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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 witii funding from 

University of Toronto 


Sc' ^s^-\or»^-^-^' ti\-r£-^ 







ETC., ETC., 






iSoston, m.S.^.: 



Co})y right. 1881, 
By S. E. C a SSI no. 


Little need be said in regard to the American por- 
tion of the Directory. A new feature has been adopted 
in i)rinting tlie name of the State at the end of the line, 
in bold-face type. This has been done to meet, as far as 
possible, the demands of those wlio desire the names 
arranged by States. All parties in the United States 
and Canada, who have been heard from since the issue of 
the last Directory have an asterisk [*] affixed to their 
address. Other names are undoubtedly correct, but in 
choosing correspondents it will be best to give those who 
have taken the trouble to return their blanks the prefer- 
ence, as it may indicate a deei)er interest in tlieir special- 
ties. A capital "C." following the department of science 
indicates that tlie ])erson has a collection ; and " Ex." that 
he desires to increase his collections by exchanging. An 
absence of these may be taken as indicating that corre- 
s]:)ondents are not desired. Information respecting people 
whom we have not heard fr(5m is especially desired, as 
many names not marked with an asterisk [*] will be 
dro])ped from a future edition, unless we have some evi- 
dence that they are still alive, and at the address given. 
Any suggestions calculated to increase the usefu.lness of 
tlie work will be thankfully received and carefully con- 

Tiie foreign countries are arranged alphabetically 
under America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica. Tlie 
index will be fouud convenient Avhen correspondents in 
any paiticular locality are desired. We hojie the foreign 
departnu'nt will be considered as a "first ])roof " of what 
we wish to make the next edition. As no M'ork of the 
kind lias been made before, the difficulty of obtaining 
correct addresses was very great. It is impossible that 
there should not he many errors and omissions of impor- 
tant names, but if the friends of the Avork will send us 
corrections of such errors as thev mav detect, and lists of 


names omittecl, it will help greatly in making the next 
edition more complete. Absolute perfection can hardly 
be expected in a work of this kind. 

A considerable lack of uniformity Avill be noticed in 
some countries, part of the addresses being given in French 
and some in German. In all cases we have given the name 
in whichever language it was reported to us. The endeavor 
lias been to give them in such a manner that communica- 
tions will reach their destination, and to this end most of 
the towns and cities, as well as other portions of the ad- 
dress, are given in tlie native language. No names have 
been inserted unless received from sources supposed to 
be reliable. Many have been in direct communication 
with the editor. Great difficulty has been found in de- 
ciphering the Avriting, and in some few cases it was found 
to be quite impossible. Too much care can not be taken 
in this respect, and when convenient the name and address 
should be sent in printed form. 

In the ap])endix will be found many valuable names 
which arrived too late for the body of the work. In a 
few cases Avhere changes in address occurred after the 
book had gone to press, the corrected address is given 
in the appendix. 

Much of the Avoi'k on the volume has been done by 
Miss A. E. OrdAvay, who has spared no ])ains to make it 
accurate. To Mr. J. Ritchie, Jr., belongs the credit of 
com])leting the list of Astronomers. 

We desire to extend our sincere thanks to a host of 
friends at home and abroad, who, at much expense of time 
and trouble, have prepared large and valuable lists, but to 
mention even their names would require several pages. 

Boston, Nov. 1881. 



Abbreviations vii 

Africa 355-3^3 

AU-^oria 3oo-iii 

Angola 3'),') 

Antigua i'^-i 

Arj^entiue Republic . . . 131-3/J 

Asia 3')) 

Assam. See Indian Empire . 3jJ 

Australia . 3')J 

Austro-Hungary .... Vil-'MJ 

A/.ores 155, 3 <2 

liarbadoes 12 J 

Bel-inin 15j, 332 

Benizal. See Indian Empire . 35J 

Bei'miida 12J 

Boheuiia. See Austro-IIun- 

jrarv 133-379 

Bolivia 131 

Bouibay. See Indian Empire. 3')J 

Borneo 33 5 




Britisii Columbia. See Canada 1-375 

British Guiana 132 

Burmah. Sec Indian Empire. 350 

Canada 1-375 

Canary Islands 353 

Cape Colony 353 

Cape of (iood Hope. See Cape 

Colony 356 

Caslimere. See Indian Empire. 350 

Ccvlon 350 

Chili 132 

China 350 

Comoro Isles 35G-3S8 

Conixo 35') 

Corsica 382 

Costa Rica 12G 

Cuba 129 

Curacoa 378 

Cyprus 350 

Deccan. See Indian Empire . 350 

Denmark 162 

Dominica 129 

Dutch Guiana 379 


Ecuador 132 

Kjrvpt 35 5 

England. See Great Britain 23(i-283 

Europe 13J-3/J 

Fernando Po 357 

Finland, bee Russia . . . 321 

France 133-383 

(iaboou 357 

(ianibia 35/ 

(ieruianv 209-385 

Gibraltar 23G 

(iroat liritain 233-383 

(i recce 3J3 

Guadeloupe 129-378 

Guatemala 123 

Hawaiian Isles. SeeSandwicli 

Islands 334 

Heli;ioland 3:0 

Holland. SeeNetherlau.lj. . 313 

Hungary 133 

Indian Empire 353 

Ireland. Sec Great Britain 236-286 

Italy 301-383 

Jamaica 129-378 

Japan 353 

Java 3Q3 

Luxcmboursr 386 

Madras. See Indian Empire. 350 

Mauritius . 
Natal . . 


Netherlands 315 

New Brunswick. See Canada. 1 

Newfoundland 128 

New Caledonia 333- 

New South Wales 

New Zealand 303 


North West Provinces. See 

Iniiian Empire 

Norway 317 

Nova Scotia. See Canada . 1 





Occanica 359-388 

(Jraiijic Free States .... 3i')7 

Peru 132-37i) 

riiili|>l)inc I-l;iiuls 364 

Piilaiul. bee Russia .... 321 

Torlo 'Ak'O 13 J 

roitu-ul 319-3rf5 

Piuijiil). Sec luclian Empire . 3.^0 

Queeuslaiul 3d1 

Keuuioii Islands 3.j7 

lloiiinaiiia 320-3rt7 

l{iis-ia 321-367 

San DominfTO 130 

Sandwich Islands 3j4 

Santa Cruz 13J 

Sardinia See Italy . . . . 3J1 
Scientific Societies in tlie United 

Stares and Canada .... 3'!') 
Scotland. See (ircat Britain. 236-2S6 

Sicily- See Italy 3J1 

Sierra Leone 3r)8 

Singapore. Sec Indian Em- 
pire S.'iQ 

Spain 326-387 

South America 131-379 

Soiiih Australia 3o0 

Straits .Settlements. See Indian 

Empire 3o0 

St. Thomas 130 

bumatra 3(i'5 

bueilun 33.") 

bwitzerland 3-14-3c)8 

Syria, .bee Turkey in .Vsia . 3-)4 

Tasmania 35.") 

Trans-Caucasia. See Ivussia . 321 

Trinidad 130-378 

Turkey in .Vsia 304 

Turkes iu Eiuope 349 

United States 1, 375 

Uru;^iiav 132 

U. S of Columhia 132 

Venezuela 132-379 

\'icloria 3ol 

Wadav 3.i8 

Wales". See Great Britain. 236-283 

West Indies 129-378 

Yorul-a 3.;j8 

Zanzibar 358 


Acad., Academy. 
Ayric. .\;:riculture. 
Ala., Al;il)rtiii!i. 
Am., Aiiu-riean. 
Aniit., Aiiaioiiiy. 
Aiiaht., Aualyiical. 
Autli., Aiitliropology. 
Antitj., Antiqiiiiiei. 
Afacli., Aracliniila. 
Ardi., Arclia-ology. 
Ariz., .Arizona. 
Aik., Aikansas. 
Ast., Astronoiii}'. 
Asst., .\-<sistaut. 
Biol., Biolo-ry. 
liot., liotaiiy. 
Bryol., Bryology. 

C, Colleciion. 
Cal., Calit'oniia. 
Carab., Carabidae. 
Carb. Carbonileroiis. 
Ceranib., CeranibycidaB. 
Cheiii , Chcniistiy. 
Cicind., CiciiidclidiB. 
Cin., Cincinnati. 

Col., Colorado. 
Coicopt., Colcoptera. 
Coll., Collojrc. 
Conip., Comparative. 
Con., CoiudioloL''y. 
Conn , Connecticut. 
Crvpt., Cryptojramic. 
Crystal., ("rystallofrraphy. 
Ciir., Cnrator. 
]) C, Di-;trict of Columbia. 
Del., Delaware. 
Dept., Department. 
Devon.. Devonian. 
Dipt., Diprera. 
Dist., Distribution. 

D. T., Dakotab Tenitoty. 
Kron., l^conoinic. 
Klcct., ICloctricity. 
l-'.nil)., ICmbryolofry. 

Knt , Eiitomolo^fy. 
E«p., K-spccially. 
Etb , Ktbnoloiry. 
Etliuojr., Ethnography. 

Ex., Evchange. 

Fla., Florida. 

Ga., Geor;ria. 

Gen., (jeneral. 

Geojr , Geotrniphical. 

(ieol., GeoloLTv. 

Held., Helderbcrg. 

Hcmipt., llcniiptcra. 

Her)>etol , Ilerpetology. 

Histol., Histolo^jy. 

Hort., Horticulture. 

Hymeiiop., llymeuoptera. 

la., Iowa. 

Iclitli , Ichthyology. 

Ill , Illinois. 

Intl., Indiana. 

Invert., Invertebrates. 

Inorjr-, Inor;.''anic. 

Inst., Institute. 

Kan., Kansas. 

K}-., Kentucky, 

L., Dower. 

La., Louisiana. 

L. <fc F. W., Land and Fresh 

Lepid., Lcpidoptera. 
Liiliol , Litholo;.'-y. 
Mam., Mammalogy. 
Mass., Massacliusetts. 
Math., Maiheinaiics. 
Md., Maryland. 
Me., Maine. 
Med., Medical, 
^leteo.. Meteorology. 
Met., Metalliiryy. 
Mio , Microscopy. 
Mich , Michigan. 
Mill , Mineralogy. 
Minn., Minnesota. 
Miss , Mississippi. 
Mo , Missouri. 
Moll Mollnsks. 
Mon., Montana. 
Mus., Museum. 
Nat. Ilist., Natural History. 
N. C, Noitii Carolina. 
Nell., Nebraska. 
Neuropt., Neuroptera. 




Ncv., Nevada. 

N. II., New JIampsbirc. 

Niii;;-.. Ni;i;;ara. 

N. J., New Jeijcy. 

N. M., New Mexico. 

N. Y., New York. 

O , Ohio. 

OI)s., Obsci-vatorv. 

O.U , 0,)lo^y. 

Optlial., Oinlialiuology. 

Ore , Uroyoii , 

Or;^-., Urjran c 

(;rii , Unii.lmlojry. 

() tuol , Usieolo/y. 

I'ailiol , Palliolo;.Mcai. 
rcuii., I'ciiiisylvauia. 
PliaMi., Plia'iio;iaiuic. 
riiilol., Pliilolo^'v. 
I'liil., Pl)ilo?opliy. 
riiotog., Piiotojjrapliy. 
Pliys.. Physics. 
Pi.^c'ol , I'iscoloiry. 
ProJ , Professor. 
11. 1 . Khodc Island, 
b. C, bouili (Jaioliua. 

Sec , Secretary. 

bei , Science. 

bil , biliirian. 

bo., hoiiihci'n. 

Soc, Society. 

bp.. bptcies". 

bpcc, Specimen or Specialty. 

btrat , Strati;rraphical. 

biirv., Survey. 

by St.. Systematic. 

Tav , Ta\iik'niiy. 

Tcdi , Teciinical, Tcclino'ojry. 

Tenn.. 'I emiessee. 

Te\'., Texas. 

U., Upper. 

Univ . University. 

Va , \'iri:iuia. 

\'asc., \'ii-cular. 

Vejr., V'c;;clable. 

Vert , Vcrtclirates. 

\'t., Vermont. 

Wis., Wisconsin. 

Wash. T., Wasiiinfrton Tcrritor}". 

W. T , ^\'vomin;;■ Territory. 

W. \'a., West Virginia. 

Zoul., Zoology. 




An asterisk (*) indicates that parties have been heard from since issue of last 

Aaron, Chas. E., A. M., 744 Union St., W. Philadelphia. Phcen. Bot., 
Ferns. C* Penn. 

Aaron, Eugene M., 744 Union St., W. Philadelphia. Lepid. Rare 
Butterflies Bouqht* Penn. 

Aaron, Mrs. E. M., 744 Union .St., W. Pliiladelphia. Ent. C* Penn. 

Aaron, S. Frank, 744 Union St., W. Philailclphia. Orn., Odl., Tax. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Abbe. Cleveland, Prof, and Asst. Army Signal Office, Washington. 
Met. Ast.* D. C 

Abbott, C. C, M. D., L. B. 35, Trenton. Arch., Zoil.* N. J. 

Abbott, Charles S., Antrim. C. E.x. N. H. 

Abbott, E. K., M. D., Salinas, Monterey Co. Bot., Met. C* Cal. 

Abbott, II. L., :Military Engineer, Willet's Point, N. Y. Harbor. N- Y. 

Abbott, William Louis, 1920 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Orn. C. 
Ex.* Penn. 

Abbott, William G., Norwich. Bot* Conn. 

AcHERT, E. E., Denver. Orn., Min.* Col. 

Ackakt, Howard, Southington. Min. C. Ex. Conn- 

ACKEK, E. O'C, C. E., U. S. N., U. S. S. Alaska, Navy Dep't., Wash- 
ington. Min. " I>. C. 

Adams, Edw. P., C. E., Medford. Bot., Geo!.* Mass. 

Adams, E. F., New Ipswich. Pakeu., Min., Arch., Orn., Ent., Moll. 
C. N. II. 

Adams, F. P., Prin. Normal School, Danville, Hendricks Co. Geol. 
C* In*l. 

Adams, Fred, Elmore. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Adams, J. L., .Jr., Bloomficld. Orn. C. Ex. N. J. 

Adams, IIev. Myron, 9 Washington St., Rochester. Mic. IV. Y. 

Adams, W. H.. Elmore, Peoria Co. Arch., Pulceo. C. Ex. Nutlets 
or fo.ssil fruits, leaves, and otlier Coal Measure fossils. Wishes to 
correspond with museums, etc.* III. 

Adams, W. P., Pittsfield. Min. N. II. 

Adams, Zue, Tojicka. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Kan. 

Addricks, (iEouiiE, Mt. l*leas;int. C. la. 

Adkins, Chapman, Wayne C. II. Med. and Gen. Sci.* W- Va. 

Agassiz, Alexander, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard 
College, Cambridge. Comparative Zoology.* Mass. 


Aiken, Charles E., Colorado Springs. OoL, Mam., Min. C. Ex.* 

Aiken, Phof. W. E. A., M. D., LL. D., Baltimore. Phcen. Bot., 

Ferns. C* Md. 

AiNSLiE, Charles N., A. M., Rochester. Invert., Ent.: Dipt., 

Coleopt. C. Ex. Insects and F. W. Shells. Minn. 

Akhurst, -John, 32 Nassau St., Brooklyn. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt., 

Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Albrook, Rev. J. B., A. M., Epworth. Invert. Palceo. C. Ex. la. 
Alden, Levi, Madison. Ast. Wis. 

Alderson, Rev. L. A., Atcliison. Kan. 

Aldrich, John D., 41 Colk-se Ave., Indianapolis. Con., Lepid. C. 

Ex. Desires correspondents in So. States.* Ind. 

Aldrich, T. H., M. E., Montevallo, Shelby Co. Moll. Spec. Union- 

idce of the South. C. Ex.* Ala. 

Alexander, Prof. W. W., Princeton. Ast. N. J. 

Alexander, James, Rochester, Bean Co. Arch. Penn. 

Alexander, James, Jr., Box 322, Auburn. Min., Palceo. C. Ex. 

N. Y. 
Alexander, Jno. B., M. D., Lexington. Physiology. IMo. 

Allan, Alex., Box 369, Pawtuckc't. Chem., 'Mic.,'Ent. C* li. I. 

Allbright, William B., care N. K. Fairbanks, Chicago. Chem. III. 
Allcutt, E. H., 906 Penn St., Kansas City. OoL, Con. C. Ex. Mo. 
Allen, Dr. A., Grafton. Bot. N. Y. 

Allen, Anson, Orono. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex.* Me. 

Allen, A. T., Taxidermist and Collector, Denver. Vertebrates, Articu- 
lates. C. Ex.* Col. 
Allen, Charles, Eureka Springs. Ark. 
Allen, C. A., Micasio, Marin Co. Orn., Or,l.* Cal. 
Allen, Prof. C. H., State Normal School, San Jose.* Cal. 
Allen, C. J. F., Louisville. Micros. Ky. 
Allen, Charles O., 335 8th Ave., New York. Ast.* N. Y. 
Allen, Charles S., Astoria, L. I. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Allen, F. H., Norwich. Min., Marine and Gen. Citriosities. C. 

Ex.* Conn. 

Allen, Fred. P., 23 Park Ave., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Allen, Harrison, 117 So. 20th St., Philadelphia. Main.* Penn. 

Allen, Prof. H. C, M. D., Ana Arbor. Bot., Experimental Dniq 

Provings. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Allen, II. M.. Pres. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

Allen, J., Alfred Centre, Allegany Co. Arch., Palceo., Con. C. Ex.* 

IV. Y. 
Allen, J. A., Ass't. Mus.Comp.Zool., Cambridge. Mam., Orn.* Mass. 
Allen, Mrs. Juliette B., Camden. Bot., Min.* N. J. 

Allen, J. D., Paw Paw. Taxidermist. 3Iicli. 

Allen, James E., Box 111, East Hamlin. Enf. C. N. Y. 

Allen, Jerome, A. M., Prof. State Normal School. Pres. N. Y. State 

Teachers' Association. Editor Barnes' Ed'l Monthly, New York. 

Geol., Paleeo. C. Ex. Hamilton group fossils.* N. Y. 

Allen, John H., Pres. Natick Mas., Natick. C. Ex.* 3Iass. 

Allen, Prof. O. D.. Sheffield Science School., New Haven. Phcen. 

Bot., Mosses, Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Allen, Richard, 62 No. Third St., Troy. Micros.* N. Y. 

Allen, R. C, Harristown, Macon Co. Orn., Tax. C. III. 

Allen, Richaed H., P. O. Box 376, New York. Orn. C* N. Y. 

Allen, R. L., Providence. Ast. R- I- 

Allen, Timothy F., M. D., New York. Bot. : Characeee.* N. Y. 

Allen, W. (;., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

N. Y. 


. N. Y. 


N. Y. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 




Coleopt. C. 

N. Y. 



Allen, Zachariah, Providence. GeoL, Nat. Phil, and Hist.* R. I. 
Allerton, George R., Bronxville, Westchester Co. Collection of live 

Alling, Charles E., 10 Franklin St., Rochester. 
Alling, -Joseph T., 74 S. Fitzhugh St., Rocliester. 
Alling, Maky' R., 5 Newbury St., Boston. GeoL 
Allis, E. NV"., Adrian, Lenawee Co. OoL, Arch. 
Allis, .James W., 10 State St., Rochester. Ent. .- 

Allis, L. F., Elsie, Clinton Co. OoL, Arch.* 
Allis, Solon M., C. E., U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyoi-, Tucson. 

GeoL C. Ex. Can furnish specimens of ores from Ariz, silver 

mines, but no fossils or sliells.* Ariz. 

Allison, E. H., Eaton. Phiis., GeoL C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Allison, J. T., Mount Carroll, Carroll Co. GeoL, Pre-Historic relics. 

C. Ex.* III. 

Allison, W. E., Clark's Mills, Oneida Co. Oni. C. N. Y. 

Allmendingek, Miss E. C, Ann Arbor. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Alter, Dr. David, I^arnassus. Orn., Tax. Penii. 

AmEnde, C. G., Hoboken. Diatoms, Infusoria. N. J. 

Ames, Mary E. P., Auburn. BoL C. Ex.* Cal. 

Ames, J. F., Chicopee. Min. C. Mass. 

Ami, Henry M., Ottawa, Ont. Bot., Min., GeoL, Palao. C. Plants 

. from Ottawa Valley for ex.* Canada. 

Ami, S. T., Ottawa, Ont.' Con. Canada. 

Amory, R., M. D., Norfolk. Physiol. Mass. 

Andersen, Martin L., Ravenswood, Cook Co. Gen. III. 

Anderson, Charles Ij., M. D., Santa Cruz. Bot. : Aloce. C. Ex.* 

Anderson, D. G., Keokuk. GeoL C* la. 

Anderson, J. C, M. D., 2,5 E. Third St., Mansfield. Arch., Min. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

Anderson, Rev. Joseph, D. D., Waterbury. Atn. Eth. and Arch. 

C. JSx. Desires Pottery, Stone. Implements, etc., from Central 

Am.* ' Conn. 

Anderson, .J. D. L., Maryville. Con. Tenn. 

Anderson, Mrs. Louisa P., Territorial University, Seattle. Bot., 

ZouL C. ' Wash. Ter. 

Anderson, William P., Marine Dept., Ottawa, Ont. GeoL* Canada. 
Anderson, Prof. W. W., Santa Cruz. Mic. Cal. 

Andras, .J. C. Manchester, Scott Co. Bot. C. Ex. Native Plants of 

this locality.* III. 

Andrews, E., A. M., M. D„ Prof. Surg., Chic. Med. Coll., 6 Sixtecntli 

St., Chicago. GeoL, Anth.* IH. 

Andrews, Ellen D., Soutliington. Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Andrews, Frank D., Vineland. GeoL,Min.,Pal<eo., Arch. C* N.J. 
Andrews, H. B., Box 356, Rockford. GeoL C. Ex. III. 

Andrews, .J. W., Amesville, Athens Co. ZonL, GeoL C. Ohio. 

Andrews, L., Southington, Hartford Co. GeoL, Min., Met., Pnlao., 

Archceo. C. Ex. Spec. Fucoid upon the Triassic Sandstone.* 

Andrews, Q. E., M. D., Moorhead. 3Iin., Crijst., 0:,L C. Ex.* 

31 inn. 
Andrews, Dr. R. R., Brattle Square, Cambridge. Micros. Mass. 

Andrews, T. I>., M.D., Creston, Union Co. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Andrews, T. P., Farina, Fayette Co. Bot., GeoL, Min. C. Ex.* 111. 
Andrews, William II., Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co. Min., GeoL 

C. Ex. Only for good specimens.* N. Y. 


Andriessen, Hugo, Beaver. Min., Chem., Pharm., C. Ex. Fossil 
ferns, rare drugs, birds, plants, etc. Desires herbarium spec, in 
ex.* Penn. 

AiiuiiUS, D. A. K., L. B. 2605, Rockford. Arch., Min. C. Ex. Cor- 
responilence solicited.* III. 

.A-XGELL, U. J., 110 W. D. Hall, New Haven. Micro- Lcpidoptera, 

Larva. Conn. 

Angle, .James M., Box 614, Rochester. Ent. : Lepid. C. Will col- 
lect for ex. N. Y. 

Angus, J., West Farms, N. Y. City. Indian relics, Lepid. : Catocala, 

Sphingidce. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Anson, Alered Jr., Wilkesbarre. Geol. Penn. 

Antisell, Prof. Thomas, M. D., Washington. Bot. D. C. 

Anthony, Arthur C, care Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Boston. Ent. : Cole- 
opt., Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Apgar, Austin C, State Normal School, Trenton. Zoology. C* N. J. 

Apgar, Ellis A., State Supt. Pub. Instruction, Trenton. Bot., Orn., 

Mic. C* N. J. 

Apitz, Mrs. Fred., Lawrence. Geol., Con. Kan. 

Apitz, -J. W., Lawrence. Bot. Kan. 

Appelgath, Fred., Albion. Geol., Min. 111. 

Applegate, I. A., Mt. Garmcl. _ Ind. 

Appleton, Francis II., A. M., Peabody. Agric. Mass. 

Appleton, John Howard, Prof. Chem., Brown Univ., Providence.* 

R. I. 

Archer, B. F., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Archilles, F. W., M. D., Evansville. Chem. Ind. 

Argo, W. K., D. and D. Institute, Danville. Geol. C. Ex. Ky. 

Armstrong, E., Plattsburgh Geol. N. Y. 

Armstrong, George D., Norfolk. Min., Bot. Va. 

Armstrong, J. E., Champaign, Gen. Biol., Tax., Osteal., Turtles. C. 
Ex. III. 

Armstrong, P. A., Morris. Geol. HI. 

Armstrong, Rev. William, Ottawa, Ont. Bat. Canada. 

Arnold, Clark, :SI. D., Fort Worth. Geol. C. Ex. Tex. 

Arnold, J. M., Washington cor. Franklin St., Boston. Math. Mass. 

Arnold, Levator, Marshalltown. Min., Fossils. C* la. 

Artes, Charles F., 120 Main St., Evansville. Arch. C. Ex. Pot- 
tery for stone implements.* Ind. 

Arthur, J. C, Charles City. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

AscHMAN, Fred. T., 251 West 34th St., New York. Mic. N. Y. 

Ashburner, Charles A., M. S., Asst. 2nd Geol. Survey of Pa., 9 
Woodland Terrace, or 907 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Mining, 
Geol., Min., Phi/s:* Penn. 

Ashburner, William, 1014 Pine St., San Francisco. Mic.* Cal. 

Asuer, J. M., San Diego. Bot. Cal. 

Ashenfelter, H. M., Silver City. N. M. 

AsHFORD, Dr. a. F., Washington. Mic. D. C. 

AsHMEAD, William H., Jacksonville. Gen. Nat. Hist., Herpetol., Cole- 
opt., Lepid., Hemiptera, CynipidcE, Chalcididm. C* Fla. 

Ashton, T. B., Tonganoxie, Leavenworth Co. Ent. C. Ex. Kan. 

AsiRE, Merwin E.^ Box 142, Oshkosh. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. C.* 


AsQUiTii, A. W., 404 Classon Ave., Brooklyn. Coleopt.* N. Y. 

Aston, Edw. J., Ashville. N. C. 

Atherton, G. D., 74 Broadway, Taunton. Miti. C. Ex. Mass. 

Atkins, Charles G., Bucksport. Ichth.* Me. 

Atkins, Dr. H. A., Locke, Ingham Co. Orn., Ool.* Mich. 


Atkinson, Henry, Everton, Ont. Orn., Oal. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Atkinson, Dk. I. H., 223 Madison Ave., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Atkinson, John C, Henderson. Hort. Spec. Hardy Grapes. Ex. 

Atkinson, Percy, Oshawa, Ont. Canada. 

Attwood, Melville, M. E., Saucelito, Marin Co. GeoL, special 

branch, inclosing, or wall rocks of metalliferous veins. C. Ex. 

in specialty.* Cal. 

Atwatek, W. O., Prof. Chem., Wesleyan Univ., Middletown. A<jric. 

and Phi/s. Chcm.* Conn. 

Atwell, Charles B., Evanston. Bot. III. 

Atwood, Carl C, Albion, Dane Co. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Atwood, Charles, M. D., Moravia, Cayuga Co. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

Mosses, Con. C Ex.* N. Y. 

Atwood, E. S., East Orange, Esst.-: Co. Mic* N. J, 

Atwood, H. F., Rochester. Mic, Infusoria, Parasites. C* ]V. Y. 

Atwood, J. Ward, M. D., 410 Spruce St., Philadelphia. Odontolog>/. 

Atwood, N. E., Provincetown. Fisheries .* Mass. 

Atwood, W. P., 13 Elliot St., Lowell. Bot., Chetn. C* Mass. 

AU15REY, W. W., Washin^nou. Palceo., Min. 111. 

Aughey, Samuel, Prof. Nat. Sci., Lincoln. GeoL, Bot. C. Ex. fos- 
sils of Dakota fi;roup, leaves.* Neb. 
Austen, Peter Townsend, Ph. D., F. C. S., Prof. Anal, and Applied 

Chem., Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. Chem.* N. J. 

Austin, E. P., Astronomer, 4G East Newton St., Boston. Ent. : Coh- 

optera. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Austin, George, Cuba. Palceo. Ohio. 

Austin, Mrs. R. M., Prattville, Plumas Co. Bot., Lepid. C* Cal. 

Auxer, Samuel, 15U S. Prince St., Lancaster. Ent. : Lejnd., Coleopt. 

C. Ex. only in Ool.* - Penn. 

Averell, William D., Chestnut Ilill, Philadelphia. Con., Min., Mic. 

specialty Cyperteidse.* Penn. 

Avery, George IL, East Hampton. Orn., Nat. and Tax. C. Ex. 

Wishes only first-class specimens.* Mass. 

Avery, George'R., Locke. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Avery, James, Wallingford. Min., GeoL ■ Conn. 

Ayres, Brown, Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Phijs. 3Id. 
Ay'res, George B., M. D., Ann Arbor. Aiiat., Orn. Mich. 

Ayres, W. O., M. D., New Haven. Anthrop., Ichthy., Echinoderms.^ 

Ayres, Rev, William W., Wickford. Bot. C. Ex. R. I. 


Babbitt, G. W., Detroit. Mic, Ast.* Mich. 

Babjutt, John, Fredericton, N. B. Electricity, esp. Transmission of 

Sound.* Canada. 

Babcouk, a. L., Sherborn. Orn., Ent. C. Mass. 

Babcock, D. D., So. Danville, Steuben Co. Bot., General. C. Ex.* 

IN. Y. 
PjAbcock, George H., Cobleskill. Bot. JV. Y. 

Babcock, H. II., 693 N. Clark St.. Chicago. Bot.* 111. 

Babcock, II. P., General Bird Store, 144 Purchase St., New Bedford, 

Tax., Orn., Or,l., ZooL Gen. Collector. C. Ex.* 3Iass. 

Babcock, James F., State Assayer for Mass., late Prof, of Chem., 

Mass. Coll. of Pharm. Boston Univ., 4 State St., Boston.* Mass, 


Babcock, S. E., M. D., Chester. Indian Sltone Implements S. C. 

Babcock, W. InviNG, C. E., 161 Lclferts Place, Brooklyn. Orn., Or,l., 

Met. C. N. Y. 

Bachelleu, Fkanklin, Lynn. Min. C* Mass. 

Bacon, Austin, Natick. 'Anth.* Mass. 

Bacon, J. il., Orei^on City. Gen. Curiosities. Ex. Ore. 

Badger, George, Biooklvn. Orh., Obi. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Baer, O. p., M. D., Richmond. Bot., GeoL, Palceo., Min., Mic. C. 
Ex.* Iiid. 

Bagg, Col. Egbert, 424 Genesee St., Utica. Pahto. C. Ex.* IV. Y. 

Bagg, Egbert, Jr., 187 Genesee St., Utica. Orn., Oal. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bailey, Albert, Ccdarville, Herkimer Co. Con. C. Ex. local 
shells for L. & F. W. and marine shells of other localities.* N. Y. 

Bailev, C. H., Home. Indian and War relics. C. N. Y. 

Bailey, Miss E. B., Sterling. Geol. Mass. 

Bailey, E. II. S., Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem. Chem., Min. Ex. Penn. 

Bailey, G. E., Aurora. . 111. 

Bailey, George Irving, 95 Eagle St., Albany. Lepid.* N. Y. 

Bailey, H. B., 51 South St., New York. Orh., Ool. C* N. Y. 

Bailey, H. L., Moravia. Mic. N. Y. 

Bailey, James S., M. D., 95 Eao^le St., Albany. Ent. : Lejnd. C. 

Ex. Desires especially Bomb., Sphin. and Catocala. N. Y. 

Bailey, L. H., Jr., Lansing. Bot. C. Ex. in Mich, plants.* Mich. 

Bailey, L. W., Prof. Chem. and Nat. Hist., Univ. of New Brunswick, 

Frcdericton, N. B. Geol. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Bailey, S. C. H., Cortlaudt ou-Hudson, Westchester Co. Min. C. 
Ex. Will send lists for ex.* N. Y. 

Bailey', Theo. P., M. D., 43 Central Ave., Albany. Lepidontera. C. 
Ex.* ' N. Y. 

Bailey, W^vllace, Des Moines. Geol. la. 

B-iiLEY, William W., Prof. Nat. Hist. Brown Univ., Providence. Bot. 
(Grasses and Sedges). C. Ex.* R.I. 

Bailie, Charles, care of S. J. Andruss, 19 Beaver Hall, Montreal. 
Micros. Canada. 

Bailly, J. F. D., 202 Alexander St., Rochester. Nat. Hist. N. Y. 

Baily, Alfred W., Box 712, Atlantic City. Min., Arch. C. Ex. 

minerals and relics.* N.J. 

B.AIRD, Prof. J. F., A. M., Hanover Coll., Hanover. Bot., Geol. C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

Baird, Spencer F., Sec. Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Am. Verte- 

brata.* D- C. 

Baird, William ISl., Charlestown. Phmi. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. Ind. 

Baird, ^\'ILLIAM R., M. E., Box 1848, New York. Min. C. Ex. Am. 
minerals. Desires only good foreign specimens. No fossils 
wanted.* N. Y. 

Baker, Prof., High School, Denver. Geol. Col. 

Baker, A. B., 2 College Ave., Rochester. Palao., Invert, Zonl.* N. Y. 

Baker, A. L., Scrauton. Micros., Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Baker, B. E., 39 Magazine St., Cambridgeport. Bot. 3Iass. 

Baker, George A., Box 1409, South Bend. L. <Sr F. W.Molltisks, Lo- 
cal Coleoptera, Arch. C. Ex. Has a series of casts of rare fos- 
sils for ex.* In<l. 

Baker, Henry B., M. D., Pres. Lansing Sci. Assoc, Lansing. Gen. 

Biol., Micros., Sanitanj Sci.* Mich. 

Baker, Lucas, Pleasant Place, Cambridgeport. Geol., Min., Pal<Eo. 


Baker, Marcus, M. A., U. S. Coast Survey Office, Washington.* D. C. 

Baker, P. S., A. M., M. D., Greencastle. Ent. Ex. Ind. 


Baker, Dr Washington H., 1610 Summer St., Pliila. Micros. Peiin. 
Baker, William H., Brooklyn. Mio-os. N. V. 

Baker, W. S., Carthage, Hancock Co. Orn., Tax. C. Ex. III. 

Baldwin, Harry L., 2(S4 Kansas Ave., Denver. Elect., AsL* Col. 

Baldwin, Dr. H. II., New Brunswick. Micros. \. J. 

Baldwin, L. S., Laconia. Ast. N. H. 

Baldy, Stephen, Catawissa, Columbia Co. Eyit. : Lepid. C. Ex. 

Desires cocoons^and larva? of tropical species.* Penn. 

Balentine, William L., Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Coal fossils. Penn. 

Ball, Rev. E. H., Sprin<j Hill, CumberlamlCo., X. S. Phan. Bot., 

Ferns of N. S. C* Canada. 

Ball, Joseph .Jr., 4533 Frankford Ave., Frankfoid, Phila. Ool. Penn. 
Ballard, H. H., Prin. Lenox Acad., Lenox. Bot. C. Mass. 

Ballard, Mrs. Julia P., Easton. Ent.: Lepid. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ballou, N. E., M. D., Sand\Vich. -Arch., Ichth. C. Ex.* U!. 

Ballou, Wm. Hosea, Evanston. Orn,., Ool., Ethnol., Emb., Geog. 

Dist.,Bihliog., Ichth. C. Ex.* III. 

Bals, II. C. G., Indianapolis. Orn. C. Ex. Intl. 

Balze, Gustave, New Haven. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Conn. 

Bangs, C. Fisk, South Haven. Ent. Mich. 

Bangs, Prof. Geo., Orlando, Orange Co. Orn., Ool., {Florida Par-) 

rots). C. Ex. Desires all kinds of Northern birds and eggs.* Fla. 
B.\Ni.STER, Marshall, Willimansctt. Ent., Tax. 3Iass. 

Bank, J. W., Stanley, St. .John, N. B. Ool. Canada. 

Banks, Charles W"., P. O. Box 1437, San Francisco. Mic, Geol. C* 

Banks, H. F., So. Pueblo. Geol., Metall. Col. 

Banks, W. F., Bellona, Yates Co. C. N. Y. 

Bannan, Geo. N., Kenosha. Micros. Wis. 

Banning, Mary E., Baltimore. Fungi. 3Id. 

Bannister, Henry M., M. D., Evanston. Palao., Geol., Mic, Gen. 

Biol. C in, 

Barbeck, Wm.,1732 Wylie St., Philadelphia. Crypt., Bot., Mic. Penn! 
Barbeck, Wm., San Antonio. Fungi. Texas. 

Barber, A. W., Yankton. Moll. C. Ex. D. T.' 

Barber, E. A., A.M., Station B., Philadelphia. Arch., Eth. Specialti/ 

tobacco pipes. C Ex.* Peiin. 

Barber, S. W., 404 Market St., St. Louis. 3Io'. 

Barbour, Prof. O. F., Rockford. Geol.* l\\, 

Barcherdt, R. 282 Sixteenth St., Denver. Tax. Col' 

Bardeen, F. L., B. S., M. D., 30.!^ Meigs St., Rochester. Min., Mic, 

ZoSl. C* N. Y. 

Barfoot, Joseph L., Salt Lake City. Cur. Salt Lake Museum. Min., 

Nat. Hist.* IFtah. 

Barker, Ebenezer, St. Mary's, Camden Co. Ga! 

Barker, John G., Lynn. Horticulture, Cool House Orchids.* Mass. 
Barker, Sam'l J., Clifton Sprin<is, O. Geol., Micros., Bot. C. N. Y. 
Barlow, J. G., Cadet, Washington Co. Ent.: Coleopt., Hymenop. C. 

Ex.* Mo. 

BftRLow, Scott, Montreal. Geol. Canada. 

Barlow, Thos., Canastota, Madison Co. Geol., Ent.* N. Y. 

Barnard, A. N., Easthampton. Micros. 3lass. 

Barnard, E. E., Nashville. Ast.* Tenn. 

Barnard, N. E., care R. Pool, Nashville. Ast. Tenn! 

Barnard, P., Inst. Tech., Boston. Orn., Ool. Mass. 

Barnard, W. S., B. S., Ph. D., Prof, iu Cornell University, Ithaca. 

Zoul., especially insects. Ex.* N. Y. 


Barnes, Mrs. Dr., 41 Green Street, Syracuse. Filices. Ex.* N. Y. 
Barnes, Chas. E., Heed City. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Barnes, Ciias. 11., Prof. Nat. Hist. Purdue Univ., LaFayette. Bot. 

C. Ex. Fossils, Shells, Plants, and Minerals.* Ind. 

Barnes, Walter, Prof. Worcester Free Inst., Worcester. Min. Mass. 
Barnes, Wm., Decatur. Ent. : Lejnd. C* III. 

Barnett, S. Jr., Washington. Physics. dJa. 

Barney, M. L., Monticello, Palao. U. Ex. L. Sil. fossils.* Wis. 
Barnuouse, T. E., Silver Cliff. Col. 

Barns, Dr. John, Milford. Micros.* Mass. 

Barnum, Morgan K., 94 E. Jefferson St., Syracuse. Om., Onl. C. 

Ii^x. eggs in sets.* " IN.Y. 

Baron, O. T., Mendocino City. Ent., ])?-incipalli/ Lepid., Cokopt., 

Hymenop., iSf Diptera. C'al. 

Barr, J. Frank, 137 No. Charlotte St., Lancaster. Ool. C. Ex. Peiin. 
Barrett, S. T., Port Jervis. Geol., Palao,* N. Y. 

Barrett, Wm. C, M. D., 11 W. Chippewa St., Buffalo. Mic, Histol. 

Physiol* ^.Y. 

Barringer, A. LaFayette, Statesville. Min., Arch. IV. C. 

Barringer, Wm., Bcllefontainc, Logan Co. Eth., Geol. C* Ohio. 
Barris, J. W., Frankfort. Geol., Bot. C* N. Y. 

Barris, Rev. W.H.,Prof. Griswold Coll., Davenport. Geol., Palceo. la. 
Barron, Alfred, Community, Madison Co. Gen, Bot., Lichens and 

Mosses. Hort.* N. Y. 

Barron, Maud K., Comniunity. Orn.* N. Y. 

Barrow, J. W., M. D., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Barrows, Natuan, M. D., Meriden. Phcen. Bot. N. H. 

Barrows, W. B., S. B., Reading. Zool. C. Mass. 

Barry, W. C, Nurseryman, Rochester. Bot.* N. Y. 

Barss, J. Richmond, Maiden. E7it. 3Iass. 

Eartenroerffer, O. a., B. S., Evansville. Ind. 

Bartlett, Arthur K., Astron., lecturer and correspondent, Battle 

Creek. Pa/ceo., Nat. Hist., Geol, Ast7-07i., Phys., Meteorology. 

C. Ex. minerals for fossils, csp. crinoids, also recent and fossil 

corals, esp. meandrina and madrepora.* Mich. 

Bartlett, E. B., Vermillion, Oswego Co.* N. Y. 

Bartlett, Rev. N., Weber St., Colorado Springs. Col. 

Bartley, Prof. E. H., Swarthmore. Min., Micros. Peiin. 

Barton, Bolling VV^., M. D., 227 Maryland Ave., Baltimore. Bot. 

C. Ex.* ■ Md. 

Barton, C. P., M. D., Spencer. Orti. Mass. 

Barton, Frank H., Connersville, Fayette Co. Ool. C. Ex.* Ind. 
Barton, George H., No. Sudbury. 'Geol., Mm. C. Address for two 

years, care Gov't Survey, Honolulu, S. L* Mass. 

Barton, Irene S., Wavnesville. Min. N. C. 

Barton, T. H., A. M., IBrookviile. Con., Ool. C. Ex. Desires shells 

of Pacific states.* Ind. 

Bass, W. L., Randolph. Arch. C. Ex. eggs, F. W. shells and relics 

for stone implements.* la. 

Bassett, Daniel A., A. M., Prin. Prep. Dcpt. Wabash Coll., Craw- 

fordsville. Radiates. Spec. Crinoids. C.* In"d. 

Bassett, Homer F., Watcrbury. Ent.: Hymenoptera, Gall insects and 

their parasites. C. Ex. Conn. 

Bass^.er, H. Russell, P. O. Box 4129, New York. Bot. Ex. N. Y. 
Bastin, E. vS., Prof. Bot., Univ. Chicago, Chicago. Crypt. Bot., Veg. 

and Anitnal Phys. C. Ex. Will ex. local fresh water algae, and 

lepidopterous insects for specinaens from other localities in this 

country or abroad,* 111. 


Batemax, E. E., Cedarville. Ool. C. Ex. N. J. 

Bates, Ezka D., Blackstone. Mm. C. Ex. Mass. 

B.iTES, Frank A., Pres. I. S. C. A., So. Bmintrec. Ool. C. Coins, 

Curiosities, Dendrites, Geodes, etc., for ex. Wishes Indian, Aztec 

and Danish picto^'raphs.* 3Iass. 

Bates, Fred., Grand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Bates, George A., Salem. Marine Invertebrates. ; Worms, Radiates 

and Hydroids. Desires spec, from all parts of the world, for 

which will ex. mic. preparations.* Mass. 

Bates, J. Elwyn, So. Abinj;ton. Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Bates, J. S., Ridge Hill, Plymouth Co. Tax., C. Mass. 

Battekmann, H., 172 E. SOlh St., New York. Micros. C. N. Y. 

Battey, T. .J., Friends' School, Providence. Bat., Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 
Batty, .Joseph H., Parkville. Tax. Orn., Obi, Zo.l. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Baumbach, M. von., ^Milwaukee. >\is. 

Bacscu, Edw., B. and Lomb. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mtc* N. Y. 

B.\USCH, J. J., B. and Lomb. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* jV. Y. 

Baxley, William T., 125 3rd St., Oakland. Coleopt., Hart. C. Ex. 

for spec, from Africa, Brazil and Arabia.* Cal. 

Baxter, Florus R., Bell Telephonic Ex., Rochester. Ent. C. N. Y. 
Baxter, M. S., Adams Basin, Monroe Co. Orchids, Filices. C. Ex.* 

K. Y. 
Baylies, Edmund L., Taunton. Orn., Herpetol. C* 3Iass. 

Beach, Adda E., Grand Rapids. Bot. Mich. 

Beach, E. S., Hudson. Geol., Min. Ex. 3Iich. 

Beach, Hon. H., Prairie du Chien. Min., Geol., Arch. C. Ex. Wis. 
Beach. Prof. William F., Jeffersonville. Mic., Crystallog. C. Iiid. 
Beach, William H., Bcloit. Mic.* Wis. 

Beadle, D. W., St. Catharme's, Ont. Ent. Canada. 

Beadle, Rev. H. H., Bridgeton. Min., Con., Arch. C. Ex.* N. J. 
Beal, Prof. F. E. L., Ames. Zorl., Comp. Anat.* la. 

Beal, William, Murphcy, Cherokee Co. Min. C. Ex. N. C. 

Beal, William .J., Prof, of Bot. and Hort., Agric. Coll., Lansing. 

Ph<pn. Bat., Ferns, Mic. C. Ex. grasses and ferns.* 3Iich. 

Beaman, Fred., Hudson. Min. 3Iich. 

Beamer, Miles, Chem. Lab. Weslevan Univ., Middletown. Chem.* Conn. 
Beax, F. E., Taxidermist, Medford. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. 3Iass. 

Bean, Henry D., Northficld. Arch., Palao. Vt. 

Bean, Tarleton H., M. D., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Ichth. 

D. C. 
Bean, Thomas E., Galena. Lepid. III. 

Bearce, Gideon, West Minot. Min. C. Ex.* Me. 

Beard, F., B. S., Warren. Mic. Ind. 

Beard, John, Attica. Gen. Nat. Set. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Beardslee, Henry C, M. D., Painesville, Lake Co. Gen. Bot., ('>/- 

pinarvce, Filices, Mtisci, Hepatica-. C. Ex.* Otiio. 

Beardsley, a, E., B. S., Box 2630, Denver. Min., Mic, Crypt. Bot. 

C Ex. Coll. Ferns and Minerals.* Col. 

Beath, James W., Lapidist, 111 So. 10th St., Philadelphia. Min.* 

Beattie, Will. L., East Dubuque. Geol* III. 

Beatty, C. C, MissLsquoi Bav, Phillipsburg, Quel)ec. Orn. Canada. 
Beatty, Prof. S. J., Biddle Univ., Charlotte. But. (local.)* N. C. 

BEAUCHAMr, Miss Virginia, Baldwinsville. Ferns. C. N. Y. 

Beaucuamp, Rev. W. M., Baldwinsville. Arch., Con. C. N. Y. 

Beaver, Daniel B. D., M. D., 31 No. 5th St., Reading. Phcen. Bot., 

Ferns. C. Ex. Penn. 

Bebb, M. S., Rockford. Bof.:SttUces. C* III. 

10 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Reciidolt, p.. G., So. lietlildieiii. Bot. Penn. 

Bechlek, Gustavus K , late U. S. Gcolos'. Surv., Washinj.'ton. D. C. 

Becker, G. F., Ph. D., U. S. Geologist, Oakland. Mimng Geol. C. C'al. 

Beckett, S. ]'.., I'ortlaiid. Orn. G. Me. 

JJeckwitii, II. C., Passed Asst. Eiig'i' U. S. Navy, Chesterfield, New 
London Co. Geol. C* Conn. 

Beckwith, Leonard F., New York. N. Y. 

Beckwith, Will., Danville, Vermillion Co. Arch. C. Ex. Can fur- 
nish Crinoids from Keokuk group. III. 

Bedford, P. W., Prof. Pharmaev, Box 1738, New York. Mic, Inoi-g. 
Chcm.*- ' N: Y. 

Beebe, Edward IT., Geneva. Geol. III. 

Beebe, William S., 2.3 (irace Court, Brooklyn. Anthrop. N. Y. 

Beeciier, t'liARLES PI, Asst. State Mus., Albany. Pakeo. C. Ex. L. 

and F. \V. shells, and Pakto. fossils.* N. Y. 

Beeciier, Prof. John Slocum, Cohimbia. Geol., Palmo., MoUksIcs. 
C. Ex. Tenn. 

Beekman, W. S., Box 108,West Medford. Min., Chem., Elect., Drugs. 

C. Ex. local and foreign by quantity * Mass. 

Beeman, TiiojiAS W., M. D., Selby, lienox Co., Ont. Mam. C. Ex.* 


Bean, W. II , Lebanon. Palceo., Min., Arch., Moll., Bot., Ent., Hort. 
C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Behr, H. H., M. S., San Francisco. Lcpid. Cal. 

Behrens, James, Box 1173, San Francisco. Coleopt., LepicL, Gen. Ent.* 


Belanger, F. X., Cur. du Mus. Zool; de I'Univ. Laval, Quebec. Zor,l. 
C. Ex.* Canada. 

BelfrAGE, G. W., Clifton, Bosque Co. Gen. Ent. : Hymen, and Cole- 
opt, of the loorld. C. Ex. Correspondence desired with collect- 
ors in foreign countries, for the purchase or ex. of specimens, 
particularly tropical.* Texas. 

Bell, jMiss Clara, Chicopec. Bot.. Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Bell, PvEV. George, B. A., LL. D., Walkerton, Ont. Arch., Anth., 
Psychol., Geol.* Canada. 

Bell, Prof. G. H., Battle Creek. Bot. Mich. 

Bell, James T., Prof. Mining and Agric, Albert Univ., Box lOi, 
Belleville, Out. Geol.. Zool. Ex. Insects.* Canada. 

Bell, Prof. Robert, M. D., Asst. Director Geolog. Surv. of Canada, 

Ottawa. Geol., Zoology, Am. Arch. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Bell, William J., Valparaiso, Porter Co. Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Bement, Clarence S., 1804 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. J^frn. 
C. Desires to purchase unique or exceptionally fine crystallized 
minerals and rare species.* Penn. 

Pence, G. W., M. D., Green Castle. Ind. 

Bendire, Charles E., Capt. 1st Cavalrv, LT. S. A., Fort Walla Walla. 
Mam., Orn., Ool. Ex, ' VV. T. 

Benedict, Prof. N. W., 31 Court Street, Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Bengham, R. S., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Benjamin, M., Ph.B., F.C. S., 43 E. 67th Street, New York. Chem., 

Min. C* N. Y. 

Benneke, W. F., Denver. Col. 

Benner, Edw., Salt Lake City. Bot. Utah. 

Benner, Franklin, Minneapolis. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* 3Iinn. 

Bennett, A. A., Mt. Pleasant. Biol., Chem.* la. 

Bennett, C. H., Jackson. Mic. C. Ex. Mich. 

Bennett, H. P., St. Cloud. Geol., Min., Tax. C. Ex. Minn. 

Bennett, James, Leominster, iliw., Bot. C* Mass. 


Bennett, James L., Providence. Bot. : Filices. Ex. R. I. 

Bennett, Jno. C., 47 Turtle St., Syracuse. Geol., Min,, Palao., Arch. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bennett, J T., Neville. Palceo. Ohio. 

Benson, David, Hoboken. HistoL, Gen. Micros. N.J. 

Benson, E. F., M. D., 76 Ferrj- St., Troy. N. Y. 

Bergen, Mrs. Fanny, Galesburg. Bot'., Mic. C. Ex.* III. 

Bergen, .J. Y., Jr., Galesburg. Chem., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Bering, J. Ed., C. E., Decatur. Min., Geol., Chem. C* III. 

Berlin, A. F., Alleutowu. Arch. C. Peiin. 

Berry, Geo. H., No. Livermore. Ent., Ool. C. Me. 

Bertolet, R. M., M. D.. Philadelphia Hospital, Phila. Micros. Penn. 
Bessels, Dr. Emil, Siuithsoniau Institution, Washington. Gen. Biol., 

Anth., Geol.'' D. C. 

Bessey, Chas. E., M. Sc, Ph. D., Prof. Bot., Iowa Agric. Coll., Ames. 

Bot. C. Ex. Desires parasitic fungi.* la. 

Best, W. F., St. John, N. B. Chem. Canada. 

Bethune, Rev. Chas. J. S., Trinity Coll. School, Port Hope, Out. C. 

Ent. Especially in its practical relation to agric* Canada. 

Bethwith, Leonard F., New York. Chem., Metal. N. Y. 

Betts, Dk. H., La Grange. Zord., Arch. Ind. 

Betz, Herman, 1024 Second Ave., New Y^ork. Gen. Bot. C. N. Y. 

BiCKFORD, C, Belleville. Min., Palceo. N. Y. 

BiCKMORE, Pkof. Albert S., Supt. Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist., 8th Ave. 

and 77th St., Central Paik, New Y^ork. Ethnology.* N. Y. 

Bicknell, Eugene P., Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y'^. City. ZouL, Orn., 

Bot. C* N. Y. 

Biddlecome, Miss H. J., Akron. Crypt. Bot. C* Ohio. 

BlDWELL, E. C, M. D., Vincland. Mic, Fungi. N. J. 

BiGELOW, W. S., M. D., 60 Beacon St., Boston. Surgery. Mass. 

Bigler, Edward A., Auburn, Sangamon Co. ZoiJl. : Lepid.* III. 

BiLLiN, Charles E.,C. E., Indianapolis. Geol., Engineering * Ind. 

Billings, H., 13 High St., Worcester. Mic. Mass. 

Billings, Hosmer H., Elmira. Ent., Orn.* N. Y. 

Billings, Melvin O., Marion Centre, Marion Co. Arch., Geol. C. 

Ex. Min. and Cieol. for Arch. Spec* Kans. 

Billings, Walter R., Ottawa. Invert. Palceo.* Canada. 

Bingham, Mrs. R. F., Santa Barliara. Bot. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Bingham, R. M., Rome. Min. C* N. Y. 

BiNLEY, A. J., 221 First St., Albany. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Binney, W. G., Burlington. Am. Land Shells. C* N. J. 

Birdsall, E. T., 24 Irving Place, New.Y'ork. Biol., Mic. C. Ex. In- 
sects and Mic. materials for mounting.* N. Y. 
BiRDSEYE, R. PoMEROY, 24 Lansing St., Utica. Nat. Hist. C* N. Y. 
BiRGE, Charles P., Keokuk. Geol. C. Specimens Iowa Meteor, fall 

of May 10, 79* la. 

BiRGE, Edw. a., Prof. Zool., Univ. Wis. Madison. ZooL, Crustacea. 

Ex. Cladocera. Wis. 

BiscoE, T. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., Marietta. Bot., C. Ohio. 

Bishop, Chas. I^., .Jamestown. Fungi, Vert. Palceo., Geol., Reptih-s, 

Lepid., Radiates. C. Fix.* X. Y. 

Bishop, James X., I'lainville. Bot., Mic. Preparing a work on the 

botany of Conn. C. Ex. Collection of living native plants.* Conn. 
Bishop, M. E., M. D., South Haven. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. iMich. 

Bissell, Dr. W. D., Mobile. Mic. Ala. 

Blachly, Chas. P., Manhattan. Orn., Tax. C. Ex.* Kan. 

Black, G. V., D. D. S., Jacksonville. Mic, HistoL, Pathol. C Ex.* III. 

12 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Blackburn, Edwin, cor. Bolton and Dolphin Sts., Baltimore. Geol., 
Mm., Bot. C. Ex. Md. 

Blackford, E. G., 80 Fulton Market, New York. Ichth. C* N. Y. 

Bl.\ckham, Geo. E., M. D., F. R. M. S., etc., Dunkirk, Mic. C* N. Y. 

Blackie, Geo. S., M. D., Ph. D., Editor, Nashville. Mic. C Ex.* Teiin. 

Blackwell, Wm. B., New Tacoma. Mollusks. C* Wash. Terr. 

Blair, A. A., U. S. Geol. Survey, Newport. Analyt. Chem. R. I. 

Blaisdell, Frank E., Poway, San Diego Co. E7it. (local). C. Ex. 

in Or./, and Coleopt.* ' Cal. 

Blaisdell, Mrs. S. G., Poway, San Diego Co. Ferns. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Blake, Clarence J., M. D., Hotel Berkeley, Boston. Otology. C. 
Requests reprints of otolog'ical papers for review department of the 
American Journal of Otology. Mass. 

Blake, E. J., No. Bridgton. Orn. C. Ex. J»Ie. 

Blake, F. C., Penn'a Lead Co., Manstield Valley, Alleghany Co. 
Chem.* ' 'Penn. 

Blake, Joseph, Andover. Bot. C. Ex. for Southern, Western, or 
foreign.* Mass. 

Blake, Joseph A., Box 115, New Haven. Nat. Hist.* Conn. 

Blake, J. Henry, Zoological artist, 109 Ellery St., Cambridge. Coti. 
C. Ex.* Mass. 

Blake, John M., Optician and Photographer, New Haven. Chem., 

Optics, Scien. app. of Photog.* Conn. 

Blake, J. R., Prof. Davidson CoUege. Phys.* ■ IV. C. 

Blake, W. P., M. E., New Haven. Geol., Min. C* Conn. 

Blakeslee, E. a., Douglas, Knox Co. III. 

Blanchard, E. R., 424 Broadway, New York. Phcen. Bot., Gen. Biol.* 

N. Y. 

Blanchard, F., Box 827, Lowell. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Blanchard, Ferdinand, M. D., Peacham. Bot. C. Ex. Can fur- 
nish specimens from Eastern Vt.* Vt. 

Bland, Thos., 45 & 47 Exchangee PL, New York. Mollusca. C* N. Y. 

Blanpied, B. T., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

Blasdale, C, Jericho. Mic. N. Y. 

Blatchford, E. \y., 375 No. La Salle St., Chicago. (In Europe).* 111. 

Bleasdell, Rev. Wm., A. M., D. C. L., Trenton, Ontario. Geol., 

Invert. Palceo., Arch., Orn., Geog. Dist. Canada. 

Blew, A. H., Bound Brook. Ent. Ek. N. J. 

Bliss, Frank T., Morris, Grundy Co. Fossil Ferns from Mazon Creek, 

Grundy Co. C. Ex.* Ill- 

Bliss, H. D., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Orn. N. Y. 

Bliss, Richard, Jr., U. S. Geol. Surv., Newport. Gen. Bihliog.* R. I. 

Block, P. D., A. M., St. Vincent's Coll., Beatty.* Penn. 

Blodget, Walter, Box 206, Providence. Min. C. Ex. Very line 
douhle terminated crystals for ex. R- I. 

Blodgett, J. H., Rockfonl. Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Blood, Chas. L., Taunton. Tax., Orn., Gen. collector for ex.* Mass. 

Blunt, W. G., Naturalist and Taxidermist, 813 Market St., San Fran- 
cisco. Orn. Cal. 

Bluthner, Mr. S., Lockeford, San Joaquin Co. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Cal. 

BoARDMAN, E. O., M. D., Osceola, Stark Co. Bot., Orn., Ool. C. 
Ex. in woods a specialtv.* III. 

BoARDMAN, E. R., M. D., Elmira. Bot., Ent. C. Ex.* III. 

BocK, George, Hamilton. Bot., Ent.* Ohio. 

Bock, H. P., London, Ontario. Ent. C* Canada. 

BoDGER, J. A., Prof, of Nat. Sci., Abingdon. Mic. 111. 

BoDLEY, A. R., M. D., Rav, Steuben Co. Geol., Min., Palao., Arch., 
Ent. C. Ex.* ' lud. 


BODLET, G. M., Battle Creek. Ent. C. Ex.* Mich. 

BOERNER, Chas. G., Vcvav, Switzerland Co. Ast., Met., Mic, GeoL, 

Bot. C. Ex.* ' Ind. 

BoGERT, E. C, 128 Lexington Ave., Xew York. Micros. N. Y. 

BOHRER, C. J., Lafayette. Chem. Ind. 

BoiCE, Cakrie a., Camden. Bot. N.J. 

Boies, John H., Hudson. Min. Mich. 

Bois, S. V. Du, San Leandi'O, Alameda Co. Orn., Ool. Cal. 

BoiSEX, Hermann B., A. M., Bloomiugton. Hort. C. Ex. Ind. 
BoLANDER, Henrv X., San Francir^co. ]3of. Cal. 

BoLLES, Rev. E. C, Salem. Crypt. Bot., Micros. C* 31ass. 

BoLLES, W. P., M. D., 571 Dudley St., Dorchester. Bot. C* Mass. 
Bolter, A., 172-4 Van Buren St., Cliicago. Ent. C. Ex.* • 111. 

Bolton, H. Carrington, Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Trinity Coll., Hartford. 

Chem.* Conn. 

Bolton, .John, 49 Huntington St., Cleveland. Ent., Micros., Geol. C. 

Ex. Ohio. 

Bolton, Mrs. Thomas, Jr., West Farms Station, N. Y. City. Min. 

Geol. C. Ex.* " X. Y. 

Bolton, W. P., Liberty Square. Bot., Mm., Geol., Orn, C. Ex. 

Boltwood, Henry L., Ottawa, La Salle Co. Bot. C. Ferns and 

Prairie Plants for ex. 111. 

BONBRIGHT, Maj. Steph. S., Prof. Bonbright's Museum, Des Moines. 

Orn., Ool., Strut. Geol., Crystallog., PalcBO., L. and F. W. 

Shells.* la. 

BoNT), JosiAH, Jr., Pros. Bond Univ., Kenosha. Bot., Geol., Mm. C. 

Ex. Wis. 

Bond, Shade C, Claryville. Phcen. Bot. C. Mo. 

Bonnell, Prof. O. F', Emory Coll. Phijs. Sciences. Gsl. 

BoNNEY, Mrs. Sarah E., Sterling. Orn., Oo'., Tax. 0. Ex. 3Iass. 
BoNTE, Rev. J. H. C, University, Berkeley. Mic* Cal. 

Booker, W. D., M. D., 152 Madison St., Baltimore. Gen. Biol., Hist. 

of Vert. Md. 

Booth, Chas. M., Rochester. Bot. N. Y. 

Booth, Henry, Poughkeepsie. Min. N. Y. 

Booth, James C, Assayer U. S. Mint, Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Booth, M. A., Longmeadow. Marine Algce, Diatoms, Gen. Mic. C. 

Ex. Recent Diatoms, Polycystina and Foraminifera desired.* 

Booth, S. C, Longmeadow, Hampden Co. Xat. Hist. C. Ex.* 3Iass. 
Boott, William, Boston. Carices.* 3Iass. 

Borden, Jajmes E., Trenton Falls. Paheo. C. X. Y. 

Borden, William W., Asst. Geolog. Surv,, New Providence, Clark Co. 

L. ij U. Silurian and Devonian Corals for ex. Ind. 

Boring, C. O., 247 Monroe St., Chicago. Fungi.* Ill, 

BoRGSTROM, E. W., Des Moines. la. 

Boshart, C. Fred., Lowvillc. Orn., Oul. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Boss, Lewis, Alliany. Ast. N. Y. 

Bossemeyer, J. F., Dixon. Ent. C. Ex.* Ill, 

BOTSFORD, Anson, Charlestown, Port.age Co. Arch., Geol. Ohio. 

BouDWiN, George, 3837 Frankford Road, Station F, Philadelphia. 

Orn. C. Ex.* Penn. 

BoroHTON, Rev. C. ■NL, Sand Bank. Geol. N. Y. 

BouGHTON, H. E., Warren. Tax., Orn. C. Ex. Mass. 

BouRLAND, A. ^L, M. D., Van Burcii, Crawford Co. Geol, Mic* Ark. 
Bourney, W., Univ. of So. Carolina. S. C. 

BouTWELL, W, L., B. S., Leverett. Bot. : Fcnis. C. Ex.* Mass. 

14 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY, 

BouvE, Thomas T., 18 Tost Office Sq., Boston. Min., Bot. C* Mass. 
BowDEN, Charles, Camden. Micros. N.J. 

BowDiTCH, Fred. C., ]io\- G15, Biookliiie. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mass. 
BowDiTcu, H. P., Prof. Physiol., Harvard Med. School, Boston. Pln/s. 

BowEN, Edw. S., Pawtucket.' Min., Ent. C. Ex.* R. I. 

JiowEN, IIenhy, Columbia Coll. ('hem. N. Y. 

Bower, Annie C., Lincoln Univ., Chester Co. Zoiil., Spec. Arachnida.* 

Bower, W. J., Watkins, Benton Co. Geol. C. Ex.* la. 

Bowers, Dana L., L. B. 794, Natick. Mosses, Fungi, Min., Vert., 

Ent., MoUusca. C. Ex. Mass. 

Bowers, John S., 315 Superior St., Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Bowers, Rev. Stephen, Ph. D., Ed. Weekly Herald, Clinton. Geol., 

Min., Arch., Pal<Eo., Ter. Moll., Mic. C. Ex. for good speci- 
mens.* Wis. 
Bowler, E. S., 97 Ohio St., Bangor. Orn., Old. C. Ex. Me. 
Bowles, George H., 324 Urbain St., Montreal, Gen. Zord., Mtc, Ent. 

C* Canada. 

Bowles, G. I., 1466 St. Catharine St., Montreal. Ent. . Leptd., Xeiirop- 

tera. C. Canada. 

Bowman, E. H., M. D., Andalusia. Geol. III. 

Bowman, Frank J., Sterlin<^. Mm. III. 

Bowman, G. A , Vienna, Fairfax Co. Met., Min. C. Ex. Va. 

Bowman, 11. B., 89 W, Pearl St., Cincinnati. Pal<so., Mm. Ohio. 

Bowman, S. II., Kansas City. Engineering. 31o. 

Bowslaugh, E. W., Grimsby, Ontario. Bot. Canada. 

BoYCE, Mrs. A. A., Santa Barbara. Moll. Cal. 

Boyce, John J., Santa Barbara. Orn., Qui. Cal. 

BoYCE. Dr. L. R.. Albany. Micros. N. Y. 

Boyce, Tuos. E., Middlebury. Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Boyd, Edw. W., Hyde Park. Od. C. Ex. 3Iass. 

Boyd, J. T., Cornwall, Lebanon Co. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Boyd, Robert M., Jr.. Montclair. Bot. C. Ex. N.J. 

Boyd, S. B., M. D., Knoxvillc. Ent. C. Ex. Tenn. 

Boyden, Geo. E., Box 1209, Worcester. Mtc* Mass. 

BoYNTON, Dr. C. H., Lisbon. Mm. N. H. 

Brackenridge, H. M., Natrona. C/iem. Penn. 

Brackett, (;eo. E., Belfast. Ent. Me. 

Brackett, Dr. J. E., 31 B St., S. E. Washington. Mic. D. C. 

Brackett, S. H., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sei., Academy, St. Johnsbury. 

Phgs., Tax. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Bradley, H. L., M. D., Oakland. Mic. Cal. 

Bradley, S. B., M. D., West Greece, Monroe Co. Bot. ; Filices, Fitnr/i, 

Philol. C. N. Y. 

Bradt, E. F., Marcellns. Geol., Arch., Phys. Mich. 

Brady, John, Aledo, Mercer Co. Moll., Arch. Miss, river shells in 

ex. for Helix.* III. 

Bragg, Chas. St., Silver Cliff. Chem., Mm., Assaying. C. Ex.-* Col. 
Bragg, Everett B., 3 Park PI., New York. Chem., Nat. Hist. C. N. Y. 
Bragg, L. C, Silver Clitf. Zord., Invert. C. Ex.* Col. 

Brainbridge, E. C, St. Augustine. Ast. Fla. 

Brainerd, Ezra, Prof., Middlebury Coll., Middlebury. Bot. C. Ex. 

for good specimens only.* Vt. 

Braman, Ben.j., 117 E. 30th'St., New York. Bot., Ent., Mic* N. Y. 
Braman, Herbert D., Box 501, Worcester. Moll. Ex. for Worcester 

Nat. Hist. Soc* Mass. 

Bramble, D. D., M. D., Cincinnati. Atiaf. Ohio. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 15 

Bramlette, Ada, Clarksville, Johnson Co. Geol. C. Ex. Ark. 

Brand, Junius A., Norwich. Orn.* Coun. 

Brandegee, T. S., Canyon City. Bot. C* Col. 

Brandenburg, Chas. A., Indianapolis. Micros. Intl. 

Brandt, Miss Angie, 10 Union St., Indianapolirs. Bot. C. Ex. Ind. 
Brastow, S. D., care Wells, Fargo & Co., San Prancisco. Palceo., Min. 

C. Ex. Cal. 

Braun, Fred., 55 Canal St., Cincinnati. Pakco., Mia., Arch. Ex. 

Bray, Mrs. Alex. D., W. Gloucester. Nat. Hist. Mass. 

Bray, Frank E., 45 Fort Ave., Boston Highlands. Orn., Ool. C. 

Ex.* Mass. 

Bray, Mrs. Maria H., West Gloucester. Marine Ak/ce. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Braymer, F. H., West Pawlet. Orn., Ool., Geol. C. Ex. for good 

specimens only.* Vt. 

Brayton, a. W., jNI. D., M. S., Prof. Chem. and Toxicol., Central Coll. 

Phys. and Surgeons, Indianapolis.* Ind. 

BrearleV, W. H., office Detroit Evening News, Detroit.* Mich. 

Breeden, J., Adrian. Ast. Mich. 

Brendel, Emil, M. D., Cedar Rapids. Ili/men., Coleopt., Orfhop. C. la. 
Brendel, Fred., M. D., Peoria. Bot., Osteal., (leog. Distrib. C. Ex. 111. 
Breese, J. L., C. E., 37 E. 22nd St., New York. C. N. Y. 

Breman, W. M.. Silver City. C. N. M. 

Breneman, a. a., Prof. Ind. Chem., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Inditst. 

and Sanitary Che^n.* 'S. Y. 

Brett, Frank W., South Hingham. Will ex. for rare or peculiar speci- 
mens.* Mass. 
Brevoort, J. Carson, Brooklvn. Ichth. S. Y. 
Brewer, Wm. H., Prof. Agric., Sheffield Scientific School, Yale Coll., 

New Haven. Bot., Mic, Phys. Geog., Heredity. Conn. 

Brewster, A. It., 1065 Blutf St., Dubuque. Geol., Palao. F. W. 

Shells, specially Fossils of Galena Limestones. C. Ex.* la. 

Brewster, Wm., 61 Sparks St., Cambridge. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. for 

first class specimens only.* Mass. 

Breylinger, F. J., Monticello. C. Ex. Wis. 

Bridgham, Mrs. S. W., 24 Waverly Place, New York. Lepid. N. Y., W. F., Chapel Hill. Chem. N. C. 

Bri(;gs, Ciias. S., M. D., Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

BuiG(;.s, Daniel II., M. D., Philadelphia. Bot., Ent., Mic. Penn. 

Briggs, Mrs. Samuel, 73 Huntington St., Cleveland. Ent. Ohio. 

Briggs, S. a., 115 Broaclway, Room 78, New York. Diatoms, Desmids, 

Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Biunn.vM, Alma S., West Medway. Bot. Mass. 

P.iinniAM, F. E., M. D., Oakham. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Mass. 

P.iUGiiAM, (lEORGE L., Bolton. Om., 0>l., Ent. C. Ex.* Mass. 

BiiiGiiAM, William T., 95 Milk St., Boston. Anth. C* Mass. 

Brinton, Daniel (i., M. D., Media. Anth. Penn. 

Bkinton, J. Bernard, 755 Corinthian Ave., Philadelpliia. Phcen. Bot. 

C. Ex. Penn. 

Britain, William C, 135 Cass St., Detroit. Mic, Histol. C. Ex.* 

Britton, J. Blodgett, 339 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 
Britton, N. L., M. E., Asst. in Geol., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., 

New York. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Britts, Jno. H., M. D., Clinton. Palao. C. Ex. Mo. 

Broad, Wallace, A. B., Geolog. Surv., Ottawa. Geol., Lithol., Mi- 
cros. Ex. Canada. 
Broaduead, Garland C, Pleasant Hill, Cass Co. Geol., Bot., Archceo.* 


16 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Broaduead, L. W., Delaware Water Gap. Indian relics. Penn. 

Brodie, William A., 327 Parliament St., Toronto. Orn., Onl., Herpst., 

Zoiil. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Brohm, Theodore, North Western Univ., Watertown. Micros. Wis. 
Brooks, Chuistopuer C, 153 McCulloh St., Baltimore. Mtc, Min. 

C* J>Id. 

Brooks, Charles Walcott, Lick House, San Francisco. Eth.* Cal. 
Brooks, Elisha, 1725 Sutter St., San Francisco. Ferns. C. Ex.* Cal. 
Brooks, E. C, Box 15, Mt. Aulunn. Micros. Mass. 

Brooks, Major Thomas B., Newburgh. GeoL, Lith. Pueblo Indian 

Pottery, Navajo Ttlmas. to ex. C* N. Y. 

Brooks, W.'K., Associate in Biology; and Director Marine Laboratory 

of Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. ZooL* 3id. 

Brooks, W. R., D. D., Madison Univ., Hamilton. Geol., ZobL, {Invert.)* 

JV. Y. 
Brooks, William R., Red House Observatory, Phelps. Asst., Mic* 

N. Y. 
Bross, Mason, 550 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. Pheen. But., Ferns, Mtc. 

C. Ex.* 111. 

Brous, H. a., M. D., 4445 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. Coleoptera. 

C* Penn. 

Brown, Addison, 233 E. 48th St., Xew York. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Brown, Albert D. Princeton, kat. Hist. N. J. 

Brown, Albert P., Ph. D., 501 Federal St., Camden. Chem., Ent. 

C. Ex. microscopic specimens.* N.J. 

Brown, Arthur II., Lynn. Orn., Ool. Mass. 

Brown, Charles L,, Esperance, Schoharie Co. Orn., Ord. C. Ex.* 

Brown, Clark D. W., Aurora, Kane Co. ZoiJl C. Ex.* III. 

Brown, Mrs. Eva M., Red Bank. Min., Geog. Ex.* N. J. 

Brown, E. T., Mt. Starling. Micros. Ky. 

Brown, Miss Florence M., Miimford, Monroe Co. Geol. C. Ex. N.Y. 
Brown, Frank D., Esperance, Schoharie Co. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* N.Y. 
Brown, F. W., Glen Rock. Min., Fossils. C. Ex.* Penu. 

Brown, G. Carleton, D. D. S., 110 Broad St., Elizabeth. Ent.* IN. J. 
Brown, Geo. E., Stall 5, F. H. Market, Boston. Orn. 3Iass. 

Brown, Geo. N., Jr., College of X. J., Princeton. Micros. N. J. 

Brown, G. W., Jr., 37 Carteret St., Newark. Micros. N. J. 

Brown, Miss Hattie F., 35 Blackstone St., Cambridgeport. Bot.* 

Brown, Horace, Salem. Arch, and Exploration. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Brown, H. M., 86 State St., Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Brown, Ida, Waynesville. Min. N. C. 

Brown, J. F., 86"State St., Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Brown, John J., M. D., Sheboygan. Con., Bot. C. Ex. Wis. 

Brown, Jos. S., 82 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn. Herpet., Gen. Nat. Hist. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Brown, Lee E., Hillsdale. Palceo. Cur. Coll. Museum.* Mich. 

Brown, Nathan Clifford, 85 Vaughan St., Portland. Orn. C* 31 e. 
Brown, R. II., Marcellus. Min., Geol., Anthro., Micros. Spec, Her- 

petol., Ent. Mich. 

Brown, R. J., Sec. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

Brown, R. T., M. D., Indianapolis. Arch. Ind. 

Brown, R. Willis, Keyport. Phcen. Bot. C* N.J. 

Brown, S. C, Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Herpetology. D. C. 
Brown, W. E., M. D., Gilbertville. Min., Mic, Bot. C. Ex.* iMass. 
Brown, W. LeRot, Jr., Nashville. Chem., Phi/s. Tenn. 

Brown, Wm., Hyde Park, Ont. Archceol., Geol. ' C. Ex. Canada. 

THE naturalists' DUIECTORY, 17 

Brown, Wm. H.,M. D.,Cedarville, Herkimer Co. Con. C. Ex. 500 

dup. species of L., F. W. aud Marine Shells for ex.* N. Y . 

Brown, W. O., M. D., Providence,* R. 1. 

Bro\\'NE, Frank C, Framingliam. Orn. C* Mass. 

Browne, Geo. E., Dedham. Nat. Hist., Tax. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Brownell, J. T., Lvons. Mic. N. V. 

Brownell, W. a., a. M., Hijrh School, Syracuse. Geol. C. A large 

aud extensive list of fossils aud minerals from Am. and Europe, 

for ex.* N. Y. 

Browning, F. T., Orange. Ool. C. Ex. iV. J. 

Brownsberger, S., Prin. Battle Creek Coll., Battle Creek. Geol. C. 

Ex. 3Iich. 

Bruce, David, Brockport, Monroe Co. Orn., Ent. C. Ex. for fertile 

eggs of lepidoptera. N. V. 

Bruner, D. B. , A. M., 1405 Perkiomen Ave., Reading. Min., Arch., 

Mic. C. Ex. Peiin. 

Bruner, Lawrence, West Point, Cuming Co. Ent., Orn. C. Ex. Neb. 
Brush, Chas. F., Cleveland. Ckem. Ohio. 

Brusu, Geo. .J., Prof. Min. Yale College, New Haven. Min. C* Conn. 
Bkyax, Annie, Fort !Mason. Birds' Et/gs. Fla. 

Bryant, D. S., 8 Davis St., San Francisco. Orn. C* C'al. 

Bryant, F. A., Cedar Falls. Micros. la. 

Bryant, Fred. J., Norwich. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bryant, F. W., Teacher, 25th ^\'ard, Cincinnati. Con. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Bryant, W. E., 8 Davis St., San Francisco. Orn., OOl. C* Cal. 

Bryant, Wm. M., St. Louis. Micros. 3Io. 

Bryson, Geo., Orlando. Florida Curiosities. Wish a few scientific 

correspondents.* Fla. 

Buckhout, Wm. A., Prof. Bot. aud Hort., State College, Center Co. 

Bot., Ent. C* Penn. 

Buck, Stuart M., Mining Engineer, Coalburg.* W. Va. 

BucKHAM, .Jas. X., Ph. D.,M.D., Flint. Bot., Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Buckler, Hon. .J., Esperauce. Conch. N. Y. 

Buckley, Prof. Sam'l B., A. M., Ph. D., State Geologist, Austin. 

Bot., Ent. : Formicida, Pal<eo. C Ex.* Tex. 

BuDD, Lewis B., 1101 Oak St., City. Pal^eo. C. Ex.* 3Io. 
BuDDiNGTON, H. .JOSEPH, Kingston. Ent.. Lcpid., Coleopt. C. N. Y. 
BuFFiNGTON, Dr., ^Lirvsvillc, Union Co. Orn. Ohio. 

Bulloch, W. H., Manufacturer of Microscopes, 126 Clark St., Chicago. 

Optics. C* 111. 

Bullock, C, 528 Arch St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

BuLSON, Miss Juliette, Camden, Bot.* N.J. 

Bull, Geo. W., Batavia, Kane Co. Indian Specimens. C. Ex. fossil 

ferns, etc., for Indian relics. Ill- 

BuLLARD, Howard B., Saratoga Springs. Tax.* N. Y. 

BuMPUs, Hermon C, Brown Univ., Providence. Orn., OjI., Osteol. 

C. Ex.* R- I- 

BuNCE, Miss Edna ue la M., Box 65, Ridgewood, Bergen Co. Ent. : 

Coleopt. C. Ex. N. J. 

BuNDY, W. F., M. D., Merrimack, Sauk Co. Bot. : Fungr., ZoOl., F. W. 

Crustacea. Mic. C. Ex. '\^'is. 

Bunker, Robert, 14 .Jay St., Rochester. Ent. : Lepid., Diptera.* N. Y. 
Bunker, F. S., Cambridge, Somerset Co. Bot. C* Me. 

BuNN, (iEORGE B., 320 Belgrade St., Philadelphia. Ent.: Coleopt. C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

BuNN, Jacob G., 320 Belgrade St., Philadelphia. Coleoptera. C. Ex.* 

BuNN, W. C, 320 Belgrade St., Philadelijhia. Ent. C. Ex.* Penn. 

18 THE naturalists' directoky. 

BuRBANK, L. S., Woburn. GeoL, Mm. Mass- 

BuKCUFiELD, S. E., M. D., Tarentiim. Bot. C. Ex.* Penii. 

BuRDicK, A. H., Hart, Oceana Co. Bot. Mich. 

BuRDiCK, E. A. Pension Office, Washington. Mic. C. Ex.* I). C. 

BuRDiCK, Prof. Isaac, Syracuse. Geo!. N. Y. 

BuRDiCK, Justin H., M. D., Milton, Rock Co. Bot. C. Ex. Wis. 

Burgess, Edward, Sec'y Nat. Hist. Soc, Boston. Ancd., Ent. : Dip- 
tera.* 3Iass. 

Burgess, Edward Sanford, A. B., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 
Bot. C* Md. 

Burgess, Robert, Ames. Bot. C. Ex. la. 

Burgess, T. C, Clinton, Oneida Co. Bot., Min., Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Burgess, Thomas J. W., M. D., Asst. Supt. Asylum for Insane, Lon- 
don, Ont. Bot., Con., Phcenogams and N. A. Crypt. C. Ex. 


Burke, Joseph Chester, A. M., Middletown. Asst. in Nat. Hist. 
Weslcyan Univ.* Conn. 

Burk, W. S., Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

Burket, W. H., Keokuk. Palceo. la. 

Burmeister, C. H. L., Oiegon City. Archceol., Geol. Ore. 

Burnett, H. S., Kendall, Orleans Co. Phmn. Bot., Ferns, Ent. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Burnett, Leslie J., 552 Niagara St., Buffalo. GeoL, Mm., C. Ex. N.Y. 

Burnett, S. M., Washington. Mic. D. C. 

BuRNHAM, Glen F., Glen Falls. N. Y. 

BuRNHAM, J. P., 456 W. 15th St., Chicago. Chem. IH. 

BuRNHAM, S. W., 52 Vincennes Ave., CUiicago. Ast. Ill, 

Burnstine, Isidore, 13 Libby St., Detroit. Min., GeoL C. Ex. Mich. 

BuRQUE, Rev. F. X., Prof. 'Coll. St. Hyacinthe, St. Hyacinthe, P. Q. 

Bot., Ent., Orn. C. Ex. plants, insects and eggs.* Canada. 

Burr, Fearing, Hingham Centre. Horticulture, Arch. Mass. 

BURRILL, T. J., Prof. Bot., 111. Indust. Univ., Urbana. Gen. Bot., 

Fungi. Mic. C. Ex.* III. 

BURRITT, LORIN, Uniondale. Micros. Penn. 

Burroughs, John, Esopus-on-the-Hudson. Orn.* N. Y. 

Burroughs, Dr. J. B., 112 S. Salina St., Syracuse. Mic* N. Y. 

BuRROWES, J. C, 523 E. King St., Lancaster. Bot., Orn. C. Ex.* 


Burrows, Egleston, M. D., 22 Arcade Block, Oswego. Mic. N. Y. 

Burrows, John, Lancaster, Bot. Penn. 

Burrows, N. J., Carondelette. Min. C. Mo. 

Burt, A., Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

Burt, E. A., E. Gahvay. Bot. JV. Y. 

Busby, Geo. L., Franklin. Orn. N. J. 

BusEY, Prof. Samuel C, M. D., 1525 I St., N. W., Washington. Medi- 
cine.* D. C. 

Bush, Mrs. A. E., Curator State Normal School Museum, San Jose. 
Con., Min., Marine Algce. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Bush, Benjamin F., Deti'oit. Min., Arch. C. Ex. few specimens 
Chalcedony and Silver ore.* Mich. 

Bush, C. G., Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Bush, Prof. Geo. J., New Haven. Min, C. Conn. 

Bush, Miss Jennie R., San Jose. Ent. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Bush, Walter D., Wilmington. Orn., Ent. C. Ex.* Del. 

BuSHEE, -James, Prof. Chem. and Phys., Woonsocket, Chem,, Phys., 

Min., GeoL C. Ex. 'R. I. 

BusTEED, J., M. D., New York. Micros, N. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 19 

Butler, Amos W., Brookville. Orn., Con. C. Desires correspond- 
ents in eacli of the U. S. and in all foreign countries.* Ind. 

Butler, Cyrus W., Anna, Union Co. Gen. Zodl., Tax., Osteol. Ex. 
birds' skins.* Ill- 

Butler, George D., Fort Jones, Siskiyou Co. Bot. C. Ex. Cal. 

Butler, Noble, Louisville. Micros. Ky. 

Butt, Cecil G., Elizabeth City. Lepid. C. Ex. IV. C. 

Button, F. L., 8,59 Broadway,'Oakland. Con., Moll, C. Ex.* Cal. 

Button, Henry M., Norwich. Ent., GeoL* N. Y. 

Butts, Gussie E., Union. But. C. Ex.* III. 

Buxton, W. W., Milo Centre, Yates Co. Mm., Con. C. Ex. Devon- 
ian fossils. N. Y. 

BuZBY*, F. T., South Bend. Orn. C. Desires to ex. foi- Fla. or other 



Byers, Wm. N., Denver. C* Col. 

Byrnes, R. M., M. D., cor. 5th and EaceSts., Cincinnati. Palcco., Min., 

Arch., Con. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Byrnes, Thomas, M. D.,. Walcott, Scott Co. Min. C* la. 


Cabeen, T. B., Keithsburg, Mercer Co. Arch., Palceo. C. Ex.* 111. 

Cady, N. W., M. D., Logansport. Chem., Mic. Ind. 

Caffrey, G. W., Bethlehem. Econ. Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. Pacilic 
States specimens desired. Penn. 

Cain, Joseph, West Hingham. Min., Ast., Bot. 3Iass. 

Calder, Edwin E., Asst. in Chem. Laboratory, Brown Univ., Provi- 
dence. Chem., Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Caldwell, A., Sedalia. Ent. Mo. 

Caldwell, Beverly C, Hickman. Reptiles, Ichth. C. E^'- Ky- 

Caldwell, J. E., B. Ph., M. D., Iowa City. Bot. C. Ex. for medi- 
cal plants not found in Iowa. la. 

Caldwell, -J. G., Jeffersouville, Clark Co. Palceo. C. Ex. Ind. 

Calkins, J. W., Santa Barbara. Con., Algee. C. Ex. Cal. 

Calkins, Marshall, A. M., M. D., 18n State St., Springfield. P/ti/s., 

Mic, Anat. C* iilass. 

Calkins, William W., 238 So. Water St., Chicago. Con. C. Buy 
desirable species.* "ill. 

Call, Prof. R. E., Des Moines. GeoL, Invert. Palceo., Camp. Anat., 

N. A. Mollusca. C. Ex. Desires Unionida\* la. 

Callender, T. O., 216 Union St., Brooklyn. Obi. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Calvin, Samuel, Prof Nat. Sci. Iowa State Univ., Iowa City. GeoL, 

Zoul. C. Ex. for Invertebrate Fossils.* la. 

Cameron, Alex. G., Newtown, St. Mary's, Guyi)oro Co., N. S. Bot. C. 
Ex.* Canada. 

Cameron, G., Jr., 231 7th St., ButTalo. Coleopt., Lepid. C. IV. Y. 

Cameron, Rev. James, Onondaga Castle. Bot. N. Y. 

Cameron, James L., C. E., Decorah. Physics, Biol., spec. River Ero- 
sions and Geol. C* la. 

Campbell, ^Irs. Charles, Cherryfield. Min. Me. 

Campbell, D. IL, Ann Arbor. Bot. Mich. 

Campbell, Rev. E. V., St. Cloud, Stearns Co. Gen. Bot., Ferns. C. 
Ex.* Minn. 

Campbell, George W., Delavan. Bot., Mic. III. 

Campbell, James G., Frankfort, Herkimer Co. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. 

fossils and crystals for fossils and minerals.* N. Y. 

Campbell, John H., 531 Vine St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 


Campbell, Capt. J. T., Indianapolis. Cii: Eng., Phys. Sci. Iiid. 

Campbell, Thomas, Monmouth. Mn. III. 

Canbv, William M., 1101 Delaware Ave., Wilmington. Bot* Del. 

Caneday, D. a., Taylor's Falls, Cliisago Co. GeoL, Mm. Minn. 

Canfield, Fredekick, M. E., Dover. Miti. C* IV. J. 

Cannon, William, Key West, Munro Co. Orn., Ent., C. Fla. 

Canny, T. -J., Rocklbid. Ent. HI. 

Cantine, Thomas B., Rock Ledge. Or,l. C. Ex.* Fla. 

Carbine, H., M. D., Marcellus. Mic, Biol., Emb. C. Ex. Mic-h. 

Cardeza, John T., M.D., Claymont, Xew Castle Co. Min. C. Ex. Del. 
Cardwell, Dr. J. R., Portland. Bot., cspeciallij Conifercc. Ore. 

Carey, iSIiss Maria, Albany. Bot. N. Y. 

Cakhart, Prof. II. S., N. \V Univ., Evanston. Phys., Chem. III. 

Carll, J. F., Asst., Geol. Surv., Pleasantville. GcoL* Penn. 

Carmichael, Prof., Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick. Chem., Phys. Me. 

Carpenter, C. F., M. D., Louisville. Micros., Chem., Phys. Ky. 

Carpenter, G. C, Prof. Nat. Sci., Indianola. Geol. C* la. 

Carpenter, H. F., 29 Page St., Providence. Mm., Con. C. Ex.* R. I. 
Carpenter, Mark B., Holyoke. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Carrenter, Dr. P. D., Pittslbrd. Mic. N. Y. 

Carpenter, W. B., M.D., Leavenworth, Gen. Nut. Sci. C. Ex.* Kan. 
Carr, E. W., Esperance. Con. N. Y. 

Carr, J. C, Morris. Geol., Con., Arch. Fossil flora of Grundy Co. a 

specialty. C. Ex.* ' III. 

Carr, LuciEk, Asst. Cur., Peabodj' Mus. Am. Arch, and Etb., Cam- 
bridge. Anth.* 3Iass. 
Carruth, Prof. J., Lawrence. Bot.* Kan. 
Carruth, .James H., Topeka. Bot. C. Ex.* Kau. 
Carter, John E., 622 So. 24th St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 
Carter, Joseph, Supt. Public Schools, Peru. Bot., Ferns of III., Mic. 

C. 111. 

Carter, Mrs. M. C, Hcsper, Winnesherk Co. Bot., spec. Orchids and 

Lilies. C. Ex. Orchids and other plants. 111. 

Carter, Rev. X. F., Quechee. Bot.* Vt. 

Carter, Mrs. P. L., Clyde, Sandusky Co. Geol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Case, Col. C., Kansas Citv. Geol. Mo. 

Case, H. B., McKay, Aslfland Co. Arch., Geol, Palceo., Min. C. Ex. 

Arch. spec, for good fossils, shells or foreign specimens of stone 

age.* " Ohio. 

Case, L. B., Richmond. Ed. Botanical Index.* Ind. 

C.\SE, Theodore A., Ellington. Ast. N. Y. 

Case, Theodore S., Editor Kan. Citv Rev. Sci. and Ind., Kansas Citv. 

Gen. Sci.* ' Mo. 

Cassino, Samuel E., Peabodv. Filices, Ent., Min. C. Mass. 

Castle, D. M., M. D., 2007 Arch St., Philadelphia. Coleopt. C. Ex.* 

Caswell, Mary', East Taunton. Bot.* Mass. 

Cate, Will. A., B. S., Priu. Chatata Sem., Chatata, Bradley Co. Geol., 

Min., Palceo. C. Ex. ' Tenu. 

Catlin, J. C, Ravenna. Orn., Gen. Collector. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Cavanagh, Miss O., Watertown. Fossils. Ex. N. Y. 

Cawein, John D., 40 High Ave., Louisville. Min., Geol. C. Ex. 

Min. and Geol. spec, for minerals only.* Ky. 

Chadbourne, p. a., Williamstowu. Phys., Geol., Gen. Biol. C. 3Iass. 
Chalmers, Robert, Bathurst, N. B. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Canada. 
Chamberlain, B. B., 37 Seventh Ave., New York. Min. N. Y. 

Chamberlain, C. W., M. D., Sec. State Board of Health, Hartford. 

Met., Sociol., Ent., Etnb., Bot.* Conil. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 21 

Chamberlain, H. B., 106 West Oneida St., Oswego. Mic. N. Y^ 

Chamberlain, Montague, St. John, N. B. Orii. C. Ex.* Canada. 
CuAMBERLiN, H. B., 242 Fifteenth St., Denver. Mic, Geol. sections. 

C. Ex.* Col. 

Chamberlin, Lewis C, Pennville. Phan. Bot., Mm., Palceo., Geo!.., 

0:d. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Chamberlin, Maggy S., Bang-all, Dutchess Co. Bot. C. N. Y. 

Chamberlin, Samuel M., Wells River, Orange Co. Orn. Ex. skins.* 

Chamberlin, S. N., Daytona, Volusia Co, Bot., Micros. Fla. 

Chamberlin, T. C, State Geologist, Beloit. Geol.* Wis. 

Chambers, Charles E., n Ida Place, Troy. Tax.* N. Y. 

Chambers, Robert W., 126 Fort Green Place, Brooklyn. Lepicl., Cole- 
opt. C. Ex. ■ >. Y. 
Chambers, V. T., Covington. Microscopy. Ky. 
Chambers, W. H., Ala. Agric. and Mech. Coll., Auburn. Agric. Ala. 
Chance, Dr. H. M., 2433 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia. In charge of 

Dept. of Mining, Second Geol. Survey of Penn. Geol., Mining.* 

Chandler, Charles H., 269 Harvard St., Cambridgeport. Orn. C. 

Ex.* Mass. 

Chandler, Charles H., Prof. Phys., Antioch Coll., Yellow Springs.* 

Chandler, Eli H., Topeka. Mm. C. Ex. Colorado, Kansas, Penn. 

and Delaware minerals.* Kan. 

Chandler, Roscoe P., Riverside, San Bernardino Co. Obi. C. Ex.* 

Chandler, Seth C, Jr., Harvard Observ., Cambridge. Ast.* Mass. 
Chandler, W., M. D., South Bethlehem. Prof, of Chem. in Lehigh 

Univ. Penn. 

Chaney, L. W., Jr., A. B., B. S., Xorthfiekl. Biol, Ent., Geol. spec- 

ialty, Coleopt. C. Ex.* Minn. 

Chapman, A. W., Apalachicola. Bot.* Fla. 

Chapman, G. W., M. D., Cawker City. Min. C. Ex.* Kan., H. C, M.D., Prof. Insts. of Med. and Med. jurisprudence, in 

Jetf. jNIed. Coll. of Dental Surg., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. 

Gen. Biol, Vert.* Penn. 

Chapman, H. L., Marcellus. Tax. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Chapman, Henry, Naturalist and Taxidermist., 602 California St., San 

Francisco. Cal. 

Chapman, John H., Box 5, Newburgli. Orn., Onl, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Chapman, Warren H., M. D., Peoria. Geol., Palceo. C* III. 

Chase, A. B., Valley Falls. Mathematics. R. I. 

Chase, A. W., C. E., Tombstone. N. A. Indian Arch., Eth. C* Ariz. 
CuASE, Charles A., Worcester. Palceo.* 3Iass. 

Chase, E. A., 2.54 N. S. Paul St., New York. Mic. N. Y. 

Chase, F. A., Prof. Phys. Sci., Fish Univ., Nashville. Micros. C. 

Ex.* Tenn. 

Chase, Prof. George S., Providence. Chem.* R. I. 

Chase, G. S., 233 Van Bureu St., Topeka, Palao. C* Kan. 

Chase, G. W., Rome. Min. N. Y. 

Chase, Harvey H., M. D., Linden, Genesee Co. Diatoms, Crypt. Bot. 

C. Ex. mounted slides. Mich. 

Chase, Harvey S., Box 194, Haverhill. .Ast. Mass. 

Chase, Henky S., INI. D., St. Louis. Micros. Mo. 

Chase, Joseph E., L. B. 46, Holyoke. Lepid., Coleopt., Obi C. Ex.* 

Chase, Mrs. Marine J., 1622 Locust St., Philadelphia. Microscopic 
Crystallography. C.* Penn. 

22 THE naturalists' dikectory. 

Chase, Pliny E., LL. D., Prof. Philosopliy, Ilavcrford Coll., Montfi:om- 

ery Co. Cosmical and Molecular I'hijmcs, Mctcorol* Penii., Rokekt II., M. I)., State llosj). for liisaiu", Xorristowii. Mic, 

HistoL, Pathol* Peiiii., K. Stuakt, Haverhill. Mic* Ma>s. 

Chase, S. F., Salem. Mm., Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

CUASE, Theodore R., 104 Cri.swokl St., Detroit. GeoL, Min., Eth. C. 

Chatfield, A. F., Xurseryman, Alljany. Ent. : Lejnd. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Chatfield, D. S., 73 (jittbnl St., Syracuse. Min., GeoL, Palceo. C. 

500 species of fossils to ex. for others, or for geol. or pak^o. re))orts 

of other stales.* N. V. 

CilAURANET, R., Seventh aiul Pine Sts., St. Tvoiiis. Chemist. Mo. 

Chawvenet, \V. iSI., Newport. Chein., Geol. R. I. 

Cheeseman, E. L., Knowlesville, Orleans Co. Bot., Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Chesebro, Denison S., Box 327, Syracuse. Crustacea, Mollusks. 

C* N.Y. 

Cheshire, W. W., Supt. Schools, Crown Point. Arch., Ethnol. C* Intl. 
Chester, Albert H., E. M., Ph. D., Prof. Cheni. Hauiiltou College, 

Clinton. Chem., Mm., Mic. 0. Ex.* N. Y- 

Cheyney, J. S., .")17 N. 44th St.,Phila. Mic, HistoL, Bot. C* Peiiii. 
Chickering, J. J., Box 524, Amherst. Orn., Ool. V. Ex. Mass. 

Chickering, Prof. J. W., Deaf-Mute- Coll., \Vashino:ton. Bot. C. 

Ex.* ^ D. C. 

Child, Harry P., Kansas City. Palcpo., Hcrpct., Xumismatics. C. Mo. 
Child, W. W., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Childs, a. B., Akron. Palceo., GeoL, Min., Vert. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Chingman, George F., 217 State St., Chicago. Orn. Hi. 

Chittenden, F. H., Cornell Univ., Itliaca. Ent. : specialty, Biolor/ical 

studies of Coleoptera. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Chittenden, George B., Engineer, Washington.* D. C. 

Chittenden, Prof. R. H., Ph. D., Yale Coll., New Haven. Plnjsio- 

logical Chem., Toxicology.* Conn. 

Choquette, Rev. P., College, St. Hyacinthe. Phys., Chem., Min.* 

Chrispell, P. L. Lafayette. Ent.: Lepid. • IS. J 

Christian, John B., Mt. Carroll. Geol., Palceo., Min., Ast.* 111. 

Christy, S. B., Ph. B., Univ. of Cal., Berkeley. Chem., Met. Cal. 

Chriswell, C. M., Brockport. Bot. Geol. N. Y. 

Chubb, H. E., 235 Viaduct. Cleveland. Orn., Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Church, A. M., Lyons Falls. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Church, ISTrs. A. M., Lyons Falls. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y^. 

Church, Ben.jamin, Jr., Wallingford. Min., Geol. Conn. 

Church, John A., M. E., 115 Broadway, New York. Mining, Metal- 
lurgy. N. Y. 
Church, Nellie, Lvons Falls, Lewis Co. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Church, R. T., Turin, Lewis Co. Ent. C. Ex. N. Y". 
Churchill, Mrs. F. C., Lebanon. Min., Fossils, Con. C. N. E. and 

Bermuda specimens in ex.* N. H. 

Churchill, Jno. B., Box 81, Bristol. Min. Conn. 

Churchill, Joseph R., 82 Devonshire St., Boston. Bot., Ent. C* 

Chute, Rev. Ariel P., Sharon. Geol., Min.* Mass. 

Chute, H. S., Prof. Physics and Chem., Ann Arbor. Midi. 

Cisco, J. G., Jackson. Am. Arch. C. Ex. flint and stone implements* 

for other mound relics.* Tenn. 

Clapin, Rev. G., College, St. Hyacinthe, Bot., Ent.* Canada. 

Clapp, E. F., M. D., Prof. Anat., Iowa City. Anat. C. la. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 23 

Clapp, H. L., 35 West Cottag-e St., Boston. Bot., Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Clapp, William A., M. D., New Albany. Mic, Diatoms. Iiid. 

Clakk, Miss Anna, Miliord Centre. Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Clakk, Benjamin Pkeston, Care of B. C. Clark & Co., 55 Kilby St., 

Boston. Phcen. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Clark, Rev. C. B., Danville. Geol. Mich. 

(JLARK, C- H., 6 Tracy Park. New York. Mic. IV. Y. 

Clark, Daniel, M. D., Flint. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Clark, Dwight, 68 Bradford St., Springfield. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Clark, E. B., Utica. Orn. C. Ex. N. \'. 

Clark, E. W., M. D., Grinnell. Mic. C. la. 

Clark, F. C, Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Clark, George D., Plainville. Mm. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Clakk, Isaac D., 597 Broad St., Newark. Orn., Tax., Ool. C. Ex. N.J- 

Clark, John, West Chester. Bot. Penn. 

Clark, .J. A., Lostant, La Salle Co. Chem. 111. 

Clark, .JC, Box 219, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co. C. Ex.* 111. 

Clark, J. N., Saybrook. Orn., OU. C* Conn. 

Clark, Jane L., Easthampton. Or«., Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

Clark, Simeon Tucker, A. M., M. D., Box 155, Lockport. Con. C. 
Ex. Wish mitres and volutes for Gulf species.* N. Y. 

Clark, T. R., Petersburg. Orn., Did. C. Ex. Mich. 

Clakk, Wm. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Clark, Willis J., Centralia, Wood Co. Birds' eggs and skins. C. 
Samples sent for inspection if desired.* Wis. 

Clark, Xenos Y., Box lti6, Amherst. Psychol., Mic. Mass. 

Clarke, James Freeman, Jamaica Plain, Boston. Ast.* Mass. 

Clarke, J. M., Utica. Palceo., Geol. C. N. Y 

Clarke, John M., Asst. in Geol., Amherst Coll., Box 495, Amherst. 


Clarke, John W., Prof, of Geol., Univ. of Chicago. Geol., Anth. III. 

Clarke, L. H., Horicou. Geol. Wis. 

Clarke, Robert P., Box 331, Chicago. Orn. C. Ex. 111. 

Clarke, S. C, Marietta. Ichth.* Ga. 

Clarke, Samuel F., Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Gen. 

Biol., Hydrozoa. C. Ex. 3Id. 

Clarke, Sherman, 110 Alexander St. Mic. N. Y 

Clarke, Rev. W. C.. Ontario. Geol. Canada. 

Clarke, \V. P., Milton, Rock Co. Arch., Con. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Clarkson, a., Potsdam. Ent.: specialty, Sphingidw. C. Ex. De- 
sn-es western lepidoptera.* N. Y. 

Clay, H. C, M. D., Shreveport. Micros. La. 

Claybrooke, G., Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co. Bot.* Cal. 

Claypole, Edw. W., B. a., B. Sc., F. G. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., Antioch 
Coll., Yellow Springs. Geol. C. Ex. Chiefly upper Silurian 
and post-pliocene fossils and shells.* Ohio. 

Clayton, J. E., Box 158, Butte City. Mining Geologist and Engi- 
neer.* Montana. 

Clayton, J. R., D. D. S., Prof. Phys. and Histol., O. Coll. of Dental 

Surg., Cincinnati. Mic. of dental tissues. C* Ohio. 

Cleaveland, Frank N., Canton. Mm. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Cle.aveland, J. R., Copperas Hill. Fossils, Mm. \t. 

Clement, Asa, Pawtucketville, Lowell. Ilort., Orn., Ent.* Mass. 

Clementi, Rev. Vincent, B. A., Peterboro, Ontario. Bot., Orn., Col- 
fopt., Lepid.* Canada. 

Clements, Gabrielle D., Scientific Artist, 750 So. ISth St., Philadel- 
phia. Penn. 

Cleneay, Thomas, 444 W. Si.vth St., Cincinnati. Arch. C. Ex.* 


24 THE naturalists' directory. 

Cleveland, Daniel, San Diego. Bot. : Ferm, Marine Alga. C. Ex.* 


Clifford, F. S., 23 School St., Boston. Spotiffes* Mass. 

CuNGMAN, George F., 217-219 Slate St., Chicago. Orn., Ool. ( '. 

Ex. for properly luithentieatecl spec* III. 

Close, J. A., M. D.,*Suinmerfiekl, St. Clair Co. Mic. Jll. 

Clough, J. P., Junctions, Lembi Co. Ex. Western minerals and curi- 
osities for l)ooi<s.* Idaho. 

Clutton, John, Goclerich, Ont. Agric. Chem. Canada. 

Clyde, Rev. John C. liloonisbury. Am. Hist. N. J. 

COALE, 11. K., 2340 Wahasli Ave, Chicago. Urn. C. Ex. local birds 
for American and small foreign land-birds.* III. 

CoALE, R. DoRSEY, C. E., A. M., Ph. D., Asst. in Chcm. Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 215 Madison Ave., Baltimore, Analyt. Chem.* 3Id. 

CoATES, LiNDLEY, cor. 10th and Penn Sts., Kansas City. Ool. C. Ex. 


Cobb, William H., Woi-cester. Bot., Ent. Mass. 

Cobban, R.M.,Wickes, Jeficrson Co. Geol, Min. C. Ex.* 3Ioiitaiia. 

CocHORAX, Prof. C. B., W. Chester. Nat. Hist. Penn. 

Cochran, J. Tr.wis, 1820 Spruce St., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Cochran, Samuel W., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Cochrane, J., A. JNI., Havana, jNIason Co. Gen. Bot. C. Ex. Hi. 

Cochrane, J. D., A. B., East Corinth. Bot., Min. C. Ex.*. iMe. 

CoE, Emily M., ]?'rin. Am. Kindergarten Normal School, 33 East 10th 
St., New York. Zool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

COE, Rev. J.4.mes W., Danville. Geol., Con. C. Ex. III. 

CoE, S. M., CokUvater. Mic. Mich. 

Coe, W. W., Portland. Mam., Orn., Ichth. C. Ex.* t:onn. 

Coffin, Selden J., Pli. D., Prof. Math, and Ast., Lafayette College, 

Easton. Ast., Met* ' .Penn. 

Coffinberry, W L., C. E., Grand Rapids. Arch. C* Mich. 

Coffman, Joseph H., Augusta. Min., Geol, C. Ex.* III. 

Cohen, J. Solis, M. D., Philadelphia. Micros., Laryngology, Acoustics.* 


CoiT, Rev. C. P., 94 Hudson St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

CoiT, J. B., 2126 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Ast. Ohio. 

COLCORD, R. B., Sterling. Geol., Ast.* HI- 

COLEGROVE, James, 40 Madison St., Chicago. Mic, Bot.* 111. 

Coleman, Eev. N., Berlin. Bot., Emb., specialty, rearing larv(P. C. 

Ex. Mosses, Lepid. and Coleopt.* Conn. 

Coles, Isaac, Glen Cove, Queens Co. Phccn. Bot., Orn. C. Ex. JV. Y. 

COLIE, Edw. M., East Orange, Essex Co. Min., Geol. C. Ex.* N. J. 

COLLETT, John, State Geol. of Ind., Imlianapolis. Stratiyraphic Geol, 

Am. Arch. C* I'lil- 

Collier, G. H., Prof. Chem., Oregon State Univ., Eugene City. Chem.* 


Collier, J. M., Myers Monroe Co. General Collector.* Fla. 

Collier, Peter, Dept. of Agric, Washington. Min. D. C. 

Collier, Mrs. S. X., Eugene City. Bot. C. Ex. Phsen. and Lich- 
ens.* Ore. 

Collin, Alonzo, Prof. Chem. and Phvs., Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln. 
C. Ex.* Neb. 

Collin. M. Ann Arbor. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Colling, Thomas R., Utica. Bot., Mycology* N. Y. 

Collins, Frank S., Box 55, Maiden. Bot. -. Alga, Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Collins, George K., Svi'acusc. Mic. N. Y. 

Collins, Henry A., Hanover. Spec, of Wood, C. Ex. 111. 

Collins, Walter, Penns Manor, Bucks Co. Ool. Penn. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY, 25 

Collins, W.H., 152 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Mich. 
Collins, William L., Frankford, Philadelphia. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* 

CoLLis, R. O., Madisonville. Arch. C* Ohio. 

CoLMAN, Henry, il. D., Swampscott. Anat., Hist.* 3iass. 

Colorado College, Colorado Spring's. Botanical Collection. The 

College has a large coll. of the Flora of Colorado, and would like 

to ex. diips. for those not now in coll. Address F. H. Loud.* Col. 
CoLTON, B. P., Princeton. Bot., Zool. C* Hi. 

CoLToN, II G., Hillsdale. Min. Mich. 

CoLTOX, W. E., New York City. Micros. N. V. 

CoLVix, Verplaxck, Supt. X. Y. State Adirondack Surv., Albany. 

Astron., Geod:-s)j, GeoL, Min., Chem.* N." Y. 

CoLYER, Walter, Alhion, Edwards Co. GeoL, Min., Pal<Bo.* III. 

COMMON'S, Albert, Faulkland, New Castle Co. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. 

C* Del. 

CoMPTOX, J. W., M. D., Evansville. Sanitari/ Science. C. Ex.* Ind. 
CoMSTOCK, Fraxk M., A. M., C. E., Le Roy, Genesee Co. Vert. N Y. 
CoMSTOCK, .J. Henry, U. S. Ent., Dept. of Agric, Washington. Econo- 
mic Ent* D. C 
CoMSTOCK, Theo. B., Asst. Prof, in charge of Dept. of GeoL and 

Palteo., Cornell Univ, Ithaca. GeoL, Paheo. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

CONANT, Thomas, M. D., Gloucester, Zocil. Mass. 

Conaxt, Woodbury" P., Wenham, Essex Co. Bot. : Grassesand Sedges. 

C. Ex. for Soutiiern and Western species.* Mass. 

Condon, Thomas, Prof. Nat. Sci., State Univ., Eugene City. GeoL C. 

Ex. Ore. 

CoxDY, Thomas, Jr., Guelph, Ontario. Orn. C. Canada. 

Cone, H. P., West Granville Corners, Troy. N. Y. 

Cone, Sarah B., Stockbridge.* iMass. 

CoNGDON, J. W., East Greenwich. Bot. : Ferns. C. Ex. R. I. 

CoxGDON, .Joseph W., Petahima. Bot. Cal. 

Conger, A. A., Malone. Mic. N. Y. 

CoNKLiN, A. M., Las Vegas, San Miguel Co. N. 31. 

CoNKLiN, William A., V. S.,Ph. D., Director Central Park Menagerie, 

New York. Vert. Ex. Annual Repts. of Menagerie for those of 

other societies.* N. Y. 

CoNKLiN, W. J., M. D., Dayton. Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

CoxKLixG, A, R., Carson City. Phys., GeoL, Lithol. Nev. 

CoxKLixG, E. A., Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

Conley, Prof. J. D., Blackburn Univ., Carlinville. GeoL, ZooL, Chem. 

C. Ex. III. 

Conner, Isaac, Unionville, Chester Co. Min. Penn. 

CoxNOX, William, ]Myers, ISIoin'oe Co.* Fla. 

Coxover, C. T., Amsterdam. Con. IN'. V. 

Conrad, C. P., Prof. Chem. and Phys., Arkansas Indust. Univ., Fayctte- 

Villc. Chem., Min. C. Ex. Arkansas mins. a spec* Ark. 

CoxRAD S., Quakertown, Union Co. Arch. C. Ex. lad. 

CoNRADi, Adolpu, Box 4, Bcthlchcm. Native and foreign Lepid. C. 

Ex. and for sale.* Penn. 

Constable, F. A., 240 Madison Ave., New Y'ork. Micros. N. Y. 

Coxverse, .J. H.. M. D., M. D, S., Danville. Orn., Gen. Micros.* IV. Y. 
Cook, ALBERT.J.,Prof. Zool. and Ent., Agric. Coll., Lansing. Ent. .Mich. 
CopK, (iEO. H., Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. GeoL, Agric* N. J. 
Cook, II. E., Leicester Junction, Addison Co. Tax. C. Ex. Vt. 

Cook, I. F., Bellingham. Min., GeoL C. Ex. Mass. 

Cook, W., 141 Eighth St., New York. Min., Palao., Mollus/cs. N. Y. 
Cook, Wm. T., 90 Messer St., Providence. Min. C. Ex.* R.I. 

26 THE naturalists' directory. 

Cooke, Wm. E., East Fairmount, Cincinnati. Gen. Nat. Hist, C. 

Ciu. fossils in ex. for other nat. liist. specimens. Ohio. 

Cooke, V. A., Boulder Valley, Jeff. Co. Min. C. Ex. gold and silver 

ores for fossils.* Montana. 

Cool, Dk. I). M., 36 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago. Med. Mic, Gen. 

Biol.* III. 

CooLEY, J. C, Ileadley. Bot. S. Y. 

CooLiDGE, Rev. A. H., Leicester. Min. Mass. 

Coo.Mi^TON, Chas. a., M. D., Moline. Diptera, Asilida. C. Ex. 

Diptera named and returned. 111. 

Coon, G. W., 34 Clieshire St., Cleveland. Mici-os. Ohio. 

Coon, II. C, A. M., M. D., Alfred Univ., Alfred Centre, Allegany Co. 

Physics, Chem. C. Ex.* " IM. Y. 

Cooper, V,. B., Norwich. Oiil. Nat. Hist. Ohio. 

CoOPEK, Ed. M., 164 Walnut St., Cincinnati. Palceo., Con.: Recent 

Marine Zoiil. C. Ex. L. Silurian fossils to ex. for other sj)ecial- 

tics.* Ohio. 

Cooper, Elwood, Santa Barbara. Hart. • Diseases peculiar and de- 
structive to semi-tropical fruits. Will send destructive insects of 

this region.* Cal. 

Cooper, Mrs. Elwood, Santa Barbara. Bot. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Cooper, J. C, Topeka. Mm. C. Ex. Rare hemitrope crystals of 

feldspar for ex.* Kan. 

Cooper, J. U., 7 Campl>ell St., Rochester. Mic. IV. Y. 

Cooper, J. G., Haywoods, Alameda Co. Bot., Zool., Moll.* Cal. 

Cooper, Wm. A., Santa Cruz. Orn., Ool. Cal. 

Cope, 1'rof. Edw. D., 2100 Pine St., Philadelphia. Vert. Palao., 

Vert. Zool, Geol. C. Ex.* Penn. 

COQUILLETT, D. W., Woodstock. Econ. and Biol. Ent. C* 111. 

CoRBUS, Dr. J. C, Mendota. Social science. 111. 

CoRBusiER, Wm. H., M. D., Asst. Surg. U. S. A., Care of Surg. Gen. 

U. S. A., Washington. Eth., Anth. C. D. C. 

Cornell, J. H., 23 Chambers St., New York. Micros. IV. Y. 

Cornell, T. V., Union City. Ast. Penn. 

Corning, Erastus, Sr., Albany. Bot. Ent. C. N. Y. 

Corning, Erastus, Jr , Albany. Ent. Con. Ool. C. N. Y. 

CoRSER, D. B., 38 Rumford St., Concord. Min. C* - N. H. 

Corson, Ellwood M., M.D., Norristown. Phcpn. Bot., Micros.* Penn. 
CoRTHELL, W. G., Tremont Temple, Boston. Mic. C.* 31 ass. 

CoKWiN, R. W., M. D., Ann Arbor. Comp. Anat. of Vertebrates, 

Micros. ' Mich. 

Cory, Cha'*. B., 8 Arlington St., Boston. Orn., Zool. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Cory, Geo. Q., Provo City. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Utah. 

CoTTMANN, .John M., Rome. Min. C. Ex.* N. Y'. 

Couch, Edw. J., Ridgelield. Orn., Ent. C. Ex.* Conn. 

CouES, Elliott, Washington. Bibliog.of Sci., Gen. Biol., Geog. Dist., 

Vert. End)., Vertebrates. C* D. C. 

CoUES, G. 11, 17 Worcester St., Boston. Orn. Mass. 

Coulter, J. M., Prof. Nat. Hist., Ed. Bot. Gazette, Wabash Coll., 

Crawfordsville. Bot. C* Ind. 

Coulter, M. S., Logansport. Bot., Mic. C.* Ind. 

Coulter, S. E. JL, A. B., Hanover. Bot. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Couper. William, Ed. Can. Sportsman and Naturalist, 806 Craig St., 

Montreal. Orn., Or.L. Ent.* Canada. 

Courtis, William M., M. E., Wyandotte. Bot., Min., Geol., Met. C. 

CousE, Mary E., 305 Indiana Ave., Indianapolis. Bot., Orn. C. Ind. 
Covert, A. B., Box 602, Cadillac. Orn., Ool. C* Mich. 

THE naturalists' dieectoky. 27 

Covington, S. F., Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

CovvDRY, N. H., Dominion Bank, Uxbridge, Ont. Canada. 

CowLES, Burt., 4 Harrison St., Sj'i-acuse. Ool. N. Y. 

CowLES, Edw. S., Ph. D., P\irmini;ton. Chem., Bot., Geol* Conn. 

CowLES, Samuel N.,Otisco, Knowics Co. Bot., Ent., Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Cox, C. F., Iioom 45, Grand Central Depot, New York. Mic* N. Y. 

Cox, E T., Late State Geologist, Ind., Prof. Geol., State Univ., Ind., 
Tucson. Geol., Chem., Met., Arch., Con., Mic. C. Ex. Ariz. 

Cox, George H., Calumet. Min., Crystallog. C. Ex. Mich. 

Cox, J. D.. Cincinnati. Mic, Diatoms. C* Ohio. 

Cox, J. N., Calumet. Crystallog. C. Ex. Lake Superior minerals for 
foreiun.* 3Ji«h. 

Cox, Josepu, -Judge Dist. Court, Cincinnati. Arch., Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 
in Am. Arcli. Lectures on Arch* Ohio. 

Cox, Lisbon A., Keokuk. Palteo. . Crinoids. C. Ex. Would like to 
ex. for good crinoids, especially European.* la. 

COXE, ECKLEY B., Drifton, Jeddo P. O., Luzerne Co. Mining Engi- 
neer.* Pen II. 

Crafts, Samuel D., Box 1229, Boston. Orn. C. 31 ass. 

C-'Ragin, F. W., Southville. ZooL, Herpct., Carcinology . C. Ex. De- 
sires X. Am. lacertilia and F. ^\^ Crustacea.* Mass. 

Craig, J. W., M. D , Mansfield, Ptichland Co. Geol., Arch. C* Ohio. 

Crampton, G. W., Moline. Vol., Ent. C. Ex.* III. 

Cranch, Edward, M, D., Box 111, Erie. Mic, Ent. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Craxdall, a. R., Prof. Ky. State Coll., Lexington. Geol., Palao., Bot., 

Micros., Photo-Micrography.* ■ Ky. 

Crane, Prof. E. H., Colon, St. Jo. Co. .V. A. Mounds. C. Ex. Mich. 

Cranmer, ^V. L C. P., 227 E. 93rd St., New York. E7it. : Lepid., C. 

Ex. X. Y. 

Crannell, Charles E., Ida llill, Trov. Orn., Min., Herpetol., Ichth.. 
Worms. C* ' N. Y. 

Crans. James T., Indianapolis. L.und F.W. Shells of N. A. (2. 'Ex. Ind. 

CraI'nell, ^\'. B., New Boston, Mercer Co. Orn. 111. 

Crary, Rev. B. F., 1041 Market St., San Francisco. Min. C* Cal. 

Crawford, A. W., 0:d<land. Bot., Palceo., GcoL, Min. C. Ex. Cal. 

Crawford, J. C, A. M., Green Bay. Mic, Diatoms, Coleopt., Histol. 

C. E.x. Botanical slides for Histological.* \^'is. 

Crawford, J. M., Avondale, Cincinnati. Micros., Coleopt., Lepid. C. 
Ex. Ohio. 

Cr.\wford, Dr. J. W., Houston. Orn. Te.\as. 

Crawford, M. B., A. M., Middlctown. Phys. Conn. 

Creiiore, .John D., C. E., 458 Prospect St., Cleveland. Bridge Engi- 
neering.* Ohio. 

Cressmann. N. F., Chestnut Hill., Philadelphia. Bot. C. Pcnn. 

Cressman, Philip, 601 N. 13th St., Pliiladclphia. Bot. C* I'enn. 

Cressgn, Charles jNL, jSI. D., Philadclpiiia. Micros. Pt'nn. 

Cresson, Ezra T., Box 31, Philadelphia. Ent.: Hymen.* Penn. 

Cressv, Prof. Noah, M. D., V. S., Amlnr^l. Comp. Anat., Arch., 

Elhnol. C. Ex. 3Iass. 

Crevier, I. A., 'SI. D., 389 Craig St., Montreal. Palao., Chem., Min. 
C. Ex. min. insects, sliells and mic. specimens. Canatla. 

Critchley, W. J., 14 First Ave., Rocliestcr. Tax. N. Y. 

Crittenden, .\. R., Middlctown. Geol., Con. Conn. 

Crocker, John M., M. D., Provincetown. Con. 3Iass. 

Croft, Clayton 1., Fountain, ICl Paso Co. Min. C. Ex. Col. 

Croft, Prof. H. II., Toronto, Ontario. Chem. Canaila. 

Ckoiss.\nt,Rev. J. D., 14.^1 Ki-htli St., N. W., Washiugtou. Geol. C. 

Ex. foreign for home specimens. D. C. 

28 THE Naturalists' dieectorv, 

Cronise, Adelbert, 49 Ave. A., Vick Pk., Rochester. Mic. N. Y- 

Cronyn, Hev. Daniel, S:in Dicjro. Gfu. Sci., Ferns and Alga. Cal. 
Crooke, John .1., KW Mulberry St., New York. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

P/wtni/., Orn., Co/eopt., Lepid , Mollasks. C* N. Y. 

Crosby, Eugene C, 911 Campbell St., Kansas City. Chem., P/ii/s. 

C* 31 o. 

Crosby, Dr. W. D., Bcloit. Orn., Eut. C. Wis. 

Crosby, W. O., Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Boston. Geol., Invert. Palcco. 

C. Ex. Desires eryst. rocks.* 3Iass. 

Crosier, Dr. E. S., LouisVille. Bot., Micros., Ant/i.* Ky. 

Cross, Charles 11., Thayer Prof. Physics, Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. 

^ Mass. 

Cross, Charles W., 372,") Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia. Min. Peiin. 
Cross, C Whitman, Box 2836, Denver. Micro-petrography.* Col. 

Cross, Rev. R. T., Denver. Min. C. Ex. mostly Colorado speci- 
mens. Small cai>incts furnished for schools* Col. 
Cross, Rev. W. R., Camden, Knox Co. Bot., Mic. C. Ex. micro- 
scopic fiiii^i. Me. 
Crossley, Robert, llolvoke. Ent. C. Ex. 3Iass. 
Crow, Pkof. D. W., Penyvillc. Bot., Biol, Geol, Min. C. 31o. 
Cru.mbaugh, J. W., M. I)., Lancaster. Mic, Protozoa. Hist, and 

Pathol, specimens in ex. for foran)inifera. Peiin. 

Crumi', M. H., Bowlin;;- Green. Nat. Hist., esp. Geol C. Ex. yood 

N. S. minerals and sub. carb. fossils.* Ky. 

Culver, J. O., Oakland. Micros.* Cal. 

Culver, W. \V'., White River Junction. Geol, Min. C. Ex. Vt. 

Cumberland, Miss Mary E., Wellesley. Bot. Mass. 

Cu.M.MiNGS, Carrie E., Wellesley Coll. Bot. C. Ex. for mosses and 

ferns.* Mass. 

CUMMiNGS, Geo. J., Monson, Hampden Co. Min., Nat. Hist., Orn. 

C. Ex.* 31 ass. 

CuMMiNGS, Wm. H., Mildalc. Lepid. Wishes to complete coll. of 

Conn. Lepidoptcra. Coiill. 

Cunningham, Mrs. Kate M., Blairsville, Indiana Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Western Pa plants.* Penn. 

Cunningham, S., 28 First St., Troy. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Desires 

corresiiontlents.* N. Y. 

Cunningham, T. L., Yalaha, Sumter Co. Tax. F. W. Shells, Indian 

putterg, native plants, etc. C Ex. Fla. spec* Fla. 

Cunningham, W. >L, ...cwark. Licking Co. Arch., Geol, Palcco. C* 

Curier, a. O., Grand Rapids. Con. 3Iich. 

CuRRiE, Rev. Hector, B. A., Widdes P. O., Ont. Geol, Pdcen. 

(I. Ex.* Canada. 

Currier, Edw. H., 782 Elm St., Manchester. Nat. Hist. N. H. 

Currier, John M., M. D., Castleton. Sec. Rutland Co. Hist. Soc. and 

Castleton Normal Sch. Sci. Club. Arch., Min., Eth., PalcEO., Anth.* 

Currier, W. O., Providence. Min. Geol. C. Ex. Collections made 

and arranged. R. I. 

Curtis, Dr. Edward, 27 Washington Place, New York. Micros. N. Y. 
Curtis, Miss E. May, Quincy. Phcen. Bot. IlL 

Curtis, Dr. Josiah, Washington. Nat. Hist. Mic. D. C. 

Curtis, L. R., Mendota. Phi/s. Sci.* III. 

Curtis, Lester, A. B., M. D., Prof. Histol., Chicago Med. Coll., 1558 

Wabash Axe, Chicago. Histol, Gen. Biol, Mic. III. 

Curtis, Col. S. S., Keokuk. Palceo. la. 

Curtis, Wm. H., Box 66, Haverhill. Mic, Diatoms. C. Ex.* 3Iass. 

THE naturalists' directory. 29 

CURTISS, A. H., Jacksonville. Bot. C* Fla. 

CuHTiss, Mrs. F. A., Jai'ksonvilic. Marine Al(j(e. C. Ex.* Fla. 

L'usuiNG, Fkank IL, Suiithsouiun Institution, ^Va^llington. Arch., Eth. 

C. D. C. 

CusiCK, Wm. C, Union. Bot. C* Ore. 

CuTUiiEKT, -■Vlfked, Aii;,nist:i. Bot., Orn. C. Ex. Plants anil birils 

of tliis section to ex. Desires correspondence.* tia. 

Cutler, Dr. S. P., Prcs. Memphis Microscopical Soc, Memphis. 

Micros. Teiin. 

Cutter, E. A., 192 X. Pearl St., Albany. Ent. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Cutter, Geo. R., M. D., 312 Second Ave., New York. Hisiol, Path. 

C* JN. Y. 

Cutter, J. C, Box 198, Hanover. Micros. N. H. 

Cutting, Hiram A., M. U., Ph. D., Prof. Xat. Sci , Lewis Coll., State 

Geolo;;ist, Luucnl)tiii;h, Essex Co. GeoL, Meteorolor/y. Collec- 

tiou of 20,000 specimeus. Will exchange Vermont specimens for 

others.* Vt. 


Dabxey, Charles Wm., Ph. D., N. C. Agi-ic, Experiment Station, 

Palciu'li. Af/ric, Chem.* N. C. 

Dabxev, William C, Cliarlottcvillc. Micros. Va. 

Daboll, I). A., Jr., Centre Grotou. Bot., Ent. Conn. 

Dake, Dr W. C, Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

Dale, T. XelsOX, Gibbs Ave., Newport. Stratigraphical GeoL, Palcpo* 

R I. 

Dalgleish, James, Gait, Ont. GeoL, PnI<eo. Canada. 

Dall, William H., Asst. U. S. Coast Surv., care Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washinaioii. MalacoL, Anth., Arctic Geoq.* D. C. 

DalrvmpLe, PvEV.' E. a., S. T. D., 139 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore. 

Arch., Eth. C* 31 d. 

Daltox, Jonathan C, iSI. D., Now York. Micros. N. Y. 

Damon, W. E., care Titlany & Co., Union Sq., New York. Aquaria 

onrl Marine objects. C.* N. Y. 

Dana, Edw. S., Ph. D., New Haven. Min., Crypt.* Conn. 

Dana, J. D., Prof. Min. anil Geol., Yale Coll., New Haven. Min., GeoL 

Crnsta"ea, Corals.* Conn. 

Dana, ^Iiss M., Castlcboro. Bot. Vt. 

Danforth, I. N'., M. D., 349 W. Adams St., Chicajro. BioL* 111. 

Daniell, John, Osceola jNIinc, Calumet, Houjihton Co. Lake Superior 

minerals in ex. for crystallizations of any kind.* Mich. 

Daniels, Emanuel, Muscatine. MoHnsks. C. Ex. la. 

Danwington, F. p., Univ. Va. ('hem. Va. 

Darrow, Charles E., 46 Franklin St.. Piochester. Mic. ]V. Y. 

Davf.xi'Ort, (tEORGE E , Medforil. J^ascii/ar Crtjptogams. Mass. 

Davfnport, F. S., Jcrseyville, Jersey Co. Ast. III. 

David, F., St. John, N. P.., care Daniel Rovd. Orn. Canada. 

D.^vinsoN. :Mi{s. C. G., Box 111, Louisville. Bot. Ky. 

Davidson, Prof. George, A. M., Ph. D., U. S. Coast Survey; Mem- 
ber .Vcad Nat. Sci., San Francisco. Phi/s. Cal. 

Davidson, II. M., Box r)59, O^idensbur^rh. Chcm., Orn., Tax. C* N. Y. 

D.wiDsoN, Mrs Jas., Monticcllo, Jones Co. GeoL, Palceo. C. Ex. la. 

D.\viDsoN,^J M , Lancaster. Mic. Penn. 

Davidson, William J., Brooklvn. Phcen. Bot. N. Y. 

Davie, Oliver, 170 No. High 'St., Columbus. Tax., Orn., OoL, Arch. 
C. Ex.* Ohio. 


Davies, J. E., Prof. Physics, Univ. Wisconsin, Box 1106, Madison. Wis. 

Davies, A. F., Rocklbrd. Arc/i. III. 

Davis, Mks. Abbie L., (Jlonccstcr. Alr/a. Ex. 3Iass. 

Davis, B. T., Chctopa. Ent. Kan. 

Davis, C. F. Kcokiik, Lee Co. Grades. C* la. 

Davis, E. G., Curator Pub. Mus., Leoininsler. Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Davis, F. J., Utica. Orn., OoL, Tax. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Davis, Geokge A., Mexico. Orn., Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

I)avis, (i. Piekrepont, M. D., Hartford. Phcen. Bot. C* Conn. 

Davis, Henkv, JMe(ire;ior. Ferns, Mosses, Fxingi, Geol., Mi))., Arch., 

MijnojHxIa, \Von)is. C. Ex. la. 

Davis, H. Winter, 227 Market St., Philadelphia. Bot., Micros. C. 
Ex. Penn. 

Davis, John, Stockton Ave., Alleghany. Ast. Penn. 

Davis, J. B., N. C. Coll., Mt. Pleasant'. Min. N. V. 

Davis, J. J., Racine. Bot. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Davis, Leander S., ("amp Watson, Cirant Co. Osteal., Palceo. C. 
Shells and fossils for ex. Ore. 

Davis, N. S., Jr., G.j Randolph St., Chieayo. Herpet., Ichth.* III. 

Davis, R. S., M. D., La Centre, Clark Co. Dealers in and collectors of 
Indian relics. Or)i. C. E\.* W. T. 

Davis, Wallev, Jk., Chester Valley. Orn. I'enn. 

Davis, William .J , Centre and Walnut Sts., Louisville. Palceo., Corals 
(Poll/pi) of Niagara and Devonian periods. C. Ex. Will ex. 
^loll., Polypi, Echinoderniata, Crustacea, Sharks' teeth as may be 
desired, for Jme examples of Polypi anti Bryozoa from other local- 
ities.* Ky. 

Davis, ^\'ILLIAM INI., Instructor in Geology, Harvard College, 10 Wal- 
lace St., Cambridge- Geol., Ph)jsicai Geoqraphy.* 3Iass. 

D.vvis, W. T., Tompkinsvillc, Staten lsh\nd. u'en. Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dawson, George M., D. S., F. G. S., Assoc. Royal School of Mines, 
Asst. Director Geol. Surv. of Canada, Ottawa. Geol. esp.. West 
Coast Geol.* Canada. 

Da\VSON, J. W., LL. D., F. R. S., Prin. Mc(iill Coll., :Moutreal. Geol., 

PalcBontohgij, especial/// fossil plants.* Canada. 

Dawson, William, Spiceland,"llenrv Co. Ast.* Ind. 

Day, David F., 341 Washington St.,'Butfalo. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Day, E. A., Stockholm. Min., Geol. C. Ex. N. .1. 

Day, E. H., Prof. Nat. Sei., Normal Coll., New York. N. Y. 

Day, F.H., M.D.,Wau\vatosa, Milwaukee Co. Palao. C. Ex. Wis. 

Day, L. T., M. D.,Peabody Museum, New Haven. Vert. Palceo., Dip- 
teraofN.A. C* ' , Conn. 

Dayan, A. J., Lyons Falls. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Dayton, R., M. D., 246 Superior St., Cleveland. Mic. Ohio. 

Dean, D. V., M. D , Supt. City Hospital, St. Louis. Bot., PaleBO., Mic., 

Emb., Anth., E)it. C. " Mo. 

Deane, O. B., Springfield. Tax. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Deane, RuTiTVEN, 2 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Orn.* 111. 

Deatrick, Rev. W. Wilberforce, Milton, Northumberland Co. Bot. 
C. Ex. Penn. 

De Camp, Wm. H., M. D., Grand Rapids. Am. Con., Min. C Ex. 
for land and fi-esh water shells of Am. and minerals.* Mich. 

De Cew, Edmund, P. L. S., DeCewville, Ont. Geol., Palceo. C. 

Can a I. a. 

Deecke, Theodore, Special pathologist, N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, 

Utica. Anat., TJistoloc/y. Histo-Cheniist)-y. N. Y. 

Deems, Frank M., M. D., Cur. N. Y. Mic. Soc., 429 W. 22nd St., New 
York. Mic., Ent. C. Ex. N. Y. 



De Garmo, James M., Ph. D., Piin. De Garmo lust., Rliinebeck. 

Macro- Lepid., Orn. C* N. Y. 

Degge, a. R., Pctersluiig. Arch. C. Ex.* III. 

Deishek, Adam, Tuckcrtown, Berks Co. Bot. Peiiii. 

De Kempeneer, C., Rochester. AstroL, Gen. Zool. N. Y. 

De La Cour, J. L., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Delafontaixe, Prof. M., Ph. D., 1707 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Chem., 

GeoL, Mill. C* HI- 

DE Land, Levi .J., Mauufacturing Chemist, Fairport, Monroe Co. Mic, 

Soda.* N- V. 

Demerest, J. M., Newton. Gen. Xat Hist., Mic. C. Ex. !V. J. 

Deming, L. p., New Haven. Mic. Conn. 

De Motte, John B, Green Castle. Math. Intl. 

Denison, Charles, A. ^L, M. D., Denver. Climatology.* Col. 

Denison, Charles II., San Francisco. Min., Bot.* Cal. 

Dennis, Prof. David, Wilmington. Invert. Falceo., Min. C Ex. Ohio. 
Dennis, S. W'., o3 Kearney St., San Francisco. Mic Cal. 

Dennis, Waldo, Prof. Nat. Sci., State Normal School, Oshkosh. Bot., 

Geol. Ex.* Wis. 

Denslow, Rev. Herbert M., New Haven, Bot., N. A. Orchidacece. 

C. Ex.* Conn. 

Denton, John M., Loudon, Out. Ent. C. Canada. 

Denton, S. W., Wellesley. (Now in Australia.) Orn., Ool., Ent. C. 

Ex.* Mass. 

DeroL'SSE, L. T., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Derry, C. W., Leadville. Bot., Tax. Col. 

Desmond, John, San Diego. Con. Cal. 

Dessan, S., 83 William St.', New York. Min. C. N. Y. 

Detmers, II. J., Prof, Nat. Sci., 2941 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago. 

Pathol., Anat. and Hist.* III. 

Devereaux, W. L., Clyde, Wayne Co. Ent.: Coleopt., Lepid., espe- 

cialltj Rlii/ncophora and Noctuidee. C* N. Y. 

Dewey, A. lI.,'Watertown, Jeft'. Co. Min. C. Ex,* N. Y. 

Dewey, Fred. P., Box 348, Chattanooga; or National Mus., Washing- 
ton, D. C. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Tenn. 
DeWolf, George N., Gai-nett. Invert. Palceo., Orn. C. Ex. Kan. 
Dexter, Newton, Providence. Orn. R. I. 
Dickel, George, Louisville. Tax., Coleopt., Lepid. C* Ky. 
Dickens, J. Byron, M. D., Newhuryirort. Mass. 
Dickerman, Rev. \V. F., Napoleon," Henry Co. Mic}-os.* Ohio. 
DiCKERsoN, Edward N., New York. Micros. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Dickekson, Theo. L., Box 47, Fairfield, Franklin Co. Arch., Min., 

I'dlcro. C. Mound relics desired in ex. for fossils, shells and 

minerals. Ind. 

Dickinson, D. B., Chatham. Tax., Orn., Ool. C. Ex. N. J. 

Dickinson, E., 73 Spring St., Springfield. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. for 

rare specimens,* Mass. 

DiCKiJfsoN, Miss Emma E., Fairport, Monroe Co. Min., Filices. N. Y. 
Dickinson, (i. K., M. 1)., Jersey City. Sanitari/ Science. N. J. 

Dickinsox, I. L., Shaw's Flat, Tuolumne Co, Min., Con. C. Ex. Cal. 
Dickinson, Mrs. J. V.'., Newtonville. Bot. Mass. 

Dickinson, Thomas A., Supt. Cabinet Nat. Hist. Soc, Worcester. 

Local Ex. 3Iass. 

Dickinson, William, M. D., 1209 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Oph- 

thalmologij.* Mo. 

DiETZ, William G., M. D., Hazleton, Lucerne Co. Coleopt. of U. s. 

C. Desires exchanges from all parts of the U. S., especially So. 

Western states, also in ex. for Bnprestida?, CeiambycidiF, etc.* Penn. 

32 Till!: naturalists' directory. 

Dickinson, Mrs. W. r., 893 Main St., Dubuque. Boi la. 

DiLLEii, J. S., (ire.ison, C'umI). Co., lAtlioL, Geol* Pciin. 

DiMMiCK, L. N., M. D., Santa Baibaia. Algce, Moll., Arch* (Jul. 

DiNS.MOKE, Thos. 11., Jr., a. M., Piol'. Nat. Sci., York Collciiiatc Inst., 

York. C. Ex. Penii. 

DiNvviDDii!, Robert, 113 Water St., New Y'ork. Algce, Diatoms, 

Micros., P)-oto::a, hiftisorta. IN.Y. 

DiTHMER, Miss S. C. 324 N. Ala. St., Indianapolis Ent. Lepid. <J. 
Ex.* I lid. 

DiVELEY, fiEO. S., 002 \V. lOth St., Kansas City. Ool. C. Ex.* 3Io. 

Dixon. George, Hampton. Con., British Land,»Fresh Water and Ma- 
rine Shells. Ex.* Va. 

DixwELL, .John, A. B., M. D., Mcmb. Boston Nat. Hist. Soc, A. A. A. 
S., Mass. Med. Soc., etc., 6 Pemberton Sq., Boston. Osteology, 
Zonhgy. C. Ex.* Mass. 

DoAN, Abel, Wcstficld, Hamilton Co. Phan. Bot., Geol. C. Speci- 
mens of wood foi' ex.* Iiid. 

DoAN, Isaac, Riclimond. Geol. C. Ex. Iiid. 

DoANE, Joseph C, Mansfield. Geol., Palceo. C. Ex. Peiiii. 

Dobbin, Ceo. W., Baltimore. Ge?i. Mic. 31d. 

DoBBS, John F., Muscatine. Geol., Con. la. 

DoDD, Miss Alice, Williamstown. Orn. Mass. 

Dodge, Chas. K., Care of 1336 Vermont Ave., Washington Econ. 

Ent., Fibres. C* D. C. 

Dodge, E. A., Glencoe. Lepid. C. Ex.* Neb. 

Dodge, C M., (Jlcncoe. Lepid., Orthop. C. Ex. Neb. 

Dodge, J. A., Pli. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., Baldwin Univ., Berea. Ohio. 

Dodge. Oliver, Nashua. Bot. N. H. 

Dolbear, Prof., A. E., College Hill. Physics.* 31ass. 

Doll, -Jacob, 74 Graham Ave., Brooklyn. Lepid. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Dolley, Ciias. S , M. D., 30 E. Avenue, Rochester. Biol C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dolley, Dr. Sarah R. A., 30 East Ave., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Dolph, John M., \. M., Honesdalc. Bot., Min., Palao. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Don.^^ldson, Henry ISI., New Haven. Mic., Bot., Ent. V. Ex. Conn. 

DoNEY, Chas. P., Logansport. Palao.* Ind. 

DoOLiTTLE, Chas. L., Prof. Math, and Ast., Lehigh Univ , So. 

Bethlehem.* Penn. 

DORRANCE, C. E., Scotts, Kal. Co. Nat. Hist., Orn., Lepid. Mich. 

Dorsch, Edw., M. D., Monroe. Eth., Palao., Bot., Coleoptera , Con. 

C. AV'iU buy specimens needed if cheap.* Mich. 

Doten, Frederick B., Chicopce. Micros. Mass. 

DOTEY, Chas. E., Stoneham. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Doton, Hosea, a. M., C. E., Woodstock, Windsor Co. Astron., Met- 
eorol., Geol., Phys. Geoq.* Vt. 

Dougall, Wm. a., 360 Bank St., Newark. Ool. N. J. 

Dougherty, Geo. E., Glen Elder, Mitchell Co. Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* 


Douglass, Walter, INlt. Auburn, Cincinnati. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. De- 
sires skins of foreign warblers.* Ohio. 

DowNES, Andrew, Halifax, N. S. Orn. Canada. 

Downs, C. A., Jk., Lebanon. Tax., Getieral. C. N. H. 

Dowse, Wm. B., Boston. Orn. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Dox, Virginia, Wilson. Zoltl. N. Y. 

Dransfield, Thos., 13 Myrtle Hill Pk., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Draper, Daniel, N. Y'. Met. Observ., New York City. Meteor. N. Y. 

Draper, Henry, care Daniel Draper, New York City. N. Y. 

Drew, F. M., Bunker Hill. Orn. (Address for present, Howardsville, 
Col.).* • 111. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 33 

Droge, John H., 17 Melrose St.. Biooklj-n, E. D. Crustacea, 

Paf/iiridce, Clrripedia. N. Y. 

Drown, Edw. I) , Fein Hill, WeUlon. Bot. Peiin. 

Drown, Elizabeth D., Fern Hill, Wcldoii. Ool. Peiin. 

Dkown, Thomas M., Prof. Analyt. Chcrn., Lafayette College, Easton.* 


Dryer, Clarence M., Lawrence. Orn. 31 ass. 

Dryer, C. K., M. D., Prof. Clicni and Toxicol., Fort Wayne Chetn., 

MIc, Biol* Ind. 

DvKBS, Kev. .J. H., Lancaster. Bot., Arch. Peiin. 

Ufliois, Eugenia, Morrisania. Bot.* N. Y. 

Duuois, S. \'., San Lcander, Alameda Co. Orn., Ool.* Cal. 

Dlouleston, Jos. F., Frankfort, Herkimer Co. Geol., Min , Con.* ]V. Y. 

Dudley, P. H., l.i.YErie St., Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Dudley. William K., Asst. Prof, liot., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bot. 
C.* N. Y. 

Duemling, Pkof. H., Ph. D., Concordia Coll., Fort Wayne. Zool. ('. 
Ex. Ind. 

Duff, L. E., New l>obanon. Palmo.,Min. Ohio. 

DuFFiELD, Samuel P., M D, Detroit Micros. Mich. 

Dufresne, D. O p., Cliicoutimi, Quebec. Bot., Ent. C. Ex.* Canada. 

DUGANNE, Rev. H. C, Lowell. Bot. Mass. 

DuMOND, A. iSI., 49 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Dunbar, Charles, Bristol. Min. Conn. 

Dunbar, .J. 13., Topoka. Antliro. C. Kan. 

DuNLAi', J. N., M. D., Miami. Geol., Palceo., Min., Arch., Bot. C. 

Ex. Mo. 

DuNLOF. W. W., Box 114.5, Montreal. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Canada. 

Dunn, E. C, M. D., Rockford. Geol, Ent., Con., Coins. C. Ex. III. 

Dunn, G. W., 317 Washington St., San Francisco. Bot.. Con., Cok-opt.* 


DuNNiNGTON, F. P., B. Sc, Prof. Analyt. Chem., Univ. of Va. Albe- 
marle Co. Analyt. Chem. Va. 

DuNSTON, Henry, Ely. Min. Vt. 

Du Pre, Col. L. -J., .lustin. Am. Arch. Tex. 

DuRAND, ^\'ILLIAM S., Maivhall. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Wish corre- 
spondents in Pacific and Southern states.* Mich. 

DuRBiN, Thomas, Weedsport. On/., Tax.* N. Y. 

DuRFEE, C. A., Brattleboio. Geol., Mm. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Durfee, T. C, 44 Sabin St., Providence. Geol., Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 

DuRY, Charles, Avondale, Cincinnati. Ent. . Lepid., Coleopt. C. 
Ex. N. A. Coleoptera desired.* Ohio. 

DuShane, J., South Bend. Geol., Ent. C. Ex. Ind. 

DuTTON, Capt. C. E., U. S. a., Ordnance Corps, War Dept., Washing- 
ton. Geol. D. C. 

Duty, .L T., Waldron. Geol, Mollusks. C. Ex for sea-shells only. Ind. 

DwEi.LY, (iEORGE, So. Aljingtou. Tax. C. Ex. ' .Mass. 

DvviGHT, Charles E., Prof. Chem., Wheeling. Analyt. Chem*. M'. Va. 

DwiGHT, Thomas, jNI. D., histnictor of Ilistol. and Topog. .Anat., Har- 
vard Univ., 70 Beacon .St., Bo'^ton. Anat. of ^'ert., IlisfoL* Mass. 

DwiGiiT, William B., Prof. Nat. Hist., Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie. 

Geo/., ZoOl. C* N. Y. 

DwiNELLE, Charles IL, Ph. B., Lecturer on Prac. Agric. Univ. of 
Cal., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Eitt., Bot.* Cal. 

Dyer, .'Vli'Heus, 5:i Congress St., Troy. Mir. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dyer, C. B., Mt. Harrison, Cincinnati. Geol, Palceo.* Ohio. 

Dykeman, B. H., So. Haven. Geol., Min., Arch., Fossils. C. Ex.* i>lich. 

34 THE naturalists' directory. 


Eagek, W. W., 309 Hennepin Ave., Minncapolir-. Oni., Ool C * Minn. 
Eagle, Clarence H., Ti'J E. liUth St.. New York. Om. C. Ex.* N. V. 
Ea.mes, Chakles.T., Pli.I).,26Pine St.,Xc\v York. Mm. C. E.\.*^ N.Y 
Karle, Charles, I'iti E. 16tli .St., New York. Om. Bot. N.Y. 

Earle, Charles F., 4 Empire Block, Synuiise. Oni., Con. C* N V. 
Eakle, F. S., Cobdcn, Union (,'o. Cri/pt. But. III. 

Earle, Henry, Jr., Montreal. Ent. : Lcpid. Canada. 

IvARLL, John, Itliaea. Arch. C. N Y 

Earnest, J. II., Princeton. Geol. Ill 

Easbv, Willlam, Jr., Media, Del. Co. Ent. Lepid. C. Ex * Lir>t 

of spec, sent on ajiplieation. ' Penii. 

Easley, Francis II., Media. Mm. C. Peini. 

Eastman, J. S., i\I. D., Ilauover. B<jt. C. Ex. Ind. 

Easton, D. M., East Wevmontli, Norfolk Co. Geol, Min. C. E.\. 

Fossils (Trilobites and Sliells), jiold and silver ores, etc. Mass. 

Eastwood, Miss Alice, 635 Lorimer St., Denver. Bot. C. Ex. 

iiocky Mt. and |)rairie tlowers for Eastern spec* Col. 

Eastwood," J. F., Prof. Nat. Sci.,Bcthaiiv Coll., Bethan}-. Chem., Bot., 

ZuoL, Min. C. Ex. ' ^\ . Va. 

Eaton, A. K., *j-"i Henry St., Brooklyn. Micros. >'. Y. 

Eaton, Amasa M., Providence. Mlc, Chem.* II. I. 

Eaton, Daniel C, Prof. Bot., Yale Coll., New Haven. Bot. C* Conn. 
Eaton, D. G., Ph. D., Prof. Phys. Sci., Packer Inst., Brooklvn. Geol., 

C. Ex.* ' N. Y. 

Eaton, D. H., Box 1235, Wobnrn. Orn.. Oil, Tn.r. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Eaton, Horace, Quincy. Horticultiue. Mass. 

Eaton, James R., Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., William Jewell Coll., Liberty, 

Clay Co. Chem., Mm., Geol., Palceo., Nat. Pliilo^. C. Ex. fossils 

and minerals.* Mo. 

Eaton, 3Iiss Maria S., Wheaton Seminarv, Norton. Min., Bot. Mass. 
Eaton, Prof. T. E. N., Box 421, Worcester. Bot. C* Mass. 

Eaton, Dr. T. .J., Kansas City. Min. Mo. 

Eckfeldt, John W., M.D.,"G5th and Vine Sts.. Philadelphia. Bot.: 

Crypt. Bot., Lichens. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Eddy, A. H., 57 Sigourney St., Hartford. Mdi., Micros. C. Ex. Conn. 
Eddy, C. W., Ware. Mic.* Mass. 

Eddy, Rev. E. B., 219 Prairie Ave., Providence. Geol.. Min., Met , 

Auth. C. Ex. R. I. 

Eddy, Fred. .V., 89 State St., Bangor. Mic. Me. 

Eddy, J. W., M. D., 3 Guiraeras Block, Oswego. Mic. N. Y. 

Eddy, W. B., Granville. Geol., Min. " Ohio. 

Eddy, N. A., West Broadway, Bangor. Orn., Oni. C. Ex.* Me. 

Edgell, H. I., South Haven. Arch., Geol., Min. C* Indian and 

Mound Builders' relics wanted, for which I will ex. relics, geol. 

and min. spec, or cash.* Mich., J. A., Meadow Valley, Plnmas Co. Geol., Mm., Met. C. Ex.* 

Edmonds, Mary A., Principal School, West Grove. Ex. Penn. 

Edmunds, Edw. S., La Grange, La Grange Co. Lithol. and Palao., 

Geol., Bot. C. Ex. for Rocky Mt. spec, and shells of the Pacific 

coast.* " Ind. 

Edwards, E. Junius,- Galesburg. Ent. C* 111. 

Edwards, Henry, Wallack's Theatre, New Y'ork. Ent., Chiefli/ Lepid., 

jEgeridce of the world. Will purchase examples of this group. 

C. Ex.* S. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 35 

Edwards, Prof. J. Baker, Montreal. Micros. Canada. 

Edwards, J. Rayne, Harvard Coll. Oi)s., Cambriclgc. Mass. 

Edwards. Joseph W., M. D., Mendota. Bot., Morphological and 
Physioloritcal Hhtology, Micros. C Ex.* III. 

Edwards, J. VVarner, Pliiladel]iliia. Geol., Mtn. Pcnii. 

Edwards, Mrs. jSIary J., Galesbiug. Hot., Alga-.* III. 

Edwards, S. INI., Woodstowu, Salem Co. Min.. Ent. C. Ev.* N.J. 

Edwards, Tuos. C, Aiicoia, Camden Co. Biolugg, Anth., Arch., Soc- 
iulof/g, Ethics, Esthetics, Philoloc/y, Psgchologi/.* N.J. 

Edwards', \Vm., Cu>todian Nat. Hist. Sdc. Miis.. So. Natick. Boi.'^ Mass. 

Edwards, W.m. H., Coallnirgh, Diurnal tepid, of A'. A. C* M . Va. 

Egan, \V. C, 17;') Market St., Chicago. Palceo. C. Fossils oi' the 
Niagara group from Bridgeport I'or ex.* III. 

Egbert, H. V., A.M., Asst. Cin. Observatory-, Mt. Lookout, Hamilton 
Co. Ast.* Ohio. 

Eggert, H.. 918 Wash. St.. St. Louis. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. Mo. 

Egleston. T., Engineer ol' Mines, School of Mines, Columbia College, 
New York. Mm. C. Ex.* N. Y; 

Ehinger, Geo. E., M. D., Keokuk. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Ehrman, Artis H., 41o No. Cary St., Baltimore. GeoL, Min. C. Ex.* Md. 

Eigenbrot, Christian, Jr., 30 WilkiusSt., Baltimore. Ent.: Coleopt. 
C. Ex. Md. 

Eisen, a., Coldwater. Lepid., Arch. C. Ex.* 3lich. 

EiSEN, CuSTAF, Fresno. Annelida, OUgochceta, Hort. C. Ex. Tvpes 
of Oligochata.* Cal. 

Eldredge, Frank B., L. B. 576, Attleboro. Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

Ellinwood, C. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Indianola. Biol. C. Ex.* la. 

Elliott, A. F., M. D., Minneapolis. Min., Con. C. Ex. Minn. 

Elliot, Daniel G., New Brighton. Mammalogy, Orn. N. Y. 

Elliott, Geo. S., Edgar, Obion Co. Geol. Tenn. 

Elliott, Geo. W., 27 Piowley St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Elliott, Capt. John, Unionville, Chester Co. Min. Penn. 

Elliott, Jno. B., M. D., Univ. of the South, Sewanee. Geol. C. Ex. 


Elliott, M., Jr., Rome. Phcen. Bot., Orn., Ent.. Lepid. C. Ex. Penn. 

Elliott, W. S., ]\L D., D. D. S., Goshen. Mm. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Ellis, A. L., Pawtucket. Orii., OJ. C. K. I. 

Ellis, J. B., Newfield. Fungi. C. Ex. N. J. 

Ellis, R. W., M. A., Montreal. Geol., Lithol. C. Canada. 

Ellis, Prof. S. A., 7 Clifton St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Ellison, Mrs. Maggie, Platteville. Bot. C. Ex. Wis. 

Ellison, M. D., Platteville. Bot. C. Wis. 

Ellison, Robert R., Sr., Xcwburgh. Ent. N. Y. 

Ellsworth, Addison, New Berlin. Lepid. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Ellsworth, E. W., East Windsor Hill. OoL, Arch.* Conn. 

Elmore, Sam'l E., Hartford. Orn., Bot. Conn. 

Elsberg, Louis, M. D., 614 Fifth Ave,, New York. Laryngology, 

Micros.* N.Y. 

Elsner, John A. D., M. D., Box 2282, Denver. Geol., Chem., Bot., 
Mic, especially Min. C. Ex. Only crystallized characteristic 
spec, wanted.* Col. 

Elvins, Andrew, 11 St. Vincent St., Toronto, Ont. Observational as- 
tronomy, esp. drawings of lunar scenery and sun spots.* Canada. 

Ely, .John, Rome. Min. C. N. Y. 

Emekic, H. F., San Francisco. Orn. ^?}* 

Emekicks, F. J., New York. Micros. N. V. 

E.MERSON, Charles V., Appleton Prof, of Nat. Phil., Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Hanover. Phys. N. II. 

of) THE naturalists' PIRECTORY. 

Emekson, Dk N. B.. 53 W. 28tli St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Emeuson, W. Otto, Haywanl, Alameda Co. OoL, Orn. C.* Cal. 

Emehton, James IL, Salem. Arachnida. Mass. 

Emmons, S. F., U. S. Geol. Survey, Denver. GeoL, Miniiif/, Enginerr- 

inff.* Col. 

Emswiler, Geokge p., Riclimond. Palceo. C-* Iiid. 

Endemann, Hermann, Ph. I)., 33 Nassau St., New York. Chem. N. Y. 
Engelmann, George, M. D.. 3003 Locust St., St. Louis. Bot. Met.* I»Io. 
Engelmann, George J., M. D., 3003 Locust St., St. Louis. An/i. 

Mic. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Engels. Frederick H., M. D., 72 South C St., P. O. Box 51S,Vii-g-inia 

City. ' Nev. 

England, Paul, Fort Omaha, Douglas Co. Ent. C. Ex. huttev- 

tlics ol' Ncltiaska for European species.* Neb 

Engle, Robert H., Assayer, 22G So. 5th St., Philadelpliia. Chem., 

Mill., Arc//., Geol. C. Ex.* Peiin. 

Engle, Steve D., Hazleton. Coleopt. C. Ex. Coal fossils for 

beetles.* Penn. 

Engles, -Joseph, Mineral Point. Min. Wis. 

English, Dr. D. C, New Brunswick. Micros. N. J. 

Ensign, William O., M. D., Rutland, La Salle Co. Osteal., Mic, Gen. 

Biol.* 111. 

Eschmann, p. W. R., Pharmacist, 115 East Market St., Louisville. Bot. 

C. Ex. Ky. 

Esser F., Beaver, Beaver Co. Bot. Penn. 

EssER, Leonard J., Beaver, Beaver Co. Bot. C. Ex. Desires 

plants and ferns from So. States* Penn. 

ESTABUOOK, S. Adelle, Box 943, Worcester. Bot. : E'ertis. C. Ex. 

ferns.* Mas.s. 

Estes, D. C, M. D., Lake City, Wabasha Co. Geol., Ichth., Ast., Gen. 

Nat. Hist. C. Ex. Minn. 

Evans, Edwin, M. D., Streator, La Salle Co. Geol, Palteo. C* III. 
Evans, John D., P. L. S., Belleville, Ont. Ent., Mic. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Evans, J. F., 2203 Webster St., San Francisco. Chem. Cal. 

Evans, S. G., Evansville. Lepid. C. Ex. Wish Lepid. from Cal. 

and North-West. Ind. 

Evarts, H. C, M. D., Frankford, Philadelphia. Biol., specialttj, Infu- 
soria. Penn. 
Eve, Duncan, M. D., Nashville. Surg., Pathol., Gen. Mic. Tenn. 
Even, J., Peru, La Salle Co. Geol. C. III. 
Everett, M. H.,M. D., Troy Grove. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 
Everett, Oliver, M. D., Dixon. Bot., Palceo. III. 
Everhart, Benjamin M., West Chester. Bot. Penn. 
Evermann, B. W., Bloomington. Orn., OoL, Molliisks, Bot., Arch. C. 

Ex.* Ind. 

Everts, Orpheus, Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Ewart, J. G., Y'arker P. O., Addington Co., Ont. Mam., Orn., OOl. 

C. Ex.* Canada. 

Eyser, John, 213 So. 37th St., St. Louis. Ast. Mo. 


Fager, Dan. B., Carbondale. Neuroptera, Catocala. C* III. 

Fahs, Rev. R. Z., Olney, Richland Co. Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Failyer, George, Prof. State Agric. Coll., Lawrence. Chem.* Kan. 
Fairbanks, Franklin, St. Jolinsbury. Orn, Min., Curiosities. C* Vt. 
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry, Ph. D., St. Johnsbury. Orn., OoL C* Vt. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 37 

Fairchild, a. R., Whippau}-. Min., Orn., Ool. C. Ex. eggs for min- 
erals. N. J. 

Fairchild, David S., M.D., Prof. Iowa Agric. Coll., Ames. Histol , 
P/n/s., Mic, Gen. Biol* la. 

Fairchild, G. W., Oregon. Palceo., Min., Con., Bot. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Fairchild, Herman L., 102 E. 52ud St., New York. Palao., Geo/., 
ZooL C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Fairey, Richard, Chatham, N. B. Ent. Canada. 

Fairman, Charles, LL. D., Upper Alton. Chem., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Fairweather, G. Earnest, Sec. Nat. Hist. Soc., St. .John. Canada. 

Falconer, William, Botanic Gardens, Cambridge. Bot. C. Ex. liv- 
ing plants onlv. " 3Iass. 

Fales, J. C, Prof. Nat. Sci., Centre Coll., Danville. Geol., Palceo. C. 
Ex. fossils and zool. specimens of this locality.* Ky. 

F.ALIAFENO, Hon. B. C, Keithsburg. Arch., Geol. 111. 

F.A.LIAFENO, Mrs. Mary A., Keithsburs. Arch., Bot. III. 

Fall, Delas, B. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., Albion Coll., Albion. Chem., Zoil., 

Geol., Min. C. Ex. fine minerals and fossils.* Mich. 

Fargo, -James F., 56 Parle Ave., New York. Min. Ex. N. Y. 

Farley, Dr. Porter, 109 W. Main St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Farlow, W. G., Prof. Crypt. Bot., Cambridge.* Mass. 

Farnell, William., Macon. Ferns, Alg<e, Hijdrozoa. C. Ex.* Ga. 

Farnsworth, P. J., M.D., Clinton. Materia Medica, Geol. C. Ni- 
agara fossils.* . la. 

Farquharson, Robert J., M. D., Davenport. Anth.* la. 

Farr, D. C, Glen Falls. Geol. N. Y. 

Farrand, Kate E., La Porte. Ent., Ool. C. Ex. Ind. 

Faugut, V. R., Elvaston. Geol., Orn., Ent. C. Ex. III. 

Favor, W. A., Lowell. Bot. Mass. 

Faxon, Charles E., Boston. Bot* Mass. 

Faxon, Walter, Asst. Prof, Zool., Harvard Univ., Cambridge. Gen. 
Zool., Crustacea.* Mass. 

Fearing, C. AV., A. B., Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. Min. C. Ex.* 

31 ass. 

Featherstone, .T. E., Elk River, Sherburne Co. Micros. Minn. 

Febiger, Christian, Wilmington. Diatoms. Del. 

Feiir, Carl, San Francisco. Coleopt., Lepid. C'al. 

Feitshaus, Prof. F. R., Springfield. Geol., Zool. III. 

Felch, Miss G. C, North Sutton, Merrimac Co. Geol., Ta.r., Ool. C 

Ex.* N. H. 

Fell, George E., C. E., 174 Pearl St.. Buffalo. Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Fell, Rachel M., Normal. Bot. Ex. III. 

Fellows, Charles S., 38 Throop St., Chicago. Gen. Xat. Hist., Diat- 
oms, Desmids, Algee, Microscopic Crustacea and Infusoria. C* III. 

Felton, L. E., M. D., Potsham. Mic. ' N. Y. 

Fergus, Kenneth L. D., West Chester. Bot., Ent., Orn., MoUusks, 

Infusoria. C. Penn. 

Ferguson, D. W., 137 Wilson St., Brooklvn, E. D. Con., Radiates. 
C. Ex.* ' \.Y. 

Ferguson, E. D., Stamford, pprns. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Ferguson, James, Mendola. Min., Chem., Assaying. C. Ex.* III. 

Ferguson, Ma.j. T. B., Baliiniore. Fish culture. Md. 

Fernald, C. H., Prof. Nat. Ili^t., State Coll., Orono. Nat. Hist. C. 
Ex. Lepid. of Maine for tliose of otlier localities. Will purchase 
or ex. for Toricida- of all parts of the world. Correspondence with 
collectors of Tortricida- desired* Me. 

Fernald, M. C, Pres. Me. State Coll., Orono. Physics, Ast.* Me. 

Ferrell, William, Ph. D., Coast Surv. Office, Washington.* D. C. 


Ferris, E. J., Little Mountain, Lake Co. Bot. Ohio. 

Fkkkis, F. E., Painesvillc. Ocol. C. Oliio. 

Fewkes, a. II., Newton llijrlilands. Bot., Hi/menpotera. C* Mass. 
Fewkes, J. Walter, Asst. Miis. Comp. Zool., Cambridge. Gen. Zn :l., 

Cwlenterates.* Mass. 

FiCKLiN, Joseph, Ph. D., Prof. Math, and Ast., State Cniv., Cohim- 

bia.* Mo. 

Field, A. W., Cambridge. Mass. 

FiLE.MANN, J. N., Penna. Salt Co., Natrona. Chem. Peiin. 

Fish, Charles, Oldtown. Ent. : PterophoridcB of N. A. C. Ex.* Me. 
Fish, George T., 42 Arcade, Rochester. Bot. ' C* N. Y. 

Fisher, A. K., M. D., Sing Sing. Orn. C* >. Y. 

Fisher, Davenport, 642 Marshall St., Milwaukee. Chem.* Mis. 

Fisher, F. G., Mulberry. Min., Palceo. C Ex.* Ohio. 

Fisher, IIerschel I., Kichmond. Arch. C. Intl. 

Fisher, J. II., M. A., 106 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester. Infusoria. C. 

Ex.* " N. Y. 

Fisher, J. M., Nusquadoboit Harbor, Halifax Co., N. S. MoU., Crypt. 

Bot. Canada. 

Fisher, Mrs. Mary, Chillicothe. Bot.. Ferns. C. Ex. III. 

Fisher, S. Wilson, 1502 Pine St., Philadelphia. Ast. Penn. 

FiSK, U. M., A. M., Prof. Gcol. and Biol., Hillsdale Coll., Hillsdale. C. 

Will furnish India, Brazil, and Western plants, and Palneo. fossils 

from many horizons in ex. for ererijthiiig ehe that should replace 

the recentlti burned Hillsdale Coll: Mas. Correspondence invited.* 

FisK, Lyman B., Charlestown. Bot., Geol. Mass. 

Fitch, E. II., Ed. Journal of Science, Toledo. Orn., OjI. Ex.* Ohio. 
Fitch, T. T., Box 393, San Francisco. Micros. t'al. 

Fite, C. C, M. D., Shelbyville. Geol. C. Teiui. 

Fl.\gg, Bernard W.,A. M., 10 Concord Ave., Cambridge. Phcen. Bot. 

Flanders, Mrs. G. H., McGregor. Min., Fossils. C. Ex. la. 

Flanders, Thomas U., A. M., M. D., Springfield. Micros., Diatoms. 

C. Ex. Mo. 

Fleming, .Tohn, Readington.* N- J. 

Fletcher, Miss Alice C, Lecturer on Anthropology and Am. Archie- 

olo"v, 229 West 23rd St , New York. Anth., Am. Arch. C. 

Ex-." N. Y. 

Fletcher, Charles R., Lecturer on Chem., Boston Univ., State Assay- 

cr, Boston. Chem.* Mass. 

Fletcher, Mrs. F. A., 919 Hawthorn Ave., Minneapolis. Geol., Min. 

C. Ex. Miuii. 

Fletcher, Frank F., L. B. 83, St. Johnsbury Xiimisniatics. Min., 

Ool. C. Ex. AH birds' eggs must be numbered per Smithson- 
ian list. Vt. 
Fletcher, Hugh, B, A., Geolog. Surv., Ottawa. Geol. Canada. 
Fletcher, James, Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ont. Ent., Bot. C. 

Ex. Canada. 

Fletcher, S. L., Charleston. Geol., Min. C. Ex. N. II. and V'cr- 

mont minerals.* N. II. 

Fletcher, Thomas, Keokuk. Geol. la. 

Flint, Mrs. C. C, Winchester. Ent. N. H. 

Flint, James M., Surg. U. S. Navy, Smithsonian Inst., Washington. 

Min. C* , D. C. 

Flint, Martha Bockee, A. M., Shell)yville. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Ky 
Flint, William C, 210 Sansome St.* San Francisco. Min., Shells, 

Orn., Ool. C. Ex. in Ool.* Cal. 


Flint, William F., B. S„ Winchester. Bot. C. Ex.* N. II. 

Floker, T. W., Waxahachie, Ellis Co. Orn. Ex. Texas. 

Flood, MiLTOX J., Sterlinsr. Min., Ent., Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

Forbes, Prof. Charles, oi Glasgow St., Rochester. Mic. K. Y. 

Forbes, S. A., Director 111. State Lab. of Nat. Hist., Normal.* 111. 

FoRBCSH, Edw. IL, V. P. Worcester Lye. and Nat. Hist. Assoc., 181 

Union St., Worcester. Orn., Gen. Zool. Ex.* Mass. 

FORD, Charles H., Prof. Nat. Sci., State Normal School, Kirksville. 

Bot. : Asters, Sa/idagos, Orchids, Fertis. C Ex. Flora of Mo. 

a specialty. Correspondence from Mo. botanists desired.* Mo. 

FoiSj, H. C, Santa Barbara. Ferns, Algte., Invert. Palceo., Arch., Con. 

C. Ex.* Cal. 

FoREHAXD, Frederick, Box 803, Worcester. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. 3Iass. 
FoERSTE, AuGCSTi'S, 54 Iticliard St., Dayton. Bot., Euphorbiaceee. C. 

Ex. Ohio plants for my specialtj'.* Ohio. 

Foley, Charles, Lindsay, Out. Orn., OOL, Tax. C* Canada. 

FoLLETT, Daxiel .\., Valley Falls, Cumberland Co. Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 
FoLSOM, David, Chicopee. " ilic, Ent. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Foxtaixe, William M., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Univ. of Va. Fos- 
sil Bot * Va. 
Foote, Albert E.. M. D., Prof. Chem. and Min., 1223 Belmont Ave., 

Philadelphia. Min., Gen. \at. Hist., Bibliog. C. Ex.* Peiin. 
Foote, E. B., M. D., Jr., 120 Lexington Ave., New York. Mic. N. Y. 
Foote, Lewis, C. E., Wortliinsj'ton, Nobles Co. Bot. C. Minn. 

Foote, Lewis, C. E., 39 Detroit St., W.Detroit. Bot. Mich. 

FooRD, Arthur H., F. G. S., Geol. Surv. of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. 

Palao.* Canada. 

FORMAXX, .J. B., 11.50 So. 7th St., St. Louis. Coleopt., Lepid. i»lo. 

Forrester, Eichard, St. Louis. (JeoL, Mic. C. 31 o. 

Forster, T. F., Xorristown. Ge». Bot. C. Ex. Penn. 

Forsyth, .J., Champaign. Zool., Geol. C. Ex. good spec* III. 

Fort, Daniel G., Oswego. Pond Life. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

FoRTixER, George R., M. D., Camdcu. Micros.* N. J. 

Fortixer, Harry S., Camden. Micros., Chem., Crystals. C. Ex* N.J. 
Fortixer, Ida F., M. D., Camden. Mic* N.J. 

Foster, A. G., B. A., Pecan Grove, East CarroU Parish. Mexican 

Arch. C. La. 

Foster, Arthur T., 231 Hoffman St., Baltimore. Min. C. Md. 

Foster, Rev. E., D. D., 123 Hcwcs St., Brooklyn. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Foster, Graxville F., Prof, of Physiol., So.'lll. Normal Univ., Car- 

bondale. Anat., Phijsiol. III. 

Foster, William L., Hanover. Bot.: Native plants.* Mass. 

Fowler, Axxie, 223 W. 12th St., Kansas City. Palao.* 3Io. 

Fowler, Augustus, Danvers. Ool.* 3lass. 

Fowler, H. G., Auburn. Orn., Ool., Tax. C. Ex. Woodpeckers a 

specialty.* N. Y. 

Fowler, Rev. .James, M. A., Lecturer on Nat. Sci., Queen's L^niversity, 

Kingston. Geol., Zool., Bot. 0. Ex.* Canada. 

Fowler, Samuel P., Danvers. Orn.* Mass. 

Fox, J. W., Stony Point., Bourbon Co. Ky. 

Fox, Sa.muel L'., 924 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Ophthahnolot/i/.* 

Fbadenburgh, Rev. J. N., Ph.D., Franklin. Anth., Bot., Geol., 

C. Penu. 

P'raine, Thomas W., 13 Joslvn Park, Rochester. Zoijl. and Gen. Tax. 

C. Ex.* ■ N. Y. 

Fkame, Thompsox, Westtown, Chester Co. Bot. Peiin. 

Fuaxce, Johx M., Omaha. Orn.: Birds of Missouri VaUey. C. Neb. 

40 THK naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Francis, George E., M. D., 8 Elm St., Worcester. Bof., Horf. Mass. 
FiiANCK, Geouge, 123 W. Houston St., New York. Lep'td. C. Ex. ]\. Y. 
Franklix, G. S., a. M., M. D., Cliillicotlic. Ent., Arch* C. Oliio. 
Franklin, Wm. E., M. D., La (iranjic, Fayette Co. Rot., Ent. Trim. 
Frawley, J. W., Stromsl)iiri:;:. Her/iet. Sub. 

Frazer, Persifor, M. E., ;"i3() Walmit St., Philadelphia. (JeoL, LitliaL, 

Mic, Chem.* l*eiiii. 

Fraziek, 13. W., Prof, of Mining and Melallurory, Bethlehem. Mm., 

Metall. C. Ex. Penn. 

Fraziek, (J. B., Eganvillo, Renfrew Co. Canada. 

Fraziek, J. V., M: D., Viola, Mercer Co. Palceo., Geo!.* 111. 

FitEAK, \ViLLiA.M, Dir. Laboralorv, Univ., Lcwislnu;;'. Chem., Mic* Fla. 
Frederick, Charles, 148 Genesee St., Auburn. Orn., Vol. C. Ex. 

N. Y. 
Free, Rev. Alfred, Falls of Schuylkill, Philadelphia. Min., GeoL, 

Bot. C. Ex.* ■ Penn. 

Freed, A., Lancaster. Bot., Geo!., Orn. C. Ohio 

Freedley, G. H., 122 So. 19th St , Pliiladclphia. Orn. C. Ex. Penn. 
Freedley, W. G., 210 So. 2-lth St., Philadelphia. Orn., Ool. C. E\. 

Freeman, H. C, C. E., E. M., Alto Pass, Union Co GeoL, Met., Min- 
ing. C. Mininjf in (ia.* III. 
French", Charles W., A. B., Woodstock. Gcol. Vt. 
French, Frank, Pccatonica, Winncl)a<io Co. Mic. 111. 
French, Frank, 4 Grei.u' St , Rochester Mic. NY. 
French, G. H., JNIus. of Soutli 111. Normal Univ., Carhondale. Bat., 

Ent. : Lepid C. Ex. Have few sets of Col. plants to ex. for 

shells or insects.* Ill 

Freshwater, John, Londonville, Ashland Co. ArcliceoL, Gcol. C. 

Ex.* Ohio 

Fretz, C. D., M. D., Sellersville, Bucks Co. Bot. C. 1000 Pa. and 

N.J. Pine Barren i)lants for ex.* Penn. 

Frey, John, Bcllevue Hosp., New York City. Mic. C. Ex. Diatoms 

or objects for Polariscope.* N. Y, 

Frick, Jno. H., a. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Central Weslevan Coll., Warren - 

ton. Geol., Bot. C Ex. " 33 o. 

Fries, George W., B. P., Friendship Mic. C. Ex.* N Y. 

Frisbie, Prof., U. S. Naval Observ., Washing-ton. 1> C. 

Fritz, (tAERtner, Dr. M. R., Albany. Micros. IN'. Y- 

Fritz,, Hamilton, Butler Co. Ast.* Ohio. 

Froehling, Henry, M. D., Prof. Chem., Pres. Baltimore Mic. Soc, 2'J 

No. Calvert St., Baltimore. HistoL, Pathol., Micro-Chem., Min. 

C. Ex.* Md. 

Frohock, Roscoe, Maiden. Bot. . Ferns, Mic. C Ex.* Mass. 

Frost, A. L.. Sprinjivalc, Y'ork Co. Min., Geol, Bot.* Me. 

Frost, Prof. C. P., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

Frothinguam, Rev. Frederick, Milton.* Mass. 

FUCHS, Charles, 14 Bond St , New York. Coleopt. C. Ex. or buy 

Lucanid* and ScaribseidiT?. N. Y, 

Fuller, A. N., Ilermosa, La Plata Co. Geol., Met* Col. 

Fuller, A. S., Ridj:ewood. Phcen, Bot., Coleopt. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Fuller, C. B., Portland. Zodl Me. 

Fuller, Mrs. C. E., Needham. Crypt. Bot. ; Mosses, Orn.* iMass. 

Fuller, Charles G., M. D., 90 Washington St., Chicago. Hist., Mic. 

C. Ex.* III. 

Fuller, Charles H., Upper New Rochelle, Westchester Co. Bot. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Fuller, Frank H., Needham Coleopt., Lepid. C.* Mass. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 41 

Fuller, H. W., care Fuller & Fuller, Chicago. Mic. III. 

Fuller, Joseph B., Rochester. Bot. N. V. 

FuLLEK, L. A., Supt. Pacific Ex. Co., 419 N. 5th St., St. Louis. Palceo. 

C. Mo. 

Fuller, Mrs. R. E., M.D., o Gazelle St., Syracuse. Bo(. .- Ferns. C. 

. Ex.* " i\. Y. 

Fuller, \V. S., M. D., 15 1-2 Main St., Fairport. Pathol, HistoL, 

ZooL* \. V. 

Fullerton, J. A., Ta.xiclermist, Rutherford Park, Bergen Co. Urn., 

Obi. C. N. J. 

Fl'LES. Rev. Thomas W., Cowansville. P. Q., Ent. : Neuropt. and Dipt. 

C. Ex. Northern for Soutlieru >pec.* Canada. 


Gabriel, R., Milford Centre. Astmn., Micros. Ohio. 

Gadden, Lue, Georgetown, Grant Co, C. N. M. 

Gade, George, Fordham Station, New York. Nocturnal Lepid., Mic. 
C. N. Y. 

Gage, Simon H., B. S., Asst. Prof. Phys and Lect. on Mic. Tech., Cor- 
nell Univ., Ithaca. Biol., especialli/ Mic.*^ N. Y. 

Gaillard, Edw.. Uth and Montgomer}- Ave., Philadelphia. Mic, 

Chem. C- Penii. 

Gaines, J. T., 1310 12th St., Louisville. Pakeo. C. Ex.* Ky. 

Gaines. JSIarshall R., A. M., Litclificld. Min., Geol. C. Ex, Conn. 

Galashen, \V a., 2s2 E.Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Ent. : Colcopt. 
C. Ex. Pen 11. 

Galen, .James, Rawlinsvillc, Lancaster Co. Bot., Geol., Min., Om., 
OoL, Emh., Arch., Con. C. Ex.* Peiin. 

Gallagher, William C, Whitings, J^ake Co. Ent. C* Iiid. 

Galloway, G. W., M. A., M. D., Trinidad. Bot., Arch., MoUusks. C* 


Gannett, Hexrt, Geographer of Census, Census Office, Washington. 

(ieography.* D. C. 

Garbek, A. P., M.D., Columbia. Bnt. Penn. 

Gardiner, Rev. E. S., AM., Morrisville Pha-n. Bot., Ferns, Mic* 

N. Y. 

Gardiner, F., Jr., A. B., 48 Weld Hall, Cambridge. Ent., Ichth., Emb. 
C. N. H. and particularly White Mt Coleoptera desired in ex.* 

N H. 

Gardiner, Rev. F., D. D., Pies. Sci, Assoc, Middletown.* Conn. 

Gardiner, Ja.mes T., Dir N. Y. State Surv., .\lbanv. Geol., Geog. 
Stirv.* ' S'. Y. 

(lARDNER, Joseph, Bedford. Mic. Ohio. 

(iARDNER, Leonard, South Weymouth Math , Ast.* 3Iass. 

(iAR.MAN, H., Normal. Ent.» III. 

(;, Samuel, care Mus. Comp. Zool., Cambridue. Herpetol., Ichth. 


Garnier, John H., M.D., Lucknow, Bruce Co., Ont. Batrachia and 
Herpetology in all branches, Orn., Mam. C. Ex. Anxious for 
ex. from all States in the Union, to trace climatic variations. I 
will ex with muscMins in all cniintries. Have many duplicate sjie- 
cics of N .\. rcjitilcs, etc. Reptiles in all classes especially de- 
sired Correspontlcuts in Midtlle and Southern States ilcsired for 
purposes of ex * Canada. 

Garrett, Henry, White Horse, Chester Co. Min., Mic. C. Ex. for 
good spec* Penn. 

42 THE naturalists' directory. 

Garrett, Thomas, Booth, Garrett and Blair, Analyt. Clieiu., 919 Chant 
St., Philadelphia Chem. Peiiii. 

Garrish, J II., M. D , 40 W. '21st St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Garrison, C. G., M.D., Camden. Micros.* N. J. 

Garrison, 0. E., C. E., St. Cloud. Ent., Orn., Geol. Esp. Bot. ('. 
E\. Minn. 

Garver, Rev. Austin S., llopedale. Phcen. But., Ferns, Ent. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 

Gass, Rev. J., Eighth and Gaines Sts., Davenport. Arch., Mound Buibt- 
ers. la. 

Gasster, Alvarez, F. R., Grand Rapids. GcoL, Con. Ohio. 

Gastman, E. A., Supt. City Schools, Decatur. Ent., Orn. C. Ev.* III. 

Gatchell, E. E., Atlanta." Mic, Bot. C. Ex. (ia. 

Gates, Mrs. Mary J., Berkeley, Alameda Co. GcoL, Min., Moll., Bot. 

C. Ex. Cal. minerals anil shells for Eastern s|)eciniens.* C'al. 

Gates, Milo H., B. A., Placerville, El Dorado Co. Bot. C. 4000 Cal- 
ifornia plants.* Cal. 

Gath, Samuel, Oxford, Butler Co. Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Gattinger, a., M. D., Nashville. Bot. C. Tennessee plants in ex. 
for Southern and Western. Tenn. 

Gaumer, George F., Box 979, Lawrence. Zoiil., Dipt., Reptiles, Birds.* 


Gauthrop, H., Kennet Sq. Obi. Penn. 

Gavit, VV. E., Box 3006, New York. Mic, Ent., Fish Culture.* N. Y. 

Gay, Dr. Fred. A., 173 Westminster St., Providence. Min. C. Ex. R. I. 

Gaylord, n. C, 316 Superior St., Cleveland. Pharmacist. Ohio. 

Gearv, Daniel R., Albany. Bot. N. Y. 

Gerhard, John, Jr., State Geolo;;ical Hall, Albanv. Palwo., Arch., 
C. " N. Y. 

Gebhard, Prof. William D., Schoharie. Palceo.* N. Y. 

Geddes, Capt. Gamble, .\. D. C, Government House, Toronto. Ent. : 
Lepid. C Ex.* Canada. 

Gehern, H. Von, Ph. D., 92 Pacific Ave., Jersey City. Chem. N. J. 

Gehring, J. George, 363 Pearl St., Cleveland. Ent.: Coleopt. C. 
Ex.* Ohio. 

Genth, Fred. A., Jr , Univ. Pa., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Gentry, .\lan F., 40 W Joiinson St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Oiil. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Gentry, Thomas G., 40 W. Johnson St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 
Orn., Ool., Bot, C. Desires cgiis and nests from Western, Cen- 
tral and Pacific States in ex. for Eastern spec.* Ppiui. 

Gerard, Charles B., C. E., Anderson. Phcen. Bot. C* Ind. 

Gerard, W. R., 9 Waverley Place, New York. Crypt. Bot., especially 
Fungi.* N.'V. 

Gerber, Andrew M., Box 205, Columbia. Bot. Ex. Penn. 

(jErend, John, Sheboygan. Orn., OoL, Lepid., Ilerpetol. C. Ex. M is. 

CiERMER, Ed. W., M.D., Erie. Mic. Penn. 

Gernerd, J. M. M., Muncy, Lycoming Co. Arch., Min., Con., Palceo. 
C.* Penn. 

Gernerd, James W., Alburtis, Lehigh Co. Orn., Arch., Min. C. 
Ex. Penn. 

CJernerd, Wilson, Trexlertown, Lehigh Co. Min., Orn. C. Ex. Penn. 

(tEkrard, H., M. D., East Lynne. Mic. Mo. 

(tEsner, William, M. D., Birmingham. Chem., Min. C. Ala. 

Getman, M. J., Gloversville, Fulton Co. Phcen. Bot. C* N. Y. 

GiAUQUE, Florien, 4th and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati. Am. Arch.* Ohio. 

GiBBES, L. R., Prof. Coll. of Chem., 28 Comin'; St., Charleston. C. Ex. 

S. C. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. ' 43 

GiBBS, Morris, M. D., Howard Citv. Orn., Ool, Tlerp* Mich. 

GiBBS, Phil. H., Oshawa, Ont. Mam., Orn., Ichth. C. Ex.* Canada. 

CiiBBS, AViLLiAM, JMcdloicl. Oni., Ool. C. Ex.* 3iass. 

GiBBS, A\'oLCOTT, Rumfoid Prof., Cambridge. Chem.* Mass. 

GiBBOXS, A., St. Johns. Indian Curiosities. Ariz. 

Gibbons, Mrs. Phebe E., Lancaster. Bot., Ent. la. 

Gibson, William, Newport. GeoL, Pakeo., Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

GiFFORD, Mrs. Henry S., 44 Montgomery St., Syracuse. Bot., Filices. 
C. Ex. ■ ' N. Y. 

GiFFORD, William, Alta, Peoria Co. Palao., Geol. C. Ex. 111. 

GiFFORD, William E., 54 Pine St., New York. Analyt. Chem.* N. Y. 

Gilbert, E. D., Utica. Bot., Filices. C. Ex. N. Y'. 

Gilbert, Charles H., Instructor in ZooL, Butler Univ., Irvingtou. 
Bot., Orn., Ichth. C. Ex. in Orn. and Ichth. Ind. 

Gilbert, D. W., Keene. Min. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Gilbert, Eliza J. C, Keene. Bot. C. Ex. N. H. 

Gilbert, George II., Keene. Min. C. Ex. N. H. 

Gilbert, G. K., U. S. Geol , Box 240, Sah Lake City. Geol.* I'tah. 

Gilbert, Harold, St. .John, N. B. Orn. Canada. 

Gilbert, -J. B., Peun Yan. Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Gill, Theo. N., M. D., Ph.D., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Gen. 
Zool., Mam., Ichth., Con. C* D. C. 

Gill, William L., 28 S. Prince St., Lancaster. Pakeo., Geol., Astron. 
C. Penn. 

Gillett, Edw., Soiithwick. CuUivation of native plints. C. Rare 
ferns and orchids wanted in ex, for other plants in fpiantity. Col- 
lector of and dealer in X. A. perennial plants.* 3Iass. 

Gillett, William W., Buncomh, Fayette Co, Geol., Min. C. Ex. 
ferns, flowers, lead and zinc ores. Wis. 

Gillha.m, Robert, Kansas City. Engineering and Geologij. Mo. 

Gillman, Henry, Detroit. Anth., Bot.* 3Iich. 

GiLMAN, FR.iNK P., Prof. Univ. of Wash. Tcr., Seattle, Geol., Chun., 

Phi/s. C. Ex, Puiret Sound shells for minerals.* "W . T. 

Gilpin, Dr Bernard, Halifav, N. S. Orn., Ichth. Canada, 

Gilpin, Edwin, A. M., F. (J. S., Government Inspector of Mines, Hali- 
fax, X. S. Mining Engineer, Local Geol.* Canada. 

Gilpin, Ex. Gov., College, Denver. Chem. Col. 

GiLSON, F, H., 161 Franklin St , Boston. Bot. C.* Mass. 

Gilson, J. C, Coui-t House, Room 4, Oakland City. Min. Cal. 

GisSLER, Carl F., Ph, D , S.'J Broadway, Brooklyn, E, D. Arthropoda, 

Crustacea, Copt'.pnda.* \. Y. 

Glackin, D. L., Wakefield, Lancaster Co. Archeol. C. Ex. Penn. 

Glasco, .J. M., (Jilmcr. Bot., Min. Texas 

Glass, James II., M.n., Watkins. Comp. Anat., Con. C. Ex. N. y! 

Gleason, Edw., Elmira. Xat.IIist. IV Y 

Gleason, Herbert, Maiden. Geol., Bib. of Sci* Mass 

Godbey, Prof. S. M., Monisville, Poll Co." Geol. C. Ex i>lo" 

GoDDARD, Anson M., .3;i Free St., Portland. Orn. C. Ex. Me. 

Goduard, Charles, Rockford. Bot., Comp. Osteol. C. Ex. Ill 

Godfrey, Chas. C, Soulhport, Fairfield Co. Chem., Min. C, Ex. Conn. 

GODING, I. W., B. S., Kansville. Orn., Ent. Ill 

GoEssMAN, ( '. A., Ph. I)., Prof. Chem. A-rric.ColI., Amherst. .11 ass. 

GOFF, John L., GUdersleeve's Landing, Oiil., Orn. C. Ex. Conn. 

GoFF, Julia H., Red Bank. Phan. Bbt., Ferns. C. Ex. N. ,1, 

Going, C. B., Yonkers. Orn. \ y 

Golden, A. J., Akron. Geol , Con., Arch. C. Ev. Ohio 

GoLDSCHMiDT, S. A., E, M., Ph. D., 59 Liberty St., New York. Chen,.* 

i\. Y. 

44 THE naturalists' directokt. 

GoLDSMiTn, Dr., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

GoLDTHOiiP, (JEOKGE J., Mincvul Point. PalcEo., Mm. C. Minerals 
of Wis. and fossils of llic Palena and Blue Limestones to ex. lor 
those of other localities, or for Sci. hooks iu Lng. or German.* Wis. 

Gomez, .Juan E., ISIontcrey. OoL, Con. <.'al. 

Goocu, F. A., Ph. U., U. S. Geol. 8urv., Newport. Chem. R. I. 

GooDALE, Prof. George L., Cambi-id{;c. Bot* 31 ass. 

GooDE, G. Brown, Cur. U. S. Nat. Mus., Asst. U. S. Fish Comm., 
Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Geog. Dist., Jchth., Nat. 
ILsf. of Bertm(das, Fisheries. (J. E.\'.* . I>. C 

GOODELL, J. IL, M. D., Marseilles, La Salle Co. Osteol. Prcparinjr 
antl mountinii- skeletons of animals to order. C. Ex. ill. 

GooDELL, L. W., Amherst. Bot.: Floriculture, Eiit. : Lepid. C* Mass. 

GooDFELLOW, Edward, Assistant U. S. Coast anil Geod. Surv., Wash- 
ington.* D. C. 

Goodhue, Charles F., Webster. Orn., Lepid. : Sphingida, Catocnliv. 

C. Ex. N. H. 

Gooding, W. A., 861 Bhiff St., Dubuque. Or7i. C. Ex. skins and 
eg-ji's — good specimens only.* la. 

GoODRfcH.MRS.L.L., 99 WilLw St., Syracuse. Bot. Ex. Filices.* N. Y. 

Goodrich, Wilbur F., Leominster. Con., Min. C. Ex. Desires 
Helices, F. W. shells, and crystals.* Mass. 

Goodspeed, a. M., Falmouth, liu. C. Mass. 

Goodspeed, p. p., Milford. Micros. Mass. 

Goodwii.lie, D. H., M. D., 160 W. 3ith St., New York. Mic. N. Y. 

Goodwin, A. C, Co. Snpt. Schools, Charleslown, Clark Co. Geol., P'l- 
tceo., Bot. C. Lower Sil. and upper Ilcldcrberg fossils for ex. 
Want onlv perfect fossils.* In<l. 

Goodwin, E. M., Hartland. Min., L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Goodvear, '\V\ A., Mining Geologist,' San Francisco. Geol., Engi- 
neering. Cal. 

Goold, C. H., Morris. Palceo.: Fossil fora of Mazon Creek, Grundy 
Co. C. Ex.* ill. 

Gordon, J. R., A. M., Fairport. Micros. N. Y. 

Gordon, W. E., Patchogue, Suffolk Co. Algce., Local Arch. C* N. Y. 

GoRDY, W. F., A. B., jSIiddletown. Teacher Sci., High School. Conn. 

Gore, J. Howard, Prof Math., Columbian Univ., \V'aNhiiigtoii. Cere- 
monial Gocernment. 1>. C. 

Gorton, David A., M. D., 291 Broadway, New York. Geol., Vert., 

Emb., Hymen., Worms. N. Y. 

Gorton, L. G., High School, Detroit. Geol., Mic, Min. C. Ex. bot. 

spec, geol. and mic. slides.* 3Iicli. 

Goss, B. F., Pewaukee, AV'aukcsha Co. 0-7. C. Ex. in sets.* U is. 

Goss, Col. N. S., Neosho Falls, W'oodson Co. Orn. C* Kan. 

GoTT, Joseph W., Goshen, Orange Co. Geol. C. Ex. Zeolites and 
Oi-ange Co. minerals and fossils. N. Y. 

Gottschalk, a. C, 193 N. Salina St., Syracuse. Mic, Bo!. C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 

Gottweiss, a., 136 Second St., New York. Coleoptera, Micro-Lepid- 

optera. N. Y. 

Gould, Annie M., Upper Stillwater. Coleoptera, OoL C Ex.* Me. 

Gould, S. Clark, Manchester. Geti. Sri. C. Ex. N. H. 

GowEN, F. H., W^est Ncwl)ury. Bot., Mic. Mass. 

Gracie, .A.LEX. G.. Box 26, Summit. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Grady, John H., Natick. Oi-n., Orl., Min., Coins, Curiosities, etc. C. 

Ex. Will buy eggs and coins.* Mass. 

Graef, Edw. L , 40 Court St., Brooklyn. Lepid. C. Ex. Desires es- 
pecially N. A. bombycidfe and noctuida?.* IS. Y. 

THE naturalists' dieectoby. 45 

Graf, L., Van Biircn. GeoL, Invert. Palceo. C. Ex. Ark. 

(jRAHAM, Clare W., St. Johusburv. Tax., Orn., Zool. C. Ex.* Vt. 
Graham, F., E. M , 261o Pine St ,"st. Louis. Min. C. Ex. Mo. 

Graham, II. L., Chew Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. Ool. C. Ex.* 

Graham, I. Day, Prin. High School, Elmdale, Chase Co. Ent., Orn. 

C. Ex. Kan. 

Grandy, C. D., Prof. Univ. X. C, Chapel Hill. Min. N. C. 

Grant, Lt. Col. Charles C, Hamilton, Ont. Pukco., esp. Pal<eo. of 

Xiagara formation in Canada. C. Ex. Niag. I'ossils.* Canada. 
Gr.\xt, G. II., Castleton. Orn.. Vol. C. Ex. Vt. 

Grant, II. C, Prin. High School, Centreville. Micros. la. 

Grant, James A., M. D., F. CJ.S., M.It. C. P. (London, Eng.),F. R. 

C. S. (Edinburgh), Ex. Pros. Canada Med. Assoc, Ex. Pres. Coll. 

ol' Surgeons, Ontario, Ottawa. Geo/.* Canada. 

Grant, J. M., CrowcUton, liutfalo Co. Con. C. Neb. 

Gratacap, L. p., Ph. 15., M. A., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York. 

Chem , Mm. N. Y. 

Gray, Arthl'r F., C. E., Danvevsport. Mollusca. C. Am. Unionidse, 

Am. and Exotic Pupadje desired in ex. Exotic Land and Fresh 

Water shells desired in ex. for Am. spec* Mass. 

Gray, Prof. Asa, M. D., Botanic (hardens, Cambridge. Bot.* Mass. 
Gray, Elisha, Chicago. Electrician.* 111. 

Graybill, J. K., Lebanon. Palceo. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Green, Caleb, M. D., A.M., Homer, Cortland Co. Gen. Nat. Hist. 

C* N. Y. 

Green, Edward Lee, Silver City. Bot. N. M. 

Green, George C, Factoryville, Wyoming Co. Penn. 

Green, H. A., Atco. Mm., Bot., Con., Kalonologij, Met., Chem. C. 

13ot. and wooil specimens for ex.* N. J. 

Green, Jesse A., Crawfordsviilc Orn. C. Ex. Ind. 

Green, .J. C, INI. D., 124 Swan St., Buffalo. Fungi, Algee, Desmids, 

GeoL, Micros., Biol., Orn. N. Y. 

Green, Dr. Jesse C, West Chester. Met., Mic. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Green, X. Y., liattle Creek. GeoL, Arch., Orn. C. Ex. skins of this 

locality for other species.* Mich. 

Green, Sa.muel A., M. D., Boston. Arch. C* iMass. 

Green, Traill, JNI. D., Easton. Bot. Penn. 

Green, William Lawrence, Box 2334, Boston. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 
Greenawalt, C. F., Hunnnel'town. Min. Penn. 

(iREENE, A. C, Frostburgh. Bot. Md. 

Greene, Charles Augustus, M. I)., 236 X. Queen St., Lancaster. 

(ieneral. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Greene, Rev. Edw. L., Berkeley. Bot. C. Desires Pha?nogams 

from every wiierc Those from New Mexico, Arizona and Califor- 
nia in ex.* Col. 
Greene, F. C, 167 Fourth St., Milwaukee. GeoL C. Ex. Wis. 
Greene, Thomas .\., ^lilwaukec Minerals cmd fossils from Niagara 

and Hamilton (/roups. Ex. Wis. 

Greenleak, R. C.,3'3 Summer St., Boston. Diatoms, Mic. C* Mass. 
Greenleaf, R. W., a. B., Botanic Garden, Cambridge. Bot. 31ass. 
Greenwood, E. C., Ijiswich. Orn. C. Ex. for good speeinicas. (One 

black-throated diver wanted.) Mass. 

Greenwood, James, Jr., West Boylston. Economic Ent. C* Mass. 
Greenwood, M., Kansas City, ^iath. Mo. 

Gregory, Prof. K. S., Youngstown. Micros. Ohio. 

Gregory, J. J. H., Marblchead. Min., Con., Indian Antiquities. C* 


46 THE naturalists' UIKECTOKY. 

Gregory, John, Chcopricke, N. B. Conch. Canada. 

Gregg, Dr. Robert J., S:ui Dic^o. Anthropol. ChI. 

(iREGG, \V'iLLi.\M II., M. L)., 43 Cambridge Fluce, Biooklvu. 0;m.. 

Iclith. C* " JV. V. 

Grey, Robert M., Kenwood, All)ai)v Co. 0;:l., Lepicl., ColeopL, Pu- 

Iceo. C. Ex. " N. Y. 

Grey, William, Kenwood, Albany Co. Bot., Ent. C. Ex.* JV.Y. 

CiRiCE, John T., Wutcrl)iiroli, Tompkins Co. Mic. C. .NV. 

(Jridley, Rev. A. L., Benzonia. Cosmor/oni/.'* Mich. 

Griffin, L. J., Albion. Zodl. Mich. 

Griffin, Stimi'SON, M. D., Liter, Mor;;'an Co. (hn. C. Ex. for Ca- 
nadian and Brit, skins.* la. 
Griffin, W. \V., 32 Johnson St., Lvmi. Ent., Min., Mic, Gen. B'lul. 

C. Ex.* ■ Mass. 

Griffing, Byron, Shelter Island. Bot. : Marine Ah/ce. C. Ex. N.Y. 
Griffing, Moses B., Shelter Islantl. Oni., OoL, Tax., Indian Relics. 

C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Griffith, Mrs. B. M., Springfield. Bot. HI. 

Griffith, E. H., A. M., Fairport, Monroe Co. Mic. C. Ex.* N.Y. 
Griffith, H. G., M. D., Mareniio. Ent. C. Ex. la. 

Griffith, Dr. J. P. Crozen, Ul'O Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Ge)i. 

Mic,, Veg. Histol., esp. Normal and Patholor/ical Animal Anat. 

Ex.* Poiin. 

Griffith, S. F., Asst. Snrp., U. S. N., U. S. S. Alaska, Navv Dcjit , 

Washington. Mic. ' I>. C 

Griggs, A. D., Lawrence. Geol, Con. liau. 

Grim, William H., Hamburah. Min. Penn. 

Grinnell, (iEORGE BiRD, Asst. in Yale Coll. Mus., New Haven. Os- 

tcol.. Vert. Palao., Orn. Conn. 

Groesel, Charles E., Akron, Suinmit Co. Ent., Geol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Groff, Prof. George G., M.D., Lewisburg. Xat. Hist. C* Penn. 
Groh, Edward, Brooklyn, E. D. Ent. N. Y. 

Gross, C. A., Landisviile, Atlantic Co. Bot.: Grnminacece. C. Ex. 

N. J. Plants for specimens peculiar to the Great Lakes and St. 

Lawrence Basin of N. A.* N.J. 

Gross, Oran R., M. D., 455 W. 43rd St., New York. Pha-n. Bot., Crypt. 

Bot., Moll., Iclith. C* N. Y. 

Grossklaus, J, F., Navarre, Stark Co. Chem. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Grossman, Prof. John II., MiUedueville, Carroll Co. Bot., Phi/s., 

Geol. C. Ex.* ■ ' HI. 

Grote, Aug. R., New Brighton, Staten Island. Biol., Fossils, Cnista,- 

cen. Moths.* N.Y'. 

Groton, L. C, High School, Detroit. Pliys. Mich. 

Grout, D. E., North McGregor. Oiil., Orn., Tax.* la. 

Gruber, F., Inventor of the Zoographicon, Director Mus. Woodward's 

Gardens, 823 20th St., San Francisco. ZooL, Orn., OoL* Cal. 

Gruhlky, a. C, Waterloo, De Kalb Co. Mi/t., Palcco., Numismatics. 

C. Ex.* Ind. 

Grumbling, Christian M., A. M., Simpson Centenary College, Indian- 

ola. Math., Astron. la. 

Grunow, J., JNIanufacturer of Optical Instruments, 70 W. 39th St., New 

York. Optics in general.* N.Y'. 

Guignard, J. A., 36 Daly St., Ottawa. Bot.* Canada. 

Guild, A. S., Lowell. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Guild, E. W., Monument Station, Wallace Co. Ent., Colcoptera. C. 

Ex. Kan. 

Guild, Irving, T., I^ynn. Invert. ; Sponges, Ferns.* Mass. 

Guild, James H., care 0. R. &. N. Co., Portland. Con. Ore. 


Guilford, A. B., Union, Hudson Co. Bot. : Ferns. C. Ex. N.J. 

GuNDLACH, Ernst, Rochester. Micros.* N. Y. 

GuNTHEK, W. H., Shebovfran. Bot., Orn. C. Wis. 

GuNN, Charles W., Granii Rapids. Orn., Mam. C. E.v.* Mich. 

GuNN, Will., Grand Rapids. Orn. 3Iich. 

GuKLEY, William F. E., Danville. Invert. Palao C. Fossils to ex.* 

GuTTENBERG, GuSTAVUS, Erie. Bot. C. E.\. Desires especially I'crns 

from all parts of the world.* Peim 

GuYOT, Prof. A., Princeton. Geol., Phys. Geog., Arch. C. Ex.* N.J. 


Haanel, Prof. E., Ph. D., Victoria Univ., Coboiu-f^, Ontario. Chem., 
Phys. Canada. 

Hakerer, Joseph V., M. D., 23 Fayette St., Utica. Bot., Cyperacece, 
Comp. A7iat. C. Rare plants for ex. Solicit correspondence.* 

N. Y. 

Habirshaw, Fred., 6 West 48th St., New York. Diatomacecs. C 

Ex.* N. \". 

Habirshaw, John, M. D., 101 W. 47th St., New York. Micros , Vert. 
C* N . Y. 

Habirshaw, W^illiam M., F. C. S., Lon., etc., 159 Front St., New York. 

Ana/i/t. Chem., Chem. E7iqinecring . C* N. Y. 

Hacker, William, 233 So. 4th St., Philadelphia. Orn., Bot. C. Ex.- 


Hadley, E., M. D., 191 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis. Micros. Iiiil. 

Hadley, Miss Lida D., Richmond. Geol. C. Ex.* Intl. 

Hafer, E. E., Reading-. Min. Penn. 

H,\geman, Morris, Lebanon, Warren Co. Palceo., Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hagen, H. a., M. D., Ph. D., Prof. Harvard Univ., Asst. Miis. Comp. 
Zool. 7 Putnam Ave., Camljrii.lg'e. Ent. Ex. Biological speci- 
mens. Nenroptera Pscudomorphs.* Mass. 

Hagen, Miss Jennie, So. Royalton. Mia. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Hageny, John H.. The Dalles, Wasco Co. Con., Ent. Ex.* Ore. 

Hager, a. D., 463 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. Geol. C* III. 

Haight, Charles C, East Homer. Orn., Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Hail, F. G., Greenville, Plumas Co. Chem., Min.., Geol. C. Ex. Cal. 

Hailes, Williams, M. D., 197 Hamilton St., Albany. Embryology, 

Xormal and Pathological Histol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Haimbach, Frank, 2315 Thompson St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Lepid., 

Coleopt., Hymen. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Haines, A. C, M. D., Columbus. Xat. Hist.* N. J. 

Haines, E. M., Pleasant Grove. Orn. C. Ex. Penn. 

Haines, Harry p., 1259 W.averly Place, Elizabeth. Oiil. C. Ev. N. J. 

Haines, H. Cope., Haines St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Bot. Penn. 

Haines, James, M. D., Keokuk. Palao. la. 

Haines, Ja.mes, Jr., Pekin. Zool. III. 

Haines, Mrs. Mary P., L.B. 1094, Richmond. Palao. C. Ex. Intl. 

Haines, Reuben, Wayne St., Germantown, and 315 Willing's Alley, 

Philadelphia. Analyt. Chem., Ent., Mic* Penn. 

Haines, Sarah C, M.D., Galena. Bot., Min., Geol. Ex. III. 

Haines, William T., West Chester. Fungi. Penn. 

Hake, E. G., M. D., New Cumberland, Cumberland Co. Bot. (Crypt.), 
Zool., Mic. C. Ex. Desires Ophioglossacese, Lycopodiacea-, 
Isoetcs and Hepaticse.* Penn. 

Hale, Edwin W^, Chicago. Mic. 111. 

48 THE naturalists' directory. 

Hale, Prop. L. B., (Hanover, N. H.), Giranl Ave., Philadelphia. Mi- 
cros. Penn. 

Hale, Philip L., 39 Hiyhland St., Roxbury. Ferns, Algce., Orn. Ex. 

31 ass. 

Hale, W. C. I., Jamestown. Micros. M. Y. 

Hale, William H., Ph. D., 50 Clinton Ave., Albany. Gen. Biol., Anth., 

Com p. Phi hi.* ' N. V. 

Hall, A., East Rockport. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hall, Asa F., Hudson. Min., Gcol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Hall, Prof. Asapu, U. S. Naval Observ., Washino^ton. D. C. 

Hall, Rev. C. H., D. D., 157 Montague St., Brooklvn. Hot. C. Ex. 

N. Y. 

Hall, Clifford B., No. Raynham. Orn., Old. C. Ex. Mass. 

Hall, C. W., Prof. Univ. Minn., 601 Universitv Ave.. ISIinneapolis. Min. 
GeoL, Lithol. C. Ex.* " Minn. 

Hall, Dan., Sutherland Falls. Gcol, Min. C. Vt. 

Hall, Edwin B., Wellsville, Alleganv Co. Ferns. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hall, Eliiiu, Athens, Menard Co. BoL, Con. C. Ex.* III. 

Hall, F. G., Ehnira. Mic. 'S. Y. 

Hall, F. W., M. L)., New Haven. Bot., Orn. Ex. Conn. 

Hall, Isaac H., 725 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Bot. : Ferns, Orc/iids. 
C. Penn. 

Hall, James, State Geologist and Director of State Mus. Nat. Hist., 
Albany. GeoL, Palao. C. Ex. Will send ^lus. publications in 
return for books or collections for State museum.* N. Y. 

Hall, James A., Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co. General. Ex. C'al. 

Hall, John W., Jr., Covington. Palceo., Min. C. Ex. Ky. 

Hall, L. Brewer, M. D., 17 So. 16th St., Philadelphia. Penn. 

Hall, Rev. M. S., Lawn Ridge. . GeoL III. 

Hall, Capt. W. P., 2134 W. 3rd St., Davenport. Arch. la. 

Hall, W. T., Guvandotte. Mm., Palceo. C. Ex. Vt . Va. 

Hallock, a. P.,'N. Y. Gas Light Co., 21st St. and Ave. A. N. Y. 

Hallock, Prof. E. J., Ph. D., Boston Journal of Chemistry, 165 High 
St., Boston. Chem.* ' illass. 

Hallowell, Susan M., Prof. Bot., Wellesley Coll., Wellesley.* 3Iass. 

Halsey, Ameli.^ L., La Fayette, Stark Co. Orn.* II!. 

Halsted, Byron D., officcof " American Agriculturalist," 751 Broad- 

wav. New York. Crypt. Bot.* N. Y. 

Hambach, G., M. D., 2824 Cass Ave., St. Louis. Pala!o., Bot. C* ]»Io. 

Hambly, D. W., Spanish Ranch, Plumas Co. GeoL, Min.. Met., Gen. 
Biol. C. Ex. CaL 

Hamel, Thomas E., M. A., Prof. Facultv of Arts, Laval Univ., Quebec. 
Nat. Phil.* ' Canada. 

Hamelton, C. W., Brimficld. Orn. III. 

Hamill, Alexander, M. D., Baldwinsville. Arch. C* N- Y. 

Hamilton, Miss E., Minneapolis. Gcol. Minn. 

Hamilton, Edwin H., Petcrsliurir. Ool., A'at. Hist. Ill- 

Hamilton, Hugh, B. Sc, M. D.,"212 So. 2nd St., Harrisburg. Chem., 
GeoL C* Penn. 

Hamilton, John, M. D., 18 Ohio St., Allegheny. Coleopt. C. Ex.* 


Hamilton, S. G., Newark. Tax. Ohio. 

Hamilton, W. N., Green Castle. Math. Ind. 

Hamlin, A. C, M. D., Bangor. Min., Palceo., Arch., Gen. Nat. Hist. 
C. Ex. 31 e. 

Hamlin, Charles E., Mus. Comp. Zool., Cambridge. Recent and Fos- 
sil Marine Molhisca.* 3Iass. 

Hamlin, D. A., Cambridge. Bot., Mic* 31ass. 


Hamblix, Flotd, Boonville, Oneida Co. Miyi. C. >". V. 

Hamlix, F. M., M. D., 1 Williams St., Aiibiiin. Mic, Con. C. Ex. 

Bermuda and W. I. sea-shells in ex. I'or L. and F. W. and other 

marine shells. Also mic. objects generally.* >'. Y. 

Hamlix, Harry W'., Care Peoria Sugar Refinery, Peoria. Orn., Ool. 

C. Ex. in sets. Would like sets of sea-birds. III. 

Hammoxd, C. N., 302 Washington St., Boston. Mam., Orn., Tax. C 

H.^MMOXD, H. A., Jr., West DePere. Orn.* >\ i>. 

PIammoxd. ^Irs. Hvlor A., West DePere, Brown Co. Orn. \S is. 

Hamp, S. F., Pueblo. GeoL, Min. Coi. 

Hamptox, C. J., Junius, Seneca Co. Orn., Min., Moll. C. Ex.* IV. Y. 
Hamptox, C. M., E. Hamburg, Erie Co. Bot. C. Ex. >i'. Y. 

Haxamax, C. E., 1 Gale PL. First St., Trov. Histol. C* X. Y. 

Haxce, Theo. F., 191 Fulton St., New York. Histol. C* N. Y. 

Haxcks, H. G., San Francisco. Mic, Min. Cal. 

Haxcock, E. M., Waukon. Orn., 0,1., Ent. C* la. 

Haxcock, Joseph L., 25.5.5 Michigan Ave., Chicago. Orn., C* III. 
H.txcox, Hexry a., Spencerport, Monroe Co. Gen. Xat. HiU. C. \. Y. 
Haxg, C, 89 Congress St., W. Detroit. Mic. 3Iich. 

Haxke, Hexry C, 309 University Ave., X. E., ilinneapolis. Orn., 

Oil. C. Ex.* illiaii. 

H.\XKEXSOX, E. L., Xewark, Wavne Co. Bot. C. Ex. local lor other 

plants.* ' .\. Y. 

Haxks, Hexry G., State Mineralogist, and Direc. State Miis., 1124 

Greenwich St., San Francisco. Ex. for st:ite raus.* Cal. 

Hanx'a, George B., Assistant Assayer U. S. Assay Office, Charlotte. 

Min. Engineering, Metall. and Min., Cliem. C. Ex. Mostly 

ores, but desires cabinet specimens in exchanac.* ^'. C. 

Hax-xa, Hugh W., Wabash. GeoL, Palceo., Min., Con. C. Ex.* Intl. 
Haxxahs, George, Sr., South Haven. Bot., Min., Con. C. 3Iich. 
Haxsox, James F., Fremont. Bot., Geol. Xeb. 

Hajrbisox, W. F., Spencerville, Allen Co. Arch., Geol., Mull., Palreo. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Harbrox, George, P. O. Box ISI, Hamilton. Tax. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Harcourt, Jay, Xappinger's Falls. Ast. \. Y. 

Hard, M. E., A. M., Washington C. H., Fayette Co. Geol. C. Ex. 

Hardaway, R. a., Ala. Agric. and Mech.Coll., Auburn. Engineering. 

Hardex, Johx H., M. E., Phoenixville. Geol., Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Hardy, E. E., 420 Congress St., Portland. Mafi., Om., Reptiles. C. ■ Me. 
Hardy, Maxly, Brewer. Orn. C. Ex.* 3Ip. 

Hardy, M. C, Rcadfield. Micros. ?Ie. 

Hare, Sidxey J., 1017 (4rand Ave., Kansas City. Palao., Ent., Mm., 

Geo'. (J. Ex. in Palwo. and Geol.* ' .11 o. 

IIarex, William A., 1400 Hickory St., St. Louis. Mic, Ast. C. Ex. 

Mic. slides.* " 3Io. 

Harford, W. G. W., 2132 O'Farrell St., San Francisco. Zool* Cal. 
Harger, Oscar, 14 University Place, New Haven. Isopod Crustacra, 

Palm).* Conn. 

IIargett, Rev. C. W., Fairfield, Franklin Co. Arch., Geol., Xat. Hist. 

C. Ex. Ind. 

Hargrave, C, Rockville. Articulita, Moll., Geol. C. Ex. L. and 

F. W. shells and carboniferous fossils for anvthinir of value.* Ind. 
Hargreaves, H. B.; Box 19, Garnerville, Rockland Co. Micros. : .Sec- 
tions of tcood. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Harkxess, il. W., M. D., Sacramento. Fungi, Micros. C. Cal. 


IIaukness. S. J., Florence. Mirros., Fungi. C. Ariz. 

JIaut, Cuakles a., 710 Vermont St., Quincy. Con., Bot., Gcol. C. 

Ex. Marine s|)ecimens tlesireil.* III. 

Hakt, Edwakd, Pli. D., Adjunct Prof. Chera., Easton. Chem. Peiiii. 

IIaktman, John H., Leljanon, Warren Co. L. and F. IF. Shells, Cin. 
Fosnils, for ex. in J'(i/(po., Ferns, Min. C. Ohio. 

Hart, Tho.mas, ISlevcr-, Monioc Co. Bot. Fla. 

IIakpek, E. T., Tort Byron. Bot., Gcol. C. Ex. III. 

ILvKPEK, EsMONDE, 203;') Wallace St., Philadelphia. Oni., 061. C. 
Ex. full sets of c^trs.* _ Pesin. 

Harper, Ceorge W., Prin. Woodward Hiorh School, Cincinnati. GeoL, 
Con., Palceo. C. L. Sil. fossils and F. W. and L. Shells for 
ex.* Ohio. 

Harper, J. B., Rocksvillc. Chem. Ind. 

Harper, K. A.. Port Byron, liock Island Co. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. III. 

Harriman, M. C, Warner. Orn., Ent. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Harrington, B. J., B. A., Ph. U., Prof, of Mining, McGill Coll., Mon- 
treal. Mm. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Harrington, Edw., 23 Boston St., Salem. Orn , Ool. Ex.* 31ass. 

Hariungton, M., Homestead. OoK la. 

Harrington, Prof. Mark W., Dir. of Obs., iVnu Arbor. Ast., M/t.* 


Harrington, Rev. W. H., Stillwater. Arch., Orn.* Minn. 

Harrington, W. Hague, P. O. Dept., Ottawa. Ent. C. Ex. Coleop- 
tera. Canada. 

Harris, Edward, Moorestown. C. Ex. N. J. 

Harris, F. L., So. Natick. Horticulture. Mass. 

Harris, I. H., Waynesville. Geol., PalcBO., Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Harris, Sarah C, M. D., Galena. Bot , Min., Palcpo. C. Ex.* 111. 

Harrison, Edwin, B. S., St. Louis. Geol. Mo. 

Harrison, George B.,o20 Mulberry St., Bloomington. Geol., Palceo. 

C. Ex.* III. 

Harrison, O. E., Pajrctowii. Palceo , Min. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Harrison, J. B., Franklin Falls. Bot., Geol. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Harrison, Rev. J B., Vinelaiid. Bot. N. J. 

Harrison, .1. L., North Adams. Geol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Harrison, T. F., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Harrison, W. G., M. D., C9 Centre St., Baltimore. Mic* .^Id. 

Harrison. William H., Easton. Ent. Peitn. 

Harroi), P., M. D., Avon, Fulton Co. 1. C. Ex.* III. 

Hartman, Lem. R.. Fort Wa\ne. Mic. Ind. 

Hartman, W. D., M. D., West Chester. Con. C. Penn. 

Hartt, Mrs. Charles Fred. 118 Park St., Buffalo. Geol., Min., Pot- 
ter i/, Antiquities. C* N. Y. 

Hartwell, Samuel, Lincoln. Hort. and Agric* Mass. 

Hartzler, Prof. J. C, Newark, Licking Co. Arch., Geol., Palceo. C. 


Harvey, F. L., B. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., and Chem., Ark. Ind. Univ., 

Faycttevillc. Bot., Zoul., Geol., Min., Chem. C. Ex.* Ark. 

PIarvev, Hon. J. H., Pres. Iowa State Ornithological Society, Des 
Moines. la. 

Harvey, Leon F., M. D., Buffalo. Leptd. C* N. Y. 

Harvey, William, Bradford, Stark Co. Bot. C* III. 

Haskell, Miss C. C, Teacher of Botany, Vas.sar Coll., Poughkeepsie.* 

N. Y. 

liASKELL, Charles H., Holland Patent, Oneida Co. Palceo., Min. C* 

N. Y. 

Haskell, Edw., New Bedford. Horticulture, Orchids, Ferns, etc. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 


Haskell, J., Marblchead. Min., Con., Bot. Mass. 

Haskixs, J. P., L. B. 4o2, Saratoga Springs. Geol., Min., ArcJt. C. 

Ex. N. Y. 

Haskins, William, 223 S. Green St., Chicago. Chem., Mic, Min. 

Spi'C. Analijt. Chem. and Mic. (J. Ev. Minerals, and hairs of 

ditl'crent animals, mounted or unmounted.* 111. 

IIasslek, Ferdixaxd A., U. D., Ph. 1)., 133o 11th St., X. W., W.nsh- 

ington. P/icen. Bot., Geog. Distri/i., MoUusks. C* D. C. 

Hasson, C B., Dayton. Geol.i MoUuska. V. Ex. Ky. 

Hassox, W. F. C.,"U. S. N. Acad., ,\nnapolis. Palao. C. Ex. Md. 
Hatch, C. C, Community. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Hatch, Deloss, Oak Centre. Orn. C. Ex. birds' eggs, shells and 

minerals.* \*'is. 

Hatch, Mrs. Deloss, Oak Centre. 1. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Hatch, P. L , M. D., Minneapolis. Orn. C. Ex. Minn. 

Hatch, S. R., Milford. Diatoms, Min., Micros., Photog., Infusoria. 

Electricity C. Ex. 3Iass. 

Haupt, Rev. C. E., Lancaster. Mic* Penn. 

Haupt, II., .Jr., M. D., Ph. D., "The Rogers Engineering Library," 

Univ. of Penn., Philudeliihia. Gcot , Bot. C. Ex.*' Penn. 

Haupt, J. C, Davenport. PIkbh. Bot , Ferns, Gen. Biol. C. la. 

Hauxhurst, D. C, ]M. D., Battle Creek. Eye and Ear in medicine. 

Ex. sections human skin for good biological spec. Mich. 

Hawes, Alfred, Sherborn. (Now in Ximberley, Diamond Fields, So. 

Africa.) Orn., Ent. C. Ex. Mass. 

Hawes, Amos, Madl-onville. Orn. Ohio. 

Hawes, (Ieorge W., Ph. D., Smithsonian List., Washington. Min., 

Lith. D. C. 

Hawkes, A. A., Wakefield. Geol, Mic. C. Ex. iMass. 

Hawkixs, E. M., Fairplay, Park Co. Min., Palao. C. Ex. Col. 

Hawkixs, -James, 33-3/ River St., Chicago. Mic. III. 

Hawkixs, Thomas II., M. D., Denver. Histology. Col. 

Hawks. S. G., Hesper. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Hawley, Mrs. Helen D., Suspension Bridge. Bot., Ferns, Mosses, 

Geol., Min. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hawley, Miss Mixxie, Bristol. Min. Conn. 

Hawley, Rev. R. E., "SI. A., A\'ashington. Indian relics, Cin. and 

Carb. Fossils, and Goniafiles. C. Sells specimens.* Ind. 

Hawley, R. V., Community, MacHson (,'o. Ent. N. Y. 

Hawx, Prof. Fued., T>cavpn\vorth. Geol. Kan. 

Hawokth, Johx, 26(i So. 4th St., Philadelphia.* Penn. 

Hay, George U., St. John, X. B. Bot. C. Ex. N. B. plants for 

those of Southern States.* Canada. 



delphia. Geol.* i«.iiii. 

Haydfx, X. W., Windsor Looks, Hartford Co. Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 
Haydox, Dr. Waltox, Iliulson Bay Co. Moose Factory, Hudson's Bay 

via Temiscaming.* Canada. 

Hates, A.I^., Aledo, (now in Colorado Springs, Col.) Ool., Con. C. 

Ex.* 1 o . ^ . jjl_ 

Hayes, Chandler, Wilmington. Min. C. Ex. Del. 
Hayes, Charles E., cor. Main and Dvre Sts., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Orn., O I. C. Ex.* ' Penn. 

Hayes, Charles L, B. S., Urbana. Hort., Bot. III. 

Hayes, George E., 1125 Main St., Buffalo. Geol.* N. Y. 

52 THK naturalists' directory. 

Hates, S. D., M-l^v Boston. Micros. Ma«s. 

Haymond, Rufus, C'l:irksl)iirg. Orn. M'. Va. 

Haynes, Eknest E., Ohcrlin. O/;/. C. Ex. Ohio. 

IIaynes, ,I. N., Indianapolis. Micros. Iml. 

Hayt, II. \V., Lowville. Mnm., Urn. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Haywakd, E. J., Santa Barbara. Orn., Ent., Indian relics, Tarantu- 
las, and Tarantula nests.* Cal. 

Hay'wauu, Rowland, care Boston Soc. Xat. Hist , Boston. Ent. : CoU- 
opt., Hymen. (J. Ex.* Mass. 

Hay'wood, F. E., Quincy Point. Min. Mass. 

Hazard, I. W., Peace Dale. Anal. Chem. 11. I. 

Hazard, R. G., 2nd, Peace Dale. Obi. C-* R. I. 

Hazen, Levi, West Hartford. Min. C* Vt. 

Head, W. R., Chicaoo.* III. 

Heading, Alice J., Peoria. Bot. C. Ex.* III. 

Healy, a., South Haven. Hort. Mich. 

Heath, S. A., Davenport. GeoL, Bot. la. 

Hecox, Lauha J. F., Santa Cruz. Con. C. Cal. shells in ex. for \j. 

and F. W. shells and fossils.* Cal. 

Hedden, Robert E., 33 Brittles Ave., Cohimbus. Ool. C. Ex. Ohio 

Hedge, Frederick 11., Jr., Public Library, Lawrence. Bot.* 31 ass. 

Hedges, Charles E., Oran<je. C. Ex. N.J. 

Hedley, George H., Medina. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. for birds of the 
North West, sea birds and foreign birds. Correspondence solic- 
ited.* N. Y 

Heffner, Prof. George II., Principal Academy, Womelsdorf, Berks 
Co. Pen 11. 

Heighway, a. E., M. D., 86 W. Tth St. Cincinnati. Cliem., GeoL* Ohio. 

Heighway, a. E., Jr.. M. D., 8G \V. 7tli St., Cincinnati. Min., GeoL, 
Mic, Lith. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Heighway', S. C, 86 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. Coleopt., Fossils and lul- 

ics. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Heiligbrodt, L., Bastroi>. Lepid., Hi/men., Coleopt., Reptiles. C. Tex. 

Heilprin, Angelo, Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Palcpo. Pciiii. 

Heimstreet, Thomas B., M.D., 132 2ntl St., Trov. Orn., Gen. Zool. 

C. Ex. " N. Y. 

Heistand, George, Marysville. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Helbixg, C. R., East Toledo. Tax. C. Ohio. 

Helbing, T. O., East Toledo. Tax. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Heller. J. W., 38tli St. and 8th Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Helme, James W., Jr., A(h-ian. Orn., Tax. C* Mich. 

Helmuth, Carl A., M. D., 224 N. Clark St., Chicago. Zool., Bot., Mtc* 


Hemphill, Henry, San Diego. Moll. C* Cal. 

Henck, J. B., Jr., S. B., Electrical Dept., Am. Bell Telephone Co., 95 
Milk St., Boston.* Mass. 

Henderson, George A., Decatur. Chem. III. 

Henderson, Mrs. J. G., Winchester, Con., Ool. III. 

Henderson, Judge John G., Winchester, Scott Co. Anth. C. III. 

Henderson, Dr. J. P., Newvillc, Rockland Co. Archceo., Eth. C* Ohio. 

Henderson, L. T., Marysville. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hendrick, M. S., Sandwich. Min., Ool. C. Ex. 111. 

Hendricks, B. F., Rock Falls. Min. III. 

Hendricks, William, Hummelstown. Min. Peiin. 

Henry, John S., Maryville. Orn., Od., Tax. C. Ex. Teiiii. 

Henry, W. A., Prof. Agric., Univ. Wisconsin, Madison. Phcen. Bot., 

Fungi.* Wis. 

Henry, William A., Ithaca. Phmi. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. N. Y. 


Henry, ^VILLIAM T., Mineral Point. Mm., Paleeo. C. Ex.* His. 

Hensuall, J A., M. D., 33 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati. Ichth* Ohio. 

Hexsuall, Mrs. J. A.. 33 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati. Ichth* Ohio. 

Hejjshavv, H. W., Smithsonian Institute, Washington. Orn., Eth. C. 

Ex.* D. C, 

Henshaw, Samuel, 77 Newbuiy St., Boston. Ent* .11 ass. 

Herbein, fl. J., Sinkinji' Spring, Berks Co. Mm. C. Ex. Peiin. 

Herbert, W. S. B., Lynn. Ent. . Coleopt., Mic. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Herbst, William, M. D., Trexlertowu, Lehigh Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Pen 11. 

Herdmax, W J., Ph.D., M.D., Ann Arbor Anat., EthnoL, Anth.* 


Heron, G. C, Ottawa. Stiperjicial Geo!., Invert. Valao., Con. Ex. 


Heron, Gilbert C, C. E., Corsicana, Xavarro Co. Con.* Texas. 

Heron, William M., M. D., Robinson St., Allegeny. Ast., Mir. Peiin. 

Herrick, C. L., B, S., 81 So. 6th St., Minneapohs. hueit. ZooL, Bot. 
C. Ex.* 3Iinn. 

Herrick, F H., Tilton. Bot Filices, Lith. C. Ex. >'. H. 

Herrick, F. M., Princeton. Geol. HI. 

Herrick, Harold, Brick Church, Orange. Orn. C. N. J, 

Herriot, Dr. J. V., Valparaiso. Micros. Ind. 

Herrmann, Richard, Dubuque. Geol., Palceo. Fossils from Galena 
limestone a specialty- C. Ex.* Ja. 

Hervey, Rev. A ii., Taunton. Crypt. Bot., Marine Algce in particu- 
lar. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Herzer, Rev. H., Berea. Crypt. Bot. . Mosses, Palceo., Geol, Micros., 

Orn. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hess, F., Fort Dodge. Ast. la. 

Hess, Frank W., 3rd Artillery, U. S. A., address Allegheny College, 

Meadville, Orn. C. Ex. Peiiii. 

Heusee, George O., Lancaster. Tax. Penii. 

Heuser, H. J., Wytheville, Wythe Co. Antiquities, Min. C. Ex. 

for any curiosities.* Va. 

Hecstis, Mrs. Caroline E., Caileton, St. John, X. B. Ent. : Lepid. 
C. Ex. Canada. 

Hewitt, W. C, Ypsilanti. Chem. Mich. 

Hews, A. H., No. Cambridge. iMass. 

Hexaaier, C. R., Chappaqua, Westchester Co. Bot. C. Ex. local spec- 
imens.* iV. Y. 

Hexamer, F. M., M. D., New Castle. Bot., Con. C* iV. Y. 

Heys, Thomas, Toronto. Analyt. Chem. Canada. 

HiBBARD, Homer N., room 77, Government Building, Chicago. Cole- 
opt., L<pic].* " III. 

HiBBARD, William N., Hvde Park. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* III. 

Hicks, Gilbert H., Albion Coll., Albion. Orn., Ent. C. Ex. Mich. 

HiCKS, Prof. L. E., Granville. Invert. Palcpo., Geo!., Lithol. C. Ex.* 


Hidden, William E., 142 Broadway, New York. Mm., Gems. ('. 
Ex. " N.Y. 

Hiestand, .1. (i., Denver. Mm. Col. 

HicBEE, Charles H., Boston. Crypt. Bot., Min., Micros.* Mass. 

HiGCiNS, F. W., W<)0(ll)urn CciiKtcrv, Detroit. Hot., Met.* Mich. 

HiGGiNS, Dr. .J. .J., 23 lieekman Place, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

HiGGiNsoN, Charles M., 'SI. E., C. B. & Q. R. R., Chicago. Min. C. 
Kx- III. 

High, B. Y., West Point, Cuming Co. Con. C. Ex. Neb. 

54 THE naturalists' directory. 

High, Ezra, Poplar Ncok. ArcJirro. Penn. 

lilGLEV, 1). J , A. M., Univ. of Mich., Ann Aibor. Ge7i. ZooL, Co7np. 

Ancit., Eiit.: Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. Midi. 

HiGLicv, \V. K., M. S., Box 1229, .Inn Arbor. Bot. C* Mich. 

HiLDKETii, J., Rome. 717/?;. C. N.Y. 

lliLDUETH, John L., jNI. L)., 37 Brattle .St., Cambriiljre. 31 ass. 

liiLGAKD, EcG. W., Prof, of Aj;ric. Clicin., Berkeley. Agric, Che>ii., 
Gcol. Col. in Bot * CaL 

Hill, jMks. Chahlotte, Florissant, El Paso Co. Min., Geol. C. Col. 

Hill, Chahles F., Hazelton, Luzerne Co. Palcco. C. Ex. Anthra- 
cite fossils I'or other good specimens. Penn. 

Hill, Bev. F. J., Eu'ilewood, Cook Co. Bot., Geol. C* III. 

Hii.L, E. K., Brownsville, Yuba Co. Bot., Orn., Ent. Ex.* Cal. 

Hill, F. A.. Prin. High School, Chelsea. Am. Arch.* Mass. 

Hill, Fkanklin C, Box 338, Princeton. GcoL, Ent. N. J. 

Hill, (George, Arlington. Hort. Mass. 

Hill, Ceokge E., Hazelton. Palteo. C. Anthracite fossils to ex. for 
others. . I*enn. 

Hill, Dk. G. H., Ashland. Am. Antiquities. C. Ohio. 

Hill, Dr. H. H., Cincinnati. Arch., Vuti., Palceo. C. Ohio. 

Hill, J. Stuart, M. D., Elmira. Orn. C. ^. Y. 

Hill, Eussell S., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Osteol., Reptiles, Amjilnb- 
tans. C. Penn. 

Hill, W. W., Albany. Lepul. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hiller, p. C, Conestoga, Lancaster Co. Arch. C. Ex. for pipes, pot- 
tery, etc.* Penn. 

Hills, E. K., Bine Hill. Me. 

Hills, Pv. B., Leicester. Bot. Mass. 

Hills, W. D., Odin, Marion Co. Ool. C. Ex.* IH. 

Hilton, A. P., 331 Hudson St., New York. Coleoptera. C Ex. N. Y. 

HiMES, Isaac N., jNL D., Prof. Med. College, Cleveland. Pathol, and 
Moih/d Annt.* Ohio. 

Hind, Prof. II. Y'., Windsor, N. S. Geol. Canada. 

HiNE, F. B., B. S., Silver Cliff. Min., Chem. C. Ex.* Col. 

HiNKLEY, A. A., Box 444, Rockford. L. and F. IF. Shells. C Ex.* 111. 

HiXKLEv, Holmes, 1 Faiifield St., Boston. Ent.: Lepid. Mass., Chas. D., Columbus Savinas Bank Co., Columbus. Olil. C. Ex.* 


Hinman, C. W., S. B., 32 Hawley St., Boston. Cltem. Gas Inspector 
for Mass.* " Mass. 

HiNRiCHS, G., A. M., M. D., Prof. Pliys. Sci., State Univ., Iowa City. 

M(t(0., Dir. la. iveather service.* la. 

Hinds, J. I. D , A. M., C.E., M.D.,Prof. of Nat. Sci. and Chem., Cum- 
berland Univ., Lebanon.* Teiin. 

Hinds, Wm A., Community, Madison Co. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Hinsdale, F. L., M. D., Kcwanee, Henry Co. Bot. C. Ex.* 111. 

Hinsdale, Rev. Robert G., Prest. Hobart Coll., Geneva. Ent.: Lepid. 
C. Ex. N. 1'. 

HiPKiss, Geo., Stoncham. Min. C. Ex.* 3Iass. 

HiSER, Rudolph, Keokuk. Ent., Tax. la. 

Hitchcock, Chas., Ware. Mic* 31 ass. 

Hitchcock. Charles A., North-East, Erie Co. Geol., Min. C. Ex. 
"Cone in Cone," exchanged. Penn. 

Hitchcock, C. H., Prof. Geol., Dartmouth Coll., Hanover. Geol., Lith., 
Jchnol. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Hitchcock, Geo. N., San Diego. Astron. Cal. 

Hitchcock, Miss Mary, Hanover. Bot.: Ferns.* N. H. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 55 

Hitchcock, N. jNI., Knoxvillc. General. 111. 

Hitchcock, Puof. K., F. K. M. S., 53 Maiden Lane, New York. Pies. 

N. Y. Mic. Soc, Ed. .\m. Monthly Mic. Joiunal. Mic, F. If. 

Alqa; C* N ■ V. 

Hitchcock, Dr. T. S., Denver. Arch., Mm., Antiquities. Col. 

Hilt, Col. D. F., Pies. .\ead. Nat. «ei., Ottawa. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex. 11!. 
IIittle, .Ilonzo, Fo;iclsvillc. Ornith. Penii. 

HoADLEV, Frederick H , M. D., New York. Orn., Osteol. iN. Y. 

HoBART, .\RTnuR, Pcnn Yan, Yates Co. Mtc, Agrtc. Dot. C* IV. Y. 
HOBB.s, Barnabas C, Bloomin^i^dale. GeoL, Nat. Sci. Intl. 

HOBBS, Chas. E., Winter Hill, bomeiville. Mic, Hot., Diatoms. Au- 
thor of Hobbs' Botanical List of Crude Vej-etable Dru-rs.* Mass. 
HoBBS, Orlando, .Jetf(nsonville, Clark Co. Photogrnphij, Assay of 

Minerals and Ores, GeoL, Palao. C. J.ower Silurian to the 

Hamilton of the Devon, to ex. for Carb. and overlving formations.* 

Hobby, C. M., M.D., Iowa City. F. W. Algcs. C. Ex.* la. 

HOBSON, .\rthur E., 19 Dale St., Boston. GeoL, Min. Triassic Fos- 
sils an(l Minerals for ev.* Mass. 
HOBSO.N, Jas., Gibraltar. Mini., Orn., Ichth., Reptiles. C. Ex. Mich. 
HOBSON, J. W., Saco. Horticulture.* 3Ie. 
Hodge, F.. .V. 13., A. M., M. D , Hudson. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Hodges, G. C, 129 John St., Utica. Chem., Mic. C. Ex.* A. Y. 
Hoffman, August, \Vasliin;iton. Ent. 111. 
Hoffman, 1). A., M. D., Uskaloosa. GeoL, Palao., OoL, Ent., Arch. 

C. Ex. la. 

Hoffman, Paul C, Rockville. Orn., Obi., Tax. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Hoffman, T., Rockville. Orn., OoL C. Ex.* Conn. 

Hoffman, \\' alter .J., M. D., Bureau Ethnology, Washington. Anth., 

Vert., Zoo/., Mm.* ' D. C. 

Hoffmeister, Aug. W., M, D., Fort Madison, Lee Co Ent. . LepuL, 

Coleopt. C. Ex. la. 

Hoge, Peyton H., A. M., Instructor in Math., Univ. School, 109 Sth 

St., Hicliniond. GeoL, Dot. C. E\. Va. 

Holbrook, Francis N., C. E., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New 

York. MetaUnrgij.* N. \. 

Holbrook, .J. -J., Kcene. GeoL, Bot. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Holbrook, L , P. O. Box 536, New York. GeoL* W. Y. 

Holbrook, Watson C, C. E., Colcta, Whiteside Co. Geol.., Comp. 

Anat., Arch. C. Ex. Sil. Corals for other specimens.* 111. 

Holcomb, Benton. West Granby, Hartford Co. Con., OoL, Min. 

C. Ex. Conn. 

HOLDEN, E. G. D., Grand Rapids. Arch. Mich. 

Hoi.DEN. E. S., Wa^lll)urne Observ., Madison. Ast. Wis. 

HoLDEN, W., 179 Vine St., Cincinnati. Arch., Aranece. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Holder, Mary H., Berlin. Bot. C* 3Iass. 

Holder, J. B., M. D., Cur. Zool., Am. Museum, Central Park, New 

York. Gen. BioL* N. Y. 

HoLDREDGE, D. D., Medina. Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Holiston, Romanus T., Bonanza City, Saguache Co. Min., Assarjinq 

and Exam, of Mines. C* Col. 

Holland, Rev. ¥. R., Hope. Bot., Con., C* Inil. 

Holland, Prof. .J. W., M. I)., Louisville. Gen. Biol. Ky. 

HoLLiCK, .Vrthur, Ph. B , Box 12« Port Richmond, Staten Island. 

Pluen. Dot., Orn. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

HoLLENBUSH, 11. W., 320 Spring Garden St., Reading. Min., Mic. 

Fungi and Diatomncecc. C. Ex.* Penn. 

HOLLISTEK. Edward 11., Greculieki. GeoL, Ent. Mass. 

56 THE naturalists' directory. 

HoLMAN, David S., Actuary, Fiankliu Inst., 15 S. 7th St., Pbiladelphia. 

Mic* Pemi 

HoLMAN, F. A., M. D., San Francisco. Orn., Mic. Cal. 

HOLMAN, G. M., 13. S., 27 N 7tli St., Philadelphia. C/zew., Mic. (.:. 

Ex.* Penii. 

Holmes, Bayard, Yorkville, Kendall Co. Moll. C Ex. III. 

Holmes, E. D., Grand Rapids. Mic. 3Iieh. 

Holmes, Dr. E. S., 114 Ottawa St., Grand llapids. ZooL, Irldh.* Mich. 
Holmes, Prof. F. S., Charleston. Palao., Geol. C. Ex. S. C. 

Holmes, J. A., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bot., Ent. C. N. Y 

Holmes, J. C, 41 Motiat Block, Detroit. lint. C* Mich. 

Holmes, I^ucien, Standish, Cumb. Co. Mm., Phcen. Bot. and Filicca. 

C. Ex.* Me. 

Holmes, Miss jSIary E., Box 485, Kockford. Bot., Orn. C. Ex. III. 
HoL.MES, William, Warsaw, Wyoming Co. Micros. N. Y. 

Holmes, W. H., U. S. Geolog. Survey, 509 7th St., Washington. Geol., 

Arch. ' D. C. 

Holmes, Wm. M., Greenwich, AVashington Co. Con. N. Y. 

Holt, Alfred F., M. D., 98 Austin St., Cambridgeport. Hlslol, Mir. 

slides of same in ex. for any Mic. objects.* Mass 

HOLTEKUOFF, G., Jr., Avondale, ("incinuati. Orn., Ool. C Ex. Ohio 
HoLWAY, E. W., Decorah. Fungi, I'/itrn. Bot., Mic. C. Ex. parasi- 
tic fungi.* la. 
Homes, Henry A., LL.D., State Library, Albany.* ]\. Y 
HoMSHEH, Geo. W., M. D., Box 31, Fairfield, Franklin Co. Bot. and 

Geol. specimens I'or sjiec. in Arch. Arch. C. Ex.* Intl. 

HoNEYMAN, Kev. David, Prof. Geol., Dalhousie Coll., Halifax, N. S. 

Geol. Canada 

Hood, E. Lyman, Minneapolis. Orn., Ool., Ent., Mic. C. Ex. for 

Southern species.* 
Hood, Lewis E., Norwich. Ent. ; Coleopt. C. E\. Am. Lampyrida?, 

Coccinellida?. A lew foreign correspondents desired.* Conn. 

Hooker, J. N., Castleton. Ool., Orn. C. Ex. Vt. 

Hooper, Franklin \V., Prof. Nat. Sci., Adclphi Acad., Brooklyn. ^ 

C'omp. Anat., Physiol. C. Ex. AlgiV and Corals.* JJ. Y. 

Hooper, H. T.. Sherman, Grayson Co. Tax. Tex. 

HooPES, JosiAH, West Chester. Bot.: Coniferce. C* Penn. 

HooPES, J. S., New Brighton, Beaver Co. Mic, Geol. C* Penn. 

Hope, Henry W., Paint P. U., Highland Co. Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* 

Hopkins, Albert, Phcenix. Arch. C. N.J. 

Hopkins, F. v., M.D., East Lake, Lake Co. Min., Geol. C. Ex.* Cal. 
HoPKiRK, W. II., Burlington. Bot., Zodl. la. 

HoPPiN, Miss Ruth, Northampton. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

HoPSON, W. B., New Haven. Ichth. Conn. 

Horn, George II., M. D., 874 North 4th St., Philadelphia. Coleoptera 

of U. S. C* Penn. 

Horn,H. B., M. D., Atchison.* Kan. 

HoKNADAY, William T., Sec. Soc. Am. Taxidermists, 31 Prince St., 

Rochester. Mam., Gen. Zoid., Coll. and Tax. in all branches.* 

N. Y. 
Horr, Asa, M. D., Dubuque. Bot. C* la. 

HoRR. Edw. W., Blandville, Ballard Co. Ky. 

HoReFORD, B., Sprins'field. Geol., Orn. Mass. 

HosFORD, F. H., East Charlotte. Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 

HosKiNS, William, 223 S. Green St., Chicago. Analyt. Chem., Legal 

Mic. C. Ex.* III. 

HoSMER, Eliza, Concord. Ph(Pn, Bot., Crypt. Bot., Ferns. Ex.* Mass. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 57 

HoTCHKiss, Maria R., Lewiston. Con. N. Y. 

HoTCHKiss, ^I. T., 42 E. Ouondaga St., Syracuse. Phmi. Bot., Fihces. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

IIOTCHKiss, W. H., M. D., Xew Haven. Orn. C. - Conn. 

Hough, F. B., Lowville. Bot* S.Y. 

Hough, R. B., Lowville, Orn., Bot. C* >'. Y. 

Hough, Samuel J., -29 St. Paul St., Baltimore. Ent.: Coleopt. ('. 

Ex.* Md. 

Houghton, Chakles A., West Medway Orii. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Houghton, Philip S., Detroit. Orii.,'Od/. 3Iich. 

Houston, George M., Harrisonvillc. Miu., Mic. C. Ex.* Mo. 

How. Prof. Henry, Wiudsor, X. S. Mm. C. Ex. Canada. 

Howard, Gary, 618 8tli St., Oakland. Coleopt. C. Ex. Cal. 

Howard, Curtis C, Cumberland. Micros. Ohio. 

Howard, L. O., Asst. Eutomolo^iist, Dept. Agric, Washington. Econ. 

Ent., esp. Parasitic Hymenoptera.* D. C. 

Howard, Sophia E., M.D., danger Place School, Canaudaigua. Gen. 

Biol, Micros. Ex. N. Y. 

Howard, \\'. H., Sterlinii", Whiteside Co. Geol. 111. 

Howe, Prof. A. E., Denver. Math. Col. 

Howe, E. G., Washinjitou. Bot., ZooL, Chem. C. Ex. III. 

Howe, Elliott C, M. D., Yonkers. Bot. : Cyperacece, Ferns, Ent., 

Biol. C. Ex. in Bot. N. Y. 

Howe, H. A., Denver University, Denver. Ast.* Col. 

Howe, J. M., 37 Stone St., Rochester. Mic. N.Y. 

Howe, Lucien, M. D., 5 West Chippewa St., Buffalo. Mic. Anat. C. 

Ex. desired in slides illustrating anatomy and pathology of the eye 

and ear.* N . Y. 

Howell, Edwin E., A. M., Rochester. Min., Geol., Invert. Palao.* 

Howell, Joseph, Sauvie's Island, Multnomah Co. Bot. C. Ore. 

Howell, Robert, Nichols, Tioga Co. Geol., Palceo., ZooL, Arch. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Howell, Thomas J., Sauvie's Island, Multnomah Co. Bot. Collects 

native seeds, bulbs, ferns, etc.* Ore. 

Howerton, William J., Garnett. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Geol. C. Ex. 

Howes, C. H., C. E., Essex. Geol., Min. C. Ex. 3lass. 

Howey, John M., Box 317, Canandaigua. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Rowland, Frank G., Saratoga Springs. Ool. C. Ex. N.Y. 

HowLAND, Snowdon, Box 206, Newport. Ool. C. Ex. for sets only.* R. I. 
Howlett, C. K., Rochester. Orn. C. Ex. " N. Y. 

HoxiE, Walter, Port Royal. Orn. "Naturalists always welcome at 

my house." Locality interesting and rich for the Ornithologist, 

Botanist, Entomologist and Ichthyologist.* S. C. 

Hoy, Philo R., M. D., Racine. Ent., Herpetol. and Orn. of Wisconsin. 

C* Wis. 

IIoystrabt, T>yman H., Pine Plains, Dutchess Co. Phcen. Bot., Filices, 

Patamogentons. C. Very fine specimens in ex. for So. and 

Western specimens.* >'. Y. 

Hoyt, Brooks F., Ph. B., Columbus. Orn., Nat. Hist. Neb. 

Hoyt, C. K., Waterloo, Seneca Co. Micros. N. Y. 

Hoyt, D. B., Rockport. Gen. .Xat. Hist.* Mass. 

Hoyt, J. A., Box 3i04, New York. .Micros. N. Y. 

Hoyt, James J., West Chelmsford. Inventor. 3Iass. 

HovEY, C. H., 69 Tremont St., Boston. Ferns, Mosses, Horticulture. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 

HoVEY, C. M., Boston. Ferns, Mosses, Horticulture. C. Ex.* Mass. 

58 THE naturalists' directory. 

IIOVEY, Rev Horace C. New Haven. GeoL, Anth. C. Ex. crinoids 

and rave specimens* Conn. 

HuART, Rev. Vjctor A., Prof. Zool., Sem. Chicoutimi, P. Q. Eitt., 

Bat., Gen. Nat. Iltst. C. E.v.* Canada. 

HuBB.\uD, E. li., Fitclihuijf. Orn., Ool. C. E.v. Mass. 

HuBB.vuu, G. F., lio\ 424, Fitchlnirj^. Bot.,Ent. C Ex. Mass. 

HuBB.VKD, (i. W., M. I)., Prol' oi' Nat. Sci., Central Tennessee Coll., 

Nasliville. Jiot., Geo/ , Mhi. C. Tcnn. plaut.s lor ex.* Tenn. 
Hubbard, H. (J.^TS7) Woodln-id<(c St., W. Detroit. Coleont. C. Ex. 

Hubbard, Lucius, South Bend. Ent., L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex.* 

HuBB\RD. \V C, 27 West 9th St., New York. Phys., Chem., Mic. N.V. 
Hubek, Rev. V.u., 213 W. Marshall St., Rieliraoud. Hot., Orn.* Va. 

HUBER, Ed., 21.? W. Marshall St., Richmond. Mic. Ex. Va. 

Huber. Lee, Willow St , Lancaster. A'«^ Set., Min. C. Ex. Penn. 
lluBREGTSE, Adriax, 34 Cvjiress St., Rochester. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Huckel, Rev. William, 161 Maiden Lane, New York City. Bot., 

Micros.* N. Y. 

HucKiNS, D. T., M. D., Watertown. Con. C. Ex. Mass. 

Hudson, B., Pelerboro'. Mam., Orn., Ta.r.* Canada. 

Huett, Johx \V.. Columbia Station, Lorain Co. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

Geol , Lepid, MoUusks. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Huff, Barton, Sterlin;;-. Min. \\\. 

Hughart, W". O., Jr , 118 Jcti'erson Ave., Crand Rapids. Geol. C. Ex. 

Hughes, PIon. D. D., Gr:ind Rapids. Orn.* 3Iich. 

Hughes. W. H., 47 Jetlerson .\ve., Grand Rapids. Geol. C* Mich. 
HuGHEV, James, Orlando. Min. Fla. 

Hull. H. V., M. D., Schenectady. P. O. Box 212. Mic. N. Y. 

Hume, John, E>;ington Place, Davenport. GeoL, Pakeo., Arch., Eth. 

C. Ev.* la. 

HuMPHUEV, I).. j\r. D., Lawrence. Micros., Gen. Biol., Anth.* Mass. 
Humphrey, Fred, Lawrence. Orn., Arch. C* Mass. 

HuMiMiKEV, (lEOKGE, Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

HuMi'iiREV, (iEORGE W., Detlham. Bot., Zool. C* Mass. 

Humphrey, Ja.mes E., No. Weymouth. Bot. C. Ex. in Mass.* 31ass. 
Hu.MPHREY, \\'iLLiAM, Jacksoi). Mic. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Humphreys, John J., Eddvlown, Yates Co. Horticulture, Orn., Ent. 

C. ■ N. Y. 

Humphreys, John T., M. A., Lynchburj,'. Zoi'l., Min. Va. 

Hunt, Alfred O., McGrey:or. "^ Bot., Geol., Min., Micros., Orn. C. 

Ex. la. 

Hunt. Andrew M., C. E., care Navy Dept., Washington. Petrology. 

C. D. C. 

Hunt, Charles G., Belleville, Ont. Con. Canada. 

Hunt. David, Jr., A. M., M. D., 149 Bovlston St., Boston. Vert. 

Enib.* Mass. 

Hunt, George, Box 722, Providence. Ent., Bot. C R. I. 

Hunt, George M., C. E., No. Argyle,. Washing:ton Co. Geol., Bot. 

C* * N. Y. 

Hunt, H. W., A. M., Arjrvle, Washington Co. Geol.* N. Y. 

Hunt, J. F., Garnett Geo!., Ent. C. Ex. Kan. 

Hunt, Dr. .1. G.. Philadclphi ;. Bot., Micros. Penn. 

Hunt, James (;., Franklorl, Mcikimer Co. Geol., Mm. Ex.* \. Y. 
Hu.\T. J. H, M. I).. 41 E. Third St., Cincinnati. Mic. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Hunt, P. G., lndi;in<ipolis. Micros. Ind. 

Hunt, Ralph, White Cloud. Geol. Kau. 



Geol., Min., Chem* 

Hunt, T. Sterrt, LL. D., F. R. S., Montreal. 


Hunt, William H., Concord. Eort. Mass. 

Hunter, U. E , A. M., Washington, Daviess Co. Ast. Ind 

Hunter, Prof James, Mt. Carroll. Min. Ill 

HuNTEii, Jennie, Gamett. PaUeo. C. Ex. Kan. 

Hunter, John, Auburn. Ool. C. Ex. N. V. 

Hunter, Nannie D., Carnctt. Bot. C. Ex. Kan. 

Hunting, A. J., Natick. Orn., Ool., Ent. C. Ex.* Ma^s. 

Huntington, C ]SI., Clinton. Oneida Co. GeoL, Mm. N. Y. 

Huntington, George S , C. E., 245 Browne St., Cincinnati. Native 

and foreign land shells. Coleupt. C. E.v.* Ohio. 

HuRD, Rev. F.-vyette, Laingsbnro-h. Micros C. Ex.* Mich. 

HuRLBURT, Edward, Uticu. GenL, Palao. C. Ex.* 
HuuLBURT, W D., Rochester. Mm., GeoL* 
HuRTER, J., 2346 .So. 10th St., St. Louis. Orn. C* 
HuRTV, J. H., Indianapolis. Chem. 
HURTY, John, 104 N. Peun St., Indianapolis. Chem.* 
Huston, Samuel, B. S., Richmond, Jetferson Co. 

PhcBn. Hot.* 
Hussey, Frederick, East Orange. Orn., Ool C. Ex. 
HussEY, George B., Box 174, East Orange. Geol. 
Hussey, John, Prof. Nat. Sci., Purdue Univ., Lafayette 

C. Ex.* 
HuTCiiiNS, J. P., Oneida. Orn., Tax.* 
Hutchinson, Edward S., C. E., Cannelton. Micros. 
Hutchinson, J. II., Warren, Jo D.iviess Co. Zool, Charles W., Statesville. Oiil. C. Ex.* 
Hyams, F. U., .StatesvUlc. Out., Con. C. Ex.* 

Hyams, M. E., Statesville. Bot. C. Ex.* .... 

Hyatt, Alpheus, Prof, of Palgeo. and Zoul , Mass., Inst, of Technol , 

Curator Boston Soc. ot Nat. Hi>t., Boston. Zoil., Palceo.* Mass. 
Hyatt BRos.,Colunihus. Pakeo. (Devonian [Carboniferous] fossils of 

Central O.) C. Ex. ibr good fossdsorcollections of fossils.* O.'iio. 
Hyatt, James, Stanfordville, Dutchess Co- Chem., Bot., Min., PaUeo. 

N. Y. 









Geol, Palceo., 

Nat. Hist. 


N Y 

W. Va 





Hyatt, .J. D., Monisania, New York. Bot., Micros.* 
Hyde, B. N.. C. E., Pottsville. Phcen. Bot. 
Hyde, H. A., Cleveland. 
Hyde, Henry C, San Francisco. Micros.* 
Hyde, James N., 1818 Indiana Ave., Chicago. Mic. C 
Hynds, F. p., Ralston Station, Weakley Co. Bot.* 


Ickstadt, T.,., 11th Ave., between 6Tth and 6Sth Sts.. New York. Lepid. 

C Ex * N. Y. 

Iddings, J.P.,U. S. Geol. Surv.. 78th St. and 8th Ave., New York. N. Y. 
Illig, Hiram L., Millbach, Lebanon Co. Arch. Have a coll. of 7000 

specimens. Penn. 

Ingalls. Charles E., East Templcton. Orn.* iMass. 

Ingersoll, A., San .Jose. Orn., Ool. Cal. 

Ingersoll, Ernest, U. S. Commission, of Fish and Fisheries, Wa-h- 

inL'^ton * 1). C. 

Ingersoll, R. G., 1421 New York, Washington. Etk. D. C. 

Ingersoll, Seymour R., 1374 Euchd Ave., Cleveland. Ool., Orn., 

Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

CO THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

iNGEKSOLL, T. DwiGHT, 702 State St., Erie. Geol. G. Ex.* Penn. 
Ingham,' J. Lewis, Willimansett, Hampden Co. Ent., Ool C. Ex.* 

Ingraham, R. C. New Bedford. Bot. Musci and Hepaticce (local). 

C* Mass. 

Ingram, J., M. D., Vineland. Met., Geol C. JV. J. 

Irish, Charles \V., Iowa City. Civil Engineer. C* la. 

Irish, Thomas M., Dubuque. Phcen. Bot., Crypt. Bot. . Mosses, Func/i, 

Ferns. C. Ex la. 

Irving, Prof. Roland Duer, State Univ., Madi.son. Geol., Min., 

Microscopic Lithol. Wis. 

Irwin, Miss Lucy, Decatur. Bot. C. Ex. Ill plants for specimens 

of Asclepiadacea?, Orchidaceae and Filices.* III. 

IsAMAN, L. a., Lewiston. Bot. Idaho. 

IsAMAN, S. G., Rosalia, Whitman Co. Ferris. C. Ex. W . T. 

IsoM, J. F., M. D., Cleveland. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Jack, Edw., Frederick, New Brunswick, Forestry, Mm.* Canada. 
Jack, John G., Chateauquay Basin, P. Q. Ent. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Jackson, A. W., Univ. ofCal., Berkeley Min., Micros. Lithul. C. 

Ex. Cal. 

Jackson, Prof. C. L., Holwortliy 11, Cambridge. Chem. Mass. 

Jackson, E. E., Columbia. Mic. S. C. 

Jackson, George B. H. A., Natick. Nat. Hist., Oni., Ool. C. Ex.* 

Jackson, ILalliday, West Chester. Bot.: Lichens, Fungi, Algte. Penn. 
Jack.son, J. a., DesMoines. Ent., Con. C. Ex.* la. 

Jackson, Jabez, New Brunswick. Ent.* N. J. 

Jackson, Joseph, Jr., Prin. High School, Millbury. Bot., Mic. C. 

Ex. Mass. 

Jackson, Samuel, 48 Macdougal St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

J.\CKS0N, Thomas, W^est Chester. Orn: Peiin. 

Jacob, Ernest, Box 2836, Denver. Geol.* Col. 

Jacobs, Frank B., McGregor. Collects generally. la. 

Jacobs, F.O.,D.D.S., Newark, LickingCo. Phwn. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Jacques, William W., Ph.'D., 109 Court St., Boston. Phys.* Ma^s. 
J^ger, H F., Riversitle, Cook Co. Bot.* 111. 

James, Davis L., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

James, IIenrv, M. D., Belleville, Ont. Phys., Phys. and Path. Chem., 

Analyt. Geol. C-* • Canada. 

James, 1. E., C. & M. E., Virginia City. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Neb. 
James, Joseph F., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

James, Thomas P., 94 Brattle St., Cambridge. Musci. C* Mass. 

James, U. P., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. Palceo., Local Con. C* Ohio. 
Jameson, Charles T., Oxford. Ent., Ophulia. C. Ex. Miss. 

Jamieson, Henry, M. D., Indianapolis. Mic. Ind. 

Janeway, John H., M. D., Asst. Surg. U. S. A., Fort Wallace. 

Micros. Kan. 

Jarvis, George C, M. D., Hartford. Geol., Min., Metall., Orn., Ent. 

Jasper, Theodore, A. M., M. D., Columbus. Zool., Orn. C* Ohio. 
Jayne, Horace F., 1826 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Comp. Anat., 

ZooL, Coleopt. C* Penn. 

Jencks. F. T. (Southwick & Jencks), Naturalist, 283 Westminster St., 

Providence. Orn., Ool., Tax. C. Ex.* R. I. 


Jenks, Charles W., Groton Centre, Middlesex Co. Bot.* Mass. 

Jenks, J. W. P., Prof. Brown Univ., Providence, Curator Mus. Brown 

University.* R. I. 

Jeffries, J. A.', Care John .Jctfries & Sons, 78 Devonshire St., Boston. 

Oni. C. Wisiies species of Passercuhis. Mass. 

Jefferis, William \V., West Chester. Mm. C. Have duplicates from 
all parts of the country, particularly from this and adjoining coun- 
ties, for ex.* Peiiii. 

Jenison, 0. A., Lansing. Arch* Mich. 

Jennings, A. F., M. D., Calumet. Mic, Chem. Mich. 

Jennings, John L., Cambridge. Geol. III. 

Jesup, Rev. Henry G., Prof Nat. Hist, Hanover. Bot* N. H. 

Jewell, E. E., Irving. Con. Kan. 

Jewell. Pliny, Hartford. Min. C* Conn. 

Jewell, Theo. F., Lieut. Comm. U S. N., Torpedo Station. Min* R. I. 

Jewett, Charles, M. D., 310 Gates Ave., Brooklyn. Micros., Micro- 
photoqraphy. C* M. Y. 

Jewett, Fred. A., 1129 Washington St., Boston. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Jewett, F. R., Woodstock. Ent. C. Ex. Vt. 

Jewett, H. S., M. A., M. D., 21 So. Ludlow St., Dayton. Chem., Lepid., 
Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Lepid. of this region in ex. for those of other 
localities. Ohio. 

JiLLSON, B. C, M. D., Ph. D., Pittsburgh. Geol, Zool. Penn. 

JiLLsoN, James, Hudson. Orn., Tax. Mass. 

Johnson, A. B., Utica. Fimqi, Mm., Micros. N. Y. 

Johnson, A. E., M. D., Minneapolis, E. D. Fungi, Alga, Desmids, 
Diatoms, Mieros., Anthro., Infusoria. C. Minn. 

Johnson, C. A., 174 Lagrave St., Grand Rapids. Min., Palceo. C. 
Ex.* Mich. 

Johnson, Charles, New Brighton, Staten Island. N. Y. 

Johnson, C. B., 18(i No. Main St., Providence. Mic. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Johnson, E. G., Delaware. PalcBo. Cin. fossils, L. and F. W. Shells, 
for ex.* Ohio. 

Johnson, George A., Taxidermist, Marshall. Nat. Hist., Orn.* Mich. 

Johnston, Prof. H. A., A. M., M. D.. Chicago Medical Coll., 4 Six- 
teenth St., Chicago. BioL* III. 

Johnson, H. N., 32 Lancaster St., Albanv. Bot. N. Y. 

'Johnson, James S., 4900 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Lejiid. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Johnson, Rev. J. S., South Haven. Arch., Geol. C. Ex. 3Iich. 

Johnson, Lawrence, M.D., 323 No. 27th St., New York. Bot. Ex. N.Y. 

Johnson, L. H., Mt. Vernon. Oul., Orn. III. 

Johnson, N. C, Petersburg. Palceo., Min. C. Ex.* Iiid. 

Johnson, O. B., Cur. State Cabinet, Salem. Orn., Obi, Con., Ent., 

Ferns. C. E.v.* Ore. 

Johnson, R. W. S., Hudson. Arch., Min. Mich! 

Johnson, S., Holly Springs. Micros. Miss. 

Johnson, Sarah E., Communitv. Bot., Orn.* N. Y. 

Johnston, Dr. Christopher B., Baltimore. Mic. Md. 

Johnston, Daniel W., Richmond. Mam., Orn. C. Ind. 

Johnston, G. Walter, Sacramento. Bot. : Glumaceoiis plants, Fwiqi. 
C. Ex.* Cal. 

Johnston, Robert E., Grecnsburg. Geol, Con. Ohio. 

Jones, Arthur, Lansing. Orn., Ool Mich. 

Jones, Rev. C. M., Eastford. (hn., Ool C. Ex.* Conn. 

Jones, F. A., Jr., La Favette. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex. 111. 

Jones, George Wheeler, M. D., Danville, Vermillion Co. Phys., 
Psych.* 111. 

02 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Jones, Henry L., Wellsvillc. Geol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Jones, IIowako, A. M., M. 1)., Circlcville. Orn., Ohl., Gen. Nat. Hist., 

Mic, l'/i!/.uu/., Ilisiol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Jones, Hugh Llovd, Victoria, B. C. Ferns. C* Canada. 

Jones, II T., llochester. (Jol. C. Ex. full sets, with romplele data 

only* N. Y. 

Jones, .John P., Keytcsville, Chariton Co. Arch., Implements of Iron 

Ore. C. Ex. 31 o. 

Jones, J. Mattuevv, Halifax, N. S. IF. /. Marine Con. C. Ex.* 

Jones, Joshua, M. D., Dcnison, (irayson Co. Orn. C. Tex. 

Jones, L , C;rinncll. Od., Orn. C* . ia. 

Jones, Prof. Marcus E., A. INI., Salt Lake City. Bat. (Col., Utah, and 

Ca\.), Orn., Oiil., Eat., Geol. C. Ex. many rare plants.* Utali. 
Jones, M. Pv., Komc. Hot. N. V. 

Jones, Nellie A., Lyon's Falls, Lewis Co. Bat. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Jones, Ricilxrd W., M. A., Prof. Chem., Univ. of Miss., Oxford, Lalay- 

ette Co.* Miss. 

Jones, William L , Lcl)anon. Orn. C. Ex. for birds, reptiles and 

other mammals. III. 

Jones, W. Martin, Piorhester.* N. Y. 

Jones, Woodruff, Gcrmantown, Philadelphia. Chem. Peiiii. 

Jordan, David S., Prof. Nat. lli-,t.. State Univ., Asst. U. S. Fish Com., 

l>loouiiu<iton. Fishes, Vertebrates r/eueral/y, Bot. C* Iiid. 

Jordan, (;eorge B., St. Omer, Decatur Co. Geol. C. Ex. Iiid. 

Jordan, ISIrs. Susan Bowen, Bloomington. Bot., Ferns., Algcp, Ichth., 

Oni. C* Ind. 

JOOR, J. P., M. D., Birdston, Navarro Co. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Mosses. 

C* Tex. 

JoSTiN, J. T., Newhur^^h. Micros.* N.Y. 

Joy, Douglas A , M. D., Ann Arbor. Metal., Chem. Mich. 

Judge, Charles K., cor. 6th and Mound Sts., Cincinnati. Co7i. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

Judge, J. F., Prof. Chem. Cin. Coll. of Pharmacy, Cincinnati. Con. 

C. P:x * Ohio. 

JuLiCH, A\'iLiiELM, 157 W. 32d St., New York. Enf. : Coleoptera. 

C-* N. Y. 

JuLiEN, Alexis A., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New York. Lith., 

Chem., Ginl. C. Wish to ex. thin sections of rocks for the same, 

anil ior anv well mounted microscopic material.* N. Y. 

Jump, Pt. E., Obcrlin. Zubl., Orn., Obi., Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Justice, A. II., ;i21 N. 33d St., West Philadelphia. Ool. C. Ex. Penii. 
Justin, Prof. F., Lewisburg. Ent. Peun. 


Kain, Henry C, Camden. Micros.* N. J. 

Kassube, -I.e., 1121 4th St.. S. E., Minneapolis. Bot., Ent., Geol., Eth. 
C. Desires to ex. for the more difficult Phaen. and Crypt, speci- 
mens, such as Caricc'i, Alos^es, Lichens, etc. Minn. 

Kaucher, Mrs. Samuel, Yankton. Mm., Geol. C. Ex.* Dakota. 

Kaufmann, Ferdinand, Jr , Muscatine. Coleopt. C* la. 

Kedzie, liOBERT F., ]M. S., Prof. Chem., Agric. and Mech. Coll., Agri- 
cultural Collcjrc.* 3Iiss. 

Keeler, F. E , Puchtield Springs, Otsego Co. Obi. M. Y. 

Keen, W. W., M. D., 1729 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Anat., Mtc. C. 
Ex.* Penn. 


Keener, W. T., 96 Washinnrton St., Cliicago.* III. 

Keep, Prof. Josiah, Alameda. Con. Fine Pacific, in ex. for Atlantic 
antl Ibreiyn shells.* Cal. 

Kehr, Cyrus, Bterling, Wliilcsides Co. Bot.^ Geol. C. Ex. for How- 

erin^- plants, forest trees and fei'ns. III. 

Keighti.ey, Mrs. E. K., Louisville. I'alcpo. C* Ky. 

Keik, Callie M.. Elk Point. Geol , Palao., Vert. Ex. Dak. 

Keim, Edvv. T., Dnl)uque. Geol., Orn. C. Ex. Have full line of 
minerals and fossils of Galena limestone.* la. 

Kellerman, William A., Prcf liot., A^ric. and Mech. Coll., Lexinji- 
ton. Bot. C. Ex.* Ky. 

Kellicott, D. S., 119 Fourteenth St., Buffalo. Ent., Mic. C. Ex. ^ 
parasitic Crustacea. N. Y. 

Kellogg, A., M. D , 2132 O'Farrell St., San Francisco. Bot.* Cal. 

Kellogg, H. F., 13o\ 210, Boston. Micros. 31 ass. 

Kellogg, J. 11., M. D., Prol'. Chcm. and Phys., Battle Creek Coll , Bat- 
tle Creek. Biol., Histol. C. Ex. Desires specimens of V(';.;e- 
tablc tissues.* 31 it'll. 

Kellogg, J. II , 83 Seventh St., Troy. Minos.* IM.Y. 

Kellogg, Jl'STIx, 2r)9 River St., Troy. Mm., I:mb. C.* N. Y. 

Kellogg, Mrs. Olive A.,ConiuHinit\-, Madrson Co. Boi., Or?i.* IV. Y. 

Kelly, Frank, Clarksvillc. Mm., I'a/ceo. Ohio. 

Kelly, M. R., A. M., Morrison. i\at. Hist. Ex. for city IIin;h 

school. III. 

Kelley, Howard A., 323 So. ITtli St., Philadelphia. Comp. Anal, of 
Veri. Pehii. 

Kelley, W. L., Ilarwichport, Cape Cod. Co?i. C. Ex. fine Atlantic 
shells for others.* 3Iass. 

Kelsey, C. a., Theresa, .Jefferson Co. PalcFO., Geol., Mm. C. Ex. 

Good specimens only should be exchanjicd.* IN. Y. 

Kemp, Rev. A. F., LL. D., Prin. Ladies' Coll., Ottawa. Crypt. Bot. : 

Algcp, Fungi. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Kendall, T. A., Rcadinjr. Mtn., Arch. C. Ex.* Peiiii. 

Kendall, Mrs. T. A., Rcadin.LT. Con. C* Penii. 

Ke.ndall, ^\'ILL1AM .J. A.. Reading. Min. Penii. 

Kenev, M-.L, LcRoy. Bot. C* >i. Y. 

Kenfield, .J. W., Princeton. Geol. III. 

Kennedy, Frank, ^Vaslun^ton, C. H., Fayette Co. Geol. C. Ex. 


Kennedy, George T., Prof. Geol. and Min., Acadia Coll., Wolfville, 
N. S. Geol., Min., Palceo. Canada. 

Kent, Florence, Booncville. Bot., Palceo. IN. Y. 

Kent, Nellie, Booncville. Bot., Mm. N. V'. 

Keutgen, Charles, StapJeton. Met.* N. Y. 

Kenyon, C. a., .nO Chestnut St., Roclicstcr. Mic. N. Y". 

Kepler, William A. B., Ph. D , Prof. Nat. Sci., Baldwin Univ., and 
German Wallace Coll., Bcrca. Chem., Mm , Geol. Ex.* Ohio. 

Kern, Prof. F. L., CirandviUc. Geol., Con., Polished Gypsum. C 
Ex.* 3Ii»'h. 

Kerr, Prof. J. II., Colorailo Springs. Chem., Geol. C. Ex.* C'oL 

Kerr, W. C , Stale (icol., Raleigh. Geol., Min., Con. C. Ex. Ter- 
tiary fossils for older foi'malions.* IN. C. 

Kershner, .Iefferson E., ProC. of Math, and Ast., Franklin and Mar- 
shall Coll., Lancaster. Ast.* Penn. 

Kersting, RuD., Yonkcrs. Hot.. Min., Coleopt., Lepid., Dipt. C* .\.V. 

Kervev, II. R , 15o\ 19U, West Chc-ter. Arch., Eth. C. Es..* Penn. 

Kesler, C. \V., Ciierry Grove Nursery, Tudcll ( o. Mm. N. C. 

Keutzing, P., 190 Main St., Moulreai. Orn., Ent., Fishes. Canada. 

64 THE naturalists' directoky. 

Kevlor, Howard R., Ann Arbor. Mic. Mich. 

Kevworth, Thomas, Marissa, St. Clair Co. Ent. C. Ex. III. 

Kidder, J. H., Surgeon, U. S. Navy, Navy Dept., Washington. Biol.* 

D. C. 
Kidder, L. D., Whitfiekl. N. H. 

KiLBORNE, F. L., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 
KiLGORE, William, Minneapolis. Mic, Ast. C. Ex. Minn. 

KiLi AN, Ed. Aug., 274 Genesee St., Buffalo. Anth. C. Ex. N. Y. 

KiLLEBKEW, .1. B., Com. of Agr. Statistics and Mines, Nashville. Geol. 

Min. C. Tenn. 

KiLMAN, Alva H., Ridgeway, Welland Co., Out. Ent. C. Ex.* 

KiLPATRiCK, Joshua W., Prof. Central Coll., Fayette. Nat^ Hist. Mo. 
Kimball, Frank B., M. D,, Reading. Micros. Mass. 

Kimball, Frank H., Rockford. Palceu., Biol. C. Ex. III. 

Kjmball, J. P., Century Club, 109 E. loth St., New York. Geol., 

Metall. ' _ N. Y. 

Kimball, .T. P., M. E., Prof. Econ. Geol., Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem. 

Geol., Met. Penn. 

King, Clarence, U. S. Geologist, 23 Fifth Ave., New York. Geol.* N. Y. 
King, F. H., Dept. Nat. Sci., Normal School, River Falls. Orn.* Wis. 
King, H. H., M. D., Jacksonville. Zool. III. 

King, James U., Woodstock. Agric, Marine specimens, Mm. C.* Vt. 
King, J. D., Cottage City. Moll., Mic. C* Mass. 

King, John, M. D., North Bend, Geol., Mic, Elect., Ast., Gyiicecol. 

C* Ohio. 

King, Lauretta A., Wakefield. Min., Bot. C* Penn. 

King, Mrs. Mary B. A., Rochester. Con.* N. Y. 

King, Rev.. O., Walcottville, La Grange Co. Geol. Ind. 

King, Robert, M. D., Kalamazoo. Micros.* Mich. 

Kingsbury, E. A., Needham. Mass. 

Kingsbury, Howard, Ph. G., cor. 11th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

E}it., Mm. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Kingman, A. II., Champaign. Mi?i. III. 

KiNGSLEY, J. S., Norwich. Invert., Crustacea. C. Ex. K. Y. 

KiNNE, C. M., 422 California St., San Francisco. Mic. C* Cal. 

Kinne, E. O.. M. D., Svracuse. Bwl. N. Y. 

KiNNER, Hugo, M. D., 1517 South 7th St., St. Louis. Eth., Arch., Zool. 

C. Mo. 

Kinney, James, Jr., Lamira, Belmont Co. Geol., Palceo., Min. C. 

Ex. L. Silurian fossils in ex. for M. and F. W. shells. Ohio. 

KiNZER, George H., 233 E. Walnut St., Lancaster. Orn., Mam. C. 

Ex. Penn. 

Kirby, S. H., Glenville, Cuyahoga Co. Micros. Ohio. 

Kirk, Hyland C, Phelps, "Ontario Co. Gen. Biol., Palaeo. N Y. 

Kirk, Isaac S., Fremont, Chester. Min., Arch. C. Ex.* Penn. 

KiRKWooD, Daniel, Bloomin<i:ton.* Ind. 

KiRLEY, C. P., M. D., Lowville. Ool., Orn. C. Ex. N.Y. 

KiRKPATRiCK, J. A., A. M , Philadelphia. Penn. 

KiRSCH, Prof. Alex., Watei-town. Bot., Palceo., Geol., Gen. Biol., Orn . 

Osteal, Ent. Wis. 

Kittoe, E. D., M. D., Galena. Bot. III. 

Klayek, F. W., 130 S. Utli St., Pittsburgh. Ent. C* Penn. 

Kxeeberger, Prof. George R., San Diego. Bot., Zool., Bryolojy, 

Arnchnida. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Kleine, Charles B., 274 Eighth Ave., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

Klein, Emil G., 60 Baden St., Rochester. Mic. N. Yl 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 65 

Klett, Francis, Mammoth Cave, Cave City. Geol. Ky. 

Klinx, H. a., Vesta. Ool. JVeb. 

Klugel, C. H., Oakland. Engineering.* Cal. 

Knapp, Buel, McGresor. Fossils and Mitierals. C. Ex. la. 

Knapp, Ezra B., Skaneateles, Onoodaga Co. Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Knapp, Fred. N., Pl_yraouth. Orn. Mass. 

Knapp, Harrison, M. D., New York. jMIoos. N. Y. 

Knapp, James, M. D., 475 E. Main St., Louisville. Palcpo. C. Ex.* Ky. 
Knapp, Lyman E., Judge of Probate, Middlehiny. Min., Geol. C. Vt. 
KxEELAXD, Samuel, M. D., New York. ZooL, Eth. N. Y. 

Kneeland, Stella, Syracuse. Bot. >.Y. 

Knight, Elizabeth G., 125 E. 54th St., (also Normal Coll.) Bot. C. 

Filices for exchange.* N. Y. 

Knight, H. D., Pres. Lancaster Mic. Soc, Lancaster. Mic. Peiin. 

Knipe, liEv. S. W., Delaware Water Gap. Bot., Min. C* Penn. 

Knott, W. T., Lebanon. Geol., L. and F. ]V. Shells. C. Ex. for the 

Devon., Waverly and Cin. Ky. 

Knowles, Charles J. A., The Ferns, Tampa, Hillsboro' Co. Bot., Con., 

Gen. Nat. Hist.* Fla. 

Knowles, H. M., Milnersville, Guernsey Co. Mm., Palceo., Arch. 

C* Ohio. 

Knowlton, E. J. M., Big Lake, Sherburne Co. Ool., Min., Palceo. 

Knowlton, Frank H., Brandon. Orn., Ool., Local Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 
Knowlton, Mrs. H W., Pecatonica. Min. III. 

Knowlton, W. J., S. B., 168 Tremont St., Boston. Orn., Geol., Chem., 

Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Knox, Mrs. E. C, Morrison, Whitesides Co. Ferns. C. Ex. IlL 

Knox, S. B. P., A, M., M. D., Santa Barbara. AlgtB, Mic, Ent. C. 

Ex. Cal. 

Koch, Charles, 502 Diamond St., Philadelphia. Coleopt. C. Ex. Penn. 
KocuER, J. F., M. D., Guths Station, Lehigh Co, Orn, Obi., Tax. C. 

Ex.* Penn, 

KoCHLER, F., Bushnell. Geol., Min., Arch. C. Ex. local fossils. 111. 
Kocsis, Alex., Tullahoma, Coffee Co. PhiloL, History. Tenn. 

KoEBELL, Albert, 436 W. 25th St., New York. Ent. ; Lepid. C. 

Ex. N. Y 

KoEHLER, Fred., Litchfield. Tax., Dm. C* Conn. 

KoENiG, George A., Prof. Chem. Univ. Pa., W. Philadelphia. Chem., 

Min., Geol. Penn. 

Kohler, H. C, 142 Hudson Ave., Albany. Chem.* N. Y. 

KosT, J., M. D., LL. D., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Adrian Coll., 

Adrian. Geol., Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Kress, Fred., Rockville. Ool. Conn. 

Kress, Oscar A., Evansville, Vanderburgh Co. Mic. Ind. 

Krider, John, N. E. cor. Second and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia. Orn., 

Or.l. Penn. 

Krout, Prof. A. F. K., A. M., Coplay. Bot., Mm. C. Ex. desired.* 

Krum, Rev. J. D., Lewisburg. Nat. Hist. Penn. 

Kritttschnitt, J., Box 144, New Orleans. Veg. Phys., Mic* La. 

KuEHN, V. E., 810 Charlotte St., Philadelphia. Ent. Penn. 

Kuetzing, p., 49'^ Conrville St., Montreal. Orn., Ent. N. A. Spin- 

gid;e wanted in ex. for Canadian spec.* Canada. 

Kuhlman, a., 222 Jefferson Ave., Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Kuhn, Maria L., Box 213, Peoria. • Phan. Bot. C* III. 

KuiTHAN, E. F., Bnrlin-ton. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. in Ool.* la. 

KuiTHAN, Dr. F., Burlington. Orn.* la. 

G6 THE naturalists' directory. 

KUMLiEN, A. L., Bus^eyville. Om., Jcth., Ent. Wis. 

KuMLiEX, Frithioff, ^lailisoii. Orn. >\ is. 

KuMLiiiN, TriuuE, Albion. Bot. H'is. 

KuMMER, Alfred, A. M., Supt. City Schools, South Bend. Orn. C 

Ex. " Ind. 
KuNZ, GooRGE F., 408 Garden St., Hobokcn., (also with Titfany & Co., 

N. Y ) Mln., Geol. C. Ex.* N. J. 

KUNZE, llicHARD E., M D., 6t)6 Third Ave., New York. Med. Bot. 

Cacti of tlie genera V It ijllucactus and Cereus,* N. Y. 

Kurtz, Kate Fisuer, Box 369, York. Bot. Penn. 


Lacoe, R. D., Pittston. Palero.. Min. C. Cai-b. fossils especially 
wanted in ex. for niiucnds, fossils, or money consideration. Cor- 
respondence solicited with persons having fossils of any kind for 
sale, especially well-selected collections.* Penn. 

Laflamme, J., CI L., D. D., Prof. Univ. Laval, Quebec. Min., Geol., 
Mic. C. Ex. Canada. 

Lakes, Prof. Arthur, State School of Mines, Golden. Geol., .\af. 
Hist. C. Col. 

Lamb, W. F., Box 396, Holyoke. Tax., Orn., 0:d., Arch. C. Ex. for 
extreme northern spe<-ics. 31 ass. 

Lambert, Thomas, Lonsdale. Orn., 1-, Mam., Tax. Coll. of lOUO 
specimens. Ex. or sell.* R. I. 

Lamborn, (iEORGE S.. Liberty Square, Lancaster Co. Min., Geol., Pa- 
heo.. Con. C. Ex. Penn. 

Land, Thomas, Lancaster. Phcen. Bot. C. Penn. 

Landreth, O. H., Nasliville. Tenn. 

Lane, Col. P. P., Norwood. Arch. Ohio. 

Langdo?}, C. F., cor. 25th and North Ave., Chicago. Mic. 111. 

Langdon, F. W., M. D., 36 Arcade, Cincinnati. Orn., 0^1-, Mam., Eth , 
Arch. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Langguth, .T. G., 48 E. Madison St., Chicago. Mic. C* III. 

Langille, J. H., Knowlesville, Orleans Co. Orn., Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Langley, .Iohn W; Prof. Gen. Clicin., .Vnn Arbor. Mich. 

Langstroth, .J. A., .^32 Cal. St., .San Francisco. iMic. Cal. 

Langworthy, Dr. H. IF, 29 Elizabeth St., Rochester. Mic. >. Y. 

Laxxox, .losEPH, South Haven. Antiq. Hist. Mich. 

Laxphere Alvin T., Coldwater. (hoL, Arch. C. Ex. Mieh. 

Laxsixg, R. 11., (J Centre Pk., Hochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Lantz, p. a., Sacgersvillc. Lehigh Co. Bot., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* 


La Pierre, E. XL, 32 River St., Cambridgcport. Bot.* Mass. 

Larison, Cornelius W., M. D., Prof. Zool., Ringoes. Zool., BioL, 

Fisffes. C. Ex.* N.J. 

Larkin, D., -Tamestown. Geol., Palao , Vert. N. Y. 

Larkin, Edgar L., New Windsor, Mercer Co. Astron. (6. in. Alvan 
Clark & Sons' telescopes.)* III. 

Larkin, Prof. 11. P., Alfred Univ., Alfred Centre. Fitnc/t, hirert. Pa- 
Iceo , Geol., Gen. BioL, Emb., Mollusks, Radiates, Sponges. C. 
Ex. N.Y. 

Lasher, Rev. DR.,Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

Lathrop, .Tames C, Bridgeport. Min. C. Ex. only for fine laie 
specimens.* Conn. 

Lattimore, Miss .\lida, E. Main cor. Gibbs, Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Lattimore, Miss Rose, E. Main cor. Gibbs, Rochester. Mtc. N. Y- 

THE naturalists' DIEECTORY. 67 

Lattimore, S. a., Ph.D., I.L. D., Prof. Chcm. Univ. of Rochester, 

liochester. Chem , Mic. S. Y. 

Lattix, Fkaxk II., Giiincs, Orleans Co. OjI., Geol., Mui. and Gen. 

Cwiuiitles. C. Ex.* N. V. 

Lawlough, Dk-, Phoeniv Mines. Min., Crypt. Bot. 31ich. 

Lawren'CE, Dk., Hot Springs. Min. Ark. 

Lawren'ce, Frank W., Saratosa Springs. Oiii., Oul. C. Ex.* >'. V. 
Lawre.nxe, G. N., 4.5 E. 21st St., New York. Oni* N. Y. 

Lawrence, Haurv H., Saratoga Springs. Oni., O I. C. Ex.* N. V. 
Lawrence, -John L., 18 Irving Plai-e, New York. Om. C. N. Y. 

Lawren'ce, .Ioseph, M. D., Beaver, Beaver Co. Mic. Penn. 

L.\wkence, N. T., 4.i E. •29th St., Xew York. Orn. C. Ex. \. Y- 

Lavvrence, Robt. B., 37 Pine St., New York. Orn.,OliL C. Ex. N. Y. 
Lawton, Prof. U. W., .Jackson. Mic, Ast. C Ex. ?lifh. 

Lazier, W. D., Lacon, Marshall Co. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Lea. Isa.\c., 1622 Locust St., Philadelphia. Con., Min., Geol.* Penn. 
l.,EACOCK, W.J., Jr., Moiris, Gnin-ly Co. Zool, Geol. C. Ex. 111. 
Le.^rovd, Miss II., Terrv Hall, Lake Forc?t, Lake Co. Mi-:. 111. 

Leathurbv, F. a., East Fairuioant, Cincinnati, Geol., PaicBO., Mi./., 

Moll. C. Ex. in all. Ohio. 

Leavitt, H. H., Santa Barbara. Gen. Nat. Hut. Cai. 

LeBaron, J. F., Lyun. Min., Arch., Orn. C. Ex. 31rtss. 

Lechevalier, Alfred, 4oI St. Mary St., Montreal. Vert, lacirt. : 

Ent., Crustacea. C. Ex. ' Canada. 

LeConte, .Joseph, M D., LL. D., Univ. of Cal., Berkclev. Geol., 

Biol* ' Cal. 

LeConte, J. L., 162.5 Spruce St., Philadelphia. .V. A. Coleopt. C. 

^Vill determine the names of species from distant parts of the U. 

S.* Penn. 

Ledoux, a. R., 17 Cedar St , Aqric. Chem. N. Y. 

Lee, F. S., Canton. Zoiil., Geol., Bot. C. Minerals, fossils and fcrn^ 

for ex.* >'. Y. 

Lee, Grace, H., Glasco. Bot. C. N. Y. 

Lee, John \\\, 44 Pearl St., Baltimore. Mn. C. Ex.* .lid. 

Lee, Leslie A , Prof.Gcol. and Biol , Bowdoin Coll., Brnnswick. Zoo'., 

Ge )l. C. Ex. Marine Invertebrates in ex. for fossils.* .lie. 

Lee, William F., M. D., West Chcjter. Orn. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Lee, William M., Greene, Lancaster Co. Min , Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Penn. 
Lee, Will. S., Trenton. Bot., and all tranches of plant structure, F, riis 

and Orihids. C. Ex.* X J. 

Lees, Willl\m T., Engineer, X. X. Gas Wor'.:s, 21st St. and Avon ic 

A, New York. Chem., Min., Co-i.. C. N. Y. 

Leggett, ^\'ILLIAM H , 5'4 East blst St., Xew York. Bot. Wishes 

Lecheas, particularly from Canada, the Lakes, Allcghanies and 

South.* IV. Y. 

Legro, John I., New Britain. Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Lehman, E. CJ., Baltimore. Chem. 3Id. 

Leiberg. John, Sencv. Bot. Desires Graminepe from Southern states »^ la. 
Leidv, Joseph, M. D., Prof. Anat., L'niv. Penn., 1302 Filbert St., Phila- 
delphia. Zo I., Com/}. Anat* Penn. 
Leland, (iEORGE H., Windsor. Bot. C. Ex. for ferns.* Vt. 
Lemen, II. v., M. D., Denver. Mic. Col. 
Lemmon, Prof. J. G., Sierraville, Sierra Co. Bot., Ent., Mic. C. 

LEM.MON, Theodore G., Pen-3TiIlc. Orn. C. Ex. Mo. 

Lemmon, William L., Warrcnsburg. Ent. C. Ex. .Ilo. 

Le-Moine, J. M., Pres. Lit. and Hist. See, Quebec. Orn. C. Ex. 



Leng, Charles W., B. S., Box 3565, New York. Coleopt., Cerambyc- 
idce. C. Ex.* IV. V. 

Lennebackek, Miss Helen, Santa Cruz. Algcc. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Lennon, W. II., State Normal School, Brockport. Ferns, Lichens. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Leonakd, M. H., Pittsford, Hillsdale Co. Min,, Palcco., Xumisniatirs. 

C. Desires to ex.* 3Iicli. 

I^EONAHD, Williaji H., Minneapolis. Ferns. Minn. 

Leoniiaud, Alex., E. M., Washin^^ton LTniv., St. Louis. Mic, Lith. Mo. 

LeRoy, r. v., Curator Columbia Coll., New York. Bot. C Ex.* >'. Y. 

Lesley, J. P., State Geologist, 1008 Clinton St., Philadelphia. Geol* 


I^esquereux, Leo, Columbus. PnUeo., Bryology* Ohio., George W., Allentou. Phcen. BoL, Ferns, Anth., Arch., 

Ent. C. Ex. for herb. spec, of N. A. Trees.* Mo. 

Levengstone, H. M., Saratoga. Orn., Obi. N. Y. 

Levette, (t. M., M. D., Indianapohs. N A- Conchulogy, AnthropoL, 

Arch(Bo., Ent. C. Ex.* liul. 

Levezey, Jos. B., Clarksboro'. Geol. K J. 

Levi, J., 36 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Levy, Alphonso N., San Francisco. (In Europe.) Bot. Cal. 

Lewis, B. A., Plainvillc, Hartford Co. Min. C. Ex. Conn. 

JjEWIS, Burk, A. M., Lockport. Geol. C. IV. Y. 

Lewis, C. W'., M. D., JNliuneapolis. Zoi:l. Minn. 

Lewis, E., Jr., Cur. L. L Nat. Hist. Soc. Mus., Brooklyn. Geol. N. Y. 

Lewis, Edmuxd, Grafton, Rensselaer Co. Geol. N. Y. 

Lewis,, Copenhagen. Bot., Min. N. Y. 

Lewis, Frank, Cawkcr City. Ent., Tax. C Ex.* Kan. 

Lewis, George, Cedarville, Herkimer Co. Con. N. Y. 

Lewis, George R., La Moille, Bureau Co. Ent., Mm. C. Ex.* III. 

Lewis, Miss Grace Anna, Philatlcli)hia. Orn. Penn. 

Lewis, Henry C, Prof. ]\Iin., Acad. Nat. Science, Philadelphia. Min., 
Geol., Chein. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Lewis, Rev. IL F., (irafton, Rensselaer Co. Phipn. Bot. N. Y. 

Lewis, L. L., Copenhagen. Specimens of Woods and Ferns to ex. for 
minerals or natural curiosities.* IV. Y. 

Lewis, M. C., 25a'3 Annunciation St., New Orleans. Ent. La. 

LiAUTARD, A. F., M. D., 141 West 54th St., New York. Micros.* fi. Y. 

Libbey, William, Jr., A. M., Sc. D., Princeton. Phys. Geog. C. 

Ex. (Vice Direc. E. M. Mus. of Geol.)* N. J. 

Libhart, Hon. J. J., Marietta. Orn., Ichth. C Ex. Penn. 

Lichtenthaler, G. W., Bloomington. Con., A'gce, Ferns from Paci- 
fic const. C. Ex.* III. 

Liggett, W. K., Marysville. Eth. C. Ohio. 

Lilienthal, H., Saratoga Springs. 06l.,()rn., Lepid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

LiLLiA C, 1087 Fulton St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

LiND, G. Dallas, Box 19, Danville. Nat. Hist., F. W. and L. shells. 
C. Ex. Ind. spec, for others.* Ind. 

Lindahl, .Josua, p. D., Prof. Nat. Hist., .\ugustana Coll., Rock Island. 

Gen. Zonl., Palcen., Phj/Uopoda, Omscidce, Mionidee. C. Ex.* 111. 

Lindemuth, Arthur C., Richmond, Wayne Co. Geol., Palceo. C* Ind. 

Linden, Prof. Charles, BuiTalo. Geol. N. Y. 

Lindley, Clarence T., M. D., 326 W. 12tli St., Davenport. Palceo., 
Arch., Mollusks. la. 

Lindsley, J. Berrien, M. D., Prof. Chem., Med. Dept., Univ. of Tenn., 
Nashville. Con. of Tenn. C. Will send shells of Tenn. to pub- 
lic mus. and writers for expense of packing and shiijping-.* Tenn. 

Line, J. Edw., IS Rowley St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 69 

LiXGLET, .T. A., Jewett, Leon Co. Geol. C. Ex. fossils from Teitiaiy 

for others. Tex. 

LixxEY, \\. M., B. S., Kv. Geol. Survey, Harrodsburg. Strut. Geo/., 

Bot. C. E\-. ' Ky. 

LiXTXER, J. A., N. Y. State Entomologist, Albany. Gen. and Econ. 

Ent.* ' N. Y. 

LiXTOX, Robert, Columbus. 0^1. C. Ex. Ohio. 

LiPPixcoTT, George A., Asst. Sec. Y. M.C. A., Mobile. E?it. : Lepid., 

Coleopt., Geol. C. Ex.* Ala. 

Little, Amos M., Newbury. Mm., Palao. Mass. 

Little, C. S., B. S., Canoii City, ilin., Geol., Pal^o. Ex. Col. 

Little, George, State Geologist, Atlanta. Geol.* Ga. 

LiTTOX, A., Prof. Chem., 2220 Eugenia St., St. Louis. Min., Palceo. 

C. Ex. - Mo. 

Livermore, Mrs. M. A. C, 24 North Ave., Cambridge. Bot., Ent. 

31 ass. 
Livesay, G. W.. M. D., Ironton. Geol. Ohio. 

LiVEZEY, .Jos. B., Clarksboro'. Geol. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Lloyd, C. G., Newport. Bot. C. Ex.* Ky. 

Lochschmidt. Pkof. C, St. Vincent's Coll., Beatty.* Peun. 

Locke, C. A., Atlanta. Lithol. C* " Ga. 

Locke, Lewis, 926 .Jackson St., San Francisco. Orn. C. Ex. C'al. 
Locke, ^V. M., Marshall's Ferry, White Co. Gen., Arch. C. Ex. 

pottery, bone, shells, stone relics, etc. III. 

Lockhart, "B., Lake George, Warren Co. OoL, Orn. C. Ex.* iV. Y. 
LocKixGTOX, \\'m. Neale, 622 Ellis St., San Francisco. Marine Zool- 
ogy of the Pacific coast. CaL 
LocKLiXG, L. L., San Diego. Philology. Cal. 
LocKWOOD, Prof. Samuel, Ph. D., "Freehold. Phcen. Bot., Arch., 

Geol., Zool., Mic. C* N. J. 

LoFTCS, JoHX p., Dorchester District, Boston. Bot., Palao., Geog. 

Di.stri'j., Orn., Ichth., Reptiles. 3Iass. 

Loitloff, H., Greenville, Hudson Co. Lepid. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Lome, C. F., Bausch and L. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

Lome, H., Bauscli and L. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

LoxD, F. H., Colorado Springs. Ast. Col. 

LoxG, -JoHX H., D. Sc, Asst. Chem. Lab., Wesleyan Univ. Conn. 

LoxG, Joseph, Ely. Min. Vt. 

LoxG, Judge Thomas B., .320)2 Ohio St., Terre Haute. Arch., Min., 

Palceo. C. Ex.* Ind. 

LoxG, William, Ely. Min. Vt. 

LoxGEXECKER, C. B., 210 N. Prince St., Lancaster. Mic, Cereals. C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

LoxGFELLOW, Richard Iv., 37 South St., Portland. Orn., O.jl. C. Me. 
LoxGXECKER, E., U. S. Navy, A\'ashington. Ast. D. t". 

LoxGSHORE, Dr. W. R., Ilazelton, Luzerne Co. Physician.* Penn. 
LooMis, Eli AS, New Haven. Conn. 

Loo.Mis, George C. Fulton, Whiteside Co. Geol. Ex. Niagara fossil< 

for any specimens. III. 

LooMis, J. C., .Jetfersonville. Geol., Micros. C. Ex.* Ind 

LooMis, Leverett M., Chester. Mam., Orn. C* S. C. 

Loop, iliss Ada E., Port Sanilac. Geol., Pakeo. Mich. 

Loper, S. W., Durliam. Geol. C. Ex. triassic fish, ferns, etc., for 

those of other formations. Canada. 

LoRANDi, H. R., Meadvillc. Orn., Ent. C* Penn. 

Lord, Benjamin, M.D., New York. Micros. >'. Y. 

Lord, Prof. F., Colorado Springs. Ast., Math., Met. Col. 

70 THE naturalists' directoev. 

Lord, James W., Gildersleeve's Landino:. Odl., Orn. C. Ex. Conn. 

Lo'ilQUlN, E. F., San Francisco. Geneiul. C'al. 

LoTZiKor, F. J., Leominster. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Loucus, L'ASPEK, York. Collection of Min. and Indian relics. Odl. Peiiii. 

Loud, Fkof. F IL, Colorado JSprinjis. Hot* Col. 

LouGiiHiDCiE, II. II., Pli. D., Asst. tttate Geologist, Box 404, Atlanta. 
Geo!. C. Ex.* CJa. 

Louis, (ius. W., Louisville, Dunn Co. C. Potsdam sandstone and L. 
Sil. fossils a specialty. GeoL, Min., Arch., Palcco. C. Will ex. 
for fossils or minerals from any ])art of the world.* Wis. 

Love, Edw. (t., Ph. D., School of Klines. Columbia College, oOtli St. 

and -Itli .Ave., Xew York. Chein., Min.* JV. Y. 

Love, II. M., Clinton, Oneida Co. GeoL, Min. N. Y. 

Love, .James, Burlington. Crimiidce. C. Ex.* la. 

Love, Samuel G., A. M., Jamestown. On)., Min., Articulates. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

LovELAXD, Mary A., Michigan Semlnarv, Kalamazoo. P/icen. Dot. 
C. ■ Mich. 

LovEWELL, Joseph T., Prof. Nat. Sci., Wash. Coll., Topeka. C. Ex. 
for Coll. Mus. Kan. 

Low, C. F., Box 47, Cincinnati. Palao., Ent.: Lepid., Arch. C. Ex. 


Lowe, Francis A., Smithsonian Inst., AVashington. Min., Geol. D. C. 

Lowe, F. C, Dunville, Ontario. Ent. Canada. 

Lowe, Theo. II , Idaho Springs. Geol. Col. 

LowN, Clarence, Poughkeepsie. Ferns, Mic. C. Would like Euro- 
pean in ex. for Am. specimens.* N. Y. 

LowRiE, J. R., Warriorsmark. Bot.* Penn. 

Lucas, Fred. A., l.w E. Front St., Trenton. Herpet. C. Ex. N. J. 

Lucas, Frederic A., 2 College Ave., Rochester. Mam., Orn., OsteoL* 

N. Y. 

Lucy, Thomas F., M. D., Lowman's, Chemung Co. Bot. C. Ex. 
for native and foreign spec, IV. Y. State Flora. Specially desire 
items of distribution of rare species in N. Y'. and s|)ecimcns of As- 
ter from N. A. Gen. Nat. Hist., (esp. Articulates) Mic* N. Y. 

LuDWiG, KuiiT H., 379 (harden St., Hoboken. Coleoptera. Ex.* N.J. 

Ludwig, Otto, L. B. 3S1, San Antonio. Caetacece. Texas. 

LuFKiN, Fr.\nk, Pigeon Cove, Rockport. D^t. Eastern Ferns and 
Algpe in ex. for Western or foreign Ferns * Mass. 

Lugger, Otto, P. D., Md. Acad. Sciences, Baltimore. Ent. : Coleop- 
tera. C. Ex. Desires Am. and foreijin coleoptera * Md. 

Lugo, Orazio, M. D., University of Cit^- of Xew Y'ork. Chem., El-ct. 
C.« " N. Y. 

Lull, E. P., U. S. N., Coast and Geodetic Survev Office, AVashington. 


Luptox, M. T., M. D , LL. D., Prof Chem., A^anderbilt Univ., Nash- 
villu. Chem., Met. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

LUTHY, (Jtto, 220 Church St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Lykins, William II. R., Kansas Citv. Geol., Paheo., Mic. C* Mo. 

Lyle, .\. T., Millersport, Fairfield Co. Orn., Arch. C* Ohio. 

LvLE, David .\., Lieut, of Ordnance, U.S.A., National Armorv, Spring- 
field. Orn., Eth., Philol., .-ist., Phys. C* " Mass. 

Lyman, Prof. Chester S., M. D., New Haven. Ast., Pht/sici.* Conn. 

Lyman, H. H., M. A., 74 McTavish St., Montreal. Lepid., Geol., Bot. 
C* Canada. 

Lyman, Theodore, Brookline. Badiata, PisvcvPure.* Mass. 

Lynes, J. C, Ph. D., Prof. Chem. Shorter Coll., Rome. Chem., Min. 

Ex. Ga. ores and minerals for those of other states and forcis'n.* Ga. 


Lyon, Victor W., Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Invert., Paleeo. C. Ex. 

crinoids for crinoids only. Ex. local fossils, etc.* Ind. 

Lyons, A. B., M. D., Consulting Chemist, Parke, Davis & Co., De- 
troit. Mm., Hot., Con. C. Ex, ferns.* Mich. 

^ M. 

Mabbett, Gideon, Rodney. Zool. Miss. 

Mabeuy, C. F., Asst. in Cliem., Harvard Univ., Cambridge.* Mass. 

Mackie, George, M. D., Attleborough. Bot., But. C. Ex. 3iass. 

Mackintosh, James B., E. M., C. E., 55 Garden St., Hoboken. Mm., 

Chem. C. Ex. . N. J. 

MacLean, J. P., Hamilton, Butler Co. Arch., GeoL, Pa/eeo. C. Ex.* 


McLean, J. B., Linsbury, Hartford Co. Bot., Ent. C. Coiiii. 

McClintock, Emory, Actuary, Milwaukee. Math.* \\ is. 

Macloskie, George, LL. D.", Prof. Princeton Coll., Princeton. Biol. 

C* N.J. 

Macomber, J. K., Ames. Pht/sics. la. 

Macoun, Prof. J., A. M., Belleville. Bot. Canada plants of all or- 
ders. Canada. 

Macpherson, M. E., McGill College Ave., Geo!., Min., Palao. Mon- 
treal. Canada. 

Macumbeu, Jno. L., \Yilmington. Ool. N. C. 

Madtes, Henry, Lewisburg. Bot. Penn. 

Magivny, William, Jr., Saratoga Springs. Tax.* N. Y. 

]\Iailliard Bros., Xicasio, Marin Co- Orn., Obi. C. Ex. Cal. 

Main, J. T., M. D., Pres. Mic. Soc, Jackson. Mk. C. Ex. animal 
tissue.* 3Jich. 

Maine, H. C, 64 Scio St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Maisch, J. M., Prof, of Materia Medica and Botanv, Philadelphia Col- 
lege of Pharm., 145 No. lOtli St., PUiladefphia. Phan. Bot., 
Ferns. C. l*enn. 

Makepeace. M. D., B. C. E., Ithaca. Geol, Palceo. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Malone, D. E., a. M., M. D., Edinburjih, Johnson Co. Palceo. III. 

Mallett, J. W., Prof Chem., Univ. of Virsrinia, Albemarle Co. Chem , 
Phi,s., Mill. C. Ex. ' Va. 

Mallery, Garrick, Bot., Lt. Col. U. S. A., 1323 N. St., X. W., Wash- 
ington. Anth. Ex. books and publications.* 1). C. 

Mallory, Dr. M. L., 33 N Fiizhugh St., Rochester. Mic. N.Y. 

Manahan, Kirk, Lowell. Bot. Mass. 

Manigault, G. E., M. D , Cur. ]Vrus., Charleston. C. Ex.* S. C. 

Mann, B. Pickman, Bibliogiaphical Ed. Psyciic. Sec. Cambridge 
Ent. Club, Sec. Ent. Section, B. S. X. H., Sec. Ent. Sub-section, 
A. A. A. S., Cambridge. Ent. Addresses and autobiographies of 
Entomoloiri-its desired, C.* JMass. 

Mann, Rev. Camekon, Kansas City. Con., Bot.: Ferns. C* 3Io. 

Mann, Charles L.,27 Eric St., Milwaukee. Orn, Arch. (Copper Aso). 
C. Ex.* Wis. 

Manning, George F., West La Fayette. General collector of curios- 
ities, etc. C. Ex.* " Oliio. 

Manning, \V. H., Reading. Bot.: Orchids. C, Ex.* Mass. 

Mansfield, F. A., Camden, Knox Co. Zool., Geol., Gen. Nat. Hist. 
C. Ex.* Me, 

Mansfield, J. M., Ph. D., Prof. Biol, and Physics, Greencastle. Biol. 
C. Ex. Algpe, Fun;ri, Ferns, etc.* ' Ind. 

Manson, W. W., M. D., Otisco. Mic. N.Y. 

72 THE naturalists' directory. 

Marble, A. D., Lawrence. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Makbury, C. L., Baltimore. Zool. 3Id. 

Marchant, Thomas AV., Staunton, Fayette Co. Con. C. Ex. Ni- 
agara an<l Devonian fossils for others. Ohio. 
Marcou, J. B., 42 (ianlcn St., C'anil)ridgc. Mass. 
Marcy, Alex., M. D., ( 'aniden. Micros. N. J. 
Marcy', Oliver, Prof. Nat. Hist., Evanston, Cook Co. Geol , Bot. 

C* III. 

Harden, George H., 7 Parker St., Charlestown. Geol. C* Mass. 
Mark, Edw. L., Ph. U., Inst. Zool. Harvard Univ., Asst. Mus. Corap. 

Zool., Cambridge. Zool., Emh., Worms * Mass. 

Markoe, CJeorge F. H., Ph. G., 61 Warreu St., Boston. Phnrm.* Mass. 
Marnoch, G. W., Helotes, Bexar Co. Zool., Herpet., PalcBo. C. Ex.* 

Marplers, FitED., West Chester. Orn. Peiiii. 

Marpler.s, KoBERT, West Chester. Orn. Penu. 

Marrett, W. H., a. B., M. Sc., M. D., Brunswick. Min., Xat. Hist. 

C. Ex. Good specimens for ex.* 31 e. 

Marsh, Alfred, Detroit. Ckem. Mrch. 

Marsh, Charles D., Leicester. Ent., Geol., Bot. C. Desires Coleop- 

tera and fossils.* Mass. 

Marsh, Don C, Milford Centre, Union Co. Geol., Min., Arch., Bot.: 

spec, troods. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Marsh, Rev. Dwight Whitney, D. D., IJaydenville. Orn., Ool. C. 

Ex. * Mass. 

Marsh, Joseph W., Pacific Univ., Forest Grove. Bot. C. Ex.* Ore. 
Marsh, O. C, Prof. Yale Coll., New Haven. Palceo., Comp. Anal.* 

Marsh, Philip, Aledo. Con., Orn., Ool., Palceo. C. L. and F. W. 

shells in ex. for shells or fossils.* 111. 

Marsh, William A., Aledo, Mercer Co. Con., Arch., Palceo., Min., 

Bot. C Ex. shells, carb. fossils, etc. Will purchase desirable 

Unionidse.* 111. 

Marshall, Dyer M., Fruit Valley, Oswego Co. Orn., Ool., Tax. C 

Ex. for Southern birds and eggs.* N. Y. 

Marshall, John P., Prof, of Min. and Geol., Tufts Coll., College Hill. 

LithoL, Micros., Gen. Biol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

ISIarshall, Wilber, Mt. Pleasant. Palcro., Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Marston, D., Cambridge. Geol, - III. 

Marten, John, Carbondale. Ent.: Dijjt. C. Diptera desired in ex. 

for other insects. III. 

Mathews. Frank, Princeton. Geol.. Min.* • III. 

Martin, Prof. Daniel S., 236 W. 4th St., New York. Geol., Min., 

Con. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

IMartin, Edw., Box 59, Kenosha. Micros. Wis. 

Martin, George, M. D., West Chester. Phcsn. Bot., Fungi.* Penn. 
Martin, George H., Bridgewatei-. Bot., Geol., Min. Mass. 

Martin, Henry Newell, M. A., D. Sc, M. B., M. D., Prof. Johns 

Hopkins Univ. Baltimore. Physiology.* Md. 

Martin, Joseph, 22.5 Ridcau St., Ottawa. ' Bnt. C. Ex. Canada. 

Martin, J. McC, A. M., Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., Ohio Univ., Athens. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Martin, Nellie, Princeton. Geol. III. 

INlARTiN, W. E., Oxford. Bot., Zool. Miss. 

Martin, William J., Prof. Davidson Coll., Mecklenburg Co. Chem., 

Geol. C. N. C. 

Martindale, Isaac C-, Nat. State Bank, Camden. Bot. C. Desires 

western species in ex.* N. J. 


Marvin, D. S., Watertown. Mm. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Marvin, J. V., M. D., 153 Chestnut St., Louisville. Chcm., Mic. C. 
Ex. My. 

Marx, George, Xat. Hist. Artist, Dept. of Agric, Washington. 

Araclniida. C. Ex. I>. C. 

Martatt, Pendleton, Juniata. Cntl Eng. Neb. 

Mason, David, Supt. Mag. Obs. U. S. Coast and Geodetic Surv., Madi- 
son. P/ii/s. Wis. 

Mason, Mrs. Fannie, Princeton, Bureau Co. Min., Geo!., Curiositii's 
in r/en/Tal. C. Ex.* ill. 

Mason, Frank, Pigeon Cove. Min. 3Iass. 

Mason, N. X., Providence. Micros. H. I. 

Mason, (). (i., iSec. Am. Mic. Soc, Sec. Photo. Sect. Am Inst., N. Y. 
t'ity, Pliotof;iapliic Department, Bellevue Hospital, New York. 
App. of I'//oto<j. to the I/lust, of science. C. Ex. Astronomical 
photos, or glass positives for tlie lantern, for mounted mic slides, 
or scientific publications.* N. Y. 

MASO^f, Otis T., Prof. Columbian Coll., Washin'/ton. Anth* D. C. 

Mason, S. C, Manhattan. Geol. C. Permian and Dakolah fossils for 
ex. Kan. 

Mason, Dr. William H., Xorwich. Micros. Conn. 

Mather, Fred., .\sst. U. S. Fish Comm., Fishery editor. Forest and 
Stream, New York. Residence, 25 Hill St., Newark, N. J 
Ichth* N. Y. 

Matlack, J. HoOPES, West Chester. Ool. C. Ex.* Peiiii. 

Matson, E. X., Greencastle. Micros. Ind. 

Matteson, F. S., M. D., Cogville City. Tax. Ex. Ore. 

Matthew, George F., St. John, X" 13. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Palwo.., 

Geol., Min., Geog. Distrib., .Arch., Molusks. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Matthew, G. F., Chief Clerk Customs Dept., St. John, N. B. Gtul. 
C. Desires named spec, of Primordial fossils.* Caniuia. 

Maull, D. W., Wilmington. Mic* Del. 

Mauran, James Eddy, Newport. Indian Implements.* R.I. 

Ma.xwell, -V. W., D. D. S., Meadville. Ent. C. Ex. Penn. 

Maxwell, Marie A., Meadville. Ent. C. Ex. Penn. 

Maxwell, Prof. S. A., Morrison. Met. III. 

Maxwell, Mrs. S. B., State Librarian, DesMoines. Gen. Xat. Hist. la. 

Maxwell, W. H., Palestine, Anderson Co. Geol. C* Tex. 

IMay, .v. M , Waukon. Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* la. 

May, Enoch, Sr., Burlington. Geol., Arch. C. la. 

Mayall, Rev. J. M., Princeton. Geol. III. 

Maycock, Prof. M. .M., Buffalo.* ]V. Y. 

Mayer, Prof. .Vlbert M., Stevens Inst. Tech., Hobokcn. Expcri- 

?nental Phi/siolur/i/. .\ . J. 

Mayer, Frank' IL, Box 248, Ashland. Gen. Nat. Ilisl., Ool., Mm , 
Geol. C. Ex. .Vbsent in ^Mexico.* Penti. 

Mayers, ]SL\mie E., Batii. Min. jlle. 

Maynard, C. J., Xewtonville. Gen. Zoil. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Maynard, S. T., Prof. Mas^. .\gric. Coll., Amherst. Bot. Hampshire 

Co. jilants and thips. of Knoioltou Herb, for ex.* Mass. 

Mayo, E. II , 35 Upton St., Boston. Mol/nsks. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Mazyck, W. G., 9 .Vmherst St., Charleston. Con. C. Ex.* S. C. 

McAdams, Jcrseyville. C. Mound Builders' Relics. 111. 

McAdams, Hon. William, Jr., Otterville, Jersey Co. Arch., Geol, 
Eaiao. Spec. : exploration of Mounils, Trilobites, Crinoids, fossil 
ferns, nodules, mound pipes and pottery in ex. for stone imple- 
ments. * 111. 

Mc.Vllan, U'illia.m, Ghent, Carroll Co. Ent. Ky. 


McAllister, T. H., 49 Nassau St., New York. Micros* N. Y. 

McAllister, \V. Y., 728 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 
McAnukews, W., Ypsilanti. Chem. 3Iich. 

MacArtiur, C. L.,Ti-oy. Geol. C. E.x. N. Y. 

McHuiDE, Trof., Iowa City. Hot., Zool. la. 

McF.RiDE, A. S.. Freelauil, DcKalb Co. Coleopt. C. Ex.* 111. 

McBkide, F E., Man>fiel(l. Min. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

McBride, 11. Wes., Waterloo, DeKalb Co. Areh., Ent., Orn., Mm. 

C. Ex.* Iiid. 

McCabe, Phebe A., White Plains. Bo(. C* N. Y 

McCall, Mrs. Mary T., 113 Fifth St., Troy. Ent.* N. Y. 

McCallum, a. A., M. D., Dunnville. Orn., Obi. C. Ex.* Canada. 
McCann, Ferdinand, Santa Cruz. Ool. C. Ex. eggs in sets.* Cal. 
McCanley, H., Huntsville. Chem. Ala. 

McCaskey, Prof. J. P, Lancaster. Ast. C. inBot.and Mic. Penn. 
McCiiESNEY, Prof., Oakland. Coleopt. Cal. 

McClixtock, E., Milwaukee. Math. Wis. 

McClintock, F., West Union, Fayette Co. Ast., Physics.* la. 

McClung, Calvin M., Knoxville.' Chem., Min. C. Tenn. 

McCoMBS, William, Magnolia, Putnam Co. Palceo., Geol. C. 111. 

McCoNATHY, W. J M., Louisville. Geol. Ky. 

McCoNNELL, Florence, Elmira. But N. Y. 

McCoNNELL, J. B., M. D., 157 Bleury St., Montreal. Bot. C. Ex.* 

McCoNNELL, L. R., Pittsburg. Geol. Penn. 

McCoNNELL, R. S., B. A., Geol. Surv., Ottawa. Orn., Min. Canada. 
McCooK, Henry C, Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Penn. 

McCoRD, D. A., Oxford, Butler Co. PaUco., Mm., Fossils of the Cin- 
cinnati group and shells. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
McCosKEY, Prof. J. P., Pres. Lancaster Scientific Club, Lancaster. 

McCowN, F. O., Oregon City, Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* Ore. 

McCrady, Prof. .John, Sewanee. Gen. Biol.. Emb., Eadiates. Tenn. 
McCreery, Andrew T., 519 .Jones St., San Francisco. Coleupt. C. 

Ex. Coriespondents desired. Cal. 

McCreery, J. M., Akron. Paleeo. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

McCuLLOUGH, F., New Albany. Geol. Ind. 

McCuTCHEN, Aug. R., Asst. State Geologist, I^a Fayette, Walker Co. 

Geol, Pal(EO., Lithol. C. Ex.* " Ga. 

McDaniel, Rev. Benjamin F., Exeter. Min. C. Fossils to ex. for 

minerals.* N. H. 

McDonald, M., Va. Mil. Inst., Lexington, Rockbridge Co. Geol., 

Min., Ent., Con. C. Ex. ' Va. 

McDouGAL, .James H., 14 W. Seneca St., Buftalo. Ast. N. Y'. 

McElroy, Prof. G. B., Adrian. Mich. 

MacFadden, F. p., St. Vincent's Abbcj', Westmoreland Co. Penn. 

Macfarlane, James, Towanda. Geol.* Penn. 

McGee, A\'. J., Farley. Surface Geol., Arch., Stratigraphy. C. Ex. 

Silurian and Devonian fossils.* la. 

McGill, .John T., Ph. D., Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville. Chem., Nat. 

Hist.* Tenn. 

McGuin, George B., B. S., Canon City. Ent. Ex.* Col. 

McIlwraith, Thomas, Hamilton, C. W. Orn. Canada. 

McKay, A. H., B. A., B. So., Prin. Pictou Acad., Pictou. Gen. Biol., 

Bot. : Local Cryptogamia. C. Ex.* Canada. 

McKay, C. L., Mushegak, Alaska, care Alaska Commercial Co., 810 

Sanson! St., San Francisco. Ichth.* Cal. 

McKay, Joseph, 4 Fifth St., Troy. Crypt. Bot., Micros. C* N. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 75 

McKeever, I. W., Prof. Adrian Coll., Adrian. Xat. Sci. C. Mich. 
McKi.M, liEV. HA.SLETT, Ncwbiiry:!!. Bot.* N. Y . 

McLaughlin, William M., Southington. Min., GeoL, Arch., Hot. 

C. Conn. 

McLennan, Kenneth, 745 Craig St., Montreal. Mtcros., Ent. C. 

Ex. Canada. 

McLeod, Robert R., Leadville. Orn. C. Ex. Col. 

McLouTU, Lewis, Prof. State Xormal School, Ypsilauti. Plnjs., AU* 

McMiNN, Rev. Edwin, Easton. Min. Penn. 

McMuRTRiE, William, E. M., Ph. D., Dept. Agriculture, Washington. 

Chem* D. C. 

McNair. a. R., Lieut. Commander U. S. N., Harvard Coll., Cambridge. 

GeoL, Deep-sea soundings.* Mass. 

McNair, Tho.mas S., llazk-ton, Luzerne Co. Engineering. Peiiii. 

McNeill, M., Princeton. Ast. N.J. 

McNider, V. St. Clair, M. D., Jackson.* N. C. 

McShane, J. T., M. D., Carmel, Hamilton Co. Arch. C. Ex.* Ind. 
McSparmon, E. L., Greene, Lancaster Co. Min. C. Ex. Peiin. 

McWhokter, Tyler, Aledo. Geo!., Pakfo. C. Ex.* IlL 

McWilliams, Harriet T., Fairtown, Cumberland Co. Bot., Min., Sea 

Weeds. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Meacuam, Charles F., Springfield. Micros. C. Vt. 

Mead, J. C, Box 60, No. Bridgton. Orn. C. Ex. Me. 

Mead, T. L., 674 Madison Ave., New Yori<. Diurnal Lepid.* N. Y. 

Mead, Walter H., 65 Wall St., New York. Mic* N. Y. 

Meamber, Prof. Joseph, East St. Louis, St. Clair Co. Orn., Obi. C. 

Ex. III. 

Means, Rev. A., A.M., M. D., D. D., LL. D., Oxford. Palceo., GeoL, 

Min., Chem., Pharm.* Ga. 

Mearns, Edgar A., M. D., Highland Falls, Orange Co. J'ertchrutes, 

Zobl. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Medling, G. F., 28 Bond St., New York. N. Y. 

Meech, Rev. William W., A. M., Vineland. GeoL, Ent. C* N. J. 
Meehan, Joseph T., Meehan Ave.-, Germautowu, Philadelphia. Fil- 

ices. C. Ex.* Pen 11. 

Meehan, Thomas, State Botanist, Germantown. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

Horticnllure. C* Penii. 

Mees, C. L., M. D., Columbus. Micros., Chem.* Ohio. 

Megerle, H. C, Cal. Curiosity Shop, Sacramento. Orn., Collections of 

Pacific Slope spec* Cal. 

Meigs, Jane T., Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, Station M, Washington 

Heights, New York. General.* N. Y. 

Meinertii, Carl, Newburyport. Micros., Phntog. Mass. 

Melcheu, William P., M. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Mell, p. H., Jr., a. M., C. & M. E., Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Hist, and 

Geol., State Agric. Mcch. Coll., Auburn. Palao., GeoL, Min., 

Zobl. Large s\ipply of Tertiary fossils, especially Irom Claiborne 

Group, always on liaud. C. Ex.* Ala. 

Mellichamp, Dr." J. H., Bluflton. Bot. S. C. 

Mendenhall, R. J., Minneapolis. Ent. C. Minn. 

Mepham, George S., 1025 Winter St., St. Louis, Arch., Min. C. 

Ex. Mo. 

Mercer, F. Wentworth, M. D., A'ice-Pres. 111. Mic. Soc, 2600 Cal- 
umet Ave., Chicago. Micro-IIistol. and Pathol. Ex.* III. 
Mercer, R. W., 147 Central Ave., Cincinuati. Arch., Mound Relics, 

Fossils, Min. and Curiosities, Ninnlsmiitics. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Merg, Charles, Oxford, Butler Co. Mm,, Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

76 THE naturalists' directory. 

Mergi-ER, ISIarie J., ISr. D., Chicajjo. Mic. III. 

MEitKEL, Aug., .'510 llumboklt St., Brooklyn, E. D. Coleoptera of N . A., 

north of Mcxici). C Ex. Curubida' wanted.* N. Y. 

Merkel, G. li., M. 1)., 322 Shawiiiut Ave, Boston. Anth., llistol. 

Ex. Mass. 

Merriam, a. B., Jr., Fifth and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati. Etit., ('o.;. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Merriam, C. Hart, M. D., Locust Grove, Lewis Co. Orn., Gen. Zoi,!., 

Cump. Aunt. C. Ex. for bird skins, skeletons of birds, maninials, 

marine invertebrates.* N. Y. 

Merriman, C. C, Rochester. Mic. ]\. Y^ 

IMeruiman, (Jeorge B., Kutfrers Coll., New Brunswick. Ast.* N. J. 
Merrill, Frank ()., Bradford. Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

^Merrill, Harry, Ban^ior. 0/-«., Ool. C. Ex.* Me. 

Merrill, James C, Asst. Surg., U. S. A., Fort Custer. Oni., Ool. C 

Ex.* Montana. 

Merrill, J. Warren, 400 Broadwaj-, Cambridge. Native and exotic 

ferns, liiiny and dried. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Merrill, N. F., 15 Beckford St., Salem. Chem., Chem. Geol., Mic. 

Pitroff. C. Mass. 

Merritt, W. Hamilton, Assoc. Royal School of Mines, Eng., St. Cath- 
arine's, Ont. Mining Enf/ineerin;/, M/t. Canada. 
Merton, Dr. Arthur, Philadelphia. Micros. Penii. 
Mertz, Henry Ney, Steubenville. Ferns, Phccn. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Messenger, F. Lawrence, Melrose Highlands. GeoL, Min. C. Ex.* - 

Metcalf, Charles T., 172 Westminster St., Providence. Min. C. 

Ex. R. I. 

Metcalfe, H., Capt. of Ordnance, Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia.* 

Metcalfe, James K., Silver City, Grant Co. GeoL, Bot., Mm.* N. M. 
Mettauer, a., M. D., Macon. Bot., GeoL, Micros., Coleopt., Leptd. 

C. Ex. CiJa. 

Metz, Charles L., M. D., Madisonville. Arch., Paleeo. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Myer, Abraham, Cogan House, Lycoming Co. Min., Local Palceo., 

GeoL C. Ex.* Penn. 

Meyer, A. R., Lcadville. Met. CoL 

Meyers, J. H., Benton, Mono Co. Min. C. Cal. 

Meyncke, O. M., BrookviUe. Bot. C. Ex.* Intl. 

Michael, George W., Jr., Morro Baj-, San Luis Obispo Co. Geol , 

Mm. C. Ex. Cal. 

Michels, John, Box 3838, New York. Editor of " Science." Mic* N. Y. 
Michener, Ezra, M. D., Toughkenamon, Chester Co.- Cryptogam]/, 

Con. C. "Penn. 

Mickleborough, John, Cincinnati. Palceo., GeoL, Zobl. C. Ex.* 

]\riDnAGii, William, Rollag, Clay Co. Arch., Phi/s.* Minn. 

IMiDDLEBROOK, Fred., Port Richmond, Staten Island. Mic. N. Y. 

INIiddleton, ]N1. F., M. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

MiDDLETON, Miss N. H., Asst. State Ent, Carbondale. Ent.* III. 

Midlan, L. W., American Hotel, Albany. Ent. N. Y. 

MiELLEZ, A., Horticulturist, Springfield. Bot.: Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 
MiGNAULT, Dr. Louis D., 155 Bleury St., Montreal. Phan. Bot., Ferns. 

C. Ex.* CanatSa. 

Miles, Ethan A., A. B., Marion, Perry Co. Geol. Ex.* .4.1a. 

Miles, Manly, ISI. D., D. V. S., Houghton Farm, jMountaiuville, 

Orange Co. Mic, Experimental Agric. BioL, C.* N. Y. 

Miles, Rufus, Knoxville. Arch. IlL 

THE naturalists' dikectoky. 77 

MiLGATE, W. H., Biddefonl Pool. Sea Birds* Me. 

:.liLKE, llEV P. H. S., Pekin. Fossd Corals. III. 

JliLL.vKU, L. S., Bellville, Austin Co. Geoi, Hot., Getieral. C. Ex. Te\. 

MiLLEK, Hon. A. IS., Ue Pedwood, Santa Cruz Co. C'al. 

MiLLEU, A. W., M. D., X. W. cor. Sd and Callow lull Sts., Philadelphia. 

Hot* fenii. 

Miller, Miss Clara, Nonvalk. Orn. C. la. 

MiLLEn, Edward, Periinevillc, Monmouth Co. Phcen. Bot., Orn., 

Lnt. C." N. .1. 

Miller, E. S., Wading River, L. I. Bot., Hort., Min., Palcco., Con., 
Arch, C. E.x. in Pot. and Hort. only. Desires rare plants East 
of Miss., and ferus of N. A. Will send list of desiderata and du- 
plicates.* N. Y. 

^Miller, F. A., San Francisco. Bot. C'al. 

Miller, H. D., Plainviile. Min. C. E.v. for good crystallized speci- 
mens only. Fine Nova Scotia minerals in ex. for equivalents * 


Miller, H. S., 104 State St., Albany. Micros* N. Y. 

Miller, Miss Ida, Newcastle. GeoL, Mm., Palao C. Ex.* Ala. 

Miller, I. F., Riciimond. Fossils. Iiid. 

Miller, .Jacob, Princeton. Geol. C. Ex. " drift ' spec* 111. 

Miller, .John, Jr., 122 W. 21st St., Erie. Bnt. C. Ex.* Penii. 

Miller, John A., St. Louis. Geo!., Mm., Mctall. C. Ex. 3Io. 

Miller, Louis P., Ionia. Arch., Remains of Mound Builders, etc. C. 


Miller, Robert, W.arsaw. Geol. N. Y. 

Miller, R. T., D. D. S., South Bend. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex. casts of 
celebrated fossils, etc., for good minerals, fossils, and Indian 
relics.* Iiid. 

Miller, S. A., 8 W. 3rd St., Cincinnati. Palao., Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

IMiLLER, Thomas B., Box 37S8, New York. Micros. IV. Y. 

MiLLEii, W. P., Box 1737, New York. Bot. N. Y. 

Millmax, Thomas, M. D., M. R. C. S., &c.. Asylum for In.sanc, Lon- 
don, Ont. BU. C. Ex.* " Canada. 

MiLNER, JMiss F. E., North Lawrence. Geol. Kan. 

MiLNER, Miss Ida, Newcastle. Geol. Ala. 

MiLXER, Mrs. Sarah A., Waukegan, LakeCo. Bot. C. Ex.* ill. 

Mills, B. M., Necdham. Orn, Vol. Mass. 

Mills, IIexrv, 162 Faigo Ave., Buflalo. Mic* N. Y. 

Mills, Hexry, Natick. Om., OiiL, Tax. C. Ex. egss.* 31ass. 

Millspaugh, C. F., M. D., 3 Dickinson St., Binghampton. Bot. C* 


MiJTGEY, Thomas, Ilorticul. Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Penn. 

Minns, Miss S., 14 Louisburg Sq., Boston. Bot. ■ Grasses, Um'^e!!- 

ifcrce. Ex.* .>Iass. 

MiNOT, Charles S., Roslindalc P. ()., Boston. Ent., Physiol.* Mass. 

MixoT, II. D., Box 2477, Boston. Orn. C* 3Iass. 

Mische, William, 3.i0 St. Peter St., New Orleans. Coleopt. of La. for 
sale at reasonable prices.* La. 

MissiNER, II. C, Eric. Geol. Penn. 

31ITCHEL, George, Hanover. Micros. N. H. 

ISIitchell, Brainerd, Pearl Depot, Pike Co. Arch. C. Ex. arrow 

and speai- heads, scrapers, etc. III. 

Mitchell, F. C, Rome. Bot. C. N. Y. 

^Mitchell, (iEORCE ()., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Herman, Dalton. Geol. Mass. 

Mitchell, Louis J., Chicago. Orn., VOL C. 111. 

Mitchell, M. Sid., Rome Gen. Nat. Hist. Q. JV. Y. 


Mitchell, Melville A., Maj-port. Geol., Min., Con., Fla. Woods 

and Cora's. C. Ex.* Fla. 

Mitciiill, K. M., 996 Dean St., Brooklyn. Oil., Min. C. Ex.* >'. Y^ 
MorFATT, Ansel, 104 N. I'eiin.T., Indianapolis. Bot.* Iiid. 

Moffat, .J. A., Hamilton, Ont. Colcopt., Lepid. C* Canada. 

Moffat, J. L., M. D., 17 Schernicrhorn St., Brooklyn. Mic. 'S. Y. 

MoFFiTT, Jacob W., Chillicotlie. Pala>o. C. III. 

MouK, Charles, Mobile. Bot.: Forestry, Glumaceous plants, Mosses 

and Ferns. Grainiiiea, Cyperacea" and ligneons plants of the West 

desireil in ex. lor Soutlu-rn phints.* Ala. 

MOHR, Charles A., Prof. Chcm., Med. Coll. of Ala., Mobile. Chem.* 

MoHR, E. K., Morris, (Irundy Co. Geol., Min., Palcpo. C. Fossils in 

ex. for others and minerals. III. 

MouR, Emily, Oliio Ave., Cincinnnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

MOHR, JNIary, Ohio Ave., Cincinnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

MoHR, Paul, Ohio Ave., Cincinnati. Geol., Palceo., Min. C. Ex.* 

MoLER, W. G., 472 Cass Park, Detroit. Zool. C. Ex. Mich. 

Monell, .Joseph, Box 2873, St. Louis. Bot., Ent.: ApMdce. C. Ex. 31o. 
Monks, Sarah P., A. M., Cold Spring, Putnam Co. Herpet., Comp. 

Osteal., Spec. Bufrachia. C. Ex'.* N. Y. 

Monroe, C. J., South Haven. Agr. Civ. Eng. Mich. 

Monroe, .John M., Auburn. Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Monroe, K. Dayton, D. D. S., 73 No. Pearl St., Albany. Micros. N. Y. 
Montgomery, Henry, M. A., B. Sc, Lcct. on ZoiW., and Bot., Toronto 

School of Med., Toronto, Ont. Comp. Anat., Plujs., ZooL, Palceo. 

C. Ex.* Canada. 

Montgomery, S., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Olivet Coll., Olivet, Eaton Co. 

Chcm., Phi/s. Mich. 

Moody, Prof. Edw. F., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Moody, H. !>., Maiden. Ent.: Coleopt. (lance). C* 3Iass. 

MooDY', J. D., Mendota. Am. Antiquities. C* III. 

JSIooR, M. M., Blooming Grove, Franklin Co. Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

Moore, Alex., 3 School St., Boston. General.* Mass. 

IMooRE, A. Y., M. D., Coldwater. Micros.* 31ich. 

]SIooRE, George, Muscatine. C. Ex. la. 

]\looRE, Henry K., 411 'i California St., San Francisco. Mic. C. Cal. 
MooRE, H. R., 528 California St., San Francisco. Mic. Cal. 

Moore, Henry S., cor. 6th Ave. and 43d St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 
Moore, .James \V., M. D., Easton. Phys.* Penn. 

Moore, .Joseph, Pres. Earlham Coll., Richmond. Geol. C. Ex. 

Trenton fossils for fossils of the Primordial.* Ind. 

Moore, J. P., Cal. Acad. Sci.. San Francisco. Mic. C. Cal. 

ISIooRE, Nathan, Grampian Hills, Clearfield Co. JPenn. 

Moores, Henry, 109 W. Rich St., Columbus. Palceo., Moll. C. Ex. 

MORDON, .John A., Hyde Park, Ont. Orn., Obi, Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* 

MoREHEAD, Mrs. H. B., Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati. Land, Fresh Water 

and Marine Molliisks. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Morehouse, G. R., A. M., M. D., 227 So. 9th St., Philadelphia. Biol* 

]\roREHOUSE, George W., Wayland, Steuben Co. Mic* N. Y. 

MoREY, S. A., Grand Rapids. ' Orn. Mich. 

Morgan, A. P., Columbus. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Morgan, F. H., S. 15., care Newell Bros. Mfg. Co., Springfield. Anali/t. 

and Expr. Chem., Min.* Ohio. 


Morgan, Henry. 200 Carew St., Sprinfrfield. Orn* Mass. 

Morgan, H. H., Prin. ]U<^h School, Box 2422, St. Louis. Mo. 

Morgan, Hon. Lewis H.. LL D., Eochestei-. Eth., Zool* N. Y. 

Morgan, Mrs. L. V., Coluoibus. Crypt. Bot., PIicbh. Hot., Botanical 
Drawing. C* Ohio. 

Morgan, William J., Somerville. Micros. N.Y. 

MoRGEN'ROTii, H. A., Titfeii. Lepid. C. Ohio. 

MoRLEV, Edw. W., M. D.. Ph. D., Prof. Chem.. Western Eeserve Univ., 
Prof. Chem. and To\., Cleveland Med. Coll., Cleveland. Cltnn., 
especially Gas Analysts.* Ohio. 

Morong, Rev. Thomas, Ashland. PJtcen. Bot., Vascular Cryptogams. 

Specialty of Potamoirotum. C. Ex.* Mass. 

MORRELL, H. K., Gardiner. Bot., Min., Con. C. Ex. marine shells * 


Morrill, Albro D., Teacher of Nat. Sci., Lewistown Acad., Lewis- 
town. Bot., Ent. : Coleupt., Geol. C. Ex. Penii. 

Morrill, T. Worcester, cor. Penn and Allen Sts., Frankford, Phila- 
delphia. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Morris, Miss Cornelia F., 123 So. Salina St., Syracuse. GeoL, 
Uthol., Mm., Invert Pal^o., L. and F. IV. Shells. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Morris, Galloway C, E. Tulpohocken St., CTerraautown, Philadelphia. 
Micros., Diatoms. De.rmids, Algce. Ex.* Penn. 

Morris, J. Gheston, M. D., 15U Spruce St., Philadelphia. Biol. C* 


Morris, Rev. John G., D. D., LL. D., 106 N. Green St., Baltimore. 
Ent., Mic. C.* M(l 

Morris, Robert T., New Haven. Vertebrates of N. A. Ex. 

Entozoa.* Conn. 

Morris, W. J , Elmore, Peoria Co. Min., Arch., Geol. C. Ex. fos- 
sils, shells and mound relics. Ill- 

Morrison, H. K., Box 22, Morj^anton, Burke Co. Ent. : Coleopt., 

Lepid. List of species sent on application.* N.C. 

MoRRissEY, Alfred, St. John, X. B. Om. Canada. 

Morrow, C^eorge E., LL. B., Urbana. Agri. III. 

Morrow, R., Halifax, X. S. Anit. Canada. 

Morse, A. P., Sherboru. Orn., Mm., Con. C. Ex.* 3Iass 

Morse, Edw. S., Director Peabody Acad. Sci., Salem. Zool.* Mass. 

Morse, Frank B., B. S., 13 Worcester Square, Boston. GeoL, Min. 
C. Ex.* 31 ass. 

Morse, H. Austin, Chicopee. 0:1. C. Ex. Mass. 

Morse, H. B., Hanover, Jeflerson Co. Geol. C. Ex. Silurian for other 
fossils.* Ind. 

Morse, Mrs. Walter, Eaton, Madison Co. GcoL, Co7i. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Morton, Charlotte A., Newburgh. Bot. Ex. N. Y, 

^Iorton, Edmund Q., Newburgh. Mic. N. Y. 

Morton, Emily L., Newburgh. Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y 

.Morton, Henry, Ph. D., Pres. Stevens Inst, ^f Tech., Hoboken. 

Physics, Chem.* N. .1. 

Mortimer, Capt. John H., New York. Hydrozoa, Mollnsks. C* 'fi.Y. 

MosELEY', A. E., Lawrence. Ilcrpetologi/. Kan. 

:\[osES, T. F., a. M., M. D., Prof Nat. Sci., Univ. Urbana. Geol., Gen. 
Biol., Arch. C* Ohio. 

Mosey, Richard, 27 Hayden St., Toronto. Ent., 061. C. Ex.* 


MosHER, Dr. J. S., 3 Lancaster St., Albanv. Micros. \. Y. 

MosiER, C. A., De.sMoines. Orn. C* ' la. 

Moss, J. Clark, P. C, Mid Lothian P. O., Harper Co. Geol, Orn., 

061. C* 111. 


Mote, E. J., Richmond. Palceo., Arch. C. Ex. Desires to make 

cxchan^res <iencrally. Ind. 

MoTiiERAL, IvEV. N. W./jNIt. Hopc, Liiwience Co. Ent. Ala. 

MoTT, CiiAHLES, Ncw Lisbon. Bot. N. Y. 

MOTT, llE.NRV A., .lu.. Pli. D.. E. M., 90 Wall St., New York. Micros., 

Minnig Enginecrhni and Analtjt. Chem. C* N Y. 

MouLSON, Charles W., University, Minneapolis. Bot. C. Ex.* Minn. 
jNIoulton, Edw., Newbiiryport. Mic. C E.v. Mass. 

MouSEK, S. M.. M. D.. 23;") Kearney St., San Francisco. Mic, Gen. 

Bot.. Vert. Emb.. Hi!>tol. of Vert. C. E.x. Cal. 

Moyer, I. S., M. U., KiclilancrCentre, Bucks Co. Bot. C. Will ex- 
change lor plants west of the Mississippi.* Peiin. 
Mueller, Otto E.. Madison and Shelby Sts., Louisville. Bot. C. 

Ex Ky. 

Mueller, Prof Rudolph, Ph. D., New Corvdon, Jav Co. Arch., 

Eth., Geo/., Met. C. ' ' Ind. 

MuiiLEMAN, J. K, Woodburn, Macoupin Co. Lepid. C. III. 

MuiR, William, Fox Creek, St. Louis Co. Ilorticulttire. C. Mo. 

IMuNDY, JiEv. EzEKiEL W., Syracuse. S. Y. 

MuNDT, A. IL, Fairbury, Livinj^stou Co. Lepid., Colcopt. Native and 

Exotic cocoons nnd pvpce C. Ex.* III. 

MuNGER, L. D., Leicester Junction. Oi-ii., Oiil. C. Ex. Vt. 

MuNN, J. L., Box 4o, EaslOran^e Horticulture. N. J. 

MuNROE, Charles E.. Prof. Chem., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. 

Chem., I'a/eeo., Min., Mic. C. Ex minerals and tertiary fossils. 

Specialty, the Chem. of Explosives.* Md. 

Munroe, Miss E. F., East Cambridg-e. Min. Blass. 

MuNROE, Henrv F.. 821 W. Jackson St., Chicago. Bot. C. Ex. De- 
sires Pacific coast species.* III. 
MuNROE, H. S., E M., Ph. D., Adj. Prof. School of Mines, Columbia 

Coll., New York. Econ. Geo/. N. Y. 

Munroe, Willloi C, M. D , M. R. M. S., 180 E. Main St., Rochester. 

Dcrmatolvf/i/, Mic, Diatoms, Infusoria, Bot., Ast., Urn. C. 

Ex * N. Y. 

MuNSON, W. W., M. D., Otisco, Onondaga Co. Gen. Nat. Hist., Mic, 

Ent. C. Ex. Mic. preparations.*' N.Y. 

TiFuRDOCH, .ToHN, 19.') ^^'allnlt Ave., Roxbury. Gen. Biol.. Orn. Mass. 
IMuRDocH, Dr. R., Baltimore. Bot. Md. 

]MuRDOCH, Hox- S.. Elkader. Archeeo. la. 

IMuRDOCK, A. J., M. D., Tavlor's Falls, Chisas-o Co. Minn. 

iMuRDOCiv,E.P..M D.,13;5,So. HalstedSt .Chicago Orn., Biol C* III. 
MuRDOCK, Hon H. R., Stillwater. Geol. iMinn. 

MuRDOCK, Mrs. II. R., Stillwater. Bot. Minn. 

MuRDOCK, J. B., U. S. N., care J. N. Murdock, Box 21, Boston. Gi'oL, 

Mm. C Mass. 

jMurphy, M.. Prof. Engineering, Halifax, N. S. Min. Canada. 

Murray, .Tames Peru, La Salle Co. Geol. III. 

Murray. William, 115 Jackson St., West IlamiUon, Ont. Ent.: f'o- 

leopt., I.epid. C. Ex. Canada. 

MURTFELDT, M. E., Kirkwood. Ent., Mic, Phcpn Bot. C. Ex. Mo. 
ISlusso, George W., Jr., 3 Crosby St., Lynn. Min. C. Ex. for good 

characteristic spec, cabinet size. Correspondence solicited.* 3Iass. 
]\IuzzALL, H. W., Santa Baibara. Indian Relics. Cal. 

Muzzy, Mrs. A. J., Bristol. Min. Conn. 

Myall, Rev. James M., Princeton. Geol., Zohl. C. Ex.* III. 

Myers, Prof. John A.,.Ky Univ., Lexington. Chem.* Ky. 

Myers, Justus M. T., Fort Madison. Coleopt., Lepid., Geol. C. 

Ex.* la. 

THE naturalists' directory. 81 

MvRES, John H., West Farms St. Min. N. Y. 

Wyhill, Alfred, Metlina. Tax., i>pec. Birds, their nests and eqs. 

C. Ex. lor sea-shore bird skins, or S. A. bird skins or eggs. N. Y. 


Nachtrieb, H. F., 511 S. 4th Ave., Minneapolis. Ent., Zool. in Gen.* 


Nagel, J. J., 1411 W. Locust St., Davenport. Bot. la. 

^■ASH, E. O., M. D., Pueblo. OsteoL, Nat. Hist. Col. 

Nash, Prof. F. P., Geneva. Micros. N.Y. 

ZSash, George V., Hau-isl)urg. Min. Peiiii. 

Nash, H. W., Pueblo. Urn., Tax., Lepid. C. Ex. Lepid.* Col. 

Nash, Kev. J. A., Pres. Univ., Des Moines. Miti. C. Ex. la. 

Nasox, Kev. Elias. North Billcrica Bot., Met., Acoustics.* Mass. 

Nason, 11. B., Prof. Cbem. and Min., E. P. ln=t., Troy. C* N. Y. 

Naso.n, William A., A. M., M. D., Algonquin. Ei'it. : Coleopt., In- 
vert, l^alcec. Mall. C. Ex. Want N. A. Coleopt. and Exotic 
marine shells.* 111. 

Nay, Silas, La Harpe, Hancock Co. Geol. 111. 

Nefk, William W.. Windham. Mm. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Neil. James. 100 Public Square, Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Neil, Thomas, Venice, Erie Co. Ohio. 

Neilson, Ernest F.. New Brighton Reptiles, Ftsh. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Neisculer, II. M., M. D., Butler, Tavlor Co. Bot.* Cia. 

Nell, Philip. 253 So. I'ith St., Philadelphia. Ent.:Arach. C. Ex* 


Nelson, Miss E. A., Elmira. Nat. Hist., Geol. N. Y. 

Nelson, E. T., Prof. Nat. Hist, and Cur. in charge of Univ. Miis., O. 
Wesleyan Univ., Delaware. Geol., Zool. C. Unionidse, Marine 
Shells and Devonian fossils for ex. Oliio. 

Nelson, E. W., Chicago. Address for next two years St Michael's, 
Alaska, cnic of Alaska Commercial Co., San Francisco, Cal. 
Orn., Herp'tol. 111. 

Nelson, Henrv M., Georgetown. Phcen. Bot. Mass. 

Nelson, Julius, Waupaca. Zool. Wis. 

Nelson, S. Augustus, Georaetown. Geol. Mass. 

Nerbein, II. J., Sinking Spring, Berks Co. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Nettelroth, Henry, Civil Engineer, Louisville. Palceo., Orn. L. 
Silurian and Devonian fossils in ex. for specimens from other local- 
ities.* Ky. 

Neumogen, B., Box 2581, New York. Purchase and exchange of Lep- 
idoptera of tlie world. Collectors wanted in all parts of the U. S-, 
Canadas, anil tiic world Liberal pavmciits.* N. Y. 

Nevius, Rev. R D., D. D., Spokane Falls." Bot.* \\ . T. 

Newberry, J. S., M D., LL. D., Prof, of Geol. and Palseo., Columbia 
Coll.. New York. Geol., Palceo., Bot. C* N.Y. 

Newby. Dr. J. B., 1127 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Ool., Arch. C. 
Ex. Mo. 

Newcomb, Harry IL, Greenwood. Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Newcomb, Simon, Nautical Almanac Office, Washington. Mathematical 
Ast.* D. C. 

Newcomb, W., M. D., Cur. Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Con. Ex.* N. Y. 

Newcomer, J. W., M. D., Petersburg. Bot., Ent., Mic, Orn. C. 

Ex.* 111. 

Newman, A. B., East Saginaw. Mic. Mich. 


Newman, Arthur B., Fairport, Monroe Co. Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Newton, Prof. 11. A., Yale Coll. Observ., New Haven. Ast. Conn. 
Nkwton, R. (i., Noi-wicli, Cliciiaii;io Co. Bot., Ool., Ent. E.x.* N. Y. 
Newton, W. S., Oswego. Hot., Zoiil. Kan. 

NiCOLAUS, E. li., 40 Public Square, Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Nichols, AlonzO, Cliaiiton, Lucas Co. Bot., Ent. Ex. live plants. Ih. 
Nichols, C. E., M. 1)., 14 Fourth St., Troy. Micros. N. Y. 

Nichols, D. A. A., Ed. " Country Gentleman," Albany. Bot.* N. Y. 
Nichols, E. L., Richmond. PIn/s. Ky. 

Nichols, Edw. L., Ph. D., (Gott.) Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Balti- 
more. PInjs. Md. 
Nichols, George W., Mcrrimac. Ent., Con. C* Mass. 
Nichols, Jason E., Lansing. Orn., Oi.l. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Nichols, J. 11., Easton. Ast.* Penn. 
Nichols, Walter R , New Haven. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Conn. 
Nicholson, Hi'nteu, Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. Teun., Knoxville. Con. 

C. Ex. Tenn. shells for others.* Tenn. 

NiCKERSON, Fkanio^in, M. D., 35 Kirk St., Lowell. Bot. C. Ex. Mass. 
NiCKEKsON, George Y., 140 Purchase St., New Bedford. Con.* Mass. 
NiCKERSON, Mrs. M. J., New Bedford. Con. 3Iass. 

NiCKLES, John M., 114 Everett St., Cincinnati. ZooL, Palceo. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

Niedman, Waldimir de. Botanic Gardens, Washington. Graminete.* 

Niles, William H., (Prof. Mass. Inst. Tech.) Cambridge. Geol., 

Phi/s., Geo/.* Mass. 

NiMS, Allen, Watertown. Bot., Geol., Min., Micros., Gen. Biol., Eth., 

PhiloL, Ent. (.'. Ex. N. Y. 

NiMS, Charles D., Philadelphia. Min. N.Y. 

Nipher, Francis E., Prof. Phvs., Washington Univ., Dir. Mo. Weather 

Service, St. Louis. Met., Phijs.* Mo. 

Nissley, J. E., P. 0. Box 228, Mansfield. Arch., Geol., Min. C. Ex.* 

Nixon, T., Box 504, Wellington, Summit Co. Ent., Geol. C* Kan. 
Nlaeser, Karl G., Brigham Y'^oung Acad., Provo Citv, Utah Co. Prof. 

Nat. Sci. ■ Utah. 

Nloe, E. D., Union Grove, Racine Co. Bot. Wis. 

NoE, Louis H , Elizabeth. Micros.* N. J. 

Nolan, E. J., M. D., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Biol., Bibhog. 

Nat. Sci.* Penn. 

NoLT, R. S., Strasburg, Lancaster Co. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Norcross, D., Glens Falls. Bot. N. Y. 

NoRDiNO, J. N., 141 St. Francis St., Mobile. Nat. Hist.* Ala. 

NoRRis, J. W., M. D., Oregon City. Arc/i. Ore. 

NoRRis, William, 510 California St., San Francisco. Mic. C. Ex.* Cal. 
North, ISIortimer C , New Britain. iMin. C. Ex. Conn. 

Norton, Alice J., Bristol. Bot. C. Ex. Conn. 

Norton, Edw., Farniingtou. Ent.: Hymenoptera. Conn. 

Norton, I. Herbert, Leicester, Addison Co. Geol, Min., Palceo., 

Med. Mic, Bot. C. Ex. Vt. 

Norton, J. H , Plainville, Onondaga Co. Eth., Arch., (Entom.) C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Norton, Mary E. B., San Jose. Bot. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Norton, Sidney A., Ph. D., Prof. Chem., 211 E. State St., Columbus. 

Chcm. Ohio. 

Norton, William H., Prof. Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Cur. Museum. 

Invert. Palceo., Geol., Mm. Fossils of Magnoketa Shales and 

Hamilton to ex. List of exchanges sent on application. C. Ex.* la. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 83 

Norwood, Prof. Charles J., Eussellville. Geol, Invert. Palmo. 

C* Ky. 

Norwood, J. G., M. D., LL. D., Columbia. Invert., Paleeo., Geol. 

C. Mo. 

NOTT, E. S., Hamburg. Mic. N. Y. 

NOTTBECK, Peter DE, Fishkill-on-the-IIudson. Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Notes, Dr. Egbert F., Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Notes, W. H., D. M. D., Newbinyport Mic, Vivaria. C. Ex.* Mass. 
NuiMSEN, W. H., 18 Light St., Baltimore. Ast.* Md. 

NuTT,C. N., New Albany. Ent. Iiid. 

NUTTALL, L. W., Nuttaliburg, Fayette Co. Geol. W. Va. 

Nutter, Frank H., C. E., Kooni 14, Johnston's Block, Minneapolis. 

Mm., OoL, Con. C. Ex. shells or any desired specimens of this 

vicinity for birds' eg-gs* Minn. 

Nutting, Wallace, Wheaton, Du Page Co. Bat., Mam., Orn., Tax. 

C. III. 

Nutting, W., Benzonia. Orii., Mam. C. Ex. Mich. 


Oakes, R. a., Watertown. Paleeo., Trenton Limestone and Utica 
Slate. N.Y. 

Oakes, Walter, cor. 9th and Penn Sts., Kansas City. Con., Out. C. 
Ex. Mo. 

Ober, Frederick A., Beverly. Orn.* Penn. 

Oberlt, T. J., Sinking Spring. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

O'Brien, F. H.. Chicoutimi, Quebec. Zobl Canada. 

O'Brien, William D. A., 207 W. Main St., Springfield. Marine objects. 
C. Ex. Ohio. 

Obst, C. L., Pittsfield, Pike Co. Arch., Prehistoric remains, Geol. C- 
Ex. Hocflichst crbitte eincn vertausch aller Vorgeschichtlichen 
Geraetschaften von Stein, Horn, Kupfcr, Thon, Kuschen, von den 
U. S. and Europa. III. 

Odell, C. H., Peoria. Zool. III. 

Oertel, T. E., Morgantown, Burke Co. Lepid.* N. C. 

Ogden, John J., 168 Trcmont St., Boston. Mici-os.* Mass. 

OiiLEN, Miss H. E., Springfield. Mo. 

OiiLER, William H., 258 Middle St., Portland. Me. 

Oldrotd, O. H., Springfield. Genei-al. C. Ex. or buy anything per- 
taining to Abraham Lincoln, or relics of the late war. III. 

Oleson, O. M., Ph. G., Fort Dodge. Bot. C. Ex. la. 

Olmstead, Rev. L. G., LL. D., Fort Edward. Bot., Paleeo., Geol., 

Min.,A,ith. C. Ex. N.Y^ 

Olshausen, Ernest P., 916 Hickory St., St. Louis.* Mo. 

O'Neall, Kellt, Lebanon. Geol.,' Paleeo. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Orazio, Lugo, M D., N. Y. Univ. Chem. N. Y'. 

Orcutt, Charles R., San Diego. Gen. Sci., Moll.* C'al. 

Orcutt, John II., San Diego. Con., Oiil. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Ordwat, John M., Mas?. Inst. Tech., Boston. Chem., Biol. 3Iass. 

OuEMiEULX, Prof T. n', 7 Winthrop Place, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

<>K\E, John, Jr , Cambridge. Phys., Bot., Ent. C. Mass. 

Orton, Prof. Edward, Columbus. Strut. Geol. C* Ohio. 

Orton, P. A., Darlington. Min. Wis. 

OsBORN, A. O., Wateiville, Oneida Co. Geol., Paleeo., Con. C. P^x.* 

N. Y. 

OsBORN, B. F., Rippey, Greene Co. Paleeo., Geol., Min. C. Ex.* la. 

84 THE naturalists' directory. 

OsBOKN, FuANCis A., 43 Milk St., Boston. Bot., Mic* Mass. 

OsBOKN, II. L., B. A., Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Biol., 

Moli, Hot., Mic. C. Ex.* MA. 

OsBOKN, IIerbekt, M. Sc, Asst. Prof. Ent. and Zoul., Ag. Coll., Ames. 

Ent. C. Ex.* la. 

OsBOKN, Pkof. H. S., LL. D., Oxford. Min., CJem. Ohio. 

OSBOHN, J. A., Marslifield. Mm., Emb., Gen. Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Mass. 
OsBOKN, LuciAN M., Miulisou Univ., Hamilton. Phys. Sci.* N. Y. 

Osborne, J. W., 212 Delaware Ave., IN. E., Washin;:ton. D. C. 

Osborne, S. D., A.B.,428 Henry St., Brooklyn. Orn., Obi. C.* N. Y. 
Osborne, Thomas B., Box 1152, New Haven. Oni., Hcrpitol. C. 

Ex. Conn. 

Osgood, F. Story, Box 517, Newburyport. Min., Arch. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Osgood, J. AV., C'lncinnatus, Coutland Co. Ast. N. Y. 

OsLEK, William, M.D., .M.IL C. P. Lend., Prof. Physiol., McGill Coll., 

Montreal. Gen. Biol., Entozoa, Bryozoa.* Canada. 

Osmond, I. T., A. M., Prof. Physics, State College, Centre Co. Phys.* 

OsMUN, G. Rr, Detroit. Astron. Mich. 

Otis, Geo A., Curator, U. S. A. Med. Mus., Washington. Mic, Mic. 

Fhotog., Eth., Vert., Osteol. C. Ex. D. C. 

Ott, Isaac, M. D., Easton, Northampton Co. Physiol., Toxicol., esp. 

action of nerves on the pupil, and .snake poison.* Penn. 

OuDESBUVS, C L., 71 Ivxchange Place, Baltimore. Min. C* 31d. 

Owen, Prof. E. T., Madison, Dane Co. Eepid. C. Ex.* 1^'is. 

Owen, II. E., Adrian. Filices and GrammecB. 31ich. 

Oaven, J K., Norwalk. Geol. C. Ohio. 

Owen, Dr. O. W., 23 Rowland St., Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Owen, Prof. PiICHARD. New Harmony. Phys. Geol. Ind. 

Owens. A. J., han Diego. Moll. Cal. 

Owens, C. S., 71 Miller St., Utica. Nat. Hist., Arch. C* N. Y. 


Packard, A. S., Jr., Prof. Zool. and Geol., Brown University, Prov- 
idence. Gen. ZoiiL Desires Bombycid moths and Phyllopod Crus- 
tacea.* " K. 1. 

Pacquelett, S., Louisville. Orn. Ohio. 

Page, Adino, Metamora. Geol., Min., Palceo. C. Ex. Many min- 
erals and fossils from Drift formation in this vicinity. III. 

Page, Miss A. L., Danvers. Bot * 3Iass. 

Page Bros. (J. W. & C. N.), Muscatine. Geol, Arch., Lepid., Om., 
cm. C. Ex.* la. 

Page, John R., M. D., Prof. Univ. of Virginia. Zonl., Agric, Bot., 

E.rprri mental and Practical Agric. C. Ex. Va. 

Page, John W., Metamora, Woodford Co. Geol. C. III. 

Paine, H. E., Dixon. Biol. III. 

Paine, Prof. J. A.,Ph.D , Tarrytown. Phcen. Bot.. Ferns. C. Ex. N. \^ 

Palm, Swante, (Swedish Consul,) Austin. Palao., GeoL, Arch. Tex. 

Palmer, A. Chase, A. B., Fellow in Chem., Johns Hopkins Univ., 

Baltimore. Chnn. Md. 

Palmer, Ashur, Kennett Square, Chester Co. OiiL, Tax. C. B*.* 


Palmer, Elmore, M. D., Dexter. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Palmer, E. R., Louisville. Micros. Ky. 

Palmer, F. W., Victor. Bnt., Ent.* N. Y. 

Palmer, Miss Kate, 721 W. Jefferson St , Louisville. Bot. C* Ky 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 85 

PA1.MER, T. C, Jr., Media, Del. Co., or Haverford Coll. Bof. C* 


Panton, M. II., .Junction City, Davis Co. Phan. Bot. Kan. 

Parish, Miss Ella A., Hinsdale, yut. Hist. Mass. 

Parish, Samuel 15., San Ecrnardino. Bot. C* C'al. 

Parish, William F., San liei'iiardino. Bot. C* Cal. 

Park, Au.stin F., '6\ Museum Buildipj'-, Troy. Orn. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Park, Dora L., Dodge's Corners, Waukesha Co. Bot., GeoL, Ent., 
Tax. C. Ex. Wis. 

Park, John R., M. D., Univ. Salt Lake City., Prof. Nat. Sci. Oal. 


Parker, A. T., Lexington. Micros., Histol, Photo. Mic. C. Ex.* Ky. 

1'akker, Charles F., 524 N. '2nd St., Camden. Bot. of X. J. N. J. 

Parker, Dr. D.\niel, Billcrica. Bot. Mass. 

Parker, Edward II , M. D., Poughkeepsie. Fungi.* M. Y. 

Parker, George W., Wenoua, Marshall Co., or Yorkville, Kendall Co. 

Gen. Zobl. C. Ev. 111. 

Parker, Herbert, So. Lancaster. Orn., Obi. C. Mass. 

Parker, Prof. II. E., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

Parker, Prof. H. W., Iowa Coll., Grinnell. Invert. Palceo., Strat. 

GeoL, Orn., Lepid., Mnlltisks. C.* la. 

Parker, Dr. J. C. (iraiul Rapids. Ichth. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Parker, John D., Pli. D., Kansas City. Arc/>.* Mo. 

Parker, P. H., Washington, Tazewell Co. Mi?!., Palmo., Bot., Con. 

C. Ex.* III. 

Parkerson, IIarrt P., Prescott Place, Dorchester. Mollusks. C. Ex. 

31 ass. 

Parkhurst, Henry M., 173 Gates Ave., Brooklyn. Ast.* N. Y. 

Parkhurst, V. P., East Templeton. Gen. Nat. Hist., Invert. Pa/ao., 

Mill., Mollusks. .Spec. : Bot. : IF. /. Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Parkman, Eugene, Aledo. Orn., Odl. C. Ex.* 111. 

Parmele, George L., M. D., D. M. D., Hartford. Mic, GeoL, Mm., 
Ent., Gen. Biol. C. Ex. Conn. 

Parmele, Mrs. G. L., Hartford. 'Ferns, Ent. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Parr, Thomas W., Boscobal. Chem., Bot., GeoL C. Ex.* Wis. 

Parrisii, II. II., Burlington. Odl. C* N. J. 

Parrisii, W. J., Genesee St., between 12th and 14th Sts., Kansas City. 

Paleeo. C. Ex. good Carb. fossils for other good fossils.* Mo. 

Parry, Dr. C. C, Davenport. Bot.* la. 

Parshall, S. E., Cheshire. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Parsons, Miss Ada, Springboro'. Geul , Min. Penn. 

Parsons, C. C. 18y Wavcrly Ave., Brooklyn. Chem. N. Y. 

Parsons, Charles W., M.D., Prof. Physiol., Brown University, Provi- 
dence. Comp. Anat., Human. Physiol. R. I, 

Parvin, Prof. T. S., Iowa City. Bot. la. 

Pascoe, Capt. Thomas, Ely. " Min. Vt. 

Paterson, VV. R., Chipmaii's Point. Bot. Vt. 

Pattee, Asa F., M. D., 94 W. Springfield St., Boston. Prof. Coll. of 
Physicians and Surgeons. Bot. C. Ex.* 

Pattee, '\V. D., Burnett Station. Orn., Coleopt. 

Pattee, W. II., M. D., Minneapolis. Orn., Min. 

Patterson, A. S., Patterson, Ontario. GeoL 

PATTER.SON, II. N., Oquawka. Bot. C. Ex.* 

Patterson, II. L., 612 N. 15th St., Phila. OoL, 

Patterson, Col. I. B., Oquawka. Arch., GeoL 

Patterson, John D., Geneva. Con., Min., ZoiL* N. Y. 

Patterson, John P., A.M., Supt. of Schools, Washington C. H., Fay- 
ette Co. Con. C. Ex. Oiiio. 




C. Ex.* 




Tax., GeoL 



86 THE naturalists' directory. 

Patterson, Norman L., L. B. 126, Georgetown. Desires to corres- 
pond with beginners.* Col. 

Patterson, IIobeut, Ph. G., Camden. Micros. N J. 

I'attekson, Thomas W., Warsaw. Geol., Ent. C. Ex.* N Y. 

I'atton, Kev. a. \V., Evanston. Mic III. 

I'atton, Robert M , 312 N. 33d St., Philadelphia. Ent., Gen. Nat. 
Hist. C. Penii. 

Patton, W. H., Watcrbury. Bot., Ent., Hymenop. C* Conn. 

Patrick, George E., Prof. Chcm., Univ. Kan., Lawrence. CItem., 
Mm. C. Ex.* Kan. 

Patrick, John, Jr., M.D., D. D. S., Belleville, St. Clair Co. Anth. C. 

Ex. 111. 

Paul, C. A., Skowhegan. Orn., ZooL, Ent., Min.. Geol. C. Ex. 
Eastern and nortliern birds in ex. for others.* Me. 

Pace, Willard A., M. D., Ptock Island. Geol., Orn., Min., Bat. C. 

Ex.»^ III. 

Paulyn, C. W., Yankton. Arch. All kinds of Indian Implements, 
Petrified Wood, Agates, etc., from the Yellowstone, and local min- 
erals. C. Ex.* Dakotah. 

Paulyn, Mrs. C. W., Yankton. Geol., Mm., Moll., Invert. Pakeo. C. 
of F. W. Shells. Ex. Indian Implements for mins. and fossils.* 


Payne, William M., Teacher Chem. and Ph3-s., So. Divis High School, 
Chicago. Bat. 111. 

Payne, William W., Prof. Math, and Ast., Carleton Coll., Northficld, 
Piice Co. A)it.* .Ilinn. 

Peabody, Rev. H. H., Rome. Min., Genl. N. V. 

Peabody, Selim H., Ph. D., Pres. 111. Univ., Champaign. Pliys., Ent. 
C* III- 

Peale, a. C, M. D., U. S. Geolog. Surv., 509 7th St., N. W., Washing- 
ton. Geol. D. C. 

Pearsall, R F., 151 Broadway, New York, Odl.,Orn. C. Ex.* N. V. 

Pearson, A. W^., Norwich. Ent. Conn. 

Pearson, Jonathan, Union College, Schenectady. N. Y. 

Pease, .\rthur D., Wilson, Niagara Co. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Pease, F. N., Lake City. Micros. Ex.* Col. 

Peattie, William I., .Jobstown. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid., Bot. : Ferns. 
C. N. J. 

Peck, Charles PL, State Botanist, -Vlbany. Bot., Fungi. C* N. Y. 

Peck, George W., Roselle. Lepul. C. Ex. N. J. 

Peckham, B. J., Box 396, Westerly. OoL, Gen. Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

R. I. 

Peck, Geo. H., El Monte, Los Angeles Co. Lejnd. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Peckham, Geo. W., Teacher Biol., High School, Milwaukee. Comp. 

Anat. C. Wis. 

Peckham, Prof. S. F., Minneapolis. Min. Zeolites and other miner- 
als for ex. Minn. 

Peckham, W. C, 348 Grand Ave., Brooklyn. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Pedrick, Willl\m R., Lawrence. Geol., Min. C* Mass. 

Peelor, David, C. E., Johnstown. Geol., Micros. Penn. 

Peet, Leonard, Yalaha, Sumter Co. Florida Woods. C. Ex.* Fla. 

Peet, L. Pt., Baltimore. Mic. Md. 

Peet, Stephen D., Clinton. Arch., Eth.* Wis. 

Peikce, C. B., Wright's Grove, near Chicago. Lepid of No. 111. C. 
Ex. HI. 

Pelton, Miss Emily 0., Brownsville. Phcen Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. Cal. 

Pember, F. T., 164 So. 5th Ave., New York. Oiil. C. Ex. A large 
quantity of duplicates for ex. in sets, or for sale.* N. Y. 


Pemberton, HenRt, Jr., Camden. Chem. N. Y. 

Pexnock, C. J., Kennett Square. Orn. C* Peiin. 

Pexxock, Edw., 805 Franklin St., Philadelphia. Mic, Bot.* Penn. 
Pex.nock, T., M. D., Media. Orn., O-l. Peim. 

Pexnypacker, Charles H., West Chester. Min., Con., Arch., Mic, 

Bot. C. E.x. onlv for first-cla'ss specimens.* Penn. 

Pennypacker. J. T., L." B. 13, Philadelphia. Bot., Ent.* Penn. 

Pepoon, Herman S., B. S., Warren, Jo. Daviess Co. Gen. Bot. C. 

Ex.* 111. 

Pepper, Walter J., Keithsburg. Geol., Arch. 111. 

Pears.\ll, J., 1420 So. 2nd St., Philadelphia. Geol., Orn., Obi., Ent. : 

Lepid., Moll. C. Penn. 

Pergaxde, Theo., Asst. Ent., Dept. Agric, Washington. Hymenopt., 

Co'eopt. Thripadce a specialty . C* D. C. 

Perkins, Eev. A. E. P., Ware. Min., Geol. iVlass. 

Perkins, George D., Clyde. Tax. C. N. Y. 

Perkins, George H., Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. of Vt., Burlington. Bot., 

Geol., Arch., Zoul. C. Ex. Vt. 

Perkins, Prof. H. M., Delaware. Ast. Ohio. 

Perkins, E. R., Salem. Micros. Mass. 

Perkins, Maurice, M. D., Union Coll., Schenectady. Chem. 'S. Y. 
Perl, M., M.D., Houston. Bot. Tex. 

Perlet, Dr. Thomas F., 116 Danforth St., Portland. Ent., Bot. 

C* Me. 

Perot, Charles P., 252 No. Broad St., Philadelphia. Gen. Sci.* Penn. 
Perrine, T. M., Anna. A)-ch. C. Ex. III. 

Perry, Kev. Edw. A., Quincy. Mic, Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Perry, George E., Lansing. Geol, Arch. Mich. 

Perry, X. H., West Paris, Oxford Co. Min. C. Ex. Maine min- 
erals.* Me. 
Perry', Ralph, 50 East Washington St., Indianapolis. Ent., Lepid. 

C. Ex. Ind. 

Perry, Solomon C, Lansing. Orn., Arch. 3Iich, 

Perry, S. G., D. D. S., 10 E. 34th St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

Peter, Alfred M., Lexington. Analyt. Chem., Phcen. Bot.* Ky. 

Peter, K., M. D., Chemist to Ky. Geol. Surv., and Prof. (Jhem. and 

Phvs., Lexington. Chem.* Ky. 

Peters, C. H. F., Clinton. Ast. N. Y. 

Peters, Thomas M., A. M., Ex. Judge, Moulton. Bot.* Ala. 

Peticolas, C. T.,., 635 Sth St., Richmond. Mic, Diatomacce. C. Ex. Va. 
Petraeus, C. v., 113 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Pettersen, Fred von, M. D., Comfort, Kendall Co. Tex. 

Pettee, William H., Prof. Min. and Econom. Geol., Univ. Mich., Ann 

Arbor. Mining and Geol.* 3Iich. 

Pettigrew, Elon. G., Flandreau. Min. D. T. 

Pettigrew, George A., Ludlow. Min., Con. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Pettingell, a., Hudson. Coleopt., Land Shells. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Pettinger, Rev. Wm., Burlington. Micros. X. J. 

Pettet, J., A. M., M. D., Pettct Vaccine Farm, Mansfield St., Cleve- 
land.* Ohio. 
Phelps, Albert H., West Pawlet. Miii., Palao., Bot., Orn., Ichth., 

Ilerpct., Invert. C.* Vt. 

Phelps, Mrs. A. Lincoln, 363 Eutaw Place, Baltimore. Bot., Chem., 

Educational Essays, etc.* 3Id. 

Phelps, Prof. E., Hanover. Micros. N. H. 

Phelps, N. S., Ferndale, Humboldt Co. Bot. C. Ex. No. Cal. 

plants. Cal. 

Phelps, W. L. M., 158 Jay St., Albany. Math. N. Y. 


PniLiPS, Ed., Kansas City. Geol , Palcco, Mo. 

Philips, G. M., Prof. M;ith. and Nat. Pliil., Univ. at Lewisburg. Math., 

Ast., Mill C. E.\.* Penn. 

Phillips, Baknet, Sec'y Am. Fishcultural Assoc, 41 Troy Ave., Brook 

lyn. N. Y. 

Phillips, John C, cor. Beikclo}' and Maill)orouj;h Sts., Boston. Dot.* 

Phillips, T. S., German Ins. Building, Btiiralo Prcp:iyatious of Tooth 

Scctionn for Mir. C. Ex. ' N Y. 

Phillips, \Vm. B., Pii. B.,N. C Ajjric. Experiment Station, Chapel 

Hill. Af/ric. Chem. N. Vn. 

Phin, John, U Dev St., Xew York. Mic* N. Y. 

Phippen, Geo. D.,' Salem. Bot.'^ Mass. 

PiCKEKiNG, \V. II., 81 Mt. Vernon St., Boston. Plujs., Aat* Mass. 

Pickett, Thomas E., M. D., Maysville. Anth. Ky. 

PlEKCE, A. J., Soutli Haven, Civil En^iineer. Arch., Geol. Mich. 

PiEUCE, Mks. E., Santa Barbara. Con., Sea Mosses. €al. 

PiEKCE, J., Bo\ F. N., Providence. Micros. C. Ex. R. I. 

Pierce, J O., Mcmpliis. Arc/i. Tenn. 

Pierce, Newton B., Ludington, aMason Co. Geol., Zobl., Ent., Mic. 

Desires to ex. Myrmeleon immaciilatus for other spec, of same 

<renus.* ' 31ich. 

Pierce, Wm. C, S. T. D., Prof Emeritus of Nat. Sci., Baldwin Univ., 

Berea. Hot., Geol. C* Ohio. 

PiERSOL, (t. A., 1110 Spring Garden St., Phila. Mic. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Pierson, .\. A., Newton. Orn., Ool., Eat. C. Ex.* N.J. 

Pierson, A. 11, Gainesville, Ahiehua Co. Orn., 0,1. C. Ex. Fla. 

Piekson, Chas. S., L. B. 1133, West Meriden. Coins. C. Ex. Conn. 
PiFFORi), Dii. 11. G., 123 E. 3.Jth St., New York. Micros. N. Y 

Pike, Clara M., Whcaton Seminary, Norton. J3cjt , Cliem. C.* Mass. 
Pike, J. W., Vineland. GeoL C. Lectures on Geol , Min., Pala?o.* 

N J. 
Pike, Nicolas, 575 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn. Algce, Micros., P/iotor/., 

Arch.* ' N. Y. 

Pilate, Dr. E., 14 S. Willvcnson St., Dayton. Eut.. Lepid. C- Ex.* 

Pilate, G. R., 14 S. Wilkenson St., Davton. Ent.. Lepid. C. Ex.* 

Pilling, James C, Box 585, Washington. Eth., GeoL* D. C. 

PiLLSBCRY, F. I , Dubuque. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

PiLLSBURY, J. IL, Teacher Nat. Sci., High School, Springfield. Zoiil , 

Mic* Mass. 

PiLLSBURY, Nellie S.. Springfield. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Pinckney, Eugene, Dixon, Lee Co. Bot., Zool., Mic. C. Ex. unmount- 
ed Mic. material.* 111. 
Pine, Geo., Trenton. Gen. C. Ex.* N. J. 
Pineo, A. J., A. B., Berwick, N. S. Geo^., Min., Con. C. Fossils for 

ex.* Canada. 

Piper, R. U., M. D., Chicago. Mic. 111. 

Piper, Mrs. S. M., Brockton. Genl., Ent., Bot. Mass. 

Pique, Edward II., M. D., Nashville. fUm. C. Tenn. 

PiRKEY, Oval, Prof. Science, Christian Univ., Canton, Lewis Co. Mo. 
Pistchett, C. W., Morrison Observ., Glasgow. Ast. Mo. 

Pitkin, C. F., 721 Penn St., Kansas City. GeoL C. Ex. Mo. 

Pitman, John, Capt. U. S. Ordinance, U. S. Geol. Survev, Newpoit. 

Anali/t. Chem. ' R. I. 

Pitman. Prof. Stephen M., A. M. B., Tufts Coll., College Hill. 

Chem.* 31ass. 



Plank, Edw. C, Oswego. Orn., OoL, Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Plank, E. N., Independence. Bot.: Flora of So. Kans. C. Will cv. 

or give any information possible* Kan. 

Platt, Franklin, 615 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Geol. Penn. 

Pleas, Elwood, Dunreith, Henry Co. Geol., PalcEO., Mm., Arch. C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

Plimpton, F. S., National City, San Diego Co. FiUces * Cal. 

Plummek, Gordon, 244 Purchase St., Boston. Oni. C. Ex. Only 
first class specimens wanted. Correspondence solicited.* Mass. 

PlUmmer, Miss Sarah A., Santa Barljara. Plima. Hot., Crypt. Bof.: 

Ferns, Mo,-,ses, A/(/(e, Micros., Lepid., Moll. Cal. 

Polglase, \V. a., M. D., S-JO Fort St., W. Detroit. Mic* Mich 

PoMEROY, C. A., Des Moines. Geol. la. 

PoMEROY, Dr. C. G., Newark. Micros. N.J. 

Pond, F. E (" Will Wiklwood "), Westfield, Marquette Co. Orn. Mtc. 


Pond, T., Rome. Min. C. E.x. N. Y. 

Pond, Rev. T. G., Albany. Ga. 

Poole, Herman, Prin. Buffalo Practical School, 23 W. Swan St., Buf- 
falo Mic, Min., Met. C. Ex. Specialty, gold, silver and pla- 
tinum ores. N Y. 

Poole, II. S., Stellarton, Recton Co., N. S. Min. Canada. 

PooLEY, J. n., M. D., Prof, of Surgery, Starling Med. Coll., 117 E. 

Broad St.. Columbus. Bot., Ent. Ohio. 

POORE, D. J., Merrimac. Arch. C. Ex. Mass. 

Pope, Alex., Jr., 4 PembertonSq, Boston. Animal Painter, Orn.* Mass. 

Pope, C. H., Ph. B. Care Deere, Mansur & Co., St. Louis. Bot. C* Mo. 

Pope, T. E., Ames. Chem. la. 

Popenoe, Edwin A., Nortii Topeka. Phcen. Bot. Cnmposilce, Gram- 
inece, Geo. Distrib., Ent.. Coleopt. Kan. 

Popenoe, Mrs. Florence E., No. Topeka. Bot. Ex. Kan. 

Popenoe, F. O., Topeka. Bot., GeoL,Ast. C* Kan. 

Porter, C. H., A. M., M. D., .55 Eagle St., Albany. Chem., Phys.* N. Y. 

Porter, C. J. A., .\. B., Wooster. Geol., Nat. Hist. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Porter, F. ^V^., Grand Rapids. Arch. jMich. 

Porter, Dr. H. T., (Tcorgetown. D. C. 

Porter, J. B., Glendale, Hamilton Co. Orn.* Ohio. 

Porter, Thos. C, Prof, of Bot., and ZooL, Lafayette College, Easton. 

Bot. C. Ex. Introduced plants desued.* Penn. 

Postell, James, St Simon's ilills, Glynn Co. <»a. 

Potter, B. S., Prof. No. Missouri State Normal Sdiool, Kirksville. 

Bot., .Micros. Mo. 

Potter, Frederick G., 266 X. 43id St., New York. Geol., Ent. N Y. 

Potter, W. B., A. M., E. M. Prof. Mining and Metal., Washington 
Univ., St Louis. Geo/., Met. C. Ex. minerals, ores, and arcii- 
a?olo;rical sjiecimens. Mo. 

Potter, Dr. W G., 150 .Mien St., Buffalo. Micros. N. Y. 

Potts, Edward, Gl-2 N. 44th St., Philadelphia. Mic, Bot. Desires 

samples of Am. F. W. sponizes. C* Penn. 

Powell, J. W., Ph. D., 910 M St., N. W., Box 585, Washington. 

Eth , Geol.* D. C. 

Powell, Hon. Samuel, Newport. Micros. R.I. 

Powers, Prof. John, B. A , M. D., Halifax, N. S. Bot., Zod. Canada. 

PowNALL, J. B., Berkeley, .\lameda Co. Coleopt. C. Ex. Cal. 

Pratt, C. L., Nia-ara Falls. Mm. N. Y. 

Pratt, H. P., Concord. Uort. Mass. 

Pratt, Stillman B.. ^Marlboro". Anth.* Mass. 

Pratt, W. II., Davenport. Con., Arch., Geol.* la. 

90 , THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Prentice, F. W., M. D., Cliampaijjn. Anat., Physiol. 111. 

Prentiss, Albert N., Prof. Bot., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bot. N. Y. 
Prentiss, IJ. W., M. D., 12'24 9tii St., N. W ., Washington. Orn., Nat. 

Ilist. C. D. C. 

Prescott, a. B., Prof. Org. and App. Cliem., Univ. of Mich., Ann 

Arlior. Anahjt. and Org. Cheni* Mich. 

Prescott, C. D., Xew Bedford [In Europe]. Micros.* Mass. 

Prescott. C. D., Rome. Min. C- N. Y. 

Prescott, Richard C. E., High School. Albany Phys. N. Y. 

Preston, C. S., South liadley. Tax., Orn. C. Ex. ibr birds not found 

in Mass.* " Mass. 

Preston, H. L., 3331 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Mtn., Con. Penii. 
Preston, Howard W., 57 Parade St., Providence. PI cen. Bot. C. 

Ex.* R. I. 

Preston, W. F., Box 481, Dixon. Ent. C. Ex. 111. 

Price, George H., State Normal School, Florence. .V«^ Set. Ala. 

Price, Phof. George H., Acad, for Young Ladies, Nashville. C/ion. 

Ex.* Teiiii. 

Price, Kate, Carpentersville. Zoo/ , Biol, in general.* 111. 

Pride, A., Toronto. ZooL* ' Canada. 

Prime, Temple, Wall St., New York. Con.* IS. Y. 

Prindle, Beulah, Denmark, Lewis Co. Palceo. M. \ . 

Prindle, M. S., Morris, Grundy Co. Fossil flora of Grundy Co., 

{Mazon Creek), Coal Measures. C. Ex. Crystals, Quartz, Agate 

and minerals wanted in ex. for Mazon fossils.* 111. 

Prindle, S. B., Fort Dodge. Geol., Lithol. la. 

Pringle, C. G., a. M., East Charlotte. Bot., e^p. fora of Ariz., etc. 

C. Ex. Plants of the northeast and of the southwest for sale, or 

ex. for specimens of equally, good quality.* V't. 

Pritciiett, C. W., Glasgow, Dir. ISIorrison Observatory. Mo. 

Pritchett, II. S., Washington Univ , St. Louis. Math., Ast. 3Io. 

Prochazka, G. a.. Ph. D., 162 Second Ave., New York. Chem.* N. \^. 
Proctor, Fred., Spencer. Bot. Mass. 

Proctor, John R., State Geologist, Frankfort. Geol. Ex.* Ky. 

Proctor, Thomas, 74 Wall St. Om. N.Y. 

Proudfit, S. v.. Pension Office, Washington. Arch.* D. C, 

Prouty, Ira J., M. D., Kecne. Orn., Min. C. Ex.* IN. H. 

Provancher L:, Abbe.j Caprouge. Gen. Nat. Hist., Ent., Bot. C. 

Ex.* Canada. 

Pruyn, Francis I. N., Cambridge, Washington Co. Bot., Con. C. 

Ex.* N. \'. 

Puissant, P. A., Prof. St. Joseph's Prov. Sem., Troy. Phcrn. Bot. 

C* ^- Y. 

PuLsiFER, W. H., 1837 Kennett Place, St. Louis. Ast., Arch.* Mo. 
Pumpelly, Raphael, in charge Div. of Mining Geol., U. S. Geol. 

Sui-v., Newport. Geol. C.* R- I- 

PuRDiE, H. A., state House, Boston. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Purdy, M. S., Ithaca. Ent., Infusoria. C. . N. Y . 

PURKINGTON, Charles, Pequabuck, Litchfield Co. Chem., Mm. C. 

Ev, Conn. 

PuRViANCE, Amos T., Hennepin. Putnam Co. Trees, shrubs, etc. C. 

Ex.* ^ !»• 

Putnam, Daniel, State Normal School, Ypsilanti. Zool. esp. Ent. 

C. Ex.* Mich. 

Putnam, F. W., Curator Peabodv Mus. .\m. Arch, and Eth., Cambridge. 

Permanent Sec. A. A. A. S. (Oftice, Salem.) Anth.* illass. 

Putnam, J. Duncan, Pres. Davenport .\cad. Nat. Sci., Davenport. 
Gen. Ent., Arach., SulpiigidcB, Coccidce. C* la- 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 91 

Putnam, J. R., Portland Block, Chicago. Min. C. Ex. III. 

Pynchon, T. R., D. D., LL. D., Pres. Trinity Coll., Hartford. Zool.*' 

Pyott, J. D., Lancaster. Ast., Bot., Micros. Penn. 


QuACKENBUSH, M. E., Morrisou. Bot., Pki/s., Specialty, Flowers of 

Nebraska.* HI- 

QuALTKOUGU, Edw. F., Naval Observatory, Wasliiny;-ton. Ast.* D. C. 

Quick, EdgakR., Brookville. Mam.. Orn. C. Ex.* Ind. 

QuiMBY, B. F., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn, 

Qui.MBY, E. T., Prof. Math., Hanover. Engaged in U. S. Geodetic 

Survey.* N. H. 


Rafter, George W., C. E., Rochester. Geol., Min., Metallurqij. N. Y. 
Ragsdale, D. F., Gainesville. Orn., OoL* Tex. 

Ragsdale, George H., Gainesville, Cook Co. Orn., OoL, Geol. C. 

Ex.* Tex. 

Rains, George W., M. D., Prof. Chein. and Pharm., Univ. of Ga.* Ga. 
Rakestraw, G. G., Do\vinj,fton. Min., Mic. C. E\.* Penn. 

Ralph, W. L., M. D., 26 Court St., Utica. Orn., 0:>l. C. Ex. * N. Y. 
Ralphv, Alfred J., M. D., Nashville, Brown Co. Enl. C. Ex.* Iiid. 
Ralston, An^ja L., Noi-ristown. Crypt. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ramsbuy, M. C, Westville. Arch. Ind. 

Ramurage, George W., M. D., Round Grove, Whiteside Co. Geol., 

Zool. C. Ex. III. 

Ranch, John H., M. D., Chicago. Bot. III. 

Rand, A. J., Holvoke. Zool. U Ex.* Mas*. 

Rand, B. II., M.D., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Rand, Theo. D., 17 So. 3rd St., Philadelphia. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Randall, F. A., D. R., Union Citv. Struct. Geol., Palteo., Shells, Ha- 

cliati's. C. Ex.* ' Penn. 

Randall, J. S., Georgetown. Min. C. Ex. Col. 

Randall, (). E., West Ciiesterfield. Osteal., Biol., Zool.* N H. 

Ransburg, Warren C, Valparaiso. Eth., Orn. C. Would like cor- 
respondents in regard to ethnological spec* Ind. 
Raper, Wii^L II., Smith Centre. .Nat. Hist. Kan. 
Rassweiler, Henry H., Prof, of Nat. Sci., North Western Coll., Naper- 

ville, Du Page Co. Ent., .Mm. C. Ex.* 111. 

Rathbun, Dr. E., Newark. Arch., Geol. III. 

Ratiibun, Frank R., Auburn, Cayuga Co. 6>ni., Geol.* N. Y. 

Rathbun, Richard, Asst. Cur.," U. S. Nat. Mus., Asst. U. S. Fish 

Comm., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Marine Invertebrates, 

Brazilian Palaeo.* 1). C. 

Rathbun, Samuel F., 9 Court St., Auburn. Orn., Onl, Tax. C. Ex. 

Sets of eggs of birds of prey especially desired.* N. Y. 

Rathvon, S. S., 101 N. Queen St., 'Lancaster. Gen. Nat. Hist., spccinlfy, 

Ent.* Penn. 

Rattan, Volney, (;irls' High School, San Francisco. Phmi. Bot. C. 

Atlantic coast plants particularly desired in ex. for Cal.* Cal. 

Rattle, W. J., Cuyahoga, Summit Co. Mic. Ohio. 

Rau, Charles, Sniithsoin'an Inst., WasIiin<:ton. Arch. C* D. C 

Rau, Eugene A., Bethlehem. I'hmi. Bot., Musci. C* Penn. 

Ravsen, F. L., Taxidermist, Colorado Springs. Om., Geol., Arch. 

C. Ex. Col. 

92 THE naturalists' directory. 

Kauteuberg, F., 264 7th St., Milwaukee. Cohopteraof U. S. Ex.* Wis. 
Ravenel, 11. VV., Aiken. But. . Mijcologi/. (J. S. C 

Hawlins, J. V. \V., Calumet. Mm., Cii/pt. But. 3Iicli. 

Ravvsox, Wauken W., Arlin;iton. llor't. Mass. 

llAYMONi), Chas. F.. I(il4 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Obi. C. Ex.* Oiiio. 
Raymond, R. W., Brooklyn. Mm., Geo/. N. Y. 

Read, Matiiew C, A. .M., Hudson. Geo/., ZooL, Arch. C. Ex Ohio 

fossils ami minerals I'or others * Oliio. 

Read, \V. II. A., G llartlord Block, Toledo. Coleopt. Ex.* Olno. 

Read, Samuel B., Needham. Bot. C. Ex. Mass. 

Readxo, William, Garncrvillc, Rockland Co. Xat. Hist., Micros. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Ready, (Jeo. H., Santa Cruz. Ool. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Reamek, William D., Creensburg, Westmoreland Co. Mm. C. Ex.* 

Redding, T. B., A. M., Newcastle. Mic, Biol. C. Ex.* liid. 

Redfield. John H., 216 W, Logan Square, Philadelphia. Bot., Fcr"s. 

C* Pcmi. 

Reed, Eva M., Box 64, Hudson. Bot. C. Ex. 31 ass. 

Reed, E. B., Asst. Editor Canadian Entomologist, London, Ont. Ent.* 

Reed, J. Edward, Wright's Station, Soulh Pacific Coast R. R., Santa 

Clara Co. Mm. C. Ex. Desires Mound Builders' and Indian 

relics. Correspondence solicited.* C'al. 

Reed, W, II., Kansas City. Upper local series. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Reed, W. H., Como. Geol. C. Ex. Triasstc and .Juras..ic fossils for 

Ex. Wyoiiiing. 

Rees, J. K., Dir. of Observatory, Columbia College, New York, Ast., 

Geodesij* ' N. Y, 

Reese, S. W., Dodgeville. Mm. Wis. 

Regal, Edwin, Oberlin. Ent. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Rehme, John E., Brookville. Orn., OJ., Lcp'id C. Ex.* IiuL 

Reid, Eva M., Red Bank. M-in. N J. 

Reiff, Isaac, 8.o3 N. VMh St., Philadelphia. Orn.. Ool. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Reigle, Geouge W., AV'hitewater. Geol. Wis. 

Reinecke, Ottomak, 500 Main St., Buffalo. Coleopt. C. Ex. local 

Cerambycida» for others.* N. Y. 

Reinhold, Ei.i S., Malianoy City. Min. C. Fossils from Coal meas- 
ures in ex. for minerals.* Penii. 
Reinhold, William, M. D., 146 N. Clark St., Chicago. Zobl, Orn. 

C* 111. 

Reinmann, Albert L., 96 Fulton St., Room 9, New York. Chem., 

Phys. and Elect. Glass apparatus. 'N . Y . 

Reisig, Augustus C, 391 Conti St., New Orleans. CoJenpt. C. Ex. 

Cicindelid(e, diraheuhr, and Ceronihi/cid(e preferred.* La. 

Reitter, William, M. D., Penn Ave., Pittsburgh. Bot. Peiiu. 

Remick, Edwin, Grand TJapids. Mic. '" Mifh. 

Remington, Prof. J. P.. Phila. Coll. of Pharmacy, Philadelphia. 

PJiarmari/, Chem. C* Penn. 

Remsen, Iua, Prof Chem., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore Chem.* Md. 
Renick & Maxwell, 133 Maybei-ry Ave., Detroit. Birds' eggs and 

skins.* Mich. 

Reppert, Ferdinand, Muscatine. Bot. Ex.* la. 

Resler, Arthur, Prof. Music, 92 Jackson Square, Baltimore. Gen. 

Bio/., Ent.* Md. 

Reverciion, Julien, Dallas. Bot. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Reynolds, Alex. M., Main St., Germantown. Orti. Penn. 

Reynolds, J. R., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. '' 93 

Reynolds, Miss jNIary C, St. Augustine. Collector of Florida plants 

i'oi- the herbarium. C. Fla, 

Reynolds, II. N., Detroit. Mic* 31ich. 

Reznek, W. li., M. D., 306 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Gen. Biol., Medi- 
cal Micrascopij- Ohio. 

Rhoads, Samuel N., Haddonfielil. Orn., OoL C. Ex. N.J. 

Khoades, iSlus. JNI. A., Clyde, Sandusky Co. GeoL, Nat. Hist. C. 

Ex. lossUs, minerals, etc., lor rare spec* Ohio. 

Rhoades, II. E., Erijiiiton. I'alao. C. la. 

Rice, C. S., Niagara Falls. The game fish of Niagara. N. Y. 

Rice, IIenuy .J., Fellow m Nat. liiit., .Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 

Gen. Biol., Einb. 31 d. 

Rice, H. J., M. D., Rockville GeoL, Nat. Hist. Iiid. 

Rice, John Minot, Prof. Math., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. Math- 
ematics. 31 d. 

Rich, William North, Prof. Nat. Hist., Wesleyan Univ., Middlctown. 
GeoL, ZooL* ' Coiiii. 

Rich, 1;uy C, Box 372, Saratoga Springs. Oni., OoL, Tax. C. Ex.* 

>. Y. 

Rich, Dr. John B., 12 E. 22nd St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Rich, Waldo L., Box 372, Saratoga Springs. Orn., OoL C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Rich, William P., 4 N. Market St., Boston. Bot. i>Iass. 

Richards, E. II., Woburn. Orn., O d. C. Ex.* 31ass. 

Richards, Mrs. P. D, West Medlord. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Richards, Percival D., West Medford. Elect. Maqnetism. Mass. 

Richards, R. II., Prof. Mining, Mass. Jnst. Tech. Min. C* 31ass. 

Richards, Mrs R. PL, Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Richardson, JSIrs. Calvin, Dracut. Mm. Mass. 

Richardson, C. A., Canandaigiia. Bot.^- N.Y. 

Richardson, E., Wheeling. Bot.* W. Va. 

Richardson, F. C. A., M. D., East St. Louis, St. Clair Co. Arch. C. 

Ex. fossils for Aich. spec, and books.* 111. 

Richardson, II. S., 607 Main St., Cambridgeport. Bot. C* 3Iass. 

Richardson, Jenxess, Rutland. Orn., OoL C. Ex.* Vt. 

Richardson, J. G.. M. D., Prof. Univ. of Pa , 1835 Chestnut St., Phil- 
adelphia. Hygiene, Micros., Uistol. of Vert. C* Peiin. 

Richardson, M. J., Stoneham. Mm. C. Ex.* i>lass. 

Richardson, Rev. S. D., Hebron. Mm. Mass. 

Richmond, M. S., Box 300, Toronto, Ont. Orn. Canada. 

Richmond, A. (i., Canajoharie, jMontgomery Co. Arch. C. Ex. In- 
dian pottery, arrow-heatls, etc., for same from other localities.* N. Y. 

RiCHTER, Frank C, Ashbourne, Montgomery Co. Coleopt., Lepid. 
C. Ex.* I'eiin. 

RiCKER, N. Clifford, Urbana. Arch. Ill- 

RiCiCETTS, P. de P., E. M., Ph. D., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., 
N. Y., care A. R. Ledoux & Co., 17 Cedar St., New York. Chem., 
Assayinq, Min.* N. Y. 

RiCKSECKER, Edmund, Nazareth. O-;/. C. Ex.* Penn. 

RiCKSECKER, L. Edgar, P. O. Box 2211, San Francisco. Coleoptera. 
C. Ex.* Cal. 

Riddell, AV. R., B. a., B. So., F. B. S., Toronto. Bot., GeoL C* 


Rider, Wheelock, tiO Fitzhugh St.. Rochester Bot. N. Y. 

RiDGVVAY, Robert, Cur. Orn., U.S. Nat. Mus., Smithsonian Inst., Wash- 

iniitou. Orn.* D. C. 

RiDLER, C. E., A. M., Kinsston. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

RiEPE, William, 401 W. 2nd St., Davenport. Palaeography. la. 

RiGGS, Geo. W., Jr., Washington Univ., St. Louis. Chem. Mo. 

94 THE naturalists' directory. 

RiGGS, W. A., M. D., Beaver, Beaver Co. Biologi/. Penii. 

Riley, C V., M. A., V\\. I)., Chief U. «. Entom. Commission, 1700 i;Hh 
St., N. W., Washiiijiton. Articulates, (iencral and Economic Ent., 
Bat. Desires Diptera, Ilomoptcra, (ialls and gall-insects of all 
orders; also larv;e of all orders ; exchanjjes for specimens in Me- 
loidae, Cooeidae, Tinf;"id;e, and Alenrodida'.* D. C. 

RiNEU, W. W., Greene, Butler Co. Micros. la. 

RiNGUEBERG, E. N. S., Lockport. Palao., Xiacj. period fossils. V. 
Ex.* ■ N. Y. 

RiNSDOLLAR, N., M. D., Mt. Carroll. GeoL, Min., PalcBo. C. Ex. 

fossil ferns and corals.* III. 

RiSLEY, F. L., Arredondo. Gen. Nat. Hist. Fla. 

Ritchie, Frank, 133 N. 4th St., Troy. N. Y. 

Ritchie, John, Jr., Box 2725, Boston. President Boston Scientific So- 
ciety; Editor Science Observer. Min., GeoL, Con., Asi., Arch., 
C. Ex. Desires minerals, fossils and shells from all parts of the 
world. Can offer nunerals from all the noted localities in New 
England, — Fitchhurg, Bolton, Chester, Chesterfiehl, Grafton, War- 
ren, &c. FossiN from the Cincinnati and Niagara groups, Iv., F. 
W. and M. shells from New England. Helices and Unionid;e a 
specialty.* Mass. 

Rivers, F. A., Norwich. Min. Conn. 

Rivers, J. J.. Univ. ofCal., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Nnt. Hist. Cal. 

Roach. Paul, M.D., Quaker St., Schenectady. Min., Met. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

RoBARTS, John O. K., Phoeuixville, Chester Co. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 

RoBASZ, W. M., Rochester. Ast. N. Y. 

ROBBIXS, W. K., B. Sc, Redfield. (Now at jNIass. Inst. Tech., Boston.) 

Chem. la. 

Roberts, C. H., Rochester. Bot., GeoL, Cliem. Minn. 

Roberts, G. A., Leicester. Ool. C. Ex. Vt. 

Roberts, Prof. G. S., E. M., C. E., 88 Union Ave., Brooklyn, F. D. 

GeoL, Min.* ' N. Y. 

Roberts, J. B., Indianapolis. Micros. Intl. 

Roberts, Mrs. M. A., Rochester. Phi/s., Zool. 3Iinu. 

Roberts, M. Josiah, M. D., 4 \V. 28th St., New York. Anth.* N. Y. 

Roberts, Thomas S., 27 N. 8th St., Minneapolis. Urn., Bot., Ichtli.* 


Roberts, William F., Hazleton, Luzerne Co. GeoL Penn. 

Robertson, Charles, Carlinville. Bot.* III. 

Robertson, R. A., M D., Danysville. Elect. Ohio. 

Robertson, R. S., Fort Wayne, Allen Co. Arch., Min. C* Ind. 

Robertson, W. D., Clinton. GeoL C. la. 

Robinson, A. R., A. B., Hinsdale, Dn Page Co. GeH. ii;«i!. C. Ex. III. 

Robinson, Charles, Cheshire, Ont. Co. ' Ta.r., OoL* N. Y. 

Robinson, C. H., 8 Rouse Block, Clevclanil. Micros. Ohio. 

Robinson, Rev. Edw. S., Enterprise, Clark Co. Bot., GeoL C. 31iss. 

Robinson, F. C, Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick. Min., Chem. C. Ex. Me. 

Robinson, John, Treas. P. A. S., Salem. Bot. (In charge Herb. Ar- 
nold Arlioretuni.) Ex. Trees and Shrubs, temp, zone.* Mass. 

Robinson, J. R., Providence. GeoL, Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 

RoBSON, 11. W., Cheever. Bot. Kan. 

RocKEY, A. E., M. D., Iowa City. HistoL and Pathol.* la. 

Rockwell, Charles II., Tarrytown, West Chester Co. Ast., Math. 

(Double stars.)* ' IV. Y. 

Rockwell, Rev. E. F., Cool Springs. Min., Arch. N. C. 

Rockwell, George T., Kalamazoo. Min. Prehistoric Relics. Ex. Mich. 

RocKWOOD, Charles G., Jr., Prof. Math., Coll. of N. J., Princeton. 

Meteo., Seismology.* N.J. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 95 

RODECAP, G. ^y., Ann Arbor. Bof. Mich. 

RouGERS, JoHX, Dir. "U. S. Naviil Observ., Wasliington. D. C. 

RoDGERS, McLeod, Xcwburgh. Ent. C. N. Y. 

RoDMAX, Rev. \V., Astoria. Bot. N. Y. 

Roe. J. O., M. D., 17 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Larynfjologij* N. Y. 

Roe, U. C, M. D., Franklin Grove, Lee Co. Eth. C. Ex.* 111. 

RoEBLiXG, W. A., C. E., 110 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. Min. C. 

Ex. ' N. Y. 

RoEDER, CoxRAD, 2821 Thoiiias St., St. Louis. Arch. Mo. 

RoESLER, F. E., 830 Gratiot St., St. Louis. Arch.* Mo. 

Rogers, David D., C. E., Davtona, Volusia Co. Nat. Hist. C* Fla. 

Rogers, IL R., Dunkirk. P'hys. N. Y. 

Rogers, J. E., Maryville Coll.,'Maryville. GeoL, Min., Palao., Micros., 

Mam., Reptiles. C. Ex. " Tenii. 

Rogers. R. E., M. D., Prof. Chem., Jeff. Med. Coll., 1004 Walnut .St., 

Philadelphia. Chem. I'eiiii. 

Rogers, Prof. AV. A., Cambridge. Mic. Mass. 

Rogers, Prof. William B., Pres. Nat. Acad. Sci., 117 Marlboroiigii 
St., Boston. GeoL, I'hijs.* Mass. 

Rogers, Willis, Grand Rapids. Ent C. Ex. 31ich. 

Rohmer, F. J. B., M.D., Springfield College, near Mobile. Bot.* Ala. 

ROLFE, George W., 405 liroadway, Cambridgeport. Chem., Elect., 
Min.* 31 ass. 

ROLFE, W. J., Assoc. Editor Boston Journal Chem., 405 Broadway, 

Cambridgeport. Chem., Phtjs. Sci.* Mass. 

Romixe, J. T., Harveysburg, Warren Co. GeoL C. Ex. L. Sil. fos- 
sils in ex. for those of other ages.* Ohio. 

ROMIXGER, Charles, State Geologist of Michigan, Ann .\rbor. Mich. 

RoMME, J. Y., Harveysburg. Palreo. Ohio. 

Rommel, E., Suspension Bridge. Ent. C. Ex. N Y. 

RoxEY, Prof. H. B., East Saginaw.* Mich. 

Roop, Prof. B., Woodward Gardens, San Francisco. Zo.L C'al. 

RooP, C, Prof. Oregon Mus., Portland. General collection in all de- 
partments. C. Ex. for Eastern or European species. Especial 
attention to rare local spec* Ore. 

Roosevelt, T., 6 W. 57th St., New York. Mam. C. Ex. Desires 
shrews and fielit mice. N. Y. 

Root, Charles (t., Waterburj-. Min., GeoL, Sociologij. Conn. 

Root, ISIrs. E. H., De Kalb. Gen.* III. 

Roois, WiLLARU IL, Little Rock. Ent., Bot. C. Ex. Ark. 

Roper, E. W., Revere. Con. C. Ex. Mass. 

RoSAMOXD, W. B., M. D., Milnei'sville, Guernsey Co. GeoL, Mm., 
Cryst., Palceo., Arch., Vert. C. Ex.* " • Ohio. 

Rose, D. L., Mankato. Dm. C. Ex. Minu. 

Rose, Johx F., M. D., Oxford, Chester Co. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. 
Penn. minerals.* Penn. 

RosKRUGL, George J., Tucson. Min. C. Ex. Ariz. 

Ross, Prof. A. E., South Haven. Geol., Bot., Arch. Mich. 

Ross, Alex. Miltox, M. D., Montreal. Nat. Hist. Spec. Fresh Water 
Fishes and Rei)tiles of Canada.* Canada. 

Ross, C. O., Brcckenridire, Sangamon Co. Coleopt., Mic. Ex.* 111. 

Ross, Frank W.. .321 Orchard St., Elmira. GeoL, Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

geol. spec, of Chemung Co.* N. Y. 

Ross, .James A., Amity. Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Rossi, August J., New York. Chem. N. Y. 

Rote, A. F., Monroe. Hot.: Pha-n. C. Ex.* Wis. 

ROTUROCK, J. T., M. D., Prof, of Bot., Univ. of Penn., West Chester. 

Bot. (Now in Europe.)* P<Min. 

96 THE naturalists' directory. 

RoTinvELL, J. E., 100 Arch St., Boston. Oni. C. Ex.* Mass. 

ROTHWELL, li. P., Edilm- of En;j,iiioerin^f and Mining- Journal, 37 Park 

Place, New York. Miniiit/, Mm. C. Ex. N. Y. 

RouBY, 11. n., Silver City. Jiot. N. 31. 

Rounds, Mus. 11. B., Box 876, Dover. GcoL, Min., Con., Musses. C. 
Ex. N. H. 

Row, .Amos, Postville. Micros. la. 

liowE, P., bt. Jolin, N. B. Orn., Ool. Canada. 

RowELL, Frank B., C. E., Eynn. Min , Lithol. C. Ex. Mass. 

RowELL, Joseph JNI., Lynn. Min. 3Iass. 

Rowland, 11. Jk., Erankfonl, Pliilatlelphia. I'enii. 

Roy, Mus Jessie D., Royston Park, Uwen Sound, Ont. Phmi. Hut., 
Mo.sses, Ferns, Fungi, Lichens, Hepaticce, Alga. C. Can. and 
Brit, nio.sses in ex. I'or Atlantic coast and aly;p.* Canada. 

RUARK, R. N , (ircentield. Palao., Min. C. Ex. Ky. 

RucKER, P. 11., Liter, Morgan Co. Nat. Hist., Ent. C. Ex. 111. 
spec, for others.* la. 

RUDKIN, William H., 74 William St., New York. But. C* N. Y. 

RuGGLES, Byron P., Ilartland, Windsor Co. Moll, Ent. C. Ex, Vt. 

RuMNEY, Frank, No. Stoughton. Nat. Hist., Orn.* Mass. 

RuNDSTRoM, John, M. D., Lindshorg, McPhersou Co. Dot. C. Ex.* 


Rupert, W. W^, Pottstown. Min. Penn. 

Rupee, E. C, White Hall. Orn., Ool. Mon. 

RUPP, William, 961 Third Ave., New Y^ork. Anahjt. Clieni., Agric. 

C/ietn., Min. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

RusBY, Henry 11., Franklin, Essex Co. BioL, Bot. C. Ex. New 

Mexico plants.* N. J. 

Russel, Hattie, Grassy Cove. Min., Orn. Tenn. 

Russell, Barrett B., State Normal School, Bridgewater. Ent. C. 

31 ass. 

Russell, I. C, U. S. Geol. Surv., Salt Lake City. Geol., Palceo.* Utah. 

Russell, J. H., San Jose. Moll. C. Ex. Cal. 

Russell, L. W., Pres. Franklin Soc, Providence.* R. 1. 

Rust, A. D., Ennis. Lepid., Coleopt., Cret. and Carb. Fossils of Texas. 

Correspondence solicited. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Rust, Horatio N., cor. Rush and Kinzie Sts., Chicago. Arch. C. 
Ex. Will purchase good specimens of stone or copper imple- 
ments. 111. 

Rust, Mary O., Pres. Svr. Bot. Club, 112 E. Genesee St., Syracuse. 

Crijpt. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Rust, W. R., Fort Worth. Palceo., Min., Con. Tex. 

Rutherford, N. L., New Y'ork. Micros.* N. Y. 

Ryder, John A., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Emhryologij.* Penn. 

Ryerson, Thomas, M. D., Newton. Min. N. J. 

Sabin, a. H., Prof. Chem. and Phys., Univ. Vt., Barliugton. Chem.* Vt. 
Sachs, Herman, 96 Bloomfield St.', Iloboken. Lepid., Coleopt. C. N. J. 
Sackett, Mrs. C. C, Verbank. Bot. N. Y. 

Sadtler, Prof. Samuei, P., Univ. of Pa., West Chester. Penn. 

S afford. Prof., Williamstown. Ast. 31 ass. 

Safford, James M., M. D., Ph. D., State Geologist, Prof. Vandcrbilt 

Univ., Nashville. Naf. Hist., Geol., Chenu C. Ex.* Tenn. 

Sage, Jno. H., Portland. Orn. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Saguin, Dr., 58 W. 26th St., New Y^ork. Micros. N. Y. 


SaLISBURT, Chas. M.,43 X. Main St., Providence. Geol., Min. C. 

Ex. R. I. 

Salisbury, Henry C, Florenceville, Howard Co. la. 

Salisbury, Jas. H., M. D., Cleveland. Mic, Med., Crypt. Bot., Geo/. 

C. Ex. 0!»i«. 

Sallers, CoLEMAX, 16th and Hamilton Sts., Philadelphia. Micros. Peiiii. 
Saltzwedel, Hexry, M. D., 58 Union Ave., Brooklyn, E. D. Mir. 

Ent. C. Ex.* ■ N. Y. 

SAXrPSOX, F. A., Sedalia. Palceo., Coji,, Testvdinata. C. Cretaceous 

fossils and marine shells of Tex., turtles of Mo. for ex.* 3Io. 

Sampson, Ira B., 157 Lancaster St., Albany. A'. A. Sijlia, Coll. of 

tcoocl, bark and leaves. Ex.* N. V. 

Sampson, Mary C, 157 Lancaster St., Albany. Bot. : Ferns, Mosses. 

C. Ex.* ' JV. Y. 

Samuel, F., Box 621, Auburn. Orn., 0:.l. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Samuels, Edw. A., 25 Congress St., Boston. Orn.* Mass. 

Sanborn, Francis G., Consulting Naturalist, Custodian Xat. Hist. Soc, 

Worcester. Biol., Ent.* 3Iass. 

Sanborn, Jas. G., East Weymouth. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Sanders, M. L., M. D., Tompson, Carroll Co. Ex. 111. 

Sanderson, C. H. K., Prin. High School, Box 523, Greenfield. Bot. 

C. Ex. 31ass. 

Sanderson, Rev. George E., Ferris, Hancock Co. Geol., Ethnol. C* 111. 
Sanderson, R. C. City Supt. of Schools, Burlington. Geol. C. Ex. la. 
Sanford, H. H., Thoiiiasville. Bot. Ga. 

Sanforu, James A., 289 Summit St., Toledo. Bot. Ex. Ph(vnofjams 

rind Fungi.* Ohio. 

Sanford, J. X., Elbow Lake, Grant Co. Orn. Minn. 

Sanford, O. X., C. E., San Diego. Gen. Xat. Hist, (local). Ex. in 

Coleopt. and Conch. (<rencral).* C'al. 

Sangster, .J. H, M. D., Port Perry. Ent. Canada. 

Sargent, Chas. S., Prof. Arboriculture, H. C, Brookline. Bot* 3Iass. 
Sargent, F. L , Care B. S. Pray, 80 State St., Boston. Biol., Mic, 

specialti/ Comp. Anat. C* Mas^S. 

Sargent, Porter, Merrimac. Geol. C. Ex. Mass. 

Sarton, Alf. D., Siiearmau. Geol. Radiata, Palceo. Ent., W . T. 

Satterthwaite, Thos. E., M. D., 50 E. 31st St., Xew York. Micros. 

N. Y. 
Saul, Sara, Jamestown, Boulder Co. Ent.: Lepid. C* Col. 

Saunders, Ernest C, Prof, of Bot., 11 Baile St., Montreal. Bot.: Medi- 
cinal Plants. C* Ciutada. 
Saunders, M. L., M. D., Thomson, Carroll Co. Indian Relics, Ntnnis- 

mcitics. C. Ex.* IM. 

Saunders, Orlando, 41 East St., Pawtucket. Orn. C. R i. 

Saunders, W. E., London, Ont. Orn., Obi. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Saunders, Wm. H.. M. D.. Kenosha. Cbem., Min. C* \1 is. 

Savage, Henry, Care Boston Soc. Xat. Hist., Boston. Ent.: Coleopt , 

Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Saw, Dr. G., Greeley. Chem., Min.* Col. 

Sawyer, F., Lawrence. Zool. Kan. 

Sawyer, (Jeo. F., A. B., Belleville. Invert. Palceo., Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Sawyer, Louis J., East Tcmpleton. Bot., Etit., Spec. Ferns. C. 

Ex.* Mass. 

Sayler, ^[., Ladoga. Bot., Palao., Articulates, Mollusks, Radiates, 

Sponges, Protozoa, Infusoria. C. Ex. Ind. 

Scarborough, G., Vincland. Bot., Geol., Con. C* N. J. 

Schaeberle, J. M., Asst. in Obs., ,\nn .Vrbor.* Mich 

Schaffer, CuAS., M.D., 1309 .\rch St., Philadelphia. Phten. Bot.* Penn 

98 THE naturalists' directory. 

SCH.EFFER, E. M., M. D., 1115 F St., N. W.. Washin<rton. Gen. D. C. 

bcUAFFKANEK, A., Ph. U., 6 17th St., Wheelinji:. jMhi., Ent. : Dipt., 
Hi/»ien., llemipt. Con., Ind. Ri'lics. Bat. C. Prepariiiji' an illus- 
trated P'lora or the United States and of the Province of Ontario. 
A liiniteil niiniher of good correspondents in the Dcp. of Botany 
onlv desired.* \V. Va. 

Schanck; J. S., M. D., LL. D., Princeton. CJium.* N. J. 

bCHAUPP, Pkof. F. G., 9 Broadway, Brooklyn. E7it.. Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Cicinilelida' and Carabidae.* N. Y. 

SCHAUS, WiLHELM, Jk, Exeter. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. N. H. 

feCHEEFFEK, \)ii (j. A., Evausville. Chem., Phys. Ind. 

ScHELLEU, Louis, Green Bay. Urn., Tux, C. Ex. for So. and West- 
ern spec* Wis. 

Schick, W. H., M. D,, 2818 South Park Ave., Chicago. Orn., Tax.* 111. 

Schickel, Edvv. B., 119 Broadway, Butl'alo. Chem., GeoL, Mic. C* 

N. Y. 

Schiller, Prof. J. D., Jackson. Mic. C. Ex. Mich. 

Schilling, J. P., M. D., Louisville. Orn. Ohio. 

SCHiMMEL, J. O., 431 Master St., Philadelphia. Bot., Mic. C. Peiin. 

SCHINEU, .J. F. L., U. S. Mint, Denver. Micros. Col. 

SCHLEMMER, CHARLES, 460 Sycamore St., Cincinnati. Min., Palteo., 
Con. C. Ex. Ohio. 

ScHLENEK, John A., Minneapolis. Oni., Obi., Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* 


Schley, Wm. S., Asst. State Geologist, Atlanta. Invert. Pa'ceo., GeuL, 

Min., Metall. C. Ex. Ga. 

Schmidt, E. F., 88 Travis St., Houston. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Schmidt, II. D., M D., 263 1-2 Canal St., New Orleans. Nornial and 

Pathological Ihstolof/j/, Physiol, La. 

Schmidt, O, lloboken. Sum. jV.J. 

Schneck, J , M. D., Mt. Carmel. Bot., Local Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

plants and shells.* 111. 

Schneider, Elias, Milton. Math. Penn. 

Schnur, William, Warren. Mic. C. Ex. Penn. 

Schock, Oliver D., Berks. Coins and Indinji Belies.* Penn. 

SCHOENBoRN, Henry F., 213 7th St. N. W., Washinii-ton. Lepid., Ool. 
C. Ex.* " D. C. 

Schoenfeld, John, M. D.. 118 So. 9th St., Reading. Geol., Min. C. 
Ex. Penn. 

SCHOENHARDT, J. IE, 74 Galvcz St., New Orleans. Coleopt. La. 

ScHONEY, L., M. D., 170 E 71st St.. New York. Biology, Mic, Bot. 

Ex. pathological and botanical specimens.* N. Y. 

SCHOOLEY, W. D , Richmond. But. : Ferns, Mosses, Fwtr/i, Alga, Geol., 

Min., Archceo. C. Ex.* " Ind. 

Schor, R. F., Evansville. Con., .1/m. C* Ind. 

ScHOTT, Conrad, I'rovidence. Ent. R. I. 

SCHOWALTER, E. R., ]M. D., Point Clear. Tertiary, Cretaceous, Marine, 

L. and F. \V. shells of So. states for sale. C.* Ala. 

SCHRAGE, William Ph., Ch., Shebov^an. Anah/t. Chem. Wis. 

SCHRAUER, L., 228 E 34th St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

SCHRENK, Joseph, Hohoken. Bot., Mic. C. Ex.* N. J. 

SCHUCHERT, C, 300 Broadway, Cincinnati. C. Ex.* L. Silurian and 

Niagara fossils. Ohio. 

ScHULER,'G., .oOOMain St., BulTalo. Coleopt. C. N. Y. 

Schuster, Theo., 419 Herkimer St., Brooklyn. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

SCHULTZ, E.. 1005 Sixth Ave., New York. Ei}t., Bot. N. Y. 

Schuster, Moritz, N. W. cor. 2nd Carondelet Ave. and Hickory St., 

St. Louis. Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mo. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 99 

ScHWARZ, E. A., 1700 13th St., N. W., Washington. Economic En(., 

Cokopt. C. Ev. D. C. 

Schweitzer, Paul, Ph.D., Prof. Chcm., Mo. State Univ., Columbia, 

Boone Co. Cheiii Mo. 

SCHWENSEX, F. !M., Honsatonic. Colopt. C. Ex. 31 ass. 

ScinvixN, J. W'., .Jk., Biitlalo. Coleopt. C. Ex. N. Y. 

ScivENSox, J. M., L. Box 3952, New York. Coleopt.: Scarahccidee. 

Ex. N. Y. 

ScoFiELi), Rev. William C, Oswego. N. Y. 

ScoLLiCK, Joseph W., 49 Asvlum St., Rochester. Preparative Osteol- 
ogist * ' N. Y. 
Scoox, .James H., M. D., Amsterdam. Micros. 'S. Y. 
Scott, A. E., Lexington. Hot* 3Iass. 
Scott, A. J., Crawfi^t Springs, Walker Co. Arch. t-ia. 
Scott, D. B., 61 Broadway, New York. Micros. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Scott, Miss Eugenie, Ogle Co. P/njs., Geol. Ex. Silurian fossils for 

others.* III. 

Scott, Fked., Battle Creek. Mic. Mich. 

Scott, George B., Westfield. Micros. N. J. 

Scott, J, G., Westfield. Plia>n. Bat., Geol C. Ex. 3Iass. 

Scott, Judge John T., Tcrrc Haute. Geol., {coal measures). C. Ex. 

Have spec, from coal measures. Want bil. and Devonian.* Iiid. 
Scott, W. E. D., Cur. Mas. of Biol., Princeton Coll., Princeton. Gen. 

BioL, Orn. N. J. 

ScovELL, Melville A., M. S., Urbana. Aqric. CJiem. ' 111. 

ScovELL, J. T., Prol'. Nat. Sci., lud. State Normal School, Terre Haute. 

Ferns. C. Ex. Ind. 

ScoviLL, S. S., M. D., Lebanon. Ilort., Geol., Pnlcso., Biol. C. Ex. 

I>owor Silurian fossils. Ohio. 

SCRAXTOX, William IL, Oxford. Metal.. Min. N. J. 

ScuiBXEK, E. O., Prof. Nat. Sci., Ripon Coll. Chem. Fossils desired 

in ev. for minerals. Wis. 

SCRIBXER, F. Lamsox, Girard Coll , Pliiladclphia. Grctmincce.* Peiin. 
ScRiBXEK, G. HiLTOX, Yonkers.* N. Y. 

SCRiBNER, Rev. H. F. J., Strall'ord, Orange Co. Meteorology.* Vt. 

ScuDDER, Newtox P., Miiklletown. Emb. C. Ex. Conn. 

ScuDDER, Samuel H , Harvard Coll. Liinary, Cambridge. Gen. ZooL, 

Fossil Insects, Orthojiera, Biitterjiies* Mass. 

Scupham, J. R., Asst. Engineer, C. P. R. R., San Francisco. Min. 

C* Cal. 

Seagrave, F. E., p. O. Box 1083, Providence. Ast., Phys.* R. I. 

Seaman, W. H., Prof. Chem., 1424 Uth St., X. W., Washington. Mic* 

D. C. 
Seamaxs, Prof. W. O., Delaware. Chem. Ohio. 

Sears, J. F., Niagara Falls. Mic, Optics. C* N. Y. 

Sears, Johx H., Danvers. Bot. : Shrubs and Trees. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Seeber, Ernest, 939 So. 2nd St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Co.'eopt., Lepid. 

C. Ex.* Penn. 

Seeger, C. L., 70 Temple St., Springfield. Phmi. Bot. 31ass. 

Seeger, Edward W., 70 Temple St., Springfield. Phmi. Bot., Ferns, 

Orn. C. Ex. Mass. 

Seeley, Charles A., Ph. D., 37 Park Row, Chem., Phys.* IV. Y. 

Seely, IIexry M., Prof, in Middlebury Coll., Middleburv- Chem. Bot., 

C. Ex.* ■ Vt. 

Seelye, C. W., Rochester. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Horticulture.* N. Y. 
Seibeh, W. F., Fenvillc, Allegan Co. C Mich. 

Seiss, C. Few, 1.338 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. Ilerpetology, Gen. 

Zoi,l. Pa. reptiles and batrachians for ex.* Peuu. 

100 THE naturalists' DIRECTORV. 

Seiss, Ralph W., 1338 Spiinsc Garden St., Philadelphia. Cotnp. Anat., 

M(u)i., Hcrpet. C. Ex.* Penu. 

Selden, Jamics, 116 E. Mi St., Cincinnati. Palwo., Mullusks. Ohio. 
Selleus, C. M. E., 3301 Boring St., Philadelphia. Pciin. 

Seltzek, .Jno. a , Lchanon. Peiiii. 

Selwvn, Alfred II. C, LL. D., F. R. S., F. G. S., Director Geol. and 

Xat Ilist. Surv. Can., Sussev St., Ottawa. Geol.* Canada. 

Se.mple, William S., Easton. Uol. (J. Ex.* _ Penn. 

Sennett, (iEOKUE L>., Mcadville. Orn., Ent. : especlullij Lcphl. C. 

Ex. fine duplicates of Texas birds and eygs. Penn. 

Sessions, Miss Kate O., 1-1.28 7th Ave., East Oakland. Ferns, Mm , 

lint., Moll. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Severance, Rev. M. L., Middlebin-y. Geol, Min. C* Vt. 

Sevvall, George II., Verden, Macoupin Co. Bat. 111. 

Seymour, Arthur 13., Normal. But., Ferns, Parasitic Fungi. C. 

Ex.* 111. 

Seymour. Rev. E., 47 Murray St., New York. N. Y. 

Sey'mour, F. II., 163 Conurcs's St., E., Detroit. Xttmismatics. C. Mich. 
Seymour, George \V., Ta\lor.s Falls, Chisago Co. Arch. C. Ex. 

Seymour, Prof. M. L., Normal. CJieni. and Nat. Pliil. 111. 

Seymour, \V. H., 3 Clinton Place, Troy. Ool. C. Ex. Desires cor- 

responilnnce.* N. Y. 

Shaffer, .J..M., A. M., M. D. Gen., Orn. C* 
Shaler, X. S., Prof, of PaliEO., Harvard Univ., Cambridi^e. Geol., 

I'dlccn.* " Mass. 

Shallckoss, John, 4610 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. Ent., Min., 

Con. C. Penn. 

Shallenberger, Thomas ^I., Toulon, Stark Co. Arch., Mm., Geol. 

C. Will make collections in any department for ex. in ahove.* 111. 
SUAN.N'ON, W. p., A. M., (ireeusbin-;^", Decatur Co. Incert. PaUco, C. 

Cin. and Niaii-. fossils to ex. for those of other epochs. Ind. 

Sharks, Ebenezer, Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

SHAi'vP, A. P., Baltimore. Cheni. 3Id. 

Sharp, S. Z., A. M., Mt. Morris. Coiu, Geol. C. Shells for ex.* 111. 
Sharples, S. P., S. B., 114 State St., Boston. Geol., LithoL, Mic* Mass. 
Shakpless, Alfred, West Ciiester. Arch. Penn. 

Shari'less, FitEDERiCK F., West Chester. Min. Penn. 

Sharpless, Isaac, Prof. Math, and Ast., Ilaverford Coll. Ast.* Penn. 
Sharpless, Philip P., West Chester. Arch. Penn. 

Shattjck, Lydia W., So. lladley. Bot. C. Ex. Ma-s. 

Shattuck, Samuel W., C. E., Urbana. Math. 111. 

Shaup, Rev. J., llastinus. Bot. Mich. 

Shaw, C. Jay, Pottersville, Warren Co. Oal., Ent., Mm., Forest Bot. 

C. Ex. Trees and shrubs in ex. for eg'^s, insects and minerals.* 

N. Y. 
Shaw, E. B., 49 Dana St., Cambridjje. Mm. C. Ex. Western and 

southern spec. esp. desired. Desires corrcs)iondence.* Mass. 

Shaw, James M., So. Waterford. Mm. C. Ex.* 3Ie. 

Shaw, J., Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co. Geol., Prehistoric Man, Mjiind- 

bialders. C. Will ex. sil. fossils or prehistoric relics for pottery 

or other relics. III. 

Shaw, R. T., Waynesvillc. Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Sheafer, .\rthur W., B. S., Asst. 2nd Geol. Surv., Pottsville. Geol, 

Mining.* Penn. 

Sheafer, P. W., Pottsville. Iron and Conl, etc., Geol. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Sueahan, J. P., A. M., M. D., Dennvsville. Invert. Palceo., LithoL, 

Arch., Orn., Mollusks. C. Ex.* Me. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 101 

Shearer, J. H., Marysville. Arch. C Ohio. 

.SiiEEHAN, William F., M. D., 45 Luke Ave, Rochester. Human 

Anat., M!c. C* N. Y 

Sheffei'., Clark, South Haven. Hart., Bot , Mm. Mich 

Sheldon, Charles b., Nornml School, Oswe<i;o. Bot , Con. C. E.x. 
Sheldon, D. b., A. M., J.,L. D., Prof. Gnswokl Coll., Davenport. Gen. 

Nat. Hint., Con. C. Ex.* la. 

Sheldon, Edwin F., Miildlctown. Mm. Conn. 

fcjHi.LDoN, John L., Loda, Iroquois Co. Enf. C. 111. 

Shelton, Mrs. W. S. C, Dunkirk. Micros. IV. Y. 

biiEPARD, Arthur, Santa Cruz. Alja, Mic. Cal. 

Shefaud, C, M. D., Grand Kapids, Mic. Mich. 

Shepard, Prof. C. X , New Haven. Mm. C.* Conn. 

Shepaud, Charles II., Jr., Prof. Chcm., Med. Coll., State of S. C, 

Charleston. Chem. C. Ex. Kutile, Lazulite and Pyrophyllite 

to ex.* " 8.C. 

Shepard, El.mek E., Fairfield. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Shepard, Edw. M, Prof. Nat. bci., Drury Coll., Spring-field. Bot,: 

Vase. Cryptogams. C Correspondence Irom Mo. botanists tie- 
sired.* Mo. 
Shepard, James, Bo.x 826, New Britain. Mm. C. E.x. Send list of 

implicates.* Conn. 

Shepard, Miss Nettie, New Britain. Min., Mollusks, Ferns. C. Ev. 

minerals.* Conn. 

Sheppard, Edwin, 2025 N. 17th St., Philadelphia. Vert., Orn. C. Penn. 
Sheppard, Dr. Mark, Alfred. Oni. jN.Y. 

Shepherd, M. W., Ilochcster Depot, Lorain Co. Min., Arch. C. Ev. 

Sherk, John C, Brookvillc. Orn. Ind. 

Sherman, B. F., M. D., G-i Elizabeth St., 0<,^denshurg. Chem., il//c., 

GcoL* S. Y. 

Sherman, Lewis, A. M , ]\L D., ^lilwaukee. But., Chem., Mic* \>'is. 
Sherman, (). T., Xewburo:h. Mathematics. IV. Y. 

Sherman, Sanford F , New Hartfoi-d, Oneida Co. 1. C. Ex. N Y. 
Sherhiff, F. .v., Maverick Nat. Bank, Boston. Coleopt. C. E.x. Mass. 
Sherrill, J. E., Danville. Biol, Geoq. Dist. C. Ind. 

Sherwood, Andrew, Mansfield, llort., GcoL, Palceo., Arch. C. 

Ex.* Ponn. 

Sherwood, W. L., Corninnr, Adams Co. Specialty, Rhizcpods, Iler- 

petolnqy, C. of Reptiles. Would like to correspond ami ex.* la. 
Shields, H'., Trov.' Obi. Q. Ex. N.Y. 

Shimer, Henry, a. ]\r.. M. D , Mt. Carroll. Orn., Ent., Gen. Sci. C. 

Ex. Ha^ a g-ood collection of birds, insects and jilants,* 111. 

Shipman, E. F., Evanston. Bot. C. Ex. 1000 sp Ind. and 111. 

plants for ex.* III. 

Shirk. John C, Brookvillc, Franklin Co. Geol, Irhth.* Ind. 

SHOAL,«i. George H., Easthampton. Ool. C. Ex. for rare spec. .Mass. 
SiiorKLEV, William H., M. E., New Bedford. C. Ex. Mass. 

Shomas, B. W., 918 Indiana Ave, Chica'io. Diatoms, Mic. C. III. 

Shomey, S. S., IMorris, (Jrundv Co. Fossil plmts. C* III. 

Shores. E. I., M. D., Sutticld.' Om. C. Ex. Conn. 

Short, John T., Ph. D., Prof. Hist., Cohimlnis. Anth., .Am. Arch, mid 

Eth.* Ohio. 

Short, Sidney II., B. S., Prof. Phvs., Univ. of Denver, Denver. Elec- 

tnchqlit.* ' Col. 

Short, Rev. M'n.LiAM, 4.5 Sidncv Place, Brooklvn. Bot. C. Ex.* N.Y. 
Shoktkn, J. W., 191 \V. 4th St.,' Cincinnati. ZuJl.* Ohio. 

Show, J. B., Jr., Lafayette. Chem. lud. 

102 THE naturalists' directory. 

SriuiNER, W. W., M. D., Liberty, Union Co. Arch., Geol., Palceo. C. 

Ex. Ind. 

Shrivek, Howard, Wythcville. Phwn, Bot., Ferns. C. Ex.* Va. 

Shrock, Frank II., M. D., So. Pueblo. Arch., Palceo., Osteol. C. 

Ex. Col. 

Shrock, Jacob II., Newark, Licking Co. Arch., Geol., Palceo. C. 

Shroyer, .J. C, 365 W. Court St., Cincinnati. Palrco. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Shuelke, Rev. Prof. Paul Fr., Ackley, Hardin Co. Bnt., Geol., 

Con. C. Ex. Desires (jrasses from every part of tbe world.* la. 
Shulak, Rev. F. H., Prof. iMin. and Nat. liist.^ St. Ignatius Coll., 12th 

St., \\ . Chicago. Mtn., Geol , Ent., (^on. C. Ex. 111. 

Shultz, Charles S., Hol)okcn. Mic, Gen. Biol., Infusoria. C* N. J. 
SuULTZ, J. li., M. D., Box 332, Logansport. Can., Geol. C. Ex. 

Cal., also U. and L. Silurian fossils.* Ind. 

Shumard, J. H., 18 E. State St., Columbus. Arch., Eth. Ohio. 

SiiUMARD, Mrs. Warren, Richmond. Geol., Palceo. C. Ex. Ind. 

Shurly, E. L., ,J44 Jcttcrson Ave., Detroit. Mic* Mich. 

Shutt, Mrs. W. E., Springfield. Geol., Con. 111. 

SiAS, Frederick C, Schoharie, Scho. Co. Geol., Palceo. C. coins. N. Y. 
SiAS, Solomon, A. M., M. D., Schoharie. Geol., Palceo., Met., Ast. 

C* N. Y. 

Sibley, P. B., Deadwood. Geol. Dakotah. 

Sidle, John ^V., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Siewers, C G., Box 23, Newport. Eiit. C* Ky. 

SiGSBEE, Charles D., Lieut. Commander U. S. Navy, U. S. Hydro- 
graphic Office, Navy Dept., Washington. Practice cnid Econoiyuj 

of Deep-sea Sovndtng. Lreclging, tic* D. C. 

Siler, Andrew L., Pahrhea, Cane Co. Bot., Ferns and F. W, Shells, 

Arrh:* Utah. 

SiLER, J., 1242 Broadway, St. Louis. 3Io. 

Sill, J. M. B., Detroit. ' 0//i., Zo 7. Mich., Prof. B., Yale College, New Haven. Chcm., Min., Met.* 

Silliman, J. M., Prof. Mining Eng., Lafayette College, Easton. Mic* 

Silvester, Miss Martha, Maiden. Mass. 

Sinks, T., Treas. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

SiMES, J. Henry C, M. D., Philadelphia. Micros. C* Penn. 

Simmons, Rev. H. M., Madison. Mic C* Wis. 

SIMMS, J. R., Fort Plain. Arch. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Simon, H. L., Lancaster. Mi,i., OoL, Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Simon, Wm., Ph. D., Prof. Chem., 10 Block Street, Baltimore, Cheni., 

Mm. C. Md. 

SniONDS, F. W., M. S., Ph. D.. Prof. Geol., Zool. and Bot., Univ. of N. 

C, Chapel Hill. Geol., Min. X.Ca. 

Sims, B. L., Clarksville. Bot. Tex. 

Singleton, M. T., Atlanta. Palceo. C. Ex. t«a. 

SissoN, R., La Plume, Luzerne Co. Penn. 

Sizer, N. B dc S., B. Sc., M. D., 336 Green Ave., Brooklyn. Hist., 

Org. Chem. N. Y. 

Skaer, Henry, 2634 McNair Ave., St. Louis. Ent., Coleopt. C. Ex.* 

Skarstedt, Ernst, Lindsborg. Mam., Orn , Gasteropoda, Bot. C. Kan. 
Skelton, John L., 376 W. Monne St., Chicago. Orn., Tax. C. Ex. 

Want birds from Southern States. III. 

Skidmore, Prof. S. F., Cor. 17tb and Spring Sts., Philadelphia. Phys. 


THE naturalists' DIRECTORY, 103 

Skiff, M. M., Jamestown. N. Y. 

Skinner, A. G., Youn<;stown, Niasrara Co. Bof.* N. Y. 

Skinner, Harry, 716 N. 20th St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Lepid. C. 

E\.« Pena. 

Skinner, M. J., Atco. Bot. Ex. N.J. 

Slade, Elisha, Somerset. Zool., Nat. Hist, of the farm. Met., Hercd- 

itij in animals and plants.* ' 31 ass. 

Slate, Prof, S., Univ. ofCal., Berkeley. Cal. 

Sleeper, Frank S., Galesburg. Cbhoptera. C* Mich. 

Sloan, .John, M. D., New Albany. Mic, Diatoms of So. hid. C* Ind. 
Slocum, Charles E., M. D., Ph. D., Syracuse. Histol., normal and 

p:ithnlnqical.* N. Y. 

S.MALL, H. Beaumont, M. D., Ottawa, Ont. Bot. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Small, Oscar A.. Beaver, Beaver Co. Geol., Min. C* Penu. 

Smalley, E. D., 435 Clinton Ave., Albany. Xat. Hist. N. Y. 

Smatuers, Lillie, Waynesville. Birds' Eggs. N. C 

Smedley, John, Lima,' Del. Co. Min. Penti. 

Smith, Mrs. A. T., Medina. Tax. N. Y. 

Smith, Ben.iamin, (i., Cambridsje. Hoi-t. Mass. 

Smith, Uenjamin II.. 70ii Walniit St.. Philadelphia. Coleopt. Penn. 
Smith, Rev. C. D., Franklin Gcol, Mm. C. Ex. N. C. 

Smith, Charles E., 216 So 15th St., Philadelphia. Bot. C* Penn. 
Smith, Charles X., L. B. 1011, Delaware. Min., GeoL, C. Ex. Ohio. 
Smith, Cyrus, M. D., .lackson. Mic. .>lich. 

Smith, D. M., U4 Waterloo St., St. John, X. B. Bot. Canada. 

Smith, Miss Emily, Jersey City. Xat. Hist. iS'. J. 

Smith, Everett, C. E. Urn., Xat. Hist., Fish and Game. C. Me. 

Smith, Mrs. E. A., Dublin. Mosses, Ferns. Ind. 

Smith, Miss Emma A., 133 Moss St., Peoria. Econ. Ent. : Hymen 

Ex. 111. 

Smith, Mrs. Erminnie A., 203 Pacific Ave., Jerscv Citv. Min., Genl. 

C. Ex. " ' N. J. 

Smith, Eugene A., Ph. D., Prof. Chem. and Geol., Univ. of Ala., 

State Geoloi;ist, Tuscaloosa. Chem., Geol., Phccn. Bot., Ferns, 

Tcrtiari/ Shells. Ex.* Ala. 

Smith, E. C' Dixon. Bot. Hi. 

Smith, Erwin F., Hubbardston. Bot. C. Ex. Foreifrn ex. desired * 

Smith, E. J., Box 35, Xatick. X. A. Birds, Lepid., Coleoptera, Shfis. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 

Smith, E. Kirby, Univ. of the South, Sewanee. Phan. Bot., Cnijit. 

Bot. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

Smith, Frank, 514 Lexington St., Baltimore. Ferns, Hort.* xMiL 

Smith, F. C, Brid;,-eport. Ent. C* Conn. 

Smith, F. H., Prof. Univ. of Va., Charlottesville. Geol. Va. 

S.mith, Fred. E., Ithaca. Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Smith, Fked. Sumner, 78 Trumbull St., New Haven. Orn., Ool, 

Hi'rpi'Kd., Hot. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Smith, (iEO. C, Litchfield. Min. C. Ex. Me. 

Smith, (Jeo. I)., 194 Washinfjton St., Boston. Ent.: Coleopt. C. Mass. 
Smith, George L., C. E., State Normal School, Baltimore. Bot. C 

Ex. Md. 

Smith, Greene, A. 'M., Pctersboro, MadisOn Co. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Smith, G. .\., Fort Wavne. Orn., Tax. C. Ex. Ind. 

Smith, Harry H., Wyandotte. Min. Kan. 

Smith, Horace II., G'reen St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Ool. of X. 

A. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Smith, Herbert W., Box 2621, St. Paul. Min., Lith. C. Ex.* iMinn. 

104 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Smith, II. L., Prof. Nat. Phil, and Astron., Hobart Colleg-e, Geneva. 

Astron., Mic, especially Diatoms, Foraminifera and Radiol inrp. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Smith, II. E., East San:inaw. Mic. C. Ex. Vegetable Section-;, double 

stained preparations or chem. crystals. • Mich. 

Smith, II. S., 610 Commercial St., San Francisco. Min.* C'al. 

Smith, J. Alden, State (ieologist, Denver. Mi7i., GeoL C. Ex.* Col. 
Smith, J. B., M. D., Amherst. Gen. Biol., Ant/i. Mass. 

Smith, .John Donnell, 75 Park Ave., Baltimore. Dot. in general. 

C* Md. 

Smith, Prof. J. Edwards, M. D., 345 Superior St., Cleveland.* Ohio. 
Smith, .Jesse E., Rockvillc. Obi. C. Coiiii. 

Smith, J. Lawrence, Louisville. Mm.* Ky. 

Smith, Jay L., Ravenswood, L. I., or 86 Beekman St., New York City. 

Mic, Histol. and Pathol. C. Ex. sections from Pathol., eyes, 

many rare cases. Want correctly named Tumors.* N. Y. 

Smith, L.'D., Ccdarville, Herkimer Co. GcoL, Mm. JV. Y. 

Smith, Louis L., Media. Min. C. Penii. 

Smith, Mrs. Mary 1., Keithsbur>r. Arch., Bot. 111. 

Smith, Minna C, En<,''lewood. Zoul. III. 

Smith, Norman A., M. D., C. M., Frelighsburjr, Quebec. Gen. Nat. 

Hist. C. Canada. 

Smith, O. D., Ala. Agric. and Mech. Coll., Auburn. Math. Ala. 

Smith, Miss Rosa, San DicjJTo. Bot.: Alg(e, Ferns, Fi.thes. C. C'al. 
Smith, R. D., Pres. Columbia Athenaeum, Columbia. Geol. C. Ex. 

Smith, Sanderson, New Brighton, L. I. Con. N. Y. 

Smith, S. L., Prof. Comp. Anat., Yale Coll., New Haven. Gen. Biol., 

Crustacea.* Coiui. 

Smith, T. Berry, A. B., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., McCune Coll., Louis- 
iana, Pii;e Co. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Mo. 
Smith, William A., M. D., Ph. D., M. A., Columbia. Nat. Hist. C. 

Ex. Teiiii. 

Smith, W. II., M. D., Ph. D., St. Clair. Herpet., Gen. Nat. Hist. Micii. 
Smith, W. R., Belleville, Box 264. Min., Palceo., Con. Canada. 

Smith, William R., Curator Botanic Gardens, Washington. Bot.* D. C. 
S.MiTH, Prof. Uriah, Battle Creek. Mich. 

Smithe, G. C, Cambridge. Orn. IH. 

Smock, John C, New Brunswick. Geol. N.J. 

Smucker, Isaac, Newark. Arch., Geol., Palceo. C* Ohio. 

Smyth, B. B., Topeka. Bot. Kan. 

Smyth, G. A., Newport. Chem. R. I. 

Smythe, Dr., Charity Hospital, New Orleans. Micros. La. 

Smythe, G. C, M. D., (Trecncastle. Mic. . Ind. 

Snow, F. II., Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. Kan., Lawrence. Ent., Orn., Bot. 

C. Kansas and N. Mex. Coleopt. and Lepid. for ex. Lists of 

duplicates.* Kan. 

Snyder, .1. F., Virginia, Cass Co. Geol., Arch. III. 

Snyder, I>. A., M. D., Ashland. Penn. 

Snyder, Mrs. M. S., ('hampaign. 111. 

Somers, J., A. B., M. D., Halifax, N. S. Bot., Znr,L, Phijs. Canada. 
Somers, James O., Carbon Hill, Hocking Co. Palceo., Geol., Min. ('. 

Ex. Ohio. 

SORN3ERGER, Samuel, Ph. M., Cortland. Optics, Acoustics.* N. Y. 

Sorrels, B. W., Aurora. Neb. 

Sotzen, Traugott, Shelby. Bot., Min., Geol. C. E.x. Ohio. 

SouLE, E. E., Grand Ridge. Pal<po. III. 

SouLE, William, M. S., Cazenovia. N. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 105 

Southard, Ettgene C, Kalamazoo. Comp. Anat. Mich. 

Southwell, J. 11., KocU Island. Bot., Palreo. C. Devon, and IS^iajr. 

ibssils I'oi- ex.* III. 

SouTHWiCK, Francis B., 175 Broadway, New York. Orn.,0dl., Manve 

Alfjce. C. Ex.* " N. Y. 

SouTHWiCK, J. M., (S. & Jencks), Naturalist, 283 Westminster St., 

ri-ovidcnce. Min. C. Ex.* K. I. 

SoUTHWORTH, (t. \\ ., Nccdliam. Bot., Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

SowTEU, E. T. ^V'., Dept. of Interior, Ottawa. Palao. Canncla. 

Spalding, Mrs. .V. D., Schodiack Eandinj;-. N. Y. 

Spalding, \'olney jNL, Asst. Prol'. Bot., Univ. Mich., Ann Artior. 

l-'iiiigi* Mich. 

Spang, Norman, Etna, .\lleglicny Co. Min., Arch. C* Penn, 

Spargkove. Rev. G. M., ]Miirrvsville. Bot. Penn. 

Spath, a , Mt Carniel. B<.t. ' ill. 

Spaulding, Flora B., Taftsville, Windsor Co. Orn., Obi. Vt. 

Spauluing, Justin, Chicopee. Mic* 3Iass. 

Spaulding, Randall, Montclair, Essex Co. Bot. C Ex. N. J. 

Spayde, Frof. William H., ISliddietown, Dauphin Co. Avalyt. Chim., 

Min. and Lithol. C. Ex. \\"\Ai to ex. (/ood specimens of min- 

ei-als and rocks for others. Inferior specimens not wanted. Ores 

and metallic minerals a specialty. Haye Hematite from Island 

of Elba.* " Penn. 

Specht, George J., ISIininjz' Engineer, Sutro.* Nev. 

Speers, J. F., Memphis Micros. Tenn. 

Speir, Francis, Jr , So Oran;:e. Vert. Palcen.* N. J. 

Spelman, Henry M., 62 Sparks St., Cambridge. Orn. C. Ex. for 

spec, from Cal. and Gulf States.* Mass. 

Spence, Mrs. E. Jane, Spring-field. Bot.: Ferns, Mosses, Hepaticcp, 

Lichens. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Spencer. Charles A., Geneva. Manufacturer of Microscopes. N. Y. 
Spencer. (;. L , Lafayette. Chem. Ind. 

Spe>xer, J. W., B. A. S., M. A., Ph. D., B. A. So.. Prof. Chem., Geol. 

and Mir.inj;-, Kin^-'s Coll., Wimlsor, N.S. Piilcdn., spec. Fhniatile 

Gi'ol. of Great Lake Rpc/ions of X. A. C. Ex. Devon, corals, 

Laurcntian minerals, etc.* Canada. 

Spencer, John ^\^, Paxton, Sidlivan Co. Bot., Geol., PaJceo., Arch , 

Knt. C. Ex. fine Carh. fos.sils for others of any age or formation 

in the U. S. or Europe.* Ind. 

Sperry, J. D, South Haven. Min , Arch. C. Mich. 

Sperry, Joseph H., Clinton. Plicen. Bot,, Cryjjt. Bot.: Ferns. C. 

Ex.* C'rmn. 

Spf)FFOUD, Amos L-, Georgetown. Bot., Orn. C. E.x. 3iass. 

Spofford, F. a., M. D., Ludlow. Om. Vt. 

Sprague, Charles J., Globe Nat. Bank, Boston. Lichens. C* Mass. 
Sprague, F. II., WolhKton. Ent. C. .Mass. 

Sprague, Isaac, Grautville. Botanical Artist.* Mass. 

Springer, .Vlfred, Ph. D., X. M., Bo.x 573, Cincinnati. Organ. Chem. 

C. Ohio. 

Springer, Frank, Cimarron, Colfax Co. Palao. C. Ex. for fossil 

fi>h or crinoids.* IV. .M. 

Springer, M. J., 153 Bates St.. Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Springer, Phil. M., Springfield. Ent., Con. C* !'•• 

Sproul, Cyrus, Kcyport. Phccn. Bot. N. J. 

Squirfs. Mary J., Lockport. Min., Lepid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Staehnkr, F. W., Care Prof. II. A. Ward, Rochester. Min.* N. Y. 

Stajjt.mullek, L., Sheffield Scientilic School, New Haven. Min. C. 

Ex.* Coan. 

106 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Stager, Walter, Sterlinjr. Geol.* 111. 

Stahu, PiiOF. John S., Liuicastcr. Bot. {Phwn.) C. Ex.* Peiiii. 

8TA1.KEK, MiLLiKEN, Aincs. Anat. la. 

Stalnaker, J. W'., M. I)., Au-itin * Tex. 

Stanage, S. W'., \Valiiiit Hills, Cincinnati. Geol., MoUusks. C. Ex. 

Standiske, August, 292 23rd St., New York. JN. Y. 

Stanek, IJr., GrigK^villc, Pike Co. Mia., Arch. 111. 

Stanley, F. F., Swampscott. Mlc. C. Ex. Mass. 

Stanley, Prof. Richard C, Bates Coll., Lewiston. Geol.* 3Ie. 

Stanton, J. C, Rio Vista. AL-teor., Ast. Cal. 

Stanton, J. Y., Prof. Hates Coll., Lewiston. Orn. C* Me. 

Stapleton, Rev. A., East Point, Tioga Co. Geol. C. Cheraungr, 

Catskill and Carli. specimens for ex. Penn. 

Starr, Mrs. Amory R , Marshall, Harrison Co. Geol. C. Ex.* Tex. 
Stark, E. S., Springfield. Fenis, Orn. C. Ma&s. 

Starr, Frederick, 27 Seminary Ave., Auburn. Min., Palceo., Arch. 

C. Ex.* * N. Y. 

St. Cyr, Prof. Napoleon D. de Nicolet, Quebec. Bot., Ent. C. 

Steacy, W. H., Tampa, Hillsboro' Co. Orn., Tax.* Fla. 

Stearns, Charles A., .'57 Pearl St., Boston. Mm., Con. Mass. 

Stearns, D. B., 6i First Place, Brooklyn. OiiL, Orn., Min., Mi-tal. 

C. Ex. N.Y. 

Stearns, Frederick, Detroit. Bot. C. Ex. 31ich. 

Stearns, H. P., M.D., Hartford.* Conn. 

Stearns, R. E. C, Univ. of Cal , Berkeley. Moll. C* Cal. 

Stearns, Wm. A., Amherst. Gen. Nut. Hist. Mass. 

Stearns, W. H., Caledonia, Racine Co. Bot. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Stebbins, Edward .S., 326 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Arch., O d. 

C. E\. 3Iinn. 

Stebbins, Fred. Briggs, Adrian. Arch., Philately, Geol. Gen. Sci. 

Coll. Fla. specimens and scarce stamps to e\. for similar spec. 

Correspondence on genealogy of Stebbins or Briggs, or any snb- 

ject, desired.* "Mich. 

Stebbins, Katharine, Cazenovia, Madison Co. Ent.: Lepid. N. Y. 

Stebbins, Solomon, Springfield. Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Stedham, Rev. L F., Columbus. Mic. Ohio. 

Steelman, N., Hamilton, Madison Co. Geol., Palxo. C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 
Steere, J. B., Ph. D., Prof. Zo(j1., Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor. Syst. 

Zoul. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Steifel, Dr. H. C, Pittsburg. Chetn.* Penn. 

Stein, Fred., M. D., Indianapolis. Con. Ind. 

Steiner, L. a., M D., Frederick City. Chem., Sanitary Sci.* Md. 

Stelle. Prof. .T. P., Mobile. Ent., Bot., Orn., Ast. C. Agricultural 

editor Mobile Register.* Ala. 

Stephens, P., 2.")12 Fedend St., Philadelphia. Lepid. C. Penn. 

Stephenson, William, M.D., 119 State St., Portland. Ool. C. Me. 
Sterling, E., Eagle Harbor.* N. Y. 

Sterling, Dr. E., Cleveland. Ithth. Ohio. 

Sternberg, Charles H., Ellsworth. C. Fossil leaves of Dakota 

group. Kan. 

Stevens, Cy'RUS T^ee, Stevensville, Bradford Co. Min. Penn. 

Stevens, E. C, Madison. Phcen. But., Ferns, Mosses, F%inqi and F. 

\V. .il</(e. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Stevens, George T., M. D., 47 Eagle St., Albany. Bot., Ophthal. 

C. Ex. N.Y. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 107 

Stevens, H. C, Ore<xon Cit_v. Arch. C. Ex. for perfect spec, only.* Ore. 

Stevens, H. V., Harrisonville, Meigs Co. Geol. C. Ex. " Oliio. 

Stevens, I.awkence B., 232 Chapel St., New Haven. Zoiil. C. Ex. 
lioptiles espec'ially desiretl. Conn. 

Stevens, L. B., Box 70, Medina. Orn., Tax. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Stevens, Winthrop G., West Farms Station, New York. N. Y. 

Stevens, W. J., Morris, Grundy Co. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. ]Mazon fos- 
sil ferns.* ' III. 

Stevenson, James A., 815 So. Main St., Akron. Geol., Arch., Con. 
C. Ex. shells for fossils, etc.* Ohio. 

Stevenson, John J., Prof. Univ. New York, 314 W. 30tli St., New 
York. (Between May and Dec, address Uuiontown, Fayette Co., 
Pa ) Geol* N. Y. 

Stevenson, Lulu M., Scio. Mm.* Ohio. 

Stevenson, \Villi.\m C, Jr., 1525 Green St., Philadelphia. Fw>r/t. 
C. Ex.* Peiin. 

Stevenson, W. G., M. D., 339 Mill St., Poughkeepsie. Biol. N. Y. 

Stevenson, W. J., Oshawa, Out. Tax.* Canada. 

Steward, J. F., cor. FuUerton and Clj'burn Aves., Chicago. Pcilceo., 

Arch. C. Ex.* III. 

Stewart, Angie L., Vei'gennes. Min. Vt. 

Stewart, F. L., Murrvsville. Chem. Penii. 

Stewart, J. T., M. D,", Peoria. Bot. C* II!. 

Stickney, J. W., Tysou Furnace, Windsor Co. Geol., Min. C. Good 
specimens for ex. Vt. 

Stickney, Victor H., Tyson Furnace, Windsor Co. Min. C. Ex. 

Iron ores.* Vt. 

Stiefel, Henry C, Ph. D., 44th St., Pittsburgh. Chem.* Penn. 

Stiles, Dr. L. C, Osweso. N. Y. 

Still, Mrs. M. C, 77 James St., Syracuse. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y., E. F., A. B., Westerley. Falceo., Orn. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Stillman, M. G., :Milton, Rock Co. Bot., Grasses, Sedges and Com- 

positce. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Stillman, Thomas B. S., Plainfiekl. Chem. N. J. 

Stillson, Prof Joseph O., A. M., M. D., 417 Upper First St., Evans- 
ville. Phi/sioL, Opthal., Mic. C. Ex. Acaris F. W. Algae, 
Diatoms, etc.* Ind. 

Stimpson, Charles M., Peabody. Bot.* Mass. 

Stinson, Floy'd, ;\1. D., Evansville. Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

St. John, A.. Topeka. Palceo., Mic. Kan. 

St. John, Prof. Joseph S., State Normal School, Albany. Bot., Min , 

Chem., Phi/s. N. Y. 

St. John, Miss Mary, Topeka. Bot. Kan. 

St John, N. M., M. D., Wayland, Steuben Co. Mic. C. Ex. N. Y. 

St. John, Orestes H , Topeka. Pnlao.* Kan. 

Stockwell, James K., M. D., Oswego. Comp. Zool. C. N. Y. 

Stockwell, John N., Ph. D., Cleveland. Ast., Lunar Theory in p ir- 
ticular.* Ohio. 

Stodder, Charles, 131 Devonshire St., Boston. Dintomacce, Mi ■., 
Geol. C* Mass. 

Stoddard, J. T., A. M., Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Smith Coll., Northamp- 
ton. Muss. 

Stokes, A. C, M. D., 514 E. State St., Trenton. Mic, Bot. C* IV. J. 

Stolley', George, Austin. Geol., Zoiil., Palceo.* Tex. 

Stone, Prof. Chas., Cooper Union, New York. Chem., Min. C* N. Y. 

Stonf, D. D., Box 1447, Leadvillc. Om. C. Col. 

Stone, Dwight D., 193 E. Third St., Oswego. Orn., Ool, Tax. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

108 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Stone, Frank M., 216 Sansome St., San Francisco. Sheik, Orn., Odl. 

C. Ex. c'^an* Cal. 

Stone, George C., Washington Univ., St. Louis. Chem* Mo. 

Stone, Prof. George H., Colorailo Springs. Geol. C* Col. 

Stone, Henkv, riinceville. Geol. 111. 

Stone, Mr and Mrs. Le.\nder, 3352 Indiana Ave., Chicago. Bot. C* 111. 
Stone, Miss M. L., Ea<t Cambiid-i-e. Geol., Min. Mus^. 

Stone, Or.mond, Gin. Obs., Mt. Lookout, Hamilton Co. Ast.* Ohio. 
Stone, Dr. S. E., Walpole. Micros. 3Iass. 

Stone, W. E., Amherst. Bot. C. Ex. in South or West.* 3Iass. 

Storks, A. W., .Jacisson. Mic. Mich. 

Storrs, G. II., Lebanon. Orn., Mam., Tax. C* N. H. 

Storrs, Henry E., Pli. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., 111. Coll., Jacksonville. 

Phijs., Chem. G. Ex.* . 111. 

Story, A\ illi.\m E , Prof. Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Mathe- 
matics.* 3Id. 
Stout, Arthur B., M. D., 1310 Mason St., San Francisco. A7ith. G.* 

Stout, William, 57 E. 34th St., New York. Fems in e.x. for foreign 

Ferns only.* >'. Y. 

Stowell, C. H., M. D., Ann Arbor. Biol., Mic. C* 31ifh. 

Stowell, Louisa R., M. S., Ann Arbor. M'c, Bot. G. Ex.* Mich. 
Stowell, T. B., A. M., Ph. D., State Normal School, Cortland. Comp. 

Anat., Physiol. C* N. Y. 

Straight, H. II., State Normal School, Oswego. Anat. and Physiol, of 

VerL, Gen. Biol., Anth. C. Ex.* N.'Y. 

Stratton, Charles L., Knoxvillc. Ai-ch. C. Ex.* Teiin. 

Stratton, F. a., Chattanooga. Geol., Min. Teiiu. 

Stratton, IIattie R., Box 43, Grassy Cove, Cumbeiland Co. Gen. 

yat. Jlist. G. Ex. ' Tenn. 

Stratton, Lorenzo, Grassy Cove, Cumberland Co. Min., Arch. G. 

Ex. Tenn. 

Stratton, N. Maria, Grassy Cove, Cumberland Co. Ent., Moll. G. 

Ex. ' Tenn. 

Strecker, Herman, Box 111, Reading. Ent.: Lepid. C. Ex. Buys 

and sells Lepid. from all parts of the world * Penn. 

Streng, L. H., Grand Rapids. Con., Mcfeo. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Steernwitz, W. H., C. and M. E.. Houston. Analyt. and Mining work, 

Geol., Geoqnosy. G. Ex. of ores and rocks.* Tex. 

Streets, T. Hale, M. D., P. A. Surg., U. S. N., Washington. Crus- 
tacea. D. C. 
Strieby, Proe. William, Colorado Springs. Min., Met.* Col. 
Stringer, Miss ISIary E., Kickapoo, Peoria Go. 111. 
Strong, Rev. Charles H., Savannah. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* Ga. 
Strong, George T., New York. Micros. N. Y. 
Strong, William, Kalamazoo. Ast. Mich. 
Strong, William C., A. B., Female Coll. Tilton. Nat. Sci. N. H. 
Stroop, L. J., Graham, Young Co. Gen. Biol., Bot., Geol., Pala-n , 

Ent., Herp. G. Tex. 

Strouse, John, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Orn. C. Ex. Penn. 

Strowbridge, John, Perry City, Schuyler Go. N. Y. 

Strumberg, C. W., Galesburg. Orn., Odl., Ent., Coleopt. Cicindelidse, 

Buprestidse and Cerambycidfle especially desired. C. Ex.* 111. 
Struthers, R. H., Fort Atkinson. G. " 'Wis. 

Stryker, M. R. H., Brighton Park, Cook Co. Zool. HI. 

Stuart, A. P. S.. A. M., Lincoln. Min. C. Ex. Neb. 

Stuakt, Ernest B., Sec. State Mic. Soc, Editor "The Druggist," 60 

Wabash Ave., Chicago. Crypt. Bot., Mic, Micro-Photog.* 111. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 109 

Stubbs, Charles H., M. D., Wakefield. GeoL, Min., Arch. C. Ex. 
minerals found in Harford and Cecil Cos., Md., and Lancaster 
and Chester Cos.* Peiin. 

Stubbs, William C, Prof. Chem., Ala. Agric. and Mech. Coll., 

Auhnrn.* Ala. 

Stultz, William II., Easton. Bot., Ent. C. Ex.* Peiiii. 

Stuxtz, C. 11., Cincinu:Ui. Chem. Ohio. 

SuLGKOVE, Leslie, Clcndule, Beaverhead Co. Ent.; Lepid., Coleopt. 

C. Ex. forcij.'n or niiiive.* Mon. 

Sullivan, T., Columbus. Micros. Ohio. 

SuMMEitS, EwiNG, Galcsbur;.'. Bot. Ill, 

Su-MMEKS, IIev. 11. W., San Luis Obispo. Geol., Radiata., Moll., Arch.* 


Summers, Mrs. W. R., Saa Luis Obisro. Bot. L. and F. W. shelb.* 


Summers, T. O., Jr., M. D., Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

Summers, William H., 3450 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago. Mic, Ent. 
C. Ex.* III. 

Sumner, Mrs. Hattie M., Sherman. Tex. 

Sutton, George, M. D., Aurora. Geol., Micros., Arch, of S. E. Ind- 
iana. C. lud. 

Sutton, James K., 82 South St., Box 3.309, New York. C. >. Y. 

Sutton, William, 2514 Saciamento St., San Francisco. Con. Ex. 

Desires correspondents in Southern States and abroad.* Cal. 

Sutton, William T., Worcester. OoL, Orn., Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Swain, Miss Emma, 1354 Eighth Ave., East Oakland. Mm., Moll. C. 
^^■* Cal. 

Swain, Mrs. J., Fort Dodge. Min. C. la. 

Swallow, G. C, LL. D., Columbia. Geol, ZooL, Bot. C. Carb. fos- 
sils for ex.* 31 o. 

Swan, A. J., 24 Libert.y St., New York. N. Y. 

Swan, Cuarles W., M. D., 32 Worcester St., Boston. Bot. C. Ex.* 


SwASEY, C. L., M. D., New Bedford. Mic. C. 3Iass. 

SwAYNE, E., Kcnnett Sq. Ool. Pcnn. 

Sweeny, R 0., St. Paul. Ichth. C. Minn. 

Sweet, E. T., Silverton. Chem.. Assaying, Geol. C. Col. 

Sweet, Ida, 86'j St. Julia St., New Orleans. Curiosities. La. 

Sweet, W'lLLiAM M., 1228 Montgomery St., Philadelphia. Ent. E ;. 
European and Chinese cocoons and pup;^. Penn 

Swezey, G. D., a. M., Prof. Doanc Coll., Crete. Nat. Hist., Geol. C. 
Ex.* Neb. 

Swift, E. C, ]\r. D., Easton. Indian Antiq. Pcnn. 

Swift, Lewis, Rochester. Ast* N. Y. 

Swing, Annie, Dc Land. Birds' eggs. Fla*. 

SwisuER, S. May, Healdsburg.* Cal. 


Taber, E. B., Journalist, " Times," New York. Lepid. C. N. Y. 

Taft, Don Carlos, Prof. Geol. and Zool., Champaign. Geol., Zor.L* 111. 
Taft, J., I). D. S., 117 W. 4th St., Cincinnati. Histol. Ohio. 

Taggart, S. M., Lcesbury. Pahro.. Con. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Talbot, D. H , Sioux CitV, Woodbury Co. Orn. C* la. 

Talbott, Harry E., Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati. Orn., Ool., PalcBO. C. 

^^- Ohio. 

Talbot, Henry, Waterloo, Monroe Co. Gvol. C. Ex. HI. 

110 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Talbl'lt, J. 11., Lexintiton. Chcm. Ky. 

TALLArn-, A. Q , Columbus. Coleopt, C. Ex. Ohio. 

Tallant, W. N.. 73 Jctt'cr-on Ave , Columbus. Lepid. C. Ex. t>}iio. 
Talmage, James E., Bnnluim Yoiin^- At-ad., Provo City, Geol., Mui., 

Clii'in. C. Ev. Utah s])cc. lor litholo<>ical spec * L'tfih. 

Tamdy. M , Dallas Citv, Hancock Co. Tax. C* 111 

Taubox, JMiss Mary- M., Bath. Bot. : Grasses. Ev.* Me. 

Takkand, W. P.. Saratoga Sprinjrs. Obi.. Orn., Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Tascott, Franiv B , I'J So Canal St., Cliicago Ent.,Min., Geol. (J 

Ex.* Ill 

Tatxall, Edw.. Wilmington. Bot. C* Del. 

Taylor, Du . Kankakee. Gcol. III. 

Taylor, A. R., Prof. Nat. Sci.. Lincoln. C. Ex.* III. 

Taylor, U. D. S., Minneapolis. Micros. Minn. 

Taylor, (iEORGE C Tliibodcaux, La Fourchc Parish, Micros in its 

Ijcaring on Agric. and sanitarv matters. C. Ex.* Lsi. 

Taylor, (i. S., Denver. " Col. 

Taylor, Prof. G. \\'asiiington, Cazcnovia. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Masses, 

luir/i, Algrr, Gen.'., Pala-o C* N. Y. 

Tayloi!, (L AV., Kingston Furnace, Washington Co. Arch., Mia C. 

Ex. mlNIin. "" Mo. 

Taylor, IIattie C , Tlillsboro. Geol., Min. Ohio. 

Taylor, Pvi:v, .J., Lueknow, Ont. Pa/wo., Min. Caiiaila. 

Taylor, James, New Bedford. Coleopt. C. Ex. jMass. 

Taylor, John L., Princeton. Phce?i Bot C. N J. 

Taylor, Julius S., M. D , Cur. and Dir. Mus. Nat. Hist., Blackburn 

Univ., Carlmvillc. Ex.* IH. 

Taylor, Pobert. Auburn. Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Taylor, Thomas, Microscopist, Dcpt. of Agriculture, Washington. 

Mc* D. C. 

Teator, W. S., Upper Red Hook, Dutchess Co. Min., Geol. C. INlany 

fine min. spec, for ex Can send complete sets N. Y. iion ores. 

Desires western correspondents.* N- Y. 

Tebbetts, Charles E., A. M , Prof- Nat. Sci., Penn. Coll., Oskaloosa. 

Geol., Bot., Ent., Orn.. Con. C E;.* la. 

Teeler, "W., A\'yomin >■, Stark Co. Mm., Chem. 111. 

Temple, J. 13 , No. Adams. Geol., Mm. C. Will purchase fine cabi- 
net specimens. Mass. 
Tenney, Mrs. Ellen L. G., 474 ISIadison Ave., Albany. Bot., Ferns, 

Mosses and Fungi. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Texney, E. p., Pres. Colorado College, Colorado Springs.* Col. 

Texney, Jonathan, ISL A., Ph. D., 474 Madison Ave., Albany. Geol., 

Mill., Phys. Geon. C. \\\\\ purchase rarities.* N. Y. 

Tepper, Fred., Box 3331, New York. Upid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Termant, John D., Lucknow, Ont. Ent. Canada. 

Terrell, A. A., Sterlini;-. Mic, Min. III. 

Terry, N. M., Ph. D., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. Phrjs. Md. 

Test, Alfred W., Camden. Micros.* N. ,1. 

Test, Erastus, M. D., Adrian. Cheyn., Arch. C. Ex. Mich. 

Teubner, Charles, I>exington, Lafayette Co. Relics of the Moinn! 

Builders. C. Ex. Want pipes, ornaments, etc.* Mo. 

Thacher, C. S., B. C. K., Phelps. Pha-n. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Thacker, J. A., A. M., M. D., 121 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. Med., Mic. 

Editor Cin. Med. News. Ohio. 

Thatcher, A. R., Haydenville. Min. C* Mass. 

Thaxter, L L., Bos-'on. MoUnsca. C. Mass. 

Thaxter, Roland, Kittery Point. Nocturnal Lepidoptera. C, Ex.* Me. 
Thayer, E. O., Greensborough. N. C. 


Thater, Fred A., ShcUlonvillc. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Thayer, n. C, Memlota. Gcol , Tax. C. Ex.* lil. 

Thayer, Samuel rRocxoR, No. Adams. Bot. C. Mass. 

TuEiss, O. 1j., Louisville. Giol. Ky. 

Thomas, Allen C, Huverl'onl Coll. Ast. Feiiii. 

TuOMAS, IJ. W., 1S42 liKiiaiia Ave., Chicago. Mic, F. W. Diatoms 

and Crustacea. C. E\.* 111. 

Thomas, Chas. W., Dantbitli, cor. State St., Portland. Oni.* Me. 

Thomas, Prof. Cyrus, Carbondale. Econ. lint., Aoidice. C. Ex.* 111. 
Thomas, Flavel S., A. M., jSI. D., V. S., Hanson. Comp. Anat. and 

Path, and so-called Spiritualism. C. Ex. bones of vertebrates. 

Would like Tacts and sjiccnnens relative to unstudied diseases of 

lower vertebrates.* 31 ass. 

Thomas, Frank W., M.D.,5681 Gcrmantown Ave., Germantown, Phil- 

adel))hia. Pha;n- Hot. C. Ex.* Peiin. 

Thomas, Mrs. F S., Hanson. Dot., Zobl* Mass. 

Thomas, George C , Photnq., Ent., Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. Wis. 
Thomas, (iEORGE \l., 1). D.i>., 86 Lafayette Ave., Detroit. C. Ex. Mich. 
Thomas, L A., Topeka. Plnjs. and Astron. Kan. 

Thomas, W B., Fairmont, (irant Co. Zool. Ex. birds and lislies. Ind. 
Thomas, W. (i., Phcenix, Keweenaw Co. Min. C. Lake Superior 

specimens.* Mich. 

Thomas, W. H. B., Mt. Hollv. GeoL, Invert., PaJceo., Anthro., Gcol. 

C. ' iN.J. 

Thomas, Prof. W. S., Little Eock. Gcol. Ark. 

Thommen, G., Lowell, (-oleopt. Mass. 

Thompson, Alton H., D. D. S., Topeka. Anth. C* Kan. 

Thompson, B. N., Boukier Valley Slid s from National Park. Mon. 
Thompson, Edward 11., M. D., Newburjj-, Fillmore Co. Bot., Micros. 

C. Ex. 3Iinn. 

Thompson, Everett A., A. M., 590 Main St., Springfield. Min., Bot. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 

Tho.mpson, E. H., Cur. Nat. Hist. Soc, Worcester. Orn., Ichth., Mam. 

C. Ex. Mass. 

Thoimpson, Frank J, Supt. Zoiilog-ical Garden, Cincinnati. Zool.* Ohio. 
Thompson, Miss M. J., bee. Nat. Hist. Club, Brockport, Monroe Co. 

Ferns, Orchids., Con. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Thompson, W. W.. Orient, L. I. Min., Gcol., Arch. C. Ex. ]V. Y. 
Thomson, .John H., C. M. Z. S., New Bedford. Con. : Non-Operctdnte 

Pulmonifera. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Thomson, R. H., Healdslmr-. Bot.* Ca!. 

Thomson, W. B., New Britain. Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Thorn, H. T., Rollag, Chiv Co. Min., Anth., Areh.* Mit:n. 

Thorp, A. L., "SI. D., Marcellus. Biol., Emb., Archcco. Midi. 

Thorp, A. W., Algansee, Braneli Co. Arch., Min. C. Ex. 3Iich. 

Thorp, R. L., T>ittlc Prairie, Cass Co. Geol. C. Ex. Mich. 

Thum, IL, Grand Rapids. Mic. Mir!i. 

Thum, M., Louisville. Chcm., Anctt. Kv. 

Thurher, Fraxk W., Woonsocket. Min. C. Ex. R. I. 

Thurber, (;eor(;e, ISL D., 7;")! Broadway, New York. Bot., especialhj 

Grasses. C Ex. for grasses.* N. Y. 

Thurston, John H., Camlnidge. Micros. C. Ex. Mass. 

Thurston, Robert H., Prof. Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken. Enginccr- 

inq.* IV. J. 

TiCE, John IF, St. Louis. Met. Mo. 

Tiffany, Asa S., 901 W. 5th St., Davenport. GeoL, Palao., Eth. C. 

(iood fossils corrcctlv named for ex.* la. 

Tiffany, Flavel B., M. b., Kansas City. Mo. 

112 THE naturalists' dikectoey. 

TiLDEN, A. O., Pawtucket. Micros. R.I. 

TiLE.MAXN, J. M., Natrona. Chnn., Met* Penn. 

TiNGLEV, Joseph, Fii. D., Prof. N:it. Sci., Danville. Phi/s. C. Sub- 
carhoniierous to ex. for minerals. Fiiigmcnts of nieieorite cf Dec. 
26, 1S("6, for sale or ex.* Iiid. 

TiNKiiAM, CiiAKi.ES. Quechee, Windsor Co. ^[in., Qol, Enf. C. Ex. Vt. 

Tillman, Samuel E., Prof. Chcui., Min. and GcoL, U. S. MUitarv 
Acad., West Point. PInjs* N. Y. 

Tillotson, H. Z., C. E., Marshall. Oni. C. 3!ich, 

Titus, P. W., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Tivv, W. li., (ith and Olive Sts., St. Louis. Mic. C. Ex. Mounted 
Diatoms for other yood slides.* Mo. 

ToDD, AuRELius, Elk Head, Douglas Co. ZobL, Oni., Uerpetol, Mtm., 

Tiix. C. Ex.* Oicroii. 

Todd, David H , Kansas City. Palo'O., Min. C. Ex. Foreign cor- 
respondence solicited.* Mo. 

Todd, D. P., Nautical .\iuianac Office, Washington. Ast. D. C. 

Todd, J. E , Prof Nat. Sci., Tabor Coll., Tabor. Quaternary GeoL, 

Molt., Economic Ent* la. 

TOLLES, Robert B., 40 Hanover St., Boston. Manufacturer of Optical 
Instruments.* Mass. 

ToNEi{, J. M., M. D., Washington. Ant/i.* D. C. 

TONEV, Rev. Thomas, A. M , "M. D., Frcdonia, Wilson Co. Math. Kan. 

ToOKEU, WiLLL\MJtVALLACE. Sag Harbor. Eth., Arch. C. iN . Y. 

ToRR, J. M., Greencasile, Putnam Co. Geol., Mm., Arch. C. Ex."* Ind. 

ToRREY, Bradford, 1 Somerset St., Boston. But., Orn. Mass. 

Tondouze, Gustave, San Antonio. Tax., Mam., Reptiles and Birds. 
C. Ex. - Tex. 

Tower, H. M., Spencer. Min. Mass. 

Townsend, .\. C, 431 Main St., Springfield. Min, C. Large coll of 
duplicates.* " Mass. 

Townsend, Charles H., Ward's Nat. Sci. Establishment, Rochester. 

N. Y. 

Townsend, Charles H., Beatty. Gen. Nat. Hist., Om., Herpefol. C. 

Ex. Menopoma for bird skins or works on Nat. Hist.* Pfenn. 

Townsend, J. L., Payson, Utah Co. Orn. C* Utah. 

Townshend, N. S., M. D., State Univ., Columbus. Bot. C. Ohio. 

TozER, Henry, Box 1774. Battle (j-eek. Geol. Mich. 

Tracy, Charles O., Taftsvillc, Windsor Co. Con., 1, Om., Mm., 
Arch. C. Ex. Desires siiells, csp. Helices, anil eggs from all parts 
of the world.* Vt. 

Tracy, Cyrus M., Lvnn. Bot , Min. C* 3Iass. 

Tracy, S. M., M. S.,'Prof. Bot. and Ent , Mo. State Univ., Columbia. 
BoL, Ent. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Trahin, Joseph. Black Creek. Om., Bot. Ohio. 

Trask, Mrs. Caroline, Diamond Hill. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. R. I. 

Trask, Dr. James B , Astoria. Fungi. N. Y. 

Trask, P. H., San Diego. C'oleopt. Cal. 

Treat, P:. B., Adrian. Che/n. Mich. 

Treat, Mrs. Mary, Vineland. Bot., Ent., Micros. N. J. 

Treganza, J. A., Hazel Green. Tar., Min. C. Ex. Wis. 

Treherne, IL Sackville, C. E., 45 W. 10th St., St. Paul. Ent.. 

Lepid., Colcopt. Scientific drawings.* 31 inn. 

Trelease, William, B. S., 281 Graham St., Brooklyn. Mutual rela- 
tions of Flowers and Insects. C. Ex. for material bearing on 
specialty. N.Y. 

Teempee, R.'H., M.D., Albion. Geol., Arch. C. Ex. esp. for fossils * 


THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 113 

Trickle, E. H., M. D., Cutler. Aimt. Ohio. 

Trxece, W. G., M. D., South Haven. Eiif., Lapidart/.* Mich. 

Tklmble, Henuy, N. \V. cor. oth and Callowliill bts., Philatlelpliia. 

Analyt. and I'ech. Chem.* Peiili. 

Tripp, Dr., Stillwater Orii. N. Y, 

Tripp, Henry, 359 Hisli St., Providence. Min. C* R. I. 

Trippe, T. Martin, C. E., Houardsville, San Juan Co. Orn* Col. 

Tromblet, Jerome, Petersburg. Local Bat., Urn.. Odl, Ichlh., Con. 

C. Ex. Will ex. N. A. birds' eggs for all kinds of Orn. literature, 

old or new.* Mich. 

Trotter, Spencer, Acad. Nat. Sci., 19th and Race Sts., Philadelphia. 

Urn. C. Ex.* Peiin. 

Trouslot, Rollin B., Taxidermist, Sandwich. Orn., Lepid., Culcopt. 

C* III. 

Trowbridge, David, A. M., Waterburgh. Tompkins Co. Ast., Met., 

Geid.,Math. C.* N. Y. 

Trowbridge, E. Gilbert, Waterburgh, Tompkins Co. Chetn., Math.* 

N. Y. 
Trowbridge, Samuel H., A. M., Prof. Geol. and Xat. Hist., Pritchett 

Inst., Cilasgow. Gen/., Eiit. C. Have for ex. fossils, insects, 

rocks, minerals, Indian implements.* Mo. 

Troxler, H. A., 121 E. Market St., Louisville. Coleopt., Lepid. C. Ky. 
True, H. A., A. M., M. D., Marion. Ohio. 

Truesdell, v., Minneapolis. Min., Geol., Oni.* Minn. 

Truesdale, W. II , Jamestown. Mir. N. Y . 

Trusler, M., Blooming Grove, Franklin Co. Arch. C. Ex. Intl. 

Trussdell, v., Minneapolis. GcoL, 0,1. Minn. 

Tryon, a. Walter, M. D., Lockport. Con., specialty Bot., Palceo. C. 

Tvpe spec, of fossils, mins. and living sp. of this localitv for ex.* 

Try'ON, George W., .Jr., Conservator of Conehological Museum, Acad. 

Xat. Sci., Philadelphia. Con.* Penn. 

Tucker, G. M., Albanv. Lez'icoq. N. Y. 

Tucker, Willis G., M. D., Pnif. Inorg. and Analj-t. Chem., Albany 

]Med. Collejre. Chem., Toxirolor/i/.* N.Y, 

Tuckermann, Prof. Edw., Amherst Toll., Amherst.* Mass. 

Tuckerman, Prof. S. B., Austinburg. .Micros. Ohio. 

Tufts, Charles A., M. D., Dover. Min. C. N. H. 

TuLLY, A. M., M. D., W. 2d and Brid-e Sts , Oswego. Mic. S. Y. 

Tune, W P., Shelbyville. Mm., Geol., Obi. Tenn. 

Turner, Fred., Des lyioines. Orn. la. 

Turner, Henry W., Ithaca. Gen. Biol., AmpJiihlans, Ent. C. N. Y. 
Turner, Lucien M., Mt. Carmel. Eth., Arch., Philol., Orn. C. 

Ex.* III. 

TuRNURE, Milton, ]\I. D., Closter. Micros., Vert. Ex.* N. J. 

Turtle, Prof. P. A., 4.3 S. Clark St. Orn., Tax. III. 

TusTiN, Prof. F. W , Ph. D., Univ., Lewisburgh.* Penn. 

TuTHiLL, J. B., Hanover. .Mic. N. H. 

TuTTLE, .\lbert II., 343 E. Broad St., Prof. Zool., State Univ., Colum- 
bus. .Mic, Gen. Biol., liistol., Mi/rinpoda, Protozoa.* Ohio. 
Tuttle, E. O , Hampden. Tar.. Min., Orn. C. Ex. Would like to 

ex. biriN for a microscope.* 3Iass. 

Tutwiler, Miss Julia S., Tuscaloosa. Ferns. C. Ex. Ala. 

Tweddle, G., Box 101, Albany.. Bot., Horticulture, Pal<B0., Ent. C. 

Tweddle, John B., Box 101, Albany. Bot., Horticulture, PaUeo., Ent. 

C. A. Y. 

Tweedy, Frank, C. E., Plainfield. Pheen. Bot., Ferns. C Ex.* N.J. 

114 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Tyson, James, M. D., 150G Spruce St., Philadelphia. Path., Anat. and 

Ihstol. C* Penii. 

Tyson, Samuel, Kin;,'- of Prussia, Moutgomery Co. Min., C. Ex. 

Pen 11. 


Uhler, Philip R., Baltimore. Hemipt., Neuropt., Crayfish. C. Ex.* 

Ulke, Henry, 1111 Penn. Ave., Washington. Cohopt. of temj-ernte 

and Arctic Am. C. I). C. 

Ulrich, E. O., 108 liroadway, Cincinnati. Invert. Palceo., ZoopJiytn, 

Bryozoci, Rudiala. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Underwood, H. G., 66 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee. Chemical Patent 

Laiu. Vkis. 

Underwood, Lucien M., Ph. D., Prof. Geol. and Bot., 111. \\'esleyan 

Univ., Bloomington. Bot. C. Ferns and other i'leridoiihvta, 

Miisci, and llepaticiv for ex.* 111. 

Up de Graff, Tkad. S., M.D., Elmira. Ent., Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Upham, Warren, Nashua. Gcol. (Glacial and recent).* N. H. 

Upson, Henry S., Akron. Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Upson, J. B., Eockford. Palceo., L. and F. W. and Fla. shells. C. 

Ex.* III. 

Upton, Prof. Winslow, Washbura Univ., Madison. Ast. M is. 

Utley, Henry, Di\on. Geol. III. 

Uttman, J. C, Hermon. Min. N. Y. 


Vail, Ben., Jr., Henrwille, Clark Co. Geol., Min. C. E.x. Ind. 

Vail, Emily A., l>a Porte. Ind. 

Valiant, W. S., Rome. Arch., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* >.Y. 

Vallandingham, George W., 420 Bavmillcr St., Cincinnati. Palao. 

C. * Ohio. 

Van xVllen, T. F. C, Adam's Station, Albany Co. Ent., M/c, Pathol. 

C. Slides ill specialties Ibr ex.* N. Y. 

Van Brunt, C, Poni;hkeepsie. Mic. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Vance, R. A., M. D., 101 \V. 9th St., Cincinnati. Crypt. Bot., Mir. 

Comp. Anat.* Ohio. 

Van Cleff, L., Niagara Falls. Ent. N. Y. 

Van Denburg, M. W., A. M., M. D., Fort Edward, Wash. Co. Bnt., 

Orn. N. Y. 

Van Derveer, A., M. D , Cor. State and Eagle Sts , Prof. Albany Med. 

Coll , Albany. Mic, Path. C. TS.Y. 

Van der Weydk,' P. H , M. D., 236 Dnffield St., Brooklyn. Physics, 

Chem., Elect., Crust., Micros., Photoq., Diatoms, Infusoria. C* 

Van Duser. Jesse, Waynesville. Palceo. Ohio. 

Van Duvn. Prof. .John, M. D., Syracuse. Micros. IV. Y. 

Van Duzee, Prof. Wm. S , Lanca'^ter, Erie Co. Ast. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Van Dyck. Prof. F. C, Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. Micros.* N. J. 
Van Horn, R T., Kau'-as Citv. Bml. Mo. 

Van Hornk, W. C, 258 Mason St., Milwaid<ee. Palrro* W is. 

Van Rensselear, H.. 98 Cobinibia St., Albany. Arachnida.* N. Y. 

A'an Slyke, Charles B.. 1120 Main St., Dubuque. Mic. la. 

Van Slyke, E., M. D., 320 So. Pearl St., Albany. Mic. C* N. Y. 

THE naturalists' DIKECTORY. 115 

Van Vleck, Balfouk H., B. S. N. H., Boston. Comp. Afiaf. of Vert. 

C. I»Ias«. 

Van AVinkle, A. S., Keota, Keokuk Co. Ent. C. In. 

Vardon, Maurice, M., Box 219, Toi-onto. Ent. C. Caiiatla 

Varxum, C. Eddv, Atco. Ool. C. Ex. N. J. 

Varnum, Nelson, Ate j. Zodl. N. J. 

Vasey, (iEORGE, M. D., Botanist, Dept. Agriculture, Washington. 

]3ot., especially (iranniixe* D. C. 

Vaughan, Victor C., M. D., Fii. D., Lect. Med. Chem., Univ. Mich. 

Ann Arbor. Phi/s., Clieni. C. Ex. mounted Mic. specimens of 

constituents of various secretions and excretions of the hoily, for 

other specimens of equal value. Ulich. 

Vaupel, Ernst II , 25 Joues St., Cincinnati. Palceo. Corals and ]]ry- 

ozoa a specialty. C Ex.* Ohio. 

Vaux, W.m. S-, 1702'Arch St., Philadelphia. J/m., Arch. C. Willing 

to purchase choice things.* Feuii. 

Veatch, Charles, Keyte^viUe. Min., Pseudnmorj)hs. C. Ex. Mo. 
VeatCH, Fred., Keytesvillc. Coleoptera. C. Ex. 3io. 

Veeder, M A., -A.M., Lyons, Wayne Co. Va;;. His^., ffii^o^. C. Ex. 

Stained sections and veg. tissues* N. Y. 

Veitch, .\rchibald, New Haven. Bot. . Consi. 

Velie, J. W., Sec. and Cur. Chicago Acad, of Sci., 263 Wabash Ave, 

Chicago. Orn., Con. C* 111. 

Venable, F. p.. Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Chapel Hill. Clmn* N. C. 

Vennok, Henry G., F. G. S., Montreal. 0?m., GeoL, Min.. Gcoq. 

Dist. C* Canada. 

Verrill, a. E., Prof. Zool., Yale Coll., New Haven. Gen. BioL, 

GeoL, AnncUda, Moll., Radiates.* C'oilli. 

Very, Samuel W., Lieut. U. S. Navy, Buffalo. Astron. N. Y. 

ViCKERY, Miss Helen P., Wevmouth. Micros.* Mass. 

VlELE, E. L., Riverside .Vvc. and SSth St., New York. Bot., Horticul- 
ture, Min., Micros., Photozoa, Infuscria. C. Ex.* N. V. 
VOGDES, A. W., 1st Lieut. .")tli .Vrtv., Fort .Monroe. Palcco., Arch. Va. 
VoLKERT, .Julius H., Benton, Mono Co. .1//)),. C. Cal. 
VooRiiEEs, Miss Belle, Daggett's Mills, Tio-a Co. GeoL, Vert., 

Mnn., Orn., ReptiLs, Crust., Worms, Rndiutrs. C. Peiin. 

VoORHEES, Charles II., M. D., New Brunswick. Nat. Hist., Paleeo.* 

N. J. 
VoORHEES. Herman, Syracuse. Geol , Vert., Mam., Orn., Reptiles, 

Crnstir-ca, Worms, Radiates. C. ]N. Y. 

VooRHEES, Paul, Exeter. Micros., Coleopt. N.H. 

VoRCE, C. M., 164 Lake St., Cleveland. Ent., Con., MulL, Mic. C. 

^^•* Ohio. 


Wachsmuth, Charles, 111 Marietta St., Burlington. PaJceo., Crinoids. 

C. Ex.* la. 

Wade, Jos. M., Norwich, publisher Ornithologist and Oologist. Om., 

L C* '' Conn. 

Wadgymar, Arthur, M. D., Prof. Chem. and Bot., Agric. Colloue, 

San .Vntonio. Bot, Chem., Ent., Mic. C. Ex. "for first-cla-s 

specimens. Tax. spec, to ex. for works in Nat. Sci.* Tex. 

Wadiiam, Edward, San Diego. Om. Vi\\. 

Wadsworth, F., Keene. Orn., Bot. C. N If] 

Wadsworth, Fkaxcis L., M. D., 22!) Ontario St.. Chica"-o. Mic. III! 
Wadsworth, F. S., Prof. Physiol., 131 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. Mic 

C- III. 

116 THE naturalists' dikectory. 

Wadsworth, M. E., Ph. D., Asst. Mas. Comp. Zool., Cambi-itlue, 

GeoL, Lithol. C* Mass. 

Wadsworth, Samuel, Keenc. Urn., Mic. C* N. H. 

Wadswoktu, S. 1} , Ure^ron, O^lo Co. Orn., GeoL, Bet. C. E.v. 

Kocks from Eastern States, Minerals IVoin L. buperijr, and local 

plants.* 111. 

Wait, Charles E., C. E., M. E., Dircc. ISIo. School of Mines and Met., 

Kolla. Anahjt. Cliein., Met. Mo. 

Wait, S. E., Traverse City.* Mich. 

Walbkidge, O. I)., Member Ottawa Acad. Sci., Marseilles. Fossif 

flora and iiisrt is iii ex. for crystals, stone and Hint tools.* 111. 

Walcott, C. D., U. S. Ceol. Surv.', Wasliinytou. GcoL* D. C. 

Walcott, Hon. II. K., Denver. Met. Col. 

Waldo, V. A., Miildletown. Mm., Palcvn. C. Ex.* Couii. 

AV^ALDO, Frank, S. B., Harvard Coll. Observatory, Cambridge. Astrnn. 

31 ass. 
Waldo, Leonard, Yale Collcfje, New Haven. Astron.* Conn. 

Wales, Rev. F. II., Dutcli Flat, Placer Co., Min. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Wales, Wm., Fort Lee. Micros. N. J. 

Walker, Charles, A, 42 Court St., Boston. Nat Hist. Dra><f///ts- 

nian.* ■ Mass. 

Walker, Miss Cornelia, San Jose. ^larine Zool. C. Ex. Cal. 

Walkek, Bryant, 18 Mortal Block, Detroit. Con. C. Ex.* 3Iich. 
Walker, B. E., 1« Exchange Place, New York. Palcco. C* N. Y. 

Walker, E. C, Hamilton, Ontario. G(ol., Palao. Canada. 

Walker, Edw., M. D., Evansville. Neurolog;/.* ind. 

Walker, Geo S., M.I)., 2809 Washington iVve., St. Louis. Gen. yat. 

llist. C. Mo. 

Walker, J. B., Pres. Am. Ind. Coll., 231 lllh St., Louisville. Gcol. 

C. Ex. Ky. 

Walker. J. R., 154 Canal St., New Orleans. Geo!., Phi/swl. lia. 

Walker, N. B., Lotos Club, Fifth Ave , cor. 21st St., New York. Z'M , 

Mm., Metal!., Mmiiig. C. N. V. 

Walker, Mrs. Nathan B, New York. Zool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Walker, R. T., Rome. Mm. C N. Y. 

Walker, A\'illiam H., L. B. 200, Rochester. JSIanvfacturers of Ama- 
teur J'/wtor/rapIi .4ppnrafiis.* N. Y. 
Walkley, Fannie S., Plantsville. Lcpid., Cokapt. C. Desii-es Lejiid. 

not found in Conn. Conn. 

Wallace, Edwin R., 4(i Burnet St., SvracM=e. Geo?., Min., Bot., Brp- 

tih-s, Ichth. C. Ex. ■ N. Y. 

Wall, John L., 338 Sixth Ave., New York. Bot., Mm. C* N. Y. 

Wall, O. A , M D., 1027 Strange Ave., St. Loni<. Mic. C. Ex. Mo. 
Wallace, I. W., Concord, ]\no\- Co. Om., Onl. C. Nests and cugs 

of hummini;' liirds a specialtv, alwavs on hand. Ex. Tenn. 

Wallace, John, 16 N. AVilliam St., New York. C. N Y. 

■Wallace, ^hippen, Analyt. and Considting Chem., 113 Walnut St., 

Philadelphia. Chem'. Penn. 

Waller, Elwyn, Ph. D., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New York. 

Chem., Filices. C* N. Y. 

Walling, Henry F., Asst. U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washini:- 

ton. lIiij)sometry, Struct. GeoL'*' J). C. 

Walmsley, William H., lOlC Chestnut St., Piiiladdphia. Micros.* 

Walsh, Dr J. F., 318 So. l.ith St., Philadelphia. Micros. Ppnn. 

Walsh, J. F., M. I)., 643 IMarket St., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Walters, H. J., M. D., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Walthew, Frank A., Box 992, Galveston. Orn. Tex. 


Walton, Miss Alice B., Muscatine. Enf. C* la. 

Waltcn, John, 62 State St., Itoclie-tcr. Con., Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Walton, Josiah P . Muscatine. Met* la. 

Walton, Miss Lillie P., Muscatine. Ent. C* la. 

Walworth, A. N\'., Loliamcr. 061 , Tax. C. E.x.* Ohio. 

Wahi), G. J , M. D., 8t. Clair, them., Biol. C. Ex. Mich. 

Ward, Henrv A., A. M., F. Z. S., F. G. S., Ward's Nat. Sci. Estalj- 

li=hmeut, liocliestcr. 1^111., Gen!., Zoo'., Arch. C* N. Y. 

Ward, .James W ., Grosvcnor Libiarv, Buti'alo. Mic, Ast., PhusioL. 

Hot. C Ex. dried plants for minerals, books, etc.* N. Y. 

Ward. Lester F., A. M , 14(34 Pihode Island Ave., Washington. BoL, 

Vcfj. Pa'ao., Geii. BluL C. Ex.* D. C. 

Ward, 11 II , .M. D., Prol. of Botany, Rensselaer Polvtechnic Iiist , 53 

P'ourth >t., Troy Mic, deii'. Btol. C.* " N. Y. 

Ward, PvEV. William Haves, D. D., " The Independent," New York. 

Hot.* N. Y'. 

Warder, J. A., M. D., North Bend. Nat. Hist., Forest)-!/. C* Ohio. 
Warder, IJobert B., North Bend, Hamilton (Jo. Ckem., Phijsics* 

Ware, Ezra, Grand Rapids. Mic. 3Iich. 

Waring, George E., .Jr., C. E., Newport, R. I. Surieyinq, Engineer- 

iu(,.* R. I. 

Warne, II. A., Oneida. Madison Co. Bot., Fungi, Algce, Zobl., Mic. 

C* N. Y. 

Warner, Miss Anna P., Waverly, Tioga Co. N. Y. 

Warner, Uavid, Kcyport. Palceo., Bot. N.J. 

Warner, H. C., Clennont. . Zod., Geo!., Ent., Con. C. Ex. la. 

Warner, Miss H. F., 101 Front tet., W. Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Warner, Obadiaii M., 639 Mulberry St., Reading. Min., Chem. C. 

Ex. ' Pen 11. 

Warnock. James, cor. Warren and Church Sts., New York. Mic. N. Y. 
Warren, B. Harri', Box 148, West Chester. Orn. C. Ex. Peiiii. 

Warren, (iEO. W., Ferndale, Humboldt Co. Bot. C. Ferns, etc., 

for ex. Cal. 

Warren. Gouverneur K., Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, Newport. 

Pln/sicdl Geof). and Giol.* R. I. 

Warren; II. M., Bo\ 278, West Newton. Orn. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Warren, J. E., 7 Washington Ave., Detroit. E>it.: Lepid. C. Ex.* 

Warren, .Tesse, Box 2704, Philadelphia. Orn., Oo'. C. Ex.* Peiin. 
Warren, Marv, Lockport. Fossil and Recent .'</tells, Min. C. Ex. 

for spec. iVoni other localities.* N. Y. 

Warrell, M J., South Bend. Orn., Tax. C. Ex. for birds of Tex., 

Fla. and Miss.* Iiid. 

Warring, Ciias. B., ronghkcepsie. Cosmology.* N. Y. 

Washburn, F. L., Ncedham. Orn. C. Ex. 31ass. 

Washburn, R. R , M. D., Waldron, Shelby Co. Geol. C. Niagara 

fossils for ex.* Iiiil. 

Waterhouse, a., ]\r. D., .Jamestown, Mic, Bot., Ent. C. N. Y. 

Waterman, J. F., Plymouth. Min., Palao., Con., Arch. C. Vt. and 

N. II. minerals in ex. for minerals, fossils, relics, shells, etc. C. 

Ev. Vt. 

Waterman, .John R., Box 300, Woonsocket. Min., Geol., Palceo. C. 

]Minerals from tlie noted Cumberland locality.* R. I- 

Waterman, S. C, 300 Hamilton St., Albany. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex. 

Caloc.-da desired.* N. Y. 

Waterman, S., M. D., 103 ^V. 49th St., New York. Spectroscopic in- 

quiries and experiments, applied to medicine. N. Y. 





Acad. Scieiiccs* la. 

, Genl. 


. Ev- 


, Osweji 



N. Y 

Che in 








Waterman, Thomas, A. M., M. D., 14G Bovlston St., Boston. Comp. 

Aiiat. and P/ii/s* ' Mass. 

Watekman, \Vn,LiAM II., New Bcilfonl. GeoL, Mm. C Ex. Sppci- 

nicns ;^oo(l size, ni;\c or <'n\;tallizetl * Mass. 

Waters, Ciiarle.s H., Itooni 13, 23 Court St., Boston. Applied M- 

clianics. Mass. 

Waters, Fred, 9 N. Ashland St., Worcester. Ent. Mass. 

Watters, llENRy, 7G liidcau St., Ottawa, Ont. Bol ., Min. C- Ex.* 

^ Canada. 

Watson, James S., 23 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Orn., Mic. C* N. Y. 
Watson, I.ouis, M. D., Ellis. Bot., Gen. Nat. Hist. Will collect to 

order.* Kan. 

Watson, Miss RosaB., East Windsor Hill. Bof. C. Ex.* Conn. 
Watson, R. .1., Loilcniia. Hot. III. 

Watson, !Sere>'0, Curator Harvard Herliarium, Cambridge Bot.* Mass. 
Watson, Walter, Rome. M/n. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Watt, D. A. P., Montreal. Bot. : Acrotjens. C. Desires Cal, species.* 

Wayne, Prof. Edward S., IM. D., Cincinnati. Min. C. Ex. Oh:o. 
Weai>, Chas K., Frol. Ph^s , Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor.* Mich. 

Webi!, Hen.iamin, .Salem. M/cnts. 
Webh, Rev. Frederick T., Council 
Webb, Huoh I., Richmond. Pnkco. 
Webb, S. .V., East 4th and Utica Sts. 
Weber, Henry A., Pli. D., Urbaua. 
Weber, II. K., Sprin;^ticld. 
Webber, F. W., M. 1)., Centre St., ] 
Webber, William O., Siipt. Allen Paper Car Wheel Co., Pullman. 

Mm. C. Ex. Geotles, Beryl, Staurolites and western mins. lor 

other mins. onlv.* III. 

Webster, Frank B., Pawtuekct. Orn., 0:d., Mam., Ta.c. C. Ex.* 

Webster, F. ]M., Waterman, De KalbCo. Ent. : Colcopfcra of N. A. 

C. Ev. Desires correspondence relating' to food luibits of 

beetles.* - III, 

Webster, Frederic S., 112 University Ave., Rochester. Orn., Tax. 

N. Y. 
Webster. H. E., Prof. Nat. Hist., Union Coll., Schenectady. Annelida, 

('luctopnda.* N. Y. 

Webster, .T. N., D. D. S., Norfolk. Chem Va. 

Webster, PiiOF. N. B., A. M., Prin. Webster Military Inst., Norfolk. 

Cheni., I'/ii/s., Met , M'n., Bot C. Ex. Va. 

Webster, Petei: G., Fort Plain. Geol. N. Y. 

Weiile, John, cor. Front and Mumford Sts., Rochester. Mic. C. Ex. 

recent diatoniacsp.* N.Y. 

Weisse, Prof. Faneuil D., M. D., Medical Dept. Universitv of the 

Citv of New York, 410 E. 26th St., New York. A/'ith. C. 

Ex> N. Y. 

Weist, J. R., ]M. D., Richmond, Wayne Co. Comp. Osteal. C* Ind. 
Welch, L. B., M. D , Wilmington. ' Palcco., Min., Con. Oiiio. 

Welch, W. P., Greeley. Ast. Col. 

Weld, Clifford 11., 68 Moreland St., Roxbury. Orn., Hort. Mass. 
Weld, M. W., M. D , 23 Worcester St., Boston. General. C. Mass. 
Welles. (tEORGE P., 117 So. Clark St , Chicayo. Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Pacific Coast specimens desired.* 111. 

Wellington, Charles, 784 Abbott St., Detroit. Mic* Mich. 

Wellington, C. W. W., Hyde Park. Geol., Min., Palceo. C. Ex. 


THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 119 

Wells, E. H., A. M., M. D , Mcshoppen, Wyorains Co.* Peiin. 

Wells, M., Indianapolis. Micros. Intl. 

Wells, Samuel, 31 Pcmberton Square, Boston. Min., Diafo7ns, Pho- 

tofj. Mass. 

Wells, William L., M. D., 216 So.9tli St., Philadelphia. Anth* Penn. 
Weltv, II. G., Siipt. of School-i, Marion. MhuTalogi/. C. Ohio 

Wendell, Olivek C, Asst. Harvard Coll. Observatory, CambritliiC. 

Astron. ' Mass. 

Wendell, Olivek C, Dover Micros. N. H. 

Wentwouth, G. li.. 258 Main St , Hartford. Lepid. C. Conn. 

Wenzel, H. W., 710 Mc Keau St., Philadelphia. Ent.; Coleopt of U. 

^. c. i:\-. Pen 11. 

Wenzel, W. F., Wilmin^^ton. Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. for N. A. 

specimens. N. C. 

Wernek, W. C, Joseph. GenL, Bot. Miss. 

West, Prof. Ciias. E., Brooklyn. Micros. N. Y 

West, E. P., Kansas City. Arch. Mo. 

West, Frank E., Winchester P/iten. Bot., Ferns. Mass. 

West, J. H.,Clostei-. P/ian. But., Ferns, Crystallog., Orn. C. Ex. 


West, Paul, Minneapolis. Orn. C. Ex. Minn. 

West, William C, Monroe. Mic, Ent. C. Mich. 

Westcott, O. S., Racine. Ent., Mic. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Westervelt, Rev. W. D.. Monitor. Min. Col. 

Weston, Edw. B., A. M., M. D., Highland Park, Lake Co. Bot., Orn. 
C* 111. 

Weston, Eugene, Caiion City, Fremont Co. Geol., Min., Palceo. C. 

Ev. Cabinets anil Col. specialties supplied.* Col. 

AVetherbee, I. J., D. D. S., Boston. Micros.* Mass. 

Wetherby, Prof. A. G., Cincinn.ati. GcoL, Ent., Con. C. Dupli- 
cate fossils of Cin. gro'iP' I-" ^"'-' F. W. shells of Southern States, 
Noctuida-' and Coleoptera for ex. Desiderata, L. and F. W. shells, 
fossils and insects (Trilobites, Am. crinoids).* Ohio. 

Wetmore, E. W., Ili^di School, Detroit. Optics.'*' Mich. 

Wetmore, Mrs. W. II.. Medina. Tax. N. Y. 

AVettstein, (t. a., Neyannec, Marquette Co. Min., Archean rocks. C. 

Ex. Sell Lake Superior mins.* Mich. 

Weyburn, L. a., Rockforel. Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Wharton, Joserh, Nickel Works, Camden. Met. N. J. 

Wharton, Joseph, Box 2786, Philadelphia. Met.* Penn. 

AVharton, William R., Genuautown, Philadelphia. O'il., Lepid. C. 
Ex.* Pen II. 

Wheatland, Henry, M. D., Pres. Essex Inst., Salem. Camp. Anat.* 

M ass. 

Wheatley, Charles M., .\.M., Phceni.xvillc, ChesterCo. F. W. Shells, 
Mcsozoic fo.<isi's, Min. C. Ex. F. W. shells from Southern 
states especially desired. Penn. 

Wheaton, J. ISI. M."D., 50 So. 4th St., Columbus. Orn., Diurnal Lep- 
id. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Whelan, Carrie A., 311 Fourth St., O.akland. Cohopt. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Wheeler, Prof., Denver Univ., Denver. Chcni. Col. 

Wheeler, .\. R.. M. D., Ann Arbor. Bot.- Q. Ex.* 3Iich. 

Wheeler, C. F., Hubbardston. But. : Ci/peracecr, Gramincce. C. Ex. 


Wheeler, C. Gilbert, Prof. Chem., Univ. of Chicago, Chicaj^o. Chcm., 

Mm. C. Ex. for rare niius.--' 111. 

WuEELER, Erastus S., Bcrliu. Bot. ; Grasses, Ferns, Musc'i. Jlort. 
C. Ex. List free. xllass. 

120 THE naturalists'* DIRECTORY. 

WnEELEH, Cai't. George M., Corps of Enfrinccrs, U. S. Gcograpliical 

iSiuvoy-i, W. of lUOth niciidian, L. 13. 93, Wa^iliington.* D. C, 

Wheeleh, il. A., 64 (.'oninicrcial St., IJostoii. Orn. C* 3Iass. 

Wheeleu, IVAX, (iiiiinell. OiiL, Orn., Numismatics. C* la. 

Wheeler, John B., East Tenipleton. Tax., Gen. Sat. llist. C. Ex. 

SoiUherii siiecimcns, etc. Desire Arch, spec* Mass. 

Wheeler, .J. J., East Sa<iinaw. Mic Mich. 

Wheeler, Lottie B., 161 ijrd St., Oakland. Coleopt. C. Ex. - Cal. 
Wheeler, Orlando B., Asst. Engineer, U. S. Lake Survey, 194 Clif- 

lord .St., Detroit. A!>t.* ' 31ich. 

Wheeler, S. -L, 81 Clark St., Cliicaoo. Min. 111. 

Wheeler, William M., 590 Island Ave., Milwaukee. Zool., Evt.: 

Coleopt. C. Ex.* Wis. 

WiiEELOCK, George A., Kccnc. Crypt. Bot., Con. y. H. 

Wherkell, John, Leavenworth. Bot. C. Kan. 

Whiduen, Bradley, care J. VV. Lovell, Aster Place, New York. Min.*' 

N. Y. 
Whipple, E., Reed's Ferry. Zo">l. C. Ex. niins.,etc.* N. H. 

Whipple, Jennie May, liov 1143, Norwich. Orn., Obi. C. Ex.* Conn. 
Whipple, H. L., care of Murphy, Grant & Co., San Francisco. Cole- 
opt. Cal. 
Whipple. Warren A., Diamond Ilill. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. R. I. 
Whitall, Henry, Phillipshurg. Ast., Geog. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Whitcomr, Ansel, Lawrence. GeoL Kan. 
White, Aug. J., 2401 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Orn., Oct. C. Ex. 

local birds for others.* 111. 

White, Miss Carrie D., W. F. Seminary, Oxford. Bot. Ohio. 

White, Charles A., M. D., Cur. Palwo.'U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington. 

GeoL, PalcBO.* 1>. C. 

White, C. E., Box 3.'), Holyoke. Ent. Ex. Mass. 

White, C. K., Woodstock. Tax., Orn. Vt. 

White, I. C, Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. W. Va., Morgantown. Asst. 

Geol. Survev, Pa. Phcen. But., Ferns, Invert. Palceo., GeoL ('.* 

H. Va. 
White, James C, M. D., 10 Park Sq., Boston. Bot. C* .llass. 

White, John D., Chicopec. Mic, Ent. C. Ex. mounted insects for 

other preparations.* Mass. 

White. Moses C. M. D., New Haven. Prof. Mic. Yale Coll. Conn. 
White, Wm., Lieut. Col., Ottawa. Bot. Canada. 

Wuiteaves, J. F., Pala?ontologist and Asst. Dir. Geol. Surv., Ottawa. 

Pahro., Recent Marine Invert. C. Ex. in Moll.* Canada. 
Whitehead, G. L, 149 Broadway, New Y^ork. Mic. N. Y. 

Whitehead, Wm. A., Newark. N.J. 

Whitemore, Wm. T., Fairburg. GeoL, Min., Palcro. C. Ex. 111. 

Whiteside, Albert, .Vllcnsboro. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Whitesides, Jennie E., llarmonsburg. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Whitfield, R. P., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 77th St. and 8th Ave., New 

York. GeoL, Pa'ao. C* ^.Y. 

Whithill, H. H., Silver City. N. Mex. 

Whiting, Charles B., Worcester. Min. C* Mass. 

Whitley, James D., M. D.. Petersburg. ZoL IH. 

Whitlock, Charles M., Orange, Essex Co. Min., GeoL C. Ex. N. J. 
Whitman, Allen, St. Paul. P/dloL Minn. 

Whitman, G. P., Manchester. Orn., Or,!.* N. H. 

Whitman, Philip, Sing-Sing. LepicL, Coleopt., Orn. N. Y. 

Whitman, P. R., Box 1261, Ann Arbor, Or?i., 0:.l, C* Mich. 

Whitman, Wm. B., 1132 Lincoln Ave., Cleveland. OjL C. Ex.* Mich. 
Whitney, C. P., Milford. Lepid., Dipt. C. Ex. N. H. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 121 

WfllTNET, Prof. J. D., Cambridofc. Geol. C* Mass. 

Whitney, Joseph T., Leominster. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Whitney, Solox F., Watcrtown. Min., Lepid. C* Mass, 

Whittington, (4., Alt. Ida, Montgomery Co. Meteo. Ark. 

Whittle, J. F., M D., Nashua. Bat. N. H. 

Whittelsey, Theo., Box 886, Saratoga Springs. Orn., Oiil., C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 
Whorf, Edw. II., B.R. B.&L.R.R., 350 Atlantic Ave., Boston.* Mass. 
Whyte, R. B., 73 Ridcau .St., Ottawa. Bot. C. Ex.* Caiiad;i. 

WiBBE, Rev. J. Herman, Ph. D., Oswego. Bot. C. Ex.* TV. Y. 

Widemire, Samuel, Grampian Hills, Clearfield Co. Geol. Peun. 

WiDMANN, Otto, 4024 Carondelet Ave., St. Louis. Orn. Mo. 

WiER, D. B., Lacon, Marshall Co. Ent.//.o:,l..Orn., Hort., Ichth.* 111. 
WiGGiN, Fred. S., Maysville Centre, Aroostook Co. Phce.i. Bot. Ma. 
Wight, Sidney B., Member Am. lust, of Mining Engineers, Detroit. 

Mill. C* Mich. 

Wight, Wm. II., Baltimore. Mic. Md. 

Wight, William II., Taxidermist, Framingham. Or«., Zool. C. Ex. 

Wightman, Geo. F., Civil Engineer, Lacon, Marshall Co. Geol., Arch. 

C. Ex.* III. 

WiLBER, G. M., 140 W. 20th St., New York. Bot., Chem. C. Ex. for 

Southern plants.* N. Y. 

WiLBER, II. D., Plainville. Min. C. Ex. Conu. 

Wilbur, Benjamin F., W. Waterville. 3Ie. 

Wilbur, Frank A., B. S., Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. Anal. 

Chem. N.J. 

WiLBURN, T. Barton, M. D., 39 Meigs St., Rochester. Mic., Bot. 

C* N. Y. 

Wilcox, Joseph, Acad. Xat. Sci., Philadelphia. Min. C. Peiiii. 

Wilcox, Ralph M., Gildersleeve's Landing, Middlesex Co. Orn., O I. 

C. Ex. hawk's eggs, etc. Conn. 

Wild, George A., Curator and Taxidermist (State Univ.), Champaign. 

Comp. Zool. C. Ex. IIL 

WiLDBERGER, Maj. R. H., Prof. Nat. Sci., Kentucky Mil. Inst., Farm- 
dale. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Sil. fossils and plants.* Ky. 
Wilder, Burt G., M. D., Prof. Phys., Comp. Anat. and Zool., Cornell 

Univ., Ithaca. Comp. Anat.' of Vertebrates. C. Ex. Aniplii- 

oxus, or living or alcoholic Menobranchus, for brains and embryos 

of vertebrates.* N. Y. 

Wilder, Miss Mary, Decatur. Bot. I!l. 

Wiley, H.vrvey W., Lafavette. Chem. Ini. 

Wilkes, II. B., Bath-on-the-IIudson. Bot. N. Y. 

WiLKiNS, Frank, Elmore. Arch. H'. 

WiLKiNs, Fr.vnk, (with John Rowell), San Francisco. Mic. C'ai. 

Wilkinson, E., Jr.,7« W. Bloom St., Mansfield. Ent. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Wilkinson, R., Box 1307, Toronto. Ent.: Lepid.* Canada. 

WiLLARD, Arthur W., 48 State St., Boston. Ent., Orn. Mass. 

Willard, S. L., 27 Oneida St., Utica. Orn., Ool. C* N. Y. 

WiLLARD, S. W., West De Pcre. Orn., Mam. C* Wis. 

WiLLCOx, George W., 17-19 W. 3rd St., Cincinnati. Arch., Pa /rm., 

Min. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

WiLLcox, II. R, Athens, Clark Co. C. Ex* iMo. 

WiLLETT, Joseph E., Prof. Mercer Univ., Macon. Chem., Xat. Phil., 

Geol., Ent. C* Cia. 

WiLLETTS, Joseph C, Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. Ichth., Geol. C. 

Ex.* N.Y. 

Willey, Henry, New Bedford. Lichens.* 3Iass. 

122 THE naturalists' directory. 

Williams, A. M., M. D., Meadville. Mmn., Orn. C. Ex.* Ponn. 
Williams, IIev. C Foster, Ashwood, Mauiv Co. Palceo., Arch. C. 

Ex. Tenn. 

Williams, Charles H., Wiucliester Centre. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. lor 

first-class well aiilhcnticiitccl specimens only.* Conn. 

Williams, Charles P., 912 bunsoiu St., Piiiladelpliia. Chem. Penii. 
Williams, D. A., L. B. 834, Newark. GeuL, Palao., Min. C. E\.* 

Williams, E. Howard, 4458 Main St.,Germantown, Philadelphia. Orn., 

UOl. C. Pen II. 

Williams, E. T. Mc, Clarksville. Min., Palceo. Ohio. 

Williams, F. H., M. E., Wyandotte. Mtal. Mich. 

Williams, Henry S., Pii. D., Prof. PaliEO., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. 

Palcen., Zoot., Gen. Biol C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Wu^LlAMS, J. L)., Chicago. Mic. III. 

Williams, .1. L., Fountaindalc. Bot. III. 

Williams, K. A., Jr., 15 Broadway, New York. Micros N. Y. 

Williams, Milo G., Prof. Urbaua'Uuiv., Urbana. Bot., Geol., Palceo. 

C. Ev. Ohio. 

Williams, N. H., M. D., Jackson. Mic. Mich., X. Ward, Milton. Con. Ev. Wis. 

Williams, Robert S., Fort Benton. Orn., Bot. C* Mon. 

Williams, Prof. S. G., Ph. D., Prof. Geol., Cornell Univ., Ithaca., Geol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Williams, Thomas M., Adel, Dallas Co. Ent. C. Ex. la. 

Williams, W. H., M. D., Denver. Mic. Col. 

Williams, WiLLi.\M H., llcadin;^-. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Williamson, (Jharles E., Hooker Station, Fairfield Co. GeoL, Min., 

Arch., Palceo. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Williamson, C. W., Napoleon, Henry Co. Geol., Pnlcpo. C. Ex. 

fail aiui Devon, for Rept. and Mammaliiin age fossils.* Ohio. 

Williamson, D. I., Murrysvillc, Westmoreland Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

plants of W. Pa.* Penn. 

Williamson, James M., Morrison. Palceo., Geo!., Min., Arch., Orn. 

C. Ex. 111. 

Williamson, John, 63 Market St., Louisville. Bot., Ferns.* Ky. 

Willia.mson, Dr. N., New Brunswick. Micros.* N. J. 

Williamson, R. S., Lieut. Col. U.S. Engineers, San Francisco. Meteo., 

Hi/psoinetri/. Cal. 

Willis, Dr I^. M., Charlcstown. Micros. Mass. 

Willis, Merritt, West Farms Station, New York. Ai-ch., Min. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Willis, Oliver R., Ph. D., Prin. Alexander Inst., White Plains. Bot., 

I'hiisirs. C. N. Y. 

WiLLisTON, S. W.. A. M , M. D., Peabody Museum, New Haven. Vert. 

PalcH')., Ent., Diptera. C* Coiin. 

WiLLMARTH, HARRIETT M., Peniberton, Burlington Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Specimens from N. E and Northern 111. especiallv desired.* N. .1. 
WiLMOT, W. IL, M. I)., Lawn Ridge. Fern^* ' 111. 

Wilt, Charles, 1306 South St., Philadelphia. Lcpid., Coleopt. C. 

Ex. Penn. 

Wiltse, G. AV., Clay City. Arch. Ind. 

Wilson, A. D., Chief Topographer, U. S. Geolog. Surv., Washington * 

1>. C. 
Wilson, Prof. D., Toronto. Anth. Canada. 

Wilson, Edw. B., New Haven. Marine Inrprtebrates. Conn. 

Wilson, F. H., W. Chcltcn Ave., Gcrmantown, Philadelphia. Om , 

Ool. C. Ex. Peun. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. •12'] 

Wilson, Harold B., Ann Arbor. Colcopl., Micros. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Wilson, Dk. 11 P. C, liultiinorc. Mic. Md. 

Wilson, James, Arkansas City. liaii. 

Wilson, John. 7u7 Superior >t., Toledo. Bot., Ent., Mic. Oiiio. 

Wilson, Miss Mauv, Niauiiru bt., liartklo. Micros. N. Y. 

Wilson, Miss Maky E., bun Jo-so. Ferns, AUjce. C. Ex. Cal. 

Wilson, O. S., .state burvey, Ailiany. Ast. N. Y. 

Wilson, Thomas J., M. [)., Auburn. Orn., Ocl. C. Ex. Dc>ircs 

skins of uarhlei's and liuniniin;:- l)irds.* N. Y. 

Wilson, Trof. T. P., .M. D., Ann Arbor. Mich., Comp. Anat.* Midi. 
Wilson, W. 11., Jackson. Mic. 3iich. 

Wilson, W. P., 21 Nortli Avenue, Cambridge. Pheen. But. 3Ia>s. 

Winch, Mautin, Portland. Orn. C Ex. Or^,'. 

WiNCHELL, .Alex., Prof. Gcol. and Palseo., Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor. 

I'alao., Ant/i.* Mich. 

WiNCHELL, N. 11 , State Geolojrist, Prof. Univ. Minn., Minneapolis. 

Geo/, Mm., Mic, Lith. C. Ex. N. J. and Minn, minerals and 

rock samples.* 31iiiii. 

WiNDLE, Miss b. C, Stamford. Ferns. Couii. 

Wing, A. R , Fort Edward, \\'asbin>;ton Co. Bet. N. Y. 

Wing, Piu)F. Chas. II., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Micros. >i. Y. 

WiNSLOW, Chas. T., ban Francisco. Can., Orn., (Jul. C. Ex. shells, 

birds' skins, ne--ts and e^;-us. Cal. 

WiNSLOW, Henuy, \Valliii<iford. Min. Coiiu. 

WiNsLow, Jaspek (J., Danville. Min. C. Ex. 111. 

WiNSLOW, J. E., Vir-il. Hot., Cliem. C. Ex.* \. Y. 

WiNSLOW, Rev. L. W., Pcshiigo. Mic. Wis. 

WiNSLOW, R. K., Cleveland. Orn. Ohio. 

Winters, E. C, Coleta, Whiteside Co. Arch., Min., GeoL, Indian and 

Mo'ind Jhiil.ers' relics. C Ex.* III. 

Winters, J. K. P., Ikaver, Winona Co. 3Iiiin. 

WiNZEL, \V. F., 32 N. Front St., Wihninjiton. Coleopt. N. C. 

Withingham, J. P., Box 213y, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Witter, F M., What Cheer, Keokuk Co. Con., Lcpid. C. Ex.* la. 
Wolf, John, Canton. Con., Bot. C. Ex. 111. 

Wolfe, Walter M., Montciair, Essev Co. Bot. C. Ex. N.J. 

Wolfran, Crist., Kansas City. Palceo. Mo. 

Wolford, W. L., Minneapolis. Orn. Minn. 

WoLSTON, R. T., lioniinza. Min. Col. 

WoLLE, Alex., Sr , 2 X. Eutaw St., Baltimore. Nat. Hist. C. Ev. 

Egv''s in sets. 3Id. 

Wolle, Francis, Betlilchom. F. W. Alga. C. Ex.* Penu. 

WoMBLE, W. F., Ralei-h. Ent. N. C. 

Wood, Augustus H., Painted Post. Orn., Mam., Tax. C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 
Wood, C. D., Middletown. Chem. Conn. 

Wood, Charles H., Augusta. GcoL, Min., Arrh , P.ilao. C* III. 

Wood, Charles M., Bo-; 215, Grand Led;;e. Micms.* .Mich. 

Wood, Clare.vce E., B S , Manhatian. Gcol. C. Ex. Kan. 

Wood, Edw. S., M. D., Prof. Chem., Harvard Med. Coll., Bo-ion. 

Med. Cliem. and 'I ox.* 3Iass. 

Wood, Horatio C, M. I)., Philadelphia. Bot., Biol.* Penii. 

\VooD, Joseph, Bar Harbor. GeoL, Min., Fo^siU, Arch. C. Ex.* Me. 
Wood, Nelson R., Clvde. Orn. Ev. N. Y. 

Wood. P. B. Ouin-'.s'Miils Baltimore Co. On.,0ol. C. Ev. Mtl. 
Wood, Dr. R. W., Librarian Am. Statistical Assoc, 19 Bovlston Place, 

Boston * ' Mass. 

Wood, Sa.muel, Ontario. Orn., Tax. C. Canada. 

124 THE naturalists' directory. 

Wood, William, M. D., East Windsor Hill. Or7i., Obi., Arch. C. Et. 

eJr^'^s.* Conn, 

Woon, \V'iLLiAM S., Wilmington. Tax., Orn. C* Del. 

WoooBRlDGE, S. II., ]\I;iss. Inst. Tccli., lioston. Physics.* 31 ass. 

Woodman, Walter, 9 Kiitlanil I'hicc, (Janii)riiijre. Orn. C. Ex. Mass. 
WooDBKiDGE, J. E., M. D., Youn;;sto\vn. Mic. Ohio. 

WooDFALD, C. F , Kiantone, Cliaut. Co. Geol., Palceo. N. Y. 

Woodman, II. T., 25 Clinton Place, .\ew York. C* N. Y. 

Woodman, ISIiss Katie R., 23i) ITth yt., Uubiiqiie. Ferns, Aljce, Mol- 

lusks, Radiates. C. la. 

Woods, Charles D., Chem. Lab. Wcsleyan Univ., Middletown. 

Chem.* Conn. 

AVooDSON, N. A., Grij;j;sville, PikeCo. Gcol, Palao. C. Ex. Crin- 

oids, Bracliio]iods, etc. III. 

WoODSWORTH, Luke, M. D.,. Johnson's Creek, Niagara Co. Bot. C. N. Y. 
Woodward, A. J., M. D., Cedar Keyes. Uerpet.* Fla. 

AVoODWARD, A. S., Syracuse. Mic' M. Y. 

Woodward, tJiiARLES, M. D. Chem. N. Y. 

Woodward, E. M., Keenc. Ent. C. E.if. A. H. 

Woodward, H. J., Peoria. Zool. III. 

Woodward, H. N., Odin. Con. III. 

Woodward, J. J., M. D., Army Med. Mas., Washington. Mic, 

Pathol.* ' D. C. 

Woodward, ly. F., Worcester. Orn., Zool. Mass. 

W'oodward, W. Elliot, 258 Dudley St., Roxbury. Arch., Mound 

builders and Indian antiquities, coins and medals, Bric-a-brac and 

rare books. C. Ex.* Mass. 

WooLMAN, George S., 116 Fulton St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

Woolfenden, Frederick, Detroit. Xat. Hist. Mich. 

WooLLEr, Charles F., Eatontown, Monmouth Co. Arch., Eth. C. 

Ex. 2U0a duplicates. N. J. 

WooLSEY, George, New Haven. Orn., O'jl. C. Conn. 

Woolson, George C, Passaic. Bot., Hart. Special, cultivation of 

native plants, C. Price list of native plants and bulbs desired.* 

Woolson, M., Concord. Min., Zylologij. C. Ex. N. H. 

WooLWORTU, James G., Silver City, Providence. Chem. R. I. 

WoosTER, L. C, Prof. Nat. Sci.,* State Normal School, Whitewater. 

Geol., Bot. C. Have fossils for ex. from N. Y'., C'olorado and 

Wisconsin.* Wis. 

Worcester, George W., West Side, Crawford Co. Bot. C. Ex. la. 
Worcester, H. P., Box ;5S4, Norfolk. Bot.* Va. 

WoKDEN, J. D., M. D., 91 Hawk St., Alljany. Phys., Min. N Y. 

AVoRKMAN, Dr. William H., Worcester. Mic. Mass. 

AVoRSTER, Joseph, A1. D., 1153 30th St., New York. Geol. N. Y. 

AA'^ORTii, Mrs. S. A., Hespcr, AYinnesheik Co. Geol. la. 

AV'ORTUEN, A. IL, Geologist and Cur. State Museum of Nat. Hist., 

Springfield. C. Ex.* 111. 

AVoRTUEN, Charles K., State Taxidermist, AVarsaw. Orn., Tax. C. 

Ex.* III. 

WoRTHEN, Rev. H. AV., Bradford. Min., Geol., Arch., Numismatics.* Vt. 
AV'oRTiiiNGTON, C. E., Chicago. Ent. III.- 

AVoRTHiNGTON, W. AV., Shelter Island, Suffolk Co. Orn., OoL, Arch., 

Bot., Min., Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

AVortman, Miss Clara A., AVillshire, A^an AVert Co. Geol. C. Ohio. 
AVortman, M. L., Willshire, A'an Wert Co. Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

AVright, Albert a., A. M., Ph. 13., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Obcrliu 

College, Oberlin. C* Ohio. 


Wright, Arthur W., rii. D., Prof. Molecular Physics and Cbcm., Yale 
Coll., New Haven* Conn. 

Wright, Berlin H., Penn Yan, Yates Co. Con., Palceo., Ast. C. Ex.* 

N Y. 

Wright, Charles, WctliorsficUl. Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Wright, Frank S., Box- 910, Auburn. Orn , 0;l. C. Ex. N. V- 

Wright, Kev. G. Frederick, Amlovcr. Glacialist* Mass. 

Wright, Geo. W., West New Bri^rhton. Bot. C. N. Y. 

Wright, Harri.son, Ph. D., A. M., «cc. Wvomiug Ilist. and Geol. Soc., 
Wilkesbarre. Min., Geol., Arch., P'alteo. C. Ex. Coal lioia, 
Miu. and Lithol. spec, for others, for the society.* Penn. 

Wright, II. J , East Teniplctou. General. C. illass. 

Wright, James, Fredoma, Licking Co. Arch., Paleo. C Ex. Ohio. 

Wright, Mrs. J S., San Diego. 'Bot. Cal. 

Wright, Mrs. Lizzie, Monterey. Ferns C. Ex.* Cal' 

Wright, Sa.mlel H., M. 1)., A. M., Ph. D., Penn Yan, Yates Co. 
Bot. : Cure.T , Mic , Ast. C. Plants of Europe and Eastern U. .S. 
in ex. for Pacific and .Southern specimens.* IV. Y. 

Wright, W. G., San Bernardino. Bot. : Palms, Cacti, Ferns, Seeds. C. 

Ex. for rare ferns.* Cal. 

Wright, JE L , Bristol. Min. Conn! 

Wrimer, M. F., Logansport. Geol. Ind.' 

Wurtele, IIev. Louis C, Acton Vale, P. Q. Coleopt.* Canada' 

Wyhill, .\lfred, Medina, Orleans Co. Orn., OoL, Tax. C. Ex. De- 
sires high-colored Birds.* X. y, 

Wylie, T. a., Prof, Physics, Ind. Univ., Bloomington.* Ind*. 

Wyllis, Charles A., Rockville. O.n., Tax. Conu. 

Wynan, H. W. 76 Providence St., Worcester. Orn. C. Ex. N. E. 
Birds. 31 ass 

Wyman, Wm. S., Prof, in Univ. of Ala., Tuscaloosa. Am. Arch, and ' 
Eth.* ^,jj 

Wynne, Samuel, Phoenixville, Chester Co. Min. C. Ex.* Penn 

Wythe, Rev. James H., M. D., 965 West St., Oakland. Biol. Cal. 

Yandell, Prof. L, P, M. D., Louisville. Corals, Shells, etc. C. Ky 
Yarrow, IL C, U. D., Army Med. Mus., Washington. Ethnol., Gm., 

Zoijl., Ichth., HerpetoL* H C 

Yates, IL N., 272 Prospect St., Cleveland. Micros.* Oliio' 

Yates, Dr. Lorenzo (i., Ccntreville, Alameda Co. Con., Geol, Mm. 

C. Many specimens for ex. Send lists.* Cal 

Yates, W. S.,Centrcvillc. Coleopt. C. Ex. East, So., and Foreign ' 

Coleopt. wanted. QiiX 

Young, Aaron, M. D., Bangor. Bot. lie! 

Young, A. H., Hanover Coll., Hanover. Bot., Geol. C. Ex.* Ind! 

Young, A. IL, .330 Quincy St., Brooklyn. Phccn. Bot., Ferns, Mosses, 

Al</ce., Con. C. JV y 

Young, t>R. C. A., Coll. of N. J., Princeton. n' j' 

Young, E. Bentley, M. S., 104 Applctou St., Boston. Bot., Mm., 

Lithol., Chem., Phys. C* Mass 

Young, H. A., Revere. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass* 

Young, Henry W., Galena. Bot. C. Ill' 

Young, Mrs. M. J., Houston. Bot. C. Tex 

YouNCi, Silas C, Edcnville. Mm. C. Ex.* N y' 

Young, S. L., Reading. Min. Penn* 

YouNGiiusBANu, L., M. D., LL. D., 67 Adams Ave., West Detroit. 

Microscopy.* j,lich_ 

126 THE naturalists' directory. 

Yofxns, Oro R., C E., Venn Y;iu lint. C. Ev. IV. Y. 

You.MANS, Miss Eliza, 2 E;i-i l.ith St., New York.* N. Y. 

YouMANs, TuoF. Care D. Appktoii & Co., Publishers, New YorkCitv. 

n: Y. 

Zabkiskie, 1'ev. J. L., Xcw BalUiuorc. IJymenoptei-a, Fungi. C. Ex. 

N. Y. 
Zabriskie, X. L.. Aurora. Micros. N. Y. 

Zaum, S II , 15o\- 14a, Liiucastcr. Oni., 0:1., Arch. C. E.x.* Penn. 
Zi;ll, Mk.s Lydia D., Eaiicaster. Bot.* Penn. 

ZiiNT.MAYKK, CiiAKLES, 1-17 iSo. 4th St. Philadelphia. Mic* Penn. 

Zent.mayeu, .Josepu, 147 So. 4tli St., Philaiielpliia. Manufacturer of 

M/ci'OSrope.'i.* " Peiin. 

Zesch, Fkaxk, oUO .Main St.. Buffalo. Colenpt. C. E.v.* N. Y. 

Zi.MMEK.MAN, Chakles, D. State Farm, Lancaster. Eat. : Colcopt , 

Li'pid. C. E.X.* Ohio. 

ZiMJiEK, J. C, Cairo. Arch. C E.x. 111. 


Carmigol, Sax .Tose. Bot. 
Trujillo, Sax Jose. 


BOLAXDER, Guatemala. Bot. 

EAurAU, Dr. .Jose, Prof Univ., Guatemala. Bot. 

GitELcK, -J LAX, Bot. Coll., (iuatcniala. Bot. 

liUNA, Dr. Davu), Prof. Univ., Guatemala. PJiys., Chew,., Bot. 

MiLLO, Jose, Guatemala. 

EocKSTRoii, Edwix, National Institute, Guatemala.* Zool. 

liouRtGtjEZ, Juan Jose, Dir. Zool. Mus., Guatemala. Bot.* 

liossiGNOX, (iuatemala. Bnt. 

Sarg. FitAXCis C, Viee-Consul German Empire, Cohan. Zool., esp. 

spiders. Araueidaj lor Salvia & Godmau's Biologj- of Central 

TiiXKHEiM, II. DE, Cohan, Alto Vera Paz. Botany, Lepidoptera. C. 

Ex. Spec, dried plants in ev. Insects and bird-skins for sale.* 
Y'ela, Dr. JoAQUiii, Prof. Univ. Guatemala. Bot., Nat. Hist. 


Ajuhta, Agustix, Guanajuato. Mining Eiigineer. 
Alca(TO, Do.vacl\no, City of ^lexico. Bot. 
Alcakez, liAMo.x I., j^lcvico. 

Altamiraxo, Igxatils M., "Ua Repuhlica," Mexico.* 
Altamiraxo, Verxaxho, City of Mexico. Bot.* 
AxDOXAFGiN, Juax B., Piuos Zucatccas. Mining. 



Aguilar. POKCIANO, Guannjuato. Mimng Evguieer* 

Arkiaga, Jose Joaquin, Mem. Mcx. Nut. Hist, boc, Mexico. Bot., 

Ay:me, T.OUIS H., :SIeri(la. Yucatan. Arch.* , ^ ^ ■, r- , 

BvuCENA, -Makiano, Director del Ohscrvatoiio Central, Piof. cle ueol. 

li Fahvo. Museo. Xac-ioniil, Mexico, (icolo'n/. C* 
Barkoeta,Fr')F. (i., M. D., ban Luis rotosi. ZouL, Bot. C. Ex.* 
13\K:tOSO, AgusTIX, Citv of Mexico. Bnt:'* 
Blazguez, Phof. Ygnacio, Nat. Hist. Coll., Puebla. Bot.* 
BoNiLLA, J. .V , Zacatecas Mia. 

BoTTEKi, ^Mateo, Mem. Nat. Hist. Soc, Orizaba. Bot. 
Caleiha, Ysidko, Auiias Calicntcs.* 

Cakvillo, .M., Enuineer, Eeon.* , r> 7 * 

Castillo, Antonio des. City of ^rexico. Genl , Palceo.'* 
Cekvantez, Faustixo, Calie de la Esampa, 2, :Morelo3.* 
Chico, Dk Jesl'S, Hospital (Juanajuato. Hygiene.* 
Chizako, M. -M., Flacotalpain. Bot. 

CONTORKAS, Manl'EL, Coleu'io del Estado, Guanajnato. Ast.* 
Contreray, Jl-aN N., Guanajuato. Mming Engineer. 
Crespo, (iiLBERTO. City of Mexico. Mm. 

Ci'BAS, Antonio G., Mexico, 

DoNDE, R. JfAX, Prof. Pharm , Chcm. and Nat. Hist. Calle de 103 
Kosados No. 48. ]Merida, Yucatan. Bot., ZoL, Ent. : CoUopt., 
Orn., Cliem. C Ex.* 

Duces, .\lfredo, Guanajuato. Zndl., Bot.* 

DuGEs, Eugene, (iuanajiuito. Ent'imolxty.* 

Fernandez, Vincente, Prof, de Farinacio, Colejjio del Estado. Calle 
del Ccrezo. Guanajnato. Mtteo. C. Ex. Mexican birds for 
those of Cliina and Au-tralia.* 

FiNCK, Hugo, Cordova. Arrh., Bot , GeoL* 

Flores, Reyes (i., Guadalajara. Bnt. 

Garav, Dr. Fibuscio, Cole-io del E-pado, Guanajuato. Metal.* 

Garcia Icazbalceta, Joaquin, Mexico. 

Glennie, Fi{ANc:esco, Guanajuato.* 

GoNZALA, J. Eleuterio, Monterey. Bot. 

Gonzalez, Jesus, City of Mexico. Bot. 

GuTiEitREZ, Jose Ma.", Ameca. Tali-co. Bot. 

Heine.mann, Dr. C, Vera Cruz. P/u/.uol.* 

Herrera, Alfonso, Escuela Xacional Preparatoria, 6 2. Calle de S. 
Juan, 4, Medco. Bot.* 

IIuaeusa, Francisco F., Botica de San Francisco. Morelia. Phar- 
tnaci/, ('/leni* 

Idaenz, Joaquin, Mem. Hist. Soc, Puebla. Bot. 

Eandero, Carlos de, Guadalajara. Mia. 

Lazo de la Vega, .1. M., City of Mexico. Bot. 

Leon, .Miguel Velazques de, M. E., Stacienda de Pabellon Ajrnas 
Calientcs. Mining, AgiicuLure. Can procure silver, copper and 
leatl ore samiiles * 

Lobato, Flavio, Guanajuato. Min. 

EoPER, Carlos M., .\<,mkis Calientcs. 

Loi'EZ, \)\i. Francisco, Calle 6.'3, Morclos. Meteor.* 

Mariano Leal. Leon E. de, Guanajuato. C/iem., Meteor. C. Ex. 
Has mctcorol(i;iical data for three years.* 

^Medico, Paramo, Mexico Meteor.* 

Mendivil, Civilo (ioMEZ, La;ros Agric. 

Mendoza, (iUMESiNDO, City of Mexico. Bot. 

^lo.NROY, Pedro L., San Luis Potosi. Min. 

Moreno, Aniceto, C)rii;aba. Bot.* 

128 THE naturalists' directory. 

MuRO, Luis, Colepio del Estado, Guanajuato. Min. 

Navia, Severo, (iuiinajuato. Min* 

(^CHOA, .Juan, City of Mexico. Min. 

Oliva, Sabino, ("iuadalajaia. Bot. 

Orozco, Iabbo, Guanajuato. Mm.* 

Penafiel, Antomo, Sec. Nat. Hist. Soc, City of Mexico. Bot.* 

Perez, LAzaro, (iuadalajara. Bot. 

Peza, Juan de Dios, ISIcxico. 

PiMENTEL, Francisco, Mexico. 

Puense, Feliciano G., Botica de Yd. Morelos. Pharmacy.* 

Quijano, FiACRO, Mazatlan. Bot. 

liAMiREZ, Jose, City of Mexico. Bot., Zool. 

Ramirez, Santiago, City of Mexico. Mining Engineer.* 

Kamos, Jose, (;ity of Mexico. Bot. 

Reyes, Manuel O., City of Mexico. Bot. 

Roche, Ignacio, Calle Sopena, Guanajuato.* 

Romero, Carlos, Guanajuato. Math., (ieoL* 

Salgad, Du. Francisco, Colegio des Estado, Guanajuato. Pal(eo.* 

Sanchez, Jesus, City of Mexico. Zool. 

Santibanoz, Dr. Abraham, Colegio del Estado, Guanajuato. Anat.* 

Sauri, Ricardo, M. D., Merida, Yucatan. Ent. 

Schaffner, Dr. J. Guillermo, San Luis Potosi. Bot., Nat. Scieiices. 

C. Ex. Has over 1000 species of plants.* 
Sagura, Jose, City of Mexico. Bot. 
SiLVA, J., Zacatecas. GeoL* 
Socket, Sherman G., Corralitos. Metal.* 
SuMicHRAST, Prof., Tehuantepec. Bot.* 
Tena, Dr. Miguel, Botica de Guadelupe, Catarinaz, 16, Morelia. Bot. 

C. Ex.* 
ToNEL, Jean, Cordova. Bot.* 
Urbina, INIanuel, City of Mexico. Bot. 
Velasco, Jose Ma., City of Mexico. Zof^l., Bot. 
Vernandez, Vicente, tiuanajuato. Min. 

ViLLADA, Manuel, Nat. Museum, City of Mexico. Bot., Zool.* 
Wadgymar, L. a., Mexico City. Zodl., Oru., Bot. C. Ex.* 
Yturbideid, Dr. Luis, C. de Zarte 2, Morelos. Surgery.* 
Yarate, Francisco p., Zacatecas. Mining.* 
Zimenez, Francisco, Colegio del Estado, Guanajuato. Phil.* 


Somerville, Beverly R., M. D., Old Perlican. Medicine, Arch., Gen. 
Antiq., Ethnol.* 


Calderox y Arana, Salvador, Leon.* 
Clay, T. IL, Matagalpa. 

Downing, Dr. Alex. A., Granada. Anth. Ex. for any kind of spec- 
imens new to Nicaragua.* 
Flint, Earl, Rivas. Antiquarian.* 
I1akp:i;r, Henry, Granada. General Science.* 
Henry, William, Granada. Reptiles.* 
Janson, E. M., Las Lajas, Chontales. Ent. 
Levy, Paul, Grenada. Bot. 
MoRAZAN, F., Chinandega.* 



NicOLSON, Dr., Antigna. Bot. 


GoDiNG, Dr. FRANgois, Harmony Hall, Bridgetown. Bot* 
Webb, Rev. T. W., Bishop of Barbadoes* 


Penistox, Anxie M., The Flats. Moll. C. Ex. Shells of Bermuda 
for those of other localities.* 


Aguilera, Catetano, Rue O'Reilly, 42, Havana.* 

Aguilera, Manuel Antonio, Rue O'Reilly, 42, Havana.* 

Aguiar, Mauricio Alfonzo Y, Ingenio demolido, Santo Cristo. Lepid- 

optera, C.* 
Arango, Dr. Rafael, Acosta 28, Havana. Malacology. C. Ex. shells.* 
Blain, Jose, San Cristobal. Bot. 

Cabrera y Martinez, .Jose, Santa Maria del Rosario. Lepid. 
Fernandez, Dr. .Jose Santos, Calle del I'rado, .3, Havana.* 
GuNDLACH, .Juan, Ingenio Fermina, Bemba. Mam., Orn., Herpet., Con., 

But. C* 
Lachaume, .TutES, Dir. Garden, Havana. Bot. 
Martinez, .Jose Cabrera, Cindad de Santa Maria del Rosario. Lepid. 

C. Ex.* 
Morales, Dr. Sebastian A. de, Calle de Verlarde, 5, Matanzas. Bot. 
PiCHARDO Y Pichakdo, Gabhiel, Havana. 
PoEY, Dr. Philip. Rue San Xicolas, 96, Havana. Ichth.* 
Presas, .J. Manuel, Matanzas. Bot. 
Reinoso, Fernando, Calie de las Animas, 135, Havana.* 
Ruiz Melo, Ernesto, Havana. 
Sauvalle, Francisco A., Hav.Tna. Bot. 
ViLAitO, Db. JuA-N, Rue Reina, 40, Havana.* 


NiCHOLLS, Henry Alfred Alford, M. D., M. R. C. S., Dominica. Nat' 
Hist., Zool. C* 


Boname, p., Dir. Agric. Station, Pointe a Piti-e. Bot.* 


BowREY, James John, F. C. S., F. J. C, Kingston. Chem.* 
Brennan, J. F., District Eng. Office, Kingston. Photography, Bot. 

planta and scinvry.* 
BtiRGEK, 11. J., Ivingston. il/m.. Con.* 
FiDDES, Dr. Alexander, Kingston. 

130 THE naturalists' directory. 

IIaht, .TonN IIiNCiiLEY, Siipt. Botanical Dcpt., Government House. Bot., 

Vcr/. I'/h/.sioL C. Kx. Uoinplute sets of Jamaica fei'ns, wanted, 

Brazilian * 
MouRis, Daniel, jM. A., F. G. S., Dir. Bot. Dept., Jamaica. Bot. C. 

E<- Valuable seeds and economic plants desired in ex. for similar 

produce IVoni the Tropics.* 
Newtox, Hon Eu., C M. (_;., Kin^rston. Orti.* 
Nock, W., Stipt. |i]antatii)iis, Cincliona. Hot., Fi'rns.* 
Syme, (;., ^npt. Castlctou bot. (iiirdens, Castletou. Bot.* 
Plu.m-mek, C 11., Kingston. Oni. 


Belaxger, Cii., Dir. Colonial (iardens, St. Pierre. Bot.* 


Alfaii y Baralt, Antonio, San Juan. Coleopt., Lepid.* 
(iuiLLEKNA, (Jesah ue, 1 ii;;ciiiero de Montes, Sun Juan. Bot,* 
Stahl, 1)R .\ugustin, Hayamon.* 
Vasconi, Dr. Angel, ln;j;euiero dc Miuas, San Juan. Min., GeoL, 


Calderon, II. Charles, St. Tliomas. Bot. 
EGGEK.S, U. F. A. Baron, St. Tliomas. Bot. 


DEHOtTX, Ti'x. J. B., Dir. Med. Scli., Port-au-Princc. Bot.* 
Droit, Pkof. J., Medical ScUool, Port-au-Prince. Bot.* 

Daul, Christian, Santa Cruz. Bot. 


Cout, Dr. J., Port of Spain. Bot * 

Fendler, Augustus, Port of Si)ain. Bot., Met.* 

(-iUi'i'V, .J. Lecii.micre, Trinidad. 

Marshall, Rev. T. .V . i\[. A., (iolconda Estate, near San Fernando, Ent. 

Prestoe, Menrv, Bolauic (iarden. Port of Spain. Bot.* 

SoNGER, T. B., Botanic Garden, Trinidad. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 131 



Arata, Prof. Dr. Pedro li., Hucnos Ayrcs. 

Arkihalzaga, Dr. Enrique Lynch, Buenos Ayres. Diptera* 

liAKKOws, W. B , Coii'-cpcion dt'l Uni;^uay. Prof. Nat. Hist, and Chem. 
liovcnimciit L'olle;;e.* 

Berg, Prof. Carlos, Buenos Ayres.* 

BoLtAERT, Charles \\'., Bosario. 

BURMEISTER, Dr. Carl II. C, Dir. Nat. Mus., Buenos Aj-rcs.* 

Carulla, Facundo, Buenos Ayrcs. 

Carvajal y PiUEDA, Basilio. Calle dc Moreno, 196, Hotel del Sur, 
Buenos Ayres.* 

DitRiNG, Dr. Auolf, Cordova. Moll. 

Gallegos y Sardina, \^entl'ra, Mendoza.* 

HiERO.NYMUS, Brof. G., Cordova. Botany.* 

HoLMBERG, Eduardo, Calle C^rrito, 424, Buenos Ayi-es. Ent. espe- 
cially Ai'drlihida.* 

Lamas, Andijes, Buenos Ayres.* 

LiSTA, Ba.mon. C do hi Kecontiuista, 93, Buenos Ayres. 

LoRENZ, Dr Paul GrENTHER, National College, Coiicepcion del Uruguay. 
litd. Flora. Phi/t<)(jco(f>npkij of Argeii. liepub. C.* 

Maxwell, David, Buenos Ayres. 

Mitre, (iEN. Bartolome, Buenos Ayres. 

^Moreno, F. P., Buenos Ayrcs. Pala'O.* 

Perkins, W., El (iran Cliiteo. 

Quesaua, \'icente, Buenos Ayrcs. 

fei'EGARZiNi, Dr Carlos, Cabinet Nat. Hist., Buenos Ajn-es. Micology.* 

Thorne, .Iohn M , Cordova. Ast.* 

ZeCallos, Estanislao S., Rue dn Peron, 23, Buenos Ayres. Geog., 
Arch., Aiith., GfoL C.* Ex. books and maps for Geograpliical 
maps of N. America. 


Campero, Gen., Sucre. 
Gamucio, Gil de, Coclialinml)a. 
Gutierrez, Jose E., La Paz. 


Austin, PicnARn, Pio Jnneiro. 

Bom-Retiro, Pedreira, X'izcondk de, Rio .Janeiro. Geog, Ethnol.* 

Capanema. Dr. 1^. S. de, Consul, Rue de San Leopoldo, 1, Rio Janeiro. 

Carvalho, Dr Pedro ,\. de, Dir. Hospital Mis'^ricord, Rio Janeiro. 
Glarion, Dr., Dir. Public Garden-^, Rio Janeiro. /?o'.* 
HoMEN DE Mello, Dr Francisco Ignacio M., Baron de, Rio Janeiro. 

GcoL, KtlnioL* 
Lacerda, .Vntonio de, Baliia. Ent.. Mhi. C* 
Ladislao, Xetto, Dir Imp. ^^\ls. Rio Janeiro. Bot.* 
LiAis, Dir. Imp. Obs , Rio .Tauciro. 
LoFGREN, Alberto, ISIorton College, San Paulo. Bot., Alqology : F. W. 

AU/fp. V,. E\.* 
Magalh'aes, Dr J. V. C de Rio Janeiro. Grog., Et'nin'* 
Neave, Dk, John, Rua dc Principe, 14, San Paiilo. MgcoL* 

132 THE naturalists' directory. 

PuiGGARi, Dr. Juan T., Apialiy, San Paulo. Cryptogamia : Graminece, 

A li/ce and Mosses. C. Ex.* 
IIegnen, Du. a. F., Caliliis, Miuas Geraes. Bot.,* 
lliBEiKO, Julio, Morton Collcg'e, San Paulo. P/nloL* 
RiNGGANi, Juan T., Apialiy, San Paulo. Cryptogamia.* 
liio Bkanco, J. M. DA Silva, Ilio Janeiro. Geog., EthnoL* 
Sequeiua, Luis A., Beljiian Consul, Pernambuco.* 
SouzA, FoNTES, Piof. Dr., liio Janeiro. Geog., EthnoL* 
Tootal, Albert, Rio Janeiro. Anth. 
Wilson, A. 11., Para. 


Jenman, G. S., Government Botanist, Georgetown, British Guiana. Bot.* 


Amunategui, Miguel Luis, Santiago. 
Barros Arana, Manuel, Santiago. 
lluiDOBRO, Charles G., Santiago. 
Leyboldt, Friedrich, Santiago. 
Matta, \\'illiam, Santiago. 
Reed, Edwyn C, Callc Collegia, Valparaiso. 
Seve, Ed., Valparaiso. 


Destruge, Dr., Guayaquil. 

Flores, a., Quito. 

Gomez Valdez, C, Guaj'aquil. 

IIerrera, p., Quito. 

Larrea, Manuel Angel, Quito. 

Matovelle, Julius, Cuenca. 


Chacaltana, Cesare, Lima. 

Dibos, Felix, Lima. 

Pasapera, ISIanuel S., Lima. 

Sanchez, HiriiLiTO, Arcquipa. 

Macedo, Mariano, Lima. Arch. 

Mendiburn, Gen. Manuel de, Lima. 

Mesa, Pio B., Cuzco. Arch. 

Barranca, Jose S., Lima. Arch., Nat. Hist. 


+ARTEAGA, Rodolfo de, Esq. Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Montevideo. Care of 

W. B. Cranwell, Esq., 4 Finsbury St., London E.G., England.* 
Barrial Posada Clemente, Montevideo. Min., Geol., Palceo.* 
Magarinos Cervantes, Maeto, Montevideo. 


Perez, Lazaro INIaria, Bogota. 
Zeltner de, M. a., Panama. 


Acopta, Cecilio, Caraccas. 
Ernst, A., Caraccas. 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 133 



Aberle, Prof. Dr., Bot. Gar., Salzburg. Bot. 

Abich, Guillaume G., Vienna. Mm. 

Abt, Dk. Axtox, Orel. Prof, dcr Pliysikan der K. Vng. Franz-Josef Uni- 
vcrsitrit, Klauscnbiirg, Hungary. Fhijslcs. C. 

Abler, KAkolv, Dcva. Geol. 

Adolf, Dk. Kunc, Dir. untl Obergyranasinm, und Ritter des Franz-Josef 
Ordcns, Steinanianger, Hungary. Physics. C. 

AiCHiNGER, Prof., Feldkircli. Bot. 

Alber, F., Rovcredo. Coleopt. 

Albreciit, Hermann, Agrani, Hungary. Lepid. 

Allami, P'ehertcmplom. Gtol. 

AlmAsv, Moricz, Bees. Geol. 

Altu, Dr. Alois v., Prof Min., University, Krakan. Geol, Palceo. C. 
Very large collection, will send catalogue if desired. 

Ambrosi, Fr., Dir. Museum, Trent. Bot. 

Amerling, Dr. Carl, Prague, Bohemia. 

Andries, Prof. Johanx, Mariehilf 30, Innsbruck. Lepid., Coleopt., 
Conchologij, Mammalugy. C 

AXGELIS, Jou., Prague, Bohemia. European Lepid. 

Anker, I.udwig, Bahngasse, 173, Budajiest, Hungary. Lepid., Coleopt. 

Anker, Rudolf, Fabriksg, 155, Budapest, Hungary. Lepid. 

Antoine, Fr , Dir. Imp. Gar. of Ilof Burg, Vienna. Bot. 

Aranyi, Dr. Lajos, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Arpad, Saxleunkk, Budapest, Hungary. Coleopt. 

Ai'SPiTZ, Prof. Heixkich, I Rosengassc 8, Vienna. 

AussEKEK, AXTOX, Prof. Dr., An I. Staatsgymn. Gratz. Zool., Arach. 

Bach, Dr. Jozsef, Szecseny, Hungary. Geol. 

Baczo, Gabriel, Pi-of. an der Ilochsclmle, Zilah, Hungary. Bot. 

Baczoxi, Albert, Kassa, Huu;;ary. Geol. 

Ball6, Matyas, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Barbiel'X, August, Rothenihurmstr., 18, Vienna. Lepid. 

Bardos, ]NIihaly, Selme:-z, Hiinuary. Geol. 

Barth, Jos., Lagenthal, near Blaseudorf. Bot. C. 

Barraxde, Dr. Joachim, Kleinseite, Choteksgasse, 419, Prague, Bohe- 
mia. Palrco. of the Palceozoic Formation. C. 

Bartscht, Ambros., Haupstr., 4, Hernals. Lepid. 

Bathory, Naxdor, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Battiiyaxy, Bela, Skervar. Ilungar}-. Bot. 

Bauer, C, Bot. (iar., Lemborg. Bot. 

Baumler, J. a., Durrmantthorg., 26, Presburg. Bot. 

Beck, Dr. GC'XTHER, Herrengasse, 14, \^ienna. Bot. 

Becke, Friedrich, Ph. D., Privat docent, an der Univ., Vienna. Petro' 

Behmann, Dr. A., Kozyzowa, 21, Krakau. Bot. 

Beluazy, JAxos, Budapest, Hunirary. Geol. 

Belohoubek, a., Prof. Univ., Prague, Bohemia. Chenix 

Benes, CJuyula, Petrozseny. Hungary. Geol. 

Benxdorf, (i., I'rof. Univ., Vienna. Arch. 

Bexseler, Fr., Bot. Gardens, Vienna. Bot. 

Beraxek, Tabor, Bohemia. Coleoptera. 

Berecz, Antal, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 


Bergenstamm, J. Edlek, II, Tcmpelasse, 8, Vienna. Dipfera. 

liiiKMANX, .Jos-, boc. Hurt, boc, Viciiiia. But. 

liDitNAKiJ, IvAKL, llocli-rall, Kiluanl Palffv von crdoUscher Obcrlorster in 

Viicikoii l)ui rrcziiitz via I'liorani, liolieniia. Coleoptera, Lcpid. 
Beunath, .JoZSEK, Biulapest, lluu;iary. Geol. 
liEKKOYEK, Kmil, (i iiiiipciiilorlciNtr , G3, Vit-nua. Hymen. 
Beutalan, Miki-os, Viliini', llun-ury. GeoL 
Beutolim, Dm. bTEKANO UE, Uoiiiplatz. Coleopteva of Europe. 
Beust, Lonstantin I'". F. von, Vienna. 

BiAsioLi, Cake, Tuniain, IG, InnshrucU. Entomolofjii/, Cunchol. C. 
BiLiMEii, Du., Dir. Museum at Miianiare, Trieste. But. 
BiLLitoTH, Teououe, Vienna. 
Bik6, Ludwig, Ketbrniitci- Tlieolog-, Satoralja-Ujhcly, Iliinn^ary. Hymen., 

Culaupt. L'. Ex. 
BoCHDALEK, I)K. Vi.NXENZ X., Pi'of. Emcr., Jycitmciitz, Bohemia. 
BiJCKli, •jOiwsr., (ieolo.-i^eKe Anstalt, Biu'.aiicst, lliinyary. GeoL 
BoubCH, Jon , Piol". IJeabeiiiile, Breshiirii-, lliuiuary. Lepid. 
BoiiATSCH, AEUEitT, I. teluei^assc, 2, Vienna. Ciieopt. 
BoHATScH, (Jtto, IV. Bez , Fleisclimann^^-., 8, Vienna. Lepid. 
BoiiM, \Hi. Jos., Brol'. Univ., Waliringestr., 31, Vienna. 
B'oLLF, F., (iorz. Hot. 

BokbAs, I'KOF. Uu. V. DE, Dcsscwffy^assc, 3, Budapest, Hungary. Bot. C. 
BouiLKV, .v.. Prof. Univ. Pra<iue, lioliemiu. Mm. 
BoKiCKV, Uk I'.m., Univcrsitat: Prague, Bohemia. Petrography. 
BoTuXa, Daniel, Pozsony. Geol. 
BOL'E. Uk. .\.mi, Vienna. " Geol. 
Bkan'Csik, I)k. C'akl, Trencsin, Hungary. Coleopt. 
Bkandowski, a. p.. Prof. Univ. Krakaii. Ethiiul. 
Bkauek, Pkof. Dk. Fkieduicii, Moritz, Cu-tos am kaif. zool. Hof-muse- 

um, Prof. Zool. Univ., I AVollzeil, 23, Vienna. Ent , Diptera, 

yeiiro/jtrra, Bio/oz/i/, (Yiistoccci, I'hyllupoda. (.'. 
Braun, (iusTAV, U. k. Prol'. an tier Uberrealschule, Troppau. Coleopt., 

Bral'N, Uk. II., ]Muscum, Vienna. Bot. 
Bredel, J. II., Montanistii<er, Privat, v. z. in Peggau, Gratz. Metal, 

Micros, v.. Ex. 
BuEinbEK, Oliei-c Weisgarlich<tr., 15 III., Vienna. Bot. 
BKEiTEni.oiiN'EK. 1)K., Vienna. Bot. 
Bkezina, a., Vienna. Min. 
Bkeznvik, Jan'os, ."^elmccz, Ilumiarv. GenL 
Bkittnek, I)k. Alex , k. k (Teolog.' Inst., Vienna. Geol. 
Bkoszmann, .Jeno, .Sehncez, Hungary. Geol. 
Bruck, Ferenx;, I'jviilek, Hun^iary.' Geol. 
BKiiCKE, Dr. E. W. vox. Prof. Phys. Univ., Vienna. 
Bk!'Nek, Prof. Dr. Ma.x, Univ. (^rritz. 
Bruihan'n, X'lLMOS, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Bruslna, Si'iKinioN, Prof, der Universitat und Dir. des Zool, National 

Mu-<euui, Za'.:i'al), (Agraui) C'roalia. Zoo/., Pa/rro. 
Brzorad, T. Rfdolph, Mozyoros Xy-Ujfahi, Humrary. Geol. 
BucilML'LLER, FERDINAND, Burggasso, IDS, VII., Vienna. Ent. 
Buda, .Vdam von, (iutsbcsitzer, Kcapost, Hatszeg, Transylvania. Orn., 

Zool. , Geol. C. Ev. 
Buday, Jozsef, Bodos, .Austro-Hungary. Geol. 
BuGGis, Anukas, Ungiivor, Hungary. Geol. 
Bl'hler, Prof. Dr. G., C. I. E., Richardgassc, 5, Vienna. Indian 

Epgritj)liii and Law. 
Buranv, JOHANN, (iran, Hunn-ary. Geol., Min. C. Ex, Wishes Ores 

of America for Ammonifera of Hungary. 

Ho-GART.] THE naturalists' dikectory. 135 

BURGERSTEIN, Prof. Dr. Alf., Vienna. Bot. 

Burton, Capt. Kicuauu F., Trieste. 

BUZA, JoHANN, frol" ill lictbiiner Hohcscliulc, Sarospasar, Iluugaiy. 

Bot,, Diseases of J'laiits. C 
Celakousky, l)ii. J.ADOSLAUS, Piof. k. k. Univcrsitat, Korn<ras^c, 1.172, 

Prague, Bulieiiiia. llora of Bohemia C Ex. Ibr tioia of America. 
Cermak, Wexzel, k. k. Milituryeo^a-. lustitut, Kircbcuy., 40, Vienna. 

Chavanxe, Dr. Joseph, Redocteur in ]Mittliihin^cn ckr k. k. Gcouiaph- 

ischen (jesell-eliaft, I >;il)eluugenj;asse, lo, Viemiu. Meteor., 

('limatoloc/y. K\. 
Chttil, bT., Loscliitz, Mitliren. 
Chyzer, Dr. Cornel, l.andcs-sanitatsrath Mittrlicd d. Unjiar. Academic 

d. W'isscnseli.ilten ii. Kilter dcr Franz-Josel' ordens, lluuj;ury. Ent., 

C'lustaceu, Aiachuida. C Ex. all kinds ol insects c.\cept Lepid- 

Ciesielski, Prof. Dr. Th., Univ. Dir. Bot. Gar., Lemberg. Bot. 
Clacs, K., Prol'. Univ , Vienna. Zuul. 
COBELi.i, Dr. Pi. I)E, Rovereto. But : Mycology. 
CoCH, Lldwig von, k. unir Scliitklmeister, techcmnitz, Comitat Ilcnt, 

llnn;^ary. Mnint'iin Geol. C. Ex. 
CSATO, JoHANN VON, Viccucspann dcs Unterwei^senbnrfrer Comitates 

IIoeb\voldi:clioien, Na;;v-Enycd, Transylvania. Urn., Bot. C. 

Ex. Desires .American Iiirds and plants lor tbosc of Transylvania. 
CsEH, La.jA>), Selniecz, Jliin^i-ary. (ieol. «^ 
CsER.N'i, Bela, (>y.-Fcbervar. 'Geol. 
CSERNYUS, .\N»OR, Pccs, Hungary. Giol. 
CzANYUGA, .Josef, Budapest, IJui:<iary. Geol. 
Czegi.ay, .Iouann, Trop an. Lipid'.ptera. 
CzERwiAKowsKi, Prof. I)r. ue, Cracow. Bot. 
CzESCHKA, Fritz von, (initz. Zoulogy. 
CZUMPEI.IK, E , Piiil'. Univ. Vienna. C'linn. 
CzYRNiANSKi, E.. Piof. Uiiiv. Krakaii. Clwm. 
Dadai, PX'gen, Dr. der Pliilol., Assistant am dcr Uuiversitat zii Klauscn- 

l)iir'.;li. Iuito/iioU,nca. C Ex. 
Dahlstkom, .TiLiLS, Epeiies. Macro-lepidoptera. 
Dai. LA Torre, Prof. Dr K. von, Innsbruck. Ent., Ilymenop., Zo'sl. 
David, Vilmos, Budapest. Giol. 
De .Adda, ^XNDOR, bzlaiina. Geol. 
Dechy Mor, Budapest. Geol. 

Dedecek, Prof. J., Karoliiicnthal, Prajriic, Bobcmia. 
Deininger, Prof , .A^rric. Acad., Altenlniry. Bot. 
Dek.4ny, Di£. Rafael, Kecskemet. Geol. 
De-Meter, Dr. Karl von, I'rof. am. Collegium dcr Ev. Reform. ^laros- 

\'a-arbely. Bot., Histoliyy * 
DemutHjTheo'bald, Ritter, k. k. Finanzrath, Erdbcrgcrstrasse 19, Vienna. 

Derer. >rii;6l,Y, .'^clmccz. Genl. 
Derzsi, K. Ferencz, Szekely-Udvaibcl}'. Geol. 
Deschmann, C. von, Museum, LaibacU. Bot. 
DiER, Szallimar-N'cmcti. Geol. • 

Dietz-Sandor, IJiidapcst, Genl, 
DoBAi, \'il:mos, D<)l)sina. Geol. 
DoBiACH, P'ranz, Rue dc Ferdinand, Prague. Moll. 
DoBlASCH, EtroEN, Kio.ilicii. Co'enpt. 
Doelter, Prof. Dr. Cornelia, Univ., GrHtz. Min. 
Doll, E., Vienna. 
DoRFiNGER, Jou., Sallman?dorf near Vienna. Coleopt., Lepid. 

136 THE naturalists' directory. [Austbo- 

DoRFMEisTER, Georg, Gi'atz. Lepid. 

Drasche, (tUSZTav, Bees. Geol. 

Drasche-Wartinberg, Dr. Ricoard R. von, Vienna. 

Drory, Vienna. Apiculture. 

DuDA, Ladilaus, Prof. Cand. Sobeslau, Bohemia. Ent. 

Duma, Gyorgy, LSiulapest. Geol. 

DuRfeoE, H., Prof. Universitat, Wcinberg'e, near Prague. Math. 

DziERZoN, Dr. .Johann, Carlsniarkt, Silesia. 

Eber NAndor, Budapest. Geol. 

EBEI4GENYI Kalman, Verespatak. 

Eberstaller, Dr. (Jscar, (jnitz. Anatomy. 

Eggenbergek-fele, Budapest. Geol. 

Egger, Samij, Biulapest. Geol. 

EuRHCH, Custos am. JSIuseum, Linz. Palceo. 

Eissen, Dr. Ede, Budapest. Geol. 

Elekes, KAiiL, Prof, an der Hoclischule, Nagy Enj-ed. Xat. Hist. 

E.MICH, Gust. v. Emoke, K. K. Trucliess, Frauziscaucrplaz, 7, Budapest, 
Hungary. Lepid. Buy and exeliange. 

Engelthaler, H., Vienna. Bot. 

Entz, Dr. Geza, Prof, der Zoologie und vergl. Aiialomie an der K. Uni- 
versitat, Klauseuburg. Proiozou. C. 

Eotvos, ]>ora.\t baro, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Erber, .Josef, Siegmiindsg., 9, Vienna. Ent. 

Erdinger, C, St. Polten. Bof. 

Erdody, Sandor, Budapest, Hunixary. Geol. 

Ernst, Melle, M. Eysn., 'lTiuiistr..'l9, Salzburg, Hungary. Bot. 

Erzbischof, Dit LuDwiG, Hayuald in Kalocsa, Hungary. " Bot, 

EszTRENGA, ISTVAN, Jasz Bcre'ny, Hungary. Geol. 

Ettingshausen, Av, Prof. Univ., Gratz. Phys. 

Ettinghausen, Constantin Baron, Prof. Universitat, Gratz. Phyto- 
Palceo., Tertiary Flora. C 

Exner, F., Prof. Univ., Vienna. Phys. 

Fabiny, R., Prof. Univ., Klausciiburg. Chem. 

Failhauer, Alajos, Leobon (Stiria). Geol. 

Faith, MAtyas, Butlapest, Hungary, Geol. 

Faller, GusTAV, Kassa. GioL' 

Farbaky, Istvan, Selmecz, Hungary. Geol. 

Farkas, Dk. -Ianos, Sz-feje'rvar, ilungary. Geol. 

Farkas, Robert, Budapest, Hungary.- Geol. 

Fauser, Antal, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Feher, Alex., eare Moscli & Co., Dorotheergasse, Budapest, Hungary. 

Feiscusinger, Dr. Alex., Gran, Hungary. Bot. 

Feismantel, Carl, Smichow, near Prague, Bohemia. Palceo., Bot. 

Fekete, Jos., Bot. Ciar., Budapest, Hungary. But. 

Feeder, Dr. C. F. von, Vienna. Coleopt.', Lepid. 

Fere.m, Andreas, Thurmebanya, Hungary. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt, C. 

Fiala, Hort. Soc., Prague, Bohemia. Bot. 

Filunger, ^varoly, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Fischer, Samu, Budapest, Hungarj'. Geol. 

Fitzinger, Dr. Leopold J., Hietzing. Orn., Herp., Ichth. 

Fleischer, Dr , Briinn, Mahren. Coleopt. 

Fleischer, Ant. Bol, Cand. Med. Teichg., 18, Prague, Bohemia. 

Flemming, W., Prague, Bohemia. 

Foalton, Baron v., k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. Chem, 

Fonou, Prof. Josef, Budapest, Hungary. Hygiene, 

Forster, J. B., Laderstrasse, 20. Bot., Bryology. 

Franzenau, Agoston, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 


Frauer, Dii. F. jR. VON, Vienna. Geol., Palceo. 

Frevn, Josef, iSporneiijasse, 40, Prague. Bot. 

Fric, a.. Prof. Univ., Prajriie, Bohemia. Zool. 

Fric, Wenzel, Vlailislawjiasse, 21 a, Prague, Bohemia. Ent. of Bohemia. 

Fhiedau, Dk. Fkanz K. von, Vienna. 

Fkiedenfeldt, Utto Bitter von, Nikolsburg, Mahren. Coleopt. 

Friesach, K., Prof. Univ., Gratz. Ast. 

Frischauf, Prof. Dr. Johann, Univ., Gratz. Math. 

Frits, Josef, Tolesva. Lepid. 

Fritscii, Dr. Anton, Dir. Nat. Mus., Prague, Bohemia. 

Fritsch, C'arl, Theaterg., 14, Salzburg. Ent. 

Frivaldszky, J.4NOS, Museum, Budapest- Ent., Coleopt., Geol., Con. 

Frosch, Louis, Porecllanmaler, Choclan bei Karlsbad, Bohemia. Lepid. 

FucHS, Theodor, Vienna. Pal(eo., Gcol. 

FOrenyi, Dr. Ludwig, Budapest, Hungary. Bot. 

Fuss, Mich., Gross-Scheucrn, Hungary. Bot. 

Gaiger, ViNCENZ, Zara. Lepid. 

Galantai, Eszterhazv Mikos, Budapest. Geol. 

Gallik, (iEZA G., Apothaker und Chemiker. S. A. Ujhely. Chemistry, 

Micro-(Jhemistri/ for Pht/fsioloqij, Patholocjij. C. llungary. 
Gander, Lienz. Mosses, Hepatica and Lichens. 0. 
Gartner, Anton, Brunn-Maiiren. Lepido/ tera. 

Gatterer, k. k. Major i. P., Joseplig., 10, Gratz. Coleoptera of Europe. 
Gegenbauer, L., Prof. Univ. Innsbruck. Math. 
Gerenday, Antal, Budapest. Geol. 
Gerixger, KAroly, Bees. Geol. 
Gerner, Johan, Hyby, Hungary. Ent. 
Gesell. Alexander, k. ung. Bergrath. Shemnitz, Hungary. Moimtain 

Geyer, Prof. Julius, Ijilo, Hungary. Zoology, Coleoptera. 
Ghyczy, Geza, Builapest. Geol. 
GiANONE, Adolf, Miskolcz. Geol. 
Glanzer, (tYULA, Szabolcs. Geol. 
Glanzer, Miksa, Dios-Gyiir. Geol. 
Glowacki, Prof , Pcttaii. Bot. 
GoBANZ, Alois, Cavalese. Coleoptera. 

GoDLEWSKi, Prof. Dr. Emile, Inst. Agric., Dublany, near Lemberg. Bot. 
GoLDSCiiMiDT, G., Prof. Univ., Vienna'. Chem. 
(ioLiAN, KAroly, Sclnieoz. Geol. 
GoLTL, Erno, Gyor-Szt-Marton. Geol. 
Gombossy, Janos, Budapest. Geol. 
GoMORY, Sandor, Salgdtarjan. Gaol. 
GoRGEY, Lajos, Demo. Geol. 
GoTiiARi), Jeno, Hcreny letzer Tost, Steinamanger. Physics, Physiology, 

Astronomy. C 
Graber v.. Prof. Univ. Czernowitz. Zool., Anat. 

Gradl, Heinrich, Kassier und Stadt Archivar, Eger, Bohemia. Coleop- 
tera, IJemiptera, Hymenoptera. 
Gredler, \^incenz, Dir. des Privat-gymnasiums, Bozen. Coleoptera, 

Greguss, Janos, Baroth (Erdelv). Geol. 
Gremblich, p. Julius, Prof, der Xaturgesch., Hall, Hungary. Botany, 

Grenzenstein,' Hela, Budapest. Geol. 
(JRETZMACIIER, (iYULA, Selmecz. Geol. 
Grosz, Heinrich, Steyr. Marro. -Lepid. 
GrObf.k, Dr. Ludwig, Central-Anstalt fiir Meteorologic und Erdmagn. 

Budapest, Hungary-. Climatology. 




Grunow, a., Bcrndoif. Bat., Algologn. 
(;i{V(ii,iiVvicz, S , Dir. liot. (iariteii, Loiiiherpr- Bot. 
CiiiZECioKZiiii, l)i:., Bocliiiia, 11 mix:' '".>'• Diptera. 

CiU(,KI,EK, (iYOZO, Biulapest. (leul. 

(iui'i'iiNBEi{(;ER, Lii 1*. Lamb, Krcnienniiinster. Bot, 

UUKLITT, W , Prof. Univ. (.ivdXz P.'iilol. 

CJVOKUV, Teschlek, Prof, an dcr Staats-Obcrrcalscliulc, Kormochanya. 

lliiii;^aiy. Nat. I list., ("hem. C. Ex. Trachyte, fcjphalerite, 

Opal, bolile, AiUinioiiy, etc. 
Gyozo, biiiiM.iGETi, K'Viil ;")(), Budapest, Hungary. Bot. 
(tYlla, L'zai':;a, Budapest, lliinjiarv. Bot. 

llAKEKiiAUEit. .losEiMi, Naturalist, Arpml;^., 26, Fiinfkiichen, Hungary. 
Habehland, Prof. Dk. (i., lli;^li t^di., Gratz. Bot. 
IIabeklandt, 11., Prof. I'uiv. Gratz. Bot. 
Hackel, Phof. E., >st-Pi)lteii. Bot. 
Hai.mhoffen. (iusTAV HiTTER Haix, Dir. des k. k. minist. Zahlamts, 

V'lll. rioriaiiii;as>c, 2, Vienna. Hymeiwptera. 
Hajdi', Ur. (iYULA, Nagv Varad Geol. 
Halacsy, Dm. Eug., Neuiiau^iasse, 80, Vienna. Bot. 
Halassy, Ur. Vilmos, Ve>zpreiu. Geol. 
Halavats, Gylla, Budapest. Geol. 
HaeI!11E1{k', B., lio\ credo. Co/eo/it. 

Haebiiuher vox Festwill, Ant., Frcihcrr. Exc. Vienna. Coleopt. 
llAMBEitGEK, d^zsEF, Brcnuidier;,'. Geol. 
Hami'e, Dr. Clemens, Ilerreng , (i, Vienna Coleopt. 
]Ianam:\iann, Dr. dos., Dir. A;iric., Sta., Loliositz, Bohemia. Bot. 
Hanf, Hl , Maiuahof, Sieierniark. Hungary. Urn. 
Han.n, d., Austrian ^Nlet. Soe., Vienna. 
Hanske.n, Max . Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Hasexfell), Dr. Man6. Budapest. 'Geol. 
Hats^cheiv, Dr. Bei{T1I0ei>, Zool. Inst., Vienna. Emhnjology. 
HaitcIv, 1'> , \'ia Uoselii, 22!), Tricst. Bot , Algologi/. 
Hauer, Fratiz Hitter von, k. k. HolVaili, U. Director der k. k. Geo- 

loizisclien Reielisanstalt, 1 Canovagasse, 7, Vienna. Geol. 
Havry, (.'., Sniichow, 418, Prague. Bdlieniia. Coleopt. : Curabidce. 
Hautken, Miksa, Univ.. Builapest. Geol., Min. 
Havogi-er, Prof. Vincexz, Innsbruck. Hungary. Zool., espec. Myri- 

opndn . 
Havnald, Dr. L. E.m. le Cardinal, Pres. Acad. Sci. of Hungary, Buda- 

l)est. Hot. 
Hazsi.ixszky, Frigyes, EiK-rjcs. Geol. 
Hebra, 1)i{ pERniXAXU vox, Prof. Univ., Vienna. 
Hederich, FiiLETELKE, Kokclbur;;-, Hungary. 
llEGEDlis, So.VDOR, Budapest. Geol. 
Heider, Dr. Arthur Hitter von, Docent f. Zool., Univ., Maiffredg- 

gassc, 4, Gr.itz. Anthozoa, Cor.ils. 
Heimerl, Prof. Axt., Wiener-Xcustat. Bot. 
Heixricher. Dr. E., (iratz. Bot. 
Heller, Camill, Prof. Zorlogic an dcr Universitat, Innsbruck. Hungaiy. 

Heller, Dr. CarlB., Prof. Nat. Hist., Vienna. 
Henxevogl von Ebenbl'rg, F"ranz, k. k. Finanzcommissftr, Leihamts- 

jzassc, 6"i4, Prague. Bohemia. Coleopt., Eiirop. and Exotic. 
Hepperger, Dr. Josef vox, Asst. der k. k. Stcrnwatc, Vienna. Ast. 
Herbich, Dr. Franz, k. k. Bergrath, Decent an der Universitat zu 

Klausenburg, und Custos-Adjnnct Siebenburgischcn Landinuseuni, 

Klausenbury. Hungary. Geol. 
Herepci, Jvarl, Prof, an dcr Hocbscluile, Nagy Enyed, Hungary. Geol. 

HCITOAHT.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 139 

Herman, Otto, Custos am. Unp:ar Xationcl-Museum. Budapest. Ilun- 

■rarv- Ari/chntda, Ortlinp'era. 
Hermann, Gusztav, Ilozsnyti. Geol. 
Heruicu, Kauoi.Y, Biuliipcit. Genl. 
Hesz, -Mokitz, n. Circiisy:asse, 35, Vienna. Micros. 
lluKL, J.')ZSEF, 'rr^zieiia. <h-ol. 
HiUEGH, C, Pn>r Univ., Biiilapcst. Chem. 
HiLBEit, Dk. N'incenz, Docent ilcr Univeisitat zu Gratz, Steicrmark. 

(!ei)l , Pol/ro. 
HiRNER, Josef, \'II. Xeiil)aiifrassc, 70, Vienna. Lepid. 
Hoc'HSTKTTER, Du. FERDINAND V., k. k. Hofratli, Intcndaiit dcs k. k. 

Naturlii<torisclicn Jlofiiuis unirJ, Vienna, (hoi., Antli., Eih. 
HoERNES, Du. Rudolf, Prof, der (;colo;iie nnd Pala^oii!olo_:io .-m der 

Ihiivcr.stat, Grnlz. C. Wishes to e\eiian;ic fossils lor the same. 
HoFMANN, Dr. Alfred, Cheniiker, Orsova, Hungarv. C/ient., Mm., 

Geol. C. E.v. 
IIoFMANN, Carl, (ieologischc .\nstalr, Budapest, Huagaiy. Geol. 
Hofmann, Leopold F. F. von, Vicuna. 
HoFMANN, Rafael, Bees Gtol 
Hoffeu, Prof. Dr. Owen, Univ., Griitz. Zo6l. 
HoFF.MANN, .\voN, Fiiinie, Hungary. Coleopt. 
HoFFMAN.V, .J.\NOS, Budapest. Geol. 

HoHENBi'iiEL, Lii Baron L. de, Altenzoll, near Hall. Bot. 
HonENRUiiEL-llEUFLEit, LuDwiG F. VON, Hall, Tvrol. 
HoLETSCHiiK, Ur. Johann, .Vdjuuct der k. k. ijtcrawarte, Vienna. As- 
tronomy : Course of tlie pUinet Pi'itho. 
HOLL''>SV, Dr. .JrSTINL\'N, K.-CzcU. Geol. 
HoLTSCHEK, Graveiir in der Leitcnbcrgerischen Fabrik, Joscphsthal- 

Conianos, Bohemia. Lepid. 
HoL'JBY, Jos., N'eines-Prodhragy, near Vag-Ujliely. Bot. 
HoLiTBV, LuDWiG, Trcnrsin, Hungary. Bot. 
HORA, PaL"L, Bot. Gar., Prague, Boiieniia. Bot. 
HoRNES, V)\{. PiLDOLF, Univ., (iralz. Geol., Palceo. 
HORXIG, Inspt'cior d'.-sta:itsbalin-(ies., Suliuubrunuerstr, 4, Vienna. Lepid. 

HORVATH, -ANTAL, Pccs. Gcol. 

HoRVATU, Ignacz, B;uiapcst. Geol. 

HoRVATH, Dr. V , Varanno, Ilungaiy. Hemiptern. 

HosTiNSKV, C, Facsct bci Lu^o<, Hiui'i'ary. Coleoptera. 

Hradczky, .Vntal, Szepes-Olaszi. Geol.' 

HuBEL, L'HRISTOF, Sjehulgasse, li, Prague. Coleopt. and Lepid. of Europe. 

Hudak, Edward, Lehrcr anaier Tucbterschule, Gulluiiz, Zips, Hungary. 

HuDOBA, (iiszTvv, Nagy Banya. Geol. 
HUFFNER, TiVADAR, Budapest.' Geol. 
Hugo, LoJKA, Prof , Jossefsphitz, 10, Budapest, Hungary. Lichenology. 

C. E\'. Desires only ;;<)od specimens. 
Hi'LTL, J.tzsEF, Nagy .\g.' Geol. 
HuNF.\LVY, Dr. Janos, Budapest. Geol. 
HUNDFERT. Dr. F., (iratz. Geol. 
Hiiitscu, .\GOSTON, Budapest. Geol, 
Husz, Arnim, Prof, am Evang. Collegium, Espcries, Hungary. Coleopt., 

M icrii-Lipid. 
Husz, Samu, Moravicaza. Geol. 
HUTER, IllI'ERT, Steizing. Bot. C. 
HuTTENBAC HER, Custos des Fiirstl. Fiirstcnbcrg'schenNaturaliencabincts, 

Nischhurg, Beraun, Bohemia. Coleopt. 
Hyrtl, Dr. Josei'H, Prof. Enier., Vienna. 
Ignace, Pkof. JL>u., Dir. Agrie. tjta., Vieuaa. Bot. 

140 THE naturalists' DIEECTOKY. [Austro- 

Inkey, Bela, Budapest. Geol. 

Inkev, Laszl('), Szt. Li'irincz. Geol. 

IscuAMEK, Dr. Anton, (jratz. 

IszLAi, Dr. Josef, Bucliipest, Hungary. Odontology. C. Ex. 

Jablonszky, Janos, Budapest. Geol. 

Jabounegg-Gamsenegg, Barox de, Dir. Bot. Gar., Klagenfurt. Bot. 

Jamnitzky, Lii'ot, Budapest. Geol. 

.Ianczewski, Dr. Eu. ue, Brof. Univ. Cracow. Bot. 

.Ia.nka, V. v., Nat. Mas. of Hung., Budapest Bot. 

Janos, Xantts, Budapest, Hun;^ary. Coleopt. 

Jendrassik, Miksa, Ig-lo. Geol. 

Jermy, CiuszTAV, Bator. Geol., Bot. 

.IiRAK, JouANN, Hollcscliwitz 1)61 Pnifruo, I'ohemia. LepuLof Bohemia. 

-IiKUS, Prof. Dr. Boguslav, Univ. Agram. Bot. 

Jo(')B, Frigyes, Budapest. Geol. 

Joseph, Kaul'mann, Neumannsgasse n, Vienna. Coleopt, 

JuRANYi, Dr. D., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Budapest. Bot. 

JuRASKY, JoHANN, Iv. k. Obcrbergratli, Annaplatz 4 neu. Prague, Bolie- 
niia. C-oleopt. of Europe. 

Kachelmann, K.\roly, Selmecz. Geol. 

Kachler, J., Prof. Univ. V^ienna. Chem. 

Kacskovics, S.\ndor, Mocsolad. Geol. 

Kail, Bela, KorniiJcz. Geol. 

Kalciibrenner, C, Mem. Acad, of Hung., Wallendorf. Bot., Mycol. 

lv.\LLAY, Heno, Pecs. Geol. 

Kalmus, Dr. Brunn. 

Kamen.\r, Jozsef, Szomolnok. Geol. 

Kamiexski, F., Prof. Univ., Lemberg. Bot. 

Kammerer, Prof., Trieste. Bot. 

Kaxitz, Dr Aug., Dir. Bot. Gar., Prof. Univ., Klausenburg. Bot. 

Kanka, Dr. Karoly, Pozsony. Geol. 

Kapeller, Ludwig, \\'ieden, Freihans, Vienna. Lepid. 

Karlixski, F. ISL, Prof. Univ., Krakau. Math., Ast. 

Karolyi, Dr., Museum, Budapest. Irhth. 

Karrer, Felix, Sec. des Wissenschaftlichen Club, Hauptstrasse, 80, 
Vienna, Ober-Dilbling. Geol., Palieo., Rhizopoda. C. 

Kasper, Dr., Slalier bei Rakonitz. Coleopt. 

Kasz.vs, Franz, Prof, der Naturwissenschafen am Gymnasium zu Sato- 
ralja-lljhely, Hungary. Coleopt. C. E\'. 

Kaufmann, Dr. Ernest, Fiinfkirchen, Georgurubbe, Hungary. Coleopt. 

Kaufal\nn, Josef, Neumannsgasse, 5, 2 St , Vienna. Coleopt. 

Kauffmann, Kamillo, Igld. Geol. 

K.\voLi, Dr. -Johanx, Budapest. Reptiles. 

Keck, Dr. Karl, Aistersheim. Bot. C. Ex. for Cal. and South Ameri- 
can specimens. 

Keller, Emil, Vag-Ujhely. Geol. 

Kemethy, Prof. Carl, Selmcc, Hungary. Xat. Hist. 

Kempelen, Ludwio v., ob Donaustr., '29, Vienna. Arachnida. 

Kempelex, R., Pressburg, Hungary. Lepid. 

Kenderesy, v., Ilatze^', Hungary. Coleopt. 

Kerner, Dr. a. J., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Rennweg, 14, Vienna. 

Kerner, Jos., Allcestr., 21, Krems. Bot. 

Kezm.\rszky, Dr. Tivadar, Budapest. Geol. 

Kheil, Nap. Manuel, Prof, der Handolswissenschaften, Heinrichsg., 888, 
Prague, Bohemia. Lepid. 

KiLi\x, Frig YVES, Budapest. Geol. 

KiRCHNER, Dr. L., Kaplitz, Bohemia. Bot., Hymenqp. 

H0XGARY.1 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 141 

KiRCHSBEKG, Manger TON JcTLius, Gr>ethestr., 7, Gratz. Coleopt. 

Kiss, II., Dohi'iny u. 12, Budapest, Himjrary. Bot. 

KiTTXEK, Theodor, k. k. Bezirksricliter, Kunstadt. Coleopt. 

Klein, Prof. Gyula, Budapest. GeoL, Bot. 

Klein, W., Prof. Univ., Vienna. Arch. 

Klement, Robert, Kvonstadt, Hunjrary. Coleopt. 

Klemeusiewics, Prof. Dr. Rudolf, Gratz. Experimental Pathol.* 

Klug, Eugen, Ollmiitz, Malircn. 

Klug, Josef, Gymnaj^iallchrer, Malirisch Trubau, Miihren. 

Klutschack, Pkof., Lcitmeritz Gymnasium, Bohemia. Bot. 

Knapp, Dr. J. A., Museum, Vienna. Bot. 

Knopfler, Gyula, Kapnik. GeoL 

Knopler, Dr. ^'ILM., Marosvasarhely. Geol. 

Knorlein, J., k. k. Bauiath, Linz. 'Coleopt. 

KOBOLD, Hermann, Dr. Phil., Observator, Sternwarte, O'Gyalla, Hun- 
gary. Ast. 

Koch, Dr. Anton, Prof, dcr Mineralogie und Geologie an der k. Ungarn 
Franz .Josef's Universitat, Klausenhurg, Hungarj'. Petrography, 
Geology of Tertiary formations. C. Ex. Olfers Transylvania 
Minerals, espee. Szaijott, Pseudo-brookis, wishes American min- 

KoCH, Dr. Edwurd J., Vienna. 

Koch, Ferencz, Kolozsvar. Geol. 

Kocsner, Pkof. Jos., Gymnasium, Xyitrd. Bot. C. 

KoELBL, Carl, Dr. Phil.!^ Wassag. 18,"Vienna. Crust. 

Kohl, Prof. .J., Bozen. Hymenop. 

Kokan, Janos, Budapest. Geol. 

KoLAZY, JoSffF, k. k. Offic., Doblingerstr., 3, Vienna. Hy nenoptera. 

KoLBENHEYER, Prof. C, Biclitz, Briinn. Bot. 

KoLOMBATOVK), Prof. G., Spalato. Bot. C. 

KONKOLY, XicolaUs VON, Dr. Phyl. ^Slitgl. der k. Ung. Academie, der 
Royal Astr. Society-, O'Gyalla Sternwarte bei Comorn, Hungary. Ast. 

Koos, Ferencz, Brasso. Geol. 

KoRCSEK, Siegmund, Lehrer an der Tijchterschule, Pressburg, Hungary. 

KoREN, Prof. Steph., Lyceum, Szarvas. Bot. 

KoRENSKY, -J., Lehrer a. cl. TiJehterschule, Smichew, Prague. Coleopt. 

KoRiZMics, Laszlo, Budapest. Geol. 

KoRNiiuBER, Prof. Andreas, Polytec. Sch., Vienna. Zool., Bot. 

KoRNiss, Emil, Budapest. Geol. 

KoROSi, Josef, Dir. der Communalpalislichen Burea^i, Budapest, Hun- 

KossucH, .J.iNOS, Budapest. Geol. 

KossuTANYi, Prof. Dr., Agric. Sta., Altenburg. Bot. 

Kostein, Joh., p. k. ung. Finanzbeamter, Landstrasse, Beatrixg., 4, B. 
II., Vienna. Lepid. 

KosTELETZKY, Prof. Dr. P. V., Prague, Bohemia. Bot. 

Kov.4cs, Gyula, Nadasd. Geol. 

KowARZ, Ferd. k. k. Telegraphenbeamtei-, Ascli, Bohemia. Diptera. 

KozocsA, TivADAR, Budapest. Geol. 

Kraft, -J.iNOS, Selmecz. Geol. 

Kraszonyi, Dr. Jozsef, Maria-Nostra. Geol. 

Kr.vuss, Dr. Ferdinand, Assis. a. d. Lchrk. f. Zool., Graben, 3, Vienna. 

Kr.wogl, Prof., Bozen. Bot. 

Krecsarevicii, M.vrk, Ujvido'k. Geol. 

Kreisl. Franz, Akad. Maler, Wenzelsplatz, 37, Prague, Bohemia. 

142 THE naturalists' directory. [AnSTRO- 

Kreisl, Prof. Hermann, lloinrirli^^, 1, Prague, Bohemia. Coleopt. 

KuEK, Ci., Prof. Lliiiv., (iratz. Plil ul. 

KuE.MNiTZKY, .Vmandi^s, X'izakiiu. (jeol. 

Kre.vinitzkv, .Iakab, VTnvisiiatak. Ceul. 

Kkemnitzky, Ott), Viird^patiik. Gi-ol. 

IvKENHEKGER, Jos , Braiiiicistr., 9, ViL-iina. Bot. 

KuENNEK, l'i{OE. 1)K. .Jos , lJiula|)cst, 1 liiD^Tary. Geol. 

KiafisCH, JoiiA.NX, I'l'of. (k'l- Zodlouie am k. huy. Josefs Poh'technikum, 

li.iilape^t, lliiiiiiaiv. Hfipjfo/or/i/. 
Kristof, J'kof. L , Lvccuni ol' Mailciiiois, Gratz. Bat. 
Krivany, Joiiann v.,'C'ouiitats obur liuchlialtcr, Arad, Hungary. GeoL, 

Geo:/. C* 
Krui'a, J., Rot. (Tar. Cracow. Bot. 
KuBACSKA, r)i{. Hugo, Kornnicz. Geol. 
KuE.NNEK, National JNIiiseuin, Budapest. Geol. 
KuNC, Dr. .Vdolf, ^zoiiiliatlicly. GeoL 
Ku.Ncz, Peter, Budapest GeoL 
KuNSZT, .1., Losoucz. Bot. C. 
JCuN.iTZEi., G.\B()R, Szc'lakna. GeoL 
KuNZ, Bela, Scluiecz. GeoL 

KuTS'jHEUA, Fra.n'z, k. k. Beamtcr., Rcitcrg. 12, Vienna. Colenpt. 
Lajos, Richter, Leliler, Marif-Valeric;;assc 9, 13udapest IV., Hunu'ary. 

Bo'., Colenpt., Lejiid., l>ipti ra, Ihjmenoptna, Xemupt-ia. C. Ex. 

Wishes pressed phuits, iuseets, hind molkisks and postage stamps, 

from all jiarts of the world. 
La.tos, Si.mkovics. Nagy Varad. Hungary. Bot. 
Lakner, A.muR), Csorn'a. GeoL 
Lambert, Guppenberger, k. k. Gvmnasail Prof, Kremsmiinster. Bot. 

Lang, Carl, Franzensbriickenstr., 23, Vienna. Lepid. 
IjANG, Ede, Budapest. GroL 

Lang, X. v , Prof. Univ., \'ienna. Phi/sics, Cri/stnllogrnphy. 
Lanza Edler von Casalanza, Prof. Dr. Franz, Spaiato. 
L.\SZL '), Dii Udrvnszky, Budatin Zsolua Rutka, llunirary. Bot. 
Laube, G. C , Prof. Univ. Prague, B hernia. GeoL, Pal<eo., Prof. Dr. Gustav C, k. k. Ujiiversitat, Prague. GeoL 

P<il(eo. C. E\-. 
Leder, Hans, Paskau, ^lahren. Coleopt., Uemiptera. 
Leding, f5.\NDOR, Nagv Banya. GeuL 
Legeza, Viktor, Budapest.' (TroL 

Lengzel, Prof. Dr. Bei.a, Budapest, Hungary. Chemistry. 
Lenz Dr Oskar, k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna." GcoL 
Leonhard, Otto, Libnoves bei Podebrad. Coleopt., Micro-Lepid. 
Leyfert. SIE-.MUND, Hilmtcicli^tr., Gnitz. 

Lichtenstern, Baron Fr , Rovingo, Ystriem, Hungary. Alrjce. 
LlElsEN, .v.. Prof. Univ. \'iouua. Cliem. 
Leinner, Anton, Hauptmaun in Ruhe-land, Hauptstrasso, 1, Weiahaus, 

near Vienna. .Asfr.iiiomi/, Selfiwrirnphi). 
Leitgeb, Rrof. H., Univ. Dir Bot. Gar., Gr.itz. 
Lengyel, B.. Pr f Univ. Bndapc-t. Cliein. 
I>enfio?sek, Prof. Dr .Jos , Budapest, Hungan-. Anat. 
Lepkowski, Dr. J, Prof. Univ. Jagellone, Dir. Mus. Arch., Cracovia, 

Leutner. Karoet, Budapest. Geol. 
Leszay, Dr. L.4szl'), Sziszyaros. (Erde'ly). Geol. 
Levay, Istv\\n Lajos, Kas-;a. GroL 
I^ieber.mann, L., Prof Univ. Vienna. Chem., Geol. 
Lieder.mann, Jozsef, Munkacs. Geol. 


LiXDER, O., Schwarzcnlici-n^strasse, 17, Vienna. Geol. 
LiXHAUT. PuoF. (i., Agric. Acad., Alicniiiirg. Pathol., Bot. 
LiXXEMAXX, E., PioC. L'liiv. Pnijruc, Bohemia. Chem. 
LlP')T, BiEKBAi'ER, Raul), Iliingiirv. Physics. 
LiPPMAXX, E., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Cheia. 
LiSZKAY, (JUSZTAV, Sclniccz. (icol. 

LocKAV, E., Conscrv. aiu Physiol. Institiit, Prague. Coleoptera. 
Loczv, l^A.ios, Biulapcst. (ieol. 

Lo.JKA, Hugo, 3 (iolelene Ilamlgassc, Budapest. Geol. 
LoTE. LuDWiG, Prol'. an tier Hoclischulc, Xagy Enyed, Ilung-aiy. Phys. 
Low. Dr. Fraxz. W'iedcn, Haupstr. 47, Vienna. Diptcva. 
LuDWiG, Pkof. Erxst, Allgeni. Kraukcnhantc, Vienna. Chem. 
LuTTEH, Dr. Naxdou, Budapest. Geol. 
Li'TZOw, K. V , Prof. Univ., Vienna. Arch. 

Mach. Dr. Erxst, Prof. Uuiversitat, 11. W'cinbcrtrgasse, Prague, Bohe- 
mia I'hysics. 
Macsay, Dr. IsTV.ix, Zajescar (Szerbia). Geol. 
Madarasz, Dr. .Jl'lius vo.x, Custos : Adjunct dcr Zoologischen .A.btlicihing 

an Ungarn, National .Museum, Budapest, Hungary. Oni., Sing- 

inij Birds. C. Would like to ex. 
Madarasz, Sigmuxb Edward vox, Grundbcssitzer Zollamstring, 14, 

Budapest, Hungaiy. Palceo., esp. C'ru\t irea. C. Y,k. 
Maderspach, Livius, Bergingenieur, Ko^enau (Uozsnj(')), Hungary. 

Milling, Geol. C. Wishes American minerals in ex. lor Hungariaa 

iron and zinc. 
Majlath, Bela, Budapest. Geol. 

Ma.isisovjcs, Dr. Edm. v., k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. Geol. 
Makav, Agostox, Budapest. Geol. 

Makowskv, Prof. Al., Polytec. Sch., Thalgasse, 25, Briinn. Bot. 
Maloch, Furstenb. Neu Joachimsthal bei Beraun. Lepid. 
Maly, Fk., Imp. (4ar. of Belvedere, \'ienua. Bat. 

Maxx, .Josef, am. k. k. Zool caljinet, III, Rudolfg., 28, Vienna. Lepid- 
Marchesetti, Dr. Ch. de, Dir. Nat. Hist. Mus , Triest. Bot. 
Marexzellek, Dr Emil Elder vox, (.'ustos des k. k. Zocil. Hof-cabi- 

nctes, Donncrirasse, 1, Vienna. Zool. Ex. Echiuoderms. 
Margo, Th., Prof. Univ., Biulapest. Zool. 
M.ARKA, Gergely, .Vnina. Geol. 
Markos, (lYORGY, Kassa. Geol. 
M.vKKL's, .\GOSTox, M.-Szlgct. Geol. 
IM.ARKus, Lajos, Pecs. Geol. 
Marschall. Augustus Frederick, Count , Chamberlain to H. M. the 

Emperor of Austria, Wailzeil, 33, Vienna. Xa'. Xci. in Gen. 
Martoxfi, Dr. I^., Gymnasial Prof, in Szamosi^'var. Geol., Palao., 

Fnrnmiivfiri of Transybania. C. Ex. 
]MATCf)vicu. Prof. Paul, (iymnasiiim, Fiume. Bot. 
Mathiasz, -Tosef, N'a.''y Mihaly. Colcopt. 
Matyaasovszky. .Iakab, Budapest. Geol. 
Matz, .\l., Iliibeshrunn. Bot. 
Mauler, M\ty.\s, Budapest. Geol. 

Mayr, Phof. Dr Gustav, Lamlstr. Haupstr., Ih, Vienna. Uymenoptera. 
Mayr, Matth , Prof, (gymnasium. Hall. Cicad. 
IMeczxer, Vexdel, Budapest, (reol. 
M EDGY ESI. Bela. Kolozsvar. Geol. 
Medxyvxskzy, l.E Bauon, Denis Chamberlin Dc S. M. I. and R. A., 

Raknvicz. Ilyitra, Hungary. Geol. 
^Mexyhauth, Prof. Lail., Innsbruck. Bo*. 

Merkl, E , Naturalicnh;lndlcr, Resicza, Banat, Hungary. Coleopt. 
Mektua, Haxs, Bcamter a. ob. Gcrichtshole, Vienna, Coleopt. 

144 THE naturalists' directory. [Austeo- 

Metzger, Anton, II roth. Krcnzg., 8, Vienna. Lepid. 

MiciiAELovics, 1'kof., Zong, llungaiy. Hot. 

MiCKLiTZ, Fkanz, RiulmaiinHdorf. Cnleopt. 

MiHALDY, IsTVAN, Rakonv-Szt-Ldszlo. Geol. 

MihAlyi, Uk. .Janos, M-Szigct. Geol. 

MiK, Josef, Prof, am Akacl. Gymnasium, Nussdorferstr., 86, Vienna. 

MiKALHOviTZ, Prof. Dr. Gera, Univei-sitat, Budapest, Hungary. 

MiKLOFiCH, Dr. Franz, Prof. Univ., Vienna. 

MiKLOS, KoNKOLY, 0-(jyala, Hungary. Ast. 

MiKo, Bela, Nagy Ban\-a. Geol. 

Mikolay, Laszlo, h^h')". Geol. 

MiKOSCH, Dr. K., Univ., Vienna. Bot. 

MiLKovics, ZsiGMOND, Szt-Milialy. (leol. 

Miller, Ludwig, Adj. im k. k., Ackerbau-Ministerium, III, Salmgasse, 
II, Vienna. Coleopt. 

MocsARY, Alexander, Assistent am National-Museum, Budapest, Hun- 
gary. Ent., Ihjmen. 

]SIoeller', Dr. .Josef, Mariabrunn, near Vienna. Bot. 

Mojsisovics, von jMojsv.\r August, Dr. Med. Univ. k. k., Piof. der 
ZoiJI. and der Tech. Hochscliule, Gratz, Merangasse, 36. B. Oste- 
ology, Annelides {Morphology). 

Mojsisovics, Dr. Edm. von, k.k. Obcrbergrath Chef<;eologie der k. k. Geo- 
logischen Reichsanstalt, HI. Reisnerstrasse, 51, Vienna. Geol., 
Palteo., Trias of the Alpes. 

MoLiTOR, Edmund, Orsova, Hungary. Coleopt., Lepid., Bot., Min. C. 

Molnar, Karoly, Szdkely-Udvarhely. Geol. 

MoLN.vR, Nandou, Budapest. Geol. 

Much, Dr. M., Secretar der. VnthropologieschenGesellschaft, VIII. Josefs- 
gasse, 6, Vienna. Prehistoric Arch., Palteo. C. 

MiJLLEK, Florian, Pl'arrer in U. Siebenbrunn, MarchiVld, Mahreu. 

MtiLLER, Dr. .Johann, Prof. Univ., Innsbruck. Philol. 

Mi'LLER, Josef, Csepregh, Hungary. Lepid., Coleopt. 

MuLLER, Karoly, Villany. Geol. 

Munteax, J., Uj-Moldova. Geol. 

MuRMANN, Le p. O. a., Convent of St. Benoit, Melk. Bot. 

Muslay, Sandor, Budapest. Geol. 

Nagy, Dr. K.4roly, Aiirudbanya. Geol. 

Nagy, L.\szl6, Budapest, (feol. 

Negro, Adolphe, Ujker, Hungary. 

Neminar, E., Piof. Univ., Innsbruclv. Min., Petrog. 

Nendtvich, Dr. K.vroly', Budapest. Geol. 

Netoliczka, Pkof. Dr. Eugene, Gratz. Phys. 

Neubauer, Ferencz, Ijild. (jeol. 

Neugebauer, Prop., Pola. Bot. 

Neumann, J., Catechct am (gymnasium, Troppau. 

Neumay'er, Prof. Melchiok, Univ., \'ienna. Palceo. 

Nevole, M., Prof. Univ., Prague, Bohemia. Organ. Chem. 

NiCKERL, Dr. Ottokar, Dbmann der Physiokr. Gesellschaft, Wenzels- 
phitz, 16, Prague, Bohemia. Lepid., Coleopt. 

NiESSL, De ^Ieyendorf, Prof. G. Polytec. Sch., Briinn. Bot., Mycol. 

NiKL, Mihaly, Budapest. Geol. 

NoRAK, Ottamar, Prague, Bohemia. 

Nossalek, Karl, Karolinenthal 258, Prague, Bohemia. Lepid., esp. Noc- 

NowicKi, Dr. Max, Prof, der Zool., Uuiversitat, Krakau, Hungary. 

HUXGARY.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 145 

NuRNBERGER, Heilijre Geistgassc, 12 neu, Troppau. Lepid., Coleopt. 

NYU1.ASSY, Antal, Nyalka. GeoL 

Oborny, Ad., Zuaiin.' Hot. 

Odstreil, Dr. J., (iymii. Prof., Teschen. Lepid. 

<)kolicsany!, Bela, Siiiratajr. (leoh 

Oi-BEKG, CiuszT.iv. Abnull)anya. Geol. 

Oktmann. Jnii , \'icnna. hot. 

Pacher, D.\V[r), Obcr-Vcllach. Bnt., Coleopt. 

Palis.\, Joha.n'x, .Vilj. (Icr U. k. Stcrnwarte, Wiihring', near Vienna. Ast. 

Palm, Prof. Josef, Ricd. Diplera. 

Palmer, Axuor, Kapnik. Geol. 

Paradv, Colomanx, Prof, dcr ev. Reform, Klausonbnrj?, Iliinsary. Zaol. 

C. Ev. " Siiss-wassci'-TiirbeUarica ; Derostoniea, Meioslomea, 

!Microstomea, Planaria." 
Palffy, Saxdor, Aiail. Geol. 
P.\LFFY, Samu, Abrudbanya. Geol. 

P.iXTOCSEK, Dr. .Jos., Tovnrnok, near Nagy Tapolcsany. Bot. 
Paxtotsek, Dr. L. V., Zlatno. G>-ol. 
Parra(;h, (tEDEOx, ICeuskcmet. GeoL 
Paschkis, Dr. 11., \\'crdertliorgassc, 15, Vienna. 
Paszlavszky, .J()zsef, Budapest. Geol. 
Paul, Carl, Vienna. Geol. 

Pavel, Joil, National Museum, Budapest. Lepid. 
Pecii, Axtal, Selmecz. Geol. 

Pecii, N., Mondscbeinjr., 814, Budapest, Taban. Leprd. 
Pe.tacsevics, Jixos, Budapcit. Geol. 
Pelikan vox Plai'EXWAld, Axtox, Vicc-Pres. des k. k. u. iJst. Finanz- 

Landes-Dir. Fleisebenmarkt, 7, \'ienna. Coleopt. 
Pelzelx, August vox, Imp. Zoiil. Gardens, I. Wifliibgerstrasse, 18, 

\'ienna. Urn., Mam. 
Peter, Janos, Pecs. Genl. 
Peters, Dr. Carl F., Univ., Griitz. Mia., Geol. 
Petersen, B , Prof Univ., Prajiuc, Bohemia. Arch. 
Petricsko, i^UGEN', Oril. Prof, beim K. Obcr-Gymnasium, Neusohl, Hun- 

fiary. Zoiil. C. Wislies .\carida% various preparations of the same, 

and otlers local ones, especially Anthropoda. 
Petricski'), Jeno, Zombor. Geol. 
Petrixa, Prof. Pliys. Prague, Bohemia. 
Petrogalli, jr)ZSEF, Beszterczcl)anya. Geol. 
Petzval, <)., Prof. Univ., Budapest." Math. 

Peyl, Th., Tliomasgasse, 13, Prague, Boliemia. Coleopt., European. 
Peyritsch, Prof. Johanx, Univ., Innsbruck. Bot. 
Pfeiffer, P. Anselex, Benedictines u. k. k. Gymnasial-Prof., Krems- 

niiiuster. Geol. C. 
Pfiszter, K.\roly, Budapest. Geol. 

Pfuxd, Dr , Assistent am Naturalicncahinet, Prague, Bohemia. Ent. 
PiCULER, Dr. AnoLF, Prof. Mincralogic u. Geognosie, Universitat, luus- 

bruck. Geol. 
PrcHLER, Tho.mas, Lienz. Bot. C. 
PicHTER, Prof. .Iohaxn, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Pick, Dr. (Jeorg, Prague, Bohemia. Math. 
PiLATi, Dox Silvio, Vice Dir. am Collegium Vigilianum, Iloveredo. 


PllMTZ, Dr. E., Griitz. Coleopt. 

Pisco, P{;of., Indus. School, Vienna. 

PisKO, Prof. Dr. Fraxz Joseph, IV. Margaretbenstrasse, 7, Vienna. 

Acoustics, Optics, Caloric. 
Planer, Prof. Dr. Julius, lust., Grutz. Anat. 

146 THE naturalists' directory. [Austro- 

Plasox, Dr. Victor, I. Postg. 22, Vienna. Coleopt. of Europe and 

Platzer, Ferencz, Sclmecz. Geol. 
POD.MANICZKY, Janos, Butliipest. 
PoETSCH, Ur , Kaiulcsig. Bat., lAchenology. 
PoKORNY, Dr. Al., Ciyinnasiuni, Taborstr. "24, Vienna. Bot. 
I'OKOKXY, Emanuel, Prafect am. k. k. Theresianuni, Vienna. Lepid. 
PoLAK, Karl, Opatovicer<jasse, 12, Prague, Bohemia. Pliten. of Europe, 

Ciirex of the irorld. C Ex. 
Popoviciu-Barcianu, Dr. D., Nagy-Szeben. Bot. 
PoRCius, F., 6-Ro(lna. Bot. 
PoscHL, Eduard, K. Ciinyatanacsos es Akadcmai tanar Selmecz Canya, 

PosciiL, Prof. Jacob, R. Univ., Gi-atz. Phys. 
PosEPXY, Ferencz, Pribram. Geol. 
PosNER, Karoly Lajos, Budapest. Geol. 
Prazmowski, Dr. Ad., Dulilany near Lemberg. Bot. 
Prelyi, IsTVAX, Budapest. Geol. 
Preuszner, J(JZSEF, Budapest. Geol. 
Pkeyss, Dr. J. Georg., k. k. Mcdicinalrath, V. P. des Wiener medic. 

Doctoiers CoUegiunis, III. yalesianeigasse, 8, Vienna. Anth. C. 

Pribram, R., Prof. Univ., Czernowitz. Chem. 
Prihoda, .Mor., Enycl^iasse, 4, Vienna. Bot. 
Prihradny, Goon, Dolha. Geol. 
Primics, Dr. Geokg., Assistant d. Mineralogie und Geologie an der 

Univcisitiit zu Kliiusenburg (Kolozsi'ar), Hungary. Petrography. 

Crystallized stones of Transylvania. 
Priviczky, Ede, Aranyiilka. Geol. 
Probstner, Artiilr, liudapest. Geol. 
PhUCiiA, J , Moian. Bot. 
Prugberger, Jozsef, IM.-Szijrct. Geol. 
PfLSZKY de, Dir. Nat. Mu*. of Hung., Budapest. Bot. 
PfNci'R, Julius, Sz.-Nmryfaln bei Szilagy-Somlyo, Hungary. Orthop. 
PuuKYNE, Dr. Em., Wcisswasscr, Bohemia. Ent., Bot. 
PuSKis, J.')ZSEF, Zalathna. Geol. 
I'abl. Dr. Carl, Zocd. Inst., Vienna. Emhryol. 
Radvanszky, Bela, Vadna. Geol. 
Radzi.'^zewski. R., Prnf Univ., Ecmber<r. Chem, 
Rathav, Prof Emerich, Klostcrneubiug. Bot. 
Rauch, Fr., Inin. (iar., Laxenluirs. B(jt. 
Rausciier, Dr. Rob , Museum, l.inz. Bot. 
Rehman'N, T)r .\.. Univ. Krozyzowa, 21, Crncow. Bnt., Bryol. 
RncTiARDT, Dr. H. W., Piof. Univ., Tiauugasse, 4, Vienna. Bot. 
Rfinich. Du , Vienna 

R FITTER. EoMUxn, Pa-knu Mahren. Coleopt. 
Rf.itz, Frigyes. Budane'^t. G<<>1. 
Reitzxer. Miksa, Sclmecz. (lenl. 
Rell. p., .Vhelood, np:ir (Jacs Bnt. 
Renger, Axtox, Smiehou-, 278, Prague, Bohemia. European Lepidop- 

Rexxer, .\noLF, Diplom. Prof., Assistenl an k. Forstakademie, Schem- 

nitz, Huii'Lirv Bot. 
Rexxert, Gvula, Potrnzsp'nv. Geol. 
Rfssmaxx, Dr. F., MalhoriiCth. Bot. 

liESSMANX, Dr. S., Rosonluihl, near St. Vcit, Kiiruthcn. MoH. 
RiCHTER, C'uszTvv. Sclmccz Grnl. 
RicuTER, Jou. Axtox, Bruuniiausg. 11, Salsburg. Macro- Lepidoptera. 

HUNGARV.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 147 

RicriTER, Dr. Karl, Tahorstrassc, 17. Vienna. Bot. 

KiCHTEK, LoLis, Mariu-Valeriajiussc, 1, BiuUipest. Bof. C. 

liiEGER, Janos, Sehcshely. Geol. 

RiTTEK VON Reuss, Du. Aug. Leop.. ^Slaiialiilferstr. 5, Vienna. Bot. 

RiTTEK vo.v W'einzekl, Ur. Th., Vicuna. Bot. 

RoBic, Sim., Ulriclisbeij,^ bci Zirklac.ii. Coleo/t. 

RoESLEK, Prof. Ur. L., Klosteincnbnru^. ('hem., Phys., Bot. 

RoEZL, Benedict, (.'arolinentluil, 109, Prai^iie, liolieinia. But. 

RoGENHOFER, .\loi3 Friedrich, Ciistos am. k, k. Zoul., Hofcabinet, 

.loseprstadter.str. 19, Vienna. Lepid. 
RoGNER, Pkof. Dr. Johann, Griitz. Ast. 
ROHA, Henedek, Stajerlak. <4eol- 
Ron.M, Prof. Joseph, Univ. Vienna. Bot. 
RoHON, Dr. Josef, ZoiJI Insf., Vienna. Anat. 
RoLLETT, Prof. Dr. .Alexander, )n>t. Gratz. Physiol., Histol. 
ROMANI, ,\NT VON, (ilcisdorf, near (iriitz. Moll. 
Ro.MER, Rev. Dr. F. F , Mu.seum, Biulapest. Arch. 
Ro.MER, Fldris, NaiiT Varacl. Geol. 
RoNAY, Ferencz, Selniccz. Geol. 
RONAY, J.\ciNT, Poz<ony. Geol. 

Ronninger, Ferdinand, I. Rotlientliurmstr. 15, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Rosenthal, A C, Vienna. Bot. 
Rosicky', Prof. Franz, Kailiaiinenjrasse, 13, Prague, Boliemia. Pot 

Pkints, Myriopndd. C 
RiisLER, Prof., Klostenicuburg. Vienna. Chetn. 
Rossi, LfiGl, Airram. Bot. 
Rostafinski, Dr. Jos. Thom. de, Prof. Univ. Dir., Bot. Gar. Straszcws- 

kistrassc, 11, Cracow. Bot. 
Roth, La.jos, Biulapest. Geol. 
Roth, Saml', Liic^c. Geol. 
R ■)ZSa. Janos, Felegyhaza. Geol. 

RozsAY, Emil, Prof, (iyninasium, Pressburg. Hungary. Coleopt., Lepid. 
Rozs.'.Y, Dr. J ■)ZSEF, Budapest. Geol. 
Ri'ffiny, Jeno, Dobsina. 6eo/. 
RUMPF, Prof Joha.nn, Gratz. Min., Geol. 
Rupertsberger, Mathias, \V'allerii. Coleopt., Biol. 
Ryb.\k,, Budapest. Geol. 
Safcsak, (^yula, Derno. Geol. 
Sajo, Carl, Ungvar, Hungary. Colcnptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptei'a, 

Dipt em. 
Sajfhelyi Frigves, Budapest. Geol. 

S.xndor, Prof Johaxv, Spaspvaros Broos, Hungaiy. Min. 
S.\RK\NY, MlKL)S, Biidapc-t. Geol. 
Savtek. Du Anton E., Salzburg. Cnjpturjams. 
Schadrsch.midt, Jt"les, Khiuseiibiirg. But., Algce. 
ScnAFARZiK, Ferencz, Budapest. <ieol 
ScHAiTTEH, Ignaz, Rzc-zow, Ilunjarv. Coleopt., Hi/men. 
ScMASsi,, .If)ii , .>!. (Jcor^en, Liiii^^ssec bei Laun*doi-f. Cole<pt. 
ScHAi'ER, Ernst, Pieinaki p Brody, Hungary, (hn. 
ScuEDL, .Vrnul", Bcriediktinier Prof. am. Ober-gymnasiiira inGran (Esz- 

tergorn), IlunL;ary. '/ool , Bot , Mm. C. Ev. 
SCHENK, MoRiTZ, Eli~al)etbsrr 3, H. neii, Pra-^'ue, Bohemia. Coleopt. 
Schenk, S. L., Prof. Univ. Vienna. I'.inhryol. 
ScHENZL, Dr. (itiF) ■), Dir. dor Erz. Uriirarn Central .\nstalt fiir Meteor, 

oloLiic und crdnia'.nictism-i, Budapest I., Hungary. Mcliorttayy, 

Tern .sti ml Mariiirlism 
SCHERFFEL, \., Popiild. Hot. C. 

SCHERFFEL, ANSEL, Fclka, Hungaiy. Chcm. 

148 THE naturalists' DIKECTOnV. [ACSTRO- 

ScilEiiTiiAUER, Prof. GrsT., Riidapost, Iluncrary. Patholocjy, Anatomy. 
ScuiAm'ZZi, \^\\. ISeuxii., PiiMiio, Ystrien, lluugaiy. Oni. 

SciIIEDEKMAYIt, I)lt., LillZ. Bot ., Cltjpt. 

SCHIFFNEK, Di{., Vienna. Hot. 

SciiiKNHOFEK, P., Cicrli., Scc. (Jen. Iloi't. Soc, Vienna. Bot. 

SciiLACiiTA, Lajos, .Manunaros-iSziLiet. Heol. 

ScHLOSSEU, Dit. .losEF, A^iT.ini, IIimLzary. Co'enpt. 

'SciiMAKDA, l)i£. LunwiG, Acaei. Vienna. Moll , Virmcs, Zndphites. 

SciiMiDT-(j()i;REi,, Pi-()1'. a. dcr Univcrsitat, llauptstr. 9i5, Vienna. Coleopt. 

ScHMEKZ, Pkof. Dk., Bnuin. Bot, 

Schmidt, Alexaxder, (Jnstos-.\(ljnnkt Arn. National ^luseum, Builapest. 

lliin^rarv. Miiitrnh^/i/, csp. Crijstnllocjraphy. 
ScuMiDTOFFEN, ViCTOU PtiTTEit VON TscuPsizu, Villa Tanncntof, llal- 

lein, Salzhm-tr. Orn., csp. Orii. of Austria and Ilungari/. C. Ex. 

Birds of Aiistro-Hnnfirary, csp. ol'llic Alps. 
SciiMUCK, J. vox. .Seiiwaz. Bot. 
Schneider, (Justav, Bcrgwerkobcsitzcn nnd Director, Schmiilnitz, Hun- 

frary. Phi/s. Chem., (h'ol., csp. \(it. Hist. C. 
ScHNELLER, AUGUST, Scliondorfcrgassc, Prcssbur;,'-, Hungary. Bot. 
ScHOEPKE, Pi{OF. IIiGO, Bruncck. Bot. 
SCHRAUF, 1)R .\LRRECHT, Prot'. Miu. Univcrsitjit, Waltcrgassc, 3, Vienna. 

SCHREDER, Rezso, Sclmccz. Geol. 
ScuREiBER, Dr. Egii), Dir. dcr Staatsrcalschulc, Gorz. Coleopt. 


ScHKOFF, Dr Carl D. R. vox, Prof. Enier., Griitz. 

ScHi'CH, Prof. Dr., Ilakosgrabengassc, 14, Budapest. Bot. 

SCHULEK, Dr. Vilmos, Budapest. Gcol. 

Schuler, 1'rof. Alois, Budapest, Hungary. Experimental Physics. 

SciiULZE, Prof. Dr. Franz E., (iratz. Anat., Zool. 

ScnuLZER VON Mi'GGENBURG, Caht., Viukovcc. Bot., Mycology. 

ScHi'STER, Carl, Klan-cnbnrg, Hnngaiy. Lcpid. 

Sciii'STER, Max, Maxiniiliansplatc, 15, Vienna. .!//«. 

ScHVARCz, Dr. Julius, F. G. S., M. del. Acad. Hon., Stuhlweisanbiirgh 

Hungary. (tcoI., Anth. 
SCHWARZ, Dr. IIeinrich, R. Univ. Griitz. Zoul. 
ScHWARZ, L., Bol. Gar. Cracow. Bot. 
Schwartz, Dr. Ott.>, Selmecz. Geol. 
ScHWEHLA, (4vuLA, Sclmccz. Gcol. 
ScnwEiiER, .T.VNOS, Pancsova. Geo). 

ScHWoDER, Heinr , .Vu^terlitz, Maliren. Coleopt., Lepid., Hemipt. 
Sebestyen, Pal, Budapest. Gcol. 
Sebesy, Ala.ios, Szoniliathely. Geol. 
Seboth, J., (iriitz. Hot. 

Seligmann, P.50F. Er. Franz, R. Univ. Vienna. 
Semic, Wladimir. Nikoliegasse, Agram, Hungary. Bot. 
Semsey, Andor, Budapest. Gcol. 
Senek, Dr. IsTv.iN, Scluiccz. Geol. 

Senoner, Dr., 14 Landstrasse, Kricgelgasse, Vicuna. Mic, Bot. 
Servk, Kvroly, Biulapcst. Geol. 
Setari, Dr. F., iMcran. I.epid. 
Shafarick, \ , Prauiic, Bohemia. 
Siegmeth, Karl, In-pcctor dcr Ung. N.O. Balin, S. A. Ujhcl}', Hungary. 

(jcoL, Tupuiraphy, Groy. C. 
SiEHMOX, .\i)OLF, Budapest. Geol. 
Sigmund, .\Lors, (iynmasiuni, Troppnu. Petrography. 
Simettixger, iNlicuAEL, Bcrg-ingenieur, AuucusU-ussc, 29, Griitz. Geol. 
SiMKOVics, Prof. D. L., Pancsowa. Bol. 

HlTNGARY] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 149 

SiMONYi, Erno, Budapest. Gcol. 

SivALiTZKV, Dk., Jvaniiclitcrjr. 24, Prague, Eohemia. Colcoptera, esp. 

^■^ iplnjIiK dee. 
Skofitz, Dk Alex.. Schlos<!g;i#se, 15, ^'icnna. Bot. 
bOLLA, Uk. II., via Muila Vccciiia, lU, Trieste. But. 
So.MAHLGA, E. Fun. v., Prof Univ., Vicnua. Chcm. 
So.Msicii, P.vL, dcol. 
SiMTZV, .Josef N., bt. Ecoiilianl. Colcopt. 
Splenvi, Bela, Builapest. (ivol. 

Si^KEiTZENHOFEii, G. C'. Postgasse, 23, \'ienua. Bot. ), .Mm H.y, Aszoil. (tcoI. 
Sknka, .V.ntox K. LaiKlesbcaiuter Karlsgassc, 422, Prague, Bohemia. 

Stache, \)\i CJlido, Bc'c*. (Jeol. 
Stakav, .Stefan, .Viademv, Kassan, Ilunjraiy. Bot. 
Stal"B, \y\i. -MoK, Tabaki^as^c, 2(", Builapest. " (hoL 
Stai'DACU,, v.. J{zc<zo\v, lliuigary. Ij-pid. 
STECiCEH, .VxTox, Breniite^a--.e, Z'j, Pi^u'ue, Bohemia. Arachnida. 
Stefax, I)u. Jos., fccc. K. .Vead. feci . X'ienna. But , Plnjs., Mcteorol. 
Steffek, Uk. .Vdolf, Atillag, 647, Talian, Butlapcst, Ilungaiy. 
Steix, sex., Pkof. 1>K. F., Prague, Bolicniia. Anat., '/oul., Vermes. 
Steix, .iux., (JeoKCt., Snicikagassc, l.'i, ncii. Prague, Bohcuiia. ('oleopt. 
Steix, Dk. II , Cliodau bci Karhljad. Liit., csp. Lepid., liijineauj)., 

X. iiriipti-rn. 
Steix, Dr. W'ilhelm, Piof. Emcr , Vienna. 
Steixdachxek, Dk. Fkaxz. Aead., Vienna. Ucrp , Ichlli. 
Steixiiaisz, .JiLils, Beri:ver\valter, Pe;;izau, lluu.uaiy. .1//)!. C. Ex. 

Wiilierile, Baiile, Ziuel)lende, (jaleuite, Hydr07.i>ecite, Ccnisitc, etc. 
Steixitz, NVexzel, Mulliieiga^ise, 13. Budapest, Hungary. Bot. 
Stei»Ax, Miks.\, Petroz^eny. GeoL 
Stekx, 11l"go, Ujpe-t. (ifoL 
Stessel, D:{ L.\.io.>. T<ipi(J-.Szele. Gcol. 
Stieglek. Fk.M' .Ii'lia, .\graui, Iluii-iaiy. Colcopt. 
Stoll. Uk. IvUUOLF, ]vlt)-iei iieui>erg. Bot. 
Stossicii, Pkof. ]\Iicii., (i\ ninasiiim, Finnic. Bot. 
Stolz, O.. Prof I'uiv., Inusliniek. Matli. 
Stkassek, Gabkiel, Benedietiner u. Direetor dcr Sternwartc, Krems* 

iniin^ter. Ast. 
Stuobl, Fkaxz, Obcrlelirer a dcr Biirgersehulc, Linz. Coleopt, 
Stkoise, Peke Gabkiel, Seitenstettea. Bot. 
Stkiska, .1., Soc. Iloit., Graiz. Bot. 
Studxicka, LiEiT. C, Cattaro. Bot. 

Stl'R, Dk , Acad. Sci., Pa>umoffskygasse, 3, Vienna. Palceo,, Sot. 
Stlk, Dexes, Bees. (jctd. 
STLKZEXBAfM, .I(>zsEF, Budapest. GeoL 
Stussixek, J., Xewgasse, ;">, Laibacli. Coleopt. 
Stux, Dionvk., Vienna. Geol. 

Sl'esi, Dk. Eduaki), Piof. Univ., Vienna. Gcol., Palceo. 
SuKUi', Natagedl, .Maluen. J.e/itd. 
SissxEK, Fekexcz, Rocbia. (^cal. 
Sykski, S. v., I'lol'. Univ., Eendierg. Zo:;l. 
SzAHis, Pkof. Dk. Josef, Budapest. Geol. 
SzAn:'), .Samu, Kdlozsvar. d'eoL 
Syak.\cs, Istv.\n, Kce^kcnict. Geol. 
SzALAY, J.)ZSEF, Felsii-Tclekcs. (j'eol. 
Szaxiszlo, Dk. A., Prof. Agrie. Scli., Univ., Klauscnburg. Anthropoda, 

Sz.\sz, Pkof. Dk. Etienne, Gymn,, Miko. Bot. 

150 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [Adsteo- 

SzATMORY, Bela. XajTV Banya. (leol. 
SzALEK, Arnold, Bin I";i pest. Gcol. 
SZECSKAV, ISTVAN, Biuliipcst. (ieol. 
SZEGEDY, ISTVAN, lIcilllUlU-. (icol. 

SzENTGV()i{(;vi, Elek, Biuiapcst. Geol. 

SzEi'LiGETi, ruoE. V., .Josct'-liiiijrstr. 50, Budapest. Bot. 

SziKLAV, Lldwig, Pi-ekc teiitto, Hungary. Bot. 

SziKSZAV, Lajos, ]jiulapcst. (Jcol. 

SziLNiczKV, Jakab, ^Scluiccz. Gi'Ol. 

SzE.vviK, Daniel, Budapest. Gcol. 

SziLV, Pkof. Coloman, IJiuhipcst, Hungary. 

Szontagh, Andok, L'sctuck. Gcol. 

Szontagh, Di{. Nic DE, Uj Thtraiurcd. Bot. 

Szo.NTAGU, Tamas, Budapest. Geol. 

SzTEHLf), -SuKEL, Ravacsoiiy igasse, 9, Budapest, Hungaiy. Bot, 

Takoits, J.vx.>s, Dir. Tclcgraplis, Budapest, Hungary. Physics. 

Tallatschek, Fehenxv, Pctvozseny. Geol. 

Talskv, Pkof. Jos., Neulitsclioiu, jSliihren, Hungary. Orti. 

Tamele, Josef, Podel)rad, Bohemia. Cokopt. 

Tangl, E., J^iof. Univ., Czernowiti:. Bot. 

TaI'I'EI.nek, Dr., iMcran. Bot. 

Tatar, .M., Hot. Gar., Prairue, Boliemia. Bot. 

Tauschek, Dr. J. .\cg., Eresin. Bot. C. 

Tech, Williielm, (Jl'cn Jal)an Mondssheing, 844, Hungary. Bot. 

Teglas, CiiuoR, Dcvu. Gt'ol. 

Teller, Dr. Friedr., k. k. (ieolog. Inst., Vienna. Geol. 

Tellocker, p. biGMU.xi), Prior der Benedietiner, Kremsmiinster. Min. 

Terv, Dr. Odon, Selmecz. Geol. 

Teschler, Gyorjy, KiirnKiez. (icol. 

TuAN, Prof. Karl, Budajiest, Hiuigarv. Chem. 

Thaniioffek, Prof. Dr. Lldwig, Budapest, Hungary. Phys., Min. 

Themak, Ede, Teniesviir. Giol. 

Thoretka, Anton, Tha-.clKui, Hnnuary. Chem. 

Thl'.men, Felix Baron, W tihring, behulgasse 1, Vienna. Mycology. 

(>^i/stein(it.c). C Ex. 
TnuN, Leo, Bees. (ieol. 

TiEDLER, JoH., Dir. der Zuckerlahrik Jung Bunzlau, Bohemia. Coleopt. 
Tiesenhausen, Baron von, hthnuilgasse 12, Griitz. Coleopt. 
TiETZE, Emil, Vienna. Gtol. 
Tikscher, J,>zsef, bziHakna. Geol. 
TniL's, Pits, Gerla, near Gyuhi. Bot., Algcc. C. 
Titze, Jozsef, ;szehd<na. Geol. 

Tolinszky, Bela, loriu', Budapest H. Hungary. Bot. 
To.MAscuEK, Prof. Ant , Polyiee. h^ih , Bninn. Hot. 
To.Mosv.\RY, Edmund, Dr. Phil. Uuiversiiiit Klousenburg, Hungary. 

Miinoporla. C. Ex. Hungarian >pceie- lor others. 
ToKMA, Fr.\L'lein Sofie VON, tzaszvaros (Broos), Transylvania, Atith., 

Geo!., Palceo. C. 
TOTH, Agoston, Gniundcn. Geol. 
ToRoK, Dr. J.)ZSEF, Debrcczcn. Geol. 
TretY(')K, J.iNOS, Dios-Ciyiir. Geol. 
Trevinfels, L., Maricnherg, near Mais. Bot. 
Trusz, Simeon, But. (Jar., Lenihcrg. Bot. 
TscHAPECK, H., 18 .Morellenleldgasse, Gratz. Moll., Coleopt. 
Tscuermak, Dr. Gustav, k. k. lloiVath, Prof. Min., Univ., Vienna. 

Tscudi, Dr. Johann J. B. von, Vienna. 
T$cuusi, T. Ritter von, Halleiu, near Lcibaeh. Om. 

Hungary.] the NATURALISTS' DIRECTORY. 151 

Ti-RK, Rudolf, k. k. Min.-Secretar, Lagerg. 1, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Typolv, Fehek, Gran, Hungary. Physics. 
Ulbkicht, Prof. 1)K. 11., Agvic. Sta. Altenburg. Chem.,Bot. 
Ultzman, Dk. Kobekt, Doceut, Universitat, Vienna, Vlll. 13ezn-k, Acli- 

erstras-;e 7. , . ^ 7 

Urba, Dr. Karl, Prof. Univcrsifat, Prague. Min., Petrography. 
Vagner, Ludvig, Kalio, Marmaros, Hungary. But. 
Valenta, Michael, Belgnad Serbien, Hungary. Hot. 
Valkovices, Antal, .^elmccz. Geol. 
Vambeky, Akmin, Prof. Univ., Builapest. 
Varga, Vilnius, Szaszka. Geol. 
Varinyi, .Janos, Budapest, (ieol. 
Valya, MiKLOS, Budapest. Geol. 

Vecsey, Ji)ZsEF, Budapest. Geol. , . , 

VEJDOVSKr. Ur. Fraxz, Doccnt, Univ.,nnd derbohm tcchmschcn, Hoch- 

sfhulc, Plague, Bolicmia. Zn.l.. Coynparative Aaat. 
Venturi, Dr. G-, Trent. Bot., Bryology. 
Veres, Ji')Zsef, Kolo/.svar. Geol. 
A'est, von, I'rague, Boliemia. 

Vetter, Ad., Imp. (iar. Sclioenbrunn, near Vienna. Bot. 
Veydovsky. v., Prof. Univ., Pra;rue, Bohemia. Bot. 
Vilas, Herman von, lunrain 16, Innsbruck. Con. Will send list of Ty- 
rol .\lpine -.hells when wished for. 
ViNCENZ, (iREDLER P., (ivmna^ial Dir. Botzen. Mnlncology, Coleopt. 

C P>v. Ka>t India or Japanese shells for Tyroli;in. 
ViNTSCiiGAi', Dr. Max R von, Prof. Univ. Innsbruck. 
Vlantken, Max, Dir des (ieolo.r. Institut. Budapest, Hungary. 
Vleck, Wilhelm, Weinbeiii-Ciemeiude, Prague, Bohemia. Lepid. 
Vogl, Dr. a.. Prof. Univ. W'iihringcster. 31, Vicuna. 
Vogl, Prof. V. v., luit. Isopodt. 
VoGEL, F., Laxeubui-;,''. Bot. 
Von Babo, A. \\'., Klosterueuburjr- Bot 
A'oN Ebner, Prof. Dr., Univ. (iriitz. Bot. 

Von Hohnel, Dr. F., Prof. Polytee. Seh , Vienna. Physiol, Bot. 
Von Keck, Dk. Karl, .Vislersheim. Bot. 
Von Keller, J. B., Wieden, liauptstrasse, 78, Vienna. Bot. 
Von Liehenberg, 1'rof. Dr., Vienna. But. 
Vox Katii, Prof. (JiiEfiADo, Vicnn.i. 

Von ThI', Baron F., \\',iluing.Schul<rassc, Vienna. Bot., Mycology. 
Von TsChcsi, \'ieior. Villa Tiinncn. ^^al/.l)urg. Orn. 
Voss. Prof. \V., l.,aib;ieh. Bot., Mycolo/y. 
Vrba, C, Prof. Univ Czcrnowilz. Min. 
VicUETiCU, llu^zkabanya. Bot C. 
AN'achtel, F. .\., \'HI, Tnlpenu. 3, Vienna. 
"Wagner,, (iyuiuasial-Prof. und Adj. dcr Sternwarte, Krems- 

miinster. Physics, Magnetism. 
Wagner, Dr. Daniel, Biuhipest. Geol. 
WA.IGIEL, Leoi'., Prof, um Gymn., Kolomca. Arachnida. 
Waldiierr, •Tr)zsEF, Vcrsccz. Geol. 
^\'ALI)^■ER, Univ., (Jriilz. Bot. 

\\'alteniiofer, Prof. Dr. A., Prague. Electricity, Magnetism. 
Walz, Li:i) , Bot. (iar., Klausenburg. Bot. 
Wartiia, Dr Vincze, Budapest. Geol. 
VV'attenwyl, Brfnner, von, IlolVath, Thercsiaucnngassc, 2.'), Vienna. 

Ent., Grthoptera. C. Ex. .^uslrian t)rthoptera. 
\Vawra von Fernsee, Dr Henri, H(d)sburgcrgasse 6, Vienna. Bot, 
Wei DEL, H., Prof. Uiuv., \'ienna, Chem. 
Weiler, Prof. J., Inusl)ruck. Lepid. 

152 THE naturalists' JilKECTOKV. [Aust.-Hcn. 


Weix, JAnos, Budapest, (leol. 

AV'ein, Kakoi-V, 15ml;i))est. Oeol. 

AVeiss, Puof.Dk. Eu.mlxd, Uir. dcr k. k. Stcrnwarte, Wahriug, Vienna. 

Weiss, G. A., Prof. Univ., rrajnc, Bohemia. Bot., PInjsiol. 

Weisz, Beknat, Budapest. Gcol. 

Weisz, Tade, Zalatima. Geol. 

Weningeh, Dk. Laszlj, Bees. Gcol. 

Wettstein, .\ntal, Budapest. Geol. 

Wevk, E., Prof. Univ., \'ienna. Math. 

WiEKZEJ.sKi, Anton, Phil. Ur., Doeent an der Univcrsitat, Krakau. 
Zo .1., ('rust., ('om/>. Anat. 

WiESBAUK, Pkof. J , Kalkshuri,'. Bot. 

WiESNEK, Dk. J., Prof. Univ., Alservorstadt, Tihkcnstr. 3, Vienna. Bot. 

WiEszNEK, Adolf, Sehneez. Geol. 

WiiiLiDAL, Josef, Seh\vefel<,fassc, 461, Prasruc, Boliemia. Lepid. 

AViLDAUEU V. WiLUiiAiSE.x, F., Piof. Univ. Innsbruck. Philology. 

WiLiiELM, Pkof. Dit. Gistav, B. Univ. Giiitz. 

WiLLiGK, E., Prof. Univ. Prajiue, Bohemia. Chcm. 

WiLLKO.MM, Di{. IIeinkick Moiutz, Prof. Syst. Bot., d. k. k. Univ , Dir. 
d. k. k. Bot. (iartcu, Praiiiie, Bolictnia. Bot.,Geog. Dist. C. E.v. 

WiNCEXZ, Prof. Waktha, Budapest, Hungary. Chem. 

AViNKLEK, Ben'o, Sehnecz. Gcol. 

WissiN'GER, Pkof. Kakl, Kecskemet. 

WiTTiNGEK, J.iNOS, Budapest. Gcol. 

Wolf, IIeixkicii, Vienna, (icol. 

Wolff, CJabkiel, Thorda, Iluu^.'-ary. Bot. C. 

WoLoyzczAK, Oit. EusT., Bot. Gar." Vienna. Bot. 

WoYNAK, J., Rattenhcrj,'-. Bot. 

Wullei{storf-Uri5air, Bei{nard F. von, Gratz. 

Zakrzewski, v.. Prof. Univ. Krakau. Uiitolocjy. 

Zanetzky, Paul, G.inKir, Hun^jjny. jiot. 

Zebrawskv, T., Krakau, Hun;iary. 

Zechenter, .\dolf, Yanosliegy,"lIun<rary. Jl/m., Ent. 

Zecuenter, Dr., Gtstav, Kremnitz, k. unir. Bcrjrwescnsavzt, Hungary. 
Geo inosij., Mill., Bot. C Ev. trachyte, opal, sphalerite, &e. 

Zeitgeb, Dk. HtiiiERX, Prof. Univ. Griitz. ' Bot. 

Zelbu, IvAKL, Asst. der Stcrnwarte, Woehring Tiirkenschanzc, Vienna. 

Zemlinszkv, RoezsC), Salgotiirjan. Geol. 

Zenger, Chas. v.. Prof. Xat. Philos. and Ast. Observatory T. R. Bohe- 
mian Polytechnic School, Weinberg. »70, Prague. Xat. Philos., 
Astron. Would like to c.v. solar and lunr.r photographs for objects 
in the same line. 

Zeni, F., Roveredo. Coleopt. 

Zepuarovich, Dr. Victor L. Ritter von, Oberhergra'h, Pi-of. dcr. 
ISIincralosic an dcr k k. Universitiit, Prague. Min., CnjstaUog. C 

Zillner, I)r. Franz V., Salzburg. 

Zi.mmeter, Prof. A., Stcyr. Bot. 

ZiTiiovsKV, L. v.. Prof. Univ. Vienna. Nat. Hist. 

ZocH, Dr J., Scrajevo. Bot. 

Zsedenyi, Otto, Szc'lakna. Geol. 

Zseltvav, Bogdon, Narannd. 

ZsiGMONDY, Bela, Budapest. Geol. 

ZsiGMONDY, Wil.i., Builapest, Hungary. Geol. 

ZuKAi,, II., Altenliuseh, Boliemia. Bot. 

Zwanzigek. (i. .\v>., Klagenfurt. Palceo., Bot. 

Zwifeluofer, Fkanz, Sparkasse, Prague, Bohemia. Mic. 

Belgium.] the NATURALISTS' DIRECTORY. 153 


D'Arru, da Furtado, Fraxcisco, St. Micliael's Island. Zoilogy. 

Gomes Maciiado, Dk. Caklos Maria, Dircctcur du Mu^ec 'X;itional, 
Prot'esscur ;iu L}ecc National lie I'llc St. Michel, St. MicLacl's Is- 
land. Zool. C. ol' the Museum, ex. 


Adan, E., Rue dc li Conronnc, 2, Ixcllcs, near Bnisscls. Math. 

Alvix, L. 11. Acadeiiiia, Bius-;els. 

Ahxoild, (iusTAVE, luiicnicur, Mons. 

Aschmax, Dr., Pics. Bot. Soc, Kuc de 1' Arsenal, 6, Luxcmbouvj:^. Bot. 

Baqlet, Pr. Chs , Iiuc dcs .fovenscs-Eiitrces, 6, Louvain. Bot.* 

Barrow, 8.";, Rue Ro\alc Saiiue-^Marie, .'Sauit-.J^)sso-teu-Noode. Mic. 

Becker, Leox, Rue (iodeehailes, Ixelles. Arach, 

Becql'et, Alfred, Nauuir. 

Bede, E., \'cr\ iei>. 

Bemmel, Charles vax, Rue St-Lazare, 25, St-Josse-tcn-Xoode, near 

Bru<-^els. Coleopt. 
Berchicm, Frax(;ois, In.^^euicur Principal dcs Mines, Rue Pepin, 32, Na- 

niur. Mia., (iaol * 
Berge, Albert, .Mcnibre dc la Socic'te Entomologiquc de Beljriqnc, Rue 

lie la Porte, 122, .SchaerbecU, near Brussels. Ent. : Coleopt., esp. 

BtipiL'stida and Laini'lhrorns. C. Ex. Coleopt. of Belgium for 

Bnprc>tid:v ami Lanieliicorn^.* 
Berxaijd, IJr. Hector, Mous. 
Berxaruix, Prof. Dr, Curator Conimereial and Industrial Museum, Col- 

k';^c oi' Mclic, near (ihent. Tcclival,., Hot., Zool. C Ex.* 
BiLiiARZ, Oscar, Morcsnct, near Ilerlie-lhal. Ueol. 
Blaxchart, Camille. Rue \'auticr, (i. Ixelles. Geol. 
BoMMER, E., ]Miue>., Rue de la Cliancellcrie, 8, Brussels. Bot. 
Bo.MMER, .J. E., Prof. University, Rue de la Chaneellerie, 18, Brussels. 

E„l. : Lrpnl. 
Boxaert, Barox Raoul, Rue ]\Iarie-TIie'rese, 8'), Brussels. Coleopt. 
BoxxEwyx, Dr. IIeinrich, Dir. Pliar. In-«t , Briissils. 
BoR.MAXs, Al:glste Erxest de. Rue dc Con>tauiiiio Ic, 21. .St. Gillcs, 

Bru-^^els. l-liit. : Orihnp'i-ra. C. Ev. Ortlioptera of all rouuliies, 

c>pL'ei:dly of the Deriua))tcra, of uliieh have prepareil a general 

niono^rapii * 
Borre, .VLFJiEi) Preudiiomme DE, Scc. Mus. Ilist. Nat., Rue de Dublin, 

li), IvcUcS. Cult'Opt. 

Bounv, Victor, Rue Darehis, oS, Lic;ie. Geol. 

BoLiLLOX, Algiste, Prof. Atheuaeuui, Rue Brederodc, 13, Brussels. 

Boulaxger, Eugexe, Place du Marehc, Chatclct. Qrol. 
150URD0N', Dr. -Illes, Place St-Pierre, 21, Lie^e. Coliopt. 
Bovie, .Vli'IIoxse, Rue des Fabri(|iies. 2, Hru-seis. Coinpt. 
Bkaxdex. Coxstaxce Vaxdex, Rue dc la Madeleine, 85), Brussels. Ent. : 

Diltimiilm C E\.* 
BRAXQfART, .Illes, Ru dii firaud Hospice, 1, hh, hcllcs. Coltopt. 
Breitiio!', Nicolas, Prof Univ.. Rue du Canal, Si, Louvain. Otol. 
Bremer, Catt , Rue du Truue, Ixelles. Lipid. 
liRHLMOXD, .\., .'?t-.Josseteu-Noode. 
Brlxkt, Ali'Hoxs!-;, Morlauuelz. Geol., Palaeo. 
BusTix, Oscar, Rue dcs Uuillemius, 23, Lieyc. Geol. 

154 THE naturalists' DIRECTOUY. [Belgium. 

Candeze, Dr. Ernest, Olain, near Liege. Entomology: Lamdlicorns, 

Klittcndce, Lniu/icorncs. C. Ex.* 
Cannaut [>' JIamale, Fr. de, Maliries. Bat. 
(Ui'UONMER, J. B , riiie lioLiier, -i.')!, Schacrbcck. Ent. : Lepid. 
Cakion, Fhanc;ois, line Nevi-uuiiiout, no, .St.-Josse-tcn-Xoode. Coleopt., 
Carnov, Dr. -I*. 13 , Piof. Univ. Loiivain, Hue Marie-Tlieresc, 21. Hot. 
Caktuyvels, Jules, Prof. University, Kue des llecollets, 29, Loiivain. 
Casse, Dr. J., IJno dc Liunc, 39, Briissels. Mic. 
Catalan, C E., University, Liege. 
CnALON, J., yt-Scrvais, near Nanuir. Bot. 
CiiAi'i'is, Fei.icien, Vcrviers. 

Chandelon, -Josei'H, Prof. Univ., TJne Darcliis, 14, Liege. Geol. 
Chanoelon, Tiieodoue, IJiie St.-(;illes, 86, Liege. Geol. 
Charles, E , Kiie Joseph II, 49, Brussels. Mic 

Charlier, Dk. Ei-gene, Faubourg yt.-Uilles, 19, Liege. Coleopt., Geo!. 
CiLvi'DRON, Joseph, Rue Joseph, 11, Brussels, (j'eol. 
Chevron, Laurent, Pioi'. Agric. Seh., Kue Notrc-Damc,306, Gembloux. 

Clavareau, Camille, Waret-la-Chnusscc, Province of Namur. Lepid. 
Clemm, Fuederic, line de I'Universitc, 24, (ihcnt. Ent.: Coleopt. 
CoGELS, Paul, CoUalioratcur de la Commission de la Carte Geologique do 

la Beliziipie, Deurne, near Antwerp. UeoL, Palceo. C* 
Colbeau, Emile, Kued'Orleans, 41, Ixellcs. Mic. 
Colbeau, Jules, Pvue d'Orleans, 41, Lxellcs. Coleopt., Hemipt., Neuropt., 

Lepid., ()rn. 
COOMANS, Rue du Poin(;on, 62, Brussels. Mic. 
Coi'UEZ, Dr , Boulevard du JanHu Botani(iue, 24, Brussels. Mic. 
(.'ORNET, J. F., Rue de la Tourelle, 43, Brussels. But. 
Cornet, Franqois Leorold, Ingenieur Civil, Mcmbre dc rAcademie 

Royal des Seieurcs de Bc]gi(pic, Mons. tjcol. C* 
Corput, Dr. van den, 15. Ed., Prof, ii I'Universite', 19 Avenue de la 

Toisou d'or, Brussels. Tlieraperities. C. Ex. Library of 20,000 

volumes, Nat. Hist, oitjeets, medical portraits, about 3,000, auto- 
graphs, antiquities, etc.* 
Coteaux, Leopold, Avenue des Arts, 78, Antwerp. 
CoUKTlN, lugenicui-, Mons. 
CovoN, AiME, Prof. College, Dinaut. Coleopt. 
Ckepin, Franqois, Dir. Jardin Bot., Rue dc I'Esplanade, 8, Brussels, 

Crick, Dr. Charles, Thuillies, llainaut. Coleopt. 
Crocq, Dr. J., Prof. Univ., Rue Royale, 110, Brussels. Geol. 
CroostemberitH, Max de. Place .St. Jac(]ues, 21, Louvaiu. Ent. : Coleopt. 

C. I'lx. Coleoptera, foreign and others.* 
CuYLiTS, Jacques, Rue Leys, 14, .\ntwerp. Zool. 
Dallemaone, Rue de la Poste, 46, Brussels. Mic. 
Dastot, Dr. Adolphe, INIons. 
Dastot, Prof. Jules, Mous. 
Davreux, Paul, See. Mus. Indus, at Brussels, 14 Rue Lefrancq, Shaer- 

bcek. Ge(jl. 
De Bonnier. Rue dc la Blanchisscrie, "Brussels. Mic. 
De Borie, Chevalier, Brussels. Ent. 
De Borre, a , Roy. Mus Nat. Hist., Brussels. 
De Cateiss, Le Baron Comt., Rue (icranl, 2, Antwerp. Zosl. 
De Colnet d'IIuart, Lu\c:iiliourg. 
De (,'uvper, Charles, Prof. Univ. of Liege, Rue IMercelis, 80, Brussels. 

Geol., Ast., Math. 
Defrance, Karolv, Antwerp, (icol. 
Deheen, Pierre, Rue <lcs Joycuses-Entrecs, Louvaiu. Phys., Cliem. 


Dejaer, Ernest, Rue de la Chausse'e, 22, Mons. 

DeKerchove de (jENTERGHEM, OSWALD, Gouvcrncuv de la Province du 

llainiuit, Mons. Bot., Agric. C. Paliii trees and coal fossils.* 
De KoNiNCK, Laurent-Guillai'me, Prof. Emerite a I'LIniversite, Rue 

13aesan;,''c, 48, Liejre. GeoL, Palceo* 
De Konxinck, Liciex Louis. Prof. Universite, charofe du cours de 

chimio analytiqnc. Rue Bassanjre, 48, Lie^e. Chem., Min. C. 

Ex. Minerals ot Beluium for those of America.* 
Delacke, Ambkoise, Rue dc rArbrc-Bcnit, 106, Brussels. Mic. 
De Lafontaine, Alfred, Rue Joseph II., 37, Brussels. Aptera. 
De Lafontaine, Jules, Univ., Ghent, Coleopt., Lepid., Hymeiiop., 

Delaunois, Dr. Gustave, Perusvelz. 
De la Vallee, Prof. Toussin, Rue de Namur, 190, Louvain. GeoL, 

Delecosse, Dr., Rue de I'llopital, 14, Brussels. Mic. 
Delepierke, M. Octave, Brussels. 
Delogne, C. II., Brussels. Bot. 

Delstanche, Dr. Charles, Rue du Commerce, 11, Brussels. Mic. 
Deluc, Prof., Rue du Viaduc, 84, Brussels. 
Delvau.x, Emile, Capitainc de Cavalerie a I'lnstitut Cartojjraphique 

Militaire, Avenue Brujrmann, 452, Brussels. GeoL, Palceo., Anth. 

C. Rocks and fossils. Hints and instruments. 
Delvaux de Eenefe, Ad., Liejre. 

Demont, Jules, Rue Neuve, 25, Namur. Ent.: Lepid., Coleopt. 
Demoor, v., Alost. Bot. 

Demollin, Ga^fard, Rue de Nimy, 46, Mons. 
DeI'aire, J. B., Prof. Univ., Rue Royale, 54, Brussels. Mic. 
De Pitteuhs, IIiegaerts, Ch., Zeppcrcn, Linihourjr. Mic. 
De Puyt, Emil, Naturalist, Prcs. tjociete des Sciences, des Arts, et des 

Lettrcs thi llainaut, Mons. 
De Reul, X., Rue dc Robiano, Scharbeck. Geol. C. 
De Selys-Fanson, Baron Ferd., Quai INIanelis, Liege. Geol. C. 
De Simonv, Baron IIyacinthe, In^cnieur, Mons. 

Despret, Felix-Leon, Rue du Bouchain, Alb, llainaut. Ent.: Coleopt. 
Destree, Rue au Beurre, 49, Brussels. Mic. 
De Tilly, Josepu M., Antwerp. 
Deviller, Prof. Adolphe, Dir. a I'Ecole d'Industrie et des Mines, 

Devillers, Leopold, President du Ccrcle Archeologique. Mons. 
Devis, Mnlincs. Bot. 
De Vos, a., Licfre. Bot. 
Dewalque, FiiANgois, Prof. Ordinaire de Chimie Industricllc a I'Uni- 

vcr^itc, 2(5, Rue de -lovcu^es Entrees, I^ouvain. C/iem., Mm. C.* 
Dewalove, GrsTAVF., Pro!'. Ordinaire dc Mineralo;iie, de Gcolojrie ot de 

Palc'ontolojzic n I'l'niversite, 17 Rue de la Paix, Liejje. Min , GeoL, 

Pa/rro C Ex. Desires fossils, espec. Devonian, and offers ]Min- 

crals and Fossils of Bclj;ium. 
De M'inter, .1. .Jacques, Rue Van Sti'olen, 50, Antwerp. Zool. 
DiETz, FitANgois, Rue Van Blocr. 8, Antwerp. Ent.. Colenpt.* 
DONCHIER, DE DONCELL, Ch. Ruc ISIandcvillc, 134, Lic<rc. Lepid. 
DoxcKiER DE DoNCELL, IIenri, Mus. hist, nat., Ruc Malibran, 109, 

fxcllcs. Coll'lipt. 

DoNCKiER, Charles, Chokior, near Flemmallo. Geol. 
DoNNY, Francois, ^I. L., (ibcnt. 

Dubois, Alphonse, Roy. Mus. Xat. Hist , Brussels. Ent.: Lepid. 
DuFOUR, Arthur, Rue Royale, 72, P.russels. Lepid. 
DuGNiOLLE, Maximilien, Piof. Uuiv. 57 Coupuic, Ghent. GeoL 

156 TiiE naturalists' directory. [Belgicm. 

DuLiAT, Jules, Rue dc Monti<,'ny, Chailcroi. Geol. 

DuMONT, L., Sec. Soc. Sci. and Arts orilainaut, Mons. 

Du MoRTiEK, Dj{. iJ. C, Toiiinay. Bot. 

DuPONT, E., Dir, 11. Mns.Nat. Hist., lliiedc Florence, 66, Brussels. Geol. 

Du Pke, Dr. Gaston, Kue Duquesnoy, 13, Brussels. Coleopt. 

Dui'REZ, FRANgois J., (ilicnt. 

DuRANi), TiiEoi'iHLE, Iluc Lambert Ic Begne, 12, Liege. Geol. 

DusART, E., Hue (111 Clialelain, 7, Brussels. Mic. 

DuTREi'x, Uec. Gen., Luxcmhnurir. _ 

DuviYiER, Antoine, Kue du Progres, 98, Schaerbeek. Ent. : Coleopt., 

Lcpid., Mill. 
Engees, Charles, An'^eremme, near Dinant. Coleopt. 
Errera, Dr. I/Ec), Biie Koyalc, 6, Biussels. Rot. 
Eugene, S., Naturali-t, Rue de rEnseignenient, 19, Brussels. Coleopt. 
Falisse, J.-V , Prof. .Math. Univ. orLiejiC. 
Faly, Joseph, Boulevard Charles-Quint, Mons, Geol. 
Favn, Joseph, Kue dcs Augu-lins, 49, Liege. Geol. 
Fettweis:s, .Maurice, Rue de Limbourg, 19, Vcrviers. Coleopt. 
FiRKET, Adolphe, Ruc Dartois, '28, Liege. Mm., Geol. 
FiRKET, .M., Ruc de la Paix, 17, Liege. Min., Geol. 
p'cETTiNCiER, O., Roy. Mus. Nat. Hist., Brussels. Mic., Zool. 
Folie, F., Univ. of Liege. 

FoLotiNE, Egiue, Ruc de Namur, 12, Brussels. Lepicl. 
Fonou, Xkolas, Hotel de la Toison d'or, Leuze, (Hainaut). Lepid., 

Fontaine, Cesar, Papignics, canton de Lessincs, ( Hainaut). Lepid., 

FoRiR, Henri, Rue Roliertson, 11, Leige. Geol. 
Fraipont, Julius, Univcrsitc, Liege. Zobl. 
PV.ederic, Vktor, Rue Royalc, 27, Brussels. Lepid. 
Frederic, Victor, Ruc de Lausanne, GO, St. -Gillcs, near Brussels. Lepid. 
Frere, Emile, Ruc Uchinnoy, Bru-;scls. Mic. 
Fritsch, Dr. Carl W. G. F.' von, Prof. IMin. Geol. Univ., Halle. 
Fro.mont, Rue dc 1' Union, 17, St.-Jo?se-tcn-Xoo(lc. Coleopt., i.epid. 
Fromont, F ils. Dr. Edmond, Ymc dc la Victoire, 73, bt.-CiiUes, near 
Brussels. Coleopt. 

Fro.mont, Dr. Louis, Rue de la Victoire, 73, St.-Gilles, near Brus- 
sels. Coleapt. 
FuissEAUX, Georges de. Rue Blanche, 20, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. 

FuissEAUX, Henri de, Ruc Blanche. 20, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. Cohopt. 

FURUH.iELM, Victor de. Rue du Cadran, 25, St.-Jossc-teu-Noode. Coleopt. 

Gachari), L. P , Brussels. 

Gautier, I'alibc, Institut St.-Ignace, Antwerp. Coleopt. 

GiiYSE.NS, Dr., Univ., Liege. 

Giele, J. F., Louvain. I ot. 

Gii>BEKT, Charles, Ruc de Vord, 29, Antwerp. 

GiLKiNET, .\LFRED, Prof. Univ., Rue Rcnkin, 13, Liege. GeoL 

(iiLLE, NoRi?., Brus>cls. Bot. 

(tIllon, Auguste, Prof. Univ., Rue Beckmann, Liege. Geol. 

CiiNUORFF, Frantz, Eugis. Geol. 

GiRON, .\lfred, Ruc (iotlart, 16, Ixellcs. Lepid. 

Gluge, Theopiiile O., Brussels. 

Goret, Leopold, Rue Stc-Marie, 19, Liege. Geol. 

(ioUTTiEii, 11., Braine-l'Alleuil, (Brabant). Lepid. 

Graindorge, Josepji, Prof. Phys. and Math. Univ., Ruc Paradis, 92, 
Licgc. Geol. 

Gkavet, Fred, Louette-St.-Pierrc, near Gedinno, Province of Namur. 
Bryology. C. Ex. 

Belgicm.] the naturalists' directory. 157 

Gravis, Dr. A., Ene de Xaples, 22, Brussels. BoL 

Greiner, .Vdolphe, Quai Xeiif, 10, Scrain^i-. GeoL 

GuiBAL, TiiEOPiiiLE, Huc dcs Groseillcirs, 43, Jlons. GeoL 

Habets, Alfred, Rue dcs Cannes, 9, Liege. GeoL 

Halbrecq, Alhhonse, Mods. 

Hallez, Pall, line l{o>;ier, 199, Brussels. Mic. 

Haxs, Loris, Eyhau, near Ilerrcnhiit. MolL 

Harze, Emile, Rue de Treves, 76, Brussels GeoL 

Havez, Fr., 11 Acad., Rue de 1' Oranuerie, 16, Brussels. Math. C. 

Heger, Dr. Paul, Prof. Univ., Rue des Drapiei-s, 3.1, Brussels. Mic. 

Hennequix, Maior E., Prof, a 1' c'cole de (iucrre, Secrc'tairc de la Com- 
mission de la carte Geolouiquc dc Belgium, Rue des Coteaux, 121, 
Sciiacrlicek, Brussels. (Uirtogrnphie, GeoL, Plnjs. Geug. Carte 
Ge'ologiijue de 1' Europe a 1' echelle de 8.000,000 d 'apres A. Dumont, 
lS7o, avee notice Xouveau tirage cliromolithographique (1876), dc la 
carte Ge'olo^'^ique do la Bel^icpic et des contre'es voisiues par A. 
Dumont, avee notice explicitive. 

Hennut, Leo.v, Rue St. -Pierre, 10, Diuant. Ent, : Coleopt., Bot. 

Henrv, Louis, Louvain. 

Here.mans, J. T. J., (ihcnt. 

Hock, (^ustave, Prof. Athenaeum, Boulevard Beauduin dc Jerusalem, 
27, Mons. GeuL 

HoNGREAU, -J. C, Dir. Roy. Obs., Brussels. 

HouTAiN, Dr. L., Liege. 

HouzEAU i)E Leiiaye, .-Vuguste, Mons. GeoL 

HouZEAU, J. C, Brussels. 

Hubert, Joseim], .Vrchitccte-inijcnicui', Mons. 

Ingelrelst, .M., Brussels. Bot. 

Jacobs, Dr. J. Ch., Rue dcs Ursuliues, 28, Brussels. Coleopt., Dipt., 

Janson, Paul, Place du Petit Sablon, IS, Brussels. Mic. 

JoCHAMS, F., Pros. Gc'ol. Comm , Rue dc Slapart, 100, Lxellcs, near Brus- 
sels. GeoL 

JoLY, .v.. Prof Univ., Rue ^larie-Henriette, 3, Ivclles. Mic. 

Joostexs, Flore.vt, Cliaussec de Mclcno's, 97), /Vntwcrp. 

JORIS, Dr., Rue des .Vlcviens, 19, Brussels. Mic. 

JoRisSEN, .\rmani). Rue fciur-la-Foiitain?, 108, Liejrc. GeoL 

JORis.sENE, Dr. (tUSTave, Rue du Pot-d' Or, 47, IJcge. Geo^ 

JULIX. Cii., .Montague .Ste.-Walhuru-e, Liege. M/c. 

Julius, Charles, l^nivcrsite, l^ieije. Ernhn/oloiiy. 

Kerchove »e Denterghe-M, Count Oswald de, Gov. of Prov Haiuaut, 
Mons. Bof., Vulcapt. 

Kick, Dr J. J., Prof. Univ., Rue St-Georu'es, 28, Ghent. Bot. 

KiRiiPATRiCK, 11. S., Rue de la Croix, 63, Ixelles. Mic. 

KoLTZ, J. P. J., Sec at I'fatlbnthalf, Luxcmliourg. Bnf. 

Kupeferschlaeger, Isidore, Prof. Emer. Univ., Rue du Jardin, 18, 
Lie;re. (ipol. 

lyAFONTAiXE, JuLES DE, Uuiv., Ghent. Coleopt. 

Lagnesse, Emile, Rue d'Englicin, 3, Mons. GcoL 

Lallema.vd, .Vmedee, Rue Bcrckmans, 12, Saint Gilles, near Brussels. 

Laloux, Fils, ,\venuc Rogicr, Liege. Bot. 

La.mal .Vli'Honse, Marelie-:iuv-Cuirs, 5, Malines. Coleopt. 

La.marche. Oscar, Pros, du Tribunal de Commerce, Lieire. Ent. : Lepld., 
Erntirs (if Eiiiopp. C. E v. i)()()ks ;in I injects. 

Lambert, (Juillaume, Prof. Univ. of Louvaiu, BQulevard dc I'Obsci-va- 
toire, TiO, Brussels. GeoL 

Lambotte, Dr., Vcrvicrs. 

158 THE naturalists' directory. [Belgium. 

Lambuiciis, Edmond, Rue Kessels, 66, Schaerbeck. Ent. : Lepid. 

Lameeke, Au(iUSTE, Chaussec de Charleroi, 121, Brussels. Ent. : Ceram- 
bycida. C. Ex. 

I/AMME.\s, Dk. F., Rue Dupont, 65, Brussels. Mic. 

Lancastek, Albert Bexoit Marie, Mctcorolofriste-inspecteur a I'Ob- 
serviitoire Royal ile Bnixellcs, Rue Royalc !Ste. -Marie, 129, Scliaer- 
bcek, near Brussels. Meteo., Ast. 

LaVallee Bous.sin, Charles de, Prof. Univ., Rue dc Namur, 190, 
Loiivain. (Jeol. 

IjAYEN, Dr., bee. R. Institute, Luxembourjj. Bot. 

Leboucq, II., Cou|Mire, loo, Ghent. Anat., Comp. Htstol. 

LEBotiLEUGE, P., Lie^^e. 

Lecatte, Louis, Rue Linne'e, 79, St.-Josse-ten-Noode. Lepid. 

Lecler;^, Rue Vauthier, 56, iJrussels. Mic. 

Lecointe, 1'rof., Antwerp. Math. 

Lecomte, Theoi'HILE, Deux-Aeren, near Lessines, (Hainaut). Ent.; 
Coleopt., Lcpid. 

Ledeganck, L)r. K , Rue Berckmans, 88, Brussels. Mic. 

Ledent, Prol'. Com. C'oll., Vcrviers. 

Lefevre, Theodore, Rue du Pont-Neuf, 10, Brussels. Geo!., Palao. C. 

Le.ieune, J., Cluuissee tlTxelle--, 119, Ixelle-;. Mic. 

Lemonnier, Alfred, Rue de Quatre Fils Aymond, Mons. Lepid. 

LePaige, Dr. Ch., Prol'. Univ., Licfje. 

LiAGRE, Charles;, Rue d'Egniont, 46, Malines. E7it. : Lepid. 

LiAGRE, (JEN. .J. B J., Sec. Acad. Roy, Sei., Brussels. But. 

LiENARu, v.. Boulevard des Hospices, 228, Ghent. Comp. Anat. of An- 

IjINDEN, J., Rue du Chauuie, Ghent. Bot. 

Looz-CORSvvAKEM, PRINCE GuiLLAUME DE, Chateau d'Ahin, near Huy. 

LuBBER.s, L., Rue du Berp:er, 26-28, Ixelles, Brussels. 

Macar, .Julien de, Quai des Pecheurs, 39, Liege. Geol. 

MacLeod, .Jules, Univ., Pechcrie, 45, Ghent. Anat. 

Maiiaux, Dr., Prof. Univ.. Rue The'resieune, y, Brussels. Mic. 

Maillv, Ed., St.-Josse-ten-Noode. 
Makov i^: ('(>.,]>. .Jacob, Licyrc. Bot. C. Plants., C. II G. L., Prof, a I'lnstitut Agricole dc I'Eltat Bel<rc, Memhre 
de rAcadcmic Royale, Gendiloux. Mm., (ieol. C. Ex. Otfer 
AiTlia'ologicid olijects of Belnfium, Silurian, Devonian and Carboni- 
ferous fos-ils. Wishes Cambrian and Silurian Fossils, and minerals 
of America. 

IVIaliierbe, Renier, TivjcMiieur, Rue Darlois, 14, T^iegc. (ieol. 

]\[ali'erti'1s. LuriEN, Rue du Poinrson. 39, Brussels. Coleopt. 

Manceaix, Rue des Ti-ois-Fetes, 12, Brussels. Mic. 

Man.siox, Prof., University, fibent. 

INIarciial, El., Rue Vonck, 43, l>russc]s. Bot. 

Marecital, .Jules, ISIery-Tiltf, Piov. of Licirc. Ent.: Cnh-opt. 

^Iartexs, Dr. Ed., Prof. Univ., Louvain, Rue Marie-Theresc, 27. Bot. 

Masquelin, Iiiie Entro-deux-Ponts, .56, Liege. Mic. 

Masius, v.. Prof Pat'iol. and Thcrfipcutics, Univ. of Liege. 

INIatagxe, i)R , Rue Terre Neiive, 177, Brussels. Mic. 

Maus, IIexri .1., Ixcllc'^ 

INIelaise, Prof. G , (ienibloux. 

Mk.lise, 'Louis, Rue du Pre'>idcnt, 24, Txclles. Coleopt. 

Melise, Loui :, Rue Faidcr, 16, St.-Gille*, near Brussels. Coleopt. 

Melot, .Vlbert, Chausse'e de Charleroi, 12, St.-GUlcs, near BrusseU. 
Co leapt. 

Melsene, Louis F. II., Brussels. 


Mercier, J., Chaussee de Wavve, 98, Ixelles. Min. 

Mertens, Albert, Rue Marie de Bourgojrne, 32, Brussels. Coleopt. 

MiCHAELis, Prof., Athcna'iiin, Lii\eniboiu<;'. 

MiCHELET, GuSTAVE, Kue Fu-calo, 6, Brussels. Ent. 

MicHELS, Louis, Naturalist, (jalerie du Roi, 19, Brussels. Ent. : Coleopt. 

WiCHiELS, Charles, Canal cles Rccollets. 21, Antwerp. Zool. 

Micuirr, Norbert Louis, Abbe, Mods, llainaut. Bot., Gaol., Con., Fos- 
sils, Min. C. 

Miedel, Joseph, Rue des Prebendiers. 6, Lic<ie. Coleopt. 

MixETTE, Charles, Avenue Ro;:icr, Lie^ze. Bot. 

MoERENHAUT, VICTOR, Membie de la Socie'te' Entomologique de Beige 
et de Franc;, Rue des Images, 21, Antwerp. Coleopt., Lepid. A 
very choice collection. 

MoNTiGNV, Charles, Scliaerbeek. 

Morel, Armanu, Rue Joseph II., 10, Brussels. Coleopt. 

Morel, Dr. Jules, Ghent. But. 

Morette, Emile, Rue Keyenveld, 23, Ixelles. Neuropt. 

Mori, Alfred, Rue BelliaVd. 83, Brussels. Lepid. 

Morhen, Dr. Edouard, Prof. ord. de Bot. a I'Universite', Boverie, 1, 
Liege. Bromeliac£e and Flora of S. America. C. Plants of S. 

Mot, Albert de, Grand Rue des Bouchers, 46, Brussels. Coleopt. 

Mourlo.n, Dr. Michel. As^rege a rUniversitc, Conservateur au Muse'e 
Royale d'llistoire Naturelle, Membre de I'Academic des Sciences de 
Beige, Rue de Treves, 24, Ixelles, near Brussels. Stratigraphical 
Geol., Upper Devonian. C. Ex. for the Museum. 

Muller, F., Rue du Beau Site, 2, Brussels. Bot. 

Navez, Lieut. -Col . Schacrbeek. 

NiESTEN, L., Royal Observatory, Brussels. Astronomy. 

Nero.m, Prosper van, Rue St.-Guidon, Andeiiecht, near Brussels. 

Neuvens, Gen. Antwerp. 

NiLis, Dr., Rue St. -Jacques, 22, Bruges. Ent. 

Noblet, Albert, Avenue tl'.Vvroy, Liege. Geol. 

NvsT, II. P., Molenbeek-^t.-Jean. 

P.\QUE, A., Prof. Math. Univ., Liege. 

Paques, E., S. J., Rue des Re'coUets, 11, Louvain. Bot. C. Herbs of 

Paquot, Remv, Bleyl)erg. Geol. 

Paterxotte, Jean, Rue Alphonse Vanden Pcercboom, 23, Brussels. 

Paterxotte, I.,., Rue .\lphonse Vanden Peereboom, 23, Moleubcek- 
St.-Jean, near Brussels. Coleopt. 

Perard, Loui.s, Prof. Univ., Rue <hi St.-Esprit, 93, Liege. Geol. 

Peteau, .\ntoine. Rue Royale, 173 St.-Josse-ten-Xoode. Lepid. 

Petermaxn, Arthur, Dir. Aiiricul. Station, Cicndjloux. Geol. 

Petitbois, (tustave, Rue Louvrev, 97, Liege, (jeol. 

Picard, Edmond, .Vvenue Toi-.on d'or, 47, Brussels. 3/ic. 

PiERRET, Emile, Rue du Progres, 132, Scliaeriieek. Uemipt. 

PiRE, Louis, Rue Keyenveld, HI, Ixelles. Bot. 

PiRET, .Vdolphe, ('omptoir Bel^;'e de Pale'ontoloirie ct de INIineralogie, 
Tournay. Carh. I'aUeo. C. Ev. Will sell .specimens. 

Pitteuks, Dii. Charles i)E,Zepperen, near Ordaugc, Limbourg. Chem., 
Sat. I'/iilos. 

Plateau, P'elix, Prof ii I'Universite. Dir. du Musec, Rue du Casino, 20, 
(Jhcnt. Zo I., Comp. .Aunt. C 

Pletinckx, Jules, Avenue de la Toison d'Or, 70, St.-Gilles, near Brus- 
sels. Coleopt. 

PoNCiN, Prof., Arlon. Coleopt. 

160 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [BELGIUM, 

Pre, G. du, Clianssec St. Picn-c, 99, Etterbcck, Brussels. Ent.: Colcnpt. 
Preudhomme he liooRE, ALFRED, lioulcviii'd ilii Ilujrent, 21, IxcUcs. 

Ent. : Coleopt. 
Prinz, W., CliaiLsse'e de Wavrc, 2.i9, Brussels. Mic. 
Pkoost, Sec. yof!. Roy. Airric, Place Koyalc, Brussels. Mic. 
PuLS, Jacques Charles, Pharmacicn, Place <le la Calandre, 4. Ghent. 

Dipfi'ra, //)//hp« , especially /•V^v/j/c/c/r/' of" the world. 0. Ex. 
Putzevs, J., Hue chi Troiic, 82, IxcUes. CoUopt. 
Pi'NAERT-VAN (Jeekt, Eu., Prof. d'llorticiilture, Ghent. Uwt., Arhori- 

cnltiire,Pom()logi/. C Ornauioiital Plants and Fruit Trees. Ex. with 

Botanical collectors of all countiies. 
Pyro, Joseph, Prof. Auri Inst., Geniblonx. Geol. 
QuAEDVLiEG, I^oi'is, Vise (Liei,'e). Lepid. 
QuETELET, Ernest, I\c11cs. 

S.AMY, Albert, Rue Dupont, 56, Schaerbeek. Mic. 
Renard, le R. p. a , Nat. Hist. Mus., Brussels. Gcol. 
Renso-V, G., Rue de la Postc, 192, Brussels. Mic. 
Reul, Gustave de. Grand Rue, 75, Jandjes. Geol. 

ROBIE, pRAxgois, Prcs. Au:ric. and llort. Union, Forest, near Brussels. Ent. 
RoDiGAS, Em., (ilient. Bot. 
RoELOFS, WiLLEM, Aiicicn President de la Soc.Entomoloprique, Chausse'e 

de Il.-icclit, 218, Brussels. Ent.: Cukopt. (C'irculionidse), Geograph- 
ical Distribution. 
ROMMALAER, Rile de Xamur, 44, Brussels. Chem. 
RouFFARD, Rue Inipe'rialc, 21, Brussels. Mic. 
Rousseau, E., Rue <lu Conseil. 59. But. 
ROUSSEL, Arseu;d, Malines. Mic. 
RoYER, Emile, Rue Neuvc, 25, Brussels. Coleopt. 
RuHL, Francois, Rue Rosier, 12, Verviers. Coleopt. 
RuTOT,, Mus. Nat. Ili^t., Brussels, Rue du Cherain de fer, 34, St.- 

.Josse-ten-Xoode. (ieol. 
Sauveur, Jule, Rue Justc-Lipse, 40, Brussels. Co'eopt., Ent. 
ScHAMBEiiGEit. Paul, Tliuiu (Ilainaut). Ent.: Coleopt. 
ScHMiT, Prof. J P., Univ. of IJcfie. 
ScHMiT, N. C., Prof. Univ. Brussels. 

SCH.MiTZ, Chr , S. J. Prof. Nat. Hist. Coll., La Paix, Namnr. Bot. 
Schwann, Theodore, Prof, a 1' Universitc, Quai de 1' Universite', 11, 

Lie^"e. PhiiS. 
Sebus, H., .Vntwerp. Rot. 

Segvelt. Edm. van. Boulevard des y\.rhale'tricrs, 96, Malincs. Co'eopt. 
Selys-Longchamps, Baron Edmond de, Boulevard de la Sauvenilrc, 

34, Eie-c. Geo'., Hut., Mic. 
Seyler, Dr., W'iitz, Luxembourg,'. 
SiEGEN, Pierre-.Mathias, Luxembourg:. Geol. 
Simon, Dr., Bnulevani Central, 3-3, Brussels. Mic. 
Spring, Walterk, Prof L'niv., Rue Beckmann, 32, Liege. Geol. 
Stas, J. S., St.-GiUes. near Brussels. Chem. 
Steichen, .Michel, I\elles. 

Stevens, ,\gap., Cliaussc'e d' Ivcllcs, 242, Ixcllcs. Lepid. 
Stevens, Rene, Rue IMalilirau, 127, Ixelles. Coleopt. 
SWAEN, .\ , Prof. Anat., Univ. of Lie^'-e. 
SwEERTS, Rue Traversiere, 84, Brussels. Mic. 
Teirlinck, J., Prof. Normal Sch., Rue des Quatre- Vents Molenbcck-Saint- 

Jeau. Ent. 
Terby, pRANgois, Doctcuren Sciences, Mcnbre de laSocic'tc'Royale As- 

tronomique de Londi-es, Rue des Bo;rarils, 96, Louvain. P/ii/s., 

Astron. C. of drawin;rs of Planets, csp. Mars, Venn*, Jupiter. Ex. 

Publications on Astronomy, csp. for the Observ. of Planets. 


Terssen, Col. of Artillci-y, Antwerp., 

Thibault, Chev. Edouahu de, Place Dailly, 13, Schaerbeek. Lepid. 

Thiell'Xds, IJk. Akmdnd, BiMissels. 

TuiKOT, P^DOUAKD, Kiic clu la .Station, l.Jl, Jctte-St. -Pierre, Brabant. 
Lepid , Coleopt 

Thiuoux, Eugene, Boulevanl de la Sonne, 101, Brnsscls. Eat., Coleopt. 

Thomas, E., Rue de la Trilnine, 2, Brussels. /:'/,<., Coleopt. 

Thomas, Es, 12, Rue de Prozros, St.-Josse-ten-Xoodc. Eat. 

Tiiyes, Eugene, Rue (TotTart, 21, Ixelles. Lepid. 

TiLLiEii, ACHILLE, Rue de la Coupe, Mons. Mic. 

TiiiLiNCK. •!., Prof. Normal Seliool, Rue des Quatre-Vents, 74, Molcnbeek- 
St.-Jean, near Brussels. Cuk-opf. 

ToNNEAU, Emiee, Injrcniein-, Fareiennes. 

ToitissENNE, Du. (iusTAVE, Bouic'vard de la Sonveniere, 130, Liege. 
Phi/sinL, Hot., Grid. C. Plants, RocUs and Fossils ofBci.MUin. 

TOSQUINET, Dr. -Jules, Medicine principaie de 1' arnie'e. Rue Berckmans, 
79, k St.-tiilles, Brussels. Eiit. . lli/iiieiiop\, Ichneiimonidee. 

Tkas, C. R. p.. Prof. Coll. of Paiv, Xamur. Geol. 

Tuasenster, Louis, Prof. Univ. Qua! de 1' Industi-ie, 9, Lieue. Geol. 

Tricht, Rev P. Victor van. Prof. Coil, of Paiv, Xamiir. Cokopt. 

Troostemrergh, Ma.\ r>E, Place !St— Jacques, 22, Louvain. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Valerius, Henri, (dient. 

Va.v Rambeke, Charles, Ghent. 

Van Rastelaer. Desire Alexandre Henri, President du Jury d'Ex- 
amens de phai'u;aeie, Charlei-oi-iNIarcinelic. lint. C. 

Va.v Bemmel, Charles, Rue .Saint-Ea/are, 2.'), .St.-Josse-ten-Xoode. Ent. 

Van Beneden, Edouard, Prof a rUiiiveisitc, Rue Louvrex, 9J, 
Eiiihri/olfir/i/, Camp tratire Anat-, Zo I. C. of the Universiiy. Ex. 
A\'isliesto receive Tunieates, esp. Aseiilian^. 

Van Beneden, Pierre .Joseph, Prof i'Uni\ ersite, 93, Rue dc Xaniur, 
Louvain. Z():d , ('mnpiratnc Anat., Aniinal Palx'O. C. 

Vanden Born, l'.Vbbc II., Ilasselt. Diatoms. 

Vanden Buoeck, Ernest, Mus. Xat. Hist., Rue de Perre-Xeuv;, 124, 
Brussels. Gcal. 

Vanden Corput, Dr., Prof. Univ., Avenue de la Toison-d'Or, 19, Brus- 
sels. Mir. 

Vanden Heuvel, Em., Rue dc Lacken, 118, Brussels. Mic. 

Vanden Oberlee^ Louis, Rue des Tianneurs, 41, Antwerp. ZoJ. 

Vanderberghe, Emile, Roulers. Lepid., Coleopt. 

Vander Linden, Henri, Rue Ilant, A'6, Antwerp. 

Vander Meusbruggiie, G., Ghent. 

Vander Kindere, ^Marcel, Rue de Livourne, 64, Brussels. Ent. : 

Vandernoot, Louis, Rue de la Croix de Pierre, 12, St.-Gilles, near Brus- 
sels. Coleopt 

V^ANDRESSE, Paul, Ruc Fvon, Vervicrs. Coleopt. 

Van Ertborn, Baron Octave, Collaboratenr de la Commission de la 
Carte (;e'olo_'-ique de la Bclirique, (Winter), Rue des lits, 14, Ant- 
werp. (Suuinier), .\ut\laer, .Vntwcrp. A!>t., Geol. 

Van Haesendonck, Dr. C. (i., Ton^aM-loo. Bot. 

Van Heerswinghels, Rue du Pcrsil, 4, Brussels. Mic. 

Van IIeitrck, Dr. Henri, Prof, de Botaniqne, ct Directenr du .Jardin 
l?otaui(iue. Rue de la .'^ante', iS, .\nt\verp. Hot., Micioi., Diatoms. 
C. llerli.uium of the ^lobc, 70,00) specimens. Ev. Diatoms. 
Author :wid editor of •' Synoiisis des Diatomc's de Bel;,nque," con- 
t.iinini; an .\tlas with 100 photo-litli. prints, 2400 figures. Price, 100 
f-ancs, or $2). 

Van llooREN, Roy. Mus. Nat. Hist., Brussels. 

162 THE naturalists' directory. [Denmark. 

VANnoRKX, Dr., Grande Place, St. Trond. Geol. 

Van lIouTTE, L., Gentl)ni<,'^c. Hot. 

Van Hulle, H. .J., (;heiit. Bot. 

Vanlair, C, Prof Univ. of Lieice. 

Van Levnzeei.e, Rue de Laekeii, 94, Brussels. Mic. 

Van Nerom, Prosper, Hue .Saint-Guidon, Anderlecht. Coleopt. 

Van Rysselberghe, Royal 01)^erv., Brussels. 

Van Scherpenzeel Thi.m, .Jule.s, Rue Nysten, 34, Lie^e. Geol. 

Va.\ Segvelt, Edmond, Boulevard des .\rl)alc'triers, 112, Malines. Ent., 

Colfiopt., Hijinenop. C. E\. f.'oleoptera. 
Van Triciit, Rev. P. Victor, Prof. Nat. Sci., Coll. de la Pai.x, Namur. 

Van Volxem, Dr. T., Prof. Univ., Rue Belliard, 4, Brussels. Mic. 
Vaughan, E , Boide'vard Central, 46, Brussels. Mic. 
Vaux, .\dolphe de. Rue des An<res, 15, Liej^e. Geol. 
Vekemans, Jacques, Directeur de la Socie'te' Rovale de Zoulosric, Ant- 

werp. Ziinl. 
Velge G., Leniic'k-St.-Quentin. Geol. C. 

Verbessem, .Vlbert, Avenue du Jardin Zooloeique, 36, Ghent. Coleopt. 
Vincent, Gerard, Nat. Hist. Mus. of Brussels, Rue Granvclle, 95, St.- 

•Josse-ten-Xoode. Geol., Palfen. C. 
Von den Broeck, .Vug. E., Brussels, 
Vos, Andre de, Univ., Liejre. Bot. 
Walther, Prof. Spring, Rue Bcckmann, 32, Liege. Chem., Geol., 

Mill. C. Min., (icol. 
Wehenkel, Or , Prof. Univ , Rue d'Allemayne. 49, Brussels. Mic. 
Weinmann, Rodolphe, Chaussee de Mens, 294, Cureghem, near Brus- 

.sels. Lepid. 
Weissenbruch, Paul, RueVanderkindre, 22, Mollenbeek-St.-Jean. Mic. 
Westmael. Prof., Nimy, near Mons. Bot. 
Weverbergh, Hv.., Place des Martyrs, IS, Brussels. Mic. 
Weyeiss, Joseph-Leopold, Rue de Laeken, 51, Brussels. Coleopt. 
Wilde, De, Rnc Traversiere, 42, Brussels. Chem. 
WiLLAiN, D., Ti'ivicres, near Braquegnies, Ilainaut. Ent , Coleopt. 
Wilmart, Dr., Prof. Univ., Rue d'Assaut. 26, Brussels. Mic. 
Wiot, Fp. , Lic-ure. Bat. 
Witmeur, Henri, Prof. Univ. and Polytec. Sch., Rue d'J^cosse, 14, 

Brussels. GcoL 


Aggesborg, N N., Copenlia'jen. Bot. 
Andrae, Dr. Carl C. G , Copenhagen, 
Baagoe, J , Xaestvcd.. Bat 
Barfoed, Prof. Dr. Christen T., Copenhagen. 
IJartholin, C T., Copenliaj^en. Hat. 

Bauer, Chr. A. P., Examinfefis Pharmaci?e, Rridkjobing. Ichth. C. 
Beciier, .\ , Osterbrogade 27, 2, Copenhagen. Bat. 
Bendz, Dr. Henrik Carl B., Etatsraad, Copenhagen. 
Benzon, Alfred, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Bergh, Dr. Rudolph, Snaregade 10, 2, Copenhagen. Bot. 
Bergsted, N., Bodilsker pr. Ne.xo. Bot. 
Bertelsen, Thistcd. Bot. 

BiNG, Direct., 37 Pilestrade, k., Copenhagen. Math. , 
Blom, Kronprinses seu-^ade 30, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Boas, Dr. .^. E. V., Zoulogisches Museum, Copenhagen. Zool. {Verte- 
brate), Crustacea. 


BORRIES, O., Tyskland. Bot. 

BoRKiES, T., Koeskikle. But. 

BovsEN, J. H. H., liavnsborfrorade 6, 2, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Branth, Deichmax, Sncptnip pr. Skauderborg. Bot. 

BuEiUAUL, H., Ilorsens. Bot. 

Bremer, W., Openhagen. Bot. 

Bruhn, C. a., Odensc." Bot. 

Christiansen, Christian, Copenhagen. 

Christensen. IIvgom, Uggelbollc pr. Rondc. Bot. 

Christensen, -T p., Vilordc pr. Chailottcnliind. Bot. 

CoLUiNG, Prof. Ludvig A., Copenhagen. 

Ckone, Dr., 7 Anialiegade, K., Copcidia^cn. Math. 

Daniels, V., BIcu(hiin-ivej 10, N. Coi)ei)hn;:en. Bot. 

Deithmanx-Branth, Bev. .J. .'j., Siicptiup, near tjkanderborg. Lichen- 

olngij, Geol. C. IJchens. Wishes l^ichens IVom bo. temperate 

climates, and can otlcr Boreal and .Arctic in e\. 
DiDRiCHSEN. Prof., 12 Svanemoscgaardvij. V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Ernstsen, H. p., liorhy pr. Kallundborg. Bot. 
FaI'SBOLL, .J., Ilassing pr. Thisted. (Je: I 
Fai'sboll, Dr. Michael, V. Copenhagen. 
Feilberg, C., 0>lerbrogade Ji2, Copeiiha^;cn. Bnt. 
FlELBERG, Rev. H. F., Darum piKstegaard, near Bramminge Station. 

Flixdt, J I., Frcdriksherjr Runddcl, V. Copenhagen, Bot. 
Fraas, v., Val!)y pr. Ilelsinge. Bnt. 
Friei)ERICKSE.n% Th. Bot. (Var , Copenhaucn. Bot. 
FrL'S, •! .J. L-, Caiidiilaius Pharmaeiie, R.'idkjubing. Bot. C. 
Gad, C, Viboig. Bot. 
Gelert, Otto C. L., Bredjrade, 66, Copcnliauen. Bot. C. Ex. Vy'Ishes 

plants of .\nieric'a and .Asia, in ex. for those of Denmark. 
Gram, Ciik., Ladejiaardsvej .3, V. Copenhagen. Bnt. 
Gkaue, Dr , 28 Vendei'siialie K , Copenhagen. M i/h. 
Gronlcnd, Chr , Fredriksberg AUJ, 30, V. Copenhagen. Bet. 
IIallas, Capt. v., bven Iborg. Hot. 

Hannover, Dr. Adoli'he, Prof. ,\nat. Physiol., Univ., Copenhagen. 
Hansen, Carl, Doc-ent k. l^andwirih schaftiiieha Hcc', Copen- 
hagen. Bot. Cii/tnrit'^s I'lniit.i uiid Trees. C. E.v. European Plants, 

Fruits and Fir Trees, for foreign. 
Hansen, Dr. Emil Chi: , Vorstand des Physiologischen Lal)oratoriJius, 

CarKberg, Copenhagen. Phi/si"lof/i/ of Plants. 
Hansen, .J. .1., Vetlby pr. Ruds Veilby. Bnt. 
Hansen, Kofoed, Flintin^c pr. X\kjobinj;- (Falster). 
Hansen, P. M., blotogadc, 8, Aalborg. Bot. 
Ha.vsen, Dr. T. C. V'., 10 V'ecvcrgaiie, N. Copenha-.-'en. Math. 
Heiberg, O. C B., Xorrcbi-os, X. Copenhagen. But. 
Helveg, L., V. Copenhagen. Bnt. 
Hemi'el, p., Friesenborg pr. Haminel. Bot. 
H.JORTH, A L., Ronne. " Bot. 

HoFMAN (Bang), X. E., Hofniansgave pr. Odense. Bot. 
HoFF, R., Ronne. Bnt. 
HoFF.MEYER, X., Kapitan nnd Dir. des k. Diinischen Meteorologischcn 

Institiites, Copenhagen. Mitenrnloqj/. 
Holm, Th., Frederiksborguadc, irl, Copen'hau^cn. Bot. C. Ex. Wislics 

Cyi>eraea», Phanerogamia, Cryptogams, from X. Europe. 
Holm, V. C, llaagendrup pr. Esroni. Bof. 
Holten, Carl V., Prof Phys , Univ., Copenhagen. 
Horking, a. F , Freilriksl)oVggade, 2G, 1, Copenhagen. Bot. 
Jacobsen, a. V. H., Odense. Bot. 

164 THE naturalists' directory. [Dexmark. 

Jacobsen, E., Copcnha^rcn. Bof. 

J.vcoBSEN, 11., lla'iccli.' jir. lioiincdo. Bot. 

Jacohsen, l)H. J. C, Curlsbc'iu veil Copcnhascn. Bot. 

Jacobsen, J. P , Tlii>tc(l. Bot. 

Jensen, Ciik., >,':iii^ens;:ailo, o4, 2, Copenh:i;;cn. 

Jensi:n. (i., HvaNo. Hot. 

Jensen, Mahius, .'it. Kmulsvi'j, 30, n, V. Copenhagen. Bof. 

Jenssen-Tlvscu, IIauald, rredriksbcrg liredegiulc, 21, Copcnlia;5cu. 

Hot. C. 
Jef'Pesen, Vonlinuliorit-. Bot. 
JoilANSEN, v., Aalboiji-. Hot. 
JoiiNSTitL'J', Fk., Prof. u. Diicctor dc^ Mincral-frcojrn. museum dcr Uni- 

versitat, (.'oponliam'n. Mm., (Icol. (ilacier roriiiatioiis of Denmark. 
JouGENsEN, .\lfued. L'aud. Ijotauikcr, IJurtliolinsyaile, 3, 2, L'opeuhagen. 

T'scknicil MiiiosfOjjij, vsprciallfi Hotoiuj. 
Jorgensen, H. (.i., Fredriksherg Alio, IT, 1, V. Copenhagen. 
JOKUENSEN, P., Odeii->c. Hot. 
Jorgensen, Dk. y. M., Leclor an der Univei'sitat, Frcderikshorg^jadc, 

33, Copenlia;:en. Clwin. 
Kareli., Receiver ot' Piil)lie lievenucs, Skandrrhornf. 
Ki^i;i;.SK()f', ll.iALMAK, bibliothecaire et Coiiservaicur du fiasco Botaniqnc, 

Ijolanieal (.iaulens, Copenhagen, t'lltct'ii, Brassica, and I'l-ch. 

Klockek, a., Cort .Vdelersuadc, 10, 2, Copcnha;iCu. Bot. 
Koch, IJ. P (..;., Kiserup pr. None .M^lev., Falsier. Bot. 
KOUNEKUI', A., Preuaile 34, .Mh;:n., 3, Cojicnliajien. Hot., (7eol. 
Kkabbe, Dk. IIaralu, Lehrer der .Vnatoniie u. Physiolo^iic hei der k. 

Vcterin rselmie, ^Monrads\ej, I'J, V. Copenhagen. Vet. Anatomy, 

Lange, Pkof. Dk. -Joiian, Leln-er in Botanik hei deni loinigl, Vetcrinar 

und .Vekci'haii^eiiiile, ThorvaKUens \ej, 5, \'. Copeuhajien. Bot. 

\\'i?lie> N. Aineiican plants, e>pee. trees unil siiriibs, m ex. lor N. 

Euro|ieaM anil Greenlanl plants. 
Langi^l'ide, R. C, tiilkeborg. Hot. 
Laksen, R , Fre(ikriksv;vrk. Hot. 
Lassen, Dk. J., Norrejjade 32, 3, Cnpcnha.s'cn. Bot. 
Letii T., .Sahl pr. lijerriiiybro fet;itioii. Bot. 
LiNi), (.'., Aspens. Bot. 

Li)fflek, Doc, Frcdcriksbevjr Alio, 22, V. Copenhagen. Geog. 
LoRENz. Prof. Dr. I.udvig, V. Copenliagen. 
LoTZE, G., U<lense Bot. 

Lowzow, A. G., Slettciraard pr ITclsinLTC. Bot, 
Li'ND, Pkof. Dk. Peter, V. Copenhagen. 
l/i".\D, .Sa.msue, Bot. Gardens, N. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Ll'I'Lau, iSvcndborg. Bot. 
LuTKEN, Christian F., Dr. Phil , Asst. Zoi'd., Zoiilogirnl ISfuscum, Univ. 

Copenha;:en, Johanncrg, 10, Copeidiagon. (len. Zool., I'alao., Ichth., 

Cwlcitti-rnto, Ecliiitoderiiis, Paranit/ccil Crustacea. 
jSrADSEN. II. P., Copenhagen. Bot. 
iSlADViG, J. X., Copenhagen. 
JNIatthiessen, 11. J., Kjojre. Bot. 
]\Ieinert, Dr., 20, Biilowsvig, V. Copenhagen. Zool. 
MoLLFR, Fahkicius-, Ribe. Bot. 
]Mf)i.LEK, .S., Xorre Siindby. Bot. 

WoLLEK-HoLST, FrederiksbenT Alio, 15, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Woi.TKE. E. (i., Noragor piv Ruds Vedby. Bot. 
Moi.TKE, v., Birkerod. Bot. 
MoRCH, J., Hobro. Bot. 


MoRTENSEN, A. C, Vcnimctoftc pr. Storchedinge. Bot. 

MoKTENSEN, 11., John->triip pr. Bullerup. Bot. 

MoKViLLE, G., Vibor^i. Bot. 

ML'llek, I)k. Cahl L., (.'oiienlia^^en. 

Ml'llek, l)ii. P. E , 2.") yl. Konycvig-, V. Copenhagen. Zo6l. 

Nielsen, A., Silkebory-. Bot. 

Nielsen, J., Vieiuose pr. Pniesto. Bot. 

Nielsen, P., Orslov. pr SkjelsUor. Bot. 
ffv'OKDVi, A. G., Mortoiisn;ic,-i, Ostfiiimurken. Bot. 

Nyelano, S., \'ilvortle pv. Cliarlottenhnul. Bot. 

Oppeumann, Pkof., ].. II. F., 'JU \'cstLrl)ro<;;ulc, V. Copenhagen. Math. 

Ottesen, L. U. C, Jajitvej, XI, X. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Ovekga.\kd, (ijcttriip pr. Thisteil. But. 

Panc.m, Dk. Peteh L., Prof. Physiol., Univ., Copenhagen. 

Panslex, a., U) Xorrc-i;aile, K. Copciiha;zcn. Plii/stvs. 

Pechyle, Dr., Observatory, K. Copenhagen. Astron. 

Pedeksen, (irsTAV CuKiSTiAN, Lcoilieiiborg, near Kalhlndborg. Bot. 

Pedeusen, X., N'oragcr Vaascskov pi-. Hiuls Vetlby. But. 

Pedeksen, P., Klcrkegatlc, 9, 1, Cojjenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, E. A., (.'opeiibagcn. But. 

Petersen, E. P. F., Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, K. T., Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, Xicolai Emil, .^roUeiod, near Holte. Bot. C. 

Petersen, (). G., (iothersgale, 154, X. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, Dr. Peter C. J., Poly tec. School, Copenhagen. Math. 

Petersen, S., Slolsbjergby pr. Slagelse. Bet. 

Petit, E., Harsdoil'svej, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Piper, H. A. T., Copcniiagen. Bot. 

Poulsen, Dk. C. M., a Castanievi, Copenhagen. Moll., ZooL, Bot. 

Poulsen, H. F., Vester Egitsburg pr. Praesto. Bot. 

POULSEN, J. C, Odense. Bot. 

Poi'LSEN, ViG(H) A., Rosenva-ngets Hovcdvei, 29, Copenhagen. Bot. 

IIascii, C , Graabrddretorv, o.'i. Copenhagen. Bof.: AIg(e. C. Ex. \\'ishe3 
Alga*, in c.x. lor X. European Phanerogamia, Cryptogaiuia and 

Pasmlssen, H., Karleby pr. Xykjobing p F. Bot. 

Keiniiakdt, J., Prof. n. Docent d. Zoologie, Universitjit, Museum, Copen- 
hagen. Mamals, Buds inid Kr/ifiles, living and dead. 

RllSE, A. U., Fredriksberg Alle, 12, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

lllNK, Dr Hinricii .J., Plataiivei, la, Copenhagen. Oeul. 

Posenberg, Caroline, Ilofinansgave pr. Odcnse. Bot. 

PosENViNGE, L. KoLUEitUP, Fiolstraedc, 8, Copenhagen. Bot. : Algce. 

Rossi NG, Fredrik-sl)erg .Vile, 3(j, 2, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

RosTRUP, E., Skaariip pr. Xyborg. But. 

RoTHE, Tyge, Du'. Royal Gardens, Rosenberg, Copenhagen. Bot., Cul- 
ture of Plants. 

RUDMOSE, X., Forslcv pr. Roeskilde. Bot. 

-Ri'Tzou. S. M., Cand Pbarin., Xorregadc, 20, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Salomonsen, Dk. Cii. -Jul., Ganimelstrand, Copenhagen. Bot. 

ScHioTZ, Tn , Odensc. Bot. 

ScTiioDTE, JoKGEM CHRISTIAN, Prof. Zoill. Univ., Copenhagen. 

StiiJELLERUP, Dr. IIans C. F. C, Prol". .Vstron. Observ., Copenhagen. 

Schmidt, A., Copenha'^eii. But. 

Scn.MiDT, r)K. I^HKDERiK T., Prof. .\nat. Univ., Copenhagen. 

Schmidt. M WALDENfAR, Copenbagen. 

Schmidt, Vald , Fredcrikshavn. Bot. 

SciuLTZ, .v. C., .Vdniiral, Laessiicsgade, 6, Copeniiagcn. Bot.: Ferns. 

ScuIltz, C., lleliingor. But. 


Seehusen, v. li., Copciihajrcn. Rni. 

Skouskbo, Soi-jieiil'<'i, Lyn;rliy. But. 

Smith, I)k Caspar W., CopeiilniLren. 

Smith, Otto, Leiilicuhoii:, near Kallilndborp:. Bol. C. 

Steen, I)k. Ai)()M"H, Prof. IMalh Univ., (_'openlKi;:eii. 

Steenstkui', Dk. .Iohaxn J. S., I'rof. Univ., Vt'storbrogade, 115, Copen- 
hajifU. Zu I., lieoL 

Stockfleth, V. 1'. T., Ostcrbrograde, 31, Copenhajrcii. Bot. 

Strom, V., (jdensc Hot. • 

Thiele, Prof. Dr. Thorvald XiCOLAi,Obscrvatoi-iet, Copenhagen. Ast. 

Thistei), FrediiUsvaerks. Bot. 

Thomsen, Dr. Hans P. J. J., Prof. Chem. Univ., Copenhagen. 

Thorkelsson, Dk. Jon', Copenhagen. 

Thoroddsen, ^ , .Moilmiveliir pr. Akiireyri, Island. Bot. 

Thousex, M., Cra^svicnge pr. Maistal. Bot. 

Topsoe, Dh. Maldor, Copenliagen. 

Trier, S. M., Ko>cnborggade, 3, Copenhagen. Bot 

Tycusen. Dr. Camillo, Dir. der Staats Lebeuiver-siclierungs-Austalt, 
Svauhohnrvei, 1, Copenhagen. Math. 

Vestesen, B Q., jSlynstersvej. 4, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

ViLANDT, Dr. Hans N. T., Kibe. Bot., CypHracecR. V. 

Warming, Dr. .Ion. EuG. BiiLor, Prof, dev Botanik Ilosenvangets Ilove- 
dvei, 19, Copenhagen. Bot., Podosfemiicce. C. Ex. Podostemacns 
from all the coiintiies of the world, pi-eserved in spirits. Offers Bra- 
zilian [ilants. 

AViixsTEDT. Dr. Dronningens, Tvaergade, 52,1, Copenliagen. Bot. 

Worsaae, Dr. .Iens J. A., Dir. Mus., Northern Aiiti'jmties, Copenhagen. 

Zaiiktmann, Hans, Hornslet, near .\arhris. Bot., Insert fertilization. 

Zeuthex, Dk. Hieronymus G., Univ., Copenhagen. Math. 


Abbadie, Antoine T., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Geoff. and Xavi, 

Abbadie, d', 120 Rue du Bac, Paris. Phi/s. 

Abeilhe, El)., Marciac. Coleopf . 

Abeille, de Perrin Elzear, Ptiie de Marengo, 56, Marseilles. Coleopt., 

U II men. 
Abria, -li^RSMiE .1. B , Qiiai de Baealan, Bordeaux. Phys. 
Acvet-Touvet, Cieres-Uriajre, in (irenohle. Bo'. 
Agnei. fils, Z. d'. Rue Miiiron, 10, Moiiriilon, Toiilnn. Coleopt. 
.\H(ii,HE, Edouari), ^Nlarciae, (Gcrs). Co'vnpt., Palceo., Orn. 
Ai\it:-(iiRARi). Pro:^ , Rue du Bcllav, 5, Paris. 

.Vi.viN, L., Rue de Chnfcaudun, 23, P.-iris. European Lepidoptera. 
Alvnore, Pre-. jSIed. Soc, Clermont-Ferrand. Bot. 
Albanel, Boulevard St. :\Iichel. 07, Paris. Ent. 
ALBEitT, Ampus, near Drairuii;nan Bnf. 

ALn;.\ANDRE, Auguste, Kue ];iezin, 4, Montrouge (a Paris'). Coleopt. 
Alexandre. Paul, Rue de I'l^'usson, 31, .Alen'on. Coleopt. 
Ai.'jlave, Pr')F. Em., Villa de la Reunion, 91, Rue du Point-du-Jour, 

Paris (.Vuteuil). 
Alix, Place St-Vinrent, Blois Coleopt. 

Aei.ard, Ernest. Rue Paradis-Poissomiicre, 2, Paris. Coleopt. 
Allah:), (Jaston, La Manlevrie, Route des Ponts-de-Ce, near Angei-s. 

Allard du Plantier, Rue des Quatrc-Chemins, Voiron. Coleopt. 

Fraxce.] the ^naturalists' directory. 167 

Allart, I>ouis, Rue Carnot, 5 bis., Paris. Coleopt. 

Alleon, C'omte. Rue St. -Dominique, 85, Paris. Coleopt. 

Allin, Rue Rousselet, 31, Paris. Ent. 

Alluahd, Prof. E , Faculty of Science, Clermont-Ferrand. Phi/s. 

Amauieu, Tours (Indre-et-Loire). Ent. 

Aman.s, Dr., jSIontpcllier. Zool. 

Amblaru, Dr. Louis, Rue Pauiin, 14 his, Ajren. Coleopt. 

Amigues, Puof. E., Lj'ceum, Marseilles. Math. 

AxcEV, C. F., Grande Rue Marengo, 56, Marseilles. Coleopt., Mollusks, 

L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex. for European and Foreiun. 
Andouaru, Prof. Ambr , Rue Gucpin, 2, Nantes. Bet'., Chem. 
Andre Auguste, Rue Nationale, 8, Kennes. Coleopt. 
Andre, Prof. Charles, Lyons. Astronomy. 
Andre, Ed., La Croix de lilere. Hot. 
Andre, Edmond, Ingeniecr, Boulevard Brctonniere, 21, Beaune (C/)te- 

d'or). Hynicnop. C. Hymenoptera ot the world Otters all French 

Natural Histoiy objects in ex. foi forei;:n Hymenoptera. 
Andre, Ehnest, Rue des Promenades, 17, Gray ( llaute-Saone). Ent.: 

Hemipteia of Franre, and Formicaiice of the ivurld. C. Ex. For- 

micariae of Europe for l'orei;;u. 
Andre, Dr Gl'stave, Paris. 

Angot, a.. Bureau Central Meteor, 82 Rue dc Grcnelle, Paris. Phys. 
Antessantv, i.'Abbe (Jabriel d', l^yceum, Troyes. Coleopt. 
Anthouard, Leon, Sanve. hot. 
Antoine, Albert, Prof. Math. Lyceum, Rue Embouque-d'or, 7, Mont- 

Apreval, 1)', Rue d'Enfer, Paris. Coleopt., Nat. 
Aragon, Amedee. Perpijrnan. Coleopt. 

Archa.mbaud, Gaston, 141 Rue Notre-Dame, Bordeaux. Orn. 
Argod, Albert, Memhre des Socic'te's Entomologiques de France et 

d' Italic. Crest. (Drome). Coleopt. C. Ex. Insects of France, 

Italy and Switzerland. 
Arnaud, Charles, Membre a Vie de la Soc. Botaniquo de France, Lay- 

rac, near Agen (Lot-et-Garonnc). But. C. E.x. for European 

plants only. 
Arnai'd, IL, Avooat, Rue Froidn, 23, Angouleme (Charcnte). Geol. 

esperiallii Cret'remis. C Ex. for Chalk. 
Aronssohn, Prof. P , 1.30 Boule'vard Haussniann, Paris. 
Artigue, Felix, 2S Rue Lasseppc, Bordeaux. Paleeo. 
Artioue, Henri, 30 Rue de Cheverns, Bonleaux. Hot. 
.\rtcfel, Boulevard du Mu^oe. 1, Marseilles. Coleopt. 
Arlin, St. Sorlin ( Loire). Geol, .-irrh. 
AsTRE, Charles, 13 Rue Basse, Montpcllier. Chem. 
AfBERT, Toidon. Coleopt. 
Auberti. .losEPii Andre Marius, Aido-Naturaliste an Museum, Rncdes 

()l>lats,3. ^TarseiUes (Bouches-du-Rlione). Cnrrino'ony, Crusta-en, 

prinrift'Jli/ofthpyfrditirrnnean. C. Ex. for first class specimens 

from all parts of the world. 
AuBouv, A , Rue de le Gendarmerie, 2. Montnellier. Bot. 
AucEY, C. F., 56 Rue .Mareni:-o. Marseilles. Ent., M 11. 
Audoynaud, Prof. Alfred, 25 Boulevard dc I'llnpital, IMontpcllier, 

Augis, Bot. Gar., Caen. Bot. 

AuMONiFR, Jacques-Marie, Rue Srtintc-Placide, 58, Paris. Geol. 
AusTANT BelU'<rrade, (Ain.) Lepid. 
Ai'THEMAN, Marti'i-ues Bnt. 

AfVERT, Georges, St-Dcnis-cn-Val, near Orleans. Coleopt. 
Auzoux, Dr. Hector, St-Aubin-d'Ecrosvillc, near Ncubourg. Coleopt. 

168 THE naturalists' directory. [FkaxcE. 

AzAM, Crr., Eue de 1' Ohscrviinoc, 60, Dra;riiip:nan. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Baer, (iusTAVE-AD'jLi'iiE, C itc licTuore, 1 his, I'aris. Coleopt. 

Bagnaux, .1. [)E, 'M Kiie d' Amstcidam, Paris. 

Baillargei{, I)I{., 8 Kue dc 1' I'liivcrsitc, Paris. 

Baillal'D, Dir. Observ., Toulouse. I'Injs. 

Baillet, Pussa_v. Cohopt. 

Bailliot, Makcel, Uuc du Commerce, Civray. Ent., Coleopt. 

Balan'SA, Kue des I'oitier-;, ;i(j, Toulouse. Bot. 

Balbiani, Pi-of. d' Euil)r_vo;i 'uie, aa C'olle^-e de Finance, 18 Rue SoufiBot, 

Paris. Eii(. : Liiibri/o/oi/i/. 
Baldy, .Joseph, Pros. Tribunal of Commerce, Rue des Grenadiers, Mont- 

Balgueuie, Alfred, lu^tmicur a la Conipa^nie des Cheniins du Fer du 

Midi, Meuibre dc la .Soricte l.iunecnnu dc Bordeaux, 8i Cours du 

Jardin Public, Bordeaux. Mm., Conclwhgij. C Ex. fossils for 

minerals, rocks and shells. 
Barallieu, 1)r , Dir. Bot. (;ar., Rocliefort. Bot. 

BaKBAT, PlEKRE-MlCHEL, Ciialous. Coll'Opt. 

Barbieu-Uickens, Kue Ncuve tet-Augustin, 29, Paris. Coleopt. 

Barui.V, f?alon. Coleopt. 

Bardin, l' Abbe, 23 Rue d' Anjou, Angers. Palcro. 

Bardin, Louis, Ancicn Prof, d' llisioire Xaturellc, Seiclics, (Mainc-et- 

]^oire). (ieuL, Palceo. C. Ex. Fossils of Touraiue and Anjou 

for tbreigu, esp. American. 
Baril, tiEDEON, Rue Bcllcvuc, 37, .Amiens. 
Barla, Jean Baptiste, Vice Consul dc 1' Empire au Bre'sil et de la Re'- 

publique Orieulale de 1' Uruguay, Dircctcur du Mu>ce d' Ilistoire 

Katurelie, Place (iaribaldi, 6, Nice. Bi.t., Mycology, hhth. C. 

Ex. Meridional plants, orchids, mushrooms. 
Barle, Louis, Ingcnicur de Mines, ancicn eleve dc 1' Ecole Polytecb- 

nicpie, 143 Boulevard Magenta, Paris. Phys. 
Barnsbv, David, Prof. bch. Med., Quai du Ruan St. Anne, 36, Tours. 

Baron, Ct., Avenue ile St. -Cloud, S.J, Versailles. Coleopt. 
Barrais, J., St.-]SLTurice, near Lille. Ent. 

Barral, J. A., Sec. Soc. Nat. Agric. of P'rancc, 66 Rue dc Rennes, Paris. 
Barrandi, Joachin, 22 Rue de 1' Odeon, Paris. Parro. 
Barrandon, A., Conservateur du .Jardin des Plantes, Montpellier, 

(Hcrault). Bot. C. Ex. Offers plants of S. France and wishes 

plants of .America. 
Barras, .Tos , Conductcnr dc Travaux, Clermont, (Puy de Dome). Bot., 

Mill., Zo I. C. Ex. plants of Switzerland, Southern and Central 

Barraud, Jules, 31 Conrs da Jardin-Public. Bordeaux. Ornith. 
Barrere, Felix, Place Marcadieu, 24, Tarl)cs. Col.opt. 
Barrois, Dr. Theodore, Liccncie es-Scienccs-NaturcUes, 37, Rue de 

Lannoy, Lille, (Fives). Moll, Crustarea, Eclnnodenns. 
Bartiiolony, 12, Rue la Roclicfoucanld, Paris. 
Bassot, Pvue dc la Paiv, 2(i, Paris. Co'eopt. 

Bataillard, Dr Paul, Rue Cassini, 6, Paris. Eth-, Mctall. C. 
Batault, R'.ic des Poulets, 6. Clinlons sur biione. Lepid. 
Bauche, l' .Vbre, (M-cuoble. Ent. 
Baudrimont, Dr., Rue St.-Rc'my, Boi-denux. Palceo. 
Bauduer, Paul, Phannacien, So? by Nerac, (I>ot-ct-Garonne). Ent., 

Cnl'opt. of Europe and the Basin of the Mcdifemuiem), Biipresti- 

dtv and E'ntridrr of the (ilohe. C. Ev. Coleopt. of South of 

France in evelianue, especially for BuprestidiE and Elateridffi. 
Baumhauer, E. M. De., Sec. Soc. Sciences, Ilarlem. Pays-Bas. 


Bauvier, Qiiai des Gds. Auprustins, Paris. Ent. 

Bavay, Phof., a I'e'cole de Medicine Navale, Kue d' Aiguillon, 25, Brest. 

Conchology, Herpetology, Helminthology. C. Ex, L. and F. W- 

Bayakd, Sec. Soc. Pharm. of Seine-et-Marne, Fontainebleau. 
Bayard, H., Polytec. School, 8 Rue do Bagiicux, Paris. 
Bazin, Stephaxe, Mesnil-St-Finnin, near Breteiiil. Cokopt. 
Beaudoin, Victok, Peronne. Coleopt. 
Bechami", Dr , Univ. Cath., 8 Rue Beanharnais, Lille. 
Beclard, Prof. Dr., 6.") Boulevard Saint-Michel, Paris. 
Becquement, Avenue de Terares, 64, Paris. Ent. 
Becquerel, Alexandre E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Phys. 
Becquerel, Ed., o7 Rue Cuvier, Paris. Phys. 
Bedel, Rue Garanciere, 9, Paris. Ent. 
Bedel, Louis, Rue de 1' Odeon, 20, Paris. Coleopt. 
Bedorez, Prof., Lyceum, 60 Rue de Flore, Lc Mans. Phys. 
Beguyer de Chancourtois, Prof., 10 Ruo de 1' Universite, Paris. 
Belin de Lauxay, Amiens. 
Bellerade, Bial de, Rue du Tondu, 125, Bordeaux. Conchology, 

Bellevoye, Adolphe, Rue (hi Four-du-Cloitre, 5, Metz. Coleopt. 
Bellier de la Chavignerie, Rue St. Louis, 35, Evereux (Eure). Etit : 

Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Belly, Rue Voltaire, 14, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Belon, Prof. Pall, Rue du Plat, 25, Lyons (Rhone). Coleopt. C. 

Lathridiidpe and Lonjricornes of" the glohe. Ex. 
Beltremieux, Conrad, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, Rue des Fon- 

deres, 48, La Rochelle, (Charente-Iulerieure). Geol., Palcec, Zobl. 

Benoist, a., Beaupency. Coleopt. 

Benoist, Emile, Rue de la Franchise, 6, Bordeaux. Pala-o. 
Benoit, Dr. R., Pavilion de Breteuil par Saint-Cloud, (Seine-et-Oise). 

Benouville, Leon, Rue de Seine, 53, Paris. Ent. : Neuropt. 
Berard, Charles, La Garde, near Moutlieu. Coleopt. 
Berce, Avenue Saint Marie, 30, Paris. Ent. 
Berchon, Dr. Ernest, Directeur du Service Sanitaire de la Gironde des 

Landes, des Basses Pyrenees et de la Charente Inf., Pauillac 

(Gironde). Zor.l., Geol., Anth. C. Ex. 
Berdoulat, Jules, Miremont. Coleopt. 
Berger, Dr., Rue de Paris, 54, Brest. Coleopt. 
Berger, Eugene-Louis, Rue Berthollet, 17, Paris. Coleopt. 
Berher, Dr. E., Epinal. Bot. 
Bernard, Prof., Cluny (Saone-et-Loire). Chem. 

Bernard, Dr. Marius" Blaise, Quai Saint Pierre, 2, Cannes. Anth. ( . 
Bernadac, a., Polytec. School, Rue du Jour, 6, Champigny (Seine). 
Bernardin, Camille, Brie-Comtc-Robert. Bot. 
Bernault, Abbe, Rue des Bouillis, 25, Blois. Palceo. 
Berne, Dr. Paul, Bachclier es-lcttres et es-science naturelles, 63 Boule- 
vard St. Germain, Paris. ZoOl., Anth., Hist. C. 
Bertant, Bayonne. Ent. 
Bertiielot, Marcelin p. E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Magazine, 3, Paris. 

Bertholey, Mornant. Coleopt. 
Bekthoumieu, v., Cure, Bayet in St. Pour9ain (Allier). Bot., Ent., 

Bertillon, Dr., Prof, de De'mographie a 1' e'cole d'Anthropologie de 

Paris, Rue des St. Peres, 18, Paris. Demography, Mycology. C. 

170 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [Frasce. 

Bertix, "Dir. Normnl Scliool, Rue iTUlm, 45, Pari';. Phys. 

Bekiin,' J., Rue do In Pctitc-l'urtc, "i, Uoncii. Ent. : Coleopt. 

liEiiTiN. Phof. Du. (iEoKGEfi, 2 Uin' FiuiiUlin, Xiintes. 

15EKTIN, .Sans, Pju)F. Uk. E.mile, 3 Rue de la Merci, Montpcllier. 

HEKTitAND, fcjee. iVcad. Sci., Hue dc Seine, Paris. I'liys 

liEKTKA.\D, J., Prof. Coll. of !• ranee. 'J Rue dcs Saints-Pcrcs, Paris. 

liEiiTUAND, .U"LES, Ilaule-Pavre. EiU. : Coleopt. 

bEUTKAMJ, J'kof. \.)\i. Ch. Eug., Grandc Route de Bethuue, 17, Loos 

near Lille. But. 
PEIITOIT, Bayoniic. Coleopt. 

Bes:.heu, .Vuguste, P>ue Royalc-St-Honore, 8, Paris. Coleopt. 
Beschekelle, Em., Rue de Sevres, 4,"), Paris. But. 
Betuune, Albekt, Rue dcs Deux-Anges, 10, Reims. Conch., Ent.: 

Coleopt., Geol. 
Betis, Loiis, Rue iln Fauliour>r du Temple, 19, Paris. Coleopt. 
BiAE UE Beli.erade, Merj^iuac, (.Vu\ Tarres), near Bordeau.K, (Girondo). 

Eat. : Coleopt., Carnbidw, i'hijtophayes. C. Ex. 
BicnE, Pkof., College, Pc/.cnas. But. 
BiDAiU), Uir. .Vgric. Station, Rouen. Bot. 
BiGNAi i.T, JiSiE, Boulevard St-(;ermain, 149, Paris. Coleopt. 
BiGNOX, l>ouiS, Lassay. Co'eopt. : Ent. 
PiKiOT, Rue Michel .Vn^clo, 23, Paris. Ent. 
Bigot, Rue dc Lu\emliourg, 2,), Paris. Ent. 

Bigot, F. A., Plaee de I'llotel-ile Villc, 10, Versailles. Ent. : Lppid. 
Bigot, Jacques Marie, Fian(,-ois Proi)rietaire, Oftieier d'.Vcademie, Rue 

Candion, 27, Paris. Ent. . Diptera. C. Diptera. 
Billet, Pers. Faculty of Seienee, Rue Pliilibcrt, 41, Dijon. P/njs. 
Billet, .Vlbeut, Riie Vauquelin, Paris, h'enl. 
BiLLiET, P. Preccptcur, Tauvres (Puy de Dome). Bot., Plianerogams 

and Vascular Ciyptoqtimn. C. E\. Plants of. Monts-Uores and 

]Mont-D6mcs and Central France, for plants of Eurojjc, N. America, 

Algiers and Asia Minor. 
Billing, Le Baron Robert de, Avenue dcs Champs-Elysees, 24, Paris. 
BiLLV, CjiAKLES DE, Rue Franklin, 14, Paris. 
Blanc, EoorARD, Cercy-la-Tour. Coh-op' 

Blanc, Mark's, Qiuii du Canal, 22, Marseilles. Coleopt., Lepid., IJemlpt. 
Blanchard, Emile, Rue de rUniversite', 34, Paris. Ent.: Coleopt. 
Blancharu, .7., Bot. Gar.. Brest. Bot. 
Blanchard, Dr. Raphael, Preparateur a la Sorbonne, Rue Monge, 52, 

Paris. A'lot., Comparative Physiology. 
BoiLLAT, Ch , Bressc. tieol., Col -opt. 
Bois, Desire, Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot. 
Boisgiraud, Montplaisir, near Mirambeau. Coleopt. 
BoiSSAIS, Tronville. Coleopt. 
BoissEL, Prof. Emile, Lvce'e de jMontlu(;'on (.Allier). Geo\, Min., 

Pal<7-n.. Mtrinfl Conrh. C. of 5,000 specimens. Ek. fossils and 

minerals of France lor the same, or F. W. Shells of other countries. 
Bo.MPART, Gasselin de, Museum, Rue des Huguenots, 17, Orleans. 

EoMPAR, Dr. Felix, Portets, Girondc. Bot. 
BoN, Dr. Gustave C, Rue Vignon, 29, Paris. Anth, C. Ex. for 

Boniface, Ch., Rue d'Esqnerchin, 23, Donai. Colmpt. 
Bonnafont, Dr. T. P., Rue Mogador, 3, Paris. Otology, Chirurgy. 
BoNNAiRE, Rue Halle, 62, Paris. Ent. 

Bonn aire, Baron .\chille. Rue St.-Me'ry, 114, Fontaineblean. Coleopt, 
Bonnet, Dr. Edmond, Rue GeuiTroy Si-llilaire, 34, Paris. Bot. 
Bonneuil, Vicomte Rooer de, Rue Sl-Guillaume, 31, Paris. Coleopt. 

fraxce.] the naturalists' directory. 171 

BoNviER, A., Eue (Ic la Rc'pul^l'rinc, 42, ]\rar>cillcs. Conch. 

liLANCiiE, Di{. Emm.. Rue ile I'El-oIc, 8, lloueii. Bot. 

Ulandeau, Dk., Dijon. Eiit. 

15lai"D, Cii., ^^l.-(iL■^lll;lln-llc-Pl•ingay, near Cluinton nay,. Caleopf. 

Blavet, .\., Pre-iilcnt iL la Societc d'Horiii-ultuic, Etaoipes (Scinc-ct- 
Oise). Bot. C. Ev. 

Blavv, .Vlfreu, R.k' Baralleric, Montpcllier. Mic. 

L'i.EiciiEK, Fkof., Xancv. y^t. Ilist. 

Rlevse, Leo.n, Riicilc Paris, .36, P.onues. Colenpt. 

Blo.nav, RoGEii de, Riic lie I.,aroci)etoncaiil(l. 23, Paris. Coleojd. 

Blon'deau, Dii., Rne Button, 21, Uijon. (Utleopt. 

BoAs-BoASSON, .1., 2S, Rue de Lyons, Lyons. Chem. 

Bobiekue, -V , Dir. .\;;ric. Station, Rue Voliaire, 12, Xanfes. Bot., Agric. 

BoGA, LuMONi), 15 Boulcvanl dcs Filici-du-Calvaire, Paris. 

BoGA, Pail, Polytec. Seh. 1, Plaec du Tlieatie-Fran9ais, Paris. 

BoHN, Pkof., Paris. 

BoiELDiEL', AnatoLE, Ruc Ccnsier, 13, Paris. Coleopt. 

BoNVOLLoiK, Vico.viTE JIenri DE, Ruc dc I', 15, Paris. Cole- 
opt , 

BoNv, Vicomte G. de, Rue de Passy, 84, Paris. Ent., Coleopt. 

BoiiDEEK, Instituteur Botanisic Aljedrc, Luz-St.-Sauvcur, ilautes-Pyre- 
necs. lilt. C. 

BoRDiEH, Henki, Nat. Library, 182 Ruc de Ri\ oli, Paris. 

Boheau-Lajanadie, 50 Rue d'.Vviaii, Boideauv. OVo/. 

BoKELLi, Le Vicomte de, Sec. Ambass. to Athens, 41 Rue de I'Univcr- 
site, Paris. 

BouNET, Ed.. Quai dc la Tournclle, 27, Paris. Bot., Alga. 

BoUAT, (iusTAVE, 11 Rue Malakort", Grenoble. Bot. 

BoUBEE, i.'.\bbe, .\ueh. Co.copt. 

BoucAKD, ,\i)OLPUE, Naturalist, Rue Guy de la Brosse, 13, Paris. 
('o eopt. 

Bouchard, Prof. Dr., Ruc de Rivoli, 174, Paris. 

BoucnE, l'.Vbbe, St-Maurice-d'E\il, ne:ir Viciine. Coleopt. 

BofCHLT, PiU)F. Dr., Rue de la Cl,aus-ee d'.Vniin, Paris. 

BoUDlER, Emil, Plaie du Marclie, Montmorency. Colenpt. 

BoUDiN. ,A., Principal of Collc^^e, Ilontteur. 

Bowu, .Vlfhonse, Rue de la Rcpiibli(iue, 82, Rouen. Coleopt. 

BouiLLAUD, Prof. J., Mem. Acad, teci., 218 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 

BouLARD, Rue Manjre, 72, Paris. Ent. 

BoL-LLET, Eugene, Corl)ic (Sotiimc). Coleopt., Lepid. C. Ex. Euro- 
pean specimen-, for ibrei^in. 

BoULAV, l'Abbe, Dr. es Sciences, Prof, a rUnivcrsite' C.atlioliqne, R:ie 
Vaulian, 61, Lille (Nord). Bot. C. Ex. Mosses and V'ejj;etable 

BouLi.ET, EuGiiNE, Placc Faidherhe, Corbie. Ent., Coleopt., Lepid. 

BouLEV, Prof. Henry M., Mem. Acad. Sci., 81 Rue dcs Saints-Peres. 
Paris. Pathol. 

BouLLU. l'Abbe, Prof., Rue Bourbon, Lvons. Bot. 

Bourdel, Prof. A , line .\i;,niillcrie, .3.'), I\IontpclIier. 
Bourgeois, .Jules, Bil)IiollK'caire-ad.joint de la Socic'tc', Entotn. de 
France, ,3'-(, Rue dc rEchiijuier, Paris. Ent., Coleopt. . of I au- ope, 
Fortir/n M ilachidce. C. Coleopt era of Europe and Malachidaj of 
the ;;l()l)e, e\. or buv. 
BOURGOUGNON, Dollats, near St. Didier (.Vllier). Dot. 
BoURGUET, \\k (Houclies-du-Rlionc). 

BOURSIER, Cii., Ruc de la Poissonncrie, 26, Nancv (Menrthe et Moselle). 
Lepid., Minerals, Fossils. C. Lepidopterii and Fossils ex. 

172 THE naturalists' directory, [France. 

BoussiNGAULT, Jean B. J. D., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

BOUTEILLEK, Prof. Ed., Piovins. Ent., Coleopt., Bnt. 

BouTHERY, Dr. Charles Auguste, Langeais. Coleopt. 

BouTMANS, Bot. Gar., Lille. Hot. 

BOUTRAY, Rene de, 101 Rue de Bac, Paris. Geol. 

BbuTY, Prof., Lyceum St. -Louis, 133 Boulevard St.-Michel, Paris. Phys. 

Bouvier, a.. Naturalist, Quai des Grands-.\u<^ustins, 55, Paris. Coleopt. 

Bouvier, Paul, Rue de la Re'publiquc, 42, Marseilles. Cftxchology. C. 
Ev. Otters specimens of France, Mediterranean, New Caledonia, 
Alji'iers and Lidia. 

BoYEXVAL, Lyons. Coleopt. 

BoYER, Edmond, Commissaire de la Marine en retraite, 32 Rue de la 
Comedie, I'Orient, (Morhihan). Coleopt. C. Ex. Principally 
Caraliidie, Bupre^tidae, (Jctonidte, Scarabidse and Cerambycidge. 

Brabant, Ii^douai^d, Cambria. Bot. 

Brame, Prof. Dr. Ch., Tours. Chem. 

Branby, Prof., Catholic Univ., 49 Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris. Pkys. 

Brandenburg, 1 Rue de la Verrerie, Bortieau.x. Apiculture. 

Brass AUD, Rene, Montl'aucon. Bot. 

Breciiemin, Louis, Rue du Val-de-(irace, 18, Paris. Coleopt. 

Breguet, Antoine, Polytec. Sch., Rue de Savoic, 5, Paris. 

Breguet, Louis F. C, Mem. Acad. Sci., 39 Quai de riiorlof^e, Paris, 

Breittmayer, Albert, Place de la Prefecture, 8, Marseilles. 

Breton, A. Le., 21 Rue de Butfon. Cryptogamia. 

BREVifeRE. L., St-Sauljre. Conch., Bot. 

Briard, Dr. E., 26 Rue des Carnes, Nancy, Bot. 

Brilloui.v, Nancy. Phys. 

Briquel, C, Rue" de Villcr, 32, Lune'ville. Coleopt. 

Brisout de Barneville, Henri, Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Coleopt. 

Brisout de Barneville, Charles, Rue de Pontoise, 15, Saint-Germain- 
en-Laye. Coleopt. 

Brissaud, Prof., Lyceum Charlemagne, Rue Mazarine, 9, Paris. 

Brivet, .\venue Percire, TO, Asnieres, (Seine). 

Broca, Dr. Pierre P., Paris. 

Brochon, E. Henri, 25 Rue du Temple, Bordeaux. Geol. 

Brochon, H., Pres. Soc. Linne'enne, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Brolemann, Pres. Tribunal of Commerce, Quai Tilsitt, 11, Lyons. 

Brongniart, Charles, Muse'um tl' llistoire Naturelle, Rue Guy-de-la- 
Brosse, 7, Paris. Zool., Palceo., Bot. C. Fossils of the Carbonif- 
erous, Insects and Fishes. Ex. 

Brown, Robert, 39, Pave des,Cliartrons, Bordeaux. Ent. 

Brown -Sequard, Charles Edouard, M. D., College de France, 

Brun, l'abbe, Grande-Rue, Nogent-sur-Seine. Coleopt. 

Brunaud, Paul, 3 Rue Saint-Vivien, Saintes. Bot. 

Brunet, Jean-Marie, Cazavet, near Prat. Coleopt. 

Buccaille, 132 Rue Saint-Vivien, Rouen. Geol., Palceo. 

RucHiLLOT, Naturaliste Pre'parateur et Conservateur du Muse'um, Reims. 
All branches, especially Mammalogy and Ornithology. C. Ex. 

Buffet, Paul, 99 Rue d' Aboukir, Paris. Ent., Lepid. 

Buquet, Lucien, St.-Placide, 52, Paris. Coleopt. 

Bureau, Charles Albert, Pharmacien, Administrateur du Musee, Rue 
St.-Aubert, 7, Arras. Lepid. of Europe, Serinilture. C. Ex. 

Bureau, IiIdouard, Quai de Be'thune, 34, Paris. Coleopt., Bot. 

Bureau, Dr. Louis, 15 Rue Gresset, Nantes. Onj. 

BuRLE, Gap. Coleopt., Bot. 

Busch, G., Rue Pierre-Bertrand, 12, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Coleopt, 

BussY, Antoine A. B., Mem. Acad, Sci., Paris. 


BuTSSON, V. Henri du, Chateau du Vernet, Broiit Vernet, (AUier). 

Ent., Coleopt., BryoL, Bot., Ftingi, Graminidce. C. Ex. French 

specimens lor American, Desire Entomological correspondents in 

America and England. 
Cabanne, Paul, Museum, Bordeaux. Geol. 
Cadiat, Prof., kue Meslay, 24, Paris. 
Cafrawy, Kamil, Boulevard du Peyron. Chem. 
Cahon, Dr., Paris. 

Cahours, Auguste a. T., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Chem. 
Caille, a., Bot. Gar., Bordeaux. Bot. 

Cailletet, Louis, Institute, Chiitillon-sur-Seine. Bot., Min. 
Cailliot, Prof., Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, 48, Paris, 
Caillol De Ponxy, Prof. O., Pvue L'lapier, 8, Marseilles. 
Caix De Saint-Aymour, Vicomte Am. De, Chateau d' Ognon, pr6s 

Barbery, (Oisc), and Kue de Milan, 11, Paris. 
Caligny, Marquis de, Versailles. 
Callay, a., Chesne. Bot. 

Callot, Ernest, Rue Reaumur, 10, La Rochelle. 
Cantagrel, Polyteclinie School, Boulevard Malesherbes, 145, Paris. 
Capus, Ct., Rue de Buti'on, 53, Paris. Bot. 
Carbonnier, Paul, Bordeaux. Pisciculture. 
Carcanagues, a., Vicdessos, Ariege. Math. 
Cardon, Ch., Rue du Rempart, 3, Tours. Coleopt. 

Cardot, Jules, Agriculteur, Stenay, (Meuse). Bot. C. Ex. Phaner- 
ogams and Musci of France for those of America. 
Carles, Dr., Quai des Chartrons, 30, Bordeaux. 
Carnot, Prof. Adolphe. Rue SoufHot, 15, Paris. Agric. 
Caron, a. D., Rue Joinville, '22, Havre. Coleopt. 
Caron, E., Rubempre. Bot. 
Caron, Victor, St. -Amour, (Jura). Palceo. 
Carpentier, Ernest de, Clos-Barrey, Commune de Dosnon par Orcis-sur- 

Aube. St/lviciiltta'e. 
Carpentier, Leon, Secretaire de la Societe Linneenne du Nord de la 

France, Rue de la Pature, 16, Amiens. Micros., Palceo., Ent., 

Coleopt. of Somme et Oise, Parasites of Insects. 
Carret, l'abbe a., Prof. Inst. of. Cliartreux, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Carrieu. Prof., Giande-Rue, ft, Montpcllier. 
Carriere, E. a.. Rue de Vincennes, Montreuil-sous-Bois, (Seine). 

Cartailhac, IiImile de, 5 Rue de la Chaine, Toulouse. Palceo. 
Cartault, Prof., Paris. 
Cartereau, Dr., Bar-sur-Seine. Coleopt. 
Cassagne, Comte Antoine de. Chateau de Saint-Jean-deLibron, pres 

Beziers (Herault). 
Castanier, Jacques, Rue Duhamel, Lyons. 

Castelnau, Paul, Treas. Soc. .Agric, JRuc Saint-Guilhem, Montpellier, 
Castiielaz, Jf)HN, Rue Sainte-Croix-dc-la-Bretonnerie, Paris. Chem. 
Castillon, Gerard de, Momhre du Societe Entoniologique de France 

et de Suisse, Chateau de Parron, par ^le'zin (Lot-et-Garonne). 

Coleopt. C. Ex. Native specimens for European and foreign. 
Caton, J., Prof., Rue des Cultivntcurs, 7, Pan. Coleopt. 
Caubet, Prof. Dr.. Rue Lapcyrousc, 3, Touhuise. 
Cauchois, Prof. Dr., Rue ihi'Contrat-Social, 28, Rouen. 
Caulle, Rue Bcrchet, 3, Sedan. Coleopt. 
Causse, Louis, Pres. Soc. Agric, Nimes. 
Cauvet, Dr. D., Prof, a la Faculte dc Medicine, Rue Franklin, 33, Lyons. 

Hot., \af. Hist. 
Cavaille-Coll, Avenue Maine, 15, Paris. Fhys. 

174 THE naturalists' directory. [Fbance. 

Cavaille, Augustin, Chcniin de Madame, Viroflaj- (Seine ct Oisc), 

Coliopt., l.epid., Mi/iiopous, lit/tdrs. C. Ex.* (Jtter Lepidoptera 

and t/'oleoptcia orEuiDiic, Ibi- lli'ptiles and Myriopods. 
Cayol, Mauil'S, line des Moines, 50, a Batiyiiolles, Paris. Agric, 

Cazalis de Foxuouce, Paul, Rue des l^tudes, 18, Montpellier. Geol., 

Aicli , Aiit/i. C. 
Cazeneuve, Dk.. Kmc des Ponts-dc-Comines, 26, Lille. 
Cazenelve, Puof. Dr. Paul, Avenue dii Doyenne, 4, Lyons. 
Ceutes, Adrien, ln>i)ccteiir des Finances, Hue Barbet de Jouy, 21, Paris. 

I'ln/sioL, liifu oriii and Protozaa. C. Ex. Mic. slides'a specialty. 
Cessac, le comte Pierre de. Chat, de Mouchetar, Gue'ret (Creuse'). 

Chabaneix, Jean, An:ricnUural School, Montpellier. 
Chabas, F. C, Chalons-sin-Saone. 
Chabaud, .J. B., Bot. Gar , Tonion. Hot. 
C'HABOissEAU, l'Abbe T., Riic de Grenelle, 84, Paris. Bot. 
C'HAFFAN.JOX, J., Universitc, Lyons. Co/enpt. 
Chajgnox, \icomte L. de, Ciii>caux. (ifcL, Min. 
Chalande, Henri, Menibre de la ^-oc. d'llisloire Naturelle de Toulouse, 

line des Coutclicrs, W, Toidouse. Bot., Conch. C. Ex. Wishes 

])lants and shells of all eoniitries. 
Chalande, Jules, Membre de la Societc d'llistoire Xaturellc, Puie des 

C'onteliers, ;)1, Tonlonsc. lint., Coleopt., Reptiles. C. Ex. Cole- 

optera of Fiance lor those of all countries. 
Chalon, v., Bcziers. Bot. 

Chaloz, a. F. G., Alliance (llaiite-Saone). Coleopt., Eiiropea/i Lepid. 
Chambovet, Rue du Vieiix-Montaux, St.-Eticnne. Coleopt. 
Champenois, Amedee, Uzes. Coleopt. 
Ghana V, Pierre, Secretaire de la Soc. Linnc'enne et de la Soc Botanique 

de Lyons, Coiirs d'llcrboiivillc, 12, Lyons. Bot., Phanirogans, and Foreujii, Knt , Coleopt. and. [{emipteni of Europe, 

Forei;;n LamcUiconis and Sterno\es. C. of herbs and insects. Ex. 

Desires correspondent-:, especially in Europe and America. 
Chancel, (tUSTave G. B., Montpelliei'. Chem. 

GnANRtoN. l'Abbk, Piof. Seminary of L'Argentiere, Duerne. Coleopt. 
Ciiantari), J., Lille. Bot. 

Ghantreuil, Prof. Dr. Gustave, Rue St -Florentin, Paris. 
Ghapeu, Maurice, Mincralo;:ical Society, Paris. 
Chaphui, Maurice. Rue l^aiisset, 14, \'aujiirard, Paris. Coleopt. 
Charkonneau, Rnc de la Franchise, 6, Bordeaux. Ent. 
Chakbonneau.x, Emil. Rue du Boury- St. -Denis, 98, Reims (Marne). 

Ent.: espei-iaih/ Coeopt. G. 1,500 species. Ex. Coleoptera of Reims 

for those of all countries, especially Garabidte and Lonji'icoras. 
Chardon, (Gabriel, Bureau of Tele^iraph, St. Etieiine. Coleopt. 
Ghargueraud, a., .Jardinier en chef a I'Ecolc Vete'rinaire, Alfort (Seine). 

B-4. G. 
Charpentier, Prof. Dr , Rue Isabey. 4, Nancj'. 
Gharpy, Leon, Membre de la Societe mine'ralo^ique de France et de la 

.Societe Palcoiituloiiiqiic (Suisse), Saint-Amour (.Jura). Min., 

Geol., Pttrolofiy. C Ex. 
Charreyre, Rue des Trois Rois. 2, IMarseilles. Bot. 
Ghasles, Michel, Passage Sainte-Maric-Sainte-Germain, 3, Paris. 
Ghastel, l'.Vbbs, la Seyne, near Toulon, (^nl opt. 
Ghatin, Gaspard a., "Mem. Acad. Sci., Rnc de Reunes, 129, Paris. 

Ghatin, Prof. Dr. .Joannes, Boulevard Sainte-Gerniain, 128, Paris. 
Ghauveau, Prof. A., Quai des Brottcaux, 22, Lyons. 

fka>-ce.] the naturalists' directory. 175 

Chauvet, Gustave, Xotaire, Secretaire de la Socie'te' Arclieolo^riqiie de 

la Cliarciite, liiippec (Cliarente). Arch. C. Arch., especially of 

tlie vallev of the (harente. 
Chelot, Rue Pierre Belou, 1, Mans (Sartlie). Palfpn. 
Cherot, a., Polytechnic School, Quai de I5illy, 10, Paris. 
Chekvin, Ur. Arthur, Avenue d'Eylaii, 9J, Paris. 
Chesnel, Eug., Boulevard baint-Martin, 21, Paris. Agric. 
Cheux, Albert, Rue Chaperonuiere, 9, Ang-ers. Meteor., Ent., Geol., 

Pal (TO. 
Chevalier, Michel, Paris. 

Chevillon, Rue Monin, 44, Moutigny (Blois). Lepid. 
Chevi.v, Dr. Arthur, Paris. 

Chevreul, Dr. ^Michel E., Prof. Chem. Mus. Xat. Hist., Paris. 
Chevrier, Cannes Bot. 

Chevrolat, Auguste, Rne Fontainc-St. -Georges, 2.^, Paris. Coleopt. 
Chikox DU Brossay, Rue Menace, 19, Angers. Coleopt. 
Cho.mienxe, Leon, Pharmacien, Cours de I'Inteudantc, 27, Bordeaux. 

Chouillou, -Albert, Avenue Rihoudet, 69, Rouen. Agric. 
Chouillou, IilDOUARD, Quai du Havre, 13, Rouen. CItem. 
Cimbal-Lagrave, Ed., Rue Roniiguiere, 15, Toulouse. Bot. 
CiTERNE, Clermont Ferrand. Bot. 
Claiu, l"Abbe, Villa Stellamare, Menton, (Alpes-Maritimc). Eyit., 

European and Mediterranean Coleopt. C. Ex. European Colc- 

optcra, especially of the South of France, in exchange for Coleoptera 

of Spain, Algiers, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Russia. 
Claudon, Edouard, Quai de la Tournclle, 27, Paris. (jcoL, Min. 
Clavaud, .\rmaxd. Rue Mondenard, .30, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Clement, A. L., Rue Lacepede, 34, Paris. Coleopt. 
Clement, Stan., 7 Rue Maison-Carree, Nimes. Conch., Orn. 
Clermont De, Boidevard .Saint-Michel, 8, Paris. Chem. 
Clin, Dr. Ernest M., Rue Racine, 14, Paris. Chem. 
Cloez, Prof., Nat. Hist. ^luseum, Paris. Chem. 
Cloizeaux, Prof. AlfreIj Des., Museum, Rue Monsieur, 13, Paris. 

Cloquet, Le Baron Jules, Mem. Acad. Sci., Boule'vard Malesherhes 

19, Paris. 
Clos, Prof. Dominique, Prof, de Botanique a la Faculte' des Sciences, 

Directeur du Jardin des Plants, AUee des Zephirs, 2, Toulouse. 

Bot. C. 
Clouet, Jules, Prof, du Chimie a I'l^colode Me'dicine de Rouen, Eicen- 

cie es Sciences Naturelles, Rue de la Grosse Ilorloge, .")2, Rouen 

(Seine-lufe'rieur). Bot., Min., Geol. C. Ex. Mineralogy and 

Colin, Museum, Arras. Co'eopt. 
Collet, Alfred, Lieutenant cle Vaisseau,Rcpetitenr a I'lilcole Polytech- 

nicpie, I.tI, Boulevard Maircnta, Paris. Ast., Geodesij. 
COLLIGNON. Dr. Rene, .\ide-Major de lore classc an ler Bataillon de 

Chasseurs a Pied, Verdun surMeuse (Meuse). Anth., Crnniolor/i/. C. 

Ex. ancient and modern, against American of any kind, or the 

crania of (Jceanica. 
CoLLOT, Prof. Louis, Rue Barallcric, 4, ^Montpellier. 
COLLIARD, Rue St. -Jacques, 167, Paris. Coleopt. 
COLOMBET, .Iean, Ruc Mongc, 52, Paris. Ent., esp. Lepidoptera, 

CoLRAT, Prof. Dr., Rue Gcntil, 19, Lyons. 
CoMBAL, Prof. Dr., Montpcllicr. 
Co.mbeuousse, Prof. De, Rue Blanche, 45, Paris. 

176 THE naturalists' directory. [France. 

Combes, Jacques Ludomir, Chevalier de rOrdrede Charles III., Officier 

de I'Acaddmie, Chateau de la Dausse, Monaaaquiii(L,ot-et-Garonne). 

GeoL, Pa/ceo., Arch. C. Ex. 
CoMME, Jean, Rue Belleville, 15, Bordeaux. Bot. 
CoMMOLET, PuoF., Lyceum, Rue Clovis, 47, Reims. 
CONDAMY, Rue des Bazines, 33, Angouleme. Truffles and Mushrooms. 
Cons, Prof. Henri, Lyceum, Rue des Tresoriers de la Bourse, 7, Mout- 

Constant, A., Autun, (Siione et Loire). European Lejnd. 
Constantin, a., Brest. Coleopt. 
CoNTE.JEAN, Prof., Poitiers. Bot. 

Contes, Baron G., Avenue de TAlma, 62, Paris. Coleopt. 
Convert, Prof. F., Rue de Richelieu, 30, Montpellier. Agric. 
CoPiN, Leon, ^'■alencienues. Chem. 
Coppet, De, Villa Irene, aux Baumettes, Nice. Chem. 
Coquerel, a.. Rue du Thym, Impasse Leroy, Caudebec-les-Elheuf. Ent., 

Coleopt., Bot. 
CoRBiERE, Prof. F., Argentan. Bot, 
CoRBLET, L'Abbe, Versailles. 

CORENWINDER, Benj., Ruc Solfcrino, 61, Lille. Geol. 
CoRET, Simon-Paul, Rue Malissier, 7, Puteaux. Coleopt. 
CoRNiL, Prof., Rue de,Seine, 6, Paris. 
CoRNU, Max, Rue des Ecoles, Paris. Phys., Bot. 
CossERAT, Prof. Leon, Grande-Place, 21, Armentieres. Geol. 
CossoN, Ernest S. C, Mem. Acad. Sci.,Rue de la Boetie, 7, Paris. Bot. 
Costa de Beaureg.4.rd, le Comte Paul, Ravaine, near Chambery. 

Coste, Dr. Ultsse. Avenue de Toulouse, 3, ISIontpellier. 
Cotard, Charles, Polytechnic School, Rue de Grammont, 17, Paris. 
Cotte, is^aturaliste, Dourbes, near Digne. Coleopt. 
COUDREAU, Prof. Rue Ilincmar, 35, Reims. 
CouETTE, Maurice, Rue Volney, 2, Angers. Coleopt. 
Coulet, Auguste, Dourbes, near Digne. Coleopt. 
CouPiER, T., Creil (Oise). Chem. 

Courage, l'Abbe ISmile, Rue Casimir-Pe'rier, 15, Paris. Coleopt. 
Courbet-Poulard, Abbeville. 
CouRCHET, LuciEN, Rue du Palais, 5, Montpellier. 
CouRSO, Toulouse. Ent. 
CouRTOis, Henri, Chateau de Muges, par Daraazan (Lot-et-Garonne). 

CouRTY, Prof., Montpellier. 
CousTOU DE CoYSEVOX, Gabriel DE, Rue Lagarrigue, Montauban. 

CouTURES, Georges, Rue Palais-de-l'Ombriere, 18, Bordeaux. Coleopt., 
CoYE, Capt. C. H., St.-Paul-de-Fenouillet. Coleopt. 
Crampton, L'Abbe, Rue Neuve, 26, Amiens. 
Crauzil, Toulouse. Ent. 
Crie, L., Rennes. Bot. 

Crocy, W., 3 Rue Bergeret, Bordeaux. Ent., Coleopt. 
Cros, Dr. Dax. Coleopt. 

Crosnier, .Julien, Rue d'llliers, 54, Orle'ans. Conch. 
Crosse, IIippolyte, Directeur du Journal de Conchyliologie, Rue Vron- 

chet, 25, Paris. Conch., Palao. C. 
Crova, Prof. Andre, Rue du Carre-du-Roi, 14, Paris. 
Crozel, Georges, Place de I'Hotel de Ville, Vienne (Isere). Geol., 

Palceo., Conch. C. Ex. L, and F. W. shells of France in ex. for 

foreign shells and fossils. 
CuiSANCE, Rue des Godrons, 34, Dijon. Coleopt. 


CuisiN, Charles, Avenue d'Orleans, 20, Paris. Nat. Hist. 

CuNY, Gerardnier. Coleopt. 

CuHiE, Jacques, Rue de la Visitation, 2, Paris. Chem. 

CusiN, Prof. Instit. Apric. of Rhone, Ecully, near Lyons. Bot. 

Decaux, Rue du Marche, 8, Neuilly. Coleopt. 

Decks, Phof. Dr., Rue du Bourg-Saint-Denis, 74, Reims. 

Dechambre, Dr., Rue de Lille, 91, Paris. 

Decharme, Rue Laurandeau, 80, Amiens. 

Deccene-Racouchot, Alfred, Antoines, (Luzy). Coleopt. 

Daffrv de La Monnaye, Albert, Rue de la Barouillere, 9, Pans. 

Ent. Coleopt., 
Dagreve, E., Tournon (Ardeche). 

Daglin, Rue Castellane, 4, Paris. in, /-, 

Daleau, pRANgois, Bourg-sur-Gironde. Anth., Arch., Eth., Falao. C- 
Nearly 30,000 specimens. Ex. L. and F. W. Shells of France and 
New Caledonia for specimens of Archaeology and Ethnography. 
Damartix, M. E., Mus. Nat. History, Lyons. 
Damour. Augustin, A., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Darasse. Leon, Rue Simon-Lefrauc, 21, Paris. Chem. 
Dauboux, Prof. G., Rue Gay-Lussac, 36, Paris. 
Darlu, Prof., Lyceum, Bordeaux. Phil. 
Dat, Charles, Quai des Violettes, 4, Amboise. Coleopt. 
Daubet, Henri, Rue de Magenta, 5, Asnieres (Seine). Lepid. _ 

Daubree. Gabriel A., Boulevard Saiut-Michel, 62, Mem. Acad. Sol, 

Paris. Mm., Geol. , 

Dauphin, Albert, Passage de la Comedie, 1, Amiens. 
Daurel, J., AUees de Tourney, 2.i, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Daussy, Rue des Ecoles-Chrctiennes, 3, Amiens. 

Dautzenberg, Philippe, Rue de I'LTniversitc, 213, Pans. Coleopt. 

Davaine, Dr. Casimir, Rue Laffitte, 3, Paris. Coleopt. 

David, l'Abbe Armand, Rue de Sevres, 95, Paris. Coleopt. 

Davrellon, l^.MiLE, Hyeres. Bot. 

Davy, Marie, Montsonis, Paris. Meteor., Ast. 

Debat, Louis, Place Perrache, 7, Purls. Bot. Crypt., Mosses. 

Debauge, Faubourg de Hem, 206, Amiens. 

De Beauville, Victor, Montdidier. 

Debernard, Gustave, Coiffeur, Place d'Aisne, 7, Limoges (Haute- 
Vienne). Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Debouzy, Dr., Wignehies (Nord). Geol. 

Debray, Jules H., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Chem. 

Debray, Louis, Rue Mayet, 14, Paris. Ent., Coleopt. 

Debray, N., Rue Jean-sans-Tcrne, Lille. Geol. 

Debray, Rue d'Assas, 76, Paris. Phys. 

Debrun, E., Rue du Palais-de-Justice, 48, Bordeaux. Phys. 

Decaieu, Auguste. Rue de la Pature, 34, Amiens. „, „ . 

Decaisne, Dr. J., Prof. Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue Cuvier, 27, Pans. Bot. 

De Calonne, Boulevard St.-^Michel, 34, Amiens. 

Decrand, Dr. J., Cours Lavieuville, 17, Moulins-sur-AUier. 

De Croos, Bethune. 

Defargues, Capt., Boulevard des Iles-d'Or, 2, Hyeres. Coleopt. 

Defodon, Boulevard Saint-ficrmain, 79, Paris. 

DEFUANgois, Prof., Rue du Barbatre, 2, Reims. 

Degrange-Touzin, a., Rue de Temple, 24, Bis., Bordeaux. Geol., 
Mill. C. Miocene fossils in ex. for fossils and minerals. 

Deheuain, p. p.. Prof, au Museum d'Histoire Natuiclle, Rue d'Argen- 
son, 1, Paris. Veqetahle Physiol, Agric. C. Ex. 

Dehlinger, J., Rue Saint-Denis, 92, Paris. Ent., Coleopt., Bot 

Dejardin, Octave, Paris. Agric. 

178 THE naturalists' DIUECTORY. [FrasCB. 

Delaby, EnMONn, line Xciive, 10, Amions. Cokopt. 

Deladekkiekis ItlMii-E, Avociit, Hue L'apron. 8, ^'alcncicnnc<; (Xonl). 
'/oil , Eat., I'lthco , and lutla'iij of i'raare. (J. Ex. Botany. 

Delaguange, C^iiAiiLES, Iiupriuicur, liesuii>,on (Doubt-). Ent. Cole- 
op'., Lci)i I. (J Ex. 

Delahaye, -Iules, Uiic Biezin, 1"), IMoiitroii^c, Pari>;. Coleopt. 

Delauaye, X'ictok, Hue ile la Ilcpiihliiiiie, S4, IlDiieu. 

JJelalande, II., Rue ."it.-Gcor^ics, 34, KciiiU's. (Udeopt. 

Delamain, IIenki, .Janiac Ent.: Coli-o^ C, Lcpid. 

Delamake, Pit )F. l)i{., Place (iia>liii. ii, Nantes. Bat., Nat. Tlist. 

I)elai{i:e, I'lEKKE, Hue d'-Viitenil, (i, Paii-i. Coleopt. 

DiU-Ai THE, EuMONi), li()iik'\ ai'd (ill rrince-En;iOne, C3, Paris. Coleopt. 

l)ELAl"NEV, FiCElX-lULIEN, (.'iuTlloiir:;-. ('olcopt. 

Delei'lan ii'E, Oil- Nat. lli>t. Miis. Doiiai. (iiol. 

Deleveau, Pa )F. Paul, Lvecmn, Orleans. Civ in. 

Delfoutkie, Hue ilc Pe-sae, (i(), Bonleau :. PaUco. 

Delhekm oe Laucenne, Prof. d'Histoirc Naturclle, Gimont, (Gers). 
(-'(ilropt., ll/meiiop , lilt. C. E\. 

Delisle, LkoI'OLD v., Dir Nat. Lil)nirv, Paris. 

DELOitE, Prof. 1)k , Plaec Bellecour, lil", Lyons. 

Delort, Puof., baiut-Fleur, C'antal. 

Deloynes, Pall, IJuo de la Course, 113, Bordeaux. Bnt. 

DELur.i.v, Phannaeien, Kuc Denis Papin, 33, Blois (Loire ct Cher). 
Coleopt. C Ev. 

Demaison, Chahles, Injre'niciiv Civil, Rnc Ron:ier, 9, Reims. Ent., 
Col -opt. C. E\'. Colcoptera of France, Algiers, Ejrypt and Syria. 

Demaison, Louis, Arcliivi.>tc Paliiograplie, Rue Roj^ier, 9, Reims. Ent , 
Lcpid. C. Ex. 

Demak juE, FiiiMiN, Ciibzac-d'Audc. Cokopt. 

Demenge, Raou-rEiape. CoL-opt. 

Den'ans, Albeht, Marseilles. Moll. 

Denis, Alfhonse, Place du Chateau, 11, Brest. Coleopt, 

Denis, Feknand, Rue ^Nlautree, I, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Denis, Tii., Bot. (iar., Lyons. Bot. 

Dehonpaillek, Jule;, .Menihre dc la Sociote Gc'olojrique de France, de 
la .bociJte LiuuL'enne, Rue d'Ediuihour^r, 20, Paris. Pulceo., Couch, 
C. Ev. French fossils in ex. for those of all countries, especially 
of the Tertiai'V. 

Deprez, Maucel, Rue Champr)lliou, 15, Paris. Phys. 

Depuiset, Alpuonse, Maturalist, Rue des Saints-Peres, 17, Paris. 

Deudes, Pkof., Rue Reynard, S.l, Marseilles. Bot. 

Dekenbourg, Pkof. Hautwig, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 39, Paris. 

DEHMiviNV, (-"., Pe'roiiuc. CiiL-opt. 

IJert, L., Rue de I'E^lisc St.-Seurin, If!, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 

Dekl'elle, J., Rue de Vaugiranl, 199, Paris. Bot. 

Desage, Ferdinand, Rue Saint-Fort, 20, Bordeaux. Bot, 

Desains, Qi'ENTIN p.. Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Plujs. 

Dekboves, Rue Bellevue, 38, Amiens. 

Desrkieres, Rue dc Provence, 5fi, Paris. 

Desbrochers des Loges, .IiLES, Ardentes, rear Chatcrouv, (Tndre). 
l)i:s( riptive Entoinolofiij, Colcoptera of the ancient icorld. A', of 
Africa, rspnri li/i/ Cinculioiiidfp, Brenthidce, AnthicidfP, Scoli/tidm, 
Citoricidfc, DynoKtidce of the f/lohe. C. AVislics European Colcop- 
tera, espccinlly Curculionid;v, Brcnthidfe an<l Cetoricida', and otfer 
in e\chanj,^e European and Mcditeriancan Insects. 

Deschamps, E., Rue .Jean-Cousin, 3, Sens. Coleopt. 

Deschamps, F., Rue St.-Mathieu, Rouen. Coleopt, 

TEA^CE.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 179 

Deschange, lilMlLE, Lonjruvon, (Mcurthc-Mosellc). Lepid., Sericulturp. 

tSell, l)uy or ex. Lepitlbptci-a, Cocoous, Caterpillars, aud Eggs of all 

Des Gozis, iMaukice, Place dc rHotel-de-Villc, Montlufon (winter in 

Paris), (.'.oleopt. 
Desigxoli.e, p., Uiie dii Bac, 42, Paris. 
Deslongchamps, Pkof. M. E., t'acu, (Calvados). Bot. 
Desmauest, Eugene, Aide Naturalist, Museum, Rue Cuvier, 57, Fans. 

Desoudin, .J., Sistcron. Colenpt. 
Desi'i:vi{kns, Pkof , Toulouse. Mathematics. 
Dessaignes, X'ictou, VentJ'Juie. Clieni. 
Destekmes, Pkof., College, Figeae. Coleopt. 
UESTiiEEZ, Ifue bt.-Feriiiii;uul, 22, Paris. Coleopt. 
Detalle. p., benoiielics. Culoiit. 
Detkovat, Aknal'd, Meuihrc de la Societe Gc'ologiquc dc France, Bay- 

ouiie. Arrhiiulcgijy (local). C. 
Devai'lx de CUAMBOitu, 1!., line du Ccrf- Volant, 5, Moulins. Coleoi^t. 
Devouzy, Emile UESiKi:, Virvins. CoU-upt. 
Deykolle, Emile, Naturaliste, Rue de la Monnaic,23, or Quai d'Orlcans, 

3a, Paris. ZoiiL, Geo/., Bot. C. of Colcoptera, Concbology, Eepid- 

optcra. Birds of Europe, Humming Birds. 
Deykolle, Henri, Kuc du Faubourg-baiut-IIouope, 248, Paris. EiU., 

Deyuolle, Theophile, Naturalist, Concarncau. Coleopt. 
Dezanneau, Uk. .\lfked. Prof, fecliool Med., Augers. Bot. 
DiDAY, Du., Rue dc Lyon, Paris. 

Dieulafoy, Pkof. Dk. (Jeokges, Rue Cauniartin, 16, Paris. 
Dillon, Chakles Auguste, Tonnerre. Coleopt. 
DOGAIN, Paul, Rue dc Scntin, 37, Paris. Lepid. 
DoiN, Octave, Place de r()d( on, 8, Paris. 
Dolle, Maukice, Rue Clieui/.cllcs, 2, Laon. Coleopt. 
DoLLFUS, Adkien, Ruc Picrre-Cliarron, d."), Paris. Bot., Ent., Coleopt. 
Doi.lfus, Oustave, Rue de Cliabrrd, 4."), Paris. GeoL, Palceo. 
DOLLFUS, Rene, Ruc Spoutini, 1, Paris. Coleopt. 
Domekgue, FKANgois, Rue de la Lege, 5, Montpellier. 
DoNNADiEU, Pkof., Lyons. 
DoK, Dk. IIenki, Prof" honorairc de rUniversitc' de Berne, (Suisse) Quai 

dc la Charitc, 2, Lyons. Upitltalinology, Entomology. C. Coleopt. 

of Europe. 
Dokey, Paul, 8al)lcs-d'()lonnc. Coleopt. 
DoUAT, Museum, l^yons. Zoiil. 

DouiN, Louis, Normal School, Draguignan. Coleopt. 
DouMERC, Jean, Rue t"oi-ail, 1, Moutaubau. Geol. 
Doumekc, Paul, Montauban. deol. 
DouKiF, Pkof., Clermont-Ferrand. 

DouRMET-.\nANsoN, Nai'., Prcs. Ilort. Soc., Cette. Bot. 
Douville. IIenki, Inge'nicur des Mines, attache aux Collections de Pale- 

ontologie de 1' e'eole des Mines, Boulevard St.-Germaiu, 207, Paris. 

Pnf(Po., dcol. 
Doze, Raymond. Rue Bonneau. ITi, Montpellier. Coleopt. 
Dreux, Victor, Vau^rirard, (Paris). Coleopt. 
Drevault, I>., Rue de r.Xrbalele, Paris. Bot. 
Dkouau.x, G., Rue Sc'iy, Havre. Geol. 
Dkouet, IL, Charlcville. 
Dkouin, .v., Rue BeauliourL', 33, Paris. 
Dkouyn de Liiuys, Ruc dc Lille, 19, Paris. Bot. 

Dkuilhet-Lafakgue, Boulevard de Canderan, 173, Bordeaux. Horti- 

180 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [France. 

DuBALEN, P. E., Pharmacien, St.-Sevcr, (Loudcs). Bot., Omith., Arch., 
GeoL, Malacologij, Parnaites. C. Ex. L. and F. W. Alollusks, 
Fossil Molliisks ol'the Tertiary of the basin of the Atlour. 

DuBiN, J., Prof., Auch. Coleopt. 

Dubois, Albert, Rue Kichaiitl, 14, Versailles. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Dubois, Du. u'Amiens F., Paris. But. 

Dubois, Prof. I^mile, Kue Cozcttc, 29, Amieus. Phys., Nat. Hist. 

Dubois, Gustave, lluelScuve, 10, Amiens. 

Dubois, Michel, Rue Pierre I'llermite, 24, Amiens. Ent., Coleopt., 

DuBREUiL, E., Moutpellier. Bot. 

Dubreuilh, William, Lormont. Bot. 

Du BuYSSON, 11., Chateau clu Vcrnet, in Brou-Vernet. Coleopt. 

Duchaine, Rue de Paris, 149, Clamart. Coleopt. 

DuCHAMP liis, St.-Gcnis-Lavas. Bot. 

DucHAUTE, P., Mem. Acail. Sci., Rue de Crenelle, 84, Paris. Bot. 

DucLAUx, Prof. Emile, Rue Malebranche, 15, Paris. Agric. 

DucouDRE, Academy, Rue du Lyce'e, 14, Chambery. Coleopt. 

Defaud, Gabriel, Clcrmont-Fei-rand. Coleopt. 

DuFET, Henri, Prof. Lyceum Saint-Louis, Carre'four de I'Observatoire, 
13, Paris. 

DuFOUK, lilDOUARD, Rue de I'He'ronniere, 6, Nantes. Bot. 

DuFOUR, Dr. Gusvave, Boulevard Latour-Maubourjr, 49, Paris. Coleopt. 

DuFRESNE, Prof. Univ., Rue Pierre-Charron, 73, Paris. 

Dugas, Albert, St.-Maurice-d'Exil, near Vienne. Coleopt. 

DuGNET, Prof. Dr., Rue du Havre, 11, Paris. 

Dujardin-Beaumetz, Dr.. Rue de Rennes, 66, Paris. 

Dulignon-Desgranges, Rue de Cheverus, 30, Bordeaux. Anthropology. 

Dumas, Jean Baptiste, Sec. Acad. Sci., Rue Saint-Dominique-Saint- 
Gcrmain, 3, Paris. 

Dumas, Dr. Leon, Plan du Palais, Montpellier. 

DuMESNiL, II., Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 59, Paris. Coleopt., Ent., 

DuMESNiL, Rue Bernardin-de-St.-Pierre, 19, Havre. Coleopt. 

Du Moncel, Le Comte T. A. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

DuNEAU, Ed., Orle'ans. Bot. 

DuPARC, Georges, Qua! du Louvre, 30, Paris. Coleopt. 

DuPLAY, Prof., Rue Neuve-dcs-Mathurins, 3, Paris. 

Duponchelle, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle au Lyceum, Rue Auber, 41, 
Lille. Zool. 

Dupont, ]^douard, Boule'vard de I'Est, 17, Amiens. 

Dufont, Louis, Rue des Bernardins, 36, Paris. Ent., principally Lepid. 
C. Ex. especially with Naturalists of America. Wishes Lepid- 
optera of N. America, in ex. for insects of Europe, especially Cole- 
optera and Papilio. 

DuPRE, Anatole, Rue d'Ulm, 25, Paris. 

DuPRE, Dr. G., Rue Sainte Foy, 1, Montpellier. 

DuPUY, Dominique, Prof. d'Hist. Naturelle, Auch (Gers), ou a Lectoure 
(Gers). Malacology, especially L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex. na- 
tive specimens for foreijrn. 

DuPjJY', G., AnL'ouleme. E)it. : Lepid. 

DuPUY, Leon, Prof. Lyceum, Rue Vital-Carles, 13, Bordeaux. 

DuPUY, Prof. Dr. Paul, Chemin d'Eysines, 78, Bordeaux. 

DuPUY DE Lome, S. C. H. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Saint-Honore, 374, 
Paris. Geog. and Navigation. 

DuQUESNE, A., Pont-Audemet (Eure). Bot., Zool., Orn. C. Ex. 

Durand, Albert, Rue des Carmelites, 16, Rouen. Coleopt. 

DuKAND, Prof. IiIdouard, Rue d'Assas, 40, Paris. Geog. 

fbakce.] the natukalists' dieectoey. 181 

DuRAXD, Prof. Ecg^xe, Montpollier. Aqric. 

DiRAXD, Joseph, Doiuainc d'Arsac, near Rodez (Aveyron). 

DuRANTY, Prof. Nicholas, Rue Moiitaii.v, 4, Maiicilies. 

DiREAU, Alexis, Rue de la Toiir-d'Auvertrne, 16, Paris. Anthropology. 

DuRiE DE Maisonxeuve, E., Ruc David-Johnston, 39, Dir. Bot. Gar., 

DrRiF, Dr X., Rue de I'Hotel-Dien, 28, Clermont-Ferrand. 
DUROYER, Rue MazajTian, 14, ,\miens. 
Du .SoLiCH, Rue Feron, 4, Paris. Geol. 
DfTAiLLY, Prof. G., Lyons. 

DfTERTRE, Emile, Boulevard Montparnasse. 88, Paris. Geol. 
Dutrel-x-Pescatore, Aug , Chateau de la Celle-St.-Cloud, near Bougi- 

val (Seine-et-Oisc). European Lepid. 
Duval. Axtoxix Gaulmier, IManulacturier, Chevalier de la Legion 

d'llonneur. Rue Piuts-Gaillot, 31, Lyons. Agric. 
DunTAL-JouvE, J., Rue Aujiuste-Broussonnet, 1, Moutpellier. Bot. 
DUVERGER, Joseph-AleX-axure, Dax. Coleopt. 
DuvERGiER DE Hauraxxe, Em., Rue de Rivoli, 5, Paris. Bot, 
DuvERGiER, Rue .Saint-Cyr, 3.i, Lyons. 

Duvivier, Sec. Hort. Soc., Rue ile Grenelle. 84, Paris. Bot. 
£brard, Sylvaix, Firininy. Herpet., Eat. : Lepid. 
ficoRCHARD, Dr., Nantes. Bot. 

Edwards, Alphoxse ^I., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Anat., Zo6l. 
Edwards, Hexry M , Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris, Anat., Zool. 
Egger, C, Rue de Madame, 68, Paris. 
EiCHTHAL, d', Rue Neuvc-des-Matliurins, 42, Paris. 
Elphege, Prof. Seminary, Suinte-Aiine-d'Auray. Coleopt. 
Emery, Prof. H., Rue Verrerie, 32, Dijon. Bot. 
ExGEL, Prof. Dr. Rodolphe, Montpellier. 
Epremesxil, Le Comte, d', Rue de Lille, 19, Paris. Bot. 
Ervert, Dr. Jacquet, Cours Lafayette, 3, Lyons. Ent. C. Ex. Wishes 

Coleoptera of Europe and the Hemispheres. 
EsTOR, Prof. Dr., Montpellier. Anat., Pathol., Histol. 
EuTHYME, Le Frere, lustitut des Petits-Fi-eres de Marie, St.-Genis- 

Laval. Coleopt. 
Fabre, Alex., Toulon. Geo/. 
Fabi{E, J. H., Prof Lyce'e, Orange. Coleopt. 
Faguet, L. Auguste, Avenue des Gobelins, 26, Paris. Bot. 
Fairmaire, Leo.v, Rue du Bac, 94, Paris. Coleopt. 
Fallou, Rexe, Rue des Poitevius, 10. Coleopt., Lepid. 
Falsax, .\lbert, Officier de I'lnstruction publique, Saint-Cyr-au-Mout- 

d'Or (Rhoue). Geol. C. 
Farjasse, Maurice, Rue Deufert-Rochereau, 39, Paris. Conch., Geol. 
Faucox, Dr., Lille. 

Faucox'xet, ^LARY-LouIS, Autun. Coleopt. 
Fauge, A., Rue Malher, 20, Paris. 
Faulcoxxier, Eug±xe, Avenue d'Orle'ans, 39, Montrouge, Paris. Neur- 

Faure, Dir. Seminary, Grenoble. Bot. 
Faure, Rue Sainte-Clairc. 35, Clermont-Ferrand. 
Fauvel, Albert, Rue d'Angc, 16, Caen. Coleopt. C. of Staphj-linidse-of 

the United States. Ev. for the Coleoptera of America, 
Fauvelle, Dr., Rue de Medicis, 11, Paris. 
Favarcq, L., Rue du Vernay, 48, St.-Etienne. Coleopt. 
Fave, Idelpuoxse, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Favier. Prof., Rue de la Juiverie, 16, Etampes. 
Favreuil, de. Rue du Molinel, 2.'), Lille. Geom. 
Fate, Hebve, A. E. A., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Ast. 

182 THE naturalists' directory. [Tkance. 

Fee, Prof. Dr. Ficlix, Place clc la TJoiirsc, 19, Toulouse. 

Fiii.issis-liOLLix, .Jules, Hue ilc l{eniics, 72, I'aris. Colcopt. 

Fellot, LoLis, C'luitcau de PicrrcHlaut llivolet, uear Villefranche 

(iiliUK'). Mum.. Urn. C. Ex. 
Frmimer, CJ/ URIEL, .\luis. lidt , Lith. 
Fermond, Ch., Rue Pa-qiiier, 28, Paris. Bnt. 
Ferni.,;ue, L'AiiB.i, Rue de V'aueanson, 4, Paris. Coleopt., Mic. 
Ferrand, ()., Ainiei)<., 
Ferrouillat, Uue d'l-;;iypte, 1, Lyons. 
FlCHLUR, I'ROF. E , lieaiivais. Mai/l. 
Fiere, Paul, V'oirou (Isin-e). Aich. 
Fir.UiER, PuoF. 1)R , iJonleaux. 
Filuol, i'RoF. E., Toulouse. 

FiLLEAU, Prof. Dr. A., Place dc la EepuMiquc, 1, Paris. 
FiNuT, .Vdkiex, Lapitaiue d'Etat, .Major en retiaiic, Rue St. Ilonoi-c, 27, 

Foii,ainel)leau (Seine-cl-Marne). Ent., rsp. O.t'i. C. Ev. and 

buy. Otter ()rilio|Mcra ol' France and Alg'eria, and desire to buy or 

e . Orthoptera ol ilie wlioie world. 
FixoT, EuENNT, (.breuiont-Ferrand. Chem. 

Fischer, Dr. Paul, Museum of Nat. Hist., Jardin des Plantcs, Paris. 
FiZEAU, Armand 11. L., ISlem. Acad, feci., Rue de la Vieille-Estrapade, 

3, i'aris. I'/n/mcs. 
Flahault, Charles, Prof, de Botanique h la Faculte' des Sciences, 

M ut]iellicr. Bat , Cri/pt., Vef/ctable Anat., I'hysiol 
Flammariox, Camille, Avenue de I'Observatoire, 36, Paris. Ast. 
Fleury, O., Douai. 

I'l-occARD, Rue ilu Plat, 1, Paris. Bot. 
Flourens, G., Hauhoiirdiu, near Lille. Chem. 

FoEX, Prof. Gustave, Faul)ourg feaint-Jaeques, 29, Montpellier. Agric. 
Folix, Marquis de, Rayoune. ('am h. 
FoLSO.M, Albert, ('olloniie^-sur-Saone, near Lyons. Gecl. 
Folus, Marquis de, Hiarritz. Arch. 
FoNTANNES, F., .Attaelio an fcervice de la Carte Gc'olog:ique de France, 

Ofifieier d'.Vcadi'inie, 4 Rue de la Repuhlique, Lyons. GeoL 
FoRCEViLLE, Ghdeox, DE, Ruc Laminrk, 35, Amiens. 
FoucAuu, .JuLiFN, br -Christoplie. But. 
FouLQUiER, G. A., Rue St.-8e'pulere, 1, IMarseillcs. Coleopt. 
FouLQUiER, G., Boulevard Petit-Cours, Ninies. Coleopt. 
FoiiRNiER, L'Abbe, DrauuijiUtin. Coleopt. 
FouRNiER, Daniel, Lyceum, Poitici-s. Co/i^npt. 
FoLiN, ?tL\RQUis Leopoi-D DE, Dirccteur des " Fonds de la Mcr," Mem- 

bre de plusieurs Academies et Soeiete's Savautes, Rue d'Espairne, 18, 

Bian-itz. MoUusks, Rhizopods. C. Ex. Publications with other 

Fontaine, IIippolyte, Rne Dronot, 15, Paris. Phys. 
FONTANES, F., Ruc de la R-'publique, 4, Lyons. Ge'ol. 
Foucaud, Saiute-Cliristophe (Cbarente-Inf 'rieure). Bnt. 
FouREAU, Fernand, Fredicre-Saiut-Barbaut, uear Me'zie'rcs (Haute- 

Vienne). (ieol. 
Fournereau, Prof. l'Abbe, Lyons. 
FouRNiER, Prof. Dr. ,\., Rne \''olncy, 1, Paris. 
FouRXiER, Felix, Ruc de I'Universite, 119, Paris. 
Foussereau, Prof. Lyceum, Rue dn Petit-Roland, 25, Reims. 
Francezox, Paul, .Mais ((ianl). Chem. 
P'ranchet, \., Cliaieau dc Clievcrny, Cour-Cheverny. Bot. 
Frachon, L'Abbe, Annonay. Coh'opt. 

FitANCK, Dr. F., Prof. Coll of France, Rue des Fcuillantines, 64, Paris. 
FRANgois, fds (Ph.), Chateau de la Vienae, near Grancle-Pressjgny. 


rKA>-cE.] THE naturalists' directory. 183 

Frauciel, Edmond, Coui-is/rAlsacc-ct-T.oirainc, lO.l, Bordeaux. Bot. 
FiiAY, ■!. 1'., Aunuuiicr ii I'Ecolc Xorinalc, Boury (.\in). Bot. C. Plx:. 
Fkeuet, Prof. Dr., Clennoiit-Ferraiul. 
FuEMiNviLLE, ]^ALL DE, Lliiitortii dc rAiuuussc, Pout-do-Ve^-lc (Aia). 

Ii,iil., Mill., Con. C. Ex. 
Fkemv, Edmonu, Mem. Acad. Sci., Dir. Mus., Rue Cuvicr, 33, Paris. 


Frere, Louis, Rue dc I'.Vimc, Perpi;;nan. Cnlnpt. 

Fresquet, Prof. Edouard de, Climy (^aone-ct-Loirc). 

FiiiDRiCi, EuMOND, Benicuil, Giii^iC-la-Mottc. Col' opt. 

Frieuel, Charles, Mciu. Acad, sci., Michclct, 9, Paris. Phijs., 
Che III. 

Frontin, a., Qtiai de la Grandc-Chaussec. 63, Roiicn. Colcopt. 

FROSSAItD, Rue de Boulo;.;nc, 14, Paris. Coleopt. 

Frossard, le Pasteur, Rue de la V'erreric, 11, Bordeauv. Bot., Miii. 

FUMOUZE, Dr , Rue du Faul)OMr;.i--St -Deui-i, Trf, Paris. CuLopt. 

Fusfel De Coulanges, Dir. Normal School, Paris. 

Fuzier-Herman, (.diateau dc la lioussiere, iu Ligueil. Coleopt. 

Gabillot, Joseph, Quai des Ce'le^tins, 5, Lyous. Coleopt. 

Gadeau de Kerville, lIiiNRi, Rue du Pout, 7, Roucu. Eat.: Neuropt., 
Oith , Mi/iio., Coleopt. 

Gadix, L'.Vbbe, Augers. Bot. C. 

Gage, Dr. Leon, Rue de Grcuclle-St. -Germain, 9, Paris. CoUopt. 

Gaillard, He.xki, Rue du L'iierchc-Midi, 31, Paris. Coleopt. 

Galippe, Dr., Rue baiute-Auuc, 48, I'ai'i.*. AV/<. Hist. 

Galle, (J., Sec. liort. !Soc., Avcuue de la (Tarennc, 2, Nancy. Bot. 

Galuk, Ernest, four du Llu'iteau, 12, Creil. Conch., tni., Coleopt, 

Gallee, Jules, Faidiour^- ile Paris, 21, Rcnnes. Coleopt. 

Gallois, Joseph, Rue Inkcruiauu, ,\nger.s. Coleopt. 

Gambey, Avenue Casiuiir, 10, Asuieres. Coleopt. 

Gand, Prof., Rue du Bastion, Amicus. 

Gandillot, Arthur, Rue Clauscl, 22, Paris. Coleopt. 

Gandolpue, Paul, Rue Latiit.te, 17, Paris. Coleopt. 

Garat, J., Place Fondaudeu'c, 7, Boidcaux. Bot. 

Garden, ^luseum, Rue dc la Loire. ^3, St.-Etieunc. Coleopt. 

Gariel, C. M , Prof. Dr.. Rue Joutlroy, 39, Paris. Phys. 

Gariel, Menton. Coleopt. 

Garin, E., Qiuii Saint-Clair, Irifrny. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Garlin-Soulandre, Prof., Rue' Saint-Firmin, 18, iMontpellier. Moth. 

Garnier, l'abbe Alpho.nse, Rue de rilutel-de-Villc, 18, Troycs. Cole- 

Garnier, E.. St.-Meme-les-Carricres. Coleopt. 

Garnier, Amiens. Bot., yrtt. Hist. 

Garreau, Ferdinand, Alais. Geol., Min. 

Garreau. Lucien, Rue Patou, 3.'), Lille. Chem. 

Garrigon, Dr. Joseph Louis Felix, Rue Valade, 38, Toulouse, (Haute 
Garonne), (leol., Chein., Anth. C 

Gaschet, p. a., Rue des Remparts, 40, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 

Gatien, le FRi:RE Ernest, Irapa.sse Godclroy-de-Bouillon, Clermont- 
Ferrand. Coleopt. 

Gatine, L., Rue des Rosiers, 23, Paris. Chem. 

Gaudrv, .Albert, Prof. Nat. Hist. ^luseum. Rue des Saints-Peres, 7 his, 
Paris. Pnlceo. 

Gaulle, Jules de. Rue de Vauiiirard, 73, Paris. Ent., Coleopt., 

Gauthier, v.. Prof. Lyceum, Rue .Tauhcrt, 2, ^Marseilles. 

Gauthiot, Charlf,?, Botdc'vard Saint-CJermain, 63, Paris. 

Gautier, Hubert, Rue Neuve, Langres. Cokopt. 

184 THE naturalists' directory. [Feasce. 

Gautier, Prof. Dr., Boulevard cV Enfer, lOr), bis, Paris. 

Gautier, Gaston, Phic-t; St.-Jnst, Nurbonne. Bot., Bnjol. 

Gavarret, Prof. Dr., Rue de Gicnelle-Saint-Germain, 73, Paris. 

Gavov, Louis, Rue de la Prclccture, 5, Carcassonne. Coleopt., Ent. 

Gay, Prof., Ijyceum, Villa ISiaric, Montpcllicr. Phys. 

Gay, Prof. Henri, Rue de la Paturo, 27, Amiens. 

Gayet, Prof. Dr., Rue de la Barrc, 1, Lyons. 

Gayraud, Prof. E., Rue Arjjenterie, Montpellier. 

Gehin, Joseph Jean Baptiste, Villa du Point du Jour, Remiremont, 
(Vos<fes). Entomology, especially Carabidce. C. Ex. Would pre- 
fer to huy. 

Genevier, Gaston, Nantes. Bot. 

Gexreau, Pau, (Basses Pyre'nees), Min. 

Gerard, Cl. Alb , Neuilly-St. -Front. Bot. C. Ex. 

Gerin, Leopold, Lourdes. Coleoft. 

Germain, Puilibert, St.-Genis-Laval. Coleopt. 

Germain, V., Fauliouri; Matabiau, 3(5, Miremont. Coleopt. 

Gernez, Prof., Lyceum Louis-le-Gi-and, Rue Me'dicis, 17, Paris. Phys. 

Gerth van Wyk, ill., Middlcbourji', {Pays Bas). Coleopt., Lepid. 

Gervais d'Aldin, Pe'ronne. Coleopt 

Giaud, Dr. Alfred Mathieu, Prof, a la Faculte des Sciences et a la 
Faculte' de Medicine, Directeur du Muse'e Zoulo^ique, et de Labor- 
atoire de Zoolo^'ique Maritime de Mineraux. ]>illc. C. Einbry- 
oloqy of Ini ertebrates. Ex. Specimens preserved in alcohol. 

Giard, Pierre, Sec. Soc. Geog. of N. of France, Grand Place, Valen- 

Gilbert, Marc, care Dr. Gilbei-t, Rue Serg:, 41, Havre. Geol,, Orn. C. 
Ex. European birds and fossils for foreij^n. 

Gilnicke, Henri, Rue des Bourdonnais, 37. Entomology. 

Gillet, C. C, Rue de I'Adoration, 23, Alenyon. Bot., Mycol. 

Gillot, Dr., Rue de la Halle-aux-Bles, 4, Autun. Bot. C. 

GiNON, l'abbe G., Dir. Seminary, Grenoble. Coleopt. 

GiRARD, Prof. Maurice, College Rolin, Rue Thenard, 9. Ent. : Coleopt. 

GiRARDiN, Jean P. L., Rouen. 

GiRAUD, Theodore, Quai d'Albret, 15, Lyons. Coleopt. 

Giraud-Teulon, Dr., Rue d'Edirabourg, 1, Paris. 

Giraudias, Louis, Receveur de rEnrcgistremcnt, Palluau, (Vendi). 
Bot. C. Ex. Plants of western France in exchange for foreign 
and those of eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. 

GiRAUX, Dr. H., Chalons-sur-M;irne. E^if. 

Glastien, Prof. Joseph, St.-Etienne. Bot. 

GoBERT, Dr. Emile, Rue de la Prefecture, 2 Mont-de-Marsan. Ent., 

Gobet, Mornant. Coleopt. 

Goblet, Rue Mazagran, 10, Amiens. 

GoDART, Capt., Avenue de Saxe, 108, Lyons. Coleopt. 

Godard, Jules, Rue de Paris, Perigueux. Bot. 

Godefroy, Eug., Rue de la Montague, St. -Genevieve. 8, Paris. Bot. 

GoDEFROY, Leon, Prof. So'minaii-e de la Chapelle-St-Mesmin. Coleopt. 

GOESLE, Prof. Lyceum Bicoquet, Caen. Coleopt. 

Gonzalez Linares, Dr. August, Boulevard Montparnasse, 128, Pai-is. 

GoossENS, Th., Rue du Faubourg St. -Martin, 171, Paris. Lepid. 

Gosselet, Prof. J., Rue d'Autin, 18, Lille. Geol. 

GossELiN, Prof. Athanase L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Saiut-Lazare, 81, 

GossiN, Prin. Lyceum, Lille. Phys. 

GouALT, Albert, Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot. 

GouLiER, Rue Vanneau, 49, Paris. Phys. 

FRAIfCE.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 185 

GouNELLE, Emile, Rue de Reniies, 115, Paris. Agric, Coleopt. 

GouPiLLEAU, Rue CLamhronne, 3, Nantes. Agric. 

GOUKDON, Maukice, Villa Maurice, Luchon. Coleopt. 

GouRE DE ViLLEMONTEE, GusTAVE, Prof. Normal School, Cluny. 

GouRG, Georges, Rue de Montmoreau, 44, Angouleme. Coleopt. 

GouRNERiE, DE LA, Boulcvard Saint-Michel, 75, Paris. 

GouSE, Dr., Amiens. Bot. C. 

GousSARD, St. -Leonard, near Marchenoir. Coleopt. 

GouTAT, Edouard, Rue dc I'llorloge, 32, Riom. Coleopt. 

Gozis, Maurice des, Rue de Beotie, 130, Paris. Coleopt. 

Grancher, Prof. Dr., Rue du Pont-Neuf, 7, Paris. 

Grandeau, Louis, Directcur de la Station Aifronomique de I'Est, Doyen 
et Prof, tie Cliimie Agricole le Faculte des Sciences, Prof, de I'^cole 
Nationale Foresticre, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jean, 24, Nancy 
(Mcurthe-et-Mosellc) . 

Grand'Eury, Rue de Paris, Rennes, Bot , Vegetable Palcco. 

Grangeneuve, Maurice, Avoue Licencie, 32 Cours de Tournay, Bor- 
deaux (Gironcle). Min. C. 

Granger, Albert, Boulevard de Talence, 330, Bordeaux (Gironde), 
Conch. C. Ex. Shells of the coast of tlie Mediterranean, and 
shells and fossils of the Gironde, for L. and F. W. shells. 

Granval, Prof. Dr., Rue Fery, 14, Reims. 

Graslin, Adolphe Hercule de. Chateau de Malitourne, near Chateau- 
du-Loire (Sarthe). Ent. : Lejnd., Caterpillars. C. Ex. 

Grasidou, Montpellier. Bot. 

Greaux, de, Dir. Zool. Gar., Marseilles. Bot. 

Grehant, Prof., Nat. Hist. Mus., Paris. Physiol. 

Grenier, Dr. A., Rue de Vaugirard, 55, Paris. E>it.: Coleopt. 

Griffith, W. J., Rue de Paris, 32, Rennes. Ent. : Coleopt., Hemip. 

Grilat, R., Rue Rivet, 19, Lyons. Ent. 

Grisard, Jules, Rue de Lille, 19, Paris. Bot. 

Gronier. Rue de Foy, 6 bis, St.-Quentin, Aisne. European Lepid. 

Groult, Ed.mond, Lisicux (Calvados). 

Grouvelle, Antc^ine, Nice. Coleopt. 

Grouvelle, Jules, Rue des ^coles, 26, Paris. Ent.: Coleopt. 

Guebhard, Dr. Adrien, Rue de Chartres, 12, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Physics, 

Guede, J. P., Rue d'Assas, 85, Paris. Ent. : Coleopt. 

GUEDEL, Dr., Cours St. -Bruno, 10, Grenoble. Coleopt. 

GuENEE, Arcuille, Officier d'Acad. Chateaudun (Eure-et-Loire). 

GuiNiN, C, Rue de I'lilglise, 17, Saint-Cloud. 

GUENOM, Dir. Agric. Station, Chateauroux. Bot. 

Guerard, Rue Riolan, 7, Amiens. 

GuERiN, Dr. Alphonse, Rue Jean-Goujon, 17, Paris. 

Guerin, Rue de Strasl)ourg, 13, Macon. Coleopt. 

GuicRiN, Rue Violet, 54, Grenelle, Paris. Coleopt. 

GuiiRix DE SozzioNDO, Chateau dc Fonfrede, par Roulette (Charcntc). 

GUERLE DE, Nancy. 

GuER.N'E, Dr. Jules Germaix de, Rue Solfe'rino, 181, Lille. Zool., espe- 
cialhj .Anatomij of MoUusks. C. Ex. Seashells of the coasts of 
France for tiiose of the .Vtluntic, with remarks upon the localities. 

Guerry-David, Rue ile rArsenal, 58, Angouleme. Coleopt. 

Guertin, liMlLE, Chiuon. Coleopt. 

GuESTiER, Daniel, Pave des Chartrons, 35, Bordeaux. Malacol. 

Guiard, Abbe V^, Rue de I'>:iyeii\, 2ij, Caen. Bot. 

Guichard, Joacuim, Rue de I'llOtel-de-Ville, 37. Coleopt, 

186 THE naturalists' directory. [France. 

GuiEY'SSE, Prof., Pensioiinat dc Cainonil, pies Rodez (Aveyron). Eiit., 
Urn., Mum., Min., Hot. (J. Ex. Ooleoptera of France for those 
of Eui'opi' ami Ibrci^iii. 

GuTLBiiUT, A., W'arloy-Buillon. Hot. 

GuiLHUKT, KoBEKT, iiiio lie Biitfoii, 24, Rouen. Coleopt. 

(iuiLLALU, Tkof Dr. A., Kiic TurLiuic, 99, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Giiii.LAU.ME, Leon, Griji;iion (beiue-et-Oise). Agric. 

GuiLLALMix, Charles, Rue dc Butibu, 73, Paris. Conch,, Geol., L. and 
F. U\ Shells and foasih. C. Ex. 

Gl'IELEBeau, Pluutay. " Culiipt. 

Guillemakhe, Prof., Rue des Capucius, 97, Reims. 

(ibiLLiof, Rue des Rosiers, 6, Paris. Coleopt. 

GuiNARD, E., Moiitpcllier. Mic. 

Gui.n'ON, E., Direeteur ile la Station Afrronomique, Rue de De'ols, 33, 
Ciu'iteauroiix (ludre). Geol. C. Minerals and fossils of I ndre. 

GuRFAUD, Dr. L., Avenue de la (iare, 39, Nice (Alpes Maritimes). Sum- 
mer adilrcss, Moutauban (Tarn-ct-(iaronueJ. Anth., Bot. Ex. 

Guyerdet, A., Rue Gay-Eussac, 36, Paris. 

Haas, Nice. Coleopt. 

Haller, Prof. A , Nancy. 

Hallez, Paul, Maitre tie Conferences a la Faculte dcs Sciences, Rue dc 
Ciraud, 45, Lille (Xord). Zobl. C. Ex. Lower animals in alco- 
liol, iJui-ticulariy T\irl)ellaria. 

ILvLLOV, LiiOX d', Rue Porte Paris, 23, Amiens. Coleopt. 

Hamonville, Baron Louis d', Ancien Con>eiller-Ge'neral auCliateau de 
Manonvillc, par Noviaut-au\, near ISJeurllie-Moselle. Urn., Oiil., 
Con. C. liiiys Birds of Europe and Trochilida". Ex. or sell E<j<f3 
of Birds of all countries. Ex. L. and F. W. shells of France for 

Hajiy, Dk. Ernest, Conscrvatcur du INIuse'e d'Etlinographie de Paris, 
Aide-Natiualiste charjiC de Cours au Museum, 13oule'vard St. 
JSlichel, 129, J'liris. Aiiut., Anth., Ethnug, 

IL4NRA, Prof. D., Chalons. BU., Uvol. 

llANitY, lliPP., Luc. Bot.. Bnjul. 

IlAiiAUCouRT, Prof. C., Lyceum, Rouea. 

ILvRuouiN, (^uiuiper (Fiuisterre). 

IIaruv, E., Rue Bonaparte, 19, Paris. Ghent. 

Harmand, Ur., Mus. French Col , Paris. Bot. 

Uaton de la Goupilliere, Rue Garancicre, 8, Paris. 

Hauterive, Leopold, Pons d', Natiualiste, Estainjx d'Aveyron. Moll. 
C. Birds, Animals, L. and F. \V. INIollusks. Ex. for foreign. 

Haut-Sainta.mour, Adolpiie, Rue ^lexico, Havre. Coleopt. 

Hebert, Prof., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Garanciere, 10, Paris. Geol., 

Heckel, Dr. Edouard, Prof, a la facultie des Sciences, et a I'Ecole de 
Medicine, Dir. du .Jardiu Botauique, Travasse du chapitre, 22, Mar- 
seilles. i>.7/., Physiol., Anat., Con. 

Hecquet, Dr., Abhc'ville. 

IIedlev, Ch., Mentou. Conch. 

Heilman, J , Museum, Cannes. Bot. 

HiiMARD, IIiPPOLYTE, Pont-a-Mousson. Lepid. 

llhNNEBERT, O-, \'crsadles, 

Henneguv, Fr , Rue du Sommerard, 17, Paris. Ent. 

Henon, E-iCombres, in Pourru-St.-Remy. Coleopt., Lepid. 

Henriet, L., Rue de Beam, 14, Paiis. Chiruriiy. 

Henrivau.x, .T.. Chimist, Direeteur de la (ilacerie, Membre de Physiens 
troci'Jte ^a\u2*es, bt. Ciobain (,\i-ne). 

Henrot, PitoF. Dr HcrBi, Rue Neuve, 73, Reims. 


Heraud, Pharraacien a chef de la Marine, Toulon (Var). Bot. GeoL, 

Zofil, Mill. 
Herbet, Rue (Ics Jacobins, 51, Amiens. 
Heribaud, Prof , Clerniont-Fcrnuid. Bot. 
Herincq, Conscrvalein- dcs (iaieries de Botanique au Museum d'Histoire 

Naturelle, Paris, liol., Ciiltiiatcd Plants. 
IIermite, II., C^uai des Aufrustines, 5.5, Paris. 
Heron, Daniel, Rue d'Aluer, «, Paris. Colcopt. 
Heron-Royer, Rue de Cieiy, 22. Paris. Lepid. 
Herve, E., Morlaiv. Ent ': Coh-opt. 
Hervier, JosErii, Grande Rue de la Bourse, 31, Saint-Eticnne (Loire). 

Bot., Phnnernganis, and vascular Cryptogams. (,'. Exclianue 

herbs of Europe and Algiers lor Phanerogams of Europe and 

Hette, F., Rue de IMons, 107, Valenciennes. Neuropt., Coleopt., Lepid., 

HiBERT, Prof. Ed., Sorbonne, Paris. 
HiCKEL, Robert, Rue Hautcleuille, 9, Paris. Colcopt. 
HiR, Daniel, Fiuisterrc. 

HiRN, Prof, l'abbe Georges, Rougemont, near Belfort. Bot. 
Hoffmann, Prof. II., Rue de Joinville, impasse Qiieanay, Havre. 
HoMMEv, Dr., Rue Potin, Seez. Bol , Bnjf.l. 
HoNNORAT, ED.-F.,Naturali<tc, Quarlierdes Sieves, Digne (Basscs-Alpes) 

Ent. : Colcopt., OiJL, Ilerft., PnlfS'i. C. E.v. Reptiles, Coleoptera, 

and Criuoids of France, for foreign specimens. 
HoRSTER, Prof., College Soissous. 
HouLLET, R., Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot. 
HouRV, Alphonse, Mer (Loire-et-Cher). Ent. C. of Stones, Birds, 

Reptiles, fShells, etc. E^. Coleoptera, Lepidopteia. 
Houzi^: de l'.\ul\oit. Prof. Alfred, Lille. 
lIovEL.vcQUE, Prof. Abel, Rue de 1 llnivcrsite, Paris. Anthrnp. 
HovELACQUE, Maurice, Ruc dcs Sablons, 88, Passy, Paris. Cole- 
IIUARD, Rue Dauphin, 5, Paris. 

Huberson, Gabriel, Rue Laromiguie'rc, 2, Paris. Coleopt., Bot. 
Hue, Place Centrale, 3, Fontaiuebleau. Coleopt. 
HuET, Prof., Pamicrs. Bot. 
Huet, Prof., Xat. Hist. Museum, Paris. Zoiil. 
HuET, Louis, Place Ridiebe'. 7, Lille (Xord) Chcm. 
IIUGUES, (tUSTAve, Ruc du Marciic, 7, Bergcrac. Coleopt 
HUGUET, Prof., Ciennout-Ferrand. 

Hu.MNiCKi Valentin, Rue Nsuve-.St.-Aignan, 4, Orleans. Coleopt. 
HUSNOT, Th., Caliau, Alhis. Bot., Bn/ol. ^ 

IIuyard, HiiNKY, Ruc .Sauteyrou, 55, Bordcnuv. Clifm 
Hy, abbe FiiLi.x Ch., Prof. Catholic Univ., An-rcrs. Bot. 
Itasse, Leon, Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, 56, Paris. ' Coleovt 
IZARN, Prof., Lyceum, Clermont-Fciraiul. ' 

Jablochkoff, liue de Naples, 52, Paris. Pln/s. 
Jaccoud, Prof., Boulevard Haussmanu, G2, Paris 
.Tacquemart, Rue du Biirbfitrc, 22, Reims 

Jacquet Dr., Cours Lafayette, 3, Lyons. Ent. : Ilemip., Coleopt. 
Jauan, Cours de Touruon, 16. Bordeaux. Mia 
Jamin, Prof., Ruc Soufflot, 24, Paris. 

Ja.min, Jules C, .Mem Acad. Sci., Cai-re'fonr dcTOdoon, 2, Pnris Phvs 
Jannel, Charles, Dessniateur Principal aiiv Chemins de Fcr di- I'Est* 
Charlcville(Ar.lcnnes). GeoL C. Wishes Ground Jurassic and 
Crustaceous Fossds. 
Jannin, Eugene, Rue des Saints-Peres. 5, Paris. Coleopt 

188 THE naturalists' directory. [Frakce. 

Janssen, Pierke Jules, Astronome-physicien, Membre de I'lnstitut de 
France dcs Bureaux des Lon;z:itiak', Directeur de I'Observatoire 
d'Astronomie Physique, Meudon (sfeiiie-et-Oise). I'ht/s. Astronomy . 

Janvier, Boulevard du Mail, 73, Atnieas. 

Jarlan, Rue Frere, 40, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 

Jarris, Pierre, l'abbe. Prof, de Philosophic au Colle<re Saiute-Marie, 
St. Andre de Cubzac (Gironde). Hot., Ent. : Lepid., Coltopt. C. 
Ex. Otters Rubus, Verl)ascuni, Cerastium, Mosses and Lepidoptera 
of France, in ex. lor Plants anil Lepidoptera of America. 

Javal, Dir. Opthal. Lab. of La Sorboune, Rue de Grenelle, 58, Paris. 

.Tavet, CiiARLES, Rue Jean-Bologne, 13, Passy, (Paris). Coleopt. 

Jean, J., Castelbosc, near Alairac, Canton de Montreal. Coleopt. 

Jeanbern'at, Dr. Ernest, Rue du Musee, 5, Toulouse. Bot. 

Jeannel. Prof. Charles, Place Xotre-Dame, 43, JSloutpellier. 

Jeannenot, Prof. Louis, Rue Guillaume-de-Nogaret, (Faubourg Saint- 
Dominique), Montpellier. Af/ric. 

Jekel, Henri, Naturalist, Rue de Dunkerque, 62, Paris. Coleopt. 

Joanne, Ad., Rue Ga^'-Lussac, 1, Paris. 

JOBiN, A., Rue de Fle'urus, 31, Paris. Coleopt., Xat. Hist. 

JoLiBOis, Boulevard St. -Michel, 64, Paris. Bot. 

JoLLET, Andre, La Mothe-St.-Heray. Coleopt. 

JoLY, Charles, Rue Boissy d' An^lius, 11, Paris. Hort. 

Jolt, Dr. Marie Auguste Ii;mile, Licencie es sciences, Laure'at de 
I'lnstitut de France, otHcier d' Academie, Medccin-ilajorde premiere 
classe au 75, Regiment de Infanterie de Ligne en garrison. Rue 
de France, 23, Gap, (Hautes-Alpes). Entotnology, {Anatomy, Phys- 
iolor/y), Orthoptera, Ep/ie/nertdce of Europe. C. E.x. Wish Larvae 
and Nymphfe of Ephemerida?. 

Jolt, Nicolaus, Prof, a la Faculte' des sciences de Toulouse, Rue des 
Amidouniers, 52, Toulouse, (Haute-Garonne). ZoiJl. 

Jordan, Al., Rue de I'Arbre Sec, 40, Lyons. Bot. C. 

Jordan, Prof. C.^mille, Rue de Vareunes, 48, Paris. 

Jouancoux, Cachy, near Villcrs-Bretonneux. 

Joubert, Prof., College Rollin, Rue Violet, 67, Grenelle, Paris. Phys. 

JoURDAN, P., Rue de la Course, 121, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 

Jourdin, Boulevard de Belleville, 3. Paris. Chem. 

Jourdheuille, .Juge au Tribunal, Troyes, (Aube). Lepid. 

JoussET, E., Rue I^afayette, 1, Rochelbrt. Bot. 

JoussET DE Bellesme, Prof. de Physiologie a I'^^cole de Me'dicine de 
Nantes, Rue Clianoine^se, 12, taris. Phys. 

JouvE, August, Sigcan, (.4ude). 

JoYAU, Prof., Lycee Angouleme. Philos. 

JUGLAR, Chalons-sur-Marnc. Bot. 

JuiGNET, Dr R. J., Coudray-Macouard, Saumur. Coleopt. 

JuLiANT, Joseph, Place de THotel-de-Ville, 12, Manosque. Coleopt., 

JuLiEN, Prof., Clermont-Ferrand. Geol. 

JuLLiAN, Camille, Boulcvard der Nord, 15, Marseilles. Hymenoplera, 

Jullien, Jean, Rue de Universite', 2, Paris. Chem. 

.Tumeau, Be'ziers Coleopt. 

JuNGFLEiscH, Prof. School Pilar., Rue des Ecoles, 38, Paris. Phys. 

Jurien DE LA Graviere, Vicc Admiral J. P. E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
GeoQrnphy and Navigation. 

Kaziarowicz, Ajflcio, (Corse). Ent. 

Kelly, Edmond, B. A.., Rue Scribe, 3, Paris. 

Kercado, a. Comte de, Place Pay-Berland, 30, Bordeaux. Conch. 

Pkance.] the naturalists' directory. 189 

Kerville, Henri Gadeau de, Membre dc la Socie'te Entomologique de 

France, Rue Dupont, 7, Rouen. Orn., Ent. C 
KiRCHBEKG, Pkof. Dk., Rue Basse-du-Chateau, 1, Nantes. 
Koch, Pkof. Gustave, Rue Jeanne d' Arc, 54, Reims. 
KcECHLix, Camille, Avenue Ruysdael, 4, Paris. Coleopt. 
KOECHLIN, Kdmoxd, Rue St. -Jacques, 6, Marseilles. Ent. : Coleopt. 
KoECHLiN, jfi.viiLE, Ingenieur, Rue Michelet, U, Paris. Ent. : Lepidopt., 

('oLopt. C. Ex. 
Koenig, Rue de Pontoisc, 26, Paris. Phys. 
KovALSKi, Prof., Rue Ravez, 18, Bordeaux. 
KoziOROWicz, liDOUARD, Aiine^j^y. Coleopt. 
Krafft, Pkof. Eugene, Lyceuni, Perigueu.v. Math. 
Krantz, Rue La Bruyere. 47, Paris. 
KUHLMAXN, Charles F., Rue du Maire, 4, Lille. 
KuNCKEL d'Herculais, Jules, Aide-Naturalistc au Museum, Rue Gay- 

Liissac, 26, Paris. Ent., Anatomy of Articulate Animals. Ex. 

publications relating to Entomology. 
Labbe, Louis, Rue du Temple, 17. Bordeaux. Bot. 
Labbe, Paul, Rue de Clioiscul, 15, Paris. Coleopt. 
Labeyrie, Bahuizac. Coleopt. 

Laboulbene, Prof. Dr. Alexandre O., Rue de Lille, 11, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lacatte, l'abbe, Seminary, Autun. Coleopt. 
Lacaze-Duthiers, Prof. Felix J. H. de, Rue de la Vieille-Estrapade, 

7, Paris. Anat., Zoul. 
Lacroix, Avenue Pm-mcntier, 186, Paris. 
Lacroix, Fkan'Cisque, iMacon. Bot. C. 
La Cuisine, Henri de, Rue d'Assas. Coleopt. 

Ladouce, Maison des Fr res St. -Vincent-de-Paul, Chaville. Coleopt. 
Ladouce, Rue de Dantzig, 1, Vaugirard, Paris. Coleopt. 
Ladrey, Dijon. Bot. 

La Ferte, Senectere, le marquis de,Ruc Nicolas-Simon, Tours. Coleopt. 
Lafosse, Ferdinand, La (Jarde, near Montlieu. Coleopt. 
Lagneau, Dr. Gustave, Rue de la Chausse'e d' Antin, Paris. 
La Godelinais, l'abbe de, Redon. Coleopt. 
La Gournerie, Jules A. R. de, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Lagrenee, Georges, Chateau de Troeourt, pres Beauvais, (Oise). 

Laguesse, Prof. Dr., Dijon. Bot. 
Lahaussois, Charles, Rue Biot, 22, Paris. Entomology, especially 

Hymenoptera and Coleoptera. C. Ex. Coleoptera of France for 

those of other countries. 
Lair, E., Grande-Rue, Amboise. Coleopt. 

Lajoye, Abel, Rue Ruinart-de-Brimont, 9, Reims. Entomology: Cole- 
opt., Mineralogy. 
Lalanne, Prof., Lvceum, Orleans. 

Lalanne, Leon L. C., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue des Saint-Peres, 28, Paris. 
Lambert, Dr. Paul, Chateau de la Gagnerie, Semblam/ay (Indre-et- 

Loire). Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Lambin, Charles, Rue St.-Antoine, 164, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lamey, O., Bordeaux. 

Lami, Stanislas, Villemetrie, Senlis. Coleopt. 
Lamothe, Louis, Quai de la Monnaie, 18, Bordeaux. Hort. 
Lamotte, Henri, Chantellc. Ent. : Lepid. 
Lamotte, Prof. Dr. Martial, Rue de r:feclache, 15, Clermont. Coleopt., 

Bot., Nat. Hist. 
Lamy de la Chapelle, Edouard, Botaniste, Membre de la Socie'te 

Rotanique, Rue du Saint-Esprit, 17, Limoges (Haute-Vienne). 

Mosses, Hepaticce, Lichens. C. Especially Cryptogams. Ex. 

190 THE naturalists' directory. [France, 

Lancelf.vee, Til, I'hc St -l^ticnnc, 29, Ell)cnf.siir-?^cinc. Colcnft., 

Lvpiii.. I,, mid F. IV. S/ir /s, Hot. C. Ex. Otlcr especially spcci- 

uu'iis of ilie ProviiK^f of Xdi'iiiaudy. 
Lanceukaux, Dr. Etienne, riof. A;;tcVc ii I'Ecolc <le Medicine dc 

I'llopi-id, Paris. .Airit., Patltol. 
EANXEitEAfX, Huo^NE, Cliuioau (111 Tlioi!, in Chaiivijrny. Colcopt. 
Lanlekeal'X, I'lot'. Dr., Hue Vdliiuy, 3, Paris. 
Laxi: sw, Puof Dk. de, Rue des "llallc-, 13, Paris. 
IjAX(!L()IS, Maikice, Il'i'.' Soiitttat, "21, Paii-;. Colec-pt., Lepid. 
EAXriiiiND, Chakles, lliie I^ue, 18, HordcaiiK. Colevpt. 
].,A Pekkal'diere, Raocl I)E, line des Bosses. Laval. Coleoj:t. 
La Peiikaudiere, llExi de, JMayeiiiie. Cukopt. 
Lai'Lan'ciie. Malrice de, Chiitcau de Laplanche, Luzy (Ni^vrc). 

(Jo'eopt. C. V.K. 
Laporte, Er.vest, Rue Laroehe, 83, Bordeaux. Cohopt. 
Laporte, E , Capt., Xavarrciiv. Cohopt. 
Laport3, Prof , Rue Moiiiieyra, 71, Bordeaux. Geom. 
La Porte-Okietlx, de, Lalar^re, Viviers. Coleopt. 
Lapparrext, Prof. de. Catholic Univ., Rue Til-it, 3, Paris. Geol. 
T.,arc:!ER, Ad , .\voniie dc Clii'liy, 127, Paris. Bot. 
Larelai'se, R. de, Moutlouis, near St -Julien. Ornithology, Colsopiera, 

Lauoix, Maron, Sat)ne-et-TyOirp. Bot., Min. 
Laroque, Prof., Lycec, Riio Malhcrljc. Bordeaux. Math. 
Larovexxe, Dr., Rue de riI6tel-de-Ville, 110, Lyons. 
Larralde d'Aran'cete, Martin, Lourdes (Ilautes Pyre'nee's). Lepid- 

opti ra. 
Larrey, Dr. Felix IL B., ISIed. Inspector of Army, Paris. 
Larrey, Le Baron F. IL, Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue de Lille, 91, 

Lartet, I'rof , Toulouse. Geol. 

Lartigce, Henri, Rue ile la Tour, 60, Passy, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lascols, Monde. Col opt. 

Lataste, Evard, Cadilhu--<ur-Garonnc. Ent. : Colt-opt., Conch. 
Lataste, Fernand. Re'p'ititcur au Colb'pe de France, 7, Avenue des 

Go'ielins, Paris. Batrachians, Rcptihs, Mam. C Ev. Wishes 

liviu'i- animals, or in alcohol, in exchau;j;c for Frent;h or European. 
Launav, Prof., I^ycc'e, Rouen. Uist. 
Lauxois, p. L , riI(')tel-Dicu, Reims. Coleopt. 
Lairet, FRi;DERic, Miilau (.\vcyron). Geol., Min. 
Lalssedat, Prof, le Colonel, Poiytec Sch., Rue Descartes, 23, P.avis. 
Lavallee, Alphoxse, President de la Sociote Xationalo d'llorticulture 

de France, Rue (le Pentliievrc, G, Paris, ct Chateau de Segrez, near 

Boissy-sous-i6t.-You (Seine-et-Oise). Bot. C. C,000 specimens 

trees and shrubs. E\. 
Lavergne,de La Barriere, Rue Laffitte. 5, Paris. Colcopt. 
I^AWTON, Edouard, Quai des Cliartrons, 9.1, Bordeaux. Orn. 
Layxe, C., Place Morand, 9, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Lebaigue, El'G., Rue V'ieille-du-Tcmple, 117, Pai'is. Chem. 
IjE Blanc, Dr. F., Place Pcriere. 5, Paris. Thcrnpeittijs. 
Le Blanc, Prof. Rene, Reims, ('hem. 
Leboeuf, Charles, Mcmhrc de la Societc Entomolo;,nque de France, 

Rue (todot-de-Manrov, 16, Paris, or Rue de Talloyraud, 19, Reims. 

Luropeaii Coleopt., C.irahidcp, Dijtisidce, Ili/drophilida, Si phidte, 

LanielJicoriis, Cli-ridce, iMngicoms. C. Ex. 
Le Bolteiller, Edmond, Rue Malatirc', 32, Mout-St.-Aignan, near 

Rouen. Coleoit. 
Le Bret, Dr., Bare'gcs. 


Le Breton', Andre, Secrctnire de Correspotnlance tie la Soci:'td iles 
Amis (les .Sciences X.Uuielles ile Ilo.ioii, Membru de l;i boeiJte 
Botaniqiie de France, .Meiuore-Foudateiir dc la .'socic'to Zuiln^iqac 
de France, Rue de liutfon, 21, lloaen, (oeine-liiljiiciirc). M /colo'/i/, 
Orn.y Ool. C. Ex. Books and papers upon Mycolo;^y, native ami 

Le Brux, Makcel, Rue du Cloitre de St.-Pien-c, 28, Troves. Eiit. : 

Lecarme, Fkof., College Chaptal, Rue Saint-Pe'tersbourg, Paris. Chcm. 

Lecat, Rue de Lyon, 6.'), Lyons. Coieopt. 

Leci.eiiC. a., Meitray Ai/r.c, Bit. 

Lecleuc, 31, Rue do l.,i_rne, Blois. Geol. 

I..ECLERQ, FuGENE, ProL ColL'jic of Quesnoy (Xord). Geo!. 

Lecomte, Rue Cli. Dubois, 2/', .\niien-i. 

Lecoq de Boisbaudran, FK.\.Ngois, Correspondant of Inst., COcfnac. 

Lecouflet, Emile, Rue d'Ecosse, 1, Dieppe. Cubopt. 

Lee, Dk. Edwin, Nice. 

Lefevre, IiiDOUAUD, Rue ilu Bac, 112, Paris. Ent.: Coieopt. 

Le Four, Prof. Leon, Rue de la V'ictoire, Do, Paris. 

l.,EGRAND, .\NTOiNE, Montbrison. Coieopt. 

Le (iRAND, (iusTAVE, .Vvenuc du Pare-de-Bcrcy, .3, Charcnton. Co^enpt. 

Leguay, Louis, (Jfficier de I'Acadeniie, Riic de la Saiute-Chapolle, 3, 

Paris. Aiitli., A'ch. C. 
L'homme, El'G , Rue il'.\.ii;le Xoir, Vesoul. Bot. 
Le .Jakiel, L'luiteati-Goutier. Cohopt. 
Le, Dk. .A.t.'GL"ST F., (Jlicri)our^-. Bot.: Alrja. 
IjELAfitiN, Henri, rnstitiuiou St. -Vincent, Seulis. Cohopt. 
Leleu, Lyceum, .Vniiens. 
I^ELIEVRE, Alfred, Conservatenr de la Muse'o de ValcnciencC'5, Grande 

Place, 3 J, Anzin. Ent., MuLicologij, Bot., Phunerogxiiies, Cnjpto- 

ptiins. C Ev. 
Leli^vre, Ernest, Entreponts, 22, And)oise. Uerpet., Ent.: Cohopt., 

Lepid., Heni.ip., But. 
Lelong l'abbe. Rue St.-Ililaire, 13, Reims. Cohopt. 
Leloruain, M., Marno (Suippes). 

Leloup, Charles, .Avenue dcs (Tohelin*, 2'), Paris. Cohopt. 
Lemarie, Eugene, Fondatenr de la Socio'te Linne'eiinc de la Chnrcnte- 

Inferieiu-e, St. .Jean d'.Vn^vly. Bot., Marine Ahjce. C. Local 

alije, shell-!, plants, arcba>olo^''y. Ex. 
LE\fAiRE. IIenri, Rue Violet, 'i4. (ircncjlc, Paris. Co'popt. 
Le Mesle, G., Rue du (Jrain-d'or. 6, lUois. (^'rol. 
Lemoine, Prof. Dr , Boulevard dcs Pi'oinciiades, 40, Reims. 
Lemoine, I^mile,, Polytec. Sell., Rue du C"lierclic-Midi, ,5."), Paris. 
Lemonniek, Polytec. Scli., Avcunc de Sutfrca, •2'), Paris. Phi/n. 
Le Monnier, Prof., Rue de la Pe'piunicre, Nancv. fiot. 
Lemoro, Eugene, Rue (iuicliard, 2, Pa-sy, Pari-J. Coh-npf. 
Lennier. G., Dir. Nat. Hist. Museum, Rue Bcrnardin-dc-Saint-Pierre, 

2, Le Havre. 
Lenoel, Dr , Rue de la Re'publiquc, 34, Amiens. Nat. Uist. 
Lepeintre, Henri, Rue dc rAnnonciation, Passv, Paris. Ent, : Cohopt., 

Lepeltier, Dr. Arm. Rue de Fcltrc. 10, Nanfcs. Bot. 
Lepileur, Dr. Louis, Rue dc CastcUauc, 12, Paris. Coieopt. 
Lepine, Fauroncnurt. (Cohopt. 
Lepingard, Rue ncllocroix, St -Lo. Cohopt. 
Le Play, Dr. Frieduicfi, Paris. Mitnll. 
Leprieuk, C. E., Rue des Ecoles, 33, Paris. Coieopt. 

192 THE naturalists' directory. [FkaNcE, 

Lerg, a. Michel, Geological Society, Paris. 

Le liiCHE, Institiitcur Gezaincoiiit, near Doullens (Somme). Ent., N^at. 

Hist, of Bees and their Enemies. C. Ex. Insects and Bees of 

various races and their enemies. 
Le Roux, Fohtec. Sch., Boulevard Montparnasse, 120, Paris. Phys. 
Leroy, Prof.' A., Lveec, Rue Lainbreclit, Douai (Nord). 
Lerov, EuGi:NE, Prof, au College Libre, Lacliapelie-sous-Roug-cmont. 

Lepid., CoLeopl. C 
Le Roy, (justave, Rue do Tournai, 47, Lille. GeoL, Ent. : Lepid. 
Lescuyer, Saiut-Dizicr (Haiite-Marue). 0)-n. 
Leseleuc, Dr., Augustin de, Rue Voltaire, 40, Brest (Finisterre). Ent.: 

Coleopt. C Ex. Coleoptera of all countries, especially of France, 

Algiers, Spain, Portuj^al, Italy, for those of the United States and 

Le Senechal, Raoul, Corl)on, in Cambremer. Coleopt. 
Lesourd, Dr., Rue de I'Oileon, Paris. Bot., Bryol. 
Le Sourd, Direc , Rue des Saints-Peres, 57, Paris. Moll. 
Lesseps, Ferdinand de, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

Letellier, Prof. Lyceum, Rue des Promenades, 16, Alenfon. Coleopt. 
Letendre, Abbe, Grand Quevilly. Rouen Bot. 
Lethierry, Lucien, MembredesSocietes Entomolosriques de Belgium et 

de France, Rue Blanche, 46, Faubourji- Saint-Maurice, Lille-. Ent.: 

Coleopt., lletnipt., Hi/men. C. E.x. Coleoptera and llemiptera of 

all countries, especially of Europe and Algiers, and Hymenoptera 

of Europe, in ex. for Coleoptera, Hcmiptera and Hymenoptera of 

Letievant, Prof. E., Place Bellecour, 16, Lyons, 
Letourneux, Tacite, Rue J. J. Rousseau, 5, Nantes. Bot. 
Le Tuaut, l'abbe, Erdeven, in Etel. Coleopt. 
Leuduger-Fortmorel, Dr., Saiut-Brieux. Mic. 
Le Vasseur, Benoit, Havre. Coleopt. 
Le Vasseuk, Prof., College of France, Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, 26, 

Levassort, Georges, Rue du Vieux-Colombier, 4, Paris. Ent. : Coleopt., 

Levaux, Prof., Colle'se Maubenge. Geol. 
Leveille, Albert, Rue St.-Placide, 42, Paris. Coleopt. 
Leveille, Prosper, Chaussee de Clignancourt, 30, Paris. Coleopt. 
I^evoiturier, J. A., Rue du Glaieul. 36, Ellicuf. Cohopt. 
LiCHTENSTEiN, Jules, Villa Lironde, Montpellier (Hcrault). Ent., C. 

Ex. Ajjhid^, Coccida?, Hymenoptera, especially Chrvsides. 
Liebenberg, Alfred de. Rue Lacharriere, 15, Paris. Coleopt. 
LiEUTAUD, Dr. Em., Prof. Sch. Med., Boule'vard de Lices, 19, Angers. 

Ligner-Armand, Eugene, Rue Boncher-de-Perthes, 17-19, Abbeville. 

Lignier, O., Place des Patiniers, 7, Lille. Bot. 
LiNBO, Dr., Boulevard Malesherbes, 110, Paris. 
LiMUR, F. CoMTE DE, Mcmbre de la Socie'te dc Mineralogie de France, 

OtRcierde I'ordre dc la Rose du Brijsil, President de la (Commission 

Me'te'orologique du Morbihan, Hotel ile Limur, (Nannes) Mobihan. 

Min., Geol., Arch. C. Ex. Wishes minerals and rocks of the 

United States. 
LiONNET, G., Vice-President de la Socieje Ge'ologique de Normandie, 

Havre. Con., Geol., Eo'-ks, Fossils and Minerals. C. Ex. 
LiPPMANN, Rue des Feuillantines, 45, Sorbonne, Paris. Phys. 
LiONViLLE, Joseph, Membre Acad. Sci., Quai Malaquais, Paris. Ast. 
LiRONDELLE, Prof., Lyceum, Douai. Geol. 

Fkance.] the naturalists' DIKiECTORY. 193 

LivoN, A., Rue Pe'iries, 17, Marseilles. Orn., Ent. : Lepid. 

LiZA.MBARD, l'abbe Charles, Chateau de Gizeux. Coleopt, 

Lluch y Diaz, Jose Maria, Toulouse. Geog. 

Lloyd, James, Rue cle la Bastille, 25, Nantes. Bot. 

LoCARD, Arnol'ld, Quai de la Cliaiite', 38, Iri^ny. Conch. 

I..OCARD, Rue cle la Reine, 59, Lyons. Agric. 

LcEVY, Maurice, Dir. Observ., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Cassini, 6, Paris. 

Astronomg . 
Lombard, C, Ilupital, Banou. Coleopt. 
Lombard, Dr., Somniieres. Bot. 
Lombard, Felicien, Rue Monjre, 60, Paris. Coleopt. 
LoNGCHAMPS, Prof. G. de, Lvceum of Charlemagne, Rue d'Arcole, 

7, Paris. Math. 
LoNGPERiER DE, Ruc dc Londres, 50, Paris. 

Looz, Georges Co.mte de. Chateau d'Avin, near Avennes. GeoL 
LORENTI, Sec. yoc. A<;riculture, Cours JNlorancl, 22, Lyons. 
Loret, Henri, Rue Barthez, 4, Montpellier. Bot. 
Loriferxe, (irande-Rue, 134, Sens. Coleopt. 
LORIN, Place des Vosges, 5, Paris. Chem. 
Lortet, Dr. Louis, Directeur du INIuseura des Sciences Naturelles, 

Palais St. Pierre, Place des Terreaux, Lyons. Palmo., Ichth., 

Crypt, C. Ex. 
Lory, Charles, Dir. Ag-ric. Station, Grenoble. Bot., Mm. 
Louis, Adrien, Ressiuaud, near St.-Ranibert en Bujicy, (Ain). Bot., 

Phanerogams, Cryptogams, Mosses, Hepaticce, Lichens, Mush- 
rooms, Algte of Europe. C. Ex. Offers Phanei-ogams and Cryp- 

tocfams of Europe in exchange for the same native and foreign. 
Louise, Principal of College, Sedan. Geol. 
Luc.\XD, Capt., Rue St. -Christopher, 8, Antun, (Saone-et-Loire). Bot. 

C. 6000 Phanerogams, 3000 Cryptograms, Author of "Mushrooms 

of France," price 30 francs per iasicle. 
LuCANTE, A., Courrensai), near Goudrin. Coleopt. 
Lucas, Henri, Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue Cardinal Lemoine, 9, Paris. Zodl. 
Lucas, Hippolyte, Eutomologique Muse'um, Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, 

10, Paris. Enf. : Coleopt. 
Lugo, Auguste de, Bagueres-de-Bigorre. Bot. 
LusTRAC, A. DE, Gaillan. Coleopt. 
LuYS, Dr. Jules, Rue de Seine, 23, Ivry, (Seine). 
Mabille, Prof. Paul, Lyceum of Vanvcs, Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 

75, Paris. Coleopt. 
Macquerys, Emile, Evrcux, (Eure). Ent. 
Macquerys, S., Rouen. Ent. 
Madelain, Tours. Bot. 
Madon, Cours Mirabeau, 4, Aix. Coleopt. 
Mager, Henri, Publiciste Geographe, 11 Rue d'Aboukir, Paris. Geog. 

Ex. or buv charts and topogi-aphical plans. 
Magne, Dir. Veterinary Sch., Alfort. Bot. 
Magnin, Ant., Sec. Bot. Soc, Quai de I'Est, 6, Lyons. Bot. 
Magnin, Jules, Rue Honore-Chevalier, 3, Paris. " Coleopt. 
Magnien, Lucien. Prof, d' Agriculture du De'partement de la C6te-d' or, 

Rue Devosge, 27, bis, Dijon. Agric. 
Magnier, Chakles, Dir. Bot. (iar., S't.-Quentin. Bot. 
Maillard, Prof. Dr. Aug., Rue du Petit-Potet, 34, Dijon. Bot. 
Maillot, EuGi:NE, Prof., Montpellier. Aqrlc, Coleopt., Bot. 
Maindron, Maurice, Rue Gay-Lussac, 14, Paris. Coleopt. 
Maisonneuve, Dr. Paul, Rue du Cornet, 26, Angers. Ent. ; Coleopt. 
Malbkanciie, Rue de Joycuse, 26, Rouen. Bot., Lichens. 
Malosse, Prof. Tileodore, Rue Saiut-Benoit, Montpellier, 

194 THE naturalists' DIRECTOIIY. [France. 

l\rALLARD, Prof., School of the Mines, Rue dc MccUcis, 11, Paris. Phys., 

Maxcag, l'abbe, Caen, (Calvados). Eiit. 

jVlANCEAf, l'abbe, CciUili-l;l-I>:lSliilc. ('oUch. 

MaNull, line bniiit-Fuseien, 64, Amietia'. 

^Ia.v^s, Adoli'HE, Capt., b;iiijoii. Colcopf. 

Ma-N'cjix, L'.eut-Col., Boulevard dcs liunlides, 18, Paris. Phi/s. 

Mangon, Lhakles F. II., Mem. .\t"ul. Sei., Paris. 

Mannheim P., Polytec. bcliool, Iviie ilc la Pompe, 11, Passy, Pnris. 

Manuel de Locatel, le comte Alfkeu de, Ch.'iteau dc" Contlans, Al- 

bcrtville. Cdlcopt. 
Maquenne, Dk , Prep;iratciir an Museum, Kiic MoUet, 32, Paris. Phi/S' 

iu/n///, I'hysirs , Clii'iii. 
Marcia.>^o, Elie, 8aiule-Foy, (Girnnde). Bot. 
Makchand, Dk. Leon, Tliiais. in Clioisy, (Seine). Bot. 
Makcili.v, Chakles, Har-sur-Aiibc. Colcopt. 
Marco'ite. Felix, Mnseum, Rue l^edieii, oi, .-Vbheville. Coleopt, 
Maueine, Keniircniont, (N'osLie-*). Geoinetrjj, Mia. 
Mares, Uexiu P. L , Montpellier. 

Makey, Dm. Etiexne J., Rnis Dujruay-Trouin, 13, Paiis. Pln/s. 
!Maiii3, Davy, Director-Met.orologicul Observatory of Montsouris, Paris. 

Marion, E., Dijon. Palaeo. 

Marion, Prof. Dr. A. F., ^Marseilles. Bnt., Pnlcco. 

Mar.iolin, Dr. Uenatl's, Rue C haptal, 16, Paiis. 

Marmiesse, Prof., L>oul('\avd des Piouienades, Pcims. 

Mar.mottan, Dr., Rue Desbordes-N'ahnore, 31, Passy, (Paris). Ent.: 
('olffiipt., But. 

!Marquet, I. eon. Hue Vieille-du Temple, 1'), Paris. Chem. 

Mar iUET, Rue St.-Josepli, 1.'), Toulou-e. Col'opt. 

Marseul, .silvin de, Directeiir du Journal Eutomolouriquc I'Abeillc, 
Boulivard Pereire, 271, Tcrne-.-Paris. Ent.: Col-opt. of Europe, 
N ■ of Africa ciiid Asia, Ilctcromera and llistcridce of the entire 
world. C. 30,000 specimens Ex. Coleopt. of tlie ancient world, 
espeei;i]Iy ol' France and Aliiier^, nUo will exchange publications. 

^Farsillay. (). DE, Director des Mines, Anzin. 

Marsv, Co.mte .VuTHfR DE, Compie;:ue, (Oi-sc). Geog. 

Martel, Dr. .Toannis, Rue S.iint-Lazare, 9", Paris. 

Martin, l'abbe .A.., Uvcan, iu (ieuuiviu. CoLopt. 

Martin, .\ug , \\\\q de la Pommc, 7, Toulouse. Bot. 

Martin, Em., Roniorantin. Bot. C. 

Martix, Dr. Henri Charles, Rne Stc.-Claire, 4, Passy, Paris. Coleopt, 

M.VRTIN, ()., Ronen. Bot. 

jNIartin, Prof., Lyceum, na\re. 

Martin. Dr. de, Boulevard du .Tcu-de-Paume, 22, Montpellier. 

Martin, Capt., Perpiji-nan. Colmpt. 

Martinet, Leon, Rue Sain'e-IIeleue, 35. Tri^ny. Bot. 

Martins, Prof. Ch , Dir. Bot. Garden, ^[ontpcllier. Bot. 

]Mas(;art, Prof , Coll France, Dir. Central Mc'teor. Bureau, Rue de 
Grenclli', 60, Paris. Phys. 

Masson, E , Oi^emont. CoIpo; t. 

Masson, Edmond, Menx, in CompieLcne. Coleopt. 

Mathan, Rsnk de, .Vlbi. Cob-opt. 

JNlATHiEU, .\ , Rue (jirardet, 10, Nancy. Co'enpt., Bnt. 

Mathieu, PitOF. Louis, Rne de IMarne. 48, Chalons, (Marnc). Geol., 
Ent., Bot. C. E\'. for fine specimens. 

Matiiieu, Lorient. Culfopt. 

Matuieu, Prof., Lyceum, Reims. Math. 

fhaxce.3 the naturalists' directory. 195 

Maufras, ^mile, Notaii-c, ^fembrc cle la Socic'te cV Anthropologic de 

Faris, Pons, (Cbarcnte-Inforieiire). GeoL, Antli., Arch., L. mid F. 

(K shells. C. Ex. Fos^5ils of Chalk, Flint, L. and F. W. Shells 

ofS- E. of Fiance. 
Maumene, Hoiilevaid Goiivion-St-Cyr, 51, Paris. Coleopt. 
Mal'NIOR, Rue Jacob, 14, Paris. (Jeogruphi/. 

Maupfin, Paul-.Vlfked, Boule'vard St. -Germain, 155, Paris. Coleopt. 
Mauuei.v, v., Dir. liot. Gar , Pne de Gand, 30, Lille. Bat. 
Mauhel, ,AfL"GL"STE, ViUard-des-Doiubes. Coleopt. 
Maurice, Charles, Licencie' cs-Scienccs-naturellcs, Rue Saint-Julien, 24, 

Douai (Xoril). Lrpid , Pulceo. especial ij Anth. C. E\'. 
Maurice, .Jules, Licencie es-Sciences-naturdles, Rue Saint-Julian, 24, 

Douai (Nortl). Coleopt., Henup., Diptera. C. Ex. 
Mauxion", Uk. .Vbel, Secretaire de la bociete' Zoiilogique de France, 

Kue baint-Jacques, 34. Paris. Phi/siol. 
Maxwell-Lyte, F., Faubour;j-."?aint-Honore', 30, Paris. Chem. 
Mayet, V'alery, Prof., Pic Urbain V., 3, MontpcUier. Colt-opt., Agric. 
M±GE, J. L. E . Cure, Villcncuvc by Bbiye ((iirondc). S/il-//s , Coleipt., 

Lepid. C. Especially European and foreign Lcpidoptera. E\'. 

Specimens of France, Algiers. New Caledonia and Ciiiua. 
Mehu, Ad., \'illi'fraiichc, Sur-Saone. But., \nt. Hist. C. 
Mexard, l'abbe, ."saiiit-Andre'-de-Cubzac ((iironde). Evt. 
Menard, bx. Yres, sous Dircctcur du Jardin Zoiilogiquc d'.Vcclimatation, 

Prof, de Zuiltccl'nie a 1 '.tcole Central des Arts ct Manufactures, 

Rue Charles Lafette, 104, Xeuilly sur Seine. Technical Zool. C 
Me.nier, Prof. Dr. Ch , Place Grashn, 1, Xantes. Bot. 
Menier, Rue il'En;iliicn, 6, Paris. Geol. 

Mexsigxac, Edouard ue, liiie de la Rouselle, G7, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Mer, Emile, .Avenue Ducjuusnc, Paris. Bnt. 

Mercadier, In-pector of Telegraphs, Rue de Bourgogne, Paris. Phrj3. 
Mercey De, Hy^res. Uenl. 
Meritexs De, Rue Hour-aidt, 44, Paris. Phijs. 
Merle de Massoxneau, Axtoine, Xcrac. Agric. 
Merlix, Paul, Place .';aiut-l'.;tienne, Toulouse. 
Mersauxxe De, Rue \'avin, 13, Paris. I'lii/s. 
Meschixet de PacHEMfixi), Louis Marie, Sec. de I'Acad. dcs Belles 

Lcttrcs. Sciences ct .Vrts, de la Roclielle, Rue Verdiere, 23, Rochellc. 

Mollnsks, Zi-iiphi/ts. .-ih/ec. 
Mesmix, Louis, Mnrihenier, near I'llommaize'. Coleopt. 
Mestre, Gaston, Rue de la t h.iine, 4, Toulouse. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Meugy, Rue Madame, 53, Paris. (Jeol. 
Meunier, Ussat. Cohopt. 

Meyer, Jeax. Rue dc la BaLnie, .1, Elbeuf. Coleopt. 
Mf.yrax, Octave, Rue dc I'llntei do Ville, 39, Irygny. Bot. 
MiC.\ULT, Rue Fartiel, Saint-Brienc. Mic. 

Mich ARD, Claude .\driex. Rue Godefroy, 40,Puteaux. Ent.: Coleopt. 
Michel, Dr. l'abbe, .Mudaison (Ilerault).' 
Michel, .\lbix. Rue Xcuvc-iles-.\reues, Ximcs. 
Michel, Dk. Edouard, Rue de Rougeinont, 11, Paris. 
Michelox, Dr., Xantcrrc (Seine). 
^IicioL. E., Morlaix. Bot. 
MiG.NEAUX, Jules, Rue du Cloitrc-St.-MeriT, 16, Paris. Coleopt., Nat. 

Millardet, Prof., Rue de Goth, 128, Bordeaux. 
MiLLiEX, .Vchille, Beanmont-ia-Ferrierc, Xievre. 
MlLLifeitE, P., Cannes. Ent. : Lepid. 
MlLLOT, .Vdolphe, Dessinateur, Rue de r.\rbalite, 11, and Lacepe'de, 34, 

Paris. Nat. HiU., Ent. C. Ex. Lepid. 

196 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [FrakcE. 

MiLLOT, Prof. Arthur, Rue IVfazaiine, 11, Paris. 

MiLLOT, Paul, Place Saiut-Jcan, Til, Xancy (Meurtlie et Moselle). Bot., 

Phancro'iama. C. Ex. Plants of Lorraine and Algeria for (jlra- 

niinie of France. 
Milne-Edwards, Prof. Alphonse, Rue Cuvicr, 57, Paris. Coleopt., 

Zoo!., Hot., Xat. Hist. 
MiLNE-t^DWARDS, Henki, Ruc Cuvicr, 57, Paris. Coleopt. 
^IiMONT DE, Chateau de la lloussaye, in Fontenay-Tre^igny. Coleopt. 
MiNGAUD. Galien, St.-Jcan-du-Ciard. (ktleopt., Bot. 
MiOT, Henri, Otticicr d'Academie, Mcnihre des tsocie'te's Entomologiques 

de France, de Suisse et de lielj:iquc, Correspondaut du Musee Royal 

d'llistoire Naturelle de Belgique, Scmur (Cote d'Or). Economic 

Ent. C. Ex. 
MiQUEL, Ohservatoire de Mont-Souris, Rue Monge, 12, Paris. Mic. 
MiRBECK, Dr., St.-Die'. Coleopt. 

MissoL, Rue Montorgueil, 19, Paris. European Lepid. 
Mniszech, Comte C de. Rue Balzac, 22, Paris. Ent. ^ 

MOCQUAKD, Dr. pRANgois, Eli've d'Ecole Pratique des hautes Etudes, 

Boulevard Saiut-Ccrniain, 3(5, Paris. Ana>omy of the Crustacea. 
MocQUEUYS, Emile, Riie dc la Pi-e'fecture, 28, Evreux. Coleopt. 
Moleyre, Entomoloiiique Museum, Paris. Ent.: Coleopt. 
MoLLET, VuLFRAN, Riie Grcsset, 12, .Vniiens 
MoMMEJA, .Jules, Faubourg fiapiac, Montaban. Arch. 
MoNCEAUX, II., Auxerre. Coleopt. 

MoNCouRT, Prof., Lyceum, Rue Pre-Ninan, 1, Nantes. Math. 
MONDIET, Prof., Lyceum. Alont-de-.Marsan. 

MoNDOM, R. P., Prof. College .Saint-Marie, Saint-Chamond. Coleopt. 
MoNiEZ, Dr. R., Rue de Flcui-s, 18 his, Lille. Cestolda. C. Ex. 
MoNOD, Prof. Dr. Charles, Rue Cambace'rics, 12, Paris. 
MoNOD, Leon, Pouilly-par-Inor, Mense. Agric. 
MoNOD, Robert, Ruc d'Aumale, 19, Paris. But., Bryol. 
MoNNOT, Edouard, Lyccum, Mans. Coleopt. 
Mons, a... Rue Vergniaud, 49, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 
MoNTAGNE, J. B., Rue de Saml)re-et-Meuse, 56, Paris. Coleopt. 
Montauge, p. de, Villa Loetitia, Arcachon. 
MoNTENUT, Du. DE, Clialon-sur-Saone. Coleopt. 
Montf,>rt, Prof. Dr., Rue Voltaire, 19, Nantes. 
MoNTGAZON, Dr. Alphee B. de, Paris. Bot. 
Montillot, Louis, Rue du Clierche-Midi, 84, Paris. Coleopt. 
Montlauu, Comte de Remoud, Chateau de Poudres, Sommieres (Gard). 

Montolivo, Abbe, Nice. Bot. 
Moquin-Tandon, Prof. Gaston, Besan^on. Bot. 
MoREAU, Dr. .\rmand. Rue de Vnugirard, 55, Paris. 
MoREAU. Ferdinand, Rue Mondcnard, 35, Bordeaux. Orn. 
Morel, Nyons (Drome). Arch. 

MoRGES, Rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts. 27, Paris. Chem. 
Morisse, a., Octeville, in Montivilliers. Coleopt. 
MoRiTZ, Naturalist, Ruc dc I'Arbre-Scc, 46, Paris. Coleopt. 
Mors, Louis, Rue de Solferino, 4, Paris. Coleopt. 
MossE, Dr., Boulevard Saint-Michel, 107, Paris. 
MoTELAY, Leonce, Membre de la Socie'te' Botanique de France, et Archi- 

diste Bibliothecainc de la Soc. Linne'enne de Bordeaux, Cours de 

Gourgues, 4, Bordeaux. Bot. C. 
Mouchez, Ernest A. B., Mem. Acad. Sci., Dir. Observatoiy, Paris. 

Mougel, J. B., Vagney (Vosges). Orn., 061. C. Ex. 
MouGEOT, Dr. Ant., Bruyeres. Bot. 


MouLii;RE, AUGUSTE, Riic Rcnnaise, Laval. Geol. 

MouiLLARD, l'abbb, UcmiiiiiK', iu C'aientoir. Ccleopt. 

MouiLLEFAKi.NE, Ed., liuc fcaiiit-Aiinc. 46, Paris. 

MouiLLEFEKT, Fiol'. A.LiricLiltiiral School, Place Mon^rc, 3, Paris. 

MouLLAKT, Rue Cozcttc, 27, .Vniiciis. 

MoUREAU, PuOF. G., Coiirs baiiit-Jcan, 141, Bordeaux. Bot., Lepid., 

Cokopt. C Ex. lor first-class specimens. 
MouRiEKE, Prof. F. von, Caon (Calvailos). 

MuLLER, Frederic, Prof. Lyceum, Hue Nazareth, 5, Montpellier. 
MuLSANT, l'abbe, Prof. L'olle;^c,haiiit-ChamoiKt. Cokopt. 
iMuLSANT, Quui Sjaint-Viiicciit, Lyons. 
MuNiER, Dr. Henri, Aiiray. Coleopf. 

JNlussAT, Prof. E., Boulevard Saint-Germain, 11, Paris. Bot. 
Musset, Dr., Grenoble. But. 
Nadaillac, Marquis de, Aucien Pre'fet, Rue d'Anjou Saint-Honor€, 

Paris. Aiit/i., Arch. 
Nadal, \'ictor, Avenue ile I'Ohservatoire, 10, Paris. 
Nadar, Paul, Rue d'Anjoii-St-llonore, 51, P;iris. Coleopt. 
Nansoutv, Max de, Itue Saint-iMartin, 2, Paris. Chein. 
Nansouty, General de, Ubservaioire Pic du Midi, Bagneres-de-Bigorre. 

Meteur., Conch. 
Nanteuil, Roger de, Avenue do Villars, 10, Paris. Coleopt. 
Napoli, David, Faubour;Lr Poissonniere, 93, Paris. 
Narcillac, le Cumte de, Boulevard des Italiens, 6, Paris. Cokopt. 
Naudin, Charles, Mem. Acad, feci., Paris, Villa Thuret, Antibes (Var). 

Nayssek, Antoine-Barthelemy, Naturalist, Rue Notre-Dame, 15, 

Cannes. Coleopt. 
Nerville, F. de, Li;^c'nieur des Tcle'pi-aphes, 116 Boulevard Haussmann, 

Paris. Coiirh., Geol., Min., Ent. C. Ex. 
Neumann, L., Chateau, Fontainebleau. Bot. 
Neyra, Rom AIN, Tronclic, nenr Grenoble (Isere). Bot. C. Ex. 
Neyraud, Marcel, ISIontferrand, near Bordeaux. Coleopt. 
NiAUDET, Alf., 6, Rue dc Seine, Paris. Elect., Electric Batteries, Mag- 
neto and Dt/namo Machines. 
NiCAiSE, Prof. Cr., Boidcvard Male^herbes, 37, Paris. 
Nicolas, Andre, Rue St.-Brice, 48, Chartrcs. Coleopt. 
Nicolas, -T., See. Ilort. .Ass., Jiue Passet, 10, Lyons. Coleopt. 
NiCOL.^S, Rue Velouterie, 9, Aviunon. Coleopt. 
NicoLis. Mademoiselle, St.-Maricns (Gironde). Bot. 
NiVET, Prof. Dr. V., Clermont-Ferrand. 
NoDiER, Dr., Rue Snint-Uhel, 2, Lorient. E7)t. : Coleopt. 
Noel, St.-Flcur. Coleopt. 

Noel, Fr., Rue Desirce, 26, St.-Etienne. Coleopt. 
Noel, Paul, Chimiste, Rue Panpuy, l.o, Boi^jiuillaume, near Rouen. 

European Lepidoptera. C. Ex. Lepidoptera for minerals and 

NoGUEY, GusTAVE, Rue Chai-dcs-Farines, 14, Bordeaux. Om., Palcco. 
NoLEN, Prof., Rue Basville, 10, Montpellier. Phil. 
NoRGUET, An.\tolr DE Mardre DE, Rue .Temmapes, 61, LiUe. Coleopt. 
NoROY, Cii., Rue ISIexieo, 63, Havre. Chem. 
NoTTELLE, Rue Reaumur, 49, Paris. 
Nou, Michel, Naturalist, Vornet-les-Bains. Coleopt. 
NouALiiiER. MAtJiCE, Laborie, near Limoges. Coleopt, 
NouLET, Dr., Prof. Scli. Med., Rue (hi I.yce'c, 14, Toulouse. Bot. 
NOZEILI.E De, Conscrvateur de I'Exposition pcrmanentc des Colonies 

franeais Palais de I'lndustrie, Porte, xii., Paris, Ethnography, 

ZooL, Bot. C. Ex. 

198 THE naturalists' directory. [FRA.KCK, 

NuGUE, l'abbe a., Villcdien-lcs-Baillcul, in Tnm. Coleopt. 
Nylanuek, Dk., Passage clcs Tliciiuopyles, (jl, Paris. Bot., Crypt., 

Obert, Prosper, Rove. Colcopl. 
Obektuuu, Charles', Iiuprimcur, 44, Faubourpr cle Paris, Rcnncs flUe- 

ct-Vilaine). Ent.: Ltpid. lias the coiuplele collcctious of Boisdu- 

val ami (iiieue'e. 
Obertir'r, Bene, 1 in prim cur, Faubourg de Paris, 42. Rennes (Illc-et- 

X'ilainc). Ent.: Colcnpt. C Ex. Offer Coleoptera of all parts of 

tlie world in ex. lor Carahida". 
Obry, Ernest, Rue des Jacobins, TJi, Amiens. 
Odier, c;eorges, Polyteo. Scliool, Rue St.-Lazare, 93, Paris. Coleopt., 

lleiiiipt., Lcpid. 
Oeiilert, D., Crosse Rue Trouchet, 27i, Paris. 
Olive, (i.. Rue Mont<irand, 14, Marseilles. Orn., Ilerpet., Ent., Conch., 

Bot., 6ev/., Pa/ceo., Min. 
Oliver, l'abbe, Drcuv, Eure et Loire. Astronomy. 
Olivier, Ernest, Moulins (.\llier). Hot., ZoiiL, Ent. C. of Botany and 

>.oulo;:y olFraucc; Enloniolo>jy of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Ex. 

animals, hii-ds, and plants of France, insects of Europe, and of the 

north of Africa. 
Olivier, 11., Aulheiul (Ornc). Lichenology, Mosses. C. Ex. Lichens 

of Orne and Calvados for other countries. 
Oliver, Coilioure. Coleopt. 
Ollier De Mariciiard, Vallon, Ardeche. Arch. 
Ollier, Prof. Dr., Quai dc l;i C hariie', Lyons. 
Ollivier, Prof. Dr., Rue do rUniversite, 5, Paris. 
Orbigxv, IIexri de. Rue des Bcau\-Arts, 12, Paris. Coleopt. 
Ortlieb, Jean, Croix, near Roubaix. Chcni., (ieol. 
Orza, Paul de L', Naturalist, Rue Mautrec, 4, Paris. Coleopt. 
OsMONT, AuGUSCE, Coutrolciu' des Douancs, Rue de Gcole, 29, Caen 

(Calvados). Ent.: Lcpicl., Caltis'-mn, ('arabns, Chychrus. C. Ex. 

specimens Carabus, Colosouia, Chyciirus, Catacola. 
OsTER, Rue Bonaparte, 59, tcr Paris. Malncologi/. 
Oustalet, Mii-scum, Rue Bonap:ii'tc, ij'2, Paris. Coleopt. 
OzANON, Charles, St.-Emiland in Conches-les-Mines. Bot. C. 
OziL, Dr., Lille. Geol. 
Pacaut, Rue Laurondcau, 79, Amiens. 
Pagnoul, Prof , Dir. Ajrric. fetation, Arras. Chem., Bot. 
Pandelle, Lol'IS, Rue du Lyccc, 17, Tarbes. Coleopt. 
Pai ILLAIT, Cliatelleranlt. Coleopt. 
Paquet. Rene, Rue de Vaugirard, 34, Paris. Orn. 
Parat, Rue de I'.Arscnal Roclicfort-sur-Mer. Bot. 
Paris, Vice-Admiral Fran(^ois Edmond, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

Geornapln/ and Xnrir/ation. 
Parrot, PitoF. Dr , Quai Malaquis, 15, Paris. 
Partridge, Rue Pari*, 145, Havre. CrenL 
Passy, Frederic, Rue Laliordcrc, Neuilly-sur-Scine. 
Passv, p. Edmond. Rue Laiiordere, 8, Neuilly. Bot. 
Pasteur, .Joseph, Rue de Scze, 17, Lyons Coleopt. 
Pasteur, Louis. Mem. .\cad. Sci , Rue d'Ului, 45, Paris. Min. 
Patouii-Lard, Rue de Buffon, 67, Paris. Hot. 
Paul, Pro?. Dr. Constantin. Rue de Cambon, 48, Paris. 
Pavot, Ven , Cbamouniv. Bot. 
Peccadeau de Lisle, Loricnt. Coleopt. 
Prchiney. .\ , Saliudrcs (Gard ). Chem. 
P "vCHOi.iER, Prof. Dr., Montjiellicr. 
Peligot, Eugene M., Mem. Acad. Sci., Hotel des Monnaies, Paris. 


Pelissier, Emile, Toiil. Cnleopt. 

Peli-at, Ed., Rue de V:iui:iiaiil, 77, Paris. Genl. 

Pellet. H., Avenue tin Koi-ilc-Rnine, Passy, Paris. Chem. 

Pellet.w, Du. J., Houie'vard dcs Baiijiiiolies, 34, Paris. Bot. 

Pelletiek, H., Matlon, near Hlois. iUAcopt. 

Peltiek, Ed.mond, C'oninicr,ant, Rue de .Monsieur, 18. Reims (Marnc). 
lint. : Cokopt. C. E.x. Insects of Reims for 1 hose of othor coun- 

Peney-Ray, Rue rilotel-dc-Ville, 3.3, T^yons. Coleopt. 

Penxes, J. A., Rue dc Latran, 2, Paris. Cliein. 

Pex.netiek, Dm. (iEouGES, Dirccteur du Museum d'Histoire Xaturelle, 
Rouen. ZoiJ!. 

Penoud, Dr., Lyons. Bot. 

Peuagallo, Al., Nice. Coleopt. 

Peuaud, C. a., Montlucon (.Vllier). Bnt., Ve-jetnhJe Palrro. 

Pekez. J., Prof, de Zo.ilo^ie a la faculte' des Sciences, Bordeaux. Em- 
bri/ologi/, Ili/nwnoptcra. C Ex. 

Perieu, .Vlexaxdue, Relestd. Cnlenpf. 

Pehrens, Prof. Dr., Route de Uayoune, 72, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Peruet, Rue liuirurie, 12, Bordeaux. Geol. 

Perrier de la Bathie, R., .VIbertville. Coleopt. 

Perkier. Prof., Museum, I'ue des J^aints-Peres, 19, Paris. Zoiil., Moll. 

Perrier, Lieut.-Col. pRANgois, ^lem. Acad. Sci., Rue du Bac, 10,3, 
Paris. G-orimpJiy a:irl Xaiii/ ition. 

Perrin, Abeille de. Rue M:iren;ro, 56, Marseilles. Coleopt., Ilymenopt. 

Perkolh), Dk., Quii dcs Cele<tiu-, 6, Lyons. 

Peuroud, Rue Borie, 16, Bordeaux. Ent. 

Pesiek, Edmond, Valcncierines. Chem. 

Pestre, Rev. P., Rue tie V'au-irard, 101, Paris. Cohnpt. 

Peter's .Xlerme, Rue Bonaparte, 72 bis, Paris. Coleopt. 

Petit, Paul, Rue des Quatre Vents, 16, Paris. Diatoms, Fresh Water 
.'\lgfc. C. 

Peticlerc, Paul, Ge'olo^ruc, Conscrvateur du Muscc, Rue du Colle'tre, 4, 
Vcsoul (IhuUc-SaiJne) Geol., Pn/iso , .Min. Ex. well determined 
fossils witli am:itcurs and mu>eum-i. Offer fossils from Jurassic and 
Cretaceous formation-: of Fraut'e in exciian-.;c for well derermined 
fossils of tlie Paleozoic, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, 
Triassie, Jurassic and Cretaceous of otlier countries. 

Petrahidez, J., Montpellier. A/n'c. 

Peuleve, Dr., Rue Lani.irck, 15, Amiens. 

Peyremal, Prof. Dk , Roclielort. Bot. 

Peyron, Kd., Rue de Lodi 47, Marseilles. Coleopt. 

Philibeaux, (iusTAVE, Bli^-uy-^ur-Ouclic. Co'eopt. 

Phii-Ibeaux, Augu.ste, Dijon" (Cote-d'Or). Eat. 

PniLiPEAUX, Prof., Xat. I'list. Museum, Paris. Physiol. 

PuiLiBERr, Prof , Ai\. But., Mosses. 

PiCART, Rue Linuee, 10, Paris. Coleopt. 

PiCHEKEAU, L.. Rue de la Barouillicrc, 8, Paris. Coleopt. 

PiCHox, St.-.\mand-<ur-Fion. Hot., Mi/rol. 

Piciiou, .Vlfred, Route de Toulouse, :«).'), Bordeaux. 

Piedacxel, Rue des .Sablon-!, Pa><y, Paris. 

Pierre, Prof. Isidore, Direc. Ajiiic. Station, Caen. Bot. 

Pieurat, D., Naturalist, (Jerliamont, near Va^rney (Vos-cs). Zoiil., Orv., 
Bot., Ent., Orth. C. Ex. Mounted birtls or skins, dried plants, 

PiERSOX, II., Rue Cofiuillierc, 39, Paris. Coleopt. 

PiLLoY, St.-Queiuin. .Ast. 

Pinet, Du., Place de rEcolc-dc-Medcciuc, Paris. 

200 THE naturalists' directory. [France. 

PiNOT, R.-P., Convent of Coublevie, in Voiron. Coleopt. 

Piquet, York Street, 2, Jersey. Coleopt. 

PiSSOT, Abbey de Lon^i^chanips, in Neiiilly. Coleopt. 

Place, Henki de, Cliateau de la Hive, tete-Gcmnies-sur-Loire. Coleopt. 

Place, Louis de, Anj;ers. Co eopt. 

PLANXIION, Pkof. J. E., Montpellier. Coleopt.. Bot. 

Plaxchon, Pkof. (justave, Boulevard St. Mitli(-1, 139, Paris. Bot. 

Plante, CiASTON, Rue des Toiirnelles, 56, Paris. I'lu/s. 

PoiKAULT, (iEOKGES, Ruc des li Pilicrs, 36, Poitiers (Vienne). Bot., 

PoiRiER, J., Museum, Avenue du Maine, 43, Paris. ZoUl. 
PoissoN, Jules, Museum, Ruc dc liuffon, 69, Paris. Bot. 
PoiURiEK, Ruc HauteviUo, 49, Paris. C/ieni. 
Polle-Ueviermes, Leon, Rue de la Ferme-des-Mathurius, 18, Paris. 

PoLLET, CiiARLEs-Louis-JosEPH, Gc'uc'alogist, Ruc de Tourneville, 33, 

Havie. Cok-opt. 
PoMARAT, l'abbe, Cliava^rnac, Saijrnes. Coleopt. 
PoMMEY, Charles, Rue de la Mauutcntion, 3, Dijon. Coleopt. 
Ponche, Narcisse, Rue Constantino, 6, Amiens. 
PoNSAN, Charles, Toulouse. Min. 

Poxsix, l'abbe, Prof. Seminary of Rondeau, Grenoble. Coleopt. 
PONSON, A. fils, Quai de la Guillottiere, '20, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Pontaix, Prof. Dr , Boule'vanl Saint-Gernniin, 2;j6, Paris. 
PoPULUS, Dr., Coulanj,'es-la-Vineuse. Hcmipt., Orf/i., Coleopt. 
PoRTEVix, IIippoLYTE, In^^cnieur Civil, Ancien Elcvo de I'l^cole Poly- 

teelnii(|ue. Rue de la Belle-Bueyre, 2, Reims. Min. Wishes speci- 
mens of ores of iron, with indication of uses for which they are em- 

PosSER, GusTAVE OsCAR, Ingenieur des Arts et Manufactures, St. Guen 

dc Chouberville, neai- La Bossille (Seine Infc'rieure). Coleopt., esp. 

Breiithidi's of the entire ivorld. C. Ex. Principally Brcnthides, 

either to buy or ex. 
PoTiER, Prof., Polytechnic School, Rue de Boulogne, 1, Paris. Phys., 

PouCHET, Prof., Rue Tildouard-Adam, 6, INIontpellier. 
PouCHET, Prof. Dr., Muse'uni, Rue Me'dicis, 5, Paris. Anat. 
PouciN, Rnc Saint-Fort, 11, Bordeaux. 
PouECH, l'abbe, Parviei-s (Arieue). Geol. 
PoucxET, Eugene, Landortf (Lorraine). Coleopt. 
Poujade, Prof., Lyceum, Lyons. 
PouJADE, Gustave ARTHUR,' Muse'um, Rue des lilcoles, 15, Paris. Ent., 

PouJOL, A.. Corinthe-de-Cofrnin, near Chambe'ry. Coleopt. 
Poulain, Prof. Normal School, Verseilles. Coleopt. 
PoussiELGUE, -J., Belmont Tramonet. in Pont de Beauvoisin. Coleopt. 
Power, Gustave, St.-Aucn-de-Thoubreville(Eure), near Bouille (Seine- 

Infe'rieuro). Coleopt. 
Power, G., Place Bouvreuil, 2, Rouen. Coleopt. 
J'ozzi, Prof. Dr., Place Vendome, 10, Paris. 
Praroxd, Ernest, Abbeyville (.Sommc). 
Prat, Route de Toulouse, 111, Bordeaux'. Chem. 
Pravaz, Dr., Quai des Etroits, 46, Lyons. 
Prazmowski, Rue Bonaparte, 1, Paris. Phys. 
Pkeaubert, Prof. E., CoUenfe, Beanvais. Phys. 
Prie, .1., Foulif^nen (Loire-Infc'rieure). Crw^tacce. 
Prillieu.x, Prof. Dr., Edouard, Rue Cambace'res, 14. Bot. 
Prompt, Dr. P. Y., Polytechnic School, Rue de la Gare, 17, Nice. 


Promsy, fils J., Chateau-Porcien. Coleopt. 

Proust, Prof. Dr., Boulevard Maleslierbes, 9, Pai'is. 

PuJOS, Dr. a.. Rue Saiul-Scruin, 58, Bordeaux. 

PuTON, Dr. J. B. Aug., Itemiremout (Vosge.s). Ent. : Hetnipt., Coleopt. 

(J. Ex. Hemiptera. 
PuTR.\iMOND, Alfred de. Rue De'bray, 36, Amiens. 
Pyot, Victor, Gien. Coleopt. 
Qu^DVLiEG, Louis, Naturalist, Rue de la Goutte-d'Or, AubeiTilliers. 

Ent. : Cu/eopt., Lrp/'d., Bot. 
QuATREFAGES DE Breau, -Iean Louis Armand DE, IMcmbre de I'lnsti- 

tut. Prof, au Museum, Paris. Zodl., Anth. C. of the Museum. 

Ex. Crania. 
QuELET, Dr., Moutbeliard. Bot., Mi/col. 
•QuETiN, Eugene, Rue de Bruys, 9, Marseilles. Coleopt. 
QuiHOU, Zotil. (iar., ISois <le Boulo;.;ne, Paris. Bot. 
QuiNQUAD, Dr., Rue de IXJdeon, 5, Paris. Coleopt. 
Rabaud, Alfued, Rue Paradis, 101, Marseilles. Geog. 
Rabot, Dr , Versailles. 
Rabouhdin, Prof. Lucien, Orleans. 
RafaillaC, Mar'rauv. A-^tronomy. 

Ragain, Prof, (^ustave. Lyceum, Rue de S^galier, 42, Bordeaux. 
Raingeard, Prof. Dr., Rue .Icau-Jacques, 8, Nantes. 
Rainn'eville de, Rue de la Ville I'Eveque. Paris. 
Ramband, Cousaus. Orn. 

Rames, Dr. J., Rue d'.\urci<rnes, Aurillac, Cantal. Geol. 
Ramond, A., Rue des licoles, 3cS, Paris. Bot. 
R.'i.ouLT. Dr. Charles, Raon-l'litape. Coleopt. 
Rataboul, .Joseph, Prof. d'Histoirc Naturelle, Moissac (Tarn-ct-Ga- 

roune). Vcr/eti/jle Anatimy, Mioosnojiy, Eittomoloyy. C. Ex. 

Microscopic and entomological specimens, especially Lepidoptera. 
Rath, Prof, (theiiardo, von, Vienna. 
Ravain, l'abbe J. Rene, Prof. Catholic Univ., Rue Baudriere, 71, 

An^jcrs. Bot. 
Ravet, Ernest, Notaire, Surgeres (Charente Infcrieure). Marine and 

F. IV. Al/(e, Dmtoius, Desmids, etc. C. Ex. 
Ravoux, Alfred, Nyons Coleopt. 
Ray, .Jules, Museum, Troves. Coleopt. 
Rayet, Puof., Bordeauc. " Phys 
Raynaud, Dir. Telegraph Lines, Boule'vard Saint-Germain, 60, Paris. 

Reclus, Prof. Dr , Rue de la Sorbonnc, 20, Paris. 

Regi.mbakt, Dr. Maurice, Rue de la Petite Cite', 19, Evreux (Eure). 
Eiitnnioloqy mul Colcoptcm of Europe and of the basin of the Mtd- 
ilerraneiui, especially Dyfisrida:, <Tynindee, Ihidrophiidce, Pm-nidtB 
and Ilcteiorerido! of the (ilohc. C. Ex. Coleoptera of Europe in 
exchange for specimens indicated above. 

Reguis, Sec. Bot. and Ilort. Soc. of Provence, Place St.-Michel, 12, Mar- 
seilles. Bot. 

Reich, Louis, Arlos-sur-Rhone. Agric. 

Reiciie, Louis, Rue St.-lionore, I'Jl, Paris. Coleopt. 

Reinwald, C, Libraire-lSditeur, Rue des Saints-Peres, 15, Paris. Pm6- 
Ucation of Freni li Scientific Works, and records of Experimental 
and General Zoology. 

Reiset, Jules, Ecorcheboeuf. 

Reliquet, Dr., Boule'vard de la Madelainc, 17, Paris. 

Remy, Jules, Ancien Naturaliste-voyagcur, Louvcrcy, near Monrmelon 
(Marne). Bot. C. Plants from all parts of the world except the 
Sandwich Islands. Ex. Ofl'ers Ferns of Australia in exchange for 

202 THE naturalists' directory. [FRAJfCE. 

Renaud, Georges, Rue Cimarosa, 15, Avenue du Roi-de-Rome, Passy, 

Renaud, J. B., Cours rrilerbouville, 21, Lj-ons. Ent. : Coleopt., 

Renault, Dr. I?., Mnsc'iini, Rue dc la Colle'^nalc, 1, Paris. Bot , Palxo. 
Renemesxil, I'lEHKE DE, Chef (le Bureau a la Mairie de Caen, Rue de 

I'Ejilisc St. -Julicn, r2,Caen (.Calvados). Ent.: CoL'Opt. C. Ex. 
Renou, F.. Nantes. Bot. 
Renouard, fils, Alfred, Injrc'nienr, Secretaire-^rp'ne'ial de la Socic'td In- 

dustiiuUc dii Nord de la Fiance, et de la iSociete des A<»riculteurs 

dii Nord, F.ue Alexantler Lcleux, 46, Lille (Nord). Agriculture, 

'I'ext'hcs (if tropical countries. 
Resal, Prof., Polytechnic School, Rue Saint-Andre'-des-Arts, 58, Paris. 
Revehere, G., Hiie Volncy, 45, Angers (Maine-et-Loire). Mineralogy, 

Geologi/, PulcBontnloqi/. C. Ex. INIinerals and rocks of Bretagne. 
Reveliere, Jules, Rcceveur de rEnregistrcment, Rue Volney, 45, An- 
gers, (Mainc-et-Loirc). Coleoptera of Europe and of the basin of 

the Mi'fliterrnnean. 
Reverciion, Elisice, BoUene (Vaucluse). Bot. 
Reverchon, L., Maznn. Bot. 
Reverdi, Fernand, Boulevard St.-Germain, 88, Pai'is, Rue de la Paix, 

4, Laval (M;iyenne). Ent.: Coleopt., Lepid. 
Revon, Louis, JNImscuui, Annecy. Bot. 
Rey, Timothee, Nissan, near Beziers (Hc'rault). Birds and Mammals. 

Rey-Lescure, Faubourg du Moustier, 8, Montauban. Geol. 
Reynaud, Lucien, Rue de Vcndome, 235, Lyons (Rhone). Lepidoptera. 

C. Ex. 
Reynieu, Rue Be'nouville, 3, Paris. Phys. 
Rexes, Jarnac-Charente. Ayiic. 

Ribadieu, Ferdinand, Cours d'.\lliret, 83, Bordeaux. Arch. 
RiBAiL, Xavier, Rue de Moscow, 39, Paris. PInjs., Chem. 
RiBAN, Dr., Paris. Chem. 

RiCiiARD, Cours St.-Bruno, 2, Grenoble. Coleopt. 
Richard, Rue Crevier, 13, Rouen. Chein. 
Richard, .Jules, Ancieu Prociueur de In Republique, Place Vayrolea, 20, 

La Roche sur von (\'endee). Phanerogams, Lichens. C. Ex. 

Lichens of France for tiiose of America. 
Richer, Henri, Rue Bonaparte, G6, Paris. Coleopt. 
Richer, IIenui, Rue St.-Pierre, 3, Chartres. Coleopt. 
Richer, Dr., Rue teaint-Jac()iics, 98, Amiens. Nat. Hist. 
RiciiET, Prof. Cii., Rue Bonaparte, 5, Paris. Bot. 
Riuaud, Rue Viviennc, 8, Paris. 
RXOAUD, LfeoN DE, Ingeuicur, Chc'miste, Naturaliste, Viroflay (Seine-et- 

Oise). Min., Orn., Reptiles, Articnlntes. C Ex. European 

specimens for those of N. and S. America. 
RiGAUX, Henri, Rue de rHopital-Miiitaiie, 112, Lille. Geol. 
BiGOUT, Boulevard Saiut-Michcl, 60, Paris. Cliem. 
RiPOCiiE, Diego, care of Dr. Verneuu, Boulevard Voltaire, 134, Paris. 
RiSLER, Charles, Rue dc rUniversite, 39, Paris. Cliem. 
RisLER, Edmund, Dir. Nat. Agric. Station, Paris. Bot., Agric. 
RiSLER, Eugene, Boulevard liaussmann, 168, Paris. Agric. 
PiiSTON, Victor, Mal/.eville, near Nancy. Ceol., Palcpo. C. Ex. 
Rivals, l'abbe de, Moideau, near Arcachon (Gironde). Coleopt. C. 

Longicorns of the globe. Ex. 
RiVEAU, Charles, Prof. I ,ibre et Maire, Gcnouille (Charente-Infe'ricnre). 

Gen. Nut. Hist., especially Botany, Entomology. C. Ex. Plants 

and insects. 

Fra-n-ce.] the naturalists' directory. 203 

Riviere, Em., Iviic de Sevres, 139, Paris. Arch. 

liiZAUCoUKT, Jea.n-Baptiste, liuc dc la Rotoiidc, 63, Marseilles. Coleopt. 

lioBEKT, Luc. LoL-opt. 

EoBix, Chai{LES, Uoiik'vard Saint-Germain, 94, Paris. Coleopt. 

ItOBiN, 11. A., PrJparatcur de la Fac-ulte' dcs Seienecs, 38 Kiie d'Ulm, 

Paris. Minnini li}(itj, Ainiiilids, /■'. IF. TiirbtUaiia, Aa.Uotmj. C 

Ex. ,]Man)mah in alcohol, Aiinilids and TurbcUariu. 
ROBIN'ET, Eperijay (Marne). 

liociiE, Pkof. liuoLAKD .V., Ruc Basse, (5, Montpcllicr. Ast. 
RoCHEBKU.XE, Prof. De, Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris. ZodL 
RociiER. Maxi.min, ]M(inilouis, near St.-Jidicu-rArs. Coleopt. 
Rodier, E.mile, Piue iMazai-inc, 61, Bordeaux. Dot., Diatoms. 
Roger, Rue (ircsset, 2y, Auiieus. 

RoGO.N'OT, Emile L., Quai tie la Rapc'e, 12, Paris. European Lcpid. 
RoLLAND, E., Rue de Reunes, 66, Paris. Pliijs. 
RoLLANU, Fernand, bur^ieres. But. : Coleopt. 
ROLLA.xu, V'lOTOu, Rue burcouf, 1, Paris. Urn. 
Rollet, PiiOF. Dr , Ruc Saint-Pierre, 41, Lyons. 
Ro.MANS, Baron Fernaxd DE,CIiateau de la'Plaaebc d'Audille, La Ville- 

Dicu-du-Claiu. Cairo pt. 
Ronciiail, Privas. Co'capt. 
RoSET, Henri, Pliarniaeieu, Ciiimistc, ^lenihrc de I'Acade'mic Rationale, 

Ruc Jeliau-Foucquet, T), Tours. Mollusks. C 
ROSSIGNOL, Rue Folie-Merieourt, 12, Paris. Cokopt. 
Ros.siGNOE, L., Rue ilu Merisier, 7, Roucu. Coleopt. 
Rdssignol, Orleans. Dot. 
RoTTENSTEiN, Dr. Joiiann B., Paris. 
Rouast, Georges, Quai dc la Charite, 23, Lyons. European Lepicl. C. 

Roubalet, 1j., Rue St.-Georn:es, 12, Nancy. Coleopt. 
RoUBERTiE, Ruc (k; la Devise, 17, Bordeaux. But. 
RouDir.R. Montpcllicr. Bat. 

RouGET, Prof. Ch., Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris. Phi/s. 
RoL'GET, P. .Vl'GUSTIN, Ruc dc la PreicetiMC, 28, Dijon. Coleopt. 
RoLJON, Prof. A , Clermont-Ferrand. Ii<it. 
RouMEGUEUE, C, Ruc Riquct, o7, T>.ulouse. Bnt., Mi/cnl. 
RouQUiER, I. 'abbe, Leymc, La-Capclle-Marival. Coleopt. 
Rousseau, Charle.=<, RueFondaude^ic, 47, Bordeau.x. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Rousseau, Em., Rue <les ICcoies, 44, Paris. Clnm. 
Rousseau, P., Boulevard St. -Germain, 2r)8, T'ai'is. Chem. 
RoussEL, Dr. TuiopiiiLE, Ruc Neuvc-des-ISIatliurius, 64, Paris. 
Rousselet, L., Boulevard ;;aint-(;ermain, 126, Paris. Ar li.. ' 

RoussiLLE, Albert, Professcur de Minc'raloi^ic et fieolouie a I'ficolc 

Nationale d'.\;irieulture, (ilri^non, Xeauiiiile Ic Cliateau (Seiiie-et- 

Oisc) .1////. C. Ev. Fossils of (^rii^non. 
Roux, Ruc de Pc^^ac, 31. Bordeaux. Zniil. 

Rou.x, II., Pres. Bor. and Hort. Soc. of Provence, Marseilles. Bnt. 
RouY, Georges, .Menibrc de la Socic'te Botaniquc ilc France, Redactcur 

ait Naturaliste, Directcur du Comptoir Parisien d'E\clian;j:e de 

plantcs, Pas^aLTC Sauliner, 22, Paris. Bot. C. 12,000 species. Ev. 
RouvER, Dr., Lai;rle (Ornc). Ast. 
RorzAND, Henri, Licencie' es Sciences Naturelles. Prc'paratcur dcs Conrs 

lie Zoiilo^nc a la Faculte des Sciences, Montpcllicr. Zoiil., .'\ii<il., 

Histol., l-hnhri/ohxij/. Desires L. and F.W. Mollusks of N. America, 

Antilles and .\e\v Caledonia. 
ROYER,, Rue des Encommencc's. L.nnLrres. Coleopt. 
Roze, Frnest, Rue des Fcuillantines, 101, Pari*. Bot. 
Rozv, Prof. H., Ruc Saint-Antoinc-du-T., 10, Toulouse. 

204 THE naturalists' directory. [Fra>-ce. 

RuPiN, E., Brive. Bot. 
Sabatiek-Desaknauds, Beziers. Bot. 
Sagnieu, Henri, Hue de Itcnncs, 152, Paris. Agric. 
Sagot, Dr. I'. A., line dcs (joilrans, 30, Dijon. Bot. 
Sainte-Claire Ueville, Henri, Mem. Acad. Sci., Boulevard Saint-Ger- 
main, 155, Paris. Phijs., Min. 
Saint-Exui'erv. Le'e de, Hue du Gonvcrnemcnt Sainl-Quentin. 

Saint (Jal, JNl. J., Prof, de Botaniqne a IMilcolc Nationalc d'AfJcriciiltiire 

de drand-Joiian, Nozay (Loire-Intcrieure). Bot., i<ykacuUure, 

Agricultural Ent. C. 
Saint-Hii.aire, Albert Geoffrey, Directcnr dii Jardin Zoologique 

d'Accliiiiutations, Ncuilly sur Seine. Zoiil. C. 
Saint-Lager, Dr., Pres. Bot. Soc., Quai de I'Est, 6, Lyons. Bot. 
Saint-Pierke, Camille, Montpellier. Agric. 
Saint-Saud, Baron de Aymar d'A«lot, Chateau de la Valouze, par La 

Roclic-C'haiais, Dordo^no. Arc/i. 
Saint-Quentin, (.'., Terra^se St. -Pierre, 10, Douai. Coleopt. 
Saint-Quentin, Prof. ColieVe, Pe'ronne. Coleopt. 
Salle, Al'GUSTE, Naturaliste, Rue (iuy dc la Brossc, 13, Paris. Coleopt. 

of America, L. and F. IK. Shells, Orn. C. Ex. 
Salleron, J., Rue Pavee en Marais, 24, Paris. Phys. 
Salmon, Philippe, Mcnil)ic dc la Commission dcs Monuments Megali- 

tliiciues, Ruu Ic Pclcticr, 29, Paris. Palceo. C. 
Samie, J. Leonard, Clieniin de Rigoulet, 22, near Boulevard du Tondu, 

Bordeaux. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Sancey, Louis, Rnc Neuve, 26, Besan^on. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. 
Sand, Maurice, Baron Dudevant, Chrueau de Noluint, near LaCliatre. 

Saporta, Le Cte. Gaston de, Aix. Bot., Geol., Paleeo. 
Saquet, H. R. II.. Couue sous le pscudonjmc Auagramme Ne're'e Quc'pat, 

3-t, Rue lie Vau^^irard, Paris. Orn. 
Sarkomejean, B., Cacarens, near I^anncpax. Coleopt. 
Saulcy, Felicien-Henri Caignart de, Rue Chatillon, 3, Metz. 

Saury, E. .J., Rue dcs Freres, Aurillac. Coleopt. 
Saury, .Jules, Hue Pout-Hc'rissou, 8. liimogcs. Coleopt. 
Saussure, IIenki de, Bonnc-sur-Mcnajrc. Coleopt, 
Sauvage, Dr. Lmile, Rue Mon^'c, 2, Paris. Zobl. 
Savioz, Natnr;dist, Ciianionix. Col opt. 
Savoye, Emile, Rue du Blcumouton, 4, Lille. Geol. 
Say, "Leon, Rue la Bruyere, 45, Paris. 
Sazerat, INIarc, Place St. -Pierre, Limoges. Coleopt. 
ScALABRE, Ferdinand, Naturalist, Ham. Coleopt. 
Sculernitzauer, Jules, Rue Saint-Denis, 221, Paris. Coleopt. 


SCHMiTT, Pi'.oF. Ernest, Lille. Chem. 

Schneider, Prof., Poitiers. Bot., Zoiil. 

SCHUTZCNBERGER, Prof., College of France, Rue des Feuillautincs, 67, 

Sebert, Lieut. -Col. ^Marine Artil., Boule'vard de Courcelles, 17, Paris. 

Sedillot, Charles E., Mem. Acad. Sei., Boulevard St.-Miclicl, 131, 

Sedillot, ISIaurice, IMemhre des Socie'te' Entomologiciue de France, Bel- 

<;i(iue, etc, 20, Rue del'Odeon, Paris. European and Exotic Cokopt., 

principally Hydrocanthus Erotylidce, Trogositidce, Clerida, Hetero- 

mera. C. Ex. 


See, Prof. Marc, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 126, Paris. 
Seize, Pierre, Hopital St. -Martin, line des Ue'collets, S, Paris. Coleopt. 
Senac, Dr. Hippolyte, Rue des Pyramides, ;'), Paris. Coleopt. 
Senneville, Gaston de, Rue de Grenelle-St. -Germain, 52, Paris. 

Sepulchre, Joseph, Maubeuire (Nord). Geol. 
Seure. Gaston de, Riic Las-Cases, t!, Paris. Geol. 
Seup.e-Guino, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Serriv, v., BouL'vard St.-Martin, 1, Paris. P/ii/s. 
Serizi.^t, L)r , Epinal. Coleopt. 
Sharbek, li.MiLE, Mensi^nac. Eiit. : Coleopt. 
Shotte, H., Rue de la Re'piiblique, 4, Rouen. Lepid. of France. 
Siepi, Pierre, Pre'parateur-Xatundiste Pan ^Inseum de Marseilles, Ecolc 

de Me'decine, etc.. Boulevard de la Madeleine, 14, Marseilles. M<im- 

moloiy, Orii., Hei-pet, Ichtli., Eat., Coach. ¥j\. Birds of Europe. 

Desires skins anil skeletons of animals of all countries and of all 

SlEPi, P., Rue du Rempart-Bouvreuil, 1 bis, Rouen. Cohopt. 
Silva, R. D.,Clief de TravauK of Analyt. Cliem., Central Seliool of Arts 

and Manufactures, Place de la .Sarlionne. 4, Paris. Orr/ , Cheni. 
Simon, Eugene, .Vncieu president de la Socic'te Entomoloiique de France, 

vice-president de la Soeicte Zo,»lo;;ic|ue de France, Avenue du Bois- 

dc-Boulo«iie, o3, Paris. Araihaoloyy. C. of Arachnids, with the 

exception of Acari. Ex. 
Simon, J., Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine). Geol. 
SiNOT, Prof., Cette. PlnjH. 
Sire, Dr. (i., Bcsan •on->iouilliere. P/njs. 
SiRODOT, Prof. S., Rennes. Bot. 


Sciences et l Industrie, 42-44, Rue des Ecolcs, Paris. Chem., 
Pliy-i; Met. C. Ex. Orjranic Chemistry and IMincraloiry. 

SociETE POPULAIRE d'Etudes Diverses. BuVtin Jide>, Secretaire, Vil- 
lery, Pre'sident, Rue du Moulin a Vent, 23, Sothcville-les-Rouon 
(Seine Infe'rieurc). Xofni-a' Scieucrs "i i/put-rn', and their applica- 
tions. C. Y^i. Mineral();:y,Geolo;iy. Ethnology, Zoulo>4y, Botany. 

Soland, Aime de, Rue de rilTipital, Angers. Bot. 

SouBEiRAN, PitOF. ■] . Leon, Montpellier. Bnt. 

SouCHOX, Abel, Bureau des Loni;itudes, Paris. Astronomy. 

SouRBiEN, M. E , Rue Saiut-Lucien, 'i'\ Carcassonne (Oudre). L. and 
/■'. \V. Shells, luit. : Col'-npt , Lepid., Ileniipt., Oithoptera. 

Southomar, L., R:e de la Re'puhlitiuo, 12, Lyons. Bnt. 

SouvERBiE, Dr., Saint-Martin, Dir. Mus., Cite Bardincau, 5, Bordeaux. 

SouvoLLE, Alexandre de Breuil de, Chateau do Souvollc, Dun- 
le-Palleteau. ('oh-opt. 

Stableau, Rue (iuilleminot, 29, Plaisancc. Coleopt. 

Staes, Dr., Croix. Geol. 

Stephan, J. M. E., Dir. Observ., IMarseillcs. Ast. 

Strai'art, Prof. Dr., Impasse du Carrouge, 9, Reims. 

Strobl, Hermann, Rue Saint Gerv, 0, Valenciennes. Chem. 

SuDRE, Proi=;. Louis, La Chapelle,'Saiut-Me>nin. 

SuRY, l'abbeJ., Dir. Seminary, Reims. Coleopt. 

Sylvain, Ebrard, Acie'ries-d'Unieuv, Loire. Ihit., ZoUl. C. 

Tallon, Raoul, Rue de I'lloiioge, Riom. Coleopt. 

Talrich, Jules, Houlevard Saint-Germain, 97, Paris. Anat, 

Ta.N'NEL, Charleville. FossiLi. 

Tannettaz, Prof., Nat. Hist. Muso'um, Paris. Min. 

Tappes, Gabriel, Rue Nollet, 27, BatignoUcs, Paris, Coleopt. 


Tardiext,, Rue dc Brottcs, Fjinioprcs. Colenpl. 

'J'AitNiEH, Fu.cDEKic, lliic V'iuiban.. 21, Dijon. Conch., Coleopt. 

Takniquet, B'j/.i( rs. ('o'copt. 

TakissaN, Jean Mahie. Prof. Lyceum. Coleopt. 

I'akkiel. E., Uuc bt. (iorvais, 6, Rouen. Ent.: Coleopt. 

I'assel, Raoil, KIIk'uI'. Cuiopt. 

Tat()\-Bai;i,mont, IOdouakd Louis, Rue St. -Jacques, 152, Paris. Coleopt. 

Tavi.ok, AitTiiini, P()nt;;il)au(l ^Pll_v-lle, Dome). Mtn. 

T'jHiUATCiiEi" i)E, Rue St.-llonorJ, Paris. Hot. 

Tealmek, CL'rniont-Fi'rraiul. A(jrir. 

'i'EissiEii, PuoF. 1)1£ , Quai Tilsitt, 16, Lj-ons. 

Tisseke:ic I)E Bout, Luon, Rue ile (ircncllc, 00, Paris. Meteor. 

Telesi'UOUE, F., Rue C'alade, ;U, ,\vif;uou. Coleopt. 

Teunant, Represcnlativc of Eastern Tel. Co , Boulevard de Longchamp, 

62, Marseilles. IVnjs. 
TERQrE\r, Puob\ Alfred, Rue Nationalc, 116, I>ille. 
Ter>uem, Rue de la Tour, 7>"<, Pas^v, Paris. Geol. 
TEiUiiER, Prof. Dr., Puie Pijialc, 22, Paris. 
Terrier, Bouli;var<i jMontparnas-;es, 136, Paris. 
TERiiiER, Prof. Lio.v, Coiio^ic RoUin, Avenue Trudaine, Paris, 
Terreil, Rue Royer-CoUanl, 11, Paris. Chem. 
Tessier, LrciEN, Ivicliomiir.', near Ge'rarduier. Coleopt. 
Testout, a., Cour li'Appel, (JrcuoWlo. Coleopt. 
Teulade, .Marc, Rue Peyras, 10, Toulouse. Oeocj., Xot. Hist. 
Teullieres, Prof., Rue Dupuis-Vendumc, 9, Paris. Coleopt., Nat, 

II I, t. 
Thenard, Le Barox A. P. E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Place Saint Surplice, 6, 

P;;ris. I'/ii/s. 
Therrv, -J., Rue .Mcreierc, .")0, L.yons. Bot., Murol. 
Theuuier, A., Place des Penitent--, S, Lyons. Chem. 
TnriRAUT, L'H., Rue Traverse, 53, Brest' lint. 
Thierrv, .\urie. Inst, of Rhrmc. Ecully, near r>yon?. Bot. 
Thierry-Mieg, Paul, Rue des IMatliuriu-, 51, Paris. Ent.: Lepid. C. 

2,00) European species. K\. for N. American species. 
TiiiRiAT, Xavier, Kiclionipre. Ent.: Coleopt., Bot. 
Uhiriez, Prof.. CollJue, bcilan. Geol. 
Tiioi.NET, Dr., Rue 8t.-Clenieut, 44, Nantes. Bot. 
TiioLix, Rev. P. A.. Prof. Coll'vu'c, La Sevne. Coleopt. , Bot. 
TiioLiN, R. P., Listitation St. -Vincent, Senlis. Coleopt. 
TiiOLLOX, Rue Soutttot, 3, Paris. Phi/s. 
Thomas, Rue Copcrnie, IS, Nantes. Herpft. 
Thomas, Emile, Prof. Normal School, C'liarlcville. Geol. 
Thomas, Louis, Boulevard llcurleloup, 19, Tours. 
Thomson. James, Rue dc Preshoury;, 12, Paris. Coleonl. 
TiiUA.N, l'abbe fiiEODORE, St -Lambcrt-du-Lattav. Coleopt. 
TiCHiT, Directcin- des Frercs, Lapanouse, Canton de Se've'rac (Aveyron). 

Coleopt. C. Fix. 
Tillet, Paul, E\-Professeur de Sciences Natiirelles, Place des Mininies, 

Lyons (Rhone). Bot., Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Tilman, Victor, Dir. Sup. Sch., Rue des Lombards, 2, Lille. Geol. 
Timbal-Lagrave, Ed., Rue Roumi^uicrc, 15, Toidouse. Bot. 
Tixseau, Robert de. Villa ■Slolitor, Auteuil, Paris. Coleopt. 
TiSON, Dr., Rue des Missions, 31, Paris. 
Tissaxdier, (;., Avenue do TOpcra, 19, Paris. Chem. 
TiSSERAXD, Frax;ois-Felix, iMcm. Acad. Sci., Paris. Ast. 
TissEYRE, Albert, Conrs da Vin;it-Neuf-Juillet, 26, Bordeaux. 
T07FART, Auguste, Lille. Geol. 
ToPiNARD, Dr. Paul, Rue dc Rennes, 97, Paris. Anthrop, 


Torre, Carlo della, Rue Monac, 60, Paris. Colopt. 

ToucHET, CiEOKGES, rrotcssciir lui Musiium, f), Rue de Medicis, Paris. 
Co/np iratiie Anat)»i'/, Hist. 

TocLOL'SE, Adolphe-Bektkaxd, Rue Ferbos, 31, Bordeaux. Bot. 

TOCKLET, E. 11., Cliiuou. Hot. 

ToUKNEviLLE, ALBERT, Archivitc de la Socie'te Zoiilogique dc France, 
Rue .Mou;ic, 3d, Paris. Herpetolof/tj, Mamm doiy. C. Ex. Rep- 
tiles and Batracliiaus of Frauce, lor ibreigu, especial]}- tliose of >r. 
and S. America. 

TOCHNIER, J. Prof, au College, Choissy (Ain). Geol, Min., Arch. C. 
Ex. Fossils of Fraure for forei;;n specimens. 

TouRNOUER, RaoL'L, Ruc dc Lille, 43, Paris. Geol. 

Traidon, Naturalist, Peijcua>. Bot. 

Trecil, .\UGt.STE A. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Hotel dc Londres, Rue Linne, 
Paris. Bot. 

Tredille, Prosper, Ruc Lencpven, 32, Angers. Bnt., Pala:o. 

Trelat, ISmile, Rue Denfcrt-Rorhcreau, \1\ Paris. 

Trelat, Prof. Dr. Ulvsse, Rue de I'Arcade, 18, Paris. 

Tremeau de Rochebrune, Naturalist, a Angoulenie. Coleopt. 

Triana, Joseph, i\ctucllcnieiit Consul-;rcncral des EtatsUnisdeColombie, 
en Frauce, Aniicu Menibre dc la Commission Corograpliique de la 
Nouvelle Cirenade (E. U. de Colombia), 10, Boulevard d'Enfer, 
Paris. Bot. 

Tripier, Dr. Leon, Ruc Cliildebert, 17, Lyons. 

Tromelin, G. LE G. de, Cliateau de Roselin, Finistere pres Quimper. 

Trosier, Dr., Boulevard dc ScHjastopol, 111, Paris. 

Trouessard, Dr., VillevOque, in Pcllouailles. Coleopt. 

Truchot, Prof., liarrierc d'lssoire, 4, Clerniout-Ferrand. Agvic, Bot. 

Trutat, EuGtxE, Cnnscrvatcur du Museum de Toidouse, Membre de la 
Commission dcs ^Monuments Megalitliitiues, au Ministcrc dc I'ln- 
structicin puMiquc, Rue dcs Pretrcs, 3, or Janlin dcs Plautcs, Tou- 
louse (Haute (iaronne). Pala-o. ((ilacial Epocb.) 

TULASXE, LOLIS R., ^Icm. Acad. Sci., Paris. Bot. 

TuRQUix, Georges-Hippolyte, Laon. Coleopt. 

TuSKiEwiTZ, Dr Diomede, Lc Viiran. Hot. 

Umhang, Jean, Dirccteur du College Libre, Lacliapelle s. Rougemont 
(Bcllbrt). Lcpid., Cokopt. C. Ex. Lepidoptera of France for 
tlio-ic of other countries. 

UsQUiN, 1-;mile, Ruc DcHy, 18, Nice. 

UzAC, Alfred, 50, Cours d'.V^iiitainc, Bordeaux (Gironde). Coleopt., 
Lepid. C. Ex. or buy Curculionids or Carabida;, especially Euro- 
pean Caral)us. 

Vachal, Joseph, Argcntat. Coleopt. 

Vaillaxt, Prof. Dr. Leon, Polytechnic School, Rue de Cursol, 38, 
Bordeaux. Zool. 

Valdar, de (J. O., Gen., I'lslo-Adam. Ent.: Coleopt. 

Valenciennes, A., Avenue dc Paris, 317. Saint-Denis. 

Valla, J., Professcur au Semiuaire de I'Argcnticre, Duerne (Rhone). 
Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Vallee, CIaston, Place Saint-Marie, 7, Rouen. Orn. 

Vallette, Rene, Ruc des ( "amies, 1 bis, Poitiers. Coleopt. 

Vallee, .Marcel, Ruc de la (iravierc, 17; Chalons. Bot. 

Vallin, Prof. Dr., Boulevard Saiut-Miclicl,»r)(), Paris. 

Valsek, Prof. Dr. A., Rue Petit-Roland, 20, Reims. 

Van Tieghem, Philippe E. L., .Mem. Acad. Sci., de I'Odeon, 20, Paris. 

Varenne, E., Rouen. Hot. 

Vauloge, Marcel, Rue Saint-Scruin, 58, Bordeaux. Ent. : Coleopt. 

208 THE naturalists' directory. [France. 

VAU3SENA.T, C. X., Ba^ncrcs-dc-BiffoiTe. Min. 

Vauthier, J. L., lino de IJiirtbn, 35, Piiri-5. Zool. 

Velain, C. n., Boulevard Saiiit-Gerniain, 50, Paris. Geol. 

Vexdrely, Cliampa;^iicy. Bot. 

Vendryes, Rue do Madame, 31, Paris. Bot. 

Verch^re, Ernest A., Hue do Cuire, 86, Argentiere, (Duerne). Cole- 
opt era. 

Verdin, Ch., Rue Git-le-Coeur, 11, Paris. Phys. 

Veret, Dr., Doullens. 

Vergnette-Lamotte, Viscount, G. E. A. de, Beaunc. 

Verlaque, l'abbe, l^a Sc^yne. near Toulon. Coleopt. 

Verlot, B., Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bat. 

Verlot, J. li , Grcnol)le. Bot. 

Verne, Jules, Boulevard Lonjruevillc, 44, Amiens. 

Verneau, Ur. R., Boulevard Voltaire, 129, Paris. Anth, 

Verneuil, Prof. Dr., Botdevard du Palais, 11, Paris. 

Vehrier, C, Amiens. Colopt. 

VEUiN, E., Naturalist, Rue dcs Cyfrncs, 13, Canibrai. Colmpt. 

Vesque, Dr. JiTLiEN, Ciief de Travauv a I'lnstitut .•\.;,'ronomique, Aide- 
Naturaliste au Museum, Rue de Mirbcl, 4, Paris. Aiiat., Vegetable 


Vetu, Louis, Rue St. -Joseph, 23, Arpentiere, Duerne. Coleopt. 
Vialla, Louis, Rue des Grenadiers, JNIontpellier. Afjric. 
Viallanes, Dr. Alfred, Prof School Meilicinc, Dijon. Bnt. 
ViALLANES, Henri, Prepaiateura la Faculte des tieiences. Rue de la Clef, 

39, Paris, tlistolo/y of Iiise:is. 
Viaud-Grand-Marais, Prof. Dn., Place St.-Pierre, 4, Nantes. Bot. 
Vibert, le Fkeue, (irandrieu. Coleopt. 
ViDAL, Olivier, Rue Nauj ic, 212, Bordeaux (Gironde). Coleopt. 

ViEILLARI), ALFHONSE, jiouaCO. Cokopt. 

ViEiLLARD, Eugene, Dir. Bot. Gar , Rue St.-Jcan, '245, Caen. Bot. 
VlGNARD, IIeniu, Avcuue d'Aniiu, 21, Paris. 

ViGUiER, Dr. Maurice, Faubour;: St.-Jaunncs, Montpellier. Nat. IJist. 
ViLLARi), L., Rue Royalc, 33, Lyons. Coleopt , Lon.r/icorn.i, C. 8,000 

species. Ek. Coleoptera for lirst-class specimens of native and for- 

c'l'^n Lon^icorns. 
ViLLE, Prof. (.Georges, Rue de Buffnn, 43 bis, Paris. Nat. Hist. 
ViLLE, Jules, Coins des Casernes, 3:i. Montpellier. Chem., Ph'js. 
ViLMORiN, II., Bouljvard St.-Ciermain, 149, Paris. Bot. 
Vinot, Prof. Jos., Coup de Rohan, Paris. Asf. 
Viox, Michel, Rue du Chemin-Vert, 27, Amiens. 
ViRET, Georges, Paris. Coleopt. 

ViRiEU, Wilfrid de. Rue de Varenne, 72, Paris. Coleopt. 
ViVAN, Jules, Pre'sident Societe Zoulogie dc France, Rue dcs Petits 

Cliani|)s Paris. 
VuiLLEMiN, (iEORGES, Anichc (Nord). 
VuLi'iAN, Edme F. a., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Walker, Boidcvard Montehello, Lille. Mir. 
Wallon, J'rof., Lyceum. Rue Cadran-S. -Pierre, Reims. 
War.mont, Paul, Lyceum, Loius-le-Graud, Rue du Four-Saint-Germain, 

Wartel, Rue de Lannoy, 35, Lille. Geol. 
Wattebled, Gustave," Lieutenant au 16me Chasseur, Moidlins (AUier). 

Conch. C. E.x. L. and F. W. Shells of France, for those of other 

Weber, J. B., Dijon. Bot. 
\\'eill. University, Rue Roquepine, 20, Paris. 
Westphaju-Castelnau, Montpellier. Coleopt. 

germaxv.] the naturalists' dieectoby. 209 

WiLLM, Dr., Boulevard Montparnassc, 82, Paris. Chem, 

WiNGARTEK, Cil., But. G:ir., lloL-lictbrt. Bot. 

AViTZ, Georges, Phice cle> Carnies, 4(3, Rouen. Chem. 

WoiLLEZ. Dk , Buc de la Cliaus.see-d'Aiitin, Paris. 

WuKTZ, Prof. A., Mem. Acad. Sci., Btic baiiit-Guillaume, 27, Paris. 

Wynde, Henry Ztlof de, Rue dcs Blancs Monclions, 39, Douai (Nord). 

Urn. L". E\, 
Wyrouboff. Dr. (i.. Boulevard Saint-Germain, 127, Pari^. 
Xambeu, Capitainc .Vdjiulant Major au 22 Il'jiimcut d'lntanterie, Lyons 

'Rlione). CoL'opt. C. Ex. lu-^eets of France, of all orders, for 

tlio^e of other countries, especially larva and nympli. 
YUMCAN, Be'ziers (Ilerault). Herpet. 
Yver, P , Briare. Colt-opt. 
YvoN Vili-arce.\u, Antoine J. F., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Geography 

and Xaru/tition. 
Zeiller, Rue de Renncs, 43, Paris. Pnlwo., ZoiJl., Bot. 
ZUBER-liOFER, CHARLES, Place Wanrrani, 1, Paris. Culeopt. 


Abbe, Dr. Carl E., Prof. Math, and Phys., Univ., Jena. 

Abendroth, Dr. R., Ilohestr. 11, Leip^c. Cokopt. 

ACKERMANN, \)\i. Carl, teccretiir iles V'ereins fdr Xaturkunde, Hoch 

Paleseliken (Altkisehan) Ex. Otters tlie Publications of the Society 

of Natural Philosopiiy. 
Adelmann, Dr. Georg B. von. Prof. Emer., Berlin. 
Adler, Dr., .Schleswig. Ih/menop. 
Ahles, Ur. Wilhelm E., Prof. Bot. and Pharmacy, Polytechnic School, 

Ahrbeck, Hanover. Cdeopt , cspeciall// Lamellicorns. 
Albert:, R., Hildesheim. Bot. 
Albrecht, Prof. Dr. Th., Sectionschcf im kdnijrl. Preuss. geodatischen 

Instituf, v.d. Ileydstrassc, 5, Berlin, W. Astronomical Geography. 
Albrecht, Dr., Director Gymnasiums, .Sti-assburg. 
Altum, Prof. Dr , Ehcrswalde. Fori-st Zoiil., Eut. 
A.mbronn, Dr. H., Botanical Instituf, Leipsic. Bot. 
Am.mon, Ciottfried (Niirnlicrj;). Lepid. 
Andrae, Prof. C. J., Univ. Bonn. Veg. Pulero. 
Andrae, Prof., Poppelsdorf, near Bonn. Min. 
Andreae, Archilles, Stud. Geolog., Landstrasse, 23, Bockeuheim 

(Fi"uikfort-oii-Main). Palcco. Tertiary in Alsace. C. 
Andrae, Ad., Miinden. Bot. 

Andrian-Werburg, Ferdinand F. von, Alt-Aussee. 
Apel, Dr., Preetz. Colcopt. 
Arendts, Dr. Carl, Prof. Emer., Munich. 
Arndt, C , Biitzow (Mecklenburg). Moll. 
Arnold, Dr. F., Sonnenstra-;sc, 7, Munich. Licheiis, 
Arnold, Dr. Frieuricii, Prof. Emer., Heidelberg. 
Arnold, IIer.m., Nordhauscn. Moll. 
Arzruni, Dr., Berlin. Min. 

AsciiERSOX, Dr. P. Prof. Univ., Kiuncrstr., 9, Berlin. Bot. 
ASKENASV, Prof. .\., Univ. lIei<U'lberg. Bot. 
AUEKBACH, Dr., Prof. iSIeleor., Royal Univ., Breslau. 
AuERBACH, Dr. Leoi'., Prof. Uuiv , Bresliui. Bot. 
AuwERS, I'kof. Dr., Berlin. 
Baader, Friedrich, Fraukfort-on-Main. Geol. 

210 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [Geemakt. 

BAcn, Dr., Boppanl. Bot. 

liAcii.MA.NN, iJK. I'UANZ, CicrhinjTasse, 2, "Wiirzbiirjr. Bot 

Bacuma.w, Otto, K6\w^\. llenllehrcr, Laboratorium i'lir Mikroskopie, 
Lamlsboi-;:- am Lich (Havaria). ('ouch. C Ex. Wi?hcs to re- 
ceive shclh of any kind in e>;. for any Microscopic preparations. 

Baenitz, Dr. C, Kuniisber^r. Bot. 

Baeyer, y\.., Prof L'niv , Municli. C/irm. 

Baever, Dr. r. ]•'., I'la-siilent dcr Kihii^l. Prenss. jrcodatischen Institut, 
lunl (cntralbincaus dcr Europisclieu Gradmessiing, Liitzow Str, 
42, Berlin, \V. Gi-od'sij. 

Bail, Dr. Carl A. T , Prof. P. lyteclinie School, Dantzic. Bot. 

Baluamus, Du. Eduard, Moritzwinger, 7, Halle. Urn. 

Baj.zer. C., .'~ondcrl)ur,u''. Pli^/sics. 

Banning, Pkof. Dr., Alindcn. Bnt. 

Bansa, (joTTLiEB, Frunkfort-on-Main. Ast. 

Barbiche, Ken e-Theodore, Cure (Icla Parvisse Catholique Bionvillepar 
Kiirzcl (Lorraine allemandc), (Lotiuinuen). Bat., Phanerogams, 
es/»; iiiUu (h-i/ptogims. Musses, Lichens, Mushrooms, \ europtcra, 
(0.h>n(iia),Shills. C. E\. Otf.n-s plants :ind L. and F. W. shells 
of Lorraine, for the snnie fro.n all jjarts of the world. 

Barentin, Prof. Dr , (Jrosbarcn .'^Ir 14, Berlin. 

Barnewitz, a., Brandcnbiir-,' on the Ilavcl. Bot. 

Bautels, Dr., (irosbaren atr. 93, Berlin. 

Bary, a. de, Prof. Univ. Sitrassbiirji' (Alsace). Bot. 

Basle!!, Dr. \V., Oft'enliiiri:, Bnden. Mo I. 

Bastian, Dr Adolmi, Dir. Eth. Museum, Berlin. 

Bau, .\le.\ander, S. Eli-ab -Ufer, 2, Berlin. C< leapt., Diptera. 

Bauer, G IL, Chemiker uml Botaniker, Alto Jacob-btrasse, 167, I. Ber- 
lin, Chem., Bot. C. Ex. 

Bauer, Prof. M., University, Kiini^'sbcrs' (Prussia). Min. 

Bauekn?eind, Dr. C. M. von, Prof. Polytechnic tSchool, Munich. 

Baum, Dr. Wilhelm, Prof. Univ. Gutlingcn. 

Bal'.vigardt, Ur , Potsdam. B<t- 

Baumstark, Prof. F., Univ. dreifswald. Chem. 

Balse, Pkof., Maudclnirg. Bot. 

Becker, G., Bonn. Bot. 

Beckmann, Apotlicker, Bassum (Hanover). Bot. 

Beechenau, Prof. Dm. Franz, Director der Kealschule, Bremen. Bot. 
Tiiiiica\ liutoiii icerr, '/'nncaf/inna', Morpholut/i/, (jrrmnn Flora. Ex. 

Beetz, Prof. Dr F. W. 11 von, Polytechnic; School, Munich. Phi/sics. 

Blurens, \ViLiiEL\r Julius, Dr. Phil. Kedacteur de Botaiiique Institut, 
(nitiiiucn. Hut , I'hgsloL, Zoo/., Aniit. C. 

Behr.mann, Dr. Carl, Director Elsdctli. Ast., Meteor., Deviations of the 

Beinling, Dr , Carlsruhe. Bot. 

Blll::vove, .Ad., Bue du Tour-du-Cloitre, Mctz (LoiTaine). Ent. : 
llc/ii/pt. and CoL-opt. 

Benecke, Dr. V.. W ., Professor Univcrsitat Sti'assburg (Alsace). Geol., 
J-* II I fro 

Benfey, Th , G(")ttin^en. 

Bent."eld, Guiss:iu, n<ai' Entin. Mi/col. 

Beuge.manx, Dr. Carl W. S., Berlin. 

Behghaus, H. K. W , Potsdam. 

Beklei sen, Count Hans von, Witzcnhauscn (Hessen-Nassau). Orn. 

liERNSTEiN, Dr. Julius, Univ. Ilnlle. Phi/s. 

1>EK.NTHSE.\, PaoF A., Univ. rieidelbei-u'. C'hcm. 

Bertkau, Dr. Philihp, Dir. Museum, Poppelsdorf, near Bonn. Coleopt. 

BERTiiA.M, W ., Brunswick. Bot., Mosses. 


Besnard, Dr. Anton F., Munich. Bot. 

Besselich, Nic , Treves. Mill. 

Beykich, Prof. Dr. IlErNRicu E., Univ. Berlin. Mm. 

BiBON, Dr , Giutz. Colt-opt. 

BiEDERMANN, Prof. II , Uoyul Uuiv., Berlin. Chem. 

BiitNER, Dr. n. F. \V., Ile^enwaMe. Ajrir. Cliem. 

BiscHOFF, Prof. Dr. Theodor L. W. von, Miuiicli. Anat , Phijs. 

BiTTGER, Oscar, Franl^ibrt-on-Main. But., Geol. 

Blankenhorn, Dr. .\dolph, Professor der Uiiiversitat, President der 

Deutscli. Weiubaucr, Karlsrulie (Baden). Gr.ipes and Grape Vines. 

C. E\-. 
Blasius, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm. Herzo^liches Naturliistoirisches Museum, 

Braunsrlnvei;^'. Zo'l , especially Mainmaio^i'v and Ornitlioio^y. C. 

Ex. Wishes forei^^n skeleton-:, or samples in spirit, I'odcuts, mount- 
ed bird-*, and mammals in all preparations. 
Bleisch, Dr., Stehlen. Diatoms. 
Bley, C, Dresden. Bot. 
Blind, Fred , Hunawihr (Alsace). Coknpt. 
Blucher, F., Lehrcr, Gci)ri;enivirchstr., 42. Coleopt. 
Blum, T., Fi-ankfort-on-.Main. MoU, 
Blunsciili, J C, Heidelberg. 
BocKHOLTZ, Trijves. Bot. 
BoDi.NUS, Dr., Berlin. ZoiJl. 
BoECXEL, Dr. Eugene, Prof. Emer., Strassburg. 
BoECKELER, O., Varcl. Bot. 
Boecker, IIeinrxch, Mikroskopisches-Inslitut, Wctzlar. Micros., Macro- 

Lt'pid. C. E\'. 
BoEDEKER, Prof. C., Univ. Guttingen. Phi/s., Chem. 
Boettger, Dr. Oskar, Lcbrer der Natiir>;esch., Seilerstrasse, 5, Fi-ank- 

fort-on-Main. Hcrpetolocjij, Living ami. Fossil Mollusks. C. E.\-. 

Species Pupa and Clausilia, livinir and fossil. 
Bohm, Dr. a., Anat. In^t.. Kiini.Lisberj,^ Emhniuloqy. 
BoLAU, Dr. IIeinrich, Director des Zoillo^-islicn fiartens. p. t. Pres. der 

Verwaltnu;rs-Commis>ion fiir das Natur^escliiclit Museum, Ham- 

burjr. ZooL, e^p-ciitlli M nitmi/s. Ex. Wishes X. A. birds to stuff. 
BOLLE, Dr C, Lcipzi.'er PJatz. U, Berlin. Bot. 
BoLSMANN, pa-iteiir, (iiuibte, near Miinstcr. Coleopt. 
Bo.NiTZ, Hermann, Berlin. 

BoRCHERniNG, Fr , 9 Brcmerstr. Ver^esack. Moll. 
Bornemann, Dr. .Ioiiaxn G , Eiscniiacli. 
Borxtr.xger, Prof. A , Univ. Heidelbcrs'. C//pm. 
Borst, L., Leiirer, Medoldeu, near Sclierrehcck (Scliloswisr-TTolstein). 

Bot., Graminece. C. Ex. Juncus pygmjeus, Juucus TitricapiUus, 

and Cai'ex triuervia. 
Bouciie, C, Potsdamcrstr., Berlin. Bot. 
BoucHK, 6mile, Bnt. (iar. of Polytechnic School, Brunswick. 
BoTTGER, Dr. Oscar, Frankfort-on-Main. Herpet., Mol!., Paueo. 
BoucuE, .1 , Botanical (Jnrdeus, Bonn. Bot. 
Brand, Dr. Ernst, Stettin. 

Brandenburger, Jon., Somincrlchrer, Fulda. Bot., Ent. 
Brandt, Dit., Pby<iol. Inst., Berlin. 
Branoo, Dr., Berlin. Min. 
Bratuscjieck, Prof. E.. Univ. Gicsscn. Phil. 
BraL'N, (; , Ilausbcrgc, \Ve>tplialia. Mouses 
Brauns, Oherleiirer, Sdiweriu ( .Mecklent)urg). Colmpf. 
Braunoardt, Dr., Prof. l!ot. Agric. xVcad., Wciheustephan. 
Brehm, Di{. .Alfred E., Berlin. 
Breumer, Dr., Liibcck. Bot. 

212 THE naturalists' directory. [Germaxt. 

BuEHMEU, Dr. Gcstav A-, Gurbersdorf, near Fnedland. 

Bkefeld, Dr. ()., libcr.sualilo. Hot. 

Bretfeld-Kkonenbukg, Dr. Freiherr von, Breslau. Vegetable 

Brinkmann, a., Obcrlchrcr, Wallc, near Bremen. Ui/menopt. 

Britzelmaver, Ur., Aiiji^l'iir^'. Mi/col. 

Brock, Dr., Eihin;:;cn. M<//L 

Brockmiller, Ueinrich, Fieisclibescliaiicr, Ki'mifrsstrasse, 16, Schwerin. 
Bot., axpi^ria/fi/ (,'/ i/ptor/nms. C. Ev. Otters Fhaneroji-anis, and 
Crvptoganis of Mecklcnbiiry, and wishes plants from all foreign 

BRiisiEKE, Dr., Loniscnsti-., 64, Berlin. 

Brl'ck, von, Crt'feld. CoLopt. 

Bruck, L)r, Jonas, Breslau. 

Brunn, Pkof. H., Univ., Munich. Arch(Bol. 

Bruns, Prof. Dr. Ueinrich, Berlin. 

Bri'SSOW, Victoriusfhiile, Fiirstcii<ir. 14, Berlin. Lepicl. 

Buchenau, Prof. Dr. Franz, Polyteclinic School, Bremen. Bot. 

Buchinger, Prof., Strasbiui; ( AUace-Lorraiuc). Bat. C. E.>:. 

Buck, Dr. Emil, Fraiikfori-on-.Main. Bot., Mic, Zoiil. 

Budge, Prof. Dr. Ludwig J., Univ. Grcifswakl. Anat. 

BuNSEN, Prof. Dr. It., Univ., Ilciilclberir Chem. 

Bunsen, Prof. 11., Univ. IIeidulberj.c. Chem. 

Burkhardt, Dr. A., Bcsselstr. 17, 15crlin. Lepicl. 

Burkhardt, Dr. G., Alexandrinenstr., 82 a, Berlin. Lepid. 

Butt.xer, p., Biir^^strasse. Potsdam. L. and F. \V. Mo'lusks. C. Ex. 
Shells of Xorthcrn Germany for those of other lands. 

BuTSCHLi, Prof. Univ., Carlsruhc. 

BuvRV, Dr. Lours L., Berlin. 

Cabanis, Dr.'Iean, Professor, Herausgeber des Journal fiir Ornithologie, 
Alte Jacobstrassc, 103 a, Berlin S. W. Orii. 

Caflisch, Prof., .\iigsburg. Bot. 

Cali.x, O., Bliimciistr., 2."), Berlin. Coleopt. 

Cantor, Prof. Dr. .Moritz, Univ. Heidelberg. Math. 

Carstanjen, E., Univ. Leipsic. Chem. 

Carus, Dr. Albert (J., Dresden. 

Carus, Dr. Jul. Victor, Ph.D., D.C. L., Professor Universitiit, Auer- 
strassc, 30, Leipsic. Zoii/... Comp. Anat. 

Caspary, Prof. R., Univ. Kilnigsberg. Bot., Micros. 

Chun, K., Univ. Leipsic. Zoiil. 

Claudon, .Albert, Membre de la Societe d'Histoire Natnrelle, Rue Saint- 
Jean, T), Colmar (Alsace-Lorraine). Bot., GeoL, Coleopt., only Car- 
abus, Biipre.itidfr, Cetoiiidtr, Longicorns. C Ex. Plants of Col- 
mar and Alsace, Geological specimens, and Colcoptera as above. 

Claus. Prof. .\., Roy. Univ. Freibui-g, BreslaiL Chem. 

Clau.sius, Rudolph, Professor an der Universitiit nnd Geheimer Regicr- 
ungsrath, Bonn. I'ht/.sics, especially heat and electricity. 

Clessin, S., Oclisenfurt, near Wiirzburg. Moll. 

Coccius, Dr. Ernst A , Prof. Univ. Leipsic. 

CoHN, Prof. Dr Ferdinand, Univ., Schweidnitzer Stadtgraben, 26, 
Breslau. Bot. 

COLOMBAIN, Niedcrbronn, Alsace. Coleopt. 

Conwentz, Dr. H , Direktor des West Preuss. National Museum, Dant- 
zic. Vegetable Palceo. 

Cornelius, Prof. Dr. Carl Sebastian, Halle (Saxony). Physics. 

Cornelius, Prof. C, Elberfcld. Coleopt. 

Credneu, Prof. H., Univ. Leipsic. Palceo., Geol. 

Cru.mbach, Prof. Gustave, Diisseldorf. Coleopt. 

gekmaxt.] the naturalists' directory. 213 

Crcp, Dr. Z., Custos am K. Natiiralien-Kabinet, Alleenstrasse, 9, Stutt- 
gart. Entomolo^/i;. especially detehpment of sight in insects. 

CuRTlus, Prof. E., RoV. Univ., Beilin. Arch. 

Czech, Dr., Diisscldoif. Bot. 

CzWALiNA, G., Glettkau, near Oliva, Dantzic. Coleopt. 

Dames, Prof. Dr., Berlin. 

Da.nne.\berg, E., Apothcker, Fiilda. Bot., Lichens, Chem. C. 

Dar.mst^dter, Dr., Laiid>trasse, 16, Berlin. W. 

De Bary, Dr. Ant., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Strasburg (Alsace- 

Debekixd, Richard, Braunschweig. 

De Bev, Dr. M. IL, Professor, Arzt Universitiit, Jacobstrasse, 114, 
Aachen. Ent. : Palxo. C. Very large number of specimens for ex. 

Dechex, H. vox, Wirklicher Geheime Rath, Dechenstr, 6, Bonn. Geol., 
especially of X. IV. Germany. 

Degenfeld-Schonburg, Kurt Graf voN,Universtat-Professor, Eybach, 
near Gcislingen (Wiirtemlierg). Palcco., Mollusks. C. Ex. 

De la Valette St. (teorge, Bonn. 

Dethardixg, Dr. Georg W'., Rostock. 

Detmer, Pkof. Dr. W., Jena. Bot. 

Dewitz, Dr. IL, Custos am Zocilogischen Museum der Universitat Ber- 
lin. Ent. 

Dickert, Anton, Compervatos, Bahnstrasse, 4, Bonn. C. Plaster Paris 
models, glass models, prc[iared spiders, etc. 

DiCKTN, Fr., 80, Mu-ikantcnwcg, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 

DiECK, Dr. Georg, Hitter, Zoeschen-Mcrsebiirg (Savonv). Coleoptera, 
Dendrology C. Ex. European Coleoptera for rare and new speci- 
mens of seeds or silicified plants. 

Dieffenbach, Ludwig Ferdinand, Chemist, Redacteur des Konigl. 
Dresden Journals, Rossenstrasse, 45, II., Dresden. Met. 

Diemar, F. II., Cassel. Moll. 

Dietrich, Dr. D., Univ. Jena. Bot. 

Dietrich, F., Liitzowstr , 107, Berlin. Bot. 

Dietz, IIerm., Augsburg. Moll. 

Dietzell, Dr. B., .\ugsbnrg. Bot. 

Diltuev, Prof. Dr. G., Royal Univ. Breslau. Philosophy. 

Dingler, Dr. Hermann, Custos am k. Botaniscben Garten, Karlstrasse, 
61 a, Munich. Bot. Ex. for various specimens of Circse, or will 

Dippel.'Prof. Dr. Leop., Dir. Bot. Garden, Darmstadt., Lebrer, Puttkammerstr., 20, Berlin. Lepid. 

Doebner, Prof. O., Royal Univ. Berlin. Chem. 

Doell. Prof. Dr. .J. Ch., Carlsndic. Bot. 

DoHRN, Carl August, Stettin. Coleopt. 

Dohrn, Dr. II., Lindenstr., 22, Stettin. Moll. 

Dollinger, Ig.vatz VON, Munich. 

DoMRicii, Dr. Ottomar, Meiningen. 

DoMS, Coslin. Bot. 

Dorx, Prof. Dr. F. E., Royal Univ. Breslau. Physics. 

Dove, Henri Guillaume, berlin. 

Dreesen, Pierre, Burg Pfaffendorf. Bot., Bryol. 

Dreher, Dr. Eugen, Docent an dcr Universitiit Halle (Wittenberg), 
Invalidcnstrasse, I , Berlin X. General Science. 

Dreisch, Dr., Bonn. Bot. 

Drude, Dr. Oscar, Professor der Botanik am Polytechniknm, Director 
dor Kdnigl. Botaniscben Gartens, Dresden. Bot. Monography of 
Palm-trees, Geoi;raphy. diitril)ution of plants. 

Du Bois-Revmond, Prof., Univ. Berlin. 

214 THE naturalists' directory. [GERsrAST. 

DucKER, Earon Franz Fritz von, KiJiiigl. Prof., Bcrgrath, Biickcburg. 
Cjeol., Palffo. C. Ev. 

DuHN, Prof. F. v., Univ. Heiilclberg. Archaol. 

DuN'CKER, Prof Dr. \V., Miul)ur<r M(,ll. 

Duscii, Prof. Dr. Tiieodor voN,Uiiiv. Heidelberg., For.s niuister, Ktiiii;;sl)erg. ('u/lojA. 

Ebelinu, Prof. \V., ^luiiilobiir;;-. Bot. 

Ebenbock, I'kof , !>ciuvanilialcisti-., 17, Munich, Bavaria. Lepid. 

l.BERMAYER, Prof. Dr., IJiiiv. Municii. Hot. 

EuELMANN, Dr. Max Thomas, I'rivat-iloccnt a. d. technisclien Hoch- 
scliule, Mitiilied dir Kaiserl. Leopold Academic der Naturibrsclier, 
luliMber einer pliysiculiscU-niechauisclieu Wcrkstatte, Miiuich. 

Edlic!I, Freimund, Gruna. near Di'csden. 

P^GELING, (>L'.ST., Waldeniaistr., 16, Potsdam. Lichens. 

EiiLERS, Prof. Dr Ernest II., Univ. (Jdttinpen. ZoLil. 

EiciiiiOFF, M., MiilliHu^cn (.\l>acc). ('o/iapt. 

EiCHLER, Pkof Dr. .V. \V., Univ., Potsdaiucrstr., 75, Berlin. Bot. 

EiDA.M. Du. E., Brcslaii. Mi/ro/or/i/., Pkof. Jos., Lnmlshut, Bavaria. Pfii/.tirs, Math, 

Ei.\iEi{, Pro?. Tu , Prof Univ. TiiUin^en. ZoiJl. 

Eixicke, C, Bot. (iardcns, Koni^i'sbcrg. Bnt. 

Elsner, Dr. Carl F. M., (iynmasiuni, Brc^l m. Bot. 

E.M-MERLING, I)r .\ dolph, Vorstand der .\i;ricultnrcliemisclicn Versuchs- 
slation nnd Privat-di)ceiit der Universitiit, Damiustrasse, 54, Kiel. 
Aiiriru'tKia' and I'hi/aio.ogicul ('Iwinutrij. 

Engel, I)K Ernst, Berlin. 

Engelhaudt, B. von, Kaisscrlich Bussisclicn Collcoien-Sccretiir zur 
Zeir, Liel)i)rstr.isse, 1, Dresden. Ast. C of mstrnnicnts. 

Engelhardt, IIer.manx, Eealseludoijcrkluer, teehoUerstrassc, 16 pt., 
Dresden. Palico. 

Engler, Dr. .Vdolf, Prof der Botanilc, Director dcs Bot. Gardens, Karl- 
str , 1 A, Kiel. Hot. C. Ex. Plants of Europe for those of N. 
America and .Viisir.dia. 

Engler, Prof. Dr. Carl, Pohtech. Srhool, Carlsrnhe. 

Engler, Pro •". Dk, Heinricii (i. .A., Uni\-. Kiel. Bot. 

Eri'ELSHEiK, Dr. Edouakd, Griinstadt (.PalutiuaL). Coleopt. 

Erdmann, Prof Dr , l>crlin. 

Erlenmever, Prof. Dr., Munich. 

P2rn;:, Hue dcs Drphclin^, Miilhausen (Alsarc). Coleopt. 


Everken, (iriiubcr;^-. Bot., Bujol. 

EwALi), Dr. JuLirs W., Berlin. 

Eyrich. Dr. L., Manniieiui. Moll. 

F.AGER, Her.mann, Grosshcrzolielicr Hofgarteninspector, Eisenach (Sax- 
ony). Bot. 

Falck. r)R., Kiel, Bot. 

Falkenberg, Dr. Paul, Univ. Giittingen. Bot. 

Faudel, Dr., Rue de Ble>. 8, Colmar (Alsace). Not. Hist. 

Fechner, Prof. Dr. Gustav T.. Univ. Leip>ic. Physics. 

Feddersen, Dr. Bekend Wilhelm, Carolineustrasse, 5, Leipsic. Phys- 
ical Scirnrpx, ispccidllij Elvctriiiti/. 

Fellmann, Cil^rles, Cassel. lioiticuUure. 

FelsmaNN, Dittmannsdorf. Bot. 

Fettig, l'abbe, Matzenlicim (Alsace). Coleopt. 

FiCK. E., Hirschberur. Bnt. 

F'ieberg, Dr. E., Micbaclkirchplatz, 19, Berlin, S. 0. Chem. 

Fiedler, I)r. Carl A. II., Breslau. 

geemany.] the naturalists' directory. 215 

FlEDLEK, Dr. Alfred, Gch. ^rcd.-Rath., Ivini^l. Lcibarzt, Dresden. 
Midicnie. Collection of Preliistoric iintiquities. 

FlETZ, Carl, rrotcssor, Altkircli (Uiiper-Alsacc). Bot., Moll. C. 

Finger, Uh. Aug , Fnuikrort-ou-Main. Anthr. 

FiNSCH, Dr. Otto, Bremen. 

FiiCHEK, Dr. IIeinuich, Professor Univci'sitat, Freiburg- (Baden). il//n., 
Micros, ai.d Arrhrptd. 

Fittbogen, Dr. J., Dahrae. Bot. 

FiTTicA, Dr Friedrich Bernard, Privat-docent a. d. Uuivcrsitat Mar- 
bur;:' (Marl)urj,'' on llie Lalin). ('//cm. 

FiTTiG, Prof. B., Uuiv. blrassbuig (.Vlsaec). Che/n. 

Fleischer, U. L., Leip>ic. 

Flem.ming, Dr W'altuer, Prof, der .Anatomic, Director dcs .\natnmi- 
sclrju liistitut, bclilosi;^artcu, 1, Kiel. Anut., Iltst^L, Mojjj/ic/of/i/ 
and Buil ■qi/. 

Fluckiger, Prof. Dr. F. A., Strasburg; (Alsace-Lorraine). Botany, 

Fligel, Dr. Felix, Ajrcnt Smithsonian Institution, Lcipsic. 

FocKE, Dr. W'ilh. Olbers. Krenz, 2 a, fctcin, Bremen i>of. (Hybridi- 
zation of iioSiicete). C. Ex. European Phauero;^anis for iurcign 

Foerster, Arnold, Prof, Aix-la-Cliapelle (Aachen). Ccl-rpt. 

FoRSTER, Prof. Dr. \\'., Univ. Franz^tra^sc, 23, Berlin, Bot. 

Fortlage, Prof. (J., Univ. Jena. I'sijcl.ol. 

Fraas, Dr. Oscar, Prof, am Kuni^l. Natnralien Cabinet, Stutt^rart. 

P,.Uro., Anh. Ex. Wishes Miocene Mamniali for those of Ne- 

Frank, Prof. Dr. B., Univ. Leipsic. Bot. 

Franz, Dr. Jl'lius, Observatorder Univcrsililts-Stcrnwartc, Kr)ni;;sbcr;r. 

Fracstadt, Dr , Ordcnllidicr wisscnschaftlichcr Lebrer an der hjliereu 
Bur;:erscliide 11., Brcslau. Bot. Anatomy of i)lants. C 

Frenzel, Dr. .\., Frei'ieri;- (Jia-ony). C/irm. 

FRERiCHsi, Prof. Dr. Fr Theod , Director der ^fed. Klinik der I'liiv. 
(ieheim ob Med. Rath, ini Miiii-tcrium, Bismarck~tr., 4, Bcrlui, X.W. 

Fresnil'S, Dr. Carl I^emioil'S, (ieheimcr IlotVath n. Piof., Director 
des Chcmi>chcii Laboratoriiims, Wiesbaden. Organ. c, TecJiuivul 
and Aiiiili/tir Chcniistrij 

Freyer. Jacobskirchc. "i.i. .\u;isbMr2'. Lppid. 

Freytag, Prof., Pop)-eNdorf, near Bonn. Chow. 

Friedel, Ernst, frtadtrath von Berlin luid Dirii^ent des ^filrki-ichen Pro- 
vincial-Mnsenms, Kiillnisclies Ralhhaus, Breitestr , 20, Berlin. C. 
Ic'th., Conch., Anflnop. 

Friederich.sen, L., Gi'neralsecrctair der Gcojrrapliiscben Gcscllscliaft, 
Adniiralitat-str., 314, Hambur!.''. Uenq., Cartog., Natiyalion, 

Friedrich, Dr , Invaliditr., 44, Berlin. Pala-o. 

Friele, IIerm., Ber'.:cn. Moll. 

Frings, Edotard. Uerdin^ren. Co'copf. 

Friren, AiGiSTE Marie Joseph, Prof, dc Sciences an Pcfit-Sc'minnirOj 
Moiuiiiiiy-lcs-Metz ( Alsaec-Loi-raine). Palcco. C E.x. Fossils of 
^letz for Br.icliiopods and Echinoderms. 

Frisciie, Henri, Diisseldorf Colcopt. 

Frxtsch, Dr. Karl von, Prof., Director des Kun. Akademischcn Mine- 
ral oiiischen Museums, Halle (Savouy). Gcol. C. Ev. Ulfers 
Gei-man Petrifactions of various formations in ox. for Anthozoa, 
Echinodcrm<, Crnstaceie, Vcrtcl)rates. 

Fritze, R , .\pothekcr, Rybnik. ()l)er-Sclde-;ien, (Prussia). Bet., Culture 
of Alpiiip plants. C. ICv. Ort'ers liviuLT Alpine plauts iu ex. for 
those of the mountains of America and Himalaya. 

216 THE naturalists' directory. [Germantt. 

Fromm, L., Schwcrin. Moll. 

Fkomme, Prof. C., Univ. (iicssen. Magnetism, Galvanism. 

Fhommholtz, Ncuc P"ric(liicli>tr. 47, Berlin, tepid. 

FuCHS, Dr. Ernst, Li'Iult uiul \'orst:in(l ajjricnlturwisscn. Laborato- 

riiinis clcr LaiKlwii-tiisc'lKiriliclicn Schulc, Koppeln (.Sclileswiji'-Hol- 

stc'in). Aiutlijtic C/icmistri/. C. Ev. Phancr()>iMms and Mushrooms. 
FUGNER, K., I'rof. Xorniul School, Wittcn-on-the-Ruhr. Coleopt. 
FiJLFS, Christian, Lchrei- an dcr Grossherzoclilich Oldenhnrprischen 

.Sfluile, Elslleth-on-the-Weser. Bot. C. Ex. Plants of N. VV. 

Germany I'or f'oreiuii. 
FuNCK, F , Bot. Gar., Leipsic. Bot. 
Funk, Dr., Dir. Bot. Gar., Bainberi^. Bot. 
FuRTWANGLER, Prof. A., Roy. Univ. Berlin. Arch. 
Fuss, II., Cleves. Coleopt. 
FuTH, Prof. Louis, Kilni^sbcrir, Ncnmark (Prussia). Conch., Bot. C. Ex. 

L. and F. W. shells, antl F. W. AV^iv of Germany for foreign. 
G.^EDECiiENS, Prof. P., Univ. Jena. Arch. 
Galle, Prof. Dr. J H., Roy. Univ., Breslau. Ast. 
Gange, Prof. Ciir., Univ. .Jena. Cliem. 
Garcke, Dr. yVuGUST, Prof, an dcr Univcrsitiit nnd Lehrer am Konigl. 

Botanisehen Museum, Friedriclistr., 227, Berlin. Phan., Bot. 
Gegenbauer, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Heidelberp. Anat. 
Geheeb, Adalbert, Apotheker, Geisa, Saehscn-Wcimar. Bryology. 

Brazilian Mosses. C. Ex. mosses of Europe, Brazil, Africa, 

Australia, East Indies, etc. 
Geilenkauser, (iuiLLAUME, Prof., Elberfeld. Coleopt. 
(iEiNiTZ, Prof. E., Univ Rostock. GeoL, Mic, Min., Physiol. 
Geinitz, Prof. Dr. H. B., Dresden. Bot., GeoL, Veg. Pulceo. 
Gemminger, Dr. Max, Munich, (^oleopt. 
Geckgens, Dr Daniel, Berlin. Anth. 
Gerhardt, Prof. Dr. Carl I., Gymnasium, Eisleben. 
Gerlach, Joseph von. Prof, der Anatomic, Uuiversitat Erlangen. 

Anat., Hist. Anatomy of the eyes. 
Gerland, Dr. Ernst C. W., Casscl. 
Gerlani), Prof. Dr (Jeorg, Univ. Strassburg. Geog, 
Gerndt, Dr. Leonharu, Obcrlehrer, R()merstrasse, 21, Zwickau (Sax- 
ony). (ieu<irapliic:tl distribution of plants. 
Gerstacker, Prof. A., Univ. (ireifswald. Ent., ZoOl. 
Gerstenberger, C. Glob., Koni^zshrucker pi, 4, Dresden. Diatoms. 
Getschmann, Malcr, Adalhertstr. 81, Bei-lin. Coleopt. 
Geuther, Prof. Dr. Johann G. A., Univ. Jena. Chem. 
Geyler, l)R. Hermann T , Friedherger Landstrasse, 107, Dh\ Bot. Gar- 

ileiis, Frankl'ort-on-Main. 
GiEBEL, Pkof. Dr. Christian G. A., Univ. Halle. Zool. 
GiEBELER, Lieut, Zubern. Coleopt. 
GiESBERS, Charles, Diisseldorf. Coleopt. 
GiES, Prof. Dr. W., Fulda. But. 
GiESELER, II., Bot. Gardens, Gtittingcn. Bot. 
Glan, Dr. Phil., Privat-docent a. d. Universitat, Sebastianstr. 75, II., 

Berlin. Physics, Meteorology. 
Gmelch, F., Munich. Moll. 
Godeffroy, C. SEN, Ilamburn:. Moll. 

GoEBEL, Dr. Karl, Vetsliochlieimerstr., 6, Wiivzburg. Bot. 
Goepper, Dr. II. R., Breslau. 

GoEPPERT, Prof. Dr. IIeinrich R., Breslau. Bot. 
Goette, Dr. Alexander, Professor an dcr Universitat, Director des 

Stadtischen Naturwisscnschaftlicheu Museums, Strassburg. Zool., 

Comp. A7iat., Evolution. 


GoEZE, Dr. Edm., Bot. Gardens, Greifswald. Bot. 

GoLDENBEKG, Du. Friedrich, Malstatt. 

GoLDFUSS, Otto, Halle. Moll. 

GoLENZ, J., Schoufeld, near Miihlbach. Bot. 

GoLTZ, Prof. Dr. Friedrich L., Univ. Strassburg. Physics. 

GoNNERMANN, Dr., Neustadt. Mycol. 

GoRDAN, Prof. Dr. Philipp P. A., Univ. Erlangen. Math. 

GoTHE, R., Geisenheim. Bot. 

GoTTSCHE, Dr. Carl M., Altona. Bot., Berpatica. 

Grabbe, HeiNrich, Candidatus philosopliiae, Lickwegen, near Biicke- 

bm-g. Geol., Palao. C. Ex. Offers petrifactions from N. Ger- 
man territories. 
Ghaeffe. Dr. E., Prof, der k. k. ZoiJlog. Station, Trieste. ZoiJl, 
Grebe, Dr. Carl F. A., Eisenbach. 

Greeff, Prof. Dr. Richard, Univ. Marburg. Zool., Aunt. 
Grexacher, Prof. II., Univ. Rostock. Zool. 
Griewank, Dr., Kreisphysicus, Biitzow (Mecklenburg). Medicine, Bot., 

CoLeopt. C. Ex. Plants of northern and central Germany for 

Grinbach, Prof. N., Gottingen. Bot. 
Gronland, Dr. Johann, Acad., Dalime. Bot., Micros. 
Groth, Prof. E., Univ. Strassbur<; (Alsace). Physics, Chem. 
Grube., Prof. Dr. Adolph E., Univ. Breslau. Zoiil., Anat. 
GiJMBEL, Prof. Dr. Carl W., Univ. Munich. Geognosy. 
Grun, Auguste, Bot. Gai-den, Strassburg (Alsace-Lorraine). 
GiJNTiiER, Prof. Dr. Adam W. S., Ansbach. 
Guntiier, Dr. Rudolph, Dresden. 
GuNTZ, Dr. Eduard W., Colin, near Meissen. 
GuRET, Prof., Halleschestr. 18, Berlin. 
Gussfeldt, Dr. Paul, Berlin. 
GuTZEiT, Prof. H., Univ. Jena. Chem. 
Gysser, Aug., Cattenon, near Diedenhofen. Moll. 
Habelmaxn, p., Kcipnickerstr. 140, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Hache, Mittelstr. 17, Berlin Lepicl. 
Haeckel, Prof. Dr., Univ. Jena. Zool. 
Haenlein, Dr., Regenwalde. Bot. 
Hagena, Prof. Karl, Marienstr. 15, Oldenburg. Bot. : Phanerogams, 

Hagens, vox, Marienstrassc, 8, Diisseldorf. Coleopt. 
Hahx, II., Wilhelnistr. .3, Magdeburg. Coleopt. 
Halferx, Fr. v., Kuri)ruiinenstr. 1, Burtschcid, near Aachen. 
IIallas, v., Cand. Pliarm., Sonderburg. Bot. 
IIallier, Prof. Dr. Erx., Univ. Jena. Bot. 
IIampe, Prof. Dr. (iEoro E. L., Helmstedt., Dr., Bot. Inst., Erlangen. Bot. 
Harold, B. E. vox, P.arerstrasse, 52, Munich. Ent. 
Hartig, Dr. Robert, Universitats Prof, ordin., und Vorstand des Forst- 

botanischen Instituts, Amalienstrasse, 74, Munich. Forest Bot. and 

Pathol, of Plants. C. 
Hartig, Prof. Dr. Theodor, Brunswick. 
Hartlaub, Dr. Carl J. G., Bremen. 
Hartmanx, Prof. Dr., Margarethcn Str. 8, Berlin. 
Hartxack, Dr. E., Pot.sdam. Bot., Micros. 
Harz, Dr. C. O., Prof, der Kiinijrl. C'entralthierarzncischule, und Privat- 

docent der teclinischen Ilochsclude, ^lunich. Bot. 
IIaskarl, Dr. .Iustus Karl, Mitglicd der Kijiiigl. Akademie der Halle, 

Sa.xony, Vierpagweg, Clcvcs. Bot. C Ex. Plants of Germany for 

those of America. 

218 THE naturalists' directory. [GermAjtT. 

Hasse, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Breslau. Anat. 

Haui'T, W. Albert, Chemnitz. Bol. 

IIaui'T. Dr., Inspector Nat. Cabinet, Bamberg. Moll., Bot. 

IIaussivN'echt, Prof. C, Weimar, hot. 

Hecuel, Wilhelm, Lclircr an tier Iliihercn Tochterschule, Brandenburg 

on ihc llavel Sijsteinatir and Geotjraphical Bot., Equisctum. C. 
Hecht, Dr., banitiitsrath, tttialsund. Colcopt. 
IIegel.maier, Dr. Christian F., Prof. Bot. Univ., Tiibingen. 
IIeiden, Prof. Euolard, Porumritz. Bot. 
HeI DEN REICH, Dr., Tilsit. Bot. 
llEiDENREicn, luspec. Bot. Gar., Miinstcr. Bot. 
Heidei'riem, Dr. F., Dir. Agric. Stat., CcEtben. Bot. 
Heidorm, Dr., Calculator dcr Kunigliclicu Sternwarte, Gottingen. Ast., 

Heilaxd, G , Lyohcn, near Brandenburg. Bot. C. Ex. 
Heimbl'RG, v.. Adjutant, Oldeidiurg. Conch. 
Hein.mann, Dr. Gu.stav, Privat-Docent, Assistant am Geognostisch- 

pahvontologiscben Institute der Universitat Strassburg. Geol., 

Palcco. E.v. Fossils and Foraniinifera. 
ITeixrich, Prof. Dr., Dir. Agric. Stat., Rostock. Bot. 
Heinzel, Prof. Dr., Agric. (jar., Proskau. Bot. 
Heiss, FranUibrt-on-Main. Bot. 

Hell, Dr. C, Prof, am Polytecbnicum, Stuttgart. Chem. 
Hellmanx, Dr. Glstav, Konigl. Meteorologiscben Institut (Abtheilung 

d k. Statistiscben Bureaus), Berlin, S. W. Meteor. Library. Ex. 
IIellriegel, Prof. Dr., Bernburg. But., A',7-o>iomi/ 
Helmholtz, Prof. II., Roy. Univ. Berlin. Phys., Math. 
Hempel, C. El)., Cbeninitz. Bot. 
IIexxings, p., Roy. Hot. Museum. Berlin. Bot. 
IIexsex, Prof. Dr. Victor, Univ. Kiel. Phijs. 
Hexzel, Prof. Dr. (Ustav, Realschuloberlebrer, Klosterstrasse, 1, a. 

Broslau. Bat., Palao. 
Herbst, Dr. Gustav, Weimar. 
Hering, Prof. Dr. Edward A. ton, Stuttgart. 
IlERiXG, O , Dii-;seldorf. Bol. 
Her.maxx, R., Proskau. Bot. 
Hermes, Dil, Berlin 
Herpell, (iisTAV, St. Goar on tbe Rbine. Bot. C. Ex. Mosses of 

Europe for those of oilier countries. 
ITeutwig, Prof. B., Univ. .Icna. 
Hertwish, Pkof. Dr , Carlstr. 26, Berlin. 
Hertz, Dr. M., Prof Philol. Roy. Univ. Breslau. 
Hesse, Prof., Univ. Munich. 
IIe.sse, p., .Mindcn. Moll. 
Hesse, Dr II., .Maiburg. Bot. 
Hesselbartii, Dr., Hartlia. Bot. 
Hetzer, (t., Dresden. Coleopt. 

Heule, Pkof. Dr. F. G. .1., Univ. Giittingen. Anat. 
Heydex, Dr. Iacas vox, Ki'miirl. Preiiss. Ilauptmann, Schlosstrasse, 

54, Bockenlieim, near Frankfort-on-Main, Prussia. Entomology. 

especially Colcnptern of Eiiroi^e, X. Africa, Asia, and Siberia. C. 

American Carabus, rycbrns, Calosoma desired for European. 
Hetdemaxx, Prof. H., Halle, Savony. Archanl. 
Heyxemax, D. F., 5.3 Scbiti'ersir. Fraiikfort-on-Main. Moll. 
HiEMMERAX. Dr. Adam, Frankfort-on-]\Iain. Etlmol. 
HiLD, Eduard, Kijnigl. Univcrsitiits Giiriner, Kiel, Scbleswig-Holstein. 

HiLGEXDOR", Dr. Fraxz M., Zoul. Mus., Berlin. 

GeKMAnt.1 the naturalists* DlEECTOliY. 21 D 

HiLGER, Prof. A., Roy. Univ., Erlangen. Chem. 

HiLLE, Dr. L., M;iilHir;r. Moll. 

HiLLER, Demmitierstr. 2, Berlin. Coleopt. 

HiNRiCHSE\, Prof. N., Sclileswig-. Bot. 

HiNTZ, Dr. Ernst, Doceat am Chemischen Laboratorium, Wiesbaden. 

Hirn, Gustave Adolphe, Corresponclant de I'lnstitut de France, Boule'- 
vard du Holilandsberg, 10, Colinar (Alsace). Physics and Mechan- 

HiRSCHFELD, Prof. G., Uuiv. Kunigsberg, Prussia. Arch., Meteorology. 

HiTTORF, W., Miinster. 

HocusTETTER, \X ., Bot. Gardens, Tubingen. Bot. 

HoECHUARDT, Prof. Dr. Ernst Theodor, Weimar. Agriculture, For- 
est Botany. 

HoEME, .Vlphonse, Dresden. Bot. C. 

HoF.MAN, Prof. Dr. A. W., Roy. Univ., 10 Dorothea Strasse, Berlin. Chem. 

Hoffmann, Prof. H., Univ. Giessen. Bot. 

Hoffmann, Dr. O., Blumentlialstr. 1, Berlin. Bot. 

Hoffmann, Prof. Ph., Eichstaett. Bot. 


Hofrath, Dr. Ed. S. C, Prof. Univ. Jena. Bot. 

HOLDEFLEiss, Dr., Breshui. Bot. 

Holder, Dr. Hermann F. von, Stuttgart. 

Holler, F., Kgl. Bezirksarzt, Memmingcn (Bavaria), Bryology. C. Ex. 
Mojses, especially of Bavaria, Central Tyrol and Switzerland. 

Holtz, G., Bot. Garden, Hamburg. Bot. 

HOLTZ, L., Bot. Gardens, Greifswald. Bot. 

Ho.MANN, G., Kurlurstenstr. 12, Berlin. Ent. 

Horn, Dr. P., Waren. Bot. 

HoRSTMANN, Prof. A., Univ. Heidelberg. Chem. 

HosAUS, Dr. Arnold, Obcrlelirer am Real-Gymnasium, Eisenbach. Ag- 
ricultural Chem. 

HiJBNER, Dr. Hans, Ordentlicher, Oeffentlicher Professor der Chcmie an 
der Uuiversitiit Gilttingen, unci Director des Chemischen Uuiversi- 
tats-Laboratoriimis, (Jeismar chaussee, 17, (iuttingeu. Chem. 

HiJFNER, C. G., Prof. Univ. Tubingen. Physiol., Chem, 

Hugueny, Prof., Strasslmrg. 

Hllsen, R., Staykowo, near Czarnikau. Bot. 

Hunefeld, Prof. F. L., Univ. Greifswald. Chem., Miv., GeoL, Paleeo. 

Hunger., Lchrer, Dir. dcs Inst. Bot. Tauschvercins zu Berlin, N. O., 
Heiuelshof, 5, Berlin. Bot., (hog. of plants. C. E.v. Otfers plants of 
Germany in e.xcliaiige for plants from all parts of the world. Crypto- 
gams, especially Equisetese. 

Hdpp, Charles, Diisscldoi-f. Cokopt. 

Ihering, Dr. von, I.,eipsic. Moll. 

Ilse, Inspector of Forests, Ilugenau. Bot. 

Insel, Krausnickstr. 3, Berlin. E)it. 

Jacobsen, Oscar, Universitiits-Professor, Rostock (Mecklenburg). Chem. 

Jacobv, Dr. N., Wendisch, Buchholtz, W. Berlin. Coleopt. 

Jack, J. B., Constance. Bot., Hepatica:. 

J.eger, H., Eisenach. Bot. 

Jaennicke, Mayence. Coleopt. 

Jagor, Dr. Fedor, Beilin. 

Jahn, Prof. G., Roy. Univ., Berlin. 

Jemsch, Wilh., Ocker. M< II. 

Jenssen, Dr. Chr., Kiel. Bot. 

Jersild, Dr., Slcswick Bot. 

Jesnitzer, Rector, Zauow (Stettin). Coleopt. 


Jessen, Dr. C, Prof. Univ. (ii-oifswald, Kastanien Allee, 69, Berlin. Bot. 

Jetschin, Robert, Geh. Ministerial-Sekrctar, Melchiorstrasse, 4."), Ber- 
lin, S. O. Conchology. C Ex. European L. and F. \V. shells in 
exchan^ie for tlioj^e of all lands. 

JicKELi, C. F., Jr., 17 VV'ein>;artenstr., Wiirzburg'. Moll. 

Jolly, J., Prof. Univ. Wiirzhiirg-. Ethnol. 

Joseph, Dr. Gustav, Docent an der Universitat, Neu-Antoiniastrasse, 4, 
Breslau. Comp. Anat. and Zoul. C. Ex. 

Judeich, J. F., Tharand. Bot. 

JihiLKE, Dir. Roy. (Jardens, Potsdnm. Bot. 

Jung, Carl, SielJenhufenerstr., 20, Berlin. Lepid. 

Just, Prof. Dr. Johann L., Carlsriilie. 

Kabath, H., SchuhbriiL-ke, 27, Breslau. Bot. 

Kaibel, Prof. Dr. G., Roy. (iniv., Breslau. Philol. 

Kaiser, Dr. E., Friedcnstrasse, 27, Berlin. Micros. 

Kalender, Dr., Colo<;ne. Bot. 

Kalkovvsky, P>., Univ. Leipsic. Chem., Geol. 

Karsch, Prof. Dr., Miinstcr. Bot. 

Karsch, Franz, Sfretzerstr. 13, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Karsten, Prof. Dr. Gustav, Univ. Kiel. Phys. 

Kasper, J., Reiehenber;j;erstr, 12r), Berlin. Coleopt. 

Katter, Dr. F., Piitbus (Riigcn). Entom. 

Kayser, Dr., Ansbach. Bot., Bryology. 

Kayser, PitOF. E., Invalidcnstrasse, 46, Berlin. Geol. 

Keitel, G. T., Naturalist, Nicolai-Kirclihof, 9, Berlin C. Lepid., Coleopt. 
and all branches of Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

Kekule, Prof. A., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Chem. 

Kekule, Prof. R., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Arch. 

Kellermann, Dr., Wimsiedcl. Bot. 

Kemmler, Donnstetten, near Urach. Bot. 

Kepler, Prof., Hildburghausen. Bot. 

Kersten, Dr., Plan-ufer, 93, Berlin. 

Kesselmayer, p., Frankfort-on-Main. Bot. 

Kessler, F. F., Frankfort-on-Main. Physics. 

Kessler, Dr. Hermann F., Polytechn. School, Cassel. Bot. 

Ketteler, Prof. E., Roy. Univ.j Bonn. Physics. 

Kienitz, Dr. M., Eberswalde. Bot. 

Kiepert, Prof. H., Roy. Univ., Berlin. 

Kiesenwetter, Ernst A. H. von, Dresden. 

Kiesenwetter, Fr., \\'iesbaden. Moll. 

KiLiANi, Dr., Munich. Bot. 

KiNKELiN, Dr., Zeisselstrasse, 7, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 

Kirchenpauer, Dr. G. H., Senator, Zufaubindersof, 69, Hamburg. 
Systematic Zoology, especially Bryozoa and Hydroid Polypi. C. 

KiRCHHOFF, Dr. Alfred, Odentlicher Professor des Institiits, Halle (Sax- 
ony). Anth., Eth. 

KiRCiiHOFF, Prof. Dr. Carl R. A., Univ. Halle. 

KiRciinOFF, GusTAVE R., HcidelberJ,^ Phys. 

KiRCiiOFF, Chief (iardenertoPrincedeFurstenberp, Donaueschingen. Bot. 

KiRCHNER, Dr. Oscar, Hohcnheim, near Stuttgart. Bot. 

KiRSCH, TUEODOR, Custodiaii Zofil. Mus., Dresden. 

KiRSCHBAUM, Frau Prof. Dr., Wittwe, Louisenstrasse, 43, Wiesbaden. 
Ent. C. Wishes to sell the collection belongiiig to her late 

Kjer, C, Souderburg. Physics. 

Klaeger, H., Adalbertstr. 6, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Klaeger, O., Wilhelmstr. 114, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Klatt, Dr. F., St. Pauli, Amandastr. 18, Hamburg. Bot. 


Klebs, Dr. G., Strassbnrs' (Alsace-Lorraine). 

Klein, Prof. Dr. C, Univ. Gottinjjen. Min., Crystallography. 

Klein, Prof. Dr. O., Director dor Wetterwarte der ■Kolnischen Zeitung, 

I3esitzer eines Astronomischen Pi-ivat-observatoriums, Cologne. Ast, 

and Met. Topography of the upper surface of the moon. 
Klencke, Dr. Phil. F. II. j Hanover. 
Klinger, Dr. Heink., Privat-docent an der Universitiit Bonn, on the 

Rhine. Chem. 
Klinkerfue.s, Prof. Dr. Ernst F. W., Univ. Gottingen. Ast. 
Klinkerfues, Prof. Dr. W., Director der Konigl. Steruwarte, GiJttin- 

gcn. Ast., Met. 
Klippert, Griinestrasse, Vegesack. 6>nt., OiJl. 
Klipstein, Prof. Dr. v., Giessen (Upper-Hesse). GeoL, Paltso. C. 

E.x. Otfers petrifactions and minerals of the Alps and W. Germany 

for those of X. America. 
Klocke, Prof. F-, liny. Univ., Freiburg. Min. 
Kloss, Dr. Hermann," Frankfort-on-JMain. 
Klunzinger, Prof. Dr. Carl Benjamin, Gustos am Kcinigl. Naturalien 

Cabinet, Alexanders'.rasse, 1, Stuttgart, Wiirtemberg. Zool., Ic/ith., 

Corals, Crustacea. C. 
Knolbaucii, August, Zcil, 54, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 
Knolbauch, Prof. Dr. Carl H., Univ., Halle. Phys. 
Knop, Prof. W., Univ. Lcipsic. Chem. 
Kny, Dr. Leopold, Professor an der Universitat und an der Landwirth- 

schaftlicheu Hochschule, Keithstr. 8, Berlin, W. Bot., Physiology 

of plants. 
KoBELL, Prof. Dr. Fkanz X. W. Ritter von, Univ. Munich. Min. 
Kobelt, Dr. Wilhelm, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 
IvocH, Dr. C, Roy. Geologist, Adolfstr. 5. Wiesbaden. MoU. 
Koch, F. E., Agriculturist, Giistrow. Moll. 
Koch, Prof. Dr. L., Univ. Heidelberg. Bot., Anat. 
Koch, Victor von, Brunswick. Moll. 

Koch de Wolestein, Dr. Robert, Regicrungsrath, Berlin. Bot. 
KoECHLiN, Joseph, Quai du Ballage, Miilhausen (Alsace). Coleopt. 
Koeculin, Oscar, Cliimistc, Dornach, near Mulhouse (Alsace). Ent., 

principally Coleopt. C. Coleoptera and Hemiptera. 
KOEHNE, Dr. Emil, RealschuUehrcr, Potsdamerstr. 83, Eing. Goebenstr. 

Bot. Wishes Lythracese. 
KoENiG VON Warthausen, Carl W. R. F., Biberach. 
KOEPPEN, AV\, Stendal. Coleopt. 
KoHLMANN, Reinhard, Vegesack, near Bremen. Higher Mushrooms 

{Hymenomycetes), Orn., Conch. C. E.x. East India shells for 

higher musiu'ooms, fresh or dry, shells (Cyprjea Stronibus,VolLita,etc.) 
KoHNE, Dr., Kurfiirsteiistr., 106, Berlin. 
KOLB, E., Kisslegg. Bot., Bryol. 
KoLB, Max, Bot. Gardens, ]\Iunich. Bot. 
KoLBE, IL, Miinster. Coleopt. 

KoLLiKER, Prof. Dr. August A. von, Univ. Wiirtzburg. Anat. 
Kcii.TZE, W., Repsoldstr. 14, IIanil)urg. European Coleopt. 
Kunen, Prof. A. v., Univ. (iottingcn. Palao., ileol. 
Kunig, Franzosischcstr. 48, Berlin. Lepid. 
KoNOW, Fr. W., Pastor, Fiirstenberg, Mecklenburg. Bot., Ent., Conch., 

Min. C. Ex. 
Kopp, Prof. Dr. Hermann F. M., Univ. Heidelberg. Chem. 
KoRBEK, Dr., Prof. Univ., Breslau. Bot., Lichens. 
KoRNiCKE, Prof. Dr. Friedrich August, Docent der Botanik an der 

Koniglichen landwirthschafllichen Akadeniie, Poppclsdorf, near 

Bonn. Bot. Wishes samples of grain for sowing, and maize iu 

whole cars. Especially interested ia dise;ises of plants. 

222 THE naturalists' directory. Germany. 

KoRTE, Prof. G., Univ. Gottin^cn. Arch. 

Koss.MAN, Pkof. K., Uiiiv. llciilell)cr<!:. Zool. 

KosTEK, T. E., ELsHclli-oii-tlic-Weser. Navigation and Astronomy. 

KosTLiN, Pkof- J)k. Otto, .Stiitt^iart. 

KuAATz, I)K. CiEOKG, Liiikstiassc, 28, Berlin. Ent. 

Kkaatz, Kosciilau vo.n, (I'ciK, Wiesbaden. Colenpt. 

KuAEi'ELiN, Dk. Karl, llainmcilr.ookstr. 17, Hamburg. Bot. 

Kkaetzek, Dr. .J., Darmstadt. Moll. 

Krantz, E., Bonn. Tcr/. Palrpo., Mia. 

Kranz, Dr August, Itheinisches IMineralicn Comptoir, Coblenzerstrasse, 

121, Bonn. Min., I'aUeo., Petrograj^litj. C. Ex. minerals and 

Kranz, Dr. C. A., Karlstr. 21, Munich. Ent. 
Kraty, Dr. J., Berlin. Ent. 
Kraus, Dr. Carl, Lehrer der Landwirtlisclmftlichen Rdiule, unci Vorstand 

dcr Samencontrolstation, Friesilorl', Bavaria. Pln^stology of plants. 
Kraus, Prof. Dr..(;regor, Univ. Ilalle (.Saxony). Bot. 
Krauss, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von, Stuttgart. ' Nut. Hist. 
Krauze, Dr. Hermann, Hanover. Bot. 
Kreglinger, Karl, Privatgelehrter, Stcphanienstra.ssc, 44, Carlsruhe, 

(Baden). Conch. 
Krempelhuber, Dr A. von, Amalienstr. 3, Munich. Lichetis. 
Krecscher, Prof. G., Frcii)ersr. Bot., Alga. 
Kretzer, .J. F., :Miilbeim-on-Main. Moll. 
Kreusler, Dr., Arolscn (\Valdcei<). Coleopt. 
Kriciieldorff, A.D., Oranicnstr. 13.>, Berlin. Coleopt., Lepid. 
Kriechbau:mer, Dr., Schwanlhalerhuhe, 20, Munich. Ent. : Hgmenop- 

tera, Dijifera. 
Krohn, Prof. Dr. Augu.^t D., Bonn. 
Krukenberg, Dr. C. F. W., Physiolog. Institut, Heidelberg. Physiol., 

Cheni., Comp ivdtivc Physiol. 
KuBARY, Jon., Hanihur>r. 
Kuchen.meisteu, Dr. F., Dresden. 
KuGLER, Dr., Zeil, Franldort-on Main. Bot. 
KuiiN, Prof. Dr. Gust., Miickcrn. Bot. 
Ki'HN, Prof. Dr. .Jul., Univ. Halle-on-the-Saale. Bot. 
KuiiN, Dr M., Loiiisenstr. 67, Berlin. Bot. 
KuMMER, Prof. E. E., Roy. Univ., Berlin. Math. 
Ku.MMER, Prof. Paul, Miinden (Hanover). Bot., especially Mosses, 

Lichens and Fiuu/i. C. 
KuNTZE, Dr. Otto, Leipsic, Eutritzsch. Bot. 
KuNZE, Prof. Dr. Carl L. A., Weimar. Math., Phys. 
KuNZE, Dr. .Ton., T..ut!ierstrasse, 10, Eisleben. Bot., Mycol. 
KuNZE, Prof. Max, Acad. Tliarandt, near Dresden. Moll. 
KuPFFER, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Kiinigsherg. Annt. 
Kurtz, Dr. Fritz, Assistcnt am Mineralog. ISIuscum, Kt'inig. Augustastr. 

."iO, Berlin, W. Bo(. C. Ex. European plants for cryptogams 

from all ))arts of the world, including Ferns, Lycopodiacese and 

KussMAUL. Prof. Dr., Strasshurs:. 
KuTZiNG, Prof Dr. C T., Nordhausen. Bot., Algcp. 
KuwEisT, Giitshesitzer, Wernsdorf, near Tharau, in Old Prussia. Coleopt , 

Eepid. C. Ex. Wishes Lamellicorns and CyrambycidsE in e.x, for 

Colcoptcra of Germany. 
Lackowitz, a. W., Schiinliauser Allee, 57, Berlin. Bot. 
Lademann. Spandaii. Mull. 
Lagarde, p. de., Giittinuen. 
Lamers, Guillaume, Jagerhofstr., 1, Dusseldorf. Coleopt, 


Lamont, J., Dir. Observ. ^Munich. 

Lamp, I)r E., Obseivator, Kiiuijiliche Stcrnwarte, Kiel. 

Landois, U., Prof. Univ. Miinstcr. Orn., Mic. 

Lanuolt, Prof. Dr. Hans II., Aaclien. Chem., Ch., Bot. (iar , Ileidclbe^J,^ 

Lang, Prof. O., Univ. Giittiiigeii. Mic. 

Langner, IL, Breslau. Bot. 

LapI'E, Neudieteiulorl", near Gotlia. Moll. 

Lasard, Dr., Kiini^iii-Aiiyiista .Str. nO, Berlin. 

Lasi'Eyres, Pkof. 1L, Pol}:techni.'5clic liochschulo, Aachen. Min., 

Lasaubh, Dr. Arnold von, Prof. a. d. Universitiit, Direktor des Mine- 

ralojri-^cli Mu->eunis der Univer.sitfit, Bonn-on-lihine. Min., I'ct'or/. 

Ev. Minerals and stones of the lihinc and Germany lor American 

Laubenheimer, Prof. A., Univ. Giessen. Chem. 
Lauche, \V., Kiiiiij;!. Garten Inspector, Dir. des Botanisclicn Gartens, 

Lelireranstalt, Potsdam, I'riissia. Dendrology, Poinolugi/, Bot. 
La Valette Saint-CtEorge, le Baron von. Prof, Bonn '('oltopt. 
Lehmann, Dr. Johannes, Decent a. d. Universitiit bchloss-Poppclsdorf, 

near Bonn, Rlicin. Min., Genl. C. 
Lehmann, •!., Ettliiijien, near (.'arlsrnhe. Moll. 
Leh.mann-Filhes, Dr. Riiuolf, Docent der Astronomic an der Kunigl. 

Univer.siliit, Landurafenstr. 4, Berlin, W. Ast. 
Lehr, Counsellor, Wiesl)adeii. Moll. 
Leichtlin, Max, Eif;entluimercincs Botanisehen Privat Gartens, Badca- 

liaden. Bot. Intiodnction of nno and rara plint.^. C. Ex. Wishes 

samples of foreign plants, and bulixs; otfers first-class specimens of 

the same. 
Leimbach, Dr. Gotthelf, Prof, Priisident ii. Redactcnr des "Tormi- 

scliia,"yondcrshausen, Thiiringeu. Bot. C. Ex. European oi'chids 

for those not of Europe. 
Leiner, L., Constance. Bot. 
Lemke, August str. 93, Berlin. Lrpid. 
Leng, Dr , H., Museum, Liiheck. ZoiJl. 
Lenz, Dr. Heinrich, Conservator am Xatiirhistorischen ISruseum, Lii- 

ijcck. Zoiil. C. Ex. Ci'ustacea>, Animals of the East, Fauna of 

Mada;:ascar, in e.x. for all specimens of the animal kingilom, for the 

Lepsius, C. R., Berlin. 
Lessing, Dr. >I. B., Berlin. 
IjETZNEk, K , Nicolai-Str. 63, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Leuchart, Rldolf, Prof u Kgl. Sachs. Geheimer Ilofrath, Zoologischen 

Institiit, Thalstr. 15, Leipsic. Zniil. 
Letden, Prof. Dr. Ernst, Univ. Berlin. Path. 
IvICIIENSTEIN, Dr. Eduard, Berlin. 
LiEBE, Dr Tii, Ritterstr. 35, Berlin. Bot. 
LiEUERKUiiN, Prof. Dr. Nathanael. Univ. Marburg. Anat. 
LiiCBERMANN, Prof. C, Rov. UuIv. Berlin. Chem. 
Liebiscii, Prof. Dr. T., Roy, Univ. P.reslau. Min. 
LiMPRlCHT, G., Paluistrasse,'"21, Brcshui. Bryol. 
LiMPRiciiT, Heinrich, Prof, der Chemie an derUniversitatGreifswald. 

LiNDLET, W. H., Civil Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil 

Engineers (London), Fellow of the Geograpliical Societv (London), 

29, Blittersdorffs Platz, 1- rankfort-on-Main. Hanitary Enginevring. 
LiP.sCHiTZ, Prof. R., Roy. Univ. Bonn. Math. 
LisCH, G. C. F., Schwci'in. 

224 THE naturalists' DIRECTORy. [Germany. 

TyisT, Dr. EnJiOND, Ncustadt-an-dcr-TIardt. Bot. 

IvisTiNc;, I)k. .Ioiiann Bknedict, Prof, of Natural Philosophy in the 
University of (jottiiiilL'ii. Optics, Math, (ieog., Mitcor. 

LoicnBECKE, Th., Conchilieii-Miisciiiii, Diisst'lilorf. Living shells. 

I^oEW, Dii. E.. Ltitzowstr. SI, Builiii. Bot. 

LoiowiG, Prof. Dr. C. J., Koy. Univ. IJreslau. Cliem. 

J^oiiMEVER, Dr. Cakl, Eindcn. Moll. 

J^oiisE, Dr. 0.s\vald, Kiiniji-liches Observatorium, Potsdam, Astro- 
I'hi/sics (Old Astro- Photography . 

TvOKETZ, l)ii. Hermann, Frani<lort-on-Main. Geol. 

lyOKiTZ, Dr. N., Frankfoit-on-ISIain. Moll. 

Jvoso, Dr.. Ltitzov btr. 51, Berlin. 

LossEN, Dr., Kleiul)eeren IStr. 8, Berlin. 

J^osisEN, I'ROF. \V., Univ. Konigsberg. Ghent. 

Lucas, Dr. Ed., Reutlin.ucn. Bot. 

].,UCHS, 1>R. Ernst, Wartnlirunn. 

EuDECKE, Prop. O., Halle (iSa.xony). Crystallography. 

EuDERS, Edward, Lauterberg-on-Jlarz. Moll. 

LuDWiG, Dr. Friedrich, Gymnasial-Oberlehrer, Greiz. Bot., Biol. 

EuDV, Melchiorstr. ;:iO, Berlin. Coleopt. 

LuERSSEN, Dk. Gerhard C. F., Doccnt der Botanik, Gustos des Univer- 
sitiits Herbariums, Braustrasse, 6 B, II. Jjcipsic. Vascular Crypto- 
gams, Ferns and their allies. C. 18,000 specimens of Ferns. Ex. 
Ferns of Polynesia, Asia and Europe, for those of the globe, espe- 
cially America. 

Luther, Prof. E., Univ. Konigsberg. Ast. 

Maass, M. G., Altenhausen. Bot. 

M ACKER, Dr. Emile, Colmar (Upper Alsace). Lepid. 

Magnus, Dr. P., Prof Univ. Bellevuestr. 8, Berlin. Bot. 

Maliierbe, Judge, Mctz. 

Malortie, Dr. Garl O. B. von Hanover. 

Maltzan, Baron Hermann von, 45 gr. Eschenheimerstrasse, Frankfort- 
on-Main. Conchology, especially geographical distribution of ani- 
mals. C. Ex. Marine shells. 

Mangold, C., Potsdam. Moll. 

Marme, W., Gflttingen. 

Marquart, Dr. Louis C, Bonn. 

Marshall, W., Univ. Leipsic. Nat. Hist. 

Marshall, Dr. Wm. A. L., Weimar. ' 

Marsson, Dr. Theodor, Greifswald, Pommern, Prussia. Bot., Palceo., 
Chem. C. 

Martens. Dr. E. von. Prof. Zool., 35, Kurfiirstenstr. Berlin W. Moll. 

Martin, Prof. Dr. Aloys, Univ. Munich. 

Matthes, Dr. Benno O., Dresden. 

Matuschka, v., Kreuzkirche, 4, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Maurer, L., Bot. Gardens, Jena. Bot. 

Mayer, C., Dir. Bot. Garden, Grand-Ducal, Carlsruhe. 

jSIayer, .Tules Robert, Heilhronn. 

Mayer, Prof. W., Univ. Tiiliingen. Micros. 

]Mayr, Prof. A , Univ. Wiirzburg. Ast., Anth. 

Mechtritz, Rudolf von, Privatgelehrtcr, Klosterstrasse, 84, Breslan. 
Systetnafic Bot. and Geog. of 2Jl(ints. C. Ex. Wishes Hieraren? of 
Great Britain, Russia, and N. Asia. Phanerogams of N. America, 
especial!}' of the U. S., and otfers the same from Germany, princi- 
pallv from Silesia, Austro-IInngary and South Germany. 

Medicus,' Prof. L., Wiirzburg. Analyt. Chem. 

Meissner, Prof. Dr. Georg C. F., Univ. Gottingen. Physics, 

Mejer, Dr., Hanover. But. 

germaxy] the naturalists' dikectoey. 225 

Melsheimer, Linz-on-Rhine. Bot. 

Menge, Pkof., Danzig. Bot., Ent. 

Meubach, Prof. Dr. Moritz, Dresden. 

Mekkl, Jos., Munich. European Lepid. 

Messer, E., Eeallehrer, Bremen. Bot. 

Metzger, Prof. Dr., Miinden. ZooL, Moll. 

Metzler, .A.DOLF, Frauklbrt-on-Main. Bot. 

Meyer, Dr. Adolf 13., Dir. Zoijl. Mus., Dresden. 

Meyer, Ferdin.\nd, Telegraphenbeamter, Markirch, Upper Alsace. 
Malacology, especially of (iermany. C. Ex. European Helices 
for those of North America. 

Meyer, Dr. Heixrich A., Kiel. 

Meyer, Prof. Dr O. A., R03'. Univ., Breslau. Math. 

Meyer, Dr., Kouigsberg. (Jeol. 

Meyeriiolz, a., Oberstein. Bot. 

Michael, A., \Valdenburg (Silesia). Moll. 

Miller, Dr. CoxR., Esse'ndorf (Wiirtemberg). Moll. 

MiXK, WiLHELM, Crefcld. Coleopt. 

MiXKS, Dr. Arthur, Frauenstrasse, 43, Stettin. Lichens. 

MixxiGERODE, Berxhard, Greifswald. 

MiTSCHERLiCH, Prof. Dk. A., Miinden. Chem. C. Wishes to sell 
chemical preparations, minerals, and models for technical chem- 

MoBius, Prof. Dr. Carl A., Univ. Kiel. ZooL, Anat. 

MoECKEL, Elisabethstr. 5.5, Berlin. Lepid. 

MoEST.\, F., Univ. Marburg. Min., Mic, Phys., Chem., Geol. 

MoLLER, LuDWiG, Erfurt. Bot. 

MoLLER, T. D., Praparator fiir Microscopic, Wedel, Holstein. Diatoms. 

MoM.MSEN, Th., Berlin. 

MOXHEIM, v., Aix-la-Chapelle. Bot. 

MoNSTERBERG, M.\JOR VOX, Bauibcrg. Moll. 

MoRiTZ, Prof. Dr., Geisenheim. Bot. 

MoRSBACH, Dr. Ad., Dortmund (Westphalia). Coleopt. 

MosER, Dr. James, Berlin. 

MouLix, Le Comte DC, Bertolzheim, nearXeuburg-on-the-Danube. Bot. 

Mi'HLiG, F. G. G., Frankfort-on-Maiu. Micros. 
- MI'HLIG, JoHAXX GoTTLOB, Inspector der von Guaitajschen Stiftungen, 
Ehrenmitglied u. Mitglied mehrerer gelehrten Gesellschaften wie 
oben und Xeue Maintzerstrassc, 9, Fraukfort-ou-^Iain. European 
Lepid., Orn., Biol, of Coleopt. C. Ex. 

MiJLLER, August, Studiosus der Naturwisseuschaften, Offenbach-on-the- 
Main (Hessen). Orn. C. Ex. or sells European and Exotic Birds' 
Egys, Beetles, and Shells for first-class specimens. 

Muller, Dr. IIermax, Geisenheim. Bot. 

Mt'LLER, Dr. Johaxx B., Berlin. 

]\IuLLER, Prof. Dr. Johaxx W., Univ. Jena. Anat. 

Ml:ller, J. F., Bot. Garden, Giessen. Bot. 

Ml-ller, Dr. Karl, Herausgebcr der " Xatur," Halle, (Saxony). Bot., 
Bri/oloqy. C. Ex. onlv Mosses of unexplored lands. 

Muller," Dr." X. F. C, Professor der Botauik, Miinden (Hanover), 
Prussia. Physiological Botany. 

Mi'LLER, Tiieodor, Royal Herl)arium, Dresden. Bot. 

Mi'XTER, Prof. Dr. Ax'DREAs H. A., Greifswald. Bot., Zool. 

MuxTER, Dr. Julius, Ord. (Iff. Prof, der Botanik, Director des Bot. 
Gartens and er K. Preuss. Universitat, Greifswald (Prussia). Bot., 
r)enrlroloqy. C. Ex. Wishes specimens of X. American woods. 

MuRDTFiELD, Rlicina (Westphalia). Coleopt. 

Xacutig.vl, Dr. Gustav, Berlin. 

226 THE naturalists' directory. [Germany-. 

Naegeli, Prof. Dr. Ch. Guill. von, Univ., Augustenstrasse, 15, 
iMiinicli. Bot. 

Nausiann, Prof. Al., Univ. Giessen. Chem., Metal. 

Naum.^nn, I)k. F., Ge'ra. Bot. 

Neesen, Prof. Friedrich, Ziethenstr., Berlin, W. Physics. 

Nehkkorn, Adolhh, Oberamtniiuin, Ricldajrshausen, near Braunschweig. 
Orn., espucially Ool. C. 2000 specimens. Ex. eggs from all coun- 

Nerz, Fidelis, Geschaftsfiihrer <les Physical. Mech. lustituts von M. Th. 
Eilelnumn, INIunich. Phijstcal Science. 

Nestler, Prof. Dr. Jul., Dir". Stat. Agron, Carlsruhe. Bot. 

Neubertii, Ernst J., Dresden. 

Neu.maver, Dr. George, Professor, Director Deutsche Sternwarte, Ham- 
burg. Geoyraphy, Magnetism, Meteorology, Hydrography. 

NiEPRASCHK, J., Cologne. Bot. 

NiES, Prof. Dr. Friedrich, Hohenheim. Min., Geognosy. 

NiETScn.MAXN, Seidclstr. 3, Berlin. Lepid. 

NiTSCiiE, Prof. Dr. II., Tharand. ZoiJl. 

NiTsciiKE, Prof. Dr. Th., Miinster. Bot. 

NoBBE, Dr. Fred, Tharand. Bot. 

NoETLiNG, Dr. Fritz, Assistent am Min. Museum, Konigsberg, Prussia. 
GeoL, Palao. (Diluvial of E. Prussia.) 

NoLDEKE, Cellc. Bot. 

NoLDEKE, T., Strasshurg. 

Xoi.L, Dr. F. C, 9(5, Oederweg, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 

NoRDLiNGER, Prof. Dr. VON, Holieuheim, near Stuttirart. Bot. 

NoRTHAGEL, Prof. Dr. HERMANN, Univ. Jena. Pathol. 

NoTLiNG, Fritz, N. iSchlegelstr. 18; Berlin. Moll. 

Oberbeck, Prof. Dr. Anton, Univ. Halle. Physics. 

Ober.vdorfer, Rudolf, Lehrer der Universitiit dor Xaturkunde, und k. 
Landscliule, (iUnzlnirg. Eat., especially Co/eopt., Malacology. C. 
Ev. Wishes first-class specimens of L. and F. W. shells U-orn all 

Olsuausen, Prof. Dr. Robert, Univ. Halle. 

Oppenheim, Dr. H., h-lernwartc, Blumeshof, 1, Berlin, W. Ast. 

Orth, Prof. Dr., Wilhchnstr. 43, Berlin. 

Ost, H., Univ. Leipsic. HistuL, Chem. 

Otting, Count Max, Wicsenfeldcn. Moll. 

Paalzow, Prof. Dr., Wilhclmstr., 50, Berlin. 

Pa.^^SCH, Dr., Stralauer Briicke, 4, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Pagen-stecher, Prof. Dr. Heinrich A., Univ. Heidelberg. Zool. 

Pahle, Puttkammerstr., 10, Berlin. Lepid. 

Pappenheim, Dr. Samuel, Berlin. 

Patze, Kunigsberir. Bot. 

Paul, Unter den Linden, 64, Berlin. Coleopt., Lepid. 

Pauli, G. R., (;()ttini;cn. 

Paulisch, R., Frnchtstr., 77, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Peck, F., Schweidnitz. Bot. 

Peck, Dr. R., Goerlitz. Bot. 

Penck, Dr. Albrecht, Lindcnstr., 81, Leipsic. 

Perlenfein, G., Frankfoit-on-Main. Bot. 

Perring, W., Bot. Gardens of the Univ. Berlin. GeoL, Bot. 

Peter, Dr. .\lbert, Bot. Gardens, Mnnich. Bot. 

Peters, Prof. Dr. Christian A. F., Observatory, Kiel. AiU 

Peters, Prof. W., Roy. Univ. Berlin. Zobl. 

Petersen, Hartwig, Hamburg. Moll. 

Petersen, Dr. Theodor, Frankfort-on-Main. 

Pettenkofer, Prof. Dr. Max von, Univ. Munich. Hygiene- 

Germaxy.] the naturalists' directory. 227 

Petho, Gyula, Munich. Geol. 

Petri', Arthur, ijchwantlialoistr. 67, Munich. Ent. 

Petzholdt, Dr. Alexander, Prof. Ementus, Wirklicher Staatsrath, zur 

Zeit, Fieiburx, Baden. 
Pfaff, Prof. F., Koy. Univ. Erlangen. Min., Geol. 
Pfeffer, Prof. W.,'Univ. Tul)ingeu. Bot., Mic. 
Pfitzer, Prof. Dr. E., Dir. Bot. Garden, Heidelberg. 
Pfleiderer, Prof E., Univ. Tubingen Fhil. Anth. 
Pfutzner, J., Alexandrineastr. 87, Berhn. Lepid. 
Philippi, Prof. A., Univ. Giessen. Arch. 

Physikalische Gesellschaft in Berlin, F- Neesen, Corresponding Sec- 
retary, \V . Ziethenstrasse. 
PiNNEKi Adolf, Ph. D., Univ. Berlin. Chem. 
Pinzger, Prof. Dr., Keichenbach. Bot. 
Planck, Dr. Max, Privat-doceut a. d. kgl. Universitat, Barerstrasse, 48, 

II., Munich. Phymcs. 
Planeth, Dr. H., Schwenn, Mecldinberg. Conch., Min. 
Plotz, C., Greitswald. Lepid. 
Pogge, Greifswald. Lepid. 

Polakowsky, Dr. H., Augustastr 49, Berlin. Flora of Costa Rica. 
Poleck, Dr. T., Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ., Breslau. 
Pollack, Wiluelm, Kaufmann, Siidefelderstrasse, Miinster. Ent.: 

Lepid. C Ex. 
Polstorff, Prof. C, Univ. Gcittingen. Chem. 
PoLYTECHXisCHE Gesellschaft, Fiiederstiasse, 35, Berlin. C. 
PoscHARSKY, (i. A., Bot. (iardciis, Dresden. Bot. 
Possavant, Theo., Frankfoit-on-Main. 
Post, Prof. .J., Univ. Guttingen. Chem. 
POSTII, F., Bischwillcr. Ent'.: Lepid. 
PoToNiE, Henry, Assistcnt am kgl. Ijotanischen Garten, Dovotheenstr. 

42, Berlin, X. W. Bot. C. Ileihariiim to sell. 
PoUGNET, Eugene, Ingenicur, Landrotl' (Lorraine). Zool., Pnleeo., Min. 

C. Ex. Wishes objects of Zoology, Palaeontology and Mineralogy, 

especially maninials, birds' eggs. Arachnids, L. and F. W. shells, 

insects, fossils, etc., in exchange, the same specimens of Lorraine 

and exotic, and insects and fossils of France. 
Prahl, Dr. p., FlenslMirir. Bot. 
Prantl, Dr. Karl, Professor der Botanik an der k. Forstlehranstalt, 

AschafTenbiirg. But., Filices. C. 
Prazmowski, Dr. Adam, Hohestr. H, Lcipsic. Bot. 
Preiss, Dr. .Jofiann .\. L., IIer/.l)crg-oii-lIarz. Bot. 
Prestel, Dr. Michael A. F., Prof. Math, and Phys., Emden. 
Preuss, Wilhelm Heinrich, Naviuation-Lehrcr, Elsfleth. Physical 

Science, Biology. C. Ex. Beetles of the North of Germany for 

Preussing. Ilr., Bcnburir. Bot. C. Ex. 

Preyer, W., Professor Universitat, .Icna. Physiohqy of Embryol. 
Pringsheim, Dr. N., Professor, Bendlerstrasse, 31, Berhn. \V. Bot., 

Probst, Dr. Josst, AViirtcmherg. 
Progel, Dr. a., \\'aldniiinchcn. Bot. 
Quedenfeldt, Frobenstr. 21), 15crlin. Colcopt. 
Quenstedt, Prof. F. .\. v., tlniv. Tiibinjicn. Grog., Nat. Hist. 
QuiNClvE, Prof. G.. LTiiiv. Heidelberg. Optics, Elect. 
Kabeniiorst, Dr. Gottlob L., Villa Louisa, Meissen. Bot. 
Rade, E., ]yiunster. Ent. 
Raulkofer, Dr. Ludwig, Universitat Professor, Munich (Bavaria). 



Eaiil-Kinkers, Dr., Genthinerstr. 6, Berlin. 

Kammelsberg, Prof E., Koy. Univ., Berlin. Chem. 

liANGABE, A. B., Berlin. 

Banke, LEoroLD, Berlin. 

ItATUKE, Prof. B., Halle (Saxony). Organ. Chem. 

Bau, Dr., Hdhenheim, near Stuttgart. Bot. 

Beclam, Prof. Dr. Carl II., Univ. Leipsic. 

Beess, Prof. Dr Max F. F., Univ. Erlangen. Bot. 

Beiim, Dr., Batisijonne. Hot., Mycology. 

Beiber, Ferdinand, Faubourg tie Saverne, 8, Strassburg (Alsace). Cole- 
opt.^ lieinipt. 

Beicii, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand, Freiberg. 

Beiciiardt, Prof. Dr. Edward, Univ. Jena. Chem. 

Beiciienbach, Prof. Dr. II. G., Dir. Bot. Garden, Hamburg. Orchids. 

liEicHENUACH, Dr. Joiiann P. D., Altona. 

Beichenovv, Dr. Anton, Bedacteurdes Ornithologischen Centralblatts, 
Vorsitiieiuler des Deutsclien Vereins fiir Vogelzucht und Acclima- 
tisation, (irossbeerenstrasse, 52, Berlin, S. W. Orn. 

Beicherbach, Heinricu, Frankt'ort-on-Main. Zool. 

Beichert, Prof. Dr. Carl B., Univ. Berlin. Anat. 

Eeifferscueid, Prof. Al., Univ. Greifswald. Mm. 

Beimers, D., Aabenraa, Sleswick. Bot. 

Beinuard, Dr. Hermann, Priisid. d. Landes-Medro-Collegium, Johanniz- 
stiasse, 14, Drestlen. Hymenopt. 

Beinhardt, Dr. O., Orauienstr. 45, Berlin, S. Moll. 

Beinke, Prof. J., Univ. Gottingen. Bot., Mic. 

Beinscii, Paul Friedrich, Professor derNaturwisseuschaften, Erlangen, 
Bavaria. Muruscopic Bot., GeoL, I'alwo. C. Microscopic sections 
of rocks and fossils. 

Beis.s, Dr. Wilhel.m, Berlin. 

Bennert, Carl, Miihlenbach, 24, Cologne-on-the-Rhine. Organic Che7n- 

Rensch, Bector, Nostizstrasse, 14, Berlin. Bot. 

Benz, Dr. Wilhelm T. von, Wildi)ald. 

Reumont, Dr. Alex., Ai.x-la-Cliapelle. 

Beusch, Prof. Dr. F. E. von, Univ. Tiibiugen. Phys. 

Beye, Theodor, Strassburg. 

Beymond, Emil du Boi.s, Berlin. 

Biciitek, Paul, Lehrer, Villa Dreyzehner, Leipsic-Anger. Bot., Algce, 
C Ex. Algifi of all kinds for F. W. Alga?. 

BiCHTERS, Dr., Frankfort-on-Main. 

Biciiter, Dr. Beinhard, Saalfeld. 

RiCHTER, Dr. V. De., Prof. Chem. Boy. Univ., Breslau. 

RiciiTHOFEN, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand F. von, Bonn. 

BiED, Prof. Dr. Franz .T., Univ. Jena. 

Biemenschneider, C, Barfi^isserstrasse, 11, Nordhausen. Moll. 

BiESE, Dr. Ferdinand, Frankfort-on-Main. 

BiESS, Prof. Dr., Spandauerstr. 81, Berlin. 

Binecker, Prof. Dr. Franz von, Univ. Wiirzburg. 

BiNGSEis, Prof. Dr. Johann N. von, Munich. 

BoDEWALD, Dr. II., Inst. Physiol., Gdttingen. Bot. 

BoEMER, Ferdinand, Boyal University, Breslau, Prussia. Geol., Pala^o. 
C. Ex. Palaeozoic and other fossils of Europe for North American 

RoEPER, Dr. JoH.iNN A. C, Director Botanical Gardens, Prof. Univ., 

RoESS, Max, Professor an der Universitat Erlangen, Bavaria. Bot.^ 


ROHRMANN, Bernstadt (Silesia). Moll. 

Roll, Dr. Julius, Lehrer an der hoh. Miidechcnschule, Darmstadt. Bot., 
Mosses of Thuringen. C. Ex. Mosses of Germany for those of 

Roos, Heinr., Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 

RoosE, WiLUELM, Frankfort-on-Main. 

Rose, F., Prof. Univ. Strassburg (Alsace). Chem. 

RosENBOHM, EuG., Bot. Gardens, Konigsberg. Bot. 

RosENBUCii, Prof. H. F., Univ. Heidelberg. Mm., Geol, Petrography. 

RosENHAUER, Prof. W. G., Roj. Univ., Erlangen. Zool 

RossBACH, Prof. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Berlin. PhiloL, Archaol., Hist. 

Rossi, K. Gustave de, Neviges. Coleopt. 

Rostock, Dresden (Saxony). Neuroptera. 

Roth, Prof. Dr. Justus, Univ. Berlin. Min., Geol. 

Roth, Insp. Bot. Gardens, Muskau (Silesia). Bot. 

RoTTENBACH, Prof., Meiningcn. Bot. 

RuHTER, Dr. Reinhardt, Director, Hofrath, Saalfeld. Geol, Palao. C. 

RiJ.MKER, George, M. A., Director der Sternwarte, Reichs-Priifuags-ln. 
spector fiir die Nautischen Priifungeu der Deutsclieu Handels-Marine, 
Abtheilungs-Vorstand der Deutschen Sternwarte, Hamburg. Astron- 
omrj and Navigation. C. Library of Astronomical and Nautical 

RiJppELL, Dr. Edward, Frankfort-on-Main. Zool. 

RuPPELL, Dr. Wilhelm P., Frankfort-oa-Main. 

RlTST, Dr. D., Friedrichstrasse, 22, Freiburg. Ent. C. Ex. 

RUTHE, R., Biirwalde. Bnjol. 

SA.4.LMULLER, Max, Koniglich Preussischer Oberstlieutenant a. d. Griine- 
bursweg, 92, Frankfort-on-the Main. Evt. : Lepid. C. Ex. Wish 
Lepidoptera of Madagascar, Ceylon and Hayti. 

Sachs, Prof. Dr. Jul. von, Univ., Dir. Bot. Gardens, Wiirzburg. Bot. 

Sachsse, Dr. Rob., Univ. Lcipsic. Bot., Chem. 

Sadebeck, Prof. Dr. Richard, Bcsenbinderliof, 48, Hamburg. Bot., 
Phi/stology of plants. Morphology, Mycoloyy. 

Saderbeck, Dr., Prof, in demKonigl. Geodesischeu Institut, Steglitzerstr. 
4 f., Berlin W. Geodesy. 

Saifert, J., Bot. Gardens, Erlangen. Bot. 

Salkowski, Prof. H., Univ. Miinster. Chem. 

Salm-Salm, Prince zu, Anhalt, Westphalia. Moll. 

Salmin, St. Pauli, Hamburg. Lepid. 

Salomon, C, Bot. Gardens, Wiirzburg. Bot. 

Sandberger, Dr. Fhidolin, Prof. Univ., Wiirzburg. Min., Geol., Moll. 

Sander, Prof. Dr. Julius, Belle- Alliancestrasse, 15, Berlin, S. W. Phys- 
iology and Medicine. 

Sanio, Dr. Carl GustaV, Lyk (E. Prussia). Bot. 

Sattler, Georg C. G., Scliweinfurt. Chem. 

Sattler, J. C, Schweinfurt. Chem. 

Sauppe, II., Gottingen. 

Schaafhausen, Dr. Hermann, Prof. Univ., Bonn. 

Schabert, J. W., Sec. Soc. Ilort. of Hamburg, Altona, Eimsbiittel, 
Sundweg, 25 b, Hamburg. Bot. 

SCHACKO, Gustav, Mechanicus, Waldemarstrasse, 14, Berlin. Moll., 
Micros., Foramnifera. C. E\. samples of deep-sea sounding, and 
fossils from China, Japan, Red Sea and the environs of Berlin. 

SCHAFKER, Prof. Dr Carl J. T. II., Univ. Jena. Math, and Phys. 

Schafhautl, Prof. C. F. v., Univ. Munich. Geog. 

ScuARFF, Dr. Fried., Frankfort-on-.Main. Min. 

Shaklok, Gartenstrasse, 22, Graudenz, W. Prussw, Bot, C. Wishes to 
buy and sell, 

230 THE naturalists' directory. [Germany. 

ScriAUF, Dr. Wilhelm, Frankfort-on-M.ain. Min. 

ScHAUFUSS, Camillo Festir, Assistent am Museum Ludwijr Salvator, 

Obcrblasewitz, Dresden. Zool. C. Ex. for insects. 
ScuAUFUss, Dr. Ia^dwig \Vilhelm, Director ties Museum Ludwi;; Sal- 
vator, Obcrblasewitz, near Dresden. Zoo/. C. Ex. eggs, birds, 

shell-! and beetles. 
SciiELLiiAss, Tkof., V., Landshut (Bavaria). Chem., Nat. Hist. 
.ScHEitENBEKG, Cirobn, near Ve^esack. Orn. 
feciiEKFLiNG, Neiie Wilhclnistr. 12, Berlin. Diptera. 
feCHiECK, Hullesclicstr. ir», Berlin. Culeopt. 
bciiEiDEL, Seb.-Al., Museum, Bockenlieimer Landstrasse, 8, Frankfort- 

ou-the-.Maiu. Lepid., Antli., Cokopt. 
ScriiEKBKAND, Woi.F C. VON, Dresden. 
ScuENK, Tkof. Dk. .\ugust VON, Uuiv. Leipsic. Bot. 
fcrCHEKZER, Dr. Carl H. von, Leipsic. 

Schick, Dr. Oscar, Professor am Gymnasium, Weimar. Math., Phys. 
ScHiLSKV, -J . Scliilidiauscr Alice, 160, Berlin. Ent. 
SCHIMPER, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm P., Univ. Strassburg. Min., Geol. 
SCHIRMER, F., BalinliotVtr , \\iesi)adcn. Moll. 
Schlagintweit, Robert vox, Prof. Universitat, Giessen (Ilessen). 

P/ii/sical Geography, Elhnolotjy. C. Wishes to sell Asiatic skulls, 

skeletons, ctlinolojiical casts, iind objects of various kinds. 
SCHLEGEL, Prof. Herman, Univ. Mus., Lcydcn. Orn. 
ScHLE.MM, Dr. Oscar, Rasteninirg. Moll. 
SCHLICKUM, J., Winniniicn. Bot. 
SCHLIEPHACKE, Dr. IvARL.'Waldau, near Osterfcld, Merseburg (Prussia), 

BryoL, Mosses. C. E.v. 
ScHLOMiLCH, Prof. Dr. Oscar, Dresden. Math. 
SciiLOSSER, Glucksstr. 1, Munich. Lepnl., Jean, (Tiiebwillcr, Alsace. Coleopt. 
ScHLUTER, Prof. Dr. Clemens, Bonn. Palcpo., Geognosy. 
ScHMELTZ, J. D. E., Jr., Dir. Mus., Godeffroy, Hamburg. Bot., Moll. 
Scn.MTD, Prof. Dr. Ernst E., Univ. Jena. Mm., Geol. 
Scn:MiDT, Adoli'iie, Aschersleben. Diatoms. 
Schmidt, Dr. Franz A , Hamin, near Hamburg. 

Schmidt, Georges, Piue de Bale, 23, Colmar (.Vlsace). Coleopt., Bot. 
Schmidt, Prof. Dr. J. A., Univ. Heidelberg, Mittelstr. 37, Hamburg. 

Schmidt, Dr. IMaximiltan, Dir. Zo6\. Gardens, Frankfort-on-Main. 
Schmidt, O., Weimar. M:>ll. 

Schmidt, Prof. Osc, Univ. Strassburg (Alsace). Zobl., Mic. 
Schmidt, P., Bot. Garden, Darmstadt. 
SCHMITT, Dr., Mayence. Coleopt. 
ScHMiTZ, Prof. F., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Bot. 
Schnauss, Dr. JfLirs C, Jena. 
Schneegans, Prof. Dr , Stras>bur!j. 
ScHNEiDEMt^iL, Georg, Universitat Kiel, Sclilcswig-Holstcin. Anatomy, 

Schneider, Prof. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Breslau. Zobl. 
Schneider, L., Zerbst. Bot. 
Schneider, Dr. Oscar, Portikusstr. 4, Dresden. Physical Geography, 

Coh'opt. C. Ex. European Caucasian beetles fur foreiga amber 

and insects of all countries. 
Schneider, Dr. W. G., Breslau. Mycoloiy. 
Schneider, Prof. Dr , Dorothccnstr. 46, Berlin. 
Schneider, Prof., Fr.uikfort-on-tlie-Main. Coleopt, 
Schodler, Prof. Dr , Potsdamerstr. 13, Berlin. 
ScHOLZ, Prof. M., Uuiv. Greii'swald. Min, 


ScHONFELD, Prof. E., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Ast., Math. 

ScHKADEK, Dr. Carl, Observator der Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg. 

SCHREFELD, jSIuskau. Bot. 
ScHRiCKEL, Liclitenbernrerstr. 2, Berlin. 

ScuROEUERSTiFT, Ed. Otto, 29 II, Louisenstrassc, Hamburg. Bot. 
SCHROETER, Dr. Julil'S, Breslau. Mycol. 
ScHUCHARDT, Dr. Theodor, Giirlitz. 
SCHULE, W., Dir. Poniol. Sch., Brumath. Bot. 
ScHULTER, Prof., Univ. Bonn. Geol. 
Schultes, Dr. J. H., Schwantiialerstr. 41, Munich. Bot. 
SCHULTZ, Prof. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Breslau. Arch. 
ScHULTZ, Dr. a., Finsterwalcle. Bot. C. 
ScHCLTZE, Dr. Hugo, Brunswick. Bot. 
SCHULTZE, Capt., Ehrcnfcld, near Cologne. Coleopt. 
ScHL'LTZE, Prof. Dr. Bernard, Univ. Jena. 
Scnui>z, Dr., Linien Str. 12, Berlin. 
ScHULZE, ]\Iax, Jena. Bot. 
Schumann, Dr. Ch., Breslau. Bot. 
Schumann, Dr. H. A., Dresden. 
Schumann, Dr., Reicbcnbach. Bot. 
ScHUNKE, Lottumstr. 25, Berlin. Ent. 

SCHUPPEL, Dr. Oscar, Prof. Univ. Tiibingen. Pathol., Anat. 
ScHUPPLiE, TuEODOR, Biclau, near Neisse, Silesia. Bot. 
ScHWALBE, Prof. Dr. Gustav, Univ. Jena. Anat. 
ScHWAN, RuD., Halle-on-lhe-Saale. Bot. 
ScHWANERT, Dr. Hugo, Prof. dcr Chemie anderUniversitat, Greifswald. 

Che in. 
Schwartz, Dr., Hallisches Ufer, 2el, Berlin. Diatoms. 
ScHWARZE, p. VON, Dresden. 
ScHWEiKERT, Dr. Johann G., Breslau. 

ScHWENDENER, Dr. S., Prof. Univ. iSIathaikirchstr. 28, Berlin. Bot. 
SCRIBA, W., Wimpfen-on-Neckar (Hesse Darmstadt). Coleopt. 
Seuillot, Dr. Carl E., Prof. Emer., Strassburg. 
Seehaus, Prof. C, Stettin. Bot. 

Seeliger, Dr. Hugo, Docent an der Universitat, Leipsic. Ast. 
Segnitz, Prof. Dr. Gottfried von, Schweinfurt. Bot. 
Seibert, Hermann, Eberbacb-on-the-Neckar (Baden). ZoiJl., Moll. C. 

Ex. Offer Mollusks from this place and various forms of Nepbcline 

from Katzenbuckel, and wish Shells and Minerals. 
Seibert, Wilhelm, M'etzlar. Optics, Mushrooms. 
Seidel, Heinrich, Chemnitz. Bot. 

Seidel, Prof. Dr. Ludwig, Univ. Munich. Math., Ast. 
Seidlitz, Dr. Georg von, Univ. Konigsberg. 
Seitz, Prof. Dr. Franz, Univ. Munich. 
Selenka, Prof. E., Roy. Univ. Erlangen. A7iat., Moll. 
Semper, Prof. Dr. C, Wiirzburg. Moll. 
Semper, (;eorge, Altona, Prussia. 
Sendtner, Ludwi^str. 2. Munich. Lepid. 
Senft, Dr. Carl F. F., Eisenach. Bot. 
Sevdler, Prof. F., Braunsberg. Bot. 
Siebert, Prof. Dr. Fred. L. J., Univ. Jena. 
Siebold, Pi{of. Dr Carl T. von, Univ. Munich. Zool. 
SlEMEN.s, Dr., iSIarkgrafen Str. 94, Berlin. 
Sl-MON, Hans, Kaufmann, Lindenstrasse, 3, Stuttgart Ent. C. Ex;. 

Desires only Prussiden, Pselaphus, Soydmanen and Mastigas. 

Will bu}' and exchani^e. 
Singer, Prof. Dr. J., Ratisbonne. Bot. 

232 THE Naturalists' directory. [Gekmany. 

SiNTENiS, P., Bolkenhain. Bot. C. 

SiiciiTiNo, Dk., Polsdamer Str. 120, Berlin. 

SoLGEii, Dr. Beunakd, Prof, am Aiuitomisclieu Institut und Privat-Do- 
cent a. d. Universitiit, Ilalle (Prussia). Comp. Anat. 

Solms-Laubacii, Prof. II., Univ. (Jiittinjrea. Bot. 

SoNDER, Dr. Otto Wiehelm, Haiiibur}^. 

SoNDEH, Dr. W., Eilbeck Puppcnstrasse, 46, Hamburg. Bot. 

SONNENKALB, Prof. Dr. IIugo, Univ. Leipsic. 

Sorauer, Prof. Dr. Paul, Proskau. Bot. 

SORHAGEN, Dr., RealschuUehrcr, Hamburg. Lepid. 

Spexgel, Leonhard, Munich. 

Speyer, Dr. ()., Hoy. Geologist, 6, Elsasserstr., Berlin, N. Moll. 

8PIEKER, Prof. Dr." Til, Potsdam. Bot. 

bPiESSEX, Prof. August von, Konigl. Preuss. Observatorium, Wiesba- 
den (Hessen-Xassau). Systematic Bot. and Geognosy. C. Ex. 
German plants for those of other countries. 

Spiiilmann, a., Parkallee, 10, Hamburg. Bot. 

Spirgatis, Prof. H., Univ. Kiinigsberg, Prussia. Chem. 

Spkengel, Prof., Bonn. Bot. 

Stacheliiausen, Dr. Gustav, Barmen. Coleopt. 

Stadel, Prof. W., Univ. Tubingen. Chem. 

Staul, Prof. Dr. Ernst, Domplatz, 3, Strassburg (Alsace-Lorraine). 

Stammer, Dr., Dlisscldorf. 

Stannius, Dr. F. H., Prof. Emer., Rostock. 

Stein, B., Breslau. Bot. 

Steinacii, W., Munich. Moll. 

Steinbrinck, Dr. C, Ilamm. Bot. 

Steinike, Diisseldorf. Colenpt. 

Stein.vunn, (Justav, Privat-docent, Assistant a, Geolog. Institute, Strass- 
burg", (Alsace). Geol., Palceo. C Ex. Fossils and Foramnifera. 

Steinvortu, Dr., Liinehurg. Bot. 

Stelzner, Dr. Alfred, Professor, Kgl. Bergakaderaie, Freiberg (Sa.x- 
ony). Geol., Mm. 

Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Carl G. W., Breslau. Bot. 

Stern, J. C, Gutleutsttr. 16, Frankfort-on-Main. Coleopt. 

Sterzel, Dr. .1. F., Chemnitz (Saxony). Pala-o., Bot. 

Stizenberger, Dr. E., Constance. Bot., Lichens. 

Stockiiardt, Prof. Dr. Julius A., Tharand. Chem. 

Stockhardt, Dr. Ernst T., Weimar. 

Stoffel, Jean Georges, Rue des Juifs, 39, Miilhausen (Alsace). Coleopt. 

Stoiimann, Prof. F. K. A., Univ., Leipsic. Chem. 

Stollwerk, Prof., Uerdingeu (Westphalia). Coleopt. 

Straeiiler, a., Goerbersdorf. Bot. 

Stkasburger, Prof. Dr. Eduard, Univ. Jena. Bot. 

Strebel, Herm., Hamburg. Moll. 

Streckfuss, Melchiorstr., 18, Berlin. Lepid. 

Streng, Prof. A., Univ. Giessen. GeoL, Min. 

Stricker, Dr. Wilhelm, Frankfort-on-jNIain. Anfh. 

Stkubel, Dr. Alphonse, Feldgasse, 17, Dresden. Geol., Volcanic Geog. 
of South America. C. 

Strubell, Bruno, Rentiei", Scliwindstrasse, 9, Frankfort-on-Main. Conch, 
C. Ex. T.,. and F. W. Shells of Germany foi' others. 

Strubing, Louisenstr. 4, Berlin. Ent. 

Struck, Carl, Gymnasiallehrer, Gustos d. von Maltzanschen Museums 
fiir Meckl., Waren (Mecklenburg-Schwerin). Bot., Zool. C. 

Struve, Dr. Gustav A., Dresden. 

SussDORF, Prof. Dr. Julius G., Dresden. Chem., Phys. 


SuTOR, Dr. August, Meininsen (Thiiiinjjen). Conch. 

Sy, Eugene, Jaji-erstr. 40, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Sybel, L. v., Univ. Marburg. Arch. 

Sydow, Paul, Lehrer, Diriment des Berliner Botanischen Tauschvereins, 
Dennewitzstr. 34, Berlin, W. Crypt. C. Ex. Filices. 

Taschenbekg, Dr. Ernst Eudwig, Prof. Extr., Inspector am Zoul. Mu- 
seum, Halle (Saxony). Ent. C. 

Taschenberg, Dr. Ernst Otto, Privat-docent, Halle (Saxony). ZoiJl. 

Tenckhoff, Dr., Paderhorn. Moll. 

Tepper, Rcicbenbergerstr. 6, Berlin. Lepid. 

Terschek, Pillnitz. ' Bot. 

Tfeffer, Dr. Georg, Hambui-g. Moll. 

Thaer, Prof. A., Univ. (jiessen. Mic. 

Thieme, Dr., Templinerstr. 4> Berlin. Coleopt. 

Thomas, Dr. Carl, Prof. Enicr., Wiesbaden. 

Thomas, Dr. Friedrich August Wilhelm, Professor und Oberlehrer 
an der Kiinigl. Uuiversitiit, Olirtrup, near Gotha. Phytopathology . 

Thome, Dr. O. W., Cologne. Bot. 

Thurau, F , Fischerbriicke, 15, Berlin. Lepid. 

Tieffenbach, Marianneustr. 43, Berlin. Neuroptera, Ofthoptera. 

Tiemann, Prof. F., Roy. Univ., Berlin, ('hem. 

Tietgen, Prof. Dr., Eindenstr., 91, Berlin. 

TiscHBEiN, Eutin, near Hamburg. 

Toepffer, Adolph, Kaufmann, Brandenburg-on-the-Havel, (Prussia). 
Systematic and Gioyrtiphical Bot. C. Ex. Phanerogams and 
Cryptogams of the world. 

ToEPLER, Prof. Dr. August, Dresden. Phys. 

Traube, Dr. Moritz, Breslau. Bot. 

Treichel, Alexander, Agrosoph lloch-Paleschken, Post, Altkischau, 
(Prussia). Bot. C. Ex Offer plants of West Prussia. 

Trettenbacher, Dr. Mathias, Munich. 

Troeltsch, Dr. Anton Friedrich, Freiherr von, Professor an der 
Universitiit, Wiirzburg. C. 

Troschel, Franz Hermann, Geheimer Regierungsrath u. Professor, 
Bonn, Schloss Poppelsdorf. ZoiJl. 

Trost, Theodor, Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 

Tscuirch, Dr. Alexander, Assistent der Botanik, Bendlerstr. 31, Ber- 
lin, W. Histology. 

TuRCKHEiM, Baron H. von, Niederbronn (Alsace). Coleopt. 

Uechtritz, R. von, Klostei-str. 84, Breslau. Bot. 

Uhde, Dr. Carl W. F., Braunschweig. 

Uhlworm, Dr. Oscar, Director der Stadtbibliothek, Redacteur des 
Botan. Centralblattcs, Kiinigstlior, 40, Cassel. Bot. C. 

Uloth, Dr. W., Friedberg. ('hem., Bot. 

Umhhang, l'abbe, Dir. Colle'ge Laehapelle-sous-Rougemont, near Bel- 
fort (Alsace). Coleopt. 

Urban, Dr. Ignatz, I. Assistent am Kiinigl. Botanischen Garten, Ber- 
lin, Griinewaldstrasse, 19, Sch(inebei-g, near Berlin. Bot. 

UsLAR, Prof. I.,, v., Univ. Gdttingen. Chcm. 

Varendorf, von, Arensberg (Westphalia). Coleopt. 

Varrentrapp, Dr. (tEO., Frankfort-on-Main. Geog. 

Vatke, W., Leipzigerstr. 2, Berlin. Bot. 

Veitmeyer, C. a., Berlin. 

Vetter, Ch., Grosse Bleichen, 32, Hamburg. Bot. 

ViGENER, A., Bicberich-am-Rliein. Bot. 

ViRcnow, Prof. Dr. Rudolph, Univ. Berlin. Anat. 

YoCKE, Ad., Xordhausen. Bot, 

234 THE naturalists' directory. [Germany. 

V(ELKER, Prof. Gynin., Elberfckl. Coleopt. 

VoGEL, Fkok. L)k. 11. C, Astionom am Konijrl. Astrophysikalischcn 

(JI)»c'iv;itoriiiiii, Potstlain. Asrron. and Asfro-phi/sits. 
VoiGTLAXDEU, Pkof. Dr. Cakl F., Uriiv. Miinicti. Pliys. 
VoiT, CJAKL \H)N, Prol'essor der Physiologic an der Universitat, und 

Vorstaiul des Piiysiologisclien Instituts uiul der Physiolog-. Samm- 

liinjides Staats, Miiuich. PIti/s. 
VoLGEK, Pkof. Dk. (t. 11. O., Fiankfort-on-Main. 
VoLHAi{U, Pkof. J., Itoy. Univ., Erlanircu. Chein. 
VoLLEU, Dr. .-\l'g., Hornerwcg, 04, llamm, near Hamburg'. Pki/sics. 
Vo.M Hath, Prof. G., lioy. Univ., Bonn. Min. 
Von Dechen, Henri, lionn. 
Von Kremer, Dk A., Leip-sic. 
Von Lasaulx, Univ. Kiel. Mic. 
VoRMANN, Dr., iMiin^tcr (Westphalia'). Hi/menop. 
"Wagener, Prof. Dr. Guido P., Univ. Marburg. 
Wagner, Prof. Dr Herman, Univ. KiJnigsberg. Bot. 
Wagner, Prof. Dr. Moritz F., Dir. Ethnol. Mus., Munich. 
Wahle, Linkstr. 10, Berlin. Lepid. 

Wahlj'aender, Dr., Puttkammerstr., 16, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Wahnschaff, Dr., bt.-Pauli.stcrnstr., 5, Hamburg. Bot., Bryol. 
Waitz, von, Cassel. Min. 
Waldburg-Zeil-Trauchburg, Carl J. G. von, Schloss Zeil-Ober- 

Waldeyer, Prof. Dr. H. W. G., Univ. Strassburg. 
Walj>ner, Henry, Secretar des Botanischen Vereins, Alsace-Lotliringen, 

W'asselnheini. Bot. C. Ex. Native lieri)s for European. 
Wallach, Prof. O., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Cliem. 
Walser, Dr., Praktischer Arzt, Schwabhausen, near Dachau, Ober Bay- 

ern. Conch. C. Ex. Buys und sells. Wishes all kinds of Marine 

shells, especially of the Atlantic Ocean, in exchange for European. 
Walter, Dr. A , Bayreuth. Bot., Bryol. 
Warnstedt, Adolf'von, Gottingen. 

Warn-storf, Carl, Lchrer, Nenruppin (Prussia). Bryol. C. Ex. Mosses. 
WEBEit, Frankfort-on-Main. Bot. 
Weber, Prof. Dr. Tiieodor, Univ. Halle. 
Weber, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm E., Univ. Gottingen. Phys, 
AV^eberbauer, Otto, Landeck. Mi/col. 
Websky, Prof. M., Roy. Univ., Berlin. 
Weddige, a , Univ. Lcipsic. Chim. 
Weierstrass, Prof. C, Roy. Univ., Berlin. Math. 
M'eigelt, Dr. Kurt, Dir. Agric. Station, Riifach. Bot. 
Weiler, Prof. Dr. August, Ritterstrasse, 18, Carlsruhe (Baden). Math,, 

Wein, Dr. Ernst, I. Assistent der Konigl. Landwirtli. Saramlungstrasse, 

jMiinich (Bavaria). A/ric. Chem. 
Weinkauff, Heinr. Carl, Creuzznacli, Rhine. Conch., Palceo. C. 
Weinland, Dr. David F., Essiingen (Wiirtemberg). Moll. 
Weise, .T., Kastanicn-Allee, 19, "20, Berlin. Coli-opt. 
A^'EIs^IANN, Dr. Augu.'^t, Prof d. ZoiJlogie, Freiburg (Baden). Zobl, 
Weiss, (iusTAVE, Mulhousc. Om. 
Weiss, Dr. Ernst, K. Landesgeolog n. Doccnt der Bergakademic, Loui- 

senplatz, 2. oi' N. Invalidenstrassc, 44, Berlin, N. W. GeoL, Min. 

C. E\. mineral and fossil plants of all formations. 
Weiss, Dr. Guido, Berlin. 
AVeiss, Frankfort-on-Main. Coleopt. 
Weissflog, E.,.Strehlener Str. 7, Dresden. Diatoms. 
AVeizsacker, J., Gottingen. 


Wendland, H., Hanover. Bot. 

AVenzig, Th , Kreuzberi;str., 6, Berlin. Bot. 

Westermaier, Dr. M., Feilncrstr., 8, Berlin, S.W. Bot. 

Westhoff, Fr , Minister, Westphalia. Ent., a., Giinzburj,' (Bavaria). Moll. 

Weyer, Prof. Dr. Georg D. E., Univ. Kiel. Math., Ast. 

Wiebel, Prof. Dr. Cakl W. M., Domstrasse, 5, Hamburg. Phys., 

Wiedemann, Prof. Dr. Ernst E. G., An cler ersten Bergscliiilc, Leip- 

sic. Physics. 
Wiedemann, Heinrich Gustav, Hofrath und Professor Biirgerscliule, 

Leipsic. Physics, Chnn. 
WiEDERSiiEiM, Prof. Dr. Robert, Univ. Freiburg. 
Wiegmann, Fritz, -Jena. MoU- 
WiEPKEN, C. F., (_)l(lenburg. Moll. 
Wieseler, Prof. F., Univ. G(ittingcn. Arch. 
Wigand, Dr. Julius W. A., Prof. Bot., Univ. Marburg. 
WiLDT, Dr. Eugene, Kusclicn. Bot. 
WiLHELM, Dr. K., >Iunicli. Bot. 
Will, Prof. H., Univ. (iie-;sen. Chem. 
WiLLGERODT, Prof. K. F., Royal Univ., Freiburg. Chem. 
AViLMS, Dr. Friedrich, Apotheker, Clcmenstr. 15, Miinster, Westphalia. 

Bot., Coleopt. C. Ex. Expects to go to Transvaal, S. Africa, in 

Wilsdorf, Max, Chemnitz. Bot. 
WiNCKEL, Prof. Dr. Franz Carl L. W., Gelieimer Medicinalrath, 

Seminarstrasse, 12, Dresden. Pathol, and Anat. 
Winkler, A., Geh. Kriegsrath a. d. Schillstr. 17, Berlin, W. Bot., Mor- 

phologi/. Biology. C. 
Winkler, Prof. Dr. Clemens A., Freiburg. Chem. 
Winkler, Giesmannsdorf. Bot. C. 
WiNNECKE, Prof. A., Univ. Stra*sl)urg (Alsace). Ast. 
Winter, Dr. H., Brandcnburg-on-tiie-llavel. Bot. 
WiSLiCEXUS, Prof. .1., Univ. Wiirzburg. Chem. 
Witt, Otto X., Hoclifekl-on-Rhine. Diatoms. 
WiTTE, Rath, Breslau (Prussia). C. 

Wittmack. Dr. L., Prof. Univ., Invalidenstr. 42, Berlin. Bot., Mic. 
WiTTRiCH, Dr. W. H. von. Prof. Pliys., Univ. Kunigsberg. 
WoHLER, Prof. Dr. F., Univ. Giiltingcn. Chem. 
Wolf, (). Halle-on-the-Saale. Bot. 
Wolf, Dr. Wilhelm, Oberlehrer der Konigl. Landwirthschaftschule nnd 

Voistand des Agriculturchemischen Laboratoriums, Dobeln. Agric, 

Wolff, Prof. Dr. E. von, Hohenhcim, near Stuttgart. Bot. 
Wolff, Dr., Gricsheim, Frankfort-on-Main. Ih/giene, Chem. 
WoLLNY, Dr. Ewali), o. ('). Prof, dtr Landwirthschaft an der K. Tech- 

nisehen Hoehscliule, Nymphcnburgerstr. 20, JNIunich (Bavaria). 

Agric., Physiology of plants. C. Ex. Wishes samples of Ameri- 
can cultivated plaiits, especially corn and grain; oilers specimens of 

Woltemade, Gypsstr. 29, Berlin. Lepid. 
"W'oRONiN. Dit., ^Slainzcrstr. 24, Wiesbaden. 
WoRTMANN, Du. F., Sti-assi)urg (Alsace-Lorraine). Bot, 
■\\'rede, Potsdam. Bot. 

Wlllmer, ."Vdoli'H, Prof. Phys., Aix-la-Chapelle. 
Wi'x.scHE, Dr. Otto, Zwickau. Bot. 
WuNsciiMANN, Dr., Templinerstr. 14, Berlin. Ent< 
WusTENFELD, H. F., GiJttiugen, 

236 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

WvDLER, Dr. Heinrich, Gewesener Professor d. Botanik in Berne, 
Switzerland, un in Gernsbach, Grosslierz. (Baden). Morphology^ 

Zabel, Hermann, Kunigl. Gartenmeister, Miinden (Hanover). Dendrol- 
ogy, Spirce, Lonicera. C 

Zaciiarias, Dr. Ed., Univ. Strassburg (Alsace-Lorraine). 

Zaddach, Prof. G., Uuiv, Konigsberg (Prussia). Zool. 

Zech, Prof. Dr. Paul H. von, Stuttgart. Fhys. 

Zeis, Koy. Mas. Nat. Hist., Dresden. 

Zeis, Prof., Landshut. But. 

Zeiss, T. Georg K., Gymnasialprofessor, Landsbut (Bavaria). Bot. C. 
Ex. VVisbes American plants for the Botanical Society of Landsbut. 

Zeller, Dr. E., Stuttgart. Bot-: Alga. 

Zeller, CiuiLL., Bot. Gardens, Marburg. Bot. 

Zellner, Dr. Gustav H. von, Stuttgart. 

Zenker, Prof. Dr. F. A., Univ. Eilangen. Anat. 

Zeuner, Dr. Gustav, Dresden. 

Ziegler, Dr. Julius, Frankfort-on-Main. Bot. 

ZiEROW, Belle- Alliancestr., 88, Berlin. Ent. 

Zi.mmerlich, M'lle, Tliann. Bot. 

Zi.mmermanx, Dr. Oscar Emil IlEiNHOLD.Oberlehier ander Realscbule 
1. Ordnung, Bernsbacbstr. 15, L Chemnitz (Saxony). Mycology. 
C. Ex. Desires first-class specimens of mushrooms and lichens for 
good microscopical preparations. 

ZiMMERM.\NN, Dr., Bot. Gardens, Marburg. Bot. 

ZiNCKE, Th., Univ. Marburg. Chem. 

ZiKKEL, Prof. F., Univ. Leipsic. J/ni., Mic. 

ZiTTEL, Prof. C. A., Univ. Munich. Geol., Palceo. 

ZoLLNER, Prof. J. K. F., Univ. Leipsic. Photoinerie, Astroph. 

ZoPF, Dr. W., Barutherstr. 13, Berlin. Bot., Physiol. 

ZuNTZ, Prof., Poppelsdorf, near Bonn. Physiol. 

Zi'RN, F. A., Univ. Leipsic. Mic. 

ZwENGER, C, Univ. Marburg. Chem. 


Brain, Capt., D. L., 4th Regiment. 

Nai'ier of Magdala, R. Lord. 

Prevost, Capt. L. de Tessier, 93rd Highlanders. 


[ When the name of the island is not mentioned, England shmild be understood 
as forming a part of the address.] 

Abbat, Rev. Richard, M. A., F. R.A. S. East Soham Rectory, Fram- 

lingham, Suffolk. 
Abbott, Rev. Arthur R. St. James's, Waltharastow. 
Abel, F. A., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. 

Abercrombie, John, M. D., 13 Suffolk Square, Cheltenham. Mic. 
Aberdare, Henry Austin Bruce, Lord, 1 Queen's Gate, Kensington, 

S. W. 
Abney, William de Wirdeslie, 3 St. Albans Road, Kensington, W. 
Abraham, Phineas S., M D., Royal College of Surgeons, Stephen's Green, 

Dublin, L'eland. Comp. Anat., Physiol. 
Abrahams, Israel, 56 Russell Square, London, W. C. 
Acland, Henry, A. M.,M.D., LL. D., Broad Street, Oxford. 
Ackland, William, 416 Strand, London, W. C. Mic. 


Adams, Andrew Leith, M.A., M. B., F. R. S., Professor of Natural 
History in Queen's College, Cork. Queen's College, Cork, Ireland. 
Adams, Ernest, Fh. D., Anson Road, Victoria Park, ^lanchester. 
Adams, Frederick C, 74 Jermj-u Street, London, S. VV. Ent. 
Adams, G. F., M. Inst. C. E. Guildhall Chambers, Carditf, Wales. 
Adams, Herbert J., Roseneath, Loudon Road, Enfield. Ent. 
Adams, John Couch, M. A., LL. D., F. R. S. Lowdean Prof. Ast. Univ., 

Vice-Pres. Obs., Cambridge. 
Adams, William, Park Place, Carditf, Wales. Mining. 
Adams, William Grylls, M. A., F. R. S., Prof, of Nat. Philos., King's 

College, London, W. C. 
Adamson, Daniel, The Towers, Didsbury, Manchester. 
Adamson, Samuel A., 16 Lovell Terrace, Leeds. Geol. C. 
Adie, Richard, care of Alex. Adie & Sons, 37 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 

Scotland. Chetn. 
Addison, William, M. D., 10 Albert Road, Brighton. 
Agar, Agar Padley, care Grindlay & Co., 55 Parliament Street, London, 

S. VV. 
AiNswoRTH, George, Consett Iron Company, Blackhill, Durham. Chem. 
AiNSWORTH, Ralph F., M. D., Cliff Point, Lower Broughton, Man- 
AiRD, David A., 3 Plowden Buildings, Temple, London, E. 0. 
Airy, Sir George Biddell, J^L. D., Astronomer Royal. The Royal 

Observatory, Greenwich, London, S. E. 
AiTCHisON, James E. T., M.D., Punjab, East Indies, care Grindlay & 

Co., 55 Parliament Street, London, S. W. 
Aitken, Capt. J. P., Sandfield, Urmston, Manchester. Geol. 
AiTKEN, Thomas, M. D., Inverness, Scotland. Min. 
Aitken, William, M. D., Netley Park Villa, Woolston, Southampton. 
Alabone, Edwin W., M. D., Lynton House, Mildmay, New Park, Lon- 
don, N. Mic. : Insect Dissections. C. 
Alcock, Randal H., Hudcar House, Bury, Lancashii-e. 
Alcock, Thomas, M. D., Oakfield, Sale, Manchester. Nat. Hist. 
Alderson, Sir James, M. A., M. D., 17 Berkeley Square, London, W. 
Alexander, Lieut.-General Sir James, 35 Bedford Place, Russell Square, 

London, W. C. Mic. 
Allbon, William, 525 New Oxford Street, London, W. C. Mic. 
Allbutt, Thomas C, M. A., M. D., Park Chambers, Leeds. 
Allen, A. H., F. C. S., Sheffield. Chem., Metall. 
Allen, C. Bruce, 11 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. 

Allen, C. J. H., F. L. S., 4 Park Crescent, London, N. W. Mic. 
Allen, Daniel, 69 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Mic. 
Allen, Edward, St. Saviourgate, York. 
Allen, F., Chemical Works, 13ow Common, E., and 13 Stainsly Road, East 

India Road, Poplar, London, E. Chetn. 
Allen, Rev. William H., F. R. A. S., 14 Frederick Place, Plumstead, 

Allman, George J., Prof. Nat. History, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Allman, G. J., The Queen's College, (jalwav, Ireland. Math., Zoiil. 
Allpass, Henry, F. R. S. L., 5 The Walk,"Ludgarville, Cardiff, Wales. 
Engaged in completion of Analytical Index of the " Archaeologia 
Cambrensis," will be complete in about two years. 
Allport, Samuel, Mason Cf)llege, Birminghatu. Geol. 
Alsop, J. W., B. A. ,6 Loriie Uoad, Birkenhead. 

Alston, Edward Richard, F.L.S., 14 Maddox Street, London, W. Orn. 
Ames, (Jeorge Acland, Union Clul), London, S. W., and schooner-yacht 

" Urania," Cowes, Isle of Wight. Mic, .Xavif/ation. 
Anderson, Sir Ja.mes, 16 Warrington Crescent, London, W. 

23$ THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. BritaII*. 

Anderson, John, Ilolywood, Belfast, Irclnnd. Geol. 

Andicuson, Joseph, Jr., Alve Villa, Chiclicster. Lepidopte7-a. 

Andeuson, RicHAiii), F.C.8., Rose Coltajre, New Maiden, Surrey. 

Anderson, Sir James, 1G Warrington Crescent, J^ondon, W. 

Andr :, (Jeorge (Juillaume, Ifi Craven Street, Strand, London, W. C. 

Andrew, Thomas, KS Southernliay, Exeter. 

Andrews, Arthur, Newton House, Blaekrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Mic. 

Andrews, Dr., F.R S., Hellast. Ireland. Chem. 

Andrews, R , Castle Street, Hertford. Bot. 

Andrews, Thomas, M. D., LL. 1)., Fort William Park, Belfast, Ireland. 

Angas, George F., 48 Norland Square, Holland Park, London. Moll. 

Annandale, Thomas, Prof. Univ. Edinhurfi-li, Scotland. 

Ansell, Charles, 7 Eastern Terrace, Bri^^hton. 

Ansted, Prof. D. T., M. A , F. R. S., Melton, Suffolk. Min. 

Anstie, John, B. A., 5 Westminster CUambers, Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Anthony, John, F. R. M. S., fi Greenfield Crescent, Edgbaston, Birming- 
ham. Phi/siol. Histol. C. 
Archer, F., Little Crosby-road, Crosby, Liverpool. Ent., Con. 
Archer, Thomas C, Director Museum of Science and Arts, Edinburgh, 

Archer, ^VILLIAM, St. Brendan's, Grosvenor Road, East, Rathmines, 

Dublin, Ireland. 
Archer-Hind, T. H., Newton, Abbot, Devon. 

Arden, Richard Edward, P2ast Burnham House, Buckinghamshire. 
Argall, p. H., CronclaiiC Alines, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Min. 
Argyll, Duke of, K. T., D. C. L., F. R. S., Campdcn Hill, Kensington, 

W., and Inverary Castle, Argyllshire. 
Armitage, Edward, 3 Hall-road, .St. John's Wood, London, N. W. Ent. 
AKMSTiiONG, Sir Alexander, M. D., LL. D., The Admiralty, 9 New 

Street, Sarig-(iardens, Loudon, S. W. 
Armstrong, George Frederick, M. A., Assoc. M. Inst C. E., Prof. 

Civil and Mechaiiical P^ngineering, Yorkshire Coll. of Sci. Leeds. 
Armstrong, Henry Bruce, B. A., 2;") Savile Row, London, W^. 
Armstrong, Henry E., Ph. D , F. R. S., London Institution, Finsbury- 

circus, London, E. C. Chem. 
Armstrong, Pelaw House, Chester-le-street, Durham. 
Ar.mstrong, Sir William (iEORge, 8 (ireat {4eorge Street, London, S.W. 
Arnot, William, Cbemical Laboratory, 18 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, 

Scotland. Chem. 
Arnott, James jNL, 36 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, London, W. 
AsiiWELL, James. M. A., M. Inst. C. E., Ivy Cottage, Bathwell, Bath. 
Atkinson, ti. M., '28 St. Oswald's Roail, West Brompton, London, S. W. 
Atkinson, John Thomas, Selby, Yorkshire. 
Attfield, Prof. John, M. A., Ph. D., F.R.S., etc., 17Bloomsbury Square, 

London. (Jhem. 
Attwood, Georoe, F. C.S., 4 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square, 

Loudon, N. W. 
Austin, Charles Edward, 1 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, 

Lomlon, S. W, 
Austin, Major Thomas, Lyncombe Villa, Hampton Road, Redland, 

AvELiNE, William Talbot, Geological Survey of England, Museum, 

Jermvn Street, London, S. W\ 
Barer, James, 1 South place, Knightsbridge, I^ondou, S.W. 
Babington, Charles Cardale, M.A.,F.R.S., F.L.S., F.S.A.,Prof. Bot. 

Univ. of Camb., 5 Brooksidc, Caud^riilge. 
Bagshaw, Benjamin, Sheffield. Genealugy. 

tiT. Britaix.] the naturalists' DIRECTORY. 239 

Baioent, R. C, War Office, Pall Mall, London. Min. 

Bailey, Charles, 85 Witliini:ton Pvoad, Whallcy Kan<rc, Manchester. 

Bailey, G. H., B. Sc. Grammar School, Bowes ctq, Darlinjiton. Chem. 

Bailey, Samuel, Ferrv Barr, Birmingtiani. 

Bailey, W'm. H., F.L.S., Actinj,^ Balifonloloirist to the Geol. Surv. of Ire- 
land, and Demonstrator in Paheo. to the K()\-al Col. oftjci. for Ire- 
land, Apsley Lodfife, 'J2 Katlij:ar Road, Dublin, Ireland. Falceo. 

Bain, Donald, Wick, Scotland. Bnt. 

Baker, George, Alni Villa, Burton-on-Trent. Ent. C. Ex. British 

Baker, John Gilbert, Royal Herharium, Kcw. 

Baker, John Lloyd Barwick, llardwicke Court, Gloucestershire. 

Baker, Sir Samuel White, baiiford, Urleigh, Newton, Abbot, Devon- 

Baldock, John H., South Norwood, London, S. E. 

Baldky, James Danford, M. Inst. C. E., 2 Queen Square Place, West- 
minster, London, S. W. 

Baldwin, Arthur E., Sunnydale, The Avenue, Lee, London, S. E. 

Balfour, I. Bayley, M. B. D'. Sc.,"27 Inverleith Bow, Edinburjih, Scotland. 

Balfour, Francis M., Fellow of Trinity Collej^e, Cambridge. Comp. 
Aiiat. and Emb. 

Balfour, Prof. Isaac B., Prof. Bot. Ll^niv. Glasgow, Scotland. Bot. 

Balfour, J. Mutton, M. D., LL.D , Emeritus Prof. Bot., Inverleith 
House, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Bot. C. Ex. British Flora. 

Balfour, Thomas (Graham, M. D., Coombe-lodge, Wimbledon Park. 

Bales, John, Penzance. Bot. 

Ball, John, 10 Southwell Gardens, South Kensington, and Athenseum 
Club, London, S. W. 

Ball, R. S., LL.D.. F.R. S., Royal Astronomer of Ireland, Observatorj', 
Dunsink, Co. Dublin. Ast., Mith. 

Balston, Wm. E., B. a., Bear<ted House, Bearsted, Maidstone. 

Baly, Joseph S., The Butts, Warwick. But. 

Bamford, Herbert, 14 Vanburgh Park Road (W.l, Blackheath, Loudon, 
S. E. 

Bancroft, T. L., 24 Bucclcuch Place, ^laidstone. 

Banerman, Hilary, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton. London. Min., Mining. 

Banister, Richard, Inland Revenue Laborator\', Somerset House, Lon- 
don, W . C. Chem. 

Barber, .John, 31 Randolph Crescent, Maida-hill, London, W. 

Barber, William, M. A., Barrow Point, Pinner. 

Barclay, -Vndrew A\'nYTE, M. D., 23 A, Burton Street, Berkeley 
S(iuare, London, W. 

Barclay, Joseph V<., Observatory lycyton, Essev. Ast. 

Barclay. Hanbury, The Anchor Tube Co., Gas Street, Birmingham. 

Barfoot, G. H., M. D., 15 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. 

Barford, A. II., 1 Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 

Barkas, Thomas P., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Barker, Samuel, ISI. D., 24 Eaton Place, Brisxhton. 

Bakkly, Sir Henry, 20 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London, 
S W. 

Barlow, Peter Wm., F. R. S., 26 Great George Street, London, S. AV. 

Barlow, W. II., Vice-President, Royal Society, High Coombe, Old 
Cliark'ton, London, S. E. 

Barnard, .Major, R. C, Lockhampton, Clieltenham. 

Barnes, John Hickman, 30 (ireat George Street, London, S. W. 

Barnett, a. K., Chynndour, Penzance. 

Barrand, Allan T.", St. John's \'illas, Watford. Orn. 

240 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain'. 

Barrett, Prof. W. F., R. Colleore Sci., Dublin, Ireland, rhrjs. 
Barron, \Vm. A., Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Allliorp House, Queen's Boad, 

Ricliniond, Surrey. 
Barrow, George, Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn 

Street, London, S W. 
Barrow, Francis, M. A., Treasurer, 3 Phillimore Gardens, London, W. 

Barrow, John, F. S. A., 17 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 

N.W. ° 

Bartlett, W. H., 4 Great George Street, Westminster, London, S. W. 
Bartlett, Henrv C, Ph. D., Laboratory, 39 Duke Street, Grosvcnor 

Square, London, W. Chem. 
Barton, Stephen, 32 St. Michael's Hill, Bristol. Ent. 
Barugh, Lieut. J., Charlestown, Bridlington, Yorkshire. 
Bastian, Henry Charlton, M. A., M. D., Prof, of Pathological Anat. 

at University College, London, 20 Queen Anne Street, W., Madge 

Hill, Hanwell. London, W. 
Bate, Charles Spence, F. R. S., 8 Mulgrave Place, Plymouth. Marine 

ZoiJl., Cntstacea. C. Ex. 
Bateman, F., M. D., Norwich. Psychol. 

Bateman, James, M. A., 9 Hyde Park Gate, Smith, London, W. 
Bateman, John F., F. R. S.," 16 Cireat George Street, Loudon, S. W. 
Bates, Henry \V.,40 Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town, London, N. "W. 

Bates, Rev. J. Chadwick, M. A., F. R. A. S., S.. Martin's, Castleton 

Moor, near Manchester. 
Bauerman, Hilary, Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Geologist to the American 

Boundary Commission, Museum, Jermyn Street, S. W. ; and 41 

Acre Lane, London, S. W. 
Baxendell, Joseph, 14 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport. Ast. 
Baxter, Wy'nne E., 9 Laurence Poutuey Hill, Cannon Street, London, 

Bayfield, T. G., Magdalen Street, Norwich. Geol., Archccol. 
Baynes, J., Jr., F. C. S., Borough Analyst's Office, Royal Chambers, 

Scale Lane, Hull. Chem. 
Beale, C, The Quarry, Cawney Bank, Dudley. Geol. 
Beale, Lionel Smith, Prof. King's College, 61 Grosvenor Street, Lon- 
don, W. Minute Anat., Phi/sioL, Mic. Pres. R. M. S. of Loudon. 
Beale, W. Phipson, 3 Victoria Street, London, S. W. 
Beanes, Edward, F. C. S., Moallands, Paddock Wood, Brenchley, Kent. 
Beanes, F. E. v., Moatlands, Paddock Wood, Brenchley, Kent. Anahjt. 

Beanland, Rev. Arthur, 87 Long Westgate, Scarborough. 
Beardmore, N. St. Bernard, 30 Great George Street, Westminster, 

London, S. W. 
Beardsley, Amos, F. L. S., F. G. S., Grange-over-Sands, Lancashire. 

Geol., Nat. Hist. C. Ex. in Suffolk Craig and other strata. 
Beaumont; Alfred, Steps Mills, Iluddersfield. Ent. 
Beaumont, Wentworth B., M. P., Bretton Park, Wakefield. 
Beck, Joseph, F.R.A.S., 31 Cornhill, London, E. C. 
Becker, Hermann, M. D., Park Browse House, The Lizard, Cornwall. 
Beckett, Sir Edmund, LL.D., 33 Queen Anne Street, London, W. Hor- 

Beckles", Samuel Husbands, F. R. S., 9 Grand Parade, St. Leonards- 

Beddoe, John, M. D., Mortimer House, Clifton, Bristol. 
Bedford, Rev. J. L., M. A., 97 Staftbrd Street, Longton, Stafford. 
Bedwell, Francis A., M. A., Fort Hall, Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire. 

Gt. BRITAra.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 241 

Beeby, W. n., 14 Ridinprlionse Street, London, W. Bot. 

Beesley, Thomas, lli^jh Street, Banbury, Oxlordshire. GcqI. 

Beetham, a. W ., 1 South Square, Gray's lun, London, \\ . C 

Begg, John, Wick, Scotland. Ent. 

Bell. Prof. F. Jeffry, F. Z. S., King's College, London. Comp. Anat., 

Bell, I. L., Rounton Grange, by Xorth Allerton. 
Bell, Matthew, Bourne Park, C'antcri)ury. 
Bell, Robekt, 31 Bath Road, Chiswick. 

Bell. Rev. Thomas, Kcig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Ent., Bot. 
Belshaw, M., Havbritiie, Maiden, Essex. 
Benuix, David, care of Burt, Boulton, and Haywood, Prince Regent's 

Wharf, Victoria Docks, London, E. Clieni. 
Bennett, .\lfred \\'., ^L A., B. Sc, 6 Park Village, East, London, X. 

\V. Lect. on Bot., St. Thomas Hospital, and at Bedford (Ladies) 

College. Bot. C. 
Bennett, Akthuk, F. L. S., 107 High Street, Croydon, near London. 

Bot., Pot nifigetnns and Charnccce. C. Ex. 
Bennett, Fijancis James, Geological Survey of England, Museum, 

Jennyn Street, London, S \V. 
Bennett, F., 1 Old Broad Street, London. "Mir.. 
Bennett, J. R., M D., ■22 Cavendish Square, Ijondon, W. 
Bentham, George, 2.') Wilton Place, London, \K . 
Bentley, Robert, Prof. Bot , King's College, 1 Trebovir Road, Earl's 

Court, London. Bot. 
Berens, .Alexander A., 68 Great Cumberland Place, London, AV. Ent. 
Beresforu-Hope, A. J. B , LL. D., Arklow House, Connaught Place, 

London, W. 
Beringer, Cornelius, Redruth. Min. 

Berjeau, Charles, 137 Ilnngerford Road, Camden Road, London, X. 
Berkeley, Rev. M. J., Siobertofr, Market Harborouuh. Fungi. 
Bernays, -Vlbert James, Ph. D., Acre House, Brixton-rise, London, S. 
Besant, W. H., ]M. ,\., 4 Benet Place, Cambridge. 
Bessemer, Sir Henry, Denmark Hill, Loudon, S. E. 
Betley, Ralph, Iliudley, Wigan. 

Bettany, (iEORGE T , .M. A., Lecturer on Bot., Guy's Hospital, 10 Ches- 
terfield Grove, East Dulwich, London, S. E. 
Bevan, G. p.. Uplands, Richmond, Surrey 
Bevan, Rev. J. O., M A., Assoc. List. C' E., 72 Beaufort Road, Edgbas- 

ton, Birmingham. 
Be\vick, Thomas John, Haydon Bridge, Carlisle. 
Bewsher, Samuel, St. Paul's School, London, E. C. 
BiCKNELL, Percy, Beckenham, Kent. Ent. 

BiDnrR, Bartholomew Parker, ]\I. Inst. C. E , Wnnnceirrh, XcaMi. 
BlDDULP.i, Major Joh.v, 4.3 Charing Cross, London. Orn. Will e - 

change Indian, and especially Himalayan birds, for specimens of 

Fringillida- from other countries. 
Bidwell, Edward, 7 Ormond Terrace, Ricliniond, Surrey. Orn. 
BiDWELL, Shelford, M. A., LL.D., Riverstone Lodge, Southflelds, 

Wandsworth, I.,on(lon, S. W. 
Biggart, J. W., Chemical Laboratory, 29 Catlicart Street, Greenock. 

BiGGE, Matthew R., 6 John Street, Adelphi, London, W. C. 
BiGNELL, Geo. C, M. E. S., 7 Clarence Place, Stonehouse, Plymouth. 

Lfpldoptera, Ir/inetimonidce. C. Ex. 
BiGSBY, John J., M. D., F.R. S.,89 Gloucester Place, Portmau Square, 

London, W. 
BiLKE, Edward, 1 Chester Square, London, S. W. 

242 THE naturalists' directory. IGt. Britain. 

Hilling, ARCniBALn, ^f. D , 34 Park Lane, London, W. 

liiLLUi'S, T, U., 4 Swiss Villas, Copplestoiie Uoud, reckham, London, S. 

E. Eat. 
BiNXEV, Ldward William, C'liailiani Hill, Manclicstcr. England, and 

liiivi'iisilirt'c, Doit^ihi-;, Isle ol' Man. Oc-ol. and I'laiits oj the Co.U 

iiiedSHii s. (Spec, i'urbdiiifcrous and Ptrniian beda. 
B'.XNIE, Ali;xani)EK IUchahdson, M. Inst. C. K., Townhall, Bradford. 
hlNNs, E. Kndvvles, "ilG Ilcavy^alc Koail, ShcffiLld. 
liixx:?, Kfv W'm., btoiirtoa Loilj; •, Arno IJoad, O\ton, Birkenhead. 
I.lHcii, (J. H., 3.") Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W. C. 
L.IKCH, II. \V. r., Assoc. ]SI. Inst. C. E., 5 We^tininstcr Chambers, Vic- 
toria Street, London, S. W. 
Bir.ciiALL, Edwix, Woodsidc, Douglas, Isle of Man. 

BliD, Ekxest, En^hnni LodjiC, Woodland, Slieplierd's Bush, London, W, 
BiKos, James .'Vdey, B. A., h'l Uloiicester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, 

\V. (i,'ol. 
BiUKS, Edward, I.ccturci-on Botany in the Sheffield School of Medicine, 

Sheffield. Hot. C 
Bihmixgham, John, Willtown, Tiiam, Ireland. Ast. 
BiUT, W. 11., 4 Ley spring' Terrace, Cowle}' Road, Lej'tonstonc, London, 

E. Ast., Sf/viioqrcip/ii/, Mftrov. 
BiKT, WiLLiA.M Kaucliff, 3 Shrewsbury Villas, Water Lane, Stratford, 

Lontlon, E. Ast, 
BiSHOi', George, care F. B. Marson, Finsbury Distiller^', London, E. C. 

Bishop, Mrs , The Piatt, Watford. Bot. 

Black, Charles, yVrbi^hunl, Diunfries, Scotland. Geol., Bnf. 
Blackie, W. (;., Pli. I)., 17 Stanhope Street, Glastjow, Scotland. Geog, 
Blair, I)., 34 ()vinj;ton Street, Chelsea, London, S. W. 
liLAKE, Rev. J. F., M. a., 17 Cilston Road, South Kensin^-ton, London, 

S. \V. 
Blake, Mexry Wollaston, M.A., 8 Devonshire Place, Portland Place, 

London, \V. 
Blake, J. Hopwood, Assoc. ISI. Inst. C. E, Geoloy:ical Survey of Eng- 

huul. Museum, .Jermyn Street, London, S. \V. 
IjLake.more, William. Tondii Iron Works, Bridgend, Wales. 
r)LAKEV, .1. Kexworthy, 33 Hano\ cr Street, Leeds. 
Blomefield, Rev. Leonard, M. A., 19 Belmont, Bath. ZoiJl., Bot. 
Blouxt, William, Orchehili, (ierranl's Cross, slough. 
Bloxam, (tEO. W., 44 Dacre Park, Lee, Kent. ZoiJl., Comp. Anat., 

A nth. 
Blunt, George V , M. D., Prof. Med. Jurisp. Queen's Coll., Birmingham, 

7 ()l(l-*quare, BirniiuLiham. 
BoBEiiCT, William, Markree-Obscrvatory, Colloony, Ireland. Astronomy, 

Diivhlc St(irs. 
BoASE, llEXRY S., I\I. D , F.R. S., Seafickl House, Magdalen Place, 

Dundee, Scotland. 
BoCK, Carl, 19 Fernlea Road, Balham, London, S. W. In care of the 

Swedisli and Norwegian Consul-General, Bangkok, Siam. Con., 

Borneo and l.andsliells. C. Ex. 
BoGVE, David, 3 St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar Square, London, W. C. 
BoHx, Henry G., North Endllousc, Twickenliani, London, S. W. 
BoiLiCAU, .lonN T., 31 Ladhroke Square, Netting Hill, London, W. 
BOLAM, II. (7,, Little Lmestrc, Statforil. 

BoLTOx, Thomas, Naturalists' Studio, 17 Ann Street, Birmingham. An- 
imal P/ii/siol, e.sp. Hotifcra ai.d, Zoiiplntcs, A.'it. 
Bolton, Rev. W. 11., Grammar School, Kiuvcr, near Stourbridge. Bot., 



BoMPAS, George Cox, 15 Stanley Gardens, Kensington, London, W. 

Bond, Fkan'cis, M. A., Snowdou House, John Street, llauipitead, Lon- 
don, N. W. 

Bond, Fueu, o Fairfield Avenue, Staines. Enf. 

Bond, .J. K , B. A., B.Sc., Park Grammar Scli, Plymouth. Bot. 

BoXiiEV, Prof. T, G., F. K. b., St. John's College, Cambridge. GcoL, 
I'ttinlogy. C. 

BoNSOK, Samuel,, 433 Oxford Street, London, W. 

BooG, Bev. Watson, Cartlros^, Scotland. MolL 

Booth, Isaiah, Mining Engineer, Oaks Colliery, Oldham, Firwood, 
Alderley Edge. .Manchester. 

Booth, James, 'J'lie (irange, Ovenden, Halifax-. 

Boreham, U'm. W., J. p., F.R.A.S. The Mount, Haverhill, Essex. Ast. 

Borland, John, Bosebank, Kilmarnock, Scotland. 

BORRADAILE, CHARLES, East lleatlilcy, llawkiiurst. 

BoKRER, William, jNI.A., Cowlold, llor>ham. Orn., Ent. 

BOSCHER, Edward, Bellevue House, Twickenham. Ent. 

BossEY, Francis, ^I. 1>., 0\fonl-road, Bcdiiill, Surrey. 

BoswELL, Dr. .Syme, Balmuto, Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland. Bot. 

EosWELL, H., Woodstock Itoad, Oxford. Mosses, Hep iticee. 

BoswoRTH, .John Alleyne, Hunilierstonc, Leicestershire. 

BoTT, Arthl'R, 227 Southampton Street, London. .S. E. 

BOULGER, G. S., F. L. S., F. C. S., Prof Nat. Hist., 144 Kensington Park 
Koad, Louilon, W. Bil., Geo/., Mm., Spec. -Ver?. Onto/jfiti/. 

Bourne, Alfred .V., >L .\. Rossall .ScIkxjI, Fleetwood Laucaslure. 

BouvERiE, Right Hon. Edward, 44 Wilton Crescent, London, S. W. 

Bouv'ERiE, Pusey, S. E. B., Pusey House, Faringdon, and nO Upper 
Brook .Street, Grosvenor Square, London, W. 

Bowen, E.. M. I)., Tall)Ot House, Palm Grove, Birkenhead. 

Bower, H. S., Frontmell Parva, Blandfurd. 

Bowie, Mrs. .V. .V. L., 43 Palace (iardens Terrace, London, W. 

Bowman, Fred H., D. .Sc, F.L.S., F.G.A., F.R.A.S., F.C.S., "West 
Mount, Halifax, Yorkshire. C'/iein., Elect., Moleciil:ir Physics, SjJect. 
El'Ci. and structure of cotton and ot/ier textile fibres. 

Bowman, William, ;") Clitford Street, London, W. 

BOWRING, John C, Forest Farm, Windsor Forest. 

Boxer, Edward .M., Upton House, near Rytle. 

Boycott, Thomas, M. D., 4G Monta.;u .Square. London, W. 

Boyd, Nelson, 7 Westminster Cliau)l)er-<, Victoria Street, London, S. W. 

Boyd, Thomas, Surrey Loilgr, Hornend Road, Norwood, London, S. E. 

Boyd, Willi.^m C, Cheshunt, Herts. Enf. 

Boyle, .Vrtiiur Robert, Engineer's Office, Central Railway Station, 
Watson Street, Manchester. 

Bbaby, Frederick, F.C.S., Catheart House, South Kensington, London, 

Bradley, Henry, Sheffield. Vhilnlocjy. 

Brady, Sir .Vntonio, J. P. ^larylaiui Point, Stratford, London, E. 

Brady, Dr. (Jeorge S., 22 Fawcelt Street, Sunderland. Invertebrate Zool- 
ogy ; Entoniostraca, chiefly coprpoda cind ostracoda Would ex- 
change specimens of Entoniostraca, etc. 

Brady, Henry Bowman, F. R. S., F. L, S., F. C. S. Gateshead on Tync. 
Recent and i'rotozoa, e.ip. I'oraniinifi ra and Uadialari. C. 

Bragge, William, F. S. A. Clarendon House,' Hall Road, Birmingham. 

Braiiam, Philii', Optician, 6 (ieorgo Street, Batli. C'heni., Phi/s., Chryst. 

Braid wood, P. M., Delamerc Terrace, Park Road South, Birkenhead. 

Braikenridge, Rev. George W., M. \., Clcvedon, Bristol. Ent. 

244 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. nniTAiK. 

BRAlTnwAlTE, R., M. D., 303 Claphani Road, London. Mosses. 

UlUANT, A. 15., Lansdownc Terrace, Hampton Wick. 

Bramweli., Fredk. Joseph, 37 Great Cieoryc Street, Westminster, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Brass, Ucv. Henry, M. A., Bed Hill, Rei^ate. 

Brebner, James, S. Tav Street, Dnndce, Scotland. Bot. 

Breese, Charles J., 1 .M irqness Road, Canonlnuy. 

Bretos, William Henry, Coniiuamler R. N., 15 Camden Crescent, 

Brett Alfred, T., M.D , Watford House, Herts. 

Brickenden, James Gordon, ICing's Clitic, Wansford, Northampton- 
si liie. 

Bridgman, John B., 69 St. Giles Street, Norwich. Ent. 

Brierley, James, 29 Manchester Street. Soiitli;impton. Chem., Phys. 

Brigg, .John, F.C.S., Broomfield, Kci>:hle_v. Gcol. C. 

Briggs, C'harles a., 00 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W. C. Ent. 

Briggs. Tho.mas H., M.A., 55 Lincoln's Liu Fields, London, W. C. 

Briggs, T.R A., F.L.S., Poriland Square, Plymouth. Bot. 

Bright, Sir Charles Tilston, 2) Bolton (Jartlcns, London, S.W. 

Bright, James, ]\LD., G ilol\ rood PLii-c, Plymouth. 

Brightwen, Mrs. (tEORGE, The (irovc, (ireat Stanmorc. Bot. 

Bristow, Henry William, F.R S., Director of the Geological Sui-vey 
of England. Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S.W. 

Brittain, Frederick, Taptonville Crescent, Sheffield. Bot., esp. Insect- 
C(rt /line/ plants. C Ex. in specialty. 

Brittain, Thomas, ShcHicld. Mic. 

Broad, T. W., Stanhope (Tardens, London, S.W. 

Brockbank, William, Brockluirst, Ditlshury, Manchester. 

Brodhurst, Bernard Edw., "20 (irosvenor Street, London, W. 

Brodie, Rev. Peter B., M.A., Rowington Vicarage, near Warwick. 
Geo I. 

Brogden, Henry, Hale Lodge, near Altrincham, Cheshire. 

PiROGDEN, James, F L.S., Sea-Bank House, Porthcawl, Bridgend. 

Bromley, J. Harrison, Eldwiek Crag, near Bin;;ley, Yorkshire. Geol. 

Brook, George, Jr., F.L.S , F.R. M.S., Fernbrook, liuddcrstield. Cnis- 
tiicen. C. Ev. Brit, sp for othcr-i. 

Brooke, Arthur B., Cardney, Dunkcld. Om. 

Brooke, Edward, Oakley House, Edgcston, lluddersfield. 

Brooke, Sir Victor A., Bart , F.L.S.' Colebrooke, Brookeborough, Co. 
Fermanagh, Ireland. Oni. 

Brooke, Sir William Brooke O'Shaughnessy, M.D., 55 Parliament 
Street, Lonilon, S.W. 

Brookes, John, Yew Villa, V/est<rate, Southwell. 

Broom, G. J. C, Town Hall, Dudley. 

Broom, C. E., M.A., F.L.S., Elmhurst, Batheaston, near Bath. Bot., 

Brothers, Horatio, St. Lawrence, Putney Hill, London, S.W. 

Brotherston, A., Sheldon Park Rnad, Scotland. Bot. 

Brown, Ale.xander Crum, M.D., Prof. Chem. in the University of Edin- 
burg, Edinburgh, Scotland. Cbetn. 

Brown, C'. Barrington, 115 Lansdownc Road, Notting Hill, London, 

Brown, Edward, 2 Blythwood Villas, Crouch End, London, N. 

Brown, .Tames Campbell, Royal Infirmary School of Medicine, Liver- 
pool. Chem., Mill. Ev. 

Brown, John, 12 Bedford Street, Belfast. Ireland. Cmitart Electricity, 

Brown, John, The Hawthorns, 3 Lozell's Road, Birmingham. 


Brown, John Allex, 7 Kent Garden, Ealin;r, London, W. Geol., Min. 

Brown, John C, LL.L)., fiof. Eincr., ILuUlingtou, Scotland. Forestri/ 
and Ecoii. But. 

Brown, Joseph, Q. C, 54 Avenue Road, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 

Brown, J., Osliorn Park, Ijclfasi, Ireland (late of Edeudcrry llousc). 
(.'Iicinicul I Iieori/ of Vult.dc Action. 

Brown, N. E., Ivv Cottage, Red Hill. Ent. 

Brown, Richard! 115 Laiisdowne Road, Nottinjr Ilill, London, W. 

Brown, Robert, M. A , Ph.D, F.L S., 2G Gniklford Road, Albert 
ISquare, London, IS. Vv'. PIii/s., Gcof/., more es)K'ciallv in its bio- 
logical anil ethnological a>pccts (spec .Vrctic RegioiH and Friessiau 
Islands). Ex. papers, books, and maps, in relation to above. 

Brown, Thomas, Further liarton, Cirencester. 

Brown, Tho.mas Fouster, Guildhall Chambers, Cardift", Wales. 

Browne, Colvile, a llilldrop Road, Cauulen lload, L(uulon, N. 

Browne, James Crichton, IM.l)., LL.D., 7 Cumberland Terrace, Re- 
gent's Park, London, N. Vv'. 

Browne, R. jSIackley, Xorthside, St. John's, Scvenoaks, Kent. 

Browne, The Vcn. Arehdeaeou Robert W., M. A., Prebend of St. 
Paul's, Wells, Somerset. 

Browne, Rev. T. II., Iligli Wycombe, Bucks. Ent., Mic. 

Browning, .John, 63 Strand, Lontlon, W. C. 

Bruce, Henry Alexander, ISI. D, Indian United Service Club, 14 St. 
James's Sqiuire, London, S. W. 

Bruce, Rev, A\ m. Conybeare, St. Nicholas' Rectory, near Cardiff, 
Wales. Ast. 

Brunlees, James, F. R. S E., M. Inst. C. E., 5 Victoria Street, West- 
minster, I>ondon, S. W. 

Brunt, Ephkaim, llavclock Place, Ilanley, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Brunton, .John, 13a Great George Street", London, S. VV. 

Brunton, Richard Henry, M. Inst. C. E , Younj^'s Paraffine Light Co., 
Bathgate, Scothuul 

Brunton, T. Lauder, i\I D., F.R.S ,50 Wcllbeck Street, London, W. 
Pharmacologi/ and Thcrnpeiitirs. 

BuccEEUCH, Walter Traveks Montagu-Douglas Scott, Duke of, 
Whitehall (iardens, London, S. \V. 

BuciiAN. .Vlex., Sec Scotch Meteor. Soc, 73 Great King Street, Ediu- 
l>nrgh, Scotland. Mitenr. 

BuCKLAND, Miss A. W , 106 Guilford Street, London, W. C. 

Buckley, Sir Edmund, Bart., 36 Higher Ardwick, Manchester. 

Buckley, Henry, 27 Whecley's Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Olil. 
C. Ev Desires rare N A. egirs. 

Buckley, Thomas E., B. .\., Attadale House, Strath Carron, Ross-shire, 
N. B., Scotland. On>. 

Buckman, James, Prof (Jeol. and Rural Econ., Bradford .\bhas, Sher- 
b(irnc. Dorset,. Gcal , lint., and. Ihirnl Econ. {Sppc. Jvrnssic 
Antmnnilcs. Ev. many fine specimens from Dorset and Somerset.) 

Buckney, Tfiomas, F. It A. S., Little Thurl)\v, Newmarket. Time- 
■ /<ei'p/'is and (i i!rii»ir f'/irnno' rap/is for Ohscfiato-ifS. 

Bucknill, J. C., M. D , 39 Wim))ole Street, London, \V. 

Buckton, G. B , Weyconibe, llnslemere, Surrey. 

BuDD, (iEORGE, M. D., A-hleigh, Barnstaple, Devonsliire. 

Bulger, G. E,eare of Messrs. Wheatley & Co., 156 Lcadenhall Street, 
London, E. C. Orn. 

Bull, Rev. .Josiatt, ]Sr ,\ , Bui-v Lodge, South Norwood, London. S. E. 

Bull, R E , 85 Jililton Street, Dorset Square, London, N. W. Ent. 

BuNBURY, Sir Charles James Fox, Bart., F.R.S. , F.L. S., 48 Eaton 
Place, Belgrave Square, Loudon, S. W, 

246 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Bkitain. 

BuNBURY, Edward Herbert, M. A., 35 St. James's Street, London, S.W. 

BuKDER. (t , M. D., Clit'toii, Bristol Meteor. 

Burgess, James, LL.U., 22 Scion Plane, Edinburgh, Scotland. Indian 

Architecture, Iliaioyij (iiid Epi(/r(ip/ii/. 
BuRGiiARDT, Dv C A., Owen's c:()lle<;e, Manchester. Min. 
BuRNARD, C. F., PlyuiDiuh Chcniicar Works, Phniouth. Chem. 
BuRNANU, OEORGE.'Tcwm Water, Wclwvn. 
BiTR.N'ELL, Edward IJ., 32 Bedlbrd Row, "London, W C. Ent. 
Burnett, Ernest, Stominil)cr, near Taunton, Somerset. Orn. 
Burns, David, Geological Siirsey of England. Museum, Jcnn_yn Street, 

London, S. W. 
Burrows, bir George, jNI D., 18 Cavendish Square, London, W. 
PjURT, Major T. Seymour, Pipplirook House, Dorking, Surrey. 
Burton, Decimus, 1 Gloucester Houses, Gloucester Crescent, Bishop's 

Road, Lonilon, \V. 
Burton, Frederick M., Highfield, Gainsborough. 
Burton, Rev. John Richard, B. A., The Grammar School, Bewdley. 
Burton, John, 50 Portland Road, Nottiuijham 
Busk, George, F.R. C. S., F. R. S., F. L.S., 32 Harley Street, London, 

Butler, Arthur G., 10 Avington Grove, Penge, London, S. E. Ent. 
Butler, George Grey, B. A., Civil Service Commission, Cannon Row, 

London, S. W. 
Butterill, 1. D., 2 St. John Street, Beverley. Moll. C. Ex. Pisidiums. 
Byerley, Isaac, Seacomlic, Birkenhead, Cheshire. 
Byron, W Ascroft, 31 King Street, Wigan. 
Bywater, W. M., a Hanover Square, London, W. 
Caird, James, 8 Queen's (iatc Gardens, London, S. W. 
Caithness, James Sinclair, Earl of, 34 Hill Street, Berkeley Sqnare, 

London, W. 
Caley, James Augustus, M. Inst. C. E., Flax Bourton, Somersetshire. 
Callard, T. Karr, 4 Blenheim Terrace, St. John's Wood, London, 

N. W. 
Callaway, Charles, M .\.D.Sc. Lond., Wellington, Shropshire. 
Calver, E. K., The (iiangc. Red Hill, Surrey. 
Calver, George, Hill House, Widford, Chelmsford. Ast. 
Calvert, T., Craig C'ourt, Charing Cross, London, S. W. 
Cambridge, Rev. O. P., Bloxworth Rectory. Lepid. 
Cameron, J. Macdonald, Lab. of Arigcul. Chem., 52 Lime Street, Lon- 
don, E. C. Chem. 
Cameron, Peter, 31 Willow Bank, Crescent. Glasgow, Scotland. Ent. 
Campbell, Albert J., 58 Lancaster Gate, London, W. 
Campbell, Charles, Gas Works, Necpsend, Sheffield. 
Campbell, Donald, Eluin, Scotland Bat. 

Campbell, Frank M , Rose Hill, Iloddesdon, Herts Ent., Arach. 
Campbell-Johnston, .\. R., 84 St. George's Square, London, S. W. 
Campbell, John F., Xiddry I^odge, Kensington, I>ondon, W. 
Campbell, Licut.-Col. John Robert, Charing, Ashford, Kent. 
C.iMPiON, Frank, The Mount, Duffield Road, Derby. 
Canderlier, Ernest, 90 Great Tower Sti-cet, London, E. C 
Canesdale, W. D., 4 Guithavon Terrace, Withain, Essex. Ent. 
Capron, Dr Edward. Shcre, Guildford. Ent. 
Capron, J. Rand, (Tuildown, Guildford, Surrey. Ast. 
Cardwell, Viscount, D.C. L., F. R. S., 74 Eaton Sqnare, London, S. W. 
Carew, R. Russell, Carpenters Hall, Watford. Met. 
Carey, Sir Peter Stafford, M. A., Candie, Guei-nsey. 
Carmicuael, C H. E.,M.A.,46a Coleshill Street, Eaton Square, London, 

S. W. A7ith. 

Gt. britai>-.] the xaturalists' directory. 247 

Carmichael, Thomas D. Cibsox, Castle Craitr, Dolphinton. E7it. 
Caknahvon, II. II. JNIo. IIekbeut, Earl of, 1*. b. A., 16 Biinon Street, 

Lonilt)!!, W. 
Carpenter, William Ben.jamix, C. B., ]M.D., LL.D., 56 Regent's Park 

Road, London, N. \V. iXjir. 
Carrick, Rev. J. L , M A , Si)i-in-- Hill, Southampton. 
Carrington, C , Elleislic, Lower Merton, London, S. W. Ent. 
Cakrington, .John T., HovmI A(inariuni, Westminster. Ent. 
Cakrington, Thomas, Jr., Entlclitie Court, Slietfield. 
Cabrutheks, William, F. R.S., F. L. S., British Museum (Natural His- 
tory Branch), South Kensin<iton, S. W 
Carteighe, John, 3 Hereford Square, South Kensing^ton, London, 

S. W. 
Carteighe, Michael, 180 New Bond Street, London, W. 
Carter, H. J., F.R.S., Ti)e Cottage, Budleigh, Saltcrton, Devon. Sponges, 

Furniiiinifera. C. 
Carter, James, F. R. C. S., 30 Petty Cury, Cambridge. 
Carter, Thomas, LL.I)., Mill llill House, Leicester. Bot. 
Carter, Richard, Cockerhani Hall, Barnsley. 

Cartmell, Rev. James, D.U., JNlaster of Clirist's College, Cambridge. 
Cartwright, Prof. Samuel, 32 Old Burlington Street, Liondou, W. Aiith., 

Carulla, F. J. R., Peninsular Steel Works, 89 Brunswick Street, Shef- 
field. CJiem. 
Carvalho, S. N , Jr., 8 Inverness Terrace, London, W. * 

Carver, T. G., M.A., Storeton Road, Birkenliead. 
Casey, John, LL.D., Catholit^ L'niv., 2 lona Terrace, South Circular 

Road, Dublin, Ireland. M(dh. 
Cash, William, 35 Elmfield Terrace, Halifax-, Yorkshire. Recent and 

Fusail Mull. C E\. Brit, recent or fossil animals and plants. 
Cassal, C. E., llygieuic Laboratory, University College, London, W. C. 

Cator, Charles Oliver Frederick, Stratford House, Beckenham, 

Cavell, Edmund, Saxmnndham, Suffolk. 
Cavlev, Prof. Arthur, Univ., Cambridge, London. 
C'AZAU.x, D. B , 61 Finsbury Park Road, London, N. 
Chadvvick, David, 6.5 Moorj^ate Street, London. Mic. 
CuALLis, Rev. James, Plumian Prof. Astron. Univ. Cambridge, 2 Trump- 

ington Street, Cambridge 
Chamberlin, Rev.T. C. Biosbv, North Whcatlev Vicarage, East Retford. 
Chambers, Ceo F., Northfield 01)scrvatorv, East Bourne, Sussex. Axt. 
Chambers. William, LL.D., 13 Chester Street, Edinburj;h, Scotland. 
Chambers, Wm. Oldham, F. R. I. B. A., Lowestoft. Pisdciiltwe, cspe- 

cialli/ propagnticn <if fnnd-produeing fishes. 
Champernowne, Arthur,' Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon. GpoL, PaJao., 

spec. Strntir/raplncdl Geol. in So. Deion. C. Ex. Devon. Corals, 

Stroniatophora", etc. for Triassie Fossils, Mu.schelkalk, and Alpine 

limestones. Am. Pal.ieozoic. 
Champion, G. C, 274 Walwortli Road, London, S. E. Ent. 
Champneys, F. II., 11 Wyn<lhani Place, Brvanston Square, London, W. 
Chance, Edward John, F.L.S., 59 Old Broad Street, London, E. C. 
Chantre. M. Cesar, .')6 New Broad Street, London, E. C. 
Chapman, David B., Roehanipton, London, S. W. 
Chapman, Edward, M.,\., Frcwen Hall, Oxford. 
Chapman, Tho.mas, 25 Bryanston Square, London, W., and AVhitby. 
Chapple, William, Liver|)ool College, Liverpool. 
Charlesvvorth, Edward, 277 Strand, London, W. C. 

248 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Charlton, Ernest S., Ileslcyside, Bellin;:liam, Hexham. Ent. 

Charlton, (iEorge, 42 MiUliiiay Uoad, Loiiclon, N. 

Chautk, a , M.A., IM.D., Dir. Nat. Hist. Museiini, Dublin, Ireland. 

Chatc;r, E. M., Hi;^)] Street, Watl'ord. AJic. and Hot. 

C'HEAiiLE, Robert ^\'ILL1AM, 93 Ladbroke Grove Road, Netting Hill, 

London, \V . 
CriECKLEY, Thomas, TJclificld Street, Walsall. 
Cherry, .John Law, Rowley Park, Startord. 
Child, (tILHert W., !\1 A., Cowley House, Oxford. 
Chilueks, lii^iiit Hon. Hlgh C.E., AtlienaMun (jlub, London, S. W. 
Chi.mmo, Capt. William, Westdownc, Weyniontli, Dorset. 
CHRiSTorHER, G., F.C.S., Analytieal and Consulting Chemist, 8 Rectory 

Grove, Cia|iliani, Lonilon, S. ^V. Chem., PInjs. 
Christy, W. H. IM., W.A., Royal Observatory, 12 Royal Parade, Black- 

bcatli. London, !S. E. Ast. 
Church, Piol'. Arthur Herbert, M.A., Roystou House, Richmond 

Roatl, Kew. 
Church, 11. F.. Southgate, London. Min. 
Churchill, George Cheetham, care of Mr. E. Stanford, 55 Charing 

Ci'oss, London, S. W . 
Clapham, Crochley, ISI.D., Muriel House, Peak Hill, Sydenham, Lou- 
don, S. E. Aiif/i., Craitiological Section. C. Skull-forms and 

Brain-wcijilits of the Insane. 
Clapton, Edward, M.I)., Physician, St. Thomas Hospital, 10a St. 

ThOnias Street, Southwark, London, S. E. 
Clark, George T., F.S.A., Dowlais House, Mcrthyr-Tydvil, Wales. 
Clark, .1. Gilchrist, Dabton, Thornhill, Dumfries, Scotland. Uin. 
Clark, J. Edmund, B.A., B.Sc, F.G.S., 20 Bootham, York. 
Clark, John, Ph.D., F.C.S., 138 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland. C/tem. 
Clark, Frederick Le (-Iros, The Thorns, Sevenoaks. 
Clark, Latimer, G Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London. 


Clark, Thomas, Trnro. Mhi. 

Clarke, A. II., Ki Fiirnival's Fun, London, E. C. Ent. 

Clarke, Alex. Ross, Ordnance Survey Office, Soutiiampton. 

Clarke, Charles Bauon, F.L.S., Heibarinni, Kew. Ent. 

Clarke, Hyde, 32 St. (Jeorge's Square, London, S. W. Comp. Philol., 

Clarke, Stephenson, Croydon Lodge, Croydon. 

Clarke, Rev. Robert, F.L.S., 150 Cromwell Road, London, W. Nat. 

Clarke, William Eagle, 5 East View, Hyde Paik, Tweeds. Om. 

Clay, C'harles, M.D., Landenshaw Lodge, and 191 Piccadilly, Manches- 
ter, Obstet.ic Med Collector of Theological Literature.' 

Clay, .Joseph Travus, Rastrick, near Iluddcrsficld. 

Cleaver, P^dw. L , 289 King's Road, Chelsea, Lomlon, S. W. Cfietn. 

Cleghorn, .John, Wick, Caithness, Scotland. Geol, Anth. 

Cleland, .John, M.D., Prof. Anat. University of Glasgow, 2 College, 
(ilnsgow, Scotland. 

Cleminshaw, Edward, jNLA., F.C.S., Grenhill, Sherborne, Dorset. 

Clerk, Henry, 3 Hobart Place, Eatou Square, London, S. W. 

Clerk-Maxwell, .J., ("nnibi-idge. 

Cliff, .John, Linnlturn, llkley, Leeds. 

CLiFroRD-.Vi.LBUTT, T., M.D., Lvildon House, Leeds. 

Clifford, Rev. .John, INF. A., LL.B., B.Sc, 51 Porchester Road, West- 
bourne Park, London, W. 

Clifton, R. B., Piof. Evper. Philos., Univ. of Oxford, Portland Lodge, 
Park Town, Oxford. 


Close, Rev. Maxwell II., Newtown Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Iic- 

Clough. Charles Thomas, B.A., Geological Siiivey of England, Muse- 

luii, Jerinyn fetreet, London, .s. W . 
Clouston, Kev. Chaules, LL D., iSiionmcss, Orkncv, Scotland. Xat. 

I list., Meffor. 
Cluttekbuck, ItoHEKT, 8 15ivan*ton Street, T.oudon, W. 
CoAi'E, l>iiiit -Co]., Capel, Pr\ or's 15a:d<, Fiiliuini, London, S. W. ' 
COATES, James, I'itcullen House, Perth, Scotland. Con. 
CoATES, John, A<soc. M. insit. C. li, 33 Freilcrick Street, Gray's Inn 

Koad, London, W. C. 
CoBBOLij, E. bTEKLiNG, Assoc. M. lust. C. E., Cliascwood Lodge, Ross, 

COBBOLD, T. SPENCER, M.D., F.L.S., 74 Parts down Road, jSIaida Vain, 

London. But., ZouL, !>pec. Heliniiiihulo y, Pamsitis <if Lkphunts. 

CoCKBURN, Ty., AVcatlicrley, The Mount, Totncs, S. Devon. 
CocKBLRN, William, Hii'ntclitte House, fcaltl)uiii-l)y-ilie-Sea, yorkshirc. 
CoCKBURN-HooD, 'Ihomas 11 ,, Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, 

London, S. W". 
Cockle, Capt. G., 9 Bolton Gardens, London, S. W. Ent. 
Cockle, Hon. Sir James, 2 Sandringhani Gardens, Ealing, London, W. 
CODD, Francis, 51 Dul<c Street, Devonport. 
CODRINGTON, TiioMAS, 10 Montagii Villas, Richmond, Surrey. 
Cogswell, Charles, M D., 47 York Terr , Regent's Park, I^ondon, N. W. 
Coke, Richard (George, Brimington Hall, near CljesterticUI. 
Colchester, William, fspnngtield House, Ijiswich. Geol. 
Cole, B. (i., Laurel Coltaue, ivin;:'s Place, Hiu.khin-st Hill, Essex. Ent. 
Cole, W. F., F.Q M S., St. iMary Street, Weymouth, Dorset. Mic. 
Cole, William Mason, 93 St. Helen's Street, I|iswieli. 
COLEBUOOKE, SirTiiOMAS Edwaru, Bart., iSl.P., 14 South Street,' Gros- 

venoi- Square, London, W. 
Coleridge, John, Did<e, Lonl., 1 Sussex- Square, Hyde Park, London, W. 
Coles, John, F.R..V.S., F.R.G.S., 1 Savilo Row,' Burlington Gardens, 

London. 6V-0/7 , Ast., Surrei/uir/. 
Coles, Ferdinand, 18 Brooke Road, Stoke-Newington Common, Lon- 

<lon, N. 
Collard, Thomas White, St. Gcoryre's Place, Canterbury. 
COLLES, .Miss, Kilkenny, Ireland. lUt. 
COLLETT, Lieut. Col. ii., 23 Pioneers Mcean, Meer, Punjaub, India, care 

ol'Tratl'ord House, Surhilon Hill, SiUTcy. 
Collings, Rev. William Thomas, Gueinsey. 

COLLINGWOOD, J. FREDERICK, Scicuce Club. 4 Savilc Row, London, W, 
Collins, -John, F.C.S , Bradford Buildings, Mawdsley Street, Bolton. 
Collins, J. II., 57 I.enion Street, Tnuo. C/icm., Geol. and Min. 
COLLINSON, Thomas, The Elm, Southey, Sheffield. 
CoLQUiiouN, James, Tredegar Iron Works, Tredegar, Monmouthshire. 
CoLTHUKST, Joseph. Drifney Castle, Cork, Ireland., William B., H Hyde Park Gardens, London, W. 
CoLviLE, Right Hon. Sir James W., 8 Rutlaucl Gate, London, W. 
(JoLViN. Alexa.NDER, B A., Beaconside, Penrith, Cumberland. 
Comber, Thomas, Redclitl'e, Newton-le-\Villows, Laneashii-c. 
CoMERFORD-C.\SEV, (J. E., M.A., C8 Cromwell Street, Nottingham. 
Common, Andrew .\, 37 Eaton Rise, I'.aling. ylst. 
CoNciiiE, William, Livingstone, Mid t^alder, Scotland. Geol., Bot. 
Coode, .Sir. John, 3;") Norfolk Square, London, W. 
Cook, Henry, M.D., Ringmore, Teignmouth, Devon. 
Cooke, Alfred II., King's College, Cambridge. Conch, 

250 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Cooke, Col. Anthony Charles, C.B., R.E., Ordnance Survey Office, 

CooKE, IJanckoft, 11 Grosvenor Place, Birkenhead. 
Cooke, LJenj., 103 Wintlsor Koad, Soutliport, Lancashire. E7it. 
Cooke, C. W., C.E , 5 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London. 

Pliys. Sci. 
Cooke, James Samuei^, T) Eayinond Buildinjjs, Gray's Inn, London, W.C. 
CooKE, ISL C, ^I.A., LL.D., 146 Junction Road, Upper lloUoway, Lon- 
don, N. FiiDi/i, Ih'stnids. C. 
Cooke, Rev. RoBEitx Uryan, Brvti .\lyn. Mold, Flintshire. 
CooivE, Stei'hex, N'eterinarv College, Glasj^ow, Scotland. Chem. 
CooKSEV, .Ioseph, West Bromwicli. 

CooMUS, JoHX A., C.IC , Chel cnliam Gas Works, Cheltenham. 
Cooper, E. F., De ISIontibrt .Mjiiarc, Leicester. Hot. 
CooPEit, Col. E. II., Alarkrce Obs., Colloonc3\ Ireland. Ast. 
Cooper, Robeiit Elliott, 1 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, 

Lonilon, S. W. 
Copela.\d, Alfred J , Dell Field, Watford. Oni., Ent. 
Copelani), Ralph, Ph.D., Obs. Dun Edit, Aberdeen, Scotland. Ast. 
Copland, Patiuc k F., llilleote, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. Ent. 
Copland-Crawford, R. F., Lieut -Gen. R. A., Sudbury Lodye, Harrow. 
Copperthwaite, W. C, Beechuiove, Malton. Ent. 
Cordeau.n:, John, (jrcat Cotes, Ulcel)y, Lincolnshire. Oni. 
CoRFiELD, William Henry, JM.D., M..\., Prof. Hygiene in Unir. Coll., 

London, 10 liollon Row, "SLufair, London, W. 
CORRV, Thos 11., M .v., Hellast, Ireland. Hot. 
CossHAM, Handel, Hill House, near liristol. 

CoTTAM, .Vrthur, Eldcrcroft, Watford. Coleopt., Diatoms, Ent., Bot, 
Cotterell, Willia.m, F.R.A S., Park Street, Walsall, Staffordshire. 

A-t.,Mni. C. 
CoTTERiLL, J. 11., IS Gloucester Place, Greenwich, London, S. E. 
Cotton, Thomas, .M.D., 214 Seven Sisters' Road, London, N. 
Courtney, John Sampson, Penzance. 
Cowan. Thomas Wm., Comptons Lea, Horsham, Encrland. Geol., Nat. 

HiU., Bee Keeping, spec. Diseases of Bees. C. Ex. Geol. spec., 

flint implements and min. objects. 
Cowham, Joseph H., 1 Leicester Villas, Brodrick Road, Upper Tooting, 

London, S. W. 
Cowherd, J.\.\.es, Stony Dale, Grange-over-Sands, Cranforth, North 

Cowie, Thomas R., Riildrie Vale, Parkhead, GlasLrow, Scotland. Bot.^ 

CowLisHAW, .John, Chapeltown Collieries. Sheffield. 
CowPEK, Rt. Hon. Earl of, Panshan',^er, Hertford. Bot. 
CovvPEU, Hon. Henry F., Brocket Hall, Hatfield. 
Cox, Col. C J., Fordwicli House, Canterburv. Ent. 
Cox, Herp':i{T E., Roseulieim, Reiuate. Ent. 

CoxoN, Samuel B., Usworth Hall, Washinirton Station, Co. Durham. 
CoYLE, Denis, 69 Lenliam Parade, Greenhill, Derby. Min. 
Crane, Edward, St. John's Lodsre, Wellintrton Villas, Bri-hton. 
Craven, Alfred E., F.L.S., 36 Princes Gate. London, S. W. 
Crawfoud and Balcarres, Lord, M.P., F RS , Pres. Roy. Ast. Soc., 

47 Brook St., London, W.,and Dun Eeht, Aberdeen, Scotland. A<ii. 
Crawford, James Coutts, F.G.S., Overton House, Strathaven, Lanark- 
shire, Scotland. Geol. C. 
Crawley, W. J. Chetwode, B..\., LL.B., 3 Ely Place, Dublin, Ireland. 
Crawshaw, Edward, 15 Charter-house Street, London. Min. 
Ckespigny, E. de, 64 Tavistock Crescent, Westbournc Park, London. 



Crichton, Alexander, Athenfcnm Cluh, Pull Mall, Lomlon, S. W. 

Ckichton, Aktiiur W., li.A., Bioudwaid Hall, fcalop. Orn. 

CuiMh, William santo, Assoc. M. lust. C.E., 3 Hose Villas, Merton, 

Crisp, Frank, LL.B., B.Sc, F.L.S., 5 Lansdowne Iload, Nottiag Hill, 

London, W. Mir. 
Criswick, (tEorge S., H Oiis., Greenwich, S. E. Ast. 
CitocKER, John, Exmouth. Mia. 
CuorT. -Nlrs., Fauharus Hall, \\:irc. Bnt. 
Croft, liiCHARD li., Fanhams Hall, Ware. Bot., Cri/pt. 
CiuiFTON, -M. W., Woolwich. 
CitoKE, J. O'Brien, M.A., The French College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 

Irchuid. Exper. I'/iysux. 
Croll, -James, LL.D , Gcol. fcjiirvey Office, and 21 St. Catherine's Tlace, 

Ldiniiiir^li, bcotlaud. 
Crombie, lio\\ .James M., M.A., F.L.S., 12 Colehcrnc Iload, W. Bromp- 

lon, Loudon, b. W. 
Crompton, Kev. Ja.mes, Buckley, Che-ter. 
Crookes, W illiam, F.H.fe., F.C.'sj., 7 Kensington Park Gardens, London, 

W. c/uM., rinjs. C. 
CROsniE, Frank, The Clicstnnts, Barnct, Herts. Ent. 
Cross, liev. J. E., M.A , F.R.A.^5., Appleby, Brigg, Lincolnshire. 
Cross, Right llou. bir Uichard Assheto.n, LL.D., 53 Ecclestou Square, 

and Atheusuin C lidj, Loudon, .s. W. 
CrOSSKEY, Kcv. 11. W., 2a George Koad, Birmingham. Geol.qf Glacial 

Epu-h and Sunihtone of tint l^nzoaa rack. C. E.'c. Brit, lossils 

for shell-! from glacial beds and Eozoan rocks. 
Crosslev, Edward, Halifa,-. Ast. 

Crowley, .Jonathan Sparrow, 3 Park Hill Rise, Croydon. 
C'RncKsHANK, ALEXANDER, 12 Rosc Street, Aberdeen,' Scotland. Min. 
CliClKSUANK, George E., M.A., 5 Stone Buildiugs, Lincoln's Inn, Lon- 
don, \V. C. 
Cruttwell, Alfred C, F.G.S., West Hill, Frome, Somerset. Geol., 

Lit hoi C. Ex. 
Ccmming, .John, The Cottaic, Tnnliridge Wells. 
Cunliffe, Brooke, Bathafarn, Riitiiin. Wales. 
CuNLiFFE, Peter (i., The Elms, Handforth, Manchester. 
Cunnack, J., ]Ielston, Cornwall. Bot. 
Cunningham, 1). .1., MI)., F.R.S.E., Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Hiimiiii inid Cnmp. An'if. 
Cunningham, Robert O , M.D., Prof. Xat. Hist. (Biol.) and Geo!., 

Queen's College, Belfa-^t, Ireland. Bin/., deal. 
Cunnington, William. H Gaudeu Road, Clapham, London, S. W. 
CUNON, .John, ^1 D., 3 George Street, Hanover Square, London. Anat. 
CuRLEY, Timothy, Hereford. 

Curling, Thomas B., 27 Brunswick Square, Brighton. 
CuRPHY, W. S., Chemical Laboratory, 22 Devonshire Street, All Saints, 

Manchester. Chpm. 
CiTRREY, Frederick, 3 New Sqiiare, Lincoln's Inn, London, W. C. 
CuKTiES, Thomas, 244 Hiah Holborn, London, W. C. 
Curtis, A H, IJ..D., A<«istant Com. Intermediate Education Office, 

Dublin, Ireland. Math., Phi/s. 
CussANS, -T. E , 4 Wvndhnm Crescent, .Tunction Road, London, N. Arch. 
Dale, C. W.. fJlanvillc's Wotton, Sherborne. Ent. 
Dale, William, Ep<om. 

Dalgleish, .1. J , 8 .\tholc Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland. Orn. 
Dallas, .Toiin, 21 Alma Square, Abbey Road, St. John's Wood, London, 

N. W. Mic. 

252 THE naturalists' directory. Gt. Britain. 

Dallas, W. S., Assist. Sec. Geol. Soc, 15iirlin<rton House, London, W. 

Dallinger, Kev. W. II , Prin. Wesley Collej^c, aiieffiehl. Biol. C. 

Dall]\:eyeu, .John IL, I'J Bloonishiuv Street, London, W. C. 

L» ALTON, \V. IL, (icol. Surv. of Engiiiiid and Wales, 28 Jerniyn Street, 
London, S. W. Geol., Ti'iassic rocks and (ieol. Biblioc/ruijln/. 

Daltuy, Kev. T. W., M.A., Madeley Vicarage, Newcastle, S'tafFord- 

Damon, Korekt, Pidtency Biiildinjr, Weymoulli, Dorset. Geol. 

Danbt, 'liiOMAS W.M., M..\., 1 Wcstlmurnc Terrace Road, London, \V. 

Daniel, John, Lpsoni. Surrey. Conch., Bot. 

Damlll, John K., (.'anil)orne. Mhi. 

DAKUisuiKE, liOBEKT DuKiNFiELD, B.A., F.S.A., Victoria Park, INIan- 

Dauwin, Charles, Down, Beckenham, Kent. Biol. 

Darwin, Francis, Down, BeckeidiMtn. I'/njsiolngical Bot. 

Darwin, George IL, F.Ii S., Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Ast , Math. 

Daubeny, IJoBERT IIenry, \\'rin;;ion, Somerset. 

Davey, Edward Charles, Wantage. 

Davey, JiENRY, Kupcrt i^odge, IIeadin"lcy, Leeds. Mechanics. 

Davey, Kev. Henry Mahony, M.A., Oviiig Vicarage, Cliiciicstcr. 

Davidson, Rev. G., Tlie Manse, Logic-Coldstone, byBallater, Scotland. 
JJi toms. 

Davidson, J. H., 14 Ilolloway Road, Ilarrotl Green, Leytonotope, Lon- 
don, E. Plnjs., Chem. 

Davidso-i, Thomas, F.R S., 9 Salisbury Road, West Brighton. 

Davies, D. C., Eluial Lodge, near Oswestry. 

Davies, 1!cv. Ebenezer, The Green Oaks", Talbot Street, Soutliport. 

Davies, Ed., Royal Inst., Liverpool. Chem. 

Davies, Rev. Gerald, Cliarteriiouse, Godalming. Ex. prehistoric speci- 
mens I'or good N. A. and ISIc.xican anti<|uities. 

Davies, Thomas, British Museum (Natural History Branch), South Ken- 
sington, London, S. W . 

Davies, William, British Museum (Natural History Branch), South 
Kensington, London, S. W. 

Davis, J. Barnard, M.D., Shchon, St afford shire. Anth. 

Davis, bir J. F., Athcntvuiu Clul), S. W., and Hollywood, near Compton, 

Davis, Ja^ffs W., Chevincdge, Halifax. Geol., spec. Fossil Fishes of 
Cotit Mrnsnrcs. C. Ex. for tliose of other formations. 

Dawes. George, Milton Iron-works, near Uarnsley. 

Dawes, John T., M.E., C.E., F.G.S., Ccfn Mawr'Hall, Mold, Flintshire, 
North Wales. GeoL, Min. C. 

Dawkins, W. Boyd, INl.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., Prof, of Geology, 
The Victoria Univ., The Owens College, Manchester, and Curator 
iMauchestev IMusrum. .4nt/i., Geol. C. Ex. Remains of British 
BoncCMves offered for Am. mammals, recent or fossil. 

Daavson, .John, M.A., II Somerset Place, Bath. 

Day, St. John V., St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Cicil Engi- 

Dayman, Charles 0., INLA., Mcrric IVfeade, Millbrook, Southampton. 

Deane, Rev. (teorge, Tlic Chestnuts, Moseley, Birtninghain. 

Debus, IlEiNiticii, Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Naval College, 

Greenwich, CJuy's Hospital, London, S. E. 
Deby', Julien, .3 T^omhnrd St., London, E. C. Geol., Mic. 
De Blaouiere, Piiglit Hon. Lord, Springfichl, Crawley, Sussex. 
De Castro, .Ta.mes C, care G. Carew, 15 Southampton Street, Blooms- 

hnry, London, W. C. 
De La Rue, W., 73 Portland Place, London. Electricity, Chem., Ast. 


De La. Sala, p. P., Col. of En^Mneers, Scvilla House, yavavino Roail, 

IjOiulon. ^eg. Chem , sp'C. rendering wood /./nible and non-coin- 

hu'itible. Ex. edible gramineous and ie^iimiucotis seeds, Intertrop- 
ical woods and their protliicts 
De la Taille des Essarts, Bakon A., M.D., 2a Pall Mall, London, S. 

W. Mic. 
Deniiam, Sir H. M., 21 Carlton Road, Maida-valc, London, W. 
Dexxing, Wm. F., Tyndale House, Ashley Down, Bristol. Ast. 
Dent, Gregory, Ousegate School, Selby. 
Denton, Joun Bailev, Gravely, near btevcnage, Herts. 
Dexys, Sir George Wm., Bart., Drayeott Hall, Kichinoud, York^liire. 
De Range, Charles E., Geol. Surv. oi" England, Museum, Jermyu St., 

London, S. W. 
Derby, IIknry Edward Stanley, Earl of, LL.D., M.A., 23 St. James 

Square, London, S. W. 
Deiuiam, Walter, M.A , LL.M., Hcnleaze Park, AYcsthurv-ou-Trvm, 

Derry, F., D.D., 31 Upper Hockley St., Birmin.crhara. Geol-, Geog. 
De Salis, William Fane, Dawley Court, Uxhrid^-e. 
Desse, Etuelreu, M.I)., 43 Kensington Gardens Square, Bayswater, 

London. Mic. 
Devonshire, William, Duke of, K.G., M.A.,D.C.L., F.E.S., Dcvonsbire 

House, Piccadilly, I^ondon, W. 
Dewar, James, M.A.," Prof. Nat. Phil., Univ. Cambridge, 19 Brookside, 

Dewick, Edward S , MA., 2 Sonthwick Place, Hyde Park, London, W. 
Dickie, Dr , F.L.S., l(i ,\lbyn Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland. Algdngy. 
Dickinson, F. IL, Kingweston, Somerset, and 121 St. George's Square, 

Pindico, London, S. W. 
DiCKiNSOn, Joseph, South Bank, Pendleton, Manchester. 
Dickinson, Thomas Lidney, South Bank, Pendleton, Manchester. 
Dickinson, Willia.m, Jr., 3 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. 
Dickson, Alexander, Prof. Bot. University, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Dickson, Prof. Wm , Glasgow, Scotland. Rnt. 
DiGGENS, James, 22 Springfield Terrace, Lancaster. 
DiLLWYN, Lewis Llewelyn, M.P., F.L.S., Hendrefoilan, Swansea, 

Dimsdale, Hon. Baron, Essendon Place, Hertford. 
Distant, W. L., M.A I., V. P. Entomol Soc, 1 Selston Villas, Derwcnt 

Grove, Ea-^t Diduich, London, S. E. Ent., Anth. C. Ex. Am. 

Homoptera e^p., Cicadidiv required ; Exotic Phynchota in ex. 
Dixon, George, Whitehaven. 

Dixon, John, C.E., The Choubra, Surl)iton, Kingston, Surrey. 
Dixon, Rev. R., LL.D.. Ili^'-li School, Nottingham. 
Dixon, Stephen Brown, Pcwscy, Wilts. 

DoBE-scK, W., Ph.D., Marksee O'bsv., Collooncy, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Ast. 
DoBLE, Edmund M., 12 Mount .\rarat Villas, Richmond, Surrey. Mic. 
DoBsoN, (iEORGE E., M..\.,M.B., Surgeon Major, Array Med. Dept, 

Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, Southampton. ZooL, Mummalia, 

DoDD, B. S., Beech Avenue, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham. Con. 
DOEG, T. E., Evesham, luit., Con., Bol., Orn. 

Donagan, jNIiss, Handel House, Havcrstock Hill, London, N. W. Mic. 
Donaldson, John, Newport-on-Tay, near Dundee, Scotland. Bot. 
Donovan, Patrick, J. P., Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Mic. 
Dormer, John B., J. D. Lord, Grove Park', Warwick. Ent. 
DORNING, Elias, 41 Jolm Dalton Street, .Manchester. 
DoKRiNGTON, James, Orphan Asylum, Wolverhampton, 

254 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Bkitain. 

Douglas, D., 87 Bomin.i-ton Road, Leitli, N. B., Scotland Bot. 
Douglas, John NVm., 8 JJeaul'ort Gardens, LcwUliam, London, S. E. 

Douglas, Thomas, West T^od^re, Crook, Darlinjrton. 

Douglass, James N., Trinity llon-c, London, E. C 

DovASTox, John, West Enlt'on, 11. 8. O., bidop. Mic. 

Dove, ILvmilton, London (ias Lig-lit Co., Nine Elms, London. Chem. 

Dove, Joiix, , Ciie-slniit Coltage, Pinner. 

DovEK, \V. KiNsEV, Myrilu Clove, Kcswii^k. 

Dow'EN, llcv. Z T., Newhimls Teiiace, Lootle, Liverpool. 

DowKEK, (iEouGE, btoiimiouth House, near Windham, Kent.. 

DowNEs, Rev. VV'., B A., KeutisUeare, CoUompton. 

Downing, .V. M. \V., M.A., Asst. Ast., Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 

London, y. E. Ast. 
DowsETT, Akthuk, Kinjisu;ate Villa, King's Road, Readinj,'-. E;it. 
Dkaj'EK, H. N., Temple Road, Ratlnnines, Dublin. Ireland. Chem. 
DuEssEU, CiiuisToPHEU L., C.E., EC. a., 30 Park Row, Leeds. 
Duessek, llENJtY E., G Tenterdcn Street, Hanover bquare, London, W. 

(J I' a. 
Dk3\v, Fredekic, Eton College, Windsor. 
Dkew, Joseph, M.A., LL.D.,6 Devonshire Buildings, Weymouth. Geol., 

Ant ran. 
Drew, Joseph, 4 Foxgrove Road, Bcckenliara. 
Drew, John Ede, Cornwall House, Penzance. Min. 
Dreyer, John L. E., M.A., Obs., Dnnsink, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ast. 
Dreyfus, Ludwig, 181 Adelaide Road, bt. John's Wood, London. Mic. 
DitucE, E. C., Clieniics, Xorthampton. Bot. 

Dkuce, Herbert, 1 Circus Road, bt. John's Wood, London, N. W. Ent. 
Dku.mmond, Henry, Lect. ou Nat. bci.. Free Church Coll., Glasgow, 

Scotland. Gfol. 
Drummono-Hav, Henry M., Lieut. -Col., Royal Perth Rifles, Seggieden, 

Perth, Scotland. Orn. 
Drysdale, John, M.D., 36 Rodney Street, Liverpool. Biolojy, spec. 

DuciE, Earl of, F R S , 16 Portnian Square, London, W. ; and Tortworth 

Court, Wolton-nndci'-Edge. 
Duckworth, Henicy, F.L.S., Holme House, Coliunbia Road, O.xton, 

Dudgeon, Patrick, Carircn, Dumfries, Scotland. Min. 
Duff, M. E. (i., York House, Twickcnbam. 

DuFFiN, W. le .'Strange, White C^lnireh, Cappoquin, Ireland. Geol. 
Duffy, P., 4 Clifton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, N. W. 
Du?TY, J. N., The (irammar School, Tnxford, Newark. 
Duke, Rev. Edward, Lake House, Salisburv. 
Duncan, .Alexander, M.A., (Providence, R. I., U. S.,) and 7 Princes 

(iate, London, S. W. 
Duncan, .Afajor Francis, ISI.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Royal Artillery, 29 The 

Common, Woolwich. 
Duncan, James M., The Medical Directorv of London, Pres. Obstetrical 

Duncan, Peter Martin, Prof. Geol. King's Coll., 4 St. George's Ter- 
race, Regent's Park Road, London, N. W. 
Dunk, William, 111 Camden Street, London, N. W. Mic. 
DuNKiN, Edwin, F.R.S., Kenwyn, Kidbrooke Park Road, Blackheath, 

London, S E. Ast. 
DuNLOP, Andrew, j\I.D., 50 Val Plaisant, Jersey. 
Dunnet, John, Wick, Scotland. Bot. 
Dunning, John, Middlesbrough. 

Gt. britai>-.] the xatukalists' dieectoky. 255 

Dunning, Joseph W., 12 Old Square, Lincoln's lun, London, \V. C. Ent. 
DoNRAVEN, Kt. lion. Euii of, Adarc Manor, Adaic, Co. Limerick, Ire- 
land. Aiith. 
D'Urbax, W. S., .\lluieni, St. Leonards, Exeter. Ent. 
DriiHA.M, .V. E., 82 brooiv Street, Gro^venor .Square, London, W. 
DuKHAM. James, Winj^ate Place, Newport, file. Gcol. 
DuRNFOiiD, W. Arthur, Birdwell, iiarnsley. Oni. 
JJUFRE, Dr. Aug., F.ll.S., Westminster Hospital, London, W. Chem,, 


Du Pre, Charles C, 17 Pembroke Gardens, Kensinirton, W. Ent. 

Dv Sautoy, J. 15. A., 13 Bleniieim Road, Bedford Park, CUiswick. 

Dyer, Wm. T. Thiselton, M.A., Royal Gardens, Kew. 

Dyke, Edward George, St. Austell. 

Dyster, Frederick D., MD., Tenby, Pembrokeshire. 

Eassie. William, F.L. S., 73 King Henry's Road, Chalk Farm, London, 

X. W. 
Eastox, Edward, 9 Delahay Street, Westminster, S. W. 
Eastwick, Edward Backhouse, 51 Hogarth Road, Cromwell Road, 

London, S. W. 
Eaton, Rev. A. E., 51 Park Road, Bromley, Kent. Etit. 
Eaton, Richard, Mechanical Engineer, Xuttall House, Xuttall, near 

Nottingham. Thenno-di/numics and fnel economy, MetaUiii(/ij. 
Ebuky, Rt ilon. the Lord, .Muor Park, ancl 35 Park Street, Grosvenor 

Square, Loudon, W. Mit., Urn. 
Eccles, James, 15 Durham N'illas, I'hillimorc Gardens, Kensington, W. 
Eddowes, .'5TANTON, 12 HamiUon Square, Birkenliead. 
Eddy, James Ray, Carkton Grange, Skipton. .1/<c. 
Edgell, .Vuthur Wyatt, Cowle}- House, Exeter. Palcvo. : Sil. Lamelli- 

Edgeworth, M. p., 9 I^exham Gardens, W. Kensington, London. 
Edkins, W'm., 12 Charlotte Street, London. AntiqiKir;/. 
Edmunds, James, ]S1.D., 8 (irafton Street, PiccadiUy, London, W. 
Edmunds, Tho.mas W., 32 Old Change, London, E. C. Mic. 
Ed.mundson, John W., C.E., 35 Chapel Street, Dublin, Ireland. Hy- 

draiil cs and Enr/ineeiiiig. 
Edward, Charles, D.G , Chambers, 12 Bank Stieet, Dundee, Scotland. 
Edward, Thomas, A.L.S., Low bhore, Banff, Scotland. Nat. Hist. 
Egerton, Lieut., Batllesmere Rectory, Faversham. Orn. 
Egertox, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey-, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., Oulton 

Park, Tarporley, Cheshire. 
Egerton, Rev. William Henry, "Whitchurch, Salop. 
Elger, Thomas G. E., St. Mary's, Bedford. Ast , Mic. 
Elgood, John E., 21 Oxford Street, Leicester. Mic. 
Elliot, Sir (Jeorge, Bart., M.P., 23 Great Geoi-ge Street, London, S. W. 
Elliot, Sir Walter, LL.D., WoliVlee, Hawick, Scotland. 
Ellis. Alexander John, 25 Argyll Road, Kensington, W. 
Ellis, William, Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Ast., Met. 
Elph'instone, Sir Howard, Bart., M.A., The Lawn, St. Leonard's-on- 

Elsden, James V., 2 Ekowe Villas, Southcote Road, Bournemouth. Geol. 
Elt, C. H., 41 Gil)son Square, Islin^'ton, London, X. Mic. 
Elwes, H. T., Preston House, Cirencester. Livinc/ monocotijledonous 

plants, PnlfTuntic and Indian Birds and Lepidoptera. C. Ex. 
Emmens, ^\'ILLIAM, National Bank, Old Broad Street, London, E. C. 
England, Rev. Tho.mas, M..\., Rectory, North Lew, Devon. 
Enniskillen, Ei.rl of, D.C.L., F.R.S., Florence Court, Enniskillen, Ire- 
Enock, Fred., 30 Russell Road, Seven Sisters' Road, Holloway, London, 
N. Ent. 

256 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Erck, Wentwortii, LL.D-, Shcri'ington, Brav, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

Ericiiskn, John Eric, 6 Cavendish Place, Cavendish Square, London, 

FsKRiGGE, R. A., 18 Ilac'kin's Ilev, Liverpool. 

Esrix, T. E., F.K.A.S., Wnlhiscyllectory, Birkenhead. As(. 

EsSE.x, Rt. Jlon. tiic Earl of, Cassiohiirv Park, Watford. Geol. 

EssoN, William, 1 Bratlinore Road, (Jxford. 

Etiiekidge, Robert, F.R.8., L. tt E., Pal^ontolouist to the Geolo;Tical 
Siii'vty of Great Britain, Wiiseuni, Jeiuiyn Street, London, 8. W. 

Etueridge, Robert, Jr., British Museum (Natural History Branch), 
Soutii Kensington, S. W. I'ufa-n. 

EuNSON, John, C.E., 20 St. Giles Street, Northampton. 

Evans, Arthur 11., B.A., Clare Collc;:e, Cambridge. Orn., Ool. C. 
Ex. C'^'s-i. 

Evans, Caleb, 3 Downshire Ilill, Ilampstead, London, N. W. 

Evans, Daniel Thomas, 5 Elm Court, Temple. London, E. C. 

Evans, Franklin G., Rcutyrcli near Cardirt', \\'alcs. AJei. 

Evans, Frederick J. Owen, ^^'llitellall, and 116 Victoria Street, West- 

Evans, Henry S., care Evans & Co., 60 Bartholomew Close, London, 
E. C. 

Evans, John, D.C.L., LL.D., Nash Mills, llemel Hempstead. Prehis- 
toric Arch. 

Evans, Mrs. John, Nash MilN, Ileniel Hempstead. Geol., Arch. 

Evans, J. T., M.U., Fore Street, Hertford. 

Evans, Dr., I.ittle llorton Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire. Moll. 

Evans, Mortimer, C.E., F.R.A.S., 97 West Regent Street, Glasgow, 

Evans, Sebastian, LL.D., lleathfield, AUeyn Park, West Dulwieh, 
London, S. E. Aufh. 

Evans, U'iiomas, Pen-y-bryn, Dutfield Road, Derhy. 

Evans, W. Hill, M.D., 58 Horton Lane. Bradford, Yorkshire. Conch. 
C. Ex. Britisli shells for Am. Helices and Unionidsp. 

Eve, Richard \V., M B., 101 Lcwi^lKim High Road, London, S. E. 

Everard, .1. B., 6 Millstone Lane, Leiccsier. 

Everett, Joseph David, Prof, of Nat. Philos., Queen's College, Belfast, 
Ireland. Nnt. Philns. 

Evers, Dr. H , Dr. Armstrong's Coll., Newcastle. Steam and Mechanics. 

Eversley, Viscount, 114 Eaton Square, London, S. W. 

EwiNG, Rev. J. A , M..\., Westmill Rectory, Buntingfoi-d. Orn. 

EvviNG, T. J., D.D., 3 Crescent Villa-, Plyniouth. Orn. 

Eyre, George Edward, Warrens. iie;ir Lyndhiirst, Hants. 

Eyton, Thomas C, Eyton Hall, Welliny^to'n, Salop. Orn. 

Fair, William, M.D.,' 78 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, London, W. 

Falconer, Thomas, Usk, Momnouthshire. 

Falconer, Rev. W. A., M.A., The Rectory, Bushey. Ast. 

P'araday, F. J., 17 Brazenose St., ISIanche'ster. 

Fauie, James, 83 Highbury Quadrant, London, N. 

Fakkar, Rev. Adam Storey, D.D., F.R.A.S., The College, Durham. 

Farrar, Rev. F. W., M.A., D.D., 17 Deans Yard, Westminster, S. W. 

Farre, Arthur, M.D., 18 Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, London, 
S. W. 

Farrer, T. II., 11 Bryanston Square, London, W^. 

Farrer, Wii^LiAM James, 18 Lpper Brook Street, London, W. 

Faust, Miss Emily, 6 Lime Tree Villas, Bischanger Road, South Nor- 
wood, Ijondon, S. E. Mic. 

Favell, T. Milnes, North Shields Water Co., 14 Saville Street, North 


Fawcett, Wm., care Rev. W. Wheeler, Southboroii2h, Tnnbridjre Wells. 

Fayrer, Sir Joseph, M.D , IG Gnun ille Place, rutmuu Square, Lou- 
don, W. 

Feilden, Captaia Henry W., R.A., The Barracks, Norwich. Oni., 

Fergie, Georce, Coronel, South Chili, care of Rev. T. F. Fcrgie, M.A., 
luce, Wi;ian. 

Ferguson, Rev. J., Fern, Brechin, Scotland. Mosses. 

Ferguson, William, F.L.S., Kinnnuuiy, near Miutlaw, Aberdeenshire, 

Fergusson, James, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., 20 Langham Place, Lou- 
don, W. Indian Architecture. 

Ferrers, Rev. N. M., M.A., The Lod^^e, Gonville and Caius College, 

Ferrier, David, M.A., 16 Tipper Berkeley Street, London, W. 

Festing, Major A. M., 6 St. Jean D'Acre Terrace, Devonport. 

Field, Frederick, Upper Marsii, Lambeth, London, S. ^V. 

Filliter, Edward, M. Inst. C. E , J^ceds. 

Finch, Dr., Borou;;li Lunatic Asylum, Leicester. Bof. 

Finnemore, Rev. Joseph, Summerscat, Manchester. 

FiNZi, John A., 105 Gower Street, London, W. C. Ent. 

Fischer, W. L F., Prof, of Natural Philos., Univ. St. Andrew's, Scot- 

Fisher, Henry, 7 Kennet Road, St. Peter's Park, Harrow Road, Lon- 
don, W. 

Fisher, John Cowley', Wood Hall, near Cockcrraouth, Cumberland. 

Fisher, Rev. Osmond, ^I.A., Ilarlton Rectory, Cambridge. 

FisHwicK, Henry, F.S.A., Tiic Heights, Rochdale, Lancashire. Arch. 

Fitch, Edward A., Brick Plouse, Maiden, Essex. Enf. 

Fitch, F., Hadleigh House, Hiiihbury New Park, London, N. Ent. 

Fitch, Oswald, 40 Higlil)ury New Park, Loudon, N. 

Fitch. Robert, F.S.A., Norwich. 

Fitz-Geuald, F., Folkstoue. Mo/L 

Fitz-Gerald, Geo. F., Prof. Expr. Sci., Trinitv College, Dublin, Ireland. 


Fleming, Ernest L., Borax Works, Old Swan, Liverpool. Chem. 

Fleming, Wm. J., M.D , In.i Bath Sticct, Glasgow, Scotland. Phys. 

Fletcher, Alfred E., 5 Edge Lane, Liverpool. Chem. 

Fletcher, -T. E., Happy Land, Worcester. Ent. 

Fletcher, Lazarus, M.A., British Museum (Natural History Branch), 

South Kensington, S. W. 
Fletcher, Colonel Thomas William, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., Lawnes- 

wood House, near Stourbrid^ic. 
Fletcher, William, Bri.;ham Hill, near Carlisle. 
Flight, Walter, D.Sc. Lond., 12 Clairville Grove, South Kensington, 

S W. Chem., Mia. 
Florence, H. L., (5 Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington, W. 
Flower, John, ;M.A , 6 Fairfield Road, Croydon. Zool. 
Flower, William Henry, LL.D., Hnnt'erian Prof. Comp. Anat. and 

Conservator of the Museum, Royal College of Surgeous, London. 

Comp. Anat., Anth. 
Floyd, Thomas, 5 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, S. 

Floyeh, F. a., B.A., St. Thomas Hospital, Thames Embankment, Lon- 
don. (>(/l. of Persian (iitlf. 
Floyer, John, B..\., M.P., Stafford, Dorchester. 
FooRD, Alfred Stanley, ISO Malpas Road, Brockley, London, S. E. 
Forbes, Prof. George, Anderson's Univ., Glasgow, Scotland. Ast. 

258 THE naturalists' directory, tex. Britaijt. 

FOUBES, John E.. 40 Ilvdc Road, jManoliester. Geol , Min. C. 
FOKBES, W. A., 13. A., Pi'o.scctoi- to the Zoolop:ical Society, 14 Ashley 

riace, Victoria ytrcct, Lomloii, fS. W. Oni., Geol, 
Ford. John, Taiicrcil, VViiixlcy, York. 
P'OKDHA.M, II. (;., Odscy, near lioy.ston, Herts. Geol. 
FoHHEST, II. E , Masoii'.s (;ollct:e,' Biniiiii^liam. 
FoRSTEK, (JEORGE 15.\KER, Hackwortli Hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
FoRSTEK, R. CociiR.iNE, Ea^t View, (ihiiulore, Leap, Co. Cork, Ireland. 
FoRSTEU, W'lLLl.vM, Tlic Hill, Wlutelv, Surrey. Orn. 
P'OUSTER, Riiiht Hon. WiLi.i.wi E., 80 Ecclesfon Square, London, S. W. 
FoRTESCUE, The Hon. Dudley Francis, M.F., Summerville, Watcrford. 
Foster, Balthas.vk, M.D., 11 Temple Row, liirniin^ham. 
Foster, Cle.ment Le Neve, D. tec., li. A., 11. iM. Inspector of iNIines, 

Llaniliulno, North Wales. Geol., Min., Mining. 
Foster, (i. C, IJ.A , I'rof. of Phys., Univ. Colle<'e, London, 12 Hilldrop 

Roati, London, W. 
Foster, Michael, M.D., Prelector of Physiol., Trinity CoUeg-e, Cam- 

Fotherbv, Henrv, 3 Finsbury Square, I^ondon, E. C. 
Fotmergill, Capt. C. \V., Royal Military Collejre, Sandhurst. 
Foilerton, John, M.D., 44 Pcnibridii-e Villas, Bayswater, London, W. 
Fowler, (;eorge, Basford Hall, near Noitin^rham. 
Fowler, Rev. G. T., M A., F.S..\., Durham. Arch. 
Fowler, John, '2 Queen Square Place, Westminster, S. W. 
Fowler, Rev. J. C., B.A., North Stainley Vicara^-'c, Ripon. 
Fowler, Rev. W. W., The School House, Lincoln. Ent. 
Fo.x, .Major-General A. Lane, 19 Penywern Road, South Kensington, S. 

Fox, Henry, Field End Lodge, Eastcote, Pinner. 

Fox, Rev. Henry E., M.A., 30 Warwick Square, London, S. "W, Orn. 
Fox, St. George L., 4 Grosvcnor Gardens, London, S. W. Phys., 

Cliptn , Elect. 
Fox, Wilson, M.D., 67 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 
Frail, Prof., University, .\berdcen, Scotland. Bot. 
Francis, William, Pli.D., Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London, E. C. 
Fkanqois de Chaumot, F. S. B., M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, 

Franicland, Edward, D.C.L., F.R.S , Ph.D., Prof. Chem., Science 

School, S. Kensington Museum, London, W. Chem. 
Franks, A W., Keeper of Antiquities at the British Museum, 103 Victoria 

Street, London, S. W. 
Franks, W. S., 1 \\\\ih Street, Leicester. Ast., Double Stars. 
Eraser, Jno. H., Allaby House, Upper Clapton. Micros. 
Eraser, Dr. J., Wolverhampton. Bot. 

Fra.ser, T. R., jM.D., 37 .Melville Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Fueam. William, Prof. Nat. Hist, Wilts and Hants Agric. Coll., Down- 
ton, Siilisliury. 
Frecheville, William, 97 Mount Street, Berkeley Square, London, W. 
Freeland, Humphrey William, Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London, 

S. W. 
Frere, George Edward, Roydon Hall, Diss, Norfolk. 
Frere, Right Hon. Sir. Henry B. El., Athenaeum Cbih, London. 
Friswell^ R. j., 10 Cbipliam Square, London, E. Min. 
Fry, .Alexander, Thornhill House, Duhvich \\'ood Park, Norwood, Lon- 
don, S. E. Eat. 
Fry, C. E., The Little Elms, Watford. Ent. 
Fryer, Herbert F., Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. Ent, 
Gale, James, M. A., Pii. D., F. G, S., etc., 18 Lockyer Street, Plymouth, 

Devon. Med. Ele:t. C. 


Gallowat, T. Lixdsay, M. A., T.aurcl Bank, Oakshawhill, Paisley. 

Galtox, Capt. Douglas, 12 Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, Londou, 
b. W. 

Galtox, Francis, 42 Rutland Gate, Knis:litsbrid<re, London, S. W. 

Gamgee. Artir-r, M. D., Prof, ol' Piactical Physiol, and liistol., Owens' 
Collejre, Manchester, Fairview, Princes Road, Fallowfield, Man- 

Gardiner, IIexry J., llurstmcade, Eltham. 

Gardner, .Johx Starkie, Purii House, St. John's "Wood Park, London, 
N. W. Fossil Rot. 

Garland, .Joseph, Assheton ]\Iines, .\bersoch, Pwllheli, Wales. 

Garlick, Edward, Preston, Lancashire. 

Garxar. J. II., Blcn!)cini Terrace, Leicester. Micros. 

Garxevs, W., Rcpton, liurton-on-Trent. Ent. 

Garrod, ,\lfred Barixg, M. D., 10 Harley Street, London, \V. 

Gascoyne, Rowland, Mexborou<rh, Ilothcrhani. 

Gaskell, Francis, B. A., Soiitli;iate, London, N. 

Gaskill, Roger, B A., North Hill, Hijihjfate, London, W. Geol. 

Gaskix, D. M. F., Town Hall, St. Helen's. Lancashire. 

Gaskix, Rev. Thomas, M. A., 7 Pitvilie Lawn, Cheltenham. 

Gaskixg, Rev. Samuel, 10 Cheetham Hill Road, Stalybridge. 

GasQUET, Dr. J., 127 Easton Road, Brii^hlon. 

Gatcombe, .Joiix, Durnford Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Oni. 

Gatty, (Charles Hexry, Felbritlixc Park, East Grinsiead, Sussex. 

Gavey, George Edward, care of Mrs. Gavey, 17 Louvaine Road, Xew 
Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

Gayner, Charles, M. A., M. D., 5 Kins: Edward Street, Oxford. 

Gee, Rev. C, D. D., The Vicara.;e, Windsor. Naturalist. 

Geikie, .Vrchibald, LL.D.,F. R. S., L. andE. Prof, of Geol. andlSIineral. 
in Univ. of Edinburgh ; Dir. Geol. Sur. Scotland. Geoloy;ical Sur- 
vey Office, Shcritf Court Buildin^js, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Geikie, James, LL.D., F. R. S , L. and E. Geol. Sur. of Scotland. Geo- 
logical Survey OtHce, Shcritf Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

George, Thomas J., Keyston, Thrapston. 

Gervis, Walter Soper,'M. D., West Street, Ashburton, Devon. 

Gibbes, C. ChaP-MAN, M. D., 3 Wybura ViUas, Surbiton, Kingston, 

Gibbons, Lieut. J. S., M. D., Southampton. Conch. 

GiBBS, Arthur E., Cumberland Roa<l, St. Alban's. Bnt. 

Gibson, Ernest, i) .Mayfield Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Orn. 

Gibson, George .\lexander, M. B., D. Sc, 1 Randolph Cliff, Edin- 
bur<rb, Scotland. 

Gibson, Thomas Field, Broadwater Down, Tnnbridge Wells. 

Gibson, W. (i , Duinfiies, Scotland. Antiqiiities. 

Gilbert, Joseph Henry, Ilarpenden, St. Alban's. 

GlLBERTSON, Hexry, Mangrove House, Hertforil. Mic. 

(iiLCHRisT, Dr. Ja.mes, Dumfries, Scotland. Oeul. 

Gill, I. H. E , Nunclose, Oxton, Birkenhead. 

Gill, Wm. Hodgson, Park Collage, Thwack Gale, Hunslet, Yorkshire. 

Gillespie, Franklin, M. D , care of General Freelh, 30 Royal Crescent, 
Xolting Hill, London, W. 

GiLLETT. Alfred, Soineiscl. Geol. 

Gillman, Fritz, care of T. Sopwith, 6 Great George Slreet, London, 
S. W. 

(JiNSBURY, Christian D., LL.D., Ilolniea, Chertsey, Surrev. P/iilo'. 

Gladstone, I. II., M. D , F. R. S., 17 Pembridge Square, Bayswaler, Lon- 
don, W. Chem., Phijs. 

260 THE naturalists' directory, [Gt. Britain. 

Glaisuer, J. W. L., M. A., F.R.S., Sec. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Ast., Meteor., Mic. 

Gleduill, Josepu, liermerside Observatory, Skircout, Halifax, York- 

Glen, I). Corse, F. G. S., 14 Annficld riacc, Glasgow, Scotland. Min., 
Petrulocjy. C. E.x. rare and line niiuerals, ores, rocks, and recent 

Glover, (i. T., 30 Donegal Place, Ireland. Chem. 

GoADBV, Rev. J. Jackson, The Manse, Henlcy-on-Tliaines. 

GoD.MAN, Frederick JJu Cane, 6 Tenterden Street, Hanover Square, 
London, W. 

GoDMAN, Percy S., B.A., Muntham, Horsham. Oni. 

Godson, (George 11., 8 AHiert Mansions, Victoria Street, London, S. \V. 

GoDWiN-.lusTEN, Licut -Coloiicl IL H., F. Pi.S., 17 Bessborough Gar- 
dens, London, S. \V. Oni., Geol. 

GoDWiN-AcsTEN, KoBEKT ALFRED C, Slialford Hoiisc, Guildford. 

Godwin, Grokge, G Cromwell Place, South Kensin;;ton, S. W . 

Gonzalez y Ukbegoso, C. A., Linui, Peru, care of ISlessrs. A. Gibbs & 
Co., 1.') Bishopsgate Street willuu, Loudon, E. C 

GOOCH, W. D., The College, Piichmoud Hill. Ent., Anth. 

GooDACKE, F. B., M. D., F. Z.S., Wilby llectory, Atilcboro, Norfolk. 
Zoiil. C. Lx. 

GooDENOUGH, Lieut.-Coloncl "William Howley, R. A., 49 Weymouth 
Street, Portland Place, London, ^\^ 

Goodman, C. IL, Kearsbiook Lotlge, Lesncss Heath, Kent. Ent. 

Goodman, John, jM. D., S Leicester Street, Southport. Elect., Phys. 

Gordon, George, LL.D., TIuj Manse, Birnie, Elgin, X. B. 

Gordon, Douglas, (i. IL, Society for Proiuoting C'hristian Knowledge, 
Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cro-^-;, London, S. W. 

Gordon, .Tohn W., A. I. A., 28 Penbury Grove, Lower Clopton, London. 

Gordon, Rev. C. R., D. D., IM. A., Chetwynd Park, Newport, Shropshire. 

Gore, George, LL.D.. F. R.S., 67 Broad Street, Birmingham. Chem., 
P/ii/s , El^ctro-Mctnn. 

Gore, John E., C. E., F.R.A.S., Beltra, Ballisodarc, Co. Sligo, Ireland. 
Ast., Vnriab/e Stnr.^. 

Gore, Richard Thomas, 6 Queen's Square, Bath. Anth. 

GoRiiAM, Rev. Henry S., Shijilcy, Sussex. Ent. 

Goschen, Riuht Hon. George Joachim, M. A., 69 Portland Place, Lon- 
don, \V. 

Goss, Herbert, F.L S., The Avenue, Surbiton Hill, Kingston, Surrey. 

GosSE, Philip Henry, Sandhurst, Torquay. 

Gostenhofer, C. T., Bercsford Road, Birkenhead. 

GoTTO, F., The Cross, Leighton Buzzard. Geol. 

GouGH, T., B. A., ElmJield College, York. Bof. 

GouGU, Viscount, F. L. S., I^ou^ili Cutra Cnstle, Gort, Galway, Ireland. 

Gould, John, 26 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, 'W. C. 

(iovzR, Rev. Canon, M. .\., Saltleystcad, Findon, Worthing. 

Grace, Miss, New Ross; Ireland. ' Bot. 

Graham, Charles, D. Sc, University College, Gower Street, London, 
W. C. 

Grainger, Rev. Canon, D.D., Broughsham. Xat. IJist., Antiquities. 

Grant, Dr. James, Wick, Scotland. Hot. 

Grant, Robert, M.A., LL.D., Regius Prof. Astron. Univ. of Glas- 
gow, Observatory, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Grantham, Richard B., 22 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. 

Granville. George Leveson Gower, Earl, Stone Park, Staffordshire. 

Granville, J. Mortimer, M. D., 18 Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, 
London, W. Psychol., Physiol. 


Graves, Rev. James, B A., Tnisnay Eectoiy, Stongrford, Co. Kilkenny, 

Irehuid. Histori/ and Antiq. (if Ireland. 
Gray, John, Clay^utc House, Eshcr. E)>t. 
Gray, Robert, 13 Invorlcith Row, Edinbiirjih, Scotland. Oni, 
Gray, William, Relfast, Irohmtl (j'eoL, Anhceol. 
Greaves, Charles, ly fiiin-ey Street, Stvand, London, W. C. 
Greaves, Rev. Richard Wilsox, M.A., 1 Whitcluill Gardens, London, 

Green, A. II., M.A., Prof. Gcolofry Yorkshire Coll. of Sci., 15 Aslnvood 

Villus. ] leadiiiuley l.,ano, Leeds. 
Green, W. Abbott, .M.R.C.P., Capcl Lody:c, Capcl, Dorking. 
Green, W. E., 24 'J'riau^ile, IJri-.toI. Bot. : Mycolix/i/. 
Greene, Rev. J., M..\.., Rosirevor, Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol. Ent. 
Greenfield, Prof. W. Smith, UnivcrsitJ', Edinburgli, Scotland. Path- 

O •'(></ 1/ . 

Greeniiow, E. II , M.D., 14 Manchester Square, London, W. 

Gkeenwell, George C, Tynenioiith, Noiilunnberlnnd. 

Greenwell, Rev. Milliam, F.R.S., Luirham. Etlmology, Prehistoric 

Greg, R. P., F.G.S., etc.. Coles, Bnntinpfoi-d, Herts. Min., Arch., Me- 
teoric Ast. C. E\. Pi-eiiistoric specimens. 
Gregory, James R., «S Ciiarloite Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W. 

Gregory, Right Hon. Sir Wm. II., 3 St. George's Place, London, S.W. 
Gregory, T. Clrrie, 52 Queen \'ictoria Street, London, E. C. Engi- 

7>eiri)ig, Geol. C 
Grenfell, Rev. A. S., M.A., ]SIost\n House, Packgate, Chester. 
Greni-ell, J. G., B.A., F.(i.S., ( iilton College, 1 Cecil Road. Geol., 

Chem. C. Ex. carb. corals for carb. or oilier Eucrinites. 
Gresley, William S., M.E., Oversea], Asbby-de-la-Zoucli. Geol. as 

appl. to Milling and E»f/ineeri>ig. C. Ex. coal-mcastirc fossils, etc. 
Greswell, Rev. Richard, M.A., 39 St. Giles's Street, Oxfoi-d. 
Grey, Henry, Bengal Staff Corps; care of Messrs. Grindlaj- & Co., 

London. Orn. 
Grierson, Thomas B., Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Physiol., 

Xfit. Hist. C. Ex. 
Griess, J. P., Burton-on-Trcnt. 

Grieve, G.J. P., Kirkhank, Burntisland, Scotland. Min. 
Grieve, D.wid, Hobart House, Eshliank, Dalkeith, Scotland. 
Griffith, Kcv. IIenky, Treliwyd House, Barnct, Ilerts. 
Griffith, X. R., Wrexham, Wales. 

Griffith, Sir Hichakd •!., 2 Fitx-William Place, Dublin, Ireland. 
Griffiths, Ernest Howard, iSI.A., 12 Park Side, Cainl)ridL'-e. 
Grimshaw, William Ja.mes, 1 Cacrleon Villas, Prcstwich, Manchester. 
Grindrod, Ralph Barnes, M.D., LL.D., F.L.S., Townsend House, 

Great Malvern. 
Grossart, Dr. William. Salsburgh, Holvtown, Scotland. Geol,, Arch., 

Grote, Arthur, F.L.S., 20 Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, London, W. 
Grove, Hon. Sir William Robert, M.A., LL.D., 115 Harley Street, 

I.,ondon, W. 
Groves, T. B , F.C.S., St. Mary Street. Weymouth, Dorset. Chem. 
Grubb, Howard, M.I.C.E.I ,"Hon. Master Enjiinecring, Univ. Dublin, 

17 Lcinstcr Square, Rathuiines, Dul)lin, Ireland. Ast. 
Grundy, C. C, Bankfield, near Burv, Lancashire. 
Grut, F ,9 Kiiii.'- Street, SoHthwarki London. S E. Ent. 
Guest, Rev. William, Milton-nc\t-(iravesciid, Kent. 
Guise, Sir Wm. Vernon, Bart., F.L.S., Elmore Court, near Gloucester. 


Gui.l,, Sir Wm. W.,M.r)., 74 Brook Street, London, W. 

(;ri,i,ivEK,(;EORnE, 27 Old Dover Ko:id. Canterbury. 

Gui.LON, llev. J. T. Cami'beli,, Ca>iiiol)iir_v Lodjic, Ileadinfr- 

(iUNN, ,)oHN, M.A., 2') Trince of Wales Road, Xorwicli. (reol. 

GuNN, Wii.i.iAM, (Jeolojiieal Survey of England. Museum, Jermyn Street, 
I>on(lon, S. \V. 

GL'NTIIER, Alheut C, L.G., a.m., M.D., Ph.D., British Museum, Lon- 
don, \V. C. Oni. 

GuuxEY, llev. IIenuv P., M.A., 10 Clydesdale Road, Colville Square, Lou- 
don, W. 

GuuXEY, .loTiN 11., Northrepi)s, Norwich. Oni. C. Ex. 

(iuHXEV, Samuel, 20 Hanover Terraec, llcnent's Park, London, N. W. 

GUTMKIE, AL'^KEU, ToUbank, Dundee, Scotland. Nat. 11 st , GeoL, Bot. 

GiTHiilE, FuEDEiiiCK, Science Schools, South Ken-iinjiton, S. W. 

(iuv, William A , 12 (Jordon Street, (iordon Square, London, \V. C. 

IIadkinson, Jomx, 18 Brunswick Street, Liverpool. 

11AEU.SLE1!, liuDOLP, Ph.D., Western CoUeuc, Harrogate. 

Hai.JES, .John, Vernon Lodjrc, Addison Road, Kensington, W. 

Haines, J Kichaud, Adderloy (ireen Collieries, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Hainselin, llEN'itY F., y Radnor Place, Plymouth. Lrpid. C. Ev. 

HaivE, 11. Wilson, Ph.D., Qucenwood College, near Sloekbridge, Hants. 

Hale, Rev. E., ISl.A., Eton College, Windsor. 

Hale, Robekt Blacden, 10 Bolton Street, Piccadilly, London, W. 

Halked, W B., Elndiiirst, Ai'il)rnsh, Liverpool. Bot., Hort. 

Hall, (iEORCE Behkingeu, F.C.S., 131 Loudon Wall, London, E. C. 
Gi'ol.. I'd ecj. C. 

Hall, Hugh Fergie, 17 Dale Street, Liverpool. 

Hall, .John, M.I) , Brown Street, Loi'ih, Lancashire. Ui/giene, Mic. 

Hall, Capt. Marshall, F.C.S., 13 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, 
W. C. 

Hall, Townshend ^NL, Pilton, Barnstaple, Devon. Gcol. of Devon. 
Si'n'es, and Brit. Mm. C. Ex. Upper Devon, fossils for any Devon, 
of U. S. or Canada. 

Hallett, Major F. F., The IManor House, Kemp Town, Briirhton. 

Hallett, W. H., Buckiuiliani House, Marine Parade, IJrighton. 

Hallivvell-Phillipps, Ja.mes O., 11 Tregunter Road, South Kensington, 
S. W. 

Hamand, Arthur S., Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, Westminster, 
S. W. 

Hamblv. Charles Hambly Bltrbidge, F.C.S., Barrow-on-Soar, Lough- 

Hamilton, Archibald, South Barrow, Bromley, Kent. 

Ha.milton, Charles William, M.R.I.A., 1 Denmark Street, Dublin, 

Hamilton, Charles, care of F. G. H. Price, Messrs. Child & Co., Bank- 
ers, Fleet .Sti-eet, London. 

Hamilton, John J., South Barrow, Bickley, Kent. Mic. 

Hammond, Chas. William, M.D., 12 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, 
Sntiblk. Medicine. 

IIanbury, F. J., 11 Warwick Road, Upper Clapton. 

llA.NBuaY, Tuo^L\S, Aslibnrton House, Addiscombe, Croydon. 

Hance, H. F., Ph.D., care of F. Thinim, 2-t Brook Street', London, W. 

Hancock, .J., Oatland, Walton-on-Thani'^s. <h-n. 

Hanijford, George C, 221 King's Road, Chelsea, London, S. W. Mic. 

Hankey, .John Alexander, F.L.S., Balcombe Place, Cuckfield. 
I1.\nley, Sylvanus, Hanley Road, 27 Hornscy Rise, London. Con. 

Hannah, Robert, Craven House, Church Street, Fulham Road, London, 
S. W. 


Hannav, J. B., Woodliourne House, Helensburijh, London. Min. 
IIakcourt, Auglstus Geokge \'eknon, Cowley Grauye, Oxtord. 
IIaucourt, Euwahu, Niiiiuliuni Park, Oxi'oid. \>rn. 
IIakcolut, Egerton V. Vekn'OX, \\hit\vcll Hall, Yorkshire. 
Hakuixgham, Geokge G., 33 St. (icorge's Square, Lomlon, S. W. Mle. 
Hauu.mann, Edward T., F.C.S., Geol. Survey of Ireland, Lynn's Place, 

t^liu'o, Irelaiul. GeoL, Mm., Chem. 
Hardwick, p. C, F.S.A., 2 Hereford (hardens. Park Lane, London, W. 
Hardy, ^Htchell C, 6 The Terrace, Farquhar lloatl, Upper Norwood, 

l,ondon, S. E. Mic. 
Harj-ord, J. U., Upper Xascot, \Vatford. Min. 
Hargitt, E., 1 Bedford Road, Bedford Park, L'hiswick. Oni. 
Harkn"ESS, Prof, Robert, Queen's C'oUeue, Cork, Irelan 1. 
Harland, Rev. A. A., M A., Harelield V'icaraje, Uxljridge. Nat. Hist. 

Harlev, George, ]M.D., 2.) Harlcy Street, London, W. 
Harlev, Piev. RcBERT, Burton Bank, Mill Hill, London, W. 
Uarmer, F. W , Oakland House, Criu^leford, Norwich, W. 
Harper, Allex, \1 Southu:ate Street, (.iloucester. Biol. 
Harper, P. H., 30 Caiubridyo Street, Hyde Park Square, London, W. 


Harradex, Samuel, 32 St. John's AVood Park, London, N. ^Y. 

Harris, Edward, F.L.S., Rydal Villa, Lon^'tou throve, Sydenham, Lon- 
don, S. E. Mic. 

ILvRRis, Fraxcis, M.D., St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 21 Cavendish Square, 
London, W . 

Harris, Joiix T., Xewton Road, Burton-on-Trcnt. Ent. 

Harris, William Hetiierixgtox, B.A., B.Sc. Lond., Clewer House, 

Harrisox, Edward, Upper Xaspot, AVatford. Met. 

Harrisox, J. Park, M.A., Alexandra House, Sheerness. 

Harrison, Johx Thorxhill, Local Government Board, ^Vhitehall, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Harrisox, William .Terome, Fernside, Golden Hillock Road, Small 
Ileatli, Birminiihani. 

Harrisox, R. M., Hiirhfields, Great Amwell, Ware. Elertiicit!/. 

Harrowby, Dudley Ryder, Earl of, 39 Grosvcnor Square, London, W. 

Hakting, James E., 22 Regent's Park Road, Gloucester Gate, N. W. 

Hartley, W. X., F.R.S.E., Eoyal Coll. Science, Stephen's Green, Dub- 
lin, Ireland. 

Hartley, W. X., F I.C, Colletre of Science, Dublin, Ireland. Chern. 

Hartog, M. M., B .v., Owens Colleire, Manchester. 

IIartxcp, Johx, Liverpool Obs., Bidston, Birkenhead. Ast. 

IIartree, William, Carlton Villas, Blackheath Park, London, S. E. 

Hartshorxe, Betram F., M.A., 11 Neville Terrace, Onslow Gardens. 
I-ondon, S. W. Anth. 

Harvie-Browx, J. A., F.R.S E., F.Z.S., Dnnipace House, Larhert, Stir- 
linir-hire, Scotland. Orn., Muirotion of Birch. C. 

Harvey, Rev. C. W., Throckinii- Rcctorv, Buntinut'nrd. Mt. 

Harvey, Reuben T., M.D., Carmiciiael Coll., Dnhlin, Ireland. P/n/sinl. 

Harvey, Enoch, 12 Rivcrsdale, Liverpool. Jiat., Uort. C. E.\\ Or- 
ciiids, Alpine, lIcrl)aceous and i)ulbons plants. 

Hatherlev, W. p. W., Lord, D.C.L., LED , 31 Great Geor<;e Street, 
London, S. W. 

Haughtox, Rev. Samuel, M.A., M.D., Prof. Geol., Trinity College, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

264 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

IIawes, William, 17 Montairn Place, Russell Square, London, W. C. 

IIaukek, E. \V.,, Ji.A., care of A. iScott, Esq., 6>2 Austin Friars, 
Loudon, E. C 

IIavvkes, Rev. Henuy, li.A., Marstin Lodge, Elm Grove, Southsea, 

Hawkins, Bissett, M.D., 143 llarlev Street, London, W. 

Hawkins, 15. Watehuolse, care oi' Proicssor J. Tennunt, 149 Strand, 
Lt)ndon, W. C. 

IIawkin'.s, C. II , 26 Grosvcnor Street, London, W. 

Hawkins, liev. Hekbekt S., M.A., licv.on llectorv, Suffolk. Orn. 

Hawkins, Kev. William 1>. L., ?*1.A., 3;5 Bryansto'u S(iuarc, Loudon. W. 

Hawksiiaw, Sir John, F.K.S., 33 (iroat (ieo'ige Street, London, S. W. 

Hawksiiavv, John Clauke, M.A., 25 Cornwall Gardens, Soutli Keusino-- 
tou, S. \V. 

Hawksley, Ciias., 22 Qncensliorou<;h Terrace, Bavswater, London, W. 

Hawksley, Thomas, E.ll.S.. M.Inst.C.E., 30 Great GeorKC Street, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Hawley, J. l\, 2 Chatliani Houses, Brixton Hill, London, S. Oeol. 

Hay, Gol. Dummond, Scgi;iedcu, Perth, Scotland. Orn., lint. 

Hay, Sir John C. D.. lOS bt. (icorge's Square, Loudon, S. W. 

Haytek, Hakuison, 33 Great (icorge Street, i.outlon, S. \V. 

Haywaud, Robeut B , !M.A., The Park, Harrow. • 

Head, J. \V., 2 St. James's Terrace, Park Hill, Clapham, London, S. W. 

Heapiiy, Thomas M., G.E., 4 Radnor Place, Hvile Park, London, W. 

Heaud, H. C., Hailev Hall, llcriford. Orn. 

Heakder, (r. A., M.D., Job's Well, C'annartlien, Wales. Ent. 

Heaudek, Henky p., Plymouth, Devon. Chem., Elect. 

Heakdeu, \Vm. S., 1). Sc, F.L.S., PJo Union St., Plymouth. Elect. C. 
Ex. rare tish, Crustacea. 

Heath, Mrs., 62 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, W. Geol. 

Heathfield, W. E., '20 King St., St. James, London. Chem. 

Heato.N, C. W., Cluuing Cross Hospital, London, W. C. 

Hebekt, E. J., M..\., Geol. Surv. of England, Museum, Jermyn Street, 
Lontlon, S. W. 

Heddle, Prof. St. Andrew's Univ., Edinl)urgh, Scotland. Chem., Geol. 

IlEKiHTON, H. J., Lumb Lane, West (jate, Bradford, Yorkshire. 

Hele, J. C , Knowles, Xcwton-Abbott. Oin. 

Helliek, Baily, Didtlin, Ireland. Pala-u. 

Hexdeuson, Andrew, 24 Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, London, 
N. W. 

Henderson, F. B., C.E., 23 St. Peter's Sq., Hammersmith, London, W. 

Henderson, George, M.D., care II. S. King & Co., 45 Pall Mall, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Henderson, Major F., H. ^f. 107th Regt., Chichester. 

Hennessy, Henry (i , Prof. Applied Math, and ]\lechanics. Royal Col- 
lege of Science for Ireland, Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Didilin, 

Henrici, Olaus, ileldorf Cottage, Greenhill Park, Harlcsden, London, 
N. W. 

Henriques, a. G., 9G Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Henry, W. C, MD., Ilatlicld, near Ledburv', Herefordshire. 

Henslow, Rev. George, .M.A., F.L.S., Prof Bot., Queen's College, 6 
Titchfitdd Terrace, Regent's Park, London, X. W. Bot., Geol., 
Min., Pliysinl. C. . 

Herapath, Spencer, IS XTpncr Phillimorc Gardens, T^ondon, W. 

Herbert, W. H., Ilaveufield Lodne. (;rcat j\Iissenden, Bucks. 

Herdmann, W. a., " Challenger " Office, 32 Queen Street, Edinburgh, 


Heron, William, C.E., Collooney, Co. Sliffo, Ireland. Bot. 
Herschel, Frof. Alex. Stewart, Coll. Pliys. Sci., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Hervey, The Rev. Lord Charles A., M.A., Vicarage, Great Chesterford, 
SaflVon Walden, Essex. 

Hete, John Carroll, Tlie Knowle, Newton- Abbott, S. Devon. Orn. C. 

Hewett, p. C, 1 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, London, W. 

Hewlett, Alfred, Haselev Manor, Warwick. 

Hetwood, Henry 11., 24"Geach St, Birminghani. Tax., Lepid. C. 
Ex. Brit. Lepid. for cocoons of Lepid. of U. S., and showy com- 
mon beetles. 

Heywood, James, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., 26 Kensington Palace Gardens, 
London, W. 

HiCHENS, Lieut.-Col. William, Royal Engineers, 27 Chester Street, 
Grosvenor Place, London, S. W. 

Hick, Thomas, B.A., 2 St. George Street, Harrowgate. Bot. 

Hicks, Hy., Ileriot llonse, Hmlson, London, N. W. 

Hicks, John B., M.D., 24 George Street, Hanover Square, London, W. 

Hicks, Dr. J. Sibley, 2 Erskine Street, Liverpool. Marine Zoiiplujtes. 

Hicks, Henry, M.D., lleriot House, llendon, London, N. W. Geol. 

Hiern, W. O., M.A., F.L.S., Castle House, Barnstaple. Bot., Math. 

HiGGiNS, Rev. H. H., Free Public Museum, Liverpool. Invert. Zoiil. 

HiGGiN, Thos., F.L.S., Huyton near Liverpool. Sponges. 

HiGSON, John, Crown liuililings. Booth Street, Manchester. 

Hill, Rev. Edward, M.A., Sheering Rectory, Harlow, Essex. Geol. 

Hill, Rev. Edwin, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Hill, Joseph, Hull and Beverley. Meteor. 

Hillhouse, W., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 

HiLLiER, Rev. John, M.A., Ph.D., Sandwich, Kent. 

HiLLMAN, Thomas S , Eastgate Street, Lewes. Ent. 

Hills, T. H., 45 Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

JliLTON, T. W., Haigh, near Wi^ran. 

Hime, Thomas W., M.D., Medical Officer of Health, Sheffield. Biol. 

HiNCHLiFF, Miss, Worlington House, Instow, N. Devon. Lepid. 

Hind, John R., F.R S., Siipt. Nautical Almanac, 3 Cambridge Park Gar- 
dens, Twiekenliam. Ast. 

HiNDE, (iEO. J., Ph.D., F.G.S., London. Geol., Palao. C. 

HiNDE, George J., Godahning, Surrey. 

HiNCKS, Rev. Thomas, Stanelitte House, Clevedon, Somerset. 

Hind, John Russell, Cambridge Park Gardens, Twickcniiara. 

Hippisley, John, Athenaeum Clidj, London, S.W. 

Hirst, T. A., Vice-President Royal Soe. Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 
London, S. E. 

HoBKiRK, Chas. C. P., F.L.S., West Riding Union Bank, Iluddersfiihi, 
York. Crypt. Bot., Gen. Xat. Hist. C. Ex. 

Hodge, William, Canil)orne. Min. 

Hodges, John F., M.D., Prof. Agric. Queen's Coll., Belfast, Ireland. 
Agric, Chem., Toxicol. 

Hodgson, Rev. .John, M.A., Kinver Vicarage, Stourbridge. Geol. 

Hogg, Robert, LL.D., 99 St. (icorge's Road, Pimlico, London, S.W. 

IIoLDEN. J Sinclair, ^LD., Sudl)ury, Suii'olk. (real.. Prehistoric Arch. 

HoLLiNGWORTii, (Jeorge Henry, Ilolliuwood, Oldham. 

Holt, Henry P., 15 Park Row, Leeds. 

Holmes, Tjiomas Vincent, 2S Groom's Hill, Cirecnwich, London, S.E. 

Home, David Milne, LL,D., Pres. Edinburgh Geol. See. Milne Graden, 
Coldstream, Scotland., Meteo. Geol., Agric. 

Homer, Charles J., Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 

2G6 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Hope, A. J. B., Bciljrpbiiry Park, Kent. 

HorKiNSON, .loHN, F.L.h., \\;iii-r<>i(l House, Watfoiil. Pala-o., Mic. 

H0PKIN.S0N, Mr.s. John, WuhsIoihI House, Wailbrtl. Hot. 

Hood, Cuakles, F.R.S., 10 J^einster (iardcns, Hyde Tark, London. 


HooKEH, (George, F.Z.S., Xascott House, Watford. Oni. 

HooivEii, Sir Joseph Daltox, K.C «.!.,, M.D., D.C.L.. LL.D., 

F.ll.S, F.L.S., Royal (iardeus. Kew. 
HOOPELL, RoBEHT Eli, .M.A., L1..U., Byers Green Rectory, via Speuny- 

nioor. Ast., Metcorul., Arch. 
HoRNE, John, F R.y Z., (icolojzical Survey of Scotland. Geolojiical 

Survey (Mice, Slicritf Court Buildin;,'-s, Edinl)urj:'li, Scotland. Geol. 
HoRNE. IJoBERT, L'uiou Tcriace, Cliectliaui Hill, Manchester. Mic. 
Hoke, Rev. Willi.v.m Strong, iM A., Barnstaple, Devon. 
HOHNIMAN, Y. .J., Surrey House, Forrest; Hill, London, S.E. Ent. 
HOHN'BV, .John, 1 Lanibclli Road, London. Chtm. 
HosKlNS, S. li., M.D., Guernsev, vki Lonilon. 
Houghton, F.T.S , Kinir Edward's School, Birniin;:hnni. Geol. 
Houghton, Richard M. Milnes, Lord, JNl.A., Travellers' Club, Pall 

Mall, London, S.W. 
Houghton, Samuel, Trinity Coll., Dul)lin, Ireland. Geol., Math., Phys. 
Houstoun, (jEORGE L., Jolmstonc Castle, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scot- 
Hovenden, Charles W., 9.') City Road, London, E.G. Mic. 
HovENDEN, Frederick. 93 City Road, London, E.G. Anth., Mic. 
Howard, .Iohn Eliot, Tottenham, MidtUcsCX. 
Howard, Robert L., Mackerye, Harpendcn, St. Albans. Mic. 
Howchin, Kev. Walter, 9 Fiank Place, North Shields. Geol. 
Howell, II. H., Geological Survey of Englantl. Museum, Jerniyn Street, 

l^onilon, S.W. 
Howlett, R. F., F.R.A.S., East Li>te Rectory, .\lton, Hants. Ast., Biol. 
Howortii, n. H , Derby House, Ecclcs, .Manchester. Anth. 
IIowsE, Richard, The 'Museum, XcVvcastle-on-Tyr.e. Geol. 
HoYER, F., care Charles Tvler, 317 HoUowav Rnad, HoUowaj', London, 

N. Mic. 
HuDD, A E., rfi Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol. E»t. 
HuDLESTON, Wilfrid H., "23 Cheyne Walk, London. S.W. Geol. 
Hudson, Chas., Manila Hall, Clil'ton, Bristol. Mic. Rotifcra. 
Hudson. Robert, F.R.S., F.L.S., Claphani Common,' London, S.W. 

Mic, Hot., Zoiil., P(il(ro. 
Hugel, Baron A. von, 110 High Street, Camden Town, London, N.W. 

Ethiiolofiy, cap of I'i i Islnnds. C. Aumous to procure native 

manufactures from the Pacific, esp. from Fiji. 
Hugoins, William, LL.D, 90 Upper Tube Hill,' London, S.W. Ast. 
Hughes, David E., 69 Pall .Mall, London, S. W. 
Hughes, Theodore H.. (icolouicrd Survev of India. Calcutta; and St. 

Nicholas House, Upper Totting, London, S.W. 
Hughes, Thomas McKenny, M.A., F.S A., Woodwardian Prof. Geol. 

Univ. Cambridge. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Hughes, W. R , Birmingham. 

Hulke, .1. Whitaker, 10 Old Burlinston Street, London, W. 
Hull, Edward, LED., F.R S., Dir. fieol. Snrv. of Ireland; Prof, of 

Geol in the Royal Coll. of Sci. for Ireland. 14 Hume Street, Dublin, 

Ireland. Laurentian I'ocks in Ireland. 
HuDLESTONE, W. IL, JNl.A., 23 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London. Min. 
Hu:mbei{t, Charles Francis, Watford, Herts. Geo!. 
Humbert, Sydney, Little Nascot, W'atlbrd. Ent.: Coleopt. 
Humphrey, (tEorge Murray, M.D., Prof. Anatomy, Univ. Cambridge, 

Grove Lodge, CamOridge. 

Gt. britaik.] the naturalists' directory. 267 

Hunt, Arthur Roope, Southwood, Toi'quay, Devon. Geol. 

Hunt, Rev. H. G. Bonavia, JIiis. li., Warden of Trinity Colleoc, Lon- 
don, Trinity College, 13 Mandeville Place, Manchester Square, 
London, W. 

Hunt, (tEOKge, West Dnlwicli, London. As'., Mic. 

Hunt, Robert, F.R.S., Museum of Practical Geology, 28 Jermyn Street, 
London, S. W. Mineral Statistics. 

Hunter, Rev. Robert, iLA.. 9 Mecklenburgh Street, Londou, W. C. 

Hunter, William, Sandlioe, Hexham. 

Hurst, Cjeorge, King's Brook House, St. Mary's, Bedford. 

Hurst, Thomas Grange, Lauder Grange, Corbridge-ou-T^ne, Northum- 

HusKissox, Henry O., 42 Highbury Park, London, N. 

HuTCHlNGS, W. M., Swansea Zinc Oie Co., Swansea, Wales. Metal. 

Hutchinson, Lieut-Col. Alex. H., R.A., Tenby, Wales. 

Hutchinson, J., 4 Strickland (nite, Kendid. Bot. C. 

Hutchinson, William, 20 Temple Street, Wolverhampton. 

HUXHAM, HoRTENSius, 3 Rutland Street, Swansea, Wales. 

Huxley. Thomas Henry, LL D., Ph.D., F.R S., F.L.S., Professor of 
Natural History at the Royal School of Mines, S. Kensington Mu- 
seum, 4 Marlborough Place, Al)bey Road, London, N. W . 

Hylton, Lord, Carlton Clul), Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

Hymers, Rev. John, D.D., F.R.S., Late Fellow of St. John's College, 
Cambridge, Branilsburton Rectory, near Beverley. 

I'Anson, Edward, 7 a Laurence Pountnev Hill, Cannon Street, London, 
E. C. 

P.Vnson, James, Fairfield House, Darlington. 

PAnson, J. Coventry, Ebor House, Saltburn-by-the-Sea. 

Ibbetson, George Augustus, 19 a Hanover Square. Loudon, W. Mic. 

Ibbetson, Mr , Howgate, York. Bot. C. Ex. 

Ilsley, L S., 6 Trersthin Terrace, Falmouth. Cornwall. Marine Zocil. 

Ince, Joseph, F.L.S., 29 St. Stephen's Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, 
^\^ Mtc. 

Ince, W. H., 17 Cromwell Crescent, London, S. W. 

Inchbald, Peter, The Lodne, Ilovingham, York. Ent. 

Ingall, Charles, 5 JeflVey's Square, St. Mary A\e, London, E.G. Geol. 

Inglefield, Sir Edward Augustus, United Service Club, and 99 Queen's 
(iatc, Lonilon, S. W. 

Ingram, Rev. .\rthur Henry Winnington, M.A., Harvington, near 
Evesham, \\'<)i-ccs-tcrshire. 

Inman, T. F., Apsley House, Batheaston, Bath. 

Irvine, W. B., 17 S. Tay Street, Dundee, Scotland. Nat. Science. 

Irvine, Duncan R., Geological Survey of Scotland, Geological Survey 
Office, Siierift' Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Irving, Rev. Alexander, B.A., B Sc, Wellington College, Wokingham. 

Isaac, Player, Hinton Alibey, Bath. 

IsELiN, J. F., M..\., Inspector of Science Schools, South Kensington 
Museum, S. W. 

Ives, James T. B., Manor Lodge, The Vale, Hampstcad, London, N. W. 

Jackson, Abraham Williamson, 8 Landsdownc Square, Brighton. 

Jackson, B. D., 30 Stockwcll Road, London, S. W. 

Jackson, C. L., Hillfold, Bcilion, Lancashire. 

Jackson, E. S., M.A., Portland (Grammar School, Plvmouth. 

■Tackson. II. Wm., 1.')9 High Street, Lewisham, Lontlon, S. E. 

Jackson, Rev. J. C, IVL.V., 13 Manor Terrace, Hackney, E. Ast. 

Jackson, Thomas H., J. P., Manor Hou^e, Claughton, Birkenhead. 

Jackson, Wm. H., M..V., Pen Wartha, Weston-super-Mare. 

Jago, J.\mes, M.[)., F.H.S.. Lemon Ihuno, Truro. Physiological and 
Pathological Optics, Acoustics, Mechanics. 

268 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

James, G., Abbey Street, Birmingbam. Min., Geol. 

James, W. H., care of II. C. James, Esq., 33 Regent's Park Rpad, Lou- 
don, N. W. 
James, Sir Walter C, Bart., 6 Whitehall (iardens, London, S. W. 
James, J. JL, Kingswood, Watford. 
Jamieson, Thomas F., Ellon, .Vberdeenshire, Scotland. 
Janson, E. W., 35 Little liussell Street, Bloomsbury, London, TV. C. 

Janson, F. H., 41 Finsbury Circus, London, E. C. 
Janson, Oliver E., 35 Little Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, W. C. 

Jaques, Edward, Office of Woods and Forests, Whitehall, London, S.W. 

Jauncev, Walter, The Homend, Cradley, near Malvern. 
Jeffcock, Thomas William, C.E., 18 Bank Street, Sheffield. 
Jeffrey, Henry Martyn, M.A., The Grammar School, Cheltenham. 

Jeffreys, J. Gwyn, LL.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., Ware Priory, Herts. Conch. 
Jenkin, Prof. F., F.R.S., 3 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Engin., Elect. 
Jenkin, Henry C. F., 3 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Jenkins, Henry Michael, Secretary of the Royal Agricultural Society 

of England, 12 Hanover Square, London, W. 
Jenkinson, R. J., Keswick, Cumberland. Mm. 
Jenner, J. H. A., High Street, Lewes. Ent. 
Jenner, Robert F. Lascelles, Wenvoe Castle, Cardiff, Wales. 
Jenner, Sir W., M.O., 63 Brook Street, London, W. 
Jennings, Francis M., Brown Street, Cork, Ireland. 
Jennings, J. H., High Sciiool, Nottingham. Min., Geol. 
Jessel, Right Hon. •Sir George, LO Hyde Park Gardens, London, W. 
Jesson, Thomas, B.A., iSlanor House, Nutbourne, Pulborough, Sussex. 
Jeula, Henry, West Combe Lodge, Blackheath, London, S. E. Mic. 
Jevons, W. E., Storeton Road, Birkenhead. 
Jevons, William S., F.R.S., LL.D., M.A., 2 The Chestnuts, Branch 

Hill, Hampstead Heath, London, N. W. Logical Method of Science, 

Statistics, Economics. 
Jewell, Jos., 3 Mount Ambrose Terrace, Highway, Redruth. Min. 
Joad, G. C, Oakfield, Wimbledon Park, London, S. W. 
Joass, Rev. Dr., Golsi)ie, Scotland. Nat. Hist,, Arch., Geol. 
John, Evan, Llantrissaut, Pontypridd, Wales. Ent. 
Johnson, Miss, Lan^■ley Hill, King's Langley. 

Johnson, David, F.C.S., Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, Wales. Mic, 
Johnson, George, M D., 11 Savile Row, London, W. 
Johnson, James Henry, 64 All)ert Road, Soutbport. 
Johnson, The Very Rev. (tEorge Henry Sacheverell, M.A., Wells. 
Johnson, John, 21 Victoria Square, Newcastle-on-Tyue. 
Johnson, K. C, Queen Buildings, Liverpool. Ast. 
Johnson, Frank, Redruth. Min. 

Johnson, M. Hawkins, 379 Euston Road, London, N. W. 
Johnston, William, M. D., 16 Lonsdale Terrace, Upper Kent Street, 

JoLiET, Albert K., LL.D., Logan House, Hull. Physics, Electricity. 
Jolly, Wm., F.R.S., F.G,S., Inverness, Scotland. Geol., Arch. C. 
Jones, Charles IIandfield, 49 Green Street, Park Lane, London, W. 
Jones, Daniel, Albrighton, near Wolverhampton. 
Jones, Samuel, 18 Hanover Street, Swansea, Wales. Min. 
Jones, T., F.R.A.S., Broomhill, Shooter's Hill, Kent. 
Jones, Thomas, Jr., 2 Clytha Square, Newport, Monmouthshire. 


Jones, Thomas Rupert, F.R.S., Prof. Geol., Staff College, Sandhurst, 
Powis \'illa, Cambeiley, fjurrey. 

Jones, T. R., 22 Castletown Road, Barons Court, London, S. W. PalfPO. 

Jones, Thos. W., F.R.S., 35 George Street, Hanover Square, London, 

Jones, Sir Willoughby, Bart., Cranmer Hall, Fakenham 

Jordan, Henry, Kevs, Gold Tops, Newport, Monmoutlishire. 

Joshua, William, Cirencester. 

Joule, James Pkescott, LL.D., F.R.S., 12 Wardle Road, Sale, Man- 
chester. Phys. 

JuDD, J. W., Prof. Geol., Royal School of Mines, Science Schools, South 
Kensington, S. W. 

Jukes-Browne, A. J., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, Loudon, S. W. 

Kaines, Joseph, M.A., 4 Trindcr Road, Crouch Hill, London, N. Anth. 

K.vNE, Prof. G. D. Univ. Coll., Sower Street, London, W. Human Anat. 

Kane, Sir Robert, M.D., LL.D., Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

Kay, John D., Leeds. Ent. 

Keane, a. H., 19 Westwick Gardens, Kensington Pai-k, London, W. 

Keeping, Walter, M.A., F.G.S., Keeper of the Museum, St. Mary's 
Lodge, York. Geol., Pakeo. 

Keith, Rev. James, The Manse, Forres, Scotland. Fungi. 

Kelham, Henry R., Lieut. 74tli Highlanders, Maryliill Barracks, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. Orn. 

Kelham, Lieut. H. R., 74th Highlanders, Aldershot. Orn. C. 

Kellock, W. B., Stanifurd Hill, London, X. 

Kelly, C , M.D., Wortliing. Hygiene. 

Kelly, Thomas, Yealmpton, Devon. Antiquarian. 

Kempe, Alfred Bray, 7 Crown-(Jtttce Row, Inner Temple, London, E.G. 

Kempton, H. T. K., 17 Cavendish Place, Lontlon, W. 

Ke.mshead, William Bath, M.A., Pli.D., F.R.A.S., Hanover Villa, 
Thurlow Park Roail, West Dulwich, London, S. E. 

Kendall, John Dixon, 59 Roper Street, Whitehaven. 

Kendall, Rev. William Charles, M.A., Newark. 

Kennedy, Capt. Alexander W. M. Clark, Knockgray Park, Galloway, 
N. B., Scotland. Orn. 

Kennedy, Myles, Hill House, Ulverston. 

Kent, John C, Levant Lodge, Eail's Croome, Worcester. Chem., Bot., 
Geol. C. 

Kernahan, Rev. James, M.A., Ph.D., 237 Queen's Road, Dalston, Lon- 
don, E. 

Kershaw, Allen E., 6 Albert Road, Salbaire, near Bradford, Yorkshire. 
A St. 

Kerswill, J. B., Fairfield, St. Germans, Cornwall. 

Key, Sir Astlev Cooper, United Service Club, London, S. W. 

Kidd, H. \V., Cliurcli Street, GodalminEf, Surrev. Nat. Hist. 

Kinahan, G. H., C.E., M.R.LA., Geological Survey of Ireland, Ireland. 

Kincaid, Lieut -Col. W , care Alexander Fletcher & Co., 2 St. Helen's 
Place, Bishopsgate Street, London, E. C. 

KiNCH, Edward, Prof. Chcni., Royal .Vgric. College, Cirencestei'. Agric. 

King, Charles Cooper, Capt. Royal Marine Artillery, Royal Military 
College. Sandiiurst. 

Kino, Joh:;; T., 4 Clayton Squai-e, Liverpool. Patents for Inventions. 

King, Kelburne, M!1) , 27 George Street, Hull. Anih. 

King, John Langley, Doublegates, Merton, Surrey. 

270 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

King, William Poole, Avonsiile House, Clifton, Bristol. 

KiNGSETT, (' T., 13 Aiuiol Road, W. Kensinjrtoii, London. Chem. 

KiPPiST, lliciiAitD, Liimeaii .Soc, Burlington House, London, W. Mic. 

KiRBY, W. F., 5 Union lload, Tul'nell Park, London, N. Etit. 

KiRKHOUSE, IIekbekt, "22 Park PlAcre, Cardiff, Wales. 

KiUKMAN, Rev. Thomas P., M.A., Croft Reetory, near Warrinjrton. 

KiTTO, Benedict, F.ti.S., Camljorne, Cornwall. Min., Analyt. Chem. 

C Ex. Wolfram, Tin Pyrites and other Cornisli mins. 
Klaassen, II. M., 2 Cliepstow Road, Croydon. 
Klein, Edward E., M.I)., 5 Lon'o-idi^e "lload. Earl's Court, London, S. 

Knight, John Mackenzie, 50 Bow Road, London, E. Geo!., Mic, spec. 

Eocine Shells. C. E.v. Crag and Barton Cliff shells for any Am. 

Tertiary fossils. 
Knobel, Edward Ball, F.R.A.S., Vicarage Cottage, St. James' Street, 

Knott, tiEOROE, LL.B., Cuckfield, Sussex. Ast. 
Knowles, Rev. John, A.M., Ph.D., F.S A., Tnrnbridge "Wells. 
Knowles, Sir Francis Charles, Mayfield, Ryde. 
Knowles, J. T., Ballyniena, Ireland. Prehistoric Arch. 
Kno.x, Arthur E., M.A., Trotton House, Petersfeld, Sussex. Orn. 
Knubley, Edw. p., M.A., Staveley Rectory, Leeds. Biul., Geol. C. 
Koch, Walter E., 107 Plulbeach Garden's, Warwick Koad, London, S. 

Kundell, W. W., Lloyds, Liverpool. Electriciti/, Meteor. 
Kuper, Rev. C. A. F.,"M.A., Tlie Vicarage, Trefleck, Chepstow. Ent. 
Laby, James, Allerton Hou^e, Blackhcath, London, S. E. Gcol. 
Ladd, William, 12 Beak Street, Regent Street, London, W. Mic. 
Ladds, John, 8 Kent Gardens, Castle Hill Park, Ealing, London, W. 

Ladell, H. R., M.A., The London International College, Spring Grove, 

Laing, Samuel, 5 Cambridge Gate, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 
Lainson, Mrs., Startbrd House, Clevedon, Somerset. Bat., Geol. 
Laird, John. J. P., Grosvcnor Road, Birkenhead. 
Laistone, William, Union Street, Plymouth. Lepid. C. Ex. 
Lait, Lawson, 7 Great Charles Street," Birmingham. Biology. Ex. slides 

illustrating gland structure, mounted for microscope. 
Laiylay, J. N., Trinity College, Cambridge. Phi/siol. 
T^amb, a. C, F-S.,!., Lamb's Hotel, Dundee, Scotland. Antiquities, 
Lambert, Alan, Heath Lodge, Putney Heath, London, S. W. 
La.mbert, Rev. F. C., B.A., 62 St. Andrew's Street, Cambridge. 
Lamont, James, 134 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Lancaster, John, Bilton Grange, Rugby. 
Lancaster, William James, F.R.A.S.', F.C.S., F.G.S., Colmore Row, 

Birmingham. Exper. Physics, spec, light of Electricity. 
Lang, Henry C, M.D., 41 Berners Street, Oxford Street, London, W. 

Langley, Rev C. J., MA., Berkhampstead. Bat. 

Langridge, Herbert A., '2 Sion Villas, Thornton Heath, Surrey. Geol. 
Lankester, E. Ray, M.A., Prof. Zoiil. and Comp. Anat., University Col- 
lege, London, 11 Wellington Mansions, North Bank, N. W. 
Lapworth, Charles, 4 Kinburn Place, St. Andrews, Scotland. Palceo. 
Latham, Baldwin, 7 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Laughton, G. J., .i5 Hamilton Street, Birkenhead, Scotland. 
Laurance, John, Elton, Peterborough, Xorthamptonshire. 
Layer, H., 1 Trinity Street, Colchester. 


Law, J. S., South Locljre, Southfrate, London, N. 

Lawes, John Bennett, LL.D., lioili;nii?tL'<l, St. Alban's. 

Lavvrence-Uamiltox, Jl'LIUS, 34 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, Lon- 
don, W. 

Lawrence, Philip Henry, Fearegg House, Prince's Road, Wimbledon 

Lawson, Prof., ^LA., Botanic Garden, Oxford. Bot. 

Lawson, Charles E., 19 Portsea Place, Connaught Square, London, W. 

Lawton, Wm., Victoria Teirace, Dcrringliam, Hull. Ast., Met. C. 

Lea, a. S., Trinity College, Ciunbridjze. Plu/siol. 

Lea, John Wai-t'er, li.A., F.G.S., F.Z.S., t) St. Julian's Road, Kilburn, 
London, NAV. Geol., Zoo/., Biol. 

Leach, Rev. Charles, 21 Xoel Puiad, Birniinghain. 

Leaf, C:harles John, F.L.S., F.S A., Old Change, London, E. C, and 
Pain's Hill, Cobliani, Surrey. 

Lebouk, G. .\ , M.A., Professor of Geology in the College of Piiysical 
Science, Ne\vcastle-on-Tyne. Gcol (Ca)-bou.) C. Curb, fossils in 
ev. for lorcign spec. 

Lee, Hexrv, F.L.S., Etliclbert House, Margate. 

Lee, John Edw., \'illa Syracuse, Torcjuay, Devon. Geol., Arch., spec. 
Devontan fossils. C. Ex. for Am. Devon, fossils. 

Le Feuvre, William Henry, 28 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, W. ; 
and Jersey. 

Lefevre, Henry Francis Shaw, 29 Green Street, Grosveuor Square, 
London, W. 

Legg, John E., B.A., Berkhampstead. Bot. 

I.,EGGE, Vincent, Capt. R.A., Al)eryst\vitb, Wales. Orn. 

Leefe, Rev. J. E., M.A., Cresswell Vicarage, Morpeth. 

Lees, Edwin, F.L.S., Green Hill Summit, Worcester. 

Leighton, Jas., Kew, London, W. Bot. 

Leiguton, William Henry, 2Merton Place, Claswick. 

Leipner, Adolpu, Hampton Park, Bristol. Bot. 

Lemon, William George, B..\., Montpelier Lodge, Blackhcath, Lon- 
don, S. E. 

Lendv, Major Augl'STE Frederic, F.L.S., Sunlnuy House, Sunburv. 

Le Neve Foster, Arthur, Telegraph Works, Silvertown, Essex. Tele- 
graph i/. 

Le Neve Foster, Herbert, JNIosscnd Iron Works, Holytown, Glasgow, 
Scotland. ('Iiem. of iron and steel. 

Leonard, Hugh, Geological Survey of Ireland, 14 Hume Street, Dublin, 

Letcher, Thomas II., St. Dav, Cornwall. Min. 

LOEWY, B., Richland Villa, Woodland, Islworth, London, W. rinjs., 
[ Terrestrial Macinetisin . ) 

Lester, Lester, F.L.S., Lamiton Maltravcrs, Dorset. 

Le Strange, Hamon, Hunstanton Hall, Kin-r's Lvnn, Norfolk. Orn. 

Le Strange, Paget W., Lieut.-Col. Roval Artillerv, Gncrusev. Orn. 

Leverson, Julian John, 18 Queensbc'rrv Place, Cromwell Road, Lou- 
don, S. W. 

Lewis, A. L., 35 Colebrooke Row, Islin-rton, London, N. Anth. 

Lewis, W. J., 21 Fitzwilliam Street, Cambridge. Min. 

Lewis, A. W., 35 Colcbrook Row, London, N.' Anth., Prehistoric Arch. 
C. E\-. 

Lewis, J. H., 14.t Windsor Street, Liverpool. Bot. 

Lewis, J. F., War Other, Hor^c (iuards, Whitehall, London, S. W. 

Lewis, Thomas, Asst. Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Ast. 

272 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Beitain. 

Lewis, William Thomas, C.E., Manly, Aberdare, Wales. 

Ley, John IL, J^oiulon lioad, Croydon. Geol. 

LiEBKEicii, KiCHAKD, M.U., 1() Albemarle Street, London, W. 

Limerick, Charles Graves, Lord Bishop of, D.D., The Palace, Limer- 
ick, Ireland. 

LiNDLEV, William, 10 Kidbrooke Terrace, Blackheath, London, S. E. 

Lindsay, Charles, Rid<!:e Park, Lanark, Scotland. 

Lindsay, James Ludovic, Lord, 47 Brook Street, London, W. ; and 
Dun. P2cht, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Lingwood, Robert JNIaulkin, M.A., F.L.S., G Park Villas, Cheltenham. 

Linn, James, H. M. Geol. Surv., Sheritt'-Court Buildings, Edinburgh, 
Scotland. Geol., Arch. C. 

Lister, Joseph, M.D., 12 Park Crescent, Portland Place, London, W. 

LiTTLEBOY, John E , llunton Bridge, Watford. Urn. 

LiVEiNG, George Downing, M.A., Prof. Chem., St. John's College, 
Newnliam, Cambridge. 

Livingstone, Cler.mont, Tudor Lodge, Snakesbrook, London, E. Ent, 

Llewelyn, John Dillwyn, 39 Cornwall Gardens, London, S. W. 

Llewelyn, J. T. D., INLA., Yiusgerwn, Neath. Ent. 

Lloyd, Alfred, The Dome House, Upper Bognor, Sussex. Ent. 

I^loyd, (iEORGE, M.D., Birmingham. 

Lloyd, Rev. Humphrey, D.D., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Lloyd, Major John H., Colebrooke Lodge, Bognor, Sussex. Urn. 

LoBLEY, James L., 59 Clarendon Road, London, W. Geol. 

LocKYER, J. Norman, F.R.S., 16 Pcnywern Road, London. 

Logan, R. F., Spylaw House, Colinton, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Ent. 

LoLLY', William, H. M. Inspector of Schools, Inverness, Scotland. Geol., 

LoMAX, A. E., 41 Church Road, Tranmere, Cheshire. Bot. C. Ex. 
British wild plants for those of U. S. 

Long, Jno. I., Whitevale Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Longe, Francis Davy, B.A., Coddenham Lodge, Cheltenham. 

LoNGSTAFF, Geo. B., South Fields Grange, Wandsworth, London, S.W. 

Longstaff, Geo. D., M.D., Butterknowle, Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

Lory, Harry A., 52 Jane Street, Blythswood Sq., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Love, James, F.R.A.S., Talbot Lodge, Bickertou Road, Upper HoUoway, 
London, N. 

LovEDAY, William T., 17 Stanley Crescent, London, AV. 

Lovelace, William King, Earl of. East Horseley Park, Ripley, Surrey. 

LovicK, Thomas, Metropolitan Board of Works, Spring Gardens, London, 
S. W. Geol. 

Low, William, Roseneath, Grove Park, Wrexham, Wales. 

LowDON, George, Scientific Instrument Maker, 1 Reform Street, Dun- 
dee, Scotland. Electrician. 

Lowe, Edward Joseph, Shirenewton Hall, near Chepstow, Monmouth- 

Lowe, W. H., M.D., Woodcote Lodge, Inner Park Road, Wimbledon 
Park, London, S. W. Ent. 

liOWE, Edward J., Highfield House Observatory, near Nottingham. 

LowsoN, D.L., M.A., Clarendon House, 164 Kennington Road, London. 

Lucas, Henry, 46 G!o\icester Square, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Lucas, Joseph, 21 Surrey Street, Strand, London, W.C. 

TjUCY, W. C., The Winstones, Brookthorpe, near Gloucester. 

LuDLA.M, 11. , 174 Piccadilly, London. Min, 


Luff. A. P., 13 Lisson Street, Marj'leboue Road, London, N.W. 

Luke, .James, Finj^est Grove, Boulter End. 

LuMSDEN, J.,. Jr., Ardeu House, Alexandria, Scotland. Orn. 

LuxDiE, (J., Rh^mney Railway, Carditl", Wales. 

I^UPTON. Arnold, Crossyatesj^ Leeds. 

LuPTON, Hexrv, The Elms, Chapel Allerton, Leeds. Ent. 

Lush, W . J. H.,Fyfield near Andover, Hants. 

J^YALL, George, South Shields. 

IvYE, (i. Sheriff, Caroline Street, Birmingham. Con. 

Lyell, Leonard, 92 Onslow Gardens, South Kensin<rton, S. \V. 

Lynam, James, C. E, Raheen, Ballinasloe, Ireland. Bot. Ex. 

IvYNDE, James Gascoigne. The Orchard, Gore Street, Greenheys, Man- 

Lynn, William, T., B.A., Royal Obs. Greenwich, S.E. Ast. 

Lyttleton, Right Hon. Lord Lilford, Lilford Hall, Oundle, Northants. 

Lytton, Rt. Hon. Earl of, Knebworth Park, Stevenage. 

Macadam, W. Ivison, F.C.S., F.I.C., etc.,' Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh, 
Scotland. C/iem., Cfeol., Affile. C. 

MacAlister, Donald, St. John's College, Cambridge. Math., Physics, 

MacAndrew, James J., Lukesland, Ivy Britlge, S. Devon. 

McCance, James, L., Rathfem, Rayner's Road, Putney Hill, London, 
S. W. .Ast. 

Macaulay, .J. J., High Street, Holywood, Co. Down, Ireland. Mic. 

McClean, Frank, M.A., 23 Great George Street, London, S. W. 

McClelland, John, Riversdalc House, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 

McDonald, J. A., Holly Place, Ilanipstead, London, N. W. 

Macdonald, John D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Netlcy. 

McDonnell, Robert, M. IX, 14 Lower Pcndjroke Street, Dublin, Ireland. 

MacDougald, G. D., 41 Reform Street, Dundee, .Scotland. Chem. 

Mackenzie, (i. Welland, F.R.C.S., 15 Hans Place, London, S. W. 

Mackeson, Henry Bean, Hythc, Kent. 

MACKINNON, A. K., 1 Gloucester Street, South Belgravia, London, S. W. 

Mackintosh, Daniel, 32 AMiitford Road, Tranmcre, Birkenhead. 

McIlwain, Canon, D.l)., Belfast, Ireland. Antiquarian. 

McIntosh, William Carmichael, M.D., Monthly, Scotland. 

MacIver, David, M.P., Woodslee, Spital, Birkenhead. 

Mackay, J. B., Totteridge Green, Herts. 

Mackrell, John, 3 Victoria Road, Clapham Common, London, S. W. 

McLachlan, Robert, 39 Limes Grove, Lewisham, London, S. E. 

McLandsborougii, John, F.R.A.S., South Park Villa, Harrogate. 

MacLauciilan, Henry, 14 Liston Road, Grafton Square, Clapham, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

MacLaughlan, John, Louise Terrace, W. Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland. 

McClay, James Ly'NN, Rose Villa, Victoria Mount, Oxton, Birkenhead, 
Geol, Arch. C. 

Maclean, Hector, 45 Park Crescent, Brighton. 

]Maclean, W. C, 31 Camperdown Terrace, Great Yarmouth. 

MacLeay, Sir George, Pendell Court, Bletchingley, Surrey. 

Maclennan, Rev. Alexander, M.A., Carlton House, Newcastle-on- 

McDonnell, Robert, M.D., F.R.S., Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin, 
Irclaud. Physiol. 

McMaiion, Liuut -Col. C. A., care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 55 Parlia- 
ment Street, London, S. W. 

274 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Macmillan, Alexander, Bedford Street, Covent Garden. 

MacMum, C. a., M.D., Wolverhampton. Medical Spectroscopy. 

McMuKTKiE, James, Kadstock Collieries, Bath. 

McNab, \V. II., M.U., Prof. Bot. It. Coll. of Science, Dublin, Ireland. 

Macpheuson, Alexa.ndeu, 3 Great Tower Street, London, E. C. 

IMacpherson, John, M.D., 3.") Curzon Street, Mayfaii", London, W. 
Macvicar, John (t., D.U., LL.D., The Manse oi" Moffat, Dumfriesshire, 

Scotland. Molecii ar Sri , Phi/s., Phil. 
McViE, James, Anchorelle, Kirkciidhri;;ht, Scotland. Nat. Hist. 
Maddock, Kev. Henry E., M.A., Clare College, Cambridge. 
Main, 1. F , .M.A., B Sc, Clifton. M<tth. 

]\1aine. Sir Henry S., LL.D., 27 Cornwall Gardens, London, S. W. 
Maggs, Thomas C, Yeovil, Somersetshire. Geol. 
Magnus, Philip, B Sc, B..\., Gresham College, London. 
jMakins, ^V"ALTER K., Westhorpc House, Hendon, N. \V. Mie. 
Malcolm, John Wingfield, 7 Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London, W. 

Major, Kichard II., F.S.A., V. P. Royal Geog. Societj', 51 Holland 

Iload, Kensington, London. Histori/ of Discover/^. 
Maling, C. T., 14 Ellison Place, Xewcastle-on-Tyne. Geol. 
Mallet, Robert, F.R.S., Eumore, The Grove, Clapham Road, London. 

S. \Y. 
^Iammatt, John E., Branilcy, Leeds. Geol. 
Man, (iEORGE, F.G S., Bcnthale Hall, Broseley. Geol., Bot. 
;Manbv, Lient.-Coi. Charles, F.R.S., 9 Victoria Chambers, Victoria 

Street, London, S. W. 
Mann, Robert James, M.D., 5 Kingsdown Villas, Wandsworth Common, 

London, S. W. 
Manners-Sutton, Hon. Graham, 50 Tliurloe Square, London, S. W. 

Manning, Robert, C.E , 4 Ely Place Upper, Dublin, Ireland. Hydrology. 
Mansel-Pleydell, John C, F.L.S., Longthorns, Blandford, Dorset- 
shire. Geii. S^at. Hist. 
Mansergh, James, 3 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Mantua & Montserrat, H.iM.S.H., The Prince of, The Curator of the 

jSluseum of, 18 Elgin Road, St. Peter's Park, London, W. Om., 

Oiil , mid Gen. Sci. C. Ev. Spec, wanted in ex. for Eggs, Miner- 
als, Fossils, Plants, Insects, Shells, etc. 
Marcet, Francis, 13 Stratton Street, London, W. 
Marcet, William, M.D., 39 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 
jSIarks, Henry S., 1.") Hamilton Terrace, London, N. W. Om. 
Markby, J. R., 7 University Street, Lomlon, W. C. Geol. 
^Markham, C. R., Athen;eum Club, and 21 Eccleston Square, London, S. 

Marr, John E., B A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 
i\lARR, J. E., B..V., St. John's College, Cambridge. Oeol. 
ISIakrat, F. p.. Free Public Museum, Liverpool. Con., Min. 
ISIahkeco, A. F., College of Phys. Science, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Geol. 
]Marriott, John, Fleckney W., Market Harborough, Leicestershire. 

Marsh, John G., 16 Hanover Street, Rve Lane, Peckhara, London, S. E. 

Marsh, T. E. Milles, C.E., Grosvenor Place, Balh. 
Marshall, Arthur, Headingley, near Leeds. 
Marshall, John, F.R.A.S., Church Institute, Albion Place, Leeds. 
Marshall, W., Elm Lodge, Clay Hill, Enfield.* Ent. 


:vrARSHAM, The Hon. Robert, 5 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, Lonaon, W. 

Marten. E. 13., Feilmore, near .Stoiirl)ri(.lf;e. Gcol. 

Makth, Albert, 66 Lambeth Road, London, S. E. Ast. 

Martix, Joseph fjAMLEL, Prestwich, Mancliester. 

iSlARTiN, Richard Biduulfh, Chislehurst. Anth. 

Maskelyxe, Nevil bTORV, M.A., M.R., F.R.S., F.C.S., Professor of 

Mineralogy in tiie University of Oxford, 112 Gloucester Terrace, 

Hyde Park Gardens, l^ondon, W. 
Mason, "James, F.C.S., Tynsham Jlail, near Witney, Oxon. 
Mason, James Wood, Junior Oxford and Cambridge Club, St. James's 

Square, London, S. W. 
Mason, Philip B., liurton-on-Trcnt. Brit. Zool, and Bot. 
Massee, G. E., Oak House, Oak Road, Scarbro. Bot. 
Massev, Gerald, New Soutligute, London. Anth. 
Masters, Maxwell T., M.D., 41 Wellington Street, Strand, London. 

Mateer, Rev. S., The Mission House, Blomfield Street, Finshury. 
Mathew, Gervase F., Paymaster Royal Navy, lustow, Xortli Devon. 

Lepicl. C. Ex. Britisli for Exotic Lepid. 
Mathew, Rev. Murray A., M..\ , Stone Hall, Haveifordwest, Wales. Orn. 
Mathews, Wm., M. A., 60 llarborne Road, Birmingham. Bot., Geol. 
Mathewson, Allan, C.M.S.A., Sec. Dundee Nat'., Constitu- 
tion House, Constitution Road, Dundee, Scotland. Geol, Arch. 
Matthev, Geoijge, Cheyne \\'alk House, Chelsea, London, S. W. 
Maudsley, Henry, M.D., 9 Hanover Square, Londonr W. 
Maunder, E. W., 3 Woodlands Road, Blackheath, Loudon. Photohe- 

lioqrapli ?/, Spectro-iropy. 
Maw, George, F.L.S., F. S.A., F.G.S., Benthall Ilall, Broselcy, Salop. 

Bot , Geo!., esp. Geniis Crocui and Sil. Braclu'oj.ods. C. 
;Mawer, AValter, 37 Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W. C. 
May, John W., Arundel House, Percy Cross, Fulham Road, London, S. 

W. Ent. 
May, William, Northfield, St. Mary Cray, Kent. 
Mayall, J., Jr., 22 Regent Street, Loudon. Mic. 
Maybury, A., Constable, 23 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, 

W. C. 
Mayxard, John-, East Pool ^linc, Redruth. Min. 
Maynard. Richard, 78 Pcudarvcs Street, Tuckingmill. Mm. 
Mayo, Hekbert, Cheshunt, Herts. 
Maxted, Charles, Providence Cottage, Well Road, Hampstead, Londou, 

N. W. 
Meadex, Henry P., Hallgarth Street, Durham. 
Medlicott, C. AV. C., M.D., County Asylum, Wells, Somerset. 
Medwin, Aaron G.. ^SI.l)., 11 Mon'tpelicr Row, Blackheath. 
!Meek. E. G , nfi Bromptou Road. I>nnflon, S. W. Eiit. 
Meikle-john, Dr. J. W. S., M.D., Fleet Surgeon, R.N., H.M. Dockyard, 

Chatliam. Bnf. C. 
ISfELDOLA, R., 21 John Street, Bedford Row, London, AV. C. E))t. 
Melliss, John Charles, 232 Grcsham House, Old Broad Street, London, 

E. C. 
Mello, Rev. John Magens, M.A., St. Thomas's Rectory, Brampton, 

Mellor, T. Randolph, C.E., Nutfield, Redhill, Surrev. 
Merivale, Prof. John IL, Durham Univ. College of Phys. Sci., New- 

castle-on-Tvnc. Miitinr/. 
Merrifield, Charles A^^, 20 Girdlcr's Road, Brook Green, London, AA^ 
Merrified, Dr. L, F R.A.S., Gascoync PI., Plymouth. Mat/i., Mcltor. 
Merry, James S., Swansea, Wales.' Min. 

276 THE naturalists' DIKECTOKY. [Gt. Bkitaix. 

Merkyweather, Henry, 158 Cromwell Road, South Keusingtou, S. W. 

Mehton, Henry, 3 Westbourne Crescent, London, W. 

Meryon, Edward, M.D., 14 Clarges Street, London, W. 

.Messer, Dr. a. B., Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth. 

Metcalfe, Arthur T., Southwell, Notts. 

Meyer. C. J. A., 3 Princes Gardens, Clapham Common, London, S. W. 

Meyrick, E., Ramsbury, Hungerlbrd, Wilts. Etit, 

.MiALL, Louis C, Prof. Biology, Yorkshire Coll. Sci., 173 Belle Vue Road, 

Michie, Rev. J. G., Dinnet, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Jl/m.- 
MiDDLETON, Rev. GEORGE, Bourne College, Summer Hill, Birminghi^m. 
MiDDLETON, John O., 1 Ebenczer Terrace, Plumstcad Common, Kent. 
MiDwooD, Lieut. IL, 74th Highlanders, Aldershot. Conch. 
MiERS, Edward J., F.L.S., British Museum, Loudon. Crustacea. 
Millar, John, Bethnal House, Bethnal Green, London, £. 
Miller, Hugh, Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn Street, 

London, S. W. 
Milligan, Joseph, F.L.S., F.R.A.S., 6 Craven Street, Strand, London, 

W. C. 
Mills, Edmund J., Young Prof, of Technical Chem., Anderson's Univ., 

60 .John Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Mills, Thos. S., B.A., 19 Forest Road, Birkenhead. 
Milnes, William, Coal Exchange, London, E. C. 
MiLWARD, Miss, Tullogher, New Ross, Ireland. Bot. 
]MiXTON, Samuel, Oakham House, near I>udley, Staffordshire. 
Mitchell, Frank Johnstone, Newport, Monmouthshire. 
INIitchell, Frederick S., Hornshaws, Clitheroe, Lancashire. Orn. 
Mitchell, Joseph, C.E., Inverness, Scotland. 
]SIitciiell, Joseph, Jr., Worsboro' Dale, near Barnsley. 
Mitchell, Richard, 30 St, George's Road, Regent's Park, London, 

N. W. 
Mivart, Prof. St. George, 77 Seymour Street, London, W. Biol., Comp. 

Moffat, Thomas, M.D., F.R.A.S., Hawarden, near Chester. Meteorol. 
Moggridge, Matthew, F.L.S., 8 Bina Gardens, South Kensington, S. 

W. Gcol. 
Morrieson, Col. R., Oriental Chib, Hanover Square, London, W. Mic. 
Morris, James, 6 Windsor Street, Swansea, Wales. Min. 
MosiiER, W. A. E., F.G.S., Geological Survey, Jermjn Street, London. 

MoiR, Edward, Newport-on-Tay, near Dundee, Scotland. Bot. 
MoisER, II. I., South View, York. Bot., Geol. 
MoiSER, R. H., Heworth Granue, York. 
MoLYNEUX, Wm., Brunston Lodge, Burton-on-Trent. 
MoNCRiEFF, Col. Alexander, Easter Road Barracks, Edinburgh, Scot- 
land. Ordnance Engineering. 
INlONCKTON, E. p., M.A., Fineshade Abbey, Wansford, Northamptonshire. 
IMoNKHOUSE, Rev. P. E., M.A., Park Road South, Birkenhead. 
MONE, A. U., R. Dublin Soc, Dublin, Ireland. Nat. Hist. 
MoNTALBO, Antonio R., 20 Stanley Crescent, Kensington Park, London, 

W. Gtol. 
]\IoNTEFJORE, Sir MoSES, 35 Park Lane, London, W. 
MooKE, Charles, 6 Cambridge Place, Bath. Geol. 
INIooRE, F., 110 Oakfield Road, Penge, London, S. E. Ent. 
INIooRE, John Carrick, M.A., 113 Eaton Square, London, S. W. 
IMooRE, R. W., 19 Catherine Street, Whitehaven. 

MooKE, Septimus P., LL.B., B.Sc, Firfield, Surrey Road, Bournemouth. 
Moore, Thomas J., Free Public Museum, Liverpool. Zool., Palao. 


:NroRANT, Alfred William, F.S.A., 33 Virginia Road, Leeds. 

More, Alex. G., Museum of Science and Art, Dublin, Ireland. Orn., 
Brit. Bot. 

Moreland, Richard, Jr., 4 Highbury Quadrant, London, X. 

MoRETOX, Frederick Leslie, 21 Ker Street, Devonport. Lepid. C. 

MorgaxX, W., F.G S., C. &M.E , The Guildhall, Bristol. 

Morgan, Rev. Francis Henry, M.A., Gisbro' Rectory, Yorkshire. 

Morgan, James Arthur, 47 Finsbury Circus, London, E. C 

Morgan, Octavius S., M.A., 10 Ciiarles Street, St. James's Square, 
London, S. W. 

^Morgans, William, Chantr}', Frorae. 

MoRLEY, John, Mason's College, Birmingham. 

iloRRis, John, M.A., 15 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square, London, 
N. W. Geol. 

Morris, Richard, M.D., Inst, of Scientific Research, 67 Broad Street, 
Sexways, Birming:ham. Physiol. 

Morrison, Francis R., 3 Sutfolk Villas, Breakspear Road, Lewisham 
Road, London, S. E. Geol. 

Mortimer, R., Fimber, Malton, Yorkshire. Geol. 

Mortimer, J. R., St. John's Villa, Driffield, Yorkshire. 

Morton, Dr., New Brompton, Kent. But. 

jSIorton, George IL, 122 London Road, Liverpool. Geol, Carb. Lime- 
stones of .V. Wales. C. Ex. 

MosLEY, George, Holgate Classical and Commercial Seminary, York. 

MosELEY, II. X., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S., etc., Univ. of London, Burling- 
ton Gardens, London, W. Zool. 

MosLEY, S. L., Beaumont Park, Huddersfield. 

Moss, John, 25 Abchumh Lane, London, E. C. Chem. 

MossE, G. S., Stanford Road, Kensington, W. Ent. 

MOSTYN, Charles, Elmley House, Grove Road, Surbiton, London, S. W. 

MoTT, Albert J., Adsett Court, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucester. 

MoTT, Basil, 109 Broom Spring Lane, Sheffield. Mining. 

MoTT, Frederick T., F.R G.S., Bristol Hill, Leicester. Bot., Mosses, 
Edible Fruits. C. Ex. Desires information about all edible fruits 
which are unknown in England. 

MouLTON, John Fletcher, M.A., 74 Onslow Gardens, London, S. W. 

Mountcastle, Wm. R., Bridge Farm, Ellenbrook near Manchester. 

MuiR, Edwin, 26 King Street, Manchester. 

Muir, Thomas, Beechcroft, Bishopton. Math. 

MuiR, M. M. Pattison, Proelector in Chem., Gouville and Caius College, 
Cambridge. Inorq. Chem. 

Muirhead. Henry, M.'D., F.F., P.S.G., Bushy Hill, Cambuslang, Lan- 
arkshire, Scotland. Psychol, and Phijs. Philos, spec. Genesis of 

Miller, Hugo, 13 Park Square East, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 

Mi'LLER, Max, Oxford. 

Mulliner, Francis, Leigh House, Devonshire Road, Birkenhead. 

Mum.mery, John R., 10 Cavendish Place, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

Munroe, Henry, M.D., 19 Charlotte Street, Hull. Mic, Hist. 

Murdoch, J. R., care Messrs. J. Barran &Co., St. Paul's Street, Leeds, 

MURIE, James, M.D., LL. D., F.L.S. 7 Torriano Gardens, Camden 
Road, London, N. W. 

Murphy, J. J., Old Forge, Dunmnrry, Co. .\ntrim, Ireland. 

278 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

MuKRAY, Adam, Science Clul), 4 Savile Row, London, W, 
MuHitAV, John, M Albeitnulc Street, London, W. 
MuKKAV, Lieut. II., Tialee, Ireland. Ent. 

MuuuAV, Mis., ]>oii<rlil)on)' Park, Brixton, London, S.W. Geol. 
MuKU.w, William, Monkland Jlouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
Musso.N, C. F., Goldsniitii Street, Nottingham. (Jon. 
MubSON, Kdwaud cm. a.. Brown's School, Stamford. 
JSIyeks, Kdvvakd, The rarsona;;e, Claremont IJill, Shrewsbury. 
Myeks, -John W., 20 Westbury lioad, Westbourne Square, London, W. 
Myiiill, Chaule.s, Curzon School House, Mayfair, London, W. 
JNIylne, JioBERT W'lLLLv.M, 21 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. Geol. 
Naidley, Heury, Oxlord Military College, 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lon- 
don, W. C. Geol. 
Napier, Charles G , 2 Garville Avenue, Rathcjar, Dublin, Ireland. 
Napier. Capt. Johnston, Elm (Jrove Pleasure-Ciardcn, Salisbury. En- 

(jiiiceritKj (Mi/itcn-1/), ('hem., (icol. C. 
Nash, William C'., .\ssistant Ma^inetical and Meteorological Department, 

Royal Observatory, (Jrccnwich, London. 
Neate, Percy J., 53 Belsizc Park, llampstcad, London, N.W. 
Neeuha.m, S. II., 5 Mccklenburgh Street, Mecklenbur'di Square, Lon- 
don, W. 
Neison, Edmund, F.R.A.S., Science Club, London. Ast., Chem. 
Neve, J. II., Kinjrston-on-Tliames. Bot. 
'Nesbit, a. a , F.C.S., 38 Gracechurch Street, London, Chem. Action 

of Poisons on Fish. 
Nevill, Hugh, Newton Villa, Godalmin.^. Orii. 
Nevill, W. James, ^Vhaddon House, Bruton, Somerset. 
Nevins, Dr. John Birkbeck, 3 Abercromby Square, Liverpool. Bot., 

Nevinson, B. G., 19 Torring-ton Square, London, W. C. Ent. 
New, Roland, 39 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. 
Newall, Robert SxutLiNO, Fcrndene, Gatcshcad-on-Tyne. 
Newbould, Rev. W., Montaofue House, Kew Green, London, W. 
Nevvcome, Francis D'A.. WC, Feltwcll Hall, Brandon, Sutfolk. Orn. 
Newdigate, Albert Lewis, M.A., 25 Craven Street, Charing Cross, 

London, W. C. 
Newman, Frederick, Slinfold, Horsham. 
Newman, T. P., 54 Ilatton Garden, London, E.G. Ent. 
Newmarch, William, Beech Holme, Nightingale Lane, Balham, London, 

Newton, Alfred. M..\., Prof. Zoill. and Comp. Anat. Univ. of Cambridge. 

Mag('.alcn (.'ollegc, Camliridgc. Orn. 
Newton, Edwin T.. Assistant Naturalist to H. M. Geological Survey. 

Museum, .lermyn Street, London, S.W. 
NiCOLSON, David, Wick, Scotland. Bot. 
Nichols, George Benjamin, Handswortli, Birmingham. 
Nicholson, Sir Charles, Bart., M.D., D.C.L., The Grange, Totteridge, 

London, N. 
Nicholson, Cornelius,, F.S.A. Ashlcigh, Ventnor, Isle of Wight 
Nicholson, Francis, The Gi-ovc, Oldfield, Altrincham, Cheshire. Oni. 

C. Ex. or buys Motacillidw and Javan and Sumatran skins, nests 

and eggs, if properly identified. 
Nicholson, II. AlleyneJ Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. St. Andrews, Scotland. 

Nat. Hist. 
Nickels, J. L., Nootorum, Birkenhead. 

NicoL, Prof. J., Univ. of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, Scotland. Min. 
NicoLS., Arthur, 11 Church Row, Hampstead, London, N.W. 
NivEN, Charles, M.A., Prof, Math. Queeq's Coll, Cork, Ireland. Ast. 


Noble, Andrew, Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Noble, John, 50 Wcstbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Noel, Ernest, Lj'iilairst, Warninglid, Ilayward's Heath. 

NoUG.VTE, F., bparkam Vicarage, Norfolk. Ent., Oin. 

NouMAX, Rev. A.M., llectory Bururaoor, Durham. Crustacea. Moll. 

NouMAN, George Ward, Bi-omley, Kent. 

NoRRis Alfred, M.D., Binhficld, Birmingham. Physiol. 

NoRRis, Richard, M.U., Birciifield, Birmingham, rinjsiol. 

North, Frederic Wm., F.G.S., M. & C.E., Rawley Hall, StaflFordshire. 
Cliil and Minin / Engineering, South African Coal-fields. 

North, S. W., 84 Micklegate, York. 

NoRTHBROOK, Thomas George Baring, Earl of, D.C.L., 4 Hamilton 
Place, London, W. 

NoiiTiicoTE, Right lion. Sir Stafford Henry, London. 

NoRTHESK, Right Hon. Earl of, 76 St. George's Square, London, S. W. 

NORTHWICK, Lord, Northwick Park, ISIoreton-in-Marsh. 

Norton, Henrv, F.(i.S., 21 Unthank's Road, Norwich. 

Norwood, Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, Wrenbury Vicarage, Nantwich. 

Nottidge, Thomas, Ashford, Kent. Ent. 

NowERS, George P., M.A., Oxon, 49 Hagley Road, Birmingham. Geol. 

Nunn, C. W., Hertford. Mic. 

Nuttall, R., Jr., 14 Westboiirnc Park Terrace, London, W. Geol. 

Oakley, Christopher, 10 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

Odling, William M. B., Prof. Chem. Univ. of Oxford, Museum, Oxford. 

Ogilvie, a. Graeme, B.A., 20 Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood, Loudon, 
N. W. 

Ogilvie, W. M., Pros. Dundee Nat. Soc, Lockee, near Dundee, Scot- 
land. Bot. 

Ogle. William, M.A., M.D., 10 Gordon Street, Gordon Square, London, 
W. C. hot., Ent. 

Oliver, Daniel, Prof. Bot , Universit}- College, London, Royal Gardens, 

Oman, J. C, 2 Rutland Villas, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N. Geol. 

Om.manney, Sir Erasmus, The Towers, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight; and 
United Service Club, London. 

O'MuLRENiN, R. J., The Weekly Freeman Office, Dublin, Ireland. Agric. 

Ord, C. K., M.D., The Limes, Lewisham, London, S. E. 

Ord, William Miller, M.D., 7 Brook Street, Hanover Square, London, 

Orde, Sir John, Bart, Kilmory House, Loch Gilp Head, N. B., Scotland. 

O'Reilly, Prof, Roj-al College of Science, Dublin, Ireland. Min. 

Okmerod, Miss Eleanor A., F.M.S., etc., Dunster Lodge, Spring Grove, 
Isleworth. Economic Ent. 

Ormerod, George W., M.A., Woodway, Teignmouth. 

Ormerod, Henry Mere, Clarence Street, Manchester. 

Osler, .Vbraham F., South Bank, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

OsLER, Follett, F.R.S., Edgbarton, Birmingham. Miteor. 

Overstone, Lord, 2 Carlton Gardens, Loudon, S. \X.; and Ovcrstone 
Park, Northampton. 

Owen, Richard, C.B., M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., F.L.S.. Assoc, de 
I'Instit. de France, Superintendent of the Natural History Depart- 
ments, British Museum. Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, East Sheen, 
London, S. W. 

Owen, Major Samuel R. J., .Vssoc. King's College, London. 

Packe, Charles, Stretton Hall, Leicester. 

Page, .Julius, 6.'J South Street, Greenwich, London, S. E. Mic. 

Pagen, John Fletcher, Port View, Saltash, Cornwall. 

280 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Paget, George E., M.D., Prof, of Physics in Univ. of Cambridge, Cam- 

Paget, Sir James, Vice-Pres. Royal Soc, 1 Harewood Place, Hanover 
Squai'c, London, W. 

Paine, William IIexrv, M.D., Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Palmer, Thomas, Hoinelciji^h, Lower Camden, Chislehurst. Mic. 

Parish, Sir Woodbixe, K.C.H., F.ll.S., Quarry' House, St. Leonards-on- 

Parke, George Henry, F.L.S., F.G.S., Infield Lodfre, Furness Abbey, 
Lancasiiire. Receiit and Fossil Moll, and Echinoderms. C. Ex. 
Piritish for foreiirn spec. 

Parker, Major Francis George Suirecliffe, 54th Regiment, West- 
berc House, Slurry, Kent. 

Parker, James, ALA., Oxford. Geol., Arch. 

Parker, Joseph, -Jr., Upton Chancy, Bitton, near Bristol. 

Parkin, Thomas, Halton near Hastings. Orn. 

Parkinson, James, F.C.S., 124 Holland Road, Kensington, Lon- 
don, W. 

Parkinson, Rev. Stephen, D.D., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Parry, Major F. J. Sidney, London. Eiit. 

Parry, T. S., Castlebar Hill, Ealing, London, W. 

Parsons, H. Franklin, M.D., Local Government Board, Whitehall, 
Loudon, S. W. 

Parsons, R. Mann, Hydevale, Blackheath, London, S. E. 

Parsons, William, Sergeant R. E., Ordnance-Survey Office, 46 St. 
George's Road, London, S. W. 

Parton, Thomas, (iordley House, Dudley Road, ^Y■est Bromwich. 

Pascoe, Francis P., Burlington Road, Westbourne Park, London, W. 

Paterson, .James, Palmyra Square, Warrington. 

Paton, J. W., Curator of Industrial Museum, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, 

Patterson, R. Lloyd, Belfast, Ireland. Orn. 

Pattinson, John, F.I.C, 75 The Slide, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Atialyt. 

Pattison, S. R., 11 Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. 

Paul, John Dennis, Regent Road, Leicester. Geol. 

Paull, Joseph M., 2 St. George's Terrace, Stonebouse, Plymouth, 

Pavy, Frederick W., M.D., Lecturer on Physiol., Comp. Anat., and 
Zoiil., Guy's Hospital, 35 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Payne, G , Jr., 25 High Street, Sittingbourne. 

Peace, Maskell W., Ashfield, Wigan. 

Peach, Benjamin X., Geological Survey of Scotland, Geological Survey 
Office, Sheritf-Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Peacock, R. A., 41 Osborne Road, Tollington Park, London, N. Steam, 
Volcanoes and Earthquakes. 

Peacock, T. Bevill, M.D., 20 Finsbury Circus, London, E. C. 

Peav^cx, William Harrison, 3 Victoria Crescent, Barnsley. 

Peal, C. N , Fernhurst, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W. Diatomacea, 

Pearce, Horace, F.L.S., The Limes, Stourbridge. Geol., Bot. 

Pearce, Joseph Chaning, M.B., The Manor House, BrLxton Rise, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Pearson, Sir Edwin, M.A., Wimbledon. 

Pease, Thomas, Cote Bank, near Bristol. 

Peckovei{, Algernon, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 

Peckover, Alexander, Bank House, Wisbech, Cambridgesliire. 

Pengelly, William, Lamorna, Torquay. 


gt. britaik.] the naturalists' dikectory. 281 

Penning, W. H., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn Street, 

London, S. W. 
Pennington, Rooke, LL.B., Castleton, Derbyshire. 
Penny, Rev. C. W., M.A., Wellington College, Wokingham, Berks. 
Penrose, John F., Parkhenver, Redruth. 

Penton, Edward, Jr., 51 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W. 
Pepi'e, T. F., Herald Lodge, Spencer Hill, Wimbledon. 
Percy, Dr. John, F.R.S,, 1 Gloucester Crescent, Hyde Park; also Houses 

of Parliament, London. MctaUui-rp/ of Iron, Steel, Gold, and Silver. 

C. Wishes to correspond with collectors. 
Perkin, William Henry, The Chesnuts, Sudbury, Harrows. 
Perkins, V. R., 5i Gloucester Street, South Belgravia, London, W. Etit. 
Perry, .Stephen Joseph, Dir. Stonyhurst Coll. Observatory, Whalley. 

Terrest. Mag., Solar Phi/s. 
Perry, Sir Thomas Erskine, B.A., 36 Eaton Place, London, S. W. 
Pershouse, Francis, Jr., Tor Holum House, Torquay. Oni. C. 
Petrie, Capt. Francis W. H., 11 Gloucester Terrace, Canipden Hill, 

Kensington, London, W. 
Petrie, W. Flinders, Bromley, Kent. Meteorology. 
Pettigrew, James Bell, M.D., Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland. Anat. 

and Physiol. 
Peyton, John E. H., F.R..\.S., 1 Uplands, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Peyton, Rev. W. W., Hill Street, Rock Villa, Broughty Ferry, Scotland. 

Geol., Bot., Min. 
Phear, Rev. Samuel George, D.D., M.A., Master of Emmanuel Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 
Phene, J. S., LL.D., 5 Carlton Terrace, Oakley Street, London, S. W. 

Arch., Anth., Geol. C. 
Philips, T. Winhart, 33 Woodstock Road Poplar, London. Phys. 
Philips, Henry Louis, 28 Brownswood Park, South Hornsey, London, N. 
Phillips, J. Arthur, C. E., 18 Fopstone Road, Kensington, London. 

Minitig, Geol. C. 
Phillips, William, Canonbury, Kingsland. Shrewsbury. Mycology : 

Discomycetes. C. Ex. Brit, species for those of any otlier country. 
Philpot, The Ven. Archdeacon B., Mona Lodge, Oak Hill, Surbiton, 

Phipson, Arthur, 3 Gray's Inn Square, London, W.C Ent. 
Pickup, Peter, Towneley CoUierv, Burnley, Lancashire. 
Pidgeon, D., F.L.S., Hoimwood, Putney Hill, London, S.W. 
PiESSE, C. H., Anal3-tical Laboratorj-, Lyon's Inn Chambers, 303 Strand, 

London, W. C. Chem. 
Pigott, G. W. Royston, M.A., M.D., Annandale, Eastbourne, Sussex. 

Piggott, F. T., M.A., 1 Mitre-court Buildings, Temple, London, E.G. 
PiM, H. Bedford, Leasidc, Kingswood Road, Upper Norwood. Ent., 

esp. Brit. Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Piper, George H., Court House, Ledburv. 

Plant, James, 40 West Terrace, West Street, Leicester. GeoL, Phys. C. 
Plant, Capt. John, Superintendent of the Royal Museum and Library. 

Peel Park, Salford, Manchester. 
Plant, Robert, Clieadle Park, Chcadle, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Playfair, I>yon. Right Hon. LL.D., 68 Onslow Gardens, London, S.W. 
Plews. Henry T., Bedale, York.sliirc. 
Plowrigiit, C. B.,7 King Street, King's Lvnn. Fungi. 
Plummer, John L, 'Sl.\.. Orwell Park Ob's., Ipswich". Ast. 
Plunkbtt, Thos., Enniskillcn, Ireland. Geol, Arch. 
PoDE, .John D., Shade H;dl, Ivv Uridire, Devon. Antiquarian. 
Poland, J., Eliot Vale, Blacklicath, London, S.E. 


Pole, U'illiam, F.R.S., AthcnaHim Club, London, S.W. Merit. Science. 
Poi.vvHELE, TuoMAS KoxHLUCi, M.A. rolwlielc, Truro. Coiinvall. 
PoNSONUV, -J. II., Iti tst. Janics' fcilrcet, Loudon, y.W. Mull. 
PoNTlFEX, Captain, 9 Pavilion tsquuro, IScarhorouyli. Geul. 
POOLEY, CUAKLES,, F.S.A., 1 Kaglan Circus, Wcston-super- 

Pope, William J , Brook Hill Park, Plumstcad, Kent. 
Poi'PLETOx, KicHAUD DicKON, Leatlici' Market, Bcrniondsev, London, 

PoRRiTT, George T., lludderifiekl. Ent. 
Porter, Kcv. J. \\., 13. A., Wartlinj;- Vic'a)-a<re, Ilastinjrs. 
PoTTEii, Ed.mlnd, 64 Queen's (iate, Souiii Kcnsingion, London, S.W. 
Potter, Frederick Anton V, li.Se., Nagasaki, Japan ; ancibb lowerHill, 

Loution, E.C. 
Potter, (Veorge, 42 Grove Road, Upper llolloway, London, N. Mic. 
Potter, Willia.m Aubone, C.ainlin^ton House, "Norilnmdicrland. 
PouLTON, Edward B., B.A., Victoria Villa, Arj^yll Poad, Keailing-. 
Powell, Hugh, 170 Euston Ifoad, Euston S(|iiare, London, N.W. Mic. 
Power, IIv. d'Arcv, 10:) Cauil)crwell, New Koad, London, S.E. Ent. 
Power, Dr. L A., Burton Crescent, London, W.B. Ent.: Coleopt. 
PowRiE, .James, Reswallic, near Forfar, feeotland. 
Pratt, Henry, E.R. A. S., 18 Preston St., Brigliton. Ast., Horology, 

Preece, W. H., Gothic Lodge, Wimbledon Common, London. Elec- 

Preston, Picv. T. A., M. A., The Green, Malborou'rh, Wilts. Ent. 
Preston, Lawrence, Wickwar, Charfield, Gloucestershire. 
Prestwicii. Joseph, M.A., Professor of Cieolojiv in the University of Ox- 
ford, 34 Broad Street, Oxford. (ieol.{Qu<irternavy or Tertiary.) 
Price, Bartholemew, M.A., Prof. Nat. Phil., Pembroke Coll., Oxford. 

Math., Pin/,. 
Price, David, 48 We^t Street, Horsham, Sussex. Ent. 
Price, F. G. H., 29 Weymoutli Street, Portland Phiee, London, W, 
Price, .lolin E., 60 Albion Road, Stoke- Newiui;ton, London, N. 
Price, T. Jones, B.A., Pencoed, near Bridjicnd, Wales. 
Price, Capt. W. E., Tibberton Court, near Gloucester. 
Prince, C. L., F.R.A.S.,& F.:SLD., The Observatory Crowborough, Tun- 

bridue Wells. Ast., Meteorol. 
Prior, Charles M.,The Avenue, Bedford, and Trinitv Hall, Cambridge. 

Prior, Richard C. A., M.D.,48 York Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 

N.W. Bot. C. 
Pritchard, Andrew, F.R.S.E , 87 St. Paul's Road, Highbury, London. 

Pritchard. Rev. Charles, IVf A.,F R S., F.R.A.S., Savilian Professor of 

Ast. Univ. of Oxford, 8 Keble Ten-ace, Oxford. 
Pritchard, E., C. E., 37 Waterloo St., Birmingham. Sanitary Engineer- 
in tj. 
Pritchard, H. B., Chemical Dept., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London, 

S. E. Chemiytry 
Pritchard, ^T^•BAN, INf. D., 3 George Street, Hanover Sq., London. 

llislnl. of Iiitcrnnl Ear. 
Proctor, Richard A., B.A., 76 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Propert, W. Peregrine, LL.D., M.A., The Cross House, St. David's, 

Prouse, Oswald ^Filton, Assoc. ^^. Inst. C. E.. Westbourne House, 

Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith, London, W. 


Prout, Rev. Thomas J., Christ Church, Oxford. 

Phovis, T. B., Camborne. Min. 

Provis, Edward, M.A., Worcester Street, Bromsgrove. 

Prvor, Joseph, Trelula House, Redruth. 

Prvok, R. a., liaklock, Herts. 

PULESTOX, John H., Weslniiuster Palace Hall, London, S. W. Mic. 

Purser, John M., M.D., Trinity Coll., Dul)liu, Ireland. Physiol. 

PVE, \X., Kniji'lit's Place, Cobliani, Gravesend. Geol. 

PvRKE, D., Jr., 23 Clarence Square, Cheltenham. 

QuAiN, Richard, .32 Cavendish Square, London, W. 

QuAiN, Richard, M.D., G7 Harlev Street, London, W. 

Radcliffe, Charles Bland, M'.D., 25 C.avcndisU Square, London, W. 

Radfokd, William, ^LD., Sidniouth. Mic. 

Rae, Johx, M.U., LL.D., 4 Addison Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Rain'e, Rev. Canon, M..\., York. Arch. 

Raisin, Miss C. A., 151 Camden Street, London, N. W. Geol. 

Ramsay, Alexander, F.G.S. etc., 6 Kent Gardens, Ealing, London, W. 

Phi/s. Gcog., Met. 
Ra^isay, Prof. Andrew C, LL.D., F.R.S., Dir.-General of the Geol. Sur. 

of the United Kinj^dom, Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S. W. 
Ramsay, Capt. R. G. Wardlaw, Hth Iliiihlamlers, Whitehill, Roscweil. 

Scotland. Oin. C. Ex. Indian, Malav, Sumatra or Philippine Island 

Ramsden, H., M.A., Forest Rise, Walthamstow, Essex, London, N. E. 

Randell, Frank E., Newlands, Preston Park, Brijrhton. 
Randell, James S., Rudloe Lodge, (Horsham, Wilts. 
Ransom, William Henry, M.D.i The Pavement, Xottinnham. Ejit. 
Ransome, Arthur, M.D., M.A., 1 St. Peter's Square, JNIanchester. 

Ranyard, A. C, 25 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London. Ast., So!a7- 

Rathbone, Edgar P., The Xunner}' Colliery Co., New liavmarket, Shef- 
Rattray, Richard, Balfour Street, Dundee, Scotland. Mic. 
Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke, K.C.B., D.C.L., Athcnreum did), 

London. S. W. 
Rawson, Herbert E., The Vicarage, Bromley Common, Kent. Om. 
Rayleigh, John W.S., Lord,M.A.,5 Salisbury Villas, Cambridge. Phys. 
Reade, T. Mellaru, C.E., Park Corner, Blundellsands, near Liverpool. 

Readwin, T. A., Manchester. Min. 
Redfern, Peter, M.D., Prof. Anat. and Physiol., 4 Lower Crescent, 

Belfast, Ireland. 
Redhead, R. M., Springfield, Seedier, IMnnchester. 
Reed, Sir Edward James, K.C.B., Hextable, near Dartford, Kent. 
Reed, .1., Byliope, Linderland. Orn. 
Reed, William, Great Blake Street, York. 

Reeks, Henry, Manor House, Thruxton, near Andover, Hants. Ent. 
Rees, George Owen, M.D., Albemarle Street, London, W. 
Reid, Clement, Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn Strectj 

London, S. W. 
Reid, Saville G., Capt. R.E., 14 Medway Villas, New Brompton. Orn. 
Reid, William, Naturalist, Wick, Scotland. 

Rennie, James, 9 Motcombe Street, Bclgrave Square, London, S. W. 
Reinoli), Prof. Arnold W., ]M.A., Royal Naval College, Greenwich. 

Renshaw, Alfred George, 5 Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, London, 

W. C. 

284 THE naturalists' DIUECTOKY. [Gt. Bkitaik. 

Rensiiaw, C. Bine, Glcnpatrick, Paisley, Scotlaml. 

Heynolds, J. E.MEUSON, M.D., Prof. Cheiu., Trinity College, G2 More- 
lijiinpton Koail, Dublin, Ireland. 

Revnulus, John Russell, M.D., 38 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Reynolds, Osborne, M.A., Prol". of Engineering, Owen's College, Man- 
chester. I'hys. 

Rfiys, Leyson, Aberdare, Wales. 

Rich, Wm., Redruth. Min. 

RicHAKDS, Rev. \V. J. B., D.D., St. Mary's, Westmoreland Road, Bays- 
water, London. Astronomi/ and Physics. 

RicHAKDS, W. Phelps, The Poplars, Shepherd's Bush, T^ondon, W. 

RicHAUDSON, Benjamin Wahd, M.D., 12 Ilinde Street, London, W, 

RiCHAKDSCN, Chhistopher T., M.D., 13 Nelson Crescent, Ramsgate. 

Richardson, John, M. Inst. C.E., Methley Park, Leeds. 

Richardson, Joshua, M. Inst. C.E., Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales. 

Richardson, Richard, Rhayader, Radnorshire, Wales. 

Richardson, J.W. H , 27 East Parade, Leeds. 

Rickarde-Seaver, Major F. Ignacio, F.R.S.E., Conservative Club, St. 
James Street, London, S. W. 

RiCKARDS, Rev. M. S. C, M A., Merton College, Oxford. 

RiCKETTS, Charles, M.D., 22 Argyle Street, Birkenhead. 

RiDDELL, Charles J. B., Oaklands, Chudleigh, Devonshire. 

Rider, I. A., Stoke, Devonport. Chem. 

Ridsdale, Edward I>. J., Royal Mint, Tower Hill, London, E. 

Riley, E., 14a Finsbury Square, London, E. C. 

RiM.MER, R., 12 Westbourue Crescent, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Ripon, Marquis of, K.G., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.L.S., 1 Carlton Gardens, 
London, S. W. 

Rivers, Major-Gen. Fox Pitt Rivers, Rushmore, Salisbury, and 4 Gros- 
venor Gardens, London. Anth., Arch. Pres. Anth. Inst, of Great 
Britain. C. Ex. 

Robarts, N. F., Roscbrae, Glengall Road, Woodford, Essex. Geol. 

Robert des RuFFiiRES, Charles, 68 Belsize Park Gardens, South 
Ilanipstead, London, N. W. 

Roberts, Isaac, Kennessce, MaghuU, Liverpool. 

Roberts, John, Llewellyn Terrace, Llanrwst, Wales. Min. 

Roberts, R. D., D.Sc, M.A., Clare College, Cambridge. Phys. Geog., 

Roberts, Samuel, M.A., 126 TutTncll, Park Road, Holloway, London, W. 

Roberts, William, M.D., 89 Mosley Street, Manchester. 

Roberts, William Chandler, Chemist of the Royal Mint, Royal Mint, 
Tower Hill, London, E. 

Roberts, Rev. W. W., Bracklcv, Erith, Kent. 

Robertson, David, F.L.S., 42 Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Nat. Hist., Geol. 

Robertson, William, Wick, Scotland. 

Robinson, Augustin, Lavant House, Chichester. 

Robinson, Henry, 7 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

Robinson, F. E., 10 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford. Ent. 

Robinson, Rev. Dr., Observatory, Armagh, Ireland. Ast. 

Robinson, John, Kingscote, East Grinstead. 

Robinson, Robert, 2 West Terrace, Darlington. 

Robinson, Sir Robert Spencer, 61 Ealon Place, London, S. W. 

Robinson, Thomas R., D.D., F.R.S., M.R.I.A., Observatory, Armagh, 
Ireland. Ast. 

Robinson, Thos. W. U., Houghton le Spring, Durham. Prehistoric 
Arch, C. Ex. for stone and Hint implements from Ireland. 


RoDWELL, Geo. F., Marlborough Collccje, Wiltshire. Cheyn., Phys. 

Roebuck, Wm. Dexison, Sunny Bank, Leeds. Brit. Mam., Reptilia, 
and Hymenop. 

Rogers, Col. Henry T., Royal Engineers, 24 Bassett Road, Notting Hill, 
London, W . Ast., Optics. 

Rogers, George, M.D., 6 Portland Square, Bristol. 

Rogers, T., Selmeston House, Thurlow Park Road, West Duhvich. 

Rogers, Wm., Ph.D., Rosemill, near Dundee, Scotland. Chem. 

RoLLESON, J. F. L., St. Peter's Terrace, Leicester. 

RoLLESTON, George, M.D., Prof, of Anat. and Phvsiol., University of 
Oxford, Oxford. 

RoLLO, Lord, M.A., F.S.A., Duncrub House, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Ro.MAXES, Geo. J., M.A., F.R.S., 18 Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, 
I^ondon, N. W. Physiol., Psychol. 

RoMiLLY, The Hon. Edward, F.L.S., 6 Atherstone Terrace, Gloucester 
Road, London, S. W. 

RooPER, George, 20 Hyde Park Square, London, W. Zoiil. 

Roper, Freeman Clark Samuel, F.L.S., F.G.S., Palgrave House, 
Eastbourne, Sussex. Bot. C. 

RoscOE, Henry Enfield, LL.D., Prof, of Chem., Owen's College, Man- 

Rose, H. Cooper, M.D., F.L.S., Hampstcad, London, X. W. 

Rosie, Peter, Dempster Street, Pultcneytown, Scotland. Bot. 

Ross, .Vlexander, Riverficld, Inverness, Scotland. 

Ross, C. C, Penzance. Min. 

Ross, J. Carne, 12 Chalmers Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Ross, Captain G. E., Waterside, St. Alban's. Geol. 

Ross, Rev. Wm., F.S.A S., M.R.I.A., etc., Ivy Bank, Rothesay. Arch., 
Philol., Celtic Philology and literature of the Gaidheal. C. 

RossE, Laurence P., Earl of, D.C.I^., Birr Castle, Parsonstown, Ireland. 

RoTHERA, G. B., Wavcrly Street, Nottingham. Ent., Biol. 

RouTH, Edward .J., St. Peter's College, Cambridge. 

RoUTLEDGE, Thomas, C.E., F.L.S., F.ti.S., Claxeugh, Sunderland. The 
Botany and treatment of Fibres for Paper-tnaking. C. 

RoviE, James, M D., Royal' .\syhini', West Green, near Ijiff, Dundee, 
Scotland. Con., Physiol., Psychol., Nat. Hist. 

ROWE, W. L., Devon and Cornwall Bank, Redruth. Min. 

RowE, I. Brooking, Lockyer Street, Plymouth. Lepid. C. Ex 

Roxburgh, William, M.D., Crick Road, Oxford. 

Roy, John, 3 Loanhead Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. F. W. Algce (not in- 
cluding Diatoms), l)ismidi(P. C. Ex. Would prefer specimens 
preserved in Acetate of Potash, orotherwise ; but, if possible, not dry. 

RoYSTON, PiGOTT George West, M.D., Annandale, Eastbourne, Scot- 

Ruddle, Daniel, 60 Delancy Street, London, N. W. 

RuDLER, Frederick William, Curator of the Museum of Practical Geol- 
ogv. Museum, .Jermvn Street, London, S. W. 

Rumble' T. W, The Cottage, East Hill, Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

RusKiN, John, M.A., Denmark Hill, Caniberwcll, London, S. E. 

Russell, Rt. Hon. Lord Arthur John Edward, 10 South Audley St., 
London, W. 

Russell, John Scott, Sydenham, London, S. E. 

Russell, Robert, Geological Survcj- of England, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, Loudon, S. W. 

Russell, Wm. J., Lect. on Chem., Medical School of St. Bartholomew's 
Ilosjiital, .'51 Upper Hamilton Terrace, London, W. 

Russell, Wm. H. Leiguton, A.B., 5 Ridgmount Terrace, Highgatc, 
London, W. 


Rutherford, Prof. William, M.D., The University, Edinburgh, Scot- 
la lul. Phi/s. 

RuTLEv, Franmv, Gcol. Siirv. of Enirland, 28 Jcrmyn Street, London, S. 
W. Petr,l., Freestones and Vitiemtx Rocks. 

Rye, Edwaki) C, Parkiiclil, Pntin-y, London, 8. \V. Ent. 

RvLANDS, Thomas (iLazebkook. lli^'-hfiehls, Thelwcll, near Warrino;ton. 

Sacine, (iciu'ral tSir Edward, 13 Ashley Place, Westminster, London, S. 
W. Meteor. 

Sack, Hermann, B.A., Ph.D., 47 Larkliall Lane, Clapham, London, S. 
W. Geol. 

Sadler, Herbert, 32 ]\Ianor Street, Clapham, London, S. W. Ast. 

Safford, John Burham, ."> Park Place, St. James, London, W. 

Safford, Samuel S., Parkshot, Richmond, Surrey. Genealogy and 

Sainter, Joseph Denby, Macclesfield. 

Saise, Walter, Richmond Cottages, Coburgh Road, Montpellicr, Bristol. 

Salisbury, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoigne-Cecil, Marquis of, 
Hatfield House, Hatfield, Herts. 

Salkeld, Lieut. -Col J. C, 29 St. .James's Street, London, W. Geol. 

Salmon, Rev. George, D.D., D.C.L., Tiinity Colleire, Dublin, Ireland. 

Salmon, William, 3 South Vale, Blacklieati'i, London, S. E. 

Salomons, Sir David L., Bart., 15r()oinliill, Tiinhridge Wells. 

Salter, S. J. A., M.B., Basingfield, near Basingstoke, Hants., Osbert, ]M..\., Brooklands ,\ venue, Cambridge. Orn. 

Sandeman, Col., 24 Cambridge Square, London, W. 

Sandeman, David, Wooillamls, Lcnzie, Scotland. Geol. C. 

Sanders, Alfred, caie Mrs Jonlan, Milton, Sittingbourne. 

Sanders, Gilbert, Albany Grove, jNlonk^^town, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ma- 
rine But., Con., Corals, of Brit, sliores. C. E\. ISIarine Algae. 

Sanders, Rev. Samuel J. W., M.A., The Grammar School, Xorthampton. 

Sanforo, William .\ysiiford, Nyneliead Court, Wellington, Somerset. 

S.'^.UNDERS, Edwin, 13a (Jcorge Street, Hanover Square, London, W. 

Saunders, James Ebenezer, 9 Finsbury Circus, Lontlon, E. C. 

Sanderson, J. S. Bourbon, M.D., Prof, of Physiol, in Universit}- Col- 
lege, 26 Gordon Square, London, W.C. 

Saunders, E., Holmesdale, Wandle Road, Upper Tooting, London, S.W. 

Saunders, G. S., St. Stephens, Canterbury, Kent. Ent. 

Saunders, Howard, 7 Randor Place, H_vde Park, London, W. Orn. 

Saunders, Sir Sidney S.,Gatestone, Central Hill, Upper Norwood, Lon- 
don, S.E. E7it. 

Savile, A G., B.A., Grosvenor School, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham. 

Savin, .-Vlfred, Cromer. Geol. 

Savory, William S., M.B., 6G Brook Street, London, W. 

Sawyer, George D., oo Buckingham Place, Brighton. Mic. 

SCH.JiFEu, Edward A., Asst. Prof. Physiol., University College, London, 
Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herts. 

SCHARFF, Robert, 17 Warrendcr Park Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Scamell, George, 18 Great George Street, London, S.W. 

SCARTH, W. T., Raby Castle, Staindrop, Darlington. 

Schoolbred, James N., B.A., C.E., 3 Westminster Chambers, Victoria 
Street, London, S.W. App. of electriciti/ to poicer, Ughtinrj, etc. 

SCHORLEMMER, Carl, Prof Organic Chem.. Owens College, ^lanchester. 

ScHUNCK, Edward, Ph.D., F.R.S., Oaklands, Kersall, Manchester. 
Chem., Cliloiophyll. 

Schuster, Arthur, Ph.D., Sunnyside, South Hampstead, London, N.W. 


ScLATER, Philip Luti-ey, Ph. D., ^I.A., Secretaiy of the Zoolojjical So- 
ciety, 11 llaiiovoi- Square, Lomlon, W. Zoo/., Urn. C. Ex. De- 
sires bird skills from .S. Am. with exact localities. 

SCLATER-BooTH, Right HoD. Geokge, 74 St. Ueorges Square, London, 

Scott, Sir Arthur, Bart., 97 Eaton Square, London, W. Ent. 

Scott, Henrv Y. I)., Suunyside, Ealinj;-, Middlesex. 

Scott, Robert Henry, M'A., UG Victoria fetrcct, London. Meteorol. 

Seal, Stephen, Coxi)CDch House, Darfield, Barnsley. 

Search, C. G., Dorking, Surrey. Min. 

Sedgwick, Adam, Trinity College, (.Cambridge. Comp. Anat. 

Seebohm, Hexry, 6 Teuterden Street, Hanover Square, London, W. 

Seeley, Harry Govier, F.R.S., F.L.S., Prof. Geo., King's College, 
London. 14 Oppidans Road, Primrose Hill, London, N.W. Geol. 

Selborne, Roundell Palmer, Lord, 30 Portland Place, London, W. 

Selkirk, Earl of, St. Mar\-'s Isle, Kirkcudliright, Scotland. 

Semmour, W'm., hi GraceChurch Street, London, E.C. Min., Geol. C. 
Ex. English metallic ores and rocks for Am. minerals or rocks. 

Serocold, Charles Pearce. Taplow Hill, Maidenhead. 

Service, Robert, Maxwelltown, Dumfries, Scotland. Orn. 

Sewell, Edward, M..\., Methven College, Grange, Carnforth, Scotland. 

Seyton, Charles Smith, C.E., Preston Lodize, \\'alton-on-Thames. 

Shadbolt, George, Beechcroft, Camden Piirk, Chisellnirst, Kent. 

Shadwell, Sir Charles F. A., Meadow Rank, iNIelksham, ^^'ilts. 

Shakespear, Lieut. -Col. J. D , Science Cluli, 4 Savile Row, London, W. 

Sharp, David, Eccles House, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Cole- 
opt. C. 

Sharp, John, Culvcrdon Hill, Tnnhridgc Wells. 

Sharp, Samuel. F.S..\.., (ireat Harrowden Hall, near Welling1)orougli. 

Sharp, AVilliam, F.R.S., Rugliy, Warwickshire. 

Sharpe, Richard B., Senior Assistant, Zoological Department, British 
jMusetmi, London. Orn. 

Sharpe, Samuel, 32 Hi'jhbury Place, London, X. 

Shaw, (Jeorge, 37 Temple Street, Birminizham. 

Shaw, John, M.D., F.L.S., Hop House, ISoston, Lincolnshire. 

Sheibner, Charles Preller, Ph.D., F.C.S., 9 Charles Street, Gros- 
venor Square, London, W. 

Shelford, William, ]\L Inst. C.E., 35a Great George Street, London, 

Shelley, George E., Capt., late Grenadier Guards, 6 Tenterden Sti-eet, 
Hanover Square, London, W. African Urn., Butterflies and 
Beetle/) r/eneralli/, and British Moths. C. Ex. a large number of 
dups. for spec, in above, with locality. 

Shepheard, Thomas, Kingslcy Lodge, C'hester. Mlc. 

Shepherd, Rev. Charles W.", M.A., Trotterscliffe Rectorv, Maidstone, 
Kent. Orn. 

Sheppard, Edward, 18 Durham Villas, Kensington, W. Ent. 

Shillitoe, B., 2 Frederick Place, Old Jewrv, London, E.C. 

Shone, Isaac, Pentreielin House, Wrexham, Wales. 

Shone, Willia.m, Upton Park, Chester. 

Shoolbred, W. a.. The Castle House, Chepstow, ;^^onmouth. 

Shore, Prof T. W., F.C.S., F.G.S., Hartley Institution, Southampton. 
Geol., Chem. 

Short, Frederick, 2 King Street, Borough, London, S.E. Geol. 

Shrubsole. George W., Town Hall Square, Chester. Carh., De'O'i. 
and Sil. Poh/zon, or Bryozoa. C. Ex. Carb. or Sil. fossils. 
Wants a specimen of Archimedes Wortheni. 

288 THE NATUIlAI.lS'ls' DIKECTORV. [Gt. Britaik. 

SnRUBSOLK, OcTAVirs Ai.BEiiT, 45 Wayleu Street, Reading'. 

SriuuBsoLE, William Hobbs, iShcei'iiess. 

Shuter, James L., F.R.A S., 33 Fun-inji'don Street, London. Alic. 

SiDDALL, J. D., Tlie Cross, Chester. Xat. 

SiUEB(yriiA.M, Joseph, Tlie Beeches, Bowdon, Cheshire. Knt. 

SiGEUsON, (Jeokge, M.I)., 3 Clare Street, Diililin, Irehuid. 

SlGSVVOKTil, JoUN C, 18 Chancer Koad, llcrnc-Ilill, l^ondon, S.E. Mic. 

SiLBEU, A. M., 4 Bolton Gardens, South Kensinj^ton, Ijondon, S.W. 
Lif/ht and Heat. 

Silver, Rev. Frederick, M.A., Rectory, Norton-in-IIales, Market Dray- 
ton, Salop. 

Silver, Hugh A., Assoc. Inst. C. E., Hillside, Chiselhurst, Kent. Mic. 

Silver, S. W., 3 York Gate, Re>,'ent's Park, London, N.W. 

Simon, John C. B., D.C.L., 40 Kensington Square, London, W. 

Simpson, Charles T., 14 Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 

Simpson-Baikie, Edwin, United Universities Club, Pall Mall East, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

Simpson, J. B., Hedgefield House, Blaydon on-Tync, Durham. 

Skertchly, S. B. J., Geological Survey of Englaml, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, London, S.W. 

Slack, Henry James, Ashdown Cottage, Forest Row, Sussex. 

Slade, Jeremiah, Fern Villa, Lion Road, Bexley Heath, Kent. 

Slauen, Lieut. -Colonel E. B., care of Messrs. Grindlay and Co., Parlia- 
ment Street, London, S.W. 

Sladen, W. Percy, F.L.S , F.G.S., etc., Exley House, Halifax, York- 
shire. Biol., Echiiiodennata, recent and fossil. C. Ex. 

Slater, Rev. H. H . B.A., Sluuow Cottage, Ripon. Zoiil. 

Slater, J. W., editor Journal of Science, 18 W'ray Crescent, Tolliugton 
Park, London, N. Biol., csp. Eiit. C. Ex. Buprestidae for 
Cicindclid;¥, Carabidae. 

Slater, Robert, 10 Lansdowne Place, Blackheath, London, S.E. 

Slatter, (Jeorge W., F.C.S., 12 Bromley Street, Shipley, Yorkshire. 

Slatter, Thomas James, Bank, Evesham. GeoL, I'ahto. of Lias and 
Oolites. Bot., Mic., spec. Lias Pahco. C. Ex. Liassic moll, and 
Faraniiniferafor Iv. tSecondary fossils (not chalk) from other localities. 

Slaughter, George M., Surgeon-Major, Farningham, Kent. Urn. 

Sleeman, Rev. Philip, Clil'ton, Bristol. Phys., Ast. 

Sloper, G. E., Devizes, ^\■ilts. GeoL 

Sloper, S. W., Devizes, Wilts. GeoL 

Smart, William, 27 Aldgate, London. Mic. 

Smethurst, William, Langate House, Brynn, near Wigan. 

Smith, Abel, Woodhall Park, Watford. Orn. 

Smith, Rev. Alfred C, M.A., Yatesbury Rectory, Wiltshire. Orti. 

Smith, Benjamin Leigh, Oxford sind' Cambridge Club, 74 Pall Mall, 
London, S.\V. 

Smith, Cecil, Lydeard House, Taunton, Somersetshire. Orn. 

Smith, Charles^ Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire. 

Smith, Edgar A., British Museum, London. Coti. 

Smith, Edwin, ^I.A., Forest Road, W. Nottingham. 

Smith, G. Fereday, M.A., Grovehurst, Tuniiridge Wells. 

Smith, Harold, Vielford House, Hull. Meteor. 

Smith, II. Fred., J. P., Hull and Sutton. Ast. 

Smith, II. G., Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, London, E.G. Ent. 

Smith, John, T., 10 Gledhow Ganlens, Wetherby Road, South Kensing- 
ton, S.W. 

Smith, James Taylor, M.D., Reedsmouth House, Belliugliam, Northum- 


Smith, Robert Angus, Pli.D., 22 Devonshire Street, Manchester. 

Smith, R. Clifford, Parkfield, Swinton, Mancliester. 

Smith, Samuel Joseph, C.E., F.C.S, F.S.A., Aucklands, Wandsworth 
Common, London, S.W. 

Smith, Thomas Macdougall, 1 Chapel Place, Delahay Street, West- 
minster, London, S.W. 

Smith, Thomas James, F.C.S., Hornsea Burton, Hornsea, Hull. 

Smith, Rig-ht Hon. Willi.^m Henuv, 2 Hyde Parlv Street, London, W. 

S.mith, Worthingtox G., 125 Grosvenor Road, Highbury, London, X. 

S.MiTii, l^RBAX A., Castle Street, Hertford. 

Smith, Rev. W. Saumarez, B.D., St. Aidan's Coll., Birkenhead. 

Smith, W. L., Southfield House, Watford. Bot. 

Smithe, Rev. Frederick, M.A., LL.D., Churchdown "Mcarage, Glou- 

Smyth, Charles P., F.R.S. E., Ast. Royal for Scotland, Royal Obs. 
Edinburjrh, Scotland. Ast. 

S.MYTH, John, Jr., M.A., Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland. Chem. 

Smyth, Samuel Richard, care of J. Brodbag, 90 Newgate Street, Lon- 
don, E.C. 

Smyth, WarixgtonW., M.A.. F.R.S. , Chief Inspector of CrownMines. 
Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S.W. 

Smythe, Willia.m James, .\thena?um Club, London, S.W. 

Snell, a. H., The Grange, Harkbridge, Surrey. Chem. 

Snell, John, 90 Pydar Street, Truro. 

SoLLAS, W. J., M.A., F.R.S.E.. Prof. Geol. and Palaeontology, Univ. 
Coll., Bristol. 4 The Polygon, Clifton, Bristol. 

Solly, Edward, Park House, Sutton, Surrey. 

Solly, Richard IL, Spa House, The Avenue, Cambridge. 

Solly, W. H., M..\., Serge Hill, Bedmont. Hemel Hempstead, Herts. 

Solomons, Sir David Lionel, Brown Hill, Kent. Mech., Elect. C. 

SoMERViLLE, Rev. Jas. E., M.A., ^Nlansefield, Broughty Ferry, near Dan- 
dee, Scotland. Nat. Sci., Min. 

SoPER, F.L., 7 Cholmeley Villas, Highjrate, London, X. 

Sopwith, Arthur, Cannock Chase Collieries, Walsall. 

SOFWITH, Thomas, Thornfiekl, Nightingale Lane, Balham, London. 
S. \V. ' 

SoRBY, Henry C1>ifton, LL.D., Broomfield, Sheffield. Mic, Geol. 

SoUTHALL, W., Sir Harry's Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Southwell, Thomas, F'.Z.S., Earlham Road, Norwich. ZoiJl. 

Spark, Henry King, Startforth House, Barnard Castle. 

Sparrow, James, Gwersvllt Hill, near Wrexham, Wales. 

Spence, James, M.D., Prof. Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Spence, J. Berger, F.L.S., F.R.A.S., Ellesmere Chambers, King Street. 

Spencer, James, 8 Salisbury Place, Akroydon, Halifax. 

Spencer, John, Rock Terrace, Crawshaw" Booth, Manchester. 

Spencer, John Henry, Crawshaw Booth, Manchester. 

Spencer, William, M.E., Cross House Chambers, Newcastle-on-Tvne. 

Spicer, Henry, F.L.S., 14 Aberdeen Park, Highbury, London, N." 

Spiller, John, F.C.S., 2 St. Mary's Road, Canonliuig, London. Chem. 

Spink, J., Vine Lodge, Sevenoaks, Kent. Geol. 

Spon, Ernest, Mining and Civil Engineer, 16 Craven Street, Charing 
Cross, London, S. W. Geol. 

Spooner, Charles Easton, C.E., Bron-v-Garth. Portmadoc, Wales. 

Spottiswoode, William, M.A., LL.D.,"Pres. Royal Soc, 41 Grosvenor 
Place, Lojidon, S. W. Math., Optics., Elect. 

Spratt, Rear-Admiral, Tho.mas A. B., Clare Lodge, Tunbridge Wells, 

290 THE naturalists' directory. [(5T. r.r.iTAiX. 

Spuatlixc, "\V. J., B. Sc. Loncl., 72 ^Vickbanl Road, Ijiocklcv, T^ondon, 

b. K. 
Sprencjei-, Hermann Joiiann Piiilipi*, Savile Ciub, Savile Row, Loa- 

don, W. 
Spruce, Sjamuel, Albert Road, Tamworth. 
Spuhkell, F. C. J., Ik-lvcdcre, l^t'ssiiess Ilcatli, Kent. 
SQUiitE, JPeter, 12 York (iatc, lic;:ciu's Park, J^omlon, N. W. 
tJTAiNTON, He.nrv Tibbats,,, Moiintsfield, Lewisham, 

London, tj E. Ent. 
Stair, Alfked, Stamp Office, 'Moiint Street, ISIanc-hcstcr. 
Standen, Richard S., The W'liiie House, Alby, Xorwich. Ent. 
Stanfoho, John Fi£EnERicK,M.A, Forest Loil-e, North Bank, Regent's 

I'ark, London, X. W. 
Stark, A. (J., Ennaiiine, Torquay. Orn. 

St. Clair, George, 6i Bristol Road, Dirniinjrhani. GeoK, Anth.. Bibli- 
cal Arch. 
Stead, John E., 3 Zetland Road, IMiddlesbro on Lees. Metnllurgij of 

Iron and Heel. 
Stebbing. Rev. Henrv.D.D., St. James's Parsonajre, Hamnstead Road, 

London, N. W. 
Stebbing, Tugs. R. R., M..V., Warberry House, Bislionsdown Park, 

Tunbrid;:e Wells. Sesulj-ei/eet Crustaceans. C E.X. 
Stenhouse, John, U.,.D., 17 Rodney Street, Penton\ ille, London, X. 
Stephens, Darell, F.U.S., F.L.fci., F.Z.Sj., St. Stephen's, Plympton, 

Stevens, (George, Alexandria, Scotland. Chcm. 
Stevens, IIenrv, F.S.A., 4 Tralalj^ar Stpinre, Cbarins: Cro«s, Verinont 

House, 13 Upper Avenue Road, South Hampton, London. Hist. 

and Bibliug. 
Stevens, John S., 38 Kin;j Street, Covcnt Garden, London, W. C. Ent. 
Stevens, Samuel, Loanda, Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, London, S. E. 

Stephenson, John Ware, 18fi Clnpham Road, London, S. W. 
STEVENSt)N, Rev. .John, The Mansj, Ghimis, .seoihind. Fungi. 
Stevenson, Francis, London and Xorth-Western Railway, Euston 

Square, London, N. \V. 
Stevenson, George Wilson, 38 Parliament Street, London, S. W, 
Stevenson, Henrv, F.L.S., 10 Unthank's Road, Xorwicli. Bnt. Orn. 
Stevenson, Thomas, 17 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Scoiland. 
Steuart, William, Selnis, Mid (,';ddcr, Scotland. Bot. 
Steuart, Daniel R., F.C.S., Brovburn Oil Works, Broxburn, Scotland. 

Stewart, Aj Y., 212 Camden Road. London, X. W. 
Stewart, Balfour, LL.D., Lady Barn \'illa, Fallow Field, Manchester. 

Stewart. C, 42 Sinclair Road, Kensinjrton, London, W. 
Stewart, James, B. A., MR., L.R., Dunmurry, Sneyd Park, Clifton, 

Stewart, Martin, York House, Wakefield. 

Stewart, Samuel A., North Street, BcU'ast, Ireland. .Vr7^ Hiit., Geol. 
Stewart, Thomas G., M.D . Prof. Univ. Edinbury-, Scotland. 
Stiffe, .\. W., Manora, Hollinuton Park, St. Leonards-on-Sca. 
Still, Henry, Clevedon, Somersetshire. 

Stirling, John, 17 Enni-morc Gardens, Prince's Gate, London, S. W. 
Stirling, Wm., ^LD., Piof. Univ., of Aberdeen, Scotland. Physiol, of 

ypit. and inrcrt. Animals. 
Stirrup, .Mark, 14 .Mkin^on Street, Deansjintc, Manchester. 
Stirton, Dr., Lj Newton Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Lichenology. 


Stoddakt, W. Walter, Park Street, Bristol. Min. 

Stokes, Prof., F.K.S., (.'aiiil)ri(l^^e. Mnth. 

Stokes, Akthlk H., Green Hill, Derby. Geo!., Mining. 

Stokes, George Gabriel, D.C.L., Lcnsfield Cottug^e, Cambriclfje. 

t'hys., Malh. 
Stokes, Rev. William Haughton, M.A., Fellow of Cuius College, 

Ciunbridgc, Denver, ne;ir Downliani Market. 
Stokoe, Paul II., B.A., iM.D., ijeddiiigioii Park, near Croydon, Surrey. 
Stoltekforth, Dr. II., Watergate, \\'. Chester. Diatoms'. 
Stone, Edward .James, M..\., Dir. Padclitie Oli*ervatory, Oxford., .Joh.n Benjamin, F.G.S., F. 11 U.S., The Grange, Erdington, 

Stone, \Vm. IL, M.D., F.R.C.P., 14 Deans Yard, Westminster Street, 

Thomas' Hospital, London. P/i.ys., esp. Acoustics. C. Ex. 
Stonev, George Johns roNt, 3 Palmerston Park, Dublin, Ireland, 

Stopes, Henry, Kcnwyn, Cintra Park, Upper Norwood, London. Geol. 

C. E>:. Crag shells for stone iuiplenieiits, etc. 
Storer, D. 1., Svdncv btreet, Glasgow, Scotland. Chem. 
Storv, E., M.A.', F.L.S., F.ll.A.S., «» Oldfield Road, Stoke Xewington, 

London, N. 
Strachey, Lieut -General P.ichard, R.E , C.S.L, F.R.S., F.L.S., India 

Offtee, Charles Street, Westminster, London, S. W. 
Straculy, R'.CHARD, India Ottice; and Stowey House, Clapham Common, 

Strahan, AtJBREY, M..\., Gcological Survey of England, Museum, Jer- 

myn Street, London, S. W. 
Straker, E., Hayleshaw, Kenly, W. Croydon, Surrey. Bot. 
STR.iNGWAYS, C. Fox, (ieological Survey of England, Museum, Jcrrayn 

Street, London, S. W. 
Stuart, Edward IL, Lord Clifton, Cobliam Hall, Gravesend. Om. 
Stuart, M. G., B..\., St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Stuart, Graham, Dolgelly, Wales. Min. 
Stubbins, John, Chester Cottage, Old Lane, Halifax. Mic. 
Stutciiburt, Edward, 1 Bristol Chand)ers, Nicholas Street, Bristol. 
Struthers, John, M.D., Prof. Anat., Uni\er.-iiy, Aberdeen, Scotland. 
Strype, Wm. G., C.E., The Murrou^h, Wicklow, Ireland. Clum. 
Suffolk, William T., Stettin Lodge, St. Faith's Road, Lower Norwood, 

London, S E. Mic. 
Sully. James, M.A., Savile Club, Savile Row, London, W. Psychol, 

SuMMEit, Fred., 11 Westfork Cothain, Bristol. 
Sutherland, (Jeorge Granville William Sutherland Leveson- 

GowER. Duke of, Stafford Hou-e, London, S. W.; Trentham Hall, 

Staffordshire, and Cliefden House, Berks. 
Sutherland, James, WicU, Scotland. On;. 
Sutton, Wm. D., Upper Claremont, Newcastlc-on-Tyne. Moll. 
Swain, Ernest, 34 ENhain Road, Kei!<ington, Lcuidon, W. liiol. 
Swan, David, Spelter Works, Maryhill, near Glasgow, Scotland. Zinc 

Met lihirqi/, Metiils. C. Ev. Would like .Am. specimens. 
Swan, Capt. John Sackville, F.S.-A.., Holy-lmtc, Houiton, Devon. 
Swanston, William, .oO KinL-^ Street, Bclfa'-t, Ireland Xnt. Hist., Geol. 
SwETE, Edward H. W., M D., The (irove, Rainbow Hill. Worcester. 
SwiNTON, A. II. , Binticld House, Waleideii Roail, (iuilford. Gen. Sci., 

Eld. C. Ex. Brit, in-ccts for evotic. 
Symonds, Rev. W. S , Pcndock Rectory, Tewkesbury. Gvol., Xat flist. 
Symes, Richard G., Cieolo^ical Survey of Ireland, ThaRouk, Ballyshuu- 
iion, Co. Donegal, Ireland. 

292 THE naturalists' DmECTORY. [fir. I?ritaiv. 

Symons, G. J., F.R.S., 62 C'anulen .Scjiuire, London, X. \V. Meffcn'/'if/i/. 

Ex. Met. )nil)liciitions. 
Symons, \Vm., F.C.S., 2GJo}' Street, liarnstaplc. Chem., Elect. 
SzLUMPnu, J. W., M. Inst. C.E., Al)ervstwilli, W'nles. 
Tackuadakak, M. a., care of Mr. Lewis, \M (iower Street, London, 

W. C. 
Taft, Rev. John R., St. George'.s, Wolverhampton. 
Tait, p. Guthkie, Prof. Phys., Univ. Ediuhiirirli, Scotland, Chem., 

Take, James H., Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Orn., Ool. C. 
Talbot, Christopher Rice Mansel, 3 Cavendish Sq., I.,Dndon, \V. 
Talbot de Malahide, James, Lord, F.R.S., F.S.A., Malaliide Castle, 

Co. Dublin, Ireland; and Evcicicech House, Somerset. 
Talmage, Charles G., Observatory, Leyton, Essev. Ast. 
Tanner, J.. M.A., LL.D., Ph.D., '102 Harley Street, Cavendish Square, 

London, \V. 
Tarbock, Robert R., Public Chem. for City of (Glasgow, 138 Batlc Street, 

Gla^jrow, Scotland. Anah/t. Chem. 
Tarbotton, Marriott Ogle, Tlie Park, Nottingham. 
Tate, Thomas, Rushton Villas, Thornbury, BratUbrd, Yorkshire. 
Taunton, John Hooke, The Hill, Brimscomhc, Stroud. 
Tawney, Edward B., Woodwardian Museum, Cambridge. Geol. C. 

Taylor, Claude, M.D., Derby Road, Nottingham. 
Taylor, A. O. D., Belfast. Ireland. Orn. 

Taylor, Edward C, MA., 74 Jermyn Street, London, W. Orn. 
Taylor, George C, 42 Elvastcn Place, Queen's Gate, London, W. Orn. 
Taylor, John, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street, London, 

Taylor, John Ellor, F.L.S., Museum, Ipswich. 
Taylor, Richard, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street, London, 

Taylor, Richard, Marske-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire. 
Teague, Harry, Redruth. Min. 

Teall, J. J. H., B.A., 9 All Saints, Nottingham. Geol. 
Tebbitt, Walter, Elmhurst, Cavendish Road, Clapham Park, London, 

S. W. Mic. 
Tegetmeier, William B., Finchley, Middlesex. Orn. 
Teignmouth, Charles John Shore, Lord, D.C.L., LL.D., Langtou 

Hall, Northallerton, Yorkshire. 
Tendron, Frederick, U Kidbrooke Terrace, Blackheath, London, S.E. 
Tennant, James, F.C.S., Professor of Mineralogy in King's College, 

London, 149 Strand, I>ondon, W. C. 
Tennent, R., Edinburgh, Scotland. Meteor. 

Terry, William, Peterborough House, Fulham, London, S. W. Mic. 
Thackeray, W. G., Asst. Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Ast. 
Thairwall, F. J., 169 Gloucester Road, Regent's Park, London, W. 

Thane, George Dancer, Prof. Anat., 15 Montagu Street, Russell 

Square, London, W. C. 
Thomas, T. H., The Walk, Fredegarville, Cardiff, Wales. Anth. 
Thomas, Arnold, Bilson House, Newnham, Gloucestershire. 
Thomas, Charles, Clarendon House, Buckhui-st Hill, Esse.\'. 
Thomas, David, Great Western Chambers, Neath, Wales. 
Thomas, E., F.R.S., Athen.-vum, London. Indian Nianismatics. 
Thomas, Edward, 47 Victoria Road, Kensington, London, W. 
Thomas, George F., 7 Grove Park, Wre.xham, Wales. 
Thomas, John G., Ifor Cottage, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales. 


Thomas, Oldfield, British Museum, London. Mammalia. 

Thomas, William, Bryn-Awel, Abenlaie, Wales. 

Thomas, Wm., Cook's Kitchen Mine, Camborne. Min. 

Thomson, John, Dundee, Scotland. Xat. Scicjice. 

Thompson, Claude M., Rcdlands, Briduewater. CJtem. 

Thompson, Sir Henrv, F.R.C.S., 35 Wimpolu Street, London, W. 

Thompson, Rev. L H., Coddley near Stourbridge. Bot. 

Thompson, Joseph, Hilton House, Blackrod, (Jhorley. 

Thompson, J. Barclay, Christ Church, Oxford. 

Thompson, Rev. J. H., Cradlcy, near Brierley Hill. Bot. 

Thompson, Miss Sophia, Barn Hill, Stamford. Ent. 

Thompson, S. R., B.A., Prof. Exper. Phys., University Coll., Bristol. 

Ex. papers on Exper. Physics. 
Thoms, G. Eastlake, Assoc. M. Inst. C E., Wolverhampton. 
Thomson, Allen, M.D., 66 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 
Thomson, G., IM.D., Worcester Lawn, Clifton, Bristol. Meteor. 
Thomson, James, 3 Abl>ntsford Place, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Thomson, Sir Wyville, LL.D., F.R.S.L., & E. F.L.S., Professor of 

Natural History in the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scot- 
Thorburn, John, Ditton, Widnes., Edw., West Ham Gas Works, Stratford, Essex. Micros. 
Thorxe, a., Dunster House, 12 Mark Lane, London, E. C. 
Thornton, Rev. John, B.A., V'icarage, Aston Abbots, Aylesbury. 
Thornton, Henry Sykes, M.A., Battersea Rise, London, S. W. 
Thornton, Rev. William, Kingsthorpe, Northampton. 
Thorp, Thos. E., Prof. Chem., Yorkshire College, Leeds. Cheni. 
Thorpe, William G., Gloucester House, Larkhall Rise, London, S. W. 
Thuey, Alexander, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 3 Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Thuillier, Sir Henry E. L., 32 Cambridge Terrace, and Oriental Club, 

London, W. 
Thurtell, Rev. Alexander, Al.A., Fellow of Caius College, Oxbnrgh 

Rectory, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk. 
Tiddeman, R. H., M.A., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jer- 

myn Street, Loudon, S. W. 
Tidy, Dr. C. Meymott, Prof. Chem., 3 Mandeville Place, Manchester 

Square, London, W. 
Tilden, William Augustus, 36 Frederick Road, Birmingham. 
Timins, Charles, 12 Somerset Place, Bath. 
TiMiNS, Rev. John Henry, M.A., West Mailing, Kent. 
Tingle, Thomas, Apothecaries' Hall, Blackfriars, London, E.C, Mic. 
TiTMAS, Rev. S. D., Charter House, Godalming. 

Todd, Rev. J. W., D.D., Tudor Hall College, Forest Hill, London, S.E. 
ToDHUNTER, IsAAC, M.A., Brookside, Cambridge. 
Tomes, John, 37 Cavendish Square, Ijondon, W. 
To.MES, Charles Sissmore, 37 Cavendish SquarC, London, W. 
To.MES, Robert F., South Littleton, Evesham, deal.. Fossil Corals. 
ToMLiNSON, Charles, 3 Ridgmount Terrace, Highgatc, Loudon, N. 

Chem., Physics. 
Tookey, Charles, Museum Pract. Geology, Jermyn Street, London, S. 

W. Chemistry. 
Topley, William, Geol. Surv. of England, 28 Jermjn Street, London, 

S.W. Geol. 
Towne.n'd, W., Westparadc, Halifax, Yorkshire. Mic. 
TowNLEY, .James, 302 Kensington Park Road, London, .^.E. 
Townsend, Rev. Richard, Prof. Nat. Phil., Univ. Dublin, Trinity Coll., 

^nd 24 Upper Ijeesou Stveet, Dublin, Irelan4; 


294 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Trail, J. W. H., Prof. Bot., Univ. of Aberdeen, .Srotland. Dnt., Erit., 
csp. Galls and Am. Palms. C. Ex. 

Traquaik, IIamsay H., M.D., 8 Dean Park Crescent, Edinburgh, Scot- 

TiiAVEus, Archibald, 119 Cannon Street, London, E.G. 

Tkechmann, Charles U., Ph.D., 106 High Street, Hartlepool. 

Tregav, \V., Ke(hutli. Min. 

TuEMENHEERE, Major-Gen, G. B., R.E., Spring Grove, Islcworth. 

Themeniieere, 11. Seymour, C.B., 43 Thurloe Square, Brompton, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

Tremlett, Rear-Admiral F. S., Belle Vue, Claremont Road, Tunbridge 

Trice, Alfred, 14 Denbioh Road, Bayswater, London. Chem. 

Trickett, Samuel, 4 Sprinj-field, Upper Clapton, Dondon, E. 

Tri^itram, II. B., LL.I)., F.R.S., The College, Durham. Orn., Con., 
(j(o/., \nt. Hist, of Palestine and Si/ria. C. 

Trottei{, Coutts, 3 llichniond Gardens, Bournemouth. Physics. 

TucKETT, PuiLii' Uebell, Soulhwood Lawn, Highgate, Loudon, N. 

TuKE, James H., llitchin. Orn. 

TuPMAN, iMajor G. Lyon, R.M.A., 1 Vanbrugh Park, Blackheatli, Lon- 
don. S.E. Ast. 

TUPPER, Martin Farquhar, U.CL., Western Villa, North Park, Croy- 

Turnbull, George, Rose Hill, Abbot's Laneley. 

Turner, Henry, Court Lodge, Knofkholt, Sevenoaks. 

Turner, Robert Drysdale, 64 Alexandra Road, St. John's Wood, Lon- 
don, N.W. 

Turner, William, Prof, of A nat., University of Edinburgh, 6 Eaton 
'I'errarc, Edinlmruh, Scotland. 

Twamley, Charles, 15ytoi)-on-Dnnsmore, Coventry. 

Tweedie, Alexander,' M.D., Bute Lodge, Park Road, Twickenham. 

Tweedy, John, F.R.C.S., 24 Harley Street, London, W. Oplliahnulogy. 

Tvviss, Sir 'J'ravers, D.C.L., 3 Paper Buildings, Temple, London, E.C. 

Twite, Charles, Castle House, St. Agnes, Scorrier, Cornwall. 

Tyerman, I., Penlee, Tregoney, Cornwall. Moll. 

Tylden-\\'right, Charles, Shiieoak Colliery, Worksop. 

Tyler, Charles, F.L.S., 317 HoUouay Road', London, N. 

Tylor, Alfred, Shcplcy House, Carslialtou, Surrej'. 

Tylor, Edward Burnett, D C.I^., LL.D., Linden, Wellington, Somerset. 

Tyndall, John, LL.D., Prof. Nat. Pliilos. Royal Inst., Royal Institu- 
tion, Albemarle Street, London, W. Phys., Mtth. 

Upcher, Henry M., Shcringham Hall, Norfolk. Oni. 

UssnER. W. A. E., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, London. S.W. 

Vacher, Francis, 36 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. Medicine. 

Valpy, Robert Harris, Enborne Lodge, Xewlniry. 

Vanner, William, Camdenwood, Chiselhurst, Kent. Mic. 

Varicas, Lionel, C E , 24 Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Geol. 

Varley, Cromwell Fleetwood, Cromwell House, Bexley Heath, 

Vaughan, Howard, 11 Ospringe Road, Brecknock Road, London, N.W. 
Eiit., Hot. 

Vaux, ^\'ILLIAM S. W., M.A., 22 Albem.arlc Street, London, W. 

Veitch, Harry J., Royal Exotic Nursery, King's Road, Chelsea, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

Verini, William, The Ferns Bushey Heath. Geol. 

VerkrUzen, T. a., 2 Aiiipton Place, Gray's luu Road, London, W.C 
Mull. C. Ex., buy or sell. 


Verrall, G. H., Sussex Lodjre, Newmarket. E»(. 

Vezey, John J , 39 St. Donatt's Hoail, New Cross, London, S.E. Mic. 

ViCAUV, William, The Priory, Colleton Crescent, Exeter. 

ViCKERS, T. Edward, Bolsovcr Hill, Sheffield. Min. 

Vincent, M. C., Prof. Econ. (ieol and Mctall., 127 Strand, London. 

Vine, G. K., 112 Hill Top, Aberelitfe, Sheffield. . Foss.l J'nli/zna. 

ViNEN, Edward IL, M.D., 17 Chepstow Villas, Bavswater, London, W. 

Vines, Sidney H., M.A., Clu-isfs Cplleore, Cambridge. 
Vivian, Arthur Pendarves, jNI P., (ilaualbn, Tailnich, Scotland. 
Vivian, Henrv Hussev, .M.P., MuLilcton House, Swansea, Wales. 
Vivian, Stetiien, Llantrissent, Wales. Moi. 
Vivian, William, Llantris-ent, Wales. Min. 

ViZE, Rev. .Jno. E., ]M..\. , Forden Vicara<;c, Welshpool. Cri/ptogayna. 
VoELCKER, Augustus, F.R.S., 12 Hanover Square, London, \V. Agric. 

Wade, C. H., 2 South Square, Gray's Inn, London, W.C. 
Wagner, Henry, M.A , F.S.A., 13 Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, Lon- 

dou, \V. 
Wailes, George, Park Road, Watford. Geol. 
Wain, Thomas, Shruhlamls, llersham, Esher, Surrey. Mic. 
Wainwright, -I., (;eor;:e Sircct, Wa:;efiL'ld. 
Wake, Charles Staniland, .MA. I., Hull. AntJiropology. 
Wakefield, Charles .M., Belmont, U\i)rid^''e. Eat. 
Walfoiid, Edwin, Banlmry, Oxfordshire. Geol. 
Walhoi;se, M. J., 9 Randolph Cre»cent, Maida Vale, London, W. 

Walker, Chas. Vincent, Fcrnside, Reiirate Hill. 
Walker, Edward, MA., Fern House, Turiiham Green, Chiswick. 
Walker, Rev. F. .V., M..V., Bourne Villa, Bournemouth, Hants. Ent. 
Walker, (tEORGe Blake, Lacton Cotta-e, Tanker-ley, Barnsley. 
Walker, Henry, 6 (^akinuton Road, St. Peter's Park', T.,ondon, '\V. 
Walker, John Francis, M.A., F.L S., IS (^illyjrate, York. 
^^'ALKER, .J. J., 12 Rancla;:li Road, Marine Town, Sheerness. Ent. 
Walker, J., Watson, Fairfield House, Waiford. Hot. 
Walker, William, 18 Lendal, York. 

Walker, William Xeish 2 llillpark Terrace, Newport, Fife. Gcol. 
Wall, (tEORge Parkes, 3 Victoria Roa<l, Broomhall Park, Sheffield. 
Wall, Philip Williajvi, M.Inst.C.E., The Grove, Clevcdon, Somerset- 
Wallace, .\lexander, M.D., Trinity House, rolchcstcr. Ent. 
Wallace, .Xltred R , Pen-y-hryn, .v. Peter's Road, Croydon. Ent. 
Wallace, John, Carshulion Loci.i^e, Surrey. 
Waller, T. H., Summer Road, Birmin_L;ham. Chem., Microscopic 

Ii/n:nn.i sections. 
Walpo'le, The Ri-ht Hon. Spencer Horatio, M.A., 109 Eaton Square, 

London, S. W., and Ealin'j-. 
Walsingham, Lord, -M'-rton Hall, Thetford. Lepid. : Tincidep. C. Ev. 

Briti-h and European Tineida' and Tortricidte otfered for X. ,\. or 

other Tiiieiihi", Tortricidiv and Pterophoridse, gooil specimens onlv. 
Walton, TI]o.^^\s, Hull. Clion. 

Warburton, Thomas, 11 (iran^e Road, Canonhurv Park, London, N. 
Ward, F. H , Spriu;rfield, Tooiin;;-, London, S. W." Ent. 
AVard, Henry, Rodl);i-ton, Penkridge. 
Ward, -Iohn, Leuowale, Helfast, Ireland. 
Ward, John, 23 Statl'ord Street, Longton, Stafford>hirc. 
Wai{d, William, Beverly, care of Messrs Kei-hlev, Ma.vstcd & Co., 

Hull. Mic. 

296 THE naturalists' DIRECTOKY. [Gt. Britain. 

Wardell, Frank N., Wath, near Rotheihain, Yorkshire. 

Wakdle, Thomas, F.C.S., Leek, Staffordshire. 

WarinCx, E. J., M.D., 49 CHfton Gardens, Maida Vale, London, W. 

VVarnkr, F. I., 20 Ilytle Street, Winchester. 

Warner, Koisert, Broomfield, Essex. 

Warrand, Lieut. -Col. William E., R.E., The Biight, Inverness, Scot- 

Warren, I^ieiit.-Col. Charles, R.E., C.M.G., Brompton Barracks, Chat- 

Warrington, R., Ilarpenden, St. Albans. 

Warwick, Frederick, 20 York Street, Swansea, Wales. 

Waterfield, W., The Quarries, St. Thomas, Exeter. 

Waterhouse, Chas. Owen, British Museum, London. Coleoptera. 

Waters, Arthur W., F.L.S., care Mr. West, J^innean Society, Burling- 
ton House, Loudon. Brijozoa fossil and recent. C 

Waters, W. H., Physiol. Lab., Cambridge. Physiol. 

Watson, Rev. Robert B., Cardrops, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Conch., 

Watson, Henry II., J. P., F.C.S. Braystones, near Whitehaven, Cum- 
berland. Chem. 

Watson, Joseph Yelloly, Thorpe Grange, Colchester. 

Watson, Rev. Robert Boog, B.A., F.S.T.E., Free Church Manse, 
Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. 

Watson, Sir Thomas, M.D., 16 Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, 
London, W. 

Watson, \Vm. H., F.C.S., F.M.S., Braystones, near Whitehaven, Cum- 
berland. Chem. 

Watts, Rev. Arthur, F.G.S. etc., Belvedere House, Durham. Physiol, 
Geol., Vi'ff. Pulceo. C. 

Watts, Henry, B.A., 151 King Henry's Road, South Hampstead, Lon- 
don, N. W. 

Watts, Willum, Piethorne, Rochdale. 

Waugii, Henry, Stanwell, Middlesex. 

Waveney, Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Lord, 7 Audley 
Square, London, W. 

Way, Tho.mas, F.I.C, 9 Rupell Road, Kensington, London. Chem. 

Webb, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Hardwick Vicarage, Hay, R. S. O., Here- 
fordshire. Ast. 

Webb, William Frederick, Newstead Abbey, Notts. 

Websdale, C. G., 78 High Street, Barnstaple." Ent. 

Weightman, Wm. Hy., Minster Buildings, Church Street, Liverpool, 
Microscopical Stn.di/ of bisects, Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Weir, John J., 6 Haddo Villas, Blackheath, London, S. E. Ent. 

Wells, Thomas Spencer, 3 Upper Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, 
London, W. 

West, George Herbert, B.A., Woodcote, Bournemouth. 

West, Tuften, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey 

A\'est, Wm., 15 Horton Lane, Bradford, Yoik. Bot. C. 

Westendarp, C. H., 19 Stanley Crescent, Kensington Park, London, W. 

Western, E. Young, 27 Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater, London, W. 

Westgarth, Wm., 10 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, London. Eco- 
nomic, Monetary and Banking. (Also Hist, of Victoria, Aus- 

Westlake, Ernest, Fordingbridge, Salisbury. 

Westropp, Hodder M., St. Maur, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. 

Westwood, John O., M.A., Walton Manor, Oxford. Ent. 


Wethered, Edward, F.GS. F.C.S., 4 St. Margaret's Terrace, Chel- 
tenham. Chem., Geol., spec. Carf>. Rocks. C. 
Wharton, Charles B., Hounsdown, Totton, Hants. Orn. 
Wharton, Henry T.,M.A., 39 St. George's lioad, Kilburn, Loudon, N. 

W. Orn., Hot. : Fungi. 
Whatman, James, M.A., Vinters, near Maidstone. 
Wheeler, Edwin, The Triangle, Bristol. Bot., Orn., Ent. 
Wheeler, Edmund,, 48 Tollington Road, HoIIoway, London, 

N. Mic. 
WiiEWALL, .James, Savile House, Obs., Halifax. Ast. 
WniDBORNE, George Ferris, M.A., Charante, Torquay. 
Whinfield, Edward Wrey, B.A., Severn Grange, Worcester. 
Wiiitaker, William, B.A., F.G.S., Geological Surve}^ of England, 

28 Jermyn Street, London, S. W. Geol. 
White, A. H.'Scott, B.Sc., B.A., F.C.S., Western Terrace, The Park, 

Nottingham. Geol., Min. 
White, B., M.D., Perth, Scotland. Ent., Lepid. 

White, F. Buchanan, M.D., F.L.S., Annat Lodge, Pertli, Scotland. E7it,. 
Bot. C. Ex. liemiptera of the world. Living Alpine and hardy 
herbaceous plants. 
White, Rev. F. Le Grix, M.A., Learning House, Ulleswater, Penrith. 
White, Henry, F.S.A., 96 Queen's Gate, Hyde Park, London, W. 
White, James, 8 Thurloe Square, South Kensington, London, S. W. 
White, James, 244 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Phys. 
White, J. Fletcher, 75 Westgate, Wakefield. 
White, Miss Rose, Maisonette^ St. Albans. Bot. 
White, Rev. W. F., Stonehouse, Vicarage, Gloucestersliire. Ent. 
White, Wm., The Mall, Clifton, Bristol. Bot. 
Whitehead, Charles, F.S.A., Barmiug House, Maidstone. 
Whitehead, Frederick Thomas, 8 Km hangc Street, Bolton. 
Whitehead, Herbert Maguire, 1 Surtolk Place, Pall Mall, London, 

S. W. 
Whitehouse, E. O. Wildman, Down Place, Petersfield, Hants. 
Whitelaw, Alex., 87 Sidney Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Chem. 
Whitley, Henry Michell, Assoc. Inst. C.E., Penarth, Truro, Corn- 
Whitmell, Charles T., M.A., B.Sc, H.M. Inspector of Schools, 31 

Ilavelock Street, Sheffield. 
WiiiTWORTH, Sir .Joseph, LI.,.D., The Firs, Manchester. 
Whittley, N., F.G.S., Truro. Geol. 
Whittall, J. W., Strand, London, W. C. 
Whytt, a. H.,13 Beresford Road, Birkenhead. 
WiCKHAM, W., Binsted-Wyck, Alton, Hants. 
WiGiiAM, .John R., 19 St". George Street, Westminster, London. Light 

Ho use Enr/inecring . 
WiGRAM, Robert, 39 (Jourtficld Gardens, London, S. W. 
Wild, C. J., 128 Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Musci, Hepaticce. 
Wild, G. A., Science School, South Kensington, London. 
WiLKiNS, Ernest Powell, I^.R.C.P.E. Newport, Isle of Wight. 
Wilkinson, Rev. Burgess. The Manse, Mclbourn, Cambridgeshire. 
WiLKS, Samuel, M.I)., 77 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 
Willacy, Rev. T. R., B.A., 15 The Mount, York. 
Willett, Henry, Arnold llouse, JJrighton. 

Williams, Alfred, M. Inst. C.E., 18 Great George Street, London, S.W. 
Williams, B. S., Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, Upper Holloway, 

London, N. 
Williams, Charles James Blasius, M.D., 47 Upper Brook Street, Lon- 
don, W. 

298 THE naturalists' DIRECTOUV. [Gt. Britain. 

Williams, Charles O. C.E., Holt Street House, ■\Vrexliam, Wales 

Williams, (Ikeville, F.G.S., St. feteplicH's Ko:nl, IIouiislow, MiiUllesex. 
Cliein., Fliys. C 

Williams, M. ^^'., 18 Kciiipsfonl Ganlens, London, S.W. ('hem., Phys. 

Williams, Ilev. William, 11 (Queen's Teinice, (ilasjiow, Scotlaiul. 

Williamson, Alexanoeic William, LL D., Prof, of CIichl and Practi- 
cal Clieui. University College, London, 15 Primrose-liill Road, Lon- 
don, N.W. 

Williamson, Uenjamin, M.A., Trinity Colleprc, Dublin, Ireland. 

Williamson, William Ckawfokd, Piof. of Nat. Hist., Anat.aml Phys., 
Owens College, Manchester, 4 Egerton Koad, FallowficUl, Manches- 

Willis, James, 11 Portland Terrace, Xcwcastle-ou-Tyne. 

WiLLMEK, Chakles, 5,") Wooiliands, Traninerc, Birkenhead. 

Wills, A. W., Wyldc, (iri'en, near Birniin;^liani. Biol, Mir. 

Wilson, Alexa.nder ^iTEphen, Nortii Kinnumdy, .Siinimerhill, by 
Aberdeen, .Scotlantl. Bot., Eipcrimi'i^tnl and Stnic/uraf, spec. 
Einbn/n nf Ceronl (Irasses, and I'lis nodiophnra brassicce Wor. C. 

Wilson, Andrew, M.D., Ph.D., 110 Ciilmore Place, Edinburgh, Scot- 
laiul. Biol., y.oo!. 

Wilson, C^iiarlls William, 5 Lannsdowne Terrace, Rodwell, Wey- 

Wilson, Edward, 18 Low Pavement, Nottintiham. GeoL, Min. Ex. 
En"1isii fossils for those not found in England. 

Wilson, Erasmus, 17 Henrietta .Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

Wilson, (tKORge Fehgusson, Ileatherliank, Weyhridge Heath, Surrey. 

Wilson, Rev. .James Maurice. ]SLA., F.R..\.S.,rate Fellow of St. John's 
College, CanibridjiC. C'lifton College, Bristol. 

Wilson, John. F.R.S.E., Prof of Agriculture in the University of Edin- 
burgh, EdinlMirgh, Scotland. 

WiLSt)N, Owen S., CwnillVwd, Carmarthen, Wales. Lrpid. C. Ev. Egrgs 
of Lepid. desired for tiguring species in all their transformations, 
for publication. 

Wilson, Wright, Crescent, Birmingham. ZoiJl. 

Wiltshire, Rev. Thomas, M.A., 25 Granille Park, Lcwisham, London, 
S.E. Gcol. 

WiNBOLT, J. S., M.A., Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 29 Tregunter Road, West 
Broniplon, London, W. 

WiNcn, W. R., North Mymm's Park, Hatfield, Herts. 

Wing, H. Tryon, I^ieut! 97th Regiment. Royal Military College, Yoi'k- 
town, Farnl)oroui;h, Station. 

WiNwooD, Rev. H. IL, M.A., F.G.S., 11 Cavendish Crescent, Bath, 
Gcol. C. 

Winn, Rowland, M.P., 11 Grosvenor Gardens, London, S. W. 

WiNSTONE, Benjamin, F.C.S., 53 Russell Square, London, W. C. 

WiRTH, (lEORGE Henry, Hereford Sihcr-on-glass specula for Newtonian 

I'elescop '.?. 

Witciiell, Edwin, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Witts, Rev. Edward Francis, Upi)er Slaughter, near Stow-on-the-Wold. 

WoiiLMANN, Jasies B., Fore Street, Hertford. 

WOLLASTON, (i. IL, :M..\., 24 College Road, Clifton, Bristol. 

WoNNAcOTT, John, F.G.S., etc., East Cornwall College, Liskeard. Gcol., 

Phi/siul., Anitn il and Vcf/. P/ii/.iiol. C. 
Wood, Rev. Henry Hatton, .M..\., Holwell Rcctorj-, Sherborne, Dorset. 
Wood, Prof. John, 61 Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, London. 

Human and ('onip. Anat. 
Wood, Theodore, 5 Sehvyn Terrace, Jasper Road, Upper Korwood. 

Eat. : Brit. Coleopt. C. Ex. 

gt. britai>-.] the naturalists' bikectory. 299 

Wood, Searles Valentine, Beacon Hill House, Maitlesham, near 
Woo(ll)rid;:o, biitiolU. 

Wood, I'cv. 11. li , llolwi'll, Dorsctsliirc. Mossci. 

Wood, \Vm., ^I.D., 'jy Ilailoy tStrect, London. PsyJinlogual Medicine. 

WoODALL, JouN WoouALL. 8t. Nicli(;las llousc, bc"iri)orou;:li. 

Woodcock, Reginald (.'., "23 Aliinudon .Street, London, S. \V. Min, 

WooDD, Charles II. Lakd.neh, lloslyn, Hampstead, London, N. W. 

WooDnoLSE, Rev. TuoMAS Edwaud, B.A., 1^3 Amluirst Roa.i, Hackney, 
London, E. 

WooDGATE, John, Richmond Road, Xcw Barnct, Herts. Ent. 

Woodwakd, B. 11., 5 Berci-lord lioad, llij:libury, New Park. Min. 

Woodward, C J., 76 Francis Roail, Ed^ibaston, birniini:ham. 

Woodward, Henry, LL D.. PMi.S., liriii-li Wuscnm (iNatural History 
Branch), fSontli Kensinjzton, London, 8. W. 

Woodwai{D, lloRACE B., (ieolo;:ical ISurvcy of Enj^laud, Museum, 23 
Jerniyn Street, London, S. W. English Gedl. 

Wormald, Bercv C, 2 Clilton Villas, lii^h<,^ate Hill, London, N. Ent. 

Worms, Baron (tEORGE de, F.S.A., 17 Park Crescent, London, N. W. 

WoK.MS, Baron Henry de, M.P., F.R.A.S., 2h The Albany, Piccadilly, 
Lomlon, W. 

WoRSLEY, Philip, 26 Chester Teirace, Rc^rent's Park, I>ondon, N. W. 

WORSLEY, Rev. THOMAS, ^LA., Master of Downing College, Cambridge. 

Worsley-Benison, H. W. S., 25 Grange Road, Canonbury, London, X. 

Worth, Richard Xicholls, 4 Seaton Avenue, Mntley, Plymouth. 

WouNDCOTT, T , Devonshire House, Farnliam, Surrey. Ast. 

Wright, Bryce M , 90 Great Russell Street, London. Min. 

Wright, Charles A., Kayhough House, Kew Gardens Road, Kew. Oni. 

Wright, C. R. A., D.Sc., St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London. 
Chem., PId/s. 

Wright, F. Perceval, M D., Prof. Bot., Univ. Dublin, Ireland. Orn. 

Wright, James, F.(t.S., Belfast, Iicland. Genl. 

Wright, Joseph, 1 I)onei:all Street, Belfast, Ireland. Foratninifera. C. 
Ex. recent or fossil Foraminifera. 

Wright, Thomas, M.D., F.R.S., L. & E , St. Margaret's Terrace, Chel- 

Wright, Samuel, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. 

Wrightson, Thomas, Norton Hall, Stockton-on-Tees. 

Wyatt, Claude W., Adderhury, Banbury. Orn. 

Wyatt, James, Bryn Gwynani', near Bedilgelert, North Wales. 

Wyles, Thomas, Allesley Hall. Coventry, (jeal., liiol. C. 

Wynne, Thomas, ^lanor House, (inosall, Staffordshire. 

Yeats, John, LT^.D., 7 Beaufort S(|uare, Ciiopstow. 

YocKNEY, Samuel Hansard, M.-Jnst. C.E., 25 Queen Anne's Gate, 
M'c>tminster, London, S. W . 

YoLLAND, William, 14 St. Stephen's Square, Loudon, W. 

YooL, Henry, Oakfield, Weybridge, Sin-rcy. M.c. 

York, His Grace William Thomson, D.D., Lord Archbishop of, The 
Palace, Bishopstlmrpe, Yorkshire. 

YoRKE, .FoiiN Reginald, Fortbampton Court, near Tewkesbury. 

YoRKE, Philip, Erddiir Park, Wrevliam, Wales 

Y'ouNG, Frank W., F.C.S., High School, 2 Dirlie Terrace, Dundee, Scot- 
land Chem. 

Young, James, LL.D., Kellcv, Wcmyss Bav near Greenock, Scotland. 

Young, John, M.l)., F.R.S.E., Prof.'Nat. Hist., Univ. of Glasgow, (Glas- 
gow, .Scotland. 

Youug, Joun, lluutcrian Museum, the University, Glasgow, Scotland. 

300 THE naturalists' DIKECTOltY. [GllEECE, etc. 

Young, John, 64 Hereford Road, Wcstbourne Grove, London, W. Orn. 

Young, John Tuomas, 32 Mount Street, ].ondon, E. 

Young, J. T., City Tress, Aldersgate Street, Loudon, E. C. Geol. and 
Intone Implements. C. 

Young, Lamont H. G., 9 Manor Road, Forest Hill, l^ondon, S. B. 

Young, Mokkis, Free Museum, Paisley, Scotland. Ent. 

Young, Robekt, 7 Donegall Square East, Belfast, Ireland. Arch. C. 

Younge, Rev. Duke, Puslincli, Yealrapton, Devon. Elect. 

Younghusband, Charles Wright, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich; and 
Athenaeum Club, London, S. W. 

Zambha, Joseph C\esak, Cambridge Villa, Yufnell Park, London, W. 

Zekffi, G. G., PhD , F.R.S.L., Prof. Art, Hist, and Sci., South Kensing- 
ton, 3 Warrington Gardens, Maida Hill, London, W. Sci, of Gen. 
and Art. Hist. C. 


Cassimati, Stylianus J., M.P., Athens. Anthropology, Latvs, Politics. 
Heldreich, Prof. Th. de, Dir. Bot. Gardens, Athens. Bot., ZooL, 

Anth. C. Ex. 
Holzmann, Timoleon, Athens. Bot. 
Kallibources, Dr. P., Prof. Phys. Univ., Athens. 
Klcetzcher, H., Royal Gardens, Athens. Bot. 
KRtJPER, Dr. Theobald J., Conservator Univ. Museum, Athens. ZooL, 

Geol. C. Ex. Coleopt., Hemipt., etc. 
Landerer, Prof. Pr. X., Athens. Bot. 
MiTZOPOULOS, Prof. E., Athens. Nat. Hist. 
Orphanides, Th. G., Athens. Bot. 
Phassuzlis, Ph., Bot. Gar., Athens. Bot. 
PoNEROPOULOS, EusTATE, Athens. Bot. 
Rangabe, a. R., Athens. 

Read, Gen. John Meredith, Minister to Greece, Athens. 
Schmidt, Dr. J. Fr. Julius, Director of Observatory, Athens. Ast., 

Meteo., Variable Stars. 
Von Hahn, Dr., Syra. 


Taylor, Joseph Walter, Noungme. 


Gatke, Heinrich, Sec. to Gov. Heligoland. Orn. 


(See Netherlands.) 



Abetti, Prof. A., Padua. Ast. 

AcRi, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 

Ajuti, L., Florence. Bot. 

Albicini, Prof. Cesare, R. Univ. Bolojjna. 

Alessandrini, Sebastiano, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Alfieri, di .Sostegno, Carlo, Presideute del Consiglioe Suprintendente 

dcir Instituto, Florence. 
Amari, Prof. ■NIiCHELE, Florence. 
Andres, Dr. Angelo, Bibliothe'caire de la Station Zocilogique, Naples. 

Annibale, Prof, Palermo. Ast. 
Anzi, L'abbe M., Como. Bot., Lichenolngy. 
Arcaxgeli, Prof Dr. Jean, Univ. Turin. Bot. 
Ardlssone, Prof. Fr., Dir. Bot. Gar., Milan. Algology, Bot. 
Armitago, E., Via Ripetta, Palazzo Campana, Rome. Bot. C. 
AsTORi, Enrico, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Baglietto, Fr., Voltri, near Genoa. Lichenol., Bot. 
Ballada di, St. Robert Paolo, Turin. 
Balsamo, Dr. Franc, Naples. Bot. 

Band! di Selve, Flaminio, Via Carlo Alberto n 44, Turin. Col., Ent. 
Baravelli, Dr. Giambattista, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Barbera, Prof. Luigi di Minervino, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 
Barbiani, Giovanni, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Bargagli, Pierre, Via dei Bardi 1, Florence. Ent., espec. Cetonides, 

Coleopt. C. 
Bargellini, Dr. Demetre, Via Guelfa, 1, Florence. Mycol. 
Barilari, Pacifico, Rome. 

Baroni, Giov., Borgo la Croce 53, Florence. Coleopt., Lepid., 
Baroni, p., Bot. Gar., Florence. Bot. 
Barozzi, Stefano, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Bassini, Ugo, B. Univ. Bologna. 
Bastehot, Baron De, 148 Via Rosella, Rome. 
Bastianani, J., Florence. Bat. 
Batelli, Dr. Andrea, Florence. Ent. 
Battaglini, Giuseppe, Prof. Geom., Rome. 
Battistini, Attilio, Rome. Physiology. 

Beccari, Ed., Dir. Bot. Mus., Borgo Tejjolaja 48, Florence. Bot. 
Beccaria-Incisa, di S. Stefano, Gen. Luigi, Via Giaunone 5, Turin. 

Bechi, Prof. Emilio, Roy. Inst. Tech., Florence. Ent. 
Bellardi, Prof. Luigi, R. Mus. Zool., Turin. Ent., Diptera. 
Bellavitis, Prof. Giusto, Padua. 

Bellucci, Dr. E., Bot. Gar. Portici, near Naples. Bot. 
Belluzzi, Dr. Cesare, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Beltrami, Prof. Eugenio, Pavia. Math., Physics. 
Beltraxi, Vito, Licata, Sicily. Botany : Cryptogams, Mycoloav. 
Beni, Dr. Carlo, Tuscany. Orn. -^^ 

Berenger, J. M. Adolph de, Inspecteur Ge'ne'ral des Forets en retraite, 

jadis professeur d'histoire naturelle et d'Economie forest: a 

I'Ecole forest. Villino Fcrruzzo, near Vallomhrosa, (Tuscany.) 

Bot. C. Ex-. Desires plants and herbs of the forests of America. 
Bergamasco, Camillo, Casal Beltrame, (Provineia di Novara.) Ent, 
Berti, Prof. Leonida, Mem. .\cad. Sci., Bolojrna. 
Bebthold, Dr. G., Zool. Station, Naples. Bol., ZoiJL 

302 THE naturalists' directory. [Italy. 

Bektolini, Dr. Antonio, Prof. Cavalicie.Villettadella Foituna, Bologna. 

but. and Hart. C E\. 
Betocchi, Alessandko, Komc. 

Betta, Antonio, Via b. Bartolommeo 228, Pavia. Coleopt., Ent. 
Betti, Enkico, Prof Phys., Pisa. 
JjIagi, Dr. Clodoveo, ^lem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
BiANCA, JosEi^ii, Avola, .Sicily. Hot. 
Biccui, Prof Dr. C, hycuuiu, Dir. Bot. Gar., Lucca. 
BiLLi, Dr. i^uiGi, Via clc'bervi 1.1 p. t., Florence. Acari, Ent. 
BlONDi, Antonio, Member of tiic K. Horticultural Society, Agronom, 

Via tlei bcrragli 11;"), Florence. Bot. C. Ex. for European Flora. 
Bizzozeko, tJiACO.MO, Couserv. clu Jardin Botanique, Padua. Bot. C. 

Plants of the Flora of Venice. Ex. Otiers Phanerogams and 

Vascular Cryptogams, Venice, in exchange for those of Europe. 
Blaserna, Prof. PiETKo, Home. Phijs. 
BoccACCiN'i, Piof. (J., Lyceum, Cuneo. Bot. 
BoDio, L., Uomc. 

BoLDiiiNi, Dr. LuiGi, Castel d'Ario, (Mantovano.) E^it. 
BoMBici, LuiGi, Via Mazzini 20, Bologna. Min. 
BoMBiCci, Porta (Com. Chcv.) I^ouijs, Prof, de Minc'ralogie et le 

Directeur de Cabinet Mineralogique de le Koyale Lhuversite, 

Bnlogna. Min. C. 20,000 specimens in the University. Ex. 

Otl'crs mineral crystal.^ of Italy in exchange for those of other 

Bonatelli, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Bologna. 
BoNCO.MPAGNi, Prince Balthasar, Home. 
Bor;:i, Dr. Antonio, Professeur de Botanique a I'Universite Royale et 

Directeur du Jardin Botanique, ISlcssina, Sicily. Botany, Algcp, etc, 

C. Ex. Desires to e.vchuuge plants of Sicily for Algae, Quercus, 

and Salia of America. 
BoscHi, Prof. PiETR), IVleni. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Geom. 
Bosi, Prol'. Federico, li. Univ., Bologna. 
I^ozzo, Prof. G., Sec. R. Acad. Sci., Palermo. Bot. 
Bracciforti, Prof. Alberto, Via Diritta 130, Piacenza. EtU. 
LiiioscHi, Francesco, Dir. Inst. Tech., Milan. M'^t/i. 
Bkiosi, J-, Prof. Univ., Dir. Agric. Station, Rome. Physiol., Ag>ic.,Bot. 
Brizi, Dr. Orestes von, Sec. .\cad. Sci., Arezzo. 
Brizio, Prof. Edoardo di Torino, R. Univ., Bologna. ArchroL 
Brogi, Sigismondo, Natnraliste a la Royale Acad, des Fisioeritici. 

Piazza S. A?ostino.5, Siena. (?enerol Srie7ices. C. Buys, sells and 

exclianires Natural History objects, except Botanical specimens. 
Brugnoi.i, Prof. Dr. Giovanni, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Bruno, Dr. F., Bot. Gar., Turin. Bot. 
BliusCHi, Prof. Al., Univ Periiyia. Bot. 

BuBANi, Dr. Ptetro, Bagnacavallo, (Emilia.) Botany. C. Ex. 
Burresi, Pietro, Professore ordinario di Clinica gcnerale medica. R. 

Istitutio, Florence. 
Calderini, Prof. Pietro, Varallo. Ent. 
Caldesi, Lunnvic, Faenza. Botani/. 

Callegari, Ferdinando, Campo della Gnerra, Venice. Ent. 
Calori, Prof. LuTGi, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Cai.uri, Olivio, Pisa Ent. 
Cai.zoi.ari, Ce.sare, R. Univ., Bolosna. 
Camerxno, Dr. Lorenzo, Assistentc al R. Museo Zoologico, Turin. Zo- 

Cammarota, Gaetano, Piazza d' Azeglio, 22, Florence. Ent, 
Canepa, -T. B., Bot. Gar , Rome. Bot. 
Canevazzi, Silvio, B. Univ., Bologna. 

ITALT.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 308 

Cantoni, Prof. Gaetano, Dir. Agric. Station, Milan. Bot. 

Cantoxi, (iiovANNi, Pi'of. Pliys , Pavia. 

Cannizzaho, Prof. SiTANiSLAo', Uouic. Chem. 

Capellixi, Giovanni, Via Zamboni, 59, Bologna. Geolngy. 

Cappannelli, GiusiiPPE, Cortoiia. Ent. 

Capuanica, SiTEFANO, Rome. P/njsioloc/ical Chemistry. 

Carducci, Prof. Giosui: ui Pietrasanta, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Carega, Francesco, R. Univ., Bolo;ina. Agrnn. 

Carestia, l'Abbe Ant., Riva Vaklobbia (Varallo). Botany. 

Carini, (iiULO, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Carlucci, M., Avellino. Bot. 

Cakpegna, Count Guido, Rome. Etit. 

Carpene, Prof. A., Conegliano. Bot. 

Carrara, Guido Luigi, Lucca. Coleopt. 

Carruccio, Prof. Antonio, R. Univ., ISIoilena. Ent. 

Cabuel, Teodoro, Profosscur de Botaniquc et Directcnr du Jardin et 

du Miise'e Botauique, de I'lnstitut des Etudes superieures, Florence. 

Carutti, D., Rome. 

Casoni, Ur. GiULio. Mem. Acad. Sei., Bologna. 

(Jasorati, Felix, Professeur Universite, Pavia. Mathematical Analysis 
Cassani, Prof. (iiACOMO, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Castaldini, Luciano, R- L'niv., Bologna. 
Castelli, Uavid, Proi'essore straordinario di Lingua ebraica, R. Istitu- 

tio, Florence. 
Casthacane Degli Antelminelli, Ab. Conte Francesco, Piazza delle 

Capello, 60, Rome. Diatoms. C. Ex. 
Cattaneo, Dr. AciiiLLE. Pavia. Bot. 
Cavanna, Dr. Guelfo, Secret. Socicte' Entomologiquc; al Regio Museo. 

Via Romana, 19, Florence. Araclmida Hemiptera, Co?np. AnatO' 

my. Ev. Myriapods for the R. Museum. 
Cavazzi, Dr. Alfredo, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Cazzuola, Ferd., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot. 
Ceccoti, N., Bot. Gar., Parma. Bot. 
Ceneri, Giuseppe, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Cerletti, Prof. G. B., Conegliano. Bot. 
Cernello, Dr. V., Palermo Univ. Bot. 
Cesati, Vincenzo, Prof. Bot. Roy. Univ., Naples. 
Chiamenti, Dr. Alex., Chioggia. Bot. 
Chiovenda, Umberto, Domo d'ossola. Ent. 
CiACCio, Prof. Guiseppe, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Math., Phys., 

Ctaldi, Com., Direc. Naval Works, Eome. 
Cianchettini, Guilio, Via Delia Crocctta, 3, Genoa , . ul. 
Citarda, N., Bot Gar., Palermo. Bot. 
CoBBOLD, C. II., San Valentino, Abruzzo Citeriorc. 
CoccHi, Prof. Igino, Florence. Ent. 

CoccoNi, Prof. GiROLAMO, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Bot. 
CoGOLLO, (tIrolamo, Vicciiza. E.nt. 
CoLASANTi. Giuseppe, Professore di Fisiologia, Universita, Camenno. 

CoLETTi, Prof. Dr. Ferd., Univ., Padua. Bot. 
Colognesi, Prof. Alfonso, Mem Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
COEES, Prof Dr. Horace, Inst. Tech., Naples. Bat., Xat. Hist. 
Console, Prof Dr. Michelangelo, Via Stobile, 281, Univ., Palermo. 
CONTI, Augusto, Professore ordinario di Filosofia tcoretica e morale, 

R. Istitutio, Florence. Philos. 
CORNAUA, Dr. E., Prof. Zool. Tech. Inst., Dir. Mus., Milan. 

304 THE naturalists' DLBECTORT. [Italy. 

CoRRADi, Prof. Alfonso, Pavia. 

CoRRADO, Annibale, Prof. Math,, Naples. 

CouuiDi, Prof. Francesco, Rome. 

CoRSiNi, ToMMASO, Florence. Et7t. 

CoRTESE, Prof. Francesco, Rome. 

CORTI, Ur. San S. B. A. de, Turin. Bot. 

Cossa, Alfonso, Prof. Chem. Hoy. Ind. Mus., Turin. 

Costa, Prof. Achille, Dir. Roy. "Mus. Zoul., Naples. E)it. 

Costa, Prof. Venanzio, R. Univ., Modena. E7it. 

Cremona, Luigi, Rome. Math. 

Cristofani, II., Pisa. Bot. 

CuBONi, Dr. .J., Bot. Cjar. Bot. 

CuGiNi, Prof. Dr. G., Univ., Bologna. Physiol., Bot. 

CuGiNi, Prof. Carlo, Parma. But. 

CuRO, Antonio. Bero^amo. Lep. 

D'Acuiardi, Antonio, Prof. Univ. Pisa. Min. 

Dainelli, Dr. Ugo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Dalle Donne Gaetano, R. Univ. Bologna. 

D'Amato, Dr. Fred, Inst. Tech., Tcramo. Bot. 

Damiani, Gian Maria, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Damry, Natnralist, Ozieri, Sardinia. Coleoptera, IJemiptera, Diptera, 
Hymenop, Orn., of the Islands in the Mediterranean. C. Ex. for 
Hyrocanthus, Polpicorus, Pselaphidge, Scydma?iuid;eo of Europe. 

D'Ancona, Cesare, Docteur es sciences, agrege pour la pale'ontologie au 
Musce d'histoire naturelle. Piazza d' Azeglio 14, Florence. Pale- 
ontology, Living Malacology. Ex. for the Museum, Fossils and 
L. and F. W. shells. 

D'Apel, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 

D'Arcais, Prof. Francesco, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

De Castracane, Comte FRAN901S, Rome. Mic. 

Defilippi, Michel, Bot. Gar., Turin. Bot. 

De Gasparis, Annibale, Dir. Roy. Observ., Naples. Ast. 

De Gregorio, Marquis, Molo, Via Palermo. Fossils of the Tertiary 

Dehnhardt, Alfred, Bot. Gar. Naples. Bot. 

Della Valle, Prof. Dr. Antoine, Lyceum Prince Humbert, Naples. 
Zool., Bot., Nat. Hist. 

Dei, Apelle, Secretaire de la Commission ampelographique de Sienne. 
Via Dei Tufi I.Siena (Tuscany). Zool. ; Orn., Ent., Comp. Anat. C. 
Otfers birds' skins and insects of the orders of Coleoptera, Orthop- 
tera, Hemiptera, and Lepidoptera, in exchange for Neuroptera, 
especially Termitidje. 

Delpino, Federigo, Prof. Bot. R. Univ. Genoa., Ent. 

Delponte, Prof. G. B., Turin. Bot. 

De Paolis, Prof. Riccardo, R. Univ. Bologna. Geom. 

De Rossi, Prof. Michele Stefano, Rome. 

De Sanctis, Leone, Prof. Zoul., Rome. 

Desimoni, Caballero C, Genoa. 

Devincenzi, II Commendatore G., Senator, Rome. Ent, 

De Ziguo, Baron Achille, Padua. Geol. 

DiBLASSi, Prof. Dr., R. Lyceum, Palermo. Bot. 

DoHRN, Prof. Dr. Anton", Zoological Station, Naples. Zool. 

Donati, Prof. Luigi, R. Univ., Bologna. Math. 

DoRiA, GiACOMO, Dir. Mus., Genoa. 

DoRiA, Marquis G., Strada Nuova, Genoa. Etit. 

DoRNA, Alessandro, Dir. Roy. Astron. Obsei-v., Tui-in. 

DuFOUR, Luigi, Via Balbi, 15 Genoa. Bot., Algol, 

EisiG, Dr. Hugo, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zool. 


Emery, Carlo, Prof, di Zoulogia nella R. Universita, Bologna. Comp. 
Anat., esp. of Vertt-brates, Entomology, Xatitral History of Ants. 
C. Ex. Ofters ants of Europe for foreigu specimens, copies of his 
works, ag-ainst analogous publications. 

Ercolani, Prof. G. B., Sec. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fabbri, Dr. Ercole-Federico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fabretti, Prof. Ariodante, Univ. Turin. Arch. 

Faccioli, Prof. Raffaele, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Fagnoli, Dr. X. U. Giuseppe, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Failla-Tedaldi, Luigi, Castelbuono, Palermo, Sicil}'. Ent. 

Fais, Prof. AxTOMO, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fanelli, Bkandimakte, Sarteano, Siena. Ent. 

Fanzago, De. Filippo, Prof. nell'R. Univ., Sassari. Myriopoda, Acari, 
Zool. C. Ex. 

Fea, Leoxardo, Civ. Mus., Genoa. Ent. 

Federici, Axtonio, Prof, di Botanica nel' Universita, Urbino. Bat. 

Felici, Riccardo, Prof. Phys., Pisa. 

Fexzi, E. O., Pres. Hort. Soc, Florence. Bot. 

Ferraxti, Vixcexzo, R. Univ. Bologna, Philos. 

Ferrari, Costantixo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Ferrari, Pietro, 40 Via Cousolazione, Genoa. Hemipt. 

Ferrero, Prof. U., Dir. .Vgric. Station, Caserta. Bot. 

Ferrucci, Prof. Michele, R. Univ. Bologna. 

FlASCHi, Tito, Segretario Capo e per la Sezione di Filosofia e Filologia, 
Florence. Philos., Philol. 

FiLlPPi, AxGELO, Professore straordinario di Medicina legale, R. Istitutio, 

FiLOPAXTi, Prof. QuiRico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

FiORixi, Matteo, Via Mazzini, 37, Bologna. Geodesy. 

FiUME, C'AMiLLO, Badia Polesine (Veneto). Ent. 

FoNTANA, Giuseppe, Sec. R. Univ. Bologna. 

FoRESTi, Dr. LoDOVico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fraxchi, Tito, Genoa. Ent. 

Fraxcolixi, Massimiliaxo, Rimini. Ent. 

Frati, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Freda, Dr. P., Rome. Agric, Bot. 

Gamberixi, Pietro, Prof, a I'Universite, Rue des Beaux Arts, 15, 
Bologna. Deiinatology, C. Offers " Treatise on Maladies of the 

Gaxtjixo, Gio. Battista, R. Univ. Phil. 

Garbiglietti, Dr. Axtoxio, Via dell' Accademia Albertina 5, Turin. 
Vol., Hym., Hem. 

Garbocci, a., Pisa. Bot. 

Garibaldi, Prof. Univ., Genoa. 

Garovaglio, Saxto, Prof, de Botanique a I'Universite, et Director da 
Laboratoire Criptogamique, Pavia (Lombardy). Bot. C. Ex. Of- 
fers Cryptogamic plants, especially mnsci or lichens of Europe, in 
exchange for the same families of fungi, parasites of cultivated 

Garzoxi, March. Giuseppe, Via dei Ginori 17, Florence. Ent. 

Gasco, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Genoa. Zool. 

Gelarda, Prof. Dr., Tnst. Tech., Palermo. Bot. 

Ge.mmellaro, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Catania, Sicily. Min., Geol. 

Gemmellaro, Prof. Gaetano Giorgio, Roy. Univ. Palermo, Sicily. 
Min., Geol. 

Gemmi, J., Florence. Bot. 

Gexxarelli, Achille, Professore ordinario di Archeologia, R. Isti- 
tutio, p'lorence. Arch, 

306 THE naturalists' directory. Italy. 

Gennari, Prof. Dr. P., Univ. Ca^rliiiri (Sardinia). 

(iENOCCiii, .^NGELO, Tiuin. Math. 

Gentile, Prof. (iiACOMO, II. Inst. Tech. Porto Maurigio. Bot. 

Gestuo, Dr. Kafi-aello, Via ,S. Giaoomo 18, Genoa. Coleopt. 

Ghelm, Pietko, W. Lniv. liolojina 

(iiiEiiAUDi, Co.M , Dir. Inst, 'rccli., Florence. 

Giaco.melli, Prof. Enkico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Boloo:na. 

GlANELi.i, CiiAciNTO, Place V'ictoir Emanuel 21, Turin. Lepid. C. Ex. 
for ^^ood specimens. 

GiBELLi, Dr. GiUSEi'PE, Profcssorc di Botanica nella II. Universita, 
liolo^na. Hot. Diseases of plants, 

GiBELLO, Prof. .T., Turin. Hot. 

GiESBitECHT, WiLHELM, Stazione ZoiUngica, Naples. Zoiil. 

GiGLioLi, Uenuy Hillyek, Prof. Zoology and Comp. Anatomy of Ver- 
tebrate Animals, and Director ZimiI. Mus., K. Univ. Floience. 
ZoUL, Aiiat., I'alteo., and Geoiiraphical Distrihution of Vi rtebrutes, 
Anth. C. Ex. Italian Vertebrates in e\cliangc for \'ertebrates 
and Ethnological objects from an}- part of the world. 

GlOUGi.M, Prof. Gaetano, Pisa. 

Gixoui, March Carlo, Via dci Ginori II, Florence. Ent. 

Giordano, Prof. Jos. Camille, lust. Tech. Tarsio, Naples. Bot., 

GioVAXETT.T, Carlo, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Giovanni, A. Phil., iiot. Gar., Bolo-na. Bot. 

Giudici-Albergotti, De, iSIarch. Angiolo Lorenzo, Arczzo. Ent, 

GiULl, tilUSEPPE, Siena. 

Grsti, Prof. Emilio, K. Univ. Bologna. 

Gc IRAN, Prol' AuGUSTiN, Lyceuui, Verona. Phys., Bot, 

Gonzaga, Ferrante, Palazzo Gonzaga, Mantova. Ent. 

GoTTi, Prof. y\LFREDO, Mciii. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

GoTTi, Dr. ViNCENZO, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Govi, GiLBERTO, Prof. Phys., Naples. 

GozZADiNi, -Jean, Docieur de la i'aculte' filosophiquc-filologique d. TUni- 
versitc, Scnateur du Poy;iume d'ltalia, etc., Bologna. Anth. 

Grandi, Dr. Giacomo, jMcui. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Grassi, Giov. Batt., Rovellasca, Como. '/.oiJl. 

Grattarola, Prof (t., Piazza S. Marco, Florence. Min. 

Gribodo, Giovanni, Inge'nicur Assistent a rUniversitc, Euc Accademia 
Albertina 5 Ui/mciiopt. C. Ex. Very ilesirous to buy or ex- 
chaiii:e C'hrysides and Evanidcs. 

Groves, II., Bogounissanii In, Florence. Bot. 

Gualand:, Dr. Francesco, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Gualandi, Dr. (iiovANNi, Mom. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

GuiCCiARDiNi, Count Piero, Via dci Guicciardini 17, Florence. 

Guiui, Loui^, Prof. irHi-toire Naturelle a I'ln^titut Technique, Pesaro 
(Marches). Bot., Geol. C Y.\. 

GuisCARUi, (iOGLiCLiRo, Prof. Uuiv. Naples. Geol. 

Hawkins, Thomas, Naples. 

Inzenza, Prof. Dr., Univ. Palermo. Agric, M'lcoL, Bot, 

IssEL, Prof. .\iiTiTRo, R. Univ. Genoa. Geol., .Min., Malacol. 

Jatta, Antoine, Riivo di Puglia. Bot., J.ichenol. 

Jervis, le Che v. ^^'ILLIAM Paget, Conservatore del Reale Musco In- 
dustriale Italiano, 'J'urin 

Joiinsto\-I>avis, H. •!., Palazzo Falvella, Chiatomone, Naples. 

Keller, Prof Dr. .\nt., Univ. Padiui. Af/ron., Bot. 

Kminek-Szedlo, Giov.\nni, R. Univ. Bologna. 

KoKNiG, Dr. Fr , Asti. Bot. 

Laag, Dr. Arnold, Zoiil. Sta., Naples. Zool, 


Laxcia De Brolo, Frederic, Secretaire de I'Ac. des Sciences, Via ^lac- 
queda 336, Palermo, (Sitih). M I'acologi/, Palaeontology, (jiology. 
C. Ex. Offers volcanic rocks of ^tna, minerals of sulphur, L. 
and F. W. shells. 

Lang, Dr. Arnold, Zo(')1. Sta., Naples. Zoul. 

Lanzi, Dr. Matth., Via Cavour 6, Rome. Bot., Mycol. 

Lawley, Koberto, Monteccliio near Pontedra. (Pisa.) 

Leonesi, Acgusto, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Lepori, Dr. Cesare, Prof. R. Univ. Cagliari. Ent. 

Levier, Dr. Emile, Boryo San Frediano 16, Florence. Botany, Phane- 
rogams, Bryology. C. Ex. Offers Phanero;.''ams and mosses of 
Italy, Corsica, Spain, and Portugal for mosses of America. 

LiBASSi, Prof. LE Pere, Seminary, Palermo. Bot. 

LiCOPOLi, Prof. Dr. C.AJ , Lyceum Victor-Emmanuel, Naples. Bot. 

LoDi, Prof. FoRTL'NATO, R.Univ. Bolo;j:na. 

Lo Jacono, Michel, Boiani^te Conserv. des Herbiers du Jardin Bot., 
Piazza Sto. Spirito 5, Palermo. Phi,togrciphy, UrganograiJiy, Mono- 
qraphy of Genera Trifolium, Orobanche, (.'Specially of Sicily. C, 

LoMBARDiNi, Elia, ^rilan. 

LoRENZiM, Demetrio, Porretta. Col. 

I^ORETA, Prof. PiETR'), Mem. .Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

LrcCA, Prof Chem. Univ., Naples. 

Macagno. Dr , Dir. ,\^>-ric. Station, Palermo. Bot. 

Macchiati, Prof. LuiGi, Inst. Tech , Sassari. Bot. 

Macchiavelli, Leopoldo, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Maestri, Ulisse, Capita no del 2.5, Fanteria, Naples. 

Maggi, Dr. Leopoldo, Prof. Univ. Pavia. Auat. 

Maggiorani, Carlo, Prof. Emer.,Rome. 

Magnaguti-Ronuirini, Cte. .\NTOiNE, Mantua (Lombardy). Botany, 
Conchnlogy. C. Ex. Otfei-s specimens of plants and mushrooms 
of Central Euroiie and the Mediterranean, especially of Algeria. 

Magni, Francesco, Pres. R. Univ. Bologna. 

Magretti, Dr. Paolo, Mus. R Univ., Pavia. Zool. 

Major, Dr .1. C. Forsyth. Piazza S.Marco, Florence. Palceo. 

Malfatti, Giovanni, Professoro di Scicnzc Natural!, Milan. Entomo- 
logy, Orthnptera, Fossil Iii.iects. C. Ex. Ofiers Orthoptcra of 
Lombardy and Italy for foreign. 

Malinoerni, Alexis, Quinto-Vcrcellerc, near Verccil. Bot. 

Mamianj, Prof. RovERE, R. Univ. Bologna 

Manetta, Prof. FiLiPPO, 4 Borgo Niiovo, Turin. 

Manganotti, Prof. Ant., Lyceum, Mantua. Bot. 

Manganotti, Dr., Sec. Acad , Verona. Bot. 

Mantegazza, Prof. Paolo, Via Giuo Cappeui 3, Florence. Anth. 

Manzoni, Count Angelo, Ml)., 32, Via Barlieria, Bologna. Geol., 
J'alrro. Ex., especially Echinoderms and fossil sponges. C. 

Marcui, Prof. PiETRO, Via Degli Alfani 50. Florence. 

Marconi, Dr. Scipione, Via Santa AppoUonia 18, Florence. 

Marconi, Prof. Francesco, Boloirna. 

Marcucci, Dr. E., 48 Bor;,'o Te;rolasa, Florence. Bot. 

Marescotti, Prof. .Vngelo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Mase, L'abbe Franc, Castcldario, .Mantua. Bot. 

Masi, Francesco, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Massalongo, Dr. Cari's, Prof, dc Bot. a I'Universite', et Directenr du 
Jardin Bot., Fcrrara. Botany; Cryptogams. C. Ex. lleputiCiS 
of Einopc for those of America. 

Massarenti, Prof. Carlo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Massimo, Mario, Rome. 

308 THE naturalists' BIKECTORY. [Italy. 

Masini, J., Siena. Bot. 

Matteuzzi, Federico, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Mauri, P., Bot. Gar., Rome. Bot. 

Mayer, Dr. Paul, ZoiJl. Sta., Naples. Zoiil. 

Meda, Enrico, Capo stazione Oneg-Iia (Liiruria). 

Mella-Arijorio, Count Charles, Vevcelli. Bot. 

Menabrea De Val-Dora, Rome. 

Menegiiini, Giuseppe, Prof. C;col. Univ., Pisa. Bof. 

Metelli, Capt. DoTT, Medio nel (j'.i lanteria, Messina, Sicily. 

MiCHELACCi, Prof. AuGUSTO, Via I'inti r)7,2, piano, Florence. 

Millosevich, Elia, Vice Direttore cleir osservatorio astronomisco del Col- 
legio, Rome. Ast. 

Minarelli, Giuseppe, R. Univ. Bolo^'-na. 

MiNicn, Serafino, Prof. Emer., Padova. Math. 

MoLESc iioTT, Jacopo, Profcssorc di Fisiologia Nclla Sapienza di Roma. 

MoLFiNO, Gio. Maria, Advocate, Professore di Fisico, Genoa. Eiit. 

MoNi, Olinto, Bagni di Lucca. Coleopt. 

MoNTANARi, Prof. Antonio DI Meldola, R. Uuiv. Bologna. 

Monti, Cleto, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Monti, Gig. Battista, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Morettini, Al., Perugia. But. 

Mori, Prof. Ant., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot. 

Moriggio, Aliprando, Professore in Istologia e Fisiologia, Via 4 Fon- 
tane, Rome. Phtjsiolo<iy, Embryology . 

Mosso, Angelo, Prof. Physiol. Roy. Univ., Turin. 

MuLLER, August, Zoill. Stazione, Naples. Zoiil. 

MuRRi, Prof. Augusto, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Nallino, Prof., Dir. Agric. Station, Udine. Bot. 

Negri, Dr. A., Padua. Geology, Valaontology. 

Negri, Cristofore, Florence. 

Negri, F., Casale-Moufcrrato. Bot., Mic. 

Nencioni, J., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot. 

Neri, Bruno, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Nicolucci, Giustiniano, Prof. d'.\ntliropologie a I'Universite, Sette 
Dolori 66, Naples. Aiith. and Prc/ii.storir Arch. C. Ex. Oti'ers 
ancient and modern skulls of Italy, and prehistoric objects in stone, 
in exchange for the same from America. 

Nicotra, Dr. Leopold, Universite, Messina, Sicily. Bot. 

NiNNi, Count, Dr. Alessandro, Ponte Erhe 6120, 'Venice. 

NOBILE, Prof. A., Capodimontc, Naples. Ast. 

NOBILI, NiCCOLO, Via dei Ginori 6, Florence. 

Nocentini, Lodovico, R. Istitutio, Florence. 

OCCHINI, Dr. Francesco, Via del Corso 499, Rome. 

Omboni, Giovanni, Prof, de Gc'ologie a I'Universite', Padua. Geol, 
Palceo. C. Director of the Museum of Geol. of the Univ. 

Pacini, Prof. Filippo, Via Fiesolana 12, 3 p., Florence. 

Padula, Fortunato, Dir. Roy. Sch., Naples. Math. 

Paganucci, Luigi, Professore ordinario di Anatomia descrittiva, R. Isti- 
tutio, Florence. 

Pagliari, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Palagi, Dr. Alessandro, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Palasciano, Prof. Ferdinando, Naples. 

Palmieri, Luigi, Dir. Met. Observ., Naples. Meteor. 

Palumbo, Prof. Augusto, Castelvetrano, Sicily. 

Panizzi, Franz, San Remo. 

Paoli, Cesare, Incaricato dcU' insegnamento della Paleografia e della 
Diplomatica, R. Istitutio, Florence. 


Paolucci, Prof. L., Inst. Tech., Ancona. Bot. 

Papasogli, Prof. J. P., Inst. Tech., Alessandria. Bot. 

Pareto, Raffaele, Rome. 

Parona, Corrauo, Ca<iliari. Zool. 

Pascucci, Dr. Luigi, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Pasquale, F., Inst. Tech., Naples. Bot. 

Pasquale, Prof. Dr. J. A., Via Crocelle a San Gennaro 74, Naples. Bot. 

Pasqualini, Prof. A., Dir. Agric. Station, Forli. 

Passerini, Dr. Giovanni, Prof, de Botanica, Rettore dellaR. Universita, 

Parma. Bot. : Phanerogams, Mycology, Ent., Aphides. C. 
Paterno, Emanuele, Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ., Palermo. 
Paulucci, Marchese, Florence, Villa Novoli. Moll. 

Pavesi, Dr. PiETRO, Professore ordiuario di Zoologia nella R. Univer- 
sita, Pavia. Zool. 
Pecorara, iy., Milan. Bot. 

Pedicino, Prof. Dr. Nicolas A., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Rome. Bot. 
Pelliccioxi, Gaetano, R. Univ. Bologna. Phil. 
Penzig, Dr. Otto, Decent privato, R. Orto Botanica, Padua. Bot.; 

{Anatomy, Morphology.) C. Ex. European plants. 
Pepoli, Count Carlo, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Perazzi, Commcndatore C , Councillor of State, Rome. 
Peroglio, Prof. Celestino di Palestro, R. Univ. Bologna. Geog. 
Perreau, Pietro, Bibliotecario della Reale, Biblioteca, R. Istitutio, 

Pescetto, Capt. Federigo, Turin. Lepid. 
Plana, Dr. Gian-Pietko, Professore di Anatomia Patologica Comparata, 

Inscquante nclla Regia Universita, Parma. Comparative Anat., 

Pathol., Helinintholiigy. 
Piazza, Prof. Pietro, Via Zamboni 29, Universita, Bologna. Orqanic 

PrcCAEDi, Carlo, Bot. Gar., Sassari. Bot. 
PiCCiOLi, Ferdixando, Aggreg. al. R. Museo, Via Romana 19, Florence. 

Coleopt., Hymenoptera. 
PiCCONE, Dr. Antoine, Professeur d'Histoire Naturelle R. L3-ct'e Cris- 

tofo Colombo, Via Palestro 20, Genoa. Bot. ; especially Algology. 

C. Ex. Algge of the Mediterranean for those of other localities. 
PiERi, Count Antonio dei M.archesi Nerli, Taverue d'Arbia, Siena. 
PiGAL, G., Padua. Bot. 

PiGORiNi, Prof. Luis, Dir. Archgeol. Mus., Rome. Arch. 
Pincitore-Marott, Jacques, Dr. en Jurisprudence et eu Sciences Natu- 

relles, Via Alacqueda 129, p.' p.' Palermo. Ent. ; Lepid., Cohopt,, 

Shells. C. Ex. Coleoptera and Lepidoptera of Europe only. 
PiNi, Napoleone, Ragioniere, Via del Crocifisso 6, Milan. Col. 
PiOLTi, Guiseppe, Via Ai-scnale 6, p. 3, Turin. 
PiRAZZOLi, Dr. Odoardo, Imola. Coleopt. 
Pirona, Dr. J. .\., Udine. Bot. 

PiROTTA, Prof. Dr. Romualdo, R. Lyceum, Alessandro. Bot., Mycol. 
Pirotta, J., Bot. Gar., Modena. Bot. 
Pizzi, Prof., Vicebibliotecario della R. Biblioteca, Mediceo-Laurenziana, 

Pochettino, Prof. J., Inst. Tech., Rome. Bot. 
PoNzi, Guiseppe, Prof. Geol., Rome. 
Pozzi, Guiseppe Ernesto, ^'ia Po 25, Turin. 
PozzoLiNi, Enrico, Via dei Pilastri -31, Florence. Ent. 
Prada, I'rof. Dr. Teodore, Pres. Inst. Tech., Pavia. Ent., Coleopt. 
Predieri, Dr. Paolo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
PuiNi, Carlo, Professore straordinario di Storia e Gcografia dell' Asia 

orientale, R. Istitutio, Florence. Geography. 

3l0 TliE naturalists' DinECTORY. [ItaLV. 

PuLLE, Fkancesco L., Pi-ofcssorc (li Storia comparata dcUe Lin;jiie 

classiclic c neo-lalinc nclla K. UiiivcrsitU, Pailiia. 
Ql'ADRi, Dr. ACHILLE, Prol'. ZoiJl. ami C'omp Aiiat., R. Univ. Sienna. 

/i;^^ Gc/>. 
IJagazzi, Dr. Vincenzo, R. Univ. ^Moilcna. 

Ragl'SA, Enuico, yVllicTiio Trinacria, Palermo. Col-opt., Lepid. 
Ranieri, Dr. Peni, \'illa di (iri^^uano, Prato. Unit. (J. Ev. 
Rvsi'ON'i, Delle Teste (Jonte El'igi, \'ia del Mamlorlo 12, Florence. 
Razzabd.N'I, Cesake, Holo>;na. Math. 
Regaldi, Pi'of. (iiusEi'FE DI XovAKA. R. Univ. Bologna. 
Regnoi.i. Prol" Okeste, R. Univ iiologna. 
Resi'IGIII, Lorenzo, Prof. Astron., Dir. Ast. Obscrv. of Campidoglio, 

Revel, Prof. Alberto, Florence. 

Rezzio, Dr. (tIL'SEPpe, Univ. Palermo. Comparative Anatomy. 
RiCASOLi, Baron Betting, Florence. 
Ru.ASOLi, Vincent, Via Ricasoli 7, Florence. Bot. 
RicCARUi, Prof. PiETRO, Mtm. .Vcad. Sci., Bologna. Geom. 
RiDOLFi, Maix'hcsc L., Via .Ma;:gio 13, Florence. £71^. 
RiGHi, Prof. AfGL'STO, Mem. .\cad bci., Bologna. 
PilGO, P., Torri del Benaco, ( Hut. 
RizzoLi, Prof. Francesco, Pres. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
BoMAGNOLi, Alfonso, R. Univ. Bologna. 
RoNCATi, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Bologna. 

RoNDA.M, Prof. Camillo, Pres. R. Inst. Tecli., Parma. Ent., Dipt. 
RossETTi, Francesco, Prof l-'hys Roy. Univ., Padua. 
Rossi, Dr A., Possagno near Ba>sano. Gcol., Piilceo. 
Rossi. (iRAMBATrisxA de, Rome. 
RosTAN, Dr. Edoi'ard, Pcrrero di Pinerolo, Piemont. Plants of the 

Alps. C. Sells plants of Europe; 2o fr. a hundred specimens. 

Postage at expense of tiie purchaser. 
RuFFiNi, Prof. Ferdinando, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Saccardo, Pier-.\ndrea, Prof, de Botanique, et Directeur du Jardin 

Botanique tie I'Universite de Padoue, Padua. But., especiully My- 

coloijy. C. Ex. 
Sacchetti^ Dr. Gualtiero, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Salvadori, Prof. To.m.maSO, Roy. Mus , Turin. Orn. 
Samuelli, Ferdinando, R. Univ. Bologna. 

S^XTagata, Prof. DoMENico, Mura di Porta Mazzini 1, Bologna. Chcm. 
Sapeto, Giuseppe, Professore di Aral)o nel R Istitutio Tecnico, Genoa. 
Saporetti, Prof. Antonio, Mem. .\cad. Sci., Bologna. Ast. 
Saporetti, .\ntonio. Via Zaniboni, 33, Bologna. Ast. 
Sassoli, Enrico, R Univ. Bologna. 
Savi, Dr. Adolfo, R. Mus. Nat. Hist., Pisa. Ent. 
SCACciii, -Vucangelo, Prof Univ. Naples. Min. 
SCAFFAI, L , Florence Bot. 
ScANDELLARi, Dr. (lAETANO, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

SCARABELLI. (ilUSEPPE, Imola. Geol., Pal(BQ. 

SciiiAPARELLi, GiovANNA V., Observ., Milan. Ast. 
ScHiAPARELLi, GiovANNi, Dir. R. Dbserv. of Brera, Milan. ^4^^ 
Scumidtlein, Dr. Richard, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zoiil. 
Secciii, Angelo, Rome. 

Seguenza, Piof. (iifSEPPE, Univ. ^Messina, Sicily. Geol. 
Sella, Lugenio, Piazza I^agran^'^e 2, Turin. Coleopt. 
Sella, Quintini;, M.P., Rome. Crysti'lography. 
Selmi, Francesco, Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ. Bologna. 
Severini,, Professore ordinario di Liugue dell' estremo 
Orien'te, R. istitutio, Florence. 


SiACCi, Francesco, Prof. Math. Eoy. Univ., Turin. 

SiciLiANi, Pro!". Pjetko di (talatina, U. Uuiv. Bologna. Philos. 

SlET/ioNl, (t. C, Kdiiio. Agric, Hot. 

biLVANi, Prof. Antonio, 11. Univ. Ijolojrna. 

SlMONETTi, iJr. T., Dir. bcliool .\;;iic, Caltagiione, Sicil}'. Bot. 

Si.MONiNi, .\ngelo, I{. Univ. J5olo^na. 

biKAGiiSA, FuAN'CE.'iCO Paolo Camillo, Prof. iiare;i-^iato all' Universitii, 

Via (.IlUc Per^olc 33, I'alernio, bicily. Bui., and t ec/. I'hystul. 
SiSMONUA, Prof. .A.NGELO, Turiu. 
SOBKEKO, Prof. .\sCANiO, Tnriii. 

SOM.MiEK, .Stephen, Liiiiiiarno, Corsini 2, Florence. Bet. 
SouDEi.Lr, Fekui.nand, -Miiscnni, Milan. J'a/rpo., Bot. 
SOVEKINI, Ur. CAlii.O, Mem. Acad, feci., Bologna. 
Spagnolini, Dr. Alessandko, Prof. Nat. Hist. Military Collejre, 

Florence. Eiit. 
Spence. (iuGLiEL.MO, Via degli Strozzi, Palazzo Corsi, Florence. Lep., 

Spence, \Y. B., Rome. 
Spezia, Giorgio, Turin. Min. 
Stabilini, l.icLio, K. Univ. Bolojrna. 
Stefanelli, Prof. Pietro, Via Pinti 57, Florence. Lop. 
Stoppani, .\ntonio, Prof, de (Jeologic; al'lnstitut des l^tiules superieurs, 

Via del MaiKJorlo 6, Florence. J'a'epoti., (tcoI., 'J'errcxtrial Plnjsics. 

C. Ex. Wislics fo'sils of all territories in cxcliange for colored 

cast.s of the celcbiated fauna of Valdcria, and some origiiial fossils 

of Italy, especially of Tuscany. 
Strobe],, iJr. Pellegrino, Professor an der K. Uuiver^itiit., Parma. 

Muldcologij, Palcpontijln :y. 
Struver, (iioVANNi, Prof Univ. Rome. Mm. 
Tacchini, Roman CoUeue, Rome. Ast. 
Tacchini, Pietro, I )irL'ttorc dell' osservatorio del Collegio Romano, 

Rome. Ast. E.x. 
Tanari, March, LuiGl, Via Palcstro 3. Florence. Ent. 
Tapparoni-Canefri, I)r Cesar, 21 Via iSan Quintino, Turin. Moll. 
Taramelli, Dr. Torquato, Pi-of. de Geolo;^ie a rUnivcr^ite, Pavia. 

Geol. cf secondiiri/ fonnations of the Alps und Apoiidnes. C". 

Fossils of the Alps. E.\. 
Tardy, Placido, Roy Univ., Genoa. Math. 
Targioni-Tozzetti," Ad., Dir. Bot. Gar., Via Romana 19, Florence. 

Bot., Zniil 
TARLATOKE.Prof , Florence. 

Taruffi, Prof. Cesare, ]\Iem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Anat. 
Tassi, Prof. Att., Univ Sienna. Bot. 
TcHiHATCiiEF, PiERREDE, Pluco des Zoiiaves 1, Florence. 
Tempel, W., Observ. Arceti, Florence. Ast. 
Tenderini, Dr. Giisei'PE, Prof Anat., Carrara. 
Tenore, Prof. Dr Vincent, Naples. Bot., Zuijl. 
Terraciano, Dr. N., Dir. R. Gar , Ca>cr:a. Hot. 

Terrkni, Maggior Fortunato, Via dell' Orivolo 35, Florence. Ent. 
Testi, Francesco, R. Univ. Modena. Ent. 
Teza, Prof. Emilio, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Thorell, Prof. Dr. Tamerlan, Civico Museo., Genoa. Aiach. (.See 

Sweden ) 
Toco, Felice, Profcssore ordinario di Storia della Filosofia, R. Islitutio 

Florence. Philos. 
Todaro, Prof. .\GosTiNO, Dircttorc del Orto Botauico, Palermo, Sicily, 

Bot. C. E.V. Flora of Sicily. 
Todaro, Prof. Francesco, Rome. Anat. 
ToMMASi, Prof. Salvatore, Naples. 

312 THE naturalists' directory. [Italy, 

Tommasi-Crudeli, Conrad, Prof. d'Anatomic Pathologique, Universite, 
7 Via Balbo, Rome. Experimental Pathology, especially infections 
and malaria. 

ToRNABEXE, Prof. Fr., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Catania, Sicily. Bot. 

TouiiE (l)ELLA) Carlo, Via Fra Baitolommeo 2, Florence. 

TozzETTi, Adolfo Targioni, Prolcssore di Zo(Jloj;ia ed Anatoraia, R. 
Museo, Florence. Anat. and Zoiil. of Invert. {^Crustacea and 
Orthoptera.) C. Ex. 

Traverso, J., Pavia. Bot. 

Traverso, G. B., Civ. Mus., Genoa. Min. 

Trevisan, Victor B. A. (J. von, Padua. 

Tkevison di S. Leon, Count Vittore, Monza, near Milan. Bot. 

Trinciiese, .Salvatore, Piof. Comp. Anat. Roy. Univ., Xaples. Zoiil. 

Trineber, Prof., Univ. Naples. Zoiil. 

Trois, IIenky Philippe, Conservateur dcs Musec zotilogiques et ana- 
tomiques de I'lnstitut Royale ties Sciences. Palais Ducale, Venice. 
Ichth , Anat. of fishes, Algology of inferior vertebrates. Anatomy 
of marine invertebrates. C. Ex. Offers duplicate anatomical prepara- 
tions of vertebrates, especially marine li>lics, turtles, cc^plialopoils, etc. 

TuRATi, Count Emilio, X'ia Meraviuii 13, Milan. Ent. 

TuKAZZA, Domenico, Prof. Math., Padua. 

TuRRiNi, Prof. GirsEPPE di Avio, R. Univ. Bolo^'^na. Philos. 

Ulivi, Giotto, Doyen, Campi-Bisenzio, (Tuscany.) £«?. .- Xat. Hist., 
of Bees, Hynienoptera. 

UziELLi, Prof. GUSTAVE, Turin. Min. 

Valenziani Avv. Carlo, Professore di Lingue e Letterature del-l' 
Estremo Oriente nella R. Universita, Rome. 

Valerga, Abate Pietro, Assistente nella Biblioteca della R. Universita, 

Valiante, R., Ponterorvo, 90, Naples. Bot. 

Vegni, Prof. Angelo, Via S. Niccolo 131, Florence. 

Ventuui, Ugo, R. Univ. Boloj^'^na. 

Verardini, Dr. Ferdinando, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Verdiani, Dr. Giuseppe, Volterra. Ent. 

Verdiani-Bandi, Luigi, Rocca d'Orcia, (Sienne.) Coleopt. of Europe. 
C. Ex. Coleoptera of Europe, es| ecially of Italy, for Coleoptera 
of the world, but prefers Pselaphidse, Cerambycida^ and Chrysome- 

Versari, Prof. Camillo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Verson, Prof. E., Padua. Bot. 

Villa, Antonio, Milan. Nat. 

Villari, Imilio, Via Delle Belle Arti., Universita, Bologna. Physies. 

Villari, Pasquale, Professore ordinario di Storia moderna, Presidente 
della Sezione, R. Istituto, Florence. 

Vimercati, Comte Professeur Guido, Directeur de la Revue Scientifique 
Indus., Phice Cavalleguieri, Florence. Ent. C. Ex. 

ViNCiGUERRA, Decio, Civ. Mus., Gcuoa. 

Vismara, Francesco, Civ. Mus , Milan. Hem. 

WiNTERBERG, Dr. E., Rome. Ast. 

Zampa, Raffaello, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Zannetti, Dr. Arturo, Prof. Nat. Hist., Tech. Sch.,Via de' Conti, Flor- 
ence. Ent. 

Zantedeschi, Franz, Prof. Phys., Univ. Padua. 

Zers, Z. p., Rome. 

Zersi, Prof. Elias, R. Lyceum, Bergamo. Bot. 

ZiGNO, Baron A. DE., Venice. 

ZiGNio, Dr. Achilles. F. von, Padua. Bot., Palceo. 

Zona, Dr. T., Forli. Ast. 

Zoological Station at Naples. Marine Zool. Anton Dohrn, Director. 



Brickenuen, Major Richard Thomas William Lambert. 
GuLiA, Dr. Gavin, Valetta. Ich. 
Wakton, Capt. R. G., 10th Regiment. 
Zeraffa, Prof. Stefaxo. 


Abelevev, Th. H. a. J., Sec. Bot Soc. Nijmwegen. Bot. 

Aghina, Vinc. Mar., Sacr. Ord. Praed, Schiedam. Ent. 

Albarda, J. Herman, Leinvarden. Lepidnptera, Neuroptera. 

Ankl'M, Dr. H. .J. van. Prof, an der Uiiiversitar, Groaiuijen. Zoul., Ent. 

Backer, -J., Oosterbeek, near Arnhem. Coleopt. 

Baehr, G. F. W., Delft. Mith. 

Ballot, Dr. C. H. D'Buys, Prof, und Dir. des Meteorologischen Insti- 

tiits, Utrcclit. P/iijs., Meteor. 
Baumhaler, Dr. Eduarp Hendrik von, ^remher Royal Acad. Sci., 

Amsterdam, Sec. Dutch Society of Science. Haarlem. Haarlem. 

Chnn. C. Large library. Ex. publications on Natural Science of 

Netherlands for others. 
Baxter, M. S., Box 13i, .\msterdam. Bot. Filices. C. 
Behrexs, H., Delft. Min. 
Beijerinck, Dr. M.W., Lehrer der PflanzeKunde an der Rijkslandbouw- 

scliool, \\'agenini;en. I'lant gnll't. Ex. Wi>hcs living American 

Ro^cgalis, with living' Wa>p> (Rhodites) and American seeds, in 

exchange for those of Holland. 
Beyerinck, Dr. M. W'., Wageningen. Bot. 
Berlin, Dr. W , Prof. Univ. .\m^terdam. Zool. 
Bettink, Prof. Dr. H. Wefeus, Utrecht. Pharmacy. 
Bierens de H.\an. D., Leiden. Math. 
Boer, Dr. P. de. Prof, au der Universitat Groningen. Bot. 
Boer, W. R., Utrecht. 
Boerlage, Dr. .1. C, Uithoorn. Bot. 
BoiiNENsiEG, G C. \V., Milituir Pharmaceut I Classe, Conservator des 

Bibliothcke von Tcvlers Museum, Haarlem. Bot. 
Boot, Dr. .1 F. G., tjec. R. Academia, Amsterdam. 
BoSQNET, .T., Maastricht. 
BosscHA, Dr. J., Prof, und Director der Polytechnischen Schule, Delfl. 

Brandt," \. van den, Venlo. Coh-npt. 
Brill, Dr. W. (i , Prof .\cadcmy, Utrecht. 

Brondgeest, Dr. P. O., Lector lin dor Universitat Utrecht. Physiol. 
Brutsl de la Rivii:RE, P M., Leiden. 
BuiJ.s Ballot, C. H. D.. Utrecht. 
Bl-uck, Prof. Dr. W , Apeldoorn. Bot. 
BusE, Dr. L. H., Rcnkum, near ,\rnhcira. Bot. 

Calker, Dr. F. J. P. van. Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. Min. 
Ciianfleirv van Ysselstemn, Dr. J. L., Prof. Univ., Amsterdam. 
Cobet, Prof. Carl G., l>eideu. 
Cohen Stuart, L., Delft. 
CoNKAD, .L F. W., Gravenhage. Engineer. 
Costerus, Prof Dr. C, Amsterdam. Bot. 
De Boer, Prof. Dr. P., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Groningen. Bot. 
Delprat, J. P., Gravenhage. 

314 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [Netiikrlaxds. 

De Man, Dr. J. G., Leiden, (Pays-Bas.) Mic. 

De Vkies, Dr. Hugo, Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Physiol., Bot. 

DiBBiTS, Dr. 11. C, Trof. an der Univcrsitat, Utrecht. Inorganic Chem. 

DoNDEKS, Prof. F. C, Utrecht Akaderaie. Pht/siol. C V^\. 

Dover, Dr. D., Prof, an der Universitiit, Leiden. Ophthalmology. 

Dozy, Prof. Reiniiart, l>eiden. 

Dreessens, W. H., Natiirahst, Oudebrugsteeg 5, Amsterdam. Coleopt. 

Ekama, Dr. E. C.'., Haarlem. Bot. 

Enc.ei,mann, Dr. Tu. W., Prof. Academy, Utrecht. Physiol. 

Enscheue, Dr. W. A., Pi-of an der Universitiit, Gronin^^en. Math. 

Everts. Dr. Eduard, Realschulprofessor, Huigeusstraat ii., Hague. Ent. 
Work on the Coleoptera of Netherlands. C. 

FiET, A.,'Hortulanus an der Kijks-Universitcit. Kijk in't Jat Straat, 426, 
Groniugen. C. Ex. Offers duplicates of Botanical Tuin, in ex- 
change for Ouvirandza, Nepenthes, Sarracema, Drosera, Darling- 

FiJNJE Van Salverda, H. F., Nijmegeu. Eng. 

FoKKER, A. J. F., Boommarkt 5, Leiden. E)itomology : Hemipiera, Co- 
leoptera. C. Ex. Offers Coleoptera and Hemijitera of Holland for 

Franchimont, Dr. A. P. N., Prof, and er Universitat, Leiden. Organic 

Franquinet, G. D., Maestricht. 

Fruin, Dr. R. J., Prof. Academy, Leiden. 

FiJRBRiNGER, Dr. M., Prof. Univ., Amsterdam. 

Geer, Dr. P. VAN, Prof, an der Universitiit, Leiden. Math. 

GiLTAT, E., Assisteut am botanischen Laboratoriura, Nat. Oude Rijn 48, 
Leiden. Bot., especially Anatomy and Physiology of plants. Micro- 

Gratama, Dr. W. D., Lelirer am Gymnasium, Delft. Chemistry. 

Grinnis, Dr. C. H. C., Prof, an der Universitat, Utrecht. Mathematics, 

Groenewegen, J. C, Univ. Amsterdam. Bot. 

Grool, H. W., Spaarne, Haailem. Coleopt. 

Gunning, Dr. W. M., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Ophthalmology. 

Haan, David B. de. Prof. Math., Univ. Leiden. 

Haar, Dirk ter, Mulchtertraat, Nijmegen. Lepidoptera {Macro Lepid). 

Haga, Dr. H., Lehrcr an der Hohei-en Biirgershnle, Delft. Physics. 

Halbertsma, Dr. T., Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht. 

Hartixg, Prof. Dr. Peter, Univ. Utrecht. Zool. 

Heemskerk, J., Gravenhage. 

Heusch de la Zangrye, le Baron Oscar de, Straheek, Fauqnemont 

(Limburg.) Coleopt. 
PIetlaerts fils. Dr. H. J. M., rue St. -Jean, A-n03, Breda. Coleopt. 
Heynsius, Dr. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Physiol. 
Hoeven, Dr. James van der, Rotterdam. 
HoFF, Dr. J. H. Van't, Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Chem. 
Hoffmann, Dr. C. K., Leiden. Zobl. 
Holland Gesellsciiaft der Wissenschaften, Haarlem. Dr. E. H. 

Van Baumhauer, Secretary. 
Hoorweg, Dr. J. L., Lehrer a. d., Hoheren Biirgerschule, Utrecht. 

HoRST, Dr. R., Conservator des Zoolog. Museums, Utrecht. Zoology. 
Hubrecht, Dr. A. A. W., Lector an der Universitiit, Leiden. Zoology. 
HuET, Dr. G. D. L., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 
Huizinga, Dr. D., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. Physiol. 
HuLDER, E., Prof, an der Universitat, Utretcht. Chemistry. 

Nethekla>t)s.] the naturalists' directokt. 315 

Iterson, Dr. J. E. tan, Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

JoNKMAX, Dr. H. F., Universitat, Utrecht. Bot. 

Kapteijx, Dr. J. C, Prof, an tier Universitat, Groningen. Math., Ast. 

Kapteijx, Prof. Dr. AV., Utreclit. Math. 

Kevzer, Dr. Y., ]SIiddelburg. Moll. 

KiNKER, J., Rentier, Achterburgsval B, 223, Amsterdam. Diatoms. C. 

Kooyker, Dr. H. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 
KoRTEWEG, Dr. D. J., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
Korthals, Dr. P. W., Haarlem. Bot. 
Koster, Dr. W., Prof. Academy Utreclit. Anatomy. 
Kr^cke, Dr. F. W. C, PrivatieV, friiher Director des Meteorologischen 

Instituts, Utrecht. Meteorology. 
KCEXEN, Dr. A., Prof. Academy, Leiden. 
KuHX, Dr. C. H., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 
Lee.maxs, D., Dir. R. Museum, Leiden. 

Leesberg, a. F. a., Jean Hendrick-Straat, 9, La Hayn. Coleopt. 
Lehmax, Dr. L., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 
LoxcQ, Dr. G. J., Emer. Prof, der Universitat. Utreclit. 
LOREXTZ, Dr. H. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Mathematics, 

Lubach, Dr. D., Kampen. 
MacGill.wry, Dr. Th. H., Leden. 
MA.X, J. G. DE, Conservator am Zoologischen Rciclis Museum, Leiden. 

Zoology, especial 1/ Rotif eras, Crustacea, Molliisks and Xematoida:. 

Ev. ior the Museum, would like American specimens Crustacea, 

Mollusks, and lower animals. 
Martin, Dr. K., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Geol., Min. 
Matthes, Dr. C. J., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
Maurissex, a. H., rue de Frongres, Maestricht. Lep.d., Coleopt. 
Mayer, Prof. Dr. Adolf Eduakd, Director der Reichsversuchsstation, 

Wageningen. Agrimltural Chemistry. 
Mees, R. a., Groninfren. Phys. 
MiCHAELLS, X. T., Gravenhajre. Etigineer. 
MiDDEXDORP, Dr. H. W., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 
Moll, Dr. J. \V., Lehrer an der Realschule, Utrecht. Bota?iy. 
Mulder, Ed., Utrecht. Organic Chem. 
McLDER, G. J., Benncknm. 

Ortt, Jhr. J. R. T., Prof. Academy, Haarlem. Engiiteer. 
OUDEMAXS, A. C, Zocil. Bot. Cand.', Mit<rlied der Xiederlandischen En- 

tomologischen Gesellschaft, Lange, Xieuwstraat, A, 638, Utrecht. 

Zooloqy, especially Acarinology. C. Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, 

Parasites Pulicid^, and Acarina of Netherlands. 
OuDEMAXS, A. C, Jr., Delft. 
OuDEMAXS, Dr. C. A. J. A., Prof, der Botanik an der Universitiit, Sai-p- 

kati-strassa, 78, Amsterdam. Mi/co'or/y. 
OuDEMAXS, Dr. J. A. C, Prof. Academy, Utrecht. Ast. 
OvERBEEK DE Meyer VAN, Dr. G., Prof. der Universitat, Utrecht. 

Pekelharixg, Prof. Dr. C. A., Utrecht. 
Pesch, Dr. A. J. vax. Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
PLA.GET, Dr. E., Prof. Normal School, Kortcnaerstraat, 416, Rotterdam. 

Plaats, Dr. J. D. van der, Lehrer an der Reicbs-Thierartzcnei-schule, 

Utrecht. Chemistry. 
Place, T., Amsterdam. 

Plugge, Dr. P. C, Prof, an der Universitiit, Groningen. Pharmacy. 
Raxke, Dr. J. R., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 

316 THE naturalists' directory. [Netherlands. 

RiUWENnOFF, Dr. N. W. P., Mitjrlied dor Konipl. Arademie dcr "Wis- 
sen-'cliaften, Professor <ler Botauik an dcr Keit'hs-Universitat, 
Utrecht. Anntami/ and Physiology of plants ; Cryptogams. 

Reville, a , Neiivillc-stir-Dieppe. 

EiEMSDiJK, Dr. A. I). VAN, Essayeur-General an der Reichsmiinze, 
Utreclit. Chemistry. 

Rink, Dr. H. J , Prof, an der Universitat, Groninjren. Math. 

RiTSEMA Cz., C, Musc'iini Ent., Rapenbnrs, 94, Leiden. Coleopt. 

Ri rzEMA Bos, Dr. J., Prof. Aric. Scliool Wagcninjjen. Coleopt. 

Robbers, •!., Utrecht. Ast. 

RoSENsTEiN, Dr. S. S., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

Ryke, Dr. P. L., Prof, an iler Universitat, Leiden. Physics. 

Sanger, Dr. W. M. IL, Prof, an der Universitat, Groninjren. 

Sciiep.mann, M. M., Rhoon near Rotterdam. Moll. 

Sciilegel, Dr. H., Dir. IMus. Nat. History, Leyden. 

ScHOLS, C. M., Prof, an der Polytechnischen Schule, Delft. Math. 

Seipgens, Emii.e, Pi'of. Normal School, Zutphen. Coleopt. 

Six, G. a., llajrue. Holland. Coleopt. 

Smeets, J A., Leiden. Hot. 

Sneilen, Prof. Dr. H., Utrecht. Ophthalmology. 

Snellen Van Volleniioven, S. C, Gravenha^-e. 

Snuders, J. .\., Prof an der Polytechnischen Schule, Delft. Mathemat. 

Stamkart, F. J., Pi-of. Emeritus an der Polytechnischen bchule, Amster- 
dam. Physics, Mdthematics. 

Steyn Parve, Dr. D. J., Leiden. Physics. 

Stieltjes, T. J., Rottenlam. 

Stokvis, Dr. B. J , Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 

Suringer, Dr. W. F. R., R. Acad. ISci., Amsteidam. Bot. 

SwiERSTiiA, K. N., Amsterilam. Coleopt. 

Talma, Dr. S., Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht. 

TiiEMMEN, Dr. Cornelius J., Deventer. 

Thomas, Dr. A. E. Simon, Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

Tideman. B. J., Amsterdam. 

TiLANUS, Dr. C. B., .Vmsterdam. 

Tkeub, Dr. M., R. Acad. Sci., Amsterdam. Bot. 

Ubags, Casimir, ISIaastricht, Limburff. (ieol. 

UVEN, H., Pricmstraat, Nijuiej^en. Lepidnptera. C. 

Valeton, Tu., Doctorantlus in plantendicrkunde, Assistent by 't hota- 
nisch Kahinet an der Ryks-Universiteit, Grouing'en. Anatomy of 
plants. Microscopy. 

Van Ankum, C H., Groninsren. Chem. 

Van Bemmelen, J M., Prof, der Anor<ranischen Chemie an der Uni- 
versitat, Leiden. Inorganic Chemistry. 

Van den Berg, F. J., Delft. 

Van den Brinck, G., Bot. Gar., Utrecht. Bot. 

Van den Broek, Dr. J. H., Nijmejren. Chcr.i. 

Van de Sande Bakhuijzen, Dr. H. G., Prof. Academy, Leiden. Ast. 

Van der Sande Lacoste, Dr. C. M., R. Acad. Sci., Amsterdam. Bot., 

Van der Ven, Dr. E., Haarlem. Physics. 

Van derWaals, J. D., Prof, der Universitat, T. C. Hooftstraat F. F. 
57, Amsterdam. ]^hysics. 

Van Diesen, G., ]Middelbu"ro:. 

Van Eeden, F. W., Dir. Museum, Haarlem. Bot. 

Van (Jeuns, J., Amsterdam. 

Van Gogh, J., Amsterdam. 

Van Gorkum, K. W., Baarn. Bot. 

Van Goudoever, Dr. L. C, Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht. 


Van Hasst:lt, A. W. M., Gravcnhage. 

Van Laer, Dr. J. R. E., Utrecht, (-/lem. 

Van Ledden Hulsebosch, M. L. Q., Apotheker, Nieuwemlijk, 17, Am- 
sterdam. Microscopic Cryptogams, Alffce. C. E.x. native Crypto- 
gams lor those of otlier countries. 

Van OoiiDT, J. W. L., Gravcnhage. 

Verloken, Dr. M. C, Prof, Academy, Amersfoort. ZooL 

Vek Loren de Themaat, Dr. M." C, Schothorst, near Amersfoort. 
Co leapt. 

Veth, Dr. ii. J., Kniiskade, 16, Rotterdam. Coleoptera. C. Ex. Euro- 
pean for N. American specimens. 

Von Baumhauer, E H., Haarlem. 

Vries, Dr. Hugo de, Prof. Ordinarius anderUniversitiit, Plantage Kerk- 
laan, 9, Anistenlam. Physiology of plants. 

Vrt, Dr. JoHANN E. de, Hague. 

AVebeu, Dr. ]S1., Lector an der Universitat, Utrecht. Physiology. 

Westeuman, Dr. G. F., Dir. Zoiil. Gardens, Amsterdam. Zoiil. 

Weytlandt, a. J., Ryswyk, near Hague. Coleopt. 

WiCHMANN, Dr. C. E.A., Prof, an der Reichs-Universitat, Utrecht. In- 
organic Chemistry. 

Winkler, D. C. J., Museum, Haarlem. 

Witte, H., Bot. Gar., Leiden. But. 

WuRFBAiN, Dr. C. L., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 

Zaayer, Dr. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 


Ammitzboll, Dr. IvAR., Christiania. Ent. 

Bang, Prof. U , Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. Philos. 

Berner, Director C. C. Museum, Bergen. 

Bjerknes, Dr. C. A., Universitas Reiria Fredericiana, Christiania. Math. 

Blix, Prof. Dr. E., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. Philos. 

Blytt, Axel, Prof. Bot. University Christiania. Bot. ; Geog. Dist. of 

BONNEVIE. J. A., Trondhjem. 
Bhigger, W. C, Universitas, Christiania. PaUeo. 
Brocii, Prof. J. P., Christiania. 
Broch, Prof O. J., Christiania. 
Brogger, W. C, Christiana. 

BuGGE, Dr. Elseus Sorrs, Universitas, Christiania. 
BuGGE, K. L. T., Trondhjem. 
Carstens, Prof. M. C, Trondhjem. 
CoLLETT, Robert, Doccnt of Zoiilogy, and Assistent at the Zoological 

Museum of the University, Christiania. Vertebrates. 
Daae, Prof. L., Christiania. 
Dahll, Dr. Tellep, Ingenieur en chef des Mines, Kragero. Geol., Min. 

C. Ex. 
Danchertsen, Dr. J. C, Museum, Tromsoe. 
Danielssen, Dr. Daniel Cornelius, Chief Physician, President of the 

Museum, Bergen. Marine Invertebrates. Ex. for the collection of 

the Museum. 
DiETRiCHSON, Prof. Dr. L., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

Doxs, AV., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
EsMARK, Prof. M., Universitas, Christiania. Zool. 
EsMARK, Fraiilein BiBGiTHE, Peder Clausensgade 3, Christiania. Malaco- 


318 THE naturalists' directory. [Norway. 

EsMARK, II. M. Tn., Pfarrer, Peeler Clauscnsgade 3, Christiauia. Min. 

EssKNJ)K()P, B. I^., Troiiisou. 

Fayk, Dr. F. C, Cluisti;inia. 

Feak.n'Licv, Prof. C, Univer-sitas, Christiania. Ast. 

FosLiE, M. II., Telcyrafist, Lddinn-cn (N'ordland). Algology. C. 

Fkiele, Herman, Dir. of the Museum, Bergen. Malacol. C. Ex. 

Norwegian and Arctic shells for N. A., esp. Pleurotoma and Buc- 

Friis, Prof. J. A., Christiauia. 

Geelmuvden, II., Uiiiversitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiauia. Ast. 
Getz, K. II., Trondhjem. 
Grieg, James, Bergen. Bot. 
GULDBERG, Prof. Dr. Cato M., Universltas Regia Fredericiana, Cbris- 

tiania. Math, 
Hagerup, F., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Hansen, G. A., Obcrarzt, Bergen. Annelids. 
Henkiciisen, Reg. C, Bergen. 
Helland, a., Universitas, Christiania. Geol. 
Hjortdahl, Prof. Th., Universitas, Christiania. Chem. 
HOLST, Elling, Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Jensen, O. S., Conservator, Bergen. 
Kaurin, Chr., Christiauia. Bot., Bryology. 
KlAER, A. N., Christiania. 
Kl^R, Franz, Praktischer Arst, Das Diaconissenhaus, Christiania. Bry- 

oloyy, Ucpattcep. C. Ex. Rare European mosses and liverworts 

in exchange for European and foreign. 
Kindt, Dr. C, Trondlijeni. Bot., Lichens. 
Kj^R, Dr. F., Christiania. Bot. 
Kjerschon, C. C, Tromsoe. 

Kjerulf, Prof. Dr. Tii., Universitas, Christiania. Geol, 
KoREN, Joiian, Conservator, Bergen. Marine Invertebrates. 
Leiblein, Prof. J. D. C, Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

Lie, Prof. M. S., Christiania. 
LiJTKE, Prof. M. F., Trondhjem. 
Lyng, Prof. Dr. Georgius (tUILIELMUS, Universitas Regia Fredericiana, 

Christiauia. Philosophy. 
MoE, Dr., Botanical (iardens, Christiania. Bot. 
MoHN, Prof. Dr. Henrik, Mcteorologish Institut, Christiania. Meteor., 

Physical Geography. 
MONRAD, M. J., Christiania. 
Mosling, S., Troudjheim. 

MOller, Prof. Dr. Worm., Universitas, Christiania. Physiol. 
MLinster, Prof. E. B., Universitas, Christiania. Metallurgy. 
Nicole. Dr. N. B. T., Museum, Bergen. 
NiCHOLAYSEN, Prof. J., Christiania. 

Nielsen, Dr. Yngvar, Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
NoRDVi, A. G., Land, phil , Christiania. Zool., Bot. C. Sells northern 

Birds and Bird-skins. 
Norman, J. INI., Forstmeister, Laui-vig. Arctic Norwegian phanerogatnic 

Flora, Lichenohgy . C. Ex. 
Norman, J. M., Tromsue. 
Pettersen, Karl Johan, Toldkasserer (Zoll-Dircktor), Tromsoe. Geol. 

of -V. Xorway. , 

RaschI Prof. H. H., Christiania. Zool. 
Reusch, II. II., Christiania. Geol. 
Rygh, K. D., Trondhjem. 
Rygu, O., Christiania. 


Sandbbrg, Georg, Soo^neprsBst, Sydvaranger Praestegaard, Finmark. 

Ent. C. Ex. Offers various kinds of Arctic Lepidoptera in exchange 

for American. 
Sars, G. O., Prof. Universitas, Christiania. Zool., spec. Crustacea and 

Pycnogonida. .... -ntw 

SCHJOTT, Prof. P. O., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. Philos. 
ScHNEiuEH, H. J. S., Tromsue. Zoiil. .. r^ ^ . ^■ 

Schneider, J. Sparre, Konservator, Museum, Tromsoe. Ent., Arctic 

Lepidoptera. C 
Schogen, Dr. W. M., Christiania. Lepid. 
SCHOTZ, Prof. O. E., Universitas, Christiania. Phys. 
Schubeler, Dr. F. C, Dir. Bot. Gardens, Christiania. Bot. 
Sexe, Prof. S. A., Christiania. 

SlEBKE, Dr. H., Conserv. Mus. Zootomica, Christiania. 
Skatlan, Prof. Dr. O., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

Slater, H. H., F.C.S., Brettnaes, Loffoden. Chem. 
Stalsberg, R. F., Konigsbcrg. 
Steiger, Leonard, Bergen. Or^i. 
Stejneger, Leonhard, iM()hlenpris,Bergen. Orn. C, Ex. Nonvegian 

fishes in alcohol, and bird-skins, for skins of Cygnus, Lanus, Sitta, 

and other X. A. birds. (Address for one year, 1010 6th Street, 

Washington, D. C.) 
Stexersen, Dr. L., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Storm, Prof. V. J., Trondhjem. 
Unger, Carl R., Prof. Universitas, Christiania. 
Waage, Prof. P., Universitas, Christiania. Chem. 

Weisse, Prof. J. P., Universitas Reaia Fredericiana, Christiania. Philos. 
WiLLE, N., Keijersgade 5, Christiania. Bot. 

Wulfsberg, Niels G. I., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Xoren, J., Zool. Museum, Bergen. Zool. 


Aguiar, Antonio A. de, Prof. Polytec. Sch., Mem. Acad. Sci., Lisbon. 

Alvarenga, Dr. Peter F. Da Costa, Prof. Med. Coll., Lisbon. Bot. 

Barbosa, Joaquim Casimiro, Bot. Gar., Oporto. Bot. 

Barboza du Bocage (Jose Vicente), Dii'. Mus. Hist. Nat., Lisbon. Orn., 
Hcrpet., Ethnol., Geol. 

Breyner, Luiz de Mello, Dir. R. Gar., Lisbon. Bot. 

Capello, Joao Carlos de Brito, Directeur de I'Observatoire do Infan- 
te D. Luiz. Escola Polytechnica, Lisbon. Meteorology and Terres- 
trial Mai/netism. 

Carreiro, Bruno S. Tavares, Univ. Coimbra. C. Bot. 

CAitVALUo MoNTEiRO, Antonio Auousto de, Doctcur en Droit et es 
Sciences Naturelles. Rua do Alecrim 72, Lisbon. Lepidoptera. 
C. Ex. Offers European specimens in exchange for those of Brazil, 
and Portuguese colonies in Africa. 

Chaperon, G., Polytec. Sch.,Place,Decazes, 40, Lisbon. 

Choffat, Paul, Privat-docent a I'Erole Polytechnique de Zurich (Suisse), 
Provisoirement attache a la section ge'ologique. 113 Rua do Arco a 
Jesus, Lisbon. Geol., Palceo. C. Of the Jurassic and cretaceous 

COELHo, Joseph M., Prof. Min. Polytec. Sch., Lisbon. 

CoRVO, JoAO DE Andrade, Prof. Polytec. Sch., Dir. Bot. Gar., Lisbon. 

320 THE naturalists' directory. [ROUMAJIIA. 

CouTixno, Pereira, Ajrric. Inst., Lisbon. Bot. C. 

Da Costa ue Maceoo, Dr. .1. J., Lisl)on. 

I)A Costa bmoEs, Dr., I'lol". I'liys. Univ., Coimbra. , 

Deveau.'Iules .Vlexandke, Inspectcur liu Jartlin Botanique, de rEcole 

I'olytc'cluiiciuc, Lishonue. Bot., Eiit. C. Ex. Otleis plants and co- 

luopteni of rortu^iil, in exchange for plants of the region of the 

DtTPUY de la CiKAND 'RiVE, E. nie Grande 36, Lisbon. Geol., Coleopt. 
Dukand-Degrange, 28 Place Decazes, Lisbon. Bol., Prof. Conite ile, Lisbon. 
Fkadesso da Silveira, Dir. Oliserv., Lisbon. 
Freire, AXTONIA Castro, Univ. Coimbra. Dot. C. 
Gomes, Bernardino Barros, Lisbon. Bot., C. 
Henkiques, Dr. .Julio A., Prof, de Botanique a 1' Universite' Coimbra. 

Botany. Ex. plants of Portugal for the herbarium of the Botanical 

Letman, E. M., rue de la Bclotte, Lisbon. Bot. 
Luzo DA.siLVA, Prof. AUGUsTo, Lycciini. Bot., Crypt. 
Mariz, .Joaquim de. Naturalist, Coimbra. Bot. 
Meirelles Guedes Couto Garrido, Prof. Antonio de. Coimbra. 

Mello Pereira Caceres, Manoel d'Albuquerque, Oporto. Bot. C. 
Woi LER, Ad Fr., Bot. tiar., Coimbra. Bot. C. 
Monteiro, a. a. de Carvatho, 72 Rua do Alecrion, Lisbon. Ent. 
Newton, Isaac, Oporto. Bot., Crypt. C. 

Oliveira, Jose Duarte de, Jr., Ed. Hort. Journal, Oporto. Bot. 
Paulino d' Oliveira. Manuel, Prof, a I'Universite'. Coimbra. Ent. 

C. Ex. Insects of Portu^zal, Brazil, Angola, India, and Macon. 
Penaud, Emile, Rue de Mande', Lisbon. Bot. 
Ribeiro, Carlos. Acad, bci., Lisbon. 
Salles Gomes Cardozo, Dr. Francisco de. Prof. Polytec. Acad., Dir. 

Bot. (iar.. Oporto. Bot. 
Schmitz.E., Oporto. Bot. C. Ex. 
Smith, G. W., Oporto. 
Vai.ois, de, Consul of France, Lisbon. 

Veiga, Estacio du. Prof Mil. Coll.. Rue du Sacramento, 28, Lisbon. Bot. 
Villa Major, Vicomte de, Univ., Mem. Acad. Sci., Coimbra. Bot. 


Brandza, Dr. D., Prof, de bot. a I'Univ., dir. du Jard. bot. et Membre de 

rAcadcmic, Strada Funtanei, 14, Bucharest. Bot. C. Ex. plants 

of Roumania for others. 
FfiTU, Prof. Dr. A., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar.. Yassy. Bot. 
GoTTELAND, ANDRE, Bot. G<ar., Bucharest. Bot. 

Grecescu, Prof. Dr. D., Univ., Strada Diaconisclor, 8, Bucharest. Bot. 
Montandon, Arnold, Sous Administrateur du Domaine Royal, Bros- 

tcni in Folticeni, Moldavia. Ent.: Hcmiptfri, Coleopt., Conch. C. 

Ev. Otfers llemiptera, Coleoptera and Shells of Carpathia, against 

similar specimens from all countries. 
Sabba, Prof. Stefanescu, Strada Grivita, 35, Bucharest. Geo!., Palao. 

Zoiil. C. Shells and fossils. Ex. shells of Roumania for those of 


Russia.] the NATUEALISTs' DIRECTORY. 321 


Adamowicz, Dr. Adam F. R. von, Prof. Emer., Wilna. 

Ahlqvist, Prof. Dr. Auguste E., Universiiat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Alexandrowicz, Prof. J., Universiiat, Warsaw. Bot. 

AUEKBACH, Prof , Moscow. 

AKPrE, Prof. Dr. Adolph E., Universitat, Helsinjrfors, Finland. Chem. 

Batalin, Dr. Alexander, Botanical Garden, St. Petersburg. Phyto- 

Bahtej-Sen, 11. C, Botanical Gardens, St. Petcrsburo;. Bot. 

Beck, Dr. Alexander, Prof, am Baltischeu Polyteclinikum, Riga. 

Becker, A , Sarepta. Bot. C. 

Becker, Prof. Dr. F. J., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. Physiol., 
Chem., Pharm. 

Beketoff, Prof. Andre, Universitat, Dir. Botanical Gar., St. Petersburg. 
Bot. : Morphology, P/iytof/raphy. 

Belopolsky, Sttrnwartc, Moscow. 

Berdaou, Prof. Dr. F., Institut Agronomique, Nouvelle-Alexandrie. Bot. 

Berg, Dr. Ernst von, Riga. 

Bial, Dr. Johannes, llandelshause Stoll u Schmidt, St. Petersburg. 
Analyt. Client . 

Bidder, Prof. Dr. F. H. von, Universitat, Dorpat. Physiol., Pathol. 

Blom, E. \\ ., lielsin^rfors, Finland. Bot.: Phanerogams. 

BoBYLEFF, D., Prof, der Universitat, St. Petersburg. 

Bohtlingk, Dr. Otto, Acad., St. Petersburg. 

Bonsdorff, Dr. Evert-Jules, Prof. Emer. Universitat, Helsingfors, 

BORENius, Prof, Dr. Heinrich G., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

BoRGMANN, T., Privat-Docent der Universitiit, St. Petersburg. Phys. 

Borodin, Prof .T., St. Petersburg. Bot. 

BoTHLiNGK, Otto, Imp. Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg. 

BoUNiAKOFSKi, VICTOR, Vice-President Imp. Acad. Science, St. Peters- 

Brandt, Dr. Edouard, Imperial Medico-Chirurgical College, St. Peters- 
bnrir. Ent. 

BuAUN, Prof. Dr. Mar, Imp. Universitat, Dorpat. Anat. 

Bredichin, Prof. Dr. Tn., Director der Sternwarte, Moscow. Astronomy, 
('. Ex. Annuls of t lie Observatory of Moscow, 7 volumes, for pub- 
lications of American observatories. 

Brotiierus, Dr., Helsingfors, Fiul:md. 

Bruckner, Prof Dr. Ai-ex., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Hist. 

Brunneh, I'rof. Dr. 15ernhap.d, lin|). Univ., Dorpat. 

Bruttan, Andreas, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Bot. 

BuHRiG, Dr. II., Wassili Ostrow, Koschewennaja Linie 36, St. Petersburg. 
ell em. 

BuHSE, Dr., Pros. Soc. Hort., Riga. Bot. : Plants of Persia. 

C'eraski, .Sternwarte, Moscow. 

Getting EN, Prof. Dr. Arthur v.. Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Phys. 

C'hicffkine, fJen., St. Petersburg. 

CnYDENius, Prof. Dr. Jean Jacques, Universitiit, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Croneberg, Dr. Alex., Moscow. Ent., Arachtiids. 

Cybulski, II., Bot. Gar., Warsaw. Bot. 

Cygnaeus, Dr. Frederic, Prof. Emer., Universitiit, Helsingfors, Fin- 

322 THE naturalists' directory. [Russia. 

Dietrich, August, Rcval. 

DoBHOSLAViNE, Dr. ALEXIS, Prof. Imp. Med. Chir. Academic, St. Peters- 
bur<^. Hygiene, yutrition. C. Ex. 

DOLGOW, W., Yaioshiv. Hot. 

DONNEU, Prof. Dr. Otto, Universitjit, Helsinjrfors, Finland. Philol. 

Drage.ndouff, Dr. (;eorg. Prof, an dor Universitat, Kaiserl. Rtissisiker 
.Staatsrath und liittcr. Pharniacij, I'hyto-Chemistnj. C. of the 
University. Ex. 

Dtbowsby, Dr. W., Niankow. Moll. 

Egoroff, N., Prof, der K. Universitat, Warsaw. Physic. 

Elfving, Fredrik, Privat-doceut des Botanischeu Museums, Helsing- 
fors, Finland. Physiol. 

Elmgren, Prof. I^r. Sven-Gabriel, Universitat, Ilelsingfors, Finland. 

Ender, Ernst, Imp. Botanic Gardens, St. Petersburi,'. Bot. 

Engelhardt, Prof. Dr. Moritz v., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Theology. 

Estlander, Prof. Dr. Charles G., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Famintzin, Prof. A., Universitiit, St. Petersburg. Botany, Anatomy, 

Fischer von Waldheim, Prof. Dr. Alexander, Moscow. Bot. 

Flor, Dr. Gustave, Prof. Zoul., Director ZocJl. Mus. an der Universitat, 
Dorpat. Zoiil. C. 

FoRSMAN, Prof. Dr. George Z., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Freudenthal, Prof. Dr. Axel-Olof, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Frosterus, Prof. Dr. J. G., Helsinorfors, Finland. 

Fukuhjelji, Hjalmar, Director ol the Corps of Mining Engineers, Hel- 
singfors, Finland. 

Gadolin, Gen. Axel, Imp. Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg. Min. 

Glasenapp, Serge von, Docent der Astronoine, Dir. der Sternwartc der 
Kais. Universitat, St. Petersburg. Theoretical and Practical As- 
tronomy. C. 

Glausen, Dr. Thomas, Prof. Emer., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Gobi, Christopher, Universitiit, St. Petersburg. Bot.: Morphology. 
Algaj of Baltic and White Seas, Flora of Valdai Hills, Europe and 

Golofkinsky, Prof. N., Universitat, Odessa. Min. 

Greenisch, H. G., Dorpat. 

Grewingk, Prof. Dr. Constantin, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Min. 

Gruber, Prof. Dr. Wenzel, Academic, St. Petersburg. Anat. 

Gustavson, Prof. Gabriel, Academic, Petrowsk, near Moscow. Organic 

H.\lloten, Prof. K. S., Helsingfors, Finland. Anat, 

Handysides, J. R., St. Petcrsburix. 

Hausma.nn, Prof. Dr. Richard, Prof. Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Hist. 

Helmersen, Dr. Greoor v., Academic, St. Petersburg. 

Helmling, Prof. Dr. Peter, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Math. 

Hensel, Prof. Dr. Reinhold F., Proskau. Zool. 

Herder, Dr. F. G. von, Bot. Gardens St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Hesehus, N., Privat-Docent der Universitat, St. Petersburg. Physics. 

Heyfelder, Dr.' Frederick O. A., St. Petersburg. 

HiRSCHSOHN, Eduard, 

Hjelt., Dr. Eduard, Docent an der Universitiit, Laboratorium, Helsing- 
fors, Finland. Chem, 

Holtzer, IL, St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Ignatius, Dr. Charles E. F., Universitiit, Helsingfors, Finland. Philol. 

Imschenetski, Prof. Universitat, Kardoff. 

Russia.] the XATUKALISTs' DIEECTORY. 323 

Jacubowitsch, Prof. Dr. X. von, Academie, St. Petersburg. Physiol. 

Jaescue, Dr. Emanuel, Dorpat. 

Jeremejen, p. ue, Sec. Min. Soc, St. Petersburg. 

Jegorow, Titlis, Georgia. Bot. 

JOHANSON, Mag. Edwin Adolf, CoUegienassessor, Oberlehrer derNature- 
wi-ssenschaften, Chemiker der Pharm. Gesell., Redacteur der Ph. 
Inst. Woruessenski, Prospect. Haus Skljarski, N. 31 quar, 16, St. 
Petersburs-. Analyt. Chem. 

Karsten, Dr. P. A., Mustiala, Finland. Bot. : Mycology. 

Kasloff, Dr. NiCOLAUS von, St. Petersburg. 

Kauffert, B.. Universitiit Bot. Gardens, St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Keussler, Eduard, Riga. 

Keysekling, Count A. de, St. Petersburg. 

Klinge, Johannes, Dorpat. Bot. 

Knabe, C. a., Kuopio, Finland. Bot. 

KoEHXE, Bernhard VON, St. Petersburg. 

KoKSCHAROvv, NicoLAUS VON, Pres. Min. Soc, St. Petersburg. 

KoscHEVNiKOFF, Prof. D., Universitat, Odessa. Bot. 

KovALEWSKY, Prof. Alex.\ndek, Universitat, Odessa. Zool. 

KOWALSWSKY, ^\"ladimir, Universitat Moscow. GeoL, Palceo., Mam. 

Krueger, Prof. Dr. Adalbert, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. Ast. 

Krutizki, p. J., Universitat. Bot. 

Krylow, p., Bot. Gar., St. Petersburg. Bot. 

KuHLBERG, Ch., St. Petersburg. Chem. 

KiJSTER, Dr. Carl F. von, St. Petersburg. 

Lagorio, Prof. Dr. Alex., Warsaw. 

Leder, Hans, Tiflis, Georgia. Moll. 

Lemstrom, Prof. Dr. Charles-Selim, Universitat, Helsingfors, Fin- 
land. Physics. 

Lider, Hans, Naturalist, Museum, Tiflis, Georgia. Ent., Conch. C. 

Ligin, Valerian, Prof, ordinarius an der Universitiit, Kaiserliche Uni- 
versitat, Odessa. Mechanics. 

LiNDBERG, Prof. S. O., Helsingfors, Finland. Bot. 

Lindel()f, Dr. Laurent-Leonard, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

LiNDE:\rANN, Eduard, Wissenschaftlicher Secretair der Sternwarte, Pul- 
kowa, near St. Petersburg. Astro?wmy, especially Photo-metric. 

Lindstedt. Prof. Dr. Andres, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Math., Ast. 

LoxNROT, Dr. Elie, Prof. Emer. Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 


Macklin, Prof. F. W., Helsingfors, Finland. Zo/jl. 

Mahl, Prof. Dr. Eduard von. Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Maklin, Prof. Dr. Frederic G., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

^Ialgren, Prof. Dr. Andre-Jean, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Mandelin, R.. F., Dorpat. 

Maximowicz, Charles John, Ord. member Imp. Acad., and Botanist at 
Imperial Botanic Garden, St. Petersburg. Bot., Phytoqraphy and 
Phytogeofjraphy; Flora of E. and Central Asia and Russia. Ex. 
especially desired cither for Academy or Botanic Gardens, from N. 
and S. America, South Atlantic States, U. S., Carices and Saliccs, 
authentically named. 

Meinshau.-<en, Charles F., Dir. Bot. Mus., Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg. 
Bot.. Phytoqraphy. Flora of St. Petersburg, Carices of Russia. 

!Mela, a. F., Helsingfors, Finland. Moll. 

^Iende, Dr. Cakl von, St. Petersburg. 
Metscunikoff, Prof. Elias, Universitat, Odessa. Zool. 
Meyer, Dr. Lev., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 


KiDDENDOKFF, Dr. ALEXANDER VON, Geheimratb, (Ehrcnmitplicd der 

Ak:i(l. il. Wissensc'h. zuSt. Petersburg.) Keval v.Kallick inPorrater. 

ZouL, I'jihnnqrdphy. 
Minding, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand, Imp. Uuiv., Dorpat. Mnth. 
MoiJETiG, Prol'. Dr. Adoli'ii, Universiliit, Hclsiugtbrs, Fiulaad. Physics. 
MoNTEVEKDE, N. .\., !St. Petcrsbur;:. Hut. 
MoRiTz, Dr. Arnold, Dir. Pbys. Lab., Dorpat. Meteorol., Phys., spec. 

'J'errcsina/ Maynetism. 
MORITZ, Dr Aug., Dorpat. 

]M()ELLER, Prof. Dr. Valerian von, St. Petersburg. 
WDiiLAN, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Theol. 
Muulen, Max von Zur, Oberlcbrer Ber;,' Tethelfer Haus Muhlen, Dor- 
pat. Zoiil., Xeuroptera and Leaf wasps. C. Ex. 
Nedzelsky, Ant., ycbastopol. Dot. 
Neugebauer, Prof. Dr. Ludwig A., Academie, Warsaw. 
KoRDENSKioLD, NiLS Karl, Direktor Mcteorologische-Manrnetische 

Observatorium, Helsingfors, Finland. Mtteorology and Terrestrial 

NORRLiN, Dr. JonAN Petter, Prof, an der Universitiit, Ilclsinoffors, 

Fiiiliuid. Geo,raphy and Topography of Plants, Lichenology: 

Cryptogams of Finland, especially Iluracia. C. 
NoRWicKi, Pi of. Dr., Dir. Museum, Cracow, Poland. Moll. 
NovAKOwsKV, Dr. Leon, Dir. Tech. Schule, Lublin. Bot.: Mycology. 
Nylander, Prof. Dr. Willhelm, Universilat, Helsingfors, Finland. 
Oettingen, Prof. Dr. Alex., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Theol. 
Oettingen, Dr. Arthur von. Prof, der Pliysik an der Universitat, Dor- 
pat. Meteorol gy and Physical Sciences, Acoustics. 
Oettingen, Dr. (iEORG v.. Prof. Emer., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 
Oswald, Dr. Wiliielm, Fisclierstrasse 4, Dorpat. Chem., especially 

chemical affinity. 
Oybowski, Dr. Wladislaus, Nankow. 

Palmen, Dr. F. A., lleUiiigfors, Finland. Zoiil., Comp. Anat. 
Palmer, Dv. J. II., Ilelsinjrfors, Finland. ZoUl. 
Pelikan, Dr. Eugene von, St. Petersburg. 
Perepelkine, Alexis, Secrc'taire de la Societe Imperiale d'Agriculture, 

Smolensky Boulevard, care of Mr. Brock, Moscow. Technical 

Zoo I. 
Petrowsky, a., Staatsrath, Postuchowski pereulok, eigenes Haus, 

Yaro^lav. Hot , Systematic Morphology. C. E.x. Offers plants of 

Yaro^lav, for plants of N. and Central Europe. 
Petzboldt, Dr. Alex., Prof. Emer., Mitau. 
PiROGOFF, Dr Xicolaus von, St. Petersbm-g. 
Posse, C, Docent der Univcrsitiit, St. Petersburg. Math. 
Padde, Prof. (tUSTAV, 'liilis, (ieorjria. 

Radoszkoffski, Pres. Entomological Society, St. Petersburg. 
Kegel, Dr Eduard A., Wirkliclicr Staatsrath, Dir. d(3 Kai?. Botani- 

schen Gartens, St. Petersburg. Bot.: Dendrology. \\ ishes seeds 

and bulbs of .\merican plants for the Botanical Gardens. 
IlEiNHAnnii, Prof., Univcrsitiit, Odessa. Bot. 
Renard, Dr. Carl von, Wirklicber Staatsrath, Excellenz, Vice-Prasident 

der Kai-erlicben Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, Moscow. Nat. 

Hist., especidli Ethnogr iphy. 
Recter, Dr. Odo Morannal, Docent a. d. Universitat, Fredsgatan, 4, 

Ilelsingfors, Finland. Ent., especially Hemiptera, Thysauoptera. 

C E.v. Po;lurid8P. Wishes specimens preserved in alcohol. 
Reyher, Dr. Carl, Basseinaja 16, St. Petersburg. Chirurgy. 
Reyher, Dr. Gustav, Docent der Universitat, Dorpat, (Livonia.) 

Medicine and Therapeutics. 


RiSCHAWi, Prof. L., Univctsitat, AVarsaw. Bot. : Vegetable Physiol. 

ROMANOWSKI, Col., School ot Mines, St. Pctersbui-tr. 

RoSEXBEKG, Prof. Dr. Alexaxdeu, hup. Univ., Dorpat. 

RosEN'BERS, Prof. Dr. Emile, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Aiiat. 

RosEXBEU iEU, <J. J., Rin.rcn, Courhind. 

Rudolph, U , Bot. Gar., Odessa. Bot. 

Rlssow, Prof. Dr. Edmond, Uuiversitat, Dir. Botanical Gardens, Dor- 
pat. Bot. 

Sabanisew, W., Yaroslav. M-rlacology. 

Saelax Dr. Tn., IIulsiu;rfors, Finland. Bot. 

Sagemehl, Maxmilian, Dorpat. 

Saiilbcut, Dr. .John Reinhold, Docent dcr Zoolopric, Brunsparken 18, 
IlL'lsin;j:ibrs, Finland. But.: espec'mUi/ Colenptcra am] Hemiptera. 
C. Ex'. Wishes Dytiscid<e and .Staphylinida? in cxchanjre ior Arctic 
insects, especially Colooptera, Lcpidoptera and Tnchoptera. 

Schakuer, W., Tiflis,'Geory:ia. Bot. 

SCHELL, Jui>., Wdna. Bnt. 

ScHii-LiXG, (4. Bakon, Rcval. 

Schmidt, Prof. Dr. ,\le.\.. Imp. Univ., Dorpat, Physiol. 

Schmidt, Prof Dr. Cakl, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Chetn. 

Schmidt, Fkiedkich, Academic, St. Petersburg:. 

SCHONE, Dr. E.MiL, Prol. der (.'hemic an der Land-und Forstwirth- 
schaltlichen Akadcmie, Petrowskoye Rasumowskoye, near Moscow. 

Schonfeldt, Dr. Ernst, Dorpat. 

ScHKENK, Dr. AucasT YON, [)orpat. 

ScHLLTEX, Dr. AiuiST, Ilelsin;;lor*. Finland. Inorganic Chem. 

SCHWARZ, Prof l)r. Iadwig, Ini)) Univ., Dorpat. Ast. 

ScROBiCHEWSKY, L., Dir. (iartcn'ian Scliulc, Ouman. Bot. 

Selheim, (i., ."5t. Pctcrsbni;:. Bot. 

Semiradzki, .Joseph. Im)). Univ., Dorpat. 

SiMONOPF. Director Observalory. Rasan. 

SiNTEXis, F., Oberlchrer Uuiversitat, Dorpat (Livonia). Lepid., Coleopt. 

Smirnoff, TiHIs, Georgia. 

SXELLMAX, Prof Dr. .1 \V, Univcrsitiit, Ilclsiniifors, Finland. Philos. 

SocHOTSKY, T.. Prof dcr UniverMiat, St. Petersburg. Math. 

SoHLBERG, Dr. ,1 II., li()~iniifors, Finland. Zubt. 

SoKOLOFF, 0')-crvalory, .Mo-cow. 

SoMMEi{. .Vlfhed KicHAKD, Schlosslicry:, 7, Dorpat. ZnhL, Fnrnminiferct. 

SoROKix, Prof. N. W , Univer-iht. Dn-. Fotanical (lanlen^, Kazan. Pot. 

Stellixo, Ed.vaud, Pl,v~d<ali~rhes Central-Obscrvatoriuni, W. O. 23 L. 
II. 2. bi. l\>icr>i)ui;.' Mttfcr. 

Stephaxi, Li-DOi.i'H, SI. Petersburg. 

Stettegast. Dr. II., Pioskau. 

Stieda, Di. LiDwio, Piol dcr Anatoniie a. d. Universitat, Dorpat. 
Antito)in/, Hishth'nj, Em'iryi.lart/. V. 

Struve, ()rT(), Director Observatory Pulkowa, Academy of Sciences, St. 
Pcteishmg. As/fonouii/. 

SrxDET.L. Pu.l. A. F., Ilelsniglors, Finland. Phi/s. 

Szedinszy, N., Kliaikov. Bot. 

SzoKALSKi, Di. Victor F., M'arsaw. 

Talmi:x. Dr .J. A., lIcKii.-lors, Finland. Zool. 

TciiEBiCHEF, .Acndcmy, St. Pctcisi)iiig. 

TcHEBKHEFF, Prot pAFXiTM, St. Pctcrshurg. 

TCHIHATCHEF, Dr. Petek VOX, St. Petersl)urj:. 

Tengstuom, Dr. J. :M. ,J., Lojo, Finland. Lepid. 

TiMiHiASEU, Prof. Dr. C, Akademie of Agriculture, Petrowski, near Mos- 
cow, rhijsiology of plants. 

326 THE naturalists' directory. [Spain. 

Trautschold, Dr. Hermann, Prof. Chem. und Min. Pedrowskische 
Ackerl)au uud Forst-Akademie, near Moscow. GeoL, Palao., Mm. 

Trautvetter, E. R., St. Pctcrsburfj. Bot. 

Treffnek, Edward, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Treumann, Carl, St. Pciersburji. 

Unterberger, Prot. Dr. Frieurich, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Van-der-Flitt, Prof, der Univursitat, St. Putersbury. Physics, 

Verigo, Prof. Alexander, Universitat, Odessa. Chem. 

VioiiNiAKOv, Nicholas, Gagarinstr., Moscow. Palcco. 

VoLCK, Dr. WiLUELM, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

VoLBORTH, Dr. A. VON, St. Petcrsbiirj^. 

Wainio, Dr. Edw., Decent, llclsingfors, Finland. LichenoL, Topograph]) 
of plants. Flora of Lapland. C. 

WALZ,"Prof. Dr. J. J., Dir. Bot. Gar., Odessa. Bot. 

WEiHRAUCU,'Prof. Dr. Carl, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Meteor., Geoin., Phys. 

Wiede.mann, Dr. Ferdinand, Acatleniie, St. Petersburg. 

WiEZEMSTi, Prof. Dr. Adam, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

WiiK, Prof. Fred. Joh., Ilelsingfors, Finland. Crystal, Min., Geol. 

Wild, Dr. IIeinrich, W'irkl. Staatsratli, Mitglied der Academic der Wis- 
senschaften, und Director dcs ptiysikal. Central-Observatoriums, St. 
Petersburg. Physics, especially Meteorology and Terrestrial Mag- 
netism . 

WiLLEBRAND, Prof. Dr. Canut-Felix de, Univcrsitat, Helsingfors, Fin- 
lantl. Nat. Ilist. 

Winkler, Constant e, St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Woeikof, Alex. -1., Pli.D., Imp. Gcog. Soc, St. Petersburg. Meteor. 

Wolff, Prof. Dr. R. Reinh., Polytechnische Schule, Riga. Bot. 

Zander, Dr. Arthur, Dorpat. 

ZiNGER, Prof., Universitat, Moscow. 


Abela t Sainz de Andino, Eduardo, C. de Felipe V, 2, Madrid. 

Adan de Yarza y Torre, Ramon, Bilbao. Min., Geol., Palceo. 

Aguas, Mariano, Segovia. 

Albinana y Rodriguez, Jose, Lerida. 

Alea, Francisco, Nat. Sci. Mus., Madrid. 

Allende Salazar y' Salazar, Angel, Calle de la Reina, 19, Madrid. 

Allende Salazar y Salazar, Manuel, C. de la Reina, 19, Madrid. 

Almera, Jaime, Calle de ScUcnt. 3, 3.°, Barcelona. Geol. 

Alonso Martinez, Adriano, Calle del Conde de Aranda, 3, Madrid. 

Alvarez Alvistur, Louis, Agronome, Delcgue du ^linistere de Fo- 
mento pour I'Etude des infirmites des plantcs, de la Royal Academie 
de Sciences et lettres, Rue Alcala, 48, 3.°, Madrid. Ent.: Hymen- 
opt era. 

Alvarez Ardanuy, Eduardo, C. de Leganitos, 1, 2.°, Madrid. 

Alvarez Garcia, Rodulfo, Avilcs, Oviedo. 

Alvarez jNIontequin, Saturnino, Oviedo. 

Amado Salazar, Enrique, C. del Prado, 20, 2.°, Madrid. 

Amo, Dr. Mariano del, Grenada. Bot. 

Andres y Montalvo, Tomas, C. de la Cava alta, 2, 2.°, Madrid. 

Andres y' Tubilla, Jose, Mayor, 118, 4.°, Madrid. 

Andres y Tubilla, Tomas, Sec. Soc. Linnean Matritense, C. de Santa 
Clara, 3, Madrid. Bot. 

Angoitia, Feancisco, C. del Arco de Santa Man'a, 43, Madrid. 


Anton y Ferrandiz, Manuel, C. de Jacometrezo, 74, 2.°, Madrid. 

Antonio Ibanez, Francisco, Cartajrena (Murcia). 

Akce y Jurado, Jose, C. de Recoletos, 13, 3.°, Madrid. Bot. 

Arcimis, Augusto T., Cadiz. Asi. 

Areitio y Larrinaga, Alfonso MARfA de, Bilbao. Min., Geol., Palceo. 

AsENSiO, Dr. Ildefonso, C. de las Fiieutes, 5, 3.°, Madrid. Malacol. 

AsuERO y Villaescusa, Dr. Vicente, C. del Principe, 15,2.°, Madrid. 

Atienza y Silvent, Meliton, C. de la Madre de Dios, 34, Mala^ra. 

Autran, Ysidoro, Sulxstitiit du Frocureiir Royal an conseil d'Etat, 50 
Calle de Serrano, Madrid. Micrography. C. 

AviLA, Fedro, Escorial. 

Azcarate, Frof. Casildo, C. de Serrano, 72, Madrid. Bot. 

Eakandica, Torcuato, Bilbao. 

Barazona, Salvador, Carpio (Cordova). 

Barcelo y Combis, Frof. Francisco, Inst., Falma. Bot., Phys. 

Barredo, Emilio, Badajoz. 

Benavente, Mariano, C. de Atocha, 109, 2.°, Madrid. 

Benavides, Jose R., C. de San Miguel, 17, Madrid. 

Berenguer, Enrique, Quijas (Saiitander). 

Bernat y Tabuenca, Juan, C. Mayor, 108, Madrid. 

Bofitt, Arturo, Raiubla de Canatetas, Barcelona. Bot. 

Bolivar, Ignacio, Frof. d'Entoniolofzie a I'Univ., (Winter address) 
Atocha, 24, Madrid ; (Summer) Pinto, near Madrid. Ent., espe- 
cially Orthoptera and Ikmiptera of the entire world. C- Ex. 
specimens of Spain for those of foreign countries. 

BoLfvAR Y Urrutia, Jose MARfA, C del Carbon, 2, 2.°, Madrid. 

BoLos, Ramon Mari'a, Olot (Gerona). 

BoRJA, Pedro, Madrid. 

BoRRELL, Dr. Felix, Fuerta del Sol, 9, Madrid. 

BoscA, Eduardo, Prof, d'llistoire Naturelle, Institute de 2a ensenanza 
de Ciudad-Kcal. Ilerpetology. Reptiles and Amphibia of the Iberi- 
an Peninsula and of the Balearic Isles. C. Ex. for the same from 
the region of the Mediterranean. 

BoscA, Fernando, Valencia. Bot. 

Botella y de IIornos, Federico dk, C. de San Andre's, 34, Madrid. 

Boutelou, Esteban, Plaza de Santa Ana, 17, Madrid. 

Brehm, Reinaldo, Calle de Goya, 5, Madrid. Orn. 

Brenosa, Rafael, Inireniero de Montes. San Ildefonso (Segovia). 
Micro-litholof/y, Mineralogy, Micrography. 

Bf.oc'hard, Belinonte, (Cuenca). Coleoptera. 

Brunetti de Lasala, Cristina, C. de Fuencarral, 111, Madrid. 

BuERGO y Campillo, Francisco, C. de la Concordia, 4, Madrid, 

Cabello-e-1banez, Barcelona. Chem. 

Caceres, Francisco S. de, Plaza do Zurbaran,6, Sevilla. Bot. 

Cadevall y DiARS, Dr. Juan, Tarrasa. 

Cadrecjia, Enrique, C. del Fucar, 15. 2.°, Madrid. 

Calaiiokra, Benito, Soria. 

Calahorra, Enhique, Santiago de Galicia. 

Calavia. Salvador, Aranda del Conde, Madrid. Bot. 

Calderon, Josk Angel, Corrcdera baja de San Pablo, 57, 2.°, Madrid. 

Calderon, Prof. Salvador, Inst., Madrid. Bot. 

Calderon y Ponte, Euis, Cabuc'ruiga (Santander). 

Calleja y Ayuso, Fkanclsco de la, Talavera de la Rcyna. 

CALLE.TA Y Sanchez, Dr. JuLiAN, Phiza de Matute, 9, 2'°, Madrid. 

Campion y Aristeguieta, Ricardo, Plaza de Guipiizcoa, San Sebastian 
((iuipnzcoa). Ent. 

Campo, Enrique, C. de Gravina, 11, Madrid. 

Camfo y Fernandez, Lucas, Alcala de Henarcs, Madrid. 

328 THE naturalists' DIRECTOEY. [Spaix. 

Campo t Garcia, Custodio, Biel-^a, (IIue«ca). 

Cano y Nieves, Dr. Fkan'CISco, \'alsL'(iuill(), (Cordoba). 

Canovas, Francisco, Prof. In-t., Loira. I'uluo., Bot.,Xat. Hist. 

CaramaXZana, Fiii.iFE, C. dc Atoclui, 109, Madrid. 

Card ■), Prof. Dr Narciso, Callc ile Jcrusak-ii, 10, Barcelona. Bof. 

Caruoxa y Ok:'IL.\, Dr Fkaxcisco, ('. del llorao, 23, Mahon, lialearic 
Isles. M'llaculorjy, Eiitoi)iulv(ii/, I'aia tntobKjij. C. Ev. Oilers 
MoUusks, ibibils and Coleopteni'of Minorca, lor those of other coun- 

Carrasco y de la Ssgra, Francisco, Arqinllos (Jaeu). 

Casa-Lorixg, Marquise dc, 23 Alcala, Madrid. 

Casal y Lois, Josi, Pontevedra. 

Casas y Au.vd, Dr. Ser\fin, lustit., Iluesca. Xat. Hist. 

Castan, Vicente, Grans (lliicsca). 

Castel, Carlos, llortalcza, 44, 3.°, Madrid. 

Castellarnal- y de Lleopart, Joaquin Maria de, Sau Ildefonso (Se- 

Castro, Dr. Antonio Senen de, Cuenfa. 

Castro y Dique, Jacinto, Escorial. C'omp. Anat., Lepid. 

Caule, Dr. II Pkiato, .Sta. Barbara, 7, Madrid. Moll. 

Cavsix, Bartolome, La .\.'.iuilera, (Burgos.) 

Cayuela. Xatalio, Pamplona. 

Cervelli, Piov. P. Luis, San Gcrvasio, 20, L°, Barcelona. Co7i. 

Cervera, Kafael, Calle de, 66, 2.", Madrid. 

Chape, Prof. Dr. Juan Bautista, C'adiz. Nut. Hist., Bot. 

Chaves, Antonio, Bot. Gar., Barcelona. Bot. 

Chicote y del PiiEGO, Dr. Cesar, ttan Bernardo, 41, Madrid. Entomol- 
ogi/. C. Hemip era of Europe. E.x. good native specimens for 
those of Egypt and of Russia. 

CODINA Y Langlix, IIamon, C. de San Pablo, 70, Barcelona. 

Codorniu, Ricardo, Cartagena. Bol. 

CoLMEiuo, Prof. Miguel, Dir. Bot. Gar., C. del Clavel, 2, 3.° derecba, 
Madrid. Bot. 

CoLVE, Dr. Pablo, Plaza de Mirasol, 1, Valencia. 

COMERMA, Andres A., Fcrrol. 

Compaxo, Maxuel, Ciudad Real. Bot. 

CoROX.vDO, Fraxcisco, C^alle teerra, 18, 2.°, Barcelona. Conch. 

Corral y Lastra, Ralael, Cudillero (Oviedo). 

Cortadelles, Jacuxdo, Burgos. Con.. 

CoRTAZAR, Da.xiel, C. del Sauci IG, Madrid. 

CoRTAZAR DE, Calle Isabel la Catolica, 25, Madrid. Geol. 

CoRTiis, Balbi.xj, C. de Canipomanes, 6, 2.°, ?iladri 1. 

CoRTi;s, JuAX Fraxcisco, .\urie. Sch , Madrid. Bot. 

Costa, Dr. Axtoxio Cipri.\no, Claris, 7, Barcelona. Prof. Emer. and 

CouDER, Gerardo, Avila. 

CitESPf, Dr. Antonio, C. dc San Felipe, 4, Palma (Mallorca). Bot. 

Cruz Maxso DE Zlniga y Exrile, Victor, C. de la Adaaaa, 4, Ma- 
drid. Bot. 

CuELLAR Y Ruiz, Manuel, C. del Romero, 34, Cordova. 

Cuesta, P.vblo, C. de Carretas, 9, Madrid. 

CUNi Y Martorell, Miguel, C. dc Codols, 18, Barcelona. Bof., Ent. 

De Alos, Luis F., Calle Bassa S. Pedro, 31, 1.°, Barcelona. Xitniis. 

De Barnola, Rafael, Calla Escedellei-.s, 5, 7,9, 1.°, Barcelona. Numis. 

De Belloch, Conde, Pasco de Grac'ia, 163, L°, Barcelona. 

De Siscar y de Montolin, Ramon, Calle Puertaferessa, 21, 1.°, Barce- 
lona. Nutnis. 

Diaz Cueto y Teran, Emeterio, MoUedo (Santander). 


DiEZ Ulzurrum t Moxasteuio, Pablo, Imperial, 1, Madrid. 

Domingo, Fkanx-isco, Kiera del Pino, 4, Barcelona. 

DoKKONSOKO Y UcELAYETA, Bei:nab2, Montcra, 01, 3.°, Madrid. 

Egea y Tortosa, Marcos, \'ele/,-liul)i() (Ahneri'a) 

Ehlers, \V., Uauqiiier, '67 Muralhi del Mar. (liureaux 17 Plaza del Rev), 

Cartagena. /■Jntonioiof/i/ : Col opfir i. C. (JicindelidseaudCarabidae. 

Buys and exchanges sjieciniens of all countries. 
ErCOLAXI, Prof. G. li., Bologna. 
Escalante, .losE, C. ilel Cul>o, S, 2°, Santandcr. 
EscosURA, Luis ue la, C. de ban Miguel, 11, Madrid. 
Espada y, Manuel de la, Cruz, 12, 4.°, Madrid. 
EsPEJO, ZoiLo, Dir. ISot. Gar. of Manila, C. de Fuencarral, 97, Madrid. 

Bot., Affile. 
EsPLUOA Y Sancho, Faustino, Barbastro. 
EsTiiBANEZ Y Mazon, Jose, Soncillo (Burgos). 
Estrada Catoyra, Domingo, 8aniander. 
Fabi^:, Antonio Maria, C. del Principe, 12, Madi'id. 
P'alcon y Dorenzo, xVntonio, C"a>tellon. Bot. 
Fatigati, Prof bERRANO, Ciudad Ileal. Bot. 
Femenias Aledo, Ci., Hue Moreras, Mahon (Baleares). Botany/, Marine 

Alffce. C. 
Fernandez Cue'sta, Xemesio, C. de Lope de Vega, 50 y 52, Madrid. 
Fernandez de ("astro. Angel, Santander. 
Fernandez de Castro, Manuel, C. de las Infantas, 13, 3.°, Madrid. 

Fernandez, Francisco, Guadalajara. Bot. 
Fernandez Losada, Cesareo, Plaza del Progreso, 5,2.°, Madrid. 
Fernandez Molina, Dr. Ramon, Campanario (Badajoz). 
Fernandez y PiODriguez, Dr. INIariano, C. de Pontejos, Madrid. 
Ferrand, .Julio, Oficina del Ferrocarril de Malpartida a Plasencia, 

Valencia de Alcantara. 
Ferrandiz, Dr. Manuel Anton, Aide-Xaturaliste au Museum d'llistoire 

Naturello, Madrid. Molh/ <:',■<!, Zoiiphyti's. C 
Ferrari, Dr. Carlos, Pla/.a de San Ildefonso, 7, Madrid. 
Ferrer y Vinarta, Dr. Enrique, Univ., Calle de Ballesteros, 7, Valen- 
Florez t Gonzalez, Dr. Roberto, E-^cuela Normal, Oviedo. 
FoRESTi, Dr. I>ODOVico, Geoloirical Museum, Bologna. Palcso. 
FoRNASiNl, Carlo, Geological ^Museum, Bologna. Palreo. 
Fortanet, Kicardo, C. de l;i Libertad, 20, Madrid. 
Galdo, Dr. Manuel Maria -Jos'^. dp, Prof. Numeraire a I'lnstitut du 

Cardinal Ci-neros. Rue d'Hortaleza, 78, 2.° e'tage, Madrid. Nat. 

Hist., PluixinL, Hyqienp. 
Gallego y Castro, ^Mariano, Plaza del Cordon, 3, Madrid. 
Garci'a Cardiel, Ricardo, Travesia de San ilateo, 4, Madrid. CoJeopt., 

Dipt, of Eiirnpe. 
Garcia Mediavilla, Salvador, C. de las Iluertas, 78, 3.°, Madrid. 
(Jarcia Ociioa, Migufl, Salamanca. 

C.ARcfA R' NDUELES, RuFo, C. del Bnrquillo, 4 y 6, 3.°, Madrid. 
Garct'a V Alvarez, Rafael, Gr.nnada. 
GARcfA y -Xrenal, Fernando, (Jijoii. 
Gennari, Patrmio, Prof. R.Univ., Cagliari. Bot. 
Gher«i, Francisc (), Catli^ Bot. 

Gil y Floufs, Manuel, Lorenca de Tajnna (Guadalajara). Geo!., Bot. 
GiMENO Brun. Ricardo, C. dc los Avelianos, 3, Bu^;^os. 
GoGORZA Y (JoNZALEZ, JosE, C. dc Claudio Coello, 38, 4.°, Madrid. 

/•hit., Uyinenripf. 
Gomez Pamo, Dr. Juan Ramon, Santa Isabel, 5, Madrid. 

330 THE naturalists' directory. [Spain. 

Gomez y Garc/a, ISIanuel, C. del Akknal, 18, Madrid. 

GONZ.U.EZ Akias, Anastasio, Lillo. 

Gonzalez y Canales, Prof. Dr. Vimcente, Dir. Bot. Gar., Santiago. 

Bot., Nat. Hist. 
Gonzalez de Velasco, Eduardo, Oviedo. 
Gonzalez de la Fena, Pablo, Dir. Agric. Sch., Madrid. Bot. 
Gonzalez Fkaues, Luis, Ovictlo. 
Gonzalez Mariano, Agric. Sch., Madrid. Bot. 
Gonzalez INIakti, Dr. Ignacio, Encomicnda, 9, Madrid. 
Gonzalez Velasco, Dr. Pedro, Mus. Antropol., Madrid. 
GoNZALO Y Goya, Angel, Plaza de la Verdura, 7, Salamanca. 
GORRIZ, RiCARDO, Pamplona. Ent. : Coleopt. 
GoRRiz Y Munoz, PiiCARDo JosE, Milagro (Xavarra). 
Graells, Dr. Mariano de la Paz, Profesor de Anatomia Comparada y 

Fisiologia, Consejero d'instruccion publica. Calle de la Bota, 2, 

Madrid. Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, 

Entomology. C. Ex. 
Greenhill, Tomas Arturo, C. de Serrano, 40, Madrid. 
Greus y Martinez, Domingo, Plaza de Santa Cataliua, Valencia. 
GuiRAO Y Navarro, Angel, C. del Prado, 24, Madrid. 
Gutierrez de la Vega, Jose, C. de Espoz y Mina, 3, Madrid. 
IIeredia, Ricardo, Paseo de la Fueute Castellana, Hotel num. 16, 

Hernandez Munoz, Antonio, C. de Peligros, 6, Madrid. 
Herrero, Eusebio, C. de Alcala, 49, Madrid. 
Herreros, Francisco Manuel de los, Palma. 
Hidalgo, Dr. Joaquin G., Hiiertas, 35, 2.°, Madrid. Moll. 
HoNTANON, Dr. Leopoldo, C. de Hcrnan-Cortes, 2, Santauder. 
Hysern, Joaquin, Calle del Prado, 20, Madrid. 
Ibanez, Francisco Antonio, Muralla del Mar, 43, Cartagena. Bot., 

Iglesia, Dr. Santiago de la, Calle Real, 78 pral, Fcrrol. Ejit., Conch. 

C. Ex. Coleoptcra and shells. 
Inarra y Eciieverri'a, Fermin, C. del Barco, 6, 3.°, Madrid. 
Inchaurrandieta, Rogelio, C. de la Princesa, 7, Madrid. Min., Geol. 
Ingunza, Ramon, Plaza de Santa Ana, 5, Madrid. 
Izquierdo, Joaquin, Granada. 
Jimenez de la Espada, Marcos, C. de Claudio Coello, 38, 2.°, Madrid. 

Mam., Orii., Reptiles and Batrachians. 
Jimenez de Pedro, Justo, C. de Atocha, 103, principal, Madrid. 
Jimenez y Jimenez, Dr. Jose, Alboj (Almeria). 
Lacasa, Manuel, Vera (Alnieri'a). Geol. 
Eacoizqueta, Jose MARfA de, Navarte (Navarre). Bot. 
Laffite y Ovineta, Vicente, C. de Pontejos, 6, 3.°, Madrid. 
Laguna, M.4XIMO, C. del Clavel, 2, 3.°, Madrid. Bot. 
Landa, Nicasio, Pamplona. 
Landerer, Jose J., Tortose (Tarragone). Oeol. (Sidereal), Palao, C. 

Lara, Jose Perez, Jerez de la Frontera. Bot. 
Larrinua y Azcona, Dr. Angel, C. de Legazpi, 1, 2.°, San Sebastian 

(Guipiizcoa). Coleopt., Federico, C. de Villalar, 6, 2.°, ]\Iadrid. 
Lazaro e Ybira, Dr. Blas, Prof, en Ciences, Calle de Embajadores, 

50, pral, Madrid. Bot., especially of Spain. C. Ex. with Euro- 
Lanzarote, Joaquin, Proprietaire, Commandeur, San Judas, 3, Murcia. 

General Sciences, Agric. 
JiiTRAN Y Lopez, Jose, Almeria. 

spaix.] the natukalists' directory. 331 

LizAMBARD, Abbe, Consulat de France, San Sebastian. Ent. : Coleopt. 

L,OMAXA T AxoNSO, ViNCENTE, Alcala, 3, Madrid. 

Lopez de Quintana, Diego, C. de la Independencia, 8, 3.°, Zaragoza. 
Mill., Geol. 

Lopez de Silva, Esteban, C. de Leganitos, 46, Madrid. 

Lopez Doriga, Jose, Oviedo. 

Lopez Lezcano, Francisco, C. de Carretas, 9, 3.°, Madrid. Coleopt. 

Lopez Seoane, Dr. Victor, Ancien Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle, Phisique 
et Chiuiie.Coruna. RejJtiles, Batrachians, Insects, Shells, and plants 
of Europe. C. Ex. 

Lopez'Vidaur, Aurelio, Santander. 

Lopez t Bienert, Guillermo, Cartagena. 

Loscos, Francisco, Castelseras. Bot. 

Lozano, IsiDORO, C. de la Peninsular, 9, 4.°, Madrid. 

LozoTA, Marques de. Plaza de San Pablo, Segovia. 

Lleo, Antonio Maria, Valencia. 

TdACHADo, Prof. Dr. Antonio, Dir. Bot. Gar., Seville. Bot., Nat Hist. 

ISIacho de Velado, Jeronimo, Santiago de Galicia. 

jSIac-Lennan, Jose, Portugalete (Bilbao). 

Macpherson, Joseph,? Eue Fernando el Santo, Madrid. Petrography. C. 

Macpherson, William, British Vice-Consul, British Legation, or Calle 
Veruando el Santo, 7, Madrid. Prehistoric Arch, and Min. 

Madrid y Moreno, Jose, Huertas, 53, 2.°, Madrid. 

Madariaga y Regil, Julian, Plaza de la Independencia, 9 y 10, Madi'id. 

Madrazo, D. Fernando de, C. de San Bernardino, 10, Ma'drid. 

Maffei, Eugenio, C. de Mendizabal, 2, Madrid. 

Mallada, Lucas, C. de San Vicente, 40, Madrid. 

Manzoni, a., Bologna. Fossils. 

Marin y Sancho, Francisco, C. del Viento, 3, Madrid. 

Martin, Antonio, Callfe del Osario, 9, Cordova. 

Martin Sanchez, Enrique, Castellon. 

Martin del Amo, Eduardo Jacobo, C. de Alfareros, 15, Valladolid. 

Martin de Argenta, Vicente, C. de Hortaleza, 86, Madrid. 

Martinez Anibarro Rives, Dr. Jose M., Lain Cairo, 20, Burgos; also, 
Haro (Logroiio). PJdlosophy. 

Martinez, Luis Arcadio, Huelva. 

Martinez Canada, Andres, C. de Saurin, 4, Murcia. Orn., Mai., Min. 

Martinez de Pison, Venancio, C. de Preciados, 6, 2.°, Madrid. Geol., 

Martinez Molina, Rafael, C. de Atocha, 133, Madrid. 

Martinez Vigil, Ramon, des Freres Precheurs, Procurador General de 
la Orden de Predicadores, Pasion, 15, Madrid. Bot. C. of the Uni- 
versity of Manila. Ex. shells. 

Martinez y Angel, Antonio, C. Mayor, 114, 3.°, Madrid. 

Martinez y Martinez, Felix, Mogente, Valencia. 

Martinez y Saez, Francisco de Paula, Catedratico de Zoografia de 
los Vertehrados en la Faciiltad de Ciencias de la Uuiversidad, Plaza 
de los Ministcrios, 5, 3.° izquierda, Madrid. Cokoptera of the Medi- 
terranean basin. C. Ex. Desires specimens not already in collec- 

MARTf Y DE Lleopart, Francisco MARfA DE, C. del Bruch, 4, Barce- 

Martorell, Dr. Francisco, Rambla de Sta-Mdnica, 33, 1.°, Barcelona. 

Martorell t Cuni, Jeronimo, C. dc Serra, 18, 2.°, Barcelona. Agric. 

Martorell y Pena, Manuel, Rambla de Santa Mtinica, 33, 1.°, Barce- 
lona. Cokoptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Orthoptera, Lepid., 
Diptera. C. Ex. 


Masferrer t Arquimbau, Dr. Eamon, Plaza de Don Miguel, 1, piso 
2.'', C;it:ilo:ii;i (V'iirli). Uot. C. 

Mayouga y CJAKLIA, Antoxio, C. Mavor, 43, ^ladritl. Bot. 

Mazakueuo, Carlos de, Iii;,a'iiicro ilc Montes, Aliuirantc 2 ciiadro., 2.°, 
i.anla., JNlaili-id. Ara hnida and Mi/napoda. 

Menendez y Fernandez, Fernando, Travcbia del Conscrvatorio, 7 y 9, 

Mercado y Gonzalez, Dr. Matias, Nava del Rev, (Valladolid). Ent., 
espicia'/i/ (.'off opt. of Spain and I'urtuijal. C Ex. Coleoptera of 
bpain, lor European. 

Mira y Kito, Gaspar, Fiiencarral, 14, Madrid. 

MiRALLES DE IMPERIAL, Clemente, I'ia/.a de Ramiro, 3, Alicante. 

Miranda y Egu:a, Genaro de, Oviedo. 

MiR Y Navarro, ^IANUEL, Barcelona. 

MojADOs, Eduardo, Prof. Min., and Geol. C. de Valverde, 30 y 32, 3.°, 

MoMPo Y Vidal, Vicente, .\lhaeete. Om. 

MoNJO MoNJo, Prof. P., Place Principe, Mahon. Mnllmks. 

MoNt^ALTD, Marques de, Alnicndialejo (Badajoz). Af/nc 

Montserrat y Archs, Juan, See. Bot. Soc., C. del Hospital, 47, Barce- 
lona. Bot. 

Mora, Manuel, C. de las Cortes, 28, Caceres. Coleopt. 

MoRAGAS Ucelay, Ricardo, Lillo. 

Moragues, Fernando, Palma. Coleopt. 

Moreno, Prof. Eugenio Prieto, A<jric. Sch., Madrid. 

Moreno y Espinosa, Luis, C. de Claudio Coello, 38, Madrid. 

Moreno Xieto, Jose, Univ., C. de San Marcos, 26, 3.°, Madrid. 

MORIANA, CONDE DE, Las FrajTiKi^ (Rcinosa). 

MuLLER, Daniel, Pasco Gracia 123, 4.°, Barcelona. Ent. : Coleopt. 

MuSoz CoBO Y Aruedondo, Luis, Jaen. 

MuNOZ del Castillo, Dr. Jose, Prof, a la Faculte' des Sciences de 
rUniversitc, Alfonso 1.°, 43, 20, Sara^rosse. Ainpilography. 

MUNOZ Y Frau, Jose Maria, C. de San Bernardo, 75, Madrid. 

MuRGA, (ioNZALO DE, C. de la Li!)eriad, 29, Madrid. 

Nieto y Serrano, Dr. Mati'as, Ronda de Rccoletos, 11, Madrid. 

Noraleda, Bernardino, Univcrsidad, Manila. Gen. Science. 

Obrador. Pedro Antonio, Palma. 

Olavide, Joss,C. de Jaconietrezo, 45, ISIadrid. 

O.NATE, Condesa de, C. jMnvor, 4, Madrid. 

Ordonez, Valeriano, Badajoz. 

Orio, Prof. Dr. Antonio, IMadrid. Bot., Min. 

Ortiz y Landauri, Antonio, C. de Baile'u, 6, Caballcrizas, Madrid. 

Orueta, Domingo, Cortina del Muellc, 65, Malaga. 

OsES Y Ezterripa, Blas, C. del Sanro, 13, 3 °, Madrid. 

Palacios y Rodriguez, Jcsede, Pla: a de San^a Ana, 11, Madrid. 

Paloit y Flores, Eduardo, C. de la Man.^ana, 4, 2.°, Madrid. 

Parada, AnoLFo. C. de San Fernando, 8, Jerez de la Froutera. 

Pardo y Moreno, Eduardo, Miircia. 

Paredes y (iuiLLEN, Ramon, Caccre<. 

Pastor, Prof. Dr. Pascual, Dir. Bot. Gar., Rue St. Michel, 12, Vallado- 

Pedrals y Molinh, Arturo, Calle Anclia, 7, 4.°, Barcelona. Xtnnis. 

Pereda y Martinez, Sandalio de, C. do la Ballc'^ta, 1, .Madrid. 

Perez .Arcas, Laureano, C. de las llucrtas, 14, 3.°, Madrid. Coleopt. 
of Em-ope. 

Perez de Arce, Facundo, Guadalajara. 

Perez de Arrilucea, Andres, Cameros (Logrono). 


Perez Heexaxdez, Exrique, Calle de la Coleg:iata, 7, 2°, Madrid. 

Pekez Maeso, Jose, Mem. Xat. Hist. ISoc, C. de Quintaua, 8, 3.°, 
Madrid. But. 

Perez Mixguez, Prof. Dr. Luis, Valladolid. Bot., Xat. Hist. 

Perez ^Jokexo, Axdres, C. de Le-raniios, 2, Madrid. 

Perez del Molixo, Ldl'ardo, Tonclave;a:a (Sautaiider). 

Perez Ortego, in-. Lxkiqie, C. de AtocLa, 36, Madrid. 

Perez ^ax Millax, i^Iauricio, Biir^ros. 

Peroxex, Tom.vs, ban (iabriel, Mauila. 

PiSerxa, EuGEXio, Oviedo. 

Plaxellas Giralt, Dr. Jose, Dir. Bot. Gar., Barcelona. Xat. Hist., 

Plaxs, Fructcoso, C. de Claris, 6, 4.°, Barcelona. 

PoiiATA etGisbert, Eladio, Oficicr 3e di»corps de Topofrraphes, Jef 
au jour d'hiii de la 37e hriirade topo;rrapliiqiie d'E^pa^rne. (Ambu- 
lant) Perite aLironoiue et Maitre en construction des edifices prive's. 
Polan, (Toledo). MinernLi/i/, OcoL, Bot. C Ev. Desires en- 
graved lithographs oi" natural-histoiy objects and botanical speci- 

POMBO, AxToxio, C. del Area, 1, 2.°, Vittoria. 

Poxs y boLER, JUAX, Malion. i'oi.r.}i< lonij, Palwo-ntology. C. Ex. 
Shells of Europe and fossils of Minorca, for shells of all the world 
and ancient rocks. 

Prado, XoRBEitTO, Universidad, Manila. Gen. Science. 

Prieto Y Cailes, Fkaxcisco, C. de Eelatores, 18, 2.°, Madrid. GeoL, 

Prieto y Prieto, D. ]Maxuel, C. del Turco, 8, 3.°, Madrid, Zoo!., 
('(.mp. Anrit., Physiol. 

Prcloxgo, L)r. Pabi.o, Malaga. Bet. 

PuiGGARl, JiAX, Barcelona. Bot. 

PuiG Y Larraz, Gabiu:l, C. de Pavia. 2, 2.°, Madrid. 

QuiROGA y KcDRiGiEZ. pRAXClSCO, C. dc Gova, 19, 4.°, iladrid. 

PlAMox Gomez Pamo, -R'ax, Pres. ^oc. Liune'an Matritse, Madrid. 

Ramos, >\no. Pasco del Obelisco, 3, ^Madiid. 

Ramos y Mlxoz, Jose, C. de Poniejos, 6, 3 °, Madrid. 

RiBERA, I-MH.IO, C. dc Choliens, 1, 3.°, N'alcncia. 

RiBERA, Mauql'es DE LA, C. de Serrano, 6, 2.°, Madrid. Min. 

Rico y Jimexo, Tomas, Coruna. Gcol. 

RiviLLA, JuLiAX, Universidad, Manila. Gen. Science. 

Roca y Carciiax, Igxacio, Gallc (;i;:antes, fi, 2.°, Barcelona. E7it. 

RocA Y Vecixo, Dr. Saxtos, Pucrta de Sej^ovia, 1, Madrid. Miii.,Znol. 
C. Ev. minerals of !r pain for ii:ose of other countries. 

Rodriguez de Cepeda, Axtoxio, Valencia. 

Rodriguez (akracido, Jose, C. del De-enjrano, 10, Madrid. 

Rodriguez Femexais, Jeax J.. Rue Ysabcl II., 2.° 46, Mahon (Baleares). 
Butdinj : P/iati('infjrii)i.i and Marine A/ffa. C. Ex. -Algae. 

Rodriguez Ferrer, ^Iiguil, C. de la Cruz, 42, 3.°, Madrid. 

Rodriguez Mourelo, Jose, C. do Bonhulores, 3, Madrid. 

Rodriguez Pumarieoa, Ulpiaxo, Avilc's, (Oviedo.) 

RoiG Y. Torres, Prof. Raphael, Barcelona. P/it/s. 

Romeo, Pedro, Uncsca. 

Romero y Alvarez, Juliax, C. del Ilorno de la Mata, 5, Madrid. 

RuBio, Dr. F'edfrico, C. ilc AUabi, i'u, Madrid. 

RuBio, Jacobo MARfA, Ronda de Rccoletos, 11, Madrid. 

Ruiz Casaviella, Juax, Liccnciado en Pbarmacicn, Pamplona, Capar- 
roso, (Navarre.) Botrvy, rsp'-riai/i/ piaiits of Xaiarre. C 

Ruiz Madrid, Luis, C. de Juan de Dios, 4, 2.°, Madrid. 

Ruiz de SalazaR, Emilio, C. del Ilorno de la Mata, 12, 2.°, Madrid, 

334 THE naturalists' directory. [Spain. 

Saavedra, Eduardo, C. de San Joaquin, 14, Madrid. 
Sainz Gutiekhez, Pedro, ('atcoratica de Oryano^fratia y Fisiologia vege- 
tal en laFacultas de Cicncias Salud, 11, 3,°, Madrid. Bot. C. Plants 

of Spain. Ex. 
Salarich y Jimenez, Jose, C. del Proprreso, 1, Vioh. 
Salazar de Perez de Castro, Sra. Dona Paz, Calle de las Ilnertas, 61, 

Sanchez Comendador, Prof. Antonio, Universidad, Barcelona. Math.., 

Sanchez Merino, Ramon, C. de Espoz y Mina, 9, 2.°, Madrid. 
San Martin, Basilio, Plaza de Celenque, 3, Madrid. 
Santisteban, Mariano, Istitutio, Travesiadel Fiicar, 14, Madrid. 
Sanz, Prof. Serafin, Dir. Bot. Gar., Grenada. Bot., Nat. Hist. 
Sanz de Diego, Jose, Prof., C. de San Bernardo, ITi, Madrid. Math. 
Sanz de Diego, Maximino, Naturaliste, -Justa, 7, 2.°, Madrid. General 

Nat. Hist. Buys, sells, or exchanjies Nat. Hist, objects. 
Sauba, Santiago Angel, C, del Duque de la Victoria, 14, Barcelona. 

Ent., Malacol. 
Secall e Inda, Jose, Salamanca. 
Seebold, Teodoro, Apartado, 5, Bilbao. Lepidoptera, especiallif 

Micro-lepidoptera. C Ex. European specimens for those of N. 

Sepulveda, Jose, Humanes. 
Sepulveda y Lucio, Fernando, Licenciado en Farmacia, Plaze 6, Far- 

macia. Villa de Brihucffn, Guadalajara. Botany. C. Ex, 
Serrano Fatigati, Enrique, C. de Leganitos, 3.j, Madrid. 
Serrano, Dr. Matias N , Madrid. 

SiLVELA, Luis, Universidad, C. de Pizarro, 19, 2.°, Madrid. 
Socorro, Marques del, Academia de Ciencias, C. de Jacometrezo, 41, 

Solano y Eulate, Jose Maria, C. de Jacometrezo, 41, Madrid. Min., 

SoTOMAYOR, Manuel, C. del Ave-]\Iaria, 12, Madrid. 
SUAREZ, Sergio, C. del Prado, 3, 2.°, Madrid. Bot., Ent. 
Suarez Inclan, Julian, Ronda. 
Sureda y Villalonga, Juan, Palma. Geoh 

Taboada de la Riva, Marcial, C. de las Infantas, 11, 3.°, Madrid. 
Tellez y Vicen, Juan, C. de Tintoreros, 3, Madrid. 
Texidor, Dr. Juan, Barcelona. Bot. 

ToRREPANDO, Le Conite de, C. de Gravina, 20, 2.°, Madrid. Bot. 
ToRTosA Y Picon, Mariano, Oviedo. 
ToRNOS, Lucas de, C. de los Reyes, 20, 2.°, Madrid. 
Tr^mols, Frederico, Catedralico de Quimica, Calle de Cortes, 214, 

Barcelona. Botany. C. lo,000 specimens of herbs. Ex. 
Ubach y Soler, Antonio, Tarrasa. 
Uhaoon, Federico de, Marquina, Vizcaj'a. 
Uhagon, Pedro Pascual de, C. de San Bartolome', 7, 9 y 11, 3.°, 

Uhagon, Rodrigo de, C. de Jorge Juan, 7, Madrid. 
Uhagon y Vedia, Serafin de, Membre fondateur de la Socicte Espa- 

gnole d'Histoire Naturelle de Madrid. Tre'sorier de la meme So- 

cie'te', Membre des Societe's Entoraologiques de France et de Berlin, 

et de la Societe Entomologique Allemandc. Calle de Jovellanos, 7, 

Madrid. Entomology. C. Coleoptera of Europe and of the basin 

of the Mediterranean, especially of Spain. Ex. 
Valdes Y Pajares, Juan, C. de la Amnistia, 12, 2.°, Madrid. Orn. of 

Valero y Castell, Blas, Bot. Gar., Valencia. Bot. 

SWEDEN.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 335 

Vai.lduvi t Vidal, Francisco, C. de la Luna, 36, 3.°, Madrid. Hymen- 

Valle y Ortega, Tomas, C. del Caballero de Gracia, 24, 3.°, Madrid. 
Vallejo y Tanuo, Luis, Baeza. 

Vayreda y Vila, Estanislao, Besalu, Sapjaro (Gerona). Bot. 
Vazquez y Lopez Amor, Antonio, C. de la Biblioteca, 2, Madrid. 
Velaz de Medrano, Fernando, Soria. 
Vergara, Mariano, Avocat, ex. Depute', ex. Prefet, Barquillo, 34 du- 

plicado, principal, isquierdo, Madrid. General Sciences, Agriculture. 
Vicente, Nemesio, Ferrol. 

Vicuna, Gumersindo, C. de San Agustin, 10, 3.°, Madrid. 
Vidal, Dr. Ignaz, Prof. Univ., Valencia. Physiol. 
Vidal y Quadras, Manuel, Calle Cristina, 1, 2.°, Barcelona. Numis. 
Vidal y Soler, Sebastian, Manila. 
Vie, Louis, Nat. Sci. Mus., Madrid. 
ViEiTES de AndradE, Vincente, Juez de 1" instancia, como idica la 

adjiinla faja impresa, Barbastro. Zoology. 
Vigil Llano, Wenceslao, Soto del Barco (Oviedo). 
ViLANOVA y Piera, Jose, C. del Gobcruaclor Viejo, 7, Valencia. 
Vilanova y Piera, Juan, C de San Vicente, 12, Madrid. Geol., Paleo. 
Vincent, Pascual, Corrcdera Baja de San Pablo, 22, Madrid. 
Vincente, Nemesio, In^j^eniero de la Armade, Cartagena. 
VizcARRONDi, Julio, 4 Calle del Soldado, ^Madrid. 
Wagner, Eugenio, C. do San Quintiii, G, Madrid. 
Xavier de Castro, Prof. Dr. Francisco, Madrid. Bot. 
Yanez, Dr. Teodoro, Universidad, C. de la Magdalena, 19, Madrid. 
Zapater y Gomez Cordobes, Ildefonso, Teruel. 
Zapatek y Marconell, Bernardo, Albarracin. Lepid., Bot. C. 
Zaragoza, Justo, C. de Campomanes, 4, 2.°, Madrid. 
Zimmerman, Augusto, C. de Serrano, 82, Madrid. 
ZuuiA, Prof. Ildefonso, Istitutio, C. Mayor, 147, LogroSo. Bot., Hist, 


Abelin, Prof. Hjalmar A., Stockbolm. 

Aberg, a. K., Carol. Inst., Stockbolm. Histol. 

Adlerz, E., Cpsala. Bryol. 

Adlerz, Gottfrid a., Upsala. Ent. 

Agardh, Dr. Jacob (i.. Prof. Bot. Univ., Lund. 

Ahlberg, Dr. N. P., Univ. Bot. Gar., Upsala. Bot. 

Ahlner, Kl., Wexio. Al/ology. 

AiiLROT, Albert J., Kalmar. Ent. 

Aiirling, Dr. Evvald, Arboija. Botany. 

Akekman, a. R., Tecb. Inst., Stockbolm. Mininc/. 

Almen, Prof. Dr. August, Iloy..Univ., Upsala. Med. Chem. 

Almquist, S., Lektor. Job." O. Kyrkogata, 22, Stockholm. Botany. 

Lichens of the family of Graphidas, Japanese Lichens, and Swedish 

llieracsf. C. Ex. 
Alstromer, p. J.N. 0.,Freibcrr. Grubeningenieur, Gefle. Geology and 

Anderson, Dr. F., Ilalmstad. Nat. Hist. 
Andersson, Dr. A. E., Kristianstad. Nat, Hist, 
Andersson, Carl a., Sater. Ent. 

Angstrom, Cantjtus, Asst. Phys. Cabinet, Upsala. PJiys. 
ARE3CHOUG,Dr. J.E., Prof. Emeritus, Univ. Upsala, Stockholm. Bot.- 

336 THE naturalists' directory. [Sweden. 

Ankarcrona, Jakob W., T,yckebv. Ent. 

Aresciioug, Prof. Dr. FuEuiiKiK Wiluelm Christian, Direc. Bot. Gar., 

Liiiicl. But. 
Arnell, Dr. 11. WiLH., llern")3an'l, Bnjohr/ij. C. Ex. 
Arruemus, Prof. John, feec. lioy. Ayric. Acad., Stockholm. Agric. 

Atterberg, Dr. Albert, Vorstelicr der Cliemischcn Station fiir Land- 

wirtlisclial't luul (n-wcrlje, Kahiiar. Vhenui,try. 
AURiviLi.ius, Carl, Upsala. '/ oiil. 

AuRiviLi.ius, Chuistoi'heu, Acad. Sci., Stockholm. Ent. 
AXELL. S., felin(Uvall hot., Physiol. 

Baakluxi), I'rof. Dr. Albert \'ictor. Eon-. Univ., Lund. Mech. 
Eager, Ernst, Malniii. Ent. 
Berg, Dr. Theodore F., Stockholm. 
Bergendahl, Dr. D., LiukI But. 

Berger, Dr. .\lexander Fredrik, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Math. 
Behggren, Pruf Dr. SvEN,Koy. Univ.," Up^ala. Hot. 
Bei4Gi.und, Dr Emil, Tech. Inst., (iothelorfr. ('hfm. 
Bergman, Dr. F. A. li., Doccnt. Up-ala, Ejmliniio ngy. 
Bergstrand, Prof. Dr C E., Vorstelicr dcr A}:riciilturchemischen und 

pliy^ioloui-<chen Versiichs-Anstalt bei der K, Akadcmie der Land- 

wirthschaft, .Stockliohn. Agiicid ural ChemLtry. 
Berlin, Dr. .Mac. .Junkiipiny;. Sal. liUt. 
Berlin, Nils J., Stockholni." 

BiLLBERGH, Lcc. Dr. TiiL'RE, \Vestcra<«. Phys., Math. 
Bjorling, Prof. Dr. Charles F. E., Uoy. Univ., Lund. Math. 
Blix, Carl A., Carol List , Stockholm. I'at/io'., Auut. 
Blix, Dr Magnus Gustav, Hoy. Univ., Ui>sala. Phys. 

BLO.VIBERG, Dr. .\LBERT, St0Cl<il )lin. 6'c'o/. 

Blomberg, Olof Cotthard, Pastor, St. Siindhv. Lirhenology. C. Ex. 
Blo.mstrand, Prof. Dr. Christian V.'ilhelm, Boy. Univ., Lund, Chem. 
BOMAN, Capt. Claes Ehic, New Polylecbuicum, Malmu. Math., Phys. 
BuRTZELL, .Vlex , Stockliolm. Oeoi 
BoVALLiVS, Dr. Carl, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Carcinology, Comp. Emb. 

C. Ev. Scandinavian Crust, and Moll, for AmpLipoda, etc. 
Bowman, C. E., Tecli List., ^Malni). P/iys. 
BROSTiiriM, C. ^L, Upsala. 
BRCNNSTRi'tM, Dr. .1. .V., Karlsliiuin. Kat. Hht. 
Brusevvitz, Emil, Mint. Stockholm Cliem., Metal. 
Bruzelius, Dr N. G., Rcc. Schol., Ystad. Ettmol. 
BuscH, T. A. \V'., Siklcrkiipin:;. Utituug. 
Carlberg, p. jNL, Stiill.lakn. Mtmng. 
Carlson, A. F., Skane. Ent. 
Carlsson, Victor, StoL'khohn. Geol. 
Carpelan, (Justaf T., Stockholm. E^it. 
Cederstrom, Dr. Carl, Freiherr, Ritterjjutsbesitzer, Carlstad. Zoology, 

Arrhrrology, Rthnn/rapliy. C. 
Ceiller, D. C, Kopparlier;;'. Mcialliirjy, 
Christensen, R., Univ. Lund. Bat. 
Claesson. Dr. John Peter, Roy. Univ., Lund. Chem. 
Clason, Prnf. Dr. Claes IIei£m.\"n, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Anat., Hist. 
Clason, Prof. I'^DWARD, Uppsala. An'it , Hist. 
Cleve, Dr. P. T , Prof. Chem., Rny Univ., Upsala. Chem. 
Collin, Prof. Johan (i., Nonkj(i])iny,-. 
Collinder, E., Sundsvall. Bn/olorr/. 
Cramer, Dr. II. J., Visliy. Sat. Hist. 

Cronvall, Dr. Alex. Julius Alexander, Linkopin^. Meteo. 
Cronander, Dr. A. W., Upsala. Chem. 


CuRMAN, Prof. Dr. Carl, Roy. Med.-Chi. Inst., Stockholm. Meteor. 
Dahlander, Prof. Dr. G. R., Polvtechiiicum, Stockholm. Phys., spec. 

Dahlander, Prof. Gustaf R., Stockholm. 
Dahm, Oscak E. L., Kalmar. Ent. 
Dales-, Dr. J. E., Ostersund. Nat. Hist. 

Daug, Prof. Dr. Herman Theodor, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Math. 
De Geer, G., Up.*ala. Geol. 
De Laval, Dr. Patrick, Stockholm. Malacology. 
Dellvik, C. a., Stockliolm. Metal. 
Dillner, Prof. Dr. Goran, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Math. 
DL'ben, Prof. Gdstaf \V. J. von, Stockholm. 
DcNER, Dr. XiLS Christofer, Obsei-vator, I.,und. Astronomy. 
DusEN, K. F., Asst. Bot. Gardens, Upsala. Bot. : Sphaijnacea. C. Ex. 

fine specimens of Scandinavian Sphagnaccae for otlicrs. 
Edgren, Dr. Per Adolf, Sodra Humle^rardsgatan, 10, Stockholm. Ent. 
Edlund, Prof. Dr. E., Dir. Kiinigl. Academic der Wissenschaften, Drott- 

ninggatan, 94, Stockholm. Physics, Elect. 
Eggertz, Carl M. U., Karlskrona. Ent. 

Eggektz, Victor, Pi-of. iind Vorstcher der Konigl. Bergschule. Stock- 
holm. Metal., Chem. 
Ekeberg, Hans J., GiJtheborg. Ent., Moll. 
Ekelund, Prof. Adam W., Univ. Lund. 

Ekholm, Nicolaus Gustav, Asst. Meteo. Observ., Upsala. Meteor. 
Ekman, Fredrik Laurenz, Prof. Tekniska Hogskolan, Stockholm. 

Chem., Technol., Hydrography. 
Ekstraxd, Dr. ake Gerhard, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Chem. 
Ekstrand, Lee. Dr. Charles Richard, Polytechnicum, Gothenburg. 

Ekstrand, E. V., Upsala. Bryology. 

Enell. Henrik, Apothekcr, Drottninggatan, 71 A., Stockholm. Chem. 
Engstrom, Dr. B. A., Kalmar. Nat. Hist. 
Engstrom, Folke August, Licentiat, Amanuens., Lund. Ast. 
Erdmann, Edvard, State Geologist, Amanuensis of the Geol. Museum, 

Geological Bureau, Stockholm, (real. (Coal Mines and Quater- 

narj' deposits.) 
Eriksson, G., Stockholm. Bot. 

Eriksson, Dr. Jac, Roy. Acad. Agricul., Stockholm. Bot. 
EuREN, Prof., Upsala. Invert. Zoiil. 
EuRENius, Lee. Dr. Axel Gustav Julius, Polytechnicum, Non-kjoping. 

Ewert, Lee. Dr. Axel Wilhelm, Polytechnicum, Gotheborg. Cliem. 
Fagerholm, Lee. Dr John Alfred, Visby. Phys., Math. 
Fahrceus, Olof T., late Minister Interior," Stockholm. Ent. 
Falk, Dr. Matths, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Math. 
Fernqvist, Eric Beknhard, Polytechnicum, Orebro. Chem., Gevl. 
Fixeman, Carl Gottfried, Asst." Meteor. Observ., Upsala. Meteor. 
Flodekus, Rcc. Dr. Manfred, Gymnasium, Upsala. Phys., Math., Ent. 
Fogelmark, Prof. Dr. Fredrik Emil, Polytechnicum, Stockholm. 

Follin, Charles, Rittmcister,Helsingborg (Pahlsjo). ArchccoL, Pnlrpo. 

C. E-V. weapons and utensils of stone and bronze, of the prehis- 
toric age. 
FORSSELL, Dr. K. B. J., Upsala. Lichens. Ex. lichens of Sweden and 

Norway, for those of other countries. 
FoRSSELL, Prof. Dr. Nils Edward, Skara. Ent., Bot., Pakeo., Chem., 

Physics. C. Ex. Also has curiosities to sell. 
FORSSMAN, Dr. L. A., Acad. Science, Stockholm. Meteor. 


FoRSSTRAND, Prof., Upsala. Invert. Zool. 

Freduolm, Dr. Kaul August, Lector vid Luleah. AUmannaLaboverk, 
Ijiilca. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Offers Sw