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The original of tiiis book is in 
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Aorist is added, if it differs from that of the Preterite. Where therefore 
no such vowel is mentioned, the vowel of the Preterite is retained in the 
Aorist, which is frequently the case if it is a, rarely if it is i, but 
always if it is u. The second heading comprises those simple Deriva- 
tives, either nouns or adjectives, which do not exceed in number the 
original letters of the root.* 

Derivatives which are formed by the introduction of so-called servile 
or additional letters, and the various measures of the broken Plural, 
are to be looked for in their natural alphabetical order, where their 
meanings or reference to the singular is given, unless they can be 
readily traced back to their respective origin by eliminating such 
additional letters according to a few simple rules of easy application. 
In order to impress these rules more effectively on the mind of the 
student, and to facilitate reference to them in case of need, we will 
divide the words in question into four classes, namely : — I. Words 
containing a letter of prolongation Q. — a, j — m, ^s — *) or a doubled 
consonant ; II. Words beginning with the letter \ ; HI. Words beginning 
with the letter ua t ; TV. Words beginning with the letter |> m. 

I. — Words containing a letter of prolongation or a doubled consonant. 
In Derivatives or Plurals of this description, not found in the Dictionary, 
or only rendered by meanings which do not fully meet the requirements 
of the case, these letters are to be thrown out, to obtain the root, or 
the singular, if it is a plural noun ; thus : — 

1. \ — in words of the measures 

J^\i/a'i7, the well-known form of the Agent or active participle, 

" who does." 
JUi /a"«Z, where also the double consonant is to be rejected, or in 
other words, the Ta&did to be removed, intensive of the former, 
" who does frequently, habitually, by way of trade." 

* It is true that, by the arrangement explained in this and the 
previous paragraph, sometimes different roots or their derivatives are 
thrown together under the same heading : under the heading Jic for 

instance, we give, besides ^add and Hdd, belonging to the root (J*c), also 
the word ^udd, " pustule," apparently itself a root, and under the 
feminine form we include 'ida-t, " promise, threat," derived from 
the root (>"^^). But this very juxtaposition of disparate meanings will 
strike the attention of a thoughtful student, and continually remind 
him, that in Arabic, more than in any other language, very similar 
forms may have a vastly distinct origin. 


J^ fi'dl. Infinitive, exceptionally of the primitive verb (in which 
case, however, it will be found as a reference in its alphabetical 
place), regularly of the third conjugation, along with the more 
frequently used measure ^U- mufd'ala-t, " doing with regard 
to another, doing reciprocally on the part of two or more." 
Also Plural of nouns of the measure J«i/a'Z, fi'l, fw'l, and its 
feminine form in 6 . ^ ^ 

'^fa'W, feminine of the measure J>^\ afal, forming adjectives of 
defect and colour (see Class II.)- 
Lastly, in Plurals of words which consist of four or more letters, 
either originally, or through the introduction of servile letters into tri- 
literal roots. These plurals are trisyllabic, with a ( — ) after the first, 
(1 (\ —•) after the second, and i (— ) after the penultimate consonant. 
If all the letters of the singular are radical, the measure is — 

JJUi fa'dlil, where the second I corresponds to the fourth and fol- 
lowing consonants of the singular ; and if the singular is 
quadriliteral, it will be obtained by dropping the \ of pro- 
longation of the plural; otherwise it will be referred to in 
the alphabetical place of the latter.* 
The plural measures of words of four and more letters, reducible to 
triliteral roots, are — 

JcU\ afit'il, plural of nouns, or of certain other plurals beginning 
with \ , or of adjectives of the measure J**^ afal used substan- 
tively (see Class II.). t 
JcUj tafd'il, plural of a1«Aj tafila-t. Infinitive of the second conjugation, 
mostly of verbs terminating in a weak consonant (see Class III.). 
JjV«i fa'd'il, not given in the Dictionary amongst the alphabetical 
references when it is plural of J-«i fa'U or Huai fa'ila-t (the 

* The plural ^^;J dinVnm, for instance, is not mentioned, in the 
alphabetical order, because the elimination of the \ points to the singular 
^)J dirhiDi, name of the well-known coin ; but Ej^ safari] is quoted 
as plural of J=i-/- safarjal, "quince," JJ^ 'anddil as plural of '-t-^aac 
'andalib, " nightingale," because they do not contain all the letters of 
their respective singulars. 

t For instance: g»^^ asdh>\ plural of f~o\ nsha', 'isha', "finger"; 
w_J\^ al-i'ilib, plural of ^^^ alduh, plural of paucity of ^-^ halh, " dog " ; 
aa\vjWk/i(/( i/i(, plural of ^->^ adhum, " very black," used substantively 
for a black horse, or for the chains of a prisoner. Throwing out the 
Alif of prolongation you obtain the heading under which the wished- for 
information will be found. 


The Author's aim, in preparing the present volume, has been to provide 
the English student, at a moderate price, with a Dictionary which would 
enable him to read, not only Arabic books of a limited vocabulary, as 
the Qur'dn, or of a comparatively easy and familiar style, as the Arabian 
Nights; but also such other standard works of a wider etymological 
range, as the Hamdsah, the Mu'allaqnt, and, above all, the Maqdmdt of 
al-Hariri, which may, with the late Mr. Chenery, be aptly designated as 
a " Compendium of the Arabic Language " in all its intricacies and 
niceties. The dif&culty of such an undertaking lies in finding the golden 
mean between a merely alphabetical arrangement, which would swell the 
book into an inordinate size, and a strictly etymological disposition under 
roots, which would, undoubtedly, be more to the taste of the scholar, 
but frequently embarrass, and hence discourage, the learner whom we 
want to aid in his first steps on a journey sufficiently toilsome in itself. 
An endeavour of this kind has been made by Prof. Cherbonneau, in his 
Ai'abic-French Dictionary, and, on a far more extensive scale and in a 
superior manner, by Dr. Adolf Wahrmund, in his Manual Dictionary 
of the Arabic and German Languages ; and these two works, especially 
the latter, checked by, and occasionally enlarged upon from the MuM{ 
(an Arabic Dictionary, published in Arabic by Dr. P. Bustani in Bey rout), 
form the groundwork of our own book, with such modifications and 
additions, however, as to secure for it a fair degree of originality. 

We are now going to set forth, as briefly as can be done compatibly 
with clearness, the general plan on which this Dictionary is worked out. 
The Arabic words are given in their crude form, i.e. the form in which 
they appear before the grammatical terminations are added, and in 
Arabic type only as far as they are represented by the letters of the 


alphabet, leaving the rendering of the diacritical signs, Hamzah included, 
to the transliteration.* Thus each word forms, as it were, a skeleton, 
dead and meaningless in itself, but moved into life by the Harakat 
(vowel-points), and further to be individualized, as of Arab kin by the 
rrab (grammatical inflection). To every male, if I may be allowed to 
continue the metaphor, its consort is allotted, that is to say, under each 
heading the form or forms with the feminine termination « are subjoined 
to those without it, if both are in use. This has been done, because 
frequently the two forms stand mutually in the relationship of singular 
and plural, and therefore, by bringing them together in the same 
article, many cross-references could be spared.f In a similar way 
derivatives with a final ts > especially when forming the so-called 
Nisbah or noun of relation (in ^5), are, as a natural offspring, joined 
under the same heading to the parent-iorm, but only, if the alpha- 
betical order would already bring them in immediate contact with it 
(see e.g. article JW^ haydl, &c., p. 347). 

Roots, whether triHteral or quadriliteral, are found under two headings. 
One, placed in parentheses, gives the primitive verbs in the third person 
singular masculine, together with their Infinitives, and the Infinitives of 
the derived conjugations. In triliteral verbs the medial vowel of the 

* The student, when about to make use of this Dictionary, is of 
course supposed to be well acquainted with these signs from his Grammar, 
and should his text be pointed, he will have no difficulty in finding 
the equivalent in transliteration, for any word he may look out, by refer- 
ring to the heading in Arabic type. If, on the contrary, these signs are 
omitted from the text, as is always done in editions printed in the East 
(for instance, in the Arabian Nights, which he is particularly expected 
to read), it would be decidedly more bewildering for him to pick out, 
from perhaps half-a-dozen or more repetitions of the same group of 
Arabic letters, variously marked, that special combination which he 
wants ; while, by using the one heading, which represents the letters in 
his book, as a master-key for the different meanings, his eye has simply 
to run over the article in order to ascertain that particulai- form which 
gives an appropriate sense to the passage in hand. 

f If in the first part of an article i is placed after a generic noun it 
indicates either the female or the noun of unity ; if after an adjective, 
it stands for the feminine. In the second part, the various forms are 
given in which a word has a feminine termination without such refe- 
rence to sex or gender, and here the ' heads the transliteration. (Compare 
e.g. the articles ■>^\ asad, » , " lion," &c., p. 41 ; ^' samar, S , " fruit " 
&c., p. 209 ; > hdrr, S , " hot," &c., p. 268 ; cjili half, " behind," &c. ;— 
ii liilfa-t, " difference of opinion," &c., p. 337.) 


elimination of the \ leading to the singular), but inserted as a 
reference if the singular has d (\ — ) or 4 (}—) after the 
second radical.* 
J^V fawd'il, plural of JtU fd'il, and much more frequently of its 
feminine form ^V» fd'ila-t. Here the \ of the singular has been 
changed into j before the \ of prolongation of the plural, and 
would have to be restored after throwing out the latter ; practi- 
cally, therefore, the rule takes this shape : Suppress the j of such 
a plural, instead of the \ , to find the singular as given in the 
Dictionary, or as to be further derived from the verbal root 
according to the direction in the beginning of this Section. f 
All these plurals, except JfUi fa'd'il, have parallel forms with 
* (ts — ) instead of i ( — ) in the third syllable, corresponding to a long 
vowel in the second syllable of the singular. If the latter be d or u, 
the plural is given as a reference in its alphabetical place ; if it is i, 
such reference could be dispensed with, as here again the simple 
rejection of the \ leads to the singular. 

2. ) as letter of prolongation is to be thrown out in words of the 

J^ foi'^l, intensive of the Patient, rarely of the Agent, and 
^)*»fti'ul, Infinitive of neuter verbs (also ^^ fu'ula-t), or plural 
form of nouns. 

* We omit, for instance, the plural ■iS^ qasd'id, as a reference to the 
singular SJie«jJ> qasida-t, " poem," but we give J»^) rasd'il as plural of 
iSLy risdla-t, " mission," &c., and s->i=- hald'ib as plural of a>jU. halu- 
ha-t, " milch-camel," for the reason stated in the text. 

t In the opening lines of al-Hariri's first Assembly we meet with the 
expression (^y^^ g^^ tawd'ihu 'z-zamani, which the Commentators explain 
by iiS\jij ijJ\j=. hawddisu-hu wa qawdzifu-hu. Dropping the j in these three 
forms we obtain the Agents or participles e»U» td'ih, " perishing," iAjjU 
ifddis, " happening, befalling," and >-iJVi qdzif, " flinging, casting," of 
whose feminines the said forms would be the regular plurals. But the 
native dictionaries, speaking of the term ^^ , tell us that it belongs 
to the J J^y nawddir, or rare exceptions (plural, on the same principle, of 
SjJ^ nddira-t, "anything rare "), its singular not being iaJ^ td'iha-t, 
according to rule, but &^^ mutawwiha-t, feminine of the Agent of the 
second conjugation, " that which casts about." Hence we give it in its 
alphabetical place, with the meaning resulting from the explanation of 
the Commentators, " impelling calamities," or, as Chenery translates it 
in the quoted passage, " the shocks of the time," while the forms hawddis, 
qawdzif, and nawddir could be passed over, as easily re-traced to their 


3. ^£ as letter of prolongation is to be thrown out in words of the 

Je*» fa'U, intensive of the Agent, rarely of the Patient, and — 
JiJtiJi"il, where also the Tasdid is to be removed, with the same 
meaning more forcibly expressed. 
In this place may further be mentioned the final iS — (a.) of the 

1^^ fubVa, fem. of the comparative form J«i\ afal (see Class 11.). 
n. — Words beginning with the letter \ . This class comprises words of 
the measures 

J*»\ afal, f. oW fa'ld', forming adjectives of intransitive verbs, 

particularly expressive of defect or colour. 
J*i\ afal, f. ^Jjti fu'la, which forms the comparatives and superla- 
tives of any adjective, not belonging to the previously mentioned 
J*»\ aful, one of the so-called plurals of paucity. 
JUi^ afal, another plural of paucity, but common to plurals of 
multitude also, and therefore of very frequent occurrence. 
If any word of this kind is not found in the Dictionary, the dropping 
of the initial \ (in the last-named measure, together with the rejection 
of the Alif of prolongation), will lead at once to the verbal root, from 
which the meaning may be gathered, if it is an adjective, or to the 
singular, if it is a plural noun. The two plurals of paucity (aful and 
afal) may form a new plural of their own of the measures J*\j^ afd'il 
(also occasionally plural of the comparative), and J-tU\ afd'U respec- 
tively, as has been mentioned under Class I. 

To this Class belong further the Infinitives of the derived conjuga- 
tions from the fourth upwards, except the fifth and sixth, all beginning 
with \ i, and having an Alif of prolongation after the last letter but one. 
The root of such an Infinitive will most easily be found by changing it 
into a so-called Infinitive in Mini, and applying to it the rules for words 
beginning with that letter, as will be explained under Class IV. 

in. — Words beginning with the letter ^ . This Class contains the 

JUij tafalul, Infinitive of the second conjugation of quadriliterals. 
^y^ tafil, ^'1«4' tafila-t, with their respective plurals, J-^U* tafi'U 
and Jc^' tafd'il (see Class I.), Infinitive of the second conjuga- 
tion of trililerals. 


J«A» tafa"ul, Infinitive of the fifth, and — 

JcW tafd'ul, Infinitive of the sixth conjugations of the same. 
By cutting off the initial » ta, and throwing out a letter of prolonga- 
tion or a double consonant, where such appear, the root is obtained, 
under which the Infinitive in question, with its different meanings, will 
be found. 

rV. — Words beginning with the letter f* m. The initial, not radical, 
l« of words belonging to this Class may be read with a (Fatliah) or i 
(Kasrah), in which case it is followed by a triliteral root, frequently with 
a letter of prolongation in the second syllable, or it may be pronounced 
with u (Dammah), when it forms participles and verbal nouns of quadri- 
literals, and is mostly accompanied by one or several more servile letters. 
We will therefore consider them under two heads, making henceforth 
use of dots to indicate the number of radical letters occurring in a word, 
as has been done all through the letter M in the Dictionary. It must, 
however, be remarked, with regard to the transliteration in Roman 
character, that only consonants and long vowels — which in Arabic con- 
tain a quiescent weak consonant — are reckoned to be letters, while the 
short vowels, as merely represented by orthographical signs, do not 
count as such ; JV* qdl, for instance, would consist of three letters, but 
J* qui only of two in the eyes of an Arabic grammarian. 

1. The measures of the form ...'♦, i.e. consisting of a triliteral root, 
preceded by initial ma or mi, are — 

J*i* mafal. Infinitive or noun of Action (in certain cases mxif'il), 
and noun of Place or Time. 

J«4/» mifal and il«i- mif'ala-t, noun of Instrument. 
These form their plural in Jc\&» mafdHl, which could be omitted from 
amongst the alphabetical references, as simply the elimination of the \ 
would lead to the singular. The noun of Instrument, however, takes 
more frequently the measure JUi- mifdl (. \ . . '•), with the plural 
JecUrt mafd'il, and if such a singular is given in the Dictionary, the 
plural will also be found with a reference to it, as here the dropping of 
the \ in the plural form would leave it still undecided whether it 
belongs to the singular JW* mifdl, or to either of the last two measures 
to be mentioned in this Section, viz. : 

J-Jt*. mif'il, a rare form of the intensive Agent, and — 

Jyti/. maful, the regular form of the nomen patientis (Patient) of 
the transitive triliteral verb. 


The plural of the latter (of the measure J«cVi- mafd'U) is quoted in 
its alphabetical place, for the reason stated above, but not that of the 
former, because here the removal of the \ suffices to find the singular. 

2. The second category of words belonging to this Class are all 
Participles, nouns of Place or Time, and nonns of Action or so-called 
Infinitives in Mim, and have the general form — " , i.e. the initial 
syllable mu is followed by an indefinite number of letters, from three 
to five, which, if not quiescent, are pronounced with a (Fathah), except 
the penultimate, which takes i (Kasrah), if the word is an active par- 
ticiple (Agent). At least three, frequently four, of these letters, are 
radical, as will be seen by compai-ing the different measures with the 
more general symbols included in parentheses. These measures are — 
J*»^ (...'•) muf'il. Agent, muf'al, Patient, noun of Place or Time, 

and Infinitive in mim of the fourth conjugation of a triliteral. 
Ji*4^ (....'•) mufa'lil, Agent, mufa'lal, Patient, &c. of a quadri- 

J«4- (...'•) mufa'Hl, Agent, mufa"al, Patient, &c. of the second 

conjugation of a triliteral. 
JcU/. (. . \ . ,•) mufd'il, Agent, mufd'al, Patient, noun of Place or 
Time, and in its feminine form ilcW. mufd'ala-t, Infinitive of 
the third conjugation of a triliteral. 

«. -J c 

J*A- (...'•) muf'all (for mufalil), Agent, and (for muf'alal) In- 
finitive in Mim of the ninth conjugation of a triliteral. 
In these five measures the root is obtained by simply cutting off the 
initial mu, and, where such occur, throwing out the \ of prolongation or 
doubled consonant, according to the rule given for Class I. 

Jl«Ax» (....;!-) mutafa'lil, Agent, mutafa'lal, Patient, &c. of a 

J«4i« (. . . i^) mutafa'Hl, Agent, mutafa"al, Patient, <fcc. of the 

fifth conjugation of a triliteral. 
J*Ux.» (. . \ . A») mutafd'il, Agent, mutafd'al, Patient, &c. of the 
sixth conjugation of a triliteral. 
In these three measures the root is obtained by combining with the 
previous direction the rule given for Class III., in other words, by cutting 
off the initial mii-ta, besides removing the Alif or Tasdid, if there should 
be any. 

^^*io^ (....«.») munfa'il. Agent, mmifa'al, Patient, &c. of the 
seventh conjugation of a triliteral. 

PREFACE. xiii 

form requires a certain amount of practice which can scarcely be ex- 
pected from a learner at the outset of his studies ; so we thought it 
incumbent upon us to give either the third person singular masculine 
of the Preterite or the Infinitive, and as the former course would have 
frequently necessitated the additional introduction of the Fii'il or Agent, 
we decided for the second plan.* Some inconsistency in this and 
other respects will be noticed in the early part of the Dictionary, namely, 
with regard to roots beginning with\ , whose derived Infinitives, however, 
will be mostly found in their alphabetical place, and in the beginning 
of the letter v 6, when our views on this point were not quite settled. 
This is a blemish which we must beg to excuse, and resei-ve ourselves 
to efface in any later edition. 

In bringing this rather lengthy Preface to a close, it only remains for 
me to offer my cordial thanks to the Publishers, who, with great sacri- 
fice of time and expense, have helped me to carry out my laborious 
undertaking. Moreover, they have kindly consented to open the field 
for a first trial of its usefulness by following it up with a Student's 
Edition of Al-Hariri's celebrated Assemblies — a seed-corn which, by the 
favour of sun and breeze, may develop into a " Palm-grove of Arabic 
Poetry," exhibiting the most eminent productions of a rich and inte- 
resting literature, if their praiseworthy efforts meet with encourage- 
ment. ^ oW^^ ir^^ "^^ " ^od knows best and time will show." 

My thanks are also due to the authorities of the Oriental Institute at 
Woking for a liberal subscription, and for the opportunity of literary 
leisure which they are affording me for working on another field — the 
complete translation, with connecting Commentary, of the Vydkarana of 


Oriental Institute, Woking. 
August 12th, 1884. 

* These Infinitives may frequently be merely theoretical, not 
actually used as ijUa* J)*«^ maf'iU mutlaq, i.e. corroborative or adverbial 
masdar. Nevertheless, they are fit representatives of their conjugation, 
as their formal relation to the conjugated verb remains always the 



Page 333, read under the heading i-M^ after the words " a metre :" 

fd'ildtun mustaf'i-lun fd'ildtun — ^^ | -w' — | — ^ 


Page 492, add under ^j-> : a metre, mustafilun niustaf'ilun maf'ii- 
Idtu — — -w — I s-' — I >^ twice. 

Page 958, add after W^*-* the heading : li-iq^ mujtass, a metre, mus- 

tafi-lun fd'ildtun fd'ildtun ■^^ — | — ^^ ( — ^ 


Page 1015, add under gj\-A* : a metre, mafd'ilun fd'ildtun niafd'Uun 


J«ix~- (. . . i-.^) mustafil. Agent, mustafal, Patient, &c. of the 
tenth conjugation of a triliteral. 
In these measures the root is obtained at once by cutting off the 
initial musta or mwn respectively. 

Most troublesome for beginners will be the measure 


J*!^ (..-.-•) mufta'il, Agent, mufta'al, Patient, &c. of the eighth 
conjugation of a triliteral, where the first radical of the root 
appears between two servile letters. 
If the initial letter of such a root is n or s, he will be liable to con- 
found this form with the two previous ones, as it would begin with 
munta (possibly belonging to the seventh conjugation of a verb with 
initial t) in the first case, and with musta in the second case. Here he 
must consider whether musta is followed by three letters, when the word 
belongs to the tenth conjugation of a root composed of these three 
letters ; or by two, when it appertains to the eighth conjugation of a root 
composed of these two letters preceded by «.* He must bear in 
mind, however, that in these measures of the eighth and tenth conjuga- 
tions, as in the corresponding ones of the fourth and seventh, the Alif 
of prolongation, represented in the Eoman character by a, counts as a 
full letter, and points to a so-called hollow root, i.e. a root with a weak 
consonant for its second radical. With regard to words beginning with 
munta, it will be a comfort for him to learn that the roots with < as a 
first radical are few in number, and very rarely form the seventh con- 
jugation, so that he may in all safety turn at once to a root beginning 
with n. Still, to help him over the difficulties which undoubtedly wiU 
beset his path, we have placed, as it were, road-marks on it, by freely 
interspersing the letter f of the Dictionary with general leading-forms, 
like those given above, the purport and use of which he will now easily 

We have here to add a word more about the usual Infinitives with 
initial \ of the derived conjugations of a triliteral, other than the second, 
third, fifth, and sixth. Their measures are : fourth, JUi\ ifdl ; seventh, 

* Verbal forms may, in this case, sometimes be perplexing at 
first sight: ^■t^ for instance, may stand for "they allowed to live" 
(tenth form of ^_^ haqiya), or for " they vied to be first " (eight of (j-«- 

sabaqa). But the vocalisation of the former would be istdbqau (^a-A-\ 

where the Fathah is remainder of the i^ — of the singular t_^-fxJ[ 

istabqa), that of the latter, istahaqu (^a-J^^). 


JUi!^ infi'dl; eighth, JUsi\ ifti'dl; ninth, JUi\ if'ildl ; and tenth, J\*ixJ\ 
ietif'dl. When, by attending to the rules laid down in the previous pages, 
some practice has been acquired in separating the radical from the 
servile letters, the student will, of course, turn from such Infinitives 
directly to the root. But in the earlier stage of his reading he will find 
it safer mentally to transform them into the corresponding Infinitives in 
Mim by substituting the syllable mzt for the initial \ (Hamzah), throwing 
out the \ (Alif) of prolongation, and pronouncing the letters not qui- 
escent with a (Fathah). So fourth, JUi\ if'dl changes into J*m muf'al ; 
seventh, JV«4>\ infi'dl into J**^^ munfa'al ; eighth, J^»si^ ifti'dl into J*sa^ 
mufta'al ; ninth, JI^\ if'ildl into J«i- muf'all ; and tenth, JV«ai..\ istif'dl 
into J*sx--» mustafal, with which measures of the present Class he will 
by this time have become familiar. It must, however, be observed that 
a great number of the Infinitives with initial \ have been given in their 
alphabetical order, especially such of frequent occurrence or of more or 
less irregular formation. 

By adhering, as we hope, judiciously, if not with slavish rigour, to a 
system of arrangement with regard to cross-references based on the fore- 
going rules, it was possible not only to reduce our German model to 
nearly half its size without omitting anything essential, but even to gain 
room for several important additions, which we will now shortly point 
out. Firstly, wherever a reference is given, we did not confine ourselves 
to quoting the word referred to, unless it occurs in closest proximity, 
but we accompanied the reference with one or two of the principal sig- 
nifications, so as to spare the student as much as possible time and 
trouble. Secondly, the number of meanings has frequently been in- 
creased. Here we are indebted for many of the English renderings to 
Chenery's translation of the first 26 Assemblies of Al Hariri, Eodwell's 
Kordn, Palmer's El Baha Zoheir, and Lane's Arabian Nights. Thirdly 
the stock of words itself has been not inconsiderably enlarged from the 
Standard Works of Arabic Literature, particularly those mentioned in 
the beginning of this Preface, and, to quote a distinguished modern 
writer of Arabic, from the Ma;qdm.H of Nasif al-Tazaji, on which 
remarkable work compare Chenery's Introduction to Al Hariri, p 99 
Fourthly, the last and most comprehensive addition is the introduction 
of the Infinitives of the derived conjugations of all verbal roots. In a 
book of this kind, we did not think it sufficient to designate them merely 
by their numbers, for to put unerringly the right number upon the right 



The Arabic letters have, ia this volume, been transliterated as 
follows : — 

\ a,iu, at the beginning of a word (see the remark on the 
Hamzah below). 
^ b. 

ut> (. 

>4» s. Pronounced like the English th in thing. 

6 j- 

C A. A guttural aspirate, stronger than h. 

t h. Pronounced like the Scotch ch in loch. 

J d. 

j z. Pronounced like the English th in that, with. 

^ s. Pronounced like the English sh in ihut. 

yp s. Strongly articulated s. 

y* d. Similar to the English th in this. 

t t. Strongly articulated palatal t. 

k z. Strongly articulated z. 

g ' . Strong guttural, the pronunciation of which must be 
learnt by the ear. 

t 9. 

-* /. 

I- ^--'^ 

J q- 

. --..t-^^' -■' "' ■'"' ' ' K 

^ h. 
J I. 

\ piavATu^- ■---' '^' ; 

1* m. 

t No.... *^"- 1 

(^ n. 


» h. 

i£ y- 


Tlie Hamzah has not been marked at the beginning of a word, where 
it has always the Alif for a prop, and is pronounced as a, i, u, preceded 
by a very slight aspiration, like h in the English word " honour." 

The vowel signs have been rendered by a for — , i for — , u for — ; 

- t - c ^ 

the long vowels by a for \ — , — , or "S , i for ^5 — , ai for ^e, — , u for 
} — , au for J — , all to be pronounced as in Italian or German. Pinal 
iS — is rendered by a, ^s — ^J «■ 

The feminine termination i — is represented by a-t, where the final 
letter is joined to the body of the word by a hyphen, to show that in 
modern Arabic it is not to be pronounced, unless the noun is placed in 
a state of construction with a pronominal suffix, or another noun pre- 
ceded by the article. 

In addition to the Abbreviations in common use the following are 
employed : — 

Ag. for Agent (active participle). 

Pat. „ Patient (passive participle). 

(m.) „ modem form or expression. 

n.u. „ noun of unity. 
Where an asterisk (*) is inserted in an article, it means that, besides 
the forms or meanings given under the heading, others may be looked 
for in accordance with the indications set forth in the Preface. 



\ (i-aJ^ alif), as a numeral sign=l ; 
also abbreviation for Jj\ awwal, 
as: \j = J^S^ gsjj rabi'u-'l-awwal, 
W- = JjS^ j^JU^ jumdziyu-l-aw- 
wal, \J=Jj3\ «Juui5\ ^j jM-7- 
qa'datu-'l-awwal ; — a, particle of 
interrogation placed at the be- 
ginning of the first word of a 
sentence ; followed by |»\ = 
whether ... or. 
v>\ ab, father, patriarch ; s^S^ al-ab, 
our Heavenly Father ; — ab, ah, 
month of August ; — '~>'S db-in, see 
tj!] dbi. 
(sj\) abb, I and v, inf. ; i~A abb, 
>~M\ abdb, ^^\ abdba-t, ibdba-t, 
put the hand to (as to the sword) ; 
move, agitate ; long for (one's 
country ) ; prepare (for a 
journey) ; intend ; be straight, 
upright (as a road, conduct) ; 
defeat ; ii. cry out ; v., viii. 
wonder, be astonished (with >-• 
bi) ; — abb, pi. "-jj^ a'ubb, inten- 
tion ; travelling plan ; fodder, 
grass, meadow. 
(\i\) aba (for j>\ abaw-a) u, inf. 
»j^\ ibdwa-t, become father ; ii. 
call a person father ; v. take for 
a father, consider as a father ; — 
aba'. A, INF. W\ ab', throw, shoot, 
W\ aba' reeds, rushes; — ibd', re- 
fusal, rejection, disobedience, 
abhorrence, disgust ; unwilling- 
ness ; — wbd', pi. of ^j>l dbi ; — 
— dbd', pi. of )i\ abu, fathers, 

forefathers, ancestors ; — i abd'a-t, 
reed ; — ibd'a-t, inf. of ij!\ ; — 
ubdt, pi. of ij>\ dbi, q.v. 
v»^>^ ubdb, great bulk of water, bil- 
low, wave ; — ahdb, luggage ; also 
5 abdba-t, ibdba-t, way, conduct, 
manner of living ; longing for ; 
INF. of (v^) q.v. 

JaJ^^l abdbil, some fabulous birds ; 
for JjjW^ abdwil, pi. of Jy) ibbaid, 
troops of camels. 

(^V;\ abdbin, pi. of y^\ ibbdn, q.v. 

y^.\ ubdtir, without children, soli- 
tary. ^ 

^'^\ ibdta-t, passing the night, 
giving a night's lodging, doing 
anything at night bime ; iv. of 
iy>-ii q.v. 

i>\;\ ibdsa-t, examining; ploughing; 
IV. of (>^y) q.v. 

fs-'^\ abdjir, ^*^^^ abdjir, pi. of yr. 
bujr, q.v. 

Jq-V}^ abdjil, sinews of the foot, pi. 
of J^.^ abjal. 

ScA>\ ibdha-t, making public ; re- 
vealing, disclosing; giving full 
permission ; license, licentious- 
ness ; IV. of (cj?) qv. 

(j<.<i-^\ abdhis, pi. finger-tops. 

^\i\ ibdha-t, extinguishing ; iv. of 

(t)i) q.v. ■ , , , 

jVj\ dbdd, eternities, pi. of a>\ abad ; 

— » ibdda-t, annihilation ; iv. of 

(^) q.v. 
j»jW^ abddid, scattered animals, 

birds, etc. 
j\i\ ab'dr, dbdr, pi. of ;Sj q.v. ; — 



abdr, lead ; — ibdr, S ihdra-t, fruc- 
tification of the palm tree, s. fi^ ; 
— ibdr, needles, pi. of 'ij>\ ibra-t ; 
— abbdr, maker or seller of 
needles ; flea. 
Jj^^ abdriq, pi. of ^ijA ahraq, q.v. 
— « abdriqa-t, (JJjVj^ abdriq, pi. of 
i^if^ abriq, q.v. 
&»j^^ abdrima-t, ^J^\ abdriha-t, pi. 

of (««fc;i^ ibrahim. 
jV}\ abbdz, who jumps, leaps (as a 

;5jW^ abdzir, herbs for seasoning, 

pi. of )\j>\ abzdr. 
(*jj^^ abdzim, buckles, &c., pi. of 

^j!^ ibzim. 
(j-«^ wtas, shrew. 
&A>W^ ubdsa-t, rabble, vagabonds ; 

yoVsl ibdd, vein, sinew ; pi. o^^ 
-mSmc^, rope for tying up the fore- 
foot of a camel ; — dbdd, pi. of 
(J^^ ubd, q.v. 
tVj\ a6a<, shoulders, armpits, pi. of 
S»^ i6f ; — ibdt, what is carried 
under the armpits. 
AitV}^ abdtila-t, pi. iJsJ=W^ abdtil, 
thing of no value ; nothingness ; 
■>s\i}, abd'id, strangers, not related, 

pi. of -i*}^ ab'ad. 
Acb\ ibd'a-t, sale, traffic ; iv. of (^) 

q.v. ^ 
jVi^ ibdq, & ibdqa-t, escape ; inf. of 
(tJJ^) q.-^- i — ubbdq, pi. of i^*! dbiq. 
JW^ a&aZ, camels, pi. of J?\ ifeZ, 
i&iZ ; — J^^ dbbdl, camel-herd ; — 
J^^ ubbdl, pi. of JA dbil; — S 
ibdla-t, administration of pro- 
perty ; economy ; police ; client- 
ship ; tribe. 
X-J^\ abdlisa-t, i_i~*5V>^ abdlis, devils, 

pi. of u~*l}^ iblis. 
yVj\ abdn=iil^fi\ du. of ^\ father 
and mother ; — ibbdn, pi. (^^\ 
abdbin, opportunity, favourable 
moment ; beginning ; — » ibdna-t, 
distinction, separation ; explana- 
tion ; publication ; iv. of (i^). 
^V}\ ahdhim, thumbs, pi. of fil^\ 

6^^i\ ibdwa-t, paternity. 

Jij^^ abdwil, pi. of Jy\ ibbaul. 

(uw^) abat, xj, INF. abt, ubut, be 
hot ; abit. A, the same ; swell 
(with drink) ; — v. inf. ta'albut, 
kindle, n. 
cs-}^ abt, abit, obit, hot ; — abati, for 
^^^ abati, my father ; — » 
abta-t, heat ; violent anger. 

ci.U>\ i6f(Ji, cutting off, plucking 
off ; accomplishing; iv. of (t=-~?)- 

vij^asja^ ibtihds, examination ; inves- 
tigation ; scrutiny ; inquest ; 
disputation ; viii. of (ii-=^.) q.v. 

cWxj^ ibtihdh, rich harvest; abun- 
dance, plenty. 

\sxi\ ibtidd', beginning, commence- 
ment, noviciate ; — ibtidd' an, in 
the beginning, at first. 

^Xi>^ ibtiddr, pushing on, setting 
about any work, running in 
advance, hastening (to arms, 

g\oja\ Midd', invention, discovery, 

i\Ms\ ibtiddh, improvisation. 

^\jju^ ibtidd'iyy, incipient, begin- 
ning, original. 

J\Xm\ ibtizdl, continual use, wearing 
out, wasting ; disdain, con- 

j^>\ abtar, f. \^ batrd', curtailed, 
crippled ; bereft of children ; 
useless, vile ; — du. al-abtardn, 
one's slave and ass. 

S\ysi\ ibtirdd, refrigeration, cool- 

j\\Xi\ ibtizdz, robbery, abduction. 

jL-a^ ibtisdl, defiance of danger, 
contempt of death. 

|,L-a\ ibtisdm, smiling, smile ; glad- 
ness, cheerfulness. 

^\ abta', pi. oj*^^ abta'un, f. V«;a 
fcai'a, pi. 5*} buta', entire, whole, 

jUxj\ ibti'dd, departure, abandon- 
ing ; absence. 

\ixi\ ibtigd', longing, desire. 

JS:a\ ibtiJcdr, rising early, coming 
soon in the morning ; ripeness ; 
first-fruit ; first i njoyment. 


'^\ ibtild', trial, visitation, tempta- 
tion; passion, inclination, pro- 

• pensity ; calamity, distress. 

^A''?^ ihiildi, (m). beginning, 

■f^\ ibtild', swallowing, absorp- 

JI^\ ihtildl, being wet ; recovery. 

^^ ibtind', building, construction, 

sW^^ ihtihdj, joy, gladness, cheer- 
fulness, alacrity. 

Jtai»\ ibtihdl, supplication, fervent 
prayer, deprecation. 

gW^^ ibtiyd', purchase. 

(e-.;^) abas, i, calumniate, accuse 
(ace. or |_slc 'ala) ; — obis, pert, 

>A>U>^ ibsds, spreading. 

g>^ abaj, eternity ; W-.\ abajan, for 

JW-.^ ibjul, honouring, rendering 

J<?-.\ abjad, ancient arrangement of 
the alphabet, in which the letters 
denote the numbers from 1 to 

J=-.^ abjal, pi. J=-W^ abdjil, sinew of 
the foot ; J>V;S^ i^^i wuhi-'l- 
abdjil, swift-footed. 

;l=;\ ibhdr, sea- voyage ; salt taste ; 
— abhdr, and 

f^y abhur, seas, pi. of ;=■. bahr. 

i^y abhira-t, pi. of ;j==", bahur. 

(J^y abhaq, f. ^. bahqd', one-eyed ; 
f. blind (eye). 

J*'.^ abhal, more or most avaricious, 
comp. of Js*^. bahil. 

(Ji>\) abad, u, i, inf. ubud, grow 
wild, savage ; i, stop, halt ; 
continue ; — abid, a, grow wild ; 
be waste ; grow angry ; redden in 
the face ; — ii. inf. ta'bid, scare, 
frighten ; cause to continue ; — ■ 
V. INF. ta'abbud, grow waste, 
empty ; keep aloof from women ; 
immortalize one's self. 

-n^ abad, pi. dbud, ubud, eternity ; 
abad-an, ever ; never ; — ' dbida-t, 
pi. ubbad, an animal grown 
wild ; pi. ■^\)\ awdbid, the 

same ; misfortune ; anything 
extraordinary ; riddle, fable, 
funny tale. 

'•^i ibdd', beginning, creation ; 
communication ; revelation. 

■^\'^\ ibddd, distribution. 

j)\'^\ ibddr, light of the full moon. 

t}^^ ibdd', invention ; innovation ; 
lie ; original thought, origi- 

JW^ abddl, pi. of J^ badal, bidl, 
and J>^ badil ; — ibddl, exchang- 
ing, exchange. 

^■^\ abda', extraordinary, original 
and beautiful, comp. of gjA> 

ts-^^ abadiyy, eternal, everlasting ; 
— i abadiyya-t, eternity. 

{y>y) abar, i, tj, inf. abr, prick; make 
a dog swallow a needle ; calum- 
niate ; annihilate ; kill ; — inf. 
abr, ibdr, ibdra-t, fructify the 
palm-tree ; — ii. fructify the 
palm-tree ; — viii. dig a well. 

)i\ abarr, more, most, or very pious, 
upright ; internal ; — s ibra-t, pi. 
ibar, j^\ ibdr, needle, needle of 
the compass ; hand of a watch ; 
string ; malice ; fruit of the 
sycamore tree ; — (j^V^ ^^'^ 
ibratu-'r-rd'i, geranium. 

\fy ibrd', liberating, delivery, cure, 
discharge from debt ; absolu- 
tion ; acquittal, quittance. 

cV^ abrdh, pi. of Cf. barh ; — ibrdh, 
honouring, &c. ; iv. of (c;») q.v. 

-i^ji^ ibrdd, cooling, refreshing, re- 

j\jj\ abrdr, pi. of jW bdrr and j> 
barr; — ibrdr, state of being well 
pleased, satisfaction ; attestation 
by witnesses. 

^y>\ ibrdz, publication ; production 
of proof or evidence. 

o\j»^ ibrdq, lightening, shining, 

I>\]>\ ibrdm, importunity, molesta- 
tion ; cross-examination. 

s\»>^ ibrdh, convincing proof, evi- 


6;}^ ahraj, f. barjd', having beauti- 
ful eyes ; — i abrija-t, towers, 
&c., pi. of S]i burj. 
•^ji^ abrad, t. i , pi. J;V>^ abdrid, very 
cold; y\j;>S\ al-abraddn, morn- 
ing and evening; — » ibrada-t, 
coolness ; impotence ; — ^5 abra- 
diyy, papyrus. 
f»~-^^ ihrisi'iii, s. i^~-^.)>\ abrisam. 
1^;}^ abras, f. ^ji barkV, pi. J^'f. 

bur.s, spotted, dappled. 
^U.y\ ibrisds, being dappled. 
&s^^^ dbarsiyya-t (m.), diocese. 
^^y>^ abras, i. Uj> barsd, pi. i^ji 
burs, leprous ; {j'ji'^^ al-abras, 
the moon ; more excellent, comp. 
of ijsi.ji bar is. 
(j^Uucjj\ ibrigsds, recovery, 
liji^ abraq,f. ^^ barqd — ijij\ ablaq, 
spotted (white and black) ; pi. 
ij;W\ abdriq, stony and sandy 
>^)i\ abralc, more or very much 

iij>\ abrah, f. ^^i barhd', recovered ; 

having a white skin. 
I»^^}i^ ibrahim, pi. 4^j^\ abdrima-t, 

l&.j\i] abdriha-t, Abraham. 
t5;?^ ibriyy, seller of needles ; — 
ibariyy, in the shape of a needle, 
pointed, sharp ; — i ibriyya-t, 
Viji^ abri'yd', pi. of ^sj* bari'. 
y.^\ abriz, pure gold (also tS)*^?^ s-^>J 

giihab abriziyy). 
A~jy^ ibrisam, ibraisam (Pers. j*^;?^ 
o6rMam),vulg. ^»*-j;\ ibrisim, silk; 
— j_^~.iy\ ibrisamiyy, silk-mer- 
iji}>\ ibriq, pi. tjij^^ ahdriq, ij>;^\ 
abdriqa-t, ewer ; water- jug; brig, 
brigantine, sloop of war. 
(^?\) ofcau, u, INF. a6z, «?(/;z, leap; 

rush agaiust ; offend ; die. 
j>\ nbiz, leaping (as a gazelle). 
j\y\ abzdr, pi. of y^ bazr ; pi. }}.}^\ 
ahdzir, aromatic herb for season- 
iW\ abzdz, nipples, teats, pi. of^ bizz. 
f-'A abzuli, with a hump on his 

(^yi^ abzan, water-basin of copper. 
^jj\ ibzim, pi. it>j^\ abdzim, buckle, 

clasp, agrafie. 
(u~?^) abas, u, inf. abs, scold, 
frighten, humiliate, subdue ; re- 
vile, despise ; imprison ; receive 
badly ; — iNP. ta'bis, despise ; — 
V. INF. ta'abbus, be despised. 
(j~j\ afes, famine; also ibs, rugged 
ground ; tortoise ; — ibs, low 
yV~>\ ibsdn, beauty, 
(tj^^) abas, Tj, INF. ab^, gather has- 
tily> grasp up ; — 11. inf. ta'bis, 
the same ; talk confusedly ; dote. 
ij-i\ abass, f. ^ bar-'sd', friendly 
and talkative, affable; (m.) 
^Viu\ ibsdr, good tidings ; good 

Q^\ absa', uglier, very ugly, comp. 

of Qt~i basi'. 
(yoj^) abis. A, INF. abas, be quick, 

swift, alert. 
;^\ absdr, pi. of ^ basar ; — ibsdr, 

IV. of (^) q.v. 
^\ absa', t. V-i} hasd', pi. 5«« bus', 

stupid ; whole, all. 
iij^^} abad, i, inf. abd, tie up the fore- 
foot of a camel; — y.inv. ta'abbud, 
have the forefoot tied up ; — 
abid. A, inf. abad, abstain from 
one's wife ; stand quiet, and, in 
opposition, move, stir ; — t. = i. 
(j=>\ ubd, pi. dbdd, eternity ; — ubud, 

pi. of i^Vj\ ibdd, q.v. 
la\ ibt, pi. dbdt, shoulder, arm-pit. 
(W\) abat. A, INF. abt, throw down, 
throw to the ground ; — v. inf. 
ta'abbut, carry under one's arm 
C^jii laU ta'abbata sarran, proper 
name) ; throw (a garment) over 
the left shoulder ; — viii. inf. 
ii'ibdt, stand quiet and in equi- 
librium, and, in opposition, be 
agitated; — x. inf. isti'bdt, dig 
a trench so as to be narrow at 
the top and wide at the bottom. 
JUm\ abtdl, heroes, pi. of JJ=} batal ; 
— ibtdl, abolishing, abrogating 
annulling, repealing. 



t^^ abfah, i. Ut> bathd', flat, flat- 
t>W^ ahtun, bellies, pi. of (^ hatn ; 

— » dbtina-t, pi. of yiV} Ja^jre. 
ij=i\ ibtiyy, -what is carried under 

the arm-pit. 

^\ abzar, i. \^ bazrd', not circum- 

jUj^ ib'dd, removing to a distance. 

•*«}\ a6'ad, more remote, far distant ; 
bad ; perishing ; pi. Jkc^S\ al-abd'id, 
strangers, no relatives. 

ij»>\ ab'ira-t, camels, pi. of j««} ba'ir. 

f_^\ii\ ibgdd, hatred, grudge, in- 
veterate enmity. 

ii^\ db'gas, f. ^ bagsd', with dark 
spots ; lion ; f . a sandy place ; 
* rabble. 

(jA*}^ ahgad, more or very much 

((3>^) I, INF. abq, abaq, ibdq, run 
away, escape (as a slave) ; — v. 
INF. ta'abhuq, hide one's self ; 
abstain ((j.c 'an) ; refuse ; sin. 

iji\ abaq, a kind of hemp ; — dbiq, 
pi. (3»^ ubbaq, jW^ ubbdq, escaped 

^^ ibqd', preserving, reserving, 
keeping alive, rendering perma- 

gs>\ abqa', i. ^ baq'd', spotted 
(white and black) ; f . year, 
partly fertile, partly not. 

J^^ ubqur, cows, pi. of ifi baqara-t. 

^^\ abqa, more durable, comp. of 
,_5»W bdqi; may Grod preserve 
him ! IV. of ^^. . 

(42l}\) abik. A, INF. abaJc, be fleshy. 

«al}\ abbak, pi. y^ bukkdn, active, 
severe and, active; destructive 
to cattle (as a season) ; cruel. 

^^ ibkd', causing to weep. 

jUj\ abkdr, pi. of j^ bikr, q.v. ; 

— ibkdr, early morning. 

f^\ abkam, f. Uii} bakmd', pi. ^ 
bvMin, dumb. 

(Jj\) dfeaZ, u, I, a6i7, i, be numerous, 
rove and pasture freely ; — abil, 
INF. abal, abdla-t, have many 
camels, breed camels ; — inf. 
abl, uiml and v. inf. ta'abbul, 

eat herbs from thirst ; i. and ii. 
keep aloof from ; i. and v. ab- 
stain from women ; devote one's 
self entirely to God ; — abal, con- 
quer ; beat; dig a well; — ii. inf. 
ta'bil, lament and praise the 
dead; also v. have or acquire 
many camels. 

J?^ ibl, ibil, (f.) pi. JU\ dbdl, camel'; 
J}^ Jj\ ibl ubbal, roving camels ; 
J'\j^ J*^ *^^ awdbil, numerous 
camels ; a large, fructifying 
cloud ; — aball, f . h balld', pi. J> 
ball, strong ; not to be shaken ; 
unjust; who pays badly; smooth ; 

h^ ibid', trial, visitation ; wearing 
out of clothing. 

(j-i^V iblds, being struck dumb with 
grief, despair, astonishment. 

t'^^ ibldg, conveying, sending, in- 
forming; consummating, ac- 
complishing ; arriving at the age 
of puberty. 

fh^ ibldm, being silent, silence. 

£^\ ablaj, f. baljd', pi. gl> bulj, 
shining, serene, bright-faoed ; 
clear and distinct ; with sepa- 
rated eye-brows. 

^\ ablah, f . ^j^ balhd', stupid. 

■ilj^ ablad, with separated eye- 
brows ; stout ; stupid. 

jl?^ ablag, ipore or most effectual ; 
more eloquent ; (m.) more 

ijl?^ ablaq, f. ^ balqd', pi. ^^. 
bulq, spotted (white and black), 

E;IWi\ iblililj, distinctness. 

<)Jj^ ablah, f. ^ balhd', pi. ik bulh, 
foolish, stupid ; careless, easy 
going ; simple, bashful ; arro- 
gant ; bearing hard work and 
thirst (camel). 

Ej^^ abhij, sugar-loaf, sugar-candy. 

ij-^y iblis, pi. (j~-5^^ aJiiilis, i~i\i\ 
abdlisa-t, Satan, the Devil. 

(»ftl>^ iblim, ambergris ; honey. 

((^^) aban, a, i, u, suspect ; — i. and 
II. INF. ta'bin, blame ; — abin, 
coagulate and become black 



(blood of a wound) ; ii. blame; 
watch ; lament and praise the 
dead ; — ii. and v. inf. ta'ahbun, 
follow one's track. 

(j'A ihn, abn, between two proper 
names ^ bin, pi. banun, in 
statu constr. band,, vulg. bani, 
son. Frequently used in com- 
position, as : fA y^. banu ddam, 
men ; J«- — 1\ (^\ ibn as-sabil, 
wanderer, wayfarer ; 4^- f*i (j^\ 
ibn kam sana-t, son of how 
many years, how old ? ■u^\ (^\ 
ibn nl-gimd, son of the scabbard, 
sword, &c. ; — 6 ibna-t, pi. cy^\ 
ibndt, daughter ; — ubna-t, pi. 
(j^\ uban, ubandt, knot ; larynx ; 
hatred ; disgrace ; unnatural 

1^^ ibnam, son. 

u->}^^ abnUs, abamls, ebony. 

i-!-4^ abniya-t, buildings, pi. of W 
bind', ,_5^ baniyy. 

(iSj^) abah, abih, inp. abh, remember, 
pay attention to ; ii. remind ; 
exhort, call one's attention 
to ; suspect ; v. show pride, 
turn from proudly ; — » dbha-t, 
ubbaha-t, splendour ; beauty ; 

<ju\«}\ abahdt, fathers, mothers, pi. 
of ^\ abH ; — ibhdt, astonishment ; 

j^\ ibhdr, (m.) blinding, depriva- 
tion of light. 

J^^ ibhdl, license ; flattery ; sprink- 

f»^\ ibhdm, pi. ^W^ abdhim, ,»*a^^ 
abdhim, thumb, big toe ; — iv. 
of (^Oi ambiguity. 

^^ abham, pi. ^ buhm, buhum, 
who cannot speak ; stranger, 

)i^ abi'i, gen. ^j>\ abi, ace. W\ abd, 
pi. (^f^ abiln, V}'^ dbd', uaVai\ aba- 
hdt, du. y^j^^ abwdn, y^\ abdn, 
father, parent, ancestor ; in 
composition, master, possessor, 
as : y^>^aJ^ ^\ abn-'l-hufain 
(small castle), fox ; y^i^^ }>\ 
abii-'l-yaqzdn (awakening), cock ; 

vy^ )i^ aba ayyOb (patience), 
camel ; Sji*}. y\ abH ja'da-t 
(curled hair), wolf, fox ; u-t^ ^^ 
abil hambas (stratagems), fox ; 
"r-ijy^ abil zanab (tail), comet, 
&c. ; — 5 abuwwa-t, paternity. 

s^V^ cibwdb, doors, pi. of >->^ bdb. 

£V^ abwd', cubits, ells, pi. of g^ 
sabil, ; i)^^ abwiba-t, doors, pi. of •-jW 

t=jy^ ubiit, heat. 

>>^\ ubud, continuance, duration. 

uOjj\ abds, swift (horse). 

(3^\ abug, escaped (slave). 

Jy^ abill, troop, swarm ; — ibbaul, 
pi. JjjW^ abdwil, troop of camels. 

(^^y abawiyy, paternal, fatherly ; — 
« ubuwiyya-t, (m.) paternity. 

((_5?^) aba. A, I, INF. W^ ibd', 
ibd'a-t, have aversion for, refuse, 
reject ; — abi, and its pass, ubi, 
suffer from indigestion; — iv. inf. 
i'6tt', refuse (with two ace); — 
V. INF. ta'ahbi, the same (W«> "i^ 
ale-hi sal' -an). 

^ji^ abiyy, who refuses from pride 
fastidious ; haughty ; — abi (v>^ 
dbin), pi. dbiin, i^\ ubdt, ^\ ubd', 
nbiyy, the same ; ^S\ al-dbi, 
lion ; — ubayy, little father ; 
— s abiyya-t, she-camel, who 
refuses water or food ; — ibya-t, 
retention of the milk ; — ubiy- 
ya-t, pride. 

«^W!^ abydt, verses, distichs, pi. of 
"•s-^ri bait. 

oWj^ abydn, refusing from disgust. 

s-«;^ abib, month of Julv 

■^^ abid, eternal. 

iji>\ ubairih, little Abraham. 

(jait>\ abis, swift (horse). 

(ji54\ abyad, f. Ujj baidd', pi. ^jio 
hid, white ; pure ; sword ; silver • 
t/4jSl^^ abn-'l-abyad, milk ; ui.^\ 
(ji-}S\ al-maut al-abyad, sudden 
death ; ^^\ aJ\ al-yad aJ-baidd', 
benefit, power ; {ji=-3\ al-bid, the 
fair (women) ; (:}'^^'i\ al-'abya- 
ddn, milk and water ; water and 



^\ abyi'd', buyers, pi. of g-} 

J*>^ abil, sad; monk; (;)-l-}S\ J^\ 
ahil al-abilin, Christ ; pi. Jj\ 
ubul, heavy stick ; — S ubaila-t, 
small camel ; — abila-t, green 

(i^\ abyan, more distinct, clear, 

(u»^) att, V, get the better of (in a 
law-suit) ; break the skull. 

fi\ \s\ Warn, giving birth to twins ; 
being double-barrelled. 

^^\ itdha-t, decree of fate. 

(^\ atdn, itdn, pi. yj^ utn, utun, 
dtun, UyU ma'tilnd', she-ass. 

2j^'\ itdwa-t, pi. i^^\ atil'wi, crops ; 
tribute ; present ; bribe. 

ii)^\ atdwih, deserts, pi. of H^ tih. 

yj^\ atdi, (m.) tea. 

(s-5^) itb, pi. s->^1 dtdb, sj/^ utilb, 
chemise without sleeves. 

s-^A atab, put on such a chemise ; — 
II. ta'bit, dress a person with it ; 
pass., being made in shape of it 
(dress) ; — v. inf. ta'attub and 
VIII. INF. it'itdb, put on the 

gWi^ atbd', pi. of ^ q.v. ; — itbd', 
following or causing to follow ; 
attaining ; — ittibd', following, 

eW'^ ittijdj, conflagration, heat. 

jW^ itjdr, ittijdr, traffic, com- 

<i\=^\ ittihdd, union, concord ; unani- 
mity ; identity. 

i_»W:\ ithdf, presenting with. 

(♦=^\ atham=^ ^ J\ adham, black ; — 
^5 athamiyy, a striped mate- 

j\ps\ ittihdz, taking, accepting, 
election ; adoption. 

f\ attar, foryj wattar, see/j . 

i^\f\ atrdJc, Turks, pi. of »s)/ turlc. 

^y\ atriba-t, pi. od vV i^'>'"-^> 
earth, dust. 

Sf\ utruj, utrujj; ^f\ atrunj, 

gU«»\ ittisd', extension ; commo- 

diousneas ; capacity (of a place) ; 
amplitude of meaning. 

|,Lj\ ittisdm, token, sign ; seal. 

U\^\ ittisdf, quality ; description ; 

Jl<»\ ittisdl, union ; adhesion; being 
connected ; attachment, neigh- 

^^\ ittidd', humiliation, abase- 

i_»^\ at'db, vexations, pi. of s-««> 
ta'b ; — it'db, causing fatigue^ 
lassitude, vexation. 

y-U>\ Was, ruining, causing perdi- 

tUj\ itti'dz, yielding to remon- 

ii'^\ ittifdq, agreement, union, con- 
cord, harmony ; compact, league, 
alliance ; conspiracy ; fortune, 
chance, accident ; — ^S ittifdqiyy, 
accidental, casual, fortuitous. 

W\ ittiqd', piety, fear of God ; 
fear ; avoidance ; abstraction. 

(^^n5\ itqdn, fixing ; perfecting ; 
skilful arrangement ; — ittiqdn, 
disquisition ; certifying. 

W"^ atqiyd', pious men, devotees, 
pi. of ij" taqiyy. 

^\ itkd', propping ; — ittikd', lean- 
ing against, reclining upon. 

J^^ ittikdl, confidence, reliance. 

(Jj\) atal, I, INF. atl, ataldn, itldl, 
approach in anger ; y-» min, be 
full of food and drink. 

JJ\ utul, for Jj^ wutul, pi. of 
J>j\ autal, full of food and 

'iS\ aid' causing to follow one an- 
other ; continuation. 

S^\ atldd, inherited goods, pi. of 
jJj talad ; — itldd, property under 
the law of prescription. 

jW itldf, causing ruin, destruc- 
tion, waste ; squandering. 

(aj\) atam, atim, inf. atm, burst ; 
cut ; remain behind or standing. 

*J^ atam, slowness, laziness ; pro- 
crastination ; — utm, utum, wild 


■atamm, more per- 


(»U>\ itmdm, completion, perfec- 
tion ; conclusion. 

(yj^^) atan, i, halt, stop ; approach, 
step up to ; I. and iv., give 
birth, so that the child's feet 
come first ; buy a she-ass ; to 
come down from a horse to an 

i^\ utn, utun, pi. of t}Vs\ atdn, she- 
ass ; — utun, stoves, pi. of a/\ 

is\ atah, isy\ atuh, panting of one 
who carries a burden. 

f\ff\ ithdm, causing to be suspected ; 

(yl) atd, u, INF. atw, itw, atwa-t, 
ltd', arrive (after a prosperous 
journey); visit; meet; come 
plentifully ; — inf. itdwa-t, 

y\ atw, i atwa-t, station ; gift, pre- 
sent ; calamity, death ; quick- 

\f^ itwd', ruin. 

(j\f\ atwdn, eager for presents. 

(^y\ atun, attiin, pi. uuVsy^ atilndt, 
yj\ ^ltun, (^^\ atdtin, stove, 
oven, furnace. 

(^^■\) ata, I, INF. ity, uty, itydn, ut- 
ydn, itydna-t, utydna-t, matdt, 
itiyy, utiyy, come ; with v> 6i,come 
with, bring, give, give birth ; — 
■with ace, approach (a woman) ; 
punish ; begin, undertake ; — 
with J li, happen ; — ^J^ 'ala, 
come over, destroy ; pass., be 
surprised or killed by one's 
enemy ; — ii. inf. ta'tiya-t, smooth 
the way ; — iii. agree with a per- 
son (ace.) about a matter (^J^ 
'ala) ; be agreeable, favourable ; 

— IV. drive towards, bring, give 
as a present ; reward ; — v. suc- 
ceed ; be ready, in good order ; 

— VI. associate, prove one's self 
a good companion ; — x. wish 
for someone's arrival ; rut (she- 

^J'S dti, (<M»\ dt-in), coming next ; 

^S\ al-dtiya-t, ^J'i^ al-dti, the 
future ; — O'tiyy, new comer ; 
sudden irruption (of water, &c.). 

t)W>\ itydn, arrival. 

ij-^\ atyas, goatish ; stubborn ; 

^\ atyah, wandering, straying. 

(«ij\) ass, A, I, V, INF. asas, asdsa-t, 
us us, grow luxuriantly (grass, 
hair) ; have large thighs and 
hips (a woman) ; — ii. spread 
carpets, furnish (m.) ; — v. be 
furnished; be lodged conve- 

^1 isd', stone. 

^'^\ isdba-t, retribution; requital; 

^^\ asds, household furniture ; 
goods (comprising herds, slaves, 

)^\ is'dr, as'dr, pi. of J^ sa'r, 
vengeance ; retribution ; — dsdr, 
tracks, traces, pi. of f^ asar. 

t-*^'l asdf-in, ^_^^^ asu/i, pi. of ^\ 

JU\ asdl, noble origin ; authority 
and respect ; — dsdl, pi. of JiA 
asl, tamarisk; — isdl, pi. of aIjI 
asla-t, root, &c. 

ft^\ asdm, isdm, sin, guilt, punish- 
ment ; — dsdm, sins, pi. of ^\ 
ism ; — assdm, sinner. 

(^^'\ asdnin, Monday. 

»j^\ isdwa-t, h'^\ isdya-t, informa- 
tion (to the judge). 

<jmUj\ asbdt, pi. of i-s-^ sdbat, truth- 
ful man, &c. ; — ishdt, pi. isbdtdt, 
proof, demonstration ; reason ; 

(g>\), X. ^^^ ista'saj, grow luxuri- 
antly, entwine. 

Jir\ asjal, f. sajld', big-bellied. 

Aj\ asd-in, \^'\ asdd', ^£^\ asdi, 
breasts, pi. of j^^ sady, sidy, 

(f\}asar,v,i, inf. asr, take or choose 
for one's self; cover frequently 
(camel) ; excite; forge (a sword) ; 
quote, cite ; — asir, a, excel (^J^ 
'ala), decide on ; begin (with aor. 
or (j)\ an ;) — ii, inf. ta'sir, leave 



traces, impress, make an impres- 
sion (i^ji fi); — III. INF. mu'dsara-t, 
prefer ; — iv. inf. i'sdr, prefer, 
give precedence ; — v. inf. ta'as- 
sur, also viir. inf. it'isdr, follow 
one's tracts ; — vi. inf. ta'dsur, 
not admit of doubt ; — x. inf. 
isti'sdr, claim for one's self. 
f\ asr, pi. usilr, undulating ground; 
splendour ; — asar, trace, sign, 
impression, remains ; monu- 
ment ; memoirs, sayings, tra- 
dition ; deeds ; ^ isr, trace, /\ 
isr-a, prep, after, close behind ; 

— ii asara-f, cboice, preference ; 
egotism ; — isra-t, selfishness ; 

— usra-t, pi. f\ usar, exploit ; 
hereditary merit ; mention ; re- 

\f\ isrd', being rich ; riches. 

ff\ asram, f . V-/ sarmd, toothless ; 
full of notches, blunt; shortened 
(foot in poetry). 
J»A as'al, f. sa'ld', having over- 
grown teeth. 

»-A>\ asaf, I. follow, pursue ; seek, 
look for ; — ii. support, prop ; 
pursue incessantly. 

W"^ asfiyd, i^\ usfiyya-t, pi. a^nf-in, 
asafi, prop of the pot. 

(Jj\) ami, I. INF. wsUl ; —asul, inf. 
asdla-t, be firmly rooted ; be of 
noble origin; — ii. inf. ta'sil, 
increase (a.) ; confer benefits 
and distinctions; — v. inf. ta'- 
assul, be firmly rooted ; increase 
(n.) ; acquire ; make provisions ; 
dig (a well). 

^^\ asl, pi. Jf\ usul, J^l dsdl, 
tamarisk ; — S asla-t, pi. J^'^ i-^dl, 
root, origin ; family ; autho- 
rity ; livelihood ; provisions ; 

eIW\ isldj, snowing. 

^■\ aslam, notchy, blunt ; shortened 
foot in poetry. 

(^\) asam, a, u, inf. ism, ma' asm, 
deem guilty ; impute as a sin ; 
— asim, sin ; — ii. accuse of sin, 
sin ; — IV. cause to fall into sin ; 

V. sin, and, by opposition, 

^ renounce sin, do penance. 
^■\ wm, pi. f,^'-\ dsdm, sin, state of 
sin ; — dsim, sinner ; — 8 isama-t, 
pi. of ^1 asim, sinner. 
;U>\ asmdr, fruits, pi. of samar. 
fe)t«^ aimdn, prices, pi. of saman; 
-~ eighth parts, pi. of sumn ; — 
ismdn, being precious ; value. 
'>*>\ ismid, usmud, antimony. 
(:>*?i a§man, more, most, or very 

precious, dear. 
cy\ usun, for wusun, statues, idols. 
W1 asnd', fold; middle; interval ; — 

isX! J \jj\ ^i j-i asnd' zalik, mean- 
while ; — isnd', praise, eulogy. 
t)W\ isndni, f. isnatdni, sintdni, 

two ; in composition, isnd, vulg. 

isne, as : ^ (o^'l) ^'^ isnd (isne) 

'a^ara, f. isnatd 'asrata, twelve ; 

— (:)'s^'3^ f»)> yaumu-'l-isnaini, 

^■sjA asniya-t, praises, pi. of sand'. 
{f\) '^\ asd, u, INF. asw, isdwa-t, 

also ,_^'\ asa, i, inf. asy, isdya-t, 

accuse, calumniate (J^Jic &i ^ iJic 

^=^1 'ale-hi or bi-hi 'inda ahad-in). 
>^\y\ aswdb, <— '/^ aswub, cloths, &c., 

pi. of saub. 
j\f\ aswdr, pi. of saur, large piece 

of the cream-cheese U^ aqt, iqt. 
)f\ usur, traces, pi. of asar. 
Jy^ aswal, giddy (sheep) ; slow ; 

stupid ; mad. 
ftif\ asilm, sinner, liar. 
yy\ asun^atun, furnace. 
(_5»\ dsi, informer, spy. 
^i^X asis, luxuriant, large; pi. 

asdyis, woman with large thighs 

and hips ; see (<^\) ass. 
}J\ asir, what bears traces, signs ; 

exquisite, excellent; intimate 

friend ; sky, ether. 
Jj>\ asil, belonging to the root, 

original ; firm ; of noble birth. 
f^\ asim, pi. isama-t, sinner, liar ; 

— s asima-t, great criminal; great 

(js>^ asin^=asil. 
{jq\) ajj, u, INF. ajij, bam, blaze ; — 

XT, I, INF. ajj, run ; charge, attack 



(an enemy) ; — inf. ajuj, be 
bitter, salt ; — ii. inf. ta'jij, 
kindle, inflame ; — iv. inf. ijdj, 
make bitter or salt ; — v. inf. 
ta'ajjtij, and viii. inf. it'ijdj, 
blaze ; — v., vi. inf. ta'djuj, 
and VIII. be hot (day, weather) ; 

— i ajja-t, heat, fire ; rebellion. 
W^ aja', flee, take to flight ; — * 

ijd'a-t, bringing, procuring (s.). 
v»W\ ijdb, i ijdba-t, (favourable) 

reply ; approval ; consenting ; 

complying with. 
sM ujdj, bitter, salt ; heat (of 

war) ; — ajjdj, burning. 
2^M ajdjira-t, je^W^ ajdjir, roofs, 

pi. of jVi-^ ijjdr. 
(;>4^W\ aja j in, pi. of a»W-^ ijjdna-t, 

cW^ ajdh, ijdh, ujdh, veil ; — 4 
ijdha-t, annihilation. 

JjU\ ajddil, pi. of J^\ ajdal, q.v. 

«oU.\ ijdda-t, giving generously ; 
acting or speaking well ; excel- 
lence (iv. of "J^). 

^\^\ ijjdr, pi. ajdjir, ajdjira-t, roof; 

— djdr, rewards, pi. of }^\ ajr ; 

— i ijdra-t (iv. j^), protection, 
patronage; — ijdra-t, ajdra-t, 
ujdra-t, reward ; rent, hire, con- 

Sj^.^ ijdza-t, peitnission, leave ; 

venia docendi ; diploma for it ; 

present ; completion of a verse. 
^J:>\=A ajds, cotton ; — ijjds, plum ; 

— &i ijjdsiyya-t, soup of plums. 
ixL\i^\ ijd'a-t, causing to hunger, 

JM djdl, terms, &c., pi. of J=-\ 

ajal, q.v. ; — » ijdla-t, causing to 

make a round ; distribution all 

(,Vi}-\ djdm, ijdm, bushes, Ac, pi. of 

*=-\ ajam ; — djdm, frogs. 
^M ajdiiih, pi. of ^,-.^-^ ujiiab, 

ii\t).\ ijjdna-t, pi. ajdjin, urn ; am- 
phora ; washing-tub. 
.),V^ ajdioid, ■HjW^ ajdwid, pi. of 

o\jv jawtttZ, q.v. 

wjW^ a h, wells, &c., pi. of v-^ 

;W^ ijMt, compulsion, force, vio- 
len ). 

JW^ '■jhdl, mountains, pi. of Jt^ 

(j~<*^ ajbas, weak, stupid. 

(:>«-^ ajhun, i ajhina-t, foreheads, 
pl- of (;>«*- jabin. 

M-^ ajbah, f. jabhd', pl. jubh, 
having a broad, fine forehead ; 
al-ajbah, lion. 

fi^\ ajbu', pl. of s-^ jaV, q.v. 

W^^ ijtibd', choice, election, selec- 

cijUs:=.\ (jti^ds. cutting off, tearing 
out, rooting up. 

j^jlx=.\ ijliddr, surrounding with a 

i_j^>ij^^ ijtizdb, attraction. 

\j'^'\ ijtird', daring, boldness. 

c\r^^ ijtirdh, striving to get ; (m.) 
doing wonders. 

^f^\ ijtirdr, drawing, drawing up ; 
chewing the cud. 

<-i^y^\ ijtirdf, shovelling away, 

f>t\y^\ ijtirdm, guilt, transgression, 
offence {^J^ 'ala, ij^ ila). 

\y^\ ijtizd', being contented with 
(v> bi). 

j\j^\ ijtizdz, mowing, math, swath ; 
harvest ; shearing. 

ya^_j:=.\ ijtisds, spying. 

>^!iu=.\ ijtildb, import (of slaves, 

gUi=.\ ijtimd', gathering, assembly, 
concourse, meeting ; social inter- 
course ; accumulation. 

Va^\ ijtind', gathering fruit ; frui- 

k^Ua:^\ ijtindb, avoiding, shunning, 
turning aside, flight. 

jVa^\ ijtihdd, zeal, solicitude, dili- 
gence, effort, exertion; perfection 
in the knowledge of law. 

vW^^ ijtiydb, roaming about a 

cW^^ ijtiydh, annihilation, destruc- 
tion ; eradication. 




jW^^ ijtiydss, passing on, passage ; 
journey to a distance. 

uaUl^fl.^ ijhdfdt, injuries ; insults. 

Aa!»^^ ajhad, poor ; barren ; ava- 

•^^ ajadd, new ; du. ajadddn, day 
and night ; — ajd-in, ajdi, he- 
goats, pi. of ^J•^ jady. 

\^\ ijdd', profiting, procuring of 
advantages (s.). 

v>W^ ijddb, sterility, barrenness ; 

j^jk;^^ ajddd, grandfathers, ances- 
tors, pi. of A,, jadd. 

)\-^\ ijddr, growing, budding. 

v»J^^ ajdab, barren, waste ; f . 
jadbd', desert ; — ajdub, vices, 
pi. of '~>'>^ jadah. 

jj*^ ajdar, worthier, fitter, more 
appropriate ; f. \;.i^ jadrd, 
scabby ; marked by small-pox. 

gJi^\ ajda', i. jadd', mutilated; al- 
ajda', the devil. 

Jjl5.\ ajdal, pi. ajddil, f. jadld', pi. 
judl, lovely, handsome ; a kind 
of falcon; — jadld', beautiful 
woman ; fine, strong coat of 
mail ; bitch. 

J^i^\ ajzdl, stems, roots, pi. of J^ 
jizl ; — ijzdl, cheering up. 

(j^\) ajar, i, u, inf. ajr, ijdra-t, 
reward, pay ; hire, work for 
hire ; let for money ; — inf. 
ajr, ajar, ujur, be set and 
heal (broken bone) ; set a 
broken bone ; pass. SJ^j ^ fA 
ujira /i waladi-hi, his son has 
died ; — ii. inf. ta'jir, burn 
bricks ; — iii. inf. mu' djara-t, 
hire slaves ; pay ; stipulate 
wages ; prostitute one's self (a 
woman) ; — iv. inf. i'jdr, re- 
ward ; let for hire ; — viii. inf. 
it'ijdr, ask for reward, wages, 
presents, alms; — x. inf. isti'- 
jdr, hire ; burn bricks ; (m.) 
^\ ajr, pi. ujur, djdr, wages ; hire ; 
reward ; recompense, requital ; 
gift, morning gift; — ajur, ujur, 
ajur, pi. ajurun, brick ; — ajar, 

Hagar ; — ajr-in, ajri, pi. of ^ft- 
jarw, q.v. ; — i ujra-t, wages, 
salary ; ; — ajirra-t, straps, reins, 
pi. of j>)Ci- jarir ; — djura-t, dji- 
ra-t, brick. 
^j'f-^ vjard', servants, pi. of ;-^\ 
ajir ; — ajrd', bolder ; pi. of ^^yt- 
jari', bold, and of j^- jarw, voung 
beast of prey ; — ijrd', bringing 
into circulation ; execution of an 
(j»'^f^\ajrds, bells, pi. of u'yt- jars; 
— ijrds, producing a sound, a 
f\fA ajrdm, pi. of fyt- jirm and 
jaram, q.v. ; — ijrdm, crime, 
0^/>-\ ajarrdni, men and genii ; — 
ajrdn, basins, &c., pi. of (^j^jurn. 
^rr'fA ajrah, pi. jurb, scabious ; kind 
of cucumber; — f. jarbd', sky; 
barren land; beautiful girl; — 
i ajriba-t, pi. of ^\f>- jardb and 
'T^.fi- jarib, q.v. 
J;i^\ ajrad, f. jardd', pi. jurd, naked, 
smooth ; without vegetation ; 
hairless ; pure (wine) ; complete 
(day, month). 
I^>f^\ ijransam, fall head over 

heels ; adhere, stick to. 
^fA ajrina-t, fore-necks, pi. of (^\f>- 

^Oy=.^ ajrudi, beardless. 
,^^\ ajri, 'i ajriya-t, pi. of }j^ jarw, 
young beast of prey ; — ijriyy, 
run, course ; — » ijriyya-t, form, 
shape ; natural disposition. 
^.fA ajriyd', pi. ^^J=- youthful ; — 
ijriyd', lan, course; proceeding; 
custom, habit ; form, shape ; 
natural disposition. 
( w-\) X. j"i"Uw^ ista'jaz, lean with 

one's side against a cushion. 
\yA ajzd', parts, &c., pi. of ys- jaz'. 

pi. s , apothecary, chemist, drug- 

y^yA ijzdl, giving abundantly. 

J^5.\ ajzal, greater, more consider- 
able ; sore (beast of burden) ; 
of great intellect. 




cyA ajzam, more cutting ; more 
effectual ; more decided. 

jU^\ ajsdd, bodies, pi. of -i—^ 

(»V.w<s.\ ajsdm, bodies, pi. of ,*— ^ 

uV^ ajas's, of a harsb sound. 

*-^\ ajsd', pi. of {_r^jas', q.M. 

}^\ ajs'ar, hoarse, coughing. 

JUij.^ aj'dl, salaries, pensions, pi. 

of J*=)-ju'l. 

JUs-^ ijfdl, taking fright, running 

t)W\ ajfdn, eyelids, pi. of iji^jafn. 

i^\ ajfala-t, ^_^\ ajfala, nume- 
rous troop. 

J«^^ tj/iZ, shy ; male ostrich ; old 
woman ; far-carrying bow. 

;^\ ijkdr, (m.) obtruding one's 
merchandise on a buyer. 

(J^^) ajal, I, tr, fix a term; delay, 
tarry ; prevent (cattle from pas- 
turing) ; bring distress upon 
((J* 'ala) ; bring good luck to 
(J li) one's people ; cure of a 
sore throat ; — ajil, i, have a 
sore throat ; — ii. tnp. ta'jil, 
fix a term to a person (ace), 
grant him a delay ; — ir., iii. 
INF. mu'djala-t, prevent from ; 
cure of a sore throat ; collect 
water in a pond ; — v. inf. 
ta'ajjid, have or attain a term ; 
assemble in due time ; gather in 
a herd ; collect (n.), as water ; 
ask for a term or delay ; — x. 
INF. isti'jdl, ask for a delay. 

J»^ ajal, pi. djdl, appointed time, 
term ; fate, destiny ; death ; 
al-djdl, hour of death ; — ajal, 
indeed, no doubt, undoubtedly ; 
— ajl, troop of buffaloes ; — ajl, 
ijl, cause, reason, motive, sake : 
min ajlak, li-ajlak, for thy sake ; 
min ajl an, because ; — ijl, pi. 
djdl, sore throat ; — djil, who 
grants a delay, who delays, what 
is postponed ; al-djU, i al-djila-t, 
the future life ; — vjjal, ijja I, 
chamois ; — ajall, f . julla, greater, 
more illustrious, more impor- 

tant;— ii ajilla-t, pi. of ,^jaKl 
and ^y^-jall, sublime, &c. 

'^\ ajilld, ijld', emigration ; expul- 
sion;— pi. of J-l=-_;aitZ, sublime, 

vl^^ ajldb, pi., camel-dealers. 

u«!W^ ijlds, causing, ordering, re- 
questing one to sit down ; being 
seated or enthroned. 

Ji?-\ ajldl, housings, &c., pi. of J?- 
jull ; — ijldl, magnificence, ma- 
jesty, grandeur, splendour, sub- 
limeness, loftiness ; honour ; 

cW\ ajlah, bald on the forehead; 
without horns ; camel-litter. 

ij^\ ajlas, (m.) straighter, more 

Jl^\ ayZaZ= J=5-^ ajall. 

g/^^ ijlanfa' (gj^), be stout. 

i^\ ajlah, without horns ; with a 
high, bald fore-head. 

,_5W^ ajla, i. jalwd' , jalyd' , brighter, 
more resplendent ; smoother ; 
serene ; beautiful ; with a high 

((»^\) ajaTTh, INF. ajm, aj'im, be 
burning hot ; — ajim, loathe ; get 
corrupted (as water) ; force one 
against his will ; — it. inf. 
ijdm, disgust, inspire with aver- 
sion ; — v. ta'ajjum, be excessively 
hot ; blaze ; be angry with {,Jb. 
'ala) ; enter a thicket (lion). 

(»^\ ajam, s ajma-i, pi. ujm, ujuni, 
ijdm, djdm, bush, thicket, wood; 
refuge ; asylum ; — vjitm, pi. 
djdm, castle, little fortress ; — 
ajvi, heat, anger ; square house 
with roof ; — ajamm, f. jamind', 
fleshy; smooth; without horns ; 
without battlements ; without a 
lance (horseman) ; unadorned 
(women) ; pudenda (of a woman). 

£Uji>\ ijmd', assembly, collection ; 
unanimity, accordance in reli- 
gious teaching ; shortening of a 

JUij.\ ijmdl, collection, abridgment, 
compendium, summary, synop- 
sis ; treating a matter in a 




general way, opposed to Je-w 
tafsil, treating in detail. 

5**^ ajma', pi. ajma'un, i. jam'cV, 
pi. jum', all, universal, the 

J*^\ ajmal, more beautiful, hand- 
somer, better. 

ts*^^ ajamiyy, swampy, bushy. 

(t>is-^) ajan, i, u, a/m, a, inf. ajn, 
ajan, ujun, change its taste and 
colour, get corrupted (as water) ; 
— ajan, cleanse dirty linen, cloth, 
&c. ; — djin, corrupted water ; — 
4 ajinna-t, pi. of i^-::^ janin, em- 
bryo ; — ajna-t, ijna-t, ujna-t, 
fullest part of the cheek. 

(j«W^ ajnds, kinds, sorts, pi. of 
(j~-i^ jins. 

>T->^^ ajndb, pi. ajdnib, indocile, 
disobedient ; also ^^ ajnabiyy, 
foreign, outlandish ; belonging 
to another ; — ii ajniha-t, pi. of 
'^'^^^ jandb, q.v. 

gf^\ ajnuh, i ajniha-t, wings, pi. of 
C^ jandh. 

>-i^\ ajnaf, declining from the 
right way; unjust; hump- 

(;)-s=-\ ajnun, pi. of i^tJ^janin, embryo. 

**W^ ijhdd, stimulation. 

jW^ ijhdr, making public, publica- 

j8*^ ajhar, day- blind ; well made, 
of handsome form ; white above 
nose and forehead (horse), f. 
jahrd', flat, treeless ground; 
troop; elite of a tribe. 

'j3=5-^ ajhiza-t, pi. of j^3=^ jahdz, q.v. 

J9=-^ ajhal, more, most or very 

^j^\ ajha, bald, uncovered ; f . jah- 
wd', serene sky. 

j;\j=.\ ajwdh, pi. of tf^ j'uh, cloth. 

S\f).\ ajwdd, pi. of '^\)^ jawdd, 

j\j=^\ ajwdr, neighbours, pi. of jW 

«T>ji5.\ ajwah, more effective; more 
to the purpose ; more advanta- 
geous ; — » ajwiba-t, answers, 
replies, pi. of ^\j=t- jawdb. 

•>^^ ajwad, t javdd' , ]i\. jM, more 
generous, more distinguished. 

)<p-\ aj'ilr, djilr, brick ■,—itjilr, setting 
of a broken bone ; rewards, &c., 
pi. of ^^ ajr. 

}^\ ajwaz, 'i ajwiza-t, pi. of jlW 
jd'iz, q.v. 

>-i)^\ ajwaf, f. jaufd', pi. ji'if, con- 
cave, hollow (verb) ; spacious ; 
al-ajwaf, lion; al-ajwafdn, belly 
and vagina. 

J^\ ajwal, turning round more 
frequently; dusty. 

(•^\ aj'um, cups, pi. of ^W jdm; 

— ajilm, causing horror; ab- 
horred, hateful. 

(:)^\ ajun, corrupted, foul (water) ; 

— ajwan, white, and, by opposi- 
tion, black ; red ; f . jaund', sun ; 
blackened pot ; black camel. 

■»W^ ajydd, necks, pi. of ■^■-^ jid. 

wSW\ ajydf, dead bodies, carcasses, 
pi. of iJh^ jifa-t. 

JW^ ajydl, generations, pi. of J-q. 
j-tl- _ _ 

ga^^ ajij, fire, flame. 

'V|.\ ajyad, f. jaidd', pi. jtid, 
jid, with a long, well-shaped 

p=A ajir, pi. ujard', servant ; day 
labourer ; workman. 

Ji^\ ajil, who grants delay, who 
delays ; — assembled. 

l^ifA ajim, heat, fire ; zeal. 

(g.^) ahh, V, INF. ahh, cough ; ii. 
cough repeatedly, frequently. 

yijU\ ahdhis, Abyssinians, pi. of 
(ji~fs-\ ahbas. 

ii\^\ ihdm-t, digging up and ex- 
ploration of the ground. 

j;U.\ uhdh, inner heat, thirst ; 
anger ; grief ; — alas ! 

j_j^U\ ahdji, ahdjiyy, riddles, pi. of 
Sjat^'^ uhjuwwa-t. 

oUf uhdda, J^^ J^^ uhdda uhdda, 
by ones, single; — dhild, pi. of 
ji=-^ ahad, one ; — 6 ihdda-t, 
alienation ; causing estrange- 

(AojW\ ahddis, pi. of ki-iJ^o- hadis 
and i*}*^ hadusa-t, q.v. 




SjU\ ihdza-t, quick driving, urg- 

jjl=-^ ahdrir, pi. of j'- harr, heat. 

S)^\ ihdra-t, answer. 

y—^^ ahdsin, pi. of (j — ^^^ ahsan, 
handsomer, better. 

^_3~.M ahdsi, draughts, pi. of Sj~=. 

iA.Vc\ ihdsa-t, chase. 

itW\ ihdta-t, surrounding ; invest- 
ing ; comprehension, concep- 

tW\ ahdzz, pi. of t=^ hazz, q.v. 

^U\ ahdfir, wells, pi. of ^ hafr, 

iiU^ ihdha-t, weaving ; impression 
(made by a speech, &c.). 

iJW ihdla-t, change ; conversion to 
Islam ; transfer (of a bill of 
change) ; bill of change ; cheque ; 
improbability ; absurdity. 

J«JW.^ ahdlil, pi. of J<1=-^ Mil, 

yVA ahdmir, pi. of j*^\ ahmar, 

yU\ ahhdn, hater, hateful ; furious. 

(^U.\ ahdyin, pi. of y-!=. hin, mo- 
ment, &c. 

^— =-^ ahabb, dearer, more agree- 
able, comp. of ^r-«a- habib. 

W=^\ ahld', favourites, pi. of W=- 
haba' ; — ahibbd, i ahibba-t, and 

._jU^^ ahbdb, pi. of s-tk^ habib, 

j\^ ahbdr, Hebrew doctors, pon- 
tiffs, scribes, pi. of y^ habr. 

iji~t^\ ahbds, loud ; — ahbas, uhbus, 
pi. (jijU^ ahdbis, Abyssinian. 

^y^\ ahbal, Mil, uhbul, bean. 

(;j^>=.\ ahban, dropsical. 

J^f^ ahbus, pi. ahiibis, troop com- 
posed of members of different 

^p:^\ uhbvl, 'i uhbnla-t, hunting-net, 

Uc>\ ihtd', sowing ; fastening. 

«ab=.\ ahtdt, pi. of li-^ hatt, q.v. 

(_^^jb.\ ihtibds, retaining ; confin- 
ing ; imprisoning ; keeping cap- 

i-jUsJi.^ ihtijdb, seclusion ; retreat ; 

taking the veil. 
5^^;^^^ ihtijdj, documentary proof ; 

(«l.\i=^\ Middm, great heat. 
\Sx^\ ihtizd', putting on shoes. 

^\^> ^f;>'7) cautiousness, being 

j^;^\ t^hraz ^ ^^ ^j^g.g rd. 

(_^\y:=»\ intiras ) 

J\y^\ ihtirdq, conflagration, burn- 
ing ; being consumed ; tarnish- 
ing ; strong desire. 

(>\f^\ ihtirdm, veneration, rever- 

;^\-y!s.\ ihtizdn, sadness, sorrowful- 

^^ ihtisdb, computation, 
reckoning ; estimating ; opinion ; 

l«Liji:u\ ihtisdm, bashfulness ; mo- 
desty ; reverence. 

•^\.ai^\ ihtisdd, harvest, crops. 

yLiss.\ ihtiddn, embrace. 

\:,\i,ii^\ ihtitdt, degradation, abase- 
ment ; contempt ; abatement of 

*i^^\ ihtifa, being bare-foot. 

j\i>i^\ ihtifdd, zeal, quickness. 

jVftS=>\ ihtifdr, digging ^out, excava- 

tVax=>\ ihtifnz, preserving ; guarding 

JU;te.\ ihtifdl, solemnity ; pomp. 

jUs=^^ ihtiqdr, being despised. 

(jVais.\ ihtiqdn, dysury ; administer- 
ing a clyster, syringing. 

jUji..\ ihtikdr, hoarding grain, to 
sell it at high prices ; mono- 

(•^^>;^^ ihtikdm, authority over (^J^ 

i_ji;t»\ ihtildb, milking. 

f,\xa.\ ihtildm, dreaming ; wet 
dreams; getting of full age. 

U:i=.\ ihtimd', taking refuge with 
(»_» bi) ; abstaining from (y.* 

JUic^\ Udimdl, patience, suffering 
patiently ; possibility ; proba- 
bility ; supposition ; danger. 




\f!a.\ ihtiwd', collection ; contents ; 

gUja.^ ihtiydj, want ; having need 

of ; indigence. 
t\,jfc.\ ihtiydt, investing, siege, 

blockade ; caution ; circumspec- 
JUiB.\ ihtiydl, stratagem ; fraud ; 

sagacity ; art of living. 
iijVSo.\ ihsds, instigation, spurring 

on, urging. 
jV^s-\ ahjdr, stones, pi. of j^!=- 

(•V^=>\ ihjdm, cupping. 
i^=-\ ahijja-t, pi. of e^s=- hajdj, 


6j^o.\ uhjutvwa-t, "S-ff^sS"^ uhjiyya-t, 
pi. ahdj-in, ahdji, ahdjiyy, riddle, 
enigma. ■ 

(J^\) ahad, f. ihda, pi. dhdd, uhddn, 
aMdiln, one ; someone, somebody ; 
al-dhdd, the units (1 to 9) ; i*^ 
■!^'i\ yaum al-ahad, Sunday ; — 
II. ahhad, inf. ta'hid, profess 
that there is one G-od ; — make 
one out of two ; add one ; — 
v. inf. ta'ahhud, separate one's 
self, seclude; — viii. inf. it'i- 
hdd, the same ; (m.) unite ; 
Ije identical ; — x. inf. isii'- 
hdd, seclude one's self ; devote 
one's self entirely to (v hi) ; — 
ahadd, more, most or very acute, 
sharp, cutting, vehement ; fierce ; 
with sharp teeth (wolf). 

iij\jk=>\ ahdds, pi. of ii3A=> hadas 
and «A<j.i=. kadis, q.v. ; — ihdds, 
creation ; invention ; innovation. 

^3W\ ahddq, pupils, eye-balls, pi. 
of L.'i^—^ hadaqa-t ; — ihddq, 

y\.i=.\ uhddn, see -is"^ ahad. 

s_jje.\ ahdab, hump-baoked ; arched; 
f . hadbd', pi. hudb, misfortune ; 
difficulty ; she-camel. 

jJb^\ ahdar, squinting ; with slender 
hips (horse). 

Ja=.^ ahdal, f. hadld', pi. hudul, 
wry, oblique ; left-handed (am- 

iiyiB\ uhdusa-t, pi. i4-jJ^\ ahddis, 

rumour, news, information ; tale, 

v»J;^ ihdaudah, xii. of v^ -v. 

ii'^j'^=^^ ihdaudaq, xii. of JJi=> q.v. 

jj.iss\ uhdur, steep precipice. 

Sj^ uhduwwa-t, melody of a camel- 

^^icA ahadiyy, unique ; — ihda, f . 
of ■i=.\ ahad ; — 6 ahadiyya-t, 
oneness, unity ; uniqueness ; — 
uhdiyya-t, melody of a camel- 

w>VoAs.\ ihdibdh, being hump- 

h^^ ahziya-t, shoes, pi. of ^•is- hizd'. 

}''\ aharr, hotter, hottest, very hot. 

\f^\ ahrd', pi. of f har-in, ^£f■ hari, 
worthy, fit. 

j\f^\ ahrdr, pi. of f hurr, free, &c. 

j^;=>\ ahrdz, pi. of )f- hirz, q.v. ; — 
ihrdz, watching over, surveil- 
lance ; solicitude. 

J^j''^ ihrdq, kindling, setting on fire. 

c'^f'^ ahrdm,, pi. of f>f- haram, and 
l*>.)^ harim, q.v. ; — f>\f^\ ihrdm, 
time during which certain things 
are forbidden ; excommunica- 
tion, anathema, interdiction ; 
(m.) disinheriting. 

S;=-\ ahraj, narrower, comp. of e/^ 

^J^>J''^ ahras, very old. 

^J''f^ ahras, rough to the touch ; a 
coin ; a kind of lizard. 

^f-\ ahmf, letters, pi. of •-*;=- 

I«W^^ ihrinjdm, crowd, see f»^f- 

<-a-*jj:^^ ihrans'af, be ready to anger, 
to do evil. 

jii'}^\ ihranfaz, gather, assemble (n.). 

^£f~\ ahra, more appropriate ; more 
worthy ; better, best ; ^Sjf ^ r*^ 
kam ahra, how much the more. 

'^.fA ahriyiV, pi. of <^y^hari-y, q.v. 

v>\)=-l ahzdb, troops, &c., pi. of s-^s^ 

(t\jrA ahzdin, companions; — ihzdm, 
bridling, loading a beast of bur- 

(^\^^\ ahzdn, sorrows, &c., pi. of 

Oj-^ huzn ; — ihzdn, 
causing to be sad-. 



)-f-\ ahzir, f. haznV, sour (milk, 

u-U^\ ihsds, perception by the 

y\ — =^\ ihsdn, benefit, beneficence ; 
favour ; present ; kindness ; 

"T- — ''^ ahsab, more, most or very 
mucb esteemed ; a good substi- 
tute ; leprous. 

(■}~^ ahsan, pi. (^'i=»\ ahdsin, more, 
most or very beautiful, hand- 
some ; better, best. 

**— ="^ ahsiya-t, draughts, pi. of iy~^ 

^-i^^ ahs'd', intestines, pi. of '^-i^ 

ij!>\'i-=-\ ihsds, mowing of grass. 

f,\A^\ ahsdm, retinue. 

l*-i^\ ahsam, very timid, bashful. 

\ms.\ ihsd', counting, reckoning ; 
comprehending, expressing, de- 
scribing ; skill. 

iyx:Ji ahsira-t, pi. of j--a=> hasir, q.v. 

(;>-=>^ ahsan, f. hasnd\ chaste ; — 6 
ahsina-f, horses, pi. of (jL-a=. 
hisdn ; arrow-heads, lances. 

jU=..\ ihddr, producing, causing to 
be present ; summoning ; call- 
ing ; preparing, making ready. 

yU=.\ ahddn, sides, pi. of y.-ss» 

&-==-! ahidda-t, lowest parts, &c., pi. 
of (j64-s=- hadid, q.v. 

y—^a^\ ahtab, f . hatbd', very thin ; 

W ahuzz, pi. of ^ hazz, q.v. 

Uis-\ ih:d', protection. 

ii!=-\ ahiffa-t, pi. of ^\l^ hifdf, q.v. 

^J^\ ahaqq, worthier, worthiest ; 
fitter tor (v H) ; — ahq-in, for 
j_3n^^ a/tqi, pi. of ^ haqw, q.v. 

\SsA ahiqqd', pi. of ij-jiis. haqiq ; — 
ahqd', pi. of ja=> haqw, q.v. 

jVSc^\ ahqdd, pi. of •^5=' haqad, hatred, 
rancour ; deep grudge ; — ihqdd, 
instigation to hatred. 

)Vac.\ ihqdr, contempt. 

jW\ ahqdq, pi. of ise- huqqa-t, q.v. ; 

— ihqdq, getting the better of 
an adversary in a law- suit ; cer- 
tainty, knowing for certain. 

JUb-^ ahqdl, pi. of ^lj>^ haqla-t, 

jSbA ahqar, more, most, or very 
much despised, viler, meaner, 
lower ; poorer, humbler. 

J^^^ ihJcdl, abstruseness, confu- 

I,\^\ ahhdm, judgments, &c., pi. 
of f^ hukm ; — ihkdm, ordain- 
ing, arrangement, institution. 

f>^\ ahkam, wiser, wisest ; i»^\ 
y-*flaJ^ ahkam al-hdkimin, lord 
chief justice ; God. 

^)^\ uhkuma-f, judges. 

h%^\ ihldba-f, milk. 

J^\ ihldl, causing to stop, to halt ; 

f'i='\ ahldm, bodies ; also pi. of 
^ hilm, mildness, ^ huhn, 
dream, and f»-l=- halim, mild, 

li^\ uhlnfa-t, oath. 

tj^\ ahla, f. halwd', sweeter; (m.) 
handsomer, better. 

J-l=-^ ihlil, pi. ahdlil, penis. 

^\ ahamm, f. hamma' , pi. hnmm, 
white, and, by opposition, black ; 
nearer related ; shaft of an 

U=^^ a/n»((', pi. of f^ ham,f*^/iamu, 
father-in-law ; — ihmd', anneal- 
ing, causing iron to glow ; — 
ahimmd', pi. of ^.• . * o haniim, q.v. 

(_^U=-\ ihmds, roasting meat in a 
stove ; irritating. 

JU=>^ ahmdl, pi. of J-w* haml, Mini, 
hanial, q.v. 

(«W>\ ihnuhn, heating of water, 

.:ui^\ ahmad, more, most or very 

j*^\ ahmar, f. hamrd', red; pi. 
ahdmdr, red by nature; pi. hvmr, 
humrdii,, painted red; al-ahma- 
rdii, flesh and wine ; v*=^S^ cd^\ 
al-mavt al-ahinar, violent death ; 
hamrd', heat of mid-day ; — S 
ahmira-t, asses, pi. of jUc> himdr. 




j'/*=-^ ikmirdr, reddening, blush- 
ing (s.). 

csr*^^ ahmari-y, red. 

■)*^\ ahmaz, firmer, stronger. 

U«>*=^^ ahmas, f. hamsd', pi. hums, 
ahdmis, strong, firm ; perse- 
vering; hard; — al-ahdmis, ca- 

i^*^\ ahmaq, f. hamqd', pi. humuq, 
himdq, hamqa, hamdqa, hwmdqa, 
stupid, foolish, dull, ignorant ; 
(m.) easily provoked anger. 

&ij*:^\ uhmuqa-t, very foolish, very 

(c:>='^) ahin, a, grow angry ; hate 
((j^ 'ala); — » ihna-t, pi. ihan, 
anger, inveterate grudge; — 
ahinna-t, pi. of t>~ic- hanin, 
hinnin, q.v. 

^^ ahnd, vulg. we ; — ahnd', pi. of 
f>^ hinw, q.v. 

tuo\ ihndt, being ripe (corn) ; em- 
balming ; death. 

<-4-^i ahnaf, f. hanfd', having the 
feet turned inside ; — al-hanfd', 
sea-tortoise ; bow ; razor ; a kind 
of fish ; chameleon ; name of a 
celebrated mare. 

i>^^^ ahwdd, cisterns, &c., pi. of 
ij=^=' hand. 

i^f^ ahwdl, pi. of J^ hdl, state, 
&c., and of Jj=^ haul, year ; — 
i!^\fS ahwdla-hu, all around him. 

vj="^ ahwab, sinner, criminal. 

6j=-\ ahwaj, more in want of (,_5!^ 

jy=^\ ahwar, i. haura, pi. Mr, with 
large eyes of intense white and 
black ; — y^s*'^ j^ huru-'l-'uyun, 
persons with beautiful eyes ; 
houris ; — prudence ; the planet 
)f^\ ahwaz, f . hauzd', also ^^ ahwaziyy, 
active, acting prudently, always 
ready ; black. 

ij-j=-^ ahwas, bold, brave ; wolf. 
ij'f^ ahivas, with one eye smaller 

than the other. 
Jj='\ ahwal, f. hauld', squint- 
^JSjo.^ ihtoildl, squinting. 

tS^^ ahwa, f. hawwd', pi. Awtow, 
dark green, black ; ruddy-lipped ; 
— » ahwiya-t, tents, pi. of \j=- 

((jr>l) aMa, ir. cough, see c^ 

ts^^ ahayy, more alive. 

^■^^ ahyd', pi. of t^ hayy, living, 

&c., and of Uo. Aa^/a, parts of a 

woman ; womb ; — ihyd, bringing 

to life, recalling to life, saving 

the life ; refreshing, animating. 
t)W^ ahydn, times, epochs, pi. of 

(:><=^ hm. 
J«=-\ ahyal, more cunning. 
^s»^^ ahyiya-t, wombs, pi. of W=. 

fe\ aA, brother; — ah, ahhu, inter- 
jection of disgust ; — ah, ih, call 

for the camel to kneel down ; — 

*M) ihh, dirt. 
W.\ ihd', brotherhood ; friendship, 
^^\ ihdba-t, fraud, deceit. 
^^^ ahdbir, informations, &c., pi. 

of ft£- hahar. 
gjU\ ahddi', pi. of gJ^\ ahda', 

■^jW ahddid, pi. of •>jJ>i'f ahdud, 

jjjU.^ ahddir, curtains, Ac, pi. of 

j-ii hidr, q.v. 
•J^^ ahdz, sjU.\ ihdza-t, pi. mAmz, 

pond, fish-pond, horse- pond ; 

handle ; land taken possession 

of ; feudal tenure, 
gjj^^ ahurij, revenues, expenses, 

Ac, pi. of BJ'S- harj, hurj, q.v. 
(.s-^^^ ahdsi, odds, pi. of "U-ii. 

}^^\ ahddir, pi. of j-^\ ahdar, green, 

&c., q.v. 
(J«*^\ ahdqiq, clefts, pi. of ,j^\ 

uhquq, ^3s&i■^ ihqiq, 
*3^\ ihdla-t, imagination. 
M^^ ahdlit, complicated matters 

or things, pi. of 6^^\ uhluta-t. 
SjU.\ ihdwa-t, brotherhood. 
iS}^^ ahdivi, WW.\ ahdyd, pi. of ^^ 

ahya-t, q.v. 
^U.\ ahdyir, pi. of ;«!S. AaiV, good, 

JjW ahdyil, pi. of Jfli^ ahyal, q.v, 





W^^ ihhd', extinguisliing 
pitching a tent. 


jW^\ ahhdr, information, &c., pi. of 
j*^ !i<M)ar ; — ihhdr, giving news, 
giving information. 

(4)Wi^\ aJiMriyy, chronicler, who 
hands down traditions. 

••^^i ahhas, more or most impure ; 
al-a/ibasdn, urine and faeces ; 
sleeplessness ; foul breath. 

p^^ akbar, better or best informed ; 
more experienced. 

J*^^ ahbal, mad, possessed (by a 

*«^1 ahhiya-t, small tents of camel- 
tair, &c., pi. of W^ hihd\ q.v. 

•^■^^ uht (for uhwa-t), pi. ahawdt, 

W^^ ihtibi?, concealment; hiding 
one's self. 

_)M^' ihtihdr, experience. 

t^si-1 ihlihdt, confusion; strife. 

|,Usc.\ ihiii,l/ifn^ completion, end, 

yuss.! ihfifihi, bein<j circumcised. 

g\x^\ Uitidd', fraud, deceit. 

^f^\ ihfirn', invention, discovery ; 
contrivance, artifice. 

'^^'i-^', fear. 

^^^^ ihfisd, being gelded, cas- 

jWc.^ ihtisdr, abridgement, com- 

(_ioUs=.\ ihtisds, particular calling ; 
distinction ; close attachment ; 

f,\^ii£A ihfisdm, dispute, quarrel. 

k^UiSi\ ihtitilb, preaching, sermon ; 

<_»Uisi.^ ihtitdf, carrying off, abduc- 
tion ; violence. 

^li^ ihtifd', concealing one's self ; 

S^ii-^ ihtild', retirement, seclusion. 

5!Ui.\ ihtildj, confusion, agitation, 
excitement ; trembling. 

(j«;bi\ ihtilits, snatching off, pick- 

ti;^\ ihlihlt, mixture ; confusion ; 
commerce, intercourse. 

^\s£j\ ihtildf, discord ; difference ; 

discrepancy ; resistance ; contra- 

j;ixi.\ ihtildj, confusion, disorder ; 
disturbance, tumult. 

jU-ii.\ ihtiindr, fermentation. 

j\^^ ihtindq, choking, suffoca- 

\y^\ ihtiwd', emptiness. 

^j^ uhtiyy, sisterly. 

jljii.\ ihtiydr, choice, election ; free 
will ; aged ; — j^ Miydriyy, of 
free will, voluntary ; with pre- 
meditation ; — h al-ihtiydriyya-t, 
the ancients, people of old. 

yoUsc.^ ihtiydd, dipping, diving. 

JV^^ ihtiydl, walking with a proud 
step, strutting ; haughtiness. 

t)W^'=-^ ihtiydn, treason, treachery. 

/t^ afjsam, with a flat nose ; with- 
out smell ; lion ; broad sword. 

(jW\ ahddn, friends, comrades, pi. 
of (j-ii hidn. 

•-r>'>^\ ahdab, big and stuj)id ; obsti- 
nate ; inflicting large wounds. 

jj^\ ahdar, dark, obscure ; — ^S «^- 
dariyy, wild ass. 

^si.\ ahda', more or most deceitful, 
crafty, cunning ; more concealed ; 
pi. aJiddi', carotid. 

'■^^ ahidda-t, pi. of -i^ hadd, track, 
&c., q.v. 

Ojj«i.\ uhdild, pi. ahud'td, furrow ; 
mark of a blow ; (m.) a heavy 

(•^^^) ahaz,v, IT/IF. ahZjta' /id:, receiYe, 
accept, take, seize ; derive (gram- 
matically) ; hear or learn from 
(y-* mill) ; yield to remonstrances 
(s-* 60 ; come suddenly upon, 
surprise ; punish ; begin, set 
out ; lead to (a road) ; — aMz, 
INF. ahaz, suffer from indiges- 
tion ; become furious (camel) ; 
water (eyes); — ahu:, inf. uM:a-t, 
turn sour (milk) ; — ii. iSF.ta'hi:, 
seize, take ; cause milk to turn 
sour ; — III. INF. mu\iha:a-t, 
chastise, punish; — viii. inf. 
ii'ihdz, chotise for one's self and 
take possession of ; associate 
with; prepare for one's use 




(foodj ; come to close quarters ; 
— X. INF. isti'hdz, take possess- 
sion of ; drop one's head ; sub- 
mit to the will of God. 

^\ ahz, taking, (j=t*j ^\ ahz wa 
qabd, receivings, revenue ; ^\ 
'-*/°^J aA? wa masraf, revenue 
and expenditure ; punishment ; 
custom, habit ; — ihz, mark made 
by branding (for an amulet) ; — 
dhiz, with watering eyes, blear- 
eyed ; — uhuz, watering of the 
eyes, being blear-eyed ; pi. of 
»JU.\ ihdza-t, pond, &c. ; — » 
uhza-t, stratagem ; love-charm, 
elixir, amulet ; — dhiza-t, torpor, 

(j^^) uhur, end, what is last ; — 
uhur-an, min uhur-in, behind, 
from behind ; lastly ; — dhar, f. 
uhraf, uhrdt (l\^\), pi. uhar, 
vulg. aharin, ahdra, other, an- 
other, second ; — t^f^^j 'j^' tdrat- 
an wa iihra, at one time and 
another ; al-uhra, life eternal ; 
pi. uhar, uhraydt, last parts, 
last rows; — dhir, f. i last, re- 
motest ; absent ; concealed ; pi. 
j4-\j\ awdhir, end, termination 
(gram.) ; >i/-\ ^J\ ila dhiri-hi, 
abbreviated ^\ , to the end, and 
so on, &c. ; al-dhira-t, the 
future life ; day of judgment ; — 
ahhar, ii. inf. ta'hlr, cause a 
delay ; also v. inf. ta'ahhur 
and X. inf. isti'hdr, remain be- 
hind, delay, come last ; — iii. 
INF. mu'dhara-t, delay, postpone, 

>^\f-\ ihrdb, destruction, ruin. 

o\ji.^ ihrdd, bashful silence. 

Q\ys^ ihrdj, producing, 'drawing 
forth, bringing out ; sally. 

^yi.\ ahrah, f. hurbd', more devas- 
tated ; pierced (ear) ; — i ahri- 
ha-t, ruins, pi. of v^/^ hardb. 

gji.\ ahraj, f. hurjd', black and 
white ; — » ahrija-t, pi. of tf- 
harj, q.v. 

y.«.6-\ ahras, f. karsd', pi. hurs, hur- 
sdn, dumb ; soundless, noiseless, 


echpless ; al-harsd, misfortune ; 
cloud without thunder and 

i'Aji.\ ahrim-t, pi. of Ji^f- hard^, 
mark (by branding) of a camel. 
ahrifa-t, sheep, pi. of tJj;i 

sif-\ ahraq, f . harqd', pi. hurq, awk- 
ward, stupid; f. violent wind, 
plain exposed to the wind. 

(j-Uyi.^ ihriminds, silence, see t/~*j*- 
harmas, (J^f- harnias. 

^J^y^\ ihrimbaq, i,^j^\ ihrimfaq, 
see (J?ji harbaq. 

iS}/^ uhrawiyy, referring to the 
future life. 

i£j^ dhiriyy, ihiriyy, uhriyy, last ; 
— uhra, f . of f'\ dhar, another. 

f»-/'\ ahzam, male snake. 

ii)i-\ ahizza-t, hares, pi. of j^i- hazaz, 

y-is-\ ahass, viler, vilest ; meaner, 
meanest, comp. of u-^-^-^ hasis. 

^~i.\ ahsar, who loses or spends 

•— ^\ ahs'ah, f. hasbd', hard, rough 
to the touch ; severe. 

0-i<i.\ ahsan, f. hamd', pi. hum, 
hus'un, hard, rough, rude ; diffi- 
cult of approach or attack ; 

SJi^\ ahis's'a-t, pi. of jSiLii hasd^, 
wooden ring for the nose of a 

^_^S:^^\ ahsa, more or most timid ; 
a dangerous place. 

yffi5.\ ahass, more particular, more 
private, comp. of (ja««=i- hasis. 

(j^\ ahsun, small axes, pi. of ^^^-a*- 

j^ ahdar, f. hadrd', pi. hudr, 
green ; of dark colour, grey, 
black ; (m.) fresh, vigorous ; 
palm- tree ; al-ahdar, the dark 
night ; f . sky ; crowd of men, 
army ; — pi. al-ahddir, gold, 
wine and flesh (meat). 

g^i-\ ahda', more, most or very sub- 

i.Jui.\ ahdaf, a kind of snake. 

Uss.^ ihid', erring, committing a 




jlti.\ ahtdr, pi. of ^ hatar, danger, 
risk, and of ^ hiir, large troop 
of camels; — ihtdr, remind, 
causing to recollect. 

klLs.^ ahtat, lines, strokes, Ac, pi. 
of t=i. hatt. 

■^W ahtah, of dirt colour ; striped ; 

>-4l=i-\ a;^.^a/, with a slender waist. 

Jl=i-\ ahtal, f . hatld', pi. hutul, with 
flabby ears, breasts ; vulgar 
talker; Ji=i5-S^ y\ abu-l-ahtal, 
horse, mule. 

(»!=s-\ ahtam, with a long nose, 
trunk, beak. 

Ui.^ t'^/d', hiding, concealing, sup- 

jVie.\ iA/iJr, protection, escort. 

^\ai.\ ahfdf, pi. of wfii. huff, hoof 
of the camel ; foot of the 

^\a!A ikfdq, failure ; distress. 

(ji.ii.\ ahfas, day-blind. 

iJ>^\ ahfiya-l, coverings, veils, hid- 
den things, pi. of Ui- hifd'. 

yjUi.^ ahqdq, clefts, rents in the 
ground, pi. of (J^ haqq. 

^i^^ uhquq, (3s«^\ ikqiq, pi. ahdqiq, 
cleft, rent in the ground. 

J6.\ ahall, poorer, very poor ; — S 
ahilla-t, pi. of ili hilla-t, scab- 
bard, and of Jlii hildl, tooth- 
pick, &c., q.v. 

W ahld', pi. of jli AiZw, q.v. ; — 
ahilld', friends, pi. of J—tM- 

V>Si^^ ahldb, claws, pi. of ^-M. 

yj>%i'\ ihlds, candour, sincerity, pro- 
bity, true friendship ; correc- 
tion ; emendation. 

t.!ii.\ al}ldt, mixtures, humours, &c., 
pi. of 1=1^ hilt. 

wi^\ ahldf, a breach of contract, 
&c., pi. of <-ili hulf. 

^i'iii^ ahldq, qualities, manners, &c., 
pi. of (jli hulq ; — ihldq, being 
worn out ; shame. 

JW aJildl, friends, pi. of J*, hill. 

gU.^ ahla^, rope. 

^J^\ ahlas, more or most sincere ; 
purer, purest. 

U>U.\ ahlaf, left-handed; walking 
with difficulty; stupid; squint- 
eyed ; more deceitful ; stream ; 

(3li-\ ahlaq, even, smooth ; poor, 
fitter, worthier (comp. of i3^ 

ityii\ uhluta-t, pi. ahdl'a, complica- 
tion, anything complicated. 

UU.\ ahliyd, pi. of (jl-s- haliyy, 
empty, free, &c., q.v. 

5-ii\ ihlij, fine, swift horse ; rhu- 

^J.X^^ ahmds, fifth parts, pi. of 
i,/-*^ hums. 

ij*s.\ ahmira-t, veils, head-gears, pi. 
of jW- himdr. 

\ — •.•s.\ ahmisd', fifth parts, pi. of 
;j**:^**- haniis. 

yo*^\ ahmas, pi. ahdmis, middle of 
the sole ; foot ; waist ; with a 
slim waist. 

i^\ ahann, pi. i^ hunn, who 
speaks through the nose. 

ij-j.^\ ahnas, flat-nosed ; al-ahnas, 
lion ; — f . al-hansd, wild cow. 

^^\ ahinna, striped material ; 
coarse linen. 

^ ahw, ahu, pi. ahun, ahd', dhd', 
ahwa-t, ihwa-t, uhwa-t, uhuww, 
uhuwwa-t, ihwdti, uhwdn, bro- 
ther ; companion ; the like of ; 
uiif*i\ }i.\ aM-'l-maut, sleep ; 
^*ji3\ y.1 ahu-'l-hair, evil ; — S 
uhuwwa-t, brotherhood. 

(ysA) W.^ ahd, u, (1 pret. ahau-tu, 
ahai-tu) inf. uhuwwa-t, be bro- 
ther or as a brother ; — iii. ihd', 
ihdwa-t, mu'dhdt, become one's 
brother ; fraternise, make 
friends with (ace.) ; be fit 
for (J li) ; V. prove one's 
self a brother to, fit for ; vi. 
establish brotherhood between 
one another. 

«»\j^\ ahawdt, sisters, pi. of\ 

J\j^\ ahwdl, pi. of J^ hdl, mater- 
nal uncle. 




t)\^\ ahwdn, brothers, pi. of ^\ 
ahu ; — ihwdn, table, tray. 

«i'^\ ahwat, (ni.) pi. hutdn, hilt, 

stupid ; mad. 
j^\ aMr, stable ; )}^\ yt^ mir 
ahur, equerry, master of the 

<_l^\ ahwaf, more, most, very 

&^\ ahwila-t, pi. of JU. Ml, ma- 
ternal uncle. 

^^\ ahwina-t, tables, trays, pi. of 
y\^ hiwan, huwdn. 

^^)i^ ahawiyy, brotherly ; — 6 uhu- 
wiyya-t, fraternity, congrega- 

^_^\ afiha, ii. make a noose ; — » 
ahiyya-t, pi. ahdwi, ahdyd, peg 
or line to tie up a horse. 

jLi.\ ahydr, pi. of ^ hair, good. 

i_^Us.\ ahyds, pi. of ^As^ haU, can- 

i_jLi\ ahydf, people of different 
lineage ; of the same mother, 
but another father. 

JW^\ ahydl, horses, pi. of Ji^ hail. 

s-«*^^ ahyab, wrong (way). 

jui\ ahiz, prisoner. 

yeiA ahyar, better, best ; — ahir, 

^MsA uhaira, never, dim. of /A 

y«w>i^ ahyas, numerous. 

tj*i-^ akyaf, pi. hUf, hif, f. haifd, 
having one eye black, the other 
blue; — haifd', a, composition in 
which all the letters of each 
alternate word are pointed, the 
other words being without 

jJ.\ ahyal, with moles on the 
face ; pi. ahdyil, white falcon ; 
vain, haughty ; haughtiness ; pi. 
Ij,il, a bird of evil omen ; — » 
ahyila-t, fancies, ideas, &c., pi. 
of JW^ hayal, q.v. 

j\ ad=Ji> yad, hand. 

{S\) add. A, I, u, INF. add, roar 
(camel) ; fondle (she camel) ; 
offer, present ; rove ; come upon 

suddenly ; — v. inf. ta'addud, 
become violent, get worse. 

•A add, idd, pi. iddd, » idda-t, pi. 
idad, power, victory ; calamity ; 
— udd, power, victory. 

\>A add, paying, requital ; fulfilling 
a duty ; manner, tone ; — ' addt, 
pi. adawdt, tool, utensil ; particle 

'^\'A dddh, civilities, &c., pi. of v"^^ 

^U\ uddbir, who turns away and 
will not listen. 

oW\ adoA, power, victory ; — iddd, 
pi. of •A add, see above. 

j\j\ addr, March ; — 6 iddra-t, re- 
volving (a. and n.) ; circuit of a 
magistrate, &c. ; administration ; 
prefecture ; district. 

^\>A uddf, penis ; ear. 

4j\j^ iddla-t, victory. 

I«\j\ addni, reconcilement; — iddm, 
pi. uduni, dddm, ddima-t, by- 
dish, as vegetables, &c. ; leader ; 
consenting ; — dddm, pi. of ^o\ 
adim, skin ; — adddm, manufac- 
turer of leather ; — s iddma-t, 
perseverance ; remaining, stay- 

y\j\ addn-in, pi. of ^J•i daniyy, 

low, etc. 
. (v-i^) cidah, I, prepare a banquet, 
invite to a meal ; wonder ; — 
adub, INF. adab, be well educated 
and of refined manners ; — ii. 
INF. ta'dib, educate ; correct, 
chastise ; — iv. inf. iddb, make 
justice prevail in a country; 
invite to a meal ; — v. inf. 
ta'addub and x. inf. isti'ddb, 
receive education, be refined. 

i^S\ adab, pi. dddb, refined man- 
ners ; politeness ; literary per- 
suits ; liberal education ; — al- 
dddb, literature ; — » udba-t, en- 
tertainment ; wonderful things. 

\>S\ udabd, pi. of -r^A adib, well 
bred, Ac, q.v. 

^rfV>J\ adbdb, pi. of s^J dxibb, bear. 

^i\ adbdr, the last or hindmost 




parts or persons ; backs ; — 
idbdr, turning one's back ; ad- 
vej-sitj ; — iddibdr, retreat. 

f-i'i\ adbah, wortUess things. 

ii'^.'A adab-hdna-h, water-closet. 

erJ'J^ adbas, dark red, brown. 

,_3}>>\ adabiyy, polite, well-educated ; 
j_5jjS\ ^»ix3^ al-Hlni al-adabiyy, 
morals, moral pliilosophy ; — 6 
adabiyya-t, pi. adabiyydt, litera- 
ture, pi. what promotes civilisa- 
tion and refinement, accomplish- 

f'i\ adsar, lazy, negligent. 

(^■i\ adjan, f. dajmV, of a deep 
black; cloudy. 

^^j\ udhiyy,idhiyy, » udhiyya-t, 
ijs^A udhuwiva-t, ostrich nest. 

JU.j\ idhdl, introducing ; causing 
to enter ; enclosing. 

j4-i>\ idhir, rush (plant). 

Ji.>>\ adhal, entering more deeply 
into ; more familiar. 

{ji"^\ adhan, i. dahnd', of the colour 
of smoke; — ' adhina-t, fumes 
of smoke, &c., pi. of yViiJ duhda, 

oj\ idad, powers, victories, pi. of 6J\ 

(jj\) adir, A, inf. adar, be afflicted 
with a rupture. 

)j\ a'dar, pi. udr, f. adrd', afflicted 
with a rupture ; — udur, majesty ; 
— adarr, f. \)J darrd', yielding 
abundant milk ; — i adara-t, 
udra-t, rupture. 

e\)0\ idrdj, march ; folding ; inser- 

ij\jS\ idrdra-t, pi. -ai, wages, military 

g\jj\ iddird', putting on a coat of 

>£t\jS\ idrdk, comprehension ; intel- 
ligence ; genius. 

&f.)j\ udrujja-t, ladder, stairs ; step, 

>J)j\ adrad, toothless. 

gij\ adru', coat of mail, &c., pi. of 
gjj dir', q.v. 

l».o^ adram, f. darmd/ pi. durm, 

uniform; fleshy, well rounded; 
toothless ; big-headed ; f . darmd', 

«jjo\ adrana-t, Adrianople. 

y^jj\ idraun, manger ; stable ; 
dwelling ; home ; origin. 

y~jj^\ idris, Enoch (prophet) ; y^ 
y-jj>>^ abd idris, penis. 

i3~.j\ adsaq, with a large mouth. 

I^S\ adsam, pi. dusm, dusiim, very 
fat ; dark grey ; mean. 

Ieo\ iddi'd', claim, pretension ; 
arrogance ; law- suit ; inviting, 
calling to. 

<~-^^\ ad'ab, stupid. 

i-Ej\ ad'aj, f . da'ja, pi. du'j, black ; 
with large black eyes ; dark ; — 
f. da'jd', moonless nights ; last 
day of the lunar month ; raving ; 

Wcj\ ad'iyd, pi. of ^J^^^ da'iyy, q.v. 

iucj\ ad'iya-t, calls, prayers, &c., 
pi. of ^J du'd', q.v. ; — ud'iyya-t 
and y-J^ ud'uwwa-t, dark ques- 
tion of dispute ; riddle. 

JVeo^ adgdl, faults, defects, &c., pi. 
of Ji^ dagal ; — idydl, fraud, 

^\slS\ idgdm, contraction, assimila- 
tion of letters by tasdid. 

^o\ adfd', pi. of ^■i dif, heat, &c., 

ijj\ adaqq, thinner, more delicate, 
more accurate, comp. of ij-iJ 
daqiq ; — * adiqqa-t, pi. of (3eJ>J 
daqiq, thin, &c., q.v. 

(_5»^\ adqa, violent hunger. 

(J>>\) adal, I, heal ( •.), also ll. ; — 
A, shake the milk in the leather 
pipe for butteriug; drag along 
under a burden. 

J-J^ idl, sore throat ; sour milk ; 
object of litigation; — adl-in, 
buckets, etc., pi. of ^■^ daJw ; — 4 
adilla-t, pi. of J-Jj dald, proof, 

!5j^ adilld', pi. of JJj dalil, guide. 

J3o\ idhil, arrogance ; wanton- 

fjciS\ adlas, hairless ; growing fresh 




/^■^^ adlam, hlsick ; dark bro^vti, f. 
ad-dalma , last night of the lunar 

^J'^\ adli, buckets, &c., pi. of- ^•i 

((•J\) adam, u, i, inf. adm, unite 
two things, join together, recon- 
cile ; give a by-dish with bread ; 
lead ; — adim, a, inf. adam, 
also adum, inf. uduma-t, be 
reddish, brownish, blackish; — 
IV. reconcile ; give a by-dish 
with bread ; turn the inside of 
the skin outside ; — viii. eat a 
by-dish with bread ; be full of 

(•J\ adam, human skin ; leathern 
pipe ; date ; tomb ; pi. of ^J^ 
adim, earth ; — adm,, concord, 
union ; — udm, skin ; leader ; 
example for imitation ; (m.) 
ration ; — udum, pi. of f>i'^\ adim, 
q.v., and (^■^\ at^aiji, by-dish ; — 
udam, pi. udm, udmdn, i. admit', 
adam, pi. awddim, reddish ; of the 
colour of human flesh ; browned ; 
white (camel) ; Adam ; (•j\ y* 
baml (bam) adam, mankmd ; — 
4 adma-t, adama-t, leader ; — 
udma-t, reddishness ; whitish 
colour of the (camel) skin; 
conjunction ; — udma-t, adama-t, 

yUj^ idmdn, exercise ; experience ; 
perseverancf ; — udmdn, white, 
pi. of. [••jT adam. 

Sa-J^ admitja-t, brains, pi. of g^-i 

(j->y^\ idmi'is, dark. 

^j^-A adamiyy, man ; human ; — » 
adamiyya-t, humanity ; polite- 

\i'A adnd, nearer ; viler, meaner ; — 
adnd', pi. of ^J'^ dani, vile, 
worthless, &c. 

yU»j\ adhdn, pi. of i^J dahti, fat, 

jto.A adhur, ages, &c., pi. of j^'i 

^J~&J\ adhas, f. dahsd, pi. duhs, of 
rust-colour; soft, gentle. 

l^^\ acZ/iflsm, black, blackish (horse); 
dark yreen ; old, and, by opposi- 
tion, fresh ; — f . dahmd', pot, 
kettle ; what appears black in 
the distance (crowd of people) ; 
— pi. duhm, the moonless nights. 

i^-A adhiya-t, pi. of ^•i dahiyy, 
sly, cunning. 

(y^) add,v, assist; — inf.^j^ aduww, 
ripen ; — inf. adw, waylay ; de- 
ceive ; provide with, fit out ; — 
VI. INF. ta'ddi, provide one's self 
with ; — IV. INF. idd, and x. inf. 
isti'dd', see (i^^^^). 

W^ adwd', illness, pi. of \J da'. 

j'^J^ adwih; houses, &c., pi. of j\>J 
ddr, and revolutions, &c., pi. of 
j)-^ daiir. 

'•r>)'A ad'uh, pi. of sj^J da'h, custom, 

j}»>^ ad'ur, adwur, S^J^ adwira-t, 
houses, &c., pi. of jw ddr. 

(•j'>\ adwam, more or most durable. 

*j^j\ adwiya-t, medicines, pi. of \}'i 

((^"i^) ada, I, INF. udiyy, coagulate 
(milk) ; be many, abundant ; — 
INF. ady, lay snares for ; waylay ; 

— II. INF. ta'diya-t, cause to 
reach a place, bring to ; pay a 
person ; — iv. inf. idd', assist ; 
be strong, powerful ; be nume- 
rous and well off (people) ; grow 
too much or many ; prepare for ; 
— V. inf. ta'addi, pay one's debts ; 

— X. inf. isti'dd', ask for help ; 
take one's fortune by force ; — 
VI. see {^-A). 

j^j\ dda, better paying ; conscien- 
tious ; — adiyy, equipment, out- 
fit ; preparation ; — idan, vessel, 
leather bag ; nimble, agile. 

t)^j\ adydn, beliefs, <fcc., pi. of (^.J 

■■T-oJ^ adih, pi. uddbd', of polite 
manners, well bred ; literary, 
learned, scholar ; teacher, tutor. 

JoJ< adid, hard to bear, violent ; — 
idid, shouting, scream ; roar. 

*4J^ adim, entire ; brightness of 
the day ; time before midday ; 




origin ; authority ; — pi. adam, 
earth ; — pi. udum, what can be 
seen from heaven and earth ; 
— pi. udum, ddchn, ddima-t, 
skin of the face ; skin of an 
yi-J^ adyan, more pious, more re- 
•J\ iz, behold ! when ; as ; since ; if ; 
^j\ izmd, when, at the time 
when; v£!U.i\ , >£M\ izzdk, at 
that time, then ; — ^\ iz-in, 
then ; affixed, as : ^S^y. yau- 
mi'z-in, on that day ; •i£~s=' 
hinai'z-in, is^^ waqtai'z-in, at 
that time ; — dz-in, see i^j^ . 
(•J\) azz, INF. azz, cut. 
U\ izd, behold ! when (in the sense 
of future), followed by the pret. ; 
^ U\ izd mn, when, as soon 
as; — izan, well then! in this 
case then ; — 5 azdt, injury, 
damage ; evil ; pain. 
^\^\ izdba-t, melting. 
f^^^^ azdhir, rushes, pi. of izhir. 
^^ j^ izd'a-t, publication. 
yU\ dzdn, ears, pi. of y'i^ uzn. 
(_s>U^ azdniyy, long-eared. 
<T'i\ azahh, wild bull ; — ' azihha-t, 

flies, pi. of s^U-i zuhdh. 
J}j^ azlal, f. zahld', thirsty, with 

dry lips, 
(ej^) azaj, drink much wine. 
j^^\ izhir, pi. azdhir, a fragrant 

kind of rush, 
gj j\ azra\ cross born from a free- 
man and a slave ; eloquent ; 
quick, swift ; — azru', pi. of g^j j 
S)>i^ azirra-t, powders, pi. of jjjj 

gVcJ\ az'dj, worrying, teazing, 

(jUJ^ az'dn, obedience, submission. 
;ij\ azfar, strongly scented; — f. 

az-zafrd', wild rue. 
(j^i\ azqan, f. zaqiid', pi. (jJ>5 
zuqn, having a long or hanging 
^i\ azkar, more pointed, sharper. 

^■^\ azka, more acute ; more saga- 
cious ; more vivid. 

^j\ azhiyd, pi. zaki, acute ; sharp ; 

(Jj^) azal, I, iNP. azl, lie. 

SJ\ aziiZa', pi. of J-3 J raKZ, abject, 
mean, vile. 

(i_-»«3J^) izla'ahh, hasten away. 

(j3 j\ azlaq, f. zaZi/a', sharp ; ready 
of speech. 

^_3!yj\ izlaula, depart, go away, xii. 

of Qi). 

(ti\ azamm, more or most blame- 
worthy ; — i azimma-t, duties, 
&c., pi. of fX''i zimdni. 
(y j^) azan, inf. azan, listen to (J li 
and \j^ ila) ; get appetite for 
(ace.) ; — INF. azn, strike on the 
ear, bos the ears ; (pass.) suffer 
from ear-ache ; — inf. dzdn and 
azzdn, announce, especially the 
time for prayer ; — azin, listen 
to ; — INF. izn, azan, azan, azdna-t, 
know; — INF. izn, azin, commu- 
nicate, impart ; ii. impart, com- 
municate frequently ; rubb the 
ears ; prevent from drinking or 
from entering ; be door-keeper ; 
call out the hour of prayer ; — iv. 
inform of (v» hi) ; astonish ; pre- 
vent ; box the ears ; call out the 
hour for prayer ; begin to fade ; 
— V. swear, take an oath ; make 
known ; shout at threateningly ; 
venture ; — x. ask for permission 

y>j\ izn, permission ; leave ; fare- 
well ; adieu; furlough; — uzn, 
uzun, pi. dzdn, ear, handle ; — • » 
azana-t, cotyledon. 

v>V'j\ azndb, tails, ic, pi. of s-^«i 

yUj\ azhdn, intellects, jil. of yfcj 

Jj»>i\ azhal, more distracted. 

w>jj^ az'ub, wolves, pi. of s-^j 

jj-i^ azilz, cutting, sharp. 

t^j^ aziva-t, with a short chin. 

(^5>i\) azi. A, INF. (ji\ izan, azd' 
suffer a damage, a,Li injury ; — 
— II. IV. injure, damage ; — v.=i. 

s-J^ 25 


^^\ dzi (S\ dz-in), Lurtful ; offen- 
sive ; — azan, also 8 azziyya-t, 
injury, damage; — dziyy, wave, 

J^ j^ azydl, trains of garments, &c., 
pi. of Jj J zail. 

s-»j\ azyab, mass of water ; terror ; 

ejj^ a2iw, call to prayer; caller, 
Muazzin ; prince ; bail ; know- 
ledge ; ear ; — uzain, little ear. 

(j\) arr, v, inf. arr, drive ; drive 
away ; throw away ; have con- 
nexion with a woman (ace.) ; 
kindle ; — iv. inf. i'rdr, cause 
to grow lean, thin ; — viii. inf. 
it'irdr, hasten. 

j^ dr, shame, disgrace; — i ira-t, 
pi. inm, fire ; hearth, chimney ; 
provisions of roast meat ; — 
dra-t, chimney, stove ; difficulty 
in pronouncing the letter _> . 

\j^ ard', drd', opinions, &c., pi. of 
(j^j ra'y. 

^\^ drdb, pi. of ^j\ irh, member, 
and of ^j\ irha-t, urba-t, need ; — 
8 irdba-t, prudence. 

<^^j^ irds, tinder ; fire. 

g\j\ arrdj, intriguer. 

J^\)^ ardjil, Jj>=-\)^ ardjil, hunters, 
pi. of J.?.j rajil, J^\j rdjil. 

j^\;^ ardjih, deserts ; pi. of *=-^j^ 
arjuha-t, swing, rocking- board. 

>^\)^ ardjiz, poems in the metre 
rajaz, pi. of 'jy?-j^ arjiha-t. 

<-A«9-\)\ ardjif, false rumours, scan- 
dals, pi. of <-iW-j^ irjdf. 

^\j^ irdha-t, resting, reposing ; 
granting ; alleviating ; refresh- 

^J^i'\j\ ardhina-t, archons, chiefs, pi. 
of o^j^ arhon. 

i^^^ ardhi, veils, curtains, pi. of 
"^i-j^ urhiyya-t. 

Sj\)\ irdda-t, will, intention, desire, 
decree ; high - priest of the 

^5j\)\ irddiyy, who acts according 
to his own will. 

^i\j\ ardzil, rabble, pi. of Jj)\ 

(j-j^;^ ardris, S ardrisa-t, peasants 
countrymen, pi. of u-Jj\ aris. 

\J>^^ drdd, ^y,\j\ arddi, lands, &c., 
pi. of y4j\ ard. 

J*c\j^ ard'il, herds, troops, etc., pi, 
of ^j ra'la-t. 

O^^j^ ardgin, organs, pi. of 0tj\ 

^\)^ ardqim, poisonous snakes, pi. 
of f^j\ arqam. 

^V irdqa-t, pouring out. 

'^\j)\ ardk, a thorny tree; its ber- 
ries ; bitter herb ; field. 

tihi^j^ ardk'm, props, supports, &c., 
pi. of y^ rukn. 

(•^j\ drdm, stones to indicate the 
road in the desert, Ac, pi. of f), 
iram ; — ar'dm, drdm, gazelles, 
pi. of i^j ri'm ; — ardm, crown 
of the head. 

J^\)^ ardmil, pi. of J-j\ armal, 
widowed; poor. 

y^\)^ ardmin, S ardmina-t, Arme- 
nians, j)l. of (^j\ arman. 

O^j^ irdn, hearse ; pi. urun, lair 
of a wild animal ; sword ; — 
ardn-in, and 

s-j^j^ ardnib, hares, pi. of >t-5j^ 

(^j^j\ ardwiyy, mountain-goats, pi. 
of h}j^ urwiyya-t. 

^5^ ar'a, fitter, more appropriate. 

usij^j^ ardyik, pi. of cd>j\ arih, divan 
for a bride, throne. 

(sj)^) ardb, i, make tight (a knot") ; 
strike on a member of the body ; 

— arib, a, need ; be poor and 
needy ; have flaccid members ; 
be out of order (stomach) ; be 
bad and hard (times) ; be 
strongly attached ; be versed in 
(s-> bi) ; — arub, be wise, pru- 
dent ; — II. INF. ta'rib, make 
fast, tight ; sharpen ; increase 
and perfect ; — iv. inf. i'rdb, 
overcome, conquer ; — y. inf. 
ia'arrub, raise difficulties ; take 
affected airs ; affect slyness. 

V'j^ arab, need ; — arb, fore-finger ; 

— arib, prudent, sly ; — irb, cun. 





nlng; malice; pi. drah, ar'ab, 
limb, member ; need ; aim ; 
piece ; — urb, misfortune, reli- 
gious scruple ; — i irba-t, mis- 
fortune ; cunning ; also urba-t, 
chain, necklace ; pi. drab, neces- 
saries, need; — urba-t, pi. urab, 
strong knot ; — aribha-t, allies, 
pi. of ^.Ijj ribdb. 

Wj^ arbd', pi. of y; rabw, troop ; — 
urubbd, Europe. 

SJ^;^ arhdb, masters, lords, &c., pi. 
of sJj rabb. 

^^ arbd', pi. of ^j raV, rub', 
ruba', rubu', q.v. 

yV}j\ urbdn, pledges, pi. of cj^j 

!»jj\ arbat, childless ; — arbut, pi. of 
^^j ribdt, q.v. 

^j\ arba', f., S arba'a-t, m., four; 
gjjS\ uu\^j mwdt al-arba', quadru- 

■ peds ; — arbu', vernal habitations, 
&c., pi. of JJ) raV ; — i arbi'a-t, 
spring-seasous, pi. of ^j rabi'. 

^j^ arbi'd', arba'd', arbu'd', pi. 
ud\ U}j\ arbi'd' dt, Wednesday ; — 
arbc'd\ springs, pi. of ^j rabi'; 
— arbu^di', pillars, columns. 
•)\ arbu'dwd', temple with 

J>j^ arbal, Arbela; flourishing 

^J>J^ arba, more numerous, more. 

uwj\ aratt, f. ruttd', pi. rutt, stam- 
merer ; chatterer ; — S tirta-t, 
crest of the chameleon. 

g^j^ artd', crowd. 

tV>j^ irtibdt, ligament, connexion ; 
tic ; friendship. 

gWj^ irtijdj, trembling. 

gVs=j\ irtijd', return ; recollection ; 

JV:5?j\ irtijdl, improvisation ; — irti- 
jdl-an, ex tempore ; inconsider- 

^W'j\ irtihdl, departure, emigra- 

U=^j\ irtihd\ relaxation. 

j^jj,^ ivtiddd ((^ 'an), apostacy ; 
{^J\ ila), return, conversion, 



|,Ljj^ irtisdm, being marked ; con- 
secration of a priest. 

^jj^ irtisd', corruption, bribery. 

t=ij\ irtidd', contentment ; consent ; 

^j\ irti'd', pasturing (s.). 

^V«>j\ irti'dh, being frightened, 

irti'dd, trembling, being 

J'''^j^ irti'ds, trepidation. 

w)Uij\ irtigdh, desire, longing. 

gUij\ irtifd', pi. ua\, elevation, exal- 
tation, high dignity; removing; 
disappearance ; apogee ; yield 
of crops. 

^\iuj[ iiiifdq, supporting one's self ; 
leaning against. 

\sa^ irtiqd', ascension, promotion ; 

k_>Wj^ irtiqdb, observation from a 

i_>^j\ irtikdb, committing a sin ; 
undertaking ; riding on horse- 

^\^j\ irtikdd, movement of a child 
in the womb ; agony ; anxiety. 

|.V&j\ irtilidm, accumulation. ■ 

v^'j^ irtihdb, fear, terror. 

L^>j\ irlihdt, assembly. 

i-jWj^ irtihdf, (m.) friendly recep- 

S\^j\ irtihdTi, weakness of limbs. 

yW>j\ iViiAt(», mortgaging, pawning; 

Wj^ irtiyd', consideration, taking 
of thought. 

vW'j^ irtiydb, doubt, hesitation, un- 

t^^ iriiydh, rest; repose; viva- 
city ; cheerfulness ; zeal ; endea- 
vour ; mercy of God. 
ij'W'j^ iriiydd, training, dressing 

(an animal) ; exercise, 
g^jj^ irtiyd', fear, fright. 
(vi>j\) uraf, iNP. 0)>-, kindle ; — ii. 
tbi^ same ; sow discord ; — v. 
being kindled. 
>ijj^ i'i-s (for i^j^ wirs), inheritance; 
ashes, remains ; old custom ; 
root; — Mrs, thorn; — arass. 




■worn out, tattered ; — ^ ursa-t, 
pi. uras, red soil ; tinder ; boun- 

(y*";^) irsa'ann, fall plentifully 
(rain) ; fall down in abundance 
(hair) ; be weak. 

^yj\ 'arsilma-t, soil, ground, terri- 

^^j\ arsa, untiring, indefatigable, 

(ej^) araj, inf. ar;', sow discord ; — ■ 
INF. arjan, the same ; spread 
calumnies; — arij, a, inf. araj, 
arij, arija-t, be fragrant ; — li. 
sow discord ; spread strong 
scents, perfume, fumigate, in- 
cense ; — - » arja-t, scent, per- 

W-j^ arjd', sides, &c., pi. of W-j 
raj -an. 

<-*W-jl irjdf, disturbance, alarm ; pi. 
ardjif, alarming rumours. 

t)W-j^ arajdti, disturbance ; — arjdn, 
wild almond tree. 

jjj.j\ arjah, more probable, comp. of 
£=-\j rdjih. 

{(j'sa^j^) irjahann, swing up and 
down (balance). 

i*^j\ arji'a-t, pi. of gWj rijd', halter 
of a camel. 

Ji>-j\ ar/aZ, more manly ; with large 
feet ; stony (road) ; — » arjila-t, 
pedestrians, &c., pi. of J«^j 

(j^j?-j\ arjawdn, urjuwdn (Pers.), 
purple ; a shrub with red blos- 
soms ; — t5 arjawdniyy, purple 

i?.^>)\ arjuja-t, urjuja-t, and 

ti.j>)\ arjuha-t, urjuha-t, pi. ardjth, 
swing, hammock. 

?jj^j\ arjdza-t, poem in the metre 
jij-j ra/az (six times iji*J<x..'- mus- 

^^j\ arja, from whom is more to 
be hoped for; — » urjiyya-t, a 
thing delayed. 

of ^ 


ar^a , mills, pi. 

,Uj^ ar^awi, wombs, 


pi. of ^-j 


(»^j'\ arhain, more or most merciful, 

,j=-j^ arhiyy, i arhiya-t, mills, pi. of 

^; rahan, ,_^j raAa. 
(Cj^) araA, also ii. and iv., date, fix 

the date. 
Cj\ irh, urh, bullock ; young cow , 

heifer ; — » urha-t, date, epoch. 
^j\ irhd', relaxing ; giving the 

reins ; quick riding. 
(jfli-j\ arhas, cheaper, comp. of yoe^j 

Ji-j\ arhul, lambs, pi. of J^-; rihl. 
yji.j^ arhon, arhun, pi. ardhina-t, 

archon ; chief ; high - priest ; 

abbot ; patriarch. 
^ji'j\ arha, laxer, looser; more 

yielding ; thinner (fluid) ; — S 

urhiyya-t, pi. jj^^_)\ ardhi, what 

is to be let down, veil, curtain ; 

calf of a buffalo. 
-ij\ aradd, more useful, more nearly 

concerning {^Jt^ 'ala) ; f. ruddd', 

divorced wife. 
\^j\ ardd', worse, comp. of tS**; 

mdi' ; — ardi'd, pi. of the same. 
e^Jj^ arddj, black leather. 
v_>J)\ ardabh, irdabb, corn measure 

=five bushels ; — irdabb, » irdab- 

ba-t, canal. 
&-'-ij\ ardama-t, root of a tree. 
(jjj\ ardan, Jordan; silk; — wr- 

dunn, sleepiness ; Jordan, 
ijjj^ ardiya-t, cloaks, robes, pi. of 

\oj ridd'. 
Jiji arzal, pi. oj and ardzil, more 

or most vile, mean ; abject ; de- 
(j^^) araz, ariz, A, i, u, inf. uruz, 

contract (n.), stand firm, be 

firmly rooted ; be cold (night) ; 

retreat to her hole (snake). 
;.\ driz, firm, firmly rooted, strong ; 

cold; chief of a clan; — arz, 

urz, s , cedar, pine-tree ; — arwz, 

druz, aruzz, uruz, uruzz, urz=)^ 

ruzx, rice. 
j\^^\ arttdq, riches, Ac, pi. of Jj 

i,_j^\ irzabba-t, irou bar or mace. 




t)j^ arza', cowardly, more or most 

jjjj\ irziz, shudder, trembling ; hail- 
storm ; push, thrust. 

(u-j^) aras, i, inf. ars, carry on 
agriculture as a peasant or 
farmer ; — ii. the same ; hire 
one's services. 
■>j\ irsd', fixing, rendering firm ; 
casting anchor in a port ; land- 

JL.j\ irsdl, sending, mission; quo- 
tation of a tradition of Muham- 
mad without mentioning an 

yL.^\ arsdn, halters, &c., pi. of y—j 

(~'j\ arsah, firmer, comp. of ^\) 

^y^J)^ arsul, messengers, &c., pi. of 
J^j rasiil, and Ji-j rasil. 

&-^yj\ arsusa-t, a high cap. 

v^j\ ars, men, creatures ; gift, 
compensation, blood - money ; 
bribe; dispute, law-suit; insti- 
gation to quarrelling. 

(ij5'j\) aras, inf. ars, scratch one's 
face in sign of mourning ; incite 
to enmity ; give (2 ace.) ; pass. 
be claimed for extradition, in 
order to atone for bloodshed ; 
— II. INF. ta'ris, kindle ; — viii. 
INF. it'irds, take revenge or 
blood-money ; be delivered up 
for atonement. 

jUy\ irsdd, direction in the right 
way ; spiritual remonstrance. 

jA)^ arsah, more perspiring. 

JA;\ arsad, straight, straighter; 
more or most upright. 

i«A)\ arsiya-t, ropes, pi. of Vsy risd' . 

^j>yi arass, f. Uj rassd, with well set 
teeth ; closely joining. 

jLc,\ irsdd, astronomical, observa- 

y4)\ ard, f. pi. ar^un, aradiln, ara- 
4dt, drdd, arddi, earth ; ground ; 
land ; sole, lowest part of any- 
thing ; u=;^ y4^ ibn ar(j, wan- 
derer, wayfarer, stranger ; — 
wra^, ^ , wood- worm ; — ar a 

worthier, worthiest; — ara a, 
not stirring from the place ; — ^ 
irda-t, urda-t, luxuriant grass. 

(o=jV oirad, INF. ard, consume into 
dust ; — arid, inf. arad, cover 
itself with pustules and get bad 
(wound) ; — arud, inf. ard, abound 
with food; — ^iNF. ardda-t, be 
well overgrown with plants ; be 
worthy of, fit for (J li) ; — pass, 
have a cold ; — ii. inf. ta'rid, 
graze all the herbs of a place 
and look for fresh pasture ; pre- 
pare for fasting ; embellish a 
speech ; reconcile ; molest, de- 
tain, prevent ; — iv. inf. i'rdd, 
give a cold ; — v. inf. ta'arrud, 
bend to the earth from heavi- 
ness ; be ripe for mowing ; 
hinder, thwart; — vi. inf. ta'd- 
rud, settle in a place ; — x. inf. 
isti'rdd, cover itself with pus- 
tules ; push forth roots. 

\-4)\ irdd', satisfying, consenting, 
complying with. 

gUj\ irdd', giving the suck, suck- 

i^j\ ardiyy, earthly, terrestrial ; — 
i_jSy& ^_j*.j\ ardiyy sokiyy, arti- 
choke ; — i ardiyya-t, ground ; 
floor ; bottom of a vessel ; 
grounding colour of a stuff. 

JU.j\ artdl, pounds (of 12 ounces), 
pi. of Jtj rati, ritl. 

^j\ ar'd', pastures, pi. of ^j ri'y. 

h^^ar'dwiyya-t, pasturing cattle. 

jjij\ ar'an, f. ra'nd', talkative ; 
stupid ; flabby ; demoralised 
(army) ; mild (air) ; mountain. 

8jCj\ ur'uwwa-t, yoke (pair) of oxen. 

jVc)\ ir^ad, cable; living in affluence. 

•.^j\ argab, more or most greedy, 
covetous ; more desirable. 

J^j\ argad, more or most commo- 
dious, pleasant, affluent. 

iitj\ argifa-t, loaves, rolls, cakes, 
pi. of v-«*j rag if. 

Ji;\ argal, commodious, comfor- 
table (life) ; uncircumcised. 

j^j\ argun, pi. ardgin, arganun, 
organ (iustrumeut). 




Jy=;^ argiil, oboe. 

(<-»;\) araf, ii. arraf, make a knot ; 
pass, be delimited; iii. cuufiue 
with ; — ii urfa-t, pi. uraf, 
boundary ; knot. 

j\ij\ ir/dq, supply, iv. of (ijij). 

yiUi)^ irfiddd, dispersing, disap- 

ji)^ arfa\ more elated, higher. 

Jij^ arfal, f. rafld', awkward, slo- 
venly ; flab-eared (ass). 

^^J^ urfiyy, pure milk. 

(oj\) ariq, inf. araj, and viii. inf. 
i'tirdq, wake, be awake, sleepless ; 
— II. INF. ta'riq, and iv. inf. 
i'rdq, cause to wake. 

vjj\ arq, araq, uraq, disease in the 
corn ; jaundice ; — araqq, thinner, 
&c., comp. of ^ij raqiq. 

l«Uj\ arqdm, written characters, &c., 
pi. ^j raqam. 

(jUj\ irqdn, henna; saffron. 

^j\ arqam, spotted ; al-arqam, a 
poisonous snake, viper. 

I=*j\ arqa-t, i. raq(d', spotted. 

((ilj^) irh, a thorn tree ; — arak, 
arik, also pass, urik, have sto- 
mach-ache from feeding on its 
fruit ; stop and feed on it ; 
insist ; tarry ; — ii. inf. ta'rik, 
place the bride on the throne 
{&ikj\ arika-t). 

»s);\ arakk, stupid, imbecile, weak- 
minded, N.B. >^j\ II. 

ts)^^\ arkdk, slight showers, pi. of 
iS) rakk. 

(^\Sj\ arkdn, pillars, props, &c., pi. 
of (jji; rukn ; — irkdn, (m.) con- 

s-S;\ arkub, cavalcades, troops of 
horsemen, pi. of s-ij rakb. 

«T>j^^ arkub, troop of travellers on 

M^j^ arkun, pi. ardkina-t, archon, 
&c., see y^j^ arJiun. 

^^ arka, weaker, comp. of ^j 

(<j\) aram, i, inf. arm, bite j eat 
all ; decimate (famine) ; tie up ; 
twist tight ; soften, pacify. 

f»i\ arm, stature, form of the body ; 

— arim, iram, pi. drdm, large 
stone to indicate the way in a 
desert; mountain-peak (pi. also 
urum) ; crown of the head ; — 
uram, urram, molar teeth ; 
finger-tips ; pebbles ; — 6 dri- 
ma-t, tooth. 

^j\ urmi'i, such a one, so and 1. a^ 
certain person ; — armd', p o 
,_y*j ramiyy, hit, thrown at. 

>i^^j\ arnuis, old rope. 

C^jl armi'ih, lances, pi. of ^j rumh. 

ah.j\ armad, ashy grey, f. ar-ramdd', 
ostrich ; pi. ^ rtimd, flies ; very 
small ; numerous ; with watering 
(running) eyes. 

(ji/»;\ armad, burnt (ground) ; peb- 
bled ; pebbles ; — armud, i arini- 
da-t, pi. of t3^-=^j ramaddn, the 
month of fasting. 

J«j\ armal, pi. ardmil, ardmil, 
ardmila-t, single ; widowed ; 
poor ; f . armala-t, poor widow ; 
al-armala-t, the needy and deso- 

(^j^ arman, ^^ armaniyy, Arme- 
nian ; h armaniyya-t, Armenia. 

^fj^ armula-t, pi. ardmil, poor; 

^_g^^ urma-=^^ urmd ; — & armiya-t, 
pi. of i^j rainiyy, thrown, hit. 

(oj^) aran, inf. am, bite ; — =- arin, 
A, INF. aran, arin, irdn, be quick, 
agile, brisk ; — iii. vie in beauty, 
elegance, &c. ; long for the cow 

l»}V)j\ arnaut, Arnaut. 

s-»j^ arnab, pi. ardnib, ardn-in, 

&*ij\ arnama-t, (m.) arnaha-t, groin. 

yc(«ij\ irhds, premeditation. 

tUA arhdl, families, pi. of S=*>j raJit, 

(^\jtj\ irhdn, pledging, pawning. 

m\ arw, deceit, cunning. 

\}j\ irwd', watering, quenching of 
the thirst ; wetting. 

c\jj\ arwd^, pi. of Cju ruh, breath, 
&c., and of gSj rij/,, wind, &c. ; 
evening ; — irwah, bad smell. 

g^j,;\ arwd', pi. of jf^j rd'i\ q.v. 




ii^})\ arwdq, tents, &c., pi. ot j;; 

C^}j^ arwdiii, Greeks, Romaas, pi. 
of (•jj ram. 

Ci)^ arwah, i. raukd', pi. rwA, wide, 
spacious ; more airy, thinner ; 
more pleasant ; quiet. 

•>j)j^ arwad, slow, deliberate. 

(_;-5j\ ar'us, heads, &c., pi. of (j*\j 
ra's, j-as. 

g^j\ arwa', f. ^;ij j-aw'a', causing 
pleasure and admiration by 
beauty, bravery, &c. ; noble ; 
prudent, cunning. 

^jj\ arwag, more or most cunning. 

&j>jj\ arwtqa-t, tents, &c., pi. of o^j; 
riwdq, ruwdq. 

(•jy\ arum, i , root ; — urum, moun- 
tain peaks, pi. of ^^ aram. 

(^jy\ iriin, hearths, &c., pi. of ij\ 

ijjy\ urwiyya-t, pi. (3 to 10) ard- 
wiyy, (above 10) arwa, chamois, 

(tSJ^) *''^' honey ; dew ; manua ; 
shining cloud ; squall ; — iry, 
ariy, pi. awdr-m, awdiyy, man- 
ger ; stable ; peg or rope for 
tying up. 

(j^j\) ara, i, inf. ary, i., v., viii., 
make honey ; drive the clouds 
and bring rain ; to eat from 
the same manger with another 
animal ; — ii. inf. ta'riya-t, 
make an animal eat from the 
same manger with another ; tie 
up, fasten ; conceal ; — iv. inf. 
i'rd', accustom one animal to 
another; — v. inf. ta'arri, re- 
main behind ; — v. and viii. 
INF. it'ird', be kept back; look 
out for what is tit, approjsriate ; 

— ara, ari, I, burn with anger ; 

— II. blow the lire. 

gUj\ arydh, winds, pi. of gSj ril}. 
Ji>\i.^ aryds, feathers, pi. of ij^.j ris, 

i risa-t. 
<_lb,\ arydf, fertile tracts, &c., pi. 

of •-^■) rif. 
»^\ arib, clever, skilful, prudent, 

cuniuis J arrow ; winner in the 

game of arrows ; f. s ariba-t, large 
and wide (kettle). 

gS;^ arij, i arija-t, inf. of (ej^) q-v. ; 
— anj, fragrance ; fra grant. 

j^j\ aryah, spacious, airy ; — tS 
aryahiyy, arihiyy, high-minded 
and liberal; vivacious, quick; — 
^> aryahiyya-t, liberality, gene- 

yj\ ariz, very cold ; hoar-frost ; 

(_r">j^ arts, irris, pi. un and ardris, 
ardris, ardrisa-t, peasant ; — 
irris, leader, prince. 

(jioj\ aryas, with a strong beard. 

yi>jl and, very rich ; well over- 
grown ; clever, fit ; modest ; 

ssXsj\ arik, S pi. ardyih, divan for the 
bride; throne. 

fki^ arim, a certain person. 

(^jj\ aryan, what is beyond any- 
body's strength. 

(j\) azz, I, V, INF. azz, azdz, azis, 
thunder ; bubble ; — i. and ii. 
beat (pulse) ; agitate, excite ; 
make boil ; kindle ; make eager ; 
pain ; pour out ; have sexual 
intercourse with ; — v., viii. boil ; 
be agitated ; — viii. hasten. 

j\ azz, pulsation ; sexual inter- 
course ; pressing of a crowd ; — 
S azza-t, confusion, throng. 

(\j\) aza' , satiate ; flinch. 

izd', vis a vis ; site ; t*"'^'^ 
izd'uhum, their comrades ; \j\ 
ij^\ izd' al-'ais, livelihood. 

^_^^j\ azdbiyy, ditiit ult and im- 
portant matters, &,c., pi. of ^j\ 

is\^\ izdta-t, abun^lauce of olives 
and oil. 

s\j\ dzdj, colonnades, pi. of sj\ 

&=>.\^\ izdl^a-t, removing, taking 
away ; conclusion. 

j\j\ izdr, veil=ji;\ izr, q.v. 

j\j\ azdz, INF. of (j\) azz. 

ii\j\ izdla-t, abolition, annulling, 

fi\)\ azdm, year of famine. 






•^^j^ azdnid, fire-staves, pi, of <>i^ 

jtfi>y^ azdhir, flowers, pi. of iiy»j 

(sjj^) azab, i, flow ; — v. inf. ta'- 
azzub, divide a fortune between 
each other. 

»T»j\ azzah, f. zabbd', hairy, shaggy, 
downy, woolly ; fertile ; dread- 
ful ; — s azba-t, misfortune ; 
famine ; ■ — • ^^ azban, exce!::iive; 

— iizbiyy, pi. azdbiyy, matter of 
importance and difficulty ; great 
calamity ; quickness ; manner, 
way, method. 

(tsj\) azaj, V, azij, A, inf. uzilj, 
hasten ; forsake in need, leave 
in the lurch; — ii. build a co- 

jy^ azaj, pi. dzdj, dzuj, izaja-t, 
colonnade, oblong hall with 
columns ; arch of a door ; — 
azajj, with long eye-lashes ; 
walking with quick long strides ; 

— (J azja, who manages skilfully 
and executes well. 

(Cj^) azah, i, inf. iizilh, contract 
(u.) ; approach one another ; 
tarry, remain behind ; slip ; beat 
(artery) ; — v., vr. be slow, remain 

^Ujj\ izdihdm, crowd, throng, mul- 

\)Jj\ izdiriV, contempt, disdain, 

^Jj^ izdihd, pride; contempt. 

s\jJj\ izdki'dj, copulation, pairing. 

J^>Jj^ izdiydd, growth, increase. 

(jij^) azar, inf. azr, be vigorous; 
surround (for protection); 
strengthen; — ii. cover, veil; 
strengthen ; — iii. grow close 
together and entwine ; assist ; 
console ; correspond ; — iv. 
strengthen, invigorate ; — v. 
grow strong ; — v., viii. cover 
one's self with the veil j^j^ 

j^\ azr, stren;zth, and, by opposi- 
tion, weakness ; back ; — izr 
(more frequently izdr), pi. uzr, 

vzvr, azira-t, a long v.Tappei", 
veil; women; chastitv ;. — izr, 
' izra-t, manner of wearing the 
izdr ; — izr, root ; — vzr, waist, 
j^jj^ azrdr, buttons, Ac, pi. of jj 

Jjj^ azraq, f. zarqd', pi. ziirq, blue, 
light blue, pale ; ^JJ}^ ^^ 'aduww 
azraq, mortal enemy ; zarqd', 

fjj,\ azram, cat. 

)j\ azaz, crowd, thronged assembly. 

^^j^ az'aJciyy, small, bad. 

Ja^j^ iz'il, lively, cheerful. 

(cJj^) azif. A, INF. azf, uzvf, ap- 
proach, come suddenly ; be in- 
significant ; — azaf, azif, azuf, 
close (as a wound) ; — ii., iv., v. 
the same ; — vi. approach one 

«-»j^ azaf, poverty, misery ; — i 
uzfa-t, pi. uzaf, boundary, limit ; 

— dzifa-t, day of the last judg- 

Jij\ azfal, anger, burst of anger; 

— ii azfala-t, ^^ azfala, troop, 
crowd ; — izfalla-t, vivacity. 

,_s»j^ azfa, hurry, haste, speed. 
O^;^ azqdq, leather pipes, pi. of i3j 

^j\ aziqqa-t, lanes, &c., pi. of ^jVij 

W^j^ azMyd', pi. of ^_^j zaJciyy, good, 
upright, &c. 

(Jjv azal, I, INF. azl, be in need, 
misery ; suifer from hunger ; 
shorten a horse's tether, and 
allow it to graze ; not allow the 
cattle to pasture (from fear or 
scarcity of food) ; — v. be in 

Jj^ azal, time without beginning, 
eternity ; — izl, falseness, lie ; 
great calamity ; extraordinary 
occurrence ; — 1_^ azaliyy, eternal, 
God ; — h azaliyya-i, eternity. 

((•j\) azani, i, inf. azm, adhere, be 
firmly attached ; carry on as- 
siduously ; watch ; • — inf. azm, 
uzutn, bite with aU the teeth; 
bite the bridle ; bite into pieces, 




cut ; annihilate; overcome, con- 
quer ((^jlc 'ala) ; lock ; twist 
tight ; oppress ; abstain from 
(i^ 'an) ; — azim, a, inf. azam, 
contract and unite (n.) ; alight ; 

— V. stay long in a place ; be 
oppressed (bj famine, &c.). 

^j\ azm, manner of plaiting the 
hair ; meal ; bite ; silence ; — 
dzim, pi. uzzam, uzum, tooth ; — 
i azma-t, azama-t, pi. azm, izam, 
one daily meal; famine, poverty, 
distress ; — uzima-t, pi. awdzim, 
tooth ; — azimma-t, pi. zimdm, 
strap ; leading cord. 

S^jl azmd', rivulets ; valleys, pi. 
of Ix^j zam'a-t. 

u>~-j\ azma-t, graver, more digni- 
fied, &c., comp. of c;->i.-j zamit. 

^j\ azma', pi. azdmi', calamity. 

^y^)^ azmal, pi. azdmil, azdmil, in- 
distinct sound, noise ; family, 
household ; — uzmal, azmul, lug- 
gage ; — izmall, weak-minded ; 

— 6 azmala-t, numerous ; sound 
of the bow ; luggage, household 
furniture ; family comprising 

i^^j\ azmina-t, times, pi. of (^j 
zaman and y^j zamdn. 

t}i!^^\ izmil, knife for scraping ; 
spear, spit; chisel; engraving- 
needle ; scissors ; hammer ; 
strong, and, by opposition, 

jli^\ azhar, f . zahrd, pi. zuhr, shining 
white, fresh, resplendent ; moon ; 
star ; lion ; milk fresh from 
the udder ; Friday ; al-azha.rdn, 
sun and moon; a:-:ahrawdn, 
the second and third chupters 
of the Qur'an : 'ijS^\ al-baqra-t 
(the cow) and (j^j*c Jl dl 'imrdn 
(the family of Imran, father of 

^£>3^ azha, shining ; yellowish red ; 

(jj\) azd, u, INF. azw, grow 
short (shadow when the sun is 

-i^-^ azwdd, Hjj|j\ azwida-t, travelling 
provisions, pi. of o^j zdd. 

j^jj\ azwdr, pi. of j^jj ziwdr and J^3 
ziydr, q.v. 

jj)^ azwar, f. saurd', pi. zur, in- 
clined ; oblique ; squinting ; 
deep well; tomb; army; az- 
zaurd', Bagdad. 

ji'jj^ azu-as, proud boaster. 

(•;j\ azum, pi. uzum, tooth ; biting 
with all teeth ; sterile ; — azum, 
f. i , addicted to (v bi). 

(tSj^) o.^<^! I, INF. azy, uziyy, be 
added ; add ; grow shorter 
(shadow) ; play a confidence 
trick ; come suddenly upon ; 
torment ; waste one's fortune ; 
— III. INF. mu'dzdt, keep pace 
with, accompany ; — iv. inf. 
i'zd', repay a benefit twice over; 
fear ; stand in fear of, corre- 
spond ; keep pace with ; tor- 
ment ; — V. INF. ta'azzi, crowd 
together, assemble (n.) ; tremble 
(an arrow which has hit the 
mark) ; make a canal. 

>-»^;^ azydf, pi. of --nf^j zd' if and 
^j zaif, clipped coin. 

(jkj^ izydn, izziydn, adorning, &c., 
IV. and VIII. of (tjjj). 

s-sj^ azyah, liveliness, nimbleness ; 
nimble, brisk, alert; insignifi- 
cant ; calamity ; enmity ; fear ; 
Satan ; bastard ; adopted son ; 
hedgehog ; east wind ; — izyabb, 
great, violent. 

•JJj^ azyad, greater, more. 

jlj\ aziz, violent motion ; cold (s. 
and adj.). 

(u"^) ass, INF. ass, iss,, ruin ; 
cause discord ; secrete honey ; 
build a house ; — ii. inf. ia'sis, 
mark out and lay the founda- 
tions of a building. 

U^^ ass, iss, ttss, pi. dsds, dsdsdt, 
isds, foundation ; beginning ; 
cause ; trace ; remainder ; excre- 
ments ; — ffs, » , myrtle ; remain- 
der, trace ; tomb ; companion ; — 
ds-in, see ^s-\ dsi. 




' '^^'^j grief ; — S usdt, physicians, 
pi. of ^_^\ dsi. 
C*}^^ asdW, weeks, pi. of ^j<-\ 

•MU\ a8tt<&, S asdtiza-t, masters, &c., 

_ pi. of Jbu«\ ustdz. 
;4»^^ asaitr, pi. of jU-.\ istdr, q.v. 
(:^s'^-"l asdtin, columns. 
5>^^^ a«tt;"t', cadences, <fcc., pi. of 

£<?!- Sty'. 
jUT asacZ, lions, pi. of Ju.^ a«ac? ; — 

2 isdda-t, usdda-t, cushion. 
;M as',?}-, remainders, rests, pi. of 
jy su'r ; — isdr, isdra-t, pi. usur, 
strong strap ; captivity ; left 
^jL.\ usdra, captives, pi. of y«J\ 

;S)V-\ asdrir, pi. of ^ sirr, line in 

the palm -of the hand, 
(j-^^ asas, pi. usws, foundation 

base ; — 

dscis, isds, see y<«\ iss ; 

i5 asdsiyy, fundamental ; founda- 
tion stone. 

^^^ asdtim, middles, &c., pi. of 
W3-.\ ustummd'. 

^^^ asdtir, stories, fables, pi. of 
j^\ astur, 8 astura-t. 

J«t.L,\ asdtil, fleets, pi. of Jyj-^ 

(;>sl=^\ asdtin, columns, &c., pi. of 
&\^l2-,\ ustuwdna-t. 

JjL.\ asdfil, rabble, &c., pi. of J4-.\ 

>-ii^\ asdqif, i asdqifa-t, bishops, 
pi. of <-aa-.\ usquf. 

^^^~^ asdqi, leather bags for water 
or milk, pi. of U- sagd'. 

J^\ dsdl, pi. resemblance, simili- 
tude ; signs ; — is'dl, complying 
with a request, iv. of (J^) ; — ■ 
i asdla-t, being oral ; — isdla-t, 
causing to flow, iv. of (J*-). 

»i-*a3^\ asdlib, manners, ways, pi. 
of i-jy—^ usMb. 

(3«)l-.\ asdliq, glands of the palate. 

f\^\ dsdm, dsdm-in, ^^\ asdmi, 
names, pi. of i*—\ isin, usm ; — 
* asdma-t, usdma-t, lion ; — (^ 
asdmiyy, (m.)J client'; debtor ; 

tenant ; counsel in a law-suit ; 
tjU^ dsdn, characters, pi. of <^\ 

•VW asdnid, quotations, &c., pi. 

of v5U_\ isndd. 
JjL.\ asdwid, pi. of Jy-\ aswad, 

j;^\ asdwir, i asdwira-t, bracelets, 

pi. of j\^ siwdr. 
SjL.\ usdwa-t, art of the physician ; 

medicine; cure. 
k^\ asdyd, pi. of (j\j~>\ aswdn, yW-^ 

asydn, sad, sorrowful. 
s^W-*^ asbdb, causes, &c., pi. of s-«<~> 

tW-^ asbdt, tribes of Israel, &c., pi. 

of k--« sibt. 
t^^ asbd', seventh parts, pi. of 
Qf sub' ; — isbd', be or become 
seven, iv. of (5<-"). 
jjW-^ igbdnaj, spinach, 
gt-^ asbu', seventh parts, pi. of g-— 

(>}->^ asbaq, first comer ; ovetraking 

the others ; prior, superior. 
J*-^ asbal, with long moustaches ; 

f. sabld, with long eye-lashes. 
^}t^\ usbnha-t, quarrel, dispute. 
g^«~>\ usbw', S usbil'a-t, pi. grfV«.\ 
asdbi', week ; usbu'an, in the 
seventh place. 
E^-^w-*^ isbiddj, white lead. 
u>— \ ist, pi. istdt, back part, but- 
tock ; anus ; foundation. 
5li-,\ istdj, shuttle. 
JU-i\ ustdz (.>U-.^ ustdd), pi. -mm, 
asdtiz, asdtiza-t, master ; teacher ; 
artisan ; celebrated doctor ; pre- 
^Vx-\ astdr, veils, &c., pi. of /-• sitr; 
— istdr, pi. asdtir, a coin, worth 
about a florin ; four ; — istdra-t, 
the same ; covering ; veiling. 
&>.\^j:-.^ istibdha-t, giving leave, per- 
mission ; giving up, abandon- 
it^ju.^ istibd'a-t, exhibition for 

sale ; wish to sell. 
jl^j-*\ istibdq, contest for supe- 
riority, striving to be first. 




Ajlijju^ istibdna-t, wish to know 
accurately ; distinctness. 

jU-ju.\ istihddd, absolute power; 
exclusive possession ; usurpa- 
tion ; obstinacy ; being reduced 
to one's own resources. 

g\Ajju.t istibdd', innovation. 

J\a-ju.\ istibddl, change, exchange. 

\ftsJ\ istihrd', getting free ; menses. 

j\j.jju\ istibrdz, challenging for a 

tiyt^ istdbraq, shot silk, brocade ; 
dress of it. 

JL«jjL.\ isHbsdl, defying danger. 

jV.i^j4-,^ istibsdr, good news, or re- 
joicing at such ; teaching (the 

j\.a.j-...\ istibsdr, looking closely, 
examining ; sagacity. 

gLi(ju\ istibdd', sorting goods for 

Ua<Ju\ istibtd, delaying ; being slow, 
late, or deeming anyone to be 
so ; waiting with impatience. 

yUa>s»,\ istibtdn, concealing. 

jU^j;-\ istib'dd, removing to a dis- 
tance, departure. 

JU.. j ...\ istib'dl, taking a husband, 

^Af^ istibgd', desire, longing for. 

^^<J^\ istibqd', keeping alive. 

J!XiJu.\ istibldl, wetness ; recovery. 

gVfl^x-^ istibhdj, joy, cheerfulness, 

(.Vg-o-.^ istibhdm, obscurity, abstruse- 

jVxs-.\ istitdr, hiding one's self. 

f,\x£^\ istitdm, completion, wish to 

ut>V«Jis-,\ istisbdt, perseverance. 

JUix-.\ istisqdl, molestation, deem- 
ing anyone a bore. 

Ujix«\ istisnd', exception ; exclu- 
sion ; praise. 

&iVq5x-.\ istijdba-t, listening favour- 
ably, complying with a request. 

Sj^sf,x-.\ istijdda-t, finding good, 
choosing the best. 

Sj^j,,i-\ istijdra-t, asking for pro- 
tection or assistance ; hiring, 

BjUsX-.\ istijdza-t, asking leave. 

ji)j^^ istijbdr, compulsion ; vio- 
lence ; making firm, strong. 

j\.vs,i~.\ istijddd, renovation; inno- 

j\;:5!Ji-.\ istijzdz, being ripe for har- 

JUa,x-,\ istij'dl, conflagration ; lust ; 

>_j;^jL».\ istijldb, attraction ; driving 
cattle, &c., to market. 

gU«5i-\ istijmd', assembling, as- 
sembly ; career (swiftest running 
of a horse). 

|.U.^j>-.^ istijmdm, recreation ; rest- 

^■W;;«.\ istihdsa-t, digging and ex- 
ploring of the ground ; export. 

jVjs,^ istihdr, crowing of the cock 
in the morning ; early depar- 
ture ; — i istihdra-t, disquisition, 
X. of ( jy^) ; — astonishment, x. 

i3Va=i-\ istihdla-t, change, transfor- 
mation ; being undulated ; being 
impossible or absurd. 

>_>U^j:-.\ istihbdb, loving, longing 
for ; supererogation. 

(i^Uajc^ istihsds, spurring on, urg- 

«i>\A&i-.\ istihdds, receiving of news ; 
deeming new or fresh. 

jl.\ai_\ istihddd, sharpening. 

yU.ajc-,\ istihsdn, approval ; praise ; 
admiration ; taking as a favour. 

jlaasJu,\ istihsdd, being ripe for har- 

J\-oa5i_\ istihsdl, acquiring, obtain- 
ing ; gathering. 

yU3jfci-.\ istihsdn, retiring to a for- 
tress ; intrenching. 

jU&i-.\ istihddr, summoning before. 

tUa,i«\ isfihfdz, preserving in me- 
mory, recollection. 

jVa^jL.\ isiihqdr, treating with con- 
tempt ; scorning ; vilifying. 

(•V^s«,^ istihkdm, strengthening, 
fortifying ; corroboration ; pro- 
moting ; securing. 

»-*!^»a"\ istihldf, demanding an 




oath ; adjuring ; swearing so- 

J!^«si-.\ istihldl, deeming or making 
lawful ; prescription (of pro- 
perty) . 

jU.iteX«\ istihmdl, patience ; tolera- 
tion ; resignation. 

(•UasJu\ istihmdm, bathing ; taking 
a warm bath. 

WajJ'-^ istihyd', being ashamed or 
bashful ; remaining alive. 

SjWyi-^ istihdra-t, prayer for good 
things, blessings, &c. ; desire 
for good. 

Wat!~.^ istihbd', pitching a tent ; 
hiding one's self. 

jWay-\ istihhdr, inquiring. 

(.\.\sai-.\ istihddm, making use of or 
hiring one's services; looking 
out for work or service. 

^Asis-^ istihzd', self-humiliation. 

g\^^;i..\ istihrdj, extraction ; deriva- 
tion ; choosing. 

li5tJi-.\ istihfd' , hiding one's self ; 

^ViajjX-.^ istihfdf, slighting, despis- 
ing ; making light of. 

^joSka-s-.^ istihlds, setting at liberty, 
desire to liberate. 

,j!ibfcs-.\ istihldf, leaving descend- 
ants ; succession. 

»j\ju-t istiddra-t, surrounding ; 
being circular or globular. 

iu^jkx..^ istiddma-t, perseverance ; 

&\jix-.^ istiddna-t, borrowing. 

j\ijLsu.\ istidbdr, returning, turning 
one's back to ; tardy wisdom. 

JUjlx-\ istidhdl, desire to enter ; 

g\jOa~.\ istidrdj, advancing by steps 
or degrees. 

i2!\jja-.^ istidrdk, comprehending, un- 
derstanding ; acquiring ; reach- 
ing, overtaking ; improving, 

\fiXiJ\ istid'd', humble request; 

gUjLs-.^ istidfd', prayer for the 
averting of evil. 

jVi.Ai^\ istidqdq, accuracy ; puncti- 

J!5xu-\ istidldl, bringing forth 
proofs, demonstration ; asking 
for reasons. 

^\iAx-,\ istizMr, reminding, recalling 
to memory, recollection. 

JSax-.^ istizldl, contempt ; vilifying. 

l»Uis-,\ istizmdm, deserving blame ; 
asking protection. 

i_jUAi^\ igtizndb, following closely ; 
being terminated ; suspecting. 

A}\jp!-.\ istirdba-t, doubting, suspect- 

Wyu.^ istirdha-t, smelling; repos- 
ing, resting ; tranquillity ; paus- 

y}i\jxJ\ istirdq, theft. 

E^y~*^ istirtdj, giving way of the 

W-;Ji-i istirjd', petitioning, suppli- 

£W-yi-\ istirjd', asking or taking 
back ; reclamation ; wish to 

l4.yi-.\ istirhd', relaxation. 

^\.&.jxJ^ istirhds, cheap bargain ; 
wish for cheapness ; bartering. 

jWjJu.\ istirddd, asking or taking 
back, demanding restitution ; 

Ujyui\ istiridiyd, oyster. 

J\ jyu.\ istirzdl, contempt, disdain. 

\a,^\ istirjd', demanding a bribe. 

jU^\ istirsdd, being rightly di- 

Uyi.»\ istirdd', striving to please. 

UyL»^ istir'd', committing to an- 
other's care. 

j\ijju.\ istirqdq, enslaving. 

jUyi-^ istirfdd, seeking help. 

uiLx-.\ istarak, storax. 

csUrfyo-\ astarmuk, ostrich. 

^tjVAj*..\ istirhdb, frightening. 

y\jbyi-\ istirhdn, taking a pledge. 

cUjX-\ istirwdh, resting ; smelling. 

6j^ji-.\ istizdda-t, asking for more. 

6j\yu.\ istizdra-t, asking for a visit. 

JS)X-\ istizldl, slipping. 

jUf~A-^ istishdr, mocking at, making 
sport of. 




j\A««s-.^ istisddd, stopping, locking 

\r~^^ isiisrd', travelling at night- 

j^j~-x-.\ istisrdr, being covered by 
clouds (moon) ; hiding one's 

V*—!^^ istis'd', effort ; haste. 

uU.M,..T...\ iatis'dd, wish for happi- 
ness ; happiness ; wishing joy ; 
demand for help. 

VttwJ^^ istisqd', desire for drink ; 
taking drink ; dropsy. 

«j!^»-u.\ istisldf, prepayment ; ad- 
vance of money. 

j,!^~»x-.\ istisldm, submission, obedi- 
ence ; conversion to Islam. 

jU.~s-.\ istisndd, reclining against, 
leaning on. 

JV (l .... ? ...\ istishdl, commodiousness ; 

jjVAi-,\ istisdra-t, consulting, asking 
for advice. 

&Lsu«\ istiMna-t, disapproval. 

jUax-,\ istWdr, conception of fear. 

14AJL..\ isti^fd', wish for recovery ; 
indulging one's desires. 

fUAi-.\ istiSfd', asking for inter- 

«_i\A.iJw\ istisfdf, transparency. 

^U>&a..\ istismdm, smelling (a.), 

4>l9.^;ju.\ istishdd, taking or demand- 
ing evidence ; martyrdom. 

j\^AxJ\ isti^hdr, eagerness for glory, 

&Ux«.\ istisdba-t, approval. 

W-aa-^ istisbd', childishness, childish 

t^Uf^ix-.^ istishdh, associating, wish- 
ing for one's company. 

j;U-<u-.\ istishdh, soundness, health. 

^jU<ax-.\ istis'dh, difficulty. 

jU«>s-i\ istisgdr, holding in small 
estimation, despising, slighting. 

\i.axJ\ istisfd', choice of the best. 

g!iUii.»\ isUsldh, petition for peace. 

>^\j.axJ\ istisvodh, approval, deeming 

8UxJ\ istidd'a-t, desire to be en- 

ii\ixJ\ istiddfa-t, request for help, 
for hospitality. 

cs)U=^x-\ istidhdk, laughing or mock- 
ing at. 

ijUsx..^ istitaba-t, approbation ; 
liking, finding agreeable ; ablu- 

jUax-\ istitdr, drawing, delineation ; 

fcU=i..,\ istitd'a-t, possibility ; being 
capable of, able to ; obedience. 

&3U=x-\ istitdla-t, length ; victory. 

._>Lki-\ istitbdb, wish for a physi- 
cian or a medicine. 

j\jLs-.\ istitrdd, digression. 

|,Uki-.\ istit'dm, desire for food. 

g!!isx-\ istitld', inquiry; trying to 
fathom one's mind. 

jS^!=x-\ istitldq, delivery, setting 
free ; stool. 

( j ~^g. "— \ istatlas, asphalt. 

JiMii-\ istizldl, sitting in the shade. 

_,Vaki-\ istizhdr, seeking for protec- 
tion ; protection. 

s j\jts_\ isti'dza-t, refuge to God. 

ij\*xJ\ isti'dra-t, borrowing ; meta- 
phor ; — ^5 isti'driyy, borrowed ; 
falsified ; metaphorical. 

diUi_^ isti'dda-t, wish for exchange. 

jL*x.,\ isti'bdd, reducing to slavery. 

jUju«\ isti'bdr, taking an example. 

JV^^i-.^ isti'jul, hastening, accele- 

(.V^!*i_.\ isti'jdm, stammering, 
speaking in a barbaric or un- 
intelligible manner, deeming 
one to speak so. 

^.i*;!.»\ isti'dd', asking for help or 
vengeance against an enemy. 

o\.xxi-.\ isti'ddd, readiness ; skill ; 
merit ; tendency. 

,\.i*x-.\ isti'ziir, asking excuse. 

V«j*i...\ isti'sd', rebellion. 

Ua«~-\ isti'td', asking for a gift. 

._iU«i-.\ isti'tdf, courting favour 
with, insinuating one's self into 
another's good graces ; solicit- 

(»Ui*i-.\ isti'zdm, striving for great- 
ness ; considering as great ; 



^i»^\ isti'fd', asking pardon or ab- 
solution ; resignation (of an 
office); deposition. 

^\ija^\ isti'fdf, abstinence ; ab- 

v>U»s-.\ isU'qdd, credulity. 

'i*^\ isti'ld, elevation. 

e!\*i-,\ isti'ldj, medical treatment, 

^l\»x-,\ isti'ldm, asking for informa- 
tion, inquiry. 

y!U--.\ isti'ldn, publication. 

^U«i-.\ isti'mdr, cultivation, colonisa- 

JU«.x-.\ isti'mdl, employment, use. 

j^g*s-.\ istl'hdd, stipulation, con- 

\jxx~,\ isti'wd', call for help. 

^'^-^ istigdsa-t, asking for help, 
for one's right ; appeal. 

v^j*^-'^ istigrdb, wonder, astonish- 
ment, amazement. 

^j\jAi-.\ istigrdq, being submerged ; 


V'ii'**-''. istig^d', covering, veiling 
one's self. 

jU«x-.\ istigfdr, asking forgiveness, 
repentance, deprecation. 

^j!Us-.\ istigldq, being bound to do ; 

tx-^ istignd', being satisfied; not 
being in want of a thing, there- 
fore contemning it ; supercilious- 
i*^ istigndm, exploiting. 

^ix^\ istigwd', fraud, deceit. 

Sj\Ax-.\ istifdda-t, advantage, gain. 

&«\Ai-.\ istifdda-t, publication ; over- 
flowing ; abundance. 

&iUx«,\ istifdqa-t, recovering con- 
sciousness ; superiority. 

£iiV4;-.\ istifdha-t, eating one's fill. 

Vxii-\, istiftd', consulting the Mufti, 
a lawyer. 

cUiJ-.\ istiftdh, asking for help ; 
summons to open, to surrender ; 
demanding an explanation. 

^\yii..\ istifrdh, breeding poultry, 

pigeons, &c. 
j\jAx.«T istifrdr, running away, 

^\jiixJ\ ietifrdg, vomiting ; reject- 

jlwii-\ istifsdd, tendency to injure. 

jl~.ii_\ istifsdr, request for explana- 
tion, information ; question. 

c!ias-.\ istifldh, well-being. 

yUis~.\ istifndm, classification. 

l«^3ai-.\ istifhdm, wish to compre- 
hend ; desire for instruction ; 
inquiry; question. 

^a»->^ istiqd', drawing water. 

isUx-.^ istiqdta-t, requiring provi- 
sions ; provisioning. 

i/»V5:i-.\ istiqdma-t, uprightness ; 
rectitude ; sincerity ; rising ; 
dwelling ; fortitude ; estimating 
the value of goods ; (m.) preg- 

gLas-.\ istiqbdh, detesting, abhor- 

J\^£;;J\ istiqbdl, going to meet ; re- 
ception ; future ; — ^J istiqbdliyy, 
future, impending. 

JUos-.^ istiqtdl, murderous disposi- 
tion, blood-thirstiness. 

(♦^.Xax,.) istiqddm, going in advance; 

surpassing ; wish to surpass, 
j^^ai-.^ istiqrdr, confirmation, ratifi- 
cation ; settling down. 

yo\yyu.\ istiqrdd, borrowing ; asking 
for a loan. 

Uai-,\ istiqsd', desire for know- 
ledge ; disquisition ; investiga- 

yeUi£x-,\ istiqsds, thirst for revenge; 

tatt*-.^ istiqdd', demand for pay- 
jUaax-.\ istiqtdr, dropping, dripping. 

jVaSiM.\ istiqfdl, covetousness, ava- 

JSfe_\ istiqldl, absolute power, full 
powers, proxy. 

&jli;L-.\ istikdna-t, submission, sub- 

jV<iow\ istikbdr, arrogance, pride ; 
choosing the largest. 

(.(jdls-.^ istiktdm, keeping secrets, 
secrecy ; taciturnity. 

\iisj^\ istihsdr, increasing the quau- 



tity ; wanting more ; wanting 
or using a large amount. 

\^Sou»\ istikrcV , hiring, renting. 

8\^;t^^ istikrdh, detesting, aversion, 
abhorrence, contempt. 

^_>\ — i.x~,\ isti/csdb, gain, earnings. 

._iU&^x-^ istik^df, uncovering, eluci- 
dation ; close observation. 

s_>;i^~.\ istiJddb, hydrophobia ; rav- 
ing madness ; rage. 

jUXs«\ istikmdl, completion ; bring- 
ing to perfection ; wishing to 
complete or make perfect. 

li~«) istild', melting. 

^!iu-\ istildb, plundering. 

f,'i;iJ\ istildm, submission; venera- 
tion ; kissing with reverence, 
VIII. of (^1-) ; • — istil'dm,, mis- 
alliance, X. of (("S). 

5Wi5~>\ istiljdj, claiming for one's 

jV^Ixm,\ istilhdq, accompanying. 

(«^U-.\ istilhdm, pursuing, perse- 

j\jls_\ isiiZzaz, relishing, delighting 
in, delight. 

^\^£j\ istitzdm, deeming necessary ; 
forcing from. 

VsIli-,\ istilqd', meeting ; catching 
what has been thrown; falling 
on one's back. 

de^Uji-.^ istimdha-t, begging, asking 
for pardon. 

gUj;-.^ istimd', hearing, listening. 

l!Ui-.\ istitnula-t, caressing, gaining 
or courting favour with. 

gU»j:-.\ istimtd', enjoying ; usu- 
fruct ; celebration of a feast in 

j\jl4Ju.\ istimddd, asking for sup- 
plies, subsidies, aid ; extension ; 
reach; prolongation. 

\j*x-,\ istimrd', digestibility. 

j\j*^ istimrdr, persisting, perse- 
vering, continuation ; proceed- 
ing ; finding bitter. 

g\v*;i-\ ietimzdj, inquiring for one's 

is)L«.*;u.\ istimsdk, holding fast, re- 

uubUx^\ istimkdt, suppuratioo. 


yVXfci-\ istimkdn, capability ; taking 
hold of ; consolidation. 

i£J:iuJi-\ isiimldk, taking possession. 

ja*i-.\ istimldl, disgust, bad hu- 

yU«-~-\ istimndn, asking a favour. 

J\«*s-.\ istimhdl, asking for delay. 

^\jjJ\ istindd, reclining on, leaning 
against, standing firm. 

istindra-f, seeking light, 
illumination, enlightening the 

iUUs_\ istindma-t, sleepiness ; 

yU~,\ istindn, viii. of (i^), cleans- 
ing the teeth ; friskiness ; gal- 

IfJsJi istimhd', seeking instruction, 

LUi;^\ istimbdt, discovery, inven- 
tion ; deducing from or referring 
to an authority. 

gU~s-.^ istintdj, logical inference, 
conclusion ; result. 

^sii-.\ istinjtl', getting free,, desire 
for liberty ; asking for relief or 
forgiveness ; obtaining ; ablu- 

jVa-^ii-^ istinjdh, desire for success ; 
fulfilment, happy issue. 

ijVat^:;-.^ istinjdd, asking for help or 
protection ; recovery. 

jVj^a;l.-\ istinjdz, despatch of busi- 

y..Vjtjji...\ istinjds, soiling, polluting, 

)i\jk.u-.\ istinddh, success. 

J^y;^-.^ istinzdl, hospitable recep- 
tion ; dismissal from office. 

\.~.i. " ...\ istinsd', asking for delay of 
payment ; begging to forget. 

^^\ — :£~,\ istinsdb, claiming or 
deriving descent from ; approv- 

j\ — •.s^\ istinsdh, copying ; correct- 
ing ; effacing ; abolishing. 

VA.;i_\ istin^d\ smelling, snuffling ; 

tUa;;.»\ istin^dt, shrinking, shrivel- 



^U.i;w,^ istinsdf, breathing through 
the nose, inhaling. 

{;Uis«\ istinsdh, asking advice. 
jUi;-,\ istinsdr, asking help ; vic- 
tory. _ 

jUiix-,\ istinzdr, wish to see ; ex- 
pectation ; asking for a delay, 

,_^Uis-.\ istingds, (m.) pity, mercy, 

jU«„^ istinfdd, emptying, voiding. 

jUix-\ istinfdr, flight ; refuge ; (m.) 

jU^ju.^ istinfdq, spending money. 

.JUu«.\ istinqdz, rescue, escape, sal- 

ij*^^^-*^^^ isiinqdS, painting, engrav- 

yoUix-.\ istinqds, demanding an 
abatement of price ; disapproval. 

gVa~i-i\ istinqd', stagnation. 

|,lius~.\ istinqdm, revenge (m.). 

glCu-.^ istinkdh, marrying. 

j ^ '.v.i\ istinhdd, aversion. 

jV^i~.\ istinkdr, denying, refusing ; 
not knowing; abhorrence (m.). 

jVX«-.^ istinkdf, declining, refus- 
ing, rejecting ; disdaining ; 

yoVjis-.\ istinhdd, rousing, inciting, 
ordering to do anything. 

^\^iJ\ istihdm, throwing lots by 
means of arrows. 

i(V9i«.\ istihdna-t, contempt. 

\i^xJ\ istihdd', desire for direction ; 
attaining one's end. 

\yixJ\ istihzd', derision, mocking at. 

vs)Skai-.\ istihldk, destruction, annihi- 
lation ; consumption ; dilapida- 
tion ; mortal enmity. 

J%i-.\ istihldl, appearance of the 
new moon ; beginning of a lunar 
month; exordium (m.) ; cheer- 

j»Uax».\ istihmdm, zeal and careful- 
ness in doing anything ; instiga- 
tion ; stimulation. 

U9i-\ istihnd', asking help. 

\jg;u.\ istihwd', enchantment; se- 
duction ; making fall in love. 

\yu\ istiwd', being equal, parallel ; 

uniformity ; equanimity ; (m.) 
patience ; being well done 
(cooked); ripeness; getting of 
full age ; \y~.'i\ y. hattu-'l- 
istawd', equator. 

ii\jjx^\ ustautdh, alas ! woe ! 

ij<~'\ istiyy, fundamental. 

W^^ istiyd', VIII. of (U.), toleration 
of an evil or a sin. 

j^ir—\ istiydr, viii. of (;#-•), making 
provision for a journey ; — 
isti'dr, X. of (j^j), running away, 

y«UiJ isti'dg, ((j-S>), despair. 

i3^*x-.\ istiydq, driving along, urging 

usJVja-^ istiydk, pick the teeth with 
the '^\f — * miswdk. 

JW*-^ isti'dl (J\j), assemblage. 

jWe^!-^ istibdl (Ji^), unwholesome 
condition of the air. 

gUjwL-.\ istisitj (g>)), dense growth. 

jUsi-.\ isti'sdr (/^), preference, 
distinction ; claiming for one's 
self ; solitude ; — isUsdr (/;), 
molestation ; astonishment. 

jUjjw.^ istisaq (kj'j), firmness ; 
Standing firm. 

. •^ isUsdn (e>»j), being or 
growing fat ; increase, plenty. 

g-js-.^ istij, shuttle. 

>.^t;^_j*-'^ istijdb, worthiness ; ap- 
proval ; deeming necessary. 

j^^£i-.\ isti'jdr (fA), hiring, renting. 

J^s^x-.\ isti'jdl (J=i-^), asking a 
delay, a respite ; reaching a 

tjV:5-ia-.\ istij df('~i-^}), being in love. 

oVart^:-^ istihdd {•^^)), being alone, 

jVfe£s-<^ isti'hdz (>^^), stumbling 
from near-sightedness. 

_jV^2i-.\ isti'hdr (j^^), remaining 
behind ; delaying ; procrastina- 

\ji£*-\ isti'dd' ((j'*^), asking help ; 

^A(JiJ\' istidd' (gJj), trusting with 
a deposit ; recommendation. 

(j^JiSi-.^ isti'zdn (y-i^), asking leave, 





i>;\j*i_^ istirdh (^j), watering, irri- 

j^^*i^\ istirdd (Jjj), invitation ; (m.) 

j\j-i-,\ istizdr (jjj), appointment as 
a vizier. 

g^jft^^ istizd,' (gj^), praying for 
divine inspiration. 

^-*£=-^ isti'sd' ()-''\), consolation. 

;* — Sx~.\ isti'sdr (j-^), taking captive ; 
• — istisdr (j~^), being easy, com- 
modious, in good order. 

gU.,ou«\ istisd' (5-j), great extent ; 
abundance ; opportunity. 

y\ — ixj\ istisdn ((^)), sleep. 

W*-^ istisd' (i^)), wish to make a 
will ; commission. 

JUss-,^ isti'sdl (J*^), taking root ; 
eradicating, extirpating, destroy- 

j;Lisi^\ isttddh i^j), strict inquiry, 
asking exact information. 

(»W^^ istiddm (i*^)), offence. 

ylko:-.^ istitdn (yJ=>j), dwelling, 
settling down in a place. 

^at^ istifd' (o*j), full payment, 
entire satisfaction ; exhaustive 
treatment of a matter ; (m.) 
indemnity, damages ; revenge. 

jU*i_\ istifdr {f)), receiving or 
granting full payment. 

jU,>s».\ istifdz (j*^), being on the 
wing ; being always in readi- 

yiU-x..^ istifdd (o=>»j), haste ; pur- 
suit ; banishment. 

jlnjjt..,! istifdq {ij^)), imploring the 
grace of God ; assistance. 

jU-x..^ istiqdd (-^j), shining of the 

tVa~;t_\ istiqdz (^i), waking, being 
awake ; attention, being on one's 

gU-*-\ istiqd' (gij), anxiety ; expec- 
tation ; sharpening. 

^UL>;i,..^ istiqdf ('-**j), standing, 

yVaAi-.\ istiqdn d^k), knowing for 

certain, making certain of. 
j^jju.^ istiqdh (H)), obedience. 

%:X^\ istild' (j_55j), victory; conquest; 

dominion ; authority. 
oie~-.\ istildd (jJ^), acknowledgment 

of a child ; desire to beget. 
^U£~«l isti'mdr (j"^), consultation. 
yU£^\ isti'mdn (i^"^), confidence; 

imploring for protection. 
^^■S^'-\ isti'nd' ijj^), expectation. 
y-Uii-l isti'nds (lt-'^), familiarity, 

sociability ; approving (s.). 
fc_iU£i-\ isti'ndf ('-^^), beginning. 
w.Va,wu.\ istihdb (s-*^) asking a 

J'^^Xx~A isti'hdl CJ*^)j worthiness. 
^^-.\ asjdd, tribute ; capitation- 
tax ; tributary Jews and Chris- 
tians ; — isjdd, adoration. 
gU5-.\ asjd', rhymes, cadences, pi. 

of j^--. saj'. 
e==-^ asjah, f. sajhd', well propor- 
icjj^_\ usju'a-i, pi. asdji', rbymed 

jW-.\ ashdr, mornings, pi. of ^fe— 
sahar ; — iskdr, early sunrise ; 
coming early in the morning. 
(3W-.\ ishdq, Isaac ; removal, &c., 

IV. of (o*^). 
4«j)ij&-.^ ishildiiiyya-t, tall, handsome 

(««&-^ asham, f. sahmd, black; pi. 
asdhim, horn ; cloud ; leathern 
bag for wine ; raven ; blood. 
_)Vai&-«\ ishinfdr, swiftness ; talka- 
y\^a,-.\ ushuwdn, >-j^«!-«\ ushiib, vo- 
**s»-^ ashiya-t, membranes of 
papyrus, &c., pi. of W- sahd and 
^W- sahdt/a-t, q.v. ; — ushiyya-t, 
k-*^&-.\ ishdf, imbecility. 
f»»^^ ishain^^l^:&:~.\ asham. 
iJ^~-\ is/jiiia-t, hot fever. 
tj=^^ as/ia, more or most liberal. 
W^^^ ashiyd', pi. of ^_sJ&— sahiyy, 

(x»\) asad, I, (also ii.) cause dis- 
cord, rebellion ; scold, abuse ; 
— asid, be frigbtened at the 
sight of a lion ; have the 




courage of a lion ; — ii. and iv. 
set a dog at another animal ; — 
V. be angry, be like a lion ; — 
X. be as a lion ; show courage 
against anybody ; (pass.) be ir- 
ritated against (^JLc 'ala) ; grow 
vigorously in all directions 
A-\ asad, f . 8 , pi. usd, dsud, dead, 
usud, usdcm, ma'sadat, lion ; — 
asadd, who hits on the right 
thing, goes straight on ; — i 
asida-t, (8heep-)fold ; — asidda-t, 
pi. of .V. sadd, bodily defect, 
J\a-.\ asddl, curtains, &c., pi. of 

JjA-i aadil. 
(^^jju.\ isdardn, the shoulders. 
i_iA-.\ asdaf, black. 
Jji-.^ asdal, pi. sudul, hanging 
down ; — asdul, veils, pi. of JJ~. 
sidl, sudl. 
^JJkJ\ asadiyy, like a lion ; — 
asdiyy, usdiyy, warp ; — i as- 
diya-t, warps, &c., pi. of SW 
saddt, q.v. 
(j-)) asar, i, inp. asr, tie, bind ; 
take captive ; create strong and 
powerful ; — pass, suffer from 
dysury ; — ii. tie up ; — v. in- 
quire for the reasons of any- 
thing ; — X. take captive ; be- 
come a prisoner ; addict one's 
self entirely. 
y\ asr, strap, rope; sinew; s^^-W , 
lit. (the camel) with its rope, 
i.e. all, the whole of ; — usr, 
detention ; ^)ii\ /-^ uar al-hM, 
dysury ; — usur, straps, &c., pi. 
of j^\ isdr ; — asarr, hollow ; 
excellent ; familiar friend ; f. 
sarrd', joy, prosperous condition ; 
— » usra-t, pi. usar, strong coat 
of mail ; fortress ; relationship ; 
kin ; — asirra-t, pi. of y sirr, 
eurr, line in the palm of the 
hand ; surr, umbilical cord ; j^;-» 
sirdr, line in the palm of the 
hand or on the forehead ; fiy 
sarw, throne, sofa, &c. 
\j^\ usard', captives, pi. of />-\ asir ; 

— ierd', travelling by night, &c., 

IV. of (^5^). 
yy\ asrdr, secrets, &c., pi. of j- 
sirr ; — isrdr, keeping secret, &c., 


^\y^\ isrd', haste, acceleration. 
<J\j».\ isrdf, dissipation, squander- 
J«*\;-^ asrdfil, the angel of death. 
JjV*^ , JtsH^-^ isrd'il, (^\}-'\ isrd'm, 

V/-^ usruh, asruh (Pers.), lead ; — 

ts usruhiyy, leaden. 
g;-.\ asra', swifter, swiftest, comp. 

of gj;-* sart'. 
iS}~>\ asra, nobler, more generous ; 

pi. of j«-\ asir, captive. 
V>/-^ asriyd', liberal men ; — 4»j->\ 
asriya-t, canals for irrigation, pi. 
of ^£j^ sariyy, q.v. 
u~-^ asas, foundation ; — usus, pi. 

of (j-L.^ asds, id. 
^\ asatt, long-footed. 
jUa-^ astdr, lines, &c., pi. of jU. 
satr, satar ; — istdr, istdra-t, 
story, fable, see jy=-\ astur. 
J-k.^ istabl=iy^\ istabl, stable, 

lt\^\ ustubba-t, oakum. 
^\ astur, Unes, &c. pi. of ^ satr, 

k_>3jli-.^ astarldb, usturlab, astrolabe. 
gS=-^ asta\ i. sat'd', long-necked. 
j_r«5L.\ istuqis, pi. -at, element 

i^\ ustumm, waving of the sea ; 
place where bees are swarming, 
middle ; nobler ; right, just. 
Uk.\ ustwmmd', ii*!a-\ ustumma-t, 
pi. asdtim, middle, core, kernel ; 
the best ; assembly. 
(^\jt=J\ ustuwdn,h.igh; long-necked; 
— S ustuwdna-t, pi. asdtin, column, 
pillar; cylinder; penis of an 
animal ; &>j!=-S\ J«>\ ahlu- 
'l-ustuwdna-t, Stoics ; — (S ustu- 
wdniyy, cylindrical. 
.ya«.\ ustur, s ustura-t, also istdr, 
istdra-t, pi. asdtir, story, tale, 
fable, romance. 





Jjk«.\ uatul (oToXos), pi. asdttl, 

>)W^\ is'dd, making happy or 

j\*J\ as'dr, prices, &c., pi. of j*- 

6i,\»J\ is'dta-t, imbibing by the 
nose, inhaling ; causing to do 

>_*\*..\ is'df, help, assistance. 

•»»-^ as'ad, more fortunate, hap- 
pier, comp. of •*«*- sa'id ; scab ; 

f^\ as'ar, lean, thin, meagre. 

(^Um\ asgdn, bad food, bad victuals. 

(<_ft-.\) asif. A, INF. asaf, be very 
sad, be angry ; ■ — iv. render sad, 
irritate ; — v. grieve ; sigh. 

<-4-\ asaf, grief, sorrow ; — dsif, 
asif, sorrowful, angry ; f. asifa-t, 
bad soil. 

^\ usafd', pi. of asif, sad, &c. 

j\i^\ asfdr, travellers, pi. of y^ 
sdfir ; journeys, pi. of ^ safar ; 
books, pi. of jir- sifr ; — isfdr, 
splendour ; twilight ; dawn of 
the morning. 

g\j4-.\ asfardj, asparagus. 

^\ asfa', reddish black ; al- 
asfa', buffalo ; hawk ; f . saf'd', 
pi. g«- suf, a kind of ring-dove ; 

Ji-^ asfal, f. sufla, pi. asdfil, 
low, lower, inferior; al- asdfil, 
rabble ; asfal as-sdfilin, the 
damned ; f. sufla, diabolic 

(j)A-\ asfan, (m.) wedge. 

gUi-.\ isfandj, spinage. 

gji-^ isfwnj (o-TToyyos), sponge ; a 
kind of pastry ; — ij isfunjiyy, 

SjaW isfant, aromatic wine. 
(jjVgi-,^ Isfahan, Ispahan. 
^J>J\ asfa, f. eafwd', safyd, good 
ambler; stupid; having a few 
hairs falling over the forehead. 
e\ji*i-.\ isfiddj, white lead, ceruse 

(used as paint by women). 
l>\sL.\ isqdt, causing to fall; mis- 
carriage ; subtraction ; discount. 

^^\ asqah, bald. 

<-iS~.\ asqaf, asquf, f. saqfa, long 
and crooked ; long-necked (os- 
trich) ; bony ; hairless ; — iisquf, 
pi. asdqif, asaqifa-t, bishop 
(«r«rKoiros) ; — h usqufiyya-t, 
dignity of a bishop; bishopric. 
j^aAa-\ isqanqur, Egyptian lizard. 

li^\ asqiya-t, leathern vessels, pi. 
of ^ siqd' ; waters, pi. of ,_sS- 
siqy ; abundantly raining clouds, 
pi. of ^^m saqiyy. 

^\^\ isMb, shoe-maker ; — i iskd- 
ha-t, stopper, cork. 

«i>lC\ ashdt, remainders ; rabble ; 
moderately warm days after 
heat ; — isMt, bidding silence, 

i_iU-\ isMf, < J ii^J\ askaf, pi. asaki- 
fa-t, shoe-maker, cobbler; black- 
smith ; carpenter ; artisan. 

yK-.^ iskdn, causing to stay ; con- 
tinuing to dwell. 

S.SJ\ uslnMa-t, ii£~'\ usJcuffa-t, 

SiS^\ iskala-t, pi. asdkil, (m.) stairs; 
ladder; harbour; scale of taxes, 

aU-<...\ iskamla-t, (m.) stool, chair. 

{j^\ askan, more quiet, more 

>-i^\ uskub, flowing ; poured out ; 
shed ; full stream ; — S tishuha-t, 
stopper, cork. 

vJji-.^ MsA;it/=<-iV^\ askdf, shoe- 
maker, &c. 

^»-X-^ isktm, hood, capouche, cowl. 

(J-^) asul, asil, inf. asal, asdla-t, 
be oval ; — ir. inf. ta'sil, come 
up to the finger-tops ; sharpen ; 
— V. INF. ta'assul, resemble. 

J-\ asal, rush ; a tree with long 
thorns, thorn; top of a lance, 
lance ; — S asala-t, finger-top ; 
funny-bone ; tip of the tongue ; 

^S-.\ asldf, ancestors, pi. of i-M-. 
salaf ; brothers-in-law (sister's 
husbands), pi. of <-fll-. silf; — 
isldf, paying in advance. 




fX^] islam, submission to the will 

of God; humbling one's self; 

">i-^ aslat, f . saltd', having the nose 

cut off ; f . a woman who has not 

painted her finger-tops. 
^«^\ aslika-t, arms, weapons, pi. 

of x^ sildh. 
lal—^ aslat, more eloquent ; pert. 
(X'\ aslam, i. sulma, more secure, 

safer ; in better condition ; more 

>t»^-^ usluh, pi. asdlib, way ; course ; 

manner, style, method ; length. 
&»^\ uslufa-t, affinity by marriage 

of sisters and brothers. 
fk^\ ism, pi. asmd', asdm-in, asd- 

miyy, asmdwdt, name, noun. 
JU-.\ asmdl, pi. rags. 
j4^\ asmar, f. samrd', pi. sumr, 

brown, tawny, deep yellow ; 

al-asmar, lance ; al-asmardn, 

wheat and water, the lance and 

water; as-samrd, wheat; cake. 
(;)*-\ asman, fatter ; plump ; lusty. 
-\ asma, more honourable ; — 

ismiyy, referring to a name, to 

a noun ; — s asmiya-t, heavens, 

pi. of U— samd'. 
((^\) asan, v, i, asin, a, inp. asan, 

usiin, change colour and taste ; 

— V. INF. ta'assun, remember 

things past ; tarry, delay ; take 

after one's father ; change colour 

and taste. 
0~>^ usun, pi. dsdn, character ; — 

dsin, corrupted (water). 
y-\ asann, with more or stronger 

teeth ; older ; — asunn, teeth, pi. 

of (^ sinn ; — s asinna-t, id. ; 

arrow-heads, pi. of i;)^^ sanan. 
jIu.\ asndd, props, supports, pi. of 

•x~* sanad ; — isndd, isndda-t, pi. 

asdnid, quotation ; referring to 

an authority ; relation between 

subject and predicate; imputing; 

ascending ; causing to ascend. 
LU-\ asndt, pi. of I»U_ sandt, beard- 
0U>.\ asndn, teeth, &c., pi. of (^ 


S^\ asna', great, greater; more 

i*^ asnima-t, humps of camels, 
pi. of j»U«. gandm. 

(j>-'^ asna, higher, highest; sub- 

W-^ ashd', pi. colours. 

v>W^ ishdh, prolixity ; garrulity. 

JVg-.^ ishdl, facilitating; loosening; 

(•V*^ ashdm, arrows, pi. of (•a- 

O^-^ ashdn, pi. soft sand. 

«*»>•) ashad, more vigilant, wider 

(^\) asd, V, INF. asw, ^^^ asan, 
nurse, cure ; make peace ; — 
II. exhort to patience ; con- 
sole, and V. be consoled; — in. 
assist out of one's fortune, 
not out of one's superfluities ; 
— III. console, and vi. console 
each other ; — iv. and viii. 
afford consolation by anything. 

\)^\ aswa', f. sau'd', bad ; abomi- 
nable ; worse ; — aswd', evils, 
pi. of f sau' ; pi. of \f~' sawd', 
equal, &c. 

j\^^ iswdr, uswdr, pi. asdwir, asd- 
mra-t (Pers. j^^ sawdr), horse- 
man ; — uswdr, bracelet ; walls, 
pi. oi jy sur. 

^5^^\ aswdq, markets, &c., pi. of 
jj- »■%. 

y\j-«\ aswdn, sad, sorrowful. 

-iyA aswad, f . saudd', pi. sud, black ; 
blacker, very black ; (•>)-'\) ^^r* 
s-la5\ saudd' (aswad) al-qalh, the 
innermost heart ; f . saudd', gall ; 
melancholy ; original sin ; al- 
aswaddn, dates and water ; — f . 
» pi. asdwid, black snake ; •>j^^ 
j\jJ\ asdwid ad-ddr, household 
furniture or utensils ; — pi. 
Sudan, negro ; — usawwid (dim.), 
blackish ; — usud, Uons, pi. of 
Ju.\ asad ; — ^ aswida-t, dark 
objects in the distance, &c., pi. 
of «J\^ sawdd. 

^j\'ij-»\ aswaddni-y, blackish. 

^^•iyA aswadiyy, black. 




ijf\ aswira-t, bracelets, rings, pi. 

of j^j-> siwdr, suwdr. 
<-iy-\ asuf, sad ; touchy. 
v3^^ as'tiq, legs, pi. of jV-. sdq; — 
aswaq, f. sauqd', long-legged, 
^yA aswiyd', pi. of ^^j- sawiyy, 

equal, &c. 
(j_j->\) asa, INF. asy, reserve ; — ast, 
A, INF. ^5-\ asaw, be sad, sorrow- 
fj->\ dsi, f . 6 , sad ; — dd, qA ds-in, 
physician ; — ^^\ asan, sadness ; 
art of the physician ; — usan, 
patience ; — usiyy, remaining ; 
traces of old dwellings ; small 
pieces of furniture or utensils ; 
— S dsiya-t, woman who circum- 
cises girls, undertakes cures; 
support ; pillar ; firm building. 
«-iW-^ asydf, swords, pi. of >-a«~' 
saif ; banks, shores, pi. of 
•-Ai- stf; — pi. crowds of people. 
Q\fA asydn, pi. -un, asydndt, asdyd, 

sad, sorrowful. 
•i*-\ usayyid, dim. of •J^\ aswad, 

jfA asir, pi. asra, usdra, usard', 

bound ; captive ; slave. 
y~*~>\ asis, foundation. 
i-4*«^ asif, sad ; touchy, susceptible ; 
barren, sterile ; old man ; slave ; 
client; mercenary. 
J«-^ asil, having an oval cheek or 
face ; smooth ; — also i asila-t, 
flux of water. 
It^ asma-t, pi. asdyin, character. 
j5>\ a^, es, from ij-i) es, for ^_^ ^5\ 
ayyu iay-in, how ? what ? — aii, 
dry bread. 
{JA) aii, I, INF. ass, rise and 
bestir one's self ; = {J-e> JiasS, 
beat down leaves. 
^^VjUi^ aMMniyy, crimson. 
li\it\ uMha-t, pi. asdyib, rabble ; ill- 
acquired wealth. 
gi5.U\ asdji', pi. of gif!*'^ a.ya', brave, 

t;\A.\ i,v(/^, vMh, leathern belt. 
iS^\ Isdda-t, raising one's voice; 
announcement ; building. 

»jW i^d/ra-t, pointing to; sign, 
signal ; advice ; command ; al- 

J5.W a^ds, » add^a-t, merriment. 

li\t»\ isd'a-t, making public, di- 

^J\jk\ asdfi, awls, pi. of ^5^^ 

^W as' am, ill-omened ; pi. asd'im, 
the unfortunate ; f . su'ma, the 
left hand. 

«»1jW aSdwdt, things, &c., pi. of 
^^ iai', Se. 

i^\ asdwiz, form, figure. 

S^U.\ aMwa-t, (j)^^ aMwi, WW 
addyd, things, &c., pi. of jj*" 

(s-^^) asal, I, u, INF. adb, blame ; 

— I, mix, entwine ; — asib, a, 
INF. asab, be thickly grown 
(tree) ; — ii. entwine ; set people 
one against another ; — v. viii. 
be thickly grown ; be mixed up, 

'--J>>\ adab, complication ; discord ; 

— a£b, complicated ; thickly 
grown ; »t~*>^ j*^ yawm asib, day 
of battle ; — » udba-t, wolf. 

jUa^ aSbdh, indistinct objects in a 
distance, &c., pi. of j^ sabh. 

jUa\ asbdr, spans, pi. of j^ sibr. 

gl<A\ isbd', satiating, satisfying ; 
insertion of a letter of pro- 

^La\ usbdniyy, with red cheeks, 

»\.jA^ asbdh, similitudes, &c. pi. of 
&*A sibh, sabah ; — iibdh, re- 
sembling, resemblance, iv. of 

&-tJA asbah, more alike, more 

u»Vs4i^ astdt, pi. of ui~6> satt, dis- 
persed, &c. 

i£)\.jji4>\ istibdh, being entwined, 
complicated ; confusion, mix- 

4V<jisb\ istibdh, resemblance, simi- 
litude ; ambiguity ; doubt ; 



j\asa\ Utiddd, violence; strengtli; 
making compact, tight. 

\r'M istird', buying. 

yf^\ iUirdr, chewing the cud. 

gUA\ iitvrd\ legislation. 

isJ^jjiAi^ Utirdh, companionship ; re- 
ception into a society. 

jUyiM usturgdz, thistle. 

JUa4i^ i^ti'dl, inflammation ; con- 
flagration ; grey-headedness. 

JUxAil iMigdl, occupation. 

\ixA>\ istifd', recovery. 

j3\5x4.\ iMiqdq, derivation of a word 
from another word or a root. 

\^^ iitikd', complaint, lamenta- 
tion; reproach. 

jlXsA^ iMildq, (m.) surmise, sup- 

JU:;Ai^ iUimdl, containing, com- 

W**"^ istihd', appetite ; desire. 

2i>VeA«i\ iitihdSi-t, testimony. 

^<^sj>,\ istihdr, being known, re- 
nowned, fame ; publication ; 

^\.t^\ istiydq, longing for, yearning, 

'^^«'\ istiya-t, winters, pi. of lJi»> 

^\ amjj, with a broken skull; 
with a scar on the forehead. 

jl^\ asjdr, trees, pi. of ;^ sajar. 

yfA\ aSjar, f. iajrd', abundant ; f. 
(s.) plant with a stalk, tree. 

2^\ a^ja', f. sajd', pi. suju', ^ijd', 
^ajdyi', brave, courageous ; lion ; 
swift, quick ; very long ; time ; a 
poisonous snake. 

^^^\ asja, more sorrowful. 

(jA\) a£h, A, INF. a^ah, be angry. 

Wa\ aHhhd', &*a\ asihha-t, pi. of 
p>a> ^ahih, miserly, avaricious, 

yoWA^ aShds, persons, &c., pi. of 
yOsiA iahs. 

,»j6A\ aSham, getting grey (hair) ; 
without vegetation. 

M,\ asadd, more violent, stronger 
harder, used to form compara- 
tives ; — aiudd, u6udd, strength ; 
vigour of life. 

\'^\ a£ddd', pi. of ■Afit- Sadid, 
strong, &c. 

j\a4.^ aiddq, comers of the mouth, 
Ac, pi. of v3.Mi Mq, Sadq. 

t^ asdah, vast, spacious. 

^^\ aSdaf, f. ^adfd', left-handed; 
maimed of hand or arm ; lean- 
ing to one side ; strongly bent 

jA4i\ a^daq, f. sadqd, pi. ^udq, with 
large corners of the mouth ; glib, 
fluent, eloquent. 

(^^) adar, u, inf. a/r, saw ; — i, 
INF. a^r, file old teeth so as to 
become sharp ; — a£r, a, inf. 
adar, be merry, jolly; shine 
(lightning) ; — ii. file the teeth ; 
— IV. saw ; — VIII., X. have one's 
teeth filed. 

/^^ a^r, asar, boisterous merri- 
ment ; wantonness ; — asar, 
uiur, pi. uiur, sharpness and 
polish of the teeth ; — asir, 
a^ur, pi. -im and uSur, jolly, 
boisterously merry ; — isr, u^- 
ra-t, pi. wsar, a toothed blade 
(saw) ; — as'arr, f . surra, worse, 
more or most wicked (comp. of 
jtj^ Sarir) ; — 6 aiira-t, woman 
with filed teeth. 

\^\ adirrd', pi. of f.^ iarir, bad, 
wicked ; — pi. of ^5jA\ airan, 
region ; district. 

s^V*^ i^rdh, admixture of a dif- 
ferent colour ; impregnating ; 

j\jA^ ahdr, pi. of /■ sarr and jj/» 
Sarir, wicked, &c. ; — S idrdra-t, 
large herd of camels. 

g\;*i\ asrd', sails, &c., pi. of ^^ 
Sard' ; divine laws, pi. of icjA 

wJ^/>\ aSrdf, pi. of <-iti^ iarif, 
noble, &c. ; projecting parts of 
the body (ear, nose). 

y}\j4i\ iirdq, rising of the sun ; 
shining, flashing, resplendent. 

ta)^jA\ asrak, companionships, &c., 
pi. of "JsJ/" Sirh ; companions, 
&c. pi. of •sli/' sarik; — isrdk, 
giving companions to God. 




(:}^j^\ ahdn, pi. aMri, brisk, 

^jjA^ as'riba-t, drinks, &c., pi. of 
s^V" ^ardb. 

u»)^\ a^ras, bad, evil ; quarrelsome ; 
lion ; hard, dif6cult ; f . sarsd, 
hard ground ; bright cloud. 

^*«\ a^rat, very contemptible, vile. 

Sj^\ as'ra', prolonged, lengthened; 
more excellent. 

<-*jA^ a^raf, i. sarfd', pi. iwr/, 
high, sublime ; nobler, of nobler 
origin ; prolonged ; with battle- 
ments ; bat ; t'. long ear ; — ^S 
asrafiyy, a gold coin. 

<^ji'\ ahuh, straps, bootlaces, pi. 
of cj!\jj6. sirdh. 

(•yi'\ aSram, with a maimed nose ; 
(m.) blunt ; (^Vi-.S\ f,^\ asram 
al-asndn, gap-toothed. 

i5jA\ aha, more impetuous ; — « 
asriya-t, pi. of 0;*> sir-an, bar- 

jj4'\ aszar, f . sazrd', red, reddish ; 
looking askance. 

^\«A.\ as'dr, hair, pi. of f^ ^a'r, 
^a'ar ; poems, &c., pi. of j*^ 

gU&\ i^'d', shining, resplendent. 

JV*A.\ is'dl, setting on fire, kindling. 

'—•xA^ as'ab, broad in the shoulders ; 
having the horns distant from 
one another. 

ii-jt^\ as'as, f. sa'sd', pi. su's, di- 
shevelled ; dispersed ; pole. 

j«*.^ as'ar, f . ia'ra', pi. ^u'r, hairy, 
woolly ; well overgrown ; more 
intelligent, judicious ; more po- 
etical ; f . ugly ; bad ; fur ; crowd ; 
— 6 ai'ira-t, pi. of jV«a. H'dr, 
underclothing, &c. 

(;)*4i\ aS'an, dishevelled. 

i*6.\ asi"a-t, rays, &c., pi. of g*- 
Su" and g^^A su'd'. 

JUa\ asgdl, affairs, &c., pi. of J*a 

ayts.\ usgula-t, work, occupation. 

^^&\ o.vjra, f. ^agwd', sagyd', pi. 
iwjfw, unequal, splay (teeth), 
crooked ; £. eagle. 

jUk\ a^fdr, edges, &c., pi. of /*■ 
/w/r, ia/r. 

jU.\ a^tttjT, twilights, &c., pi. of 
(3a& safaq ; — i^/og', being on 
one's guard ; fearing and shun- 
ning ; having compassion with. 

iiA\ aJfah, with a large mouth, 
large lips. 

^J>i>\ atfa, more salutary, more 
efficacious ; — isf-an, pi. aSdjiyy, 
aidfi, awl ; punch ; — 6 asfiya-t, 
pi. of ^ •^i/a', medicine. 

(JA-^ a^aqq, f. iagrga, pi. /m??, ba- 
lancing in walking ; long-footed ; 
long ; — ussaq, ammoniac (Pers.). 

jS*>^ as'qar, f . s'aqrd', of a bright red ; 
f. fire. 

^\jtt4.\ asqardniyy, (m.) reddish. 

Ww-^ a^qiyd', pi. of ^^ ^aqiyy, 
miserable, wretched. 

V^^ ishd', complaining, lamenting. 

JVi^\ askdl, shapes, figures, &c., 
pi. of Ji^ i'aA;?. 

)i4i\ ushuzz, saddle-strap ; a sea 

J^\ aShal, f. iaMd', pi. x'«AZ, of 
mixed colour ; more alike, more 
similar; more doubtful, obscurer, 
more difficult ; more handsome ; 
mountain lotus ; f . want, need ; 
— S askala-t, difficulty; want, 
need ; prettiness ; similarity, 
resemblance ; manner ; moun- 
tain lotus. 

Ja-^ aMl, f . ^alld, with a maimed 
hand ; blind ; — S axilla-t, clothes 
worn under coats of mail, Ac, 
pi. of JsIa salil. 

^^ asld', limbs, &c., pi. of ^ 

((»&\) aiim, A, INF. asam, cause 

ftM asamm, f. sammd', pi. summ, 
with a straight nose ; proud, 
haughty ; f . highest mountain 
ridge ; wind from above. 

ui>Ua\ ihndi, rejoicing at another's 

Ua\ a.hnat, f. samtd' , pi. sumt, 
iutntdn, turning grey. 

(>»a\ asmaq, bloody foam. 




J*A< aSmul, pi. of JUa Carnal, left 
hand or side. 

j\^£*A\ ismi'zdz, shudder ; cramp ; 

(t)^^) ; — II- INF. ta'Sin, wash 
one's hands with yUA\ isndn, 
umdn, alkali ; — i usna-t, moss 
of trees. 

^rr^jM amah, f. ^ambd', with fine, 
fresh teeth ; f. pomegranate 
without grains. 

gi*"^ as'na', f. san'd', horrid, hide- 
ous ; disastrous ; more or most 
vile, shocking, comp. of g*** 

S^\ ashdd, witnesses, pi. of •>J>>^ 
sahid ; — ishdd, taking to wit- 
ness ; attesting ; bringing proof. 

' . ■■a*»\ ashah, f. sahbd, white and 
black, grey ; glittering ; barren ; 
misfortune ; al-ashab, lion ; pig ; 

— ashub, brilliant stars, &c., pi. 
of sJ^9*» sihdh. 

j^\ ashar, more renowned ; al- 

a^hardn, drum and flag ; — ashur, 

months, pi. of j3A> salv. 
(_59A\ asha, more or most desirable ; 

more or most desirous. 
i5\^\ aswdq, desires, &c., pi. of 

i5^ sauq. 
jjA\ aswaz, haughty. 
y"^\ aswas, pi. sus, ij'^ aswas, f . 

Sausd', blinking, squinting. 
g^\ aswa', f. saw'd', pi. su,', rough, 

rugged, shaggy. 
i5j&\ aswaq, pi. suq, desirous. 
i£!^\ aSwak, f. saukd', hard, stiff. 
!S^^ aswah, f. ^auM', ugly, and, by 

opposition, handsome ; proud ; 

with the evil eye ; long and swift 

(horse), fiery. 
(^4.^) a/o, I, INF. aSy, invent (lies) ; 

— asi, A, INF. as-an, want, be in 
need of ( J^ ala) ; — iv. cure (a 
broken bone). 

^\ as'iyy, white spot on the fore- 
head (of a horse). 

V^^ aSyd', V5L4.\ asydyd, uiA^V^\ 
asydwdt, things, pi. of ^_^ 4ay'. 

gL4i\ aSyd', amounts, &c., pi. of 

C**- Sai', ^i'; — troops of fol- 
lowers, &c., pi. of Sjujt, £'a-t. 

(»Vs&\ asydm, f. saimd', pi. Mm, 
with a mole ; with a black spot ; 

s-»«a\ asyah, f. s'aibd', pi. sib, s'uyuh, 
white-haired, white; as-itb, the 
days of hoar-frost; W**" ^ 
lailat ^aibd, last night of the 
lunar month. 

i-i^\ asyah, injuring by the evil 

(w^) «??) i> u') INF. ass, break into 
pieces ; press flat and smooth ; 
be strong, have firm flesh ; 
yield much milk ; throng ; — i, 
shine, flash ; — ii. strengthen, 
make firm ; — v., viii. gather, 
assemble (n.). 

^/>\ iss, ass, uss, pi. asus, root, 

^\ asd, see (y°^), ((j«^). 

g}^\ asdhi', jtrt^^ asdbi', fingers, pi. 
of ^yA asba', &c. 

^U\ isdba-t, a hitting shot ; right 
aiming; sound judgment ; recti- 

<-7-«=-^\ asdhib, companions, &c., pi. 
of s-«=-^ sahib. 

jU\ isdd, low ground with stagnat- 
ing water between mountains. 

j.iW asddiq, true friends, pi. of sadiq. 

;W dsdr, compacts, Ac, pi. of yo\ 
isr, usr ; — isdr, pi. usur, dsira-t, 
tent-rope ; tent-peg. 

Aj^\ asdrim, ^j^^ asdrim, crowds, 
&c., pi. of ftj^ sirm. 

^_pW asds, foundations, &c., pi. of 
ijo\ iss. 

'.:-J»ta\ asdtih, J!=^^ asdtil, stables, 
pi. of J*!"^ istabl. 

}i^\ asdgir, S asdgira-t, pi. of j*«\ 
asgar, smaller, &c. 

JUli dsdl, evenings, pi. of J«-\ 
asil ; — i isdla-t, firmness ; what 
is original ; high lineage ; real 
tenure of an office (not as a 

Ui\A asdlif, pi. of h-^\ aslaf, hard 
and barren. 




i3^^y asdliq, plain fields, pi. of cjl- 

<i^^\ asd'il, evenings, pi. of J«*>\ 

asil, i asila-t. 
^i— ^ asb-in, ^Jt^\ asbi, youths, pi. 

of fji^ sahiyy. 
W-\ ashd', east ' winds, pi. of W- 

cW-t asbdh, mornings, pi. of £<-> 

subh ; — isbdh, dawning ; dawn. 
pA asbar, more patient (J^ 'ala). 
5«-=\ asba', asbi', asbu' ; isba', isbi', 
isbu' ; usba', ushi', usbu', pi. 
asdbi', asdbi', finger; digit; 
^\ asbag, f. sabgd, with a white 
top of the ear, the tail, &c. ; 
wetted and soiled; violent tor- 
*»-j><-^ asbuha-t, dawn of the morn- 
ing, early morning. 
£)^\ usbu', pi. asdbi', asdbi', finger ; 

^irf^^ asbiya-t, youths, pi. of ^j~o 

(u>^\) asat, I, INF. ast, be without 

C«\ asahh, truer ; more genuine, &c., 
pi. of er^^' sahih ; — S asihha-t, 
pi. of cW* sahdh, whole, com- 
Vto"\ asihhd', pi. of jT»!« saMhjimQ, 

s->W=\ ashdb, companions, &c., pi. 
of s-^^ sdhib ; — ishdb, foUow- 
cW-\ ishdh, pi. -dt, chapter (m.) ; — 
making sound, &c., iv. of po 
jib"^ ashar, f. sahrd', white mingled 
with red ; yellow ; al-ashar, lion ; 
f. sahrd, pi. sahdra, sahdri, 
sahrdwdt, suhar, desert, wilder- 
Jte«»\ ashal, hoarse, with a rough 

(Jko\) asad; — ii. cloth with the 

l'^\ usda-t, q.v. ; — iv. lock. 
Ao^ asadd, pi. sudad, turned enemy ; 
— i isda-t, pi. isad, place of as- 

sembly ; — usda-t, short chemise 

for a girl. 
j\^^\ isddr, issuing (an order, &c.) ; 

leading back from the watering 

^■^\ asddg, temples and ^ hair 

thereon, pi. of ^ao sudg. 
«J^^t asddf, shells, shell-fish, &c., 

pi. of (JJio sadaf. 

t-^^ asdah, screamer, brawler ; 

)'^\ asdar, with a broad, strong 

t'^^ asdag, du. asdagdn, the arteries 

of the temples. 
^aA asdaq, truer, &c., comp. of 

(3>Ac sadiq. 
^•^^ asdiqd', tme friends, pi. of 

iji-^ sadiq. 
(♦•^^ asdam, bald. 

(/o^) asar, i, inp. asr, tie up with 
the rope jU>\ isdr ; shut up and 
retain ; break into pieces ; make 
one well disposed to another ; — 
III. be a neighbour; — vi. be 
each other's neighbour ; — viii. 
be abundant and grow high 
(plants) ; be thickly overgrown ; 
be numerous. 
y\ isr, usr, pi. dsdr, isrdn, com- 
pact ; league ; obligation by 
oath ; piercing the ear ; burden ; 
sin; — usur, ropes, pi. of jU,\ 
isdr ; — asarr, f . sarrd', hard ; 
— 4 dsira-t, pi. aivdsir, womb; 
consanguinity ; favour ; claim ; 
ropes, pi. of J^\ isdr ;—asirra-t, 
pi. of j^^ sirdr, q.v. 
;V°^ isrdr, perseverance, &c., iv. of 

•V\ asrad, colder; sharper (eve- 
sight). ^ -^ 

f}'\ asram, poor with a large 
family; al-asmardn, day and 
night ; wolf and raven ; f . sarmd\ 
waterless desert ; milkless camel ; 

fSr'\ isirra, asirri, firm resolution. 

jljlw\ istibdr, patience, toleration. 




JiJ"^ istabl, pi. asd{ib, asdtil, 

asdbil, istabldt, stable. 
QaA usfubba-t, oakum. 
usi^Ss*.^ isturak, istraq, storax. 
«_>S^\ isfarldb, astrolabe. 
Ukc\ istifd', choice, selection. 
C^so^ istildh, i istildla-t, pi. -dt, re- 
conciliation ; emendation ; techni- 
cal meaning of a word, idiom ; — 
i5 istildhiyy, in a technical sense, 
j!Mm\ isfildq, clamour, noise. 
<Uiw\ ustumma-t (also ustumma-t, 
ustumma-t, ustumma-t), (stagnat- 
ing) sea water. 
gUkc\ isfind', artificiality ; affecta- 
tion ; invention. 
Si^J\ istiydd, hunting, fishing. 
s-«-»^ as'ab, more or most difficult. 
U-=\ isgd', friendly reception ; con- 
sent ; attention. 
jA«\ asgar, pi. asdgir, asdgira-t, 
asgarun, smaller, very small ; 
younger son ; al-asgardn, heart 
and tongue ; — f . i_s)^ ?W9'''«) pl- 
sugar ; as-sugra, the minor term 
in a logical proposition. 
>-A«\ asaf, Asaph, Solomon's vizier ; 
the grand vizier ; a pasha having 
rank of such. 
lA-=\ asfd', large rocks, pl. of ii^ 

yu>\ asfar, f. safrd', yellow, black ; 
al-asfardn, gold and saffron ; 
al-asfar, the Byzantines ; as- 
sufrd', gold ; gall ; bee ; — 
asfar, emjjtier; more whistling 
or singing. 
j\^\ isfirdr, yellowness ; pallor. 
^Ju>\ asfa, f . safwd', purer, clearer ; 

f. rock. 
^*io\ asfiyd, pl. of fjt^ fofiyy, pure, 

^\ asqal/,, f. saqhd', bald. 
Ae>\ asqar, containing more sugar. 
gtt«\ asqa', f. saq'd', with a white 

spot on the head ; f. the sun. 
(J-o\) asl, pl. usul, dsul, root, 
origin ; material ; JU5\ Jo\ asl 
al-mdl, capital, stock of trade ; 
al-usul, the elements, rudiments, 

principal parts ; asl-an, with 
negative, not at ail ; — asal, 
snake with a venomous breath ; 
— asil, uprooted ; rooted firmly ; 

— usul, evenings, pl. of J^^ 
asil; — 6 asala-t, root ; snake ; — 
also isla-t, totality ; — asla-t, the 
whole of a property. 

J-^ asal, INF. asl, touch or injure 
the root ; kill ; rush upon ; — 
asil, iNP. asal, get corrupted, 
foul (water, meat) ; — asul, inf. 
asdla-t, be firmly rooted, stand 
firm; be excellent; have a firm 
character, a noble origin ; — ii. 
INF. ta'sil, root firmly (a.) ; con- 
sider as firm of character and of 
noble origin ; — iv. inf. isdl, 
come in the evening ; — iv., v. 
INF. ta'assul, be firmly rooted ; 

— X. INF. isti'sdl, istisdl, root ; 
uproot ; extirpate, destroy. 

C^^ isldh, correction, emendation; 

JW asldl, rains, &c. pl. of J-o sill, 

t)l^\ usldn, evenings, pl. of Js-i^ 

^jsLo^ aslatiyy, energetic. 

gL<»\ aslaj, hard and smooth ; deaf. 

jJu>\ aslah, better, best. 

gS^\ aslah, deaf, f. salhd', mangy 

i^\ aslad, hard, miserly. 

^\ asla', f. sal'd', pl. su'l, sul'dn, 
bald ; bare (ground) ; shining 
(weapon) ; f. misfortune, cala- 

tJilo\ aslaf, pl. asdlif, saldfi, hard 
and barren ; more fruitless, to 
less purpose. 

J-=\ aslam, whose ears have been 
cut off, maimed ; al-aslam, flea. 

,_5U\ asliyy, noble ; original ; radi- 
cal ; — » asliyya-t, root (of words). 

ii~Juo\ isUt, polished and sharp. 

*«\ asamm, i. sanimd\ pl. summ, 
summdn, deaf ; inexpressible ; 
massive, solid, not resounding; 
^\ J«i fi'l asamm, verb whose 





second and third radicals are 
the same ; f. hard ground ; cala- 

'A**-''^ ismit, S ismita-t, silent and 
waste (desert). 

e^k-^ asmah, brave, bold. 

i^^**^ asmiha-t, ears (their cavi- 
ties), pi. of fcU« samuh, simclh. 

C*«=\ asma', f. sam'd', pi. sum', 
ascending ; vivacious ; bold ; in- 
solent, and, by opposition, dumb- 
founded; sword; small and 
delicate ; pi. sum'dn, the longest 
feather in the wing. 

tj*^\ usmuh, canal of the ear ; 

{^\ usun, pi. ropes of a tent. 

^\ asnd, equals, brothers of the 
same mother, &c., pi. of ji^ sinw, 

>_jU«\ asndf, forms, kinds, pi. of 
•-«•*-= sanf, sinf. 

|,Uo\ asndm, idols, statues, pi. of 
f^J^ sanam. 

(j\lo\ isndn, iv. of (y^), q.v. 

•-r^ ashah, f. sahhd, pi. suhh, red, 
bay (camel, horse) ; blond : <■,-«■» 
JU~i\ suhhu-'s-sibdl, with yellow 
moustaches, the Greeks; al-ashab, 
lion ; as-sahhd', white wine. 

(^\) asd, V, INF. asw, grow plenti- 
ful and close together. 

\fc\ asivd', hills, &c., pi. of Sy" 

uu'ij^^ aswdt, voices, &c., pi. of uuj^ 

g\^\ aswd', pi. of gU set', q.v. 

wi\j-\ aswdf, fleeces, &c., pi. of i-iy 

jyt>\ aswar, inclined ; — » aswira-t, 
pi. of ^y> siwdr, &c., grain of 
musk ; perfume. 

^yt>\ asiou', pi. of gUi sd', q.v. 

wij«\ aswaf, woolly. 

J^\ Usui, roots, &c., pi. of J«:\ asl; 

— 4_3 vsilUyy, original ; radical ; 
fundamental; erudite. 

(^fc\ aswan, who preserves better j 

— E aswina-t, cloth - presses, 
wardrobes, &c., pi. of ft)\^ 
f atoftji, &c. 

^j-e\) asa, I, INF. asy, be very 
fat ; — II. pass, be difficult ; 

— S dsiya-t, syrup of dates ; 
relationship ; favour ; continual 

Ju<,\ asyad, better for hunting ; 
bearing one's head high, proud ; 
king ; lion ; f. saidd', hard, 
rugged ground ; Sidon. 

J-o^ asil, pi. wsul, dsdl, asd'il, 
usldn, evening (between y^. 'asr, 
q.v., and sunset); — asil, firmly 
rooted ; firm of character and 
energetic ; hereditary ; noble ; 
death ; — S asila-t, pi. asd'il, even- 
ing ; death ; totality ; the whole 
of the property. 

JSk-.o\ usaildl, 0l^\ usaildn, short 
evening, dim. of Jt«-'\ asil. 

s-9s«^ usaihib, dim. of s->s-°^ ashah, 

{tj>\) add, INF. add, vex, torment, 
grieve ; force to take refuge 
with {^\ ila) ; break into pieces ; 

— I., III. run to its nest (os- 
trich) ; — VIII. seek ; beat ; be 
forced, obliged ; force, oblige. 

(yo\) idd, origin; root. 

U\ add', field of pebble ground ; — 

i addt, pi. adiin, adwdt, adydt, 

id a', pond, swamp; — idd'a-t, 

lighting up, illumination. 
^U\ adabir, pi. of SjW^ dibdra-t, 

troop, company. 
^je.U\ addhi, lambs for sacrifice, 

pi. of ^T»»^\ udhiyya-t. 
i£X<=.V-6\ addliik, jests, witty sayings, 

pi. of iijssf!'\ udhuka-t. 
^'^\ iddd, refuge. 
iile\ i^dfa-t, addition ; junction ; 

reference; attribute. 
^V^\ iddfiyy, additional ; relative ; 

dependent on. 
g3U\ a4dU', ribs, sides (as of a 

triangle), &c., pi. of gU ^il', 

JJU\ addlil, errors, pi. of ii^\ 

Im\j>\ iddma-t, injury. 
*«»U\ a^dmim, leaves (stitched 



together) ; troops (of people, 

&c.), pi. of i/»Ui\ idmdma-V 
<-iSU.\ add'if, guests," pi. of <-4»^ 

s~i\ aduhb, pi. of s-* dabh, lizard. 
'■t>l!J>\ adbcis, pi. hands, paws. 
6j^\ adbdra-t, idbdra-t, leaves 

stitched together, pamphlet. 
gW*^ idjd', inclining, reclining, 

lying down. 
^^\ adjam, wry, awry (nose, 

SU!^\ adhdt, pi. jJs«a-i\ adha, lamb 

sacrificed at the hour ^^ayA 

iij^A udhuka-t, pi. addhih, jest, 

witty saying ; ridiculous thing, 
(jifc^^ adha, later ; — adhd, see s^-i\ 

adhdt above ; — S udhiyya-t, pi. 

addhiyy, lamb for a sacrifice ; — 

(ijUss-i^) Sss5i\ iJLJ laila-t idhiyya-t 

(idhiydna-t), serene night. 
(»^^\ adham, larger, bulkier; very 

large, bulky, comp. of ,*«i?A 

^j^fi\ udhuma-t, artificial buttocks, 

>i\xi>\ adddd, contraries, opposites, 

pi. of -^ didd, dudd. 
fi\ adurr, misfortunes, losses, &c., 

pi. of \j^ darrd' ; — adr-in, see (^yA 

^j^^ adirrd', pi. of /j^ darir, who 

has become blind, &c. 
«t'V^^ adrdb, pi. of s^j^ darb, con- 
temporary ; equal ; — idrdb, tak- 
ing back. 
j\yi\ adrdr, injuries, hurts, pi. of 

j^ darar. 
(^j&\ idrdm, setting on fire, con- 
(j-j^^ adras, dumb. 
fj^\ adra', submissive ; f. dar'd', 

with large udders. 
^Sfi>\ adri (fi>\ adr-in), sporting 

dogs, pi. of )}^ dirw, ^s^ dar-an. 
^.jA idrtj, red colour ; red silk ; 

yellow garment ; courser. 
yi>\ adazz, malicious, prone to 

wj\^\ idtirdb, disquieting, dis- 

quietude ; violent emotion of 
any kind ; perplexity. 

J\^\ i^tirdr, necessity ; force, con- 
straint, violence ; extreme mi- 
sery ; despair ; — j^ idtirdriyy, 
forced to. 

(«i^\ idtirdm, inflammation, con- 

is)Uk4\ idtindh, misfortune, cala- 

•i'^'^\ idtihdd, bad treatment, per- 
secution, oppression. 

y-i^^^A ad'df, double quantities, &c., 
pi. of Uuu di\f, q.v. 

•-«*^^ ad'af, weaker, weakest ; most 
humble, comp. of <-is*i daHf. 

J^\ adkal, poor and naked. 

J^\ adall, more erring, more wan- 
dering out of one's way. 

g!^\ adld', ribs, &c., pi. of ^ diV, 

J^i\ adldl, pi. of Ji dill, abject, 
reprobate, worthless. 

2^^ adla\ pi. ^ duV, big and 
strong ; with large teeth ; — adlu% 
ribs, pi. of ^ diV, dila'. 

&i^\ udlula-t, pi. J-3U.\ addlil, err- 
ing, error. 

(^^) adim, a, inf. adam,he angry; 
practice malice against (s* bi) ; 
bite and kick. 

1*^ adam, pi. adamdt, anger, envy. 

jU-6\ idmdr, thought, idea ; plotting ; 
concealing in one's mind ; what is 
left understood ; rendering the 
second letter of a foot quiescent, 
when it has a vowel. 

^U^\ idmdma-t, pi. addmim, leaves 
stitched together, copy-book, 
pamphlet ; troop (of people, 
horses, &c.). 

Jl\a^«-i\ idmihldl, disappearing, di- 
spersion ; fainting fit, swoon. 

(;y*^\ adman, who is a better 

^\ adM', ponds, pi. of i^ 

\ji>\ adwd', lights, pi. of j^ dau', du'. 

uiAyA adwdt, ponds, pi. of l^\ 

ti^\ adwat, stupid. 




t)^^ aMn, uul-4^ adydt, ponds, pi. 

of SU\ arfai. 
<-*W^\ arfya/, guests, pi. of ol*.* 

(J«^^ adyaq, f. rfig^a', rfwga, nar- 
rower; more pressed, thronged; 
more severe. 

(t\) att, I, INF. a?*?, crack, creak ; 
scream, roar; feel compassion 

_)U=\ altar, maker of hoops ; — • itdr, 
pi. utur, inclosure ; circum- 
ference ; outline ; belt, strap ; 

tU=\ attdt, screamer ; — S itdta-t, 
crack, creaking noise ; sound ; 

&c\L\ itd'a-t, obedience ; submission ; 

^'^\ itdqa-t, power; ability; ca- 
pacity ; power of endurance ; 

J^\ dtdl, sides, hypoehondres, pi. 
of Ji=\ itl, itil ; — i itdla-t, pro- 
longing, extending ; delay. 

f^^^ dtdm, castles, &c., pi. of fi=\ 
utm, utum ; — itdm, constipation ; 

^<«Vt\ atdmim, pi. feet. 

JjW atdwil,-pl. of J»!=\ a^waZ, taller, 

"•j-SiW atdyib, pi. of --r^X atydb, 

W^^ athd', udders, pi. of ^J^ tiby ; 
■ — ■ atibbd', physicians, pi. of s-W= 

gW ath'V, rivers, canals, &c., pi. 
of ^ tih\ 

^^ afbah, very stupid. 

^\ atba', very dirty. 

&ii«t\ athiqa-t, lids, &c., pi. of (jj» 

^t.^ atibha-t, physicians, pi. of '-rW= 

J&M athal, f. tahld', turbid, 
muddy ; blackish grey, blackish 

■it\ afad, blackthorn, sloe ; — ii. 
(tllod, INF. ta'tld, strengthen. 

(^\) a/df, I, u, INF. atr, enclose; 
protect against (^J^ 'ala) ■ — 

I., II. bend ; fold ; — ii. live 
for a time with the parents ; — 
V. being bent ; be detained ; 
stay always indoors ; — v., vii. 
be crooked. 

^\ utur, enclosures, &c., pi. of ;^^ 

\J=>\ itrd', excessive praise, pane- 
gyric ; seasoning. 

^p^ atrdb, fragrant nosegay. 

•>\J=\ itrdd, expelling, banishing ; 
— ittirdd, following closely one 
another ; being well connected, 
in good order. 

^Pi atrdr, edges, boundaries, &c., 
pi. of ijt turra-t. 

'-i\}=\ atrdf, sides, &c., pi. of <-«/= 
taraf; — ittirdf, acquiring ur 
purchasing new and beautiful 

\J')=\ atras, f. tarsiV , pi. turs, deaf. 

y=\ atrat, f . iartti', with scanty or no 

j^ atraq, with crooked or weak 
legs ; peaceable, submissive ; — 
atruq, I atriqa-t, and 

^;t\ atriqd', roads, pi. of ,Jip 

(j^jJA utruwdn, freshness ; honey- 
moon ; bloom of youth. 

W'x^^ iitrus, deaf. 

lijpt utrufa-t, new merchandise ; 
curiosity, novelty. 

l*~^\ utsumma-t, the best of a 
tribe ; assembly. 

f,\^\ it'dm, feeding. 

^♦*M at'ima-f, u^U^U aVamdt, 
victuals, &c. pi. of |»^ ta'dm. 

V«t\ itgd', seducing, leading into 

^\ itfd', extinguishing. 

JUL\ atfdl, infants, children, pi. of 

Jit tlfl. 

JiM atfal, more childish; more 

Jt>\ itl, itil, pi. dtdl, side of the 
body, hypochondre ; — utl, some- 
thing, anything. 

1W=\ atld', children, young ones, 
&c., pi. of !M= tal-an, tald, and 
jlL talir. 




g!W=\ it^ild', study ; strict examina- 
tion ; sight, insight. 

^jW i^Zttj, general meaning ; gene- 

J!U»^ atldl, objects, persons, Ac., 
pi. of Jit talal. 

^^ atlah, f. talhd, 'sia'pidi. 

ij^\ atlas, smooth ; satin ; worn 
out, shabby ; dirty, black ; sus- 
picious ; dog, wolf; thief. 

!=11=\ atlat, unhappy ,^unfortunate. 

,jU=\ atla, f. talyd', smeared with 
tar ; mangy f (camel) ; mange, 
itch ; tumour. 

(^\) atam, i, inf. atm, bite into 
(v» hi) ; throw ; narrow the 
mouth of a well ; hang a house 
or tent with curtains, &c. ; — • 
atim, A, INF. atam, be angry ; 
be added, joined ; suffer from 
constipation ; — ii. inp. ta'tim, 
cover ; — IV. inf. i'tdm, lock ; 
— V. INF. ta'atttivi, be in violent 
anger ; be agitated with waves ; 
be very dark ; snore ; conceal 
one's thoughts. 

^\ utm, utum, pi. dtdm, utnrn, 
castle, small fortress, stone 
building with a flat roof. 

£UU\ atmd', pi. of ^ tarn', wages, 
Ac. ; pi. of ^^ tdmi', greedy, 
&c. ; itmd', exciting to cu- 

^*!=>\ atma', greedier, &c., comp. of 
5*^ tdmi'. 

yU2*t\ itmi'ndn, quietude, secu- 

y^\A>\ atndh, ropes of a tent, &c., 
pi. of -j-^ tunub; — itndb, pro- 
lixity ; sublimeness of style ; — 
» itndha-t, roof to protect against 
the sun ; sun-shade ; umbrella ; 

(^\jL\ atndn, human bodies, &c., pi. 
of (^ tunn, q.v. 

jm=.\ athdr, pi. of ]^ tahir, ^'^ 
tdhir, pure, &c. 

j\)^\ atwdr, pi. of jjt taur, measures, 
manners, &c., q.v. 

j\^\ atwdq, jnice of the cocoa-nut; 

— pi. of jj\= tauq, necklace, &c. 

jjt\ atwar, end, extremity; al- 
apwaidn, the extremes, extremi- 
ties ; calamity. 

J^"^ atwal, pi. atdwil, f. {ula, pi. 
tuwal, longer, taller. 

I«jt\ atum, sea-tortoise ; sea-urchin ; 

— utum, castles, &c., pi. of ^\ 
utm, utum,. 

v^si=^ ■ atydb, perfumes, &c., pi. of 

s-ist tib. 
"x-^«t\ atyab, f. tuba, better, more 

pleasant, pi. al-atdyib, the best 

of any thing ; f . pleasantness, 

happiness ; a tree of Paradise. 
;«t\ atir, sin ; guilt ; gossiping 

M>\ atit, cracking, creaking ; cry 

of the camel ; murmuring of 

empty bowels. 
JU9t\ utaifdl, pi. little children, 
^♦eti^ atlma-t, hearth, fire-place, 

j^\ azdr, nurses, &c., pi. of j£fe zi'r ; 

— azzdr, nurse. 

^»\t\ azdfir, cloves, pi. of j^^\ 

azfdr ; — nails, claws, &c., pi. of 

j)ii^\ azfur. 
i^'^\ azdnin, opinions, &c., pi. of 

(^ zann. 
v-t\ azb-in, ^^M azbi, gazelles, &c., 

pi. of i_y!^ zaby. 
>~>\y^\ azrdb, the anterior molar 

teeth ; roots of the teeth. 
•^^\ azraf, more elegant, &c., comp. 

of i-Ja^ zarif. 
yUfe\ az'dn, litters, sedan-chairs, 

pi. of i~!*t za'ina-t. 
^Ut^ azfdr, i azfdra-t, pi. azdfir, 

clove (spice). 
yit\ azfar, with long nails, claws. 
jjak,\ azfur, pi. azdfir, nail (of the 

finger), claw, talon, clutch ; vine- 
J!Jkt\ azldl, shadows, shades, &c., pi. 

of j^ zill. 
Jife\ azlam, more cruel, unjust, 

oppressive ; f. zalmd', dark ; 

Ut^ apnil', pi. of i»k zim', thirst, &c. 




o*^' tizma, f . zamyd, brovrn ; blood- 
less; fleshless; blackish; with 
small eye-lids. 

y^\ izhdr, publication; explana- 
tion; pretending; outward show; 

)^\ azhar, clearer, more distinct, 
more evident. 

•*?^'^^ a'dbid, slaves, Ac, pi. of 'h^ 

-T^^\ a'dtib, subjects of blame, 
quarrel, &c., pi. of ijy^^ u'tilba-t. 

J^^^ a'djil, pi. young ones. 

^W a'djim, pi. of ,».aac\ , not Arab, 
foreign, &c., q.v. 

H-'«=5-^^ a'djib, miracles, &c., pi. of 
i3jj5^\ u'juba-t. 

iS\si\ i'dda-t, repetition ; return ; 

^^>i\c^ a'ddi, enemies, pi. of ^Ji* 

i}^\ i'dra-t, lending, loan. 

s-^jW a'drib, nomadic Arabs, Be- 
douins, pi. of ^y^\ a'rdb. 

t/j)M a'drid, poems, metres, &c., 
pi. of (joj/^ 'arud. 

;<oW a'dsir, ^s^W a'dsir, hurricanes. 


of jUc\ a'sar. 

^W i'dqa-t, obstacle, hindrance. 

*J^\ i'dla-t, poverty while en- 
cumbered with a numerous 

JW a'dli, pi. of (Jtc^ a'la, higher, 
most high, &c. 

I^^\ a'dlim, signs, secret commu- 
nications, pi. of l^i^\ u'liima-t. 

iiW i'dna-t, help, assistance. 

-T^ a'abb, poor ; having a big 

W a'hd', loads, luggage, pi. of s-c 
Hb' ; — i'bd', filling to the brim ; 
planting densely. 

t_r^\ a'bas, with running eyes. 

J-.c\ a'bal, big and strong ; a 
thick rope ; granite ; f. !^ 'abld', 
a white rock visible from a dis- 

ls^\ a^bi'a-t, coarse clothes, cloaks, 
pi. of ^ 'abiV, S 'abdt. 

^bx\ i'tdb, thresholds, pi. of ^-jJ* 

jlac\ i'tdq, setting at liberty ; giving 

(,Uc\ i'tdm, getting dark. 

jW^^ i'tibdr, esteem ; honour ; re- 
spect ; consideration ; compari- 
son ; — ^^ i'tibdriyy, relative. 

t)^^'^^ i'tijdn, kneading. 

■^^ a'tud, preparations for a 
journey, &c., pi. of J^ 'atdd 
and ixic 'utda-t. 

\Aie\ i'tidiV, enmity ; injustice ; 
iniquity ; transgression. 

•A .xsc\ i'tiddd, (m.) self-complacency ; 

J\asc\ i'tiddl, equilibrium between 
two things; jW^\ } J-13\ J^-^J^^ 
i'tiddlu-'l-lail-i wa-'n-nahdr-i, 
equinox ; symmetry ; due pro- 
portion ; moderate state or tem- 
perature ; (m.) corpulence ; — 
(J i'tiddliyy, equinoctial. 

^\xic\ i'tizdr, excuse, apology. 

^j-c\ i'tird', coming suddenly (of a 
calamity, &c.). 

y6\yx\ i'tirdd, encounter ; obstacle ; 
opposition ; contradiction ; ani- 

^^yx\ i'tirdf, confession. 

cs)\jic\ i'tirdh, throng ; (m.) knead- 
ing ; brushing. 

\^xc\ i'tizd', deriving one's descent. 

j\yx\ i'tizdz, becoming powerful or 

J\j^ i'tizdl, abdication. 

f>\j^\ i'tizdm, firm resolution ; per- 

<-*^— ^^ i'tisdf, oppression ; violence. 

|,Usc\ i'tisdm, seeking refuge ; inno- 

w>Uaxc\ i'titdb, ruin ; (m.) hurt 

injury- ^ 

Vii^^ itifd', abdication, apology 

S^&^\ i'tiqdd, confidence; trust 
belief ; article of faith. 

JUi;x^ i'tiqdl, seizing ; binding ; im- 
prisoning ; being bound, &c. 

jViUc\ i'tikdr, darkness; clouds of 

wj^Sac\ i'tikdf, spiritual retirement, 




'^\ i'tild', ascending, height. 

JX;^\ i'tildl, pretext. 

jUj:c\ i'timdd, confidence, reliance ; 
firm resolution ; (m.) baptism. 

fJuxc\ i'timdm, wearing the turban. 

^J^\ i'tind', great care, taking 

wiU;;c\ i'tindf, beginning ; taking 
by force ; abhorrence. 

^^\i:ie.^ i'tindq, embracing, embrace. 

S,>jxs\ u'tuba-t, subject of reproach, 
of a quarrel. 

jUac) i'tiydd, custom ; — ^^ i'tiyd- 
diyy, customary, usual. 

jUac^ i'tiydz, being in want, needi- 

iji.\,otc\ i'tiyds, living on anything ; 

y4UAc\ i'tiydd, exchange. 

^3^,sa£\ i'tiydq, being prevented. 

taUc^ i'sak, left-handed ; more diffi- 

^j!c\ a'sa, f. 'aswd', blackish ; 
hairy ; stupid ; hyena ; f. old 

(t)^^^ i'jo-h, wondering, causing 

j^c\ a'jdz, roots of palm-trees ; — 
i'jdz, power of persuasion ; — 8 
i'jdza-t, artificial thighs, hip- 

JWfj!\ i'jdl, hastening, accelerating ; 

s-«^^ a'jab, more wonderful, sur- 

;<lsc\ a' jar, stout and fat; knotty, 
f. 'ajrd', knotty stick. 

^^-^\ a'jas, full in the waist. 

<.Jli^\ a'jaf, thin, lean. 

jUjc\ a'jal, quicker, quickest ; the 

,»j^^ a'jam, f. 'ajmd', pi. -un, 
a'djim, not an Arab ; who 
speaks Arabic badly ; foreigner ; 
Persian; dumb; deaf; see U^ 
'ajmd' ; — <^ a'jamiyy, not Ara- 
bian, foreign ; a Persian. 

SijsiJi\ M'_/46a-i, anything wonderful, 
marvel, miracle, prodigy, pheno- 

\j*^ a'dd', enemies, pi, of ;^ 

'aduww ; — regions, &c., pi. of 

^JScl 'id-an. 
*>W^ a' dad, numbers, &c., pi. of 

AC 'idd and jjj; 'adad ; — i'ddd, 

preparation ; equipment. 
JW\ a'ddl, pi. of J.W5 'idl and JjJ>c 

'adil, equal, &c., q.v. 
f,\^£\ i'ddm, annihilating ; ruining. 
J.ic^ a'dal, more or most equitable, 

just, comp. of JjVe 'ddil. 
(j'ic\ a'dd, more or most hostile. 
j\ J£\ a'zdr, excuses, pi. of jJc uzr ; 

— i'zdr, banquet, festival ; 

making excuses, excuse, iv. of 

(jAc), q.v. 
sjic\ a'zab, sweeter ; — s a'ziha-t, 

chastisements, &c., pi. of s-j^Ac 

)i^\ a'zar, excused. 
^c\ a'arr, i. 'arrd', mangy; strong 

of neck and chest ; f . a young 

girl. ^ 
\)^\ a'rd', open spaces, &c., pi. of 

\j^ 'ard' ; — pi. of j;C 'irw, side ; 

'~'^f^ a'rdb, pi. nomadic Arabs, 

Bedouins, pi. a'drib ; sing, a'rd- 

biyy ; — i'rdb, grammatical in- 
flection ; syntax ; grammatical 

i_r'\/i\ a'rds, thrones, &c.,pl. of jV 

ye\;*\ a'rds, open spaces, yards, &c.. 

pl. of ^/^ 'arsa-t. 

iJ>\/^\ a'rdd, pl. of ^f- 'ard, 'ird, 
'arad, and *^jc 'arda-t, 'urda-t, 
q.v. ; — i'rdd, petitioning, solicit- 
ing ; exposition ; turning one's 
back ; return. 

>-i\js\ a'rdf, pl. of <-*;C 'Mr/, height, 
&c., q.v. ; the wall between hea- 
ven and hell ; purgatory. 

eys\ 'araj, f. 'arjd', pl. 'urj, 'urjdn, 
lame, halting ; raven ; f. hyena. 

w*;£\ a'raf, f. 'urfd', pl. 'urf, having 
a mane, crested ; with a long and 
strong neck ; f. al-'urfd', hyena. 

j;c\ a'raq, deeply or more deeply 

(•^\ a'ram, f. 'armd', pl. 'urm, 
spotted white and black; herd 



of sheep and goats mingled ; 
spotted egg ; pi. 'urmdn, pi. 
'ardmm, not circumcised; f. a 
spotted snake. 

■f^ a'azz, i. iC,-^ 'uzza, dearer; more 
powerful, more important, &c., 
comp. of )j)c 'aziz, q.T. ; f. mis- 
tress, lady-love; name of an 
idol; — f. Uc 'azaa', calamitous ; 
calamity ; — S a'izza-t and — 

\ji^\ a'izzd', pi. of j>.j^ 'aziz, excel- 
lent, Ac, q.v. 

j\)C^ i'zdz, magnificence, honour, 

^^^j^^ a'zdl, pi. of J)c\ a'zal, q.v. 

s->y^^ a'zah, f. 'azbd', single, unmar- 
ried ; bachelor ; spinster. 

JjC^ a'zal, pi. 'uzl, 'uzzal, 'uzldn, 
a'zdl, ma'dzil, f. 'azld\ pi. 'azdli, 
'azdla, who secludes himself ; 
singled out ; without arms, with- 
out a lance ; Jj^S\ tsU— J\ as-samak 
al-'azal, spica virginis (a constel- 

gU^^ i'sdj, stooping walk. 

I«V~.E^ a'sdm, pi. forms of the 

yL>c\ a'sdn, pi. traces, remainders. 

^~.c\ a'sar, f. 'asrd', left-handed ; 
more difficult, harder ; disas- 

/^■^ a'sam, f. 'asmd', pi. 'usm, 
having a withered arm or leg. 

,^Uij:\ i'sdb, covering itself with 
green herbage ; finding herbs 
for food. 

jVac\ a'sdr, pi. of 5/>^ , gain in 
play; tenth parts, pi. of yi^ 
'us'r ; — tS a's'driyy, decimal. 

ijSiUij!^ a'sds, nests on trees, pi. of 
ij^ 'uss. 

yi-c\ a'sar, stupid. 

'Sy^e] a'Sird', pi. of ^*Ac 'asir, tenth 
part ; cry of the hyena. 

»A£\ a'sam, f. 'asmd', of a mixed 
colour ; dried up in dust ; dim- 
sighted ; f. dusty ground. 

,j-4.c\ a'sa, f. 'aswd, dim-sighted ; 
blind ; f . darkness ; — ii a'siya-t, 
evening meals, suppers, pi. of 
Uc 'aid\ 

ij!^\ a's-in, i_^\ a's), ^■<^\ a'sd', 
staves, Ac, pi. of ^-^c 'as-an, 
'asd, q.v. 

wj^-ac^ a'sdb, nerves, sinews, &c., 
pi. of s— =c 'asab. 

jLs£\ a'sdr, ages, &c., pi. of /ac 'asr, 
'isr, &c. ; — i'sdr, pi. a'dsir, 
a'dsir, hurricane ; — i'sdr, iv. of 
(j-c), q.v. 

5^^ a'saj, bald. 

J-^^ a'sal, pi. 'usl, 'isdl, crooked, 
not straight ; having crooked 
legs ; assiduous ; f . 'asld, thin, 

1*^ a'sam, f. 'asmd', pi. 'usm, 
having a red beak and red 
feet ; having a white spot on 
the fore-foot ; f. mountain goat. 

Uc\ a'dd', members, pi. of y^ 
'udw, 'idw. 

oUe\ i'ddd, help, assistance. 

s— =^^ a' dab, f. 'adbd', having one 
horn broken ; having one hand 
short ; who has lost his only 
brother ; shortened (foot of a 
verse) ; weak. 

^c\ a'td', who gives much or more; 

— i'td, giving, bestowing. 

}ia£:\ a'far, more or very much 

uyUsc\ a'tiydt, gifts, pi. of U=c 
'at-an, 'atd. 

iiLlsE\ i'tiyd-f, wages, pay. 

i-Jac\ a'tiya-t, gifts, pi. of U=c 'af-an, 

i/»yfeic\ i'zdma-t, greatness. 

f^si\ a'zam, f. 'tuina, greater ; 
more powerful ; more impor- 
tant ; better ; ^S\ jjui5\ as- 
sadru-'l-a'zam, prime minister; 

— (adv.) more ; — a'zum, bones, 
pi. of (Jsc 'azm. 

\iB.\ i'fd', cure ; deliverance ; ex- 
cuse ; — a'iffd', pi. of «_n-ac 'afif, 

ut-ic\ a'fat, stupid ; awkward ; 

e-Ac\ a'fas, who shows his naked- 
ness ; who talks ribaldry or 
foolish things. 

y*<ic\ a'fas, with running eyes. 




«ai^^ a'fak, f. 'afkd', very stupid ; 
flighty and fickle ; left-handed ; 
f. restive she- camel. 

i^\ a'aqq, disobedient ; — S a'iqqa-t, 
pi. of ji\ti 'dqq, disobedient and 
of (JsAE 'aqiq, mountain torrent, 

v^^ a'qdh, sons, &c., pi. of >t««c 
'aqh and Sr-fic 'aqib ; ends, issues, 
&c., pi. of <-— «c 'uqb. 

_)V3c\ a'jar, pi. trees. 

'-r-Sf\ a'qub, black eagles, pi. of 
i^Uc 'uqdb. 

•»«c\ a'qad, f. 'aqdd', pi. 'wg-f^, 
knotty ; stammering ; having a 
flexible tail, therefore : dog, 
wolf, goat ; f . maid-servant. 

fB\ a'qar, f. 'aqrd', toothless ; f . 

—ise) a'qaf, f. 'aqfd, crooked; boor- 
ish ; poor ; f . an iron hook on a 
stick ; cramp-iron. 

Jiic\ a'qal, f. 'aqld', more intelli- 

J!ilc^ a'ldl, indispositions, &c., pi. 
of His 'illa-t ; — i'ldl, interchange 
of the so-called weak letters, 

l«Sie\ a'ldtn, signs, flags, mountains, 
&c., pi. of f^ 'alam; — i'ldm, 
instruction ; information ; com- 
munication ; placard. 

(^hi\ i'ldn, publication; advertise- 

iUc\ a'lita-t, pi. of tV 'Udp, q.v. 

Jic^ a'lam, f. 'almd', more learned ; 
knowing better ; ^W iU\j wa-'l- 
Idh a'lam, God knows best ; f . 

t»^\ u'luma-t, pi. a'dlim, sign, 
(m.) secret communication. 

^^\ a'la, pi. fj^ 'ul-an, a'dli ; f . 
'ulyd', pi. 'ul-an, 'ulyaydt, higher, 
nobler, sublime; f. the tribe 
Koreish ; — f . 'alyd' and 'alwd', 
height, summit ; Heaven ; noble 
deed, exploit. 

*c\ a'amm, f. 'ammd', pi. 'umm, 
high ; great ; more general ; 
multitude; — a'umm, i a'imma-t, 

uncles (on father's side), &c., pi. 

of j»c 'amm. 
Uc\ a'md', errors, pi. of j*& 'amw ; 

— ignorants, &c., pi. of ^J*J^ 

;Uc\ a'mdr, lives, lifetimes, &c., pi. 

of j*e 'umr ; — i'mdr, cultivating, 

rendering habitable. 
JUc\ a'mdl, deeds, actions, &c., pi. 

of J*£ 'amal. 
|,Uc\ a'mdm, (paternal) uncles, pi. 

of ^ 'amm. 
^^u£\ a'mita-t, clews of wool, pi. of 

^^sa*c 'amita-t. 
ixi^\ a'mida-t, columns, &c., pi. of 

Jj^c 'amud. 
j*^\ a'mar, better populated, more 

(jS<*e\ a'Tna^, f. 'amsd', blear-eyed, 

with running eyes. 
ya*c\ a'mas, (m.) the same. 
(^j^.».c\ a'mumun, paternal uncles, 

pi. of ^ 'amm. 
IUb\ a'mah, f. 'amhd, without signs 

to mark the road (desert). 
j_sj*c\ a'mamyy, refemng to the 

^j*c\ a'ma, f. 'amyd', pi. 'umy, 

'umydn, blind ; dark ; al- 

'amaydn, inundation and con- 
flagration ; — pi. Uc\ a'md', 

ignorant men ; fools ; deserts. 
Uc\ a'nd', sides, pi. of Uc 'andn ; — 

i'nd', allusion, iv. of ((.y*). 
ut>Uc\ i'ndt, insertion of a letter in 

a rhyme ; (m.) torment ; vexa- 
jjUc\ a'ndq, necks, &c., pi. of (j-ic 

'wnq, 'unuq, 'unaq. 
(^\jj^ a'ndm,, objects coming into 

view, apparitions, pi. of (^ 

'anan ; — i'ndn, bridling, checking 

with the reins. 
i^sJ*\ a'nija-t, ropes, connections, 

&c., pi. of s^i* 'indj, q.v. 
(>Ac\ a'naq, long-necked ; name of 

a celebrated stallion ; f . 'anqd', 

fabulous bird, griffin, phoenix ; 

mountain-peak ; calamity ; — 

a'niiq, Mds, &c., pi. of vjUo 






i^\ a'inna-t, pi. of (jW 'indn, 
bridle, &c. 

^f^ i'wdr, suspicion. 

j\f\ i'wdz, neediness, indigence, 

f>\f^\ i'wdm, years, pi. of («^ 'dm. 

y\^\ a'wdn, pi. of yy: 'aww, helper, 
servant, &c. 

Ejc\ a'waj, crooked, malicious ; f. 
'aujd', bow ; lean, slender. 

gW-jc\ i'wijdj, crookedness ; false- 
ness, perfidy, malice. 

jy!\ a'wad, more advantageous 

j^\ a'war, f. 'aura', pi. 'itr, 'warn, 
'iraw, one-eyed ; corrupted, per- 
verse, bad ; deceived ; bad guide, 
wrong road ; effaced writing ; pi. 
a'dvnr, nits, see \j^ 'aurd'. 

yj^\ a'was, f. 'ausd', who draws 
in the corners of the mouth ; 
furbisher of knives or swords. 

ij>f^ a'was, f. 'ausd', pi. 'vs, unin- 
telligible, difficult to under- 
stand ; unusual ; see tsy;. 

(^jb\ a'wan, more helping. 

Uc\ a'yd', pi. of ^^jC 'ayy, incapable, 
&c., and Wc 'ayd', difficult, &c. ; 
— i'yd', fatigue. 

ijUc^ a'ydd, feasts, &c., pi. of •»«* 

(^\fs\ a'ydn, great men, grandees, 
pi. of t>«£ 'ain. 

y»*c\ a'is, f. a'isd', pi. 'fs, whitish- 
yellow (camel). 

t^\ a'2/a.f, f. 'aitd', pi. '*?, long- 
necked ; high ; proud ; stiff- 
necked, obdurate. 

f^\ a'yan, f. 'aind', pi. 'in ; having 
a large black pupil ; wild bull ; 
visible, in view, evident ; perfo- 
rated ; who has many servants ; 
green ; — a'yun, a'yundt, eyes, 
pi. of t>s* 'ain ; — i a'yina-t, 
plough-shares, pi. of yW* 'iydn. 

^^\ a'ya, more stammering ; more 
obdurate ; — i u'yiyya-t, stammer- 
ing (s.) ; — a'yiya-t, Wc\ a'yiyd, 
pi. of tj<c 'ayiyy, stammering 

U\ dgd, pi. agdwat, Aga, eunuch 

ij\i\ igdsa-t, help, assistance. 

6jVc\ igdra-t, raid. 

Jjj\s^ agdrid, warblings of birds,] pi. 
of Jjj*^ ugrild. 

AtVc\ igdza-t, rousing to anger, irri- 

ge5U;\ agdlij, tender branches, pi. 
of e^^ ibgluj. 

LJ\i\ agdlit, misemployed or mis- 
leading words, pi. of it^\ ugln- 

^3^^^ agdliq, bolts, &c., pi. of ij^ 

yVfc\ agdn-in, ,_s>W agdnt, songs, 
melodies, pi. of i^\ ugniya-t, 

(j)^\ agdtvi, snares, &c., pi. of ij^^ 

ij>^\ aghas, ash-coloured ; lion. 

j^\ agbar, f. gabrd', pi. gubr, dusty ; 
dust-coloured ; dark ; j«c\ f,\e. 
'dm agbar, barren year ; quickly 
passing ; soon effaced ; al-agbar, 
wolf ; al-gabrd', the earth ; y* 
\y-ji] banu-'l-gabrd' , poor people, 
travellers; tomb. 

^ytf^\ i5f6tV((/', dust-colour; becoming 
dusty ; secret hatred, grudge. 

y~fc\ agbas, dark. 

^Jft^ agba, f. gabyd', having dense 
foliage ; more stupid, comp. of 
^ gabiyy. 

j»Uc\ agtdm, pi. of f>^\ agtam, q.v. 

L\,jjx\ igtibdt, contentment in pro- 

j^Uit^ igtibdq, evening cup. 

v* V^^ igtirdb, travelliag into foreign 
countries, becoming a stranger to 
one's own. 

j^fi\ igtirdr, infatuation ; ambition ; 
being deceived ; being inatten- 

jV^ igtirnz, being ready for de- 

tj\yi\ igtirdf, drawing water. 

JV.,j;i\ igtisdl, ablution. 

i^U>xi\ igtisds, revolt, rebellion. 

^jUsi\ igtisdb, open violence ; seiz- 
ing violently. 

(joUxi\ igtisda, great anxiety ; suf- 

^\ agtam, pi. guim, pi. pi. agtdm, 
speaking unintelligibly or bar- 
barously ; — ^^ agtamiyy, not 
Arab; foreigner; barbarian. 
jU!i\ igtimdr, submersion ; sinking. 
,^Usi\ igtimdd, closing or blinking 

one's eyes. 
f,\*sM igtimdm, sadness, sorrow, 

^Uxi\ igtindm, getting spoil ; seizing 

an opportunity. 
vW^ic^ igtiyuh, calumniating the 

absent; back-biting. 
jW^^ igiiydr, vying, competing with 

each other. 
^\>^\ igtiydz, burst of anger. 
JWxi\ igtiydl, assaulting, rushing 

against ; seizing suddenly. 
^1 agsd', scums. &c., pi. of Ufe 

gusd', gussd'. 
j^\ agsar, f. gasrd, pi. gusr, dark 
reddish brown ; dirty green ; 
woolly ; moss ; common or 
vulgar man ; lion ; f. crowd, 
rabble ; threats ; hyena ; pi. 
(j^\ agsa, lion (robber). 
Sj^\ agdira-t, ponds, pi. of jjJkc 

h'^^ agdiya-t, breakfasts, luncheons, 

pi. of \Jic gadd'. 
/^^ agarr, f. garrd', pi. gurr, having 
a white spot on the forehead 
(horse); white; shining brightly; 
very hot; eminent, distinguished; 
f. al-garrd', Mecca ; first night of 
the full moon ; hottest part of 
the day ; pi. the worthies ; 
water-bubbles ; — » agirra-t, pi. 
of j\j^ girdr, head of an arrow 
or lance ; also — 
\^\ agirrd', pi. of f.ji- garir, easily 
deceived, inexperienced ; — igrd', 
^f^\ agrdr, pi. of ^ girr, unexperi- 
enced, easily deceived. 
(j-«^y^\ agrds, grafts, proselytes, pi. 
of y-ji gars. 



I u*V^< agrdd, designs, intentions, 

I *°'> .P'-^<^f u*^ girad, q.v. 

vi'^i igrdg, drowning, plunging- 

exaggeration. ' 

v/^ agruh, I agriha-t, pi. of _U 

gardb, raven, crow, &c., q.v. 
J}^\ agral, uncircumcised ; commo- 
dious ; abundant ; — long (= J^ 
garil). ' 

^^if^ agrud, i ugruda-t, pi. ugdrid, 

warbling of birds, 
(jij/^ igrid, fresh and tender; palm- 
ijif\ igriqiyy, Greek, Grecian. 
J>^^ agzal, erotic poet ; frequently 

t)^~*^ agsdn, pi. worn-out clothes ; 

manners, morals, character. 
^^Ac\ agsa, f. gaSwd, having the 
head entirely white (horse, &c.). 
yUi\ agsdn, branches, &c., pi. of 

i^^ gum. 
^^ igdd', knitting the brows ; 

averting the face. 
v_,Uc\ igddh, moving to anger, irri- 
--a^\ agdaf, pi. gudf, having flabby 
ears ; with lowered eye-lids 
(lion) ; sinking, falling down 
(night), dark ; densely feathered 
(arrow) ; luxurious (life). 
1=^\ agatt, rich, abundant, luxuri- 
trJsc\ agta^, f. gatsd', dim-sighted; 

dark ; f . pathless desert. 
-i!ci.\ agtaf, easy, luxurious ; having 

heavy eyebrows or lashes. 
"^M^ agtiya-t, coverings, veils, pi. 

of Use gitd'. 
^^ agfd', chaff, pi. of ^Jii gafan. 
JUi\ igfdl, causing to forget or 

^\ agfar, not susceptible. 
W igld', being dear, costly ; making 
dear ; — also « igld'a-t, boiling, 
bubbling, ebullition. 
jW agldq, bolts, &c., pi. of ^^ 
galag ; — igldq, locking, shutting, 
fastening a door. 
Jl^\ agldl, pi. of Jc gull, chains, 




manacles, &c.;—igldl, deceit, 

s-li^ aglab, f. galld', pi. gulh, 

Laving a high and thick-set 

neck : lion ; high ; powerful ; 

numerous ; al-aglab, the highest 

number, the most probable case ; 

^-'Z-agiZa6, mostly, pre-eminently; 

f. with rich vegetation. 
'-^\ aglaf, f. galfd, pi. gulf, 

sheathed, encased, under en- 
velope ; uncircumcised ; rough, 

untamed ; <.JJic\ yl-c 'aid aglaf, 

al-galfd', easy and comfortable 

^M aglima-t, boys, servants, &c., 

pi. of ^Xc guldm. 
ejlc^ ugMj, pi. agdlij, tender, flexible 

«t^\ ugluta-t, pi. agdlit, a wrong 

or misleading word. 
ij^ agla, dearer, more expensive. 
1^'^ agamm, f. gamma', covering 

all ; more grievous ; see Uc. 
Uc\ agmd, pi. of j^j** gaman, in a 

swoon, fainting, and of ^_s^ 

gaman, roof ; visor. 
»>Uc\ agmdd, sheaths, scabbards, 

Ac, pi. of •i*i gimd ; — igmdd, 

sheathing, putting one thing ia 

yoUc^ igmdd, shutting the eyes, 

\]*^^ agmird', masses of water, pi. 

oi yt*^ gamvr. 
i/»*^^ agmas, with watering eyes. 
ij^\ agmad, more unintelligible. 
^■i*^\ agmiya-t, roofs, visors, pi. of 

tj*e gaman. 
t^\ agann, f. gannd', speaking 

through the nose ; screaming ; 

singing; well populated; richly 

Ui\ aqnd', pi. things, outfit ; — 

ignd', enriching. 
|,\j£\ agndm, sheep, &c., pi. of f^ 

W^^ agniyd', pi. of ^J^ ganiyy, 

it*ic\ ugniya-t, igniya-t, igniyya-t, 

ugniyya-t, song, air, melody. 

^y^^ igwd', seduction, temptation; 

_)\^^ agwdr, caves, &c., pi. of j^ 

jar, q.v. 
t^^^ agwdt, plains, &c., pi. of 1=»\* 

gd\t, gdyit. 
y-ys_^\ agiistus, (m.) month of 

Jj*^ agwal, commodious, easy 

(life) ; rushing along, coming 

over suddenly. 
iSf^ agwa, more erring, more easily 

led astray ; — 8 ugwiyya-t, pi. 

agdwi, what leads astray and 

into perdition ; snare ; pitfall ; 

•^^ agyad, f. gaidd', pi. iS'>^ 

gaidd, gid, young, delicate and 

supple ; having one's head bent ; 

richly overgrown. 
•-M=^ agyaf nodding (before falling 

asleep) ; luxurious. 
(^\ agyan, f. gaind', pi. gin, dark 

green, see *~!^. 
<-*^ df, i dfa-t, pi. dfdt, damage, 

loss ; calamity ; harm ; bane ; — 

aff, little, small quantity ; — iff, 

pusillanimity ; — uff, parings or 

dirt of the nails ; chip ; small 

quantity ; — vff-i, uff-a, vff-u, 

uff-mi, uff-in, W uff-an, oh! alas ! 

woe ! fie ! — 8 vffa-i, weakling ; 

{'J>\) aff, V, INF. aff, call out >^\ 

uff a from pain or grief ; — ii. inp. 

ia'fif, V. iNP. ta'affuf, the same. 
u»U\ dfdt, damages, &c., pi. of U^ 

df; — if at, transitoriness, perish- 

ableness ; — S ifdta-t, frustration ; 

making disappear. 
(^^\ afdtih, seed-lobes, pi. of iiyi\ 

^'^\ ifdha-t, diffusing odour, fra- 
yo-.=>^\ afdhis, holes in the ground, 

itc, pi. of y=^\ ufMs. 
6jVi^ ifdda-t, advantage, gain. 
&jW afdriqa-f, ^3>jU\ afdriq, troops 

of people, &c., pi. of ii^firqa-t. 
JiLM afdtfil, pi. of J^\ afdal, more 

excellent, &c. 

\i\ 61 

^^^ ifdda-t, giving abundantly ; 

clear delivery; heaving to and 

j^^\ afdtir, splits, &c., pi. of jjl=»\ 

lift dr. 
tj^^j*^ afd'i, serpents, vipers, pi. of 

(j**\ af'an. 
J«cU\ afd'il, actions, deeds, verbs, 

&c., pi. ot ^fi'l. 
«-*^^ affdf, who sighs and groans 

much ; — ifdf, pusillanimity ; 

cowardice ; moment, epoch. 
(jM dfdq, regions, Ac, pi. of iji\ ufq; 

— affdq, great traveller ; adven- 
turer ; — S ifdqa-t, re-animation ; 

recovery ; (m.) awakening ; rest, 

pause ; — 15 afdqiyy, horizontal ; 

is)U\ dffdlc, great liar. 
Ji'U\ afdhil, J«^U^ afdJcil, pi. of 

J^\ afkal, ifkil, troop. 
&i^^\ afdkih, things which cause 

wonder or merriment, pi. of 

iftjXi^ uflcuha-t. 
(^^\ iffdn, affdn, time. 
(^U\ afdnin, branches; manners, 

ways, varieties, pi. of y^ fanan 

and tjyi^ a/nun. 
e}^^ afdvdj, 5>j^^ afdwij, troops, 

&c., pi. of ey fawj, q.v. 
i^}^\ afdwiq, milk-flows, pi. of *«->» 

faiqa-t (m.). 
iijj^i\ afdwih, mouths, &c., pi. of 

SS\i\ afd'ik, lies, pi. of i^\ afi- 

{•j>.i\) afat, iNr., aft, alienate, pre- 
vent, restrain from. 

c5-j\ aft, patient, enduring and swift 
(camel) ; — ift, the same ; lie ; — 
dfat=ii\ dfa-t, damage, loss, ca- 

Ui\ iftd', solving a question of law 
or conscience ; judicial decision. 

cU;a\ iftitdh, opening, beginning ; 
consecrating; inauguration; in- 
troduction ; conquest ; — (j 
iftitdhiyy, introductory, prelimi- 

yU;;i\ iftitdn, instigating to revolt 

or discord; seduction; tempta- 

W»**^ iftijd', robbery by sudden 

^^\aa^\ iftihds, disquisition, exami- 

(;m\ aftah, f. fathd', having weak 
joints or limbs ; with soft soles ; 
with large feet or paws ; blear- 
eyed ; see Uaii. 

jVsiii\ iftihdr, boasting ; glory. 

\xii\ iftidd', ransom. 

\yii\ iftird', lie ; (m.) insult, offence ; 

j\y'i\ iftirdr, flashing ; showing the 

(jo^y^\ iftirds, availing one's self of 
an opportunity. 

^\fi\ iftirdd, precept ; (m.) suppo- 
sition, hypothesis. 

y^fi\ iftirdq, separation. 

ue)\ya\ iftirdJc, (m.) grinding to 
pieces ; agitation (of a sick 

Jl<i»i\ iftisdl, disjunction, separa- 
tion ; weaning. 

j;tisi\ iftiddh, being dishonoured ; 

y4liu\ ifiiddd, defloration. 

JUii\ ifti'-dl, action. 

iyj'\ aftaq, f . fatqd', afilicted with a 
rupture, see ^. 

csU»i\ iftiqdd, visitation, visit ; trial, 

^Uxi\ iftiqdr, poverty. 

vs\xi\ aftah, more daring, more 
venturesome ; readier to shed 

^ViJii\ iftihdr, thought, contempla- 
tion, meditation. 

Jxi\ aftal, pi. fatl, f. fatW, having 
the legs wide apart ; distorted. 

j,\^\ iftihdm, comprehension, under- 

&s.^\ tiftilha-t, pi. afdtih, seed-lobe ; 
what is germinating. 

^jii\ afta, later born, younger; 
manlier, more courageous. 

«aj\ ifjij, valley, mountain-cleft, 
bed of a river. 




***' a/%(J', seasonings, &c., pi. of 

^ fahan, faha, fiha. 
tr^^ afhas, more shameful, baser, 

comp. of t;!i-^(i fdhis. 
t/'j*^^ ufkus, pi. fj'<^\i\ afaUs, hole 

in the ground ; nest of the bird 

(fc*^) ("fah, INF. afh, hit on the 

crown of the head. 
*;«»*^ afhira-t, rich garments. 
(»^^ afham, more powerful, more 

(•i*^) a^d, A, INF. afad, hasten, and, 

by opposition, tarry ; approach ; 

come up. 
•^\ afad, term, end, death ; — afid, 

who hastens ; who tarries ; — ii 

afada-t, delay, 
^•i*^ ifdd', exacting a ransom from 

a prisoner. 
£>^^ a/da', i.fadd', having a dis- 
torted limb ; distorted ; see 

^•^\ afdina-t, yokes of oxen, &c., 
pi. of (J\y> faddn, q.v. 

•i»^ afazz, not feathered (arrow). 

j\ii\ afzdz, pi. of jj fazz, single, 
isolated, &c. 

(/^) <»/*'■> I. INF. afr, ufur, cross 
(ijlfi 'aZa) ; run, jump ; attack ; 
be very hot, boil ; get fat ; be 
zealous and quick in serving ; 
drive away ; — afir, A, inf. afar, 
be very hot and boil violently ; 
grow fat. 

ji\ afarr, f . farrd\ showing beauti- 
ful teeth in laughing or smiling; 
■ — ' ufurra-t, troop ; mixture ; 

\]i'\ afrd', wild asses, pi. of \j' fard'. 

X^]i\ afrdh, young birds, &c., pi. of 

S\^\ afrdd, pi. of -i^fard, individual, 
&c., q.v.; — ifrdd, separating; 
making unequal ; reducing to 
the simplest expression ; isola- 

)\)i\ ifrdz, separating, distinguish- 
ing, sequestering. 

^Ji^Ji^ afrds, horses, mares, pi. of 
y-;i faras. 

u*V^ ifrdd, precept ; assignment ; 

W/\ ifrdt, excess ; extreme ; exag- 
geration ; superfluity. 

^V^ ifrdg, emptying ; casting 
metals ; putting into shape. 

jV^ ifrdq, recovery. 

t}*^ afruh, » afriha-t, young birds, 
Ac, pi. of t^ farh. 

ijr'f^ afr as, clever horseman. 

\^f\ afrad, very learned La divine 

tf^ afrag, f. fargd' , free of cares ; 
making large wounds ; — » afri- 
ga-t, vacancies, <fcc., pi. of g\/ 
firdg, q.v. 

/* afriqd', iiji\ afriqa-t, com- 
partments, &c., pi. of ijlf fariq, 

gjj*^ afranj, ifranj, Frank, French, 
European ; — ^ afranjiyy, Euro- 

'i>~-'/\ afransa-t, France ; — 45 afran- 
siyy. Frenchman, French. 

j>f\ ifriz, roof for protection against 
rain ; frieze ; cornice. 

(j°3;*^ afriqiyy, African ; — » afri- 
qiyya-t, Africa. 

JV^ a/aaz, pi. of -f fazz, excitable, 
fickle, &c. 

g^y^ ifzd', frightening, terrifying. 

j\ — »\ ifsdd, corrupting, adulterat- 
ing; instigation to mischief or 
revolt ; oppression. 

ij — »\ afsaq, more or most perverse, 
wicked, vile. 

(;>«xi_^\ afsintin (ahsintin), worm- 

^^^'^ ifiii', divulging a secret. 

ir^\ afs'ag, with a protruding 
tooth, having the teeth sepa- 

J^\ afsal, (m.) left-handed ; f. 
fasld', the left hand. 

y«-^^ if.sin, (m.) formula of 

cUi\ ifsii/i, speech, iv. (c"). 

JUi\ ifsdl, death. 

C-»*\ afsah, more eloquent, clearer ; 
more abundant, comp. of ^ 
fash, ^-tf^fasi/i. 


t<^^ afsam, broken, torn. 

J^^ afdul, superfluities, excel- 
lencies, &c., pi. of ^ fadl;- 
t/rfaZ, superiority ; eminence. 

&^\ afdal, more or most excel- 

karVed "'' '"'""^'^^ ' ^°- 
^^afatt, having a flat nose. 

fast"'' ''''^^''°* fasting; break- 
L^^ a/ifas, f./a?s(i', flat-nosed. 
;>il uftur, pi. a/a^ir, split, fissure, 

crevice ; scratch, scar. 
^l^^<^'' more shameful, comp. of 

^^ afd\ perfumes, scents. 
e)^j*i\ uf'uwdn, male viper. 
o«^^ a/'a», pi. afd'i, viper, serpent. 
wii\ a/a/, a Uttle, small quantity, 

(tJ^y a/a?, I, INF. afq, travel to 
distant parts, all over the world • 
give more to the one than the 
other; deceive; conquer; cir- 
cumcise ; — a/j2, a, inf. afaq, 
attain to the highest distinc- 
tion;— v. INF. ta'affuq, come 
rrom distant climates. 
^\ ufq, ufuq, afaq, pi. dfdq, cli- 
mate, region, country ; horizon • 
the wide world; — a/a^, uncii-I 
cumcised; — 4^2, ffl^2, far supe- 
rior ; — dfiq, ufuq, quick, swift ; 

— i afaqa-t, hypochondre ; 

ufqa-t, prepuce; — ^ irfuqiyy 
afaqiyy, horizontal. ' 

;Ui\ ifqdr, impoverishing (s.). 
fi\ afqar, poorer, more wretched. 
(^\) afak, I, afilc, a, inf. ifk, afk, 
afak, ufuk, lie; —inf. ifk, cause 
to change one's purpose or 
opinion ; cause to ■ tell a lie • 
thwart one's wishes, declare 
them to be unlawful ; — pass. 
ujiq, INF. afk, produce nothing 
from want of rain; have little 
understanding;- II. INF. tafdk, 
lie ;— VIII. INF. it'ifdk, be turned 
topsy-turvy, overthrown. 
'^\ afik, liar ; — ifk, & ifha-t, lie ;— 



ufuk, great liars, pi. of ^,4^ 

afi'ik. ~ 

)^\afkdr, thoughts, &c., pi. of JCi 
Jikr. ■' 

JSi\ afkal, ifkil, fright ; a kind of 
wood-pecker; pi. afdkil, afakil, 
troop; hi-afdUli-hum, all of 

ijt^\ ufkAha-t, pi. afdkih, what 
causes wonder or merriment. 

(Ji^) afal, I, T7, afil, a, inf. wfid, 
vanish, disappear (moon) ;— inf 
ufiil, afal, dry up (milk of a 
suckling woman) ; — afil, inf. 
afal, be alert, quick ; — n. inf. 
tafil, procure honour, respect to 
anybody;— V. inf. ta'afful, be 

Ji^ afil, I dfila-t, big with youne 
(lioness). •'6 

I^\ afld', wide waterless deserts 
pi. of SSU faldt; foals, pi. of Jii 

«^W i^(?«, help to escape ; escape. 
C&i\ ifid4, good fortune, prosperity, 
u-ii^ iflds, poverty; (m.) bank- 
t)y=Si\ afld{un, Plato. 
jlU\ afldq, mountain-clefts, &c., pi. 

of tjii falaq, q.v. 
«2)ii\ afldk, spheres, heavenly bodies, 

&c., pi. of '^^ falak, q.v. 
JlUl a/ai, breaks, rents ; fugitives, 
&c., pi. of Ji /aZZ;- deserts' 
without rain, pi. of ^ full, fill, 
glit a/ai, f. faljd', having fingers 
or teeth far apart ; (m.) gouty, 
cl*\ aflah, having the nether lip 

((^\) afan, i, inf. afn, milk out 
of the proper time ; exhaust all 
milk in the udder; have little 
milk; give little understanding 
to anybody (God);— pass, be 
spoiled (food). 
yj\ afn, afan, weakness of intel- 
'^\ ifnd', annihilation. 
jUi\ afndq, high-bred stallions, pi. 
of (j*A* faniq. 




(^\ji\ afndn, branches, pi. of (jJj 

■iJj^ afnud, silliness ; — (j afandi, pi. 
afandiyya-t, master, sir, gentle- 
man, monsieur (Turk, from the 
Greek ai^eVn/s). 

ftjy^^ ofnun, pi. afdnin, class, cate- 
gory ; manner, way ; — ufnun, 
snake ; bent ; obscure speech ; 
calamity ; beginning. 

^yi\ afna, rich, full ; f . fanwa, 
having a rich head of hair ; 
densely branched (also afann) ; 
more perishable, comp. of ^^ 
fani ; — * afniya-t, enclosures 
in front of houses, pi. of Ui 

Vflil ajhd', mouths, pi. of Sy Juh. 

f\gi\ ifhdm, making understand. 

E\y\ afwdj, troops, crowds, flocks, 
<fcc., pi. of sf fauj. 

^3\ji\ afwdq, pi. of v5ji f4q, lank, 
&c. ; awakenings, remembrances, 
pi. of i^ faiqa-t (m.). 

t>\ji\ afwdh, mouths, &c., pi. of sy 

y-y\ afue, axes, Ac, pi. of y-Vi 

^^\ afwag, having thick lips. 

i_*y\ afuf, in great haste. 

jji\ afwaq, f . fauqd', broken at the 
notch ; see \if. 

»£!y\ afuk, pi. ufuk, great liar ; — 

Ufuk, INF. of (uiJi\). 

Jy\ aful, omens, &c., pi. of JU 

sy\ afwah, f . fauM', fahwd', having 
a large mouth, a wide opening. 

Wi\ a/i/a', pi- of o* /**'> shadow, 
&c., q.v. 

J\-si\ afydl, elephants, pi. of Js^ 

^\ afyah, f. fai^d', pi. /iA, exten- 
sive, spacious ; see Vasji. 

iASi\ afida-t, the intestines ; heart, 
lungs and liver, pi. of «>^ji fu'itd. 

^^\ afiq, f . i , excellent ; misfor- 

K^\ afifcat, pi. c£i»^^ afd'ik, liar. 

j^\ a/m, stupid ; corrupted, 

Oj«i^ afyiin, ifyaun, opium ; Z)) 
e^S'l rdhu-'l-'afyun, laudanum. 

^^A iqdta-t, nutrition, feeding; 

Z^ aqdh-in, ^J^^\ aqdhi, camomiles, 
pi. of y^ja»*\ uqhuwdn. 

j-so«^ aqddih, arrows without fea- 
thers and head, satires, &c., pi. 
of c^ qidh. 

VjU>\ aqdrib, near relations, pi. of 
vy^ aqrdb. 

gjW aqdri', pi. of £}i\ aqra', very 
hard ; cutting, sharp, &c. 

^})^'\ aqdzil, pi. of Jji^ aqzal, halting, 

frtJO\ aqdsim, parts. &c., pi. of (•«-* 
qism and ^j — i\ uqsuma-t. 

^U\ aqdsir, pi. of ^J>^ aqsar, 

,_s«Vi\ ajasi, pi. of (_s-*\ , extreme, 

jt^\i\ aqdsir, pi. fords. 

yaj«Vi\ aqdsis, tales, stories, pi. of 
Leyai\ aqsusa-t. 

gt\i\ aqdti', cut off branches, &c., 
pi. of £s^ 2<''?*'' 

gstU\ aqdti', objects sent to indi- 
cate the break of friendship, pi. 
of icjlsi\ uqtu'a-t. 

i5U\ iqdla-t, legal annuUation of 
a bargain ; pardon ; watering 
(beasts) at noon ; (m.) deliver- 
ance, release. 

(«J^\ aqdlim, climates, &c., pi. of 
(»sli\ iqlim. 

^W iqdma-t, staying, remaining, 
stopping ; establishing ; per- 
forming ; raising of the dead ; 
the second and last call for 

(t^^\ aqdnim, roots, &c., pi. of (>fi\ 
uqnum, q.v. 

(>)^\ aqdwim, i»i)^\ a2'?tom:=^^\ 

Jj^Vi\ aqdwil, speeches, sayings, &c., 

pi. of Jy> qaul. 
^U\ aqdyim, peoples, tribes, &c., 

pi. of |»y> qaum. 
N-J>^ aqabb, f. qabbd', pi. s-i qabb, 

having a very slender waist. 
JW»^ iqbdl, approach ; arrival ; 


coming first ; favouring ; pro- 
C**^ aqbah, viler, vilest; more or 

most infamous, comp. of ^-t^ 

'^■s*\ aqhiya-f, overcoats, &c., pi. of 

W* qabd'. 
(ui-i\)=ui.i^ waqt, time, epoch; — 

II. ui.«i^ aqqat, fix a time. 
y"WJ^\ iqtihds, fetching fire from 

another's hearth ; borrowing ; 

acquiring; borrowed thoughts. 
JW^^ iqtibdl, accepting ; reception ; 

l«VaJJ>\ iqtihdm, rashness, temerity. 
\A«i\ iqiidd', imitation, emulation. 
j\Axi\ iqtiddr, power ; wealth. 
vV^^ iqiirdb, approaching. 
t^y^\ iqtirdh, improvisation ; (m.) 

^\fi\ iqtirdd, borrowing money. 
&fA iqtird', casting lots ; (m.) 

(^\jx3\ iqtirdn, joining, coupling, 

oU!i\ iqtisdd, moderation, economy ; 

«_i!jlo*J^ (J* >sUxi3^ ^ 'ilmu-'l- 

iqtisdd-i fi-'l-masdrtf-i, book- 
j\,aii\ iqtisdr, abbreviation, abridge- 
ment ; restriction. 
^Uxi\ iqtisds, report ; revenge. 
Uxi^ iqtidd', exigency ; requisite ; 

necessary consequence ; demand. 
i_4Uas*\ iqtitdf, plucking, gathering, 

gx*\ aqta', more contemptible. 
U.a\ iqtifd', following upon one's 

heels ; imitation ; giving the 

preference; friendly reception. 
Visi\ iqtind', acquiring, receiving, 

yeU!j\ iqtinds, hunting. 
gUsS^ iqtind', being satisfied. 
cVa!*\ aqhdh, pi. of jJ quhh, pure, 
_ &c. 

i*«j\ aqhama-t, severe cold. 
t)^j*!*\ uqhuwdn, pi. aqdh-in,aqdhiyy, 
camomile ; /"ST ^j=>W aqdhiyyu- 1- 

amr-i, first beginnings. 



-ii^ aqudd, i aqidda-t, statures, &c., 
pi. of ^ qadd. 

(•U»\ aqddm, feet, &c., pi. of ^jj 
qadam ; — iqddm, advancing ; 
boldness; endeavour; diligence. 

C^'Wt aqddh, cups, pi. of f^ qadah. 

t^\ aqdah, fly. 

_)>Wl\ aqdar, f. qadrd', more powerful, 

f>'^i\ aqdam, foremost, boldest; 

\)*\ aqrd', canals, acqueducts, pi. 
of tsy> qariyy ; — pi. rhymes. 

cV^ aqrdh, ulcerating. 

j\y»\ irp-ch-, confirmation, affirma- 
tion ; confession ; acknowledg- 
ment of a duty or debt ; bond ; — 
i5 iqrdriyy, truthful ; confirmed. 

yo\ji^ iqrdd, lending money ; sum 

£\f\ iqrd', faulty rhyme. 

(^\ji\ aqrdn, peers, equals, &c., pi. 
of (^}i qarin. 

«T»/^ aqrab, nearer ; more jjrobable ; 
pi. aqrabun, aqdrib, near rela- 

gjji^ aqra', f. qar'd' , pi. qur', qur'dn, 
bald (in consequence of illness) ; 
naked ; peeled ; grazed ofE ; 
empty ; complete (number) ; 
pi. aqdri', very hard ; cutting, 
sharp ; clever ; al-qard', yard ; 

<-i^\ aqraf, crimson. 

fl>f^ aqram, stallion (for breeding). 

<Si!/\ aqriya-t, canals, aqueducts, pi. 
of ts/ qariyy. 

J)*\ aqzal, pi. aqnzil, halting, limp- 
ing ; having thin legs ; wolf. 

j,LJ(\ aqsdm, parts, portions, pi. of 
,»-j qism ; — oaths, pi. of ^»— i 

V«~.i\ aqsimd', parts, portions, pi. 
of ^»~-i qism ; — pi. of (♦~~i qasim, 
sharer, co-heir. 
i->j\ aqissa-t, priests, pi. of t^»-~i 

l-^\ uqsuma-t, pi. aqdsim, portion, 

lot ; destiny, fate. 
^i-i\ aqsa', more elevated; of higher 
rank or birth. 





^■oi\ aqsii', pi. of (j-i qasiyy and yoU 
qds-in, far distant. 

_)-=*\ (ijsar, f. qasrd, pi. aqdsir, 
shorter; having an emaciated 

iLcj^\ (uqsusa-t), pi. aqdsis, stories, 

^_^\ aqsa, f. qaswd, qasyd, pi. 
a^asi, more or most distant ; 
last ; extreme. 

(ja*\ aqadd, f. qaddd', hard, peb- 
bled ; not flexible (coat of 
mail) ; US AcU=- jamd'a-t qaddd', 
troop of people armed to the 

^_^^ aqda, more or most judicious ; 
— S aqdiya-t, fates, decrees, 
judgments, &c., pi. of ^ qadd. 

(la\) aqt, iqt, uqt, aqit, pi. aqtdn, 
a friable cheese of congelated 
cream ; — aqit, indigestible ; — 
aqat, i, inf. aqt, prepare a dish 
with the said cheese, give a 
person to eat of it ; throw 
the adversary to the ground ; 
mix ; — IV. INF. i'qtd', have 
plenty of cheese. 

^\!aJ\ aqtdr, tracts (of land), &c., pi. 
of jlai qutr. 

£U=i\ aqtd-', pi. of ^ giV' and j-U 
qatV, <\.\. ; — iqtd\ cutting, lop- 
ping ; assigning lands on ten- 
ure ; — » iqtd'a-t, feudal tenure, 
assigned for military service. 

yU=i^ aqtdn, cottons, pi. of ^^ qutn, 
qutun, qutunn. 

^\ aqta', f. qat'd'. pi. qut', qut'dn, 
having his hand cut ofE ; cut off ; 
interrupted ; dumb ; sharper, 
more cutting ; al-aqta'dn, sword 
and pen ; (m.) worse, more 
wicked ; — aqtu', S aqti'a-t, cut 
off branches, pi. of gsla (/«/i'. 

._fl!aj(\ aq{af,viho gathers more; what 
itches more. 

&c^\ uqpA'a-t, pi. aqdti', object 
sent to cut a person's friend- 

jViu\ iq'dd, causing to sit ; disease 
which compels to a sitting posi- 

tion ; weakness of the hips ; 

halting, limping. 
•i«*^ aq'ad, juster, more legal (m.) ; 

— » aq'ida-t, young camels, pi. 

of Jj« qu'nd. 
(j-*i\ aq'as, f. qas'd', pi. qu's, 

having the back drawn in and the 

chest protruded ; having a high 

croup ; ant ; firmly grounded ; 

powerful ; long. 
<-a*^ aqf-in, see ^\ aqfi. 
'^\ aqjd', the same ; — iqfd', pre- 
ference, IV. of (yi). 
^ii\ iqfdr, being ruined, deserted ; 

finding a town destroyed and 

^/'^\ aqfds, cages, &c., pi. of ya«J> 

uSia\ aqfdf, stony hills, &c., pi. of 

*_« qiiff. 
JUi\ aqfdl, locks, bolts, &c., pi. of 

Jii qufl, q.v. 
j«*\ aqfar, uncultivated, f. qufra, 

ij~Ae\ aqfas, f. qafsd', bom from a 

free woman by a slave ; long 

and making folds ; f. intestines, 

^J^\ aqfi (<-«\ aqf-in), » aqfiya-t, 

occiputs, &c., pi. of Ui qaf-an, 

iji\ aqall, less, least ; smaller; 

rarer ; poor ; f. qulld, the little 

one; aqall-an, at least. 
%\ aqilld', pi. of J-li qalll, little, 

few, <fec. 
Sii\ aqldd, pi. of ■xAi^ iqlid, neck. 
^\ iqld', intermission of a fever ; 

eradicating, pulling out. 
JSk*\ iqh'il, poverty. 
^^\ aqldin, pens, &c., pi. of ^ 

v_Ji^ aqlah, f. qalbd\ turned over, 

overthrown ; having turned-up 

jii\ aqlah, f. qalhii, pi. qulh, having 

yellow teeth ; dung-fly. 
U5\ aqlat, hopeless, despairing. 
«-AVi^ aqlaf, f. qalfd', pi. qulf, un- 

circumcised; fertile; luxurious; 

full of notches. 

(•^) uqlum, hunting-hut (m.). 

•4^^ iqlid, key ; ring for the nose 
(of a camel) ; wire ; rope of 
palm-leaves ; pi. aqldd, neck. 

y-Vili^ iqlidas, Euclid. 

(j)*!*^ iqlilan, the whole of any- 

(^^ iqlim, pi. aqdlim, climate ; 
zone ; region, tract, province. 

^<:*^\ iqliiiiiyd', scum and vapour 
of melting metals. 

jUi\ aqmdr, moons, pi. of }*i qamar; 
— adversaries in a game of chance, 
pi. of ^#*» qamtr. 

gU.8^ igm((', taming; subduing; sub- 

;**^ aqmar, f. qamrcV, pi. qumr, 
shining white ; shining like the 
moon; moonlit; aZ-ga.»M-«', moon- 
lit night ; moonlight. 

i"i^\ aqmisa-t, stufEs, Ac, pi. of 
i_^Ui qumds. 

^j>^ aqmisa-t, shirts, &c., pi. of 
(j««** qamts. 

^^^^ aqmita-t, swaddling clothes, 
&c., pi. of tUi qimdt. 

^\ aqnd', bright red ; — iqnd', 
enriching ; — » aqnd'a-t, shady 

g^^ iqnd', satisfying, rendering 
content, persuading. 

Wl^ aqinna-t, slaves, &c., pi. of {^ 

^)^^ uqnum, pi. aqdnim, root ; per- 
son (of the Holy Trinity). 

,j*i\ aqna, f. qanwd', having an 
aquiline nose ; — » aqniya-t, 
canals, <fcc., pi. of fj^ qaniyy. 

j«^\ iqniz, small cup. 

s-<8*\ aqhab, f. qahbd', grey; al- 
aqhabdn, elephant and buffalo. 

\f\ iqwd', faulty rhyme. 

uiAji\ aqwdt, victuals, &c., pi. of 
u»y qilt. 

(j-\y^ aqwds, bows, pi. of (j-y qaus. 

£\p\ aqwd', plains, pi. of £^ qd'. 

^\ji\ aqwdl, sayings, Ac, pi. of Jy 

f>\^\ aqwdm, peoples, tribes, &c., 
pi. of cji qaum. 

^fi\ aqivad, f. qaudd', pi. qud, 

67 in 

guidable ; long-necked; high; 
lengthy ; miserly ; skilful as a 
go-between ; f. high summit. 

jf^ aqwar, i. qaurd', spacious, 
roomy ; — al-aqivarun, al-aqwa- 
'"^yydt, great calamities. 

(joji^ aqwas, hard, cruel ; vaulted, 
arched ; far off ; long. 

gy>\ aqwu\ plains, pi. of gli qd'. 

i-sy^ aqivaf, clever physiognomist. 

(•y^ aqwam, more or most upright, 
&c., comp. of i»ifi qawim. 

i^f\ aqwa, stronger, richer. 

^.f^ aqwiyd', pi. of ^Sj* qaiviyy, 
strong, vigorous, j)owerful, &c. 

(i-s*^) aqa, inf. aqy, feel nauseous 
in consequence of illness. 

jW*^ aqydd, fetters, &c., pi. of ^-« 

jij'\ aqyar, more bitter. 

^^»^ aqyisa-t, measures, &c., pi. of 
(j»^ qiyds, q.v. 

l=*i\ aqit, indigestible. 

(^\) akk, r, inf. ahlt, be very hot 
push back ; press ; be oppressed 
contracted with anxiety ; — viii 
INF. i'tilcdk, be very hot ; throng 
be pressed (by business, _ &c.) 
knock against each other (feet) 
— ii akka-t, suffocating heat 
plight; tumult; hatred, envy 

j>^\ akdbir, the great ones, gran- 
dees, pi. oi y4^ akbar. 

oli"^ ikdd, pi. akdyid, saddle-strap, 

■~^.S\i\ akdzib, lies, pi. of hj^\ 

^\ akkdr, pi. »/^ akara-t, digger, 

y-jl^ akdris, ij-ij'^\ akdr'is, neigh- 
bouring houses, &c., pi. of (J-/ 

I*ij^\ akdrim, noble deeds, pi. of 
^}/^ ukrihna-t. 

)-'^\ akdsir, » akdsira-t, the Chos- 
roes, pi. of (^/~^ kisra. 

iJu,\i\ akdsifa-t = ii^^-^ asdkifa-t, 

^\i\ ukdf, ikdf, pi. ukuf, saddlo for 




horses or asses ; — ald-af, maker 
of such saddles. 

J^^ ahdl, food ; — ukdl, ikdl, itch ; 
— aklcdl, voracious ; glutton. 

JsJ»^ aJedlil, diadems, crowns, gar- 
lands, &c., pi. of JJ^\ iklil. 

(•^^ dkdm, ikdm, chains of hills, pi. 
of i*^\ akam. 

(»**^^ akdmim, sleeves, &c., pi. of 
^ kimm. 

•M^^ akdyid, girth-leathers, pi. of 
->^\ ikdd. 

jM^ akbdd, livers, hearts, pi. of •>ti 
kabd, kibd, kabid. 

•^ akhad, f. habdd', stout, fat; 
slow; see ^'Xfi'. 

rt^\ akhar, pi. -un, f. kubra, pi. 
knbar, greater ; older ; more 
important ; al-akbardn, the two 
first Caliphs ; al-akbar, al-kubra, 
the major term in a proposition ; 
pi. al-akdbir, the great ones, 
grandees ; — S akbirra-t, ikbirra-t, 
nearest related to the first an- 

>-*^\ aktdf, shoulders, pi. of t-AsS 
kHf, kataf, katif. 

JVa-!S\ iktihdl, anointing the eyes 
with collyrium. 

\f^ iktird', hiring, renting. 

iAs^yiJ\ iktirds, sorrow, anxiety. 

V-~:S'\ iktisd', dressing, putting on 

^L-sS^ iktisdb, acquiring, earning, 

>-l^\ aktaf, having broad shoul- 
ders ; having a lame shoulder 

\i^\ iktifd', having enough ; being 

^U;;i'\ iktindf, help, protection. 

«V«S\ iktindh, endeavour to under- 
stand a thing thoroughly. 

i.i-i\ akass, f. kassd, pi. li^ kvss, 
dense ; with a dense beard. 

jii\ aksar, more numerous, more; 
— ^J aksariyy, frequent; aksar- 
iyy-an, mostly ; — h aksariyya-t, 
plurality, generality. 

^\ aksam, stout, fleshy ; with a 

big belly 

satiated : broad. 

i.s.«a^\ akhat, short. 

Js^^ akhal, having the eye-lashes 

black by nature or blackened 

with collyrium ; black-eyed ; 

(^^) akad, inf. akd, thresh corn ; 

— II. INF. ta'kid, strengthen, 

fortify ; — v. INF. ta'akkud, be 

strengthened, fortified, 
j^'^^ akddr, troubles, pi. of j>^ 

j'^^ akdar, f. kadrd', pi. kudr, 

troubled, turbid; al-akdar, tor- 
^^^\ ikzdb, detecting a lie, causing 

to lie ; proving one to be a liar. 
■~'ii\ akzab, more lying, falser, 

more deceitful. 
1^.)^^ ukzuba-t, pi. akdzib, lie. 
(j^^) akar, inf. akr, also v. inf. 

ta'akkur, dig the ground ; — 

» ukra-t, pi. ukar, well. 
\;f\ ikrd', hiring, renting, letting. 
vV^ ikrdb, haste, hurry ; afflict- 

iug, troubling. 
(•\;S\ ikrdm, honouring ; hospitable 

reception ; respect, reverence. 
4«^\/\ ikrdmiya-t, a present in cash 

given to one in office. 
Mji\ ikrdh, disgust, aversion, horror, 

Vj^^ akrab, more sorrowful, in 

greater anxiety. 
V-~i'\ aksd' , back parts, pi. of (j~S 

jU-J\ iksdd, being dull, languid. 
C~^^ aksah, pi. kuhsdn, lame. 
•^~»^^ aksad, dull (market). 
5~^^ aksa', having a white spot on 

the forehead (horse, &c.). 
tj~^^ aksa, better dressed or dress- 
ing (others) ; — i aksiya-t, dresses, 

pi. of ^—^ kisa. 
^.t~J\ uks!d, oxyde (m.). 
ftr~^\ iksir, elixir, philosopher's 

j-i^\ akiar, who shows his teeth. 
i-4-i^\ aksaf, f. kasfiV, pi. kusfdn, 

uncovered ; open ; (fighting) 




without shield or helmet ; avoid- 
ing the combat. 

C"*^^ ahsam, lynx ; injured. 
^^ ak'd', pi., boasting and cowardly . 
(<_ii'\) II. akkaf, saddle; — ukuf, 
saddles, pi. of u\S\ ukuf, ikuf ; 

— akuff, pi. of '-^ kaff, palm of 
the hand ; — ii akiffa-t, livings, 
livelihoods, &c., pi. of i-i^sS" 

^\ akfa, pi. of ^ kafw, equal, &c., 

q.v. ; — ikfd', dissonance of vowels 

in a rhyme. 
^\ akfah, black. 
j\jgs>i\ ikfihrdr, shining of the stars, 

and, by opj)Osition, darkness. 
(J^^) akal, V, INF. akl, ma'kal, 

IMP. kid, eat, consume ; — inf. 

ikla-t, ukdl, akdl, scratch ; gain ; 

— akil, INF. akdl, be eaten, cor- 
roded ; be scratched ; have an 
itching; — II. INF. ta'hll, ask 
one to eat ; to give much to eat, 
eat much ; — iii. inf. mu' dkala-t, 
ikdl, eat together with another, 
share in another's meal ; — iv. 
inf. i'kdl, give to eat, invite to 
eat ; sow discord ; bring forth 
fruit ; bring one in another's 
power ; — V. INF. ta'akkul, shine 
brightly; — v., viii. inf. i'tikdl, 
get corroded ; burst into a rage, 
fly into a passion ; — x. inf. 
isti'kdl, ask for something to 
eat ; ruin. 

J^\ akil, eating, corroding ; also 
dMl, pi. dkdl, tyrant, king; pi. 
akala-t, eating ; — ukl, ukul, food, 
victuals, livelihood ; pasture ; 
fruit ; goods of the world ; — ukl, 
prudence, intelligence ; solidity 
(of materials) ; — i akila-t, ikla-t, 
itching ; cancer, gangrene ; — 
akla-t, meal ; — akla-t, ukla-t, 
ikla-t, calumny ; — ukla-t, pi. 
iikal, morsel, mouthful ; — uka- 
la-t, hearty eater, glutton; — 
dkila-t, herd; cancer; — akilla-t, 
diadems, &c., pi. of (k^\ iklim. 

^-^\ aklab, more like a dog. 

Un aklat, limping, halting. 

>-^\ aklaf, f. kalfd', pi. kulf, dark 
yellow, brown ; al-aklaf, lion ; 
al-kalfd', wine. 

J«l^\ iklil, pi. akdlil, akilla-t, front- 
let, circlet, diadem, crown ; the 
white of the eyes ; the flesh round 
the root of a nail ; the 27th sta- 
tion of the moon ; — i^ ikliliyy, 
the seam of the skull. 

(^i) akarti, pi. ikdm, dkdm, ukwm, 
ahum, chain of hills ; — i aka- 
ma-t, pi. akm, rising ground, 
hill, heap of stones ; — uMm, 
pass, be quite eaten up (pasture 
ground) ; — x. inf. isti'kdm, be 
hilly ; find a place soft (for 
sitting upon). 

^\ akmd', pi. of j_5*^ kamiyy, 
armed from head to foot ; brave. 

JUi'\ ikmdl, completion, perfection- 

l«Ui\ aknidm, flower-sheaths, &c., 
pi. of ^ kimm ; — sleeves, pi. of 
(^ kumm. 

i}*^\ akmal, more or most perfect. 

/^\ akmah, born blind ; rich of 

f*^ akmu', mushrooms, truffles, pi. 
of ^ kam'. 

^U^\ akndf, sides, tracts, &c., pi. 
of i-jji kanaf. 

(yU^\ akndn, veils, &c., pi. of i^ 

^\ akinna-t, veils, coverings, &c., 
pi. of y^ kindn ; — ukna-t, 

C^^\ akwdh, huts, &c., pi. of t^ 
kdh and tj^ kuh. 

•i^ji^\ akwdd, troops, squadrons, 
&c., pi. of J^ kaud; — heaps of 
earth, pi. of Sj^ kauda-t. 

j\/\ akwdz, cups, &c., pi. of )/ 

g^/\ akivd', wrists, pi. of £^ kd' 
and gj^ ku'. 

(,\)^\ akwdm, heaps of earth, &c., 
pi. of ^^ kuma-t, q.v. 

y-/\ aku's, cups, &c., pi. of y-^^ 
ka's ; — akwas, prettier, comp. of 
(j-^.^ kuwayyis. 

g/\ akwa', f. kau'd', having a 




sprained wrist; having big ankles 
or knuckles. 
J^^ akul, gluttonous, voracious ; 

— aJcwal, elevated ; al-ahwal, 
rising of the ground ; — S 
akilla-t, fatted beast ; — uMla-t, 

f<l^\ akwa/)n, f. kauma, pi. Jcilm, 
high, elevated ; al-akwatnnn, the 
nipples ; Uji' Jcnma', having a 
high hump (camel). 

cW^^ ahydh, mountain slopes or 
ridgesj pi. of c^ Mh and ^ 

(j^^\ ahyds, purses, &c., pi. of 
{j-^ his ; — pi. of (j~i^ kayyis, 
cunning, intelligent, &c. 

JW^^ akyiil, measures, &c., pi. of 
J<^ kail. 

■^\ aJcid, firm, strong ; certain, 
positive, true. 

{j^\ akyas, f. kisd', kusd\ prudent, 
cunning ; — prettier, comp. of 
{j^^ huwayyis. 

<^i^\ akik, very hot. 

^}-ii\ akil, t. 'i , eating, devouring ; 
eatable (adj., s.) ; bait; table- 

(J\) all, XI, INF. all, be agitated, 
moved, hurry in agitation; hasten 
anywhere ; tremble, quiver ; shine, 
glitter ; drive away ; irritate 
against ; pierce ; sew, stitch ; — 
INF. all, alal, alii, sigh ; cry out 
aloud imploringly or from pain ; 
murmur (water) ; dress the ears 
(horse) ; refuse to chase (fal- 
con) ; — alii. A, INF. alal, be 
corrupted, have a nasty smell; 

— II. INF. ta'lil, sharpen into a 

J\ al, Arabic definite article, joined 
in writing to the following word, 
and in pronunciation (by wasla-t) 
to the previous one, as : Aj*5\ 
al-'abdu, the slave ; <iU*S\ a-c 
'abdu-'l-malik-i, the slave of the 
king ; — dl (v.), see (J;^) ; — dl, 
pi. awul, family, race, dynasty ; 
vapour round the sun ; mirage ; 
object, person, thing ; prop ; — 

dl-in, see ^J^ dli ; — all, sigh, 
call, cry ; — ill, covenant ; oath ; 
relationship ; neighbour ; origin ; 
hatred ; God ; religion ; — ull, the 
first ; — i dla-t, pi. dldt, tool, in- 
strument (also musical); engine; 
member ; bier, hearse ; prop, sup- 
port ; dla-t, a family or tribe ; 
steam, vapour ; condition ; — 
alla-t, pi. all, alal, ildl, short 
lance with a broad iron ; — 
illa-t, pi. Hal, relationship ; 
groaning ; — ulla-t, pi. ulal, a 
herd on a distant pasture. 

S\ a-ld, nonne ? is it not so ? 
halloa ! — aid', wild bullocks ; — 
dhV, benefits, boons, pi. of ^J^ 
ily ; — al-ld.= 'i (j\ an id, that 
not, lest; — il.ld='i t}\ in ld,ii 
not, unless, except ; less, e.g. »-ni\ 
(^'^ S\ alfilld ^aldsin, one thou- 
sand less thirty, 970; — ulld= 
ij)\ ula, these. 

(•2\ al'dm, pi. of ft^ la'im, equal, 

""S\ dldt, instruments, &c., pi. of 
^\ dla-t ; — uldt, female posses- 
sors, see ^}\ ulu and ^j zii. 

^J^\ dldtiyy, musician. 

6jS\ ildda-t, birth. 

(j-S\ ulds, madness. 

^S\ al'af, friends, &c., pi. of U>i\ 
ilf ; — dldf and ci>US\ aldfdt, 
thousands, pi. of >-ii\ alf; — 
ulldf, companions, pi. of <-«J\ 

^J''i\ aldqiyy, riddles, &c., pi. of 
^'i\ ulqiyya-t. 

*£!S\ ulldk, those. 

J'i\ aldl, lie; — ildl, lances, pi. of 
^\ alla-t. 

f>i\ al'am, rejoined (what was 
broken) ; — more to be blamed ; 
— dldm, pains, sorrows, pi. of 
f^i\ alam; — ildma='^ ^J^ Ha 
■iiid, until when ; until. 

yS\ al-dn, now, at present. 

»S\ ildh, God, see i3\ ildh; — 6 
uldha-t, divinity ; — ^ ildhiyy, f. 
» , divine. 




^}\ ald'lf, pi. of >^\ alif, familiar, 

(s-J^) alab, I, u, inf. alh, assemble, 
gather together from all sides ; 
drive together; be driven to- 
gether ; collect ; hasten ; return ; 
rain continually ; — ii. iNr. ta'ltb, 
drive speedily along; incite to 
enmity ; — v. inf. ta'allub, as- 
semble (n.), gather together. 

s-J^ alh, urging ; instigating ; vivid 
afEeetion, sympathy ; violent 
heat ; fever-heat ; thirst ; first 
membrane of a healing wound ; 
skin ; poison ; stratagem ; — ill, 
span between thumb and fore- 
finger ; assembly ; a poisonous 
tree ; — 8 ulba-t, hunger. 

W5^ alibhd', pi. of s-W labib, clever, 

v»W5^ alhdb, pi. of s-5 lubb, heart, 
mind, intellect ; — throats, &c., 
pi. of <T^ labab. 

leW^^ albd{, pi. skins. 

^r^\ albub, vessels of the heart, 
heart ; pi. of s-J lubb. 

i^\ al-hattat-an, certainly, by all 
means, altogether, on the whole. 

{j^\ albas, f. labsd', enveloping 
everything ; V-~{J A*ft\u ddhiya-t 
labsd', immense calamity ; — » 
albisa-t, garments, pi. of y«M 

v»j-J\ albiW, ulbub, kernel of the 

(i*J^) alat, I, INF. alt, injure any- 
one in his right ; restrain ; ward 
ofE ; compel one to an oath or 
to give evidence ; calumniate ; — 
IV. INF. i'ldt, injure. 

fcaJ\ alt, false accusation, calumny ; 
— allat, allati=^^^\ allati, f. of 
ijii\ allazi, which, who. 

y«l^\ iltibds, ambiguity, doubt ; 
confusion, chaos ; disquietude ; 

^\iji\ iltisdm, kiss, kissing. 

lq5jJ\ iltijd', seeking refuge with. 

eW*!^ iltijdj, heaving of waves. 

ps5\ alta^, more sagacious in inter- 

W^^ iltihd', becoming bearded. 
(•VjfciJ^ iltihdm, union, alliance; at- 
tachment ; healing (wound) ; 
growing fierce (battle). 
S\^\ iltizdz, tasting, enjoying, 

(•tj;i5\ iltizdm, necessity ; obligation ; 
dependence ; adhesion ; renting ; 
taking the public revenues on 

uaUs5\ iltifdt, turning round ; atten- 
tion ; soHcitude ; favour ; sudden 
transition in a speech. 

^\ iltiqd', interview, meeting, en- 
counter, mingling together. 

kUx3\ iltiqdt, chance, hazard, acci- 

(j«UjJ\ iltimds, petition, prayer, 

wiVgaJ^ iltihdb, conflagration, inflam- 

\)^\ iltiwd', complication, involu- 

^J^^ allati, f. of t5^\ allazi, which, 
who.; — allati and dim. allatayyd', 

cV^\ iltiyuh, thirst ; glittering, 

(•^ai!\ ilti'dni, reuniting (n.) ; re- 
joining (n.) ; agreement ; (m.) 

^\ alsa', who pronounces badly 
the letters i^ and g . 

^\ alsag, who pronounces badly, 
stammerer, lisper. 

l^\ iljd', compulsion. 

g^sJ\ iljdj, (m.) molestation, im- 

l»Vi^\ iljdm, bridling. 

iu^\ aljima't, bridles, pi. of (•^J 

^^\ aljiyy, musician ; — ilchi 
(Turk.), ambassador; plenipo' 
tentiary ; legate. 

cU^\ ilMh, importunity. 

jUsH ilhdd, impiety ; apostasy ; 

v5^a^\ ilhdq, reaching ; adding ; 
annexing ; afiiliation ; aggrega- 
tion; codicil. 




t)W^ alhan, notes, modulations, pi. 
of (;><fcJ lahn ; — ilhdn, song. 

(3«=!^ al-haqq, truly, really, in fact. 

^*S\ alhum, kinds or pieces of 
flesh, pi. of ^ laAm. 

(jiSsH alhan, having an agreeable 
enunciation ; good singer. 

^j«J\ alha, having a long beard. 

(gJl) alah, VIII. ^Uj\ i'talah, become 
complicated, getting difficult ; 
grow high and luxuriantly ; 
mingle together ; turn sour. 

^\ , abbreviation for if^ ,J\ ila 
dhiri-hi, to the end of it, i.e. 

(;^\ alhan, pi. luhn, f. lahnd, 
uncircumcised ; smelling badly. 

(_5^\ alha, f. lahwd', garrulous, 
talkative ; see ^^ . 

(Ji3^), pass, ulid, be born ; — v. 
become confused. 

jJ\ aladd, pi. ludd, liddd, very 
quarrelsome ; contentious ; long- 
necked (camel) ; — » jMa-i=6'^j 
wilda-t, children, sons, &c., pi. 
of '^j walad and JhJ^ walid. 

(j«\jJ\ aldds, pi. of (j~j>*3 ladis, 

ii\ allaz, allazi, (^^\ allazi, f. u>^\ 
allat, allati, ^_^^ allatl, du. y\'i5\ 
allazdni, f. ^^^ allatdni, pi. 
(^^\ allathia, f. ij'^\ alldti, 
which, who ; — alazz, sweeter, 
more pleasant, more delightful ; 
— S alizza-t, people who live in 
(j5\) alaz, I, INF. alz, firmly adhere 
to (s-> hi) ; — aliz, inf. alaz, be 
agitated, disquieted, 
v^^ji^ iUdq, making to adhere, ce- 
menting, glueing ; attaching. 
^\y\ ihdm, compulsion ; necessi- 
(•jJ\ alzam, more or most neces- 
y^\ alean, difficult, hard. 
(u-i\) alas, I, inf. als, betray ; 
deceive ; lie ; steal ; err, be of a 
wrong opinion ; — pass, be vio- 
lently agitated, in emotion ; — 
III, INF. 4~J^y» mu' dlasa-t, de- 

ceive ; betray ; — v. inf. ta' alius, 
feel pain ; be agitated. 

(j~J\ als, deceit, treachery, lie ; 
theft ; bad race ; corrupted 
state ; madness. 

(^\ alsan, pi. lusn, eloquent ; — 
alsun, « alsina-t, tongues, &c., 
pi. of y^ lisdn. 

^J^\ alass, f. lassd', having some 
parts of the body (shoulders, 
teeth, &c.) too close together ; 
having a narrow forehead ; more 

ijcU\ alsds, robbers, pi. of ^ lafs, 
liss, luss. 

^i^\ ilsdq, adhesion, iv. ((3-=S). 

S=S\ alatt, toothless, having bad 

y-M\ altaf, more lovely ; kinder, 
comp. of t-aJJ latif. 

\*i\ al'd', bones of the fingers. 

(jV-j<3\ ul'ubdn, who is fond of play, 
of game. 

<s~Ki\ al'as, slow, heavy, ponderous. 

ijye!^ ul'nba-t, play, pleasantry. 

^\ ulug (Turk.), great, powerful. 

V«!\ ilgd', omission ; abolishing ; 

jUi^ algdz, riddles, pi. of _)«5 lugz. 

£jjxS< ulgilza-t, riddle. 

(i_aJ\) alif, first letter of the Arabic 
alphabet ; hence : ii. allaf, inf. 
ta'lif, write an alif; — alf, pi. 
ulitf, dldf, aldfdt, thousand ; 
hence : alaf, i, give a thousand 
pieces ; ii., iv. inf. i'ldf, make 
the thousand full ; — Ijecome 
raised to a thousand. 

(i_a!\) alif, A, INF. ilf, alf, accustom 
one's self to (ace.) ; grow tame; 
hence ii. unite, establish friend- 
ship (between others) ; compose 
a book ; — iv. accustom anyone 
to, become accustomed to ; gain 
one's confidence and favour by 
intercourse ; — v., viii. assemble 
(n.) ; — VIII. have familiar inter- 
•-ii\ (7/, pi. al'df, friend, companion, 
confidant (also female) ; — alif, 
bachelor ; friend, companion ; 




— uluf, pi. of <-*y^ (duf, very 
familiar ; — <Uaf, tamer, more 
familiar ; — ulif, pi. cjS\ ulldf, 
f. S cUifa-t, pi. ui>^ -(?< and 
awdlif, friend, companion ; — 
alaff, f. laffii\ pi. Z«/, impli- 
cated in difficult business, not 
equal to such ; awkward ; slow ; 
with, a heavy pronunciation ; 
densely populated ; thronged ; 
f . fleshy thigh ; — ii ilfa-t, female 
companion ; — ulfa-t, familiar 

feU!\ alfilz, words, &c., pi. of ^ 

t-*Vi5\ alfi'if, densely grown trees, 
gardens with luxuriant vegeta- 
tion, pi. of Uil liff, laff. 

kt»a!\ alfat, f. laftiV, awkward ; 

i^^\ alfas, stupid ; foolish. 

<s^\ alfak, awkward, stupid. 

((j!l) aliq, A, inf. cilq, ilnq, deceive ; 
shine, glitter, flash ; — pass. 
be mad ; — v. inf. ta'alluq, 
sparkle ; gleam ; shine (with 
jewelry) ; raise the head and 
be ready for quarrel (a woman) ; 

— VIII. INF. i'tildq, flash (light- 

(j3\ illaq, flashing ; — ilq, f. » 
pi. ilaq, wolf ; female ape ; — i 
ulqa-t, flash, glitter. 

y\ alqcV, pi. of ii^aS laqwa-t, liqwa-t, 
female eagle, alert woman ; — 
pi. of ^ laqaii, what is thrown 
away as worthless ; — ilqiV, 
throwing away, &c., iv. of (ijSi), 

>-jU!^ alqdb, titles of honour, &l-., 
pi. of s-^ laqah. 

^\ alaqa, irascible woman; shrew; 

— i ulqiyya-t, pi. aldqiyy, riddle, 
problem ; al-aldqiyy, calamities. 

(<iU\) alaJc, INF. alk, bite the 
bridle ; send ; — pass, be mad ; 

— X. INF. isti'ldlc, bring a mes- 
sage, a letter. 

JiJ3\ alkad, who never leaves home ; 

W^^i iS,an-aniyti, who speaks with 
difficulty, with an impediment. 

J3\ alal, the shoulders; side of a 
blade; — alal, lances, pi. of iJ\ 
alla-t; — ilul, relationships, pi. 
of iil illa-t; — M?oZ, herds on a 
distant pasture, pi. of ii\ ulla-t. 

'i^\ alld', ^_pi\ alld'i, o^jSJ^ alldwih,, 
(:>«?.M^ alldijhi, pi. of tsJJ\ alla:i, 
which, who. 

o*^!^ , pi. f. which, who. 

c.aj^, yUU\, JJJ1 = ^^, &c., q.v. 
under ji^ . 

W^in allatayyd, calamity ; dim. of 
(_5'!U\ alldti, i. which, who. 

ii^\ alldh, God, see ii\ ildh. 

I^'i\ = l^\ a-lam, interrogative, nonne ? 
(also UJ^ a-lammd) ; — alani, pi. 
dldm, pain, grief ; (m.) irritation; 
passion; — aliin, dlim, feeling 

((»S^) alim, A, INF. alaiii, feel pain, 
ache ; — IV. inf. i'him, pain, 
cause pain; — v. inf. ta'allum, 
feel pain ; be irritated ; be re- 
vengeful ; grudge. 

i_yUi\ alnids, diamond. 

gUJ\ ilmd', shining ; cracking the 
fingers ; stealing. 

g^\ alma', having a vivid mind ; 

^_f-*^\ alma'iyy, vivacious ; liar ; — 
S alma'iyya-t, vivacity. 

(_5*3\ alma, f. lamijd, having dark 
red lips ; shady ; cold of spittle. 

Q^\ alanjaj, Ejas'^^^ alanjiij, aloe. 

oxi5\ alandad, quarreller ; screamer. 

(ii\) alah, inf. ildha-t, uhVia-t, 
uWiiyya-t, adore ; — alih, inf. 
alah, be perplexed, confused ; 
be very much afraid of {i_^ 
'ala) ; seek help or refuge with 
(iji ila) ; — inf. alh, grant 
shelter or security to (ace.) ; — 
II. INF. ta'lth, deify a being ; 
make one a slave ; — iv. inf. 
i'ldh, help, rescue ; — v. inf. 
ta'alhih, adore. 

&J\,»J\ ildh, pi. dliha-t, god., divimtj; 
with art. i'^\ alldh, the one true 





God ; iii\> U-'lluhi, <sJJU taniuld, 
^m^ wa'lluhi, by God ; i^ li-'UuU, 
for God's sake, to God ; — illili, 
perplexed ; — S iViha-t, goddess ; 
coll. deities, false gods, idols ; 
adoration ; passionate love ; half 
moon ; sun ; snake. 

s^Wn ilhlh, inflaming, kindling (s.). 

f^^\ ilhum, divine inspiration, 
revelation ; instinct. 

i^^\ ulhdniyya-t, deity ; adora- 

f^^\ aUahumma, God ! by God ! 

v^^ idhub, mettle of a steed, of a 
race-horse ; heat. 

Sj3!\ ulhuwwa-t, 'i^\ ulhiyya-t, toy, 
pastime, amusement ; funny 

^\ iluhiyy, f. i , divine ; ^ 
caUgiSl 'ilin al-ildJiiyyat, theo- 
logy, divinity ; metaphysics. 

(y\) aid, u, INF. alw, uluww, aliyy, 
alan, be not equal to a thing or 
person, therefore hesitate, desist; 
■with negative : be not afraid of ; 
— be haughty, proud; — iv. swear, 
take an oath ; — v. swear ; be not 
equal to a thing ; be haughty ; — 
VIII. INF. i'tild', be not equal to 
and desist, fail ; swear ; — x. 
desist from a thing on account 
of its difficulty. 

^\ alw, benefit, favour, present ; 
excrement of sheep ; — ulumv, 
wood for fumigation ; (distance 
of a) bow-shot ; race-course ; 
abundance; — » ahva-t, arrow- 
shot; — ahva-t, il'uv-t, uhm-t, 
aluwwa-t, iliiwica-t, uluiinvri-t, 
oath; — alwa-t, tduivwa-t, riches, 
plenty, large number; fragrant 
wood tor fumigation. 

t\^\ alwdlf, planks, &c., pi. of t^ 

•!\^\ alwdd, pi. ill-wishers, ill-dis- 
posed persons. 

g^p\ alwd% pi. of gS Id', timorous, 

y\ji\ nlirdii, colours, shades, kinds, 
&c., pi. of (vjjJ lann. 

i^ji\ alwas, f. lavgd^ soft, flabby, 

and, by opposition, vigorous, 
energetic; foolish. 

^y^ alwad, pi. ahodd, unjust ; re- 

(j-y\ aids, something (with nega- 
tive, nothing). 

>-jy\ aldf, pi. uhif, very familiar ; 
— uhif', thousands, pi. of >-a5^ 

,3y\ alwaq, stupid. 

i*y\ aldqa-t, cream with dates ; 

i£)y\ ali'ilc, messenger ; — uluh, » 
uh'ih-i-t, message. 

I«y\ alwain, more to be blamed ; — 
» alvma-t, vice ; abominations. 

it>^\ ulnka-t, 4-jfcy\ nhViiyya-t, 
divinity, divine essence. 

^J\ ila, to, unto, until; — ily, llaii, 
pi. did', benefit ; — all ( J^ dl-in), 
f. ' , too weak, insufficient ; — 
aliyy, who takes many oaths, 
swears frequently; — » ahja-i, 
pi. alydf, aldyd', sheep with a 
rich tail; calf (of the leg); 
fleshy part of the hips; — aliy- 
yii-t, oath. 

tU3\ alydr, reeds, spears, &c., jil. of 
4M llta-t. 

ii^\ alyas, pi. Z?s, strong, coura- 

ij--^\ a-laisa, is not ? — alyas, pi. 
lis, courageous ; noble ; gene- 
rous ; lion ; strong and willing ; 
by opposition, cowardly ; not 

^\ (V ?//(?(/, who pronounces badly; 

>-SrJ\ alif, yl. ald'if, intimate, fa- 
miliar; friend, companion. 

^\ alyaq, more appropriate, 

J*i\ alil, grief of a mother at the 
loss of children ; ague, shivering 
from fever ; murmuring of water, 
&c. ; — alyal, f. laild, long and 
dark (night, lit. more of a night 
than another). 

^\ alim, painful, aching. 

y^l\ alyan, softer, more delicate. 




U*J\ alijlniV, pi. of (^«5 laijyin, soft, 

I»^ arre, or ? (in the second part of 
a question), or not ? yes, cer- 

((>\) amm, tj, inf. amni, intend, 
strive after ; go towards a place ; 
repair to ; visit ; strike on the 
middle of the skull ; — inf. 
amm, imam, imnma-t, go in 
front, lead, give an example to 
others; command; — amm, for 
amim, inf. 'iini.ilma-t, be or 
become mother ; — inf. a ma m, 
be close together ; — ii. inf. 
ta'iiihu, ordain; — ii., v. inf. 
ta'ammum, intend ; — iii. inf. 
mu'ihunia, he clear, evident; be 
near ; aj^proaeh ; find fit, con- 
venient ; — V. consider as one's 
mother, take for . a mother ; 
make one's ablutions with earth 
instead of water ; — viii. inf. 
i'timam, intend; imitate; take 
for an example ; — x. inf. 
isti'milm, consider as one's 
mother, take for a mother ; take 
for a guide. 

f>\ am, or? JJi f^ am hal, or not':' 
yes, certainly ; — ammi, inten- 
tion ; — Ilium, pi. ummdt, lun- 
mahdt, mother ; du. iimmihi, 
mother and mother-in-law ; 
origin, first principle, prototype ; 
ummaluH, elements of created 
things ; nation ; species ; fre- 
quently in composition with 
other words, as : j^\c |«\ umm 
'((»mV, hyena ; (^)^\ (>\ ummu-'l- 
qur'dn, first chapter of the 
Koran; i^jS'^ |«^ ummu-'l-qura, 
Mecca, &c. ; — dm, see {f}^) ; — 
6 ama-t, pi. a'm-in, dm'!, imd\ 
amawdt, amivdn, imivdn, umwdn, 
female slave ; — dma-t, rich 
harvest ; grass ; rain ; placenta ; 
— imma-t, favour, benefit ; rule 
of conduct ; kind ; form ; reli- 
gion ; leadership ; — umma-t, pi. 
umum, assembly, crowd ; nation, 
tribe, family ; partisans ; crea- 

tures ; Imam ; form, figure ; 
mother ; time, term ; obedience ; 
— dmma-t, broken skull. 

M a-7nd, is it not? or not? — cer- 
tainly, undoubtedly ; — (imiui'i, 
but, but as to; — immd, if; 
immd-immd, whether or ; — imd' , 
female slaves, pi. of ama-t. 

Ai'W imdta-t, killing, causing one's 

Ji^M imd s II, pi. of J-i^\ a III sal, 
most like the model, exemplary ; 
al-amdnl, the great ones. 

■^W amdjid, pi. of ^a:-*^ aiiijad, 

j^jU\ amddUi, praises, noble deeds, 

pi. of A=.jJiA»\ iMlJlVllt-t. 

jW aiiidr, time or place of an ap- 
pointment, sign ; — iiiidr, order, 
decree, edict ; — aimndr, in- 
clined ; commanding ; dictatorial ; 
— » amara-t, power; sign; — 
imdra-t, government, power, 
dominion ; prefecture ; pi. imd- 
rdt, amdi'ir, signs, indications, 

'^jW amdrid, pi. of ■if\ amrad, 

_)jW amdxir, pi. of y^" mazir, brave, 

y-W dmds, yesterdays, pi. of ij-^\ 

jcW amd'iz, _)*eW amd'lz, goats, 
&c., pi. of j^»*^ am'itz. 

ij^\ am'dq, dmdq, inner corners of 
the eyes, pi. of J^-* inu'q, milq; 
— dmdq, the same, pi. of iS^\ 
amq, umq. 

y^U\ amdJcin, places, habitations, 
&c., pi. of o^^ makdn. 

JU\ dindl, hopes, thoughts, pi. of 
J^\ amal ; — amdl-in, dictations, 
&c., pi. of W imld'; — » imdla-t, 
causing to incline ; pronunciation 
of d like e or /. 

y~SU\ amdlis (cimdlls), deserts, pi. 
of tr'*'^^ imJis. 

et~JU\ amdllt, pi. swift camels. 

f.U\ anuhn, before, in front ; — 
imam, pi. a'imma-f, leader, presi- 
dent ; title of the first Caliphs ; 




antistes ; sacred book ; higli 
road ; road to Mecca ; direction 
towards Mecca; example, model ; 
command of God ; plumb-line ; 
moderator ; school-task ; — » 
imdma-t, leadership, dignity of 
an Imam; — umdma-t, herd of 
300 camels ; — ik imihniyya-t, 
the Shiites. 
y^"^ amdn, 'i amdna-i, security, 
protection ; safe-guard ; escort ; 
faith; — amdti, pardon, mercy; 

— ummdn-^^^\ ummiyy; con- 
fiding ; stupid ; peasant, farmer ; 

— antdn-iu, j_s iimditi, desires, 
fancies, pi. of &~^\ immiyya-t ; 
— umdniyy, deposit ;—S amdna-t, 
deposit, truss. 

(o-^\) amat, i, inf. amt, guess or 
try to determine the number or 
quantity ; intend ; be crooked ; 
slope ; be elevated ; — ii. inf. 
ta'min, determine the number or 

u>^\ amt, pi. umut, dmdt, uneven, 
crooked ; rising of the ground ; 
difference of opinion, doubt. 

J\jb:.*\ imtisdl, obedience, comply- 
ing -with. 

t)W~*\ imtihdn, examination. 

j\xi*\ imfiddd, extension, protrac- 
tion, prolongation; ductility. 

^\y^\ imtizdj, mixture, conjunction, 
intercourse; constitution of body 
and niind. 

i*xA amti'o-t, goods, &c., \A. of 
g^ matd'. 

!Xx»\ imiild' , fill, indigestion, oppres- 
sion of the stomach. 

gbjw\ imtind', hindrance, refusal, 

yUi*\ imtindn, obligation, favour 

jLi*^ imtiydz, distinguishing, dis- 
tinction ; pireference ; jn-c-cmi- 
nence ; privilege. 

^\xA itmsdl, fables, proverbs, &<■., 
pi. of J^ masal. 

Ji^\ amml, f. mvda, pi. aiudiiil, 
more closely approaching the 
original, more like the model ; 

exemplary; al-amdsU, the great 
ones ; grandees ; — » amsila-t, 
similitudes, types, models, &c., 
pi. of JVi< misdl. 

iiji^\ umstda-t, example, quotation, 
sentence ; school-task. 

(er*^) amaj, i, inf. anij, walk very 
quickly ; — amij, A, inf. amaj, 
be very hot ; be thirsty. 

^\ amaj, very hot ; heat ; thirst. 

•^!^^ amjad', pi. J^^^ amdjid, 
nobler; more illustrious; more 

(c^^) amah, inf. amahdn, cause a 
throbbing pain. 

W»\ immihhd, getting effaced. 

jV.^/«\ innnihdq, calamity. 

(jaat"^ aiiilias, easily pacified. 

(3a:'^^ ainhaq, who has no good 
luck; small. 

4^^j&/»\ umhiida-i, unselfish advice ; 
admonition of a true friend. 

{■^X) amad, be finished, be deter- 
minated ; — amid, A, inf. amad, 
be angry with (jj^ 'ala) ; — ii. 
fix a term ; — viii. agree with 
each other about a term. 

^ amad, anger ; end, term ; 
limit ; death ; goal of a race- 
course ; — ■ amid, full, loaded 
(ship) ; — aiiiadd, more ex- 

o\^ iiiiddd, help, succour (in 
troops, money, &c.) ; subsidies. 

d=.^A.»\ umdi'iha-t, pi. amddi/i, praise ; 
praiseworthy deed. 

Oj^ umdud, habit ; custom ; 

h'^'^ amdiya-i, watering-places, pi. 
of t5.x» madiyy. 

(/*\) amar, v, inf. amr, imdi; 
dmira-f, imp. mitr, dmui; order, 
command; — amir. A, inf. imd- 
ra-t, be or become a leader, 
prince; — amir, a, inf. amar, 
amara-t, be plentiful and per- 
fect ; have many cattle ; be 
hard, difficult; — ii. inf. ta' mlr, 
make one a prince ; mark (by 
branding) ; mark out the boun- 
daries ; place the iron on a lance ; 




— III. INF. mu'dmara-t, x. inf. 
isti'mdr, consult ; — iv. inf. i'mM', 
order, command ; increase one's 
children and cattle (G-od) ; — v. 
INF. ta'ammm; consult ; exercise 
dominion ; — vi. inf. ta'dmur, 
consult each other ; — viii. inf. 
i'timtlr, receive an order. 

f\ amr, pi. awctmir, order, edict ; 
IMP. power, dominion ; — pi. 
umnr, matter, business, case, 
affair ; — imr, y&cj dif&cult, 
important ; wonderful case ; — 
amir, commander ; God ; Maho- 
met ; numerous, complete ; Mu- 
harram ; — amarr, f. miirra, 
more bitter, comp. of y inurr ; 
al-amarrun, old age and po- 
verty ; f . al-murraydn, worm- 
wood and coloquintida ; — amarr, 
firmer, comp. of ;»/• marir ; — 
imra',imru',i. S imra' a-t,imrii' a-t, 
man ; wolf ; — ii amara-t, stone to 
mark the road; — a »ira-i, com- 
mand, power, dominion ; — im- 
ra-t, dominion by a substitute ; 
increase of fortune ; administra- 
tion of a fortune ; expenditure ; 

— dmira-t, pi. awdmir, order, 

\f\ umard', chiefs, princes, &c., pi. 

of yi^\ amtr ; — ii imra'a-t, imrdt, 

j\/'\ amrdr, pi. of f murr, bitter, 

&c. ; — pi. of S/» mirra-t, vigour, 

power, intelligence, &c. 
(jo\^\ amrdd, diseases, &c., pi. of 

ijc/* marad ; — immirdd, weak- 
^y\ amrd', pi. of 5!;'* mari', 

abounding in herbs and water. 
o\/«\ amrdq, spikes (of corn). 
■^y\ amrad, f. mardd', pi. miird, 

beardless ; covered with down ; 

hairless ; leafless. 
ty»\ amrat, pi. murt, mirata-t, 

hairless ; featherless (arrow) ; 

gy»\ amru', pi. of jSj-* marl', 

abounding in herbs and water. 
tjA imnC, man. 

^if} umru'a-i, pi. amdri.', land 
yielding abundant fruit and 

ijy\ imra'iyy, manly, manful ; — ii 
amri'a-t, pi. of ^s/* mari', ali- 
mentary canal. 

ii"f-'\y\ imzuja-t, bodily constitution ; 

^•y\ anwija-t, mixtures, constitu- 
tions, &c., pi. of eV ""'«^'V- 

U~^* ams, pi. dmus, dmus, dm fig, 
yesterday; time just past ; ams- 
in, hi-'l-ams-i, al-ams-a, yester- 
day, just now ; (_r~»\ ,_5~-» musya 
ams-in, last night ; — amass, 
more ; principal. 

^\ — *\ imsdk, parsimony, avarice; 
(m.) withholding ; abstinence ; 

(r^ amsah, more stupid ; more 

"^1 — *^ amaila-t, channels, gutters, 
pi. of J — >» masal. 

t)-^ umsuh, plank, board. 

ts-~^^ imsiyy, of yesterday ; — i 
umsiyya-t, yesterday's evening. 

gUurf^ amsdj, mixtures, pi. of g~^ 
masaj, masij ; — j)l. of q<~^ 
luaiiij, mixed, mixtures. 

tU-»\ amiidt, combs, pi. of SaA/* 
must, &c. 

j;la/»\ Immisdh, weaning of a child ; 
— imsilh, pushing forth leaves. 

jU.*\ amsdr, large cities, &c., pi. of 
y misr. 

^^\ amsah, declining and disap- 
pearing (shadow). 

bXaA amsida-t, highest summits, 
pi. oLm masdd. 

iyeA amsira-t, pi. of jt-^^ masir, 
gut, intestine. 

((jiw^) amid. A, inf. amad, persist 
in spite of objections, remon- 
strances, &c. ; talk otherwise 
than one thinks ; dissimulate. 

U/«^ imdd\ sealing ; execution ; 
(m.) signature ; subscription. 

^j^\ amda, passing more quickly ; 
more penetrating ; more acute ; 
more effectual, 




^\ amtd', beasts of burden, &c., 
pi. of itJa/* matiyya-t ; — pi. of 
^ mat-an, matd, and jW» matw, 

j^\ amtdr, rains, pi. of ^ matar ; 
— imtdr, causing to rain. 

(5^^) amma', immil', 'i imma'-t, 
stupid, dull ; weak of character 
and without opinion of one's 
own ; parasite ; — v., x. be or 
become stupid, &c. 

'<*A am'd', intestines, bowels, pi. of 
I,;** ma'y, mi'an. 

(j^^ am'dq, pi. (J.cW amd'iq 
(amil'iq), borders of the desert. 

ij^xA hn'ihi, guarding carefully ; 
looking intently. 

^"^ am'at, f. ma'td', pi. lu'ut, 
hairless (wolf) ; bare (ground) ; 

t^*^\ am'ttz, pi. amd'iz, amd'h, 
goat; troop of gazelles. 

v>*^ amq, umq, pi. dmdq, inner 
corner of the eye. 

\^\ amhd', burrows of hares or 
foxes, pi. of ^^ mahw. 

y\^\ imlcdn, possibility ; — (^ im- 
^tmij/y, possible; — himlinniyija-t, 

j^\ amlcar, more cunning. 

li^>^\ amki'im-t, places, dwellings, 
&o., pi. of Q}^ mahhi. 

(J^^) amal, tr, inf. ami, impe, 
hope for ; — amul, inf. amdla-t, 
have an oval face ; — 11. inf. 
ta'mil, hope greatly ; cause to 
hope ; — V. inf. ta'ammul, look 
long and attentively ; meditate ; 
think of ((^ mill) . 

J^\ amal, pi. dmdl, hope ; pi. 
thoughts; — anil, imJ, hope; — 
mnul, sand-hills, pi. of J«.»\ 
amU; — » amala-f, pi. defenders ; 
iinla-t, hope ; — amihi-f, tears, 

W amid', quantities which fill up, 
Ac, pi. of '^ miihV, mil'; — 
imhV, pi. amdl-iii, amdlt, dicta- 
tion, writing ; orthography ; 
filling up ; completing. 

eW imldj, 6 imidja-t, sucking. 

C^^ amldh, salts, &c., pi. of ^ 
milh ; — pi. of f-rJL* malih, hand- 
some, fine, good, &c. 

(joW immilds, escaping ; being 
rescued; vii. of (tr-l^) ; — imlds, 
, twilight of the morning. 

j!U\ imldq, poverty. 

•^"M amlVc, goods, riches, &c., pi. 
of udU milk, mulk ; — imldJc, 
giving in marriage. 

JW imldl, dictation ; annoying ; 

^\ amlaj, yellow, fading ; bare 
desert; poor. 

^\ amlah, f. malhu' , spotted black 
and white ; blue-eyed ; steel- 
coloured (f. troop of armed men 
seen from a distance) ; white 
(with snow, hoar frost) ; — hand- 
somer, &c., comp. of f-sl" malih. 

■^'^ amlad, f. maldd', tender, 
supple, flexible ; — umlud, o'i 
umluddn, ^^\ timluddniyy, same 

^M amlaz, insincere. 

er-^^ amlas, f. ma?«((, smooth ; short- 
haired ; without knots ; flowing 
down easily (wine) ; by opposi- 
tion, toilsome ; see \~^ . 

ij^^ (imluf, smooth and slippery; 
short-haired ; bald. 

^^ amJaij, lascivious (speech). 

«^^^ ajiilal-, who or what pos- 
sesses most, holds fastest, binds 

^>^\ (umlilt), pi. c:,^JU\ amdlH. 
swift camels. 

^•^\ innhUa-f, pi. amdlih, wit, 

>iJ^^ umh'il-, pi. possessors ; kings 
of Hiniyar. 

eU«l-\ imlijdj, ])ushing teeth. 

■i^\ ?'iii/;d=AU\ amlad •, = ^j-^\^\ 
imlia, bare desert. 

yo4^^ imlis, swift, speedy. 

I*^\ amam, in moderate distance; 
small, unimportant ; middle ; — 
vmam, nations, Ac, pi. of M 




((^\) aman, trust (^^J^ 'ala) ; — 
amin, a, inf. amm, amdn, aman, 
amana-t, imn, be safe, fearless 
(y-* wiiw) ; consider one's self 
safe ; repair to {^J\ ila) for 
protection ; trust a person (ace.) 
with anything (^^J^ 'ala, -r> hi) ; 

— II., VIII., X. confide in (ace.) ; 
trust with ; II. say " Amen " ; — 
IV. believe a person ; believe in 
God, accept His law ; trust ; 
trust with ; encourage, afford 
security, protect against {t_^ 
'ala, (j^ min) ; show submission 
to (J li) ; — V. entirely rely 
upon {^Js^ 'ala) ; — x., ii. ask 
for protection. 

(^\ amn, aman, security, safety ; 
trustworthiness, fidelity ; — amin, 
safe ; seeking security ; — aman, 
what is best ; — dmin, safe ; 
trustworthy ; — imn, inf. of 
(l^\) ; — amn-in, see ^y^A amni ; 

— ii amana-t, trustworthiness, 
fidelity ; — also amina-t, iimana-t, 
dmina-t, faithful, trustworthy 

U/»\ amnd', pi. of Vx* inan-nu, ma iid, 
weight of about two pounds ; — 
umand, pi. of t)««^ amin, faith- 
ful, &c., q.v. 

^U«\ amndn, pi. of y^ mann, weight 
of two pounds ; — imndn, weaken- 
ing, IV. of ((^). 

gi»\ amna', inaccessible, impreg- 

f^\ amni, pi. of ^ man-an, mand, 
weight of two pounds ; — » inu- 
niyya-t, pi. nmdn-in, amdn'i, de- 
sire, fancy. 

(&»\) amah, u, inf. amh, promise 
by contract, stipulate ; prescribe ; 
recommend ; pass, be mad, fool- 
ish ; — amih, a, inf. amah, for- 
get ; avow, confess ; have an 
eruption (of the skin) ; — ii. 
madden; — v. make a compact; 
take for a wife. 

&4t\ amah, oblivion ; the created 
things ; — i zimmaha-t, mother. 

inait, mayyit ; 
waves, pi. of sy 

uuW*^ ummahdt, mothers, Ac, pi. 
of (t\ umm. 

JW^\ imhdl, delay, respite ; pro- 
longation ; prorogation. 

g8^\ umhvj, t)V^,g«\ umhujdn, thin 
(of a liquid) . 

'i^^\ amhida-t, beds, &c., pi. of 
JVfl^ mihdd. 

^\ amhar, more clever, comp. of 
ysiVrf nidhir. 

■ij^\ umhud, hole in the ground, 

{y\) aind, u, inf. imd,' mew ; — amd 
and f_^\ ami, }A amii, inf. U)iiuw- 
wa-t, become a (female) slave ; — 
II. make a (female) slave ; — v., 
X. buy a (female) slave ; — ii 
amv:a-t-=^i^\ ama-t, female slave. 

ijiAyA amaivdt, female slaves, pi. of 
&A ama-t; — amwdt, dead bodies, 
Ac, pi. of 

s\j<*\ amwdj, 

J\^^ amivdl, riches, possessions, 
&c., pi. of J^-* mdl. 

(^\y\ amwdn, &c., female slaves, pi. 
of i-A ama-t. 

ii\y\ amwdh, waters, pi. of U md' ; 
— imtvdh, having much water ; 
raining heavily, iv. of (*y*). 

uLijA umiU, pi. of ct^'»\ amt, uneven, 
Ac, q.v. 

)4rf\ aini'ir, commanding; — umitr, 
pi. of j"^ amr, thing, affair, &c. 

^_y>y\ dmus, yesterdays, pi. of fj~A 

&rfy»\ umiuiia-t, maternity, mother- 

(^y\ amiin, pi. umun, trustworthy. 

ijA amwah, better provided with 

^^yA amawiyy, referring or belong- 
ing to a female slave. 

l>,yA amuya-i, drink, beverage ; — 
river Oxus. 

^\ ami, female slaves, pi. of iA 
ama-t ; — ummdyy, motherly, 
maternal; uncultivated, unedu- 
cated, ignorant ; idle ; idiot ; — 
i uma]iya-t, little (female) slave j 




the family JJmayya-t ; — um- 
miyya-t, maternity, motherhood. 
jtA amir, pi. umarcV, leader, 
prince, Emir ; — y»>.j.-^*!\ yuA 
amiru-'l-mihnmin-a, commander 
of the faithful, Caliph ; ja»!\ ^\ 
amiru-'l-bahr-i, admiral ; yt^A 
)^\ amir ahor, mir ahor, equerry ; 
X^^ y~A amir sil<1h, arm-bearer of 
the king ; — is amlra-t, princess, 
mistress ; — ^ amiriyij, princely; 

— abbreviated i£jt^ m iriyy, fisc ; 
public exchequer. 

yuA amyaz, more or most dis- 

J-'*^ amil, pi. umul, sand-mountain 
a mile broad and a day's journey 
long ; — amyal, inclined. 

gls^^ umailih, very pretty. 

&*i.*\ umaima-t, little mother, 
mother dear. 

;^*/»\ amin, pi. umaiiiV, faithful ; 
trustworthy ; confident ; mini- 
ster ; safe, secure ; proper name ; 

— amin, amin, be it so ! Amen ! 

— oflBcial, prefect. 

i«*»\ amyah, better j)roTided with 

(^\ an, that, lest ; y\ ^^\ ila an, 
until; t)^ ij^ 'ala an, under 
condition that, providing that ; 
y\ Ui lammd an, after ; also for 
y\ an7ia : y^^ ha-an, as if, aS 
li-an, because; — in, if; ^ o^ 
in lam, if not ; unless ; except ; 

— m=U« mii, not ; — an, pi. 
ihvdn, time, moment ; al-un, 
now, at present ; — dn-in, see 
^_5>\ dni ; — anna, that, because, 
since ; o^ i^ '^^ anna, so that ; 
(jS li-anna, for, since ; j\ . . . y^ , 
whether. . .or; — inna,(^'^fa-inna, 
ii\ inna-hu, iJ^ fa-iniia-hu, truly , 
indeed, certainly ; with sulfixes : 
^yj\ inna-ni, ^J\ inni, truly, I ; 
^\ mwa, truly, we, &c. ; — inna-hu, 
so it is; yes; — inna-md, how- 
ever, yet ; only that ; — » anna-f, 
sigh ; — dnna-t, sighing. 

((j^) ann, I, inf. ann, anin, tmdn, 
to' ;w«, groan; — inf. n?i/(, pom- 

out ; = i^ 'ann, appear, be visible ; 

— II., V. be pleased with any- 
thing (ace). 

\i\ and, I; — innd, see under y^ ; 

— annd = ^J\ anna, wherever ? 
where ? how ? — an-an, inan, 
highest degree, completion, 
ripeness, maturity ; — and', time ; 
ripeness, maturity; completion; 
hindrance ; — ind', pi. dniya-t, 
pi. pi. (j^;\ awdn-in, ij»V «'.'-«»'"' 
vessel; — dnd', proper times, 
&c., pi. of ij^ anan ; — ' andt, 
expectation ; delay ; patience ; 
modesty ; awkward woman. 

^\i\ and}), jujube; — ?7i«6, substi- 
tution ; repentance, &c., iv. of 

i-iwV>\ andhitia-i, sergeants, jil. of 

^j>\^\ on-bdsi (Turk.). 
*^53U\ andbib, knots in a cane, &c., 

pi. of vj^j^ amhi'ib, q.v. 
^G\ andbir, magazines, itc, pi. of 

jLi^ ambdr. 
^^\j\ andbis, torn out (roots or 

trees), pi. of J^y^^ ambus. 
uL,'^\ inds, (_5»^\ andsa, women, pi. 

of ,_jiJ\ «/(«(. 
^\i\ andjir, anchors, &c., pi. of fr\ 

P^\j\ andjir, roofs, pi. of ;W=^ 

J-=-l>\ andjiJ, gospels, pi. of Je=^^ 

_)JU\ anddir, threshing-floors, &c., 

pi. of j-^^ andai-, q.v. 
jojU^ anddid, pi. scattered persons. 
S)U\ indra-t, enlightening, illumin- 
fj^\i\ ands, men, pi. of y^ — >\ insdn; 

— dnds and i,;-^^ andfiyy, men, 
&c., pi. of (_s— j\ iusiyy, q.v. 

*«.\i\ andsim, pi. men, mankind. 
A~s»U\ andsid, poetical recitals, Ac, 

pi. of 6J^) unsi'ida-t. 
^jB\i\ andf-in, ,j-=Vj\ andsi, the most 

select parts, &c., pi. of is«a 

f\i\ andfib, pi. road- or land* 





(ji^^^ anil tali, Anatolia, Asia 

^stU^ anitztm, pi. of f^ nizdm, 

constitution, &c., q.v. 
fr*^'^^ and'hn, herds of cattle, &c., 

pi. of f^ na'am. 
•~i^\ dni1f, noses, &c., pi. of <-AJ\ 

gj^\ andjih, stomaclis of sheep or 

goats, <fcc., pi. of ^aJiJ\ infaha-t. 
;_s*^^ undfiyy, having a large nose. 
{J^^\ andfid, leaves beaten from 

the trees for food, pi. of &-i^l 

&*^\ andqa-t, indqa-t, beauty, 
^i^^ indla-t, giving, bestowing ; 

causing to attain. 
I»^^ andm, dndni, pi. men, mankind ; 

created beings. 
i}^^^ andmil, fingers, &c., pi. of 

*Uj^ anmula-t. 
0^^ undn, sighing, groaning ; — 

anndn, who sighs frequently, 
^^j^^ andniyya-t, egotism, arro- 
^TT^^^ andyih, canine teeth, pi. of 

»T>^ ndh. 
(s-jl) II. annab, scold, treat roughly ; 

W>^ anihd', news, tidings, Ac, pi. of 

W» naha' ; — prophets, pi. of ^_Jfi 

nabiyy ; — imbd', communicating, 

giving intelligence. 
j^\ anibdr, pi. andbir, magazine ; 

granary ; deck of a ship (Pers.). 
i_s^WM on-hdsi, pi. andbis'a-t, ser- 
geant (Turk.). 
tW*^ ambdt, the Nabatheans. 
>T-«j\ unibub:^'~>^\ umbiib. 
uuUi.j\ imbitdt, break, cut. 
ksjVa-j^ ambajdt, pi. jams ; sweet 

^>\ ambah, rough, hard ; cruel ; 

impure (colour) ; heaped up ; f . 

nabhd', pi. ndbdha, heap of earth. 
yVis«J^ ambahdn, dough of bad 

iX)i\ ambiza-t, pi. of i^ nabiz, 

y~*i\ ambas, severe. 

I=\ — J\ inibisdt, joy, gladness ; recre- 
ation; iinreserve. 

«"^^ imbi'ds, sending, mission.\ ambal, a better arrow-shooter ; 
more clever. 

v"^^ anibilb, » amhuba-t, pi. andbib, 
knot in a cane, part of a cane 
between two knots ; pipe, tube ; 

\J'>}^\ umhus, f)l. andbis, torn out 
root or tree. 

W^ ambiyd', prophets, &c., pi. of 
1^ nabiyy. 

(3*^^ ambiq, csW^ ambik, alembic. 

(ctj\) anat, i, inf. anit, groan, sigh ; 
envy ; determine the quantity, 
measure ; be blunt. 

ct^\ anta, f. anti, thou. 

e^\ intdj, the time of giving 
birth ; producing as a conse- 
quence ; drawing an inference. 

t)^ intdn, stench. 

iV^\ iniibdh, awakening ; vigilance ; 
attention ; circumspection. 

^\S^\ intisdr, being scattered, dis- 
persed ; falling of the leaves. 

i_>Va-sj\ intijdb, choice, election. 

ij-Va,;u^ intijds, soiling, polluting. 

w>Ur^\ intihdb, lamentation. 

j^aa^^ intihdr, suicide. 

JWi\ intihdl, plagiarism, literary 

^:&^\ intihd', haughtiness ; (m.) 

k_>U,-jl intihdb, choice; high calling; 
selection ; predestination. 

yoV^iij^ intihds, dwindling away. 

J^a^sj\ intihdl, filtering, percolat- 

\juj\ iniicW, appointment; inter- 
view ; rendezvous. 

w>\juj\ intiddh, call, calling upon, 
summoning ; invitation ; giving 
the preference. 
^^\ intizdr, vow. 

\-y!i\ intizd', wish, desire. 

g\ji>\ intizd', putting off; pulling 
out ; taking away ; (m.) being 
spoiled (engine, watch). 

L-ja\ intisd', being forgotten ; 





retreat, migrating to other 

>_jU_sj\ intisdb, derivation of descent, 
genealogy ; reference. 

jL^^ intisdh, being copied ; being 
abolished, annulled, effaced. 

jU~x»\ mi(S((r, reopening of a wound; 
being torn to pieces. 

\'i-:ti\ intisa , beginning ; growing ; 

SjUi;;i\ intisdb, being taken hold 
of, taken prisoner ; being impli- 

^\.i^\ intisiir, spreading ; publish- 
ing ; divulging; yUj.S\ _jUuji\ inti- 
sdru-'l-imdn-i, propaganda. 

wjU;;j\ intisdb, being planted, 
raised ; pronouncing a word 
with fatha (accusative, sub- 

cllxj\ intisdh, accepting an advice. 

^Uxj^ intisdr, victory ; triumph ; 

,^\.<^\ intisdf, equity ; claiming or 
obtaining justice. 

cUsi^ intiddh, sprinkling; baptism. 

jUiSj\ intizdr, waiting for, expecta- 

j.Us;a\ iniizdm, order ; arrange- 

vijU;^^ inti'df, qualification by an 

JiUii\ inti'ds, revival. 

JU;;}^ i)iti'dl, being shoed. 

^Jixi\ intifd', banishment ; ruin ; 

t\i^\ intifdh, being or becoming 
inflated; pride; swelling. 

ji.Vtts3\ intifds, standing on end (of 
the hair), ruffling (feathers) ; 
(m.) being swollen. 

l\k;i\ intifd', deriving a profit; 

U^\ intiqd', choice, election. 

^^Aii\ intiqdb, veiling. 

JUxi^ iiiUqd:, rescue, delivery. 

^_^UsA intiqds, diminution ; de- 
crease ; decay ; loss of one's 

^\a^\ intiqdd, overthrow ; down- 

fall ; abolition ; (m.) being 

g\a:i\ intiqd', solution, dissolving 
by a fluid ; maceration. 

J^a;a\ intiqdl, removal; emigra- 
tion ; death ; transport ; being 
copied ; (m.) assumption of the 
Holy Virgin. 

j«V£;i\ intiqdm, revenge ; vindictlve- 

»VSij\ intiqdh, recovery. 

^^\ intikd', receiving payment of 
a debt ; (m.) violent rage. 

y-^^\ intihds, turning upside-down ; 

<_*!\s>\ intildf, ruin, j)erdition, de- 

I>^\ antum, you ; V*Ji\ antumd, 
both of you. 

U^\ intinuV, being related with, 
claiming relationship with. 

W^\ intihii', end, termination, the 

k_>V9^\ intiJidb, jilundering, pillag- 
ing, spoil. 

j\^\ intihdr, driving away with 
scolding ; scolding, reproach ; — 
bleeding ; diarrhoea. 

jW=a\ intihdz, watching and seizing 
an ojjportunity. 

fc_)Uxj\ intiydb, concerning ; (one's) 
turn ; repetition ; succession. 

^Vs^^ intiyds, touching, feeling or 
seizing with the hand. 

oW^^ intiydq, choice, election. 

(ij-o\) anus, be soft ; — ii. put 
into the feminine gender ; ef- 
feminate ; — II., V. flatter or 
caress in the fashion of women ; 
— IV. bring forth a female ; — v. 
be feminine ; flatter or caress. 

^i^^ dnis, soft, delicate ; feminine ; 
— Mwws, women, pi. of ^\ unsa. 

^ij\ insd', abuse, invective. 

gUi\ insd', vomiting ; bleeding. 

f,\^\ insiiudm, recovery ; weak- 
ness ; melting (n.), consuming 

o^^ unsa, pi. nniis, inds, andsd, 
woman ; female ; inanimate ob- 




(e*^) anaj, i, enter. 
W^ inja, rescue ; salvation ; de- 
vW^^ anjdb, pi. of s-^«^ najih, of 
noble descent, &c. ; — injcib, 
being noble, higb-minded, gene- 
rous ; begetting an excellent 
cW^^ injdh, succeeding ; accom- 
jW*^ anjdd, helps, victories, pi. of 

•^ najd ; — injdd, assistance. 
jM^ injdr, roof. 
jW^^ injdz, despatching ; fulfilling ; 

keeping a promise. 
y-V^ anjds, pi. of {j^^ najs, najis, 
&c., impure, polluted; — injds, 
polluting ; desecration. 
<-*W^\ anjdf, pi. threshold ; lintel. 
f>W-^ anjdm, heavenly bodies, stars, 
&c., pi. of ^=F najni ; — injdm, 
rise, apparition. 
jW\ injibdr, setting a broken 

<4;W\ injibdriyy, of small means or 

talents (m.). 
^\ iiijak, more successful, comp. 

of 2^^ Tiajih and ^^ najih. 
^\i=^ injizdb, attraction ; allure- 
ment ; inclination ; affection. 
fr\ anjar, pi. andjir, anchor ; a 
flat dish ; — s anjura-t, nettle 
j^}^\ injirdr, extension ; extent ; 

wearisomeness, ennui, 
(j-«v\ anjas, very dirty, impure, 

more polluted. 
g==*\ anja', more salutary, comp. of 

59==^ naji'. 
^}\Ji=r\ injifdl, emigration, disap- 
J==*\ anjal, f. najkV, pi. nujl, nijdl, 
with large well-split eyes ; caus- 
ing a large v?ound ; broad ; spa- 
^\ injild', appearance ; splendour ; 

revelation ; disappearance. 
^\ anjam, having a spot on the 
forehead (horse) ; — anjum, hea- 
venly bodies, &c., pi. of ^t 

jU=s\ injimdd, freezing, curdling, 

gW^ injimd', assembling, as- 
e^\ anjilj, aloe-wood. 
tS)^!r^ aiijilriyy, from Angora. 
^)'¥^\ anji'ik, marjoram. 
%===\ anjuya-t, anchovy. 
Ja^^ anjil, pi. andjil, gospel ; — ^^ 
anjiliyy, evangelical ; evangelist. 

^W^ anjiya-t, pi. of ^j^* najiyy, 
who has knowledge of a thing, 
accessory ; mystery. 

(c'^) anah, i, inf. anh, unilh, anih, 
breathe heavily ; sigh. 

^5^ dnih, pi. imnah, breathing 
heavily ; sighing ; miserly, ava- 

'^=A anhd', sides, directions, ten- 
dencies, purposes, &c., pi. of 
f=^ nahw, q.v. 

^•^=^\ inhiddr, descending, alight- 
ing ; the rolling of a ship. 

i-»\;!='^ inhirdf, inclination, declina- 
tion (astron.) ; deflexion ; change ; 
distemper.'^ inhisdr, being besieged, 

L\,!s=;\ inhitdt, descending. 

w2=^\ anhaf, thinner, comp. of 
<.Js=^ nahif. 

Jli=^\ inhildl, solution ; chemical 
analysis ; unbinding. 

U=;\ inhind', bending, inflection ; 
bow, obeisance. 

'-r-i=>\ anhab, more timorous. 

^\ anha', more contemptible. 

\isf\ inhifd', hiding, concealing 
one's self. 

^\ai^\ inhifdd, putting in the 
oblique case, pronouncing with 

iaiA anhifa-t, boots, pi. of i-*^" 

^^\' inhild', being removed ; up- 
rooting ; abdication ; (m.) relaxa- 
tion of the joints. 

,^\^s)\ inhinds, flexibility. 

j>>\ anadd, who flies, escapes more 




\'Ai^ andd', humidities, &c., pi. of 
O'^ nad-Mi, nada, 

■^\'^\ anddd, antitypes, counter- 
parts, &c., 1)1. of Jj nidd, q.v. ; — 
indild, dispersing, separating. 

t^.'^\ indihdg, being tanned. 

t'^>^ midah, stupid ; who does not 

^■^\ andar, pi. unddir, threshing- 
floor ; melody accompanying the 
threshing of corn, &c. ; heap of 
corn ; name of a town in Syria ; 

— rarer, rarest, comp. of ^-^^i 

ij^\jM\ indirds, obliteration, eras- 

0})'^^ andarfm, young folks. 

tsjJj^ andariyy, thick rope ; from 

VcA>\ indi'd', accepting an invita- 

gUjj\ indifd', being refused, re- 

(jVejj\ iiidifdn, being interred. 

JSaj\ indildl, being led, guided. 

ij-J-iJ^ andalus, Spain ; — ^^ anda- 
lusiyy, Spain, Spanish. 

ff^\ andam, more or most repent- 

JUjo\ indimdl, scarification ; sup- 

^^^\ anda, more liberal ; carrying 
farther; — * oHcZij/a-i, humidities, 
&c., pi. of v^Jj nad-an, nada ; — pi. 
of i^^ nadiyy, humid, fresh, &c. 

i-i^Jj^ andiia-t, lace, galloon (m.). 

^ii\ inzdr, warning, admonition ; 

^\y\ inzdl, divine revelation. 

jSy^ inzildq, gliding, slipping. 

gyl anza', bald on the temples. 

S^j>\ inzi'dj, agitation, emotion, 

J^^y\ inziwdl, being separated. 

((j«j^) anis, A, INF. anas, anasa-t ; 

— anas, inf. ans, uns, be accus- 
tomed, become familiar with (^J\ 
ila) ; have familiar intercourse 
with (s-> hi) ; — ii. inf. ta'nU, 
accustom (a.), render familiar; 
tame; see; — iii, inf. mu'dnasa-t, 

have familiar intercourse with 
(ace), be accustomed to ; be 
social, polite; — iv. inf. hids, 
render familiar, social ; see ; 
perceive, contemplate ; know, 
learn ; feel, experience, hear ; 
(m.) cheer by society, entertain 
pleasantly ; — v. inf. ta'annus, 
become familiar, accustomed (sj 
hi); be social; grow tame; become 
acquainted ; become man (God) ; 
— X. INF. isti'nds, become social, 
familiar, tame, accustomed ; be 
social, converse familiarly ; be- 
come aware of the presence of 
man (wild beast) ; see accurately, 
regard attentively ; inquire ; ask 
(j~n anas, pi. dnds, familiar, joined 
in friendship ; society of people 
living together ; mankind ; inter- 
course ; — ins, mankind ; man in 
his social state, a social person ; 
companion; friend; — unus, pi. 
of (j-y\ anils, tame ; — uns, social 
life, sociability; familiarity, affa- 
bility, politeness ; — dims, more 
familiar, dearer ; more cheerful ; 
— 5 dnisa-t, f. compatible; good- 

^— j^ ansa', nerves or sinews of the 
hips, &c., pi. of ^ nas-an, 
nasa ; — insd', prolongation, 

»_>L-j\ ansdb, origins, &c., pi. of 
s- — > nasab. 

(j\~i\ insdn, pi. unds, nds, man 
((:^s*5^ (jV~>\ insdnu-'l-'ain-i, the 
pupil of the eye, pi. andsiyy) ; 
human shadow; flesh of the 
finger-tips; summit, elevation; 
unsown land ; — i insdna-t, wo- 
man ; — (^ iiisdniyy, human ; — 
h insdniyya-t, human nature ; 
hunianity ; humaneness ; ur- 
banity ; politeness. 

v~~J^ ansah, fitter, more appro- 
priate ; more convenient, agree- 
able ; f. nashd', a very near 
female relative. 




W~j\ ansibd', pi. of >-r-->~J nasih, 
related by blood, &c. 

ts)U-_i\ insibuJc, melting (n.). 

J^,a<~>\ insihdl, richness of style. 

5^x~i^ insiddj, lying on one's belly 
or face. 

j;\x-j\ insiddh, lying on the back. 

oU~J\ insiddd, being locked, shut, 

j\j-j\ insirdq, weakness of the 

>_j^iLj^ iksihdh, being shed, spilt, 
poured out. 

zX^\ insildh, being skinned, flayed ; 
endiog of the month. 

u~>^ insiyy, pi. ilnds, andsiyy, 
man ; what is turned towards 
man, the inner side ; any double 

^^ insd', creating, inventing ; 
composing a letter, &c. ; word- 
ing ; diction ; letter - writer 

olij\ insdd, recital, recitation. 

resuscitation of the 

jUi^ tnsdr, 

j_j}Uj\ msd'iyy, productive ; refer- 
ring to the wording. 

cijU/ij\ insitdt, dispersion, separa- 

j;\yii\ insirdh, gladness, cheerful- 

w>\*^\ insi'db, splitting, ramifica- 

^jUaj\ insiqdq, being divided, split ; 

6jyio\ unmda-t, pi. andstd, poetical 
recital ; poem, hymn. 

6^jAS\ unmta-t, noose. 

^\ ansa', the most select parts, 
&c., pi. of *<-=> nasiyya-t. 

ui:\m>\ insdt, silence ; listening. 

j^\ ansdr, helpers, Ac, pi. of ;-<=^ 
ndsir, _;«-=» nasir. 

,_jLa^ insaf, equity, justice. 

W-oj\ ansibd', ^^\ ansiba-t, portions, 
Ac, pi. of s-^ nasib. 

^jlj-oj\ insibdb, being poured out ; 
flowing into the sea; running, 

g\^\ insibdg, being dyed ; baptism. 

)^\ atisar, uncircumcised. 

C^j-"^ insirdh, clearness ; openness ; 

open declaration. 
)\y^\ inslrdr, jiacking up. 

^\]^\ imirdf, departure; leave; 
declension and conjugation. 

5^^ ansa', purer. 

•-^^^ ansaf, more equitable ; juster. 

c!^-=»^ insildh, reconciliation ; pacifi- 
cation ; emendation. 

gV-«sj\ insiydcj, fashioning. 

(t/'^) anad, r, inf. anul, be foul, 
corrupt (meat); — anud, inf. 
andda-t, be badly done (in cook- 
ing), be half raw; — iv. under- 
do (the meat). 

ij^\ anadd, less ; leaner, comp. of 
(j4*-=» nadtd ; — very rich ; — » 
anidda-t, pi. of ^i-i~a> nadida-i, 
little rain, thirst, &c. 

'^\ andd', pi. of yii nidw, emaciated 
and weak, &c. ; — indd', emaci- 
ating and weakening. 

gUii^ i7iddj, digestion ; over-cook- 

jUaj\ anddd, carpets placed one on 
the top of the other, &c., pi. of 
•i-ij nadad, q.v. 

}^\ andar, beautiful and splendid ; 
more splendid ; purest gold or 
silver; — andur, pi. of j-aJ nadr, 
gold, silver ; greening, bloom- 

\j^\ indird', being slaughtered, 
killed ; dying off. 

^\*ji\ indimdm, uniting, conjunc- 
tion ; meeting ; addition ; col- 
lection ; coercing. 

i^\ andiya-t, pi. of i_^ nadiyy, 
arrow without head or feathers. 

^\ anatt, f. nattd', pi. nutut, long ; 
far distant. 

^Ub\ antdkiyy, from Antioch. 

jUa^ intibdh, being cooked. 

gVJaj\ intibd', being sealed, im- 
pressed, printed upon ; tameness, 

^3LLj\ intibdq, accordance ; con- 

uy\ intifd', being extinguished, 
going out. 




i3'ii=i\ intildq, dismissal; divorce; 

going away. 
*^1 antila-i, pi. calamities. 
ly='l intiwiV, folding up. 
g^J»'\ intiijiV, obedience. 
f«^^ inzdm, putting in order ; com- 
posing poetry. 
'^^^ anzima-t, constitutions, &c., 

pi. -of («^ nizdm. 
^\*i\ in'ds, setting out ; setting to 

JUsl in'dl, putting on shoes ; shoe- 
ing (a horse). 
fiXxi\ in'dm, cattle, &c., pi. of ^ 
na'am ; — in'dm, granting a 
favour ; present, largess, benefit. 
E^;*'^ in'irdj, being bent, inflected, 

Jlj«j\ in'izdl, dismissal, 
v*-'*'! in'isdh, harshness; hardness; 

jjUaxil m'itdf, being inclined, in- 
verted, folded, bent. 
oU*j\ in'iqdd, being tied; contract, 

covenant ; curdling, 
(j-^^^ in'ihls, being reversed ; 
reflection ; reverberation ; re- 
fraction ; recoiling. 
(>*^\ an'am, softer, more jjleasant ; 
— an'um, prosperities, &c., pi. of 
^ nu'm. 
jL-«}\ ingisdl, washing, ablution. 
j!Ujl ingildq, locking up. 
u-Uaj^ ingimds, diving, sinking. 
(_;i^*Ai\ ingimdd, wink, sign with 

the eyes. 
I«U*>\ ingimdm, sorrowing ; being 

W*'^ ingiyd', being deceived, se- 
duced ; allured. 
(joUA)^ ingiydd, sinking of the water. 
tU*i^ ingiydz, rage, fury, violent 

(«.^i\) a7if, pi. dnuf, dndf, anuf, 
dnnf, nose ; beak ; projection ; 
cape, promontory, peak ; begin- 

ning ; '^^ 

■>^ mdt-a hatf-a 

anfi-hi, he died a natural death ; 
— S anafa-t, contempt, indig- 
nation ; sense of honour ; — 
dnifa-t, first walking of children; 

— anfa-t, beginning ; omen' 

«-«J^ anaf, u, i, inf. anf, hit on the 
nose ; reach up to the nose 
(water) ; come to untouched 
pasture-ground; — anif, A., inf. 
anaf, anafa-t, despise and re- 
fuse from high-mindedness or 
haughtiness ; have no appetite 
and feel nauseous ; have pain in 
the nose ; find anything trouble- 
some and complain of it ; ad- 
vance ; — II., IV. lead the camels 
to fresh pastures ; cause one to 
despise a thing ; — ii. sharpen ; 

— IV. cause the nose to ache ; 
hasten ; reach up to the nose ; 

— V. try and dismiss one thing 
after another ; hurry ; — viii. 
arrive ; happen ; — viii., x. 
begin, be the first to do a 

oU\ infld, dissipation. 

•J^l infh, performing a business, 

executing ; message ; piercing, 

^\ju\ anfdr, persons, individuals, &c., 

pi. of fi nafur ; — troop, &c., pi. 

of ytfii nafir. 
y«Uj\ anfds, breathings, &c., pi. of 

ij~» nafas ; — anfds-an, in inter- 
t^^ »(/■«', profiting; gaining; being 

(j^^ anfdn, supercilious, haughty. 
uuUii\ infitdt, being crumbled, bro- 
ken into pieces. 
cUa>\ infitd/i, being wide open. 
o'^'OtiJ^ anfajdniyy, inflated. 
ia="\ infaha-t, infihha-t, pi. andfih, 

stomach of a goat or sheep; 

acid in the stomach ; heartburn. 
C"^ anfah, afilicted with a rupture 

of the testicles. 
O^a^l infihdn, unfuhdn, ^^ infi- 

hdniijij, fattened ; battened. 
\.Mi,\ infuld', being ransomed. 
•^\ anf a:, more piercing, more 

S^yu^ infii-dj, recreation ; rest ; 





•i\jl6\ infirdd, being alone, single ; 
singularity ; doing a thing by 
one's self. 

i2\^\ infirdq, being separated. 

ij^\ anfas, more precious ; more 
exquisite; — anfus, breaths of 
life, &c., pi. of (J~4» nafs. 

5L~aj\ infisdh, spaciousness ; recrea- 
tion ; cheerfulness. 

i;L»a>\ infisdh, getting into disorder , 
abolition of a contract or bar- 
gain ; abolition. 

oU-ii\ infisdd, corrupted state ; cor- 

jUiii^ infisdd, bleeding, letting of 

JUij^ infisdl, separation, division ; 
termination ; final decision. 

fXaiu\ infisdm, being broken in two ; 

gUai^ infiddh, ignominy. 

j\2cM\ infitdr, being split. 

JVxij^ infi'dl, feasibility, practic- 
ableness ; evil impression ; bad 
humour ; — ^^ infi'dliyy, passive 

(3a'\ anfaq, more saleable. 

jUaj\ infiqdq, separation, division ; 

Z^\ infildj, apoplexy. 

i'ija\ infildt, flattening. 

|,\gi)\ infihdm, understanding. 

i^jii\ (unfuda-t), pi. andfid, beaten 
off leaves for food. 

(ijj^) aniq, inf. anaq, rejoice at (»-» 
6i) ; like ; be agreeably sur- 
prised ; — II. INF. ta'niq, asto- 
nish ; — IV. INF. indq, ntq, 
astonish ; eagerly long for (^ 
ft) ; — V. INF. ta'annuq, devote 
one's self assiduously to a thing ; 
perform a thing intelligently and 
well ; like ; rejoice in (i_s»/0- 

(3>.\ anaq, pleasure, admiration ; — 
aniq, beautiful, pleasing; — dnaq, 
more or most pleasant. 

Vb>\ anqd', heaps of sand, &c., pi. of 
\B naq-an, naqa ; — pi. of ^ 
naqy, marrow of the bones, &c. 

i>\&\ inqdz, rescue, setting at liberty ; 

g^\ inqd', macerating, dissolving. 

uoVnj\ inqds, diminution ; injury ; 

ijiUi)^ inqdd, roaring of a young 
camel ; cracking a whip, the 
fingers, &c. ; calling. 

yoUii)\ inqibdd, preventing ; impedi- 
ment ; contraction ; oppression 
of the heart ; constipation. 

■>&\ anqad, hedge-hog ; tortoise. 

;W>^ inqiddr, fate. 

i^\ anqaz:='i£i\ anqad, hedge-hog. 

yo\yi>\ inqirdd, lapse of time ; ex- 
tinction of a dynasty. 

g\yu\ inqird', casting lots ; (m.) 
itch, mange. 

(j-Sil anqas, slave born in the 
house ; — anqus, pi. of (j~a> niqs, 

|,L.-ai^ inqisdm, being divided ; divi- 
sion ; discord. 

j\„aB\ inqisdr, (m.) washing, bleach- 

k_Jlaflj\ inqisdf, being broken; defeat, 

Uiia^ inqidu', end; fulfilment, com- 
pletion ; expiration of any term 
or respite ; death. 

g\,Wi>\ inqitCt', separation ; break ; 
interruption ; end ; cessation. 

^\ anqa', better quenching the 
thirst; — anqu', pi. of J5J naq', 
stagnating water ; — i anqi'a-t, 
pi. of ^isi naqV, overflowing well ; 

u\^\ inqitdf, being culled, plucked, 
gathered ; crops, harvest. 

^^\ inqildh, revolution ; over- 
throw ; vicissitude ; change ; sol- 

^\ inqild', being up-rooted, torn 
out ; (m.) departure. 

(_/>~!la>\ anqalts, eel. 

jVaii»\ inqihdr, succumbing, being 
compelled ; irritation ; bad hu- 

jfi\ unqur, notch of the date- 

&cy»\ unqiVa-t, cavity where water 
or fat gathers. 

^\ anqa, f. naqwd', having thin 



fingers ; — purer, comp. of ^^ 

W^ anqiyiV, pi. of ^aj naqiyy, pure, 
clean, holy ; the Saints. 

•i\^\ inqiijihl, submission ; sub- 
missiveness; obedience. 

(ji«aj^ inqid, a perfume. 

(u£ii\) anak, inf. anJc, be large and 
stout ; be long, lengthy ; feel 
pain ; list, long for. 

•^'^ dnuJi, lead, tin. 

C^^ inMh, sexual intercourse ; 

jVSj\ iiiMr, denying; rejecting; 
disavowing; — (^ inhlriyy, nega- 

'-i\ii\ inkilf, abhorring false gods ; 
praising the one God. 

^'lSA inJcitar, name given by the 
Arabian historians to Richard 
Coeur de Lion. 

f^\ anla/i, given to sexual inter- 
course ; — ' ankiha-t, dowries, 
&c., pi. of c^ nikdh. 

•i^\ ankad, not serviceable, useless, 

jL-&^ inkisnr, being broken, rup- 
ture ; contrition ; despondency ; 
defeat ; bankruptcy. 

vjl~^\ inkisitf, eclijase ; being 
darkened, eclipsed. 

^L!i.Si\ inkisdf, being unveiled, dis- 
covered, laid open. 

^\ anka', having a red nose. 

tijS\ij\ inkilds, superiority. 

(_r-J,So\ aukdlis, eel. 

^Uio\ iiikinids, hurry, haste. 

^i^\ anka, who does more mis- 

i^ii\ ankini-t, tobacco-pipe. 

^j^tS6\ inkis, magic figure. 

Ci\ aiunn, creatures, created things. 
j\ innamd, only; yet, however 
since, because ; then, therefore 
certainly ; — inma, growing- 
causing to grow; increasing, &>■., 
IV. of (i^) ; — animm(i\ pi. of ^ 
nanim, slanderer, tell-tale. 
ji.U>\ iiimns, calumny. 
^UU>\ anmdtiyy, seller of blankets, 
pillows, &c. 

^&*i^ inmihd', being effaced, erased. 

tjVjs*j\ inmihdk, annihilation, de- 
struction, ruin. 

^\ anmar, i. nainrd', pi. tiumr, 
spotted like a panther; dapple- 
grey horse. 

(j~*>\ anmas, f. namsd', dusky grey ; 
pi. nums, the birds qata. 

{J~*^\ anmas, variegated, party- 

j^\ anmas, having thin hair ; 
downy ; — 6 anmisa-t, pi. of i^UJ 
numdf, month. 

&Uj\ anmila-t, inmila-t, unmula-t, 
pi. and mil, anmuldt, the fleshy 
tip of the finger ; (m.) hand. 

Ji^\ inmihldl, leisure ; delay. 

gj^\ nnmi'idaj, sample, pattern 

i^\ anma, more prospering. 

{^V) anali, 1, inf. anli, uni'ih, anlh, 
breathe heavily ; sigh, groan ; 
envy ; — v. show foolishness. 

4j\ anli-in, see ^Jiil\ anJii ; — anna-hu 
(y^ anna, q.v., with pron. of the 
3rd person), because, that ; per- 
chance, peradventure ; since ; 
how ! why ! — inna-hu, certainly, 
indeed ; to be sure ; yes. 

'^\ anJid', pi. of ^^ nahy, rain-pit, 
pond ; — inhd', bringing news, 
announcing, &e., iv. of (^), 

j^\ anlidr, rivers, &c., pi. of ^ 
nahr, nahar. 

(jcVaJ^ inhdcj, raising ; encouraging ; 
instigating; calling out. 

^\:^\ uihiddm, destruction; ruin; 

j^\ anhar, bright, serene; — anliiii; 
rivers, pi. of ;# nahr, nahar; — ■ 
days, pi. of jW nahdr. 

j\j^\ iiihizd-, being shaken; waver- 

f\ji>\ i/Jn':ii)iz, being routed; defeat ; 

lAs'^ anhas, more given to biting; 

fXi^\ inhiddm, digestion. 

'^%if'\ inhildk, self-destruction. 




j^*aj\ inhimdz, marking with ham- 

cjlUeJ^ inhimdk, entirely devoting 
one's self to a thing ; zeal ; dili- 

JW^ inhimdl, delaying ; neglect- 
ing ; being neglected ; raining 
gently but incessantly. 

ijSf\ anhi (&>\ anh-in), pi. of i^a 
nahy, rain-pit, pond. 

W^ anhiyd, pi. of ^9» nahiyy, pru- 
dent, wise ; forbidden. 

jW^ inhiydr, downfall, overthrow. 

yUfii^ inhiydn, contempt ; (m.) in- 
sult (offered). 

{f\) inw, pi. and, time ; night. 

\f\ anwa', having knowledge of the 
stars, skilled in astronomy. 

^f\ anwdr, fires, lights, &c., pi. of 
j^ ndr, )f nur. 

^f\ anwd', sorts, kinds, <fcc., pi. of 
gy nau'. 

yi\y\ anwdq, she-camels, pi. of ^^ 

J^)»\ anwdl, gifts ; looms, &c., pi. 
of Jy naul, q.v. 

Cy^ aniih, breathing heavily ; sigh- 
ing ; avaricious ; — ^itiiih, sigh- 
ing, INF. of (c»^). 

))>\ anwar, brighter, more shining, 
more luminous ; — i anwira-t, 
fires, &c., pi. of J^ ndr. 

y-y\ anus, fame ; pi. unus, not 
given to biting (dog) ; — s unu- 
sa-t, human society. 

wiy\ anuf, chaste (woman) ; — unitf, 
dnuf, noses, pi. of s-'^ anf. 

,jf\ anilq, a carrion-kite; pelican; 
— anwuq=>^\f^ anwdq. 

e)y\ anwah, stupid. 

(u'^) ana, i, inf. any, an-an, and', 
an, in, be opportune ; be or come 
in time ; be nearly ripe ; reach 
boiling heat ; — inf. iny, uniyy, 
tarry, cause delay ; — ani, a, inf. 
inan, not to be in a hurry ; — ii. 
tarry, hesitate ; — iv. inf. tnd', 
delay anybody; — v., x. treat a 
matter diligently and consider- 
ately ; treat a person with pa- 
tience ; wait patiently for. 

^j>\ an-an, pi. diw', uniyy, the pro- 
per time ; highest degree ; the 
whole of the day ; — any, mo- 
desty, staidness ; — iny, any, 
night-time ; — aniyy, ripe, ma- 
ture; — dni (t)^ dn-in), i. i boiling; 
overflowing ; mild, gentle, and 
patient ; — anna, wherever, any- 
where; where? how? — ii dniya-t, 
vessels, pi. of ^\ and'. 

s->W^ anydb, canine teeth, Ac, pi. 
of >— '^ ndh. 

^rr'tA anyab, provided with canine 
teeth, a tusk, &c. ; — anyub, 
canine teeth, pi. of v*^ ndb. 

"^\ anit, envied ; envy ; groaning. 

i.i-^\ anis, soft iron; — 5 anisa-t, 
luxuriant (pasture). 

^\ anih, heavy breathing ; sighing. 

jiA anyar, brighter, clearer, more 

i_r^>\ anis, of equal disposition ; 
familiar ; confidant ; companion ; 
cock ; — anis, » anisa-t, magpie ; 

— anisa-t, fire ; — 4 antsiyya-t, 

(j4«j\ anid, half raw or corrupted 
(meat) ; fright. 

(J.9»\ a/iiq, pleasing, pretty ; — 
anyuq, she-camels, pi. of ^^ 

I*ij\ an1m, creatures, created things 
= f,^\ andm and f>^\ anam. 

i^\ anin, sighing (s.). 

A-j^ aniJi, weak. 

>>\ ah, ah-i, dh, dh-i, oh ! alas ! — » 
dJia-f, measles ; lamentation. 

(i\) ahh, INF. ahli, ahha-t, ihha-t, be 
grieved and sigh ; — ii., v. same 

v_j\a\ ihdb, pi. ahab, uhub, dhiba-t, 
skin ; complexion ; raw leather. 

j_j:j.U!>\ ahdjiyy, satires, lampoons, 
pi. of Jjqsfii'i uhjuivwa-t. 

w~iW ahddib, v^;^^^ ahddib, rain- 
showers in heavy drops, moun- 
tain masses, pi. of a*-^ hadba-t. 

JW ahdl, dhdl, pi. of Ja\ ahl, q.v. ; 

— i ihdla-t, fat, grease; sheep 
with a fat tail ; — (j ahdli, pi. 
of J*^ ahl, q.v. 





*r-s^U>\ ahdlib, kind«, manners, 
waj8, pi. of vybfc\ uhlub, « ahhl- 

Js^^^ ahdlll, new moons, &c., pi. 
of JSU AiZ((7. 

0^\ ihdn, bunch of green dates; 
trunk of a tree ; — » ihdna-t, 
contempt; treachery. 

•^^^ ahdiiid, pi. of J*^ hind, Hin- 

(>_-^\), II. alihah, get ready, be pre- 
pared; — V. INF. ta'ahhub, get 
ready; prepare for war; equip 
one's self. 

■t-^^ ahab, uhub, skins, pi. of sj^fc^ 
ihdb ; — 4 dhiba-t, skins, pi. of 
sjW iA((6 ; — uhba-t, pi. -iiAafe, 
war material ; ammunition ; 
gear ; what is necessary. 

W*^ ahbd', atoms, f. pi. of Wj6 hibd' ; 
— ihbd', raising dust. 

ij^\ ahbira-f, lowlands, pi. of j«-fii 

^^ ahta', hump-backed. 

3^jifc\ ihtizdz, becoming agitated ; 
wavering, tottering ; exulting, 

f^yJt^ ihfizdm. haste ; noise. 

|.U.xfii\ ihtimdm, pi. -dt, zeal, dili- 
gence ; care, solicitude. 

;^^ ahjar, longer and thicker ; 
better ; f . Jiajrd', unbecoming 

iij^ar*^ uhji'ira-t, habit, custom. 

ii^a5i>\ uhjutmva-t, i-j&A\ vhjii/ija-f, 
pi. ahdjiyy, satire, lamjjoon. 

5r>a!*>^ ihjij, deep valley. 

^jyir^'^ihjira, ^;*a-&^ iVy'/fi?', custom, 

A&\ ahadd, cowardly. 

^jjk\ ahda', hump-backed ; — ihdd', 
offering ; giving for a present ; 
conducting in the right way. 

v>>wi^ ahdab, with long eye-lashes ; 
with long branches. 

Jja\ ahdal, f. hadld', flabby. 

^^^Jl:\ ahda, better guide. 

(.rJ^jJ*^ ihzdb, swiftness. 

(y*\) ahar, coll., noun of unity ; — 5 
ahara-t, pi. ahardt, furniture of 

a room ; good condition ; shape, 

\^\ ahrd', granaries, pi. of tSj* 

(3^/>^ ihrdq, pouring out, shedding. 

(•^^^ ahrdm, pi. of ^;*' haram, pyra- 

uijyfc^ ahrat, oyfc\ ahrad, having a 
large mouth (lion). 

f)^\a hza', only left, last. 

^-=*\ ahsd', strong valiant men. 

^^<^\ ahda, troops of people. 

l*-^\ ahdam, f. hadmd', thin, lean ; 
having strong front teeth. 

Jt^\ ahtal, f. hatld', falling in 
heavy drops. 

*^\ ah'ki'i', pi. perplexed people. 

i^jii&y iihkiJma-t, jest, mockery. 

Jii^ ahl, pi. ahlihi, ahdl-in, ahdli, 
ahdl, dhdl, ahldt, ahah'd, family ; 
house, tent ; master of the 
house ; wife ; people, men, man ; 
fit for ; inhabitants ; al-ahdU 
(m.) peasants ; vagabonds ; ad- 
venturers ; — ahil, tame ; — dhiJ, 
populated; — i ahla-t, pi. ahhit, 
family, race ; wife ; — ahila-t, 
wealth; — ahilla-t, new moons, 
pi. of JU hildl. 

(JJ!>\) ahal, I, u, INF. nhiil, take a 
wife ; — ahil, A, inf. ahal, become 
familiar with ('^ bi) ; become 
accustomed to a place (ace.) ; — 
II. INF. ta^hil, welcome ; deem 
fit for or worthy of (J li) ; iv. 
INF. i'h'il, same meaning; make 
one master and father of a 
family ; give a wife ; — v. ixf. 
ta'ahhul, viii. inf. i'tihiil, take a 
wife ; V. be worthy of (J li) ; — 
X. INF. isti'hiil, deem worthy ; 
take the fat for one's self. 

'i^\ ahl-aii, welcome! !i*8- ^ 5U\ ahl- 
an wa sahl-an, be welcome and 
at your ease. 

^^B>\ ihldk, annihilation ; destruc- 

JU\ ihhU, beginning of the lunar 
month ; (m.) exordium ; shout- 
ing of pilgrims or of those who 
perceive the new moon. 




't-Ia^ ahlab, f. halbrV, hairy, bristly, 
and, by opposition, hairless, 
plucked ; rainy ; very fertile. 

wj^\ uhlub, i uhlilha-t, pi. ah'dih, 
kind, species ; manner, way of 
doing a thing. 

J^\ uhlul, vain ; vanities. 

iJM ahliyy, tame, domesticated ; 
accustomed to a place ; — * 
ahliyya-t, being fit for ; skill ; 
ability ; duty ; sociability ; re- 
lationship ; possession ; (m.) 

gL;la\ iJiUlij, myrobalan tree. 

I*^\ ahamm, graver, more impor- 
tant, more distressing. 

Ujfc^ ahma , worn out clothes, pi. of 
1^ him' ; — ihnid', wearing out. 

JUifc\ ihmdl, leaving in the lurch]; 
neglecting ; negligence. 

|,Ui.\ ahmdni, pi. of ^ himm, de- 
crepit ; — ihmdm, grieving, caus- 
ing sorrow. 

i^\ dhan, iron (Pers.) ; — (^^\ 
JUJ^ dhinn-'l-mdl-i, hereditary 
property ; ready money. 

gifc\ ahna', slipping, sliding to and 
fro ; son of a high-born Arabian 
woman ; small. 

jJt\ dhn, gazelle (Pers.). 

Sf^ ahwd', passions, loves, desires, 
&c., pi. of tsy* hawa; — ihivu', 
falling down, &c., iv. of (<j;^) 

Jlysi\ ahwdl, terrors, &c., pi. of J^fc 

^^\ ahwaj, f. haiijd', pi. huj, 
lengthy ; fiery ; precipitate ; 
fleet ; fool-hardy, rash ; violent. 

■i}Ji'\ ahwad, Monday. 

^ji^^ ahwas, f. hausd', hausa, 
greedy ; voracious. 

&cji!>\ ahwi'a-t, pi. of i}^ haivd', 
the month S^*ii!^ j>i zn-'l-qa'dat-i. 

Jyi\ uhiU, taking a wife, inf. of 
Jj!>\ ahal ; — ahwal, more or most 

l«y*^ ahwam, having a large head. 

yy!>\ ahwan, easier, easiest; toil- 
less ; unimportant ; Monday. 

\i)to\ ahwind', pi. of e<* hayyin, 

hain, easy to be done or borne, 

i^^*'^ ahiva, more wished for, more 
desirable ; dearer ; — » uhwiyya-t, 
deep valley ; atmosphere. 

(cs^O a^a, INF. ahy, laugh aloud. 

>-r-*«>^ ahyah, more or veiy much 

^assftj*^ uhaijina-t, youths married to 
girls before either have attained 
to puberty. 

{j-'~sfi>\ ahyas, courageous ; fiery. 

^s*>^ ahyag, plentiful, abundant ; 
al-ahyagdn, eating and drink- 
ing ; food and sexual enjoyment. 

--M'^ ahyaf, f. haifd', pi. hif, thin, 
slender ; not bulked out. 

i3'ii>\ ahyaq, long-necked. 

J**^ ahil, well populated ; — uhail, 
folks ; common people. 

I^i'\ ahyam, dark ; — f . haimd', pi. 
him, wandering (diseased camel) ; 
thirsty, languishing; pi. hiydm, 
waterless desert. 

Us&^ ahyind', pi. of (j.** hayyin, 
hain, easy to be done or borne, 
&c., q.v. 

j\ au, or, unless ; — a-wa, interro- 
gative ; — aww, the conjunction 
)\ au (used as a substantive) ; — 
aww, oh ; — S uwiva-t, pi. uivaw, 

receiving hospitably, iv. of 
calamity, misfortune. 


'tvdh, pi. of ^y 
, q.v. ; — aivwdb 

auh, region, 
who returns 


to God; penitent. 
■i'>\}\ aivabid, pi. of »>^^ abida-t, 

disaster, calamity. 
^yy^ awdhil, camels, pi. of J;^ ill, 

j£.\^\ awdhir, pi. of «;^^ dhira-t, end, 

extreme, termination (gram.). 
t_^'^)^ awdhi, pi. of hA dhiyya-t, 

need, distress ; ties. 
l»o\j\ awddim, pi. of (•^^ ddam. 

45J\j^ awdzi. 


^ lliWd, 

flame ; 

^^ iiwdr, pi 


ilr, heat ; 
; smoke ; 


pi. of tS'i^ 
ardour : 





wind ; — ^ awdr-in, auhlri, man- 
gers, stables, pi. of tsj\ try, ariy. 

Sy)\ awdrij, » awdrija-t, journal, 
a diary, a memorandum - book 

]i\}\ awdz, time before the spring 
equinox (Pers.)- 

(>}^}\ awdzim, teeth, pi. of &^j\ dzi- 

^\}\ awdsit, middles, &c., pi. of 
^}\ ausat and l=«-.j was it. 

iy^}^ awdsi, women who circumcise 
girls, &c., pi. of !i-~-\ dsiya-t, 

jr''\}\ awdsir, wombs, &c., pi. of if=\ 

g-i^)^ awddih, moonlit nights (13th 
to 16th of the month) ; pi. of 
f^^ aiidah, more or most evi- 
dent, clear, distinct. 

^T^^\}\ at(;f(.h'6,leathembagsfor milk, 
&c., pi. of 'T^} ivatb, q.v. 

ii\)\ awdq-in, ^_^\}\ awdqi, pounds, 
pi. of i-ij^ uqiyya-t ; — awdqiyy, 

'~i^\^ awdlif, (female) companions, 
pi. of i^\ dlifa-t. 

^J'^)^ awdli, pi. of ^_^}^ «!(?a., nearer, 
worthier, fitter, &c. ; — pi. of 
Jj^ airwal, first, best, &c. ; — pi. 
of J^ dl-'in, too weak, insufiicieut. 

I«^j\ utvdm, violent thirst ; heat ; 
smoke ; giddiness ; sinew. 

f\}\ awdmir, pi. of y»\ amr, order, 

(j\}\ aivdn, iivdn, pi. dwina-t, time, 
season ; dwinat-an (a'inat-aii), 
sometimes ; •i-'^j\ awdtia^z-hi, at 
that time, then ; — iwdn, pi. y^^ 
nn=^(j\yi\ uvdn, palace, &c., q.v. ; 
— dwdn, times, moments, pi. of 
(^'\ dn; — ^£ tiwdni, vessels, vases, 
pi. of ^\ huV. 

*^^\ awivdh, who sighs frequently ; 
merciful ; learned in law ; secure, 
certain ; Abraham ; prayer ; — 
uwu'dh, oh ! alas ! 

•>^\}\ ami hid, Mondays, pi. of A6j\ 

yj^^j^ awiiwin, palaces, &c., pi. of 
y^y,^ iwdn, q.v. 

Jj%^ awd'il, the first, &c., pi. of 
Jj\ awwal. 

(^\)\ awd'iii, pi. f. of ij^ d'in, 

('-j)\) db, V, INF. aub, iydb, auba-t, 
aiba-t, iba-t, iyydb, return ; — inf. 
aub, intend ; come to the water 
at night-time ; keep away ; — 
INF. iydb, uyi'ib, set (sun) ; — 
awib. A, INF. awab, be angry ; 
— II. INF. ta'wib, fa' yib, retum; 
intonate again ; travel the whole 
day; ii., iii. (inf. mu'dwaba-t, 
mu'waba-t), vie in walking 
(camels); — iv. inf. i'db (v^^), 
provoke to anger;— v. inf. ta- 
'awivub, return ; inf. ta'wwub, 
fayiibh, come to the water at 
night-time; viii. inf. i'tdb, ittdh, 
same meaning ; return. 

wj^^ aub, return ; repentance ; pi. 
divdb, region ; quick walking ; 
custom, habit ; intention ; way, 
road ; cloud ; wind ; — S auba-t, 
quick walking ; return ; coming 
homeward ; (m.) set of friends ; 
tent ; — pi. aiibiit, foot. 

^}^ anhd\ catching diseases, plagues, 
&c., pi. of Wj waba', q.v. 

\J^'^)^ aubds, rabble, populace, &c., 
pi. of ijioj wabax. 

J? 5^ aubar, very hairy (camel). 

•^^j\ auttdd, pegs, &c., pi. of -Jjj 
watad, q.v. 

)^)\ autdr, strings, &c., pi. of /j 

J»^^ autal, pi. uutul, utul, who 
gorges himself with food and 

(^^}\ ansdn, idols, pi. of yJ^ wasan. 

f}\ aiisai; enmity. 

ij^}\ ansaq, i. iviisqa, trustworthy; 
firm, strong. 

E}^ auj, height, summit, culmina- 

gW^^ aiijd', ailings, &c., pi. of g=.j 

eW-;\ ujdq, fire-place; hearth; 
chimney ; the corps of janissaries 





JW-j^ aujdl, fears, tender feelings, 
pi. of J?.j wajl. 

s-^j^ aujab, more or most necessary. 

f>-}^ aujar, f. wajnV, very cautious ; 
timid, timorous ; — i aujira-t, 
dens, &c., pi. of jW-j wajdr, wijdr. 

u-^p^ aujas, a little, something ; 

S^)^ auja', more painful. 

i}^}\ aujal, who is afraid of (y-* 

f>=s-^ aujam, more or much ex- 

y^j^ aujan, strong, firm ; al-aujan, 
strong rope. 

"i^-j^ aujah, more sightly, hand- 
some ; more esteemed ; clearer ; 

— aujuh, faces, &c., pi. a^?-; wajh, 

i_^}\ auja, having a sore hoof ; — » 
aujiya-t, bundles of clothes, 
portmanteaus, pi. of W-^ wijd'. 

E^)\ atchdj, loop-holes, holes, pi. of 
4^="j wahja-t. 

J^j^ a2ihdl, puddles, &c., pi. of J»-^ 

•i^}\ auhad, pi. uhddn, wuhddn, 
unique, incomparable. 

(_5^j\ auha, happening sooner. 

(j/) dd, TJ, INF. aud, bend (a.) ; 
incline to one side (n.) ; return ; 
— INF. aud, uwild, importune ; — 
awid. A, INF. awad, grow crooked ; 
crouch ; — ii. make crooked ; 
fold; make one's speech ob- 
scure ; — V. grow crooked ; bend 
(n.) ; — v., VI. importune, mo- 
lest ; — VII., VIII. grow crooked ; 
bend (n.). 

•>j\ awad, hard work ; molestation ; 
bother; — crookedness, inf. of 
(J^^); — awad, f. audd', crooked; — 
awadd, dearer, more agreeable ; 

— awidd, awudd, pi. of Jj wadd, 
wudd, loidd, lover, friend ; — s 
auda-t, load, weight. 

\^^ audd', i. of J^\ awad, crooked; 
also « auddt, h auddya-t, valleys, 
&c., pi. of J\^ wdd-in, i^J^^ wddi ; 

— awiddd', lovers, friends, pi. of 
•J^Jj wadid. 

•i\'i)^ auddd, friends, lovers, pi. of 
J; wadd, tcudd, widd. 

g-Jjt auda', with a white throat 
(pigeon) ; field-mouse ; shrew- 

ui)jj\ aiidah, f. wadkd', sand-hill ; 
^jj\ uyUi handt audak, calami- 

(jJj^ audan, soft, supple, flexible. 

k'i}\ audiya-t, valleys, &c., pi. of 
'i\) wdd-in, is-i^} wddi. 

t^^ auzah, contemptible. 

(jj^) '''■' U; !> have sexual inter- 
course with a woman ; — ii. in- 
flame, ignite ; — x. be afraid ; 
flee and disperse in a plain ; 
hasten in the darkness ; be in 
violent anger ; prepare for a leap. 

j^\ aur, north-wind ; motion of the 
clouds; — ih-, south-wind; pi. of 
)^^ awdr, heat, etc., q.v. ; — aivir, 

v3^_)j^ (iiirdq, leaves, &c., pi. of oj^ 
waraq, q.v. 

'i'>j}\ aurida-t, jugular veins, pi. of 
•ij;^ warid. 

ij»j)\ awiras, auras, cypress. 

yijj\ auraq, i. warqd', pi. wurq, dark 
grey ; ashes ; rainless year ; milk 
with two parts of water ; f. 
warqd', pi. ij'\} wardqi, ivardqd, 
she-wolf ; dove. 

csSjj^ aurah, f . warhd', havingfullhips. 

(•jj^ auram, people ; troop. 

6)j\ aurah, f. warhV, stupid ; blufE ; 
violent ; raining abundantly. 

( j^)) auz, awaz, computation. 

jy iwazz, pi. iwazzun, goose ; fat 
dwarf ; mobile, agile. 

j\j^^ auzdr, heavy burdens, crimes, 
sins, pi. of jjj wizr. 

(^\j}\ auzdn, weights, measures, &c., 
pi. of 0jj wazn. 

(^)}\ auzan, weightier. 

^Jjj^ iivazza, waddling (s.) ; — iwaz- 
ziyy, belonging or referring to a 

{<J-}^) ^^' ^' ^^^- *'**' *'^"*' present 
with, retribute ; — x. get retri- 
bution, company, a present, help_ 




(j-j^ aus, present ; loan ; opportu- 
nity ; wolf ; — aus-an, in the 
stead of. 

cUj\ ausdh, impurities, &c., pi. of 
f— ^ wusah. 

tL.j\ aiiscit, middles, &c., pi. of 1=-^ 

^~'}\ aiisa/i, dirtier, more polluted. 

l=-j^ ausat, pi. awdsit, f. wugtd', 
middle part; medium; moderate; 
— iS ausatiyy, same meaning. 

^^ ausa', wider, more spacious. 

isfS-)^ ausiha-t, jewelled belts of 
women, &c., pi. of c^j v-isilh, 

{^^ ansan, parasite. 

^\^j\ ausdf, pi. ot <-sLc^ u'cisf, 
quality, Ac. 

y^}\ avfcir, elevated (ground). 

W^y ausiija, testators, <fec., pi. of 

gUj\ aiidi'i', pi. of ^} wad', q.v. 

^)\ andah, pi. c-^^j^ a^vadih, more 
or verv distinct, clear, evident. 

j-ij\ auda', lower. 

!i'>}\ oda-t, pi. oddf, wwad, room ; 
company of soldiers (Turk. ^^). 

V-^^\ avdiyd', pi. of ^^-^^ wadi', 
shining with purity and white- 
ness ; pure, neat ; handsome of 

y\i.y avtdv, native countries, homes, 
&c., pi. of ^^J watii, watati. 

il=.\ ota-t, see i^-,\ oda-t, above. 

iak^\ av~ifa-i, pi. of —fl-t^ U'(i~[f, 
thinnest part of a horse's leg. 

v-~*;^ au'ab, more fit, to grant or 
exhaust the whole of a thing. 

jc^\ au'ar, rough, rugged ; compli- 
cated ; - — au'vr, pi. of y^} iva'r, 
rough, rugged, difiicult. 

i-^y au'iya-t, vessels, vases, «tc., pi. 
of ^} «'('('■', q.v. 

^}\ augil', wind, air. 

(t_»j^) (If, V, injure ; hurt ; afflict. 

)i}\ avfar,i. irofrd', very capaoious ; 
full ; large ; richly grown. 

iji^\ aiifaq, nioro or most appro- 

^^^ avfa, more abundant, more 



(j}\) dq, V, INF. anq, be higher 
than; incline towards; bring 
misfortune upon (all with ^_^ 
'aid); — II. INF. ta'fiq, vex, tor- 
ment ; bring into difficulties ; 
humble ; prevent ; — v. inf. ta'af- 
hiq, be prevented. 

Jj\ (luq, burden, load, weight; dif- 
ficulty ; bother ; sewer ; — * 
auqa-t, troop ; — dqa-t, pi. dq, 
ilqdt, cistern ; eyrie ; — uqa-t, 
iiqqa-t, pi. uqaq, okka=3 lbs. 
4 oz. Engl. 

u!j\i^\ auqdt, times, seasons, Ac, pi. 
of c:^^ uriqt. 

auqdf, pi. of <-a»^ waqf, be- 
quest, pious foundation, &c. 

}'^\ auqar, graver, steadier. 

[j=^^ auqas, short-necked; nearest 

qiyya-t, ^^ wagiyya-i, pi. 
audq-in, awdqi, uaqdyd, a weight 
of aliout a pound. 

y-yW^;l oqiydmis, ocean. 

^}^ aiihah, earth, sand and stones. 

•i^y ankad, firmer; more secure; 
more certain. 

(j~^;^ avJias, vulgar, common man. 

^;\ atil-a\ contemptible; big and 

y^i^ aul-iii), nests, pi. of (^j iialcn. 

^;i auka-t, anger, malice ; cala- 

^5^ aukiya-i, pi. of ^j wihV, q.v. 

(Jj^) "'> "^j INF. anh ma'dij, return ; 
le reduced ; come to a pass ; re- 
nounce ; separate from (y^ 'an) ; 

— INF. ma'dl, diminish (a.); — 
INF. aiiJ, rydl, coagulate, con- 
dense; — INF. aitl, iydil, iydla-i, 
superintend ; govern ; keep in 
good order or condition : escape ; 
take to flight ; waste, grow thin ; 

— INF. iydl, govern well; — airil, 
A, go in front ; — ii. cause to 
return ; explain, make clear ; in- 
terjiret (dreams) ; determine the 
number, measure, or quantity ; 

— V. exjilain ; esjiose ; — viii. 
keeji in good order. 

J^\ awical, pi. aivd'il, aivdll, i. Ji^\ 

^,\ 95 


lUa, vulg. awwala-t, pi. ulaydt, 
first, foremost; beginning; al- 
awwah'in, al-awd'il, the ancient, 
ancestors ; — 'i awwala-t, begin- 
ning ; the first. 

Sj^ uld'l, pi. of U zii, sj zih, this. 

uLi'i}\ ulut, see ^j^ M^!, f_^)\ ula. 

jSj\ auldd, sons, children, pi. of ^^ 

<£WS^\ uld'ika, comra., and f. ^'i)\ 
uldk, pi. of i£)\j zdJc, ui)^' itt/i;, 

uiiljSj^ uld'ilika, pi. of j^j f«?i7t, 

^^ aula', foolishness ; infatua- 

(j!^^ aulaq, foolishness ; fool. 

Iti}\ a-wa-lam, is it not so ? 

^^ uli'i, f. caSj^ mZ(2<, possessors, 
owners, pi. of 5J ?i(, frequent in 

y^j^ aulauna, pi. of jjij^ a!(7rt, 
nearer; — awwaluii, pi. of J;\ 
awwal, the first, ancestors. 

i^)yj\ ultlwiyya-t, majority, priority, 

^Jj\ aula, pi. aulaun, awdli, du. 
aulaydn, f. wiilyu', dn. wulyaydn, 
pi. W7ild, imdyaydt, nearer ; 
worthier ; more appropriate ; — ■ 
M/a,= Sj\ idd'i, these ; in poetry = 
i^ii!>\ allazln, pi. which, who, 
i)Sj\ «itt/i;, f. those, u^ifSy uld'ika, 
comm. those, c^UfS^^ uld'ilika, 
those ; — mZS, f . of J^\ awwal, 
the first; — uU=^^ ulu, f. '^3j\ 
(fZiii, possessors; in poetry = 
yjA3\ allazin, pi. which, who ; — 
awwaliyy, f. S , the first, fore- 
most ; previous ; an evident pro- 
position ; major term of a propo- 
sition ; aivwaliyya-t, priority, 
superiority, precedence. 

W'j\ auliyd', friends, patrons, &c., 
pi. of ,,5!^ waliyy, q.v. 

uu\->5j\ ulaydt, pi. of Jj^ awwal, first, 

(^^\) (iHi, u, INF. aum, be very 
thirsty ; cry out from thirst ; 
keep in good condition, govern 
well ; — INP. aum, iydm, fumi- 

gate, drive the bees out by 
smoke ; — 11. inf. ta'wlm, make 
thirsty ; render tall and stout. 

(•j\ uwain, pi. disastrous ; — awamm, 
a better prefect or Imam. 

(O}^) ''"•! u> INF. auii, be in easy 
circumstances ; rest ; — 11. (-at 
his fill (ass) ; easily accommodate 
one's self to circumstances. 

y^^ auii, ease, and, by opposition, 
fatigue ; rest ; gentleness ; equal 
walk ; the two equal parts of a 
burden; pack-saddle; — An, 
palaces, &c., pi. of o\^^ iivdn ; — 
dwin, at ease, quiet, at rest ; — 4 
diviiia-t, pi. tortoises ; times, 
pi. of f^\j\ awdii. 

^3'}\ aunui^, she-camels, &c., pi. of 
•^^j ndqa-t. 

(ip\) s'\ dh, dh-i, dh-in, ^'\ dh-an, 6^\ 
aiih-a, auh-u, s^^ awwah, awwuh, 
l)\ dw-iii, dw-i, dww-i, 6lj^^ awa- 
t'lh-u, oh! alas! — 1>'\ dh, inf. 
auh, II. INF. ta'wih, r. inf. ta'aw- 
wuh, call out oh ! lament ; feel 

auhdt, pi. quarrels, conten- 
tions, disputes. 

(«Uj\ auhum, opinions, fancies, sus- 
picions, Ac, pi. of i*ii>} wahin. 

■iJ>>^ auhad, pi. awdhid, Monday. 

■j&j\ aiiJiaz, having a graceful walk. 

1^}^ auhaii, weaker. 

i«J»^\ auhiya-t, rents, clefts, pi. of 




j})\ aivilr, east-wind. 

Sj)\ awilh, oh ! alas ! 

,_sy\ awawiyy, corporeal ; wonder- 
ful, miraculous (derived from 
i3.\ dya-t). 

(^5j\) awa, I, INF. iwiyy, uiviyy, 
iwd', look for shelter, put up, 
alight (with ^J\ ila or ace. of 
place) ; receive hospitably ; — ■ 
awi, A, INF. auya-t, ayya-t, hiu'- 
wdt, ma'wiyat, have mercy upon 
(J Zi), compassionate; — 11. inf. 
ta'wiyat, alight; receive hospi- 
tably ; — IV. receive hospitably ; 
v., VI. alight; gather together ; 
— VIII. INF. ittiwd', i'tiwd', 




alight ; rest, repose ; have mercy 
upon (J li). 

i^j\ divt, pi. uwiyy, alighting, having 
command of ; compassionate ; — 
iiiviytj, flocks of birds. 

"is^j^ vwaijih, dim. of i^^wajh, face, 

•ijj^ aivid, noise of a crowd, tumult. 

(^jl uwais, dim. of ^j\ aus, wolf. 

i}i)\ uwail, dim. of J'\ i1lz=Jii] ahl, 

es^ ai, viz., namely, that is, i.e. ; — 
i, well, yes ! — ayyti, O ! thou ! 
— i ciya-t, pi. (/(', ihjil, dyiU, sign, 
wonder, miracle ; verse of the 
Koran ; tomb-stone ; anything 
existing ; body ; pi. ai, example 
for imitation ; characteristic ; 
assembly ; ■ — aya-t, embassy ; 

{ij^)ayy, coram, and f . 6 ayya-t, who- 
ever, whichever ; which ? what ? 
followed by a noun in the oblique 
case, as J=-j ^J^ ayy-u rajul-in, 
what man ; or by an affixed per- 
sonal pron., as ^^.^ ayyu-kiim, 
which of you, &c.; — vulg. e, eh, 
end, with ,_^ -^ayy, i^'', contracted 
into u~>l ('.s', what ? ji"*! les (for 
^ ^^S Jt-oyy-i .■•'ayyin), for what 
reason? for what purpose ? why ? 
i,/-lc 'ales, whv ? yio^ bes, where- 
with ? 

^1 ayd, ha ! ho ! holla ! — iyyd, a 
prop for the pronominal affixes, 
when any personal pronoun is 
to be expressed emphatically, 
mostly in the accusative, and 
especially when two affixes depend 
on the same verb in a sentence, 
as, 6lj^ dijdaEl ataltu-ka iyyd-hu, 
I have given it to thee ; iyyd- 
Jca,/. iyyd-ki (supply jAi.\ i'//--a)-), 
be on thy guard ! — ^\^ wa-iyyd, 
k) wamjd, with, together with, 
as, f^^.^ wayyd-knm, together 
with you, &e. ; — ' "ydt, iyydt, 
light ; splendour, radiance ; — 
al'a-t, form ; sight ; aspect. 

v^^ iydh, return, sunset (v>^) > — 
i'ab, IV. of_(v^j), q.v. ; —ayydb, 

seller of water ; — iyydb, leathern 

bag, leathern pipe. 
(j~}^l aydbis, pi. of ij^ aibas, dry, 

uij^y dydt, signs, miracles, &c., pi. 

of ik] dya-t. 
jVj\ iydd, protection ; refuge ; en- 
trenchment ; rampart ; rind ; 

wing of an army ; sand-hill ; — 

aydd-in and ^S^ aydcU, hands, 

&c., pi. of -ij yad. 
^J>^y ayddim, surface of the earth, 

Ac, pi. of M^\ i'ddiaa-t. 
^}\ aydr, brass, latten ; — iydr, air ; 

— IV. of (j^^), q.v. ; — ayydr, 

month of May ; — dydr, pudenda 

of a man, pi. of y>\ air. 
ej^\ iydrij, S , laxative (medicine). 
(j-^.^ iyds, despair ; softness. 
t;>s-"^^ aydsin, men, pi. of y* — >\ i'sdn. 
^'^.\ aydsir (,j3*^^ oy''?')' P^- of ^\ 

aisar, cj.v. 
JLVj\ aydtil, hypochondres, pi. of 

^y aital. 
t^\ aydg, cup ; glory ; dignity ; 

present ; compassion (Pers.). 
cs)^.\ iyydhi, iyydJii, see ^\ "iyyd. 
jy lydl, s, see Q,\), (J\^);_6 

iydhi-t, pi. iydldt, district ; go- 
vernment, province ; — iydJdt, 

pi. river-dales. 
C^} iydm, driving out bees by 

smoke ; — uydm, iydin, pi. uynm, 

smoke; — ayydm, days, pi. of fji 

i^""^} aydmin {^^^\i\ aydmhi),v\g\i.t 

hands, &c., pi. of y-H^ai'mnH and 

l;^t-*j yamhi. 
^y'^y aydma, pi. of (>>\ ayyim, lius- 

bandless, widowed, 
ijj^^ itydniq, she-camels, &c., pi. of 

ii^j )ti!qa-t. 
f}k^ aydwim, days (especially of 

calamity), pi. of ffi yaiim. 
i^.)k^ ayduun, palaces, &c., pi. of 

y\^\ iii-<iil. 
^?.k^ aydyd, along with you ! go on ! 
JJ^\ ayd'il, mountain-goats, deer, 

stags, pi. of Ji\ ayyal, &c. 
^«a\ ayd'im, pi. of ^.\ ayyhn, hus- 

baudless, widowed. 

^^ 97 

■^^ fbd, refusing (^_^\) ; — ihV, 
being visited by the plague 

•^^i\ ibdd, singling out (J^j). 

u-Wj^ Ms, drying, drying up, 
parching (^j-^i). 

J^^^ ihils, hastening ((ji^j). 

tW?.^ ildt, weakening, making power- 

tyS ib'iq, throwing into prison, 
ruining, annihilating (ijij). 

JWj^ i'hdl, being rich in camels. 

'W>^ ihdh, not caring for (aj^). 

ij-^y aibas, pi. ayabis, dry, parched ; 
fleshless ; anything hard, to try 
upon the sharpness of a blade, 
&c. ; — aiUs, be silent ! imp. of 

J*>^ ibal, aibal, aibul, ^^ aibaliyy, 
Christian monk; — i ibala-t, 

hiS^ aiba-t, return ; fodder, food ; — 
d'iba-t, iba-t, watering at night- 

W^ i'td', making a present; libe- 
rality ; gift, present. 

t^y itdh, giving or possessing but 
little, living in strait circum- 
stances ; dunning (£>;). 

J^.l itdd, fastening a peg, &c., in 
the ground {■^j). 

j^!^ liar, IV. of (/;), q.v. 

ty^y itdg, ruining, destroying, <^c. 

(>^y aitdm, orphans, &c., pi. of 
,*s^ yatim ; — itdm, making an 
orphan; having fatherless chil- 
dren (^). 

^\^sS\ i'tibdb, being prepared for a 

_)W^\ i'tibdr, digging a well. 

!»W^\ i'tibdt, standing quiet, and, by 
opposition, being agitated. 

jVixf^ i'tisdr, following the traces. 

j^a5^\ i'tijdr, asking for wages, pre- 
sents, alms. 

j^i^\ i'tihdz, choosing and taking 
for one's self, &c., viii. (j«5.\). 

^yS\ i'tirdr, hastening. 

)\yS\ i'tizdz, boiling, becoming agi- 


^~xj\ i'tlsd, affording consolation by 

j^—^^ Uisdr, deciding by casting 

lots (j~>). 

gL-sj\ itisd', extending far, being 

spacious, &c. (^^). 
^-^.^ liiiv?', being embroidered 

^•*^\ i'tisd', being healed (broken 

bone), (jjM). 
ji^ucsS] i'tisdr, growing high and 

abundantly, &c. (/°^). 
u='^'^^ i'tisds, assembling. 
^W.>\ itisdf, being described, &c. 

yoUsj^ i'tiddd, seeking, &c. (u=^). 
U=i:j\ ititd', being levelled and sof- 
tened, &c. (U=^). 
ȣ!Uif\ i'tifdk, being overthrown. 
us)^S^\ i'tikdk, being very hot, &c. 

kj!k>\ i'tildf, concord. 

(«U.5j\ i'timdm, intending, taking 

for a model (^\). 
^\ isd', suifering shipwreck, &c. 

jUll i'sdr, preferring, giving prece- 

j\ii\ Isdq, fastening, confirming, 
&c. (v3';). 

fi^\ i'sdm, causing to sin, throwing 
into sin. 

V==r^ ijd', preventing, being disap- 
pointed (W-j). 

vW;^ ijdb, answering, affirming, 
granting, affirmation (v-^^) ; — 
ij ijdbiyy, affirmative ; positive. 

•^W-} ijdd, invention ; discovery ; 
creation ; becoming an author, 
publisher (-^t-j). 

"\ i'jdr, hire, rent (;=-\) ; — ijdr, 
giving medicine to a child (f^}). 
i'jdz, brevity ; abbreviation 

(^^); , 

(j-WJ yas, conceivmg an idea ; 

imagining ; sense (u**!-;)- 
gU-.\ ijd', causing pain (5*^). 
6^=;^ ijdli, making respected and 

honoured, &c. (*=^^). 
4jW;\ ijdna-t, stone jug. 
\^} ihd', sending, inspiring ((j=-j). 





J^.^ iMd, rendering unique, incom- 
parable ; leaving in the lurch 

i'^}) I'd, A, INF. aid, grow hard and 
firm ; grow strong and powerful ; 
— II. INF. ta'yul, make firm, 
strengthen ; confirm ; — iii. inf. 
mu'dyada-t, same meaning ; help, 
assist ; — IV. INF. i'ydd, same 
meaning; — v. inf. ta'ayyud, be 
strengthened, helped, assisted. 

>^^ aid, strength; vigour; power; 
authority ; — ayyid, strong, 
powerful; — aid, onerous, trou- 
blesome ; — aid-in, see ,_s-^i\ aid!. 

Wl i'dd, help, &c. (i^'^^) ; — ida' , 
ruin (t^J^). 

•~>\.iS\ i'ddh, spreading justice in the 
laud ; inviting to an entertain- 

c\aj\ iddh, obeying, yielding (C'Jj). 

g\.ii^ idd'-, depositing ; taking leave, 

_ &C. (£0;). 

i^'S^ i'ddma-t, pi. ayddim, hard 
ground without stones ; pi. sur- 
face of the earth. 

g-iJ^ aida', dragon's blood ; saffron ; 

^J•ii^ aidi, pi. of -ii yad, benefits ; — 
aida, more or very clever. 

^Jo\ a-i:'1, whether? if? — i'-'''-', 
injuring (i^Jl). 

(«\ai\ izdm, putting a strap to the 
bucket (p-ij). 

y\j|\ i'zdn, i:dn, call for prayer. 

(^\) lir, I, INF, aiir, air, have sexual 
intercourse with a woman ; — 
II. have frequent sexual inter- 

jj\ air, pi. di/tir, dijdr, uyilr, penis; 
— air, ir, north-wind ; east-wind ; 
hot wind ; — /)•, cotton ; — aijyir 
(ayar), a very hard stone ; — 
d'ir, strong in sexual inter- 
course; — ayarr, f. yarrii', pi. 
yin-r, hard as stone. 

\j>y ird' , striking fire ; showing 

v**/* i'rdh, conquering ; prosper- 

ii5^jj\ irds, making one an heir ; in- 
heriting (>^j^)- 
t\f\ i'rdh, Irdh, dating, fixing the 

S\j>y irdd, revenues ; objection ; 
argument ; exposition ; address ; 
intention; iv. (Jj^). 

emaciating, jading. 

overthrowing, ruining 


^_;?.^ airamiyy, a stone as way- 
mark in the desert ; — airamiyy, 
iramiyy, somebody, anybody. 

S\sif} inddd, rose-colour, xi. ('^jj)- 

\y\ i'za, IV. of (oj^), q-v. ; — fe''', 
leaning upon, rest upon ; lime- 
washing a house (s^jj). 

^\y\ i'zdr, strengthening (jj^); — 
/■-(()•, preserving, guarding ; 
carrying off, taking away (jj^). 

(^\j)} izdn, pondering over a matter 

(u~ri^) ayas, despair of (ace); — 
ayis, A, INF. iyds, be without 
hope, despair of (y^ min) ; — as, 
I, INF. ais, do violence, compel, 
force ; soften ; — ii. inf. ia'yis, iv. 
INF. i'yds, rendering desperate ; 
making an impression upon (,_s» 
//') ; disdain, make little of ; 
soften ; — V. INF. ta'ayyus, be 

(j~?.^ ais, what exists ; — aisa, there 
is, there are, with negative (j~J 
laisa, there is not, there are not ; 
— dyis, d'is, despairing, despe- 
rate ; — dyas, more desperate. 

^ — 1\ aisd', i — >\ aisa-t, a woman who 
no longer has her menses ; — isa', 
shaving (the head) ; cutting 


t^.\ isdh, soiling, jwUuting (^-j). 

jV-~3\ aisiir, pi. of ^~J yasar, easT, 
&c. ; pi. of ij~i yasara-t, lines 
of the hand ; pi. of j-.^ ydsir, 
who kills and divides a camel ; — 
isdr, easy birth ; prosperity ; get- 
ting rich ( J— 3). 
' ^V~S\ i'sdf, saddening, embitter- 
ing (-A-^). 




i3^\ tsdq, loading a camel, a ship 

yl~j\ I'gaw, pi. aydstn, man ; — 

isaw, render insensible (gas) ; 

sleeping, slumbering (y-j). 
j—f}' aisar, easier to be done ; more 

convenient ; more fortunate ; 

favourable ; left, left hand, 
u^^ es (for ,_5& j_s\ ayy-u say -in), 

what ? how i* why ? 
^^ i'm, healing (u*-^) ; — iiti, 

slandering, tale-telling, &c. 

cilU^\ isdk, walking quickly, accele- 
rating, being on the point ("^j). 

(>'^^ isum, flashing lightly, begin- 
ning of anything to appear, as 
hair, breasts, &c. (^;). 

V-al isd', making a will, &c. (,j*j). 

v^^ isdb, being ill, making ill 

kjU»\ fea^j being fit to become a 
servant (<-a-=j). 

JLa^ &aZ, bringing, uniting (J-^) ; 
— i'sdl, coming at evening time ; 
being rooted ( J-»^). 

j'^y aisar, pi. aydslr, hay, grass ; a 
short tent-rope (pi. also ayiUi). 

(o*J^) dd, I, INF. aid, return to a 
former state, do again or re- 
peatedly ; become ; return to 
one's people. 

^\ aldan, again ; also ; likewise. 

zS^y iddh, clear explanation; mak- 
ing evident; evidence (e-°j). 

SW^ frftt', hastening, causing to go 
quicker i^)). 

(i^S i(dn, choosing for a dwelling, 
&c. (yL,). 

v-k^ aitah^'-r-^\ at yob, better, 
&c. ; — s aitaha-t, aitabba-t, rut. 

Jkl aitul, pi. aydtil, side, hypo- 

W^ ('«', putting a thing in any re- 
ceptacle ; keeping secret (o*^j)- 

>T->W^ i'a6, taking all, &c. (s-^j). 

J^.^ t'at^, promising ; threatening 




making water or milk to 

boil ; provoking to anger ; taking 
the custom taxes in farm {fy). 

JW^ tgdl, stepping quickly, enter- 
ing suddenly, &c. ; adorning 
one's speech (Jc^). 

Wt ifd', fulfilment ; satisfaction ; 
payment {^^i}). 

>>^\ Ifdd, sending ; very quick walk 

jW^ ijuz, causing to hasten ; hasten- 
ing {■/}): 

•y^\ iqdd, lighting, burning (-i'^). 

j^iij^ iqdr, loading, burdening, &c. 


^'^} iqdz, awakening (a.), (^a>). 

gVfl>\ tjti', causing to fall, assaulting ; 
bringing into harmony (gij). 

(j^.^ iqdn, certitude, firm belief 

aiqi'ma-t, image, picture 

(udi\) aik, i , thicket ; — ayik, inf. 
ayak, being closely entwined, 
grown together ; — x. same mean- 

^\ ikd', causing to lean, to recline 
(^j) and iJ,). 

iMi\ ikdd, making firm (•^}). 

Jbijl i'kdl, giving to eat, &c. (J^l) ; 
— ikdl, confiding in God ( j^^). 

Jj\ il (J^ il), God; — ayyal, iyyal, 
ayyul, ayyil, pi. aydyil, moun- 
tain-goat ; deer; stag; — uyyal, 
curdled milk ; water. 

h^ ill!', making one governor of a 
province, &c. i^))- 

Ek} ildj, inserting, placing one 
thing into another (g!^). 

'-^'ii\ ildd, giving birth (^j). 

gSu^ ild% making eager for any- 
thing, causing to desire ; insti- 
gating {^,). 

._*^\ i'ldf, accustoming to a place ; 
making the thousand full. 

j>'i>S\ i'ldiu, causing pain. 

ija,lj^ ilchiyy, pi. ilchiyya-t, ambas- 
sador, envoy (Turk.). 

li^i\ allama-l, anxiety ; stir ; sound ; 

J^j^ aihU, month of September. 

Ubi iUya, iliyyd', Elias ; Jerusale 

(Ai\) dm, I, INF. aim, aima-t, ima-t, 

ma-t, ima-t, 
be without a husband or 




wife (single, divorced, widowed) ; 

— INF. iyum, drive out bees by 
smoke, to get at tbe boney ; — ii. 
INF. ta'yim, cause to become 
widowed ; — iv. marry a widowed 
person ; — v. be dej^rived of a 
busband, &c. 

I*>} aim, tm, serpent; — i^\ f^} 
aim II (imu) 'l-ldh, by God ! — 
ayyim, pi. ayd'im, aydma, comm., 
without a husband or wife, 
widowed ; pi. liyum, a serpent ; 

— ayamm, a better foreman or 
Imam ; — S aima-t, widowhood ; 

— also ayimma-t, feudal estate, 
land held in tenure ; — a'imma-t, 
Imams, priests, &c., pi. of f>'^\ 

W^ imd', sign, hint ; signal ; sym- 
bol (^j) ; — ayyu-mil, f. Uj^} 
ayyatii-md , whosoever, whatso- 
ever; who? what? 

_)UI^ i'mdr, order ; increase, aug- 

i^U>\ imdd, glimmer, glitter ; 
glance; wink (y^^j). 

O^^ aimdn, f. aima, deprived of 
wife or husband, longing for 
(J^ ila) either; — pi. of y.-^ 
yamin, right, right-hand side, 
&c. ; — imdn, creed, belief, reli- 

y-«\ aiman, f. yamnd', pi. aydmin, 
aydmin, fortunate, propitious ; 
secure ; right hand, right ; — 
aimvn, pi. of (;>--►?. yamin, right, 
right hand, right side, &e. ; — 
ayyii-maii, whoever. 

l^^ aima, f. of yU;^ aimdn, see 

((^^) a'an, dn, i, inf. ain, happen 
at the proper time, be in time ; 
draw near ; be tired. 

(^y ain, the proper time ; fatigue, 
tiredness ; — ;,i = y.-=. hin, time ; 
— d'in, quiet ; — ain-a, en, where ? 
whither? tdlJub yj\. \S£, yj\ ^^ 
hazd iva-cn ha::dk, what differ- 

ence between this and that ; — ' 
d'inat, pi. d'indt, easy, commo- 
dious; — times, pi. of y^^ awdn. 

^ ind', causing delay (o*^) J — 
Ind', relaxing, tiring (n. and a.), 
weakening {^Jy). 

uLi\^\ i'nds, giving birth to a female. 

u-l;f\ i'jids, rendering familiar, so- 
ciable, &c. (t^^. 

f^\ tnd', ripening (s.), inp. iv. of 

i3-u\ ainuq, she-camels, pi. of ij>^ 

&i,jViSjj\ !nliisdriyya-i, janissary. 

Ulu^ (( ina-md, wherever ; every- 

"5^^ ih-a, Ih-i, ((/j-m, well! — ayya- 
hu, O! O thou! — ayyah, ii., 
call out to (y hi). 

'^y ayyuhd, 0\ O thou! — aih-an, 
be off with you ! — ih-an, be 
silent ! — ihd' , rendering weak, 
las, &c. {^J^i)^ 

sjWj^ thdh, gift; concession (s-J»;). 

JW»^ i'hdl, welcoming, &c. (J*^). 

l»^3?.^ ihdni, making believe or sup- 
pose ; ambiguity ; (m.) intimi- 

t)^3J^ ai7j((»,away with you I — ihdn, 
weakening, unnerving (y^^j). 

I*9i^ aiham, f. yahmu', stupid ; 
dumb ; brave ; smooth ; steep ; 
desert; al-aihamdn, torrent and 
mad camel, danger from water 
and fire. 

^y\ i'wd', hospitality, shelter. 

(j^)>.\ iwdn, pi. iwdndt, awdiiin, ayd- 
li-in, palace; portico; gallery; 
saloon, hall ; bakouy, belvedere. 

vy^ ayyiib. Job ; — uyb, setting of 
the sun (s->j^). 

j^\ niji'n-, membra virilia, pi. of ^^ 

(«^\ aiwam, bright day, lit. more of 
a day than another, comj). of (,f, 


j.\> ta'ayya, k^ ta'ayyd, 

remain ; proceed slowly ; — v. 
VI. walk straight up to "(ace.). 



SJ 6 ; as a numerical sigii=2, ex- 
pressing also Monday as the 
second day of the week ; abbrevi- 
ation for the month of Raja6 ; — 
hi, inseparable preposition, with, 
by, at, in, to, towards ; also de- 
noting the object of a transitive 
verb, as &> ^^^^ marartu hi-hi, I 
met him, passed him ; used after 
\i\ ud, as : J=-;} U\ h:i hi-raJLil- 
in, behold, there was (or came) a 

W hd\ he', name of the letter v ; 
— hd\ mati'imoiiial intercourse ; 
wedlock ; — ii hd'a-t, matrimonial 
intercourse ; night's lodging ; 
hotel ; wild-bee hives. 

(v^) hdh, pi. abwdh, hihdn, ahwi- 
ha-t, door ; s^V-^'' '~^^- hdhu-'l- 
ahwdb-i, Darband (portae Cas- 
piae) ; w..ijU3\ .^jb hdhu-'l-mdn- 
dah-i, ga,te of tears, Babelmandel ; 
^J'^\ v*^ hdhu-'l-'iUi, Subhme 
Porte ; — also S hdha-t, pi. hdhdf, 
chapter ; class ; species ; cate- 
gory ; object ; conjugation ; 
limit of a calculation ; al-ahwdh, 
repentance (gate of heaven) ; 
buhdt, verses, alineas. 

^^ bdbd, pi. bdbdwdt, pope ; father, 
grandfather, eldest (m.) ; — 
ha'ha', knowing, conversant 

(W^O ha'ha', inf. ha'ha'a-t, call 
father or consider as such ; — 
II. run fast. 

(4;^^ hdbdriyy, black pepper. 

iS}^^ bdhdwiyy, papal (m.). 

J}^ bdbil, Babylon; — ^^ bdbiliyy, 
Babylonian ; enchanting; poison; 
h bdbiliyyat, wine (the two latter 
significations poetical). 

tfM hdbi'ij (o''^^ hdbfts), pi. hawd- 
bij, slipper (Pers.). 

ij-}i^ hdhus, child, young of an 
animal, foal. 

gi^^ hdbunaj, camomile (Pers.). 

«-^W bdbiyya-t, miraculous things. 

^^ bdtt, cutting, breaking, weak- 
ening ; fooHsh, drunk ; lean, 
thin ; completed, put into order. 

y^ hdtir, cutting, sharp ; pi. hawdtir, 

"^■^ bdtik, cutting, sharp. 

jy^ hdti'ir, pi. hawdtir, mat of rushes 
for silk-worms. 

yW bddr, showing itself spontane- 
ously ; envious. 

(3^^ hdsiq, overflowing. 

(e^) ba'aj, A, INF. ha'j, turn, 
change ; cry out ; — ii. cry out. 

5^ ha'j, hdj, 'i , species ; manner, 
way, method ; — hdj, best head of 
a flock ; entrance custom, tri- 
bute (m. Pers.). 

tr-^W bdjis, pi. bujjas, pouring in 

ii^=^W hdhis, examiner. 

f-\>. bdhir, stupid ; liar ; meddling ; 

&-l! hdha-t, mass of water; depth 
of the sea ; gulf ; palm- grove ; 
pi. bAh, passage; courtyard. 

_)j=^^ hd/iilr, hottest days of July ; 
month; (^)f^^ fjiyaiiM hdhuriijy, 
critical day ; \;y^^ bdhvrd', dog- 

(j~^W hdhis, cunning ; malicious ; 

(3^^ hdhiq, one-eyed; blind. 

Jilj hdhil, pi. huhhal, miserly, 

S\j^ hd.ddt, desert. 

jolj hddir, shining in full ; f . » , 
hastening, hurried ; bddira-t, pi. 
baivddir, first movement or im- 
pulse ; impetuosity ; sharpness 
of a sword. 

E^jjW hddari'ij, basil. 

(jSoVi hddaldii, oyster. 

yJVj bddin, pi. hudun, huddan, 
stout, corpulent ; old, aged. 

yWjU bddinjdu, love-apjjle (Melon- 

gena). _ ., . . . 

2-U!i>>V; bddhanj (er*U« hdzdhanj), 
ventilator, chimney. 




y^jjU hdduwdn, Bedouins (m.). 

j_3jU hiuli (J^ hiid-in), pi. hddun, 
iiidd-an, buddd, externally visi- 
ble, distinct ; living in the 
desert ; — bddi', who begins, sets 
to work first ; f. i hddi'a-t, first 
cause, reason; — » hddiya-f, in- 
habitants of the desert ; nomads ; 

•iW ft'-ifri old, ragged. 

^j^ hdziha-t, pi. hawdzih, very 
high mountains. 

J^^ hdzil, liberal, generous. 

i>J^ hd:ana-t, recognition, sub- 
mission ; knowledge. 

(^j^ bdpjjij, indecent speech, ri- 

(_)^) ba'ar, a, inf. ha'r, dig a well ; 
hide, conceal ; send good deeds 
before one's self, do good in 
secret ; — iv. inf. ib'dr, dig a 
well for another; — viii. inf. 
ihti'dr, dig a well ; conceal. 

_)^ bdr, the first emanation of the 
Divinity; — bdrr, pi. abrdr, ba- 
rara-t, innocent, pious ; liberal, 

EjVj bdrij, a good sailor ; — i bdri- 
ja-t, man of war; pi. bawi'rij, 
hotel, inn. 

Cj^ hdrih, pi. bawdrih, living in 
the plain ; turning the left side 
towards ; hot wind ; al-hdrih, ' 
aZ-6(/r/te-/, yesterday; ,j5jS\ fc-jUJ\ 
al-bdrihatu-'l-'ula , the day before 

J)W bdrid, cold, cooling, agreeable ; 
dull, slow ; poor (wit, poetry) ; 
incontestable (right) ; safely 
placed (money) ; SjjVj d* ijaiii- 
ma-t bdi-i(la-t, easy booty (ob- 
tained without bloodshed) ; pi. 
bawd rid, sharp sword. 

jjW bdriz, f. 6 , proji'cting; external; 
the pronominal affix of a verb. 

iji)^ bdruj, first cotyledon. 

gjV> bdrl', i , excoediuLcly beautiful ; 
excelling in knowledge ; excel- 
ling ; bdri'a-t, excellence, merit. 

jj^ bdriq, f. bdriqa-t (pi. bdru/d, 
bawdriq), shining, flashing. 

cs!j*j bdrik, i , kneeling ; (m.) bless- 
ing ; — is bdrika-t, pi. baicdrik, 

g>_)^ bdranj, cocoa-nut. 

•^}j^ bdrud, powder ; (j^trt^ -^^j^ 
bdrud abyad, nitre ; — » baruda-t, 
pi. bawdrid, gun (m) ; — h haril- 
diyya-t, jjowder-bag. 

OM^ bdruq, white lead. 

"^j;^ bdruk, timid, lazy. 

i^j^. bdri', bdr1, creator, God ; pi. 
bird' , healed ; — who planes, 
smoothes, &c. ; — ' hdri'ya-t, "pl. 
bawdrl, mat of bulrushes. 

jW ba'z, bdz, pi. bv'uz, bi'zdn, bizdn, 
ab'uz, buz'iin, falcon, hawk. 

j^j^ bdzdr, market, market-place, 
emporium ; traffic ; a bargain 

(j\Sj\j\i bdzdrgdn (y^^j^ bazirgdn), 
merchant (Pers.). 

j\jj^ bdzddr, pi. bazddira-t, bdzdd- 
riyija-t, falconer (Pers.). 

JjW h'izil, experienced. 

(^j^ bdziyy, ■p\.buzdt,bawdzi,iaicou, 

(j-^ ba's, bds, courage, boldness ; 
power, strength ; calamity, ad- 
versity, misfortune ; damage ; 
punishment ; ij-b S jd bds, there 
is no harm in it. 

^^ bdsd\ pain, sorrow ; misfor- 
tune ; poverty. 

kj^UiVj bdsdbort, passport (m.). 

ij-^ bi-asri-hi, the whole of it, and 
so on, ^tc, see j~-\ asr. 

ijJ^ bdsira-t, stern countenances. 

S=-W bdsit, distant ; thirsting ; 
spreading; embracing; al-bdsit, 
God ; — S bdsita-t, ell, cubit. 

ij-^ b:i^iq, high; — i bdsiqa-t, pi. 
bau'daiq, high palm-tree ; white 
cloud ; danger ; a fruit. 

J-.^ basil, pi. busl, bussal, busald', 
having a stern countenance ; pi. 
bawdsil, lion ; brave ; terrible ; 
strong, and, by opposition, in- 




sipid (beverage); blunt, bluff; 
sour milk. 

(*-^ bi'isim, smiling. 

i^f-'^ bnsin, i , plough-share; tool; 
coarse sack. 

j^Vj hdsur, pi. bawdsir, emerods, 

(3«1*-^ bdsiliq, vena basilica. 

(ur-W) ba'ax, a, inf. ba's, throw 
down unawares ; iJ^W ^ mtt 
ba'ax, it is not forbidden ; — 
III. seize and throw down, with- 
out resistance on the part of the 

i^V 6((s = ,_j& ^_^\i bi-ayy-i say-in, 
bi-eS, why ? in order that ; — bds, 
chief (Turk.); — &,;,s-i-, friendly, 
amiable, smiling. 

^^ hdsd, pi. bdsdwiH, bdsdt, pasha 

jA^ feu^ir, propitious, auspicious ; 

(3^^ bds'iq, pi. bawdsiq, sparrow- 

;-^ bdsir, who looks at ; sagacious ; 
intelligent; — ii bdsira-t, sight, 

^'^ bddi', pi. 
sharp ; good 
camel-dealer : 
bawddi', herd ; 
blood is dropping. 

ijou,\i bddi'id, humidity. 

(tb) ba'at ; — V. lie on one's side ; 
be of a careless mind; not trouble 
about a matter. 

jJ=*j bdtih, fallen on the face. 

Jtb bdtil, pi. 6Mf i(Z, vain, foolish; 
useless ; false ; lie ; play : j J 
JtW zil bdtil, jester ; devil ; pi. 
batala-t, sorcerer. 

yi'W bdtin, pi. bawdtin, inner, in- 
terior ; concealed, secret ; mysti- 
cal ; who penetrates the heart 
(God) ; pi. abtina-t, butndn, 
lowlands ; fissures of the ground 
caused by water ; — h bdtiniyya-t, 
the Batanians or assassins. 
4el»b bdtiya-t, pi. hawdti, deep dish ; 

g^t bd', fathom (measure) ; — » 

bada'a-t, cutting, 

; broker ; pedlar ; 

— s bddi'a-t, pi. 

wound from which 

bd'a-i, courtyard ; — sellers, &c., 

pi. of ^'\i bd'i'. 
"^-^W bd'is, who sends ; who causes ; 

author ; cause ; subject ; — ii 

bd'lsa-t, pi. bawd'is, motive, 

reason ; charm ; — ij 'hd'isiyya-t, 

•^^ bd'id, far, distant ; perishing ; 

ij^^ hd'iq, stream; waterspout; 

crash, peal. 
"^^ bdMk, stupid. 
>^y:^ bd'us, Easter-feast, 
g^ bdg, pi. bdgdt, garden (Pers.) ; 

— bdg-in, see ^J^^. bdgi. 
yLilj bdijbdv, gardener (Pers.). 
)^W bdgiz, ribald; swiftness; — li 

bdgiziyya-t, a coarse silk-stuff ; 

dress made of it. 
t/*W bdgid, who hates. 
i*^W bdgima-t, low and modest or 

tender talk, 
ti^y^^ bdgut, Easter, 
o^^ bo-gi (^W bdg-in), f. S bdgiya-t, 

pi. bugdt, bugydn, who seeks or 

desires passionately ; rebellious ; 

unjust ; tyrant ; bdgiya-t, adul- 
((i^) ba'aq, inf. ba'nq, befall ; — 

VII. befall suddenly. 
ii\>. bdq-in, see ^Vj bdqi ; — » bdqa-t, 

pi. bdqdt, batch of flowers, nose- 
gay ; bouquet. 
_^W bdqir, herd of cattle ; rich in 

goods and pastures ; great ; pi. 

bawdqir, ox ; lion ; — ii bdqira-t, 

giV? bdqi', spotted like a tiger ; 

hyena ; — 6 bdqi\i-t, prudent, 

cautious ; calamity. 
Ji*j bdqil, greengrocer ; name of a 

certain lazy blockhead. 
SkiVj bdqihV, ^^ bdqild, i'i^k bdqi- 

Idt, Egyptian bean. 
;yW bdqilr, i bdqdra-t, herd of cattle ; 

bdqura-t, cow. 
J»i^ bdqill, pi. bawdqil, cup ; 

earthen inkstand (m.). 
^^ bdqi ((3^ bdq-in), pi. bdqin, 

f. S, pi. bdqiydt, who remains, 

survives ; remaining, lasting ; 



eternal ; God ; al-bdqi, rest, 
balance of an account ; al-haqi- 
ya-t, duration ; pi. remainders ; 
good actions. 

"^^ Idk-in, see (_/^ hdM. 

i^\i. hiiliir, early in the morning ; — 
' hillcira-t, virgin ; bearing early 
fruit (palm-tree). 

j^W bdkih; first spring shower; f. 
» , premature. 

^J^ hdki (>£)W bdk-iii), pi. hiil-dt, 
iukiyy, f. i hdlciya-t, pi. haivdhl, 
"weeping, lamenting ; bdkiija-i, 
female mourner. 

JW hdJ, heart, mind ; attention ; 
solicitude; — b^'d-in, see ^^'^. bdli, 
mouldering ; shabby garb ; — ' 
bdla-t, bale ; perfume-hag ; scent- 
bottle ; grief, sorrow ; whale ; 
• — bdlla-t, humidity ; drop ; ad- 

jJ^ bdlih, dry, bare. 

•^W bdlid, inhabitant of the country 
or town. 

^(j bdJig, who reaches, penetrates ; 
f. i, of age; having attained to 
puberty ; excellent. 

gy^ bdlu', wide open, gaping 
abyss; — is bdh'i'a-f, pi. ba}V''iJi% 
sink, sewer, cloaca. 

jy\j hdhd, a little water ; drop. 

o^W bdli (JW hdl-iii), worn-out 

(o^) bdn, '^ , the Egyjjtian willow ; 
y^J^ <_-=' habbu-'l-bdn-i, nutmeg. 

yU bdn-in, ijjVi hdni, f. hdniya-t, 
j)l. bunndf, bairdm, who builds, 
founds ; architect ; composer ; 
author ; — bdniyy, straight and 
slender (like the willow-tree). 

(5^) ba'ah, inf. ba'Ii, notice, com- 
prehend quickly (J li, s-> 60- 

»^ bdh, sexual intercourse; — bdh-in, 
see ^'^^ bdhi. 

u:^ii>\i bdJiU, liar ; slanderer ; (ni.) 
languid, pale ; astonished, per- 

jto^i bdhir, S, handsome; shining; 
admirable ; clear, distinct ; bdhi- 
rdf, ships. 

IsaV? bdhiz, oppressive, difficult ; 

important; aZ-&rt7n'z, calamity ; ' 
bdhiza-t, adversity. 

j*^ bdJiif/, sleeping, sleepy. 

JJ»^} bd/iil, pi. buhl, buhhal, freej 
at leisure; idler; bdliil, and i 
bdliUa-t, unmarried woman. 

^*J bdhim, pi. bawdliim, thumb; 
big toe (m.). 

i_5*^ bdh I (ilj bdh-in) ; f . ' , empty ; 
having a wide cavity ; — bdhiyy, 

(^W , (^^) ba'd, A, TJ, INF. ba'ir, 
ba'wd', rise high and exert one's 
self in running (camel) ; surpass 
in glory ; glory, boast. 

}^ ba'w, glory, pride. 

j^Vj 6a/=ii3o beg (Turk.), Bey, 
prince, chief. 

i^>^. bd'it, passing the night ; a 
night old ; of yesterday ; stale. 

^asj^ bd'ija-t, pi. bau-d'ij, misfor- 

£j^ bd'ih, who promulgates a secret; 
(m.) traitor ; shameless. 

jj^ bd'ih, tired. 

•^ bd'id, perishable. 

ijS^ bd'is, poor, miserable. 

(ji»>j bd'id, laying eggs. 

jj^ bd'i', pi. bd'a-i, seller; in- 
former ; traitor ; a woman who 
has many suitors (pi. also 

ijj^ bd'iq, of little value ; — » 
bd'iqa-t, pi. baird'iq, misfortune, 
calamity ; wrong. 

vii^M bailik, government ; fisc 

{^^ bd'in, 

distinct, evident. 

notorious ; f . a divorced woman ; 

f. pi. bawd' in, proof by four 

i-s^M bdyiya-f, Palm-feast. 
-^ babb, sort, kind ; — S babba-t, 

saying "papa," prattle of chil- 
tjW? babdn, bahbdn, kind ; manner ; 

way of living. 
U-^ babagd', babbaga', babgd', SU-^ 

babagdt, JU-j babagdl, parrot ; 

(cw) batt, V, I, INF. batt, cut, lop ; 




be cut or lopped ; perform, ac- 
complisli ; decide ; over-drive an 
animal and be unable to com- 
plete one's journey ; — inf. 
batta-t, hatdt, divorce a wife for 
once and all; — inf. batilt, grow 
thin ; make and sell tbe head- 
dress li^ batt ; — cut off ; per- 
form quickly, despatch ; provide 
with provender ; — iv. cut off ; 
complete ; — v. get provided with 
provender ; furnish a house to 
live in ; — vii. be cut off, decided, 
finished. ; grow impotent. 

ct»> batt, pi. butfit, bitdt, a coarse 
piece of dress to cover the 
head ; hood, wrapper ; rope ; 
(m.) skein ; — s bita-t, stay, 
remaining, inf. of ("^^) ; — 
batta-t, cut, separation ; battat- 
an, al-batta-t, ^l-> &-> battat-an 
batlat-an, irrevocably ; (m.) not 
at all. 

(^) bata', INF. bat', remain, stay. 

vJ^ batnt, pi. abitta-t, travelling 
requisites ; supplies ; household 
things, furniture ; outfit ; hood ; 
anything separated from a 
whole ; divorce ; performance ; 
batdt-an, irrevocably ; — hattdt, 
maker and seller of the head- 
dress batt ; — (^ batdii, small 
casks, pi. of A-Ja batiyya-t. 

)^ battdr, butdr, sharp. 

£^ batd' (Eg.)=£^ matd', goods, 
property ; followed by pronomi- 
nal affixes it is used as a posses- 
sive adjective, f. batd'a-t, pi. 

tsJba battdk, sharp. 

JfUi batd'il, palm-shoots, &c., pi. 
of aJw batUa-t. 

(ya) batar, u, inf. batr, maim, 
curtail ; cut off ; outroot ; — 
batir, a, inf. batar, have lost 
the tail ; be childless, useless ; 
— II. annihilate ; — iv. curtail ; 
deprive of posterity ; give, and, 
by opposition, refuse; perform 
the morning prayer only at 

sunrise ; — viii. be cut off, 
lopped ; run. 

^ya batrd', Mahomet's coat of mail. 

6y^ batra-t, she-ass. 

(5^) bata', I, INF. bat', prepare the 
wine jsj bit' ; inf. butu', remove 
to a distance ; be cut off, sepa- 
rated ; — bati'. A., INF. bata', 
have a long neck, strong limbs ; 
follow one's head ; — vii. be cut 
off, separated. 

5^ bit', bita', strong wine, mead ; 

— but', pi. of ^\ abta', whole, 

Ui} bat'd', f. of ^\ abta', whole, 

all ; strong of joints, 
(udxj) batah, i, u, inf. batlc, cut, 

cut off ; seize and draw towards 

one's self, offer violence ; — 11. 

cut ; — v., VII. be cut, cut off ; 

— S bitha-t, batha-t, pi. bitah, 
part, piece, portion ; night. 

( J^) batal, u, INF. batl, cut off ; 
separate, sever ; — 11. cut off ; 
separate from (y.c 'aii) ; devote 
one's self entirely to (J li) ; — 
IV. sever ; — v., vii. be sepa- 
rated, severed; — v. devote one's 
self entirely to God ; — x. be 

JjiJ batl, i , things separated ; sepa- 

(y;>) batd, u, inf. batw, remain, 

uwy^ battlt, INF. of ("w) ; — butut, 
pi. of u^. batt, q.v. 

gya batil', pi. of £*-« batd', q.v. 

ksJya batuk, sharp. 

JjiJ batul ( J«^ batil), virgin ; nun ; 
vestal ; al-butiU, al-butula-t, the 
Holy Virgin ; Patimah ; palm- 
shoot ; — h batuliyya-t, virginity. 

1^ batiyy, table-cloth; towel ;= 
uul^ battdt, maker and seller of 
hoods ; — 6 battiyya-t, pi. batdti, 
small cask (m). 

S\^ bataira-t, sun. 

iltXi batila-t, pi. batd'il, palm- 
shoot ; fleshy limb ; buttock ; 




(>i-i) hass, I, tr, inf. bass, disperse, 
blow away ; publisii ; communi- 
cate, impart, bestow ; spread a 
doctrine ; — ii. disperse ; spread 
about, publisii ; — iii., iv. im- 
part a secret to (ace.) ; — vi. 
impart secrets to each other ; 

— VII. be dispersed, dissolved, 
published ; — viii. demand in- 

«i-? lass, things spread about, 
dispersed ; publication ; state, 
condition; need; grief, sorrow; 

— 6 hisa-t, pi. t_^ hisa, ashes. 
*i>^ biscis, communication (of a 


0^) J^^ ibsa'arr, inf. ibsirdr, leap. 

(lA..^) basbas, inf. basbasa-f, raise 
dust ; spread about news. 

(j^)) basar, basur, v, inf. basr, 
basar, busur, get covered with 
pustules ; — V. same meaning. 
^ii basr, much, and, by opposition, 
little ; — basir, covered with 
pustules; — 6, pi. busur, pustule, 

(!:i>) basit, A, INF. basaf, swell. 

(^) basi'. A, INF. basa', husiV, be 
full, curl (lips). 

(j*i>) ^\ i6sa'ar=j^^ ihsa'ar, q.v. 
under (j^). 

(iJ^O basaq, v, inf. basq, basaq, 
tabsak, overflow and break the 
banks ; overflow with tears ; — 
INF. busuq, be brimful ; — ii. 
break the banks ; — vii. break 
forth ; inveigh against (^1^ 
'«?(() ; proceed from the father 
and the son (m.). 

i>i> basq, bisq, pi. busdq, place 
where the water breaks through. 

iJtia busla-t, celebrity. 

(^ busun, pi. gardens; — bisan, 
soft sand ; — ii basna-f, soft 
level ground ; fine woman with 
a soft skin ; butter ; best wheat ; 
abundance of wealth ; Bethauia ; 
— bisna-t, pi. bisan, soft level 

(yi)) basi!, u, INF. basw, sweat, 

;*^ basir, much, many ; covered 

with pustules. 
(s») %>', TJ. INF. bajj, prick open 
(a tumour) ; pierce ; fatten ; 
conquer ; — viii. almost burst 
with fat. 
gi bujj, a young bird, 
e^n 6it;Vy, stout, fat ; — » bujiija-t, 

contemptible fellow. 
jW bajild, pi. bujitd, a striped upper 

f.jW-. bajdrim, pi. calamities. 
,_SjW; bajilriyy, calamities, pi. of 

^/r. buji-itj!/. 
JW-. bajnl, hajjiil, stately old man, 
prince; — ^ bajdla-t, tall hand- 
some woman. 
S^W bujdiva-t. Nubia. 
5;L==-. bajbdj, i , fat man with shak- 
ing flesh; fool; babbler; heap 
of sand. 
(g.HF-.) bajbaj ; — li. inf. tabajbvj, be 
fat and loose ; (m.) be swollen 
(in the face) ; — » bajbaja-t, 
(c=r.) bajih. A, inf. bajah, rejoice 
(n.) ; — II. rejoice (a.) ; — v. 
rejoice (n.) ; be delighted. 
j^. bajah, joy ; high rank, dignity. 
(ji=-.) bajad, i, biijiid, remain, stay ; 
remain on the pasture ; — ii. 
same meanings. 
Jir; bajd, troop of people, of horses 
(100 and more) ; — bujud, striped 
upper garments, pi. of jW bijdd ; 
— 6 bajda-t, root, origin ; essence 
of a thing ; desert ; — bajda-t, 
bujda-t, btijuda-t, deep and solid 
knowledge ; skill ; who adheres 
to his word. 
(;=r.) bajir, A, inf. bajar, be af- 
flicted with a rupture of the 
navel ; have a big belly ; be full 
of water or milk without being 
satiated ; be tired of a thing 
and desist from it {^^ 'an) ; — v. 
indulge in wine ; — xi. desist ; — 
S biijra-t, pi. bujar, navel; — ^ 
hujriyy, biijriyya-t, pi. bajdriyy, 
misfortune, calamity. 
(y«-p.) bajas, I, u, inf. bajs, open 



a wound and let flow out the 
water ; gush forth ; — inf. hujns, 
scold ; — II. make the water 
flow ; — v., VII. break through ; 
flow out ; gush forth. 

u~r-. bajs, running water ; — htys, 
bujjas, raining cloud. 

(g=r.) baja', a, inf. laj', cut off, 

C=r baja', pelican ; swan. 

( J^.} bajal, INF. bajl, bujul, be in 
easy circumstances, good con- 
dition ; — bajil, A, inf. bajal, 
same meaning ; — bajul, inf. 
hajdla-t, bujul, be great and 
respected ; — ii. honour and 
praise ; applaud ; say it is 
enough for you; — iv. be suffi- 
cient for (ace). 

J=F. bajal, indeed ! verily ! yes ! ^' 
J==; it is enough now ! that will 
do ! J=-. J j zil bajal, a dispirited 
man without ambition ; — bajal, 
hujal, bujul, great calumny ; lie ; 
anything wonderful ; — s bajla-t, 
small tree ; of graceful figure. 

(^.) bajam, i, inf. bajm, bujilm, 
be silent ; hesitate ; contract 
(n.) ; — II. hesitate ; contract ; 
give a sharp look. 

(i^yri) II. bajjan, impress (upon the 

(»)=r. bajwam, full of water. 
ji^. bajir, a great many, very nu- 

(j~-iF, bajis, overflowing. 

J«=; bajil, respected old man ; 
honoured ; leader ; prince ; big, 
stout, coarse, rude. 

(j^) bahh, A, INF. bahh, bahah, 
bahdh, buhuh, bahdha-t, buhuha-t, 
be hoarse ; — say " pooh ! pooh ! " 
— II., IV. render hoarse ; — vii. 
be hoarse (m.) ; — viii. have 
plenty and above. 

j4 buhh, pi. of 2<\ abahh, hoarse, 
&c. ; gold coins ; gross timber ; 
— » bahha-t, woman with a rough 
voice ; — buhha-t, hoarseness. 
W" bahhd', f. of ^1 abahh, hoarse, 
&c., hill in the desert. 

g;!^. hahdbih, middles of houses, 
courtyards, &c., pi. of ^ft=^. 

'^^. bihds, disquisition ; disputa- 
tion ; — bahhds, disputant. 

t^. buhdh, hoarseness. 

;^. bihdr, seas, &c., pi. of f^. bahr ; 

— lands, countries, &c., pi. of 
i|;=: bahra-t ; — bahhdr, pi. 5 bahhd- 
ra-t, mariner. 

yjj^=-, bahdrhi, days of crisis, &c., 
pi. of e^/^; bahrdn. 

cW. bahbdh, as long as broad ; — 
bahbdh-i, what a pity ! — i bah- 
bdha-t, shrew. 

(c*^-) bahbah, inf. bahbaha-t, abide 
in a place ; (m.) give abundantly; 
enrich ; — ii. inf. tabahbuh, abide 
in a place ; be in the middle of 
the premises ; (m.) live in abun- 
dance ; — 5 bahbaha-t, crowd, 
troop ; — (J bahbahiyy, living in 
plenty and happiness. 

((jS^,^.) bahbas, inf. bahba^at, gather 
together, assemble (n.). 

Zft^. buhbiih, root ; middle ; ker- 
nel ; marrow ; — ii buhbdha-t, pi. 
bahdbih, middle of the house ; 
courtyard; open square; (m.) 
middle, centre. 

j^*=-. bahbilr, young bustard. 

(d-ss-.) bahut, INF. bahfda-t, be pure 
and unmixed ; — iii. inf. mubd- 
hata-t, love with pure and sincere 
affection ; be open with (ace.) ; 
give unmixed food to the 

ui^=n baht, » , pure, unmixed, un- 

fs^. buhtur, short and stout ; great ; 

— ^ buhturiyy, same meaning. 
(i4.,o=.) lahas. A, INF. bahs, seek ; 

inquire ; examine, try, discuss ; 

— III. INF. mubdhasa-t, examine ; 
discuss ; dispute ;— v., vii., viii., 
X. seek for, inquire, investigate ; 

— VI. try to fathom (u* fi or y* 

1^^:=-. bahs, pi. abhds, examination ; 
discussion; disputation; contro- 


versy ; pi. huhits, mine ; a large 
snake ; wager, bet. 

(r^d iahsar, inf. bahsara-t, pick 
out and separate ; take out and 
uncover ; examine ; separate 
(milk) from the butter (n.) ; 
disperse ; squander ; — ii. inf. 
tabahsur, be picked out and 
separated ; — 6 bahsara-t, dissi- 

(t)^=^.) bahsan, inf. hahsana-t, be 
lazy, negligent. 

gf^. bahah, hoarseness. 

^^jAs-. buhduriyy, badly fed and not 

(J"*^') bahdal, inf. bahdala-t, hav- 
ing a crooked shoulder ; walk 
fast ; — » bahdala-t, swiftness. 

(;==) bahar, inf. bahr, split wide ; 
— bahir. A, inf. bahar, be con- 
fused, perplexed (with fear) ; 
be overjoyed; be very thirsty; 
waste in flesh ; — iv. go to sea ; 
find the water salt ; be con- 
sumptive ; meet accidentally ; 
have a red nose ; have many 
pools of stagnating water ; — 
v., X. swim in riches, know- 
ledge, &c., as in a sea ; meditate 
profoundly ; travel towards the 
sea ; — x. be large as a sea ; 
walk about ; have full com- 
mand of the language. 

^, bahr, pi. abhur, bahi'ir, hihdr, 
sea ; l=s5a*3\ ^^^iJ^ al-bahru-'l-inu- 
hit-u. Pacific ; «i>U)iiJ\ f^, bahru- 
'z-zuhiuU-i,At\a,Titic; ^J''^^\j^J\ 
al-bahru-'l-wastdniyyu (L-yi+J^ 
'l-mutawassit-u), fy^\ f^. baJiru- 
'l-ritm-i, yi-^S^ j«-J\ al-bahru-'l- 
abyad-u, the Mediterranean;^ 
{j^ f=: bahr bontus, Jj~.S\ ja5J\ 
aZ-6aArM-'Z-aswad, the Black Sea; 
jj«=3^ j=-. bahrv-'l-hazar-i, the Cas- 
pian Sea ; ^^\ js-, bahrti-'l- 
qulzum, wiy f=: bahr suivais, 
j*a.S\ ^a5-!\ al-bahru-'l-ahmav-u, 
the Eed Sea ; large river 
(Nile) ; title of large works ; 
liberal man; generous; wide- 
stepping horse ; metre ; split ; 

— hahar, consumption ; con- 
fusion, &c., see If?) ; —bahir, 
confused, frightened ; _ very 
thirsty ; consumptive ; — * T}^h- 
ra-t, pi. buhr, bihdr, land, district ; 
low-lands ; park ; place or town 
with water ; Medina ; pond, 

(^\f^. bahrdn, the Bahrein Islands ; 

— buhrdn, pi. bahdrin, critical 
day ; delirium ; — o buhrdniyy, 
pure and red (blood) ; foolish, 

{i^f^) bahran, inf. bahrana-t, have 
a crisis ; be delirious. 

(^/^. bahriyy, referring or belonging 
to the sea ; sea-green ; from 
Bahrein ; — 5 bahriyya-t, mari- 
ners, sailors ; ship. 

(:y^.f^. bahrain, the two seas, the 
White and Black, Mediterra- 
nean and Euxine ; the Bahrein 

(y^.) bahaz. A, inf. bahz, box the 

Ej^. bahzaj, calf ; foal of a camel ; 
dwarf ; short and stout. 

(lt-^^) for i^^-^^), dig and search 
the ground. 

Js". bahl, violent impulse. 

(u-^) II- tabahlas, have the hands 
empty, have nothing to do. 

^ bahnd', large basket for dates ; 
large village or camp. 

6i\i=r; bahndna-t, large spark ; large 
basket for dates. 

^^. huhCda-t, purity, &c., see 

>i»^. bahhih, mighty disputant ; 
the Sura hf tauba-t of the 
Quran ; — buhus, pi. of *^-=^. 
bahs, mine, &c. 

^^. buhuha-f, hoarseness, &c., see 

jf^. bahnr, wide-stepping courser; 

— buhdr, seas, &c., pi. of f=\ 

(u=^.), IV. INF. V=^.\ ibhd\ give way, 
refuse further service (beast of 

£«»; bahih, greedy. 




_>«==; hahir, consumptive ; — S buhai- 
ra-t, small lake ; Medina. 

^ ^ hah-in bah-in ! bah-i bah-i ! 
bah bah ! well done ! bravo ! — 
bahh, high-minded ; prince. 

(<y) ^ahh, V, iNP. bahh, be im- 
portant ; calm down (from 
anger) ; snore ; (m.) sprinkle 
tobacco with water ; drizzle. 

j^. buhur, pi. abhira-t, buhiii; 
vapour, steam ; smoke ; fog ; 
bad smell ; foul breath ; miasma ; 
fever ; — ^^ buMriyy, from Bo- 
khara ; fumigator. 

\j^. buhdnV, Bokhara. 

(j^^^. buhusis, presents, pi. of 
t/"«-*-!=^. bahsis. 

ic^. bahiVa-t, submission, &c., inf. 

(3^. buhdq, wolf. 

J^. bahhdl, great miser. 

'^\^. bahdnid, fine women, pi. of 

i\xi~=; bahanddt. 
it^^ &aA6a^, INF. bahbaha-t, call 

out bah bah, well done ! bravo ! 

rejoice ; be satisfied, pleased ; 

cry out (camel) ; grow cool ; 

resound ; snore ; subside (anger, 

&c.) ; — II. same meanings ; rest ; 

(m.) drizzle. 
i^ft=='. buhbuha-t, drizzling rain, 
(c:^) bahat, inf. baht, beat ; pass. 

be desponding. 
u>^. baht, destiny, fortune, luck, 

especially good luck ; j^\ ut«!fe; 

baht aswad, bad luck, misfor- 
tune ; — buht, Bactrian camel ; 
j^ u:,.s^_ bioht Nasar, Nabuchodo- 

g;S=p btihtaj, pi. bahdtij, cooked, 

boiled (Pers.). 

(r*^-) 6^'^^*'') I- S'lid II- have a 
graceful gait, balance in walk- 
ing, walk wantonly, swagger ; 
II. grow proud ; — » bahtara-t, 
graceful gait ; — ^5 hahtariyy, 
and — 

pi^. bihtir, having a graceful gait. 

(;^) bahsar, inf. bahsara-t, sepa- 
rate, disperse; — v. be separated, 

disperse (n.) ; — S bahsara-t, 

O-^ bahdan, delicate girl. 

i]^) bahar, u, inf. bahr, steam ; — 
bahir, a, inf. bahdr, stink, have 
a bad smell, foul breath ; 11. 
fumigate ; smoke ; perfume ; — 
IV. cause the breath to be foul ; 

— V. perfume one's self, be 

fr bahar, stench, foul breath ; — 
hahir, strong smell. 

(j*;) bahaz, inf. hahz, gouge an 

((-r-*;) bahas, a, inf. bahs, diminish ; 
injure ; wrong ; — 11., v. waste 
away; — vi. deceive and injure 
each other. 

i^*'. bahs, excessive taxes or tri- 
bute ; defect, injury ; defective 
measure, low price ; the gouging 
of an eye. 

(tr**'.) bahs, make a hole, pierce ; 

— II. give a gratuity (m.) ; — ii 
buhsa-t, pi. biihnj, abhds, hole. 

c r-"^ . bahsas, give a gratuity (m.). 

u^e-i^ bahsis, pi. baMSis, (m.) 
gratuity, present, bribe ; pin- 
money (Pers.). 

((jo*:) bahas, a, inf. bahs, gouge ; 

— V. stare at with wonder. 
(d^-) io,ha', INF. ba¥, cut the 

throat ; commit suicide from 
despair; dig a well until water 
comes ; give sincere advice ; 
carry on with zeal ; believe the 
news ; (m.) blame publicly ; — 
bahi', INF. buhiV, bahd'a-t, sub- 
mit to (J li), plead guilty ; — 6 
bah'a-t, public blame ; shame, 
putting to shame. 

((3==:) bahaq, blind a person of one 
eye ; — bahaq, v, bahiq. A, grow 
blind ; — iv. knock out an eye. 

(3*^. bahuq, kerchief. 

(J*:) bahul, INF. buhl, bahal, be 
miserly, avaricious ; — 11. re- 
proach with avarice ; — iv. find 

J^, bahal, very miserly ; — buhul, 




pi. of Jsi^. bahil, miserly ; — huhl, 
huhill, hahl, hahal, avarice ; — 
huhhal, pi. of ^y^\>. bdhil, miserly. 

'^. huhald', pi. of J-s*". hahil, 

I<^. hahni, any plant without a 

({:>*'.) hahn, tall, long ; — (^.\ ih- 
hann, inf. (jU=£;\ ihhindn, sleep ; 
take an upright position ; — 
ibhilnn, ibha'ann, inf. ibhtndn, 
ibhi'iutn, die. 

i\,u=='. hahandd-t, ,^Ai==; hahanda, 
pi. hahdnid, ■well-made woman 
with delicate knuckles ; — ih- 
handa, be such. 

i3^ huhiaq (cd.^ htihnaJc), ker- 
chief, veil ; snail-shell. 

(j*^.) bahd, INF. fcaA*") subside, 
calm down. 

^. bahw, bad date ; soft. 

;^. hahur, pi. hahilnit, scent, per- 
fume ; fragrant wood for fumi- 

Jj=^. buhfil, avarice. 

c=.-<=^. 6a^(7, fortunate, happy, 

(Jrt*^. bahiq, one-eyed, blind. 

Jt!==: bahil, pi. buhul, buhald' , 
miserly, avaricious. 

(jij) jj ji> 6a(i JatZ, well done ! 
bravo ! — badd, fatigue, tired- 
ness ; — bidd, similar, eqvial ; — 
budd, pi. bidada-t, abddd, idol ; 
separation; part, portion; equiva- 
lent ; flight, escape ; (^ -^ S Zti 
budd mill, there is no help from, 
one must; Id budd, by all 
means, necessarily ; — bad', pi. 
^■^ budu', abdd', beginning ; 
master ; pi. ;•*} budtV, abdd', 
first portion of a slaughtered 
camel ; new well ; — S bidda-t, 
budda-t, power; pi. bidad, budad, 
portion, share ; — biidda-t, ex- 

(.ij) badd, V, INF. badd, separate ; 
remove, keep separate ; injure ; 
place a cloth under the saddle ; 
— II. separate, disperse ; (m.) 
squander ; be drowsy with 

fatigue ; — III. INF. biddd, m.u- 
bddda-t, exchange goods ; — iv. 
distribute ; stretch the hand 
towards the ground; — v. sepa- 
rate (n.) ; get separated, dis- 
persed ; distribute between each 
other ; cover entirely ; — vi. 
fight man to man ; take as an 
equal ; — viii. two attack one 
on both sides ; two children 
suck one mother ; — x. treat a 
thing by or claim it for one's 
self ; usurp ; follow one's own 

(\jj) badd'. A, INF. ^ bad', begin, 
commence ; do a thing the first ; 
bring the first news ; emigrate ; 
pass, get the small-pox; — il. 
(m.) accept for a novice (in a 
convent) ; do one thing before 
(j_jlc 'ala) another ; — iv. make 
a beginning ; be the first to 
do ; create ; emigrate ; — v. 
begin; — viii. begin; do first 
before anything else ; (m.) be 
a novice. 

\-^ bad-an, first ; before all ; — 
buddd, inhabitants of the desert, 
&c., pi. of ^^J^J bddi ; — 4 had'a-f, 
a mushroom ; first portion of a 
slaughtered camel ; portion ; — 
bad'a-t, bid'a-t, bxid'a-t, begin- 
ning ; — bud'a-t, prince ; — badd- 
'a-f, budd'a-t, beginning ; any- 
thing unexpected ; done or said 
ex tempore. 

cW baddh, pi. huduh, extensive 
and good laud ; — biddh, plains, 
pi. of c^ bidk. 

j\>i> baddd, challenge for combat ; 
— biddd, saddle-cloth ; — exchange 
of goods, INF. III. of (Jj) ; — 
biddd, baddd, portion, share ; 
contribution ; comrades. 

;U> biddr, inf. hi. of jJj , q.v. ; — 
biddr-an, baddr-i, make haste ! 
look sharp ! be quick ! 

J\.vj hiddl, exchange, iii. of (JJ<) ; 
— badddl, dealer in victuals. 

t)\>^ baddn, » baddna-t, corpulence. 




^^•^ baddha-t, buddha-i, pi. badd'ih, 
beginning; anything unexpected; 
improvisation ; readiness. 

ii)W baddwa-t, first appearance ; 
beginning ; a mushroom ; — 
baddwa-t, biddwa-t, desert life ; 

— pi. baddwdt, efforts. 

j^jW baddiviyy, biddwiyy, referring 
to the desert ; inhabitant of the 

•^^■^ badd'id, saddle-cloths, pi. of 
•J^-^ biddd. 

(S\.M, hadd'i', new things, &c., pi. of 
&«>i} badi'a-t. 

"ij^Jj badd'ih, unheard-of things, pi. 
of to\Aj baddha-t. 

^^•ii baddya-t=^'ij\'^ baddwa-t, q.v. 

(c-^) badah, inp. badh, cut down, 
fell ; cleave ; beat ; do or say 
ex tempore, improvise ; commu- 
nicate a secret (sj hi) ; not be 
able to carry the burden ; press 
upon, be hard upon ; have an 
affected walk ; — v. have an af- 
fected walk ; — VI. throw at each 
other anything not hard. 

f^. bidh, pi. biddh, plain, spacious 
place, square ; — buduh, extensive 
and good lands, pi. of ^•^. baddh; 

— U.JO badah-an (adv.), openly, 
distinctly ; — 5 badha-t, court- 

(fe-^) badah, badih, badtth, inf. 
badh, baddha-t, be in a high 
position ; (m.) be proud ; 
squander ; — v. boast, be proud. 

C-M badh, pride ; (m.) dissipation. 

\d.j^, budahd', pi. of ^.-^ badih, 
eminent, &c. 

JJu badad, need, want ; exchange ; 
power, ability ; badad-an, singly, 
dispersedly ; by way of ex- 
change ; — bidad, portions, pi. 
of '>^ bidda-t ; bklad-an, in 
portions; — s bidada-t, idols, &c., 
pi. of J*} budd. 

(_>A>) badar, u, inf. badur, badr, 
come quickly or unexpectedly 
upon {lJ\ ila) ; surprise ; break 
forth suddenly ; — iii. inf. nrn- 
bddara-t, biddr, hasten; over- 

take, anticipate; break forth 
suddenly ; improvise ; — iv. rise 
over one and light his journey 
(sun, moon) ; administer with 
full powers (guardian the for- 
tune of a ward); — vi. hasten 
together, hasten up ( J\ ila) ; — 
VIII. hasten ; surprise ; overtake, 

)J^ badr, perfect state or condition ; 
pi. budur, full moon ; disc ; ma- 
ture youth ; prince ; — i badra-t, 
pi. bidar, full, fresh eye ; a weight 
(20 rati) ; pi. budur, bidar, milk- 
bucket of lamb's skin. 

(jj>^) badraq, inf. badraqa-t, waste, 
squander ; v. be squandered. 

i4;'i> badriyy, rain before winter 
time ; fat ; partaker in the 
battle of Badr. 

(gJj) bada', inf. bad', produce, 
originate, begin ; dig a well 
till water comes ; — badi', a, 
INF. bada', grow fat ; — badu', 
INF. badd'a-t, budii'a-t, be per- 
fect, incomparable ; — ii. impute 
a new invention, an innovation, 
a heresy to (ace.) anybody ; 
(m.) do anything extraordinary ; 
— IV. be the first to do a thing ; 
be original (poet) ; cause a 
heresy ; excel in doing a thing ; 
leave in the lurch, abandon in 
need ; — ubdi', his camel has 
become disabled ; — v. turn to- 
wards new things; — viii. pro- 
duce new things; — x. consider 
as new. 

gJj badi', new ; — bid', new, origi- 
nal ; invention ; eminent man ; 
fleshy body ; pi. abdd', budu', 
wonderful, incomparable ; — 
hud', pi. of JJ^ badi', wonderful, 
&c. ; — ii bid'a-t, pi. bida', any- 
thing new, innovation, heresy, 
schism ; oppression ; pig ; bida', 
pi. incomparable women. 

^J^■^. bid'atiyij, tyrant ; heretic. 

^^J>} bid'iyy, heretical. 

it^) badig, a, inf. badag, pollute 


one's self witli a crime ; inf. 
hadg, crack nuts and almonds, 
f ^V badg, shells of nuts or almonds ; 

— ladig, polluted ; pi. hadignn, 
fat, strong. 

(J-M) badal, u, inf. badl, change, 
exchange, interchange ; mistake 
one thing for another ; — badil, 
A, INF. badal, have pains in the 
hands and joints; — ii. take or 
give in exchange ; change ; in- 
vert ; do one thing instead of 
another ; — iii. inf. mtibddala-t 
hidctl, give in exchange ; — iv. 
take in exchange ; change against 
(>-;-> bi) ; place a word in apposi- 
tion ; — V. accept in exchange ; 
get exchanged, mistaken, al- 
tered ; (m.) alternate, relieve 
one another ; change dress ; — 
have pains in the hands or 
joints ; wander ; — vi. inter- 
change ; — VII. be interchanged ; 

— X. demand an exchange ; ac- 
cept in exchange. 

J^ hadal, bidl, pi. abdiil, compen- 
sation ; substitution ; equiva- 
lent ; exchange ; apposition ; 
requital ; generous, magnani- 
mous ; J-^^ '~*)f^ hari'ifi(-'l- 
badal-i, letters which are inter- 
changed ; — badal, gout in the 
hand; — badil, gouty; — 5 bad- 
la-t, (m.) complete suit of 
clothes ; vestment ; — bidla-t, 
change of dress. 

S.XJ bvdala , substitutes, pi. of JiJ>} 

(yJj) badan, u, inf. badn, budn, 

— hadvn, inf. hadti, baddn, 
hadana-f, grow corpulent, fat ; 

— II. grow old and weak ; be 
very rich ; clothe one with a 
coat of mail. 

y.i> badan, pi. abdiin, body, trunk; 
memlier ; entrenchment, ram- 
part, wall ; short coat of mail ; 
relationship, race, family ; dig- 
nity ; pi. abdiin, old mountain 
goat; a lady's belt; pi. bndihi, 
old; — badiii, old; stout, fat; 

— budun and buddan, pi. of 
(^.>i> , q.v. ; — 6 badana-t, pi. 
budun, animal to be sacrificed 
in Mecca according to a vow ; 

— iS badaniyy, bodily ; corpu- 
lent ; — h badaniyya-t, corpu- 

(ajj) badah, a, inf. badh, come 
unexpectedly, surprise ; answer 
or speak ex tempore ; — iii. 
inf. mubddaha-t, come unex- 
pectedly ; — VI. practise impro- 
visation together ; — viii. speak 
ex tempore, improvise. 

6J^ badh, budh, beginning. 

( jJj) badd, V, commence, begin ; 
INF. badd' , go into the desert ; 

— INF. baddwa-t, living in the 
desert ; — inf. badtv, buduivw, 
badi', badd'a-t, appear; — inf. 
bad>v, badd', badd'a-t, occur sud- 
denly ; — badi, A, INF. bada, 
abound in mushrooms ; — iii. 
INF. mubdddt, transgress ; act 
unjustly ; show openly ; — iv. 
show or do openly ; do for the 
first time ; go beyond measure ; 
show ; — V. live in the desert ; 
show one's self, appear ; — vi. 
imitate or resemble the inhabi- 
tants of the desert ; show openly 
mutual hatred. 

j'i} badw, desert ; beginning ; — 

budu,', pi. of J^ bad' ; inf. of 

(j-^), q.v. 
uu^jjj hadawdf, pi. new opinions; 

innovations; uL^^•i^ ^^ -nbadawdt, 

fertile in new ideas, inventive ; 

C;-^ badi'i/i, mystical word written 

under the address of a letter, 

as an invocation for its safe 

j;^ biidih; full moons, Ac, pi. of 

j^ badr, milk-buckets of lamb's 

skin, pi. of ij.^ badi-a-t. 
(ij^) badd, inf. bady, badi, begin ; 

— IV. go beyond measure ; — v., 
VIII. begin ; appear. 

O'*^ ba,diyy, new ; first. 




(4-*» badih, pi. budahd', eminent in 

rank and dignity, 
'ia-^ hadid, open plain; portman- 
teau ; pi. hadd'id, abidda-t, 
saddle-cloth ; equal, similar ; — 
» badida-t, calamity ; desert ; 
Qi^. badl', pi. had', wonderful, 
astonishing, rare ; incompatible ; 
inventor, discoverer ; creator ; 
e»^ CJ-M badi' sani', the Holy 
Ghost ; invention, discovery ; 
^.■^\ ^ 'alam albadi', art of 
fine style, rhetoric ; the human 
frame ; doubly twisted rope ; 
new leathern flask ; fat ; — « 
badi'a-t, pi. bada'i', anything 
wonderful, new, unheard-of. 
J?.-^ badil, pi. ahdcil, budald', sub- 
stitute ; an upright, pious man ; 
pi. the seventy just ones. 
{^•^ badin, pi. biidun, buddan, fat 

and strong. 
Wj>^ hadih-an, ij^j ^^ 'ala badih-in, 
unexpectedly ; ex tempore ; — S 
badiha-t, anything unexpected ; 
occurring thought, sally ; ex 
tempore speech ; improvisation ; 
(m.) beginning ; principle ; — ^ 
badiJiiyy, S , ex tempore, impro- 
vised ; unexpected ; (m.) from 
principle, essential ; pi. badihiy- 
ydt, unforeseen occurrences. 
(•^) ba?z, V, INF. bazz, bazim-t, 
conquer, overcome, overtake ; — 
baziz. A, INF. bazaza-t, bazdz, 
bizdz, buzuza-t, be in a bad 
condition, be badly off; be old 
and dirty ; — iii. inf. mubdzza-t, 
try to overtake ; — viii. inf. 
ibtizdz, receive one's due from 
another ; cut off ; — x. inf. 
istibzdz, treat a thing by or 
claim it for one's self ; usurp ; 
possess exclusively ; follow one's 
own head. 
•M bazz, victory, conquest ; old, 
worn out; dirty; f. », bad, 
equal ; — bizz, equal ; — 8 bizza-t, 
portion, share. 
Q^.) baza', A, INF. baz\ find abo- 

minable ; contemn, despise ; 
blame ; — bazi', offer no food 
(pasture ground) ; baza', bazi', 
bazu', INF. baza, bazd'a-t, be 
impudent ; — iii. inf. mubdzdt, 
bizd', talk or act impudently, 
commit fornication, adultery. 

•>Uj bazdz, 8 bazdza-t, bad con- 
dition; dirt (i>). 

j^'i? bizdr, pi. of j^ bizr, seed ; — » 
bazdra-t, bazdrra-t, dissipation, 
squandering; — buzdra-t, abun- 
dance ;, descendants. 

(c^) bazah, A, inf. bazh, split, 
wound ; peel, skin ; — baziJt, 
inf. bazah, be sore ; be of no 
use ; — V. rain. 

ci> bazh, pi. buznh, split; — hizh, 
wound or scar in the hand. 

(c-^) bazlh, bizih=^. bahh, well 
done ! bravo ! — bazah, inf. 
buzi'ih, be high, proud ; — bazih, 
A, INF. bazah, same meanings ; 

— V. id. 

fc>^ bazah, pride. 

(j^) bazar, v, inf. bazr, sow, 

scatter seed ; spread, preach ; 

push forth the seed (ground) ; 

— II. sow, scatter ; spread 
about, promulgate; squander; 
try, tempt one; — v. get foul 
and yellow (water). 

j-ii bazir, sower, winnower ; chat- 
terer ; abundant ; — bazr, grain 
of seed ; descendants ; pi. buzur, 
bizdr, seed, grain of seed ; — 
buzur, blabbers, pi. oi j}k bazilr; 

— 6 bazra-t, grain of seed ; child, 

(jjjj) bazraq, inf. bazraqa-t, pro- 
tect, escort ; — protector, who 
escorts ; — bazraqa-t, protection, 

i^j-i? buzurra, vain ; dissipated, 

(gju) baza'. A, INF. baz, i., iv. 
frighten ; — i. drop, fall in 

(jCJij), vcA>\ ibza'arr, inf. ibzi'rdr, 
flee and disperse ; try to reach 

a thing first. 




^h lazq, pi. hvzfiq, guide ; small. 
(;»'^), ;i\^ ihxaqarr=fi>^ ihza'ar; 

remain separate (blood in water). 
(laiJj) hazqat, INF. bazqata-t, waste 

(a.). • • 
(J'i}) bazal, I, u, INF. 6nzZ, give 

abundantly ; give with one's 

own hands ; take pains, make 

efforts; — V. do a thing one's 

self ; be not sparing with one's 

own ; waste ; dissipate ; — vi. 

give to each other; — viii.=v. ; 

use a thing daily. 
J'i} iazl, giving for a present ; 

generous gift ; — S h!:ht-t, every 

day dress. 
fcS^ bizldk, who promises without 

keeping his word. 
gJj^ bazlah, INF. bazlaha-t, promise 

without giving effect to the 

((♦•i}) bazum, inp. hazoma-t, keep 

one's senses in anger. 
(•■^ bvzm, full senses ; intellect ; 

perseverance ; strength ; skin ; 

fattiness ; thickness. 
(}^) bazu', V, INP. haza', hazii't, 

hazvj, talk ribaldry ; — iv. same 

Sjjij buziiza-t, bad condition. 
j}^ bnzur, pi. biizur, who blabs out 

secrets ; — htizih-, pi. of jj} bcizr, 

seed, &c. 
Jjjj haziral, libera], generous. 

^5^ baz-aii, impudence, ribaldry; 
— haziyy, f. i, pi. ahzlijati, im- 
pudent, talking ribaldry ; — 
bazi', id. ; without food. 

hM baziz, equal ; — ' baziza-t, por- 
tion, share ; bad portion, bad 
clothing; victory. 

j>jj 6a^ii-, blabber ; slanderer; j^i^ 
yij ka?ir Idzir, much, many. 

^?.>iJ baziw, i-clf-]iossessed ; power- 
ful ; i'oul (breath). 

(;>) larf, I ; bnfir, \, iNP. birr, 
act well towards God, parents, 
children ; make a pilgrimage ; 
be agreeable to God ; obey 
God ; — INF. harr, birr, hurur, 

be truthful; keep one's word 
or oath ; — ii. consider pious, 
just, truthful, or proclaim any- 
one to be so; justify; — "i- 
benefit ; live on a continent, in 
the country, in the desert; — 
IV. accept as duly performed ; 
confirm another's oath, sub- 
scribe to it ; live or travel in 
the country ; have many chil- 
dren ; be numerous ; conquer ; 
— V. be pious, obey God ; justify 
one's self; — vi. benefit each 
other, act with piety towards 
each other ; — viii. be separated 
from one's companions ; de- 
j> barr, continent, shore, bank ; 
pi. barara-t, abrdr, beneficent, 
pious, charitable; just; truth- 
ful ; God ; faithfulness to one's 
oath ; — birr, loving conduct, 
piety ; good action ; present ; 
truthfulnesss ; pilgrimage to 
Mecca; paradise; heart; young 
fox ; — birr, burr, inf. of (/) ; 

— burr, pi. abrdr, wheat ; — 
bar', creation, creating; — bur, 
liberation ; recovery ; cure ; — » 
bura-t, pi. i^f. buran, birin, biiriyi, 
burdt, ring for the nose of a 
camel ; anklet. 

{\fi) bara', a, inf. bar', bvnV, 
create; — bari',A,v, inf. bard', 
bard'a-t, bnrfi', be free from 
guilt ; — bara', inf. bvr', b7irii' ; 
bari', inf. bar', ; burx', inf. 
bur', biiri'i', recover; — ii. inf. 
tabri'a-t, acquit; remit a debt; 
cause to recover ; — iii. inf. 
mubdrdf, dismiss in a friendly 
and peaceable way (a companion, 
a wife) ; — iv. = iii. ; enter on the 
first or last day of the month; 

— V. get acquitted of a debt or 
guilt ; take refuge to (^_^\ ila) 
for the take of acquittal ; — vi. 
declare each other free from any 
obligation ; — x. demand ac- 
quittal ; abstain from one's 
wife ; abstain ; enter on the 


the first or last day of the 
V bira', pi. of ^^ hari\ recovered ; 

— barj\ bura, free, guiltless; 
INF. of (\;!) ; first or last day 
of a month; — bird', bin-d', pi. 
of t5;i hari', pure, innocent, 
free; — hurd\ shavings. &c., pi. 
of i-i\j) burdya-t ; — barr-aii, 
abroad, in foreign countries ; 
outdoors, outside ; — barrd', 
maker of bows ; — 8 bardt, 
knife for shaving; pen-knife; 

— bar'dt, pi. burd', hiding- 
place of a hunter ; — bard'a-t, 
innocence ; recovery ; bard'a-t 
zlmma-t, receij)t. 

'^sAji bardbik, tales, stories, lies, 
pi. of i^>j) barbaha-t. 

ua^j} bardt, letter ; diploma ; patent ; 
edict ; privilege ; assignment ; 
receipt; — burdt, rings for the 
noses of camels ; anklets, pi. 
of iji bura-t ; — burrd-t, birrd-t, 
pi. good actions. 

*si>lj> bardtik, pi. low hills. 

c\;J bardh, clear, distinct ; evil ; 
large desert ; cV J*^^ habil 
bardh, lion, hero ; cV -^ '* 
bardh, certainly, at once, im- 
mediately ; — bardh-i (birdh-i), 

•i^jt burdd, cold ; inf. of (■iji) ; — 5 
burdda-t, chips, shavings, tilings ; 

— barrdda-t, vessel for cooling 
water ; watering-place. 

yjjl;} bardzin, slow beasts of bur- 
den, &c., pi. of tj;j;> barzun. 

ji;\;> bardra-t, innocence. 

(4;!;} bardri, deserts, pi. of hji 

)^;} bardz, vast plain ; — birdz, hu- 
man excrements ; stool ; sallying 
forth ; — s bardza-t, inf. of {)}'.)■ 

si'^ji bardxiq, iJ'jV bardzlq, as- 
semblies; by-paths, pi. of ^>>j;} 

'^\jt bardsd', troop of people, people, 
number of men. 

(•*"U( burdsim, sharp-sighted. 

i^^\ji burdsin, staring at. 

ij'^ji birds, deserts, pi. of i»y 

/♦t^j! biirdtim, having thick lips. 
*'=1;} bard'a-t, distinction ; elegance. 
I*^^)i bard'im, mountain-heights. 
g^;> barrdg, cupper. 
ki-»:?c^;> bardcfis, fleas, pi. of '^f'fi 

tr-iO^;! bardgis, pi. generous animals 

v3^;} burdq, the animal on which 

Mahomet ascended to heaven ; 

— barrdg, flashing, shining; f. 

i , beautiful, handsome ; — h 

barrdqiyya-t, splendour, bril- 
cs)\)> birdJc, pi. biirJc, sword-fish ; — 

blessing ; — bardk-i bardk-i, 

courage I take courage! — (m.) 

barrdk, miller ; — h burdkiyya-t, 

a kind of ship. 
'^\j> birdhV, pi. bard'ik, endurance 

in battle ; kneeling down. 
(JV) bur'al, INF. bar'ala-t, bristle 

up the feathers of the neck 

(cock in fighting) ; — ii., ix. the 

f>\i birdm, kettles, pi. of a,.^} bnr- 

ma-t ; — burdm, pi. abrima-t, 

&Mj> bardmika-t, the Barmakides, 

pi. of o^j? barinakiyy. 
iA>\^ bardnik, a kind of black 

dresses, pi. of t)^^;* barnakdn, 

^J\j> bardniyy, pots, &c., pi. of ^ji 

barniyya-t; — barrd)iiiiy,e\terna,\; 

foreign ; forged (^coin). 
A&^^> bardhini, f»4*>V bardhim, i 

bardhima-t, pi. of (•«*\;!\ ibrdhim, 

y,*Ci\^ bardhman, pi. bardhima-t, 

Brahmin. . 
(^*a>\^ bardhin, arguments, &c., pi. 

of (Jjtj> hurhdn. 
k^/ bardyd', creatures, pi. of iiji 

uiX^ji bard'ik, pi. of \^\} bardkd', 

Jfl;( burd'il, iji\)i buraila, small 

feathers of the neck ; plants ; 




— J )>\ ahu-hurd'il, ^ lurd'iliyy, 
h^j> hurdya-t, pi. hura', shaving, 
chip, paring ; fat ; endurance on 
a long journey. 
_)^;) harbdr, murmuring, clattering, 

crying out ; lion. 
ij->^ji birbds, deep well. 
(^^) harbah, pi. hardbih, earthen 
water-pipe ; water-duct ; urinary 
canal from the kidneys ; sink, 
^y^js harbahtiyy, chameleon. 
(a*) io-i^bar, INF. barbara-t, bleat ; 
be clamorous, noisy ; (m.) mur- 
mur, grumble. 
j>ji barbar, pi. bardbir, bardbira-t, 
native of Barbary ; — birbir, i , 
bleating of sheep ; — burbur, i , 
clamorous, noisy; — 4^ barbariyy, 
the same ; — h barbariyya-t, 
(ij^.)i) barbae, inf. barbasa-t, seek, 
look for ; — 11. walk like a dog ; 
walk lightly, softly ; pass 
(w°*^) barbae, inf. » , water the 

ground abundantly. 
(Is?;}) barbat, pi. bardbit, lute, harp, 
(ci};}) barbak, inf. s , cheat ; tell 
stories (m.) ; — 'i barbaka-f, pi. 
bardbtl;, deceit ; fable, story, 
jy^ burbur, jjearl-wheat. 
(kij,>) barat, a, inf. bart, cut; — 
barit, a, inf. barat, be astonished, 
perplexed, confused ; — S burta-t, 
skill, cunning. 
yUu^ bortnqdn, orange, 
(cdjjj) bartah, firmly insist. 
J\^y bortuhdl, orange. 
{^js) baris, a, inf. baras, live in 

ease and enjoyment. 
»i»j> bars, pi. birds, abrds, buriis, 
bardrls, good soft ground ; sand- 
hill ; good guide. 
(Uy) barsat, inf. » , stay at home ; 
ascend a mountain ; sit with 
crossed legs (in Oriental fashion), 
i^jt bursun, pi. bardsin, fleshy part 
of the paws ; paw ; hand. 

i^fji bursut-at, dangerous place. 

{tf.) barij, a, inf. baraj, have eyes, 

the white of which is visible all 

round the black; have food 

and drink in abundance ; look 

well ; — II., XV. build a tower ; 

II. predict from the stars; — v. 

display one's self in adornment 

(woman to men). 

sy haraj, pi. abrdj, of a handsome 

face; INF. of (e;»); — iwrj, pl- 

biirvj, abrdj, abrija-t, tower, 

castle; stations of the zodiac; 

angle ; support ; supreme power. 

Wy barjd', f . of E;}^ ahraj, having 

beautiful eyes. 
A=.j3 burjud, pl. bardjid, garment of 
a coarse material, or, by oppo- 
sition, a fine garment. 
(^ji) barjam, inf. » , speak 

if^^fi) burjum, burjuma-t, pl. bard- 
jim, middle joint of a finger ; 
middle finger ; knuckle. 
{j'-^iA-ji birjis, planet Jupiter. 
{Cf-) barah, inf. burdh, show the 
left side coming from the right ; 
— V, inf. bark, be angry ; — 
barih. A, inf. bardh, leave, dis- 
continue ; sojourn in the desert ; 
come to light ; become mani- 
fest ; — II. cause pain and 
trouble ; — iv. astonish, please ; 
do marvels ; honour ; injure ; — 
V. be grieved. 
C)i bark, misfortune, evil ; — S 
burha-t, pl. burah, excellent she- 
U-jj buraM', greatest calamity ; 

paroxysm ; disorder ; grief. 
^_^Ji barha, well hit ! 
tji barh, increase ; abundance ; 
cheapness ; power ; thinness, 
weakness ; cut of a sword ; — 
II. barrah, submit humbly. 
^Ji.U.J} barkds', confusion. 
i\^£.ji burahdd-t, delicate, fleshy 

(>iji) barad, u, inf. bard, be cold, 
freeze, make cold or freeze; 
die ; sleep ; — inf. htrdd, burud, 



be weak, ill; dry up, get lean, 
thin ; be blunt ; cool with 
water ; put collyrium on the 
eye ; file ; beat ; kill ; send as 
a messenger ; be incontestable ; 
hail ; — barud, inf. burfcda-t, 
be cold ; be incontestable ; 
abate (n.) (pain) ; — ii. cool, 
refresh ; assuage ; abate (a.) ; 

— III. treat one coldly ; — iv. 
bring anything refreshing ; give 
anything cold to drink ; enter 
into the coolness of evening ; 
weaken ; send as a messenger ; 

— V. refresh one's self; take a 
cold bath ; abate (n.) ; — vi. 
treat each other coldly ; — viii. 
pour cold water upon one's self ; 
refresh one's self by a cold 
drink ; — x. find cold. 

•iji baracl, pi. burild, hail ; — bar id, 
cold, hailing (cloud) ; — bard, 
cold (s. and adj.) ; sleep, rest ; 
spittle ; al-barddn, morning and 
evening ; — burd, » , pi. burild, 
abrud, abrild, striped garment, 
upper garment ; wing (of a 
locust, &c.) ; fi-^ J;? burd fdhir, 
war ; — burud, messengers, &c., 
pi. of Jii^ barld; — » barada-t, 
barda-t, indigestion ; — barada-t, 
hail- stone ; middle of the eye ; 
— burda-t, pi. burad, striped 
upper garment ; curtain ; cloak 
of a dervish. 

\'ij> buradd', shiver of an ague. 

fcW;} birduh, polish, finish, com- 
pletion (m.). 

y^J;} barddn, cold, freezing. 

k\<>f. burddya-t, curtain, 

E^j} bardaj, prisoner (Pers.) 

(y«0;») birdis, haughty ; repugnant, 


icjy barda'tt't, pi. barddi', saddle- 
cloth, pack-saddle ; — ^■iy. bar- 
da'iyy, maker of such. 

^J^iJ> bardiyy, papyrus ; branch ; 
wing of the locust ; — burdiyy, 
a kind of dates ; — » bardiyya-t, 
cold fever, ague. 

y»»>>;> birdis^ ij-'^ji birdis. 

(c**;?) bardah, I, 6 , smooth, polish ; 
complete ; — ii. get smoothed, 
polished ; be refined, civilised. 
t^}i burzaj, roar of a lion, 
(gj;?), ibranza, be ready, 
^jjj barza'a-t^-i^-if. barda'a-t. 
(oV) barzan, inf. » , overcome, 
conquer ; not be able to answer 
from exhaustion ; walk as a 
beast of burden. 
(^}^}i birzaun (burzi'in), pi. (^A^ji 
bardzhi, slow beast of burden ; 
pack-horse ; Turkish horse. 
6yj barara-t, pi. of j^ bdrr, inno- 
cent, &c. 
( j;>) baraz, inf. buruz ; bariz, A, inf. 
baraz, go into the open plain ; 
appear ; show forth (n.) ; issue ; 
— baruz, inf. bardza-t, be abste- 
mious, virtuous ; — II. make come 
forward ; make known ; surpass 
others in virtue and bravery, in 
swiftness ; save his master by 
his swiftness (horse) ; go to 
stool ; — III. inf. mubdraza-t, 
step forward for a single com- 
bat ; fight a duel ; provoke ; — 
IV. make come forward, publish ; 
intend a journey ; take pure 
gold ; — V. go out ; — vi. come 
forward against each other for 
a single combat ; separate from 
the crowd to seek one's com- 
panion (mutually) ; — x. cause 
or wish anyone to come forward, 
anything to appear, 
j^ barz, intelligent ; venerable ; 
moderate ; one who goes forth ; 
open tract of land ; — 5 barza-t, 
respectable matron ; mountain 
summit ; steepness ; — birza-t, 
look, aspect. 
^\)ji. birzdg^t)}'- burzug, q.v. 
{t')/) barzah, pi. bardzi/p, interval ; 
barrier ; medium ; isthmus ; 
time between death and resur- 
rection ; tomb ; abyss, depth ; 
the Holy Ghost, 
(icjji) barza'a-t, bed, couch, 
(gj^) burzug, liveliness, sprightli- 
ness ; well-grown fellow. 




(Jj;^) burzal, heavy man. 

t}j}i burzi!ij=^j,^ hurzug. 

^j-ii barziyy, venerable. 

i3?.};i birziq, pi. haroziq, assembly ; 

i:fi)ji birzin, cup of palm-tree wood. 
(ij->]i) baris, A, INF. haras, be hard 

on a debtor ; — ii. level and 

soften the around. 
ij-y! bars, opiate ; — hirs, bars, skill 

of a guide. 
^/ barsd', troop, number of people. 
f>X-;> birsdm, pleurisy ; headache. 
(l*~')>), pass, hursini, suffer from 

(^)i) baras, spot on the nail; — 

burs, pi. abras', piebald ; — ix. 

ibrass, inf. ibrisds, be piebald ; 

— 6 bursa-t, spot (of a horse). 
(J^'y)) barns', INF. bars, fade 


gU^ birs'd' = ^ji hin'i'. 

|.U^ birsdm, sharp-sighted eye. 

yU.^ barsdn, people of the same 
creed ; — hursdn, wafer, holy 
wafer, host. 

<.t~&^> 6iVi«'<, soft-boiled egg (Pers.). 

Q^f:) bars'at, inf. i , tear with the 

(j&ji) birsi', tall and stout ; head- 
strong ; malicious ; stupid, 

(^jAjj) barsaq, inf. i , cut into 
pieces ; beat with a whip ; — 
III. inf. ibrinsdq, rejoice (n.) ; 
blossom ; expand (flower). 

»s^;j barsak, inf. s , divide and 
place separately. 

(l**'ji) bar.Him, inf. ', show one's 
grief in the face ; frown ; mark 
with dots of different colours ; 

— INF. ii , and birsdm, fix one's 
look at a thing {^\ ila). 

((«Aj3) bars'atii, inf. i, brush (m.). 

j»«>^ burs urn, veil for the face. 

I«^;» barsdm, a high kind of palm- 

i*tAji barsima-i, brush (m.). 

(ji^jt) baris, a, inf. baras (also 
used in the pass.), be a leper; 

— II. render similar to a leper; 

shave the head ; water the 
ground before tilling it; — iv. 
render a leper; have a leprous 
child; cure from leprosy; — v. 
graze entirely off. 

(jO;? baras, white leprosy; — bars, 
camel-louse; — biirs, pi. of y^;!^ 
abras, leprous; — s hirasa-t, pi. 
poisonous lizards ; — biirsa-f, 
pi. birds, dwelling-place of the 
demons, genii. 

^■'ji barsd', grazed off; shining 
white ; f . of i^j>\ abras, leprous ; 
— burasd', pi. of ^j> baris, 
shining ; leprous. 

(>j^]i bars tun, leathern case for 
flasks, &c. 

i^f) barad, u, inf. bard, be little 
or few ; flow scantily ; — i, v, 
INF. bard, give little ; — inf. 
biirud, just sprout forth, so that 
the species cannot yet be recog- 
nised ; — II., IV. produce such 
sprouts in quantity ; — v. be 
satisfied with little ; receive 
anything piecemeal; sip with 
the edges of the lips. 

i^f. bard, pi. birdd, burdd, abrdd, 
a little, driblet ; — » barda-t, a 
little water. 

v>^;> bartds, pi. bardtis, sill (m.). 

iu-^f) bartas, inf. S, let beasts of 

{&j>) barta', inf. S , be agitated, 
moved, in emotion. 

( Jt;?) bartal, inf. » , give a present 
to the judge, bribe ; — ii. accept 
a bribe ; allow one's self to be 

Jt;} bartid, high cap; — S bartala-t, 
uuder-cap ; — bartuJla-t, small 

(^j>) bartam, inf. », stammer; 
swell with anger ; provoke to 
anger ; be very dark ; — ii. get 
angry at a speech. 

fJ'^i bartam, stammerer. 

(•y»j! birtinn, trunk (of an elephant, 
&c., m.). 

^^ barfih, melon. 

(€;») bara', inf. burn', hari' and 




haru', INF. bard'a-t, surpass 
others in knowledgre, virtue, 
beauty, <S:c. ; be perfect ; con- 
quer, vanquish; ascend a moun- 
tain ; — V. give as a present, 
bestow benefits of free will. 

(J^;?) hur'ul, the young of the 
hyena or jackal. 

(^;>) bar'am, inf. », i., ii. bud 

ft^ji bur'itm, 6 , pi. hard'im, (>jBj> 
bar'ilm, i , bud, chalice of a 
flower ; rose ; — pi. bard'hn, 
mountain heights. 

t/-**^ bir'is=ij-'iA}i bargh. 

{t}>) barg, spittle, drivel. 

tji barig, a, inf. barag, live in ease 
and enjoyment. 

>^-^^ bargas, inf. S , have fleas, be 
full of fleas ; — 6 bargasa-t, ash- 

fy. bargvz, malicious. 

iLT^j)) bargas, fly ; — ibragass, inf. 
ibrigs'ds, recover from an illness 
or wound and be able to walk 

(J^;}) burgvl, pearl-wheat. 

j^j? bargal, inf. » , live in a place 
near water, or between culti- 
vated land and the desert. 

(ii»^jj) burgiis, pi. bardgis, flea. 

^j> bargiyy, pi. bardgi, screw. 

(tr«*;0 birgis, patient ; not losing 
one's head ; — pi. bardgis, gene- 
rous camels. 

J^i;? birgil, pi. bardgil, country 
near water or between cultivated 
ground and desert. 

fiiji birfir, purple. 

(ii;0 baraq, v, inf. barq, buruq, 
burqdn, flash, lighten ; wink, 
threaten ; — inf. barq, bariq, 
burqdn, shine, glitter ; be bril- 
liant ; rise (star) ; adorn one's 
self ; — inf. barq, buruq ; bariq, 
A, INF. baraq, stare from fear ; 
burst through the heat (leathern 
pipe) ; — II. adorn one's self or 
one's house ; open the eyes wide 
and look sharp; undertake a 
long journey ; persist in rebel- 

lion ; be too diflScult for (sj bi) ; 

— IV. lighten ; threaten ; be 
struck by lightning; cause to 
flash ; adorn one's self ; desist ; 
unveil the face ; track a wild 

sif. baraq, pi. abrdq, birqdn, burqdn, 
lamb, ram; fear, fright; — barq, 
pi. buruq, lightning; brilliancy, 
flash ; — buraq, necessary busi- 
ness, pi. of iiy biirqa-t ; — burq, 
pi. African lizards ; — S barqa-t, 
confusion ; (m.) pain in the 
loins; — burqa-t, pi. buraq, urgent 
business ; bad ground. 

ifeji;? barqafia-t, ugliness. 

liifji birqaruq, plum (m.). 

(u^/) barqas, inf. 6 , be varie- 
gated ; separate (n.) ; paint 
gaudily, adorn ; bungle ; set to 
(^ 'ala) ; — ii. be gaudily 
adorned ; (m.) be piebald. 

tA*y birqis, ijr^^j> y^ abil bardqii, 
finch ; — i barqasa-i, confusion ; 
being piebald. 

Q=^yt) barqat, inf. » , make short 
steps ; turn round in running ; 
disperse (a.) ; speak without 
order ; ascend a mountain ; sit 
in Oriental fashion ; — ii. fall 
on the back of the head ; get 
mingled in pasturing. 

i!=*;j barqata-t, short step. 

(^f.) barqa', inf. i , veil; cover 
one's animal; hit on the ears; 

— II. veil one's self. 

^^. birqi', burqu', seventh heaven ; 

— burqa', burqu', pi. bardqi\ a 
lady's veil, which allows only 
the eyes to be seen ; curtain ; — 
6 burqu'a-t, mark by branding 

(Ji;3) barqal, inf. », lie; lighten 

without raining. 
\J'')'f. barqi'J, pi. bardqii, worn-out 

gyy barqu', burqu', violent ; — 

burqu' =^)>. burqa', veil. 
^3yy burqiiq, birquq, apricot, yellow 

J->i;j birqil, ballista, cross-bow. 



(usJy) baraJc, v, inf. huruJc, tabruk, 
kneel ; stand firm ; (m.) be 
obliged to remain, not be able 
to get away ; sit down ; rain 
continuously ; exert one's self ; 

— ir. kneel down; make kneel 
down ; (m.) cause to remain ; 
be miller ; — say a blessing ; — 
III. INF. muharaka-t, carry on a 
thing (i^ 'ala) assiduously ; 
bless, make bappy ; pray for 
(i^ 'ala) ; — iv. make the camel 
kneel down ; — v. be blessed, 
happy ; hope for blessing, hap- 
piness, or good luck ; congratu- 
late one's self ; insist on (>_> bi) ; 

— VI. be praised and hallowed 
(God) ; accept as a good omen ; 
be blessed, fortunate ; — viii. 
place the chest on the ground 
for the rider to mount (camel) ; 
fight on one's knees ; rush for- 
ward ; lean over one's work ; 
carry on assiduously ; pour out 
much water ; rain continuously ; 
insult ; — X. be blessed, find 
blessed ; — * baraka-t, pi. bara- 
kdt, blessing, happiness ; abun- 
dance ; fertility ; — birka-t, 
kneeling down ; upper part of 
the chest ; a striped stuff ; pi. 
birak, pond, fountain-basin ; 
milk-pail ; milking ; — burka-t, 
pi. burak, abruk, birkan, hurkan, 
duck ; frogs ; persons of rank ; 
tax ; tax-gatherers. 

y^> birkan, pi. of iif. burka-t, 
q.v. ; — burkdn, volcano (m.). 

(C^y) iarka', inf. » , cut, cut off ; 
throw on the ground ; — ii. fall 

(fj>) baram, inf. barm, fix, make 
firm; twist a rope tight; (m.) 
turn round, roam about ; — 
barim, a, inf. baram, be ill- 
tempered, peevish; be embar- 
rassed ; — II. turn to and fro 
(a.) ; make ill-tempered ; — iv. 
twist the rope doubly ; make 
firm ; render ill-tempered ; im- 
portune by questions ; — v. be 

ill-tempered ; — vii. be firmly 
twisted ; be fixed. 

(•;» baram, pi. dbrdm, toil, grief; 
miser ; trouble-feast ; unripe 
grapes ; mountain summits ; — 
barim, unbearable (person) ; — 
biirm, rope ; — 6 barma-t, turn, 
twist ; — burma-t, pi. burm, 
buram, birdm, stone vessel for 
cooking; kettle. 

o^/ barmakiyy, pi. bardmika-t, 

J?*;} bar mil, pi. bardmU, cask (m). 

^^;? barndsd', man. 

ij^ji baranta, ill-tempered, peevish. 

'sl.Ty baranjik, gauze, crape (Turk.). 

•^j! birand, birind, old sword ; 
glitter of a sword. 

(ij^ji) burnus, i>l. bardnis, a kind 
of hood ; prince ; — ii. tabarnas, 
put on a burnus. 

^^~^j>. barnasd Q-^f. barnasd), man. 

(j^ji barnakdn, barankdn, pi. bard- 
nik, a black garment (Pers.). 

^Jf. barraniyy, external, foreign ; 
— ' barniyya-t, pi. bardniyy, pot, 
vessel of earth or glass, jar ; 
young cock. 

^^)i burnaita-t, pi. bardnit, hat 

(3t;»;^ barniq, hippopotamus ; — bir- 
niq, mud ; a mushroom. 

(Sy) barih, a, inf. barah, burhdn, 
recover, regain strength ; have 
a white body ; — iv. proffer 
convincing proofs or arguments, 
get the better by arguments. 

iSy barah, delicacy of the skin; 
fat ; — S barlia-t, biirJia-t, length 
of time. 

^y> harhd, f. of Sjj^ abrah, white of 

yU»^ burhdn, pi. bardhin, argument, 
demonstration, proof, evidence ; 
clear sign ; decision ; prince, 
leader ; — inf. of (»;>) ; — ^^ 
burhdniyy, demonstrative ; de- 
cisive ; convincing. 

(^^/) barahraha-t, handsome and 
lively, bright. 



(/•*;») harham, inf. S , stare at 
(o'^ ila.) ; — * barhama-i, bur- 
himia-t, flower-bud. 

(:>♦*;> barahman, .^^ttj, harahinaiul, 
pi. bardhima-t, Brahman. 

(O^ji) barhan, INF. S, bring forth 
strong arguments, convincing 
proof ; testify ; — ii. dejnon- 
strate, argue ; be proved, de- 
monstrated ;— S barhana-t, de- 

^j^y. barahnt, burlinf, pit of the 
damned souls. 

(;j}) bard, u, I^fF. hiAvw, smoothe, 
plane, shave ; create ; put a 
ring through the nose of a 

}ji burn', recovery ; deliverance, 

'^^if- barawdf, diplomas, &c., pi. of 
""\;? bardt. 

S)}i buriij, towers, &c., pi. of Sji 

t}ji bar Ah, passing from the right 
to the left. 

J;;? bar Ad, cold ; cooling ; — burud, 
striped garments, &c., pi. of >>;> 
burd ; inf. of (J;>), q.v. ; dul- 
ness ; — ii buruda-t, coolness ; 
coldness ; dulness. 
_)j/ buritr, faithfulness to one's 

3;;? burilz, getting known, becoming 

evident, INF. of (j;!). 

^J'})! burud, pi. of ijo;! bard, a little ; 
INF. of (i>y). 

t))< bur A', perfection. 

(jjy} burAq, lightnings, &c., j)l. of 
x3y. barq ; inf. of {t3j>), q.v. 

>^y> burnk, kneeling, inf. of ('^^f) ; 
sweetmeat made of dates and 
butter ; — troops of camels, etc., 
pi. of '^ji barh; — i barwaha-t, 
female hedge-hog. 

^jj> barulcd', endurance ; kneeling. 

(tsy) bara, i, inf. ^_sf. bar-an, bary, 
plane, shave ; make or mend a 
pen; emaciate (a.); (m.) tear 
bj use; — III. inf. mubdrdt, imi- 
tate ; compete ; separate in a 
peaceable way from a partner 

or wife ; cover with dust ; 
soil ; find sugar canes ; — v. 
present one's self; free one's 
self; — VI. imitate each other, 
emulate ; — vii. be smootlied 
(arrow, Ac.) ; be made or mended 
(pen) ; be emaciated ; present 
one's self; bo ready; — viii. 
smooth ; be smoothed ; — x. 
examine, spy out ; reconnoitre. 

Ci;! bar-an, earth, dust ; — buran, 
rings for the noses of camels, 
111. of ij> bura-t ; — bariyy, 
smoothed, planed ; acquitted, 
free ; — bari' , pi. harinn, buraW, 
bird', abrd', iltri'd, burd', f. bari- 
'a-f, pi. barid-t, bariyydt, bardyd, 
pure, guiltless, innocent, free; 
pi. hiri!', recovered, cured ; — 
burra, friendly word ; — barriyy, 
rustic, wild; continental; country, 
man, native ; external, foreign ; 
level; — S fearya-/, making of a 
pen; — bariyya-t, pi. bariyydt, 
bardyd, creature, people ; — bar- 
riyya-t, pi. bardri, desert. 

>^^_;? bari'dt, bariyydt, see ^j^i bari'. 

i.s-j;> barrit, pi. bardrit, desert ; — 
birrit, prudent guide or leader ; 

^.f. barlh, bad omen; — j~).f. f^ umm 
barih, crow ; calamity. 

■iif. barld, pi. burud, ready ; mes- 
senger ; courier ; express ; J-i 
•^.)^\ hailu-'l-barid, relay horses; 
■^.y^\ 1-— =»^ sdhibu-'l-lxtrid, jwst- 
master; a measure= 16 English 

u~!;> harts, piebald. 

vjoj^ htrt^, pi. bura^d', shining; 
leprous; — bunds:, jsi,f. ^}. ahd 
buraif, lizard. 

^.j> bari', excellent, f. harl'a-t, 
handsome and witty (woman). 

vjj;? bariq, brilliancy ; inf. of ( jy) ; 
— brig (m.) ; — i hariqd-t, pi. 
bard'iq, milk with butter; light- 
ning, flash ; brilliancy. 

^i}> barik, pi. burk, blessed with 
abundance; barik and barika-t, 
dates with butter ; — brig (m.). 




/»j;} harim, twisted ; string of 
pearls, &c. ; amulet ; motley 
crowd ; army ; mixed herd ; 
dawn ; suspicious ; al-harimdn, 
liver and hump of the camel 
as a dish ; — 6 harima-t, harri- 
ma-t, borer ; cork-screw ; screw. 
t>>;J burin, pi. of 8/ hura-t; — ' 
harrma-f, birrina-t=i*lf> hari- 
<^j> huraih, ^y huraihim, little 

(ji) hazz, V, capture, rob, plunder ; 
INF. hazz, hizzizd, conquer, van- 
quish ; — VIII. INF. ihtizdz, take 
from by violence, rob. 
;} bazz, fine linen; silk; clothing; 
armour ; drapery ; superiority ; 
victory ; end ; inf. of (^>) ; — 
hizz, pi. bizdz, abzdz, nipple ; 
bosom ; (m.) mouth-piece of a 
pipe ; — 6 bizza-t, rich robe of 
honour ; garb ; arms, armour ; 
form, figure. 
)>\y. buzdhiz, agile, active ; strong 

but not brave. 
E^j> hizdj, boast, swagger. 
Sj'^^y bazddira-t, falconers, pi. of 

j^jjVj hdzddr. 
jV> bazzdr, seller of linseed, of 

j^j> hazzuz, linen-draper, draper ; 
merchant ; — * hizdza-t, linen 
g\;> husd', active servant ; — S 
bazd'a-t, good breeding, being 
well brought up. 
i3\)i bitzdq, spittle, saliva. 
J\j! bizdl, huzdl, bung ; bung- 
l\-f. huzd-t, falcons, hawks, pi. of 

jV) hdz. 
(;fj>.) bazbaz, inf. «, urge on; walk 
fast; take to flight; move about 
much and quickly ; conciliate ; 
disquiet ; steal, rob ; throw 
yyi biizbuz, agile, active. 
(CjO hurjij, V, INF. ha::j, Ijoast ; 
irritate against (^Lc 'ala) ; — 
II. ad<.irn ; — III. INF. nuib'tznja-f, 

hizdj, boast; — VI. contest fo 
(cjO bazah, i, inf. hazh, take the 
merchandise without weighing 
or measuring; — ii. show ones 
self submissive ; — vi. desist. 
C)! bazah, hump on the chest. 
•>)> bazd, scabbard. 
(ji)0 bazar, i, inf. bazr, beat ; sow 
(a field) ; blow the nose ; fill ; 
— II. sprout ; make ears (corn) ; 
grow grain (ear) ; lay eggs 
(silk-worm) ; — v. descend from 
the Banu Bazra. 
)j> bazr, bizr, s , pi. buzur, seed, 
grain of seed ; egg of the silk- 
worm; pi. abzlr, abdzir, herbs 
for seasoning ; descendant ; 
\y. bazrd', woman who has many 

3j? bazaz, arms, armour. 
(gj>) hazu', inf. hazi'a-i, be hand- 
some, witty, and well bred ; be 
pert, saucy ; — inf. baz', in- 
crease ; — V. be handsome, well 
bred ; be rife, rampant ; threaten 
(g)?) bazag, u, inf. baz'j, bleed 
with a lancet ; — inf. bazg, 
buzug, be on the point of rising ; 
push (tooth of a camel) ; peep 
gj> bazrj, lancet, 
(jij?) buzgiir, malicious. 
( jj!) bazaq, v, inf. bazq, sow the 
ground; spit; throw out; rise 
(sun) ; — 6 hazqa-t, spittle, 
^;? hazaqd, quick walk. 
(Jj>) bazal, u, inf. bazJ, split ; tap 
a cask ; clarify the wine ; cut 
off ; decide ; — ii. split ; tap ; 
clarify; — v. split (u.) ; tap; — 
vii. S]ilit (n.), get split; — vill. 
open (n.) ; tap ; bid to broach ; 
J;> bitzl, goat. 

5j; hazld', good idea or advice ; 
niisfurtuue; S^ iJai- hatta-i hazld', 
the line butween good and evil. 



((•)?) bazam, i, ir, inf. hazm, bite 
with the fore-teeth ; carry a 
burden for a long time; milk 
a camel ; draw the bow-string 
with fore-finger and thumb ; 
rob ; resolve firmly ; speak 
rudely ; break into pieces ; — 
IV. give ; — VIII. pass the day in 
(particif>le or aorist). 

I«j} hazm, firm resolution ; harsh 
word ; break, rupture ; — » baz- 
ma-t, meal ; weight of 10 

(fc^>0 bazmah, inf. S , be proud. 

(}^) bazd, tS)> baza, v, inf. bazw, 
be in equilibrium, be on.''s 
equal ; raise one's self above 
(ijl* 'ala) another ; accustom 
one's self to, become familiar 
with (s-> hi) ; overcome by force 
and carry off; — bazd, v, bazi, 
INF. baz-an, be hump-chested ; 

— IV. be one's equal in (v» bi) ; 
overcome by force and carry off; 
wrong; give the suck; — vi. 
make long strides ; boast of 
things one has not got. 

jj)» bazw, in equilibrium with others, 
equal to others. 

(^^■ji bazawdn, attack ; impulsive- 
ness, impetuosity. 

(4y)} bazdv'yy, greengrocer ; seed- 

t)ji bazilg, sunrise. 

Jjjjj bazul, pi. buzul, camel 9 years 
of age (pushing its corner- 

ts)> baziyy, foster-brother. 

^.^ baztj, thankful. 

^5j>j? bizziza, victory, conquest. 

g)} bazi', wide awake ; eloquent ; 
agile ; impudent. 

(y~>) bass, u, INF. bass, drive the 
camels slowly on by the call 
baal bas ! prepare or eat the 
digti i__j-«i^ basisa-t; — send out 
cattle, goods, scouts, to different 
countries ; demand ; exert one's 
self ; pass, be crushed, sink, 
become dust (the mountains) ; 

— IV. drive on or decoy camels 

by the call bas! bas! decoy 
goats to the water ; — vii. be 
sent out ; dissolve (n.). 

u~) 6ass, demand, request ; power; 
strength ; work, labour ; zeal ; 
sufficiency, enough ; — bass, 
biss, 6 bissa-t, pi. bisas, domestic 

(V^>) basd', basi, a, inf. bas', basa', 
basd', busiV, become familiar, 
intimate with (v* bi) ; — i, inf. 
has', busiV, get accustomed to 
(v bi) ; despise ; — iv. make 
familiar, accustom. 

(3;'W hasdtiq, pottery, &o., pi. of 
*j>j"— ! bcistaqa-t. 

yrr'^— ! basdtin, gardens, pi. of y^-~» 

j_3V'^— ! basdtiniyy, gardener. 

iij^_} bisdra-t, summer-rain. 

i—L-! bassdsa-t, Mecca. 

LL-! basdf, plain; open country ; 
surface ; large pot ; — bisdf, pi. 
busut, covering, cai-pet, mat, 
cushion ; pi. hist, bust, busut, 
she-camels with sucking foals ; — 
6 basdla-t, free talk, ingenuous- 
ness ; simplicity ; — ^^ hisdtiyy, 
pedlar, shopkeeper (m.). 

^jV—j huslq, spittle. 

JU.> basal, bisdl, see ( J-~0 ; — ^ 
basdla-t, bravery, prowess, hero- 
ism ; contempt of death. 

|.V~.! bassdm, who smiles much. 

(jrtL — 1 basbds, fennel. 

((_,«^.-->) basbas, inf. » , walk very 
fast ; set quickly to ; decoy by 
the call bas ! bas ! endure ; — ii. 

(_;~i.-) basbas, desert; silly beha- 
viour or talk. 

yU~^ bustdn, pi. basdtin, garden 
(Pers.) ; — bustdniyy, gardener. 

gs„j bastoj, frankincense. 

(ty:-.!) bistar{, she-camel with foal. 

(^iv.;) bastaq, servant. 

(ji^;i_} bustaqdn, gardener; field- 

^a,;*-! bustanjiyy, pi. bustanjiyya-t, 


(»— > 

Aij~_} hastiiqa-t, pi. basdtiq, earthen- 
ware ; water- jug. 

•i— > hiissa?, coral (Pers.). 

(; — >) hasar, v, inf. hasr, do 
hastily, precipitately ; do or 
demand anything before the 
proper time (also iv., v., viii.) ; 
begin, commence (s-> bi) ; sub- 
due, offer violence ; — inf. basr, 
basiir, show a severe face, frown ; 
pass, have piles ; — iv. see i. ; 
press unripe dates ; stop, stick 
fast (ship) ; — v. see i. ; gel 
benumbed ; be cold ; — viii. see 
I. ; begin, commence (s-" 61) ; get 
benumbed ; subdue ; oppress ; 
pass, change (colour). 

)-~i basr, cold water ; first begin- 
ning ; — busr, dates beginning to 
ripen ; pi. bisdr, refreshing rain ; 
fresh and tender ; — S busra-t, 
busura-t, pi. busur, busurdt, date 
beginning to ripen ; rising sun ; 
first germ ; glass beads. 

(k~j) basat, V, inf. bast, spread ; 
stretch out or open the hand ; 
cheer, rejoice (a.) ; hold (as a 
room) ; be large enough ; render 
more excellent, bolder ; accept 
an excuse ; — basuf, overcome 
one's own timidity, get bolder ; 

— II. spread; — mubdsata-f, be 
without timidity ; speak out 
freely ; receive anybody with 
joy ; — v., VII. be extended, 
long; wander far, travel; be 
without timidity, put off re- 
straint ; — VII. be cheerful, 
merry, rejoice, divert one's self ; 
make too free with (^J^ 'ala). 

Is— > bast, spreading, &c., inf. of 
f}"—^) ; joy; cheerfulness ; amuse- 
ment ; intoxicating paste of hemp 
and tobacco ; — bist, i bisfat, bust, 
busut, pi. absdf, hisut, bisdt, 
busdt, camel with sucking foal 
on the pasture ; open ; liberal ; 

— busvt, pi. of la~~! basit, wide, 
extensive, &c. ; — » basfa-t, bvs- 
(a-t, deep knowledge ; distinc- 
tion ; largeness and abundance ; 

extension; (m.) pedestal; — tS 
bastiyy, seller of !»~J bast, q.v. ; 

— h hasfiyya-t, pleasure, amuse- 

((3-~i) basaq, v, inf. basq, spit ; — 
inf. busiiq, be high ; surpass ; 

— II. make long ; keep waiting 
a long time ; importune ; molest. 

Ji-} buskiil, the hindmost horse 
in a race. 

(J_j) basal, V, inf. basl, blame, 
reproach ; hasten, urge on ; take 
l^iecemeal and by degrees ; shut 
up ; allow ; — inf. biisiil, be for- 
bidden ; grow thick (milk, &c.) ; 

— basul, inf. basdia-t, basdl, 
be of severe looks, courageous, 
brave, terrible ; — 11. loathe ; — 
III. inf. mubdsala-t, attack with 
fury ; outflank an enemy ; — iv. 
forbid ; offer as a pledge ; give 
a commission, charge with (J It 
or y-> bi) ; devote one's self to 
death or destruction ; cook or 
dry unripe dates ; — v. frown ; 
be avoided, shunned ; defy 
danger ; — viii. receive one's 
fee ; devote one's self to death 
(also X.). 

J — > basal, yes, so it is ; — basil, 
severe-looking ; bold ; — basl, 
forbidden, and, by opposition, 
lawful ; repulsive ; haste ; 
violence, severity ; blame ; im- 
prisonment, prison ; torture ; 
IL-j %~i basl-an basl-an. Amen! 
Amen ! iJ !X— > basl-an la-hu, 
%^\ f !L-i basl-an tva asl-an, woe 
to him ! — busl, busul, pi. of J— W 
bdsil, bold, itc. ; — » busla-f, fee 
of the snake-charmer. 

X~> busald', pi. of J-Vj bdsil, bold, 

(,♦—>) basam, i, inf. basm (also v. 
and VIII.), smile. 

I*~i bism, for iU\ ^1 bi'smi-'l-ldh-i, 
in the name of God. 

J*-~> basinal, inf. S , pronounce the 
above words; — basmala-t, invo- 
cation of God. 




(t>-~») hasan, beautiful ; hence iv. 

ahsam, be beautiful. 
))—i basur, severe-looking, grim ; 

lion; — husur, inf. of (j~-i). 
^y^ busiiq, growth; inf. of (i3~}). 
(,/»*—? basis, a little ; — 8 baska-t, 

flour roasted in butter ; scraped 

cheese ; tale-bearing ; spying, 

INF. of (u~}). 

!s~«-> basit, pi. busut, wide, ex- 
tensive, level ; supierficial ; pi. 
busatd, basd'it, simple, not com- 
pound ; single ; naive, artless, 
open, free ; liberal ; name of a 
metre : mustaf'ilun fd'ilun mus- 
ta/'ilun fd'ilun twice repeated ; 

— » haslta-t, open country ; sur- 
face of the earth ; sun-dial ; 
quadrant ; she-camel with her 
foal; clear and simple matter; 
pi. basd'it, element. 

Ji~-> basil, severe-looking ; re- 
pulsive ; — i basila-t, bitter taste. 

I^t—i basim, smiling; sprightly. 

(^~«> busain, s , cat, kitten. 

(cAj) bass. A, INF. hass, basdsa-t, 
show an open, friendly face ; 
receive with friendliness; rejoice 
at seeing again ; rejoice at (^ 
bi) ; — IV. be densely overgrown, 
produce the first plants. 

ij^. bass, open, friendly ; joyful 
reception ; joy at seeing again. 

.LiJ busdr, pi. vilest of men ; — » 
basdra-t, bisdra-t, busdra-t, news, 
happy tidings, gospel ; — basdra-t, 
pi. basd'ir, beauty ; — busdra-t, 
guerdon for good news ; scurf ; 

— bassdra-t, butterfly. 

j1.Uj baSds, friendly, humane ; — 
ii basdsa-t^=j^ bai's'; inf. of 

£^ basd', indigestion ; — 6 bas'd'a-t, 

o^! baSsak, great liar. 

^ti< basd'ir, messengers of joyful 
news ; — pi. of basdra-t, beauty. 

ixifSA} bastahta-t, writing-table, 
portfolio (Pers.). 

&Va-^ badhdna-t, ante-room ; vesti- 
bule (Pers.). 

(;Aj) basar, u, inf. basr, peel, 
pare, shave so as to render the 
skin visible ; eat the ground 
bai'e (locusts) ; take a business 
into one's own hands ; — u, inf. 
basr, biistir, bi'ing good news ; 
report ; receive ; have sexual 
intercourse ; — i, basir, a, inf. 
basar, rejoice at ; — ii. gladden 
by good news; — iii. inf. mu- 
bdsara-t, id. ; take a matter into 
one's own hands ; exercise a 
profession ; have sexual inter- 
course ; — iv. shave to the skin ; 
bring good news or rejoice at 
it ; rejoice ; get covered with 
plants ; adorn ; — vi. receive 
good news from each other ; — 
X. gladden by good news; rejoice 
at such, expect it. 

yi'i basar, pi. abs'dr, human skin ; 
man, mankind ; j^\ ji\ abi'i-'l- 
basar-i, Adam ; abit basar -in, 
dessert, sweetmeats ; — bisr, 
open, joyful countenance ; joy ; 
cheerful welcome ; — busr, good 
tidings ; busr and \^. bus'ard', 
messengers of good news, &c., 
pi. of yt~) basir; — S basara-t, 
pi. basar, epidermis; surface; 
human frame ; humanity, man- 
kind ; — ^J busrd, pi. busrawdt, 
happy tidings, gospel; — basariyy, 
human, referring to mankind, 
mortal ; — ^ basariyya-t, human 
nature, humanity. 

(IsAj) II. and iv. hasten (n. and a.). 

(C^) basi', A, INF. basa\ basd'a-t, 
have a foul breath, bad or in- 
sipid taste ; be ugly, disgusting, 
hateful ; be too narrow (bed of 
a river) ; be not equal to (s-> bi) 
a thing ; have horror or disgust 
of (y^ min) ; — ii. disfigure ; 
blacken, calumniate ; commit 
evil ; — V. be ugly, repulsive ; — 
X. find ugly, disgusting, &c. ; be 

gAj bas'i', ugly; having a bad taste; 
stale and insipid ; smelling 
badly ; objectionable, shocking ; 


who eats or does bad things ; 
knotty, f. 4 ; — i bas'a'at, pelican. 

(j-*-i) pass, busig, inf. hasg, be 
watered by a drizzling rain ; — 
IV. water by a drizzling rain. 

j-i^ basg, drizzling rain. 

{(^■^) bas'aq, I, INF. bas'q; — basiq, 
A, INF. basaq, beat with a stick ; 
strain one's look ; — basaq, not 
be able to proceed any further. 

(uiUj) basak, u, inf. bask, do badly 
or preci]jitately, bungle ; sow 
with large stitches ; lie ; cut ; 
loosen the tether of a camel ; 
mix ; urge on ; walk fast ; step 
lightly ; — viii. lie ; be cut off ; 
disparage ; run fast. 

cil^ bash, precipitation ; lie ; 
cutting off ; • — bask, basak, 
swiftness ; see (u^^). 

^^■^ biiskdniyy, stupid ; gibber- 
ing ; not knowing Arabic. 

^_^^ bas'aka, swift, agile. 

( Jl^) baslal, INF. 6 , bring a thing 
or a person into confusion ; — 
II. be in confusion (m.) ; — S 
baslala-t, confusion. 

(i*^) basim. A, inf. bas'am, suffer 
from indigestion ; loathe ; ^ iv. 
cause indigestion ; — vii. (m.) 
= 1. 

^»^ basam, indigestion, oppres- 
sion of the stomach ; — basim, 
suffering from indigestion, 
loathing, over-eaten. 

LU-io bismdt, biscuit, rusk. 

(^i) basd, V, INF. basw, be of 
excellent disposition. 

))^ biisur, joyful tidings, inf. of 

O^jA} basi'is, friendly, smiling. 

^-"S-} basir, * , pi. humn'i' , busr, 
messenger of good news; beau- 
tiful, handsome. 

(j~^A} basis, brisk and sprightly ; 
— 6 basisa-l, one's own money ; 
one's own things. 

Je-i4 hasi', ugly ; smelling badly ; 
repulsive ; rejirobate, abject. 

(yo)) /<((.>'.;•■, I, INF, bafif, shine 

glitter ; give (little) ; exude ; — 
II. show the first vegetation ; 
open the eyes for the first 
time ; caress, coax ; — iv. inf. 
lasds, exude ; show the first 

W bis-an, bisd', castration. 

;L«> bisdr, inf. hi. of (/«)) ; — 
bassdr, who looks sharply ; 
soothsayer ; — » bisdra-t, insight. 

^_^LJ} bassds, having flashing eyes ; 
— i bassdsa-t, eye ; (m.) spy, 
watch, sentinel, vedette. 

jUij hafdq, spittle ; a species of the 
palm-tree; a kind of camel. 

Jlo} bussdl, seller of onions. 

(j^loj) bufdn, bussdn, pi. -dt and 
absina-t, month of Eabi' II. 

^^i~s> basbds, i, quick, swift ; 
agile ; little water ; bread ; 
grass-fibre ; al-basbds, milk. 

(ya~c>) basbas, inf. i , reflect, 
reverberate ; show the first vege- 
tation ; walk fast ; wag the tail ; 
caress ; op)en the eyes for the 
first time ; (m.) wink with (^_^ 
fi) the eyes. 

jsf^. basbi'f, pupil of the eye (m.). 

(_;«>) 6asiV, A, INF. basar; — basur, 
inf. basdra-t, bisdra-t, perceive, 
see, recognise (v 60 ; — ii. cause 
to see or recognise, show ; reveal 
secrets ; instruct ; open the eyes ; 
cut ; dissect and loosen from the 
bones ; cut off the head ; go to 
Bassorah ; — ill. vie, who sees, 
perceives, recognises first ; look 
out from on high ; — iv. look, 
whether one can perceive or 
recognise ; perceive (s-> bi) ; be 
distinct, recognisable ; have any- 
thing cut into pieces ; go to 
Bassorah ; — v. look, whether 
one can perceive ; see distinctly, 
recognise ; look at, contemplate, 
reflect ; understand ; see through 
secrets ; — vi. see or try to see 
each other ; pretend to see or 
recognise ; — x. observe atten- 
tively, try to recognise, recog- 
nise ; be seen, recognised. 



_ya> hasar, seeing, sight ; pi. absdr, 
what appears to the eye, spec- 
tacle, sight ; eye ; discernment ; 
intelligence; j^\ i^ salautu-'l- 
hasar-i, prayer of morning and 
evening, dusk ; — basr, skin ; 
INP. of ( j-a>) ; — husr, skin ; rind, 
crust ; edge, border ; cotton ; — 5 
basra-t, hisra-t, basai-a-t, bisara-t, 
Bassorah ; al-basratun, Bassorah 
and JJoufah ; — ^J ba.^riyij, of or 
from Bassorah. 
\y^. busaru, pi. of ;«-^ ba>:!r, q.v. 
(_Uj) = (U_>). 

(g'o)) basa', A, INF. bas', gather, 
take with one's self ; flow, 
stream ; — ii. come forth in 
^> bas', small crevice ; span be- 
tween thumb and middle finger ; 
thick cloth ; — bis', beginning of 
the night; — bus', pi. of absa', 
whole, all ; stupid ; — drops of 
persj^iratiou, pi. of 5*-=} basi'. 
^*^ bas'a, f. of J-=>\ absa', stupid ; 

whole, all. 
(v>«=?) basaq, u, inf. basq, spit. 

J^) basal, 6 , onion, bulb. 
^}^ bassal, and v. tabassal, skin, 
peel ; undress, rob of the 
clothes ; v. question, cross- 
^ basm, interval, span between 

the third and little finger. 
^ basam, inf. i , print upon (m. 
from Turk.) ; f*^ ^^ sd'a-t 
basam, repeating watch ; — 6 
6asTOa-i, printing- mark ; printed 
pattern (on stuffs). 
(y^) basd, r, inf. basw, press a 
debtor, dun ; — S baswa-t, live 
coal, spark. 
^i basir, pi. busard', seeing, sharp- 
sighted, discerning, intelligent ; 
God; connoisseur; — * basira-t, 
pi. basd'ir, look, sight; sagacity, 
penetration ; cautiousness, pru- 
dence ; opinion ; tenet ; demon- 
stration ; evidence ; meditation ; 
armour ; shield. 

ya~a> basis, shining, brilliant ; 
splendour ; fright ; inf. of 

£«-=> basi', pi. 6ms, drops of per- 
(i/i) badd (badad, badid), i, a, inf. 
budi'ida-t, be plump with delicate 
skin ; — i, inf. badd, baditd, 
badid, flow slowly out, drip, 
ooze ; give sparingly ; tune the 
strings of an instrument; — 11. 
be soft and delicate ; — iv. give 
sparingly ; — v. receive a debt 
by small instalments ; take 
everything from (ace.) ; — viii. 
sell one's self from need ; totally 

(j6> badd, S , plump with delicate 
skin ; small gift ; — also s badda-t, 
sour milk. 

yijlii buddbid, strong, brave. 

yolij biddd, wells or leathern bags 
with little water, pi. of {^f^ 
badiid ; — 6 haddda-f, plump with 
a delicate skin (girl) ; — buddda-t, 
little water. 

gU} bidd', sexual intercourse ; — 
parts, portions, &c., pi. of *«^ 
bad'a-t ; — ii bidd'a-t, pi. badd'i', 
capital ; stock or share in trade ; 
merchandise ; price ; present to 
the judge. 

yUa buddn, month of Eabi' II. 

(^U-=tf badbdd, coll. mushrooms. 

\^ \j^ bidr-an midr-an, shed un- 
avenged (blood). 

*j-o> badra-t, vanities. 

yii-ij badad, little water. 

(g^) bada', a, inf. bad', cut off ; 
split, cleave ; shred, dissect, cut 
into pieces ; marry ; have sexual 
intercourse ; explain ; be clear, 
intelligible ; stick to the eye- 
lashes (tears) ; — inf. buda', 
understand ; be foiled ; — inf. 
bad', badd', biidd', be impreg- 
nated with water ; — 11. cut off ; 
— III. mubdda'a-t, lie with a 
woman ; — iv. explain ; (two 
ace.) ; give in marriage ; invest 
a capital ; quench another's 




thirst ; pledge with wine ; ex- 
plain or answer satisfactorily ; 

— V. i)erspire ; (m.) buy goods, 
make purchases ; — vii. be cut 
off ; — VIII. be clear, intelligible ; 
X. invest a capital ; traiEc. 

^ had', pi. of gi-iJ ba(/i'; — bifl\ 
had', part of the night ; part ; 
small number of people, less 
than 20 (m. bad'a-t, f. had') ; the 
numeral 7; — bud', pudenda of 
a woman ; marriage-contract ; 
sexual intercourse ; divorce ; — 
6 bad'a-t, bid'a-t, pi. bad', hida', 
hidd', part, jiortion ; piece, slice ; 

— bada'a-t, pi. of ^t:^> badi', 
cutting, sharp, Ac, q.v. 

(u=L=j) badah, l, inf. badh, cut off, 

if^) badam, u, inf. badm, grow 
thick in grain ; swell by degrees. 

1^ badm, soul, self. 

ijo^ hadud, \A. hidiid, well or 
leathern bags with little water. 

'^j-^ badilJc, sharp, cutting. 

(J^> hadid, INF. of (j^) ; — ' badi- 
da-i, little water ; drizzling rain ; 
plump and with a delicate skin ; 

5«-ii> badi', pi. had', partner, asso- 
ciate ; flesh ; perspiratiou ; sea ; 
good water; island. 

(la) baft, V, INF. hatt, cut open ; — 
II. trade with ducks and geese ; 
be enfeebled, low in health or 
circumstances; — iv. buy a small 
jug of oil. 

h bat, for hdtil, false, vain, de- 
lusive ; — batf, 4, pi. huti'it, 
duck; goose; — ii batta-t, she- 
bear; low bottle, flask, cup, 
pot ; calf of the leg. 

^ bvt'iiii, ^Ji°\ hut\i, never; — 
butiV, hitil', slowness; — jjI. of 
^J'i lati', slow, lazy. 

j;\ij huldh, pleurisy ; — bitdh, pi. of 
^iaW batJiiV, (J. v. ; — ^ hutd/iiijy, 
suffering from ])lcurisy. 

^Uaj huhi/iiyy, stout, corpulent. 

^3jUi) buliiriq, tall, long. 

ji-VW lattdi; brave, strong. _ ^ 

J=Ua batdti, small casks, pi. of h^. 

4iU=? bitdqa-t, pupil of the eye ; 
price-mark ; pi. batd'iq, letter. 

J^> hattdl, lazy, idle ; trifliug, toy- 
ing ; vain ; obsolete, abolished ; 
valiant hero ; — » batdla-t, idle- 
ness ; trifling (s.) ; (m.) holidays ; 
furlough, leave of absence ; day 
of rest ; feast-day ; — hitdla-t, 
bravery; see (JW). 

yUa bitdii, pi. uhtina-t, hx/itn, girth; 
^l.batd'in, small ship; — pi. of 
(^ batin, q.v.; — » hitdna-t, t^\. 
batd'in, inner side; lining; centre 
of a town, a country ; true friend ; 
fidelity ; secret. 

^VU batd'iq, pi. of ii^ batdqa-t^ 

i^\y botd'in, pi. of t)U=i bitdn, iiVLi 

(U»l=>) bathat, inf. S , gabble, cackle; 
dive ; have a weak judgment; — 
i hatbata-t, weak intellect. 

(^i) hatah, throw one upon his 
face ; — II. s^trew with pebbles ; 

— III. floor in wrestling ; — v. 
extend; overflow; ^vi. wrestle; 

— vii. be thrown upon one's 
face ; lie down on one's face ; 
extend wide and far; — x.=v.; 

— I hatha-t, human frame ; — 
hiit/ta-f, true state or condition. 

Vssk) hat/id', pi. hitdfi, broad pebble- 
bed ; open field ; valley of 

(jJa>) hatah, v, inf. hatl;, lick, lick 
at ; — IV. (see ^>), have many 

(^) hafof, V, INF. batr, split, 
cleave, eut open (tumours) ; — - 
bafii; A, INF. bafar,he wanton; 
go beyond measure, do evil ; be 
intoxicated with good fortune ; 
despise ; — IV. ])erplex, put to 
confusion ; render overbearing ; 
(m.) be overbearing or insolent. 

;W batar, insolence; — hativ, inso- 
lent, overbearing ; careless ; — 
hitr-an, shed with impunity 



i'i\Ja> hatrdha-t, patriarchate. 

y^;'=} hafrun, overbearing, insolent. 

(j;^), II. tabatraq, be stupid, in- 
solent ; walk like a prancing 
liorse ; — 6 batriiqa-t, pi. batariij, 

u^jW bitruk, ha/ mil, bitark, patri- 
arch ; — ba/vak, INF. S , be patri- 

j?.;^ bitrir, boisterous, impudent; 
persevering in error. 

iJSjW biffiq, pi. baldviq, but'irlqc-t, 
6o/ari(if, leader of 1(1,000; patri- 
arch (alwd u^;!=> batrlk, '^j>.j^> 
batrairil-, pi. hat<irik,bati'ir'ika-i); 
proud, fat ; — i3f.}^. bi-tariq-i, by 
way of, in the manner, for the 
sake of. 

^%W bafrih'i/i/ii-t, patriarchate. 

{j~^ batas, i (also ^^^ bafsa-f^, 

(u*^}) batas, I, Tj, INF. bats, seize, 
attack ; carry off by force ; 
recover from a fit of ague, 
although in a weak state ; (m.) 
act courageously ; — iii. inf., seize by force ; 
undertake, manage ; come to 
close quarters ; — iv. seize by 
force ; — v. drag one's self 
along with difficulty under a 

ij^ batis, strong, brave; — hats, 
power ; violence ; ang(_'r ; — i 
batsa-f, power; sujierior power; 
violence ; battle ; day of judg- 
(^) batig, inf. batag, be stained. 
(JJa) batal, TJ, INF. lull, Jnitiil, 
butldn, happen in vain, fail; be 
repealed, abolished; — inf. bata- 
la-t, jest; be idle; — batul, inf. 
bitdla-t, bvtul, btitula-t, be brave, 
be a hero ; — • ii. render useless, 
repeal, abolish ; — iv. id. ; jest ; 
tell falsehoods ; — v. tell each 
other falsehoods ; be lazy ; be 
brave, be a hero ; (m.) be cele- 
brated (feast-day). 
Ji=> batal, S , pi. ahtdl, brave, a 
hero; given to jesting; — bvtul, 

vanities, &c., pi. of Ji=^ bdt'd; — 
butl, idleness ; being in vain ; 
lie ; anything unfounded ; — » 
batala-f, pi. sorcerers. 
i^^^W battaldt, buffooneries ; vani- 

y)^L! bllthlll=A'''> blltl ■ INF. of 

if^) butm, biitum, turpentine tree ; 
granulous tumour. 

((:>W) bahin, u, enter, penetrate, 
fathom; — INF. hatn, strike on 
the bully; — inf. batn, bah'in, 
be hidden, secret; know; be an 
intimate friend; — inf. bitiia-f, 
indulge the belly, be a glutton ; 
pass, hiiiiii, have a belly-ache; 

— biiliii, INF. hatan, bataiia-t, 
have a full belly ; — batun, be 
big-bellied ; — ii. strike on the 
belly ; (also iv.) line (clothes) ; 
tighten the girth of a camel ; — ■ 
IV. hide, conceal ; choose for a 
confidant; — v. put under one's 
belly ; penetrate ; go right 
through ; be the inner part ; 

— VI. be distant; — viii. give 
birth ; — X. put anything under 
one's belly ; keep secret ; know 
accurately ; 2)enetrate into, try 
to fathom anything. 

yii! bataii, corpulence; surfeit; 
belly-ache ; — hatia, pi. bltihi, 
big-bellied ; gluttonous ; rich ; 
low; — h(tln, pi. hatnn, bufndn, 
abtiDi, belly; contents of the 
belly ; inner side of the sky ; 
river-bed ; esoteric meaning ; 
relations ; small tribe ; second 
degree of relationship ; — butun, 
girth-leathers, pi. of y^! bitdn ; 

— S bifna-t, boisterous merri- 
ment ; overbearingness ; surfeit. 

y^ik> butndn, bellies, &c., pi. of 

l^W 6a?m;— pi. of y^'^^! bat in, 

interior, &c. 
(^L)) batu, u, INF. biit\ hitd', move 

slowly or lazily ; detain ; — ii. 

render slow, delay (a.) ; — iii. 

delay (n.), tarry; — iv. tarry; 

have slow beasts of burden ; 




remaiu behind ; detain, delay 
(a. v ' bi) ; — v., VI. tarry, delay 
(n.) ; — consider slow or lazy ; 
find tardy. 

^W hvHt,', slowness, laziness. 

J^ hitiV, foolery ; inf. of (J^sj) ; 

— i hutula-t, bravery, heroism; 
INF. of (J^). 

^jW lati', batiyy, pi. hitn', slow, 
lazy, tardy ; — S hitya-t, delay ; — 
hatiyya-t, pi. hafilfi, jug; small 

^«kJ=} hatiha-i, pi. batii'ih, swamped 
pebble-ground ; large sheet of 
stagnating water. 

grJ» bitf'h, ' , pi. batiltHi, melon, 
pumpkin; — i^ biffi/iiyy, melon- 

j-W batir, split ; veterinary surgeon. 

u^ft!=» batis, mighty, powerful. 

ti-i"? batit, miracle ; lie ; calamity ; 

— 6 batita-t, butayyifa-t, white 
ant, termite ; worm (in wood, 

(^> batin, bellied; spacious; rich; 
full ; distant ; nick-name of Ali ; 

— huUiiii, little belly; second 
moon station. 

(^) ba::, u, inf. Jia:^, tune and 
touch the strings of an instru- 
ment ; exert one's self 2:ealously ; 
excel ; — IV. grow fat. 

^ bu:-au, bu:d, fleshy parts. 

SjVSa) hi^(1ra-t, smack of a kiss. 

itUa) ha:iha-t, queer fellow. 

(jb) hazir, a, inf. bazar, have a 
protuberance on the lips ; — ii. 
circumcise (a girl). 

_;!=; bazr, pi. buzur, clitoris ; finger- 

ring ; sealing-ring. 

\ji^ bizr-an, unavenged (blood). 
f>^, hazram, sealing-ring; — ii. /«- 

bazram, inf. S , show the rings 

by moving about the hand. 
ij>^ hizrlra-t, boisterous woman. 
(^) haza, u, INF. buzinrw, be 

dense, solid, massy; — bazi, bazn, 

INF. baz, be fleshy. 
!a-b hizh, fat and soft. 
(C*) ^'*"' ^' ^^^- ^""' pour out in 

abundance ; — inf. ba'\ ba'c', 
remain in the same spot and 
rain (cloud) ; be importunate. 

2> 6a", abvmdant outpour. 

iaoUj ba'nbi'a-t, poor people. 

.i^ 6/'t(d, INF. III. of (•^) ; — 
bu'ufl, distant, far off. 

;V*; hi'dr, INf. III. of (;«) ; — 6»''('-, 

y^U> hi'ijs, lean camels, pi. of ^j*'. 


gUj ba'd', household things, furni- 
ture ; travelling requisites ; out- 
fit of a bride; inf. of (e?)- 

jU. bu'iiq, ba'dq, bi'dq, raining 
cloud ; waterspout ; first shower ; 
noise of a torrent. 

JUj hi'dl, husbands, &o., pi. of 
j«j bti'l ; INF. III. of (J*>). 

(_^Uj ha'd'h, lean camels, pi. of 
ij->j*> ba'ils. 

{^>) ba'ba', inf. S, follow quickly; 
flee from battle. 

j.f*} ha'ba', gurgling of water ; 
prime of youth; — i bu'ba'a-t, 
glibness of tongue ; flight from 
the battle-field. 

(vjUio) ba'as, a, inf. ba'^, send; 
loosen ; urge on ; awaken ; raise 
the dead; follow on one's heels ; 

— ha'h, A, INF. 6a'((s, be awake, 
wake ; — v. proceed from ; — vii. 
id. ; be sent ; be awakened ; issue, 
proceed from ; spread (n.) ; de- 
part ; — VIII. send. 

ii-»j ba'af, army ; — ha'is, vigi- 
lant ; — ba'^, pi. ^j'^. bu'ih, 
detached army ; o-»J^ ^^ yamn ii- 
'l-ha's, day of resurrection; inf. 
of (li-jo) ; — 6 ba'sa-f, message; 

— fci'sK-^ mission (of a prophet); 

(}^}) ba'far, inf. is, throw topsy- 
turvy, rummage, overturn ; take 
out, uncover and examine ; look 
for, seek ; put goods into order ; 

— i ba'sam-f, confusion ; dirt- 
colour ; dirt. 

^=i*> bii'^iit, bii'sittt ; tyiju 6h'x;"/, pi. 
ba'dsit, middle, centre ; navel. 



(^J^) ba'saq, iNr. S , flow out ; — 

V. break through. 

(e«}) ha'aj, A, INF. ba'j, split, slit ; 
torment ; (m.) emboss, cover 
with raised ornamental work ; 

— II. split, slit; furrow; (m.) 
break into pieces; — v.=vii. ; 

— VI. be distant, far off ; — vii. 
split (n.), be split ; burst, (m.) 
be embossed ; — x. be distant 
(n.), consider far. 

5-»> ba'ij, walking slowly or with 

(^*i) ha' II J, INF. hu'd, be far, 
distant ; die ; — ba'kl, a, inf. 
ha' ad, be distant; perish;— ii. 
remove to a distance (a.) ; keep 
far, distant ; — iii. inf. bi'ilii, 
muha'ada-t, remove (a.), render 
distant ; be distant, far ; keep 
distant ; remove (n.) ; be far 
away ; — iv. render or be dis- 
tant ; be extreme ; destroy ; — 

VI. be far from each other ; 
abandon each other ; — viii. 
remove (n.) ; abandon ; — x. 
consider far, find too far ; re- 
move to a distance. 

>**} ha'd, after, afterwards, later; 
i^ JM ha'dii huh-at-in, the day 
after to-morrow ; •)*? ^\ amnu'i 
ha'd, but then, phrase of transi- 
tion from the besrinning of a 
letter, &c., to the chief matter ; 

— hu'd, distance ; absence ; 
death ; interval ; <)J ^Jk«> hii'd-an 
la-hu, away with him ! J*? ^ j 
zi'i hu'd, seeing far, cautious, 
prudent; — 6a 'afZ, distant; value- 
less ; distance, going to a dis- 
tance ; death ; — ha' id, distant ; 
dying; — hu'ad, utility; •*» jtA 
gair hu'ad, useless ; — hii'ud, and 
\j*i hu'add, y^J*> hu'dihi, pi. of 
•i«*i ba'ld, far distant ; — 6 
bu'da-t, pi. hu'ad, distance; not 
being related. 

(jj*j) ha'zar, inf. hkdra-t, move ; 

shake ; damage one's honour, 

{f.) ha'ar, A, inf. ;*> ha'r, drop 

excrement ; — hn'ii; a, inf. ha'ar, 
grow five years old (camel) ; — 
II., IV. empty the bowels, 

;«^ ha'r, ha'ar, 'i , pi. ab'dr, glo- 
bular dung of animals ; — ha'r, 
deepest poverty ; bait ; — S 
hii'ra-f, wrath (of G-od) ; — ba'ra-t 
and ha'iira-f, globular excre- 
ment; — ba'ara-f, gland of the 

y^j«> bu'r'l/i, camels, &c., pi. of 
y:*i ba'ir. 

(ij=>*Oj II- taba'riif, quiver (lopped 

(jj*?) ba'zaq, inf. ii , disperse ; dis- 
sipate ; — ii ha'xaiia-t, dissipa- 

(u=«}) ba's, leanness, thinness ; 
movement, motion ; • — v. taba'as, 
move (n.). 

(ij"^«?), II. taJja'saf, move (n.). 

ijsyM ba'asi'i.^, bu'sih, thin, mobile ; 

((ji«), pass, bu'id, be molested by 
flies ; — II. dissect, divide ; — • 

IV. abound in flies ; — v. be dis- 
sected, divided. 

(y>«j ha'd, pi. alrdd, part, portion; 
some ; sundry, a certain ; in 
repetition ; each other, recipro- 
cal ; — -ii ba'ida-f, abounding in 

(yi/ixj), II. tahii'r/ad, try to catch 
one another. 

i^^«53u ha'diida-t, an insect. 

(tau) ha'at, a, inf. ha't, slaughter, 
kill ; exceed all bounds in dis- 
graceful behaviour ; — iv. id. ; 
speak otherwise than intended, 
blunder in speech ; exceed one's 
power ; cause one to spend 
beyond his means ; go far ; re- 
move to a distance (a.) ; escape 

!=«> ha't, infamy. 

((3«) ba'aq, v, inf. hu'dq, groove, 
furrow ; — inf. ha'q, slaughter ; 
uncover ; dig a well ; (m.) em- 
boss ; — II. split ; slaughter ; — 

V. be slaughtered ; — v., vii. 
empty itself with violent rain 



(cloud); — VII. surprise, attack 
suddenly ; sjjeak precipitately ; 
(m.) be embossed. 

(Liw>) hn'qiif, small; dwarf. 

Lyui) hii'qdt, dwarfish. 

(cil«) ha'aj,-, V, INF. bai.-, strike 
arm or leg with the sword. 

cd« ba'ak, thickness ; rougliiiess ; 

(y^) ha'kar, inf. S , cut off. 

(i)_jS;*j hu'l-fik, i , imjiression from 
sitting or lying ; place of as- 
sembly; hii'kiiL-a-t, heat ; middle; 

\ij^ ha'l'uki'i', calamity ; noise, 

(J«^) ha'al, A, iNr. hii'iUa-t (hn'ttl, 
INF. ha'ula-t), be a husband or 
a wife; refuse; — ha'il. A, inf. 
ha'al, not know what one is 
doing from confusion ; — inf. 
hi'iil, miiliii'alii-t, lie or si:)ort 
with one's wife ; take a hus- 
band ; intermarry ; sit down by 
the side of another ; — v. be 
obedient to one's husband, ;LJi>ru 
one's self for him ; take a hus- 
Ijand ; — vi. sport with one's 
wives ; — VIII. = T. ; — x. take 
for a wife (J li) ; be situated on 
high ; suffice to one's self. 

J«j ha'al, I'SF. of (J«?) ; — ha'il, i, 
distracted in mind ; (m.) dry ; 
— ha'l, pi. hi''il, hii'i'd, h>i'iila-t, 
husband ; wife ; master, lord ; 
the idol Baal ; burden ; rising 
ground ; palm-tree ; — i ba'la-t, 
wife, mistress (of the house, 

kiU*J ha'lahaU; ha'alhaJd; Balbek 
in Syria. 

k_j^jl*j ha'alzahiVi, Belzebub. 

ij^*^ hii'liyy, watered by rain only ; 
(m.) dry ; weak. 

(y~jAj) i/((';/06-, INF. i, grow mean 
(by serving, &r.). 

j_r»-ix> hd'iias, a stupid female 

iUu*! /i(('y/(((^((7, having sharp claws. 

(ytj) ha'ii, A, I, u, IN'F. ha'ir, act 
unjustly, sin ; 1m.vvi.iw oi- Irnd 

each other; win in the game 
of dice ; injure by the evil 
eve ; cause misfortune to any- 
body ;—iv. lend one's horse to 
another ; — x. lend mutually. 

j*> h:i'ic, transgression; anything 

^J-)»^ ha'ils, pi. hi\is, ha'ais, lean 
milkless she-camel. 

ijoyti ha' II (I, i , fly, gnat. 

ci.,jx) hii'is, sent. 

g_ju hii'ij, woman with many chil- 
dren ; iiowing abundantly. 

Ajjii ha'id, pi. hii'inl, Irn'oda', hu'diui, 
far, distant ; scarcely related ; 



ha ' Idu-'l-gaii r- i, unf a- 


thomably deep; — hu'aid, m 
little distance, soon after. 

]i*i ha'rr, hi'!r, pi. ah'irn-t, ahn'ir, 
ahu'ir, hii'i-iin, bi'ran, camel nine 
(or four) years old ; beast of 
burden ; ass. 

Os«> ba'iq, cry ; cracking. 

,»**> ba'im, false god, idol. 

(j>) hinjij, u, INF. haiji/, heave, swell; 
beec ime agitated. 

J! hioji/. i , small camel. 

Uj biyi' , bufjii' , see (^*?) ; — ' huga-t. 
]il. of i_3^^ ^"'V'- passionate, re- 
bellious, <te. 

ii>U> haij'is, higd^, hiiyiU, pi. hiijfoii, 
a kind of vulture ; chough ; 
small birds. 

SjjU) batji'did'i-t, peoj^le 'jf Bagdad, 
pi. of ^_5j\^ bagdi'idhjij. 

l^Xxj hagnf/a-t, hatred. 

jUi hig''!J, mules, Jjl. of J« hagl ; 
— haggiU, muleteer. 

bag'!ira-t, rebellion, insurrec- 

V.^ hag'lij'i, pi. of ^s«! bagiyij, i 
hiiiiiijija-t, q.v. 

AjUi hiiij,iija-t, desirecl things; — 
bi-gdya-t, in the extreme ; ex- 
tremely ; very much ; exceed- 

(^^) biicjhiig, full well. 

^Ai bagbag, inf. 6 , rt-ar ; suore ; 
tread, tread down, 

jy^ biigbih-. bagbi'ir, altar for sacri- 
fice ; empevnr of China, 





(o^ij) bagat, a, inf. hufjl, happen 
unexpectedly ; fall upon ; — iii. 
feill upon suddenly. 

ui^«! hagt, what happens unex- 
pectedly ; — S hagta-t, unexpected 
occurrence ; sur|)rise, sudden 
attack, invasion; bagtat-an, s\xd- 

(vi^ii) hagif, A, INP. haijas, have 
black spots (white bird) ; — iv. 
come on soft ground ; make 
lavish expenditure ; — ix. ki-ju\ 

ihgass, inf. iligisds=:l. ; — ii 
hiigs((-f, slight rain ; — hugm-t, 
black spotted with white, or 
vice versa. 

^ bagsiV, white with black spots ; 
mixed multitude. 

y^iAi bigsdii, pi. of cijUj hagds. 

(jiAj) bagsar, inf. i , be wickedly 
and jsassionately disjjosed ; be 
agitated ; separate ; =(j^) ; 
— II. tabagsar, be wickedly dis- 

ji*} bagsar, stupid ; troublesome ; 
unwholesome ; big and awkward 
(camel) ; weak ; — » bagsara-f, 
commotion, confusion ; villany, 
vileness ; separation, dispersion. 

Amo bagdiid {^Mm, bag-dz, i\^ 
b(igddz), Bagdad; — ii. tabagdad, 
go to Bagdad ; — ^S hagdddiyi/, 
of or from Bagdad ; pi. hagii- 
dida-t, native or inhabitant of 

yU*; bagddn, ^.>^ bagdin, Bagdad. 

(yu) bagar, a, inf. bugih-, set and 
cause rain (constellation) ; • — 
INF. bagr, rain heavily, water 
the ground with rain ; also 
bagir, a, inf. bagar, diink and 
not become satiated, but ill 
yu bagr, bagar, i , violent down- 
pour; INF. of (;«0 ; — ' bagra-t, 
what has been sown after rain ; 
annual gift. 

(v*>) baga«, a, inf. bagz, beat, 
kick ; put into lively motion. 

V*} bagz, lively motion ; vivacity ; 

(w^O bagas, a, inf. bagx, drop a 
slight rain (sky) ; run cryiug up 
to his mother (child) ; pene- 

iji-i; hugs, b , fine rain. 

(o°*j) ^"-igad, u, bagid. A, bugnd, tr, 
INF. bagai/a-t, l>e hateful; (m.) 
hate ; — hagid, look at with 
anger ; — ii. inf. tabgUj, render 
hateful ; hated ; — iv. inf. ibgdil, 
hate; — v. inf. tabaggiKJ, show 
hatred; — vi. inf. fabdgn/l, hate 
one another; — vii. inf. iudjigdr/, 
be hated. 

(J^. biigd, hatred ; — \ bagdd', i 
bigda-t, violent hatred, wrath. 

(J*j) bagl, f. is , pi. bigdl, mabgfdd', 
mule ; ■ — ii bagla-t, (m.) counter- 
fort, buttress. 

J*; bagaJ, a, inf. bagl, insult other 
people's children ; — ii. inf. 
tabg'd, id. ; walk slowly ; have 
the walk of a mule. 

(^;) bagam, A, i, u, inf. bugdm, 
bugum, call fondly for her young 
ones (gazelle, Ac.) ; cry out, 
call ; express one's meaning 
indistinctly ; — iii. inf. imibd- 
gaiiia-t, speak in a soft tone ; — 
V. inf. iabagginn^:=i. 

/**> bagam, secret talk ; — ii bagma-f, 
soft call of a camel ; — bugma-t, 
pi. bugam, jjearl necklace (m.). 

(g_;A>), II. INF. tabagiuij, coquet- 

(yo) bagd, v, inf. bagw, look at, 
regard, c<jntemplate. 

,«i bagw, observation; — haguinr 
z=^jk> bagiyy, C[.v. ; — s lagwa-t, 
unripe date ; opening palm- 

jyii bugdr, setting (of the stars). 

(•yij bagi'im, crying out, calling. 

(j_ytj) bagd, i, inf. bagy, transgress ; 
exercise violence and injustice; 
commit fornication ; walk proudly 
and swiftly ; rain heavily ; swell 
and suppurate ; look at, regard, 
obsei-ve and expect ; — inf. bagd, 
bag-an, bugya-t, bigya-t, seek, wish 



for, desire ; — iii. ikf. biga', 
mvhujdt, treat unjustly ; op- 
press ; contend ; fornicate ; seek, 
desire ; — iv. inf. ibr/'t', seek for 
another, help to seek; — v. inf. 
tabaggi, seek, desire ; observe 
and expect ; — vr. inf. tabdgi, 
transgress against each other ; 
— VII. inf. imbigtV, viii. inf. 
ihtig^r, be easy, desirable, con- 
venient ; VIII. and X. inf. 
istibgil', seek, desire ; x. cause to 
demand or desire. 

(_s*! bagy, transgression, injustice, 
outrage, injury; heavy rain; — 
bagiyy, unjust ; striving eagerly, 
observing strictly ; pi. bagdyil, 
"whore, adultress ; — ii bigya-t, 
bugyn-i, wish, desire; anything 
wished for or sought ; — bagiy- 
y"-f, l>\. bcigi'iyd, id. ; outpost, 

t)'v!*i bugydn, pi. of ^^ bug!, de- 
sirous, &c. 

j«*> bugaibig, little well. 

»i-~t;*> baijifi, wheat. 

jt*i baijir, ill from thirst (camel). 

yi-A; biigicj, hateful ; enemy. 

(ij;) baqq, u, INF. baqg, give 
abundantly ; rain abundantly ; 
show pride ; spread, strew out ; 
dissipate; split, tear; begin t" 
bloom ; give birth to many 
children ; — inf. haqq, baqdq, 
importune by talk; — (m.) blot 
(as paper) ; — ii. inf. tabaqbuq, 
dis{ierse, dissipate ; — iv. inf. 
ibqdq, have many children ; im- 
portune by talk ; do abundantly 
good or evil to anybody ; ]n-(j- 
ducc grass or food ; bring forth 
weak young ones. 


' . fly ; l-'iig ; 



woman with many children ; 
i3? i3^ laqq baqq, talkative, gar- 
rulous ; — iJ-^W bi'1-biiqq, in vain 
ViiJ baqd\ continuance, duration 

_jVfli baqqdr, breeder of oxen ; black- 
smith ; — btiqqdr, cows, pi. of 

iy«). baqra-t; — <^ buqqdru, lie; 
calamity; — baqqdriyy, cudgel. 

f^a» biqd', places, &c., pi. of i*^ 
buq'a-t, baq'a-t. 

jU} haqd,^, things of little value, 
sweepings ; inf. of (ij^) ; also 
» baqdqa-f, talkative, garrulous. 

J^ baqdl, i , bringing forth pdenty 
of vegetables ; — baqqdl, green- 
grocer, grocer, oil-merchant ; 
mn-keeper ; — i baq^'ila-t, green 
or kitchen garden. 

l^\u baqdma-f, of weak intellect ; 
coarse wool or flax ; offal. 

i^. baqdira-t. inf. of (i_3^)- 

\jUu baqdyd, remains, &c., pi. of 
^^ baqiyya-t. 

jW^ baqbdq, mouth. 

((j.--a?) baqbaq, inf. i , gurgle, water 
flowing out from a narrow- 
mouthed vessel, or boiling ; coo 
(dove) ; chatter ; (m.) swell ; 
bubble ; have blisters ; — i 
baqbaqa-t, gurgling of w-ater ; 

^^0} baqbiiqa-t, bubble ; blister 

(c;w!?) baqat, u, INF. baqt, stir up. 

(e-ij) liaqai:, u, inf. baqf, stir up, 
bring into confusion. 

^asiiJ buqja-t, bundle, parcel ; knap- 

(^) baqah={^) (m.) ; — ii. inf. 
tabq'ih, soil;— v. inf. tabaqqiih, 
be soiled ; — 1> baqha-f, stain. 

(_,~jjj£! baqdi'inas, parsley. 

(^) baqar, A, inf. baqr, split, 
cleave ; enlarge ; seek know- 
ledge ; look out for water and 
find it ; know another's circum- 
utauces, try to know them ; — 
baqir, a, inf. baqr, baqar, be 
scarcely able to see ; be tired ; 
rejoice at the sight of ; — v. 
inf. tabaqqiir, be extensive, rich ; 
stay in a town or village while 
one's people are outside ; — viii. 
INF. ibtiqur, get split, cleft; split 
^? baqar, pi. biiqih; abdqir, ox, head 
of cattle ; — biiqar, lie; calamity ; 



— 2 haqara-t, pi. haqar, huqur, 
haqardt, hawdqir, huqqdr, uhqtir, 
cow ; ox ; — ^_s haqariijij, of cattle, 
referring to cattle. 

WjiiJ baqrdt, Hippocrates. 

u^ baqs, i.r*»— ^ baqsis, box-tree. 

kU-.Jii baqsimdt, biscuit, rusk. 

(U}) baqt, furniture ; diversion, 
amusement ; tenure for a part 
of the produce. 

(!=fl?), II. INF. tabqtt, ascend a moun- 
tain ; walk swiftly ; talk quickly ; 
silence by scolding ; disperse ; 
(m.) hasten ; give to eat in small 
quantities ; — v. inf. tahaqqut, 
receive news piecemeal ; take 
food in small quantities. 

Lj\=S:> buqti(riyija-t, an ample white 

(^) baqa', inf. baq', go ; pass, be 
abused; — baqi\ a. inf. baqa', 
be spotted (white and black) ; 
be satisfied with little ; be void 
of (er* tnin) ; be wet in some 
places and stained ; — ii. inf. 
tabqi', go anywhere ; spot white 
and black ; stain ; — v. inf. 
tabaqqii', be wetted, sprinkled 
in some places ; be spotted ; — 
VII. INF. iinbiqd', walk fast ; — 
viii. INF. ihtiqd', change (colours, 

j<i> baqa', spottedness ; — » baq'a-t, 
jil.buqa', spot, stain; — buq'a-t, 
baq'a-t, pi. buqa', biqd', place ; 
spot ; low ground with water ; 

\*ai baq'd', spotted, f . of ^\ abqa'. 

(^\*ai biiq'dn, pi. Ethiopian slaves. 

(Jiij) baqal, u, inf. baql, appear, 
push (as a plant, a tooth) ; 
make to sprout ; get green ; 
gather food ; — inf. buqill, begin 
to grow a beard ; — ii. inf. tabqil, 
cause to sprout, to push ; keep 
one's animals well ; — iv. inf. 
ibqnl, push forth (a.); get green; 
begin to grow a beard ; bring to 
light, show openly ; pasture (a.) ; 
— V. inf. tabaqqul, fetch food ; 
pasture (n.) ; — vii. inf. imbiqdl. 

pasture (n.); — viii. inf. ibtl([dl, 
pasture (n. and a.). 

Js} baql, i , pi. bvqtil, vegetables, 
cabbage, greens, beans, &c. ; 
jUjS\ iiai baqlatu-'l-anfdr-i, cauli- 
flower; ii)C»J\ 'i^\ al-baqlaUi-'l- 
7niibdraka-t,endhe; — Z/h(//, spring 

ijjl^fl} baqldwa-t, almond cake (m.). 

(lt^) baqlas, inf. £ , and ii. inf. 
tahaqhis, be covered with blisters ; 
form (into blisters). 

(^) baqiiii, A, inf. baqcnn, get ill 
from eating the plant 'anzmvdii. 

f^. baqqam, Brasil wood ; a tree 
with a red colouring wood ; — ii. 
INF. tabq'nn, dye red. 

(jib) baqd, u, INF. baqdwa-t, look 
upon, regard ; expect ; inf. 
baqw, hciqwa-f, baqdwa-t, protect, 
preserve; — i baqwa-f, inf. of 
(<J^) 't ■ — <^ baqwa, bvqu-a, re- 
mainder ; what has been left 
or preserved ; what remains 
alive ; life. 

(^) baqi, A, INF. baqd', baq-an, 
baqy, remain, endure, survive ; 
continue ; — inf. baqy, look at 
or upon, regard ; observe ; — inf. 
baqwa-t, protect, preserve; — ii. 
INF. tabqi i/a-t, render lasting, 
cause to remain ; leave ; pre- 
serve alive; — III. INF. mubd- 
qiya-t, fight another for the 
preservation of one's life ; — iv. 
INF. ibqd', let remain, cause to 
last, preserve alive ; spare ; fail 
to destroy entirely ; — v. inf. 
tabaqqi, preserve alive ; remain 
alive; be left; — vi. inf. tabdqi, 
remain alive one and the other ; 
— VII. INF. inibiqd', be left, 
preserved ; — x. inf. istibqd, 
preserve alive ; spare ; leave 
part of a thing (^^ iniii) ; — S 
baqiyya-t, pi. baqdyd, remainder, 
rest, surplus ; life ; sparing, pre- 

M? baqyd = (^}^ baqioa, buqwa,q.Y. 

;«f> baqir, i baqira-t, under-garment 
without sleeves. 




5*"} baq!', place witli roots of trees ; 

— * haqi'a-t, fields. 

Js^ baqil, i , producing greens ; • — • 
* hiKjihi-t, soup of vegetables; — 
hitqaiJa-f, small cabbagcsplant. 

(cdi) hcd-l; V, INF. !iald; hatka-t, 
tear, break into pieces ; sepa- 
rate ; sjjoil ; press, urge; lireak 
one's head ; humiliate ; grow 
poor ; (m.) vomit ; — vi. inf. 
taha/<k, he pressed upon each 
other, press one another in a 

^ bil.-iV, she-camels with little 
milk, pi. of >_s^ lial.-:' ; — hid-'l, 
crying, INF. of (^) ; — halchV , 
who cries much ; having little 
milk ; — S hiihn, pi. of ^\'. h.Uo, 
crying, weeping. 

usi'.^ hi'l-nbil-, lively, sprightly. 

;^ biliilr, young she-camels, pi. of 
ij^. hal;ra-t; — i bak''ini-t, bil;d- 
ru-t, virginity; — young camels, 
pi. of ^. bakr. 

^^ buh'ima-t, dumbness. 

(j^^ biil-l-iin, pi. of u=X>\ abaJd-, 
strenuous, &c. 

y.)^^ bakuwiy, pi. of ij^i^. , bearing 
early fruit, &c. 

U^ hahiii/d, she-camels with little 
milk, pi. (if 4S-^; ha/.-l'a-t. 

(tilfSo) hal-baJc, INF. ii , thrcjw one 
thing upon another ; turn ti'|isy- 
turvy ; press (n.) ; come and gi); 
move, shake ; lick. 

(o-Sj) haliaf, r, INF. bald, beat, 
strike ; receive with anything 
unpleasant ; — ii. inf. tabkit, 
scold ; reproach ; chide ; up- 
liraid ; silence by arguments ; 

— V. INF. tabaJdiuf, be scolded; 
have c[ualms of conscience, re- 

(^) balmr, v, inf. biikrr, hajipen 
early in the morning ; rise earlv ; 
do anything or come early in 
the mdriiing; — hdcir, a, inf. 
?^a/iar, hasten; — ii. inf. iabkir, 
rise, set nut, do anythin;;', eome 
early in the morning ; antieipate; 
cimie in time for the beginning 

of prayer; do anything too early; 
cause to rise or to come early ; 

— III. INF. inubi1kara-t, come 
early in the morning ; — iv. 
INF. iblc'ir, id. ; hasten to come 
early ; cause to come early ; 
antici]3ate ; water the cattle 
early in the morning; — v. inf. 
tabal-Jcur, anticipate ; — viii. inf. 
ibtihlr, rise early ; come early ; 
come at the beginning of the 
sermon; eat the first fruit; lie 
the first to do anything ; deflower ; 
givi- first birth to a boy. 

^ baJmr, morning; haste, hurry ; 

— bakir, balmr, who rises or 
does anything early ; — bakr, 
biikr, i, pi. iihkur, bijkr'hi, bik'h; 
biki'ira-f, bah rra -1 , y oxiBg camel; 

— 6(7i;r, pi. akbur, virgin, maiden; 
first-born ; having given birth or 
produced fruit for the first time ; 
what has never been before ; 
spring-eloud heavy with rain ; 
ji^ hyi darbat bikr, deadly stroke ; 

— biikr, 1)1. of j^io hakur, y^. 
bakir, bearing early fruit ; — S 
bakra-f, pil. bikih-, young she- 
camel ; troop, number of people ; 

— bakra-f, bakara-t, pi. bakar, 
bakiirat, pulley ; water-wheel ; 
wheel; troop; bakaraf, rings of 
a dagaer-belt : — bikra-t, virgin ; 

— biikra-t, pi. bukar, "arlv morn- 
ing ; bukrai-ini, early in the 
morning; (m.) to-morrow; ba'da 
bukrat-hi, the day after to- 

S;^; bakraj (c:fi baijraj), can, tank- 
ard (Turk). 

<^;^ bikriyy, virginal. 

((_r-^) bakas, u, inf. baks, over- 
come, vanquish an enemv. 

u^ bakas, v, inf. bakii, loosen the 
tethers of a camel. 

(ff^) baka', a, inf. bak', receive 
with anything unpleasant ; scold 
into silenee ; beat violently and 
repeatedly in different jilaees ; 
cut ; give the whole ; go any- 




where; — II. inf. tabht', scold 
into silence ; cut into pieces. 

«£i^> _ hnlaih, pi. vigorous fellows ; 
frisky donkeys. 

(jSo) hakal, u, inf. haU, mix; 
prepare the dish balcilat ; speak 
confusedly ; — ii. inf. tabJdJ, 
mix; pass. hukJcil bi-hi, he is 
hand and glove with him ; (m.) 
buckle ; button ; — v. inf. ta- 
bakkul, conquer and make booty; 
offer one thing for sale against 
another ; get the Itetter of (ace. 
or ^JJl 'ala) by scolding and 
beating ; get confused in speak- 
ing ; walk haughtily ; — viii. 
INF. tbtiJidl, carry off as a booty. 

J^ bakal, bakl, booty, plunder; 
bakl, mixture, confusion ; — 6 
bikla-t, nature, form, site ; — 
bilcla-t, bukla-t, pi. bikal, bukal, 
bikldt, buckle (m.). 

if'^) bakiin, a, inf. bahnn, bakd- 
ma-t, be dumb; — balcmn, inf. 
bakuma-t, be obstinately silent ; 
abstain from sexual intercourse ; 
— V. ^K!\ 64^ ^Cj tabakkam 
'ale-lii al-kahlm, he speaks with 

f>^. bakam, dumbness ; — bukm, pi. 
of i^\ ahkam, dumb. 

yUi^ buhndn, pi. of ^-^ baknn, 

)}^ bakur, pi. bukr, bearing early 
fruit (date-tree) ; early fruit ; 
first spring-rain ; — bukur, inf. 

^.j)^ bukdriyya-f, primogeniture. 

(ij^) baka, i, inf. buk-ati, bukd', 
weep ; INF. bukd', weep over, 
lament (ace.) ; sing ; — ii. inf. 
tabkd', tibkd' , weep violently ; 
inf. tahkiyat, cause to weep ; 
weep, lament ; — iir. vie in 
weeping; — iv. inf. ibkd' , cause 
to weep ; push to extremes ; — 

VI. force one's self to weej) ; — 

VII. be induced to weep ; — viii. 
cause to weep. 

^^> bakiyy, who weeps easily ; a 
little ; — buktyy, pi. of ^^> bdki, 


weepnig ; — 
pi. bikd', bak 
little milk. 
bakh-, i bak 

bakl, i , baki'a-i, 
iijd, she-camel with 


,5o bak, 

'ra-t, pi. bnl;r, biiki 




very early. 

J«S^ bakil, neat ; careful ; — S 
bakila-t {p\^>. bakdla-t), dish of 
flour, dates, &c. ; mixed herd ; 
plunder, booty ; nature, con- 
dition, state. 

1*^^ bakiiii, pi. bukmdtu deaf; 
dumb, silent. 

(J>) bull, V, inf. ball, billa-t, wet, 
sprinkle ; — inf. baJl, bildl, 
benefit one's relatives, be on 
good terms with them ; bless 
anyone (ace.) with (ace. or >_. 
bi) ; drop ; sow (the ground) ; 

— inf. ball, buh'il, balal, recover ; 

— INF. ball, be given to, infatu- 
ated with fs-" ii) ; go, travel ; — 
INF. buh'il, blow damp and cold ; 
escaf)e ; ■ — balil, a, inf. balal, 
vanquish, conquer ; know ; be 
quarrelsome, ojipressive, im- 
pious ; undergo great calamity ; 
be always by one's side ; — 
balil, INF. balal, baldla-t, bulnl, 
and balaJ, inf. buh'd, be infatu- 
ated, in love with (>-» bi) ; inf. 
also billa-i, balla-t, be wet, 
moist ; — disperse (n.) ; — ii. 
inf. tablil, wet through, water ; 

— IV. INF. ibldl, escape ; recover; 
bear fruit ; wander in the desert ; 
drop, driji ; go ; travel ; be ma- 
licious and mischievous ; van- 
quish ; refuse ; be unwilling ; 
be absent, hidden ; — v. inf. 
^(/)ffW'(Z, scratch the ground; — 
v., VII. (iNP. unhihil), VIII. (inf. 
ibtildl), get wetted, moistened; 

— v., VIII. recover; gi't better; 

— X. INF. -istibldl, id. 

J> bal, or rather, on the contrary; 
no ; nay ; certainly ; sometimes ; 

— 6a??, strong desire ; who frees 
himself from an obligation by 
perjury ; unjust ; quarreller ; 
able, doughty ; — bill, common 





property; remedy ; — fc»??, pi. 
of J>^ ahctU, q.v. ; — S bida-t, 
bunch of grass ; — balla-t, drop ; 
moisture ; wetting ; — hilla-t, 
moisture ; eloquence ; distinct 
pronunciation; inf. of (J?); — 
hulla-t, sap; pi. hiJ'il, last touches 
of love ; wickedness. 

"h laid', visitation, affliction, cala- 
mity; sorrow; trcuble; bravery; 
wear of cIothing = J> bil-an ; — 
hi-ld, without, beyond ; — haUa, 
adultress ; f . of Ji\ , q.v. 

^}>h haldbil, nightingales, pi. of J^l? 
bulbul; — pi. of il-b balbala-t, 
sorrow ; — bidubil, pi. baldbil, 
agile, active ; balihil, vigour and 

^^i baldia-t, prudence ; inf. of 

t3^h bahhtq, extensive sbeets of 
stagnating water, pi. of oj'^ 

i^ bildh, having heavy hips (wo- 
man) ; — buldh, holm-oak. 

<^'h bildd, cities, &c., pi. of iijJj 
balda-t ; — inf. iii. of (■^^) ; — 
ii baldda-t, stupidity, silliness, 

Sjh baldraj, stork. 

(j5\?) bal'az, inf. ii , flee ; jump, 
run ; eat one's fill. 

jSj bul'az, short, strong and 
hardened ; Satan. 

y»I^ balds, pi. buhts, coarse cloth ; 

J^^ bdd^ (for ^i> h bidd mtj-in), 
gratis ; in vain ; without reason. 

({j'h) bal'a^:, INF. i , flee. 

t.;ij baldt, level ground ; smooth 
pavement; bricks or flats for 
paving ; palace. 

^^% biddti/i, broad, wide. 

(Je!1> bald'iq, pi. sjsacious. 

A£5\i balld'a-t, pi. baldl!', sewer. 

th baldg, arrival ; delivoi-y (of a 
message, &(i.) ; sufficiency ; 
enough; — hdihj. III. ( jlj) ; — S 
baJdifa-i, eloquciicc ; pi. baldqdt, 
talk'; (^); — ^ h,dd,j,i, Indrnj,,, 
eloqut'ut, clear. 

JS^ baldl, bnldl, bildl, moisture; 
freshness; water, milk, &c., 
refreshment ; benefit ; union 
with relatives ; — 6(7'??, pb 1^^*' 
touches of love ; — balldl, lin- 
seed ; seeds of vegetables ; who 
waters ; — bal'du-t, inf. of (J?) ; 

— biddla-f, moisture ; driblet, 
jji; biddlir, crystals, pi. of j)^ 

bdaur, balh'ir. 
WS4 baldl, t, level ground ; broad 

^SSu lalUi', sewers, j)l. of ^1^ 

bald'(i-f. i^^ bali'i-K-t. 
(jh balldn,i. 'i , waiter in a jjublic 

bath; balldiia-t, pi. -''/, warm 

^h baldha-f. utter stupidity, 

(jJi>h baldhiii, tyi>h baldhi, lives 

passed in ease and enjoyment, 

pi. of A j.i q l; bidalinit/a-t. 
^.1^ baldyd, pi. of *-Jj baliyya-t, q.v. 
J\-l} balbdd, i balbdla-t, pi. baldhd, 

emotion, anxiety, sorrow ; wolf ; 

— 6 balbdla-t, vigour and zeal; 
see the following. 

(J*^) balbal, inf. S , mix, throw 
together or into confusion; bring 
about difference of opinion, differ 
in views ; squander ; disquiet or 
irritate by innuendoes ; — inf. 
balbdla-t, bdbdl, irritate, incite; 
= 11. INF. bUbdl, be confused 
(speech) ; — ii. inf. tabalbul, 
be agitated, disquieted, con- 
fused ; have grazed off all the 
herbs of a pasture-ground. 

,J4i bidbul, jil. baldhd, nightingale 
(Pers.) ; — bidbul, pipe, channel, 
groove ; agile and helping ; — S 
balbala-t, emotion, anxietv, sor- 
row ; confusion, confusion of 
languages ; pearl ; pi. baldbd, 
sorrows ; — bulbula-t, can with a 
pipe ; travelling litter ; — ^ 
btdbuUyy, agile, nimble, ready 
(as a helper, &r.). 

(opb) balat, I, INF. halt, cut, cut 
intd jiieres ; — balat, r, inf. bait, 
also balit, A, INF. balat, lie cut, 




separate (n.) ; — balut, inf. 6a- 
luta-t, be reserved and prudent; 

— IV. INP. iblot, uri4-e to take an 
oath; — VII. INF. inb'ih'it, be cut, 

ii^ baltdt, cutting, severing, 

(C^) ialta', sly, cunning ; f. » 
balta'a-t, talkative woman ; — 
II. INF. tabaltu', whet one's 
tongue for abuse ; part, miita- 

j_j>U;d> baJta'dniyy, who affects wit 
and elegance. 

,_5«^ balta'iyy, eloquent ; bold, 

(^) baltam, people, number of 
men ; stammerer. 

(^J^) balta, INF. baltdt, cut. 

j^il} lulsuq, extensive sheet of 
stagnating water. 

(gU) balaj, V, inf. bulilj, glitter, 
shine ; — i, inf. balj, open ; — 
baUj, A, inf. bcddj, have the 
eye-brows separated; rejoice; — 

IV. INF. ibldj, shine ; light up, 
make clear, unveil ; distinguish, 
separate; rejoice; — v. inf. ta- 
balluj, vxi. INF. iiibihij, viii. inf. 
ibtildj, shine, dawn, brighten ; — 

V. rejoice, laugh ; be open, out- 
sj)oken ; — xi. inf. iblijdj, be 
cleared up, unveiled, revealed. 

gJii &«?cy, *=J4 bulja-t, space between 
the eye-brows ; — balja-t, bulja-t, 
light, brightness; twilight, dawn; 

— balj, pi. of ^\ ablaj, shining ; 
having the eye-brows separated, 
&c. ; — buJuj, pi. who have smooth 
beardless cheeks. 

(jjj) halah, A, inf. baUt, dry up ; — 
i-^F. btiluh, be tired, weak; flow 
off ; be lost (as labotu-, &c.) ; — 
II. INF. tablih, be tired ; — iv. 
INF. ibld^, bear unripe dates ; — 
V. INF. tabalhih=:n. ; — vi. inf. 
tabdhih, give the lie to each 

gi} bala^, 5 , unripe date ; green- 

(^) bali/i, A, INF. bahih, and v. 
INF. tahaUiili, be proud, haughty. 

^J balk, oak-tree of some kind ; 
height, greatness ; — balk, bilh, 
haughty, proud ; high, elevated, 

^&1» balhd' , f. of ^y ablah, stupid. 

(jij-ail> balahs, hyacinth (precious 
stone) ; ruby. 

((ja^iJu), II. INF. tabalhiis, be big 
and large, be much of a thing. 

ij^sM balhas, thick, coarse. 

i-iilj balahiyija-t, pomegranate tree 
of some kind. 

(jAj) balad, A, inf. huli'id, reside, 
take a place for a dwelling and 
defend it by arms ; — balid, a, 
INF. balad, id. ; — inf. balad, 
balda-t, have the eye-brows 
separated; — balid and balud, 
inf. baldda-t, be impudent, 
shameless, stupid, lazy ; — ii. 
INF. tablid, naturalise ; accli- 
matise ; not care for anything ; 
be miserly without getting rich ; 
throw one's self on the ground ; 
not rain ; remain behind ; — iii. 
INF. bildd, mubdlada-f, fight any- 
one with a sword or stick ; — iv. 
INF. ibldd, cause one to settle in 
a place (two ace.) ; stick to a 
place (from poverty) ; have 
stupid and lazy beasts of bur- 
den ; — V. INF. taballud, be 
acclimatised, or naturalised ; 
occupy a deserted country, take 
possession ; fall to the ground ; 
show or pretend to be stuj^id ; 
be lazy ; be confused, perplexed ; 
be moved with passion; sigh 
with grief ; clap the hands ; 
turn the palms outside; — xiv. 
INF. iblindd', l>e strongly built 
and of firm flesh. 

J.)> balad, », pi. bildd, bulddn, 
city, district, province, country ; 
house, domicile, dwelling ; 
Mecca ; ground where no tire 
has been burning nor a well 
been dug; pi. ahldd, ostrich- 
nest, ostrich ; burial-place, 




loml.i ; sign, trace ; twcutj-first 
station of the moon ; space be- 
tween the eye-bi'ows and the 
root of the nose ; fore-neck, 
chest ; pahn of the hand ; 
principle, element ; — halad, 
buld, plummet ; — i hidda-t, 
space between the eye-brows ; 
shape of the face. 

f,\A> bUdihii, hddihna-i, loosely 

O^-^ hiildiiii, pi. of ^. halad. 

(c-^O haldah, inf. i , throw one's 
self on the ground ; i. and ii. 
INF. iahalduh, promise and not 
keep the promise ; — in. inf. 
iblinddh, stretch far and wide ; 
decay, get destroyed. 

((•■^O haldam, ixf. is, be afraid and 
keep silent. 

(«^ haldam, larynx ; — huldum, 
indigestible ; peevish ; blunt 
(also (»-^). 

t^ji} baladiyy, countryman, native. 

(jl»), III. INF. iiinbuhiza-t, and viii. 
IXF. ihtihh, take, receive. 

(jh) hiliz, hill:.::, short and stout 

(u^) bih, soda. 

((j~^), II. INF. tahh't:, drive despe- 
rate ; — IV. INF. ihlds, despair ; 
be perplexed ; confound ; be 
silent with grief ; be prevented 
from the jjilgrimage. 

(j~l* balas, reprobate, wicked ; a 
kind of tig; — halig, wrajiped 
up in grief ; — bidu/, lnd>', 




lentil ; — huhi.^, pi 

|,L.b bihi'nn, pleuris}'. 

y\ — h hiihis'iii, balsam, balsam- 

liX—lj hahak, bur. 

(^»~1}) hahiim,i-sv. i , put balsam 
on a wound; embalm; — be 
silent from fear; look sour; — 
II. INF. iabalsuni, id. 

A.J — \> hiihania-i, embalming (m.). 

y-.* — h, Inilsainiii, balsam-tree. 

^^V bulsini, i , lentil. 

(j^,) balas, (m.) embarrass, en- 
tangle;— ii. INF. tablls, begin, 
undertake; — VII. inf. inbdds, 
get embarrassed, entangled; be 
in a plight; — viii. inf. ibtilo^, 

d.i.b bala.-C-t, embarrassment. 

^^jJu balaxihu, (^x^ halas^'ni, heron. 

(yJj), II. halla^, inf. tahlif, take 
all one's property; I., II. (m.) 
oppress with taxes; have li+tle 
milk (sheep) ; — in. inf. mubd- 
lasa-t, rush upon or against ; — 
v. INF. tahallus, graze the pasture 
bare ; look for in secret ; long or 
strive fur (J li) ; — vn. (m.) 
INF. inhlld/:, ije oppressed with 
taxes; — XIV. inf. iblin.^d', de- 
part, go away ; undress ; put off 
one's clothes. 

u=l.> hah, 'i baha-i, oppression ; 
heavy taxation. 

(^jJij), II. INF. tabahuq, look for 
in secret ; enter into relation- 

(l».oU) hahaiii. INF. i, flee. 

(kli) hahd, V, INF. half, pave; — li. 
INF. tablit, id. ; fillip the ear ; 
get tii-ed and weak with walk- 
ing ; — III. INF. mtihdlata-f, flee ; 
make efforts, exert one's self ; 
descend into the plain for com- 
bat ; fight anyone with the 
sword;- — iv. inf. ibh'if, pave; 
fall on the pavement (rain) ; 
get poor and therefore Imund 
to a ]ilace ; pass. id. ; take 
everything from (ace.) ; make 
ill-tempered by begging or ask- 
ing questions ; — v. inf. taballu/, 
get paved; — vi. inf. tabdliit, 
tight each other with the sword ; 
be foolhardy, hector; — vn. inf. 
inhil'l(, rem(.ive to a great dis- 
tance ; lie far awav. 

^ halt, hiilt, turuing-lathe ; — 
hulut, pi. deserters ; impudent 
fellows (Soufis) ; (m.) fool- 
hardv ; swaggerer ; — S halta-t, 
axe of a sapper, executioner (m.) ; 
— bal{a-f, hour; space of time; 




auythiug unexpected ; destiny ; \ 
hill ; (m.) causeway, high road ; 
poor, moneyless. 

^_3a,U> laltajitjy, pi. haltajiyya-t, 
sapper; executioner (Turk.). 

{j^i) haltah=t^ baldah ; — (m.) 
flatten anything convex ; — ii. 
INF. tdbaUuh, be flattened. 

{^) ball', hala\ a, inf. hala\ 
swallow ; j.ierce ; — ii. inf. 
{cihli', give to swallow, mako 
swallow ; begin to ajipear (white 
hair); — iv. inf. Ihl,!', make 
swallow, allow to swallow (one's 
spittle, i.e., grant him a delay, a 
respite); — vii. inf. inUh'i', get 
swallowed; — vin. inf. ihtijj'i', 
swallow, especially without chew- 
ing ; feed on (s-> hi). 

^ baJu', swallowing ; — &i(7rt', 
glutton ; twenty-third station 
of the moon ; — S hahCa-t, gulp, 
mouthful ; — btila'a-t, glutton ; 
— bal'u-t, pi. buJa', hole of a 
pulley, a mill-stone, &c. 

u~«*l; bala'big, pi. miracles, mar- 

<^*^ bal'as, fat and flabby ; — » 
bal\isa-f, fat, ill-tempered (wo- 

(j~*1j bains, fat and flabby. 

(J«l? balaq, best kind of dates. 

(uiiad;) hal'al-, inf. ', cut (with the 

u^«1j bal'aJc, old and with loose 
flesh ; stupid, contemptible ; a 
kind of date. 

(^•^■>) bal'ain, iNF. i, swallow 

,»*1> bal'am, glutton ; who swallows 
greedily; — bul'um, pi. bah'i'im, 
alimentary canal, gullet. 

y-^U bil'aus, foolish woman. 

I«j«l; bul'ihn, pi. bahl'liii, alimentary 
canal ; gullet ; cave, groove. 

(gl>) balag, v, inf. buhkj, reach, 
be about to reach ; attain to 
puberty ; grow of age ; come to 
{tj\ ila, v" bi) ; conquer, over- 
come, get the better of (ace.) ; 

occupy entirely; — balmj, inf. 
bahhja-t, be elociuent ; btstov/ 
pains on {^Jl f'l) anything ; — ii. 
INF. tablig, cause to obtain ; 
send ; inform ; report upon ((j^ 
'nil.) ; give with outstretched 
arms the reins to a horse ; — 
III. INF. laubdlaga-t, bihig, exert 
one's self zealously in a matter 
((^ /') ; do a thing to perfec- 
tion, accomplish ; get the better 
in a dispute ; exaggerate ; — iv. 
INF. iblag, send or bring news ; 

— V. INF. taballiig, be satisfied 
with (v> 60 ; not give in until 
the place is reached ; fall upon 
with violence ; increase (illness, 
■^'-■) ; — VI. INF. tabdbig, op- 
press ; — vm. pass, vhtulig, it is 

j^ baJg, hilg, b'dag, elociuent ; 
distinct, clear ; superior in 
strength (army) ; penetrating, 
irresistible ; — S hulga-t, coll. 
biilag, what is sufficient to live 
upon ; sufficiency. 

^ bulagii', pi. of jjj balig, elo- 
quent, &c. 

jV*l> bulgdr, Bulgaria ; perfumed 

*i-^ balgaf, fat and flabby; — 4 
balgasn-t, flabbiness ; flaccid- 

ffi^. b((lgam, pi. baldgim, phlegm ; — 
balgamiyy, jihlegmatic. 

(^«1? bUagn, pi. baldgin, eloquent. 

{^ytAt bitagin, bvlagin, misfortune; 
danger; completion, end. 

(^3^!) baliiii, u, INF. hidi'q, hasten, 
walk fast ; — inf. balq, carry ofl", 
wash away ; ojien a door entirely 
or with violence, and, by oppo- 
sition, close the door; assault, 
commit a rape (on a slave-girl) ; 

— ballg. A, inf. buUiq ; baluq, 
INF. balJc, be spotted (white and 
black) ; have white legs (horse) ; 
— baliq, a, inf. halaq, be stunned, 
perplexed ; — iv. inf. ibldq, be 
piebald, spotted (white and 
black) ; beget j^iehald foals ; 




open a door with violence ; — v. 
INF. taballiiq, shine, flash ; — 
VII. INF. iiibU'iq, be opened 
entirely or with violence ; — viii. 
INF. ihtildq, shine, flash ; — ix. 
INF. ibiiqdq, XI. INF. ibliqdq, be 
piebald; — xiv. inf. ibliiiqdq, be 
clearly distinguished from others 

(jl} balaq, being piebald (white and 
black) ; tent of camel-hair ; 
door ; a kind of marble ; mad- 
ness ; dense crowd ; — bidq, 
snakes ; pi. of ^3^\ ablaq, pie- 
bald ; — ii bidqa-t, spottedness. 

^«1j bahqd, f. of ijl;^ ablaq, piebald. 

(^aSL) bubj^tif, short; dwarfish. 

(giil}) balqa\ inf. i , be unculti- 
vated and uninhabited ; — iii. 
INF. iblinqii', subside, pass away 
(grief) ; shine. 

jiil} balqa', i balqa'a-f, pi. bah'iqi', 
uncultivated and uninhabited 
country ; lonely ; thoroughly 
bad woman; — ^^ balqa'iyy, with 
a broad head (arrow). 

Lyils bulqiit, short. 

(isUi) baliik, u, INF. balk, mix. 

(diXlj) lalkasa-t, a large mouse. 

(jiJij) baUia\ INF. i , cut, cut ofE. 

J)j balal, moisture ; freshness of 
youth ; health ; well-being ; 
wealth (after poverty) ; ban- 
quet ; endurance in sufferings ; 
remains of food ; trifle ; — bulal, 
seed, crop ; • — Imllal, moist, 
damp ; — ' balnla-i, bulvla-t, 
moisture ; remainder, rest ; 
misfortune ; pi. balaldf, last 
touches of love ; — biilala-f, 
form, state, condition. 

(^) balam, u, inf. buliii, long fur 
the stallion; — ii. inf. tabllm, 
spoil, mar; — iv. inf. iblnii — 
I. and II. ; be silent ; — vii. inf. 
inbiliim, (m.) be silent ; — 'i 
balama-t, rut (of a she-camel). 

UJ.} balmii', 14th night of the month. 

(^ balanta', clever, cunning, sly; 
— ii balanta'a-f, talkative woman. 

ZXili balandah, short and plump. 

(ci3j.Ji}) balandah, inf. iblinddk, be 
spacious ; be level with the 

^jJi; balandam, loosely built. 

^x:.\3 balanda, broad, wide. 

^> balanza, stout and strong. 

^ . .... ^ l ; balansam, tar, pitch. 

kd} balnat, a coarse kind of 

jiul) balanqa', distinct, trodden 

(&lj) balili. A, INF. balah, baldha-t, 
be careless, thoughtless, stupid ; 
be simple and good-natured 
not be able to state one's rea- 
sons ; — III. INF. mubdlaha-f, 
act stupidly towards ; — iv. inf. 
ibh'ih, find stupid; — v. inf. 
taballuh, bo stupid; show stu- 
pidity or simplicity ; look for a 
stray animal; walk carelessly on 
a wrong road without asking; — 
VI. INF. tahdiuh, show stupidity, 
pretend to be stujjid. 

i^i balah, stupidity, idiotcy, lout- 
ishness ; — balha, leave off ! 
have done ! ^ ^ balJia ind, not 
considering that, without regard 
to ; — bulk, pi. of ^\ ablaJi, 

^a^ balk''', of high rank or birth; 
f. of i^\ ablah, stupid, ic. 

(u*^) balhas, in'f. » , walk fast. 

{{j='^) balha^, inf. i , flee from 
fear; — ii. inf. tabalhns, put 
off one's clothes. 

((J9^) bilhiq, talking much and 
blushing frequently (woman). 

<s~^? balcikniya-t, pi. baldhi, baldhin, 
life without cares, abundance of 

)j^. baJahicar, spaciou.s. 

(^) bald, r, INF. balw, bald', try, 
probe, test, put to severe trials, 
grieve (a.) ; make public ; — 
ball, A, INF. ^ bil-an, bald', 
be old and worn ; be clad or 
covered ; be seized with sorrow 
and fear; be rotten; — pass. 
INF. baly, be tied uj) at her 




master's tomb to die from 
hunger (she-camel) ; — inf. tah- 
liya-t, wear out a garment; cause 
one to put on an old garment ; 

— III. INF. hihV, vinhiUiH (also 
bi'd, hiUa-t), pay regard, show 
attendance ; boast ; vie in boast- 
ing ; — IV. ibid' , wear out ; in- 
form, give news or intelligence ; 
bestow a benefit or an advan- 
tage on (ace.) ; cause to take 
an oath ; take an oath ; be 
satisfied ; try, put to the test ; 
cleanse ; show zeal ; show 
prowess in combat ; publish ; 

— VI. INF. iahiU-ui, tabijli, viii. 
INF. ihtihV, question, cross- 
examine ; put to the test, try ; 
be visited by (s-> 60 calamities ; 
exact an oath. 

)W bilw, pi. cibli'i', administrator ; 
manager ; camel emaciated by 
the journey ; down in the 
world ; equal to calamities, 
inured, experienced;—* biltca-t, 
trial, experiment ; temptation ; 
visitation, affliction ; punish- 
ment ; grief ; (m.) leprosy. 

C^ balilh, emptied well ; without 
relations, friendless. 

_)jl^ bilaur, billaur, ballitr, pi. bah'ilir, 
crystal, beryl ; — billavr, tall and 
stout ; brave. 

(j^^) balwaz, inf. ii , frame (a 
picture, m.). 

y-^j balus, something, a little ; 
md balus, nothing. 

tjl> baUitt, oak-tree; acorn; — s^ 
ty^ sdh halh'it, hazel-nut tree, 

gjl} baliV, wide. 

ic^j ballu'a-t, pi. baldW, sewer, 

g^j baltig, who has arrived ; 
highest (m.) ; — bvJi'ig, puberty, 
maturity ; full age, majority ; 
execution, accomplishment, com- 
pletion (^)- 

i«cjl! bitlmjiyya-f, puberty, ma- 

'^•^ bidi'ih, division ; company of 

soldiers ; squadron (Turk.). 
J^ buliV, 6 buh'ila-t^^iik bnhila-f, 

q.v. ; see (J>)- 
t5^ balii!-aii^=t,}h bilwa-t, q.v. 
^^ bala, yes, indeed, in answer to 
a negative question ; — bil-an, 
bal-an ( ^i;), threadbareness ; 
(m.) putrifaction ; — bily, pi. 
aUiV=^} bilw; — baliyy, f. i, 
worn, threadbare = JW bdli ; 
(m.) putrid ; — bulla, wealth 
after poverty ; — i baliyy a- f, pi. 
baluyij, baliyyiU, visitation; ca- 
lamity ; State, condition ; camel 
tied up at the tomb of her 
yVJj balaydn, people without order 
or leader ; gone nobody knows 
<.s-^ bilUt, taciturn ; wise, 
g-li balij, resplendent, shining ; 
clear, distinct, open ; — billij, 
oar (m.). 
•^ balid, stupid, idiotic ; — 2 

biilaida-t, little village, hamlet. 
)£l> bil'iz, short and strong. 
,3-Ij baliq, pi. bulaqd', eloquent, 
mature, complete ; efficacious, 
effective, forcible ; considerable, 
numerous, innumerable. 
JJb balll, sound, noise, tumult ; 
balil, » balila.-t, cold damp wind ; 
balil, preceded by Jjli qalil, 
little, small quantity ; — bulail, 
open road. 
^ bi-ma, for Uj bi-md, whereby, 
&c. ; — bamm, pi. bumilm, bass- 
string, bass ; — bum in (for f>)i 
buvi), owl. 
U? bi-md, whereby, so that ; never- 
theless ; whereby ? how ? why ? 
what for ? 
yj l,an=^y. bal, rather, &c. ; — 
bun, ban, for (^>^ ihii, between 
two proper names; — bimi, fat; 
bad-smelling place ; — bnmi, 
coffee-berry ; coffee-tree ; — ii 
banna-i, pi. bind a, smell, odour. 
((^) bann, i, inf. bunn, stand, 



remain, stay, settle ; — ii. inf. 
tahnin, tie up animals in order 
to fatten them ; — iv. inp. 

^ bi-vi'i, by us, with us, &c. 

(W) btniV, INP. (i_s^) ; pi. ahiiiijn-t, 
pi. pi. ahniyilt, building, struc- 
ture ; vault; form ; conjugation ; 

— hanii'l'j pi. hanniVun, builder; 

vJ^ haniH, daughters, &c., pi. of 
t^.^ hint; iji>«-01 u;j^> hanntii-'ii- 
na's-i, constellation of the bear ; 
jjs<J^ cu^-i.; hanatu-'l-hahf-i, syren.s, 
mermaids, dolphins ; '^.y\ cyU> 
hanatu-H-arhaH-i, Tvord of four 

ijjUj hanudira-t, pi. of ^■^t hiiiidor. 

(3?.J^ haiii'idlij, pi. of li^-^ hinnh'tq- 

(•^ ha nil III, for — 

oW hanihi, ', finger, finger-top; 

— hin'ni, smells, scents, ]i\. of 
^ hanna-t; — hiunlna-t, mag- 
nificent garden, rich meadow. 

h\^. hiti'hja-t, lofty building. 

(ct~jj), II. hannat, inf. tahnit, ask 
many questions ; communicate 
everything; blame, scold. 

ts^." Jin/, pi. haiiiU, daughter ; 
girl ; puppet ; frec|uent in com- 
position, as : iAAJ\ v-j hinfii-'s- 
ktfat-i, daughter of the lip, 
speech ; J<-=J^ v hintn-'J-jahal-i, 
daughter of the mountain, echo ; 
(^s«3\ v_> hiiitii-l-'ain-i, daughter 
of the eye, tear ; s-»a*5\ wj hintu- 
'l-'inah-i, daughter of the grape, 
wine; — (^ hintiiji/, daughterlv, 

(g-4) haiij, henbane, a soporific 
herb; — hiiij, root, origin; fa- 

^ hdiiaj, V, INF. hanj, return to 
the original or former state ; — 
II. INF. tahnlj, drug by the plant 
^> haiij ; peep, cluck ; — iv. inf. 
ihiii'ij, claim m- arro<^ate a noble 

ijs-^. hull itiru-t, ]il. ?ia«'?y/r, window- 
hole (Prrs,). 

(e^) haiiah, A, inf. hatih, cut into 

^ huniih, pi. gifts, presents. 

J.AJ land, pi. lumU (Pers.), banner, 
flag; legion of 10,000 men; 
pawn in chess ; band ; sword- 
belt ; noose ; division, chapter ; 
oblong flat stone; (m.) gut ; — 
II. hannad, inf. tahnid, array in 
liattle-order; cut flat-stones, cut 
in stone. 

j\j,Aj hnndi'i-, pi. haii'''dira-i, fore- 
staller, wlio buys up, buyer on 

jj-i handar, pi. htioldir, harbour, 
port; emporium; (m.) workshop; 
_jjLu sU. ,s'(?/( handar, syndic of thi.' 

(^3JL4) handaq,ivY.i, give a glo- 
bular form to (ace.) ; fix one's 
look sharply at {J'\ ila) ; (m.) 
cause to degenerate ; cause to 
beget bastards. 

^^dij bunduq, i, pi. hani'dlq, hazel- 
nut, nut; sling-stone ; ball(m.); 
— (^ bunduqiijij, dress of finest 
linen ; — h hundnqiyya-i, gun, 

oj-i^ hundiiq, pi. hanndiq, bastard ; 
gun, musket (m.). 

ijssx^, bandaira-t, banner, flag, ban- 
derol, pennon, streamer (m.). 

(^.-.u) hanis. A, inf. banas, shuu or 
escape an evil ; — ii. isr. tabnis, 
remain behind, tarry ; — iv. inf. 

((ji-ii) banas, v, inf. bans, slacken, 
relax, bo remiss in anything; — 
II. INF. tabnis, id. 

tj^> hanis, cloak with sleeves 

j'^ hinsir, pi. 6n»i'S('r, ring-finger. 

>^ hiiii-iii-, clitoris. 

hanafsaj, violet (Pers.) ; — ^ 
banafsajiyy, violet colour. 
((3-=-0 banaq, u, inf. banq, arrive ; 
plant 2^alms on jiart of a valley ; 
— II. inf. tnhniij, IV. inf. ibnuq, 
ill. ; II. remain in a pjlace ; 
speak tersely and concisely ; 
forge a lie ; cut one's back bv 



lashing ; put round one's neck ; 
put a gore into a shift or shirt 
(see ^a#Aj baniqa-t) ; make a 
quiver wide at the top and 
narrow at the bottom. 

^■4 binaqa-t, opening of a shirt or 
shift at the breast. 

(cdi}), II. INF. tabnilc, go a-gossip- 
ing ; tell, narrate ; perform ; — 
V. INF. tabannuk, stand firm ; 

>^ bank, pi. buni'ik, bank (m.) ; — • 
hunk, root ; essence or best part 
of a thing. 

^■4 banti, sons, pi. of yj\ ibn; — ii 
bunuwwa-t, sonship, filiation. 

ii>>y< bannuda-f, back ; buttocks. 

jy>. bani'ir, tried, experienced. 

yyj bannn, sons, pi. of (^\ ibn. 

ijj^ banawiyy, filial, referring to or 
becoming a son. 

(l5^) ici-n,d, I, INF. bany, bind', 
bunydn, binya-t, bindya-t, build, 
construct, raise ; inf. hind', in- 
flect a word grammatically, 
construe ; strengthen, fatten ; 
assist by benefits ; lead a bride 
in procession to her new home ; 
lie with a woman ; — ii. inf. 
tahniya-t, build ; — iv. inf. ihnd', 
give materials for building, cause 
to build ; batten ; report, relate ; 
— V. inf. tahannl, call one's son, 
adopt ; have full thighs ; — viii. 
INF. ibtind', build ; have built ; 
give building materials ; lead 
the bride home ; pitch a tent 
for one's wife ; lie with ; beget, 
give birth. 

i_y4 bani, sons, pi. of (^\ ibn ; — 
baniyy, pi. ahniya-t, building ; — 
bunayy, little son ; pi. f . hunayydt, 
small cups ; (3i;I=!\ '■^^ hunay- 
ydtu-'t-tariqi, ramifications of a 
road ; — 5 binya-t, bunya-t, pi. ^. 
binan, bunan, edifice ; structure 
of the body; — baniyy a-t, the 
Caaba ; — buniyya-t, cofEee (as 

aW*J banyan, work, deed, action ; 

corrupt (language) ; — hunydn, 
building, edifice ; wall, rampart ; 
foundation ; gJU v" hunydn sdlih, 
edifying example. 
^^ baniqa-t, pi. hand'iq, shoot of 
a vine ; tuft of hair ; gore of 
a dress or shirt ; opening of a 
shirt or shift at the breast. 
y«^ hanin, firmly built or founded ; 

1^. hah, well done ! bravo ! — 61-^1, 

by him, with him, &c. 
(<^) bahh, u, INF. hahh, rise in 
honour and authority with the 
(Wi) haha', hahi', bahu', inf. hah', 
bahd', buhu', get accustomed to 
(s^ hi) ; baha', understand ; a, 
INF. bah', empty or destroy the 
tent or house ; — iv. inf. ibhd', 
id. ; — VIII. INF. ibtihd', get ac- 
Wj bahd', beauty, brilliance, ele- 
gance ; — bi-hd, with her. 
uyW? hahhdt, calumniator, slanderer. 
^W? hahdja-t, inf. of (g6J). 
jW? bahdr, beautiful, resplendent ; 
beauty ; pimento ; ox-eye ; cus- 
tom tax ; excise ; — huhur, an 
idol ; swallow ; fresh cotton ; 
tacking of a ship ; a weight 
(400-1000 rati). 
JJ^e? bahdlil, pi. of jy« buhMl, 

laugher, &c. 
{^^. bahdlin, pi. of y^^ hahluwdn, 

pugilist, &c. 
{j^^. huhdnis, tame ; lion. 
»Uej bahbdh, hoarse roar. 
(iV-.g;) bahhah, inf. 5 , bahbdh, roar 
low and in a muffled manner, as 
if hoarse ; — 11. inf. tabahbuh, 
get honoured and elevated ; — 
^5 hahhahiyy, great, tall, strong. 
(«j>«) bahat, v, inf. haht, surprise 
and seize; — inf. haht, bahat, 
huhtdn, accuse wrongly ; lie ; — 
bahat, bahit, hahut, inf. haht, 
bahat (also pass.), lose one's 
head, be perplexed, stunned, 
astonished ; (m.) be of a faint 
colour, be dimmed ; — 11. inf. 





tabhit, bewilder, astonisli and 
perplex ; — iv. inf. ihhdt, be 
perplexed ; be of a faint colour. 

ts-^? btiht, lie, calumny ; — great 
liars, pi. of uu^ buhiit ; — 5 
bahta-t, astonishment, bewilder- 

t)^'^ buhtdn, calumny ; f alseliood ; 

INF. of (u:-~8?). 
(y*) bahtar, lie ; — buhtur, buh- 

tura-t, pi. bahdtir, short of 

(t)^) bahtan, inf. S , calumniate, 

(>^-8J) bahas, a, inf. 6a/is, receive 

with joy ; — vi. inf. tabdhus, id. 
ii^ buhsa-t, wild cow ; son of a 

(g8?) bahaj, a, inf. 6a^j, rejoice 

(a.), cheer ; — bahij, a, inf. 

bahaj, rejoice (n.), be cheerful; 

— bahuj, INF. bahdja-t, be hand- 
some, elegant, lovely ; — ii. inf. 
tabhij, embellish, adorn ; cheer 
up (a.) ; — III. INF. mubdhaja-t, 
boast of greater beauty ; — iv. 
INF. ibhdj, cheer, rejoice (a.) ; 
show beautiful vegitation ; — v. 
INF. tabahhuj, be glad, cheerful ; 

— VI. INF. tabdhvj, be adorned 
with flowers; — vii. inf. inbihdj, 
rejoice (n.), wonder; — viii. inf. 
ibtihdj, rejoice at (v* bi) ; — x. 
INF. istibhdj, id. 

g6? bahaj, joy, gladness, inf. of 
(s*) ; — bahij, glad, cheerful ; 
handsome ; — i baJtja-t, joy, 
rejoicing ; beauty, loveliness, 
splendour, elegance. 

(j-ifli) bahdar, inf. i , squander, 
dissipate (m.). 

t^;^ buhdiiriyy, child which does 
not thrive. 

(J>^) bahdal, inf. S , walk quickly 
and with a light step ; (m.) 
insult ; slight ; despise, con- 

J-^eJ bahdal, the young of a hyena ; 

— ii bahdala-t, insult ; treating 
with contempt. 

(;«?) bahar, a, inf. bahr, buhih-. 

shine, be brilliant ; outshine, 
surpass; be far; be unsuccess- 
ful, unlucky, unfortunate; im- 
portune, molest, overburden ; 
calumniate, abuse ; utter the 
phrase ii\ ;« bahar dla-hu, may 
God destroy his people, either 
in earnest or in jest to express 
wonder ; — pass, be tired so as 
to be out of breath ; be blunted 
(sword) ; be dazzled (by the 
sun); — II. INF. iabhir, season, 
pepper (m.) ; — iv. inf. ibhdr, 
relate something wonderful ; 
grow rich after poverty ; be 
scorched by the mid-day sun; 
behave one time well, another 
badly ; marry a handsome 
woman ; (m.) dazzle ; — v. inf. 
tabaJihur, shine, be resplendent ; 
be full ; be out of breath ; — 
VII. inf. inbihdr, be out of 
breath ; fall into ruins ; wonder ; 
— VIII. INF. ibtihdr, boast falsely 
of a crime ; be talked about on 
account of attentions shown to 
a woman ; reproach, put to 
shame ; pray and invoke God 
continually ; fall asleep over 
one's day dreams ; not slacken 
in one's zeal for or against (J Ii, 
tji fi.) ; break asunder ; — si. 
INF. ibhirdi; be half spent or 
more, be dark (night). 

jii bahr, distinction; superiority; 
victory ; filling, completing ; 
removal ; friendship, love ; sor- 
row ; calumny ; overburdening ; 
astonishment ; — buhr, shortness 
of breath ; town, province ; 
middle of a valley ; — i buhm-t, 
pi. buhar, middle part; centre; 
extensive tract of good land. 

\^. bahr-an, a curse on him ! 

(•\;6! bahrdm, planet Mars (Pers.). 

(E;3i) bahraj, inf. ii , mislead tra- 
vellers (guide) ; cause one's 
blood to be shed unavenged. 

e;6! bahraj, vain, in vain ; lie ; 
corrupt, bad; forged, counter- 
feit ; in everybody's reach ; 

je) 147 

valueless ; nothingness ; — bahraj 
and y W-j^j hahrajdn, tinsel ; — » 
bahraja-t, deviation. 

()}9i), II. INF. tahahrur, be dazzled 
by the sun. 

(u-^), II. INF. tabahrus, walk 
along proudly. 

((•;«) bahram, inf. ii , dye one's beard 
with hennah ; — ii. inf. tabahrum, 
be red. 

(•;9? bahram, i bahrama-t, saffron ; 

(j«) bahaz, a, inf. bahz, push back 

)j9 bahzar, active and prudent ; 
noble, generous ; — » bahzura-t, 
bahzara-t, pi. bahhir, bahdzira-t, 
big she-camel ; tall palm-tree. 

u~9} fcfit^s, boldness. 

(ij~«) bahas, a, inf. 6aA*, examine, 
investigate into (^^ 'an); be 
taken up with ( J\ iZa) ; stretch 
out the hand for (,J\ ila) any- 
thing, whether taking it or not ; 
be ready to cry or to laugh ; 
assemble (n.) ; — v. inf. tabah- 
hus, assemble, gather together 
(n.) ; — VI. INF. tabdhus, reach 
or throw to each other any- 

Lr4J bahs, willingly ; friendly. 

(u=9») bahis, a, inf. bahas, be 
thirsty ; — iv. inf. ibhds, prevent, 

ij>ii bahas, thirst. 

( J-=«) bahsal, inf. ii , play at dice 
for one's coat ; eat the meat to 
the bones ; oust. 

J-a« buhsul, stout ; white ; f. 

ii*'^) buhsuni, firm, hard ; brave. 

ij'y^ buhsiis, something ; >.t^ U md 
buhsus, nothing. 

iu^} bahad, a, inf. bahd, molest, 
cause difScultv ; — iv. inf. ibhad, 

1=« bahatt, rice cooked with milk 
and butter (Pers.). 

(^}) bahaz, a, inf. bahz, molest, 
overwhelm (work) ; overburden ; 
seize at the beard. 


^. bahz, burden, weight ; im- 

(i«) bahag, u, inf. b^(,hug, sleep. 

(v3«) bahaq, leprosy, white scab ; 
ringworm;— 6a%, afflicted with 

(liiXg}) bahkasa-t, swiftness. 

( J^), ' , full of sap and healthy ; 
smooth and exuberant ; sleek. 

(t)^8}) feaMrt»=(J^); — II. inf. 
tabahhun, trip, take short steps. 

( Jk) bahal, a, inf. bahl, curse ; 
leave one to his own will ; — 
bahil. A, INF. bahal, (m.) be 
stupid ; — III. INF. mubdhala-t, 
curse one another ; — iv. inf. 
ibhdl, leave, leave alone, leave 
to one's own will ; set free ; 
coax ; water the crops ; (m.) 
render stupid ; blunt ; — v. inf. 
tabahhul, look for a thing with 
anxiety ; — v., vi. inf. tabuhul, 
VIII. INF. ibtihdl, curse one an- 
other ; — VII. INF. inbihdl, get 
stupid ; — VIII. humiliate one's 
self before God and call to 
Him ; exert one's self ; — x. 
INF. istibhdl, milk ; leave the 
subjects to their own will ; 
secure the freedom of a people 
or tribe ; (m.) find a person 
J9> bahl, curse ; a little of any- 
thing ; bahl, bahal, inf. of (Jw); 

— buhl, buhhal, pi. of Ja^} bdhil, 
free, &c. 

\>. bahl-an, gently 1 patience ! 
(,u~^), II. inf. tabahlus, return 

from foreign parts unexpectedly 

and empty-handed. 
(l/^)) II- INF. tabahlus, undress. 
(1.?%) bahlaq, pi. bahdliq, calamity; 

— bahlaq, buhluq, woman with a 
red complexion; talkative woman; 
— 6 bahlaqa-t, ])rid.e, lie; scolding, 
insulting; pi. bahdliq, vanities; — 
II. INF. tabahluq, lie. 

fiUflj bahlala-t, ^ bahala-t, stu- 
pidity (m.) ; — bahla-t, bnhla-t, 

y\jl9? bahluwdn, pi. bahdlin, pugi- 




list ; rope-dancer ; merry An- 
drew (Pers.). 

Jjl« biMi'iI, laughing, smiling ; 
prince endowed with every 
accomplishment ; — pi. hahUil, 
laugher ; blockhead ; merry 

1^ bahm, haliain, lambs, kids 
and calves in one flock ; — 
huJim, buhum, pi. naked, bare ; 
healthy and faultless ; — t> bah- 
ma-t, pi. bihilm, hihdm'd, kid, 
lamb, calf, foal of a camel ; — 
buhma-t, pi. buJiam, stone, rock ; 
inconquerable combatant ; very 
arduous matter ; army ; squadron 
of horse. 

{fVt), II. INF. tabhtm, separate young 
cattle from their mothers ; abide 
in a place ; — iv. inf. ibhihn, 
shut or lock a door ; leave 
doubtful or ambiguous ; be so ; 
conceal; avert; — v. inf. tabah- 
hwm, be doubtful, ambiguous, 
obscure ; be covered, concealed ; 

— X. INF. istibhCim, be doubtful, 
&c., talk unintelligibly or bar- 
barously ; not be able to speak, 
keep silent ; appear as a stranger 
or barbarian ; find anything 

(ijUgj) bahnilna-t, having a sweet 

breath ; friendly, smiling. 
(jj"^) bahnas, tame docile camel ; 

heavy and fat ; lion ; — ii. inf. 

iabahnus, walk along proudly 

(part, mutabahnis, lion). 
(^) baliil, baJiu, bahi, inf. bah'i' , 

be beautiful, shine with beauty ; 

— balia, surpass in beauty; — 
bahi, INF. bahy, be empty ; — ii. 
INF. tabhiya-f, enlarge and fur- 
nish; — III. INF. mubdhi'd, vie 
or surpass in beauty ; boast ; 

— IV. INF. ibhiV, empty; tear; 
let loose or free, leave unem- 
ployed (a horse, &c.) ; — vi. 
INF. tabdhl-^iu. ; be proud, 

jV. baliiv, pi. abha , biiliii ir u- , 
6 mAii/2/, advanced house or tent; 

lair of the wild buffalo ; apart- 
ment for the women ; hold of a 
ship; large stable;— pi- abhiV , 
abhi, bihiyy, buhiyy, large, ex- 
tensive ; wide tract of land; 
cavity of the chest or belly ; — 
buhiV, INF. of (W>). 

cy^ baUt, pi. biM, buhut, great 

_)j«} bahirar, lion. 

^^ buMg, going to sleep. 

^ baha, bah1, see (^) ; — baW, 
see (W») ; — bahiyy, handsome, 
beautiful, elegant, shining, re- 
splendent; — biliiyy, buhiyy, pi. 
of ^ hahw. 

yt:^. bahir, adj. breathing heavily, 
panting; — » bahira-t, pi. /W^ 
bahd'ir, handsome, delicate (wo- 

J-=49? buhaisil, weak, small, insig- 

AJ-ai bahila-t, free woman with rich 

(»*«» lahhu, pi. bulium, buhm, one- 
coloured horse; black; unknown; 
soundless, without an echo; pure, 
unmixed ; faultless ; excellent ; — 
S bahhna-t, pi. bahiVim, quadru- 
ped ; brute, in opposition to a 
rational being; — ^^ bahimiyy, 
referring to beasts, bestial, 
brutal; — h bahimiyya-t, besti- 

(j«~>fl? buhainis, lion. 

f. bu, in comp. for )i\ abu, father ; 

— ba WW, foal of a camel ; ashes ; 

— f . » , stupid, foolish, mad. 
(^) hi'i\ V, INF. ban', return, come 

back; bring back (ace. or v> bi); 
draw upon one's self ; agree with, 
suit (aco. or v» bi) ; — inf. ban', 
bawi!', acknowledge (debt, &c.) ; 
atone, retaliate ; be killed in 
retaliation ; — ii. inf. tabwi', 
bring or lead back ; take for a 
wife, lie with (ace.) ; invite into 
one's house, receive hospitably ; 
alight and stay ; point the lance 
against (f^ na/nr-a) ; — iii, 
INF. mubitica'a-t, retaliate, kill 



by way of retaliation ; — iv. 
INF. ibd'a-t, bring or lead back; 
= 111. ; put the hand to the 
sword, get ready for combat ; 
receive in one's house ; alight ; 
follow in succession ; flee ; — 
V. INF. tahawwu', alight, choose 
a house for a lodging, take 
possession of or possess a house ; 
take possession of a wife and 
her dowry ; — vi. inf. tabilwu', 
resemble each other, be able to 
pass one for another; — x. inf. 
istibiVa-t, take or furnish a place 
for a lodging ; retaliate, kill in 
retaliation ; return to each other 
or to one's people. 

\)i 6aM!t(', equality, similarity ; atone- 
ment, retaliation. 

s->V iawwdb, door-keeper, porter; 
— ii biwiiba-t, office of door- 
keeper ; — bawwdba-t, litter, 

y^y bawdtir, swords, pi. of yk bdtir. 

^^y bawdh-aii, openly, publicly. 

jW bawdd, INF. of (J^). 

_)Jly bawddir, fleshy parts between 
neck and shoulders ; pi. of JijiJ^ 

ij-i^f. bawddi, inhabitants of the 
desert, deserts, pi. of aj-^W 

C^^V iciwdzih, high mountain- 
chains, pi. of ii-jVi bdziha-t. 

j\f. bawdr, destruction, ruin, per- 
dition ; bad affairs ; inf. of 
(j^) ; woman whom no one 
sues ; pi. j)> bilr, uncultivated 

CjV io,wdrih, pi. of CjW bdrih, living 
in the plain, &c., q.v. 

0)\y bawdrid, sharp swords ; pi. of 
•^j^ . q-v- 

Jij\)> bawdriq, pi. of JSj^ hdriq, » , 
flashing, &c. 

^^^f. bawdri, reed mats, mats of 
bulrushes, pi. of h)^. bdriya-t, 
ijjf. buriyy, &c. ; — bawdriyy, 
maker of such. 

Jj\y bawdzil, pi. of Jj^ bdxil, ex- 

(4jV hawdzi, falcons, pi. of ^^j^ 

(3-V hawdsiq, high palm-trees, 

&C., pi. of i^\i bdsiq. 
;ii-V baindsir, piles, pi. of j^Vj 

bdsur, ;--.y baush: 
ij*"^^? hawdsiq, sparrow-hawks, pi. 

of (34.^ bdsiq. 
^'^f. bawddi', herds, Ac, pi. of 

^*^W bddi'a-t, q.v. 
t)i=_V bawdtin, pi. of (^^ bdtin, 

interior, &c. 
J'V bawdti, vats, pi. of A-tU 

ki^^y bawd'is, reasons, motives, 

pi. of AicU bd'isa-t. 
vi^y bawwdq, trumpeter, 
^^y bawdqir, cows, pi. of ifi 

/^y bawdhir, virgins, pi. of s/W 

(_/^y bawdJct, mourning women, pi. 

of i-i'W bdhiya-t. 
J\y buwdl, diabetes ; — baivwdl, 

who makes water frequently ; 

^jJly bawdW, sewers, sinks, pi. of 

icyVs bdlu'a-t. 
O^y biwun, buivdn, ]>\. abwina-t, 

bun, buwan, peg or pole of a 

tent ; door-post. 
tj\y. bawdnt, pi. ribs of the chest ; 

legs of quadrupeds ; pi. of <k>^ 

bdniya-t, see y^ bdn-in, ^J\:i 

■^f. bawdhid, pi. calamities. 
g>\y baivd'ij, misfortunes, cala- 
mities, pi. of iUj!?^ hd'ija-t. 
^f. ha ivd'i', pi. of 5>V} bd'i', woman 

with many suitors. 
i3»\j» hawd'iq, calamities, pi. of 

W>U bd'iqa-t. 
(i_jy) bdb, V, be door-keeper to 

(J li) ; make an opening or 

door ; — II. INF. tahwib, divide 

into chapters ; (m.) guide ; — v. 

INF. tabawwuh, take as a door- 
keeper ; pass, become such. 
iUy baubdt, desert, waste, 
yy hu'bu', pupil of the eye ; middle 

or principal part ; root ; eminent 



genius, scholar, &c., ; body of a 

(ji'^y butiHiyy, referring to house- 
hold expenditure. 

to^ hiitaqa-t, crucible (Pers.). 

(^i^y) bds, V, INF. baus, reject, 
disperse, squander ; examine, 
try, investigate ; — iv. inf. ibd- 
sa-t, id. ; tear up the ground, 
plough ; — vni. INF. ibtiijih, 
examine, investigate ; — x. inf. 
istibdsa-t, excite, raise (dust) ; 
extract, draw out. 

(e^) bdj, Ti, INF. bauj, baivajd/i, be 
tired ; shine, flash ; cry out, call ; 
befall ; — II. INF. tabwij, v. inf. 
tabaivwitj, vii. inf. inh'uj'ij, 
shine, flash ; — vii. befall {^J^ 

tf. bauj, yW-j} bairajiin, flash of 
lightning ; clamour ; tiredness. 

(cy) bah, V, inf. bauli, bu'uh, 
bit dha-t, be known, public ; 
make known, publish, divulge, 
show clearly ; boast in public ; 
— -iv. INF. ibdha-t, communi- 
cate ; escape, abscond ; betray a 
client ; profess publicly ; make 
anything public property ; 
allow ; offer ; — x. inf. istibdha-f, 
make public property ; allow ; 
jjrostitute ; squander or lose 
one's projjerty ; consider lawful ; 
do or take what is lawful ; anni- 

C)} bnh, root, origin; pudenda; 
sexual intercourse ; soul ; sun ; 
confusion of affairs ; — baufi, see 
(Cjj) ; — ba'uh, who betrays his 

^^)i bauha, thrown down, pro- 

itji) bdh, V, INF. bauh, subside, 
become extinct ; be tired ; — inf. 
bu'i'ih, turn bad, smell badly 
(meat) ; — iv. inf. ibdha-t, ex- 

tf- bi'ih, confusion. 

(>>^), see (^). 

J^ baud, well; departure (J^). 

AJiJy bUdaqa-t, crucible. 

(j^) bd?, u, INF. bauz, transgress, 
encroach ; grow poor, needy ; 
humble one's self. 

jy baiu, encroachment, transgres- 
sion ; poverty ; humiliation. 

(j^) bdr, V, INF. baur, baiudr, 
perish ; be dull (market), not 
sell (merchandise) ; lie unculti- 
vated or fallow; be lazy; be 
spoiled ; be in vain ; devastate ; 

— INF. baur, explore, spy out ; 

— IV. INF. ihdm-i, destroy, an- 
nihilate ; — V. INF. tahawwur, 
complain of impending ruin ; — 
VIII. INF. iUiydr, explore, spy 
out ; lie with a woman. 

j)> baur, ruin, perdition, destruc- 
tion ; knowledge from experi- 
ence ; INF. of ()f); — baur, bur, 
uncultivated or fallow land ; — 
bnr (du. and pi. m. and f.), 
reprobates, people doomed to 
perdition; — baur, bdr, pi. of 
/W bd^ir, q.v. ; — s bu'ra-t, hole 
in the ground to make fire in ; 
treasure ; provisions ; — bdra-i, a 

lijy buraq, '^jji burali, borax ; salt- 

iS)j>. buriyii, i buriyya-t, ^j^ huriyd, 
pi. bau-dr!, reed mat, mat of bul- 
rushes ; street (Pers.). 

(jy) bdz, snout (m.) ; — ii. inf. 
tabaicwuz, make a sour face. 

jy> h'dnz, falcons, pi. of jW bdz ; — ■ i 
bCiza-t, ^ bi'iza, beer. 

((j-y) bds, V, INF. baus, be rough ; 
kiss ; kiss the ground before (J 
//) ; mix with (»_» bi). 

(j-y btls, calamity, poverty ; mix- 
ture ; kiss ; — bu's, pi. ab'us, evil, 
calamity, misery ; empoverish- 
ment ; inf. of (u~^0 ! — ' bi'isa-f, 

yU-.y bustd7i=^ (^^^~~^ busidn, garden. 

&^)> busta-f, post (m.). 

,_j-y bu'sa, misery, inf. of (u~S}). 

pr-)i bausir, pi. bawdsii; emerods, 

(v>y) 6((.v, r, INF. baus, clamour, 
be boisterous (crowd) ; reach 




over to (ace.) ; — ii. inf. tabwis, 
V. INF. tahawwus, be crowded in 
confusion ; — vi. inf. tabdwus, 
stretch out the arms against 
each other (for combat) ; — vii. 
INF. inhiyds, turn aside from a 

i>y hau^, hi'is, crowd ; troop, gang; 
for abwcU, rabble, vagabonds ; 
clamour, tumult ; a dish of flour 
and lentils ; — haus, vain, useless, 
in vain (m.). 

jUj> hih'dd, turnip. 

^j> hausiyy, pauper with many 
children ; vulgar or vile fellow ; 
— hilsiyy, stuff from Bus, in 

(ijcj?) has, V, INF. baus, remain, 
stay ; walk fast ; get tired ; urge 
to haste ; flee and hide ; im- 
portune by questions or de- 
mands ; — II. INF. tabwis, head 
in a horse-race ; have a pure 
complexion ; have full hips 

i^y baus, bus, colour, complexion ; 
hips of a woman ; their soft- 
ness ; — baus, quick walk ; tired- 
ness ; pi. abwds, species, race of 

^f. bausiV, f. having full hips. 

^fi busiyy, boat. 

yi^f. bausir, piles. 

i^f. bitda-t=:'ij)> bilza-t, beer. 

(tji) bat, V, INF. haut, grow poor 
after being rich ; be despised 
after enjoying honours ; — * 
buta-t, crucible. 

*J>U'y bu-tdqa-t, Maria Theresa dol- 
lar (possessor of a window, the 
Hungarian coat of arms). 

^^)> hutdniya-t, wild vine plant. 

&n!=y butaqa-t, crucible. 

(t^) bdz, V, INF. bauz, grow thin 
after being stout. 

(gy) bd', XI, INF. bau', stretch out 
the arms and measure by them ; 
reach with outstretched hand ; 
make long strides ; — v. inf. 

tahawwu', measure ; be mea- 
sured ; be long ; make long 
strides ; keep up with (ace.) ; — 
VII. INF. hibiyd', be measured ; 
uncoil in order to spring ; spring 
(snake) ; stretch one's self ; 
depart ; run, flow (perspira- 
tion) ; give the merchandise 

gy bau', bn', gVj hd', cubit, ell ; 
stride ; loftiness ; nobility ; 
honour; gU\ (iSi-A) )^ qasir-u 
(t^ayyiq-u) 'l-bd-i, miserly, ava- 
ricious ; — bau', mountain slip. 

(tf-) bdg, Tj, INF. baug, conquer, 
vanquish, surpass ; — v. inf. 
tabawwug, boil, be agitated ; 

^y baugd', soft, friable earth ; 
flighty, frivolous people ; con- 
fusion ; scent, fragrance. 

(>3y) bdq, u, INF. bauq, cause 
mischief or quarrel ; befall ; fall 
upon from an ambush ; gird, 
surround ; rush together upon 
a person and kill him ; perish ; 
surprise or intrude upon (Jc 
'ala) ; steal from (ace.) ; blow 
the trumpet. 

oy bauq, trumpet ; talkative fel- 
low, babbler, chatterer ; — hilq, 
pi. bi'iqdt, abwdq, biqdn, trumpet; 
shell, flute, pipe ; rattle; talker; 
vain, false, unjust ; — i buqa-t, 
pi. buwaq, heavy shower. 

t.^^'Uy huqdt, pi. of ^3y buq, (ni.) 

J^y huqdl, tankard without handle, 

(^j*liy bu-qalamiln, chameleon ; 
tortoise ; turkey ; anything 
gaudy ; changing colour, fickle, 
capricious ; fickleness ; caprice 
of fortune. 

W*y buqisd, elm-tree. 

(isly) hdh, V, INF. bauh, cover (as 
a stallion) ; lie with a woman ; 
form into a ball between one's 
palms ; sell or buy ; stir up a 
spring with a stick to make it 



flow more abundantly ; be com- 
plicated, confused, entangled ; 
be perplexed, at one's wits' 
end; — INF. lu'ilh, get fat;- — 
VII. INF. inhiydh, be perplexed. 

(i^)^) csJy Jj\ awwal-a lauk-in, the 
first time ; before all others. 

^f. haukcV, confusion. 

/)i baulcar=ji^ baikar, measure 
with the compasses (m.) 

(J)*) ^t<^ U) INF. haul, make water; 
break forth, flow ; melt (n.) ; — 
ba'ul, INF. ba'dla-t, bu'dla-t, be 
small and weak ; — ii. inf. 
tabwil, make water; — iv. inf. 
ibdla-t, cause to make water; — 
X. INF. istihdla-t, want to make 
water ; cause to make water. 

J^ baul, pi. abwdl, urine; wed- 
lock ; children ; son ; large 
number ; great liberality ; Jy 
j>s5«5\ baulu-'l-'ajuz, cow-milk; — 
» baula-t, daughter. 

J^y bfildd (Pers.), steel ; (m.) 

{j^j>. bfilas, dungeon in hell. 

i^ji bulsa-t=-^^f. bulisa-t. 

^}i baula', glutton. 

i^f. bulisa-t, pi. ij'^^f. haivdlis, 
money-letter, draft, bill of 
exchange ; cheque, circular note 
(Ital. polizza). 

f>ji bum, i , owl. 

(t)^) ^''™' ^) INF. 6aMM=(y-j). 

yy baun, hiin, interval, interstice ; 
difllerence ; — bun, buiran, tent- 
poles, door-posts, pi. of (J\ji 
biwdn, buivdn ; — ii bauna-t, little 

giViy bu-ndfi', wine. 

(5^) bdh, u, INF. bauh, lie with 
one's wife ; — u and a, inf. 
bauh, haih, fix one's thoughts 
upon (J /(')> understand, anim- 

»y bauh, curse, imprecation ; — 
biVi, i biiha-f, owl ; moulting 
hawk ; feather in the wind ; 
dry wool in the ink-bottle ; thin 

of bones ; lean ; stupid, dull, 

CjjJ ba'iVi, who cannot keep his 
secrets ; — bu'iih, see (c^)- 

t)y! ba' I'lh, see (c^O- 

•^jf. hu'i'iz, falcons, pi. of j^ bdz. 

(j-jy bulls, see (u-^) ; l5^_>? biCnq, 
see (j^). 

^5)> bawa, inf. bayy, be similar to 
another in speech and manners ; 
— bawan, hope; desire; emu- 
lation ; malice ; troulile, vexa- 
tion, molestation ; talents ; — 
haiviyy, stupid, foolish, mad. 

Wtej^ bi'i-yahyd, angel of death. 

(^J>} bu', salute anyone with the 
words AlSl ciJlo bayyd-l-a 'l-ldh-ii, 
" May G-od prosper thee ! " &c. ; 
— II. INF. tabyi, explain, comment 
upon, elucidate ; take a firm 
purpose, intend earnestly. 

^_5> bay, prince (Turk. u^Xi) ; — bayy, 
vile person; ^. i^\ abn-ii bayy-in, 
stranger, one unknown ; — » bi'a-t, 
epidemic ; plague. 

*T»W} bayydb, seller of water. 

caWj baydf, night attack; night- 
time ; INF. of (i-=-~4*). 

^Wi bayydha-t, net for fishing. 

»>V-j baydd, inp. of (-V;). 

;>iWi bayddir, threshing-floors, pi. 
of j>^ baidar. 

^•^W bayddiqa-t, j^W? haydziq, S 
baydziqa-t, see o^ baidaq. 

(J'JW? bayddiyy, foot-soldier (Pers. 

_)V£j bi'dr, wells, pi. of j^ bi'r. 

oj^i? baydriq, standards, pi. of 
(i^ bairaq. 

jjW» baydzir, i baydzira-t, cudgels, 
&c., pi. of jj-J baizar ; — baydzira-t, 
pi. of j^j*} baizdr, penis. 

;jjWj baydzir, maces, pi. of i,U-j 

u-W? hai'as, strong, bold; hard, 
severe ; lion. 

ijiUj baydd, whiteness; brightness; 
milk ; (m.) anything made of 
milk (butter, cheese) ; eggs ; 
white paper ; leprosy ; i^^\ yilo 


bayddu-'l-wajh-i, observance of 
good manners ; generosity ; — 
hayydd, white earth ; — S haydda-t, 
whiteness ; brightness ; white 
spot in the eye ; — bayydda-t, 
hen which lays many eggs ; — (j 
bayddiyy, elegant poem. 

ii^W? haydtira-t, veterinary sur- 
geons, pi. of jVko bait dr. 

jjjW? baydztr, maces, pi. of 'ij^yni 

gW bayyd', pi. bayyd'ihi, seller; 
appraiser ; — s biyd'a-t, pi. biyd- 
'd-t, merchandise. 

/Wj baydJiir, pi. of J>^ baikdr, 

t)W> baydn, explanation ; com- 
mentary ; evident meaning ; 
demonstration ; eloquence, rhe- 
toric; division; — bayydn, thing; 
=(j? bayy; — ^ baydniyy, ex- 
plaining, commenting. 

•t^. bib, pipe, drain. 

yW*} bibdn, doors, &c., pi. of ^^ 

(ct»ij) bat, I, A, INF. bait, baydt, 
niabit, baitilta-t, do anything at 
night-time; pass the night; — 
II. INF. tabyit, perform at night ; 
attack at night ; give a night's 
lodging ; consult, resolve at 
night ; leave a thing in the same 
condition during the night ; 
prevent from ((^c 'an) ; — iii. 
INF. mubdyata-t, pass the night 
with anyone ; — iv. inf. ibdta-t, 
give a night's lodging, cause 
to do anything at night ; — x. 
inf. istibdta-t, seek or have a 
night's food, provide one's self ; 
have no place for passing the 
night ; be poor, a beggar. 
■^ bait, pi. bwyiit, buyiitdt, tent ; 
house, building ; Caaba ; palace, 
castle ; house-floor ; apart- 
ment, room ; case, compart- 
ment ; tomb ; ^ V bait-u md'-in, 
g\^\ >~> baitu-'l-firdg-i, liai3\ vr* 
baitu-'l-hald-i, water-closet ; s-> 
<-4!=U\ baitu-'l-lutf-i, wine-house ; 
■ — family ; wedlockj members 

of the household, servants ; — pi. 
abydi, distich, couplet, strophe; 
noble, nobility; — inf. of (ci-»}); 
— bit, S bita-t, provisions, victuals 
(for a night) ; passing the night 
(s.), night's lodging. 

*>y»? baitiUa-t, see (i.=~rf). 

,j~rf baitiyy, domestic, belonging 
or referring to the house. 

<-i-^ baisa, see (ki~)=.). 

o>*^^«i baijddaq, a kind of ruby 

(c*}), II. inf. tabyi/i, cut into 
pieces and distribute ; let out a 
secret to (v* bi). 

t)V«,<? baihdn, bayyahdn, who be- 
trays his secret ; name of a 

(•is?) bdd, I, INF. baud, baid, buyHd, 
bawdd, baydd, baiddda-t, depart, 
separate entirely from one's 
people ; — INF. buyiid, set (sun), 
disappear ; — inf. baid, buyud, 
perish ; — iv. inf. ibdda-t, de- 
stroy, annihilate, ruin. 

Jirf baid, ruin, perdition ; loss ; in- 
jurious ; — baid-a, (^\ Arf baid-a 
an, except that ; however, yet ; 
because; — bid, pi. of ^J^ baidd'. 

^^ baidd', pi. bid, baiddwdt, dan- 
gerous desert. 

^Wj baiddna-t, wild she-ass. 

C-^rf baidah, &5-\.^ baiddha-t, fleshy 

;Ji*j baidar, pi. bayddir, threshing- 
floor, barn ; quantity of grain 
piled up in a barn ; — baidar, 
INF. 6 , pile up, gather into 
heaps ; — tS baidara, glib. 

yu.JksJ baidastar, beaver (Pers.). 

jJi<} baidaq (also J-^ baizaq), pi. 
bayddiq, bayddiqa-t, pawn in 
chess ; foot-soldier ; leader, 
guide ; single, not married. 

sjjJlo baiduda-t, see (-^O- 

j\Ju> baizdr, i , talker, babbler. 

fcxj baizah, fleshy, plump. 

i^\jj^ baizardniyy, talker, bab- 

}&) bi'r, f. pi. ab'dr, ab'ur, db'ur, 
bi'dr, well ; — » bi'ra-t, anything 





hidden in the ground, treasure ; 

provender, provisions ; — hira-t, 

beer (m.). 
li^^irf bairdq=: jyii lairaq. 
C^p^ bairdm, Bairam-feast. 
o;-rf hairaq, pi. baydriq, standard, 

flag; troop of soldiers (Pers.). 
j\^j-> hairaqddr, standard-bearer, 

fyii hairam, borer ; axe, hatchet ; 

liquid collyrium. 
aypi hairamnn, eve of a festival, 

vigil (m.). 
Ejjij-! hairuzaj, turquoise, 
(^jj) hdz, INP. baiz, huyuz, perish, 

and, by opposition, live, live on, 

^y^. baizdr, pi. bay'izira-i, penis ; 

— bhdr, falconer ; peasant ; — 6 
baizdra-t, pi. baydzir, big mace. 

y\jSi bi'zdn, bizdn, falcons, pi. of jW 
bdz, <^j^ bdziyy. 

)-jtA haizar, beater of a fuller ; 
cudgel, mace. 

((j.^) has, I, INF. bais, hurt in a 
haughty manner ; — ba'is, a, 
INF. bu's, bu'us, ba's, bu'sa, 
bi'isa, be very needy, indigent ; 

— ba'us, INF. ba's, be courageous 
and brave in battle ; be very 
destitute ; — iv. inf. ib'ds, bring 
on calamity or a defeat ; in j ure ; 

— VI. INF. tabd'us, shovr one's 
poverty with self-humiliation ; 

— VIII. INF. ibti'ds, be sorrovc- 
ful, grieved at (s^ bi) ; com- 

(j~2i bi'g, hard, severe ; — bi's-a, 
fie! — ba'is, violent, hard, severe; 
bold; indigent, destitute. 

(ji-j bix, i , aconite ; — bis, pi. 
abyiis, hule in the ground for a 
tree (in.). 

(y~rf), II. bayyas, inf. tahyix^^ 
bayyacj, render the face of a 
man shining and beautiful ; 
(m.) dig a hole in the ground 
to plant a tree ; — iv. inf. 
ibdsa-t, cause to spring forth. 

(yo-j) bais, bis, misfortune, ca- 
lamity ; difficulty. 

(,_iio) bad, I, inf. baid, surpass in 
whiteness; lay eggs; have an 
egg-like tumour on the fore- 
foot (horse) ; be very violent 
(heat) ; — lose its moisture 
(wood) ; remain, stay ; rain ; 
be entirely destroyed ; — (m.) 
INF. baydd, be white ; — li. 
INF. tabyid, whiten, white-wash ; 
bleach ; tin ; make a clean 
copy; fill, and, by opposition, 
empty; call forth fine hopes 
and fulfil them ; dazzle ; — iii. 
INF. mubdyada-t, vie and surpass 
in whiteness; — iv. inf. ibdda-t, 
give birth to white children ; — 
V. INF. tabayyud, be made a 
clean copy of ; — viii. inf. 
ibtiydd, put on the helmet ; 
destroy entirely, annihilate ; — 
IX. inf. ibyiddd, and xi. inf. 
ibyiddd, grow white ; observe 
good manners ; be generous. 

(ji*> baid, surpassing splendour; 
violent heat; tumour on the 
fore-foot of a horse ; eggs (coll.); 

— 6/V/, hens, pi. of tj^y^. bayud ; 

— pi. of (jo-i^ abyad, white ; 
beauties; — buyud, pi. of ^/u^ 
bd'id, oviparous, and u^^ bayud, 
hen ; — 4 baida-t, ]il. buyud, 
baidnf, coll. baid, egg ; testicle ; 
fluor albus ; small number of 
men ; place surrounded by 
tents ; middle, centre ; helmet ; 
head-ache ; beauty ; virgin ; 
<^.i.^^ w> baidat-u-'d-dik (egg of 
the cock), anything that cannot 
be got. 

U-j baidd', f. of ,j^\ abyad, pi. bid, 
white, shining ; the sun ; white 
paper ; wheat ; pearl-barley ; 
untrodden ground ; sally ; mis- 
ftirtune ; leathern bag ; pot ; 
snare ; name given to Aleppo 
and other cities ; U~J\ jlj\ 
al-i/ad-u-'l-baidii'-u, beneficence, 
merit, glory, power. 

yLio biddit, white men (in oppo- 
sition to t)\j^ siiddn, negroes). 




tsy=«* haidamyy, oval, elliptical ; 
native of Baidii'. 

,_5-i»> haidiyy, whiteness, purity ; 
oval, elliptical; oval (s.), el- 

j^ baitiir, pi. baydtira-t, veteri- 
nary surgeon ; blacksmith. 

;!=«? haitar, hiyatr^^ji^ baitdr ; — 
biyatr, tailor ; — baitar, inf. ii , 
be a veterinary surgeon ; open 
veins or tumours ; — » baitara-i, 
profession of a veterinary sur- 

(!=^) = (t^). 

^ baiz, sperm ; ovum of an ant ; 
uterus, womb. 

y=*? baizar, clitoris. 

(d**) ^"') I; i^^- bai', mabi', sell 
(two ace. or (^ min, J li, with 
regard to the person) ; pass, be 
for sale ; sell, figuratively, in 
the sense of the English word ; 

— buy; — III. INF. mubdya'a-t, 
sell to ; do business or make a 
contract with another ; bet ; 
swear lealty, acknowledge as a 
sovereign ; do homage ; — iv. 
INF. ibd'a-t, exhibit or offer for 
sale ; — vi. inf. tabdyu', con- 
clude a sale or make a contract 
between each other ; — vii. inf. 
inbiyd', get sold, sell well ; — 
VIII. INF. ibtiyd', buy ; — x. inf. 
istibd'a-t, wish to sell ; wish to 
be sold (slave). 

^ bai', pi. bityiV, sale, exchange ; 
merchandise ; acknowledgment 
and inauguration ; cheerfulness ; 

— bayyi', pi. biya'd', abyi'd', 
seller ; merchant ; buyer ; who 
offers more ; du. bayyi'dn, seller 
and buyer ; horse with a wide 
step ; — 6 bai'a-t, contract of 
sale ; commercial transaction ; 
acknowledgment, recognition ; 
oath of lealty ; —&i'a-i, pi. biya', 
Christian church ; synagogue ; 
buying and selling. 

(^4!) bdg, I, INF. baig, perish ; 
boil ; — II. INF. tabyig, devote 
one's self entirely to one thing, 

renouncing everything else ; 
pass, get confused, embarrassed ; 
— V. INF. tabayyug, get confused ; 
boil ; carry away (as passion) ; be 
in abundance. 
59? baig, ebullition, 
t)^ biqdn, trumpets, &c., pi. of 

lij} bilq. 
(f«i) baiqar, inf. ii , live in a 
village or town while one's 
people are in the desert ; alight 
and stay in a place ; emigrate ; 
travel from land to land; go 
from Syria to Iraq ; step along 
proudly ; walk quickly with the 
head bent down ; raise the fore- 
foot (horse), be tired; perish; 
get spoiled ; be doubtful in a 
matter ; try to gather riches ; be 
rich ; — II. INF. tabaiqur, be in 
abundance ; have rich pastures, 
yi*} baiqar, weaver; — ii baiqara-t, 
abundance of household furni- 
ture ; INF. of (^«tri). 
j^ baiqur, cattle. 
>i^«i baik, prince (Turk. udj). 
)^ baikdr, pi. bajjdkir, bawdhir, 
pair of compasses (Pers. ^f. 
barJcdr) ; — combat (Pers. ;^Cj 
y^ baikar, inf. ii , measure with 

t)^ — W? bailasdn, elder, lilac. 
<^ — Lrf bailasa-t, devilry. 
ftXii bailam, pi. baydlim, bud of 
cotton ; wool of the Egyptian 
papyrus ; pennant, streamer, 
ii*} bila-t, making water. 
yU«ijU~rf bimdristdn, hospital 

{1^} bdn, I, inf. bain, buydn, 
bainilna-t, be separate, distinct, 
far distant ; — INF. bain, bai- 
nima-t, separate (n.) ; depart ; 
divorce ; be joined to each 
other ; — INF. baun, be eminent, 
distinguish one's self ; i, inf. 
baydn, be distinct, appear dis- 
tinctly ; (m.) appear, seem ; — 
render clear, explain ; be elo- 



quent and persuasive ; — ii. inf. 
tabyin, separate (a.), distinguish; 
render clear, propound, explain, 
show ; bring ; be distinctly per- 
ceptible ; show the first leaves ; 
spring forth ; divorce ; give 
one's daughter in marriage ; 
allow some time to pass, tarry ; 
— III. INF. mubdyana-t, separate 
from another; intercede; — iv. 
INF. ibdna-t, sever, separate (a.) ; 
explain ; speak distinctly ; make 
known, publish ; be clear, evi- 
dent ; marry one's daughter; — 
V. iNP. tabayyun, be evident or 
easily understood ; become evi- 
dent ; render clear, reveal ; 
publish ; understand, appre- 
hend ; — VI. INF. tabdyun, sepa- 
rate from each other ; be clear, 
become evident ; — x. inf. isti- 
bdna-t=Y. ; find clear, under- 
stand ; acknowledge. 
(^ bain, separation ; interstice, 
interval ; difference, distinction ; 
absence ; desert ; relation, refer- 
ence, union; — bin, pi. buydn, 
horizon, reach of sight ; region ; 
boundaries ; rising of rugged 
ground ; — ■ bain-a, between, 
among ; <sj^ y^rf bain-a yadai-hi, 
before him, in his presence ; 
(^ (^ bain bain, so so, mid- 
dling, indifferent ; — bayyin, pi. 
abyinn', hina-t, distinct, clear, 
evident ; — pi. ahyiii'^', ahynn, 
buyamV, eloquent ; — S bina-t, 
pi. of y^ bayyin; — bayyina-t, pi. 
bayyindt, evident demonstration, 
clear proof ; evidence ; witness. 
~rf baindb, evergreen (plant). 

tj-; biyant, weaver. 
Ui4> baina-md, whilst; mean- 
iiji^j bainnna-t, separation, inf. of 

(4^) bah. A, INF. baih, notice, 
understand, apprehend. 

(j~fl«> baihas, lion; brave; — n. inf. 
tabaihus, walk along proudly. 

(;>9-; feai^oH, narcissus; dog-rose. 

S)9^ baihi'ij, scarecrow. 

u:jy-> buyiU, pi. of c:-^ bait, house ; 
— bayyiit, stale (bread); cold 
water ; night-work. 

uljV)^ buyntdt, many houses ; out- 
buildings ; household expenses ; 

j^ buyi'id, INF. of (-Vrf) ; j^ buyiiz, 

INF. of (j«j). 

ts^j^ buyurdu, i^-^j^ buyuruUu, 

imperial edict ; firman, passport 

y=^«? bayfid, pi. bid, buyud, hen who 

lays many eggs ; — buyud, pi. of 

i5-irf baida-t. 
gj*» 6»y»', commercial transactions, 

&c., pi. of c*> bai'. 
y^ bay Cm, deep and full; — 

buydn, horizons, &c., pi. of j^ 

bin ; INF. of (ij^). 
ei~«i buyait (>^wy buwaii), small 

iyA ba'ini-t, what lies in the 

treasury or storehouse. 
(j~*£? ba'is, bold; hard, severe. 
i-i~rf bvyaida-t, a sexagonal house, 

or one decorated with paintings. 
Js£> 6a '(7, small and weak. 
i£rf bi'a-i, site, state; habitation; 

hospitable reception. 

"" ^ as a numeral sign =400 ; — 
ta, particle of conjuration. 

^ td, f . of \ J zd, this ; — that, in 
order that ; — td', name of the 
letter «w . 

>-r'^' ti'ibb, pi. atbdb, tall but weak ; 

sore on the back; — ' tdba-t, 

^3^^ tdbdq, stick, 
k,-}^ fa'afefewfe, astonishment, v. (y\). 




g}^ tdhi', plur. yj -un, taba', 
taha'a-t, tawdbi', follower ; de- 
pendent on a person or thing ; 
partisan ; fond of -women ; com- 
panion of Mohamet ; spiritus 
familiaris ; guardian, guard ; 
servant; adept; — ii tdbi'a-t, pi. 
tawdbi', female companion; con- 
sequence, succession ; — ^ tii- 
bi'iyy, i , pi. -ihi, -at, companion ; 
follower of Mahomet. 

J}^ tubal, tdbil, (m.) » tdbila-t, pi. 
tawdbil, herbs for seasoning; — 
ta'abbul, inf. v. of (J»^), q.v. 

<s»Vii tdhah, frying-pan (Pers.) ; 
ta'abuh, pride, haughtiness, v. 

uwjj^' tdbut (SjjVj tdMh), pi. tawdbit, 
shrine ; chest ; bier, cofiin ; Ark 
of the Covenant. 

Jy^ tdbfd, betel leaf. 

^^ ta'abbi, refusal, v. (iji\) ; — » 
ta'biya-t, disgust, ir. (y\). 

-r^^ ta'btb, clamour, ii. (s->^). 

•^^' ta'bid, scaring away, &c., ii. 

jti^ ta'bir, fructification of the 

palm-tree, ii. ()>\). 
^^ ta'bih, exhortation, &c., ii. 

^■^' ta'ta', iNr. ii , have difiiculty 
in pronouncing the letter <; — 
INF. ta'tdt, ta'td', walk (as a 
child) ; walk along proudly. 

jUW tdtdr, Tartar, Scythian. 

>^V; ta'attub, inf. v. of (s-»^), q.v. 

&»^' ta'attuh, delirium, v. (^^). 

^J\S ta'tiyy, inf. ii. of (^J^) ; — 
ta'atti, inf. v. of (J'^) ; deriva- 
tion, origin; — ii ta'tiya-t, making 
a way, inf. ii. of {tj\). 

s-*'^ taHib, INF. II. of (s-^^). 

^^ ta'assus, furnishing, furniture, 

INP. V. of {^). 

yAj ta'asmr, following one's tracks ; 

INF. V. of (/\). 
J»A> ta'assid, being firmly rooted, 

&c., INF. T. of (J»^). 

»^ ta'sts, furnishing a house, ii. 

j«»^ ta'sir, impression, influence, 
^^- (y^) ; — ta'dsir, beadles, &c., 
pi. of jyy tu'silr. 

'-os''^' tdsif, support, &c., II. (<-!^\). 

f^^ ta's'im, accusation, sin, ii. 

6" ti^'J' pl- tijan, crown, diadem; 
comb ; mane ; at-tdj, lion. 

gi^^' ta'ajjuj, conflagration, v. (g^). 

y).\S tiijir, pi. tijdr, tujjdr, tajr, tujr, 
merchant ; wine-seller ; — f . s , 
clever, skilful ; looked for, sell- 
ing well. 

J>\S ta'ajjul, term, <%c., v. (J^^). 

S*^^ ia'_/y , inflammation, inflaming, 

/r«-^' ta'jir, baking bricks, ii. (fA). 
Je^^' ta'jil, fixing a term; delay, 
prolongation, respite, &c., ii. 

•^" ta'ahhud, isolation, <fcc., v. 

^^ tdhini, weaver. 

{{J^^) tdhi, gardener, watchman. 

•^es-ii' ta'hid, profession of one God, 

&C., II. (Ji^\). 
C^' tdhh, having no appetite. 
JU-U' ta'hdz, acceptation ; receiving. 
]i-^ ta'ahhur, delay, remaining 

behind, coming late, &c., v. 

i_s^^' ta'ahhi, inf. v. of {f-\) ; — 
ta'dhl, being brotherly ; con- 
cord, agreement, vi. of the 

^^' ta'hir, delay, procrastination, 
postponing, ii. ()=t\). 

v-i^ ta'addub, good breeding, lite- 
rary education; v. (s-">l). 

^5^^' ta'addi, inf. of v., ta'ddi, inf. 
of VI. (jJ^), q.v.; — 6 ia'diya-t, 
causing to arrive, sending, pay- 
ment, &C., II. (tS'^^)- 

Hr-5'i^ ta'dib, good education, polite- 
ness, cultivation ; chastisement ; 
pi. -at, admonitions. 

yJV> ta'azzun, publication, &c., v. 
(t,J^). " 




(^j^ ta'azzi, injury, insult, v. 

(jj j^ ta'zin, permission ; exhorta- 
tion ; call to prayer, ii. (e-il). 

(;^>) ta'ar, a, inf. te'j-, molest, 
plague, hinder; — iv. inf. it'(h; 
follow with the eyes; look sharply 
at ; beat. 

;^ tar, pi. jSJ ti'ar, turn, time ; — 
fiirr, i , juicy ; fleshy ; weak from 
hunger ; far from home ; — ' 
tdra-t, pi. War, Idrdt, turn, 
time ; — tdrat-an, once ; tdrat-an 
tdrat-an, now . . . then, at one 
time ... at another. 

ui>\jii tdrdt, malice ; pi. of S,(j tdra-t, 

vv^ ta'arruh, raising difficulties, 

affectation, v. (vj^)- 
i^j^' ta'arrus, conflagration, being 

lit, V. (^/). 
S)^ ta'arruj, fragrance, scent, v. 

t)^ ta'arvuh, putting the date, v. 

jj^ tdriz, hard ; dry ; dead. 
(j-j^ idris, armed with a shield. 
ij')^ tdfii', light, flighty, fickle. 
i^jV; idris, stronglv-built (horse, 

'^j^ idril-, leaving, renouncing. 
<-r-»j^' iii'ri'b, fastening, making firm, 

&c., II. (vj^). 
<.i-jj\i' ta'ris, sowing discord, ii. 

j;ij^ ta'rih, pi. tawdrih, putting the 
date, date ; history, chronicle ; 
chronology, era ; end, extreme 
limit; ii. (Cj^) ; — tS to-'rihiyy, 
historian ; chronologist. 

u~>j^ ta'ris, agriculture ; taking in 
service, ii. (u-j^). 

y<ii;W- ta'rid, INF. II. of (u^j\), q.v. 

'-hj\j ta'rif, limitation, ii. (<-i)^). 

AjjV; ta'riya-t, inf. ii. of (^^j^), q.v. 

;t' ia'az. A, inf. ta'z, close (n.), come 
to close quarters. 

_)jV> ta\jzzar, put on the j'ssi')-, v. 

jj\j ta'axzuz, boiling, agitation, v. 

young, green, 

«j^ tdzah, fresh, 
tender (Pers.). 

<^j^ tdziyy, of Arabian origin ; 
sporting dog (Pers.) ; — ta'azzi, 
assembling, &c., v. (t^j^). 

_;i>j^ ta'zir, veiling, ii. (jj^)- 

(j~-" ta'assus, having a firm founda- 
tion, foundation, v. ((j-^). 

g-^ tdsi', f . ii , ninth. 

i_s-.V> ta'assuf, sighing, groaning, 
lamenting, &c., v. (i-a-.^). 

Uj-^ tdsn'd', the ninth day of the 
month Muharrani. 

(«^-.V> tiisi'in, 6 , pi. tawdsini, sandal, 

,_5-^ ta'assi, INF. V. ; ta'dgi, inf. 
VI. ; — S ta'siya-t, INF. II. of 
((.y^ > r"^) ; consolation ; taking 

j*-^ ta'sir, tying ui>, il. (j-^) ; — 
ta'dsir, girth-leathers. 

(_r««-^' ta'sis, laying the foundation, 
foundation ; confirmation, the 
fundamental letter of a rhyme. 

'^-^^ te'()is'((&, dense growth, crowd, 

V. {'•^^\). 

y^^ ta'assun, washing with uindn, 

V. (^:^i.\). 
S-^^' <a'i('6, INF. II. of (s-A-^). 

^'^ ta'.<ir, filing of the teeth, ii. 

ij=^^ ta'fsns, assembling, v. (u=^). 
J«^' ta'asful, being firmly rooted, 

u°«-°^' 'a'?'?, making firm, ii. ((j=^). 

J**"^' ta'sil, rooting firmly, consider- 
ing noble, II. (3-=^). 

^^ ia'attiir, inf. v. of (;1=\), q.v. 

•*<!=^' ta'tid, making firm, consoli- 
dation, II. (•^^}. 

}<^^ ta'tir, INF. II. of (;t\), q.v. 

tr-^^' f(i'/.9, dyiui,' (u~*'). 

ic^J td'a-t, lump. 

)i^ tdfir, dirty. 

<-ai^ ta'ajfiif, inf. v. of (--i^). 

(3*^' ta'affiiq, coming from distant 
parts, V. (C**^). 

•-a-i^ t'l'jif, INF. II. of («-J^). 

J*i^ to'/(7, i^rocuring honour, ii. 

*i^ tdfih, a little ; insignificant. 




*i^ tdfa-t, defect, fault, vice ; need, 
want ; excess ; delay. 

^^ ta'aqa-t, burst of anger ; pas- 

csl\j tdk, f. of viiU zi'ik, that ; — 
tdkk, pi. tdlckim, talcaka-t, tukdk, 
ttokak, foolish, stupid; emaciated ; 
on the verge of ruin. 

J^^ ta'akktd, inf. v. of (J^^) ; 
(m.) itching. 

A*i'l> ta'kid, consolidation ; confir- 
mation ; attestation ; perseve- 
rance ; emphasis ; security ; 
certainty ; enjoining ; — ta'dkid, 
pi. girth-leathers. 

<-i-^U- ta'kif, saddling, ii. i'-^^)- 

J«i^V> ta'kil, inviting to eat, &c., ii. 

JVi' tdl, i , shoots of the palm-tree ; 
— tdl-in, see ^J''^ tali ; — tdll, 

'T-i'^ ta'lab, strong ; name of a tree. 

jJ\5 tdlid, inherited property ; home- 
bred cattle ; — ta'allud, getting 
confused, confusion, v. (•^^). 

oi!V> ta'alluf, INF. V. of {'-^\). 

(jSU' ta'aUuq, shining, &c., v. (^^). 

udSU tdlika, f. of u^\^ zdlika, that. 

*3U ta'allum, suffering pain, pain, 
grief ; irritation ; thirst for 
vengeance, viudictiveness, v. 

ii\i ta'alluh, adoration, v. ("SJ^) ; — 
jiaJ\ ii\j tnlihu-'l-'aql-i, mad. 

^J\s tali, following, subsequent ; 
reader; the fourth horse in a 
race; — ta'alli, inf. v. of (i^^ = 
y\) ; — 6 tiUiya-t, pi. tawdli, 
extremity (foot, &c.) ; subsequent 

xjt> ta'dlid, pi. generations. 

.-oJt' ta'lif, pi. ta'U/dt, ta'dlif, lite- 
rary composition, wort, publica- 
tion, II. i^^)- 

JJVj ta'ld, sharpening into a point, 

^«!\i' ta'lim, causing pain, ii. (^i). 

&J^ ta'lih, apotheosis, ii. (*J^). 

(l«\J) ta'am, be born as a twin ; — 
III. INF. mutd'ama-t, id. ; be a 
twin ; weave with a double 

warp; race again immediately 
after a race ; — iv. inf. it' dm, 
give birth to twins; (m.) be 
double-barrelled ; — viii. inf. 
itti'dm, kill a milch sheep. 

ft^ tdmm, whole, complete, per- 

y^ idmir, rich in dates ; — ta'am- 
mur, mutual consultation, vi. 
(/•\) ; — (^ ia'muriyy, some- 

uiXrfV; idmik, hump of a camel; 
camel with a large hump. 

J^t" ta'ammul, pi. -dt, thought ; 
contemplation ; meditation ; re- 
flection, V. (J-1). 

fv*^ ta'ammum, considering as or 
taking for a mother, v. {f\) ; 
washing with sand, for ^»*-s» 

jy»^' ta'mur, tdmur, somebody, any- 
body ; something, anything ; 
soul ; breath ; spirits of life ; 
blood; — tdmur, 5 tdmiira-t, heart ; 
wine ; water ; saffron ; monastic 
life ; monastery ; lion's den ; 
prime minister, vizier ; embryo ; 
puppet, doll; purse; box; jug; 
— (J ta'mi'iriyy, somebody. 

^Vi' ta'amm.!, buying a female 
slave, V. (j_^\=y»\). 

ct»i/»W ta'in'd, defining the number 
or quantity of anything, ii. 

■iir-'^ ta'mid, fix the end or term, 

II. (J^\). 
j~»^ ta'mir, raising to the dignity 
of a prince, II. (y*^) ; — ta'dmir, 
pi. of jff tiimiir, stone as road- 
sign in the desert. 

Ju.*^ ta'mil, hoping strongly, mak- 
ing hope, II. (J^l). 

(«-^^ ta'mhn, causing to do, ordain- 
ing, II. (f\). 

(;j«.»t' ta'min, confiding, inspiring 
confidence, ii. (i:K^). 

yV» <((?i, thread ; — idiii, these two, 
f . du. of U zd ; — ta'ann-in, see 
^^' ta'anni. 

y\j\j ta'ndn, finding pleasure with, 
II. (y^). 



J^^ tdmhtll, betel-leaf (Pers.). 

<^^^' ta'annus, emolliating, effemi- 
nacy, V. (i-i-J^). 

(j->^ ta'annus, becoming man (of 
Christ) ; humane or familiar 
treatment, v. (u*"*^)- 

•-oAj ta'annuf, aversion, disgust, v. 

v>'^ ta'annuq, carefulness, solici- 
tude, daintiness, v. (ip\). 

"^^ tcinika, tiinnil-a, those two, f. 
du. of U zu. 

1^^ ta'animn, inf. v. of (y\) = yUU' 

^_5>^ tdni' , peasant, countryman ; — 
ta'anni (y^ ta'ann-iii), slowness, 
gentleness, considerateness, v. 
(i_s'^) ; — » ta'niya-t, the same, 
II. (^n). 

•T-^sJ^ ia'nib, expostulation, reproof, 
II. (s-il). 

'i-*>^ ta'nis, give a feminine termi- 
nation ; feminine gender ; effemi- 
nacy, II. (*^-«>^). 

i^s'^ ta'nis, taming, accustoming, 
making familiar ; being friendly, 

II. (u~i^). 

^-i^\j ta'nif, inp. ii. of ("-"J^). 

(^^ ta'nm, inf. ii. of (y\) = 0VjU 

<T-J»^ ta'ahhub, readiness, prepara- 
tion, V. (s-J!>^). 

(JifcVj) ta'ahhul, marriage, v. (Jj*^). 

^V> ta'ahhum, inf. v. of ^ , q.v. 

/iJt^ ta'ahhuh, sighing, v. (ii\). 

jyi\j tdhur, cloud. 

■-— iii^' ia'hib, getting ready, prepa- 
ration, II. (s-J*^).»\j ta'lill, welcome ; considering 
worthy, ii. (J*^). 

"-j^Vj ta'awwuh, return ; coming at 
night-time, v. (v^^). 

h))^ tawuriyyat, theoi'y (m.). 

JjV; taawivul, explanation, v. (J^^). 

8j^' iaawwuJi, sighing, sigh, v. 

^j^' tdwi, falling, dying; — fn'awwi, 
v., ta'divt, VI. {ij}^), alighting, 
gathering together ; — tdwiyy, 
terminating in the letter ua ; — 

» ta'wiya-t, alighting, hospitable 
reception, ii. (<jj^). 
s-Sj^' ta'ivib, repetition, return, ii. 

Jijj^ ta'w'id, folding, &c., li. i,-^)^)- 
,3jjU ta'iviq, vexing, &c., ii. (o^)- 
Jjj^ ta'wil, explanation, commen- 
tary ; analysis ; interpretation 
of a dream, ii. (J^) ; — o 
ta'iviUyy, explanatory, &c. 
*jj^ ta'wtm, causing thirst, &c., ii. 

<Joj^' tan;ih, gioanmg, lamenting, 

(ts^') ta'a, A, INF. fa'y, go m ad- 
vance, precede, overtake. 

^Js tdi, tea ; — * tdya-t=k^ fdya-t, 
flat roof, &c. 

s-~j*j fd'ib, repenting, penitent. 

>-— J^' ta'ayyub, return, v. (s-^^ = 

joli' in'ij, crowned. 

jjW ta'ayyud, strengthening, se- 
curity, V. (•*5^)- 

y^ i(Vir, beginning afresh ear- 

(j~j^' ta'ayyus, despair, v. (er-J^)- 

ijf^j tii'iq, desirous, intent upon. 

uiiS\j tail', malicious fool. 

I*i'u ta'ayyum, widowhood, v. (^^). 

iS\s td'ih, haughty ; gone astray, 
lost ; (m.) dispersed. 

^j^ ta'ayyi, slowness, v. ta'du'l, 
going straight towards, vi. {^jiS) . 

— td'iyy, terminating wdth the 
letter y^ . 

'-^^^j ta'yib, return, ii. (s-i^ = v>j^). 
•ijoVJ ta'yid, pi. -dt, assistance, help; 

support ; proof ; authorisation, 

II. {■^}). 
ij^^^ ia'yis, bringing to despair, 

&c., II. (lt-J^). 
*-i^ ta'yim, making a widow, il. 

(«_-j) tabb, INF. tabb, tabdb, tabib, cut 
off ; destroy ; be always at loss ; 

— tubb, id. ; perish ; — ii. inf. 
tatbib, injure, ruin ; imprecate, 
wish ruin to anyone ; — iv. inf. 
itbdb, weaken ; abstain from 
{i^ 'an); — X. INF. istitbdb, be 



be perfected, 

; — » tihha-t, 

in good order, 

-r^ tabb, S , loss, ruin 


^Wi' tabdbi'a-t, } pi. of j-J tubba', 
C«jW» iabdW, 3 q.v. 
Je»W tabilbil, liati'eds, i)l. of J-f» 

y<jM tahdbhi, breeches, pi. of oW» 

>>W» tabddd, hand to hand fight, 
VI. (-v). 

J>iW' tabdxhil, exchange, inter- 
change ; permutation, trans- 
position ; reciprocity, vi. (J-i;)- 

J«jWj tdbddkl, pi. dispersed (birds). 

jWj' toil?)', ruin, destruction. 

Cij^' tabdri/j, pi. passionate de- 

i3JjM tabdriq, pi. anything mode- 
rately spiced or seasoned. 

i^jtsWi' tabdti, slowness, vi. (jW). 

£^ tibd', succession of things, 
continuation ; inf. hi. of (jti) ; 
pi. of j,KJ' tabV, q.v. ; — gWi' 
^i~»3^ tubbd'u-'l-'aslcar-i, military 
train ; — S tabd'a-t, punishment ; 
INF. of ^ tabi', q.v. ; — tibd'a-t, 
consequence ; bad end ; — h ta- 
bd'iyya-t, obedience; dependence; 

JWf tdbbdl, -who spices, seasons. 

yV^ tabbdn, seller of straw ; (m.) 
straw magazine ; — tubbdn, pi. 
tabdbin, short trowsers of a 
sailor ; — S tabdna-t, sagacity, 

INF. of ((:)-!J'). 

^W» tabdwu', INF. VI. of (f), q.v. 

yj^fj tabdyun, difference ; contra- 
diction ; contrast ; incommen- 
surability ; departure, vi. (y<j). 

>■!—»' tabab, ruin, perdition, death. 

(s-^) tabtab, inf. s , grow old. 

J^ tabattul, celibacy, v. (J^)- 

(ki-»^j), INF. tabs, grieve, sorrow. 

g7^^' tabajbuj, swelling, tumour. 

g^' tabajjuj, great rejoicing. 

uyS^^ tabjildt, pi. of J*^!-!J' tabjil, 
II. of ( J=F.), ceremonies, compli- 
ments, applause. 

jjo^ tabadi-uq, dissipation (m.). 

J^ tabaddul, inf. v. of (J-^) ; 
holiday-clothes ; pi. iabadduldt, 
changes of persons ; permuta- 

5!>it' tabd!', INF. II. of (g-M) ; pi. 
tabddi', unheard-of things, any- 
thing extraordinary. 

Ji>iiJ' tabdil, INF. II. of (J>^) ; pi. 
-dt, transposition ; substitution ; 
compensation ; pi. changes in 
ministry ; tabdil-an, in a dis- 
guised manner, with dissimula- 

li,x^ tabdiya-t, receiving as a no- 
vice, II. 0-^). 

_j\Joj tibzdr, talker, babbler ; — i> 
tihzdra-t, spendthrift. 

(^) tabar, i, inf. tabr, break into 
pieces ; destroy ; annihilate ; — 
tabir, a, inf. tabar, perish ; sepa- 
rate (n.) ; — II. INF. tathir, break 
into pieces ; annihilate ; — iv. 
Itbdr, abstain from ((^ 'an). 

j^ tabr, destruction (a.); tabr, tabar, 
ruin ; — tibr, pi. tubiir, gold or 
silver from the mine ; fragments 
of metal, glass, &c. ; » tibra-t, 
lump of gold, &c. 

cs)\;ij tabriik, kneeling, inf. ii. of 

^\yt> tabar'ul, rufiling of the fea- 

fj^ tabarduh, smoothness ; polish ; 
good breeding, culture (m.). 

gj<ii tabarru', pi. -dt, free gift or 
vow ; pious foundation ; tabar- 
ru'-an, gratis. 

^jiJ tabar'um, budding. 

uoEjJi tabargus, quivering, con- 

o;-> tabarruq, adorning one's self. 

osJj-j tabarruk, pi. -dt, blessing; 
good omen ; abundance, wealth ; 
relics ; gifts, presents, leavings 
of the great ; honours, dignities ; 
— ^5 tabarrukiyy, compliment 

^;*j tabarru', (^;-y tabarri, justifica- 
tion, absolution (pass.). 

j^j-j tabrih, pi. tabdrih, vexation, 





jjj-y tahrh, inf. ii. of (jy), q.v. ; 
town Tebris ; — tihriz, table 

*^j-(j tabri'a-t, 

absolution ; setting 
II. (}ji) ; — tibriya-t, 

free ; cure, 

^iy^ tahazzuq, spitting. 

iJ>f> tihzila-t, tibzilla-t, dwarfish. 

^yf> tabzig, bleeding, venesection. 

!=->-j tabassut, vast extent ; roaming, 
wandering about. 

,*— ij' tabassuni, smile. 

{ji~t^'> tabasbus, joyfulness, glad- 

(ji"M tabasms, friendliness. 

;--*-j' tabs'ir, II. (x^), pi. tab(1sir, 
good news ; preaching of the 
Gospel ; Angelus in the Mass ; 
announcement ; first light of 
the morning. 

(ja.!-<^' tabasbus, flatteries. 

iya^ iabsira-t, what renders pru- 
dent ; a caution. 

&*-»»» tabsiya-t, castration. 

jjkj tabatniq, graceful walk. 

i3=-j tabti'a-t, delay. 

(^') tabi', A, INF. taba', tibiV, 
tabd'a-t, follow, join a person, 
obey, serve ; follow a doctrine ; 
— II. tatbl', seek or strive for 
zealously ; cause one to follow 
another ; — iii. inf. tibd', cause 
one thing to succeed another 
immediately; inf. tibd', midd- 
ba'a-t, make equally firm and 
strong in every part ; render 
fat ; pursue with zeal and gain 
a solid knowledge of ; write 
books continually ; follow a 
person's tracks ; follow and 
emulate ; — iv. inf. itbd\ follow 
and overtake ; cause one to 
follow and overtake another ; 
send after; cause to succeed, 
give in addition ; — v. inf. 
tatabbu', seek or strive for 
zealously ; follow up the de- 
velopment of a thing ; dwell 
upon; — VI. INF. tatdbii', happen 
repeatedly, do repeatedly or in 
quick succession ; arrive one 

after another; succeed to each 
other ; — viii. inf. ittibd', follow ; 
reach ; seek zealously ; pursue ; 
— X. INF. istitbd', ask or wish one 
to follow ; lead. 

^ taba', pi. athd', successor, com- 
panion ; emulator, disciple ; in- 
tent on a thing ; (m.) belonging 
to, property ; foot of a quadru- 
ped ; pi. of C>V; tdbi', follower, 
&c. ; INF. of (^) ; — tabi', emu- 
lator ; intent on ; — tib', suitor ; 
lover ; — tubba', pi. tabdbi'a-t, 
title of the Himyarite kings ; 
Aldabaran (star) ; i^l. tabdbi', 
mother bee; — txibba', tubbu', 
shadow ; — « tabi'a-t, conse- 
quence ; punishment ; 1 'ad end ; 
continual effort. 

.i*)j tdba"tid, removal. 

oj**" taha'zuq, dissipation. 

,_5«-> tdba'iyy, dependent ; — i taba- 
'iyya-t, dependence ; imitation ; 
— tab'iyya-t, consequence, suc- 
cession ; dependence ; retainer- 

^ tabg, tobacco. 

;^.^j tabagmr, confusion. 

g.^' tabagniij, coquettishness, amo- 
rous allurements. 

,_sS-.' tabaqqi (A^a-J tabqiya-t), pre- 
servation, II. ; tabaqqi, remain- 
ing, remaining alive, v. of (o^). 

Vi-j tabhd', tibkd', violent weeping. 

c:~>^ taMit, reproach, reproof ; 
remorse ; qualms of conscience. 

i-^' tabhiya-t, causing to weep, 
weeping, lamenting, inf. ii. of 

(J<j) tabal, u, INF. tahl, consume, 
drive out of one's senses ; con- 
tuse a man's mind (woman) ; 
destroy, annihilate ; — i., ii. 
INF. tatbil. III. INF. mutdbala-t, 
spice, season ; — iv. inf. itbdl, 
drive out of one's senses ; hate ; 
iutlict a calamity ; destroy, anni- 

J«» tabi, pi. tiibul, tabdbil, hatred ; 
pi. atbdl, illness ; — tabil, de- 



^*^ tabliga-t, pi. tabdlig, rope for 
pulling a water-wheel. 

^J^ tablU, paving, ii. (tJb) ; (m.) 

(^ tabin, intelligent ; penetrating, 
sagacious ; — tabn, taban, see 
(t)^) ; — tibn, pi. atbdn, tubiln, 
straw ; generous lord ; a large 

(e)^') taban, i, inf. iafcra, feed the 
cattle with straw ; sell straw ; — 
tabin, a, inf. taban, tabdna-t, be 
penetrating, sagacious, intelli- 
gent ; — II. id. ; bring the straw 
into the barn ; — viii. inf. 
ittibdn, put on the short trowsers 
titbhdn ; — » tlbna-t, stalk of straw; 
— h tabniya-f, solid building ; 
adoption, ii. (^). 

JW tabahliil, laughing. 

(ft^) tabd, V, INF. tabw, invade and 
make booty. 

f)^ tahatvwu', taking possession of ; 
inhabiting, v. (y). 

^ft> tabbfib, place of perdition ; 
desert ; — tabawwiib, taking for 
a door-keeper, v. (vy). 

uy^ tabfd, bier ; chest. 

Jj^ tabaurud, taking fresh air 

t^> iaba"ut, lying on the side. 

s-ij<J^ tabwib, division into chapters ; 
(m.) guidance. 

ji>j+» tabwir, leaving land fallow. 

(j~S^' tahivis, kissing. 

i3>^ tabwiq, a blast of the trumpet. 

hf!^ tabwiya-t, inf. ii. of (y), q.v. 

yW> tabydn, tibydn, explanation ; 
comment ; exjjounding ; mani- 
festation, INF. of {ij^). 

•-r^ tabib, damage, loss, ruin. 

iiyr^j tubaizila-t, little dwarf. 

^t«-» tabaifur, being shod, cure of a 
horse, &c. 

ga-iJ tabi', » , follower ; tabi'a-t, 
suit ; pi. tibd', tabd'i', calf fol- 
lowing its mother; companion, 
helper ; debtor ; who searches, 
strives zealously. 

}i»^ tabayyu', ,_5«j tabayyi, inten- 
tion, purpose. 

j^> tatdr, Tartar. 

ij^ tatdli, uninterrupted succes- 
sion, VI. (^j). 

gj.^ tatabbu', zealous study. 

y» taiar, Tartar ; — ^ tatra, one 
after the other ; — latariyy, foot- 
soldier (m.). 

5*«-» tata'tti', hesitating, stammer- 
ing ; (m.) idle talk. 

Ji^ tatfal, tiifil, tutful, pi. tatdjU, 
fox ; whelp of a fox. 

tj^ tatalM, INF. V. » tatliya-t, ii. 
of (^), following ; dunning, 
pressing for payment. tutmdj, vermicelli. 

^*^ tatimma-t, pi. -d,t, supplement, 
appendix, integration. 

y-s» iutim, tobacco (m.). 

j'j tatw, tassel of a cap. 

&fifS tatwiba-t, repentance. 

s-~?.y^ tatwib, calling to repentance. 

l^«a^' tashin, rudeness. 

■i^jis tasrid, inf. ii. of (J/), breaking 
bread, &c. ; slight rain. 

JiS tasal, an aroma. 

vA^Juij tadk, INF. II. of {^■i-^) ; 

j-J^' taslij, being icy cold ; icy cold. 

it~~i> tasniya-t, inf. ii. of d^') ; 
dual ; g^yiS-S^ &^ tasniyatu'l- 
ixtird'-i, Deuteronomy. 

>-»yS' tasa"ub, yawning, v. (v^). 

h)^ taswiya-t, detaining, hospitable 
reception; death; ii. (i^y). 

(_jij' tasy, wild date. 

vt>W tijdb, silver obtained at the 
first melting of the ore. 

jUj tiijjdr, merchants, pi. of y^^ 
tdjir ; — » tijdra-f, commerce ; 

^rJjW tajdrib, experiments, trials, 
pi. of &!/p tajriba-t. 

^5J^j' tajdrt, commerce, intercourse ; 
VI. (<4;^) ; — tujjdriyy, commer- 
cial, mercantile. 

JUj^j' tajdrtd, detached troops ; 
military expeditions. 

f^}'^ tajdzi, pressing demand. 

JV tajdll, exalting one's self, vi. 



u*^^' tajdlus, sitting, session. 

•^^^' tajdlid, person ; figure, 

oW tajunn, (^^J' tajdnun, vi. (y^^-) 

'W tajdh, tijdh, tujdh, opposite, in 
front of, vis a vis. 

•^^W» tajdivid, rain. 

}i)^ tajdwiz, pi. of jljaJ tajicilz. 

<-k}^ tajdwif, holes, cavities, pi. 
of •-Mj'sS tajwif. 

vWaj* tijbdh, vein of silver. 

jW^ tajbd.r, haughtiness. 

^Wa5» tajhiya-t, bow, obeisance. 

<_Aj.Jas» iajdif, T^l.tajddif, blasphemy. 

;jia»S tajzir, extraction of a root ; 

(»8'ia»» tajzim, amputation. 

(;^) tajar, v, inf. tajr, tijdra-i, 
carry on commerce, traffic ; — 
III. INF. mutdjava-t, iv. inf. 
itjdr, VIII. INF. ittijdr, id. 

;V tujur, merchants, pi. of fs-'^ 

i^y^ tajriba-t, pi. tajdrib, fa/drib, 
trial, essay, experiment ; exjseri- 

»>;«!» tajarriid, inf. v. of (^^j^), q.v. ; 
(m.) impartiality. 

J^^' tajrid, inf. ii. of (J;^), q.v. ; 
ascetic life ; pi. tajdrid, military 
expeditions ; sending of a de- 
tachment ; — s tajrida-i, detach- 

f>i]^ tajr tin, fine, mulct. 

&f;j?s» tajri'a-t, o^/^ 'fy'''''. encou- 
raging, II. (}fi-} ;— 4yaJ' tajfii/a-i, 
inf. II. of (<^/5-), q.v. 

.)*J tajazzii', being satisfied, v. 


^5ja»> tajazzi, <So)j?J fajznja-f, divid- 

Jt~^' tajassud, incarnation, incor- 
poration, V. (j~-9-). 

(_,«-~j5=j tajassus, exploring, slaying 

out, &C., V. ((J~^). 

yi-asi' iajassu' , v. isAj^ tiijtii'a-f, ii. 
of (UW), belching. 

^U^- tijfdf, pi. .-Aji^' tajdf/f, 
armour of a horseman and his 
horse ; housing, saddle-cloth. 

Mv tajtiyii-t, lopping of trees, ii. 

ila=> trijiUa-t, respect, esteem, reve- 

J.;^- tajaUl, V. (^^), pi. -dt, reve- 
lation ; apparition ; transfigu- 
ration ; epiphany; splendour; 
— V. ( J^), preference, pre-emi- 
nence ; — 6 tajliya-t, polishing, 
making smooth ; revealing ; ex- 
plaining, II. (^), (o^). 

J*aJ' fajammnl, v. of J*=s- jaiiial, 
q.v.; pomp; pi. tajammuldt, 
ornaments, pieces of furniture, 
articles of luxury. 

^♦♦ssj' tajammum, v. (^) ; (m.) full 

jjj^' fajanzur, concatination (m.) 

(j~«~&'> fajnis, INF. II. of (lt-^) > 
alliteration ; play on words ; 
figure of speech. 

u^j^aj' tajnil-, heat of battle (m.). 

(ij^j) tiijah, A, originating from 
ia^j^ iltajaJi, VIII. of <s=-^ imjali, 
turn the faces towards each 

^eeasj' fajhiya-f, widening, ii. (,_5«^). 

wj^^&> iajwdh, INF. of (v'y^), q.v. 

j\^jsj' tijw'iz, pi. tajdidz, a striped 

J\^^' iajivd], INF. II. of (J^), 

roaming about in distant parts. 

j^asJ tajawiniz, inf. of jys- ; vulg. 
for S)y tazawu-uj, marriage. 

gjaJi ffy'rt »•('_'(/', starving one's self; 
abstaining from food. 

^^^ iajirid, doing or speaking 
right ; SAYift running of a horse, 

jS^" tajv^'i^, INF. II. of (j^) ; (m.) 
for gj^y tazirij, giving in mar- 

t-oi^aJ' tajirif, hollowing, ii. ("-i^) ; 
pi. fajwifdt, fajdu'lf, cavities, hol- 
lows, holes. 

ij^jsiJ' faju'iyii-t, taming, domestica- 

^sjjj' tajh; pressed olive-seed ; 

iji>«V tajayyu.s, great excitement ; 




assembling of the troops under 
their colours. 

>-««^ tajayyuf, putrefaction. 

>-^e**' ta.j'i'f, frightening, ii. of 
(cjW.) ; — putrefaction, ii. (i_a-^). 

■tjW tahnbb, s-iW tahnhub, mutual 
love, VI. (s-^). 

^W' tahilsi, shunning, being on 
one's guard against ((^ tow). 

yW tahdluz, dialogue. 

(JW tahdlim,\A.oi **laj tahlama-t; 
— tahdhim, Yi. of (^). 

tsW iahdnn, strong emotion, vio- 
lent desire. 

(_5iW» tahdni, leaning against. 

j^VaJ tahdwur, dialogue. 

ij^jW tahdwus, ensnaring, sur- 
rounding with nets. 

Jj^W tahdivtl, alternately fertile 
and .sterile years. 

oi^W tahd'if, presents ; jewellery. 

*,-«.«»» tahabbub, showing love ; 
granulating, v. C*^-^). 

(^-•aj tahabbus, being imprisoned ; 

^«*a6J' tahbir, inf. ii. of (7!^) ; 
elegant style. 

(j~*t«s» tahbis, imprisonment; de- 
tention ; reservation, proviso. 

liXjiW tahbtk, II. («i^), q.v. ; 
(m.) indentation ; twisting, 

A,MJ!=» takbiya-t, defence, protection. 

(o-Ni&i) taht, the lower part ; under, 
below ; — hence : tahat, sit down 
at the lower end, occupy a low 
place ; — tvhut, pi. the lower 

i_3>Uss> tahtdniyy, inferior ; low ; 
marked with dots beneath 
(letter) ; lowly placed. 

(jJU&i) tahtah, inf. ii, move, stir 
(with a noise) ; — 11. inf. tatah- 
tu^, id. 

&«,»«!> tahtaha-t, noise in moving. 

*-;&» tahattum, benevolence, v. 

j_j:^' talftiyy, low, inferior. 
e-.>.x«5>' tahtis, weakness. 

-\yW tahsh, spurring on, urging. 

tahajjuj, pretext, subterfuge, 

^5=j' tahajjum, great avarice. 

lij-iaj tahaddiis, inf. v. of (vi^Jio.) ; 
conversation ; recent event ; 

l«^aaV tahaddum, rage ; boiling. 

Ji&j tahazztd, compassion. 

v^^aj taharrus, {J'-^ja:? ta/iarhus, 

>•*;«=» taharmiiz, inf. ii. of )'»^ 
harinaz ; illegitimate birth. 

)>ya? tahrir, inf. ii. {f-) ; devoting 
one's self to God ; yJk«li^ ^_;t:; 
tahrir iqlidas, Euclid's elements 
pi. tahrirdt, letter, note, notice 
jjI, documents, despatches. 

wi>j«sJ tahrif, INF. II. of (<-*;=^) ; 
permutation of letters ; ana- 

^.>;«&> tahrim, inf. ii. of (ff^) ; 
donning the dress of pilgri- 
mage ; — tahrhniyy, unlawful. 

SJJ&;' tahazzub, 11. v'}=» ; party ; 
confederation ; set of persons. 

jjjaJ tahazzn, <jjaJ iahazzi, sooth- 

(^'jaJ tahzrii, grieving ; reading the 
Koran in public. 

•-«~as» iahaesuf, falling of the hair. 

(;)-—&> tahshi, II. (c:)™^') ; pi. tahd- 
svH, good action, benefit ; ap- 

i:t-isiss» tahsiya-t, trimming the edge 
of a garment ; marginal notes. 

J-assJ' tahassul, v. (J-«=>-) ; produce. 

(^-oaj tahassun, v. (y°=-) ! chastity. 

j^jiL-oas* tahiSilddr, tax-gatherer. 

^^■s<aa=' taJisin, 11. (t)-=-) ; thorough- 
bredness of a stallion. 

(i-a-aj) tuhaf, pi. of iAsaJ' tu^fa-t ; 
— II. INF. tath if, adorn ; — iv. 
INF. ifhdf, bestow costly pre- 
sents ; present with ; — » tuhfa-t, 
tuhafa-t, pi. tuhaf, tahd'if, pre- 
sent ; favour ; tribute ; anything 
precious, beautiful, rare and fit 



object for a present ; master- 
*J^' iahfdya-t, resjiectful treat- 
ment, INF. (,ji=^). 

iiiaJ' tahaffuz, v. (liis-) ; (m.) quaran- 

J4«s» tahaffwl, V. (Ji=^) ; numerous 

^jiaJ' tahaffi, V. (i_s«=^) ; humanity, 
humane ^jroceedings. 

JAaJ tahaqqnd, grudge, inveterate 

^3«Ra»» tahqiq, ii. (i3«-) ; pi. tahqiqdt, 
certain truths ; — ^ tahqiqiyy, 
certain ; affirmative. 

(•^aj tahakkum, v. {f^) ; usurpa- 
tion, disposal. 

JaJ' tahill, redeeming one's oath ; 

— S tahilla-t, permission, dispen- 
sation ; absolution ; redeeming 
of an oath. 

oi&j' iahJ'iq, shaving. 

J-W tahlil, INF. II. of (J^) ; cure ; 
— 4 tahJUa-i, permission ; dispen- 
sation ; absolution. 

((•«>>) taham, V, inf. tahm, weave 
a variegated or striped garment ; 
— ■ IX. ithamni, inf. ithimam, be 
black ; — i tahama-t, yellow- 
striped stuffs ; — tahimma-f, 
dresses which a divorced wife 
receives; — tuhma-f, deep black 

JU«J' fihimmdl, bearing, suffering. 

^^ykaJ tahammi, abstinence; pro- 
tecting one's self ; — ii tahmiya-t, 
make to glow. 

>iU!&> tahndz, roasting by means of 

«-Ai*j' tahannwf, profession of the 
true faith. 

ysaj' tahannu', being coloured with 
hannah, v. (y^). 

^te> tahanni, v. (,_jis.=yc.), bent; 
inclination ; — tahni', t tahni'a-t, 
colouring with henna, ii. (\-'=-) ; 

— tahniya-t, bending, ii. (^y«^ 

cu^' tuhi'd, pi. the lower classes, 
t^jfcj' taMt, dry year ; — tahawwnt ; 
V. (I»j«-), vigilance. 

Jj«j' tahawwul, v. (J^) ; cunning; 

power ; removal. 
tJjaJ tahawwun, meanness, lowness; 

Ji^ tahwil, II. (J^); pl-_ -f'^ 

transformation ; revolution ; 

transport ; cheque. 
u:.-;aJ tvhfiif, rather low, dim. of 

ks-^aj taht. 
SsjaJ' tuhit, tahit, tihit, dry year. 
JtsBJ tahayyul, cunning, stratagem; 

y«aJ tahin, space of time; — ta- 

hayyiin, v. (t>*=^) ; expectation ; 

^i«sj' iahiyya-t, pi. -at, iahdyd, wel- 
come, salutation ; congratulation, 

II. (o-)- ^ ^ 

i^ytrt;^ tahyin, fixing a term ; death. 

(^) tahh, u, INF. tuhnha-t, get sour ; 
— IV. INF. ithdh, leaven the 
dough well. 

£J' tahh, sesame-oil ; leavened 

s-JjWj tahdrih, pi. of v>;i;aj' tahrnb 
and <-:-S!7=y tahrib. 

^j^ tahdriin, pi. of ^^*^ tafirim. 

>-fl>jW fahdvif, pi. of <-05^aJ' 

ki~jij tahabhiis, filth, dirt. 

,_3<*j tahdbhi, being concealed, con- 
cealment ; — i tahbiya-t, pitching 
a tent ; — tahbi'a-t, concealment. 

»i-*j taht, i , pi. tuhi'd, seat, bench ; 
sofa ; throne ; saddle ; bed, 
couch ; cloth-press ; y\jy o-«j 
taht rau-dn, litter, sedan-chair 
(Pers.) ; — S tahta-t, sheet of 
metal ; board on which a corpse 
is washed. 

6Wj tahtdh, ^UUaj tahtdhdniyy, 
stammerer ; foreigner. 

g*sj' tahtaj, pi. tahdtij, board, plank; 
table (Pers.) 

(^:*&'), "S^aJ^ tahtaha-t, unarticu- 
lated sound. 

i*AsJ' tahtima-t, dissimulation. 

;iay tahassur, getting thick ; curd- 

•W taha:, yathaz, take, for Aa^\ 
ittahaz, viii. of {^\). 






pi. -n, 

laces : 

tr'»;ay taharbus, scribbling, scrawl- 

(^;ay tahris, i, ta/irisa-t, jutting 
part of a dress or shirt. 

>T>y^' tahrabub, a superior kind of 

Vj^asJ' tuhrub, pi. tahdrib, 

jj;^' tuhrur, neither strong 

•T-«J;*J' tahrib, pi. tahdrib, devasta- 
tion, injury. 

(jajj&i' tahris ^^ijsjcsJi tahris. 

t*ij^ tahr'nn, ii. ((•j^) ; 
tahdrim, embroidery ; 
chased work. 

(.r~^' tuhas, dol^jhin. 

jji.i-i^ tahashux, rustling. 

^^-i^ tahsiya-t, frightening. 

i*«y tahissa-t, specification, particu- 
lar distinction (a.). 

(ja«=^' tahasstis, peculiar quality ; 
distinction ; v. ((j°^)- 

ijfl«-«y tahsis, II. (ijai) ; pi. -dt, 
special funds. 

&«!=&» tahtiya-f, seduction ; accusa- 

ijAsy tahafft, hiding one's self ; — » 
tahfiya-t, concealing. 

i_il-naj tahfif, INF. II. of (>-^) ; 
dropping of the taMid. 

Jiisj' tahalhul, clattering ; waver- 
ing ; want of firmness ; adorn- 
ing one's self with an ankle- 

woltei' tahalluf, INF. V. of <-ali- ; 

^jl^' tihli, tahW, world ; food and 
drink ; — 6 tahliya-t, leaving 
empty ; leaving alone ; abandon- 

((»&») tahain, i, inf. tahm, confine, 
limit ; — tahim, A, suffer from 
indigestion ; — iii. inf. mutd- 
hama-t, adjoin, border upon ; 
— IV. INF. ithdm, suffer from* 
indigestion, have a stomach- 

,»ay tahm, indigestion ; — tahm, 
tuhm, pi. tuhum, tulinm, boun- 
dary, boundary-stone ; — tu- 

hama-t, pi. .dt, tuham, indiges- 

t^*^ tahmiii, supposition, esti- 
mation, conjecture ; — tahmhiiyy, 
approximate, conjectural. 

>3)f^ tahaaruq, getting impaled 

4-^^' tuhitma-t, pi. tuham, tuhum, 
boundary ; district ; — tuhum, 
desirable condition, prosperous 

■-Aj^^ tahwif, INF. II. of ("-J^) ; 
pi. tahdwlf, terrible phantom ; 

'r-sjy tahayi/tib, fraud, deceit, 

'-4»i&' tahayyuf, variegation, various 
shades of colour (i-oji-). 

J«sj' tahayyul, inf. v. of ( Js*-) ; 
pi. -dt, conception ; imagination, 
fancy ; supposition. 

uLwssJ tahyiliyy, imaginary. 

_;4}W taddbir, pi. of ^Ju fadhtr. 

Ji\jiy taddhvJ, INF. VI. of {t^"^) ; 

g;\>ij' taddrij, pi. of sj-^' tadruj^^Sj^ 

usJj^Jj' taddrulc, inf. vi. of ('Js'jJ) ; 
atonement ; remedy ; legal 
remedy ; pi. -dt, preparations, 

ScUj tadd'a-t, repose, rest, ease. 

^\^S taddmir, pi. of ^■i» . 

^\ju taddni, neighbourhood ; 
mutual approach, vi. (yJ). 

j_s&\aj taddhi, cunning, craft ; skill, 
VI. (yj). 

c»)j\jij taddiimli, throng of battle. 

jjW taddwir, pi. of y.^^' fadvir. 

g-ijj tadbij, adornment. 

^Jj tadbir, pi. -dt, taddbir, order; 

arrangement ; administration ; 

government ; politics, policy ; 

consideration ; opinion, ii. (yj). 
i'*»jj tadbiya-t, profession, trade, ii. 

(^ij) ; — tadbia-t, concealment, 

II. (V}J). 
Jj,,.^ tadjU, pitching; gilding; 





^j-ij' tuclrd, I , tiulrn-t, might, power, 

*;>^ tudrih, protection. 

'j-^ tadlrra-f, abundant flow of 

E)-^' tadrnj=sj^ fc.?i'"J- 

•^j-^ tadr/k, inf. ii. ('^jJ) ; (m.) 
foresight ; prudence. 

^^■^' tud'a-t, easy life. 

(JsJ-^' tadqiq, exactness, precision, 
subtilty ; pounding to powder, 
II. (JO). 

(jJ-iJ tadallvq, inundation. 

^••ij' fadmiir, Palmyra; — tadammur, 
discontent ; murmuring, grum- 
bling ; ruin, V. (/•'>) ; — tS '*<^- 
iiniriyy, a small field-mouse; 
unworthy ; mean ; somebody, 

^"'•i' fadtniya-t, wounding so as 
to cause the blood to flow, ii. 

i_5»'ij tadann'i, ajiproach, y. {f'^). 

^^^' tadniq, INF. II. (iJJJ) ; (m.) 
freezing to death. 

j^^ tadahwnr, ruin; overthrow. 

ii;^>^' tadunra-t, round sand-hill. 

^jjj' tcidivir, INF. II. (jjJ) ; circle ; 
circumference ; epicycle ; — i 
tadwlra-f, small turban. 

gj\i; tazi'irij, pi. of Ej-^' tazrvj. 

^^ tazilldr, pi. of iji^ tci;kira-t ; — 
tazi'ikur, INF. VI. of (j^j). 

wj.ju.ii' tazdbzuh, palpitation ; agita- 
tion ; doubt ; uncertainty. 

gjij' tazriij, pi. fazdi-ij, tazruja-t, 
pheasant (Pers.). 

jVJjj tazh'tr, remembrance; mention; 
keepsake ; present. 

)ijj tazahkiir, remembrance ; con- 
ference, conversation ; private 
night-study ; — ' tazkira-t, pi. 
taziUiir, remembrance ; keep- 
sake ; memorandum, memoir ; 
note ; testimonial ; receipt ; 
passport ; — fazkara-f, id. ; bio- 

w>yjij' taziii'ih, ripening on the stalk 

j-jjuf tazyiJ, INF. II. of ( Ji J) ; ap- 

pendix, supplenient ; adding a 
quiescent letter to a vcdad 
majmii' at the end of a foot. 

(j>) tan; u, inf. tan; tiirCn; appear 
and be cut out (bone) ; be cut 
off ; remove, depart ; cut off ; 
resound ; — inf. tarr, tirrin; 
tarih-a-t, be full in flesh and 
bones ; — iv. inf. ifrar, ampu- 
tate ; remove (a.), send away ; 
throw away ; fling ; make re- 

y tarr, good stepper (horse) ; — 
tart; root, origin; plummet; — 
' tira-t, INF. of (fi), hatred, 
&c. ; — tiirva-t, handsome ; deli- 
cate and coquettish. 

v'V ttiri'ih, i>l.afi-tba-f, tirhdii, earth, 
ground, dust ; — S , turdba-t, clod 
of earth ; — ^_s tardbiyy, earthly, 
earthy, earthen. 

jf^y tari'itnr, sweetmeat made of 

f\f tardtir, jil. calamities. 

}i'\y tardtir, pi. handsome but 
stupid girls. 

J*5y tardtil, pi. of J-sy tartll. 

>^\f turds, inheritance {•^j}). 

^=-V" tardjim, pi. of oWy tarjamdn 
and i*^y tarjama-t ; — tardjum, 
INF. V. of ^j , throwing stones 
at each other. 

Js=-^/ tardjil, parsley. 

C^f tardh, beaver. 

i^f tardra-t, being juicy, full of 

sap or marrow, 
"^j^ tardrih, pi. of Ajsy turralia-t. 
j\y turdz, dying suddenly, 
y-y tirds, shields, pi. of ^y furs ; 

— /cr)-i-r?s, shield-bearer; — tara"us, 

INF. V. of (u-^j) ; — tardss, inp. 

Ti. of ((J-)) ; — ii tirdsa-t, making 

J^\y tardx, razor; J^^y ^ qalatn 

tardis, pen-knife. 
gV tan-d', filling the basin or 

chunnul ; door-keeper. 

v-M^V tardgif, loaves, &c., pi. of 
<-4-i) ragif. 



t-jy tara'uf, benevolence ; kind- 

(ji^ taraqi, collar-bones, pi. of 
ijif tarquwa-t ; loftiness, inf. vi. 
of (Jij). 

isJy tardk, leave it alone ! do not 
interfere ! 

Iti\f tardkum, condensation ; ac- 
cumulation ; increasing ; — ii tard,- 
hhna-i, Turcomans, pi. of a^f 

'-r^i\f ta/rdMb, pi. of s-««^ tarhib. 

(yV) tcirdmiz, strong and tine 
camel ; full grown. 

er-V tar d mis, pi. silver-beads. 

(jOj\y tardwud, drill, exercise. 

^)\f tardwih, the twenty-two genu- 
flections after the last prayer of 

•-r^\j> tard'ib, ribs, &c., pi. of &*jy 

ijj\j> tard'iq, collar-bones, pi. of 
«yy tarquwa-t. 

u^Uj tard'iJc, helmets, &c., pi. of 
«^/ tartlca-t, q.v. 

(k_jj>) tarib, A, INF. tarab, abound 
in earth, ground, dust (place) ; 
cling to the ground or dust ; be 
covered with earth or dust ; — 
INF. tarab, niatrab, be hopeless, 
desperate, despair ; be poor, 
miserable ; — inf. tarh, cover 
with earth or dust; — ii. inf. 
tatrib, id. ; cling to the ground ; 
be rich, and, by opposition, 
poor; turn into dust, decay, 
putrify ; grow dust-coloured ; — 
III. INF. mutdraba-t, be of the 
same age ; become familiar 
with ; be a comrade ; — iv. inf. 
itrdb, cover or pelt with earth 
or dust ; be rich, poor ; possess 
a female slave who had already 
three masters before ; — v. inf. 
tatarrub, be covered with earth 
or dust. 

vy tarb, turb, earth, ground, dust ; 
— tirb, f. pi. atrdb, of the same 
age, companion, friend ; — tarib, 
earthy ; poor ; — » tarba-t, weak- 
ness ; — turba-t, pi. turab, earth. 

ground, dust ; tomb ; tomb- 
stone or memorial to the dead ; 
cemetery ; — tariba-t, pi. -dt, 
finger-top ; raising dust (wind) ; 

— taribba-t, education ; rearing, 
INF. II. of (v>j). 

^f iarbd', turabd', earth; ground. 
(j*^>y tirbdd, saffron in bloom. 
yViy Urban, pi. of s^ly tnrdb. 
ij^f turbatiyy, earthy ; referring 

to the tomb. 
•i>y tirbid, turbid, laxative, 
uuyy tarabut, docile (camel). 
(_s>y tarabbi, education, rearing ; 

making conserves, inf. v. of 

gftjy tarbi% inf. ii. of (j'j) ; right 
angle ; — (^ tarbi'iyy, quadratic 
square ; «_4U&/« cu tarbi'iyy muh- 
talif, trajoezium. 

^3-J/ tarbiq, inf. ii. (i3>j) ; — tirbiq, 
rope for tying up sheep. 

^y tarbiya-t, education ; rearing of 
plants or animals ; pupil, foster- 
child, ward ; emendation, ex- 
postulation ; good manners ; 
progress ; increase ; composition, 
II. (yj). 

_)Uy iartdr, whirljjool ; abyss. 

s-jy turtab, everlastingness ; bad 
slave ; — turtab, t^irtub, firm ; 
well-managed ; earth, dust ; — 
turtub-an, altogether ; — farattnb, 
INF. V. of (s-jj) ; getting into 
shape ; appearing ; resulting. 

i-tif taiiubba-t, trodden path. 

iff) tartar, inf. 6 , move, shake 
(a.) ; talk much ; (m.) chatter ; 

— II. be shaken, tremble ; — i 
tartara-t, shaking; motion ; talk- 
ativeness ; languidness ; dulness 
of speech. 

^y> turtam, turtum, lasting. 

A>/ turta-t, stammering. 

jyy turtur, turtle-dove ; tax- 
gatherer ; body-guardsman ; pi. 
tardttr, handsome but stupid 

^.-.^y tarfib, inf. ii. of (^^j) ; 
method, plan, system ; precept, 
prescription ; layer, row. 





JsS/ tartil, INP. II. of ( J>j) ; pi. 
tan'dil, chant, chorale ; anthem. 

^f tartiya-i, (m.) restoration, 
emendation, ii. (yj). 

ey toro;', u, inf. terj, be veiled 
and hidden ; — tarij, a, inf. 
toraj, be in the dark about a 
difficult matter; — S turiijja-t, 
citron, lemon. 

C^y iarajjuh, shaking, swinging, 
rocking, v. (g^;). 

((♦^y) tarjam, inf. S, translate 
from one languat;e into another ; 
— 4 tarjama-t, tarjitinn-i, pi. taril- 
jim, translation. 

yUi-y tarjaiUiin, tarjtimii/i, tinjn- 
mnn, pi. fai-i'ijim, {m.)tari'ijima-i, 
iorajamin, interpreter, trans- 

tj^y tarajji, hoping, inf. v. (j_j?-j 
— y^-j) ; — ' tarjiya-t, hope ; de- 

fr«-y tarjih, inf. ii. (j^j) ; pre- 
ference ; overweight. 

d^y_ tarjl', inf. II. (e^^j) ; repe- 
tition; burden (of a song); echo; 

J«=5-y ^cny'/?, INF. II. (J=-;) ; white 
spot on the hind foot of a horse ; 

(jy) tarih, a, inf. tanih, be sad; 
descend; — ii. inf. tatrih, grieve; 
IV. iNP. itrdh, id. ; — v. inf. 
tatarrnh, be grieved. 

s-'^=-y tarh'ih, welcome. 

JV=.y iirhU, departure; travelling. 

Ji=-y tarhil, inf. ii. ( J^j) ; patiunee. 

(jy) tarah, a, inf. /(n7/, make 
slight incisions in the skin ; 

tf tar/i, scarification ; cupping. 

^y turham, iurhiut), i , tarhama-t, 
tarhuma-t, man, individual. 

^^y tarhiija-t, softening, loosening ; 
relaxation ; yielding. 

j\jy tanJiid, INP. II. of (J;). 

wjjy tcn-addiih, inf. v. of (s-»^_)) ; 
gracefulness ; affection. 

jjy taraddiiil, inf. v. of (J;) ; hesi- 
tation, irresolution ; refusal ; 
conversation ; correspondence ; 

effort ; endeavour ; emendation ; 

jjoy fardid, INF. II. of (''j); discord; 

<-i!Jy tardif, escort. 

(;/) tc(>-az, I, INF. tarz ; — tariz, A, 
INF. taraz, be hard, dry, arid ; 
wither ; die ; be hungry ; throw 
on the ground ; — tariz, a, inf. 
fara-, freeze; — iv. inf. itraz, 
render hard and dry ; knead 

jy tarz, hunger ; colic (of cattle) ; 
epilepsy ; — taraz, freezing ; 

(wf) tirrs, pi. 6, tirasa-f, atrds, 
tirds, turus, shield ; hard piece 
of ground; — hence: ii. tarras, 
INF. tarsis, cover one's self with 
a shield, arm with a shield ; — 
V. INF. tatarriis, cover one's self 
with a shield ; — 6 tirsa-t, tor- 

iiV-y tarsdna-t, and — 

diV^-y tarshd/ia-t, arsenal (Pers.). 

i_3-y tursiyy, shield-like, of the 
shape of a shield. 

I*<^f tarsini, inf. ii. of (j*—;) ; cal- 
ligra]iby ; painting ; drawing ; 
printing upon. 

(^y) taris, a, inf. taras, be 
flighty, of a bad disposition, 

yiy tars, taras, lightness, levity ; 
bad disposition ; avarice. 

U.y tirsd\ rope to draw a bucket. 

^Uiy tarsi'f-', sprinkling, ii. {^j). 

ijAy tarsi ya-t, bribing, ii. (^j). 

i'J'f) tarns, INF. tardfa-t, be strong, 
firm ; — II. INF. tartis, tare, cor- 
rect the weight ; — iv. id. ; make 
strong and firm. 

i_py tarif, », strong. 

■i-oy taraff/id, observing; expecting- ; 
hoping, V. (>^-=)). 

ya--=y tarfif, INF. II. of (^j) ; tin- 
ning; glazing; soldering. 

yi^y fardid, INF. II. of ((jij ;) (m.) 
push ; bruise, contusion. 

M/ tardiya-t, satisfaction, render- 




ing content ; apology, depreca- 
tion, II. (j^jij). 
(£/) tara', a, inf. tar', keep off, 
keep at a distance ; — tari', a, 
INF. tero.', be prone to evil ; 
cheerfully and confidently en- 
gage in a business ; be full ; — 
II. INP. tatri', lock ; — iv. inf. 
itnV, fill; — V. INF. tatarru', be 
prone to evil towards (v hi) 
anybody ; — viii. inf. ittird', get 

gy tara', full ; — tari', full ; prone 
to evil ; — S tur'a-t, pi. tura', 
door ; terraced garden ; step, 
degree ; open place ; apparition, 
vision ; mouth of a well ; spring ; 
basin of a fountain ; tank, reser- 
voir ; fall of a river. 

s->^/ tar'db, frightening, threaten- 
ing, ir. ("-r-C)) ; 2 , tir'dha-t, timo- 

(_jcy tir'iyy, i , tar'iyya-t, tir'iyya-t, 
tur'iyya-t and tar'iya-t, tir'iya-t, 
tur'iya-t, who takes good care 
of camels, tends them well ; — 
tara" I, inf. v. of (o^j). 

ii^f tir'iha-t, slice of a camel's 

ilcy targalla-t, turtle-dove (m.). 

>T-*V to-rgib, ii. inf. of (s-«j) ; 

(i-Sy) tarif, a, inf. taraf, live in 
abundance ; — ii. inf. tatrif, 
effeminating, seduce into wan- 
tonness, render overbearing ; — 
IV. INF. itrdf, id. ; afford ease 
and comfort ; persist in wanton- 
ness or arrogance ; — v. inf. 
tatarruf, live in affluence ; — x. 
istitrdf, be wanton, overbearing, 

^f taraf, effeminacy ; delicacy ; 
softness ; ease ; — tarif, thin ; 
commodious, easy-going ; ef- 
feminate ; — » turfa-t, ease, 
comfort ; dainty ; anything 
beautiful or rare as a present. 

(j-^y turfds, poisonous mushroom. 

J*/ tarafful, » tarfala-t, strutting 

along, walking in jerks (from 
old age). 

J*iy tarfil, addition of a sabah 
hafif to a watad majmiV at the 
end of a foot. 

i»i/ tarfiya-t, ii. (,^j), 4£»y tarfVa-t, 
i_5si/ tarfV , II. (Uj), congratulation 
to a newly-married couple. 

(3«i/ tarfiq, inf. ii. of (i3»j) ; (m.) 
assistance, aid, subsidy. 

SUy tarqdt, injury to the collar- 

Syiy tarquwa-t, turquwa-t, pi. tardqi, 
tard'iq, collar-bone. 

tjif taraqqi, inf. v. (^j) ; pi. 
taraqqiydt, progress ; increase ; 
advancement ; — » tarqiya-t, 
progress, ii. (Jij). 

i^y tarqhn, inf. ii. of (^j), vocali- 
sation ; furnishing with a list of 
prices ; embroidering ; dashes to 
fill up, asterisks. 

(liSy) tarak, xs, inf. tark, tirkdiit 
leave, abandon, desist, neglect ; 
do, put, arrange ; — tarik, a, inf. 
tarak, marry a deserted woman ; 

— III. INF. tirdk, mutdraka-t, 
leave one alone, at rest ; leave a 
business to another; accord a 
truce, grant an amnesty ; — vi. 
INF. tatdruk, let a business drop 
between one another ; — vi. inf. 
intirdk, be abandoned ; be left 
behind (inheritance) ; — viii. 
INF. ittirdk, abandon, leave. 

oi)y tark, abandoning, leaving ; 
doing, putting ; — turk, Turk, 
Tartar ; rude or brutal fellow ; 

— ii tarka-t, thick-set, stubby 
(woman) ; pi. tark, iron helmet ; 

— tirka-t, tarika-t, anything left 
behind, legacy, inheritance. 

(^\.if tirkdn, inf. of {'^f)- 

yUSy turkmdn, pL tardkima-t, 

^Jf turkiyy, Turk ; f . » , Turkish ; 
pi. turkiyydt, anything Turkish. 
^f tarkib, inf. ii. (s-^) ; com- 
position ; mechanism ; the human 
body ; musical note ; — ^£ tarki- 




hiyy, compound ; skilful, inge- 

^f tarlik, <A^y farllk, shoes of 
Morocco-leather (m.). 

)•/ tirm, term (m.) ; — hence : ii. 
tarram, inf. tatrim, fix a term. 

tj'Srt^/ turunibaji, fireman (m.). 

^^y turumla-t, fire-engine (m.). 

(u~*y) tarmas, inf. i , withdraw 
from the turmoil, from battle. 

ij-^f turmus, tarmns, bramble ; 
(Egyptian) bean ; — i tarmasa-t, 
INF. of (J*-*/ tarmas ; — turmusa-t, 
hole in the ground (for preserv- 
ing fruit, cooling, &c.). 

(3**/ tarmiq, inf. ii. of ((3^j) ; 
sketch, first outline. 

((jy) taran, dirt. 

gSji' hirunj, i, orange (Pers.). 

t)Wy tit,runjdn, melissa, balm- 

i^^tri^f taranjabm, manna. 

,j==y turunjiyy, orange-coloured. 

ftiy tarannum, inf. v. of (^j) ; 
reading of the Koran with a 
singing voice ; song ; psalmody ; 

uLiftif tarnamnt, sound; clank; 
tinkle ; sounding, clinking, 

oyy farniiq, tiirnfiq, ^yy titrni'iqi'!, 

tsiyy turnil'k, contemptible ; lean, 

^yy tarnnma-t, melodious voice ; 
melody ; rhythm. 

(^^Jf)turna,ieraa].e slave; strumpet; 
— 6 tarniya-t, enchanting, de- 
lighting, cheering, ii. (y^). 

i-tf)^ ^U-iy tarnhna-t riViiyya-f, 
ejaculatory prayer. 

(Hy) tarih. A, inf. tarah, indulge in 
frivolities or vanities. 

Hy turrah, pi. tariWih, lie, anything 
frivolous; — i fnrraha-f, pi. uiA 
-at, tardrih, the same ; buf- 
foonery ; empty talk ; trifle ; 
calamity ; wind ; cloud ; side- 
path ; broad lowland ; small 
animal in the sand. 

ty»y tarhut, who swallows large 

^j^y^y taraithv.", purifying (of gold, 

j^y ttirilr, INF. of (y). 
j^y tiiri'n:, thickness and firmness. 
{j^^y tarawwi's, sharpening into a 

point, v. (y-y. 
Ac^y tarwi'a-t, blast of a trumpet, 
w tara"um, compassion, love, v. 

(i»\j) ; — tarawwum, mockery, v. 

^^^y tarawivi, inf. v. oi {iS)j) ; — 
^J}y tarwV, inf. ii. of (^jj). 

(j~j^y tarw'is, sharpening into a 
point, II. ((j-y. 

doj^y tarwiqa-t, breakfast (m.). 

iS^y tarwi'a-t, inf. ii. of (\jy) ; — 
h^y tarwiya-t, inf. ii. of ii^)j)- 

((^y) tara, a, inf. tary, relax ; — 
be cheerful, in good humour ; 
be numerous ; — iv. inf. itra', 
perform one work after another 
with intervals of rest between. 

isy turra, cut off hand ; enfeebled 

j\jy tirydq, theriac ; antidote ; 
panacea; — ' tiry<iqa-t, wine; — i^ 
tirydqiyy, inebriated ; drunkard ; 

>-— jy tiryab, tarih, earth, ground ; 

— 6 tariba-t, pi. tanl'ib, the four 
upj)er ribs ; ribs ; chest, breast, 
bosom ; place above the collar- 
bone ; neck ; hands ; feet ; 

gi>y tarij, violent (wind) ; strongly- 
built and sinewy. 

ij^y tarts, strong; well-poised 
balance ; twisted, plaited. 

5!/ tai-f, cheery for work, light- 
minded ; — tai-ayyji', v. (jjj), 

<-Ajy tar if, commodious, easy-going; 

ud^y tarll; empty stalks of a grape; 

— 6 tarika-t, pi. tard'il;''tar!l-, 
helmet ; abandoned ; left pro- 
perty without an heir ; stagna- 
ting water after a flood. 



^/ tai-hn, resigned to the will of 
God ; dirtied ; sinful. 

esiy taryih, setting at rest, tran- 
quillising, quieting (m.). 

^«»/ tar'iija-i, beautiful look; hy- 
pocrisy ; II. {^^) ; — taryi'a-t, 

INF. II. of (Vj). 

•>i\y tazdyud, increase, vi. (-ijj). 

'ijiy tazhira-t, own hand-writing, 
autograph ; tazbira-t and ;-rfy 
tazMr, iNP. II. of (;^3). 

f-y tazahhir, colic ; travail ; labour 
of child-birth. 

J=>y tazahhul, Jf/ tazahivul, being 
set in motion, sliding, slipping. 

<-j/5.y tazahruf, false ornaments, 

^y taz'im, inf. ii. of (/^^j) ; 

s-s*y tazqih, twitter of birds. 

i^y tazaJcJc?, sanctification ; alms- 
giving, v. (/j);— 6 tazUya-t, 
sanctifying, consecrating ; justi- 
fication ; character ; giving and 
also receiving alms, ii. (j^j). 

fti^y tazlctm, cold, rheum, ii. (^). 

J)Jy tazalzul, inf. ii. of (Jj3j) ; 

(3*!y tazliq, shaving, anointing, ii. 

u>^y tazanimut, gravity, steadiness; 

jt^y tazmir, inf. ii. of (y*j) ; 

^j^jy tazanduq, Parseeism. 
yiy tazantur, }ay tazantur, inf. ii. 

of (fi^ , /ij) ; anger, rage ; 

g^jiy tazwdj, pairing, coupling, 

^S^^y tazidiyy, red-striped garment. 
^_5?y tazayyi, costume, dress, garb. 
jr)»y tazyih, inf. ii. of (j^j) ; pro- 
^Lj tasdbug, ornament of the 

neck-part of a helmet. 
^L-> tasdhih, pi. of <W*<—j'' tas- 

^j^L»i' tasdhin, pi. of (jV&~j tashdn. 
gjUj' tasdfuh, dissoluteness. 

ii\~:> tasdfud, copulation, sexual 

&iV~J id sd full, INF. VI. of ("!*-.) ; 

levity ; foolishness. 
JU-i' iasdl, J^iwj- taa'dl, question, 

^L-i' fasdmu', hearing, listening. 
(_5/»Uj' tasdm'i, emulation, vi. (^*-). 
.xjUj tasdniid, inf. vi. of (>"— ) 

mutual help. 

j_5^\~j' tasdwi, INF. VI. of {^Jy-) 

equality, similarity ; indiifer 

ence ; neutrality ; levelness 

level (s.). 
'-^S^tasdyuf, fight with the sword, 

s-'^-^J'' tasaVbiib, inf. vi. of (s->->) ; 

retail trade. 
^-— J tasbig, tasbug, i , tasbiga-t, pi. 

tasdbig-^ 4?^—' tasdbug. 
'-r-~^ri~> tasbih, INF. II. of (<-r— ) ; 

motive, reason ; reproach ; curse. 
f^«-~j'' tasbih, INF. II. of (f^i— ) ; 

praise of G-od ; hymn ; rosary ; 

purity ; — s tasbiha-t, pi. tasdbih, 

song, hymn, 
j**--' tasbig, adding a quiescent 

letter to a sabab hafif at the end 

of a foot. 
(3*< — > tasbig, inf. ii. of (i^i—) ; 

stake at a race. 
jy-~i' tustilq, bad money, dipped in 

a solution of silver. 
^Uas—j' tasjiya-t, shrouding of a 

corpse, II. (^*!~'). 
5»a!— i tasji', rhythmical and rhymed 

;te~» tasahhur, inf. v. (;*«•) ; early 

yVi,«vj tashdn, pi. tasdhin, greaves ; 

boots ; hood. 
^a-~j' tashar, jest, irony; — inf. v. 

of O*-*) ; compelled service ; 

Bsx^ iasdiya-t, weaving, weavina 

the warp, ii. ((j-^). 
(_^jiwj' tasdh, INF. II. of ((j-A..) ; 

jj^ tasarrur, concubinage, v. (j-.). 



g;-j' tasarru', haste, hurry, v. 


ii}~^ tasarriiq, inf. v. of (oj-") ; 
systematic robbery, system of 

i;— >' tasirra-t, cheering uj^, glad- 

^^ tasarn, inf. v. of (tSr") ' 

y~— J tiistis, people of low extrac- 

(g„i'), f. tis\ m. A«~-i' tia'a-t, nine ; 
. — hence: tasa', a, i, inf. fas', 
take the ninth part ; — come as 
the ninth to a company of eight; 
— IF. INF. tatst', III. mutdsa'a-i, 
id. ; — IV. INF. itsn', complete 
the number of nine ; become 
nine of them ; take the ninth 
part of people's property. 

J— > tus', pi. atsil', ninth j)art ; — 
iwsa', the 7th, 8th, and 9th 
night of a month ; — tasa', for 
ittasa', VIII. of (^j). 

y^«-»> tis'un, (m.) (^^s*— » Us' in, 
ninety ; ninetieth. 

i_att-j' tasaqquf, inf. v. of (t-oa-) ; 
consecration of a bishop. 

i«fl— j' tasqiya-t, giving to drink, 
watering ; saying iii\ csJVs-. saqu-ka 
'I-liVi-n, may God quench thy 

y^C-i' taskiii, INF. II. of (i:)^) ; 
being without a vowel. 

jJu-j' tasalliifi, skinning, casting off 
the skin. 

J-J— >• tasalsul, INF. II. of ( J-X.) ; 
concatenation ; degrees of rela- 
tionship ; advancement by de- 

SaL-i' tasalhit, inf. v. of (^) ; 
usurpation ; arbitrariness ; op- 

l^-~> taslam, thou art alive and in 
good health (i.e., the person 
whom you inquire after is dead); 
indeed ! certainly ! — tasallum, 

INF. V. of ((J^). 

■- ^ . ■ . !>■"''' taslif, INF. II. of (<-*l-) ; 

payment in advance ; borrowing; 

tasUm, INF. II. of (^) ; salu- 
tation ; salvation, rescue ; pre- 
servation ; delivery, surrender ; 
transmission ; resignation ; con- 
sent ; well-being, safety, peace. 

&-L~j tasliya-t, consolation ; tran- 

4**~> tasml'a-t, making to be 

(;).«™J tasainmun, growing fat. 

tasammi, inf. v. of (^♦— ) ; 
denomination ; — ii tasmiya-t, 
giving a name ; denomination ; 
II. of the same. 

■■r* — » tasnitt, INF. II. (c:.~»-.) ; or- 
thodoxy, professing the true 

tasinit, INF. II. of (^i**-) ; 
receipt, acquittance. 

ji-* — > tasm!', INF. II. of (j*-) ; 

^~j tasahhur, waking, keeping 

J-9~-' tashil, iNP. II. of ( Ja-) ; 
marking with hamza-t. 

li)^— J tasaiowuk, cleaning the teeth 
with a toothpick. 

&^y~j tasnma-i, sandal. 

jo^ tasirid, INF. II. of (J^) ; rough 
copy; dung. 

^j-^ taswJg, INF. II. of {ty~') ; pl. 
-at, magnificent present to a 

iji,y~S tasin'q, cattle-driving. 

Ja^ taswil, pl. -at, adornment ; 
deceit; fiction, ii. (J^). 

(HSy^) taswi'a-i, o^ fastci', re- 
proach, II. (y). 

j\yls fasijiir, walk ; journey ; mes- 
sage ; e'xpedition. 

"■T-i! — ' tasayyuh, neglect. 

jt—^ tasayyitr, conduct of life. 

5«->j tasi', ninth part. 

jrs«— • tasyih, weaving. 

csJjUu, iNP. vi. of {'^y^) ; 

^Uj fasdmii/i, inf. vi. of (g-u») ; 

y\-iJ tasdnu', mutal hatred. 




j«&Uo tas'dhtr, pi. of yti^ tasMr. 
gj^-fcS fasilyu', INF. V. of (5*a) ; 
professing the Shi'ite faith ; 

Ls--!-Aj' fasabbut='.i--t^ tasabbuSji^F. 
V. of (*i.-.A.). 

tasbir, INF. II. of (;<-*') ; pi. 
tasdbir, gesticulation, gesture. 

tasbih, INF. II. of (uilij-s.) ; 
net-work ; complication ; (m.) 
rheumatism in a horse's legs. 

6~i ^t .i tasbih, INF. II. of (<5-.^) ; pi. 
-at, comparison ; allegory ; meta- 
phor ; similitude ; anthropo- 

,_5~i>» tasatii, V. i«i^ tastiya-t, ii. 
of if^), passing the winter ; 

gjj!-^' tasajjw\ INF. V. of (c^) ; 

(j-ftj), IV. INF. itsith, pelt, shoot 
at (ace.) with (s-" bi); — & tusha-t, 
boldness in defending one's 
right ; covetousness ; anger ; 
perversitj- ; cowardice. 

(ja*^^' tasMs, INF. II. of (u=a!^) ; 
individualisation ; diagnosis ; 
taxation ; census. 

jkjjiAj tasdid, INF. II. of (-i^) ; 
violent pressure ; hardness, 
severity ; the sign _ and its 

w>JlAj' tasazzub, breaking into splin- 
ters, shivering to pieces. 

i_j^^' tasrah, drinking ; draught. 

^ySu ta.<arruf, honour, glory ; pride, 
II. (ui/.). 

jjyij" ta.srij, contraction, embroi- 
dering ; hem sewn with large 

j-ipj' tas'rih, INF. II. of (c/*) ; 
commentary ; dissection ; ana- 

i_njj.Aj tasr!f, INF. II. of (>-*;*<) ; 
His Grace (title) ; pi. -ut, tasdrif, 
honours, distinctions, ceremonies, 
robe of honour. 

j_jaj\ibj-ij' tasrifdtji, i_^^}^ tasr'i- 
fdtiyy, master of ceremonies. 
Grand Chamberlain. 

(Aj-Ajf tahin, October (J^\ uw tasrtn 

awwal) and November {^J^ uy 
tuhtn sdm). 
hj~> tasriya-t, drying (fruit, &c.) 
in the air. 

'-r-x^ tam"ub, INF. V. of (s-^«i«) ; 

ramification ; separation ; death. 
d>^i*J^ tas'is, suppression of one of 

the movable letters of a watad 

*ft*^' tasgiya-t, gonorrhoea. 
&so-ij tasfiya-t, advantage ; growth. 

J«ii-ij' taxqi', INF. II. of (jaa) ; pi. 

tasdqi', iusult, abuse. 
Ji-sj' tasahhul, inf. v. of (J^) ; 
beauty ; appearance ; represen- 
tation in painting, &c. 

isX^XSlJ tasklk, INF. II. of (cdi.) ; 

offence, scandal ; doubt ; sus- 

J«<^' taslcU, INF. II. of (J^) ; 
difficulty ; comjjlication ; — S , tin- 
liila-t, (m.) many-coloured nose- 

y--*Ai' tasmts, INF. II. of ((j-^*^) ; 
worship of the sun. 

gj-i" tamnnvj, inf. v. of (^~^) ; 

(;jj-ij' taianrmn, inf. v. of (y^) ; 
shrinking, shrivelling, getting 

g.;.iAj tasnij, cramp in the throat ; 
stiff neck, ii. (g-^). 

Lfj^i^ tasiiU, roasting, broiling. 

j\iAj tashdq, sigh ; whine. 

jigAj tasahhud, profession of the 
Mohametan faith. 

i_jg-4o tasaliM, passionate desire, 
II. (^^)- 

jyi3 tasawwud (^})-^ tasainvu:), 
culmination of the sun. 

jijj.ij' taswid (-iij-ij' ia.hvt:'), id. 

6.iyi^ taswiya-t, roasting, broiling. 

j^^ tasayyu', inf. v. of (^=') ; 
profession of Shi'isni. 

^j>\m tasdbi, childishness, v. (j*-"). 

t_ij\-=> tasddvf, unexpected occur- 
rence, sudden emergency ; acci- 
dent, chance. 

^jUj tafddi', pi. of J?.-^' tctfdi'. 

^.loj tasdrif, iijUa titfdrifa-t, sove- 
reign commands. 



'-Jij\^ iasdrif, pi. of i-^.ya tasrif. 
i_jUj tasilff, array in battle order. 
^ji'^ tasdfl, acting sincerely to- 
wards each other, vi. (y^). 
•-~jSUu tasillth, images of the cross. 
•-At'^' tasihi/f, pi. of ■-".'.'■■M tafniif. 
J^US' taadwul, fierce attack, vi. 


_jjjUij tasdwh; pi. of _;i^ taswir. 
p«-« tasbih, INF. II. of (j-!-«) ; 
morning draught ; breakfast. 

;«^ tashir, INF. II. of (/^^) ; ballast. 
f*a-a tash^h, inf. ii. of (^) ; cor- 
rection ; verification ; liquidation ; 
j_5A«M tasadi, setting to work, &c., 
V. (^^). 

^>i-a» tasdir, inf. ii. of (>■*-=) ; is- 
suing, publishing. 
^A^' tafd!', INF. II. of (gJ->) ; pi. 
tcifddi', head-ache; confusion. 

^.■^■a tasdiq, INF. II. of (j-^) ; 
receiving alms; — ^^ tasdiqiijy, 

wJj-aS tasarrvf, inf. v. of («.Jj«) ; 
control ; influence ; skill ; art ; 
domestic expenditure ; coition ; 
pi. -at, possessions ; behaviour ; 
relations; expenses; — i^ tasar- 
rufiyy, household expenditure. 

i_fljj^' tafi-if, INF. II. of (^70) ; pi. 
tasarif, inflection, declension, 
conjugation ; etymology. 

jU-ai' tas'dq, fainting-fit. 

J'x^ ta$a"nd, inf. v. of (•^^»*>) ; 
evaporation, sublimation (n.). 

jjX/oV tfisa'rur, globular form. 

usiH*^ titfa'Iid-, poverty. 

Ji««-sS fa>:'!d, INF. II. of (•^*") ; 
melting ; distillation, sublima- 
tion (a.). 

^-A-ai' tdfij^r, INF. II. of (/k^) ; 

i.~!La tasfiya-t, purification ; clear- 
ing ; straining the wine. 

ysH-^ tasqir, inf. ii. of (yi-=) ; hunt- 
ing with the falcon. 

■—1^ taftilhih, inf. v. of (s-^) ; 
hardness ; inflexibility. 

(jlai' tafcilliiq, labour <il' child- 
birth, colic, V. (iji-). 

■W-" taslib, INF. II. of (sr<l-=) ; 
hanging ; impaling ; sign of the 
i*U- tadiya-t, roasting ; singeing. 
^-*xw tasmim, inf. ii. of (^) 

firm resolution. 
i- n -j-'.-aV tasiiif, INF. II. of (i-a-5^) ; 
pi. tasduif, invention; literary 
composition, work, record. 
/^^^ iasnim, inf. ii. of (^«-^) ; 

^ya iasaivwur, inf. v. of (j>*) ; 
representation by image, &c. ; 
portrait ; picture ; conception, 
idea, imagination ; — (^ tasaw- 
iriiriyy, imaginary. 

»_*^«ai' tamwwuf, inf. v. of (i-»^) ; 
obscure mystical speech ; mysti- 
cism ; Sufiism ; contemplation ; 

s-o^' tasiv'ih, approval. 

o-o^-=>' fas 11: it, exclamation, resound- 
ing, echo. 

)if'' tafwh; inf. ii. of Q^) ; pi. 
tafdivir, representation, <fec.= 
j^' tasawwur. 

«.t— x» tasaijyut, renown, celebrity. 

oUi' tadddd, inf. VI. of (J-i) ; hos- 
tility ; contrast ; contradiction ; 
opposition ; absurdity. 

•^j^' taddrub, inf. vi. of (>_->/^) ; 
excitement, agitation. 

— ^^' tadd'if, pi. of <_a4*-i) tad'if. 

<-*^-a> taddff, throng, vi. (<-o-6). 

^U> iaddmum, accumulation. 

^as-i' tadahduh, modulation. 

iyia iadirra-t, iadurra-t, need, want. 

f-=j tud\ tudit, INF. of (j^j), give 
birth, produce, &c. 

'- ft; l'-V> tiid-if, pi. tadd'if, INF. II. of 

(i_a»i); reduplication; chemical 
adulteration ; lining clothes. 
Ji^' tadldl, misleading, seduction, 

II. (S^). 

JU- tiidaira, tnduim, false. 

y-»-5> tadammun, inf. v. of (y-*-^) ; 
contents; security, bail ; tenure 
as a farmer ; — (_s tadammioiiyy, 
elliptical ; understood (thouo-ht 
not expressed). 



'^**'=»' tadmid, dressing of a wound ; 
bandage, ligature. 

(:>«♦-» tadinin, inf. ii. of (y*^) ; 
inclosure; elliptical speech; pi. 
-at, damages, compensation ; 
farming out. 

hyi' tadwiya-t, lighting up, illu- 

e**^' iadijl', INF. II. of (5~i) ; loss, 

>-4ijUa tatdrif, pi. finger-tops. 

J;^!=» tatdwul, INF. VI. of (J^t) ; 
robbery, plunder, oppression. 

(J^ia tatbiq, INF. II. of (ijft) ; 
trying whether two things fit 
each other, as a seal and its 
impression, &c. 

^^' tatriya-t, freshening up ; re- 

J*^ tataffid, parasitism. 

is&s taffi'a-t, extinguishing (a.). 

;6^' tatahhur, inf. v. of (ji^) ; sancti- 

(y=>) tat a, V, INF. tatw, wrong a 
person, injure, tyrannise. 

i_»\^' tatwuf, titwdf, garment worn 
during the procession round the 

f^' tatawwu', supererogatory work, 
good action of free will. 

jy=» titwal, long rope, chain ; — 
tatawwul, INF. V. of (J^'=;. 

>—^^ tatwib, pi. -at, beatification ; 

Jjy=> tatwil, INF. II. of (Jjt) ; pro- 

JlSiJ tazallul, seeking the shade, v. 

g» ta', for JUi' ta'dla, let him be 
praised ! 

^ ta", V, INF. ta", 'i ta"a-t, be weak, 
languid ; vomit. 

ff\*j ta'dti', idle talk. 

't->*^^' ta'djib, wonders, marvels. 

j_gjU> ta'ddi, INF. VI. of {^■^) ; 
rugged places. 

JjU> ta'druf, mutual acquain- 
tance ;^ rule ; manner, method, 
Ti. (J/). 

^Uj ta'dsa-t, ruin, perdition. 

^t->«AUj ta'd^ih, herbs, shrubs. 

o*^' ta'dfi, recovery. 

s-^^' ta'dqub, inf. vi. of (s-«=) ; 
pursuit ; overtaking ; punish- 

•^^' ta'dqud, confederacy, alliance. 

JUs <a.'((Z, be praised ! come here ! 
come along ! imp. vi. of (,j^). 

J^«i' ta'dla, let him be praised ! 

-AJ^' ta'dUf, pi. of iiJUi- ta'Ufa-t. 

f*sJU>' ta'dJUn, pi. of ^s'*' ta'lhii. 

J^^' ta'dmul, management of busi- 

iJi'V*' ta'dniq, pi. of Jj-**' ta'niiq. 

•i>^^«V ta'dwi:, pi. of ■i?.j«> ta'wh. 

•iiiUv ta'dhud, inf. vi. of (•^3'') ; pi. 
-af, agreement ; alliance ; con- 

(>T->«J'') ta'i'fe. A, INF. ta'ab, be tired, 
fatigued ; toil ; lose one's la- 
bour ; — IV. INF. it'db, give 
trouble ; tire, vex, torment ; 
have overworked beasts ; fill ; 
break again a bone which had 
been healed. 

-r^«j'' ta'ab, tiredness, fatigue ; vex- 
ation ; hard work, toil ; — ta'ab, 
ta'ib, tired. 

(jW«i' ta'bdn, tired. 
;«j" ta'bir, inf. ii. of {jt^) ; ex- 
planation, interpretation ; deno- 
mination ; expression ; word. 

(jxxj) ta'ta', inf. S , stick (in the 
sand, &c.); get entangled, con- 
fused (in speech) ; shake (a.), 
push ; disquiet, confound ; (m.) 
talk idly, chatter ; — 11. inf. 
tata'tu', get confused (in speech). 

^*S ta'ta', pi. ta'dti', stammered 
words ; foolish or idle talk ; 
jti*j ta'sir, inf. ii. of (/c) ; misery. 
ijV^' ti'jdba-t, worker of miracles. 
>_J;i?Ju ta'ajruf, haste, precipita- 
^^«> ta'jiz, INF. II. of ( j^) ; im- 
portunity, molestation. 




j\ji«j ta'ddd, counting, reckoning, 

J.^«j' ta'addud, equipment. 
^A«> ta'addi, inf. v. of (^^c) ; trans- 
gression, excess ; — <h. ta'diya-t, 
INF. II. of i}'^) ; transitive 
meaning of a verb ; entrance. 
jj*j ta'azzur, inf. v. of {y^) ; diffi- 
culty ; impossibility. 
(;«>) to'ar, A, INF. ta'r, cry out, 

^ ta'ar, battle-cry. 
S/^ ia'arruj, declination, devia- 
y=;«' ta'arrud, inf. v. of {i^}^) ; 
meddling ; arbitrary inter- 
v^;* ta'rlh, INF. II. of (s-y^) ; 

speaking pure Arabic. 
(j4i;«i' ta'rid, INF. II. of (u";*^) ! 

blame, reproach, 
i-ijyu ta'rif, inf. ii. of (■-*/=) ; pi- 
-lit, ta'drif, instruction; descrip- 
tion ; tariff ; definition ; asser- 
tion ; guessing ; <.jjj*:J\ ^f 
harfu-'l-ta'rif, definite article ; — 
(^ ta'7-ifiyy, remarkable ; worthy 
of notice. 
Sj^ ta':uiva-t, patience. 
^Jy*J ta'azzi, inf. v. of ()j^, i^)*^) ; 
condoling ; — s ta'ziya-t, conso- 
lation ; mourning for the dead ; 
letter of condolence ; mimic 
representation of the death of 
Hasan and Husain. 
(y»,«j') ta'as, ta'is, a, inf. ta's, 
ta'as, perish; fall on one's face; 
ruin, cause to perish ; stumble 
and fall ; be dismissed, deposed ; 
be far ; — iv. inf. H'ds, ruin, 
cause to perish ; make miser- 
^J'M ta's, fall, ruin, overthrow ; 
misfortune, calamity ; — fa'is, 
perishing ; unhappy, miserable ; 
— 6 ta'sa-t, stumbling, falling. 
wi~ai' ta'assuf, tyranny, oppres- 
sion ; pervert the meaning of a 

ta'asxinn, INF. V. of ((•-^J^) ; 

(m.) hope ; interestedness, 

avidity. . , 

^Jiju ta'assi, taking an evening s 

meal ; supper, v. ( y^) ; ' 

fa'siya-t, invitation to supper. 
yi-iM ta'sir, INF. II. of Ijr^) ; 

division by ten ; decimating. 
{^JBJu) ta'is, A, INF. ta'as, feel pain 

in the sinews of the foot from 

w.-o« ta'assuh, inf. v. of (^r~=^) ; 

partiality ; bigotry ; fanaticism ; 

(m.) plot ; conspiracy. 
(jyuu ta'asrun, afternoon luncheon 

(m.)- ■ . ,. . . 

i~i«i' ta'diya-t, separation, division. 

-nlau ta'attuf, INF. V. of {>-i^) ; 
affection ; sympathy ; tender- 
ness, fondness. 
J=» ta'atti, INF. V. of (•^} ; de- 
mand for a present. 
J-lao' ta'fil, INF. II. of (J^) ; loss, 
damage ; (m.) interest (for a 
I>^ tn'azzum, inf. v. of 

false pomp. 
*-!=«» ia'z'im, inf. ii. of 

pomp, magnificence. 
yA«j' ta'affun, inf. v. of 

stench; putrefaction. 
yJaS ta'fir, INF. II. of (/e) ; (m.) 

^t«a*> ta'fiya-i, effacing, blotting 
out, extinguishing, &c., inf. ii. 
of (yu=). 
>-r»a«J ta'aqqiih, inf. v. of (s->6^) ; 
considering the issue or con- 
sequences ; punishment. 
Ja«> ta'aqqid, undei'standing ; fore- 
sight, prudence ; device, con- 
^^-ifi»^ ta'qib, INF. II. of (s-^) ; 

Juii«s ta'qUI, INP. II. of (>^c) ; diffi- 
culty ; obscurity. 
( J«i') ta'al, heat in the throat ; — s 
fa'illa-t, what draws off attention ; 
subterfuge, pretext. 
L.S*j ti'hima-t, great scholar; gene- 
0^' ta'alhiq, inf. v. of (ijl*) ; 




dependence ; attachment ; rela- 
tionship ; property ; (landed) 
estate ; dependants ; appurte- 
nance ; — S ta'alluqa-t, id. 

Jl" ta'allul, INF. V. of ( Jc) ; 
delay ; excuse ; subterfuge ; pre- 

^*1« ti'lima-t=&^'iM ti'ldma-t. 

\3<^ ta'liq, INF. II. of (tjic) ; 
Persian handwriting or cha- 
racter;— S ta'Uqa.t, pi. ta'dliq, 
marginal note, gloss; (m.) burn- 
ing tinder ; necklace. 

J<l«i' ta'lil, INF. II. of ( Jc) ; caus- 

^^ ta'Um, pi. -at, ta'dlim, inf. 
II. of (^) ; instruction ; mark- 
ing ; mark, sign ; catechism ; 
military drill ; copy-writing of 

■**«' ta'ammud, full consideration ; 
firm resolution, v. (J^*c), 

I***' ta'ammum, inf. v. of (^*c) ; 
(m.) great bulk. 

•Ji>*«i' ta'mid, INF. II. of (Ji*^) ; (m.) 

]<!**> ta'mir, inf. ii. of (;*^) ; 
emendation, restoration ; civi- 
lisation ; prosperity of the 

I*!.-**' ta'mim, inf. ii. of (^) ; 

"S**«» ta'miya-t, blinding ; blind- 
ness ; darkness ; obscure mean- 

u>JM> ta'annut, criticism ; fault- 
finding ; making difficulties, v. 


of;-^ tu'nuq, pi. ta'ihiiq, level 
ground, field. 

<-At!-^' ta'nif, INF. II. of ('-^•^ ; 
importunity, molestation ; re- 

(J'***'' ta'nin, inf. ii. of ((^) ; 
title, superscription ; impotence ; 
bridling a horse ; — 6 ta'nina-t, 

/^' ta'aukur, turbidness ; dis- 

•ii^' ia'wtz, INF. II. of (jy^) ; 

ta'wiz and i ta'wiza-t, talis- 

J>^" ta'wil, INF. II. of (J^e) ; cry 
for help; wailing; resolution; 

(ij*') ta'd, INF. ta'y, jump, run. 

t.r~s«j' ta'is, unhappy, miserable ; 

t>fl*' ta'ayyun, inf. v. of (1^-9=) ; 
pi. -at, essential qualities ; fixed 
salary ; office ; recruiting, levy. 

'^***' ta'yib, inf. ii. of (s-*^) ; 
blame, reproach ; putting to 
shame, exposure. 

y^«*i ta'yin, inf. ii. of (y-**) ; pi. 
-nt, fixed daily salary, ration. 

& 4* i'ig fill' sound produced by 

{ji^ tagabun, mutual deceit, fraud 
(tiJl |«jj yaumu-'t-tagdbun-i. Day 
of Judgment) ; irritability ; v. 

j«i' tagdrr, violently bleeding 
(adj.); — ii, foaming and run- 
ning straight onward (camel). 

•ijj^' tagdrtd, pi. of ^.f^ tagrid. 

^jUi' tagdriz, pi. oi /jis tagriz. 

jUi' tagazz, quarrel, vi. ()*=). 

^^' tagddi, inattention; neglect, 
VI. (^). 

j_j!U> tagdli, inf. vi. of (y^) ; dear- 
ness, scarcity, dearth. 

'T'i^ tagdyuh, absence. 

(s-^') tagih, a, inf. tagab, perish ; 
— IV. INF. itgdb, ruin. 

-,-Ju tagab, ruin ; want, dearth, 
famine ; vice ; — tagb, infamy, 
vice ; — * tagibba-t, false testi- 

(^j:Aj) tagtag, inf. » , deliver a 
speech in a confused and indis- 
tinct manner. 

i^JJu tagaddi, meal, breakfast, v. 

^^jdo tagazzt, taking food ; meal, 

V. (^^). 
(ykv) togffltr, A, fa.^ir, A, inf. tagardn, 

boil ; — INF. tiujilr, pour down ; 

make water (dog) ; burst and 

let out water or any fluid ; 

spirt ; fall abundantly (rain) ; 




— VII. INF. intiydr, rain heavily 

(cloud) ; — i tagirra-t, risk of 

life, staking one's life. 
t)\;*» tagardn, boiling (adj.) ; inf. 

of (/.-). 
(4;«» tugra, imperial signature 

(Pers.) ; — s tagriya-t, inf. ii. 

of ())^) ; adhesion. 
I*>]*S tagrim, inf. ii. of (cj^) ', 

enforced payment ; fine, mulct. 
(j~«> tags, small cloud. 
*«A*» tagsiya-t, inf. ii. of (j-^^) ; 

^fiiS tagdild, sweet kind of dates. 
^9^ tagtiya-t, covering, veiling, v. 

s-A*i' tagallub, inf. v. of (s-J^) ; 
victory ; superiority ; oppres- 

(j-l*! tagallus, misfortune ; evil ; 

J»l» taglil, inf. ii. of ( Jc) ; (m.) 

(^), IV. INF. itgdm, suffer from 

yoU*J tagmdd, falling asleep. 

;j^i«*» tagtntd, inf. ii. of ((j***^) ; 

;yu <Mg(;ir, INF. of (j*?). 

djyu tagwitja-f, seduction, deceit. 

{^) taga, a, inf. to^y, burst out 
laughing ; — perish ; — tig-an, 
loud laughter. 

^ tagayyur, inf. v. of (j^A) ; 
change, transformation, altera- 

(i_ai') tuff, pi. tifafa-t, dirt or 
parings of the nails ; — pi. 
atfaf, tufuf, what sticks between 
the teeth ; — tuff-in, fie ! 

(i-ij) taff, rr, inf. taff, spit (blood, 
&c.) ; — II. taffaf, inf. tatfiya-t, 
say fie ! 

Ui' tuff-an, fie ! 

,_dsi'Uu iafitf'tf, pi. of cJb^ai' ta/i!((/. 

j;W tuffdh, ii , apple ; apple-tree ; 
j_yi/»j\ ea tuffdh armaniyy, apri- 
cot ; tj-j^ «J tuff'd/t fdrisiyy, 
pear ; ,_5*>^ i^ tuffdh mdliiyy, 
orange ; ^j>. ui> tuffdh harriyy, 

medlar;— Aj tuffdhiyya-t, apple 
sauce ; fruiterer. 

gjjUJ tafdr'ij, pi. openings, inter- 

^^jjVfii- tafdriq, pi. of <3i/' te/rij- 

^-.U' tafdslr, pi. of ;«--*' te/sir. 

J^UiJ- tafdsil, pi. of J«-" to/s??. 

JiW tafddid, INF. VI. of (J-*) ; 
superiority; surplus; remainder; 

— O tafdduliyy, see ^5-^ <ow«a- 

JUj ia/riZ, spittle ; foam ; — tafa'ul, 
good omen, v. (JU). 

yW <i^((?i, proper time, nick of 

uy;U>' tafdwut, INF. VI. of i^f); 
also tafdivlt, tafdivat, interval of 
space or time ; difference, dis- 
crepancy ; want ; blame ; ab- 

JjUj tafd'ul, omen, vi. (J^). 

i_ilUj tafd'if, pi. dirt, offal, parings, 

k_*Usu taftdf, pi. -ihi, tafdttf, blabber, 
tell-tale ; go-between. 

fji> taftav=^'^ daftar, book, &c. 

(_3~i.^' taftisiyy, investigator, ex- 

(lisfij) fafis. A, INF. tafas, trim the 
nails, hair, beard (for the sake 
of the pilgrimage to Mecca) ; 
clean one's self. 

>^-~A» tafas, dirt and parings of the 
pilgrims to Mecca ; squalor ; — 
tafis, having one's hair and beard 

(/S) _ tafr, o^yii' tafrdn, dirty ; — 

■ tafar, bud; — iv. inf. itfdr, id. ; 

— i tifra-t, tufra-t, tafira-t, tn- 
fara-t, dimple between the nose 
and upper lip. 

i^\jio tifrdja-t, coward. 

^3^^ taffdq, separation. 

W;^ tifrijd', coward. 

^yu tifrija-t, pi. tafdrij, interval, 
interstice, chink ; pleasant sight, 
fine view ; coward. 

'Jj^' tafarrud, inf. v. of (J^i) ; ob- 
duracy ; restiveness, refractori- 
ness, insubordination ; rebel- 




iijiH tafriqa-t, separation ; diffu- 
sion ; distribution ; distinction ; 
dispersion ; discord. 

((i);*») tufrHq, pedicle of the date. 

l=8;i» tafrit, iNP. II. of (tji) ; excess ; 
too little ; exaggeration ; (m.) 

(35;4» tafrtq, inf. ii. of (j;i) ; pi. 
tafdriq, division, distribution ; 
department; distinction; schism; 
subtraction ; suspicion ; jea- 

hj^ tafriya-t, cutting into pieces, 
II. ((4;*) ; — lining with f ui', see 

g~-4» ta/assuh, inf. v. of (c— *) j 
spaciousness ; commodiousness ; 
recreation in the open air ; dis- 

»;-~6i' tafsira-t, diagnosis from the 
urine ; symptom ; prescription. 

;«—"» tafsir, INF. II. of (.r**^) ; pi- 
tafdsir, commentary ; paraphrase ; 

(j-*>'' tafasii, i tafsiya-t, spreading 
of a contageous disease. 

•V««' tafstd, INF. II. of (xai) ; in- 
cision; groove. 

J**a» tafsil, INF. II. of (|_H) ; pi. 
tafdsil, division into chapters ; 
analysis ; detail, narrating in 
detail ; inventory ; explicitness ; 
sketch, plan of a building ; cut 
of a dress; pi. -dt, details; — » 
tafsila-t, pi. tafdfil, piece of cloth 
cut off for a dress. 

J^-ii' tafdil, INF. II. of ( J^) ; 
uM f^\ ism tafdil, comparative 
and superlative. 

*!j-ii» tafdiya-t, emptying, ii. (^j^). 

Ai.WiV taftina-t, memorandum-book. 

i^ tifafa-t, pi. of >-^ tuff. 

Jk«A» tafaqqud, inf. v. of (■^) ; 
inquiries after an absent person. 

gfliS tafaqqu', bursting (n.). 

&£ai>' tafqi'a-t, inf. ii. of (Ui) ; (m.) 

(jis) tafal, u, I, INF. tajl, spit 
out ; — tafil, A, INF. tafal, smell 
badly ; — iv. inp. itfdl, cause to 
smell Isadly. 

J^ tafal, bad smell, stench ; — 
taJiJ, i, having a foul breath; 
— tiifl, thin spittle ; saliva ; 
foam ; — tuffal, fox ; whelp of a 
fox ; — 6 tafala-t, foul breath. 

yUUi' tuflddn, spittoon. 

C*^' taph, INF. II. of (jJJ) ; agri- 

'^^ tafliya-t, hunting for lice or 

(^ tafan, dirt. 

>'^^^Jo tufanh, 'i ttifanka-t, gun, 
musket (Pers.). 

ijsf^-^ tu/anhji, pi. tufanlfiyya-t, 

t>4-^' tafnhi, INF. II. of (i^) ; 
invention ; inequality in the 
thread of cloth ; mixture. 

(<"») tafih, A, INF. tafdh, tufi'ih, be 
in small number or quantity 
and worthless ; — inf. tufilh, 
grow stupid, become a fool ; — 
tafih, tafah, inf. tafh, tufVih, 
emaciate (n.), grow thin, de- 
crease ; — INF. tafh, be insipid, 

'^ tafih, i , tasteless, insipid ; — 
tufah, lynx. 

\£>^ tafawivut, INF. V. of («y^) ; 
exceeding; going beyond. 

t-«^' tufuf, pi. of <-aJ' titff, impure 
matter between the teeth. 

v3^ tafawwuq, inf. v. of (jy) ; 
superiority ; pre-eminence. 

Jjij tafa"ul, tafawiuul, prediction, 

(^fo tafawwun, abundance, pro- 

•-Ai^ tafiDiJ, printing on stuffs ; 
striping white. 

^» tafayyud, inf. v. of (>VJ) ; 
advantage, profit. 

&£«" tafyi'a-t, proper time ; imme- 
diately after ; casting a shadow, 
shadow ; ii. (ty). 

Jft£a>' tafil, prediction, ii. (JU. 

\B tiqd', fear; — « taqd-t, piety; 
fear of God. 

JjV» taqdtul, inf. vi. of (J") ; fight, 
combat ; murder. 



^jU> taqddim, pi. of i^sB taqdi- 

^jUJ taqndir, pi. of ;>Jka»' taqdir. 
jVii) taqdrr, standing firm, vi. (y). 
Jiji^S> taqdrus, dint of battle. 
}>.j^ taqdrir, pi. of ^jyii' taqrir. 
CJj^" taqdzik, spices ; herbs for 

ij»^' taqdfs, mutual requital or 

assistance, vi. {ij^). 
j*"^ taqdsir, pi. of ;W' taqsiir and 

j«'«S»' taqsir. 
^^a> taqddd, ^ji^S iaqddi, money 

claim, dunning, pressing for 

payment ; want, need ; vi. 

^^ taqdtiA', intersection ; vi. 

^^ taqdt!', pi. of 5-^^ taqti'. 

•icW taqd'ud, inf. vi. of (•!**) ; 
retirement from active service 
with a pension. 

'T^^ taqdllb, pi. of s-yJ^ taqlib. 

•^^ taqdlid, pi. of ■^-J«» taqlid. 

/•^ taqdmur, INF. VI. of C^**) ; 
game of chance ; bet. 

A*^ taqdna-t, completion. 

•Jj^ taqdwtid, guidance. 

*^^' taqdmuh, inf. vi. of (»y) ; 
watchword ; parole. 

i)^ taqdwa-t, piety. 

ij)^B> taqdwi, INF. VI. of (^^y) ; 
advance for seed to a farmer. 

I*i}^ taqdivtm, pi. of f^.j^ taqwhn. 

,_s?.^ taqdyt, vomiting, vi. (W*). 

JUsj taqtdl, killing ; murder. 

ii^~a> faj^ii, INF. II. of {'^>^) ; tale- 
bearing ; slander. 

j^ taqtir, inf. ii. of (jxi) ; ava- 
rice ; niggardliness. 

j«AiiJ taqaddmn, inf. vi. of ((••i*) ; 
pi. -at, pre-eminence ; priority ; 
premise; — * taqdima-f, pi. taqd- 
dim, present ; dedication ; pre- 
mise, proposition of a syllogism ; 

Sjm' taqda-t, tlqda-t, coriander ; 

yjju taqdir, inf. II. of (_)JJ>) ; pi, 

-dt, taqddir, predestination, fate ; 
hypothesis, case ; measuring ; 

evaluation ; virtual (implicit) 
meaning ; — ^J taqdiriyy, virtual, 
imjjlicit ; decreed by fate ; sup- 

(/») taqir, spice ; herb for sea- 
soning ; greens ; — » taqira-t, 
cumin ; — taqirra-t-=^fi taqrdr. 

)^f> taqrdr, firmness. 

(jjai') tiqrid, greens ; cumin. 

}^ taqarru', study of the Holy 
Scriptures ; intelligence ; v. 

-r^l]'> taqrib, inf. ii. of (vj*) ; 
present ; approximation ; pro- 
bability ; pretext ; — taqrib-an, 
bi-'t-taqrib, approximately; — (j 
taqribiyy, approximate ; pre- 
sumable, probable.^ 

j>.^ taqrir, inf. ii. of (/) ; pi. 
togitriV, official report ; diploma; 
notice, memorandum ; narrative ; 
pleasure ; — (^ taqririyy, justifi- 
cative ; vouching. 

ij^f' taqrid, inf. II. of 
approbatory criticism. 

hj^ taqriz, eulogy on 


person, 11. (tji) 

taqshn, inf. ii. of 
division ; land census ; land-tax- 
roll ; conjuration ; — ^ taqslmiyy, 

s-^<-*>5' taqsib, inf. ii. of (s—Sij) ; 
scratch on the skin. 

W-*^ taqxit, robbing (m.). 

jUii> tiqsdr, » tiqsdra-t, pi. taqdsir, 
a short collar, 

■*-!-"» taqsiba-t, i-t^^ taqsiha-t, pi. 
■df, plaited lock of hair. 

j*-^ taqsir, inf. ii. of (j^); pi, 
taqdsir, abbreviation ; defect 
fault ; negligence, neglect 
stigma ; pi. -dt, faults. 

*«-^ taqsiya-t, paring the nails 
cropping the ears. 

h-^ taqdiya-t, inf. ii. of (jj-U) 
decree of Grod ; sufficiency. 

;i^ taqtir, inf. ii. of (>») ; dia- 
betes ; gonorrhoea. 

C«^' '("/f'S inf. II. of (c^) ; pi. 
taqdt i\ draft; stature; feature; 
colic ; cesura of a verse. 




«-AJ=«» taqtif, sifting of flour ; 
gathering grapes. 

(C") taqa', hunger ; — taqi', violent 

^J^ taqaffi, rhyming (m.). 

s-^B' taqlib, inf. it. of (^i) ; pi. 
taqdlib, rotations, revolutions. 

A^jUs taqlid, INF. II. of (jJi) ; pi. 
taqdlid, taqiUlddt, imitation ; 
spectacle, theatrical representa- 
tion ; investiture, diploma of 
such ; at-taqliddt, oral traditions 
(m.) ; — ^ taqlidiyy, imitated. 

J«l^' taqlil, INF. II. of (Ji) ; scarce- 

(»«*» taqamqtim, murmuring. 

((^25) tiqn, 'i tiqna-t, nature, natural 
disposition; — tiqn, skilful; mire; 
— hence li. taqqan, inf. tatqin, 
irrigate with mii-j water ; — ii. 
and IV. INF. itqdn, arrange skil- 
fully ; build solidly ; make fast, 
fortify ; improve. 

yji» taqannu', v. ASaSj taqiii'a-t, ii. 
of (Ci) ; crimson ; colouring red ; 
dying the beard. 

\^' taqwd, piety, fear of God ; — 
tuqawd', pi. of ^J" taqiyy. 

'^'\f!> taqivdd, leading, driving. 

ii\jS> tiqwdla-t, talkative. 

cyff taqawwuh, suppuration. 

iiyu tiqwila-t, talkative. 

j^^o» taqwa, piety ; fear of Grod ; 
abstemiousness ; — S faqwiya-f, 
strengthening ; encouraging. 

^JS' taqa, for t^\ ittaqa, viil. of 
(<j*^)i ^^^- <^ tuq-an, tiqd', 
taqiyya-t, fear, fear God ; — 
taqiyy, pi. tuqawd', atqiyd', 
pious. God-fearing ; — 5 taqiy- 
ya-t, piety ; fear ; caution, pru- 

<-4*sa» taqytf, inf. ii. of (>-^) ; 
criticism ; (m.) libel. 

jt/" taqayyu', ,_^ taqayyi, vomit- 

jTss" taqyih, making purulent ; ii. 

taqyid, inf. ii. of (^) ; A*<>ii> 
^liic taqyid 'aqliyy, mental reser- 


INP. VI. of (^) ; 

bi-'t-taJcdsur, fre- 

*£«»■ taqyi'a-t, causing to vomit, ii. 

(c£i«) tahh, I, INP. tiihiih, be stupid, 
absent-minded ; — u, inp. taltk, 
takka-t, cut ; tread under the 
feet, crush by stamping ; ine- 
briate ; — X. INF. istitkdk, tie 
up the trowserswith the tikka-t; 
— _S tikka-t, pi. tikak, string for 
tying up the trowsers, belt. 

(^'), IV. INF. itkd', cause to lean 
upon ; throw down ; pierce with 
the sword; — viii. inf. ittikd', 
lean upon or against (^ 'ala) ; 
— » tuka'a-t, support, back of a 
chair, &c. ; cushion ; stick ; one- 

2»^" takdtu', inf. VI. of 

^\ij takdsur, 
frequency ; 

i^j^ takdri, hiring, renting, farm- 

ybj takdfu', equality, vi. (US'). 

u5)^' takdk, pi. of ci!^ tdkk, stupid, 
foolish, &c. 

i^\&> takdkim-t, pi. of ^5^^' tak- 

ȣ)^ takkdk, maker of the string 
4^' tikka-t. 

.-aJ^- takdUf, pi. of cjiJii- takl!/. 

VjV^> takdyu, pi. of i^Ss takya-t. 

^<j\jt^ takbirdniyya-t, summit of 
greatness, or glory. 

firfii takbir, inf. ri. of {yti) ; 
praise ; pronouncing the words 
pi\ 6^\ alldh akhar ; magnifying 

(cdi^-) taktak, inp. 6=(uiX5). 

1*^ tuktam, the well Zemzem. 

;J>^ takaddur, inf. v. of (j-*^) ; 
dregs, sediment. 

^jkio takdir, inf. ii. of (j-*^); blame, 

wj\.i^' tiki::dh, liar. 

^j£j toA;r((r,«repetition ; tautology ; 
objection ; dispute, quarrel ; 
purification ; refining. 

l^Si takrima-t, cushion of honour. 

^^yS5 takkariyy, tukJcariyy, pi. takd- 




kira-t, leader, general ; — taharri, 
sleeping, sleep, v. (^/). 

)i^ tah-tr, INP. II. of {^) ; revi- 
sion ; reply. 

(j^j^ tahris, inf. ii. of (i^/) ; 
pi. fakrisiit, dedication. 

*-^^' takris'a-t, surfeited stomach ; 

/♦>/j takrhn, inf. ii. of (|«/) ; pi. 
-I'd, honour, cushion of honour. 

ji-^ tahsir, inf. ii. of {y~^) ; 
fraction (of numbers) ; approxi- 
mate measuring ; >^\ j*^ jam- 
'u-'t-taksir-i, broken plural. 

(lt-^) tikx, old hawk. 

._ ft ,j.i-.^' tak^tf, inf. of (>-SliS) ; un- 
covering, &c. ; apocalypse. 

•—-x^ taka"ub, cubic form, cube. 

4««^' tak'iba-t, trellis- work (m.). 

j}B^ takfitr, Greek Emperor. 

pfi^ takfir, inf. ii. of (^) ; 
covering, &c. ; atonement. 

uiiSi' tikak, pi. of ii^ tikka-t ; — 
takak, iakaka-i, jjl. of >^^ ti'ikk, 
foolish, &c. 

(J^) tokil, A, taknl, inf. hikhhi, 
from JSi'\ ittakal, viii. (Jfj), 
rely upon (^J^^ 'ala) ; — x. inf. 
istifkdl, consider skilful, reli- 
able ; — 4 fiikla-t, trust in God; 
— iakala-t, who relies or is 
obliged to rely on others ; (m.) 
trustworthy ; skilful, experi- 
enced, proved. 

fA^ takhhn, iakhhnm and i , elo- 
quent, talkative ; — tikillam, 

y!^Si' iakahhi, who relies upon 
others ; — ttikhhi, trust in God. 

>-flK> iakalliif, inf. v. of (<-4l^) ; 
taking trouble, Ac. ; exjiendi- 
ture ; ceremonies, compliments; 
affectation; — » faklifd-t, toil- 
some work. 

1^ takalhnn, inf. v. of (^) ; 
talking, &e. ; speech, language ; 

i_aJ>Sj iaklif, INF. II. of (>-alS ) ; 

imposing ti'ouble, &c. ; pi. iaM- 
I'tf, trouble, vexation ; (m.) im- 

posts, taxes ; proposal, motion ; 

ceremonies, compliments, 
^.fjio takamhiis, motley crowd. 
^_^.iSj' takaiini, v. h^ , H- of (^) ; 

giving a nickname ; using meta- 

phoric language. 
1^.^ takirii), INF. II. of (t)^) ; 

causing to be, &c. ; book of 

i>j^' takiriija-t, cauterisation; (m.) 

ironing of linen, ii. (o^)- 
(_5io fakkiyy, maker of the string 

iSJ tikka-t ; — ' takya-t, pi. 

takihjil, asylum ; convent 

(J>') tall, V, INF. tall, throw one 

down on his neck, cheek or 

forehead ; throw into difficulties; 

throw or push a thing into one's 

hand ; — u, i, humble one's self, 

fawn ; fall down ; pour out ; 

drop with perspiration ; let 

down ; (m.) take by the hand ; 

lead a beast of burden ; — iii. 

INF. miitnlla-t, seek a stallion 

to cover one's mare ; — iv. inf. 

ithU, render fluid ; tie up and 

lead a horse. 
Ji' fall, pi. tiliil, tuh'd, small hill ; 

sand-hill ; pi. atlal, pillow ; a 

garment; — i talla-t, drinking- 

vessel of palm-leaves ; — tilla-t, 

laziness ; reclining posture ; 

state, condition ; humidity. 
'^ tahi, see (^) ; — tali', compact ; 

protection ; share, lot ; — tallo, 

(public) reader of the Koran. 
"W^' tula'biba-t, well-managed 

«j!^' tahlt, (m.) for ^% mlh, 

>-^"5\' tahUiif. ^f% taldti'if, dirty, 

squalid ; sordid ; detested ; tu- 
mult, quarrel. 
JiS^- tahltn, pi. of JJj- taltal and 

J^' talil; — tiilutil, strous: and 

^^%> taldthi, (m.) for ^^U sahUiii, 

thirty ; Eussian leather (Turk.). 
^3^% taldhuq, following succes- 

sively, succession. 



•Ji>' tildd, hereditary property, heir- 
loom ; — ^ tilndiyy, hereditary, 
inherited, domestic. 

ij^!^ taldsi; iNr. VI. of {y^) ; 
getting destroyed, &c. ; utter 
perplexity, bewilderment. 

t^ tild', pi. of i«l>- ial'a-t; — i 
tald'a-t, length of the neck. 

-Jlto talldf, who spoils everything ; 
bungler ; — (j taldfl, recovering 
from a loss ; amendment, vi. 

<-a*il^' taldfif, densely-grown grass, 
lilb' taldq-in, ,^!to' taldqi, inf. vi. 

of (i^), meeting ; ^=.J\ ^^ 

yaumu-'t-taliqi, Day of Judg- 
^li» taldla-t, error, 
yiij' taldlu', glimmering, flashing, 

II. (B). 
u~«31te taldlis, pi. of (j~sli' /i7??s. 
SJ.»Si' taldmiza-t, i~^% tahhnlz, 

pupils, disciples, pi. of J^-Jj' 

j^lfe' taldmth, pi. of £p»*lj' talmih. 
ge^I^' taldmi', pi. of J**!* talmi\ 
y!i> taldn, now, at present. 
^_s*!^» taldlii, sporting, toying, 

Sj!to tildwa-t, reading, rehearsal, 

praying ; lecture ; recital, inp. 

of (^) ! — tiddwa-t, balance (of 

an account) ; rest. 
i^^ taldun, consent, agreement. 
(4-1j) taldb, damage, loss ; — 

hence itla'abb, inf. iili'bdb, be 

well managed (business) ; be 

(placed) upright ; be straight 

and level (road) ; lift up the 

neck and head. 
u-^ talbis, inf. ii. of (u~»3) ; 

decking, dressing, &c. ; mixture; 

lie, deceit; impostor, knave ; 

investiture ; incognito. 
i^t^ talbina-t, soup of bran, milk 

and honey. 
(Jjil;) taltal, inf. » , move, shake 

(a. and n.) ; walk fast and with 
violent movements ; urge on 
with violence. 
Jjilf taltal, hard trot ; pi. taldtil. 

harshness ; calamity ; drinking- 
vessel of palm-leaves. 

^ tulaj, eaglet. 

(e''')i i'^- atlaj, INF. itldj, cause to 
enter, put into, insert. 

42^' falji'a-t, compulsion ; vio- 
lence, II. (^j*J). 

y-aJj' talhin, inf. ii. of (;^a»!) ; 
pronouncing badly, modulating, 
&c. ; psalmody. 

ij=fS&li' talhh, INF. II. of ((jasiJ), 

cleaning, extracting the purest 
part, &c. ; quintessence ; ab- 
stract, report of a minister ; 
publication ; explanation. 

(>ilj') talad, u, I, INF. tulud, be 
inherited, hereditary ; — v, inf. 
itiMd, also talid, a, inf. talad, 
remain, to stay in a place (new 
comer) ; — ii. inf. tatlid, grasp 
with avidity and prevent others 
getting ; — IV. INF. itldd, possess 
or succeed to hereditary pro- 
perty ; accumulate property to 
the inherited one. 

•»!>■ talad, born in a foreign country 
but brought as a child to Mus- 
lims ; — talad, tald, tuld, born 
in the house ; hereditary pro- 
perty ; — tuld, eaglet. 

g^.ilj ialddg, stinging, sting, ii. 

tj«-l» tulsiyy, sweet basil. 

SaUi' talattut, denying a debt, v. 

jU; tilti', toothless (camel). 

(^■) tala'. A, iNP. tal', rise ; 
spread ; stretch forth the head ; 
— tali', A, INF. tala', be full ; — 
faW, talu', INF. tala', be long, 
have a long neck; — iv. inf. 
itld', stretch forth the head ; 
stretch the neck ; — vr. inf. 
tatdlu', stretch the neck and 
raise the head in walking. 

^li- tal', hill ; — tala', length of the 
neck ; — tali', who looks much 
about or round ; full ; — s tal'a-t 
pi. tild', tala'dt, mountain-slope 
with currents ; torrent ; river- 




head; ^_s'*^ J*-* sail-i( tal'ati, 
my own relations ; (m.) hill, 

v_jUlj- tal\'(b, play ; taViib, til'db, 
tiW'ab, i tili"dha-t, too much 
given to playing and sporting. 

(j^}*^ talau'us, chewing. 

I — -«lJ til'ib, 6 = s-'^' tal'db, ' . 

(cjli) talif, A, INF. talaf, perish ; 
— IV. INF. itldf, ruin, make dis- 
appear; render destructive or 
recognise anything to be so ; — 
VII. INF. intildf, perish. 

<-ali' talaf, ruin, perdition ; loss ; 
dissipation ; talaf-an, unavenged 
(blood) ; — taUf, jierishing. 

jVnl; tilfdq, two pieces of cloth or 
dresses sewn together. 

yUU talfdn, on the point of dying ; 
worn out by use. 

!iiAlJ talaffuz, pronunciation, v. 

ci-«o!j talfit, turning one's head 
towards another, ii. (o.-aJ). 

lijilj talfiz, pronouncing, ii. (^). 

i3«ils talfiq, INF. II. of (t3«5), 
sewing together, &c. ; fabrica- 
tion, falsification ; (m.) medley, 
ragout ; calumny ; — » talfiqa-t, 
collection ; miscellany (tales, 
sayings, &c.). 

^' tilqd', meeting, encounter; side; 
vis-a-vis ; on the part of ; to- 

gVal; tiliqqd', i tiliqqd'a-t, talker. 

Jsis tilqihn, i tilqdma-t, who swal- 
lows large morsels. 

;;)-iilj' falqhl, INF. II. of ((J-SS), 

instructing, &c. ; addressing 
the dead ; (m.) insinuation, 
innuendo, tale-bearing, goading 
up against ; dictation. 

ciUs tillca, f. of udSU zdliJi, that 

Jli talal, humiditv ; — tulul, pi. of 

J-U tain. 

^15 talain, pi. uih'tm, furrow ; cleft ; 

— hence u.tallam, inf. tatllm, 

[[^furrow ; — tilm, pi. tildm, lad, 

youth, servant ; ploughman ; gold- 
smith; windpipe; bellows. 
cUls talmdh, flashing, shining, n. 

tUii- illlmmd:, fickle; f. »; talka- 
tive ; a boisterous woman, 
(j^) talmaz, inf. &, be a pupil 
to (J Ii) ; (m.) teach ; have for 
a pupil; — II. INF. tatahmiz, be 
a pupil, disciple, 
g^- talm'ih, INF. II. of (c^), 
speaking obscurely ; allusion ; 
pi. taUmih, features which re- 
mind of the father. 
Js^ tilmh, pi. taVnn'iz, taldmiza-t, 
icddm-in, talhni, pupil, disciple; 
student; (m.) confessor (who 
goes to confession). 
g**li' talmi', INF. II. of (5*^), 
glittering, &c. ; pi. taldmi', 
glitter of arms, flashing of 
swords ; blight stripes. 
ijdi' ialunna-t, iulunna-t, delay ; 

(iJjj) talih, A. INF. talah, perish ; 

be sad, perplexed ; forget. 
iJi' talah, ruin, perdition; con- 
fusion, perplexity. 
A-glJ talhiya-t, diversion, unbending 

the mind, amusement ; toy. 
{^) tald, u, tala, i, inf. tiiluu-w, 
follow, walk behind another ; 
abanduu, leave in the lurch ; 
despise; — inf. iilUva-t, read; 
recite ; meditate ; — inf. talir, 
buy (the foal of) a mule ; — 
tall, A, inf. ^ til-an, remain, 
rest ; — 11. inf. tatliya-t, follow ; 
press for payment, dun ; follow up 
the prayers prescribed by others ; 
redeem one's vow ; lie in agony ; 
— III. INF. mutdllt, follow; ac- 
company (in music) ; — iv. inf. 
itld', cause one to follow an- 
other ; press by the bailifE for 
payment ; overtake ; entrust 
with {^_^ 'ala), commission ; 
leave the remainder of a debt 
outstanding ; give, bestow on ; 
grant protection ; hand an 
arrow as a sign of protection ; 




be followed by her foals (camel, 
&c.) ; — V. INF. tatalli, follow 
unceasingly ; press by the 
bailiff ; — VI. INF. tatnli, follow 
each other in uninterrupted 
succession ; — x. inf. istitkV, 
desire one to follow, to espouse 
a cause ; lead ; continue. 

•^ Jilw, pi. ath1.\ following (adj.); 
» tilwa-t, foal ; summer-lambs ; 
a goat above four months old ; 
trace; sublime, noble ; — taJaww, 
who follows continually ; — tu- 
luww, INF. of (^') ; — 6 tilwa-t, 
remainder of a debt. 

•i^*^' talwdz, seeking refuge. 

^^ talawiuut, sodomy. 

g^' tulil', day-break. 

J^ talul, lazy, restive (camel). 

(j^ tuli'in, i tuluna-t, delay ; neces- 

8^' talawwuh, glitter, glimmer. 

(j^ tala wwa, small ship ; — tala wivt, 
INF. V. of ((^y), getting twisted, 
&C. ; — i tahriya-f, bending, 
folding, II. (^y). 

gS^ talwij, INF. II. of (s^5), turning 
aside, &c. ; bend of the road. 

eijli' talwih, pi. iahhiuh, inf. ii. of 
(c^), causing to flash, &c. ; 
metonymy ; pi. fruit which 
begins to ripen. 

^J^ tala, remainder of the month ; 

— tily, who swears much ; rich ; 

— talla, pi. of JjlJ talil; — tulla, 
slaughtered sheep; — ii taliyya-t, 
remainder of a debt ; remainder, 

•i«l» talid='^ talad, hereditary, 

(u^) tillis, 6 tillisa-t, pi. taldlts, 

testicle ; little basket made of 

gslj tali', long-necked ; long, tall. 
^fl«l» taUfa-t, anything lost or 

J«lj' tain, pi. talla, thrown down, 

prostrate ; pi. atilla-t, tulul, 

taldtil, neck. 
(^') tamm, i, inf. tamm, timni, 

tumm, tamdm, timdm, tumdm, 

tattiama-t, timdma-t, be com- 
plete, whole, perfect ; complete, 
finish (s-> hi or ^ 'ala) ; go to 
(^\ ila) ; — II. INF. tatmlm, 
tatimma-t, improve, make per- 
fect ; be complete ; finish off 
(a wounded man) ; annihilate, 
ruin ; give to anyone his gain 
in the game of arrows ; belong 
to or side with the tribe of 
Tamim ; suspend a talisman 
round one's neck ; — iii. inf. 
mutamamat, vie with another in 
completing a thing ; — iv. inf. 
itindm, complete, finish; improve, 
make perfect ; be on the point 
of giving birth ; be in full 
growth ; be full (moon) ; obtain 
one's wish ; give the axe ^ timm 
-to anyone; go to; — v. inf. 
tatammum, be complete (frac- 
ture) ; walk with a broken leg 
until the fracture is complete ; 

— VI. INF. tatdmm, come in full 
numbers, reach the full number ; 

— X. INF. istHmdni, wish for, 
demand or bring about the 
completion of a thing ; ask for 
anything necessary to the com- 
pletion of a work ; ask for the 
axe ^' timm. 

1^ tamm, timm, tumm, completion; 
end, finish ; a kind of goose ; 
1^ li-timm-in, mature ; — timm, 
axe, hatchet ; anything complete; 

— tiimm, mouth (m.) ; — i tam- 
ma-t, talisman of camel-hair ; — 
timma-t, tumma-t, pi. tumain, 
the same ; — tumma-t, gift, 

t>4»^ tamdtin, pi. of u^^^w timtdn. 

jW^'Ui' tamdsil, pi. of J*-^ timsdl. 

jW tammdr, seller of dates. 

jujUi' tamdrtd, pi. of J^;*> timrdd. 

,_j-.Uj', inf. vi. of (t^~^), 
being cut ; gangrene. 

j^«,Uj tamdsih, pi. of c^ — *^ timsnk. 

\aUj tamdsd, pleasure-walk, prome- 
nade ; sight, spectacle ; amuse- 

^U> tamdm, timdm, completed ; 



perfect ; whole, entire ; full 
(moon) ; completion, end ; — 
iamnii'i'm, troop, crowd ; ■ — ' 
tamdma-t, completion ; end ; — 
tumdma-i, remainder, rest ; — i^ 
tamdmi, complete, entire ; i— >^ — =^ 
,_5Li.W J ,_3-U> Msdb tamdmi loa 
tafdduli, integral and differential 
calculus •j^tviwitniyy, the longest 
^ (night). 

^jU> famd'iiii, pi. of ^ * .• . ♦> icmii- 

(•b^w tamtdm, stammerer; — ' tain- 
tdma-t, stammering. 

yb*» timfdii, pi. tamdthi, tent- 

(l*^^) tamtam, inf. ii , pronounce 
badly the uw and f> ; speak with 
an impediment. 

i-:^ tamattuh, error ; v. (*^^)- 

(;>~w tamthi, pi. tamdt'ni, tent- 

JU»j tamsdl, comparison, resem- 
blance; — timfdl, pi. tamds'd, 
resemblance ; image, likeness, 

Jii*> tams'il, INF. II. of (J^), 
representing by an image, &c. ; 
making an example of ; pi. -at, 
example ; allegory. 

J'-fi!*' fumjid, INF. II. of (•^■^^), 
praising, &c. ; eulogy ; hymn. 

&-*;♦> tamhiya-t, erasing, blotting 

jjA*j tamaddun, inf. v. of (o-^), 
uniting in civic society, &c. ; 
polite manners ; civilisation, 

j*> tamr, », pi. tumnr, tumrdn, 
full ripe date; ^^•ajj* j*j tamr 
hindiyy, tamarind ; — hence : 
tanuir, u, inf. fanir, feed with 
dates; — II. inf. tatiiiir, enter 
the last stage of ripening ; bear 
ripe or ripening dates ; feed 
with dates ; dry, make drv 
(fruit); mince iiiul dry meat; 
■ — IV. INF. itntdr, abound in 
dates ; enter the last stage of 
ripening ; bear dates ; Iced 

with dates; — * tamara-t, knot 
in a whip. 

S\y>j t'lmrdd, pi. tamo rid, dove-cot ; 
bird's-nest; — tamrdd, inf. ii. 
of (o^), building high. 

(j^jM tumrdn, pi. of ^ tamr. 

^^j^' tamarrudiyy, refractory, re- 

(jj*2) tamariz, fuiiuiiariz, dwarfish. 

^J>J*i tarn Ilia mid, weakness, insuf- 

^j*.> tainriyy, fond of dates. 

ijij;*> tamris, a little rain. 

jjj.*> famrhj, inf. ii. of {tj") 
anointing, smearing. 

i?j*i' taniziya-t,}i\gh. praise, eulogy 
II. (^y). 

^\ — tj tniisd/i (g — ►> tiinsah), pi. 
tamds'ih, crocodile ; liar ; ma- 
licious ; — tamsi'ih, lie. 

;ci~*i' tamasMir, jest ; masque- 

1^1 — w tamassuh, inf. v. of (uii — *), 
seizing, &c. ; attachment ; pi. 
-dt, written obligation ; note of 
hand, bond, bonus ; receipt. 

^ar: — w tamslhd, a prayer. 

A-— *> taiiisiya-t, wishing good 
evening, ii. (j — *). 

(lt-") taiiiax, u, INF. tainx, gather, 

bi-w tlrmid', walk, gait; step. 

tii-i~*» tumsal-, sandal of Bagdad. 
tamsiq, dying red. 
tamsiya-t, causing to walk ; 
putting into motion ; purging ; 
giving the preference ; ii. 

jj=*» tamatti, stretching one's self 
and yawning, ii. (y=^). 

o^,Ka»j tamqit, hatred. 

(ud*5) tamak, u, i, inf. tamk, 
tumiik, be long and high, juicy 
and firm (hump) of a camel) ; 
— IV. INF. itmdk, fatten. 

y.i*' tamaklcnii, inf. v. of (y^)j 
having authority and influence, 
<fcc. ; power, wealth ; taking up 
an abode ; settling in a place. 

(;>e^*j taiiiklii, INF. II. of (j^jX.*), 
giving authority, &c. ; making 




possible ; investiture ; declen- 

j!i^ tamldq, fiiiiUldq, declaration 
of love, caressing, fondling. 

(^%tj thnldn, pi. of *<Uj' tandiya-t. 

ijUj tamalluq, blandishment, flat- 
tery, V. of (^>1-). 

^ tamallu', being full, ii. (^). 

osJjUj tumldk, wild olive. 

^_5Sy*' tamlikiyy, one's own, here- 
ditary; — S tandikiyya-t, right 
of property, of inheritance. 

"S-sUj' tamllya-t, pi. ikuldn, long 
life, II. {^); — tamli'a-t, filling; 
fetching water, ii. (^). 

f**> tamam, perfect, complete ; — 
tumam, tiiita'iii,'pl.oi **» timma-t, 
;_y*» tumina. 

U*> tamannd, wish, desire ; salut- 
ing by kissing one's fingers 
and placing them on the fore- 

ij>-*j tamanul, pi. -at, wish; re- 
quest, petition, v. (o^)- 

(iU>) tainih, A, INF. tamah, ta- 
mdha-t, deteriorate in taste 
and smell ; smell badly, be 

(J6*') itmahall, inf. Itmihldl, be 
long, hard, straight and strong. 

.^9«j' tamhid, inf. ii. of (-^6^), 
spreading out, &c. ; removing 
difficulties ; laying a broad, 
sound foundation. 
r9*j^ tamhir, inf. ii. of (j**), 
demanding or taking a dowry, 
&c. ; — sealing, from Pers. fi^ 
muhr, seal. 

tanihik, reducing to powder. 

jy*^ tamawwur, inf. v. of (jy), 
oscillating, &c. ; — tumur, pi. of 
j*» tamr. 

jftJ tamvz, month of July. 

y^' tamawwun, domestic expendi- 
ture, taking in provisions, v. 


Jij*> tamwil, enriching, ii. (Jy). 
1^ tumma^^i^ timma-t, tumma-t. 
Si^ tumaila-t, pi. -at, timldn, a 
kind of cat. 

tamim, perfect, complete ; 


name of a tribe ; — » tamiiaa-i, 
1)1. taiauii, tamii'iiii, talisman, 
amulet; — ^^ tinnimiyy, belong- 
ing to the tribe Tamim. 

u>-5«*' tainijit, kilUng, murder. 

j«*» tamy'iz, inf. ii. of (>s^), 
separating, discerning ; discri- 
mination, discernment, judg- 
ment, discretion. 

(j^') tiiin, pi. ai?Kf/(, equal, similar; 
one's equal, comjianion, com- 
rade ; — hence iii. inf. aj^« 
lautdniia-t, compare ; — iv. 
itiidii., be far, absent ; weaken 
and prevent from growing. 

;^> tuiin, i , tunny-fish ; — ii tina-t, 
endurance ; continual flow ; inf. 
of (yi;j). 

(^) tana', a, inf. tuiid' , stay, 
dwell, inhabit (v bi, ^ fi)- 

Ui' tiiiind', peasants, countrymen, 
pi. of ^y^ tdn't' ; — S tiiid'a-t, 
dwelling, living in a place, 
fixed residence. 

JirfW tandhll, pi. of JW^' tiinhdl, 
J^-^' taiiihiV. 

^jUj taiiddi, INF. VI. of i^-^). 


calling to each other, <kc. ; 
c:-J\ yaumu-'t-tanddi, Day 

joijUj tanddid, pi. stray birds ; stray 

jUj tanndr, maker of stoves, &c. 

»,— .Uj tandsub, inf. v. of (s-~»), 
claiming relationship ; sym- 
metry ; gracefulness of propor- 
tion ; conformity. 

j-.^ iandsuh, h tandsuhiyya-t. 
metempsychosis ; — tandsuhiyy, 
believer in such. 

J~.Ui- tandsul, begetting, genera- 
tion ; descent, vi. (J~->). 

,_5~.Ui' tandsi, real or pretended 
forgetfulness, vi. (o~')-. 

«&U> tandsir, exercises in calli- 

s-s-Ui' tandstb, mile-stones, stones 
to mark out the road. 

y~cUJ tana'us, drowsiness ; pre- 
tending to be asleep, vi. (ij~«»). 




gsiU; tandfij, pi. wedge-like pieces 
inserted in a dress. 

(j^j>^' tamlqis, pi. defects, short- 

j^^ tanilkiih, intermarriage, vi. 

y:}^ tanirtiir, pi. of j^' tanniir. 
ij^'^, pi. of y^' tinnhi. 
1^^ taxi'ihi, INF. VI. of (1^3^), 

arriving, &o. ; — pi. of iM^' 

v>j^' tanihvuh, doing alternately, 

VI. (v>y). 
J^^ tawiwnl, INF. VI. of (Jy), 

taking, seizing, &c. ; Holy 

S^Ui' iindwa-t, ^S^ tindya-t, neglect 

of study and discussion (between 

j;i!j^' tandwih, pi. of j^.^Jj fanivlh. 
<_fl)l-i' tmid'if, pi. of ^i^' tani'ifa-t. 
JUjJ iimh'il, pi. fandhil, tandhila-f, 

dwarf; — J tiinhiila-t, id.; dwarfish 

57<-"' tanabb/ij, swelling of a bone. 
tii~fjj tumbak, tobacco (Pers.). 
Ji-.^ timbal=^^'^ timbdl; (m.) pi. 

tandbil, weak, soft ; lazy ; idler ; 

— tanabbul, inf. v. of (J^j), 

excelling by birth, skill, &c. 
ft^ tanahbti', office of a prophet, v. 


j^^jj' tambi'ir, small ; dwarf. 

J^' iumbiU, pi. tandbil, dwarf. 

ct~,«.;j iauibit, inf. ii. of (u:-.y), 
causing to grow, &c. ; tambit, 
timb'd, anything sprouting; (m.) 
trees, bushes, shrubs ; projection 
of a sill, of ornaments ; stitches 
of a seam. 

d£*jj fnnibi'a-t, prophesying, pro- 
phecy, II. (W>). 

i^«-"' tambih, inf. ii. of {^), 
awakening, &c. ; pi. -df, admo- 
nition ; aviso ; decree, edict ; 

^\£X> favtds, calumny. 

iJUy: tiiit'iJa-t, Jji.JJ' tiiifal, dwarf. 

yj^u' iantan, inf. », leave one's 
friends for other people's com- 

J«J^ tanill, dwarfish, dwarf. 

t>j==^ tanjara-t=if^ tcmjara-t, 

frying-pan ; kettle ; pot. 
,_5a^' tanajji, inf. v. of (fr), 

saving one's self, escaping _; 

salvation, eternal bliss ; — * 

tarijkja-i, rescue, deliverance, 11. 

{^) ; city of Tangier. 

(j~*=!r^' idUJlS, INF. II. of {fj~^), 

polluting, &c. ; amulet against 

the evil eye. 
ct.>.fr&^ tanhit, planing; cutting the 

{^) tanah, n, inf. tuw'ih, stay, 

dwell ; — tanih, a, inf. tanah, 

suffer from indigestion ; — 11. 

INF. tatnih, stay, remain, abide 

(sj bi) ; — III. INF. mutdnaha-t, 

make a stand in battle ; — iv. 

INF. itndh, cause indigestion; 

— V. INF. tatannuh, stay, abide 

(v 60- 

•i^-ii' tanahhiiz, command of a ship, 

;*sa.^ tanhjr, speech. 

ijij taiiazzvh, inf. v. of ('y), being 
far from water and pasture- 
ground, &c. ; purity, chastity ; 
elevation of the mind ; recre- 
ation ; amusement ; walk in the 
open air ; entertainment. 

Jj)-"' tanzU, INF. II. of (Jy), 
sending down, &c., revelation ; 
Koran ; hospitable reception ; 
diminishing, subtracting ; hu- 
miliation ; deposition ; inser- 

ij^\ — -3 iansds, swiftness. 

-^' tanassum, pleasant breeze. 
sj' tansib. praise, aj^proval. 
tansiq, inf. ii. of (*3— >), 
arranpjing in good order, &c. ; 
pi. -at, ordinance, regulation. 

(3-i^ tanassuq, snuffing, 11. (ijJij). 

"S^-i-u tansi'at, bringing up, edu- 
cation, II. (^-i->). 

cUjj' tanr/dh, exuding, perspiration ; 

^Uijj' taii~'!r, "perceiving, inf. of 

1^^ tangim, inf. ii. of (^), 




putting in order, &c. ; ordinance, 

f»«*Jj'' tan'lm, inf. ii. of (^), 
procuring a happy life, &c. ; 
pampering, effeminating. 

ji^ tanaffur, abtorrence, detesta- 

u»»^' tanaffus, inf. v. of {w^) ; 
breathing, sighing, &c. ; recre- 

•\>^' tanfiz, transmission ; execu- 
tion ; enforcing. 

(j«««i^' tanfis, cheering, refreshing, 
consoling ; ctJ\ i_i^ har/u-'t- 
tanfis-i, particle of wishing. 

•>^ tanqdd, separating, sifting. 

U=UiAi' tanqds, diminishing, damag- 
ing, injuring. 

j.V<yj tiniqqdm, vengeance, punish- 

(jai«j tanaqqus, diminution; injury, 
damage, v. (^J=^). 

s-«»"' tanqib, inf. ii. of {•-!-~"), 
examining, &c. ; criticism ; 

pjW tanqih, inf. ii. of (c"), 
sucking the marrow out of the 
bones, &c. ; concise and hitting 
speech ; correction of style, &c. ; 

^tA'^ tanqiya-t, purification ; clean- 
ing ; selecting ; winnowing ; 
taking out the intestines, ii. 

u^' tanah, sheet metal, tin plates 

^^jssS^' tanakji, pi. &?. >yya-t, tinman, 

}^ tanakhur, disguise, incognito ; 
transformation into a lower 
state, indefiniteness, v. (j^). 

ts^i^' tankit, inf. ii. of (u;-^), 
cavilling, &c., (m.) criticism; 
censure ; vexation. 

ji^ tanhir, inf. ii. of (j^), 
altering, disfiguring, &c. ; dis- 
guise ; generalisation. 

(a^') tanam, v, inf. tanm, browse 
on the tree tannum. 

(^-♦Ja tantniq, inf. ii. of (i3*'); 
writing with large letters, &c. ; 

choice handwriting, exquisite 

tanmiya-f, causing to grow, 
to increase, to flourish, ii. (^) ; 

— adulteration; lie; calumny; 
quotation ; growth, increase, ii. 

W."' tavhi'i, alone, solitary (Pers.) ; 
— tanhV, highest point of rising 

<s^*^' tanhika-t, punishment, tor- 

i^gjj tanhiya-t, prohibition, for- 
biddance ; termination ; attain- 
ing to the extreme limits ; pi. 
i_3&^' tancihi, highest point of 
rising water. 

\yj tanwil', rising with difficulty 
(under a burden) ; inf. of (y)." 

Wyj tanwilf, decoration of a sedan- 

(s->^A>) tannnh, fir-tree. 

jyj' tanni'ir, pi. tanihiir, stove, 
oven, furnace; pit for baking; 
surface of the earth ; source ; 

— tanawivur, inf. v. of (jy), 
shining, &c. ; — ^^ tannfirlyy, 
maker of stoves, &c. 

li^ taniifa-t, h ianufiyya-t, pi. 
tan (V if, vast desert. 

ff^ fannihn, name of a tree ; 
hemp-seed ; — hence : v. inf. 
fanaxvwum, browse on the tree 
taiinitm; — tanawwum, inf. v. 
of (,.y), sleeping. ^ 

j-if>j tanwih, pi. tandwih, lamenta- 
tion, mourning for the dead, ii. 

(^*i> tanwin, nunnation (marking 

_ with 1, 7, -)• 

hy^ tanwiya-t, inf. ii. of (i^y), 
accomphshing a jiurpose ; (m.) 

ij^ tinin, equal, similar; — tinnin, 
pi. tandnin, large serpent ; dra- 
gon (constellation) ; shark. 

ij tih, for 6 J zih, this, f. s. 

yVy tahdtir, pi. of f^ talitar ; — 
tahdtur, INF. VI. of {fJ^), being 
arrogant towards each other. 

<s»V9» tahdtih, pi. vanities. 




(»V' tahirm, pi. -im, native of 
Mecca ; — ii tihlma-t, Tihilma ; 
Mecca ; — ^ tiluimiyy, from 
i_5'W» tahihii, pi. of ^3J' tahn't'a-t. 
u^^W tahdwis, er^^W'' tahdwis, pi. 
of ij^\ji> faJtivits; — \J^)^ taJiii- 
1VUS, INF. VI. of (u^y»), being 
mixed up together, set against 
each other. 
JjjW» tahdwil, pi. of Jj^gi' taliwih 
jl'^ tahuijn , consent, vt. (^t;*). 
J««i' tahbil, i , (m.) steam-bath ; 

;W' tahtdr, stupid insolence. 
J^' tahtdl, continual rain. 
yUgJ tahtdn, continual light rain. 
j'^ tahtar, pi. tahdiir, contra- 
dictory and on either jiart false 
evidence ; mutual false accusa- 
(4^) tahtah, inp. » , indulge in 

idle doings. 
^^' tahjd', satire, libel, jmsqui- 

gVa^' fahju', light slumber, 
jaf^' tahja', broad. 
^W tahajju', ua!r8' fahajjt, i-i^i> 
tahjiya-t, spelling ; i,;*^^.^^ '-'>;=■ 
h II ri'ifu-'t-tahji, alphabet. 
^^•^ tahaddi, right guidance, v. 
((^'i'») ; — taliaddi', alleviation, 
mitigation ; abatement of price, 
V. (\jJi) ; — ii fahdiya-t, offering, 
giving for a present ; ii. (i^Jjfc) ; 
— tahdi'a-f, soothing, quieting, 
&c., II. Oja). 
jW' tahzdr, talking nonsense, 

absurd talk. 
^^ talia::ii', bursting (of a tu- 
j;6J' taharrii', over-cooking, v. Oy*). 
■y^' fahri'a-t, dissolving by lioiling, 

II. (V). 
J)^ tahazziil, facetiousness, jocose- 

Jtgi' tahlal, histing rain. 
iii^ talilika-t, fahlaJca-t, taliluha-t, 
ruin ; danger ; what leads to ( 
ruin. I 

i JI9J tahaUal, vain, idle ; — tahalhd, 
rejoicing, delight, v. (J*)- 
<^^ tulih'ik, ruin, iNr. of (isXlfc). 
(^6^') taliiin. A, INF. taham, tahd- 
ma-t, get deteriorated and smell 
badly (meat) ; stink ; perceive 
one's insufficiency for a thing 
and get confused at it; refuse 
the pasture ; be very hot, while 
the air is calm; — tahiim, be 
suspected, for ^'1 ittaham, viii. 
(^^) ; (m.) taham, suspect, 
accuse ; — III. inf. tmitahdma-t 
= v, ; — IV. INF. ithdm, go to 
Tahiima or live there ; find the 
air of a country oppressive and 
unwholesome ; suspect and ac- 
cuse falsely ; suppose, doubt ; 
suggest an opinion or suspicion ; 
— III. and V. INF. iatahhvm, go 
to Tahama, or live there; — 
VII. INF. intihdm, (m.) be sus- 
pected, accused ; — viii. inf. 
Hiihdin, suspect. 

f^ iulifim, calm (of the air) ; ex- 
cessive heat ; sea-shore; — iahim, 
smelling badly, stinking ; — 
faJim, Tahama ; sea-shore ; — i 
fahama-t, stench ; pi. tahd'im, 
shore; — taJima-f, Tahama; town, 
city; — tii]ima-f, suspicion, bad 

i__y=^' tiiJimatiyy, suspicious, sus- 
pected (m.). 

(y^) taJiiii, A, INF. iahan, sleep. 

^■8^ tahiii, sleeping (adj.). 

i^j^ talini'a-t, ^_5••^ tahni', congra- 
tulation; saying W-=^ haniyy-an, 
may it do you good ! ungrudg- 

{}9>) iaJid, u, INF. fahir, being 

^)^ iahird', part of the night. 

•J^^' iahinid, speaking low and 
gemly (s.). 

ij^\)i> tahird.s, pi. taJnhvis, tahdwi.y, 
crowd of peo[)le ; tumult. 

J^' fahainoid, inf. v. of (>>y*), 
being gentle in speech, becom- 
ing a Jew, &c. ; conversion ; 
repentance ; conciliation. 



C?.^' tahivV, violent agitation ; 

vomiting, ii. (g^). 
Jj^' tahivil, INF. II. of (J^*), 

frightening, &c. ; pi. tahdwil, 

terrific sight ; goblin ; phantom ; 

,_s«» tih), this, f. sing, of \^ za; — 

tahiyy, void, vacant (Pers.). 
jvs#' tahim, suspect, suspicious ; 

• — • tahayyum, elegant gait, v. 

^' tahayyu', being prepared, &c., 

v. (WJfc). 
,_5*9' tahyV, iSs«i' tahyi'a-t, pi. -at, 

prepai'ation ; good guidance, ii. 

f taivw, pi. atn-i'i', alone; single 
simple, not compound ; finished 
1000 horses ; — ii tawwa-t, hour 
tawwat-an, just now, this very 

\f tawd', sign of the cross. 

wj\y tawwub, repenting, penitent ; 
long-suffering ; — i tu'nba-t, dis- 
grace, ignominy. 

^W tawdbi', dependencies, pi. of 
&«^' tdbi'a-t. 

Jj\/ tawdbil, Sluices, pi. of J>^ 

c^s>^y tawdbtt, biers, &c., pi. of 
uuj?^' tdbut. 

f\y tawdtur, inf. vi. of (/;), fol- 
lowing each other in short 
intervals, &o. ; uninterrupted 
tradition ; frequency ; pub- 

y^\f tawdsir, pi. of j/y tu'snr. 

E\f tuwdj, bleating. 

j)y tau'ad, considerateness ; de- 
liberation ; — tawddd, mutual 
love, VI. (J;) ; — tS tawddi, pi. 
of h'^f taudiya-t. 

•ij^f tawdrud, inf. vi. of ('^j^), 
coming together to the watering- 
place, &c. ; in rhetoric : chance 
agreement between two poets. 

gj)\y' tawdrih, historical dates, &c., 
pi. of ^j^ tdrih. 

5A\y tawddu', inf. vi. of (g^;), 
deporting one's self with hu- 

mility ; false politeness ; cring- 

y=\y taivdtii', agreement ; self- 
humiliation, VI. (^j). 

ijAy taivdfxq, INF. VI. of (i>»^), 
agreeing one with another, &c. ; 
league ; leaving no remainder 
in division ; commensurability. 

j\)' tawwdq, longingly attached. 

^ly taivdqt', pi. of ^f tauqt'. 

^\f tawdkuz, complication ; en- 

■^\f iawdlxid, pi. of ■i^f tauMd. 

^J\f tawdli, succession, vi. ((jS;) ; 

— pi. of i-J^ tdliya-t, the ex- 
tremities of the body. 

f>\)> tau'am, pi. ^y tawd'im,tudin, 
twin-brother; the second best 
cast of the dice, arrow or lot ; 
constellation of the Twins ; — 
fu'dm, (m.) twin-like, double ; 

— ii tau'ama-t, pi. tawd'im, twin- 
sister; a litter or sedan-chair 
open at the top for women ; — 
h tu'dmiyya-t, a pearl. 

y\y tawdn-in, ^\f tawdnt, slow- 
ness ; tiredness ; delay ; negli- 
gence ; VI. {^)). 

l>S\f tawd'im, by-paths; — pi. of 
(•^y tau'am. 

(v>y) tdb, V, INF. taub, tauba-t, 
matdb, tdba-t, tatwiba-t, return 
penitently to God ; admit the 
penitent to His mercy (God) ; 
draw back ; — x. inf. istitdb, call 
or move to repentance. 

>-jy tob, top, cannon (Turk.) ; — i 
tauba-t, repentance ; confession 
of sins. 

( J>y) taubal, INF. 6 , put seasoning 
into the cooldng-pot. 

Jiy taubal, pi. tawdbil, herbs for 

cyy tdt, mulberry ; mulberry-tree. 

fy tawattur, tension ; stiffness. 

eUiy tiitnidj, a dish of vermicelli 

(^y tiitun, tobacco (Turk.). 

^jy tiitiyd', philosopher's atone; 
smoke of huts ; zinc. 





•i^jy tautid, INF. II. of (•^}), ram- 
ming in pegs ; priapism. 

kijy ^;s=uLjy ti'd, mulberry. 

>-:-»y> taicas^ub, assault, v. (^t-j'j). 
j/y ff'sur, pi. t((iC(i^tr, ta'dsir, 
military escort of the tax- 
gatherer ; beadle ; iron for 
branding the soles of a camel. 

(ey) fi'ij, V, INF. tavj, get crowned ; 
— II. INF. tau'ij, crown ; — v. inf. 
tatawwuj, get crowned. 

sy ''!/; quince (Pers.) ; bronze, 
brass (Turk.). 

A=-y tawajjuh, inf. v. of i'^}), 
turning towards, &c. ; kind at- 
tention, favour, 2)1. -("it, marks of 

&«^y taujlli, INF. II. of ("W-^), turn- 
ing towards, &c. ; pi. -<?<, new 
nominations (to office) ; census ; 
tax-roll ; last consonant but 
one of a verse with u or a for 
a vowel. 

(cy) tdh, V, INF. tauh, be broad. 

(ji-o-y tawahhus, inf. v. of (t/^;), 
growing desolate, savage, &c. ; 
abhorrence, aversion. 

(fcy) '"/?> u> INF. /(Y'«7i (also E^' 
Wj), touch anything swollen or 
dip into anything soft (finger). 

^y tawahhum, being unwhole- 
some, V. ii*^}). 

j»*=-y taiihim, soiling, polluting, 

II. (,*^^)- 

ii=-y tauhiya-f, message, trans- 

JJy tu'ada-f, tii'da-t, sedateness, 
steadiness; deliberateness; quiet 

Ajoy taudiya-t, pi. tawddi, dwarf ; 
sending ; guidance, ii. of (<^>J;). 

(jy) tdr, V, INF. <a(/r, flow ; roam 
about; — iv. inf. itdra-t, do a 
thing repeatedly ; for jW afar. 
fix the look sharply at {,^\ 

jy <a!ir, pi. atwth; mediator, envoy ; 
a vessel for water ; course ; wax- 
cake ; — 6 taura-f, messenger of 

s^^jy taurdh, earth, dust. 

i\jy taurdt, Thora, Pentateuch, 
gjjy tiWunj, orange (Pers.). 

ui-ojy taiirit, Pentateuch (m.). 
^_,y taiirih, putting the date, il. 

- ^^''^- • . f r ^ 

(bjy tauriya-i, inf. ii. ot (14;^;, 
lighting a fire, &c. ; notion, 
conception, idea; riddle, word 
in its rarest signification ; al- 
literation of final consonants ; 
(m.) theory ; — ifjy tauri'a-t, 
perspective (m.). 

(jjV) tdz, V, INF. fata:, be thick, 
coarse, rude. 

jf ti'iz, natural disposition ; origin ; 
bat (of wood) ; paling. 

i^\-^f tiu-zdii, i iiirzdna-t, contrary, 

Sjy tauzald', ^J)f tauzalO, tauzala, 
misfortune, calamity. 

(jjf tauzi\ 6 tauzi'a-t, throwing 
off the rider, 11. (^j^). 

((j-y) ins, natural disposition ; 

S=-,y taicassut, inf. v. of (^j), 
placing one's self in the middle ; 
penetrating deeply into a matter, 

j-y tawassu', inf. ii. of (5-j), 
getting extended, enlarged, 
widened, &c. ; extensive know- 

(jj^-y tawasicus, disquietude ; 
scruple ; temptations of the 

^^y tausih, INF. II. of (c^j), 
girding with a sash, &c.; para- 
phrase ; adornment ; vignette ; 

AjAy taiixiya-t, painting, embroider- 
ing, &C., II. (o^j). 

jjij^y tanfifiijy, descriptive ; at- 

S~oy fattfiya-t, inf. ii. of d^^), 
enjoining, tte. ; recommenda- 
tion ; admonition ; commission ; 
testament, will ; banns. 

yiy taa-addu', ablution before 
prayer, v. (U^). 

wA-iji' tavzif, nomination to an 




oflSce; assigning a salary; impost 
on transactions. 

(£y) ^''', u, INF. tau', dip bread 
into butter, milk, &c., to suck 
them up ; — h tau'iya-t, awaken- 
ing (a.), II. (^j). 

(«_*y) ti1f, UjiNF. tauf, be dimmed; 
— INF. taufa-t, relax from weari- 
ness ; — ii tavfa-t, deception of 
the senses, delusion ; error ; 
transgression ; — tnfa-t, fault, 
vice ; want ; excess ; hesitation, 

(3^y taufdq, ^f taufaq, time ; 
first appearance. 

(3s^y taufiq, INF. II. of (i3'}), 
fitting, &c. ; guidance and grace 
of God ; fulfilment of one's 
wishes, success, prospering (s.) ; 
adjustment, agreement; time. 

^y taufiya-t, full payment, ii. 

((iy) tiJ-1, u, INF. tauq, tu'uq, 
tawaqdn, tiqdya-t, long for, 
desire ; favour ; be eagerly set 
on doing ; be quick and vigi- 
lant ; come out with a prize 
(arrow in the game) ; bend the 
bow by tension; — inf. taitq, 
tawaqdn, sacrifice one's self 
from generosity ; — iv. inf. 
it'dq, bend the bow strongly. 

Jy tauq, longing, desire ; passion ; 
concupiscence ; — tilq, bend, in- 
curvation ; — tu'uq, fervent 

tjViy tawaqdn, inf. of (liy). 

"-ftiy tawaqquf, inf. v. of ('-=*j), 
stopping (n.), hesitating, &c. ; 
perseverance ; expectation, de- 

iiiy tauqala-t, horse walking safely 
over rocks and stones. 

ta->*»y tauqit, fixing a time, ii. 

5«iy tauqi', INF. II. of i^'}), 
dropping, &c. ; pi. tawdqi', royal 
signet ; seal ; notion, idea. 

&sJ«y tauqiya-t, protection, guard, 
II. (^,). 

uMf taukdf, eaves. 

■^f tavhaJ, INF. II. of (J^j), 
making firm, &c. ; pi. taivdkid, 
confirmation ; ratification ; em- 
phasis ; girths. 

(Jy) '''^) u, INF. taul, practice 
sorcery ; — ii taula-t, tula-t, 
iiiwala-t, calamity ; — tuwala-t, 
tiwala-t, love-spell ; magic. 

^/ tula, uL^'iy tiUdt, misfortune, 


iy taulah, pi. 

tawdlih, foal of 
> («\ umm taulah. 

an ass ; calf 

gSy taulaj, lair of a wild beast, 

(a>i!y tawaldun, childishness, child- 
ish tricks. 

g<Jy taulij, INF. II. of (g!^), making 
enter, &c. ; transmission of pro- 
perty during lifetime. 

•^y tauUd, inf. ii. of {•^}), assist- 
ing at a birth, &c. ; begetting ; 

&-Jy tauliya-t, inf. ii. of (J^), 
turning the back, &c. ; nomi- 
nation as a governor, prefect, 
&c. ; administration of pious 

(•y ta'um, iau'a'm=:(>\f tau'am, 
twin ; — tnm, garlic ; ■ — ii 
ti'ima-t, pi. tihn, tu'am, pearl; 
ear-ring with a large pearl ; 
egg of the ostrich ; ^ (>\ 
iiinm ti'ima-t, mother of pearl ; 
ostrich ; — tau'ama-t,o^QTa. vehicle 
for women. 

;^y ti'imdr, roll, book, volume 

y^y tfimdn, a Persian gold coin ; 
10,000 men. 

j4/*y tu'muriyy, somebody, any- 

y^y tawammun, number of chil- 

)yif tu'mnr, somebody, anybody; 
pi. j^\j ta'dmir, stone to mark 
the road in the desert. 

i_j'y tiima, Thomas ; — i taumi\i-t, 
wink, sign C^y). 

(yy) tiin, leathern game-board ; — 
<k tuniyya-t, tunic. 




((jyO) VI. INF. Uiiihvuii, surrouud 
the game. 

(sy) ti'th, u, INF. faw/t, perish ; 
depart and disappear ; -wander ; 
wander in mind ; (m.) be absent- 
minded ; be proud, haughty, 
supercilious; — ii. inf. tatwtli, 
cause to perish ; render confused, 
perplexed ; — iv. inf. iti'di, per- 
plex, confound. 

4y iuivali, pi. tiVi, atwiih, at(Uvih, 
thunderstruck, utterly per- 
plexed, bewildered ; — ta nh, ti'ih, 

ylfcy tauluht, perplexity, bewilder- 
ment ; (m.) absent-mindedness. 

■^y idiihad, perfect of form. 

i^fsf tauharii/ij, long hump of a 

(i^y) tawi, A, INF. iaw-aii, perish ; 
be sj)ent (money) ; — iv. inf. 
^^\ ittvd, ruin, cause to perish. 

,_5y taw-tni, ruin; — tav!, perishing, 
falling, lost; — iawitjij, stationary, 

^sy t)iw<(ibl', Aldabaran. 

^_^ ti, she, this, f. of \>i zil ; — fi, 
(m.) tea ; — t<'iyy, write a •^ i. 

Wi' taiji/n, the little one, f. dim. of 
\i 1,1 

cWi tayyilk, a lively horse, walking 

jUi' tayydr, pi. -dt, wave which 
breaks and dissolves ; the deep ; 
bleeding vein ; astonished ; 
pompously dressed uj). 

■X^ tayydz, short and thick-set ; 
dwarf ; strong ; sower. 

y-W tayyds, who keeps he- goats ; 
du. tayijdsdii, name of two stars; 
fiydn, INF. III. of (u-^). 

iiUi' tiydqa-t, longing, desire, inf. 

of (o/)- 
ci)Ui' ta.yydk, cdJWs tayijdJiJc^zLJ 

fXS) iai'ani, twin-brother. 
yV^- tayijd)), seller of figs. 
4LJ tayydh, proud ; gone astray, 

lost. " 
jtt\^ iaijdihir, ytfi'^ taydhlr, pi. of 

)jit? iaihiir. 

J~o' taital=J'-J: ■:aital, ^^ saisal, 
old male chamois. 

yUs-i' ii'jdn, crowns, pi. of e^' tdj. 

(j^-) tdh, I, inf. taih, be ready ; 
move to and fro in walking ; 
go astray, wander ; — iv. inf. 
Hd/in-t, make ready, set on foot; 
decree, measure out to (J '0' 
destine, appoint, allot. 

yWi' tnyyahdn, who talks about 
things which do not concern 
him ; = c^^' tayydh. 

(^) t,1f;, I, INF. taih, cudgel. 

(ji-i) tfild, gentleness, mildness, 
kindness; c^ixj' taida-Jai, gently! 

(j^) tdr, I, swell, billow. 

;->' fir, pride; haughtiness; head- 
beam ; desert, wilderness ; — 
iiyar, yJ ti'ar, pi. of 'j^J' tdra-t; 
tiyar-an, often, many times. 

'-j\pS tairdb, vv^' fa i rah, earth, 

(jti') fdz, I, INF. tayazdn, die; — 
INF. faiz, contend for victory; 
— III. INF. mufdi/azn-t, id.; — 
v. INF. tatayyuz, make high stejjs 
in walking, have a longing affec- 
tion for (J^ ila). 

j-j' fiyyaz, broad-shouldered ; — 
fa'iz, with strong sinews. 

yU-i' taya::dn, dying, death, inf. 


(^J-^) tais, pi. fuyds, afyds, tiya- 
sa-t, matyi'sd', he-goat ; obsti- 
nate, restive, refractory ; block- 
head ; name of a star ; — tayas, 
shape of horns Hke those of a 
he-goat ; — hence : ii. fayyas, 
inf. tafyis, tame, break in ; — 
III. INF. fiyds, miifdyasa-t, ex- 
ercise one's self in a thing; — 
X. INF. isfitiisa-f, turn into a 
he-goat ; figuratively, a low- 
born person attains to a high 
ofiice ; imitate the voice of a 
he- goat. 

^~-J' taisd', goat with horns like 
those of a he-goat. 

^ — *» faisayia-f, (m.):^i~tr') — -j faisii- 

_)^~sJ taisur, light step; fatness. 




iS-«.y~^ taisilsii/ya-t, goat-like, 
goatish manners ; stubliorn 

ij^ iisa, fie! hyena; — ii taisiyya-t 
= (!u-.j-wJ taisi'isiyya-f, ; — tisiyya-f, 

j«~-«» taisir, INF. II. of (;~-j), 
rendering easy, &c. ; light step 
(of a horse). 

(J,>-~j' taistq, good guard ; confine- 
ment ; consignation to the bar- 
racks, sequestration. 

(C**) ^'''' i> INF. /(/(■', toya', iaya'dn, 
come or flow out ; be fluid, 
flow ; melt (n.) ; go, depart ; 
hasten up ; long for ; infest 
the roads ; take away ; dip 
bread into butter, milk, &c., 
and suck them up ; — ii. inf. 
tatyi', id. ; — iv. inf. ita'a-t, 
vomit ; vomit repeatedly ; — v. 
inf. tatayyu', be prone to evil ; 
— VI. INF. tatdyu', id. ; persist 
in evil ; persist in a thing 
against general opinion ; im- 
portune ; rise and stand up- 
right ; move the shoulders in 
walking ; raise and blow about 
dust or dry leaves; — x. inf. 
istiti'i'a-t, be able. 

^ tayyi', yU^ tayya'dn, prone to 
evil ; quick, swift ; • — * ti'a-t, 
herd of 40 heads and above, of 
which one is to be sacrificed. 

^>«fti' tai'it, alarm-cry. 

jW' tlgdr, water- jug; freely- 
bleeding wound. 

j\JlJ taifdq, tifdq, opposite ; — 
tifdq, time=v5^y taufdq. 

^«£> ta'iffa-t, time and opportunity. 

(,3£>') ta'iq, a, inf. ta'q, be full ; 
be full of grief or anger ; — iv. 
inf. it'dq, fill ; bend the bow to 
the full length of the arrow. 

(3»' ta'iq, hasty, passionate, rash ; 
bold, sharp; lively; malicious; 

(j^' tayyiqdn, impetuous, im- 

tV tayaqquz, waking, lucubration, 
V. (fsi). 

if<? taiqitr, modest ; prudent. 

(»^') tdk, I, inf. tuyi'il-, be very 
stupid, be an • idiot ; — iv. inf. 
itdJca-t, pull out the hair. 

uiM' tiJca, that one, f. sing, for usUj 

(^■) tdm, I, INF. taiiii, enslave; 
degrade ; inspire with love ; — 
II. INF. tatyim, id. ; — viii. 
slaughter a sheep iU^ tinia-t. 

I*ir> taim, slave ; name of a tribe ; — 
ta'ini, twin-brother ; — » ti'ma-t, 
thiia-t, a sheep kept at home 
for time of need ; a sheejj 
belonging to a herd of 40 or 
above ; talisman. 

W fahiuV, desert ; at-taimd', con- 
stellation of the Twins. 

(;>♦«» taiman, the south ; — ^ 
taiinaniyy, Arabia felix, Taman ; 
— tayammvu, inf. v. of (y^i!), 
belonging to Taman, &c. ; 
blessing of God ; success ; 

y«i' tin, s, fig; — i tiiia-t, the 

W tind' (preceded by jfl= lih), 
Mount Sinai. 

yW' tlndv, wolf. 

("M) tdli, I, INF. taih, tih, be lost 
in the desert, wander in be- 
wilderment ; be proud, haughty ; 
extend far and rise high ; relax, 
grow dim ; — ii. inf. tatyili, lead 
astray, destroy, min ; (m.) cause 
one to be absent-minded, divert 
one's attention. 

iS-i' taih, tih, pi. atydh, atdwih, 
atdwiha-t, desert in which one 
is wandering ; at-tih, the wilder- 
ness of the Israelites ; — tih, 
pride, haughtiness. 

W taihd', desert. 

yW taihdn, wandering in the 
desert ; — tayahdn, inf. of 
(iLo) ; — tayyahdn, tayyihdn, 

E)9i? taihuj, grey variety of jjart- 

jjifj taihur, pi. taydhir, taydhir, 
dangerous desert ; vast plain ; 




low ground ; quicksand, river- 
sand; haughty, arrogant; out 
of senses ; — » taihura-t, plain, 

i)9i!> taihuwa-t, whirlpool. 

j^^' taiwiyy, terminating in cu . 

,*Ssi' tai'am, twin-brother. 

ii> s ; as a numerical sign=500. 

e^^' sa"dj, (roarer) lion. 

So^U' sa'dda-t, fatness, plumpness ; 

o-iU' si'ibif, 5 , standing firm ; con- 
stant, persevering ; certain, 
sure ; stiff, rigid ; of a strong 
intellect ; safe (animal in walk- 
ing) ; — S sdbita-t, pi. mwilhit, 
fixed star. 

kio^' sabha-t=^&^}^ sdbha-i, girl, 

^jjU' sitbiq, overflowing ; liberal, 

(U'U') sa'sa', INF. i , allow to drink 
its fill (a camel), and, by op- 
]30sition, allow to be thirsty ; 
drink, and, by opposition, be 
thirsty ; prevent, detain, repel ; 
get appeased, subside ; remove, 
take away ; extinguish (a.) ; — 
II. INF. y^' iasa's'u', fear ; intend 
a journey and then prefer stay- 
ing at home. 

(e^) ;'«'aii u, INF. m'j, bleat ; 

oVj sa'd, moisture, dew, wet 
ground ; cold ; fa' ad, abomi- 
nations ; inconvenient place ; 

— ii fa'ada-t, plump (woman) ; 

— sai'ida-t, plumpness, fatness. 
\oU' sa'diV, maid-servant; stupid 

girl; "^ {^'^ ibii sa\li', weak- 
(jU) so'a;-. A, INF. sa r, take 
revenge upon or for (ace. or 
vt" 61) ; take revenge upon 
(ace.) or for (v» 60 ; seek revenge 
upon ; — IV. INF. is'iir, and vili. 
INF. issi'i'ir, obtain revenge ; — 
X. INF. isti'dr, seek assistance 

for the purpose of taking re- 

jU' sa'r, pi. as'iU; dsdr, fci d'ir, 
su'iii; sardt, revenge for mur- 
der ; murderer of him who is 
to be revenged ; sa'rdf, viJ^^ 
yd a^-sa'rdt, ".S-U^ yd U's-sa'rdt, 
revenge ! let us take revenge ! 
— ii sdrra-t, talkative woman. 

t*j sa't, INF. of i}"^) ; — ' sa'fa-t, 
pi. sa't, thin black mud ; a 
stinging insect. 

\iVj- sa'/<(' = \jU- sa'dd'. 

gU' sd'-in (^V» 5(7'?), who jjelts 
with stones, accuses, reveals a 
crime or profits by it ; — * 
^d'a-t, vomiting. 

fti^j sdgiiu, white, whitish. 

(j^^ -5"'!/' (t^ ^dg-in), part. a. of 
()*^) ; — ' sdgiya-t, sheep. 

Ji^' sdjij, dregs, sediment ; excre- 
ments ; anything stinking. 

<-T-N»^' sdqih, p. a. of (v-«») ; planet 
Saturn ; beggar ; a she-camel 
abounding in milk. 

Jj>^' sdqil, pi. sawdqil, heavy, 
weighty ; over-burdened, op- 
pressed, molested. 

J^^' sdtk-il, pi. saicdkil, without 
friends or children, bereaved. 

vi-J^i- sdlis, i, third; a third 
(unconcerned) person, mediator, 
arbitrator; — fdlls-an, in the 
third place ; — S s,!Jisa-f, tierce. 
y-iW' fdlhi'in, thirtieth. 

gJ^' sdJij, icy cold. 

(J!^) i»7(7, pass, and 11. tasa'lal, 
INF. tasa'lul, be disfigured by 

<^y*j" sdlus, trinity. 

J^' 199 

iJ'^saU, third. I 

J«l^' sa^ilil, warts, pi. of J^y : 

y^ sdmir, fruit-bearing ; pea ; 

blossom of the sorrel. 
J-^' so mil, rusty sword ; delightful 

(:y^ sihuin, eighth ; U^U sdmin-an, 


in the eighth place, 
(t)^'), VI. tasd'aii, tasiiwan, inf. 

tasii'un, surround the game with 

nets ; overcome by stratagem, 

y^' sdn-in, ^jiU' 

double ; UiW' 

second place ; J^aJl ^\i s 

J^ say.. 

sdni, i, second, 
sirniy-aii, in the 
_' " s((rtt 
l-hnl, in future, henceforth ; 
<_4!sc ^\j sdut 'aff, proud ; sdni- 
ya-t, pi. sawdni, a second — 
s(hii, p. a. of (t_^). 
ui^\i suhit, gullet ; diaphragm. 
^ sa'w, weakness; leanness; — S 
sa'u'ci-t, old lean sheep ; small 
rest; — sdwa-t, sheep-fold. 
(<J^) sa'a, A, INF. sa'y, (_jS> sa'an, 
spoil, deteriorate ; bring about 
mischief; break or deteriorate 
the seams of a leathern bag ; — 
IV. INF. is'd', wound and kill 

sa'an, destruction; crime; 
wounding ; murder ; — sa'-an, 
scars ; — also » sdya-t, pi. sdy, 
sheep-fold ; road- mark. 
^W sd'ija-t, pi. -dt, sawd'ij, bleat- 
ing ; roaring. 
f^ sd'ir, vengeance, revenge; 
anger ; malice ; revenging ; 
vindictive ; — p. a. of (j^), 
>T^' sib, jump! &c., imp. of (s-jj) ; 
— 6 suba-t, middle of a well or 
pond ; pi. sahdt, suhiln, ashiya-t, 
asdhi, herd ; troop of men (up 
to eleven). 

r-ji) sabh, INF. sabdh, sit firm ; be 
V sabdt, firmness ; durability ; 
perseverance ; proof, demon- 
stration ; INF. of (<-W') ; — sibdt, 
string or girth for fastening; 


INF. III. of (,^).—subdt, disease 
impeding the movements ; pi. of 
^ suba-t. 

;W^ sibdr, persevering, diligence, 
III. (_^); ^\ J^ 'aia's-sibdr, 
nearly finished. 

oW»' sibdn, inf. of ((^) ; = ^-i-j' 

(u:^') sabat, Tj, INF. sabdf, subilt, 
stand firm and permanentlv ; 
persist ; not allow of elision 
(grammatical letter) ; — sabuf, 
INF. sabdta-f, subitta-t, be firm 
of character and courageous ; 

— II. INF. tasbit, make firm, 
strong ; be very persevering 
and enduring; exhort to per- 
severance ; keep in confine- 
ment ; register, note down ; 
prove, demonstrate ; (m.) con- 
firm (in the religious sense) ; 

— III. INF. musdbata-t, sibdt, 
know for a certainty ; — iv. inf. 
isbdt, make firm and strong ; 
know for certain ; confirm, 
attest ; inform accurately, give 
a precise answer ; write down ; 
register one's name ; prove ; 
wound severely, keep in con- 
finement ; — V. INF. tasabbiit, 
take a fixed residence ; be 
strengthened, fortified ; perse- 
vere ; hesitate ; oppose per- 
sistently ; complete, achieve, 
carry through ; (m.) receive 
the confirmation ; — viii. inf. 
istibdt, be strengthened, forti- 
fied ; — X. iNP. istisbdt, be kept 
confined ; persevere ; behave 
with patience and mildness ; 
hesitate ; do gradually ; ask 
for reliable information or safe 
advice ; find true ; verify ; make 
firm and strong. 

sabt, firm; resolute; perse- 
vering ; brave, hero ; — sabat, 
endurance, jjerseverance ; proof, 
demonstration ; a trustworthy 
man ; list, register. 
-.M) sabsab, inf. i , sit firm. 

(g-») sabaj, V, inf. sabj, speak or 


write indistinctly ; — I, inf. 
sahj, sit on one's toes with the 
buttocks on thr heels ; — il. 
INF. tadiij, speak or write in- 
distinctly ; — XI. INF. i^hijilj, be 
full ; be fat and flabby. 

g-y sabaj, pi. ashiij, space between 
the shoulders ; middle and 
larger part ; indistinctness of 
speech or writing ; a bird ; — 'i 
sahaja-t, moderate; indifferent. 

(^&i-»), ^JsiJ'^ ishajarr, inf. ishijrni; 
desist from fear ; slacken in an 
undertaking and not carry it 
out ; be perplexed, confused ; 
run away and fart (ass) ; turn 
back, retreat ; flow. 

(;-») sabar, v, inf. sabr, keejj one 
to a thing ; retain, prevent, 
turn from ; disappoint ; curse ; 
drive away ; ebb ; — inf. sttbiir, 
perish; ruin; — sabir, a, inf. 
sabar, burst (tumour) ; — ii. 
inf. tasbir, keep one to a 
thing; prevent from ((^ 'f"0 ^ 

— III. INF. musnbara-t, sibur, 
persevere with diligence ; — vi. 
INF. tasabur, rush against each 
other ; — xi. inf. isbirdr, find a 
thing difficult and desist. 

y^ sabr, ebbing of the sea ; — » 
sabra-f, level ground ; a kind 
of chalk ; ditch, water-ditch ; 

— subra-t, a heap of corn on the 

(kfi') sabat, u, inf. sabt, prevent, 
delay ; — inf. sabt, sabat, swell ; 

— INF. sabat, direct another's 
mind to a thing ; — sabit, a, 
INF. sabat, be weak, slack, in- 
dolent, stupid; — II. INF. tasbit, 
prevent ; weaken and relax ; — 
IV. INF. isbdf, keeji in continual 
confinement ; — v. inf. tasabbiit, 
fix one's mind continually on a 
thing ; hesitate. 

(i3^) sabaq, i, inf. sabq, shed 
tears ; — inf. sabq, iasbciq, flow 
fast and with masses of water ; 
pour out ; — INF. siibuq, be 
full ; — VII. INF. insibdq, break 

suddenly upon ; pour out a 

flood of words. 
(3-.> sabq, sibq, jjl. siibiiq, what has 

been torn off. 
(J-j) suM, sabal, small remainder 

of a fluid in a vessel. 
(yJ) saban, I, inf. sabn, sibdn, 

stitch together, sow a seam ; 

put into the bosom of a dress 

and carry along ; — iv. inf. 

isbdii, make a bosom in the 

dress for carrying; — v. inf. 

tabass/iic = l. ; — 6 subna-t, pi. 

S2than, sack, bag ; bosom in a 

>^f^ siibiit, firmness ; proof; incon- 
(e^) ?W> ^. INF. sajj, snjr,j, flow 

abundantly ; pour out, spill ; — 

VII. INF. iiisij'Jj, flow; be poured 

e* ^"i/i blood flowing from a 

victim ; — S sajja-t, fine garden 

or park with ponds. 
sM sajjdj, who pours out or spills 

much ; pouring heavy rain ; 

(&*=?*)> II' '"f<y'so/, INF. tasaj- 

snj, flow ; be poured out ; 

iy^) ■r'"./'"') u, INF. sajr, mix 

anything with the fermenting 

juice of a fruit ; — ii. inf. _;^s5!^ 

ftisji'r, widen ; be weak, relaxed ; 

— VII. INF. iiisijdr, break forth 
(water, blood) ; flow over copi- 

fr sajr, sajir, broad and thick ; — 
sujar, pi. stray troops of men, 
&c. ; arrow with a broad head ; 

— »/r siijra-f, widest part of a 
valley ; deepening of the ground ; 

(J^) idj'h A, INF. sajal, be fat 
and flabby ; — i sy!a-f, corpu- 

V sajhV, f. of J=^\ asml, big- 
bellied ; wide (pocket). 

(t^) iaj"m, A, INF. sajin (also ii.), 
detach easily; — sajim, a, inf. 
sajam, be easily detached ; — 



II. INF. tasjim, and iv. inf. 
isjdm, rain fast and continu- 
ously ; — IV. last. 

(y=^) sajn, sajan, rugged road. 

(j=^) sajd, V, INF. sajw, be silent ; 
disperse, squander; — iv. inf. 
isjd', silence. 

gj=^ saji'ij, 5;»=S' sajij, water from 
above ; wild mouutain-torrent. 

jtfr sajir, dregs, thick pressed 

(jUsS) sahsdh, night- journey for 
getting water. 

gf* sahaj, A, INF. sahj, drag along. 

wA=* sahf, guts of animals, tripes. 

iiWi* sahdna-t, (m.) io^' saAa- 
niyya-t, thickness and hardness ; 
coarseness ; rudeness. 

(^ sahun, inf. sihan, sahdna-t, 
suhima-t, be thick, hard and 
firm ; — ii. inf. tashin, make 
so ; talk rudely to ; — iv. inf. 
ishdn, make thick, bard and 
firm ; inflict severe wounds on 
an enemy, vanquish him ; in- 
flict a severe defeat ; weaken ; 
handle roughly ; — viii. inf. 
issihdn, be weakened by wounds ; 
— X. INF. istishdn, overcome. 

iif^ suMna-t, thickness ; hard- 

(jj^ saMn, thick and hard ; firm 
of character. 

(•W siddm, strainer ; filtering- 
vessel ; straining-cloth. 

(gjj) sadag, a, inf. sadg, break 
another's head ; — vii. inf. 
insiddg, get broken. 

(jjtf) sadaq, V, inf. sadq, be 
copious, abundant ; flow ; pour 
out ; desmiss, dispatch ; open 
the bowels (of a victim) ; — 
VII. INF. insiddg, be flabby ; 
rush upon {i^ 'ala). 

*»ji sidqim, stammerer. 

(^Jj) sadm, having a heavy tongue, 

stammerer ; corpulent, stout, 

fat ; stupid. 

(yJi») sadin. A, INF. sadan, smell 

badly, stink ; be fleshj and 

clumsy ; — ii. inf. tasdin, pass. 
suddin, id. 
yJj sadin, corpulent ; heavy ; f . ' 
sadina-t, afflicted with a bodily 
infirmity (woman). 
i}'^) sadd, V, INF. sadw, moisten, 

(ti"^) sadi. A, INF. sad-an, be 
moistened, wetted ; — ii. inf. 
tasdiya-t, feed, bring up. 
^^Jij sady, sidy, sad-an, pi. J'A 
asd-in, asdi, sudiyy, sidiyy, 
breast ; — sad-an, thiok-breast- 
edness ; — S sudayya-t, little 
breast; box with the neces- 
saries for cleaning the bow and 
the arrows. 
VjJtf sadyd; f . having large breasts . 
(jj) sarr, a, i, ti, inf. sarr, sardr, 
swrur, surilra-t, abound in water, 
milk, &c. ; have full udders ; 
shed much blood or rain ; make 
many words ; move the feet 
quickly ; — I, inf. sarr, dis- 
perse, divide ; — ii. inf. tasrir, 
wet, moisten ; water, irrigate. 
f sarr, » , pi. sirdr, surur, abound- 
ing in water, in milk, &c. ; 
gaping (wound) ; talkative ; 
swift-footed ; — 5 sarra-t, heavy 
shower ; pouring out a torrent 
of words (angry woman). 
\y sard', riches, wealth, abun- 
dance ;=i5/ saran, earth. 
v'V f*»'^&> clay-pit. 
»j\y sarrdra-f, overflowing well, 
(vy) sarab, i, inf. sarb, rebuke, 
fall foul upon {^J^ 'ala) ; un- 
dress a sick person ; — ii. inf. 
tasrib, rebuke, fall foul upon; 
chide ; fold, wrap up ; — iv. inf. 
isrdb, rebuke ; be very fat. 
S-y sarb, pi. suritb, asrub, asdrib, 
fat of the bowels ; caul of the 
bowels ; ruin ; — » sarba-t, pi. 
sarb, sirdb, tail ; fat of the tail. 
V>/ sarbd', f. fat. 
ui>V>y sarabdt, pi. fingers. 
(*»y) surtum, pi. sardtim, remain- 
ders of food in a dish. 


jV>j> sarsdr, i , garrulous ; — 8 
sarsdra-t, garrulous woman ; 
overflowing, gushing. 

(yy) sarsar, inf. S , disperse, 
divide ; be talkative, garrulous ; 
eat much ; mingle together ; — » 
sarsara-t, garrulity. 

Sjyy sursura-t, overflowing. 

(jy) sarad, rr, inf. sard, break 
bread to dip it into the broth, 
&c. ; dip the cloth into the 
dye ; castrate by squashing the 
testicles ; kill the victim with- 
out cutting its throat ; — ii. 
INF. tasrid, id. ; pass, be carried 
from the battle-field with broken 
limbs; — XV. inf. isrindd', be 
fleshy on the chest (also is- 

oy sard, light rain ; — sarad, rent, 
cleft ; — surud, pi. of ■iif sarid ; — 
i surda-t, pieces of bread steeped 
in broth, &c. ; mess. 

(ty) sarat, i, u, inf. sart, scold, 

ty sart, fluid manure ; paste, glue ; 

(iltji) sarfala-t, flaccidity ; relaxed- 
ness ; slackness. 

(^y) sarfam, inf. » , be silent 
while in company ; be exceed- 
ingly fat. 

isty sirti'a-t, short and thick-set. 

(gy ) sari', a, inf. sard', importune, 

(Ley) sur'u(, thin and fluid. 

(ficy) sur'ula-t, feathers on the 
throat of a cock. 

(i/.VEy) sirgdma-t, woman ; wife. 

(l«y) sarim, A, inf. saram, have 
broken or decayed teeth, suffer 
from the falling out of teeth ; 
— saram, i, inf. sarin, break 
another's teeth ; — iv. inf. is- 
rdin, cause the teeth to fall 
out (illness) ; — vii. inf. in- 
sirdm, have broken or decayed 
teeth, be gap-toothed ; be broken 
out (tooth). 

ff sarm, Buppression of the first 

202 15/ 

and fifth letters of a foot in 

Uy sarmd', f. of ^y^ asram, tooth- 
less, gap-toothed. 

(x.y) sarmad, inf. ' , under-do 
the meat, or soil it with ashes. 

iwy sirmit, big sheep; — suramit 
and 5 surmuta-t, thin mud or 

(Uy) sarmat, inf. 5 , be muddy or 
composed of thin clay (ground) ; 
chew audibly ; — iv. isrimdt, 
be inflated (leathern pipe) ; be 
overcome and swell with anger. 

(J-«y) sarmal, inf. ', ease the 
bowels ; eat meat ; under-do 
the meat, &c., or not clean it 
from the ashes ; eat in an 
untidy manner ; bungle, huddle 
up ; — 2 surmula-t, she-fox, fox ; 
dimple between the upper-lip 
and nose ; remains of food or a 
fluid in a vessel. 

(yy) sarin, A, inf. saran, vex or 
injure friends and neighbours. 

(^^y"), IV. isramiaj, inf. isrimhdj, 
be roasted and dried up on the 
surface (skin of a sheep). 

(^y) sard, tj, inf. sard', be nu- 
merous, multiply ; (n.) possess 
a greater number of cattle ; — 
INF. sarw, make numerous, 
multiply (a.) ; be lit by the 
Pleiades and the moon as well 
(night) ; — sari, a, inf. saran, 
be rich in cattle, be wealthy ; 
have a sufficiency ; rejoice ; — 
IV. INF. isrd, be rich in cattle, 
be wealthy ; — ' sarwa-t, plenty ; 
wealth, riches. 

\jy sarwd', f. of (^y^ asra, rich. 

y^^y sarwdn, f . sa riva, very rich ; 
— sarawdn, du. of (^y saran. 

6o^y sariida-t, bread to be steeped 
in broth, &c. 

J}/ siirCtr, abounding in milk ; — 
INF. of (y) ; — pi. ofy sarr. 

ij)f sarwa, f. of o^j/ sarwdn. 

(tsy) sari, A, inf. saran, be moist 
and softened ; — ii. inf. tas- 
riya't, moisten; sprinkle; put 



the hands into moist ground ; 
— IV. INF. isrd', be very moist ; 
contain much water ; thoroughly 
wet the ground. 

y£f saran, du. sarawdn, saraydn, 
pi. asrd, moisture (du. of the 
air and the ground) ; earth, 
ground, humus ; anything good 
or pleasant ; — sariyy, 'i , moist ; 
rich, abundant ; — sariyya-t, 
ground, humus. 

ky saryd, moist ground ; f . of 
iSf^ asra, rich ; — surayyd, the 
Pleiades ; chandelier, lustre. 

^'^.y sirydta-t, watery mud. 

t)V sarydn, moist ; — saraydn, du. 
of ^sf saran. 

•*i/ sarid, * sarida-t, pi. sard'id, su- 
rud, pieces of bread to be steeped 
in broth, &c. ; bread-soup. 

(u^) §a^^, INF. sais, compress a 
leathern bag or pipe to expel 
the air. 

(!=») satt, I, u, INF. satt, satat, 
satdta-t, su{iUa-t, have little 
hair on the chin, cheeks and 
brows ; — IT, ease the bowels. 

!=» satt, i , pi. sitdt, sitata-t, suttdn, 
astdt (atldt), having little hair 
on the chin, the cheeks, or the 

(UaS) sata', A, INF. sat', tread 
down ; — sati', a, inf. satd', be 
very stupid ; — » satdt, stu- 

t^ satdt, pi. of 1=» satt ; — S , 
satdta-t, inf. of (i=>). 

gUaJ sutd', cold, catarrh ; — ^^ sutd- 
'iyy, having a cold. 

(jjUaj suttdn, pi. of 1=» satf. 

!=!=» satat, inf. of Q^) ; — i* sitata-t, 
pi. of 1» satt. 

(^') sata'. A, INF. sata'a-t, ease 
the bowels ; be polluted by 
blood or excrements, so as to 
render the prayer ineffectual; 
appear, become visible ; pass, 
have a cold ; — ii. inf. tasti', 
break into pieces. 

(^siL»), ii sat'ama-t, eminent gift 
of speech, highest eloquence ; 

— II. INF. tasafum, surpass in 

(<_4!a>) sa{af, abundance and ease 

in consequence of a plentiful 

(y=») sa(d, V, INF. satw, place the 

foot on the ground, make a 

step ; ease the bowels ; — viii. 

INF. istitd', be relaxed. 
&ifa sutu(a-t, INF. of (!=»). 
((J=») sati. A, INF. safy, be very 

^J^ safi (!» sat-in), very stupid ; — 

saly, great stupidity ; — sufa, pi. 

(5*) sa", I, INF. sa", vomit ; — vii. 

INF. insi'd', break forth. 
s-yrfVaJ sa'dbib, pi. streams of pure 

y-rfUJ sa'dhin, pi. of yW«» sa'hdn. 
JUJ su'ril, she-fox ; a small 

worm ; — S su'dla-t, she-fox ; 

fox, like Eeynard ; hay ; night- 
shade (plant) ; — <^ su'dli, pi. 

of <-:-»l«' sa'lab. 
&^\ji su'dma-t, adulteress. 
(s-«>) sa'ah, A, inf. sa'h, make 

flow ; shed ; — VII. inf. insi'ab, 

be shed; flow; — viii. inf. is- 

si'db, flow. 
s-<« sa'b, sa'ah, flowing, fluid ; pi. 

yUw su'bdn, watercourse of a 

valley ; — 8 su'ba-t, su'aba-t, pi. 

su'ab, a venomous lizard ; mouse ; 

rat ; name of a tree. 
yU«j subdn, pi. y^V«i' sa'dhin, large 

serpent; boa; dragon; basilisk; 

— pi. of s-^ sa'b, sa'ab. 

(gijo) sa'sa', pearl; mother of 
pearl ; — 5 sa'sa'a-t, stammering ; 

(gjo) sa'aj, troop of travellers. 

ly^) sa'jar, inf. 8 , pour out ; 

— IV. INF. is'injdr, be poured 

(j^^), IV. INF. is'injdh, flow copi- 
ously and continuously. 

Jju sa'd, soft dates of a bad quality ; 
soft, fresh. 

(yo), IV. INF. is'dr, spy, spy out 

Ijyu) sa'rar, inf. » , be split. 



j}f" su'rur, short thick-set man ; 
wart ; a small cucumber. 

(W) sa'it, A, INF. sa'at, get cor- 
rupted and smell badly (water, 
&c.) ; have a bad smell ; decay, 
putrify ; swell and be split 
(lips) ; — II, INF. tas'it, pound, 

Ui' sa't, corrupted meat ; — ii sa'ta-f, 
bad egg. 

(J*') §a,'il, A, INF. sa'al, grow one 
over another (teeth) ; — iv. inf. 
is'dl, be numerous, throng ; ob- 
struct, oppose ; be high (wages) ; 
be a matter of importance and 

J«» su'l, sa'al, overgrown tooth ; 

— sio'l, contemptible ; a worm. 
^ sa'ld', f. of J»jA as'al, having 

overgrown teeth. 
>^-l«» sa'lab, pi. sa'dlib, sa'iUi, fox 
(\*i\ lis m'labu-'l-mn-i, otter) ; 
head-piece of a spear ; ali- 
mentary canal ; outlet (of 
water) ; root of the palm-tree ; 

— s sa'laha-t, she-fox ; the 
buttocks, rump. 

JjUi' sa'lnl, overgrown tooth ; 

(^) sa'am, a, lift up, take away ; 

— V. tasa"um, please, be agree- 

^ sa'w, soft unripe dates. 

v>j«J su'i'tb, gall, bitterness. 

Jj** sa'iU, equipped (army). 

W«> sa'it, moving sand, quick- 

<5r>*' sa'ya-t, famine. 

&-i**» su'ailiba-t, baldness (m.). 

^ sug, name of an idiot. 

Uj sugd', division of the lips ; 
cries of a woman in child-birth. 

(v_-*») sagab. A, inf. sagb, pierce ; 
slaughter; — sa'ib, A, inf. sa- 
gab, melt (a.) ; — v. inf. tasaggub, 
bleed (n.). 

>■,-*» sagb, pi. sigdb, asgdh, cold 
running water in a valley 
shaded water; mountain-lake 

— sagab, pi. sigbdn, rngbdn, id. 

gVi*» sagsdg, stammerer. 

(^i*») sagsag, inf. ^ , utter a con- 
fused speech, stammer ; bite 
(toothless child) ; examine, in- 

^i«» sagsag, stammering (adj.). 

(yu) sagar, a, inf. sagr, break, 
blunt ; (m.) make a breach ; 
by opposition, stop a rent or 
hole ; occupy a mountain-pass 
against (^J^^ 'ala) the enemy ; 
break another's front teeth ; — 
pass, lose the teeth ; be hit on 
the mouth ; — iv. inf. isgdr, 
lose, or, by opposition, get the 
front teeth (child) ; pass, be 
hit on the mouth ; — viii. inf. 
issigdr, ittigdr, iddigdr, get the 
front teeth. 

}*i sagr, pi. sugur, separated, dis- 
persed ; mouth; lips; row of 
teeth ; front tooth ; mountain- 
cleft, pass ; stronghold ; boun- 
dary ; name of a tree ; best 
grass ; — i sugra-t, pi. sugar, 
cavity of the throat ; cleft ; 
mountain-pass ; plain road ; 
breach in a wall. 

v^' sigrib, yellow teeth. 

)}}" sugrilr, boundaries (against 
an enemy). 

^' sagim, sporting dog. 

(^) |fl^S"', T^, inf. sugd', bleat ; — 
IV. INF. ifgd\ cause to bleat ; 
give a sheep to another, or 
slaughter it in his honour. 

(U>) safa'. A, INF. saf, diminish 
the boiling of a kettle. 

Uj' suffd', mustard-seed ; mustard ; 

i^Va/. i^Vij safdja-i mafdja-t, very 

ijijUS' mfdrlq, pi. of o^yJJ sufriiq. 

xjUJ safdfid, piles of white clouds ; 
underclothing ; secrets. 

J^ safdl, slow; — sifal, S sifdla-f, 
bolting cloth ; water-pot ; — 
si/dl, sufdl, the lower mill- 

d^) io,fa'j, u, INF. safj, be stupid, 



(•^), II. saffad, INF. tasfid, line 

(/*) sot/r, sw/r, womb of an ani- 
mal ; — safr, safar, pi. as far, 
crupper, hindmost strap of the 
saddle ; — hence : ii. sajfar, inf. 
tasfir, drive from behind ; — iv. 
INF. isfdr, id. ; put the hind- 
most strap to a saddle or 
tighten it ; show to be near 
giving birth (goat) ; — x. inf. 
istisfdr, be breeched ; put the 
tail between the legs (dog) ; 
— » sufra-t, hair of the arm- 

(li/*); !!• INF. tasafruq, not curdle 

^|j);i> sufrilq, pi. safdriq, pedicle of 
a date or grapes. 

(JA>) safal, V, INF. safl, settle, 
sink, have a sediment ; put a 
bolting-cloth under the mill- 
stone ; disperse ; — il. inf. 
tasfil, eat anything in milk ; 
have much sediment ; — iii. 
INF. musdfala-t, eat solid food 
(corn, &c.) without milk ; be 
continually at a person's apron- 
strings ; — IV. INF. isfdl, have 
a sediment ; — v. inf. tasafful, 
hold back from what is good 
(wicked disposition). 

Ji> svjl, dregs, sediment ; solid 
food (without milk ; safil, who 
eats such); — sujl, s-ifl, bolting- 
cloth, bolter ; — safal, slow. 

((^) safari, i, inf. safn, push, 
push back ; follow, overtake ; 
— safin, A, INF. safan, get 
callous ; — III. INF. nmsdfana-t, 
be always at a person's apron 
strings ; help, assist ; — iv. inf. 
isfdn, make callous ; — » safina-t, 
pi. -dt, safun, callous parts of 
the chest, knees, hind legs (of 
a camel) ; lower edge or seam ; 
plenty, heap, crowd. 

(y^') safd, u, INF. safw, ^ safa, 
I, INF. safy, follow ; chase, drive 
away (also ii. and iv.) ; — ii. 

INF. tasfiya-t, and iv. inf. isfd', 
prop the kettle, &c., with three 
stones, put it on a tripod ; — iv. 
marry three wives ; — v. inf. 
tasaffi, hold back from what is 
good (wicked disposition) ; — S 
sufwa-t, small bowl or basin, 

^> safa, see (^'). 

(3» siq, imp. of (3>j wasiq, trust, 
rely, &c. ; — S siqa-t, confidence, 
trust ; tie ; — i^ &> siqa-t niqa-t, 
trustworthy ; pi. as-siqdt, the 
familiar companions of Muham- 
mad ; INF. of (O's)- 

y^\li siqab, pi. suqub, chips, dry 
twigs, stubble, dung (for mak- 
ing fire) ; plane ; — « saqdha-t, 
siqdha-t=^^ saqdfa-t. 

wi^' saqdf, very prudent ; — siqdf, 
contest, emulation, iii. (<-iS) ; 
— pi. suquf, instrument for 
straightening lances and polish- 
ing ; plane ; — 5 saqdfa-t, sagacity, 
intelligence, wit, refinement. 

JV» saqdl, heavy ; grave, serious, 
sedate ; slow ; — suqdl, clumsy ; 
shunned, avoided, & pi. ;■ — siqdl, 
pi. of J«fl> saqil ; — s saqdla-t, 
heaviness, clumsiness, pon- 
derousness ; morosity ; molesta- 
tion, trouble, grief ; sultriness ; 
INF. of (J"). 

(■.--aJ) saqah, v, inf. saqb, pierce, 
bore, make holes ; penetrate ; 
seize with the mind ; — inf. 
suqub, burn ; shine ; rise, 
spread ; abound in milk ; pene- 
trate ; — saqub, inf. saqdha-t, 
be intensely red ; — ii. inf. 
tasqib, pierce repeatedly, riddle ; 
light a fire ; show itself (grey 
hair) ; — iv. inf. isqdh, light a 
fire; render shining, resplen- 
dent ; — V. INF. tasaqqub, get 
pierced, torn, corroded, lit; 
pierce, light ; — vii. inf. insiqdh, 
get pierced, torn. 

>—.£> saqb, suqb, i , pi. asqub, 
suqub, asqdb, perforation, hole ; 



— suquh, pi. of v^' siqdh ; — 8 
suqha-t, j)!. suqub, suqh, canal. 

((jifij) saqsaq, inf. s , talk stupidly 
or foolishly. 

(jo>), V. tasaqqar, inf. tasaqqur, 
be shaken, shake (n.), tremble. 

(<_6aj) sa^i/, A, INF. saj/, saqaf; 
saquf, INF. saqnfa-t, have a sharp 
penetrating intellect ; be clever 
and successful ; surpass in in- 
tellect ; — saqif, A, inf. saqaf, 
meet, reach, seize, take hold 
of ; understand ; obtain, find ; 

— II. INF. tasqif, straighten a 
lance, make straight again ; 
educate, refine ; correct ; — iii. 
INF. niusdqafa-t, vie and sur- 
pass in penetration ; inf. siqiif, 
dispute in a haughty manner ; 

— IV. INF. isqctf, pass, get 
into one's own power ; — vi. 
INF. tasdquf, quarrel with each 

•-^ ^*2/) i^lft saqif, saquf, sharp, 
penetrating, active. 

(ji>) saqal, u, inf. saql, estimate 
the weight, weigh, make two 
things equal in weight; put a 
weight on; — saqul, inf. saqd- 
la-t, siqal, be heavy, weighty; 
molest (^J^ 'ala) ; be troubled 
in body and mind ; be hard of 
hearing ; feel pregnant ; be 
full of sap; — II. INF. tasqil, 
deem or declare a thing to be 
diflHcult ; make heavy, lay a 
weight on ; surfeit the sto- 
mach ; burden, molest, annoy ; 
weigh to ; — IV. INF. isqiil, 
make one carry a heavy bur- 
den ; press upon, oppress ; 
grieve ; feel pregnant ; — vi. 
INF. tasiiqui, be heavy, pon- 
derous ; be a burden ; bend 
from heaviness to the earth ; 
gravitate ; find a thing too 
difficult and desist ; refuse 
help ; — X. INF. islisqiU, find 
or be heavy, ponderous, trouble- 

J« saql, luggage, baggage; — 

siql, pi. asqdl, weight, burden; 
heaviness ; weightiness ; trouble- 
someness ; — saqal, pi. asqdl, 
luggage, baggage; retinue, ser- 
vants, family ; overload ; of 
great value ; du. as-saqaldn, 
men and demons ; — siqal, 
heaviness, ponderousness, inf. 
of ( Je») ; — siiql (also ^' SU- 
qald'), pi. of J,i» saqil ; — * 
saqla-t, saqala-t, heaviness, 
trouble ; indigestion, surfeit ; 
— saqla-t, tiredness ; heaviness 
in the limbs ; molestation ; 
i-j\i31 iUiJl as-saqla-t az-zdtiyya-t, 
the specific weight ; — saqila-t, 
siqala-t, saqala-t, luggage, bag- 
gage. ^ 

v^^' saqub, pi. suqub, fuel ; — suqub, 
pi. of s-aJ' saqb ; INF. of (>-;-»»). 

4j«» suqwa-t, pi. -lit, earthen 

•■r-^ saqih, abounding in milk ; 
intensely red. 

>-o-a» saqif, very sour (»_ita> y\ 
ahl saqif, vinegar) ; sagacious, 
penetrating, intelligent ; — siqqif, 

J<si' saqil, 5 , pi. suql, siqal, 
suqald', heavy ; burdensome ; 
indigestible ; morose ; tire- 
some ; troublesome, disagree- 
able ; ponderous, clumsy ; lazy ; 
troubled in body or mind ; 
harsh ; severe ; weighty. 

(c£X>) sakk, V, INF. sakk, travel, 
roam about. 

(cdiiS) saksak, inf. S , be stupid 
and malicious ; — S saksaka-f, 
stuj)id woman. 

( J^') sal^'il, A, INF. sakal, be bereft ; 
mourn for ; — iv. inf. iskdl, be- 
reave ; be bereft. 

Jii' saki, sakal, death ; destruc- 
tion, ruin ; bereavement ; — sakil, 
yKS- sakliin, f. », saWn, pi. sakdla, 

(^») sakam, v, inf. sakm, follow 
the tracks ; persevere in a 
matter ; dwell, abide, stay ; — 
sakim. A, INF. sakam, id. 




f^ sakam, middle of the road ; 

(.(^) suhn, levelness of the road ; 

— S sukna-t, pi. sukan, adorn- 
ment for the neck ; ditch for a 
fire, ditch, grave ; religious zeal ; 
standard, flag ; military gather- 
ing-place ; bevy of birds. 

J^ sahul, bereft ; pathless. 

(J>) sail, INF. sail, salal, annihi- 
late, destroy from the founda- 
tions ; kill ; overthrow ; throw 
earth into a well ; make coins ; 
drop excrements ; — u, inf. sail, 
remove earth out of a well ; — 
IV. INF. isldl, have plenty of 
sheep and wool ; cause to re- 
store, to rebuild ; restore ; beat 
out another's teeth ; — v. inf. 
tasallul, be annihilated, de- 
stroyed ; — VII. INF. insildl, run 
together from all sides and 
fall upon ; break down upon ; 

— 2 salla-t, pi. silal, sildl, large 
flock ; gap, breach ; wool mixed 
•with camel-hair ; also pi. tulal, 
mud from a well ; great quantity 
of money ; watering-places ; — 
silla-t, death, destruction ; — 
sulla-t, pi. sulal, troop of people; 
great quantity of money. 

w'^ salldb, calumniator, slanderer; 

•4»!W solas, f., S saldsa-t, m., three; 

— sulds, by threes, triple. 

W saldsd', suldsd', pi. saldsdwdt, 
Tuesday ; salds-an, thrice, three 

yy)i> saldsiln, (m.) y^lW' saldsin, 
thirty ; thirtieth. 

iJ'iS saldsiyy, referring to three ; 

— suldsiyy, i , having three 
radical letters ; — 5 suldsiyya-t, 
person of highest rank, vizier, 

gW salldj, seller of ice ; — i sald- 
ja-t, avalanche of snow ; — j^ 
suldjiyy, white as snow ; shining, 

JS* saldl, destruction ; — sildl, pi. 
of Hi falla-t. 

(s-^l>) salah, I, inf. salb, rebuke, 
scold, inveigh against; slander, 
calumniate ; repel, drive away ; 
turn back, turn round ; blunt ; 
spoil ; destroy ; — salib, a, inf. 
salah, contract (n.), get soiled ; 
get blunted or spoiled ; — ii. 
INF. taslib, grow old, toothless, 
and bald. 

s-l*' si!7fe, salb, insult ; calumny ; 
— silb, », pi. asldb, silaba-t, old, 
toothless, and bald ; pi. sildb, 
fault, vice ; — silb, salib, vicious ; 
dirty ; broken ; — salab, dirt ; 
colic ; — suhib, pi. of sj^^ salub. 

(liJj) salas, rr, inf. sals, divide 
into three parts; take the third 
part of one's property ; — i, 
inf. sals, come as the third 
one to two, or as the thirtieth 
to twenty-nine; — ii. inf. taslis, 
triple ; declare to be three, do 
thrice; make triangular ; divide 
by three ; touch the third string 
of the lute ; reach the goal as 
the third ; become three. 

cJi sils, watering (of a field, &c.) 
on the third day ; the third 
foal ; — suls, stilus, pi. aslds, 
third part ; — salas, f . three ; — 
salas-an, thrice. 

^y^ sulsul, destruction ; — eMl* 
sulsuldn, silsildn, nightshade 
(plant) ; hay. 

^UiU sulsmdya-t, three hundred 

(_yilj sulusiyy, a large ornamental 

( gU) salaj, IT, inf. salj, snow ; 
macerate ; — inf. suMj, also 
salij, A, inf. salaj, recover, 
refresh one's self, be at rest 
again (after fatigue, &o.) ; — 
salij. A, inf. salaj, be cheerful, 
rejoice ; snow ; — ii. inf. taslij, 
be icy cold, frozen ; — iv. inf. 
isldj, snow, cover with snow ; 
be snowy (day) ; get into snow ; 
get quieted ; rejoice (a.) ; sub- 
side ; come in digging upon 



gl»' salj, pi. suMj, snow ; — salj and 
salij, icy cold, cold. 

(^) salih, A, INF. saZaA, be soiled, 
dirtied ; — ii. inf. taslih, soil, 

(UjJ saZaf, I, INF. ^aZi, throw dirt 
at, soil. 

1=1» salt, thin excrements. 

(C^) sa?a', A, INP. saZ', (^) saZajr, 
A, INF. salg, break a person's 
head ; sala', (m.) harrow ; — 
salag, vii. inf. insildg, get 
broken ; have soft and ripe 

Ji> salal, destruction; — silal, pi. 
of ^ salla-t ; — sulal, pi. of 
iU sulla-t. 

(^■) salam, i, inf. mini, blunt the 
edge of a vessel, sword, &c. ; 
make a breach in a wall ; dis- 
parage ; — mlim. A, INF. saZam, 
be blunted ; broken in ; also 
used actively ; — ii. inp. taslim, 
blunt much ; — v. inf. tasallum 
and VII. INF. insilum, passive of 
the previous. 

1^ salm, notch, gap ; suppression 
of the first letter of a wata-t 
mafriiq, at the beginning of a 
foot otherwise perfect ; — salam, 
breaking of a river- bank; — S 
sulma-t, pi. sulam, notch, gap ; 
breach ; split, cleft. 

(kjj) salma-t, inf. i , be flabby, 

1=*!^' salmat, tj*ly salmi'it^=-^ salt. 

s->y' salub, pi. suhib, cavilling, 
finding fault, criticising (adj.). 

^' sulla, fallen greatness. 

iJi^ salh, third part. 

,_sj&*l»' sidaijiyy, a kind of finch 

JJi' salil, gurgling or purling of 

(*i) sanim, r, inp. samni, tread 
down ; restore, amend ; corro- 
borate ; put into order ; gather ; 
contain ; wipe with grass ; pull 
out with the mouth ; eat or 
gather pell-mell the good and 
bad ; sweep a room ; — ii. inp. 

tasmim, tread down; break a 
dressed bone ; — viii. inf. in- 
simdm, fall from all sides upon ; 
melt and blend ; waste away ; 
grow old and weak. 

/ti samm-a, yonder ;=: summ-a, 
then, after that, thereupon ; — 
summ, household vessels ; ^ 
j«j 3^ ^' ii md la-hu summ wa-ld 
rumm, be has nothing whatever; 
— 8 samma-t, there, yonder; — ■ 
simma-t, old man ; — summa-t, 
handful of grass. 

(Uj) sama', a, inf. sam', offer fat 
food ; throw truffles into the 
fat ; break bread and steep it 
with broth ; dye the beard with 
henna ; break a person's head ; 
ease the bowels ; — ■ vii. inf. 
insimd', be broken. 

;Uj' samdr, fruit ; possessions ; — 
simdr, pi. of ^' samar. 

JUS' simdl, helper, avenger ; — 
sumCd, deadly poison ; hole ; — 
6 mmdla-t, pi. sumdl, foam, 
froth ; rest, remainder. 

yyU> samdnitn (m. {^^*j samanin), 
eighty. ^ 

^j>U» samdni, f., s samdniya-t, m. 

v=~»i' summat, in poetry =(« summ, 
then, thereupon. 

il*^) samsam, inf. i , cover or 
stop up a vessel ; desist ; leave 
time for rest; do a thing not 
well; tie up the leathern bag 
for buttering ; not bend in 
striking (sword) ; — ii. inf. 
tasamsum, desist. 

^♦-*j' samsam, spoi'ting-dog. 

(.S*^) s*»y> confusion ; medley. 

(A4i) samad, v, find water in a 
ditch and preserve it there for 
the time of need ; take every- 
thing from, exhaust ; give, and, 
by opposition, demand ; — iv. 
INF. ism.dd, preserve water for 
the time of need ; — viii. inp. 
istimdd, issimdd, drink of such 
water ; — x. inf. igtismdd, pre- 



serve water ; ask for a little ; — 
XI. INF. ismiddd, grow fat. 

•^' samd, samad, water in a ditch 
preserved for the time of need ; 
i-emainder of water ; spring 
which disappears in summer. 

()*i) samar, u, inf. sumur, bear 
fruit ; get rich ; gather brush- 
wood ; — II. INF. tasmir, cause 
to bear fruit ; increase, heap up 
riches ; form buds ; — iv. inf. 
ismdr, bear fruit ; be fertile ; 
be or get rich ; purpose ; — x. 
istismdr, endeavour to make a 
thing bear fruit or bring ad- 
vantage ; consider fertile or 
advantageous ; have the usufruct 
or profit ; gather. 

]*i samar, i , pi. simdr, sumur, 
asindr, fruit ; produce, gain, 
advantage, profit ; possessions, 
riches ; gold, silver ; knot at 
the top of a whip ; — samir, 
plentiful, much, many ; — sumr, 
sumur, plenty of riches ; — ii 
samara-t, samura-t, pi. -at, fruit- 
tree ; descendant ; consequence, 
result ; tip of the tongue ; — 
samira-t, sweetness ; friendship. 

(W) samt, thin excrements, mud. 

(A*«j) sam'ad, handsome ; J**.i/» 
musma'idd, handsome of face. 

(t*") samag, v, inf. samg, mingle 
white with black ; dye deep red ; 
dip the head repeatedly into 
henna ; grease the head with 
oil ; — II. inf. tasmig, rub a 
person's head with grease, &c. ; 
— VII. insimdg, get squashed 
(falling fruit) ; get moist ; — » 
samga-t, mountain-summit. 

(J*») samal, i, u, inf. saml, 
sumill, stay, remain staying ; 
help, assist, stand by a person ; 
give food and drink ; eat ; — 
samil, A, INF. samal, get or be 
drunk ; stay, remain staying ; 
II. INF. tasmil, leave (water, 
&c.) ; raise foam ; trouble the 
water ; — iv. inf. ismdl, leave 
water ; have much foam or 

froth ; have pure milk ; — v. 
INF. tasamm,ul, drink out en- 
tirely ; protect, help ; eat. 

J*i' saml, delay, stay; — samal, 
id. ; drunkenness ; means of 
subsistence ; shadow ; — samil, 
drunk, intoxicated ; in love ; — ■ 
suml, i , a certain amount 
of intellect and firmness ; — S 
sumla-t (sanila-t), pi. sumal, 
grains and legumes ; oatmeal 
porridge ; also samala-t, pi. 
samal, remainder of water ; mud 
of a well. 

(U*>) samlaf, inf. !i = (la*i>). 

(y-w') swman, u, inf. saniii, take 
the eighth part of a man's 
property ; levy every eighth 
man ; — i, be the eighth, come 
as the eighth to others; — ir. 
INF. tasmtn, make or be eight- 
fold, octangular ; (m.) value, 
estimate, esteem ; — iv. inf. 
ismdn, consist of eight; water 
the camels on the eighth day ; 
pay the price of goods ; (m.) 
be precious, costly, valuable. 

(U'*') saman, pi. asmdii, asmun, 
asmina-t, price, value ; — simn, 
eight days' thirst of a camel ; 
— sunin, sumun, pi. asmdn, 
eighth part. 

•J^*» samud, sumiid, tribe Samud 

J^' samiil, delay, stay. 

j-!*» samir, i samira-t, butter- 
milk ; — >i» (^^y ibn samir, 
moon-lit night ; — ' samira-t, 
fertile ground. 

A**«j samiga-t, fluid food with the 
fat of meat ; moist ground ; 
wound on the head. 

Jj.^ samil, sour milk with bread ; 
watering-place ; also » samUa-t, 
pi. samd'il, remainder of water; 
rest, remainder ; house with 
furniture and beds ; water- 
reservoir of stone ;=:aUj' sumla-t. 

(^^ samin, pi. asmun, valuable, 
precious, costly ; eighth part. 

((^■) dnn, dry hay ; blackish and 





U» Sana', 
to us ; - 

salutation, felicitation ; render- 
ing the salutation ; praise, and 
by opposition, blame ; — umi' 
song, melody 
courtyard ; pi. 
— suii(t\ siinrV 
two, in twos. 

parts of wood ; — i 

pi. sunan, hair on a 

hoof ; abdomen ; pu- 

abbreviation for Ui.i=^ 
he told us, related 
saiiil', pi. asniya-t, 

rope, string ; 
of ^ ^ctniyij ; 
suniV, two and 



densely-grown plants. 

ViUj sandi/d, pi. of i^ saniyya-t. 

ii^ sinii ya -t:^^ siinV. 

,_3»^' sunu'iyy, having two I'adiL-al 

(vi^ji) saiiit, A, INF. sciiiat, smell 
badly, stink ; be relaxed and 

u>^ miiif, i , faded; relaxed and 

yli;i' sudiiil, f. two. 

(iiU.oj siiiti'iya-t, ribald. 

(J^) ^(-uifal, INF. 6 , get soiled. 

Jj"j' saiital, i saniala-t, bad egg ; 
— siutiJ, short ; soiled ; im- 

ijAjj mndua-t, sundmva-i, pi. 
sanddi', nipple ; teat. 

(Li*) sant, cleft, rent. 

<^f" ^aiiwa, exception; head and 
feet of sacrificed animals ; — 
sanawiyy, professing two prin- 
ciples of creation ; fire-wor- 
shipper ; — 6 sanawiyya-t, sect 
of such. 

,_ya Sana, I, A, INP. sany, fold ; 
double ; be the second ; repeat, 
do a second time ; prevent, 
avert ; — ii. inf. tasniya-f, 
double ; bend, turn ; put a 
word into the dual ; point a 
letter with two dots ; eat a 
second time of a dish ; touch 
the secoiKl string of the lute ; 
praise or blame ; render thanks ; 
— IV. INF. imd', praise or blame ; 
lose the front teeth ; — r. iNf . 

tasanni, become six years old 
(camel) ; — vii. inf. insina, 
turn aside, desist ; come off ; 
— VIII. INF. i^sini'i', become six 
years old; — v., vii., viii., be 
bent, folded ; doubled up ; walk 
with a bent body, or swinging 
to and fro ; undulate ; — x. inf. 
isfh)uV, make an exception or 
proviso ; swear with a reser- 
vation ; — XII. imauna, inf. 
ipiiniT, be bent, folded, doubled 

^_^ sany, folding (s.) ; — sin.y, pi. 
asiin, bend, fold, doubling ; 
double ; second child or foal ; 
giving birth for the second time 
(also tinati) ; an hour of the 
night ; asml. qualities ; — siny, 
s}ni-an, sin-an, pi. siiiya-f, the 
second person in the kingdom ; 
governor ; — sinan, pi. ' sinya-t, 
anything doubled, repeated ; 
repetition ; pi. cf/c", asdnhi, 
Monday ; — mniyy, i, pi. sn»y<!», 
asni"!, si'"'', losing the first teeth 
(adj.), becoming respiectively 
six, four, three, or two years of 
age (camel, horse, cattle, sheep) ; 
— S sinya-t, utterly contemptible; 
pi. of yViJi' sunyihi ; — saniya-t, 
second (moment of time) ; — 
saniyya-t, pi. i^\ -,it, sandyii, 
front tooth ; mountain-slope ; 
rugged mountain-path ; narrow 
pass ; mountain-chain ; exploit ; 
martyr ; leader of men ; — ^^yi 
sanwa ; praise, eulogy, pane- 

W^' siinyd=^jfii sanva. 

yW^ snnydn, pi. sinya-t, second in 
the kingdom, in rank ; governor ; 
head of the family ; unreason- 
able ; pi. of ^ saniyy. 

(u:-6>) sahif, A, INF. sahat, saht, 
suhat, call, call out to. 

{^) sahsah, inf. i , melt (u.). 

(J«») sahii,A, INF. sahal, be spread 
on the floor. 

Mif sahmad, tall and stout (wo- 




(^■) mhrt, u, INF. sahw, be stupid ; 
— III. INF. SUb>LU musiihit, talk 
to (ace). 
(J^y) sah'wad='^f sauJiad. 
(/), IV. isa', INF. isa't, throw, 
pelt, shoot ; — 6 samva-t, sutv- 
wa-t, heap of stones as a road- 
mark in the desert ; — suwwa-t, 
pi. suwa-n, household furniture. 
\y sawcV, inf. of (i^y). 
s-iV sawdb, reward, recompense ; 
requital ; punishment ; good 
work ; honey ; bee ; — sawivdb, 
dealer in clothes ; keeper of the 
wardrobe ; — ii mwdba-t, work 
(of charity) ; — mwdba-t, shoot- 
ing-star, planet, 
"i-^^y sawdbit, pi. of ^U' sdbita-t. 
^f su'dj, bleating of cattle. 
)\f saivivdr, herdsman; — siivdi; 

INF. of (jy). 
My su'dt, cold, catarrh. 
<^^y sawdlis, of the third genera- 
^\f sawwdla-t, swarm of locusts. 
fi\f sawwdm, seller of garlic. 
o'V §.<^wdni, pi. of &a'^' sdniya-t. 
^•V f ""'//'') pl' of *Jy ^awiyija-t. 
^\f sawd'ij, pi. of &^^' sd'ija-t. 
(v_>y) sdb, IT, INF. saub, su'db, vy 
sab, return ; be full or almost 
full ; — INF. su'b, assemble, 
gather ; — inf. sawabdu, recover ; 
— II. INF. taswib, return ; re- 
ward ; retaliate ; call to prayer 
or repeat the call ; assume the 
posture of prayer; increase the 
number of one's prayers of free 
will ; — IV. INF. isdba-t, reward ; 
recover ; fill ; — v. inp. tasaw- 
wub, say after the prescribed 
prayer a second one ; — x. inf. 
istisdba-t, demand a reward ; ask 
vy saub, pi. siydb, aswub, as'ub, 
aswdb, dress, garment, cloth 
(t^L£i\ lij sauh ahbdb, v->5*W*> '^ 
saub habdbib, tattered clothes) ; 
armour ; coat of the horse ; 

actions, deeds; heart; protec- 
tion ; clientship ; UJ\ i±j satibu- 
'l-iiid'i, placenta. 

^y sii'abd' , yawning (s.). 

O^y sawabdn, recovery, inf. of 

(ey) Sty, bleat, for (e^'). 

ey sauj, basket made of leaves of 
the palm-tree. 

(cy) sdh, V, INF. sauh, and — 

it-') ^*^> '> INF. saih, touch any- 
thing soft or swollen ; sink in 

Gy) ^'''''' ^' ^^^- saw, su'i'ir, 
sawardii, stir and rise; rise 
and spread ; leap ujj ; rush 
against, attack ; break out, ap- 
pear ; flow; — II. INF. taswir, 
stir up and rouse ; study the 
meaning of the Koran ; — iii. 
INF. iiuisdwara-t, siivdr, sjjring 
or rush against ; — iv. inf. 
isdra-t, excite, rouse ; provoke 
a tumult or quarrel ; urge on ; 
drive the clouds ; frighten ; 
plough; pass, rise, grow; — v. 
INF. tasaiowur, stir and rise; 
ascend; appear ; attack; ^viii. 
INF. issiydr, id. ; — x. inf. istl- 
sdra-t, raise dust, hunt up 
animals ; provoke war or tu- 
mult, or incite to do so ; be 
excited ; appear ; call to re- 

_jy saur, pi. siydr, siwani-t, siya- 
ra-t, sira-t, sb-iln, bull ; sign 
of the Bull ; lord, master ; 
morning, dawn ; white of the 
nail ; pi. asiodr, siicara-t, large 
piece of the cream-cheese ^\ 
aqt ; water-moss ; madness ; 
stupid; — su'ur, pi. of j^' sa'r, 
revenge, &o. ;— s su'ra-t, su'ura-t, 
thirst for vengeance, vindictive- 
ness ; INF. of (j^') ; — saiu-a-t, 
large troop ; wealth ; passion- 

y^jy sawardii, cloud of dust ; inf. 


Ji)f su'rnr, policeman ; beadle, 
(gy) sd', IT, inf. sau', flow. 

jy 212 

(Jy) §"h u, INF. saul, show signs | 
of iucipient madness ; pour out ; 
gather (n.) ; — satvil, A, inf. 
sawal, (m.) be giddy, hare- 
brained ; — V. INF. tasaivmil, 
form clusters (swarming bees) ; 
insult and offer violence ; — 
VII. INF. insi'dl, pour upon (n.) ; 
fall upon from all sides ; crowd 
together; (m.) be giddy, act 

Jy saul, swarm of bees ; crowd ; 
male bee; — .^awal, St. Vitus's 
dance; — t^atil, saical, i HOila-t, 
(m.) giddiness ; — sfd, pi. of 
jy^ aswal, giddy, &c. 

Sy saidu', f. of jy^ aswal, giddy, 

jyy sti'h'tl, pi. sa'iHil, wart. 

ff i'liii, i , garlic; — ' sihna-t, 
pommel of a sword. 

(•iAy) tauhad, i , full and fat and 
close to puberty. 

<T),y fu'fth, INF. of (vy). 

)}}' su'ur, INF. of (jy) ; — i su'/ira-t, 

(i^y) snu-''i, I, INF. saint', siiiclijij, 
make a halt, stop, remain, stay 
for a j)ermaneucy ; receive hos- 
pitably ; pass, be interred ; — 
II. INF. tasiviya-f, cause to 
remain, retain ; receive hos- 
pitably ; die; — IV. INF. isw'i', 
live, dwell ; cause to remain ; 
receive hospitably ; shoot ar- 

j^y sawiyy, \A. asiviy!, guest; 
inhabitant ; ready for a guest ; 
— mwaii, pi. of if sKwira-t ; — 
S sawiyya-t, pi. saw'ly!, (sheep-) 


fold ; stone as a road-mark ; 
woman, wife. 
ikf sawda-t, bundle of herbs; 

' - i'.'/ 

1h, pi. of vy saub. 

(_^U Viyiihiyy, keeper of the ward- 

jW' siydr, pi. of ^y saw, bull. 

(.^■) II. sayyab, inf. tasyib, 
have sexual intercourse; — v. 
INF. tasayyiib, separate from 
the husband after the first 

(«--^') sa'dj, yawn; pass, suib, 
INF. sa'b, grow lazy, sleepy ; 

— V. INF. tasa"ub, yawn; — 
VI. INF. tasi'i'ub, id. ; go to spy 

s-4' sayyib, who divorces from 
wife or husband after the first 
coition; f. no longer a virgin. 

(Ji«>) sadal (also J~^' saisal), old 
chamois ; antelope ; impotent ; 

— INF. i , prove foolish. 
(t^) &ee (t/)- 
(as>) sa'id, A, INF. sa'ad, be moist; 

freeze, be chilled. 
ASi' sa'id, moist; frozen; — » sa'i- 

da-t, fleshy. 
j^ sir, pellicle upon the eye ; — ^ 

';** siyara-i, a^j-J sh-i'nt, pi. of 

jf sanr, bull, 
(lali) sa'it. A, INF. sa'at, be putrid ; 

— pass, su'it, catch a cold. 
ff»-i> sahuihn, a kind of wheat. 
(o**) i''"' place for pearl-fishing ; 

tool for piercing pearls. 
io siyya-t, fold ; stable. 
lijj siyi'iba-f, widowhood. 
(^^•j"see (^U-). 

j, as a numerical sign=:3 ; ab- i 

breviation for : Tuesday, as third | 
day of the week ; ^*^ J«"'', 

plural ; the constellation Cancer, 1 

as the third sign of the zodiac ; ' 

and the month jii.S\ i^^\*^Jiimiida \ 

al-d/jlr, Sud J. (W- being abbre- 
viation for JjS\ ^_soW jamdda 
al-airical, 1st J.). 

Vi). jd'iii, coming=^W jd'i, (m.) 
^^Wj:!i, ag. of (^. 

(s^V) j'd>, aor. yajib, imp. jib, 


bring (m. for original v" W 
jd'a hi, come with) ; — ja'ab, a, 
INK. ja'b, gain, earn; sell red 
•t-V jdb, see ^W ; —ja'b, jab, pi. 
jii'ub, jdb, strong ass ; red clay ; 
navel ; f . » , stout and strong ; 
savage ; over-bearing, haughty ; 

— i ja'ba-t, hypochondres ; — 
jdba-t, answer, reply. 

jjU jdbir, who sets broken bones ; 
forcing, compelling ; powerful, 
tyrannical; — 5 jdbint-t, Medina. 

ujW jdbi', jdbi, locust ; — jdbi (s->W 
jdb-in), tax-gatherer, collector of 
revenue ; — i jdbiya-t, pi. jawdbi, 

C*^^) ia'asi -4, INF. ja's, walk 
along with a heavy load ; relate, 
narrate ; — -^i-^ ja'is, a, inf. 
jaas, rise or walk with difficulty 
(on account of a burden) ; pass. 
inf. ju'ih, get frightened; — 
TV. INF. ijdsa-t, burden, put a 
load on ; — vii. inf. inji'ds, id.; 
be overthrown. 

>^W ja"ds, of a bad disposition. 

(.yU. jdsihn, nightmare, incubus ; 
sleeper, lazy. 

^JW jdsiyy, pi. jusiyy, jisiyy, 
kneeling (adj.) ; the sign of 
Hercules; — i jdsiya-t, kneeling 
(a.) ; name of the 46th chapter 
of the Koran. 

(eW) ja'aj. A, INF. ja'j, stand as a 
coward ; — » jdja-t, glass bead ; 
string of pearls. 

(WW) ja'ja', INF. » , call the 
camels to the watering-place ; 

— II. INF. taja'ju', desist ; fear. 
WW ja'ja', flight ; dispersion. 
^_s=-W ja'dji', pi. of ^j^ ju'ju', 

breast, &c. 
cWjdh, veil. 
•i="W jdhid, denying ; refractory ; 

adversary, opponent ; apostate. 
1=="W jdhiz, pi. juhhaz, goggle-eyed ; 

du. aj-jdhizdn, the pupils of the 


^W jdhim, battle ; » , glowing. 

jW jdd, in vain, ineffectual; — 
jddd, zealous ; quick ; — 8 jdA- 
da-t, pi. jawdd, causeway ; high- 

(j-jW jddis, i , effaced, obliterated ; 
uncultivated ; hard, firm, strong. 

^•^Wjddil, grownup; brawler. 

i5JW jddi, pi. juddt, asking for a. 
gift (adj.); saffron; wine. 

^•iW jddiyd' , saffron. 

(•>W) ja'az. A, INF. ja'z, drink 
without sipping or pausing. 

V"^W jdzib, 5 , pi. jawdzib, ag. of 
(v»>i=^) ; jdziba-t, charm, attrac- 
tion, grace, loveliness. 

;'iW ja'dzir, buffaloes, pi. of jj^ 

ts-iW jdzi, pi. jizd', f . » , pi. jawdzi, 
standing on tip- toe ; having short 

(jW) ja'ar, a, inf. ja'r,j>i'dr, low; 
raise one's voice in prayer ; — 
INF. ja'r, be high (plants) ; bear 
high plants ; — ja'ir, a, inv. ja'ar, 
have a fit of suifocation. 

jW jdr, pi. jirdn, jira-t, ajwdr, 
neighbourhood ; neighbour ; 
client ; confederate ; friend ; 
companion ; husband ; pudenda 
of a woman ; buttocks ; — jdr'in 
= t5;W jdr't;—jdrr, ag. of (j^), 
draw, &c. ; governing the oblique 
case ; — S jdra-t, pi. -dt, female 
neighbour ; woman ; second 
wife ; protection ; buttocks ; pi. 
of yW jd'ir ; — jdrra-t, camels 
led by the halters ; way to the 

CjW j'driA, ag. of (jCfi-), wound; — » 
jdriha-t, pi. jawdrih, wild beast ; 
pi. limbs. 

^_^JW jdris, pi. jurrds, criminal. 

ijjW jdrif, ag. of («-J/5-), shovel ; 
sweep (who cleans the streets) ; 
epidemic amongst animals ; 

(.jW jdrim, pi. jurram, jurrdm, who 
gathers dates ; sinner. 

j^W jdrM, very dry. 



JA)^ ja^rAr, torrent ; brook ; hinge 
of a door. 

d''})^ jorils, hand-mill. 

'^})^jdrafa-t, shovel; (m.) mattock, 
hoe, rake. 

v^jW- jdri, flowing, running, cur- 
rent ; passing, happening ; — 5 
jdriya-t, pi. jawdri, slave-girl ; 
mercy of G-od ; ship ; 


jW ja'az, INF. of (j^) ; jo';, fit of 

jjW jdzir, killer of camels. 
t)^ jdzi', prop ; quarrelsome. 
(•jW jihiin, pi. jcnvdzim, ag. of 

<JJ • jdzi, sufficient, equivalent ; — • 
' jdziya-t, reward; compensa- 
tion ; — jdzi'a-t, pi. jawdzi, wild 

}-W jdsir, pi. jawdsir, bold, venture- 
some, daring. 

(j^^W. jasus, pi. jawdsis, scout, 
spy ; white poppy ; — ii jdsii- 
siyya-t, spying (s.). 

(j-W-jasi, hard. 

^W jdsiyd', hardness. 

(^U.) ja'as, A, INF. ja's, come up 
to, approach ; be deeply moved. 

lAW jds, pi. ju'us, heart ; senses ; 
bosom, breast, chest. 

(u°^)i«'»?i A, INF. ja's, drink. 

i^W jd'a-t, pi. hungry people. 

(k_iW) ja'a/. A, INF. ja'f, throw on 
the grouud ; frighten ; uproot ; 
— ja'if, A, INF. ja'af, be hungry ; 
be terrified ; shrink. 

«-*W jdff, dry, withered; — ja"d/, 
who calls ; — jdf-in^:^^W jdfi. 

JiW jdfil, pi. juffdl, running, &c., 
ag. of (JA^) ; confused, in dis- 
order; agile; — i jdfila-t, high 

jjiV^yj/t (tjW-j(?/-(rt), cruel, savage; 
tyrannical ; coarse, rude ; stupid. 

(J^) ja'aU A, INF. ja'1, come and 
go; gather (a. and n.);—ja'il, 
A, INF. ja'aldn, limp, halt ; — ix. 
INF. ij'ildl, fear. 

JW jdl, wall, parapet ; river j 
mountain slope; (m.) forged, 

adulterated; — 5 jdlla-t, jdla-t, 
pi. jawdl, exiles, fugitives. 

s-JW jdlib, attracting, Ac, ag. of 
(s-W) ; importer (of cattle, 
goods, &c.), pi. jaivdlih, jullab, 
curing, healing. 

^W jdlibiyya-t, attractiveness, 
attraction, charm ; import and 

y-JU- jdlis, pi. jah'is, sitting, Ac, 
ag. of (lt-^) j comrade, com- 

c^y W jdhH, Goliath. 

ij-}>^W jddiHus, Galen. 

dJU jiUlya-t, exile ; exiles ; tri- 
bute ; tributaries. 

(«W jdm, pi. afum, ajivdm, jdmdt, 
jaum, cup, goblet ; tumbler ; — 
jdmm, abundant ; rested, re- 
covered from fatigue. 

^W jdmih, pi. jummak, proud. 

«»^W jdmid, pi. jamad, jawdmid, 
growing hard, &c., ag. of (■^*^) ; 
tearless ; stilling the blood ; 
inorganic ; fossil ; radical word ; 
al-jawdmid, solid bodies, mine- 
rals, fossils. 

g^W jdmi', pi. jam', assembling, 
&c., ag. of (f=.) ; all, the whole 
of ; encylopaedia ; collector ; 
compiler ; large kettle ; pi. 
jawdmi', greni mosque; cathe- 
dral; — 6 jdmi'a-t, pi. jawdmi', 
large kettle; necklace, chain, 
neck-tie; pillory ; — h jdmi'yya-t, 

<i*^W jdmakiyya-t, pi. jairamil-, 
salary, pay. 

J-'W jdmil, gathering, melting, ag. 
of ( J*^) ; troop of camels, pi. of 

wyW jdmiis, ^l.jawdmis, bufFalo. 

oW- jdnn, pi. jindit, genie, demon ; 

serpent ; — jdn-i>i = ^W jdn!. 
v-»W jduiib, deflecting, &c., ag. of 
(s->^) ; pi. jawdnib, side, part, 
direction ; tract of land ; moun- 
tain-slope ; disposition ; dignity ; 
majesty ; pi. juniidb, strange, 
foreign, foreigner ; shunned. 



despised ; avoiding, shunning ; 
— ^jdniba-t, side. 

jLiVij. jdmbdz, rope-dancer; horse- 
dealer, jockey (Pars.). 

^s'W- jdniha-t, pi. jawdnih, last 

j\^y^ jdnddr, pi. janddriyya-t, 
guardsman, one of the body- 
guard (Pers.). 

i^W jdnU, near, close, confining 
with ; ag. of (ijiue-). 

^^W jdni (yW- jdn-in), pi. jundt, 
jumnV, ajnd' , gathering, &c. ; 
sinner, criminal. 

»W jdh, i jdha-f. j)lace, rank, 
dignity ; honour, glory ; pros- 
perity (Pers.). 

^W jdhiba7i, publicly. 

^aaU. jdhisa-t, troop of men. 

i-ut\i^ jdhida-t, pi. jawdhid, foal (a 
year old). 

JaW jdhil, pi. jithl, j^ihul, pilihal, 
juhlidl, jiihald', ajhdl, jahala-t, 
ignorant, &c., ag. of (J*?-) ; 
idiot ; barbarian ; — t^ jdhiliyy, 
heathen ; — h jdhiliyya-f, state 
of ignorance ; heathenism of 
the Arabs before Muhammad. 

ubWjdhi, destroyed ; open, public. 

)W ja'w, INF. of ((^W). 

ij^j^W jdioars, millet (Pers.). 

(tS^) i*'<*> A, INF. ja'y, bite upon 
(iJU: 'ala) ; — inf. ja'w, mend ; 
tend ; cover, hide, conceal ; pre- 
vent ; wipe ; — also ja'i, A, inf. 
ja'an, ji'a-t, jjc'wa-t, be of a 
chestnut brown. 

^Wjd'i, i , coming, ag. of (i_s^). 

i-^W jd'iba-t, ipl. jawd'ib, news. 

jifVij. jd'id, pi. jaud, abundant, 
plentiful ; liberal, beneficent. 

yW jd'ir, pi. -iln, jawara-t, jdra-t, 
unjust, tyrannical ; heart-burn, 
acidity in the stomach ; syco- 
phant, parasite. 

■/W jd'iz, passing, &c., ag. of 
(j^) ; metaphorical ; pi. ajwuz, 
ajwiza-t, jiizdn, jizdn, jawd'iz, 
cross-beam ; lever of a printing- 
press ; garden ; — » jd'iza-t, 

kindness; pi. jawd'iz, present, 
gratuity; honorific gift; pro- 
vender ; review ; certificate ; 
signature ; pi. verses ; current 

i^W jd'isat, soul, mind. 

^Wja'i', T[)\.jiyd',juwwa', hungry, 

>-4iW jd'if, penetrating, ag. of 
i^f!-) ; — 2 jdSfa-t, thrust, deep 
wound ; pi. jawd'if, hill. 

JjW- jd'il, turning round, &c. ; ag. 
of (J^) ; roaming about ; loose ; 
-ijd'ila-t, business, affair. 

i'W=(^W; — iijdji'a-t, pus; blood. 

^) jabb, iT'fF.jabbjjibdb, lop, cut 
off or out ; beat down the leaves; 
fructify the female palm ; sur- 
pass, overcome, vanquish : — ii. 
INF. tajbib, have the lower part of 
the front-feet white ; fear ; flee ; 
water the cattle until satisfied ; 

— III. iNY.jibdb, mujdbba, vie in 
riches or beauty ; cut off ; — iv. 
INF. ijbdb, be covered with foam ; 

— V. INF. tajabbub, i)ut on the 
i^^ jubba-t ; — vi. inf. tajdbb, 
marry one another's sister ; — 
VIII. INF. ijtibdb, cut off ; wander 
through the cities ; put on the 
&■)=)■ jubba-t. 

>^-«- jubb, pi. ajbdb, jibdb, jibaba-t, 
deep well ; cistern ; water-bag ; 
ditch, hole ; (m.) shrub, shrub- 
bery ; — jab', pi. ajbu' , jiba'a-t, 
jaba', a kind of mushroom ; hill ; 
cistern, hole for holding water ; 

— i jiba-t, INF. of (s-^^), be 
necessary, &c. ; — jubba-t, pi. 
jabab, jibdb, vest or jacket with 
wide sleeves ; armour, coat of 
mail, cuirass ; ankle, instep ; 

Q->^) jabd' , A, INF. jab', jubiV, also 
jabi'. A, INF. jaba', desist; detest, 
abhor ; come out ; hide ; remain 
behind ; sell red clay ; incline 
the neck ; be blunt or dim ; — 
INF. ijbd', abound in truffles ; 
sell the crops before they are 
reaped ; conceal ; fall upon. 



W jiban, water in a cistern ; — 
jibd', pi. of ijW jibdya-t, tri- 
bute, impost ; — jabbd', point of 
a horn ; — juhbd', cowardly ; a 
kind of arrow; — ' jiba'a-t, pi. 
of s-^ jab' ; — jabbd'a-t, point 
of a horn. 

fc^L^ jabdb, jubdb, year of famine ; 

— jubdb, lawful shedding of 
blood ; froth of the milk ; — 
jibdb, pi. of s-s- jubb; inf. of 
(«_^) ; — jabbdb, (j jabbdbiyy, 
maker or seller of the ii^ 

6jj\*i^ jabdbira-t, pi. of jW jah- 
bdr, i . 

^^\.^ jahdbm, pi. of (^^ jahbd/i. 

jU=> jubdr, lawful shedding of 
blood ; war ; free ; also jibdr, 
Tuesday; — jabbdr, ii,^pl. -''«, 
jabdbira-t, strong, powerful, 
omnipotent ; God ; tyrant ; 
proud, cruel ; great, giant ; 
Orion ; high ; also jubbdr, high 
palm-iree ; — i jibdr a-t, setting 
of broken bones, inf. of (yt^) ; 
pi. jibdr, bandage, splint. 

^U^ jabbdb, barber. 

JU=. jibdl, body ; — pi. of J-^ 

yU=. jabdn, ' , pi. juband', coward, 
cowardly; — jabbdn, i, Tp\.jabd- 
biv, cheese-monger; coward; 
cemetery, burial-place ; desert ; 

— S jabdna-t, cowardice, inf. 
of (^;>-.^) ; — h jahdniyya-i, id. 

iX^fi. jibdh, pi. of Ht=^ jabha-t. 

i^^^ jibdiva-t, water in a cistern ; 

INF. of {f!^). 

^V.fc. jab'a, having full breasts 
(adj.); — ' jibdya-t, gathering, 
gathering of taxes ; collection ; 
pi. ji('&((', tribute, imjmst, tax. 

fc_,.f=. jabab, whiteness of the lower 
part of the front feet of a horse ; 
— juhah, pi. of i«- jubba-t ; — S 
jibaba-t, pi. of s->s- . 

(u^^fc/-) jilt, idol ; magician ; magic. 

(j-jd,.) jabaj, V, INF. jabj, recover 

from weakness and get strong 

(^a«:^) jabjab, inf. », travel, 
wander, roam about; stuff the 
intestines of a camel with meat, 
&c. ; — i jabjaba-t, jubjuba-t, 
intestines stuffed in this man- 
ner ; jubjuba-t, leathern basket ; 
drum ; — (^ jubjubiyy, maker or 
seller of sausages ; — k jvhjubiy- 
ya-t, soup with sausages. 

(j^) jabah, u, inf. jabfi, cast the 
dice to see who will be vic- 

C*^ jafcA, jibh, jtih/i, pi. ajbuh, 
ajbah, bee-hive. 

(j^) jabah, i, inf. jabh, turn the 

dji^.c^ jabhdna-t, store-house for 
powder; ammunition (Pers.). 

(Jui,.) jabaz, i, inf. jabz, draw, 
pull ; — VII. INF. injibd:, be 
drawn, pulled ; — viii. inf. 
ijtibdz, draw, pull. 

(^=.) jabiir, V, INF. jab^, jubi'ir, 
jibdra-t, set a broken bone ; 
contract (n.) ; do good to or 
enrich the poor ; help, assist, 
put under obligation ; force, 
compel ; (m.) curry a horse ; — 
I, INF. jabr, jubi'ir, get healed, 
restored ; — ii. inf. tajbir, set 
a broken bone ; mend anything 
broken ; help or enrich the 
poor; compel; — ill. inf. imijd. 
bara-t, give pleasure by any- 
thing ; — IV. INF. ijbdr, compel ; 
consider as healed or restored; 

— V. INF. tajabbur, get set ; 
receive a gift or become enriched ; 
be haughty, overbearing ; push 
leaves ; grow again ; recover in 
health ; recover anything lost ; 

— VII. INF. injibdr, get set; be 
compelled ; ■ — viii. inf. ijtibdr, 
set a bone ; enrich ; gain riches ; 

— X. INF. isf ijbdr, get set; gain 

j't^ jabr, force, compulsion, vio- 
lence ; setting of broken bones ; 
bandage ; reunion of what has 



been separated; reduction of 
fractures ; al-jabr, algebra ; pre- 
destination ; man ; youth ; hero ; 
king ; slave ; — S jabra-t, curry- 
comb (m.). 

J^W jabrcVil, Jec\j<.v jahrd'il, 
^^P^ jabrd'il, and several 
other similar forms, archangel 

'^}r^ jabriit, jubri'd, jabarut, ij}^'^ 
jabaruta, jabarutt, i}yf=t. jabaruiv- 
tva-t, jubaruwiva-t, jabruiviva-t, 
pomp, pride; — jabarut, power; 
omnipotence ; highest heaven. 

iSp-^ jabriyy, compelled (m.) ; — ii 
jibriyya-t, jabriyya-t, jibiriyya-t, 
jabiriyya-t, pomp, pride ; also 
f^r^ jabariyydn, sect of fata- 
lists ; <^'^.j^'i- jabariyydt, algebraic 

^jr>^ jibriyd' , pride, haughtiness. 

Jl.jf't- jibril, jabril, (^;i^ jabrin, 
archangel Gabriel. 

(y^) jabuz, inf. jabdza-t, be dry, 
unleavened (bread) ; give part 
of one's own to another. 

j-^ jibz, hard and dry ; miserly, 
avaricious ; mean ; cowardly ; 
— i jabza-t, piece, portion. 

((.r-*>) jibs, pi. ajbds, jubii,s=-yt=>- ; 
also (^ — f^ , cement, gypsum ; 
— jabas, water-melon ; — hence 
v. tajabbas, inf. tajabbus, strut 
along proudly. 

(urt^) jaba^, I, inf. jabs, shave. 

i^ya^t^ jibsin, gypsum. 

(J*^) jcbal, I, TJ', INF. jabl, form, 
create ; shape after a model ; 
knead ; mix chalk with sand ; 
compel ; — ii. inf. tajbil, cut in 
pieces ; — iv. inf. ijbdl, form, 
shape, create ; go into the 
mountains ; find miserly ; handle 
the language with difficulty ; hit 
on anything hard in digging; 
stamp the ground ; have blunted 
weapons ; — v. inf. tajabbul, go 
into the mountains ; take every- 
thing away ; — vii. inf. injibdl, 
get formed, shaped, kneaded, 

' J*> jabl, jibl, jtibl, jubul, jibill, 
jubull, i jabla-t, &c., troop of 
men; numerous ; — jahl, creation; 
formation ; kneading (s.) ; — 
jabal, pi. ajbdljjibdl, ajbul, moun- 
tain, mountain-chain ; prince ; 
avaricious ; — ii jabla-t, jibla-t, 
jubla-t, jabala-t , jibilla-t, natural 
form or disposition ; constitu- 
tion ; temper ; — jibala-t, jabala-t, 
face ; creature ; hardness of the 
ground ; strength ; fault, vice ; 
— jihla-t, jubla-t, jubuUa-t, the 
created things ; descendants ; — 
jubla-t, humij of the camel. 

^^'^ jaballiKphn, amethyst. 

^_sW^ jabaliyy, mountainous ; moun- 
taineer ; — jibilliyy, natural, in- 
born ; constitutional. 

(ij-rt-) jabim, INF. jabdna-t, jubn, 
jubun, be timid, cowardly ; — 
II. INF. tajhiii, accuse of cowar- 
dice, deem or find one to be a 
coward ; impute to cowardice ; 
render a coward ; effeminate ; 
cause the milk to curdle ; — 
IV. INF. ijbdn, deem or find 
one to be a coward ; curdle, 
coagulate ; — v. inf. tajabbun, 
coagulate into cheese ; — viii. 
INF. ijtibdn, deem a coward ; 
prepare cheese. 

(;>«- jubn, jubun, jubunn, cheese ; 
cowardice ; — jubun, pi. of (;).«?- 
jabin ; — 'i jubna-t, jubunna-t, 

^•'•i^ juband' , pi. of (^^ jabdn. 

(i^^t^ jabndn, coward. 

^y^^ jubniyy, maker of cheese, 

(4<.^) jabah, a, inf. jabh, hit or 
strike on the forehead, say dis- 
agreeable things in one's face, 
receive or refuse in an insulting 
manner ; see water without 
being able to reach it ; come 
upon unexpectedly; — ii. inf. 
tajbih, receive in an offensive 
manner ; cause one to bend' his 
head, put to shame ; — viii. 



INF. ijtihdh, refuse as injurious 
to the health. 

^t^ jabah, breadth of the fore- 
head ; — jubbah, coward ; ■ — S 
jabha-f, pi. -at, jibdh, forehead, 
brow ; trooi) ; chief, prince ; 
highly esteemed ; moon ; an 
idol ; contempt. 

()t^) jabd (i. p. jabau-tu, jabai-tu), 
I, tr, I'SF. jibdtva-t ,jibdya-i, gather 
taxes, tribute ; — ,_3-^ jabd, inf. 
jab-an, jib-an, jvb-an, jaby, id. ; 
collect water in a pond ; — ii. 
INF. tajbiya-t, lean the hands 
on the knees or the ground ; 
prostrate one's self for prayer ; 

— IV. INF. ijbi'i', sell the crops 
before they are ripe ; conceal 
one's camels from the tax- 
gatherer ; — VIII. INF. ijtibd', 
select ; — S jabiua-f, (m.) collec- 
tion of taxes ; collect ; — jibiva-t 
= Sj W jibdwa-t. 

v^rt- jabub, hard ground ; — ' 
jabxiba-t, clod. 

S)j«- jubura-t, jabbiira-t, haughti- 
ness, pride. 

(jtff^ jdbus, mean person ; vine- 
branch ; — jubiis, pi. of (j~iJ=- 

(ts«-)' see (^t>) and (W). 

(j-f^ jib-an, collected water or 

j!W5- jibbir, haughty, overbearing ; 

— 6 jabira-t, pi. jabd'ir, splint 
for setting bones; bracelet; (m.) 
leathern sack ; portfolio. 

■j-i^ jabh, dry or stale bread. 
(_r->«- jabis, mean person ; cub of 

the bear. 
J«-«- jabil, troop of men ; ugly ; — 

jibil, the ancient Byblus ; — 

jnbail, small mountain ; — S 

jabila-t, a tribe. 
y^i-rt- jabhi, pi. ajbun, ajbina-t, 

jubun, teaiple, brow, forehead. 
(^ks,^) jatt—{i,j-^), feel, <fcc. 
(ti-i;.) jass, u, INF. jass, cut off or 

down, up-root ; fear ; beat ; 

hum ; — VIII. INF. ijtisds, cut 

off or down, up-root. 

o.^?- jusi, watch, guard ; shell or 
skin of a fruit; high ground, 
hill ; impurity in the honey ; — 
ijussa-t, Tpl.jusas, body, corpse ; 
human frame ; stature ; — jissa-t, 

\S^jasd\ reward ; number, amount; 
aXso ju?d', figure, form, person. 

J^ jusdl, lark ; — ijuf''ila-t, fallen 

(JU=.), III. ijsa'all, inf. ijsi'ldJ, 
pluck out its feathers ; prepare 
in anger for combat or evil. 

(,U=. jusdm, nightmare, incubus, 
phantom, ghost ; — S jasdina-t, 
dull, sleepy person ; sluggard ; 
indolent, foolish. 

<-i~^ jusas, pi. of ^^J2issa-t. 

(i.i-a!i=.) ja.^as, inf. i , serpentine ; 

— II. INF. tajasjus, be dense ; 
shake itself (as a bird, Ac). 

.-ai=^.;'nsi/, belly. 

(Ji=.) jasa?, drive on fast ; — jasil, 
A, INF. jasaJ ; also jasul, inf. 
jasdJa-t, jusula-t, be dense; be 
dense, short and black (hair, 

Ji=- jasl, jisl, dense, densely 
grown ; abundant ; — jasl, i , 
large ant ; — jasal, mother ; 
wife ; — ii jasla-i, overhanging 
hair, foliage, &c. 

(^■^) jasam, i, tr, inf. jasm, 
jxisitm, sit quiet with its breast 
on the ground, roost ; cover the 
young ones with the wings ; 
brood ; — INF. JKfihn, be half 
passed (night) ; rise just above 
the ground ; gather clay, earth, 
ashes ; perish ; — ii. inf. tajsim, 
cause a bird to roost or brood. 

(•^ jasm, jasam, sprouting crops ; 

— jiisamz=i^''Jics. jasdma-f ; — 6 
jasama-f, hill ; — jusama-t, 
sleej^er, sluggard. 

yU-iij. jnsmd7i, body ; form, re- 
sembling a human body, but 
indistinct ; — ij jusmatiiyya-t, 
corporality ; essence, what is 
essential ; heart, core. 



(^) jasd, u, I, INF. jtimww, jus- 
§iyy> j^iiiyy> sit with the knees 
upon the ground ; stand on 
tip-toe ; gather ; — iii. inf. 
mujdsdt, sit knee against knee 
■with another ; sit cross-legged ; 
— IV. INF. ijsd', make one kneel 
or stand on tip-toe ; — vi. inf. 
tajdsi, sit knee against knee 
with another ; — « jaswa-t, jis- 
wa-t, heap of stones ; body ; 
live coal ; — juswa-t, pi. V^ 
jusan, heap of stones ; pi. ^^ 
jusan, tomb. 

^r^ jusula-t, density, denseness ; 
INF. of (J^). 

CJ^ jasum, squatting, crouching ; 
hill; — jusiim, inf. of (^*^). 

«^~^ jasis, & , shoot of a palm- 

^y~^ jasU, densely grown. 

(c^) j'^^i't ^i ^^^- iO'¥>'i spread ; 
eat melon ; — iv. inf. ijhdh, be 
on the point of giving birth. 

Z^ juhh, a small kind of melon. 

jj?-^as- jahdjih, i jahdjiha-t, pi. of 
p^s&^ jahjah. 

g^^ssfs- jahdjih, pi. of cW^j's- 

'J^afl- jahhdd, who denies every- 
thing ; ungrateful person ; — 
(^ juhadiyy, » , full, stout. 

(j«W=!- jihds, inf. III. of (u***''*-) i 
crowd, throng. 

tVas=- jihdz, socket of the eye. 

<-»^sfl- juhdf, great mortality ; 
death ; inundation ; diarrhoea ; 
— j^b'J-fi combat. 

JUjs- JM^aZ, poison. 

;^Va»=- jahdmir, pi. of ^^ia^ 

jahjdh, pi. jahdjih, prince, 
chief ; man of great authority, 
and, by opposition, a worthless 
person, wretch. 

--^ss-^) jahjah, inf. S , ruin, 
destroy, annihilate ; act re- 
peatedly in a matter ; come and 

(c«sfc=i-) jahjah, inf. » , examine a 


thing and bring it speedily to 
a conclusion ; desist. 

C^asi?- jahjah, pi. jahdjih, i jahd- 
jiha-t, big ram; = cWafl-ia^ia^. 

(•*»?=-) jahad, a, inf. jahd, juhtld, 
know better and deny ; refuse 
one's right ; apostatize ; find 
miserly ; — jahid. A, inf. jahad, 
be scarce ; be not thriving ; be 
not well off ; do little good ; — 
IV. INF. ijhdd, be not thriving ; 
— VI. INF. tajdhud, deny to one 

Aite> jahd, juhd, jahad, of little 
good ; — jahd, negation ; deny- 
ing, refusing ; — jahd, jahid, 
scanty; poor, penurious; nig- 

(j-^ar!-) jahdar, inf. & , throw on 
the ground ; roll ; — ii. inf. 
tajahdur, stir and fly up. 

j^&a. jaMar, dwarf ; short. 

(Jj'asi?-) jahdal, inf. ii , gather 
camels, to let them on hire ; 
become a jammdl ; gather riches, 
grow rich ; throw on the ground ; 
bind; fill. 

Jji^c;. jahdal, juhdul, fat and 

(ja,?-) jahar, A, inf. jahr, burrow ; 
creep into a hole ; drive into a 
burrow ; be deep-set (eye) ; 
rise on high ; be sparing or 
behind with anything ; remain 
behind ; — iv. inf. ijhdr, drive 
into the hole or burrow ; con- 
ceal ; compel to flight ; compel, 
force ; not bring any rain ; be 
threatened by scarcity or fa- 
mine ; — V. INF. tajahhur, vii. 
inf. injihnr, burrow, flee to its 
hole; — VIII. INF. ijtihur, seek 
or dig a hole, burrow, 
^jfij^ jahr, deep hole ; — juhr, pi. 
jihara-t, ajhdr, juhnln, ajhira-t, 
den, hole, burrow. 

\jar^jahrd, f. deep-set 

y^;a,^ juhrdn, pudenda of a wo- 
man ; hole, burrow ; hiding- 

(*;a=*) jahram, wicked or malicious 



man ; — i jahrama-t, wickedness, 
malice ; poverty. 

(u-si'^) jahas, a, inf. jahs, enter ; 
scratch the skiu ; kill ; — ii. 
INF. jihds, repel, ward ojEE; 

(j-<&^ jahs, cunning, stratagem. 

(l./■*^=^) jahas, A, INF. jahs, scratch 
the skin ; — in. inf. jihds, 
mvji'ihasa-t, repel, ward off ; 

ijS-a»=- jahs, f. i , pi. jihds, jihsihi, 
foal of an ass ; foal ; he- goat ; 
blockhead ; (m.) stand, trestle, 
horse (for towels, &c.) ; thick- 
ness, hardness, cruelty ; war 
against infidels ; effort, en- 

( J'i-«j=^) jahsal, juhsul, i^^\es=i- jahd- 
sil, swift, fleet, agile. 

(!=&=f-) jahag, A, inf. juhfiz, have a 
large or protruding pupil or 
eye ; — ii. inf. ijhdz, look 
sharply at {^J^ ila). 

^=)- juhhaz, pi. of ^\=)- jdhi~. 

{f^a:^) jahzam, having large eyes 
(adj.). ■ 

(<-»«»=-) jahaf. A, INF. jahf, peel, 
shell, pare ; sweep away ; dig 
up and cast away ; gather ; lean 
towards (^ ma') ; take out ; 
catch the ball ; — inf. jahf, 
jahfa-t, play at balls ; — iii. 
inf. mujdhafa-t, press one in a 
crowd, come quite close to 
(ace); — IV. INF. ijhdf, injure; 
take ; render poor ; oppress, 
press ; come close up to (v» 
hi) ; — VI. INF. tajdhuf, fight 
each other ; play at balls to- 
gether ; — VIII. INF. ijtihdf, 
take away, rob ; draw out the 

'-**^ i^^/) peeling, &c. ; game at 
balls; — i jahfa-t, id.; slice of 
butter ; colic ; — jithfa-t, remains 
of water in a well, of food in a 

(jAafl-) jahfal, INF. ii , throw to 
the ground ; blame, scold. 

rebuke ; — ii. inf. tajahful, 

jAfij?- jahfal, pi. jahdfil, great army ; 
great, powerful. 

(J=«-) jahal, A, inf. jahJ, throw 
on the ground; — il. inf. tajhil, 

J«r^ jahl, pi. jihdl, large water- 
bag- ; pi. ju/iul, juhldn, mother- 
bee ; a beetle ; chameleon ; 
lizard ; lord, prince ; small 

!^*r=^ jahld, f. big, stout. 

(,4*,^) jahlam, inf. ii , throw to 
the ground. 

(l^is^) jahain, A, inf. jahm, kindle 
open the eyes and fix them 
upon anything; — jahiin, a, inf 
jahain, juhi'nn, also jahum, inf 
juhm, burn; — ii. inf. tajhim 
look at sharply and fixedly ; — 
IV. INF. ijhdm, abstain, desist 
approach anyone for the pur- 
pose of killing him ; — v. inf. 
tajah/mm, burn with rage, pas- 
sion, desire, &c. ; be narrow, be 

(««!%- jahm, i, burning; — 6 jah- 
ma-t, eye ; — juhma-t, large 

;**^ jahmar, i_r';*a»=i- jahmaris, pi. 
jahdmif, decrepit old woman; 
suckling hare ; a kind of snake. 

Lr>*.&=^ jahmas, decrepit old wo- 

(^=**f^) jahmaz, inf. i , wind round; 
wraji up, swaddle ; tie one's 
hands below his knees ; run 
fast ; make short steps. 

il=*fe=. jahmaza-i, swaddle-cloth ; 

\>^*«^ juhmiis, decrepit old wo- 

(e*^) ja^in. A, inf. jahan, be 
starved ; — ja/jan, a, inf. jahn 
= 11. INF. iajhin, and iv. inf. 
ijhdn, starve a child or one's 

e*=^ jahin, starved ; — also S jtih. 
na-t, louse, tick. 

{yir^'^:f>-)jahnab, jahannah, dwarfish. 

_)W-iar>- jihimhdr, juhumhar, i jihini- 

hdra-t, juhumbdra-t, short and 

'^yf^^^ jahambara-t, female dwarf, 
(yiia^) jahnas, inf. S , also 

tA-*-*<&^\ ijhansas, inf. ijhinsds, 

be large and thick, 
tr^art- jahnas, having a big bellj ; 

thick, stout. 
(jAi«,=.) jahanfal, having thick 

(^^) ji^d, u, INF. jahw, uproot ; 

stay, remain ; walk, step ; pass ; 

_ — VIII. INF. ijtihd', uproot ; — 

& jahwa-t, step ; face ; kind, 

>-i)i&,^ juhiif, bucket. 
LAfta>==- jahis, side, region, tract of 

land ; living in solitude ; — 

juhais, little ass. 
^^^ jahim, large fire ; hell. 
^♦*as=^ jahimiyy, hellish. 
Wsst- juhaind', longing desire. 
(^) jO'ii well done ! bravo ! 
(fe^) j'^^hh} wander from place to 

place ; take the position of 

prayer ; squirt water, <fcc. ; 

throw up the ground with the 

foot ; lie on the side ; lie with 

a woman ; (m.) be pompously 

^ jahh, ^^^9- jahdba-t, stupid ; 

lazy ; thick, stout ; — 4 jahlm-t, 

luxury, luxuriousness. 
v>J^a;> juhddih, 5 j)\ abtt juhddib, 

jWfl' j>\ abu juhdd, ^jjVsi^ ju,hd- 

dibd', A>J^^=- juhddiba-t, ijiJ^as- 
juhddiba, paunch-bellied ; a 

locust ; a beetle. 
)S\.^^ juhddir, stout, corpulent. 
iS'^^> juhddiyy, milk-pail; stout. 
<-*^> jahhdf, proud, boasting. 
(s-ai^) jahb, lean ; thin ; hollow ; 
— jihabb, large, big ; leader; 
(^qs^^) jahjah, inf. ii , lie with a 
woman ; throw to the ground ; 
conceal one's thoughts ; call, 
cry out to ; applaud, call bravo ! 
come to the best of a thing ; 
enter a large assembly ; lie 



prostrate with fatigue ; — 11. 
INF. tajahjuh, lie prostrate with 
fatigue ; lie with ; be very 
dark. ^ 

^■^^ juhdub, pi. jahddib, stout; 
a kind of locust ; lion. 

(J-^i^) jahdal, strong and fat. 

((•■^=^) jahdam, inf. ii , be quick, 

(j'^^^) ja/izar, ijjahzariyy, stout. 

(^•^*^-) jahzaf, great, large, stout ; 

(jifc'i.) jahir, a, inf. jahar, be 
putrid ; be wide ; be empty ; 
— II. INF. tujhlr, widen the 
mouth of a well ; — iv. inf. 
ijhdr, id. ; cause water to gush 

ji^ jahir, i, who eats much, is 
soon hungry ; thin, lean ; weak 
in the loins or in the head 
cowardly ; ugly ; putrid. 

(cji&>) jahaf, I, u, INF. jahf, jahif, 
also jahif, a, boast ; sleep ; in 

•-^^ jahf, snoring (s.) ; levity 
boasting (s.) ; Ua^ jahfd, boast- 
ing (adj.) ; —juhuf, pi. of c_4jji^ 

(i^^) jahd, a, INF. jahw, hold 
upside down; — 11. inf. taj- 
hiya-t, draw in the belly leaning 
with the hands on the ground 
(in prayer) ; be bent ; draw to 
an end ; be turned upside 

^sfl- jahw, looseness of the skin ; 
thinness of the hips. 

iij^sa^ jahwaza-t, run, trot. 

"-Aiia^ jahif, proud and boasting ; 
snoring (s.) ; levity ; pi. juhicf, 
soul, mind ; large army ; 

(•*>) jadd, I, inf. jadd, be great, 
honoured, rich ; pass, be rich 
and happy ; be hard, difficult, 
troublesome ; afflict ; be serious 
or of importance ; — a, inf. 
jadd, cut, lop ; prune ; — inf. 
jidd, exert one's self in a 


matter, take it seriously ; be 
truthful ; — i, inf. jidda-t, be 
new|; — II. INF. tajdid, renew, 
restore ; interweave with varie- 
gated stripes ; clip the camel's 
udder ; (m.) repeat ; return in 
a worse degree (illness) ; — iii. 
INF. nuijddda-t, deal with ac- 
cording to strict law ; vie 
earnestly ; — iv. inf. ijdild, 
renew, restore, mend ; act with 
earnestness and zeal ; be in 
earnest ; hasten ; be hard and 
level ; travel on such ground ; 

— v. INF. tajaddud, be renewed, 
restored, mended ; be milkless ; 

— X. INF. istijddd, renew, &c. ; 
deem or take for new ; take 
afresh ; (m.) put again into 
good condition. 

•^ jadd, pi. ajddd, judi'td. judnda-f, 
grandfather, ancestor (c**-° 
sahih, on father's, .^-U fiisid, on 
mother's side) ; riches, wealth, 
good fortune ; greatness, honour; 
rich ; bank of a river ; — jidd, 
exertion, diligence, zeal ; ear- 
nestness, serious matter; seri- 
ous, in earnest ; haste ; high 
degree ; \>»* jidd-an, much, 
earnestly, with zeal ; — judd, 
well, cistern ; fatness ; side ; 
coast of Mecca ; — S jida-t, 
wealth, INF. of (^5) ; — jadda-t, 
grandmother ; — jidda-t, novelty, 
freshness ; wealth ; surface of 
the ground ; also judda-t, coast ; 
port of Mecca ; — judda-t, pi. 
judad, stripe ; tract ; path, 
road ; manner, method, system ; 

W jadda, f. of ^\ ajadd, water- 
less ; desert ; milkless ; — jiddd', 
evident ; — 5 juddt, pi. of ^^jW 

■Ayi^ jiddd, pruning of the palm- 
tree ; — jadddd, wine-merchant ; 
— judddd, old clothes. 

;W jiddr, pi. judr, judur, wall ; 
(m.) dung-hill. 

^\^=^juddfd', plunder, booty. 

J\a=- jaddl, i, unripe ;— iidaZ, 
quarrel, altercation, dispute, 
contention, combat, in. (J-^) ; 

— jadddl, quarrelsome ; dis- 

LA^ juddma-t, chaff. 

(sjJ'^) jadab, v, I, inf. jadh, 

blame, rebuke ; — jadub, inf. 

jaddba-t, be dry ; — 11. inf. 

tajdib, dry up; — in. inf. mujd- 

daba-t, have a dry year ; — iv. 

inf. ijddb, find the ground dry ; 

— rv. and v. inf. tajaddub, have 
a dry year ; suffer from drought ; 
be rainless (sky). 

SJ-^ jadb, jidabb, sterility ; 
drought ; dearth ; bad season ; 
f. 6, sterile, dry, dried up; 
(m.) dull, stupid ; — 5 jadha-t, 
dulness, stupidity (m.). 

(ki»ji=.) jadas, pi. ajdus, ajdds, 
tomb ; — hence viii. ijtiddf, 
adorn the tomb ; — s jadsa-t, 
sound of the hoof ; chewing (s.). 

J^"^ jadjad, hard level ground ; 
judjud, pi. jaddjid, cricket. 

(c-^) jadah, a, inf. jadh, stir up, 
shake, mix; — 11. inf. tajdih, 
soil ; smear, anoint ; — rv. inf. 
ijddh, VIII. INF. ijtiddh=-l. 

J-i^ jadad, hard level ground ; 
fine sand ; — judad, pi. of iJ* 
judda-t ; — judiid, pi. of ^Ji^ 

G"^) jo^Aar, INF. jadr, break out 
(small-pox, &c.) ; pass, be seized 
with the small-pox ; — u, inf. 
jadr, bud ; sprout forth ; get 
callous ; render fit or worthy ; 
wall in ; keep within one's 
walls ; — jadir, a, inf. jadar, 
bud ; be seized with the small- 
pox ; — jadur, INF. jaddra-t, be 
worthy ; bud ; sprout ; — II. 
INF. tajdir, be seized with the 
small-pox ; — II. and iv. inf. 
ijddr, bud, sprout; — iv. swell; 

— VIII. INF. ijtiddr, make walls, 

j^ jadr, pi. judr, judur, judrdn, 
wall, enclosure ; eruption of the 




small-pox ; — (m. for jji?- jazr) 
root ; origin ; root of a number ; 
exponent ; — jadar, 'i jadara-t, 
pustule, pock; also judar, pi. 
ajdih-, callosity ; scar ; — jadir, 
worthy, fit, proper. 

\j'i'^ jadrd' , f. of j^^ ajdar, marked 
by the small-pox, &c. 

(jj-^ jadariyy, jadriyy, judariyy, 

(^^=-) jadas, I, INF. jads, turn 
round anything to seize it. 

(£•^=5-) jada', A, INF. jad', cut off 
the ears, the nose, the lips, 
hands, &e. ; maim, mutilate ; 
imprison ; starve ; — jadi\ a, 
INF. jada', be mutilated ; be 
starved ; — ii. inf. tajdi', maim 
badly ; wish one to be maimed ; 
starve ; injure ; — iii. inf. 
mujdda'a-t, quarrel with (ace.) ; 
scold ; — IV. inf. ijdd', starve ; 
keep back ; — vi. inf. tajddu', 
quarrel with, scold each other ; 
— VIII. ijtidd', get maimed ; 
shear the camel. 

gJi=- jad', mutilation ; — jadi', 
starved; — 8 jada'ci-t, stump of 
a maimed limb, Ac. 

Vc>V}- jad'd' , f. of ^■i'=A ajda', muti- 

( jju?.) jadaf, I, INF. jadf, cut off ; 
throw ; move the hands about 
in walking fast ; walk fast ; 
mark the tact; run in short 
leaps ; — u, INF. judilf, fly with 
clipped wings ; — ii. inf. tajdif, 
make slight of or not believe in 
God's kindness and mercy ; 
blaspheme ; — iv. inf. ijddf, 
raise a cry, clamour. 

JJb^ jadaf, pi. ajddf, tomb ; wine ; 
foam, dregs, dirt ; — » jadafa-f, 
noise, clamour. 

(Jji^) jadal, I, V, inf. jadl, make 
firm, twist tight ; twist ropes ; 
grow and thrive vigorously ; 
get full and bend to the ground 
(ears) ; throw on the ground ; 
melt fat ; — ii. inf. tajdil, throw 
to the ground ; — iii. inf. mujd- 

dala-t,jiddl, quarrel, dispute; — 
IV. inf. ijddl, have a young one 
able to follow its mother ; cheer 
up;— v. INF. tcijaddvl, be tightly 
twisted ; fall on the ground"; 
stretch one's self on the ground ; 

— VI. INF. tajiidnl, quarrel, dis- 
pute amongst each other ; — 

VII. INF. injiddl, be twisted, 
plaited ; be thrown down. 

J>*> jadl, tomb ; twisting, plaiting 
(s.) ; syllogism, logic conclusion ; 
also jidJ, pi. ajddl, jiulnl, bone ; 
sinew ; limb, member ; — jadal, 
quarrel, dispute ; demonstration ; 
dialectics ; — j^dil, quarrelsome ; 
disputant ; —jtidul, pi. of Jja^ 
jadil ; — jiidJ, pi. and — 

S^ jadhr, f. of Ja=.\ ajdal, grace- 
ful, handsome, &c. 

^J^>^ jadaliyy, quarrelsome; dis- 
putant ; object of quarrel or 

(f^) jadam, u, inf. jadm, wither 
after producing good fruit ; cut 
off; — IV. INF. ijddm, urge on 
a horse; — vii. inf. injiddm, be 
cut off. 

(o-^) jadan, pleasantness of voice; 

— IV. INF. ijddn, get rich. 
(.J-^) jada, u, INF. jadw, be use- 
ful, good for, fit ; give ; de- 
mand ; — IV. ijdd', give ; be 
useful, profitable to (ace.) ; — 

VIII. INF. ijtidd', X. INF. istijdd', 

j>is- jadw, i , herd ; cattle. 

v*;-*?- jadi'ib, dry, sterile, arid; — S 
judnha-t, sterility, aridity ; dearth, 

J^.i=. jadtval, jidwal, pi. jadawil, 
brook, streamlet, canal ; rubric ; 
column of a page ; astronomical, 
statistical, &c., tablets ; para- 
digm ; model ; almanac. 

rj"^ jo.ddum, pi. jadddim, hammer 

^^jji=. jadwa, gift, present ; profit, 
advantage ; abundant rain. 

CtS'^) jo'da, A, INF. jady, demand ; 

— IV. INF. ijdd\ flow, 




fjJ^ jaclan, gift, bounty ; — jady, 
pi. Js-^ ajd-in, ajdi, jida , jidycm, 
jadilya-t, kid ; he-goat ; Capri- 
corn ; — judayy, polar star ; — 
jaddiyy, of or by a grandfatber ; 

— juddiyy, fortunate, prosper- 
ous, rich; — i jadya-t, pi. jad- 
ydt, also jadiyya-t, pi. jaddyd, 
stuffing of a saddle, cloth placed 
under the saddle ; blood. 

'-T'l'^ jodih, arid, sterile. 

•ij-^- jadid, i , pi. jiidiid, new ; 
fresh ; modern ; prosperous, 
rich ; surface of the ground ; 
death; dv. al-jadldihi, day and 
night; — i> jadida-t=-h'^ jad- 

jjA=_ jadir, i> , pi. -I'ln, judanV, fit, 
worthy, proper ; becoming ; 
afflicted with small-pox ; walled 
in; — S jadira-i, enclosure of 
stone ; nature. 

JjAc. jadil, pi. jvdv!, rein, bridle ; 
girdle; — i jadila-f, pi. jachl'il, 
plait, tress, braid of hair ; any- 
thing plaited or twisted ; bird's 
cage ; manner, state, condition ; 
region ; a garment. 

(^) ja::, tr, inf. j((::, hasten ; 
cut off at the root ; pluck ; 
destroy ; — ii. inf. faj::/::, invite 
in vain to follow ; — vii. inf. 
injizdz, VIII. INF. ijti~(h, get 
cut or plucked off. 

i^ ja:z, pi. C(jz(1:, piece, morsel ; 
■ — i jnz:a-i, strip of cloth, 

\i=s- jazzd', broken; interrupted; 
separated; — jizd', pi. of ^s^W- 
jdzi and i^^ jaz^va-t ; — s jct-dt, 
pi. jizu', root of a tree. 

^^iit- jazdb, death; — jazzdb, at- 
tracting powerfully, attractive. 

j\jt!. jazdz, cutting oif, extirpating 
(s.) ; also ijazdza-f, superiority ; 

— also jizih, juzdz, i jaziiza-t, 
&c., pi. -((/, particle, portion ; 
pi. gold-dust. 

I«U<^ jiizdm, elephantiasis, leprosy ; 

— S jiizdma-t, stubble ; chaff. 

(^\j^) juzdmir, breaking a con- 

ycAi^jazdmir, pi. oi ^•s''^ jvzmnr. 

(sjju;.) jazab, i, inf. jazh, stretch, 
extend ; attract, draw off, take 
away ; win, captivate ; drag 
along ; draw (a sword) ; cause 
to change place ; take the young 
from its dam ; sip water ; make 
eager ; have little milk ; be 
passed for the greater part; 

— u, get the better in pulling 
one another ; — lii. inf. jizdh, 
itnijdzaha-t, contend, combat, 
vie in pulling ; try to wrest 
from ; cause to change places ; 

— V. INF. tajazzub, sip, drink ; 
(m.) stretch one's self; be an- 
noyed, wearied ; — vi. inf. 
tajdzvb, pull alternately or vie 
in pulling ; contend, combat, 
vie ; be drawn off, transferred ; 

— VII. INF. ivjizdb, be drawn 
off, taken away, carried away, 
transferred ; tear one's self 
away from ((^ '««) ; walk 
fast ; — VIII. INF. ijttzdb, attract, 
draw, draw out ; take greedily ; 
strive for ; rob ; transfer from 
one place to another. 

s-"W jazb, attraction ; fast walk- 
ing ; — i jazba-t, pi. jazabdt, 
long stretch of road ; attraction ; 
passion ; pi. charms, allure- 

O^'i^ jizibbdn, string of a sandal 
between the big toe and the 
second one. 

(jc-i.}.) jazjaz, INF. i , out off at 
the root. 

(j-i=!-) jazai; v, inf. jazr, lop, cut 
off ; up-root ; — II. inf. tajzir, 
IV. INF. ijzdr, id. ; ii. extract 
the quadratic or cubic root ; — 
VII. INF. iiijizdr, be cut off, 

;^ jazr, jizr, pi. jiizur, root, 
origin ; quadratic or cubic root ; 

it^) ja~a', A, INF. jaz', shut up 
the cattle without food ; tie 



together two camels ; pass or 
surmount quickly, finish a 
journey ; cut off ; — iv. inf. 
ijza, shut up; keep off, pre- 
t^ ji?', V^-jn:n', trunk or stump 
of a palm-tree ; — jaza', pi. 
jhil', jiiz'ihi, 6 , pi. -at, young ; 
young cattle ; lad, youth ; re- 
cruit ; — g^ gi=. jiza' miza', in 
all directions, 
(^i:^) jazaf, I, INF. jazf, cut off ; 
impel, i-ow ; — ii. inf. fajzif, iv. 
INF. ijziif, fly fast ; make short 
steps ; hasten ; — vii. inf. inji- 
zctf, fly fast. 
(J'^) i«?«^, u, INF. juzill, stand 
firm, be firmly planted ; — jazil, 
A, INF. jazal, rejoice (n.), be 
glad, be merry ; — iv. inf. 
y?ai, gladden, rejoice (a.) ; — 
VI. INF. tajihul, be hostile to 
each other; — viii. ijtizill, be 
merry, joyful. 
J•^- jizl, pi. j'lzdl, juzitJ, juzfila-i, 
ajzdl, root, trunk or stump of 
a tree ; — jazil, pi. juzldn, merry, 
joyful ; — S jazila-t, luxuriant ; 
— O^^ jazldn, id. 
((•■^) jazam, i, u, inf. jazm, cut 
off, maim, mutilate ; pierce ; — 
jazini, A, INF. jazam, be maimed, 
especially of hand or fingers ; — 
jazum (also pass, juziin), be 
aflSicted with elephantiasis or 
leprosy ; — ii. inf. tajzim, cut 
off, maim ; — iv. inf. ijzdm, id. ; 
hasten one's walk ; run fast ; 
abstain ; resolve upon ((JLc 
'ala) ; — V. INF. tajazzum (m.), 
be afilicted with leprosy ; — v. 
and VII. INF. injizdm, be cut 
(«>W ja~m, jizm, pi. juztim, ajzdm, 
root ; trunk or stump of a 
tree ; branch ; root of a tooth ; 
— jazim, nimble, agile ; — » 
jizma-i, pi. jizam, fragment, 
splinter ; — jiozma-t, mutilation ; 
U'ie- juzmd', f, ^A=. jazina, pi. of 

(>yA ajzam, maimed, mutilated ; 
jr*-^^ juzmilr, pi. jazdmh; trunk 
of a palm-tree ; root ; principal 
(ji-^ j[zn.= ^i.^ jizl. 
{>^^) jc-zd, u, INF. jazin, juzKww, 
stand firm ; stand on tip-toe ; 
sit firm ; be fat ; — iv. inf. 
ijzd', stand firm ; get a fat 
hump; be fat; fix the look 
at ; — VI. INF. tajdzl, sit knee 
against knee with one another ; 
— 'ija:wa-t, jiztva-t, juznxi-i, pi. 
i^-i=- jiza-ait, jaz-un, jlzd', fire- 
brand ; half-burnt log. 
v^^V jaziih, attractive, charming, 

{<S^=^) jaza, I, INF. jazy, and iv. 
INF. ijzd', hinder, prevent ; — 
VI. INF. tajdzi, slip from the 
,j^^ jizij, i , root ; — jiz-an, pi. of 

ij-^- jaziva-f. 
■k^jaziz, 'i jaziza-f, coarse flour. 
I*ii^ jazim, cut off, maimed. 
(fs-) jarr, v, inf. jarr, draw, drag, 
attract ; acquire ; abstract, rob ; 
drive slowly ; pasture freely ; 
wean the foal of a camel (by 
splitting its tongue) ; bear be- 
yond the usual time (pregnant 
woman, &c.) ; put a word in 
the oblique case ; use the rein 
jlfi- jarir ; — for jarir, u, A, inf. 
jarr, impute falsely a crime to 
(^_3lc 'ala) ; — ll. inf. tajrtr, 
pull or draw strongly ; — iii. 
INF. mujdrra-t, ask for a delay 
or respite ; pay by instalments ; 

— IV. iNP. ijrdr, wean the foal 
of a camel ; give the reins to 
one's beast ; grant a further 
delay ; imitate ; pierce one with 
the lance and draw him towards 
one's self; be deep; — vii. inf. 
injirdr, be pulled, drawn, at- 
tracted ; pasture freely ; be put 
in the oblique case ; trail (n.) ; 

— VIII. inf. ijtirdr, ijdirdr, at- 
tract, draw towards one's self ; 




chew the cud ; — x. inf. istijrdr, 
draw or take to one's self ; sub- 
mit ; pay by instalments. 
;^ jarr, foot of a mountain ; 
valley ; cave ; basket ; oblique 
case ; pulling (s.), pull ; stretch- 
ing, lengthening, extending (s.) ; 
— 6 jarra-t, pi. jarr, jin'ir, water- 
jug ; bread baked in the ashes ; 
— jirra-t, pull : expedition, mi- 
gration ; pi. ajirra-t, cut ; — 
jur'a-f, boldness, courage. 
\fi- jara , jiru, bloom or pride of 
youth; youth; gherkins ;—7 /(•<'', 
INF. III. of {t^fi-) ; pi. of {^fr) ; 
• — jarra , good courser, racer ; 
very swift ; crime, transgres- 
sion ; — ii jur'a-t, jara'a-t, bold- 
ness, courage. 
'^^fi- jirdh, ^\. juruh, jiirh, ajriba-t, 
leathern sack, knapsack ; scro- 
tum ; — pi. of -^p- jarih ; — - 
jurdb, empty ship ; — i jirdba-t, 
pi. -iit, stocking, sock. 
cV^ jarrCih, surgeon ; — i janVia-t, 
art of a surgeon ; — jirdha-t, pi. 
jirdli, wound; pus ; — i^jarnlhiyy, 
•^^j'i- . jardd, i , locusts; — jarrdd, 
polisher of copper-ware ; — 6 
jurdda-t, rind, skin ; leaf. 
i^i'^^f^ jarddin, pi. of (j^'^j=s- jarddn. 
_)^j=- jarrdr, who pulls, draws, or 
drags anything ; numerous ; 
bold robber or warrior ; imj^u- 
dent beggar ; seller of buckets ; 
(m.) drawer (of a chest, &c.) ; 
— S_;rtn'((m-i, large army; scor- 
j\fi- jurdz, sharp ; voracious. 
^\f)- jurvds, pi. of ^J'jW ji'iris. 
I'ri'^fi- jurddim, glutton, great 

i_i^^ jurdf, jirdf, a measure for 
solids ; jiir(if, carrying every- 
thing along; voracious; — jar- 
rdf, sweeper. 
>^\j!^ f^ mill jardica (jarrdla), for 

your sake. 
(>\ffjardin, harvest of dates ; stones 
of dates ; dry dates ; — jirdm, 

pi. of f^.j=s. jarhn ; — jurrdm, pi. 
of ,«)U. jdrini, name of a fish. 
y.\y^ jardmh, pi. trunk of the body 

and feet. 
^j^\^ jurdmid, unhealthy , unwhole- 
■y^\^ jardnuz, pi. oi -^yfi- jurmttz.^ 
(Jtj^^/s- jardmiq, pi. of Jp^fi- jarmnq. 
y\y^ jirdn, pi. jurun, ajrina-t, fore- 
neck, neck. 
(l^\y).) jtirdJiiiii, bulky, massy. 
&^\^ jardhiija-t, shrill voice; 

noise ; important ; excellent. 
U^j!). jardijd, pi. of iSiy^ jar'da-t. 
^J3J\f^ jard'ihiyy, surgeon. 
cdf\^ 1^ mill jard'ilca=^^^f!- (:J^ 

nun jnr'ilxa. 
&>\^ jardya-f, course, run ; also 
jirdya-t, representation, deputa- 
tion ; — jirdya-t, salary ; — jard- 
ya-t, jirdya-t, ^/s- jard'iya-t, 
boldness, audacity ; tire of 
(v_jy=.) jarib. A, INF. jarab, have 
the mange ; be rusty ; have 
mangy camels ; have a devas- 
tated country; — ii. inf. tajrib, 
experience, test, put to the test, 
jirobe ; get wise by experience ; 
— IV. INF. ijrdh, have mangy 
cattle; — V. INF. tujamib, be 
put to the test, p>robed, tried. 
>_>^=. jarab, mange, scab, itch ; 
I'ust ; blame ; rebuke ; — jarib, 
Yil.jirdtb, jurb, mangy, scabious; 
— jurb, pi. of v_>,=-^ ajrab, mangy, 
&c. ; pi. of ^f)- jirdb ; — jarrdb, 
short, little, small ; flatterer ; 
cheat ; — i jirba-t, pi. jirab, sown 
field ; leathern cover for protec- 
tion of a well ; — jarabba-t, troop. 
^^ jarhd', heaven; f. of v_.^\ 
ajrab, mangy, &c. ; — jiribbd', 
jai-ibbd', front of a shirt. 
O^;^ jdi'bdn, pi. jarba, mangy, 
scabious ; — jirbdn, jurubbdn, 
scabbard ; sword-belt ; — jurub- 
bdn, front of a shirt ; — i jirib- 
bdna-t, boisterous woman. 
()?/!-) jarbaz, inf. S , walk ; contract 
(n.) ; fall ; become a cheat. 




^fi- jurhuz, sly, cunning ; cheat ; 

— » jarbaza-t, slyness ; ready 

t)^f^ jarbd', jerboa=gy;i yarbn'. 
^fi-jarba, pi. of (^^.^ jarbCin. 
^.f>- jirbiyd', south-east ; north 

( J'ys") jarsal, inf. i , scatter. 
((^^), II. INF. tajarsum, take the 

largest part ; — ii. and iv. inf. 

ijrinmrn, fall (from on high) ; 

assemble and cling to the place ; 

(*yy=" j'^'t'sum, i jursuma-t, pi. jard- 

sim, root, origin ; root of the 

tongue ; noble extraction ; seat 

of the passions ; earth round 

the root of a tree ; pi. grandees, 

lords ; jursiima-t, ant-nest. 
*S»^ jirsi'a-t, wind-pipe ; throat, 

{tfi-} jarij, A, INF. jaraj, be loose ; 

walk on hard ground ; — ii. 

INF. tajrij, make loose, rickety, 
e/s- juraj, i jaraja-f, hard ground ; 

causeway ; — jarij, loose, rickety; 

— ' jw>'jci'-t, pi. i^i, juruj, tra- 
velling-bag ; knapsack. 
jW-;^ jarjdr, roaring ; — jnrjdr, 

ripe olives (m.) ; — i jarjdra-t, 

(s-=.^) jarjab, inf. ii , eat ; empty. 
>—^y^ jurjubb, yWjT- jurjubbdn, 

belly ; inside. 
f!-f!- jarjar, inf. » , gurgle ; quaff ; 

roar with a gurgling noise ; — 

II. INF. tajarjwr, drink with a 

gurgling noise. 
(j-^y^ jirjis, wax ; sealing-wax ; 

book, leaf ; gnats, flies. 
{f^ft) jarjam, inf. ii , drink, eat ; 

throw down ; destroy ; — ii. 

INF. tajarjum, fall in ruins ; 

let one's self down ; crouch ; 

get destroyed ; eat and drink 

(jU=.ji^ jurjumdn, glutton, great 

jyf.^ jurjur, pi. jarujir, tall, gene- 
rous camel ; troop ; thunder, 

peal, roaring ; pi. grandees. 

w*^fi- J ''']'■''> Greorges. 
(Cfi-) jarah, a, inf. jarh, wound ; 
injure, hurt ; make sick, ill ; 
accuse a witness of telling a 
lie ; seize ; strive to obtain, 
obtain ; — jarih, a, inf. jarah, 
be wounded; be rejected; — 
II. inf. tajrih, inflict many and 
severe wounds ; be on one's 
guard against being wounded ; 
— VII. INF. injirdh, be wounded ; 
— VIII. INF. ijtirdh, try to ob- 
tain ; commit evil or draw it 
on one's self ; (m.) perform 
miracles; — x. inf. idijrdh, be 
deteriorated, corrupted. 
C/t- jurh, ii , pi. jurilh, ajrdh, 
wound ; — (^ jarha, pi. of ^.^ 
(tf^) jarh, wheel; i)l. of t}fl- juruh, 

catapult (m. from Pers.). 
(j^) jarad, u, inf. jarcl, strip ; 
peel ; shave ; card ; draw the 
sword ; eat up the grass ; eat 
locusts ; receive nothing or 
grudgingly after asking ; — 
jarid, a, inf. jarad, be naked, 
bare, hairless ; have little 
hair ; lose the hair ; wear out ; 
fade ; get spoiled ; be eaten up 
by locusts ; have eruptions or 
(pass.) colic after eating lo- 
custs ; — II. inf. tajrid, peel, 
pare ; strip ; draw the sword ; 
loose the flesh from the bones ; 
prune ; wear threadbare clothes ; 
abstract, subtract ; separate, 
isolate ; detach, send detached 
troops ; — V. inf. tajarrud, be 
peeled, pared, shelled, stripped ; 
undress ; free one's self from 
((J.-* min) ; loose itself ; renounce 
worldly things; devote one's 
self entirely to (J Ii) ; be taken 
in abstract sense ; be separated, 
isolated ; resemble ; cease to 
ferment ; — vii. inf. injirdd, 
be stripped, peeled, shaved, 
worn out ; have lost the hair ; 
be separated, isolated ; last 
long ; depart ; — vili. inf. ijti- 




rdd, draw the swords against 
each other and fight. 

■^fs- jard, shield ; f . » , pi. ajrdd, 
worn out, threadbare ; — jarad, 
baldness ; bare field, threadbare 
garment; — jarid, 'i , without 
any vegetation ; — jurd, pi. 
jurud, high bare mountains ; 
— jiu-d, pi. \'ifi- Jardn', f. of 
•^fA ajrad, bare, naked, &c. ; — 
is jarda-t, detachment, detached 
troops ; military expedition, 
campaign ; escort ; — jurda-t, 
nakedness, bareness, baldness. 

(^\j^ jurdihi, pi. janldiii, penis of 
hoofed animals. 

(^•^f!-) jar dah, INF. S, eat greedily; 
eat bread with one hand and 
push others back with the other 

O^'^/s- jardahdn, (^•J;^ jardabiyy, 
eating greedily (adj.). 

(CV^) jardah, inf. i , stretch. 

^'^f^ jirdahl, stout camel; valley; 

ij'ifi- jardaq, ijardaqa-t, ]A.jari1diq, 
a thin cake. 

(J'^/^) jardal, inf. ii , stumble, 

ic^fi-) jardam, inf. i, eat, eat 
up; gnaw, nibble; talk much 
and fast ; be above sixty vears 

(^•^fl- jardiyy, belonging to a high 

(•i/)-) Java:, v, INF. j(ir^, harden in 
tumour form; — iv. inf. ijrih, 
lead out, take out ; separate ; 

ij^ jaraz, tumour;- — jiirci:, pi. 
jur:iln, jirzdn, also (^i^-^fr jirzauii, 
pi. janhin, field-mouse ; rat ; — 
jari:, i , full of mice. 

(j/^) J«''f'z, ^> INF. jarz, cut off, 
lop ; annihilate, kill ; kirk ; 
sting, injure; hurt by epigrams, 
&c. ; eat quickly; — jaruz, inf. 
jan!za-t, be voracious ; — iv. 
INF. ijn'iz, have barren, rainless 
land ; be emaciated ; — vi. inf. 
tajtirnz, hurt, insult, inveigh 

against each other ; talk and 
act badly. 

3;^ jarz, pi. ajrdz, without vegeta- 
tion, dry, barren ; — jirz, j)!. 
juruz, ajrdz, a coarse garment; 
— jurz, pi. ajrdz, jiraza-t, club, 
staff, sceptre (Pers.) ; — » jar- 
za-t, jaraza-f, destruction, anni- 
hilation ; — jurza-t, pi. juraz, 
bundle of hay, &c.; sheave; 
parcel, packet. 

(fijf^) jarzaiii, dry bread. 

(^^jff- jarznn, vine-branch, vine 

((j-»j=.) jaras, i, v, inf. jars, pro- 
duce a low sound ; speak in a 
low voice ; lick ; suck ; — il. 
INF. tajris, speak in a low 
voice ; dishonour, put to shame ; 
disgrace one's self ; lead the 
criminal through the streets 
before execution ; render one 
experienced and well versed in 
a thing ; — IV. inf. ijrds, jjro- 
duce a low sound or noise, 
hum ; sing to the camels ; hear 
a low sound or noise ; — v. inf. 
tajarrus, speak in a low voice ; 
— VIII. inf. ijtirds, strive for. 

y»/>- jars, jirs, low sound, under- 
tone ; — jirs, root, origin ; — 
jaras, pi. ajrds, bell; — ijarsa-t, 
little bell, hand-bell; — jirsa-t, 
disgrace, ignominy ; dishonour- 
ing (s.). 

f^fi- jirsdin, j)leurisy (?). 

(u^;>) jaras, i, u, inf. jari-, rub, 
rub and knead ; comb ; peel, 
I'iire ; grind ; run slowly ; — 
VII. inf. injirdt!, be coarsely 
ground ; — viii. inf. ijtirds, 
strive for, endeavour to earn ; 
take, snatch, steal. 

('-t-i';=-) jarsab, inf. i , recover 
from an emaciating disease ; 
h;iYo reached the turning age 

(^;>) jars'am, inf. ii=(c:.^^); 
also =(^^). 

i_^fi- Jirissa, soul ; anything ani- 




(y^ys-) jarad, u, inf. jard, strangle, 
suffocate, smother ; — jarid, a, 
INF. jarad, not be able to swal- 
low one's spittle from anxiety, 
grief, &c. ; be in an agony of 
grief, &c. ; — iv. inf. ijnld, cause 
one to feel the greatest anxiety, 

(l^^) jar da III, emaciated tottering 
old man ; — jurdum, jirdaiiiin, 
glutton, voracious eater. 

tj^f>- jurdd , j)l. of ij^.f)- jarid. 

(If!-) jarit. A, INF. jarat, almost 
choke with a morsel. 

itf^) ia™'. A, INF. jar' ; —jari', 
A, INF. jara', sip and swallow 
water ; — jari', A, inf. jara', be 
bold, daring, courageous ; — ii. 
INF. tajri', make one to eat or 
swallow a thing against his 
will ; encourage ; — ■ iv. inf. 
ijrd', submit ; incline ; fall ; — 
V. INF. tajarru', swallow, calm 
down, get tranquil ; show 
prowess ; — viii. inf. ijtird', 
swallow with one gulp ; break 
by one effort ; — » jar'a-t, 
jlr'a-t, jur'a-t, draught of water ; 
draught ; drink. 

(--*/^) ia™/> u, INF. jarf, jarfa-t, 
take up and remove ; shovel or 
sweep away ; scour ; hew, hoe ; 

— II. INF. tajrif, carry away ; 
dig out ; — IV. INF. ijrilf, reach 
and wash against (flood) ; — 
V. INF. tajarruf, take much or 
all, take away, carry off; — vii. 
INF. injiruf, be shovelled off ; 

— VIII. INF. ijtirdf, take away, 
carry away. 

•-^j^ Ja-i'L INF. of (^f^);—jirf, 
corner of the mouth ; — jirf, 
jurf, place not reached by a 
flood ; — jurf, pi. ajruf, jirafa-t, 
what is carried away by the 
water ; torn off or broken by a 

((j-i^) jar/as, inf. » , throw on 
the ground ; take away every- 
thing; eat much. 

(i^^fi-) jarkas, inf. s , embroider ; 

adorn, embellish (m.). 
(J^) jaril, A, INF. jaral, be hard; 
stony ; — iv. inf. ijriU, hit on 
stones in digging. 
1^^ jaral, pi. ajrdJ, stone; stony 

ground ; — jaril, i , stony. 
iff)-) jaram, i, inf. jarin, commit 
a crime ; sin ; sin against ; cut 
off, take away ; — inf. jarm, 
jirdiii, jardm, reap dates ; — inf. 
jar III, estimate the produce of 
the date-crop ; shear ; gain, 
earn ; deserve ; urge ; — ii. inf. 
tajri 111, lop off, cut out; emi- 
grate ; — IV. INF. ijrdni, commit 
a crime, be guilty ; be great ; 
be pure ; have a pure voice ; 
stick, adhere ; — v. inf. tajar- 
ruiii, be completed, passed ; 
impute falsely a guilt to {^ 
'ala) ; — viii. inf. ijtirdm, com- 
mit a crime ; cut off ; take 
away ; gather dates or estimate 
their produce ; gain, earn. 
Cf^ jarm, inf. of iff!-), cutting 
off, &c. ; Tp\.jiirihn, boat, barque 
(m.) ; — jaram, pi. ajrdm, sin, 
crime ; f>fi- S Id jaram-a (Id, 
jvrma), undoubtedly ; of course ; 
accordingly ; — jirm, pi. jvrum, 
juri'im, ajrdm, body, bulk ; 
colour; sound; — jurrani, pi. of 
C)^ jdrim. 
Q}^fi- jirmdn, body. 
(yy^) jarmae, inf. & , contract 
(n.), close (n.), unite (n.) ; flee; 
— II. INF. tajarmuz, happen to, 
fall to the share of, devolve 
upon (^ 'ala) ; — iii. ijramaxz, 
INF. ijrimzdz, contract, &c. = l. 
^j^i^y^ jurmasaq, maple-tree. 
jyfi- jwmilz, j>l. jardmiz, cistern ; 
fountain-basin ; small house ; 
members of the body, see 'f'^'fi- 
^y-f!- jarmiiq, galoche (Turk.), 
(y^) jaran, u, inf. jurun, grind ; 
be steady and zealous in any- 
thing, practise it ; be smoothed, 
polished ; — iv. inf. ijrdn, gather 




dates from the diying-floor ; — 
VIII. INF. ijtkan, prepare a 

t)_;^ jurn, pi. ajnUi, drying-place, 
drying-floor ; mortar ; basin, 
font; — jurun, pi. of y^^ jardn 
and (^.j-^ jarhi. 

(^J^) jarali, several dates on the 
same stalk ; — ii. inf. tajrih, 
make public, publish ; — v. inf. 
tajarruh, become public. 

((j-"^^) jirhds, tall, strong. 

(•»*^) jcifhad, jnrhud, cheerful 
wanderer ; — iii. ijrahadd, inf. 
ijrihddd, hasten; stretch (n.), 
be long ; last ; be hard. 

i}j=-) jarw, jirw, jiirw, pi. jii-d', 
ajr-in, ajri, ajnV, pi. ajriya-t, 
whelp, cub ; small fruit ; any- 
thing little. 

(}fs-) jaru\ INF. jur'a-t, jura-t, 
jard'a-t, jard'iya-t, jurdya-f, be 
bold, courageous ; — ii. inf. 
tajri', embolden, encourage ; — 
V. INF. fajat-fi, prove bold, 
courageous ; dare, venture ; — 
VIII. INF. ijtird' , take courage 
and venture upon (^ 'alaj ; 
— S jirwa-t, small cucumbers, 
gherkins ; coloquintida. 

ob/^ jirwdn, wine. 

Jj;^ jarild, worn, woi'u out 

_)j;=5- jariir, restive, refractory ; 

'^jfr jari'iz, voracious. 

(^i^^j^) jai-cvihaq, clew. 

I'^p-) i'"'''' I' INF. jary, jamydii, 
jirya-t, How ; — INF. jii'd', jary, 
run ; issue and take force 
(edict, &c.) ; be current ; hap- 
pen, come to pass, take place ; 
fall to the share of (J Ii or ,J'^ 
'ala) ; for (}f^), be bold; — ii. 
INF. tajriya-t, urge to run ; send 
or appoint as one's envoy, pleni- 
potentiary, governor ; — ii. and 
IV. render current, cause to 
circulate ; execute ; order the 
salary to be paid ; settle an 
account ; — iii. inf. jird', mujd- 

rdt, vie in running, walk or run 
with another ; concur ; agree ; 
— INF. {/'(•'(', to appoint (a 
salary, &c.) ; introduce (a cus- 
tom, &c.) ; have full-grown 
fruit ; — VI. inf. tajdri, vie in 
running, run or walk together ; 
concur ; agree ; — x. inf. is- 
fijrd', beg another to be one's 
deputy, &c. ; show one's self 
bold against (ace). 

4^j=- jary, course, run ; water- 
course ; diarrhoea, dysentery ; 
<^\j^ y.^ ndnjardk, ud;l_^ y-» min 
jardih, for your sake, on your 
account ; — jar-an, jara, youth- 
fulness ; — -jari', jari, pi. jur'dt, 
ajni', who advances boldly, ven- 
turesome ; — jariyy, pi. ajriyiV, 
youthful ; — jirriyy, pi. jardri, 
eel ; — 4 jirya-t, inf. of (^^/s-) ; 
— jirriyya-t, crop of a bird. 

^,f^ jirriyd', course of events. 

J^^ jirydl, & jirydla-t, colour of 
gold ; wine. 

oV^ j'rydn, id.; — jaraydn, inf. 
of (tS/i-). 

s-^/^ jarib, pi. ajriba-t, jard'ib, 
jurhdn, a measure of corn ; a 
field-measure ; acre ; large river ; 
produce of a field, garden, &c. 

i-i-^/^ jirris, eel. 

^.fi- jarih, jA. jarha, wounded. 

■^/^ jar id, branch of a palm-tree 
stripped of the leaves ; staff, 
lance, spear; full; — i jarida-t, 
p]. jard'id, squadron, company 
of horse ; scroll, register ; di- 
j^loma ; rest., pi. ajirra-f, leading-rope, 
rein; strap; — S jarira-t, pi. 
jard'ir, sin, crime. 

{J^fi- jaris, coarsely ground or 
pounded; (m.) peeled grain or 

u^fi- j"i''d, suffocation, agony ; 
grief ; pi. jarda, grieved ; — 
jiu-aid, i, big. 

'i»if>- jurai'a-t, little draught, sip ; 
(:>j>^\ e jural' at u-':--aqaii>, last 




<-iif)- jarif, dry, 'withered. 

ftif^ jar! Ill, dry dates ; date-stones ; 
6 , pi. jirdm, bulky, voluminous ; 
criminal, guilty; — 5 jarima-t, 
pi. jarci'im, sin, guilt, crime ; 
usurer ; punishment ; fine, 
mulct ; — jirrtma-t, tail. 

(^f)- jarin, jjI. juran, drying- 
place, drying or threshing-floor ; 
ground (adj.). 

fej^^j- jari'a-t, pi. jardyd, janVi, 
ambush or watching-place of a 
hunter ; — Jirri'a-1, crop of a 

(>^) i«^'^> U) INF. jazz, jazza-t, 
jizza-t, shear, shave ; cut, mow ; 
reap, gather ;^^ — inf. juzitz, 
begin to dry (n.) ; — iv. inf. 
ijzdz, have corn to be reaped, 
sheep to be shorn ; be ripe for 
harvest ; begin to dry (n.) ; 
give to anyone (ace.) the pro- 
duce of the shearing ; — vii. 
INF. injizdz, get shorn ; — viii. 
INF. ijtizdz, ijdizdz, cut of£, shear, 
mow, reap ; — x. inf. istijzdz, be 
fit to be shorn, mown, reaped. 

ys- jaz\ pi. ajzd', portion, part, 
particle, atom ; piece ; ingre- 
dient ; division, section, volume 
of a work ; quire of paper ; foot 
of a verse ; female slaves ; — ii 
jizza-t, 'pl. jizaz, jizd'iz, shorn off 
wool, fleecej shearing of the 
year ; — jizza-t, jazza-t, pl. -dt, 
shearing; j wool; dates of the 
year ; (m.) clippings ; remainder 
of mulberry-leaves. 

(\y^') jaza', k, INF. jaz', take a part 
of (ace.) ; divide ; be content 
with {'-r' hi) one thing instead 
of (y.c 'an) another ; tie up, 
fix, fasten; — 1^)=- jazi, a, inf. 
jaz-an, be content with one 
thing instead of another ; — li. 
inf. tajzi', tajziya-t, divide ; 
cause to be content with ... in- 
stead of . . . ; suffice to (ace.) ; 
— IV. INF. ijzd\ content (a.) ; 
cause one to be content, &c. ; 
put the ring on (J li, (_j» /?) 

the finger ; have dense grass ; 
give birth to girls ; put a 
handle to a knife; — v. inp. 
tajazz!, be divided ; — v. and 
viii. ijtizzd', be content with 
(s-> hi) instead of (y.E 'an). 

^j=5- jazd', requital, reward ; conse- 
quent proposition in a con- 
ditional sentence ; part, portion ; 
— jizd', INF. III. of ((jys-) ; — i 
juz'a-t, handle ; pole. 

(■}'Aj=)-)jazdjiz, pl. the testicles. 

j\y=^ jazzdr, butcher; slaughterer; 
cut-throat ; tyrant ; — 'i jazdra-t, 
head and feet of a sacrificed 
animal ; — jizdra-t, trade of a 
butcher ; butchery, slaughter, 


harvest : — iizdz 

yy^ jazii.z, jnn:;, narvest ; — jizaz, 
shearing (s.) ; — juzdz, & jnzd- 
za-t, pl. jazd'ir, gleanings, clip- 
pings, shavings, &o. ; — jazzdz, 

g\)=- juzd', impatient. 

U.\j^ jazdf, jizdf, juzdf, i jazdfa-t, 
&c., approximate estimation ; 
buying in the lump ; surmise, 
supposition ; by way of suppo- 
sition ; - — jazzdf, fisherman. 

J^j=- jizdl, jazdl, gathering of the 
dates ; — pl. of Jj=- jazl and 
Jj)=- jazil; — » jazdia-t, plenty, 
abundance ; eloquence ; mag- 
nificence ; high rank ; sharp 
intellect, penetration ; firmness ; 

&>\y^ jizdt/a-t, taxation, tax. 

f\-f^ jazd'ir, pl. of !i;3)=- jazh-a-t and 

y^ys. jazd'iz, pl. of 'ij\ys- JKzdza-t. 

(sj)^) jizh, share, portion ; — jnzh, 
pl. servants. 

(j;v=.) jazah. A, INF. jazh, set to 
work ; go to its lair ; beat the 
tree to make the leaves fall ; 
give a handsome present ; give 
part of one's fortune to an- 

pjv jazh, gift, present; — jazih, 
jazah, sharp, intelligent, pru- 




(jlr") i^^'^i'i i> 'P; INF. j'azj', jazdr, 
jizdr, cut, cut off ; — V, slaughter, 
kill, massacre ; — i, tr, inf. jazr, 
subside, fall, ebb ; — iv. inf. 
ijzdr, give to kill ; be proper to 
be killed ; be near death ; be 
ripe for harvest ; — v. see viii. ; 

— VI. INF. tajdzur, inveigh 
against each other ; — v. inf. 
tajazzur, viii. inf. ijtizdr, be left 
on the battle-field. 

jj^ jazr, juzr, ebb; sea; — jazar, 
land exposed to floods ; also S 
jazara-t, sheejJ to be slaughtered ; 
— Jazar, jazir, S , turnip ; parsnip ; { 
— jtiziirekud — 

<^\)j^ j/iziirdf, pi. of jjjs. j(Y?.vu'. 

i^j)=- jazariyy, insular ; islander ; 

)ys- jazaz, anything cut ; — ,'pzaz, pi. 
of iy=- jizza-f. 

(gj=-) jaza'. A, inf. jaz', cross, 
traverse ; cut off ; give part of 
one's fortune to another ; — 
jazl', A, inf. jaza', juzit', grow 
impatient under sufferings ; be 
sad, grieved, seized by fear ; be 
importunate, molest ; — ii. inf. 
tajz'i', cut into slices or pieces; 
exhaust one's patience ; be ripe 
by two-thirds ; mark with black 
and white dots ; — iv. inf. ijzd\ 
render impatient ; leave part ; 

— V. INF. tajazzu', get broken; 

— VII. INF. ivjizd', get broken, 
torn ; — VIII. INF. ijtizd', break, 
cut, tear. 

^y=^ jaz', jk', i , a shell ; glass 
bead ; onyx ; pi. ajzd', winding 
of valley, width of valley ; bee- 
hive ; — JKz', saffron ; — jiiz', 
jazi', axis of a pulley ; — jaza', 
impatience; fear; — jazi', jazii', 
impatient ; — ii jiz'a-f, small 
numbir or (juantity ; a little 
water; also /((."'«-/, part of the 
night; — jiiz'a-t, handle of a 

(^»ji-) jazaf, estimate approxi- 
mately, surmise ; — ill. inf. 
nntjdzafa-t, buy or sell in a 

lump ; — V. INF. tajazzuf, select ; 

— VIII. INF. ijtizdf, buy in a 

(Jys-) jazal, I, INF. jazl, cut, cut 
through, cut off; distribute; 
cut asunder ; make sore ; — 
jazil. A, INF. jazal, be soi-e ; — 
jazul, be considerable, nume- 
rous, abundant ; be very pru- 
dent ; — IV. INF. ijzdl, make 
sore ; be liberal to (J Ji) ; give 
in addition. 

J)=- jazl, liberal, generous ; intel- 
ligent, prudent ;=J?.>=" _;'aJ!?Z ; pi. 
juziU, ajzdl, jizdl, thick wood for 
burning ; — jizl, » jizla-t, bunch 
of dates; — i jV«?a-^, leathern bag 
for milk ; basket. 

Cy^ jazam, i, inf. jazm, cut off, 
lop ; break off ; fulfil a vow or 
oath ; mark a consonant with 
jazm ; pronounce or read slowly 
and distinctly ; fill ; impose ; 
estimate the produce of a palm- 
tree ; be discouraged and in- 
capable ; conceal, keep silent 
about a matter ; — ii. inf. 
tajzlm, fill ; be discouraged and 
incapable ; conceal ; — v. inf. 
tajazzum, be broken; — vii. inf. 
injizdm, be cut off ; be inter- 
rupted, left undone ; be broken ; 
be marked with jazm ; be solved ; 
— VIII. INF. ijiizdm, estimate the 
produce of a palm-tree ; receive 
part of a fortune ; buy. 

(•j=- jazm, cutting off (s.) ; also 
jazma-t, absence of a vowel and 
sign thereof — ; shortened aorist ; 
equality of the characters in 
writing; pen with a broad nib; 
decision; apodictieal proposition; 

— jizm, i jizma-t, part, portion, 
share ; ji-ma-t, herd ; (ni.) boot ; 

— 'ijaziiia-t, a single meal, 
(o}^) jc^»> pl- ajzini, thick wood 

for burning. 
(;j=.) jazd, V, INF. jazw, subdue, 
subjugate; — I, inf. jazd', re- 
quite, reward, punish ; sufiice ; 
pay ; — III. INF. jizd', mujdzdf', 




requite; wish to anybody that 
God may reward him ; ■ — iv. 
INP. ipiV, suffice ; satisfy ; sup- 
ply another's place insufficiently ; 
put a handle to a knife ; — vi. 
INF. tajilzi, requite or satisfy 
one another ; get rewarded or 
punished ; press one to do a 
thing; demand the payment of 
a debt; — viii. inf. ijtixd', ask 
for a reward or requital ; do 
what is agreeable to another ; 
requite ; be zealous and perse- 
vering in a matter. 

j}y=- jazi'ir, pi. jazair, juzur, jitznrat, 
animal to be slaughtered ; camel 
for a sacrifice. 

))y^ j'ftzra, ii ja«ilza-t, shorn or to 
be shorn. 

tiy^ja^i'i', impatient. 

ij}-f- juzwiyy, Tpl. jvzwiyya-t, small 
portion, trifle ; a little of ; un- 

(tS)=^)i«2«, I. nsF.jaz,r = {,j^). 

^Jys■ jazi', sufficient ; — juzy and ^Jy^ 
juz'iyy, particle, small quantity, 
a little ; f . 6 , partly, in a small 
quantity ; special, particular ; pi. 
juziyydt, particles, trifles, details; 

— ' ji^^ya-f, pl- j'''^y> J'''^«> i'«'''' 
capitation-tax ; custom-tax ; pro- 
duce of the ground. 

f.j=)- jizzh', butcher ; slaughterer ; 
tyrant; — S jazira-t, lA. jaziVh; 
island ; peninsula ; land exposed 
to floods; al-jazira-t, Mesopo- 
tamia; al-jaziVir, Algiers; ^^\ 
uiASi\^\ al-jazd'iru 'l-hdlidiltn, 
the Canary Islands. 

j>j=5- jaztz, cut, shorn ; — 5 jaziza-t, 
tuft of wool. 

&*>y?- jazi'a-t, separate j)art ; — • 
jiizai'a-t, small flock of sheep. 

'-a>j=- jazif, fishing-net; buying in 
a lump. 

Ji>j:^ jazil, pi. jizdl, much, many, 
numerous, abundant ; great ; 
eloquent ; energetic. 

(^^:=.) jass, feel, touch ; investigate, 
spy out ; — V. INF. tajassns, 

vin. INF. ijtisds, id. ; touch or 
seize with the lips. 

u~=5- jas', rough skin ; ice. 

(L»5.) jasa', A, INF. jiis'(i-f, jusii, 
be hard ; get dry and callous. 

^=- jas'd', callous; — ^ j^is'a-f, 

^\.^^jisdd, saffron ; — jiisdd, belly- 

Sj^— =. jasdra-f, foolhardiness. 



^J^\~=i. jdssds, pryiut 


ftK..^ jisdin, pi. of ^s—^ jasiin ; — 
jasdm, corpulent, bulky ; — » 
Jasdiuii-t, corpulence ; bulk, 
bulkiness ; importance. 

yV„=. jussdn, pi. players on the 

(juv.:^) jasid, A, INF. jasad, stick, 
adhere ; — ii. inf. iajskl, iv. 
ijsdd, cause to adhere, glue ; 
pass, be impregnated; — v. inf. 
tajassud, embody one's self, take 
flesh and blood. 

ji— V jasad, lA. iijsdd, jiiand, body, 
flesh ; blood ; saffron ; the 
golden calf ; — jasad, jasid, 

j_5>\ji~!i. jasaddniyy, t^^^™^ jasdnjy, 
bodily, corporeal ; carnal, ma- 

(j_=.) jasar, u, inf. jasdra-t, dare, 
venture boldly ; be foolhardy ; 
INF. jiisilr, jasdra-t, leave off 
covering (stallion) ; walk ; travel 
over or through ; build a bridge ; 
— II. INF. tajsir, render bold, 
brave ; — vi. inf. fujdsur, venture 
boldly, be foolhardy; vie in 
boldness ; stretch one's self, 
lift up the head ; brandish a 
stick ; — VIII. INF. ijti.sdr, travel 
over, across ; sail. 

j-=- jasr, jisr, pi. ajsiir, 
bridge ; dam ; causeway 
supporting-beam; — jnsr, 
and strong; brave ;—J»sr,./»SH)-, 
pi. oi j)~^ jasih: 

(._j;~=.) jasrah, long. 

(2^=.) jasa', A, INF. ,/((s' 

i. biff 

, chew the 



cud; vomit; — vill. IIUF. ijtisa', 
(,»->.=-) jasam, inf. jasama-i, be 
bulky, big, corjjulent ; — ii. inf. 
tajshn, mate big, corpulent, 
bulky ; increase ; exaggerate ; 
bring into bodily shape, in- 
corporate, embody ; — v. inf. 
iajassum, be or grow corpulent, 
bulky ; be incorporated, em- 
bodied, incarnate ; assault ; 
travel to ; elect ; undertake 
anything great ; begin a thing 
at the principal and most diffi- 
cult part ; ascend a mountain 
on the steepest side. 

I> — ^ jism, pi. ajsdm, jusiim, body ; 
substance ; bulk, mass. 

yU--=._/Msm!?K, body ; bulk; mass; 
— iS jasm I'l n iyy, bodily ; material ; 
— h jismdniyya-t, corporality ; 

"^H — =- jismiyya-t, corporality ; ma- 

(^~=-) jasci, u, INF. jusuww, jasiv, 
be hard ; — inf. ^=^ jasan, 
jusuivw ; get dry, wither ; — 
INF. jusuwv), grow decrepit ; 
freeze ; — iii. inf. mujdsdt, be 
hostile to (ace). 

jj — =. jasih; pi. jMsr, jusnr, bold, 
courageous, brave. 

gy-s. jusi'i', niggardliness. 

■i-i—^ jasid, coagulated. 

,j~;~=- jasis, spy. ^ 

^_^ jashn, pi. jisdm, bulky, cor- 
pulent ; important, difficult ; 
highly esteemed. 

(u^) i**''^') u> i*'^- jf^^i'i pound, 
grind coarsely ; beat ; clean, 
sweep ; shed ; — iv. inf. ijs'ds, 
pound, grind ; be covered with 
densely grown plants. 

jass, middle of the desert ; 
middle of the body ; stony 
ground ; — i"-", pi- jisds, moun- 
tain-chain ; an hour of the 
ni^'ht ; — jn-'i', pi. jas'iif, ajsd', 
light bough, branch ; much, 
many ; — ' Jassa-t, brothers, 
relations; servants; also jiixsa-t, 

troop of travellers ; departure ; 
— jussa-t, loud noise, tumult; 
violent sneezing. 
(yi^) ja^a', A, inf. juhV, yi-^ jus', 
jasa', be deeply moved ; belch ; 
emigrate ; darken (n.), threaten, 
lurk, impend ; — ii. inf. Uijsi'a-t, 
V. taja^s'u', belch; — viii. inf. 
ijtisd', not suit, not feel com- 
fortable in a place (ace). 
V.i^ jusiV, i jus'd'a-t, belching ; ir- 
j\a^ jusdr, cough ; — jasMr, owner, 
possessor ; — ^^ jas'sdriyy, menial 
taking care of the cattle. 
&^\Ji.^ jasdma-i, heavy work. 
(s-Ji^) jaiab, inf. jasb, grind 
coarsely ; break ; spoil, render 
vile, humiliate; — v, also jasih, 
A, INF. jasab, be coarse and 
without a by-dish (food) ; — 
jasub, INF. jusuba-t, be coarse 
and bad. 
v~^ jasb, coarse food ; — jusb, 

skin of an orange. 
((ji<5-!u=.) jasjas, INF. 6 , clean, 
(-io.) jaiar, v, inf. jasr, drive the 
cattle to the pasture and leave 
it there all night ; let the horses 
graze in front of the house ; 
leave, leave behind ; — inf. jusur, 
break forth, shine; — jas'ir, a, 
INF. jasar, be hard and rugged ; 
also pass, have a cough or 
hoarseness ; — ii. inf. tajsir, 
drive the cattle to the pasture. 
;-i^ ja.<ar, herds on the pasture- 
ground ; spring-herbs ; bache- 
lor ; hoarseness ; — J".<r, pi. 
\y^ jasrd', f. of yi-^\ ajtar, 
hoarse coughing; — i jusra-t, 
(Sr^) i«''''''S A, inf. ja^a', be 
greedy ; covet violently and 
want to take from another ; — 
V. INF. taja^sn', id.; — vi. inf. 
iajdsit', quarrel about the water. 
^~^ jasa', envious greed ; — jasi', 

ir^)jasini, A, INF, jasm, jasdma-t, 
toil at (ace.) ; — ii. inf. tajshn. 


IV. iNr. ijsdm, put a heavy 
burden or hard work upon (two 
ace.) ; — V. INF. tajassum=i ; 
undertake anything toilsome or 

j*-W ja^m, jasain, jusam, burden; 
grief ; — ja^am, fatness ; — jusam, 
basket ; belly ; heaviness ; — 
jusum, pi. fat people. 

yi^s-i^ jasis, coarsely ground ; — 
also ii jasisa-t, groats. 

(y9^) jass, I, INF. jass, sigh and 
lament; — ii. inf. tajsts, cover 
with mortar, cement, gypsum, 
plaster ; parquet ; open the eyes ; 
sprout, spring up ; fill up ; at- 
tack ; — VIII. INF. ijtisds, live 
close to each other. 

ya* jass, jiss, gypsum ; chalk, 
mortar, cement. 

yoUis. jassds, mason, parqueter, 
plasterer ; seller of gypsum, 
chalk, cement. 

(ij>^) jadd, u, I, jadd, swagger in 
walking ; (m.) clamour, cry 
out ; — also II. tajdid, attack 
with a sword or lance ; run 
very fast ; — » jadda-t, clamour, 
noise (m.). 

(^♦A;.) judum, glutton, voracious 
eater ; — hence v. inf. tajaddum, 
seize with the mouth. 

()aJ) jazz, u, INF. jazz, push back, 
drive away ; throw to the 
ground ; lie with a woman ; be 
short and fat ; run fast ; render 
anxious, sorrowful ; — iv. inf. 
ijzdz, be proud. 

(C^) i*"> ^' ^^^- J'^"' ^^* earth, 
clay ; pelt with clay ; — ii ji'a-t, 

i^Us. ja"db, iS ja"dbiyy, maker 
of quivers ; — » ji"dba-t, his 

^Kioi. ja'dr, hyena ; — ji'dr, rope. 

^U/> ju'df, torrent. 

Jl«=. ji'dl, pi. ju'ul, also » ja'dla-t, 
ji'dla-t, ju'dla-t, pl.ja'd'il, pay- 
ment, pay, wages ; bribe ; (m.) 

y«>>U». ja'dnis, pi. beetles. 

(s-<*=!-) ja'ab, I, INF. ja'b, throw 
down ; make quivers ; gather ; 
turn, turn round (a.) ; — ii. 
INF. taj'ib, throw down; — v. 
INF. taja"ub, VII. inf. inji'db, 
pass, of the last ; — ii ja'ba-t, 
pi. ji'db, quiver ; (m.) barrel of 
a gun. 

(p*^) ja'bar, inf. 6 , throw down. 

(_r~f«'?- jti'bus, (j-^«^ ju'bus, stupid. 

^l-^*?■ ja'bala-t, haste, hurry. 

'~>}f*^ ju'bi'ib, pi. ja'bdbib, the black 
part of a wick. 

^•^^^ ja'taba-t, greed, avidity, 

(^ix=-) ja'sam, lean ; weak ; — ii. 
INF. taja'siim, contract (n.), 
shrink, draw in. 

gVas*:^ ja'jd', narrow, uncomfort- 
able place ; prison ; battle- 

(gi5>*^) ja'ja', INF. i , bring to a 
narrow uncomfortable place, 
confine, shut up ; hold fast ; 
be in such a place ; slaughter ; 
make the camels kneel down 
or rise ; clapper ; — ii. inf. 
tajaju', throw one's self on the 
ground from pain. 

(jufcs.) ja'ud, iNF.ja'dda-t,ju'ikla-t, 
be curly; — ii. inf. taj'ld, curl 
(a.), frizzle ; dress the hair ; 
wrinkle, rumple ; have project- 
ing muscles or bones ; — v. inf. 
taja"ud, be curly, frizzled, 
wrinkled ; be contracted. 

J«=^ ja'd, i , pi. ji'dd, curly, curly- 
haired ; curl, lock of hair ; 
crooked; liberal, and, by op230- 
sition, miserly ; — ii ja'da-t, curl, 
lock of hair ; curly-haired (f .) ; 
sj,«=. y\ abii ja'da-t, wolf. 

djjjuj. ju'daha-t, water-bubbles ; 
spider's web. 

(jj«=.) ja'dar, short, small. 

( Jjjtf) ja'dal, strong, brave. 

^£Ji^»^ ja'zariyy, voracious. 

(j*^) ja'ar, a, inf. ja'r, drop 
excrement; (m.) low, bellow; 
— V. inf. taja"ur, tie a rope 



round the waist ; — vii. 


((j~«?-) ja'as, ease the bowels ; — 

V. INF. iaja''us, consider impure; 

talk ribaldry to (J U). 
u~**- ja's, excrement, dung ; place 

where it falls. 
(j-j~«^ ju'si'is, pi. ja'ihts, little, 

small, contemptible. 
s-~*^ ja's'ah, long and thick, 
^vi'*:^ ja's'am, middle, placed in the 

(W) ja'a;, A, INF. ja';, repel; — 

IV. INF. ij''h, id. ; flee. 
jUi*^ ji'zdr, i ji'^nva-i, dwarf; 

i}^^^) ja':nr, inf. i , run clumsily ; 

<4;^°*^ ja'±or///2/=jUi*=. ji'znr. 
(i-^*^) ja'af, A, inf. j'a'/, throw to 

the ground ; cut down ; tear or 

pluck out ; IV. INF. ij'i'lf, 

throw to the ground ; — vii. 
INF. iiiji'ilf, be torn out ; — viii. 
INF. ijti'^if, tear out. 

(f*^) Ja'fiii', brook, rivulet; river, 
stream ; 5 y^ ahn ja'far, fly. 

hf*^ ja'farii/i/a-t, art of a sooth- 

(Jb*?-) ja'faJ, INF. ii , strike one 
dead from his horse. 

(J*^) ja'al A, INF. Ja'I, put, 
place, pile ; put upon (^ 'ala, 
J li); give; — INF. ja% jn'l, 
ja'(Ua-f, ji'i'ilii-t, make, do ; 
effect, prei)are, produce ; instal, 
name ; take for, consider, deem ; 
invest (capital, &e.) ; fix (as 
payment, wages, a pension) ; 
make a condition for {ij^ 'ala) ; 
undertake, begin ; — 11. inf. 
tiij'U, assemble (a.) ; gather 
(n.) ; — III. INF. mi'jd'ala-t, 
give a bribe ; — iv. make, 
effect ; fix and pay wages ; drop 
young ones ; be hot ; abound in 
dung-flies ; — vi. inf. tajd'ul, 
agree for wages or a payment; 
— vii. inf. iiiji'iij, be placed, 
put; — VIII. inf. ijii'i'l, place, 
put, pile ; make, do ; be done, 

effected ; receive wages ; — x. 
INF. istij'dl, be hot (bitch). 

J*=^ ja'l, i, small palm-tree; 
palm-shoot ; adulteration ; — 
jw'Z, pi. aj'nl, pay ; j)ension ; 
present ; — ju'al, pi. ji'ldn, 
dung-fly ; scarabaeus ; common, 
mean ; watchman ; — ju'ul, pi. 
of J W ji'dl. 

(udW) ja'lak; inf. i , crumjtle 

ij''^ ja'hyi/, adulterated, false, not 

(^=-) ja'am, have an appetite; 
muzzle; — ja'iii>, A, inf. ja'm, 
ja'am, desire strongly, have 
great appetite, and, by oppo- 
sition, have no ajjpetite ; have 
a thick voice ; lose the teeth 
from old age ; — iv. inf. ij'dm, 
up-root ; be bare, grazed off ; 
— V. INF. taja"um, desire. 

(!=**=-) j!''i)i»^, old miser. 

(y*?-) ja'aii, inf. ja'n, contract 
(n.), get wrinkled ; relax or be 
relaxed; — iv. inf. ij'd/i, be 
hard and fat. 

(h-^'«=-) Jn'«n6, small, dwarfish. 

i)*^) ja'd, V, INF. ja'iv, gather 
dung in a heap; — ja'u-, heaj), 

^'^)^^ ju'uda-f, curliness. 

si)*^ ju'iil, -puj ; pension. 

^■^^!:X=-ju'aiddiyy, men of the popu- 
lace (m.). 

&L>»=- ja'ilu-t, lA.ja'ii'il, pay ; (m.) 
flock of sheep ; company of 

i.^j\ji^ jagrdjiyya-t, geography (m.). 

(._a=.) Jaff, I, A, also for jafif\ a, 
INF. jr'fdf, jtifi'f, dry, get dry, 
wither ; — n, inf. jaff, collect 
and take away ; — n. inf. tajfdf, 
fajfif, dry thoroughly (a.) ; put 
the war-armour on a horse ; 
move the wings ; — v. inf. 
tajaffi'f, be dry"; — viii. inf. 
y^i/'i'/) eat up, drink out. 

"-"^ J"/, calyx of the palm; large 
number, crowd; anything hol- 
low, hollow tooth ; case ; bucket ; 




— ' if#'«-') jujfa-t, numerous 
cavalcade, crowd ; — juffa-t, large 
(W) jafa', A, INF. ja/', throw up 
mud, foam, &c. ; scum ; empty 
tlie pot into a plate ; lock, and, 
by opposition, open the door ; 
eradicate ; throw to the ground ; 

— IV. iNP. ijfii', V. tajaffi, throw 
up mud, foam, &c. ; lock or 
open ; wear out and starve a 
beast of burden ; throw down ; 

— VIII. INF. ijtif'i', tear out by 
the root and throw away. 

W jafd', tyranny, cruelty, op- 
pression ; boorishness ; misuse ; 
— j'^f'^'j what is carried away 
by the stream ; foam ; empty 
ship; what is in vain; jufiVan, 
in vain. 

t^ jo-ffc^! proud boaster. 

i«,U=. jafdsa-t, stomach-ache. 

JU=- jiifiH, also ' jufilla-t, foam, 
scum ; what is carried away by 
a stream ; jufdla-t, fleeing 
crowd; — jufiH, thick hair; — 


ii\si^ jufuija-i , empty ship. 

(c:^i:s.)j VIII. INP. ijiifut, take 
everything away, carry off, re- 

- juft, a pair. 

(<_aa^) jafjaf, INF. i , hold firm, 
retain, seize, gather and keep 
together ; — ii. inf. tajafjuf, 
ruffle the feathers, covering the 
eggs with the wings ; be half 

.-a^sto^- jafjaf, low ground ; plain ; 
violent ; raving, in delirium. 

{(J^) jafah, A, INF. jafh, boast ; 
be proud ; hasten, hurry ; — iii. 
INF. miijilfa/^a-t, boast to. 

(^=.) jafar, r, inf. jrt/r, also v., x., 
be full grown, four months old 
(lamb) ; — u, inf. jufur, be 
wide, spacious ; be inflated ; 
recover ; — iv. inf. ijfi!r=i. ; 
keep apart from one's wife ; be 
concealed ; neglect ; leave off ; 
— X. INF. isfijfiir=^i.; blow. 

/=>■ j'lfr, art of soothsaying ; — 
also 6 jiifra-l, pi. jifdr, jafam-f, 
jufi'ir, fijj'ih; spacious and half- 
full well ; full-grown lamb ; f. 
ii , pi. jafara-t, child beginning 
to eat ; — ii jufra-i, pi. jufur, 
jifdr, middle; inside; hollnw, 
hole ; belly ; bulk ; large dis- 
trict ; — 1^ jafriyy, spathe of the 
palm (also _/m/7' )•)•((); soothsayer; 
maker of amulets. 
(^) jafi, quick steji. 
((j~A=.) jafis, A, INF. jafas, jifdm-t, 
suffer from indigestion, have a 
u"^ j'ifi, jafis, degenerate ; stupid. 
(ya4=.) jafas, INF. jufiha-t, be sour, 

acid (m.). 
ijsi^ jafis, sour, acid ; refractory, 

obstinate (m.). 
(ta^) jafz, filling up, being full, 

fulness ; cable. 
{^) jafa', A, INF. jaf, throw to 

the ground. 
(J*^) J<^M' u, INF. jufiU, walk 
along with a light and swift 
step ; run ; flee ; shy and run 
away ; blow violently ; put to 
flight ; be dishevelled ; — i, 
INF. jafl, peel, skin, loose the 
flesh from the bones ; shovel 
away ; throw out ; throw to 
the ground ; chase, carry along ; 
burn (a.) ; — ii. inf. tajfil, put 
to flight, frighten ; peel ; re- 
move ; — IV. INF. ijfdl, run 
away, flee, speed off ; urge to 
speed ; put to flight ; frighten ; 
— V. INF. fajafful, ruffle the 
feathers of the neck ; flee ; 
tremble with fear ; — vii. inf. 
injifi'il, hasten away ; hurry by ; 
be carried along swiftly ; disap- 
Jiq- jafl, fear ; alarm ; flight ; 
tim"id ; rain-cloud ; pi. jufnl, 
black ant ; ship. 
(jhi:;. jaflitn, timid, timorous. 
isisi^ jaflaqa-t, hypocrisy ; dissimu- 




1.^4?- jafla, commonalty ; general 
(invitation), opposed to <4;» 

((:)*5-) i*/«») TJ> INF. jd/n, keep 
aloof from anything vile or 
impure ; slaughter a camel and 
place it in dishes before the 
guests ; — II. INF. tajfin, place 
the dish on the table ; — iv. 
INF. ijf'in, indulge in sexual 

tV^ jafn, pi. jufihi, ajfun, ajfdn, 
eye-lid ; also jifn, scabbard ; 
vine-shoot ; vine ; — ' jafna-t, 
pi. -at, jifctn, large and deep 
dish or plate of vrood ; small 
well ; a noble, generous man ; 
man-of-war ; — jiifna-t, pi. ji(-fan, 

(^) jafa, u, I, INF. jafw, jafan, 
jafd, oppress, treat cruelly, ty- 
rannise ; be insolent ; trouble- 
some ; molest ; — inf. jafwa-t 
(also VI.), neglect; — take off 
the saddle ; — r, inf. jafd', 
jafd'a-t (also vi.) ; be restless, 
swerve, shrink from ; — iii. 
INF. mujdfdt, maltreat ; remove, 
take away ; — iv. inf. ijfd', 
treat cruelly and unjustly, 
injure ; take off the saddle ; — 
VI. INF. tajdfi, see I. ; (m.) 
abuse one another ; — viii. inf. 
ijtifd', move, remove; — x. inf. 
istijfd', deem cruel and unjust. 

^^jafiv, 6 jafwa-t, j if tea -t, cruelty, 
oppression, injustice. 

Jy^ jafill, pi. jufiU, fleet ; pi. jafl, 
bringing clouds. 

(<J^) jafa, I, INF. jafy, throw 
down ; — ii. inf. tajfiya-t, prune 
(m.) ; — V. INF. tnjaffi, be 
pruned (m.) ; — ii j>fya-t=^ 
jafw, S . 

wJi=. jaftr, quiver ; case, scabbard ; 
— ^jafira-t, portfolio (m.). 

t_ r .'A=>- jafis, weak ; stupid. 

^^>iM- jafh, swollen. 

^jiSq. j6f_/i/', dry. 

J**^ j«/i7, jaffU, timid, timorous. 

(^)jaqq, V, ivv.jaqq, drop excre- 

O^ i«22' pl- Jh"'^' rectum. 

{f,^) jaqim, arrogant, insolent ; — 
hence : vi. inf. tajdqum, be inso- 
lent towards {,_^ 'ala). 

i^:^ jahjaha-t, clash, clinking. 

(^) jaUr, INF. jakar, be impor- 
tunate; (m.) be offended, nettled, 
angry ; — iii. inf. mujdkara-t, 
(m.) offend, in-itate, spite ; — 
IV. INF. ijkdr, press to buy ; — » 
jakra-t, anything necessary ; 
business, affair. 

(^\yi^ jah-dn, offended, nettled 

shine out, be great, powerful, 
sublime ; be terrible ; — inf. 
jaldl, jaldla-t, be old and ex- 
perienced ; — inf. julul, jail, 
migi'ate, emigrate ; — u, inf. 
jail, jalla-t (also viii.), gather 
dung ; — INF. jail, cover an 
animal with a cloth ; — ii. inf. 
iajlil, be general ; honour ; 
cover a horse with a cloth, 
saddle a mule ; — iv. inf. ijldl, 
deem great, powerful, &c. ; 
honour ; give much ; take off 
the covering ; be strong, and, 
by opposition, weak ; — v. inf. 
tajallul, surpass in greatness, 
&c. ; be honoured ; receive the 
best part ; be covered, clad ; 
sit on horseback ; — vi. inf. 
tajdll, scorn ; — vii. inf. injildl, 
be honoured ; — viii. inf. ijtildl, 
see I. ; take the best part to 
one's self. 
J"!- jail, Jill, great, glorious, sub- 
lime ; rough, rude ; — jail, jiill, 
pi. juhU, sail; — jiM, t^\. jildl, 
ajldl, jiilitl, covering, saddle- 
cloth, pack-saddle ; veil ; prin- 
cipal part, the whole ; rose, 
jessamine (Pers. J^) ; (m.) 
avenue of trees ; — 4 jiUa-t, old, 
old woman ; grandees, pi. of 
jah'l ; — jiilla-t, pi. jildl, basket 
of dry dates. 



(I^) jala', A, INF. jaV, jail', 
jald'at, throw down, throw away, 
1^=5- jalan, jald, emigration ; exile ; 
— jald', splendour, brightness, 
polish ; — jild', a kind of col- 
lyrium ; a honorary title ; inf. 
III. of (y^) ; — jalld', pi. -im, 
who wipes, smoothes, polishes. 

v*^ jildb, wallet ; case, scabbard ; 
— jalldb, pi. -un, importer of 
goods, cattle, slaves ; — julldb, 
rose-water ; a kind of sherbet ; 
— & jalldba-t, boisterous woman. 

s-^IW jaldbtb, pi. of s^WW jilbdb. 

'i'^ jalldd, skinner; executioner; 
— » jalnda-t, hardness ; activity ; 
perseverance, patience ; firm- 
ness ; prompt justice. 

(C>>1^^) julddih, pi. jalddih, long. 

^JS%f. juldziyy, strong and stout; 
artisan ; monk ; sacristan. 

4iSk^ jaldfa-t, hardness, roughness, 

JSi=. jaldl, splendour, majesty, 
glory, power ; — jildl, sail ; (m.) 
pack-saddle ; — j^ddl, julldl, f. 
6 , great, glorious ; — » jaldla-t, 
human greatness ; majesty 

^Ji%■ jildldtiyy, maker of pack- 

■iii!^%- jaldmid, pi. of ■^y*^ julmad. 

i'ii^jildh, pi. banks (of rivers). 

ijni^ juldhiq, bullet ; stone to be 
thrown by a sling ; weaver. 

i)j%- jaldwiza-t, pi. of j\^ jilwdz. 

H-^S^^ jald'ib, imported female 

(wJi^) jalab, I, TJ, INF. jalb, jalab, 
pull, draw, drag, bring ; im- 
port ; seek gain by business 
transactions ; plan a stratagem ; 
cry out, call to ; urge on ; be 
bound for a place ; assemble ; 
incite ; dry up ; inf. juluh, 
cover itself with a thin skin 
(healing wound) ; — v, sin, 
transgress ; — jalib, a, inf. 
jalab, gather (n.) from all sides 

against (^J^ 'ala) ; — ii. inf. 
tcjl'b, raise a cry, cry out at, 
urge on ; collect from every- 
where, import ; gain the good 
will of a person ; draw upon 
one's self ; — iii. inf. mujdla- 
ba-t, help ; — iv. inf. ijldb, cry 
out, raise a clamour or tumult ; 
urge on ; be bound for a place ; 
plan a stratagem ; threaten ; be 
dried up ; heal (n.) ; cover the 
saddle with fresh leather ; help ; 
call together, collect ; gather 
(n.) ; — V. inf. tajalhih, raise a 
clamour or tumult ; — vii. inf. 
injildb, be imported ; — viii. 
INF. ijtildb, collect and export 
cattle, &c. ; draw upon one's 
self ; earn, acquire ; — x. inf. 
istijldb, have anything im- 
ported, order a thing ; try to 
attract or gain the favour of 

jalb, importation, import ; 
crime, transgression ; — jilb, a 
small saddle ; — julb, darkness 
of night ; anything stripped ; 
booty ; cloud ; — jalab, pi. ajhlb, 
clamour, noise, tumult ; im- 
ported goods, cattle, slaves ; 
cattle- or slave-dealer ; — jullab, 
pi. otjdlib, healing ; • — 5 julba-f, 
skin of a healing wound ; 
leather ; pi. jalab, hoop ; year 
of famine ; need ; — jalaba-t, 
clamour, tumult, sudden in- 

^^julabd', pi. of '-r'4^ jaVib. 

^\^ jilbdb, jilibbdb, pi. jaldbtb, 
wide shirt, wrapper, long veil, 
tunic ; pi. slaves ; mosquito- 
net ; fillet. 

SjUl?. jalbdra-f, cast a net (m.). 

yLi=. jullubdn, pea, vetch (m. 
juTbdn) ; boisterous person ; — 
i julubbdna-t, boisterous wo- 

(u_U=-) jalbab, inf. S , dress with 
a jilbdb ; — ii. inf. tajalbub, be 
dressed with it. 



^U- jilhi/i, disaster, calamity ; de- 
crepit old woman. 

ixS^ jalhada-f, neigh. 

(j-J^) julahiz, hard, brave. 

4JL.L. jalbaqa-t, clamour, noise, 

^-L- jaiha, pi. of '--^^ jcdJh. 

(c^Jc^) jalai, I, iNP. jalt, beat ; — 
VIII, INF. ijfUot, id. ; eat uj). 

~1=. jiilaj, Leginning of dawn; — 
jalnj, i, pi. jaliij, jihij, skull; 
bubble ; — i jalaja-i, Calvary. 

(Jai=i.)jaljal, INF. ' , shake, move 
(a.) ; mix (a.) ; frighten, con- 
fuse ; twist tightly ; touch and 
make to sound ; cry out, call 
aloud ; clap, thunder ; neigh ; 

— II. INF. tajaljid, be dipped 
into, sink; be beaten, shaken, 
fall in ruins. 

Jjs=l=- jiiljnl, pi. joh'ijiJ, little bell ; 

strings of such to adorn the 

necks of cattle, &c. ; — ' jal- 

jaJa-t, skull. 
yiUi=. juJjidnn, coriander-seed ; 

sesame ; core, bottom of the 

(gli.) jalah, A, INF. jalh, browse; 

— jalih, A, INF. jalah, be bald 
on the sides of the forehead, 
grow bald ; — ii. inf. tajVh, 
browse entirely off ; attack ; be 
bold, courageous ; set to work, 
continue, perp)etrate ; — iii. inf. 
mnjalaha-t, make known; jiub- 
lish ; show one's self proud, 
empassioned, hostile. 

fJ^ jalah, baldness; — ,/'(//', pi. of 
ji=.\ ajlali, bald; — i jalaha-f, 
front part of the head; bald- 

^ai:^ jilhiV, i jilhn'a-i, barren, 

(^jsW) jaUjaz, miserly, mean. 

(,»^=-) jaUiam, inf. i , twist a 
rope; — ii. inf. fajaJhtaii, as- 
semble (n.). 

(t^~-) jalah, A, INF. jalh, fill up ; 
cut 0&. a piece of llesh ; skin ; 
throw to the i;r()und ; lie with 
a woman ; stretch, lengthen, 

extend; — ix. inf. ijllh'ih, be 
weak and soft of bones ; stretch 
out the arms in prayer ; — xv. 
INF. ijlinha, fall in ruins. 
(s-jil=-). III. INF. ijlihliah, fall 

(,wiW), III. INF. ijlihmihn, be 
numerous, assembled in a 
crowd ; be proud. 

(jj.=.) jalad, I, INF. jald, jalda-t, 
beat, hit, scourge, whip ; skin, 
flay ; comp)el ; throw down ; 
sting ; lie with a woman ; com- 
mit onanism ; — jalid. A, inf. 
jalad, be damaged by hoar 
frost ■,=:jahid, inf. jalad, jala- 
da-t, juluda-f, tnajlml, be hard, 
tough, strong ; be prudent and 
active ; pass, be injured by hoar 
frost ; — II. inf. tajlid, skin, 
flay ; have whipped, scourged ; 
bind (a book) ; cause to freeze, 
freeze; — iii. inf. jilad, muja- 
lada-t, show one's self hard, 
energetic, i)ersevering towards ; 
fight with ; — IV. INF. ijldd, be 
covered with hoar frost ; be 
injured by it ; cause one to 
take refuge with another ; — v. 
INF. tajallud, show one's self 
hard, energetic, persevering, 
patient ; be bound (book) ; — 
VI. INF. fajahid, fight, whip each 
other ; — VII. inf. injihhl, be 
whipped, scourged ; — viii. inf. 
ijtllad, id. ; drink out. 

^ jald, pi. jalda, hard, prudent ; 
active and strong ; flogging, 
whipping, scourging (s.) ; pi. 
ajhJd, jihal, juhid, energetic, 
active ; — jild, i , pi. juh'id, .skin, 
hide ; leather ; binding (of a 
book) ; volume ; price ; — jidd, 
pi. of ^=-\ ajlad, ha,i-d;— jalad, 
hardness, perseverance ; endur- 
ance, patience ; firmament ; hard 
ground ; —jidnd, see above ; pi. 
of ■^^^ jaltd. 

(v'^) /(//(?«&, hard, severe. 

(•iW) j»/f, pi. Dianajiz, mole. 

tS^U- jid:iii}j = ^^i%. juhhiyy. 




(^) jalaz, 1, INF. jalz, fold and 
wrap up ; twist firmly together ; 
(also II.), tie round with the 
sinew of the camel's neck ; 
extend, stretch; pull out; — 
II. INF. tajUz, see i. ; depart 
quickly; — v. inf. tajalluz, be 
ready for action. 

)W jalz, sinew of a camel's neck 
for tying. 

((j-Jfl-) jalas, I, INF. julus, majlas, 
sit, sit down ; hold a session, 
grant an audience ; (m.) be 
placed upright ; travel to Najd, 
the Arabian highlands ; — ii. 
INF. tajlts, place upright ; cause 
to sit ; — III. INF. mujdlasa-t, 
sit down by, sit in company 
with (ace.) ; — iv. inf. ijlds, 
order or beg to sit down ; — v. 
INF. tajallus, sit down, bold a 
session or conference ; — vi. inf. 
tajdlus, sit down together. 

(j-i=- jals, high land ; the country 
of Najd ; lady; strong camel; 
member of an assembly, guest ; 
pond ; time ; wine ; thick ; — 
yi7«=y~sl=. jalis ; — » jalsa-t, 
pi. jalasdt, session ; assembly, 
company ; state, condition ; — 
jilsa-t, way of sitting ; — jula- 
sa-t, person who always sits at 

^~-^julasd', pi. of ij-'i^ jalis. 

(«L.1=. jilsdm, pleurisy. 

(Us.) jalat, I, INF. jalt, lie, tell a 
lie ; swear, take an oath ; draw 
(a sword) ; shave ; skin, flay ; 
drop excrement ; — v. inf. 
tajallut, fight against by strata- 
gem ; — vir. INF. injildt, fall 
down ; — viii. inf. ijtildt, steal 
secretly ; drink out ; — S julta-t, 
thick milk. 

^i^jaltd', loose. 

(^) jala'. A, INF. juhV, be naked ; 
strip ; — jali^, a, inf. jala', be 
open ; be impudent, talk ri- 
baldry ; quarrel in a game, 
over the wine, in dividing the 

booty ; — VII. inf. injild', be 
uncovered, bared, stripped. 

gl* jaW, 6 , impudent, shameless. 

i'-^-^*^) jal'ab, i , malignant, ma- 
licious ; — hence : iii. ijla'abh, 
INF. ijli'hdh, lie down on one's 
side and stretch one's self out ; 
depart ; exert one's self in 
walking ; be numerous ; be dis- 

(a«L5.) jal'ad, inf. s , stretch 
lengthways on the ground (a.); 

— ijla'add, inf. ijli'ddd, be 
thrown down, stretched out. 

•»«W jal'ad, hard ; strong ; brave. 

if*^) jal'am, impudent, shame- 

(^) jalag, tr, inf. jalg, cut one 
another with swords ; (m.) whet, 

(<.jil=.) jalaf, V, inf. jalf, tear, 
scrape or scratch off ; peel, 
shell ; shovel away ; cut down, 
up-root ; annihilate ; cut with 
the sword ; — jalif, a, inf. jalaf, 
jaldfa-t, be hard, rough, rude ; 

— II. inf. tajlif, destroy ; hlunt ; 
hreak ofE the edge of a vessel ; 

— IV. INF. ijldf, scrape or 
scratch off; — viii. inf. ijtildf, 

wftl^ jilf, pi. ajldf, juUf, hard, 
unjust ; stupid and rude, brutal ; 
pi. juluf, pot, vessel ; — jilf, also 
S julfa-t, a small piece of skin ; 
scratch ; chip ; — 5 jilfa-t, slice 
of dry bread ; piece ; cut of a 

sjiiis. jalfada-t, idle clamour. 

(^a1=.) jalfaz, strong and stout. 

(Uli^) jalfat, INF. S , caulk, repair 
a ship. 

((jis.) jalaq, l, inf. jalq, shave ; 
shoot, pelt at ; uncover, bare ; 
= v. INF. tajalluq, open the 
mouth in laughing, so that the 
back teeth can be seen; — vii. 
INF. injildq, be shot, pelted at. 

iJ^ ^aZg, peace ; — jUliq, a kind 
of wheat ; Damascus ; — S jU- 
liqa-t, old woman. 





Jli?- jalal, important matter; with 
t>^ min and a pronominal sufBx : 
for the sake of. 

(r*^) jcdam, V, inf. jalm, lop ; 
loose the flesh from the bones 
of a slaughtered animal ; shear. 

(^) jilm, sheei^'s tallow ; — jalam 
and du. jalamdn, scissors ; pi. 
jildm, a kind of sheep ; he-goat ; 
tick (insect) ; the new moon ; a 
kind of hawk ; — S jahna-t, trunk 
of a slaughtered animal. 

(c*U-) jalmah, inf. S , shave. 

(•ui=.) jahnad, large rock; — also 
» jalmada-t, a brave warrior, 
hero; herd;- — jalmada-t, stony- 

(Wit-) jahnat, inf. ii , shave. 

J^*W julmud, jalmud, pi. jaldmid, 
jaldmid, large rock ; brave war- 

jUl=. jullandr, blossom of the pome- 
granate (Pers.). 

(kfiU) jalambat, lion. 

(:>«*^ julanjubm, conserve of 
roses (Pers.). 

(i,^^) jalanza, broad-shouldered ; 
— hence iv. ijlanza, inf. ijlinza', 
be enraged. 
gA^) jalanfa', stupid ; S , stout ; 
— hence iv. ijlanfa', inf. ijlinfd', 
be stout. 

{^^) j('^('^>> A, INF. jalh, remove; 
prevent, divert, dissuade ; put 
away; uncover; — jalih, a, inf. 
jalah, lose the front hair. 

(^aW) jaUmz, INF. ii , keep silent 
about a matter known. 

(,•6^) jiilhtihi, a large mouse ; — s 
julhuma-t, jalhama-l, bank of a 
river ; side of a valley ; any- 
thing important ; misfortune, 

(jt^) jaJd, V, INF. jahr, jah'i\ 
disclose, reveal, communicate ; 
polish, smooth, clean ; wash, 
rinse ; wipe away ; dispel grief ; 
throw away ; be high ; — inf. 
j'th'i', jahi'o-f, jilirn-t, jiihra-f, 
unveil the bride to the Virido- 
groom ; make presents to the 

bride on this occasion ; see the 
bride adorned ; be shown to 
the bridegroom ; be evident, 
known, public ; migrate, emi- 
grate ; compel to emigrate ; — 
inf. ji^ild', drive the bees out 
of the hive by smoke ; — ii. 
INF. tajViyy, tajliya-f, polish, 
smooth, make bright ; disclose, 
publish ; explain ; give presents 
to a bride ; throw food to the 
cattle ; cast a glance at ; lift 
up the head and look out ; — 
III. INF. mujdldt, confront as 
an enemy, fight against ; — iv. 
INF. ijliV, emigrate ; force to 
emigrate, expel ; be freed from 
grief ; be far distant ; hasten ; 

— V. INF. tajalU, be unveiled, 
uncovered, made known ; ap- 
pear ; reveal himself (God) ; 
lift up the head and look out ; 
look at; — VI. INF. tajdJi, com- 
municate each other's circum- 
stances to one another ; — vii. 
INF. injild', be disclosed ; reveal 
himself (God) ; clear up ; dis- 
perse (clouds, n.) ; be bright, 
polished ; disappear, subside ; 

— VIII. INF. ijtild', see the bride 
unveiled ; show her to the 
bridegroom ; force to emigrate ; 
take off the turban ; glance at, 
observe, have regard to ; — x. 
INF. istijld', present the bride 
unveiled ; migrate ; — S jahi-a-t, 
jnu'a-t,pihva-t, splendour, bright- 
ness, brilliancy ; a thing of 
beauty ; beauty of things ; un- 
veiling of the bride ; bride-gift ; 
coquettishness ; shining gar- 
ments ; submersion of a man 
in God. 

\^=^jalu\i, f. of ^_sl=.\ ajla, brighter, 
more shining, &c. 

)^:h- jil'fdz, pi. jaldwiza-t, tax- 
gatherer ; executor ; guard. 

^;h jaliiba-f, anything imported. 
Sj^ julnda-t, hardness ; aptness. 

^j^ juJndiijy, seller of hides or 




j<^ jillauz, hazel nut. 
(j-^ juliis, sitting, session ; as- 
sembly; ascension to the throne; 

— pi. of {j^W jiUis ; — (^ juh'i- 
siyy, dating from, referring to 
the beginning of the reign. 

iij^) i*^«) I) INF. jaly, polish ; — 
jali. A., INF. jalan, lose the 
front hair ; — ii. inf. tajliya-t, 
cause to appear ; show forth ; 

— V. INF. tajalli, see v. {^^) ; 
mount, ascend ; look at any- 
thing on high. 

^=- jaly, polishing (s.), polish ; — 
jily, small window in the roof; 
— jaliyy, 5 , bright, polished ; 
evident, clear ; light ; loud ; a 
character of handwriting ; — S 
jaliyya-t, clear matter or news ; 

(jWW jalaydn, revelation ; apoca- 

s-<sl^ jalih, pi. jalahd', jalha, also 
i jaliba-f, pi. jald'ih, imported 
slave, merchandise, cattle. 

•i*W jalid, pi. juladd', ajldd, jildd, 
julud, hard, strong, apt, active ; 
hoar-frost, frost, ice; — » jiilai- 
da-t, thin skin, membrane ; — 
jalidiyya-t, moisture of the eye. 

er*«Wj'aZts, pi. julasd', jullds, com- 
panion ; intimate ; confidant ; 

jaltf, & , peeled ; blunt, 
notchy ; scraped off; — » jaU- 
fa-t, pi. jald'if, juluf, julf, 
severe, fatal season ; ruin, de- 

J«^- jalil, ii , pi. ajilld, jilla-t, 
ajilla-t, magnificent, glorious, 
great ; venerable ; strong, stout, 
rough ; — pi. jilla-t, ajilla-t, old, 
experienced ; — ii jalila-t, pi. 
jald'il, matter of importance. 

(l^) janiam (also v.), sjsread 
luxuriantly ; — jamm, i, v, inf. 
jumilm, be abundant ; get full ; 
INF. jamm, jumum, be or get 
brimful ; be fleshy ; impend ; 
approach ; leave water ; — i. 

inf. jamm, jamdm, fill to the 
brim or above ; (m.) cut off 
the tree at the surface of the 
ground ; — inf. jamdm (also i, 
inf. jimdm), rest after covering 
(stallion) ; — inf. jamm, jamdm, 
be left without work to rest ; 

— A, INF. jamam, be hornless 
(ram) ; — ii. inf. tajmim, fill to 
the brim or above ; — iv. inf. 
ijmdm, id. ; leave water ; allow 
to rest ; impend ; — v. inf. 
tajammum, see i. ; be full (to 
the brim), heaped up; — x. 
INF. istijmdm, be plentiful ; 
have gathered; leave water in 
(ace.) the well ; rest ; refresh 
one's self ; be covered with 

iv=i- jamm, plenty, abundance ; 
heap ; heaped up measure ; 
exceeding ; numerous ; mass of 
water ; (m.) water-line, level ; 
pi. jimdm, jumum, abundant, 
inexhaustible ; — jimm, devil ; 

— i jamma-t, pi. jumiUn, over- 
flowing well or pond ; pi. 
jumam, hold of a ship ; — also 
jumma-t, troop, crowd; — jiim- 
ma-t, rich hair falling on the 
shoulders; tuft of hair; bud. 

U.=- jama', inf. of ((j*-^) ; also 
jama', i jamd'a-t, somebody ; 
individual ; — jammd, f. of ^v^ 
ajamm, fleshy, &c., q.v. 

j;Us- jimdh, refractoriness ; inf. 
of (c*^) ; — jtimmdh, pi. fugi- 

jW jamihl, dry year or season; 
pi. -dt, jumud, dried up ground ; 
anything inanimate ; inorganic ; 
fossil ; pi. jamdddt, minerals, 
fossils ; — jimdd, pi. of -u^ 
jumd ; — jammdd, sharp ; seller 
of ice ; — <j jumdda, pi. jumd- 
daydt, name of a month ; — • 
jamddiyy, inorganic. 

^U=- jamdr, crowd, people ; — jum- 
mdr, ii jummdra-t, pi. -df, 
marrow in the top of the palm- 



jW jammdz, swift ; jumping, 
leaping ; also » jammdza-t, fleet 

iJiW jammds, dandy ; lady's man. 

gW jimd', coition ; whole, entire, 
all; sum, total, the whole, plenty ; 
pi. jum', large kettle, cauldron ; 
— jammd', given to sexual inter- 
course ; — 6 jamd'a-t, troop ; 
crowd ; assembly ; party ; com- 
munity ; the believers ; pi. -at, 
tax-roll, registers. 

JW jamdl, beauty, grace, grace- 
fulness ; elegance ; purity of 
life, good conduct, refined man- 
ners ; beneficence ; — jimdl, pi. 
of J*=- jamal ; — jammnl, pi. 
jammdla-t, jammdlun, camel- 
driver ; — jummdl, very beauti- 
ful ; — 8 jumdla-t, pi. of J*=- 

(•W jaindni, heaped up measure ; 
superabundance ; level. 

(j\*i^ jumdn, i , pearl, jewel ; silver 
beads ; — jamrndn, measured 

jtitU^ jamdMr, pi. oi ^)i*^ jumMr. 

,»j>!-k=- jamjam, inf. 6 , speak in- 
distinctly ; conceal in one's 
heart ; — ii. inf. tajamjvm, 
speak indistinctly ; not dare to 
((^ 'an) ; — i jumjuma-t, pi. 
jumjum, jamdjim, skull ; plough- 
staff ; drinking-cup ; a measure. 

(c*^) jawah, A, INF. jamh, jimdh, 
jumuh, be restive and run 
away ; act capriciously ; be 
headstrong; run fast, hurry; 
throw at, hit. 

(6*^) jC''>nah, V, inf. jamh, be 
proud; — lii. inf. mujdmaha-t, 

d*^ jamh, pride ; glory ; — jummah, 
pi. of ^W jdmih. 

(■u^) jamad, v, inf. jamd, jumi'id, 
harden ; stiffen, coagulate, 
freeze (n.) ; grow tranquil, calm 
down ; be hard, miserly ; insist 
on one's right ; cut, cut off ; — 

jamud, get rigid, freeze (n.) ; 
— II. inf. tajmtd, condense, 
coagulate, freeze (a.) ; — iv. 
INF. ijmdd, id. ; make stand to 
right ; not be of any more 
good ; — V. INF. tajammud, 
VII. INF. injimdd, coagulate, 
freeze (n.). 

Ju.?- jamd, condensation, coagula- 
tion, congelation ; frozen hard ; 
ice ; — jum,d, jumud, jamad, pi. 
ajmud, high ground ; pi. strong- 
holds ; — jamad, ice, snow ; pi. 
of -i^W jihnid ; — jum,2id, pi. of 
jU.=- jamad. 

(/*^) jamar, i, inf. jamr (also ii. 
and IV.), unite for a purpose (n. 
and a.) ; give live coal ; jump 
with the feet tied together ; 
turn off, keep off ; — ii. inf. 
tajmvr, see i. ; — gather, unite; 
tie together the back hair (also 
IV.) ; retain an army on the 
soil of the enemy ; take the 
marrow out of the top of a 
palm-tree ; pelt with stones 
(m.) ; cover with coal ; change 
into coal, carbonise ; get car- 
bonised ; — IV. INF. ijmiW, see 
I. and II. ; hasten ; fumigate 
clothes ; — INF. majmar, poke 
the fire ; estimate the produce 
of a palm-tree ; jump with the 
feet tied together; have an 
uncloven hoof ; have the new 
moon covered ; refer to all, 
concern all ; emaciate ; — v. 
INF. tajammur, unite (n.) or 
keep together (a.) ; be retained 
on hostile soil; — viii. inf. ijii- 
mdr, fumigate; — x. inf. istij- 
mdr=Y. ; use a pebble instead 
of curl-paper for the sake of 

j*^ jamr, is, pi. jamr, jamardt, 
live coal ; pebble ; an Arabic 
tribe ; stoning of the devil in 
the valley of Mina ; new infusion 
of vital heat in spring-time, <fcc. 

0*^) jaiiiaz, I, inf. jamz, ^_sy*^ 
jamzd, hurry with long steps; 




leap; go abroad; — i jamza-t, 
l>l. jamazdt, leap, jump. 

(i)*^) jamzar, inf. » , run away ; 

<4)*^ jo-inza, quick pace. 

(u~*^) jamas, v, inp. pimtis, 
harden, coagulate (n.) ; — ii 
jamsa-t, fire ; — jumsa-t, pi. 
jums, half-ripe dates. 

(<j> — t^') jamast, a kind of tur- 

((j*~»^) jama^, v, inf. jams, shave ; 
smooth; milk only with finger- 
tops ; make love to (ace.) ; — 
II. INF. tajm IS, make love ; help, 

{J"*^ Jains', low sound. 

(C**) J0''Ma't A, INF. jam', gather, 
assemble, keep together (a.) ; 
unite, reconcile ; collect one's 
self, recollect ; lie with (v* bi) ; 
add ; form the plural ; contain ; 
be full grown ; — ii. inf. tajmi', 
gather, collect, assemble from 
all sides ; heap up ; count ; 
attend to the Friday's service; 
— III. INF. mujdm,a'a-t, jimd', 
agree with (ace.) ; yield ; have 
sexual intercourse, lie with 
(ace.) ; — IV. INF. ijmd', gather, 
assemble (a.) ; take all ; drive 
all of them (camels) ; make 
familiar ; agree in dj^ 'ala) ; 
resolve ; prepare, make ready ; 
dry (a.); — v. inf. tajammii', 
assemble (n.), flock together; 
hold an assembly, a Friday's 
service ; resolve ; — viii. inf. 
ijtimd', ijdimd', assemble (n.) ; 
meet (v» hi) ; agree in (fj^ 
'ala) ; conspire ; attain to pu- 
berty ; — X. inf. istijmd', be 
willing to assemble, assemble 
(n.), gather (n.) ; happen ac- 
cording to one's wish ; collect 
all strength ; levy troops. 

g*^ jam', pi. jumiV, troop, crowd ; 
assembly ; pi. troops, an army ; 
sum, total, majority ; plural ; 
produce, rent, interest ; rent- 
roll, rent-book ; price, value ; 

addition ; coition ; inf. of 
(C*^) ; s^^ ff- yaumu 'l-jam'i, 
Day of Judgment, day of the 
gathering on Mount 'Arafat; 

— /"'«', pl. ajmd', fist; 5*=-. 
bi-jum', entire, all of it ; secret, 
pregnant ; — jum', pl. of ^W 
jdmi' ; — 6 jum'a-t, pl. -dt, 
juma', union, gathering, con- 
course ; friendship ; handful ; 
week ; — also jumu'a-t, ju- 
ma'a-t, pl. -dt, Friday; — ja- 
ma'a-t, pl. -ai, troop, company ; 

W:^ jamd', pl. 5*=. jum', f . of q*^\ 

ajma', entire, all. 
(A«*^) jam'ad, heap of stones. 
( A*^) ja'm'ar, inf. » , make a top 

spin ; turn in a circle ; be given 

to biting. 
j)»*=s- Jum'nr, large troop, crowd; 

— s jum'ilra-t, potter's wheel ; 

,j«*^ jam'iyy, total; — 5 jam'iy- 
ya-t, assembly ; conference ; 
small party, company ; com- 
mittee ; congregation ; collec- 
tion of mind. 

(J*^) jamal, v, inf. jaml, gather, 
assemble (a.) ; make fluid, melt 
(a.); — jamul, inf. jamdl, be 
handsome, elegant, of good 
manners ; — 11. inf. tajmil, 
make handsome, embellish, 
adorn ; do anything in a plea- 
sant way ; melt much ; give 
much fat to eat; offer a camel 
for food ; keep an army long 
in the field ; — in. inf. mujd- 
mala-t, treat with benevolence, 
show courtesy, be obliging ; — 
IV. INF. ijmdl, act in a hand- 
some, decent, moderate manner ; 
make pleasant ; deserve well of 
(jkic 'inda) ; gather, assemble 
(a.) ; add, count up, resume ; 
melt fat ; have many camels ; 
— V. tajammul, behave decently ; 
be embellished, adorned; eat 
fat ; — VIII. INF. ijtimdl, melt 



or eat fat ; eat a camel ; — x. 
INF. istijmdl, find handsome, 
decent ; be full grown. 

J*=i- jaml, jamal, pi. jannl, jimnla-t, 
jamiila-t, juniula-t, jimdldt, &c. ; 
jvml, jdinil, jsl. jamd'il, ajdmil, 
ajmal,h.e-ca,rael; Jj9-J\ ^ jamalu 
'J-yarhildi, cliameleon ; — jum^, 
jamal, jumal, ju7nul, jummal, 
cable ; — jumal, jummal, addi- 
tion ; — jumal, troop ; — 6 jwn- 
la-t, pi. jumal, sum, total, 
totality ; troop, number ; class, 
category ; sentence, phrase, 
period ; paragraph. 

1U=- jamhV , f. of perfect beauty. 

^Xt^ jlmldn, pi. of ^ys*^ jumail ; — 
i jumldna-t, nightingale. 

uV*^ jamhhi, gable, cupola, dome ; 
roof which is not flat. 

(;«*=-) jamhar, inf. 6 , assemble 
(a.), heaj) up ; raise a tomb ; 
keep most and the best to one's 
self; — II. INF. tajamhnr, as- 
semble (n.) ; be hostile. 

_)^a*=- jumhi'ir, pi. jamdhir, the 
principal part or majority, to- 
tality, all ; troop, crowd ; people, 
public ; community, common- 
wealth, republic ; constitutional 
assembly, parliament, &c. ; noble 
woman ; high sand-hill ; — ^s 
jumhi'iyiyy, 'i , referring to the 
community ; popular ; vulgar ; 

— h junihi'iriyya-t, republican 
government, republic. 

Cf*^ jamilh, refractory. 
•^f*^ jamiid, dry; — jitinild, inf. 
of (■J*^) ; indifference ; severity ; 

— » jumnda-t, hardness ; harsh- 

t)*^jamn', grasping (adj.). 

^f*^ jami'il, fat-boiler. 

i«y«^ ja m A )» , overflowing. 

(j_3*=(-) jama, gather ; — v. inf. 
tajammi, be gathered, as- 

(,_j*=^) jam!, A, inf. jama, be 
angry ; — v. inf. tajammuww, 
be gathered, assembled ; wrap 

one's self up in one's clothes ; 
take and conceal anything. 
yf:*^ jamir, place of assembly ; 
S yj\ ib7i jamir, dark night ; 

— E ^^ i&«* jamir, day and 
night; — i jamira-t, tress of 

ji-t^ jam iz, intelligent, considerate ; 

— also jummaiz, tS jummaiza, 
wild fig, sycamore. 

jjii*=. J a ;ii(«, shaved smooth; hair- 

g,..»-? jami', collected, assembled; 
crowd, army ; all (^«**^ jami'an, 
altogether ; all at once) ; mature 
and having a beard; — ijami'a-t, 

J*.^ jamil, 'i , handsome, fair, 
elegant ; well-bred, of good 
manners ; good, excellent ; pi. 
jamildt, good deed, favour, 
benefit ; good qualities ; molten ; 
fat;- — jumail, jummail, Tp\. jim- 
Idn, nightingale. 

djSke*:^. jiimaildiia-t, nightingale. 

( J, ! ; .* - jamiUyy, dealer in fat. 

!*<-»=- jainiin, pi. ajimmii', luxuriant 
plant ; much, many. 

(^•^ jann, I, inf. jann, be con- 
cealed ; — inf. jann, junnn, 
cover, veil, conceal ; pass, y^ 
jttMM=act. ; — inf. jinn, jumhi, 
jinndii, be dark ; be covered 
with verdure or vegetation ; be 
concealed from {i^ 'an) ; shroud 
and bury the dead ; tsy. junun, 
grow luxuriantly; — inf. jann, 
jnniln, pass, be possessed by a 
demon, be mad ; be out of one's 
senses by rage, joy, etc. ; be 
enthusiastic for {^_^ 'ala) ; — 
II. INF. tajnin, madden; (m.) 
cover, conceal ; — iv. inf. ijndn, 
be concealed ; cover, conceal, 
veil in darkness ; shroud, bury 
the dead ; madden ; — v. inf. 
fajanniin, be covered with plants; 
be mad, out of senses ; — vi. inf. 
tajdnn, feign madness, show 
symptoms of it ; — viii. inf. 
ijtindn, be covered, concealed ; 



cover one's self; bury; — x. 
INF. istijndn, be covered, con- 
cealed, protected ; cover, protect 
one's self ; excite ; pass, be pos- 
sessed by demons. 

l^i?- jinn, pi. &J^ jinna-t, demon, 
genie, fairy ; heat of youth ; 
beginning ; concealment ; dark ; 
blossom ; — & janna-t, pi. jiiu'in, 
janndt, orchard, garden ; para- 
dise ; — jinna-t, fairy ; madness ; 
— junna-t, pi. junan, covering 
(s.) ; veil ; shield ; protection. 

{^) jana', ^_^ jani', a, inf. 
jand', junn' (also iii. inf. mnja- 
ndt, IV. inf. ijnd'), fall on the 
face ; bend over {,J^ 'ala). 

^=5- jand', plucked fruit ; fruit of 
trees ; harvest, crops ; — junnd', 
i jundt, pi. of |_3»W jdnl, who 
gathers ; sinner ; — 'i jandt, 
newly gathered ; pi. jana, such 

■tjW jandb, pi. ajniba-t, side ; 
edge ; threshold ; enclosure or 
surrounding of a house; court- 
yard ; region ; place, spot ; rank, 
title, as Excellency, Highness, 
Majesty, &c. ; — jindb, gentle 
(horse) ; pi. of s-~sJ^ janib ; 
INF. III. of (v-^) ; — jundb, 
pleurisy ; — junndb, travelling 
companion ; — i jandba-i, pollu- 
tion ; impure one ; life with 

cW jandh, pi. ajniha-t, ajnuh, 
wing ; shoulder, arm, hand ; 
side, edge ; wing of an army, 
window, building ; fin ; project- 
ing roof ; protection, refuge ; — 
jundh, sin, crime. 

ijCi\.sj^ janddira-t, body-guard. 

jUs. jindr, plane-tree ; — junndr, 
blossom of the pomegranate. 

6jU=. jindza-t, jandza-t, pi. jand'iz, 
bier ; corpse ; — also ;W janndz, 
pi. jandniz, funeral. 

ij^U=. jireas, homogeneousness ; play 
on words ; assonance. 

,_*U?. jindf, transgression. 

(jlW jundfiyy, oppressive, tyran- 
nical, haughty. 

^^ jandfir, pi. of )^'^ junfnr. 

yU> jaiidn, pi. aj/i.dn, veil ; dark- 
ness, night ; sanctuary, harem ; 
pi. ajitiva-t, heart, mind, soul ; 
beloved one, f . S ; inf. of (y^) ; 
— jiiindn, pi. of ^ jinna-t, 
garden; — jundn, darkness; also 
6 jundna-t, shield ; — jinndn, pi. 
of yW , demon. 

y^^^ jaiidniz, pi. of jW jawJJftz. 

s-jW janii'ib, pi. of ifJ^ jamba-t, 
'T'y^ jani'dj, -r~!:^ janib. 

•f^-i^ jand' iz, pi. iy.^ jindza-t. 

i^\-^- jindya-t, transgression, of- 
fence ; fine, mulct ; extortion ; 
taxation, taxes. 

(■-. ". ^ ) janab, i, inf. jamb, turn 
aside, decline ; refuse, turn off ; 
remove ; shun, flee from ; hit 
sideways ; — inf. jnnah, majnab, 
lead by the side, place a horse 
as leader beside another ; — inf. 
jindb, be far off ; keep far ; 
shun, avoid ; cause to avoid ; 
miss, long for ; - u, be a stranger, 
reside amongst strangers ; — inf. 
junub, blow from the south, to- 
wards the south ; — pass, junib, 
suffer from pleurisy ; be exposed 
to the south-wind ; — ii. inf. 
tajnib, keep far, remove to a 
distance (a.) ; cause one to 
avoid another ; put aside ; lead 
walking by the side; be distant 
from (ace.) ; — iii. inf. mujd- 
naba-t, jindb, be or remain by 
the side of (ace.) ; avoid ; — iv. 
INF. ijndb, keep distant (a. and 
n.) ; avoid ; cause to avoid ; be 
or come as a stranger ; be ex- 
posed to the south- wind ; be 
polluted ; — V. INF. tajannub, 
be far from (ace.) ; turn aside 
(n.) ; shun, avoid ; keep from 
((jx 'an, a.) ; — vi. inf. tajdnnb, 
keep distant (n.), avoid ; — viii. 
inf. ijtindb, turn aside from 
(n.), shun, avoid ; feel aversion 



against (ace.) ; — x. inp. istij- 
ndb, be polluted (by sperm). 

'r— ^- jamb, pi. juni'ih, ajnab, side, 
flank, half of the body ; 
boundary ; coast ; tract, region ; 
principal part; combat, battle; 
reproach ; g!\ i\i zdtu 'I-jamhi, 
pleurisy, g!\ jj zu 'l-jamhi, af- 
flicted with it; — janab, short; 
pi. of •~^.i;X^ janib ; — janib, lean- 
ing on one side, keeping aloof 
(adj.) ; — junub, pi. ajnab, 
stranger, guest ; restive, re- 
fractory ; polluted ; — 5 jamba-t, 
pi. janabdt, jand'ib, side ; tract, 
region ; turning aside (s.) ; apo- 
stacy ; — junaba-t, anything 

tW^ jambdz, pi. ii jandbim-t, quack, 
charlatan ; who overcharges in 
selling (Pers.). 

•i-^ jumbuz, bad ; also i jumbuza-t, 
pi. jandbiz, cupola, dome; arch, 
flying buttress (Pers.). 

u"-^ ^ jumbus, gymnastics ; game ; 
amusement (Pers.). 

^-^- jambaz, inf. 5 , also ii. inf. 
iajanbiiz, behave as a quack or 
in a haughty manner; over- 

t^t^ jambiyy, side (adj.). 

(_yi^ junnatiyy, paradisiacal. 

*i-^. jins, origin ; genus, species, 
kind ; — hence : v. inf. tajan- 
nus, claim an origin to which 
one is not entitled ; incline in 
love towards {^J^ 'ala) ; wrap 
up anything in one's clothes ; 
spread the wings. 

^_5i^ jinsiyy, a superior kind of 
iron; — junsiyy, maker of coats 
of mail ; sword. 

( j!?!-^-) junjul, asparagus. 

(l;)^*-^) jaiijan, jhijiu, also i jan- 
jana-t, pi. jandjin, breast-bone; 
rib of the chest. 

(j^) janali, A, I, tr, inf. junnh, 
incline towards (J /(', ^_)\ ila) ; 
break (a.) a shoulder, arm, 
hand, wing, rib ; pass, be in- 
jured in those parts ; walk 

fast ; — II. INF. tajnih, provide 
with wings; — iv. inf. ijndh, 
cause to incline towards ; in- 
cline ; — V. inf. tajannuh, incline 
towards one side ; — viii. inf. 
ijtindh, bend, incline towards 
(n.) ; walk apace ; — x. inf. 
istijndh, bend (a.), cause to 
incline towards. 

j^ jink, side, edge ; shore, bank ; 
aXso junh, darkness ; part of the 
night ; night ; — i junha-t, trans- 
gression, crime. 

(■i-=^) jund, pi. junud, ajndd, army, 
corps of troops ; fellow-com- 
batants ; soldiers ; fixed camp ; 
military capital ; species ; — 
janad, pebbled ground ; — ii. 
jannad, inf. tajnid, levy troops, 
enlist sailors, &c. ; — v. inf. 
tajannnd, enlist (n.). 

v*^ jindab, jundab, jundub, pi. 
janddib. a black locust; s (>\ 
umm jundub, calamity. 

^j^ Ai=. jund badastar, y^>^ -^^ 
jund bidastar, castoreum. 

(j-^^) jandar, inf. S , restore old 
writing or embroidery. 

(S-^^) janda', pi. janddi', black 
locust ; a kind of lizard ; — 
i jwidv'a-t, pi. janddi', id. ; 
bubble ; ^\ gjU=. janddi' as- 
sarr, beginnings of an evil. 

(J*^-^) jandal, inf. » , throw on 
the ground. 

Jj-^- jandal, pi. janddiJ, large 
round stone ; waterfall ; cata- 
racts of the Nile ; — junadil, 5 
junadila-t, stony tract of land. 

^^^.is^ jundiyy, soldier, trooper. 

(>^) janaz, i, inf. janz, cover, 
veil ; gather (a.) ; pass, be 
placed on the bier ; be dead ; 
— II. inf. tajniz, place the 
corpse on the bier ; arrange the 
y^ jaiiz, clay hut. 
J^y^ jinzdr, verdigris. 
jy^janzat; inf. 6 , put into chains; 
get covered with verdigris; — 




II. INF. tajanzur, be put into 

}>.y^ janzlr, pi. janaztr, chain. 

((j~<*) janas, u, inf. jans, ripen 
fully ; — janis, a, inf. janas, 
freeze (n.) ; — ii. inf. tajnis, be 
fully ripe ; make homogeneous ; 
specify, classify ; — iii. inf. 
mujdnasa-t, be or appear homo- 
geneous ; be similar. 

y~i?- jins, pi. ajnue, junus, genus, 
species, kind, family, race ; gen- 
der; category, class; nationality; 

— tS jinsiyy, referring to genus, 
gender, sex, &c. ; ^ h jinsiy- 
ya-t, common genus, gender, or 

(lt*^) janas, u, inf. jan^, ex- 
haust ; move towards or against ; 
desire ; fear ; — i, inf. jan^, 
lack corn ; be deeply moved, 
highly agitated. 

(ijai).), II. jannds, inf. tajnis, die ; 
flee in fear ; open the eyes 
wide, stare from fear ; ease the 

C^ jana', small plants. 

C*-^)^ janaf, i, janif, a, inf. 
junuf, janaf, turn aside, decline ; 
be unjust ; overcharge in sell- 
ing ; — IV. inf. ijndj', v. inf. 
tajannuf, deflect from what is 
right ; finding one to do so ; 

— VI. INF. tajdnuf, turn aside ; 
incline to injustice. 

>-tt^ janaf, janf, deflection from 
what is right ; iniquity of fate ; 
wrong ; ruggedness ; — janif, 
unjust, iniquitous. 

yoUia. janf as, coarse linen, canvas. 

^y^ junfur, pi. jandftr, ancient 

(v>^) janaq, i, and ii. inf. tajniq, 
throw projectiles by catapults, 

(ciW) junk, pi. juniiJc, large Chi- 
nese ship ; harp ; — jank, war, 
combat ; — hence : ii. jannak, 
INF. tajnik, get heated (in 

battle) ; — i5 junkiyy, f . » , 
player on the harp. 

^•^ janma-t, plenty, abundance; 
the whole. 

i;}^ janan, pi. ajndn, tomb ; shroud; 
corpse; — junan, pi. of i->^ jun- 
na-t; — jimun, madness. 

ijs^ jannahiyy, Indian cane. 

f^junnii', INF. of (W). 

v>^ janub, pi. jand'lb, south ; 
south wind ; — <^ janilbiyy, & , 
southern ; sultry. 

CjA^ juni'ih, pi. of ^W jdnih, ag. 
of (c^) ; INF. of the same. 

jys=- jannur, thrashing-floor. 

yy.=. janun, demon ; a kind of 
harmless snake ; — junun, mad- 
ness ; darkness. 

(^_5-^) jana, i, inf. jan-an, jany, 
jandya-t, pluck, gather ; use up, 
wear out, draw advantage from 
(ace.) ; — INF. jindya-t, sin, com- 
mit a crime ; accuse falsely of a 
crime ; — inf. janwa-f, wrong ; 
be froward to ; prove false 
against (^^ 'ala, v hi) ; — iv. 
INF. ijnd', pluck, gather ; bear 
ripe fruit ; abound in plants, 
herbs, &c. ; be ripe for har- 
vest ; — V. INF. tajanni, pluck; 
accuse falsely ; find fault ; seek 
a false pretext or excuse ; ^ 
VIII. pluck, cull, gather ; draw 
advantage from ((^ mm) ; find 
rain-water and drink it. 

^ji?- janan, jana, pi. ajiuV, freshly 
plucked fruit, dates ; honey ; 
gold ; a kind of shell ; pi. of 
6U=. jandt ; — janiyy, i , freshly 
plucked ; — jinniyy, demoniacal ; 
demon ; — S janniyya-t, silken 
robe ; falsely-imputed crime ; 
(m.) fine for bloodshed ; — jin- 
niyya-t, pi. demons. 

»— >j-^. janih, S janiha-t, pi. jand'ib, 
jindb, janab, jandba-t, leading 
horse, camel, Ac. 

y.»jA5. janis, of the same kind, 
homogeneous ; of pure descent. 

^ji^ss). jams, dead, deceased. 





01:^ janm, embryo ; concealed, 

(i^-) jahh, V, INF. jahh, turn off 
iguominiously ; — s jiha-t, julut-t, 
pi. -Lit, side ; front, surface ; 
shape ; manner ; regard (s y^ , 
with regard to) ; cause, reason ; 
•jWs- jahdd, hard ground ; — jihad, 
INF. III. of (J>6^) ; invitation to 
profess the Islam ; war against 
the infidels ; war; effort, zeal. 
jW ji^'i^'iT, open hostility ; inf. of 
(}^) ; b^ jihnran, openly, 
publicly, aloud ; — S jahh-a-t, 
loud voice ; grace, loveliness. 
jW jahh, jihlz, pi. ajhiza-t, uten- 
sil, tool, anything necessary, 
requisite, equipment ; furniture ; 
trousseau, outfit of a bride ; pro- 
vender ; rigging of a ship ; ship ; 
JW juhhill, pi. of Jfcio. , ignorant, 
&c. ; ■ — S jah'iJa-i, ignorance ; 
folly ; rudeness. 
f>^ jahain, rainless cloud. 
^W jiihdna-f, young maid-servant. 
i^T-^) jahh, repulsive face. 
(i^=.) jakhaz, jihhi:, pi. jahdhi:a-t, 
sagacious, penetrating, skilful ; 
clever money-changer ; expert 
in coins and money matters 
(li-a^) jahas, A, INF. j'aAs, be easily 

agitated ; be excitable. 
(d«^=.) jahjah, inf. ' , cry out at ; 
cry out ; (m.) shine, be resplen- 
dent ; — II. inf. iajahjiih, desist, 
(j^c^) jahad, a, inf. jnhd, exert 
one's self in anything, endea- 
vour, make efforts ; overload or 
overwork a beast ; put to the 
test; emaciate; pain, vex, mo- 
lest ; want food ; eat much ; 
turn the milk entirely into 
butter ; — jahiJ, A, inf. jahad, 
be toilsome ; — ill. inf. jihad, 
mvjdhada-f, struggle against 
difficulties ; wage war against 
the infidels ; — iv. inf. ijhdd, 

cause one to exert himself, to 
make efforts ; molest ; injure ; 
overwork; set to a thing zea- 
lously ; go far in a thing ; 
demand food ; lavish, squander ; 
be on one's guard ; appear ; 
come to light ; be mixed up ; 
be or live close to (J li) ; be 
possible ; — vi. inf. tajdhud, 
exert one's self ; — viii. inf. 
ijtihdd, make eiforts ; be dili- 
gent ; consider well. 
J.a^ jahd, effort, exertion, zeal, 
diligence ; affliction, misery ; — 
sdso jahd, power, resources. 
(f»^^) jahdam, inf. », hasten. 
(^=.) jahar, A, inf. jahr, jihur, be 
public ; publish, divulge ; dis- 
close ; speak loud ; neigh ; see 
without a veil ; admire ; dazzle ; 
clean a well, hit on water ; esti- 
mate approximately, guess at ; 
surprise by an early attack ; 
deem numerous ; value highly, 
honour ; shake the milk-bag to 
make butter ; travel over ; — 
jahir. A, inf. jahar, be dazzled 
by the sun ; not be able to see 
in sunlight ; — jahiir, inf. jii- 
hi'ira-t, have a clear and loud 
voice ; call, speak, read aloud ; 
publish ; show open hostility ; 
surpass, overcome, vanquish ; — 
IV. INF. ijhdr, publish, promul- 
gate ; divulge ; have handsome 
sons ; — V. inf. iajahluir, vi. 
INF. tajdlnir, appear in public; 
— VII. INF. injihdr, be pub- 
lished ; — VIII. INF. ijtihdr, clean 
a well ; consider numerous ; see 
unveiled, uncovered. 
;6^ jahr, S jahra-t, publicity Oj«^ 
jahrau, 'ijg~- jahratan, publicly, 
evidently, aloud) ; loud voice ; 
a space of time; — j>ihr, grace- 
ful figure, lovely face; — jahir, 
public, manifest ; loud ; — » 
jahra-t, what is known, evident, 
manifest ; — jahra-t, a yellow 
berry used for dyeing. 
\)9t- jahrd, plain, treeless ground ; 




troop, &c., f. of ^\ ajhar; — 
juliard', pi. of ^=- jahh: 
(f«;6^), II. INF. tajahntm, defy (j_ic 

(■}i^) jahaz, A, INF. j«A« (also iv.), 
finish off a wounded man ; — 
II. INF. fajhtz, equip, fit out ; 
set up a bridal procession, a 
burial ; organise ; put in order ; 
address to ; — iv. inf. ijhdz, see 
I. ; — V. INF. tajahhuz, equip, 
prepare one's self; adorn; be 
provided, ready, prepared ; — xi. 
INF. ijhhih, be ready. 

\je=^ jahm', f . high ; prominent ; 

(cAe^) jahas, jaMs, A, inf. jahs, 
jahils, jahasdn (also iv.), be on 
the point of crying and run to 
its mother (child from fear) ; 

— INF. jahasdn, fear, flee ; be 
on the point of crying ; jump 
up, rise ; — iv. inf. ijJids, see i. ; 
be on the point of crying ; bid 
one to make haste. 

(t/%-) jahad, A, inf. jahd, surpass, 
get the better of (ace), fore- 
stall in (y.c 'an) ; — iii. prevent 
and forestall ; urge to haste ; 

— IV. inf. ijhdd, surpass, be 
superior, overcome, vanquish ; 
cause one to desist and flee ; 
urge to haste ; make a mis- 

(ji9=!- jahid, miscarriage. 

(^3^) jahdam, having a broad 
head and chest ; — hence : ii. 
inf. tajahdum, behave proudly ; 
tower above, excel. 

(J99-) jahil, A, INF. jahl, jahdla-t, 
ignore, be ignorant, stupid, 
brutal ; show one's self igno- 
rant in (i^ 'ala) ; be indifferent, 
listless ; — II. inf. tajhil, call or 
deem, one ignorant ; impute any- 
thing to ignorance ; — iii. inf. 
mujdhala-t, act towards anyone 
with levity or carelessness ; — 
VI. INF. tajdhul, affect igno- 
rance ; — X. INF. istijhdl, deem 

ignorant ; disdain, make light 
of; move (a.). 
Js^ jaM, ignorance ; stupidity ; — 
jiihl, 'ijahala-f, pi. of JJsW jdhil, 
ignorant, &c. 

1^^ jaldd, f. time of gcorance, 
heathendom ; — juhald', pi. of 
J^3^ jahiU. 

{(^•^} jaham, a, jaJiim, a (also v.), 
frown at; — jahiiin, inf. jahd- 
ma-t, jiihi'ima-t, be harsh and 
repulsive ; have harsh and re- 
pulsive features ; — iv. inf. 
ijhdm, have rainless clouds ; — 
V. INF. tajahhvm=i. ; — viii. 
inf. ijtihdm, enter on the last 
part of the night. 

^^ jahm, weak ; — also jahim, 
morose ; — ii juhnia-t, troop of 
camels (80) ; — also jahtna-t, last 
part of the night. 

((^8^) jahan, v, inf. jiihi'in, be near, 
close at hand. 

(^*=- jahn, moroseuess ; — jiihn, 
current near the sea-coast ; — » 
juhna-t, beginning of night. 

ft^^^ jahannam, hell ; — (^ jahan- 
nainiyy, hellish. 

\^ jahtvd', i. cloudless ; bare, 

ij^=. jahild, zealous, eager, dili- 

(j^) jahwar, inf. » , deliver in i, 
loud voice. 

jj^ jahi'ir, loud, having a clear 
voice ; — jahivar, bold ; — ii jiihi'i- 
ra-t, loudness of voice ; pretti- 
ness ; — i^ jahivariyy, spoken 
aloud ; having a loud voice ; 

Li^^ jahtida-t, slyness, cunning- 
ness, archness. 

J^9=. jahnl, pi. juhalii', very igno- 
rant ; crude, brutal ; — ^ jiihi'i- 
liyya-t, ignorance. 

(o9=5-) i*^'> ^' ^^^- j«'i«». get 
devastated, fall in ruins ; — 11. 
INF. tajhiyo.-t, widen a wound ; 
— III. INF. mvjdhdt, boast to, 
try to surpass in glory ; — iv . 
INF. ijhd\ be distinct, open ; be 




clear; enjoy the bright weather; 
be niggardly ; bring no child to 
the husband; — vi. inf. tajahi, 
boast to each other, vie for 

•M^ jahicl, toilsome ; frequented 
by cattle. 

j^fl-^ jaJiir, of a loud voice ; loud ; 
pi. juliarcV, of a handsome face. 

ys^ jaMz, nimble, agile, swift. 

yi*9=- jahir/, miscarriage ; abortive. 

y->9=- jahrii, rust of a mirror. 

fi- jaw-ill.^ i^f)- jawan; — jaivw, 
pi. ajwd', jiwd', atmosphere ; 
air ; sky ; wide valley ; open 
pasture- ground ; interior of a 
house ; hall ; Yamama ; — iju'a-t, 
reddish brown ; — jtiwwa-t, id. ; 
cavity ; rugged ground. 

\fs- jawwan, inside, within ; — 
jiwd', j)l. ajwiya-t, wide valley ; 
wallet ; — pi. of f^ jaww. 

v^ys- jawdb, pi. ajwiba-t, answer; 
speech, assertion; — jawwdb, i 
jawzvdha-t, traveller through the 
deserts ; wanderer. 

o'^j^ jf'asa, tripe, guts. 

"^^f^ jau"'d, pi. ajwdd, ajdwid, 
juicadd\ ji'(d, juwada-t, liberal, 
generous, kind ; pi. jiydd, ajydd, 
ajdwid, generous horse, excel- 
lent steed ; — juwdd, violent 
thirst ; — jaivwdd, highroads, 
causeways, pi. of i^^W jdda-t. 

U""^^}^ j" '"('diS) pi. f • of (J— >W jddis, 
effaced, uncultivated, &c. 

J^y^ jau'dr, deep water ; area of a 
house; ships; — jiwdr, neigh- 
bourhood ; protection, inf. hi. 
of (j^) ; — jawwdr, farmer, 

vrJj^ys- jawdrib, i jaw'iriba-t, pi. of 
SJj^ jaurab ; — ^s J0'^"''"'ibiijy, 
maker of stockings, hosier. 

Z^f>- jc(wdri/i, wild beasts ; limbs 
of the body, pi. of i^-jW jdri- 

ij»^fs- jaivdris, pi. f. of y-jW jdiis, 
ag. of (a-/;-). 

^j^fi- jiuvdris, pi. -((7, cordial (s.) ; 
spice (I'ers.). 

iS^h'^ jawdri, female slaves, &c., pi. 
of hj^ jdriya-t. 

j\)=' jawdz, lawfulness ; allowable- 
ness ; passage ; transit ; pass- 
port ; — jiwdz, INF. III. of (j^) ; 
— juwdz, thirst ; — jawwdz, seller 
of nuts. 

Jj\y5- jawdzil, pi. of Jjy^ jauzal. 

(•jlys- jawdzim, pi. of f>jW jdzim, 
cutting off, &c. 

iSj^f^ jawdzi', waste, wild; wild 
animals, game. 

ij-^fi- jawwds, spy ; lion ; — jawdss, 
pi. senses. 

(3-.\y5- jawdsiq, pi. of (J-j^ jausaq. 

(_rs!--.\j=5- jawdsis, spies, &c., pi. of 
(j-^W jdsils. 

i^\j=s-jawdsin, pi. of [^fs- jausan. 

t\^ juwdz, impatience ; — jawwaz, 
melancholic ; — 'i juinvdza-t, 

J\^ jawwd?, who travels to and 
fro; — jaivdll, exiles, pi. of iiW 
jdlla-t ; — 6 jawdla-t, the best 
part of a thing ; — pi. of Jj=- 

<-!-Mj=- jawdlib, pi. of »^W jdlib, 

^\ft jaiudJih, gossamer. 
(3^^^ jiwdliq, juwdliq, pi. jawdliq, 

jatodliq, jawdliqdt, large corn- 
i£X/«\^ jaivdmik, salary, wages, pi. 

of irjS^W jiimikiyya-t. 
^_;.~-*\^ jawdmis, buffaloes, pi. of 

fj-'j^W jdini's. 
ii W jawdnna-t, the buttocks. 
i_y\^ jawdii !, pi. sides ; — jawwd- 

niyy, interior ; concealed ; the 

inside, interior (s.). 
}^^y>- jawdhir, pi. of ji^yi- jauhar ; 

— <^i*"'''''"''^y> jeweller. 
(jdfc\^ jawdhid, foals, pi. of A.4«iW 




"ib, pi. rumours, 

y\j^ jawittz, pi. ot yW jd'iz, 6 
jd'ha-U q.v. 

(sJ^) j'^b, V, INF. jaub, tajwdb, 
split, tear, cut through ; break 
stones ; — n, i, travel over, 
wander through ; pass ; bring ; 




give birth ; — u, r, inf. jauh 
(also II. and viii.), put a front 
or a slit to a shirt ; — ii. inf. 
tajwib, id. ; — III. INF. mujd- 
waha-t, answer ; respond, re- 
turn ; (m.) resound; — iv. inf. 
ijdb, ijdba-t, answer, respond ; 
reply to (ace.) ; come at call ; 
grant a request, consent ; 
bring forth fruit, plants, &c. ; 
— V. INF. tajawwub (also vii.), 
be torn ; — vi. inf. tajdwuh, 
answer to one another ; — 
VII. INF. injiydh^Y. ; stretch 
out the neck ; — viii. ijtiydh, 
see I. ; split ; travel over, pass 
through ; dig a well ; — x. inf. 
istijdha-t, answer ; listen to, 
grant a prayer ; consent, ap- 

s->j^ jaub, journey, travelling over ; 
pi. ajwdb, shield ; strap ; shirt 
without sleeves ; hearth ; — S 
jauba-t, pi. juwab, opening, in- 
terstice ; breach ; hole. 

<^^ jaus, tripe, guts ; — jausd', 
id. ; — f . of ajwas, arched. 

S^f^ ji^'ji*'j pl- t.5^^ i*'«i*'> breast, 
chest ; fore-part of a ship. 

(Cj^) jdh, V, INF. jauh, destroy, 
annihilate ; turn aside from the 
right way ; — ll. inf. tajwth, 
pull off the shoes ; — iv. inf. 
ijdha-t, VIII. INF. ijtiydh, anni- 

(^^) jauham, centifoliate rose. 

(jtfs-) jdh, TJ, INF. jauh, undermine 
and break the banks ; — ii. inf. 
tajwth, id. ; throw down ; — v. 
INF. tajawwuh, fall in ruins ; 

tj^ juh, pi. ajwdh, cloth (m.) ; — i 
j&ha-t, hole in the earth ; (m.) 
overcoat with long sleeves ; — ^s 
jauha, f. weak. 

(jj=.) jdd, V, INF. jauda-t, excel, 
be of the best quality ; benefit, 
do good ; — INF. jud, be liberal ; 
expose one's self to deadly 
danger ; be quick, fleet ; — jaud, 
juwud, be plentiful ; water abun- 

dantly; INF. juda-t, be on the 
point of dying from thirst; 
pass, long ardently for {J>\ 
ila) ; sleep, slumber ; — inf. 
jaud, ju'ud, shed tears abun- 
dantly ; — II. INF. tajwid, render 
good, excellent, liberal ; mend ; 
be a good race-horse ; — in. inf. 
mujdwada-t, vie with another 
in liberality and beneficence ; 

— IV. inf. ijdda-t, ijwdd, give 
abundantly ; do or say any- 
thing excellent ; have an exqui- 
site race-horse ; generate an 
excellent son; — v. inf. tajaw- 
wud, take the best part for 
one's self ; — x. inf. isiijdda-t, 
make claims on anybody's libe- 
rality ; deem or find anything 
excellent ; demand the best. 

■if)- jaud, abundant rain ; pi. of 
•J^W- jdHd, abundant ; beneficent ; 
— jiid, liberality ; liberal ; pi. 
of S\f^ jawdd, and .»e!=-\ ajyad, 
having a long and beautiful 
neck; — ii juda-t, jauda-t, good- 
ness, excellence ; best quality ; 
superior qualifications ; inf. of 
{•if)-) ; — jnwada-t, pi. of J\^ 

\'if)- juivadd' , pi. of i\f^ jawdd. 

(^J^ jaudiyy, liberal ; abundant. 

jjy?" ju'zar, pi. ja'dzir, buffalo- 

(jf^) jar, TJ, inf. jaur, wander 
astray from (y^ 'an) ; be un- 
just ; — INF. jiwdr, jaivdr, sup- 
plicate for protection ; — ii. inf. 
tajwir, deem unjust, accuse of 
tyranny; (m.) hollow out; — 
III. INF. jiwdr, juwdr, mujd- 
wara-t, be one's neighbouf ; 
to be neighbourly ; take into 
protection or clientship ; inf. 
mujdwara-t, stay in the temple 
and pray ; — iv. inf. jdra-t, 
ijdra-t, take into protection, 
protect ; free from tyranny ; 
cause one to turn aside from ; 

— VI. INF. tajdwm; viii. inf. 
ijtiwdr, to act neighbourly and 




jirott'ct each other ; — x. iNr. 

istijih-a-t, sue for protection. 
)fr- jaiir, violence, oi^pression, 

tyranny ; tyrant ; (m.) stranger ; 

— ji/'ar, abundant rain; — « j/'i- 

ra-t, pi. juwar, hollow, cavity, 

hole ; — jairani-t, tyrants, pi. of 

yWjd'i)-, unjust, 
(s-y^v) jaurab, s , pi. jaworib, ja imi- 

riba-t, shoe ; stocking ; — hence: 

jaiirab, inf. &, wear stockings; 

put stockings on a person. 
<JJf^ j'~''>'^yyy rose of Bengal. 

(j^^) ;■"'«' w. INF. >».-,;« ((■,;;;,;»'/;,-, 

niajdz, pass, pass l,>y ; travel 
over, through, or on ; disap- 
pear ; be passable, allowable, a 
matter of indifference; be pos- 
sible, happen ; inf. jaivi'iz, irri- 
gate ; — II. INF. tajivl:, cause 
to travel over, pass through, 
perform ; carry through one's 
views ; present in detail ; de- 
clare allowable, permit ; water ; 
('m.) = tajwiz, give in marriage, 
marry ; — iii. inf. jiivdz, pass a 
place ; leave a thing and pass 
on to another ; cross a river ; 
cause to jiass, to cross ; inf. 
mvjdwazci-f, close the eyes to, 
pass over, be indulgent ; exceed 
the bounds, go beyond measure, 
make an excess ; — iv. inf. ijd- 
za-t, pass through and leave 
behind ; cause to jsass through ; 
allow to pass ; carry over ; pro- 
vide with money for a journey, 
make a present ; carry through 
one's views ; allow, ajjprove, 
confirm, ratify, sign ; authorise ; 
benefit ; give in return ; — v. 
INF. tajawwiiz, suffer, permit; 
pass over, be indulgent ; speak 
figuratively ; abbreviate ; — vi. 
INF. fajdivm, travel over, jjass 
through ; exceed the bounds, 
commit excesses ; pass over, 
forgive, forbear with ; — vii. 
INF. iiijiijdz, desist from, leave ; 
desert to the enemy ; — viii. 
INF. ijtiijdz, pass, pass by ; tra- 

vel over ; depart ; — x. inf. 
istijdza-t, ask for permission, 
for a gift ; deem lawful. 

j^=- jaiis, S, pi. -dt, ajirdz, nut; 
kernel, stone (of a fruit), middle 
(ls^V S javz rilmiyy, walnut ; g 
\)i jaiiz bawituV, <~-^\ e jauzu 't- 
tib, nutmeg; ^^-^^^ ejcntz hindiyy, 
cocoa-nut) ; passage. 

\j)=- jauzd', constellation of the 
Twins ; Orion. 

ob^ j'''^dn, pi. of yW- jd'iz, cross- 
beam, &c. 

ijj)^ jauzaq, ' , fruit of the cotton- 
tree ; — ^jjc'zaqiyy, seller of the 
fruit of the cotton-tree. 

Jj^ jaiizal, T[>\. jairdzil, the young 
of a dove. 

tr^-i)^ jayzhtaj, (>^j_y=- jcaiziiiaq, 
confection of nuts. 

(u"^) jds, u, INF. jaus, javasdn, 
VIII. INF. ijtiyds,\ook for eagerly, 

i3->^ jaitsaq, pi. jawdsiq, palace; 

(J'')^)j(tus, breast; middle; night- 
journey ; — hence v. inf. tajoir- 
wu.<, be partly over ; enter the 
middle of a country. 

yA^ jansan, pi. jatcdsin, Sbrmour, 
coat of mail ; breast ; midnight ; 

— tS joii'<<^'>'yy! armour-maker, 

(h^) i''=. ^' INF. javs, jau-azdn, 
step along proudly ; strut ; 
grieve, render sorrowful ; — ii. 
INF. tajwh, and v. inf. tiijaivwu^, 
hasten, run. 

(^)^) /''> INF. jau', jaii'a-t, majd- 
'a-f, be hungry ; thirst for ; wish 
for eagerly; — ii. inf. tajwi', 
IV. inf. ijwd', starve; — v. inf. 
fajaicirii', master one's hunger; 

— X. INF. istiji't'a-t, show one's 
self always hungry. 

kalbi, ravenous hunger); — jnw- 
wa', pi. of ^W jd'i', hungry ; — 
ijaii'a-t, fit of hunger. 

d^f)- jau'dn, f. ^J^)^ jau'a, pi. 
jiyd', hungry. 

(.'-^}'^) J'V) ^) INF. jauf, be hollow, 
concave, bulging ; penetrate, 
pierce ; — ii. inf. tajwif, hollow, 
render concave ; — iv. inf. ijiifa-t, 
penetrate; shut; — v. inf. ta- 
jawwvf, be hollow inside ; be 
concave ; be concealed in the 
hollow interior, penetrate to it, 
pierce; — viii. inf. ijtiyuf^=Y. ; 
be spacious. 

t-lj?" jauf, last third of the night ; 
pi. ajwdf, belly, intestines ; 
cavity ; inside ; middle, heart, 
core, priacipal part ; vast plain ; 
— i''/> pi- of <-*^^^ ajwaf, hol- 
low ; — jawaf, spaciousness of a 

'^'^ jaufd', 



f. of wij^\ ajwaf, hol- 

tji)^ jaufiyy, 6 , hollow, spacious ; 
internal ; — S jaufiyya-t, hole, 

((3^) jawiq, a, inf. jawaq, be 
contorted ; — ii. inf. tajwiq, 
cry out at ; assemble (a.) ; — v, 
INF. tajawwuq, be gathered, as- 

J)^ jauq, S jauqa-t, pi. ajwdq, 
troop, legion ; — -jawiq, con- 

(Jj^) i"^i ^) INF. jaul, ji'd, juwiil, 
jawaldn, jildn, step around, re- 
volve ; pass through, travel 
over ; rise ; lead about ; — inf. 
jaula-t, turn round in combat, 
vault ; flee and turn to attack 
again ; choose ; — ii. inf. tajwdl, 
roam about ; — iii. inf. mnjd- 
wala-t, turn around in a combat, 
try to attack in the flank ; — iv. 
INF. ijdla-t, turn, cause to turn 
around ; cause to circulate ; 
make roam; — vi. inf. tajd- 
wul, turn around one another 
in a combat ; — viii. inf. ijtiydl, 
seduce ; cause to desert the true 

Jj=i- jaul, herd, troop ; —jnl, pi. 
ajwdl, jlwdl, jiwdla-i) coating of 

a well ; wall of a tomb ; coast, 
side ; pi. jawdl, herd, flock ; — 
jaul, i jaula-t, inf. of (J^). 

t)S^ jauldii, dust and sand; — 
jawaldn, revolving (s.), revolu- 
tion, circulation ; vaulting (s.) ; 
drill, exercise; travelling through 
or over (s.) ; first movement ; 
emotion; inf. of (J^O- 

(f}^) i''"^) u. INF. jaum, seek, 
crave for, demand. 

fj'i-jaum, allied herdsmen ; — cups, 
pi. of fiW jdm. 

(t)>^) jaun, pi. jan, red ; white, 
and, by opposition, black ; day ; 
-^jihi, bay, gulf; — ijauna-t, 
disc of the sun ; coal ; red ; — 
jima-t=jnn; blackness; pi. ^m- 
wan, also ju'na-f, pi. ju'an, 
leathern box for spices ; — hence 
V. inf. tajawwun, paint white 
(bridal chamber) ; paint black 
(door of the dead) ; ctJ^ J&\ 
ahlu 't-iajaivwuni, voluptuaries. 

^)^ jaundi' , sun ; kettle. 

(*^) ./"'*'; ^> INF. jauh, receive 
gruffly ; prevent, hinder. 

^j^ji'ih, face, look, features. 

j^fs- jauhar, i , pi. jawdhir, jewel, 
pearl ; precious ore ; essence, 
substance, matter, nature ; ele- 
ment ; soul ; marrow ; worth, 
excellence ; lines of a Damascene 
blade ; veins of marmor, &c. ; 
diacritical point ; jy e jauhar 
fard, atom (Pers.). 

,_^j^^ jauharjiyy, jeweller. 

iS)^)^ jauhariyy, jeweller ; es- 
sential, natural ; elementary. 

•— >^^ ju'fih, pi. of vW , q.v. 

i^f}- ju'wa-t, reddish-brown. 

iijjj=. ju' us, being frightened (s.) ; 
INF. pass, of (>^W). 

((_5^) jaivi. A, INF. jawan, be 
passionately moved ; be af- 
flicted with a consuming chest 
fever ; suffer from indigestion ; 
have disgust or aversion ; find 
unhealthy, inconvenient ; get 
corrupted ; putrify ; — ii. inf. 




tajwiya-t, tame, grow tame (m.) ; 
— VIII. INF. ijtiwd, be seized 
witli passionate grief, &c. ; con- 
sider unhealthy. 

tS^ joiwan, jawa, fervour ; pas- 
sionate love; consumptive fever; 
stench ; foul water ; — jawi (^ 
jaw-in), aching; — jawiyy, having 
indigestion; unhealthy, unwhole- 
some ; f . i jamiyya-t, unhealthy 

•V^ juwayyid, liberal ; yielding 
much milk. 

((j^) i«') T, INF. jai', jai'a-t, majl', 
majiyy, come, come up sud- 
denly ; come with, bring ; — in. 
INF. jiycV, mujaya'a-t, confront 
face to face ; agree ; — iv. inf. 
ijd'a-t, bring or lead up ; urge 
on ; compel to take refuge with 
(^\ila); mend; — i ji'a-t,jiya-t, 
jiyya-t, stagnating water ; large 
cistern ; — jayya-t, putrefaction, 

^ ji'd, pi. of 6jVs=. ji'dwa-t ; — 
jiyd', INF. III. of i^i—jayyd', 
approaching (adj.) ; — » jai'a-t, 
pus ; blood ; arrival ; inf. of 
(,_s^) ; — ji'a-t, stagnating water. 

^ W jiydha-t, annihilation. 

•jW jiydd, uwl^W jiydddt, pi. of 
•Af^ jaivdd and •*!!=■ jaid. 

jW jayydr, heat in the stomach ; 
rage ; quicklime. 

t^ifs-jiyd', pi. of ^^jd'i', hungry. 

tJW jayydf, despoiler of dead 

JU^ jai'al, pi. jayd'il, hyena; — S 
jai'ala-t, pus. 

SjVs=. ji'dwa-t, jiydiva-t, pi. V&s- 
ji'd', leathern case for kettles, 

jifUi). jayd'id, pi. of -^^ jayyid. 

JfLtj. jayit' (7, pi. of JW jai'aZ. 

(s--!<)-) jdh, I, INF. jaib, cut a 
bosom to a shirt or garment ; 
split, cut ; widen ; travel over, 
wander through ; — ii. inf. 
tajycb, put a bosom or collar 
to a shirt or garment. 

vr-«- jaib, i jaiba-t, pi. juyub, 
bosom of a garment ; breast- 
pocket ; pocket, purse ; sine 
(in trigonometry) ; — » jiba-t, 
answer; — i^jaibiyy, ', referring 
to the sine, of the sine. 

(y«^) jaitar, short of stature. 

(vi.£=.), see {■J^W). 

(ju=.) jayid. A, inf. jayad, have a 
long and graceful neck; — jid, 
pass, of ("i^). 

Ji*=^ j'id, pi. juyud, ajydd, long and 
graceful neck ; pi. of -Vrt-) ajyad, 
having such (adj.); — jayyid, 
pi. jiydd, jiydddt, jayd'id, good, 
excellent ; beautiful, handsome ; 
of best quality ; \>V!^ jayyid-an, 
very well. 

(j^-i*^) jaiddr, short, dwarfish ; — 
jiddr, holm-oak. 

ii\'i'i^ jaiddna-t, f. having a grace- 
ful neck. 

Q}^j'^i^ jaidardn, tSj"^*^ jaidara, 
short, dwarfish. 

j-W jaizar, id. ; calf of a wild 

ir^) i*^*"' quicklime; — jairin, 
jairi, jaira, certainly; — jayar, 
shortness, smallness. 

;£=- ja'ir, see (jW) ; — ja'ir, stout ; 
— ji'arr, abundant ; — » j'ra-t, 
neighbourhood ; also — 

0^7*^ _/??•((«, pi. of jW- , neighbour- 
hood, &c. 

j*^ jiz, cricket (insect) ; — s ji^a-t, 
pi. ji:, jiyaz, side of a valley, 
side, coast, region; — ji:a-t^i=r.j 
ztja-t, marriage. 

(jS^) ja'iz, A, inf. ja'a:, have fits 
of suffocation. 

uV^ j'^M't pi- of yW jd'iz, cross- 
beam, &c. 

(cr-«-) i''«, I. INF. jais, juyus, 
jayasdn, be agitated, billow, 
boil ; flow over ; — ii. inf. taj- 
yis, raise an army; — v. inf. 
tajayyus, gather, assemble; — x. 
INF. istijdsa-t, ask for troops, 
gather troops. 

v^rt- jai^, pi. juyu^, army ; legion ; 




— jaiV, (jVa«^ jayasdn, inf. of 
(lA«=>-) ; — s jim-t, ebullition. 

(u^«=^) i''f', I, INF. iairf, turn aside, 
decline ; flee ; desist from fa- 
tigue ; — II. INF. tajyld, id. 

i/w jiyadd, ,_s-as^ jiyidda, proud 
gait ; — i jaida-t, fatigue. 

(^*^) i''?! i> INF. jayazdn, drag 
along under a heavy burden ;= 

^\».f^ jai'd n, hungry. 

fir>- jai'ar, hyena. 

(Uu=^)jdf, I, II. INF. tajyif, putrify ; 
—ijifa-t, T^l.jiydf, ajydf, corpse, 
dead body, carcase, carrion ; — 
•^jifiyy, carrion (adj.). 

(J«^) i'fi^, side, coast ; — jil, troop 
of men ; tribe ; people, nation ; 
century, age; pi. ajydl, genera- 
tions, races. 

O^*^ jaildn, dust ; — also ^s jaild- 
niyy, dusty. 

((^=!-) jailam, new moon. 

(,*-=!-) jim, letter e ; — hence ii. 
INF. tajyim, write such. 

1^=^ jih, face, look, features. 

oSyW*^ jaikdhnq, excrement of 

0^9*^ jaihumdn, saffron. 

l^ jiawa-t, famine. 

iikS«=- yai'a-f=SW ; — ji'a-t = toj- 

C A, as a numerical sign=8; ab- 
breviation for the 2nd Jumada ; 
as the sixth month of the Arabic 
year ; also for y-s^- hin, i£~>c" 
hina'iz-in, when ; — U=j_5jU=- 
JjSl jumdda al-awwal. 

v*^ hdh, i hdba-t, sin. 

J}^ Mfci?, woof ; setting nets 
(adj.) ; — S hdhila-t, pi. habala-t, 
big with child ; pregnant. 

^_s}W. hdhi, who gives ; near. 

*5^ hdtim, pi. hutiim, who imposes, 
makes it a duty ; judge ; raven ; 
name of a liberal man of the 
tribe Tai ; hence : ,_5*>^ hdtimiyy, 
very liberal. 

gU hdj, pi. of ^^ hdja-t ; — hdjj, 
pi. hujjdj, hajij, hujj, pilgrim, 
especially to Mecca ; — i hdja-t, 
pi. hdj, hdjdt, hiwaj, hawdyij, 
anything necessary, requisite ; 
want, need ; necessity ; object ; 
utensil ; desire, wish ; a plant ; 
pi. hawdyij, things ; — hdjja-i, 
pi. hawwdj, woman who has per- 
formed the pilgrimage. 
k_»ii.U. hdjib, pi. hajaba-t, hujjdb, 
ag. of '-r^^^ hajab, chamberlain ; 

door-keeper ; attendant ; edge ; 
pi. hawajib, eye-brows, lashes. 

e*-^ hdjij, Mecca-pilgrim. 

/s-^ hdjir, partition, wall ; dam ; 
high road, causeway. 

jt^U. hdjiz, pi. hajaza-t, hawdjiz, ag. 
of (jass") ; partition ; bar, list ; 
curtain ; dam ; diaphragm. 

^W hdjim, bath-keeper ; cupper. 

^j=»U hdjiyy,:=s^ hdjj, pilgrim. 

■^^ hdd-in, see ^sJ^ hddi ; — hddd, 
i , sharp, pointed ; hot, strong 
(as spices) ; wearing mourning 
apparel (adj.); — ii hddda-t, in- 
strument for making wire ; 

k4>jW hddis, happening for the 
first time or recently ; new, 
fresh ; young ; event ; — 2 hddi- 
sa-t, pi. hawddis, recent event ; 
news ; accident, calamity ; (m.) 
scruple of conscience. 

jjU hddiq, looking sharply at; 
penetrating; clever, sharp. 

j^jjU. hddi (J^ hdd-in), pi. huddt, 
camel-driver ; — hddi' ; who de- 
fends ; — T"*^ (^J^ hddi 'a^ar, 
the eleventh. 





JU. hd?, back ; du. hdzdn, the but- 

jj^ hdziq, sharp, penetrating ; 
hot, piquant ; intelligent, clever ; 
J jV> J oU hdziq hdziq, skilful ; 

^j^ hdzila-t, f. inflamed. 

j^ hdrr, i , hot ; glowing ; sharp, 
piquant ; difficult ; jVj 5 Mrr 
ydrr, very hot ; — s hdra-t, 
hdrra-t, street ; quarter ; house. 

vA>)U. hdris, pi. hurras, ploughman ; 
peasant ; lion. 

■Jj^ hdrid, angrj ; grudging ; pi. 
hawdrid, solitary ; lonely. 

y-jW. hdris, pi. haras, ahrds, hurras, 
guard, watchman ; defender ; 
governor ; vigilant ; jJ^ ciSuii 
al-maV ahu-'l-hdrisu, guardian 

(joj^ hdris, greedy ; ambitious. 

J;^ hdriq, s , burning, glowing ; 
hot-tempered ; — S hdriqa-t, 

•aJj^ hdrik, moving ; withers. 

wjU. hdzib, pi. huzb, hawdzib, diffi- 
cult ; grave, serious. 

jjU. hdzir, bitter, sour ; morose. 

I»j^ hdzim, pi. hazama-t, prudent ; 

SjW hdzza-t, pi. haivdzz, what op- 
presses the mind. 

^J»^ hdss, i , perceiving by the 
senses; — ii hdssa-t, pi. hawwds, 
sense, perception by the senses. 

s— ^ hdsib, pi. hasaba-t, hussdb, 
paymaster ; accountant. 

A«W hdsid, pi. hussad, hussdd, 
hasada-t, envious ; envier. 

j-J^ hdsir, pi. hussar, free, empty, 
bare ; without weapon of de- 

^U. hdsim, destructive. 

,_j...Vo. hdsiyy, » , perceiving by the 
senses ; sensitive ; — 8 hdsiyya-t, 
sensibility, sensitiveness. 

1^^ hd^, UiVc^ hdsd, ^^ hd^d,, 
except ; God forbid ! without 
offence ! 

i-AU hdsiya-t, pi. hawdii, edge, 

rim, border; hem; marginal 
note ; appendix ; supplement ; 
postscript ; (m.) digression ; 
region, tract ; shade, protection ; 

>— >-oU. hdsih, pi. hawdsih, storm, 
such as to throw up pebbles. 

Ju>W hdsid, pi. hasada-t, hussdd, 
mower ; reaper. 

^J\^ hdsir, who besieges, block- 
ades ; astringent ; accountant ; 

J.0W. hdsil, pi. hawdsil, what hap- 
pens, results, remains finally ; 
produce ; sum, product, quotient 
in arithmetic ; advantage, gain ; 
tax, custom ; (m.) corn-maga- 
zine, store-house, store-room, 

^^\^ hdsin, i hdsina-t, pi. hawdsin, 
chaste (woman). 

^V=. hddir, i, pi. huddar, hudvr, 
present, before the eyes, ready 
(also applied to money) ; the 
present tense ; second person ; 
pi. hudddr, hadara-t, settled, 
domiciled ; inhabitant of a 
village or town ; family ; tribe ; 
— ' hddira-t, fixed residence, 
village, town. 

(^1=^ hddin, pi. hudddn, who em- 
braces, caresses ; — S hddina-t, 
pi. hawddin, nurse ; midwife. 

■r->t\=- hdtib, gathering wood ; in 
rhetorical parlance : one who 
picks up phrases carelessly. 

I»^U. hdti'im, pi. hawdtim, what 
promotes digestion ; want, lack ; 

wiV=> hdf-in, see ^^ hdfi; — Mff, 
surrounding, ag. of (<-4=>-) ; — 
6 hdfa-t, edge, rim, border ; 
coast ; need ; adversity ; — pi. 
of s-^^ . 

^\=. hdfid, pi. hafad, hafada-t, 
hawdfid, ahfdd, grandson ; active 
servant ; helper, assistant. 

/U hdfir, ag. of {f.^) ; pi. hawdfir, 
hoof, claw ; hoof-print ; foot ; — 
i hdfira-t, beginning ; original 
state ; road, trace, track. 




^^^^ hdfisa-t, watercourse. 

!=i^ hdfiz, I, pi. huffaz, hafaza-t, 
ag. of (W) ; God ; guardian, 
watcher ; governor ; who knows 
the Koran by heart ; — i Mfiza-t, 

JiV=^ hdfil, pi. huffal, entirely full. 

;_5iV=- hdfi (i_*W. hdf-in), pi. hufut, 
bare-foot; unshod (hoof) ; judge; 
benevolent ; merry. 

v3^ Mjg', perfect; truthful; middle; 

— 'i hdqqa-t, pi. hawdqq, what is 
sure to come ; Day of Judgment ; 
perfect, truthful, zeal. 

(j^^ hdqin, suffering from dysury ; 

— S hdqina-t, pi. hawdqin, sto- 
mach ; abdomen. 

kidU. Mlc-in, see hdhi ; — 6 hdka-t, 
pi. of uslfW^ hd'ik ; — hdkka-t, 

j»^^ hakim, pi. hukkdm, judge ; 

Sj^U. hdkura-f, pi. hawdkir, vege- 
table-field ; enclosure (m.). 

^ji'^=- Mki (csJU hdk-in), pi. hukdt, 

J^ AaZ, pi. ahwdl, ahwila-t, state, 
condition, circumstance ; posi- 
tion ; rank, profession ; present 
time ; ^\ tj^ lisdn al-hdl, 
language befitting the circum- 
stances ; — hall, pi. hidnl, 
hulldl, hullal, descending, im- 
pending, due ; — » hdla-t, pi. 
hdldt. Ml, state, condition. 

v-JW hdlih, pi. haldba-t, milker ; 
pi. hawdlih, groin (m.). 

(jJ^ hdliq, f. ii , pi. halaqa-t, 
barber ; epilatory ; — hdliq, s 
hdliqa-t, one who is unfortu- 
nate, miserable ; — hdliq, pi. 
hawdliq, full udder ; hill ; 

u£i!U hdlik, pitch dark, black as a 

fX^ hdlim, ag. of (i^) ; mature 
(youth) ; cress. 

y^JU hdlus, sickle (m.). 

^jJU hdliyy (J^=> hdl-in), referring 
to the present time or state; 

modern ; in present currency ; 
S hdliyya-t, present participle ; 
conditionality ; — hdli, i , pi. 
harvdli, adorning one's self ; 
adorned ; ornamental ; hand- 
some, lovely, graceful ; (m.) 
small peas ; — S hdli'a-t, a 
poisonous snake. 

(«V»- hdin. Ham ; — ii hdmma-t, 
grandees, noblemen, gentry. 

y\^ hdmiz, strong ; sharp, piquant ; 
wide awake, witty. 

(j4/»W h'imid, » , sour ; bitter ; salt ; 

J^W hdmil, pi. hamala-t, porter ; 
,_3=.y^ C hdmil al-wahy, Gabriel ; 
— also 5 hdmila-t, big with 
young, pregnant ; laden with 
fruit ; overflowing ; — hdmila-t, 
pi. hawdmil, river-bed ; hand- 

^j«^ hdmi (f»^ hdm-in), » , glowing, 
burning hot ; pi. humdt, f. 8 , pi. 
hawdmi, protector ; clientship, 
defensive alliance ; — hdmiyy, 
Hamite, descendant of Ham. 

yV=» hdnn, greedy; agitated, moved; 
f. ii hlnna-t, calling for her foal 
or young one ; — S hdna-t, wine- 
house, tavern. 

UU. hdnit, crimson. 

usij^ hdnih^'^'^ hdlik. 

uuyVs. hdnfit, pi. hawdnit, wine- 
house ; shop, office. 

^yU hdnavdyy, inn-keeper ; shop- 
keeper ; official. 

jjjVc hd.wi (jW- haw-in), ii , com- 
prising, encompassing, contain- 
ing ; collector ; ledger ; snake- 
charmer ; — s haiviya-t, and — 

VjjV=> hdwiyd', pi. hawdwi, gut, 

s-»^ lid'ih, sinner, criminal (vj=-). 

gfW- hd'ij, wanting (ej°-). 

OaU hd'id, deviating ; wanderer 

^U hd'ir, i , confused, perplexed 
(J\i c hd'ir hd'ir, who has 
entirely lost his head) ; lean, 
thin ; low-land, garden ; pi. 




hurdn, Mrdn, place where water 
y^ hd'iz, who obtains, possesses 

(^^)-. . 
(j4»^ hd'id, pi. huyyad, i hn'ida-t, 

pi. hawd'id, having the menses, 
la^ ^a'i.f, pi. hipln, hiyiit, wall ; 

enclosure ; garden. 
<-Af^ ^a'l/, pi. Jfi'ifa-t, huyyaf, edge, 

border, side ; cruel. 
»iW^ hd'ik, pi. /ii'ika-f, hiiyyak, f. 

is M'ika-t, pi. (lawii'iJ,-, weaver. 
JfU. ^<(';7, pi. MyiU, hnl, hmvwal, 

Mlal, ag. of (J^), q.v. 
(W^ hd'im, pi. huwwam, thirsty, 

eager for, desirous ; flying around 


(^^W. hay-in), alive. 


(v^) Aa6&, I, INF. hibb, hubb, love, 
be in love, like ; desire, wish 
for ; pass, be tired ; — habib, 
A, habub, INF. habab, make 
friends with {^^\ ila) ; — ii. 
INF. tahbib, render dear, en- 
dear ; run to seed ; make jsills ; 
• — III. INF. hibdb, mvhi'ibaha-t, 
uiuhdhba-t, cultivate one's friend- 
ship ; show love to (ace.) ; — iv. 
INF. ihbdb, love ; desire, crave 
for; prefer; lie run to seed; 
kneel down without stirring 
any more (camel) ; — v. inf. 
tahabbiib, show love ; — vi. inf. 
iahdbb, love one another ; — x. 
INF. isti/ihdh, find amiable, beau- 
tiful, agreeable ; love ; prefer to 
(j_j).c 'ala). 
•-:-=. habb, jil. hubi'ib, hiibbd-n, grain; 
corn ; seed ; berry ; nut ; pill ; 
bud ; c^jUJ^ c habh al-muh'iJi, 
cherry; (•UaJ\ c habb al-gamdm, 
hail-stone; — hibb, hvbb, love, 
friendship, benevolence ; — hilih, 
pi. ahbdb, hibbdii, lovev, beluvi-d 
one, friend; — hubb, pi. ahbdb, 
hibaba-t, hibdb, grape-stone ; 
wine-jug; — habb-a, <^ s-^ habb-a 
6i-//i, how nice! how beautiful! 
— 6 habba-t, pi. habbdt, grain, 
corn, berry ; globule ; blister. 

pustule ; grain (measure) ; mor- 
sel, trifle, a little ; <-r^^ C 
habba-t al-qalb, bottom of the 
heart ; original sin ; — hibba-t, 
pi. iftibab, berry; — hubba-t, pi. 
hubab, "beloved; love, friend- 
ship ; also huba-t, pi. Iniba, 
U=- haba', pi. ahbdd , favourite ; — 
hibCi', gift, present ; — hubd, pi. 
of s^-s^ hubwa-t. 
wUs. habdb, hubdb, * , bubble, 
drop ; the deep ; — hibdb, inf. 
III. of (s-^) ; pi. of s-c hubb ; 
— hibdb, love; loved, beloved 
one ; serpent ; — habbdb, seller 
of jugs. 
jW=- habdr, hibdr, pi. habdrdt, hibd- 

rdt, sign ; trace. 
5)Ui^ htibdirij, (4jW=^ hubdra, pi. 
hubdrdydt, habdri, habd'ir, bus- 
i&U=» hubd.Hi-t, medley, crowd. 
e!W=^ hibdh, pi. hubuk, strap ; 
girdle, belt ; path, course ; orbit 
of a star ; — habbdl-, lace- 
JW=- hibdl, pi. of ^t^ habl ; — 
hubdJ, pregnancy ; fulness ; — 
habbdl, rope-maker ; — s habd- 
la-t, rope-making ; — hibdla-i, 
pi. habd'il, net, snare, noose ; 
string ; vine-shoot. 
t)W=" hibbdn, hubbdn, \A. of -r-=- 

habb, hibb. 
yW=- habd'ir, pi. of (^jW=- hnbdra. 
JjVt=. habii'il, pi. of iSUc hibdla-t. 
■-. ■■;■= ■ habab, hibab, bubble ; row 
of pearl-like te^'th ; fine set of 
teeth ; — hibab, hubab, pi. of i<-^ 
hibba-t, hiibba-t respectively;- — 
' hubaba-t, pi. of >-:--=' hubb. 
(^M") hidifai-, short of stature; — 

al-habtar, fox. 
(er^^) ^"baj, I, INF. habj, appear 
suddenly ; walk fast ; ap- 
proach ; — INF. habja-t, beat 
with a stiek ; (m.) thrash ; — 
habij, A, INF. habaj, be puffed 
up with food, 
•-r-tef^ habhab, i , melon. 


^■V' hahhazd, well done ! bravo ! 
hence : ii. habbaz, inf. tahhh, 
call bravo, applaud, praise. 

()^) hdbar, rr, inf. habr, em- 
bellish, adorn; benefit; (m.) 
meditate ; — inf. hatir, habra-t, 
rejoice (a.), amuse, divert ; — 
habir, A, inf. habar, have a 
luxuriant vegetation ; be yellow; 
be healed, pass. id. ; also inf. 
huhur, rejoice (n.), be glad and 
content; — ii. inf. tahbir, em- 
bellish, adorn ; (m.) provide 
the ink-bottle with ink ; make 
striped garments ; — vi. inf. 
tahdbur, lend one another oxen 
for ploughing. 

;*=- habr, habar, gladness, cheer- 
fulness, contentment ; benefit ; 

— hah; hibr, a Jewish doctor, 
scribe, pontiff (^cl8^ gJ\ al-habr 
al-a'zam, the Pope) ; — hibr, pi. 
ahbdr, beauty ; ink ; — 8 habra-t, 
amusement, music and dance ; 

— habara-t, hibara-t, a striped 
stuff made in Yaman. 

Sp^ hubruj, pi. habiirij, habih-ij, 

(j)<^ habra, Hebron ; — habriyy, 
(m.) ij}j-f^ habrawiyy, pontifical ; 
solemn ; — hibriyy, maker of 
ink ; — hibariyy, seller of striped 
cloth of Yaman. 

f-f^) habas, i, inf. hobs, mahbas, 
hold, hold back, retain, prevent ; 
confine, imprison ; devote to 
pious use ; envelop, wrap up ; 

— II. INF. tahbis, imprison, wrap 
up ; — HI. INF. mvhdbasa-t, try 
to hold back or prevent, pro- 
hibit, prevent ; — iv. inf. ihbds, 
imprison, keep prisoner ; con- 
secrate to pious use ; — viii. 
INF. inhibds, be prohibited, 
kept back, imprisoned ; restrain 
one's self ; — x. inf. istihbus, 
retire from the world ; live as 
a hermit. 

habs, imprisonment ; reten- 
tion ; pi. hubus, prison ; — hobs, 
hibs, pi. ahbds, weir, dam ; pond ; 


— hubs, hubus, pi. ahbds, pious 
endowment ; — S hubsa-t, reten- 
tion ; self-restraint ; silence ; 
impediment of speech ; difficulty 
in expressing one's self. 

V~-=^ hubasd', pi. of (j~~^ habis. 

(lA^) habas, r, inf. hab^, also 
II. inf. tahbis, collect ; — v. 
INF. tahabbus, be collected, as- 

(ji>t=- habas (also coll.), pi. hubsdn, 
Abyssinian, Ethiopian; — 6 haba- 
s'a-t, Abyssinia ; — ^_s habasiyy, 
an Abyssinian. 

(0^=") hahad, i, inf. habd, beat, 
throb ; die ; — also habitf, i, 
INF. habad, make resound the 
string of a bow; fall down 
before the shooter ; — u, inf. 
hubud, decrease ; lessen ; be not 
valid ; — IV. inf. ihbdd, invali- 
date, abolish ; make efforts, 
exert one's self. 

(j4-.=^ habad, motion ; pulsation, 
throbbing ; sound, noise. 

Qa^ habat, i, inf. habt, huhut ; 
also habit. A, inf. habat, come 
to nought ; be useless ; be 
spilt unavenged ; — habit, have 
the belly puffed up with food ; 
break up again ; — iv. inf. 
ihbdt, nullify. 

(i3-f ) habaq, i, inf. habq, habiq, 
hubdq, break wind ; — 11. inf. 
tahbiq, gather one's things for 
departure, put them in good 

yii=" habqar, habaqurr, hail. 

^^JM> hibiqqa, quick travelling or 

(csW) habah, weave skilfully ; 
unite firmly ; lop, cut off ; — 
II. INF. tahbiJc, unite firmly, 
fasten tightly ; (m.) interweave ; 
twist a thread ; — v. inf. tahab- 
buk, be firmly united, tightened ; 
be girdled ; work well together 
(parts of a machine, &c.) ; — viii. 
inf. ihtibdk, weave well ; arrange 
and carry out well ; be well 
woven ; be full. 




u^s' huhulc, part, morsel ; coat 
of mail ; pi. of cjJU. hihdh 
and 4^,^^^ hahika-i ; — hubukk, 
firm, strong ; — s habka-t, tex- 
ture ; — hubka-t, pi. hubak, 
strap ; girdle ; — habaka-t, vine- 

(;^^=^) habkar, inf. ii , gather, as- 
semble ; — II. INF. tahabkur, be 
perplexed, confused. 

(J-^) ^aial, V, INF. AafcZ, set nets 
or snares, catch with such ; 
fasten with ropes ; make a 
covenant ; — habil, v, inp. habal, 
be full ; be pregnant ; conceive 
(woman); be angry; — ii. inf. 
tahbil, IV. INF. ikbdl, get with 
child ; — VIII. inf. ihtibdl, 
catch game with a net or 

i^t^ habl, pi. hibdl, hubtd, ahbdl, 
ahbul, string, rope, cable (c 
y_>i'L-*S\ habl al-masdkiii, ivy) ; 
fetter ; far-stietching sand-hill ; 
vein, sinew ; covenant, com- 
pact ; friendship, protection ; — 
hibl, skilful, clever, prudent : 
also habl, pi. hubill, evil ; — 
habal, pregnancy, concejjtion ; 
replenishing (s.) ; anger ; — is 
habla-t, habala-f, hubla-t, vine- 
root, shoot; — hubla-t, i>]. hiibal, 
neck-tie ; — habala-t, pi. of il»W 
hdbila-t ; — (^ hnhla, pi. hubla- 
ydt, habdla, pregnant; big with 

Q)%~c=. habldn, i , full ; enraged ; f . 
pregnant, big with child. 

(y-s*^) habin. A, also pass, hubin, 
INF. habn, haban, be afflicted 
with dropsy ; be enraged against 
(^ 'ala). 

(j-t^ habn, rose-laurel ; — hibn, 
monkey ; also » hibna-t, pi. 
hubun, blister ; boil ; — haban, 

U.-^ habnd', f. of s-.i=>\ ahnab, 

(^c) habd, u, INF. habw, crawl 
(as a child) ; not be able to 

move from weakness ; appear ; 
give, present with ; prevent, 
detain, keep from ; — inf. 
hubmvw, be near; be close to- 
gether ; — III. INF. hibd', muhd- 
bdt, show regard; show prefe- 
rence, favour ; abate from the 
price ; — viii. inf. ihtibd', gather 
the clothes behind or tie them 
up to the hips; — » habica-t, 
hibwa-t, hubwa-t, gift, present; 
— hubwa-t, hibira-t, pi. huba, 
hiba, gathering and tucking up 
of a garment ; loop or girdle 
for that purpose. 

>^^-^ hubub, pi. of <-r-^ habb ; 
hence a new sing. : 6 hububa-t, 
grain ; plague-blister ; pi. hu- 
bilbat, corn-fruit ; fruit with 

^yt^ hubiir, indolence, laziness ; — 
habbur, pi. habdbir, the young of 
a bustard ; — 6 hubiira-t, know- 
ledge of the Jewish law. 

^f!^ habul, evil. 

^^;=- huba, pi. of ^-^=' huba-t and of 
ift^ habwa-t. 

■■. '■^■{■= ' habib, f. i , pi. ahbdb, ahibbd', 
ahibba-t, habd'ib, beloved one ; 
lover ; sweetheart, darling ; c 
^\ habib a /?c(^, Muhammad ; — 
i habiba-t, anything loved; 
Medina ; — hiibayyib, little 

u~«^ habis, consecrated to pious 
use ; hermit. 

&^^ habika-t, pi. hubuk, habik, 
habd'ik, path in the sand ; orbit 
of a star. 

i^yin^ habin, dropsical. 

(uu^) hatt, u, inf. hatt, wipe, rub 
off ; peel, shell ; strip the leaves 
from a branch ; fall off ; — vi. 
INF. tahdtt, VII. INF. inl^iti'it, fall 
off or out. 

ei-=- hatt, pi. ahtdf, making quick 
and long steps ; ostrich ; what 
has fallen off, anything dry, 

(^) hata', A, INF. hat', beat ; lie 



with ; twist ; fix ; sew, stitch ; i 

ualst. hatdi, noise, tumult ; — hutdt, 
chips, shavings. 

jU=. hitdr, pi. /jM<2tr, edge, border ; 
circumference ; shell of the ear, 

(»U=» haUdma^=^ ,_3-=^ hatta md, 
until when ? how long ? 

((•^Ji=-), III. ihta'amm, inf. ihti'mdm, 
cut or break off. 

(ctNSs^t.) hathat, inf. ii , fall off. 

(jis=.) hatad, i, inf. hutud, remain, 
stay ; — hatid, a, inf. hatad, be 
of pure descent. 

Jk;^ hatid, of pure descent ; — hutud, 
root, essence, origin. 

(y^) hatar, I, v, inf. hatr, fasten, 
tie ; fix one's look at (ace.) ; — 
INF. hatr, hutnr, present food, 
give to eat; give little to one's 
people, prove niggardly ; taste 
food, eat. 

y!=- hitr, present, gift ; — hutur, pi. 
of jVas. hitdr. 

i^yfe. hatrdb, short, small. 

i^f^) hitris, short, small, dwarf- 
ish ; — hence ii. inf. tahrds, 
assemble (m.) ; try to catch in 

(cJyte.) hatraf, inf. » , remove, 
push aside. 

{{J-^ hatas, V, inf. hati, come 
together ; fix one's look long 
upon ; pass, be seized with 

(<_ate.) hatf, pi. hutilf, death ; fol- 
lowed by •~ii\ anf or ^ fam, as 
a complement : natural death. 

(u>Xsa.) hataJc, i, inf. hatk, hatakdn, 
walk fast and with short steps ; 
cut off, scrape or shave off. 

( Ji=.) hatl, gift, present ; resem- 
blance, similarity ; the worse of 
two things. 

(^»-=.) hatm, I, INF. hatm, inspire ; 
indicate ; impose as necessity 
or duty ; order, decree ; decide 
finally ; fix, confirm ; — ii. inf. 
ta^tim, finish. 

^^^ hatm, pi. hutiim, final decision ; 

order, decree, 
(ij"^) hatm, A, INF. hatan,'he violent 

(as heat, &e.); — vi. inf. tahdtttn, 

equal one another, 
y-^ hatn, hitn, pi. ahtdn, similar, 

equal; comrade; du. two equals 

in anything. 
(y^) hatd, u, INF. hatw, run fast ; 

twist tightly, 
^y^ hutum, pi. of ^V hdtim and 

f*'^ hatm. 
(fj^) hata, I, INF. haty, also iv. 

INF. ihtd', sew together ; twist 

together ; fix, fasten. 
,_y^ hatta, until, as far as ; j_3~» c 

hatta mate, ^ c hatta md, |«V;^ 

hattdma, until when ? how long ? 

hatta and y^ c hatia ami, until, so 

that ; in order that ; nay even ; 

as well ; except. 
((A^) hass, u, INF. hass, also ii. 

INF. tahsis and iv. inf. ihsds, 

instigate, incite, encourage ; speed 

onward; — vi. inf. tahdss, do so 

mutually ; — vii. inf. inhisds, 

pass, of I. ; — VIII. INF. ihfisds^ 

I. and also its pass. 
vS-c- hass, instigation, incitement. 
lijUs. hasds, hisds, sleep ; a black 

collyrium ; — hisds, pi. of li^tie- 

vi»a^ hashas, inf. i := (j-i-^) ; 

urge, hasten (a.) ; flash ; move 

the pencil with collyrium to the 

(r^) ^asir. A, INF. hasar, be 

covered with pustules ; be run- 
ning (eye). 
( J^) i^asil. A, INF. hasal, be badly 

fed ; — IV. INF. ihsdl, feed 

badly ; make the condition of 

anyone worse. 
(s-J^^) hislib, dregs, sediment. 
(j»J!o.) hasam, v, inf. hasm, give; 

rub, rub off. 
(ySo.) hasd, ir, inf. hasw, give 

little ; — also i^jis^ hasa, i, inf. 

hasy, tahsd', strew ; be strewn 

upon the head, on a dead body, 

&c. (dust). 



>^)^ hasus, i.i~^ (msi^, pi. hisds, 

instigated, incited ; quick. 
(,^) see (ys-). 

(cf-) ^'W- u. INF. ^a_;>', go or 
wander to, especially in j)ilgri- 
mage to Mecca ; desist ; get the 
better of in a lawsuit or by 
legal means; — iii. inf. lujilj, 
mnhujja-t, dispute, argue, de- 
monstrate ; plead one's case ; 
— V. INF. ta hajjuj, i:>ro&.er as a 
proof, reason, or pretext ; — vi. 
INF. tahiijj, argue against one 
another; — viii. inf. ihiijaj^ 
V. ; excuse one's self. 
gs> hiji, pilgrimage to Mecca ; — 
A (y)', pi. of eW Mji ; — 6 hijja-t, 
pi. -at, hijaj, a pilgrimage to 
Mecca ; a year ; jJ^ jj zil 'l- 
hijja-t, pi. ^\ ^^i zawiU al- 
hijja-t, the last month of the 
Muhammadan year ; — hujja-t, 
pi. hujaj, proof, argument, de- 
monstration ; certificate ; docu- 
ment, deed, legal papers ; sen- 
tence (of a judge) ; law-suit ; 
pretext, excuse, subterfuge. 
(U,,:^) haja, A, INF. fiaj', rejoice 
at ; retain, keep back ; flee, take 
refuge; — (_;*'=' ^oy'i haji, also 
V. INF. tahajji, rejoice at, be 
greedy for or sparing with (v» 
s->^^=' hijAh, pi. hujub, partition ; 
veil ; curtain ; bashf ulness, 
modesty ; amulet ; — hujjdb, 
pi. of h'tjib ; — i hijdha-t, office 
of a door-keeper or chamber- 

eW^ l.iaj'ij^ l"'j'V'V^- "^'Jjc-*; eye- 
bone ; eye-brow ; side, edge, 
border ; — hiji'j, inf. hi. of 
(cf-). arguing (s.) ; dispute; — 
hajjdj, quarrelsome, litigious ; 
dogmatical person ; tyrant ; who 
makes frequent pilgrimages ; — 
hujjuj, pi. of eW hdjj. 

jV«,=. hajji'ir, stone-cutter; mason; 
— ii liiji'ira-t, pi. of ^35=- hajar. 

jUj^ //y'lir, rope; region surrounded 

by mountains ; Hijaz ; — » hijd- 
za-t, hindrance ; — ^^ hijihiyy, of 

J^as^ hajji'il, splendour, brightness. 

,«^*==- hij'hii, set of teeth; muzzle; 

— hajji'iin, cupper; bath-keeper; 

— ii /lijdma-t, hajdma-t, cnj>-pmg 

(s-«:=>) hajcib, V, I, inf. hajh, hijdh, 
cover, veil ; separate by stepping 
between ; shut off, inclose, wall ; 
(m.) cujj ; — II. inf. tahj'ih, veil 
entirely ; put out of sight ; shut 
off; — V. INF. tahajjuh, Vll. INF. 
itihijdh, VIII. INF. ihiijdh, pass, 
of II. ; conceal one's self ; sit 
behind a curtain ; — x. inf. 
istihjdb, make anybody one's 
door-keeper or chamberlain. 

s-^a^ hujub, pi. of s^W^ ^0''^ i — ' 
hajaba-t, pi. of s-="^ hdjib. 

S^=^ hjjaj, ^ujaj, pi. of ife^ hijja-f, 
hujja-t respectively. 

(gj&as^j hajhaj, inf. S , recede ; be 
on the point of speaking, but 
abstain ; stop, stay. 

(f»Aj&=^^ hajdaiii, pi. hajddim, sown 
field. ■ 

(jte^) hajar, u, inf. hajr, hijr, 
hujr, hijrdn, hvjrdn, hinder, 
refuse admission or the use of 
a thing ; place under curator- 
ship ; — II. INF. fahjir, pelt or 
cover with stones ; stone ; turn 
into stone ; — v. inf. tahajjur, 
harden (n.), turn into stone, 
petrify ; be very stony ; — x. 
inf. istihjdr^v. ; make a room or 
stable for one's use. 
jase" hajr, hijr, hindrance, prohi- 
bition, defence ; placing under 
curatorship ; bosom ; — hijr, 
hujr, unlawful, forbidden; pi. 
"^ji'ir, hijdr, wall, inclosure ; 
dam ; northern wall of the 
Ka'aba ; bosom ; gathered seam 
of a garment ; seam of a shirt ; 
intellect; pi. ahjdr, hole of a 
mouse, snake, &c. ; pi. ahjdr, 
hujur, hujura-t, mare ; the an- 
cient dwellings of the Thamud- 




ites ; — hujr, bosom ; embrace ; 

— Hjar, pi. ahjilr, ahjur, hij'h-, 
hijara-t, stone; ,_yi-j\ c 'hajav 
armaiiujy, azure-stone, lazuli; 
dn.jiJ-/iajitriin, gold and silver; 

— ii hajra-t, pi. hajr, hajardt, 
Idwiljir, .side of a house, court- 
yard ; stony, f. (hajratan, sepa- 
rately, by one's self) ; bosom ; 
understanding, intellect ; — /lij- 
ra-t, mare ; — hujra-t, pi. hiijar, 
hujrnt, hujanlt, hujurdt, stable, 
fold ; room, chamber ; sepulchre ; 

y\;^^ hijrihi, hujrdn, inf. of 
(^<?!=-) ; — hujrdn, pi. of ^=s-U. 

ts;^^ hajariyy, ' , stony, of stone ; 

— » hajariyya-t, stoniness ; (m.) 

()a5=>) hajaz, u, i, inf. hajz, hajiz, 
hijdza-i, Idjjiza, shut off, cover, 
conceal ; prevent from approach- 
ing, hinder ; step between, keep 
asunder ; — hajiz, a, inf. hajaz, 
have heat in the intestines and 
feel thirsty ; — ill. inf. muhd- 
jaza-t, oppose, try to prevent ; 

— IV. INF. ijhdz, come or travel 
to Hijaz ; — VII. INF. inhijdz, 
be prevented, hindered ; — viii. 
INF. ihtijdz, id. ; gird one's self 
round the waist ; carry any- 
thing in one's bosom ; be 
gathered, assemble (n.). 

^a^ hajz, prevention, hindrance ; 

— hijz, hujz, origin ; relations ; 

— » hujza-t, pi. hujaz, girt, 
girdle ; waist ; ^\ iM, fidda-t 
al-hujza-t, patience, endurance ; 

— hajaza-t, pi. of_)=-^ hdjiz. 
(<-ia»=>), III. hdjaf, INF. rmihdjafa-t, 

oppose, hinder ; — vii. inf. in- 
hijdf, humble one's self ; — viii. 
INF. ihtijdf, abstain, desist ; ap- 
propriate ; — 6 hajafa-t, leathern 
shield; breast. 
(J^^) hajal, V, I, INF. hajl, haja- 
Idii, hop ; run in leaps ; — i, 
INF. hujul, be sunk in its socket 

(eye) ; — pass. inf. hajl, step 
between ; — ii. inf. tahjU, have 
all four or three feet white or 
Ja»^ hajl, hijl, hijil, hijill, pi. 
hnjnl, a/ijdl, fetter, ring on the 
foot (also for ornament) ; white 
spot on a horse's hoof ; — hijl, 
pi. hitji'il, horse with three or 
four white feet ; — hajal, pi. 
''J.iji^h J*=^ hijla. noun of unity 
i/iajahi-t, pi. hujldn, male part- 
ridge ; — hajula-t, pi. hajal, 
hijdl, bridal chamber; bridal 
!i^:^ hajld', f. of J^ ahjal, white- 
y!^^!:^ hajaldn, inf. of (Ji?»^). 
((•«»=-) hajam, v, a, inf. hajm, 
hajdma-t, cup ; — u, i, inf. 
hajm, suck ; be high (breasts) ; 
muzzle ; prevent ; — ii. inf. 
ta/tjlm, look at sharply, with 
passion; — iv. inf. ihjdm, cup; 
desist from fear; show one's 
self cowardly ; forbear ; shrink 
back; refuse respect, help; be 
high (breasts); — vii. inf. inhi- 
jdm, get cupped; — viii. inf. 
ihtijdm, get one's self cupped ; 
^as=" hajm, pi. hujmn, swelling; 

thickness ; bulk. 
((^a»s-) hajiii, A, INF. hajan, adhere 
to ; act miserly ; stop, remain ; 
be crooked; — hajan, u, bend, 
make crooked ; divert, dissuade ; 
also VIII. INF. ihtijdn, draw to 
one's self by a hooked stick; 
hold fast ; — II. INF. fahjhi, 
bend, make hooked or crooked. 
y.a!=- hajan, ' hujna-t, crook, bend; 

— hajan, hajin, tick (insect). 
(^«!=>) hajd, U", INF. hajw, suppose, 
be of opinion, assert without 
sufficient foundation ; judge of 
a person ; remain, stay, stop ; 
adhere to a thing, be sparing 
with it ; keep (a secret) ; re- 
ward, requite ; urge on ; pre- 




i^i ^ h W 

vent ; surpass in solving riddles ; 

— o'?^ ^f'i '> ■*■, INF. hajan, be 
addicted to, infatuated with (>-• 
6i) ; — III. INF. hija, miihiljiU, 
surpass in solving riddles ; pro- 
pose a riddle. 

o^!!=» hijan, hija, pi. ahj't\ con- 
siderateness ; prudence ; cun- 
ning ; riddle ; — hajh worthy ; 

— hajl, hajiyij, intelligent, con- 

W?!c- hujayyd, riddle. 

e>*^^ ^"Jij, ' hajija-t, pi. of eU 

hi'jj- . 
Tsass. hcijir, stony. 

ijjt^^ hajjiza, hindrance, inf. of 

()^)'- . 

J^ase. hajU, having three or four 
white feet. 

(.\a.) hadd, V, and (m.) a, inf. 
hadd, sharpen; sharpen one's 
look ; confine, define, distin- 
guish ; resti-ain, prevent, hinder; 
chastise ; refuse ; — u, i, inf. 
hadd, hiddd, put off all orna- 
ments ; wear mourning apparel ; 

— I, INF. hidda-t, be sharp, 
cutting ; — u, and (m.) i, inf. 
hadd, hidda-t, be violent, em- 
passioned, enraged ; fly into a 
passion against (^ 'ala) ; pass. 
hudd, be unhappy, unfortunate, 
miserable ; — ii. inf. iahJid, 
sharpen ; confine ; define ; forge 
iron ; be a blacksmith ; — iii. 
INF. muhdda-t, prevent, hinder, 
restrain ; oppose as an enemy ; 
grow passionate against ; — iv. 
INF. ihddd, put off all orna- 
ments, wear mourning ; — v. 
INF. tahaddud, be limited, de- 
fined ; — VIII. INF. ihtidud, be 
sharp ; be empassioned, enraged ; 
fly into a passion ; — x. inf. 
istihdikl, shave off the hair of 
the pubes. 

•^o- hida', pi. of ii^J^ hidiU ; — 
hadd, pi. hudi'id, limit, boun- 
dary ; term ; end, goal, aim ; 
district ; reach, sphere of action ; 

difference ; definition ; rule ; 
punishment ; edge, point ; pas- 
sion ; intoxicating strength of 
liquors ; strength, bravery ; 
energy ; manner, way ; hin- 
drance ; (m.) side ; violent, 
passionate; — ' hida-t, inf. of 
Jk=-^ ivahid, being alone, solitari- 
ness ; — hidda-t, edge of a 
sword, &c. ; sharpness ; pas- 
eionateness ; imj^ulsiveness ; im- 
petuosity ; anger ; intoxicating 
strength (of wine, &c.). 

(^Jo-) hada', a, inf. had', turn; 
divert (a.), dissuade ; — ^-is* 
hadi\ A, INF. hada', take refuge 
with {^J^ ila) ; take into client- 
ship, protect ; be angry with 

\'^=^ haddi'i, camel-driver ; — ' ha- 
da'a-t, pi. hada', hadn', double- 
edged axe, hatchet ; — hidut, 
hida'a-t, pi. .i^^ hida', hida , 
hid'uu, vulture ; hawk. 

wj).i=. had'th, time of famine ; ^ 
hidilh, pi. of v_.JL=> hadab. 

iij\.ii^ A(V?(?s, talk, chat; — huddu^, 
pi. of vi=jU hndif, ag. of ('^■^) ; 

— i hadCna-1, newness ; youth ; 

— hid'ha-t, freshness ; begin- 

i=.\.\=. hiddja-t, pi. hadii'ij, camel- 
saddle or litter. 

j^-io hiddd, mourning, mourning- 
apparel; INF. of (■^) ; pi. of 
^.i=- hadid ; — hiiddd, sharp, pi. 
ahiddd', ahidda-t, of a sharp 
intellect, of fluent speech ; pas- 
sionate ; — hadddd, pi. -lin, who 
limits, confines, hinders ; black- 
smith ; tinker ; — S hiddda-t, 
occupation of a blacksmith. 

4&\.i:^ hiddsa-t^^i^\':^ hiddja-t. 

&i\^t^ hiddija-t, vulture. 

(sj-^) hadih. A, inf. hadab, bulge, 
be convex, be hump-backed ; be 
devoted, benevolent, kind, com- 
passionate ; not marry again ; 

— II. INF. tahdib, make convex ; 

— XII. ihdauddb, inf. ihdiddb, 


be hump-backed; extend in a 
crooked line. 

sJ'is- haddb, pi. hiddb, rugged 
rising ground ; back of a wave ; 
— hadib, kind, compassionate ; 
hump-backed ; — hitdb, pi. of 
i_jAa.\ ahdab, hump-backed ; — ' 
hadaba-t, hump ; being crooked, 
hump-backed ; convexity. 

1}.*=. hadba, f. of >-j.i=i-^ ahdab, 

(vij.i&) hadas, r, inf. hiidns, hada- 
sa-t, happen for the first time, 
happen, happen to {^\ ila) ; — 
hadus, INF. hadiha-t, be new, 
fresh, young ; — ii. inf. tahdis, 
tell (something new) ; address, 
talk to ( J\ ila or <-> bi) ; ex- 
plain a text ; — III. INF. muhtl- 
dasa-t, converse with (ace.) ; — 
IV. INF. ihdds, produce anything 
fresh, cause to exist ; drop ex- 
crement and get polluted there- 
by ; happen ; — v. inf. tahaddus, 
tell, converse ; — vi. inf. tahddus, 
tell to one another, converse 
together ; — x. inf. istihdns, find 

iA>A^ hads, anything new ; recent 
event ; event, accident ; hids, 
hadis, who narrates well ; — 
hadas, pi. ahdds, id., pi. ah- 
dasdt, events, accidents ; youth, 
young man ; f . S ; beginning ; 
pollution by excrement. 

yU'.i=> hidsdn, novelty, freshness ; 
pi. events, accidents ; young 

(B"^) hadaj, i, f. hadj, saddle and 
load the camel, especially with 
the litter for women ; accuse, 
calumniate ; cheat ; shoot ; look 
sharply at ; strike, hit ; — iv. 
INF. idhdj, put the load or the 
litter on the camel. 

g.\c. hidj, pi. hudiij, ahdfij, load of 
a camel ; camel-Utter for wo- 

(;■*=>) hadar, u, i, inf. hadr, hudilr, 
descend ; let down ; swell and 

get hard ; cause to do so ; 
purge; surround; be assembled; 

— IT, INF. hadr, hasten, do any- 
thing in a hurry ; inf. hadr, 
haddra-t, be fat and thick-set; 

— V, I, INF. hadr, flow over 
with tears ; — iv. inf. ihddr, 
cause to descend ; throw down ; 
hasten through the sea ; — v. 
INF. tahaddur, descend gradu- 
ally ; let one's self down, gUde 
down ; swim down, flow — vii. 
INF. inhiddr, be let down ; de- 
scend; swell. 

;•*=- hadar, declivity ; — hudurr, 
thick, swollen. 

^jA=. hadr a', f. of j^ ahdar, squint- 
eyed : having thin flanks. 

Ej-i:^ hadraj, inf. i , twist firmly. 

(o— ^) hadas, v, i, inf. hads, 
wander about without a guide ; 
wander ; err about ; hasten ; 
surmise, conjecture ; intend ; 
purpose ; conquer in wrestling ; 
tread down ; — v. inf. tahaddus, 
inquire after the truth of any- 

(j-'io- hads, quick understanding ; 
foresight ; guess. 

iL_.\=. hadsiyya-t, supposition, sur- 

(o^=») hadaq, i, inf. hadq, sur- 
round, encompass, enclose, wall 
in; look at; — ll. inf. tahdiq, 
surround, look sharply at ; — 
IV. INF. ihddq, xil. ihdaiidaq, 
INF. ihdiddq, surround ; — S 
hadaqa-t, pi. hadaq, hiddq, 
ahddq, the black of the eye, 

(Jji=>) hadal, l, inf. hadl, hudul, 
also hadil. A, inf. hadal, be 
unjust against {i^ 'ala) ; have 
one shoulder higher than the 
other ; — (m.) i, inf. haddla-t, 
smooth a flat roof with a roller 
and make it impermeable. 

Jj^ hadl, flat, smooth (m.) ; — 
hadil, unjust ; partial. 

((.Ac) hadm, glow of a fire ; — 


hence : it. ahdam, inf. ihcVnn, 
burn, glow ; — v. inf. tahaddiim, 
be glowing, burn with anger. 

0"^) ftadd, u, INF. hadw, hidiV, 
hudd', urge on ; drive camels 
by singing to them ; incite, 
spur ; follow ; — viil. inf. ihtidd', 
urge on ; follow. 

«jj.i£^ hudiis, novelty, freshness ; 
originality ; happening of any- 
thing ; appearance ; invention ; 

— ii hudiisa-t, youthfulness. 
jj>\=^ hadilr, steep declivity, preci- 
pice ; — hudnr, descent, inf. of 
(jAc^j ; — ' hadi'ini-t, hudara-t, 
flood of tears. 

((^>i=^) hadt, A, INF. ^.i^ hadan, 
stick to a place ; — iv. inf. 
ihdd', do on purpose ; — ' hid- 
diyya-t^^i'i^ hidda-f. 

je>:i\ ^ds. hada 'd-dahr, never. 

^■^ hudayyd, being an adversary, 

ci-j.i=> hadis, pi. akdih, new, recent, 
fl'esh ; pi. /lid^dii, youth, young 
m;in ; pi. ahndh, hid^ihi, hadsdn, 
recent event, fresh news ; tra- 
dition of Muhammad ; story, 
tale ; conversation, chat ; — 
hiddis, talkative; — ^^ hldd'tm, 
tale, narrative. 

^..ii> had'id, confining with, border- 
ing upon; — pi. h'lddd, of cjuick 
understanding, of fluent .speech ; 
passionate; — pi. hada id, iron; 
armour, helmet; — S /jadUJa-t, 
pi. hada'id, piece of iron; sharpi 
sword ; weapon ; iron tool ; — ^ 
had'idiyy, 6, of iron. 

4iu.Xc^ hadiqa-f, pi. hadd'iq, en- 
closed garden or vineyard. 

(Ac) ha::, u, inf. ha::, cut off 

A=^ ha::, cutting off, lopping (s.) ; 

— i hu::a-i, slice of meat; — 
hi:at-an, opjjosite. 

^■i=. hi:a, ; — hi:ii'-a, vis- 
a-vis; j)l. oh:iya-t, shoe, sandal; 
sole of the foot ; — ha::ii', shoe- 

j\ju^ j\Jkt^ ha:nr-i ha:ai--i, take care ! 

be on your guard ! beware ! 
j_5j\ j=- ha:dra, pi. of j-i=> ^azir ; — 

ha:dra, ha:dri, pi. of h^->^ hi:- 

^JM^ ha:dq, inf. of (o'^) ; — 

hir'iq, hii:'iq, pi. of ii^ hizqa-t; 

— /nizzdq, pi. of J j^ hdziq ; — S 
hi:dqa-t, penetration ; sagacity ; 
skill ; learning the Koran by 
heart ; — hii:dqa-i, mouthful. 

J\jc^ hii:dl, S huzdla-t, a red resin ; 

— hiK'ila-t, seam of a shirt; 

6^^Jr=; bi-ha:ihnir-l-hi, the whole 
of it, all. 

■i^ hazaz, mobility ; wagging of 
the tail ; suppression of a v:atad 
majmiV at the end of a foot of 

(ji=^) ha:!)-, A, inf. ha:r, hazar, 
mahzfira-t, be on one's guard; 
fear for a j^erson (i_^ 'ala) from 
(y^ mill) : — II. inf. tah:if, in- 
spire with fear from (two ace.) ; 
frighten by threats ; warn, bid 
to be careful; — iii. inf. hi:'ii-, 
m>ihd:ara-t, fear from, be on 
one's guard against ((j^ min) ; 
be afraid Jest {J\ an) ; — v. 
inf. taha::iir, be on one's 
guard ; — VIII. inf. ihii:d,; 
id. ; shun, avoid (ace. or y^ 

;>i=» hip; /;o--fn-, caution ; distrust; 

— ha:ir, hazur, pi. -I'li, ika:dra, 
cautious, on one's guard. 

O^j"^ h>~>''>H'>>', very cautious. 

h)^ hi:riya-t, pi. ha:dra, hazdri, 
comb of a cock; also ^jA^^ /;/-- 
riya, rugged hill. 

(^j=.) /;(/,-((/, I, INF. hazf, take 
away, cut off, suppress ; cut off 
part of one's hair; throw, fling; 
move the shoulders and hips in 
walking ; bestow ; despatch 
(business, Ac.) ; (m.) adjourn, 
delay ; — ii. inf. tah:if, make, 
IH-epare ; — iii. inf. mi'ihd:afa-i, 
delay, adjourn (m.). 




<Jia. hazf, elision ; apocopy ; sup- 
pression of a sabab hafif at the 
end of a foot of verse. 
fi^ hazfar, inf. 'i , fill up. 

(jis.) hazaq, i, hazlq, a, inf. hizq, 
hizclq, hizdqa-t {hazq, hazaq, 
hazdqa-f), be skilful, well versed 
in anything (ace.) ; learn the 
Koran by heart ; — i, inf. hizq, 
hizdqa-t, cut, stretch out any- 
thing in order to cut it through, 
cut by tying too tight ; — inf. 
hazq, huzCiq, be sour ; — inf. 
hazq, hizq, burn on the tongue ; 
— V. INF. tahazzuq, understand 
a thing thoroughly. 

jji=. hizq, sharpness ; penetration ; 
skill ; — » hizqa-t, pi. hizdq, 
huzdq, piece ; cut ; portion, 

(JAs.) hazil, A, INF. hazal, suffer 
with the falling out of the 
eye-lashes ; be red and watei 

(^i^) hazJaq, inf. » , li. inf. 
tahazluq, show one's skill ; 

(^Ji=.) hazlam, inf. i , walk fast ; 
train ; shave and sharpen into 
a point ; — II. INF. tahazlum, 
walk fast ; cultivate one's mind 
and attain to excellence. 

((,ji=^) hazam, i, inf. hazm, cut off ; 
hurry ; inf. hazamdn, walk 

^•i=- hazim, cutting. 

j^^ hizmir, short-bodied. 

{(i^) huzn, room, apartment. 

(jis.) hazd, u, inf. hazw, hizd', 
put the shoes on to a person ; 
measure one shoe by another ; 
do the same thing ; sit opposite ; 
burn the tongue ; give ; — iii. 
INF. hizd', muhdzdt, be opposite 
to one another ; emulate, imi- 
tate ; — IV. INF. ihzd\ put the 
shoes on to ; share with (two 
ace.) ; — VI. INF. ta/idzi, divide 
equally between each other ; 
share ; match ; — viii. inf. 

ihtizd', use for a shoe; put on 

the shoes ; be shod ; imitate ; 

pattern by ; — x. inf. istihzd', 

put on shoes. 
j>i=- hazio, Sj^ hizwat-a, opposite, 

(iS-^) /^aza, I, inf. hazi/, burn the 

Vjas. huzijd, gift, present. 
(;=>) harr, for harir, a, inf. Iiardr, 

become or be free ; be born as 

a freeman, be of noble birth ; 

— for harir, harar, a, i, it, inf. 
harr, hurur, (lardra-t, be hot; 
be thirsty ; burn the tongue ; 

— u, INF. han-, make hot ; — i, 
INF. harr, make silk garments; 
II. INF. tahrir, examine mi- 
nutely ; verify ; compose care- 
fully ; write; adjust; — v. inf. 
taharrur, be set free, freed ; 
grow hot or hotter ; be carefully 
composed or written ; — x. inf. 
istahrdr, grow hotter ; be em- 

f=- har-in, see ^^f- hart; — harr, 
pi. htirnr, ahdrir, heat ; — An-, 
hirr, pudenda of a woman ; 
— hurr, pi. hirdr, ahrdr, free ; 
set free, freeman ; born free 
and noble ; virtuous, genuine, 
true, pure, good ; unmixed ; — 
5 hira-i, pi. hirun, pudenda of 
a woman ; — harra-t, pi. harr, 
hirdr, harrut, aharrmi, stony 
volcanic tract of land ; thirst ; 
pain ; punishment ; — hirra-t, 
violent thirst ; — hurra-t, pi. 
hard'ir, free-born, noble lady ; 
the first night of the month ; 

\f' hard, i hardf, open place, court- 
yard ; nest ; lair ; crackling of a 
fire, flame. 

^^f' hirdb, 6 hirdba-t, pi. hirdbdi, 
warfare ; pi. of i>/^ harla-t ; inf. 
III. of (s->;=»). 

ij^f- hardba, hardbiyy, pi. of W^ 

iA>\/> hards, notch of the bow ; — 




harrds, ploughman, peasant ; — 
hurras, pi. of 'i>jU Mris ; — » 
hirdsa-t, agriculture ; tilling of 
the ground. 

t^f- hard], selling out (s.) ; cry of 
a seller. 

•J^;=^ hirdd, pi. of aij^ harul. 

j\j!^ hirdr, pi. of f' hiirr and y^je- 
harrdn ; — i hardra-t, heat, 
warmth ; passionateness ; fa- 
naticism ; thirst. 

{j^\f^ htirrds, pi. of (j-j^ hdris ; — ' 
hirdsa-t, watch, guard. 

(jo\/=- hurras, pi. of ij^.f^ haris. 

{J>^f- harrdd, maker of potash, 
of mortar; — s hardda-t, love- 

W\j=. hardfa-t, piquancy, sharpness 
of taste, pungency of spices. 

ij~!J^j=> hardfis, pi. of i_f^y_;=- hurfvti. 

o\;=- hurdq, very salt ; — also hur- 
rdiq, tinder ; fiery horse ; maker 
of mischief ; — harrdq, incendi- 
ary ; fire-brand ; fire-ship ; — S 
hurdqa-t, hurrdqa-t, tinder ; — 
harrdiqa-t, id. ; fire-ship ; fire- 
place ; glowing ball, bomb ; (m.) 

(^^^) hardqim, reddish-brown. 

ijo^'Aj^ hardqis, pi. of ij'j'f^ hurqih. 

{^\f) hardm, unlawful, forbidden ; 
sacred ; pi. htmm, venerable, 
hallowed ; c (^.^ ibii hardm, son 
of a prostitute, bastard; — hirdm, 
(m.) woollen blanket; inf. hi. 
of (i*^) ; pi. of i^f- harma ; — 
(^ hardmiyy, pi. hardmiyya-t, 
robber; vagabond ; — hardma, 
pi. of iyf harma. 

(^f- hirdn, restiveness ; — harrdn, 
stony ground ; f . harra, pi. hirdr, 
thirsty ; strict. 

£^\^ hardiva-i, heat; piquancy; 

Vj^j=^ hardyd, pi. f. of (^f=- hariyy. 
f\f~ hardCir, pi. of iy^ hurra-t and 
y>f^ harir. 

(k_>jr:^) harah, u, inf. harb, harah, 
rob, plunder ; wage war ; 
sharpen ; — harib, a, inf. harab, 
be seized with anger, have a fit 

of rage ; be taken with hydro- 
phobia ; — II. INF. tahrib, pro- 
voke to anger ; irritate ; incite 
sharpen ; — iii. inf. hirdb, mu- 
hdraba-t, wage war against, fighi 
(acc-) ; — VI. INF. tahdrub, wage 
war against, fight one another ; 
— Tin. INF. ihtirdb, id. ; be 
robbed entirely ; — x. inf. 
istlhrdb, prepare for war. 

>T^;=» harb, f. and m., pi. hurilb. 
war, combat, battle ; a brave 
one ; enemy ; — harab, rage ; — 
harib, pi. harba, warlike ; en- 
raged ; — » harba-t, pi. hirdib, 
lance, spear, head of a spear ; 
bayonet ; pi. harabdt, Friday. 

W/> hirbd, f. i, pi. hardbiyy, cha- 
meleon ; — pi. hardba, sun- 
flower ; — hurabd' , pi. of "-t-Jf 

(elf-) hurlnj, big. 

i.^.f' hirbiti, i hirbisa-t, hirribis, 
hirribi.<a-t, poisonous snake. 

(u^/^) harbas, inf. s , irrigate. 

(_3?^ harba, pi. of ^~>f harib; — 
harbiyy, ' , warlike, hostile. 

(tnj^) harat, u, inf. hart, rub 
hard ; cut round ; — harit, a, 
INF. harat, be malicious, mis- 

{'^f-) haras, i, u, inf. hars, till 
and sow the ground ; gain, earn 
a fortune ; study carefully, 
especially the Koran; study 
law ; investigate into the truth ; 
poke the fire ; overwork and 
emaciate the camel ; marry four 
wives ; have frequent sexual 
intercourse ; make a notch to 
the bow ; — II. INF. tahris, make 
the oxen plough ; suffer ship- 
wreck ; — VIII. INF. ihtirds, gain 
a fortune. 

^f ha rs, ^ agriculture, husbandry ; 
pi. hnrus, tilled ground ; high 
road ; — haris, lion ; — ^ harsiyy, 
» , referring to agriculture. 

(e^) harij, a, inf. haraj, be op- 
pressed, straitened ; be for- 




bidden ; be kept aloof from 
the stallion ; be bewildered with 
fear ; commit a crime ; be dense ; 
— II. INF. tahr!j, straiten ; forbid, 
defend ; restrain one's self by a 
vow ; call to a public sale ; sell 
out, sell by auction ; (m.) molest 
by repeated demands or ques- 
tions ; set upon ; — IV. inf. 
ihrdj, straiten ; defend ; reduce 
to poverty ; compel ; — v. inf. 
taharruj, restrain one's self, 

Eje- hvrj, haraj, narrowness ; nar- 
rowed place ; anything for- 
bidden ; crime ; — hirj, pi. 
ahrdj, a small white shell worn 
as an amulet, &c. ; pi. hiraj, 
trap for game ; — haraj, bier ; 
litter ; — harij, narrow, strait- 
ened ; criminal ; — i hurja-t, 
small bucket ; — haraja-t, pi. 
Imraj, harajdf, hirdj, troojs of 
camels ; thicket. 

(i_4^js.) harjaf, pi. hardjif, cold 
wind ; blast of wind. 

(j9-/=-) harjal, inf. is, be long; 
complete a good j'^'^'t of any- 
thing ; run to and fro. 

(^j=») harjam, » , drive back to- 
wards each other ; — iii. inf. 
ihrinjdm, press one another. 

{Zf) harah, A, inf. harh, touch the 
pudenda of a woman. 

C;=> hirh, pi. ahrdh, pudenda of a 
woman ; — harih, given to forni- 

if^f-) harhar, inf. » , burn the 
tongue (as spices). 

(j^) harad, i, inf. hard, pierce, 
bore through ; hinder, prevent ; 
intend, propose, be willing ; — 
INF. hurud, withdraw from one's 
people, I, also harid, a, inf. 
harad, be angry ; pout, be 
sulky, bear a grudge ; — li. 
INF. tahrid, provoke to anger ; 
•if- harad, anger, grudge, hatred ; 
— harid, bearing a grudge in 
soliiade (adj.). 

\j^ huradd', pi. of ^.f^ harid. 

(^^•if- liarddn, angry ; bearing a 

(j^j^ hirzavn, pi. hardzhi, Libyan 
lizard ; crocodile. 

{)f-) haraz, v, inf. hare, guard ; 
—-harm, a, inf. haraz, be cau- 
tious, on one's guard; be worth 
the while ; — harvz, inf. hard- 
za-i, be strong, fortified ; — ii. 
INF. tahriz, warn one to be on 
his guard, be very cautious in 
a mattter (ace.) ; — iv. inf. 
ihrdz, guard carefully ; secure ; 
be on one's guard ; serve as a 
refuge ; accumulate one's wages ; 

— V. INF. taharruz, guard 
against (y^ mill) ; protect one's 
self with the help of another ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtirdz, be on one's 
guard against ; — xv. inf. 
ihriiizd', be afraid ; be on one's 

jjt^ harz, protection, guard ; — hirz, 
pi. ahrdz, caution, cautiousness ; 
protection, guard ; means of 
protection ; amulet ; strong- 
hold, castle, fortification, gar- 
risoned town ; — haraz, nut ; 
also 5 haraza-t, what is to be 
guarded carefully. 

(i3j;^) harzaq, inf. s , shut up, 
confine, straiten. 

(wy^) haras, u, i, inf. hars, guard, 
watch ; — r, inf. hars, steal from 
the pasture- ground ; — haris, A, 
INF. haras, live long ; — v. inf. 
taharrus, be on one's guard ; 
be well guarded or protected ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtirds, guard, 
protect, watch over ; be cau- 
tious, on one's guard ; steal by 

y-y^ hars, hirs, guard, watch, 
surveillance ; — hars, pi. ahrus, 
century ; opportunity, favour- 
able time ; du. al-harsan, day 
and night ; — haras, watchman ; 
body-guard, ]A. of (j»j^ haris ; 

— (^ harasiyy, pi. harasiyya-t, 



guardsman, satellite ; pi. body- 
(\J^f^) haras, l. inf. hams, tahnU, 
hunt for lizards ; — inf. hars, 
■wound with the claws ; — harii, 
A, INF. haras, be hard and rough 
to the touch; — ll. inf. tahrix, 
make rough ; set against one 
another; — in. inf. fiin'is, id.; 

— V. INF. taharnis, (m.) seek a 
quarrel, challenge, attack ; — ■ 
VIII. INF. ihtii-<is, hunt for li- 

J^^=» hars, pi. hirds, sign, trace ; 
— hurs, pi. ahras, wood, thicket; 

— hums, pi. of ^J^.f- harU ; — 
' hursa-t, roughness. 

^]=- hars'i' , f. of \J^;^\ ahras, rough ; 
wild mustard. 

(i_A4y:>) harsaf, scales of a lish, a 
coat of mail, &c. ; a kind of 
thistle ; troop, crowd ; — hence : 
III. INF. ihriiisilf, be proue to 
anger, to evil. 

(i_/y^) haras, i, inf. hirs, crave 
for ; be covetous ; pass, be 
entirely grazed off ; — ii. inf. 
tahris, make eager, incite. 

^JC^ hirs, greed, craving, eager- 
ness ; (m.) fruit-stone, pulp 
round the stone; — huruf, pi. 
of (jsj^ h'h'is, ag. of (ij=^). 

^j=> hurasd', pi. of (j^.f^ harts. 

{,_^j^} haraij, i, inf. hard, ruin 
one's self; — i, r, inf. huriid, be 
emaciated by illness ; — harirf, a, 
INF. harai/, be low in body and 
mind ; not be able to rise on 
account of weakness ; — Iiarud, 
INF. hardda-f, be on the point 
of death ; pine away ; inf. hard- 
da-i, hiiriid, huvtida-t, bo low in 
the world, despised ; — ii. inf. 
tahrid, incite, instigate, encou- 
rage ; dye with saffron ; — iv. 
INF. ihrdd, make to pine away. 

ijo^ harad, bodily a:id moral 
ruin ;- — harid, sickly, pining 
away; pi. ahrdd, hurddn, hara- 
da-t, from whom one may 
neither fear nor hope any- 

thing ; — 6 hirda-t, emaciated ; 

(^j^) ' haraf, i, inf. harf, turn 
round; change ; carry on, traffic, 
gain, provide for one's people; 
^INF. harfa-t, lay on collyrium ; 
pass, lose jjart of (^_^ f!) ; — ll. 
inf. tahrif, turn about, trans- 
pose ; alter, change, falsify ; 
move or bend a thing aside ; 
sharpen ; cut in an angle ; mend 
a reed pen ; — in. pass, h'n-if, 
have nothing to live upon ; — 
IV. INF. ihrdf, exert one's self 
for the sustenance of one's 
family ; grow wealthy ; over- 
drive, emaciate ; requite, re- 
ward, punish ;— V. ixf. fahan-uf, 
be changed, turned, transposed, 
falsified ; deviate ; be edged, 
angled; — vi. inf. fahdnif, exert 
one's self ; think of means ; use 
stratagem against (,^ 'ala) ; — 
VII. INF. inhirdf, decline, devi- 
ate, turn aside to the right or 
left ; make a roundabout way ; 
be changed, turned, transposed ; 
— VIII. INF. ihtirdf, carry on a 
trade ; — xii. ihrauraf, inf. 
ihrirdf, deviate altogether, lean 
to extremities. 

•-*/^ harf, watercourse, canal ; pi. 
hiraf, edge, border, extremity, 
end, point ; mountain-ridge ; 
edge of any cutting instrument ; 
angle, margin; lA. hiin'if, huri'i- 
fdt, ahruf, letter ; word ; particle 
(in grammar) ; lean camel; pi. 
ahrxf, dialect ; — hurf, cress ; 
calamity; — S hlrfa-t,'-p\. hiraf, 
trade, profession ; guild, corpo- 
ration ; industry; skill; strata- 
gem, expedient"; —also hurfa-t, 
misfortune, calamity ; — harfa-t, 
inf. of (^*;=-). 

LT^f hi-fis, pi. havdfis, viper. 

(u*V^)j II- tahi^if'^?, INF. taha)fus, 
contract (n.). 

J^ff- htn-fils, pi. hardfis, man of 
the lowest class. 

i^/^ harfiyy, 6, referring to a 




particle ; literal ; — ii harfiyya-t, 
the state of being a particle ; — 
^ hnrfiyy, seller of cress. 

^f- haraq, i, inf. harq, kindle, 
ignite, burn ; — i, u, rub two 
things against each other ; 
gnash the teeth with rage ; 
file ; — hariq, A, inf. haraq, 
burn (n.), be burnt; fall out ; — 
II. INF. tahriq, burn (a.) by a 
large fire ; burn with anger ; 
make thirsty; — -iii. inf. mu- 
Mraqa-t, burn (a.) ; — iv. inf. 
ihrnq, kindle, burn (a.) ; — v. 
inf. taharruq, burn with anger, 
grief, &c. ; be burnt ; kindle, 
burn (a.) ; — viii. inf. ihtirdq, 
be kindled ; burn (n.), be con- 
sumed by the flames, &o. ; — ii 
hurqa-t, pi. huraq, flame, heat in 
the intestines. 

>^j=- hirqid, i harqada-t, root of 
the tongue ; larynx ; Adam's 

{j^f) harqas, inf. » , take short 
steps ; talk very quick (m.) ; 
roast ; vex, enrage ; — • ii. inf. 
taharqus, bo roasted ; get en- 
raged ; be disquieted, agitated. 

^j"- harqafa-t, pi. hardqif, hip ; 

i^y;=- hurqus, pi. hardqis, a sting- 
ing fly. 

8yj=> harquiva-t^i'ij'j^ harqada-t. 

^^f hurqa, pi. of (3ij=. hariq. 

(i£)_^) harak, v, inf. hark, refuse 
payment of a debt ; beat on the 
back ; — harik, a, inf. harak, be 
impotent ; — haruk, inf. hark, 
haraka-t, move (n. and a.), 
shake, stir up ; intrigue ; — ii. 
INF. tahrik, move (a.), put into 
motion ; excite ; instigate, en- 
courage ; put the vowel-points ; 
— V. INF. taharruk, move, stir 
(n.) ; be vocalised. 
<^f- harak, impotence ; — harik, 
mobile, nimble, active ; — S 
haraka-t, movement, motion ; 
gesture ; behaviour, bearing, 

proceeding ; insurrection, tu- 
mult ; short vowel. 

(ii-.r^) harkas, inf. S, move vio- 

(ij^j^) harkai, inf. 6, move, stir 

up ; grub ; poke, rake (the 

l^f. harkaka-t, pi. hanVcik, hip- 

(lK;^) harkal, inf. » , walk pomp- 
ously ; return from hunting 
without a prey ; — » harkala-t, 

i^^f- harknsa-t, rebellion, insur- 
rection (m.). 

(fV°') haram, i, harim, a, inf. 
hirm, harim, hirma-t, harim, 
harima-t, harima-t, hirmdn, tui'n 
off, refuse, defend, forbid ; (m.) 
expel, banish, excommunicate, 
disinherit ; pass, hurim, be de- 
prived, robbed of (ace.) ; — 
haram, proclaim unlawful ; — 
harim, A, inf. haram, hardm, be 
unlawful, forbidden ; be sacred, 
inappraochable ; be invalid ; — 
INF. hirdin, be hot, rutting; — 
harum, inf. harm, haram, be 
unlawful ; — inf. harm, hurmn, 
id. ; be invalid ; — ii. inf. 
tahrim, proclaim unlawful, for- 
bid ; proclaim sacred and in- 
approachable ;— iv. INF. ihrdm, 
exclude, expel, excommunicate, 
anathematise; disinherit; refuse; 
enter on a holy month into the 
sacred precinct of Mecca and 
put on the garment of a pilgrim 
(^ihrdm) ; enter any inviolable 
place ; — V. INF. taharrum, be 
forbidden ; be proclaimed sacred 
or inapproachable ; be vene- 
rated ; abstain; be absorbed in 
prayer; — vil. inf. inhirdm, be 
banished, excluded, excommu- 
nicated ; be forbidden ; — viii. 
INF. ihtirdjn, honour, venerate ; 
be venerable ; — x. inf. istihrdm, 

(•;c^ hirm, defence, prohibition, 





anathema, excommunication ; 
pi. huriim, unlawful, forbidden ; 

— hurm, anything sacred ; wo- 
man ; also hirm, pilgrim's cloak; 

— haram, pi. ahrdm, hiirum, 
unlawful, forbidden; anything 
sacred ; family, woman, wife, 
harem ; sanctuary ; sacred pre- 
cinct of Mecca ; — s hurma-t, 
pi. huram, huramdt, anything for- 
bidden, sacred ; wife, daughter, 
family ; clientship ; portion, 
share ; sacred claim ; venera- 
tion ; sanctity ; honour, dignity, 
good name ; chastity ; — hirma-t, 
rut ; deception. 

oW^ hi^'^ndn, deception, thwarted 

plan, frustrated hope. 
Q^^f-) harmad, hirmid, black pu- 
trid mud. 
iy']'^) harmaz, inp. ii , curse ; — 

II. INF. taharmvz, and iv. inf. 

ihrimmdz, be sagacious, cun- 
iij'^j^) hirmis, pi. hardinis, sterile 

(J'*;^") hannal, wild rue. 
i^f^ /larma, pi. hiram, hardma, 

rutting ; — haramiyy, made or 

worn in Mecca, 
^^^/•js. haramin, vulg. du., Mecca 

and Medina. 
(tj;=>) haran, u, harun, inf. hirdn, 

hurdn, stop suddenly in running ; 

rear and kick ; be restive ; — ■ 

haran, ask a moderate price in 

selling ; card cotton. 
jjye> harur, hot night- wind ; heat 

of the sun; /rurilr, heat; — i 

harura-t, piquancy, acidity ; 

heat; — hurilra-t, also Aj hurih 

riyya-t, freedom. 
tjt^f- huri'd, i huruda-t, sickness, 

inf. of (u°J=-). 
^3^;=^ (lanlq, huriiq, pollen of the 

male palm-tree ; hoof ; — also 

harruq, and — 
\i^f. har-Oqd', tinder. 
>iijf- ha/ruk, nimble, mobile, agile. 

(^jf- harun, restive. 

ij;=- harwa-t, heat in the chest, &c. ; 

piquancy, acidity. 
is^f) hara, i, inf. hary, decrease ; 

— hari, A, INF. har-an, be 
worthy of (v* hi) ; — v. inf. 
taharri, do on purpose ; select 
the best, the most suitable, 
strive for; stay, abide. 

ijf^ hari (^ har-in), pi. ahrd\ 
worthy, suitable ; — hariyy, pi. 
ahriyd', f. hariyya-t, pi. hdrdyd, 
id. ; — har-an, har-a, court-yard; 
nest of an ostrich ; — harra, f . 
of t)^^ harrdn ; — 6 hariyya-t, 
liberty, freedom. 

^rr^.f- har'ib, pi. harba, hurahd', 
robbed, plundered ; — i hariba-t, 
pi. hard'ib, robbed goods. 

^.j^ hartsa-t, pi. hurd'is, gain; 
emaciated she-camel. 

•^.f harid, pi. hirdd, huradd', soli- 
tary, isolated ; pouting, bearing 
a grudge. 

f.f^ harir, pi. hard' is, silk, silk- 
ware ; f. S, hot-blooded, choleric; 

— ii harira-t, silk garment; — 
(^ haririyy, silk-merchant ; silk- 

jif=- hark, fortified, guarded, gar- 
risoned ; valued ; an antidote. 

(j~?j=» haris, 6 , watchful, vigilant ; 
— » harisa-t, sheep-fold; stolen 

ij^.f^ hari^, pi. huriU, rough to the 

touch ; rhinoceros ; a snake ; 

^^/^ harts, S, pi. hiirrds, Ikurasd', 

eager, greedy ; covetous ; taken 

up with ; torn. 
^.f harif, fellow, comrade ; 

partner ; adversary ; sly ; — 

///;•)•//', sharp, piquant, hot (as 


(Lsj^ hirifiyya-t, piquancy, acid- 

(Jij=- harlq, pi. harqa, burning, 
burnt ; flame ; conflagration ; 
hell : nettle. 




<^f- harik, lame in the hips; 

f^f' harim, pi. ahrdm, hurum, any- 
thing forbidden, sacred ; women ; 
apartments of women ; sanctuary; 
precinct ; pilgrim's cloak ; com- 
panion ; friend. 

(j^) hazz, tr, inf. hazz, cut, make 
incisions, carve ; — ii. inf. 
tahziz, id. ; sharpen ; — iii. inf. 
hizdz, muhdzza-t, investigate ; — 
V. INF. tahazzuz, get indented, 
have incisions made ; — viii. inf. 

j=- hazz, S hazza-t, pi. huzaz, incision, 
notch ; proper time. 

Oj=-) haza', A, inf. haz\ show in 
the air (mirage) ; — ii. inf. iSy^ 
tahzi'a-t, drive together ; lie with 
a woman. 

^■f' haza! , 6 , wild anise seed ; — 
hazzd', soothsayer. 

j^y- hazzdr, who guesses easily. 

';^f- hazdz, i hazdza-t, dandruff ; 
dry scab; lichen; — hazzdz, be- 
stirring one's self, active. 

(Sf- hizdm, S , pi. hiizm, belt, girth; 
swaddling bands ; — ii hizdnia-t, 
prudence and firm resolution. 

y^_p- hizdn, pi. of y)=> hazin, hazun ; 
— hizzdn, htizzdn, pi. of jjj=- 

(_s*\j=- hazdm, pi. of yVijc. hazndn. 

jj^jc^ hazdwir, i hazdwira-t, pi. of 
'yj'" hazwara-t. 

)i}^f- hazdwir, pi. of 5;^;)=^ hizwdra-t. 

(s-')=^) hvzb, u, INF. hazb, happen 
unexpectedly, cause anxiety ; — 
II. INF. tahzib, assemble (a.) ; 
form a party ; divide into parts 
(especially the Koran into 60 
chapters) ; — iii. inf. muhd- 
zaha-t, belong to one's party, 
make common cause with ; be 
assembled ; — v. inf. tahazzuh, 
gather in troops, confederate, 
form a league or party ; attack 
in troops. 

v'j'' hizb, pi. ahzdb, troop, number 
of men ; party, partisans ; con- 
federates ; sect ; part ; division 

of the Koran ; — huzb, pi. of 
vj^ hdzib ; — huzub, pi. of v_.>^=^ 

(yf-) hazar, u, i, inf. hazr, mahza- 
ra-t, estimate ; (m.) guess, sur- 
mise ; — INF. hazr, get sour ; 
frown ; — v. INF. tahazzur, try 
to guess; make suppositions, 
surmise ; — iv. inf. tahdzur, 
give to one another anything 
to guess at. 

yf- hazr, (m.) guess, conjecture, 
supposition ; — hazar, pea ; — » 
hazra-t, best part of a property. 

yf- hazaz, violence ; severity ; 

huzuz, pi. of y.y 


(ji;=>) hasfar, inf. ii , fill ; tie up, 

strap ; get ready, prepare for 

(i3>^) hazaq, i, inf. hazaq, fasten 

with strings ; twist firmly round ; 

strain, press ; break wind ; — iv. 

INF. ihrdq, hinder. 
Ojs» hizq, small pack-saddle ; — 

also » hizqa-t, pi. hizaq, crowd ; 

swarm ; troop ; — hazaq, ava- 
rice ; — htizuq, pi. of i^iy^ hazi- 

(isJjt.) hazak, I, inf. hazlc, tie 

round ; fasten ; press, compress ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtizdk, gird one's 
self round the waist. 

(l«)=>) hazm, I, INF. hazm, tie 
together ; pack up ; make a 
bundle; gird; — hazim, a, inf. 
hazam, have the chest oppressed ; 

— hazum, inf. hazm, hazdma-t, 
hnzuma-t, be prudent and reso- 
lute; — IV. inf. ihzdm, gird; em- 
bale, make packets or bundles ; 

— V. INF. tahazzum, be girt ; 
gird one's self ; — vil. inf. 
inhizdm, be tied together, em- 
baled, packeted;^ — viii. inf. 
ihtizdm, gird one's self. 

(•jc- hazm, prudence and resolution ; 
caution; pi. huzum, rough ele- 
vated ground ; — htizm, pi. of 

(•\j=» hizdm ; 

h\zum and ^ 

huzamd', pi. of i^ij"- hazim : 





hiama-t, pi. huzam, bundle; 
armful; packet, parcel, bale; 
sheaf ; — hazama-f, pi. of i*ij^ 

(t))'-) hazan, v, inf. hiizn, grieve 
(a.); — haziii, A, INF. hazan, be 
grieved ; — ii. inf. tahzin, grieve 
(a.), sadden ; — iv. inf. ihzdn, 
id. ; — V. INF. tahazzun, grieve 
(n.), be sad ; — vi. inf. tahdzun, 
show or feign sadness, grief ; — 
VIII. inf. ihtizdn—Y. 

a)=- hazn, i , p). huzun, huzuna-t, 
rough elevated ground ; — hiizn, 
hazan, pi. ahzdn, sadness, grief; 

— hazin, hazun, pi. hizdn, hu- 
zand', sad, sorrowful, grieved ; 

— s huzna-t, pi. huzan, rugged 

'^■f huzand', pi. of yy^ hazin, hazun, 
and of yj^=- hazin. 

(i^y- hazndn, pi. hazdna, very sad. 

,_s»y hazna, pi. of yjj=> hazin. 

(jj=-) hazd, V, inf. hazw, and v. 
INF. tahazzuiviv, tahazzi, predict, 

^^Sf" hizwdra-t, pi. hazdwh-, hillock. 

jpj^ hazwar, hazaivivar, pi. hazd- 
wira-t, doughty fellow ; — S haz- 
wara-t, pi. fiazdwir, hazdwira-t, 
hillock; — hazzura-t, riddle (m.). 

Jif AzfKilz, pi. oi y hazz. 

*^ir" huznma-t, prudence and reso- 

^jf- hvzihia-f, ruggedness. 

{iSj'^) haza, I, INF. hazy, stir up 
birds to take omen from their 
flight ; — II. INF. tahziya-t, id. ; 
estimate the produce of a palm- 
tree ; show the image of a 
person in the air (mirage) ; — 
IV. INF. ihzd', fear, be afraid of 
a person ; overcharge in selling ; 
be expert, know ; be near ; tower, 

'T^.)'=- hazib, pi. huzuh, difficult. 

fVj" hazirdn, month of July. 

jij^ haziz, pi. huzuz, ahizza-t, hizzdn, 
huzzdn, rugged place ; very active 

liiy^ /laziqa-t, pi. /laziq, hazd'iq, 

huzuq, orchard ; troop, crowd ; 
part, division. 

Aijc' hazim, pi. huzamd', prudent 
and resolute ; pi. huzum, ahzi- 
ma-t, breast, chest. 

fjij=^ hazin, pi. huzand', hazna, sor- 
rowful, grieved, sad. 

(ij-^) hass, V, INF. hass, freeze 
(a.) ; kill ; annihilate ; curry ; 
— I, INF. Aass, be moved with 
compassion ; — for hasis. A, inf. 
hass, hiss, id. ; feel ; have sensa- 
tion, perceive by the senses ; 
listen ; notice, know, under- 
stand ; know for certain ; (m.) 
awake (n.) ; — ii. hassas, hassa, 
INF. iahsis, perceive, feel ; cause 
to feel, make feel ; put meat 
on the coals ; awake (a.) ; — 
IV. INF. ihsds, feel, perceive, 
see ; hear a low sound ; know, 
think (believe) ; curry ; — v. 
INF. tahassus, listen to, be at- 
tentive ; try to obtain infor- 
mation ; — VII. be extracted, 
fall out, decay (teeth) ; — x. 
INF. have a sensation or per- 

y-«=- hass, hiss, perception, sensa- 
tion ; instinct ; compassion ; low 
sound ; the currying of a horse ; 
(m.) voice ; — hiss, blast (by the 
frost) ; — hass-i, exclamation of 
pain ; — S hassa-t, hissa-t, sensa- 
tion ; state, condition. 

*~i^ hasd', soup, broth ; draught ; — 
pi. of ,_5~=> hisy. 

»_>\ — s^ hisdh, pi. hiishdn, account, 
calculation, arithmetic ; J*aJ^ c 
hisdb al-jummal, use of the 
letters as numerical signs ; ^^ 
fJl yanm al-hisdh. Day of Judg- 
ment ; ■ — hassdb, accountant, cal- 
culator, arithmetician ; — Missdb, 
pi. of s — '\=- hdsih ; — S hisdha-t, 
office of an accountant ; estima- 
tion, valuation. 

o\~=. Jiussdd, pi. of J^Ve^ lidsid, en- 
vious ; — S hasdda-t, envv. 


pi. of j~^ hdsir, free. 



^j*\-~o. hassds, endowed with senses, 
sensitiveness ; living being ; 

&4U^ husdfa-t, ofEal, remains ; popu- 
lace ; hatred, rage. 

^L.*- husdla-t, offal. 

(,L«a. husdm, sharp sword ; edge of 
a sword ; blade. 

y\~s. hisdn, pi. of ^~s. hasan, 2 , 
and of 0-«~-e. hastn ; — hnsdn, 5 , 
very beautiful. 

(v*.^=-) hasah, v, and (m.) a, inf. 
^as6, hisdh, hisha-t, hisdha-t, his- 
hdn, husbdn, count, count to- 
gether, calculate ; — inp. hash, 
suffice ; — hasib, i, a, inf. hisbdn, 
mashaba-t, tnashiba-t, opine, sur- 
mise, think, consider ; — hasub, 
INF. hasah, hasdba-t, be esteemed ; 
be of a noble family ; — ii. inf. 
tahsib, satisfy, content ; place a 
cushion beneath a person ; — ii. 
INF. muMsaha-t, settle an ac- 
count with, ask an account from 
(ace.) ; — IV. INF. ihsdb, satisfy, 
content ; — v. inf. tahassuh, 
investigate into one's circum- 
stances ; lie down on a cushion ; 
— VI. INF. tahdsub, settle an 
account with one another ; — 
viir. INF. ihtisdb, take into ac- 
count ; calculate, count together ; 
estimate ; surmise ; think, be- 
lieve ; deem ; impute ; reckon 

w-™.:^ hash, reckoning, counting 
(s.) ; what is sufficient, suffi- 
ciency ; lot, portion, share ; 
equivalent ; according to, with 
regard to ; — hasah, hash, pi. 
ahsdb, measure, quantity, amount, 
value ; honour, distinction ; merits 
or nobility of the ancestors ; 
pedigree ; paternal relations ; 
one's own merits and considera- 
tion ; good action; religion; 
riches ; heart, soul ; — i hisha-t, 
pi. hisah, account ; pay of wages ; 
divine requital ; hope for a re- 
ward ; office of overseer in the 
market {muhtasib) ; management 

of public affairs, administration; 

— husha-t, leprosy ; — hasaba-t, 
accountants, pi. of <— -•^' hdsih. 

W— =^ hiisabd\ pi. of s-^-^ hasib. 

oW— »- hisbdn, husbdn, pi. hishdiidt, 
husbdiidt, counting, reckoning 
(s.) ; supposition, surmise ; 
esteem_, estimation ; husbdn, 
coll. ; S , small arrows ; thunder- 
bolt ; punishment, affliction ; 
small cushion; — husbdn, pi. of 
v_>\ — =^ hisdh. 

( J-f—^) hasbal, inf. S , utter the 
words <^\ U.^~^ hasbund alldh-u, 
God is what suffices us. 

1.51— «^ hasahiyy, referring to no- 

((j~aa~^) hashas, inf. i , place 
meat on the coals ; complain of 
pain; — II. INF. tahashus, move 
to and fro (n.) ; fall out. 

(x~=.) hasad, i, u, inf. hasd, husud, 
hasdda-t, hasida-t, envy ; punish 
for envy ; — ii. inf. tahsid, envy ; 

— VI. inf. tahisud, envy one 
another ; — vii. inf. inhisdb, be 
seized with envy (m.). 

•i—^ hasad, envy, grudge ; ■ — husud, 
pi. of Jj — ^ hasud ; — hussad, i 
hasada-t, pi. of Jk~.U hdsid. 

(J.i--s^) hasdal, tick (insect) ; 

{y~^) hasar, i, tr, inf. hasr, un- 
cover, lift the veil, bare ; peel, 
pare, shell ; sweep ; jade, fatigue; 

— INF. husur, be uncovered ; — 
I, INF. husur, get tired, fatigued, 
fall short ; — hasir, A, inf. hasar, 
hasra-t, be pained, anxious, sigh 
at (^Jsl 'ala) ; be fatigued, weary; 

— V. be fatigued, sigh for ( j* 
'ala) ; — vii. inf. inhisdr, be 
uncovered, bared ; fall out ; — 
X. INF. istihsdr, be fatigued. 

^~s- hasir, purblind ; — i hasra-t, pi. 

hasardt, sigh ; regret ; anxiety ; 

(^\j~~s. husrdn, sighing. 
^j~=» hasra, f. fatigued, weary ; pi. 

oi ji — =^ hasir. 
(i_a™4^) hasaf, I, INF. hasf, clean, 




select ; drive ; pass quickly by ; 

— INF. hasf, hasif, rustle, I'attle 
(as a snake) ; — inf. hasf, husdf, 
mow, reap ; — hasif, bear a 
grudge against, treat roughly ; 
pass, be despised ; — ii. inf. 
tahsif, shave off the moustache ; 

— V. INF. tahassuf, hang loose 
and be dishevelled. 

(i«U»i.) hasik, a, inf. hasak, be 
angry with (,_s^ 'alaj ; eat, 
nibble ; — ii. inf. tahsik, save, 
put by ; choke with a fish- 

uii~=- hasik, hostile ; — i hasaka-t, 
fish-bone ; beard of an ear ; 
prickles of a thistle ; thorn- 

Ji>~>-=» liaskal, slaughter of young 
camels ; — hiskil, i , small young- 
animal ; trifle. 

(J — ^) liasal, u, INF. haal, despise ; 
grow mean ; leave the worst 
part ; drive violently. 

(^~'») hasam, i, inf. hasm, cut, 
cut oS ; lance and then cau- 
terise a vein ; cure by medicine ; 
prevent (2 ace.) ; subtract, de- 

((^— c) hasaii, V, hasun, inf. husn, 
be handsome, beautiful, seem 
good; — II. inf. tahsin, make 
or create handsome and good ; 
— III. inf. muhdsana-t, treat 
handsomely or well ; vie in 
beauty or goodness ; — iv. inf. 
ihsdn, act well or right ; do or 
say anything well or in a hand- 
some manner ; benefit ; give for 
a present ; be favourable ; em- 
bellish, adorn; be well versed 
in (aoc. or v» bi) ; — x. inf. 
istihsdn, find beautiful or good, 
approve of. 

ij~^ l}usn, pi. mafidsin, beauty ; 
goodness ; praiseworthy quali- 
ties ; skill ; prf*^ t liusn ta'bir, 
beautiful style ; jW^\ c husn 
ihtiydr, freedom of will; — hasan, 
f. hasana-t, /lasnd', beautiful, 
fair, elegant ; good, excellent 

(also (J — > y~=- hasan hasaii) ; 
high sand-hill ; — husaii, pi. of 
j_3j— I. husna; — S hasana-t, pi. 
hasandt, a fair one (f. of i^~^ 
hasan) ; pi. hasandt and hisdn, 
good action, benefit, bounty, 
alms; pi. Aa«a«t( ^ pious endow- 
ments ; — his/ia-t, pi. hisan, pro- 
jecting part of a mountain; — 
i^ husna, f. of y~=-\ ahsan, more 
beautiful, better ; al-husna, what 
is good, handsome, best ; benefi- 
cence ; fair treatment ; virtue ; 
Islam ; Paradise ; pi. husan, 
death of a martyr ; du. victory 
and death of a martyr ; — h 
hasaniyya-t, beauty. 

(}-~^) hasd, v, inf. hasw, drink, 
sip, lap ; — III. INF. muhdsdt, 
IV. INF. ihsd\ give to sip ; — v. 
INF. tahassi, sip ; — viii. inf. 
ihtisd' ^=111. and iv. 

j—^ hasw, pi. ahsuica-t, ahsiya-t, 
soup, broth ; — i haswa-t, 
huswa-t, pi. ahdsi, draught, 

Oj — =^ hasikl, pi. husiid, envious ; — 
husad, envy, inf. of (J — =^). 

C)~~ husuin, disastrous days or 
nights ; ciilauiity ; diligence ; 
^j--^ hiisi'tm-an, consecutively. 

0) — °" hassdn, goldfinch. 

(o~^) hasa, I, inf. hasy (also il. 
and VIII.), dig for water in 
saturated ground ; sip ; — hasi, 
A, INF. has-an (also viii.), try 
to find out another's intentions ; 
— II. INF. tahsiya-t, viii. inf. 
ihttsd', see i. 

,.3—^ hisy, hasy, his-an, pi. hisd\ 
ahsd', flat saturated ground ; 
well ; — hasiyy, hissiyy, sensual ; 
perceiving or perceptible by the 
senses ; referring to the senses ; 

v--~^ fiasih, pi. /lusdbd', esteemed, 

valued ; avenger. 
yi~^ hasif, pi. fiasra, sad ; weary ; 
fatigued; sighing; purblind. 

u~«-~^ hash, slight noise, low 



"S^ts—a- hasika-t, grudge, inveterate 
hatred ; hedge-hog ; oats. 

Js— =» hasil, f. S , calf ; pi. husul, 
offal, remains; — hnsail, little 

(;)-—=" hasln, pi. hisihi, beautiful ; 
— husain, dim. of (;>-~=- hasan, 
beautiful ; proper name. 

(lA^) hass, TJ, INF. /icds, light, 
kindle ; get dry, wither ; run 
fast ; mow ; feed on hay ; pro- 
mote one's wealth ; increase 
one's fortune ; give to (ace) ; — 
look out for grass or hay, mow. 

(ji^ hass, hiss, hiiss, pi. -U7i, hustis, 
garden ; privy, sewer ; — hass, 
pi. hissdn, garden ; fire ; — hiss, 
something, anything ; — S hn.(sa-t, 
pi. husas, cupola, dome. 

(VAs.) has'a', a, inf. has', strike on 
the belly, in the sides ; injure 
interior parts ; lie with ; kindle, 

^-i>=> hasd', pi. of ^fr-i^ has'iyya-t ; — 
has-an, pi. aMd', intestines, 
bowels, heart. 

jSili^ hisds, fodder-bag ; — husds, 
» husd''a-t, last spark of life, 
last breath, throb ; — hass'ds, pi. 
• an, mower, seller of hay ; smoker 
or seller of i^a^is. 

tjUijs. hisdf, pi. of da-is> hasafa-t. 

(^\-i^ hisdn, pi. of (ji^ hass, huss. 

ijlAe. haMyd, pi. of is-^^ hasiyya-t. 

i_jAjUJue. hasd'isiyy, seller of hay ; 
gatherer of herbs, botanist. 

((ji-as-**") haShas, inf. » , set out, 
depart ; — • ii. inf. tahashuS, id. ; 
disperse (n.). 

(a^^) ha^ad, i, inf. hasd, gather, 
assemble (a.) ; come forth in 
its entirety (seed) ; espouse 
one's party, defend ; (m.) be 
partial ; — v. inf. tahassud, 
assemble for help ; — vi. inf. 
tahdsud, assemble to help one 
another ; act in common against 
an enemy; — viii. inf. ihtisdd= 
V. ; be ready for help ; — x. inf. 
ietihidd, assemble (n.). 

has'ad, p] . husud, troop ; — 
haiSid, ready for help. 

(r^) hasar, v, i, inf. has'r, as- 
semble, unite ; raise for the 
last judgment; expel, banish; 
destroy ; work out elaborately ; 
(m.) press, compress, pile or 
heap up (also v.) ; intermeddle, 
intrigue ; pass, be dead ; — v. 
INF. tahassur, see i. 

yi^, pi. hnSr, assembly, crowd, 
throng (jJ\ f,y. yaum al-hasr. 
Day of Judgment) ; the public 
treasury, fisc ; exile, banish- 
ment ; sharp ; — is has'ara-t, pi. 
hasar, husk; cliaff ; — ha.<ara-t, pi. 
hamrdt, small creeping animals, 
reptiles; (m.) insects; — hw-'ra-t, 
inquisitiveness, intermeddling ; 
— (^ hasriyy, intermeddler ; in- 

(Sr*^) haxraj, inf. 4 , emit the 
death-rattle ; roar with a rattling 
noise ; — ii ha.s'raja-t, death-rattle ; 
a wine-vessel. 

(jr-i-^ hulas', pi. of ^t-i^ huHa-t. 

(Lis.) hasat, inf. hast, take away ; 
uncover, unveil. 

(i_a-i^), II. iNp. iahsif, look with 
compressed eye-lids. 

>-a-i-=. hasf, dry bread ; — hasaf, 
bad pulpless dates ; — 5 hasafa-t, 
pi. -at, ha^af, hi-sdf, rock; cliff; 
ulcer in the throat ; stubble ; 
gland of the penis. 

(uiU^) hasah, i, inf, husk, collect 
the milk in the udder ; leave 
the camels unmilked ; abound 
in water; bear plenty of fruit; 
(m.) fill up ; — II. INF. tahhis, 
fill up, stuff ; — VIII. INF. ihtisdh, 
be full of milk ; be filled up, 

c£\i=^ hasah, plenty of milk in the 

(J.Ji.=^) hasal, INF. hasl, despise, 

(^it^) hasam, u, i, inf. hasin, tell 
unpleasant things ; — i, put to 
shame ; — hafmi, a, inf. hasam, 
grow irritated, angry ; become 



ashamed, blush ; — ii. inf. tah- 
liim, make angry, irritate; — v. 
ijsrr. tahastium, be ashamed; — 
VIII. INF. ihtisdm, be awed ; 
revere ; bear one's self with 
reverence towards ; be abashed, 
^-iis^ /las'am, ' hamma-t, family 
with attendance or retinue ; 
great pomp; — ' hisma-t, fear, 
awe, reverence ; shame, bashful- 
fulness, blush ; modesty ; (m.) 
ceremonies, compliments. 

(y-ius.) haslii, A, INF. hasaii, smell 
badly from remains of milk. 

( )-i^) hasd, u, INF. hasw, stuff, 
cram; injure the intestines; — 
V. INF. tahassi, viii. inf. ihtisd', 
be stuffed, crammed. 

yi^ hasw, inf. of (^=") ; any 
material for stuffing ; wadding, 
wad ; intestines ; superfluous 
phrase ; jsart of a half-verse 
preceding the 'ariid or i/arh ; — 
i husiva-t, histra-t, intestines ; — 
hii'wa-t, rabble. 

sjjju. husilda-t, assistance ; (m.) 

ijj.i^ haxw<ira-i, avaricious old 
woman ; having full flanks. 

^^f■i^ hasu'iyy, \)l. haswiyya-t, who 
talks stuff or nonsense ; jil. 
haswiyydt, stuff, rubbish ; stuff- 

(^^_^i^) hast. A, inf. hasan, breathe 
with difficulty, suffer from 
asthma ; smell badly from re- 
mains of milk ; — INF. taJisiija-t, 
put trimmings, ifcc., to a garment; 

— III. INF. m.'iihusdt, excejit, 
spare, heed a person ; pass. 
huH, God forbid (followed by 
(j\ an, that); — v. inf. tahassi 
= 111.; exclaim l&U. hdsi!, God 
forbid ! be ashamed ; abstain, 
recede from ; heed, be on the 

,_3.i^ hasan, intestines ; asthma ; 

— hasi, i , asthmatic ; — hasiyy, 
dried up, withered ; rotten in 
the root ; — is hasiyya-f, pi. 
hasd yd, hasd', bolster; mattress ; 

padded garment ; false breasts 
or hips. 

hasyd', f., and — 

yLjui. hasydn, asthmatic. 

(j~™=- hasis, i, pi. ^ai'i'u, grass ; 
hay ; herb ; intoxicating extract 
of hemp. 

^ii ;•■•-■ haslf, worn-out cloth. 

ftfi-^ hasim, feared, revered ; full 
of reverence ; timid, shy. 

((_,a=.) hass, 17, INF. hass, shave ; 
rub off the hair ; strip ; fall to 
the lot of (ace.) ; give a share 
in ; refuse protection ; — in. 
INF. hisds, muhdssa-t, iv. inf. 
ihsds, allot or give for a share ; 
— VI. INF. tahdss, divide be- 
tween each other by lot, &c. ; — 
VII. INF. iiihisds, fall off ; be 
lopped off. 

(joc" hiif^, pearl ; pi. /»(?''?, saffron ; 

— huss, pi. and U=- hasd, f. of 
ija=^^ ahass, having little hair or 
few feathers ; miserable ; — s 
hissa-t, pi. hisas, part, portion, 
share, lot ; inheritance ; di- 

(U=^) has', A, INF. haf ; also (_y<=^ 
hasi. A, INF. has-an, suck or 
drink one's fill ; eat or drink 
greedily ; break wind ; — inf. 
ihsd\ water to the fill. 

oU=^ hasdd, i hasdda-t, harvest, 
harvest-time ; — hassdd, reaper ; 

— hiifsdd, pi. of J1.0U. hdsid, who 
rea] s. 

_)Uo. hasdi; hisdr, saddle-cushion ; 

— his,;,-, siege, blocade ; sur- 
rounding wall ; fortress, fortifi- 

cation ; — hussdr, pi. of 
hdsir, besii'irer, &c. 



allotment, inf. hi. of 

(l^) ; — htisds, swiftness in 
running ; breaking of wind ; — s 
liiisdsa-f, grapes left on the stem 
in gathering the harvest. 

iiU^ hasdfa-t, sound judgment. 

yU^ hasdn, i, pi. -dt, husun, 
chaste woman ; lawful wife • 
matron ; — hisdn, pi. hiisnn, 
ahsina-t, horse ; a thorough- 




bred ; stallion ; — S hasdna-t, 
chastity ; steadfastness, firmness 
that cannot be shaken ; impreg- 

Sla=> hasdt, pi. ,_s«j=^ hasan, hasa, 
hasaydt, husiyy, pebble ; cal- 
culus in the bladder ; particle ; 

(s— o=-) hasab, v, I, inp. hash, strew 
with pebbles or gravel ; pelt 
with pebbles ; pelt, throw at ; 
set out on a journey, travel 
about ; turn away, leave in the 
lurch ; — hasib, a, inf. hasab, 
have the small-pox ; (m.) suffer 
from typhus ; pass. id. ; — ii. 
INF. tahsib, strew with gravel ; — 
IV. INF. ihsdb, raise gravel ; turn 
aside, leave in the lurch. 

s-.a=- hasab, pebble, stone ; small 
wood fuel; — hasib, abounding 
in pebbles or gravel ; — ii hasba-t, 
gravel; hasaba-t, a pebble-stone; 
hasba-t, hasaba-t, hasiba-t, small- 
pox ; measles ; (m.) typhus ; pi. 
-at, marks of small-pox, &c. 

(yoa-o:.) hashas, inf. » , come to 
light, become public, evident. 

(.Xcs.) hasad, u, i, inf. hasd, hasad, 
hisdd, mow, reap ; die ; (also il. 
inf. tahsid) twist firmly ; — hasid, 
A, INF. hasad, be firmly twisted, 
strongly made; — iv. inf. ihsdd, 
be ripe for harvest ; — viii. inf. 
ihtisdd, mow, reap ; — x. inf. 
istihsdd^^iv ; be firmly twisted, 
strongly made. 

•>"K^ hasd, mowing, reaping (s.) ; 

— hasad, mown corn ; — hasid, 
firmly twisted, strongly made ; 

— 6 hasada-t, pi. of jusW.' hdsid, 
who reaps. 

\xcs. hasdd', strong coat of mail. 

(j-as.') hasar, v, i, inf. hasr, press, 
oppress ; shut in, besiege, 
blockade ; restrain, restrict ; 
surround ; prevent ; take and 
keep the whole ; put the saddle- 
cushion on the camel's back ; — 
hasir, a, inf. hasar, have the 
heart oppressed ; be avaricious ; 

keep strict secrecy ; speak with 
great difficulty ; pass, husir, inf. 
husr, suffer from strangury or 
constipation ; — iii. inf. hisdr, 
muhdsara-t, besiege ; blockade ; 

— IV. ihsdr, drive into a corner ; 
cause anxiety ; prevent, hinder ; 
pass, suffer from strangury or 
constipation ; — vii. inf. in- 
hisdr, be driven into a corner, 
besieged, blockaded ; be strait- 
ened, feel a natural want ; (m.) 
live in solitude. 

j«>=- husr, strangury, constipation ; 

— hasar, anxiety ; oppression 
of the heart ; impediment of 
speech ; melancholy of solitary 
life ; restriction ; avarice ; — 
hasir, having the heart op- 
pressed ; confounded ; ava- 
ricious ; keeping strict secrecy ; 

— husur, pi. oi }f^ hasir. 
((•j-=>) hasrani, inf. S , draw the 

bow strongly ; twist tightly ; 
mend a pen. 
f»y^ hisrim, » , green sour fruit, 
especially grapes ; their juice ; 

— 2 hasrama-t, avarice ; — h. 
hisrimiyya-t, dish of unripe 

ys^s- hasas, thinness of the hair ; 

— hisas, pi. of A.a=» hissa-t. 
(<_a*E>) hasaf, u, inf. hasf, remove 

to a great distance (a.) ; — hasif, 
A, INF. hasaf, be aflicted with 
dry scab ; — hasuf, inf. hasaf a-t, 
have a sound judgment and a 
strong mind ; — iv. inf. ihsdf, 
remove far (a.) ; establish well 
and solidly ; twist tightly ; run 
fast ; — X. INF. istihsdf, be esta- 
blished well and solidly. 
( J-i.) hasal. A, INF. husul, mahsUl, 
result, remain ; appear ; happen, 
take place ; be produced ; reach ; 
cash a sum or debt ; draw an 
advantage, obtain ; — hasil, A, 
INF. hasal, swallow earth or 
gravel and have the gripes 
therefrom ; have calculus in 
the bladder ; — ii. inf. tahsil, 





cause to result ; obtain ; acquire ; 
(m.) reach at last and with 
difficulty ; select ; have unripe 
dates ; resume, recapitulate ; — 
V. INF. tahassul, result ; get 
realised ; take place ; be ob- 
tained ; be paid in. 

Jos' husl, unripe dates; — hasal, 
partition between two rooms. 

(,*-=.) hasam, i, inf. hasm, break 
wind ; — vii, inf. iahlsdm, get 

((:)-=') hasan, hasun, be strong by 
nature or fortified by art ; — 
hasun, inf. hasn, hisn, husn, 
keep at home and be chaste ; 
— II. INF. tahsin, fortify ; wall 
in ; entrench ; — iv. inf. ihsan, 
id. ; keep the wife at home ; 
keep at home and be chaste ; — 
V. INF. tahassun, protect one's 
self by fortifications ; entrench 
one's self, retire to a fortress ; 
lead a chaste life. 

yoc hisn, pi. hus I'ln, hisana-f, ahsdn, 
stronghold, fortress, entrench- 
ment ; (gJ\ jj\ aiu 1-hisn, fox) ; 
armour ; weapons ; destruction, 
annihilation ; — him, husn, chas- 
tity ; — husun, pi. of y^^s^ husdn 
and hisihi. 

^-s-c' hasnd', chaste woman. 

(yo^) hasd, V, INF. hasw, prevent, 

jyas. husih; asthmatic; having the 
heart oppressed ; avaricious ; 
chaste ; castrated ; timid ; who 
always sits at home ; al-husur, 
St. John Baptist. hus ill, happening of an event; 
taking place of a thing ; realisa- 

((_jo=-) hasa, I, INF. hasy, pelt with 
pebbles; — hasi, a., inf. has-an, 
make an impression, leave a 
mark; designate ; abound in 
pebbles ; pass, suffer from cal- 
culus ; — IV. INF. i/isd', count, 
count up ; impress on the 
memory ; know ; write, narrate ; 
put into order. 

tj«==- hasan, number ; gravel, small 
pebbles ; calculus, gravel of the 
kidneys (noun of unity »^-^ 
hasdt) ; — hasiyy, very prudent ; 
— husiyy and — 

cyU^is. hasaydt, pi. of »^-i=' hasdt. 

•i-i^^ hasal, mown off, reaped ; de- 
stroyed ; firmly twisted, strongly 
made; — » hasida-t, pi. hasd'id, 
moth ; harvest, crops ; stalks of 
reaped corn. 

^~<i=» hasir, oppressed of heart, 
asthmatic ; avaricious ; timo- 
rous ; — pi. husur, ahsira-t, also 
s hasira-t, pi. hasd'ir, mat of 
reeds or bulrushes ; — hasir, 
side of the body ; side muscle 
or sinew ; king ; prison ; — (^ 
haslfiyy, seller of mats. 

i-a5-<^ hasif, of sound judgment, 
firm ; strong of tissue. 

*Lj-^ hasila-t, pi. hasd'il, rest, re- 

(;>«-=' hasm, i, well fortified; for- 
tress; strongly made; ' haf7- 
na-t, armour; — husain, little 
castle; jJ\ ^^ ahi'i 'l-husain, fox. 

iu^^) ^f^dd, u, INF. hadd, hudd, 
hiddida, huddida, stimulate, spur 
on, investigate, incite ; — ii. inf. 
fahdid, make eager; — iii. inf. 
mvhddda-t, id.; — vi. inf. tahddd, 
stimulate one another. 

(ji=> hadd, stimulation. 

(U=.) hada', A, inf. had', kindle, 
light ; poke the fire ; burn (n.) ; 
— VIII. INF. ihtidd', poke the fire. 

jUs» haddr-i, make haste ! look 
sharp ! come ! — hiddr, running 
of a horse ; — - huddr, rheuma- 
tism ; — hiidddr, pi. of yJ>'^ 
hddif, present, A:c. ; — » haddm-t, 
hiddra-t, place with settled in- 
habitants; INF. of (j-^). 

/aTf/((Ci»i(r-/, natives of Hadra- 

-i& hiddn, brooding, hatching 
(s.) ; — 5 hiddna-t, id. ; embrace, 
caress ; nursing and bringing 
up of children. 





\jU=. haddyd, pi. of h-i^ hadiyya-t. 

('■I ■■ ^ ) hadab, i, inf. Aao(6, make a 
fire blaze, put on wood ; fall 
down ; catch. 

s-»==> Airfft, hudh, pi. ahddb, whizzing 
of the bow-string. 

(g^=-) hadaj, u, inf. Aarf/, kindle ; 
beat ; stamp ; dip into water ; 
run ; replenish. 

(^^s-i=-) hadjar, inf. i , fill. 

(j,i=.) hadar, v, inf. hudilr, be 
present ; come into the presence 
of ; remove from (n. (^ '«») ; 
fetch or bring ; occupy ; damage, 
injure ; — inf. hudr, stepping 
high in running ; — hadir, A, 
INF. haddra-t, be present, in the 
presence of ; appear before ; 
assist at an assembly, &c. ; 
happen ; be ready ; — ii. inf. 
tahdir, lead up, bring ; cause 
to come, call or send for ; 
bring ; place ready ; prepare 
and present ; — iii. inf. muhd- 
dara-t, be present ; present 
one's self ; have a ready an- 
swer ; converse with ; vie in 
running ; plead a cause ; scourge, 
whip, beat ; dispute for a thing 
and carry it off ; — iv. inf. 
ihddr— II. ; run fast; trot; — 
V. inf. tahaddur, be present ; 
present one's self ; keep ready ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtiddr^^Y. ; assist 
at ; pre-occupy ; come to a place 
with settled inhabitants ; pass. 
iihtudir, be approached by death ; 

— X. INF. isiihddr, wish for one's 
presence ; represent ; represent 
to one's self as present ; repre- 
sent to one's self, call back to 
memory, remember ; imagine to 
be in the presence of God ; come 
into the presence of God ; urge 
on to run. 

;^=» hadr, place with settled in- 
habitants ; habitation, house, 
vestibule of the house ; staying 
at home ; — hudr, running with 
highly raised feet ; race ; — 
hadar, presence ; permanently 

inhabited place ; — hadir, fixed, 
settled ; — hadur, eloquent ; 
learned in law ; — hudur, unin- 
vited guest, intruder ; — huddur, 
pi. of ^W hadir, present, &c. ; 
— S hadra-t, presence ; place with 
settled inhabitants ; residence ; 
title of honour • Majesty, High- 
ness, Excellency, Eminence ; — 
hidra-t, hudra-t, hadara-t, pre- 
sence ; — hadara-t, pi. of ;-W. 
hadir, present, ready, &c. 

(«_>/==-) hadrab, inf. 6 , strain the 
bow-string ; twist tightly. 

((V^) hadrani, inf. » , have a 
faulty pronunciation ; strain the 
bow ; peel. 

e^^j-ao. hadraniaut, hadrami'd, Had- 

^_^y<^ hadramiyy, pi. haddrima-t, 
native of Hadramaut ; — S had- 
ramiyya-t, long-pointed shoe ; 
faulty pronunciation. 

fj^-ic^ hadriyy, hadariyy, settled, 
domiciled ; inhabitant of a 

^^■i^ ^ ma hadad, nothing what- 
ever ; — hudud, pi. of i/'-yi^ 

(J-jB.) hadal. A, inf. hadal, be 
rotten at the place where the 
branches shoot. 

((^j-se^) hadan, u, inf. hadn, hiddn, 
hiddna-t, hudun, brood, hatch ; 
— INF. hadn, hiddna-t, embrace, 
take into, carry in one's arms ; 
bring up ; — inf. hudn, hiddna-t, 
embrace, take into, carry in 
one's arms ; bring up ; — inf. 
hadn, refuse a service to a 
neighbour ; — inf. hiddn, have 
one breast or udder larger than 
the other ; — vi. inf. tahddun, 
embrace each other ; — viii. 
INF. ihtiddn, embrace ; press to 
one's bosom ; carry in arms ; 
bring up. 

y.i=- hidn, pi. hudun, ahddn, bosom ; 
pi. ahddn, side; also hudn, foot 
of a mountain. 


(t^) ho-i^U ^, INF. hadw, stir up 
the fire. 

j^«s. huMr, presence ; appearance, 
approach ; waiting, attendance, 
ceremonious call ; royal presence, 
court, government ; quietude, 
tranquility of mind, ease ; pi. 
of yi\c^ hddir, present, ready, 
&c. ; — 15 huduriyy, waiter (m.). 

»;*'^=" hadira-t, pi. hadir, hadd'ir, 
small body of men for a sudden 
attack ; vanguard. 

tj4«'^=- hadid, pi. ahidda-t, hudud, 
the lowest part ; basement ; foot 
of a mountain ; aphelion, apogee ; 

&*-=c- hadiyya-t, pi. haddyd, favou- 

(tc^) hatt, V, INF. hatt, put, place, 
lay down ; remit ; abate ; depose, 
degrade, humiliate ; despise ; 
descend, alight ; — inf. hatt, 
fall, go down (price) ; polish 
and mark leather ; — vii. inf. 
inhitdt, be put, taken, let down ; 
descend, alight ; fall ; be de- 
posed, degraded, humbled ; 
humble one's self ; decrease ; 
— VIII. INF. ihtUdt = i. ; — X. 
inf. istihtdt, wish for an abate- 
ment ; deserve abatement. 

^ hatt, putting down (s.) ; depo- 
sition, degradation ; slope, de- 
clivity ; falling of the prices ; 
cheapness of corn ; — ii Mtta-t, 
remission ; month of Ramadan. 

(Um-) hat a', A, INF. hat', throw to 
the ground ; beat with the palm 
of the hand on the back ; beat ; 
lie with ; throw ; throw up foam 
or scum ; bring one round from 
his opinion ; — a, i, ease the 

*_jUs=. haftdh, pi. hattdha-t, wood- 
cutter ; seller of fuel. 

(♦Ua::^ hut din, 6 , anything dry or 
crumbling (W*-^^ C hut dm ad- 
dunyd, perishable goods of the 
world) ; dry fruit ; household 
furniture; S hufihna-t, morsel, 
crumb ; — al-hattdm, lion. 

(s- 1=-) hatab, i, inf. hath, abound 

in wood ; cut or look for wood ; 

help ; calumniate ; — ii. inf. 

tahtib, VIII. inf. ihtitdb, look for 

wood ; gather firing. 
w-l=- hatab, pi. ahtdb, wood for 

burning, fuel ; — hatib, lank. 
U=. hatbd', f. of ^,-«S==-\ ahtab, very 

thin, miserable. 
(LaJ=^) hathat, INF. i , let one's self 

down ; descend ; hasten. 
(jL^) hatar, u, inf. hatr, lie with ; 

put a string to cr draw the 

Idow; pass, be thrown on the 

(JL=.) hiti, pi. ahtal, wolf. 
(^Jrc) hat am, i, inf. hatm, break 

(a.) ; weaken ; make digestible ; 

— hatim. A, inf. ; hatam, be 
broken with old age ; — ii. inf. 
tahthn, break to pieces; — v. 
inf. tahattum, vii. inf. inhitdm, 
get broken ; break, crumble 

^J=» hatim, broken with old age ; 

— hutam, cruel; — hutiim, pi. 
of i»^ hatum ; — S hatma-t, dry- 
ness, aridity, drought; — hitma-t, 
pi. hitam, morsel, crumb ; — 
hutama-f, hell-fire ; glutton ; 
cruel herdsman. 

(;*!=-) hatmar, inf. » , till ; draw 
the bow. 

(y==>) hatd, V, INF. hafu; shake. 

ii^ hutfiba-t, armful of wood. 

tjSa^ hatiif, steep, precipitous ; 
low ; swift, fleet ; — huttd, abate- 
ment of price. 

^ijas. hatum, pi. hutum, breaker ; 

>■. ■■^s r hat lb, i, abounding in wood; 

— S hatiba-f, wood, forest. 

W=^ hat it, dwarf ; — S hatita-t, 

abatement of price. 
(1=:^) ha::, obtain one's wish ; have 

luck; receive one's share; — 

IV. INF. ih:d:, id.; — vii. inf. 

/H/n'ri?;, have luck ; obtain one's 




!=»■ hazz, pi. ahwzz, huzuz, hizdz, 
hizzd' , huzz, huzvza-t, ahdzz, 
share, portion, lot ; luck, good 
fortune, enjoyment, pleasure ; 
— hazz, lucky, fortunate, happy; 

— 3 hiza-t, enjoyment of good 
fortune, of consideration. 

Uia- hiza', pi. of 8^!==^ hizwa-t, haz- 
wa-t; — hizzcV, and ^U==> hiznz, 
pi. of tie. hazz ; — i hazdt, louse. 

UUae. hazdyd, pi. of ^^ haziyya-t. 

('.. ' ^ ) hazdb, I, INF. huzub ; — 
hazib, A, INF. hazah, be fat ; have 
the belly full.' 

(j!i=.) hazar, u, inf. hazr, prevent, 
hinder, prohibit ; render inac- 
cessible ; surround with a wall ; 
make a fold ; enclose cattle in 
a fold ; take all for one's self ; 

— VIII. ihfizdr, make a fold. 
^ hazr, defence, forbidding. 
(v,jjL^) hazrab, inf. S , strain the 

bow ; fill and extend. 
(^y^) hazal, V, I, INF. hazl, hizldn, 
hazaldn, hinder in spending 
money, in freedom of motion ; 

— INF. hazaldn, walk with short 
abrupt steps, like a man in 

ylUoa. hizldn, thrift, domestic 

(^5=.) hazd, u, INF. hazw, go a slow 
pace ; — 1_^ hazi, a, inf. haz- 
wa-t, hizwa-t, hiza-t, enjoy the 
consideration of the husband, 
the prince ; obtain ; be fa- 
voured with ; — IV. INF. ihzd', 
cause to obtain ; favour, prefer ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtizd', enjoy con- 
sideration and favour ; — 5 Mz- 
wa-t, hwzwa-t, pi. ,_^ hizan, ^^ 
hizd', share of luck ; abundance ; 
consideration, honour, favour ; — 
hazwa-t, huzwa-t, pi. hizd', ham- 
ivdt, small arrow for gaming. 

Jjt=. haz4l, thrifty, economical. 

(^^) see (^). 

Ji^ hazan, ]}aza, noun of unity 
SUa:^ hazdt, louse ; — hizan, share 
of luck ; pi. of S^ hizwa-t ; — 
haziyy, S, honoured, esteemed, 

considered ; name of the eighth 
horse in a race ; — » haziyya-t, 
pi. hazdyd, concubine of a 
married man ; share, lot ; — 
huzayya-t, pi. -dt, small gaming- 

L!i=. huzayyd, slow pace. 

't*^ hazira-t, pi. hazd'ir, fold for 
cattle ; wall for protection ; 
fence ; (j«^\ c hazlrat al-quds. 

M"' haziz, who obtains his wish or 
share ; fortunate. 

(i_a=^) haff, I, INF. hufilf, be dis- 
hevelled ; bear dry herbs ; 
vanish entirely ; — u, inf. haff, 
shave ; — l, inf. haff, hifdf, clean 
the face from hair, pluck out 
the hail' ; shave ; (m.) rub or 
scrape off, erase ; — inf. haff, 
turn around, surround from all 
sides ; enclose, encompass, cover ; 
— I, INF. hafif, rumble (bowels) ; 
snort ; hiss (snake) ; — ii. inf. 
tahflf, surround, enclose, cover ; 
beat, fall ; — iv. inf. ihfdf, id. ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtifdf, pull out the 
hair ; pluck herbs ; surround 
from all sides ; turn around ; 
cover, wrap up ; be surrounded. 

<-i=. ^a^, loom ; trace; — » haffa-t, 
edge, border, rim, side ; wall 
of support to terraces, &c. ; 

(Uc) hafa'. A, INF. haf, throw on 
the ground. 

U=. hafa', papyrus ; its fresh root ; 

— haf-an,^^i^ hafdi', going bare- 
foot (s.), INF. of ((_s^) ; — * 
hufdt, pi. of iji^ hdfi, bare-foot, 

i*j\i=. huffds, a harmless snake. 

jW. haffdr, digger. 

&*\i=^ hufdsa-t, collection. 

k\i^ -hifdz, protection ; sentiment 
of honour ; — huffdz, pi. of ^^^ 
l^dfiz, watcher, &c. ; — ' hifdza-t, 
careful guard ; memory. 

,_*Vac hifdf, pi. ahiffa-t, curling lock 
on the top of a bald head ; side ; 




trace ; inf. of ('-J^} ; — * hufdfa-t, 

'j^ hafdwa-t, hifchra-t, and — 

ijW hifdya-t, molestation by 
questioning ; joyful reception ; 
courtesy ; inf. of (^=^). 

(uuvfii.) hafat, V, INF. haft, anni- 
hilate, destroy ; pound, grind ; 
thrash, flog. 

c:-~i=- hafit, and — 

(e-i=^) hifs, hafis, i hafisa-t, pi. 
afhds, tripe, guts ; belly ; a large 

(i_Aa^) hafhaf, inf. 6 , have little 
to live upon ; produce the sound 
of a revolving top, purr, buzz. 

(jiit^) hafad, i, inf. hafd, hafaddn, 
be active and nimble in one's 
work ; speed ; — iv. inf. ihfdd, 
urge to haste, hasten ; — viii. 
INF. iMifdd:=i. 

Jia=. hafad, (j\>in:^ hafaddn, a pace 
of the horse ; — hafad and » 
hafada-t, daughters, sons, grand- 
children, sons-in-law, nephews, 
&.C., pi. of ^iW hdfid and •^t^^ 

^j^M^ hafadlas, black woman ; 

(^) hafar, i, inf. hafr, dig, dig 
out, hollow ; dig or clean a 
well ; investigate ; lie with ; 
emaciate by milking frequently; 
— also hafir. A, inf. hafar, and 
pass, hufir, have decayed teeth ; 
lose the milk teeth ; — iv. inf. 
ihfdr, help another to dig a 
well (2 ace.) ; lose the milk- 
teeth ; — viii. inf. ihtifir, dig, 
dig out; — X. INF. istihfih-, be 
willing to dig ; be time for 

f=^ hafr, digging (s.) ; — also i 
hafara-t, pi. (i/ifir, ahdfir, spa- 
cious well ; ditch, pit ; dug out 
ground ; — hafar, deeayedness 
of the teeth; — I hufra-t, pi. 
hnfar, ditch, jjit, hole, cave ; 

0*^) hofo^^t i> INF. hafz, push away 
from behind ; hurry a person 

and thereby cause him to desist 
from a thing; follow immedi- 
ately ; pierce ; lie with ; — v. 
INF. tahaffm, viii. inf. ihtifdz, 
keep ready to leap, be watchful, 
vigilant, attentive ; devote care 
and zeal to (s-" 60- 

va& hafaz, end, limit. 

((j~is.) hafis, I, INF. hafas, eat. 

((ji.a=.) hafas, I, INF. hafs, gather, 
grasp ; assemble (n.) ; come or 
stream together; carry off the 
ground ; remove with a shovel ; 
peel ; extract ; draw ; expel, 
banish ; run again immediately 
after running ; devote zeal to 
{^ fi) ; — hafis, A, inf. hafas, 
show love to the husband; be 
consumed by an ulcer ; rain 

iji^^ hifs, pi. ahfdx, rubbish, rags, 
lumber, old bottles, &c. ; tent ; 
little house ; case, box, trunk, 

((ja^=^) hafas, I, INF. hafs, collect, 
gather (a.) ; throw away ; drop. 

(jaa=> hafs, pi. ahfds, hufus, leathern 
bag for earth ; whelp of a lion ; 
— 6 hafsa-t, hyena; c (^ umni 
hafsa-t, hen. 

((jois.) hafad, v, inf. hafd, bend, 
crook ; throw away ; let fall, 
drop ; — II. INF. iahf'td, id. ; 
allow another to get behind 

yii^ hafad, pi. hifdd, ahfdd, house- 
hold furniture ready for re- 
moval ; camel to carry it ; tent ; 

gUific hifddj, g-=^ hufddij, fat and 

(jr^is-), pass, hafdij, INF. i kafdaja-t, 
grow fat ; — hifdij, fat and flabby. 

(yi.) hafi;, a, inf. hif^, guard, 
preserve, preserve from ; tend 
(cattle) ; learn or know by 
heart; (m.) reserve the abso- 
lution from a sin (bishop) ; — 
II. INF. iahf!:, make to learn by 
heart ('2 ace.) ; — iii. inf. hifdz, 
muhdfaza-t, defend one's own, 




protect ; be a guardian ; give 
careful attendance ; observe and 
fulfil a duty ; — iv. inf. ihfdz, 
provoke to anger ; — v. inf. 
tahaffuz, he on one's guard ; be 
watchful ; observe ; keep care- 
fullj, be sparing with ; — viii. 
INF. ihtifdz, watch over, guard, 
preserve ; observe ; burn with 
anger; — x. inf. istihfi'iz, require 
one to learn by heart or keep 
in remembrance (2 ace). 

tie- hifz, guard, preservation ; vigi- 
lance ; caution ; careful watch ; 
observance ; memory ; — » hif- 
za-t, zeal in defending ; anger ; 
— hafaza-t, guardians, garrison, 
pi. of SiiU. hdfiz. 

(J^) l^afal, I, inf. hafl, hufill, 
hafil, gather, assemble (n.) ; rain 
violently ; flow or stream in 
abundance ; collect (a.) ; smooth, 
polish ; be afraid ; give care and 
attention ; — ii. inf. tahfil, 
collect, gather (a.) ; adorn ; — • 
V. INF. tahafful, gather in large 
numbers (n.) ; adorn one's self, 
get adorned ; — viii. inf. ihtifdl, 
collect, gather (n.) ; stream in 
fulness ; hurry up from all 
sides ; throng ; receive with 
pomp, show or give attention ; 
care for ; show itself distinctly. 

Ji=- hafl, numerous, plentiful ; 
crowd, large assembly ; zeal ; — 
huffal, pi. of Ji^ hdfil, quite 
full ; — ii hafla-t, all, everything ; 
diligence, zeal ; — hufla-t, general 
assembly ; council. 

(gJiib^) haflaj, who moves his body 
in walking ; — hafallaj, pi. hafd- 
lij, young camel. 

(ijliL) haflaq, hafallaq, enervated, 
weak, stupid. 

((1)^=') hafan, v, inf. hafn, take a 
handful ; give little ; — viii. 
INF. ihtifdn, take for one's self ; 
eradicate, uproot ; carry a child 
by its knees ; — i hafna-t, hiif- 
na-t, pi. hufan, handful; hollow 
of the hand ; small gift. 

(sr^) hafannaj, small, short. 
(^) hafd, u, INF. hafw, make a 
present, or, by opposition, turn 
ofi without a gift ; be benevo- 
lent to ; render honoured or 
esteemed ; Ireep < me aloof from 
all that is good ; shave off the 
moustache ; — ,_3a=- hafl, a, inf. 
haf-wn, go bare-foot ; be foot- 
sore ; — INF. hafdica-i, hifdwa-t, 
hifdya-t, tahfuya-t (also v. and 
VIII.), receive with great joy 
and courteous inquiries ; inquire 
repeatedly for (y.c 'an) ; — iii. 
INF. muhdfdf, dispute, quarrel 
with (ace.) ; — IV. inf. ihfu', 
allow one to go bare-foot, to get 
foot-sore ; inquire repeatedly 
for (ace.) ; molest, imjiortune ; 
shave off the moustache ; — v. 
INF. tahaffi, see i. ; rejoice; give 
attention (also viii.) ; put on 
stockings and shoes ; lose the 
shoes (horse) ; go bare-foot ; — 
VIII. INF. ihtifd', see i. and v. ; 
— i hafu-a-t, hifwa-t, going bare- 
foot (s.). 

\jB^ hufawd' , pi. of ,_3i=> hafiyy. 

i-i^ hufi'if, INF. of {yi^) ; poverty. 

Jjis. hafill, abounding in milk ; — 
hufi'il, plenty, fulness, abun- 
dance, wealth ; INF. of (J^). 

(J^) see (y^). 

^^ hafi, foot- or hoof-sore ; — 
hafiyy, pi. hufawd', well-in- 
structed ; receiving joyfully, 
benevolent, compassionate ; — i 
hifya-t='if-=- hafwa-t. 

•is*^ hafid, pi. Imfada-t, grand- 

y^ ha-fir, i hafira-t, pi. hafd'ir, 
pit,_ cavity ; — i hufaira-t, small 

^if^ hafiz, watcher, guardian ; ad- 
ministrator, manager ; governor ; 
God ; who knows by heart (par- 
ticularly the Koran) ; — i hafha-t, 
pi. hafd'iz, zeal in defending; 

hafif, INF. of (<-fl^) ; noise, 



J«a=. haftl, zealous, diligent, in- 
dustrious ; numerous; — » hafi- 
la-t, troop ; totality. 

(i3^) haqq, u, I, INP. haqq, haqqa-t, 
be unavoidable, happen un- 
doubtedly ; be real, a fact ; be 
true, right, just ; be a duty ; 
befit, be worthy of ; be incum- 
bent upon ; have a right to ; 
fall due ; — tj, put down as 
true ( ir real ; know for certain ; 
impose as a duty, render indis- 
pensable; fulfil one's duty; act 
rightly ; keep the middle of the 
road ; hit on the middle of the 
head ; visit, meet ; get the better 
of an adversary in a law- suit; — 

II. INF. tahqiq, act according to 
truth and right ; verify ; con- 
firm ; prove by argument ; deem 
true, believe ; impose as a neces- 
sity or duty ; help another to 
the obtainment of his wish ; — 

III. INP. muhdqqa-t, hiqdq, con- 
tend for a right ; dispute a 
thing with another ; — iv. inf. 
ihqdq, get the better of an 
adversary in a law-suit ; impose 
as a necessity or duty ; deem 
necessary, consider worthy; make 
clear ; hit upon ; hit the game so 
as to kill it ; — v. inf. tahaqquq, 
learn or know for a certainty ; 
prove true, be doubtless ; appear 
true ; assure one's self of a 
thing; — VI. inf. tahdqvq, con- 
tend for a right ; — vii. inp. 
inhiquq, be firmly tied ; — viil. 
inp. Miqdq, have a law-suit 
against each other ; hit so as 
to kill ; get emaciated ; — x. 
INP. istihqdq, be worthy of, de- 
serve ; deem necessary, consider 
worthy ; fall due. 

1^ haqq, pi. huqnq, right, claim ; 
privilege ; perquisite ; duty ; 
obligation, debt ; what is as it 
ought to be ; true, truthful, 
certain ; necessary ; real ; good, 
just ; firm, persevering ; truth ; 
reason ; certainty ; evident 

proof ; perseverance ; sincerity ; 
justice ; law ; God ; the Koran ; 
Islam; worth, price, payment, 
reward ; honour ; — hiqq, m. 
and f. (f. also » hiqqa-t), pi. 
hiqaq, hiqdq, huquq, haqd'iq, 
camel of three years ; truth ; 
certain proof ; — huqq, cavity of 
the hip- or arm-bone ; upper 
part of the arm ; hip ; pix ; — 
6 haqqa-t, truth, certainty ; inf. 
of (i3^) ; — hiqqa-t, incontestable 
right ; indispensable duty ; ma- 
ture she-camel ; inp. of ((3=>) ; 
— huqqa-t, pi. huqq, huqnq, huqaq, 
ahqdq, hiqdq, case, box, casket ; 
ink-bottle; cup of a juggler; 
compass; vessel of water through 
which the tobacco-smoke passes; 
pix ; cavity of the hip-bone, &c. 
(see (3=^ huqq) ; woman. 

W haqd', trowsers ; — /i iqd', pi. of 
^ haqw ; — haqqan, truly, in- 
deed, certainly. 

w_.Vtt=. hiqdh, pi. htiqub, belt set 
with jewels ; the white of the 

6j\Ji=. haqdra-t, hiqdra-t, huqdra-i, 
contempt, disdain ; contempti- 
bleness ; lowness, vileness. 

,3^ hiqdq, litigation, law-suit ; 
hostility ; inf. hi. of (t3=>) ; pi. 
of v>=- hiqq and &=» huqqa-t ; — 
haqqdq, maker or seller of boxes, 

JW> hiqdl, sale of the crops before 
they are reaped ; tenure of a 
farm against part of the har- 

j_pu=^ haqdli, pi. of &l£=- haqla-t. 

^J'^is. haqqdniyy, truthful ; just 
sincere ; divine ; — S haqqdniyya-t 

iJ^^Sb- haqd'iq, pi. of (3=- hiqq anc 
■^ S; "^ haqiqa-t. 

(t_.a=.) haqih, a, inp. haqab, b( 
unproductive ; fail, be in de 
fault ; — IV. inp. ihqdb, id. ; — 
viii. INF. ihtiqdb, allow anothe: 
to sit behind one's self on < 
horse, &c. ; tie another behinc 


one's self ; put by for later 
use ; take a crime upon one's 

'■^=^ hiiqb, huqab, pi. ahquh, ahqdb, 
time of eighty years, space of 
time ; year ; — haqab, belt set 
with jewels ; hind strap of a 
camel's girth ; — huqub, pi. of 
hiqdb ; — 8 hiqba-t, pi. hiqab, 
huqi'tb, space of time ; many 
years ; year ; — huqba-t, calm 
(in the air) ; — haqiba-t, port- 

W«=' haqbil' , galaxy ; wild she-ass. 

(ij&a=-) haqhaq, inf. » , step high 
(horse) ; travel (on horseback, 
at night) with difiSculty; over- 
ride one's horse. 

(.Xa=.) haqad, i, inf. hiqd, huqd, 
haqad, haqida-t, bear a grudge 
or hatred (^Lc 'ala) ; be very 
fat ; — haqid, A, inf. haqad, be 
full of hatred ; fail, be in 
default ; be unproductive ; — 
IV. INF. ikqdd, instigate to 
hatred ; — viii. inf. ihtiqdd, 
bear a grudge ; fail, be in 

•^=- hiqd, pi. huq&d, haqd'id, ahqdd, 
hatred, grudge ; — haqad, id. 

(^=^) haqar, i, inf. haqr, huqriyya-t, 
mahqara-t, also haqur, inf. haqd- 
ra-t, be contemptible, mean, 
vile ; — I, INF. haqr, despise, 
treat with contempt ; — haqir, 
A, INF. haqar, become contempt- 
ible ; — II. INF. tahqir, deem 
contemptible ; despise ; abase, 
disparage ; call contemptuously 
by the diminutive ; — viii. inf. 
ihtiqdr, despise ; — x. inf. 
istihqdr, deem contemptible ; 

f^ haqr, hf^ huqriyya-t, contempt ; 

^■^as" haqd-an, in rapid course. 

(La^) haqat, agility ; — 8 haqta-t, 
little, nimble, f. 

yUaS=- hiqittdn, 8 , short ; dwarfish. 

(i_4ib.) haqaf, inf. huqilf, sleep on 
a sandhill (see the following) ; 

sleep with the head between 
the legs ; — XII. ihqauqaf, inf. 
ihqiqdf, form long winding hills 
(sand) ; bow together, crouch. 

i-iS^- hiqf, pi. ahi[('if, hiqdf, huqi'if, 
pi. pi. haqd'if, hiqafa-t, long 
winding sandhill. 

(Ja^) haqil. A, inf. haqal, haqla-t, 
huqnl, eat earth with the herb 
and get the gripes from it ; — m. 
INF. mahdqala-t, sell the crops 
before they are reaped ; let a 
field for half or a third of the 
harvest ; — iv. 

Ji>=" haql, pi. hiiqiU, seed pushing 
leaves ; sown field ; column (in 
a book) ; — hiql, camel-litter ; 
colic ; — S haqla-t, pi. ahqdl, 
colic ; pi. haqdli, arable land, 
orchard, garden. 

(jilii=>) hiqlid, malicious, unsociable. 

(^c) haqm, pigeon. 

((^a=^) haqan, u, i, inf. haqn, put 
milk into the leathern bag for 
churning ; let water into a 
reservoir ; stop, retain, keep 
back ; prevent a man's blood 
being shed ; administer a clyster; 
— VII. INF. inhiqdn, have a 
clyster administered ; — viii. 
INF. ihtiqdn, sufiier from stran- 
gury ; be laid out in form of 
an amphitheatre (garden) ; — 8 
haqna-t, pi. ahqdn, colic ; — huq- 
na-t, pi. huqan, clyster ; (m.) 

(^) haqd, v, inf. liaqw, hit in the 
side ; pass. |_3a=. huqi, have the 
colic from eating meat. 

jBs. haqiv, pi. hiqd', huqiyy, ^>="\ 
ahq-in, ahqi, ahqd', side, hypo- 
chondres, loins ; also 8 haqwa-t, 
trowsers, trowser-belt ; colic ; 
pi. hiqd', mountain-slope, steep 

k>jfl=- haqild, full of hatred. 

^^a=- 'huqi, see (f^) ; —huqiyy, Tp\. 
of joz. haqw ; — 8 haqqiyya-t, 
truth, reality. 

<T-sa=- haqib, who sits behind an- 
other on horseback or lags 





behind ; — i haqiha-t, pi. haqd'ib, 
what is put behind on the 
saddle ; portmanteau ; post-bag ; 

i^iSs. haqida-t, hatred, grudge. 

/?«=- haqir, S , despised ; con- 
temptible ; mean, vile, paltry ; 
" your humble servant," in 
letters, &c. 

(3so=> haqiq, pi. ahiqqd', deserving, 
worthy of (v hi) ; — S haqiqa-t, 
pi. haqa'iq, reality, truth, es- 
sence ; true statement of a case ; 
genuineness ; maxim ; — ^^ haqt- 
liyy> ' ) real, true, genuine. 

^««ji=- haqim, the outer corner of the 

(;>««=■ haqtn, stopped, kept back, 

(tsV:^) hakh, V, A, INF. hakk, rub ; 
shave or scrape off ; erase ; 
engrave ; probe by the touch- 
stone ; scratch, have one's self 
scratched ; — for hakik, inf. hakak, 
be hoof-sore ; — ii. inf. tahkik, 
rub violently ; — iii. inf. hikdJc, 
inuhnkka-t, rub against each 
other ; produce electricity ; 
flatter ; resist ; — v. inf. ta- 
hakkuh, rub one's self against ; 

— VI. tahukk, scratch one an- 
other ; — VIII. INF. ihtikuk=^v. 

usU. hakk, rubbing, engraving, 
erasing (s.); pi. A»A-hA-, erasures ; 

— hikk, doubt, agitation, dis- 
quietude ; (m.) compass ; — » 
hikka-t, pi. (likak, scab, itch ; 
itching (s.). 

(^Xc) fiakd, A, INF. hak', tie tight; 

— i hukdt, narrators, pi. of ,_/^ 

usJViCc. hikdk, refractoriness, inf. 

III. ("^) ; — hukdk, scratching 

(s.) ; sugar ; borax ; — Jiakkdk, 

polisher of precious stones ; 

borer of pearls ; engraver ; 

itching, scratching (adj.); pi. 

hakkdkdi, temptations; — i hu- 

kdka-t, scrapings, &(:. 
i,\i^ liikthn, summons; — /iiikhun, 

judges, &c., pi. of f^^ hakim; 

— S hakdma-t, scholarship, wis- 

ij\^ hikdya-t, pi. hakdyd, tale, 
narrative, story, anecdote, his- 
torical account ; resemblance ; 

(jk^) hakad, i, inf. hakd, return 
to the beginning. 

(jSU) hakar, i, inf. hakr, wrong, 
oppress ; be a bad comrade ; 
be quarrelsome ; store corn for 
the time of famine, carry on a 
usurious trade in corn ; — 
haklr, A, inf. hakar, quarrel 
continually ; be headstrong ; — 
II. INF. tahkir, hinder; — iii. 
inf. muhdkara-t, quarrel with 
(ace.) ; — V. INF. tahakkur, viii. 
INF. ihtikdr, buy up corn for 
usurious purposes ; exercise a 

j^ hakr, injustice ; — hakar, great 
stores of corn ; quarrel, dispute ; 

— hakir, who carries on a 
usurious corn trade ; — also * 
hukra-t, usurious corn-trade; — 
^ hakriyy, bad comrade ; quar- 
relsome ; fault-finding, cavil, 

{ijr-^) hakas, I, inf. haks, gather 
(a) ; shrink ; (m.) rummage, 
stir up. 

(>-a^) hakaf, u, inf. hukiif, relax, 
slacken, grow tired and get 

uii^ hakak, inf. of (<i^) ; — hikak, 
pi. of iS:^ hikka-t. 

(J^) hakal, v, inf. hakl, be 
obscure, doubtful ; place the 
lance on one foot ; bet ; press 
hard ; — iv. inf. ihkdl, be 
obscure, doubtful ; — vii. inf. 
in/iikdl, he pressed by want; — 
VIII. INF. ihiikdl=iv.; — S hik- 
la-t, pressure, oppression, want, 
need ; — hiikla-t, stammering 

(l»^) hakam, u, inf. hukm, ex- 
ercise authority, command, bid ; 
protect ; (m.) hit upon, obtain ; 



happen ; — tj, inf. hukm, hukn- 
ma-t, deliver sentence, judge 
between ; — inf. haJcm, bridle ; 
put the bit to a bridle ; restrain, 
keep bank from evil ; — inf. 
hikma-t, be learned, wise, a 
philosopher, a physician ; esta- 
blish solidly ; — ii. inf. tahklni, 
appoint as a judge or governor; 
bid to give judgment ; give full 
powers ; be a physician ; treat 
medically ; — iii. inf. muhd- 
kama-t, summon another oj' go 
with him before the judge ; — 
IV. INF. ihkdm, manage well, 
confirm, consolidate ; protect ; 
bridle ; restrain ; — v. inf. ta- 
hakkum, possess and exercise 
power ; treat one's self or be 
treated medically ; — vi. inf. 
tahdkum, summon each other 
or go together before the judge ; 

— VIII. INF. ihtikdm, exercise 
authority ; deliver justice in 
the name of a superior ; have 
full power over another's pro- 
perty ; — X. INF. istihkdm, be 
well established, consolidated ; 
try to consolidate, to improve ; 
(m.) be able to reach, to obtain, 
to hit. 

(»^ hukm, pi. ahkdm, sentence, 
judgment; jurisdiction; power; 
authority ; magistrate ; govern- 
ment; decree, command, pre- 
cept ; rule of life ; prediction 
from the stars; fate, predesti- 
nation ; knowledge, wisdom ; 
reason ; category ; regard ; 

— l^akam, judge, arbitrator ; 
commander ; — i hikma-t, pi. 
ftikam ; wisdom ; knowledge ; 
medical art; philosophy; justice, 
equity ; reason ; secret decree of 
God ; prophecy ; the Koran ; 
(m.) the Gospel ; — hakama-t, 
bridle, bit ; power ; rank. 

U^ l^ukamd', pi. of ^i^=> hakim. 

(j^) i^ahd, n, inf. hakiv, and (j^ 
^aka, I, INF. hikdya-t, speak, 
tell, relate ; resemble ; imitate ; 

tie a knot firmly ; — iii. inf. 
muhdkdt, resemble, be like ; 
imitate ; converse with another ; 

— IV. INF. ihkd', tie tight ; over- 
corue, surpass ; — viii. inf. ik- 
tikd', be firm, solid. 

^j^ hukiima-t, authority, do- 
minion ; government ; empire, 
state ; jurisdiction ; sentence, 

(^J^) see (^). 

i_^ haky, speaking, talking (s.) ; 

— hakiyy, talking, chattering ; 

— hakkiyy, erasing-knife. 
u^si^ hakik, smooth, polished. 
(♦*S^ hakim, pi. hukamd', wise ; a 

sage, scholar, physician, natu- 
ralist, philosopher ; acting with 
prudence and successfully; solid ; 

— i hakima-t, learned woman ; 
female judge. 

( J=') hall, u, INF. hall, solve ; dis- 
solve ; loosen ; absolve ; unfold ; 
unbend ; reel ofl: ; pass, hull, 
dissolve (n.), melt, thaw ; — 
INF. hulill, fall due ; be a duty ; 
come to the place of sacrifice 
(sheep, &c.) ; — inf. mahill, fall 
or be due ; — i, n, inf. hall, 
hulill, halal, alight, rest, put 
up ; settle on ; grant a place 
for doing so; come upon, befall ; 
pass, be inhabited ; — i, inf. 
hill, be lawful ; put ofE the 
pilgrim's cloak ; — i, inf. hilla-t, 
come to the place of sacrifice ; 
have passed the days of im- 
purity (woman) ; — for halil, a, 
INF. ^alal, have pains in the 
hips or knees ; — ii. inf. tahlil, 
solve, dissolve, analyse ; redeem 
an oath ; bid or allow to alight, 
put up, make a halt, stay ; per- 
mit, proclaim lawful ; legitimise ; 
make a mental reservation in 
taking an oath ; — iv. inf. ihldl, 
bid to alight and make a halt ; 
allow, permit, impose as a duty ; 
draw divine punishment upon 
one's self; put off the pilgrim's 



cloak ; have passed the time of 
pilgrimage, fasting, &c. ; — v. 
INP. tahallul, dissolve (n.) ; 
vanish ; not keep one's oath on 
account of a mental reservation ; 
— VII. iNr. inhihn, get solved, 
dissolved, unfolded, unbent, 
reeled off, absolved ; get 
weakened ; — viii. iNr. ihtildl, 
alight, put up ; — x. inf. is- 
tihldl, deem lawful ; beg one to 
allow a thing (2 ace.) ; acquire 
by right of prescription. 

J=^ hall, solving, dissolving (s.), 
solution, absolution ; sesame- 
oil ; — hill, anything lawful ; who 
alights, puts up, a sojourner ; — 
also hull, redeeming of an oath 
or vow ; — 6 hilla-t, alighting- 
place ; quarter, street ; large 
basket ; kettle ; permission, 
dispensation, absolution ; — hil- 
la-t, pi. hildl, alighting-place ; 
village of a hundred tents ; 
assembly, place of assembly ; 
weakness ; — hulla-t, pi. hulal, 
Midi, underclothing; garment; 
cloak ; garb ; armour ; (m.) 
cooking-pot, kettle. 

(He-) hala', A, iNr. i^al', make col- 
lyrium and put it to another's 
eye ; beat ; throw on the 
ground ; bribe ; — ii. inf. iahW , 
fahli'a-t, give ; keep the camels 
away from the water ; — ' haldf, 
adornment of a sword. 

sjSe. hildb, fresh milk ; inf. hi. 
of (s-J^) ; — halldh, milker ; — 
£ halldba-t, milch cow; fig. a 
person from whom advantages 
are drawn. 

e!!b- halldj, cotton-carder ; — £ hild- 
ja-t, profession of such. 

i}^%^ huldhil, pi. haldhil, prince; 
chieftain ; of high rank. 

ijt%:- Itallds, seller of coarse car- 

SjiSf' haldsa-t, mowing with a 

W%^ Ijildf, oath, obligation by 

oath ; — halldf, who takes fre- 
quent oaths. 

oiU haldq, death ; — hildq, shaving 
(s.) ; — huldq, sore throat ; — 
halldq, barber ; — i hildqa-t, pro- 
fession of a barber; — huldqa-t, 
cuttings of hair. 

^%- haldl, lawful ; indifferent ; 
legitimate ; lawful wife ; mastic; 
— hildl, anything lawful ; vehicle 
for women ; goods ; furniture ; 
pi. of ^1^ hilla-t ; inf. hi. of 
( J=^) ; — halldl, who solves, dis- 
solves ; — hulldl, pi. of J^ hdll, 
descending, due ; — » haldla-t, 
hut where the cocoons are reeled 
off ; spinning-house, cotton-mill ; 
divorced woman who, after the 
dissolution of the second mar- 
riage, returns to her first hus- 

^_^\j;i=> haldirdtiyy, confectioner. 

i^ hah'noa-t, sweetness. 

^_2^^ haldwa, sweets, sweetmeats, 
pi. of iS^ haliva. 

y—S%^ hald'ib, pi. of ^-^i=^ halha-t and 
h^ haluba-t. 

(h-1=^) halah, I, r, (m.) a, inf. 
halb, hildb, milk ; yield milk ; 
bid to milk (2 ace); — halib, A, 
INF. halab, be black; — iv. inf. 
ihldh, assist in milking ; assist ; 

— V. INF. tahallub, get milked ; 
fall in drops ; perspire, shed 
tears, salivate ; flow ; — viii. 
INF. ihtildb, X. INF. istihldb, milk ; 

— X. press out juice. 

s-l^ i^alb, milking Cs.) ; — halab, 
fresh milk ; Aleppo ; — hulub, 
pi. of i?^ haluha-t ; — hullab, 
plant with milky juice; — v,-l=- 
s-li hullab qullab, versatile, cun- 
ning ;— S halba-t, pi. hald'ib, 
race-horses ; horse-race ; milking 
(s.) ; — hulba-t, fennel, traga- 
canth ; clover ; — halaba-t, horse- 
race ; pi. of s-JV=. hdlib, milking 

^Wl=- halbdna-t, milch camel. 

(.U^) hilbid, f. s , small camel. 

(ij-^) halbas, inf. S, go, go awav; 



— halbas, lion ; devoted ; also 
hulahis, a brave one, hero. 

uy^tU halabid, i^^^ halba, milch 

^Jt^ halabiyy, native of Aleppo. 

(ct^) halat, I, INF. halt, shave off, 
pull out. 

u»^sl:> hiltit, <A»a;d=> hiltis, asa- 

(gl=-) halaj, u, I, INF. halj, card 
cotton ; round, roll ; travel all 
night ; walk short distances ; 
beat ; break wind ; (m.) halt 
with one foot. 

(J«^) halhal, inf. » , push from 
one's place ; shake ; — ii. inf. 
tahalhul, be pushed, shaken. 

("jl^) halaz, V, INF. hah, remove 
the hair from a skin, the bark 
from wood, &c. ; — v. inf. ta- 
halluz, gird one's self; make 
ready for. 

jls- hilliz, 6 , short ; avaricious ; 
malicious ; owl. 

(i)j^ halazmi, snail ; — ^5 halazCi- 
niyy, snail-shaped, spiral ; spiral 
staircase ; spiral shell. 

((jJb.) halas, I, INF. hals, cover a 
camel with the saddle-cloth ; 
rain continuously ; — halis, a, 
INF. halas, attend continually, 
be continually at a place ; — 
IX. INF. ihlisds, be chestnut 
coloured ; — x. inf. istihlds, use 
for a saddle-cloth ; cover the 
ground entirely. 

(j-^ hils, halas, pi. ahlds, hulus, 
halasa-t, woollen covering placed 
iDeneath a camel's saddle ; — 
^ils, hals, covenant, alliance ; — 
Ijtils, halis, fourth arrow in the 
game of arrows ; halis, apt, 
strong, brave; avaricious. 

\— J^ halsd, f . of ij-^\ ahlas, chest- 
nut coloured. 

(,»«-U) hilsamm, avaricious. 

(yiJc^) halas, inf. hals, reap with a 

(UL:^) j^alat, TT, INF. halt, be rash, 
hasty, angry, obstinate ; swear, 
take an oath ; — ^alif, a, inf. 

halat, be hasty, angry ; — viii. 
INF. ihtildt=i.; separate in 
enmity from (y.e 'an). 
(._Al^) halaf, I, INF. half, hilf, 
halif, niahluf, mahlufa-t, swear, 
take an oath ; conjure ; — 11. 
iNP. tahlif, exact an oath from 
(ace.) ; — III. INF. muhd.lafa-t, 
take an oath of covenant with 
another; — iv. inf. ihldf =11.; 

— VI. inf. tahdluf, bind one 
another by an oath of covenant ; 

— X. INF. istihldf, conjure, exact 
an oath from (ace.) ; renounce 
by oath. 

<-*l2^ half, hilf, halif, taking an 
oath, swearing (s.) ; — hiy", pi. 
ahldf, oath ; sworn covenant ; 
pi. who havB sworn a covenant, 
confederates ; friendship ; parti- 
sanship, party ; — halif, covenant, 

ViU halfd', pi. haluf, a shameless 
and boisterous woman ; bul- 
rushes for making baskets ; — 
hulafd', pi. of <-fl-l=- halif. 

yVAl=. half an, oath. 

((j~il=-) hilfas, fat. 

((3^) halaq, i, inf. halq, tahldq, 
shave; shear; — tj, injure in 
the throat, the palate ; fill a 
cistern ; determine approxi- 
mately ; — II. INF. tahliq, shave 
smooth ; soar into the air, fly 
in circles ; rise ; have a halo ; 
be three-quarters ripe ; — v. 
INF. tal/,alluq, be surrounded by 
a circle ; have a halo ; form a 
circle, sit in a circle ; describe 
circles in the air. 

(jls. halaq, throat, palate ; — hilq, 
seal-ring ; — hullaq, pi. of ijlU. 
hdliq, full udder, hillock ; — 5 
halqa-t, fiilqa-t, pi. halaq, }/.aliq, 
hilaq, ring ; round clamp; buckle; 
lock of hair, ringlet ; ear-ring ; 
twist (pastry) ; circle ; halo ; 
fold, enclosure, fence ; as- 
sembly, troop ; armour ; rope ; 
empty vessel ; mark of a camel 




by branding; — halaqa-t, pi. of 
(3^^ hdliq, barber. 

yUls:. /nilqrtn, i hulqdna-t, three- 
quarters ripe. 

((*^^) halqani, inf. » , sever one's 

((j^l=-) halqan, inf. « , be three- 
quarters ripe. 

(•^als^ hulqilm, pi. haldqim, throat ; 

,_s5l=- halqiyy, guttural. 

«sii^ halik, A, INF. kalaJc, huluha-t, 
also XII. ihlaulaq, inf. ihlildq, 
be black as a raven ; — s hulha-t, 
thorough blackness. 

(^S^) halkain, hulkum, entirely 

Jl=^ halal, lameness of the hips ; 
INF. of (^ J«-) ; — hilal, hulal, pi. 
of At=. hilla-t, hulla-t, respec- 
tively ; — hullal, pi. of J^ Mil, 
impending, due. 

(^) halam, A, halum, inf. Aa?H(, 
dream ; have a wet dream ; 
halam, louse ; — halum, inf. 
Ai7m, be gentle, mild ; — halini, 
A, inf. halam, swarm with 
worms or lice ; — ii. inf. tahlim, 
render gentle, mild ; rid of 
worms or lice ; — iv. inf. ihldm, 
have gentle and good children; 
— V. inf. ta^alhim, show one's 
self gentle and considerate ; 
dream ; tell false dreams ; — 
VII. INF. inhildm, viii. inf. ihii- 
Idm, dream ; viii. attain to 

^♦1=" fiilni, pi. fiulum, al/ldni, gentle- 
ness combined with considerate- 
ness, mildness, urbanity ; — fiulm, 
J^ulum, pi. ahldm, dream, vision ; 
maturity, puberty; — fialam, S, 
small worm or louse; — halim, 
swarming with lice; — ii hala- 
ma-t, teat, nipple ; (m.) mouth- 
piece of a pipe. 
Uie. ^alanid', pi. of /^t)^ halun. 
iirt^ hilmiyya-t, gentleness, mild- 
(^) (ia.^''t u, INF. halw, Ifulwdn, 
be sweet, pleasant to the taste, 

sugared ; be agreeable, pleasinj 
to the eye or mind ; — INI 
halw, make sweet, pleasant 
give ; — ,_sl=- hali. A, inf. hald 
iva-f, be sweet, pleasant; deen 
or find sweet ; receive anythin; 
pleasant; — ^ hali'i, inf. hald 
wa-t, be sweet, pleasant ; — ii 
halla', (m.) ,_^ halla, inf 
tahliya-t, svieeien ; sugar; maki 
pleasant ; — iii. inf. muhdldt 
show one's self amiable tc 
(ace), treat kindly, caress 
flatter ; — v. inf. tahalli, deen 
or find sweet; — vi. inf. tahdli 
show one's self amiable ; — x 
inf. istihu'd, find sweet, agree- 
able; be sweet; — xii. ihlaula 
INF. ihlild, be sweet, agreeable. 

jl=- hulw (also huluww), i , sweet 
agreeable, lovely, amiable ; — 
halu\ coUyrium. 

\^ halwd', f. sweet, pleasant, 
agreeable ; aything sugared- 
confectionery, confitures ; halwd'. 
f. of ,_3l=»^ , sweeter. 

t)^^ hulwdn, INF. of (y^) ; — 
also i hulwdna-i, portion, dowry; 
compensation to a divorced 
woman ; gratification, present, 
gratuity; fee; — ^^ hahvdniyy, con- 
fectioner ; — hnlwdniyy, sweet. 

i^l^ hahvd'iyy, confectioner. 

■^•^ haliib, milking (adj.) ; milked ; 

— ' haliiha-t, pi. hald'ib, liuluh, 
animal that yields milk, milch. 

J^ hulOl, INF. of ( J=>) ; incorpo- 
ration, incarnation, penetration ; 

— pi. of J^ hdll, descending, 
impending, due ; — ^_s halftUyy, 
believer in the incarnation of 

iS^ ftalica, pi. ^aldwa, sweets, 
confectionery ; — i^alwa, sweet ; 

— v^\ hahriyydt, sweetmeats, 

(<J^) Aa'a, I) INP. I^aly, adorn; — 
hall. A, INF. /laly, be adorned ; 
adorn one's self ; — n. inf. 
iahliya-t, adorn ; describe a 



person ; — v. inf. tahallt, be 
^J^ haW, V. see (!^) ; — haly, pi. 
huliyy, hiliyy, ornaments of a 
woman, jewellery ; — haliyy, S , 
pi. ahliya-t, white thistle ; 
adorned ; — ^ halya-t, adorn- 
ment, jewel ; — hilya-t, pi. hila, 
adornment, jewellery ; dis- 
tinguishing quality ; conson- 
'-r-^ halih, milk. 
cfc~>l=» halU, frost ; — hilltt, asa- 

gsl=> halij, carded ; — S halija-f, 

dates in milk ; cream. 
UiflU halif, pi. hulafiV, confede- 
rate ; fellow conspirator ; sharp ; 
ij^ haliq, shaved. 
JJa^ halil, pi. ahilW, husband, 
wife ; anything lawful ; — 5 
halila-t, pi. hald'il, wife. 
>»4l=> halim, pi. liulamd, ahldm, 
gentle and considerate, mild ; 
(^) hamm, v, (m.) a, inf. hamm, 
make hot, heat ; melt ; hasten 
the pace of an animal ; make 
it hot for, cause anxiety ; pass. 
humm, have a hot fever; be 
troubled, put to anxiety ; — 
INF. humum, decree ; intend ; 
determine according to weight 
or measure ; — for hamim, a, 
iNP. hamam, have ceased to 
glow ; be black as coal ; be 
very hot ; — iv. inf. ihmdm, 
warm, heat ; cause anxiety ; 
afflict with a fever ; be at hand, 
present, near ; — v. inf. taham- 
miim, take a warm bath ; — vii. 
inf. inhimdm, be heated, grow 
anxious, heated with passion ; 
have a fever ; — viii. inf. ihti- 
mdm, be caused anxiety ; be 
prevented from sleep by sorrow 
or anxiety ; x. inf. istihmdm, take 
a warm bath. 
1^ ham, ham', hama' (Uc ham-an). 

pi. ahmd', father-in-law ; — 
hamm, anxiety ; flight, escape ; 

— humm, pi. hamd'iin, the best 
part ; heat of mid-day ; pi. of 
l*=^\ ahamm,, white, &c. ; • — i 
hamma-t, thermal spring; — him- 
tna-t, sweat, perspiration ; death ; 
— humma-t, heat ; fervour; fever ; 
blackish brown ; pigeon-colour ; 
pi. humam, himdm,, destiny ; c 
j\yi!1 humma-t al-firdq, fate, 
death ; also huma-t, poison of 
a scorpion. 

(Us^) hama', a, inf. ham', cleanse 
from mud ; — ,^s*^ hami'. A, 
INF. ham', hama', be muddy ; 
be angry. 

U=> hamd', sU=> ham'a-t, pi. U=- 
ham-an, thin mud, filth, dung ; 

— himd', INF. III. of ((j*=») ; 
defence ; anything forbidden ; 
precinct ; — hammd', pi. humm,, 
the buttocks ; — hu7nmd', pi. 
hummayd-t, hot fever ; — S ha- 
mdt, mother-in-law ; pi. hama- 
xvdt, calf of the leg ; Hama ; — 


humdt, pi. of ^-"^ hdmi, 

>jU=> hamdd-i, well done ! bravo ! — 
hammdd, who praises much ; — 
j_5 humdda, pi. humddaydt, end, 
extremity, what is last. 
^Ui» himdr, pi. hamir, ahmira-t, hu- 
mur, hwmur, humurdt, mahmurd' , 
ass, wild ass ; S himdra-t, pi. 
hamd'ir, she-ass ; upper part of 
the foot ; instep ; himdr, himd- 
ra-t, wooden fore-part of a 
camel's saddle ; wood for sharp- 
ening knives ; — hammdr, pi. 
hammdra-t, ass-driver, muleteer; 
— i hammdra-t, lazy beast ; 
highest heat of summer. 

y*_)Us- humdris, strong, bold ; lion. 

j_gjU=- himdriyy, 6 , ass-like : — 8 
himdriyya-t, agreement for equal 

6jW hamdza-t, strength ; sharp, 

&»Ua- hamdsa-t, bravery ; energy ; 


title of an ancient collection of 

y=U=» hummdd, sorrel. 
tUi- hamdt, i , a herb ; rice-straw ; 

■ — i hamdta-t, secret of the heart; 

pi. Mmdt, mountain-fig. 


hamdq, humdq, small-pox ; ■ 

himdq, (_3'Ue. hamdqd, hmndqd, 
pi. of (3-M*^ ahniaq, stupid, fool- 
ish ; — i hamdqa-1, stupidity, 

,_^-iW hamdqis, pi. calamities. 

JU=- hamindl, porter; — i hamu- 
la-t, undertaking, carrying, suf- 
fering (s.), INF. of (J-*^) ; mulct 
for bloodshed; — Mmdla-t, pi. 
humul, tribute ; fine ; j^l. ha- 
md'il, sword-belt ; trade of a 

gJUs. hamdltj, pi. of e^*^ hamluj. 

^^U^. hamdliq, pi. of jlX*^- himldq. 

^U=* haindm, i , pi. -dt, hamd'im, 
turtle-dove ; dove, pigeon ; any 
bird with a neck-ring; — himdm, 
fate, death ; — hinndm, fever of 
a beast of burden ; nobleman, 
lord ; — hammdm, pi. hammdmdt, 
warm bath; — (^ hammdmiyy, 

yUc hamd'ir, pi. of sjU=. himdra-t. 

JfUi. hamd'il, pi. of iJUs- himdla-t. 

^U=> hamd'im, pi. of ^ humm, 
^^ hamdma-t, and &*«-»=> hanii- 

ibUc himdya-t, protection ; (m.) 
protege, client ; fuel. 

(ct~*=.) hamat, i, inf. hamt, set 
over and fill with love for ; — 
hamit, a, inf. hamat, be rank, 
spoiled, deteriorated; — hamut, 
INP. humCda-t, be very hot, 

(e*^)> II- hammaj, inf. tahmij, 
compress the eye-lids to see 
better ; look sharply at ( J\ 
ila) ; be sunk ; be defaced by 

(l*as*^) hamham, inf. » , and ii. 
INF. tahamhiim, neigh, roar; 
— him/dm, entirely black; a 

bird ; — s himhima-t, ox-tong 
(juo.) hamid, A, inf. hamd, ma 
mad, iiiahmid, mahmida-t, prais 
reward, thank; find praisewortl: 
good ; be anijrv ; — ii. inf. ta 
mid, praise highly, glorify Go^ 

— IV. INF. ihmdd, show on( 
self praiseworthy ; find goo 
praiseworthy ; approve, I 
pleased with ; deserve than' 
from (ijic 'ala) ; be kind. 

J*=> hamd, praise ; kindness, favor 
grace ; reward, thank ; — » hai 
da-t, praiseworthy (f.) ; — h 
mada-t, who always praises, fla 

J.u=* hamdal, inf. S , say &13 J*s 
al-hamd-u li-'l-ldh-i. 

(j*^) hamar, v, inf. hamr, sera; 
ofi: ; skin ; shave ; — hamir, 
INF. hamar, suffer from ind 
gestion ; grow stupid, like i 
ass ; burn with anger ; — ] 
INF. tahm'ir, call or treat as i 
ass ; dye red, rubricate ; spe; 
as a Himyarite ; — v. inf. t 
hammur, id.; rouge (n.) ; — i 
INF. ihmirdr, be red, redde 
blush; — XI. INF. ihmh-dr, ' 
very red. 

y*^ hamr, skinning, flaying (s. 
— hinnr, pi. of yt^\ ahmar, re( 

— humar, tamarind; bitume 
asphalt ; — humur, pi. of j^ 
himdr ; — hummdr, i, a fim 
with a red head ; — S hmnra-t, ] 
humar, redness; blush; rougl 
dust of red brick ; plague-blistc 
anthrax ; erysipelas. 


'rd, f. (J'ly*^ humrdn, pi. 

y*=^'^ ahmar, red. 
y^\j*^ humurdt, pi. of jU=- himdr. 
i)*^) hamaz, i, inf. i^iamz, bu: 

on the tongue ; sharpen, poin 

seize ; .— //a)ii?(2, inf. hamdza 

be strong, hard. 
j*^ ham::, sharpness, acidity; — 

hamna-t, lion ; a herb. 
(u~*=-) hamas, v, inf. hams, ste 

meat ; provoke to anger ; ■ 




hamis, a, inp. hamas, be firm 
in one's belief, brave in battle ; 

— hamus, inf. hamdsa-t, id. ; — 
II. INF. tahmls, IV. inf. ihmds, 
stew meat ; irritate ; — v. show 
one's self unshakeable in belief, 
brave in battle ; grow angry, fly 
into a passion. 

hums, pi. of y~*="^ ahnias, 
strong, firm, &c. ; — hamas, un- 
shaken firmness ; » hamasa-t, 
tortoise ; — hamis, unshakeable, 
brave, energetic ; — humsa-t, 
honour, consideration. 

hamsd, f. of (j~«.=>-\ ahmas, 
strong, finn. 

(yi>*=-) hama.s, i, inf. humdsa-t, be 
thin ; — u, inf. hams, gather, 
assemble (a.) ; provoke to anger ; 
pursue in anger, chase ; — hamis, 
A, INF. hams, hams'a-t, be angry ; 
be violent, oppressive ; — inf. 
hams, hamas, have thin thighs 
or legs ; — hamus, inf. humitsa-t, 
be thin ; — ii. inf. tahmis, itch, 
burn ; be granulous, coagulate 
and become granulous; — viii. 
INF. ihtimds, grow inflamed with 
anger ; fight. 

yi>*=^ ham^, hamis, having thin 
thighs ; thin ; fleshless ; hams, 
pi. himds, thin ; — 6 himsa-t, 
anger, rage, indignation, vexa- 

(ija*=-) hamas, tr, inf. hams, humus, 
subside, abate ; cease to be 
swollen ; take a mote out of 
the eye ; perspire violently ; — 
inf. hams, rock gently to and 
fro (n.) — II. inf. tahmis, roast; 
— v. INF. tahammus, get roasted ; 
shrink ; — vii. inf. inhimds, 
subside, abate. 

(u**=") hamad, v, inf. hamd, be 
sour, acid ; have aversion for 
(y^ 'an) ; desire ; — inf. hamd, 
humild, browse on bitter herbs ; 

— hamid, a, be or turn sour ; 

— hamud, inf. humuda-t, id. ; — 
II. INF. tahmid, iv. inf. ihmdd, 
make sour, acidulate, leaven. 

cA*^ hamJ, pi. humnd, a bitter 
plant; sorrel (also (jij-i*^ ham- 
did') ; — hnmud, pi. of (ja**=» 
hamid ; — ii hamda-t, desire, 

(k*:^) hamat, i, inf. hamt, peel, 

(t^*^) hamtar, inf. » , fill ; put a 
string to the bow. 

(k*.:^) ha ma;, u, inf. hamz, spur, 
urge on. 

(Jk».=-) hamzal, coloquintida ; — 
INF. ii , gather coloquintida. 

((3*=') hamiq, a, inf. humq, humuq, 
be stupid, imbecile, foolish ; (m.) 
be vexed, angry ; — hamuq, inf. 
hamdqa-f, be stupid, an idiot; 
be dull (market) ; — ii. inf. 
tahmiq, call or deem stupid, 
treat as a fool ; declare to be 
foolishness ; pass, drink wine ; 

— IV. inf. ihmdq, find stupid ; 

— VI. INF. tahdmKq, feign stu- 
pidity; — ^x. INF. isti/imdq, find 
stupid ; be stupid ; act fool- 

(3*=» hiimq, stupidity, idiotcy, fool- 
ishness ; -wine ; — hamaq, fluor 
albus ; anger, vexation ; — hamiq, 
pi. humaqd' , o°*^ Iiamqa, block- 
head ; humuq, pi. and — 

\j!*=^ hamqd', f. of i,^*=^\ ahmaq, 
stupid, foolish. 

(yVa*=. hamqdii, angry ; vexed. 

(uiU:^) hamik, a, inf. hamTc, step 

uiU=- hamah, i , anything small ; 
small lice, ants; children; low 
people ; leader ; » , small, low 

(J*^) hamal, i, inf. haml, humldn, 
carry ; support, endure ; im- 
port ; send ; impose, impute ; 
treat kindly ; attack, charge ; 
instigate, incite, excite against ; 
bear great hardships in tra- 
velling ; refer a word to or 
make it agree -with another ; 
show one's self angry ; know a 
book by heart; give over to 
destruction ; — i, inf. haml, be 





pregnant ; bear fruit ; swell, 
over-flow; — inp. /laiH'ihi-t, be 
at one's service, ready for ; 
pass, be covered (mare) ; — ii. 
INF. tahin'd, burden witli (2 
ace.) ; cause, bid, or ask to 
carry, deliver, etc. ; impute to 
(2 ace); — IV. INF. ihniiU, im- 
pose a burden ; help to carry 
(2 ace); — V. INF. ta/iainmid, 
take up a burden ; carry, sup- 
port, bear, suffer ; make debts ; 
break up a camp and depart; 

— VI. INF. ta/ii'imid, impose 
anything hard, treat harshly; 
oppress ; — VII. INF. inhimdl, 
be carried ; be bearable ; — viii. 
INF. i/itiwiil, carry ; bear, sup- 
port, suffer ; permit, allow ; 
overlook an offence ; acknow- 
ledge a benefit, be thankful 
(also pass. uMiimil, be allow- 
able, possible ; pass, with ^_^ 
'ala, gi'ow angry) ; impose a 
burden ; break up the camp 
and depart ; — x. inf. istihtndl, 
charge one's self with one's own 
affairs, perform them one's self ; 
ask or demand to carry. 

J*=- lianiJ, carrying (s.) ; preg- 
nancy ; pi. kimdl, ahmnl, embryo 
(in the womb); pi. himdl, humnl, 
ahmaj, fruit of a tree; — /liml, 
pi. ahmiU, burden, load ; pi. 
humtU, camel-litter, camels bear- 
ing litters ; — fiamal, pi. humhhi, 
ahiniU, lamb, ram, wether ; sign 
of the Ram; — hinnl. pi. of aJU^^ 
l/i III ilia -t ; — i liamla-t, attack; 
charge of horse; push; effort; 

— hiiiila-t, load, burden ; — 
/lainalii-f, bearers, pi. of J^W- 

giU^ /()'H(?,y = gjU=. humh'ij. 

ji*:^ hiiiihiq, litiiiihiq, pi. fiaiildliq, 

the inner side of the eye-lid ; 

edge of the eye coloured with 

yS^s. hnmhin, inf. of ( J*^) ; pi. 

of J*^ hamal; hospitable gift. 

(gU^) /lamlaj, inf. ' , twist a roj 

very firm. 
(^^Jl^) hainhiq, inf. » , open tl 

eyes wide and stare at, gaze. 
5^1*^ hiimli'ij, pi. hamiUlj, bellow 

of a goldsmith. 
jyu=> humh'iq=^yi\*^ hiinh'iq. 
jju=^ Iiamliyy, categorical. 
,».*^ Imiaaiii, blackness; — Mmai 

INF. of (f>^) ; — huiiiam, pi. - 

i*=. huwina-t ; — ' huinama- 

(i:}*^) /laiiin, small lice (also aj^ 

hamnihia-t) ; ticks (insects). 
i}*^) see (^.s*-). 
ft^ haiinv, heat ; also i hamwa- 

first heat of the morning 

prime ; — ha inn, hamir, hail 

father-in-law, brother-in-law 

— hnmaii\ poison of a SCO 
j)iou ; — huiiuiW'it, pi. of iU 

jj-k:^ hamnd, praised, praiseworth 
jj*=^ humi'ir, pi. of jW=. hiin'ir. 
SJay*^ hiim'''sa-f, thinness of tl 

l^y*^ hum I'l r/(i -t, nciditj ; acid tast 

INF. of (ij'*^). 

J^j*£. ha 111 11 1, ]iorter; bearer, su 
f erer ; gentle, mild; — i ham 
la-t, beast of burden ; loa 
burden, freight, cargo ; — hum 
Ja-t, camel-loads ; fee of a portei 
carriage, costs of transport. 

((_5*=>) hanid, i, inf. hamy, him, 
ya-t, mahmiya-t, protect, defen 
ward off, forbid to touch < 
enter (ace. or (^ min) ; ni 
be ridden or loaded ; — in 
hamy, hamica-f, himdya-f, h 
iniyya-t, forbid, bid one (ac 
or J li) to abstain from (ace. i 
^E 'an respectively); — hami, 
INF. hamiyya-f, mahmiyya-t, 1 
in awe of, abstain with awe > 
reverence ; — inp. hamy, hiimiy 
humuivw, glow, be hot, pierspin 

— inp. hamy, hiimiiwic, glow, 1 
heated ; be angrv against ((_■ 
'ala); — ii. inf. tahmiya-i, mal 
hot or to glow ; heat ; — iii. in 



mtthtuii'lt, himiV, defend ; plead 
for ; — IV. INF. ihmd', make hot 
or to glow ; brand ; declare a 
place prohibited to others, de- 
clare one's determination to 
defend a place ; meet such a 
place; — v. inf. tahamml, get 
hot, be heated ; rush upon with 
impetuosity ; — vi. inf. ta/idmi, 
be on one's guard against, set 
guard on ; go aside from, re- 
frain from (ace.) ; — viii. inf. 
ihtiiHit', abstain from (^^ min) ; 
fast ; defend one's self ; call 
for protection or help ; — xii. 
ihmauma, inf. ihmimd', be 

,_s*=» hami', see (^) ; — haini, 
muddy ; — him-an, hinia, du. 
himawdn, pi. ahmd', well guarded 
and prohibited to others ; pre- 
cinct; domain; sanctuary; any- 
thing forbidden ; — humma, pi. 
hummaydt, hot fever ; — hamiyy, 
pi. handyya-t, protected, pro- 
hibited =Aim-a»( ; hot, glowing ; 
— s himya-t, anything defended 
or to be defended ; anything 
forbidden ; diet ; — hamiyya-t, 
feeling of honour and shame; 
dignity joined to modesty ; ab- 
stinence, diet; zeal-j-^/iamndy- 
ya-t, intense heat. 

W*=- Mimayyd, humayy-an, ardour 
of passion ; fire of youth, of 
wine ; wine ; — hammayd, any- 
thing that must be defended. 

ks.~>*=^ hamit, extreme rage ; pi. 
hiimut, leathern flask. 

hamid, i , praised, praise- 
worthy ; — i hamida-t, pi. ha- 
md'id, praiseworthy quality or 

hatnir, pi. of jU=» himdr; also 
ii hamira-t, strap, girth ; — him- 
yar, name of the first ancestor 
of a tribe ; — 6 ^umaira-t, 
erysipelas; — ^J himyariyy, i, 
belonging to the tribe of Him- 
yar; — h himyariyya-t, language 
of the Himyarites. 

j**=- hamiz, firm, vigorous. 

(j~9*=" AtDHts, S, brave; impetuous, 

vehement ; stove ; — S hamisa-t, 

<*-»<*=- haniisa-t, jjI. /lamd'is, stolen 

(ja**=> hamid, pi. humud, tract of 

land abounding in bitter herbs. 
^ii«*^ humaiqd', t_^t!*^ humaiqa, 

J~*^ ham'il, carried, carried off ; 

imported when young (slave) ; 

stranger; foundling; bastard; 

— i hatu'da-t, people of the 
house ; pi. hamd'il, sword-belt. 

,♦«*=" hamim, hot water; thermal 
spring, hot bath ; summer-heat ; 
afilicted with fever ; pi. akimmd', 
fever; relation, relative, friend; 

— 6 hanilma-i, pi. hamd'im, hot 
water or milk ; best part of 
one's property ; — y^\ humaimdt, 
live coal. 

((:>'=") hann, l, inf. hanin, call 
tenderly, cry, sigh, complain ; 
be moved with a longing desire ; 
resound; — inf. harm, handn, 
have compassion on (^_^ 'ala) ; 

— II. inf. tahnin, bloom ; — iv. 
inf. ihndii, make the bow re- 
sound ; err, transgress ; — v. inf. 
iahannun, be moved with love 
and compassion ; — vi. inf. ta- 
hnrni, x. inf. istihndn, long for ; 

— 6 hanna-t, sister-in-law; wife; 

(Uc) hana' , A, inf. han', be densely 
covered with vegetation ; lie 
with ; — II. INF. tahni', tahni'a-t, 
dye red with henna; — v. inf. 
tahanni, be dyed red. 

^ hinnd, » , pi. hun'dn, the plant 
henna {Lawsonia inermis). 

iii\j^ handbila-t, pi. of j_5W^'s- ham- 

/s-^ handjir, pi. of 5;a!.s=- hanjira-t 
and (also ^-s-^ handjir) of j^a^-^ 
„ ^ handjif, pi. of >-»^-i^ /mil' 




LU:^ hannaf, corn-merchant ; — 
hi'iidt, materials for embalming ; 
— i hinnta-t, art of embalming ; 
corn-trade; — (^ hanndtiyy, pi. », 

(jUi. handn, compassion, mercy ; 
tenderness ; abundance ; wages, 
pay ; — hanri'in, moved with 
compassion or tenderness ; mer- 
ciful ; resounding ; open ; — 
hun^dn, pi. of Vj^. kin ad'. 

UUs^ handyd, pi. of 4*-^^ haniyya-i. 

ij^ hindya-t, bending (s.). 

j_jfU=. hinnd'iyy, seller of henna; 

("— ui.) haidh, A, INF. hanab ; — li. 
INF. tahnib, be gracefully bent 
in the loins ; — ii. inf. tahannuh, 
be bent. 

(yi.jj^) hambati, inf. » , jump, 
leap ; clap the hands ; play, 
laugh, amuse by telling stories. 

ya<.s=- himbisji himhasa-t, stratagem 

in warfare ; f}\ f} abit 'l-himbis, 


( J*.i=>) hanibal, inf. ii , eat of the 

bean humbul; put on a fur coat; 

— II. INF. tahambid, hang down 
the head. 

J.5j^ hambal, short, dwarfish ; fur 
coat ; worn boot ; fleshy, paunch- 
bellied ; sea ; name of the 
founder of one of the four 
law-schools ; — himibul, French 
bean; — ^ hamhaliyy, pi. hand- 
bila-t, follower of Hambal. 

(^Uoj^") hantaf, locusts as a dish. 

(*;:-t.) hantam, i, pi. handiini, green 
water-jug ; coloquintida. 

(li,.;:.) hanis, be a blasphemer and 
perjurer ; break one's oath ; 
waver between good and evil ; — 
IV. INF. ihids, induce to perjury ; 

— V. INF. tahaimnif, shun false 
gods and sin. 

>^-^j^ hins, sin, crime, perjury. 
(yii=>) hansar, ^s/^-^ hansariyy, 

J.U:. ^ansal, weak. 

(j-i:^) hfDiaj, I, INF. hanj, bend, 
cause to bend ; twist strongly ; 
present itself, happen, occur. 
j^ hinj, pi. hindj, root, origin. 
(k,-va!ri=^) himjub, dry, withered, 
(o.^;.;^) hunjud, long, lengthy, 
(j^-!^) hanjar, S hanjara-t, pi. 
handjir, throat, gullet ; — hanjar, 
INF. i , slaughter (by cutting the 
(cji^Ji.) hanjaf, (linjif, hvnjuf, » 
hanjafa-t, &c., upper edge of the 
jfl!^^ huiijiir, pi. handjir, gullet ; 
throat ; (m.) phial, small bottle. 
t-J^as^;. huiijnf, part of the ribs 

which joins the spine. 
(y,SB.;i:.) hanhan, inf. » , be moved 

with compassion or tenderness. 
(gjL;=.) hundvj, pi. handd'ij, long 

(j.^.;^) hutidur, j^-^-^ hundur, pi. 

handdir, pupil of the eye. 
(y.^.Ui.) hindis, pi. handdis, dark 
night ; darkness ; — handas, 
INF. » , II. INF. tahandus, be very 
^^^ij-^ hatidaqfiq, hindaqnq, lotus ; 

i^^'is^ hundi'(ja-t::=S'^^^ hundiij. 
'j^""^ hti>tdih'a-t:=j'i^^ hundur. 
(m^) hanaz, i, inf. hanz, tahndz, 

roast beneath heated stones. 
(/=-) hanar, inf. hanr, construct a 

vault or arch. 
(v»^^-*=-) hiuzdb, strong ass ; par- 
snip ; a bird ; strong dwarf. 
((j~-^) hanis, A, INF. hanas, be 
always in the midst of the 
(lt-^s-) hanas, sting ; — ii. inf. 
t a hn ! s, i:h.2ise ; avert from, cause 
to desist ; — iv. inf. ihtids, 
avert, cause to desist ; urge to 
iji-.^ fiana.s', pi. ahnds, male snake, 

reptile ; fly. 
(w*^) hianaf, u, inf. hanf, die. 
V/o-ii^ hiiifa, weak. 



J-»^ hcmdal, i handala-t, pond, 

(ki=^) hanat, i, inf. hant, sigh 
with grief ; be red ; — u, inf. 
huniit, be ripe for harvest; — 
II. INF. tahnit, embalm ; — iv. 
INF. ihndt, id. ; die ; be ripe 
for harvest; — v. inf. tahannuf, 
get embalmed ; be irritated 
against (J li) ; — x. inf. istih- 
nat, id. ; seek death, rush into 
the din of battle; — » hinfa-t, 
pi. hinat, wheat. 

(h.,Lu^) hantab, goat. 

(y=^^), II. tahantar, inf. tahantur, 
turn and twist about, be irreso- 
lute in a matter. 

(J^i^) hanzal, i , coloquintida. 

((j^'*'-) hanza, inf. »Vk«=. hanzd'a-t, 
talk ribaldry (woman). 

t)W=-^ hinziydn, shameless, impu- 
dent (woman). 

(i-i^=-) hanaf, i, inf. hanf, bend ; 
— hanif, A, inf. hanaf, have 
the feet turned inwards ; — 
hanuf, INF. handfa-t, id. ; — v. 
inf. tahamiuf, turn from idolatry 
to the true religion. 

li-is- hanfd', f. of ^-aj^\ aknaf, 
turned inwards ; tortoise ; bow ; 
razor ; — hvnafd', pi. of «-**-'=- 

(^J«iJ^=.) hinfis, shameless, impudent 

(^/.iis.) hinfis, viper. 

^j4i=- hanafiyy, follower of Abu 
Hanifa ; orthodox ; — » hana- 
fiyya-t, sect of Hanifites ; 
orthodoxy ; reservoir with taps ; 

{i.^^^) haniq, A, inf. hanaq, haniq, 
be enraged ; hate, bear a deep 
grudge ; — IV. inf. ihndq, hate 
with irreconcilable hatred. 

^JJ■^ hanaq, pi. hindq, violent 
anger, rage ; — haniq, enraged ; 

(c£U=-) hanak, i, v, inf. hanlc, 
bridle ; make wise ; understand 
well ; chew ; — ii. inf. tahnik, 
make wise ; chew ; — iv. inf. 

ihndh, make wise ; — viii. inf. 
ihtindk, id. ; bridle. 

hanak, pi. ahndk, palate ; 
lower _ part of the chin ; — hunk, 
experience ; firmness and pru- 
dence ; — hunuk, i , experienced ; 
prudent ; — S hanaka-t, rugged 

( J^) hankal, inf. ii , walk clum- 
sily and heavily. 

(^»-^) hanani, i , owl. 

(f^) hand, u, INF. hanv, hand', 
bend, crook ; contort ; bend the 
head ; — inf. hamv, make a 
bow ; — INF. hunuww, lean to- 
wards, incline, have an incli- 
nation for (^ 'ala) ; — ii. inf. 
tahniya-t, bend, crook ; — iv. 
INF. ihnd', incline towards ; — v. 
INF. tahanni, be bent, crooked ; 
— VII. INF. inhind', id. ; be 
flexible ; incline towards. 

^•se- hunuww, inclination, affection, 
tenderness, compassion ; — hiniu, 
pi. haniyy, huniyy, ahnd', bend, 
inflection ; saddle-bridge ; bend- 
ing outlines of the body, &c. ; 
chin ; ribs ; mountain-slope. 

ty=^ hanat, fragrant herbs ; mate- 
rials for embalmi