee Jane; 7993 (See Wroten, Merrilee J.) 
DAVIES, Mrs. Nancy J. (Nancy J. Frantz); 7949; BA Univ. of 
Oklahoma; Retired Cnsltg.; r: 2802 Meadowlark, Enid, OK 
73703, 580 234-1864; Fran/(,- Frank L. Ill, D. Frantz, Joann 
"DAVIES, Ruth; 7933 (See Young, Mrs. Ruth) 
DAVIES, Mrs. Susan M. (Susan M. Bell); 7967 ; MA St. Andrews 
Univ., MED Cardiff Univ.; Tchr. of Deaf Retired; r: 12 Winnipeg 
Dr. Lakeside, Cardiff Wales CF236ET, England; Sian, Bethan, 
Pedr, Gareth 
"DAVIES, Virginia; 7927 (See Nettles, Mrs. Virginia) 

DAVIN, Patricia Ruth; 7949 (See Robinson, Mrs. Alexander C.) 
"DAVIS, Mrs. Alice (Alice Joseph); 7947AB 
DAVIS, Ms. Allison LuAnn; 2000 BA; MA American Univ.; 
Volunteer/Governance Area; r: Corpo De Paz, Caixa Postal 310, 
Dili Via Darwin East Timor, Australia; 
DAVIS, Amanda Racine; 2002 BA; Domestic Violence Legal 
Advocate, Weave, 916 31 9-4943; r: 1 1 3 Hazelmere Dr., Folsom, 
CA 95630, 916 201-0384; 
DAVIS, Dr. Amy M.; 7994 BA; PhD Univ. CIg. London, MA Univ. 
CIg. London; Lecturer, Ulster Univ. Coleraine, Dept. of Media 
Studies, Cromore Rd., Londonderry BT52 1SA, Northern Ireland, 
02870324027; r: 46 Nursery Ave.. Coleraine, Londonderry BT52 
1LP, Northern Ireland; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Ann (Ann Parsons); 7945; r: 422 Sprite Rd., 

Number 5, Louisville, KY 40207, 502 896-0913 
DAVIS, Anne Arieigh; 7997 (See Cobbs, Mrs. Anne Arleigh) 
"DAVIS, Mrs. Anne Erwin (Anne Enwin Alderman); 7954 

DAVIS, Anne (Peaches) G.; 7954 (See Roane, Mrs. Anne D.) 
"DAVIS, Annette; ACAD (See Wise, Mrs. Annette) 
DAVIS, Ms. Aubrie Lynn; 2007 BA; MA Trinity CIg.; Primary Mon- 
tessori Directress, The Jefferson Sch., 8507 Emory Grove Rd., 
Gaithersburg, MD 20877, 301 840-8448; r: 3611 Hill St., Fairfax, 
VA 22030; 

DAVIS, Mrs. Azalea Renata (Azalea Renata Leckszas); 7 985 
BA; Homemaker; r:2006 Huntwood Dr., Gambrills, MD 21054, 
410 721-4772; William; James, Andrew; 
"DAVIS, Mrs. BartDara (Barbara Kirch); 7937 




DAVIS, Barbara Jo; 1971 (See Godbout, Mrs. Barbara Jo) 
DAVIS, Beth Merrill; 1993 BA; Actress/lndep./Stand Up Comedy; 
r: 570N Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004, 323461-3000; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Betty Rae (Betty Rae Sivalls); 1958 ; BA Univ. of 
Texas; r: 2202 Seaboard, Midland, TX 79705, 915 683-4485; 

DAVIS, Carol; 1962 {See Wells, Mrs. Carol D.) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Carol Dean (Carol Dean Spratlin); 1966; Rea\ 
Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker, 3490 Piedmont Rd. NW, Ste, 
110, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 262-1234; r: 3778 Paces Ferry W., 
Atlanta, GA 30339, 404 432-3383 
'DAVIS, Carolyn; 1951 (See Locke, Mrs. Carolyn) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Carolyn F. (Carolyn F. Foster); 1975 Bk, El em. 
Tchr.- 1st Grade, Amelon Elem. Sch., 132 AmerCt., Madison Hts., 
VA 24572, 434 929-3425; r: 2279 Elon Rd„ Madison Hts., VA 
24572, 434 386-4365; Samuel; Catherine; 
DAVIS, Gary M.; 1973 (See King, Mrs. Gary M.) 
DAVIS, Christine Lucille; 1977 (See Boulware, Mrs. Christine 

DAVIS, Cynthia E.; 1971 (See Rackley, Mrs. Cynthia E.) 
DAVIS, Danielle; 1986 ; r: c/o Weer, 9685 Rod Rd, Alpharetta, GA 

DAVIS, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Wood); 1942 AB; Retired 
Realtor; r: 13 Concord Ct., Red Bank, NJ 07701, 732 741-9215; 
Deborah, Sarah, Nina, Caroline, Phoebe 
DAVIS, Debra Ann; 1984 ; r: 5 Lana Ln., Houston, TX 77027, 713 

DAVIS, Diana; 1964 ; BA George Washington Univ.; Artist/ 
Equestrian, Self-employed; r: 10260 E. Rio Vista PL, Tucson, AZ 
85749, 520 749-0884; Jamie Moore 
DAVIS, Ms. Donna Marie; ?985 ; Product Sales Rep., Oracle 

Corp.; r: 600 Portland Dr., Downingtown, PA 19335 
DAVIS, Doreen; y949 (See Gove, Mrs. Doreen) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Hamilton); 1926 AB 
*DAVIS, Dorothy J.; 1928 (See Hollis, Mrs. Dorothy J.) 
DAVIS, Dorothy Legare; 1989 (See Davis Vest, Mrs. Dorothy 

DAVIS, Drusilla J.; 1986 (See Fadus, Ms. Drusilla D.) 
DAVIS, Elaine Elizabeth; 1947(See Blackford, Mrs. Elaine Davis) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Layfield); 1932 
'DAVIS, Eleanor R.; 1951 (See Boardman, Mrs. Eleanor R.) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Massie); 1924 
'DAVIS, Elizabeth G.; 1960 [See Douglas, Mrs. Elizabeth G.) 
DAVIS, Elizabeth Jane; /975(See Myers, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane) 
DAVIS, Ms. Elizabeth Roberts (Elizabeth Roberts Benziger); 
1979;r. 575 Shady Rill Rd,Montpelier,VT 05602, 802 229-01 15 
'DAVIS, Eloise N.; 1943 

'DAVIS, Emma; 1922 (See Kuykendall, Mrs. Emma) 
DAVIS, Erin Dorinda; 1982 (See Trick, Erin Dorinda) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Faith (Faith Mengel); 1922 
'DAVIS, Fannie G.; )9?8(See Harris, Mrs. Fannie G.) 
DAVIS, Frances Anne; 1992 (See Goddart, Mrs. Frances Anne) 
DAVIS, Ms. Frances Cripin; 1998; r: 3523 Blue Creek Rd., Lyn- 

nville, TN 38472, 931 527-9987 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Grace (Grace Talmadge); ACAD 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Gurley; 1937 AB 
'DAVIS, Hannah L.; 1983 (See Emig, Mrs. Hannah L.) 
'DAVIS, Helen; 1967 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Helen (Helen Bane); 1925 
DAVIS, Mrs. Helen (Helen Whittemore); 1922 ; r: 1 41 3 Gratiot 

Ave., Saginaw, Ml 48602 
'DAVIS, Helen; 1928 (See Mcllrath, Mrs. Helen) 
'DAVIS, Helen; 1931 (See Watson, Mrs. Helen) 
'DAVIS, Helen; )945 (See Wohlers, Mrs. Helen) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Holly A. (Holly Chaikowski); 1961 AB; Homemaker; 
r; 21 Walden Rd., Lebanon, PA 17042, 717 273-7219; Richard 
(Dec): Hilary, Kendra 
DAVIS, Ms. Hunter; ?97SAB; Staff Songwriter Writer, Deston 
Songs; r: POB 121821, Nashville, TN 37212, 615 661-4057; 
'DAVIS, Jane E.; 1969 (See St. Jean, Mrs. Jane E.) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Janet (Janet Houstoun); 1 942 AB 
DAVIS, Mrs. Jean (Jean McLean); 1950 ; r: Oak Hill Farm, 1392 

Lexington Rd., Harrodsburg, KY 40330, 859 734-4017 
DAVIS, Jeannine Elise; 7980 (See Harris, Mrs. Jeannine Davis) 


'DAVIS, Jessie; 7935 (See Hall, Mrs. Jessie) 
DAVIS, Joan C; 1951 (See Warren, Mrs. Joan D.) 
DAVIS, Josephine Camp; 1985 (See Lee, Mrs. Josephine Camp) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Judy (Judith Rohrer); 1961 AB; MS Duquesne Univ. 

Pittsburgh PA; Licensed Profn. Couns., Self-Employed; r: 901 5 

Carrington Ridge Dr., Raleigh, NC 27615, 919 844-5922; Rick, 

Brooks, Tim; 

DAVIS, Mrs. Julia Brooke (Julia Bryan Brooke); 1981 AB; J D 

Univ. of Virginia; Special Counsel, Foley & Lardner, 200 Laura 

St., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 359-8738; r: 471 5 Algonquin 

Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904 388-2465; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Juliet (Juliet Halliburton); )935 BA; Retired Chmn. of 

Bd./Secy., Bessemer Improvement Co.; r: 4100 Well Spring Dr. 

No 2305, Greensboro, NC 27410, 336 282-8179; Timothy, 

DAVIS, Mrs. June (June Metzger); 1969 ; r: 755 Springlake Ln. 

NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404 355-2533 
'DAVIS, Katherine; 1921 (See Baynum, Mrs. Katherine) 
DAVIS, Kathleen Morgan; )992 (See Willis, Mrs. Kathleen Davis) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Kathryn G. (Kathryn G. Longwell); 1923 
'DAVIS, Ms. Kerri Lashawn; 1996BA 
DAVIS, Mrs. Kimberty Ann (Kimberiy Ann Wosicki); )989 AB; J D 

Catholic Univ. of America; Corporate Counsel, Amgen Inc., 1 

Amgen Center Dr., Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, 805 447-1000; 

r: 5580 Via Mira Flores, Newbury Park, CA 91 320, 805 499-8958; 

Micliael; Ashley Nicole 
DAVIS, Kimberiy Cole; 1986 (See Badder, Mrs. Kimberiy Cole) 
'DAVIS, Lana Carol; 2003 

DAVIS, Laura Ruth; 1992 (See Fiochetta, Mrs. Laura Ruth) 
DAVIS, Leslie Hunting; 1962 (See Paxton, Mrs. Leslie) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Lisa Diane (Lisa Diane Heisterkamp); 1980 ; BA 

Hampshire Clg.; Cnslt. Human Resources; r: 54 Academy St., 

Ariington, MA 02476, 781 643-6387; Joshua; Augusta, Dashiell; 

DAVIS, Ms. Lore Christine; J993 BS; Branch Mgr., Virginia Credit! 

Union Inc., POB 90010, Richmond, VA 23225, 804 323-6000^ 

r: 4130 E Wood Harbor Ct. Apt. 10, Richmond, VA 23231, 804 


b: , 

'DAVIS, Louise; ACAD 

'DAVIS, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Fishburne); 1930 - 

'DAVIS, Mackie A.; ACAD (See Braffetts, Mrs. Mackie A.) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Royal!); 7940 AB j 

'DAVIS, Margaret; 1916 (See Milliken, Mrs. Margaret) ' 

'DAVIS, Mrs. Margaret E. (Margaret E. Linebaugh); 1934 1 

DAVIS, Margaret Elizabeth; 2000 BA; Prog. Coord., Student 

Support Svcs., Johnston Community Clg., 245 College Rd., POb! 

2350, Smithfield, NC 27577, 919 209-2511; r: 35 Cheltenham 

Dr., Clayton, NC 27520, 919 359-0872; 

'DAVIS, Mrs. Margaretha (Margaretha Minder); 1937 AB j 

DAVIS, Mrs. Marjorie T. (Marjorie Thaden); 1938 ; Retired Exec, 

Secy ./Real Estate Broker, Time Inc., New York, NY; r: 1 1 1 5 

Meadow Rdg, Redding, CT 06896, 203 544-1062; Suzanne, 

Linda Nexon, Ann D. Wheeler; 
'DAVIS, Marriee; 1973 (See Simmons, Mrs. Marriee) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Martha (Martha Walcott); 1934 
DAVIS, Martha; 1948 (See Barnes, Mrs. Martha) 
'DAVIS, Mary E.; ACAD (See Batchelder, Mrs. Mary E.) 
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth; 7980 (See Ellison, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
DAVIS, Mary Ellen; 1950 (See Gettel, Mrs. Mary Ellen) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Mary G. (Mary G. Pennypacker); 7976 AB 
DAVIS, Mrs. Mary K. (Mary K. Boyd); 7959 AB; Catholic Univ.; 

Retired Librarian; r: 120 Water Oak, Ponte VedraBch., FL 32082 

904 285-7118; /n//n 
DAVIS, Mary Kennedy; 7987 (See Garone, Mrs. Mary Kennedy) 
DAVIS, Mary Margaret; 7969 (See Molander, Mrs. Mary Margaret) 
'DAVIS, Mrs. Mary Sue (Mary Sue Kilham); 7940 
DAVIS, Mrs. Mary Virginia (Mary Virginia Reynolds); 7984 AB; 

r: 1035 Meander Ln., Spartanburg, SC 29302, 864 583-5256 

Jeffrey, Carter 
DAVIS, Meredith Lee; 7999 (See Mulhern, Mrs. Meredith Davis) 
DAVIS, Nancy; 7942 (See Reynolds, Mrs. Nancy) 
DAVIS, Norma; 7956 (See Owen, Mrs. Norma D.) 
'DAVIS, Olivia; 7940 (See Brown, Mrs. Olivia) 



DAVIS, Oma; ACAD (See Harrold, Mrs. Oma) 
DAVIS, Ora; 7935 (See Fishburne, Mrs. Ora) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Pamela Elizabeth (Pamela Elizabeth Wood); 1981 ; 

Sales Software Cnslt., Integrated Documented Tech, 963 

Hawthorn Dr., Itasca, IL 60143, 630 875-1 100; r: 6 Bradford Ln., 

OakBrook, 1160523,630 308-0160; G/enn,' Christopher, 

DAVIS, Patricia A.; 1959 (See Sutker, Mrs. Patricia A.) 
DAVIS, Patricia F.; 7967 (See Whitehurst, Mrs. Patricia F.) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Ray E. (Mary) (Mary Hitchcock); 1954 ; Retired; 

r: 551 Manchester Rd.-Box 163, E. Glastonbury, CT 06025, 860 

633-5180; flay,- 
DAVIS, Mrs. Robin (Robin Swaim); 1963 
DAVIS, Mrs. Rosemarie (Rosemarie Hermann); 1984 BA; MDiv 

Trinity Evangelical Divinity; r: 3508 18th St. S, Fargo, ND 58104, 

701 298-7761; George,' Paul, John, Mark; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Kaufmann); 1935 
DAVIS, Sara; 1948 (See Spencer, Mrs. Sara D.) 
DAVIS, Sarah Wright; 7982 (See Daniels. Mrs. Sarah Wright) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Shirley (Shirley McCallum); 7958 BA 
DAVIS, Mrs. Stephanie P. (Stephanie Pearson); 1995, 2000 BA; 

BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Elem. Tchr., Trinity Christian Sch., Sharps- 
burg, GA 30277; r: 76 College St., Newnan, GA 30263; Robert; 

Page, Zack; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Sue (Sue Bumett); 7932 AB 
DAVIS, Susan; 7958 (See Briggs, Mrs. Susan) 
DAVIS, Mrs. Sylvia (Sylvia Saunders); 7948 BA; r: 1 00 Christ- 
wood Blvd., Apt. 246, Covington, i-A 70433, 985 809-7279; 

William; Cary, Duncan, Eugene; 
DAVIS, Mrs. Terry Lynn (Terry Lynn Cerrina); 1986AB; MA 

George Washington Univ.; Financial Proj. Mgmt./Homemaker; 

r: 81 Third St., Park Ridge, NJ 07656, 201 505-9447; Terry; 


DAVIS, Mrs. Vida M. (Vida M. Bryan); 7987 
DAVIS, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Franke); 7927 
DAVIS, Mrs. Virginia C. (Virginia Cummings); 7942 AB; Retired; 

r: 1 1 Malvern Ave., No. 3, Richmond, VA 23221 , 804 355-1 545; 

DAVIS, Mrs. Virginia (Si) B. (Virginia (Si) C. Bristow); 7 93 7 ; 

Franklin HS; Retired Ins. Agcy.; r; 131 Dale Cir., Franklin, VA 

23851, 757 562-3316; LeefDecj,' Virginia, Margaret 
DAVIS, Mrs. Winifred (Winifred Storey); 7967 BA; MBA Georgia 

State Univ.; Retired Entrepreneur; r: 2500 Peachtree Rd, Apt. 

409, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 233-4020; Tread; Gordon, Freder- 
ick, Frank; 
DAVIS, Yolanda Lynn; 7996 (See Saunders, Mrs. Yolanda Lynn) 
DAVISON, Mrs. Clare (Clare Loyd); 7966AB;Tchr., Anne 

Arundel Community CIg.; r: 513 Birch Dr., Annapolis, MD21403, 

410 267-6445; James; 
'DAVISON, Deborah E.; 7978 (See Weidner, Mrs. Deborah E.) 
:DAVISON, Margaret Ann; 7954 (See Block, Mrs. Margaret Ann) 
DAVISON, Mrs. Marion B. (Marion B. Holmes); 7950 AB 
DAVISON, Melissa Ann; 7986 AB; r; 16 Spring Ridge Ln., Hend- 

ersonville, NC 28739, 828 697-9043 
DAVISSON, Flora; /\C/^D (See Ward, Mrs. Flora) 
DAVIS VEST, Mrs. Dorothy Legare (Dorothy Legare Davis); 
; 7989 BA; Chemistry Tchr., Harpeth Hall Sch., 3801 Hobbs Rd., 
1 Nashville, TN 37205, 615 298-8184; r: 401 1 Dorcas Dr., Nash- 
I ville, TN 37215, 615 297-6684; Franl< Vest; Frank, Alec, James; 
DAVY, Mrs, Anna Gilbert (Anna Gilbert); 7932 BS; Homemaker; 

r: 8545 Carmel Valley Rd., Carmel, CA 93923, 831 625-9645; 
I Hugh; Elizabeth, Hugh 
IDAWE, Mrs. Susan (Susan Bullock); 7968 
IdaWEDEIT, Nora S.; 7973 (See Sage, Ms. Nora S.) 
! DAWES, Bemadette Marie; 7988 2000 BA 
JDAWKINS, Mrs. Betsy Lee (Betsy Lee Lefkovits); 7 989 AB; 
' Student-Interior Design, VA CIg.; r: 371 1 Old Leeds Rd, Birming- 
[j ham, AL 35213, 205 879-4697 

i "Address Unknown "Deceased 

DAWLEY, Diane Eleanor; 7983 (See Clem, Mrs. Diane Eleanor) 
DAWSON, Mrs. Angela Marie (Angela Marie Withers); 2002 BA; 

Secy ./Bookkeeper, Earl W. Withers, Inc., 181 Luttrellville Rd, 

Callao, VA 22435, 804 529-6006; r: 2198 Coan Church Rd, 

Heathsville, VA 22473, 804 580-9016; Jason; 

"DAWSON, Ann; 7940 (See Highsmith, Mrs. Ann) 
DAWSON, Ann Michelle; 7994 (See Cash, Mrs. Ann Michelle) 
DAWSON, Ms. Bonnie Jean; 7997 BA; Investor, Emmanuel T&T 

Inc., 276 Lavender Ln., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-7789; 

r: same; Gordon; Heather, Jenny, Venessa, Keith, Laura, Leela; 
DAWSON, Deanne Mary; 7986(See James, Mrs. Deanne Dawson) 
"DAWSON, Elizabeth; 7933 (See Birch, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
DAWSON, Jane Tarres; 7953 (See Mudwilder, Mrs. Jane) 
DAWSON. Mrs. Lori (Lori Jons); 7987 ; BA Univ. of Texas, BBA 

Univ. of Texas; Owner, L&J Custom Interior Design, POB 1 1065, 

Midland, TX 79702; r; 1608 Country Club Dr., Midland,TX 79701, 

915 570-0001; Joe,- 
DAWSON, Margaret; 7947 (See Hellyer, Mrs. Margaret) 
"DAWSON, Mrs. Mary Bruce (Mary Bruce Dailey); 7930 
'DAWSON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Waer); 7939 
DAY, Anne; 7964 (See Herrmann, Anne Day) 
DAY, Ms. Barbara P.; 7954 ; r: 752 Roland Ave., Bel Air, MD 

DAY. Mrs. Cindy C. (Cynthia Anne Campbell); 7986; BS ODU; 

Owner, Classic Events, LLC, POB 1 1 75, Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 

757 422-4688; r: 405 25th St., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 , 757 437- 

DAY, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Falkner); 7947 ; r: 16 Home Farm Ct. 

Frant, Tunbridge Wells. Kent TN3 9DQ. England 
DAY. Ms. Deyon Denise; 2000 ; r: 5809 Padre Roberto Rd. NW, 

Albuquerque, NM 87107. 505 345-1018 
"DAY, Dorothy; 7978 (See Engstrom, Mrs. Dorothy) 
DAY, Elizabeth Lawrence; 7978 (See Dalrymple, Mrs. Elizabeth 

DAY, Elsie; 7939 (See Mack, Mrs. Elsie) 
"DAY. Eula; 7922 (See Powers, Mrs. Eula) 
DAY. Evelyn; 7966 (See Butler. Mrs. Evelyn) 
DAY, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Halsey); 7928 ; Retired; r: 431 

Jarmany Hill Rd., Sharon, NH 03458, 603 924-7366 
DAY, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Steiner); 7935; r: 270 Blackmer, St. 

Louis, MO 631 19, 314 962-2911 
"DAY, Louise; 7948 (See McWhorter, Mrs. Louise) 
"DAY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Dunglinson); 7935 AB 
DAY, Nancy; 7950 (See McCammond. Mrs. Nancy D.) 
DAY. Susan; 7958 (See Dean. Mrs. Susan) 
DAY, Ms. Tara Marie; 7998 BA; Administrative Asst.. Arent Fox 

Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, PLLC. 1050 Connecticut Ave., NW. 

Washington, DC 20036, 202 715-8403; r: 6 E. Nelson Ave. Apt. 

106, Alexandria, VA 22301. 703 519-0037; 

DAYTON. Mrs. Hilarie Susan (Hilarie Susan Wakefield); 7 995 ; 

Designer. Hilarie Wakefield Dayton, Norfolk, VA 23517; r: 31 7 

Shirley Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517, 757 627-9316; David; 

hilariewakef ielddayton @ 
*DAYTON, Jennifer Diane; 7985 

"DAZENBACKER, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Campbell); ACAD 
*DE. Ms. Piyali; 7994 
DEACON. Mrs. Apnile Hite (Aprille Gray Hite); 7964 AB; It Cnslt.. 

Barclay's Bank. England; r: Boosley Grange, Newtown. Longnor, 

Buxton. Derbyshire SK17 OND, England, 0129883446; 
"DEAL. Mrs. Mary (Mary McCaa); 7979 
•DEAL, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Ferguson): 7938 
DEAL, Susan Hope; 7990 (See News, Mrs. Susan Hope) 
*DE ALBA, Kathy Ann; 7978 (See Renyer, Mrs. Kathy Ann) 
•DEALY, Katharine; 7977 
"DEALY, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Wensley); 7920 
DEAN, Mrs. Chnstine W. (Christine A. Witcover); 7968 AB; J D 

Duke Univ.; Asst. US Atty., US Attorney's Ofc./Eastem Dist. NC. 

31 New Bem Ave. Ste. 800, Raleigh, NC 27601 , 91 9 856-4500; 

r; 8317 Smith Rd., Apex, NC 27539, 919 362-0009; Joseph W.; 

Joseph J., Kathehne B. 
DEAN, Elizabeth Kelly; 7987 (See Laster, Mrs. Kelly Dean) 




DEAN, Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson (Elizabetli Lindsey Robinson); 

799? BA; IVIS West Virginia Univ.; Tchr., IVIountain Brook Sclis., 

3020 Cambridge Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223, 205 871-8191; 

r: 3600 Bell Mead Way, Mountain Brook, AL 35223, 205 968- 

0226; Todd: Tanner, Alex Ann; 
*DEAN, Frances A.; ACAD (See Payne, Mrs. Frances A.) 
DEAN, Mrs. Gillian Carol (Gillian Carol Dennison); 1963 ; 

r: Broughton PI. No 2R, Edinburgh EH1-3RL, England 
DEAN, Ms. Joan (Joan D.MacCoy); 7953; BA Univ. of NC 

Chapel Hill; Retired Legal Secy.; r: 12 Crowell PL, Maplewood, 

NJ 07040, 973 762-0396; James Woolley: Jacqueline D., Lisa F. 

Cinotti, Suzanne H.; 

r: j3500catdean§ 
DEAN, Ms. Laura Leigh; 7988 AB; Printing Asst. /Typesetter, 

Radford Univ., Phnting Sen/ices, Box 6884, Radford, VA 24141, 

540 831 -5046; r: 604 4th Ave., Radford, VA 24141 ; 
DEAN, Marion; 7968 (See Gallagher, Mrs. Marion) 
DEAN, Marion Alice; 7963 (See Hall, Mrs. Marion Dean) 
'DEAN, Ms. Patricia Jean; 7976 BA 
DEAN. Sarah A.; 1966 (See McGill, Mrs. Sarah A.) 
DEAN, Ms. Sarah Emery; 7999BA;MFA George Mason Univ.; 

English Tchr.; r: 4515 Willard Ave. Apt. 2305, Chevy Chase, MD 

20815,301 537-9972; 
DEAN, Mrs. Susan (Susan Day); 7958 AB; MLS Columbia Univ 

Sch. of Lib Sci., PhD Bryn Mawr CIg.; Prof. Emerita of Am. Liter- 
ature, Bryn Mawr CIg.; r: 2712 N Cedar St., Tacoma, WA 98407, 

253 761-5901; Margaret, Frank; 
DEAN, Mrs. Toni Gale (Toni Gale Duffield); 7988 AB; 4th Grade 

Tchr., Amherst Co. Sch. Bd., Main St., Amherst, VA 24521; 

r: 144 Fox-Croft Dr., Monroe, VA 24574, 434 929-6314 
DEAN, Wanda; 7996 (See Brockman, Mrs. Wanda Dean) 
DEANER, Mrs. Suzanne Woolsey (Suzanne Campbell Woolsey); 

7969 ; Retired; r: 1749 Founders Hill S, Williamsburg, VA 23185; 

William: Scott, Jason; 
DE ANGELIS, Amy; 2007, 2000 BA; r: 707 Albany Post Rd, New 

Paltz, NY 12561, 845 255-2910 
DEANS, Mrs. Janet Myers (Janet Whitney Myers); 7 977 A B ; 

Assoc. Broker, Daniel Gale Assocs. Inc., 6300 Northern Blvd., E. 

Nonwich, NY 11732, 516 922-9155; r: 1155 Pine Valley Rd., 

Oyster Bay, NY 1 1 771 , 51 6 484-51 96; Robert: Caroline, Robert 

DEARBORN, Anne Gayle; 7967 (See Vance, Mrs. Gayle 

DEARBORN, Joan Ruth; 7979(See Choremi, Mrs. Joan Dearbom) 
'DEARBORN, Nell; ACAD {See Reed, Mrs. Nell) 
DEARIE, Mrs. Direxa(Direxa Dick); 7967 AB; Tchr., St. David's, 

212 369-0058; r: 17 E. 89th St., New York, NY 10128, 212 369- 

5723; C/ir/s/opf7er,- Chhstopher Jr., Direxa, Honora, William, 


DEARLOVE, Mrs. Laurie Epstein (Laurie Gale Epstein); 7974 

BA; Pres., Grayslake Gelatin Co., POB248, Grayslake, IL 60030, 

847 548-6792; r: 831 S. Hunter Ln., Lake Forest, IL 60045, 847 

234-9230; Jo/in; Jennifer, Jessica, Brady, John Jr.; 
DEARMAN, Ms. Marlena Simone; 7999 BA; Preschool Tchr., 

Chesterbrook Acad.; r: 1 1439 Stone Mill Ct., Oakton, VA 22124, 

703 476-6044 
DEARMAS, Michele; 7992 (See Quartochi, Mrs. Michele) 
DEARMONT, Julia; 7937 (See Fisher, Mrs. Julia) 
'DEARSTYNE. Anne; 7939 (See Cornwell, Mrs. Anne) 
'DEARSTYNE, Cherry; 7942 (See Whiteside, Mrs. Cherry) 
*DEAS, Mrs. Marguerite A. (Marguerite A. Sinkler); ACAD 
'DEAS, Mariquita Dorande; 7979 
'DEAS, Mrs. Susanne (Susanne Hogue); 7942 
DEASY. Susan; 7964 (See Maguire, Mrs. Susan) 
DEATON, Mrs. Ruth Frye (Ruth Frye); 7954 BA; Homemaker; 

r: 910 18th Ave. Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601, 828 327-4797; 

Hugo: David, Sarah, Barbara, Elizabeth; 



DE BARY, Mrs. Patricia M. (Patricia E. Murrill); 7940; Ret.; 
r: One Sutton PI. S., New York, NY 10022, 212 752-4046; Mar- 
quette: Tracy Gary, Jerome Gary , 
DEBECK, Mrs. Laurinda (Lauhnda King); 1963 AB; r: 61 
Woodland Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408, 336 273-3375 
"DE BERGH, Mrs. Joyce (Joyce Raley); 7948 
DEBEVOISE, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth MacFarlane); 7939; Retired; 
r:1204 Colonial PI., Sewickley, PA 15143, 412 741-7494; 
Thomas (Dec): Nancy, Barbara 
DEBICKI, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Mary Conway); 7957; r: 1 445 

Applegate Ct., Lawrence, KS 66049, 785 842-3545 ! 

DEBLOIS, Donna M.; 7972 (See Kudra, Mrs. Donna M.) | 

DE BORDENAVE, Mrs. Constance (Constance Williams); 1968 \ 
AB; Artist, Ishmael's Art, 1 09 N. Morris St., Richmond, VA 23220; 
r: 109 N Morris St., Richmond, VA 23220, 804 359-41 18; Tad; 
Channing, Maria, Eve; 
stancey @ 
*DE BOYSSON, Roselyne; 7972 
DE BRACONIER, Francoise (Francoise Happe); 7957 ; r: Ave. { 

Chateau De Walzin 7, Bruxelles 1 180, Belgium 
*DE BRUYN, Mrs, Alexandra N. (Alexandra N. Weyant); 1970 
'*DE BUTTS, Frances V.; 7945 (See Page, Mrs. Frances V.) 
DE BUTTS, Jane Sprague; 7976(See Kates, Mrs. Jane Sprague) 
DEBUTTS, Mrs. Polly (Polly Plumb); 7952 AB; MED George 
Mason Univ.; Licensed Profn. Tour Guide; r: 1403 Foxhall Rd., 
NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202 338-3012; John Spaulding: 
"DEBUYS, Laurie Preston; 7964(SeePannell, Mrs. Laurie Preston) 
'DEBUYS, Mrs. Margaret Mabry (Margaret Mabry Chambliss); ; 

DEBUYS, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Hemphill); 7947 BA; Gardening, Golf, j 
Active in Church, Homemaker; r: 75 Cross Creek Dr. E, Birming- ! 
ham, AL 35213, 205 871-7646; John; John, Thomas, Forrest III, 
Holly, Billy, Madeline, Forrester IV, Isabel; | 

DEBUYS, Ms. Virginias.; 7964 BA;Sr. Technical Writer, 
Financial Technologies Intl., 22 Cortlandt St., New York, NY, 212 
798-7306; r: HI 6 Shirley Ln., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, 609 896- 
DECAMP, Ms. Diane P. (Diane P. Johnson); 7955 BA; Retired/ 
Homemaker; r: 1 Stoney Creek, Terrace Park, OH 45174, 513 
831-0644; James 
DECAMP, Mrs. Emily Kitchel (Emily (Mimi) Duncan Kitchel); 
7983 BA; Realtor, French Christiansen Patterson & Assoc, 4535 
Harding Rd., Ste. 110, Nashville, TN 37205, 615 297-8744; 
r:503 Park Hill Dr., Nashville, TN 37205, 615 356-9646; 
lA/;///am; William (Will), Robert (Rob); 
DECAMP, Stephanie; 7964 (See Saunders, Mrs. Stephanie) 
'DECHAMBRUN, Josalee (Josalee Douglas); 7967 
DECKER, Mrs. Ellie B. (Ellie B. Spivey); 7967 AB; Owner Mgr. of 
Horse Farm, Harts Field Farms; r: 3226 W. Denney's Rd., Dover, 
DE 1 9904, 302 736-01 19; Henry: H.J., Stephanie, John, Ferrell; 
DECKER, Kate Delano-Condax (Kate Delano-Condax); 7968 ; 
Univ. of Pennsylvannia; Non-fiction Author, See Whos Who In 
America for Complete Biography; r: 314 E. Central Ave., Moore- 
stown, NJ 08057, 856 231-1245; Arnold 
'DECKER, Mrs. Kathehne H. (Katherine H. Kindred); 7956 
DECKER, Marsha Lynne; 7975 (See Powers, Mrs. Marsha Decker) 
'DECKER, Mary A.; 7942 

'DECKER, Susan G.; 7967 (See Keith, Mrs. Susan G.) 

'DECKER, Virginia; 7945 (See Dudley, Mrs. Virginia) j 

'DECKER, Yvonne E.; 7936 (See Boomsliter, Mrs. Yvonne E.) 

*DE CLAIRMONT, Mrs. Rachel P. (Rachel P. Gregg); SPEC j 

'DECLERQUE, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Beard); 7949 j 

DECLEVA, Sophia; 7987 (See Stone, Mrs. Sophia) j 

DE COLIGNY, Ms. Amanda; 7968 AB; Owner, S'amanda's, POB 

628, Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-7574; r: same, 434946-71 76; ' 

'DE COLIGNY, Mrs. Julia (Julia Sadler); 7934 AB 

DECONINCK, Ms. Sonya Helene; 2007 BA; Real Estate j 

Appraiser, Guaranteed Residential Appraisals, POB 590, Princ-' 

eton, MA 01541, 978 464-7733; r: POB 325, Shirtey, MA 01464,' 

978 660-3018; ' i 

'DECOURSEY, Mrs. Kathryn E. (Kathryn E. Thomas); 7944 ; 


DE CRENY, Caria; 1951 (See Freed, Mrs. Caria) 
'DEDMAN, Jane E.; 1968 (See Tromge, Mrs. Jane E.) 
DEE, Coleen M.; ?974(See Butterick, Mrs. Coleen M.) 
'DEE, Mrs. Page (Page Dunlap); 1926 ^B 
'DEEKENS, Margaret; 1921 (See Cover, Mrs. Margaret) 
DEERY, Susanna; 1988, 1992 BA; Asst. to Pres., The Health Care 
Forum, 830 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94102; r: 14351 
Hortense St., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 
DEETER, Mrs. Christine N. (Christine M. Navratil); 1986 A B ; 
Real Estate; r: 16736 Via Pacifies, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, 
310 454-3738; W/a/fer; Jonathan, Mackenzie; 
'DEFELICE, Denise; 1973 

DE FIGARD, Mrs. Mary M. (Mary M. Donaldson); 1968 kB; MD 
George Washington Univ.; Med. Phys., Blossom Ridge Med. 
Grp., 15066 LG-Almaden Rd, Los Gates, CA 95032, 408 377- 
9180; r: 2440 Dolphin Dr., San Jose, CA 95124 
DEFOE, Phoebe; 1952 {See Adams, Mrs. Phoebe) 
'DEFOREST, Mrs. Helen Lucille (Helen Lucille Shingler); 1985^E 
'DEFRANCE, Ms. Laurel Noreen; 2001 
'DEFREES, June; 7936 (See Heelan, Mrs. June) 
DEGAETANO, Jeanne Anne; 1979 AB\ MBA Wake Forest Univ.; 
Dir. of Mktg., Great Ideas for Teaching, POB 444, Wrightsville 
Bch., NC 28480, 910 256-4494; r:POB 469, Wrightsville Bch., 
NC 28480, 910 686-9842; 
*DE GAYTAN, Cathy A. (Cathy A. Rowe); 1972 
DEGHETTO, Ms. Ava Spanier (Ava Lynn Spanier); 1986 AB; 
MBA Northwestern Univ.; Volunteer/Previous Career Mgmt. 
Cnslt. in Finance; r: 1 1 Sherwood Rd, Short Hills, NJ 07078, 973 
258-1317; Scoff,- Jack, Ellee; 
'DEGIORGIS, Mrs. Karen Ann (Karen Ann DiLorenzo); 1988 
DEGLER, Mrs. Margaret A. (Margaret A. Mohlman); 1954 AB; 
Retired Advt. Exec; r: 807 Reef PointCir., Naples, FL 34108,239 
566-3393; FoTOSfR, • 
DEGOLIA, Mrs. Cheryl (Cheryl Clayton); )965 AB; r: 1221 

Cotton St., Menio Park, CA 94025 
'DEGOLYER, Mrs. Peggy (Peggy Pitman); 1947 
'DEGONER, Mrs. Ann C. (Ann C. Edens); 1949 
DEGRAAF, Mrs. Isabelle (Isabella Franke); 1938; r. 700 Beach 

Dr. NE, #602, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 , 727 896-1371 
'DEGRAFF, Anna; 1936 (Sea Cross, Mrs. Anna) 
DEGRANDI, Terese Marie; 1976(See Busch, Mrs. Tarese Marie) 
DEGUERIN, A. Michale; 1988 {See Luke, Mrs. Michele D.) 
DEHAVEN, Ms. Laura Ann; 1984 AB; Homemaker, Atlanta, GA 

30303; r: 13 Iron Bound PL, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318; Ricke 
DE HAVENON, Mrs. Georgia (Georgia Riley); y968; Librarian; 
r: 40 E. 88th St., Apt. 11B, New York, NY 10128, 212 722-2280 
DEHMEL, Marian; 1965 (See Boyer, Mrs. Marian) 
DE HOLL, Dana Lyn; 1989 (See Lesesne, Mrs. Dana Lyn) 
DEIMEL, Mrs. Elizabeth Sterting (Elizabeth Sterting Hurley); 
1978 AB; Ins. Salesperson, SouthShore Agcy.; r: 1903 W 8th 
St., Erie, PA 16505 
•DEISS, Nancy Carol; 1982 
DEITHORN, Mrs. Martha Fulton (Martha Fulton Lusk); 1962 AB; 

r: 246 Santa Fe Dr., Bethel Park, PA 15102, 412 831-3238 
DE KONT, Clarita; 1964 (See Bhat, Mrs. Clarita) 
DE KRUIJFF, Mrs. Dorothea Catharina, ME (Cathrien da Liagre 
Bohl); 1985 ; ME Landbouw Univarsiteit, MBA TIAS Business 
Sch.; Da Liagre Mktg. Mgmt., Laan van Niftarlake 54, Tienhoven 
3612 BT, Nethertands, 1346282639; r: same; Gepco; An nigj a, 
Floris, Diederik, Pepijn; 
DELACORTE, Marianne; 1950 {See Holland, Mrs. Marianne D.) 
"DELAGARZA, Mrs. Mary Jane (Mary J. Weed); 1958 

DELAHOUSSE, Mary; 1965 {See Negre, Mary) 
"DE LA HUNT, Carol; 1926 

'DELAMARTER, Jeanne; 1935 (See Halvarsen, Mrs. Jeanne) 
"DELANCEY, Mrs. Katherine (Kathenne Richards); 1939kB 
"DELAND, Mrs. Mary (Mary Milnor); 1939 
'DELANEY, Mrs. Julia (Julia Sayer); 1935 
"DELANEY, Mrs. Mary S. (Mary S. Vanable); 1923 
DELANEY, Tisa; 1990 (See Pearce, Mrs. Alisa Raa) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 


DE LANGAVANT, Mrs. Laura-Nancy (Lanni) (Laura-Nancy 

Garner); 1954 ; Natl. Assn. of Realtors; Real Estate Agt., Royal 

LePage Dynastie, 1301 Canora, Mont-Royal, QC, Canada 

H3P2J5, 514 735-2281 ;r: 642 Blvd. Dollard, Outremont, QC, 

CanadaH2V3G3, 514 278-7261; Bernard,- Lau re, Jean- 

Jacques, Corinne, Eric, Ghislaine; 

delangavant @ 
DELANO-CONDAX, Kate; 1968 (See Decker, Kate Dalano- 

DELAPP, Mrs. Nancy Medley (Nancy Medley Wingate); 1975 ; 

r: 160 Holly Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55447, 763 476-1482 
DE LAUREAL, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Schanzer); 1963 ; r: 1 453 

Webster St., New Orleans, LA 701 18, 504 891-9708 
DELAY, Cheri Anne; 1982; r: 115 Lynnwood Ter., Nashville, TN 

37205,615 292-9794 
"DELAY, Martha; ^933 (See Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha) 
*DEL BUENO. Christine; 1988 
"DEL DUCA, Gretchen H.; 1974 
'DELEYER, Harriet W.; 1975 

DELGADO, Maria Celeste; 1991 (See Delgado-Librero, Maria C.) 
DELGADO, Mrs. Virginia Carpenter (Virginia F. Carpenter); 1967 

AB; MA NYU; r: Altamirano3, Madrid 28008, Spain, 915494778; 
DELGADO-LIBRERO, Maria C. (Maria Celesta Dalgado); 1991 ; 

r; POB 1378, Amherst, VA 24521 
DEL GRECO, Lee Annette; )960 (Sea Wood, Mrs. Lea Dal Greco) 
DEL GRECO, Virginia; 1964 (See Galgano, Mrs. Virginia (V. M.) 

DE LIAGRE BOHL, Cathrien; 7985(Saa Da Kruijff, Mrs. Dorothea 

Catharina, ME) 
DELLE, Mrs. Francesca B. (Francesca B. Robbin); 1974 A B ; 

r: 725 Front St. , Hempstead, NY 1 1 550, 516 485-321 6 
DELLEDERA, Ms. Dianne Cherie; r980BA;MBA Tennessee 

Tech Univ.; r; 21 OCornwallis Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502, 434 239- 

9919; Robert Schumacher; Robert, Dylan, Isaac, Autumn, Ivy 
DELLEDERA, Mrs. Marlane Gamboa (Marlene Gamboa Weber); 

1981 AB; Food Svc. Mgr., Meriwather-Godsey; r: 107 New Kant 

Dr., Goode, VA 24556, 540 586-4324 
DEL MONTE, Jaimie Ellen; 1992 (See Galbreath, Mrs. Jaimie Del 

DELONG, Mrs. Carolyn Williams (Carolyn Stewart Williams); 

1985 ; BS Univ. of Colorado; Camp Staff, Camp Gray, El 021 3 

Shady Lane Rd., Raedsburg, Wl 53959. 608 356-8200; 

r: same; Phil; Maggie, Christopher; 

DELONG, Diana; 1969 (See Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Diane) 
DELONG, Grace M.; )952(See Einsel, Mrs. Grace M.) 
"DELONG, Mary; 1919 {See McKnight, Mrs. Mary) 
"DELONG, Mary C; 1932 (See Meinig, Mrs. Mary C.) 
DELPLATO, Mrs. Kathryn Crawley (Kathryn Crawley Chandor); 
1993 BA; r: POB 700, Buckingham, PA 18912; Christopher; 

DELUCA, Mrs. Malanie Anne (Melanie Anne Waskow); 1 990 ; 

Homemaker; r: 279 Saw Mill Rd, Stamford, CT 06903, 203 968- 

8850; Patrick; Daniel, Nicole, Grace, Olivia; 

DE LUSTRAC, Marguerite; 7947 (See Labouret, Marguerite) 
DELVOIE, Nathalie Marie Joyce; 2007 BA; 5th Grade Tchr., Ft. 

BelvoirElem. Sch.; r: 1516 Hardwood Ln., Mc Lean, VA 22101, 

703 237-8639 
*DE MARTINE, Mrs. Sallie (Sallie Legg); 7949 AB 
*DE MELLO E SOUZA, Ms. Jennifer (Jennifer Grimm); 1992 
"DEMETER, Olga; 1925 (See Lyons, Mrs. Olga) 
DEMICHELE, Mrs. Victoria Lee (Victoria Lee Hutcheson); 1991 

BA; Self-employed, Misty Brae Farm, 40295 New Rd., Aldie, VA 

20105. 703 327-2219; r: same, 703 327-4532; David; Margaret; 
"DEMING, Isabella; 7923 (See Ellis, Mrs. Isabelle) 
DEMPSEY, Louise G.; 7977 (See McKean, Mrs. Louise G.) 
DEMPSEY, Dr. Margaret Theresa; 7984; PhD Univ. Texas- 
Austin, MA Univ. Texas-Austin; Psychologist, Mercy Family Ctr., 

839 Heavans Dr., Mandevilla, LA 70471, 985 792-1833; r: 1 30 

Cayman Cv, Mandaville, LA 70448, 985 951-7181; 
"DEMPSTER, Mrs. Gertrude (Gertrude Raymond): 7933 
"DEMPSTER, Mrs. Mary Hampton (Mary Hampton Martin); 7925 
'DENECHAUD, Deborah S.; 7976 



DENEMARK, Debrah L.; 1970 AB\ VP, Finance; r: 4633 Living- 
ston Ave., Dallas, TX 75209, 214 350-0809 
DENEUMOSTIER, Jacqueline; )9S4;r:180 Urb Canacho Las 

Casuarine, Lima 3, Peru 
"DENHAM, Sara; ACAD (See Warren, Mrs. Sara) 
DENIOUS, Mrs. Mary Blair (Mary Blair Farinholt); 7986 AB; MED 

Univ. of Virginia; Homemaker, The Baldwin Sch.; r; 483 School- 
house Ln., Devon, PA 19333, 610 341-0221; Dawd; Stewart, 

Sam, Jack; 
DENISON, Mrs. Barbara Beam (Barbara Beam); 1960 AB; 

Indep. Artist/ Picture Framing, Art Styles, Bethesda, MD; 

r:5910 Woodacres Dr., Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 229-5791; 

George; Tracy, Heather, Dolly; 

denisons @ 
DENMAN, Laura S.; 1964 (See Denman-Cutick, Ms. Laura S.) 
"DENMAN, Margaretta; 7926 (See Wilson, Mrs. Margaretta) 
"DENMAN, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Carter); ACAD 
"DENMAN, Susanna; ACAD (See Graves, Mrs. Susanna) 
DENMAN-CUTICK, Ms. Laura S. (Laura S. Denman); 1964 AB; 

NYC Dept. of Sanitation, 51 Chambers St., New York, NY 1 0007; 

r; 292 De Graw St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1231 , 718 875-9388 
'DENNEHY, Nancy H.; 7958 (See Lones, Mrs. Nancy H.) 
DENNIG, Elizabeth Learned; 1979 (See Coulter, Mrs. Elizabeth 

DENNIG, Ms. Jessica Lynn; 7999 BA; MS Lawrence Tech Univ.; 

Technical Support, EDS, 5055 Corporate Dr., Troy, Ml 48098; 

r: 2172 Hartshom Ave., Troy, Ml 48083; 
DENNIG, Marie Catherine; 7946 (See Gildehaus, Mrs. Marie 

DENNING, Patricia; 7950 (See Love, Mrs. Patricia) 
DENNINGTON, Lucy A.; 7973 (See Van Zandt, Mrs. Lucy A.) 
DENNIS, Carolyn; 7958 (See Fielding, Mrs. Carolyn) 
DENNIS, Mrs. Monica Lynn (Monica Lynn Paul); 7 996 BA; 

Homemaker/Field Hockey & Soccer Coach; r: 20696 Lancaster 

St., Harper Woods, Ml 48225, 313 885-1131; Maff; Carson, 


DENNIS, Nancy C; 7976; r; POB4198, Peabody, MA 01 961 
DENNIS, Sarah; 7996 (See Roberts, Mrs. Sarah Josephine) 
DENNISON, Claire; 7980 (See Griffith, Mrs. Claire) 
DENNISON, Gillian Carol; 7963 (See Dean, Mrs. Gillian Carol) 
"DENNISTON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Era/in); 7945 

DENNY, Beth G.; 7957 (See Candler, Mrs. Beth D.) 
"DENNY, Dorothy; 7944 (See Sutton, Mrs. Dorothy) 
DENSFORD, Ms. Amy Louise; 7993 BA; Coord, of Photography, 

Smithsonian Institution, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, 

Independence Ave., 7th St., SW, Washington, DC 20560, 202 

633-2799; r; 2721 S. Adams St., #302, Arlington, VA 22206, 703 


DENSMORE, Mary Nelson; 7988 (See Notaro, Mrs. Mary Nelson) 
DENSON, Andrea C; 7962 (See Wechsler, Ms. Andrea Denson) 
DENT, Diana Gwynn; 7950 BA; MA Tchrs. CIg. Columbia; 

Retired Tchr.; r: 34 Meadowcroft Ln., Greenwich, CT 06830, 203 

DENT, Ms. Hilda Howard; 7976 AB; MBA Univ. of Auburn; Indep 

Contractor, House Painting & Restoration, 334 220-5375; 

r:1123 S. Hull St., Montgomery, AL 36104, 334 264-0597; 

Horace W., McCormik W.; 
"DENTON, Ada; 7936 (See Roberts, Mrs. Ada) 
DENTON, Ann; 7967 (See Wells, Mrs. Ann) 
'DENTON, Barbara L.; 7957 (See Bertage, Mrs. Barbara L.) 
"DENTON, Emily; 7933 (See Tunis, Mrs. Emily) 
"DENTON, Mrs. Frances (Frances Hallett); 7934 
DENU, Jacqueline Grace; 7986AB;r;38 Blooming Grove Tpk., 

New Windsor, NY 12553 
DE OLIVEIRA, Lucia Eugenia; 7995 (See Bosworth, Mrs. Lucia 

DEORTIZ, Mrs. Louise Claire (Louise Claire Merrill); 7 98 7 ; 

r; 1218 Pleasant St., Bridgewater, MA 02324 
DEPAPP, Dr. Elise(EliseWachenfeld); 7955AB;MD Univ. of 

Rochester; Retired Pathologist, Genesee Hosp.; r; 34 Wood Hill 

Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534, 585 381-5607; John, Anne, Erika; , ., 



DEPAUL, Danielle Alexandra; 7985 (See Morgenthaler, Mrs. 
Danielle Alexandra) i 

DEPAUL, Ms. Georgiana L.; 7969 AB; r: 4245 Delmar, Dallas, TX 
75206,214 823-6884 

DE POY, Mrs. Jeannette Burckhardt (Jeannette Burckhardt Block); 
7975 AB; Dir. of Trng., Community Friendship, Inc., 85 Renais- 
sance Pkwy . , Atlanta, GA 30308, 404 875-0381 ; r : 1 2 3 9 
Newbridge Trace NE, Atlanta, GA 30319, 404 237-1246; Scott 

DEPPMAN, Mrs. Maureen Ann (Maureen Ann Mahoney); 7986 ; 
BA Boston CIg.; Acad. Coord., Patricia A. Hannaford Career Ctr., 
51 Charles Ave., Middlebury, VT 05753, 802 382-1 050; r ; 2 
Twin Circles, Middlebury, VT 05753, 802 388-2228; Benjamin; 

DEPRIEST, Ms. Amanda Ruth; 7993BA; Bartender, Koury 
Corp., Holiday Inn, Greensboro, NC 27410; r: 7756 Robinson 
Rd., Summerfield, NC 27358 

DEPROSPER, Isabel D.; 7974 (See Bucher, Mrs. Isabel D.) 
*DE PURY, Delphine; 7966 

DE QUESADA, Ms. Emilia Maria; 7976 BA; Lawyer; r; 620 

Puerta Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33143, 305 668-0922 
*DE RAISMES, Michelle B.; 7969 AB 

DERBY, Mrs. Anna H. (Anna H. Potter); 7966; r; 2304 Oxford 
Hills Dr., Raleigh, NC 27608, 919 838-8588 
"DERBY, Dorothea; 7923 (See Stevens, Mrs. Dorothea) • 

"DERBY, Mrs. Jeanette (Jeanette Barr); ACAD 
"DERBY, Marietta; 7933 (See Garst, Mrs. Marietta) 

DERBY, Virginia; 7937 (See Howse, Mrs. Virginia) 

DERIAN, Mrs. Beveriey B. (Beverley B. Birchfield); 7959 BA; MA 
Radford Univ.; Administration Special Educ. Retired/Adjunct 
Prof., Smyth Cnty. Sch. Bd./ODU/Adult Basic Educ; r: 1 1 07 
Greer Ave., Marion, VA 24354, 276 783-4626; Paul; James, W., 

DE RIDDER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Djerf); 1 956 AB; Special i 
Educ; r; 280 Rutledge Dr., Red Bank, NJ 07701, 732 671-1252 i 
"DERINGER, Griselda; 7937 (See Plater, Mrs. Griselda) 

DERISH, Mrs. Leith Ann (Leith Ann Colton); 7978 AB; r: 28 
Bayberry Rd., Armonk, NY 10504, 914 273-0889 ' 

DERISO-SCHWARTZ, Mrs. Kathryn Norine; 7988 AB; M B A j 
Univ. of Miami; Business Cnslt., Kathryn Deriso-Schwartz, MBA, j 
Miami, FL 33143, 786 942-3646; r; 14441 SW 83rd Ave., Miami, i 
FL 33158, 305 259-7977; /(/an Sc/iwartz; Kathryn Kacki, 
Burgen, Webb Jr., Chandler; 

DERN, Susan Farnum; 7973 (See Plank, Mrs. Susan D.) 
"DE RONGE, Mrs. Alberta (Alberta MacQueen); 7926 AB [ 

DERR, Barbara; 7938 (See Chenoweth, Mrs. Barbara) j 

*DERR, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Munter); 7947AB 
"DERRICKSON, Andrea R.; 7976 (See Burkett, Mrs. Andrea R.; 

'DERRICKSON, Joann; 7959 (See Slights, Mrs. Joann) 

DERRY, Mrs. Barbara Margaret (Barbara Margaret Tessin); 7972 
BA; JD CIg. of William & Mary; Library Assoc, Collegiate Sch., 
S. Mooreland Rd, Richmond, VA 23229, 804 741-9785; r: 8900 
Norwick Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 740-2938; William R., 
William, Alice; 

DERSHUCK, Elizabeth J.; 7949 (See Gay, Mrs. Elizabeth D.) 

DESANTIS, Juliana Mae; 2002 BS; MA Univ. of Virginia;, 
r; 11309 Dutch Hollow Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701, 540 727-8565; ] 
r: ' 

DESANTIS, Mrs. Meredith Morgan (Meredith Morgan Alpert); 
7993 BA; Elem. Tchr.; r; 2283 NE Marlberry Ln., Jensen Bch., FL 
34957, 772 225-2626; James; Brooke, Hunter; 

DESAUSSURE, Frances; 7968 (See Meade, Mrs. Frances) 

DE SAUSSURE, Sarah; 7930 (See Heath, Mrs. Sarah) 

DESENA, Ms. Jennifer Victoria (Jennifer Victoria Marshall); 
2000 ; Social Work Maj., Tidewater Community CIg.; r: 468 D 
Painters St., Norfolk, VA 23505, 757 423-1254; Alyssa, Sydney, 

DE SERIO, Mrs. Charlotte H. (Chariotte Heuer); 7957 BA; AA 
New York Sch. Interior Design; Retired Owner, Decor; r; 1 1 60 
St. Andrews Rd., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, 610 525-1740; Francis 
('Decj,- William; 

DES GRANGES, Caroline; 7947 (See Wallis, Mrs. Caroline Des 



DESHAZOR, Mrs, Mary R. (Mary R. Joyner); 1982;r. 9323 
Lakeland Dr., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 741-8220; John 
(Tony): Carrie, Thomas, William, Mary, Margaret; 

DESHLER, Elaine; 1970 (See Marshall, Mrs. Elaine) 

DESHON. Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Keith); ACAD 

DE SILVA, Rapti Manohara; 1 988 AB; PhD Syracuse Univ., MS 
Univ. of Virginia; Asst. Prof., Califomia State Univ., 530 898- 
5767; r; 950 Salem St. #2, Chico, CA 95928, 530 899-3789; 

DE SIMONE,Amalia(Lia)C.; )994 (See Colbert, Mrs. Amalia(Lia) 

DE SIMONE, Mrs. Judith Ann (Judith Ann Barthold); 1966, 1965 
AB; JD Univ. Arkansas Little Rock; Atty., Barthold & De Simone 
Law Firm, 635 E 8th St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130, 812 288-6070; 
r;948-B E. 7th St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130, 812 283-7978; 
Frank; Amalia, Frank; 

DESLOGE, Mrs. Mary Roberta (Mary Roberta Dubuque); 1975 
AB; Realtor/Sales, Janet McAfee Realtors, 9889 Clayton Rd, St. 
Louis, MO 63124, 314 997-4800; r; Sunny Hills Farm, POB 127, 
Gray Summit, MO 63039, 314 993-1230; Christopher; \N WW am, 
Christopher, Raymond; 

DESMET, Susan E.; y972(See Bostic, Mrs. Susan D.) 

DESMOND, Mrs. Sara (Sara Evans); ACAD 

DESOUZA, Mrs. Judy (Judy Baker); 1966BA 

DES PLAND, Aimee D.; )947(See McGirt, Mrs. Aimee D.) 

DES PORTES, Mrs. Addle (Addle Ervin); 1914 

DESPREZ, Sophie; 1984 (See Whitehouse, Mrs. Sophie) 

DESTA, Ms. Hiwot B.; y992BS; Univ. of Virginia; r; 1593 King 
Ave., Columbus, OH 43212, 614 481-8172 

DE ST. PAER, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Allinson); 1966 

DE STREEL, Mrs. Jean L. (Jean Lindsay); 1958 AB; MED Univ. 
of Bridgeport; ESL Tchr., The Phillipsburg Bd. of Educ, Phillips- 
burg HS, Hillcrest Blvd., Phillipsburg, NJ 08865; r: 712 Wolfe 
Ave., Easton, PA 18042, 610 253-7630; Margaret, Giles 

DETAMBLE, Mrs. Valinda W. (Valinda W. Snively); 1944 

'DETER, Mrs. Alison A. (Alison A. King); 1970 AB 

DETERING, Mrs. Catherine Jennifer (Kit Jennifer Newman); 
1976 AB; Owner & Founder, Hart & Hind Fitness Ranch Feat. 
Star Cuisine, Hart & Hind Fitness Ranch, Rio Frio, TX 78879, 866 
868-1264; r; 80 Saddlebrook Ln., Houston, TX 77024, 713 682- 
5622; Carl; Cassie, Carlos; 

DETHLEFS, Mrs. Lynn (Lynn Emerick); 1 943 AB; Retired; r: 1 
Longwood Dr. Apt. 126, Westwood, MA 02090, 781 326-7273; 
David; Lynn, Hugh, Francis, Prescott; 

DETMAR, Catherine; 1963 (See Nicholls, Mrs. Catherine) 

DETMER, Mrs. LynneG. (Lynne Gardner); t968 BA; Jewelry 
Designer, Adornings, 208 Packets Ct., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 
757 259-1111; r: 148 Jefferson's Hundred, Williamsburg, VA 
23185, 757 259-0001; James; Cathleen, Stephen, James R., Dr. 
William, Christopher; 

'DETRICK. Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Genzmer); 1956 

DETWEILER, Susan; ?9S8 AB; Guide Instr./Rock Climbing, 
Mountaineering, Exum Mountain Guides, Jackson, WY; 
r; same; 

DEUPREE, Mrs. Natalie Griess (Natalie Richard Gness); 1963 
BA; Retired Exceptional Property Mgr./Owner, Q Ravels Real 
Estate/Nikki & Tom Deupree Antiques; r; 480 N. Main St., 
Suffield, CT 06078, 860 668-7262; Thomas; Karolen, Taylor; 

'DEUTSCH, Dorothy; 1917 

'DEUTSCH, Sylvia E.; 1916 {See Federbusch, Mrs. Sylvia E.) 

DEVAN, Ms. Ashley Alien; 7988 BA; MBA Virginia Common- 
wealth Univ.; Sr. Product Marketing Mgr., Expert City, Hollister 
Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 , 805 690-5799; r: 43 Cedar Ln., 
Santa Barbara, CA 93108, 805 965-1169; 

DEVAN, Mrs. Margaret John (Margaret John Twohy); 1984 AB; 
Supv., Aspen Ski Co., POB 1248, Aspen, CO 81612, 970 920- 
0935; r: POB 1864, Basalt, CO 81 621; Roger Carolyn 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

•DEVENER, Claire E.; f959 AB 

DEVENS, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Covington); ?967 AB; r: 1 1 65 
Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10029, 212 369-4220 
"DEVEREUX. Mrs. Martha (Martha Talley); 1936 
DEVINE. Mrs. Barbara Ann (Barbara Ann Miraldi); 1983 ; BA 
Fordham Univ.; Homemaker; r: 58 Roosevelt St., Pearl River, NY 
10965, 845 735-3662; Edward; Daniel L., Edward F. Jr., Neil M., 
Rose M. 
DEVINE, Eva Mane; 1981 AB; Dir. of Human Resources, Harbor 
Ct. Hotel, 550 Light St., Baltimore, MD, 410 347-9745; r: 361 1 
Church Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21043, 410 461-8453; 
DEVINE, Shirtey Anne; 1941 (See Clemens, Mrs. Shirley Anne) 
DEVIRGILliS, Rosana; 1988 (See Putz, Rosaria D.) 
'DEVLIN, Kathleen Ann; 1978 

DE VOGT, Joanne Elise; 1984 (See Roczniak, Mrs. Joanne Elise) 
DEVOGT, Linda Christine; )986 AB;Sr. Account Rep., Anthem 
Blue Cross Blue Shield, 2015 Staples Mill Rd, Drop VA A1C, 
Richmond, VA 23230, 540 853-3038; r: 3502 Sunchase Ln., 
#701 , Roanoke, VA 24018, 540 772-0766; 
DEVOL, Christine M.; 1963 (See Wardlow, Mrs. Christine M.) 
'DEVORE, Dorothy; 1944 (See Piatt, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"DE VORE, Joan; 1941 (See Roth, Mrs. Joan) 
"DEVORE, Louise; 7948 (See Towers, Mrs. Louise) 
"DE VRIES, Mrs. Mary V. (Mary V. Peeples); 1964 
*DEW, Elizabeth; 7 960 (See Seroka, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"DEW, Leiia; 1915 {See Preston, Mrs. Leiia) 

DEW, Nancy-Coalter; )967(See Lathrop, Dr. Nancy-Coalter) 
"DEW, Polly C; 7926 (See Woodson, Mrs. Polly C.) 
DEWESTER, Janet D.; 7975; r: 1343 N Edmondson Ave. Apt. 
309D, Indianapolis, IN 46219 
"DEWEY, Anne; 1941 (See Guerin, Mrs. Anne) 
"DEWEY, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Bruske); 1928 
DEWEY, Dana; 1958 (See Woody, Mrs. Dana) 
"DEWEY, Lucy A.; ACAD (See Brandener, Mrs. Lucy A.) 

DEWEY, Stephanie M.; ?975(See Hoffman, Mrs. Stephanie M.) 
"DEWHURST, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Grant); 1915 AB 
DEWING, Virginia; 1943 (See Dorsey, Mrs. Virginia Dewing) 
*DEWIS, Leonie; 1941 (See Meyers, Mrs. Leonie) 
DEWITT, Mrs. Kathryn Leonard (Kathryn Lloyd Leonard); 1979 ; 
BS Duke Univ., ME CA Polytechnic; Dir. of Transportation, 
Heritage Christian Sch., 317 594-5858; r: 9209 Sargent Rd., 
Indianapolis, IN 46256, 317 842-7147; George Dewitt; Rachael, 
Nathan, Rebekah, Sarah, Joyce; 
"DEWOLF, Claudia; ?935(See Shepherd, Mrs. Claudia) 
DEWS, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Mclvor); 7958 AB; Secy. , Dews 
Roofing Inc., 134 E Carolina Ave., Crewe, VA 23930, 434 645- 
9080; r: 1304 W Virginia Ave., Crewe, VA 23930; Carl, Charles, 
"DEXTER, Grace; ACAD (See Burgher, Mrs. Grace) 
'DEXTER, Marjorie; 1934 (See Clark, Mrs. Marjorie) 
"DEY, Phoebe; ACAD (See Winston, Mrs. Phoebe) 
"DEY, Virginia; 7930 (See Chard, Mrs. Virginia) 
"DEZENDORF, Mrs. Martha B. (Martha B. Henry); 7920 
"D'HEUR, Mrs. Helen A. (Helen A. Hardie); 7928 
"DIACK, Margaret; 7930 (See Watson, Mrs. Margaret) 
DIAMANTIS, Mrs. Marcia (Marcia Hill); 7958 AB; r: 1 73 

Midwood Rd., Glen Rock, NJ 07452, 201 447-0473 
DIAMOND, Amanda Brooke; 7998 (See Diamond Ring, Mrs. 

Amanda Brooke) 
DIAMOND, Helen D.; 7957; r: 3436 Christopher St., W. Palm 

Bch.,FL 3341 7, 561471-1878 
DIAMOND RING, Mrs. Amanda Brooke (Amanda Brooke 
Diamond); 7998 BA; North Carolina State Univ.; Preschool 
Tchr., Lerner Jewish Community Day Sch., 1935 W Cornwallis 
Rd, Durham, NC 27705, 919 286-5517; r: 1502 Michaux Rd, 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514, 919 933-5137; Kevin Ring; 
DIANDA, Ms. Marcella R.; 7975 ; r; 3821 N. Richmond St., Arling- 
ton, VA 22207, 703 528-3006 
'DIAZ, Adela; 7947 (See Eads, Mrs. Adela) 
DIAZ, Mrs. Deborah A. (Deborah A. Wright); 7972; r; 31 3 

Friedrichs Ave,, Metairie, LA 70005, 504 835-5645 
'DIAZ, Maria Therese; 7987 




DIAZ-FARIAS, Mrs. Adriana Margit (Adriana Margit Beckman); 

1989 AB; MLA Universidad Anahuac; r: Monte Caucaso 1225, 

Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City 1 1 000 DF, Mexico, 52 5 520 

4783; Jose-Luis; Kristina, Diego, Felipe, Mia-lsabella; 

ad rianabecl<man@ 
DIBIASE, Joyce; 1962 {See Reilly, Mrs. Joyce) 
"DIBRELL, Elizabeth L.; 1925 {See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth L.) 
Dl CECCO, Mrs. Torrey Ann (Torrey Ann Mitchell); 1981 AB; AA 

Alvin Community CIg.; RN, Mem. Hermann Home Health, 920 

Frostwood St., Houston, TX 77024, 713 932-3444; r: 2206 

Linea Del Pino, Houston, TX 77077, 281 920-5343; Peter Lynn; 

Sarah, Sydneyann; 

DICHMAN, Elizabeth Braxton; ?943(See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth B.) 
"DICK, Alice; 1916 (See Webster, Mrs. Alice) 

DICK, Direxa; 7967 (See Dearie, Mrs. Direxa) 
'*DICK, Mrs. Edith A. (Edith A, Walthall); 1930 

DICK, Emily Ralston; 1978 (See McAlister, Mrs. Emily Ralston) 
"DICK, Etta Craig; 1951 (See Shurley, Mrs, Etta Craig) 
DICK, Mrs. Lillian(Lilly) Rothe (Lillian Rothe); 1967; BA Salve 

Regina Univ.; Owner, Belgravia Imports, 401 683-3323; 

r; Ocean View, 662 Bellevue Ave., Newport, Rl 02840, 401 847- 

3466; Rona/d; Annelisa, Sarah, Alexander, Christina; 
DICK, Mrs. Margaret H. (Margaret C. Huxley); )936; Volunteer, 

Planned Parenthood, Yellow Smocks, etc., 828 859-6810 

r: 766 Carolina Dr., FOB 1299, Tryon, NC 28782, 828 894-2221 

flotert,- Carroll R.(Dec), Harriet B., Edward D., Robert D. Ill 

William D.(Dec); 

*DICK, Mrs. Marilyn (Marilyn Mandle); 1946 
"DICK, Mary; 1924 (See Du Pont, Mrs. Mary) 
DICKEL, Ms. Jan M.; 1971 AB; MS Lewis & Clark CIg., MA Univ. 

Oregon; Sch. Psychologist, Hillsboro Sch. Dist., Hillsboro, OR 

r; 8120 SW Parnway Dr., Portland, OR 97225, 503 292-3102: 

Greg; Sonja, Monika; 
DICKENS, Pamela Grace; 1983 (See Sellars, Mrs. Pamela D.) 
DICKENSON, Mrs. Susan Elizabeth (Susan Elizabeth Berglund); 

1979 ; r: 4138 Woodridge Dr. SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 
DICKERMAN, Mrs. Margaret Swindell (Margaret Gold Swindell); 

r943 AB; Retired; r: 605 Vance St. NE, Wilson, NC 27893, 252 

DICKERSON, Mrs. Anne Dinwiddle (Anne Dinwiddle Morris); 

1982BA; Mgr. of Brokerage & Svc, First Colony Life Ins. Co., 

700 Main St., Lynchburg, VA 24505, 434 845-091 1 ; r: 735 John 

Creek Rd, Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-7902; Warren; 

"DICKERSON, Mrs. Clara E. (Clara E. Early); 1925 
DICKERSON, Jennifer Michele; 2003; r: 18404 Cape Jasmine 

Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20879, 301 926-8835 
"DICKEY, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Clark); 1941 AB 
DICKEY, Mrs. Catharine (Catharine Doolin); 1948BA; Estate 

Ping., Life Ins., Investments Retired; r; Wakefield Manor, 40 

Wakefield Manor Ln., Huntly, VA 22640, 540 635-3657; Robert; 

Catharine, Virginia, Robert 
DICKEY, Mrs. Closey (Closey Faulkner); )94S AB; Retired, POB 

933, 11 Osprey Ln., Mt. Desert, ME 04660, 207 244-9299; 

r; Hardy Hill, 27 Jenkins Rd., Lebanon, NH 03766, 603448-4474; 

S.; Whitney Jr., Lawrence, Donald, John, Colt, Clo; 
DICKEY, Eugenia Newbold; 1965 (See Caldwell, Ms. Eugenia 

"DICKEY, Mrs. Gladys (Gladys Neel); 1924 
DICKEY, Kara D'Ambra; 1995 (See Moore, Ms. Kara D'Ambra) 
DICKEY, Kimberley Anne; 1990 (See Dickey-Brown, Mrs. 

Kimberley Anne) 
DICKEY, Mrs. Margaret Stuart (Margaret Stuart Wilson); 1 94 1 

AB; Univ. of Denver; Tchr./Homemaker; r: 9101 Quince St., New 

Orleans, LA 701 1 8, 504 486-21 87; Ker^netii; Eugenia, Pauline; 
DICKEY, Ms. Pauline E.; 1969 ; Univ. of Arkansas; Cnslt., Self- 

Employed; r: 4404 Hamilton St., New Orleans, LA 70118, 504 




DICKEY-BROWN, Mrs. Kimberley Anne (Kimberley Anne Dickey); 
y990AB; MA The American Univ.; Sales & Buyer/Clothing &• 
Handbag Design, Neiman Marcus/; r; 1 31 4A : 
Garden Wall Cir., Reston,VA 20194, 703 707-9175; Michael 

"DICKIE, Mrs. Anne (Anne Guppy); 1933 
"DICKIE, Laura; 1940 (See Neil, Mrs. Laura) 
DICKINSON, Mrs. Billie F. (Billie F. Smith); ^938 ; BA Peabody^ 
CIg., MSW Univ. of TN; Dir. of Social Svcs. Retired, Middle TN 
Mental Health Hosp.; r: 4505 Harding Rd., #21 -E, Nashville, TNt 
37205, 615 292-3833; Josep/7; Joseph T. Jr., Drane, Howard S. 
DICKINSON, Carolyn; 1956 (See Tynes, Mrs. Carolyn) 
"DICKINSON, Corinne; 1913 
DICKINSON, Mrs. Debra Jean (Debra Jean Middleton); 1981 ; 
Homemaker/ Active Volunteer; r: 816 South St., Geneva, IL' 
60134; Ford, Seth, Davis McDonald, Lee, Cooper : 

'DICKINSON, Ms. Eleanor Louise; 1995 BA ' 

"DICKINSON, Esther; ^927 (See Robbins, Mrs. Esther) 
'DICKINSON, Ms. Mary A.; 1977 • 

DICKINSON, Susan Lynne; 1984 (See Lindner, Mrs. Susan 
"DICKINSON, Ms. Vicki Marie (Vicki Marie Sams); 7976 AB 
DICKS, Nancy; 1936 (See Blanton, Mrs. Nancy) 
DICKSON, Amy Kathleen; r992(See Riddell, Mrs. Amy Kathleen) 
'DICKSON, Ms. Andrea Dianne; 1993 BA 
DICKSON, Anne; 1945 {See Jordan, Mrs. Anne) 
DICKSON, Audrey Marie; 2001 BA; Tchr., Henrico Cnty. Schs.; 
r: 9071 E Mississippi Ave. Apt. 23F, Denver, CO 80247 
"DICKSON, Burd; 1922 (See Stevenson, Mrs. Burd) 
DICKSON, Ms. Carol Anne; 1986 BA; r; 25785 Planting Field Dr., 
Chantilly,VA 20152; 
DICKSON, Cecile B.; 1958 (See Banner, Ms. Cecile D.) , 

"DICKSON, Dorothy S.; ACAD (See Hart, Mrs. Dorothy S.) 
'DICKSON, Mrs. Ella J. (Ella J. Mertz); 1934 
"DICKSON, Jane D.; 1929 
DICKSON, Mrs. Margaret D.H. (Margaret D. Highsmith); 1971 ■,\ 
AB UNC-Chapel Hill; r: 1 1 5 Dobbin Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28305, 
91 485-3870; Jolin; John, Ann Bright, Seavy; 
"DICKSON, Martha L.; ACAD 

"DIECHMANN, Hildegarde; ACAD {See Durfee, Dr. Hildegarde) ' 

DIEFENDERFER, Sarah Lynn; 2001 BA; Asst. Mgr., Kids R US, 

1281 Car Mia Way, Richmond, VA 23235, 804 378-9010; 

r: 5214 L Huntmaster Dr., Midlothian, VA 23112, 804 763-4278; ' 

'DIEHL, Ms. Elizabeth Clare (Elizabeth Clare Timken); 1 979 AB , 

DIEHL, Ms. Kate C. (Comer D. Schmoeller); 1971 AB; MBA Natl.l 

Univ.; Dir. of Undenvriting, California Select Ins., 701 University 

Ave., Ste. 110, Sacramento, CA 95825, 916 283-3506; r: 3420 

Hanks SL, Sacramento, CA 95827, 916 361-1663; Justin, 


'DIEHL, Martha; 1934 (See Phillips, Mrs. Martha) 
DIEHL-SCHENCK, Mrs. Page (Mary Page Croyder); 1954 BA; 
Retired HS Govt. & Economics Teacher; r: 524 Marthmont Way,! 
El Paso, TX 79912, 915 584-0844; James Sciier)ck 
DIEMAR, Mrs. Eleanor Griggs (Eleanor Southworth Griggs); 
1 966 AB; BA; r: 660 Larger Cross Rd., Bedminster, NJ 07921, 
908 234-1 644; Robert; Robert, John, Thomas, Caroline, Charles, 

DIENST, Kathryn; 7962 (See Allen, Mrs. Kathryn) 
DIES, Elaine B.; 7957 (See Colmer, Mrs. Elaine B.) 
DIETRICH, Diane; ?950(See Shepherd, Mrs. Diane) 
DIETRICH, Mrs. Henry T. (Ann Shane King); 7953; Retired; 
r: 9508 Woody Ln., Great Falls, VA 22066, 703 759-5006; 
IHenry; Louisa, Henry, King, William; 
"DIETSCH, Mrs. Helen (Helen Fry); 1917 
DIETZ, Mrs. Cathleen (Cathleen Gilmore); ?975 AB; MD Univ. of 
Nebraska; Med. Phys.; r: 17920 Clear Lake Dr., Lutz, FL 33548, 
813 949-5885; John; Robert, Joey, Maggie; 
DIETZ, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Buxton); 1956BA; Retired 
Business Owner, Reflections; r; 5001 Oak Park Rd., Raleigh, NC^ 
27612, 919 787-9561; Burton H.; Burton, Paisley Ward 



DIETZ, Mary; 1970 (See Brown, Mrs. Mary) 
*DIEZ, Ms. Maite Boyd; 1990 
'DIGGES, Nuncia; 1980 {See Henneman, Mrs. Nuncia) 
DIGGS, Elsie; ?942 (See Orr, Mrs. Elsie) 
'DIGGS, Mrs. Hattie (Hattie Wilson); 1921 
DIGGS, Mrs. Hazel Annette; r998 BA; MED Sweet Briar CIg.; 
Tchr./Coord. of HS Diploma Prog., Old Dominion Job Corps, 1 073 
Father Judge Rd, Monroe, VA 24574, 434 929-4081 ; r : P B 
671 , Amherst, VA 24521 , 434 946-5038; Sam; Herschel; 
hdiggs671 © 
*DIGHT, Edith; ACAD (See Kempton, Mrs. Edith) 
'DIGNEY, Suzanne; 1965 
'DILDY, Jane; 1955 (See Williams, Mrs. Jane) 
DILEO, Mrs. Julia Fay (Julia Fay Hiemenz); ?978 ; BA Univ. of 
MO Columbia; Homemal<er; r: 733 Rolfe Dr., St. Louis, MO 
63122, 314 822-4033; Tony: Dan, Laura 
DILLABOUGH, Ann; 1962 {See Magee, Mrs. Ann) 
'DILLARD, Mrs. Caroline W. (Caroline W. Garrett); 1919 
'DILLARD, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Rogers); 1 978 AB 
'DILLARD, Dean; ACAD (See Jemison, Mrs. Dean) 
'DILLARD, Elizabeth M.; 1929 {See Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth M.) 
'DILLARD, Evelyn D.; ?945(See Grones, Mrs. Evelyn D.) 
'DILLARD, Mrs. Frances (Frances Marr); 1950 AB 
DILLARD, Narcissa E.; y939(See Kelley, Mrs. Narcissa E.) 
DILLINGHAM, Catherine; y963(See Caverly, Mrs. Catherine) 
'DILLON, Jane; 1929 {See Johnston, Mrs. Jane) 
'DILLON, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Bradshaw); 1940 
DILLON, Lavalette; 7935 (See Wintzer, Mrs. Lavalette) 
DILLON, Ms. Martha (Martha Gamble); )986 AB; Staff Acct.,Net- 
versant, 4374 Alexander, Ste. J, Albuquerque, NM 87107, 505 
344-6500; r; 4444 Alpine Cir. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, 505 

mdillon @ 
'DILLON, Mrs. Susan (Susan Wienefeld); 1964 
DILLON, Victoria M.; 1967; r; 965 Brooktree Rd, Santa Barbara, 

CA 93108, 805 969-9297 
'DILLOW, Carole; 1954 (See Johnson, Mrs. Carole) 
'DILORENZO, Karen Ann; ?988(See Degiorgis, Mrs. Karen Ann) 
■*DILS, Mary; ACAD (See Hoblitzell, Mrs. Mary) 
DILWORTH, Diane; ?980 (See Gates, Mrs. Diane) 
'DILWORTH, Mary E.; 1970 

DIMANCESCU, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Kuhns); ?973 ; BA 
Mills CIg.; Bd. of Directors, Kuhns Investment Co.; r; 52 Bedford 
Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, 781 259-8536; Dan; Katie, Nicholas; 
DIMITREW, Mrs. Marie Lisetta (Marie Lisetta Gardenier); 1980 ; 

r; 37 Hialeah Rd., Greenville, SC 29607, 864 297-3971 
DINAN, Mrs. Anne Kinsey (Anne Godwin Kinsey); 1 968 AB; r; 8 
Peter Cooper Rd., New York, NY 10010, 212 677-6226; 
Terrance: Kinsey, Ashley; 
DINEGAR, Harriet Caroline; 1977 (See Milks, Mrs. Harriet 

'DINGLE, Mrs. Janet (Janet Broman); 1951 AB 
"DINGMAN, Eudoxa; )939 (See Cobb, Mrs. Eudoxa) 
DINGWELL, Beatrice; 7946 (See Loos, Mrs. Beatrice) 
DINKEL, Leta Elizabeth; 1984 ; r: 64 Via Mizner, Palm Bch., FL 

'DINSMOOR, Charlotte; 1946 (See Watson, Mrs. Charlotte) 
DINSMORE, Mrs. Mary N. (Mary N. Holland); ?986 AB; Art 
Gallery Cnslt., Callen McJunkin Gallery, Charleston, WV 25301; 
r:15 Norwood Rd., Charleston, WV 25314, 304 343-2854; 
Tyler; Mac; 

DIPPEL, Mrs. Katherine (Kitty) E. Wright (Katherine Elizabeth 
Wright); 1969 AB; MA Univ. Texas-Austin; Homemaker; r: 804 
E. Mansfield St., Brenham, TX 77833, 979 836-9850; Tie- 
man(Skipper); Margaret, Tieman, Elizabeth; 
DIRADDO, Mrs. Mary Geer (Mary GoodeGeer); ? 94 9 BA; 
I Columbia Union Theol. Seminary; Volunteer-Displaced Persons 
I Retired, Church World Svc, The World Council of Churches; 
r: One Gadsden Way, Apt. 329, Charleston, SC 29412, 843 406- 
6359; Joseph; Andrew, Mary, Joseph, Christopher, Margaret; 
'DIRICO, Francesca; y988 
'DISHAROON, Mrs. Ruth R. (Ruth R. Flitcraft); 1922 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

DISHAROON, Mrs. Susan C. (Susan M. Clay); 1956 AB; 
Deacon, Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, St. James Episcopal 
Church, 309 Jackson St./POB 494, Port Gibson, MS 391 50, 601 
437-4244; r: 3030 Hwy. 547. Port Gibson, MS 39150, 601 437- 
5008; Mary, Nancy, Beth, Jill; 
'DISHMAN, Dorothy; ACAD {See Boushall, Mrs. Dorothy) 
'DISMUHER, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth (Anne Elizabeth Richardson); 

DISMUKES. Anne; 7962 (See Shepard, Mrs. Anne) 
'DITTENHAVER, Esther; 79? 7 (See Cooney, Mrs. Esther) 

'DITTER, Jennifer Anyce; 1983 (See Collard, Mrs. Jennifer Anyce) 
'DITTMAN, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Doyle); 1930 
DITTMER, Sandra C; 1998 {See Anthony, Mrs. Sandra C.) 
DITTON, Allison (Alii) Paige; 7993 (See Winger, Mrs. Allison (Alii) 

DIVER, Christine Diane; 1988 (See Ans, Mrs. Christine Diane) 
*DIX, Mrs. Anne (Anne Beard); 1939 
'DIX, Ms. Melody LaRue; 2000 

DIXON, Ms. Alice Elizabeth Anne; 7982 AB; Univ. of Richmond; 
Mortgage Loan Ofcr., Columbia Natl. Mortgage, 7201 Glen Forest 
Dr. Ste. 204, Richmond, VA 23226, 888 380-3998; r; 4007 Park 
Ave., Richmond, VA 23221 . 804 301 -6001 ; 
DIXON, Deborah A.; 7973 (See Bolton, Mrs. Deborah A.) 
'DIXON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Shoop); 7927 AB 
DIXON, Mrs. Emily (Mimi) P. (Mimi Pitts); 7977 AB; Ofc. Admin., 
Natl. Right to Work Legal Defense Fndn., 8001 Braddock Rd., 
Springfield, VA 22160, 703 321-8510; r: 9704 Tree Hollow CL, 
Fairfax Sta., VA 22039, 703 455-5522; James (Jim); Brian, 
'DIXON, Helen; ACAD {See MacGregor, Mrs. Helen) 
DIXON, Mrs. Jean R. (Jean R. Cartwright); 7974 ; r; 5500 Point 
Wood Cir., Waco, TX 76710; 
DIXON, Ms. Jennifer Hope; 2007 BA; Old Dominion Univ.; Tchr.- 
Grade 6, Norfolk Schs.; r: 1272 Mossy Oaks Ct., Virginia Bch., 
VA 23454, 757 481-5798 
'DIXON, Jessie; ACAD (See Sayler, Mrs. Jessie) 
DIXON, Louisa Seibert; 7975 AB; Coord., Assn. Franche, 16, rue 
Renan, 25000 Besancon, France; r: 1 6 rue Ernest Renan, 
Besancon 25000, France; 
Idixonl © 
'DIXON, Mrs. Martha (Martha Hines); ACAD 
DIXON, Mary Margaret; 7996 (See Biss, Mrs. Mary Margaret) 
'DIXON, Mrs. Tony Reay (Tony Reay Addison); 7982 
DIXSON, Mary (Beth); 7967 (See Baldwin, Mrs. Mary (Beth)) 
DIZE, Kelley Shea; 7999 (See Anderson, Mrs. Kelley Shea) 
DIZE, Leslie-Ann Audra; 2002 ; r; 198 Point Pleasant Rd., Kilmar- 
nock, VA 22482, 804 435-1815 
DJERF, Margaret; 7956 (See De Ridder, Mrs. Margaret) 
DOAN, Ms. Thuy-Trang Thi; 2000 ; r: 409 Monsanto Ave., Luling, 

LA 70070, 985 785-6735 
DOAR, Ann Du Bois; 7949 (See Jones, Mrs. Ann) 
DOAR, Katherine; 7943 (See Jones, Mrs. Katherine) 
'DOBBINS, Anne; 7969 

DOBBINS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Liebert); 1957 AB; MA 
Hartford Seminary, ME Presbyterian Sch.; Retired Tchr.; r: Box 
315, Bon Harbors, Callao, VA 22435, 804 529-7666; M. 
Eugene; Blair, Janet 
DOBBINS, Mrs. R. Helm (Leslie MacNeil); 7987 ; BA Univ. of 
Wisconsin Madison; Homemaker; r; 425 Hawthorne Dr., 
Danville, VA 24541 ; R.; Courtenay, Helm (Mac); 
'DOBBS, Dorothy L.; 7924 (See Gibson, Mrs. Dorothy L.) 
DOBBS, Mrs. Jeanne L. (Jeanne L. Mclntyre); 7973 AB; r: 3049 

Andrews Dr., NW. Atlanta. GA 30305, 404 842-0010 
DOBSON, Maren E.; 7937 (See McConnell, Mrs. Maren E.) 
DOBSON, Sally; 7959 (See Danforth, Mrs. Sally) 
'DOBSON, Mrs. Sophia (Sophia Ezzell); ACAD 
'DOCKMAN, Mrs. Jean (Jean Riley); 7939 
DOCZI, Lisa; 7995 (See Cohen, Mrs. Lisa Doczi) 
"DODD, Mrs. Alice (Alice Towers); 7927 
DODD, Alice Virginia; 7965 AB; MLS Univ. Kentucky, MAT Univ. 
of Louisville; Retired Librarian; r: 661 Breckinridge Ln.. Louis- 
ville, KY 40207, 502 895-4605 




DODD, Mrs. Jean (Jean Huske); 1947 -,85 Univ. of NC Chapel 
Hill: Retired Account Exec, Radio; r: 1836 Morganton Rd, Fay- 
etteville, NC 28305, 910 484-9419; Felix; Jean Husk, Felix III 
"DODD. Lee Jefferson; ACAD 

DODDS, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary E. Honeywell); 1935; Retired Mgr. 
of Campus Book Store, SUNY Delhi; r: 1 380 Elm Ave., Apt. #48, 
Lancaster, PA 17603, 941 371-2750; James IV. (Decj; David, 

DODGE, Mrs. Janis (Janis Csicsek); ^975 ;Sr. VP, Salem Five, 
210EssexSL,Salem, MA 01970, 978 720-5281 ;r: 106 Main 
St., Wenham, MA 01984, 978 468-6588; Ernest: Trey, Emily; 

DODGE, Jennifer Miriam; 1984 (See Booysen, Mrs. Jennifer 

'DODGEN, Sarah; 1929 {See Gordon, Mrs. Sarah) 

DODSON, Ellen C; 7945 (See Wightman, Mrs. Ellen C.) 

DODSON, Harriotte; 1965 (See McDannald, Mrs. Harhotte D.) 

'DODSON, Mrs. Jane (Jane Fox); 1936 

DODSON, Mrs. Louise Day (Louise Day Pritchartt); 1979 AB; 
MBA Univ. of Virginia, MA VA Theological Seminary; Dir., Chil- 
dren's & Youth Ministries, St. Alban's Episcopal Church, 
Washington, DC 20016, 202 363-8286; r: 4010 N. River St., 
Arlington, VA 22207, 703 241-2072; Carl: Katherine, Elizabeth, 
Mary Louise; 

*DODSON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Talcott); 1938 AB 

'DODSON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Woodard); ACAD 

DOE, Mrs. Mimi Elizabeth (Mimi Walch); 1980 AB; MA Harvard 
Univ.; Writer Author, Indep., POB 157, Concord, MA 01742, 978 
369-7479; r; 109 Baker Ave., Concord, MA 01 742, 978 369-6381; 
Tom: Whitney, Elizabeth; 

*DOEGE, Ruth; 1949 (See Stobbs, Mrs. Ruth) 

DOERING, Mrs. Mary Lee (Mary Lee Burch); 1974 AB; Canisius 
College, MED; Private & ESL Teacher; r: 24023 Letchworth Rd., 
Beachwood, OH 44122, 216 658-1254; Dean;Grant, Grayson, 
Mahssa, Deanna; 

DOHANYOS, Carol; 1973 ;r: 75 Orchard Rd., Torhngton, CT 
06790, 860 489-3560 

DOHERTY, Mrs. Carolyn K. (Carolyn Keeports); 1975;BS 
Dickinson CIg.; Secondary Teaching; r; 29 Amaryllis Ln., 
Newtown, PA 18940; John,' Laura, Ryan; 
cdoherty 1 6 @ comcast. net 

DOHERTY, Deborah; 1963 {See Geller, Mrs. Deborah) 

'DOHERTY, Kathleen; ACAD {See Mann, Mrs. Kathleen) 

DOHS, Mary Ellen; 1960 {See Acey, Mrs. Mary Ellen) 

DOI, Ms. Chigusa; 7997; r; 2216 Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, 

Nagoya 461, Japan 
'DOLAN, Christine L.; 1971 

DOLAN, Mrs. Deborah Hubble (Deborah Susan Hubble); 1977 
AB; Lynchburg CIg., Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Personal 
Banker-Bank of America, Adolescent Counseling, 13601 Mid- 
lothian Tpk., Midlothian, VA23113, 804 378-8650; r; 2901 
Barrow PI., Midlothian, VA 231 13, 804 379-7657; John: Amy; 

DOLAN, Denny; 1956 {See Henkel, Mrs. Denny) 

DOLAN, Kathleen Kelley; 1998 (See Thomson, Mrs. Kathleen 

DOLAN, Mrs. Lee Foley (Lee A. Foley); 1996BA; Homemaker; 
r:4310 Bromley Ln., Richmond, VA 23221, 804 353-4743; 
Richard: Henry; 

DOLAN, Dr. Marian Ellen; 1976 BA; MA Boston Univ., Yale Univ.; 
Asst. Prof. -Church Music/Choral Conductor, Emory Univ., 
Candler Sch. of Theology; r: 1013 N. Jamestown Rd., Decatur, 
GA 30030; 

DOLAN, Ms. Sue Harrier (Sue Ellen Harrier); 1976 ; BS Edgecliff 
CIg., MA Xavier Univ.; Cooperative Educ. Coord., Cincinnati 
State Technical & Community CIg., 3520 Central Pkwy., Cincin- 
nati, OH 45223, 513 569-1774; r: 720 Park Ave., Terrace Park, 
OH 45174, 513 576-1802; Philip: Paige; 

DOLAN, Mrs. Swee Lan (Swee Lan Wong); 1980BA; Prog. Mgr.; 
r: 5 Obsen/atory Cir., Ithaca, NY 14850, 607 269-0613; Steven: 
Sean; ;. ,:; 


DOLD, Mrs. Carolyn Brooke (Carolyn Brooke Thomas); 1971 AB; 
r: 2715 Fontana Dr., Houston, TX 77043, 713 690-3653; 
'DOLEY, Ms. Margaret Schackinger; 1994 
DOLLARD, Cary; ?980 AB; Prog. Mgr., IBM; r: 3602 Victoria Dr., 
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549, 914 241-2760 
"DOLLE, Willetta; 1924 (See Murrin, Mrs. Willetta) 
DOLPH, Patricia Rae; 1984 (See Fallon, Mrs. Patricia Rae) 
'DOMBEK, Mrs. Wellesley Lyndes; 1983 
DOMHOFF, Justine; 7938 (See Whght, Mrs. Justine) 
DOMINICK, Sara Janice; 1 988 AB; Human Resources/HR Rep., 
Kemet Electronics, POB 5928, Greenville, SC 29606, 864 963- 
6769; r: 32 Boardwalk Ln., Lexington, SC 29072, 803 358-0174 
'DOMINIQUE, Marcelle; 1932 (See Perrot, Marcelle) 
DOMMERICH, Mrs. Beverly W. (Beverly W. Home); 1972 BA; 

r: 413 Keenan Ave., Ft. Myers, FL 33919; John, Stephen 
DONAGHY, Mrs. Alice W. (Alice Warner); ?962 AB; r: 1 00 
Oxford PL, Alapocas, Wilmington, DE 19803, 302 652-2522; 
adonaghy @ 
DONAHUE, Mrs. Carole A. (Carole A. Van Tassel); 1954 AB; 

r: 27 Bradstreet Rd., N. Andover, MA 01845, 978 685-0008 
DONAHUE, Mrs. Elizabeth Ashworth (Elizabeth Ashworth Kyle); 
7982 AB; r: 9 Apache Tr., Palmyra, VA 22963, 434 589-2737; 
David: Leigh, Laura, Joseph 
'DONAHUE, Ms. Erica A.; 1997 
DONAHUE, Ms. Sarah Elizabeth; 2002 ;r: 7179 Gale Rd., Lima, 

NY 14485, 585 624-4064 
DONALD, Elizabeth Reid; 1989 (See Owen, Mrs. Elizabeth 

DONALD, Mrs. Elsie C. (Elsie C. Burch); 1960 ;r: 59 Lancaster 

Mews, London W2, England 
"DONALD, Linda K.; 7969 AB 
'DONALD, Louise M,; 7940 
'DONALD, Patricia; 7965 (See Mabry, Mrs. Patricia) 
DONALD, Virginia Sellers; 7987 (See Latham, Mrs. Virginia 

DONALDSON, Ann Mary; 7985 (See Beaulieu, Mrs. Ann Mary) 
'DONALDSON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hampton); 7922 
'DONALDSON, Helen; 7938 (See Straight, Mrs. Helen) 
"DONALDSON, Mrs. Katherine F. (Katherine F. Kemp); 7920 
DONALDSON, Mrs. Keir(Keir Henley); 7952 AB; Retired Special 
Events, Charles Ives Ctr. for Arts; r: 16 Bridle Way, Pawling, NY 
12564, 845 855-5634; Matthevi/ (Dec): Matthew Jr., Courtney; 
DONALDSON, Margaret Reeder; 7987 ; r: c/o Hood, 251 7 Scars- 
borough Dr., Richmond, VA 23235 
DONALDSON, Mary M.; 7968 (See De Figard, Mrs. Mary M.) 
DONALDSON, Patricia Catherine; 7973 (See Smith, Mrs. Patncia 

DONATHAN, Ms. Misty Dawn; 7999 2000 BA; BA Sweet Bhar 
CIg.; Theater Mgr., Cinemark USA, 400 Randolph Mall E. Dixie 
Dr.,Asheboro, NC 27203, 336 629-7539; r: 153 Wilkes Rd, 
Seagrove, NC 27341, 336 464-3572; 
'DONATI, Jessica F.; 7936 (See Palmer, Mrs. Jessica F.) 
DONATTO, Ms. LaOuinta Dawn; 7992BA;Pres. & Owner, AA: 
Badge & Tags Co., POB 14572, Houston, TX 77221. 713 640- 
1071 ; r: 2502 Arbor St., Houston, TX 77004, 713 520-8348 
'DONEGAN, Mrs. Joan (Joan Littleford); 7947 
DONELSON, Mary Sunshine; 2007 (See Robbins, Mrs. Mary 

DONIGAN, Barbara Lenora; 7985(SeeDonigan-Ba, Mrs. Barbara) 
DONIGAN, Deborah Ann; 7987 (See Bullett, Mrs. Deborah D.) 
DONIGAN-BA, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Lenora Donigan); 7 985 
BA; PhD American Univ.; Exec. Dir. & Founder, Urban Educ. 
Youth Ctr. Inc.; r: 1613 D St. NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202 
399-2807; Bailo Ba: 
DONLEY, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Hutchings); 7942 BA; MS 
Univ. of Louisville; Homemaker; r: 1 900 Grantham Ct., Louisville, 
KY 40222, 502 425-0158; Leonard, R. 
'DONNALLY, Gabrielle S.; 7922 
DONNAN, Carter; 7957 (See McDowell, Mrs. Carter) 
'DONNELL, Mrs. Eliza P. (Eliza P. Baxter); ACAD 
'DONNELLEY, Leigh P.; 7967 (See Allen, Mrs. Leigh P.) 



DONNELLY, Mrs. Adelaide E. (Adelaide Eshbach); 1978 AB; JD 

Suffolk Univ. Law Sch.; Law Firm Adm./Dir. of Profn. Devel., 

Goodwin Procter, LLP, Excfiange PL, Boston, MA 02109, 617 

570-1646; r: 65 Anderson St. Apt. 1A, Boston, MA 02114, 617 

227-5749; Paul; 
'DONNELLY, Amy Katfileen; /990(SeeTobik, Mrs. Amy Katfileen) 
'DONNELLY, Ann Frances; 1978 
DONOHOE, Mrs. Judith E. (Juditfi(Judy) E. Vallery); 1971 ; MLS 

Univ. of South Carolina; Media Spec, Southside Early Childhood 

Ctr., 1615 Blanding Dr., Hartsville, SC 29550, 843 857-3319; 

r:208 N Kershaw, Timmonsville, SC 29161, 843 346-3234; 

Tom; Katie, Kerry; 

DONOHOE, Mrs. Mary Phillips (Mary G. Phillips); 1 972 AB\ VP, 

Natl. Geographic Society, 1145 17th St., NW, Washington, DC 

20036, 202 837-731 1;r: 2103 Pickwick Ln., Alexandria, VA 

22307, 703 765-4235; Peter, Meaghan; 
'DONOHUE, Abigail; 1934 (See Jensen, Mrs. Abigail) 
DONOHUE, Mrs. Ann T. (Ann G. Thomas); 1954 AB; Retired; 

r;1316 S. 23rd St., Arlington, VA 22202, 703 521-7767; 

'DONOHUE, Kathleen; ^936 (See McCormack, Mrs. Kathleen) 
DONOVAN, Mrs. Dorothy G. (Dorothy G. Schneider); 1975 ; 

r: POB 5221, Slidell, LA 70459 
DONOVAN, Susan; 1965 ; r: POB 182, New Castle, NH 03854 
'DOOLAN, Patricia H.; ^956 AB 

DOOLEY, Mrs. Anne B. (Anne B. Forster); 1952 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 590 Mockingbird Way, Charlottesville, VA 22901, 434 

975-0089; James, Anne, Katharine 
DOOLIN, Catharine; 1948 (See Dickey, Mrs. Catharine) 
DOOLITTLE, Ms. Anne Taylor (Anne Taylor Quarles); 1978 AB; 

MAVanderbiltUniv.;r:409 Charlesgate Ct., Nashville, TN 

37215,615 292-1872 
'DOOLITTLE, Mrs. Mahlyn (Marilyn Gamble); 1949 
'DOOM, Nancy; 1950 (See Lamson-Scribner, Mrs. Nancy) 
'DORAN, Dale M.; 7949 (See Bragdon, Mrs. Dale M.) 
DORAN, Patricia Kathleen; 1993 (See Walczak, Mrs. Patricia 

*DORE, Exna Lind; 1971 (See Fountain, Mrs. Exna Lind) 
*DORE, Geraldine; ACAD (See Caldwell, Mrs. Geraldine) 
•DORE, Michele; 1974 

'DOREMUS. Cornelia; 191 8 (See Knipher, Mrs. Cornelia) 
'DORFELD, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Perry); 1931 AB 
DORFZAUN, Mrs. Irene Olga (Irene Olga Rothschild); 1979 AB; 

Gen. Mgr., Encor, POB 17 12 221, 12 Deocnubren 26-Gtedrorr 

81492, Quito, Ecuador, 593999738674; r: Jardimesdel Este 

Calle Padre Carlos, 49 Cumbaya, Quito, Ecuador, 5932891 142; 

Alberto: Andrea, Mauricio, Daniela; 

'DORMAN, Margaret; 1954 (See Schuessier, Mrs. Margaret) 
'DORMAN, Mrs. Matilda (Matilda Williams); 1935 
DORMINEY, Ms. Sarah Jane; 1999 BA; MLA Virginia Polytech 

Inst.; Grad. Student, Virginia Tech; r: 4340 Sequoia Red Ln., 

Charlotte, NC 28226, 704 614-2300; 

DORN, Mrs. Palmer Lane (Helen Palmer Lane); 1973 AB; 2 3 1 1 

Tracey PI. NW, Washington, DC 20008, 202 797-7090 
DORN, Sarah English; ?983(See Perry, Mrs. Sarah English) 
"DORNBERGER, Mrs. Alice (Alice Gass); y940AB 
DORNBLASER, Mrs. Marnee D. (Mamee D. Hellier); 1964 AB; 

r: 1 1 Main St., Box 457, Marion, MA 02738, 508 748-0983 
"DORNETTE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Hester); 1944 AB 
DORNETTE, Frances Way; 1970 (See Schafer, Mrs. Frances 

DORR, Erika Marlaine; 1984 (See Marshall, Mrs. Erika Marlaine) 
'DORRANCE, Mrs. Rafaela M. (Rafaela M. Tennent); 1919 
DORRIER, Mary Morrison; 1978 (See Finnegan, Mary Morrison) 
DORSETT, Julie Gray; )987 BA; JD Dickinson Sch. of Law; Atty- 

at-Law, J.G. Dorsett Atty-at-Law, 39 N. Second St., POB 362, 

Chambersburg, PA 17201, 717 267-2921; r: 708 Cumberland 

Ave., Chambersburg, PA 17201, 717 261-1860; 
DORSEY, Mrs. Cathryn Smythe (Cathryn Smyihe Seymour); 
7973; Case; r: 6106 Mountainclimb Dr., Austin, TX 78731, 512 


'Address Unknown "Deceased 

'DORSEY, Melanie; 1959 

'DORSEY, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Jefferson); 1978 BA 
DORSEY, Mrs. Virginia Dewing (Virginia Dewing); 1943; Home- 
maker; r: 30TremontSt. Apt 14D, Duxbury, MA 02332, 781 934- 
1302; John: Susan E., Martha J. 
"DORTCH, Mrs. Agnes (Agnes Quinerly); 1920 
"DORTCH, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Anderton); 794/ 
DORTCH, Margaret; 7967 (See Brooks, Mrs. Margaret) 
DOSCHER, Diane; 1959 (See Spurdle, Mrs. Diane) 
"DOSS, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Austin); 7950 AB 
DOSS, Mrs. Dianne Jellesma (Dianne Jellesma Hayes); 7993BS; 
Assoc. Software Engr., McKesson HBOC Imaging Solutions, 
5995 Windware Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA 30005, 770 338-2432; 
r: 1 1 45 Etowah Valley Ln., Woodstock, GA 301 89, 678 445-7530; 
DOSS, Helen P.; 7969 (See Bishop, Mrs. Helen P.) 
DOSS, Sharon; 7984 (See Stowe, Mrs. Sharon) 
"DOSTER, Mrs. Mary G. (Mary G. Johns); 7925 
DOSWELL, Mrs. Browning Lee (Browning Lee Augustine); 7987 
AB; Thalhimer's, 6th & Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219; r: 3407 
W. Franklin St., Richmond, VA 23221, 804 353-2847 
DOTTEN, Dana Anne; 1978 (See Endacott, CDR Dana D., 
"DOTY, Barbara P.; 7964 (See Miller, Mrs. Barbara P.) 
DOTY, Mrs. Carol Goodman (Carol Lanier Goodman); 7987 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 1 5 Austell Way NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 264- 
1161; Charles: Lanier, Charles Jr., Virginia; 
DOTY, Elena; 7933 (See Angus, Mrs. Elena) 
"DOTY, Mrs. Marquart (Marquart Powell); 7936 AB 
"DOTY, Naomi; 7937 (See Stead, Mrs. Naomi) 
DOUCETT, Mary Elizabeth; 7947 (See Neill, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
DOUCETTE, Ms. Allene Rachelle; 7997 BA; BA Univ. Southern 
Maine; Administrative Mgmt. , Lewis Jurnovoy PA, 236 W. Garden 
St. Ste. 4, Pensacola, FL 32502, 850 432-9110; r: 2425 N 17th 
Ave., Pensacola, FL 32503, 850 439-6489; William Casler 
DOUGHERTY, Anne Terese; 7987 (See Hamblett, Mrs. Anne 

DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Cynthia Abbott (Cynthia Abbott); 7942 AB; 
Homemaker; r: POB 314, Quogue, NY 11959, 631 653-4497; 
Richard: Peter, Katharine, Andrew 
DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Geoffrey Alan (Martha Shorter Lanier); 
1985 AB; MBA Samford Univ.; Contract Admin., Univ. Hospitals 
Faculty Svcs., Ltd., 591 LanderbrookCir. Ste. 250, Mayfield Hts., 
OH 44124, 440 684-5981; r: Pear Tree Farm, 9923 Fairmount 
Rd, Newbury, OH 44065, 440 338-3083; Geoffrey: 
'DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Jo. A. (Jo. A. Logue); 7956 
DOUGHERTY, Jo. A.; 7959 (See Hottenstein, Mrs. Jo. A.) 
DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Kendra Darby (Kendra Darby McGeorge); 
7993 BA; Homemaker/Economics; r: 20 Constitution Cir., Hollis- 
ton, MA 01746, 508 429-4789; Ken; Tyler, Chase; 
'DOUGHTIE, Elizabeth; 7932 (See Bethea, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
DOUGHTIE, Sara; 7936 (See Crocker, Mrs. Sara) 
"DOUGLAS, Adelaide; 7926 (See Whitley, Mrs. Adelaide) 
DOUGLAS, Ann Marie; 7992 (See Landsberger, Mrs. Ann Marie) 
DOUGLAS, Mrs. Christine K. (Christine H. Kjellstrom); 7975 ; BA 
Univ. of Virginia, MED Univ. of Virginia; Homemaker; r : 1 4 
Lynacres Blvd., Fayetteville, NY 13066, 315 446-6161; /4/ex- 
ander: Christina, Edie; 
'DOUGLAS, Deborah; 7943 (See Adams, Mrs. Deborah) 
'DOUGLAS, Mrs. Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth G. Davis); 7960 
'DOUGLAS, Frances; ACAD (See Rowe, Mrs. Frances) 
DOUGLAS, Joan W.; 7975 (See Murray, Mrs. Joan W.) 
'DOUGLAS, Josalee; 7967 (See Dechambrun, Josalee) 
"DOUGLAS, Mrs. Martha J. (Martha J. Humphreys); 7934 
'DOUGLAS, Suzanne; 7943 (See Terry, Mrs. Suzanne) 
DOUGLAS, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Stanley); 7967 AB; MBA Case 
Western Reserve Univ.; CA Exec. Dir., Wish List, Sacramento, 
CA95864, 916 484-1339; r: 1171 Los Molinos Way. Sacra- 
mento, CA 95864, 916 484-01 13; William: Rebecca; 
DOUGLAS DOCKERY, Wilmer; 7962(See Thomas, Mrs. Wilmer 
J., Jr.) 




DOUGLASS, Mrs. Allison Vollmer (Allison Marie Vollmer); 1994 
BA; Business Devel. Dir., Fitness Magazine, 15 E. 26th St., New 
York, NY 10010, 646 758-0527; r: 417 Wolfs Ln., Pelham, NY 
10803, 914 738-5995; William; Katherine; 
"DOUGLASS, Elizabeth; 1932 (See Foote, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"DOUGLASS, Elizabeth E.; 1928 
DOUGLASS, Melville; 1969 (See Krebs, Mrs. Melville D.) 
'DOUGLASS, Mrs. Nancy H, (Nancy H. Fowler); 1965 
'DOUGLASS, Rebecca; ?937(See Mapp, Mrs. Rebecca) 
DOUMANI, Mrs. Carol (Carol Gertmenian); 1971 ; r: Four Yawl 

St., Venice, CA 90292 
DOUTHAT. Nancy Walcott; r955(See Goss, Mrs. Nancy Douthat) 
DOVE, Mrs. Cecilia L. (Cecilia A. Linebaugh); 1974 ^B■, Home- 
maker, Farmer; r: 56 Old Vineyard Ln., Flint Hill, VA 22627, 540 
364-1762; R. Scoff DI//W; Jenkins, Reed; 
DOVE, Mrs. Tria Pell (Tria Pell); 1964 ; r: POB 658, Middleburg, 

VA 201 1 8, 540 253-581 3; Guy, Hilary 
DOW, Mrs. Barbara L. (Barbara L. Birt); 1951 AB; r: 1 06 Sunset 

Ln., Haverford, PA 19041, 610 642-3721; William; Sa\\\/ 
DOW, S. True; 1980 (See Datilio, Ms. S. True) 
"DOWD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hunt); ACAD 
"DOWD, Nancy; 1946 (See Burton, Mrs. Nancy) 
DOWD, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Tenney); ?944 AB; MED George 
Mason Univ.; Retired Learning Disabilities Res. Tchr., Fairfax 
Cnty. Sch. Dist.; r: 315 Carolina Meadows Villa, Chapel Hill, NC 
27517, 919 933-8520: Herbert; Mary; 
"DOWD, Ruth; 1913 (See Goss, Mrs. Ruth) 

DOWD, Trudy; 1965 (See Hatch, Mrs. Trudy) 
"DOWDEN, Florence; 1921 (See Wood, Mrs. Florence) 
"DOWDEY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Wilson); 1941 AB 
DOWDEY, Sarah Bowls; ^975 AB; r: 702A Castile Ct., Richmond, 
VA 23233, 804 740-3954 
"DOWDS, Mary; 1925 (See Houck, Mrs. Mary) 
DOWDY, Jean; 1956 (See von Schilling, Mrs. Jean) 
DOWDY, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Shuford); 1957; r: 800 18th Ave. 

NW, Hickory, NC 28601, 828 328-1656 
DOWELL, Margaret Cochran; 1940 (See Kearney, Mrs. Margaret 
(MD) Cochran) 
"DOWELL, Mary E.; 1929 
'DOWLER, Mrs. Jane (Jane Hays); 7932 BA 
DOWLING, Mrs. Ethel Burwell (Ethel Hunter Ogden Burwell); 
1982 AB; MA Fuller Theological Seminary; Homemaker; r: 906 
Wedgewood Rd, Statesville, NC 28677, 704 883-7509; 
Benjamin; Peter, Betsy; 
"DOWLING, Mrs. Lorna (Lorna Weber); 7923 BS 
"DOWLING, Patricia; 1941 (See von Wellsheim, Mrs. Patricia) 
*DOWNE. Hilary Campbell; 1981 (See Hayes, Ms. Hilary Campbell) 
"DOWNEY, Mrs. Serain (Serain Martin); 1966 
DOWNING, Amy Jo; 7999 BA; Banker, West LB., 1211 Ave. of 
Americas, New York, NY 1 0036; r: 207 W 11 th St. , Apt. 2-B, New 
York, NY 10014, 646 418-1680 
"DOWNING, Mrs. Elizabeth T. (Elizabeth T. Healy); 7945 BA 
"DOWNING, Marie; ACAD (See Singleton, Mrs. Marie) 
DOWNING, Mrs. VidmerM. (VidmerMegginson); 7949; Home- 
maker; r: 312 Cameron Ct., Daphne, AL 36526, 251 621-1217; 
Louise Oswalt, Frank Ellis, Stanley Ellis 
DOWNS, Barbara Woodward (Barbara E. Boiling); 7964 AB; MA 
George Washington Univ.; r: 3321 P St., NW, Washington, DC 
20007, 202 337-3373; Timothy 
DOWNS, Ms. Christina Lyn; 7988; r: N. Ft. Myers, FL33917, 239 
''DOWNS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Treadway); 7939 AB 
'DOWNS, Susan; 7955 (See Bill, Mrs. Susan) 
"DOXEY, Eloise; 7924 (See Collins, Mrs. Eloise) 
DOYLE, Ms. Alison C; 7992 BA; MS Temple Univ.; Auditor, 
Kpmg, Up, 1601 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103; r: 49 
HighGate Ln., Blue Bell, PA 19422, 215 591-2509; 
DOYLE, Mrs. Eleanor Schnabel (Ellie Willie Rose Schnabel); 
7987AB;Systs. Analyst, Bcgi, 100 Sylvan Rd, Wobum, MA 
01801, 781 904-5108; r; 7 Linden St., Marblehead, MA 01945, 
781 631-7560; Pafr/c/c; 


DOYLE, Elizabeth Regina; 7986 (See Teare, Elizabeth Regina) 
"DOYLE, Florence; ACAD (See Carey, Mrs. Florence) 
DOYLE, Joanna Sinatra; 7987 AB; r: 1401 Flower St., Glendale, 

CA 91221, 818 544-4737; 
'DOYLE, Rebecca Michele; 7997 (See Huppert, Mrs. Rebecca 

"DOYLE, Suzanne; 7930 (See Dittman, Mrs. Suzanne) 
DOZIER, Mrs. Diana M, (Diana Charlton Muldaur); 7960 AB; 

Actress; r: 259 Quadro Vecchio Dr., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272; 

'DRACY, Lisa Nicole; 7997 (See Hodges, Mrs. Lisa Nicole) 
DRAG, Mrs. Michelle Mary (Michelle Mary Kocik); 7984 A B ; 

Acct., First Health, Downers Grove, IL 60515; r: 3619 E 1769th 

Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, 815 431-0128; Alan; 
DRAGAS, Mary Ellen; 7985 (See Shearin, Mrs. Mary Ellen) 
"DRAKE, Mrs. Anne (Anne Keith); ACAD 
DRAKE, Mrs. Bette H. (Bette Jane Harcourt); 7952; Retired 

Librarian, Kent Mem. Library; r: 191 S. Stone St., POB 46, W. 

Suffield, CT 06093, 860 668-2285; Walter; Deborah, Karen 
'DRAKE, Cynthia J.; 7947 (See Hugli, Mrs. Cynthia J.) 
"DRAKE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Boynton); 7942 AB 
DRAKE, Mrs. Jeannette Marie (Jeannette (Gigi) Marie Egli); 

7975 ; BA Lehigh Univ., MS Boise State Univ.; Readiness Plans 

Ofcr.-IMA, USAFR Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL 32403, 412 

798-0163; r: 368 Holiday Park Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15239, 412 

798-0163; Andrew; Andrew; 

DRAKE, Mrs. Kathleen E. (Kathleen E. Walsh); 7 9 72 B A ; 

Coveside Conservation Prods., 202 US Rte. 1 Pmb Box 374, 

Falmouth, ME 04105; r: 1 22 ForesideRd., Falmouth, ME 041 05, 

207 781-3120; David; Elizabeth, Hadley, Courtney, Virginia 
DRAKE, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Pingree); 7943 AB; r: 175 Foreside 

Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105, 207 781-5171; Emerson; David, 

Peter, Pamela, Jonathan 
DRAKE, Nancy; 7950 (See Maggard, Mrs. Nancy) 
DRAKE, Pamela; 7972 (See McCormick, Mrs. Pamela) 
DRAKE, Tracy Reynolds; 7987 (See Hamilton, Mrs. Tracy Drake) 
DRAMINSKI, Mrs. Elizabeth BeesleyTriplett (Elizabeth Beesley 

Triplet!); 7997 BA; MA Univ. of IL at Chicago; Med. Illustrator & 

ProgrammerA/olunteer, UNC-Chapel Hill/Jr League Of Durham 

& Orange Cnty, 800 Eastowne Dr., Ste. 100, Chapel Hill, NC 

27514, 919 408-3320; r: 8408 Wellsley Way, Raleigh, NC27613, 

919 845-8231; Jo/m; 

DRANE, Mrs. Maud (Maud Tucker); 7938 AB; Retired Volunteer; 

r: 12546 Cedar Rd. #3, Cleveland Hts., OH 44106; Walter; 

Eleanor, Walter Jr., Beverley, Roberta (Dec) 
DRANE, Roberta; 7932 (See Jones, Mrs. Roberta) 
DRAPER, Mrs. Eulalie J. (Eulalie(Lelie) T.Jenkins); 7952 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 26 Cross Creek Park, Birmingham, AL 3521 3, 205 

870-3222; Clare; Clare IV, Eulalie, Raleigh 
'DRAPER, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E, Carmichael); 7966 AB 
'DRAUDT, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth McAllister); 7934 
DRAUGHON, Avery; 1948 (See Helm, Ms. Avery) 
DRAVIGNY, Mrs. Barbara Anne (Barbara Anne Lutz); 7965 AB; 

Craftswoman-Artisan, Dravigny/Origanni; r: POB 926, Green 

Vly.,AZ 85622, 520 399-0912 
'DRAVNEEK, Nancy E.; 7960 
DRBAL, Mrs. Elizabeth White (Elizabeth Skillin White); 1977 AB; 

Homemaker/lntl. Vet Pharmaceuticals Prod. Mgr.; r: 16Conover 

CL, Belle Mead, NJ 08502, 908 431-1002; Doug/as; Andrew, 

"DREESMAN, Marilyn; 7967 (See Chuang, Mrs. Marilyn) 
DREHER, Ms. Ann; 7966, 1965AB;MA Northwestern Univ.; 

Theater Prof., Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC; r: 251 5 

Windsor Rd., Columbia, SC 29204, 803 256-3030; J a m i e B., 

Lulu B., Fannie H. 
DREISBACH, Georgia; 7957 (See Kegley, Mrs. Georgia) 
DREISBACH, Jerry; 7954 (See Ludeke, Mrs. Jerry) 
"DREISBACH, Mrs. Julia (Julia Reynolds); 7927 i 

DRENDALL, Ms. Elisabeth Suzanne; 7997BS;AS Centenary 

CIg.; Emergency Patient Care Tech., Morristown Mem. Hospital; 

r: 11 Canterbury Way, Morristown, NJ 07960; I 

"DRENNON, Daphne A.; 7972 (See Gatlin, Mrs. Daphne A.) 



DRESDEN, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Markle); 7965 AB; Studies 

Skills Coordinator, Concord Acad.; r: 228 Main St., Concord, MA 

01742, 978 369-4857; Jac/c,' Josti, Grahiam 
DRESSIER, Ms. Deborah; 1997; r: Rte. 4, Box 430, Martinsburg, 

WV 25401 
'DRESSIER, Margaret; 1911 (See Nohowel, Mrs. Margaret) 
DREUX, Mrs. Molly Cameron (Melissa Allen Cameron); 1997 BA; 

MBA Univ. of Richmond; Mktg. Coord., CompManagement, Inc., 

1 800 Bayberry Ct. Ste. 200, Richmond, VA 23226, 804 673-5972; 

r; 2517 Eagles View Ct., Richmond, VA 23233, 804 754-8225; 


dreuxm @ 
'DREW, Marguerite; ACAD (See Bardin, Mrs. Marguerite) 
"DREW, Ruth; 1913 (See Hollyday, Mrs. Ruth) 
'DREWES, Susan; y968(See Minich, Mrs. Susan) 
'DREWETT, Mrs. Ellen R. (Ellen R. Greenhouse); 1969 AB 
DREWRY, Mrs. Patty (Patty Moncure); 7939; r: 4 Oak Ln., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 285-2321 ; William 
DREYER, Mrs. Ellen Clare (Ellen Clare Gillespie); 1983 BA; 

MBA George Washington Univ.; Homemaker; r: 1671 31st St. 

NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202 342-1886 
fDREYER, Louise; 1934 (See Bradley, Mrs. Louise) 
{ DREYER, Mrs. Lynne Wilcox (Lynne Wilcox Higgins); 1986 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 128 West St., Naples, FL 34108, 239 513-0114; 

Rick: Emily, Billy, John; 

I DREYFUS, Ginger; 1952 (See Karren, Mrs. Ginger Dreyfus) 
'DREYFUSS, Hilda E.; 1924 (See Van Proay, Mrs. Hilda E.) 
'DREZ, Dr. Susan Elizabeth; 1986 AB; MD Louisiana State Univ., 

Sch. of Medicine; Pediatrician, Children's Clinic of Southwest 

Louisiana, Lake Charles, LA, 337 478-6480; r; 4810 Kingspoint 

Dr.,LakeCharles, LA 70605, 337 480-1686; Jeffrey, Elizabeth, 

DRIGGERS, Courlney Elizabeth; 2004 ; r: 913 Hendersonville 

Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, 828 277-7676; 
'DRINKWATER, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Harrison); 1941 AB 
'DRIPPS, Mrs. Marion Elizabeth (Marion Elizabeth West); 1969 

DRISCOLL, Mrs. Amy Peck (Amy Ayers Peck); 1992 BA; M E D 

Univ. of Virginia; Dir. of Admissions, Johnson & Wales Univ., 

2428 Almeda Ave. Ste. 316, Norfolk, VA 23513, 757 853-3508; 

r:4137 Rundel Ln., Virginia Bch., VA 23452, 757 486-7074; 

Paul; Matthew; 
-DRISCOLL, Mrs. Jane (Jane Word); 1933 
DRISCOLL, Mrs. Jennifer Kate (Jennifer Kate Toomey); 1992 

BA;FormerEduc. Coord, for Non-Profit Org.; r; 1132 Oak Hill 

Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21742, 301 733-3853; Charles: Kate, 

Betsy, Charlie; 
DRISCOLL, Mrs. Margaret M. (Margaret Byers McClellan); 1 992 

BA; r: 4 Bayberry Ln., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 229-6382; 

Sean: Margaret, Francis; 
DRISKELL, Mrs. Thomas (Judy) D. (Judith Kingman); 1958 AB; 

Homemaker; r: 9040 Hawthom Point, Westen/ille, OH 43082, 61 4 

882-7888; Thomas: Ellen Trager, Claudia Blake 
DRISKILL, Catherine Marie; 7992 (See Hindman, Mrs. Catherine 

DRISKILL, Tamara Susan; 1980 (See Francis, Mrs. Tamara 

DRIVER, Dana; )9S7(See Driver-Rogers, Mrs. Dana) 
DRIVER, Ms. Dena Val; 1 988 AB; Property Mgr.; r; 128 Kane St., 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1 231 , 71 8 852-6671 ; Greg Morcroft; Emma, 

DRIVER, Erna; 7974 (See Anderson, Mrs. Erna) 
DRIVER, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred McCreary); 7937 AB 
DRIVER, Mrs. Susan (Susan Page); 7966; r; 3005 Washington 

Sq., Austin, TX 78705, 512 476-2508 
DRIVER-ROGERS, Mrs. Dana (Dana Driver); 7987; BS 

Southem Methodist Univ.; TV Producer, Kdfw; r: 6900 

Hammond Ave., Dallas, TX 75223, 214 327-5648; 
DRNEC, Therese(Teri); 79S4 (See Kessler, Ms. Therese(Teri)) 
'DROEGE, Estelle; 7926 (See Roesch, Mrs. Estelle) 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

DRONKERS, Ms. Jennifer; 2000 ; BA San Francisco State Univ.; 
Journalist, Mountain Democrat, 1360 Broadway, Placerville, CA 
95667, 530 622-1255; r: 5139 Troy Ave., Fremont, CA 94536, 
510 792-3945; 

DROUET, Diane; 7955 (See Pierce, Mrs. Diane) 
"DROUGHT, Mrs. Anne (Anne Cleaves); 7929 
'DROWN, Mrs. Marianne (Marianne Keiser); 7942 
'DRUBYCH, Ruth; 7946 (See Zimmerman, Mrs. Ruth) 
"DRUMMOND, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Tame); 7929 
'DRURY, Felicia; 7956 (See Kliment, Mrs. Felicia) 
'DRURY, Marydale; 1972 

DUBARRY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Shmidheiser); 7948 AB; MED 
Univ. of NC; Retired; r; 221 Kendal Dr., Kennett Sq., PA 19348, 
610 388-0191 

DUBENEZIC, Allison Leigh; 7999 BA; MED Shenandoah Univ.; 
Grad. Student-Teaching ESL; r; 4002 Quail Oaks Ln., Harrison- 
burg, VA 22801 , 540 434-4802; 

DUBENEZIC, Ms. Andrea Lynn; 7999, 2000 BA; BA; For. 
Language Div., Ctr. for Applied Linguistics, 4646 40th St. NW, 
Washington, DC 20016; r: 4337 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washing- 
ton, DC 20016, 202 362-1574; 
"DUBERG, Mrs. Dorys (Dorys McConnell); 7976 

DUBERSTEIN, Betsy A.; 7986; r: 31 12 Milliard Ave., Dayton, OH 
45415,937 278-2361 

DUBLIN, Barbara; 7966 (See Van Cleve, Ms. Barbara D.) 

DU BOIS, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Gibbs); 7937 BA; Retired 
Asst. Librarian, Public Library Delavan; r; N6225 Evergreen Dr., 
Elkhom,WI 53121, 262 472-9449; Rod Kennen; Lawrence, 
John, Joan 

DUBUQUE, Mary Roberta; 7975 (See Desloge, Mrs. Mary 

DUBZINSKI, Mrs. Erin Kelley (Erin Cathleen Kelley); 7987 AB; 
Cuauhnahuac Mexico; Spanish Teacher/Homemaker; r: 2 
Jamie Ann Dr., Rutland, MA 01543, 508 886-7737; Michael: 
'DUCATEZ, Paulette R.; 7953 

DUCHARME, Ms. Elizabeth Forbes; 7997BA; Rsch. Coord., 
Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA 02109, 617 563-7210; r: 5 
Battery St. Apt. 5, Boston, MA 02109, 617 523-2203; 

DUCHENE, Mrs. Lois Means (Lois E. Means); 7973 AB; Parale- 
gal, Forrest W. Compton, 1224 Wappoo Rd., Charleston. SC 
29407, 843 766-2606; r: 2331 Park Stone Dr., Charleston, SC 
29414, 843 556-7656; Mred; 

DUCHOW, Ms. Donna (Donna Sylvia Prommas); 1986 BA; MA 
San Diego State Univ.; Prof, of English, San Diego Mesa CIg., 
7250 Mesa College Dr., San Diego, CA 92111, 619 388-2305; 
r: 5885 El Cajon Blvd. No 219, San Diego, CA 921 15, 619 286- 
"DUCKETT, Mrs. Mary Josephine (Mary Josephine Williams); 

DUCKWORTH, Debra Lyn; 7976 (See Todaro, Debra Lyn) 
"DUCKWORTH, Helen; 7923 (See Ira/in, Mrs. Helen) 

DUDLEY, Carol Maxwell; 7983 (See Boswell, Mrs. Carol Dudley) 
"DUDLEY, Ms. Carole; 7965 AB 

DUDLEY, Mrs. Ellen Hunter (H. Ellen Hunter); 7969 AB; Book- 
keeper, Co-Owner, Dahch Custom Builders Inc., 128 Winsome 
HavenDr.,Seaford, VA 23696, 757 890-2034; r: same, 757 
898-6606; Richard: Joshua, John, Elizabeth, Anna; 

'DUDLEY, Evelyn; 7947 
"DUDLEY, Mrs. Harriet H. (Hamet H. Haddock); 7935 

'DUDLEY, Ira Antoinette; 7987 

DUDLEY, Mrs. J. Bell (Juliet Bell Tucker); 7958 ; MS A&l Corpus 
Christi, BS; Retired Psychotherapist/Family Fonward Div. Fam. 
Couns., Family Counseling Svc./Coordinator, 3833 S. Staples St. 
Ste. 34, Corpus Christi, TX 7841 1, 361 852-9665; r: 3535 Santa 
Fe, Number 24, Corpus Christi, TX 7841 1 , 361 853-2337; Phil 
(Dec;;Taylor. Whit (Dec); 

DUDLEY, Mrs. Judy B. (Judy B. Loving); 7973 AB; r; POB 528, 
Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 384-5480 
"DUDLEY, Ms. Leslie (Leslie Huber); 7967 BA 



"DUDLEY, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Blake); 1926 
"DUDLEY, Mary; 7929 (See Lambert, Mrs. Mary) 
'DUDLEY, Shelby K.; 1968 (See Bryant, Mrs. Shelby K.) 
DUDLEY, Stephanie Heather; 1996 (See Spackman, Ms. 

Stephanie Heather) 
"DUDLEY, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Decker); 7945 AB 
DUDMAN, Amelia Elizabeth; 1996 (See Atwill, Mrs. Amelia 

DUDMAN, Ms. Katherine Alden; 7999 BA; Advance Study, 

Brooks Inst, of Photography; r: POB 1286, Summerland, CA 

DUELLO, Ms. Holly Ann; 7993; BA Arizona State Univ., BA 

Southern Methodist Univ.; Cnslt., Self-employed; r: 8 1 5 W. 

Stewart Rd, Columbia, MO 65203, 573 817-2140; 

DUER, Mary Gillis; 7964 (See Colen, Mrs. Mary Leach) 
"DUERR, Mrs. Virginia E. (Virginia E. Lewis); 7925 

DUERSON, Jean; 7957 (See Bade, Mrs. Jean) 
"DUFF, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Avery); 7945 
DUFF, Mrs. Elizabeth Wann (Elizabeth W. Wann); 7 9 72 A B ; 

Writer Non-fiction, Self-employed; r: 46 S. Crest Rd., Chatta- 
nooga, TN 37404, 423 698-7873; Frank Hamilton; Lizzie; 
DUFF, Jeanne M.; 1953 AB; MA NYU; Art Teacher Retired, 

Princeton Day Sch.; r: 4495 Province Line Rd., Princeton, NJ 

08540,609 921-1716 
DUFF, Mrs. Kerry Condy (Kerry Anne Condy); 7992 BA; r: 185 

Sherwood Farm Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, 203 259-1106; 

Richard: Nicholas, Emily, C.J.; 
"DUFF, Louise G.; 7947 (See Maverick, Mrs. Louise G.) 
*DUFFEY, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Vest); 7956 
DUFFIE, Ellen; 7989 (See Duffie-Fritz, Mrs. Ellen) 
DUFFIE-FRITZ, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Duffle); 7989 AB; Interactive 

Mktg. Mgr., Circuit City, 9950 Mayland Dr., Richmond, VA 23233, 

804 527-4000; r: 13525 Mountcastle Rd., Chesterfield, VA 

23832, 804 739-0127; Keith Fritz; Rachel, Victoria, Brittany, 

Emily, Charlotte; 

*DUFFIELD, Barbara L.; 7969 (See Erskine, Mrs. Barbara D.) 
DUFFIELD, Diane; 7957 (See Wood, Mrs. Diane) 
"DUFFIELD, Elizabeth; 7942 (See Fajans, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
DUFFIELD, Toni Gale; 7988 (See Dean, Mrs. Toni Gale) 
DUFFY, Mrs. Anne Marshall (Anne Marshall Merriman); 7 986 

AB; HalmarklnsL of Photography; Photographer, Cattle 

Crossing Studios (Portrait, Weddings, Etc.), 260 Belchertown Rd., 

Amherst, MA 01002, 413 256-1646; r: same, 413 356-1646; 

Paul H.; ChapinAlexander, William Woods; 
DUFFY, Diana Ren; 7983 (See Waterman, Mrs. Diana Ren) 
DUFFY, Mrs. Dianne Vicki (Dianne Vicki Torn); 7978 ; Teh r. , 

Private Sch.; r: 8006 Southerland Dr., Browns Summit, NC 

27214,336 656-9960; 
"DUFFY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Rosebro); 7925 
DUFFY, Maura; 2002 ; r: 803 Boiling Ave., Charlottesville, VA 

22902,434 971-5921 
DUFRESNE, Alice; 7974 (See Mickey, Mrs. Alice) 
**DUGAN, Mary; 7925 (See Young, Mrs. Mary) 
DUGGAN, Mrs. Jane (Jane Randolph Yoe); 7953 AB; Retired; 

r: 4259 Bakers Farm PI., Atlanta, GA 30339, 404 355-0200; 

John; Wendilynn, Jane; 
DUGGER, Lillian; 7973 (See London, Mrs. Lillian) 
DUGGINS, Elizabeth Rader; 7986 (See Green, Mrs. Elizabeth 

DUGGINS, Dr. Virginia; 7942 AB; MA George Washington Univ., 

MD George Washington Univ.; Retired Phys.-Neurology; r: 500 

Crestwood Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22903 
DUGINS, Bessie S.; 7977 (See Miller, Mrs. Bessie S.) 
DUGUID, Anne R.; 7960; MA St. Andrews Univ.; Head of Lan- 
guages, Isle of Wight CIg., Medina Way, Newport, Isle of Wight 

PO30 5TA, England, 4401983526631 ; r; Reeah, Hamstead Rd., 

Yarmouth P041 OYA, England; 

r; i 



DUKE, Mrs. Ann (Ann Plumb); 7958 AB; Homemaker; r: 91 62 

Fox Ridge Rd., Germantown, TN 38139, 901 756-1702; Robert, ' 

Edward, William; 
DUKE, Elizabeth Etheridge; 7959 (See Seaman, Mrs. Elizabeth; 

(Betsy) Duke) 
"DUKE, Helen R.; ACAD 
DUKE, Linda Jean; 7970 (See Pierce, Mrs. Linda Jean) 
'DUKE, Mrs. Maha (Meg) Marguerite (Maria Marguerite Shields); 

7976 i 

DUKE, Ms. Melanie Chappell; 7997 BA; Mortgage Banker, Welisj 

Fargo; r: 1305 S Monroe St., Artington, VA 22204; 
"DUKE, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Goodwin); 7940 AB 
DUKE, Mrs. Susan (Susan Hancock); 7973; Advt. Account 

Exec, Prime Media, Smithfield, VA, 757 365-0151; r: 1012 N. 

High St., POB 89, Franklin, VA 23851, 757 562-7377; Roy; 

Ryan C, Scott H.; 

"DUKES, Alice F.; ACAD (See Mercells, Mrs. Alice F.) 
DULANEY, Alice; 1949 {See Sheridan, Mrs. Alice D.) 
*DULIN, Eleanor; 7937 (See Gill, Mrs. Eleanor) 
"DUMAS, Mrs. Ann (Ann Keyworth); 7952 AB 
DUMAS, Cornelia V.; 7952 (See Herff, Mrs. Cornelia V.) 
DUMAS, Marsha; 7966 (See O'Connor, Mrs. Marsha D.) 
DUMESNIL, Mrs. Shirtey (Shirley Rankin); 7953; BA Univ. of KY; 

Volunteer; r: 3320 Green Hill Ln., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-( 

4453; Edward I 

DUMMIGAN, Ms. Patricia Maureen; 7989 ; BA CU, Boulder, MA; 

Naropa Univ.; Contemplative Therapist; r: 2201 Pearl St. #214,: 

Boulder, CO 80302, 303 247-0546; | 

"DUMONT, Mrs. Helen (Helen Williamson); 7937 AB 
'DUMONTEIL, Mrs. Nanette J. (Nanette J. Cooper); 7978 AB ! 
DUNAWAY, Mildred; 7982 (See Boles, Diane Dunaway) 
DUNAWAY, Rosemary (See Trible, Mrs. Rosemary Dunaway) 
'DUNBAR, Jill H.; 7977 
DUNBAR, Mrs. Julia Anne (Julia Anne Howell); 7977; r: 6304 

San Jose Blvd. W, Jacksonville, FL 32217, 904 737-0446 
DUNBAR, Ms. Katherine Hammond; 7999 ; BS Univ. of Georgia;, 

Full-time Student, Med. CIg. of Georgia, Augusta, GA 30903; 

r: 2637 Henry St., Augusta, GA 30904, 706 736-4530; 
DUNBAR, Margaret; 7942 (See Pence, Mrs. Margaret) 
"DUNBAR, Mrs. Mary (Mary Laboiteaux); 7923 
"DUNBAR, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Browne); 7975 
"DUNBAR, Mrs. Susan (Susan Jelley); 7928 
DUNCAN, Mrs. Andrea Page (Andrea Page Moseley); 7970 ; 

r: 12465 CreedmoorRd., Raleigh, NC 27614, 919 848-4711 
'DUNCAN, Mrs. Cynthia Jane (Cynthia Jane Barth); 7985 
'DUNCAN, Mrs. Delisa Renee; 7989 
DUNCAN, Dorothy; 7957 (See Hodges, Mrs. Dorothy Duncan) 
DUNCAN, Edith A.; 7972 (See Wessel, Mrs. Edith A.) 
DUNCAN, Mrs. Frances Simkins (Boo Major); 7987 ; BA Univ. 

South Carolina Columbia, MA Univ. South Carolina Columbia; 

Equestnan Coach CIg. Level, USC Athletics Dept., 1300 

RosewoodDr.,Columbia, SC 29208; r: 395 Portia Rd., 

BIythewood, SC 29016; Robert; Robert; ' 

DUNCAN, Jane; 7959 (See Miller, Mrs. Jane) 
'DUNCAN, Mrs. Jane B. (Jane B. Norton); 7943 
DUNCAN, Mrs. Laurel Scott (Laurel Kathryn Scott); 7984 ; B A 

Univ. of Virginia; Free-lance Writer/Editor, Self-employed; 

r: 13920 Mantua Mill Rd., Glyndon, MD 21071, 410 526-9355; 

'DUNCAN, Mary; 7965 (See Clement, Mrs. Mary) 
DUNCAN, Mrs. Mary Alice (Mary Alice Major); 7956 ; BS Purdue 

Univ.; Homemaker; r: 422 Cardinal Dr., Hopkinsville, KY 42240, 

270 886-2409; William; William, Rives, Andrea; 
DUNCAN, Mrs. Mimi G. (Mimi Galloway); 7942 BA; Homemaker; 

r: 9 Via Parigi, Palm Bch., FL 33480, 561 655-0715; Robert, 

"DUNCAN, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Giesting); 7933 ; 

"DUNCAN, Nancy; 7962 (See York, Mrs. Nancy) -| 



DUNCAN, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Potter); 1941 ; MA Stanford 

Univ.; HS Tchr./Adult Night Tctir. Retired, Carlmont HS, Belmont, 

CA;r;410 S. 9th. St., Lafayette, IN 47901, 765 742-7262; 

Carter; George, David 
DUNCK, Elizabeth Ann; ?995(See Hayes, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann) 
DUNCKLEE, Mrs. Penny (Penny Fisher); ?959; Artist; r: 1 201 

Second St., Las Cruces, NM 88005, 505 523-1889; John; 

Deborah, Clint, Dave; 
DUNCOMBE, Barbara; 1944 (See Stolp, Mrs. Barbara) 
DUNCOMBE, Fredda, 1949 {See Millard, Mrs. Fredda) 
DUNCOMBE, Marian; 1946 (See Hadley, Mrs. Marian) 
DUNDY, Ms. Elaine (Elaine Brimberg); 1943 AB 
DUNFEE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Hastings); 1935;r: Cuernavaca 

Apartado 1 168, Morelos 62001 , Mexico, 000152926 
DUNGLINSON, Mary; 1935 (See Day, Mrs. Mary) 
DUNHAM, Louise F.; 1958 (See Williams, Mrs. Louise F.) 
DUNHAM, Makanah E.; )966(See Morriss, Rev. Makanah E.) 
DUNHAM, Marcia; 7966 (See Stackhouse, Mrs. Marcia) 
DUNHAM, Marie L.; ACAD (See Button, Mrs. Marie L.) 
DUNHAM, Mrs. Mary K. (Mary K. Badgett); 1934 
DUNHAM, Sally; ?966 AB; MA Columbia Univ., PhD Columbia 

Univ.; Indep. Archaeologist; r: 2 Longview Ln., Westport, CT 

06880, 203 227-4596; 
DUNKER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Howe); 1934 
DUNKIN, Nancy; 7943 (See Batson, Mrs. Nancy) 
DUNKLE, Mrs. Cathleen Brooke (Cathleen Ralston Brooke); 

?985 AB; MA Univ. of Florida; r: 4823 Apache Ave., Jackson- 
ville, FL 32210, 904 388-1000; Kurt; Caroline, Madeline; 
DUNKLIN, Deborah B.; ?972(See Tipton, Mrs. Deborah B.) 
DUNLAP, Anne; 7962 (See Youmans, Mrs. Anne) 
DUNLAP, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Baur); ?968; Lecture of 

Marriage & The Family, Double Bar A Ranch, POB 338, Yamell, 

AZ 85362; r; 5001 E. Roadrunner Rd., Paradise Vly., AZ 85253, 

480 947-6467; Charles; Robin, Holly, Lily, Boots, Molly; 
'DUNLAP, Harriet; 1928 (See Towill, Mrs. Harriet) 
DUNLAP, Mrs. Holly Green (Holly Stewart Green); 1982 ; Asst. 

State Attorney, State Attorney's Ofc, 330 E. Bay St., Jacksonville, 

FL 32202, 904 630-2502; r: 402 Ponte Vedra Blvd., Ponte Vedra 

Bch.,FL 32082, 904 285-1139 
'DUNLAP, Jane; 1922 (See Petlit, Mrs. Jane) 
'DUNLAP, Mrs. Jeannette M. (Jeannette Mandle); 1942 
DUNLAP, Kate Macalister; 1979(See Bruce, Mrs. Kate Macalister) 
'DUNLAP, Mrs. Lucille (Lucille Stone); 1928 
'DUNLAP, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Wilson); 1919 
DUNLAP, Margina Gates; 1967 (See Cogswell, Ms. Margina 

DUNLAP, Marilyn M.; 1964 (See Laird, Ms. Marilyn D.) 
'DUNLAP, Page; 7926 (See Dee, Mrs. Page) 
DUNLAP, Patricia; 1955 (See MacGregor, Mrs. Patricia) 
DUNLAP, Ms. Patricia Ann (Patricia Ann Bush); 1959 ; 

r; Hacienda Antiqua, 6708 Tierra Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 

'DUNLAP, Sophia; 7930 (See Hunter, Mrs. Sophia) 
'DUNLAP, Virginia; 1953 (See Shelton, Mrs. Virginia) 
'DUNLEAVY, Helen; 1926 (See Mitchell, Mrs. Helen) 
■DUNLEVY, Mary Elisabeth (Mary Tassone); 2002 BA; Language 

Arts Tchr., Lancaster Middle Sch.; r; 747 Shore Dr., Hartfield, VA 

23071, 804 776-6544; Charles; 
'DUNLOP, Frances; 7926 (See Heiskell, Mrs. Frances) 
'DUNN, Mrs. Agnes (Agnes Jones); 7974 
'DUNN, Mrs. Allison Adams (Allison Adams Clark); 7985 AB; 

r: Moat Hall, Layham, Suffolk IP7 5RB, England, 01473824353; 
'DUNN, Ann C; 7956 
DUNN, Mrs. Brooke Rinehart (Brooke Huyler Rinehart); 7988 AB; 

BA Sweet Briar CIg., Univ. of VA Sch. of Commerce; Real 

Estate Paralegal/Bookkeeper, Boyle, Bain, Reback & Slayton, 

420 Park St., Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434 295-1 196; r: POB 

595, Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434 979-7239; Page,- Huyler, 

Reeves Jr.; 


'Address Unknown "Deceased 

DUNN, Mrs. Celia W. (Celia H. Williams); 7967 AB; Pres., Celia 
W. Dunn Realty Co., 9-13-17 W. Charlton St., Savannah, GA 
31 401, 91 2 234-3323; r: 9 W.Charlton St., Savannah, GA 31 401, 
912 236-0899; J.,' J.L. Jr. MD, Celia H.; 
"DUNN, Charlotte; 7939 (See Blair, Mrs. Charlotte) 
DUNN, Mrs. Cynthia (Cynthia Ellis); 7950 AB; Retired Real 
Estate; r: 45 Farm Rd., Middletown, NJ 07748, 732 741-2623; 
Cynthia, Lees, James, Sarah; 
"DUNN, Elizabeth; 7942 
DUNN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Space); 7959 BA; r; 22 E.Jones 
St., Savannah, GA 31401, 912 234-2210; Henry; Elizabeth, 
"DUNN, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Scott); 7966 
DUNN, Felicia Julia; 2002 (See Burke, Felicia Julia Dunn) 
DUNN, Helen C; 7964 AB; Free-lance Editor; r: 2006 Monmouth 

Blvd., Belmar, NJ 07719, 732 280-7917 
•DUNN, Helene K.; 1958 (See Bodman, Mrs. Helene K.) 
"DUNN, Jane; 7957 (See Godsland, Mrs. Jane) 

DUNN, Judith; 7964 (See Spangenberg, Ms. Judith Dunn) 
"DUNN, Lanier; ACAD 
"DUNN, Mrs. Leila B. (Leila B. Taylor); ACAD 
DUNN, Mrs. Loti Kennedy (Loti Kennedy); 7962; r: 418 S. Lee 
St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 836-8321; Stewart; Rhett, Eliza 
"DUNN, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Cobbs); ACAD 
DUNN, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary H. Cantey); 7968 AB; Photography 
Dir., Entertainment Weekly; r; 1435 Lexington Ave., #10-A, New 
York, NY 10128, 212 996-6650 
DUNN, Mary Reid; 7960 (See Barrow, Mrs. Mary Reid) 
DUNN, Michelle Kristine; 2002 BA; BA Northwestern Health Sci. 
Univ.; Grad. Student, Northwesten Health Sciences Univ., Bloom- 
ington, MN; r; 1 0626 Normandale Blvd., Bloomington.MN 55437, 
952 924-0614; 
DUNN, Molly; 7973 (See Martin, Mrs. Molly Dunn) 
"DUNN, Mrs. Phoebe (Phoebe Pierson); 7936 AB 
DUNN, Mrs. Polly Mason (Polly Courtney Mason); 7975 ; BA 
Univ. of Virginia, MED Vcu; Real Estate Agt., Kittrell & Assocs., 
Greenville, NC 27858; r; 1101 W. Wright Rd, Greenville, NC 
27858, 252 752-0356; Courtney, Mason; 
DUNNAN, Cynthia; 7963 (See Mello, Mrs. Cynthia) 
"DUNNE, Alison; 7935 (See Harrison, Mrs. Alison) 
'DUNNING. Ms. Deborah; 7959 AB 
DUNNING, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Frost); 7959 AB; r: 1461 Greenhill 

Ct., Vail, CO 81657, 970 476-3076 
•DUNNING, Sarah; 7966 

DUNNINGTON, Allen; 7947 (See Ohrstrom, Mrs. Allen) 
•DUNSEATH, Sherry; 1968 (See Russo, Mrs. Sherry) 
•DUNSMORE, Susan Faye; 7982 

DUNSTAN, Mrs. Augusta Harrison (Augusta Jones Harrison); 
7988 AB; r: 714 Ira/in Dr., Sewickley, PA 15143, 412 749-6166; 
Edmund; Millicent, Guenevere; 
DUNVILLE, Mrs. Leslie Hardy (Leslie Hardy); 7999 BA; Admin- 
istrative; r: 1 1 8 Westwick Ct. Apt. 4, Sterling, VA 201 65, 703 430- 
1358; Joc/ien; 
skeeter828 @ hotmail .com 
"DUNWODY, Mrs. Louise (Louise Tralles); 7935 
'DUPONT, Alicia Selden; 7992 (See Schiff, Mrs. Alicia Selden) 
"DU PONT, Denise; 7938 (See Zapffe, Mrs. Denise) 
"DU PONT, Mrs. Mary (Mary Dick); 7924 
'DUPONT, Valehe; 7987 

DUPOURQUE, Mrs. Sonja G. (Sonja Krista Gruhl); 7990 ; B A 
Univ. of Maryland-Clg. Park, George Washington Univ.; Realtor 
& Paralegal & Sr. Loan Spec, Realty Executives Dillon; r; 1702 
Fawntail Ct., Chula Vista, CA 91913, 619 656-8285; Stephen; 
DUPRE, Ms. ReneeAngelle; 2000 BA; Student, Louisiana State 
Univ.; r: 819 S Court St., Opelousas, LA 70570, 337 344-4285; 
DUPREE, Mrs. Suzanne Ireland (Suzanne Boyd Ireland); 7 983 
BA; r: 737 Glendover Rd., Lexington, KY 40502, 859 268-1 139; 
Frederic: Emily, Elizabeth, Frederic, Henry; 
DURAN, Ms. Ricio Guerrero; 7998 ; r: c/Diego de Almargo, No 10 
PI.-9 P2, Seville, Spain 



DURAND, Mrs. Tauna L. (Tauna L. Urban); 1970 AB; MED Univ. 
South Carolina-Columbia; r: 13239 Weatherfield Dr., St. Louis, 
MO 63146; Doug/as.- Ted, Rob 
DURANT, Bernice Eugenie; 1977; Durant Investment Co., 1120 
Ford BIdg., Detroit, Ml 48226, 313 961-6800; r: 425 Lincoln Rd., 
Grosse Pte., Ml 48230, 313 885-4020 
"DURBIN, Mrs. Delta I. (Delta I. Hinds); 1914 
DURBIN, Elise Celeste; 1987 AB; Exec. VP of Human Resources 
& Risk Mgmt., Human Res. & Risk Mgmt., Marshall Durbin 
Companies, Birmingham, AL 35205; r: 2250 Highland Ave. S No 
5, Birmingham, AL 35205 
"DURBROW, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Nelson); 1921 
"DURE, Mrs. Ann (Ann Hammond); 1961 AB 
DURE, Jane Rankin; ?982 AB; Deputy Editor, Texas Monthly 
Magazine, POB 1569, Austin, TX 78767, 512 320-6951; r: 4409 
Avenue B, Austin, TX 78751, 512 452-2080; 
"DURFEE, Dr. Hildegarde (Hildegarde Diechmann); ACAD 
"DURFEY, Cynthia; 1927 
DURGIN. Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Meacham); 1957; r: Box 

341, Mill Neck, NY 11765 
DURHAM, Edith Sugden; 7977 (See Sapp, Mrs. Edith Durham) 
"DURHAM, Elizabeth; 1939 (See Goodhue, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"DURHAM, Mrs. Fredda (Fredda Turner); 1943 
DURHAM, Mrs. Helen Stuart (Helen Stuart Masters); 1981 AB; 
r: 46 Hartland Ave., Pittsfield, ME 04967; 
"DURHAM, Mrs. Henrietta (Henrietta Melton); 1933 
DURHAM, Janet Rose; )976(See Sam, Mrs. Janet Rose) 
DURHAM, Jesse Wilson; 1996 {See Strauss, Mrs. Jesse Durham) 
"DURHAM, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Snowdon); 1 927 BS 
"DURHAM, Louise; 7925 (See Mead, Mrs. Louise) 

DURHAM, Louise; 7962 (See Purvis, Mrs. Louise Spears) 
"DURHAM, Mary L.; 1945 
DURHAM, Mary Snowdon; 7959 (See Byron, Mrs. Snowdon) 
DURHAM, Mary Alice; 7933 (See Ellis, Mrs. Mary Alice) 
DURHAM, Mrs. Rhonda J. (Rhonda J. Griffith); 7972 AB; Head 
of Sch., Trinity Sch., 3500 W. Wadley St., Midland, TX 79707, 432 
697-3281 ;r: 2002 Winfield Rd., Midland, TX 79705, 915 682- 
4051 ; Lynn Jr.: Trevor, Caitlin, Jonathan; 
*DURINGER, Peggy A.; 7936 (See Garrett, Mrs. Peggy A.) 
*DURKES, Mrs. Clementina (Clementina Virgin); 7973 
"DURLAND, Mrs. Peggy (Peggy Carry); 7935 AB 
DURNING, Anne; 7973; r; 2620 W Woodford PL, Prescott, AZ 

86305,928 541-0186 
DURONA, Louise; 7966 (See Sklower, Mrs. Louise) 
"DURRANCE, Mrs. Florence (Florence Swift); 7939 
DURRANT, Ms. Pamela (Pamela Browning); 7 963 A B ; 

Landscape Designer, Durrant Design, POB 278, Harvard, MA 
01451; r: same; Colin, Ian 
"DURRELL, Edith; 7927 (See Marshall, Mrs. Edith) 
"DURRELL, Ruth; 7924 (See Ryan, Mrs. Ruth) 
"DURRETT, Mrs. Elizabeth L. (Elizabeth L. Mills); ACAD 
"DURRETT, Susan; 7947 (See Ambuhl, Mrs. Susan) 
DURST, Barbara; 7964 (See VanGorder, Mrs. Barbara D.) 
DUSENBURY, Ms. Annette Caroline; 7997 BS; MA Shenandoah 
Univ.; Physical Therapist, St. Francis Bon Secours Hosp., One 
St. Francis Dr., Greenville, SC 29610, 864 255-1938; r: 31 
Riverside Chase Cir., Greer, SC 29650, 864 848-0606; 
"DUSHANE, Marjorie; SPEC (See Stedman, Mrs. Marjorie) 
DUSHMAN, Susan Renee; 7980 (See Speer, Mrs. Susan Renee) 
DUSON, Dr. Betty M.; 7977 ; PhD Univ. of Texas at Austin, BA 
Univ. of Texas, Austin; Psychologist, 3418 Mercer, Ste. 201, 
Houston, TX 77027, 713 629-9300; r: 4617 Oleander, Bellaire, 
TX 77401 , 71 3 664-9690; Alfred Kahn: Andrew; 
DUTARI, Maria Isabel; 7984; r: Aptado 8895, Panama 5, 

'DUTCHER, Mrs. Dona (Dona Beesley); 7964 
DUTCHER, Mrs. Marion (Marion Moss); 7942; r: 24S.Calibogue 

Cay, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, 843 671-2785 
DUTILLEUL, Pascale(PascaleBoulard); 7973;r; 8 rue du 
Docteur Lequeux, 92330 Sceaux, France; Carole, Isabelle, 
Laure, Damien, Matthieu; 



"DUTTON, Elva M.; ACAD (See Clark, Mrs. Elva M.) 

DUVAL, Ellen Boyd; 7944 (See Miller, Mrs. Ellen Boyd) 
"DUVAL, Margaret; ACAD (See Handy, Mrs. Margaret) 
"DUVAL, Marguerite; 7935 (See McGinnis, Mrs. Marguerite) 
"DUVALL, Eleanor; 7929 (See Spruill, Mrs. Eleanor) 
*DUVALL, Elizabeth; 7969 
"DUVALL, Mrs. Helen (Helen Hobbs); ACAD 
DUVALL, Kyle Charlene; 2007 (See Blonde, Mrs. Kyle DuVall) 
DWARZSKI, Ms. NoelleElyce; 2000 BS; Law Student, Wayne 
State Univ., 734 678-1618; r: 11 Ridgemont Dr., Adrian, Ml 
49221,517 423-9760; 
"DWELLE, Mrs. Jacquelyn (Jacquelyn Strickland); 7935 AB 
DWELLE, Susan B.; 7964 (See Baxter, Mrs. Susan B.) 
DWIGHT, Mrs. LeRae (LeRae Hehl); 7956 ; Homemaker; r: 46 
Parsons Beach Rd., Kennebunk, ME 04043, 207 985-2541; 
Lawrence; Deborah, Lawrence Jr., Timothy, Louise; 
D'WOLF, Mrs. St. Claire (St. Claire Hayden); 7957 AB; MA Mid- 
dlebury CIg., MA; Retired Educator; r; 7 Oklahoma Ave., Wilm- 
ington, DE 19803, 302 764-5257; James; Thelma, Elizabeth; 
*DWYER, Alison Davis; 7987 
*DYAL, Mrs. Lynwood; 7955 
"DYCUS, Avon; ACAD (See Armstrong, Mrs. Avon) 
DYER, Glenys; 7973 (See Church, Mrs. Glenys Dyer) 
DYER, Harriette Arthur; 7937(SeeSorensen, Mrs. Harriette Arthur) 
DYER, Julia; 7965 (See Neal, Mrs. Julia) 
DYER, Lyndall; 7958; r: 4209StanhopeSL,Dallas,TX75205,214 

*DYER, Mrs. Margery Allen (Margery Allen Cruikshank); 7937 AB 
DYER, Ms. Marilyn H. (Mahlyn K. Hecker); 7974 ; MSN Florida 
State Univ., MS Florida State Univ.; Nurse Practitioner & Mgr., 
Pfizer, 22633 Royal Ridge Ct., Lutz, FL 33549, 813 503-7530; 
r: same; Macall, Sarah, Adam 
DYER, Mary; 7964 (See Lalli, Ms. Mary T.) 
'DYESS, Mrs. Connor; 7937 
*DYKE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Marshall); 7952 AB 
'DYKES, Deborah A.; 7977 (See Hill, Mrs. Deborah A.) 
DYKES, Elizabeth Stockwell; 7983 (See Pope, Mrs. Elizabeth 

DYKES, Mrs. Martha Brooks (Martha Brooks Cunningham); 
1980 AB; Chief Physical Therapist, Healthmaster; r: 97 Cun- 
ningham Ct., Midland, GA 31820, 706 563-0555 
DYKES, Mrs. Shannon Lynn (Shannon Lynn Hetcel); 7994 BA 
MED Univ. of Phoenix; Elem. Tchr., Johnston Elem. Sch., 47120 
Rucker St., Ft. Huachuca, AZ 85613, 520 459-8798; r: 2702 
Thunderbird Dr., Sierra Vista, AZ 85650, 520 803-7549; James; 

DYKES-STEIB, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) (Betty Walker); 7954 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 750 Park Ave. NE 35-N., Atlanta, GA 30326, 404 
233-0122; Lars Steib; Margaret, Eugene, Elizabeth 
"DYKMAN, Mrs. Enrique; ACAD 
DYKSTRA, Mrs. Christine Carr (Thelma Christine Carr); 7976 
AB; MS Univ. Florida, PhD Univ. Georgia Athens; Assoc. Prof., 
Auburn Univ., Pathobiology, 264 Greene Hall, Auburn, AL 36849; 
r: 119 Plantation Rd, Aubum, AL 36832, 334 821-3294; 
DYMON, Mrs. Sherri Lynne (Sherri Lynne Brockwell); 7989 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 12464 Graham Meadows Dr., Richmond, VA 
23233, 804 360-3013; 6;//; Jessica, Andrew; 
dymonmom ©attbi .com 
"DZUNG, Isabel; 7948 (See Li, Mrs. Isabel) 

EADON, Mrs. Shannon Guthrie (Shannon Guthrie Thompson); 
7980 ; r: 1 1 Conover Ln., Rumson, NJ 07760, 732 842-0585; 
*EADS, Mrs. Adela (Adela Diaz); 7947 
"EADY, Virginia; 7938 (See Williams, Mrs. Virginia) 
EAGAN, Mrs. Marion R. (Marion R. Van Horn); 7974 AB; r: 1648 

Joseph St., New Orteans, LA 701 15, 504 891-4634 
EAGER, Clare; 7943 (See Matthai, Mrs. Clare) 
'EAGER, Ms. Erica Robin (Erica Robin Hain); 7976 AB 
EAGER, June Howard; 7949 (See Finney, Mrs. June E.) 
EAGLES, Ann; 7959 (See Carrell, Mrs. Ann) 




■AGLES, Ms. Ava Lou (Ava Lou Carmichael); 1983 ; r: 437 S 
State St., Lamoni, lA 50140, 641 784-3280; Mitctiell; 
AGLES, Mrs. Helen (Helen Terry); 1933 
lAGLES, Julia; 7933 (See Perkins, Mrs. Julia) 
lAGLES, Nancy; 1944 (See O'Bannon, Mrs. Nancy) 
EAGLESFIELD, Carina; ACAD (See Milligan, Mrs. Carina) 
lAGLESFIELD, Dorothea; 191 5 (See Bridgman, Mrs. Dorothiea) 
AGLESFIELD, Margaret; y9/0(See Bell, Mrs. Margaret) 
lAGLESFIELD, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Hobson); ACAD 
AGLESFIELD, Patricia; 1941 (See Kirchhoffer, Mrs. Patricia) 
lAGLESFIELD, Virginia; 191 8 (See Wilson, Mrs. Virginia) 
lAKIN, Ms. Elisa Helene; 1992 ; Sales, Victoria's Secret; r: POB 
176, Bowling Green, VA 22427 
■AKIN, Mrs. Jane H. (Jane H. Spiegel); r945; r: 710 S. Hanley 
Rd., St. Louis, MO 63105, 314 721-8937 
■AKLE, Susan Elizabeth; f 973, 1974 AB; MA The American 
Univ., George Washington Univ.; Bioenergy Cnslt. /Writer/ 
Lecturer, Eakle Cnsltg.; r: 4311 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Wash- 
ington, DC 20016, 202 363-9601; 

■AMES, Mrs. Margaret Beverly (Margaret Beverly Lewis); 1970 

EAREHART, Amy Cathleen; 1997 (See Lovelace, Mrs. Amy 

:AREHART, Ms. Kimberly Ann; 2000 BA; Case Mgr./Site Supv., 
Mountain Heart Child Care Svcs., 1512 Winchester Ave., Martin- 
sburg, WV 25401 , 304 262-1 584; r; 940 Airport Rd, Martinsburg, 
WV 25401 , 304 263-7354; 

:ARL, Barbara; 1939 (See Reinheimer, Mrs. Barbara) 
EARL, May L.; 7922 (See Slocum, Mrs. May L.) 
EARL, Mrs. Polly (Polly Jose); 1965 BA; MS UD; Exec. Dir., Pres- 
ervation Fndn. of Palm Bch., 356 S. County Rd., Palm Bch., FL 
33480, 561 832-0731; r; 209 Sea Spray Ave., Palm Bch., FL 
33480, 561 832-5405; Andrew E.; 

EARLE, Helen D.; 191 1 (See Barton, Dr. Helen D.) 
EARLE, Mrs. Martha (Martha Gipe); 1935 AB 
EARLE, Mary C; 1930 (See Kaminer, Mrs. Mary C.) 
EARLEY, Alice; 1922 (See Myers, Mrs. Alice) 
BARLEY, Virginia June; ^952 (See Holt, Mrs. Virginia June) 
EARLY, Betty J.; ?956(See Eberwine, Mrs. Betty J.) 
EARLY, Clara E.; 1925 (See Dickerson, Mrs. Clara E.) 
EARLY, Ms. Frances; ^962 AB 
EARLY, Henrianne; 1913 

EARLY, Pattie Rose; 7942 (See Trippet, Mrs. Pattie Rose) 
EARNEST, Frances M.; ACAD 

EARNEST, Mrs. Ray; 1967 AB; r: 20375 Hog Island Rd., Preston, 
MD 21655, 410 822-0795 

EARNHART, Mrs. Marie Engel (Marie Adele Engel); 1982 AB; 
Substitute Tchr., Fairfax Cnty. Public Schs.; r: 3706 Camelot 
Dr., Annandale, VA 22003, 703 698-891 1 ; Fred; Mary Whitney, 


■ASLEY, Julia (Judy) Nelson; 1949 (See Mak, Mrs. Julia (Judy) 
iASLEY, Martha; ACAD (See Shott, Mrs. Martha) . • 
EASLEY, Virginia F.; 1976 
■ASLY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hamann); 1924 
cASLY, Elizabeth F.; 1953 (See King, Mrs. Richard C.) 
iSAST, Elkanah; ACAD (See Taylor, Mrs. Elkanah) 
i^STER, Achsah; ^950 (See Henderson, Mrs. Achsah) 
;:ASTERLiN, Thelma; ?922(See Lumpkin, Mrs. Thelma) 
i-ASTERLY, Ms. M. Evangeline; 2000 BS; Grad. Student Cancer 
Biology, Vanderbilt Univ.; r: 2031 Convent PL, Nashville, TN 
37212,615 279-9542; 
•ASTIN, Jane P.; )967(See Hager, Mrs. Jane E.) 
iASTMAN, Margaret B.; 1925 

iASTMAN, Virginia M.; 1958 (See Gossage, Mrs. Virginia M.) 
lASTWOOD, Mrs. Julie (Julie Micou); 1951 AB; MA Univ. of CA- 
Berkeley; Rsch. Spec. Retired, Zoology Dept., Univ. of CA- 
Berkeley; r; 2600 Ptarmigan Dr. No 2, Walnut Creek, CA 94595; 
Richard: Mary Elizabeth, Benjamin 
iATON, Dorothy; 7933 (See Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Eaton) 
iATON, Mrs. Frances E. (Frances E. Quail); 1931 

Address Unknown "Deceased 

'EATON, Ms. Katharyn (Katharyn Regan); 1965 
"EATON, Mrs. Katherine (Kathenne Emery); )928 AB 
"EATON, Margaret; 7927 (See Murphey, Mrs. Margaret) 
EATON, Mrs. Melissa Corinne (Melissa Corinne Broderick); 7996 
BA; Spanish Tchr./Business Owner, Central Oregon Language 
Inst., 19888 Rocking Horse Rd., Bend, OR 97702, 541 318-9020; 
r: 1841 SW Knoll Ave., Bend, OR 97702, 541 385-6531 ; Sfuart; 
EATON, Mrs. Virginia (Nia) E. (Virginia (Nia) 0. Eldridge); 7 970 
BA; Sales, Filenet, 460 Norristown Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422, 484 
530-4180; r: 461 RittenhouseBlvd., Jeffersonville,PA19403,610 
EATON, Wimberly Anne; 7987(See Jessup, Mrs. WImberly Eaton) 
"EBAUGH, Deborah A.; 7934 (See Smith, Mrs. Deborah A.) 
'EBAUGH, Deborah M.; 7972 

"EBERHARDT, Annabel; 7926 (See Carter, Mrs. Annabel) 
EBERLE, Ms. Ann Elizabeth; 7997 BA; r: 761 2 Deer Meadow Dr., 
Louisville, KY 40241 
"EBERLE, Eleanor; ACAD (See Stueve, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'EBERSTADT, Anne; 1966 (See Hollander, Ms. Anne) 
EBERWINE, Mrs. Betty J. (Betty J. Early); 7956; r: 2516 Sterling 
Point Dr., Portsmouth, VA 23703, 757 484-1084; Mary, Kittrell; 
EBINGER, Dr. Putnam (Putnam Mundy); 7970 AB; MA Tufts 
Univ., PhD Tufts Univ.; Chemical & Biological Arms Control Inst., 
1747 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20006; r: 7306 
Meadow Ln., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 652-8732; Charles 
'EBLING, Mrs. Hylah (Hylah Coley); 7939 
"EBY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Uber); 7932 BS 
ECHOLS, Mrs. Alexes Rosalie (Alexes Rosalie Ogilvie); 7 954 
AB; MED Univ. of VA; Mktg. Coord., Healthsouth Corp., 515 Ray 
C Hunt Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 244-2092; r; 583 
Pebblecreek Ct., Charlottesville, VA 22901, 434 978-7734; 
D'arcy A., Carter, Heather E., Charles E.; 
"ECHOLS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Eckman); 7967 AB 
ECHOLS, Virginia C; 7956 (See Orgain, Mrs. Virginia E.) 
ECK, Ms. Deborah; 7977 ; BA Indiana Univ.; Owner/Mgr., Entre- 
preneur Travel & Tours, 10762 Pacific Canyon Way, San Diego, 
CA 92121 , 619 687-1661 ; r: same; Robert Pastoral; 
'ECKARDT, Mrs. Lacy (Lacy Skinner); 7950 AB 
"ECKART, Margaret; 7976 

"ECKER, Mrs. Marguerite R. (Marguerite R. Wickoff); ACAD 
ECKERBERG, Mrs. Willia (Willia Fales); 7967 AB; Real Estate, 
Begg Long & Foster, 1680 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC 
20007, 202 944-8400; r: 4001 Cathedral Ave. NW, Apt. 1005, 
Washington, DC 20016, 202 966-0594; Lennart,- John, Alice, 
ECKERT, Emily Kay; 7968 (See Yeager, Mrs. Emily Kay) 
ECKERT, Mrs. Mara Ann (Mara Ann Ryan); 7987 BA; R N St . 
Vincent's Hosp., NY; r: 301 Ohole Dr., Kennett Sq., PA 19348, 
610 925-1991 
*ECKLER, Dorothy A.; 7934 
ECKMAN, Carol; 7964 (See Taylor, Mrs. Carol E.) 
"ECKMAN, Mary; 7967 (See Echols, Mrs. Mary) 
EDDINS, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Elliott); 7958; r: 10 Mooregate 

Sq. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 266-9940 
*EDDS, Judith B.; 7969 
"EDDY, Mrs. Alice S. (Alice S. Hart); ACAD 
*EDDY, Mrs. Edith P. (Edith P. Shackelford); 7936 - ' 
"EDDY, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Madson); 7978 
*EDDY, Janet L; 7975 
"EDDY, Mrs. Marjohe (Marjorie Allen); 7929 
*EDELSTEIN, Michele; 7965 (See Vail, Mrs. Michele) 
EDEN, Mrs. June; 7989 ;BA Lynchburg CIg., CIg. of American 
Pathology; Practice Mgr., Pathology Cnslts. of Central VA, 1905 
Atherholt Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24501 , 434 947-3925; r: 1 1 72 
Majestic Oaks Dr., Forest, VA 24551; floger;Paul, David, 
Brandon; ' , •■ • 

"EDENS, Mrs. Alice (Alice Reese); 7947 AB 
EDENS, Alice Leigh; 7977 (See Hudgins, Mrs. Alice Leigh) 
*EDENS, Ann C; 7949 (See Degoner, Mrs. Ann C.) 
"EDENS, Huldah; 7945 (See Jackson, Mrs. Huldah) 




*EDENS. Mary A.; f 956 (See Wingfield, Mrs. Mary A.) 
EDENTON. Elinor; 1938 (See Smith, Mrs. Elinor) 
*EDGAR. Heather; 1962 (See Carter, Mrs. Heather) 
EDGAR, Lori Jeanne; ?977(See Worley, Mrs. Lori Jeanne) 
EDGAR, Mrs. Minshall B. (Minshall Bridgers); y986BA; MBA 
Fuqua Sch. of Duke Univ.; Past Coord, of Special Proj./Financial 
Mgr., Duke Med. Ctr./ Now Wainwright Farms; r: 1501 Nash St. 
NW, Wilson, NC 27893, 252 265-4084; Peter; Lindeman, Ana, 
*EDGE, Louise; 1941 

*EDGERLEY, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Lasier); 1951 AB 
EDGERTON, Donna H.; 1968 AB\ Info. Systs. Cnslt., Intl. Cnslt.; 

r: 349 Albemarle Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 353-1941 
'EDGERTON, Edith Anne; 1956 (See Mills, Mrs. Edith Anne) 
EDGERTON, Ms. Elizabeth B.; 1970 ; BA Sarah Lawrence CIg.; 
Artist, Elizabeth Edgerton Galleries; r: 2150 Parker Rd,Vershire, 
VT 05079, 802 333-9984; Wesley Cullen, Timothy Cullen; 
EDGERTON, Jan Courtney; 7976 (See Edgerton Willis, Mrs. Jan 

EDGERTON, Linda; ?970(See Goslen, Mrs. Linda) 
EDGERTON, Ruth; 1952 (See Boyer, Mrs. Ruth) 
'EDGERTON, Sarah E.; 1956 

EDGERTON WILLIS, Mrs. Jan Courtney (Jan Courtney 
Edgerton); 1976 1977 BA; Real Estate Agt., William E Wood & 
Assocs. , 1 321 Laskin Rd, Virginia Bch. , VA 23451 , 757 428-351 6; 
r:5301 Holly Rd., Virginia Bch., VA 23451, 757 422-6597; 
Arthur, Ryan; 
EDINGER, Suzanne; y968(See Boas, Mrs. Suzanne) 
'EDMANDS, Evaline; 1929 (See Thoma, Mrs. Evaline) 
'EDMANDS, Patricia A.; 7936 (See Foegge, Mrs. Patricia A.) 
'EDMISTON, Mrs. Cornelia (Cornelia Brown); ACAD 
EDMONDS, Mrs. Joan (Joan McCoy); 1947Bk, Homemaker; 
r; 2600 Arlington Ave. No 60, Birmingham, AL 35205, 205 933- 
7002; William; Henry, Bryson 
EDMONDS, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Sample); 1958 ; Home- 
maker; r: 128 Beechwood Dr., Franklin, VA23851, 757562-4872; 
Franklin; Franklin S. Jr., J. Rice; 
'EDMONDSON, Margaret; 1930 
EDMONDSON, Rachel; /997(See Clark, Mrs. Rachel) 
EDMUNDS, Anne Venable; 1982 (See Hansen, Mrs. Anne 

EDMUNDS, Mrs. Lucy Boyd (Lucy Boyd Lemon); 1 963 A B ; 

r: 4714 Charmain Rd., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 353-1 129 
'EDMUNDS, Mrs. Mary F. (Mary F. Hodges); 1929 
EDMUNDS, Sarah Ward; 1983 (See Butters, Mrs. Sarah Ward) 
'EDWARDS, Adair; /973(See Heretes, Mrs. Adair) 
EDWARDS, Alice; 1945 (See Davenport, Mrs. Alice) 
EDWARDS, Ms. Amy Margaret; 7993 BA; MBA Columbia 
Business Sch., MA Columbia Univ.; Sr. Devel. Assoc, Westhab 
Inc., 914 345-2800; r: 251 W 81st St. Apt. 2G, New York, NY 
10024, 646 522-3216; Brian Wieser; 
'EDWARDS, Caroline Averitt; 1994 (See Clark, Mrs. Caroline 

'EDWARDS, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Holmes); 1933 
EDWARDS, Mrs. Ebbie E. (Ebbie E. Evans); 1964 AB; 

Volunteer/Home Mgr., Summer Enrichment/League of Old 
Americans; r; 1901 Greenwood Rd. SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, 
540 344-4274; R. 7/?omas; Christopher, Clarissa, Jocelyn, 
EDWARDS, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Johnson); 1946 ; BA Univ. of 
Oklahoma; Homemaker; r: 3220 Crockett St., Amarillo, TX 
79109, 806 352-4747; Gene,- Carl, Eve, Eddie 
'EDWARDS, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Henderson); 1930 AB 
'EDWARDS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Wyman); ACAD 
'EDWARDS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Knowlson); 1942 
EDWARDS, Elizabeth A.; 7970 (See Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth A.) 
EDWARDS, Mrs. G. Griffith (Anne Hill); 7946 AB; Piano Tchr.; 
r: 5203 Sweet Briar Cir., Portsmouth, VA 23703, 757 484-51 17; 
'EDWARDS, Mrs. Ina (Ina Larkins); 1910 
'EDWARDS, Josephine 0.; 1924 


EDWARDS, Katharine; 7950 (See Grain, Mrs. Katharine) 
EDWARDS, Kathleen Bryan (Kathleen (Kay) Bryan); 1949, 1960 
BA; BA UNCG Univ.; Former Pres. -Resigned, Bryan Family 
Fndn.; r: 306 Irving PI., Greensboro, NC 27408, 336 272-1026; 
Howard Taylor, Bryan Taylor, Kathleen Taylor, John Taylor,, 
Melanie Farland, Mary Price, Clay Farland, Anne Farland,| 
EDWARDS, Mrs. Kathryn Elizabeth (Elizabeth Yeager); 7984 BA;| 
MBA Univ. Texas-Austin; Homemaker; r: 2020 Berkeley Dr.,1 
Wichita Falls, TX 76308, 940 766-4762; Mark; Lara, Yeager; 
'EDWARDS, Kathryn M.; 7932 

'EDWARDS, Mrs. Louise (Louise Kirk); 7947 AB I 

EDWARDS, Ms. Marilen Sarian (Marilen Jordas Sarian); 2000 \ 

BA; Profn. Actress, E-Mjs, 804 356-8177; r: 760 Kings Ridge Dr.,' 

Newport News, VA 23608, 757 872-4088; Eric; 


'EDWARDS, Mary S.; 7953 (See Allinson, Mrs. Mary S.) 

EDWARDS, Nancy Lee; 7954 (See Paul, Mrs. Nancy Lee) 

EDWARDS, Mrs. Neil Hunter (Neil Hunter); 7975 AB; Health & 

Nutrition Couns., Self Employed; r: POB 552, Erie, CO 80516; 

Jay; Christian, Ryan; 

EDWARDS, Ms. Pamela Dawn; 1986AB; Producer, McCan 

Erickson, Los Angeles, CA 90048; r: 1317 Franklin St. No B, 

Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310 453-6000; 

EDWARDS, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Thornhill); 7966 AB; r; 2025 

Fairview Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608, 919 832-5789 
EDWARDS, Ms. Rebecca Noel; 7996 BA; Art Tchr., Newport; 
News Public Schs.; r: Oak Hall, 55 Ferguson Cove, Newport 
News, VA 23606, 757 595-8280 i 

EDWARDS, Mrs. Shirley Small (Shirtey Small); 7947; BAUniv.ol 
NC Chapel Hill; Retired Farm Mgmt., Kickapoo Farms; r: 700 N.i 
Union St., Lincoln, IL 62656, 217 732-3703; Robert; Greer ' 
Broemel, John R., Margaret, Caroline; I 

r; I 

EDWARDS, Mrs. Susan (Susan Stephens); 7970; Physical 
Therapist, Children's Home Health, 601 Childrens Ln., Norfolk] 
VA 23507; r; 1136 0uail Roost Ct., Virginia Bch., VA 23451, 757 
422-2783; Alexander i 

'EDWARDS, Suzanne; 7948 (See Weatherhead, Mrs. Suzanne) j 
EELLS, Ms. Marion (Polly) Coffin; 7967 AB; r; 13 Yeamans Rd.' 
Charleston, SC 29407 ] 

'EFFINGER, Frances; ACAD (See Miller, Mrs. Frances) j 

'EFFINGER, Kathehne; ACAD (See Ware, Mrs. Katherine) I 
'EFFLER, Mrs. Mary Louise (Mary Louise Holton); 7946 AB j 
EFIRD, Mrs. Anne (Anne Wrightson); 7963 ; BA Converse, MA 
UNC Chapel Hill; Homemaker; r: 2931 Grampian Dr., Gastonia 
NC 28054, 704 867-7433; Tom; Tim, Lewis 
EGBERT, Allison Hunting; 797S(See Brokaw, Mrs. Allison Egbert) 
'EGERTON, Imogene; 7925 (See Haynes, Mrs. Imogene) 
'EGERTON, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Hudson); 7926 AB 
'EGGERS, Mrs. Cornelia (Cornelia Mathewson); 7932 ! 

EGGERS, Margaret; 7944 (See Perry, Mrs. Margaret E.) i 

'EGGIMANN, Karin A.; 7986 
'EGGLESTON, Ms. Carolyn; 7963 
'EGGLESTON, Elizabeth; 7979 AB 
EGGLESTON, Marietta; 7958 (See Burleigh, Mrs. Marietta) 
EGGLESTON, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Belser); 7943; BA Univ. of SC 
Biology Instr., Retired, Univ. of South Carolina; r; 400 Saluda 
Ave., Columbia, SC 29205, 803 799-3402; Jere (Dec); Robert 
Susalee, Sarah, Eleanor 
EGGLESTON, Stephanie A.; 7965(SeeHarrover, Mrs. Stephanie 

E-) I 

EGLI, Jeannette (Gigi) Marie; 7975 (See Drake, Mrs. Jeannettf) 

EGLI, Katherine Joan; 7982 (See Armstrong, Ms. Katherine Joan) 
EGLIN, Ms. Leslie Adele; 7984 AB; Regional Dir. of Humar 

Resources, Grant Thornton LLP; r: 4630 36th St. S No 1495 

Arlington, VA 22206, 703 931-9384; 
'EGOLF, Jean; 7962 (See Bentz, Mrs. Jean) 
EHLE, Katherine W.; 7975 (See Atanasov, Mrs. Katherine W.) . 
*EHLE, Martha; 7927 (See Lesh, Mrs. Martha) 


EHLEN, Ms. Catherine Harper; ?995 BA; AA Nysid; Interior 
Designer, Kitctien Concepts, Inc., 159 Washington St., Norwell, 
MA 02061, 781 871-2400; r: 90 W. Cedar St. Apt. 5R, Boston, 
MA 021 14, 617 723-6898; 
"EHMANN, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Waite); ACAD 
'EHMANN, Nelly J.; 7937(See Roblin, Mrs. Nelly J.) 
EHRICH, Mrs. Ann J. (Ann J. Wheeler); y970 AB; BS Cornell 
Univ., MS Univ. of Pennsylvania; RN, Univ. of PA Health Systs., 
3550 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104; r: 2501 Christian St. 
Apt. 101, Philadelphia, PA 19146, 215 732-4365; 
EHRICH, Mrs. Olive M. (Olive M. Whittington); 1940 AB; 

r: 27378 Azen Loop, Brooksville, FL 34602, 352 799-1933 
EICHACKER, Mrs. Janet (Janet Quinn); 1942; r: POB 236, 

Heathsville, VA 22473 
EICHELBERGER, Ms. Patricia (Patricia Williams); 1973; 
r: 4604 Point Loma Ave., San Diego, CA 92107 
"EICHELKRAUT, Mrs. Louise (Louise Damgard); 1936 
EICHER, Bobbie Lynn; 2003; r; 715 Memory Ln., Mc Keesport, 

PA 15133, 412 664-7238 
EICKHOFF, Ms. Ilsabein Heather; 1991 BA; r; 4781 9 Block- 
house Point PL, Sterling, VA 20165, 703 421-9190 
"EiKELMAN, Nell; 1919 {See Hanf, Mrs. Nell) 
"EIKENBERRY, Lorine; ACAD (See Wilmer, Mrs. Lorine) 
EIL, Mrs. Margaret Jane (Margaret Jane Holding); 1972 ; 
Sculptor; r; 2420 Damascus Church Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 
919 967-5749 
"EILERT, Marie Arlyn; 1917 
EILEY, Ms. Olive Ann; 2001 BA; r: Ambergris Caye, Airstrip Area, 

San Pedro Town, Belize 
'EINHART, Ruth C; 1933 
EINHAUS, Mary L.; t972 (See Vallen, Mrs. Mary L.) 
EINSEL, Mrs. Grace M. (Grace M. DeLong); 1952 AB; r; 26 
Sunrise Hill Dr., W. Hartford, CT 06107, 860 521-8300; 
Richard: Lynne 
EINSEL, Lynne Delong; 1 979 AB; r: Easton-Moss Co, 72 Spring 

St. 7th PL, New York, NY 10012, 212 334-3820 
EISENBERG, June; 1944 (See Gumick, Mrs. June) 
EISENBERG, Stacey; 1994 (See Payne, Mrs. Stacey) 
"EISENDRATH, Alma; 1914 (See Meissner, Mrs. Alma) 
"EiSENDRATH, Gertrude; ACAD {See Kuh, Mrs. Gertrude) 
EISENHAUER, Ann; 1979; r; 67 Rolling Ridge Rd.,UpperSaddle 

River, NJ 07458 
EfSER, Jane; 1956 (See Rather, Mrs. Jane) 
EISERLE, Mrs. Deborah R. (Deborah R. Hart); 1974 ;r: 2020 

Forest Downs Dr., Ft. Wayne, IN 46815, 260 749-6104 
'EISINGER, Elizabeth Marie; 1986 (See Mackes, Mrs. Elizabeth 

EISTER, Mrs. Cynthia Sue (Cynthia Sue Seller); 1976 A B ; 
Business Owner; r: 1 001 First Ave., Williamsport, PA 1 7701 , 570 
327-1707; Ron; Ron Jr., Sarah, Laura; 
"EKELUND, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Weiser); 1923 AB 
'EKHOLM, Gwendolyn; 1968 

EKLUND, Mrs. Sally (Sally Strothman); 1955 ;BA Northwestern 
Univ. IL; Retired; r: 2412 Fox Meadow Ln., Northfield, IL 60093, 
847 446-7488; Roger (Dec); Peter, Kathryn 
ELA, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Thompson); 1942; r: 722 

Wilder Dr., Madison, Wl 53704 
EL BANHAWY, Mrs. Sherin Mohamed S.; 1997; Asst. /Clerk, 
The Supreme Constitution Ct. of Egypt; r: UOAAI-NasrSt., New 
Maadi, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt; 
ELBERT, Leslie; 1974 (See Hill, Mrs. Leslie) 
ELBRICK, Valerie; 7963 (See Hanlon, Mrs. Valerie) 
ELCOCK, Mrs. Jessie (Jessie Strickland); 1946 BA; Home- 
maker; r; 10302 Big Canoe, Jasper, GA 30143, 706 268-3393; 
Walter: Walter B. Ill, Jessie Smith, Nancy, Claire Banks; 
i*'ELDER, Mrs. Catharine (Catharine Farrand); 1926 
I ELDER, Ms. Harriet (Harriet Thayer); 1952BA; MSPeabodyClg./ 
I Vanderbilt Univ.; Couns., 440 Montford Ave., Asheville, NC 
j 28801, 828 669-9343; r: 405 Ivy Rd., Black Mtn., NC 28711, 828 
669-9343; Beth, Jim 
ELDER, Sandra; 7958 (See Harper, Mrs. Sandra) 
I ELDER, Susan; 7957 (See Martin, Mrs. Susan) 

I 'Address Unknown "Deceased 


ELDER, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Jago); 7953; Ranch Mgr.; r: 3643 

Overbrook Ln., Houston, TX 77027, 713 622-4980; John W. 
"ELDREDGE, Mrs. Joy S. (Joy S. Parker); 7954 AB 
"ELDRIDGE, Katherine I.; 7930 (See Flack, Mrs. Katherine I.) 
ELDRIDGE, Virginia (Nia) 0.; 7970 (See Eaton, Mrs. Virginia (Nia) 

'*ELEBASH, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Bowers); 7939 
'*ELEY, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Flynn); 7924 AB 
ELGAR, Mrs. Martha (Martha Meehan); 7967 AB; r: 4502 

Ashburn Walk, NE, Marietta, GA 30068, 770 578-9018 
ELGER, Mrs. Leslie (Leslie Smith); 7963; r: 2526 Dove Dr., 

Cedarburg, Wl 53012, 262 375-2266 
*ELGRABLY. Therese; 7959 
ELIAN, Claudine C. (Claudine E. Clarke); 7972 ; Artist/Writer, 

POB 386, Cooper Sta., New York, NY 10276, 347 262-8084; 

r: POB 519, Sedro Woolley, WA 98284, 360 855-2345; 

■*ELIOT, Amy; 7978 (See Jose, Mrs. Amy) 
*ELKINS, Mrs. Anna (Anna Willis); 7933 
ELKINS, Ms. DebraAnn; 7993 BS; PhD Texas A&M Univ.-Clg. 

Sta.,MSTexasA&MUniv. CIg. Sta.;Sr. Rsch. Engr., GM, 

Research & Development Ctr., 30500 Mound Rd., Warren, Ml 

48090, 586 986-2750; r: 2850 Pkwy.Cir.,StertingHts., Ml 48310, 

586 243-6704; 

"ELKINS, Elizabeth C; 7922 (See McCaudless, Mrs. Elizabeth C.) 
ELKINS, Holly Amber; 7995 (See Marshall, Mrs. Holly Amber) 
ELKINS, Laura L.; 7977 ; BS Univ. of VA; Artist/Business Owner, 

3Ply Studios; r: 20 9th St. NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202 546- 

4556; John Robbins: AWbrHon, Adele; 
ELKINS, Rachel Lee; 7997 (See Thompson, Rachel Elkins) 
ELKINS, Mrs. Regina Elizabeth (Regina Elizabeth Jones); 7975 

AB; Mgr., Human Resources; r; 706 GilmarysRd., Baltimore, MD 

21210,410 323-1781 
ELKINS, Ms. Sarah Margaret; 7999 BA; MA Texas Woman's 

Univ.; Indep. CIg. Couns. & Writing Tutor, Self Employed, Denton, 

TX 76201 ; r; 121 1 Austin St., Denton, TX 76201 , 940 484-1 934; 

elkins_sarah @ hotmail .com 
ELKINS, Susanne M.; 7970 (See Major, Ms. Susanne M.) 
ELLEF, Robin Lyn (Robin Lyn Beaulieu); 7997BA; Homemaker; 

r; 418 Lovely St., Avon, CT 06001, 860 673-1011; Pefer; 

"ELLER, Alice; 1958 {See Patterson, Mrs. Alice) 
ELLER, Amy Catherine; 7993 (See Eller-Lewis, Mrs. Amy 

ELLERBE, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Robinson); 7956; BA Univ. of 

South Carolina; Homemaker; r; Box 578, Latta, SC 29565, 843 

752-5775; Frank: Frank, Mason 
ELLER-LEWIS, Mrs. Amy Catherine (Amy Catherine Eller); 

7993 BA; MFANaropa Univ.; Writer; r; 77 Sycamore St. No 1, 

Providence, Rl 02909, 401 338-535^; Allan Lewis: 
ELLERMAN, Mrs. Helen Graeff (Helen Lorenz Graeff); 7946 AB; 

AB, MBA Union Theological Seminary; Co-owner/Musician, 

Candle Rays, Harmony Sq. 1751C Virginia Ave., Harrisonburg, 

VA 22802, 540 434-6070; r: 541 N. Blue Ridge Dr., Harrisonburg, 

VA 22802, 540 434-7578; Ray: 

"ELLERTSON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Carpenter); 7926 
ELLETT, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Rucker); 7 948 AB; 

Retired; Homemaker/Church & Community Volunteer; r: 1600 

Westbrook Ave. #728, Richmond, VA 23227, 804 264-6622; 

7aze we//; Susan, Edmund, Robert 
ELLICE, Anne Parry; 7962 (See Adam, Mrs. Anne Parry) 
ELLICE, Mrs. Margaret R. (Margaret Ross); 7934 AB; Retired 

Secy., RCA Communications; r; 42 Pleasant Run Rd, Fleming- 
ton, NJ 08822, 908 782-6716; Edward: Ame 
ELLINGER, Ms. Melony Joe; 7993 BS; JD Univ. of Baltimore Sch. 

of Law; Family Law, Law Offices of Melony Joe Ellinger, P. A., 

POB 966, La Plata, MD 20646, 301 934-4292; r; POB 1 79, 

Welcome, MD 20693, 301 932-0271; 

"ELLINGTON, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Lamb); 7929 
"ELLINGTON, Virginia; ACAD {See Link, Mrs. Virginia) 
"ELLIOT, Margaret; 7926 (See Manning, Mrs. Margaret) 
"ELLIOT, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Haskins); 7940 AB 




ELLIOT, Mrs. Sandra J. (Sandra J. Beall); 1970: r: 18332 

Hideaway Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278, 704 588-0990 
ELLIOTT, Angela Dawn; 1998 (See Merrick, Mrs. Angela Dawn) 
ELLIOTT, Anne; 1953 (See Caskie, Mrs. Anne) 
ELLIOTT, Barbara; 1958 (See Eddins, Mrs. Barbara) 
ELLIOTT, Charlotte Karen; 2003 ; r: 9 Ave. du Bijou, 01210 

Ferney Voltaire, France, 450429074 
'ELLIOTT, Mrs. Edith (Edith Farr); 1 945 AB 
'ELLIOTT, Eleanor; 1935 (See Scott, Mrs. Eleanor) 
•ELLIOTT, Mrs. Ella (Ella Heath); ACAD 
"ELLIOTT, Faye; ACAD (See Pogue, Mrs. Faye) 
ELLIOTT, Helen Holmes; /948(See Sockwell, Mrs. Helen Elliott) 
ELLIOTT, Ms. Jacalyn Heather; y995 BA; Librarian, Charles H. 
Stone Mem. Library , POB 1 0, Pilot Mtn. , NC 27041 , 336 368-2370; 
r: POB 51 , Pilot Mtn., NC 27041 , 336 368-4882; 
ELLIOTT, Jane Richards; ?985(See Murphy, Mrs. Jane Elliott) 
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Jean (Jean Gilliland); 1962;r.78A3 Caruth Ct., 

Dallas, TX 75225 
•ELLIOTT, Mrs. Jeannette (Jeannette Shambaugh); 1933 
ELLIOTT, Ms. Kimberly Yvette; 1998 ; r; 9230 Livery Ln. Apt. H, 

Laurel, MD 20723 
ELLIOTT, Ms. Lida Anne; 1995 BA; MA Naropa Univ.; Contem- 
plative Psychotherapist; r: 1085 Tantra Park Cir., Boulder, CO 
•ELLIOTT, Mrs. Lloyd; 1938AB 
•ELLIOTT, Mrs. Marion G. (Marion G. Nulsen); 1939 
•ELLIOTT, Mrs. Mary (Mary Gregg); 1940 
•ELLIOTT, Mary; 1932 (See Phelps, Mrs. Mary) 
•ELLIOTT, Mary L.; 1937 (See Hemingway, Mrs. Mary L.) 
ELLIOTT, Matalie; 1938 (See Griffin, Mrs. Matalie) 
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Wendy W. (Wendy W. Worthen); 1979 BA; Com- 
mercial Real Estate Broker, Woodruff Brokerage Co., POB 7727, 
Columbus, GA 31908, 706 323-6401; r; 1906 Stark Ave., 
Columbus, GA 31906, 706 322-2295; J. Robert (Bob); Emily; 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Agnes (Agnes Williams); y935 BS 
ELLIS, Mrs. Angela Callis (Angela Dawn Callis); 1987 AB\ Stay 
At Home Mom; r: 336 Mundy Point Rd., Callao, VA 22435, 804 
529-6064; Mc/iae/,' Jeremiah, Mary; 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Anne L. (Anne L Philbin); 1938 
•ELLIS, Beulah; 1926 (See Von Amim, Mrs. Beulah) 
•ELLIS, Clarissa; 1 928 AB 
ELLIS, Cynthia; 1950 {See Dunn, Mrs. Cynthia) 
•ELLIS, Dorothy; 1923 (See Worley, Mrs. Dorothy) 
ELLIS, Eloise; 1943 (See Simons, Mrs. Eloise) 
ELLIS, Eugenia; 1951 (See Mason, Mrs. Eugenia) 
•ELLIS, Georgianna P.; /946 AB 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Helen (Helen Rockett); 1939 
ELLIS, Mrs. Helen Van Hoose (Helen Van Moose Hartman); 
1956 ; BA Univ. of MO; r: 4505 Glenwick Ln., Dallas, TX 75205, 
214 526-2265; James: Mary, Helen; 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Isabelle (Isabelle Doming); 1923 
ELLIS, Mrs. Jackie (Jackie Littell); )95S; Administrative Asst., 
Ian Mackinley Architecture Inc., 96 Jessie St., San Francisco, CA 
94105,415 243-4191; r: 17Hall Dr., Orinda, CA94563,925254- 
ELLIS, Jane; 1960 (See Covington, Mrs. Jane) 
ELLIS, Ms. KarynD.; ?996 BA;r: POB 212, Lovingston, VA 

22949,540 559-6150 
ELLIS, Mrs. Kimberley (Kim) Page (Kimberley Page Hatter); 
1991 BA; BA; Accounts Receivable Supv., Tiger Fuel Co., 2000 
Carlton Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434 293-6157; r: 3471 
Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford, VA 22958, 434 361-1827; 
Daniel; Danny; 
•ELLIS, Margaret M.; 1971 (See Williams, Mrs. Margaret M.) 
•ELLIS, Mary Christine; 1977 

ELLIS, Mrs. Mary Alice (Mary Alice Durham); 1933 ; AB Univ. of 
Alabama; Homemaker; r; 400 University Park Dr. #322, Birming- 
ham, AL 35209, 205 871-6332; William WfOecJ; Elizabeth 
Woods, Durham W. 


ELLIS, Mary- Jo Sue; 1 985 AB; AS SUNY-Canton; EHS Compli- 
ance Ofcr., Gives Steel Co., Northern Div., 8 Church St., 

Gouverneur, NY 13642, 315 287-2200; r: 4643 State Hwy. 58 

Apt. 1, Gouverneur, NY 13642, 315 287-7205; 

•ELLIS, Mildred; 1921 (See Scales, Mrs. Mildred) 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Todd); y939 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Sally L. (Sally L. Chellas); J965 AB 
•ELLIS, Shirley; 1961 (See Smith, Mrs. Shirley) 
•ELLIS, Mrs. Sydney S. (Sydney S. Meredith); 1974 
•ELLIS, Wingfield; 1951 (See Parker, Mrs. Wingfield) 
ELLISON, Ms. Britt Kirsten; ?993BA;MBA Mccallum Sch. of 

Business; r; 23 Kane Dr., Scituate, MA 02066, 781 545-4210; 

Michael L. Dressier; 
ELLISON, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth Davis); 1980 ; 

Planned Giving Ofcr., Natl. Geographic Society; r: 61 07 Fox 

Run, Fairfax, VA 22030 
ELLISON, Mrs. Sarah Baxter (Sarah Baxter Johann); 1975 AB; 

MED Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Retired Teacher2nd Grade; 

r; Swift Shoal, POB 11, Millwood, VA 22646, 540 837-1917; 

Greg; Charles, Mary 
•ELLISOR, Elizabeth; 7957 (See Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
ELLISOR, Margaret Kay; 7976 (See Hopkins, Mrs. Margaret Kay) 
•ELLSWORTH, Fanny; 1921 (See Scannell, Mrs. Fanny) 
•ELMENDORF, Erna N.; SPEC (See McAllister, Mrs. Erna N.) 
•ELMER, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Love); 1944 
•ELMES, Anita C; 1944 (See Hendrie, Mrs. Anita C.) 
ELMETS, Mrs. Pamela Lynn (Pamela Lynn Koehler); 1980 BA; 

Homemaker, Sacramento, CA; r: 404 Crocker Rd., Sacramento, 

CA 95864, 916 483-0389; Douglas; Andrew, Lauren, Caroline; 
ELMORE, Elisabeth (Betty) Gay; 1950 (See Gilleland, Mrs. Betty 

(B.G.) Gay) 
ELMORE, Mary Caroline; 1964 (See Harrell, Ms. Mary Caroline, 

•ELMORE, Ms. Shelly Renee (Shelly Renee Luke); 1989 
ELSTNER, Mrs. Carolyn J. (Carolyn G. Jones); 1 969 AB; MA 

Univ. of VA; Preservationist/Bookkeeper, Friends of Wilderness 

Battlefield, 3511 Meekins Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407, 540 

785-4491 ;r: 2 Commonwealth PI., Fredericksburg, VA 22405, 

540 373-6240; E. Thomas Jr.; Meg, Peter; 
'ELSTON-BEEMER, Mrs. Florence (Florence Woelfel); 1921 AB 
•ELSTUN, Genevieve; 1924 (See Moodey, Mrs. Genevieve) 
•ELTON, Mrs. Flo G. (Flo G. Brown); 1930 
ELTONHEAD, Joan; 1973 (See Bromley, Mrs. Joan E.) 
ELWELL, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Lutz); 1961 BA; r: 118 Sycamore 

Ct., Spartanburg, SC 29302; Robert; Elizabeth, William 
ELY, Francine Helen; 1975 (See Cannon, Mrs. Francine Helen) 
ELY, Ms. Lloyd; 1957; Real Estate Agt.; r: 1223 Wilshire Blvd. 

#453, Santa Monica, CA 90403, 310 828-7260 
ELY, Mary; 7958 (See Seals, Mrs. Mary) 
•ELY, Mary S.; 7952 (See Smith, Mrs. Mary S.) 
•ELY, Mildred; SPEC (See Bradfield, Mrs. Mildred) 
•ELY, Virginia; 7973 (See Arthur, Mrs. Virginia) 
ELZE, Ms. Brenda; 7999 BA; BA Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln; 

Financial Analyst, USAF; r: 21 Shaw Cir., Bedford, MA 01730,! 

781 275-6509; 

•ELZINGA, Susan Kay; 7976 (See Reynolds, Mrs. Susan Kay) 
•EMBREY, Elizabeth; ACAD {See Cowan, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
•EMBREY, Mary Elizabeth; 7930 (See Houston, Mrs. Maryi 

EMBREY, Mrs. Nell D. (Nell D. Reed); 7934; r: Box 274, Lovingn 

ston,VA 22949, 434 263-5148 
EMBREY, Sarah F.; 7970 (See Bass, Mrs. Sarah E.) 
•EMBRY, Victoria; 7946 (See Turner, Mrs. Victoria) 
•EMENHEISER, Ms. Leslie Paige; 7999 , 

•EMERICK, Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth J. Richardson); ACAD 
EMERICK, Lynn; 7943 (See Dethlefs, Mrs. Lynn) ' 

•EMERSAN, Mrs. Ruth W. (Ruth W. West); ACAD 
•EMERSON, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Tomb); 7978 
EMERSON, Ms. Margaret Elaine (Margaret Elaine Jenks); 7968 

AB; Educational Technologist, D.O.D.D.S.; r: Christian Bitter 

Strasse 21, Heidelberg 69126, Germany; 



EMERSON, Mrs. Patricia S.; 1972 ; BS Art Inst, of Ft. Lauderdale; 

r: 2205 NW 37th Ave., Coconut Creel<, FL 33066, 954 970-0671 ; 

Heather, Leigh, Daniel, Gabhelle, Charles; 
EMERSON, Mrs. Sally (Sally Lee); 1966 ; BA Univ. of Tulsa, MA 

Webster Univ.; Retired Healthcare Admin.; r: 1699 Lakeside Dr., 

Orlando, FL 32803, 407 898-2459 
EMERSON, Tressa P.; ^922 (See Benson, Mrs. Tressa P.) 
EMERY, Mrs. Helen (Helen Bean); 1934 m r: 142 E Market St., 

Bethlehem, PA 18018, 610 866-3765 
EMERY, Katherine; 1928 (See Eaton, Mrs. Katherine) 
EMERY, Linda; 1962 (See Miller, Mrs. Linda E.) 
EMERY, Mary C; 1951 (See Barnhill, Mrs. Mary E.) 
EMERY, Mrs. Rose Beverley (Rose Beverley Burks); 1961 BA; 

Assoc. Atty., The Falk Law Firm, 2445 N St. NW Ste. 260, 

Washington, DC 20037, 202 833-8700; r: 3475 Free Union Rd., 

Charlottesville, VA 22901, 434 978-4041 
EMIG, Mrs. Hannah L. (Hannah L. Davis); 1983 AB 
EMISON, Mrs. Holly Morrissett (Ann Hollins Morrissett); 1975 

AB; MBA Univ. of Richmond; Owner, Morrissette Personnel Inc., 

10908 Branberry Ln., Richmond, VA 23233, 804 346-4982; 

r; same; Graham, Annie; 


MLING, Mrs. Marjorie (Marjorie Morse); 1933 

MMERLING, Julia A.; 1934 (See Burroughs, Mrs. Julia A.) 

MMERSON, Ms. Susan (Susan Patterson); 1969 

MMERT, Marguerite; )946(See Baldwin, Mrs. Marguerite) 

MMERT, Virginia; ACAD (See Beall, Mrs. Virginia) 

MMETT, Mary S.; 1972 

MMONS, Mrs. Bettina Wyman (Bettina Lee Bell); 1939 ; AB 

Duke Univ., Katherine Gibbs Sch.; r; Dixville Village 210, 7 Riv- 

erwoods Dr., Exeter, NH 03833, 603 772-0338; Ann, Sally, Jane 
EMMONS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Boyce); 1937 
EMMOTT, Mrs. Kathryn F. (Kathryn F. Reid); 1927 
EMORY, Emilie R.; 1934 (See Leary, Mrs. Emilie R.) 
ENDACOTT, CDR Dana D., USN(Ret.) (Dana Anne Dotten); 

1978 BA; MA Univ. North Florida; Pilot; r: 1601 Tamara Ln., 

Fallon, NV 89406, 775 423-4607; Steue; Ariel, Erik; 

endacottdana @ 
ENDERLY, Annette; 1933 (See Birgel, Mrs. Annette) 
ENDRES, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne MacDonald); 1937 
ENG, Christine Linda; 1973 (See Leventhal, Mrs. Christine Eng) 
ENGDAHL, Mrs. Marlene (Marlene Etienne); 1956 ; BA Boston 

Univ.; Retired Exec. Secy.; r: 18 Clark St., POB 405, Bethel, ME 

04217, 207 824-8640; /.awrence,-Dian ne Stilley, Suzanne 

Upton, Laurie Meyer, Richard; 


NGEL, Mrs. Frances (Frances Kelly); 1935 

NGEL, Marcia; 1939 {See Panama, Mrs. Marcia) 

NGEL, Marie Adele; 1982 (See Earnhart, Mrs. Marie Engel) 

NGELHARD, Margaret J.; ACAD{See Phipps, Mrs. Margaret J.) 

NGELHARDT, Mrs. Margaret Virginia (Margaret Virginia 

McCall); 1961 ; r; 2622 Fernway Dr., Montgomery,AL 36111, 334 


ENGELHARDT, Sara; 1966 (See Peters, Mrs. Sara) 
ENGELKE, Mrs. Mathea Lynette (Mathea Lynette Almen); 1961 


ENGELSMAN, Dr. Joan (Joan Chamberlain); ^954 AB 
ENGELSMANN, Elizabeth Read; 1982 (See Flanigan, Ms. 

Elizabeth Read) 
ENGEMAN, Frances; 1925 
iNGH, Barbara; 1942 {See Croft, Mrs. Barbara) 
ENGH, Dorothy; ^957 (See Moore, Mrs. Dorothy) 
iNGH, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Backus); 1962 ; r: 803 N. Howard 

St., #252, Alexandria, VA 22304, 703 370-3906 
SiNGH, Jean; 1941 (See Lycan, Mrs. Jean) 
liNGLAND, Hester; 1935 

iNGLAND, Josephine; 1964 (See Redd, Mrs. Josephine) 
|;NGLAND, Mildred; ACAD {See Gurley, Mrs. Mildred) 
i INGLE, Ms. Kristen Leigh; )993 BA; Cnslt., MD's America Inc., 
: 729 S Federal Hwy. Ste. 212, Stuart, FL 34994, 772 463-8338; 
I r: 254 Village Blvd. #4307, Tequesta, FL 33469, 561 741-0072; 
|:NGLEBY, Sarah Sizer; 7986 (See Farrell, Mrs. Sarah Sizer) 

kddress Unknown "Deceased 

ENGLERT, Mrs. Jane (Jane Campbell); ?957BA; MA Indiana 
Univ. of PA; Tchr.-Retired, Armstrong Sch. Dist., Dayton HS, 
CollegeAve.,Dayton, PA 16222; r: POB 89, Manorville, PA 
16238, 724 763-2587; John: Anne, Stephen, Thomas; 
ENGLISH, Anne W.; 1965 (See Wardwell, Mrs. Anne E.) 
'ENGLISH, Cornelia; 1946 (See Monthan, Mrs. Cornelia) 
'ENGLISH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hopper); 1917 
ENGLISH, Eloise; ^942 (See Rankin, Mrs. Eloise) 
ENGLISH, Judith Ann; /982;r: 1219 Mountford Ct., Charlottes- 
ville, VA 22901 , 434 978-1420 
ENGLISH, Ms. Michela A.; 1971 BA; MBA Yale Univ.; Pros., 
Discovery Consumer Products, Discovery Communications Inc., 
One Discovery PL, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 240 662-4570; 
r: 3220 Nebraska Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016, 202 686- 
1381; Donald QuarieliWW, Eleanore; 
ENGLUND, Mrs. Gage (Gage Bush); /953; r: POB 469, Pt. 

Clear, AL 36564, 251 928-1625 
ENGRAM, Mrs. Sarah Colhoun (Sarah Langhorne Colhoun); 
/979; BA; Homemaker; r: 2848 Kensington Rd., Winston- 
Salem, NC 27106, 336 761-8269; Jonathan; Hewitt, Hamilton 
'ENGSTROM, Mrs. Britt I. (Britt I. Lindgren); 1959 
'ENGSTROM, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Day); 1918 
ENNEY, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth (Betsy) (Betsy Lewis); 1953 ; r; 234 
Devonwood Dr., St. Simons Island, GA 31522, 912 638-8359; 
Kenneth; Elizabeth, Kenneth Jr.; 
ENNIS, Ms. Carolyn W.; ?978 AB; Protection Ofcr., Unhcr, 13, El 

Fellah St., Mohandiseen, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt 
ENNIS, Mrs. Kathleen Knox (Kathy Knox); 1960 AB; Deacon, 
Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Flohda, lona-Hope Episcopal 
Church, 9650 Gladiolus Dr., Ft. Myers, FL 33908, 239 454-4778; 
r: 6180 18th Ave. NW, Naples, FL 341 19, 239 597-2575; Hugh; 
Katherine, Evelyn, Caroline, Gregory; 
*ENNS, Susan; 1963 (See Tully, Mrs. Susan) 
'ENOCHS, Margaret Aderholt; 1983 (See Jarvis, Dr. Margaret 

'ENRIGHT, Margot; y945(See Aghnides, Mrs. Margot) 
ENSCOE, Sally; 1956 (See Olsen, Mrs. Sally) 
'ENSOR, Estelle; ACAD (See Rutherford, Mrs. Estelle) 
'ENTEMAN, Elizabeth V.; ?953(See Hearns, Mrs. Elizabeth V.) 
'ENTENMANN, Mrs. Nancie Geer Howe (Nancie Geer Howe); 

1956 BA 
ENTIS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Manson); 1970; r: 72 Bonad 

Rd., W. Newton, MA 02465, 617 527-1596 
ENTWISTLE, Mary; 1966 (See Limbert, Mrs. Mary) 
'ENTWiSTLE, Mrs. Sally (Sally Owens); 1961 AB 
*EOFF, Frances; 7926 (See Null, Mrs. Frances) 
EOFF, Teresa F.; ?970(See Walsh, Mrs. Teresa F.) 
EPPERSON, Deborah Lynn; 1977{See Sizer, Ms. Deborah Lynn) 
'EPPES, Mrs. Mary Archer (Mary Archer Bean); 1929 AB 
*EPPLE, Patricia Suella; ?976(See Behrns, Mrs. Pathcia Suella) 
'EPSEN, Katherine; 1958 (See Millhiser, Mrs. Katherine) 
EPSTEIN, Laurie Gale; 1974 (See Dearlove, Mrs. Laurie Epstein) 
*ERBEN, Mrs. Frances (Frances Carpenter); ACAD 
*ERCK, Clare; 1915 (See Fletcher, Mrs. Clare) 
*ERCK, Mrs. Georgena (Georgena Sellar); ACAD 
ERDMAN, Mrs. Eleanor C. (Eleanor R. Crosby); 1960 BA; 
Interior Designer, Princeton Decorating Studio, 33 Jameson Point 
Rd., Rockland, ME 04841, 207 594-2808; r; same; David; 
James Ward, Ian, Charlotte B., Jonathan D., Jane Remillard; 
ecerdman @ iopener. net 
'ERICKSON, Mrs. Helen W. (Helen W. Oferrell); ACAD 
ERICKSON, Jennifer A.; 1974 (See Smith, Mrs. Jennifer A.) 
ERICKSON, Mrs. Kathehne Love (Katherine Love Taylor); 1980 
AB; Elem. Asst. Teacher, Lovett Sch., 4075 Paces Ferry Rd., 
Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 262-3032; r: 300 Black Water Cove NW, 
Atlanta, GA 30328, 404 843-3842; Jon; Katie, Brian; 
ERICKSON, Mrs. Kelly Elizabeth (Kelly Elizabeth Wood); 1990 
BA; Homemaker; r: 21 1 Benjamin Ave., Warner Robins, GA 
31098, 478 329-0647; Steve; Jack, Sophie; 
skjsl © 
'ERICKSON, Marcia; 1973 (See Meredith, Mrs. Marcia) 
ERICKSON, Moira; 1980 (See Lawrence, Dr. Moira E.) 
ERIKSEN, Mary Jane; 1951 (See Ertman, Mrs. Mary Jane) 




ERLANDSON, Lynn Fredericka; 1981 (See Pauley, Mrs. Lynn 

ERLEBACH, Sandra Jean; 1979 (See Gershenfeld, Mrs. Sandra 

'ERSKINE, Mrs. Barbara D. (Barbara L. Duffield); 1969^B 

ERSKINE, Jean Rosslyn; 1940 (See Harris, Mrs. Jean Erskine) 

ERSKINE, Mrs. Kathryn Patricia (Kathryn Patricia Repetto); 
1986 AB; r: 304 Abbey Ct., Ridgewood, NJ 07450, 201 670-6515 

'ERTEL, Elizabeth; 1921 (See Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

ERTMAN, Mrs. Mary Jane (Mary Jane Eriksen); 1951 AB; 
Retired; r: 8 Bird Hill Ave., Wellesley His., MA 02481, 781 235- 
0941 : Gardner: Eric, Anne, Susan, Martha, Andrew 
*ERVIN, Addie; 1914 (See Des Portes, Mrs. Addle) 

ERVIN, Mrs. Anne (Kirks) K. (Anne (Kirks) F. Kirksey); 1953 AB 
Homemaker/Property Mgr. , Kirksey Apts. , Morganton, NC 28655: 
r: 519 Lenoir St., Morganton, NC 28655, 828 437-0154; H. Tate. 
Dolly E. Holder, Dan, David, Amy E. Kirkman, Margaret (Dec) 

ERVIN, Mrs. Carol A. (Carol A. Bowen); 1964 AB; MA Florida 
State Univ., MS Florida State Univ.; Retired Tchr., Leon Cnty. 
Sch. Dist.; r: 3009 Windsor Way, Tallahassee, FL 32312, 850 
385-9338; Richard; Richard, Fran, Phillip, Tina, Baker 
'ERVIN, Eleanor; 1927 {See Bullock, Mrs. Eleanor) 

ERVIN, Ms. Lanette Andrea; r: 151 Century Dr. Apt. 141, Green- 
ville, SC 29607, 864 242-3994; 
*ERVIN, Mary; ACAD (See Townsend, Mrs. Mary) 
*ERWIN. Elizabeth; 1945 (See Denniston, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

ERWIN, Mrs. Louise Victoria W. (Louise Victoria W. Wright); 
)979 AB; Investment Ofcr., First Union Bank, 123 S. Broad St., 
Philadelphia, PA 19109; r: 535 Baeder Rd., Jenkintown, PA 
19046,215 885-1024; 
'ERWIN, Sarah; ACAD (See Bellamy, Mrs. Sarah) 
*ESCHWEILER, Mrs. Tracy (Tracy Steele); 1923 

ESHAM, Barbara Elizabeth; 1983 (See Hart, Mrs. Barbara 

ESHBACH, Adelaide; 1978 (See Donnelly, Mrs. Adelaide E.) 

ESHELMAN, Cynthia Ann; ?977(See Johnson, Mrs. Cynthia Ann) 
'ESHLEMAN, Kathleen Legendre; 1937 (See Maginnis, Mrs. 

Kathleen Legendre) 
•ESKESEN, Alice; )927 (See Ganzel, Mrs. Alice) 
*ESKESEN, Gudrun; /926(See Smith, Mrs. Gudrun) 
*ESKRIDGE. Elizabeth; 1934 (See Ambler, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'ESKRIDGE, Ellen; 1931 (See Sanders, Mrs. Ellen) 

ESLER, Sarah Bovard; 1941 (See Walters, Mrs. Sarah Esler) 

ESMAY, Mrs. Lynn J. (Lynn E. Youngs); 1964 AB; MA Southern 
Methodist Univ.; Retired Tchr., Lynn J. Esmay, 500 L'Ambiance 
Cir., Apt. 208, Naples, FL 34108, 239 514-7012; r: POB 1 1 3, 
Diamond Pt., NY 12824, 518 668-5357; fi/c/iarcf,- Caroline, 

'ESPACH, Anna A.; 1939 (See Weckler, Mrs. Anna A.) 

ESPINOSA, Mrs. Ann Ellen (Ann Ellen Montgomery); 1983 ; 
r: 1 162 Phyllis Ct., Mountain View, CA 94040, 650 969-4810 

ESPOSITO, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Cornell): 1 960 AB; Secy.- 
Treas., Graphics III, 131 Roseland Ave., Caldwell, NJ 07006, 973 
226-4343; r: 22 Briarhill Rd., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009, 973 239- 
1806;Jim, David, Deborah 
'ESSARY, Annabel; 1933 (See Smoot, Mrs. Annabel) 

ESSARY, Elene Forman; ^945 (See Gill, Mrs. Elene Essary) 

ESSRIG, Mrs. Cecile (Cecile Waterman); 1944 AB; r: 1013 
Frankland Rd., Tampa, FL 33629, 813 253-5910; Marvin; 

ESSRIG, Cecile Lee; r972 AB; MA Univ. of South Florida, JD 
Univ. of Florida; Dir. of Global Initiatives, Ethics Officer Assn., 
Belmont, MA 02478; r; 76 W. Rutland Sq., #101, Boston, MA 
02118,617 421-5598 
'ESTAVILLO, Marilynne (Marilynne Mayer); 1946 

ESTEFANIA, Mrs. Maria Ward (Maria Maffitt Ward); 1969 AB; 
MA Univ. of South Carolina; Sr. Dir., ATIS Alliance for Telecom- 
munications Ind. Solution, 1200G St. NW, Ste. 500, Washington 
DC 20005, 202 434-8842; r: 5500 Friendship Blvd., #201 IN, 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 656-6511; J.; Raymond Scott; 
•ESTERLY, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Cooke); 1934 AB 


ESTES, Mrs. Charade M. (Charade M. Boiling); )986 AB; Task 
Mgr., ARTI, 3701 N Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22203, 703 526- 
4152; r: 245 Spyglass Ln., Stafford, VA 22554, 540 659-5989; 
Davis; Chelsea, Cameran; 

ESTES, Frances; ^945 (See Seibels, Mrs. Frances) I 

ESTES, Katherine; y94;AB; Retired; r: 7603 Shadywood Rd.,1 
Bethesda, MD 20817, 301 365-4298 

ESTES, Katherine S.; 1940 (See Johnston, Mrs. Katherine E.) 

ESTES, Kelly Anne; 1982; BAUniv. NC, Chapel Hill; Pastry 
Chef, Charlotte City Club, 121 W Trade Ste. 3100, Charlotte, NC 
28202, 704 370-1 109; r: 4227 Walker Rd., Apt. 7, Charlotte, NC' 
28211,704 366-1684 

ESTES, Mrs. Kelly Michelle (Kelly Michelle Brown); ) 992 BA; I 
MED Shenandoah Univ., Sweet Briar CIg.; Elem. Tchr., Rappa-i 
hannock Cnty., 34 Schoolhouse Rd, Washington, VA 22747, 540' 
987-8259; r: 53 Schoolhouse Rd, Washington, VA 22747, 540J 
987-9509; Charles; Ben, Julia; I 

r: { 

ESTES, Sally Mills; 1993 (See Vigezzi, Mrs. Sally Estes) | 

'ESTILL, Alice; 1934 (See Rosemond, Mrs. Alice) 

ESTILL, Anne; 1950 (See Campbell, Mrs. Anne) 
'ESTILL. Bobbie L.; 1948 (See Coghill, Mrs. Bobbie L.) 

ESTILL, Rodes; 1951 (See Coleman, Mrs. Rodes) 

ESTRADA, Mrs. Mary-Somers (Mary-Somers Knight); 1975 AB; 
r: 23 Melboume Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20901 , 301 589-1 980 | 
'ETHEREDGE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth West); 7932 AB 

ETHERIDGE, Mrs. Catherine L. (Catherine L. Cowdery); 1975 ; 
BS Univ. of North Carolina Chapel; Homemaker; r: 1402 Jan/is' 
St., Raleigh, NC 27608, 919 755-0626; Bill; Blake, Laura-Cathe- 
rine, Christian, Elliott, Anna-Gaberiel, Mitchel 

ETHERIDGE, Denise Yeatman; y977(See LaCour, Mrs. Denise) 
'ETHERIDGE, Eugenia; 1945 (See Falk, Mrs. Eugenia) I 

ETHERIDGE, Jane-Arthur; 7947 (See Hamlin, Mrs. Jane-Arthurj 

ETHERIDGE, Mimi; 1944 (See Wood, Mrs. Mimi) 
ETHERIDGE, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Battey); 1934 ; r: 4275 

Owens Rd., #134, Evans, GA 30809, 706 854-0872 
'ETHERIDGE, Virginia; 1912 (See Hitch, Mrs. Virginia) 
ETIENNE, Marlene; 7956 (See Engdahl, Mrs. Marlene) 
ETLING, Christina (Tina) G.; 7972 (See Banner, Mrs. Tina E.) 
ETTELE, Mrs. Janet W. (Janet W. Pehl); 7957; r: 20823 

Stonegate Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375, 623 584-7296; Philip 

L. (Dec); 
ETTINGER, Nancy; 7956 (See Minor, Mrs. Nancy E.) 
ETZ, Constance Taylor; 7990 (See Kent, Mrs. Constance Taylor) 
ETZ, Elizabeth Sherman; 7986 (See Picken, Mrs. Elizabeth; 

'EUBANK, Alice; 7946 (See Burke, Mrs. Alice) 
'EUBANK, Mrs. Anne B. (Anne B. Beard); 7947 AB 
'EUBANK, Helen; ACAD (See Garber, Mrs. Helen) 
EUBANK, Lucy; 7977 (See Peak, Mrs. Lucy E.) 
EUBANKS, Ms. Mary (Meg) Margaret; 2007 BA; Training Coord; 

Event Planning, World Travel Meetings & Incentives, 525 N. Tryor 

St., Charlotte, NC 28255, 704 387-7615; r: 21 17 Queens Rd W., 

Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 364-5022; 
EUBANKS, Mrs. Nancy M. (Nancy G. Moses); 794S AB; Home 

maker; r: 2808 N.TaylorSL, Little Rock, AR 72207, 501 664-3054 

William (Dec); Mylinda Mitchel, William Timothy, Hamilton Moses 
*EURE, Mrs. Mary (Mary Holland); 7936 
EUSTACE, Greta Martha; 7994 (See Sullivan, Mrs. Greta Eustace; 
EUSTIS, Ann; 7949 (See Weimer, Mrs. Ann) 
EUSTIS, Lisanne Kyle; 1979 AB; Tchr., Elon Elem., 147 Younge" 

Dr., Madison Hts.,VA 24572; r: 5084 Boonsboro Rd., Lynch> 

burg, VA 24503 
EUSTON, Mrs. Helen (Helen Scribner); 1965 AB; Retired; 

r: 12644 Shoal Creek Ln., N, Jacksonville, FL 32225, 904 645; 

7816; Gregory; Gregory Jr., Geoffrey, William; 
EUSTON, Mrs. Kimberley M. (Kimberley Lee McGraw); 7992 BA 

Head of US Investor Sales, Bank of America, 9 W. 57th St., Nev 

York, NY 10019, 212 933-2500; r; 20 Clinton SL, Mt. Vernon, N^ 

10552, 914 664-3009; Gregory; Alexander, Christopher; 

'EVANS, Alice C; 7927 
EVANS, Anne; 7964 (See Gorry, Mrs. Anne) 



EVANS, Mrs. Carol Breckenridge (Carol Breckenridge Brewer); 

1975 AB; Volunteer, Natl. Alliance for The Mentally III; r : 1 52 

Beechwood Dr., Franklin, VA 23851, 757 562-2988; James 

(Jim); Catherine, Caroline; 

EVANS, Carol R.; 1973 (See Jepperson, Mrs. Carol R.) 
EVANS, Mrs. Carolyn Cannady (Carolyn Cannady); 1949 BA; 

AB Sweet Briar CIg., MA UNC-Pembroke; Lpc; r: 11616 Spring- 
house PI., Reston, VA 20194, 703 736-0484; E.; Carolyn, Anne, 

E., Grace, Mary Pat; 
EVANS, Catherine (Robin) Roberta; 1946{See Stroud, Mrs. Robin 

EVANS, Mrs. Cecelia (Cecelia Kelly); ACAD 
EVANS, Charlotte Ann; 1973 BA; MS Western Carolina Univ., MD 

Univ. of SC, Sch. of Medicine; Phys./Family Medicine, Foothills 

Family Medicine, 600 Chatham Med. Park, Elkin, NC 28621 , 336 

835-4819; r: 1825 N Oak Ridge Church Rd, Yadkinville, NC 

27055, 336 468-6721 ; Larry Klett; Weston; 

EVANS, Courtenay Boyd; 2004 ; r: 3301 Merrick Ct., Keswick, VA 

EVANS, Dorothy; 7938 (See Haveron, Mrs. Dorothy) 
iVANS, Ebbie E.; 1964 (See Edwards, Mrs. Ebbie E.) 
EVANS, Mrs. Eleanore (Eleanore Goodwin); 1932 
EVANS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Cassidy); 1933 
EVANS, Elizabeth Lee; 1989 
EVANS, Florence; 1955 (See Semple, Mrs. Florence) 
EVANS, Mrs. Frances E. (Frances E. Pope); 1949^8; r: 2236 

Pelham Dr., Houston, TX 77019, 713 522-9310 
EVANS, Francese R.; 1921 (See Ives, Mrs. Francese R.) 
EVANS, Harriet; y9y5(See Wyckoff, Mrs. Harriet) 
EVANS, Mrs. Helen W. (Helen Wolfe); 1956 BA; MA Duke Univ.; 

Indep. Researcher; r: 2606 Dover Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608, 919 

EVANS, Jacqueline P.; 1971 (See Brocco, Mrs. Jacqueline P.) 
[IVANS, Mrs. Janet (Janet Fulton); 1951 
■VANS, Mrs. Janetta (Janetta Fitzhugh); 1926 AB 
|:VANS, Jenna Leigh; 2002 BA; Old Dominion Univ.; r: 1193 
I Paramore Dr., Virginia Bch., VA 23454, 757 496-8721; 
■VANS, Jennifer Lee; 7979 ;r: 200 N. Crest Rd., Chattanooga, 

TN 37404 
■VANS, Judith; 1964; BA Newcomb CIg.; Elem. Tchr., Montes- 

sori Elem. Teacher, Montessori Sch. of Maui, 2933 Baldwin Ave., 

Makawao, HI 96768, 808 573-5984; r: POB 790746, Paia, HI 

96779, 808 572-0827; David, Lisa, Billy, Stephan; 


•VANS, Judith Wright; 1980 {See Noel, Mrs. Judith Wright) 
IVANS, Mrs. Julia S. (Julia S. Johnson); 1973 ; r: 1 06 Cibolo 

Basin Dr., Boerne, TX 78006; 
'iVANS, Kathleen Beaumont; 7979 (See LIuberes, Mrs. Kathleen 

|;VANS, Mrs. Kathleen Hooker (Kathleen Warren Hooker); 1977 
} AB; MA Washington CIg.; Maternity Case Mgmt.-Eastern Shore 
; of Maryland, Johns Hopkins Healthcare, 6704 Curtis Ct., Glen 
I Bumie, MD 21060, 410 820-6417; r: 316 Prospect Ave., Easton, 

MD 21601, 410 822-5818; 

VANS, Katrina Lousue; ?988(See Gatti, Mrs. Katrina Lousue) 

VANS, Laura Willits; 7979 AB; Self-Employed; r; Podere 

Calzone, Collelungo, San Venanzo (TR), Italy; 


VANS, Laurie Anne (See Lamb, Laurie Anne) 

VANS, Linda; 1961 (See Wolcott, Mrs. Linda) 

VANS, Lora Tiffany; 7989; r: 315 Perth Dr., Cleveland, OH 

44143,440 449-2585 

VANS, Lorraine Wemyss; 2002; r: 38499 Snickersville Tpk, 

Middleburg, VA 20117, 540 687-6996 

VANS, Louise; 1922 (See Shideler, Mrs. Louise) 

VANS, Mrs. Lucy L. (Lucy H. Lombardi); 1 970 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 5200 S. Steele St., Greenwood VIg., CO 80121, 303 

721-9150; Stewarf; Elizabeth, Morgan; 

VANS, Ms. Margaret Ann; 7984 AB; Devel., Churchhomes, Inc., 

705 New Britain Ave., Hartford, CT 06106, 860 527-9126; 

r: 106 Bogue Rd., Harwinton, CT 06791 , 860 485-0756; Connor 

\ddress Unknown "Deceased 

'EVANS, Marion E.; 7927 
'EVANS, Mariwyn; 7977 
'EVANS, Mrs. Mary H. (Mary H. Abbe); 7957 
'EVANS, Mary Wallis; 7946 (See Landrum, Mrs. Mary Wallis) 
EVANS, Merian Jean; 7982 (See Bylund, Mrs. Merian Jean) 
EVANS, Nelle Q. ; 7956 ; r: 1 1 99 Park Ave. , New York, NY 1 01 28 
EVANS, Mrs. Rebecca Anne (Rebecca Anne Dane); 7978 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 11318 Rolling House Rd., Rockville, MD 20852, 
301 770-7093; Laurence; Chad, David, Sarah, Jessica; 
ponyevans @ 
'EVANS, Sadie; ACAD (See Tolley, Mrs. Sadie) 
'EVANS, Sara; ACAD (See Desmond, Mrs. Sara) 
EVANS, Sarah Anne; 7994 (See Stacy, Mrs. Sarah Anne) 
EVANS, Mrs. Stuart (Stuart Bohannon); 7967 ; Retired Corporate 
Finance, 1596 Lancaster Ter., Jacksonville, FL 32204, 904 356- 
8435; r: 2195 Hogbach Mtn, Tryon, NC 28782, 828 859-9806; 
Howell (Dec): 
EVANS, Suzanne; 7968 (See Reeves, Mrs. Suzanne) 
EVANS, Mrs. Teresa A. (Teresa (Terry) A. Lear); 7974 AB; M A 
George Washington Univ.; Educational Diagnostician, Prince 
William Cnty. Public Schs., Special Educ, 703 791-8514; 
r:9408 Windy Hill Dr., Nokesville, VA 20181, 703 791-3939; 
Whit; Patrick, Jeffrey, Maddalena; 
'EVANS, Mrs. Victoria Young (Victoria Young Lenz); 7984 
EVANS, Virginia; 7967(See Hansen, Mrs. Virginia) 
'EVASHEVSKI, Barbara; 7966 
'EVE, Anna; 7925 (See Fleming, Mrs. Anna) 
EVELER, Ms. Desiree Encarnacion; 2000 BA; Owner 
eCommerceCnslt., Eveler& Assoc; r: 81 Indian Ridge Dr., 
Lynchburg, VA 24502, 434 237-1067; 
EVEREST, Carol; 7977 (See Keeney, Mrs. Carol) 
'EVEREST, Mrs. Elsie (Elsie Tinley); 7978 
EVERETT, Amy Elizabeth; 7997 (See Carter, Mrs. Amy Everett) 
EVERETT, Mrs. Anne P. (Anne Pruitt); 7964 ; MS Old Dominion 
Univ.; Computer Analyst, Computer Sciences Corp., 813 
Diligence Dr., Newport News, VA 23606, 757 445-5746; r: 71 8 
N. Broad St., Suffolk, VA 23434, 757 539-0013; Robert 
EVERETT, Dawn Ellen; 7998 (See Grobe, Mrs. Dawn Ellen) 
'EVERETT, Frances S.; 7925 
'EVERETT, Hallie; 7974 (See Russell, Mrs. Hallie) 
'EVERETT, Lillian; 7923 (See Blake, Mrs. Lillian) 
EVERETT, Mrs. M. Jacqueline (M. Jacqueline Chappelle); 
7935; Retired Govt.; r: 7217 University Dr., Richmond, VA 
23229, 804 288-0430; Edward 
'EVERETT, Ms. Marjorie AnneTucker; 7992 
EVERETT, Ms. Melinda B. (Melinda J. Brown); 7968 AB; MS 
Boston Univ.; Free-lance Writer, 978 465-1960; r: 289 High St., 
Newburyport, MA 01 950, 978 465-1 960; Leo Klos; Philip, 

EVERETT, Mrs. Renee Merlon (Renee D. Merion); 7990 BA; J D 
Widener Univ. Sch. of Law; Atty., Chester Co. Dist. Atty., 17 N 
Church St. 2nd FL, West Chester, PA 19380, 610 344-6801; 
r: POB 3405, West Chester, PA 19381 ; Greg: Britney, Broegan 
'EVERETT, Sarah; 7928 (See Toy, Mrs. Sarah) 
EVERETTE, Mrs. Anne Myra Elizabeth (Anne Myra Elizabeth Mc 
Clintock); 7998 ; AA VA Ctr. for Montessori Educ; Owner, 
AMEE, 4201 Chickahominy Ave., Richmond, VA 23222; 
r: same, 804 421-3737; G.: 
EVERITT, Diana Jane; 7986 (See Boxall, Mrs. Diana Jane) 
EVERSON, Haley Corinne; 2005; Equestrian, Germany; 
r: 10432 Orange Park Blvd., Orange, CA 92869, 714 744-3630 
'EVINS, Alan Elizabeth; 7987 (See Williams, Mrs. Alan Elizabeth) 
'EVINS, Selwyn; 7962 (See Simmons, Mrs. Selwyn) 
EVRARD, Mrs. Anne Grosvenor (Anne Fowler Grosvenor); 7987 
AB; Accompany Decorators-Antique Trips-France, Grosvenor- 
Evrard, 1786 Glenwood PL, Memphis, TN 38104, 901 276-3097; 
r: 38 rue de I'Orangerie, 78000 Versailles, France, 39532531; 
Walter; Anne-Marie, Helene, Constance, Louis, Clotilde, Bertrand 
EWALD, Kathryn Cassandra; 7979 (See Adams, Mrs. Kathryn 



EWALT, Mrs. Chloe B. (Chloe H. Briscoe); 1973NB>\ Tchr., 

Calverton Sch.; r: 3855AdelinaRd.,PrinceFrederick,MD20678, 

410 535-3235; Barton; Matthew; 
EWALT. Stephanie; W67(See Coleman, Mrs. Ronald L.) 
*EWAN, Nancy E.; 7972 (See Miller, Mrs. Nancy E.) 
'EWART, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Meals); 1925 
EWART, Margaret; 1954 (See Riter, Mrs. Margaret) 
*EWELL, Mrs. Louise M. (Louise M. Hooper); 1910 NS> 
EWERS. Ms. Ruth Lucille; 1991 BA; Case Mgr./Free-lance Writer, 

Community Svc. Bd. Region 10/Freelance Writer, 800 Preston 

Asvenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 972-1800; r: 3008 

Warminster Dr., Wingina, VA 24599, 434 263-5738; Rob- 

ert(Bob) Self: Logan; 

*EWING, Mrs. Edith (Edith Woodson); 1913 
*EWING, Esther; ACAD (See Brown, Mrs. Esther) 
EWING, Mrs. Heather Colson (Heather Camille Colson); 1 990 

AB; r: 140 Glendale Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, 404 377-3120; 

David: Nicholas, Olivia; 
'EWING, Helen M.; 1944 (See Clay, Mrs. Helen M.) 
EWING, Mrs. James H. (Caroline Miller); 1 953 AB\ r: 23 Rio Vista 

Dr., Louisville, KY 40207, 502 895-7044 
EWING, Mrs. Katharine Boyle (Katherine Boyle Bradford); 1982 ; 

r: 801 Ardsley Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 376-1302 
*EWING, MaryA.; 1942 
EWING, Mrs. Mary Rich (Mary S. Rich); )936 BA; Retired; 

r: 2020 S. Monroe St., #709, Denver, CO 80210; 

EWING, Mrs. Susan C. (Susan C. Sellers); 1971 AB; r: 1811 

Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 23220, 804 359-4200; 
*EXALL, Phyllis; 1946 (See Galbraith, Mrs. Phyllis) 
*EXiGHT, Eva; ACAD (See Marion, Mrs. Eva) 
"EXLEY, Jessie; 1929 (See Wooten, Mrs. Jessie) 
'EXNICIOS, Carol; y953(See Tucker, Mrs. Carol) 
EXUM, Mrs. Sallie Jean (Sallie Jean Jackson); 1966 kB\ Tchr., 

Kinston HS, 2601 N Queen St., Kinston, NC 28501 , 252 527-51 91 ; 

r; 2106 Dallas Dr., Kinston, NC 28504, 252 522-4229; Joe; Jay, 

Manning, Sallie Barrett; 

*EYERLY, Mrs. Anne B. (Anne B. Spence); 1938 
*EZZELL, Sophia; ACAD {See Dobson, Mrs. Sophia) 

*FABBRINi, Mrs. Mary D. (Mary D. Thompson); 7938 AB 

FABER, Mrs. Mitzi Morgan (Mitzi Lynn Morgan); 1 985 AB; Sr. 
Account Exec, Full Circle Productions; r: 361 Ferguson St. NE, 
Atlanta, GA 30307, 404 522-3640; Douglas J.: 

'FACKELMAN, Michele Kim; 1984 

TACKERT. Mrs. Alice (Alice Andrews); 1936 
FACKINER, Joyce; 7956 (See Bliss, Mrs. Joyce) 
FADUS, Ms. DrusillaD. (Drusilla J. Davis); 7986 AB; Home- 
maker; r: 3031 BristlewoodLn.NW, Marietta, GA 30064, 770 590- 
8748; Joseph: Margaret, James, Katherine 

*FAESCH, Mrs. Rebecca (Rebecca White); 7973 AB 

•FAETH, Mrs. Marjory C. (Marjory C. Smith); 7932 

'FAGAN, Regina Ann; 7987 

*FAGEN, Roberta Jean; 7997 (See Kelly, Mrs. Roberta Pagan) 
FAGES, Giselle; 7960 (See Theberge-Jeppson, Mrs. Gisalla) 

*FAGG, India D.; 7945 (See Homer, Mrs. India D.) 
FAHRENBACH, Mrs. Jean Ridlar (Jean Bissell Ridler); 7945 BA; 
MLS Pratt Inst.; Retired Librarian; r: 406 S. Beach Rd., S. Burl- 
ington, VT 05403, 802 863-0109; Marvin J. (D): Robert, Ann, 

FANS, Ms. Alice E.; 7973; r: 2 Owan Ct., Irvine, CA 92612, 949 

FANS, Dr. Marianne C; 7977 BA; Univ. of Michigan, PhD Univ. of 
Michigan; Prof., New Sch. Univ., 72 5th Ave., New York, NY 
10011, 212 229-5311; r: 250 Mercer SL Apt B-806, New York, 
NY 10012, 212 387-8026; Elizabeth Thompson: Craig 
b; ■ ', 



FAHY, Ms. Jill Suzanne; 7992 BA; News Reporter, Daily Star, 
Onaonta, NY 13820; r: 49 Center St. Apt.3L,Oneonta, NY 13820, 
607 431-9042; 
'FAILING, Elizabeth; 7928 (See Nelson, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FAIRBAIRN, Dorothy; 7926 (See Miller, Mrs. Dorothy) 
*FAIRCHILD, Roberta; 7927 

FAIRCLOTH, Ann Bruce; 7986 (See Porter, Mrs. Ann Bruce) 
FAIRFIELD, Elizabeth; 7958 (See Creighton, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FAIRRIS, Alicia Gale; 7984 (See Petrone, Mrs. Alicia Gale) 
'FAISON, Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Elizabeth M. Thomson); 7947 
*FAISON, Mrs. Gloria (Gloria Jones); 7930 
FAIST, Suzan Marie; 7977 (See Jagger, Mrs. Suzan Marie) 
'FAJANS, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Duffield); 7942 
FALCIGNO, Deborah Anne; 7977 (See Carr, Mrs. Deborah Anne) 
FALCON, Clair Christian; 7987 (See Maasbach, Mrs. Christian 

FALCONER, Ms. Trisha J. (Trisha Webb); 7995 ; AA Santa 
Barbara City CIg.; Registered Assoc, Prudential Securities, 104 
W. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101, 805 730-5065: 
r:5224 El Carro Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013, 805 684-9469; 

FALES, Alice; 7964 (See Stewart, Ms. Alice) 
TALES, Mrs. Rose F. (Rose F. Hyde); 7938 AB 
FALES, Willia; 7967 (See Eckerberg, Mrs. Willia) 
FALGE, Barbara; 7957 (See Openshaw, Mrs. Barbara) 
FALIVENE, Mrs. Gladden Adam (Gladden Van Zandt Adam) 
7990 AB; Homemaker; r: 46 Briarwood Dr. E, Warren, NJ 07059 
908 604-0629; Philip: Ellice, James; 
TALK, Mrs. Eugenia (Eugenia Etheridge); 1945 AB 
TALK, Mrs. Gretchen (Gretchen Smith); 7959 AB 
TALK, Mrs. Jacqueline Stacey (Jacqueline Stacey Gray); 7990 
AB ' 

TALK, Martha; 7922 (See Shaffer, Mrs. Martha) 
TALK, Martha J.; 7944 (See Vallery, Mrs. Martha J.) 
FALKNER, Cynthia; 7947 (See Day, Mrs. Cynthia) 
FALLAH, Ms. Rokhsan; 7992 ; BA Richmond CIg. England 
Mktg. Coord., American Gastroenterological Assoc, 4930 De 
Ray Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814, 301 654-2055; r: 18209 Bowie 
Mill Rd, OIney, MD 20832, 301 924-1820; Perry Ebrahimi: Lily 
TALLON, Deborah M.; 7972 
TALLON, Elizabeth Susan; 7983 

FALLON, Mrs. Jill (Jill Maple); 7982BA;MBA Rensselae 
Polytechnic; Cnslt., 508 280-6044; r: 45 Grant Ave., Wrentharr 
MA 02093, 508 876-9929; Jo/m; John, Harrison; 
FALLON, Mrs. Patricia Rae (Patricia Rae Dolph); 7984 AB;, 
Simmons CIg.; Sr. VP, Brown Bros. Harriman & Co., 40 Wate 
St., Boston, MA 02109, 617 772-1366; r: 50 Woodbury St., S 
Hamilton, MA 01982, 978 468-6206; I j 

FALLS, Mrs. Chama Yvette (Chama Yvette Manning); 7990 AB 
r: POB 66281 , Houston, TX 77266; 
FALLS, Mrs. Robbin (Robbin Richardson); 7977 ; BA St. Mary' 
CIg.; Realtor, York Properties, 311 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, N( 
27605, 919 832-8881; r: 1612 Oberlin Rd., #8, Raleigh, N( 
27608, 91 9 834-1 51 7; Kylie, Chip, Will; 1 i 

FALVEY, Linda; 7957 (See Rowland, Mrs. Linda) 
TANCHER, Mrs. Betty (Betty Carbaugh); 7945 AB j 

FANCHER, Suzanne; 7965 (See Litman, Mrs. Suzanne) ] 

FANGBONER, Claudia D.; 7967 (See Barnes, Mrs. Claudia D.)j 
TANGMAN, Ms. Sharon Lee; 7997 \ 

FANJUL, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Alberts); 7950; Homemaker; ' 
r: 406 Westmont Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033, 856 428-1 63;i 
Emilio: Stephanie, Christine, Susan, Beth, Katherine, Sarah 
FANKHAUSER, Joan; 7955 (See Burrell, Mrs. Robert G.) 
TANNING, Gertrude; 7926 (See Adams, Mrs. Gertrude) ! 

TANNING, Mrs. Margaret Winchester (Margaret Winchestc; 

Todd); 7946 AB 
FANNON, Valerie E.; 7973 (See Cooper, Ms. Valerie E.) 
FANTONE, Mary E.; 7974 (See Davies, Mrs. Mary F.) 



FARADAY, Mrs. Melissa Howell (Melissa Howell Pack); 1991 
BA; Ins. Agt., Pack Ins. Agcy., 891 2-A Centreville Rd., Manassas, 
VA20110, 703 369-701 7; r: 11 750 Schmitt St., Manassas, VA 
20112, 703 330-9475; Jonathan (Dec): 
r: faraxial © 
FARBER, Ms. Kacey; 1997; MSW NYU, BS; Social Worker/ 
Tchr.; r; 130 Bay Ave., Huntington, NY 11743, 631 425-1468; 
FARBER, Sarah Anne; 2001 BA; Clerk Art Logger, DC Comics; 
r: 548 Bonair Way, La Jolla, CA 92037; 
FARESE, Mrs. Paula Kilbourne (Paula Kilboume Steers); 1993 
BA; JD MS CIg.; Atty., Farese, Farese, & Farese PA, POB 98, 
Ashland, MS 38603, 662 224-621 1 ; r: 605 S 8th St., Oxford, MS 
38655, 662 236-7095; John; Emma Reed, Ellis; 
*FARGO, Mrs. Lillian (Lillian Foster); ACAD 
'FARGUS, Mrs. Richmonde (Richmonde Lucas); ACAD 
FARINAS. Ms. Leslie; 1998 BS; Med. Student, Calle Fuencarral 
#141, Madrid, Spain, 13491445; r: 141 Fuencarral Interior, Bajos 
B, Madrid 28010, Spain; 
FARINHOLT, Betty Boyd; 1944 (See Cockrill, Mrs. Betty Farinholt) 
FARINHOLT, Mary Blair; 1986 (See Denious, Mrs. Mary Blair) 
FARINHOLT, Mrs. Tabb (Tabb Thornton); ^959 AB; English 
Tchr., St. Catherine's; r: Fair Point, Rte. 623, Ware Neck, VA 
23178, 804 693-2524; H.; Mary; 
*FARiS, Judith Roberta; ?988AB 

FARIS, Virginia Susan; 1980 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Virginia Paris) 
'FARiSH, Anne B.; 1974 

*FARISS, Estelle E.; 1934 (See March, Mrs. Estelle E.) 
^FARLEY, Margaret; ACAD 

FARLEY, Mrs. Mary Anne Train (Mary Anne Train Farmer); 1991 
BA; Admin, of Tenant Relations, Daniel Realty Corp., 951 E. Byrd 
St., Ste. 125, Richmond, VA23219, 804 780-3030; r: 5302 
Bewdley Rd, Richmond, VA 23226, 804 285-1227 
'FARLEY, Mrs. Mary S. (Mary S. Frank); 1948 
FARLEY, Michelle Diane; ?979(SeeCanning, Mrs. Michelle Diane) 
FARMER, Alice Cary; 1959 (See Brown, Mrs. Alice Cary) 
j'FARMER, Mrs. Cornelia (Cornelia Horner); 1916 
! FARMER, Elizabeth; 1962 (See Owen, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
/FARMER, Elizabeth Jane; ?976 (See Jan/is, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane) 
FARMER, Harriet Hardaway; 1992 (See Hoffman, Mrs. Harriet 
j Farmer) 

FARMER, Ms. Katharine M.C.; y998 ; BA Rhodes CIg.; Institu- 
I tional Salesperson, Morgan Keegan, 50 Front St., Memphis, TN 
I 38103,901 524-4118; r:3472Central Ave., Memphis,TN 38111, 
I 901 324-1063; 
I r: 

I FARMER, Laura Lee; y978 ; Administrative Mgr., Sportfloor USA 
Inc., 12625 High Bluff Dr., Ste. 305, San Diego, CA 92130, 858 
259-1856; r: POB 1303, Escondido, CA 92033; 
FARMER, Mrs. Martha Poarch (Martha Elizabeth Poarch); 1958 ; 
BA Montreal CIg.; Pros., Martha P. Farmer & Assocs., Inc., 
Danville, KY 40422, 859 236-9179; r; 108 Autumn Ct., Danville, 
KY 40422, 859 236-7569; T/iomas; Thomas, Rachel Levitt; 
iFARMER, Mary Anne Train; 1991 (See Farley, Mrs. Mary Anne 

FARMER, Mary Katherine; 1999 (See Hughes, Mrs. Mary 

FARMER, Mrs. Mary Anne (Mary Anne Calhoun); 1 966 AB; r: 6 
Evergreen Dr., Newnan, GA 30263, 770 253-3346; Tom; 
Katharine, Mary Anne, Harriet; 
FARMER, Stephanie Lawson; y992(See Bunting, Mrs. Stephanie 

|FARMER, Mrs. Susan P. (Susan Perry); 1959 ; BS PA State 
Univ.; Retired Teacher-ESL, UCSD; r: 13502 Caminito Carmel, 
Del Mar, CA 92014, 858 259-0459; Gerald; Pete, Tom, Sam; 
FARNAM, Anne; 1961 
FARNHAM, Eleanor; 1953 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

FARNHAM, Mrs. Suzanne Gipson (Suzanne Gipson); 1957 AB; 

Founder & Prog. Dir./Author, Listening Hearts Ministries/Book 

Listening Hearts, 2015 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21218, 410 

685-7060; r: 624SPaca St., Baltimore, MD21230,410837-3245; 

Lyman; Wendy Schon, Whitney, Austin, Brent; 

'FARQUHAR, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Le Blond); 1933 
'FARQUHAR, Marilyn; /959(See Peck, Mrs. Marilyn) 
FARQUHAR, Mrs. Matilda (Matilda Miller); 1974 ; r: 1506 

Creekview Dr., Round Rock, TX 78681, 512 388-3928 
FARQUHAR, Mrs. Sue (Sue Wakeman); y963 BA; MA Univ. of 

Maryland, PhD Johns Hopkins Univ.; Assoc. Prof, of French, 

Virginia Tech., Major Williams #305, Blacksburg, VA 24061, 540 

231-3581; r: 507 Powell Dr., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410 849- 

2263; J.,' James, Carey, Jean; 

FARR, Ann; 1946 (See Lewis, Mrs. Ann F.) 
*FARR, Anne; 1936 (See Foot, Anne) 
*FARR, Edith; 7945 (See Elliott, Mrs. Edith) 
FARR, Sandra P. (Sandra P. Miller); /970 AB; r: 21606 Goodwin 

Ct., Ashbum, VA 20148, 703 724-7458 
'FARRAND, Catharine; /926(See Elder, Mrs. Catharine) 
'FARRAR, Mrs. Effie (Effie Whitten); ACAD 
'FARRAR, Ellen; ACAD (See Moore, Mrs. Ellen) 
'FARRAR, Helen; 1918 
'FARREL, Elliane; 1942 
FARREL, Mrs. Gail M. (Gail M. Kotch); ?974; r: 10 Cross Hill Rd., 

Bethel, CT 06801 , 203 743-9055 
FARRELL, Alvine M.; 7955 (See Carpenter, Mrs. Alvine M.) 
FARRELL, Anne Marie, DVM; ?987 AB;DVM Univ. of MO; 

Assoc. Veterinarian, Lakes Animal Clinic, POB 226, Antioch, IL 

60002, 847 395-0100; r: 42221 N Forest St., Antioch, IL 60002, 

847 395-6015 
FARRELL, Elisabeth; )990(See Berthasavage, Mrs. Elisabeth) 
'FARRELL, Emily; 1928 (See Stagg, Mrs. Emily) 
'FARRELL, Mrs. Marian J. (Marian J. Lilygren); 1936 
'FARRELL, Matilde A.; 1960 (See Grady, Mrs. Matilde A.) 
FARRELL, Mrs. Sarah Sizer (Sarah Sizer Engleby); 7986; P re- 
Kindergarten Tchr., Grenich Acad.; r: 124 The Farms Rd., 

Bedford, NY 10506, 914 234-3891; 
FARRIER, Mrs. Augusta E. (Augusta E, Saul); 7939 BA; r: 3804 

Brandon Ave. SW No 210, Roanoke, VA 24018, 540 776-2210; 

FARRINGTON,Ms. Lenora (Lion); 7994 BA;Mktg. Asst., MA 

MoCA, 1040 MASS MoCA Way, N. Adams, MA 01247, 413 664- 

4481; r; POB 595, Cheshire, MA 01225, 413 743-4054; 

FARRINGTON, Margaret; 7954 (See John, Mrs. Margaret) 
FARRIS, Ms. Beryl Bergquist (Beryl Valien Bergquist); 7977 AB; 

JD Emory Univ.; Immigration Attorney, Immigrations Citizenship 

Law, 1986 Montreal Rd., Tucker, GA 30084, POB 451129, 

Atlanta, GA 31 145, 678 937-0713; r; 2131 Ponce De Leon Ave. 

NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, 404 373-9037; Marc; Kristin, Ariana; 

'FARRIS, Marcelite A.; ACAD (See Barry, Mrs. Marcelite A.) 
FARRISS, Mrs. Nina (Nina Newton); 7960 ; r: 1 15 Shepherd Dr., 

Lexington, VA 24450, 540 463-6358; 
'FARROW, Pamela; 7979 (See Rochette, Mrs. Pamela) 
'FARTHING, Terri Virginia; 7987 AB 
'FARWELL, Marion; 7966 

'FARWELL, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Wellford); 7939 AB 
FASON, Mrs. Maydelle Foster (Maydelle Foster); 7960 ; BA Univ. 

of Texas; Career Couns.; r: 1607 Poquonock Rd., Austin, TX 

78703, 512 474-1 185; Sam; Drake, Maydelle 
'FASSINGER, MaryJ.; 7973 
'FATH, Mrs. Anita (Anita Cherry); 7935 
FAUBER, Mrs. Ann Sims (Ann Sims); 7964 BA; M E D Univ. 

Virginia; Retired Owner, Shop of John Simmons; r: 1423 Trents 

Ferry Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-1942; Rodger; 

Addison, Carter, Lee, Landon; 

'FAUBER, Mrs. Ella (Ella Williams); 7937 AB 
FAUBER, Mary Melissa; 2000 (See Carter, Mrs. Melissa Fauber) 
'FAUCETTE, Mary; 7929 (See Huffaker, Mrs. Mary) 




FAULCONER, Anne Wright; 1985 (See Case, Mrs. Anne 

'FAULCONER, Mrs. Bessie (Bessie Williams); ACAD 
FAULCONER, Mrs. Louise (Louise McCord); 1 950 BA; MED 
Lynchburg CIg.; Retired Elem. Principal; r: 3549 S Amherst 
Hwy., POB 13, Monroe, VA 24574, 434 929-6761; Charles; 
Charles, Robert, Brian 
FAULCONER, Mildred; 1944 (See Bryant, Mrs. Mildred) 
FAULCONER, Roselle; y943(See Scales, Mrs. Roselle) 
FAULCONER, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Norman); 1944AB; r: 481 
Winesap Rd., Ste. 102, Madison Hts., VA 24572, 434 929-2217; 
'FAULK, Eleanor; 1931 (See Cone, Mrs. Eleanor) 
'FAULK, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Young); 1932 
FAULKNER, Closey; 1948 (See Dickey, Mrs. Closey) 
FAULKNER, Frances; 1938 (See Mathews, Mrs. Frances) 
'FAULKNER, Mrs. Isobel (Isobel Virden); 1923 
'FAULKNER, Janet G.; 1971 (See Faulkner-Famsworth, Mrs. 

Janet G.) 
FAULKNER, Mrs. Kory Elizabeth (Kory Elizabeth Aldrian); 1992 
BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg., BS Univ. of Wl Milwaukee; Cardiac 
Intensive Care Nurse, St. Mary's Hosp. Milwaukee, 2323 N Lake 
Dr., Milwaukee, Wl 5321 1, 414 291-1220; r: 741 6 N 43rd St., Mil- 
waukee, Wl 53209, 414 247-0921; Dana; 
FAULKNER, Ms. Laurie F.; 1972 ; Deputy Cnty. Counsel, Santa 
Clara Cnty. Counsel's Qfc, 70 W. Hedding #900, San Jose, CA 
95110, 408 299-2111; r: 20351ClaridgeCt.,Saratoga,CA95070 
FAULKNER, Lisa Carr; 1980 (See Faulkner-O'Hara, Mrs. Lisa 

'FAULKNER, Margaret; 7930 (See Camp, Mrs. Margaret) 
'FAULKNER, Rosalie; 1930 (See Loving, Mrs. Rosalie) 
FAULKNER, Ruth; 1948 {See Howe, Mrs. Ruth) 
'FAULKNER, Mrs. Sara (Sara Wilson); ACAD 
FAULKNER, Terry; 1951 (See Phillips, Mrs. Terry) 
FAULKNER, Mrs. Terry E. (Terry E. Lioy); 1971 BA; r: 5021 
Sunset Dr., Kansas City, MO 64112, 816 561-1001; Clark; 
Anthony, Elizabeth; 
'FAULKNER-FARNSWORTH, Mrs. Janet G. (Janet G. Faulkner); 

FAULKNER-O'HARA, Mrs. Lisa Carr (Lisa Carr Faulkner); 
1980 AB; VP, Account Grp.Supv., Thomas G.Ferguson Assocs., 
30 Lanidex PIz., W., Parsippany, NJ 07054, 973 884-2200; 
r: 67 Fuller Ave., Chatham, NJ 07928, 973 635-5243; 
'FAURA, Pamela R.; 1971 
FAUSCH, Mrs. Marjorie L. (Marjorie L. Carr); 1940\r: 1 8655 

Heathway Ln., Brookfield, Wl 53045 
FAUST, Mrs. Joy C. (Joy Marcia Canada); ?989AB; Tchr.- 
Special Educ, Amherst Cnty. Public Schs., 139 Lancer Ln., 
Amherst, VA 24521, 434 946-9391; r: 125 Easton Ave., Lynch- 
burg, VA 24503, 434 845-4942; Thomas 
FAUST, Lori Ann; 1981 (See Williams, Ms. Lori Ann) 
'FAUST, Marian; ACAD 

FAVILL, Barbara W.; 1950 (See Marshall, Mrs. Barbara F.) 
'FAWCETT, Bette; 1941 (See Collier, Mrs. Bette) 
FAWCETT, Mrs. Lisa Michelle (Lisa Michelle Koob); 1989 AB; 
Proj. Mgr.-IT Related-Energy Mktg., Reliant Energy, Houston, TX; 
r: 5106 Jason St., Houston, TX 77096, 713 661-0799; Jeffery; 
Elliott, Erika; 

'FAWCUS, Anna; ACAD (See Nokes, Mrs. Anna) 
'FAXON, Rebecca; 7955 (See Knowles, Mrs. Rebecca F.) 
'FAY, Mrs. Elaine Marie (Elaine Marie Milosis); 1977 AB 
*FEAD, Mrs. Janet (Janet Forbush); 1938 
FEARING, Mrs. Fitzallen; /923; r: 5471 Thomaston Rd, Macon, 

GA 31220, 478 405-8088 
'FEARING, Mrs. Sara (Sara Kirkpatrick); 1937 AB 
FEARNOW, Mrs. Robin Wynne (Robin Wynne Schultz); 1978; 
BS Oklahoma Univ.; Educator, Yukon; r: 9608 Regal Ln., 
Oklahoma City, OK 73162, 405 621-0160; Gary; Brent 
'FEARRINGTON, Faith; 7976 (See Ireland, Mrs. Faith) 
'FEATHERINGHAM, Mrs. Rebecca Anne (Rebecca Anne 

Gallagher); 7985 
'FEATHERMAN, Drasia; 7953 
'FEATHERSTON, Mildred K.; 7923 
FEAZELL, Nancy-Ellen; 7945 (See Kent, Mrs. Nancy-Ellen) 


'FECHNER, Ms. Karyn Lynne; 7993 

FEDDELER, Phyllis Zoe; 7983 (See Fejzuli, Mrs. Phyllis Zoe) 

FEDELER, Susan; 7965 (See Mills, Ms. Susan) 
'FEDER, Rosalia; 7975 (See Sarbey, Mrs. Rosalia) 
'FEDER, Suzanne; 7946 (See Fried, Mrs. Suzanne) 
'FEDERBUSCH, Mrs. Sylvia E. (Sylvia E. Deutsch); 7976 

FEE, Dr. Armelle; 7994;PhD Sorbonne Univ., MA Univ. of 
Rochester; Mgr. Intl. Marketing & Localization, Lenel Systs. Intl. 
Inc., 1050 Pittsford- Victor Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534, 585248-9720; 
r: 4775 Rushmore Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522; 
'FEEZOR, Mrs. Judith (Judith Jolly); 7967 

FEHER, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Banfield); 7964AB; Mcllhaney's 
Enterphses, 1 4505Torrey Chase Blvd. #1 00, Houston, TX 7701 4, 
281 583-2158; r: 6203 Coral Gables Dr., Houston, TX 77069 

FEHR, Mrs. Beulah (Boots) B. (Beulah (Boots) Bertolet); 7953 ; 
BA Vassar CIg.; Retired; r: 100 Bingaman Rd., Reading, PA 
1 9606, 61 921 -0302; J.; Catherine, William, Anne; 
'FEHR, Clarissa; ACAD (See Harris, Mrs. Clarissa) 

FEILD, Margaret; 7965 (See Kresge, Mrs. Margaret) 

FEIN, Mrs. Melissa Tammy (Melissa Tammy O'Malley); 7997 BA; 
MS Barry Univ.; Clinical Therapist, Parent Child Ctr., W. Palm 
Bch., FL; r: 6226 Lauderdale St., Jupiter, FL 33458, 561 625- 
4635; Larry; Ben, Ethan; 
benandethansmom @ 
'FEIN, Mrs. Rosalyn (Rosalyn Stifft); 7947 

FEJZULI, Mrs. Phyllis Zoe (Phyllis Zoe Feddeler); 7983 ; BS , 
Florida State Univ., MBA Univ. of South Florida; Homemaker; 
r: 271 Humkey St. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907; Alen; 
r: ! 

FELCH, Anne Lutley; 7975 (See Park, Mrs. Anne Lutley) ' 

FELCH, Mrs. Marianne Hutton (Marianne Hutton); 7 979 BA; 
Mktg. Mgr., Iceland Saga Travel, 3 Freedom Sq., Nantucket, MA 
02554, 508 825-9223; r: POB 339, Siasconset, MA 02564, 508 
257-4348; Robert; Sarah Havens, Dean; ' 

r: | 

FELDKAMP, Mrs. Christina (Christina Stoltz); 7989 AB; I 

Homemaker/Free-lance Writer; r: 6030 Shannon Glen Ct., ' 
Gumming, GA 30040; Scof7; Ariel; j 

FELDMAN, Rose Ann; 7970 (See Braun, Ms. Rose Ann) I 

FELDMANN, Mrs. Elizabeth C. (Elizabeth C. Coryell); 7950; AA I 
Katherine Secretarial Sch.; Retired Retail Owner; r: POB 179, j 
2980 US 31 N, Conway, Ml 49722, 231 347-8259; John; Jane, I 
Catherine, Teresa, Jennifer, Amy { 

FELDMEIER, Mrs. Margaret B. (Margaret B. Mather); 7977 AB; j 
Cnslt., The Carlisle Collection, 4905 E. Lake Rd, Cazenovia, NY 
13035, 31 5 655-581 3; r: 4905 E. Lake Rd., Cazenovia, NY | 
1 3035, 31 5 655-5585; John (Jake); Kathryn, Julia; 

FELKER, Mrs. Leila B. (Leila R. Burnett); 7945 ; BA Univ. of North 
Carolina; Retired, Housekeeping; r: 3750 Peachtree Rd NE, 
Atlanta, GA 3031 9, 404 231 -7755; Julis, Steven, Emily 
'FELL, Mrs. Gail (Gail Hemstreet); 7969 j 

'FELL, Mrs. Hellen (Hellen Mowry); 7924 AB 

FELLER, Mahlyn; 7957 (See Simon, Mrs. Marilyn) 

FELLNER, Hazel; 7944 (See Tuttle, Mrs. Hazel) j 

FELLNER, Leila; 7946 (See Lenagh, Mrs. Leila) 
'FELLOWS, Mrs. Frances (Frances Samuels); 7938 
'FELLOWS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Kneedler); 7929 AB 

FELMAN, Mita (Mita Sanyal); 7983 AB; Univ. of Texas, George 
Washington Univ.; Public Health, Social Work, World Bank; i 
r: 1737 Lanier PI. NW, Washington, DC 20009, 202 483-2955; ' 
Joshua; Miya, Avi; , 

FELT, Mrs. Robert Y. (Laura F. Penick); 7966; BA Tulane Univ.; ] 
Dir., Herb Cottage, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, , 
DC 20016, 202 537-8982; r: 5712 Gaines St., Burke, VA 22015, 
703 426-2831 ; Robert; Elizabeth, Emily 

FELTHAM, Ms. Anne Elizabeth; 7999; r: 330 Drummers Ln., : 

Wayne, PA 19087, 610 254-0408 ; 

'FELTON, Mrs. Jeanne (Jeanne Lowry); ACAD j 

'FELTS, Elizabeth; 7940 (See Chatham, Mrs. Elizabeth) ' 

FELTUS, Jane; 7955 (See Welch, Mrs. Jane Feltus) ' 

FELTY, Jean Bryce; 7953 (See Kenny, Dr. Jean F.) t 

'FENDER, Mary S.; 7934 (See Miller, Mrs. Mary S.) ' 



FENDIG, Pamela A.; 1986 -.r. 15 Hasleiters Retreat, Savannah, 

GA 31411, 912 598-4938 
FENHAGEN, Mrs. Eulalie (Eulalie McFall); 1952 ; Retired; r: 226 

Queen St., Georgetown, SC 29440, 843 527-6919; James; 

Leila, James, John; 
FENN, Mrs. Mary Jane (Mary Jane Roos); 1954 BA; Retired Real 

Estate Agt.; r: 116 Captaine Graves, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 

757 221-0787; Richard; Pamela, Susan, Jennifer; 

bigindian @ 
FENN, Susan Whiting; 1977 
FENNEBRESQUE, Mrs. Frances (Frances Woltz); 1971 ; 

r: 1844 Pinewood Gir., Charlotte, NC 28211, 704 366-0713 
FENNELL, Karen A.; 1974 (See Idema, Mrs. Karen A.) 
FENNER, Mrs. June (June Mills); 1957; r: 313 Wake Forest Rd., 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 714 556-0664 
FENNESSY, Karen Lynn; 1986{See Fennessy-Ketola, Mrs. Karen 

FENNESSY-KETOLA, Mrs. Karen Lynn (Karen Lynn Fennessy); 

^986 AB; MBA Thunderbird; Business Devel. Mgr., Dow 

Chemical, 2030 BIdg., Midland, Ml 48674, 989 636-6992; r: 6 

Appleshire Ct., Freeland, Ml 48623; Sarr/Keto/a; Morgan; 

FENRICK, Jeanne; 1957 {See Bedell, Dr. Jeanne) 
FENSOM, Mrs. Elizabeth Ball; 7937 AB; Homemaker; r: POB 26, 

Port St. Joe, FL 32457, 850 648-5020; Paul (Dec); Judith, 

Chesley, James 
FENTRESS, Corinne; 1936 (See Gray, Mrs. Corinne) 
FENTRESS, Nancy T.; 7966 (See Thompson, Mrs. Nancy T.) 
FEOLA, Mrs. Martha (Martha White); 7953; BA West Virginia 

Wesleyan, MED West Virginia Univ.; Retired Tchr./Sch. Bd., 

Buckhannon Upshur HS; r: 72 Boggess St., Buckhannon, WV 

26201, 304 472-3974; Frank; Francis, Julia; 

marthafeola @ 
iFERENBACH, Mrs. Romayne (Romayne Schooley); 1925 
iFERGERSON, Mrs. Stacy L. (Stacy L. McCrary); 1972 
f ERGESON, Mrs. Norris Elizabeth (Norris Elizabeth Judd); 1976 

AB; BA Sweet Briar, MA Univ. of PA; Art Cnslt. Appraiser, 

Fergeson Art Svcs.; r: 340 Grant PI., Corpus Christi, TX 7841 1 , 

361 852-0845; Grant; Katherine, Cecily 
FERGUSON, Mrs. Anna Lawrence (Anna Lawrence Redfern); 

?937 AB 
FERGUSON, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth (Anne Elizabeth Butler); 

1984 ; Reading Spec, Freeport Sch. Dist., Freeport, PA 16229; 

r: 351 Cole Rd, Saa/er, PA 16055; J.; 
FERGUSON, Audrey; 1939 (See Kussman, Mrs. Audrey) 
FERGUSON, Barbara; 1938 {See Hill, Mrs. Barbara) 
'FERGUSON. Bridget; 7933 (See McKinnon, Mrs. Bridget) 
j FERGUSON, Elizabeth; 7930 (See Trent, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'FERGUSON, Mrs. Elizabeth Lanier (Elizabeth Lanier Hunter); 

f997BA; Richey&Co., 106WhitewoodRdSte.1,Chartottesville, 
I VA 22901, 434 975-5434; r: 725 Madison Ave., Chartottesville, 
I VA 22903, 434 293-4570; John; 
jFERGUSON, Ms. Frances Marshall (Frances Marshall McClung); 

7980AB; MBA UNC-Chapel Hill; Dir. Marketing & Devel., 

Science Museum of Western VA, One Market Sq., Roanoke, VA 

24011, 540 342-5777; r: 1917 Maylin Dr., Salem, VA24153, 540 

389-201 1 ; Norman; Robert, Carol; 
I r; 
I^ERGUSON, Grace; 7930 (See Smith, Mrs. Grace) 
i^ERGUSON, Gwendolyn I.; 7973 (See Bates, Gwendolyn I.) 
I^ERGUSON, Mrs. Jennifer A. (Jennifer A. Stockwell); 7973 AB; 
j Homemaker; r: 61 9 Lake Wilhaggin Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864, 
J 91 6 973-0201 ; Daniel; Sarah, Ian, Gillian; 
pERGUSON, Ms. Julie J.; 7997 ; r: 4321 Marshall Rd., Rock Hill, 
I SC 29730, 803 328-0215 

ERGUSON, Mrs. Louise (Louise Hilton); ACAD 

ERGUSON, Lucille P.; 7956 (See Viscount, Mrs. Lucille P.) 

ERGUSON, Margaret; 7937 (See Bennett, Mrs. Margaret) 

ERGUSON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Parrish); ACAD 

ERGUSON, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Koch); 7937 

ERGUSON, Mary Love; 7943 (See Sanders, Mrs. Mary Love) 

'Address Unknown ''Deceased 

FERGUSON, Mary Kate; 7987AB;Ofc. Mgr., Smith & Moore 
Architects, Inc., 1500 S. Olive Ave., W. Palm Bch., FL 33405, 561 
835-1888; r: 9 Tintern Ct., Apt. 301, Timonium, MD 21093, 410 

FERGUSON, Mrs. Nancy; 7995BA; Tchr., Temperance Elem., 
Amherst, VA 24521; r:194GlenwayDr., Amherst, VA24521, 434 
'FERGUSON, Rachel; 7930 (See Nash, Mrs. Rachel) 
'FERGUSON, Ruth; 7929 (See Fresch, Mrs. Ruth) 
'FERGUSON, Ruth; 7938 (See Deal, Mrs. Ruth) 
FERGUSON, Ruth Meredith; 7929 (See Smythe, Mrs. Ruth 

FERGUSON, Mrs. Sarah Grosvenor (Sarah Grosvenor Braun); 

7979 ; r; 6514 Oriskany Dr., Loveland, OH 45140 
FERGUSON, Shirtey; 7946 (See Cannon, Mrs. Shirley) 
'FERGUSON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Crockett); 7929 
FERGUSSON, Mrs. Kibby Jane (Kibby Jane Bryenton); 2000 
BA; Art Inst. -Atlanta; Interior Designer, Ethan Allen, 1554 Laskin 
Rd, Unit 1 1 0, Virginia Bch. , VA 23451 , 757 422-2242; 
FERGUSSON, Mrs. Mary Waller (Mary Waller Berkeley); 7 950 
AB; Homemaker; r: 120 Kennondale Ln., Richmond, VA 23226, 
804 282-1922; 
'FERGUSSON, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Jones); ACAD 
Mary Washington CIg.; Student, Mary Washington CIg., Freder- 
icksburg, VA; r: 1 1 5 Spring Wood Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22401 , 
540 899-0071; 
'FERNLEY, Lois; 7940 (See McNeil, Mrs. Lois) 
'FERNLEY, Ruth Anne; 7960 (See Sharadin, Mrs. Ruth Anne) 
FERRAN, Ms. Maria Elena; 7984 ; ArtistAA/riter; r: 2515 B Stock- 
bhdge Dr., Chartotte, NC 28210; 
FERRAZZANO, Ms. Laura M.; 7988 1989 BA; Real Estate Agt., 
Tutt Taylor & Rankin Real Estate LLC, 1755 S St. NW, Washing- 
ton, DC 20009, 202 234-3344; r: 1414 15th St. NW, Washington, 
DC 20005, 202 986-3047; Kirsten Pullin; 
FERREE, Mrs. Helen L. (Helen L. Schaumleffel); 7929 BA; r; 32 

W. 52nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208, 317 255-6355 
'FERREE, Mrs. Mary F. (Mary F. Clark); 7930 
'FERREIRO, Winniefred Mae; 7986 
'FERRELL, Ann; 7965 (See Rinehart, Mrs. Ann) 
'FERRELL, Mrs. Jane (Jane Tucker); 7937 AB 
FERRIER, Jean A.; 7947(See Ramsay, Mrs. Jean A.) 
'FERRIS, Fanita; ACAD (See Welsh, Mrs. Fanita) 
FERRIS, Mary J.; 1958 (See Kelly, Mrs. Mary J.) 
'FERRIS, Susan; 7959 (See Whitehouse, Mrs. Susan) 
'FERRO, Mrs. Coralie (Coralie Kahn); 7940 AB 
'FERRY, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Hodges); 7932 
FERRY, Mrs. Ranie (Ranie Walter); 7975; r: 4212 E. Rock Rd., 

Allentown, PA 18103 
'FERSON, Kathryn; 7936 (See Barrett, Mrs. Kathryn) 
FESCHE, Jennifer Jeanne; 7987 (See Fesche-Thuot, Ms. Jennifer 

FESCHE-THUOT, Ms. Jennifer Jeanne (Jennifer Jeanne Fesche); 
7987 AB; r: 41 60 Manchester St., Glen Rock, PA 1 7327, 410 374- 
FESSENDEN, Mrs. Alice (Alice Johnson); 7944 AB; MS Univ. of 
Utah; Retired Principal, Tchr., Local Govt., Ogden City Schs., 
Clark Cnty. Nevada; r: POB 848, Mesquite, NV 89024, 702 346- 
2416; William Faith Jurscheal<(Dec); Luanda Wagner, Thomas, 
James (Dec) 
'FESSER, Elizabeth; 7936 (See MacLeay, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FESSLER, Mrs. Rachel (Rachel Thomas); 1 996 BA; Exec. 
Meeting Mgr., Cottonbloomers.Com, San Antonio, TX; r: 2300 
Nacogdoches, #2331, 680 E Basse #1 1 9, San Antonio, TX 78209, 
210 930-1716; Mackenzie Grace 
'FEUCHTENBERGER, Anna; 7940 (See Stuart, Mrs. Anna) 
'FEUCHTENBERGER, J.; 7945 (See Scott, Mrs. J.) 
FEUER, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Brink); 1946; BA 
Marymount Univ. NY; Homemaker; r: 43 Fairmont Ave., Newton, 
MA 02458, 617 332-4477; Leo J. (Dec); Robert (Dec), Jonthan, 
Charles, Gretchen (Dec), Elizabeth 




FEUSSNER, Mrs. Carolyn Marie (Carolyn Marie Williams); 

1950: Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Alliance, 214 New Rd., 

Linwood, NJ 08221, 609 927-0020; r: Village at Linwood, #B1 1, 

Washington Ct„ Linwood, NJ 08221, 609 927-4130; Jeffrey , 

Ellen, Neal 
TEVRE, Mrs. Mildred B. (Mildred B. Hiltebrant); ACAD 
FEW, Elizabeth Vanderhorst; 1960 (See Penfield, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'FEYERHERD, Ms. Tara Danielle; 1998BA 
*FICKES, Mrs. Phscilla Joan (Priscilla Joan Lightfoot); 1977 
FICKLEN, Julia Stansbury; 1982 \r. 5206 Mountain Ridge Rd., 

Raleigh, NC 27612 
*FIDELER, Ms. Alexandra Elisabeth; 2001 
'FIDLER, Mrs. Kay (Kay Blackwell); 1973 
FIDUCIA, Lenora K.; 1955 (See Hartmann, Mrs. Lenora K.) 
FIEDLER, Mrs. Sarah Kay (Sarah Kay Kalber); 1966 AB; 

r: Elderslie, 4800 Elderslie PI., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 358- 

7225; ■ ; ■ , .■ ■' 

*FIELD, Alice W.; 1935 

•FIELD, Elizabeth Shippen; 1986 ' • ' 

FIELD, Martha; ^956 (See Rite, Mrs. Martha F.) 
'FIELD, Ms. Mary J. (Mary J. Hilton); 1960f\B 
*FIELDER, Mrs. Alice (Alice Warren); 1927 
FIELDING, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Dennis); ?958 ; MA Univ. of 

San Francisco; Pres.; r: 707 Sunriver Ln., Redding, CA 96001 
FIELDING, Myma; 1958 (See Hamel, Mrs. Myrna) 
FIELDS, Mrs. Katherine (Kitty) Guerrant (Katherine (Kitty) 

Guerrant); 1953 AB; Homemaker; r:6161 River Rd, 50 Chatham 

Sq., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 288-371 1 ; Frances F. Nugent 
FIERBERG, Mrs. Leslie W. (Leslie W. Smith); 1978 ; Realtor, 

G&W Mgmt.; r: 236 Middlebury Rd., Watertown, CT 06795, 860 

FIERY, Anne; 1949 {See Bryan, Mrs. Anne) 
FIERY, Anne Rolfe; )987(See McGregor, Mrs. Anne Rolfe) 
*FIERY, Byrd; 1924 (See Bomar, Mrs. Byrd) 
TIES, Adele; 1923 {See Saks, Mrs. Adele) 
FIEVE, Ms. Lara Alexandra; 7990 ; Clinical Rsch. Assoc, Pfizer 

Pharmaceutical Co., 21 9 E. 42nd, New York, NY 1 0021 , 21 2 573- 

5714; r: 123 E. 75th St., Apt.PH-C, New York, NY 10021, 212 

FIFER, Alison; 1973 (See Stonecipher, Mrs. Alison) 
FIFLIS,AndreannaAris; 7982(SeeLawson,Mrs. AndreannaAris) 
FIGGIE, Jennifer Ann; 1981 ; r: POB 1066, Centetville, MA 02632 
FIGLER, Mrs. Heidi Elisabeth (Heidi Elisabeth Schultz); r987AB; 

BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Med. Rsch. Asst.;r: 601 Brighton Dr., 

Earlysville, VA 22936, 434 964-1273; Robert; Ryan, Alec, 


•FILE, Ms. Kristen Ashley; 1993 BA 
FILE, Ms. Nicole JacquelineMarie; 1995 BA; Sr. Editor, Cnn, POB 

105583, Atlanta, GA 30348; r: POB 54724, Atlanta, GA 30308; 
•FILLMORE, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Inge); 1946 AB 
FILSON, Ms. Shelbie Brooke; 1991 BA; Performing Arts Coord., 

Lynchburg Fine Arts Ctr., 1815 Thomson Dr., Lynchburg, VA 

24501, 434 846-8451; r: 421 Holly St., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 


•FILY, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Lawrence); 1912 
•FIMIANI, Mrs. Rosanne (Rosanne Hamilton); 1967 
FINCH, Elizabeth Ashley; 2001 BA; Sales Coord./Sales Analyst, 

Mohawk Mktg. Corp., 2873 Crusader Cir., Virginia Bch., VA 

23453, 757 499-8901 ; r: 4752 Shallowford Cir., Virginia Bch., VA 

23462,757 581-7577; 

•FINCH, Helen; 1926 (See Halford, Mrs. Helen) 
•FINCH, Ms. Lisa Ann; 1996 
'FINCH, Lucille; 1928 (See MacCallum, Mrs. Lucille) 
•FINCH, Mrs. Marie (Marie Mahone); ACAD 
FINCH, Nadian; 7966 (See Hampton, Mrs. Nadian) 
•FINCH, Virginia; 7932 (See Waller, Mrs. Virginia) 
•FINCH, Virginia A.; 7955 (See Finch-Packham, Dr. Virginia A.) 
•FINCH, Woodis; 7925 (See Hudson, Mrs. Woodis) 


•FINCH-PACKHAM, Dr. Virginia A. (Virginia A. Finch); 7955 AB 
FINDLAY, Jane; 7943 (See Tate, Mrs. Jane) 
•FINDLEY, Harriet; 7964 (See Benkovich, Mrs. Harriet) 
FINE, Ms. Pamela Elizabeth; 7998 BA; BA; Dir. of Info. Technol- 
ogy, New American Schs., 675 N. Washington St., Ste. 220, 
Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 647-1615; r: 4201 S. 31st St. Apt. 
550, Arlington, VA 22206, 703 998-1775; 
•FINK, Mrs. Elise (Elise Mortey); 7927 AB 
FINK, Mrs. Jane E. (Jane E.Green); 7965; BF A Univ. of 
Michigan, MS Eastern Michigan Univ.; Artist; r: 7457 Mast Rd., 
Dexter, Ml 48130, 734 426-2695; Karl; Elisha, Marlah, Lydia, 
Ruth, Joshua, Naomi; 
*FINK, Joanna J.; 7934 (See Meeks, Mrs. Joanna J.) 
FINK, Liisa-Ann Christine; 7990 (See Weinberg, Mrs. Liisa-Ann 

FINK, Nancy; 7957 (See Leeds, Mrs. Nancy) ! 

FINKBEINER, Rebecca Ann; 7990 (See Streett, Mrs. Rebecca' 
Ann) j 

•FINKE, Eleanor; 7927 (See Richards, Mrs. Eleanor) ) 

FINKENSTAEDT, Eliza; 7972 (See Hillhouse, Mrs. Eliza) 
FINLAY, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Williams); 7967 ; r: 5330 

Spring Meadow Dr. , Dallas, TX 75229, 21 4 353-0982 
•FINLAY, Mrs. Edith (Edith Christie); 7977 \ 

FINLAY, Ms. Laura Dyan; 7994 BA;r: 4327 W. Acoma Dr., I 
Glendale, AZ 85306, 602 938-3363 j 

FINLAY, Ms. Vivian C; 7972 ; MED Univ. of Virginia, BA Univ. o] 
North Carolina; Owner, Susitna Family Svcs., POB 872433i 
Wasilla, AK 99687, 907 373-6006; r: same; Clyde Boyer ( 

FINLEY, Cathy Sue; 7978 (See Onder, Mrs. Cathy Finley) i 
FINLEY, Mrs. Cynthia H. (Cynthia L. Hays); 7969 BA; Dir. ol! 
Donor Relations, Chhstian Aid Mission, 3045 Ivy Rd., Charlottes| 
ville, VA 22903, 434 977-5650; r: 3960 Dick Woods Rd., Chariot, 
tesville, VA 22903, 434 971-2040; Bob: 
b: i 

•FINLEY, Dorcas M.; ACAD ' 

•FINLEY, Mrs. Frances (Frances Johnson); 7937 BA 
FINLEY, Mrs. Gretchen Louise (Gretchen Louise Smith); 7993 , 
BA; Paralegal, Travelers Ins., 215 Lennon Ln., Walnut Creek, C/ 
94598, 925 746-3941 ; r: 442 Tradewinds Ct., Bay PL, CA 94565' 
925 458-1 31 5; Jeremy; Mallory, Kendall; 
r: I 

•FINLEY, Helen R.; 7936 (See Meigs, Mrs. Helen R.) ] 

•FINLEY, Nancy Neva; 7985 (See Worcester, Mrs. Nancy Neva) ' 
•FINLEY, Mrs. Sarah P. (Sarah P. Jordan); ACAD j 

FINLY, Mrs. Heather Homonnay (Heather llona-lrene Homonnayj 
7985 BA; Homemaker; r: Rte. 1 Box 358, Clarksburg, WV 26301' 
304 622-7492; George; Isabelle, Emma; j 
•FINN, Mrs. Hetty (Hetty Wells); 7933 BS i 

FINN, Lawre; 7950 (See Finn-Bonekemper, Ms. Lawre) j 

FINN, Susan Elizabeth; 7986 (See Adams, Mrs. Susan Elizabeth) 
FINN-BONEKEMPER, Ms. Lawre (Lawre Finn); 7980 BA;' 
Homemaker, Cincinnati, OH; r: 8060 Finley Ln., Cincinnati, 01: 
45242, 513 792-0434; B///,- Wes, Collin, Lana 
FINNEGAN, Mary Morrison (Mary Morrison Dorrier); 7978 ; 

r: 241 Steeplechase Dr., Media, PA 19063 
FINNEGAN, Sara A.; 7967 (See Lycett, Mrs. Sara F.) 
FINNEGAN, Mrs. Susan (Susan Bassett); 7954 AB; Arch itec| 
tural Detail Spec. , Design Studio, 1015 Orlando Ave. , Winter Pari; 
FL 32789, 407 539-1646; r: 75 Palmer Ave., Winter Park, F; 
32789, 407 644-7766 
•FINNELL, Mrs. Ruth N. (Ruth N. Carter); 7947 
•FINNEY, Dorothy E.; ACAD 
FINNEY, Johanne V. (Johanne B. Vinson); 7965; Real Estatfl 
Broker, Finney Assocs. Realtors, POB 1802, Kitty Hawk, N'f 
27949, 800 894-8612; r: same, 252 441-7577; Elizabeth, Anna" 
FINNEY, Mrs. June E. (June Howard Eager); 7949 BA; r: 1 05! 
W. Joppa Rd., Apt. 414, Towson, MD 21204, 410 583-573' 
William; Daniel, Mac, Angus, Lee; 
FINNEY, Marian (Molly) Riggs; 7982 (See Grenn, Mrs. Maris 

•FINNEY, Mrs. Mildred L. (Mildred L. Carr); 7965 ' 



FINUCANE, Mrs. Elaine Barksdale (Elaine Meredith Barksdale); 
1992 BA; AB; Realtor, Fridnch & Clark Realty, LLC, 2909 Poston 
Ave., Nashville, TN 37203, 615 327-4800; r: 917WestviewAve., 
Nashville, TN 37205, 615 665-3503; M/c/iae/; Meredith; 
FIOCHETTA, Mrs. Laura Ruth (Laura Ruth Davis); 1992 BA; 
Univ. of London; Marketing Mgr. Natl. Retail Advt., Nextel Com- 
munications, Inc., 2000 Edmund Halley Dr., Reston, VA 20191, 
703 433-3162; r: 9645 Wenzel St., Fairfax, VA 22032, 703 426- 
8560; Joseph: Katherine, Matthew/; 
FIORE, Ms. Mary Katherine; 2000 ; r: 3401 Baymeadows Way 

Apt. 327, Richmond, VA 23233 
'FIORINI, Mrs. Beatrice (Beatrice Bailly); 1962 
FIRESTONE, Christy; 1958 (See Taucher, Mrs. Christy) 
'FIRESTONE, Kathleen; 1929 (See Carruthers, Mrs. Kathleen) 
FIRESTONE, Mrs. Leslie Ann (Leslie Ann Hertz); 1982 AB; MED 
Cleveland State Univ.; Admin, of Low Incidence/Spec. Educ. 
Cleveland Sch. Dist., 1440 Lakeside, Cleveland, OH 44114: 
r: 3778 Richard Allen Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89147, 702 838-2279: 
Robert/..; David; 
FIRMAN, Mrs. Juliet T. (Juliet Fisher); 1941 ; BS Butler Univ., MS 
Rhode Island Univ.; Author/Workshop Dir./Psychotherapist; 
r: 28 Woodlot Rd, Amherst, MA 01002, 413 256-0169; Winfield: 
Frances Salorio, Thomas, Dr. Dorothy 
I FIRTH, Mrs. Eleanor D. (Eleanor Damgard); 1941 BA; Retired; 
; r: 16 Gate House Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308, 954 942-2442; 

Malcolm; Molly, Louise 
i FIRTH, Mrs. Jocelyn Claire (Jocelyn Claire Vial); 1978; r: 4305 

W. Lovers Ln., Dallas, TX 75209, 214 351-4559 
IfISCH, Joan; 7956 (See Gallivan, Mrs. James F.) 
I'FISCHEL, Mrs. Georgia E. (Georgia E. Compton); 1972; Parale- 
gal, Jud A Fischel PC, 24 Ashby St., Warrenton, VA 20186; 
r: Box 117, Castle Hill Farm, Casanova, VA 20139 
FISCHEL, Mrs. Jacqueline (Jacqueline Greil); 1935 
FISCHER, Anne F.; 1931 (See Abry, Mrs. Anne F.) 
FISCHER, Caroline C; 1947 (See McKim, Mrs. Caroline C.) 
FISCHER, Deborah Ellen; y985(See Oleisky, Mrs. Deborah Ellen) 
'FISCHER, Mrs. Laura (Laura McMillen); y974 AB; r; 41 1 6 

Whitacre Rd., Fairfax, VA 22032 
{FISCHER, Mrs. Mary R. (Mary R. Pierson); ^942 AB 
, FISCHER, Ms. Patricia; 1967 

! FISCHER, Ms. Ulrike Margret; ^990; Conference Interpreter, 
I Free-lance, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium; 
! r: Raiffeisenstrasse 9 A, Detzem 54340, Germany, 
! 496507703370; 
'FISCUS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Kunkle); ACAD 
iFISH, Barbara; /938(See Schiebel, Mrs. Barbara) 
'FISH, Margaret; y946(See Rockwood, Mrs. Margaret) 
iFISH, Marjorie; 7929 (See Thomas, Mrs. Marjorie) 
{FISHBACK, Mrs. Betsy B. (Betsy K. Buchanan); J973 AB; r: 895 
[ Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY 40383, 859 873-6877; William: 
1 Leslie, Sarah; 

FISHBURN, Mrs. Aurelie Rosames (Aurelie Rosames Kane); 
I 1992 BA 

IfiSHBURN, Sally H.; 1952 (See Crockett, Mrs. Sally H.) 
jFISHBURNE, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Lee); 1934 
JflSHBURNE, Lucy; y930(See Davis, Mrs. Lucy) 
'!fiSHBURNE, Mrs. Ora (Ora Davis); 1935 
{FISHBURNE, Mrs. Robin Bettger (Robin Lynn Bettger); 1996 
I BA; Real Estate Agt., Coldwell Banker Caine, 1 1 1 Williams St., 
. Greenville, SC 29601 ; r: 508 Meyers Dr., Greenville, SC 29605, 
Ij 864 422-1967; Joseph; 
jl r: 

FISHEL, Mrs. Grace (Grace Jones); 1952 ; Retired; r: 634 Henry 
, St., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, 252 537-2847; Harry; Harry, 
|- Frederick 
FISHER, Ann Elizabeth; 1980 (See McDaniel, Mrs. Ann (Annie) 
I Elizabeth) 
..FISHER, Mrs. Cary(CaryFox); 7955; r: 65 Sandy Hill Rd., 

Cricket Cottage, Oyster Bay, NY 1 1 771 , 51 6 922-6504 
^ISHER, Dorothy M.; ACAD (See Snyder, Mrs. Dorothy M.) 

Address Unknown "Deceased 

FISHER, Mrs. Elaine (Elaine Floyd); f957 AB; r: 439 W. 8th St., 

Claremont, CA 9171 1 , 909 626-4339; Edmund: Evangeline 
FISHER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Weil); 1947; r: 75 Observa- 
tory Cir., Washington, DC 20008, 202 333-6597 
FISHER, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne (Elizabeth Anne Glenn); 1983 BA; 
Business Cnslt.-Org. Devel., Libby Fisher, Loveland, OH 45140, 
513 295-8050; r: 200 Belmont Ct., Loveland, OH 45140, 51 3677- 
1773; Charles: W\i, Mary Kalhryn; 
FISHER, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne (Elizabeth Anne Potts); 1975, 
1976 AB; Retired Marketing/Communications, MCI; r: 1251 Wild 
Hawthorn Way, Reston, VA 20194, 703 437-1557; 
FISHER, Evangeline Lancaster; 1989 ; r: 439 W. Eighth St., Clar- 
emont, CA 91 71 1 , 909 626-4339 
'FISHER, Florence B.; ACAD {See Landecker, Mrs. Florence B.) 
FISHER, Mrs. Frances (Frances Butt); 7966 BA; MA Univ. of 
Richmond; Retired Latin Tchr., Heritage HS, 2030 Wards Ferry 
Rd.,Lynchburg, VA 24502; r: 105 Earls Ct., Lynchburg, VA 
24503, 434 384-5775; John: Garland, Leanora, Virginia; 
FISHER, Gwen Maureen; 1991 (See Glew, Mrs. Gwen Maureen) 
FISHER, Jacquelyn; 1973 (See Cortright, Ms. Jacquelyn) 
'FISHER, Jessie W.; 1932 (See Gordon, Mrs. Jessie W.) 
FISHER, Mrs. Julia (Julia Dearmont); 1937; r: 6 Pearl St., Farm- 

ington.CT 06032, 860 674-9503 
FISHER, Juliet; 1941 (See Firman, Mrs. Juliet T.) 
FISHER, Katharine G.; 1971 (See Morland, Mrs. Katharine F.) 
'FISHER, Katherine; ACAD 
FISHER, Ms. Katherine Jo; 2002 ;r POB 257, Boones Mill, VA 

24065, 540 334-2801 
FISHER, Leslie M.; 1976 (See Sims, Mrs. Leslie M.) 
'FISHER, Mrs. Lucile (Lucile Weer); ACAD 
'FISHER, Marilyn T.; 1950 (See Hanford, Mrs. Marilyn T.) 
'FISHER, Mrs. Marjorie M. (Marjorie M. Kohn); ACAD 
FISHER, Martha; 1966;BA George Washington Univ.; Dir./ 
Knowledge Mgmt./Affordable Housing, Quadel Cnsltg. Corp./ 
Urban Devel., 1200 G St. NW, Washington, DC 20005, 202 789- 
2500; r: 4805 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 
907-4880; Charlton, Rodhgo; 
'FISHER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Taylor); 1915 
'FISHER, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Tuttle); 1951 
FISHER, Penny; 7959 (See Duncklee, Mrs. Penny) 
'FISHER, Phoebe C; 1974 
'FISHER, Mrs. Rena (Rena Tyroler); 1931 AB 
'FISHER, Ms. Robin Victoria; 1993 

FISHER, Mrs. Susan M. (Susan Marie Croker); 1 984 AB; Real 
Estate Agt., Morcom Realty Inc., POB 487, Monroe, VA 24574, 
434 929-5000; r: POB 11 15, 208 Horseshoe Bend, Madison Hts., 
VA 24572, 434 384-8998; Bnan: Katherine; 
FISHER, Mrs. Yule (Genevieve Marsh); 1938BA; Retired; 
r:5514 Center St., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 656-1123; 
Wheeler: David, Charles, Genevieve 
FISHMAN, Ms. Nicole Kelly; 7996; r: 1419 Argonne Dr., N. 

Chicago, IL 60064 
FISK, Mrs. Alice (Alice Collins); 7965; r: 807 Owl's Nest Rd., 

Greenville, DE 19807, 302 656-1586 
FISK, Mrs. Patricia C. (Patricia C. Clasgens); 1972 ; r: 1027 

Grandin Ridge Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45208, 513 871-2895 
'FiSKE, Anne; 1949 (See Thompson, Mrs. Anne) 
FISKE, Carol Jennings; 7976 (See Piatt, Mrs. Carol Fiske) 
'FISKE, Mrs. Jean (Jean Barker); 7959 
FISKE, Ms. Lauren Cameron; 2003; r: 6220 Prospect St., Freder- 
icksburg, VA 22407, 540 891-2183 
'FISKE, Ruth; 7922 (See Steegar, Mrs. Ruth) 
FISKETJON, Ms. Diana Howard (Diana Gano Howard); 7983 ; 
Univ. of Alabama; Private Art Dealer, Les Bijoux Fine Arts, 155 
E. 47th St., Apt. 4F, New York, NY 10017, 212 751-4301; 
r: 5390 Parker Branch Rd., Franklin, TN 37064, 615 591-4956; 
'FITCH, Barbara; 7955 (See Petree, Mrs. Barbara) 
'FITCH, Elinor; 7934 (See Welch, Mrs. Elinor) 
FITCH, Florence; 7952 (See Patton, Mrs. Florence) 



FITCH, Dr. Margaret (Margaret Holloway); ?973; BS Univ. of 

Georgia, MD Med. CIg. of Georgia; Dermatologist & Sl<in Cancer 

Spec, Aiken Dermatology Skin Cancer Clinic, 1520 Two Notcfi 

Rd SE, Aiken, SC 29803, 803 649-3909; r: 1000 Wfiiskey Rd., 

Aiken, SC 29801 , 803 649-7445; Paul; Brannon, Mollis, Kendall; 
•FITCHETT, Susan; 1924 AB 
FITE, Ms. Linda A.; ?967 AB; Journalist, Times Herald- Record, 

126 Main St., New Paltz, NY 12561, 845 255-0600; r: 26 Van 

Demark Ln., Kerhonkson, NY 12446, 845 626-8729; Herbert 

Trimpe: Alexander, Amelia, Sarafi; 

FITE, Mrs. Martha F. (Martha Field); 1956; Homemaker; r: 560 

Sable Oak Ln., Vero Beach, FL 32963, 772 231-1632; Peter; 

Maryellen C, Janet Hall (D), Chartes (Chip), Victoria Akins, 

Hunter, Karen Sornson 
*FITE, Mrs. Mary (Mary McGuire); 1956 
*FITE, Mrs. Ramona (Ramona Spurtock); 7940 AB 
*FITE, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Knowlton); 1943 
FITTON, Laura Louise; 1998 (See Pieper, Mrs. Laura L.) 
FITZGERALD. Mrs. Caria Rachel; 2001 BA; Tchr., Temperance 

Elem., 1981 Roseville Rd, Amherst, VA 24521, 434 277-5663; 

r; 172 Mt Horeb Rd, Amherst, VA 24521, 434 922-7092; 

*FITZGERALD, Catharine; 7947 (See Booker, Mrs. Cathahne) 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Charlotte Mane (Charlotte Marie Prassel); 

1982 AB; BS Sweet Briar CIg.; Mktg. Spec, Law Ofc of Andrew 

Fitzgerald, 10401 Conneticut Ave., Kensington, MD 20895, 301 

933-6550; r; 8932 Cherbourg Dr., Potomac, MD 20854, 301 983- 

9020; Andy: Cece, Tricia, James; 
'FITZGERALD, Cornelia; 1959 (See Lange, Ms. Cornelia) 
'FITZGERALD, Dame Laura; 1995 (See Billingsley, Mrs. Dame 

FITZGERALD, Mrs. Deborah Diane (Deborah Diane Meister); 

7977AB;r:7625 Sherman Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026, 440 

FITZGERALD, Mrs. Isabel (Isabel Anderson); 1955; Home- 
maker, 6mth-41 06 Cambridge Rd, Richmond, VA 23221 , 804 355- 

0345; r: 5CentralAve.,Kennebunkport,ME04046,207967-8008 
FITZGERALD, Jane Parrish; 1957 (See Treherne-Thomas, Mrs. 

Jane F.) 
'FITZGERALD, Janice B.; 1943 (See Wellons, Mrs. Janice B.) 
FITZGERALD, Ms. Janna S. (Janna C. Staley); 1961 AB; VP & 

Secy., Cavalier Mgmt. Co., POB 1 8946, Charlotte, NC 2821 8, 704 

333-7975; r:2018 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 334- 

8974; Robert; Robert, S.; 
FITZGERALD, Laurie Jean; 1977 (See Nowlan, Mrs. Laurie 

FITZGERALD, Ms. Libby Harvey (Elizabeth D. Harvey); 1968 

AB; LLB; Gen. Mgr., Eurofins Scientific, Alpha Labs Div., 1365 

Redwood Way, Petaluma, CA 94954, 707 792-7300; r: 1 1 4 

Suncrest Hill Dr., Petaluma, CA 94952; John; 

'FITZGERALD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hughes); 1947 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Handly); 1967 AB; 

r: 3915 Trimble Rd., Nashville, TN 37215, 615 297-2749 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Margaret MacLennan (Margaret MacLennan 

Medlock); 7987 AB; Ofc. Mgr.; r: 13046 August Cir., Riverside, 

CA 92503, 909 371-1876; Sean, Kate 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Marian Lawson (Marian Lawson Galleher); 

7987 ; r: 310 Saint Davids Ln., Richmond, VA 23221, 804 359- 

FITZGERALD, Mrs. Nona M. (Nona M. Jordan); 7959 ; r; 273 

Silver Moss Dr., Vero Beach, FL 32963, 772 234-9090 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Rachel; 7973 AB; Homemaker; r: 4296 

Lexington Tpk., Amherst, VA 24521, 434 922-7266; Carl a, 

Gary, Andrea, Arnold Jr. 
FITZGERALD. Susan M.; 7974 (See Carter, Mrs. Susan F.) 
FITZGERALD, Mrs. Susan Miller (Susan Miller Hudson); 7 9 78 

AB; Property Mgr., Georges & Co., 700 Harris St., Charlottesville, 

VA22902;r: 1449 Rugby Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22903; 

Ryan, Van; 
FITZGERALD, Suzanne A.; 7947(See Van Home, Mrs. Suzanne 




FITZGERALD, Mrs. Suzanne C. (Suzanne C. Carr); 7967 ; 
Retired Asst. Bank Mgr./Travel Agt. & Mgr.; r; 107 Poseidon Ln., 
Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082, 904 543-1893; R.; 

FITZHUGH, Ms. Emily; 7967 AB; MA Columbia Univ., MSW 
Fordham Univ.; Dir. of CIg. Counseling, The Gunnery Sch., 99 
Green Hill, Washington, CT 06793, 860 868-7334; r; 31 8 
Romford Rd, Washington Depot, CT 06794, 860 868-2987; 
Elizabeth Watt, Fraser; 
'FITZHUGH, Janetta; 7926 (See Evans, Mrs. Janetta) 

FITZHUGH, Mary Harrison; 7964 (See Miller, Mrs. Mary F.) 
'FITZ-HUGH, Sarah T.; 7969 

FITZPATRICK, Mrs. Diane (Diane DeLong); 7969 AB; Print Pro- 
duction Mgr.; r; 3429 Breton Cir. NE, Atlanta, GA 30319, 404256- 
9440; Jolin: Leslie, Charles, Matthew 

FITZPATRICK, Mrs. Elizabeth Keeley (Elizabeth GaynorKeeley); 

7984 AB; MA Drexel Univ.; Owner, E.G. Keeley Interior Design, 
120 Fawn Ln., Haverford, PA 19041, 610 527-5201; r; same, 
610 527-5208; Henry: Henry IV, Mary Elizabeth; 

FITZPATRICK, Ms. Kathie Shaughne; 7997 ; r; 15 Pilgrim Rd., 

Darien, CT 06820, 203 655-2478 
FITZPATRICK, Mrs. Kelley Lynne (Kelley Lynne Manderson); 

7985 AB; Homemaker; r: 4271 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 
38117, 901 761-7073; C.I/Tranum IV, Lewis 

'FITZPATRICK, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Curdts); ACAD 
FITZPATRICK, Mrs. Stephanie Sharp (Stephanie Sharp Stitt); 

7987 AB; Free-lance Museum Registrar; r: 202 Hodges Ln., 

Takoma Park, MD 20912; A. D/r/c,- Alexandra, Robbie 
FITZSIMMONS, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Taggart); 7966; r: 5235 I 

Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208, 317 251-3333 I 

FITZSIMMONS, Mrs. Julie (Julie Langie); 7960; r; 64 Branfordi 

Rd., Rochester, NY 14618, 585 244-8270 1 

FITZSIMMONS, Mrs. M. Anne (M. Anne Stubbs); 7946 ; BA 

Cornell Univ.; Retired Kindergarten Tchr.; r: 521 Ashworth Rd., 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1 , 704 366-3344; Ambrose: George, Mary 

Penn, Martha Green; 

abf itzsimmons @ msn .com 
FITZSIMONS, Margaret; 7957 (See Jones, Mrs. Margaret F.) 
FIVECOATE, Ms. Julie Marie; 7995; BS Univ. of MN; Rsch. 

Mgr., Maritz, 7701 France Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55435, 952 

841-2470; r: 2726 Buchanan St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418, 612 


FIZER, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Thomas); 7969 ; BA Roanoke CIg.; 

Tchr., Pulaski Cnty. High; r: 2141 Windsor Cir., Pulaski, VA 

24301 , 540 980-41 08; Richard: 
'FLACK, Jerre J.; 7948 (See Gardiner, Mrs. Jerre J.) 
'FLACK, Mrs. Katherine I. (Katherine I. Eldridge); 7930 
'FLAGG, Gail Marina; 7977 (See Freeman, Mrs. Gail Marina) I 
FLAGG, Suzanne Denise; 7983 ; r: 19 Kearny Ave., #7B, Edison, 

NJ 08817 
'FLAGG, Sybil; 7922 (See Bostian, Mrs. Sybil) 
'FLAHERTY, Mrs. Alice (Alice Meeds); 7947 ,' 

FLAHERTY, Anne Mary (Anne Mary Riordan); 7978 AB; J D 1 

Gonzaga Univ., LLM Univ. of Florida; Atty. /Homemaker; r; 1206 

Highland Park Blvd., Wausau, Wl 54403, 715 842-4228 
FLAHERTY, Ms. Cathehne Mary; 7980 AB; Sr. Sales Mgr., Mktg- 

Resources Plus US West, 11830 28th Ave. N., Plymouth, MK 

55441, 763 550-1102; r; 11830 28th Ave. N, Plymouth, Mhi 

55441, 763 550-1101; James Commers; Kill Ian, Callaghan,' 

Macartan; I 

b: '. 

FLAIG, Ms. Tracey Marie; 7993 ; r; 421 Wyatt Rd, Canton, Gfi' 

30115,770 205-2760 j 

'FLAITZ, Dr. Catherine M.; 7974 | 

'FLAITZ, Mrs. Mabel (Mabel Hickman); 7933 1 

'FLANAGAN, Jean; 7965 (See Batson, Mrs. Jean) ' 

'FLANAGAN, Mrs. Kristen Diane (Kristen Diane Hofheimer)! 

7990 AB 
FLANDERS, Betsy; 7963 (See Spencer, Mrs. Elizabeth) j 

FLANDERS, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Ruppert); 7952 AB; r: POB ! 

926, Edgartown, MA 02539 
FLANIGAN, Ms. Elizabeth Read (Elizabeth Read Engelsmann)' 

7982 AB; Homemaker; r: 16 Lorenzo Ln., St. Louis, MO 631 2<i 

31 4 991 -5545; Peter; Andrew, Lacey 



FLANIGAN, Florence York; 1977(See Clark, Mrs. Florence York) 
PLANNER, Hildegarde: 1921 (See Monhoff, Mrs. Hildegarde) 
FUNNERY, Anne; 1939 
FLANNERY, Ms. Deirdre Bridget; /998BS;r:397 Lake Shore 

Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
'FLANNERY, Mrs. Sara (Sara Kelly); 1933 AB 
FLEEK, Hester; 1950 (See King, Mrs. Hester) 
FLEET, Elizabeth; /962 (See Wallace, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FLEIGH, Ms. Margery Kala; 1964 AB; MAT Johns Hopkins Univ.; 

HS Substitute Tchr. & Former Social Studies Tchr.; r: 1 73 S 

Ohioville Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561, 845 883-7839; 
FLEMING, Adrienne Cara; 2004 ; r: 4217 Hermitage Rd, Virginia 

Bch.,VA 23455, 757 460-4579 
'FLEMING, Mrs. Anna (Anna Eve); 1925 
'FLEMING. Blanche E.; 7940 (See Gray, Mrs. Blanche E.) 
FLEMING, Brooke Von Maur (Brooke Von Maur); 1 987 AB] r: 5 

Lee Way, Rockport, MA 01966, 978 546-1 133; Peter; Peyton, 

Quinn, Jansen; 
FLEMING, Mrs. Carey Ann (Carey Ann Johnson); 1978 AB; 

Sales, Paramount Parks, 14523 Carowinds Blvd., Charlotte, NC 

28273, 704 244-0426; r: 1 13 Spartan Ct., Greer, SC 29650, 864 

244-7944; David: Ian, David; 

FLEMING, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Swift); 1957 AB; BSN 

Columbia Univ., MS Univ. of NE at Omaha; Retired/Visiting 

Nurse Assn.; r: 10313 Pinehurst Ave., Omaha, NE 68124, 402 

390-6082; Alice, Will, Edgar; 

'FLEMING, Mrs. Constance (Constance Currie); 1940 BA 
'FLEMING, Donna; 1989 
'FLEMING. Ms. Holly Nicole; 1993 
FLEMING, Hon. Marion Lucas (Marion Lucas); 1961 ; BA Univ. of 

S. FL, JD Stetson CIg. of Law; Circuit Court Judge, Criminal 

Justice Ctr., 14250 49th St. N., Clearwater, FL 33762, 727 464- 

7333; r: 727 823-0198; Peter: Mills, Lucas, Peter 
FLEMING, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Pease); 1951 AB; Piano 

Tchr., Self Employed; r: 6327 Ridgeway Rd, Richmond, VA 

23226, 804 288-4835; R/Ves; Kate Parthemos, Dr Conway 

Saylo, Martha Moore, Mildred McCully, Rives III, Ellen Dougherty 
FLEMING, Mrs. Mary Vinton (Mary Vinton); 1946 AB; 

Homemaker & Volunteer Bd., The Pike Place Mkt. Fndn.; 

r:1032-36th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112, 206 325-5693; 

Douglas: William, Florence, Douglas, Charles 
FLEMINGS, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Watjen); 1959: r: 781 1 

Lewinsville Rd., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 703 356-4646 
'FLESHER, Melissa Ann; 1989 
FLESHMAN, Nancy; ?962(See Bowles, Mrs. Nancy) 
FLETCHER, Mrs. Alice Virginia (Alice Virginia Danzer); 1937 ; 

Owner Retired, Colonial Hardwood Flooring; r: 1 1 01 Oak Hill 

Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21742, 301 739-0045; David (Dec) 
FLETCHER, Ann L; 1963 {See Griffin, Mrs. Ann F.) 
'FLETCHER, Anne Louise; 1951 (See Bedford, Mrs. Anne Louise) 
FLETCHER, Mrs. Betty (Betty Owens); 1954 ; Real Estate Agt., 

Burr Residential Properties, 7019 Brookville Rd., Chevy Chase, 

MD20815, 301 657-2000; r: 8101 Connecticut Ave., #606S, 

Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301 951-3725; Betsy; 
'FLETCHER, Mrs. Clare (Clare Erck); 1915 AB 
FLETCHER, Elisabeth Monnish; ?980(See Lubin, Mrs. Elisabeth 

'FLETCHER, Helen K.; 1919 (See Hays, Mrs. Helen K.) 
FLETCHER, Mrs. Judy Brown (Judith K. Brown); 1971 AB; Sub- 
stitute Teacher, HS & Middle Sch., Park Tudor Sch.; r: 1 36 E. 

43rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46205, 317 283-6257; Steve: Kathryn, 


'FLETCHER, Mrs. Marjorie E. (Marjorie E. Seeds); ACAD 
FLETCHER, Mrs. Mary LaVigne (Mary Eugenia LaVigne); 1982 

AB; Bd. Member, LifeCare Hosps. Inc., 415 Texas #301 , Shreve- 

port, LA 71 101, 31 8 222-4600; r: 415 Texas St. Ste. 301, 

Shreveport, LA 71 101 , 318 868-1507; Eugenia, Henley; 
FLETCHER, Megan Barbee; 1996 (See Parry, Mrs. Megan 

FLETCHER, Mrs. Moselle W. (Moselle Worsley); 1938 A B ; 

r: 804 Peachtree Dr., Columbus, GA 31906, 706 327-7184 

'Address Unknown "Deceased 

"FLEWELLING, Mrs. Katharine (Katherine Agard); 1 925 AB 

FLIEGER, Sally D.; /973(See Moore, Mrs. Sally F.) 
"FLINN, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Anderson); 1931 AB 
"FLINN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Surge); 1929 
FLINT, Allison Melinda; 1988{See Nicholson, Mrs. Allison Melinda) 
FLINT, Christine Suzanne; 1991 (See Canterbury, Mrs. Christine 

*FLINT, Sallie; /935(See Von Kann, Mrs. Sallie) 
"FLINTON, Mrs. Carrie F. (Carrie F. Young); 1918 
"FLIPPEN, Mrs. Anne (Anne In/ing); 1935 
FLIPPEN, Mrs. Kathleen Sams (Kathleen Sue Sams); 1990 AB; 
MS Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; r: 6008 Howard Rd., 
Richmond, VA 23226; 
"FLITCRAFT, Ruth R.; ?922(See Disharoon, Mrs. Ruth R.) 
'FLOCK, Mrs. Frances (Frances Biggers); 1979 AB 
'FLOHR, Joan; 7953 (See Kerrigan, Mrs. Joan) 
*FLORES, Jocelyn Gayle; 1987 
FLORES, Kira Andrea; 1986 AB; r: 12633 Etruscan Dr., Hemdon, 

VA 20172, 703 860-5259 
FLOROW, Annie: 1974 AB; New Car Dealer Relations, Gm, Hills- 
boro, OR; r: FOB 1235, Sherwood, OR 97140, 503 538-7576; 
'FLORSHEIM, Alice; 1931 

"FLOURNEY, Mrs. Virginia L. (Virginia L. Leitch); ACAD 
"FLOURNOY, Elinor; 1922 (See Parsons, Mrs. Elinor) 
"FLOURNOY, Mrs. Georgia (Georgia Threadcraft); 1923 
FLOURNOY, Mrs. Lucile Redmond (Lucile Peacock Redmond); 
1982 ; BS Univ. Georgia Athens; Partner, Two Sisters Gallery, 
1236 Peacock Ave., Columbus, GA 31906, 706 322-2004; 
r: 8000 Midland Rd Unit 6, Midland, GA 31820, 706 568-7669; 
Thomas: Lucile, Elizabeth; 
"FLOURNOY, Mary L.; 1931 (See Brown, Mrs. Mary L.) 
'FLOWERS, Mrs. Irene Curtis (Irene Curtis Parker); 1965 
"FLOWERS, Katherine; 7927 (See Jackson, Mrs. Katherine) 
FLOWERS, Mrs. Mary F. (Mary F. Buchanan); 7939 AB; Duke 
Univ.; Volunteer/Honorary Pres., The Garden Club of Virginia; 
r: 1600 Westbrook Ave., #401, Richmond, VA 23227, 804 264- 
6692; George Jr.; George III, John, William, MaryCadwallader 
FLOWERS, Mrs. Renee Jewell (Renee Jewell Rose); 7993 BS; 
MED Univ. Missouri Columbia; Middle Sch. Math Tchr.; r: 8500 
Sterling, Kansas City, MO 64138, 816 353-7760; Tyrone: 
FLOYD, Mrs. Ann (Ann McCullough); 7958 AB; Interior Designer; 
r: 4536 Richmond Hill Dr., Wachesaw Plantation, Murrells Inlet, 
SC 29576, 843 651-9576; Jack: John, Virginia 
FLOYD, Elaine; 7957 (See Fisher, Mrs. Elaine) 
"FLOYD, Mrs. Harnette (Harriette Charles); 7924 
FLOYD, Nancy; 7958 (See Midgette, Mrs. Nancy) 
'FLUKER, Anne Elizabeth; 2004 
*FLY, Mrs. Carol Ann (Carol Ann Beaird); 7980, 1981 AB 
FLYNN, Ms. Abby E.; 7972 AB; MED Nova Southeastern Univ.; 
Tchr.-Adjunct, Cab Technical CIg.; r: 1635 Covered Bridge Rd., 
Covington, GA 30016, 770 787-5330; Allan Alison: Audrey; 
FLYNN, Alison; 7965 (See Ringdal, Mrs. Alison) 
FLYNN, Ashley A.; 7990 (See Blanchard, Mrs. Ashley F.) 
"FLYNN, Caroline; 7924 (See Eley, Mrs. Caroline) 
FLYNN, Isabel Margaret; 7985(See Lescure, Mrs. Isabel Margaret) 
FLYNN, Ms. Lucia Virginia; 7987 AB; r: RR 5, Box417D, Charlot- 
tesville, VA 22901 
FLYNN, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Squibb); 7932 AB; r: Evergreen 
Woods, 88 Notch Hill Rd Apt. 332, N. Branford, CT 06471, 203 
"FOEGGE, Mrs. Patricia A. (Patricia A. Edmands); 7936 AB 
FOGARTY, Jennie Lyons (Jennie Lyons); 7968 AB; Prog. Dir,, 
Fnendship Heights Village Ctr.; r: 5002 Jamestown Rd., 
Bethesda, MD 20816, 301 229-2439; John: Anne, Katherine, 
Patrick, Meghann; 
•FOGARTY, Lorene Marie; 7987 
FOGARTY, Ms. Margaret A.; 1 987 BA; r: 16 Florence St., Dover, 

NH 03820, 603 749-9165; Tim Provencal 
'FOGARTY, Ms. Shannon Renee; 7992 
FOGLE, Mrs. Judy (Judy Schlatter); 1967 AB; Tempo Prop., Inc., 
4814 Hwy. 78, Lilburn, GA 30047, 770 972-7777; r: 1 630 
Pucketts Dr., Lilburn, GA 30047, 770 921-4449 



FOGLESONG, Ms. Carol R. (Carol H. Remington); 1971 AB; 

Asst. Comptroller, Orange Cnty. Comptroller Ofc, POB 38, 

Orlando, FL 32802, 407 836-5695; r; 1750 Chippewa Tr., 

Maitland, FL 32751, 407 628-4577; J., Christopher; 

*FOHL, Elizabeth; 1922 (See Kerr, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FOIT, Mrs. Kelly Knappenberger (Kelly Lee Knappenberger); 

1996 BA; MA Univ. Puget Sound; K-1 Tchr., St. Mary's Episcopal 

Sch., Lakewood, WA, 253 588-6621 ; r: 607 Kautz Ct., Steila- 

coom, WA 98388, 253 983-1434; Erik; 
FOKES, Ms. Elizabeth Lassiter; 1989 ; BA Mercer Univ. Atlanta, 

Notary Public State of GA; Paralegal, Miller & Markle LLP, 23 

Lenox Pointe, Atlanta, GA 30324, 404 262-1955; r: 3006 Pat 

Mell PL, Smyrna, GA 30080; 

bouvierslove @ 
FOKES, P. Quinne; 1981 AB; MA Maryland Inst. CIg. Art; Artist/ 

Art Dir. Corporate & Brand Identity, Ouinne Design; r: 95 

Hillside Ave. Ste. 2, San Anseln.o, CA 94960, 415 482-7926; 
FOLAN, Sharon; 1968 (See Culley, Mrs. Sharon) 
FOLEY, Eileen Marie; 1989 AB; r: 19 Village Rd., Florham Park, 

NJ 07932, 973 822-1306 
FOLEY, Kristin Elaine; 1987AB; Rsch. Assoc, Cowen& Co., 27th 

FL, New York, NY 10005; r: 213 Sixth Ave. Apt. 3, New York, NY 

10014,212 405-0253; 
FOLEY, Lee A.; ?996(See Dolan, Mrs. Lee Foley) 
FOLEY, Mrs. Sarah Kingsley (Sarah Elizabeth Kingsley); 1999 

BA; German Teacher & Asst. CIg. Cheer Coach; r: 200 Lucile 

Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504, 757 897-1437; Robert; 
FOLEY, Sarah Rust; 200? BA; Legislative Asst., Katz, Kutter, 

Alderman & Bryant, 801 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Ste.750, Wash- 
ington, DC 20004, 202 393-6222; r: 2116 N Monroe St. Apt. 37, 

Arlington, VA 22207, 703 248-8899; 

'FOLLIN, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen Kelly); 1933BA 
FOLLOWS, Mary Annette; 1969 (See Keith, Mrs. Mary Annette) 
FOLMAR, Betty; y957(See Hunt, Mrs. Betty) 
*FOLTZ, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Albers); 1927 AB 
FOLTZ, Sara Alice; 200? BA; Asst. to Restoration Dir., Fox 

Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, 404 881 -21 1 3; 

r: 660 E. Momingside Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, 404 872-8651 ; 

FOMON, Anne Quaintance; 1977 (See Armstrong, Mrs. Anne 

*FONCANNON, Mrs. Pearl (Pearl Wayman); ACAD 
FONDA, Mrs. Edith (Edith Marsh); 7952 AB; r: 21 Grandview Dr., 

S. Yarmouth, MA 02664, 508 398-3553; Laurence; J a m e s , 

Laura, Christopher 
FONDEUR, Lisa Conde; ?985(See Will, Mrs. Lisa) 
FONOW, Nia Edwards; 2001 (See Fonow-Hughes, Nia Edwards) 
FONOW-HUGHES, Nia Edwards (Nia Edwards Fonow); 200 1 , 

2002 BA; Tchr., Mulberry Sch., 703 404-4060; r: 1 3004 New 

Austin Ct., Oak Hill, VA 20171, 703 742-0866; Brian; 
FONS, Katherine Primm; 1987 (See Barkley, Mrs. Katherine 

FONSECA, Ms. Vida Lynn (Vida Lynn Henry); ?984, 1988 BA; 

MA Univ. of New Orleans, BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Translator/ 

Private lnvestigator/ParalegalATchr.,Gavilan Intl.; r: 131 N. 

Alexander St., New Orleans, LA 701 19, 504 669-8919; Alexine; 

r: prsfonel @ 
FONTAINE, Mary (Stevie) Stevenson; 1963 (See Keown, Mrs. 

Mary (Stevie) Stevenson) 
'FONTANA, Mrs. Angela (Angela Casella); 1 963 AB 
FONTENOT, Mrs. Carol A. (Carol A. Norman); 1969; r: 4900 

Saint Charles Ave. Apt. 4B, New Orleans, LA 70115 
'FONVILLE, Clarita A.; 1948 {See Buie, Mrs. Clarita A.) 
*FOOT, Anne (Anne Farr); 1936 
*FOOTE, Mrs. Bernardene (Bernardene Johnson); 1934 
FOOTE, Carol L.; 1980 {See Siana, Mrs. Carol L.) 
'*FOOTE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Douglass); 1 932 AB 
'*FOOTE, Elizabeth; 1928 (See Gearheart, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'*FOOTE, Sarah; 1929 (See Joiner, Mrs. Sarah) 
FOOTHORAP, Elizabeth L.; 1971 (See Hancock, Mrs. Elizabeth 



FORAN, Ms. Megan Katherine; 1999BA; Acs; r; 179 Willow Dr., 

Little Silver, NJ 07739, 732 530-8280 
FORBERT, Leslie Elise; ?979(See Miller, Mrs. Leslie Elise Forbert) 
"FORBES, Mrs. Augusta (Augusta Porter); 1930 
FORBES, Betty S.; ?956(See Raybum, Mrs. Betty F.) 
FORBES, Mrs. Carolyn (Carolyn Irvine); 1948 AB; Retired, Life 
Magazine; r: 87 Peaceable Hill Rd., Ridgefield, CT 06877, 203 
438-4527; J. Wendell F.; James W. Jr., Sarah, Carolyn E.F., 
Emma Mclain F.; 
FORBES, Sherry Lauren; 2002 BA; r: 336 Seminole Dr., Madison 
Hts.,VA 24572, 434 846-3665; 
"FORBUSH, Edith; 1918 
"FORBUSH, Janet; 1938 (See Fead, Mrs. Janet) 
"FORBUSH, Rachel; ?9r6 (See Wood, Mrs. Rachel) 
"FORD, Agnes; ACAD 
"FORD, Annie; 1924 (See Melton, Mrs. Annie) 
FORD, Mrs. Barbara Ann (Barbara Ann Hamilton); 1976; r: Rte. 

6, Box 310, Lewisburg, WV 24901 
*FORD, Ellen; 1961 (See O'Connell, Mrs. Ellen) 
"FORD, Fanny; 7930 (See Libby, Mrs. Fanny) 
FORD, Mrs. Frances (Frances Meeks); 1935; Retired; 
Homemaker; r: 1 2615 SE 25th PL, Bellevue,WA 98005, 425 747- 
2221 ; Loren D. (Dec); Sheila Richman 
FORD, Ms. Jeanne (Jeanne Brassel); 7968 AB;JD NC Central 
Univ. Sch. of Law; Atty., Law Ofc. of Charles Montgomery, POB 
1325, Cary, NC 27512, 919 816-9002; r: 110 Queensferry Rd, 
Gary, NC 2751 1 , 91 9 467-3358; Steven B.; Tristran B., Eugene 
B., Gavin W.; 
Jeanne @ 
'FORD, Jeanne C; 1951 (See Tandy, Mrs. Jeanne C.) 
FORD, Mrs. Linda (Linda Knickerbocker); 1959 AB; r: 3050 Ivy 
Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 979-3276 
"FORD, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Coleman); 1938 AB 
"FORD, Marjorie B.; ACAD 
FORD, Mary Elizabeth; 7977 (See Hodges, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth) 
FORD, Mary John; 1952 (See Gilchrist, Mrs. Mary John) 
FORD, Pamela J.; 7967 (See Kelley, Mrs. Pamela F.) 
FORD, Mrs. Patricia (Patricia Lynas); 7957 AB; Retired Med. 
Secy., Stanford Univ., Sch. of Medicine, Stanford, CA 94305; 
r: 21 65 W. Dry Creek Rd., Healdsburg, CA 95448, 707 431 -8839; 
Richard; Richard, Elizabeth, Rebecca; 
"FORD, Sue Speed K.; 7960 (See Hall, Mrs. Sue Speed K.) j 

"FORD, Virginia E.; 1928 \ 

"FORDER, Jane; 7934 (See Stribling, Mrs. Jane) 
"FORDTRAN, Mrs. Josephine (Josephine Bell); 7922 
"FORDTRAN, Mrs. Mary P.; SPEC \ 

"FORE, Cornelia; ACAD < 

FORE, Mrs. Lavonia L. (Lavonia (Bea) Wright); 7986 BA; D i r . i 
Customer Relationship Marketing Systs., JEA, 21 W Church St., I 
Jacksonville, FL 32202, 904 665-6305; r: 12851 Chinquapin 1 
Way, Jacksonville, FL 32246, 904 220-7119; Peter; Luke I 
Wright, Laurie Whitmer, Tara 
FOREE, Elizabeth G.; 7946 (See Browder, Mrs. Elizabeth G.) 
'FOREMAN, Mrs. Kim Deborah (Kim Deborah Wilson); 7979 
FOREMAN, Victoria Anne; 2005 ; r: 272 Riverboat Rd, Front 
Royal, VA 22630, 540 635-8686; 
clayhilLOl © 
*FORK, Mrs. Emily (Emily Thorpe); 7937 
FORMAGUS, Mrs. Alicia (Alicia Nygaard); 7983; BA Arizona, 
State Univ.; Minister; r: 2905 Hanover Ave., Dallas, TX 75225,! 
21 4 696-1 358; Dr Nace; William, Thomas I 

FORMAN, Claudia F.; 7970 (See Pleasants, Mrs. Claudia F.) | 
FORMAN, Jill D.; 7995 (See Lezcano, Mrs. Jill D.) { 

•FORMAN, Mary J.; 7945 

FORMATO, Dori Lorraine; 7978 (See Legg, Ms. Dori Lorraine) 
FORMATO, Mrs. Pamela (Pamela Fromme); 7967; BA J 

Columbia Univ.; Sales Promotion & Marketing, Artisticks;'. 
r:4831 Hoyer Dr., Sarasota, FL 34241, 941 921-1870; Brian, ; 
FORNEY, Mrs. Pride (Pride Binger); 7952 ; BA Univ. of Alabama.j 
Real Estate Agt., Realty South, 2807 Cahaba Rd., Mountain; 
Brook, AL 35223, 205 870-5420; r: 1943 20th Ave. S., Birming- 
ham, AL 35209, 205933-1879 : 
FORREST, Thelma Brandon; 7956 (See Rohr, Mrs. Brandorj 
Forrest) ' 



FORRESTER, Ms, Heather Lee; y994 BA; Bilingual Teaching, 
Head Start, Will Rogers Elem,; r: 2218 Milam St., Amarillo, TX 
FORRESTER, Mrs. Leigh Mcdonald (Leigh Anne McDonald); 
1978 BA; Dir. of Devel., Episcopal MS, 4455 Atlantic Blvd., Jack- 
sonville, FL 32207, 904 396-5751 ; r: 24532 Deer Trace Dr., 
Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082, 904 280-0896; John: Ian, 

'FORRESTER, Mrs. Mary L. (Mary L. Wagner); 1948, 1949 AB 
FORREY, Mrs. Deborah Clegg (Deborah Clegg Blair); 1984 AB; 

r: 26 Jennifer Ct., Glen Rock, NJ 07452, 201 444-1709 
FORSBERG, Mrs. Margaret Nicholas (Margaret Nicholas White); 
1990 '.BA Virginia Commonwealth Univ., George Washington 
Univ.; Natl. Mktg. Mgr., Trader Publishing Co., 100 W Plume St., 
Norfolk, VA 23510, 757 640-3668; r: 1353 Cornwall PL, Norfolk, 
VA 23508, 757 423-5136; Fredrik; 
meg Jorsberg @ 
FORSCH, Annabelle; 7943 (See Prager, Mrs. Annabelle) 
*FORSE, Mrs. Joy (Joy Carter); 7940 AB 
FORSTER, Anne B.; 1952 (See Dooley, Mrs. Anne B.) 
TORSTER, Mrs. Katherine (Kathenne Zeuch); 1923 AB 
'•FORSYTH, Anne C; 1954 (See Timbrel, Mrs. Anne C.) 
:*FORSYTH, Elizabeth; ?927 BS 

• FORSYTH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth F. Morton); 1936 A B ; 
Retired; r: 4224 Hilton PL, Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-3952; 
Betty, Elsie, Douglas, Nancy; 
FORSYTH, Elizabeth; 1960 (See Harns, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty)) 
FORSYTH, Jeanne H.; ?968(See Powell, Mrs. Jeanne Forsyth) 
FORSYTH, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Bradley); 1937 AB; Retired 
Farmer, Congaree Farms; r: Congaree, 6438 Bremo Rd., Bremo 
' Bluff, VA 23022, 434 842-3422; George,- Maragret Haney, G. 

Logan, Douglas Haney, Bradley Haney, Temple, Anne L. 
TORSYTH, Sarah; )932(See Randolph, Mrs. Sarah) 
|*FORT, Mrs. Anne (Anne Hutchinson); 1939 
i FORT, Chloe; 1962AB; Homemaker; r; 430SunnysideDr., Nash- 
ville, TN 37205,615292-4314; Chloe McAuley, Wynne 
I Lenderman 

I'FORT, Mrs. Chloe (Chloe Frierson); 7936 AB 
jTORT, Mrs. Eloise (Eloise Orme); ACAD 
I FORT, Julia W.; 1963 (See Lowe, Mrs. Julia Fort) 
j'FORT, Mary Yancey; 1924 (See Richardson, Mrs. Mary Yancey) 
'FORTE, Mrs. Emilie (Emilie Thornton); 1949 
: FORTER, Mrs. Elsa A. (Elsa A. Jones); 1970 AB; r. 168 Hale St, 
i Beverly, MA 01 91 5, 978 927-2974; 

,'FORTIER. Margot; 1949 (See Aicklem, Mrs. Margot) 
1 FORTIN, Cheryl Lynn; 7985 (See Young, Mrs. Cheryl Lynn) 
I'FORTNER, Cynthia Lynn; 7989 (See Bennett, Mrs. Cynthia Lynn) 
I'FORTSON, Nora; 7928 (See Nixon, Mrs. Nora) 
jFORTUNATO, Rev. Susan Boykin (Susan Boykin Arnold); 
I 7989 ;BASeton Hall Univ., MDiv Drew Univ.; Episcopal Priest, 
I St. Stephen's Church, 84 Ehrhardt Rd., Pearl River, NY 10965, 
; 845 735-8888; r: 82 Ehrhardt Rd., Pearl River, NY 10965, 845 
; 735-7280; Graham; 
FORTUNE, Barbara; 7958 (See Roberts, Mrs. Barbara) 
FORTUNE, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Kerr); 7932 AB 
FOSCUE, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Tomlinson); 7938 BA; Homemaker; 
r; 1575 John Knox Dr. Apt. A206, Colfax, NC 27235, 336 605- 
5515; James E. (Dec); James E. Jr., Charies T., Sally Merrell 
FOSDICK, Mrs. Pauline (Polly) (Pauline (Polly) Boswell); 7943 ; 
BA Univ. of TX Austin; [Retired Secy, to Provost Marshall, FL Sam 
1 Houston; r: 8301 Old Sauk Rd. Apt. 224, Middleton. Wl 53562, 
I 608 662-4268; James; James, Deborah, Scott 
i FOSHAY, Ms. Thomasin (Tutti) Alida; 7993 BA; BA Sch. of Visual 
i Arts NY; Interior Designer, Conant Architects, 50 E. 42nd St., Ste. 
2400, New York, NY 10017, 646 865-1200; r; 128 E. 62nd SL 
I #2F, New York, NY 10021, 212 829-0818; 
I r: 

JFOSHEE, Mrs. Dabney Elizabeth (Dabney Elizabeth Bragg); 
i 7977 ; BA Univ. Alabama, Tuscaloosa; r: 4066 Country Club Rd, 
I Mobile, AL 36608, 251 342-9002; John, Bragg; 
JFOSLER, Virginia; 7934 (See Gruen, Mrs. Virginia) 

I 'Address Unknown "Deceased 

•FOSQUE, Victoria Lynn; 7979 
*FOSS, Mrs. Caroline P. (Caroline P. Caswell); 7959 
*FOSS, Eunice; 7947 (See Sneed, Mrs. Eunice) 
FOSSETT, Peggy Jean; 7958 (See Lodeesen, Mrs. Peggy Jean) 
TOSSUM, Helen; 7922 (See Davidson, Mrs. Helen) 
'FOSSUM, Muriel; 7925 (See Pesek, Mrs. Munel) 
FOSTER, Mrs. Alice (Alice Mighell); 7965 AB; Partner Catalog 
Business, Marble Arch, POB 833, High Point, NC 27261 , 336 869- 
0002; r: 600WellingtonRd., Winston-Salem, NC27106, 336 724- 
5063; Charles Flcken; George III, Ashley F. Weir; 
FOSTER, Ms. Alicia Ann; 7998 BA; Mgr. Tech., Family Optomet- 
ric Assn., 1560 Mall Dr., Norfolk, VA 23511, 757 489-1083; 
r: 500 Juniper Ct., Smithfield, VA 23430, 757 357-8270; Breton; 
aleeleelahi © 
'FOSTER, Ann Elizabeth; 7987 
'FOSTER, Anna C; 7923 (See Allen, Mrs. Anna C.) 
'FOSTER, Anne; 7973 (See Terry, Mrs. Anne) 
'FOSTER, Annie; ACAD {See Rayne, Mrs. Annie) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Caro (Caro Quinn); 7942 
FOSTER, Carolyn; 7967 (See Meredith, Mrs. Carolyn) 
FOSTER, Carolyn F.; 7975 (See Davis, Mrs. Carolyn F.) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Robins); 7928 AB 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Currey); 7965 AB 
'FOSTER, Elizabeth; 7930 (See Askew, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'FOSTER, Florence; 7922 (See Graebner, Mrs. Florence) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Frances (Frances Arbaugh); 7930 AB 
FOSTER, Ms. Jean Carol; 7978 ;r: 3258 Concord Wharf Rd., 

Exmore, VA 23350 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Joanne (Joanne O'Malley); 7952 AB 
'FOSTER, Josephine; ACAD {See Black, Mrs. Josephine) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. K. Eleanor (K. Eleanor Hottenstein); 7933 
FOSTER, Mrs. Karen E. (Karen E. Webber); 7977 AB; Financial 
Advisor/Sales, Prudential Financial; r; POB 7965, Louisville, KY 
'FOSTER, Lillian; ACAD {See Fargo, Mrs. Lillian) 
'FOSTER, Lois; 7933 (See Moore, Mrs. Lois) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Worthington); 7947 AB 
FOSTER, Mary F.; 7974 (See Strickland, Mrs. Mary F.) 

FOSTER, Maydelle; 7960 (See Fason, Mrs. Maydelle Foster) 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Marsh); ACAD 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Nedra (Nedra Brown); 7929 
'FOSTER, Mrs. Page (Page Ruth); 7943 AB 
FOSTER, Mrs. Sally Ann (Sally Ann Bianchi); 7950 BA; Ret.; 
r: 459 Passaic Ave., #313, W. Caldwell, NJ 07006, 973276-6797; 
Robert P.; Meg Slotkin, Kate, Andy; 
FOSTER, Mrs. Sally E. (Sally E. Slaughter); 7973; r: 1421 Yucca 

Dr., Dalhart, TX 79022, 806 249-8638 
'FOSTER, Sara; 7937 (See Smith, Mrs. Sara) 
FOSTER, Mrs. Sara A. (Sara A. Hearne); 7974 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 7 Baltimore St., Norfolk, MA 02056, 508 528-4636 
FOSTER, Susan Leah; 7983 ; Membership Devel., Restaurant 
Assn. of MD, 6301 Hillside Ct., Columbia, MD 21046, 410 298- 
FOSTER, Tiffany Dawn; 7988 (See Kessler, Dr. Tiffany Dawn) 
FOSTER, Wesley; 7997 (See Huffard, Mrs. Wesley Foster) 
FOUNDS, Mrs. Martha (Martha Neuenschwander); 7935; r: 100 

S. Chelsea St., Sistersville, WV 26175 
FOUNTAIN, Barbara Biggam; 7985; r: 100 Main St. Apt. 3, 

Charlestown, MA 02129, 617 242-9545 
'FOUNTAIN, Mrs. Exna Lind (Exna Lind Dore); 7977 AB 
FOUNTAIN, Shann Elizabeth; 7996 (See Cochran, Mrs. Shann 

FOURNIER, Mrs. Virginia A. (Virginia A. Watts); 7944 AB; 
Retired; r: 111 Glade Rd., Newport News, VA 23606, 757 596- 
0758; Paul; Paul, Anne, Emily; 
FOUST, Mrs. Joyce L. (Joyce Virginia Livermore); 7945 ; BS 
Univ. of Michigan; Field Secy., DetroitCouncilof Social Agencies, 
Detroit, Mi; r: 12405 Pinecrest Dr., Plymouth, Ml 48170, 734 453- 
2220; Frederick; Brian, Craig, Carol 
FOUTS, Ms. Rebecca Ann; 7990 ; r: 4601 High Spring Rd, Castle 
Rock, CO 80104 



FOWLER. Mrs. Barbara Tyler (Barbara Tyler Childrey); 1961 BA; 

Antique Dealer Willow Place Antiques, Quincyssentials Willow PI 

Antique Gallery. 5446 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23230, 434 

792-0897; r: 306 Sutherlin PL, Danville, VA24541, 434 792-0897; 

Calvin: Quincy, Charles, Calvin; 
FOWLER, Dr. Brandi Beck (Brandi Lane Beck); 1990AB; PhD, 

MA Antioch Grad. Sch.; Clinical Psychologist; r: Los Angeles, 

CA; Darryl; 

FOWLER, Carol McMurtry (Carol Young McMurtry); 1957 BA; 

VP&Treas., Riverboatlnc; r: 10 Woodstone Sq., Austin, TX 

78703, 512 458-1917; Dud/ey; 

FOWLER. Mrs. Celia Ann (Celia Ann Warren); 1982 ; Asst. Con- 
troller, Four C Oil & Gas Corp., 4925 Greenville Ave., Ste. 1 150, 

Dallas, TX 75206, 214 361-5451 ; r: 741 1 Tophill Ln., Dallas, TX 

75248, 972 599-9071 
*FOWLER, Constance; ?932(See Keeble, Mrs. Constance) 
'FOWLER, Dorothy E.; 1929 (See Russell, Mrs. Dorothy E.) 
*FOWLER, Eileen; 1931 (See Clark, Mrs. Eileen) 
'FOWLER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Tayloe); ACAD 
'FOWLER, Elizabeth; 1933 (See Skinner, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'FOWLER, Mrs. Eugenia (Eugenia Culberson); ACAD 
'FOWLER, Mrs. Florence (Florence Freeman); 1919 AB 
'FOWLER, Frances M.; 7935 (See Kenyon, Mrs. Frances M.) 
FOWLER, Frances Ruth; 1982 (See Bauerle, Mrs. Frances Ruth 

FOWLER, Ms. Jane Claire; ?992; r: 7107 Marbury Ct., Falls 

Church, VA 22046 
FOWLER, Mrs. Judy (Judy Mundy); 1966, 1965 AB; Owner, 

Puriri Hills B&BA/ineyard; r: 398 North Rd. Clevedon, RD 2, 

Papakura, New Zealand 
FOWLER, Ms. Kathleen Julia; 2002 BA;HS Latin Teacher, 

Fauquier HS, 705 Waterloo Rd, Warrenton, VA 20186, 540 347- 

6100; r: 6335 Village Center Dr. Apt. 436, Bealeton, VA 22712, 

540 439-2538; 

'FOWLER, Mrs. Laura (Laura Sage); 1930 
FOWLER, Lisa J.; 7973 (See Winslow, Mrs. Lisa Fowler) 
'FOWLER, Marcia; 1949 (See Smiley, Mrs. Marcia) 
FOWLER, Mrs. Marie (Marie Brumby); 1935; r: 191 Whitlock Dr., 

Marietta, GA 30064, 770 428-5175 
'FOWLER, Mrs. Marion (Marion Malm); 7932 AB 
'FOWLER, Martha; 1939 (See McNabb, Mrs. Martha) 
'FOWLER, Mildred H.; ACAD {See Gilbert, Mrs. Mildred H.) 
'FOWLER, Nancy H.; 7965 (See Douglass, Mrs. Nancy H.) 
FOWLER, Mrs. Nicole S. (Nicole Stewart); 7995 BA; BA; Human 

Resources Mgr., Natl. Linen Svc, 704 332-8156; r; 9112 

Vermel Ct., Charlotte, NC 28216, 704 393-3628; J. Scott; 
'FOWLER, Sarah; 7922 (See Wells, Mrs. Sarah) 
FOWLKES, Lillian; 7947 (See Taylor, Mrs. Lillian) 
FOX, Mrs. Anne Gwinn (Anne Gwinn); 7957 AB; Librarian, Colle- 
giate Sch., N. Mooreland Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 741- 

9719; r: 6425 Handy Ln., Richmond, VA 23226, 804 282-1067; 

John; John J. Ill, Sarah Gwinn, Thomas Edward, James Andrew 
'FOX, Mrs. Anne Tiffin (Anne Tiffin Hartman); 7987 AB 
'FOX, Mrs. Betty F. (Betty F. Sanders); ACAD 
FOX, Mrs. Beverly Williams (Beverly A. Williams); 7 953 AB; 

r: Apt. #1 32, 1 51 Imperial Golf Course Blvd., Naples, FL 341 1 0, 

239 514-4206; Whitney 
'FOX, Carolyn: 7937 (See McKisson, Mrs. Carolyn) 
FOX, Cary; 7955 (See Fisher, Mrs. Cary) 
'FOX, Christine A.; 7972 
'FOX, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Hovey); 7942 
FOX, Elizabeth; 7935 (See Moon, Mrs. Betty F.) 
'FOX, Elizabeth; 7946 (See Cranmer, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FOX, Elizabeth Coburn; 7980; r: 9 Outerbridge Cir., Hilton Head 

Island, SC 29926, 843 689-3769 
FOX, Elizabeth Jeanne; 7989(SeeTarlecki, Ms. Elizabeth Jeanne) 
'FOX, Mrs. Estella (Estella MacFarland); 7976 
'FOX, Jane; 7936 (See Dodson, Mrs. Jane) 
FOX, Ms. Josephine M.; 7968 AB; Retired Owner, The Morgan 

Fox Agcy., Nevada City, CA 95959; r; Box 370, Nevada City, CA 

95959; E.J. Gold; Michelle, Elissa, Jeffrey, Gene 
'FOX, Judith; 7937 (See Smyth, Mrs. Judith) 



'FOX, Kimberly Ann; 7983 
'FOX, Mrs. Louise (Louise Henry); 7962 
FOX, Mrs. May H. (May W. Humphreys); 7970 AB; Boston CIg. 

Dir. of Govt. Relations, Leclair Ryan, PC, 707 E. Main St 

Richmond, VA 23219, 804 783-7592; r: 6420 Roselawn Rd.' 

Richmond, VA23226, 804 288-0376; Chartes; George, 

FOX, Mrs. Nathalie (Nathalie Robertson); 7955; Homemaker 

r:1641 Bitterroot Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301, 208 734-662^ 

David E.; 
FOX, Roxanne Renee; 2001 BA; JD Univ. of Maryland; Law 

Student; r; 1324 Main Mews, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, 301 51 £ 

'FOX, Shirley T.; 7938 

*FOY, Caroline; 7932 (See Robins, Mrs. Caroline) 
FOZZARD, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Lane); 7952 AB; r: POB 574 

Dana, NC 28724 
FRACKELTON, Decca G. (Decca Gilmer); 7947 BA; Home- 
maker; r; 1714 Greenway Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 54 

373-7975; Robert; Mary, Rollin, R. Leigh Jr., David 
FRACKELTON, Mary Carter; 7972 AB; Managing Partner 

Frackelton Block Co., L.P., POB 684, Fredericksburg, VA 2240' 

540 373-8935; r: 1204 Buckner St., Fredericksburg, VA 2240 

540 373-5641; 
FRALEY, Andrea; 7988 AB; MARC Univ. of Colorado; Technic£ 

Arch., Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, 14 Wall St., New York, N' 

10005, 212 298-0296; r: POB 900, New York, NY 10274; 

FRALEY, Courtenay Nicolls; 7988 (See Williams, Mrs. Courtene 

'FRAME, Nancy A.; 7957 (See Rudy, Mrs. Nancy A.) 
FRAME, Ruth; 7958 (See Salzberg, Mrs. Ruth) 
FRAMPTON, Mrs. Ellen (Ellen George); 7939; Homemaker 

r: 82 Bishops Ridge Dr., Chartottesville, VA2291 1 , 434 972-314 

William; Anne, Richie 
'FRAMPTON, Mrs. Robyn Lee (Robyn Lee McLane); 7985 
FRANCIS, Dr. Alexandria S.; 7974 AB; MA NYU, PhD NYL 

Psychologist, CTB/McGraw Hill, 20 Ryan Ranch Rd., Monter^ 

CA 93940, 831 393-7450; r: 13485 Paseo Terrano, Salinas, C 

93908, 831 484-9572; Ashleigh; ' 
FRANCIS, Christine P.; 7977 ; r; Box 1629, Harlingen, TX 7855 
'FRANCIS, Mrs. Elinor (Elinor Ward); 7937 BA 
FRANCIS, Mrs. Emily Austin (Emily Austin Williams); 7993 B/ 

Creative Writer/Content Mgr., Sapient Corp., One Memorial D 

Cambridge, MA 02142, 617 761-3146; r: 57 Cottage Park R 

Portland, ME 04103, 207 797-9094 
'FRANCIS, Karen-Alison; 7975 (See Little, Mrs. Karen-Alison) 
'FRANCIS, Mrs. Katherine (Kathenne Gulp); 7935 
'FRANCIS, Lillian C; 7944 (See Morrow, Mrs. Lillian C.) 
FRANCIS, Mrs. Mabel (Mabel Sheldon); 7942; Homemaker 

r: 111 Highview Ave., Bemardsville, NJ 07924, 908 766-66Si 

Dorothy, Katharine 
FRANCIS, Martha Anne; 7947 (See Burrows, Mrs. Martha Ann; 
FRANCIS, Robin R.; 7954 AB; r: 1609 Bergenline Ave., Unit, 

City, NJ 07087, 201 330-0633 
FRANCIS, Mrs. Tamara Driskill (Tamara Susan Driskill); 7 980 

BA; Business Mgr., Rountree Pontiac GMC Mitsubishi, Bank. 

Third St., Petersburg, VA23803, 804 733-8721; r: 5731 

Elfinwood Rd., Chester, VA 23831 , 804 751 -9099; Floyd; P . ' 

'FRANCISCO, Mrs. Alice (Alice Barrows); 7937 
FRANCISCO, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth (Caroline (Lisa) Elizabe 

Newman); 7992 ; BA CIg. of Charleston; r; 3262 Westheimer I 

#513, Houston, TX 77098, 281 559-2287; George; 

FRANCISCO, Eleanor; 7936 (See Hood, Mrs. Eleanor) 
FRANCISCO, Ms. Kelly Lynn; 7999; r: 126 Cottage PI., S. Bou 

Brook, NJ 08880 
FRANCKE, Elizabeth (Beth) M.; 7974 (See Lynn, Mrs. Elizabt^' 

(Beth) F.) ; 

'FRANCKLYN, Caroline Seward; 7985 1 


FRANGOPOULOS, Mrs. Ruth S.H. (Ruth S. Hoopes); 1969 AB; 

MBA Columbia Univ., AA Parsons Sch. of Design; r: POB 620, 

Mendenhall, PA 19357, 610 388-0733; Zissimos: 
FRANK, Amalie; 1932 {See Kohn, Mrs. Amalie) 
FRANK, Clara Belle; 1925 (See Bradley, Mrs. Clara Belle Frank) 
FRANK, Eleanor W.; 1981 (See Hazard, Mrs. Eleanor W.) 
FRANK, Isabelle; /922(See Sutherland, Mrs. Isabelle) 
FRANK, Mrs. Louise (Louise Rogers); 1934 ., ■.^.• 

FRANK, Louise; 1923 (See Rowland, Mrs. Louise) 
FRANK, Mary S.; 1948 (See Farley, Mrs. Mary S.) 
FRANK, Ruth; 1938 
FRANK, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Mitchell); 1954 ; r; 175 Harrelson 

Rd., Tumbling Shoals, AR 72581, 501 362-9772 
FRANKE, Eleanor P.; 1932 (See Crawford, Mrs. Eleanor P.) 
FRANKE, Elizabeth; )9y3(See Balls, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FRANKE, Isabelle; 1938 (See DeGraaf, Mrs. Isabelle) 
FRANKE, Jacquelin E.; 1924 (See Charles, Mrs. Jacquelin E.) 
:fRANKE, Mrs. Jill Anne (Jill Anne Needham); 1989 AB; 

Organon Pharmaceuticals; r: 1409 Ems Rd W, Ft. Worth, TX 

76116, 817 732-5430; Doug; 
FRANKE, Virginia; y927(See Davis, Mrs. Virginia) 
FRANKL, Mrs. Elizabeth Lynne (Elizabeth Lynne Fulghum); 

1986 ; BFA Virginia Commonwealth Univ.; Principal Designer, 

FrankI Creative Grp., 1 5 Franklin Rd. Ste. 1 , Roanoke, VA 2401 1 , 

540 345-8552; r: 527 Cassell Ln. SW, Roanoke, VA 24014, 540 

342-7090; Dan; James, Meghan; 

FRANKLAND, Mrs. Daun Thomas (Daun Veitch Thomas); 1974 

AB; Owner, Thomas-Matthews Antiques, 3411 Arlington Blvd., 

Arlington, VA 22201 , 703 243-7143; r: ABMC Amer. Emb. Paris, 
, PSC#116,AP0,AE 09777; 1/Va/fer; Leslie; 
FRANKLIN, Annette Brown; 1989 (See Middleton, Mrs. Annette 

FRANKLIN, Dorothy E.; 1941 (See Smith, Mrs. Dorothy E.) 
iFRANKLIN, Elizabeth; 1923 (See Young, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
FRANKLIN, Mrs. Frances (Frances Richardson); 1949;r: 485 
i W. Wesley Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 350-6748 
FRANKLIN, Jennifer Ann; 1993 (See Sawyer, Mrs. Jennifer Ann) 
FRANKLIN, Joan A.; /955(See Saunders, Mrs. Joan A.) 
IJFRANKLIN, Judith; 1959 (See Campbell, Mrs. Judith) 
FRANKLIN, Mrs. Kimberly Howell (Kimberly Roux Howell); 1983 

AB; Relocation Spec. & Immigration/Acctg., Booz Allen Hamilton 

8283 Greensboro Dr., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 703 917-2035 

r:306 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, VA 22201, 703 522-4799 

John: Isabelle; 

FRANKLIN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Marshall); 1929 BS; r: 41 1 Bright- 
wood Club Dr., Luthetville, MD 21093; Judith 

RANKLIN, Nancy Boyd; 1950 (See Hall, Mrs. Nancy Franklin) 
FRANKLIN, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Taylor); 1925 AB 
-'RANKLIN, Satilla G.; 1934 (See Means, Mrs. Satilla G.) 

RANKLIN, Ms. Toye Rene; ?993 ;BA James Madison Univ.; 

Acct., Deloitte & Touche; r: 6940 Treeridge Dr., Cincinnati, OH 

45244, 513 723-3202; Chris; Holland; 

ycavanaugh @ 

'RANKS, Mrs. L. Lorraine (L. Lorraine Leavitt); 1936 
•'RANSON, Kathleen (Kate) D.; 7996(SeeTsengas, Mrs. Kathleen 

•RANSON, Page Ellen; t987AB;Meditech , 1 Meditech Cir., 

Westwood, MA 02090, 781 774-4291; r: 6 Wamsutta Rd, E. 

Falmouth, MA 02536, 508 540-1389; 

pf ranson @ 

^RANTZ, Betty; 1940 (See Roberts, Mrs. Betty) 

■'RANTZ, Nancy J.; 1949 (See Davies, Mrs. Nancy J.) 

•RANTZ, Stephanie Jane; 79S3(SeeSnyder, Ms. Stephanie Jane) 
;!J-"RANZ, Ms. Stephanie Patncia; ?996 BS; Chemist; r: 3403 

Longridge Rd, Durham, NC 27703, 919 596-9628; 

■RANZEN, Elizabeth Ann; )9S6 AB; Managing Editor, Solomon 

R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10128, 

212 423-3809; r: 30 Canal St., 1 A, New York, NY 10002; 

•RARY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Stoddard); 1926 

■RASER, Babette; 7965 (See Hale, Gabrielle F.) 

■RASER, Gerry; t937 (See Moss, Mrs. Gerry) 

Address Unknown **Deceased 


FRASER, Joanne Williams (Joanne Williams); 1951 AB; r: 2766 

Smyer Cir., Birmingham, AL 3521 6, 205 979-1 1 23; S u s a n , 

James, Max 
"FRASER, Mrs. Maria (Maria Spady); ACAD 
FRASER, Mrs. Mary Winifred (Mary Winifred Woodwark); 1985 ; 

r:The Old Schoolhouse, Wellpark Rd, Banknock FK4 1TP, 

'FRASER, Phyllis; 1944 (See Lanphier, Mrs. Phyllis) 
FRASHER, Ann; ?957(See Hudson, Mrs. Ann) 
FRATE, Francine E.; 7968 (See McNeill, Mrs. Francine F.) 
FRATES, Ms. Lisa Lloys; ?988 BA; PhD Student, UCLA, Dept. of 

Hist. 405 Hillgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095; r: 1557 S. 

Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019, 323 937-5377; 
FRATUS, Ardis; ?948(See Porter, Mrs. Richard) 
FRAWLEY, Patricia; 1959 (See Gates, Mrs. Patricia F.) 
'FRAZEE, Ms. Nikki Mila; 1998 
*FRAZEE, Suzanne Michelle; 1995 (See Smith, Ms. Suzanne 

FRAZER, Ms. Brenda; 1961 ; r: 245 S 2nd Ave., Alpena, Ml 

49707,989 354-9178 
FRAZER, Mrs. Rebecca (Rebecca Young); 1935 AB; r: 2774 

Andrews Dr. NW, #16, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 262-3242; 

"FRAZIER, Betty L.; ?939(See Rinehart, Mrs. Betty L.) 
FRAZIER, Mrs. Clara Call (Clara Call); 7940 BA; Retired Secy., 

Frazier Farms Inc.; r; 17048 Pouncey Tract Rd, Rockville, VA 

231 46, 804 749-8564; Charles William: Charles, Norman, 

Daniel, Bob, John, James, Eileen 
FRAZIER, Elizabeth; 1962 (See McCallie, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
'FRAZIER, Elizabeth P.; 1941 (See Morson, Mrs. Elizabeth P.) 
'FRAZIER, Ms. Erin Marie; 1999 
FRAZIER, Mrs. Holly E. (Holly E. Hoffman); 1974 ; Teh r . , 

Heritage HS; r: 2420 Link Rd., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384- 

FRAZIER, Linda Larea; 1975 (See Frazier-Snelling, Ms. Linda 

FRAZIER, Lynn; 7967 (See Gas, Mrs. Lynn) 
FRAZIER, Ms. Margaret Mosby; 7989 BA; Special Events & 

Devel., Memphis Botanical Garden, 750 Cherry Rd., Memphis, 

TN 38117, 901 685-1566; r: 169 Alexander St., Memphis, TN 

38111,901 327-1105 
FRAZIER, Mrs. Michelle Tarride (Michelle Annette Tarride); 7978 

AB; MMUS Univ. of Texas at Austin; Homemaker; r : 6135 

Longmont Dr., Houston, TX 77057, 713 784-3565; Warren: 

John, Margaret; 
'FRAZIER, Mrs. Portia (Portia Strickland); 7958 
'FRAZIER, Robin Cherie; 7988 
FRAZIER-SNELLING, Ms. Linda Larea (Linda Larea Frazier); 

7975AB; MS CA State Univ., Hayward; Clinical Rsch. Data 

Coord., PRA Intl., 4105 Lewis & Clark Dr., Charlottesville, VA 

2291 1 , 434 951 -3459; r: 431 Maple View Ct., Charlottesville, VA 

22902, 434 996-1825; Michael Snelling; Catherine, J.; 

"FREAS, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Long); 7949 AB 
FREDERICK, Ms. Margaret McLean; 7993, 1992 BA; MA Wake 

Forest Univ.; Business Mgr., Reflection Riding Arboretum & 

Botanical Garden, 400 Garden Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37419, 423 

821-9582; r: 1306 Worthington St., Chattanooga, TN 37405, 423 


'FREDERICK, Mrs. Sarah P. (Sarah P. Slaughter); 7957 
'FREDERICKS, Mrs. Frances A. (Frances A. Jones); 7977 
FREDERIKSEN, Mrs. Renee Brooks (Renee Anita Brooks); 

7994 BA; Cnslt., AmSouth Bank, Nashville, TN; r: 31 4 

Greenway Ave., Nashville, TN 37205, 615 385-1855; David; 


'FREE, Janet; 7963 (See Martinez, Mrs. Janet) 
FREE, Mala; 7988 (See Jalenak, Mrs. Maia F.) 
"FREEAR, Anne M.; ACAD (See Stayton, Mrs. Anne M.) 
FREED, Mrs. Carla(CarladeCreny); 7957 BA; Retired, 15 Gay 

St., Nantucket, MA 02554, 508 228-7621; r: 700 New 

Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037, 202 337-2779; 

Gerald; M.L Plovnick, Amy L. Keefe, John C. Levin, Robert B. 

FREELS, Julia; 7950 (See Chwalik, Mrs. Julia F.) 




FREEMAN, Beth E.; ^976 (See Roper, Ms. Beth Freeman) 
FREEMAN, Mrs. Catherine G. (Catherine Tyson Gornto); 1 992 
BA; Homemaker; r: 6039 Coliseum St., New Orleans, LA 701 18, 
504 891-4285; Peter,' Charlotte, David, Lawrence; 
'FREEMAN, Deborah; ?950 (See Cooper, Mrs. Deborah) 
FREEMAN, Denton; 1988 (See Kump, Dr. Denton Freeman) 
FREEMAN, Elizabeth Louise; 1978 (See Goetz, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'FREEMAN, Florence; 1919 (See Fowler, Mrs. Florence) 
'FREEMAN, Mrs. Frances (Frances Tollerton); 1931 
'FREEMAN, Frances W.; 1945 

'FREEMAN, Mrs. Gail Marina (Gail Marina Flagg); )977 AB 
'FREEMAN, Heather Boynton; 1981 

FREEMAN, Mrs. Heather Noel (Heather Noel Willson); 1984 AB; 
Intehor Designer, Self-employed, 797 Valley Rd., New Canaan, 
CT 06840, 203 966-9200; r: same; Ann Abbott, Paul 
FREEMAN, Mrs. Helen Gabriel (Helen Gabriel Plowden); 1965 
BA; Realtor-Agt., Bolling-Ligon Realtors, 1122 Bamwell St. FOB 
11406, Columbia, SC 2921 1,803 256-6287; r: 432 Prince 
Wales Dr., Columbia, SC 29209, 803 776-3367; Randall, Craig 
'FREEMAN. Mrs. Louise (Louise Fuller); 1926 
'FREEMAN, Margaret; 1925 (See Sherdahl, Mrs. Margaret) 
FREEMAN, Martha Macon; 1981 (See Brouse, Ms. Martha Macon) 
'FREEMAN, Mrs. Mary (Mary Leonard); 1954 
'FREEMAN, Ms. Monica G.; ^973 AB 
FREEMAN, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah Elizabeth Smith); 1975 
AB; Georgetown Univ., JD George Mason Univ.; Lawyer/ 
Supreme Court Hearing Ofcr., 355 Crawford St., Portsmouth, VA 
23704, 757 399-8105; r; 210 East Rd., Portsmouth, VA 23707, 
757 397-3644 
FREEMAN, Mrs. Sarah Geraldine (Sarah Geraldine Mott); 1976 
AB; Fed. Communications Comm., 1919 M St. NW, Washington, 
DC 20554; r: 7601 Exeter Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814, 301 951- 
FREEMON, Carson Elisabeth; 7980 (See Meinen, Mrs. Carson 

FREEMON, Mrs. Maura Kathleen; 1981, 1982 AB; Owner, Con- 
stellation Farm, 9525 Patricia Ln., Jupiter, FL 33478; r; same, 
561 748-6293; Jeffrey, Robert; , , , 

'FREER, Mrs. Flora (Flora Howe); 1915 
FREER, Mrs. Mary Ann (Mary Ann Robb); 1954 AB; Retired 
Secy. /Bookkeeper, Real Estate Industry, 239 597-3541; 
r: 15254 Burnaby Dr., Naples, FL 341 10, 239 597-3511; Romeo 
'FREIBERG, Caroline; 7920 (See Marcus, Mrs. Caroline) 
FREIM, Mrs. Elaine Godsey (Elaine Godsey); 7 984 A B ; 

Designer/Crafter/Artist, Josephine's Dreams/Cactus Feathers 
Trading Co.; r: 4921 Turks Ferry Rd., Gloucester, VA 23061 , 804 
695-0671; Robb Jones, Jennifer Renn; 
'FREKING, Barbara; 7942 
'FRENCH, Ada; 7957 (See McWane, Mrs. Ada) 
FRENCH, Christina Alice; 7978 (See Pope, Mrs. Christina Alice) 
'FRENCH, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Turner); 7920 AB 
'FRENCH, Marjorie; 7974 (See Nevens, Mrs. Marjorie) 
FRENCH, Martha Malone; 7975(See Roberts, Ms. Martha Malone) 
FRENCH, Mary J.; 7957 (See Halliday, Mrs. Mary J.) 
FRENCH, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Powell); 7962 AB; Homemaker; 
r: 1674 Coventry Rd., Surfside Bch., SC 29575, 843 650-2044; 
A. Bruce; John, Heidi, David 
FRENCH,Dr. Pamela Poinier; 7980 AB;Phys., Med. CIg. of 
Pennsylvania, Division of Infectious Disease, Philadelphia, PA 
19129; r: 2528 Brown St., Philadelphia, PA 19130 
FRENCH, Mrs. Rhonda Liane (Rhonda Liane Harris); 7987 BA; 
Homemaker; r: 2040 Ridgeley Rd., Woodstock, VA 22664, 540 
459-2020; T. 
FRENZEL, Elizabeth Dickson; 7982 (See Casalini, Mrs. Elizabeth 

'FRERICHS, Mrs. Genevieve (Genevieve Van Metre); 7929 
'FRESCH, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Ferguson); 7929 
'FRESE, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Yates); ACAD 
FRETWELL, Leslie Carol; 2002 BA; Grad. Student, Univ. of PA, 
Philadelphia, PA; r: 7301 Nichols Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, 
405 842-2828; 
'FRETWELL, Ruth; ACAD (See McGill, Mrs. Ruth) 



FRETZ, Ms. Katharine; 7957 ; BS Univ. of Delaware, MA Rows 

Univ.; Retired Tchr.; r: 4030 Walker Mountain Rd,W. Rutland, V 

05777, 802 438-2684; A/ed Sogar,- Martha, Katharine, L. Heye 

Charles, Ann; 
FREUND, Amy; 7964 (See Green, Mrs. Amy) 
'FREUND, Mrs. Rosalind (Rosalind Helms); ACAD 
*FREY, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Smith); 7927 
FREY, Mrs. Janet (Jean Imbrie); 7935 BA; Retired Employmei 

Couns., Shield Empl. Agcy. Chicago; r: 3737 Highland Ave 

#324, Downers Grove, IL 60515, 630 963-9830; Donald; 

Donald, Richard, Robert, Janet; 

jeanfrey891 © 
FREY, Rosemary; 7934 (See Rogers, Mrs. Rosemary Frey) 
FREYER, Anne; 7966 (See Harrill, Mrs. Anne) 
FRIBERG, Ms. Mary Elizabeth; 7998BA;BA Sweet Briar Ckl 

r; 2907 Hillmeade Dr., Nashville, TN 37221 ,615 352-5375; I 

FRIBOURG, Mrs. Janet (Janet Neumark); 7950 ; BA Casl 

Westem Reserve; Retired; r; 22880 Canterbury Ln., Shaker Ht: 

OH 44122, 216 561-2266 
FRICANO, Lisa Carol; 7984 (See Alhende, Lisa Carol) 
'FRIDAY, Dorothy M.; 7943 

FRIED, Jacqueline Jean; 7987 (See Smith, Mrs. Jacqueline Jeai; 
'FRIED, Mrs. Suzanne (Suzanne Feder); 7946 
'FRIED, Mrs. Thelma (Thelma Hanifen); 7934 AB 
'FRIEDBERG, Mrs. Martha (Martha Asher); 7938 
'FRIEDMAN, Brenda Nan; 7987 
'FRIEDMAN, Julie; ACAD (See Greenbaum, Mrs. Julie) 
FRIEDMAN, Mrs. Kelly Arden; 7992; BS Univ. of Florida 

Univ. of South Florida; Profn. Pharmaceutical Sales, Scherir 

Labs, 404 966-6150; r: 3996 N. Ivy Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 3034 

404 814-0544; Jonaften; 

'FRIEDMAN, Linda G.; 7976 
'FRIEDMANN, Mrs. Charlotte (Charlotte Coles); 7930 
'FRIEND, Andrea Victoha; 7989 
'FRIEND, Kathryn Louise; 7987 (See VanDevender, Ms. Kathr 

FRIEND, Ms. Patricia Alice; 7993 BA; Owner-Import Busines 

r; 28 Ridge Blvd., Port Chester, NY 10573, 914 933-1088; 

madisonsbc @ 
'FRIEND, Mrs. Susan (Susan Smith); 7957 AB 
FRIER, Ms. Meghan Joan; 2007 BA; Dir. of Merhmack Fund 

Class Relations, Merrimack CIg., 315 Tumpike St., N. Andovi 

MA 01845, 978 837-5026; r: 12 Sunhse Rd, Boxford, MA 0192 

978 887-9269; 

r: frierOI 
FRIERMAN, Anne Berlin; 7984 (See Sewell, Mrs. Anne Berlin) 
'FRIERSON, Chloe; 7936 (See Fort, Mrs. Chloe) 
FRIERSON, Mrs. Jane H. (Jane F. Hutcherson); 7974 BA; Uni 

Tennessee Chattanooga, George Mason Univ. ; P r o g . M g r 

Northrop Grumman TASC, 2100 Washington Blvd., Arlington, ^ 

22204, 703 312-2399; r: 2054 Hopewood Dr., Falls Church, V 

22043, 703 536-4490; Laurance; 
'FRIERSON, Mrs. Randolph; 7926 
'FRIERSON, Susie B.; 7925 (See Lawwill, Mrs. Susie B.) 
FRIESE, Mrs. Patricia Carlin (Patricia Carlin); 7957 AB; Retire' 

109 Oakridge Dr., S. Salem, NY 10590, 914 533-6147; r: 130, 

Harbour Ridge Blvd., Palm City, FL 34990, 772 336-846' 

James, Craig, Pamela i 

'FRIMPONG, Rebekah Adowa; 2002 ] 

'FRINK, Gloria; 7922 (See Huntington, Mrs. Gloria) '■ 

'FRISBIE, Michelle S.; 7975 ' 

'FRISCH, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Goff); 7926 j 

'FRITZ, Ms. Anne; 7990 
FRITZINGER, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Bailey); 7 950 AE- 

Farmer; r: 196 Burton Rd., Weston, VT 05161, 802 824-3388;! ; 

FRITZSCHE, Mrs. Mary E. (Mary E. Hancock); 7949 AB; r: PC; 

1 193, Fernandina Bch., FL 32035 
FROHN, Mrs. Amanda Ann (Amanda Ann Beauchemin); 198i 

AB; r: POB 187, Beacon Falls, CT 06403 
FROMME, Pamela; 7967 (See Formato, Mrs. Pamela) I 

FRONCKOWIAK, Janet; 7987 (See Golrick, Janet Marie) I 


FRONK, Margaret Kotula; 2002 BA;Grad. Student, James 

Monroe Ctr.; r: 10310 Lexington Ct., Fredericksburg, VA 22408, 

540 891-9934; 

FROSCH, Juliana; y978(See Smart, Ms. Juliana) 
FROST, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Clark); 1930 
FROST, Eleanor; 1941 (See Wrotnowski, Mrs. Eleanor) 
FROST, Jennifer; y986(See Holden, Jennifer Frost) 
FROST, Juanita Elizabeth; 1980 (See Giusti, Mrs. Juanita 

FROST, Lucy; 1959 (See Dunning, Mrs. Lucy) 
FROST, Rebecca Elouise; ?977(See Good, Mrs. Rebecca Elouise) 
FROST, Mrs. Rutfi L. (Ruth L. Staples); ACAD 
FROST, Stephanie Fern; 1989 
FROST, Mrs. Stephanie Sue (Stephanie Sue White); 1991. 1992 

FROTHINGHAM, Anne; 1966 (See Cross, Mrs. Anne) 
FROTHINGHAM, Mrs. Laetitia Seibels (Laetitia Kelly Seibels); 

1941 AB; Homemaker; r: 32 Country Club Rd., New Canaan, CT 

06840, 203 966-3743; John: Anne, Chezzie, Laetitia, John 
FRUEAUFF, Mary H.; /537(See Klein, Mrs. Mary H.) 
FRUEHAUF, Ms. Martha Stewart; 1980AB; Homemaker; 

r: Redcliffe, 733 Merry Go Round Rd, Manakin Sabot, VA 231 03, 

804 784-0168; Michael, Jeffrey, Caroline, Andrew; 

FRUIT, E. Elizabeth; 1946 (See Metzenthin, Mrs. E. Elizabeth) 
FRY, Helen; 1917 (See Dietsch, Mrs. Helen) 
FRY, Karen E.; 1976 ; r: 6231 Royal Crest, Dallas, TX 75230, 214 

IJFRY, Ms. Laura Bemiss; J985 AB;BA Sweet Briar CIg., MS 

Genoalnst. Tech; Homemaker/Riding Instr. Therapeutic; 

r: 6332 S Mulford, Cherry Vly., IL61016, 815 873-1904; Todd 

Clausen: Grace, Louise 
FRY, Margaret; 1931 (See Williams, Mrs. Margaret) 
FRY, Mrs. Wanda Lee (Wanda Lee McGill); ?980BA; Univ. of 

Arizona; Homemaker; r: 1360 W. Calle Concordia, Tucson, AZ 

85737, 520 797-8243; Pefer; Patrick, Ryan (Dec), Megan 
FRYE, Mrs. Kate Harding (Kate Harding Morhssett); 1977 
FRYE, Martha; 1948 (See Nye, Mrs. Martha) 
FRYE, Mary Kathryn; 1945 (See Hemphill, Mrs. Mary Kathryn) 
FRYE, Ruth; 1954 (See Deaton, Mrs. Ruth Frye) 
FRYER, Mrs. Constance (Constance Schwab); 1925 
FRYER, Mrs. Sarah E. (Sarah E. Dabbs); ^972 AB; r: 1 985 W 

Wesley Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, 404 350-9817 
FRYMAN, Ms. Jennifer Marie; 200y ; r: 3796 Singletree Ct., 

Mead, CO 80542 
FUCHS, Mrs. Sherry (Sherry Kirschenfeld); 7967 AB; r: FOB 95, 

Shera/ood.MD 21665 
FUENTES, Marian; 1992 
FUESSLE, Mrs. Cecilia (Cecilia Birdsey); 1934 AB 
RUGATE, Amy Lee; 1977; r: 1519WMiddlebrookDr., Muskegon, 

49441 , 231 780-4608 
FUHRMAN, Ann; 1966 
FUHRMANN, Bettina Barbara; 1984 AB; r: Romergraben 1 1 , 

Munstermaifeld, Germany 
fULD, Ms. Susan; 1963 

PULENWIDER, Ann; 1959 (See Schenck, Ann F.) 
FULGHAM, Andrea Cecil; 2000 (See Copeland, Ms. Andrea F.) 
FULGHUM, Elizabeth Lynne; 1986 (See FrankI, Mrs. Elizabeth 

FULGHUM, Ms. Sandra C. (Sandra Casner); 7965 AB; MA 

Vanderbilt; Retired Audiology, Nav. Hospital Oakland; r: 1740 

Fell Si, San Francisco, CA94117, 415 346-1932 
DULLER, Barbara J.; 1969 {See Basler, Mrs. Barbara J.) 

ULLER, Rev. Betty Works (Betty W.L. Works); )972 BA; MDiv 

Virginia Theological Seminary; Rector, Episcopal Church of the 

Advent, ROB 1937, Alice, TX 78333, 361 664-7881; r: 823 S 

Water St. No 3G, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, 361 888-4806; 

Frank; Mary A., William; 


DULLER, Dain; 1950 (See Searle, Mrs. Dain F.) 

^ULLER, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Reinburg); 7926 BA 

=ULLER, Dorothea M.; 7953 BA; Guide 1/Bldg. Supv. Retired, 

Lynchburg Museum Syst., Lynchburg, VA 24504; r: 2940 

Rivermont Ave. No 15, Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 845-4488 

DULLER, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Jones); 7936 

=ULLER, Juanita; 7922 

Address Unknown "Deceased 


FULLER, Mrs. Kimberly Merin (Kimberly Merin Wood); 7980 AB; 
Travel Agt., Journey House Travel, 21 1 N. Robinson, Ste. 150N, 
Oklahoma City, OK 73102, 405 232-9215; r: 705 Heatherstone 
Rd., Edmond, OK 73034, 405 348-3340; Bryan; 
"FULLER, Lilian; 7975 (See Moody, Mrs. Lilian) 
"FULLER, Louise; 7926 (See Freeman, Mrs. Louise) 
FULLER, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Hodges); 7942 AB; MED Univ. of VA; 
Retired Elem.Tchr.-Reading;r: 615 Mountain Rd., FOB 308, 
Halifax, VA 24558, 434 476-6553 
"FULLER, Margaret; 7928 (See Riggs, Mrs. Margaret) 
FULLER, Marion; 7938 (See Kellogg, Mrs. Marion) 
FULLER, Martha; 7939 (See Leys, Mrs. Martha) 
FULLER, Mrs. Nancy Caroline (Nancy Caroline Bade); 7980 AB; 

r: 611 Elizabeth Rd., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210 822-7916 
FULLER, Ms. Patncia I.; 7977 AB; MA Framingham State CIg.; 
Psychotherapist, Wayside Youth & Family Svcs., 88 Lincoln St., 
Framingham, MA 01702, 508 620-0010; r: 15 Mechanic St., Hol- 
liston, MA 01 746, 508 429-1034; Lee DeSorg/ier; J u s t i n , 
FULLER, Ms. Ridgely P.; 7969 AB; MA Tufts Univ. Fletcher Sch., 
MSW Boston CIg.; r: 18 Prospect St., Sherbom, MA 01770, 508 
655-0656; Brad Googins; Nicholas, Benjamin, Plamen; 
FULLER, Mrs. Sheila M. (Sheila M. Nolan); 1966AB\ r: 4 Sound 
Shore Dr., Unit7, Greenwich, CT 06830, 203 661-0338 
"FULLERTON, Mrs. Dorothy A. (Dorothy A. Slagle); 7944 
"FULLERTON, Mrs. Emma (Emma Haller); 7933 
FULLERTON, Mrs. Maxey Penn (Maxey Penn Willets); 7966AB; 
Tchr./Writer, Academic Therapy Publications, 20 Commercial 
Blvd., Novate, CA, 415 457-8134; r: 124 Linden Ln., San Rafael, 
CA 94901, 415 457-8134; 
FULLINGTON, Mrs. Margaret Leigh (Margaret Leigh Register); 
7982 AB; Property Mgr., 3251 Overton Rdr, Birmingham, AL 
35243, 205 967-9312; r: 9 Spring St., Birmingham, AL 35213, 
205 871-4191 
FULMER, Allison Bette; 2004 ; r: 174Truesdale Rd, Camden, SC 
29020, 803 432-8874; 
FULMER, Mrs. Kathleen A. (Kathleen A. Crilley); 7977 AB; r: 254 
Wakefield, Memphis, TN 38117, 901 682-0369 
"FULTON, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Hopwood); ACAD 
FULTON, Elizabeth B.; 7977 ; r: 4340 Mt Carmel, Upperco, MD 
"FULTON, Janet; 7957 (See Evans, Mrs. Janet) 

FULTON, Kathryn; 7948 (See Alston, Mrs. Kathryn Fulton) 
"FULTON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Stokes); 7936 AB 
"FULTON, Mary; 7929 (See Garstang, Mrs. Mary) 
FULTON, Ms. Moira; 7974 ; MED Univ. Vermont, BA Univ. Iowa; 
CIg. Prof., Highline CIg., 206 878-3710; r: 3304 S Dose Ter., 
Seattle, WA 98144, 206 324-5572; Lee Daneker; 
"FULTON, Tot; ACAD (See Maness, Mrs. Tot) 
'FULWIDER, Glen L.; 7942 
'FUNCK, Mrs. Helen (Helen Wuerdeman); 7938 
TUNG, Ms. Karin Cylin; 7998 BA 
FUNK, Mrs. Mary Ann (Mary Ann Noll); 7962 ; r: FOB 542, Falfur- 

rias, TX 78355 
FUNK, Mrs. Natalie R. (Natalie S. Roberts); 7966 AB; Retired 
Team Leader, Social Security Admin. Dept.; r: 5160 Flowertuft 
Ct., Columbia, MD 21044, 410 730-3283; Geoffrey; 
"FUNKE, Mrs. Juliana (Juliana Whitehill); SPEC 
FUNKHOUSER, Ann; 7963 (See Strite-Kurz, Mrs. Ann) 
FUNKHOUSER, Mrs. Mahon Whitehead (Marion Whitehead 

Moltz); 7967 AB; r: FOB 85, Spruce Head, ME 04859 
*FURBER, Mrs. Kathryn (Kathryn Lubs); 7940 
"FURBER, Louise; 7945 (See Mickey, Mrs. Louise) 
"FURBUSH, Barbara; 7944 (See Ross. Mrs. Barbara) 
FURCHES, Kristi Lewis; 7979 (See Harcum, Mrs. Khsti Furches) 
FURLONG, Mrs. Chhstine Mary; 7987; r: POB 1109, Amherst, 
VA 24521 , 434 946-2700; 
FURMAN, Ms. Candy Elaine; 7990 ; RN; r: POB 636, Ruckers- 
ville,VA 22968 
"FURMAN, Constance; 7928 (See Westbrook, Mrs. Constance) 
"FURMAN, Eleanor; ACAD (See Hudgens, Mrs. Eleanor) 



FURMAN, Mrs. Joan Marie (Joan Marie Pietrucha); 1977 AB; 

Mega Source, Inc., 695 Chestnut St., Union, NJ 07083; r: 76 

Hidden Glen Rd, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, 201 236-8066 
FURNISS, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Ripley); 1942AB; MA Univ. of 

Chicago, MS George Washington Univ.; Retired Couns.; r: 685 

S. La Posada Cir., #902, Green Vly., AZ 85614, 520 648-8495; 

W.: Patricia; 

FURNISS, Mrs. Beverley (Beverley Hill); 1935AB: Homemaker; 

r: 500 Spanish Fort Blvd., Spanish Ft., AL 36527; John, Emory 
'FURNISS, Caroline; ^936 (See Wolfe, Mrs. Caroline) 
FURNISS, Mrs. Dawn Martine (Dawn Martine Guth); 1987 AB; 

r: 640 Federal Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804, 203 775-0700 
FURNISS, Emory; 1974 (See Maxwell, Mrs. Emory) 
FURNISS, Mrs. Gail (Gail Sims); ^964; r: 320 Handy Rd., 

Newnan, GA 30263, 770 252-8598 
'FURNISS, Jane; 1940 (See Simpson, Mrs. Jane) 
*FURR, Mrs. Wendy (Wendy Montgomery); 1968 AB 
•FURRY, Barbara; f 939 (See Sprague, Mrs. Barbara) 
FURSE, Margaret Lewis, PhD (Margaret Lewis); 1950 ; BA Univ. 

of Texas, PhD Columbia Univ.; Lecturer, Retired; r: 1801 

Lavaca 14-D, Austin, TX 78701, 512477-1144; Austen:^ane, 

Austen, John, Mary; 

*FURSTENBERG, Christine A.; 1969 (See Ridout, Mrs. Christine 


GAAB, Mrs. Mary South (Mary Cawood South); ^979 AB; CEO, 

Family Affairs; r: 170SummerlawnDr.,Sewickley,PA15143,412 

741-8353; Terfy; Terry Jr., Meghan, Cameron; 

GABAY, Mrs. Ruth A. (Ruth A. Mackie); 1958 AB; Computer Sci. 

Teacher/Former Math-French HS Teacher, St. Joseph Sch., 8 W. 

Main St., Mendham, NJ 07945, 973 543-7474; r: 1 4 Northbridge 

PL, Morristown, NJ 07960, 973 898-3759; Kenneth (Dec); Mark, 

Allison, John, Matthew; 
GABEL, Ms. Carolyn; ^963 AB; MSW Univ. of CT; Exec. Dir., 

Democracy Works, 53 Oak St. , Hartford, CT 061 06, 860 727-1 1 57; 

r: 11 Cobbs Rd., W. Hartford, CT 06107, 860 521-4710; Leslie 

Brett: Bill, Peter, Katherine 
*GABELEIN, Mrs. Elektra (Elektra Damianos); 1979 
GABLE, Mrs. Emily (Emily Thompson); 1955 AB; r: 1715 Stone- 
haven Dr., Frankfort, KY 40601, 502 695-1674 
GABOR, Mrs. Ann S. (Ann Sinwell); 796? AB; Retired Acct.; 

r: 583 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312, 919 542-4024; 

Jot)n; Michael, Lydia; 

GABRIEL, Deborah Page; 1975 (See Glascock, Mrs. Deborah 

GABRIEL, Mrs. Linda Mae (Linda Mae Visocan); 1987 AB; BA 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Indep. Cnslt.-Dist. Mgr., Arbonne Intl., 10000 

Lake Shore Blvd., Bratenahl, OH 44108, 216 268-3570; 

r: same; Todd: . 

r: ! ' ■ 

*GADDIS, Mrs. Edith (Edith Way); 1922 
GADDIS, Ms. Tessa S. (Tessa S. Predmore); ?969 BA; MLS 

Columbia Univ.; Librarian, Marin Country Day Sch., 5221 

Paradise Dr., Corte Madera, CA 94925, 415 927-5956; r: POB 

1 197, Woodacre, CA 94973; Jocelyn, Ryder, Loma; 
*GAEDE, Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth J. Calveard); 1940 
*GAERSTE, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia McEwan); ACAD 
GAETANO, Ms. Mila Sarina; 1993 ; BA Beloit CIg., MLS Catholic 

Univ. of America; Librarian, Poquoson Public Library, 500 City 

Hall Ave., Poquoson, VA 23662, 757 868-3065; r: 223 Yorktown 

Rd., Yorktown, VA 23693, 757 867-8131; 

GAFFIGAN, Mrs. Mariah Read (Mariah Ouinby Read); 1988 AB; 

MSW Univ. of Maryland; Homemaker; r: 5940 Innisvale Dr., 

Fairfax Sta., VA 22039, 703 250-5505; John: Brenna, John P. 
"GAFFNEY, Marie A.; 1941 (See Barry, Mrs. Marie A.) 
*GAGARIN, Mrs. Ann (Ann Graves); 1947 
GAGE, Mrs. Cara Laine (Cara Laine Lykes); )988 AB; Tchr. ; 

r: 203 E. Collom St., Decatur, TX 76234, 940 627-7520 
'*GAGE, Florence; y9?9 (See White, Mrs. Florence) 
*GAGE, Irene E.; 1944 (See Wormwood, Mrs. Irene E.) 



*GAGE, Janet; 1929 (See Cheney, Mrs. Janet) 
*GAGHAN, Gloria; 1966 (See Simons, Mrs. Gloria) 
GAGNON, Karen Ann; 1981 (See Wojciak, Mrs. Karen Ann) 
GAGNON, Kathy Ann; 1981 (See Pappas, Mrs. Kathy Ann) 
GAHAGAN, Deborah June; 1976 (See Hill, Mrs. Deboral 

*GAIL, Mrs. Ann (Ann Paxson); 1 948 AB 
GAIL, Tracey Carol; 2002 BA; Borders, 2520 Sycamore Rd, D 

Kalb, IL 601 1 5; r: 951 Fotis Dr. #2, De Kalb, IL 601 1 5, 81 5 75f 

GAILLARD, Ms. Corinne Myers; 1994 BA; Loyola CIg.; r: 483C 

Constance St., New Orleans, LA 70115, 504 269-3967; 
*GAINES, Betty Anne; 1946 (See Myer, Mrs. Betty Anne) 
*GAINES, Ethel; 1924 (See Bruner, Mrs. Ethel) 
GAINES, Mrs. Mary (Mary Gan/er); )933; BA Univ. of KS 

r: Mariner Cay 17C, 3901 Southeast St. Lucie Blvd., Stuart, F 

34997, 772 283-1 51 4; Graham; 

r: mairseyl 
"GAINES, Nancy; 1930 (See Jaeger, Mrs. Nancy) 
*GAINES, Mrs. Patsey M. (Patsey M. White); 1956 
GAINES, Mrs. Stanley N. (Gay Hart); )959 AB; Full-time 

Volunteer/Rep. Florida, Bd. of Mt. Vernon, Mount Vernon Ladle 

Association, POB 110, Mt. Vemon, VA 22121, 561 842-303' 

r: 1446 N. Ocean Blvd., Palm Bch., FL 33480, 561 863-484; 

Stanley; Stanley Jr., Ralph, Jacqueline, Laura Semler; 
GAISER, Susan R.; 7976 (See Burke, Mrs. Susan R.) 
GAISFORD, Carolyn Frances; 1975 (See Morris, Ms. Caroly 

GAITHER, Mrs. Deborah Elaine (Deborah Elaine Walz); 1 984 

AB; Human Resources Mgr., M.G. Newell Corp., Greensboro, Ni 

27409; r: 1500 N. Grove Ct., Oak Ridge, NC 27310, 336 64; 

8585; Rod: Amanda, Emily; 
GAJDA, Ms. Victoria M.; 7996; Paramedic, HCA Healthcart 

1700 23rd St., Indiantown, FL 34956, 772 461-4000; r: POB 

2612, Vero Beach, FL 32961, 772 299-5833; | 

GALANIDES, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth (Anne Elizabeth Crow); 199 

BA; Stay At Home Mom, Former Pension Admin./Accordi^ 

r: 10220 Apache Rd, Richmond, VA 23235, 804 272-064: 

Paul: Linda, Anna, John; J ; 

GALBRAITH, Mrs. Farley (Farley Moody); 1941 ; r: 35 DianJ 

Hills Rd.,Anniston,AL 36201 ■- 

"GALBRAITH, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Exall); 1946 , 

GALBREATH, Anne E.J.; 1990 (See Galbreath-Jenkins, Mi; 

Anne E.J.) \ 

GALBREATH, Mrs. Jaimie Del Monte (Jaimie Ellen Del Mont*' 

1992 BA; MED Loyola CIg.; r; 8332 Old Dominion Dr., Mc Lea 

VA22102, 703827-0874; flofaert.-Katherine, Carolinf 


GALBREATH, Mrs. Susan W. (Susan W. Soriero); 1967; BS 

Univ. of Texas; Homemaker; r: 508 Grandview, San Antonio, " 

78209, 210 828-2627; William: David, Allison, Jim 
GALBREATH-JENKINS, Mrs. Anne E.J. (Anne E.J. GalbreatI 

1990 AB; Dir. of Devel., Gibbes Museum of Art; r: 20 Water £ 

Charleston, SC 29401, 843 723-1413; Ron Jenkins: 
GALDAMES, Marcela Paz; 2002 BA; Social Hostess, Carni\' 

Cruise Lines, Naples, FL; r: 416 Pine Ave., Naples, FL 341C 

239 596-7433; I 

GALDI, Mrs. Margaret Lynn (Margaret Lynn Walz); 1981 ABl 

Proj. Leader, American Software, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 3i 

7654; r: 1403 DeFoors Mill Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404 3f 

"GALE, Deborah; 1934 (See Bryer, Mrs. Deborah) , 

GALE, Mrs. Heather Laurie (Heather Laurie MacLeod); 1975 / 

Homemaker; r: 3735N. Vernon St., Arlington, VA22207,703 5: 

7257; Barry: Megan, Ian; | 

"GALE, Lois; 1948 (See Harris, Mrs. Lois) I 


GALE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Highlands); 1965AB; Pres. & 
Business Owner, Grosvenor Brant Antiques, 3407 Monteith Ave., 
Cincinnati, OH 45208, 513 871-1333; r: 3133 Menio Ave., Cin- 
cinnati, OH 45208, 513 871-1113; William; Elizabeth, Catherine; 


GALENES, Ms. Thea Alyssa; 1997BA; BA Sweet Briar Clg.,MFA 
Univ. of Florida; Editor, Naylor Publications, Inc., Gainesville, FL 
32607; r: 716 NW 8th PL, Gainesville, FL 32601, 352 336-2137; 

GALEY, Ellen; 1952 (See Scher, Mrs. Ellen) 

GALGANO, Mrs. Virginia (V. M.) Marietta (Virginia Del Greco); 
y964 BA; MED Univ. of Virginia; CIg. Instr., James Madison 
Univ.; r; 11 74 Nelson Dr., Harrisonburg, VA22801, 540433-3839; 
Michael: Robert, David, Laura; 

GALIAN, Mrs. Paitris (Paiths Parker); 1998 ; r: 872 3rd Ave., Salt 
LakeCity, UT 84103; Jac/( 

GALL, Jean A.; 7929 

GALLAGHER, Mrs. Carolyn J. (Carolyn J. Grant); 1988 AB; BA; 
Fundraiser & PTO VP, Great Valley Sch. Dist., Church Rd., 
Malvem, PA 19355; r: 8HaiveyLn., Malvern, PA19355,610651- 
2966; John; Dylan, Amanda, Charles, Samuel; 


ijALLAGHER, Ms. Casey Elizabeth; 1998Bk; Assoc. Producer, 

■ Prud'homme Productions, New York, NY 10003; r: 110-07 73rd 
Rd Apt. IE, Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718 544-1746; Gregory 

ulALLAGHER, Elizabeth Jayne; )9S6 (See Jeffery, Mrs. Elizabeth 

ISALLAGHER, Ms. Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth P.S. Worrell); 1958 

: AB; Sr. Cnslt., Marts & Lundy Inc., 1200 Wall St. W„ Lyndhurst, 

1 NJ 07071, 202 744-2952; r: 4400 Westover PL, NW, Washing- 

j ton, DC 20016; William 

IjALLAGHER, Mrs. Margaret S. (Margaret S. Parr); 1961 ; VP, 
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., 10724 Little Patuxen Pkwy., 
Columbia, MD 21 044, 41 730-3456; r; 1 0805 Hickory Ridge Rd, 
Columbia, MD 21044; Andrew 

lALLAGHER, Mrs. Marion (Marion Dean); 7968; r: 137 Long 
Point Dr., Fernandina Bch., FL 32034, 904 491-8945 

SALLAGHER, Ms. Megan Marie; 7997 BA; Mktg. Coord., ICF 
Kafser, 1600 W Carson St. Gateway Vie, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 

■ALLAGHER, Rebecca Anne; 7985 (See Featheringham, Mrs. 
Rebecca Anne) 

iALLAHER, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Wilson); ACAD 

lALLANT, Anna Louise; 7987 (See Carter, Mrs. Anna Gallant) 

lALLEGOS, Lisa Lyn; 7983 (See McLaughlin, Lisa Lyn) 

^■ALLEHER, Joanne; 7965 (See Young, Mrs. Joanne) 

lALLEHER, Louise; 1956 [See Coldwell, Mrs. Louise G.) 

lALLEHER, Marian Lawson; 7987 (See Fitzgerald, Mrs. Marian 

lALLEHER, Susan E.; 7960 (See Askew, Mrs. Susan E.) 
lALLERY, Mrs. Sharon Jean (Sharon Jean Mendelson); 7975 
BA; MBA George Washington Univ.; Pres./Cnslt., Gallery Com- 
munications & Mktg. , HC 71 Box 1 39A, Augusta, WV 26704, 304 
496-8201; r: HC 71, Box 139A, Augusta, WV 26704, 304 496- 
8002; Philip; Matthew, Nathaniel, Victoria (Tory), Emily; 

iALLIGAN, Mrs. Patricia Lynne (Patricia Lynne Pate); 7989 AB; 
Loan Processor, Collateral Mortgage, 2545 Ravenhill 
Rd.,P.O.Box4023, Fayetteville, NC 28309, 910 323-5141; 
r: 5705 Waldwick Rd., Fayetteville, NC 2831 1 , 910 488-5400 
ALLIVAN, Mrs. Carol Anne Provence (Carol Anne Provence); 
7973 ; BA Vanderbilt Univ.; r: 230 E. Parkins Mill Rd., Greenville, 
SC 29607, 864 297-5934; Henry; Anne, Henry, Harriet; 

lALLIVAN, Mrs. Fielding (Fielding Clark); 7970 ; r: POB 696, 
Travelers Rest, SC 29690, 864 610-2796 
ALLIVAN, Mrs. James F. (Joan Fisch); 7956 ; Retired; r: 1 28 

A Prospect Hill, Nashville, TN 37205, 615 385-1689; Jimmy; 

j Clarke, Jimmy F. Jr., Joseph F. 
ALLO, Elizabeth; 7958 (See Skladal, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee) 
ALLOWAY, Mimi; 7942 (See Duncan, Mrs. Mimi G.) 
ALLOWAY, Mrs. Sidney (Sidney Barrow); 7926 

address Unknown "Deceased 


GALT, Mrs. Marianne S. (Marianne Schultz); 7968; Real Estate 

Sales, Janet McAfee Inc., 9889 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124, 

314 997-4800; r: 345 E 57th St. #15B, New York, NY 10022, 212 

832-1183; /Marf/n,- Frederick, Margaret; 

GALT, Sara; 7958 (See Pollard, Mrs. Sara) 
GALVIN, Patricia; 7967 (See D'Auvergne, Patricia) 
GAMBEL, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betsie) M. (Elizabeth(Betsie) A. Meric); 

7973 BA; Univ. New Orleans, Tulane Univ.; VP Public Relations, 

Kaeting Magee Advt. & Public Relations, 600 Decatur St., New 

Orleans, Lj^ 70130, 504 299-8000; r; 532 W William David 

Pkwy., Metairie, LA 70005, 504 837-0838; Gerald Alexander; 

Gregory, Meric; 

GAMBERG, Carol Jane; 7977 (See Kenyon, Ms. Carol Jane) 
GAMBLE, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Janney); 7947; r: 18 Indigo 

Point Dr., Charleston, SC 29407, 843 766-1022 
GAMBLE. Claire L.; 7974 (See Peralta-Ramos, Mrs. Claire L.) 
GAMBLE, Gloria; 7947 (See Jones, Mrs. Gloria G.) 
'GAMBLE, Marilyn; 7949 (See Doolittle, Mrs. Manlyn) 
GAMBLE, Martha; 7986 (See Dillon, Ms. Martha) 
GAMBLE, Mary Morris; 7950 (See Booth, Mrs. A. Lea) 
GAMBLE-BLECHTA, Mrs. Ann (Ann Mountcastle); 7 957 AB; 

r: 664 Oaks Creek Ct., Osprey, FL 34229, 941 966-2793; 

George Blechta; 
'GAMBRELL, Josie; 7944 (See Barnett, Mrs. Josie) 
GAMBRELL, Mrs. Sarah Belk (Sarah Belk); 7939 BA; Bd . of 

Directors, Belk Stores, 6100 Fairview Rd. Ste. 640, 2801 W. 

Tyvola Rd (704-553-8296), Charlotte, NC 28210, 704 357-1000; 

r: 300 Cherokee Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207, 704 375-3205; Sally 

*GAMBRILL, Fariss; 7934 (See Lynn, Mrs. Fariss) 
GAMBRILL, Rosalie Haxall Nolan; 7985 (See Holman, Mrs. 

Rosalie Haxall Nolan) 
GAMMILL, Mrs. Lynn Crosby (Dorothy Lynn Crosby); 7958 AB; 

Vice Regent for Mississippi, Mt. Vernon Ladies' Assn. , 3702 Hardy 

St., Hattiesburg, MS 39401, 601 264-5249; r: 1 Cherokee Cir., 

Hattiesburg, MS 39401, 601 264-3768; SJewart; Stewart IV, 

Crosby, Jennifer; 
'GAMMON, Mrs. Elinor 0. (Elinor 0. Wilson); 7938 BA 
'GAMMON, Mrs. Jarvis; 7930 AB 

GAMMON, Sally Jarvis; 7954 (See Plummer, Mrs. Sally Gammon) 
GAMPER, Mrs. Maria T. (MahaT. Rixey); 7978 AB; Real Estate 

Finance; r: 5607 Enderly Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212, 410 435- 

GAMPER, Ms. Mary Helm (Mary Helm Goodwin); 7978 AB; 

r: 6633 Charlesway, Towson, MD 21204; 
GANAHL. Ms. Katherine (Kathy) Trimble; 7993 BA; MED 

Marymount Univ.; Special Educ. Tchr., Loudoun Cnty. Public 

Schs.; r: 775 Gateway Dr. SE #726, Leesburg, VA 20176, 703 

GANDEL, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Ireys); 7966 AB; Journalist; 

r: 1 029 Via de la Paz Unit 231 , Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, 31 

'GANDY, Lucy T.; 7954 
'GANNON, Ms. Jennifer Paula; 7990 AB 
GANS, Ms. Edith Swope; 7994 ; Preschool Tchr., St. Paul's Plus, 

410 823-0061; r; 4400 Atwick Rd., Baltimore, MD 21210, 410 

'GANS, Juanita S.; 7944 (See Alexander, Mrs. Juanita S.) 
'GANS, Virginia; 7945 (See Brown, Mrs. Virginia) 
'GANSE, Mrs. Pamela C. (Pamela C. Hughes); 7974 AB 
GANTT, Mrs. Debra Marks (Debra Jean Marks); 1977 AB; Ofc. 

Mgr., Gantt Properties, POB 622, Forest, VA 24551, 434 385- 

7144; r; 225 Fox Runn Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24503, 434 384-8100; 

Joseph; Blake Bryant, Derek Bryant; 

GANTT, Elizabeth Lee; 7982 (See Castles, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee) 
GANTT, Jean; 7962 (See Nuzum, Mrs. Jean) 
GANTT, Paris Desiree; 7983 ; r; 7205 8th St. NW, Washington, 

DC 20012, 202 829-6540 
"GANZEL, Mrs. Alice (Alice Eskesen); 7927 AB 
GARABRANT, Marilyn; 7966(See Morns, Mrs. Marilyn Garabrant) 



'GARBEE, Bessie Lee; 1938 (See Mitchell, Mrs. Bessie Lee) 
GARBER, Charlotte; 1943 (See Rudulph, Mrs. Charlotte) 
'GARBER. Mrs. Helen (Helen Eubank); ACAD 
GARBETT, Ms. Clara Louise (Clara Louise Jackman); 1979 AB; 

AS; Remedial Tchr. 3-5, Henrico Cnty. Sch., Bethlehem Rd, 

Richmond, VA 23230; r: 10516 Glencoe Rd., Glen Allen, VA 

23060, 804 672-2408; Megan, Stuart; 

'GARCELON, Mrs. Sara (Sara Buckley); 1930 
GARCIA, Ms. Alessandra Maha; 1991 ; BA Southern Methodist 

Univ., MA Southern Methodist Univ.; r; 6 Ebony Ave., Browns- 
ville, TX 78520, 956 542-3180; 

GARCIA, Ms. Chandra Dawn; 1994 BA; 2nd Grade Tchr., 

Chicago Public School. Dist., 6550 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago, IL 

60636, 773 743-2642; r: 1435 W Sherwin No 2, Chicago, IL 

60626, 773 743-2642; Venus Zarris; 

GARCIA, Mrs. Dolly (Dolly Caballero); 1967; BA Univ. ot Pueto 

Rico; VP of Operations, Five Star Cleaners, 29 Jupiter St., 

Carolina, PR 00979, 787 728-0918; r; Urb Los Frailes, C4 Calle 

Los Frailes, Guaynabo, PR 00969, 787 287-7393; Julio: Dolly, 

Julio, Andres; 

GARCIA, Dolly Maria; 1990 (See Garcia-Simonet, Mrs. Dolly 

GARCIA, lleana; 1948 (See Ramirez de Arellano, Mrs. Ileana) 
GARCIA, Mrs. Jane (Jane Wheeler); 7959 AB; MA Columbia 

Univ.; Retired Dir.ATeacher, Gold Hill Preschool; r: 3283 Rogue 

River Hw/y., Gold Hill, OR 97525, 541 582-0957 
GARCIA, Joy Kathleen; 1971 (See Pegues, Mrs. Kathleen G.) 
GARCIA, Melissa Alexandria; 2003 ; r; 605 E. Matz Dr., Harlin- 

gen, TX 78550, 956 425-8970 
GARCIA, Dr. Stephanie Jocelyn; ?997 BS; PhD Duke Univ.; 

Rsch. Fellow Dept. Phys./Pharm., Wake Forest Univ. Health 

Sciences, Med. Center Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27157, 336 

716-8642; r: 2900 Hickman Ln., Winston-Salem, NC 27103, 336 

712-1425; ee/a/E/am/r; 

GARCIA-SIMONET, Mrs. Dolly Maria (Dolly Maha Garcia); 

1990 AB; Owner, HJD Investments Inc., Calle Jupiter #29 Atlantic 

View, Carolina, PR 00979, 787 728-0918; r: Calle 1 J-19, Prado 

Alto, Guaynabo, PR 00966, 787 783-0582; Miguel Simonet; 

Miguel, Dolly, Marisabel; 

GARCIA-TUNON, Cecilia Maha; 1978 (See Lear, Mrs. Cecilia 

GARDEN, Mrs. Mellora Louise (Mellora (Lori) Louise Burrell); 

?977AB; Stay At Home Mom/Artist; r: 18792 E. Ida Ave., 

Aurora, CO 80015 
GARDENIER, Mane Lisetta; 1980 (See DImitrew, Mrs. Marie 

GARDEPHE, Mrs. Yana Pearl Wagg (Yana Pearl Hatch Wagg); 

1995 BA; Co-Pres. of Sweet Briar Club of New York; r: 28 1 

Henry St., Garden Apt., Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718 422-7610; 

Christopher: Charles Wesley; 
'GARDINER, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Arthur); 1932 
'GARDINER, Mrs. Jerre J. (Jerre J. Flack); 1948 
'GARDINER, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Kelly); 1942 
'GARDINER, Mrs. Mary (Mary Sailer); 1925 AB 
GARDNER, Amy Lynn; 2002 BA; Mgmt. Analyst, Bearing Point, 

Inc., 1676 International Dr., Mc Lean, VA 22102, 703 747-4233; 

r: 728 N. Iverson St., Apt. #401 , Alexandha, VA 22304; 

"GARDNER, Mrs. Bemice (Bernice Harkin); ACAD 
GARDNER, Mrs. Bridget Dannehl (Bhdget Dannehl Wray); 1979 

AB; Real Estate Sales Agt., Lusburrow Realty, 7025 Hodgson 

Memohal Dr., Savannah, GA 31406, 912 355-6562; r; 3 Illy Ct., 

Savannah, GA 31411, 912 598-7401; J/m; Grier, Kendall; 

"GARDNER, Mrs. Cornelia (Cornelia Carroll); 1918 AB 
GARDNER, Diana; 1961 (See Morelli, Mrs. Diana G.) 
GARDNER, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Turno); 1934 AB; Retired; 

r; 633 Knickerbocker Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94087, 408 749-7699; 

Nathaniel (Dec); Linda, Susan 



GARDNER, Mrs. Elizabeth Armistead (Elizabeth (Tibby) Armistej 
Moore); 1958 AB; Retired 6th Grade Tchr., Laburnum Elem.Sci 
r: 9008 Wood Sorrel Dr., Richmond, VA 23229, 804 740-612 
William: William III, Roderick M. ! 

GARDNER, Frances; y947 (See Curtis, Mrs. Frances) j 

GARDNER, Gaye T.; 1960 (See Jacob, Mrs. Gaye G.) 
'GARDNER, Isabel M.; 1943 (See Sellix, Mrs. Isabel M.) 
'GARDNER, Katharine; 1938 (See Stevenson, Mrs. Katharine) 
GARDNER. Ms. Kelly Kathryn; 1993BA; Mktg. Mgr., AWHON 
2000 L St. NW, Ste. 740, Washington, DC 20036, 202 261 -24(' 
r: 5514 Greentree Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817; 
GARDNER, Mrs. Laura M. (Laura C. Mink); 1971 AB; r; 1 725 
Wilbur Rd., SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, 540 345-5935; Marvi 
Tready, Faith; 
GARDNER, Lea Renee; 1991 (See Tikka, Mrs. Lea Renee) 
GARDNER, Mrs. Lisa Wallen (Lisa Kay Wallen); 1989 B/ 
Cnslt., Vehzon, 5415 Airport Rd, Roanoke, VA 24015, 540 9i 
4108; r; 1056 Stonegate Dr., Salem, VA 24153, 540 389-24 
GARDNER, Lucetta; 1963 {See Mannion, Mrs. Lucetta) 
GARDNER, Lynne; 1968 (See Detmer, Mrs. Lynne G.) 
'GARDNER, Mrs. Sally (Sally Kent); 1934 
GARDNER, Mrs. Sharon Ann (Sharon Ann McGrath); 1981 A 
V. 138 Hampton Rd., Garden City, NY 11530, 516 741-28J 
Anne j 

'GARFIELD, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Munson); 1933 
GARFIELD. Janice K., PhD (Janice G. Keith); 1973BA; MML! 
Northwestern Univ., PhD Northwestern Univ.; Assoc. Prove 
Columbia CIg., Chicago, 600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL606 
31 2 344-7495; r; 1 1 1 1 Grove St., Evanston, IL 60201 , 847 4 
0936; Roger: ' 

GARFORTH, Barbara; 1955 (See Jackson, Mrs. Barbara G. 
GARGANO, Ms. Michele Anne, MSC; 1988 AB; BA Sweet B" 
CIg., MS London Sch. of Economics; Dir. of Clinical Dev 
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 4733 Bethesda Ave., Ste. 4 
Bethesda, MD 20814, 301 961-3400; r; 7500 Woodmont A' 
Apt. 41 1 , Bethesda, MD 2081 4, 301 654-7351 ; i 

GARIS, Ms. Ehn K. (Erin K. Harhgan); 1999 ;BA Western N( 
England CIg.; Homemaker; r: 31 Washington Ave., Scotia, t 
12302, 518 381-4575; Brian: Molly; 
"GARLAND, Dorothy; 7927 (See Weeks, Mrs. Dorothy) 
"GARLAND. Mrs. Julia (Julia Anderson); 1923 
GARLAND, Mrs. Katelin Suzanne (Katelin Suzanne Chmielin;ii 
1999 BA; Dir. of Sales & Mktg., Candela Laser Co., 28 Arlinci- 
St., Boston, MA 021 16, 617 426-1659; r; 33 Wingate Rt 
Weymouth, MA 02189, 781 812-1245; PMp; Thomas, Conn 
GARLAND, Louise; ACAD (See Wilson, Mrs. Louise) i 

GARLAND, Natalie Marie; y988AB;Atty., Raphael, Ramsci 
Behenf & Franz, 35th Fl. Grant BIdg., Pittsburgh, PA 15;* 
r: 2334 Covington Creek Cir. W, Jacksonville, FL 32224 
GARLINGTON, Mrs. Jeanne Morrell (Jeanne Hunter Mori 
1948 AB; RetiredATchr., Savanna Country Day; r; 105 E. 5 
St., Savannah, GA 31405, 912 234-0986; Henry: Katherin 
Nina, Ehc, Audrey 
GARLOUGH,ElizabethAnn;?997(SeeThobe,Ms. Elizabeth /> I 
GARMON, Lisa Lynn; 1982 ; r: 4603 Hunter Ridge Ter., Durh.ij: 

NC 27707, 919 493-3242 
GARNACHEPOIRIER, Sadie; 2004 ; r: 193 Hills Beach Rd. i 

deford, ME 04005, 207 284-6175 
GARNER, Mrs. Caroline C. (Caroline M. Chobot); 1 954 A 
Homemaker/Educator; r: 1220 Mountain Brook Cir., Signal k\. 
TN 37377, 423 886-9949; Thomas: Thomas, Annie 
GARNER, Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Elizabeth R. Redwine); 1974 , 
Homemaker; r: 4309 Allistair Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 2710. 
GARNER, Ellie Kay; ?980(See Garner-Rhodes, Mrs. Ellie Kay, J 
GARNER, Gail E.; ?972(See Resch, Mrs. Gail G.) 
GARNER, Laura-Nancy; 1954 (See de Langavant, Mrs. Lsa 
Nancy (Lanni)) 


■ARNER, Mrs. Margaret A. (Margaret A. Cheesewright); 1973 
BA; MED Univ. of Washington, MA Univ. of Hawaii-Manoa; 
Educator, Overlal<e Hosp., Bellevue, WA 98004; r: 1 6789 SE 
49th St., Bellevue, WA 98006; JoAin; Whitney; 
lARNER, Margaret V.; 1954 (See Gustin, Mrs. Margaret V.) 

■ARNER-RHODES, Mrs. Ellie Kay, RN (Ellie Kay Garner); 1980 
BA; AS Halifax Comm. CIg.; RN & CIg. Instr., Halifax Community 
CIg., PO Drawer 809, Weldon, NC 27890, 252 536-2551; r: 235 
Old Farm Rd., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, 252 537-4101; 
David Rhodes; Savanna, Benjamin, Jonathan 
ARNETT, Mrs. Elza L. (Elza B. Long); 1972 \B A Skidmore 
CIg.; Admin, in Children's Ministry, Kenilworth Union Church, 21 1 
Kenilworth Ave., Kenilworth, IL 60043, 847 251-4272; r: 71 7 
Elmwood, Wilmette, IL 60091, 847 256-8141; Jo/in; Margaret, 
Alice, Suzan 

iARNETT, Maria T.; 1961 (See Hood, Mrs. Maria T.) 

lARNETT, Mrs. Mildred T. (Mildred T. Wilson); ^927 AB 
ARNIER, Mary; 1941 (See Swanson, Mrs. Mary) 

I'lARONE, Mrs. Mary Kennedy (Mary Kennedy Davis); 1981 AB; 
BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Homemaker;r: 872 Olentangy Rd., 
Franklin Lakes, N J 0741 7, 201 891-4913; Jo/7n; Madeleine, 
r: sbc81 © 

lARRARD, Louise; 1923 (See Blanchard, Mrs. Louise) 
ARRARD, Mimi; 1958 (See Seawright, Mrs. Mimi) 
ARRER, Anna M.; y960(See Scott, Mrs. Anna M.) 

iARRETT, Mrs. Alice V. (Alice V. Lemley); ACAD 

lARRETT, Anne; ACAD (See Butler, Mrs. Anne) 
iARRETT, Anne W.; 1972 (See Norloff, Mrs. Anne W.) 

liARRETT, Mrs. Bonilee Key (Bonilee Key); y943 ; AB Univ. of 

'( Texas; Business Owner, Ranching & Real Estate, POB 885, 

c, Lampasas, TX 76550; r: same, 512 556-5663 
iARRETT, Caroline W.; 1919 (See Dillard, Mrs. Caroline W.) 
ARRETT, Elizabeth Parker; 2004 ; r: 2544-B Hwy. 42 E, Wilson, 
NC 27893 

lARRETT, Mrs. Janet West (Janet Maddox West); 1965 AB; 
Artist, The Artists Garrett; r: 3327 Cleveland Ave., Washington, 
DC 20008; Dar/y/,- Benjamin Cabell; .,_ ,. 
iARRETT, Mrs. Louise (Louise Hurt); ACAD 
ARRETT, Ms. Mikal-Ellen Bennett; 2001 ; BA West Virginia 
Wesleyan CIg.; Law Student, West Virginia Univ. CIg. of Law, 
Morgantown, WV; r: 5333 Huntmaster Dr. Apt. A, Midlothian, VA 
23112; IVes,- Melody; 

lARRETT, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Snoke); 1951 AB 
lARRETT, Mrs. Peggy A. (Peggy A. Duringer); 1936 
iARRETT, Rebecca Anne; 1980 (See Jamison, Rebecca Anne, 

ARRETT, Ruth; 7949 (See Preucel, Mrs. Ruth) 

4ARRETT, Uarda Rosamond; 1934 (See Coley, Mrs. Uarda 

ARRETT, Ms. Virginia Leigh; ?993; r: 1902 Birch Ave., Buena 
Vista, VA 2441 6, 540 261-1368 
ARRISON, Elizabeth; ?94S(See Barton, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
ARRISON, Mrs. Florence (Florence Snow); 1935 
ARRISON, Martha; ^948 (See Anness, Mrs. Martha) 
ARRISON, Mrs. Mary Moore (Mary Markle Moore); 1978 ; BA 
Univ. of Texas; Writer; r; 3032 Three Springs Dr., Westlake VIg., 
CA 91361 ; Michael; Jennifer; 

ARRISON, Mary Susanne; 1973 (See Hoder, Mrs. Susanne 

ARRISON, Mrs. Rebecca (Rebecca Snyder); 19241KB 
ARRISON, Sarah S.; ?956(See Skidmore, Mrs. Sarah S.) 
ARRISON, Zola; t949(See Ware, Mrs. Zola) 
ARRITY, Anita C; 1974 

ARRITY, Anne Elynore; 1979 (See Spees, Mrs. Anne Elynore) 
ARRITY, Mig; 7962 (See Sturr, Mrs. Mig Garrity) 
ARROTT, Allison, PhD (Allison Moore); )962 AB; PhD Univ. of 
Memphis; Clinical Psychologist, Christian Psychological Ctr., 
3978 Central Ave., Memphis, TN 381 1 1 , 901 458-6291 ; r: 4001 

ji|S. Galloway Dr., Memphis, TN 38111, 901 763-2470; 

\ddress Unknown "Deceased 


GARROWAY, Mrs. Mildred L. (Mildred C. Littleton); 1970 AB; 
MA Boston Univ.; Mgr., Trifome Foods Inc., Stratham, NH 03885, 
603 773-5800; r: POB 161 , Stratham, NH 03885, 603 772-6312; 
Michael; Christopher, Pamela, Alexander (Dec); 
GARRY, Grace Mary; 1964 (See Oates, Mrs. Grace Mary Garry) 
"GARRY, Margaret; 1922 (See Reading, Mrs. Margaret) 
GARRY, Mrs. Mary Leigh (Mary Leigh Cox); 1983 A B ; 

r: Beeches House, Courtmead Rd, Cuckfield, W. Sussex RH17 
5LP, England; 
GARST, Anna; )952(See Strickland, Mrs. Anna Garst) 
GARST, Jane W.; 1961 (See Lewis, Mrs. Jane W.) 
"GARST, Mrs. Marietta (Marietta Derby); 1933 
"GARSTANG, Mrs. Mary (Mary Fulton); y929 
"GARTH, Mrs. Anne (Anne Waddell); 1945 

GARTH, Emily T.; 1973 (See Brown, Mrs. Emily T.) 
"GARTH, Maria; ACAD (See Inge, Mrs. Maria) 

GARVER, Mary; )933(See Gaines, Mrs. Mary) 
"GARVER, Mary L.; 1929 (See Hirst, Mrs. Mary L.) 
GARVER, Mrs. Virginia L. (Virginia Carson); 1941 [HU Chil- 
dren's Hosp. of Boston; RN Retired; r: Box 8, Severy, KS 67137, 
620 736-2320; James 
'GARVEY, Elizabeth P.; ?956(See MacKay, Ms. Elizabeth P.) 
*GARY, Mrs. Susan (Susan Conwin); 1964 
GARZA, Adriana Maria; 1983 (See Read, Mrs. Adriana Garza) 
GAS, Mrs. Lynn (Lynn Frazier); 1967 AB; Fashion Cnslt., Juliana; 
r:617 Beverly Dr., Alexandria, VA 22305, 703 519-8985; 
Francois Ahelle; 
*GASKELL, Mrs. Alice (Alice Morris); 1959 AB 
"GASKELL, Mrs. Marie (Marie Lange); 1 934 AB 
GASKINS, Mrs. Jean M. (Jean L. Mcllhenny); 1971 ; BA Univ. of 
NC Chapel Hill; Homemaker; r: 205 Chowan Dr., Greenville, NC 
27858, 252 756-0362; Charles; Avery, Molly, Sarah, Charles III; 
GASKINS, Mrs. Molly Currens (Molly Maloney Currens); 1989 
AB; Contracts Mgr., ADTEK Engrs., Inc., 3251 Old Lee Hwy., Ste. 
405, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703 691-4040; r: 3504 Majestic Pine 
Ln., Fairfax, VA 22033, 703 787-0577; Robert; Adam, Heather, 
"GASS, Alice; 1940 (See Domberger, Mrs. Alice) 
"GASSET, Maria; 1949 (See Muller, Mrs. Maria) 
GAST, Mrs. Virginia J. (Virginia J. Woodward); 1973 AB; MED 
George Mason Univ.; Homemaker; r: 3508 Pecan PL, Fairfax, 
VA 22033, 703 437-6555; Paul; Mike, Caroline, Annelyse, Katie; 
GASTON, Margaret; 7964 (See Clayton, Mrs. Margaret) 
GATCH, Nancy; 7939 (See Svien, Mrs. Nancy) 
"GATCHEL, Frances; 1926 (See Sampson, Mrs. Frances) 
GATELEY, Dr. Ann; 1970 AB; MD Univ. of Texas HIth. Sci. Ctr., 
MS Univ. Texas Austin; Assoc. Prof., UNM Sch. of Med., Dept. 
of Intenal Medicine, 2211 Lomas Blvd., NE, Albuquerque, NM 
87131, 505 272-6331; r: 51 9 Eleventh St., NW, Albuquerque, NM 
87102,505 242-9724 
GATES, Mrs. Carolyn Fay (Carolyn Fay Cooper); 1955 ; BS 
Vanderbilt; Educ. Teaching Guide, Winterthur Museum; r: 501 
Dogwood Dr., Greenville, DE 19807, 302 655-8071 
"GATES, Mrs. Delia (Delia Gilmore); 1919 
GATES, Mrs. Diane (Diane Dilworth); 1980BA; MS Texas A&M 
Univ.; Homemaker; r: 107CanterburyLn., Laredo, TX 78041, 956 
725-2832; Tom; Tom Jr.; 
"GATES, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Stone); ACAD 
"GATES, Elizabeth T.; 7947 (See Rogers, Mrs. Elizabeth T.) 
GATES, Mrs. Gay Lynn (Gay Lynn Owens); ?977 AB; BA; 
Homemaker; r: 30 Fredericksburg Dr., Middletown, DE 19709, 
302 376-5485; Robert; Lauren, Lily; 
"GATES, Harriet; 1943 (See Barrow, Mrs. Harriet) 
'GATES, Mrs. Margaret A. (Margaret A. Ball); 1970 
"GAJBS, Mary A.; ACAD 
GATES, Mrs. Patricia F. (Patricia Frawley); 7959; BS Charter 
Oak CIg.; Retired Addiction Spec, State of MD; r: 1 1 E 
Campus Ave., Chestertown, MD 21620, 410 778-1937; 
MacLeod; Holly, Heather, Carolyn; 



"GATES, Phyllis; 1930 (See Harder, Mrs. Phyllis) 
"GATES, Ruth; 1925 {See Levee, Mrs. Ruth) 
GATES, Mrs. Toni A. (Toni A. Naren); 1967Bk, Retired Dir./Per- 
former. The Tales for Tots Players; r: 638 Preston Tr., Wichita, 
KS 67230, 316 733-2591 ; Walter E. (Bud); Lindsey, Ryan; 
"GATEWOOD, Harriet; 7922 (See Sibley, Mrs. Harriet) 
*GATEWOOD, Nancy; 1941 (See Warnock, Mrs. Nancy) 
GATEWOOD, Tracy Lynn; 1983 AB; BA; Owner, Concierge Svcs. 
of Alabama, Inc., 2717 Highland Ave. #1005, Birmingham, AL 
35205; r: 2717 Highland Ave. S. #1005, Birmingham, AL 35205, 
205 324-4704; 

GATHINGS, Tolise; 7962 (See Norwood, Mrs. Tolise G.) 
"GATHRIGHT, Mrs. Phyllis (Phyllis Payne); 7923 BS 
*GATLIFF, Carroll J.; 1962 (See Herkimer, Ms. Carroll J.) 
"GATLIN, Mrs. Daphne A. (Daphne A. Drennon); 1972 
GATLING, Anne H.; 7960 (See Honey, Mrs. Anne G.) 
GATTI, Mrs. Katrina Lousue (Katrina Lousue Evans); 7988 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 131 Parks Ridge, Dublin, GA 31021, 478 275- 
9669; Paul: Mary-Claxton, Joe; 
GATZKE, Kelly Anne (Kelly Anne Tumey); 7999 BA; C o m m e r- 
cial Real Estate Paralegal, Inglesby, Falligant, Home, Courington 
& Chisholm, 17 W. McDonough St., Savannah, GA 31401, 912 
232-7000; r: 450 Al Henderson Blvd. No 1703, Savannah, GA 
31419, 912 920-2733; Benjamin; 
'GAUBERTI, Mrs. Muriel (Muriel Carl); 7952 
GAUDETTE, Jennifer M.; 7995 (See Nelson, Mrs. Jennifer M.) 
"GAUDIO, Cynthia A,; 7972 (See Neville, Mrs. Cynthia A.) 
"GAUL, Mary Louise; 7939 (See Moore, Mrs. Mary Louise) 
GAULT, Ms. Louise M.; 7956 ; Literary Agt., Louise Gault Literary 
Agcy., Apt. 1D337E50th St., New York, NY 10022,212755-4924; 
r: 60 Sutton PI. S No 3G-S., New York, NY 1 0022, 21 2 755-4924; 
"GAUS, Helen 0.; 7923 AB 
'GAUSE, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Turner); 7934 
"GAUSS, Pauline; 7979 
GAUTHIER, Ms. Nicole Jacqueline; 7997 BA; Account Mgr., 
Carlson Mktg. Grp. Inc., 2800 Livemois, Ste. 600, Troy, Ml 48083, 
248 824-7877; r; 8120 E Jefferson Ave. Apt.4-F, Detroit, Ml 
48214, 313 822-3453; Randy Arndt; 
'GAUTIER, Petsy A.; 7955 (See Mezey, Mrs. Petsy A.) 
"GAVER. Mrs. Claire (Claire Hoyt); 7929 BA 
GAVITT, Ms. Jill Elizabeth; 7997 BA; Elem. Sch. Spanish Tchr., 
Danville City Schs., Danville, VA; r; 930 1/2 Grove St., Danville, 
VA 24541, 434 799-2749; 
"GAWTHROP, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Campbell); 7939 AB 
GAWTHROP, Elizabeth; 7967 (See Riely, Elizabeth Gawthrop) 
GAY, Mrs. Anne P. (Anne Pinckney); 7963 AB; Homemaker; 
r; POB 22303, Lexington, KY 40522, 859 266-3438; James; 
Elizabeth, Charlotte, Ted, Anne; 
GAY, Mrs. Anne T. (Anne T. Christovich); 7973 AB; r: 1 2 
Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, LA 701 18, 504 866-5826; 
GAY, Charlotte Persis; 7980 (See Gerhardt, Mrs. Charlotte Gay) 
GAY, Mrs. Elizabeth D. (Elizabeth J, Dershuck); 7949 AB; Artist/ 
Teacher Self-employed; r: 51 Round Hill Rd., Armonk, NY 1 0504, 
914 273-8586; Frank; Frank Jr., John, William 
"GAY, Mrs. Joan (Joan Meacham); 7947 AB 
GAY, Ms. Karen L. (Karen L Greer); 7974 AB; Systs. Engrg. 
Mgr., Loral Fed. Systs., 700 Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 
20879, 301 240-7181; r: 14517 Gallant Fox Ln., Gaithersburg, 
MD 20878 
"GAY, Katherine F.; /AC/AD (See Lawson, Mrs. Katherine F.) 
GAY, Mrs. Lillian Cabell (Lillian Cabell); 7936 AB; Retired Tchr.; 
r;RR #1, Box 1094, Lakewood, PA 18439, 570 798-2642; 
*GAY, Patricia; 7959 (See Sills, Mrs. Patricia) 
GAY, Prudence (Prue); 7963 (See Stuhr, Mrs. Prudence G.) 
GAY, Ms. Reed; 7953 AB; r: 2205 Hazard St., Houston, TX 7701 9 
GAY, Sarah M.; 7949 (See Lanford, Mrs. Sarah G.) 
GAY, Susanne; 7932 (See Linville, Mrs. Susanne) 
GAY, Suzanne Camilla; 7983 (See Dailey, Mrs. Suzanne Gay) 



"GAYLE, Anne; 7947 (See O'Beime, Mrs. Anne) 
'GAYLE, Donna Maureen; 7986 
"GAYLE, Jane; 7925 (See Ray, Mrs. Jane) 
"GAYLE, Lucy 0.; ACAD (See Calhoun, Mrs. Lucy 0.) 
*GAYLE, Sallie; 7953 (See Beck, Ms. Sallie Gayle) 
GAYLER, Deborah; 7968 (See Poisot, Mrs. Deborah) 
GAYLORD, Mrs. Cynthia Lee (Cynthia Lee Pike); 7984 AB; VP ,' 
Morgan Stanley, 825 Phird Ave., New York, NY 10022; r; 66 
New England Ave. Unit 9, Summit, NJ 07901, 908 918-169J' 
Jeff; Virginia ; 

GAYLORD, Isabel; 7945 (See Thompson, Mrs. Isabel G.) | 

'GAYLORD, Ms. Susan Amy (Susan Amy Matthews); 7980 i 
'GAYNOR, Ms. Cathy T. (Cathy T. Cook); 7975 
"GAZAN, Mrs. Edith (Edith Wenar); ACAD 
GEARHART, Alice; 7945 (See Stinson, Mrs. Alice M.) 
GEARHART, Mrs. Harriet W. (Harriet G. Willcox); 7945 AB;, 
Retired/Tchr.; r: 1 055 WJoppaRd Unit 333, Towson.MD 2120^1 
410 828-5779; David; Mary, Sarah, Tyler, Rosalie; < I 

GEARHART, Mary Claibome; 7978 AB; Gallery Owner Photogrci 
phy, Mary Gearhart Gallery; r: 256 Mott St. 1 st FL, New York, N- 
10012, 212 966-3556; Jacob; j 

GEARHART, Sally Miller; 7952 AB; Prof, of CommunicatlonJi 

San Francisco State Univ.; r: Box 1027, Wlllits, CA 95490 i 

GEARHART, Shelley; 7967 (See Lindstrom, Mrs. Shelley) i 

"GEARHEART, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Foote); 7928 j 

GEARING, Margaret; 7942 (See Wickham, Mrs. Margaret G.) j 

"GEARY, Jane A.; 7929 (See McLester, Mrs. Jane A.) i 

"GEBAUER, Mrs. Evelyn (Evelyn Pedersen); 7958 | 

GEBRIAN, Mrs. Eileen P.; 7972 AB; MAT Boston Univ.; r: 40 | 

Elm St., Concord, MA 01742, 978 369-6146; Timothy Barberid, 

Sophia, Lily; 


GEDDES, Julie Thompson; 7987(See Johnson, Mrs. JulieGeddes' 

GEDDES, Mrs. Louise Jones (Louise Hollis Jones); 7984 BA; M 

London Sch. of Economics; Owner; r: 2590 Woodward Wav' 

NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 351-2436; J/m; G i I e s , Charlie 

"GEDDY, Anne C; 7979 (See McKinley, Mrs. Anne C.) 
"GEE, Augusta; 7924 (See Loggins, Mrs. Augusta) 
GEE, Margaret L.; 7950 (See Lawes, Mrs. Margaret G.) 
GEE, Mrs. Patricia McGuire (Patricia Lute McGuire); 7975 AB 
MA Cortland State Univ.; Asst. to the VP of Finance, USF Re 
Star Inc., Aubum, NY 13021, 315 255-4289; r: 1124AubumRctl 
Groton, NY 1 3073, 607 533-3523; David I 

"GEER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Grayson); 7945 AB 
GEER, Mrs. Genevieve Hammel, LCSW (Genevieve Hammel 
7950 ; BA Univ. of Bridgeport CT, MSW Smith CIg. Sch. Soci; 
Work; Retired Jungian Psychoanalyst, Self-employed; r: 38 
Bent Tree Ln., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, 843 689-3757 
Peter; Christopher, Timothy, Priscilla, Dominique; 1 j 

"GEER, Gertrude; 7923 (See Bassett, Mrs. Gertrude) 
"GEER, Gratia; 7930 (See Howe, Mrs. Gratia) 
GEER, Marguerite; 7956 (See Wellborn, Mrs. Marguerite) 
GEER, Mary Goode; 7949 (See DiRaddo, Mrs. Mary Geer) 
"GEER, Ruth; 7927 (See Boice, Mrs. Ruth) 
*GEER, Sarah F.; 7985 (See Lockett, Mrs. Sarah F.) 
GEETS, Jacqueline Elizabeth; 7992 (See Henry, Mrs. Jacquelin 

GEETS, Ms. Patricia Carole; 7994 BA; MS LA State Univ. Batoj 
Rouge; Washington Rep., Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Future 
Society, 1 320 Old Chain Bridge Rd, Ste. 330, Mc Lean, VA 221 0' 
703 714-2367; r: 3901 Cathedral Ave. NW No 209, Washingtor 
DC 20016, 202 237-8274; 
"GEHRIS, Margaret E.; 7923 (See Miller, Mrs. Margaret E.) 
GEHRMAN, Ms. Constance Ann; 7997, 1992 BA; Benefits Cnsit 
Watson Wyatt Worldwide, 1717 H St., Ste. 800, Washington, D' 
20036, 202 715-7866; r: 3701 Connecticut Ave., Apt. # 32: 
Washington, DC 20008, 202 966-61 83; 
"GEIB, Gretchen; 7935 (See Troup, Mrs. Gretchen) 
GEIB, Ms. Kathryn Elizabeth; 7999 ; r: 3502 Walkers Ferry Ct 

Midlothian, VA 231 12, 804 744-5817 
GEIGER, Amy Ann; 7980 (See Hicks, Mrs. Amy Ann) 


3EIS, Leslie Anne; 1982 

SEISEL, Melissa Ellen; 1985 {See Parry, Mrs. Melissa Ellen) 

SEISER, Mrs. Jane (Jane Schoentgen); 1928 

SEISSAL, Diane; 1967 (See Hoover, Mrs. Diane) 

SEISSINGER, Kim Dorinda; 1987 AB 

SEISSLER, Mrs. Helen (Helen Haskins); ACAD 

SELATT, Patricia (Patricia Schrader); 7979; BS Univ. of 

Michigan; Fish & Wildlife Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Svc, 764 

Horizon Dr., BIdg. B, Grand Jet., CO 81506, 970 243-2778; 

r: 320 Country Club Park, Grand Jet., CO 81503, 970 241-5287; 

Lee; Riley, Amy; 
QELDER, Mrs. Christine E. (Christine E. Berger); 1923 
3ELEIN, Jean; ^942 (See Savage, Mrs. Jean) 
SELLER, Mrs. Deborah (Deborah Doherty); 1 963 AB; r; 1 56 

Terry Rd., Hartford, CT 06105, 860 523-9668 
3ELLERS0N, Mary; 1961 (See Adams, Mrs. Mary) 
SELORMINE, Mrs. Heather Minor (Heather Ann Minor); 2002 

BA; BA Sweet Briar CIg.; Test Examiner, Army Educ. Ctr., CMTC 
t Hohenfels, Unit 28216, Germany, APO, AE 09173; r: Box 954, 
fi Unit 2821 1 , Germany, APO, AE 091 73; Anthony: 

jENETTE, Mrs. Lucy (Lucy Orgill); 1927; r; 1521 Linden Ave., 

Memphis, TN 38104, 901 278-6633 
jENGARELLY, Mrs. Dorothea (Dorothea Loebmann); 1935 AB; 

r: 70 Marsh View Ln., Brewster, MA 02631 
3ENSTER, Ms. Jane E.; 1973 ; AB Princeton Univ.; VP & Gen. 

Counsel, Georgetown Univ., 202 Healy Hall 37th & St. NW, 

Washington, DC 20057, 202 687-6500; r: 2955 Newark St. NW, 

Washington, DC 20008, 202 363-6789; John;Emily, Darcy, 

Claire, Connor 
5ENTRY, Anne Galvin Moore; ^976 AB; Dir., Cedarcroft Sch., 

419 Cedarcroft Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212, 410 435-0905; 

r: 21029 Slab Bridge Rd., Freeland, MD 21053, 410 343-1829 
i(3ENTRY, Carrie E.; )977(See Jones, Ms. Carrie E.) 
iijENTRY, Melissa (Missy) Lynn; y9S0(See Witherow, Mrs. Melissa 

(Missy) Gentry) 

ENTRY, Susan Lynn; 7980 (See Taylor, Mrs. Susan Lynn) 

ENUNG, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Nalle); 1937 AB; Retired Real 

Estate Sales AgL, John T Henderson; r; Windrows Hall Apt. 

2305, Princeton, NJ 08540, 609 514-8552; Ann, Gilbert (Dec), 

SENZMER, Nancy; 1956 (See Detrick, Mrs. Nancy) 
5E0RGE, Mrs. Alice (Alice Davidson); 1970 ; r; 1 1841 Winter- 
long Way, Columbia, MD 21044, 410 964-3657 

EORGE, Mrs. Anne (Anne Barrett); 1 942 AB 
jEORGE, Ms. Caroline Melissa; y99t ; r: 76 Sundown Pkwy., 

Austin, TX 78746, 512 327-1376 

jEORGE, Claudia G.; 1971 (See Singletary, Mrs. Claudia G.) 
jEORGE, Ellen; 7939 (See Frampton, Mrs. Ellen) 
jEORGE, Mrs. Katharine (Katharine Kunkle); ACAD 
jEORGE, Linchen; SPEC 
jEORGE, Mrs. Margaret F. (Margaret Branson); 1995; Paraop- 

tometric, Eyecare Plus; r; 4523 B Beers St, Ft. Campbell, KY 

42223, 270 640-0987; William; Brandon, Kaitlyn; 
SEORGE, Mrs. Mary C. (Mary C. Tabb); 1913 
3E0RGE, Mrs. Mathilda (Mathilda Bryant); 7923 AB 
3E0RGE, Mrs. Patricia Mast (Patricia L. Mast); 7970 ; BA Univ. 

of TX-Austin; r: 4205 McFarlin Blvd., Dallas, TX 75205, 214 522- 

0649; Kenn 
3E0RGI, Ms. Susan Margaret; 7992 BA; Property Mgr.; r: 23047 

Gary Ln., St. Clair Shrs., Ml 48080, 586 774-2943 
3E0RGIS, Demetra; 7976 (See Lathrop, Mrs. Demetra Bowles) 
lljSEPHART, Mrs. Sarah L. (Sarah L. Taylor); 7938 
r 3ERACE, Sarah Elizabeth; 7993 (See Seward, Mrs. Sarah 
I Elizabeth) 
ISERAGHTY, Therese Marie; 7979;r:P0B 396, Durham, NH 

S jERBER, Ms. Allison Amy; 7998 BA; JDTulane Univ.; Cn sit., 
V, American Community Partnerships, 1750 Newyor Ave. NW, 
!■ Washington, DC 20006, 202 639-881 1 ; r: 208 Third St. NE, 

Washington, DC 20002, 202 548-2840; 
I r; 
iiERBER, Mrs. Alma (AlmaTrevett); 7979 
;:|jERBIG, Ms. Stefanie; 2000 ;r. Am Leimbach 8, Oftersheim D- 
l 68723, Germany; ■. ■ • .■;4". , 

Address Unknown "Deceased 


GERHARD, Mrs. Ernestine, LCSW (Ernestine Banker); 1947 AB; 

Clinical Social Worker, Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 51 3 231 - 

2222; r: 3939 Erie Ave. Apt. 407, Cincinnati, OH 45208, 51 3 271 - 

GERHARDT, Mrs. Charlotte Gay (Charlotte Persis Gay); 7 980 

AB; Museum Educ, Jamestown-Yorktown Fndn.; r; 1 1 6 

Alexander PI., Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 253-5744; Paul; 

Catherine, Augusta, Ann Burton; 
GERHART, Mrs. Anne (Anne Baker); 1935 AB; r: 8900 Cruden 

BayCL, Dublin, OH 43017 
GERLACH, Mrs. Capel (Capel Grimes); 1936 AB; Homemaker; 

r: 3615 Paseo Del Campo, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274, 310 

378-3251 ; Lucia Davidson 
'GERLACH, Mrs. Roberta (Roberta Cope); 7935 AB 
GERMAIN, Dr. Marguerite Ann (Marguerite Ann Robbins); 

7985; MD Univ. Maryland, CIg. Park; Dermatologist, USN; 

r: 1733 Rivertowne Country Club, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466 
'GERMAN, Mrs. Edith (Edith Read); 7925 
"GERMANY, Mrs. Kristin (Kristin Merritt); 7967 
GERMELMAN, Ms. Patricia Ruth (Patricia Ruth Moreland); 7987 

AB; VP Devel., VA Baptist Home Fndn., 804 281-5185; r: 4028 

Gaelic Ln. Apt. K, Glen Allen, VA 23060, 804 965-0970; 
GERMOND, Amanda Sloane; 7989, 1990 AB; r; 277 Springdale 

Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 231-4986; 
GERMOND, Ms. Dulcie Dowling Heintz (Dulcie Heintz); 7962AB; 

Legal Asst., King & Spalding LLP, 191 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA 

30303, 404 572-3465; r: 3564 Piedmont Rd #404, Atlanta, GA 

30305; Edward S. Ill, Amanda S., Nathaniel G., Colby H.; 

dgermond @ 
GERNER, Mrs. Nancy Broun (Nancy Anne Broun); TX A & M 

Univ.; Homemaker; r: 37 Carolane Tr., Houston, TX 77024, 713 

465-4226; W. Cardon; Mimi Bates, Kathleen Bates, Annie Bates, 

GERRARD, Celia G.; 7975 (See Veselka, Mrs. Celia G.) 
"GERRARD, Eleanor; 7925 
GERRISH, Jennifer C, Esq. (Jennifer Castle); 7972 ; JD Univ. of 

OK, CIg. of Law, BA Univ. of Co. at Boulder; Law Ret. Librarian/ 

Atty., OK City Univ. Law Sch., Oklahoma City, OK 73106, 405 

521-5915; r: 3715 Burlington Dr., Norman, OK 73072, 405 329- 

9367; Christopher 
GERSHENFELD, Mrs. Sandra Eriebach (Sandra Jean Eriebach); 

1979 AB; Univ. Pennsylvania; Retail Cnslt.; r: 24 Milton Dr., 

Yardley, PA 19067, 215 295-5921; Richard; David, Andrew, 

"GERSTACKER, Elsa; 7934 (See Allen, Mrs. Elsa) 
GERSTEN, Mrs. Louise (Louise Hannoch); 7942 ;BS Simmons 

CIg.; Retired Social Worker; r: 7501 E Thompson Peak Pkwy., 

Unit 424, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, 480 664-0823; Leonard; 

Barbara Lipton, Lawrence; 
GERSTNER, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Link); 7966; IBM Corp., 

Old Orchard Rd.,Armonk, NY 10504; r; 95 Field Point Park, 

Greenwich, CT 06830 
GERTMENIAN, Carol; 7977 (See Doumani, Mrs. Carol) 
GESLER, Mary Byrd; 7952 (See Hanson, Mrs. Mary Byrd) 
GETMAN, Mrs. Constance (Constance Hancock); 7 948 AB; 

r: 1010 Tunnel Ln., Cazenovia, NY 13035, 315 655-3233 
GETTEL, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen Davis); 7950; BA Indiana 

Univ., MA Stanford Univ.; Retired Tchr., Marquette Univ.; 

r; 12600 N Port Washington Rd # 2102, Mequon, Wl 53092, 262 

243-5391; J. Robert (Decj; Jane Schoessow, James, Sarah 

GETTLEMAN, Ms. Jenna Viktoria; 7998 ; r: 5 Highbrook Rd, Bar 

Harbor, ME 04609 
'GEYER, Ms. Kelly Sue; 7990 
GEYER, Mary J.; 7942 (See Saw/yer, Mrs. Mary J.) 
GEYER, Mrs. Susan S. (Susan L. Stephens); 7974 ; BA Univ. of 

Texas at Austin, MA George Washington Univ.; Homemaker; 

r: 3232 Wentwood, Dallas, TX 75225, 214 739-8102; Mark; 

Mark Stewart Jr, Julia Hunter, Edward Thomas; 
'GHANTUS, Mona; 7957 (See Naman, Mrs. Mona) 
GHEEN, Mary Ann; 7998 (See Bennett, Mrs. Mary Ann) 




"GHESQUIERE, Mrs, Mary (Mary Knauff); 1 936 AB 
GHIZ, Ms. Amy; ?992BA:Web Designer, BellSouth Business 
Systs., 2180 Lake Blvd., Atlanta, GA, 404 829-7669; r: 1312 
McClelen Way, Decatur, GA 30033, 404 248-9506; 
GHIZ, Ms. Emily Irene; 1992BA; AS New England Culinary Inst.; 
Pastry Chef, Iris; r: 2065 Powell Ln. #8, Decatur, GA 30033, 404 

"GHOLSON, Christine; ACAD (See Holeman, Mrs. Christine) 
GHOSH, Ms. Srinka; 1993BS; r: 1301 La Loma Ave., Berkeley, 

CA 94708, 510 540-8737 
GHRIST, Sara Ellen; 7989 BA; BS Boston CIg.; RN Ins. Under- 
writer, Univ. of Iowa Hospitals, Des Moines, lA 50312; r: 4025 
Welker Ave., Des Moines, lA 50312, 515 255-0719; 
GIAMBATISTA, Mary Jo; 7980 AB; Corporate & Charter Flight 

Attnd.; r; 8590 Nazareth Dr., Cicero, NY 13039, 315 699-3478 
GIANINO, Mrs. Lucy Martin (Lucy Adelle Martin); 1960 BA; 
Actress/Real Estate Agt., Coldwell Banker, 1200 Lexington Ave., 
New York, NY 10028, 212 327-1200; r: 677 West End Ave., Apt. 
7B, New York, NY 10025, 212 864-5057; Gioacchino; Gemina, 
Antonia, Gian-Murray; 
GIANNAKIS, Foulitsa M.; 7970 (See Minaidis, Mrs. Foulitsa M.) 
'GIANOS, Mrs. Karen Lee (Karen Lee Rotgin); 1978 
'GIANOTTI, Elizabeth; ?966(See Booker, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"GIBAUD, Susan; ?965 AB 
GiBB, Mrs. Ann M. (Ann R. Major); )973 BA; Eastern Shore CC; 
Computer Coord., Broadwater Acad., POB 546, Exmore, VA 
23350, 757 442-9041; r; 7312 Gull Point Rd., POB 177, Frank- 
town, VA 23354, 757 442-4044; C; David, Emily; 
GIBBES, Caroline L.; 1971 (See Crosswell, Caroline G.) 
GIBBES, Margaret D.; 1969 (See Jackson, Mrs. Margaret G.) 
GIBBES, Nancy (Nancy Corson); 1960Bk, Ret.; r: 6717 Sandy 
Shore Rd., Columbia, SC 29206, 803 787-3015; Joseph; 
"GIBBON, Alice; 7927 (See Shuford, Mrs. Alice) 
"GIBBON, Corinne; 7978 (See Woollcott, Mrs. Corinne) 
"GIBBON, Louise; 7925 (See Carmichael, Mrs. Louise) 
"GIBBON, Mary R.; ACAD (See Pender, Mrs. Mary R.) 
"GIBBONS, Hortense; ACAD (See Gilbert, Mrs. Hortense) 
GIBBONS, Ms. Marcia Gail; 7979AB; Tchr., Tye River Elem. 
Sch., 5198 Thomas Nelson Hwy., Arrington, VA 22922, 434 263- 
8960; r: 312 Perry Ln., Lovingston, VA 22949, 434 263-4968; 
James Bolton; Brady, Matthew; 
GIBBONS, Mrs. Melanie Nelson (Melanie Ann Nelson); 7987BA; 
Dir., Corporate Communications, Barnes Morris Pardee & Foster, 
601 13th St. NW, Ste. 800 N, Washington, DC 20005, 202 783- 
8200; r: 2924 Macomb St. NW, Washington, DC 20008, 202 364- 
"GIBBONS, Mildred; 7932 AB 
GIBBS, Amy Fitzgerald; 7999 (See Brown, Mrs. Amy Gibbs) 
'GIBBS, Angela; 7963 (See Johnston, Mrs. Angela) 
GIBBS, Mrs. Barry (Louise Barry Bennett); 7956; BA Vanderbilt 
Univ.; Homemaker; r: 105 Bellebrook Cir., Nashville, TN 37205, 
615 383-5684; Homer 
GIBBS, Mrs. Deborah Cecile (Deborah Cecile Parker); 7979 AB; 
JD LA State Univ.-Baton Rouge; Atty., Self-Employed, 1111 S. 
Foste Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70806; r: 1 520 Knollwood Dr., 
Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 225 926-6755 
"GIBBS, Edith; ACAD {See Lewis, Mrs. Edith) 
GIBBS, Elinore; 7928 (See Brueckner, Mrs. Elinore) 
GIBBS, Mrs. Ellen (Brucie) Bruce (Ellen Bruce Bordley); 7 956 ; 
Ofc. Mgr., Bryn Mawr Sch., 109 W. Melrise Ave., Baltimore, MD 
21210; r: 125 E.QuakerBottomRd., Sparks, MD21152, 410472- 
GIBBS, Josephine; 7937 (See Du Bois, Mrs. Josephine) 
GIBBS, Mrs. Margaret W. (Margaret P. Works); 7957 ; Home- 
maker; r: 1840 Pearce Cir., Salem, OH 44460, 330 337-8934; 
Charles; Charles, Ellen, Emily, Margaret 
GIBBS, Mary; 7967 (See Piper, Mrs. Mary) 
GIBBS, Mrs. Melissa (Melissa Meyers); 7960; r: 25 W. 81st St., 
Apt. 9-A, New York, NY 10024, 212 580-9866 


GIBBS, Michelle Renee; 7993 BA; Computer Systs. Analys) 

AT&T, Millstream Rd., McLeansville, NC 27301, 336 698-16&' 

r: 6124 Carmon Rd., Gibsonville, NC 27249, 336 697-9571 
GIBERT, Dr. Cynthia Livingstone (Cynthia Eileen Livingstone' 

7963AB;MDHowardUniv. Med. Sch.;Asst. Chief, Section 

Infectious Diseases, Veteran's Affairs Med. Ctr., Section of Infe 

tious Diseases, 50 Irving St., NW, Washington, DC 20422, 2C 

745-8695; r; 6530 Sunny Hill Ct., Mc Lean, VA 22101, 703 89: 

9283; Stephen; Christopher, Jennifer; 

GIBLIN, Mrs. Michelle Sabrina (Michelle Sabrina Ricks); 7993 

Quality AssL, Nexcen; r: 1 850 Lincrest Dr., Cincinnati, OH 4524 

513 674-9502; 
"GIBSON, Aimee; 7964 
'GIBSON, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Miller); 7935 
GIBSON, Mrs. Cheryl Maureen (Cheryl Maureen Lennon); 797, 

AB; r: 110 Ashwood Rd., Villanova, PA 19085 
GIBSON, Courtney; 7959 (See Pelley, Mrs. Courtney) 
GIBSON, DonyeleBertel; 2002 BA; Tchr., Anne Arundel Cnt 

Public Sch.; r: 1023 Cayer Dr. Apt, 106, Glen Burnie, MD 2106 

410 766-7240; 

"GIBSON, Mrs. Dorothy L. (Dorothy L. Dobbs); 7924 
GIBSON, Ms. Elizabeth C; 7948AB; Retired Worker fc 

Members of Congress; r: 4201 Cathedral Ave. NW, Apt. 907-s 

Washington, DC 2001 6, 202 362-3673 
"GIBSON, Mrs. Ella M. (Ella M. Wood); ACAD 
"GIBSON, Elsie; ACAD (See Carney, Mrs. Elsie) 
'GIBSON, Evelyn; 7939 (See Bostien, Mrs. Evelyn) 
GIBSON, Mrs. Janet T. (Janet T. Nelson); 7972 AB; 3rd Graci 

Elem. Teacher; r: 2900SmithfieldCt., Fredericksburg, VA 2240! 

540 373-0236; Jonathan; 
"GIBSON, Mrs. Katherine (Katherine Lang); 7950 AB 
GIBSON, KatherineArtley; 7983 AB; Mgr., Chase Manhatta 

r; 231 E 76th St. Apt. 7D, New York, NY 10021 
GIBSON, Lisbeth; 7953 (See Brooks, Mrs. Lisbeth) 
"GIBSON, Mrs. Lucy S. (Lucy S. Tait); ACAD 
"GIBSON, Mrs. Lydia (Lydia Carroll); 7932 
"GIBSON, Margaret; 7977 (See Bowman, Mrs. Margaret) 
GIBSON, Ms. Margaret Merritt; 7992 BA; Philadelphia Inst. Par 

legal, MBA Union Univ.; Sr. Paralegal, FedEx Corp., 3620 Had: 

Cross Rd., 3rd FL, BIdg. B, Memphis, TN 38125, 901 434-853 

r; 4886 Briarcliff Rd., Memphis, TN 381 17, 901 763-2236; 

GIBSON, Mariella; 7957 (See Kerr, Mrs. Mariella) 
GIBSON, Mrs. Mariska Roelofsen (Mariska Christine Roelofser 

7984 AB; r: 1 1 14 Wythe Ln., Virginia Bch., VA 23451 
GIBSON, Mrs. Mary Warren (Mary Warren Ware); 7983 AB 

Tchr., Charlotte Latin Sch., Charlotte, NC; r: 1 539 Scotlan 

Ave., Chartotte, NC 28207, 704 334-0508; F.; Taylor, Andre' 


GIBSON, Michelle Mane; 7997 (See Kolaska, Ms. Michelle Gibsoi! 
"GIBSON, Mrs. Morrell (Morrell Jones); 7922 AB I 

"GIBSON, Ruth; ACAD (See Venning, Mrs. Ruth) 
GIBSON, Susan; 7938 (See Davenport, Mrs. Susan) 
GIBSON, Mrs. Susan C. (Susan C. Roessel); 7969; r; 112 Gill 

Rd., Ambler, PA 19002, 215 628-4170 
GIBSON, Mrs. Thula Ruth (Thula Ruth Carroll); 7946 ; r: 1 07 

Overlook Rd., Asheville, NC 28803, 828 684-6667 
GIBSON, Mrs. William P. (Ann Gladney); 7945 AB; Homemake 

r: 3016 Locke Ln., Houston, TX 77019; Ann Kiecke, William ; 

GIDDENS, Sarah K.; 7969 (See Glenday, Mrs. Sarah K.) 
"GIODINGS, Catherine C; 7927 (See Caye, Mrs. Catherine C.) 
'GIECK, Ms. Katherine Wentworth; 7993 
GIEDRAITIS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Roberts); 7950 ; BA Benningtc 

CIg.; Retired; r; 48A Indepence Way, Marblehead, MA 0194 

781 639-4725 
GIEG, Mrs. Edith (Edith Mattison); 7945; Retired Realtor 

Business Owner; r; 80 Lyme Rd., Apt. 450, Hanover, NH 0375 

603 643-8886; Jodie, Terry, George, Dake, Mary; 
"GIESE, Emilie; 7929 (See Martin, Mrs. Emilie) 
"GIESECKE, Claire; 7930 (See Wingo, Mrs. Claire) 
"GIESECKE, Serena; 7926 (See Harding, Mrs. Serena) 



■lESEN, Mrs. Cora M. (Cora M. Acomb); 1926 

ilESEN, Elizabeth; 7933 (See Lindsay, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

ilESKE, Lucretia A.; 7940 (See Schoew, Mrs. Lucretia A.) 

«IESTiNG, Nancy; ?933(See Duncan, Mrs. Nancy) 

ilFFORD, Elizabeth J.; y9S9 

<tlGGENBACH, Mrs. Melissa Jean (Melissa Jean Snyder); 1996 

BA; JD WVU CIg. of Law; Atty., Morgantown, WV 26505; r: 304 

McCormick Hollow Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508, 304 599-7674; 

Bader; Nikolaus; 

ILBAR, Charlotte R. (Charlotte J. Rognmoe); 7998 BA; BA 

Sweet Briar CIg.; Teacher Dir. of Lynchburg CIg. Dance Co, 

Amherst Cnty. Public Schs., 132 Amer Ct., Madison Hts., VA 

24572, 434 929-3425; r: 166 Sugar Mill Dr., Amherst, VA 24521 , 

434 929-2837; Dennis; Joseph, Carson; 

■ILBERT, Anna; 1932 (See Davy, Mrs. Anna Gilbert) 
ilLBERT, Mrs. Anne G. (Anne G. Green); 7969 AB; MAT Natl. 

Louis Univ.; Dance Educator/Author, Creative Dance Ctr., 12577 

Densmore Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98133, 206 363-7281 ; r: 7327 

46th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 981 1 5, 206 525-0759; David; H u w , 

Bronwen, Griffith; 

■ILBERT, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara McCullough); 7952; r: 1 

Hawthorne Dr., Oberlin, OH 44074, 440 774-3273 

JLBERT, Dorothy R.; 7938 (See Browne, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert) 

ilLBERT, Edwina Mary; 7979 (See Belding, Mrs. Edwina Mary) 
lilLBERT, Elora G.; 7969 (See Wiley, Mrs. Elora G.) 
filLBERT, Frances P.; 7958 (See Browne, Mrs. Frances P.) 
lilLBERT, Mrs. Hortense (Hortense Gibbons); ACAD 
ilLBERT, Jean; 7937 (See Moister, Jean G.) 
ilLBERT, Katherine; 7929 (See Lathrope, Mrs. Katherine) 
MLBERT, Mrs. Kerry Ellen (Kerry Ellen Thacker); 7 997 BA; 
i Branch Mgr., Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1316 A Merritt Blvd., Balti- 
more, MD 21222: r: 375 Lums Rd., North East, MD 21901, 410 

287-3684; Jason; Scott; 


ILBERT, Mrs. Linda (Linda MacPherson); 7958; Retired; 

r:440 Beverly Rd, Black Mtn., NC 28711, 828 669-8714; 

Daniel; Sverre, Christina, Annee; 
ilLBERT, Lynne; 7960 (See Trent, Mrs. Lynne) 
■IlLBERT, Maline; 7960 (See McCalla, Mrs. Maline) 

ILBERT, Mrs. Margaret R. (Margaret R. Meirs); 7975 

ILBERT, Margaret Suzanne; 7978 
IlLBERT, Mrs. Mary J. (Mary J. Holdemess); 7937 
ilLBERT, Mrs. Mildred H. (Mildred H. Fowler); ACAD 
: ilLBERT, Nancy; 7942 (See Howland, Mrs. Nancy) 
'ilLBERT, Mrs. Nancy H. (Nancy Hawbaker); 1958;BfK Univ. of 

Michigan, MED Univ. of Florida; Tchr.A/olunteer Retired; r: 620 

NW 40th Ten, Gainesville, FL 32607, 352 376-8152; Carter; 

John M., Stephen S. 

ilLBERT, Mrs. Penelope T. (Penelope T. Walsh); 7 9 72 A B ; 

MBA; r: 1 Park dr., N. Hampton, NH 03862; Jeffrey; Caroline 
ilLBERT, Mrs. Virginia (Virginia Gott); 7935 AB 
ilLBERT, Ms. Virginia Marie; 2000 BA; MAPA Syracuse Univ.; 

Prog. Coord., Home Hdqrs.; r: 13906 Baldwin Mill Rd, Baldwin, 

MD 21013, 315 885-8655; 

'ilLBRETH, Jane M.; 7943 (See Heppes, Mrs. Jane M.) 
liilLBRIDE, Christine Judith; 7987 (See Sturges, Mrs. Christine 
[i Judith) 
|ilLCHRIST, Mrs. Carrie (Carrie Young): 7936 AB 

ilLCHRIST, Mrs. Edna (Edna Lee); 7926 AB 

ilLCHRIST, Elsetta; 7927 (See Bames, Mrs. Elsetta) 

ilLCHRIST, Margaret; 7947 (See Livingston, Mrs. Margaret G.) 
iilLCHRIST, Mrs. Mary John (Mary John Ford); 7952 AB; 

Realtor Retired, Chesapeake Properties: r; POB 498, Irvington, 

VA 22480, 804 438-5383; Stuart; 
!:1ILDEA, Mrs. Anne (Anne Clark); 7953 
'I JLDEHAUS, Mrs. Barbara (Barbara Quimby); 7963 
:;ilLDEHAUS, Mrs. Marie Dennig (Marie Cathehne Dennig); 

7946 ; Homemaker; r; 2TreebrookLn., St. Louis, MO 63124, 314 
; 991-5583; Paul Jr. (Dec); Gaye, Marie, Paul III 
jilLDEHAllS, Mrs. Mary Windsor (Mary Windsor Waterman): 

7969 : Volunteer/Homemaker; r: 1015 27th Avenue Ct., Moline, 
' IL 61265, 309 764-7199 

\ddress Unknown "Deceased 

GILDER, Ms. Tara Melody: 7997 ; MA Univ. of London, MBA Univ. 
of London; Writer; r: 8043 Germantown Rd., Olive Branch, MS 
38654,662 895-7814; 
GILES, Joyce Lee Essex; 7998(See Murphy, Ms. Joyce Lee Essex) 
GILES, Lucy; 7967 (See Richey, Mrs. Lucy) 
GILES, Rachel Harriet; 7982 (See Gronsky, Mrs. Rachel Harriet) 
GILGAN, Ms. Elizabeth Patrice; 7994 BA; MA Boston Univ.; 
Programs Admin., Archaeological Inst, of Amehca, 656 Beacon 
St. 4th FL, Boston, MA 02215, 617 353-8705; r; 30 Battery St. 
No IB, Boston, MA 02109, 617 367-2352; 
GILHOOLY, Patricia J.; 7973 (See O'Neill, Mrs. Patricia J.) 
GILHULY, Mrs. Anne (Anne Kilby); 7955 AB; MAT Manhattan- 
ville CIg.; Retired English Tchr., Greenwich HS; r: 185 Cat Rock 
Rd., Cos Cob, CT 06807, 203 661-7716; Robert; Morgan, Ned, 
Peter, Daniel, Kate; 
GILKESON, Elizabeth Anne; 1993 (See King, Mrs. Elizabeth 

(Beth) Anne) 
GILKISON, Nicole Marie; 2007 (See Larue, Mrs. Nicole (Nikki) 
"GILL, Mrs. Barbara Sue (Barbara Sue Bauman); 7957 
GILL, Betty Byrne; 7955 (See Ware, Mrs. Betty Byrne) 
*GILL, Ms. Brendalyn Katrell; 7992 
GILL, Edith Page; 7945 (See Breakell, Mrs. Edith Page) 
*GILL, Mrs. Eleanor (Eleanor Dulin); 7937 
GILL, Mrs. Elene Essary (Elene Forman Essary); 7 945 ; 
American Univ.; Real Estate Salesperson, H. A. Gill & Sons 
Realtors, 1 722 Wise. Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202 338- 
5000; r; 4907 Tilden St. NW, Washington, DC 20016, 202 363- 
41 14; John; Margaret, Theodore, John, Laura 
GILL, Emory; 7940 (See Williams, Mrs. Emory) 
GILL, Mrs. Jill (Jill Berguido); 7967 AB; MED Temple Univ.; Edu- 
cational Spec.A/olunteer, Jill B. Gill, EDM, 51 5 Old Lancaster Rd., 
Haverford, PA 19041, 610 649-2432; r; same, 610 649-2313; 
Bruce; Timothy; 
"GILL, Mrs. Juliet (Juliet Parris); ACAD 
GILL, Karen G.; 7963 (See Meyer, Karen Gill, CFP) 
GILL, Madelaine; 7968 (See Lilden, Mrs. Madelaine) 
GILL, Ms. Mary Gordon; 7995 BA; r; 225 Buck Run Dr., Moneta, 

VA 24121 
GILL, Mildred; 7938 (See Williamson, Mildred) 
*GILL, Ruth; 7935 (See Wickens, Mrs. Ruth) 
*GILL, Susan L.; 7972 

"GILLAN, Mrs. Carol (Carol Carpenter); 7939 
GILLE, Mrs. Gladys R. (Gladys R. Van Hom); 7976 ; r: 1209 

Joseph St., New Orleans, LA 701 15, 504 891-8586 
GILLELAND, Mrs. Betty (B.G.) Gay (Elisabeth (Betty) Gay 
Elmore); 7950 AB; MAT Rollins CIg., MAT; Orange Cnty. Sch. 
Syst. ; r; 1 098 McKean Cir. , Winter Park, FL 32789, 407 644-1 700; 
Guy; Gay, Stuart, Lynn; 
"GILLEM, Mrs. Florence (Florence Coffin); 7973 

GILLEM, Florence Adele; 7942(SeePressly, Mrs. Florence Adele) 
"GILLEN. Mrs. Carol (Carol Clark); 7955 
"GILLENTINE, Dr. Ellen W. (Ellen W. King); 7976 
GILLESPIE, Mrs. Allison Delaney (Allison Delaney Miree); 7990 
BA; MBA Samford Univ.; Proj. Mgr., MACESS Corp., 402 Ofc. 
ParkDr.,Ste. 150, Birmingham, AL 35223; r: 3809 12th Ct. S 
Apt. F-1, Birmingham, AL 35222; 
GILLESPIE, Elizabeth Posey; 7984 (See Billings, Mrs. Elizabeth 

GILLESPIE, Ellen Clare; 7983 (See Dreyer, Mrs. Ellen Clare) 
"GILLESPIE, Mrs. Esther (Esther Cornwall); 7973 
"GILLESPIE, Jean; 7954 (See Walker, Mrs. Jean) 
'GILLESPIE, Joan; 7957 (See McCormick, Mrs. Joan) 
'GILLESPIE, Julia M.; 7935 
GILLESPIE, Mary Sabra; 7967 (See Monroe, Mrs. Mary Sabra 

GILLESPIE, Sally; 7955 (See Coe, Mrs. Sally) 
GILLET, Regine N.; 7968 (See Bouchon, Regine N.) 
'GILLET, Susan Eleanor; 7978 

GILLETTE, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Woods); 7940 AB; r: 288 
George St., Birmingham, Ml 48009, 248 646-2233 
"GILLETTE, Margaret; 7937 (See Newton, Mrs. Margaret) 




GILLEY, Mrs. Mary (Mary Chilton); 1965 ; BA Univ. of Arizona; 

Homemaker; r: 846 Harrison Ln., Hesperus, CO 81 326, 970259- 

9591; Ron: Elizabeth Gaine, Ned Gaines, Andrew Gaines 
"GILLEYLEN, Mrs. Dorothy (Dorothy Sykes); ACAD 
'GILLIAM, Mrs. Anne (Anne Cooke); 1940 
GILLIAM, Ellen; 1945 (See Perry, Mrs. Ellen) 
GILLIAM, Mrs. Katherine Morrison (Katherine Morrison 

McCartney); 1997 BA; MED Campbell Univ.; Homemaker; 

r:3911 Springstop Ln., Durham, NC 27705, 919 403-1697; 

David: Scott; 
GILLIAM, Louise Bell; 7987 (See McGrady, Mrs. Louise Bell) 
GILLIAM, Marie Moseley; 1950 (See Park, Marie G.) 
GILLIAM, Mrs. Mary McGuire (Mary Stuart McGuire); 1947 AB; 

r: POB 85, Rockbridge Baths, VA 24473, 540 348-5033; 


"GILLIAM, Ruth; /936 (See Viar, Mrs. Ruth) 
GILLIES, Nancy Lee; 7964 AB; BSN CarlowClg.; RN; r: 2401 

Arlington Blvd. No 8, Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434 296-0834 
"GILLILAND, Gladys; 79)8 (See Brumback, Mrs. Gladys) 
GILLILAND, Jean; ?962(See Elliott, Mrs. Jean) 
GILLILAND, Ruth; /935(See Hardman, Mrs. Ruth G.) 
GILLIO, Joy Lynn; 1981 (See Baiocco, Mrs. Joy Lynn) 
"GILLIS, Mrs. Mildred (Mildred Mitchell); 1940 AB 
GILLMER, Margaret; ?966(See Myers, Mrs. Margaret) 
GILMAN, Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Morgan (Cheryl Lynn Morgan Bishop); 

1990BA; Homemaker; r: 1764 Meadow Hill Dr., Annapolis, MD 

21401; Scoff; S.,E.,L.,M.; 

*GiLMAN, Mrs. Janet (Janet Bames); 1936 
GILMER, Betsy Newman; 7942(SeeTremain, Mrs. Betsy Gilmer) 
GILMER, Decca; 1941 (See Frackelton, Decca G.) 
"GILMER, Jane; 7927 (See Guthery, Mrs. Jane) 
"GILMER, Margaret; 1971 (See Kerr, Mrs. Margaret) 
GILMORE, Bliss; 1971 (See Warner, Mrs. Bliss) 
*GILMORE, Carroll Tobey; 1972 (See Shaw, Mrs. Carroll Tobey) 
GILMORE, Cathleen; 7975 (See Dietz, Mrs. Cathleen) 
"GILMORE, Delia; 1919 (See Gates, Mrs. Delia) 
GILMORE, Eleanor; 7966 (See Massie, Mrs. Eleanor) 
GILMORE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Cotter); 7935 AB; r: POB 

2908, La Jolla, CA 92038 
"GILMORE, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Williams); 7930 BA 

GILMORE, Nell; 7965 (See Stanley, Nell) 
"GILMORE, Rosanne; 7979 AB 

'GILMORE, Sandra H.; 7967 (See Tedeschi, Mrs. Sandra H.) 
GILMORE. Stachelle (Stacy) Lee; 1990 (See Hicks, Mrs. Stachelle 

(Stacy) Lee) 
GILMORE, Tracy Anne; 7986 (See Tilkin, Mrs. Tracy Anne) 
GILPIN, Mrs. Louise Blakeslee (Louise A. Blakeslee); 7973 AB; 

MED Lesley Univ.; Assoc. Dean of Students, Milton Acad., 170 

Centre St., Milton, MA 02186, 617 898-2147; r: 105 Centre St., 

Milton, MA 02186, 617 696-6297; flofeert; Alexa, Blake, 


GILPIN, Nancy (Nancy Young); 7977 AB; MA St. Johns, MLS 

Catholic Univ.; Librarian, Odyssey Sch.; r: 5712 Roland Ave., 

Baltimore, MD 21210, 410 464-1290 
GILRONAN. Mrs. Deborah (Deborah McDowell); 7 973 AB; 

r: 3660 Scholls Ferry Rd., Portland, OR 97221 
GILROY, Patricia E.; 7969 (See Koochaki, Ms. Patricia E.) 
*GILSON, Mrs. Louise (Louise Rogers); 7937 
GINDLESPERGER, Jessica Lori; 7996(See Hubbell, Mrs. Jessica 

GINN, Mrs. Kathleen (Kathleen Button); 7955 ; r: Two Clarke Rd., 

Richmond, VA 23226, 804 355-7784 
GINN, Mrs. Tracy Anne (Tracy Anne Worthington); 7989 BA; 

Customer Svc.-Order Entry/Design, Maine Cottage Furniture, 

POB 935, Yarmouth, ME 04096, 207 846-1430; r: 81 Hallowell 

Rd., Pownal, ME 04069, 207 688-4853; Robert; Tucker, Taylor; 

"GINTHER, Mrs. Marian (Marian Hill); 7978 
GIORGETTI. Ms. Karen; 7995 BS; MS Purdue Univ.-West Lafay- 
ette, PhD Purdue Univ. West Lafayette; Grad. Rsch. Asst., 

Purdue Univ., 100 N. University St., BRNG Hall, Rm. 5108, W. 

Lafayette, IN 47907, 765 494-0088; r: 38 Sundown Ct., Lafay- 
ette, IN 47909; " , , ;, , , ■ > ,; 


"GIPE, Dorothy; 7938 (See Clement, Mrs. Dorothy) 

GIPE, Joan; 7944 (See Lewis, Mrs. Joan) 
"GIPE, Martha; 7935 (See Earle, Mrs. Martha) 
"GIPSON, Mrs. Madeleine (Madeleine Le Pine); 7933 AB 

GIPSON, Sally; 7969 (See Tully, Mrs. Sally G.) 

GIPSON, Suzanne; 7957 (See Farnham, Mrs. Suzanne Gipson) 

GIRARD, Dr. Marion Phyllis; 7969 BA; MFA Univ. Texas-Austin 
PhD Univ. Texas Austin; Gifted Support Tchr., Bucks Cnty. Inter- 
mediate Unit, 705 Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901 
800 770-4822; r: 1 51 Niessen Rd., Oreland, PA 1 9075, 21 5 886- 

'GIRARD, Mary Margaret; 7979 (See Thompson, Mrs. Mary 

'GIRAULT, Bernice S.; 7963 

'GIRLANDO, Mrs. Ruth (Ruth Rominski); 7973 
"GIRLING, Diane; 7966 (See Mantell, Mrs. Diane) I 

'GIRTS, Betty L.; 7945 | 

'GISSENDANNER, Mrs. Pathcia Ann (Pathcia Ann Pauling)! 

7986 AB '. 

"GIST, Mrs. Genevieve (Genevieve Howell); 7935 ; 

GIUSTI, Mrs. Juanita Elizabeth (Juanita Elizabeth Frost); 7980 ;i 

BS Springfield CIg.; Homemaker; r: 131 5 Trail wood Ct., Neptunei 

Bch., FL 32266; Larry; Christopher, Julianne, Jacob, Emma; \ 


'GIUSTINA, Susan A.; 7972 (See Vita, Mrs. Susan A.) ; 

'GIVEN, Amanda N.; 7994 (See Moore, Mrs. Amanda N.) 

GIVEN, Mrs. Ellen Sam Perry (Ellen Wilkerson); 7 950 AB; 
Homemaker; r: 3819ForestGlen Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213, 205: 
879-5164; Sam; Sam Perry Jr., Robert, Sommerville, Wilkerson, 

GIVENS, Merilyn; 7968 (See Thomasson, Mrs. Merilyn) 

GIVHAN, Cornelia (Comelia Bear); 1958 ^BA Huntington CIg.:; 
Ski Instr., Vail Ski Sch.; r: 600 W Barksdale Dr., Mobile, AL 
36606, 251 479-4375; Edgar, Fred, Will, Comelia, Scott 

GJELDUM, Kathryn Mary; 2002 BA; Peace Corps-Africa; r: 1217i 
S Main SL, Wheaton, IL 60187, 630 690-1763; 
'G JELLEFALD, Mary; 7938 (See Weible, Mrs. Mary) 

GLABERSON, Ms. Wendy Robin; 2005; Grad. Student Med.; 
r: 3 Elena Ct., Voorhees, NJ 08043, 856 627-3722; 
'GLACKIN, Sharon Clare; 7979 i 

GLAD, Mrs. Suzanne L. (Suzanne Watson Lockley); 7957 BA; 
MA Columbia Univ.; Deputy Dir. for External Affairs Retired, Cf 
Museum of Sci. & Industry, 700 State Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037 
213 744-7446; r: 480 8 Orange Grove Blvd. No 14, Pasadena 
CA 91105, 626 564-0558; Edward; Amy, Lisanne, William; 
r: siglad © 
"GLADFELTER, Ruth; 7927 (See Lavague, Mrs. Ruth) 

GLADNEY, Ann; 7945 (See Gibson, Mrs. William P.) 

GLADWISH, Mrs. Marcia Carole (Marcia Carole Thomas); 7975 
AB; MED SUNY Stony Brook; Potter/Tchr., The Potter's Hand 
The Bear Creek Sch., 8905 208th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA, 425 
898-1720; r: 6625 Fisher Rd, Edmonds, WA 98026, 425 742-, 
8037; John Henry; Ar\r\\e, Katie, Lizzie, Virginia; 

GLASCOCK, Mrs. Adelaide (Adelaide Boze); 7940 AB; MA 
Columbia Univ.; Retired Real Estate; r: 1600 Westbrook Ave.' 
Apt. 27, Richmond, VA 23227, 804 264-6348; James; Scott 

GLASCOCK, Mrs. Deborah Page (Deborah Page Gabriel); 
1975:rAQ2 Moodys Run, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757 220- 

GLASCOCK, Mrs. Sara (Sara Bryan); 7947AB; Real Estate 
Sales, James C. Glascock Co.; r: 204 N. Watauga Ln., Lookou' 
Mtn., TN 37350, 423 821-3382; James 

GLASER, Elizabeth L.; 7967 (See Morchower, Ms. Elizabeth G.) 

GLASER, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Goldbarth); 7942 AB; r: 48 
Westham Green, 300 N Ridge Rd., Richmond, VA 23229, 8W 
282-1575; Milton; Elizabeth, Nancy 

GLASER, Nancy W,; 7977 (See LaGow, Mrs. Nancy W.) 

GLASGOW, Susan; 7964 (See Brown, Mrs. Susan G.) 

GLASS, Alicia M.; 7969 AB; r: 51 5 E 72nd St. Apt. 6 M, New York 
NY 10021, 212 535-5893; 

GLASS, Elizabeth; 7970 (See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth) 

GLASS, Emma; 7938 (See Beasley, Mrs. Emma) 


3LASS, Mrs. Kathleen (Kathleen Obenchain); 1968 AB; Instr., 

Univ. of S AL, Mobile, AL 36608; r: 1 006 McCay Ave. , Mobile, AL 

36609; Jennifer, Jeff; 
jLASS, Dr. Kathryn Leona (Kathryn Leona Johnson); 1991 BA 
jLASS, Louise; 1913 {See Marzoni, Mrs. Louise) 
3LASS, Mrs. Mary (Mary Scott); 1910 
jLASS, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Jameson); 1943 AB 
JLASS, Mrs. Ria (Ria Thomas); ACAD 
SLASS, Mrs. Sally (Sally Ainsworth); 1932 AB; Retired; r: POB 
' 555, Johnson, AR 72741 , 479 442-5777; Richard (Dec) 
jLASS, Mrs. Susan A.; ?959 ; BA Univ. of North Carolina, 

Sogetsu; Hot Glass Blower, Glass Kingdom, 1 2038 86th Ave. NE, 

Kirkland, WA 98034, 425 823-8241 ; r: same; David Donalson; 

David, Albert, Narda, Thomas, Richard; 

glasskingdom @ 
jLASS, Mrs. Susan B. (Susan E. Bissell); 1969 ;& A Boston 

Univ.; Retired Cert. Financial Planner, American Express 

Financial Advisors; r: PMB 312, 2400 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lau- 
derdale, FL 33301 , 954 243-6882; David; Carrie; 
IjLASS, Mrs. Sydney M. (Sydney McCampbell); 1970 ■,QA Univ. 
I of Georgia; Homemaker; r; 571 Collier Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318, 
' 404 355-3337; Porter Cannon, Robert, Emily; 

jLASSER. Mrs. Jane E. (Jane E. Lishnoff); 1966;r. 7433 

Dehlman Ave., Norfolk, VA 23505, 757 423-1038 
SLASSMAN, Ms. Elizabeth J.; 1971 AB; MA Univ. New Mexico- 
] Albuquerque, MBA Univ. St. Thomas TX;Dir. & VP, Terra 
■: Museum & Terra Fndn. of Arts; r: Director, Terra Museums, 664 
< N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 
I SLAVES, Tracy Ann; 1984 (See Spalding, Mrs. Tracy Ann) 
ISLAZIER, Deborah L.; 1962 {See Michael, Ms. Deborah G.) 
jLAZIER, Mrs. Delma (Delma Chambers); 1930 
'jLAZIER. Mrs. Mary L (Mary L. Lee); 1928 AB 
'jLEASON, Heather Mary; 1989 
ijLEASON, Mrs. Helen (Helen Nightingale); 1932 AB 
IjLEASON, Mrs. Jane E. (Jane E. Piper); 1974 AB; r: 425 W. 

Swon Ave., St. Louis, MO 631 19 
IjLEASON, Leslie Hill; y9S2;r: 24 Milford Rd., Rochester, NY 

14625,585 381-5298 
IjLEASON, Mrs. Mary (Mary Close); ^927 AB; r: 5330 Dorsey 

Hall Dr., #111, Ellicott City, MD 21042, 410 884-1341; 
jLEAVES, Anne; 7929 (See Drought, Mrs. Anne) 
: JLEESON, Mrs. Helen J. (Helen J. Klinger); 1939 
;jLEN, Mrs. Sharon Elizabeth (Sharon Elizabeth Coe); 1976 AB; 
: MA Univ. Dundee; Free-lance P.R. Cnslt., Old Store House, 
; Rotherwick, Hampshire RG27 9BG, England, 256760088; 
', r: The Old Store House, Rotherwick Hook, Hampshire RG27 9BG, 

iJtLENDAY, Mrs. Sarah K. (Sarah K. Giddens); )969 ; BA; 
I r: 1555 35th St. NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202 337-7907; 
' /an; Nigel; 

jiLENN, Elizabeth Anne; 7983 (See Fisher, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne) 
'iLENN, Ms. Erin Aimee; 7993; BA Willamette Univ., MED 
! Seattle Univ.; ESL Spec, Ocean Beach Sch. Dist., Ilwaco, WA 

98624, 360 642-1 21 5; r: 3204 1 13th Ln., Long Beach, WA 98631 , 
I 360 642-2997; 
I'SLENN, Mrs. Ethel (Ethel Bowen); 1939 
IJLENN, Ethel; 1921 (See Keith, Mrs. Ethel) 
jjLENN, Mrs. Jennifer Chambers (Jennifer Chambers); 1990 BA; 
j Homemaker; r: 13423 Tamarack Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904; 
i Steplien; Daniel, Peter, Margaret 
IjLENN, Lucille; 7923 (See Tyler, Mrs. Lucille) 
iJLENN, Mrs. Marguerite (Marguerite Myers); 7939 AB 
IjLENN, Mrs. Mary (Betsy) Elizabeth (Mary (Betsy) Elizabeth 
' ! Ryan); 1978 AB; r: 2586WoodwardWay, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404 
i 352-5449; Robert; 


liLENN, Mrs. Susan R. (Susan R. Malcolm); 7970 AB 

^SLENNON, Jeanne; 7944 (See Hull, Mrs. Jeanne) 

Address Unknown "Deceased 


GLESSER, Mrs. Martha H. (Martha Holton); 1945 AB; Retired; 
r:116 W Blount St., Pensacola, FL 32501, 850 436-8537; 
Donald; Gary, Thomas, John (Pete); 
GLEW, Mrs. Gwen Maureen (Gwen Maureen Fisher); 7997 BS; 
MDJohnsHopkins Univ.; Pediatrician/Fellow, Univ. of 
Washington; r: 3901 97th Ave. NE, Kirkland, WA 98033, 425 462- 
1320; Rich; Duncan, Finnegan; 
GLICK, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Ann (Betsy) Elizabeth Birckhead); 
7983 BA; r: 13 Bent Tree Ln., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926; 
Kevin, Chhstopher 
GLICK, Ms. Patricia Susan; 1986 AB; Coord, for Climate Change 
& Wildlife Prog., Natl. Wildlife Fedn.; r: 1509 Sharon Dr., Silver 
Spring, MD 20910, 301 589-0804 
GLICK, Mrs. Susan H. (Susan J. Hill); 1968 AB; MA Shippens- 
burg Univ.; Cea, 200Mmc, USA; r: 200th Mmc, CMR 429 Box 
1105, APO, AE 09054; Robert; Elaine, Elizabeth, Emily, Jack; 
GLIFORT, Gail Nancy; 1986 AB; r: 506 Bon Air Ave., Durham, NC 

27704,919 220-0913 
GLOVER, Mrs. Alice W. (Alice Williams); 7942; Homemaker, 
Mobile, AL 36608; r: 4272 Bit & Spur Rd No 1 9, Mobile, AL 36608, 
251 342-0359; John; Alice, Deborah, Janet, Richard (Dec); 
'GLOVER, Kathleen; 7954 (See Summerall, Mrs. Kathleen) 
GLOVER, Mrs. Laura Gaye (Laura Gaye Hand); 7 986 AB; 
r: 9318 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, TX 77379; 
"GLOVER, Margaret D.; 7935 (See Paddock, Mrs. Margaret D.) 
GLOVER, Ms. Margaret (Megan) Frances (Margaret Frances Butt); 
7999 BA; Realtor, Realty Executives, 316 Ofc. Square Ln., 
VirginiaBch.,VA23462, 757 288-4787; r: 115 Dupont dr., 
Norfolk, VA 23509, 757 533-4602; Chris; 
'GLOVER, Martha Somes; 7978 (See Perry, Mrs. Martha Somes) 
GLUSAC, Ms. Kristina Ann; 7992 BA; MARC Univ. of Illinois at 
Chicago; Arch., Wood & Zapata Architects; r: 2146 N. Dayton 
#202, Chicago, IL 60614, 773 404-7836; 
'GNUECHTEL, Ms. Carolyn Shelby; 7997 
GOBER, Mrs. Margaret Lyons (Margaret Lyons Watts); 7 989 ; 
Ofc. Mgr., Berkeley Howelle & Assoc, 1 032 Claymont Dr., Lynch- 
burg, VA 24502, 434 385-7548; r: 349 Shoreline Marina Cir., Unit 
204, Moneta, VA 24121 , 540 721-7643; 
GOBLE, Alice M.; 7933 (See Shriver, Mrs. Alice M.) 
"GOCHNAUER, Anne F.; 7929 AB 
"GOCHNAUER, Elizabeth; 7933 (See Church, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"GOCHNAUER, Katharine Rose; 7933 (See Slater, Mrs. Katharine 

"GOCHNAUER, Mary; 7929 (See Dalton, Mrs. Mary) 

GOCKLEY, Elizabeth; 7940 (See McLellan, Mrs. Elizabeth) 
"GODBEY, Ella S.; 7929 (See Jasper, Mrs. Ella S.) 
GODBOUT, Mrs. Barbara Jo (Barbara Jo Davis); 7977 AB; MED 
Univ. of Wisconsin; r: 75 Island Ave., Madison, CT 06443; 
Gregory; Gregory, Farrell, Davis; 
GODCHAUX, Eve; 7948 (See Hirsch, Mrs. Eve) 
'GODDARD, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth MacRae); 7937 AB 
GODDART, Mrs. Frances Anne (Frances Anne Davis); 7 992 ; 
r: 1512 San Cristobal, SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104 
"GODFREY, Mrs. Barbara; 7940 AB 
GODFREY, Mrs. Kara Grady (Kara Paula Grady); 7985; BA 
Univ. of South Carolina; Business Owner, Sage Communica- 
tions & Cnsltg. , 85 Marquette Dr. , Cody, WY 8241 4, 307 272-7304; 
r: same, 307 587-9853; David; 
GODFREY, Mary Bryan; 7985 (See Hockman, Mrs. Mary (Mimi)