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lte Teacher. Co«e.« 

?ar mvffle,Vira»». 


State Teachers College 

Farmville, Virginia 

Alumnae Issue 

Volume XXX 

No. 4 

December, 1944 

Latest Portrait of Our 
Beloved President 


Painted by Julia Mahood 


ulia Mahood, a graduate of our Col- 
lege, comes from a family of artists. Her 
mother, grandmother, a brother, and two 
sisters have been recognized for their talent 
in this field. She has done some of the best 
portraits in our College. Among them are 
Dr. Thomas D. Eason, Miss Estelle Smithey, and Miss Martha Coulling. 
Her latest addition is possibly her masterpiece, namely, the above one of 
Dr. J. L. Jarman. She presented it at commencement, June 5, 1944, and it 
now hangs over the mantel in the Reception Hall. The Lynchburg Chap- 
ter, represented by their president, Helen Costan, presented the beautiful 
frame at the same time. The following is Julia's presentation speech: 

"Dr. Jarman, when I was in College here, I wished that my Mother 
could paint your portrait, and later on I wanted to paint it myself, not a 
portrait of the serious college president but the Dr. Jarman that I knew, 
with the humor and understanding that endears you to us all. A year ago I 
heard you wish that one of your portraits had a twinkle in the eye, and so 
I asked you to pose for me. And now, as a token of my deep regard for you 
and in appreciation of all my Alma Mater has meant to me, I wish to 
present this portrait, which I painted." 

Alumnae President's Letter 

After a year has passed, it is an appropriate time to take stock in our efforts, and to 
look forward with a great desire for the success of our future. 

First, I want to praise all of you who have learned that being actively engaged in 
work has proven the greatest blessing during the past year. You have attended to your 
duties assiduously, tried to be useful, instead of brooding too much over war-time troubles. 
You are a better citizen than you have ever been before. 

At the request of our beloved Dr. Jarman, we have carried on the work of the Alum- 
nae Association in the usual manner, holding semi-annual meetings of the Executive 
Board in May and October and celebrating the Sixtieth Birthday of our College on 
Founders Day in March. The attendance and enthusiasm at these meetings encouraged 
your officers. Everyone seemed refreshed spiritually, enjoying the contact with the stu- 
dents, greeting old friends, admiring the beautiful surroundings. The hospitality shown 
visiting Alumnae at Farmville by members of the Faculty, Home Department and Stu- 
dent body, the interest and support of the Executive Board of which Dr. Jarman is such 
an active, interested member, the efficiency of our capable secretary, Mrs. Coyner, in 
the performance of her various duties, and the willingness of the Alumnae, at large, to 
co-operate have made the past year a very pleasant, happy one for your President. 

For the coming year, we want the continued support, that only you can give. We 
need you. The plan now, which has been so successful in other places is to ask Alum- 
nae to make contributions instead of just paying dues. Because of the fact that only 
one-half of the usual sum was contributed last year, we were inclined to believe that you 
considered Founders Day the end of the Fiscal Year, and since the Bulletin, which is al- 
ways a reminder, was late in being published, you did not consider that you had time to 
send your contribution. It is gladly received at the Alumnae Office any time during the 

In your chapter work, do not forget that scholarship and special gifts are more im- 
portant than ever in the teacher training program of Farmville State Teachers College. 
As a helpful, immediate service, please send a revised list of local Alumnae, with changed 
names and addresses, together with your community telephone book, to the Alumnae 
Office. We want the Bulletin to reach every one of you. 

In your community, I am sure that you are helping to promote better education in 
Virginia, as real loyal Alumnae should. In our present emergency many hundreds are 
serving their country by returning to the teaching profession as a patriotic duty. There 
is such a need for trained teachers that I am taking this opportunity to urge many more 
of you to serve in this particular field for which you are so admirably fitted. 

With the best of wishes for success in your undertakings, and much appreciation of 
your inspiration and encouragement to me, I am 

Sincerely yours, 

Louise Ford Waller, Alumnae President 

December, 1944 

Bulletin of The State Teachers College 



Number IV 

Volume XXX 


Published by 





Editor Ruth Harding Coyner 

Business Manager Mary Wisely Watkins 


Executive Board — Alumnae Association 

Dr. J. L. Jarman President of S.T.C. 

Farmville, Virginia 


Louise Ford Waller 3423 Noble Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

First Vice-President 
Mary Berkeley Nelson.. ..Manassas, Virginia 

Second Vice-President 

Virginia Brinkley 310 Cedar Street 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Ex-President (1941-1943) 
Mary E. Peck Farmville, Virginia 


Carrie Sutherlin Chevy Chase Junior 

College, Washington, D. C. 

Mary Dornin Stant Lee Heights 

Bristol, Virginia 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer 
Ruth Harding Coyner Farmville, Virginia 

Custodians of the Files 

Carrie B. Taliaferro Farmville, Virginia 

Mary Clay Hiner Farmville, Virginia 


Latest Portrait of Our Beloved President 

Inside of Cover 

Alumnae President's Letter 1 

Founder's Day — 1944 and 1945 3 

Class Reunions 5 

Miss Mary White Cox 8 

Our Granddaughter's Club 10 

Among Our Alumnae 11 

The June Class of 1894 16 

Dear Diary 17 

Administration and Faculty News 21 

Alumnae in War Services 22 

When Readers Write 24 

Marriages 26 

Births 27 

Reunion Classes 28 

Student Body in 1884-1885 38 

Brief Report of Alumnae Secretary 42 

Notice Alumnae 42 

Gifts 42 

The Robert Frazer Memorial Fund 43 

Founder's Day — Homecoming 43 

No Election This Year 44 

Vital Statistics for Alumnae Office 44 

In Memoriam Inside Back Cover 



2 Alumnae Magazine 

Founder's Day 1944 

r I THOSE who were responsible for Founders Day on March 4, 1944, had many fears 
-*- about the success of the day, for in addition to war-time restrictions on travel and on 
food, Dr. Jarman went down with the flu, and the gray morning developed into a misty 
rain. By twelve o'clock, the hour for a Chapel program by students and alumnae, a 
change had come in the weather and in our spirits, for the halls were teeming with 
Alumnae who had come from far and near to celebrate the decennial anniversary of 
their graduation. The Rotunda and reception rooms were filled with animated scenes 
of reunion as the old girls arrived. When the hour struck for assembly, the crowd be- 
gan to move toward the auditorium. Those who had not met for ten, twenty, thirty, 
forty or fifty years suspended their informal activities temporarily to take part in the 
Student-Alumnae program scheduled for the hour. 

The auditorium was full and never has there been more rapt attention paid by the 
student body than was in evidence throughout the exercises that day. The Alumnae 
president, Louise Ford Waller, presided in her usual gracious manner. Two highlights 
of the occasion were the presentation of the cup as an award for the largest percentage 
of class attendance, and the address made by Phyllis Pedigo, one of Farmville's out- 
standing graduates, who has been serving with the Red Cross in the South Pacific area 
in this war. 

The Class of 1894 won the Jarman attendance award. Ten of the thirteen living 
members of their class answered to the roll call. Mrs. R. L. (Maude Pollard) Turman 
of Atlanta, Georgia, received the cup, and in a most delightful way, she challenged any 
class present to take it from the Class of 1894. This remarkable class has kept up corre- 
spondence through the years, and is now compiling a history of its corporate self, with 
individual sidelights. The Class of '94 put new life into the faculty, and it inspired the 
student body with admiration for ten people who have learned the art of joyous living, 
and who face the coming years with fortitude and with a smile. Students saw in this 
group ideals of the college embodied in flesh. While Phyllis Pedigo spoke of her work 
with the men who are dying that we may live, there was a reverent audience listening. 
According to magazine accounts, the boys "Over-There" had dubbed her "Merrylegs", 
but to us she was the spirit of Florence Nightingale. As she talked to us about her work, 
we realized that her sense of humor and her cheer had saved many a depressed soul from 
ennui and even from collapse and despair. The College is proud of a heroine like her, 
and we thank the Red Cross for sending Phyllis back to her Alma Mater on its sixtieth 
birthday, with a message so stirring. 

Many messages of felicitation from Alumnae Chapters, and from individuals were re- 
ceived that day, and several gifts came as an expression of loyalty and devotion. The 

December, 1944 3 

Class of 1894 gave a beautiful landscape painting for the Alumnae office; the 1904 class 
gave a War Bond; Maria Bristow of the 1914 class made a gift to the Alumnae Fund in 
memory of her father, Mr. R. C. Bristow, Business Manager of the College for a num- 
ber of years; the Class of 1934, sponsored by Mary Berkeley Nelson presented to the 
Alumnae Fund a substantial money gift; Kate Perry of Culpeper gave two old prints for 
Longwood; the Student Body made a very worth-while contribution to the Founders 
Day Fund which was appreciated by Dr. Jarman and the Alumnae. 

Dr. Simkins made a much appreciated contribution in the form of a booklet con- 
taining a brief historic sketch of each person whose portrait has been hung in the Col- 
lege. This book has been placed in the College Library. 

Luncheon was served in the Tea Room. One hundred fifteen were present; the re- 
sponses from the Reunion Classes gave evidence of a Farmville spirit that lives on, no 
matter how distance and years separate Alumnae from each other and from their Alma 

The following responded for their Classes: 

1894— Maude Pollard Turman 1919— Catherine Riddle 

1904 — Lucy Stearnes 1924 — Louise Bland Morgan 

1914 — Alice Dadmun Murphy 1934 — Mary Berkeley Nelson 

At the lovely formal six o'clock dinner in the College dining hall, the reunion classes 
were seated together again, and did the reminiscing continue? The College orchestra, 
under the direction of Miss Lisabeth Purdom, furnished enjoyable dinner music. 

At 8 P. M. the College Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Leola Wheeler, 
presented "The Cradle Song" by Sierra. The cast was well chosen and the acting was 
excellent. The Alumnae were very grateful to our talented director, Miss Wheeler, for 
a most happy ending to a perfect day. 

March 10, 1945 

9 to 11 A.M. Registration of Alumnae, Main Building 
1 1 A. M. Exercises in the Auditorium 
Gifts and Responses from 

(1) Students 

(2) Alumnae Chapters and Individuals 
1:30 P.M. Alumnae Luncheon — Business Program 

Tour of the Campus — Granddaughters Club Hostesses 
6 P.M. Dinner (Formal) — College Dining Room. Tables will be reserved for 

Reunion Classes. 
8 P. M. Dramatic Club Play — Directed by Miss Leola Wheeler 
4 Alumnae Magazine 

Class Reunions 

IN spite of war, high water and blizzards, Class Reunions continue most successful on 
Founders Day. Old S.T.C. girls must get together at least once in ten years. May 
the war be over by next March 10, 1945, and the Classes of 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920, 
1925 and 1935 come back in great numbers. You will have to get up early in the morn- 
ing to get ahead of the "Four" Classes who came back last year. Which of the "Five" 
Classes will win the Jarman Cup for the largest percentage of attendance in 1945? 

Dear Girls of 1885, 

I was not a member of this first grad- 
uating class. The three young ladies who 
had this honor have gone on, but I was 
a student here then and I have lived here 
ever since, hence I was asked to remind 
you that March 10, 1945, brings us to the 
sixtieth anniversary of this first graduating 
class of the "Normal School." We of that 
time were the pioneers in this new era of 
education for girls in old Virginia. A 
teacher-training institution was something 
new not only in Virginia but in the South. 
Dr. Ruffner, the first president, was a man 
of great vision, and he secured the minds 
of some very fine teachers to help him in 
this new venture. Some of you who have 
never been back should make a special 
effort to be here this time. It will be inter- 
esting to talk over old times, to recall the 
teaching methods used on us, and to see 
the great changes. We had no practice 
school then, but each one of us was re- 
quired to teach our own class in the pres- 
ence of the teacher. Embarrassing and 
hard work, wasn't it? Was there ever any- 
one who could draw such perfect maps on 
the board as Miss Bush? Do you remem- 
ber those mental arithmetic rules which 
Miss Lee taught us? They should be in 

Come back and see how our small be- 
ginning has grown into a big Teachers 
College, drawing girls like a magnet from 
many states and foreign countries. 
Sincerely yours, 
Mary Cralle Richardson 

Dear Girls of 1895, 

Before me is a list of our graduating 
class at dear old Farmville. I note with 
regret that five of our number have passed 
away. The other twenty are scattered over 
Virginia and nearby states. 

As I read your names I vividly recall 
every one of you — just how you wore your 
hair, how you talked and laughed. Many 
experiences in which numbers of you were 
involved came to my mind; especially did 
I remember that last proud night when we 
sat on the platform in our simple home- 
made white dresses and held out nervous 
hands for diplomas from dear Dr. Cun- 
ningham. Every one of us cried and he 
did too — remember? 

Now we graduates of 1895 have a spe- 
cial invitation to be guests of our College 
on Founders Day, March 10, 1945 — fifty 
years later. Come on and let's go every 
one of us! Let's show those girls of 1945 
that we aren't old ladies yet! 

Think how much fun we will have re- 
calling our experiences with "Lady Por- 
tia", as we lovingly called Mrs. Morrison; 
with Miss Sarah who dosed us on the least 
provocation; with Misses Coulling, Mapp, 
Rice, Vicroy, Reynolds, Stone, Littleton 
and all the others who put up with such 
a happy-go-lucky bunch. Of course we 
studied hard and through all these years 
we have been grateful for what Farmville 
did for us. 

Remember, girls, we should be the top- 
notchers this year! Meet me one-hundred 

December, 1944 

per cent strong at Farmville on Founders 
Day, 1945. 

Your devoted friend, 

Rose Lillian Brimmer 
(Better known as Kitty) 

Dear February '95 Class, 

Do not our minds and hearts register 
something of the surprise and unreality 
voiced in the first verse of our Class Song? 

"And are you sure the news is true, 
It surely cannot be, 

That we have graduated been" for fifty 
long golden years of checkered light and 

To those who are left of the sweet six- 
teen, silly sixteen, sensible sixteen, or what 
have you, I urge you to let us meet at 
Farmville on next Founders Day, thereby 
showing our appreciation of all the school 
has meant to us, and also our appreciation 
of the fine work and service of the College 
to our beloved Virginia thro' the years, 
under the marvelous leadership of Dr. 

Don't you think, too, if we go back 
together we may perchance catch anew 
the inspiration from the spirit of dear Mr. 
Cunningham, Mrs. Morrison and others 
whom we have loved long since and lost 
a while? 

Do let us meet to celebrate a golden 

Mary B. (Ratcliffe) Chenery 

Dear Classmates of June 1905, 

On Saturday, March tenth, 1945, 
Founders Day will be observed at Farm- 
ville and Dr. Jarman is inviting the Class 
of 1905 to return as special guests of our 
Alma Mater. Forty years since we, a Class 
of forty-two members, left the dear old 
State Female Normal School! We, the 
first Class to receive our diplomas in the 
NEW auditorium! 

Do you remember the morning of June 
seventh, our last time together as a Class, 
when we sang our "Farewell Song"? 

"Now o'er our school days 
Gently falls the curtain low 
And we must leave you 
In the world to go; 
But with strongest efforts 
We will try our best to prove 
Worthy Daughters ever 
Of the School we love." 

Shall we not make a great effort to 
come to this reunion and prove that we 
have been worthy daughters? Many 
changes and experiences have come into 
our lives over the years, so do come back 
to the old School to reminisce. For those 
who find it impossible to be there, how 
about sending us a sketch of your lives 
since 1905? 

Our Alma Mater has made rapid prog- 
ress, so great changes will greet us there, 
but best of all will be the warm welcome 
from our honorary member, Miss Coul- 
ling, and our friend, Dr. Jarman. 
Edith Dickey Morris, 


Class of 1915 
Dear Girls : 

I really can't believe that it has been 
thirty years since we all were graduated. 
Time flies and I do hope, for each of you, 
that you have enjoyed as much of those 
years as I have. 

It really would be wonderful if a goodly 
number of our 1915 Class would make an 
extra effort to meet this coming March 
for Founder's Day. 

I understand there have been many at- 
tractive additions to our school plant, so 
we must go back and take them' all in. 
Just to see Dr. Jarman and the Campus 

Alumnae Magazine 

would be enough compensation tor us to 
make some sacrifice to attend. 

In the past we have all traveled many 
miles, seen and done many things, but I 
don't think anything clings in our mem- 
ories as those years at school. What better 
than for each of us to go back Founder's 
Day and have a real "get-together", and 
hear about some of the roads each of us 
has traveled and the sights we have seen 
along the way. This is such a wonderful 
opportunity to "kill two birds with one 
stone", see and talk with each other, and 
see our dear Alma Mater again. 

I'll be seeing you, in March at Farm- 
ville, 'til then good luck to each and every 


Evelyn Noell Wood (Mrs.) 
2113 Lake Avenue, 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

The Green, Number Twenty-four 
Dover, Delaware 
Dear Class of 1920, 

It was called to my attention the other 
day that next June will mark the twenty- 
fifth anniversary of our graduation! It 
had to be pointed out to me, because, to 
me at least, it doesn't seem that long ago. 

Wouldn't it be fun to get together again 
on Founders' Day, March 10th? Wouldn't 
it be interesting to see what progress has 
been made, for we know the school has 
made progress with Dr. Jarman at its 
head? Wouldn't it be pleasant to see what 
remains as we knew it? And wouldn't it 
be exciting to see lots of our old friends? 
Can't we all suspend, for a brief period, 
the anxieties ot war, forget the woes of 
shopping, and ignore the difficulties of our 
time, to meet on the campus for a jolly 

Do promise me this, at least, fellow- 
classmates: Promise to put this idea and 
date in the back of your minds for the 

December, 1944 

winter and build your early spring plans 
around trying to make it. 

Hoping to see each and every one of 
you, I am 

Your doting President, 

Victoria Waiden Worden 

Class of 1925 
Dear Girls, 

This is the year we have been waiting 
for. Our twentieth reunion! It hardly 
seems possible that so many years have 
passed since we worked, played and sang 
together in those beloved walls! What fun 
it would be if we could all meet at Farm- 
ville and live again the happiness of those 
days. The changes are so many that I 
wonder if we would know our way 
around ! 

Your response to my letter several years 
ago was just splendid. How I did enjoy 
so much interesting news from you! This 
time I'm looking forward to seeing you 
and talking over the worthwhile things 
you are doing these busy war days. Please 
start now making your plans to join us 
for a happy Founders Day anniversary. 

With every good wish to each of you, 
Kitty Morgan Hogg 

Dear Classmates of '35, 

It is hard to realize that ten years have 
passed since we were the graduating class 
at S.T.C. To me it seems that only a 
short time ago we were together singing 
our class songs and singing to Miss Moran, 
our Classman. Wouldn't it be fun to get 
together and sing our songs and talk about 
all the things we used to do at Farmville? 

This year the class of '35 will have its 
tenth reunion. Many things have hap- 
pened to us since we have been out of 
school, and we have just lots of things to 
talk about. At this time, everyone is bus- 
ier than usual, engaging in war activities 
(Continued on page 27) 


3n jHemortam 

Miss Mary White Cox 

Miss Mary White Cox 

^MJNDAY, October 8, 1944, marked the end of a life devoted to the service of Farm- 
*^ville State Teachers College. Miss Mary White Cox was the daughter of the late Mr. 
B. M. Cox, business manager of the College for many years, and his wife, Miss Helen 
Howlett. Graduating at S. T. C. in February, 1898, she taught in Franklin, Augusta and 
Tazewell Counties until 1902, when she became associated with the Home Department 
of our College. From 1915 until her retirement in June, 1944, she graced the position as 
Head of the Home with utmost poise and tact. The undersigned committee was ap- 
pointed by the Alumnae Executive Board to draw up suitable resolutions on her retire- 
ment. They were read by Dr. Jarman at the June commencement. 

It is rare in the life of an institution when one loyal person serves it so long 
and so well as our "Miss Mary" has served our Alma Mater. Today she retires 
from her position with the admiration and affection of the hundreds of us who 
have grown up under her guidance and inspiration. We have observed in her a 
devotion to duty, almost martyr-like, yet we have rejoiced in her unfailing sense 
of humor that always triumphs over even the most perplexing circumstances. 

Each girl who has come under her guidance has been aware of the fact that 
"Miss Mary" had an ideal for her girls — she desired each one to be courteous, 
helpful, and kind at all times. 

No problem of ours has ever been too minor to claim her sympathetic at- 
tention; and her judgment we have found almost uncannily wise and sound. 
She has builded better than she knew, by holding steadfast to the plan that 
inspired the founders of our Alma Mater; she will have her reward in the 
knowledge that "her girls" are trying to conform to the pattern of life she ap- 
proved for them. 

Thank you, Miss Mary, for all you have done for our Alma Mater and 
for each of us, and may God bless you and keep you. 

Carrie Sutherlin, Chairman 
Pauline Camper 
Virginia Potts Redhead 
Mary Clay Hiner 
Louise Ford Waller 
Rachel Royall 
Ethel LaBoyteaux 
Carrie Rennie Eason 
Vera Tignor Sandidge 

December. 1944 

Our Granddaughter's Club 

LOOK at the roster of our "Granddaughters"! Thirty-three new ones this year, bring- 
' ing the total number to one-hundred eight. It means a great deal to have these 
daughters and granddaughters of loyal Alumnae here. There is no surer way of per- 
petuating and strengthening the ideals for which our college has stood through the years. 



President — Nannie Webb 

Vice-President — Virginia Lee Abernathy' 

Secretary — Mary Franklin Woodward 

Treasurer — Dorothy Bennett 

Reporter — Evelyn Grizzard 

Adviser — Miss Virginia Wall 


Name Mother's Name 

Hilda Abernathy Amorette Daniel 

Virginia Lee Abernathy Amorette Daniel 

Lucie Meade Addleman Lola Foster 

Maria Addleman Lola Foster 

Carolyn Alphin Laura Johnson 

Estaline Anderson Estelle Vaughan 

Grace Anderson Jessie Adams 

Martha Ella Anderson Alma Virginia Abernathy 

Virginia Anderson Roberta L. Waller 

Helen Apperson Louise Pruden 

Jean Stuart Babb Agnes Thelma Parker 

Josephine Bailey Marion Moore 

Mildred Ellen Bailey '. Marion Moore 

Margaret Bear Margaret Porter White 

Lucille Bell Bettie Carter 

Rosa Lee Bell Bettie Carter 

Dorothy Bennett Lillian Keen 

Dorothy Ellen Blair Ellen Easley 

Mary Jane Bond Kate Cox 

Betty Bondurant ..Mollie Moore 

Dorothy Bousman Elizabeth Gowen 

Lucy Bowling Sara Hatcher Johns 

Kitty Sue Bridgforth Katherine Allen 

Louise Brooks Ruby Overton 

Ruth Brooks Ruby Overton 

Virginia Butler Katherine Hatcher 

Elizabeth Lee Carter Alice Mae Carson 

Sue Castle Abbie Mae CondufT 

Phyllis Page Cook Maude Moseley 

Patsy Dale Jennie Bailey- 
Virginia Frances Dale .,. Jennie Bailey 

Jean Daniel Helen Blanche Colley ^ 

Audrey Lee Davis Kathleen Harvey 

*Ann Lavinia Cardwell 

Juanita Davis Lucy Pearson 

Roberta Davis Alice Healy 

Sue Duvall Davis Sue Duval Adams 

Susan Dickinson Susan Emily Ford 

Betsy Dillard Mildred Booker 

Eula Belle Doggett Brenda Griffin 

Martha Russell East Louise Drummeller 

Sarah Lee East Louise Drummeller 

Vivian Edmunds *Maria Edmunds 

Elizabeth Edwards Clemmie Soles 

Betty Gray Gillespie Sallie Mae Gray 


Name Mother's Name 

Florence Godwin Lell Cox 

Josephine Goodwyn Mattie Harrison 

Charlotte Grizzard Marjorie Lena Matthews 

Evelyn Grizzard Marjorie Lena Matthews 

Marian Gunn Irene Inge 

Eloise Hanes Annie File 

Catherine Lindsay Hankins Helen Jarman 

Ethel Harrison Ethel Squire 

Carolyn Hayslett Edna Rader 

Anna Stewart Headlee Kathleen Crute 

Martha Hite ....Cornelia Powell 

Mary Ellen Hoge Frances Jones 

Frederika Hubard Billie Kuper Stebbins 

Carolyn Huddle Lille Cooke 

Mary Anne Jarratt Elsie Davis 

Mary Frances Jennings Fannie Christian 

Marilyn Johnson Kathleen Nance 

Elizabeth Ann Jones Maria Shuijart 

Martha Ellen Jones Harriett Gilliam 

Katherine Kearsley Katherine Krebs 

Barbara Kellam Langhorne Lewis 

Jane Kirkland Sue Lambert 

Robin Lear tRachel Robinson 

Vivian Leslie Inez Canada 

Elizabeth Lewis Marcia Cole 

Marion Lotts Margaret Claire Fullerton 

Virginia Love '. Sarah Love 

Helen McGuire Marjorie Mae Combs 

Margaret Mclntyre Margaret Boatwright 

Lucy McKenry Ellen Scott 

Katherine Maddox Katherine Anderson 

Mary Ann Morris Naomi Duncan 

Bernice Nichols Ethel Grey Crews 

Rebecca Norfleet Lillian Reynolds 

Cabell Overbey Henson Walker 

Dorothy Overton Alice Mottley 

Jane Page Helen Rogerson 

Betty Anne Palmer Carrie Ramsey 

Virginia Parson Virginia Fraher 

Glenn Anne Patterson Perry Wilkenson 

Virginia Pullen Virginia Andrews 

Katherine Rainey .Louise Morris 

Mary Rattray Jeanette Francis Edwards 

Louise Rives Olive Ferguson 

Helena Patterson Saunders Frances Koiner 

Josephine ShafTner Ada Smith 

Grace Shriver Grace Bonney 

Virginia Stephenson Mamie Woodson 

Agnes Stokes Sally Jackson 

Martha Springfield Lydia Edwards 

Gene Tucker Margaret Alexander 

Lucille L'pshur Lucille Snow 

Martha Anne Upshur Lucille Snow 

Marjorie Vaughan Katherine Pearl Harrell 

Margaret Walton Gladys Jane Blankenship 

Martha Elise Walkins Lillian Mae Tinsley 

■ Mary Ella Watkins Emma Webb 

Mabel Weaver Ida Walton 

Nannie Webb Lila B. Simmons 

Ophelia Whittle Ruth Percivall 

Lucille Winston Marie Woody 

Betty Wyatt Woodward Edith Minor 

Mary Franklin Woodward Edith Minor 

Virginia Guy Yonce Josie Guy 

Constance Young Constance Whitlock 

*Grandmother's name 

fNow Mrs. J. Merritt Lear. She and her husband 
were honorary members of the Alumnae Association. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Among Our Alumnae 

The following Farmville Alumnae attended 
the Educational Conference for College and 
Public Scnool Personnel in Blacksburg, /\ugust 
23-30, 1944: Sue F. Ayers, Supervisor in Prince 
William County, Manassas, Va. ; Mary Din- 
widdie, Supervisor in Rockingham County, 
Harrisonburg, Va.; Marguerite Erdman, Di- 
rector of Instruction in Essex and King and 
Queen Counties, Tappahannock, Va. ; Pearl 
Justice Freeman, Supervisor Sussex County, 
Stony Creek, Va. ; Charlotte Gresham, Teacher 
in Ferrum Junior College, Ferrum, Va. ; Mary 
Savedge, Supervisor in Appomattox County, 
Appomattox, Va.; Mary Warren Weston, Su- 
pervisor Washington County, Abingdon, Va. 


Nannie Forbes (Mrs. Asa D. Watkins) is an 
associate member of the Association of Alum- 
nae, as she was a student in the college which 
existed in Farmville just before the creation of 
the State Female Normal School. The Prince 
Edward Bar presented to the court a portrait 
of her husband, the late Judge Asa D. Wat- 
kins, as a token of the esteem and love of his 
associates and other friends. The exercises were 
impressive and moving and the tributes were 
summed up in the words, "He was a great man, 
a great jurist, a great friend." 



Loulie McKinney, 165 South Candler St., De- 
catur, Ga., >vas greatly interested in the 1944 
Alumnae Magazine. "It gave me news of 'old 
girls' and their sons and daughters — friends 
that I've not heard from in years." In turn, 
she gave news of contemporaries and their kin. 
Longwood was the home of one of her an- 


Harriet P. Hankins, of Williamsburg, Va., 
has been advanced from major to lientenant- 
colonel in the Army Nurse Corps. Her mother 
celebrated her one-hundredth birthday in May. 
A special gift of a pair of silver chalices was 
presented on behalf of the city by Mayor Hall 
and the City Council. 

Ruby Leigh (Mrs. Francis L. Orgain) has 
a son, Francis, Jr., who received in June a 
promotion from captain to major. He was sta- 
tioned in the Pacific area. 

Lillian Moore, daughter of Madge Good 
(Mrs. W. C. Moore), appeared at the Mosque, 
Richmond, last April as ballet mistress of the 
Connecticut Opera Association, heading her 
own company of dancers. "Aida" and "Car- 
men" were two of the operas given. She is a 
dancer, choreographer, lecturer, and summer 
director of the dances for the Cincinnati Sum- 
mer Opera Company. She has been the pre- 

December, 1944 

miere danseuse of the Metropolitan Opera As- 

"Bruce Houston (Mrs. William Embrys Da- 
vis), 1900, died at her home in Lexington, 
Kentucky, in September, 1943. Loved and 
honored by family, church and fraternity, her 
full and useful life stands out shiningly in its 
completeness." From January, 1944, issue of 
Themis, Zeta Tau Alpha Magazine. 

Elizabeth Carper (Mrs. W. D. Shelby) 
served as a Medical Doctor with her Doctor 
husband nine years in China. They returned 
in 1916 and settled in Charleston, Indiana. 
This town has been noted in the past three 
years for the biggest powder plant in the 
world. She writes: "Our five children are the 
pride of our lives. One son is in the Navy, 
one daughter is an Ensign in the WAVES, an- 
other daughter is overseas as a Red Cross 

Kate Vaughan (Mrs. F. Southall Farrar) was 
present on July 4 at Brunswick, Ga., when the 
Liberty ship F. Southall Farrar was launched. 
The 4-H Clubs of each state were given the 
privilege, by the United States Maritime Com- 
mission, of naming a ship in recognition of 
work done in food production, salvage, bond 
drives and other wartime activities. Mr. Far- 
rar, who died in February, 1940, was chosen 
for this honor in Virginia. He organized the 
first 4-H Club in the State, and during his 
thirty-three years as county and district agent 
for the Virginia Agricultural Extension Serv- 
ice gave strong support and supervision to tnis 
work of the boys and girls of the Southside 


Margery Atkinson (Mrs. William Robinson) 
endeared herself to all first-graders and their 
parents in Emporia, Va., for many years. Now 
that she has retired from teaching, she is ac- 
tive in all civic, church, and patriotic organ- 
izations. She is the Vice-Regent of Hicksford 
Chapter, D.A.R. and the State Corresponding 
Secretary of the Daughters of 1812. 

Carrie Rennie (Mrs. Thomas D. Eason), 
was cnosen by the Alpha Chapter of Alpha 
Sigma Alpha sorority as their outstanding 
Alumna of the year, and they presented her 
as their candidate for the National Wilma Wil- 
son Sharp award. This award is given to an 
outstanding Alumna each year. She is a leader 
in the Woman's Work of the Presbyterian 
Church; the Richmond P.-T. A.; D. A. R.; the 
Virginia Cancer Foundation; the Red Cross, 
USO, and OPA. Her three daughters have 
graduated at S. T. C. and her one son at 
Hampden-Sydney. Her husband, Dr. Thomas 
D. Eason, a former member of S. T. C. faculty, 
and later a distinguished member of the State 
Department of Education, died in 1939. Capt. 
T. D. Eason, a son, is serving with the U. S. 
Army overseas. 


Susie McCraw (Mrs. W. J. Hillsman) and 
Mr. Hillsman celebrated their silver wedding 
on July 9, when their sons and daughters en- 
tertained informally from three to six o'clock 
at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, 
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bailey, (Emily Hillsman) 
on Serpell Heights, Farmville. 

Alma Agee, Adjutant in the Salvation Army, 
died in Atlanta, Ga., June 19. She attended 
Marshall College, W. Va., after leaving Farm- 
ville, and taught in Virginia and West Virginia 
several years. In 1931 she was commissioned 
probationary captain from the Salvation Army 
training college, serving in the relief depart- 
ment in Atlanta. In 1937 she assumed com- 
mand of the Atlanta No. 3 Corps. In 1940 
she became a member of the Salvation Army 
Bruner Home at Greenville, S. C, which is 
maintained for orphan children, "where she 
found great joy and success in working among 
boys and girls in her charge." She regularly 
visited hospitals, prisons and other institutions, 
cheering and comforting those confined within. 
"She spent her entire career in the service of 
the very poor." 

Lillian Bugg (Mrs. H. I. Pifer) is the wife 
of a Winchester physician who was, in August, 
elected secretary-treasurer of the Northern Vir- 
ginia Medical Society. Previously, he had been 
honored by election to membership in the 
American College of Suregons. 

Alice E. Paulett (Mrs. Geoffrey Creyke), 
3525 R St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C, was 
elected vice-president general of the National 
Society, Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion at the fifty-third Continental Congress 
which met in New York in April. 

Edith Leigh Dickey (Mrs. John R. Morris), 
834 Locust Grove, Charlottesville, Va., is 
president of Albemarle Chapter of U. D. C. 
On June 4, by virtue of her office, she presented 
to Lt. General Alexander A. Vandergrift, Ma- 
rine Corps Commandant, the Cross of Military 
Service awarded him by the United Daughters 
of the Confederacy at the general convention 
in Columbus, Ohio, in November, 1943. The 
Cross, a military decoration conferred upon 
descendants of Confederate soldiers for dis- 
tinguished service in the World War, was 
pinned on the General in front of the flag of 
the regiment in which his grandfather had 

Mary Margaret Umberger (Mrs. F. G. 
Groseclose) is living near Wytheville. She 
writes: "My training at dear old S. T. C. has 
been a 'life saver' many, many times. I would 
enjoy talking with Dr. Jarman, Mr. Coyner, 
our Senior Man, and many others who helped 
me through difficulties, real and imaginary." 

Josephine Johnson, Norfolk, was the winner 
of the poetry contest conducted by the Vir- 
ginia Writers' Club through the summer and 
fall of 1943. The title of the poem was "But 
Not In Speech", the prize was $50.00. 

Carrie Kyle (Mrs. Frank Baldwin) Farm- 
ville, has an English daughter-in-law as the re- 
sult of the war. Lt. (jg) Frank Baldwin, Jr., 
and Katherine Beatson Greenwood of Black- 


pool, England, were married March 25 in St. 
John's Chapel, St. John's Wood, London. 

Margaret Henderson (Mrs. Arthur Forbes), 
2504A Grove Ave., Richmond, teaching in 
Binford Junior High School, was chairman of 
the Rangers, an organization of students for the 
War Program. Activities were suggested by the 
students, and every department was represented 
in some way. After four months, evaluation of 
the work was carried out by questionnaires, and 
95 per cent of the students responded favor- 
ably and enthusiastically. A full description of 
the activity is found in the April, 1944, Vir- 
ginia Journal of Education, reported by Richie 
McCraw and makes worthwhile reading. 

Betty Wright, executive director of the 
American Society for the Hard of Hearing, 
writes: "The American Red Cross asked my 
organization to give me leave of absence for 
four months to do special work for deafened 
soldiers in three Army Hospitals. There will 
be personal interviews with the soldiers and 
advice given to them as to readjustment to 
their hearing loss. Contacts will be made with 
the teachers of lip reading, technicians who fit 
hearing aids, chapters- for the hard of hearing, 
the Veterans Administration, the Federal and 
State Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation and 
other agencies which may help the boys. I 
expect to prepare a Manual for Red Cross 
workers to help them to a better understanding 
of hard of hearing people and their problems. 
A very challenging assignment!" 


M. Elizabeth Moring (Mrs. W. E. Smith), 
has been the efficient president of Farmville 
Elementary School P.-T. A. for two years. Un- 
der her administration outstanding achieve- 
ments have resulted from the work of twelve 
standing committees. 

Genevieve Gresham (Mrs. L. G. White), 
533 Elizabeth Place, Portsmouth, Va., is di- 
rector of Seashore Camp for Girls at Virginia 
Beach. Practically the whole staff in 1944 was 
made up of Farmville girls. Asst. Director, 
Lula Rouse Windham; Head Counselor and 
Dancing, Nancy C. Pierpont; Swimming, Mary- 
Sue Edmondson ; Handicraft, Ora Earnest and 
Rachel DeBerry; Athletics, Martha Smith; 
Archery, Nan Duer and Elizabeth Williams. 

Mrs. Marjorie Goodwyn Davis, head of the 
Art Department, Thomas Jefferson High School, 
Richmond, has a page of the Virginia Journal 
of Education, April, 1944, devoted to the work 
of her pupils. They pictured in murals their 
conceptions of the Four Freedoms. 

Evelyn Noell, (Mrs. W. H. Wood), pres- 
ident of the class of 1915, is much taken up 
with making a home for her husband and their 
nine-year-old daughter in Johnson City, Tenn. 

Katherine Watkins is Chairman of the 
Prince Edward County Nutrition Committee, 
and has put on a vigorous campaign, through 
moving pictures, exhibits, and speakers, to in- 
form the public of nutrition needs. Care and 
conservation of food in wartime is stressed, 

Alumnae Magazine 

also the selection of the most nutritious foods 
for the daily family diet. 

Emma Meband Hunt (Mrs. Martenson), is 
a field representative of the Committee on 
Child Care, New York State War Council. She 
has an article, Care for Migrants' Children, in 
Survey Midmonthly, May, 1944, in which the 
plight of these children is vividly described. 
Through child care centers set up in a few 
camps, conditions therein have been wonder- 
fully improved for mothers, children and 
nearby communities, and other states are stud- 
ying the excellent results of the experiments 
carried on in New York. 

Ann Davis talked to parents and Sunday 
School workers in Farmville in July about the 
church's work with nursery children. She is a 
graduate of Columbia University and has 
taught in the Richmond schools for a number 
of years. At present she is connected with the 
Conference Board of Christian Education. 

Emily Calcott, Ph.D. of the University of 
Virginia, professor of English in S.T.C., Troy, 
Alabama, is the worthy daughter of a distin- 
guished mother. Mrs. A. C. Calcott, of Norfolk, 
is the first of the four women appointed by 
Governor Darden to the Board of Visitors of 
the University of Virginia. She has been a 
member of the Norfolk School Board for seven- 
teen years and has held important offices in 
many civic and cultural organizations. She was 
selected as Norfolk's outstanding woman citizen 
of 1944. 

Etta Belle Walker (Mrs. O. F. Northington, 
Jr.) of Petersburg, is president of the Virginia 
Federation of Women's Clubs. She is a grad- 
uate of the College of William and Mary as 
well as of Farmville. When vice-president of 
V.F.W.C., she formed about twenty-five clubs 
throughout the State and won a general fed- 
eration award for her club extension program. 
She headed the committee which raised $5,- 
000.00 for the purchase of two fully equipped 
ambulances for the American Red Cross, a 
$1000.00 nursing scholarship, and four pianos 
for camp and hospital service. Mrs. Northing- 
ton has held many other important offices in 
the general organization and its branches, and 
has been active in many civic and church 

Alice Johnson (Mrs. Horace W. Eagles), 
Erie, Pa., wrote last March: "I would love to 
be in Farmville this Founders Day for two rea- 
sons, it is the golden jubilee reunion of my 
mother's class (Emma Mayhew Higgins) and 
the twentieth reunion of my class . . . After 
twelve years I am still in the Primary Depart- 
ment of our Sunday School and have been 
superintendent for the past five years. My little 
daughter, Ann Mayhew, is seven, and looking 
forward to going to Farmville to school!" 

Dorothy McCraw (Mrs. Robert W. Bugg), 
has taught in the lower school of St. Chris- 
topher's, Richmond, where her husband is as- 
sistant Head. Mr. Bugg is president of Hamp- 
den-Sydney Alumni Association. 

Charlotte Crawley, 2714 McCarner St., Ta- 
coma, Wash., in February resigned her position 
as head of the licensing division of the Chil- 

December, 1944 

dren's Bureau of the Virginia State Welfare 
Department to become case supervisor of the 
Division for Children in the Welfare Depart- 
ment of Tacoma. After leaving Farmville, she 
attended Randolph-Macon Woman's College 
and the University of Virginia, and received 
her A.M. in 1929 in the Graduate School of 
Social Service of the University of Chicago. 

Julia S. Holt, Hampton, Va., exhibited 
twenty-one paintings at her "one-man show" 
at Argent Gallaries, New York, November 22- 
December 4, 1943. In April, 1944; there was a 
tvvo-day showing of twenty-seven paintings in 
the Newport News High School. 



Phyllis Pedigo is now with the Red Cross in 
England, after recuperating in the United 
States last year from a wound in New Guinea. 
She is working with the Air Corps — Paratroop- 
ers and Glider Troopers. She writes that these 
boys are tops — that we can never repay them. 
Also, she writes that her British History at 
S.T.C. was not in vain. 

Aylwin Hughson (Mrs. Hollis Spotts), is 
teaching in Manhasset, Long Island Schools. 
During the past summer, she helped her hus- 
band in "The Floating Hospital", Foot of East 
22nd Street in New York City. Her two chil- 
dren were in camp during this time. 

Alice St. A. Harrison (Mrs. A. T. Dunlap) 
is now living at Hoquiam, Wash., where her 
husband is minister of the Presbyterian Church. 
She has three fine boys, two of them twins. 

Frances Ford (Mrs. R. C. Snow), has an 
important position with the British Govern- 
ment. She is living in Washington, D. C. 

Grace B. Moran, who has served as advisor 
for Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha for 
the past twelve years, resigned last spring. In 
appreciation of her services to the sorority, the 
National Council sent her a check, with the 
suggestion that she purchase a picture to be a 
tangible, permanent expression of their esteem 
and affection. Margaret Sprunt Hall was 
chosen as her successor. 

Peggy Moore (Mrs. Nash) is living in the 
Canal Zone. She was in Virginia for a few 
weeks during the summer with her husband 
and baby girl. 

Gladys E. Wilkinson is a successful teacher 
of Spanish in the Petersburg High School. 

Susie Reames (Mrs. W. H. Beville) is hold- 
ing her husband's, job, rural mail carrier from 
De Witt, while he is with the Seabees in the 
Southwest Pacific. 

Felicia E. Green (Mrs. Andrew E. Landis) 
Churchland, wrote to inform the secretary of 
her marriage, which had not become known 
to the Alumnae Office through the usual chan- 
nels. Would that more alumnae would follow 
her example. She has a daughter Felicia Eloise, 
three years old, and a son Andrew Ellsworth, 
one year. 

Lucille Peters (Mrs. H. S. Carpenter, Jr.) is 


married to a chemical engineer, and has lived 
in Erie, Pa., for sixteen years. Her address is 
2011 Lakeside Drive. 

Virginia Potts (Mrs. J. S. Redhead, Jr.) de- 
lighted Miss Mary and her friends by visiting 
S.T.C. at commencement. Dr. Redhead, of 
Charlotte, N. C, gave Hampden-Sydney a re- 
markable baccalaureate sermon on the theme, 
"Of What Use is Religion Anyway?" 

Dorothy Marie Eubank (Mrs. J. P. Allen), 
was a member of the faculty of Averett Junior 
College in Danvile until she married in 1938. 
She studied at ' the Baptist Union Training 
School of Louisville, Ky., Mr. Allen received 
his Th.M. degree from the Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary in Louisville. 

Frances Hanmer (Mrs. Willis) has an article 
in the May, 1944, Virginia Journal of Educa- 
tion, entitled "A Long-Time Program of Evalu- 
ation." This is a report of a study by Henrico 
County teachers, based upon the point of view 
that "Evaluation is a continuous process which 
should be a joint activity of the child, the 
parent, the teacher." It is informative and sug- 

Mrs. Mildred T. Lohr de Irizzary, who is 
teaching History now at Polytechnic Institute 
of Puerto Rico, San German, Puerto Rico, will 
have sabbatical leave next year to study at 
Columbia University towards the Doctor's de- 
gree. She will leave Puerto Rico after the 
second summer session, 1944. 

Mary Blackwell Parker has moved from 
Smithfield to Washington, and changed her 
occupation from teaching in Isle of Wight to 
being private secretary to the Associate Direc- 
tor of the Office of Defense Transportation. 
She writes, "It is vastly interesting, and one is 
constantly meeting famous people. You take for 
granted knowing people like Donald Nelson of 
the W.P.B. and Joseph B. Eastman of the 
O.D.T., whose names are in the news nearly 
every day. I enjoy attending the Senate and 
House when I am lucky enough to get a little 
time off. I love Washington and expect to con- 
tinue living here when the war is over. I as- 
sure you of my lasting loyalty and love for 
S.T.C. , Farmville." 

Alma F. Hunt was made Dean of Women 
at William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri, 
the past summer. 

Evelyn Simpson, who has been teacher of 
home economics at Farmville High School and 
director of the eminently successful canning 
unit there, is now Field Supervisor of Home 
Economics in Southwest Virginia. 

Virginia Sanford (Mrs. Hughes K. Reve- 
ley) is back at her home in Farmville. where 
Mr. Reveley is High School coach and athletic 
director. Her small son, Ken, has his mother's 
attractive dimples. 

Eleanor Wickline (Mrs. John O. Fridley) 
leads a busy life on a farm near Covington, 
rearing three children, caring for her garden 
and chickens, assisting her husband in his vital 
wartime work. At one time she taught a 
one-room school in addition to these varied 


Gertrude Thornhill Wright (Mrs. William E. 
Wells, Jr.) had a truly unique wedding expe- 
rience. Ihe wedding was to have taken place 
in Lexington early in August and every prep- 
aration had been made, even to the rehearsal, 
when a wire came from Lt. Wells, saying he 
had been obliged to relinquish his place on the 
plane to higher officials, and was stranded on 
the way. The Wedding party next in Roanoke 
where a supper was served and a wedding cake 
cut, but no bridegroom yet! The next morning 
the bride and the bridegroom's mother took a 
plane for Texas, were put off at Memphis, 
waited there two days, and spent two more 
days completing the trip to El Paso. There re- 
mained just two hours and ten minutes of Lt. 
Wells' leave before he had to start for Cali- 
fornia, but all was in readiness, the chapel was 
decorated, the bridal bouquet there, and a maid 
to help the bride put on her wedding dress. 
The ceremony over there was no time left for 
a wedding breakfast, but it was served on the 
train from a bridal box lunch. 

Pat Garth's family has moved to Charlottes- 
ville and she is studying at the University of 
Virginia. She spent the summer in Camp 
Farwell, Newbury, Vt. 

Hannah Lee Crawford held a position dur- 
ing July and August in Rich's Dept. Store in 
Atlanta, Ga. This winter she is studying store 
service at the Richmond Professional Institute. 

Louise McCorkle has a position in Washing- 
ton with the Eastern Air Lines. 

Ann Randolph Putney (Mrs. William 
Flora), is probably deep in war work some- 
where, as she could always accomplish as much 
as three ordinary persons. Her brother, Marine 
Second Lt. William W. Putney, a veterinarian, 
in civilian life, is in charge of the war dogs' 
medical unit somewhere in the South Pacific. 
This "Sick Bay" is the first of its kind sent 
overseas, and is completely equipped. 

Hallie Hillsman, Farmville, conducted the 
Farmville Junior Recreation work in the past 
summer with notable success. Last session she 
made an outstanding record teaching physical 
education at Front Royal where she was a 
member of the executive committee of the 
town's recreational council. When in college, 
she was president of the Athletic Association 
and a member of Alpha Kappa Gamma leader- 
ship sorority. 

Betty Hardy (Mrs. Charles C. Murdoch), 
and bara .Hardy ^Mrs. Charles A. Blantonj 
with their young daughters are making their 
home in Farmville with their parents. Squad- 
ron Leader Murdoch reported to Montreal, 
Canada, in June, for further assignment with 
the RAF. 

Laura Beulah Ettinger (Mrs. Howard C. 
Cobbs ) married the pastor of Forest Hill Pres- 
byterian Church, Richmond, Va. His congre- 
gation released him in March from his pas- 
torate to accept a commission as a chaplain in 
the Navy. 

Mary Moore McCorkle, Lexington, and 
Frances Lee Hawthorne, South Boston, were 


Alumnae Magazine 

valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of 
the June class. 

Nell G. Holloway, Purdy, Va., and Lillian 
Giles Inman, RFD, Danville, were first and 
second honor graduates, respectively, of the 
Class of August, 1944. 

Frances Hutcheson of Lexington, is with the 
Air Transport Command, United States Army, 
at Dallas, Texas. She was transferred to Texas 
from Washington, where she was with the 
Army Air Force. She has received a medal for 
good service in Texas. 

Ida Billups of Columbus, Miss., has the dis- 
tinction of being the first girl to solo in the 
local unit of the Civil Air Patrol. She has been 
employed in the flight surgeon's office at 
Columbus Army Air Field since the field's 

Elizabeth Archer (Beth) Barnard (Mrs. 
Samuel B. Nickels) is a draftsman at Post En- 
gineers at Camp Lee, and expects to get an 
M.A. degree in Engineering at Columbia. She 
was first at Solvay Plant in Hopewell. Lt. 
Nickels was wounded in Normandy in June. 
Juanita Carson (Mrs. John Bundy Ritch, 
Jr.) in June moved to California with her 
husband and small son. Lt. Commander Ritch 
began study there in a highly specialized 
branch of the Navy. 

Marjorie Booton, an instructor in the Art 
Department at Farmville from 1939-1943, 
has been serving overseas with the Red Cross 
since November, 1944. Her first assignment 
was with an Aero Club in England. This club's 
formal opening was on Christmas Eve. The 
decorations were made by Miss Booton with 
the help of soldiers. Early in the New Year 
she was transferred to a hospital in Northern 
Ireland where she worked as Art Director in 
the recreational program for convalescent sol- 
diers. Judging from kodak pictures of murals 
painted by some of the convalescents, her 
"boys" did as excellent work as her "girls" at 
Farmville ever did. She is now engaged in 
similar work in France. 

Jane Verser Hobson (Mrs. Thomas H. Chap- 
pell) is assistant to the dietitian at the Medical 
College of Virginia Hospital. 

Laura Nell Crawley (Mrs. John Birkland) 
received special training at the Westminster 
Choir School, Princeton, N. J. For the last 
three years she has been supervisor of music 
in the Bristol, Va., schools. 

Lt. Elizabeth Tyree of Danville, stationed at 
Norfolk, joined the WAVES partly because 
she had Uvo brothers who were officers on sub- 
marines. One of them, Lt. Commander John A. 
Tyree, Jr., who already holds the Silver Star, 
has been awarded the Navy Cross for heroism 
as commanding officer of a submarine on patrol 
in Japanese-controlled waters. 

M. Rosalie Rogers, of the Virginia Fisheries 
Laboratory, Yorktown, discussed "Fungus In- 
fection of the Eggs of the Chesapeake Blue 
Crab" at the May meeting of the Virginia 
Academy of Science, held in Richmond. 

Harriet Jones Scott, Orange, Va., who was 
employed in the Norfolk Naval Base for some 

December, 1944 

time, went to San Francisco in June to fill a 
similar position there. 

Norvell Montague (Mrs. Albert N. Jones), 
Box 401, Fairbanks, Alaska, writes most inter- 
estingly of her home in the far north, where 
on March 20, the thermometer reading was 
— 22° and the snow was three feet deep. Mr. 
Jones is minister in charge of St. Matthews 
Episcopal Church, a log building forty years 
old, "which makes it an antique for Alaska". 
The rectory is surprisingly modern, with auto- 
matic stoker, electric stove, and other modern 

When a lieutenant marries a lieutenant, 
that's news! Our Lt. Mary Elizabeth Carroll, 
WAC, married Lt. John Wadsworth Line- 
berger in Houston, Texas, on September 7, 
1944, in the post chapel. The bride wore the 
official WAC white uniform with the white 
garrison cap. Lt. Carroll received her commis- 
sion at Fort Des Moines in November, 1942. 
She is the commanding officer of the Ellington 
WAC Detachment. Lt. Linebcrger was formerly 
with the Fifth Air Force, stationed in Aus- 
tralia and New Guinea. He holds the Dis- 
tinguished Air Medal with the Oak Leaf Clus- 
ter and the Presidential Citation. 

Rebecca Jones has been teaching in Boyd- 
ton until this summer, when she accepted a 
position as dietitian in the Norfolk U. S. Naval 

Grace Allen Pittard (Mrs. Kendall Sydnor ) 
and her young son, Kendal, Jr., are living 
with her parents in Clarksville, Va., while her 
husband is somewhere in the Pacific. 

Margaret Birdwell, Lt. in the WAVES, is 
stationed at the Port of Embarkation, New 
York. Lt. L. F. Barnes, II, of the office of 
Naval Officer Procurement, Richmond, wrote 
to her father: "You have the right to be very 
proud of what your daughter has done in 
speeding our recent offensives even closer to 
the heart of Germany and Japan. Behind each 
exciting headline these days you are measuring 
the contribution your daughter is making." 

Elizabeth Ann Parker is Art Supervisor of 
the James Hurst School and Cradock Ele- 
mentary School, and has led teachers and pupils 
to emphasize their part in helping to win vic- 
tory through posters and other forms of art 
placed in the buildings, and culminating in a 
three-day exhibit of their work in the Cradock 
Gymnasium in the spring. Interest was high 
in the community as well as in the schools. 
The P.-T. A. contributed Defense Stamp prizes 
for a poster contest, and the twenty-nine win- 
ning designs were sent to the International 
Poster Contest sponsored by the Latham Foun- 
dation, Stanford University, California. One 
child was awarded one of the ten first prizes 
for Lower Elementary Grades and fourteen re- 
ceived certificates for Honorable Mention. 
Those competing were from many states, Can- 
ada, Mexico, Panama Canal Zone. 

Irene Kitchen was a member of the Com- 
mittee of the Virginia Education Association 
which made plans in the fall for the observance 
of American Education Week in the State. Her 
group was headed by Dr. W. T. Sanger. 


The June Class of 1894 

By Maud Pollard Turman 

YOU could scarcely find a happier, 
"peppier" bunch of old ladies than 
the ten members of the June Class of 
1894 who met in Farmville on Founders 
Day, 1944 to celebrate their fiftieth anni- 
versary. (For a woman to admit that she 
was graduated fifty years ago is of itself 

We came just as the Bible said they 
would come in the last days — from the 
East and from the West, from the North 
and from the South. I came from the 
"Deep South", all the way from Atlanta, 
Georgia, as the only member of the class 
living outside of Virginia, 


We were royally treated during our 
stay, being domiciled in Cunningham 
Hall, and seated in the dining room at a 
large round-table where we reminisced 
and feasted both body and soul, as we 
rejoiced to be together once more. 

We had met not only to attend the 
Founders Day exercises and renew our 
loyalty to our Alma Mater, and to cele- 
brate our fiftieth anniversary of our grad- 
uation, but deliberately with malice afore- 
thought, we went to Farmville with the 
avowed intention of winning the Jarman 
attendance cup for the second time, since 
nine members of our class attended the 
1934 Founders Day, and had won the 
(Continued on page 39) 

Alumnae Magazine 

JO)£az J-5i 

)Ea% J-jiaxu . . . 
(The Life of a Freshman— Year 1943-44) 

Sept. 20, 1943, Dear Diary: 

My first day at college and "oh" what 
a day. When I arrived at the train station 
this morning I must say I was homesick, 
frightened and lonely 'cause I didn't see 
a single familiar face. While I was still 
looking around, a girl in white with a blue 
badge on which said Y.W.C.A. came up 
to me and after a friendly greeting offered 
to show me my way to the college. I 
found out that she knows Jane and Mary 
who were at camp with me. She helped 
me register and matriculate and then 
showed me to my room. My roommate 
is a precious girl. She was already unpack- 
ing when I opened the door, and had also 
met lots of the other freshmen. After sup- 
per some one said, "Let's go to prayers." 
We went down to the auditorium and in 
the quiet of the candle light someone led 
a vesper program. I believe they have this 
service every night, and I'm going to plan 
to go. Tonight we went down to a room 
they call the "Rec". It is a recreation 
room. There I met lots of the other fresh- 
men and some of the upper classmen. Oh 
yes! They served us cokes and cookies and 
did they taste good. Some upper classmen 
sang for us, and one of the freshmen 
played boogie. I'm so tired and sleepy, 
but I believe I'm going to like this life 
at S.T.C. 

Sept. 24, 1943, Dear Diary: 

I met my "Big Sister" this morning and 
she said for me to be sure to press my 
taffeta because there's to be a "Big Sis- 
ter, Little Sister" reception Friday night. 

December, 1944 

Sept. 26, 1943, Dear Diary: 

My! I was scared stiff at the idea of 
going down the receiving line. It wasn't 
half bad though. Dr. Jarman is so nice, 
and the faculty members aren't as digni- 
fied as they might seem to be — they're just 
like other folks I know. Refreshments and 
a skit ended up the evening just right. 

Sept. 29, 1943, Dear Diary: 

Tonight I went to the first lyceum pro- 
gram of the year. Mrs. Vera M. Dean, 
well known lecturer, spoke on "Russia As 
a World Power." She was very interest- 
ing, and I thoroughly enjoyed her talk. 

Oct. 6, 1943, Dear Diary: 

The strangest and most impressive thing 
happened today. In chapel they had an 
Alpha Kappa Gamma tapping service. As 
quiet music was played, the members 
dressed in the caps and gowns, walked 
slowly up the aisle, tapped the new girls, 
and took them back to the stage. I was 
all tense with wonder and excitement, not 
knowing who the next person would be. 
I don't think I'll ever forget the way I 
felt, and it was then that I made being 
a member of Alpha Kappa Gamma my 

Oct. 8, 1943, Dear Diary: 

Tonight was really tops. I went to the 
presentation of the "Faculty Family Al- 
bum" and it was swell. I hardly recog- 
nized any of my teachers in their get-ups. 
They wore everything from bathing suits 


to old-fashioned hoop skirts. Boy, are they 
going to get teased tomorrow. 

Oct. 16, 1943, Dear Diary: 

I have never spent such a hectic day. 
To begin with, I had to get up at five 
o'clock in order to dress for the day. O, I 
forgot to say that we are being ratted by 
the sophomores. After a day spent in 
making beds, sweeping, skipping, eating 
square meals, and lots of other nonsense 
things you would be exhausted, too. 

Oct. 20, 1943, Dear Diary: 

I actually felt like a woman this eve- 
ning. Clad in white "we" the freshmen of 
'43 were installed into the Y.W.C.A. The 
ceremony took place in beautiful Joan 
Court at twilight. My heart was filled 
with joy as carrying a lighted candle I 
took my place in the procession singing 
"Follow the Gleam". 

Oct. 27, 1943, Dear Diary: 

I certainly enjoyed chapel this morn- 
ing. Kappa Delta Pi, which is an honor 
society in education, announced the eight- 
een students to whom they have issued 
bids. I know they must feel honored. 
Maybe some day I'll have the same honor, 
I hope! 

Nov. 19, 1943, Dear Diary: 

Today was an eventful one — classes as 
usual — including a test in Spanish fol- 
lowed by an exciting evening. The dra- 
matic club presented the fall play — A. A. 
Milne's "Ivory Door". I really enjoyed it, 
and we have had more fun talking about 
it tonight. Honestly, the Club really de- 
serves credit for the grand acting, and that 
realistic looking staging. 

Nov. 20, 1943, Dear Diary: 

The Sophomore Commission was really 
performing tonight. They presented a 


fashion show in the little auditorium. It 
was a real show, believe me. I laugh 
whenever I think of some of the ridiculous 
outfits they modeled which are worn 
around this campus. I guess I'd better get 
to bed 'cause I have an 8:05 class in the 

Dec. 17, 1943, Dear Diary: 

Why do exams have to begin? They 
really take away all of the pleasure of 
thinking about the Christmas holiday. I 
guess I'll have to get up early in the morn- 
ing to finish studying. 

Dec. 19, 1943, Dear Diary: 

The mere thought of Christmas sends 
chills of joy up and down my spine. To- 
day the Freshman Commission decorated 
the mantle in the Rotunda and also a 
tree. After a marvelous banquet and Miss 
Rice's traditional telling of the "Other 
Wise Man" the student body went into 
the Rotunda and wrapped cedar around 
the columns and up the banister. The 
Rotunda really looks beautiful now. To- 
morrow night there is to be a Christmas 
pageant, and the next night the president 
of the student body is going to tell the 
story "Why the Chimes Rang". I just 
can hardly wait to catch that train home 
on Tuesday. I guess I'll dream about 
Santa Claus and sugar plums tonight. 

Jan. 20, 1944, Dear Diary: 

I really feel relieved tonight. Yes sir, 
it's all over now and was a grand success. 
I'm speaking of the Commission's presen- 
tation of "A Night at the Stork Club". 
The little auditorium was overflowing with 
people, and everyone said it was a real 
success. I'm so happy! 

Feb. 2, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Today in chapel the distinguished Dr. 
McMullen, Presbyterian missionary to 

Alumnae Magazine 

China spoke to us. He is a charming gen- 
tleman and I must say his internment in 
a Japanese camp didn't seem to affect 
him physically. He told of his thrilling 
experiences as a prisoner and then of his 
trip back to the States on the Gripsholm. 
I'm glad I wasn't in his shoes. 

Feb. 19, 1944, Dear Diary: 

I have never seen such pretty girls as 
were down at the dance tonight. It was 
the annual Mardi Gras Dance. The queen 
and her court looked gorgeous. I met a 
precious boy in navy blue. He said he was 
going to write to me next week. After 
the dance was over I dashed up to second 
floor Rotunda to watch the dates come in. 
Do my feet hurt! 

Feb. 22, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Everyone said it was just wonderful, 
and we freshmen are so glad that the pro- 
duction was a huge success. The best 
thing about it was that practically all of 
us were in it. You see — we had all of the 
months in the year and a skit for each 
month. I laughed myself until I thought 
I would just about die, I was scared while 
I was doing my part, but it was fun. 
You'll see. 

Feb. 29, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Golly, I had fun tonight. We little sis- 
ters entertained our big sisters at a coke 
and nab party in the "Rec". We really 
had the S.T.C. spirit if you judged it by 
our singing. 

Mar. 5, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Big doings! I liked chapel very much 
today because it featured a Founder's Day 
program. Phillis Pedigo, a Farmville 
alumna, talked to us. I had read in the 
Reader's Digest about her experiences as 
a Red Cross worker in Australia, but I'd 
never dreamed of seeing her face to face. 
And the class of 1894!! They were ten of 

December, 1944 

the spryest old ladies I've ever seen, and 
one of them, a "Georgia Peach", gave the 
cutest little talk. We clapped and clapped 
for her. Here's hoping that I'm half as 
attractive .as they when I grow old. 

March 27, 1944, Dear Diary: 

I've tried to go to Sunday School each 
Sunday especially this month. There's 
been a contest on between the churches. 
The Baptist girls won and we losers have 
to entertain them at a party. 

March 31, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Major elections are over! I think the 
officers for next year are going to be tops. 
Of course we have a vague idea of who 
would win in the elections, but the sus- 
pense was still terrific. 

April 15, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Today was certainly an unusual one. 
The Duke choir came up and joined our 
choir in a concert for the afternoon. They 
were directed by the internationally 
known Dr. T. Tertius Noble. The com- 
bined choirs gave a perfectly beautiful 
interpretation of Brahm's Requiem. The 
Duke boys ate in the dining hall with us 
at dinner. As we were leaving, they sang 
several snappy numbers — to Miss Mary's 

April 19, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Gosh! I've almost racked my brain — 
in fact, I feel like another Einstein. What 
I'm getting at is that I have just returned 
from a quiz contest. Five brilliant Hamp- 
den-Sydney lads met with five of our wiz- 
ards in a thrilling contest tonight. Miss 
Phyllis Pedigo was with them and acted 
as Mistress of Ceremonies. She fired the 
questions at them which really got things 
started in a hurry. It was much fun — of 
course H-S won, but that's' beside the 
point. Oh well, there will always be more 


April 21, 1944, Dear Diary: 

At a Lyceum tonight I heard Miss Li 
Ling-Ai speak. She is the only Chinese 
woman producer in the world of the the- 
ater, an actress, dancer, lecturer, writer, 
designer, aviatrix, and doctor. What a 
woman! She spoke on "China Tomor- 
row". It is certainly broadening my pre- 
vious knowledge to have the opportunity 
of hearing such famous people. 

April 23, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Today at chapel we had a very pleasant 
surprise. Rev. Claude Pickens, a returned 
missionary from China spoke to us on the 
"War in China". He wore a beautiful 
silk robe such as some of the natives wear. 
How I would love to visit China one day! 
Since I can't right now, I'd better read 
that chapter in my history book on China, 
which has to be read for class tomorrow. 

May 5, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Since it rained today we could not have 
our annual May Day program out at 
Longwood, but the dance tonight was 
wonderful and made up for the disap- 
pointment of the afternoon. All of the 
May Court wore their May Day costumes, 
and they were beautiful. I think my date 
had a good time being rushed by all of 
the girls. 

May 6, 1944, Dear Diary: 

May Day is over but what fun I did 
have working and slaving over my little 
dance and costume. We had the exer- 
cises today out at Longwood, and they 
really went over well in spite of the many 

May 10, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Whatta day! Wonder if I'll ever rest 
my "weary bones" again? I really had a 
wonderful time at Camp Pickett though. 
The Wacs and soldiers are really tops, and 
I'll never forget how nice they were to me. 
I was lucky enough to ride in one of "those 


Jeeps", too. Boy, it was fun. Eating in 
the mess hall was quite an experience — 
more food! I won't soon forget the big 
dance that the boys gave in our honor. 
The orchestra was grand, and so were the 
boys ! Incidentally, the whole student body 
had been invited over for the afternoon 
and evening. Gee whizz, my feet hurt, 
and I'm sleepy. 

May 1 5, 1 944, Dear Diary : 

Honestly, I'm getting to feel like an 
upperclassman. We had a conference at 
Longwood today to plan for next year's 
work in the Y.W.C.A. Nannie had made 
some of her delicious buns, and they really 
hit the spot after the meeting was over. 

May 16, 1944, Dear Diary: 

Things are really coming to a close. 
This morning was "Senior Chapel Day", 
and it really started one to thinking. The 
color cup was presented to "Red and 
White" — just wait until next year — , and 
after the enthusiasm died down our own 
Dr. Jarman sang to the seniors his usual 
song "Keep on Hoping". The seniors then 
presented their songs to the student body 
and faculty. My heart was filled to over- 
flowing at the thought that these wonder- 
ful girls won't be back next year. I ex- 
pect the juniors really felt happy and sad 
as they marched out under the arch of 

May 28, 1944, Dear Diary: 

I can't believe that I'll soon be a sopho- 
more. This has been one grand year. 
'Course it's not quite over, but only a few 
more days left in this year at S.T.C. My 
trunk has already been sent home and 
my old room on Main looks mighty bare. 
Oh, the annuals came out last week and 
I'm so proud of mine. I still have to get 
lots of folks to sign it. Diary, this has been 
a wonderful year at college, and I'm look- 
ing forward to my next three years here. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Administration and 
Faculty News 

SOME friends in the State Department 
of Education sponsored a dinner in 
Richmond this summer in honor of Dr. 
Jarman. The occasion was the celebration 
of his forty-two years as president of our 
College and fifty-five years as an educator 
in Virginia. The invited guests included 
the Presidents of the other Colleges in 
Virginia, some of the leaders in educa- 
tional affairs, representatives from the 
faculty and Alumnae Chapters and per- 
sonal friends. It was impossible to invite 
a larger group as the accommodations 
were limited. Among the Alumnae pres- 
ent were Louise McCormick Brown and 
her husband, Frances Howard, Julia 
Asher, Anne Smith Green, Emma Webb 
Watkins, Kate Trent, Ruth Jordan, Cor- 
nelia Dickinson Nuckols, Carrie Rennie 
Eason, Maria Bristow Starke and her hus- 
band, Mary Lou Campbell Graham, Lucy 
Haile Overby Webster, Carrie Sutherlin, 
and Louise Ford Waller. Dr. Dabney 
Lancaster was the toastmaster. Many im- 
promptu speeches called forth much wit 
and humor. All the speeches were affec- 
tionate and appreciative tributes to Dr. 
Jarman as College President, administra- 
tor, and friend. Dr. Jarman's response was 
in his best style. Dr. Joseph Saunders, 
President of the State Board of Education, 
and a life-long friend, presented him with 
a handsomely bound volume of letters 
from many friends. 

Dr. Martha Smith, our new Dean of 
Women, is a native of Kentucky. She re- 
ceived her bachelor of arts degree at But- 
ler University, Indianapolis, Ind., her mas- 
ter's at Birmingham Southern, Birming- 
ham, Ala., and her Ph.D. from the Uni- 
versity of Nebraska. Following this she 
studied at the Universite de Basacon in 
Doubis, France, and the French School 

Dean Smith 

of Middlebury, Vt. For the past seven 
years she has been dean of women at State 
Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska. 

Alpha Lee Garnett, Richmond, succeeds 
Rachel Royal as assistant to the Dean of 
Women at S.T.C. She received her B.S. 
degree from Farmville and taught at Cul- 
peper and Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, 
N. C. For the past year she has been with 
the American Red Cross at the Army Air 
Base in Richmond. 

Dr. George W. Jeffers, head of the De- 
partment of Biology, has been given a 
leave of absence for one year. He is di- 
rector of the Chesapeake Bay Fisheries 
Study under the auspices of the Chesa- 
peake Bay Commission. The study is 
financed by the General Education Board. 

Mr. Norman O. Myers of the Business 
Education Department, is on leave of ab- 
sence, serving in the U. S. Navy. 

Dr. Leroy Merritt, librarian, is serving 
with the U. S. Army in France. 

Mr. Merle Landrum, head of the Busi- 

(Continued on page 40) 

December, 1944 


Alumnae in War Services 

THIS list includes the names of all Farmville Alumnae reported to the Alumnae Office 
before October 1, 1944. Any additions or corrections will be gratefully received and 
published in the next Bulletin. 

Lt. Col. Harriet Hankins 

Blanche Taylor Bradley 
Martha Gunter 
Thelma Houpe (Lt.) 
Hilda Hubbard 

Elizabeth Carroll Lineberger (Lt.) 
Dorothy Luck 

Alice Grainger Remsberg (Lt.) 
Martha Roberts (Lt.) 
Lucy Thompson Robinson 
Elizabeth Walthall (Lt.) 

Doris R. Chestnut (Lt.) 
Opal Irene Nelson 

Nurses Corps 
Sarah Buchanan (Lt.) 
Harriet Hankins (Lt. Col.) 
Elizabeth Mcintosh (Lt. ) 
Margaret Rucker (Lt.) 

Red Cross 
Frances Barksdale 
Estelle Cake Beard 
Marjorie Booton 


Hannah M. Early 

Virginia Lee Harvey 

Etta Marshall 

Phyllis Pedigo 

Annette Roberts 

Lucie K. Shields 

Pattie Venable Smith 

Catherine Smoot 

Lena Mac Gardner Sammons 

Shirley Ann Stephens 

Harriette Vaden 

Cathernie McAllister Wayland 

Bcttie Wright 

Katherine French 

Air Patrol 
Ida Sykes Billups 

Sara L. Anthony (Ensign) 
Margaret Birdwell (Lt.) 
Elizabeth Burke 
Virginia Carroll (Lt.) 
Rachel Clarke 
Grace Collins (Ensign) 

Lt. Sarah Buchanan 

Gwendolyn Daniei (Lt.) 

Jane McGinnis Gregory (Ensign) 

Gwendolyn C. Hardy (Ensign) 

Clara Mamie Hurt 

Nell Eva Huit 

Dorothy Lawrence (Ensign) 

Catherine May 

Bess E. McGlothlin (Lt.) 

Elizabeth Morris (Ensign) 

Kathleen Ranson (Lt. ) 

Lillian Rhodes (Lt.) 

Helen Roberts (Lt.) 

Martha Roberts 

Jane Cabell Sanford (Ensign) 

Doris Carper Springer (Lt.) 

Margaret Stratton 

Frances Strohecker 

Anne F. Trotter 

Elizabeth Tyree (Lt. ) 

Anna Shaw Watson (Lt.) 

Margaret Frances Hanmer Willis 

Lula R. Windham (Ensign) 

Winifred Wright (Ensign) 


Frances Virginia Alexander (Ensign) 
Bettie Sue Cummings Griffin (Ensign) 

Alumnae Magazine 

First Row 

Ensign Betty Cunningham Griffin 
Hannah M. Early — Red Cross 
Marjorie Booton — Red Cross 
Lieutenant Cathleen Ranson 
Ensign Sarah Louise Anthony 

Second Row 

Lieutenant Bess McGlothlin 
Rachel Clarke — Wave 
Ensign Virginia Frances Alexander 
Lieutenant Elizabeth Lee Tyree 
Harriette Vaden — Red Cross 

Third Row 

Ensign Dorothy Lawrence 
Lieutenant (jg) Gwendoline L. Daniel 
Margaret W. Stratton, Yeoman lc USNR 
Ensign Helen Roberts 
Ensign Winfred Wright 

When Readers Write 

"I can't find words to express my pleas- 
ure as I read the Alumnae Magazine. It 
is an inspiration to read about the girls I 
used to know. It makes me want to do 
big things, too." — Lettie C. Laughan. 

"I've gotten quite a thrill out of the 
Alumnae Bulletins which have reached 
me in a round-about way. I am so glad 
to contribute to a portrait of Miss Coul- 
ling. I loved and admired her very much. 
The things she taught me have been of 
real value in bringing up my four chil- 
dren and in running my home." — Nellie 
Heath Walker, 

"My sister, Julia, and I are still talking 
about the wonderful time we had in Farm- 
ville on Founders Day. It was nice to see 
our old College expanding, growing more 
beautiful and carrying on its fine work." 
— Annette Leach Gemwell. 

"It wouldn't be possible to tell you how 
much we enjoyed our stay on Founders 
Day. Thank Dr. Jarman for giving us 
this privilege. The program was beautiful- 
ly carried out, the hospitality shown us 
was wonderful, and the comforts you pro- 
vided for our fiftieth anniversary were 
perfect." — Pauline Harris Netherland; 
Alma Harris Richardson. 

"The memories of my trip to Farmville 
will ever be a pleasure to me. To have 
a large group of my classmates and other 
old friends of forty years ago there as a 
kind of receiving line started me off de- 
lightfully. It gave me a feeling of impor- 
tance, and you know that helps. We never 
grow too old for flattery. To me the spirit 
of the dear old place is very remarkable. 
I enjoyed my rambles through the old 
hallways because there I was communing 
with the "Master Spirits" of forty years 
ago. Happily though some of those spirits 
were there in body. I gave Miss Rice a 
hard, tight hug." — Carrie Martin Pegigo. 


"As usual I read the Alumnae Bulletin 
from cover to cover. It is a fine job and 
it is a real joy to get it. Farmville S. T. C. 
means more to me than any other College, 
since I owe more to it than to any other 
College. It gave me my real start as a 
teacher, and my husband, the greatest of 
all my blessings." — Fannie Littleton Kline. 

"It gave me quite a start to see myself 
listed by my maiden name in the Alum- 
nae Bulletin when my house was fairly 
being taken apart by our three children. 
So to keep scandal from my door and to 
put the records up to date, I am writing 
to say I am Mrs. J. Henry Clippard in- 
stead of Sadie Hunt." (Moral: Don't let 
this happen to you!) 

"The nine Lynchburg Alumnae cer- 
tainly enjoyed the recent Founders Day 
visit to Farmville." — Helen Costen. 

"I do appreciate the picture of the Class 
of 1894. Mr. McCorkle did a wonderful 
job with these ten old ladies. With the 
exception of two who would have their 
heads too high, all were flattered. But we 
all felt like holding them high that event- 
ful day. Thank all who had a part in giv- 
ing us so many pleasures." — Effie Shell 

"Thanks for the wonderful Founders 
Day week-end. It was worth traveling 
many more miles to hear Phyllis Pedigo. 
As my son, Joe, is in New Guinea, her 
talk was near to my heart." — Esme 
Howell Smith. 

"It seems that I only had time to say 
"Hello" and "Good-bye", but I surely 
enjoyed doing that. It is always grand to 
get back to Farmville from faraway Bris- 
tol." — Mary Dornin Stant. 

"The Bulletin just received gave me 
quite a thrill. I do wonder what has hap- 
pened to the members of the Class of 

Alumnae Magazine 

February 1901? I would love to hear from 
them. I hope I can return to old Farm- 
ville some day and see all the great 
changes." — Elizabeth Carper Shelby, M.D. 

"Every time I visit Farmville, I am 
convinced that old S.T.C. is the finest 
place ever." — Virginia Brinkley. 

"Farmville meant so much to me that 
I should like to serve her in any possible 
way." — Mary Berkeley Nelson. 

"Nancy Lyne expressed my feelings per- 
fectly in the 1944 Alumnae Bulletin. I 
have read her letter many times and I am 
asking that you send catalogs to some 

Swarthmore friends, who have daughters 
interested in becoming kindergarten 
teachers." — Kitty Carroll Price. 

"How nice to have a letter from our 
1914 class president, Maria Bristow 
Starke, and to get the Bulletin with its 
news and pictures of Dr. Jarman and 
Louise Ford Waller! I am living in La- 
Jolla, Calif., one of the busy crossroads of 
this country, and life is very exciting here. 
My husband is a physician and terribly 
hard at work. I wonder if any other 
Farmville Alumnae live near me?" — Lucy 
Heath Sherrill. 

Class Reunions 

(Continued from page 7 ) 

and doing everything possible to aid in the 
winning of the war, but try to take a little 
time off to come back to Farmville on 
Founders Day. We'll talk over our four 
years of school and tell each other about 
our last ten years — we'll have a "whale of 
a reunion". 

Best wishes to each of you, and I am 
looking forward to seeing a lot of you on 
Founders Day. 

Frankie McDaniel Cargill 


New York City 
September 22, 1944 

Greetings Class of '35: 

Imagine us being up for the ten-year 
hurdle. Quite a jump, eh lassies? There's 
compensation in the green pastures of our 
first really important reunion though. 
You'll have to admit that! 

Remember in June, 1935, how seriously 
we took ourselves, always saying to each 
other, "Wonder what we'll be doing ten 
years from now?" It seemed time enough 
to accomplish any feat — from captivating 
a husband and beginning a family to 

December, 1944 

climbing to the top ring of the career 
ladder. Of course, we didn't reckon with 
a war way back then, despite Dr. Walms- 
ley's warning to keep an eye on the Japs. 

Founder's Day 1945 will be the ideal 
time to get the answers to our ten years 
of waiting. For who of us can resist a 
continued story, especially the personal 
ones? You know you'd get a kick out of 
shooting the breeze with the old crowd. 

"What are you doing anyway? How in 
the world did you rate that wonderful 
position? Where's your husband these 
days, Army, Navy, or home front? Two 
children? My, I hadn't heard about the 
first one! I love the new coiffure, my 
dear. You look younger than you did ten 
years ago." (Who other than a classmate 
would say that?) 

Snap shots and stories galore, that's 
what we want. Bring them back alive if 
you can. If you can't, send them back 
anyway so the ones of us who do get back 
can enjoy them. 

Here, my friends, is to 1945, may it be 
a year of reunion for the world as well as 
the class. See you next spring, I hope. 
Affectionately yours, 

Lena Mac Gardner, 

(Mrs. Macon C. Sammons) 





Mary Frances Adams, '40; Mrs. Jack Lea Pointer, 
c/o Mr. R. W. Adams, Damipple, Va. 

Elizabeth Jean Arington, '41; Mrs. Ernest F. Jessee, Jr., 
314 Cabell St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Elva Kathryn Andrews, '43; Mrs. Thorpe Jones, c/o 
Mr. E. J. Andrews, Farmville, Va. 

Elise Bennett Bailey, '35, '42; Mrs. D. B. Davis, 107 
N. 3rd Avenue, Hopewell, Va. 

Elizabeth Bernard, '43; Mrs. Robert Saul, Boone Mill, 

Emma Bingham, '36; Mrs. R. F. Anderson, 1810 Bour- 
bon Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Nancy Leigh Bonduiant, '42; Mrs. William Elmer Wil- 
son, c/o Mr. S. W. Bondurant, Blacksburg, Va. 

Ann Bradshaw, '42; Mrs. J. A. Mulren, 807 Marshall 
St., Hampton, Va. 

Alma H. Butterworth, '39; Mrs. Richard E. Lewis, 
c/o Mrs. A. G. Butterworth, DeWitt, Va. 

Elizabeth Butterworth, '38; Mrs. Ben Sayors, Dewitt, 

Janet M. Blake, '42; Mrs. F. L. Boatwnght, Scotts- 
ville, Va. 

Belly Boutchard, '42 Mrs. Samuel Conger Maclntyre, 
III, 2512 Orcutt Ave., Newport News, Va. 

Alice Leigh Barham, '41; Mrs. Alfred Alexander Jones, 
308 North St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Mamie Ida Barns, '35; Mrs. Emmette DePree Barham, 
Jr., c/o Mr. J. T. Barns, 2517 Grove Ave., Rich- 
mond Va. 

Anne Colgate Boswell, '42; Mrs. James Frederick Kay, 
111 Carroll Ave., Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Va. 

Margaret W. Clark, '36; Mrs. H. H. Hanger, Fishers- 
ville, Va. 

Mary Owen Carson, '42; Mrs. E. Warren Roberts, c/o 
Mr. J. Owen Carson, Concord Depot, Va. 

Mabel Carlton, '42; Mrs. Hayden Rist, c/o Mr. J. L. 
Carlton, Farmville, Va. 

Virginia Mae CampHeld, '43; Mrs. William Pierce Hay, 
Jr., 7628 Swectbnar Road. Richmond, Va. 

Laura Nell Crawley, '40; Mrs. John Vernon Birkland, 
c/o Mr. J. W. Crawley, Hampden, Sydney, Va. 

Mary Elizabeth Carroll, '38; Mrs. John W. Linebergcr, 
c/o Mr. Robert Scott Carroll, 222 Claiborne Ave., 
Kocky Mount, Va. 

Hazel May Colgate, '42; Mrs. E. E. Worrell, Jr., 2809 
Third Ave., Koanoke, Va. 

Sallie Kerr Dunlap, '41; Mrs. William Cook, Shackel- 
ford, Va. 

Nelle Elizabeth Davis, "40; Mrs. James Dudley Wood- 
ard, Jr., Courtland, Va. 

Rachel Wiles DeBerry, '41; Mrs. Elwood Minton War- 
ren, c/o Mr. L. VV. DeBerry, Blackstone, Va. 

Nan Ellen Duer, '41; Mrs. Charles A. Earnest, III, 
c/o Mr. C. B. Duer, Toano, Va. 

Mary" Katheiine Dodson, '42; Mrs. Conrad N. Plyer, 
c/o Mr. J. R. Dodson, 517 Maryland Ave., Norlolk, 

Sarah Jane Danby, '43; Mrs. Joseph W. Eddins, Appo- 
mattox, Va. 

Sudie Doughty Dunton, '40; Mrs. Lyman Riddick 
Brothers, "jr., c/o Mrs. S. H. Dunton, Cape Charles, 

Dorothy Dade Davis, '40; Mrs. Richard D. Mattox, 
c/o Mrs. James I. Davis, Mount Valley, Raccoon 
Ford, Va. 

Sallie Kerr Dunlap, '41; Mrs. W. C. Shackelford, c/o 
Mis. George T. Dunlap, RFD 1, Lexington, Va. 

Helen H. fugleman, -tO; Mrs. Emmett Wells Mc- 
Cormick, c/o Mr. E. V. Eagleman, Lexington, Va. 

Julia Christine Eason, '44; Mrs. Roger Walker Mer- 
cer, Jr., 2614 Lamb Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Ann Page Francis, *43; Mrs. R. O. Hickman, 108 Vic- 
toria Ave., Hampton, Va. 

Frances P. Ferguson, 43; Mrs. Howard D. Marshall, 
c/o Mr. H. T. Ferguson, Prospect, Va. 

Mildred Kathryn Finney, '31; Mrs. Carroll N. Gar- 
nett, Cardsville, Va. 

Harriett Elizabeth Farrier, '41; Mrs. John C. Mitchell, 
c/o Mr. M. P. Farrier, Farmville, Va. 

Irina Natalie Francis, '41; Mrs. Franklin Thomas Cole- 
man, c/o Mr. A. S. Francis, Boykins, Va. 

Agnes Lee Grigg, '32; Mrs. Chas. P. Boykin, Chula, Va. 

Roberta Grigg, '40; Mrs. Mott Harrison, 58 S. King 
St., Hampton, Va. 

Virginia Arvin Gee, '32; Mrs. Ira Henry Erickson, 
c/o Mr. B. L. Gee, Kenbridgc, Va. 

Grace Viola Garrett, '40; Mrs. Robert William Brown, 
c/o Mr. Floyd L. Garrett, Keysville, Va. 


Virginia Howell, '41; Mrs. F. E. Clarke, c/o Mrs. R. S. 

Cole, Church Road. Va. 
Isla T. Hartwell, : 40; Mrs. Langhorne Hutter Meem, 

Lawrenceville. Va. 
Bettie Harper, '40; Mrs. William W. Wyatt, 139 Manteo 

Ave., Hampton, Va. 
Pansy Hill. "29; Mrs. Frank Halley, 4105 53rd Ave., 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Molly Irby Hardaway, '40; Mrs. William Lawrence 

Powell, 105 Irving St., Blackstone, Va. 
Frankie Blair Hubbard, '40; Mrs. T. J. Kektig, c/o 

Mr. Reed T. Hubbard, Farmville, Va. 
Helen Elizabeth Hoyer, '40; Mrs. Ralph W. Tucker, 

Jr., c/o Mr. Knud Hoyer, Hampton, Va. 
Hannah Louise Hamlett, '29; Mrs. Robert E. Morgan, 

5014 Calendonia Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Myrtle Lee Holt, '42; Mrs. Richardson C. Johnson, 

c/o Mr. E. C. Holt, 2902 Seminary Ave., Richmond, 

Jean Addison Hall, '42; Mrs. Edward Lloyd Bass, 

Courtland, Va. 
Marion Hunter Hubbard, '44; Mrs. Norman Hubert 

Taylor, Rice, Va. 
Nell Sue Hall, '41 ; Mrs. F. Harvey Wilbourne, c/o 

Mrs. Andrew McD. Hall, 209 Sherwood Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 
Julia Ethelyn Jones, '42; Mrs. William H. Vest, Char- 
lottesville, Va. 
Dorothy Lavinia Johnson. '42; Mrs. Jacob F. Watson, 

208 St. James Ave., Suffolk, Va. 
Elizabeth Ann Jordon, '43; Mrs. Edwin Joseph Vele- 

novsky, 63b Cnestnut Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 
Barbara Whitby Jones, '42; Mrs. Francis W. Dasher, 

Jr., c/o Mr. Dudley M. Jones, 119 Linden Ave., 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Evelyn Krenning, '41; Mrs. Richard C. Moore, 626 

Linden Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 
Elvira McGehee Ligon, '39; Mrs. Herbert G. Taylor, 

Jr., c/o Mrs. Leon T. Farrar, Keysville, Va. 
Florence Whiting Lee, '41; Mrs. Carl Van Putnam, 108 

LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. 
Margaret Elizabeth McDearmon, '30; Mrs. Samuel 

Brown Witt. Jr., 808 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Martha Martin Moore, ; 40; Mrs. Frank B. Howe, Jr. , 

c/o Mr. William S. Moore, "Red Hill", R. 1, Lex- 
ington, Va. 
Effie Naomi Major, '43; Mrs. Robert C. Shipp, c/o Mr. 

!•'. H. Major, 735 High Street, Clifton Forge, Va. 
Audrey Elizabeth Mattox, '35; Mrs. Emory Hughes 

Merryman, Rustburg, Va. 
Mary Ernestine Morgan, '41; Mrs. H. Curtis Holloman, 

Andersonville, Va. 
Bernice Geraldine Mann, '41; Mrs. Madison G. Pow- 
ell, c/o Mr. Obediah Mann, Farmville, Va. 
Clara Anna Caroline Marshall, '43; Mrs. Joseph G. 

Aylor, 3411 Guilford Terrace, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Catherine Mofiitt, '26, '42; Mrs. Chalmers S. Wallers, 

c/o Mrs. Elijah Mofhtt, Wakefield, Va. 
Majorie Lois Nimmo, '43; Mrs. Walter B. Riser, 101 

Brewer Ave., Suffolk, Va. 
Norma Nichols, '43; Mrs. Kenneth L. Dingier, c/o Mr. 

W. T. Nichols, Bellsville, Va. 
V. Sue Owen, '40; Mrs. David Dulrow, 76 33 Street, 

Hampton, Va. 
Mary Louise Puster, '42; Mrs. Herbert E. Tuck, Em- 
poria, Va. 
Grace Florine Price, '38; Mrs. P. B. Trice, Jr., c/o 

Mr. J. R. Price, R. 5, Farmville, Va. 
Inez Carroll Prince, '32; Mrs. Charles L. Nash, 706 

Chalfonte Drive, Alexandria, Va. 
Jane Crockett Pecry, '41 ; Mrs. Charles Henry Peery, 

IH, Tazewell, Va. 
Lois Glass Powell, '37; Mrs. William B. Harris, c/o Mr. 

C. W. Powell. South Boston, Va. 
Ella Marsh Pilkinton, '43; Mrs. John George Adams, 

619 Maple Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Martha Elizabeth Peerman, '42; Mrs. Nathaniel T. Cole- 
man, c/o Mr. R. L. Peerman, 144 Holbrook Ave., 

Danville, Va. 
Susie Reames, '30; Mrs. Willie H. Beville, DeWitt, Va. 
Catherine Louise Radspinner, '42; Mi's. John Robert 

Snow, 4008 Wythe Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Frances Brooks Robertson, '30; Mrs. John T. Tar- 
water, 1307 Clay, Lynchburg, Va. 
Lolita Robert, '43; Mrs. Donald O'Connor, Jr., c/o 

Mr. Rafael Robert, 252 Ponce de Leon Ave., San- 
Ellen McDonald Rovall, '42; Mrs. Walter F. Story. Jr., 

Suffolk, Va. 
Anne Hui tt Ross, '37; Mrs. George Hatcher Snead, c/o 

Mr. O. J. Ross, Onley, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 


Alberta Collings Musgrave, a daughter, Martha 

Margaret Farrar Baab, a daughter. 
Anne Cocks Vaughan, a son, Robert Crews, Jr. 
Anne Dugger Mcintosh, a son, Frank, III. 
Zosie Carter Hutter, a daughter. 
Evelyn West Allen, a daughter, Mary Evelyn. 
Betty Hardy Murdoch, a daughter, Margaret 

Sara Hardy Blanton, a daughter, Elizabeth 

"Army"' Butterworth Lewis, a son, Richard, III. 
Martha McCorkle Taylor, a daughter, Martha 

Alma Garlick Jones, a son, Richard Edward, 

Helen Seward Dallen, a daughter, Jane Bald- 
Anne Easley Walden, a son. 
Jane Lee Hutcheson Hanbury, a daughter, 

Lila Jane. 
Betty Lee Downing Bickford, a daughter, Betty 

Lee, Jr. 
"Cottie" Willis Russ, a son, Stuart Hall, Jr. 
Evelyn Beckham Broaddus, a daughter. 
Katherine Hatch Whitfield, a daughter. 
Margaret Robinson Simkins, a son, ' Francis 

Butler, Jr. 
Virginia Vincent Saffelle, a daughter. 
Mildred Smith Johnson, a daughter, Mildred 

Smith, Jr. 
Carolyn Watts Wilson, a daughter, Mary Dab- 

Hazel Burgwin Ward, a son, Stephen Day, Jr. 

Vera Ebel Elmore, a daughter, Ellen Carey. 
Sara West Moore, a son, William West. 
Marie Eason Reveley, a son, W. Taylor, Jr. 
Beulah Ettenger Cobbs, a son, Howard, Jr. 
Mary Allen Peters Toner, a son. 
Mary Elizabeth Pettigrew Diedrich, a son. 
Virginia Read Turner Yelverton, a son, Hugh, 

Helen Jeffries Miles, a son, Hugh, Jr. 
"Humpty" Jones Davis, a daughter, Susan 

Mary Elizabeth McCormick Leary, a son, John. 
Isable Williamson Hayt, a son, Robert, Jr. 
Martha Nottingham Rice, a son, David, Jr. 
Lucille Field Holmes, a daughter, Ellen Stokes. 
Page Archer Pruitt, a son, Richard. 
Lucille Tiller Meredith, a daughter, Barbara 

Valla Nimmo Stallings, a daughter, Sue. 
Martha Brothers Fitzhugh, a son, Berryman, Jr. 
Frances Dudley Brooks, a daughter, Nancy 

Nan Gilbert Aman, a son, "Cy" Jr. 
Margaret Stallard Wooling, a daughter, Mary 

Mary Harvey Reaves, a daughter, Mary 

"Ducky" Woodward Vanderberry, a daughter, 

Pat Cowherd Adkins, a daughter, Sally Clary. 
Betty Younberg Otteson, a son, Eric Albert. 
Jean McClure Thomas, a son, William Wash- 
ington, Jr. 
Mary Priest Voight, a son, Ricks Stedman, Jr. 
Martha Whelchel Plummer, a daughter, Anne 


Allyne Louise Rice, '42; Mrs. Clinton W. Verelle, 

c/o Mr. Fred O. Lewis. Lodge, Va. 
Mary Wenanah Stone, '42; Mrs. William L. Burchard, 

48 Shenandoah Road, Hampton. Va. 
Maud Rose Shaw, '43; Mrs. Paul Bryan Wyche, Halls- 

boro, N. C. 
Dorothy Tuanita Smith, "41; Mrs. Paulus E. Price, c/o 

Mr. E. J. Smith, Rice, Va. 
Nell R. Lee Scott, '41; Mrs. Donald W. Weaver, Jr., 

2304 Grove Ave., Richmond. Va. 
Gary Page Stone, '42; Mrs. Richard W. Townley, c/o 

Mr. W. C. Stone, Sweet Hall, Va. 
Ada Claire Snyder, '43; Mrs. William Dennie, Alta- 
Vista, Va. 
Mary Anne Scales, '37; Mrs. George Hairston, "Oak 

Hill", Danville, Va 
Marjorie Bernice Smith, '42; Mrs. Juan Frank Crofton, 

c/o Mr. E. J. Smith, R. 1, Rice, Va. 
Myra Elizabeth Smith, '40; Mrs. Warner T. Ferguson, 

Hampton, Va. 
Elizabeth Anne Shelburne, '42; Mrs. George William 

Beale. Rocky Mount, Va. 
Frank Wood Smoot, '31; Mrs. Berthold Rossnagel, 

1114 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 
Louise H. Stephenson, '36; Mrs. Robert Leroy McKee, 

Norfolk. Va. 
Mildred Short, '31; Mrs. Malvern S. Barrow, Jr., Al- 
berta, Va. 

December, 1944 

Sarah Hyde Thomas, '34; Mrs. John Vincent Douglas, 
c/o Mr. A. C. '1 nomas, "Montgomery Hall", Staun- 
ton, Va. 

Sadie Rebecca Vaughan, '42; Mrs. Clarence C. Dun- 
lord, Max Meadows, Va. 

Aurelia Mabel Varncr, '38; Mrs. Joseph A. Hazel- 
grove, c/o Mr. W. A. Varner, Cumberland. Va. 

Mary Annabel Wescott, '41; Mrs. G. Edward Finney, 
Unancock, Va. 

Mary Brinson Walker. '43; Mrs. Clifford Arthur Hous- 
man, c/o Mr. L. G. Walker, Victoria, Va. 

Mary Rose Wood, '30; Mrs. Rue Ellston Swaze, c/o 
Mrs. Florence Vvood, Jetersville, Va. 

Caroline Hunter Willis. '39: Mrs. Frederick Jacob 
Weiler, c/o Mrs. M. G. Willis, Jr., 1106 Princess 
Anne, Fredericksburg, Va. 

V. Lucille Wilkerson, '42; Mrs. Alfred M. Lightner, 
c/o Mr. Walker Wilkerson, Farmville, Va. 

Martha Jean Woodward, '43; Mrs. Robert Ernest Duke, 
Mineral, Va. 

Nancy Jane Wolf?, '41 ; Mrs. Lewallen Borden 

Evelyn Patricia Whitlock, '41; Mrs. J. K. Pownall, c/o 
Mr. C. M. Whitlock, Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Gertrude Thornhill Wright. '41 i Mrs. William E. Wells, 
Jr., c/o Mrs. W. W. Wright, 501 Jackson Avenue, 
uexineton Va 

Ella Banks Weathers; Mrs. William P. Boyle, c/o Rev. 
J. W. Weathers, Lexington, Va. 






1885 CLASS 

Blanton, Annie L.; Mrs. Firmer Barrett, de- 

Duncan, Lula M. ; Mrs. Lula D. Moir, 344 
Jackson St., Bedford, Va. 

Phillips, Lula O., deceased. 

1895 CLASS 

Armistead, Ellen Berkeley; Mrs. J. G. Guerrant, 
address unknown. 

Badger, Helen, address unknown. 

Bondurant, Georgie, Farmville, Va. 

Boyd, Carrie Y., 609 Allison Ave., S. W., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Bradshaw, Cornelia F. ; Mrs. Bassett Watts, 

Brimmer, Rose, 119 College Ave., Danville, Va. 

Bullard, Irene, 1525 Gordon Ave., Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 

Burton, Kate; Mrs. Fred Glenn, 3701 16 
Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Conway, Daisy; Mrs. Harvey L. Price, Blacks- 
burg, Va. 

Davidson, Lottie M. ; Mrs. M. K. Humphreys, 

Davis, Eulalie; Mrs. Woodson, address un- 

Davis, Mary, Partlow, Va. 

Eggleston, Martha, c/o Mrs. Fred Tower, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Ferebee, Mary; Mrs. Old, deceased. 

Ford, Ella May; Mrs. Arthur Bruckner, de- 

Fulkes, Susie; Mrs. Edwin A. Williams, 1315 
Nottaway Ave., Richmond 22, Va. 

Galloway, Lizzie, Care of Mrs. Julian Ford, 
Peakland Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Godwin, Mary Hipkins, deceased. 

Grav, Maud; Mrs. W. S. O'Neal, 213 Maple 
St., High Point, N. C. 

Hardy, Pearl, Blackstone, Va. 

Hathaway, M. Virginia, Churchland, Va. 

Higginbotham, Nancy, deceased. 

Hopper, Mary; Mrs. Bernard McClaugherty, 
Bluefield, W. Va. 

Ivy, Mrs. Sally B., Charlottesville, Va. 

Jayne, Mattie, deceased. 

Kean, Elvira, deceased. 

Littlepage, Carrie, address unknown. 

Marable, Sudie; Mrs. Scales, deceased. 

Nulton, Bessie; Mrs. J. B. Hoffman, deceased. 

O'Brien, Clara, 1506 Confederate Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Osborne, Tempe, Bluefield, W. Va. 

Parlett, Mattie, deceased. 

Raney, Mary Sue; Mrs. S. H. Short, 1606 
Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. 

Ratcliffe, Mary B. ; Mrs. Richard Chenery, 
2216 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Stone, Katherine, 210 Mountain Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Stubbs, Linwood,529 Delaware Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Thrift, Susie E., deceased. 

Trent, Adelaide, 4306 N. Lorcum Lane, Arling- 
ton, Va. 


Wicker, Nellie, R.F.D., Black Mountain, N. C. 
Winfree, Emma, deceased. 
Wolfe, Elizabeth T., deceased. 
Wootton, Agnes M.; Mrs. J. P. Spencer, 
Mitchell's College, Statesville, N. C. 

1905 CLASS 

Abbitt, Eleanor; Mrs. J. Lewis Thomas, 219 
Broad St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Allen, Mary Avice; Mrs. Garnett Acree, 
Sharps, Va. 

Anderson, Lucy; Mrs. B. Earnest Ward, Poca- 
hontas, Va. 

Anderson, Maud M.; Mrs. F. L. Soyars, 3118 
Fendall Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Atkinson, Margery; Mrs. Wm. Robinson, Em- 
poria, Va. 

Brooke, Lucy Morton; Mrs. E. M. Terry, 508 
Harder Rd., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Chernault, Maude; Mrs. E. T. Yeaman, Box 
92, Martinsville, Va. 

Chilton, Susan Katherine; Mrs. C. P. Palmer, 
1717 P St., Washington, D. C. 

Clemmer, Lennie May, Grottoes, Va. 

Cocke, Maria C; Mrs. Nathan Talcott, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Crute, Janie M. ; Mrs. Paul Traywick, Cam- 
eron, S. C. 

Davis, Sally Guy, 47 Columbia Ave., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 

Day, Mary French; Mrs. Jesse A. Parker, 
Brookside Ave., Wantagh, Long Island, N. Y. 

Dickey, Edith Leigh; Mrs. John R. Morris, 
834 Locust Grove, Charlottesville, Va. 

Diehl, Anna Lois; Mrs. John Fraser, Wellville, 

Duvall, Edith; Mrs. D. W. Reed, 1123 2nd St., 
Roanoke 16, Va. 

Edwards, Florence C; Mrs. O. W. Jeffrey, 
Arvonia, Va. 

Ewell, Mary Ish ; Mrs. Waller Hundley, Mid- 
lothian, Va. 

Fletcher, Mary Edna; Sherwood Apt. 1, Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Goulding, Ethel F. ; Mrs. C. A. Sale, Moss 
Neck, Va. 

Gravely, Georgia ; Buffalo St., Farmville, Va. 

Heath, Nellie G.; Mrs. J. P. Walker, 907 N. 
17th St., Boise, Idaho. 

Hinman, Olive May; R. 2, Louisville, Tenn. 

Hodges, Willie Kate; Mrs. M. L. Booth, 
Brookneal, Va. 

Homes, Marv Virginia; Mrs. C. Wallace Cole- 
man, 1205 Lake Ave., R. 13, Richmond, Va. 

Howard, Mvra, 1 1 Mountain Ave., Roanoke, 

Hurst, Grace, Box 203, High Point, N. C. 

Ives, Maud E., address unknown. 

James, Elizabeth F. ; Mrs. J. K. Dickinson, 

Jeffries, Mary E. ; Mrs. Gilliam, Culpeper, Va. 

Johnson, A. Laura, 114 Winona Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Jones, Patty Love; Mrs. L. C. Lindsley, de- 

Alumnae Magazine 

La Boyteaux, Bee, 2422 Grove Ave., Richmond, 

Lee, Ellen Moore; Mrs. John M. Wilson, 300 
Warwick Lane, Lynchburg, Va. 

Lemon, Elizabeth E. ; Mrs. C. J. Davis, Rocky 
Mount, Va. 

Lewis, Carlotta, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Luttrell, Mildred Elizabeth; Mrs. B. L. Payne, 
address unknown. 

Manson, Lucy Hawes; Mrs. C. M. Simpson, 
824 Shirley Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Moore, May Sue; Mrs. J. J. Beaman, address 

Muse, Sue, deceased. 

Newcomb, Maud, Burgess, Va. 

Paulett, Alice Edmunds; Mrs. Geoffrey Creyke, 
3525 R St., N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 

Pierce, Fannie May, 201 Poplar Ave., Norfolk, 

Reynolds, Stella; Mrs. Sellers, address unknown. 

Richardson, Harriet Elizabeth, deceased. 

Rogers, Roy; Mrs. John Coston, Mayesville, 
N. C. 

Smith, Ada May, Ashland, Va. 

Smith, Zaidie, deceased. 

Stephens, Margaret Lynn; Mis. O. B. Guth- 
rie, Gunnison, Colorado. 

Tinsley, Elizabeth G.; Mrs. J. M. Apperson, 

Tuck, J. Ursula; Mrs. M. R. Buckley, 2206 
4th Ave., Highland Park, Richmond, Va. 

Wade, Elizabeth Hamilton; Mrs. F. M. Woot- 
ten, Greenville, N. C. 

Walthall, Rose Epsie, deceased. 

Ware, Alice K.; Mrs. W. T. Eubank, Newport 
News, Va. 

Watson, Calva Hamlet, address unknown. 

Whitley, Mary Edith, 213 Bosley Ave., Suf- 
folk, Va. 

Wilson, Grace Macon ; Mrs. James E. Bosworth, 
Brownsburg, Va. 

Wolfe, Frances R., 112 Cathedral Place, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Woodruff, Hessie St. Clair; Mrs. J. L. Bugg, 
Farmville, Va. 

1915 CLASS 

Abbitt, Edith Frances; Mrs. John D. Rose, 845 
S. William St., Henderson, N. C. 

Adams, Blanch; Mrs. Lewis G. Chapman, 
Smithfield, Va. 

Allen, Lucy D., 1107 Jackson St., Lynchburg, 

Allen, Rosa Linda; Mrs. Nathan Womack, 
Boydton, Va. 

Armstrong, L. Elizabeth; Mrs. A. J. Davis, 
4509 Hilltop Drive, Lynchburg, Va. 

Barham, Elizabeth R. ; Mrs. J. P. King, Frank- 
lin, Va. 

Baskerville, Alice, 3334 Hanover Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Batten, Selma; Mrs. George Miller, 610 New 
Jersey Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Bell, Mary Aline; Mrs. Charles W. Nicol, 
Gaithersburg, Md. 

Berger, Lula Belle; Mrs. E. M. Terry, La 
Crosse, Va. 

Berger, Mary Simmons, La Crosse, Va. 

Bivins, Elizabeth Jane; Mrs. Eugene McFall, 
St. James Terrace Apt., Newport News, Va. 

December, 1944 

Boggs, Elizabeth, 625 Shirley Ave., Norfolk, 

Bolton, Callie Quinton; Mrs. Leon Tyler, 
Branchville, Va. 

Booker, Mildred Ann; Mrs. George Penn Dil- 
lard, Draper, N. C. 

Bratten, Dorothy, Princess Anne, Va. 

Broocks, Annie Louise ; Mrs. Robert McGirt, 
Abernathy St., Lenoir, N. C. 

Broocks, Ruby Arelia; Mrs. R. Bruce Jackson, 
Drakes Branch, Va. 

Bull, Lola Fletcher; Mrs. Henry M. Pettus, 
Jeffres, Va. 

Campbell, Julia; Mrs. Cross, Clifton Station, 

Campbell, Lucy Overton, King William, Va. 

Caplan, Rosa, address unknown. 

Cassidy, Sallie F., Mrs. Fred. Steinbaugh, 135 
N. Johnson Ave., Pontiac, Mich. 

Cheatham, Ethel M., 232 Lansing Ave., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 

Christian, Martha S., 711 Cloverdale Ave., 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Cleland, Elsie, 219 Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg, 

Codd, Mary Elizabeth ; Mrs. George E. Parker, 
406 Glasgow St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Collier, Margaret Lee, 16 Collier St., Hamp- 
ton, Va. 

Compton, Olivia A., 617 Marshall Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Corbin, Grace F. ; Mrs. P. B. Nelson, Southern 
Dairies, Inc., Raleigh, N. C. 

Cousins, Winifred Watkins; Mrs. B. S. War- 
ren, Greenville, N. C. 

Coverston, Margaret E. ; Mrs. Ralph Sterling, 
address unknown. 

Coverston, Mary, Saltville, Va. 

Davis, Frances V. ; Mrs. Bennett L. Bradley, 
Harrisonburg, Va. 

Dinwiddie, Evelyn; Mrs. Wiliam H. Bass, 5306 
Dorchester Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Dunton, Zephyr A. ; Mrs. William Thomas 
Cowhig, Casanova, Va. 

Eason, Laura Lee, Gatesville, N. C. 

Ellett, Blanche; Mrs. R. R. Crowgey, Kelleys- 
ville, W. Va. 

Epes, Jacqueline Segar; Mrs. W. L. Devany, 
Jr., 1342 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Ewald, C. Elizabeth; Mrs. Clarence Lively, 
700 Park Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

Garnett, Roma; Mrs. William Heckney, 301 
E. Nash St., Wilson, N. C. 

Garrett, Lemma M. ; Mrs. Jas. A. Johnson, 
Franklin, Va. 

Glass, Laurice, address unknown. 

Goldman, Frances, 1101 Floyd Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Graham, Lucy; Mrs. Albert F. Clark, Hiwas- 
see, Va. 

Gray, Kate E. ; Mrs. L. D. Stables, Monroe, Va. 

Gresham, Genevieve Florence; Mrs. L. G. 
White, 533 Elizabeth Place, Portsmouth, Va. 

Hale, N. Kathleen, deceased. 

Hamilton, Cornelia, Remington, Va. 

Hammock, Ella W., St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 
Richmond, Va. 

Hancock, Elizabeth Moon; Mrs. Wm. D. Da- 
vis, 1014 S. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 


Hancock, Susie; Mrs. Walter Scott, Appomat- 
tox, Va. 

Harris, Eunice Sears; Mrs. Eugene W. Hundley, 
Boydton, Va. 

Harris, Katherine Eugenia, 2313 Orcutt Ave., 
Newport News, Va. 

Harris, Olive; Mrs. William D. Kydd, Wayzata, 

Harvey, Louise; Mrs. Frank E. O'Neill, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Hill, Mary Catherine; Mrs. J. M. Shepherd, 
Cumberland, Va. 

Hood, Madge, I 25 Liberty St., Petersburg, Va. 

Hood, Nellie, 125 Liberty St., Petersburg, Va. 

Hughes, Lillie B. ; Mrs. R. B. Stadler, 6401 
33rd St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hughes, Nan K.; Mrs. M. L. Pierce, Chil- 
howie, Va. 

Jackson, Margaret T. ; Mrs. D. F. Fleet, Taze- 
well, Va. 

Jarratt, Elizabeth, Methodist Publishing House, 
Richmond, Va. 

Jesser, Emma; Mrs. C. D. Kunkel, Jr., de- 

Jeter Carey Gilbert; Mrs. William Gist Fin- 
ley, York, S. C. 

Johns, Harriet, R. F. D., Farmville, Va. 

Johnson, Marian, 220 Newport News Ave., 
Hampton, Va. 

Johnson, Sally P.; Mrs. E. F. Eldred, 1135 
Spring Hill Rd., Staunton, Va. 

Kent, Fannie P. ; Mrs. W. T. Sedgley, 50 James 
St., Bristol, Va. 

Lee, Martha Lowry; Mrs. G. L. Doughty, 
Onancock, Va. 

Lester, M. Ella, Elamsville, Va. 

Mackan, Christine H.; Mrs. O. W. Scharch, 
545 Warren Crescent, Norfolk, Va. 

Mackey, Lelia Judson ; Mrs. Boyd Boggess, 
Richlands, Va. 

Meredith, Elfie, Lawrenceville, Va. 

Messick, M. Elizabeth; Mrs. Mary E. M. Phil- 
lips, address unknown. 

Miller, Jessie; Mrs. R. T. Montgomery, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Miller, Louise Middleton; Mrs. J. W. Price, 
Washington, Va. 

Minton, M. Diana, 2400 Barton Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Moore, Mildred, address unknown. 

Moore, Pearl Lillian; Mrs. Anderson B. Cosby, 
Jr., 2418 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Nance, Nellie, 3652 Warder St., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Nanny, Mary; Mrs. T. A. Barrs, South Hill, Va. 

Noell, Evelyn; Mrs. W. H. Wood, 2113 Lake 
Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Olgers, Marion G., 621 E. Broadway, Hope- 
well, Va. 

Orr, Eva A., address unknown. 

Owen, Carrie Alice; Mrs. J. T. Manning, 
Sutherland, Fla. 

Painter, Elizabeth, Draper, Va. 

Painter, Lenna M. ; Mrs. A. G. Crockett, 
Wytheville, Va. 

Parrish, Harriet C; Mrs. George Caldwell, 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

Perkins, Sallie Virginia ; Mrs. J. A. Oast, 700 
Rivcrview Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 


Perrow, Claiborne, 515 Madison St., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 
Preston, Anne, Abingdon, Va. 
Price, Julia B. ; Mrs. T. C. Armstrong, 2602 

Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Pruden, Louise T. ; Mrs. R. R. Apperson, 102 

Botetourt Rd., Hilton Village, Va. 
Pugh, Gay; Mrs. J. T. Jeffreys, Goldsboro, 

N. C. 
Richardson, Katherine; Mrs. H. L. Cummings, 

402 N. Meadow St., Richmond, Va. 
Ritsch, Nannie; Mrs. Gilbert C. Walker, Jr., 

Marion, Va. 
Rumbough, Mary; Mrs. J. Carlton Hearn, 

Laurel, Del. 
Scott, Buelah F.; Mrs. H. C. Baker, deceased. 
Scott, Fannie G. ; Mrs. R. J. Crowder, 1611 

Sauer St., Richmond, Va. 
Smith, Janet V., 251 Broad St., Portsmouth, 

Snidow, Eunice; Mrs. D. C. Ricks, Jarratt, Va. 
Souder, E. Marnetta, Box 140, Hampton, Va. 
Spitler, Anna R. ; Mrs. Thomas G. Booton, 

Luray, Va. 
Spitler, Jessie, Luray, Va. 
Spratley, Mabel, 149 Victoria Ave., Hampton, 

Terry, Hazel Gray; Mrs. R. M. Trimble, Uni- 
versity of N. C, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Thomas, Virginia; Mrs. D. D. Spiller, Wythe- 
ville, Va. 
Towler, Mattie Belle; Mrs. T. H. Snead, 

Winifred, W. Va. 
Troughton, Martha; Mrs. B. E. Riles, R. F. D., 

Clarion, Pa. 
Turnbull, Gertrude; Mrs. C. M. Whitlock, Mt. 

Airy, N. C. 
Tyus, Annie Mae; Mrs. Harold D. Cole, 1548 

Cedar Lane, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Vaughan, Ellen; Mrs. T. W. Friend, Drakes 

Branch, Va. 
Watkins, Patsy, Farmville, Va. 
Wayts, Josephine; Mrs. John Howdershell, 

Alexandria, Va. 
Welker, Gertrude; Mrs. John Thomas Ram- 
sey, deceased. 
Willard, Eulalia Moffett; Mrs. R. W. Eldridge, 

2138 Rosewell Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Williams, Virginia Adaline ; Mrs. J. A. North- 

cott, address unknown. 
Wimbish, Helen; Mrs. A. N. Hawley, Salt- 

ville, Va. 
Wingo, Viola Vivian, deceased. 
Wood, N. Lucille; Mrs. E. R. Tompkins, 245 

Lyme St., Hartford, Conn. 
Zernow, Margaret; Mrs. Stanley Shawver, 

Albany, Mo. 


Gildersleeve, Ethel, 44 Hollywood Ave., Hamp- 
ton Va. 

Lancaster, Mary L. ; Mrs. J. B. Wall, Farm- 
ville, Va. 

Agee, Carrie Maude ; Mrs. William Rudy, Ken- 
tucky Ave., Paducah, Ky. 
Allen, Katherine; Mrs. A. S. Bridgforth, Jr., 
Kenbridge, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Andrews, Martha Violet, Military Road, Suf- 
folk, Va. 

Bailey, Bettie Sue; Mrs. W. T. Barnes, Black- 
stone, Va. 

Bailey, Inez Eugenia; Mrs. H. J. Drewry, 
Waverly, Va. 

Baird, Charlotte M. ; Mrs. G. B. Ferebee, Jr., 
1112 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Barnes, Alta; Mrs. B. F. Lowry, 804 Lancaster 
Road, Richmond, Va. 

Bell, Mary H.; Mrs. Bagby Atwood, 2904 San 
Gabriel, Austin, Texas. 

Blair, Clair; Mrs. W. B. Hackley, 2120 Lake- 
view Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Bland, Jeannette, West Point, Va. 

Blankenship, Beatrice; Mrs. W. P. Ingram, 
Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Brewer, Blanche Eugenia; Mrs. W. J. McMa- 
hon, 124 31 St., Newport News, Va. 

Bridges, Irene; Mrs. J. L. Mcintosh, Lees- 
burg, Va. 

Brightwell, Louise Newton ; Mrs. W. A. Wat- 
son, Jr., First Ave., Farmville, Va. 

Burgess, Carolyn; Mrs. P. B. Pulman, address 

Burks, Blanche C; Mrs. Norman Span, Do- 
than, Ala. 

Camper, Gladys; Mrs. M. B. Moss, Ford, Va. 

Carmean, Emma; Mrs. A. C. Jones, address 

Carter, Ruth Elizabeth; Mrs. Frank Fourqu- 
rean, Halifax, Va. 

Carter, Virginia Lee, Felton, Delaware. 

Clark, Emily L., Peabody Conservatory of Mu- 
sic, Baltimore, Md. 

Cocks, Lillian Cyrilla; Mrs. Woodie Leffue, 
Boones Mill, Va. 

Coffman, Eva, address unknown. 

Coleman Nannie Jane; Mrs. E. D. Messick, W. 
Francis St., Williamsburg, Va. 

Crawley, Mary Verliner, Madisonville, Va. 

Currie, Frances, Merry Point, Va. 

Dickerson, Margaret Esther; Mrs. M. J. Stock- 
ton, 123 Harbor Drive, Hampton, Va. 

Edmondson, Eleanor; Mrs. J. N. Holmes, 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Edmunds, Janette W., 2014 Grove Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Emory, Pattie Wright; Mrs. T. B. Harris, Em- 
poria, Va. 

Estep, Edith Dorset; Mrs. R. P. Gray, Sign- 
pine, Va. 

Forbes, Elizabeth V., Andersonville, Va. 

Ford, Juliette L. ; Mrs. John W. Broocks, 1020 
Ferndale Drive, High Point, N.'C. 

Friend, Ruth Elfreth ; Mrs. P. A. Shelburne, 
1005 McGee St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Gannaway, Frances Anderson; Mrs. W. A. 
Moon, Ellerson, Va., Box 407, Route 1. 

Giddens, Katie L.; Mrs. G. C. Bourne, Saluda, 

Gilliam, Kathleen Leeke; Mrs. R. C. Smith, 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

Gray, Ella; Mrs. Jules LeGrande, 904 Golf 
Lane, Wheaton, 111. 

Green, Betty; Mrs. S. D. Craig, 1827 Berkeley 
Ave., Petersburg, Va. 

Hailey, Helen; Mrs. Emmett Daniel, Charlotte 
C. H., Va. 

Hargrave, Katherine M., Dinwiddie, Va. 

December, 1944 

Hayes, Helen Marie; Mrs. Percy O. Parker, 
Whaleyville, Va. 

Hedgepeth, Janet; Mrs. W. H. Jones, address 

Hobson, Helen M. ; Mrs. Walter Clark, 1105 
Burnsidc St., Hopewell, Va. 

Hudson, Harriet Susan, Rocky Mount, Va. 

Hudson, Kate Lee, Rocky Mount, Va. 

Hundley, Julia, Smithfield, Va. 

Jenkins, Myrtie, Culpeper, Va. 

Johnson, Olive; Mrs. Floyd Turner, c/o 
Brewer Jewelry Store, Suffolk, Va. 

Jones, Mary Elizabeth, Brodnax, Va. 

Jones, M. Katherine, Boyce, Va. 

Jones, Sue Duval, Route 5, Lynchburg, Va. 

Jones, Vara Cunningham; Mrs. Luke McAmos, 
address unknown. 

Kernodle, Esther; Mrs. J. W. Brinkley, Shell 
Creek, Tenn. 

Krebs, Katherine; Mrs. G. W. T. Kearsley, 120 
E. Magnolia Lane, Oakridge, Tenn. 

Lamberth, Annie, New Upton, Va. 

Lane, Vivian Gray; Mrs. C. E. Hollowell, 1231 
Chesapeake Ave., S. Norfolk, Va. 

Lantz, Edna Marie, 219 N. Boulevard, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Lash, Agnes Redgrave; Mrs. Junius Richard- 
son, 31 Court St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Lavinder, Odell May; Mrs. F. B. Martin, 207 
N. Meadow St., Richmond, Va. 

Leech, Elizabeth; Mrs. C. h. Wnitehurst, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Lewis, Annie Elizabeth; Mrs. H. A. Jones, 3702 
Venable Ave., Charleston, W. V. 

Lewis, Langhorne D.; Mrs. H. S. Kellam, 113 
Ohio Ave., Ingleside, Norfolk, Va. 

Lewis, Mary Bernard, deceased. 

Lewis, Winnie G. ; Mrs. F. G. Minor, 3608 
Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, Calif. 

Lindsey, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. W. W. Lane, 
Farmville, Va. 

Lowe, Margie; Mrs. H. W. Churn, 208 Broad 
St., Suffolk, Va. 

Lynn, Frances C; Mrs. Bosley Baugher, 1 
Park Drive, Catonsville, Md. 

McCalmont, Aldona; Mrs. H. C. Bradshaw, 
Ridgeway, Va. 

McCormick, Eleanor; Mrs. W. B. Mitchell, 
Spice Hollow Spring, Prospect Hills, Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Mahood, Julia, 1376 Park Ave., Lynchburg, 

Mason, Mary Meade, 235 Warwick Lane, 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Meredith, Anne Shelton; Mrs. G. W. Jeffers, 
Farmville, Va. 

Miller, Inda Lucile, deceased. 

Moore, Rose Marie; Mrs. A. W. McClay, Jr., 
302 N. Plum St., Richmond, Va. 

Mooshy, Varsenic, address unknown. 

Morris, Mildred; Mrs. A. L. Brown, 508 Gray- 
don Park, Norfolk, Va. 

Moses, Mildred Dewey; Mrs. R. H. Walton, 
Cambria, Va. 

Muse, Mary; Mrs. Edward H. Henry, East 
Falls Church, Va. 

Mustoe, Bessie Louise; Mrs. J. C. Tucker, Hot 
Springs, Va. 


Penick, Florence Vaughan; Mrs. William Ly- 
brook, Jr., 1813 Dalton Rd., Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Pribble, Kathleen, 112 Yeardley Ave., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 

Pugh, Virginia, 213 Roxbury Apt., Norfolk, 

Purdy, Julia Lee; Mrs. Louis Harris, Law- 
renceville, Va. 

Ramsey, Eliza Terrell; Mrs. Orville M. Emory, 
Warrenton, Va. 

Rew, Janie Areaston; Mrs. G. H. Mapp, Melfa, 

Reynolds, Mary Margaret; Mrs. C. A. John- 
son, 338 Tuxedo Ave., Highland Park, De- 
troit 3, Michigan. 

Rice, Lily Vaughan; Mrs. J. T. Price, address 

Richardson, Mary Rives; Mrs. E. P. Lancas- 
ter, Farmville, Va. 

Rosser, Kathleen Elizabeth ; Mrs. E. Carl Hoo- 
ver, Bassett, Va. 

Rucker, Massie F., Prospect, Va. 

Rucker, Mary Virginia; Mrs. Frank L. Mar- 
ney, 127 Solar St., Bristol, Va. 

Rutrough, Eva Virginia; Mrs. R. A. Bagley, 
Mt. Regis Sanatorium, Salem, Va. 

St. Clair, Linda, address unknown. 

Sally, Annie, Pinewood, S. C. 

Sargent, Endia Moss, deceased. 

Shapard, Empsie; Mrs. Lawrence C. Snead, 
3317 New Kent Road, Richmond, Va. 

Southall, Mary Meade; Mrs. G. E. Borron, 
Amelia, Va. 

Spencer, Portia Lee, '31 Court St., Portsmouth, 

Spicer, Sarah Frances; Mrs. Edward N. Good- 
son, Linden Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

Spindler, Frances, R. E. Lee School, Peters- 
burg, Va. 

Stegeman, Ruth, Wicomico Church, Va. 

Stephens, Clara Burnhart; Mrs. L. L. Jones, 
1014 Jamestown Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 

Stevens, Hennie, Shipman, Va. 

Thomas, Sara Frances; Mrs. Oscie French, 
West Branch Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. 

Trotter, Louise; Mrs. S. D. Wooten, Goldsboro, 
N. C. 

Tudor, Mabel ; Mrs. Mabel Tudor Grogan, 
Critz, Va. 

Tune, Janie Elizabeth, deceased. 

Tune, Mary, Vernon Hill, Va. 

Vaiden, Victoria; Mrs. Stanley Worden, The 
Green No. 20, Dover, Delaware. 

Vincent, Elizabeth, 205 Cedar St., Suffolk, Va. 

Walden, Jessie, Farmville, Va. 

Walker, Ridley; Mrs. John F. Sanderford, 
Fayetteville, N. C. 

Watson, Martha Selma; Mrs. J. C. Mills, 3906 
Lawson St., Richmond, Va. 

Watts, Louise, 146 W. 10 Street, New York 
City, N. Y. 


Abell, Ruth P.; Mrs. J. M. Hill, Trevillians, Va. 
Almond, Annie Miler, Washington, Va. 
Askew, Dorothv E.; Mrs. J. Dejarnette Gayle, 

415 Partridge St., Albany, N. Y. 
Barksdale, Frances M., Home address: Safu, 



Bartholomew, Ruth, Payne College, Augusta, 

Conway, Anne B., Bowling Green, Va. 

Crowder, Nannie, address unknown. 

Fletcher, Doris, Parksley, Va. 

Francis, Nelda; Mrs. Hyde Crawford, 2402 
Westgate Drive, Houston, Texas. 

Harris, Eula, 1500 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Hill, Dama, 223 Cowperthwaite Place, West- 
field, N. J. 

Howard, Frances, South Boston, Va. 

Hunt, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. J. J. Stump, 
Norton, Va. 

Jester, E. Ann; Mrs. B. Cohn, 1711 University 
Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 

Johnson, Agnes Tyler; Mrs. John A. M. Zeh- 
mer, address unknown. 

Jones, Ella; Mrs. E. L. Ordonez, 502 Graydon 
Park, Norfolk, Va. 

Kernodle, Ruth E.; Mrs. Earl W. Miller, 
Warm Springs, Va. 

Lang, Winnie Laura; Mrs. A. F. Scott, de- 

Lindscy, Virginia; Mrs. Virginia Lindsey, 
Bridge St., Farmville, Va. 

Maldonado, Rosa, address unknown. 

Miller, Helen Thomas; Mrs. Harold Brown, 423 
S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 

Moore, Margaret K. ; Mrs. M. L. Nash, Gatun, 
Canal Zone. 

Morgan, Kathleen C. M. ; Mrs. F. R. Hogg, 
637 Massachusetts Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Morton, Martha Frances; Mrs. Baxter Brick- 
house, Fentress, Va. 

Nunn, Lillian, 1817 Hanover Ave., Richmond, 

Peck, Mary E., Farmville, Va. 

Peirce, Flementine, Nuttsville, Va. 

Reams, Anna Branch; Mrs. Sidney G. Gil- 
breath, Jr., 311 S. Mark, Chattanooga, 

Richardson, Mary Rives; Mrs. E. P. Lancaster, 
Farmville, Va. 

Shore, Katharine, Burkeville, Va. 

Shotwell. Erna F., Nathalie, Va. 

Spradlin, Bertha, 1211 Bienville Ave., Mobile, 

Tucker, Annie Lisle; Mrs. B. H. Hamlett, 
South Hill, Va. 

Walton, Lucille, 1116 E. Main St., Danville, 

Watson, Susie R. ; Mrs. C. V. St. Amant, Gon- 
zales, La. 

West, Jean, Chcrrycroft, Box 197 C, R. F. D. 1, 
Norfolk, Va. .. 

Williams, Winifred, Chase City, Va. 

Winslow, Anne Marie, 120 Dinwiddie St., 
Portsmouth, Va. 

Wolfe, Charlotte A.; Mrs. L. B. Wales, 1424 
Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Va. 

Wood, Helen, address unknown. 

Wood, Lucile; Mrs. S. M. Carwright, 5210 
Powhatan Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Worrell, Virgie Lee, Newsome, Va. 


Adams, Sarah Helen, Greenbush, Va. 
Alford, Doris, deceased. 
Alfred, Virginia, Clarksville, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Anderson, Annie Belle; Mrs. G. C. Duncan, 
Jr., Longhurst, N. C. 

Anderson, Claudia; Mrs. E. F. Liebrecht, 34-48 
81st St., Jackson Heights, New York, N. Y. 

Arbuckle, Elizabeth ; Mrs. Richard R. Dickson, 
Box 185, Lewisburg, W. Va. 

Archibald, Albertine; Mrs. Earl D. Powell, 
Knights Apts., Newport News, Va. 

Arthur, Bessie, 516 Dale Ave., S. E., Roanoke, 

Atkinson, Bessie D., Middleburg, N. C. 

Babb, Lula May; Mrs. L. G. Conner, Rich 
Square, N. C. 

Bain, Helen G., 712 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, 

Ballagh, Elizabeth, 1823 Grace St., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 

Barksdale, Annie Lee, 167 Madison Lane, 
Charlottesvile, Va. 

Barksdale, Ethel B. ; Mrs. Claude Whittington, 
912 Dale Ave., S. E., Roanoke, Va. 

Barnette, E. Lucille, 813 Denniston Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Barns, Mallie Virginia, Office Internal Reve- 
nue, Richmond, Va. 

Barrow, Elizabeth B. ; Mrs. T. Clifton McDow- 
ell, Alberta, Va. 

Barrow, Grace, Cluster Springs, Va. 

Bentley, Katherine B.; Mrs. E. G. Ragsdale, 
1042 E. McCarty St., Jefferson City, Mo. 

Berkeley, Cynthia; Mrs. T. W. Williams, Jr., 
706 Hastings St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Berry, Kathleen; Mrs. Bright, 31 Bishop Ave., 
Massena, N. Y. 

Berryman, Virginia, R. F. D., Surry, Va. 

Bird, Sarah Evelyne, address unknown. 

Bishop, A. Virginia; Mrs. Francis Barlow, 205 
14th St., Hopewell, Va. 

Bland, Virginia, Wicomico Church, Va. 

Boisseau, Alice, Cypress Chapel, Va. 

Boon, Kathryn; Mrs. H. A. Hurst, Pulaski, Va. 

Bowie, Burma, Culpeper, Va. 

Brockwell, Virginia, address unknown. 

Brown, Mobley Mabel; Mrs. William James, 
1201 Franklin Road, Roanoke, Va. 

Brown, Thelma, Capron, Va. 

Bruce, Elizabeth C, address unknown. 

Burgess, Rebecca; Mrs. O. H. Hill, 8212 Ed- 
win Drive, Oakdale Farms, Norfolk, Va. 

Burnette, Virginia, R. 1, Danville, Va. 

Byrd, Ida, Covington, Va. 

Canada, Margaret Adele; Mrs. P. W. Whit- 
lock, 428 E. Innes, Salisbury, N. C. 

Carney, Norma; Mrs. D. G. Craddock, 121 Mt. 
Vernon Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

Carwile, Mary Louise; Mrs. D. P. Pittman, 
Gates, N. C. 

Chandler, Margaret N. ; Mrs. R. B. Freeman, 
address unknown. 

Cobb, Clara Bliss; Mrs. C. F. Harper, address 

Colonna, Lyla, 21 Bagley St., Hampton, Va. 

Commander, Ophelia, 1120 Jamestown Cres- 
cent, Norfolk, Va. 

Cook, Alice, address unknown. 

Covington, Ethel; Mrs. Charles A. Allen, Pros- 
pect, Va. 

Cowherd, Virginia S.; Mrs. A. S. Adkins, Jr., 
603 Edgewood Road, Richmond, Va. 

December, 1944 

Cowles, Harriet; Mrs. Harriet Cowles Carter, 
R. F. D. 1, Midlothian, Va. 

Cox, Dean Rebecca; Mrs. J. J. Gwaltney, 217 
Lansing Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 

Craig, Blanche ; Mrs. H. A. Garbee, Evington, 

Crawley, Margaret Fennell; Mrs. Julian Hol- 
land, address unknown. 

Creecy, Ruth T.; Mrs. Herbert Lovd, Culpeper, 

Crenshaw, Lillian Marie; Mrs. J. E. Hodges, 

Crisman, Hellen E. ; Mrs. Bruce Gorham, Cork 
St., Winchester, Va. 

Crocker, Bertha, Ivor, Va. 

Crockett, Elizabeth, Max Meadows, Va. 

Crowe, Derilda Elizabeth; Mrs. John R. White, 
address unknown. 

Daughtry, Blanche, Franklin, Va. 

Davidson, Mrs. D. E., deceased. 

Davis, Salie W.; Mrs. Percy Dugger, Farm- 
ville, Va. 

Deans, Louise; Mrs. Frank Coggins, Greenway 
Drive, Portsmouth, Va. 

Deaver, Pauline F.; Mrs. Siler, Natural Bridge, 

Disharoon, Margaret Louise, 1026 15th St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Dobbs, Margaret, 252 Ethel Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Doyle, Jean, E. Poythress St., Hopewell, Va. 

Drewry, Carrie, 502 Mowbry Arch, Norfolk, 

Earnest, Elizabeth, Afton, Tenn. 

East, Maggie V. ; Mrs. Marvin Watson, Chat- 
ham, Va. 

Edmunds, Kate Easley; Mrs. H. Tucker, Hal- 
ifax, Va. 

Edwards, Mabel Jacqueline; Mrs. J. V. Hines, 
address unknown. 

Ellington, Lillian, Fairfax, Va. 

Elliott, Reva; Mrs. H. M. Scrogham, Augusta 
Springs, Va. 

Emory, Adelaide Virginia, address unknown. 

Everett, Russell; Mrs. W. Q. Brothers, Whaley- 
ville, Va. 

Fcnne, Mollie, R. F. D. 3, Williamsburg, Va. 

Ferrell, Nellie, 20 Pine St., Petersburg, Va. 

Finney, Catherine, address unknown. 

Foster, Lilla, La Crosse, Va. 

Fox, Sarah Elizabeth; Mrs. L. O. Wendenburg, 
Aylett, Va. 

Franklin, R. Lucille; Mrs. Herman Richard- 
son, Midlothian, Va. 

Freeman, Martha S., Hampton, Va. 

Fretwell, Bernice, Ashland, Va. 

Fretwell, M. Gladys; Mrs. Richard O. Custer, 
1105 N. Augusta St., Staunton, Va. 

Fuller, Margaret, address unknown. 

Fuqua, Norma, Radford, Va. 

Gallaher, Evelyn Lois, 925 Tazewell Ave., Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Garnett, K. Otey; Mrs. J. H. Norman, III, 
7222 Dunnaway Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. 

Gates, Josie; Mrs. H. O. Davidson, Kingsport, 

Gaylord, Annie Lee, address unknown. 

Gill, Cora, address unknown. 

Gilliam, Nannie; Mrs. Nannie Gilliam Pitts, 
Gladstone, Va. 


Goetz, Freia A. ; Mrs. Claude S. Womack, 
Meherrin, Va. 

Gose, Mary; Mrs. Thomas Pope, Wytheville, 

Gravely, Nina, Martinsville, Va. 

Griffin, Gladys M. : Mrs. A. L. Jeter, 1515 
Rivermont, Lynchburg, Va. 

Griffin, Lydia Elizabeth, Holland, Va. 

Guy, Elva M., address unknown. 

Guy, Myrtle Virginia; Mrs. Fred Mapp, Belle 
Haven, Va. 

Hancock, Dorothy; Mrs. Floyd Boiling, 421 
King George Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Hall, L. Edna; Mrs. Earnest Waterfield, Route 
3, Hickory, Va. 

Hardy, Sallie Matthews; Mrs. Clarence B. Neb- 
lett, 4403 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Harrell, Virginia Marion; Mrs. Pender Smith, 
Emporia, Va. 

Havens, Ada, Green Bay, Va. 

Hedgepeth, Elizabeth, Handsom, Va. 

Hendricks, Annie H., Alton, Va. 

Hendricks, Jayne S., Alton, Va. 

Hinch, Martha; Mrs. H. M. Guernsey, 1217 
3 St., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Hitchings, Bessie May, address unknown. 

Huff, R. Bernice; Mrs. Claud Garrett, Bristol, 

Hughes, Dorothy P. ; Mrs. William A. Harris, 
317 Arlington St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Hughes, Gertrude L., address unknown. 

Hunter, E. Carolyn, Mrs. S. G. Harvey, 2419 
Terrell Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Hunter, Virginia; Mrs. William P. Marshall, 
432 Elmwood Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 

Jackson, C. Virginia, 414 Glasgow St., Ports- 
mouth, Va. 

Jeter, Ora, Route 1 1, Richmond, Va. 

Johnson, I. Gertrude, deceased. 

Johnson, Ruby Onetta, 539 N. Elm Ave., Ports- 
mouth, Va. 

Johnson, Thelma, Parksley, Va. 

Jones, Anne, Walter Reed Hospital, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Jones, Beulah P.; Mrs. Jere Bunting, Jr., ad- 
dress unknown. 

Jones, Dorothy C. ; Mrs. W. E. Griffin, Alberta, 

Jones, Elizabeth Feild, 714 Duke St., Alex- 
andria, Va. 

Jones, Elsie; Mrs. Elsie Jones Hale, Eure, N. C. 

Katz, Lillie; Mrs. Lillie Katz Borenbaum, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Keasler, Lillie; Mrs. Lillie K. Wootton, 301 
Main St., Hopewell, Va. 

Kester, Isabella Amelia; Mrs. Robert O. Min- 
ter, 604 Church St., Martinsville, Va. 

Kibler, Mary Elizabeth ; Mrs. Walter M. Welch, 
Friendsville, Md. 

Riser, Katherine; Mrs. John C. Gillespie, 
R. F. D., Tazewell, Va. 

Kiser, Martha; Mrs. Samuel Leece, Tazewell, 

Lackey, Willie, Covesville, Va. 

Lambert, Anne Virginia; Mrs. J. Tavener 
Fudge, Covington, Va. 

Land, Mattie Randolph; Mrs. Homer L. 
Clime, Route 2, Wake Forest, N. C. 

Latimer, Lucille, Townsend, Va. 


Lawrence, Emily Louise; Mrs. R. H. Hoffer, 
address unknown. 

Lawrence, Virginia, 650 N. Elm St., Ports- 
mouth, Va. 

Leftwich, Georgia A., Newsoms, Va. 

Lewis, Madge Lorena; Mrs. R. D. Carrington, 
Jr., Whiteville, N. C. 

Lewis, Virginia Gibson ; Mrs. Leland S. Short, 
17 Coding St., Petersburg, Va. 

Lifsey, Judson ; Mrs. B. H. Parker, Emporia, Va. 

Lippman, Rose, address unknown. 

Luxford, Louise, Princess Anne, Va. 

Lythgoe, Hattie, 1802 5 Ave, Richmond, Va. 

McCluer, Argyle, Fairfield, Va. 

McCluer, Elizabeth, Fairfield, Va. 

McCoy, Bonnie, 500 Mulberry St., Martins- 
ville, Va. 

Mcintosh, Mary Perry; Mrs. John Gerald Pur- 
cell, Louisa, Va. 

McKenny, Eva Beatrice, Fredericksburg, Va. 

McKinney, Mary, Chase City, Va. 

McMurdo, Madeline M.; Mrs. H. B. Whit- 
more, 30 Fairview Ave., Port Washington, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

McMurdo, Sallie Roane; Mrs. W. W. Willis- 
ton, 23 Round Hill, Northampton, Mass. 

Maddux, Elizabeth; Mrs. Carson Elmore, Jr., 
Blackstone, Va. 

Martin, Janie E. ; Mrs. Floyd Kay, Warm 
Springs, Va. 

Martin, Veta; Mrs. George Key, Clifton Forge, 

Mason, Christine, Rice, Va. 

Matthews, Alma; Mrs. J. T. Vaughan, Ken- 
bridge, Va. 

Maynard, Alma R. ; Mrs. Harry Redman, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Mays, Eva L. ; Mrs. W. L. Renn, Jr., 115 W. 
Spruce St., Junction City, Kansas. 

Milam, Delania Varcoe; Mrs. C. F. Arthur, 
Charlotte C. H., Va. 

Miles, Lorena, address unknown. 

Montague, Katherine G. ; Mrs. Clarke T. 
Cooper, 123 Amherst St., Winchester, Va. 

Moore, Elvie ; Mrs. Floyd Bailey, 2 1 1 Otter- 
view Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Moseley, S. Elizabeth, Rustburg, Va. 

Mount, Mary Agatha; Mrs. Roy Mitchell, 
Chatham, Va. 

Murray, Annie H. 208 Mt. Vernon Ave., Dan- 
ville, Va. 

Myers, Kathleen Garner; Mrs. John Glasgow, 
314 Westover Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Myers, Mary O. ; Mrs. B. Walshe, 7117 Vent- 
nor Ave., Ventnor, N. J. 

Nevils, Elma Stokes, Hopewell, Va. 

Nowlin, Ellis; Mrs. G. H. Cosby, Jr., address 

Oakev, Anne Thompson; Mrs. Glendon Davis, 
275 Broad St., Salem, Va. 

Odell, Florence, 512 Westover Ave., Norfolk, 

Painter, M. Gladys; Mrs. D. H. Walker, Pearis- 
burg, Va. 

Parker, Gladys, Montvale, Va. 

Partridge, Lucy, Jarratt, Va. 

Peters, V. Lucille ; Mrs. H. C. Carpenter, Jr., 
2011 Lakeside Drive, Erie, Penn. 

Petty, Mary Linn; Mrs. Earle Fitzpatrick, 
Avenham Ave., S. Roanoke, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Phillips, Gladys, Wachapragne, Va. 

Piggott, A. Irene; Mrs. Charles Hafner, 23 
Buffalo Ave., Patterson, New Jersey. 

Pollok, Virgie B.; Mrs. Henry H. Clark, 165 
College Ave., Danville, Va. 

Portlock, Margaret; Mrs. John Willett, 793 S. 
Mason St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ragsdale, Mildred M.; Mrs. D. A. Jackson, 
Farmville, Va. 

Ransom, Evelina Grace, Farmville, Va. 

Rawlings, India; Mrs. India Rawlings Foster, 
2112 Fairfax Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Rawls, Dorothy H.; Mrs. Frank T. Parker, 
1743 Gowrie Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Revercomb, Pauline; Mrs. Frank Hammond, 
Rosedale, Covington, Va. 

Ritt, Sadie, 437 W. Leicester St., Winchester, 

Rives, Annie Laurie, deceased. 

Roberts, Helen G., Faber, Pa. 

Robertson, D. Ruth, Dry Fork, Va. 

Robinson, Miriam, Mrs. John Doyle, Casa Ca- 
prona Apts. 1 , Fort Pierce, Fla. 

Rodeffer, Margaret; Mrs. J. H. Westlake, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Rogers, Lydia ; Mrs. Edward Fore, Appomat- 
tox, Va. 

Rogers, Sadie, R. F. D., Chase City, Va. 

Roper, Sue E., 411 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, 

Rucker, Corinne, 1700 Grace St., Lynchburg, 

Rucker, Margaret, Darlington Heights, Va. 

Sadler, Frances, Wilmington, Va. 

Salsbury, Bertha, 813 Grayson St., Norfolk, Va. 

Sanders, A. Elizabeth; Mrs. J. H. Hayes, 826 
Broadway, Bend, Oregon. 

Scott, Aldine; Mrs. Floyd Beale, Franklin, Va. 

Scott, Frances E.; Mrs. W. Powell Hurt, Black- 
stone, Va. 

Seay, N. Page, address unknown. 

Seward, Mabel; Mrs. Scott Savedge, Suffolk, 

Sharpe, Viola Audrey; Mrs. G. W. Moore, Jr., 
Route 9, South Richmond, Va. 

Shoffner, Dorothy Virginia; Mrs. Ernest Brown, 
77 Rosalind Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Simpson, Helen, Teaching address: 292 Camp- 
bell St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Smith, Annie Laurie, 2012 Grove Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Smith, Margaret E. ; Mrs. S. F. Harman, de- 

Smith, Pattie Mae; Mrs. W. J. Simmons, 234 
Elmwood Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Snow, Sara, deceased. 

Speight, Doris, address unknown. 

Spencer, Stella L.; Mrs. T. M. Robertson, 202 
West Virginia Ave., Crewe, Va. 

Spencer, V. Clarice, address unknown. 

Stultz, Cracc; Mrs. Buford Deshazo, Martins- 
ville, Va. 

Sugg, Marietta, Greenville, N. C. 

Sydnor, Frances; Mrs. C. S. Booth, address 

Taylor, Lela, Taft, Va. 

Taylor, Lola, 217 14 Street, Charlottesville, Va. 

Thomas, Marian O. ; Mrs. S. C. Guthrie, 2618 
Idlewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Thompson, Berta A., R. F. D., Chatham, Va. 

December, 1944 

Thompson, Evelyn; Mrs. L. A. Law, Alberta, 

Timberlake, Ola, Atlee, Va. 

Tinsley, Ruth, Evington, Va. 

Trent, Elizabeth; Mrs. J. Elwood Fox, Capron, 

Trower, Katherina Elizabeth ; Mrs. M. J. Beas- 
ley. Hazel Ave., Route 4, Norfolk, Va. 

Turpin, Margaret B.; Mrs. Emerson Burke, 
Box 1106, Chappaqua, New York, N. Y. 

Tyler, Mary, Jefferson St., Rockville, Md. 

Vaden, Margaret, 220 Pinner St., Suffolk, Va.. 

Van Pelt, Virginia M., Sharps, Va. 

Vaughan, Estelle; Mrs. Herman S. Anderson, 
Andersonville, Va. 

Vaughan, Margaret Elizabeth; Mrs. Giliam 
Hughes, Evington, Va. 

Walker, Margaret E. ; Mrs. Earl Carmine, 
Onancock, Va. 

Walker, Mary Douglas, 711 Shirley Ave., Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Watters, Elizabeth, 1022 Westover Ave., Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Ware, Lucile, Amherst, Va. 

Watkins, Elizabeth Eifert; Mrs. J. C. Powell, 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Wavne, N. Estelle; Mrs. Estelle W. Belamy, 
Box 295, Enfield, N. C. 

Webb, Margaret B., Bowling Green, Va. 

Webb, Mollie A.; Mrs. Floyd Skinner, Em- 
poria, Va. 

Webber, Marjorie; Mrs. Marjorie Webber 
Hutcherson, Grove Park, Roanoke, Va. 

Weiss, Rosalie B., address unknown. 

Weller, Katherine; Mrs. Marshall Baggett, 800 
Cresent Drive, Alexandria, Va. 

Wells, M. Louise, Rawlings, Va. 

Westbrook, Elizabeth ; Mrs. Frederick Lack- 
mann, address unknown. 

Wheeler, Dorothy Maretia; Mrs. W. H. Hank- 
ins, Norton, Va. 

White, Frances E.; Disputanta, Va. 

White, C. May, 610 Eighth St., S. E., Roa- 
noke 13, Va. 

Wilkins, Virginia Eleanor; Mrs. Charles M. 
Traynham, address unknown. 

Wilkinson, Martha R. ; Mrs. H. W. Rogers, 
Welsh, W. Va. 

Wilson, Virginia Elizabeth, Mrs. E. M. Mason, 
City Point Apt., Hopewell, Va. 

Wingfield, Mary Johnson, Bedford, Va. 

Wingo, Nancy Elizabeth, Mrs. W. A. Morris, 
Wakefield, Va. 

Womack, Mary Clopton, 505 E. F St., Yakima, 

Young, Frances, Crewe, Va. 


Adams, Katherine M. ; Mrs. Ben M. Owen, 

Randolph, Va. 
Agee, Mabel Estelle; Mrs. J. B. Marshall, 

Farmville, Va. 
Anthonv, Annie B., Stella, Va. 
Barham, Laeta D. ; Mrs. J. M. Hirons, 2338 

W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Barns, Mamie I.; Mrs. J. W. Pobst, Welch, W. 

Va., care Appalachian Power Co. 
Bass, Georgia Kathleen ; Mrs. J. P. Shoffner, 

Jr., Martinsville Rd., Danville, Va. 


Beck, Sarah E.; Mrs. James E. Grinkley, 
Blackstone, Va. 

Birdwell, Margaret D., Home address: Glenn 
Ave., Farmville, Va. 

Blanton, Emily T., Marion, N. C. 

Boggs, Lady; Mrs. L. H. Walton, Scottsville, 

Bosworth, Fanny Campbell; Mrs. G. R. Gil- 
liam, Brownsburg, Va. 

Britt, Mable L., 121 St. James, Suffolk, Va. 

Brock, Virginia I. ; Mrs. W. L. Dixon, Crewe, 

Brown, Ethel L., 1840 Sycamore St., Peters- 
burg, Va. 

Carter, Sallie; Mrs. L. H. Saunders, Windsor, 

Childrey, Christine; Mrs. H. G. Chiles, Oak- 
dale Rd., Linthicum Heights, Md. 

Chrisman, Lucie C, 1618 Park Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Clark, Carmen E., Farmville, Va. 

Coleman, A. Louise, Buffalo Junction, Va. 

Coleman, Katherine B. ; Mrs. Clifford V. Al- 
lan, Capitol Towers Apt., 206 Massachusetts 
Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Cotten, Kathryne E., 59 Prospect Parkway, 
Portsmouth, Va. 

Cousins, R. Rebecca, Wellville, Va. 

Currin, Eleanor, 108 W. Faris Ave., High 
Point, N. C. 

Cutshall, Jestine M. ; Mrs. M. E. Henderson, 
1119 Patterson Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Davis, Vivian H., Farmville, Va. 

Dodd, Nancy T. ; Mrs. J. E. Smith, Chase 
City, Va. 

Kendrick, Elizabeth; Mrs. Holbrook Easlev, 
521 Albemarle St., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Eckler, Bernice E., address unknown. 

Elder, Frances H., address unknown. 

Ferguson, Phyllis B., Churchland, Va. 

Floyd, Louise, Birds Nest, Va. 

Fretwell, Bernice, Ashland, Va. 

Gardner, Lena MacDonald; Mrs. M. C. Sam- 
mons, Home: Shawsville, Va. 

Gilmer, Margaret E.; Mrs. J. B. Seay, 730 
E 1st St., Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Gilmer, Mary M. ; Mrs. E. J. Prescott, Jr., 
730 E. 1st St., Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Glover, Dorothy Pitts; Mrs. M. M. Johns, Fort 
Sanders Manor, Apt. 15, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Glover, Emma, Buckingham, Va. 

Harper, Ila; Mrs. J. T. Rickman, 317 Vir- 
ginia St., Farmville, Va. 

Harris, Helen Lindsay, address unknown. 

Hart, Iris Deane; Mrs. R. G. McNair, 139 
Douglas Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

Harvey, Mrs. May Evans, Concord Depot, Va. 

Herndon, Margaret E.; Mrs. R. H. Cunning- 
ham, 702 River Road, Hilton Village, Va. 

Holman, Eleanor Powell ; Mrs. C. L. Mason, 
Rice, Va. .. 

Hyde, Louise S. ; Mrs. C. K. Ale, address un- 

Irving, Anne E. ; Mrs. L. M. Cox, 7745 Hamp- 
ton Blvd., Norfolk 8, Va. 

Jacob, Lila N., Machipongo, Va. 

Jones, Jessica Ann ; Mrs. F. G. Binns, Glen 
Allen, Va. 

Jones, Lucile Morgan, Dover, N. C. 

Joyner, Ethel Leigh, Courtland, Va. 


Justis, Dorothy F. ; Mrs. C. E. Holland, East- 
ville, Va. 

Kent, Sallie Josephine; Mrs. Frank Gardner, 
Amherst, Va. 

Knaub, Evelyn G. ; Mrs. T. J. McKittrick, 2708 
Seminary Ave., Richmond 22, Va. 

Linthicum, Mildred O. ; Mrs. C. L. Chick, 
Hayes Store, Va. 

Lovelace, Belle Morton; Mrs. Frank Dunbar, 
Jr., 2476 Southway Drive, Columbus, Ohio. 

McClure, Jean W. ; Mrs. William Thomas, ad- 
dress unknown. 

McCoy, Bonnie, 500 Mulberry St., Martins- 
ville, Va. 

McDaniel, Frances V. ; Mrs. J. N. Cargill, 5 
Theater Circle, Fort Monroe, Va. 

McDearmon, Elaine, Pamplin, Va. 

McNamara, Margaret T., 3024 Stuart Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 

Mallory, Eliza Haskins, Eliza Haskins, Farm- 
ville, Va. 

Mallory, Ella Butterworth, Criglersville, Va. 

Mann, Ann Elizabeth, 1301 W. 43rd St., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Martin, E. Madeline, Critz, Va. 

Massie, Katie G., Tyro, Va. 

Mattox, Audrey E., Mrs. E. H. Merryman, 
Rustburg, Va. 

Mattox, Clintis M., 68 Columbia Ave., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 

Mattox, Lelia; Mrs. S. A. Lipford, Altavista, 

Moore, Kathleen, Frospect, Va. 

Moselcy, Genevieve, Nuckols, Va. 

Moses, Lois; Mrs. L. L. Boles, 4432 St. Charles 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Newcomb, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. Charles Joyce, 
Jetersville, Va. 

Oglesby, Agnes C. ; Mrs. Dan Massey, Win- 
chester, Va. 

Pittard, Margaret; Mrs. A. J. Chewning, III, 
Gloucester Point, Va. 

Putney, Carrie B. ; Mrs. C. B. Dowdv, Guinea 
Mills, Va. 

Putney, Anne R. B. ; Mrs. William Flora, 14 
W. Grove Drive, Belle Haven, Alexandria, 

Putney, Martha T. ; Mrs. Staton Noel, 239 
Windermere Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Quarles, Margery Ann 1111 E. Jefferson St., 
Charlottesville, Va. 

Rawlings, Virginia E. ; Mrs. Virginia Rawlings 
Sheridan, Bird's Nest, Va. 

Rennolds, Christian, Arlington, Va. 

Rhodes, Maude R. ; Mrs. H. O. Cox, 231 49th 
St., Newport News, Va. 

Rodgers, Minnie Lee, 505 Virginia St., Farm- 
ville, Va. 

Rollins, Marguerite M., Messick, Va. 

Ryan, Nelle Oakey, Shawsville, Va. 

Saunders, Virginia G., 3018 Mors Side Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 

Savvyer, Edith Alva, 443 S. Sycamore St., 
Petersburg, Va. 

Scott, Wyclif; Mrs. L. F. Smith, Orange, Va., 
c/o Mrs. Frank Scott. 

Shawen, Helen; Mrs. C. S. Hardaway, address 

Showalter, Ruth E. ; Mrs. J. T. Swineford, 
Stony Creek, Va. 

Alimnae Magazine 

Showell, Elizabeth W., Croom, Md. 

Smith, Helen, address unknown. 

Strock, Alice Belle; Mrs. P. E. Power, Walpole, 

Stubs, Mary Elizabeth, 44 Pine St., Petersburg, 

Tweedy, Alice B. ; Mrs. Fred Puckett, 2207 
Park Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Vassar, A. Elizabeth, Burkcville, Va. 

Walton, Katherine Lee; Mrs. A. M. Fontaine, 
414 Stuart Circle, Richmond, Va. 

Ware, Elizabeth B., Dunnsville, Va. 

Wheeler,. Alice Brooking, deceased. 

White, Janice R. ; Mrs. B. P. Teel, 261 Cary 
St., Hampton, Va. 

Wicker, Mary Watkins; Mrs. Mary Watkins 
Wicker, High St., Farmville, Va. 

Womack, Mary C, 505 E. F St., Yakima, 

Wooding, Birdie O. ; Mrs. W. S. Walker, King 
William, Va. 

Young, Charlotte W., 2517 Stuart Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Young, E. Katherine ; Mrs. T. G. Moore, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Zimmerman, Catherine; Mrs. T. L. Kriete, 
2410 Lakeview Ave., Richmond, Va. 


Akers, Lucille; Mrs. W. E. Harvey, Chase 
City, Va. 

Alderman, Ava W., Galax, Va. 

Andrews, Elizabeth Ruth; Mrs. Carroll Jen- 
nings, Rolling Hill, Va. 

Bailey, Elise Bennett; Mrs. D. B. Davis, 107 
N. 3rd Ave., Hopewell, Va. 

Bailey, Margaret Lee, 209 N. Columbus St., 
Alexandria, Va. 

Bailey, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. J. R. McDowell, 
Phenix, Va. 

Baird, V. Murcele, Savedge, Va. 

Beach, Lillian Estelle, 102 Adams Ave., Alex- 
andria, Va. 

Bean, Helen Virginia; Mrs. W. H. Hylton, Jr., 
South Hill, Va. 

Black, Ella Arthur, 917 Watauga St., Kings- 
port, Tenn. 

Bondurant, Edith' Ann, Serpell Heights, Farm- 
ville, Va. 

Bowles, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. R. C. Powell, 
Jr., Mt. Vernon Gardens, Alexandria, Va. 

Bracey, Marion V., Sheppards, Va. 

Bradford, Marguerite G. ; Mrs. R. C. Lee, Jr., 
255 Cary St., Hampton, Va. 

Bradshaw, Marjorie, Holland, Va. 

Brumfield, Frances, Long Island, Va. 

Campbell, Alice Virginia, New Glasgow, Va. 

Chandler, M. Mildred; Mrs. L. Randolph Wil- 
liams, Baskerville, Va. 

Channel, Emily W.; Mrs. J. W. Garrett, Jr., 
c/o Mrs. F. G. Berryman, Smithfield, Va. 

Channell, Sarah Frances; Mrs. O. G. Delk, 
Jr., 2957 S. Columbus St., Arlington, Va. 

Chappellc, Sally Rose, R. F. D. No. 2, Ports- 
mouth, Va. 

Cobb, Anna L. ; Mrs. Anna Cobb Drewry, Sed- 
ley, Va. 

Coleman, Virginia; Mrs. Porter, address un- 

December, 1944 

Collins, W. Grace, Home address: Drakes 
Branch, Va. 

Conway, Katherine; Mrs. Henry Haymes, 
Bowling Green, Va. 

Cooke, Margie, R. 2, Fairfax, Va. 

Corbin, Sarah E., Windsor, Va. 

Crews, M. Catherine; Mrs. R. S. Parker, Scotts- 
burg, Va. 

Cunningham, Mary Laura; Mrs. Conrad E. 
Allen, Jr., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Davis, Mildred T.; Mrs. William House, Ches- 
ter, Va. 

Deekens, Maud G. ; Mrs. H. H. Bell, Jr., Sef- 
tae R. F. D. 2, Staunton, Va. 

Derr, Julia L.; Mrs. B. C. Jones, address un- 

Diggs, Ann R.; Mrs. R. W. Phillips, Oaklvn, 
N. J. 

Dodd, Myrtle L., Dry Fork, Va. 

Dortch, Margaret S. ; Mrs. S. C. Nelson, Shen- 
andoah Hills, Front Royal, Va. 

Dressier, Murkland D.; Mrs. Thomas Turner, 
3329 N. 20th Road, Arlington, Va. 

Estes, Bernice; Mrs. Richard Bondurant, Jr., 
Farmville, Va. 

Ferguson, Sarah J., Milton, Del. 

Garnett, Harriet C. ; Mrs. E. A. Pais, Poca- 
hontas, Va. 

Gibbs, Eleanor, Standardsville, Va. 

Giles, Frances Ann, Blanch, N. C. 

Gillespie, Catherine, Cedar Bluff, Va. 

Gilliam, Ellen Brightwell; Mrs. S. G. Stewart, 
Boonsboro High School, Lynchburg, Va. 

Glass, Helen; Mrs. J. D. Dushane, S. Stewart 
St., Winchester, Va. 

Gwaltney, Martha; Mrs. James Everett, Smith- 
field, Va. 

Hall, Charligne; Mrs. M. E. Chapman, 412 
Grandin Rd., Roanoke, Va. 

Hall, Mrs. Vivian M., 1 Maple Ave., Lexing- 
ton, Va. 

Harris, Margaret Eleanor, Prospect, Va. 

Hawthorne, Audrey B., 2207 Gordon Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 

Hudgins, Sarah Frances; Mrs. L. D. Finley, 
Jr., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Inge, Hilda I., Bas:ett, Va. 

Jamerson, Frances J.; Mrs. T. C. Raine, 11 
Waverly Place, Ne«v York, N. Y. 

Johnson, Dorothy, Amherst, Va. 

Johnson, Kathleen L. ; Mrs. J. L. ProfEt, Am- 
herst, Va. 

Johnson, Lillian Frances; Mrs. Douglas Clark, 
address unknown. 

Johnson, Virginia Louise, 1161 Rhode Island 
Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 

Jones, Virginia D. ; Mrs. R. S. Craighill. 

Kahn, Blanche, 67 Main St., Hilton Village, 

Kidd, Elva, address unknown. 

Lacy, Irene, Sandy Hook, Va. 

Layne, Marion ; Mrs. Walter W. Puckette, 
Gladvs, Va. 

Lewis, Blanche, Aylette, Va. 

McCommons, Madeline, deceased. 

Magee, Emily Paige, address unknown. 

Manning, Gertrude A., 1112 Prince Edward 
St., Fredericksburg, Va. 

Martin, Sallie; Mrs. T. T. Martin, address un- 


Mitchell, Eleanor, Walkerton, Va. 

Morris, Dorothy; Mrs. Winfrey L. Butler, 317 
Idaho St., Salem, Va. 

Morris, Helen Lee, Haymarket, Va. 

Moseley, Lucile P.; Mrs. C. C. Epes, Jr., ad- 
dress unknown. 

Nelson, Susan Gertrude, Charlotte C. H., Va. 

Newsom, Zilla ; Mrs. H. C. Johnson, 318 22nd 
St., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Roberts, Annette, Home address: 119 S. Wash- 
ington St., Winchester, Va. 

Robinson, Ruby W., Emporia, Va. 

Russell, Mattie; Mrs. L. C. Barnes, address 

Saunders, Patsy W.; Mrs. Raymond Worrell, 
1824 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Shanks, Margaret, St. Charles, Va. 

Shoffner, Marion E., 504 King George Ave. 
S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Smelley, Mena Mae, LaCrosse, Va. 

Smith, Elizabeth Alice; Mrs. Burr Melvin, Ter- 
race Road, Hampton, Va. 

Smith, Minnie W. ; Mrs. B. H. Walker, Jr., 
1610 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Somers, Rosa Ball; Mrs. F. B. Richard, III, 
84 Monroe St., Covington, Va. 

Stewart, Mildred; Mrs. Upchurch, Monisville, 
N. C. 

Stieffen, Gay; Mrs. W. H. Shaw, Jr., 163 La 
Salle Ave., Hampton, Va. 

Stokes, Lelia Nelson; Mrs. M. W. Robertson, 
Charlotte C. H., Va. 

Stone, Dorothy Ellen, address unknown. 

Thompson, E. Agnes, Main Street Methodist 
Church, Suffolk, Va. 

Tice, Betty Elaine, address unknown. 

Turnes, Nellie M., Concord Depot, Va. 

Wade, Eleanor K., Raphine, Va. 

Wall, Nancy Cabell; Mrs. A. S. Macmillan, 
Charlottesville, Va. 

Walthal, M. Reed; Mrs. Bruce W. Gates, Rice, 

Ware, Ella; Mrs. E. A. Beck, Dunnsville, Va. 

Welch, M. Bernice, 5023 ScveHs Point Blvd., 
Norfolk, Va. 

Wells, Alise R. ; Mrs. Morris Stoner, Natural 
Bridge Station, Va. 

Wilson, C. Evelyn; Mrs. R. P. McMillan, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Wilson, Wilma Tuck, Virgilina, Va. 

Wood, Mary Alice, 918 Franklin Road, Roa- 
noke, Va. 

Woodhouse, Frances Macon; Mrs. John Wales, 
709 W. Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, Va. 

Wright, Mary Bee, Clintwood, Va. 

Zeigler, S. Alice; Mrs. Ernest Blackard, Rich- 
lands, Va. 

Student Body in 1884-1885 

Allen, Annette, Enonville, Va. 

Anderson, Catherine M., Lynchburg, Va., deceased. 

Anderson, Mary C, Farmville, Va. 

Berkeley, Fannie, 1001 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Berkeley, Martha; Mrs. R. B. Tuggle, 326 N. Har- 
rison St., Richmond, Va. 

Bidgood, Mamie; Mrs. Whkaker 

Blantno, Annie L.; Mrs. Firmer Barrett, deceased. 

Blanton, Bessie H. ; Mrs. Egbert R. Jon~s, Box Hill, 
Hally Springs, Miss. 

Bradley, Lulie, Jordon's Store, Pamhatan Co., C. 

Brightvvell, Carrie B.; Mrs. Hopkins, Bedford City, Va. 

Bristovv, Leonora C, Hixburgh. 

Bugg, Fannie; Mrs. D. B. Blanton, Farmville, Va. 

Burton, Sallie N., Danville, Va. 

Campbell, Susan; Mrs. Ned Hundley, Farmville, Va. 

Carruthers, S. Jean; Mrs. Boatwright, deceased. 

Childress, M. Kate, deceased. 

Cole, Johirnie, Drakes Branch. 

Cook, Elsie A., South Boston, Va. 

Cralle, Mary C.; Mrs. J. L. Richardson, Farmville, Va. 

Crews, Annie, Baltimore, Md. 

Grymes, Nettie L., Nut Bush. 

Cunningham, Clara- Mrs. S. W. Wathins, Farmville, Va. 

Davenport, Emma B., deceased. 

Davis, Emma B., Trenton Mills, Va. 

Drinkard, M. J., deceased. 

Duncan, Lula M.; Mrs. J. M. Moir, 344 Jackson St., 
Bedford, Va. 

Farrar, Lena, Farmville, Va. 

Fuqua, Louise^ Mrs. W. B. Strother, deceased. 

Garnett, Henrietta, deceased. 

Gilliam, Edna; Mrs. N. B. Davidson, decased. 

Hamlet, Ida; Mrs. Clem Chambers, Red House, Va. 

Hamlet, Ormond, Hat Creek, Va. 

Harris, Laura, Suffolk, Va. 

Heidelburg, Genie, Clover Depot, Va. 

Hix Annie B.; Mrs. An. N. Earle, 624 N. 16th S:., 
Waco, Texas. 

Hundley, Ella G.: Mrs. C. A. Warner 

JeffresSj Willie M.: Mrs. Newton Peyton, 537 Eleventh 
Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Johnson, Julia J. ; Mrs. J. D. Eggleston, Hampden- 
Sydney, Va. 

Jones, Annie P., New Store, Va. 

Keatts, D. Colie, Chalk Level, Va. 

Keen, Bettie, Danville, Va. 

Keys, Lucie M., Alexandria, Va. 

Kindrick, Minnie, Pamplin City, Va. 


Mapp, Madeline- Mrs. H. E. Barrow, Keller, Pa. 

Mayes, Betty Mclvor; Mrs. E. C. Tredway, Emporia, Va. 

McKinney, Bessie, deceased. 

McKinney, Loula, 165 S. Candler St., Decatur, Ga. 

McLean, Mattie F., deceased. 

Meador, Rosa L.. Oak Forest, Va. 

Miller, EfficL, 233 Franklin St., Petersburg, Va. 

Morris, Lizzile; Mrs. Cauthorne, deceased. 

Morse, Mary V., Farmville, Va. 

Morton, Bettie, Farmville, Va. 

Morton, Susie; Mrs. Ben Hooper, deceased. 

Nelson, Laura. 

Noel, Angela, Central Point, Va. 

Norris, L. M., State Mills, Va. 

O'Neill, Hattie L., Norfolk, Va. 

Pankey, Lizzie B.; Mrs. L. R. Spencer, 806 Rivermont 

Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Parr, Bettie, Alwood, Va. 
Parr. Lula, Alwood, Va. 
Parrish, Celestia, deceased. 

Payne, Ola, 113 Altomont Circle, Charlottesville, Va. 
Person, Annie B., Drevvryville, Va. 
PhilliDs, Lula, deceased. 
Powell, Fannie W., Forkland, Va. 
Prince, Willie A., Drewrvville, Va. 
Pug^h, Addie R., Matthews C. H., Va. 
Quinn, SalHe; Mrs. Dillard, deceased. 
Ronsone. Estelle; Mrs. Marchant, deceased. 
Richardson, Emma; Mrs. John Geddy, deceased. 
Roberts, Cornelia, Windsor, Va. 
Rufrner, Ethel M., Charleston, W. Va. 
Scott, Emma L., Farmville, Va. 
Shelton, Carrie A., Gum Spring, Va. 
Smithson, Beulah M., deceased. 
Smithson, Fannie S., deceased. 
Staples, Minnie, Meherrin, Va. 
Stoncham, Fannie B., Monaskon, Va. 
Swanger, Ella Lee. Locustville, Va. 
Swoo .e, Minnie; Mrs. P. P. Glover, deceased. 
Taylor, Marie T., Lightfoot, Va. 
Tunstall, Sue E., Burkeville, Va. 

Vaughan, Hortense; Mrs. Frank Burks, Amherst, Va. 
Wicker, Katie, R.F.D. I, Black Mountain, N. C. 
Williams, Hattie S., Lunenburg, Va. 
Winston. Josephine; Mrs. T. A. Woodson, 528 Victoria 

Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Whitehurst, Addie, Great Bridge. Va. 
Whitehurst, S. Catherine, Great Bridge, Va. 
Wooling, Letitia, Fork Union, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Class of 1894 

(Continued from page 16) 

We were somewhat disconcerted on the 
evening of our arrival to hear the rumor 
that another class was expecting one hun- 
dred per cent attendance. That made us 
a little anxious, but we vowed that we'd 
believe that only when we saw it! Hence 
it was not until shortly before the exer- 
cises began the next morning that we were 
informed that no class had beat our rec- 

Out of the twenty-one who composed 
the class of 1894, there were thirteen still 
living, and ten of the thirteen were pres- 
ent and accounted for! When the classes 
were called for according to the date of 
their graduation, you can imagine that 
there was something of a sensation created 
when ten women arose to respond for 
June 1894. We were also the oldest "old 
grads" present, and tho some of the 
younger girls might have expected to see 
us in various degrees of decrepitude, be- 
lieve it or not, we were all quite spry! 
Mrs. Coyner made us feel that we were 
in reality the "piece de resistance" of the 
whole occasion! 

At the Alumnae luncheon which imme- 
diately followed the formal exercises in 
the auditorium, our class were the guests 
of honor, and to cap the climax, we each 
found at our place at the table a daintily 
wrapped package which was so intriguing 
that we could not resist the temptation to 
open it and see what it contained. Imag- 
ine our delight to discover that we were 
being presented with an after-dinner cup 
and saucer of Wedgewood china with a 
picture of the Rotunda on it! It goes 
without saying that this souvenir of our 
reunion will be treasured by us as long 
as we live. 

As we were leaving the luncheon, we 
were met by one of the professors who in- 
formed us that he was an amateur pho- 

December, 1944 

tographer and would like to take our pic- 
tures. Accordingly we were hastily 
grouped on the back steps of the main 
building and were photographed, that is, 
all of us except Lena Trower Ames who 
had been detained by someone who 
wanted to give her an address, and it was 
not until our names were asked for that 
it was discovered that Lena was not 
among those present! 

You will pardon me, I am sure, if I 
brag a little about the class which has 
kept together in a most unusual way, 
largely through the influence of our class 
letter, instituted by Lena Trower Ames, 
and which has made its regular rounds 
through all these fifty years. Then too, 
the several reunions which we have held 
through the intervening years, at several 
different places, have served to keep us 
in closer touch with each other than would 
have been possible otherwise. 

Those who attended the fiftieth anni- 
versary were Lena Trower Ames from 
the Eastern Shore, Mabyn Branch Simp- 
son of Norfolk, Loulie Gayle Bland and 
Lola Bland from King and Queen 
County, Ruby Hudgins Diggs of Hamp- 
ton, our twins — Alma Harris Netherland 
and Pauline Harris Richardson of Din- 
widdie, Janie Staples Chappell of Meher- 
rin, Mary Fitzhugh Eggleston of Bedford 
and Maud Pollard Turman of Atlanta, 
Georgia. Of course, we greatly missed and 
longed for the three living members who 
were unable to be present — Lizzie Ben- 
nett of Arlington, Mattie Buchanan of 
Dublin, Julia Leache of Roanoke, as well 
as those members of our class who have 
"gone on before" — Cathie Wilkie of Gor- 
donsville, Emma Higgins Johnson of Gil- 
merton, Georgia, Wescott Stokley of the 
Eastern Shore, Julia Harrison Pedrick, 
originally from Portsmouth, but who died 
in New Orleans, Jennie Chandler Cole- 
man of Massaponax, Virginia Greever of 


Wytheville, Mary Sue Oglesby of Draper 
and Mabel Roberts Tankard of the East- 
ern Shore. We were delighted to have our 
ranks increased by having Effie Shell 
Chappell, who graduated in February, 
1894, come with her cousins, "the Harris 

Our class president from 1894 until her 
greatly deplored death in February, 1943, 
was Mary Sue Oglesby. We then did 
what so far as I know has not been done 
by any other class, — we elected two pres- 
idents to take her place. For more than 
a year we have been functioning most 
harmoniously under our twin presidents — 
Alma Harris Netherland and Pauline Har- 
ris Richardson of Dinwiddie. It seemed 
appropriate to us to have them both as 
president since we could never think of 
one without the other, and since in all 
their lives they have never been separated. 

We have felt that our class was suffi- 
ciently unusual in so many respects that 
perhaps coming generations would be in- 
terested in knowing about this class which 
graduated when the institution was ex- 
actly ten years old, and accordingly we 
asked Mary Fitzhugh Eggleston, who has 
a phenomenal memory, to write a history 
of our class and the circumstances which 
were a part of our life at Farmville. Mary, 
having carefully prepared such a history, 
brought it with her to read to the assem- 
bled class for criticism and additions. This 
history when it is put in final shape, will 
be presented to the college to be preserved 
in the archives of the institution. And 
who knows but that some girl graduating 
fifty years from now, and desiring to write 
the history of the college, may find it 
most helpful to know something of the 
early days at Farmville, and we will then 
become "source material"! 

Look out for us in 1954 when we are 
already planning to be back at Founders 
Day to win the cup for the third time in 
succession ! 

Administration and 
Faculty News 

(Continued from page 21) 

ness Education Department, has been 
teaching at the U. S. Naval Training 
School at Bloomington, Ind. He returned 
to S.T.C. in September. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hallisy of the 
Business faculty, left Farmville in June 
for further study. Mr. Hallisy was substi- 
tuting for Mr. Landrum. 

Miss Lisabeth Purdom, assistant profes- 
sor of Music at S.T.C. since 1928, died 
at St. Luke's Hospital, Richmond, in July. 
Her untimely death brought sorrow to her 
many devoted students and friends in 
Farmville, throughout Virginia and her 
native State of Georgia. She was director 
of the College orchestra, and gave many 
young people their start in this field. 

Miss Mary M. Snead, assistant librarian, 
left in June to accept a government posi- 
tion in Washington, D. C. 

Miss Sara B. Tucker of the History fac- 
ulty, and Miss Georgiana Stephenson, su- 
pervisor of the seventh grade in the Col- 
lege Training School, retired in June. 
Miss Tucker spent the summer at her 
home in Lake Junaluska, N. C. Miss Ste- 
phenson is living with her sister in Cov- 
ington, Va. 

Miss Rachel Royall, assistant to the 
dean of women, resigned at the end of the 
first term of summer school. She is teach- 
ing in her home, Tazewell, Va. 

The following are new members of the 
faculty for the year 1944-45 : 

Miss Zita C. Bellamy, a native of Ohio, 
associate professor of Business Education, 
comes from Tusculum College. She has a 
masters degree and has completed her 
course work for a doctorate at the U. of 

Miss Marion Terry, assistant librarian, 


Alumnae Magazine 

is a native of Riverhead, N. Y. She holds 
a masters degree in Library Science from 
Columbia University. Miss Terry comes 
to us from Pennsylvania. 

Mrs. Ruth W. Bradshaw, Mus.M., as- 
sociate professor of music, has taught in 
Kentucky, Texas and Mexico. She is ;i 
native of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Miss Mary B. Dabney, M.A., Colum- 
bia, assistant professor of Physical Educa- 
tion, comes from Lynchburg, Va. She is 
an official in national basketball and on 
the Sports Committee, Physical Education 
for the State. 

Arthur Paul Davisson, of Fairmont, W. 
Va., Professor of Biology, comes from 
Fairmont State College. He has a masters 
from the University of W. Va., and is 
working on his doctorate at the University 
of Pittsburgh. Mr. Davisson is substitut- 
ing for Dr. Jeffers. 

Mrs. Janice Speer Lemen, M.A., comes 
from Braggadocia, Mo. She is assistant 
professor of Art. 

Dr. C. G. G. Moss, a native of Lynch- 
burg, associate professor of History, comes 
from Mary Washington College. Dr. 
Moss has taught here before and needs 
no introduction to S.T.C. His doctorate is 
from Yale University. Dr. Moss married 
one of our Alumnae, Laura Anderson, and 
they have a son and a daughter. 

Olive Parmenter, M.A., a native of 
Lima, Ohio, is assistant professor of Busi- 
ness Education. She comes from St. Law- 
rence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Mr. Christy Snead, M.A., is a resident 
of Dunns, W. Va. Mr. Snead is assistant 
professor of Business Education. He has 
taught at Winthrop College and Black- 
stone College. 

Dr. Francis B. Simkins of the History 
and Social Science Department, is author 
of "Pitchfork Ben Tillman, South Caro- 
linian". It is the story of the one-eyed 
farmer who in 1890 captured control of 

the South's most conservative common- 
wealth from the aristocrats, and then 
among other interesting things, estab- 
lished Winthrop and Clemson Colleges. 
This 600-page narrative with handsome 
illustrations will be published this fall by 
the Louisiana State University Press, 
Baton Rouge, La. 

Dr. Sibyl Henry, principal of the Farm- 
ville Elementary School, presented her 
thesis and was granted the Ph.D. degree 
from the University of North Carolina in 
June. Her subject was "Children's Audio- 
grams in Relation to Reading Attain- 
ment." The highly reliable connection 
found between high-tone acuity and read- 
ing achievement suggests that the school 
must assume the responsibility for discov- 
ering high-tone loss and for providing 
compensatory measures. 

Miss Georgia Norris, Supervisor in the 
Farmville Elementary School, was a dele- 
gate to the National Convention of the 
D.A.R. held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in April. 

Professors J. M. Grainger and M. Boyd 
Coyner were the S.T.C. representatives at 
the Conference for College and High 
School Personnel at V.P.I. August 23-30, 

Miss Helen Draper, professor of French 
and Spanish, spent the summer studying 
in Mexico City. 

Sophie Graham Booker (Mrs. Andrew 
D. Packer) , became resident nurse of the 
College in January, 1944. Following her 
graduation from Johns Hopkins Hospital 
School of Nursing she spent three years 
in China, during which time she helped 
with the establishment of the Rockefeller 
Hospital in Peking. In 1930 she opened 
the out-patient department of the South- 
side Community Hospital, Farmville, later 
took charge of the out-patient department 
at Johns Hopkins. Just before coming to 
Farmville she was superintendent at St. 
Luke's Hospital, Tryon, N. C. 

December, 1944 


Brief Report of 
Alumnae Secretary 

November 6, 1943 to October 1, 1944 

1. Alumnae Magazine: The magazines were 
mailed out only one week before Founders Day 
due to war conditions in the printing world. 
About 7,000 magazines were mailed and about 
475 were returned because of incorrect ad- 

2. Alumnae in the Armed Forces: 

a. Alumnae magazines, Christmas cards and 
letters were sent to all Alumnae in the service. 

b. Special record cards and pictures have 
been filed in the Office. 

c. A most impressive exhibit of pictures with 
their service record was made in the library 
for Founders Day. 

3. Alumnae Cultivation in the present student 

a. I have attended a senior class meeting, 
talking to them about the work of the Alumnae 
Association, and asking that they elect a class 
representative. Mary Moore McCorkle was 

b. Seniors have been invited to visit the 
Alumnae Office and see what a tremendous 
effort we are making to keep our files up-to- 
date. We show them our master file, the ad- 
dressograph or geographic file, and the mar- 
riage file. 

c. I have visited the Granddaughters Club 
several times and talked to them about the 
work of the Alumnae Association. They have 
acted as hostesses on all occasions when the 
Alumnae have returned. 

d. Alumnae magazines have been distributed 
to the seniors, Granddaughters, summer stu- 
dents and Alpha Kappa Gamma members. 

4. Rotundas: Each week the Staff gives our 
office the privilege of mailing twenty copies of 
The Rotunda. These are sent to Chapters, Ex- 
ecutive Board Members, and individual Alum- 

5. Visits to Chapters and other Alumnae 
Groups: I have visited the following places for 
Alumnae meetings: Lynchburg, Roanoke, 
Washington, Richmond, Petersburg, Clarksville, 
Bristol, Tazewell, Wytheville, Pulaski, Norfolk, 
Portsmouth, Culpeper and Hampton. 

6. Prospective Students: Emphasis has been 
placed on the help the Alumnae can give in 
interesting good students to attend our College. 
I visited about 45 high schools this spring. 
The Alumnae have arranged teas, picnics, and 
trips to the College for High School students 
on May Day. During the summer, follow-up 
letters were written to each student who indi- 
cated an interest in attending this College. 

7. American Alumni Council: I attended the 
Regional Conference of the American Alumni 
Council in Atlanta, Ga., December 6-7, 1943. 
The theme of the conference was "Alumni 
Work in Time of War." The talks were most 
interesting and inspirational. 


Notice Alumnae 

At the spring meeting of the Alumnae Exec- 
utive Board it was voted to add the portrait 
of Dr. F. A. Millidge to our "Hall of Fame" 
in the new College Library. It was suggested 
that only those who knew and loved Dr. Mill- 
idge would wish to contribute to this portrait 
fund. Hence the appeal is included in this Bulle- 

We feel sure that those girls who sat at Dr. 
Millidge's feet and learned from the "walking 
encyclopedia," as you affectionately called him, 
will want to see his portrait when you visit your 
Alma Mater. 

Send all contributions to one of the under- 
signed committee. 

Grace B. Moran, Chairman 

Alice Carter 

m. boyd coyner 



The following gifts have been received since 
the last Bulletin was published : A painting for 
the Alumnae office from the Class of 1894; 
two old prints for Longwood from Kate Perry, 
Culpeper, Va.; two-hundred books for the li- 
brary from Miss Lula O. Andrews, West Point, 
Ga. ; a book, "Our Kin," from one of the co- 
authors who is an Alumna too, Mrs. Mary 
Ackerly Feild; a book, "Simone" for the Joan 
of Arc collection, from Miss Mary D. Womack, 
Bedford, Va. ; war bonds from the Glasses of 
1904 and 1934; a drinking fountain for the 
athletic field from the June Class of 1944; an 
electric fan for the library from the August 
Class of 1944; a lamp for the Dean's office from 
Hontas and Margaret Norfleet, Norfolk, Va. ; 
two annuals to the Alumnae collection, 1898 
and 1899, from Grace Elcan Garnett, Farm- 
ville, Va. ; graduating dresses for the permanent 
exhibit started by Ruth Gleaves last vear, as a 
history of our College through period styles, 
from the following: Carrie Sutherlin, '04; Effie 
B. Mulligan, '11; Ruth H. Coyner, J 13; Mary 
Dornin Stant, '14; Ruth Gleaves, '14, and Tom 
Gleaves, '18. Pictures for this exhibit have come 
from Victoria Vaden Warden, '20, and Fran- 
ces Gannaway Moon, T8. 

Alumnae Magazine 

The Robert Frazer Memorial Fund 

Miss Rice reports that Normal League Loans are being repaid, and that the Robert 
Frazer Memorial Fund (Normal League Fund), is now within twenty dollars of the 
goal she set for the past year. True, several thousand dollars are still due, but Miss Rice 
is hopeful that she will see many debts wiped out before she retires. Many students have 
been aided by the Normal League, and their appreciation has been expressed through 
letters as returns are made. Can we make Miss Rice happy on next Founders Day by 
sending her more letters and by paying even a small amount on the loan received? 

Alumnae, Please Help!! 

If you have moved or married, or both, please send in your correct name and ad- 
dress. Just a plain postal to the Alumnae Secretary will do. Include other Alumnae 
who have recently moved and may not receive this Bulletin. So far Frances Strohecker 
is the only member of the Class of 1944 who has sent the promised postal! 


(Please fill out both sides of this questionnaire and return with your yearly Alumnae contribution 
to Mrs. M. B. Coyner, Box 123, Farmville, Virginia.) 


Maiden Married 


Home Business 

Date of Graduation: What degree? 

Do you expect to attend Founder's Day celebration, March 10, 1945? 

When will you arrive? 

Do you wish a room in the College dormitory? 

Roommate preferred? 

Do you wish a ticket for the Alumnae Luncheon Meeting on Saturday, at one o'clock? (Price, $1.00; 

tickets unclaimed by Saturday at noon will be resold) 

Do you wish a ticket to S. T. C. Dramatic Club Play on Saturday Night? (Complimentary to 


Are you contributing to the financial support of your Alumnae Ass'n (1) with the letter, or (2) 
through your Chapter? (Underline which) 

No Election This Year 

Men Are Drafted— Why Not Women? 

At a meeting of the Nominating Committee, Monday, September 24, 1944, it was voted 
unanimously to draft for another term, if possible, the services of the two officers due 
to be elected this year, namely a president and a director. This action was submitted 
to the present officers and they have consented to serve another term. 

The committee feels that two important circumstances justify this war time procedure. 
First, the splendid services these two officers have rendered, and second, the difficulty of 
securing nominees in the short time allotted us before the Bulletin has to go to press, 
October 1. The cost of mailing 7,000 separate ballots to you later in the year is almost 

We sincerely hope that this action meets with your hearty approval and that you will 
voice your appreciation when you meet Louise Ford Waller, your president, and Carrie 
Sutherlin, your director, on Founders Day. 

/ Grace Moran 
Nominating ) Virginia Wall 
Committee ) Katherine Brewer Smith 
( Ruth H. Coyner 

Vital Statistics for Alumnae Office 

(For Yourself and Friends) 
Marriages Births Deaths 


Titles of Books and Magazine Articles You Have Written 

If you are in the U. S. War Service, Please give 
Branch Rank- 

Present Mailing Address. 

Names of Sons, Daughters or Husbands in War Service. 

Any Other Items of Interest. 

3n Jflemortam 

Miss Alma E. Agee, '12 

Miss Catherine M. Anderson, '86 

*Miss Mary Helen Barnes 
Miss Roberta P. Curtis, '93 
Mrs. Virginia Davis Heath, '14 
Mrs. Bessie Jane Carr Dunn Miller, '94 
Mrs. Anna Bruce Houston Davis, '00 
Miss Estelle Hinton, '24 
Miss Ellen Irby Hardy, '10 
Miss Elizabeth Ivy, '97 
Miss Mary G. Kellam, '17 
Miss Mary Marshall Maxey, '09 
Mrs. Bessie Nulton Hoffman, '95 
Mrs. Harriet Crute Paulett Long, '08 

fMiss Lisabeth Purdum, '39 
Mrs. Virginia Sebrell Evans, '28 
Mrs. Irma White Smith, '19 
Mrs. Pearl Wingate Sturm, '08 

*Former member of English Department. 
tFormer member of Music Department. 


Produced by Wedgwood 


Plates, lOj/jj inch size — Rotunda or Longwood each $1.50 

Tea Cups and Saucers — Rotunda _ each $1.50 

Ash Trays — Rotunda each $0.80 

After Dinner Cups and Saucers — Rotunda .'. each $1.00 

Blue or Mulberry 

A new supply of china has been received. 

The proceeds from the sale of this china will go to meet the expenses of the 
Alumnae Office. Send all orders with check in payment for same to the Asso- 
ciation of Alumnae, State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia. Express charges 

The Farmville Plates are being produced under the supervision of 



U. S. Agents for WEDGWOOD